Aftermath Intro

"300 Violin Orchestra" hits the PA.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Gravedigger: What the... is it really him?

After a few moments of suspense, Jonny Fly steps out onto the stage. The crowd explodes with a positive reaction.


Fly is dressed in a finely tailored white suit. He smiles, soaking in the reaction. After a few moments, the music cuts. Fly looks towards the curtain to backstage.


Freddy Whoa: DOUBLE WHOA!

"Who Gon Stop Me" by Watch the Throne hits the PA.

Gravedigger: ... No way.

Steve Orbit steps onto the stage. He is wearing a white suit, similar to Fly's. Very toned-down compared to his normal flashy pimp attire. The crowd gives a mixed reaction.

Zach Davis: Steve Orbit, Jonny Fly's alleged brother, has also returned?

Freddy Whoa: Most of this crowd hasn't forgotten about Orbit's run with the Vapor Kings. Some of the hardcore fans though, they're just happy to see him back. A couple years ago, Steve Orbit was the hottest thing going in WCF. One of the most beloved guys in the company.

Gravedigger: These two guys have been best friends, heated rivals, and now... brothers? I dunno. They never confirmed it. Maybe they'll have some answers for us.

Fly and Orbit make their way to the ring. Fly grabs a mic before entering the ring, followed by Orbit. He waits for the crowd to die down before he begins to speak.


Jonny Fly: Thank you. Thank you so much for the warm welcome.

The crowd pops again.

Jonny Fly: I'm sure all of you who follow WCF on a weekly basis have a lot of questions for me. I'm sure you are looking for answers. Well... that's why we're here. Myself... and my brother, Steve Orbit.

The crowd gives a mixed reaction for Orbit once again. Fly puts his arm around Orbit and pats him on the back.

Jonny Fly: That's right, my brother. It's all true. We've hired people, we've done our own research, and everything about Meredith's story... is one hundred percent true. Steve and myself, we've never known the full story behind our family history. Meredith has been the missing link in both of our lives, and now, she's given us what we've been looking for our entire lives-- a real family.

The crowd is mostly silent, soaking in this information.

Jonny Fly: We both agreed that... since WCF has given us so much-- the love from the fans, a great lifestyle, and most importantly, WCF reunited...

Fly gets choked up.

Jonny Fly: WCF reunited our family!

Fly gets very emotional. Orbit pats him on the back and takes the mic from him. Orbit is emotional as well.

Steve Orbit: What my brother is saying is-- you know what I'm sayin', we had to come back here and thank y'all. We wanted to thank you all for the great years that we had in this company. We will never forget this place. And we'll stop in from time to time, for sure.

The crowd starts to liven up.

Steve Orbit: I know there's another question out hangin' above us. When are we coming back, when are we returning to active competition. And I'ma answer that question... right now. Me and my brother, Jonny Fly... are here to announce our retirement from the sport of professional wrestling.

Mostly boos from the crowd. Not hateful boos. Disappointed boos.

Steve Orbit: See, these last few months have really changed our entire perspectives on life. We want to be good sons. We want to be good brothers to each other. And most importantly... we want to serve God. Because it was our heavenly Father that led us to WCF, and it was the Lord that brought us together. The fact that Jonny Fly and Steve Orbit joined WCF around the same time is no coincidence. It was pre-ordained by God. And for that we are extremely grateful.

Fly has composed himself, and he takes the mic back from Orbit.

Jonny Fly: It's not like we don't love it here. We do. We love wrestling, but our hearts are elsewhere. Our hearts are in service to God. The Lord brought our family back together, so now we feel that we must give back. We must give back to God and serve him. We've been doing church tours-- off the radar, out of the public eye, and I've donated most of my personal fortune to several charities across the globe.

Orbit takes the mic.

Steve Orbit: And I'm out of the strip club business for good. No longer will I have any hand in the sinful treatment of my sisters. Our daughters, and sisters, and mothers-- they deserve much better than to be treated as objects. It's against my beliefs, and all the money I earned has been donated to charities and organizations that help women get off the streets. We're doing the right thing now, we're on the righteous path. And pro wrestling is just not on that path.

Fly takes the mic.

Jonny Fly: So that's it! We thank you all for the great memories. And to wrap this thing up... we'd like to bring out the woman who made all of this possible. Our mother... MEREDITH!

Meredith is sitting in the front row. She stands up and waves.

Jonny Fly: Come on up here, mom. Come on!

The crowd cheers for the mixed-race, middle aged woman. Orbit drops down from the ring and walks over to her. He takes her by the arm and walks her up the ring steps, holding the rope down for her to enter the ring. She stands flanked by her two sons and the crowd cheers.

Steve Orbit: Mommy, I know now that my entire life has been a lie. I grew up in some terrible conditions, but I will always love Miss Violet. She was the bright spot of my childhood up until she died... but now, I know that she was not my real mother. YOU are, and I just can't wait to spend the rest of my life getting to know you.

Orbit begins to cry and hugs his mother. Fly takes the mic.

Jonny Fly: Mom. I grew up in orphanages, shelters... wondering if my real mother was out there somewhere. It was such a big hole in my soul, and in my heart... but now, the hole is filled. I am fulfilled... and complete. And with you, and Steve... I just want us to be a happy family!

Fly cries. He buries his face in his mother's shoulder, hugging her. After a few moments of a mother hugging her sons, both Fly and Orbit stand beside Meredith. They raise her arms into the air and the crowd cheers.

Freddy Whoa: What a touching segment. Good for them. That's amazing, what a story.

Gravedigger: Oh yeah. I'm sure there's a Lifetime movie in the works.

Back in the ring, Orbit hugs his mother. Then Fly hugs her. Then--













The crowd collectively gasps.

Freddy Whoa: WHAT THE?!

Orbit grabs his mother after slapping her. He holds her as Fly spins his body around--


Meredith drops to the ground. Fly and Orbit pound fists before nodding at each other. Orbit drops out of the ring as the crowd fiercely boos. Orbit searches under the ring for a table, and slides it into the ring.

Zach Davis: NO. GOD NO.

Orbit sets up the table, no emotion on his face. Fly goes to the corner. Orbit lifts Meredith onto his shoulder and lays her across the table. Jonny Fly leaps off the turnbuckle--


As Fly rolls off, Orbit is already on the opposite turnbuckle--


The crowd is on their feet in stunned silence. The camera zooms in on Fly and Orbit, leaning over their mother's broken body.


Steve Orbit: BITCH!


Steve Orbit: FUCKIN' WHORE!

Orbit spits in her face.

Freddy Whoa: This is... the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life.

Gravedigger: I am so intrigued.

Zach Davis: I feel physically sick right now. Why? Why come back to do THIS?

After a minute or so, Fly picks up the mic.

Jonny Fly: FOOLED YOU.

The crowd explodes into boos.

Steve Orbit: We're back. And we're back to enter the mother fuckin' Trios Cup.

The crowd boos even louder.

Jonny Fly: Which leads us to our next big announcement!

Just then, Corey Black appears on the stage with a mic.

Corey Black: What the hell was that?!

Corey sprints towards the ring, followed by medics. He slides in, and approaches Fly. The medics tend to Meredith.

Corey Black: Did you forget to mention that you were going to destroy your mother on live TV?

Jonny Fly: Oops.

Orbit butts in.

Steve Orbit: Hey, Corey, it ain't got nothin' to do with you. Back up off him.

CD gets in Orbit's face.

Corey Black: Was I talking to you?

Steve Orbit: I'm just sayin'-- that's my brother right there. Tone it down.

Jonny Fly: Ladies and gentlemen, our partner for Trios-- COREY BLACK!

Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Corey Black: Hold up. I agreed to this with YOU because we were part of the winning team last year. Reigning champs and all that. But this... I don't want to be associated with all of this.

Orbit butts in again.

Steve Orbit: You're NOT. It's our business. We just need a third person and you the only one that's on our level around here.

Corey Black: Again, was I talking to you? I'll get to you in a minute.

Jonny Fly: Corey, Steve is right. That's just something we had to get out of our system. It's over, it's done. Now we want to win Trios. You want to win again, don't you?

Corey nods, although he's a bit reluctant.

Corey Black: Alright, there's still one problem.

Corey turns and faces Orbit.

Corey Black: You know, Orbit, you and I go way back. Maybe Fly has forgiven you for turning on us last year, but I haven't. I owe you a couple of chair shots and I can't work with you until we rectify that.

Steve Orbit: So... what you sayin'? You think I'ma just stand here and let you hit me with a chair? You outta your damn mind. Look, that was then--

Corey Black: A match. Right now. Me and you.

Orbit shrugs.

Jonny Fly: Hold on, guys--

Steve Orbit: Nah, he's right. Fuck it. You wanna get some shit off your chest, I'm ready. So long as when it's over... it's over, and we move on to this Trios Cup.

Corey nods. Orbit nods. Fly backs off.

Corey Black: Where you going? Fly, referee this shit.

Orbit takes off his tie and his suit jacket. He looses his collar and stretches for a few moments. CD
does some twists and bends. Meredith is stretchered out of the arena and the remnants of the table are removed from the ring. Fly calls for the bell.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa. Just whoa.

Gravedigger: So... they're entering Trios next week... but now they're having a match.

Zach Davis: Only in WCF.

Orbit and CD lock up. Orbit gets CD in a front facelock, but CD is able to take Orbit down, grabbing one of his legs. CD hammers Orbit with fists but Orbit blocks them. Both men get up, CD hits Orbit with elbows to the head. Orbit is rocked, CD rebounds off the ropes-- he goes for a Busaiku knee but Orbit dodges it. CD lands on his feet but when he turns around, Orbit with a low kick to the thigh. They circle each other, Orbit with another low kick, followed by a jab. CD goes in close for an elbow to the head-- Orbit dodges, PIMP SLAP!

Gravedigger: Orbit's backhand hasn't lost any spunk, that's for sure.

Orbit with a dropkick. CD stumbles back, Orbit with a running clothesline that sends him over the top rope. CD slowly gets up-- Orbit slingshots over with a guillotine leg drop!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Orbit plants CD's face into the ringside floor!

Orbit pulls up CD and goes to slam his head into the guardrail-- but it's blocked, and CD elbows Orbit in the gut. He slams Orbit's head into the ring apron, and then whips him into the ringpost!

Zach Davis: They aren't taking it easy on each other, that's for sure.

Gravedigger: Eh, they have issues. Better to beat it out of each other. I agree with this.

CD grabs a chair from under the ring. Fly, acting as the ref, does nothing.

Orbit turns around right into a chair shot from Corey Black!

Freddy Whoa: Orbit's busted open. Not sure if it was the ring post or that chair shot, but he's bleeding from his forehead.

Orbit is dazed. CD hits him with an elbow to the head. He whips him into the ring apron, and then lifts him onto the mat and rolls him into the ring. Orbit slowly gets up but CD with a running knee to the head. Orbit goes down and Fly starts trying to reason with CD.

Freddy Whoa: Looks like Fly is asking Corey if he's satisfied yet.

Corey shakes his head and turns to stomp Orbit. He pulls Orbit up, but Orbit slips out and goes behind CD-- double knee backbreaker!

Zach Davis: You almost have to wonder if Fly was looking out for his brother, trying to distract Corey.

Gravedigger: Hey, Orbit and Fly may be actual brothers, but CD and Fly are as close as brothers too. Don't forget how close these two guys are.

Freddy Whoa: Oh yeah-- Jonny Fly just brutally attacked his own mother, but let's not question his loyalty, right?

Orbit grabs CD by the waist and pulls him off the mat. He hooks him in a half-nelson--

Freddy Whoa: Honey Dip!

But CD reverses it and goes behind Orbit. He takes him down with a chop block. CD goes to flip Orbit over but when he does, Orbit boots him in the face. CD stumbles back, Orbit gets to his feet. Orbit throws a right hand. CD hits an elbow to the head. Orbit throws another right hand. CD with an elbow. Right hand, elbow, right hand, elbow. They lock up, Orbit puts CD in a headlock-- and quickly springboards off the ropes with a Tornado DDT!

Freddy Whoa: ORBITAL DDT!

Gravedigger: Pin him, it's over.



Zach Davis: KICKOUT!

Freddy Whoa: Corey Black isn't giving Orbit the satisfaction of a pinfall. At least, not without a fight.

Orbit catches his breath for a moment before heading to the top turnbuckle.

Gravedigger: We know what's next, the Oakland Splash has taken Orbit all the way so many times in his WCF career...

Orbit leaps off with the somersault senton--

Freddy Whoa: NOBODY HOME!

CD rolls away! Orbit lands hard on his back, but rolls to a sitting position. CD positions himself behind Orbit and begins hitting stiff elbows to the back of his head!

Zach Davis: Corey Black is trying to knock Orbit out with those elbows.

After about a dozen elbows, CD stands, pulling Orbit up with him. He lifts Orbit onto his shoulders--

Freddy Whoa: Oh no...

Gravedigger: BURNING HAMMER--

But Orbit slips off his shoulders! Corey turns around-- Orbit with an enzuigiri!

Zach Davis: Both men down on the mat!

Fly hangs out in the corner, as he has for most of the match. Orbit slowly gets up. He's on shaky legs, but he lifts one leg, getting into a wobbly Crane stance. CD slowly gets up as well...

Freddy Whoa: CRANE KICK!

Gravedigger: SUPER KICK!

Zach Davis: Orbit hits the Crane kick and Corey hits a superkick! Simultaneous!

Both men drop. Fly checks on both of them. After a few moments, he calls for the bell. The crowd boos as Fly grabs a mic.

Jonny Fly: I think we're done here. I hope the entire roster was paying attention because these two guys, and myself, are coming for that Trios Cup.

Fly drops the mic, and tends to his brothers.

Gravedigger: What a way to kick off Aftermath. Holy crap.

Freddy Whoa: Fly and Orbit are back... they ARE brothers... and they're in the Trios Cup with COREY BLACK as a partner. There's already some strong teams this year but MY GOD.

Zach Davis: Where does this leave Orbit's relationship with the Vapor Kings? And what about Corey Black and Pantheon?

Gravedigger: I don't think any of these guys are thinking about any of that. They're thinking about that Trios Cup.

Freddy Whoa: And they just might get it, Digger. They just might get it.

Celeste vs Vulgar

Darkness floods into the arena like air rushing into a vacuum. For several moments the crowd is left vulnerable; skittish women cling to their purses, lest some opportunistic monster comes to tear them away. Before anybody can be truly afraid, however, a blinding, ethereal light bursts from the entranceway and unnerving music, “Silver Lights” by Coconuts, begins to fill the air. The crowd sees a figure emerge onto the walkway, silhouetted against the glaring fluorescence. As he creeps his way along to the ring, several fans in the front row are able to make out his features and recoil in disgust.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, from Camden, New Jersey. Weighing in at 200 pounds: Vulgar!

The lights come to normal and the music fades. “Kill the Lights” by the Birthday Massacre hits as Celeste steps out onto the stage.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, from Paris, France! Weighing in at 130 pounds: Celeste!

Celeste takes the walk up to the ring like a model takes to a runway. Her feet stride with effortless confidence, her chin tilted upwards and shoulders pushed back elongate her neck and expose her jugular to tempt , to dare her appointment to either kiss or mangle her throat. Not a drop of sweat escapes her pours, no fear beats within her breast, almost as if she were not human but a divine creation. She removes her over-sized shades only moments before slinking under the rope, with an elegance so captivating it is hypnotic.

The bell rings, and Vulgar slowly stalks towards Celeste, running a hand through his matted gray hair and licking those wicked lips, twisted up into a smile. Celeste stays in the corner, tilting her head down and battering her eye lashes at him like a kicked puppy.

Gravedigger: Right off the bat, Celeste using her looks to soften him up.

Zach Davis: But will this… this… animal care?

Vulgar only seems to grow more excited as he runs at Celeste for a body splash, but she moves at the last minute, sending him into the corner. As he stumbles backward, she immediately goes for a roll-up.


Freddy Whoa: Quick roll up and quick kick! This match is underway!

Vulgar kicks out quickly, scrambling to his feet. His eyes bulge and the grin turns down into a crazed look of anger as he throws himself at Celeste, grabbing her in a front chancery and rolling backwards to ground her with himself on top. He wrenches hard up on her neck, yelling at her to tap. Celeste’s hand comes up, wavering as if ready to tap, before she shoves a finger into the corner of Vulgar’s mouth and wrenches back with a nasty fish hook, her nail tearing into his mouth.

Audience: Boo!

Zach Davis: What do you do in a situation like this? On one hand, you have this disgusting, revolting monster. On the other hand, this woman clearly has no interest in a fair fight. Who do you root for?

Gravedigger: That’s the thing, Zach. They don’t have to root for either. Not in the WCF.

Vulgar can’t help but let go, clutching at his mouth. As he removes his hand, he stares at the blood on his palm then back at Celeste. Celeste capitalizes on his shock, moving forward to deliver a loud slap to the face. As Vulgar recoils, she swings the hand back, nailing him with a back handed slap.

Freddy Whoa: What a slap! You could hear it through the whole arena!

As Vulgar continues to nurse his face, Celeste walks behind him, grabs one of his legs, and yanks it out from underneath him, sending him crashing to the ring. She goes for the cover again.



Vulgar throws his shoulder up, and Celeste rises to deliver a hard stomp to his face. The audience lets out a thunderous boo. Vulgar rolls away from Celeste and pushes himself to his feet. He looks her over for a moment and approaches, Celeste shrinking away in feigned fear. This time, Vulgar doesn’t let her get to him.

Freddy Whoa: Vulgar’s not falling for it this time.

Gravedigger: You’d have to be stupid. Pretty stupid.

He grabs her by a handful of hair and jumps to give her a crushing enziguri. Celeste crumples to the matt and Vulgar covers.




Celeste gets a shoulder up just in the nick of time! Vulgar gets up, visibly frustrated, and begins yelling at the ref. Realizing he won’t get his way, he turns back to the grounded form of Celeste and grins wickedly once more. He snakes his right hand down the back of his pants, rubbing his putrid ass, before moving it foreward to touch god knows.

Freddy Whoa: Oh my god! What the hell is he doing?

Gravedigger: That ain’t right.

Zach Davis: That’s… that’s vulgar!


He pulls the now defiled hand out and leans forward, stretching out the hand and flexing his fingers. Vulgar kneels down before Celeste, his hand shooting towards her mouth to apply the Imminent Death. Before his fingers can pass her lips, Celeste’s hand shoots forward to grip Vulgar firmly by the nipple, twisting viciously and causing Vulgar to scream in pain.

Freddy Whoa: Oh my god! Celeste as him!

Gravedigger: Man, that ain’t right neither!

Crowd: BOO!

Celeste slowly pushes herself to her feet, hand still applying the grip, and when she’s fully up, she releases it only to deliver a swinging kick to the side of Vulgar’s head! Vulgar crumples to the mat, completely winded. Celeste pounces, jumping on his back and applying the Take Your Breath Away!


Vulgar tries to drag himself towards the ropes, but Celeste drives her knee into the back of his as she tightens the grip around his neck. Grimacing in pain, Vulgar gives in and begins to tap! The bell rings, and Celeste stays on as the ref yells. After a few seconds for good measure, she leaps to her feet, giving Vulgar a stomp to the ribs as she raises her arms in celebration.

Kyle Steel: Here’s your winner! Celeste!

Vapor Kings Segment

“Gods gonna Cut You Down” By Johnny Cash hits the PA system

Zach Davis: Great! And Buddy Roman is coming to the ring?? Cant we just have one night without thise guys?

Gravedigger: I don't know what you're talkin about, moonie. I like him. Sign me up. I'll scribble my name on that X in a heart beat. The Vapor Kingz are straight money. More money than you'll ever be worth.

Buddy Roman makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. Kyle Steel hands him a mic as Buddy Roman address the crowd who hiss and “BOOO” (-Tistah) him.

Freddy Whoa: Boo( -Tistah!) Its the most offensive of all the geers.

Gravedigger: Stop! Stop it! Don't you boo this man! No respect, I tell you!

Buddy Roman waits a few moments to let the crowd get it out of their system.

Buddy Roman: Are you done?


Buddy Roman: Just as I thought. I tell you though. I enjoy it. It reminds me just how much better I am than all of you. I mean, you're here to see me. You're here to boo me. You've paid your good hard earned money to come sit in cramped corners and boo me. Thats the power that I have. I am a very, very powerful man. When you boo me, you empower me. You give me the strength of ten Jews, plus two. Thats exactly why I'm out here. I want to direct this towards Pantheon. Now I know that Pantheon thinks that now that they have a few warm blooded additions to their ranks, that somehow that makes Jayson Price and Corey Black important people again. Well, Just Black because Jayson Price has never been import since his second month in the company. And the Pack. The Pack that The Vapor Kingz destroyed now feel like they belong. They don't. They are just there to feed the egos. But Pantheon forgets that the very group that destroyed the Pack, destroyed them too and that group is still here and still very capable of destroying Pantheon once again because The Vapor Kingz are the top stable in WCF!


Zach Davis: The crowd just not into what Roman has to say. They arnt letting him speak.

Freddy Whoa: I really don't blame them. He thinks he's better than the WCF Loyal.

Gravedigger: But he is! He is better. He's always been better. They're just jealous.

Finally the crowd calms down so that Roman can continue

Buddy Roman: As I was saying. The Vapor Kingz are the top stable in WCF. Here we stand and here we will stay. Pantheon, soon. Soon you will be back to your glories days in the history books. When you will be known as 'those guys' who just couldnt get it done. Those guys that The Vapor Kingz made famous. Omega, Scarecrow.. Richards. You were the pack before and we broke you. You are still The Pack and we will break you again.

Crowd: Boo!!!

Buddy Roman: We will break you, indeed. Conquer. The. Hate.

Reginald Dampshaw III vs Alex Richards vs Jimmy Wicked

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a non-title, triple threat match.

The words “Dampshaw” come on the screen in flashy, Victorian style lettering. Damshaw III walks down, arrogantly waving his hand not unlike the Queen.

And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England’s mountains green
And was the holy lamb of God
On England’s pleasant pastures seen

Dampshaw looks around at the crowd while walking, giving the people looks of disgust as he truly believes that he is above them.

Bring me my Bow of burning gold
Bring me my arrows of desire
Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold
Bring me my Chariot of fire

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, from Ryde, Isle of Wright, England. Weighing in at two hundred and twenty-five pounds and standing at six foot three inches. He is the Duke of Gold, and the self-proclaimed International Champion, Reginald DDDDAAAAAAMMMMMMPPPPPPSSSSSHHHHHAAAWWWWWW the TTTTTHHHHIIIIIRRRRRDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!

Reginald slowly enters the ring and lifts his arms up in the air, looking around the arena at all the fans, a look of pure contempt and disle on his features. Gold smoke and gold sparks come tumbling down onto him as the fans boo the hated wrestler. Reginald is uncaring in this reaction, immersed in his own self love.

“Tom Sawyer” by Rush hits the speakers in the arena, and Jimmy Wicked bounces out to the stage, playing air guitar in time to the music.

Kyle Steel: The next opponent, from Rock City. Weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds and standing at six foot four inches. JJJJJIIIIIIIMMMMMMYYYYYYYY WWWWWIIIIIIICCCCCKKKKKEEEEEDDDDDD!!!!!!!!

