Live from the WesBanco Arena in Wheeling, West Virginia

Aftermath Intro

Some hip new song is playing as AFTERMATH 2017 IS LIVE! We go to the announcers to begin the show with some random banter!

Zach Davis: So earlier I saw this new guy backstage wearing the same shirt as me. I bullied him for a good 10 minutes before he broke down in tears and ripped it off on his own. Started talking about wanting to go back to calling boxing or some crap, I couldn't hear him over his tears.

Freddy Whoa: Uh, Zach, we''re live.

Zach Davis: What?! Oh well, luckily this company doesn't care about bullying. I could sit out here for an hour and rip on you for being a stereotype and I'd probably get a raise.

Freddy Whoa: Sadly I already know that to be true. Anyway, let's get back to-

All of the lights in the arena drop.

Zach Davis: You ever notice how much all of the lights in the arena go out at once? You think they have a bunch of guys standing in a line in front of a row of switches? Or do they have one giant switch that requires two guys to pull?

Freddy Whoa: I think it's actually done by computer these days.

Zach Davis: Way to ruin the cartoonish image in my head, you ass.

Moments pass before "Explosia" by Gojira hits the arena speakers at a near deafening volume. Jayson Price walks out from the back as the crowd pops and a very loud groan can be heard from Zach Davis.

Zach Davis: No, no, no. I thought this jack off had finally gone away for good.

Freddy Whoa: What do you mean? This is amazing! I love surprise returns!

Price heads down the ramp and stops to steal a beer from a cheering fan. He lets the fan get in a selfie in return before chugging the beer and tossing the empty cup into the crowd. He finally rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and pops up to his feet before taking a microphone from Kyle Steel.

Jayson Price: What's up Wheeling?

Cheap pop from the crowd.

Jayson Price: Now you're all probably wondering what could have possibly brought me back out of semi-not really-kind of retirement.

Zach Davis: For like the fourth time.

Price starts to speak again when a loud "TRIOS! TRIOS! TRIOS!" chant starts up.

Jayson Price: Well...yeah. Shit, did one of those damn dirt sheets spoil the surprise or something? You can't believe everything you read on the Internet, people. Except that story about me having an 11 inch schlong, that's all real.

Zach Davis: That's a lie and I know it!

Freddy Whoa: Uh, how exactly would you know?

Zach Davis: Nevermind!

Jayson Price: But yes, I am back for the Trios Tournament. As you all know, I know a little something about this little tournament, having won it back in 2014 with Jonny Fly and Corey Black. Now some of you might wonder why I'm coming back for a tournament that I've already won and the reason is quite simple...I want the Trios Titles.

The crowd pops.

Jayson Price: When we won the tourney back in 2014, there were no Trios Titles. All we got were bragging rights and a big ass trophy that we filled with chocolate pudding. Well now I want those damn titles to add to my collection.

Another pop from the crowd.

Jayson Price: But I can't enter this tournament by myself, trust me I already tried. No, I need partners that I can trust to put in the work to win. I need the best talent this company has to offer. So I made a few phone calls and, well, let's just say that I found two guys that are going to help me dominate this tournament just like 2014. So without further adieu, allow me to introduce the second member of this year's winning team...

Price points to the stage as the audience quiets down.

"Unholy Confessions" by Avenged Sevenfold plays causing the crowd to pop loud and out walks Kevin Bishop dressed in an all black three piece suit with a grey tie with The Haunted logo emblazoned on it. Kevin walks down the ramp with a mic in his hand, the fans are cheering and Kevin makes short work of the ramp as he approaches the ring. He steps up to the ring apron and steps in standing in front of Price.

Zach Davis: 2016's New Comer of the Year folks!

Freddy Whoa: Ex PEOPLE'S CHAMPION is more like it, Zach.

Kevin turns toward the fans and holds his arms up, causing them to cheer for him again. Kevin returns to Price and he lifts the microphone to his lips.

Kevin Bishop: Price, I for one would like to thank you for this opportunity.

Jayson Price: No sweat kid, you didn't become 2016's New Comer of the Year for nothing...

Kevin Bishop: Winning the U.S. title in my 3rd match and becoming the 2nd longest reigning People's Champion, I suppose that looked good on a resume?

Price pats Bishop on the shoulder.

Jayson Price: Damn right it did!

Kevin turns towards the fans.

Kevin Bishop: No longer YOUR champion, but I guarantee you won't be disappointed in what's to come NEXT!

Price smiles wide.

Jayson Price: They don't even know the best part, Kev! Are you people ready for this?!

The fans pop loud. Kevin looks at Price and shrugs.

Kevin Bishop: What are you waiting for, man?

Jayson Price: You're right, man...

Price holds his arms out toward the fans.

Jayson Price: So obviously, you can’t have a Trios team without three people and that leaves me with our third for the Trios tournament. There was only one man I could think of who would complete our team. There was only one man who could help bring us to the finals and win it all. He’s won War. He’s a multiple time world champion. He was the leader of one of the greatest factions in WCF history and he is a legend in this business.

So with that said, I present to you the third member of our Trios team…hailing from New York, New York….JONNY FLY!

The crowd goes nuts as "300 Violin Orchestra" by Jorge Quintero starts playing.

Zach Davis: WHAT?! Jonny Fly is here???

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Jay Price, Kevin Bishop, and Jonny Fly as one of the Trios teams? This certainly changes everything!

Zach Davis: Wait, why is he out here?

The cameras go to the entrance and the crowd reaction turns to boos as WCF Hall of Famer Gravedigger walks out from the back, flanked by a few members of MS-13. Kevin Bishop has a look of confusion on his face and Jay Price’s smirk quickly turns into disgust. He glares at Gravedigger who walks down the ramp.

Freddy Whoa: That’s not Jonny Fly! What is Gravedigger doing out here? Where IS Jonny Fly?

Zach Davis: Gravedigger and his thugs probably beat him up. It would take all of them to take down the great Jonny Fly!

Jonny Fly’s music fades out as Gravedigger makes it to ringside and grabs a mic. Price keeps his eye on Gravedigger and Kevin Bishop keeps looking around at the MS-13 members surrounding the ring.

Jayson Price: Gravedigger! What the hell are you doing out here?

Gravedigger reaches up and pulls himself up onto the apron and ducks in between the top and middle ropes. He grins at Price as he lifts the mic.

Gravedigger: What do you mean, Price? I’m your third! I’m the third man on your Trios team!

Price gives Gravedigger a look that says “Are you fucking kidding me?!”. He laughs as he speaks.

Jayson Price: Oh that’s a good one, Gravedigger! I think in your incredibly old age that you’ve become hard of hearing! I said the third was Jonny Fly!

Gravedigger chuckles.

Gravedigger: Oh I heard you, Jay. You said your third was a War winner. He was a multiple time world champion. He was the leader of one of the greatest factions in WCF history. He was a legend in this business. Jay, I am all of those things and more!

Price looks fed up with Gravedigger.

Jayson Price: Did you not hear me a moment ago? I said the third was JONNY FLY. I did NOT say it was GRAVEDIGGER.

Gravedigger grins and holds his hands up.

Gravedigger: Ok look, hear me out, Price. You hear me out and then you can reject me from the team and MS-13 will beat you two down and we’ll go on our merry way. Deal?

Jayson Price: Fine. I’ll give you 60 seconds.

Gravedigger: Jay, I’m your best option for winning Trios and you know it.

Price laughs.

Jayson Price: Did you not just hear me say a second ago that our third is Jon—

Gravedigger interrupts Price.

Gravedigger: Did you see Jonny Fly walk out from the back? I have been here for most of the show and he was nowhere to be seen backstage. Do you think you can just say Fly’s name and he’ll fucking appear? If that was the case, we’d already have Joey Flash vs. Jonny Fly happening. Fly isn’t back there. He isn’t coming back for you for the Trios team.
So who was next on your list? Steve Orbit?

The crowd pops.

Gravedigger: No. Steve Orbit wasn’t going to come back for your Trios team. Corey Black? Nah, Corey is too concerned with his Retirement Tour to give a shit. Joey Flash? Nah, he’s done. Bobby Cairo? Nope! Odin Balfore? Nope! TORTURE?

The crowd pops and the look on Jay Price’s face turns to annoyance, not just at the name of Torture but because of what Gravedigger is getting at.

Gravedigger: So who is left? ME. Now, before anyone thinks you’re just settling by having me on your team, I’ll point out that for those who have forgotten the history between myself and Jay Price, I am literally one of the last people in WCF history that Jay Price would want to team with. Our history is no secret. We’ve had some battles. We’ve had some wars. We’ve hated each other since your debut here in WCF 8 years ago.

Jay, I’m the guy who made it to the finals of the very first Trios tournament carrying two rookies on my back. Those two people ended up being Ayria Adams and Sarah Twilight.

Massive boos erupt from the crowd at the name of Sarah Twilight. Gravedigger’s eyes flick out at the crowd as he grins. He looks back at Jay Price.

Gravedigger: We would have won that very first tournament had it not been for those two scum-sucking leeches shitting the bed. If I can take two rookies like them to the finals, you can bet your ass that I can go all the way to the finals, if not win this thing with you and someone like Kevin Bishop. You and Kevin Bishop are miles above Twilight and Adams.

Jay Price takes a step towards Gravedigger.

Jayson Price: Now, I’m not saying I’m considering it, but you say all those things but the real question here is, can you still go, Gravedigger? Are you still the same Gravedigger that shocked the world back in 2010 and won the world title? Are you still the same Gravedigger that we’ve seen brief moments of in the years since?

Gravedigger smirks.

Gravedigger: Are you serious right now? Did you not see my matches the first couple of months this year?

Jayson Price: You mean the matches that you lost? I mean yeah, you beat Skyler Striker but that’s not exactly impressive these days.

Gravedigger chuckles.

Gravedigger: Yeah, I lost the other matches this year, but did you even watch them? I faced World Champion Joey Flash, I faced the guy who was at the time the number one contender David Sanchez, and I faced Wade Moor. Not a single one of those scum-sucking leeches in the back can say they have done a feat such as that. I was doing it in back-to-back matches. You haven’t done that this year and probably won't. Neither will Bishop over there. I may have lost those matches, but I took each of those men to their limits. You talked earlier about my age and how old I am, but then you and everyone else here watched as I took these young bucks to their limits.

Jay, you don’t need Jonny Fly as your third. Or Steve Orbit. Corey Black, Torture, Bobby Cairo, or any of those scum-sucking leeches. Gravedigger is the one you need. The one with the experience, the one with the drive, the one with the backing of MS-13 is who you need. You think these scum-sucking leeches like Pantheon or Everest can survive an onslaught of MS-13? I’m not in this for the glory. I’m not in this for the adulation. I’m in this to fuck up people like Pantheon, Everest, Zero Tolerance. Fuck those guys. Hell, here I am, standing in front of one of my worst enemies here in my time in WCF willing to team up with you just to win Trios. So...what’s your answer, Jay?

Gravedigger holds his hand out for a handshake. Jay Price looks around at the crowd, looking for that answer. After what seems like an eternity, Jay Price holds his hand up and starts to step forward when the moment is interrupted by Master of Puppets playing on the speakers. The crowd boos again as Seth Lerch steps out from the back.

All three men in the ring turn and shoot annoyed looks at Seth Lerch who stands there with a serious look on his face. He has a microphone in his hand.

Seth Lerch: WHOA WHOA WHOA. Guys! Seriously? Did I just watch as Gravedigger and Jay Price were going to shake hands and form an alliance? Despite all the money you’ve brought me over the years, I hate both of you guys and Kevin Bishop, you’re heading down a path that you might not like if you join these two assholes.

Kevin Bishop just shrugs with a smirk on his face.

Seth Lerch: Seriously though, do you actually think I’m going to let the two of you team up together to form a Trios team? I’m seriously considering not even allowing either one of you two participate at all. I just can’t stand the thought of Jayson Price winning another Trios tournament. I can’t stand the thought of Gravedigger winning his first Trios tournament either. Everest? Pantheon? Zero Tolerance? I’m fine with it. As much as I hate Pantheon, I’m still fine with it. Jayson Price? Gravedigger? Nah, it’s not happening. I only allowed this farce of a segment to go on as long as it did, because I knew Jonny Fly wasn’t coming out either. I knew there was no way that Gravedigger was going to convince Jayson Price to agree to a Trios team either. He was going to say no, blah blah blah with his words and then MS-13 would beat you two down and you’d get desperate and hit up the jobber roster and Cryboy McEmo would be your third.

I hate to keep repeating this word, but seriously. SERIOUSLY, Jay? SERIOUSLY, Gravedigger? You guys were going to team up with each other? Gravedigger this man derailed your big moment as Hector Rodriguez. You had to sit there and sweat and toil under that damn mask for all those months because Jay kept beating you over and over in match after match.

Gravedigger looks over at Jayson Price and glares at him. Jayson Price looks at Gravedigger and smirks, tilting his head up.

Seth Lerch: And you Jay, have you forgotten what happened with my sister? Gravedigger was indirectly responsible for the death of your unborn child!

The crowd boos at the low blow of a comment. Jay Price’s smirk quickly changes to a scowl as he grits his teeth. Seth Lerch grins.

Seth Lerch: Also, what about that time at the hospital when Gravedigger peed in yo---

Jayson Price: That DID NOT HAPPEN!!!

Jayson Price is seething as Gravedigger laughs. Gravedigger laughing sets Jay off and he leaps at Gravedigger and the two men start slugging it out in the middle of the ring. Seth Lerch stands on the top, smirking. After a couple of seconds, Kevin Bishop jumps into the mix and starts pushing them away from each other. He finally grabs the mic off of the mat that someone dropped and speaks.

Kevin Bishop: GUYS! ENOUGH! Stop it! Can you not see what this man is trying to do? He took some of the worst moments between you two and is using them to split you up!

Seth Lerch: SHUT YOUR MOUTH, Kevin Bishop! You stay out of this!

Kevin Bishop: Seth Lerch fears the two of you teaming up together. Seth Lerch fears this trio here in the ring!

Jayson Price and Gravedigger slowly stop fighting it out in the middle of the ring and both look over at Bishop and then at Seth. They both turn towards Seth while still giving each other the side eye. Seth laughs.

Seth Lerch: You know what? It doesn’t matter if you two realize what I’m doing or if you stop fighting, because I’m not going to ALLOW you three to team up for Trios.

Gravedigger reaches his arm back towards Kevin Bishop who hands him the mic.

Gravedigger: You’re not going to ALLOW us to team up? How about we just come up there and beat your ass and then team up anyway?

Seth chuckles.

Seth Lerch: I’d love to see you try, especially as you try and fight your way through all these security guards.

Seth Lerch gestures to the back. After about 5 seconds, a security guard stumbles out from the back and collapses on the ramp, his face slightly bloodied. Seth jumps back with a look of confusion on his face as more members of MS-13 step out from the back. Gravedigger has a smirk on his face as do Jay Price and Kevin Bishop.

Seth Lerch: Wait, wait, let’s talk about this!

The members of MS-13 surround Seth Lerch.

Gravedigger: Seth, you’ve got a choice here. Either you allow us to team up for Trios or you get beat down.

Seth Lerch: Ok ok ok! You guys can team up! I’ll allow it!

Gravedigger makes a gesture and the MS-13 members jump on Seth anyway and start beating him down as the crowd pops. Jayson Price and Kevin Bishop turn towards each other and shake hands. Gravedigger turns around and shakes hands with Kevin Bishop. Finally, Gravedigger and Jayson Price turn towards each other and have a brief staredown before finally shaking hands as well.

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD! What have we just witnessed? Gravedigger and Jayson Price on the same page??

Freddy Whoa: What we have just witnessed, Zach, is an epic Trios team in the making. Jayson Price, Kevin Bishop, and Gravedigger. The other Trios teams better look out!!!

Bale Pascal vs Wild Child

Zach Davis: Now time for our first match of the night!

Freddy Whoa: Two debuting sides with a lot of controversy behind them.

Zach Davis: This is the WCF, that is par for the course here. Though I will say that there is a heightened political tension with the both of them that is more the uncommon factor here.

“Voids” by Apollyon’s Visage creeps onto the sound system, creating a bassy rumble in the arena as the lights dim into darkness. The stage lights all focus on the entrance. First, out comes Aapo Nikula, the white of his face is blown out due to the overpowering nature of the focused lights. His arms are spread wide and he is grinning from ear to ear as he receives a wave of boos from the crowd.

After yelling inaudible statements - presumably something of praise for his fighter- Mr. Nikula steps to the side, holding his hands out toward the entrance in a presenter’s fashion when finally, Bale Pascal steps out onto the ramp.

Kyle Steel:: Coming down to the ring, accompanied by Aapo Nikula, weighing in at two-hundred and twenty-six pounds, from New Shoreham, Rhode Island...BALE PASCAAAAL!!!

Zach Davis: While Bale Pascal himself is a rather unknown name. His manager, Aapo Nikula, is quite the figure. In fact, as I was arriving to the arena, protesters were standing outside holding signs addressed to Mr. Nikula, as he is a self-professed “Father of Revised-Fascism” - whatever the hell that means.

Freddy Whoa: Bale on the other hand looks like he doesn’t have much interest in anything close to politics.

Bale saunters down the ramp; the stage lights following along as he descends. After climbing up the side of the ring, he crosses his arm over the top rope, rests his head on top, and swings his legs over to sit on the second rope; a spotlight shines overhead. A moment passes before he slides off and through the ropes, into the ring where his faithful Manager stands with Microphone in hand.

Zach Davis: As some may know, for the last two weeks, Aapo has been calling out Wild Child on twitter with no response. This has led people to believe that maybe Wild Child, a wrestler with a less direct controversy being the daughter of a former member of Mao’s regime, will not make an appearance for her debut.

Aapo Nikula: Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight I imagine you came in with hopes of a show like no other! That from opening bout to the main event, it would be nothing but action, spectacle, and intensity! That by the end of it, your voices would be hoarse if not gone completely and you would have a memory you could share with your grandkids! “Twenty-seventeen Aftermath, I was there!”

Aapo pauses as the crowd roars with enthusiasm for the night ahead of them. Aapo frowns and nods.

