This page is to highlight the different events held throughout the years that continue to this day.


War has typically been WCF's way of determing its first Champion after opening or reopening, though not exclusively for that purpose. It is a mix between a Royal Rumble and a Battle Royale. Two men start in the ring, and every two minutes someone else enters. You can only be eliminated via pin or submission, and the last man standing is declared the winner.

War I: Mace
War II: Hellz Angel
War III: Logan
War IV: Gravedigger
War V: Epic
War VI: Logan
War VII: Skyler Striker
War VIII: Slickie T
War IX: Logan
War X: Johnny Reb
War XI: Jeff Purse
War XII: Jonny Fly
War XIII: Bobby Cairo
War XIV: Jay Omega
War XV: Joey Flash

Several times, War has been held in the WCF chatroom. Many stats are available, including time spent in match, number of eliminations, who eliminated who, etc.

War IX
War X
War XI
War XV

Ultimate Showdown Match

The Ultimate Showdown match is a match that can change the landscape of WCF. Several Titles are put on the line, with the last man standing becoming the WCF World Champion or #1 Contender, depending on the circumstance.

Ultimate Showdown 2011 Winner: Odin Balfore
Ultimate Showdown 2012 Winner: Jonny Fly
Ultimate Showdown 2013 Winner: Nathan von Liebert
Ultimate Showdown 2014 Winner: ICE Beckman
Ultimate Showdown 2015 Winner: Dune
Ultimate Showdown 2016 Winner: Gemini Battle


Hellimination is an elimination style tag team event. The match has seen some of the most monumental moments in WCF history.

Hellimination Winners 2006: The Team of Treachery
Hellimination Winners 2009: The Team of Torture
Hellimination Winners 2010: Team WCF
Hellimination Winners 2012: Genesis
Hellimination Winners 2013: S-PAC
Hellimination Winners 2014: Team ICE
Hellimination Winners 2015: #beachkrew
Hellimination Winners 2016: Pantheon

Trilogy Cup Tournament

The Trilogy Cup Tournament is a tournament that takes place over three months and three PPVs - Timebomb, Explosion, and Aftermath. The winner of this tournament has to win three PPV matches in a row, and is then granted a World Title opportunity.

Trilogy Cup Tournament 2013 Winner: Skyler Striker
Trilogy Cup Tournament 2014 Winner: Seifer Black Armstrong
Trilogy Cup Tournament 2015 Winner: Dune
Trilogy Cup Tournament 2016 Winner: Jared Holmes
Trilogy Cup Tournament 2017 Winner: Dion Necurat

The WCF Classic

The WCF Classic was originally a one time tournament that took place while WCF was a defunct company. However, when the company came back in 2009, the tournament began being held annually for several years, until it was changed to an occasional tournament with varying stipulations.

WCF Classic 2008 Winner: Creeping Death
WCF Classic 2010 Winners: Creeping Death and Torture
WCF Classic 2011 Winner: Phillip Baines
WCF Classic 2012 Winner: Sarah Twilight
WCF Classic 2014 Winner: Deuce Murdock
WCF Classic 2016 Winner: Stuart Slane

Trios Cup Tournament

The Trios Cup Tournament features teams of 3 competing for two Title shots: a World Title shot for whoever makes the pinfall or submission in the finals, and a Tag Team Titles shot for the other two members.

Trios Cup Tournament 2012 Winners: The Big Dick Superstars (Johnny Reb/Chad Evans/Kira Sakazaki)
Trios Cup Tournament 2013 Winners: Inconclusive (Pantheon/Rebellion)
Trios Cup Tournament 2014 Winners: Pantheon (Jayson Price/Jonny Fly/Corey Black)
Trios Cup Tournament 2015 Winners: The DRG (Thomas Uriel Bates/Gemini Battle/Deuce Murdock)
Trios Cup Tournament 2017 Winners: Everest (David Sanchez/Steven Singh/Ethan King)

King of the Deathmatch Tournament

The King of the Deathmatch Tournament is WCF's newest tournament. It is a round robin tournament lasting one week, in which the wrestlers compete every single day leading up to the finals. The first tournament was held with six men with one block, the second with twelve men with two blocks!

King of the Deathmatch 2016 Winner: Corey Black
King of the Deathmatch 2017 Winner: FPV

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