He heads down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans and having a great time. When he gets to the ring, Wicked slides under the bottom rope and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, laying to the crowd and hitting the air guitar solo, before turning to face Reginald Dampshaw III, still with that big grin.

Gravedigger: Jimmy Wicked letting Reginald Dampshaw the third know that he’s not going anywhere.

Dampshaw moves in to start with Jimmy Wicked, but the referee stops them, pushing Dampshaw back to a corner.

Zach Davis: Referee Jefferson Davis Bates is quickly getting known for his no nonsense approach to keeping order.

The opening bars of “I’m not Like Everybody Else” by the Kinks begin to play as Alex Richards walks towards the ring with a huge smile on his smile. He holds his doctor’s bag in one hand, and the WCF Internet Championship belt in the other.

Kyle Steel: Currently on the way to the ring, weighing in at three hundred and forty-five pounds and standing at six foot four inches and hailing from anyplace that needs pain, suffering, pills, or Zima. “The Archduke of Mass Confusion”, the W-C-F Internet Champion, Alex RRRRRRIIIIIICCCCCHHHAAARRRRRDDDDSSSS!!!!!!!!!

Alex Richards enters the ring, smiling at Jimmy Wicked and Reginald Dampshaw III. The referee calls for the bell.

Zach Davis: The match is now underway.

Jimmy Wicked and Reginald Dampshaw III lock up as Alex Richards hangs back, leaning up against the turnbuckle. Jimmy gets the upper hand, and pushes Dampshaw into the ropes, sending him flying with an Irish Whip. When Dampshaw returns, Wicked sends him flying across the ring with a Hip Toss. Jimmy steps forward, but Dampshaw is quick to his feet.

Freddy Whoa: Dampshaw proving that he won’t be so easy to take out.

Dampshaw and Wicked lock up again, but this time Dampshaw takes advantage and places Wicked in a headlock. Wicked attempts to lift Dampshaw, but is met with an elbow to the head. Dampshaw flips around, grabbing the back of Wicked and delivering a German Suplex.

Gravedigger: Alex Richards is just watching this match like the rest of us.

Dampshaw helps Wicked back up, and sets him up for another German Suplex. He delivers a rolling German Suplex into a Dragon Suplex.

Freddy Whoa: The Queen’s Rebuke!

Dampshaw goes in for the pin.



Alex Richards steps in, grabbing Dampshaw and lifting him up. He lifts Dampshaw with a belly to back suplex, then wraps his hand around his throat effectively choke slamming him right down on his head as he completes the suplex.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! The Final Enlightenment, Whoa!

Richards lifts Dampshaw up for a press slam, then dumps him over the top rope to the floor. He follows him to the floor then boots him in the gut and lifts him for a powerbomb. He gets a running start and slams Dampshaw’s head after off the ring post. He rolls him back in the ring and slides in.

Zach Davis: The Unconcious Truth!

Richards pins Dampshaw.




Gravedigger: Alex Richards picks up the win!

Gemini Battle Segment

Hank Brown: Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you Gemini Battle!

The crowd starts chanting…


Hank Brown: It seems like you finally have gotten over with the fans.

Gemini: What the hell is wrong with you people? I don’t need your praise. I’m not here to entertain you, I’m here to entertain me!

The crowd continues to cheer and chant.

Hank Brown: Talent cannot be denied, neither can passion. After you and Dune took each other to the limit the WCF Universe sees you as a different man.

Gemini: I should have defeated Dune. I clearly had him pinned but the blind ref doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing. I’m sick and tired of the incompetence here in the WCF!

The crowd cheers some more. Gemini looks furious.

Gemini: Why do you all cheer me? You should FEAR me!

Crowd: WE FEAR GEMINI (clap clap clap clap clap)… WE FEAR GEMINI (clap clap clap clap clap)

Gemini: What the fuck?

Hank Brown: Let’s move past it. They love you, deal with it. This week you’re facing off against ZMAC in a Sword on a pole match. How do you think you’ll fare in this match with Buddy Roman and the Vapor Kings lurking in the background?

Gemini: I don’t think they’ll bother me much. I’m not even a blip on their radar. Ducky Flash is too preoccupied with his lover Katherine Phoenix.

The crowd laughs as Gemini sneers.

Gemini: And Ice Beckman is going to be busy prepping his behind for the ass beating of a lifetime.

He crowd laughs again and Gemini grinds his teeth.

Gemini: No, this match is going to be just Me and ZMAC. If Buddy Roman tries to get in the way Vanessa will smack the taste right out of his mouth.


Gemini: Fine, you can like her.

Hank Brown: This match is going to be quite the humdinger, thanks for your time, Gemini.

Gemini: The pleasure is all yours.

The crowd cheers as Gemini grabs Vanessa and rushes backstage.

Hank Brown: Ha! Back to you guys at the announcer’s booth.

Gravedigger: You can’t deny that man’s heart and desire to be in this business. The fans see it and they can’t help but cheer the guy.

Freddy Whoa: It doesn’t hurt that he’s got that hot bittie Vanessa on his arm all the time. How did a guy like that bag a girl like her?

Zach Davis: Money, my good friend. She’s a gold digger and you know it.

Gravedigger: What did you say to me, I was only half listening?

Zach Davis: I said GOLD digger, not gr… never mind. Let’s get back to the action.

Hardcore Title Contendership Match
Mod Deuce vs Danny Anderson vs Randall Kash vs Q-Ball

The scene opens up, as we see Q-Ball entering the ring to a chorus of boos, as Randall Kash is already present in the ring, looking a little worse for wear, as he leans hard into a corner, completely ignoring Q-Ball, as commentating is firing away...

Gravedigger: Jeez! First Randy comes to the ring smashed, and now Q-Ball feeling the wrath of the fans. They REALLY didn't like how shit went down with "The Movement".

Freddy Whoa: Most of the guys in the back were right, when they said this would last about as long as a real bowel movement.

Zach Davis: No love for either of these guys, as we get ready for the Hardcore Title Contendership Match. Two of our contenders are in the ring, as we await the next entrant.

Loud Harley-Davidson motorcycle engine sounds blare through the speakers, slowly fading into "Destruction Overdrive" by Black Label Society. Danny enters the stage on his Custom 2015 Iron 883 bike and gives the crowd a few rev’s as the engine roars, then he makes his way down the ramp, carefully driving the bike around the ring and parking it next to the barricade facing the stage. Danny kills the bike and gets off.

Kyle Steel: Making his way into the ring, weighing in at two-hundred and twenty five pounds, representing the Dark Riders MC: WCF, he is “The Unpredictable” DDDAANNNNYYYYY AANNNDDDDERRSONNN!

Zach Davis: He has been impressive as of late in tag action. We'll see if he can keep this up in singles action!

Gravedigger: Well, if you look at the guys in the ring, not a big deal, right? Wait until the last guy comes in.

“The Disturbed One” looks out into the crowd with a half-smile before walking up the ring steps onto the apron. He dusts his feet off and then enters through the ropes. Once in the ring Danny taunts to the crowd one last time before shouting obscenities at both Q-Ball and Randall Kash, endearing himself to the fans.

Gravedigger: Yeah, my bike's better. My club, too.

Freddy Whoa: You cracker's are crazy, riding around on those things.

Gravedigger: Somebody sounds a bit scared.

Freddy Whoa: No, but I'm cool with my Caddy.

Zach Davis: You're missing out. Nothing like the rush of the wind in your hair as you're going 80 down a highway.

Gravedigger: Amen, Brother!

Both men share a high-five, as "Angel of War" by Burning Black begins to play, as Mod Deuce comes out on to the stage, looking upwards as he does.

Kyle Steel: On his way to the ring, from Detroit, Michigan! He weighs in at 391 pounds! He is Mod DEUCE!!!

Freddy Whoa: Yeah, Mod just plowed through his competition last week.

Gravedigger: Yeah, they used a snow shovel to pick up the rest of Snapz last week. Hopefully they assembled him in time for the US Title match, later.

Zach Davis: Yes, Occulo defends against Snapz and Kaz Mazy in a street fight later tonight. Don't miss it!

Mod holds his hands out for the fans to touch as he passes at a casual pace down the aisles to the ring. As he gets to the ring stairs, he walks up them, his arms still outstretched, before getting into the ring, stepping over the top rope with his arms still outstretched. He then drops them, as a resounding "BOOM" can be heard and felt, but no pyro or smoke can be seen. Mod then finds a corner, as he looks down on all of his opponents.

Zach Davis: Look at the size of him in comparison to the rest of them.

Gravedigger: Q-Ball can almost look him in the eye, but is still dwarfed by the massive Deuce.


Both Mod Deuce and Danny Anderson rush Q-Ball, as Q-Ball tries to evade the ring. Before he could, Mod grabs him, and drags him back into the ring, as Danny Anderson stomps away on Q-Ball. Randall Kash, who ducked out of the ring, has come back with a pool cue, a big smile on his face...

Zach Davis: Well, it looks obvious that all the members of this match are very resentful of "The Movement"

Gravedigger: Good. That'll show them to fuck around backstage!

Freddy Whoa: Locker room punishment for all to see!

Randall Kash slams the cue into the midsection of a held and braced Q-Ball, before driving it up into the face of Q-Ball, bloodying him immediately. Mod lets Q-Ball go, before Danny sets him up for Comatose. Mod goes to climb a turnbuckle, and is mounted, as Danny hits...


Mod Deuce comes flying off the turnbuckle, with his head crashing down first on Q-Ball, as the ring shakes and knocks everyone inside of it off-balance...


Gravedigger: So true...

Mod regains his feet, before picking the devastated Q-Ball up over his head into a military press slam. Mod then dumps Q-Ball over the top ropes, where Q-Ball lands on the guardrail separating the ring from the fans.

Zach Davis: Oh WOW!


Gravedigger: Pool cue to the back of the head! RANDALL KASH TURNS ON MOD!

Before he can get another shot off against Mod or Danny, Danny catches his hand before driving his head into the face of Kash. Kash stumbles backwards, as Danny takes the cue and uses it in a modified Russian legsweep on Kash! Danny Anderson goes for a cover...




Zach Davis: Not enough for Danny Anderson to put him away!

Mod is back on his feet and focused on both men, as Danny picks up Randall Kash. Mod ROARS, before charging both men. Danny moves out of the way, but Randall Kash was hit with...


Freddy Whoa: For the pin!




Gravedigger: What? Did you think Danny Anderson was just going to let Mod Deuce walk away with this? Get real!

Mod gets to his feet, as he looks at Danny, and Danny returns the stare. Danny charges forward, as he cracks Mod across the jaw! Mod brings down a hand of his own on top of Danny's head, making his stumble, but not lose his footing. Both of them begin to trade, as Danny hits Mod with more frequency, but Mod hitting much harder. Finally, Mod chops Danny backwards. When Danny charges again, he is met with a Big Boot, followed up with an elbow drop, as Mod rolls over for the pinfall...




Zach Davis: And Danny Anderson escapes the pinfall!

Freddy Whoa: And here comes Randall Kash...

Randall Kash drives a knee into a recovering Mod, who turns around and swats Kash, before executing a belly to belly suplex on him. As Mod recovers, in comes Danny Anderson, tire iron in hand. Mod turns right as Danny brings it down, catching Mod on the shoulder. Mod clutches where his collarbone is, as he opts to escape the ring over the top rope, rather than continue being assaulted by the tire iron. Randall Kash begins to recover, and grabs the pool cue, still in one piece, to combat Danny Anderson.

Zach Davis: Mod Deuce in front of the commentating booth, recovering from his bail-out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: This is a giant of a man who has no issues about leaving his feet. I could just imagine the fear running through a man as they have to see THAT crash down on top of them.

Gravedigger: There's bigger flyers than him. But I don't mine me a little Vader Time every now and again.

Both Randall Kash and Danny Anderson circle each other, both with weapons in the ring, as Mod works underneath the ring for weapons. Randall scores a jab with the pool cue, before Danny swats and breaks the pool cue tip with the tire iron. Kash rushes in, and Danny catches him in the face with the backhand of the tire iron. Before he could capitalize on the blow, Danny is struck by a thrown ladder, which in turn not only knocks Danny Anderson to the ground away from Kash, but the ladder also lands on Randall Kash.

Gravedigger: Two-for!

Freddy Whoa: Good toss!

Mod Deuce climbs back into the ring, before he picks up the ladder, and slams it down on top of both Danny Anderson and Randall Kash. Both men are trapped underneath the ladder, as Mod stands on the middle of the ladder!

Zach Davis: Ohh, OW!

Freddy Whoa: Kash looks to be about sick!

Gravedigger: I don't know how much more he can take. Nothing has gone right for him in this match, save for when he assisted in tossing that trash out of the ring earlier.

Zach Davis: Medics have confirmed, by the way, that Q-Ball has sustained five fractured ribs and a fractured eye socket from his time in the ring with these three men.

Gravedigger: Yeah, he's gone for at least six months. Bye-bye!

Mod continued his punishment with the ladder, until Randall Kash, with a last gasp, pushes the ladder off of himself, as Mod slips on the ladder, slamming onto the ladder himself! Danny Anderson shoves the ladder off of himself, as he fights to get to his feet. Kash also gets to his feet, as he begins to stalk a recovering Mod Deuce. As Mod Deuce recovers, Randall Kash kicks him in the midsection and hits...

Freddy Whoa: STUNNER!

Randall Kash gets to his feet and begins to celebrate, as Mod calmly gets to his feet. The fans begin to cheer harder, as Kash thinks he's finally taken out the biggest threat in the match! Danny Anderson just watches, as Randall Kash turns around, right into the awaiting grasp of Mod, as he grabs him by the throat, and comes crashing down on top of the ladder in the middle of the ring with...


Gravedigger: Did Steeltoe Joe come back, or something?

Mod rolls Kash off of himself, as Danny comes in, punches and kicks for Mod, who fights back with his own barrage...

Zach Davis: I'm surprised that Danny Anderson has managed to go toe to toe with Mod Deuce for as long as he's been able to.

Gravedigger: Good thing for him, too. Or else this match would be boring.

Freddy Whoa: For a hardcore match, they haven't left the ring very much.

Gravedigger: But the weapons have been used rather effectively. Remember when the Pool cue hit Q-Ball in the mouth?

Danny runs at Mod and Mod tosses him out of the ring. Kash grabs Mod next but Mod kicks him in the gut.

Zach Davis: THE WILL OF GOD!

Mod pins Kash, hooking the leg.




Freddy Whoa: Mod Deuce wins it!

The bell sounds as Deuce gets to his feet after a hard fought matchup.

Zach Davis: We've got a new Hardcore Title contender, ladies and gentlemen!

Alex Richards Segment

Hank Brown is backstage when he hears a heads up! He turns around just in time to catch a boot full of Zim-Quila. Okay half full some of it has splashed on Hank's suit and the floor. The thrower, Alex Richards grins and raises his own boot of Zim-Quila.

Alex Richards: You're welcome!

Hank Brown: Umm thanks. I guess.

Alex Richards: Drink up Hank. My win tonight was easy enough that I need to celebrate with some but Zach's a lightweight drinker and the rest of my brothers and sisters in Pantheon still have matches to win.

Hank Brown: So why me?

Alex Richards: Because I need if I found you I'd get on camera and I have a bright idea. See Snapz has been calling out the United States champion week after week. And he hasn't done nothing but lose match after match and low and behold he gets his united states title shot. So I started thinking, maybe if I don't say anything I'll get matches with people like Reggie and Wicked. That's not a challenge. So I thought about it and figured if Snapz can get a US title shot by not running his mouth why can't I challenge the world champion? I do have a win over him in a non title match after all.

Alex winks

Alex Richards: Or you know, Pantheon could just win king of trios. Whatever happens first.

Alex walks off continuing to drink from his boot of Zim-Quila.

United States Title Street Fight
Kaz Mazy vs Snapz vs Occulo

The scene switches to a panning shot of a raucous crowd.

Zach Davis: We're live from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada and this...is AFTERMATH! This crowd is already going insane from the explosive action that's graced this ring all ready, and we've got a lot more great matches coming up tonight!

Freddy Whoa: Including this one: A United States Championship match between Kaz Mazy, newcomer Snapz, and the defending champion Occulo.

Zach Davis: It's going to be interesting to see how this one plays out. Both men called out Occulo and he accepted the challenge. That's a true champion in my opinion.

Heavy guitar distortion cuts through the arena as all the lights shut off, minus a gaggle of blue and green on the stage. They all aim at the tron which is showing an unorthodox entrance video. It shows WCF Superstar Kaz Mazy performing daring feats all in Super Nintendo fighting game graphics ala Mortal Kombat.


"2nd Sucks" by A Day To Remember starts blaring as lights explode throughout the arena and the words growl sending a shiver up every collective spine in attendance. The battle cry makes men sprout thick and poons wet. Every child in attendance grows hair on their chest and they reach for the nearest bong and start tokin' up!

Spotlights center on one of the entrances in the crowd where Kaz stands, kendo holstered to his back, Tag Team Championship around his waist, and Bolts Quackenbush waving that Old Glory PG Flag with the Ham' n' Sick' and the Fitty Stars and Thickteen Bars.

Zach Davis: It's Kaz Mazy!

Freddy Whoa: The only thing that would make this entrance thicker is titties being motorboated!

As if on cue, Bolts motorboats the baddest set of titties in attendance on that instant transmission shit as Kaz starts making his way down the steps, throwing his hands in the air with each cry of his name.


Zach Davis: The Kaz Movement has begun! Can anybody stop it?

Freddy Whoa: Naw dude. I don't think so.

Kaz leaps the barricade and slides into the ring. He taunts to the crowd from the second rope and they explode in Kaz cheers once again.


Kaz unstraps his Tag Team Championship and his kendo and hands his effects to Bolts who guards them with his life. Kaz leans against the turnbuckle as his music fades and awaits the start of the match.

Zach Davis: Here comes Mazy! He's looking a little worn down after last week's Hardcore Match against Jay Omega...Some of those bruises are still fresh!

Freddy Whoa: We've both known Kaz for a long time now, and he's not going to shy away from any match regardless of any existing handicap. He wants to taste some singles gold and this might be where it happens.

Snapz enters slow walk on to the stage glaring thru the crowd as he walks to the ring he approaches fans on the aisles as if to interact but then turns to a camera with a evil grin and slides into the ring. As he stands in the middle of the ring he raises his fist suddenly bringing it down with a bang of pyro going off

Zach Davis: And here comes Snapz, a fresh face in the WCF...

Freddy Whoa: ...and he's already found himself in a championship match?! That's impressive.

Zach Davis: This will be an introduction to the big leagues and a real sink or swim moment for Snapz.

Freddy Whoa: Well, he had the NARDS to call out the US Champion...now lets see if he has the skill to back em up.

Destruction by Bruce Faulconer blasts through the speakers as the arena lights shine at their brightest. A few seconds later Occulo appears on the stage and the bright lights shut off, whilst spotlights illuminate him.

Kyle Steel: From Washington DC...weighing in at 220lbs...he is the United States Champion...Occulo!!

He walks down the ramp, spotlights following, addressing the fans as he does. He climbs up the steel steps in the corner and climbs the turnbuckle. He takes out a microphone and says "Sentinels stand for the fallen. Sentinels stand against the rising". He tosses the microphone to the outside and waits for action.

Zach Davis: And here he is: our esteemed United States Champion!

Freddy Whoa: You've got to respect a guy like Occulo. Everyone thinks he "backed out" of his matches, but I prefer to look at as him "stepping in" to the spotlight. He became a hot topic after doing what he did prior to XIII.

Zach Davis: But you have to take into account that this not only will this be a physical brawl, but it's going to be a psychological battle too, and Kaz or Snapz could easily capatalize on a moment of weakness shown by Occulo.

Freddy Whoa: Great point, Zach! But Occulo is United States Champion for a reason, and we're about to a see a clinic in professional wrestling!

The three competitors circle each other as the referee calls for the bell and the match begins. Snapz slides out of the ring as Kaz and Occulo lock up in the center of that EIGHTEEN BY TWENTY.

Zach Davis: Snapz is making good on his promise to make this match as bloody as possible.

Freddy Whoa: This guys insane!

Snapz pulls a chair, a baseball bat, a trash can, and the kitchen muddafawkin sink out from underneath the ring. He slides the weapons into the ring and comes in after them. Kaz and Occulo are duking it out so they don't notice when Snapz sneaks up behind them both...


Freddy Whoa: Mazy's down, and Snapz has his attention focused on the Champion!

Snapz pops off another chair shot to Occulo's back and knocks him to his knees! Snapz throws the chair down and picks up that b-ball bat and winds up for a swing!

Zach Davis: OH GAWD!

Freddy Whoa: SNAPZ SWINGS!...

Occulo ducks underneath the bat and it whiffs by his skull at a BO-JILLION miles per hour. Occulo rolls away from Snapz as Mazy comes from outta nowhere with an enziguiri, knocking Snapz through a loop and putting him down on his ass. Mazy walks towards the trash can and picks it up...

Zach Davis: He's about to introduce Snapz to Mr. Trash Can!...

But Occulo flies in and pops Mazy with a dropkick, reeling him into the turnbuckle and plopping him down against the mat. Occulo slides in with another dropkick to a seated Mazy's chest. Kaz bounces around for a second before Occulo sweeps on top of him and goes for the pin.


Zach Davis: Barely a two count!

Occulo lifts Kaz up as Snapz makes a second round at the US Champion, but Occulo hits Snapz with a flutter kick and pushes Mazy away, who dips down against the ropes. Occulo and Snapz begin brawling it out in the center of the ring! Snapz with a hard right, knocking Occulo back.

Zach Davis: Clothesline from Snapz!

Freddy Whoa: Occulo ducks again!...

Snapz breezes passed Occulo's head once again and bounds off the ropes! He comes back as Occulo leaps into the air and catches him with a hurricanrana...

Zach Davis: But Snapz catches his legs!


Occulo hits the chair with a crash and Snapz moves in to make the pin.


Zach Davis: Shoulder up by Occulo and this match continues!

Freddy Whoa: That took a lot out of Occulo!

Zach Davis: Don't count him out just yet!

Snapz lifts Occulo to his feet and Occulo goes for high kick to the abdomen...but Snapz catches it! Snapz goes for a right hook!...but Occulo catches it! The two atumble towarda the ropes and lean on them for support.

Zach Davis: Watch out for Mazy!

Kaz comes up next to the two and lifts them both up and over the the ropes and they spill out to the arena floor!

Zach Davis: What presence of mind to maake a move like that!

Kaz springboards over the top rope and lands on top of Occulo and Snapz to a huge pop from the crowd!

Zach Davis: This match just spilled out to the arena floor!

The three men scramble on the ground, trying to get their barings back. Kaz stands to his feet as Occulo begins his crawl towards the apron. Snapz is busy trying to crawl up the stairs as Kaz nails Occulo in the shoulder with a STOMP STOMP! He grabs Occulo by the head, picks him up, and slams him head first into the commentary table as Zach and Freddy stand to get away from the HAWT MESS!

Zach Davis: Watch out Freddy!

Freddy Whoa: This just turned into a Street Fight!