Aapo Nikula: Well, I am afraid I have some bad news. You’re in for a disappointment as this opening bout - the most important match on the card tonight - is not happening!

The crowd boos which forces Aapo to pause once again. After a few seconds, Mr. Nikula raises his hand to silence the crowd.

Aapo Nikula: Now now! Don’t blame us! We should up! If you should boo anyone, you should boo our opponent, the “Wild Child”! For I have spent these past two weeks searching high and low for our opponent and she has been nowhere to be found! And so I can only assume the worst and that Ms...Child...chickened out and, personally, I can’t blame her! Look who she is pitted against!

Aapo gestures to Bale who is leaning back against the rope with a look of boredom on his face. Boos erupt from the crowd again.

Freddy Whoa: Bale looking uninterested, if not disappointed in the lack of a fight he will receive tonight.

Aapo Nikula: The fact is I could have told you this was going to happen! In fact, I did! But, let me tell you! You are going to miss out on something spectacular for Mr. Pascal is something unique and unbelievable. He might not look like anything special but that is because his greatest feature is the very thing you can’t see, his intellect, his originality, his creativity! This match would have stolen the show! I assure you of that! But now we will never know! So, it is my mixed blessing to announce to you, your winner!...

But before Aapo could finish his declaration, “Wild Child” by WASP blasts on the P.A. system and the crowd erupts with cheers! A look of surprise is slapped onto Mr. Nikula’s face as he stares up at the ramp when no other than Wild Child herself runs past the curtain.

After hurrying down the ramp, Wild Child slides into the ring and is about to step up to Aapo but Bale Pascal steps in between them, staring down his opponent with a mischievous grin.

Zach Davis: Here we go! Bale’s eyes lit up at the sight of his opponent and they both look ready to go.

Wild Child pushes Bale back before running up and popping up into a hurricanrana which sends Bale out of the ring. By this point, Aapo has left the ring and hurries over to Bale, but he pushes his manager away as he gets back up to his feet. But in that time, Wild Child ran back, bounced off the ropes, charged forward, and is now launching out into a suicide dive, clipping Bale and sending him into the guardrail. The crowd pops as she continues on by throwing Bale into the ring and then proceeds to climb up the side of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! She has a lot of fire in her right out the gate!

Zach Davis: And the fans seem to have attached to her quickly in comparison to Bale and his manager.

Wild Child pulls onto the ropes and hops up to springboard but as soon as she is in the air has gotten to his feet and quickly launches up with a back elbow.

Zach Davis: Bale with a split second maneuver, sending The Wild Child onto her back!

Freddy Whoa: Bale had to do something to end that opening advantage his opponent was gaining on him. If you let it go too long, the harder it is to comeback.

Bale pulls Wild Child to her feet by her hair. The ref warns Bale to let go but the warning is ignored as Bale knocks Wild Child in the face with another elbow which sends her falling but Bale doesn’t let his grip of her hair go, causing her to hang up. The crowds boos intensify and the Ref forces himself into break the grip.

Zach Davis: Bale showing right away in his debut, a lack of respect for the rules.

Freddy Whoa: It isn’t even the kind of disregard that would move him closer to victory. It is just plain brutality.

Upon letting go, Wild Child falls face first on to the ground with her hands to her head. Bale rolls his eyes as he reaches down and wrestles one of her hands free. He intertwines his fingers to hers, places his foot right to the shoulder blade, and reels back.

Zach Davis: Bale’s trying to pop Wild Child’s arm right out of her socket!

Wild Child struggles and groans before shifting her weight and frees herself from Bale’s boot. With the entrapped arm, she pulls herself up a little bit before bringing her free arm through with a snap arm drag. Both wrestlers hurry to their feet and charge after one another. Wild Child is able to get the upper hand with a quick forearm to the face but Bale quickly recovers and another charge is taken with the same result. For a third time, Bale hurries back to his feet and Wild Child goes for a dropkick but Bale ducks down and grabs his opponent’s legs over his shoulder.

Zach Davis: Every time Wild Child seems like she is about to gain some steam, Bale stops her in her tracks!

Wild Child falls back onto her shoulders as Bale holds her up and begins kneeing her in the back. One, two, three, four, five! Bale tosses her aside. Taking a walk around the ring, Bale sees Wild Child is attempting to get to her feet. Before she can get all the way up, Bale grabs her in a front headlock and begins kneeing her again. They back up into the ropes where Bale Irish whips Wild Child to the other side but before she bounces off the ropes, Aapo is there to grab her by the legs, causing her to fall to the ground. The ref moves to warn Aapo not to interfere and in the meantime, Bale grabs her by the hair and forces her to her feet again where he slaps her a couple times. Eventually, the ref turns around and hurries to interrupt but Bale tosses her away near the ropes and as the ref now reprimands him.

While Wild Child lays by the ropes, Aapo wraps his arm under her chin and pulls back, trying to choke her out. A split second before the ref turns around Aapo lets go. Bale hurries past the ref and climbs to the top turnbuckle nearest to Wild Child.

Zach Davis: Could this be the final blow?!

Bale launches off, stomping down onto his opponent!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! That isn’t a small man! All that weight coming down had to do some serious damage!

Bale goes for the cover!




Kyle Steel:: Your winner! BAAAALE PASCAAAAAL!

Before the ref can raise Bale’s arm in victory, he rolls out of the ring and immediately heads up the ramp!

Zach Davis: What a debut! Despite the negative press surrounding them, Bale and Aapo has shown a sample of why they belong in WCF!

Oblivion Segment

Backstage, of the WesBanco Arena, The Monster Oblivion is stomping through, bellowing and pushing people out of the way.



The Monster pushed some hapless fool out of the way!!

Zach Davis: The Monster Oblivion just pushed some hapless person!!


The Monster wanders, continues looking for Katherine Phoenix.

Alpha Title Contendership Match
Damien Young vs Jordan Rayburn

The opening riffs of Kurt by Dadaroma begins to play as Jordan comes out from the back. He pauses at the middle of the ramp way and stage and bangs his head to the beat softly wording the lyrics of the song.He looks at the crowd before he starts walking down the ramp way.
He slaps the hands of his fans as he makes his way down the ring.
He walks around the ring and takes in the energy from the WCF faithful before slapping the steps and hoping over the ropes landing on the bottom turnbuckle.He climbs it and points up to the sky as he closes his eyes wording the lyrics again.

Rather be dead than cool.


He gets down from the top turnbuckle and heads to the other three. He gets down from the last and pretends to play a guitar as he mouths the words of the song one more time with much emotion.


此処でもっと もっと もっと ねぇ



He gets down on his knees before singing out the final words of the song with all of his heart.


He gets up and walks over to his corner as he waits for the match to start.

Summer Shudder by AFI starts to play as Damien explodes out from behind the curtain, full of energy as always. He walks down to the ring, hi-fiving fans and pumping up the crowd. He gets down to the ring, and hops up onto the apron/

Damien: SAY MY NAME!

Kyle Steel:: Introducing first: He hails from Des Moines, Iowa, weighing in at 191 lbs., DAMIEN "THE GUN" YOUNG!

Damien throws his right hand upward, his fingers in the shape of a pistol. He brings his arm straight out in front of him, and fires a single shot towards the camera. He climbs into the ring, and heads to his corner

Zach Davis: Both men are looking focused after competing last week in that triple threat match with Marco Daniels III.

Freddy Whoa: Who?

Zach Davis: Doesn't matter. What does matter is that this match is to determine the next contender to the Alpha Title.

Freddy Whoa: That would be huge for either one of them!

The bell sounds and both men begin to circle each other. Both are hesitant to get started, knowing that each are very cerebral in their approach. Things finally get started as they tie up in the middle of the ring but they quickly break. The fans begin to get a little restless with both men and a few boos begin to rain down upon them. This motivates both men but Damien is a step faster and as Rayburn steps forward Damien hits him with an arm drag. Rayburn quickly pops up and turns into another arm drag. This continues one more time and now Rayburn is expecting it but Young is thinking about that too. He pops up and hits him with a dropkick.

Zach Davis: Nice move from Young!

Rayburn is laying on the ground holding his jaw as Young reaches down and drags him up to his feet. However Rayburn swings his arms, breaking the hold that Young has on him and then hits Young in the face with a quick right. Young's face snaps back and this happens two more time before Young dodges the blow. He ducks underneath a right from Rayburn and turns around and hits him with a German Suplex. Rayburn groans as he hits the mat and both men lay for a second.

Freddy Whoa: Both of these men are feeling the effects right now!

Both men get to their feet and Young goes to kick Rayburn but Rayburn catches his foot and hits him iwth a dragon screw leg whip. Young hits the mat and immediately starts holding his knee. Rayburn quickly pounces and begins to kick that same knee over and over. Young screams in pain and Rayburn goes for a pin while Young is shocked with pain.


Rayburn quickly goes back on the attack and twists Young's knee in different ways, sending painful shocks up Young's leg. Rayburn drags Young to his feet and Rayburn quickly goes for a piledriver.

Zach Davis: This could be the end if Rayburn hits this!

Young fights out of the piledriver and flips Rayburn over his head, hitting a back body drop. However Young immediately crumples to the ground holding his knee. Both men are once again down but this time Young is to his feet first. Rayburn is struggling to his feet and is on his knees but Young sees this as an opportunity and hits him with a shining wizard! He quickly goes for a pin.


Damien Young pops up quickly, not letting the frustration of the kickout to bother him. Rayburn is struggling to wipe out the cobwebs and is on his knees. Young doesn't let this opportunity pass him by and hits Rayburn with a buzzsaw kick! Rayburn falls face first to the mat and Young turns him over and goes for the pin.


Zach Davis: Damien Young is the number one contender to the Alpha Title!

Freddy Whoa: He definitely earned that status tonight!

We cut away as Damien Young celebrates in the ring.

Adam Burnett vs Doc Henry vs Andre Aquarius vs Udy vs Cheyenne

Kyle Steel:And the next match is a 5 way match. Making his way to the rind first, from Chicago, IL, Cheyenne

The Video from the Ring plays on a large screen. Then it shows a red headed woman in a figure shrouding tattered black and moss colored floor length Overcoat climbing from a well and shambling towards the screen ever slowly. The woman blinks in and out getting ever so closer, then blinks right up against the screen. The screen then rips open as the Ring theme song plays and the Woman crawls to the ring with a small brown satchel hanging from her mouth. Upon reaching the ring, she backbends over the toprope flipping into the ring. Holding the bag high above her head she drops the coat revealing underneath a tightly fitted dark green and black top and tight green pants with knee high black boots.

Kyle Steel: And her opponents, first, weighing in at 170 pounds from berkley, CA, Andre Aquarius

U Mad by Vic Mensa hits the arena as a video of a man's shadow bouncing back and forth with his arms to his sides goes along to the sound of blaring brass. As the beat drops, Andre Aquarius emerges on the stage, continuing to hype himself up to a chorus of boos. Blinking lights go along with the beat and Andre makes his way down the entrance ramp, pounding a fist against his chest. He steps through the ropes, surveying his surroundings. He climbs to the top turn buckle, mouthing the words to the song before dropping down and leaning against the ropes as he waits for his opponent.

Kyle Steel: Next making his way to ring, weighing in at 220 pounds from Reynolds, Nebraska Adam Burnett.

You Can't Stop Me by Andy Mineo hits on the speaker and Adam Burnett bounces out onto the stage. He bounces on his feet as the music gets him going. He waves his arms up and down, pumping up the crowd before taking off on a dead sprint towards the ring. He slaps hands with fans who have stuck their hands out on his way and slides into the ring. He runs up one of the turnbuckles and poses at the top with his arms extended. He's smiling the whole time and the fans can sense his intensity and passion.

Kyle Steel: From Griffen, GA, weighing at 245 pounds, The Southern Rogue Doc Henry

As The Devil In I begins, the arena goes dark and small flames appear on the stage. With the first drum hit, the small fires turn to pillars of flame and Doc emerges from under the stage through a circle of fire. Stepping through the flames, Doc slowly stalks towards the ring and his opponents. He doesn't even acknowledge the crowd, and climbs into the ring and simply stares and waits...

Freddy Whoa: The legend is here!

Kyle Steel:And the final contestant, weighing at 196 pounds The Demon Wolf Udy

Lights darken. Blue fire/pyro explode as Type-O negative's Wolf Moon plays. Blue smoke fills the arena when a spot light focuses on a figure on one knee. Fenris stands behind him arms out stretched..He howls by looking (Bane face mask is on as entrance attire) at the sky in cupped hands as another set of blue pyro explode. Udy makes his way slowly before rolling in and kneels at middle of ring. Howls again as light comes back and music fades.

Fenris walks towards the announcers desk and stands there as the bell rings..

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Burnett immediately goes to attack Udy and hits a huge dropkick and Udy rolls out. Cheyenne goes behind Doc amd Burnett turns his attention at Andre.

Freddy Whoa: Doc is trying to fend off the madness of Cheyenne

Cheyenne with a fury off chops, fore arms and kicks. She runs the ropes but The Doc was ready and hits the boobplex. He turns around with a smirk and leans of the ropes and taunts the crowd.

Zach Davis! What a disgraceful act

Burnett with few kicks on Prince Light Skin in the rings side. He goes on the apron and springboards.

Zach Davis: Wow! What a moonsault by Burnett!

Burnett soaks in the crowd. In the meantime, Doc gets attacked by Udy from behind. Udy goes on a rampage with rapid fire kicks and then hits a running knee. Burnett runs in and gets a knee to his face as well.

Freddy Whoa: The Demon Wolf is wild today

Udy picks up Burnett but gets a chop for his efforts. He turns around to a strong knife edge from Cheyenne. She immediately goes to hit Doc Henry with another strong knife edge. Burnett gets hit with knife edge chop as well.

Zach Davis: Cheyenne is looking for the The Ladies but gets blocked

Cheyenne gets pushed into AA and he tries to hit the Pepe but Cheyenne counters with a knife edge chop on him and hits an enziguiri and locks in the Woman's Scorn

Freddy Whoa: Will he tap out to Cheyenne?

But Udy jumps off the top rope and hits the Fall of Angel on both the competitors.

Zach Davis: What height in that Foot stomp?

Udy goes to the corner and gets ready for the super kick but gets caught by the Doc and eats a Gambler's Hand. For the pin..



But Burnett saves the match for himself. Burnett locks in AB on the Doc but AA runs in and breaks it up. He proceeds to hit #DankInfusion on Burnett.

Freddy Whoa: What the move. I bet this is over



This time Cheyenne breaks it up..

Zach Davis: You lost your bet Freddy.

Cheyenne goes for it but gets a huge siper kick from Udy which takes her out of the ring. Udy runs and hit the Wolf's Bite curb stomp on Burnett. He goes for the pin but Doc Henry goes to stop him. Doc rakes his eyes.

Freddy Whoa: The wolf is blind now

But AA rolls into the rings and rolls up Doc.




Kyle Steel:And the winner of this match , Andre Aquarius!

Bishop/Priest vs The Very Big Alliance

Zach Davis: Coming up next is a nice tag team match with both teams looking to pick up a much-needed win here in WCF!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa now, Zachy-boy, you tellin' me The VERY Big Alliance NEEDS a win?

Zach Davis: In my humble opinion, I believe they do.

Freddy Whoa: WHATEVZ.

The lights goes and the sound of drum banging and a spot light follows them to the ring.

Zach Davis: Wow, Freddy, those lights are certainly goes'ing!

Freddy Whoa: Bishop and Priest are almost fourteen feet tall combined! These are BIG dudes, Zach. It's going to take a lot of muscle to beat them tonight.

Zach Davis: And speaking of muscle..

Rock Out-Motorhead Plays as they both come out Roaring and shouting at the crowd, they turn to each other and high five. When their hands touch pyro is fired. They then slowly walks down to the ring once there they catch their breath.

Freddy Whoa: I'm pullin' for them tonight! No one likes them, but I'm supporting them tonight!

Zach Davis: So much for unbiased announcing, right?

Freddy Whoa: Whatever Zachy-boy.

Zach Davis: I do believe they have caught their breath, and theres the bell!


Freddy Whoa: Bishop and Priest taking it right to them!

Bishop and Priest take it... right to them.. and knock Tank and Bohemoth out of the ring! The ref gets order and backs Bishop and Priest up to their corner and Tank and Bohemoth catch their breath now.

Zach Davis: Interesting to note that Ainsley, "The Tank" as they call him, is officially the second Tank to be in WCF.


Zach Davis: Right, right. Forgot.

Priest starts out with Bohemoth and they both tie up dead center of the ring. Bohemoth gets the upperhand and shoves Priest back into the corner to a chorus of boos.

Freddy Whoa: They hatin' on da Big Alliance tonight.

Zach Davis: They always have, Freddy.

The ref stops the two and they circle around the ring before tying up one more time! This time Priest backs Bohemoth up into the corner to a chorus of boos.

Zach Davis: They're not feelin' Bishop and Priest tonight.

Freddy Whoa: They never have, Zach.

This time they tie up a third time before Priest throws Bohemoth off to the ropes and goes for a back body drop! Bohemoth stops and pulls Priest into a powerbomb position. He tries to pick him up, but he can't complete it. Priest comes back down to his feet and back body drops Bohemoth and flips him down! Priest tags in Bishop! Bishop comes in and back hand chops Bohemoth who just got to his feet. Another chop, and another! He throws him to the corner where Bishop runs for a running clothesline but Bohemoth side-steps and tags in Tank! Bishop runs chest first into the turnbuckles and stumbles backwards where Tank and Bohemoth turn him around and go for the double chokeslam!


Zach Davis: Oh and there's Priest to break it up!

Priest comes in with a big boot knocking Bohemoth over the top rope and Priest crashes over the top rope with him! The two legal men are on the inside. Bishop hits a few back elbows and some stiff hard punches and throws Tank to the ropes, but Tank comes back with a stiff forearm of his own knocking Bishop back into the ropes and when he comes bouncing forward, Tank hits a running clothesline! Tank makes the cover! It's only a one count as Bishop gets to his feet. Tank throws him to the corner but Tank misses his running clothesline attempt again and Bishop turns Tank around and hits a back body drop of HIS own now!

