07/17/17 - King of the Deathmatch

Slam is up, and the King of the Deathmatch schedule has been released! With roleplaying EVERY DAY for the next five days, this tournament is sure to be one for the ages... Check out the threads if you have any questions, but if you've entered the tournament, roleplaying has begun as you read this!

A VERY minimal Slam card will be going up tomorrow night as we prepare for Ultimate Showdown. Mostly everyone will have the week off, but not every single person. It'll have the finals of the King of the Deathmatch tournament.

Good luck to everyone involved!

07/10/17 - Slam!

What a show! Lots of twists and turns, so check it out.. OR ELSE!

New card is coming tomorrow night during Raw or so, getting closer and closer to Ultimate Showdown!

07/02/17 - BLAST!

Alright guys, Blast is up! Thanks to all of the match writers for making what could have been a very difficult weekend for me manageable, I really appreciate it!

Good PPV, great World Title match, thanks to everyone that made the show a fun, competitive one! We're a few short weeks away from Ultimate Showdown!, which you can think of as our Summerslam. If you have any questions about the Ultimate Showdown match itself now is the time to ask. Can't wait!

06/26/17 - Slam! And Onto Blast!

Slam is up!, nice and on time, second week in a row, hooray! Thanks to all of the writers! We have Blast coming up - I'd really, really love to see some more participation in match writing! Pretty please, for the good of the fed. Either way, it should be a good show with an amazing main event, really looking forward to it. Thanks again!, great work!

06/19/17 - Slam!

Slam is up!, and on time! Hot damn! Thanks to everyone who participated - it was a rough week with no showing and match writing, so I'm hoping to see some bouncing back as we head towards Blast.

We've hit a lull as far as the roster goes, we've had some people drop off and not as many joining, so please make sure you're voting for us on the topsites whenever you get a chance! Every vote counts and even if we get one solid roster member from any of those sites, its worth it, so please take the time!

The PPV card will be updated shortly and the new Slam card will go up tomorrow night!

06/13/17 - Asesinato!

FINALLY, and I hope the show was worth the wait, but ASESINATO is up! It's been a long, long road to this show, and I thank everyone for their contributions! We didn't quite escape Mexico without controversy, but we made it! This has to be one of my favorite Trios Cup Tournaments that I've done, so thank you to everyone that participated in the tournament for that!, a ton of fun all the way around.

Slam card will go up tomorrow night as we move onto Blast!


Slam results are up! The finals of the Trios Cup Tournament are decided - and what a fuckin' tournament it has been. Awesome job to everyone that made getting to this point so exciting!

The official Asesinato card will be finalized late tomorrow night. If you didn't already know, the show will take place on June 11th, so you've got an extra week to RP. Please do NOT take this as a week off - take the time to match write, do the best roleplays you can do, whatever! Recharge if you must, but I hope to see some match writing activity.

Anyway, win or lose? Awesome job, everyone.

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