Kaz goes to plant Occulo's head into the tavle once again, buy Snapz is on them crackuhs like White On Rice with a chair shot to Kaz's back! Kaz bounds away as Snapz goes to crack Occulo over the head with a chair...but Occulo dips out of the way yet again and the chair bounds off the table and bounds out of Snapz hands. Kaz moves toward the barricade, holding the small of his back as he does so. Snapz is nursing his hands as Occulo takes him down with an explosive dropkick, knocking Snapz flat on his back!

Zach Davis: Occulo making a comeback!

Snapz gets to his feet as Occulo does the same, but Occulo catches Snapz with an irish whip directly towards Kaz, who gets sent over the barricade and the match spills into the crowd!

Zach Davis: Things are starting to heat up here at Aftermath!!!


Occulo runs towards the action and leaps up on to the barricade as Kaz and Snapz get to their feet with members of the crowd pounding them on the back trying to get a taste of what it means to be a THICK AZZ MUDDAFAWK! Occulo signals to the crowd and gets a fat POP for his troubles and leaps onto Snapz and Kaz with a massive crossbody!


The crowd chant resounds into the ensuing action as Kaz and Occulo are quick to their feet and ready to duke it out, making their way through the crowd as they do so!

Zach Davis: Our cameramen are trying their best to follow the action right now, but there's no telling where this match could end up!

Freddy Whoa: They could end up at that Holiday INN for all we know!

The scene cuts backstage as the three men all blast through a door at the same time, trading off left, rights, middles, ups, downs...nigguh, you name it and they were using it! The WCF Loyal follow them out the door, not wanting to miss a single second of the action!


Freddy Whoa: This isn't a wrestling match! It's a bloodbath!

Zach Davis: They promised to take each other to the limit, and they're making good on their word right NOW!

Snapz grabs Kaz around the midsection and rams him back first into a steel post, dropping him on the ground with a sick thud. Occulo grabs Snapz around the neck and torso and rams him into that very same steel pole! Occulo drops down onto Snapz and goes for the pinfall.


Zach Davis: NO! Kickout by Snapz!

Freddy Whoa: He's hanging on by a thread out there!

Occulo's face shifts to one of disbelief as he gets to his feet, but is caught right in the forehead with a steel chair. Blood starts to seep out of his forehead as he falls backwards and his the ground. Kaz covers him for the pinfall.



Freddy Whoa: That's a tough motherfucker! Don't let anybody tell ya different!

Kaz shifts position until he's on top of Occulo and starts pounding him with right hooks to the head. Blood sprays all over Kaz and Occulo as the cut widens. Occulo catches Kaz's fist and brings his own left hand up into Kaz's face, effectively knocking the Monstuh off of him. Occulo climbs to his feet as Snapz rolls up with a clothesline...but Occulo ducks it!

Freddy Whoa: Damn Occulo's a ducking mothafuck tonight!

Zach Davis: It's gotten him out of numerous situations already!

The fight progresses down the hallway as Occulo moves away and Snapz gives chase. Kaz follows suit, not wanting to get left behind! The three brawl all the way to the concession stands where we find Gravedigger getting himself some libations. He looks at the ensuing action with a cheeseburger hanging out of his mouth and a tall beer in his hand. Snapz catches up with Occulo and tosses him over one of the counters into a McNeills or some such bullshit. Snapz hops the counter and they begin duking it out in the back of house. Occulo goes for a hard right fist, but Snapz ducks it and grabs the fryer basket out of the fryer and swings it at Occulo, spraying hot oil on his arm and nailing him with the basket. Occulo grimaces in pain as Snapz drops the basket and heads towards a bounding Occulo! Snapz throws off a mean right fist...but Occulo opens up a pantry door and Snapz hand smashes right into it. He nurses his hand as Occulo drops him with basement dropkick! Snapz legs give out and Occulo climbs on top of a metal table. Employees scramble to get out of the way as Occulo leaps off the table with a moonsault and plants himself right on top of Snapz for the pinfall.




Mazy comes out of nowhere with a punt kick to Occulo's skull, knocking him off of Snapz. Kaz lifts Occulo to his feet and throws him out of a swinging side door and back into the main walkway of the arena. The fight moves across from the restaurant, out a set of double glass doors, and into the parking lot!

Zach Davis: These guys...it doesn't matter where they go! They're gonna fight each other regardless!

Freddy Whoa: This is THICK, Zach! This is WCF Loyal shit right here! This fight knows no limits! It's a muddafawkin Street Fight playa!

Kaz and Occulo trade off right hands as people begin to line up on the street to watch the violent action. Occulo goes for a hard right, but Kaz swerves, catches Occulo around the midsection and drops him widda back suplex. A cement pole sticks out of the ground to serve as a guard rail for any cars that may pull up to the front of the arena. Kaz climbs on top of it and signals. The people around him join in even though they ain't gotta motherfuckin clue what's going on.


Kaz leaps off with that signature corkscrew shooting star splash and lands right on top of Occulo. He hooks his leg and pulls it up for the pinfall.


Zach Davis: DEAR GAWD!...



Kaz punches the ground in frustration as Snapz bursts out of the double glass doors and knocks the crowd aside! Kaz is standing to his feet as Snapz lurches forward and spears Kaz right into the road! A car almost hits them, but quickly hits the breaks and swerves out of the way. Snapz lifts Kaz off the ground and drops his AZZ right on the hood of that car with a military press slam! Kaz dents the hood as Snapz starts laying into him with hard right fists and elbows. The lady driving the car gets out and runs for dear life, thanking LAWD WILLY that she was still alive even! Snapz moves to bring his elbow down on top of Mazy again, but Kaz catches it and plants his left leg right under Snapz armpit! Snapz leans back holding his ribs as Kaz gets to his feet. He leaps off the hood of the car with a crossbody, but Snapz catches him in midair!


Occulo with a huge dropkick, knocking both Kaz and Snapz to the ground with a thud! Kaz rolls away from Snapz as Snapz starts climbing to his feet! Occulo grabs Snapz around the neck and climbs up on top of the hood of the car. He pivots around and plants Snapz head into the concrete with a swinging tornado DDT! Snapz head is busted open as blood sprays all over the concrete, eliciting gasps from the onlooking crowd.

Zach Davis: I have no words...

Occulo sees Mazy getting to his feet and moves towards him, but Mazy catches Occulo in the gut with an elbow and knocks him away from the action. Snapz is starting to stir on the ground as Mazy clocks Occulo with a European uppercut, effectively knocking Occulo away. The crowd starts to part as the action moves back inside the arena. The three men brawl through another set of doors and back into the main arena to an enormous roar from the crowd!


The three men battle all the way down the stairs until they're near the barricade once more. Kaz and Occulo duke it out near the barricade until Snapz rushes the two men and knocks them both through the barricade to a huge POP from the crowd!

Zach Davis: The action is back at ringside...

Freddy Whoa: For now! Who knows where these guys can end up next!

Occulo begins to stir, wiping the blood from his forehead with his left hand. Snapz holds his neck as he gets to his feet, and Kaz lay on the ground for a moment nursing his hurt back!

Zach Davis: These three guys look like hell right now!

Freddy Whoa: As well they should...they're putting each other through the ringer right now!

Kaz starts to stir as Occulo rolls back into the ring, followed by Snapz, then followed quickly by Kaz. All three competitors are standing in the ring, ready to bring this shit to an end.

Zach Davis: Who is going to walk out with the United States Title?!

Occulo roars and runs at Kaz, Clotheslining him down. Occulo then Clotheslines down Snapz, who hits the mat. Occulo flips him over...

Gravedigger: THE EPITOME! He's got it locked in!

Freddy Whoa: OCCULO WINS IT!

Snapz hasn't tapped out quite yet!, he raises his arm....


Kaz flew off the top and landed on both Snapz and Occulo! Kaz throws his arm over the body of Snapz.





The bell sounds as Kaz sits up, his eyes wild, unable to believe it! He grabs his newly won United States Title and rolls out of the ring, his Tag Title also in hand.

Freddy Whoa: Kaz Mazy has done the unbelievable and become a double Champion!

Zach Davis: He's not the only Poondock Saint with a Title match here tonight, Freddy. If Kaz can do it... does this spell good tiding for the Godfather of Professional Wrestling?

Occulo realizes what has happened as he looks around angrily as we go to commercial.

Behind the Curtain: Gemini Battle and Thomas Uriel Bates

Gonzo Murdock: Welcome to Beyond the Curtain with Gonzo! I’m your Host "Gonzo" Deuce Murdock. With me here I have the number one contender to the Television Title Thomas Uriel Bates...

Thomas Bates: It’s a privilege to be on your talk show. You are a great journalist and a tremendous wrestler. When are we gonna see you get in that ring again?

Gonzo Murdock: When my doctor realizes that I can compete regardless of my illness, but we can talk a bit more about that later. Alongside him is a man he loves to hate, Gemini Battle.

Gemini: I don’t know how I got roped into doing this.

Gonzo Murdock: Its because everybody likes me, that's why you're on the show. Now, from the outside looking in, you two don’t seem to have the greatest of friendships I would say.

Thomas Bates: I think Gemini is a tremendous wrestler and a hard worker. You can’t help but to respect the guy. But no, you wouldn't call us best friends.

Gemini: I hate your guts, Bates.

Bates laughs off the comment but Gemini looks dead serious.

Gonzo Murdock: You hate his guts, but you came to his aid last week when the Vapor Kings assaulted him and the DRG. So what is your logic on helping your stated enemy that you yourself hate so much?

Gemini: Bates took it upon himself to help me out when he thought I was in need against the same faction a week earlier. I know those biker gang types, they never do something without asking for something in return. I was just returning the favor so I didn’t have to cash in on anything that I wouldn’t want to do later.

Thomas Bates: First of all, we’re not a gang, we’re a club. Support the 4-18-7. We ride together from venue to venue and help each other out in times of needs. Just a bunch of guys with common goals and common beliefs. Secondly, I never got the chance to officially thank you for last week.

Bates puts his hand out for a hand shake. Gemini looks at it but doesn’t return the offer. He nods and Bates brings his hand back to his side.

Gonzo Murdock: Well we’re not here for a spank fest, there was something that you two wanted to announce here tonight, so with this stage, the lights in your eyes and the world watching, what is it that you had to say here tonight?

Gemini: I hate you, Bates, with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. But like you said I’ve gotta respect you for the work that you put into this business and for the pedigree that you grew up in.

Thomas Bates: And I feel the same about you Gemini, minus the pedigree of course. That’s why we’ve decided to officially announce our entrance into the Trios Cup Tournament!

You hear the crowd gasp in shock.

Gonzo Murdock: Really?! After all this hate poured out, you're going to JOIN FORCES? But there’s just one problem, guys. It’s the Trios Cup… you’re missing a member. Who is your third guy in this?

Gemini: The third member will be a man we both also trust. There’s not many people here in the WCF that we both have similar points of view on, but this guy couldn’t be denied.

Thomas Bates: That’s right. He’s a wrestler who hasn’t competed in a while, but he has guaranteed us that he is not only willing, but ready and able to take everyone he steps into the ring with to their limits and help push us over the edge into the finals of this tournament.

Gonzo Murdock: Hmm... This is just chock-full of potential surprises. I take it you guys got Gravedigger to come out of retirement to help you guys out at...

Gemini: No way...

Thomas Bates: Really? That guy?

Gonzo Murdock: Not Digger? Well, what about Jeff Purse? Returning legend...

Gemini: In his own mind, maybe...

Thomas Bates: I'm Southern Baptist, not so much into puppets.

Gonzo Murdock: You guys got JONNY FLY to come out of retirement? Quick! Someone call my daughter and let her...

Gemini: I WISH!

Gonzo Murdock: Well, Al Envy's right over there, if you want to...

Thomas Bates: No, man. He's right here on stage with us...

Gemini: His name is…

Thomas Bates: Gonzo Murdock!

Gonzo Murdock: What? NO WAY!!! You guys got "Gonzo" Deuce Murdock to wrestle with you? But that's me? When did I agree to this?

After a few moments of the faux shock, Gonzo drops all pretenses, as he says...

Gonzo Murdock: I guess I agreed to be part of the team, so here I am! Well, it looks like we've got ANOTHER team in this Trios Cup Tournament! We've got Thomas Urial Bates, the giant biker. We've got Gemini Battle, the demented clown, and we've got ME! And I report the news! Let's give it up for the Big Bad Clown Biking Reporters!

Gemini: I don’t like that name...

Thomas Bates: We’ll work on it. That’s the least of our worries. We’ve got about a dozen other teams formed from the cream of the crop that the WCF has to offer. But we firmly believe that we’re going to be the ones who dethrone Pantheon and take our place as the Trios Cup Champions.

Gemini: Our time has come, no more floating around in the middle. This tournament will take us over the edge and into WCF HISTORY!

Gonzo Murdock: The three of us may not be the logical choice of a team, but logic and I don't get along so well, so FUCK LOGIC! Guys, its time to take logic, bend it over, and take what we want from logic! TIME TO WIN TRIOS!

The three men exchange handshakes, finalizing their union as a team.

Gonzo Murdock: Thanks for joining us on this edition of Beyond the Curtain. Sorry, Al Envy, there's just not enough time tonight! THANK YOU!

Television Title Contendership Match
Florian Stark vs Howard Black vs Eve Vega vs Zione Redington

"Over and Under" begins to blare through the arena, leading to a big pop from the crowd! Zione Redington is walka out onto the front entrance ramp, a determined look sprawled over his face. He looks out to the huge crowd in attendance... before pounding a lone fist into the middle of his chest.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 235 pounds… “The Diamond Heart” Zione Redington!

Freddy Whoa: After a razor-thin loss to Scarecrow, Zione Redington is looking to make a big splash this week!

Zach Davis: Since joining the WCF, Zione Redington has been obsessed with winning the Television Title. A big win here tonight gets him one step closer!

Zione steps deliberately down the ramp leading down to the ring... soon enough he is up onto the apron and stepping gracefully into the ring. He moves over to the turnbuckle corner and holds up one fist into the sky in a triumphant show as the crowd pops!

Zach Davis: Last time these four contestants entered the ring, Zione walked away victorious. Tonight, Zione should have the edge in that mind game over these contestants.

Gravedigger: Any given day, Zach. Can’t let that get to your head in the ring or Zione’s gonna leave disappointed.

Zione backs away into the corner, a fierce light seen in the eye, waiting for his opponent to enter...

“Fancy” by Iggy Azalea begins to play over the PA and Eve Vega walks out onto the stage, this time without her shake. Her arms are wrapped in medical bandages, covering the burns she received from the beat down. She does not look happy.

Kyle Steel: Making her way to the ring, weighing in at 120 pounds, from Beverly Hills, California… Eve Vega!

Freddy Whoa: Last week, Eve received a vicious beating at the hands of Katherine Phoenix. Despite her doctors warning her not to compete, she’s here!

Gravedigger: Big match for Eve. Week one, she got eliminated by Zione. Last week, she lost the tag match for herself and Howard Black. Eve’s gotta prove something tonight.

Zach Davis: The sensual, flirty Eve Vega we’ve seen is gone, burned away by Katherine Phoenix.

She makes her way to the ring, her eyes on Zione, not terribly attentive to the crowd around her. She holds the white embroidered towel in her left hand then turns to climb the steel steps. Getting into the ring she uses the bottom rope to spring herself over the third and lands with a smile. She grabs the towel and holds it up so you can see the pink embroidery of Daddys Little Princess and then drops the towel.

Freddy Whoa: This week, we learned that Eve Vega’s father has actually been dead for some time. Perhaps that towel is the banner Eve carries now in his memory.

Gravedigger: Who do you think she is? Spider-Man?

The lights in the arena go to black, with only the giant screen above the stage displaying the pattern of an oscilloscope matching the chaotic distortion which begins "Lost Boys" by Death Grips. As the distortion begins to settle into the beat, the words "IT'S SUCH A LONG WAY DOWN" flash over the screen as they emanate from the speakers. As the snare drum hits begin to burst forth, the lights in the arena begin to strobe in blue, white, and gray as the screen begins to show flashing black-and-white images of honey badgers in battle, paired with footage of Howard Black training or waiting in the locker room, preparing for a match. Howard Black makes his way from the back, the hood of his sweatshirt pulled over his head, to a mixed bag of cheers and boos.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, from Lincoln, Nebraska, weighing in at 215 pounds… “The Honey Badger” Howard Black!

Freddy Whoa: And here he comes, one of the more controversial stars in the WCF, Howard Black.

Gravedigger: The False Honey Badger, I add.

Zach Davis: Howard Black shot himself in the foot upon his debut, but last week, he went toe-to-toe with Joey Flash and held his own. Love him or hate him, this guy is tough.

He makes his way down the ramp as the digitized words "LOST BOYS" repeat from the speaker in succession. While his eyes remain focused on the ring, his face a mask of determination, ignoring the fans as he advances. Upon reaching the ring, he slides in and unzips his sweatshirt, tossing it aside. He stalks the ring in a calculated manner, eyeing his opponent with an icy look of contempt.

Freddy Whoa: Unkind words from Howard Black about these two this week. Zione Redington, who eliminated Black to win in week one. Eve Vega, who was pinned and lost the tag match for them last week.

Zach Davis: This guy’s hungry for revenge. Black’s come within a sliver of victory every week but always come up short. He needs this win more than anyone to get on the map.

He lifts the crucifix from his neck and gives it a kiss for good luck before walking to a turnbuckle and pulling himself up. Upon his ascent, he spreads his arms before the crowd in a pose. As the music begins to die, he drops down and walks to his corner. He takes the crucifix from his neck and places it around the turnbuckle for safe keeping during his match. “Go With the Flow” by Queens of the Stone Age hits to the loudest pop of this match.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, from Sidco, Canada, weighing in at 220 pounds… Florian Stark!

Florian walks out from the curtain to a crazed cheer by the fans. He looks around at the audience for a moment and smiles before walking down to the ring, tagging outstretched hands from fans.

Freddy Whoa: Last week, Florian Stark was thrown into a three-way handicapped match against Jimmy Wicked and BioWalker, but he still managed to come out on top!

Gravedigger: Freddy, this guy is tough. Florian Stark may not be flashy, but this kid has heart. The fans see that.

Florian slides into the ring and looks around at the cheering audience, looking more than a little overwhelmed by their reception. He smiles sheepishly and throws a single thumbs up to the crowd, who give a huge pop in return.

Freddy Whoa: What a guy, Florian Stark. Last week he was mistaken for a stagehand. This week, he looks to bury that status as a nobody.

The music dies and the bell rings to start the match. Howard Black points across the ring at Zione Redington, the two men locking eyes and circling towards one another with predatory looks. They lock up, and after a moment of struggle, Zione slowly uses his superior size to leverage Howard back into the corner.

Zach Davis: Zione forcing Howard Black into the corner here.

Gravedigger: He can take the name, but there’s no way the real Honey Badger would be losing this.

Howard’s hand wraps around the back of Zione’s neck and pulls down, throwing a knee to the gut of Redington, then following with a hard chop to the chest. Meanwhile, Eve Vega approaches Florian, throwing a hard kick to his ribs. He grimaces as he takes the first one, but he is able to block the second. Upon the third kick attempt, Florian takes the blow to lock her leg under his arm. A dragon corkscrew sends Eve to the mat, and Florian maintains his grip on her leg to apply a single Boston Crab. Eve shoots a hand out for the ropes, and Florian breaks the hold immediately.

Freddy Whoa: Some fantastic technical displays by Florian here!

Zach Davis: And some fantastic legs from Eve Vega!

Black whips Zione at the ropes. As Zione rebounds at him, Howard uses the momentum to hit a gutwrench side suplex. Zione comes down hard, sitting up in instinct and placing a hand on his back in a grimace of pain. Howard moves forward, applying a reverse chinlock to the seated Zione. As Black pushes his knee into Zione’s back, Zione slowly forces himself up to a standing position. Free from the lock, Zione turns and hits Black with a punch to the gut, causing him to let go.

Freddy Whoa: Zione Redington, the Diamond Heart, showing off that prodigious talent for boxing.

Gravedigger: Yeah, but this ain’t boxing. It’s gonna take more than some fancy fists to take down a real wrestler.

Zione follows up with two quick jabs and a hard hook, knocking Black to the mat.

Gravedigger: Point proven.

On the other side of the ring, Florian goes for a takedown on Eve. As he attempts to catch her legs, she jumps over his reaching hand and nails a falling scissor kick to the back of Florian’s head, putting him down. She goes for the cover, but Redington dives in to break it with a double axe to Eve’s back. Eve turns, seeing Zione behind her and nails him squarely with a punch straight to the jewels. Zione crumples, falling to his knees.

Zach Davis: Right where it hurts! Eve talked about hitting someone in the man parts last week, and she’s following it up!

Gravedigger: That ain’t right, man.

Freddy Whoa: And this being a fatal four-way, that will not earn a DQ.

Eve gets to her feet and levels him with a Vega Kick. She goes for the cover.



Howard Black gets to his feet and sees Eve going for the pin. He walks over and grabs her by the back of her tights and top, pulling her off and throwing her head-first out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Howard Black, just brutal! I thought he said he didn’t fight women!

Zach Davis: Technically, throwing someone out of the ring, isn’t hitting them. Using the gray area, to his advantage.

Gravedigger: May not like him, but he’d have to be stupid to let her win due to not wanting to fight her. Smart move by the fake Honey Badger.

Florian gets up to his feet, and he and Black lock eyes. The two men circle each other before locking up, then Florian goes for a double-leg takedown. Black sprawls down on top of him, circles around, and grabs his ankle to apply a lock. Florian twists onto his back and uses his free foot to push Black off. Using the momentum of the push, Black pushes off the ropes and goes for a dropkick to the head of the grounded Florian, but Stark moves at the last moment and pounces, attempting to lock in his crossface chickenwing. An elbow to the head from Black shakes him off, and the two men climb to their feet and stare at each other.

Freddy Whoa: And these two look hungry. Howard Black and Florian Stark, both men very similar in style and substance. And these two have been itching to square off again since Howard eliminated Florian in the battle royale.

The two begin to trade shots, neither man seeming to back down. They only pause for a moment as Florian spies Eve Vega pulling herself onto the apron. He runs, laying her out with a clothesline and forcing her back to the outside. Black, meanwhile, turns to check on Zione. As Redington begins to push himself to his feet, Black walks over and delivers a vicious stomp to the head, laying him out cold once more.

Zach Davis: Florian and Howard Black taking out the competition!

Gravedigger: These two want each other and no one else.

Florian and Black return to trading shots, but a clothesline by Florian is ducked under by Black who nails him with a Backstabber. As Florian hits the ground, Black rolls over onto him to apply a Kimura Lock. Florian bites down on his lower lip, his face a mask of agony. His free hand is bunched tightly in fist, trying not to tap.

Freddy Whoa: Is this it?! Is Florian going to tap!

Finally, he breaks under the pressure and begins smacking the mat! Howard releases the hold as the bell rings and “Lost Boys” by Death Grips begins to play over the P.A. to audience cheers.

Freddy Whoa: That’s it! Howard Black, the Honey Badger, with the win!

Kyle Steel: And here’s your winner: “the Honey Badger” Howard Black!

Zach Davis: Even you can admit that was impressive, Gravedigger.

Gravedigger: He’ll never be THE Honey Badger, but solid win from Howard Black.

