Live from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

World Title Match
Sidney J. Warwick vs John Rabid

Final Destination Briefcase versus One 2018 World Title Shot
Stephen Singh vs Gravedigger

Corey Black's Retirement Tour
Jayson Price vs Corey Black

Jared Holmes vs Joey Flash

Omega Title Match
Teo Del Sol vs Mikey eXtreme vs Kyle Kemp

Wade Moore vs Dune

Two Out of Three Falls Match*
People And Internet Titles on the Line
Luke Force vs William the Behemoth

Hardcore Title Match
Handicapped Match
The Risen vs Ethan King

Alpha Title Match
Ladder Match
Matthew Black vs Comet vs Jay West vs Marshall Gates vs Jack Smith vs Charlie Rossi vs Leon Hayze

Special Attraction Match
FPV vs Bonnie Blue

Justice Arkady vs Alina Murphy

The S.O.B. vs Hajeet/Petrov vs Samuel McPherson/Vincent Augustine

Battle Royal
Jack Smith vs Jason Robinson vs Steve Wolf vs Dan Capello vs Bishop

*One fall will be decided via internet posts, one fall by People's Title poll, and one fall by roleplay



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