About Us

The Wrestling Championship Federation debuted in the e-wrestling world in 2000. On and off for over fifteen years now WCF has been a force in e-wrestling that few other companies can match. We've grown from a small Angelfire website to our wcfwrestling.com site.

We've evolved to be a fed dedicated to provide an efedding experience for people that don't always have several hours a week to devote to the hobby. From students that have to focus on school and homework to e-fedders with full time jobs and overtime, WCF has evolved into the place for you. We realize that efedding is a hobby, not a way of life; we want to provide an overall fun atmosphere for old and new efedders alike.

As a fed that has been open for as long as we have, our members become family. I've known several of our wrestlers and community members for a decade. New members will quickly notice that we offer a fun OOC environment rarely found anywhere else.

We're a fake wrestlers only e-fed, with one show per week, either a Slam or a PPV, both on Sunday. We count one roleplay a week for match judging purposes, with some exceptions. For more information, check out the WCF messageboards or the rules page.

Welcome to the Wrestling Championship Federation!

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