Chrono-Rippers Segment

"Bodies" by Drowning Pool thunders through the packed arena, drawing an immediate, if mixed, reaction from the crowd. Johnny Reb and Oblivion step through the curtain and pause briefly on the stage to sweep the audience with an imperious gaze. Together, they stride purposefully down the ramp and climb into the ring, where microphones are handed to each of them by a nervous attendant. Oblivion proceeds to pace back and forth.

Zach Davis: Oblivion is pacing around like a wild animal.

Dark Johnny: Cut the music!

Abruptly, the driving bass and melodious cacophony stop, leaving a void that is soon filled with hushed whispers.

Dark Johnny: For too long, the Chrono-Rippers have been overlooked by management; the subject of much amusement by the locker room. And we have handled these transgressions with dignity and restraint. A measure, even, of good humor.

Zach Davis: He's being ironic, right?

Oblivion: Overlooked is a overstatement, AT LAST!! NO MORE DIGNITY!! NO MORE RESTRAINT!!

Dark Johnny: Exactly. No more. The die has been cast. The final straw added. We have been so very patient with all of you, yet you refuse to open your eyes. It's time they were opened for you. With that in mind, there has been one particular nuisance getting under our skin this week -- and I don't mean those Pantheon fools. Marc... Mayhem...

Oblivion: You run your mouth a lot for someone who recently got his ass stomped by Logan of all people. If you have something to say, it's time to step up or shut up, so Mayhem -- get your ass out here! get out here.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!

Several seconds pass in complete silence. And then "Hail to the King" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the speakers and Mayhem appears in the crowd. He doesn't waste a minute, jumping over the security railing and sliding into the ring. Mayhem stands there, inches away from Reb and Oblivion, without a hint of intimidation.

Mayhem: You know Reb you sure do talk a mean game. Let me remind you of something last time I was in this ring with the two of you, you couldn't beat me......

The Dark Confederate lifts a hand to cut him off.

Dark Johnny: Shhh! Just for one minute, stop mouthing off and listen. I've said before you've got potential. What do you do, but waste it on washed-up, old, delusional pieces of human garbage like Logan? And how did he repay your loyalty, hmm?

Freddy Whoa: That's just rubbing salt in the wound, there. Not cool, dude.

Dark Johnny: Then, for some inexplicable reason, you lash out at us...

Mayhem scowls and looks like he's about to say something else. He seems to change his mind as Oblivion looms in a moderately threatening way.

Dark Johnny: Now, we can handle this one of two ways. My partner here can systematically take you apart and feed you your own internal organs in alphabetical order. Educational, entertaining, but ultimately... unproductive. Or --

Reb sticks out a hand behind himself, and from ringside, a lump of black cloth sails over the ropes. He catches it deftly and tosses it to Mayhem; who unfolds what turns out to be a T-shirt bearing a melted, shattered clock face. Confusion is momentarily written all over his features, followed by a look of dawning comprehension.

Oblivion: Or you can choose to improve your position in this company by making an alliance that's actually worth the time and effort. Join the Chrono-Rippers as a permanent member.

There is a pause, as Mayhem considers. After a moment, with great deliberation, Marc holds the shirt up for the audience to see -- before he slips it on, grinning. At once, the three of them slowly raise their arms, fists clenched. They stare out at the audience, wearing identical expressions of mild contempt as the crowd reacts -- fervent cheers at war with a chorus of boos.

Gravedigger: Hot damn! We've just witnessed the formation of a brand new stable here tonight!

“Bodies” hits the speakers again, and the three members of the Chrono-Rippers leave the ring and head to the back, taunting fans along the way.

Zach Davis: That was intense! I can’t imagine what the Monster Oblivion and the Dark Confederate could possibly want with Marc Mayhem, but whatever it is, it can’t be wholesome. This is a bad omen for Pantheon.

Gravedigger: But a good omen for the WCF Galaxy!

Sword on a Poll Match
Gemini Battle vs Zombie McMorris

Kyle Steel: The following match-up is scheduled for one fall…and it is a Sword on a Pole match!

"Falling Higher" by Helloween plays through the Arena as it goes black with only a spotlight shining at the entrance curtain. A Duo of tattooed men burst through and take a look around. When they think the coast is clear they open the curtain and Vanessa Williams, a beautiful and tall black woman wearing a skin tight red dress, walks through. She motions towards the entrance and Gemini Battle walks through to a series of boos from the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first; from Centereach, New York…weighing in at 195lbs…Gemini Battle!!

Freddy Whoa: Well Gemini Battle drew his last fight with Dune as both men were counted out

Zach Davis: Draws are so rare, hard to really gauge a reaction from it

Gravedigger: If ya don’t win, ya lose. Simple.

He looks straight forward at the ring ignoring the jeers of the fans as Vanessa slaps away the hands that reach out towards him. She plants a huge kiss on the lips of Gemini as he slithers under the bottom rope and slides backwards towards the corner of the ring. He uses the ropes to get to his feet and removes his overcoat and hands it to Vanessa on the outside of the ring as he waits for the match to begin.

"Killed By Death" hits the PA system as the arena begins to fill with smoke. Them Lemmy Vocals smash the speakers as the spot light is shown ZMAC whose stand out in the middle section of the area.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent; weighing in at 260lbs…Zombie McMorris!!

He begins to walk down towards the ring then gets body surfed down to the crowd barrier. He hops the barrier and slides into the ring. The Honey Badger has arrived.

The referee creates some space between them and then calls for the bell. The sword glistens, attached to a pole on top of the titantron illuminated by a spotlight.

Ding Ding!!

Gemini immediately lunges at Zombie but receives a right hand to the gut. Zombie places his head between his legs, lifts him up and slams him back down with the Axe Wound!!

Freddy Whoa: Zombie not wasting time!! It’s over already?!

Zach Davis: Doesn’t look like it.

Zombie leaves the ring and hurries towards the ramp. Gemini rolls out the ring and shakes off the cobwebs. Zombie gets to the top of the ramp and starts to scale the titantron but is soon dragged down by Gemini. They exchange lefts and rights across the stage and Gemini drives a couple of knee shots to Zombie’s gut, and then floors him with a DDT. He lifts him back up and attempts to irish whip him off the stage, but Zombie tenses up and hits him with a running clothesline.

Freddy Whoa: Zombie back on top after that little flurry!

Zach Davis: Both boys wanting to go straight for that sword and get the match won.

Gravedigger: Call that a sword? I have a bigger keyring than that shit.

Zombie lifts Gemini to his feet and throws him into the steel beams holding up the titantron. It shudders a bit and Gemini shakes his head, grabbing Zombie and doing the same to him. They look at each other, then up at the sword, and then immediately hit each other with a barrage of fierce punches

Freddy Whoa: Neither man budging an inch here!

Zach Davis: I hope that structure doesn’t budge anymore inches!!

Gravedigger: Funny if it fell off. Killed them.

Gemini lands a loud slap on Zombie’s face, who staggers back before being speared off the stage and into an empty skip. They land with a loud metallic yet hollow thud.

Freddy Whoa: Good lord! Spear into a skip! They could be dead!

Zach Davis: Gotta imagine a few broken bones there. That’s a fair way to fall on to such a hard surface.

Gemini, who was cushioned by Zombie’s carcass, pulls himself out of the skip and heads towards the ramp. He climbs up and looks up at the sword, before scaling the titantron. Zombie by now has managed to regain consciousness. He splutters and exits the skip. He notices Gemini already halfway up towards it and disappears from sight. Gemini reaches the top and sets to work detaching the sword from the pole. We then hear a mechanical whirr as Zombie appears ascending via a cherry picker to the top of the titantron. Gemini notices and runs towards the edge, before leaping off and landing in the cherry picker cabin taking down Zombie in the process.


Zach Davis: Jesus, this is getting fucking dangerous now.

Gravedigger: Good!! Go and set the cherry picker on fire Zach.

Gemini lifts Zombie to his feet and attempts to throw him off the edge of the cabin. They are about 50 feet above the ground. Zombie retaliates with an elbow and then a knee to the crotch. He moves the cabin to the top of the titantron and climbs out. He quickly runs over and detaches the sword from the pole, before running with it and jumping with the blade edge soaring towards Gemini’s neck…who ducks sending Zombie plummeting off the edge of the titantron. But he manages to drive the sword into some rigging, breaking his fall. But he is now suspended above ground with only the sword handle to hold on to.

Freddy Whoa: Oh my! Zombie is in MASSIVE trouble here.

Zach Davis: Ah shit. Someone get a crash mat!

Gravedigger: I will CHOKESLAM anyone I see with a crash mat. Fact.

Gemini grins and removes the pole, swinging it about in one hand. He gets back in the cherry picker cabin and lowers it down to where Zombie is hanging, who tries to reach for the cabin. Gemini shakes his head and starts slamming the pole onto Zombie’s skull. Zombie somehow resists and manages to grab the pole from Gemini’s hands, but this loosens his grip on the sword and he plummets to the ground…

Freddy Whoa: OH MY GOD!! QUICK!! SEND HELP!!!

Zach Davis: HE’S DEAD!

Gravedigger: He’s a fuckin zombie!

…Zombie lands with an almighty crash on to a pile of stacked up steel chairs, getting swallowed up into the pool of steel. Gemini finds this all too hilarious and removes the sword from the rigging, before lowering himself down to the ground. He makes his way towards the chairs with the sword and starts removing them one by one…but somehow…somehow Zombie is on his feet. He rears up behind him and cracks a chair around Gemini’s skull, who immediately falls face first onto the chairs.

Freddy Whoa: He’s alive!! What the hell?

Zach Davis: I…

Gravedigger: He’s a fuckin zombie!

Zombie drags Gemini to the ring and rolls him into it.

Zombie takes the sword and rips away some turnbuckle padding with his bare hands. He then buries the handle of the sword into the hole he has made in the padding so the blade is sticking outwards. He lets out an evil laugh and turns back to Gemini….who has gone! He turns around looking for him but to no avail. Suddenly Gemini quickly enters the ring with a ringbell in his hand, which he smacks around the jaw of Zombie. He quickly grabs the sword and takes a massive slice out of Zombie’s gut. He pushes him down to the mat face first, and then locks in the Victory March!! Blood just sprays everywhere from his gut and the referee just calls the match over.

Ding Ding!!

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner…Gemini Battle!!

Freddy Whoa: UGH!! OH-

Freddy faints and faceplants the announce table

Zach Davis: Fredd-

He vomits into a cup he quickly grabs from a fan.

Gravedigger: You’re a bunch of pussies. Seriously. It’s obviously just ketchup.

The crowd cheers Gemini, who responds by scowling and swearing at the crowd.

Mystic Segment

The scene pans in to the parking lot of the arena where we see a 1970's Chevelle SS black with silver stripes over the hood and down the trunk. The parking lights are on with the rumbling of the engine as we catch Mystic at the helm of the wheel.

Mystic: Wrestling Championship Federation.. a great place to be employed. One of the very best federations on this planet. The Movement in this place was one of arrogance and bullshit.. for Grime never really understood why I joined him.. he believed because we had the same quarrel towards Seth lerch.. as last week we all saw me travel out from his office and Grime and his bandits believed I was working there plan to perfection when in reality pal.. I wasn't in there for you.. See I never really liked you, I never saw eye to eye with anything you said nor anything you did. I have always been that crowd pleaser.. always did what was right and what made the masses erupt in a frenzy.. but ever hear that old saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Well indeed Grime..

A Brief pause is given as he looks straight ahead revving the power of his 454 under the hood.

Mystic: Grime I was never part of your Movement at Heart.. I was playing you fools to the right time and moment where you would get that Shock and Awe.. remember those words? I've always been WCF.. I always was that man that fought for the right opposed to what is wrong.. it's easy to show the negative side of things.. and you always did that. Sure you're talented.. sure you may have rose a few eye brows.. well I have a few of my own.. Bobby Cairo.. the man that attacked you was Grime.. the man that attacked Grime.. was Grime.. see this sick and twisted ingrate decided to put everyone against everyone so he could twist the WCF world upside down.. and I agree it worked.. but now..

He turns to scene and continues..

Mystic: There is no hiding the truth.. Bobby your man is Grime.. DRG didn't do it.. I never was apart of it nor would I stand for it.. and finding out just a short period of time ago I had to come out here and let go all that is weighing me down in WCF.. Dark Prince.. Q Ball.. Maddox.. and Grime.. your Movement is Dead.. your time has come and gone and now you shall perish in your own self hatred for you got no one to disperse it on.. I'm done watching those that like to stir up shit for no reason just because it's fun.. I'm done standing by watching this place get rampaged for mere pleasure of a mad scientist so it has been said.. so it shall be done!

Mystic: So now what is next for me? Only time will tell.. for now I'll be watching.. for now that dark cloud will stand over WCF just so many will remember the Mystery of it all.. it never was about Titles.. Victories.. or loses.. it was about the message.. the message of the living.. the message of the dead, nature.. what lies between heaven and hell.. the ground you walk on.. You never did get it for if you did.. you wouldn't be so damn ornery about it.. and accept it.. I have always been the first to enlighten and warn about what tragedies erupt from your neglect on the land.. I gave you a chance.. I helped you along and I made the masses be heard.. For The Mystery Will Always Remain.. and now.. we Exit Mystic.. and Enter The Storm.. I'll be in touch.. Till Next Time.. Same Radar.. Different Forecast will arise..

Mystic grabs the Hurst shifter and slams it in to drive peeling tires for a good three four solid seconds fish tailing leaving the view from behind.

Stable Wars Tornado Tag Team No Disqualification Match
Jayson Price/Scarecrow vs The Chrono Rippers vs Mikey eXtreme/Jackson White vs Mystic/Dark Prince vs The New Freebirds

Zach Davis: Well folks, for anyone who's been waching WCF for a while you know that stable wars have become almost an annual thing. You can expect stables to end up colliding almost with as much certainty as you can bet on One making history each and every year.

Gravedigger: I've been there, and really it comes down to opposing goals. Every set of teams out there is in this mix because they have a vision for their own future, or they stand in the way of someone else's vision.

Freddy Whoa: What it comes down to is, these five groups got no love lost.

Zach Davis: With no disqualifications and tornado tag format, things are going to get crazy in a hurry!

Freddy Whoa: This is going to be all out war ... stable wars!

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a five team tornado tag contest and it is scheduled for one fall with No Disqualifications!

The crowd roars with excitement.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first ...

The lights fade down to where a single white light hits the entrance way.

Kyle Steel: The team of Adam Young, Jim and Jefferson Beam ... THE NEW FREEBIRDS!!!

The light turns upward where it hits on a Rebel Flag and then "Freebird" starts playing. As the drums kick in different white lights fly around the arena. Out walk Adam Young, Jim Beam, and Jefferson Davis, the New Freebirds all wearing rebel flag t-shirts. The fans are booing and throwing trash at the trio as they make their way towards the ring. Adam stops half way and rubs his wrists as he puts on his trademark icey stare. Adam begins laughing as they climb into the ring and the arena lights fade back up.

Zach Davis: Which two members of the new freebirds will be participating in the match is the question on my mind?

Gravedigger: Whichever two feel like it.

Kyle Steel: Next, making their way to the ring ...

The sounds of several Harley-Davidson motorcycles blare over the sound system, slowly fading out.

Kyle Steel: At a combined weight of four hundred seventy seven pounds, representing the Dark Riders Gang .... the team of MIKEY EXTREME and JACKSON "THE FENIX" WHITE!!!

After a brief pause “Call Me the Breeze” by Lynyrd Skynyrd begins to play. Thomas Uriel Bates is the first to step up on stage, followed soon by Charles “Charlie” Anderson, Konstantin “Connor” Noskov, Mikey eXtreme, Jackson "The Fenix" White, and Bryan Payne. Bates steps forward first, Charlie moving to his right, and Connor moving to his left, the others fall behind, forming a column. Once at ringside, Bates walks up the steps and climbs over the top rope, entering the ring, the rest slide into the ring.

Freddy Whoa: A bit of a statement being made by the DRG. The Freebirds all walked out here and that was answered in kind by ALL members of the DRG being out here now as well.

Zach Davis: The difference is, some of these other men have contests of their own to worry about later this evening.

Gravedigger: I shake my head at this group every time I see them. They would never had stood a chance in my day.

Zach Davis: A matter of opinion.

The house lights dim, as "Bodies" by Drowning Pool hits the speakers. Lighter colored lights come on. The multiple cameras pan around a jam packed arena.





Hushed anticipation falls over the crowd, as the crowd begins to murmur. Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lasers begin as a spotlight illuminates the stage. Johnny Reb and Oblivion step out from behind the curtain. Several mixtures of boos and cheers goes up from the crowd. As they walk down the ramp, the cameraman gets real close, as Oblivion and Johnny Reb sneer at the camera. Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lasers begin to flash. Some of the nearby crowd continue to rock out, as The Chrono-Rippers proceed to walk down the entrance ramp. Their focus is only on those in the ring.

Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring... with a combined weight of 517 pounds... this is The Monster Oblivion and The Inveterate Confederate Johnny Reb..... THE CHRONO-RIIIIIPEEEEEERRRRSS!!

Oblivion and Johnny Reb circle the ring. Johnny eschews the steps completely; he leaps onto the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckles. Oblivion enters the ring, walks to another corner and climbs up to the second turnbuckle. Both Oblivion and Johnny Reb extend out their arms. The crown reacts with a mixed reaction.

Zach Davis: Johnny Reb and Oblivion COULD end up being a formidable tag team.

Freddy Whoa: Could be? I'm thinking they already ARE!

As the entrance of the Chrono Rippers comes to a close, the members of DRG not involved in the match ride up the ramp to the back, presumably to prepare for their own matches later on. The statement already being made to the Freebirds.

Kyle Steel: And their opponents ...

The music begins and the lights go out. Two spotlights shine down as one touches the entrance stage and the other searching the fans. Unexpectedly, Q-Ball tumbles forward onto the stage to a STUNNED crowd. Dark Prince follows right after, stumbling back and falling onto the ramp.

Zach Davis: What the hell?

The crowd erupts as Jayson Price and Scarecrow emerge from behind the curtain, the obvious cause of The Movement's interrupted entrance. Price is holding a baseball bat in hand and Scarecrow with a large iron chain wrapped around his right hand.

Gravedigger: That's how you make an entrance! Pantheon striking first and striking hard!

Zach Davis: It looks as if Q-Ball will be replacing Mystic in this stable match. The Movement experiencing an unexpected turn of events this evening with Mystic's departure.

Price and Scarecrow collect their adversaries and haul them down toward the ring, rolling them inside. The Pantheon duo follow suit entering the ring still with their weapons in hand. This prompts every member of the Freebirds to enter the ring as an entire unit. Adam Young and Jefferson storm Price. Young catches a baseball bat to the gut and is quickly ejected from the ring over the top rope by Price. Jefferson is sent over the top after him. Meanwhile, Jefferson and Jim make their move at Scarecrow, Beam takes a chain shot to the mouth and is sent sailing to the outside. Jim never even makes it to Scarecrow as he is caught by a HUGE boot from Oblivion and rolls out of the ring to recover. Price and Scarecrow discard their weapons for the time being and the referee finally calls for the bell.

Freddy Whoa: The battle lines drawn straight away! These teams came here to fight!

Gravedigger: Of all the factions represented in the match, Pantheon is the longest in standing. They've endured where others have failed. Genesis, The Church, S-PAC ...

Zach Davis: *half under his breath* Darkside of Treachery.

Gravedigger GLARES at Zach Davis.

Gravedigger: What was that Zach? You care to repeat that a little more clearly?

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! WHOA! Hold up you two, we have a match to call here.

The action in the ring gets under way without any hesitation. Scarecrow starts putting boots to Dark Prince, who was still recovering the assault just moments earlier. Oblivion sets his sights on Mikey eXtreme and the two lock horns like bulls. Jayson Price and Johnny Reb tangle up while Jackson White starts putting the boots to a still recovering Q-Ball. On the outside, the Freebirds are doing some recovering of their own.

Zach Davis: Pantheon with a hell of a start here tonight. The Freebirds, despite the numbers have been ejected early. The bell only just being rung by the official!

Gravedigger: Pantheon haven't remained where they are by being stupid. This is a fight, and Pantheon took the first shot.

Oblivion and Mikey remain locked in a struggle in the collar and elbow tie up, Oblivion shoots into a side headlock. Extreme with the shove off and Oblivion into the ropes. On the return, he NAILS Mikey with a running big boot to the side of the face. Extreme stumbles down against the ropes. Oblivion pulls Mikey to his feet and follows up now with a pumphandle slam. Extreme crashes into the mat and clutches his back. Meanwhile Jackson remains on the offensive as he hauls Q-Ball to his feet. However, Q-Ball with a small push to create separation and he nails a one handed spinebuster that snaps Jackson back, sending him down HARD. White is dazed by the unexpected retaliation and this gives Q-Ball a moment to regroup. Jackson makes it back to his feet and Q-Ball with a snap powerslam to put him back down. Meanwhile Johnny Reb and Jayson Price are trading blows in the corner. Finally Jim and Jefferson Beam enter the ring together and break up the slugfest as they hammer both men from behind with clubbing blows.

Freddy Whoa: Freebirds definitely NOT to be forgotten and they are making sure Pantheon AND Chrono Rippers remember just that!

Zach Davis: This is going to resemble a street gang fight more than it will a wrestling match, that's for sure.

Gravedigger: In that aspect, you have to give Pantheon the edge, more experience.

Zach Davis: I disagree. Pantheon's members have changed over time. The Dark Riders Gang is the most fluid of the stables involved.

Gravedigger: Bullshit to that.

Scarecrow hauls Dark Prince up and sends a kick to his gut, going for Murder of Crows very early. However, Dark Prince shoves off of the attempt and as Scarecrow turns back around, Dark Prince sends a kick to his groin. Scarecrow falls to his knees clutching his groin as Dark Prince sends a sharp kick to his forehead, sending him back. Meanwhile, Johnny Reb battles Jefferson Beam off of him with a few hard shots and a kick to the gut, backing the Freebird away. He moves in, grabbing hold of the Beam brother and PLANTS him with a springboard bulldog. Jefferson is down, Reb with cat-like reflexes is back to his feet, rushing into the ropes and follows up with a baseball slide dropkick to the face! Jefferson Beam is sent rolling under the bottom rope and to the outside.

Freddy Whoa: Johnny Reb schooling the Freebirds. The ORIGINAL Southern Sensation!

Jayson Price also battles off Jim Beam by nailing him with a few headbutts to back him off. Price moves forward now at a dazed Jim and sends a kick up at his gut which, amazingly is caught by Beam! Price answers the block attempt with a WICKED Enziguri that catches Beam across the temple and sends him down. A pissed off Price starts stomping away on the back of Beam's head with FORCE!

Gravedigger: And as I stated already, the picking apart begins. Pantheon reminding everyone in this building why they have been dominant for so long.