Zach Davis: Wow! This contest featuring some VERY large men and some very heavy heavyweights!

Freddy Whoa: You sound like a gay-announcer.

Zach Davis: Easy, Freddy. We can't talk like that.

Freddy Whoa: WHATEVZ.

Bishop turns around and tags in Priest who gets into the ring as Tank tags in Behemoth!

Zach Davis: Priest runs at Behemoth!...

No, Behemoth sidesteps him and Priest runs into the corner. William quickly grabs him and puts him in a tree of woe.

Freddy Whoa: Uh oh...

He runs at him and hits the Concussion Creator!

Zach Davis: William the Behemoth with the pin!




The bell sounds.

Freddy Whoa: The Very Big Alliance with a very big win!

They begin celebrating as the ref raises their arms and we go to commercial.

Alpha Title Match
Jaymz vs Trey Carter

Freddy Whoa: Up next is a match that surely won’t disappoint! We have the Alpha Champion Trey Carter squaring off against the fierce competitor Jaymz.

Zach Davis: Yep, and size isn’t the only difference here. I expect the age gap to play a huge role. Trey Carter can go as he’s proven he is an admirable technical wrestler, but Jaymz is a very seasoned fighter period. And more often than not, it comes down to brawling. Which gives Jaymz a huge edge.

Kyle Steel:: This match is set for one fall and it is for the Alpha Championship Title!!!

Zach Davis: Ladies and gentlemen get ready for a match between one of the best technicians in the game and one best brawlers we’ve seen to date.

Kyle Steel:: Introducing first from Noble, Oklahoma. Standing at 7’2”, 363 pounds. The number one contender for the Alpha Championship title….Jaymz!!!!

Hanz Zimmer’s “The Kraken” plays and the arena lights dim. Jaymz silhouette appears at the top of the ramp. As the music picks up, the lights come on and dark blue sparks shoot from both sides of the ramp and Jaymz casually makes his way to the ring showing no emotion.

Zach Davis: I can’t tell if Jaymz is excited or nervous about this match tonight and what’s on the line. He always looks so focused!

Freddy Whoa: Yeah. That or he has resting bitch face…

Kyle Steel:: And now coming into the ring... This man hails from Anaheim, California. He stands at 6’5”, 220 pounds. He is the WCF Alpha Champion….Trey Carter!!!!

“Come Down” by Anderson Paak plays and the lights dim through the brief intro of the song. As soon as the beat picks up after, "Ya'll n***** got me hot", the arena is filled with red, white and black stars as Trey Carter slowly walks in.

Zach Davis: This man is defending his title merely days after winning it from long time champion Adam Bass.

Freddy Whoa: He won that match in a matter of seconds!

Zach Davis: You have to imagine that Jaymz is not taking this matchup lightly.

Trey is more focused than usual as he walks up the steps and ducks under the second rope to climb into the ring. The lights all meet him in the center of the ring in a mix of red, white and black before he throws his arm up in the air and the turnbuckle fireworks shoot off. Jaymz and Trey stare at each other from across the ring. Trey raises the Alpha title in the air, not breaking eye contact. The fans mostly boo him. Trey slowly lowers the belt and hands it off to the ref. The bell goes off and the two charge each other.

Zach Davis: Wow there is no hesitation!!

Trey ducks a hook from Jaymz and delivers multiple quick jabs at his body. They aren't very effective as Jaymz crushes Trey with a huge right hand. Trey takes the punch and hits the mat hard, but somehow rolls right up to meet Jaymz with rights to his face. Jaymz absorbs the blows and then headbutts Trey, who stays down this time.

Freddy Whoa: If Trey’s strategy is to get into a bar fight with Jaymz, then he might as well hand over the belt now…

Jaymz chokes Trey on the mat before picking him up by his neck. He picks him up for a chokeslam.

Zach Davis: Could this be “The Silence” already?!!

Trey kicks Jaymz in the chest multiple times before he releases his grasp on him. Before Trey could capitalize, Jaymz connects with an overhead belly to belly. The force causes Trey to slide out of the ring and on to the floor.

Freddy Whoa: Wow! He avoided the finisher only to be tossed out of the ring for his efforts!

Trey rolls in pain as he clutches his stomach. Jaymz stares at Trey emotionlessly and climbs over the rope to the outside. Trey struggles to stand up and is met with a toe kick to his gut. Jaymz sets up for a powerbomb. He lifts Trey up and uses his amazing strength to run with Trey and launch him into the ring post. Trey hits it hard and immediately falls to the ground.

Zach Davis: What a devastating powerbomb!!! Trey is broken in half!!

Freddy Whoa: He needs to stay down!!

Trey writhes in pain as the big man stomps the downed wrestler. Jaymz picks Trey up and easily lifts him over his head. He walks towards the barricade and throws Trey into the fans.

Freddy Whoa: That was effortless! He tossed his like he was weightless!

Jaymz slowly walks back towards the ring. Trey shakes the cobwebs and stands atop the barricade. Trey does a flying bulldog which smashes Jaymz' head against the side of the ring. It also costs Trey as his legs clumsily hit the ring and he falls awkwardly on his back. The crowd cheers in approval.

Zach Davis: That was way more than worth the price of admission there! Beautiful mix of technique and high flying there!

Jamyz is hunched over holding his head. Trey stomps the back of the leg of the big man, bringing him to one knee. He slams his head hard against the side of the ring, which neutralizes him. Trey throws haymakers right into the face of Jaymz. By the third punch Jaymz catches Trey's right hand…

Freddy Whoa: Uh oh….

Trey is shocked as Jaymz squeezes his hand and slowly rises to his feet. Jaymz presses Trey over his head and launches him over the ropes and back into the ring. Trey scrambles back to his feet as the big man starts to climb into the ring. Without hesitation, Trey shoulder tackles Jaymz, which lands him back outside the ring on his feet. Trey runs towards the ropes, hops on the top rope and leaps off attempting his superman punch, "The Knox". Jaymz catches Trey by his neck in mid air. Jaymz hits Trey with "The Silence" and knocks him out cold.

Zach Davis: The Silence!!! The Silence!!!

Freddy Whoa: Get him in the ring!!

Zach Davis: We could have a new champion!!

Jaymz picks up and shoves Trey into the ring. Jaymz makes his way into the ring and goes for the cover.

1………..2……….Trey barely kicks out!!!

Zach Davis: We were this close to a new champion! Just took him a bit too long to capitalize on the opportunity.

Trey tries his best to regain composure but is met with a big boot. Somehow Trey is able to wearily get back to his feet but Jaymz locks in a bearhug.

Freddy Whoa: This match has been all about annihilating Trey!!! He has been beaten and battered the entire match!

Trey can feel the life fading away from him. Trey acts quick and repeatedly strikes him with elbows. Eventually Trey is able to break the hold and Jaymz reluctantly lets him go. Trey uses the brief momentum to hit a desperation superkick. The kick brings the big man to his knees, where Trey hits him with a ddt. Trey goes for the cover...


Zach Davis: Trey almost sneaks away with the win there. I don’t know where he came up with the energy to pull that off!!

Jaymz tries to get up but Trey grabs his legs and hooks up the sharpshooter. Its not long before Jaymz uses the strength in his legs to catapult Trey out of the hold.

Freddy Whoa: Submissions are not going to work against Jaymz. I cannot imagine this beast quiting….

Trey pounds on the mat in frustration. The two lock up and Jaymz overpowers Trey. He lifts him in the air and drops him back down with a jackhammer. He stays on for the pin.


Jaymz shakes his head, a bit impressed by the smaller man's resilience. Jaymz picks Trey up and whips him on the rope. He attempts a clothesline but Trey ducks the shot. He leaps into the air and rebounds off the ropes with "Knox".

Zach Davis: How on earth did he do that?!!!

Jaymz goes down and both he and Trey lay exhausted on the mat.

Freddy Whoa: He’s too tired to cover Jaymz!!

After a few seconds Trey crawls over to Jaymz. He stretches out his arm for the count.


Zach Davis: It’s going to take more than that to take out Jaymz! He knows what’s at stake here!

The two wrestlers slowly get to their feet. Trey goes for a kick to the gut but Jaymz catches his leg. Trey hits him with an Enziguri. Jaymz is dazed but doesn't hit the mat. Trey rushes to the top rope and signals for the "Knox".

Zach Davis: “Knox” take two!!!

He leaps off the rope, but is met with a huge right hand at the same time that he connects with his. Once again the two men are flat on the mat. Jaymz stretches out for the pin.

1………2…………kick out!!!!!!

Zach Davis: These two are not letting up even a little bit. Neither one wants to walk away the loser here.

Freddy Whoa: They are going to die in the ring!

Trey uses the ropes to lift himself up. The ref goes to check on him. Jaymz instinctively charges towards Trey. Trey moves aside. Jaymz accidentally clotheslines the ref outside of the ring. The two men start to size each other up but then pause. They stare over at the downed ref, then at the fans, then back at each other. They give cynical smiles and go outside the ring in search of weapons.

Freddy Whoa: Hahaha! They are both taking advantage of the official’s misfourtune!

Trey settles with a chair while Jaymz grabs a sledge hammer. They meet each other back in the ring and Trey lifts the chair up. Before he could bring it back down, Jaymz strikes Trey hard in the ribs with the hammer. Trey sinks to the floor in pain. Jaymz tries to hit Trey's head, but he ducks the attempt. Jaymz strikes Trey's ribs again.

Zach Davis: Those are deadly shots from that sledgehammer. I can’t imagine the pain!

Trey lays flat on his back holding his side. Jaymz hovers over him and holds the sledgehammer up ready to let it drop. Trey kicks the big man hard in the midsection, which causes him to drop the hammer and bend over.

Freddy Whoa: That will stop anything…

Trey scrambles up and grabs the chair. He smashes it across Jaymz back repeatedly, trying to down the giant. Trey holds the chair and waits for Jaymz to face him so he could slam the chair over his head. Jaymz turns around as Trey swings, Jaymz punches the chair hard, denting it. Trey looks stunned as he tosses the useless chair aside. Out of frustration Trey rushes Jaymz, only to be hit with the spinebuster.

Zach Davis: Uh oh!! This could be it!!!

The Alpha Champion stumbles to his feet only for Jaymz to grabs him.

Freddy Whoa: THE SILENCE!

Jaymz pins him.





The bell sounds.

Freddy Whoa: Zero Tolerance pick up the Alpha Championship!

Zach Davis: Don't forget, Jaymz now has Damien Young breathing down his neck!

Erik Black/Crazy J vs Kevin Bishop/Damian Kaine

Zach and Freddy speak over various shots of a jacked crowd.

Zach Davis: Fans, its a great time to remind you that WCF Aftermath is brought to you by Glory Hole Rest Areas..All across the country..Glory Hole Rest Areas...Come..And Go!

Freddy Whoa: Did you really just read that? Is that an actual sponsor or a testimonial?

Zach Davis: Look...I’m given the copy..I read it. Thats my job! And if Glory Hole Rest Area paid to be mentioned on this pay per view, then thats what I will do!

Freddy Whoa: Sure..

Zach Davis: Alright fans..An amazing event so far and up NEXT We have a match with numerous different stories to tell!

Freddy Whoa: On one side, we have Erik Black and our new Internet Champion Crazy J!

Zach Davis: Crazy J May be even more Crazy than ever before..If thats even possible..They square off against Kevin Bishop and Damien Kaine, two members of the Brotherhood!

Freddy Whoa: A returning Damien Kaine at that! Fresh off a hiatus..Say Zach..

Zach Davis: What?

Freddy Whoa: Should I just, you know, throw a bottle of vodka into the ring between Damien and J just to see what would happen?

Zach Davis: You are a sick man Zach...Lets go to the ring for the introductions!

Cut to Kyle Steel in the center of the ring.

Kyle Steel:: Ladies and gentlemen, this tag team match is scheduled for one fall!

Am I A psycho by tech n9ne starts as the light to the arena go out. A flame shoots up from the entrance way then the lights come on and crazy J is standing at the entrance way. Crazy j has on a black sport jacket and black pants and the ZT internet championship belt on his shoulder. He slaps hands with some fans as he makes his way to the ring.

Kyle Steel:: Introducing first, Representing Zero Tolerance..Your internet champion, weighing in at 325 lbs..Crazy J!

Crazy J raises his title high and waits halfway down the ramp.

Kyle Steel:: And his tag team partner..

Death Trend Setta by Cross fade hits on the PA system as the lights go dark. A spotlight shines on the entrance stage as Erik walks out. He has a black towel over his face. He stops at the ramp and looks around before darting to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and runs to the furthest turnbuckle. He climbs it. He does a black flip off of it while throwing the black towel into the crowd. He then simply waits for his opponent

Kyle Steel:: Weighing in at 200 lbs, also representing Zero Tolerance...ERIK BLACK!

Zach Davis: Fans, its been a wild ride for Zero Tolerance as of late, but with Crazy J bringing Gold back to the once unstoppable group, maybe the tides are starting to turn!

Freddy Whoa: Their problems in WCF have never been about talent Zach..


"I Started a Joke" by the Becky Hanson/ "Sucker for Pain" by various artists.

Every bit of illuminating technology goes out in the arena as the crowd falls dead silent. Becky Hanson's version of "I started a Joke" echoes throughout the arena.

"I started a joke....

That started the whole world crying....

But I couldn't see....

That the joke was on me...."

Freddy Whoa: I prefer the Bee Gees version personally but..Not my entrance..

The silence creeps in again as the music cuts, and then...

"I torture you-oo-oo-oo"

Damian Kaine walks out onto the stage with his hood up. He stands straight and still at the top of the ramp.

"Take my hand through the flames.

I torture you-oo-oo-oo.

I'm a slave to your games. (I'm just a sucker for pain.)

I wanna chain you up. I wanna tie you down...

I'm just a sucker for pain!"

As the bass drops, Damian throws his hood off and the crowd pops. He walks down the ramp, high-fiving fans. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope and climbs into his corner.

Kyle Steel:: Weighing in at 165 lbs...Representing The Brotherhood..Damien Kaine!!!

And his partner…

Also Representing The Brotherhood, weighing in at 245 lbs...THE PLAGUE..KEVIN BISHOP!!!

The lights in the arena go black and a hush falls upon the fans when the tron lights up pure white. “Unholy Confessions” by Avenged Sevenfold blares over head and white strobes beam down on a group of people in black hoods and Plague doctor masks, as the lights beam down on them, the move away to reveal The Plague Kevin Bishop holding out his arms taking in the roar of the crowd. He wears his black studded leather vest and his hair drips wet as he shakes his head to the music. Kevin applies his wrist tape as he makes his way down the ramp with the fans reaching out to him. Towards the end of the ramp Kevin runs to the ring and slides in. He stands in the middle of the ring for a second with a grin on his face as he takes in the roaring of the crowd. Finally he lifts his arms and a barrage of sparks rain down onto him and the ring. He makes his way to the far corner with Damien and stares down their opponents.

Zach Davis: The atmosphere is thick...wait a minute..Damien Kaine asking for a microphone...He has it..

Damien Kaine: I just wanna say that I will be fighting tonights match for a brother we recently lost...Erik, you know who I’m talking about you Son of a Bitch! Tonight...I’m gonna win one FOR THE BASTARD!

Crowd cheers, spotty chants of “Archer..Archer” go throughout the crowd for a minute or so..Its also noticed that Damien is wearing a black band on his bicep with the letters “AA” in white..

Zach Davis: Fans, I’m not sure why Damien would call out Erik Black for Adrian Archers death..

Freddy Whoa: The official story was that he had died from cancer but..who knows? ZT has connections..

Zach Davis: In any case, Damien Kaine appears jacked for this match and wants to start it out!

Kaine and Bishop are in the corner discussing who will start the match. Kaine, with wild gesticulations, is insisting he start. Bishop pauses, take a deep breath, and steps onto the apron. The bell rings.

Zach Davis: And we are underway! Quite a bit of history in this match AND THERE GOES KAINE!

Kaine starts in on Erik Black with a series of right hands driving him into the corner on ZT’s side of the ring opposite from Crazy J. Black defends himself with guard until the referee breaks it up. Black reaches behind the ref between them and rakes the eye of Kaine, sending him stumbling into the middle of the ring.

Zach Davis: Kaine came out like a house on fire here, but Black, the cool, collected founder of Zero Tolerance, kept his wits and is now peppering Kaine with Muy Thai kicks to the legs!


Crowd: OOOOH

Black stalks the limping Kaine around the ring slowly, grinning slightly as he levels another kick that knocks Kaine to the mat on his knees..Black says a few words to Kaine, spits in his face then levels him with a stiff cross kick to the face which sends Kaine down in a heap.

Freddy Whoa: The crowd not liking this as Erik Black keeps on top of Kaine with stomps..Every time he gets to his knees, he gets sent right back down.

Black continues to belittle Kaine, then points across at Bishop..Bishop takes the bait, stepping into the ring making the ref turn his back on ZT. This allows Crazy J, pulls out a nylon from his pants and nails Kaine with the golf ball filled Nylon..

Crazy J and Crowd: OH DAGGY BOY!

Kaine struggles to his feet while Black keeps watch, giving a signal that tells J to drop the nylon just as the ref turns his attention back to the center of the ring.

Zach Davis: Black with the tag to J and here comes the Internet Champion!

J leans over Kaine, picking him up by the hair, then clubbing him down..He repeats this once more, and Kaine fights back with strikes to the stomach. J responds with a yell and a high knee that takes Kaine down to the mat crawling for the ropes.

Zach Davis: Total domination for your boys in ZT Freddy.

Freddy Whoa: I’m still waiting for my damn cactus..They said it would be here by now..

J picks up Kaine and snaps him over with a quick suplex. He climbs the ropes, lets out a lusty groan to the audience, then leaps to perform the splash…

Zach Davis: NOBODY HOME! Kaine rolls out..Quickly on J’s back...BULLY CHOKE! THE BULLY CHOKE!

Freddie Woah; WOAH!

Zach Davis: Kaine kicking and squirming gaining leverage yanking on J! But J stands up! Kaine barely hanging on..J is Backing Up..


