About E-Wrestling

E-Wrestling is, most simply put, a combination of wrestling roleplay and creative writing.

Firstly, you make a wrestling character. You pick everything about your character - name, gimmick, moves, the whole shebang.

Secondly, you'll get booked on a show - either Slam, our weekly show, or a PPV. Either way, you'll be responsible to write up a roleplay. Roleplays are basically short stories involving your character, and whoever writes the best short story that week will win the match. The stories are graded on a variety of aspects - technical writing ability, creativity, and, unique to our "sport" - focus on your opponent. So there is a degree of "trash talking" involved. The more creative, the better!

The better the writer you are, the more likely you are to move up the ranks, earn Title shots, and make your mark in the WCF.

Any other questions? Sign up to our boards and post a message or feel free to email me!

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