Oblivion stalking Mikey Extreme and firmly grabs the man by the back of his neck, hauling him up. Mikey with a SHARP elbow to Oblivion's gut forcing him off. Oblivion only backs off for a moment and moves back in at Mikey who RUSHES him with a clothesline. The monster is sent down to the canvas and Mikey Extreme starts firing off at everything that moves. Dark Prince is caught in the face with X Marks the Spot as he catches the dark one from the corner of his eye. Q-Ball instinctively turns to aid his comrade and is PLANTED with a DDT by Mikey. Jackson back to his feet and the two allies target Q-Ball. Jackson lifts Q-Ball for a vertical suplex and holds him there as Mikey climbs the ropes. Jackson walks slowly, with Q-Ball still held in position and Mikey LAUNCHES off of the top with a NASTY cross body as Jackson completes the suplex drop simultaneously!

Freddy Whoa: DRG playing for keeps! They ain't laying down and anyone who slept on them is woke up now!

Gravedigger: This could be over in a hurry after that!

Dark Prince now rolls out of the ring and searches under the apron, finding himself a cinder block of all things! He hops up onto the apron with it and as Mikey Extreme notices him, he makes his way toward Dark Prince who BLASTS him with the cinder block which breaks apart upon impact, leaving about half of the original block in Prince's hand! Jackson turns his attention to Dark Prince as Mikey is waylayed and Prince HURLS the remainder of the block at him. It nails Jackson in the chest, dazing him and causing him to stumble backward. Prince now enters the ring and Jackson explodes at him with a big boot to the face! Prince is sent down to the mat and Jackson falls to his knees, still winded and dazed by the blow after his desperation offense.

Zach Davis: The Movement still in this. DRG might be in trouble!

Freddy Whoa: Jackson White with the presense of mind to get at Prince, but he's still hurting.

Jefferson Beam pulls Jim Beam from the onslaught from Jayson Price. He and Adam Young take the apron as Price almost dares them to enter. Both do simultaneously and Price starts wailing away. But the two Freebirds do the same and it isn't long until the two on one situation turns into Price being pummeled.

Zach Davis: How is this even fair? The Freebirds now switching in and out in this matchup.

Gravedigger: There's no disqualification. This is a sound strategy by the Freebirds. When one or two men aren't fresh, use the others. Who's going to stop them?

As Beam and Young continue to beat on Jayson, Young is grabbed from behind into a belly to back suplex courtesy of Jackson White. At the same time, Jefferson Beam is grabbed by the back of the neck and ... EXPLOSION!!!!


Beam is down, Mikey turns him over for the cover. Referee into position.




Zach Davis: NO!

Gravedigger: Reb is a damn madman!

Johnny Reb out of NOWHERE off the top rope BLASTING Mikey with SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT ...holding a STEEL CHAIR in place for the process!!! It breaks up the count. The chair slides off as Reb regains himself after crashing into the chair himself. Suddenly ... Reb's face is PLANTED into the mat via ROADKILL by Scarecrow using the same chair to STOMP Reb into the mat!

Gravedigger: Pantheon takes this now!

Scarecrow rolls Reb over for the cover. Ref back into position.





JUST before three Oblivion drops a HEAVY leg over Scarecrow to break up the count.

Gravedigger: I can't even believe it! DAMN!

Freddy Whoa: Believe it. Obi made sure this ain't ending yet.

Scarecrow rolls off of the pin dazed and staggers to his feet, using the ropes to his aid. He finds himself caught in the waiting arms of Oblivion who hauls him up into a CHOKESLAM and send Scarecrow to the OUTSIDE TO THE FLOOR WITH THE SLAM!


Mikey Extreme comes at Oblivion and is hauled up into a fireman carry 5150! Jackson White follows suit, spinning Oblivion around after seeing his comrade dropped. Oblivion hauls him up and ANOTHER 5150! Oblivion turns around to receive a TASER to the neck courtesy of Dark Prince! Oblivion falls to the canvas, Dark Prince drops for the cover.




Jayson Price breaks it up with a kick to the head of Prince.

Zach Davis: And the Movement almost takes it!

Gravedigger: That was about as close as you can get. But Oblivion, the monster was UNLEASHED!

Meanwhile, Q-Ball DIVES over the top rope into a regrouping Freebirds sending himself and ALL of them into the barricade. Dark Prince stumbles up into an overhead belly to belly by Price that gets Dark Prince caught upside down on the turnbuckle! Price surveys the carnage around him and smirks as he rolls to the outside of the ring. He reaches under the apron at a very specific point of the ring and slides out a small cooler which has "Property of Jayson Price" labeled alongside of it. The crowd roars and he lifts and slides the cooler into the ring.

Freddy Whoa: This ain't no time for a beer break!

Gravedigger: Price says it is, and I don't blame him.

Price slides his cooler toward where Dark Prince is still hung up on the ropes and sighs with euphoria as he removes the lid to his stash. Prince frantically tries to free himself.

Zach Davis: Dark Prince in some trouble here.

Price looks down at his "stash" and his eyes widen in anger as the cameras pan overhead and reveal that his stash had been replaced with ... CANADIAN LITE BEER!

Gravedigger: This won't end well ...

Freddy Whoa: What's the issue?

Zach Davis: Jayson Price does not consider Canadian beer ... especially of the lite variety to even BE legitamate beer.

Gravedigger: Can't blame the guy. I prefer Corona myself.

Zach Davis: Bit more than a preference in this case.

Price is about to tear his own hair out at the revelation as Dark Prince finally manages to free himself and get vertical. He moves toward Price who grabs a can of the sub-par beer and SMASHES Prince in the head with it. Foam seaps from the can and upon impact explodes into an alcohol mess. The crowd goes WILD. Price reaches into the cooler grabbing the next can and again he smashes it into the face of Dark Prince. Ten more times Price grabs a FULL can of beer and discards of it via HEAD SMASH to Dark Prince, using the entire twelve pack to his advantage.

Freddy Whoa: Such a waste of alcohol!

Gravedigger: Look at the dents in Dark Prince's head. Ahahahahahahaha!

Prince's head is busted open after the assault and beer is EVERYWHERE. Price kicks the cooler in disgust, spreading the remaining ice and water to the outside of the ring.

Zach Davis: Looks like Pric's party is ended before it could begin.

Suddenly, Price doubles over as he'd been hit by a low blow from behind. Before he can even fathom what had occurred he is lifted up and PLANTED with a DDT for The DESTROYER courtesy of Jackson White. However, White's offense is short lived as the entirety of The Freebirds swarm the ring. Jim and Jefferson Beam pummel the DRG member and haul him up bewteen them on their shoulders. Jefferson and Adam both take a turnbuckle and both LAUNCH off at the same time for a DEVASTATING version of the SOUTHERN CROSS!!! Both Beams roll out of the maneuver to capitalize when WHAM! Jefferson is PLANTED to the mat by ROADKILL courtesy of Scarecrow! Jim moves to get to his feet and he is BLASTED in the side of the head as Scarecrow again bounces to the ropes. He comes back and delivers ANOTHER ROADKILL to Jim Beam, PLANTING the rebel to the mat.


Zach Davis: Scarecrow just DECIMATING everyone in his path!

Then, without warning Jefferson Beam BLASTS Scarecrow in the back of the head with a led pipe. Scarecrow drops and Beam starts his way up the turnbuckle.


Gravedigger: Please don't tell me this guy wins. I'll walk right now if tha happens.

Jefferson Beam steadies himself on the top rope to make the save when out of NOWHERE, Johnny Reb RUNS along the top rope and SPEARS Beam off of the top and the two CRASH DOWN through the ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!!


Zach Davis: Looks like you won't have to go anywhere just yet.

Gravedigger: Thank God.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Look at what's going on now!

Q-Ball up, Oblivion up, both men rush at one another ... DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! And BOTH men go down! Mikey Extreme uncharacteristically on the top rope and he DIVES DOWN, splashing himself onto both men!

Gravedigger: They're pulling out ALL THE STOPS!

Freddy Whoa: They damn sure are. This is everything we thought it would be and THEN SOME!

Mikey gathers himself, getting back to his feet as Dark Prince scrambles to get himself up. Mikey grabs the steel chair that had been used previously as Dark Prince grabs two of the full beers which had not busted out during Jayson's onslaught. Prince staggers to his feet as Mikey reaches his. Mikey SLAMS the chair OVERHEAD into Dark Prince at the SAME TIME that Prince double fist PUNCHES Mikey with TWO full cans of beer! Both men drop to the canvas!

Zach Davis: EVERYONE IS DOWN AND OUT! Who can capitalize?

Gravedigger: Who the hell can even stand up?

Freddy Whoa: ... ... ... WHOA!

Jayson Price and Scarecrow are up. As is Dark Prince. Price and Scarecrow pull Dark Prince in.

Zach Davis: What now?

They put him in the Double Suplex position... BUT INSTEAD BOTH MEN HIT A DOUBLE SHEER DROP BRAINBUSTER!


Price throws himself on top of Dark Prince as Scarecrow stops anyone from breaking it up.




Freddy Whoa: WHOA!


The bell sounds as Jayson Price gets triumphantly to his feet. He shakes hands with Scarecrow.

Freddy Whoa: Hell of a match, with almost every major faction in WCF represented... and Pantheon stands tall.

Price and Scarecrow celebrate as we go to commercial.

Joey Flash Segment

We cut backstage to find an immaculately attired Hank Brown stood with his trademark shiteating grin alongside the one and only Joey Flash.

Hank Brown: Here I am alongside the one and only Joey Flash.

Joey Flash: I think they got that.

Hank Brown: So far we’ve seen plenty of action from the Vapor Kings, who seem hell bent on causing as much damage tonight as is possible, what else do you have in store?

Joey Flash: I dunno, let me think on this one, I think I will reveal every fucking thing I have planned for the evening, ruining all my months of work. Wow Hank, go you.

Hank Brown: Sorry.

Joey Flash: Look, I’ll give you this much, I’m a giving soul. Poondock Saints, I’ll be seeing you, I’ll be seeing you really good later. I’m gonna be giving the WCF a show they’ll never forget. If Pantheon have the balls to take the stage...well shit…

Joey smiles

Joey Flash: Then things are really gonna get interesting.


Viewer's Choice Match
Logan vs Marc Mayhem

The crowd goes wild as Kyle Steel enters the ring with a envelope in one hand and a microphone in the other. Kyle stands in the center of the ring and addresses the audience while he opens the envelope.

Kyle Steel: The following Match is a viewers choice match and the Fans have selected and IRONMAN MATCH!!!!

Freddy Whoa: WOWZERS! What better way to settle a feud then to kick the snot out of each other until you got nothing left in the tank?

Gravedigger: Did you just say wowzers?

Freddy Whoa: Yeah I am working on something new.

Gravedigger:: Well stop that! As for this Ironman Match, I can believe I am going to say this but I am got to agree with you. I can wait to see Logan kick Mayhem’s ass for 60 minutes.

Freddy Whoa: If memory servers me correctly I seem to remember Logan being laid out last time these two got in to a match.

Gravedigger: No you stupid ass hat THAT match ended in a draw.

Freddy Whoa: You know…..

The Arena goes Black and the crowd begins to scream. The entire stadium is now illuminated in a red hue.

Freddy Whoa: JEEEZUM CROW that caught me off guard.

If I had a Heart” By Fever Ray hit’s the PA. Mayhem walks out on to the stage as a red hue lights up the place. He walks over to the edge of the stage and runs his thumb across his throat. Mayhem then walks down to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Making his way down to the ring weighting 220 pound and standing 6 feet tall Maaaarrrrrccccc Maaaaaayhemmmmm!!!!!

He walks up the stairs and dips under the top rope as he enters. Mayhem starts to roll out his shoulders in the ring while he wait for Logan.

The slow march of a drum roll hits the speakers carrying into "Treachery" by Bleach.


Gravedigger: These fans need to learn how to show respect to a Legend

Freddy Whoa: How can you blame them. This is the same man who poisoned audience.

Gravedigger: Again Freddy you have a skewed memory. How can you blame Logan for a batch of sub par Hotdogs!!!!

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring the former 5 time World Champ LOGAAANNN!!!!

Logan walks down to the ring with a care free strut, as he reaches the ring he walks up the steps and ducks in to the ring.



Both men meet in the center of the ring and are nose to nose staring each other down. Logan breaks the stare down with a kick to Mayhem’s mid section. While Mayhem is buckled over Logan starts to rain down axe handles on Marc’s back which causes him to fall to one knee. Mayhem arches his back in pain while Logan rakes his back.

Gravedigger: See that is what a Legends does to you. He brings out all the old school moves

The Face of Treachery starts to pull the down Mayhem up by his hair but is greeted with a thumb to the eye. Logan covers his face and backs away as he tries to recover from the eye poke but Mayhem follows him and closes the distance. Mayhem sends Logan flying in to the turn buckles.


The impact of Logan’s back echos through the rafters as he bounces off the turnbuckles and back to a waiting Mayhem. Marc locks up a belly to belly suplex and launches the rebounded Logan on to his head.

Freddy Whoa: That is what Chaos Incarnate brings to the match. What he lacks in experience he makes up from it in sheer explosive aggression.

Gravedigger: Shut up Freddy it is a long match we will see who wins.

Marc mounts the downed Logan and Begins to pound on his head.

Crowd:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Stanley Mosher steps in to break up the hold. He is lecturing Mayhem while Logan recover. Mayhem has his back to the ropes while Mosher reads him the riot act. Logan charges and connects a clothesline on Marc sending all both men and Stanley Mosher crashing to the floor outside of the ring. Logan recovers first and begins to stomp Mayhem while he is down. Logan picks up Mayhem hoists him up on to his shoulders and walks him over to the Spanish announcers table and crashes him through it with a Samoan Drop.

Spanish announcer: AYE, YO QUERIO TACO BELL.


Gravedigger: HEY numb nuts this is an iron man match and besides that for the ref to decide and he is over there laying on the ground still.

Logan picks up Mayhem and rolls him in to the ring. Then he helps Mosher up to his feet as well. Logan slides in to the ring for the cover.




Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentlemen at the 18 minute mark Logan as scored the first pin fall of this contest, it is officially one to nothing,

Gravedigger: See Logan is in the driver seat now.

Logan not resting on his laurels pounces back on Mayhem with a series of back hand chops. Mayhem is still dazed as he stands in the middle of the rings taking abuse.

Crowd 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Mayhem turns his back to Logan in an attempt to avoid the strikes. Logan wraps him up in an abdominal Stretch. Logan is really starting to torque on it as Mayhem is struggling to hold on.




Mayhem starts to work his way out of the hold. Logan feels the he is losing the hold so he pushes off Marc sending mayhem in to the ropes. Mayhem comes back and runs in to IMPACT STYLE

Gravedigger: turn out the lights this thing is over

Freddy Whoa: OH NO!!!!

Mayhem falls back over the ropes and crashes on to the concrete floor. Logan takes a minute to look around at the crowd and Marvel at his body of work he is displaying. Logan slides under the ropes and picks Marc back up. Mayhem is whipped into the steel steps and greets them with a loud thump.

Mayhem is laying on the floor split open and bleeding. Logan grabs Mayhem and rolls him back in the ring just as Stanley Mosher was on 9. As Logan covers Mayhem



No Mayhem kicks out. Logan cant not believe it he is arguing with the ref over the count. Mayhem slowly crawls back to his feet. Logan turns to continue his assault on Marc when he is met with a kick to the mid section. Which buckles him over.


Gravedigger: HMMMM

Mayhem hits Logan with an Omega driver that is dubbed Complete Mayhem. Logan’s Head connects with the mat and he falls limp. Mayhem covers Logan and hooks the leg.





Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentlemen At 50 minutes in to our 60 minute match Marc Mayhem has pinned Logan to even the score 1 fall to 1 fall.



Mayhem stands up and is looking down at the downed Logan. Logan is beginning to stir when he is yanked up by his hair. Mayhem head butts Logan in the face and splits him wide open. Both men are standing in front of each other covered in blood and exhausted. Both men meet each other in the center of the ring and grab the back of each others head and begin to start pounding on each other. Neither man is backing down just trading shots back and forth at a furious pace.

Mayhem’s punches start to get the better of Logan causing him to attempt to retreat. Logan turns his back to Mayhem but is grabbed at the wrist and thrown to the ropes. Logan comes Bouncing back and tries to hit Mayhem with a cross body Block. Mayhem Catches Logan and throws him up on his shoulders. Mayhem walks to the center of the ring. Mayhem Looks up in to the crowd with a evil smirk on his Face he starts to position Logan for the CAB RIDE. Logan is squirming to get out when he gets a arm around Marc’s neck. He falls off behind him.

Gravedigger: I know how this ends.


Logan starts to jump over Mayhem but in mid air Mayhem adjusts and catches Logan

CAB RIDE!!!!!!!!!

Logan is laid out Mayhem covers him





Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentlemen as time was expiring MAYHEM pined Logan to make the score of the match 2 to 1 and the WINNER IS MARRRRCCCC MAAAYYYYHHHEEEMMMM

Katherine Phoenix vs Joey Flash

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL... Introducing the first from the Bronx, New York…weighing in at 220lbs…he is…Joey Flash!!

The arena lights dim as the crowd buzz begins to build to fever pitch. The music begins and lingers for a moment before Joey Flash in all his glory emerges from behind the curtain staring at the crowd.

Freddy Whoa: Joey Flash looks like he is ready for a fight. This is not going to be a pretty one.

Zach Davis: I don't know if Katherine Phoenix will like or hate this, but either way this is going to be one hell of a match!

Gravedigger: Are you kidding? Joey Flash is going to murder that annoying bitch tonight. This will be the quickest match of the night I guarentee it!

The house lights go down as colorful lights start flashing all around the area. "Storytime" by Nightwish begins to play as the crowd immediately start to boo.

Zach Davis: Listen to this crowd! They do not like this woman one bit!

Kyle Steel: And the opponent... from Los Angeles, California… weighing in at 134 pounds.... she is KATHERINE PHOENIX!!!

The music continues to play loudly as colorful lights shoot throughout the arena, but Katherine does not appear. This leads to the crowd just booing even louder as they instantly become restless and impatient.

Zach Davis: Errrrr where... where is she? I wouldn't have thought that Katherine would have missed this opportunity to face Joey Flash one on one...

Freddy Whoa: I have no idea...

Suddenly the cameras cut away from the ring and go backstage as a bloodied up Katherine Phoenix stumbles into the shot, blood pouring down her face and her hair a mangled mess.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! What on earth is going on back there?!

Voice: You think it was funny to be disrespectful to my deceased husband? You aren't laughing now are you, Katherine, you disgusting little peasant!

Katherine reaches out and grabs hold of a nearby wall as she tries to keep herself up on her feet, desperately trying to wipe her blood out of her face. Katherine begins to laugh as she looks up out of the cameras view at whoever had done this to her.

Katherine Phoenix: Hahahaha good! Good! Maybe you arent so weak and pathetic after all. Maybe just maybe I was wrong about you. You have a little fight in you, huh? I like that! Come on Celeste! Lets see what you've got!

Katherine charges at the redhead attempting to spear her down onto the floor but Celeste simply boots the brunette HARD into her head and sends her sprawling down onto the floor. Katherine grimaces in pain as she holds her blood soaked head, laying flat on her back.

Celeste: My dear, I've had just about enough of your pathetic little games. The only thing you'll be playing with from now on will be the rings on my fingers as I choke the worthless life out you.

Katherine just continues to laugh as she attempts to pick herself up off the floor, grabbing hold of a nearby table sending its contents flying everywhere. Celeste approaches Katherine fast, looking spotless and grabs hold of the nearby television sets wires which she immediately wraps around Katherines throat and begins to choke the life out of her. Katherine immediately starts to gag as she desperately tries to push the redhead off of her, digging her nails hard into Celestes arm. Katherine tries absolutely anything and everything she can think of to try and get the redhead off of her but Celeste just seems completely oblivious of the pain Katherine is attempting to inflict on her.

Zach Davis: This is too much! Someone needs to stop her! Katherine is turning blue!

Gravedigger: Nonsense, that annoying bitch is getting what she deserves! Leave them to it I say!

Celeste drops Katherine and her lifeless body falls hard onto the floor, wires still wrapped around her neck. The redhead takes a couple of steps back to admire what she has just done.

Celeste: I wish I could say I expected more from you, Katherine, but I'd be lying. You're as pathetic as I expected. But I'm not done yet.

Zach Davis: W-what is she doing?!

Celeste reaches into her pocket and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles which she slides onto her hand with ease. Walking over to the fallen unconscious Katherine, Celeste sits down on top of her with a sick smile on her beautiful flawless face.

Zach Davis: No! No! Do not do this! Someone stop her!

Freddy Whoa: I can't even watch this...

Celeste just begins to hit the bass knuckles HARD down onto Katherine face, sending even more blood flying everywhere and most likely breaking several of her teeth. Finally after several minutes just pumling the brunette, security arrive on the scene and pull the enraged redhead off of the fallen Katherine, dragging her down the corridor and most likely escorting her out of the arena. The camera quickly pans over to Katherine who is now not even recognisable as she is nothing but a mass of blood and torn flesh.

Zach Davis: I... I can't even describe what I have just witnessed. I guess Katherine finally picked a fight with the wrong person...

Freddy Whoa: I... I don't... Just... whoa!

Gravedigger: That Celeste girl is hot! Her husband is deceased, right? I need to get her number if she's on the market!

Zach Davis: Digger you're unbelievable sometimes.

Gravedigger: Oh shut up.

Freddy Whoa: Well, we were supposed to have Katherine Phoenix Vs Joey Flash here tonight but I guess that now is not happening. Someone needs to get medical assitance.

Zach Davis: I think now would be a good time to end this.

Gravedigger: You two are such babies. Honestly.

Television Title Lumberjack Match
Thomas Uriel Bates vs Grime
Lumberjacks: The New Freebirds, The DRG, The Movement, Seth Lerch

"The Black Ones" by Abdullah begins to play over the PA speakers as Grime walks out onto the stage with the black towel over his head. Brittany holding his arm.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, from Denver, Colorado! Standing 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing in at 270 pounds! He is the current WCF Television Champion! GRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIMMMMMMEEEEEE!!!!

Grime removes the towel and the two start walking down the ramp toward the ring and stops half way down and stops. He looks back and his music stops. "Crying Like a Bitch" by Godsmack hits the speakers as the Jacob Kilconey and Marcus Stone come out, followed by Q-Ball, Maddox, Dark Prince.

Zach Davis: And here come the Movement. What are Jacob Kilconey and Marcus Stone doing out here?

The group heads toward the ring and Marcus Stone climbs the steel steps and holds the ropes open for Jacob Kilconey. The wrestlers all get in the ring and Grime holds the ropes for Brittany to get in. Q-Ball demands a microphone. He gives the microphone to Jacob Kilconey.

Jacob Kilconey: Cut the music, cut the music.

The music stops.

Crowd: BOOOOOO!!!

Jacob waits for the crowd to simmer down and then begins to speak.

Jacob Kilconey: As you know two weeks ago, Bobby Cairo was attacked, and the footage seemed to disappear. However! Though Seth Lerch is not cut out to run a business and just allows for things to take place without serious consequences being handed out, I on the other hand have sought out the source of this attack.

Crowd: BOOOOOO!!!

Jacob Kilconey: Now, Grime’s very own camera man that we like to call Smeagol has found this footage and presented it to Grime this week. This is the only time that anyone other than Smeagol has ever seen this footage. Behold…

Jacob Kilconey jesters toward the WCFtron with his free hand. Bobby Cairo is walking through the halls on the video footage and as he comes around a corner he is suddenly hit with a steel chair. He’s knocked unconscious. You hear the chair drop and you see Dark Prince in a black robe hovering over Bobby Cairo.