Zach Davis: Tag is made..double team maneuver here..

J whips Kaine to the far side ropes..Off the rebound, Black levels a vicious heel kick to the midsection of Kaine, doubling him over into perfect position for a stiff DDT By CrAZY j..The cover by Black, but J kicks out...Bishop starts pounding the turnbuckle to work up the crowd as well as try and get in as Black sinches an armbar deep into Kaine…

Zach Davis: Kaine is in pain!

Freddy Whoa: You can say that a GAIN..

Zach Davis: What is this, rhyme time?

Freddy Whoa: Rhymin aint a crime..

Zach Davis: Kaine struggling trying to break the armbar..Rolling onto his back..A knee to Blacks head..Another!

Freddy Whoa: And a sister and a brother..

Zach Davis: Want me to beat you to death?

Freddy Whoa: Be better than smelling your stank ass breath!

Fans behind the table: WOOOOOOO BURN!

Zach Davis: Are you done?

Freddy Whoa: I had fun.

Zach Davis: ..ANYWAY...The crowd getting behind Kaine as he tries to fight out of the armbar by Black..Kaine rolls onto his shoulders..Ref counts the pin..But Kaine is kneeing Black on the temple each time he rolls...Finally he breaks Free! Kaine leaps..TAG IS MADE TO BISHOP!

Bishop enters the ring to thunderous roars from the crowd and starts to clean house...A clothesline to Black, then a clothesline to a charging Crazy J..Both men stand up as Bishop bounces off the ropes and lands a double clothesline sending both men over the opposite ropes onto the floor. Bishop take a moment to pause, crowd goes crazy.


Bishop runs to the ropes as he sees Black roll back into the ring. Black is woozy and doesn't see Bishop coming.

Freddy Whoa: BLACK DEATH!

Bishop pins him, hooking the leg.




Zach Davis: The Brotherhood boys get the win!

Kaine enters the ring and gets his arm raised. Kevin Bishop tries to shake his hand but Damian Kaine leaves, disgusted.

Freddy Whoa: Zero Tolerance has won the Alpha Title tonight, but lost this tag match... will Vinnie make this a successful night for them later on?

Zach Davis: I can't wait to find out!

Oblivion vs Katherine Phoenix

Zach Davis: Ladies and gentlemen!! This is tonight's guilty pleasure!!

Freddy Whoa: You are correct Zach!! No one in there in their right mind wants to miss this match!!


Freddy Whoa: Why are you screaming?!

Zach Davis: I have no idea? This match has everything. Betrayal!! Backstabbing!! Rape!! Murder!! Supposed murder... Twice!!

Freddy Whoa: That's right!! Katherine Phoenix has tried to kill Oblivion.. No joke... Has tried to kill Oblivion... TWICE!!

Zach Davis: We are not lying here folks. The first time is when and this is funny!!

Freddy Whoa: You're demented Zach Davis!!

Zach Davis: Get this, when this one time when Oblivion was coming down to the ring Katherine Phoenix and another competitor named, Morriganna...

Freddy Whoa: Who was a product from a past rape.

Zach Davis: Once The Monster was half way down the entrance ramp, both women pushed Oblivion off the ramp and Oblivion landed in the pyrotechnics. The paramedics rushed him off, spraying him with some kind of medical foam, losing three layers of skin!!

Freddy Whoa: We didn't we The Monster for monster.

Zach Davis: WCF celebrated!!

Freddy Whoa: Not everyone celebrated!! Jesus
, dude!! Keep that up!! The Monster will surely get you!!

Zach Davis: No... Nah!! No he won't!! Pantheon says Oblivion is weak!! Is nothing!! So, I'm holding them to that!! So, I will call Oblivion anything and he won't hurt me because Oblivion is a pussy, because Pantheon says so!!

The entire lights of WesBanco Arena flicker!! Sounds of thunder and lightning echo throughout the arena. The crowd cheers.

Freddy Whoa: I don't think you should have done that!!

Zach Davis: Why?! What would happen? FUCK OBLIVION!!


A lightning strike hit the commentary desk. Both Zach Davis and Freddy Whoa are five feet back.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! WHOA!!



Freddy Whoa: I TOLD you NOT to mess with The Monster!!

Zach Davis: *cough-cough-cough* Oblivion is still a pussy!! Pantheon and Katherine Phoenix wouldn't lie!!

Freddy Whoa: Oblivion is a two time world champion! World record eight time hardcore champion!! US champion!! Two time Television champion!! Two time tag team champion!! How can you call that being a pussy?!

Zach Davis: If Pantheon and Katherine Phoenix says it... Then it HAS to be true... Right?

Freddy Whoa: No.

The house lights go down as purple lights start flashing all around the arena. "Desire" by Meg Myers begins to play, as Katherine Phoenix appears at the top of the entrance ramp. She is wearing a black leather miniskirt, fishnet leggings, an extremely tight low cut tank top and black leather heeled thigh boots. Katherine proceeds to walk down to the ring taking in all of the crowd's energy.

Kyle Steel:: From Los Angeles, California... Weighing in at 134 pounds... she is KATHERINE PHOENIX!!!

Katherine quickly reaches the ring and walks around it several times taking the time to check out her surroundings. She then runs around to the turnbuckle, grabbing hold of it and bouncing up onto the ring apron, glancing over at the crowd, but still not really paying them much attention. She climbs through the ropes and begins to pace back and forth whilst waiting for Oblivion.

Freddy Whoa: All we need now is Oblivion!!!

The house lights go out, as lighter colored lights come on. The multiple cameras pan around the jam packed WesBanco Arena. The fans are holding up various signs. The atmosphere is explosive and the crowd is cheering. "Oblivion" by Mastodon begins to play. The blaring guiry begins to play.

The house lights go out.The crowd begins to murmur. Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lasers begin to flash. Two bright spotlights hit the entrance stage. The music continues to thump. Some of they fans are thrashing along with the music.


Explosive fire pyro shoots straight up on the stage and down the ramp. Then right about that time, Oblivion slowly comes, with a dead stare. Thew music continues to blare out and rattles the arena. The Monster slowly begins to walk down to the edge of the entrance stage, bringing in the cheers the crowd.

Kyle Steel:: Coming to the ring... From the deepest darkest side of sick man's mind... The Monster... Oblivioooooon!!!

Zach Davis: The Monster is officially back in WCF!!!

Freddy Whoa: God help us all!!

Crowd: OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!!

Past the entrance stage there are sixteen hooded cloaked individuals, eight on each side, of the aisle, with their heads down. Chanting...

Hooded individuals: A-WHOO!! A-WHOO!! A-WHOO!!

Oblivion drags IT's right leg as The Monster drag a sledgehammer. The God of Hardcore shear at a nearby cameraman. Oblivion runs up the steel steps, before entering the ring.


Freddy Whoa: WHAT THE HELL?!

Zach Davis: Katherine Phoenix just struck the bad leg, of Oblivion with a steel chair!!

Freddy Whoa: This match hasn't even been officially started!!


Katherine Phoenix continuously jams the edge of the steel chair on the damaged knee of The Monster Oblivion!!

Katherine Phoenix: Stay down!! I'm better than you!! You boudle bitch!! You peanut butter bitch!! Dance for us, Obi!! Dance!!


The referee spins Katherine around, grabbing the chair. This immediately pirates Miss Phoenix, who gets in the face of the referee.

Katherine Phoenix: DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!

The referee screams back, pointing back onto his referee shirt.



Katherine Phoenix smirks at the referee turns and skips two times...



Katherine Phoenix: Super kick!!

Zach Davis: Katherine Phoenix is laying flat on the mat!!

Freddy Whoa: The Monster has that devilish grin across IT's face!!

Zach Davis: NO!! NO!! NO!! NO!! Don't hurt Katherine!!


Oblivion proceeds to stomp down on Katherine...

Crowd: S.. T.. O.. M.. P..

Freddy Whoa: Surviving Treacherous Overbearing Monstrous Psychopaths!!

Katherine rolls out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Katherine Phoenix rolled out if the ring and Oblivion is perched on the top turnbuckle.

Freddy Whoa: Air Monster is ready to fly!!



Zach Davis: Katherine Phoenix was playing possum, kicked Oblivion in the bad knee!!

Oblivion: ARRRRGH!!


Freddy Whoa: That didn't last long, as The Monster literally threw Katherine Phoenix into the steel ring steps!!

Zach Davis: Uh-Oh!! Freddy!!

Freddy Whoa: I know!! He's looking in our direction!!

Oblivion grab Katherine by her...


Zach Davis: Short-arm clothesline!!

Oblivion grabs to puck her up...



Oblivion stumbles and Katherine pushes The Monster into a ring post. Oblivion bounces off the ring post, blood slowly trickly down the forehead...


Zach Davis: BIG BOOT!!

Oblivion picks up Katherine and holds her up with a gorilla press, tossing her back in the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Did you just see that?!

Oblivion goes over to Katherine Phoenix picks her up and walks her over to a corner. Katherine Phoenix is kicking and screaming!!

Katherine Phoenix: Get off me!!

Oblivion is biting into her forehead. Gnawing into her flesh. Blood dripping down. Katherine is now screaming in horrific pain!! The crowd has now stopped cheering, they are now watching in fear. The Monster is now A MONSTER... BITING A WOMAN HALF ITS SIZE, GNAWING AT HER FACE. LICKING AT POURING BLOOD. Biting down, Katherine screams louder, the crowd begins to throw things at Oblivion to make IT stop, but all that does it make Oblivion do bite more and something else happens. Like, as if something worse couldn't go worse for Katherine Phoenix...




Freddy Whoa: OH MY GOD!! KATHERINE PHOENIX'S FACE!!! WHAT'S OBLIVION DOING NOW?! THIS ANIMAL!! IT's dragging Katherine to the ring...

Zach Davis: These fans are disgusted with Oblivion!!

Oblivion spits in the face of Katherine Phoenix before heaving up her limp body onto IT's shoulders for a fireman's carry...


Freddy Whoa: 5150!!!

The crowd us pelting the ring with garbage!!! Oblivion covers Katherine Phoenix for the pin. The arena echoes with massive thunderous boos!!

Crowd: One!

Crowd: Two!


Kyle Steel:: The winner if this match... The Monster Oblivion!!

Zach Davis: Wow!! Just... Wow!!! Unbelievable!!! Freddy just unbelievable!!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!

Hardcore Title Match
Mikey eXtreme vs Andre Holmes

Aftermath comes back for a promo for the WCF Network with a shot of Andre Holmes backstage getting ready for his match, which is up next.

Zach Davis: Well there we see the WCF Hardcore Champion Andre Holmes on his way out here to defend his title. He's got a heck of a challenge coming.

Andre is walking down a hallway stretching out his shoulders when a door opens and out steps Seth Lerch. Seth starts to say something when from out of nowhere Mikey Extreme charges Andre from behind and knocks him into Seth.

Zach Davis: What the hell?!

Seth falls behind the door out of the camera's view as Andre stumbles into the office. Extreme now laying into Andre's kidneys with right hands before Andre finally fights back with a back elbow to the face. Andre now with rights of his own to the face as Extreme tries to back off before running into a bookcase. Andre grabs a thick book off a shelf and slams it down over the top of Extreme's head.

Freddy Whoa: That was a rather large book, I never knew Seth to be an avid reader.

Andre tosses the book to the floor and the camera gets a glance at the cover. "An Illustrated History Of Lesbianism In Pornography".

Freddy Whoa: Ah, should have known.

Extreme holding the top of his head as Andre goes to grab something off the shelf.


Andre reaches for a different item.


Andre looking annoyed as he reaches for something else.


Andre grabs a book and throws it at Lerch.


Extreme uses the distraction to grab hold of the Nintendo Switch and blasts Andre across the face with it. There's a loud cry of pain from the crowd, almost as if wrestling fans are also massive nerds. Andre blinded by pieces of plastic and broken hearts as Seth can be heard sobbing in the background. Extreme grabs Andre by the head and leads him toward the door before tossing him out into the hallway. The camera cuts outside of the office as Andre is trying to get back up to his feet. Extreme charges him again, looking to drive his head through the wall with a knee. Andre moves out of the way and Extreme connects with the wall before Andre grabs him up from behind and slams him face first into the concrete. Officials finally on the scene and trying to get order as Seth appears at his doorway holding his head.

Seth Lerch: You two idiots are going to pay for breaking my Switch!

Andre takes a step toward Seth and Lerch turns, trips over his own feet and falls into the bookcase. Crashing can be heard as his collectibles fall and break around him. Andre not given much time to gloat as officials are pushing him down the hall toward the stage as Mikey is being helped up. The cameras cut to the announce table as the fans are buzzing about what they saw on the jumbotron.

Zach Davis: Well that was something and- Uh, Freddy, you okay?

Freddy Whoa: I mean, did that poor Switch really have to get broken? It was innocent, Zach. Innocent!

Zach Davis: Video games can't be innocent or guilty, they're just objects.


Zach Davis: ...

The cameras quickly cut backstage again as Extreme and Holmes have broken loose from officials and are brawling again. They stumble through the curtain and out onto the stage as the fans pop. Suddenly the bell rings and the referee in the ring climbs out and runs up the ramp.

Zach Davis: Well it looks like this match is finally officially underway but I don't think either of these two have noticed.

The referee trying to tell both men to take it to the ring but they're too bush throwing punches. Extreme throws a big right hand but Andre ducks it and spins him around. Andre pulls him in from behind for a german near the edge of the stage.

Freddy Whoa: DON'T DO IT!

Fans up on their feet as Andre tries to hit the german off the stage but Extreme counters with a kick below the belt. Andre doubled over holding onto himself as Extreme turns around and grabs Andre by the head. Extreme looking to the floor below before spinning him around and launching him off the stage.

Zach Davis: Oh no!

Miraculously Andre manages to land on his feet but comes up limping as he nearly falls over before grabbing hold of a barricade meant to keep fans back from the production equipment.

Freddy Whoa: Andre looking like he may have tweaked his ankle on that landing and- HOLD ON! WAIT! NO!

Extreme on the stage backing up and looking like a man possessed as the referee is trying to talk him out of whatever he's thinking. Andre trying to shake out his leg as Extreme runs across the stage and leaps off with a crossbody. Andre looks up in time to get hit by the flying Extreme and gets taken to the concrete floor as the crowd loses it. Extreme rolls off of Andre holding his ribs as the referee runs down the ramp to more level ground and then over to check on both men.

Zach Davis: Mikey Extreme showing he's going to do everything he can to win the Hardcore Title, including trying to end his own career. But both men still down and in pain and you have to wonder if they can finish the match.

Extreme crawling toward a production crate holding his ribs as the referee is checking on Andre. Fans still chanting "That Was Awesome" as Extreme pulls himself up and turns around. Andre trying to sit up and Mikey goes after him, limping while he has a hand over his ribs. Andre trying to get up but Extreme throws a knee into the side of his head. Extreme with another knee to the head as Andre falls over onto the floor. The referee trying to get Mikey to take things to the ring again but Extreme waves him off and grabs a trashcan from the other side of the barricade. Mikey looks into the can and then flips it over, spilling trash all over the champion.

Freddy Whoa: Oh my god, that's just disgusting. I think I saw a hot dog with ketchup on it in there. Ketchup!

Andre trying to wipe the trash off of him as Mikey grabs a banana peel of all things. Mikey now pulling Andre up by the head and he smashes the peel into his face, grinding it all over before shoving it into Andre's mouth and slapping him across the face.

Zach Davis: Mikey Extreme showing absolutely no respect for the champion here and I can dig it. I mean, show the enemy who the boss is. It's smart!

Freddy Whoa: But take it to the ring already. I get this is a Hardcore Title match and this is all legal, but Extreme knows he can only win the belt inside the ring and he's not even trying to take Andre toward it.

Zach Davis: Obviously he's just making sure Andre is hurt so he can pin him. It's called strategy you nitwit.

Mikey now grabbing the can itself and raises it above his head, ready to bring it down on Andre's skull as he tries to sit up. Mikey swings but Andre from out of nowhere with a right hand straight to the groin. Mikey doubles over as Andre pushes himself up, grimacing as he puts weight on his ankle. Andre now with an elbow to the side of the head before following up with a chop that puts Mikey against the barricade. Andre now with some rapid fire chops, lighting up the chest of Mikey as the crowd pops for each one. Andre spots a fan with a soda and he snatches it from them before throwing it in Mikey's face and then trying to shove the cheap paper cup down his throat.

Freddy Whoa: The champion is alive once again!

Andre now grabbing an arm and he whips Mikey into the side of the stage before charging him and tackling him against it. Another big chop to the chest and now Andre leads Mikey by the head toward the ring. Mikey tries to fight back with an elbow to the gut but Andre manages to shake it off and shove Mikey backfirst into the announce table.

Zach Davis: Look out!

Andre pulls Mikey off the table and feigns whipping him into the side of the ring before throwing him over the top of the table and forcing the announcers to dive out of the way. Andre now climbing on top of the table and the crowd pops as he gestures toward Mikey as he's tangled up under the chairs. Andre hops back down off the table and goes under the ring apron in search of weapons. He pulls out a chair, a kendo stick and a black bag of mystery. Mikey shoving chairs off of him as he tries to use the table to pull himself up as Andre opens the bag and spreads it out in front of the announce table.

Freddy Whoa: I think we're back with our mics working and- What the hell? Are those Legos?

Zach Davis: No, I do believe those are Mega Blocks. It would appear as though Seth went with the company willing to spend more for advertising.

Andre picks up the kendo stick and climbs back up on the announce table once more as Mikey is finally back up. Andre grabs him and tries to pull him up but Mikey counters with a shot to the face with a microphone he found on the table. Andre still upright as Mikey climbs up on the table and wrestles the kendo stick away from him. Mikey with a shot across the gut as Andre is trying not to fall. Mikey looks down, sees the blocks all over the floor and his eyes light up.

Freddy Whoa: What is this maniac thinking?

Mikey pulls Andre to the edge of the table in a russian leg sweep with the kendo stick across his throat. Fans up on their feet as Mikey hits the move off the table and onto the blocks below.


