11/07/17 - Slam Results

Slam is up! New card will be up shortly after posting this, thanks for your patience, as always! Definitely a show worth reading, thank you so much for the match writers, new and old, that made this work, and the roleplayers as always. Shit happens on this show!

We march on towards the biggest show of the year!

10/16/17 - Slam Results

Slam is up! Not only that, but make sure to check out XIII results too! October XIII, nothing is more fitting than that.

New card coming later tonight!

10/02/17 -War Results!

Another amazing War is in the books! Every year is different but it's hard to imagine a year with such a wide variety of potential winners and so many people that really pushed themselves to the limit. Amazing showing, amazing final four. In addition, we had two awesome undercard matches, if you can call them that - really great match writing with Fly vs Corey and the World Title match. And, plus, Seth pinned Torture clean in the middle of the ring - so yes, best War ever.

Anyway, Slam card will be up momentarily. Next up is Helloween, and then.... One.

09/18/17 - SLAM 400!... and War time!

Slam 400 is up in full! Huge thanks to everyone that wrote and everyone that did segments. One of our biggest shows in quite a while, and it's a fun one thanks to you guys. Great work!

Next up? WAR XVI! Who is going to head to One.. who is going to win the biggest match of the year?

Finalized War card and the rest of the updates will be done tomorrow night!

09/11/17 - Slam!

Slam is up! And on time! Thanks to everyone that match wrote!

Next Slam is SLAM 400!, the 400th episode of Slam!... obviously! So it is going to be a big one. I really, really hope everyone pulls out all the stops and this can be a show to remember! The card will go up tomorrow night, and then we're only a short amount of time away from WAR to decide who is going to ONE!

09/04/17 - Slam!

Slam is up! New card will be up momentarily. One week closer to Slam 400 and War - history being made!

08/29/17 - Revenge

Revenge is up!, finally. Thank you for your patience! Super exciting show overall so I think it was worth the wait.

Now... onto SLAM 400 and WAR! I'll go over the reasons on the OOC board, but this week's Slam will be a smaller than normal show. Feel free to submit segments and anything you want if you don't get booked, however!

Thanks again to everyone that stepped up this week!

08/21/17 - Time for REVENGE

Slam is up! Thanks to everyone that wrote up some segments, lots of feuds hitting their stride as we go into this PPV! We also have SLAM 400 coming up, the 400th recorded version of WCF Slam!, so lots of big things on the horizon. Thanks to everyone for their help on this show and let's make Revenge a success!

08/14/17 - Slam!

Slam is up! I know I said "what a show" for Ultimate Showdown, but this one is a big one too for a lot of different reasons - we're setting Revenge up! Great job on that front, great to see some storylines developing - let's see where they take us.


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