Zach Davis: Oh! Dark Prince attacked him! Does that mean that Dark Prince laid out Grime as well last week?

Gravedigger: This just got interesting!

Dark Prince stares up at the WCFtron with a smile on his face. The other members of Movement are shocked and Grime turns and looks at him with fury in his eyes. In the footage Dark Prince looks back at the camera and smiles. He reaches into his robe and pulls out a DRG MC flag. He drags Cairo up against the wall and tucks the flag under the man’s leg. He taps Cairo’s face.

Dark Prince: Sleep well, champ.

The footage shows Dark Prince walking off as the footage stops playing. The WCF logo returns on the screen. Grime, Q-Ball, and Maddox along with every other member of The Movement are looking at him. Grime’s face is red hot.

Jacob Kilconey: Does that mean?! Does that mean you attacked Grime last week?!

Dark Prince shakes his head. Grime takes the mic from Kilconey and gets into Dark Prince’s face.

Grime: I never said anything about attacking anybody, Dark Prince! You look guilty as sin for the attack on me now with this footage! What stops me from kicking your ass right now!

Dark Prince snatches the mic out of Grime’s hand.

Dark Prince: You and I have our history, child. And for that…had I been the one to attack you last week, you wouldn’t be standing here now.

Zach Davis: Oh man! We’re about to have a fight before Thomas Uriel Bates gets out here!

Q-Ball, Marcus Stone, and Maddox pull Grime back as Dark Prince continues to speak.

Dark Prince: And because you are here tonight, Grime. I did not attack you. And everyone here…

Suddenly everyone starts laughing. They just can’t hold it in with exception of Dark Prince.

Dark Prince: …knows that your attack was staged.

Zach Davis: WHAT?!?!

Gravedigger: That figures.

Dark Prince tosses the mic to Jacob Kilconey.

Jacob Kilconey: Attack on Bobby Cairo was nice work, Dark Prince. But, you should probably fill us in next time.

Kilconey pats Dark Prince on the shoulder and gives the mic to Maddox who drops it off to a WCF employee. Marcus Stone opens the ropes for Jacob Kilconey as they leave the ring. Grime is still chuckling as he waits for Bates and the rest of the lumberjacks to come out.

Kyle Steel: The next match is a Lumberjack Match and it will be for the WCF Television Title. Introducing Next… OUR LUMBERJACKS!

The new Freebirds make their way out to the ring led by Adam Young.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, the challenger… Followed by the DRG THOMAS BATES!

Thomas Bates and The DRG come out on their bikes and make their way to the ring. Bates grabs a microphone.

Thomas Bates: Before I kick Grime’s ass I want to introduce 2 men who were the Original DRG. Andre and Alexander James Bates!

The two men come out wearing the Support 4-18-7 Patches. The slap the hands of the members of the crowd that wear the same patches and shirts. They look amazingly in shape for their age and they make their way into the ring and hug it out with the Mountain Thomas Bates.

Kyle Steele: And last but certainly not least, the WCF Owner… SETH LERCH!

Seth comes out to no music, just a microphone.

Seth Lerch: I saw what you said, Grime and Prince. And those types of shenanigans will not be tolerated in the WCF. I don’t give a shit if you don’t like me or the WCF, I can deal with that, join the fucking club. But when you start sabotaging my product than you have crossed the goddamn line. However, there’s not much I can do with you holding the Television Title, but I can say that if you lose this week Grime, you and the rest of the Movement will be FIRED! That’s right. I will fire each and every one of you unless you show me next week on slam that you have learned from your mistake and tell me what everyone here knows that WCF is the FUCKING BEST!

Gravedigger: Can you believe it, Seth is really asserting his dominance here. Grime looks pissed and rightfully so. Say what you want about the man, he’s been a fighting champion and a great competitor since he began.

The ref explains the rules to the two competitors as they seem to be ignoring the referee and just focus on each other. They return to their corners.

Gravedigger: Seth just can’t help himself. Listen to what he’s saying to Grime right now…. Thank goodness the FCC doesn’t regulate our PPVs.

Grime turns around and spits down onto Seth Lerch. That familiar cynical smirk crosses his lips as he felt that he won that exchange. He turns back to Bates who is running full speed towards him and delivers a big boot to the head of Grime as the bell rings to start the match. Grime hits the mat hard and Bates goes for a quick pin.





Gravedigger: We almost lost Grime from a quick boot by Bates. Not quite the Bates Boot but devastating as hell.

Zach Davis: Now Grime tries to gather his bearings…

Grime barely kicks out and rolls out of the ring into a neutral area. The DRG begin to converge as the members of the Movement converge from the other side. Grime backs into his own stable as the team wipe him off and he shares a word with Dark Prince. Prince slaps Grime across the face and yells at him as Grime pounds his chest and leaps onto the apron.

He yells to the ref to move Bates back and Bates obliges. Grime slowly gets back into the ring.

Zach Davis: These two have been having problems ever since Grime started this Movement of his. Bates is a company man and he loves the WCF, so anything Anti-WCF is obviously going to piss the big man off.

Gravedigger: Don’t forget that Grime has something that Bates wants, and that’s the Television Title.

Zach Davis: Do you think that Bates feels slighted that he went from World Title contendership to Television Title contendership?

Gravedigger: Between Joey Flash and now Grime the Television Title is more prestigious than ever. Having that title around your waist means that you are forever cemented in the history books of the WCF. Do you know anyone here that wouldn’t want that?

Grime is back in the ring and the ref tells the two to go at it again. Bates lunges forward towards Grime again but Grime dodges and delivers a few quick jabs into Bates’ kidneys before jumping away from a swinging tree trunk… wait, that’s Bates’ arm.

Bates turns around, and rubs his side before stalking forward again towards Grime. Grime runs around in circles around the ring delivering quick jabs to the same spot in Bates’ kidneys and bouncing back out of his reach.

Gravedigger: Grime is doing the right thing. He’s doing damage to the kidney area of Bates, eventually it will be hard to breathe and he will slow down and Grime will be able to get the big strike in.

Grime continues bouncing around the ring like a boxer and delivering quick jabs to Bates who is becoming increasingly annoyed at the situation. Eventually Bates grabs Grime by the throat and the crowd explodes. Bates Lifts Grime over his head in a gorilla press and paces around the ring. Grime waves his arms wildly but there’s nothing he can do. Bates walks over to the side of the ring where the Movement members are and threatens to toss Grime down there. He changes his mind and starts to walk him over to the side where the DRG is.

The members of the Motorcycle club create a circle and motion for Bates to toss him down there.


Bates turns around and Seth is yelling at him from outside the ring.

Seth: Toss him over here.

Bates shrugs and walks over to where Seth is and tosses Grime to the ground below right in front of the owner of the WCF. Seth laughs and delivers a kick to the side of Grime that doesn’t seem to do any more damage to the man, but Seth is satisfied and yells for the New Freebirds to come over. They do so and they deliver a few kicks of their own to Grime before tossing him back into the ring.

Bates puts Grime into the corner of the ring and delivers a shoulder block and holds it there. Grime strikes down on the back of Bates with a few Axehandle shots, but it seems to have no effect on the big man. Bates releases the hold and backs up leaving Grime standing in the corner of the ring. Be runs forward and delivers a big splash to Grime who crumbles down and Bates goes for another pin.




Grime barely kicks out and Bates goes for another quick pin.


Grime kicks out immediately and rolls out of the ring. He backs up to enter the embrace of his own team when a finger taps his shoulder. He turns around and Mikey Extremes face is all he sees. Grime pushes Mikey back into Danny Anderson and Caraid and dives into the ring. As he rolls in Bates delivers and elbow drop to Grime.

Gravedigger: The crowd is loving this beating that Grime is getting, he can’t seem to get his footing in this match. I’ve never seen such domination from one man, but that’s what you get when Thomas Bates enters a ring.

Bates lifts Grime up and tosses him into the ropes. But Grime hangs on to the ropes. Bates runs forward towards Grime who drops, and pulls the top rope down causing Bates to dive over the top rope and onto the floor.

Right in front of the Movement.

The stable takes full advantage of the situation. Dark Prince puts a boot on the throat of Bates and Q Ball stomps on the arms of the big man and Maddox just repeatedly kicks Bates in the groin.

Zach Davis: Bates is in the wrong corner of the ring right now.

The DRG make their way over and the two stables briefly begin to brawl with one another. Meanwhile the New Freebirds come over and deliver their fair share of shots to Bates before tossing him back into the ring. The DRG and Movement step away from one another once again.

Zach Davis: I thought all hell was going to break loose.

Gravedigger: This match is just a bomb waiting to explode. It just needs the right catalyst and BOOM, game over.

Grim puts Bates in a head lock, and delivers elbow strikes back into the big man’s ribs and kidneys. He releases the head lock and Bates is slow to get up. It doesn’t matter because Grim runs and delivers a punt to the man’s head knocking him down. He quickly goes for a pin.



Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Bates kicks out with authority as Grime is sent between the middle and top rope and lands on the apron on the outside of the ring. Bates gets back to hit feet as quickly as he can. He runs forward and attacks with a big Bates Boot. But it misses. Grime slides out of the way while grabbing the big man’s leg and clotheslines his leg over the top rope by dropping to the ground. Grime quickly gets back into the ring before the Lumberjacks could have their way with him.

He continues to work on the big man’s legs delivering shot after shot to his knee.

Gravedigger: Grime is really taking control of this match now, and just a few minutes ago I didn’t think he was going to be able to mount much of an offense at all.

Zach Davis: Love him, or more likely hate him, Grime is a hell of a talent here in the WCF.

Gravedigger: But never count the big mountain down. He’s taken a hell of a beating in the past and always gets right back up.

Freddy Whoa: Maybe not this time!

Grime grabs Bates and hooks in a figure four leg lock.

Gravedigger: A new move for the repertoire of Grime. An oldie but a goodie.

Bates yells in agony, a thunderous roar that shakes the arena. He sits up and yells towards Grime with a face mixed with Pain and anger. Grime laughs as Bates takes wild swings towards him that narrowly miss his face. Grime points at his face, asking Bates to deliver a punch, but Bates is ever so close but keeps missing. Grime drops to his back and adds to the pressure of the move.

Zach Davis: Tell us how this move feels, Digger.

Gravedigger: Grime is putting torque on the knee of Bates, it hurts like hell, Zach.

Bates drops to his back in any effort to alleviate the pressure but the referee drops for the pin. A one count causes Bates to get back to his sit up position. Bates twists his body and gets to his side.

Freddy Whoa: He’s reversing the hold!

Bates twists the other way, and Grime struggle against it. Then Bates takes one last twist and turns Grime over. Grime begins to scream in agony as Bates has a sinister smile on his face. The DRG is banging on the mat chanting BATES…BATES… and the Movement is on the other side chanting for Grime. Meanwhile the new Freebirds are chanting ‘THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!’ for no reason.

Finally both men lay on the ground nursing their injured paws.

Gravedigger: Grime had to release the hold, but the damage was done. Both men look like they’re in complete agony.

Grime gets to his feet in the ring just as Bates stands up. Grime and Bates are both bent over. Grime keeping his left arm close to his ribs. Bates starts walking slowly over to him, and just as he approaches Grime grabs the top rope and kicks Bates in the left knee.

Zach Davis: Cut short. Grime targeting the knee.

Gravedigger: This has been a grueling match for Grime and Bates! What a fight!

Grime kicks Bates in the knee again and then starts unloading with straight closed fist rights to the side of Bates head and a few shots to the man's ribcage. Bates pushes Grime off and Grime bounces off the ropes.

Gravedigger: Drop kick to the knee! Grime is building up some steam!

Bates hasn't gone down. He hobbles away from Grime and in pain. He's bending down and holding his left knee. His face is red.

Zach Davis: That's not good!

Suddenly The Movement members start their attack on Seth Lerch. DRG and Freebirds start getting into it as a brawl starts outside the ring. The ref's attention is drawn to the outside as Grime hits Bates with a chop block to the back of Bates' left knee. Grime gets to his feet.

Gravedigger: It's nuts out here! Everyone is fighting! Bodies are everywhere!

Dark Prince grabs Seth Lerch and toss him over onto the announcers table.

Zach Davis: OH!!!

All three announcers stand up and back away from the table. Dark Prince climbs up onto the barricade and gets his balance as Seth gets to his feet.

Zach Davis: He's going to put Seth Lerch through our table!

Freddy Whoa: Dark Prince has Seth in his clutches!

Dark Prince hits Seth Lerch with a DDT causing the table to break and in an amazing display of athleticism Dark Prince jumps and hits a leg drop to the back of Seth Lerch.

Zach Davis: OH MAN!!! SETH LERCH IS OUT!!!

Back in the ring Bates is getting back to his feet. Grime runs to the ropes, bounces off.


Grime stops behind Bates. As Bates turned around, Grime delivers a hard right forearm to the face of Bates. He bends over and grabs the big man's feet. The fight continues outside the ring as DRG and Movement members are going wild on each other. Neither side really showing an edge. Grime steps through like a sharp shooter and cross Bates legs. Due to the man's size, it takes Grime longer to do. He leans forward to grab Bates behind the neck. Bates hits Grime with a big punch, not allowing Grime to lock in the Dirty Clutch.

Zach Davis: Bates! No Dirty Clutch! He fights it off!

Gravedigger: We've seen what happens when Grime locks that in. Bates smart there.

Grime grabs his head. The shot Bates just gave already swelling below his left eye. Bates rolls to a knee and starts getting to his feet. Grime runs and bounces off the ropes. Bates goes for a clothesline, Grime ducks under, bouncing off the ropes on the other side.


Gravedigger: NO!!!

Freddy Whoa: GRIME COVERS!!!




Gravedigger: Ring the bell. Grime retains the title and saves his career.

Freddy Whoa: No, that’s not it. Bates kicks out at the last second. Grime thinks he won. He’s reaching down to his Movement Stablemates celebrating what he thinks is a victory.

Zach Davis: And now Bates is getting back to his feet. He runs forward and… BATES BOOT!

Gravedigger: I think he decapitated Grime. He’s out cold.

Bates steps on Grime’s shoulders and the referee drops down.





Gravedigger: For real this time… that’s it. Bates wins and he’s the NEW WCF Television Champion.

Zach Davis: The Movement is shocked.

Seth gets up from the rubble of the table and looks towards the ring as the referee hands Thomas Bates the Television Title. He smiles a wicked smile, wipes the rubble off of him and grabs a microphone.

Seth Lerch: Congratulation Bates, you have done the WCF the greatest of services. It is an honor and a privilege for me to say this, I’ve been wanting to say it for a long time… GRIME…you and the rest of the movement are FIRED!

Gravedigger: Unbelievable.

Seth Lerch: UNLESS...

The crowd begins to boo.

Seth Lerch: UNLESS you say that the WCF is the fucking best. It’s that easy, Movement. Give up your cause and you can still have your job.

They walk off.

Seth Lerch: Yes, WCF Fans… this is the time where we sing.

Crowd: Nananana…nanananana…hey hey hey… good bye!

Gravedigger: Let’s just forget about this momentary distraction that was the Movement and get back to enjoying the best wrestling company in the world. Look there in the ring. There’s a man who is proud to be the new Television Champion with his Father and Uncle at his side. That’s what a champion should look like.

Thomas Bates stands in the ring with his father and Uncle raising the arms of their next generation of Champion as the remaining members of the DRG ride their bikes in circles around the ring.

Last Man Standing Match
Isaiah Chavis vs Chelsea Armstrong

Kyle Steel: The following match is a last man standing match!

“I Smell a Massacre” by the Butcher Babies blares over the P.A. system, and Chelsea Armstrong walks out onto the stage, a hateful glare in her eye. In her hands is a sledgehammer that she poses with, holding it high above her head.

Kyle Steel: Now coming to the ring, she weighs in at 157 pounds and hails from St. Louis Missouri… she is… Chelsea Armstrong!

Gravedigger: Well it looks like Chelsea’s brought along some help!

Freddy Whoa: That’s right. She’s got that sledgehammer in hand, ready for Isaiah tonight.

Zach Davis: And Chavis had better come prepared, because as Chelsea has shown us, taking her for granted can end very poorly. Isaiah knows that first hand.

Chelsea stomps down to the ring, as the fans boo her mercilessly. She doesn’t notice. Chelsea rolls under the bottom rope, and doesn’t stand still. She turns in a continuous circle, her eyes searching the audience for Isaiah. Her music dies, and “Whoop Whoop” by Twiztid begins to play. The camera searches the fans until it finds Isaiah standing in the back. The crowd erupts as he lifts his arm to reveal a kendo stick wrapped tightly in barbed wire.

Kyle Steel: And her opponent, he weighs in at 215 pounds, and hails from Detroit Michigan… he is the Juggalo Warrior, Isaiah Chavis!

Zach Davis: That’s not a weapon designed to knock Chelsea out! Isaiah brought that to torture her!

Gravedigger: Are you surprised? There have been reports everywhere that Isaiah missed his mother’s passing, and her funeral while he was in the hospital. Isaiah is pissed, and out for blood.

Being careful to keep the stick clear of any fans, he leaps onto the railing and jumps into the crowd, letting them catch, and then surf him down to the floor. He rolls into the ring as Chelsea rolls out, and holds the dangerous weapon high above his head. His eyes lock with Chelsea’s, and a snarl appears on his face. The ref sees this and holds him back from attacking so Chelsea can get in and the match can start.

Zach Davis: There’s the bell, and this one is going to get violent.

Chelsea and Isaiah sprint toward each other. Chelsea swings her hammer, but Isaiah ducks under it, and bounces off the opposite ropes. On the rebound he swing and slams the kendo stick into her abdomen. She bails out and check some minor wounds, as Isaiah holds the stick high above his head and the crowd erupts in approval.

Gravedigger: This crowd wants to see Isaiah destroy Chelsea here tonight. They are rabid!

Chelsea slides back into the ring, and sprints at Isaiah. This catches him off guard, which causes him to drop his weapon. Chelsea tackles him to the ground, and starts nailing him with rights and lefts to the face. After a moment or two, Isaiah grabs her hair, and wrenches her off of him. They both stand to their feet, and immediately start trading right hands. Isaiah eventually gets the upper hand, and backs her against the ropes. He goes for a clothesline, but she ducks down and tries to backdrop him over the ropes. Isaiah adjusts mid air, and lands on the apron. Chelsea spins around, and is caught off guard when he cocks her with a left. She stumbles back, giving Isaiah enough space to springboard off the top rope and hit her with a dropkick to the face. She hits the floor and rolls out of the ring.

Gravedigger: Isaiah just TAKING the advantage early on in this match, and the crowd loves it.

Chavis wastes little time. He runs to the ropes, and as soon as Chelsea is on her feet, he jumps over the top rope and goes for a splash. Chelsea sees it just in time though, and dives out of the way, leaving Isaiah to crash to the concrete.

Zach Davis: One too many high risk moves early on.

Gravedigger: That’s where inexperience hurts Isaiah. A seasoned veteran like myself would have known that Chelsea was too fresh for something like that to work.

Chelsea grabs Isaiah, and irish whips him into the steel barricade. He crashes into the steel and shouts in pain as Armstrong smiles and licks her lips. She reaches into the ring and grabs her sledgehammer. Sprinting toward Isaiah, she swings down hard. Isaiah rolls out of the way at the last second, and the hammer bends the bar on top of the guard rail.

Freddy Whoa: Woah! Did you see the force Chelsea hit the rail with? She was out to KILL Isaiah! Guys, maybe booking this match wasn’t such a good idea.

Gravedigger: Are you kidding? This is what WCF LIVES for! It wouldn’t be the first time someone died in the ring.

Freddy Whoa: True that. Pour one out for Switches.

She swings again, but this time Isaiah grabs the hammer, and kicks her in the gut, gaining control of the weapon. He hops up and jams it into her ribs, before dropping it and hitting a DDT on the concrete. He reaches over the railing and steals a chair from a fan. He folds it up and slams it down on Chelsea’s back a few times, before throwing it in the ring. Isaiah bends down to grab Chelsea, but she scratches at his eyes, sending him stumbling back.

Zach Davis: Well Chelsea needed to do something drastic to get back into this match, and that might have been it.

Chelsea grabs Isaiah by the hair and slams his head into one of the ring posts, opening up a cut in his forehead. She slides him under the bottom rope, before beginning to climb the turnbuckle.

Freddy Whoa: Isaiah is the first one to bleed, and it looks like Chelsea is going to the top rope.

Chelsea stalls for a second, which is just long enough for Isaiah to lunge for the ropes, and send Chelsea crashing to the mat. Both wrestlers use the ropes to slowly drag themselves up as the crowd screams. Once up, they run at each other. In the middle of the ring, Chelsea jumps up, catching Isaiah off guard with a knee to the face.

Zach Davis: Blood streaming down Isaiah’s face now, as Chelsea opens that cut up even wider.

Gravedigger: That’s going to be a problem for Isaiah. He’s going to have trouble seeing as the match goes on.

Armstrong walks over to the corner, and tears the pad off the top turnbuckle. She then lifts Isaiah up, and slams his head into the exposed steel a few times. She spins him around, and rests him against the corner, backing up a few paces. She runs forward and hits Isaiah with a dropkick, sandwiching his ribcage between her boots and the steel turnbuckle. He collapses to the ground, and Chelsea commands the ref to count.





Isaiah starts to drag himself up using the ropes.



Isaiah gets to his feet, and the ref stops the count.

Gravedigger: First official count of the night stops at six, and it looks like Isaiah has a lot more fight in him.

Chelsea runs at Isaiah, trying to catch him off guard. He dodges out of the way, and Chelsea slams herself sternum first into the steel turnbuckle. She stumbles back, and catches an enziguri to the back of her head. She collapses to the mat, and Isaiah immediately grabs the chair, and begins to climb the ropes.

Gravedigger: Oh no, he’s not gonna…

Freddy Whoa: Looks like he is!

ISaiah perches on the top rope. Once Chelsea is standing, he tosses the chair to her. She catches it, and before she can think, Isaiah hits her with a front flip senton. He hits the chair, and Chelsea is slammed between the steel and the mat.

Freddy Whoa: Isaiah calls that “Fuck Your Face!” and this is the first we’ve seen it in WCF. Just a brutal move.

Zach Davis: I didn’t think I would say this this early in the match,but that might just be enough to keep Chelsea down.

Isaiah stands triumphant, as the ref starts counting for Chelsea.







Chelsea comes to enough to roll out of the ring, and stand to her unsteady feet on the floor. The count stops, but Chelsea has to steady herself before she can stand on her own. Isaiah bounces off the ropes, and leaps over the top. Chelsea dodges it, but just barely, sending Isaiah crashing into the steel guard rail. Both wrestlers hit the ground as the fans erupt in applause.

Gravedigger: The fans loving this match, though I’m not sure Isaiah and Chelsea can say the same.

Chelsea is the first to stand, and drags Isaiah with her. She irish whips Isaiah, sending him head first into the steel steps. She then rolls him into the ring, and climbs the turnbuckle again. This time she doesn’t stumble. She jumps off, and hits Isaiah with a double stomp to the chest. She then leans herself against the turnbuckle, and watches as the ref counts.