Andre writhing in pain as he's got the plastic pieces embedded into his back. Mikey seems to be regretting his decision as he too is trying to pull them from his skin. Both men crawling away from each other as the referee checks on them. Neither wants to quit but both need a breather. The crowd is still hot as Andre grabs hold of the ring steps and pulls the top part off. Mikey sees him and drops to the ground before rolling under the ring. Andre tosses the steps aside and curses as he pulls the apron up and looks under the ring. Mikey rolls out from under the ring on a different side and crouches down out of view. Fans trying to tell Andre where Mikey is but he cant understand them. Andre with his back turned as Mikey picks up the chair and tries to sneak up. Mikey swings the chair like a bat but using some senses that would make Spider-Man jealous, Andre manages to duck in time. Andre with an elbow to the jaw that dazes Mikey before Andre pulls him in for a powerbomb.

Zach Davis: Is he going to hit this on the steps?!

Andre looking at the steps but then he has a different idea as he looks to the ring post.

Freddy Whoa: Oh god no!

Andre pulls Mikey up and charges before hitting the Bad Landing into the ring post. The referee immediately checks on Mikey as Andre leans against the barricade to catch his breath. But it's not for long as Andre looks to the ring and pulls Mikey up before shoving him in under the bottom rope. Andre in and finally we get the first pin attempt of the match.




Zach Davis: Thank God, it's over.

Andre Holmes gets up and is handed his Hardcore Championship. JUST KIDDING, he doesn't have it.

Freddy Whoa: I'd say that this was the biggest test in Andre Holmes' reign, Zach. It could've gone either way, and I have a feeling that is something that will eat at Andre Holmes' mind for a long time.

After the hellacious match is over, the cameras turn to Andre Aquarius walking down the entrance path with the WCF Hardcore Championship over his shoulder. Mikey eXtreme and Andre Holmes are both in the ring recovering after the match but Andre Aquarius is already on the apron. He watches the man he stole his championship from stand on his feet on wobbly knees, patting the silver belt to mock him.


Freddy Whoa: Adding insult to injury, Andre Aquarius is making it harder to get on the champion's good side.

Zach Davis: I don't think he ever wanted to get on his "good" side.

Just when they get inside the ring, the two Andre's stare down each other in the eyes. Out of nowhere, they both go and start beating down Mikey eXtreme in the corner who was about to get up and deal with the situation.

Zach Davis: WHAT THE HELL?!


After they have finished the beat down, the two men back off in the center of the ring. Aquarius willingly hands over the Championship belt back to Andre Holmes then both men raise their arms against the confused crowd.


Freddy Whoa: We've been played by Pantheon all along. Andre Holmes and Andre Aquarius made us believe they were enemies but it was all an act. More to come next week on Sunday Night Slam!

Damian Kaine Segment

Backstage in the WesBanco arena, we see a locker room with the name Bonnie Blue on the door.

Inside is the newly brunette Daughter of time. She appears startled when there’s a knock at the door.

The shot widens to show Damian Kaine, wearing a UCI Authentic “The Guardians” tee shirt.

Damian Kaine: Just wanted to say good luck out there tonight. Sanchez is a damn good competitor, but you’re a fucking Guardian. And don’t you forget it.

Bonnie: Well thank ya, Mr. Kaine. Greatly appreciated.

We go to commercial as Blue gets ready.

Bonnie Blue vs David Sanchez


Kyle Steel:: The following contest...IS SET FOR ONE FALL!


Zach Davis: It's time for one of the most anticipated matches of the night, folks.

Freddy Whoa: "Time" being the key word here. This match marks the return to the WCF of The Daughter of Time herself Bonnie Blue as she takes on her old rival David Sanchez. Can she come out on top tonight? Let's find out!

The arena falls into a tepid silence as the opening guitar riff to Royal Blood’s “Out of the Black” begins to trickle out of the PA system, starting quiet and building to a thunderous din as the words kick into action. The crowd are perplexed at first until the screen does the legwork in identifying who is coming to the ring by showing highlights from the career of David Sanchez’ various matches..

The song plays on as the audience erupts into a sea of distasteful chants and a rapture of hissing, gesturing and miscellaneous disapproving noises. David Sanchez appears center stage, his eyes unblinking as he soaks in the loathing. Dressed in his simple wrestling gear of purple cage-fighting shorts, taped wrists, Black and purple boots, capped with cut-off, black gloves he appears a much different man than he does behind the curtain. In contrast to his drug-addled antics of promos both past and present, as well as the everyday struggles and politics of being the mayor, this impressive specimen wears only one additional item to approach the ring, a T-shirt he had launched through his wives’ online fashion outlet. The slogan branded on this simple black garment reads “[FEAR] Fuck Empathy” in purple font.

David’s emotionless stare at the crowd turns into a grimace at hearing their hatred towards him, even as he rebuilds their city, he was still always known as the bad guy. He begins a slow pace to the ring. No pyrotechnics are launched, nor do the lights flicker. He believed simplicity was more intimidating than flashing strobes, smoke and fireworks. As he walks he removes the aforementioned T-shirt, an action which draws a slight stirring from the fans closest to the ramp who believe they may be given this item of clothing. Instead, upon acknowledging this optimism, Sanchez simply hangs the T-shirt over the optical lens of the cameraman who had been documenting his walk to the ring, causing a momentary fault in focus which is quickly dealt with as the low hissing turns into a tidal wave of boos by those disheartened by his inability to share.

I’ve got a gun for a mouth,
‘Got a bullet with your name on it.

As the music shifts back to a heavy guitar solo, David Sanchez slides under the bottom ropes and leaps back to his feet, staring down the ring announcer without so much as batting an eyelid at the audience. With this final blatant disregard for showmanship he turns back to the stage, awaiting his opponent whilst stretching out his limbs in a warm-up. He acts as though the arena is empty, as if this was simply a practice run. A slightly troubling smile appears on his previously void of emotion complexion as the music ceases and the crowd’s obvious resentment for his presence surrounds him like a warm blanket of hate.

After Sanchez's entrance, E-Rock's "Doctor Who Theme" hits, and out walks out...a woman?

Freddy Whoa: Who...who is that?

Zach Davis: That's...oh my god, that's Bonnie Blue. She looks different, but there's no mistaking that determination in her eyes.

A shower of sparks cascades down over the stage as Bonnie Blue smiles. She pumps a fist into the air and gets another big pop; the big screen behind her now displays the words HARDCORE QUEEN.

As she makes her way down the aisle, high-fiving and fist-bumping the fans reaching toward her, a montage of extreme spots plays out across the giant screen: crashing through a glass table with Shadowlove; sailing through the back window of a moving bus, only to come back and hit a hurricanrana on Stevie Corah; landing an elbow on Bad News Brawler; Bonnie dropping on Corah from atop a ladder, crashing with him through a table; a bruised and bloodied Bonnie setting Jonathan Porter up on the top turnbuckle, to hit a reverse Frankensteiner. Interspersed throughout the video are scenes of Bonnie accepting a belt -- Tag Team or Intercontinental -- from the official, clutching the hard-won prize close with a triumphant smile. As the video ends, the word GUARDIAN appears, then fades away.

Still playing to the crowd, the Daughter of Time completes a circle around the ring, then leaps onto the apron and turns to face the audience. Grasping the top rope, she backflips over it and into the ring, a dazzling smile on her lips as the fans cheer. Bonnie puts one hand to her ear and makes a beckoning motion with the other, driving the crowd into a frenzy of affection for UCI's golden girl.


Confused as he is by Bonnie's new appearance, Sanchez nevertheless tries to get the mind games started early by leaving himself open, sarcastically saying "ladies first" to Bonnie. The crowd boos in disaproval, hating Sanchez's cockiness, but this doesn't faze Bonnie, who ROUNDHOUSE KICKS THE FUCK OUT OF SANCHEZ TO A THUNDEROUS POP.





David is SHOCKED by this turn of events, as the crowd voices their approval.


Bonnie rides this wave of momentum by refusing to lets Sanchez get back to his feet, instead hitting an eblow strike to the back of David's head, following it up with an elbow to his face. After flipping him over to his back, Bonnie begins to climb the nearest turnbuckle, sending the crowd into a frenzy. She tries to hit the diving elbow drop...BUT NO, Sanchez moves out of the way just in time, sending Bonnie crashing down HARD on the canvas. Now in control, David forces Bonnie to get up before grabbing her from behind and hitting a particularly angry german suplex on her. Bonnie back on the ground, David slaps her in the face (causing a particularly angry response from the crowd) before sinching in a deadly Castro Clutch.

Freddy Whoa: Will she give up?! Will Bonnie tap out?!

The answer to that question is no, as Bonnie begins to fight out of the move after some struggle, lifting up Sanchez (who is still on her back) and hits a back body drop, all of her weight coming down on The Man Who Would Be King. Picking the man back up, she grabs a hold of hi body and STO's him, seamlessly going for the pin.


TW-Kickout by Sanchez.

Sanchez getting back up, Bonnie tries going back to the well and tries another roundhouse kick, but Sanchez catches her leg mid kick, wags his finger at her, before hitting HIS OWN roundhouse kick right to her abdomen, and as she collapses HE goes for thep in.



Kickout by Bonnie!

Not wasting any time after the kickout, David pulls her back up, gets her in a single underhook position...BAM, Central Nervous Shutdown! He goes for the pin again!




David is fuming at this point, frustrated he can't put her down, and tries to work something new against her BUT BONNIE BLUE HITS A JUMPING STUNNER FROM OUT. OF. FUCKING. NOWHERE.

Freddy Whoa: JYEEEZUS CHRIST, this girl has such a fire in her, ole Bonnie or not!

She tries to capitalize on this, picking Sanchez up and hitting a stiff forearm to his face...only for him to not move and hit his own forearm shot! The two begin trading VICIOUS DISGUSTING BLOWS as the crowd goes nuts, eventually they both hit strikes at the same time, causing both to collapse in a heap in the middle of the ring, the crowd loving it.

Crowd: THIS IS AWESOME! *clap clap clapclapclap* THIS IS AWESOME! *clap clap clapclapclap*

Bonnie Blue works her way up first. But not by much - Sanchez is up too. They turn to face one another -


Blue hits the Belly to Back! She's not done. She runs to the ropes.

Freddy Whoa: OH. MY-

She hits the Sonic Screwdriver!

Zach Davis: WHOA!

Upon the completion of the Springboard Corkscrew Senton, Bonnie Blue pins David Sanchez!




The bell sounds!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Zach Davis: BONNIE BLUE!, in her returning match! She's defeated David Sanchez!, after all that history!

Blue gets to her feet and gets her arm raised, barely believing it herself.

Freddy Whoa: I've got to believe you should consider that an upset!

Zach Davis: I'd agree, Freddy - but clearly the sky is the limit for both of these competitors.

Aftermath goes to a commercial for Asesinato De Mayo.

Tag Team Titles Match
Television Title on the Line
Steven Singh/Ethan king vs The CAPTAIN/John Rabid

AThe gruff voice from the 80s sample announces "Cold getting dumb..." as the VeryBigTron flashes the word "EVEREST" in electric blue. The menacing beat of the Supervillain Theme by Mad Villain fills the arena, golden pyros form 5 ft high fountains across the stage, and The Superstar Steven Singh steps out to an enthusiastic, if mixed, reaction. Stopping on the stage he smiles wry and smug, right arm raised in the air, back of his hand to the crowd, left hand behind his back. As the gold fountains shrink back into the stage, The Superstar lowers his hand, twirling his wrist and half-bowing his head with faux gratitude to the fans. He smiles, heading down to the ring and jawing with the crowd as his name is announced over the PA. Singh climbs the stairs to the apron, wipes his feet, steps through the ropes and then bounces up, arms extended to his sides with his palms up soaking in the alternating adulation and animosity.

The beginning of "Alone With All The World” plays triumphantly throughout the arena, enticing a raucous wave of boos from the crowd. The lights gradually begin to dim, coming down to a dark hue that places extra emphasis on the stage. Large, golden letters flash over the black titantron.


A flash of golden pyro goes off as Ethan King makes his way to the top of the entrance ramp from the backstage area, all-knowing smile spread over his face as he holds both arms out in a welcoming gesture, bathing in both the adulation and spite from the crowd.

Kyle Steel:: Making his way down to the ring, from Los Angeles, California. He stands six-feet two inches, weighing in at two-hundred and ten pounds. Representing Everest, he is 'The Eminent'... ETHAAAAAANNNN... KIIINNNNGGGGGGG!

The young superstar begins his descent down the ramp, arms still held out by his side as he ignores the few hands of fans reaching over the barricade to try and get a touch of the sensation.

He bounds up onto the apron of the ring, mouthing the words “Showtime” to the camera arrogantly before leaping and swinging himself over the top rope, he lands elegantly and spins around, holding his arms out once more before coming to a complete stop in the centre of the ring.

He smiles once more before retreating to his own corner of the ring, sitting down with a look of amusement on his face as he awaits for the match to commence.

Zach Davis: To be honest, I don't know how these two egomaniacs work together.

Freddy Whoa: Along with someone like David Sanchez nonetheless. But they do, and they're likely to be quite the threat for the team of Captain Pantheon and John Rabid.

Captain Pantheon runs from the back as soon as his music hits, straight to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. He then gets in the middle of the ring and does a super hero pose before running to his corner.

“Death Breath - Toxic Avenger Remix” by Bring Me The Horizon hits as a huge pyrotechnic barrage explodes around the jumbotron. As the smoke clears, we see John Rabid standing tall; arms out stretched as he spins on the spot. Rabid struts down the ramp, snarling and gnashing his teeth at a stray cameraman as John's name appears on a Slam Graphic. Meanwhile, Rabid's 'tron plays in the background; it's The Ripper hitting the Kingdom Destroyer on a cavalcade of doomed jobbers, this scene is intercut with footage of Lon Chaney in Tod Browning's "London After Midnight" (1927). Rabid reaches the ramp and climbs the turnbuckle, “smelling” the boo's from the crowd before taking off his black trench-coat and shades and waving his hapless opponent on with a cocky smirk on his face.

Zach Davis: The former partners - The CAPTAIN and Steven Singh - are starting this one off.

Steven Singh raises his arm up in the air, calling for a test of strength, somewhat toying with the CAPTAIN. The CAPTAIN goes to reach up, but instead Singh goes to poke him in the eyes! But no! The CAPTAIN knows Singh's dirty tricks and blocks the eye poke with his hand, CAPTAIN'S hand stuck between Singh's two finishers. The CAPTAIN then kicks Singh in the gut before firing off a series of rapid fire knife edge chops!


Freddy Whoa: The CAPTAIN with the early advantage over The Superstar!

CAPTAIN throws Singh to the ropes and then hits a Hip Toss as he comes back. Singh rolls away and scurries to his corner to tag in Ethan King. AThe gruff voice from the 80s sample announces "Cold getting dumb..." as the VeryBigTron flashes the word "EVEREST" in electric blue. The menacing beat of the Supervillain Theme by Mad Villain fills the arena, golden pyros form 5 ft high fountains across the stage, and The Superstar Steven Singh steps out to an enthusiastic, if mixed, reaction. Stopping on the stage he smiles wry and smug, right arm raised in the air, back of his hand to the crowd, left hand behind his back. As the gold fountains shrink back into the stage, The Superstar lowers his hand, twirling his wrist and half-bowing his head with faux gratitude to the fans. He smiles, heading down to the ring and jawing with the crowd as his name is announced over the PA. Singh climbs the stairs to the apron, wipes his feet, steps through the ropes and then bounces up, arms extended to his sides with his palms up soaking in the alternating adulation and animosity.

The beginning of "Alone With All The World” plays triumphantly throughout the arena, enticing a raucous wave of boos from the crowd. The lights gradually begin to dim, coming down to a dark hue that places extra emphasis on the stage. Large, golden letters flash over the black titantron.


A flash of golden pyro goes off as Ethan King makes his way to the top of the entrance ramp from the backstage area, all-knowing smile spread over his face as he holds both arms out in a welcoming gesture, bathing in both the adulation and spite from the crowd.

Kyle Steel:: Making his way down to the ring, from Los Angeles, California. He stands six-feet two inches, weighing in at two-hundred and ten pounds. Representing Everest, he is 'The Eminent'... ETHAAAAAANNNN... KIIINNNNGGGGGGG!

The young superstar begins his descent down the ramp, arms still held out by his side as he ignores the few hands of fans reaching over the barricade to try and get a touch of the sensation.

He bounds up onto the apron of the ring, mouthing the words “Showtime” to the camera arrogantly before leaping and swinging himself over the top rope, he lands elegantly and spins around, holding his arms out once more before coming to a complete stop in the centre of the ring.

He smiles once more before retreating to his own corner of the ring, sitting down with a look of amusement on his face as he awaits for the match to commence.

Captain Pantheon runs from the back as soon as his music hits, straight to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. He then gets in the middle of the ring and does a super hero pose before running to his corner.

“Death Breath - Toxic Avenger Remix” by Bring Me The Horizon hits as a huge pyrotechnic barrage explodes around the jumbotron. As the smoke clears, we see John Rabid standing tall; arms out stretched as he spins on the spot. Rabid struts down the ramp, snarling and gnashing his teeth at a stray cameraman as John's name appears on a Slam Graphic. Meanwhile, Rabid's 'tron plays in the background; it's The Ripper hitting the Kingdom Destroyer on a cavalcade of doomed jobbers, this scene is intercut with footage of Lon Chaney in Tod Browning's "London After Midnight" (1927). Rabid reaches the ramp and climbs the turnbuckle, “smelling” the boo's from the crowd before taking off his black trench-coat and shades and waving his hapless opponent on with a cocky smirk on his face.

Zach Davis: Here comes The Eminent Ethan King to put an end to that.

King hops into the ring and CAPTAIN does the "come onnnnn!" taunt. King runs at him and gets caught with a Body Slam! King gets right back up and angrily goes on the attack again - but CAPTAIN hits another Body Slam! CAPTAIN goes for a pin.



No!, King kicks out.

Freddy Whoa: Everest surely didn't intend for the match to start this way!

