Slam results are up! The finals of the Trios Cup Tournament are decided - and what a fuckin' tournament it has been. Awesome job to everyone that made getting to this point so exciting!

The official Asesinato card will be finalized late tomorrow night. If you didn't already know, the show will take place on June 11th, so you've got an extra week to RP. Please do NOT take this as a week off - take the time to match write, do the best roleplays you can do, whatever! Recharge if you must, but I hope to see some match writing activity.

Anyway, win or lose? Awesome job, everyone.

05/23/17 - Trios Rolls On

We've got the SEMI FINALS this week, which are going to be amazing! Not only that but the Rey de Mexico continues on as well!

Results were up yesterday, and the new card is up now. Thanks all!

05/16/17 - Trios

First round of the Trios Cup Tournament is up!

Thanks to everyone for competing - we're moving onto round two!

I've updated the Slam card for the tournament matches, the rest of the card will come tomorrow night!

Again, thanks to all the competitors and all the match writers as always, much appreciated - especially on a show with nothing but six man tags!

05/08/17 - Aftermath

Results? Up.

Hope everyone enjoyed their week kinda off!

Asesinato De Mayo is next, please let nothing crazy happen. Good luck, everybody. Card goes up tomorrow night, very late considering I'm scheduled unitl 10:30.

04/24/17 - Home to Aftermath!

Full Slam results are up! Nice and on time!, too.

We have issues with the "roleplayer to match writer" ratio lately - we need more participation with match writing. Writing one match a week can really be fun, be it your own character or not, it is really worth trying out so if you want to give it a try.. please see the weekly match writing threads! Writing matches increases your visibility as a handler and makes you a more valuable member!

Either way - we have Aftermath up next! The finals of the Trilogy Cup Tournament are upon us!

04/17/17 -Slam!

Full Slam results are up.. and they're on time! Thanks to the match writers and everyone that volunteered this week! Not only are we heading towards Aftermath but we're getting ready for the Trios Cup Tournament - get your teams together now on the OOC board!

One more Slam before Aftermath and then we go to Mexico!

04/11/17 -Slam!

Full Slam results are up! There was an almost competed show up earlier in the morning but the full show is up now. Thanks as always!, match writers are what keep us truckin' and everyone was much appreciated this week. And, well, every week.

The next Slam card is going up very soon, as well as an updated PPV card! In addition, Trios Cup Tournament signups will go up tonight - one of my favorite tournaments in WCF because you never know what to expect!

03/30/17 - Boom! Explosion!

Explosion is up! I'll take total responsibility for the delay - work scheduling combined with me being sick (and lazy as a result), my bad there. So on the flipside, thank you to everyone that made sure everything got written - match writers really rose to the occasion this week, and it is much appreciated.

As such, the show ended up pretty darn good - lots of eventful stuff! So enjoy the read as we gear up towards Aftermath!

The next Slam card will go up on Wrestlemania Sunday!, sometime in the evening. If you need anything special - have a match request, or don't want to be booked - make sure to PM me before Sunday.

Thanks again everyone, great job!

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