Isaiah stirs, rolling onto his side.


Isaiah gets to one knee.


Isaiah jumps to his feet in a desperation attempt to stop the count. Chelsea was waiting, and runs forward, hitting him with a hard dropkick to the face. Isaiah hits the ground, and Chelsea climbs to the top again. this time she goes for a moonsault, but Isaiah just barely gets out of the way, and she eats canvas. Both wrestlers now begin slowly dragging themselves up again.

Gravedigger: These two have impressed me tonight. Both showing that killer instinct that you need to survive in situations like this.

Chelsea runs at Isaiah, but he hits her with a drop toe hold, sending her face first into the chair from earlier. He grabs his barbed wire wrapped kendo stick, and begins pacing Chelsea. The ref begs him to back off so he can start counting, but Isaiah barely hears him. He raises the weapon high above his head, and brings it down across her back, opening up a few gashes. He brings it down a few times, and now small streams of blood run across her back.

Zach Davis: Well we predicted it. Isaiah isn’t so much interested in keeping Chelsea down, as he is in torturing her.

Freddy Whoa: Well can you blame him? After what Chelsea did, I know I can’t.

Isaiah drops onto Chelsea, and pulls her head back. He then presses the barbed wire against her forehead and scrapes it back and forth, opening several deep cuts. As soon as he lets go, she rolls out of the ring, and falls to the floor. Isaiah picks a few small pieces of flesh from the barbs as the crowd chants “You sick fuck!” on the ground. Chelsea grabs the sledgehammer, and uses it to help her to her feet. Isaiah walks over to that side of the ring, but she swings the hammer under the bottom rope. It collides with Isaiah’s ankle, and he immediately falls to the ground screaming in pain.

Gravedigger: A nasty shot to Isaiah’s ankle! It very well might be shattered!

Zach Davis: That would be one way for Chelsea to keep Isaiah down.

Freddy Whoa: Isaiah looks like he’s seriously injured.

Chelsea rolls into the ring, and raises the sledgehammer above her head. Isaiah kicks her in the gut, causing her to double over and drop it. He grabs it, and uses it much like she did, to haul himself up. Chelsea grabs the chair, and stands upright. They both take big swings, Chelsea from above, Isaiah from below. The sledgehammer slams into Chelsea’s jaw just as the chair collides with the top of Isaiah’s skull. They both fall to the ground motionless.

Freddy Whoa: They’re both out! This match could end in a draw!

The ref begins to count.








Isaiah slowly rolls to the corner, and grabs the ropes. Chelsea is still motionless.


Isaiah is in serious pain, but drags himself up, howling in agony with every movement as the crowd cheers him on.


Isaiah desperately pulls one last time, just keeping himself upright long enough for the ref to shout ten, and signal for the bell to ring. As soon as Isaiah hears that, he collapses back to the mat.

Kyle Steel: Your winner, the Juggalo Warrior, Isaiah Chavis!

The ref raises Isaiah’s hand, but he stays on the mat. Two sets of EMTs check on the wrestlers, as the ref clears the weapons out of the ring.

Zach Davis: An amazing match from both wrestlers, but in the end, Isaiah just has what it takes to get the win.

Gravedigger: After possibly murdering Chelsea with a sledgehammer!

Isaiah is helped to his feet, and eventually stands on his own. The same can not be said for Chelsea. the EMT’s put a protective collar on her, and load her onto a stretcher. Isaiah runs to attack, but the ref dives in front of him, stopping him from getting out of the ring. Isaiah tries to fight him off, but in his weakened state, can barely move.

Gravedigger: Look at that. Chelsea is out cold, on a stretcher, and Isaiah still wants to do more damage.

Freddy Whoa: Well, he promised to kill Chelsea, and I don’t think he’ll be happy until he can do exactly that.

Isaiah eventually holds his arms up in victory as the crowd cheers. EMTs help him to the back, but he manages to walk under his own power.

Zach Davis: What this means going forward for these two we can only guess, but they certainly put on one hell of a match tonight.

ICE Beckman Segment

The show cuts to the back of the arena where Hank Brown is hot on the trail of his next interview. He turns a few corners and runs into the man he has been searching for....Natural ICE Beckman, who is surrounded by his Drunk Money crew as he prepares for his World Title match later in the night.

Hank Brown: Natural ICE...Natural ICE...can I ask you a few questions?

John Beckman: Not now Hank, my client is preparing to give the people of Toronto the match of their lifetime.

Hank Brown: Please, we have heard his fellow Vapor Kings members speak ill on Pantheon all night long, if I could just get his thoughts on Pantheon.

John Beckman: What did I just-

ICE Beckman pushes John aside and walk up to Hank without a hint of the Natural ICE trademark smile.

ICE: Needless to say I am focused on beating Bobby Cairo right now, but yes, it is true the Vapor Kings are out to destroy Pantheon. We have been sucking that team dry over the last few months and enough is enough, time to stop playing around with them and just get the job over with. And what better weapon to take them out with but me, the man Seth himself calls the Pantheon Killer! Because the moment I have entered the WCF I had to hear about Pantheon and how they are world title contender scene, will look at it now, Bobby vs ICE, once again. Pantheon is trying its best to reload, to save their sinking ship and that is their most despicable move to date. Instead of just letting what once actually did matter fade peacefully into the night. they are choosing for a slow and painful death and the Kings are more then happy to help them find it, but much quicker than they planned. For the good fans of the WCF deserve better then out of date material or revamped reruns, they deserve something fresh from a group that is truly all in these days. Now time to examine your many weak links Pantheon and prepare the front lines with your strongest. The orders are in and the battle plan is being finalized, Pantheon better be ready for war because it is on their door step! Now get the hell out of here, I have a World Title match I need to be focusing on.

ICE walks off with his crew in toe.

Hank Brown: There you have it, another Vapor King member threatening Pantheon. What this truly means, only time will tell.

Zach Davis: I know what it will mean; an all-out stable war is coming to the WCF.

Freddy Whoa: All I know is if I was a member of Pantheon I would be watching my back tonight, whoa!

Trilogy Cup Tournament Finals
Dune vs Jay Omega

Freddy Whoa: Aw yeah, it's time for the Trilogy finals, ain't it?

Zach Davis: That it is, Freddy. This match was three months in the making, and one of these two men will go on to face the winner of tonight's main event for the World Championship. Who's it going to be? Dune versus Bobby Cairo? Jay Omega versus Natural ICE Beckman? Some other combination?

Gravedigger: Maybe Joey Flash will do us all a favor, and take out both Dune and Omega. That Wildcard spot he earned at Timebomb is a golden ticket to the main event in Mexico next month, Flash would have to be an idiot to waste that kind of opportunity.

The lights flicker to black and the opening chords of Angelo Badalamenti's "The Pink Room" hit in the darkness. Smoke pours out in front of the deep red lights just beyond the entrance. Two golden spotlights slowly scan the audience as Dune clears the curtain and emerges from the smoke. His cold eyes remain fixed on the ring as he makes his way down the ramp.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring...from the badlands of the Mojave Desert...weighing in at 276 pounds...DUUUUUUUNE!

He slides into the ring and is quick to his feet. He walks around the inner-perimeter, testing the ropes and stretching a bit, then he makes his way to the center of the ring. He grabs the collar of his thick vest with both hands and looks out into the crowd as each corner-post issues a final hiss of smoke before the lights come on again. He makes his way to the corner, sliding out of his tactical vest and dropping it outside the ring.

Zach Davis: Words cannot describe the sheer ferocity of this man. Dune has both a calculating mind, and savage instincts; The Omega Man will be hard-pressed to overcome this obstacle.

Freddy Whoa: Nah, you got it backward, playa. Dune's a scary guy, sure, but we've seen Omega absorb crippling punishment week after week, and the guy just keeps coming back for more. Dune's gonna have his work cut out for him, here.

Zach Davis: What are your thoughts, Diggs?

Gravedigger: First, I think I'm going to enjoy hurting you if you don't stop calling me that. But as far as the match goes? Enh, whatever. Dune's bigger, stronger, and meaner, but Omega's not a complete idiot. I'm sure he'll have some way of equalizing the situation.

The lights dim again, and a keytar begins tapping out a distinctly 80's beat. Before the song can begin in full, Jay Omega's voice comes through the speakers.

Jay Omega: Cut the music!

The music fades out and the lights come back up, then Omega steps out onto the stage wearing black cargo pants and a white muscle shirt under a green plaid vest. The Hardcore Championship is slung over his right shoulder, a microphone is gripped in his hand, and his left holds a shovel slung over his other shoulder.

Jay Omega: Ever since I won this here Hardcore title, I've been hearin' a lot of shit. We got people runnin' around sayin' Jay Omega don't know Hardcore. We got people sayin' I ain't a real champion, 'cause I've only defended my title once. Well I say fuck you. It ain't my fault nobody takes me up on my offers; I've said dozens of times that I will fight anyone, anywhere, at any time. But if Kaz Mazy is the only guy on the roster with balls big enough to take me on in a hardcore setting, there's a bit of a problem. I have a solution, though. I'll simply remove the choice. From this moment on, so long as I am Hardcore Champion, all my singles matches will be fought under Hardcore rules! I don't give a damn if the title's on the line or not, if you get in the ring with me, you'd best be prepared for a fight!

Omega drops the mic to a burst of static and a pop from the crowd, then hefts the shovel in both hands as he begins to make his way down the ramp. Dune argues with referee Spanky O'Shaughnessy, who shakes his head and makes belt motions around his waist.

Freddy Whoa: Sounds like the ref's gonna let it happen, and Dune doesn't look too happy about it.

Zach Davis: Well this was supposed to be a test of skill between two seasoned wrestlers, and now--

Gravedigger: And now Omega has levelled the playing field. Told you he'd have an equalizer!

Jay discards his title belt on the apron as he rolls into the ring, but doesn't even get the chance to rise before Dune is on him with a series of stomps.


Zach Davis: This match is officially underway, and things are already looking grim for Jay Omega; Dune is just unrelenting with those vicious stomps to the head and upper body.

Freddy Whoa: Please, this is like a relaxing massage to Omega; he takes worse beatings than this for fun!

Gravedigger: True enough, just look at what he considered "training" for that Hardcore title match against ZMAC, Thomas Bates, and... that other guy. You know, Whatshisface.

Freddy Whoa: Blu-Ray?

Gravedigger: Yeah, something like that.

Dune finally ends his ground-based assault, and reaches down to haul Jay to his feet. Omega hits a quick thumb to the eye however, which buys him both time and breathing room. While Dune makes sure he isn't blind, Jay kips to his feet and grabs his shovel. Omega winds up for a swing, but the desert dweller reacts with a speed belied by his size and steps into the swing. Dune's powerful hand clamps onto the shaft just below the shovel's head, and his massive boot comes up in the same motion with a kick that breaks Jay's grip on the shovel, and sends him reeling into the ropes.

Zach Davis: Omega rebounds off the ropes, right into a hip toss from Dune.

Freddy Whoa: I don't like the way Dune's eyeing that shovel; a guy his size could do some serious dam-- the hell? He just tossed the shovel out of the ring!

Gravedigger: Guess Dune wants to do this with his bare hands. On the one hand, I can respect that. But on the other hand, I want to see some blood!

Jay rolls away from Dune and climbs to his feet, then shoots the larger man a cocky grin, and raises his hand, calling for a test of strength. The masked behemoth takes Omega's hand in a crushing grip, and the muscles of Dune's arm bulge and cord as he applies as much pressure as his impressive strength will let him. Jay responds with a feral grin, and then a swift kick to Dune's Badlands. The desert dweller's eyes bulge and he releases his grip, but Dune doesn't go down.

Zach Davis: A low blow from Omega fails to take Dune off his feet. A little early for such underhanded tactics.

Gravedigger: It's Hardcore; no such thing as underhanded.

Freddy Whoa: Besides, he used his foot.

Gravedigger: Hush, cookie.

Freddy Whoa: If I'm a cookie, why don't you EAT ME?!

Zach Davis: ...

Gravedigger: Took you this long to come with that?

Omega unleashes a series of Shotei palm strikes aimed at specific parts of Dune's upper body, but the beast from the Badlands deflects the majority of the blows and absorbs the rest. Dune takes hold of Jay's collar, then hauls off with a headbutt to the crown of the smaller man's skull. The impact sets Dune reeling back in surprise and Omega knocks on his own head mockingly, then snaps off a Muay Thai kick to the masked man's ribs. Dune locks an arm around Jay's leg, while his other hand reaches for Omega's throat. Jay bats the grasping hand away, then throws himself into a backflip; his foot catches Dune under the jaw with enough force to free the other leg, but Omega still lands in a heap.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Omega taking a page out of Logan's book with a variation of Impact Style!

Zach Davis: He couldn't stick the landing, though. You'll never see Mr. WCF mess up like that.

Gravedigger: What are you talking about? I've seen Logan screw up hundreds of times.

Zach Davis: Lies! Slander! Blasphemy!

Dune rolls his head around on his neck as he advances on Omega once more, and Jay pops back to his feet in order to meet the larger man halfway. The desert dweller easily overpowers Omega and fires him into the ropes, while unbeknownst to both men, Joey Flash hops over the security railing, and crouches down outside the ring. Jay comes barreling back at Dune and ducks under a lariat as Flash slides into the ring holding the discarded shovel. Omega straightens up with a full head of steam, and Joey blasts him in the face with a two-handed swing that sends Jay into another backflip, though this one is unintentional.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Where did he come from?!?

Gravedigger: Ha! Is somebody gonna answer that phone? 'Cause I called it!

Zach Davis: Dune heard that sickening sound and turned around, oh! Flash with another wild swing, and now Dune is down as well!

Freddy Whoa: But since there's no disqualification under Hardcore rules, the match will continue. Eventually.

Not quite done, Flash slams the shovel down on the back of Dune's head twice more, then does the same to Jay. Rather than even try to stop him, Spanky O'Shaughnessy shrugs, pulls his cell phone from his pocket, and starts playing Candy Crush. Satisfied with his handiwork, Joey drops the shovel and calls for a mic. Kyle Steel obliges, and Flash struts to the center of the ring, facing up the ramp toward the stage. Joey grins to himself as he basks in the boos being showered upon him by the angry crowd, then raises the mic to his lips.

Joey Flash: There you go Seth, how's your little showcase now? Do I win by default? Do I get my title shot now? No? Of course not. I got you though cocksucker, this is just the beginning tonight!

Omega suddenly kips back to his feet, which draws Flash's attention. Jay points at Joey, then slowly draws a thumb across his throat before he begins to stalk forward. Flash spreads his palms in a placating gesture as he slowly backs up, his attention focused on the advancing Omega. Which means he doesn't see Dune also rise to his feet, one hand to his head, and his eyes full of rage. Joey continues to back away from Jay, right up until he runs into the solid, fleshy wall of Dune's chest. Flash's eyes widen, and he slowly turns his head to look over his shoulder; the sight that greets him is most unpleasant.

Gravedigger: Should've kept the shovel handy, Flash; this isn't going to end well.

Dune hammers a forearm club across the back of Joey's neck, and he stumbles forward into a kick to the gut from Omega. Jay lifts Flash in a vertical suplex, but Dune steps in and drives his fist into Joey's chest with a brutal heart punch that drops him off Omega's shoulder to land awkwardly on his lower back. Flash cuts his losses and rolls out of the ring, one hand over his chest, the other holding his back.

Joey mouths off a little more, until Omega makes a quick movement toward the ropes, as though about to give chase. Flash bails back over the barricade, while behind Jay, Dune gets himself into position. The desert dweller times his attack perfectly; Dune charges forward, and just as Omega turns around, Dune connects with a running tornado kick to the face.

Zach Davis: Dust Devil! Dune drops him with the Dust Devil!

Freddy Whoa: Damn, I just lost five grand.

Dune pulls his semi-conscious opponent to his feet, hoists Jay overhead into a crucifix position, then drives the back of Omega's skull into the canvas with the Sandstorm. Dune hooks the far leg as he makes the cover, and Spanky looks up from his phone in surprise, then drops to make the count.





Zach Davis: It wasn't quite what we were expecting, but in the end, all that matters is who has their hand raised. And right now, that man is Dune.

Freddy Whoa: I tell ya, I don't envy either Cairo or Beckman, having to face this guy next month.

Gravedigger: Speak for yourself, cookie; I can hardly wait to see which one gets the dubious pleasure of squaring off with this beast at Asesinato de Mayo!

Zach Davis: Well you won't have to wait much longer, because our main event is next!

Trios Cup Tournament Announcement

Master of Puppets hits.

Zach Davis: And here come the boos!

Gravedigger: More like, here comes the booze.

Seth steps out from the back, sober as far as we can tell. He looks around at the arena and nods to himself before marching to the ring.

Freddy Whoa: We've had a LOT of controversy in WCF this week and tonight especially. What does Seth have to say now?

Seth slides into the ring and takes a mic from Kyle.

Seth Lerch: Tonight, I-

The fans are too busy booing. Seth looks annoyed.

Seth Lerch: Come on. I'm making an important announcement here.

The booing subsides enough so that Seth can continue.

Seth Lerch: Years ago, WCF introduced the Trios Cup Tournament before Trios were as big of a deal as they are today. We've always been trendsetters, and next month... we're going to push the envelope one step farther. You see, we have one more prize to add to the Trios Cup Tournament.

The crowd begins to buzz.

Zach Davis: What could it be?

Seth Lerch: As you all know, whoever gets the pinfall in the finals will win a World Title shot. That isn't changing. However, the Tag Team Titles stipulation will be going out the window.

The crowd boos again.

Seth Lerch: Hold on, hold on. For good reason. You see, this year, the winning team... WILL BECOME THE FIRST WCF TRIOS CHAMPIONS!

Big pop!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Gravedigger: New belts being introduced!? For the first time in... well, forever!

Zach Davis: WCF doesn't bring new belts into the fold very often, but yeah! Trios Titles are an exciting thing.

Freddy Whoa: Or just another reason for Seth to book clusterfucks, but hey! I love it!

Seth smiles to himself as the crowd cheers in approval.


Seth Lerch: Now, some of you may be claiming that I'm introducing these Titles just so that Jayson Price can no longer say he's held every belt in WCF. And that is probably 75% of the truth. However, I also do think these Titles will add a lot to WCF, and-

Seth is interrupted as Crawl by Kings of Leon hits.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Zach Davis: ...


Torture steps out from the back! He's wearing some CoolWear Inc. clothes and some black sunglasses which he takes off as he heads to the ring. He slides in as Seth looks annoyed.

Seth Lerch: And what do YOU want-

Tort snatches the mic from Seth, basically ignoring him.

Torture: WCF, CAN YOU HEAR ME!!???!

The crowd pops for The Tort!


Torture: Last year I took my team as far as we could go in the Trios Cup, but this year!?

Tort turns to Seth.




Seth Lerch: No, Torture. No. Look, I have enough problems.

Torture's eyes narrow.

Torture: Are you.. telling me.. I'm not allowed into your little tournament for your shiny new belts?

Seth Lerch: Yeah. Pretty much.

Tort looks at one side of the arena, then to the other. The fans are on their feet.


Tort grins and kicks Seth in the gut, doubling him over, before hitting a Torture's Device to a huge pop!

Zach Davis: And there you have it! Torture has entered himself into the Trios Cup Tournament!

Freddy Whoa: But who will he team with!? We saw Steve Orbit and Jonny Fly return earlier tonight... good God.

Gravedigger: Everyone knows that War is my favorite match of the year, but the Trios Cup Tournament is really bringing out the stars here tonight, guys. Wow.

Zach Davis: We're going to have Steve Orbit, Jonny Fly, Torture, Logan, and more competing next week at Slam. I can't wait.

Crawl plays again as Tort celebrates in the ring as Seth rolls out, holding his head in pain.

Freddy Whoa: But before Slam and before the tournament begins we've got one more match. A One rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship.

World Title Match
ICE Beckman vs Bobby Cairo

The lights dim in the arena as the excitement is building for the main event.

Zach Davis: This is the match we’ve been waiting for, it has been four months in the making ladies and gentlemen, finally these two men are to meet again in singles competition.

Freddy Whoa: Damn straight, this is the big one.

Gravedigger: I think you’ll find that’s my cock.

Zach Davis: LilDigger aside this is fixing to be a monumental occasion, we have Kyle Steel in the ring ready to get proceedings started, over to you.

Kyle Steel is stood unable to suppress a grin as the spotlight falls on him, he milks the crowd for a moment before raising the microphone to his mouth.

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WCF World Title…

The arena is quiet with the lights all on when over the PA system you hear a man ask, "Are you Drunk yet?" as the crowd responds with a cheer "Feels Good Inc." by The Gorillaz hits the speakers. The lights begin to flash blue and white as two cannon shot of fake snow shoot out from the entrance area. Out from the snow comes Natural ICE Beckman holding a beer in one hand and the World title in the other. He chugs the last half of the beer, then crushes the beer in his hand before tossing it into the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Now coming to the ring, from Foam Lake, Wisconsin. Weighing in at 250lbs. The challenger...Natural ICE Beckman!!

ICE then smiles to the crowd going up and stealing beers from willing fans. He chugs the beers down the aisle until he reaches the ring. Once there he rolls into the ring, sitting up in the corner. He rests against the turnbuckle waiting for the match to begin and cleans his beard from the beer foam. He crouches down and stretches awaiting his rival’s music to hit…instead we see Buddy Roman appear at the top of the ramp, microphone in hand.

Buddy Roman: Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to witness the onset of yet another ICE age. Son, you will have our utmost support and love during this epic…beat down.

With that Zombie McMorris and Joey Flash emerge from the curtain, Zombie and Buddy strut confidently to the ring hearing lots of boos while Flash walks slowly a few paces behind them with his eyes darting around the arena. Both Buddy and ZMAC bump fists with Beckman but Flash leaves him hanging as he sits down next to the timekeeper. The crowd build with even more anticipation.
Zach Davis: Damned Roman, can’t he leave this match alone, we just want to see this settled one on one.

Freddy Whoa: The Vapor Kings have clearly laid down a marker for the Poondock Saints, let’s see how they respond to this obvious challenge.

Gravedigger: Buddy Roman is a genius, even if ZMAC and Flash are there as a distraction that may be enough to cause a 5% dip in The Godfather’s performance, which may well be enough.

The ominous cowbell of anarchy hits the PA system and the crowd jumps to its feet and begins to chant--


"Killing in the Name" by Rage Against the Machine kicks into gear. A spotlight singles out "The Godfather of Professional Wrestling" Bobby Cairo as he makes his way through the crowd. The fans react with a loud cheer and chant even louder--


Kyle Steel: And introducing…he is the overlord and leader of Poon Guinea, hailing from Tashkent, Uzbekistan and weighing in at 226lbs he is the reigning, defending undisputed WCF World Heavyweight Champion…he is The Godfather of Professional Wrestling…he is…BOBBY CAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The "BO-LIEVE IN BOBBY CAIRO!" signs are out in full force as Bobby slaps hands with his supporters, gropes tits and asses, and generally makes a spectacle of himself while navigating his way through the audience. Cairo reaches the fan barrier, hops over it and slides into the ring under the bottom rope. He climbs the turnbuckles and salutes the fans, soliciting another loud cheer, before hopping down and readying himself for the match.