CAPTAIN gets up and tags in Mr. R. Rabid comes in and 566666666666666666][[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[t

Zach Davis: Sorry, Freddy, my cat was on the keyboard and I'm leaving it in results because I thought it was cute!

Freddy Whoa: Huh. I thought you were just having a stroke.

Rabid comes in and hits King with a series of forearms before kicking him in the stomach and doubling him over. He goes for a Fameasser but King is able to to push himself to a vertical base as Rabid goes to execute it. Rabid lands on his feet and goes for a Short Arm Clothesline but King ducks it and hits a Spinning Heel Kick to Rabid's gut, followed by a Pele Kick!

Zach Davis: REVELATION KICK! First offensive move from Everest but it was a big one!

King shakes off the cobwebs a bit and then quickly goes back on the attack, kicking away at Rabid. He lifts Rabid to his feet and then throws him across the ring, hitting a Dropkick as he comes back. King climbs to the top rope.

Freddy Whoa: Ethan King emboldened now, will this pay off?

Flying Elbow Drop from King! Into the pin.



No!, kickout from Rabid.

Zach Davis: Tag, and Steven Singh re-enters the match.

King lifts Rabid up and the two men execute a Double Suplex. This makes CAPTAIN angry of course and he goes to enter the ring. The ref, being an inept moron, yells at CAPTAIN to stay on the apron instead of dealing with Singh and King. The bad guys stomp away at John Rabid.

Freddy Whoa: Oh geez. Come on.

Eventually King gets back onto the apron so that Singh can drop down and go for another pin attempt.

Zach Davis: The ref finally deciding to do his job again, one, two-

No, Rabid kicks out again. Singh lifts him up and locks him in a Chinlock.

Freddy Whoa: Ah, the chinlock, the most exciting move in all of pro wrestling, and Steven Singh has it locked in to perfection. But wait! The fans are booing! Why would they boo during such a spectacularly thrilling pro wrestling hold!?

They're chanting for Rabid to work his way out of it, and eventually Rabid is able to work his way to his feet. He elbows Singh in the gut to break free, but Singh grabs him by the hair and shoves his head down, slamming him to the mat. He goes to stomp Rabid's face but Rabid rolls away. Singh goes for another stomp but Rabid rolls away again. Singh goes for ANOTHER stomp and again Rabid rolls away, but this time Singh was doing a fake out, waits until Rabid has rollen into position and then actually does manage the stomp.

Zach Davis: OOF!

Singh lifts Rabid up and hits him with a series of forearm shots to the head before executing a Snap Suplex. He floats over and goes for the pin.



No!, ANOTHER Rabid kickout.

Freddy Whoa: John Rabid is not only fighting for the Tag Team Titles, but the Television Title as well. There is a lot at stake here.

Singh lifts Rabid up and goes to throw him into a neutral corner. Rabid reverses it!, sending Singh into the corner instead. Rabid runs at him and Singh gets the boot up, kicking Rabid right in the head. The fans boo as Singh grabs him and puts him in the Tree of Woe position.

Zach Davis: Mistake made by John Rabid - he should have gone for the tag there instead of trying to follow up with offense.

Singh rolls outside the ring and works in a Chinlock as Rabid is in the Tree of Woe.

Freddy Whoa: Steven Singh innovating the most exciting move in all of wrestling now, hot damn!, what a clinic here tonight!

Zach Davis: You're unusually sassy tonight, Freddy.

After several moments Singh releases the hold and lets Rabid flop to the mat. Singh gets back onto the apron and teases a Springboard.

Freddy Whoa: We don't often see Steven Singh go high risk, what is he going to pull out here?

Instead, Singh enters the ring normal style and just kicks Rabid. The fans boo and Singh points to his head, showing he's no dummy.

Zach Davis: Welp so much for high risk.

Steven Singh tags Ethan King back in. Rabid has worked his way half up to a vertical base, he's reaching out to CAPTAIN (who is reaching out as well) but King grapples him from behind and executes a vicious Snap German Suplex, spiking Rabid's neck. He keeps it hooked, brings Rabid back up and spins him around Rainmaker style. Instead of hitting a strike he lfits him into the Fireman's Carry position and drops him with a Neckbreaker!

Freddy Whoa: Another pin.



Aanndd another kickout.

Zach Davis: Personally I'm surprised King and Singh didn't end up turning on each other for trying to win the Television Title yet, they both want it.

Freddy Whoa: For Steven Singh at least, I'd imagine getting the Tag Titles off The CAPTAIN may be even more important.

The crowd has become restless.


King shakes his head "no" and lifts Rabid up once again. Hey lifts him into a Vertical Suplex.


NO!, Rabid shifts his weight and lands behind him! King quickly turns around but Rabid runs at him and hits a SHINING WIZARD!

Freddy Whoa: HE HITS IT!

Rabid falls to the mat, exhausted. King is hurt too. Both of them crawl towards their respective corners.

Zach Davis: Rabid NEEDS to make this tag...

BOTH MEN MAKE IT! Singh and CAPTAIN re-enter the ring and both fire off punches to the other!, neither man giving an inch!

Freddy Whoa: Wild swing from Singh, CAPTAIN ducks it - Inverted Atomic Drop!

Singh stumbles away and CAPTAIN is clearly feeling it, he's measuring Singh up, Singh turns around -

Zach Davis: BOOM!!!!!

NO!, Singh ducks it!, he rolls under the Big Boot. Before CAPTAIN can turn Singh rushes him and hits a Backstabber!


Singh quickly pins the long time Tag Team Champion, hooking the leg.




Singh rolls away and angrily waits for CAPTAIN to start getting to his feet. Once the moment is right Singh runs at him.

Zach Davis: SMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITEEEE!! Which by the way is the same as a KINSHASA!! but isn't quite as fun to yell.

Singh pins CAPTAIN one more time.



Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

The CAPTAIN'S fighting spirit has come alive!, he's activated his Spirit Meter or Attitude Meter or whatever! He gets back to his feet and Singh hits him with a series of punches which barely affect him. The CAPTAIN points at Singh and yells YOU!, Singh goes for another punch but CAPTAIN blocks this one. CAPTAIN hits a few punches of his own and then throws Singh to the ropes.

Zach Davis: BOOM!!!

NO!, Singh AGAIN has it scouted and slides underneath. CAPTAIN turns -


As Singh had hit the apron moments earlier, King had tagged himself in. Ethan King Springboards in..






Singh is back in and runs at Rabid. Rabid knows he's coming and is able to hit him with a Back Elbow before grabbing him by the head and running to the corner.

Zach Davis: Sliced Bread #2!

Singh rolls out of the ring. King stumbles up and and Rabid runs at him.

Freddy Whoa: Running Crucifix!-

At just the right moment as the Running Crucifix turns into a Destroyer, CAPTAIN runs at them and hits King with a Big Boot!


Rabid rolls out of the ring and The CAPTAIN throws his body over Ethan King's.




Freddy Whoa: NO!, from outside the ring Steven Singh grabbed King's leg and put it on the ropes!

The CAPTAIN gets to his feet and waits for the referee to raise his hand, but soon realizes the match isn't over. By that time King has already reached Singh and tagged him back in. Singh grabs CAPTAIN from behind.

Zach Davis: THIEF. IN. THE. NIGHT!

Singh drops down and pins The CAPTAIN once and for all.




Freddy Whoa: WHOAAAA!

Singh is livid. He gets up and gets in the referee's face, yelling at him for a perceived slow count. In this time The CAPTAIN works his way to his feet and measures Singh....

Zach Davis: Don't turn around, Superstar.

BOOM! THIS ONE CONNECTS!... with the wrong person, as Singh rolls out of the way and CAPTAIN's boot connects with John Rabid! Rabid flies off the apron. CAPTAIN holds his head in disbelief but Singh grabs him from behind and rams him headfirst into the turnbuckle. He quickly pulls CAPTAIN back and lifts him, slinging his body over the ropes.

Freddy Whoa: Oh no....

Zach Davis: DEUS EX AURUM!

Steven Singh pins The CAPTAIN.





Zach Davis: Steven Singh has avenged his loss to the CAPTAIN and brought the Tag Team Titles to Everest in the process!

As Singh and King head up the ramp with the belts, The CAPTAIN is more worried about trying to apologize to Rabid.

Freddy Whoa: I don't know that The Ripper is the most forgiving man in the world....

We go to commercial.

Dion Necurat Segment

The cameras were backstage, as Dion Necurat was preparing for his finals match in front of his locker. He was wrapping his wrists, then looked deeply into his locker. Inside was a small shrine to the god he was named after, complete with fake vines and a miniature scepter to the deity. He put his hands together, lacing his fingers together, his mind deep in thought. He heard the door open behind him while deep in meditation. Dion did not turn toward the noise, instead, keeping his focus on the shrine.


Dion's head perked up, his ears twitching. His expression brightening as he recognized the voice. He turned to face the voice, as the camera backed out to show Amy Esteed standing in front of the door.

Dion: ...Amy?! What are you doing here?!

Amy: What, and miss your big match? Not for the world!

Amy ran over to Dion, giving him a hug. Dion's initial shock wore off, as he slowly wrapped his arms around Amy.

Dion: ...But...how?

Amy: Oh, Benjamin had tickets and invited me. He's out in the crowd right now.

Dion: Ah, the nice guy strikes again.

Both of them chuckled lightly, as Amy pulled away.

Amy: I just wanted to come back here and say...good luck, Dion. I hope you do well.

Amy gave Dion a peck on the cheek. She pulled away again to look at Dion's expression. Dion smiled, thin at first, then devilish, as he pulled Amy in for a deeper, more passionate kiss.

Dion: I will do well with you out in the audience. Now go on; Benjamin is waiting for you...and I'll be waiting for you afterward.

Amy gasped and smiled as she turned away. Dion looked back as Amy left the locker room.

Dion: Oh...you'll be the death of me.

Dion turned back toward the shrine, lacing his fingers again in front of the shrine.

Dion: I know you can't hear me, father...but I wish you were here. I wish you could see what I am doing. I wish you could see how mother is doing. I wish you were around so I could show you what I am doing with my life. To meet this new woman in my life, and to know that I am doing just fine. I'm doing this for you, father. Not winning. Competing. I hope, one of these days, that you will come back to our family...until then, I will keep fighting. I will keep climbing. Until I see you again.

Corey Black's Retirement Tour
Creeping Death vs Crow McMorris


Standing over the ashes of a former building are Bonnie Blue, Wade Moor, Kevin Bishop and Crow McMorris. They’re surrounded by other buildings, but this pile of ash used to be a wrestling school ran by John Drok, otherwise known as “The Crow.” The four WCF wrestlers stand knee deep in what is left of the building, but Bonnie sets her feet in a wide stance. She presses her hands together and a green projection bubbles out from her body, a quantum field of sorts. It encompasses the lot which the building sits on, and slowly but surely the ash becomes wood again. The school building reforms around the wrestlers inside it, Bonnie rewinding time itself! Bonnie finishes, the foursome are left in the entryway of the school. Crow makes the first step forward, and before his foot hits the ground, there’s a knock at the door behind him. Wade opens it, standing there in awe is John Drok.

John Drok: Mercy.. what have you done?

Bonnie Blue: We’re here to take the battle against Creeping Death to the place he was nurtured. Join us in eliminating the greatest threat this world has ever seen.

John Drok: I am too weak, my child.

Crow McMorris: Nonsense, you have use. Please, referee the contest. You will be the soul responsible for sending this demon to his final resting place.

Bonnie Blue: My work here is done, I must dispatch post-haste. Good luck, brethren.

In a flash, Bonnie is gone. The new four within the school travel down a hallway into the training area, a ring awaiting them. Crow McMorris and John Drok enter the ring, while Kevin Bishop and Wade Moor take seats on a bench that is against a wall. Now the waiting game begins.


The cameras flicker on, the school is darker now. The sun has gone down in Iowa, the only light source is lamps and a single overhead light in the training area. Crow McMorris stands in the ring with Corey Black’s trainer “The Crow” John Drok. Wade Moor and Kevin Bishop are now huddled around the Book of the Dead, Bishop reading passages and Wade listening intently.

Kevin Bishop: Spirits of air, sand and sea, converge to set the angel free. In the wind I send this rhyme, bring Death before me before my time? Is that it?

Wade Moor: I dunno, sounds kinda.. metal?

Above the ring, a purple tear forms. Through the tear comes a hand, it lifts the purple opening wide – from the blackness that takes shape steps Creeping Death. He lands inside the ring with a thud, his human form pale gray with long white hair and a long white beard. Crow McMorris steps forward, unafraid.

Creeping Death: This body of mine grows weak, but it will never be too weak to destroy those in my way.

Crow takes a big swing with his right hand, and Creeping Death catches it. The tear dissipates just in time for Crow McMorris to be launches into the air a good ten feet, he looks down upon the ring mat and catches glimpse of a purple pentagram forming within the mat. He braces for impact as his chest drops perfectly center in the pentagram. On the side, Kevin Bishop and Wade Moor frantically flip through the Book of the Dead.

McMorris stands, crooked smile upon his face. From a kneeling position, he unloads an uppercut right into Creeping Death, sending the being reeling back toward the ropes. Upon rebound, Crow leaps forward with a knee that would shatter a lesser mortal’s nose. Creeping Death is able to drop to a knee and sweep Crow off his feet with one hand though, cartwheeling McMorris into the turnbuckle upside down. Wade Moor shouts at Creeping Death, breaking his concentration, allowing McMorris to launch forward with a bicycle kick! COMA KICK LANDS! CREEPING DEATH SHRUGS IT OFF! Crow is astounded but not deterred. He throttles the being, lifting Creeping Death high into the air and throwing him into the pentrgammed mat with a chokeslam!

Wade yells to Bishop, who is still looking through the pages of the book. Some are blank, some are filled, the one he needs is nowhere to be found. Inside the ring, Crow mounts the fallen terror, unloading blow after blow. John Drok kneels in and practically begs the beast to allow Corey Black to escape harm. Creeping Death relents. He roars forward, unleashing a pulse that knocks Crow off him, and it sends John Drok through the ropes to the floor. The pentagram on the mat glows even more powerful, Creeping Death’s elbow matches the same glow. Crow stands groggily, and is met with a roaring elbow that shoots him half way across the ring into a buckle. The top and middle ropes snap off, flailing about for a moment before landing on the floor. Crow McMorris sits on the mat, he is mounted by Creeping Death and elbows begin raining. From the floor – BROSEIDON PUNCH! THEN AGAIN! Creeping Death breaks the grip, the glow dissipates. McMorris shakes off the cobwebs, he rushes in and hits the World Breaker on Creeping Death! The glow is fully gone now, back into the air with the beast. MURDER OF CROWS – WITH A BROSEIDON PUNCH ASSIST!

Bishop hops to his feet and rushes in as well, holding the Book of the Dead in his hands. The page open is a swirling black mass that moves within the page. Creeping Death is hoisted up by Crow and Wade, Kevin Bishop mutters a few words before leaping forward with the book on his knee, dropping Creeping Death with a Codebreaker onto the book! A bright light explodes from the now floating Book of the Dead, showering Creeping Death in the rays! He screams in agony as he begins ashing away into the book. Piece by piece the beast is removed from the body of Corey Black, until only the King of All Wrestlers remains. Relieved, Crow, Wade and Kevin make a break for it. The school is shaking, John Drok has long been out of the building. As they reach the door, Kevin Bishop stops. Crow, Wade and Corey all look at him puzzled. He motions for them to leave.

The walls of the building have now been sucked inside the Book of the Dead, leaving only the floor, the ring, and Kevin Bishop. He takes a few paces toward the book. His eyes black. A smile upon his face. A voice rings out.


The Book of the Dead bursts forth a black mass of goo and shards, covering Kevin Bishop. It is all absorbed into his body, he kneels and breathes heavy. A few moments pass and Kevin stands, facing the camera – his face white, black circles around his eyes, four black lines over his mouth.


FPV Segment

Backstage, the reigning WCF World Heavyweight Champion Frank Patrick Venable stands with Hank Brown.

Hank Brown: Frank, as I’ve heard it, you actually asked for this interview time. What is it you have to say?

FPV: That’s right Hank, I did. I’ve been told my mystery partners for the Trios Tournament can’t be a mystery any longer. So I figured it was time to introduce to the WCF Galaxy...THE DIAMOND DOGS.

Right on cue, Damian Kaine steps into the shot. A pop is heard from the arena, as fans weren’t expecting DK to come out in support of FPV..

Damian Kaine: Well, the jig is up, huh? But hey wait? Don’t we need a third, to actually be a trio?

FPV: You’re goddamned right we do.

The camera zooms out a bit and turns slightly to the left, revealing CJ Phoenix, who is drinking a strawberry milkshake. The arena pops once more as Phoenix looks at DK and FPV.

Katherine Phoenix: This a good ass milkshake yo.

Damian shakes his head with laughter.

Damian Kaine: Well, here we are, folks.

Frank takes the microphone from Hank Brown, who exits the shot.

FPV: That’s right, Damian Kaine and CJ Phoenix. Two former members of The Brotherhood like myself...two people held back from success. But I knew the moment I saw these guys that they had potential. Limitless potential just waiting to be tapped into. You all know these can be good, but under my tutelage, they can become great. These two are true diamonds in the rough, and by my side they’ll succeed more than any brotherhood would ever let them.

Seth Lerch Segment

Suddenly "Master of Puppets" hits as Seth Lerch walks out onto the stage. The crowd greets him with a mixed reaction as the WCF owner looks like he has an announcement to make.

Seth Lerch: So, with the Trios Cup starting soon, I made it clear that ALL team would be set by the time tonight is over with. One of those teams ... listed as The Occult was supposed to be revealed tonight just like everyone else. However, that isn't going to happen ... exactly.

Zach Davis: I wonder what's going on here. Seth doesn't exactly look too pleased.

Freddy Whoa: Something must have fallen through I'd imagine.

Seth Lerch: So this team was notified that they were to be present here tonight so that I can finalize everything for the tournament. Two of the team's listed members are here ... the last one is not.

Boos from the crowd.

Seth Lerch: This doesn't surprise me though. It's not as if I expected anything different. And you know what? I'm a bit tired of being burned so I'm going to go ahead and let you all know what disappointment was waiting for you.

Zach Davis: Seth is without a shadow of a doubt angry at whatever is going on with the team. I guess we're gonna find out just what that is.

Seth Lerch: So this team ... was to consist of Lilith ...

The crowd boos.

Seth Lerch: Cheyenne ...

More boos.

Seth Lerch: And Sarah Twilight ...

There is some murmurs in the crowd as the unlikely entry is mentioned.

Freddy Whoa: Well THAT explains things.

Zach Davis: Unfortunately it does.

Seth paces back and forth on the stage, he's smiling ... but in a sarcastic, angry sort of way.

Seth Lerch: I'll let you all guess which of those three ISN'T here tonight.

Freddy Whoa: You can't blame him. This isn't the first time he's been burned by her.

Zach Davis: It's a shame really. Had one of the best careers a woman in WCF ever had and in recent memory, things have been lackluster at best.

Seth Lerch: So being as Miss Twilight didn't find the time to grace us with her presence here tonight, I highly doubt that she will take the time out of her 'busy' schedule of sitting at home on the couch to show up to compete here for the Trios Cup.

Large boos from the crowd.

Seth Lerch: So, next week when the inevitable happens and Sarah once AGAIN fails to meet her obligations that SHE and she alone has committed to ... I will be ASSIGNING a partner to Lilith and Cheyenne.

Zach Davis: If anyone should be angry here it's Lilith and Cheyenne. You can't imagine that Seth is going to go out of his way to find them a suitable replacement after this.

Freddy Whoa: I don't really feel sorry for Lilith and Cheyenne here. They know Sarah's track record in recent memory just as much as anyone else. They kinda screwed themselves by choosing an unreliable partner.

Seth drops the mic and heads to the back shaking his head as "Master of Puppets" hits once more.

Trilogy Cup Tournament Finals
No Disqualification Match
Dion Necurat vs Vinnie Jones

Kyle Steel:: The following contest is a hardcore match and it is the finals of the Trilogy Cup!! The winner of this match will be the number one contender for the world championship!!

The crowd are in anticipation of what will happen next when suddenly Ricardo walks out to the entrance way as he stares at the crowd before he puts the microphone to his mouth and does his announcement.

Ricardo: Damas y caballeros de Wheeling, West Viginia !! Bienvenido a la demostración del hombre de la gente !! ¡¡El hombre de la hora!! El hombre de la gente !!! Vinnieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Jones !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(translation) Ricardo: Ladies and Gentlemen of Columbus, Ohio!! welcome to the show of the man of the people!! The man of the Hour!! The man of the people!!! Vinnieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Ich Will hits as Vinnie Jones walks out to the ring, wearing a jacket with hood over his head while holding the Peoples Cactus in his hands. He walks over to the corner of the ring and places the cactus in the corner before sliding in the ring and starts to throw jabs in the ring while waiting for the arrival of Dion Necurat

"Leaving Dionysus" by Leaving Dionysus begins to play throughout the Arena. "The Legion", 20 Centurion guards march down the aisle, lining up 10 on one side and 10 on the other leading down to the ring and stand at attention.

A quadriga of four Clydesdale horses pulling a chariot made of gold appears carrying "The Crimson Gladiator" Dion Necurat and makes its way down the aisle as if entering the Roman Colosseum ready to do battle and circles the ring and stops.

As Dion enters the ring, the quadriga of four Clydesdale horses pulling a chariot made of gold makes its way back up the aisle and disappears followed by The Legion.

"The Crimson Gladiator" Dion Necurat, standing in the middle of the ring, raising a scepter of Dionysus toward the crowd and starts banging the shaft against a custom made Vibranium/steel alloy Spartan shield calling out his opponent to engage him into a fight to the death.

Dion's fans stand in unison to cheer their warrior as gold coins in Dion Necurat's likeness rains down on him in the center of the ring. He looks out to his fans, who give Dion the thumbs up and gives his opponent the thumbs down, meaning "Death!"

Dion raises both arms holding the scepter and custom made Spartan shield wide out over his head in praise to the crowd and let's out a Gladiator bloodcurdling scream.

Justin: In one corner, standing in at 6’7 and weighing in at 280 pounds!! From Ashbury Park, New Jersey!! Vinnie Jones!!!

Vinnie lifts his arm up to the fans as they chant his name and starts to wave towards them before turning his focus back on Dion.

Justin: And in the other corner, his opponent!! Standing in at 5’5 and weighing in at 270 pounds!! Hailing from Minnesota, Minneapolis!! Dion Necurat!!!

Dion stares at Vinnie as the two men are tense for this matchup as the winner will challenge the world champion at the next PPV. The referee calls for the bell as the match is underway. Vinnie charges in on Dion as he ducks the clothesline from Vinnie and whips Vinnie in the ropes and kicks him in the midsection before starting to batter him with clobbering forearms across the back of the member of ZT. He then pushes Vinnie in the turnbuckles and delivers series of shoulder blocks in the midsection before grabbing him by the head and sets him up for a headlock Bulldog as he runs to the middle of the ring holding on to the head of the larger Vinnie Jones. Dropping him on the canvas before rolling him over for the three count.

Ref: One!! Two!!

Zach Davis: Vinnie kicks out!!

Freddy Whoa: It would have been a shocker if merely a headlock bulldog would do the trick!

Dion grabs the head of Vinnie Jones and starts to drive forearm shots to the face of Vinnie, trying to bust his face open as we see Vinnie lift up his legs and hooks them around the arms and shoulders of Dion and pushes him to the canvas in a pinning combination as he puts his hands on the upper legs of Dion for putting more pressure on them.

Ref: One!! Two!!

This time it is Dion that manages to kick out, both men get to their feet as both of them charge in on each other as Vinnie ducks a clothesline and turns around waiting for Dion. He grabs Dion by the head and whips him to the other side of the ring as he throws Dion over the top rope. He then follows Dion to the outside where he grabs him by the head and sets him up for an Irish Whip into the security railing, but Dion reverses it. Sending Vinnie shoulder first into the security railing.

Freddy Whoa: Good reversal from Dion!!

Zach Davis: Let’s see how he is going to follow this one up!!

We see Dion turn his attention towards a steel chair as he grabs it and turns his attention back to Vinnie. Charging in on him as sets the chair up high above his head to blast Vinnie with it. But Vinnie ducks and hiptosses Dion with chair and all over the secrurity railing and into the crowd as Dion hits the concrete hard with his back while the chair lands dangerously close to him. Vinnie jumps over the security railing before grabbing the chair and blasts it across the back of Dion several times before dropping the chair and grabbing Dion by the hair.

Zach Davis: How quickly one move can alter this match.

Freddy Whoa: I just hope that Vinnie doesn’t completely destroy his opponent with that chair!

Vinnie drops the chair as he whips Dion over the security railing and follows him back to the ringside area as he drags him towards the announce table of Freddy and Zach before grabbing a microphone cord and wraps it around the throat of Dion before choking him with it. He then follows it up by bashing him face first onto the announce table as Dion rests with his elbows on the table while Vinnie grabs a spare headset that is connected to the table and puts it on his head.

Vinnie: This one on???

Zach Davis: Uhm, yeah we hear you Vinnie.

Vinnie: Great!! At this moment we have the finals of the Trilogy Cup happening, where a future world champion in Dion Necurat is getting his ass kicked by a mere rookie!!

Freddy Whoa: Whatever you are about to say Zach, just don’t piss him off!!

Vinnie grabs the head of Dion and pulls him close to him while putting a normal microphone in his other hand and puts it to his mouth.

Vinnie: Ladies and gentleman, seeing that earlier I couldn’t grant a wish for you people. I was intending to do it right now!! Has there been anyone that wished me to blast the face of Dion across this table???

The crowd erupts as suddenly Dion blocks the move by putting both hands on the table and then punches Vinnie in the throat before grabbing the normal microphone and bashes it in the face of Vinnie Jones. Dion climbs on the table as he grabs one of the monitor and jumps off the table as he bashes the monitor into the face of Vinnie. Who drops into the security railing behind the commentary area and drives the monitor a few times into the face of Vinnie Jones. Causing him to be busted wide open before grabbing Vinnie by the hair and whips him back in the ring before following him back in the ring before going for the cover.

Zach Davis: Will this be it for Dion??

Ref: One!! Two!! Thre….

Freddy Whoa: Kick out!!!

Dion looks up at the referee, shaking his head as he cannot believe that the busted open member of ZT has kicked out at the pin attempt. He grabs the head of Vinnie and starts to pound away with closed fists to the side of his head while holding on to his head with the other hand. Vinnie is unable to lift his hands up to protect him before Dion lifts him up to his feet before going for a Choke Slam. Putting the arm closest to him across his shoulder as he is about to lift Vinnie up in the air. But Vinnie drives series of elbows to the side of Dion’s head, causing him to let go off the hold as Vinnie delivers a Rude Awakening Neckbreaker in the middle of the ring. Causing both men to be spend in the middle of the ring as the referee is checking on both of them before going for a ten count, but Vinnie starts to stir around the count of three as he drapes an arm across the chest of Dion as the referee goes for the three count.

Ref: One!! Two!! Thre…..

Zach Davis: Dion kicked out!!!

Vinnie looks up at the referee, we see the blood now has completely covered his face as he cannot believe it. Grinding his teeth as he looks around and sits on his knees. He sees his cactus in the corner of the ring as he gets to his feet and slowly starts to walk over towards the People’s cactus as the fans goes wild.

Crowd: Cactus!! Cactus!! Cactus!!!

Freddy Whoa: It’s the first time I hear a chant for a plant Zach

Zach Davis: I think it’s the power of the people’s cactus that drives them to it Freddy!!

Vinnie has the cactus in his hand as he slowly walks over towards Dion, holding the pot high above his head while watching Dion slowly start to stir. Slowly getting to his hands and knees before siting on his knees as he looks up and we see the cactus itself being driven into the face of Dion instead of the pot that holds the plant inside it.


Zach Davis: Did we actually see that??

Freddy Whoa: Now he is a part of the people!!

Dion is screaming in agony as he is rolling around, feeling the sharp parts of the cactus stuck in his face. The referee is trying to communicate with Dion as he is trying to pull them out before Vinnie grabs Dion by he hair and pulls him up to his feet before pushing him away and follows it up with a short clothesline as he pulls Dion back towards him again. He then goes for the cover as the referee uses the three count.

Ref: One!! Two!! Thre…

Freddy Whoa: HE KICKED OUT!!

We can look into the face as we see the sharp cactus pats sticking into the face of Dion, thankfully none of them has hit in his eyes as we see blood flow from parts of his face. Vinnie pulls him up to his feet as he sets him up for his Thumbs up finishing move the Rude Awakening neckbreaker once more. But Dion somehow to counter it as he rolls through the move and gets face to face with Vinnie as he kicks him in the midsection before going for a DDT in the middle of the ring. Both men are now busted wide open and exhausted as the referee starts to check on them. Deciding not to go for the ten count this time as this match needs a winner to qualify for a world title shot next month.

Zach Davis: I can’t believe that this match is still going on as both men need medical attention and they need it fast!!

We see Dion slowly start to stir as he drapes his arm around the chest of Vinnie as the referee starts to use the three count on Vinnie.

Ref: One!! Two!! Thr…

Freddy Whoa: NO WAY!! How did Vinnie gets his shoulders up on time??!!!

Dion rolled to his back, wiping away the blood from his face. He looked at his hand, coated in his own blood...and began to laugh. It started as a chuckle, then grew into a deep, loud laughter.

Freddy Whoa: Maybe Dion was hit harder with that cactus than we thought!

Zach Davis: Dion’s...laughing? He’s really laughing!

Freddy Whoa: That was not the reaction I was expecting from taking a faceful of cactus!

While Vinnie was down, Dion rolled toward the apron, gingerly making his way to the floor. His shield was laying against the ring steps, and he approached, sliding his arm through the straps. Meanwhile, Vinnie stirred in the ring, still reeling from the counter. He looked around for Dion, spying him near the ring apron.

Freddy Whoa: There goes Vinnie against the ropes, charging straight for Dion!

Zach Davis: He's going for a Baseball Slide, and he hits it!


Freddy Whoa: WAIT A MINUTE!

Vinnie's Baseball Slide did hit...but it connected with Dion's shield! Dion stepped backward, unharmed but still carrying the momentum. He fell onto his back, sliding the shield off again. Vinnie slid all the way out of the ring, shaking his head in disbelief while Dion grasped at the ground, looking for another weapon to use. Sadly, no weapon was near, as Vinnie started to drag Dion to his feet. He locked Dion in a collar-and-elbow tie-up, and took early advantage, pulling him toward the ring. Dion broke the hold, forcing Vinnie back into the apron. Dion walked over toward his original corner...as Vinnie walked over to his.

Zach Davis: Well now what is it that they're doing?

The two men rolled into the ring, each holding a weapon. Vinnie was holding his cactus. Dion holding his scepter.

Crowd: DI-O-NY-SUS


Freddy Whoa: Looks like we have a Mexican stand-off!

Zach Davis: ...Do you even know what that is?

Freddy Whoa: Of course I do!

Zach Davis: ...

Freddy Whoa: Okay, I don't.

Zach Davis: Who will make the first move?

As it turns out, it would be both men. Dion and Vinnie roared beastially as they rushed at each other at the same time. Akin to a classic samurai film, both men swinging their weapons once as they passed each other by. A few seconds passed as the crowd hushed themselves. Dion's stance weakened, as he took a knee, cactus spines sticking from his chest. Vinnie turned to face Dion.

Freddy Whoa: That figures; no one can beat the cac-


Vinnie dropped the vase holding the cactus, cracking it in the ring. Then...Vinnie fell face-forward, on top of the cactus.



Freddy Whoa: How did that happen?! It didn't even look like Dion hit Vinnie at all!

Zach Davis: We'll check the replay, but keep your eye on the action!

Just as we are about to watch the replay in a split screen, we can see Dion stagger over towards Vinnie. Clearly he is hurt too from the collision as his face and chest are covered in blood. He grabs the slippery head from Vinnie and attempts to pull him to his feet as Vinnie is seemingly out of it. Dion has issues holding on to the head as he pulls Vinnie up to his feet and sets him up for one of his patented finishers as he hoists Vinnie up on his shoulders.

Zach Davis: He is going for the Godslayer!!!

Just as he has lifted up Vinnie and uses his leg strength to balance him before going for the finisher it is Vinnie that drives series of elbows to the side of Dion’s head. Causing him to finally slipping out of the grip of Dion and lands behind him. Dion spins around and gets caught by Vinnie by both hands and executes a Belly to Belly suplex, causing both men to be out cold of it. The ring is a complete mess as we see blood everywhere and both men are breathing extremely heavy.

Crowd: DI-O-NY-SUS!! DI-0-NY-SUS!!!

Crowd: VIN-NI!!! VIN-NIE!!

Freddy Whoa: I can’t even hear you think!!!!

Zach Davis: What???!!!

The referee checks on both men, asking them if they can continue as neither men wants to give up. We see medics run to the ring to be sure that if the match needs to be ended that they will be there to look at them. We see Vinnie slowly drape his arm across the chest of Dion as the referee goes for the three count.

Ref: One!!

Crowd: Two!!

Zahc Davis: Thre….

Freddy Whoa: No!!!

Vinnie rolls over as he is on top of Dion with his back on the chest as their heads are close to each other when suddenly Dion grabs him by the throat before lifting his knee up and setting Vinnie up for the Pentagram Choke submission hold

Zach Davis: Dion is going for the Bonds of Glory!!!

Vinnie is trying to block it as he has connection between Dion’s hands and his leg while struggling to get to his side to release some of the pressure that Dion has on him. The crowd is cheering both men on as the referee is checking on Vinnie while Dion is screaming at him to give up. Vinnie finally manages to get to his hands and knees while Dion manages to wrap both arms around his throat for a normal choke while still trying to grab his leg as vinnie is trying to get to his feet as he is on a sitting position on his knees.

Freddy Whoa: Wow!! Unbelievable!! Can Vinnie withstand this or pass out???

Zach Davis: I would be surprised if he can make it as he has lost so much blood!!!

Vinnie gets one foot up from the kneeling position, trying to get up and reach for the ropes but then slowly starts to fade. Dropping to his knees again and then slowly to his hands as well. Dion is trying to roll him over to his back again so that he has Vinnie where he wants him as the member of ZT is starting to crawl to the ring ropes as his eyes are slowly fading while gasping for oxygen. He grabs the second rope and manages to get to his knees again before pulling himself towards between the bottom and middle rope as that causes Dion to hit face first into the turnbuckles and lets go off the hold before rolling off of Vinnie and back in the middle of the ring. While Vinnie is gasping for oxygen while leaning between the bottom and middle rope.

Zach Davis: Are we going to get a winner in this one???

Vinnie finally pulls him back in the ring and turns his attention towards Dion as he slowly crawls over towards him. He sits up on his knees and stares at the crowd as he lifts his hand and puts his thumb down before grabbing Dion and delivers another Rude Awaking Neck breaker in the middle of the ring-

Freddy Whoa: No! Dion pushes him away!

As he comes back Dion kicks him in the gut and pulls him in..


Dion Necurat nods as he kneels down and pins him.





The crowd cheers!

Zach Davis: Anything can happen in WCF! No one - NO ONE - thought that these two would make it here, much less deliver the classic match they just delivered!

Freddy Whoa: And now we know. One month from today, in Mexico, Dion Necurat willl get a shot at the WCF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

Vinnie rolls out of the ring.

Zach Davis: This was a star making performance from both men, one that will not soon be forgotten by any of us, about either man.

The fans give Dion Necurat a standing ovation!

Freddy Whoa: The only question is... Who exactly will Dion go on to face?

Zach Davis: We don't need to wait, Freddy. Well, besides past this commercial!

We go to commercial.

World Title Match
Jared Holmes vs FPV

Zach Davis: Freddy would you happen to know what time it is?

Freddy Whoa: Well Zach I do believe it's....MAIN EVENT TIME!


Freddy Whoa: But you asked me what time it was!

Zach Davis: Yeah, because my watch apparently stopped and I wanted to know the time. God, I'm working with an imbecile.