He looks on at the Vapor Kings at ringside and mouths ‘cute’ to Beckman when suddenly another voice is heard from the PA System.

Bolts Quackenbush: Nice goin’ Roman, you think we’re gonna get punked like that? Nuh uh.

Bolts appears from the top of the ramp flanked to rousing cheers by both Kaz Mazy and the imposing figure of The Allfather Odin Balfore. The crowd begin chanting as the trio walk to the ring.


The trio reach the opposite corner to the Vapor Kings and fist bump Bobby in a similar vein. The crowd is building to an even bigger cheer as both men make their way to centre ring separated by only Senior Referee Stanley Moser who raises the World Title in the air to more cheers. ICE Beckman points at the belt and shouts ‘Mine’ to which Bobby simply smiles and takes a couple of steps back and begins bouncing on his toes. Beckman takes a couple of steps back himself and begins pacing backward and forward waiting for the bell.


Zach Davis: Here we go!

Freddy Whoa: This is the biggest match for months; I’m on the edge of my seat right now.

Gravedigger: Yep this shit is fuckin nuts.

Both men emerge from their corners and begin slowly circling one another until Beckman takes the centre of the ring and extends his hand toward Cairo.

Zach Davis: This is just like at One, what class.

Freddy Whoa: There really is still room for sportsmanship here.

Bobby steps forward himself and extends his hand in reciprocation before being stunned with a whipping right hand from Beckman that sits him straight down on the canvas.


Gravedigger: This isn’t about sportsmanship; this is about the fuckin belt guys.

Bobby nods as if in agreement of how this match is going to be fought and hops back to his feet. He darts quickly in toward Beckman and catches him on the backfoot with a right hand of his own, then a left. Before long Bobby has ICE backed up into the corner, a swift knee to the gut doubles Beckman over and Bobby quickly follows with a stiff uppercut that sends the sweat flying from Beckman to the ‘ooooos’ of the crowd.

Zach Davis: What an uppercut!

Cairo tries to follow the offense up with a second one only to find himself grappled by ICE and reversed into the corner where Beckman sends his own uppercut flashing across the jaw of the champion.

Zach Davis: And again!

Beckman presses the advantage here and begins hitting Bobby with some strong knees to the midsection; Cairo grabs the second rope and pulls himself to one side in order to avoid the knees but eats a big boot to the face that sends him careening out of the ring. He falls right in front of where the Vapor Kings are waiting in the corner, ZMAC approaches him and is about to launch an attack but is quickly stopped by Roman screaming not to get ICE disqualified. ZMAC shrugs Buddy off and slouches down next to the guardrail in disappointment.

Gravedigger: If I were ZMAC I’d punch Buddy in the face.

Freddy Whoa: It looks like god beat him to it.

Bobby Cairo composes himself and hops back onto the ring as both men lock up for the first time, Beckman uses the weight advantage to force Cairo to a knee, Cairo breaks the hold by thrusting his head toward Beckman’s chin and sends the challenger reeling back. Taking full advantage Bobby initiates the first grapple of the day and hoists ICE above his head, holding him straight up in the air for a few moments before bringing him crashing down in a picture perfect suplex.

Zach Davis: Masterful from Cairo, can he follow up here?

Yep, he can. He drags ICE back to his feet and locks him up from behind this time and throws him as if he was being ejected from a moving car halfway across the ring in a German suplex. Sensing the moment The Godfather of Professional Wrestling goes for the early pinfall…



Beckman uses his whole body weight to toss Cairo from on top of him; Bobby quickly stands back up with a thin smile on his face.

Freddy Whoa: I guess even Bobby knew that it wouldn’t be this easy.

He stands above the rising Beckman and delivers a swift kick right to the challenger’s chin, dropping him face first to the floor. The crowd begin to rise as they are sensing what is about to happen as Bobby takes both of ICE’s legs in his arms, stepping over his prone body.

Zach Davis: He’s looking for the Cairopractor here!!

Beckman is fighting left and right trying to use all his core strength to escape but Bobby is having none of it, his immaculate body control locks Beckman in place as he sinks the hold in. Beckman screams into his beard as he struggles with the pain. Cairo strains with the effort of trying to put his rival away...until he finds himself and Beckman being pulled backward toward the ropes. The crowd boos intensely as we see Buddy Roman walking away nonchalantly as Natural ICE has his hand on the bottom rope.

Freddy Whoa: What a scumbag, just let them fight.

Zach Davis: Hey wait a minute we might be getting that!

Buddy is span round to find Bolts right up in his face; the two managers have to be separated by the referee who hops out of the ring to deal with the budding scrap.

Zach Davis: NO that’s just what the Vapor Kings wa-

A loud thud is heard from the ring as Zombie McMorris flattens Bobby Cairo with a World Tour 69 DDT dropping him face first onto the mat.

Freddy Whoa: Oh son of a bitch.

McMorris celebrates as he slides out of the ring back to the corner that houses the Vapor Kings. Beckman crawls over to the felled champion and calls for the referee to come and count.


Zach Davis: Not like this…


Freddy Whoa: He’s got this.


Bobby gets his shoulder up much to the delight of Kaz Mazy…Odin Balfore meanwhile is striding toward the smirking ZMAC, the crowd begin cheering as the two men square off before Balfore opens up with a monstrous right hand that fells ZMAC where he stands, turns to Buddy and Flash as if to say ‘Mind your business’. To cheers The Allfather returns to the Poondock corner while a dazed Zombie McMorris regains his footing staggering into the announce table.

Gravedigger: I’d offer you a hand but…

He flips off ZMAC.

Gravedigger: It’s busy right now.

Back in the ring both competitors are struggling to their feet, using each other for support as they finally get back upright. Beckman is the first back to a somewhat lucid state as he lands a headbutt on Bobby, who retaliates with a hellacious uppercut.
Zach Davis: We all knew this would turn into a battle of attrition here, and well here we are.

Both men exchange vicious shots, rocking each other back and forth.




Crowd: BO-BY CAI-RO.

The two epic figures battling it out in the centre of the ring are like something from a heroic Greek tale, if such tales involved drunks and drug addicts. The slugfest continues for a few seconds until Beckman grabs Cairo and whips him to the ropes, Cairo bounces off and runs face first into a sloppy dropkick from Beckman.

Freddy Whoa: The challenger is looking tired here, not anywhere near the hang time he usually gets on that.

However Beckman doesn’t want to rest on his laurels and jumps on the fallen Cairo like wolves circling a fallen elk, grabbing Cairo’s right arm and placing it between his legs as he clasps his hands across the face of a groggy champion.


Freddy Whoa: This is in deep Zach.

Gravedigger: Words Zach has never heard before.

The words that Beckman desperately wants to hear are ‘I quit’ or to hear the tapping of Cairo’s hand on the canvas…instead he finds both himself and Bobby getting dragged back toward the ropes. This time a smiling Bolts Quackenbush who gives a Mutombolike finger wag to Beckman.

Zach Davis: A taste of their own medicine this time!!

Gravedigger: What cheaters!!

Buddy Roman seems to agree with Gravedigger and is all up in Bolts shit, giving him a strong shove to the chest; however he immediately seems to regret this action as Bolts grabs him in a collar tie before dropping Roman with an elbow to the face. The crowd goes wild with cheers finally seeing Buddy Roman getting dropped. Natural ICE grabs the referee and is protesting the outside interference however the crowd begin shouting, screaming and generally going wild much to ICE’s bemusement, he has yet to realise that Bobby Cairo is staring a hole right through him and motioning for him to turn round. Beckman obliges, oblivious to the obliteration that is on the cards when…

Zach Davis: R-CAIRO OUTTA NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!

Bobby Cairo quickly hops on top of Beckman for the cover, the ref jumps toward the head of ICE to check the shoulders.



Freddy Whoa: He’s finally got his revenge!


Cairo is disconsolate; he looks over to his corner to see his fellow Poondock Saints bellowing for him to finish Beckman off. Not one to rest on his laurels Bobby does just that and begins putting the boots to Beckman, again and again the blows rain down on the champion’s head. Cairo takes a step back and crouches down waiting for Beckman to stand back up.

Crowd: R-CAIRO, R-CAIRO, R-CAIRO!!!!!!!

Beckman turns once more…only to find himself dragged to the canvas and out of the ring by Zombie McMorris. Beckman squares up to his team mate but quickly realises the fate he has just been saved from.

Zach Davis: Oh just let them fight; this is borderline ridiculous right now.

Beckman begins laughing and fist bumps Zombie once more before rolling back into the ring under the referee’s supervision. Cairo takes a step back and here we are back at step one once more, the top two wrestlers in the company facing off…they lock up once more. Cairo shoves Beckman off and motions for him to run the ropes, Beckman shrugs and motions for Cairo to do the same. Both competitors hit the opposite ropes and then cross in centre ring to build up more momentum.

Gravedigger: This is like asking for fucking trouble.

Yep, it is. They collide with a brutal double clothesline as both wrestlers go flying to opposite sides of the ring.

Zach Davis: Both fighters down here, oh what a show of heart from both men.

Freddy Whoa: This is even more impressive than their first match, good god.

However the impact clearly effected one of the fighters less than the other as for the first time in the match Natural ICE Beckman gets to his feet first. The crowd both cheer and boo in symphony as he signals for the end as Bobby Cairo is rising to his feet. Cairo staggers forward and straight into the welcoming arms of Beckman.

Zach Davis: NO-

Freddy Whoa: HANGOVER DDT!

Natural ICE plants Bobby face first on the canvas with such ferocity that the whole ring seems to shake. He reaches an arm out to cover Bobby.




Bobby manages to muster whatever strength he had left and somehow got a shoulder up.

Gravedigger: Jesus this is fucking intense.

Freddy Whoa: He kicked out!!!!!!!!

Beckman drags Bobby up by the hair and prepares him for another Hangover DDT…lifts him and brings him crashing down once more.

Gravedigger: It’s over.

Freddy Whoa: Good god.



Zach Davis: Welcome back to the ICE AGE!!!

With an epic crack the count suddenly stops, and the crowd begins going crazy as they see the ref is laid out flat in the middle of his count, unconscious on the canvas. ICE looks up to see his Vapor King brethren Joey Flash stood over the referee with a chair in his hands.

Freddy Whoa: What a bastard, how dare he?!

Zach Davis: This makes no sense, why would Joey Flash-

Before Zach can complete the sentence Joey has whipped the steel chair through the air and brought it crashing down onto his Vapor King team mate ICE Beckman’s skull, flattening him.

Gravedigger: Hah! Incredible.

Joey quickly pivots a 180 to see Bobby Cairo beginning to rise, and similarly raises the chair above his head.

Zach Davis: Stop this, this is going too-

Joey brings the chair down across the head of Bobby Cairo flattening him as well. The carnage in the ring is brutal and the only man left standing is Joey Flash, a look of sick satisfaction on his face. It’s only now that the cameras pick up the fact that both Zombie McMorris and Buddy Roman are laying prone and unconscious on the floor outside.

Freddy Whoa: What the hell is this guy doing? This was not how it was meant to happen!

What Flash seemingly hadn’t realised was that Odin Balfore and Kaz Mazy were not going to allow such a sideshow to happen in this match. Both Poondock Saints jump up on to the apron and start jawing at Flash who simply smiles and cocks the chair on his shoulder like he’s waiting for a 3-0 pitch and the green light. Kaz is the first to make a move and tries a leap over the top rope only to be blitzed by a hellacious chair shot that sends him reeling to the floor outside where he flops still and silent. Balfore enraged at this steps over the top rope ready to deal out some true Poon Guinea justice to this guido fool only to be batted away by a feint of a kick to the gut followed by yet another chair shot that sends The All father tumbling from the ring and to the floor below. Now all that is left moving is Bolts Quackenbush going through a mental breakdown and an imperious Joey Flash stood with a smile on his face. He drops the chair to the canvas with a thud and hops to the outside of the ring.

Gravedigger: What the fuck are you doin punk, leave this shit alone!

Zach Davis: This match is bigger than you, just…just fuck off!

Joey simply smiles and rips Kyle Steel’s microphone away from him.

Joey Flash: Et tu Pantheon?

He drops the microphone and hops over the barrier next to the timekeepers table and into the crowd where we see him having to fend off several angry audience members as he disappears into the crowd.

Freddy Whoa: What a little bastard, who does he think he is?

Zach Davis: Well he’s severed any ties he had here, alienated the top talents in the company, left the Vapor Kings, challenged Pantheon and acted like a Grade A douche ruining the biggest match for an age. I’d say he’s Joey Flash.

The ring and ringside is carnage as we wait a few moments for the first stirrings, crawling back his knees first is the challenger, Beckman staggers back against the ropes trying to shake the cobwebs from his head. The crowd give him rousing cheers.

Zach Davis: It’s clear these fans want to see a decisive conclusion with none of this ridiculous bullshit.

Gravedigger: What is this place without ridiculous bullshit?

Beckman simply sags on the ropes and seems to be waiting for Cairo to recoup rather than go on the attack. After a few more moments the World Champion is climbing back to his feet, shortly followed by the referee as all three men in the ring look at each other in a dazed and confused haze. ICE holds his hand out once more, holding his other up in an almost apologetic pose. Cairo extends his hand again and this time they shake hands to the cheers of the crowd, they back away and begin loosening back up.

The referee motions to fight and the two fighters lock up once more, big smiles on their faces. They get stuck in a stalemate until Beckman stamps on Cairo’s foot, and then holds him in a headlock. Cairo pushes him forward and Beckman bounces off the ropes...Cairo bends over to duck a potential clothes line, but Beckman kicks him upside the head. Cairo flings his head back but laughs, but is then floored by a clothesline. Beckman lifts Cairo up and signals to the crowd who cheer as he hits Cairo with a Hangover DDT!! Beckman fist pumps the air, but as he turns around Cairo slams his face to the mat with an R-Cairo!!!!!!! He covers!!!


Freddy Whoa: What the?! The Hangover DDT had seemingly no effect!! R-Cairo out of nowhere!!!


Zach Davis: Cairo retains?!


Cairo for some reason finds this hilarious, and immediately lifts Beckman to his feet, who pushes him away with a kick to the gut and plants ANOTHER Hangover DDT!!! He covers!!



Kick. The fuck? Out!!!! The crowd just look exhausted by now but are absolutely beyond the level of absolutely captivated. Both men lie on the mat. Both men completely out of ideas.

Freddy Whoa: Well...I just don’t know what to say anymore

Zach Davis: Who the fuck is gonna win this???!

Gravedigger: I ermm…

They both slowly get up, using each other as support.

Beckman grabs Cairo and puts him in a powerbomb position, lifting him up for the Beer Bong!!! He slams him down, and as Cairo slams down, he immediately lifts him up and hits one final Hangover DDT!! Surely?!




Zach Davis: Beckman is back?!


Gravedigger: It’s over!!!!!

Ding Ding!!

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner...and NEEEEWWW WCF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...NATURAL...ICE...BECKMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd stand up and applaud the effort of both men’s efforts...however the adulation of the epic match is quickly turned into boos as Buddy Roman has commandeered a microphone.

Buddy Roman: It seems to me that things have taken a rather interesting turn here...Robert, where is your family now?

Buddy smiles a thick grin as he looks at the still KO’d Kaz Mazy and Odin Balfore at ringside.

Buddy Roman: You were the one to declare war on the Vapor Kings, wasn’t that right?

Cairo spits blood toward Buddy...only to have Natural ICE Beckman to grab him from behind and drag him down to the floor, he repeatedly hits Bobby in the back of the head, then locks in the Cocktailed Crossface.

Zach Davis: NO, WHY?!

Freddy Whoa: Someone needs to help him god damn it.

Zombie McMorris climbs into the ring as Bobby is being stretched and screaming in agony and begins putting the boots to Cairo’s midsection.

Gravedigger: Fuck this, I’m all for a good fuckin fight but I’m not having a legend disrespected like this-

Freddy Whoa: You’d do more harm than good.

Zach Davis: Protect us damn it!

Buddy Roman waddles until he is face to face with Robert Cairo, with Buddy stood outside the ring gazing in at the action.

Buddy Roman: See Robert this is what happens when anyone decides to test us, do you see now, do you understand? You cannot stand against us. We don’t even need that weasley sack of filth Flash to completely decimate the entire federation. Do you see now?!


Buddy Roman: This is our ring, this is our federation. Everything moves on my command and bows before me. There is no one that can stand against us, we have destroyed every last hope you people had. Where are your saviours now? There is no one left, there is no one-

The crowd goes fuckin NUCLEAR with cheers as the mythical strains of ‘Mysterious Pantheon Theme’ blazes like a signal from a War Horn through the arena. A distraught Buddy Roman looks on as we see Corey Black, Jayson Price, Jay Omega, Alex Richards, Chelsea Armstrong and Scarecrow all emerge from the curtain. Like an army preparing for battle they stride down the ramp and toward the ring, they pass the fallen Odin Balfore and Kaz Mazy at ringside and all climb onto the apron and surround the ring where Beckman has Cairo still locked into the submission, Cairo’s hair is flopped in front of his face and his body has gone limp into unconsciousness.


Pantheon look at each other, Corey simply shrugs his shoulders and steps through the ropes, followed by every member of Pantheon. Now in the ring we have the two remaining Vapor Kings guarding the body of Bobby Cairo as collateral in this scene with six Pantheon greats staring at them. The tension is heightened as we hear yet another voice to Boos as nuclear as the cheers for Pantheon.

Joey Flash: Well shit, look how things worked out?


Joey Flash: Sure it does Buddy.

Joey begins walking to the ring, Pantheon don’t know where to look, but are keeping Beckman and ZMAC cornered while gazing at the approaching Joey Flash.

Joey Flash: See this is the picture I was waiting for, this is what shit has been building to right? Vapor Kings, Poondock Saints and now Pantheon, all in the ring at once. It’s incredible isn’t it?


Joey Flash: What is Joey Flash doing here, why is Joey Flash ruining this picture perfect little moment? See everything that has happened tonight has been by my design, I love that you’re here too Pantheon, you never could turn a chance at the limelight, at the cheers. I bet this shit big and the house has just given me a massive fuckin payout. It gives me fucking chills that you’re here for this moment.

Flash is now ringside next to the fallen Balfore and Kaz Mazy.

Joey Flash: Vapor Kings...Poondock Saints...this shit is ridiculous. I made my bed earlier tonight, I’m no longer a fucking Vapor King, fuck that shit.


Joey Flash: But see the thing is…

Pantheon turn to face Flash, a look of both confusion and anger on their faces, a look that turns to horror as Odin Balfore and Kaz Mazy rise with smiles plastered across their faces.

Zach Davis: Oh for God’s sake Flash…

Freddy Whoa: Has he joined the Poondock Saints?

Gravedigger: Traitor!!!

Joey Flash: They ain’t Poondock Saints anymore either.

Seeing the oncoming threat, Pantheon adjust in the ring to take defensive stances against Flash, Balfore and Mazy who are now on the ring apron. The crowd begins going crazy as they see what is unfolding behind Pantheon, as ICE Beckman releases the hold on Bobby Cairo who rather than flop limply to the floor unconscious simply hops to his haunches and flicks his hair back, a smile across his chiseled Uzbeki face. Natural ICE Beckman and Zombie McMorris step up alongside Cairo. Bobby taps Corey Black on the back, who spins round…

Buddy Roman: WE…


Buddy Roman: ARE IMPERIUM!!!!

Shit proceeds to hit the fucking fan, Pantheon are well and truly trapped by this elaborate set up and converged on from each side.


Outside the ring we see Buddy Roman and Bolts Quackenbush exchanging a long handshake and a laugh a hug as the carnage in the ring is heating up.

Freddy Whoa: It’s been a long time, but I feel this is necessary….FUCKING WHOA!!!!!!!!!

Gravedigger: Yeah I’m glad I didn’t get involved.

The sudden and unexpected nature of what is happening overwhelms Pantheon as bodies are getting dropped left and right, Scarecrow is valiantly trying to battle both Kaz and Balfore before getting hoisted for the Ragnarok. Joey Flash picks his spot well and with one well placed punch drops the defenceless Chelsea Armstrong, her momentum takes her flying through the ropes and to the outside.

Zach Davis: This is not how this was supposed to go god dammit.

R CAIRO TO JAYSON PRICE, both veterans lay at the feet of the Lord of Poon Guinea who seems to be enjoying every moment.

Freddy Whoa: This is out of control.

On one side of the ring we see ZMAC brawling with Alex Richards, Richards is getting the upper hand until both Balfore and Kaz catch up with him and all three converge on the Internet Champion putting the boots to him as he’s curled up trying to protect himself. On the other side we see Omega and ICE in a hellacious battle, exchanging blows, but the numbers game quickly changes any hope for the valiant Omega as Cairo shoves Jay straight into the arms of ICE who is more than willing to drop that Hangover DDT once more. Sat in the middle of the ring is Joey Flash, a broad smile on his face. He holds two arms out to soak all of the reaction in, and is quickly joined by the rest of the group, who are shaking hands and congratulating each other.

Joey Flash: Are you not entertained?!

Zach Davis: That son of a bitch Flash, he staged all the theatrics just to draw Pantheon out, Jesus. This is...this is mind blowing, why would these two teams…

Freddy Whoa: The Poondock Kings, The Vapor Saints it’s over guys...fucking Imperium.

Zach Davis: The landscape has well and truly been obliterated tonight.

Gravedigger: How long has this been in the pipeline, what does this mean for the future of the World Championship Federation? Bobby Cairo, Joey Flash, Kaz Mazy, Natural ICE Beckman, Odin Balfore and Zombie McMorris in one team under the insane genius of Buddy Roman and visionary Bolts Quackenbush? Good...fucking...god.

Aftermath fades to black.

Table of Contents

Aftermath Intro

Celeste vs Vulgar

Vapor Kings Segment

Reginald Dampshaw III vs Alex Richards vs Jimmy Wicked

Gemini Battle Segment

Hardcore Title Contendership Match: Mod Deuce vs Danny Anderson vs Randall Kash vs Q-Ball

Alex Richards Segment

United States Title Street Fight: Kaz Mazy vs Snapz vs Occulo

Behind the Curtain: Gemini Battle and Thomas Uriel Bates

Television Title Contendership Match: Florian Stark vs Howard Black vs Eve Vega vs Zione Redington

Chrono-Rippers Segment

Sword on a Pole Match: Gemini Battle vs Zombie McMorris

Mystic Segment

Tornado Tag Team No Disqualification Match: Jayson Price/Scarecrow vs The Chrono Rippers vs Mikey eXtreme/Jackson White vs Mystic/Dark Prince vs The New Freebirds

Joey Flash Segment

Viewer's Choice Match: Logan vs Marc Mayhem

Katherine Phoenix vs Joey Flash

Television Title Lumberjack Match: Thomas Uriel Bates vs Grime

Last Man Standing Match: Isaiah Chavis vs Chelsea Armstrong

ICE Beckman Segment

Trilogy Cup Tournament Finals: Dune vs Jay Omega

Trios Cup Tournament Announcement

World Title Match: ICE Beckman vs Bobby Cairo


Of The Week

New Champion(s)
ICE Beckman vs Bobby Cairo



Bobby Cairo
Jay Omega
United States:
Alex Richards
Tag Team:
The Poondock Saints