"Dream House" by Deafheaven hits the PA as the lights go dim in the arena. A golden Eye of Horus lights up the jumbotron as "#AllHail6ixGod" appears beneath in gold lettering, the arena lights now flashing a multitude of pinks, yellows, and pastel oranges upon the ramp and stage. A spotlight hits the center of the ramp as song bursts into energy and booing from the crowd reaches a fever pitch. From the curtain steps Jared Holmes dressed in a full-face mirror ball mask topped with a diamond encrusted crown of thorns and long navy wool coat with gold accents.

Kyle Steel:: Making his way to the ring, from Hollywood, California. Weighing in at two-hundred and fifteen pounds.... "THE SIX GOD" JARED HOLMES!

Zach Davis: Well as Freddy so ignorantly declared before I was able to, it is indeed time for our MAIN EVENT! Jared Holmes also known as The Six God or The Celestial Shark, is generally regarded as one of the best in WCF to never win the WCF World Title. Tonight he gets his shot to change that.

Freddy Whoa: Holmes is an amazing talent in that ring, his antics outside of the ring might alienate some of our fans, but you can't deny that he's been on the cusp of being World Champion for some time now.

Zach Davis: And because I know you're a moron, I sense a but coming.

Freddy Whoa: For once, there is no but. I fully believe that Jared Holmes is at the level he needs to be to challenge for the World Title, I'll admit that. However it will not be an easy task for him.

Jared steps into the spotlight, the mirror ball mask reflecting the light in a dazzling display of colors. His hands slowly raise from his sides into the air as sparks descend from the ceiling. Bringing his arms down swiftly, he continues down the ramp, his eyes concealed behind the mask but undoubtedly on the ring. The posse moves with purpose, and upon reaching the bottom of the ring, Jared ascends the stairs and steps between the ropes. His hand coming to the back of his head, he removes the mask and raises it in the air to a chorus of boos.

Zach Davis: And the fans here tonight showing no respect for the challenger. No class at all!

Freddy Whoa: Quite the opposite, I feel like this crowd does respect what Holmes can do in the ring, but they can't support the rest of what he does.

Zach Davis: The man is a gawd and deserves your respect, peasant. Pay homage to the Six God!

Holmes smirks at the boos from the crowd as he makes his way to his corner and turns his attention to the stage. The lights dim to a blood red, as glitchy electronic noises fill the arena. Many suspect that "Ghosts n' Stuff" is about to play...until instead they get a snippet of multiple songs. First "You Know My Name," then "Mountain Song," "Ghosts 'n Stuff, "The Scott Pilgrim Anthem," and finally "Professional Griefers." This snippets play seemingly at random until all sound stops, and the lights go off completely, until three words pop up on the titantron, in big white letters.


The crowd explodes in applause as "True North" hits the P.A and Frank Patrick Venable finally makes his entrance, dressed in a dark red hoodie and wrestling tights, ready for a fight. He runs down to the ring at an almost inhumane speed, sliding into the ring from underneath the bottom rope. He panders to the always appreciative crowd before removing his hoodie and entering his corner, eyes on Jared Holmes. A staredown ensues as the referee is lookin back and forth between them, surely preparing himself for the task at hand.

Zach Davis: And our WCF World Champion, Frank Patrick Venable or as he's more simply known to the fans, FPV. Here to prove that he's not a one hit wonder like we saw the last time he was World Champion. Many will remember that just 20 days into his reign he was defeated by Waylon Cash for the belt. He's held the belt a little longer this time but this is still his first defense so you wonder if the flashbacks are playing out in his head.

Freddy Whoa: FPV has grown as a wrestler since that time nearly 5 years ago. Yes his first reign ended in disappointment and it effected him but I believe that it's been for the best, he's learned from his mistakes and is ready to redeem himself by getting over this hump.

Zach Davis: You call it a hump, I call it a roadblock because this time it isn't Waylon Cash staring at him from across the ring, it's The Six God. I'll give you that FPV has improved from what he was 5 years ago, but Jared Holmes is a once in a lifetime kind of talent that is ready to finally ascend to the top of WCF after being looked over for years.

Freddy Whoa: He's hungry for the belt, yes. He is talented, yes. But FPV is just as determined and talented as Holmes or anyone else on the roster.

Zach Davis: Quit drinking the kool-aid these fans are being served, you sheep.

Freddy Whoa: We're never going to be able to agree on this match so what's say we just stop arguing and enjoy the show?

Zach Davis: Thank god, I thought I was going to have to hit you.

There's some back and forth trash talking as both men start to move out from their corners, with the referee in the middle of the ring trying to create space. The crowd is buzzing with anticipation as the referee puts a hand on each man's chest to keep them back until finally he gives up and just calls for the bell.


At the first ding both men begin to unload with punches in the center of the ring, some landing but most missing. The crowd starts up an "F-P-V" chant but there's scattered chants for the Six God.

Freddy Whoa: Neither man giving an inch, not even caring that they're hitting air at this point. Backing off shows weakness and you can see that isn't an option.

Zach Davis: The Six God would rather die than show weakness!

Holmes quickly catches FPV off guard with a two handed shove to the chest and follows it up with a hard slap across the face. The crowd lets out an "Oooooo" as Holmes makes a belt motion around his waist and then tries to slap FPV across the face again. FPV blocks it though and fires off a jab to the face. FPV with another jab, then a third before firing off a fourth that misses as Holmes ducks it and quickly rolls out of the ring. The crowd boos as Holmes is demanding FPV be kept back as he takes a moment.

Freddy Whoa: Well it looks like your Six God is running this time.

Zach Davis: Will you shut up, moron. This is the smartest strategy there is, take your time and pick your moment. Only a fool would stay in there and trade shots for an entire match. This isn't boxing, it's a damn art and Holmes is Picasso.

FPV in the ring trying to follow Holmes outside but the referee is keeping him back while telling Holmes to get back in. Holmes waves him off and then the booing fans as FPV continues to try and get at him. The referee again pushes him back and finally starts up a 10 count as FPV backs up and then runs past him, diving outside the ring and shoving Holmes back into the barricade.

Zach Davis: What a champion! He can't even follow the rules!

The crowd pops as FPV again goes after Holmes with jabs as the referee starts up a new count. Holmes covers up his head and tries to fight FPV off with kicks but FPV is unrelenting with his attack. FPV again shoves Holmes back against the barricade and backs up before rushing Holmes, trying to clothesline him over the top. But Holmes ducks it and lifts him up and over into the front row.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Look out!

FPV sprawled out amongst the feet of fans as the referee's count hits 4. Holmes looking to the ring but he knows he can't win the title by count out. Holmes now going to the barricade and he pulls FPV up by the head, trying to drag him over. FPV trying to fight out of his clutches and Holmes decides to drop him with a DDT.

Zach Davis: What a DDT! FPV might be out cold!

The referee up to a 6 count as Holmes again looks to the ring, this time deciding to roll in under the bottom rope and then back out, forcing the referee to restart. FPV trying to sit up on the floor and Holmes pulls him up before kneeing him in the ribs as he's doubled over. Holmes with a second knee and then he points to the ring post before grabbing FPV by the head and ramming him shoulder first into the post.

Zach Davis: Referee's count at 4 and Holmes is using every bit of time he's got to inflict damage on the champion. This is brilliant!

FPV tries to fight back with an elbow to the gut as Holmes grabs hold of him, but Holmes able to brush it off and then whip him toward the announce table. But FPV leaps up onto the table, finds his balance, turns around and leaps over a charging Holmes. Referee's count at 6 as FPV slides back into the ring under the rope while Holmes is still outside the ring. FPV now taunting Holmes, telling him to bring the fight into the ring. Holmes not backing down and he slides back into the ring as well. Holmes to his feet and FPV immediately snaps off a superkick.

Crowd: BOOM! HEA-

But Holmes catches the boot and spins FPV around, avoiding the headshot, but FPV stays with the momentum and spins all the way back around with an enzuigiri to the head. Holmes still on his feet but he's caught off guard and sent stumbling back into the ropes as the crowd is cheering on FPV. FPV now with a chop across the chest as the crowd pops. Another chop. A third. A fourth. The referee stepping in with a five count as FPV lays in with two more big chops before finally backing off.

Freddy Whoa: The challenger literally on the ropes now as FPV has come alive once again after that nasty DDT outside the ring. And my colleague has gone surprisingly quiet beside me.

Holmes holding onto the top rope and demanding the referee keep FPV back and FPV seems willing to wait this time. Holmes takes his time, releases the rope and immediately baits FPV with a taunt, daring him to come at him. FPV goes at him and Holmes grabs the ropes and again demands FPV kept back. FPV stops and you can see the rage in his face as Holmes' mind games are working. Again Holmes takes his time before releasing the rope and taunting FPV. FPV though not doing anything, just waiting on Holmes to come to him. Holmes takes a step toward FPV and the World Champion goes after him. Holmes with one hand on the top rope as FPV trying to pull him away. The referee steps in and ends up getting bumped back trying to break it up. Holmes sees the window open and releases the rope before jamming a thumb into the eye socket of FPV.

Freddy Whoa: Oh my god. That was a brutal eye poke by Holmes, FPV might be seriously hurt.

FPV grabbing for his eye as Holmes laughs and then grabs FPV by the head before raking his fingers across the other eye. FPV left stumbling, partially blinded as a few spots of blood can be seen on his cheek. The referee checking on the champion as Holmes holds his hands up like an innocent party before running and kicking FPV's knee out from under him. FPV down on one knee as Holmes grabs him by the head and puts on a headlock. The camera zooms in on FPV's face and it looks like there's a small gash just beside the eye, close enough that blood is getting into the eye and blinding FPV as he's trying to get out of the headlock.

Zach Davis: You see that, Freddy? You see that cut? FPV should be glad that's all that's happened to him thus far. He's shown no respect to the Six God all match and deserves more!

Holmes pulling FPV up to his feet, still in the headlock, before taking him back down to the mat by throwing him backward by the head. Holmes follows up with an elbow drop across the chest before covering and hooking the leg for the pin.

Zach Davis: That's it! New World Champion!



Freddy Whoa: No! Kickout at one and a half!

Zach Davis: That's all right, Holmes wanted him to kick out so he could do more damage.

Holmes back up to his feet and he drops a quick elbow across the chest again before he begins knocking out diamond pushups on top of the champion's body.


Freddy Whoa: Will you quit screaming in my ear?!

The referee starts a count since Holmes is technically pinning FPV, but the champion is easily able to get his shoulder up. Holmes not concerned as he's up to his feet, willing FPV to get to his feet and fight him. Crowd again with an "F-P-V" chant as FPV is trying to push himself upright, clearly still effected by the blood in his eye rendering him partially blind.

Freddy Whoa: This crowd still firmly behind FPV but the champion is hurt. He's seemed off since that DDT outside the ring and I don't know if he had his bell rung or not, but he's hurting.

Zach Davis: Waaahh. As a great man once said, this isn't ballet.

Holmes waiting patiently, eyes focused on FPV as he's finally up, and then he fires off a superkick straight to the gut.

Zach Davis: Cliché Kick! Dolphin Driver comes next and then we get a true World Champion!

But FPV manages to stay on his feet as he falls backward into the nearby corner. He's doubled over but still up as Holmes backs up to the opposite corner. Holmes now running across the ring and he leaps up for a stinger splash. But FPV ducks it! FPV out of the way and Holmes hits face first off the top turnbuckle. Holmes turns around and FPV leaps up and connects with an enzuigiri. Holmes still somehow up but he's dazed as he comes out of the corner. FPV going to the ropes and he comes back with a clothesline that drops Holmes. FPV with the pin attempt.



Zach Davis: Shoulder up! Holmes will not be beaten so easily!

FPV now the one up to his feet and he's waiting on Holmes to get up. FPV looking to the crowd and they can feel what's coming. They're on their feet in anticipation. FPV wipes the blood out of his bad eye and is waving for Holmes to get up. The Six God is up and he turns around and FPV fires off a superkick.


FPV connects with the center of Holmes' face and he goes down. FPV collapses on top of him for the pin attempt.





The crowd in stunned silence on their feet as FPV sits up and looks to the referee. The referee is explaining he got the shoulder up just before his hand hit but FPV can't believe it.

Freddy Whoa: You cannot get closer to a three count than what we just saw there. I don't know if Holmes even knows he got his shoulder up but he did and this arena can't believe it.

Zach Davis: The peasants will learn who their new lord and savior is, Freddy. They will learn tonight!

FPV up to his feet, clearly looking like he's exhausted from the physicality of this match. Holmes is trying to sit up and FPV decides to pull him up. FPV setting up for what looks like a brainbuster and he starts to get Holmes up when Holmes counters with a knee to the face. FPV still trying to do something when Holmes for a second time in the match tries to dig his thumb into FPV's eyeball. FPV forced to let him go as he grabs for his eye and Holmes takes advantage by hitting a Cliché Kick. FPV doubled over and Holmes hits him with the Dolphin Driver. The crowd boos as Holmes hooks the leg for the pin attempt.





Freddy Whoa: SHOULDER UP!

Zach Davis: IT WASN'T IN TIME!

Freddy Whoa: He got the shoulder up I saw it!


Freddy Whoa: Ray Charles? Because I'm black?!


The referee signalling that he never reached three because FPV was able to get the shoulder up. The crowd explodes with cheers as FPV still in the match. Holmes is to his feet and losing it in the referee's face. FPV sitting up but out of it as he looks around at the arena in a daze. Holmes with a fist raised at the referee, ready to strike him down, but he stops short because he realizes he'll lose the match and a chance to be World Champion. He turns back around as FPV is trying to stand up but falls back to one knee. Holmes looking to the corner and then back at FPV.

Zach Davis: I think he's thinking about a top rope Dolphin Driver!

Freddy Whoa: It appears you're right. And if he hits this, it's over. FPV is trying to stand and fight like the champion he is but he looks like he thinks he's back home.

Holmes grabbing FPV by the head and he leads him to the corner. Holmes setting up for the Dolphin Driver off the top rope, pulling FPV up with him. Suddenly FPV comes alive, hitting a stiff right to the jaw. FPV fighting for his life with right hands as Holmes tries to throw some of his own back. Holmes sitting on the top turnbuckle as FPV is standing on the middle rope. FPV now hitting straight right hands to the face as Holmes tries to block them and grab him for something.

Freddy Whoa: I don't know what Holmes is trying but- OH NO! LOOK OUT!

Holmes apparently trying to lift FPV up and take him to the mat but loses his balance because of FPV fighting him and both men tip over the top rope together-

Zach Davis: NO! FPV shifts and stays inside!

Holmes topples out, mostly due to a Hurricanrana type move from FPV. FPV measures Holmes and hits the ropes, he runs to the opposite side then towards Jared Holmes...

Freddy Whoa: SUICIDE DIVE!


Zach Davis: Isn't a Cliche Kick to the head just a Superkick-

Freddy Whoa: Shush. WHAT A MOVE!

Holmes quickly picks the fallen body of Frank Patrick Venable up, he even elbows him in the head a few times before rolling him into the ring. He pins him.




Holmes doesn't miss a beat. He lifts Frank up and ... pretends that Frank shoves him into the referee. The referee goes down.

Freddy Whoa: Oh what the fuck-

With the ref down, he lifts Frank up onto his shoulders. He drops him into the punt.


Holmes tries to wake the ref up, but this ref is particularly inept and doesn't wake up immediately. Instead, Holmes towards his attention to FPV. FPV is up and Holmes runs at him with a Jumping Double Forearm Check!, then another, then another!

Freddy Whoa: We've seen this before!.. many times.. and it spells doom.

FPV leans into the corner. Holmes runs at him and hits the Sharknado Splash! FPV stumbles out and Holmes Spingboards into the Springboard Moonsault Reverse DDT.

Zach Davis: Watch out, Frankie...

Holmes grins at FPV stumbles up...



Frankie spins Holmes around!

Freddy Whoa: BOOM!

Zach Davis: HEADSHOT!


Holmes spins FPV around and then finishes with his own CLICHE KICK!, before quickly pulling FPV in....


Jared Holmes falls on top of FPV, pinning him. The ref is conscious.





The bell sounds.


Frank rolls out of the ring. Jared Holmes stands up, and is handed the WCF World Heavyweight Championship.

Freddy Whoa: Some of us never thought we'd see the day, Zach. Jared Holmes has done it. Over one year ago, he won the Trilogy Cup Tournament...

Zach Davis: The same tournament won tonight by Dion Necurat!

Freddy Whoa: ..And tonight, finally, he got his shot. And tonight, he did it. He actually did it.

Jared Holmes clutches the belt close to his chest for several brief moments before collapsing to the mat. Adrenaline soon pushes him to his feet, where he raises the belt once again high in the air to a chorus of booing.

Zach Davis: What a night. We've seen twists and turns, to say the least... We've seen several belts change hands, we've ushered in a new era.

Slam fades to black as Jared Holmes continues his celebration.

Table of Contents

Aftermath Intro

Bale Pascal vs Wild Child

Oblivion Segment

Alpha Title Contendership Match: Damien Young vs Jordan Rayburn

Adam Burnett vs Doc Henry vs Andre Aquarius vs Udy vs Cheyenne

Bishop/Priest vs The Very Big Alliance

Alpha Title Match: Jaymz vs Trey Carter

Erik Black/Crazy J vs Kevin Bishop/Damian Kaine

Oblivion vs Katherine Phoenix

Hardcore Title Match: Mikey eXtreme vs Andre Holmes

Damian Kaine Segment

Bonnie Blue vs David Sanchez

Tag Team Titles Match: Steven Singh/Ethan King vs The CAPTAIN/John Rabid

Dion Necurat Segment

Corey Black's Retirement Tour: Creeping Death vs Crow McMorris

Seth Lerch Trios Cup Tournament Announcement

Trilogy Cup Finals: Dion Necurat vs Vinnie Jones

FPV Segment

World Title Match: Jared Holmes vs FPV

Of The Week

New Champion(s)
Mikey eXtreme vs Andre Holmes



John Rabid
Andre Holmes
Jared Holmes
Crazy J
Trey Carter
Tag Team: