Seth Lerch Segment

Seth Lerch is standing in the ring as the PPV starts, looking pissed off. The fans pick up on this noting some backstage news from earlier in the week about something going down.

Seth Lerch: As I'm sure some of you have heard, a couple of people had some disagreements and some things were indeed said. I am left without two wrestlers, one of which is our commish right now. I have zero idea where they are right now.

Some of the fans boo at the Kanes which is who he obviously talking about.

Seth Lerch: I've been calling them all day and I have gotten nothing. So as of right now, Skyler Striker against Christopher Kane is cancelled. I'm sorry. If you are upset and want a refund, too damn bad. I got your money now.

With that said, the crowd boos Seth as he heads into the back still pissed off as what has gone on.

Zach Davis: What news. I thought the backstage was a little off today. This would explain as to why...

Shannan Lerch: Well Brad Kane has always been known as a hot head and this keeps with that tradition of him doing stupid stuff. I really wish I could say I am surprised.

End of the World Intro

Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth hits... and welcome to The End of the World! Finally.

Zach Davis: These fans have been in this arena for an entire week waiting for this show!

Shannan Lerch: And so have we! IT BETTER BE GOOD, ZACH.

Zach Davis: I assure you, it will be. Except not for Jeff Purse or Kari.

Shannan Lerch: That's right. It seems like WCF has decided to make Purse's life hell since he's become the World Champion, and even before! He's continuously been tormented by Nathan von Liebert and Eric Price, and tonight he faces both of them.. while his tag team partner is his untrained valet, Kari.

Zach Davis: I honestly... don't want to see this one. One match I DO want to see is the finals of the WCF Classic tournament!

Shannan Lerch: Sarah Twilight and Benjamin Atreyu have fought tooth and nail to get to where they are... the finals of this tournament. Sadly, thanks to Jay Price, they won't get to ride in Seth's helicopter when they win since Jay blew it up, but still. The pride of winning this tournament will likely be enough.

Zach Davis: We've got a big TLC match, as Gravedigger and Synn team up to face Oblivion and Creeping Death. Synn decided to listen to Gravedigger and leave the Church of Dark Saints, and tonight is Oblivion's chance to punish him for his transgressions.

Shannan Lerch: Skyler Striker, Gravedigger's One opponent, returns to the ring for the first time in years tonight! He's up against the son of commissioner Brad Kane, "Young K" Christopher Kane. Can Striker still go?

Zach Davis: Odin Balfore goes one on one with Waylon Cash. There has always been tension between Balfore and Orbit, Cash's tag team partner, so while this may seem like a simple exhibition match between two former World Champions, there is a bit of a personal edge there too.

Shannan Lerch: Doc Henry finally gets his United States Title match against the aforementioned Steve Orbit, as well; that has the possibility of being a classic.

Zach Davis: The People's Title is on the line as well!, as Tek takes on FPV. Tek attacked FPV with a chair a short while ago to get this match. FPV has been a great Champ, but Tek has a new attitude lately; does he have FPV's number?

Shannan Lerch: In what could be a brutal Hardcore Title match, Stuart Slane, Tommy Kain, and Roy Speede compete in a Triple Threat. Slane has made himself known as a great Internet Champion, and Kain is a former Hardcore Champ. Speede's had one of the longest reigns with that belt of all time. Like I said, this could be brutal.

Zach Davis: Steeltoe Joe takes on Kaylyn James Evans. KJE has been.. well, quite different than she's ever been. Not too sure how the Holy Flame will deal with competing with a woman, but we'll see.

Shannan Lerch: We have Damien Daye versus Harkie. Harkie introduced Daye as his new partner in his hometown last week, then proceeded to randomly attack him after the match. So now they're competing in singles action.

Zach Davis: Miyoko Shiokawa-Reeves gets a Television Title match against Henri Ducos! Ducos finally suffered his first defeat at the hands of Sarah Twilight. Can he bounce back from that? Miyoko is technically undefeated too!

Shannan Lerch: The Ninja defeated the Internet Champion last week, and this week gets an actual Internet Title match. Will lightning strike twice?

Zach Davis: The Legacy is in tag team action against Chris Guy and Deadly Clown. Both are relatively new teams on the scene, looking to move up in the rankings. One will do that.

Shannan Lerch: And our opener sees a Six Pack Challenge, with John Gable, Rutherford von Newman, John Thomas, Dake Ken, Kale Windsor, and Adam Young competing.

Zach Davis: Let's get to the matches!

Six Pack Challenge
John Gable vs Rutherford von Newman vs John Thomas vs Dake Ken vs Kale Windsor vs Adam Young

Zach Davis: In our opening contest, we have six men, rookies and hall of famers, fighting it out in the Six Pack Challenge.

Shannan Lerch: All six competitors are already in the ring as we speak, so let’s start the match.

The camera pans to the ring, where the men are ready to begin the match. Kale Windsor and Dake Ken are in the ring, with the four other men standing on the apron, waiting to tag into the match. The referee goes over the rules of the match to the competitors before calling for the bell.


Dake Ken steps forward, calling for an elbow and collar tie-up in the middle of the ring, but Kale just steps back, wagging his finger with a smirk on his face. Unbeknownst to the hall of famer, Adam Young steps into the ring, ignoring the referee, and smashes a forearm into the back of the head of Ken. He pulls the man around, tucks his head beneath his legs, and takes him to the mat with his variation of Angel’s wing

Shannan Lerch: Damnation!

Zach Davis: Adam Young just attacked the hall of famer. And here comes the rest of the competitors.

John Gable is the first to the downed Ken, and he pulls him to his feet. But he plants Dake moments later with his pumphandle piledriver known as the Cinema Paradiso. He taunts his fellow competitors, as if saying they couldn’t top that. But RVN sure did try, as he dropped Ken next with the Session Ender, his reverse rock bottom. John Thomas, who is by the turnbuckle calls for Ken to be whipped to him. Young pulls the battered HoF up, tossing him to Thomas, who pulls him to the top rope. In a sickening display, Thomas smashes Dake’s skull to the mat with his top rope Pedigree, Redneck Driver.

Shannan Lerch: This display had been preplanned. Ken’s fate was sealed before the match even started!

Zach Davis: A smart move. He is the most experienced in the match. Take him out and it makes it easier to win.

Kale Windsor saunters up to the downed Ken, a grin on his face. And suddenly he locks in Feel my Pain

Zach Davis: Kale is trying to steal the win beneath his fellow attackers.

Adam Young wasn’t fooled though, as he breaks the hold, and all hell breaks loose. Thomas and Gable begin slugging each other with right hands, and Young rolls Kale Windsor out of the ring. RVN attempts to catch Young with a clothesline from behind, but Young lifts up, tossing him over the top too. He then shoots the ropes, coming back with a Suicide Dive onto the two men outside the ring.

Zach Davis: Gable and Thomas are the legal men in the ring now, I guess.

Shannan Lerch: The referee is going to accept it, I believe.

Thomas, with more experience, slowly takes command on his opponent, and takes the rookie over with a suplex that shakes the ring. He pulls Gable up once more, but an elbow strike prevents a second technique. Gable drops Thomas with a Snap DDT, followed by a pin



Shannan Lerch: Neither man is giving up.

Zach Davis: Yes they—did you just see that!

Outside the ring, while Gable and Thomas were fighting it out, Young and Windsor formed one more alliance long enough to drop RVN on his head with a double brainbuster. A sickening impact is heard, and RVN lays slump on the mat. Young and Windsor look at their carnage, before climbing onto the turnbuckle.

Shannan Lerch: I think RVN won’t be getting up any time soon.

Back in the ring, Gable has an armbar locked in, but Thomas is slowly rising to his feet. Gable tries to take Thomas down with a dragon screw, but the Hardcore Redneck prevents this with a boot to the side of the head. One STO followed by a powerbomb puts Gable on his back, followed by a pin attempt.




Thomas shakes his head, before whipping Gable into the ropes. Young makes a tag, but doesn’t step into the ring until Thomas plants Gable onto the mat with a powerslam. The rookie rolls out for a breather, and Thomas turns to eat a Shining Wizard to the face. Thomas stumbles, and then is planted by a picture perfect fisherman suplex. Forgoing the pin, Young instead locks in a Koji Clutch.

Shannan Lerch: Thomas is reaching for the ropes. He has them!

Zach Davis: Kale Windsor tags in by slapping Thomas’ hand.

Kale Windsor springboards in, landing a dropkick that breaks the submission hold Young was going to hold a few moments longer. Kale looms over Young, landing precise stomps on Young. He pulls Young to his feet, and pushes him into the corner. And of all people, Dake Ken climbs to his feet, tagging in by slapping Young on the back.

Zach Davis: After all the damage he sustained, Ken is still in this match.

Ken scales the top rope, and knocks Windsor to the mat with a missile dropkick. Standing to his feet, Dake prepares for the end. Windsor is to his feet, and a superkick follows. NO! Windsor ducks, and plants Dake with Final Destiny. A pin attempt follows.

Zach Davis: Is the end, or can someone muster final strength to break the pin?




Shannan Lerch: And there it is!, Kale Windsor picks up the win!

The bell sounds. Kale stands, getting his arm raised.

Zach Davis: Kale just pinned a former World Champion, too! The Darkness is rising!

Ask A Ninja

Zach Davis: So I heard The Ninja has his own segments tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah. It's called "Ask A Ninja.".

Zach Davis: I thinks it gonna air tonight. Let's see that show.

The titantron switches to a video.

"Well, I am Ninja!
He is Ninja!
She is Ninja, too!
I am Ninja!
We are Ninja!
And I believe that you are Ninja, too!"

Shannan Lerch: Apparently, my brother was too lazy to pick a song for him.

Zach Davis: Budget cuts.

We see The Ninja in the backstage area, sitting on a chair.

The Ninja: Jason from Michigan, asks a ninjaaaa!

The question pops up.

The Ninja: "My wife really wants to know if ninjas need love."

The camera closes up onto The Ninja's face, who is pulling a cassanova face.

The Ninja: I bet she does...

The Ninja rocks back his chair.

The Ninja: Once you go black, you never go back...

The Ninja quickly goes into the camera with eyes bulging out.

The Ninja: ALIVE!!!

The Ninja sits normally.

The Ninja: Alright Jason. Here's the answer your "wife" is looking for because I'm sure your "wife" has a secret crush on ninjas and your "wife" has a drinking problem and your "wife" hasn't slept with you in the past 12 months.

Awkward silence as he looks somewhere else.

The Ninja: A common misunderstanding about ninjas, is that we kill because we're full of hate and calloused towards what the French call..."Being alive". If there's anything ninjas can be accused of, it's loving too much.

The Ninja smiles enthusiastically behind his mask.

The Ninja: Loving to death as a matter of fact!

The Ninja pulls a cassanova face.

The Ninja: Have I stolen the hearts of a few lovely ladies? Guilty. Unfortunately I was not able to given them back to them before they BLED TO DEATH!

The Ninja rocks his chair again.

The Ninja: Can ninjas love? Absolutely! But I would not advise loving them back. These guys are movers.

The Ninja chuckles.

The Ninja: It's pretty much like being in love with a truck driver. They're always on the road, you'd never know where they are. We both love monkeys. Man! That BJ Mackay and this bear...Man that was a good show.

The Ninja starts to sing and dance.

The Ninja: "BJ Mackay and the best friend bear, do dodily do."

The Ninja stops and continues.

The Ninja: Currently, I'm involved with a seriously intense chick from the Shadow Spirit realm. And let me tell you ladies, I'm sorry but your humps and lovely lady lumps will always take a back seat of the glowing essence of the Tiger Princess Lady of Goldenpa! Although I'll tell you this, I did accidentally kill her father when I went to pick her up on the first date.

The Ninja rolls his eyes around.

The Ninja: Awkwaarrd. Sorry about that. I'm definitely buying dinner. Of course, if you're dealing with a chick who has the full consciousness of the universe behind her, I mean, puts a lot of pressure on a dude. Try come up with an original date for that hottie. Bowling in Zaa will not work for a chick like that.

The Ninja looks closer into the camera.

The Ninja: Jason, I would love to kill your wife very soon. HYAAAHHH!

The Ninja palm thrusts into the camera, leaving the screen blank.

Shannan Lerch: I think that guy has some serious brain damage.

Zach Davis: I concur. Let's go to the match.

The Legacy Segment

Backstage, we see Hadrian Burke heading toward the locker room. He seems to be in a good mood.

Hadrian Burke: Those tag titles are as good as ours. All we have to do is get by this team tonight and it's in the bag.

He pushes open the door and immediately comes to a hault. Sitting in the middle of the room is a standing-rack with a very distinct-looking leather hat with dark blue sewn edges on it.. Dangling from it is a piece of paper on a string. He walks over and take the piece of paper into his hands and begins to read.

"Objects can be lost.

But sometimes those objects are meant to be lost.
To help remember....what was never to be forgotten.

Like a Memory...

You know who I am.
I know who you are.
You've found my lost object.

Can you find your lost memory?"

He folds the paper back in half. His partner, Gambino, walks into the locker room noticing the awkward look on Hadrian's face.

John Gambino: Everything cool?

Hadrian Burke: I'm....not sure.

John Gambino: Who's hat?! Badass.

Hadrian Burke: DON'T TOUCH...it....Sorry.

John Gambino: Get your head on straight dude, we have an important match tonight.

Hadrian Burke: I know, I know. I'm focused and ready! LETS DO THIS!!!

The Legacy vs Chris Guy/Deadly Clown

Legacy is already in the ring as we come back from commercial.

Zach Davis: We continue our evening with some tag team action up next. The Legacy as of late have been quite a force to be reckoned with...tonight they take on the pretty well brand new team of Chris Guy and Deadly Clown. There is a lot of crazy in this match!

Shannan Lerch: Chris Guy has been hit and miss with the tag team partners he's been paired with and looks to change things here tonight. But how can you even hope to stop The Legacy? Hadrian Burke has redefined himself with a new passion ever since John Gambino arrived here in the WCF.

Zach Davis: Right Shannan, the two are definitely not strangers and have shown exactly how well they work together. Chris Guy has been making a few waves here thus far and Deadly Clown...well the guy seems about as nuts as you can get. Anything can happen in this one!

Shannan Lerch: Let's not wait any longer. Kyle Steel is ready to get this started for us!

Kyle Steel: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall.....

Lets go All the Way By ICP Blasts Through the Speakers and the Lights shut off except for some blinking Green and Red Lights.

Kyle Steel: At a total combined weight of 488 pounds....they are the team of CHRIS "The Cocky" GUY and DEADLY CLOWN!

Smoke Fills with Red Fog and Once the Beat Kicks in Deadly Clown Comes Walking Through the Smoke Just Looking into the Crowd Bobbing His head Up and Down to the Music. Chris Guy walks out shortly afterward, Miss Merceded in tow. Chris Guy walks down toward the ring, gets onto the turnbuckle and shows off his abs. Deadly Clown then walks down slides into the ring gets on the turnbuckle and Does his Clown Love Gang Sign he then jumps down and Looks around the ring.

Zach Davis: Here we go!

Shannan Lerch: Oh this should be gooooood!

The referee calls for the bell as Burke starts the match off against Guy. Chris and Hadrian circle each other, and Guy leads in with a few jabs. Burke replies with a headbutt that sends Chris down. But he is quickly back up and he nods his head, ready to go. Guy now catches Burke with some HARD gut shots that stun the big man. Chris keeps up the pressure, backing Burke into the ropes and he continues to fire away the gut shots. Finally Burke shoves Guy off and the two again meet in the center of the ring.

Guy does make it to his feet, as does Burke. But Chris is the quicker of the two and beats Burke to the punch as he launches in with a high knee that rattles the Legacy member, sending him stumbling back into the ropes. Chris follows in after him and takes Burke for an irish whip into the opposite ring ropes. On the return, he attempts a back elbow that is ducked by Burke. Once more he bounces off the ropes and this time, he fires at Guy with a clothesline. However, Guy had the same idea and both men collide! Taking each other down.

Zach Davis: Both men down. Burke the larger of the two men, but Chris Guy showing why he belongs in that ring. He went for a big move and it worked!

Shannan Lerch: Uh...he just got planted.

Zach Davis: But so did Burke, and that's my point.

Shannan Lerch: Whatever you say.

Guy starts crawling for his corner, as does Burke. Chris makes the tag to Deadly Clown, Burke gets the tag to Gambino and these two now meet in the center of the ring. Deadly Clown swings a fist but it isn't fast enough as Gambino grapples him into a front falling suplex. Deadly Clown hits the mat hard and Gambino stays on him. He sends a stinging kick to his back and as he gets to his feet, he sends him for a whip into the ropes. But Deadly Clown leaps to the turnbuckle and returns with a jumping snap sidekick to the face. Gambino falls backwards to the mat and Deadly Clown, knowing full well not to allow a moment's rest, follows up with senton splash. Gambino is dazed and Deadly Clown looks to end it early as he backs away, setting up for one of his pattented combinations.

Zach Davis: Deadly Clown is aiming for blood. He wants to make a point here and what better way to do that than by knocking off The Legacy here tonight?

Shannan Lerch: I don't know much about this guy, but he is certainly holding his own against Gambino.

Gambino gets back to his feet and Deadly Clown moves in for the kill. Rushing in for Clown Love...but it's been scouted! Instead, Gambino capitalizes with a sidewalk slam, catching the demented clown from behind as he missed his opportunity. Gambino doesn't waste any time in delivering the beating to Deadly Clown. A knee drop to the face sends a shockwave of pain through Deadly Clown and he stumbles to his feet, clutching his nose. He walks right into Gambino's waiting arms for, ironically enough, a devastating spinebuster. Gambino drops down for the cover and the ref is there to make the count.




No! Guy rushes the ring, breaking up the pin attempt. Burke now enters the ring to keep Guy out of the mix. But Guy notices him and rushes full force, diving at Burke before he can do anything. The momentum sends Burke tumbling through the ropes and to the floor outside!

Zach Davis: Close call there! I seriously thought Gambino had him. But thus far, Deadly Clown and Chris Guy have been able to stay in this thing.

Shannan Lerch: All it takes is one mistake by either Burke or Gambino, and either of them will take this in the snap of a finger. Guy has been looking for that opening all night and you can tell Deadly Clown is sniffing out weakness.

Zach Davis: With being as close as he was from losing, I don't think he's sniffing hard enough.

Guy doesn't hesitate to keep Gambino off of Deadly Clown either as he catches the Angry Italian with a spinning neckbreaker, putting him down as well. Our referee has begun his five count warning on Guy, who now drags Deadly Clown to their own corner and tags into the match. He enters the match legally now like a house of fire. Gambino gets to his feet only to be met by a scoop slam that sends him back down. This is followed by a series of vicious, limb targeting stomps. Gambino is dazed as he slowly makes it to his feet only to be taken over by surprise in a release german suplex.

Zach Davis: Very nice German Suplex there! Deadly Clown coming back in a big way. Gambino in a bit of trouble here.

Shannan Lerch: I told you, sniffing out weakness.

Zach Davis: Well it's paying off now.

Gambino is staggering as he makes it back to his feet and Guy moves in, staying on the offensive. However, this time, John catches him off guard with an oklahoma slam, buying himself some time for recovery. Guy slowly makes it back to his feet as John shakes off the effects while leaning against the ropes. Guy with an Irish whip attempt, but it's reversed by Gambino. Chris is sent into the ropes and Deadly Clown uses this opportunity to blindly tag himself in. Guy on the return NAILS his running bicycle kick and takes Gambino off of his feet with authority! He immediately drops into the cover and it takes a moment or two for the ref to explain to him that he isn't the legal man. Guy is about to lose it as he argues.

Zach Davis: Now there is a rookie mistake. Chris Guy just had this one in the bag and that blind tag may have cost them!

Shannan Lerch: And he sure as hell isn't happy about it. But a tag is a tag, Deadly Clown is the legal man.

Meanwhile. Deadly Clown has himself perched on the top turnbuckle, waiting for Gambino to get back to his feet. As the Angry Italian does so, he leaps from the top rope, only to be caught with a sickening Big Boot! Deadly Clown is down and out of it, and Gambino looks pissed! He hauls Deadly Clown to his feet and shoots a glare at Guy as he lifts the high flyer up, into an Oklahoma clutch and DROPS him with a jackhammer!

Zach Davis: That had to hurt!

Shannan Lerch: So much for Deadly Clown.

Guy rushes the ring, but Hadrian Burke is having none of it. A well planted boot to the gut double the cocky one over and he is caught with the Hellseeker! Chris Guy is completely OUT as he rolls himself to the outside of the ring. Meanwhile, John Gambino is amped up in the corner as Deadly Clown makes it to his feet and he blasts out at him with The Rage! Deadly Clown is nearly folded in half as he is driven into the canvas. Shoulders and down, referee gets into position as Gambino makes the cover.




*Bell Rings*

Kyle Steel:: Here are your winners....John Gambino and Hadrian Burke...THE LEGACY!!!!

Zach Davis: The exclamation point put on that one by The Legacy. Hadrian Burke and John Gambino continue their dominance in the tag division. These guys are freaking scary!

Shannan Lerch: They are making a statement loud and clear to everyone in the back. They are here and they damn sure mean business!

Zach Davis: Chris Guy, Deadly Clown, thanks for coming! The Legacy true to form here tonight as we roll on. It's The End of the World, and we are far from finished!

Harkie Segment

The scene opens up outside the WCF arena, “The Original Doctor” Harkie can be seen standing outside by one of the concrete pillars wearing a suit covered by a black trench coat, as a few seconds pass by a black Lincoln Continental with black tinted windows begins to enter the parking garage. As it pulls into the parking space Harkie can be seen standing by, the driver side window rolls down just enough so the unknown driver of the vehicle can speak.

Unknown Driver: Harkster the plan is coming along nicely wouldn’t you agree?

Before answering Harkie looks around the back area of the parking garage to see if anyone else is around, noticing that it’s just him and the unknown individual driving the black Lincoln, he responds back.

Harkie: What shall I call you?

Harkie nods in agreement as he questions the unknown driver of the Lincoln, though not before long the driver begins to speak.

Unknown Driver: Good, good, and please call me Mr. Chopper, let’s just say it’s an old Chicago reference, though I must say Harkie it’s only a matter of time before the plan is complete, and only then will the Wrestling Championship Federation know of the Hardcore….

Before the unknown driver could finish with what he was going to say, the window of the Lincoln continental rolled up, as Hank Brown ran out from behind where he was hiding and over to where Harkie could be seen standing, the vehicle with the unknown driver could be heard taking off as it’s tires screeched as it wiped around the corner, and on out of the garage before Brown could get to see whoever the driver was.

Hank Brown: Who was that you were talking to Harkie?

Harkie: Nobody at all Hank, just an old friend!

Hank Brown: Oh I see an old friend eh? So then why did he ask you, to refer to him as Mr. Chopper then? And why would he leave when I come running up, and now you, you’re all hush, hush all of a sudden eh?

Brown says as he continues to drill Harkie.

Harkie: Hank let’s just say I am bringing back the past.

Hank Brown: Bringing back the past? What do you mean the past you don’t have a past in WCF!

Harkie: Hank things are going to change and soon enough yourself and everyone else will find out what is going on.

Harkie says before walking to his black Lincoln Continental and driving away as the scene begins to fade on out to darkness.

Internet Title Match
The Ninja vs Johnny Stylez

Kyle Steel: The following match is schudled for one fall and it’s for the WCF Internet Championship. Coming to the ring first.

The arena lights go dark. Stealthkill by Chrysander is blasted through the arena. Suddenly, pyro is blasted on stage. The Ninja is standing on the titantron, hands on hips with a belt. The crowd starts to cheer. He glides down through the rafters. Nearby the ring, he lets go of the buckle and leaps down on the ring. He lands on his feet and gives the crowd an intense stare. He climbs up the turnbuckle and looks at the crowd. He raises his arm. He gets off and performs a kata. Then, he warms up.

Zach Davis: This should be hard fought match, these two have been trading jabs all week along at each other on the twitter.

Shannan Lerch: They threw punches on Twitter? I need to see that.

Zach Davis: Did you really just say that?

Kyle Steel: And now here is your WCF internet Champion Johnny Stylez…

-Flashes over the titantron, as green smoke begins to fill the entry way. The arena goes completely black…and then

-Looking Back At Me-
-I See That I Never Really Got It Right-
- I Never Stopped To Think Of You-
-I’m Always Wrapped Up In Things I Cannot Win-
-You Are The Antidote That Gets Me By-
- Something Strong Like A Drug That Gets Me-

Cold by Crossfade plays over the loud speaker as out struts the Paragona of Americana , LA Johnny Stylez. Stylez moves with the rhythm of the music while yelling at the crowd. Naturally Stylez is met with a course of boos so loud that it almost shakes the arena. Stylez is dressed in a pair of baggy cargo pants and he is wearing a P.o.P T-shirt Outsider’s style. On the front of the shirt is P.o.P in white bold letters with (Players of Perfection) written in captions. Stylez is wearing a pair of silver oakleys and he has a cigarette hanging from his lips. After dancing to his music and taunting the fans, Stylez makes his way down the ramp.

-What I Really Meant To Say-
-Is That I’m Sorry For The Way-
-I AM-
-NeVeR MeAnT To Be-
-So Cold-

Stylez arrogantly struts to the ring, stopping to blow smoke in the face of a few fans sitting front row. Stylez then puts his cigarette out, and slides in the ring on his stomach. He then shoots up and immeadily begins talking trash to the fans, who are letting him have it. Stylez walks up to the ring announcer and playfully slaps them over the head a few times, before walking over to the turnbuckle and laying across it pretending to fall asleep as he awaits his opponent and or the bell.

Shannan Lerch: Well here is our Internet Chmapion. He is just like the Internet off the wall crazy.

Zach Davis: That is the first thing you have said that make sense.

Shannan Lerch: Zach, where are these jabs you are talking about? I don’t see fist being thrown.

Zach Davis: Really?

The bell rings and the two men start to talk trash to each other. Stylez telling Ninja that he is the champion and Ninja and telling him that his time is up. They stare at each other waiting for the other ro make the first move.

Zach Davis: Head games being played here between these two men.

Shannan Lerch: Head games, that is dangerous because someone will get hurt.

Ninja makes a mad dash at Stylez and goes for a clothesline, Stylez ducks it and hits a elbow to ninjas head. Ninja backs into the turnbuckle and Stylez starts to kick and punch Ninja. The ref comes over and starts to issue a five count.


Ninja is covering up trying to make sure there Is very little damage gets done to him


Stylez starts stomping on Ninja and he does looks like he is feeling the mini wrath Stylez has been giving him. Stylez walks to the other turnbuckle and looks at ninja and sees that he is out of it. Stylez sprints to Ninja and tries to connect a boot wash and Ninja sees it coming and slides out of the ring, Stylez tries to grab Ninja and he takes his Stylez hands off his head and connects with a kick to Stylez head and he is no laid out on the ropes.

Shannan Lerch: I still can’t find these punches.

Zach Davis: Why are you on twitter when we have a match on right in front of you?

Ninja slides back in the ring and wraps his hands around stylez and hits a German Suplex, than he picks him up and lands a suplex. He whips Stylez off the ropes and lands a text book drop kick. He goes to the top rope.

Zach Davis: Is he going for the moonsault?

Shannan Lerch: I don’t see the moon in here.

Ninja jumps and goes for the moonsault and Stylez moves out of way and Ninja gets nothing but the mat. Stylez picks up Ninja and lands a powerbomb in the middle of the ring.

Zach Davis: That’s a massive move.

Shannan Lerch: What was?

Stylez climbs the ropes and jumps and goes for an elbow drop, but Ninja rolls out of the way. Both men get to their feet and Ninja hits Stylez win the Ninja Knockout!

Zach Davis: OOF!

Ninja drops, pinning Stylez!




Shannan Lerch: WHOA!


The Ninja's music hits and he stands up, victorious! The ref hands him the Internet Title.

Shannan Lerch: The Ninja wins the Internet Title! I really don't believe this one!

Zach Davis: And I doubt the Misfits are going to take it laying down.

Television Title Match
Miyoko Shiokawa-Reeves vs Henri Ducos

"Even If She Falls" by Blink-182 starts to blast over over the PA as Miyoko Shiokawa-Reeves appears on the entrance ramp holding a barbed-wire wrapped steel chair with her name on it in Japanese and acompanied by Fergus Callaghan.

Kyle Steel: First, introducing the challenger. From Kyoto, Japan, weighing in tonight at one hundred and ten pound, she is The Hardcore Princess Miyoko Shiokawa-Reeves!

Miyoko walks down to the ring and when she reaches it she tosses the chair into the ring and climbs up onto the apron and jumps over top rope and does a front roll to the approval of the crowd. She sets the chair up in a corner and awaits the start of the match.

Zach Davis: Props to Kyle Steel for not fumbling over that name.

Shannan Lerch: Really? People still use the word "props"?

Zach Davis: Isn't there a wrestler you should be off sleeping with?

The lights in the arena go out. Skrillex's "Kill Everybody" starts blaring around the arena as pyros explode on the stage. The curtains part and Henri and his half sister emerge through them. They slowly walk down the ramp way ignoring the boos of the crowd.

Kyle Steel: And introducing the champion, from New Orleans, Louisiana, weighing in tonight at two hundred pounds, Henri Ducos!

Henri nods as he goes to climb up the ringsteps and enters the ring.

Shannan Lerch: And here is the Television champion!

Zach Davis: Logan...Jay Price...both of them were Television champions at one point. Does this mean you'll start sleeping with Ducos soon?

Shannan Lerch: Shut up Zach.

The referee goes to signal for the bell when Ducos steps forward and holds up his hand, demanding a time-out.

Zach Davis: What's this? There's no time-outs in wrestling!

Ducos begins yelling at the referee while pointing at the barbed-wire wrapped chair set up in the corner of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: It seems Ducos is demanding that the weapon Miyoko brought to the ring be removed.

The referee seems to be agreeing with Ducos as he walks over to the ropes and asks for a ringside official to come remove the chair. Miyoko isn't at all happy about that as she goes over to the referee to voice her opinion. The ringside official grabs the chair and starts to pull it from the ring when Miyoko grabs the other end. The referee tries to reason with Miyoko as she argues that it's doing no harm. Ducos sees his opportunity and sneaks up behind Miyoko before rolling her up with a schoolboy. The referee drops into position.


Ducos puts his feet on the bottom rope.



Zach Davis: Ducos retains!

"Kill Everybody" starts playing as Ducos hops up to his feet and begins celebrating. The referee grabs the Television Title from ringside and brings it to Ducos. Miyoko sits up, a look of bewilderment on her face. Suddenly another official runs down the ramp from the back and hops onto the apron. He and the referee begin talking as Ducos' music fades out.

Shannan Lerch: What's this all about?

The referee nods his head, looking rather embarrassed as he does so. He walks over to Ducos and whispers something in his ear. Ducos is furious as he begins yelling at the referee. The referee walks over to the ropes and calls over Kyle Steel. They talk and Steel raises his microphone.

Kyle Steel: I've just been informed that because the bell was never rung, this match never officially started. So by order of Seth Lerch, this match will continue...now!

The crowd pops as Ducos continues to scream at the referee. Miyoko stands up, a big smile on her face. Ducos, seeing the referee about to signal for the bell while his back is turned, runs straight at Miyoko looking to nail her in the head with the belt. Miyoko ducks it at the last second and when Ducos turns back around, Miyoko roundhouse kicks the title belt right into his face.


The referee turns around in time to see Miyoko dropping down on top of Ducos for the pin attempt. He slides into position.




And Ducos kicks out before three! Miyoko back up to her feet as Ducos sits up, holding his forehead after being hit with that title. Miyoko grabs him by the hair and pulls him up as the referee yells at her to lay off the hair. Miyoko gets him up and she goes to work on the legs with some quick kicks. Ducos is getting backed into the corner slowly when Miyoko goes for another roundhouse. Ducos catches this one and then sweeps her other leg out from under her. With one of her legs still in hand, Ducos drops an elbow onto the knee. Ducos quickly back up and he drops another elbow across the knee. And now a third.

Zach Davis: Smart thinking here by Ducos going after the knees and legs. So much of Miyoko's offense relies on her legs, from the top rope aerial show to those lethal kicks.

Ducos now dragging Miyoko over to the ropes and he hops up onto the second one before dropping his knees down onto her left leg. Miyoko grabs her knee and Ducos pushes her onto her back as he goes for the pin.



But Miyoko quickly kicks out as the referee reaches two. Ducos back up to his feet and he's watching patiently as Miyoko gets up to her feet. She turns around and Ducos snaps off a super kick. Miyoko however ducks under it and comes up behind Ducos. Miyoko now jumping up and wrapping her legs around Ducos' waist as she locks in the sleeper hold.

Shannan Lerch: Now Miyoko trying to bring some of her submission skills into the match. Maybe trying to give that leg a minute or two to heal.

Ducos stumbling around the ring with Miyoko on his back. He gets over to the corner and tries smashing her into the turnbuckles but she refuses to let go. Ducos now going back to the knee as he slams his elbow into the kneecap. Miyoko yells out in pain but keeps the hold on. Ducos now delivering elbow after elbow to the kneecap and Miyoko finally has to let go after the fourth shot. Miyoko drops down to her feet and she's hobbling on her right leg. Ducos now with a roaring elbow and Miyoko drops to the mat.

Zach Davis: What an elbow!

Ducos with the pin attempt.




Shannan Lerch: Miyoko kicks out!

Zach Davis: Wow! That elbow looked like it really hurt.

Ducos again back up to his feet as Miyoko is trying valiantly to get up on her bad leg. Ducos is having none of that though as he stomps down on the back of the knee. Miyoko rolls onto her back, clutching her knee, and Ducos stomps down on it again. The referee moves in to check on Miyoko and ask if she wants to continue. Miyoko yells out "YES!" and tries to get back up. Ducos lets her get to her feet, only to hit a chop block on the bad leg. Miyoko drops back to the mat and Ducos is looking out at the crowd as if to say "This is the opponent I get?".

Shannan Lerch: Miyoko is trying so hard to stay in this match, I admire her heart. But I'm starting to think that she needs to throw in the towel or risk serious damage to that leg.

Miyoko crawls over to the ropes and starts to pull herself back up. Ducos moves in but the referee stops him as Miyoko clutches the rope. Ducos steps back, bad intentions in his eyes as he watches her. Miyoko is all the way up and Ducos rushes her looking for a clothesline. Miyoko drops down, pulling the rope with her. Ducos can't stop in time and he tumbles to the outside.

Zach Davis: Could this be the turning point of the match?

Miyoko at the ropes and as soon as Ducos is up she leaps over the top rope and connects with a cross body.

Shannan Lerch: What a move! But it looks like she may have hurt herself as bad as she hurt Ducos.

Miyoko the first back up but she's hobbling on her bad leg. Miyoko now pulling Ducos back up and she rolls him back into the ring. Miyoko slides in and she goes for the pin.




Zach Davis: And the champion gets the shoulder up!

Miyoko rolls off of Ducos and slowly gets back up to her feet. She starts to pull Ducos up when he unloads with a punch to the side of her injured knee. Miyoko stumbles back and Ducos is right back up onto his feet. From out of nowhere he snaps off a superkick that connects with her jaw. Miyoko stumbles back into the ropes and bounces right back at Ducos who kicks her in the midsection. Ducos now setting her up for The Ascent and he hits it! Ducos with the pin attempt.




Zach Davis: Ducos retains!

Shannan Lerch: Again!

"Kill Everybody" hits the speakers as Ducos gets up to his feet. The referee hands him the Television Title as Ducos angrily questions him if this match counted. The referee tries to apologize but Ducos blows him off as he starts celebrating the win.

Zach Davis: What an effort tonight by Miyoko Shiokawa-Reeves. She put everything into this match, battling an injured leg throughout the match like a real warrior.

Shannan Lerch: But in the end she came up just short against the champion. However I guarantee you the WCF brass took notice to what this girl can do.

Kaylyn James Evans/Sarah Twilight Segment

We see Sarah Twilight making her way through the sterile white bricks that line the backstage hallway. After a few moments, she stops in front of one door, and knocks. A voice from inside tells her to come in. She does, and sees Kaylyn James Evans pouring two drinks.

Kaylyn James Evans: Oh! I was expecting someone else.

Sarah Twilight: What are you up to?

With a devilish smile, Kaylyn stares back at her.

Kaylyn James Evans: Having a little fun with Scott. Getting back at him for making me wear that ridiculous outfit tonight.

Sarah smiles, and nods, as Kaylyn drops a small, white pill onto one of the drinks. It immediately starts to dissolve.

Sarah Twilight:Very nice. I'm going to be watching this one. I'll head out now. Give me a call when you get the chance.

Kay nods, as Sarah exits the room. It isn't long before Scott opens the door without knocking, and steps inside.

Scott Savage: Kaylyn! Are you ready for your opponent tonight?

Kaylyn James Evans: Indeed I am. Care for a drink.

Scott smiles and takes the glass that is handed to him.

Scott Savage: What shall we toast to... ah yes, to victory, and nothing less!

The clink glasses, and drink deeply. Scott finishes his, before setting the glass down on a side table.

Scott Savage: Alright, now you're match is coming up. I expect you to be ready.

Kaylyn James Evans: I'm always ready, Scotty.

The name causes Scott to give her an angry sideways glance, before rolling his eyes, and heading back out into the hallway. Kaylyn stays in her room, devilish smile plastered across her face.

Damien Daye vs Harkie

The lights dim through out the arena as alone spot light hits the entrance ramp as “Iron Man” By Black Sabbath begins to play on out from the PA sound system, out walks “The Captain of Imagination” Damien "Est3bAn" Daye from behind the black curtains. Daye can be seen dressed in his royal blue single-t wrestling tights, a star covered red, and yellow blanket can be seen tied around his neck as it can be seen being used as a superhero cape, holding a stuffed teddy bear.

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring from Salem, Massachusetts, he stands approximately Six foot Three inches and weighs in at Two hundred and thirty six pounds he is “THE CAPTAIN OF IMAGINATION” Damieeeeen "Est3bAAAAn" Dayeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

As the Kyle Steel announces his name two huge turbine engines can be heard kicking on, and can be seen whirling on the sides of the ramp way, firing fog on up to the entrance ramp engulfing Daye. Red, Yellow, Red, and various other lights can be seen flickering on and off throughout the arena as he stands at the top of the entrance ramp as various cheers can be heard as he looks out into the darkness, Donald Grimshaw III can be seen standing by him.

Daye makes his way on down to the ring, slapping the hands of near by fans, Damien also can be seen having his stuffed teddy bear slap the hands of the fans as he gets to the bottom of the ring, once at the bottom of the ring, Damien "Est3bAn" Daye walks around to the steel steps and walks on up them while his manager Donald Grimshaw III follows behind him, though unlike Daye, Grimshaw III exit’s the ring as his client Damien "Est3bAn" Daye waits for his opponent to come on out to do battle.

Zach Davis: And here is Damien "Est3ban" Daye. Daye made his WCF debut last week as Harkie's surprise tag partner, only to be beaten down by Harkie after they won the match.

Shannan Lerch: It certainly was an odd site. Daye has to be looking to get a measure of revenge tonight.

"For Whom The Bell Tolls" hits the speakers. The bell tolls twice in the start of the song. When the the first bell starts the lights go out in the arena and after the second bell pyros go off on the stage then fog fills the entrance ramp. As orange light fills the arena the music starts as Harkie makes his way down to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring from Des Moines, Iowa, standing at six foot and six inches tall and weighing in at three hundred and twenty five point, he is "The Original Doctor" Harkie.

He gets in goes to the center and he looks up at the roof and raises both arms as pyros go off on all four turnbuckle poles then the lights come back on right after that.

Shannan Lerch: And there is the man that people have been talking about since last week, Harkie. I'd ask what was going through his mind but I'm sure it would only scare the bejeezus out of me.


Daye does indeed look to be a man out for revenge as he runs straight at Harkie, bad intentions in his eyes. He catches the big man off guard as he leaps up into the air and knocks him backward into the corner. Daye now going like a wild animal, throwing lefts and rights at a lightning pace, as Harkie lifts his arms up and tries to block the shots.

Zach Davis: Wow! I didn't realize that Damien had this kind of fight in him.

The referee has no choice but to move in and start the five count but it looks like Daye has no intention of stopping. Harkie finally manages to block one of the wild punches being thrown and he shoves Daye off of him. Daye stumbles back but only for a second as he runs right back at Harkie, leaping up for a body splash. Harkie however is no longer off guard and he catches Daye midair. Harkie now spinning around and he slams Daye backfirst into the corner. Harkie with a huge shoulder thrust into the midsection of Daye and then he follows it up with three more.

Shannan Lerch: A few more of those thrusts and Daye won't be able to move for days.

Zach Davis: Sometimes I wonder if you set me up for jokes on purpose.

Harkie steps back and lets Damien stumble right into a mat shaking spinebuster. Harkie now with the pin attempt.




Shannan Lerch: And Damien gets the shoulder up!

Harkie now back up on his feet and he pulls Damien up. Harkie now setting Damien up for the Last Rights. Harkie gets him up but Damien starts fighting back, connecting with shots to the head and face. Harkie falls back and Damien falls on top of him with a senton. Damien now with a pin attempt.



Harkie kicks out as soon as the referee gets to two. Damien is the first of the two to his feet and he's measuring Harkie for something. Harkie is up and Damien immediately goes for Teddy's Revenge. Damien get's the straight jacket hold in but Harkie stops him from completing the move by flipping Damien forward and onto the mat. Harkie up and he drops the elbow across the face. Harkie with another pin attempt.




Zach Davis: And again Damien kicks out!

Harkie slaps his hand on the mat as he gets back up to his feet. Harkie pulls Damien up and he goes to set him up for the Harkie Driver. But Damien counters with a headscissors and Harkie goes tumbling across the mat. Damien now once again measuring up Harkie as gets to his feet. Harkie is up and Damien connects with a massive roundhouse kick to the side of the head. Harkie looks to be out on his feet and Daye grabs him before going for Child's Play.

Shannan Lerch: This could be it!

But Harkie breaks out of it and kicks Daye in the gut, then quickly lifts him up and hits a Jacknife Powerbomb!

Zach Davis: Last Rights! Harkie hits it!

Harkie drops and pins Daye.




Shannan Lerch: Harkie picks up the victory!

Harkie stands and climbs the turnbuckle, playing to the fans and celebrating his victory.

Zach Davis: Wait!, what's this, what is Daye doing?-

Daye slides out of the ring and grabs a SLEDGEHAMMER from under the ring! He then slides back in and nails Harkie in the back with it!

Shannan Lerch: Daye is getting his revenge no matter what!

Harkie drops back down to the mat after the blow from Daye. Daye then lifts his Big Sledge up and slaams it back down onto the body of The Original Doctor!

Zach Davis: What's wrong with this man!?

Harkie holds his head, protecting himself. Daye finally leaves the ring and heads to the back, taking his Big Sledge with him.

Shannan Lerch: Harkie wins tonight... but he sure doesn't LOOK like a winner.

Steeltoe Joe vs Kaylyn James Evans

Kyle Steel: This match is scheduled for one fall.

The Arena Goes Dark, and then all simultaneously “Barton Hollow” By The Civil Wars begins to play through the audio systems. The Entrance Gate area and Stage begin to flicker with White lights and neon blue flashes mixed in the flickers. Fog fills the gate area as Steeltoe Joe comes walking out of the midst of the Fog.

Kyle Steel: Now coming to the ring, weighing in at two-hudred, seventy-two pounds, and standing six foot five. Steel Toe Joe!

Joe Stands on stage and plays to the crowds who are cheering for him. Joe then walks down the ramp and gets to the ring steps where he stops, does a Catholic Crucifix motion and then walks up the steps and into the ring. He climbs up two turnbuckles and does the same crucifix motion and raises his arms and points towards Heaven. Joe's music dies, as “Dead Girl Superstar” begins to play.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, standing five foot six, weighing in at one hundred eighteen pounds, accompanied to the ring by Scott Savage... Kaylyn James Evans!

Kaylyn steps out onto the entrance ramp, dressed in the revealing garment presented by Scott last week. It hangs just below her ass, and has the words “Property of Scott Savage” Printed across the front. She blushes, trying to hold it down, as she walks. She is followed closely by her manager, Scott Savage. They pose atop the ramp, as the crowd boos.

Zach Davis: Joe clearly has the height and weight advantage here, but Kaylyn is far quicker, and more mobile, so this will definitely be an interesting match to watch.

Kay and Scott slowly steps towards the ring. Once they are there, Scott looks over at Kay, and motions to the ring. She rolls her eyes, but quickly climbs the stairs, and holds the ropes open, so her manager can climb in. He does, and she follows. Scott holds his arms out, smiling as the crowd showers him with boos. He climbs out of the ring, allowing Kay to pose for a moment, as her music dies.

Shannan Lerch: I have been waiting for this match all week.

The referee quickly goes over the rules, and signals for the bell to ring. The two wrestler's circle each other, as Scott watches from the outside. Joe goes for a lock up, but Kay dodges it, and delivers a couple of kicks to the side of his leg. Joe swings with a punch, but Kay ducks again, and this a few more kicks to the same leg.

Zach Davis: Kaylyn trying to knot up those hamstrings early.

Shannan Lerch: Trying to take out the trunk of the tree, smart move by Evans.

Kay goes for another kick, but this time Joe grabs her leg. With a smirk, he shakes his head, and lifts her into the air, before hitting a huge spinebuster. Kay hits hard, and Joe give her a cocky look, before flexing his bicep, and dropping a heavy elbow on her. He stays on for the pin.


2- Kay kicks out.

Zach Davis: Joe getting a little cocky there, underestimating Kaylyn.

Shannan Lerch: Underestimating this woman has been the downfall of far better wrestler's than STJ. He'd better wise up.

Joe lifts Kaylyn up, and whips her into the ropes. On the way back, she spins upside down, and this him with a hurricarana. Joe hits the mat, and his momentum carries him under the bottom rope. He crashes to the floor, as Kaylyn rises to her feet. As Joe stands, she runs over, and jump onto the top turnbuckle. Joe sees this, and gets out of the way, before Kay can even jump. She climbs down, and screams for Joe to get in the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Kaylyn feeling feisty tonight.

Zach Davis: Yes, but is her feisty... ness going to help her win?

Joe slides back under the bottom rope, and stands. He smirks at Kay, before signaling for her to bring it. Kay nods, and bounces off the ropes, before sprinting at her opponent. As Kay reaches him, Joe throws all of his weight forward into a shoulderblock, sending Kaylyn flying backward, and her dress flying up. As Joe laughs, and poses, something strange is happening on the outside. Instead of showing concern for his client, Scott is glancing around, in a confused manner. Slowly, he walks over to a female fan, and begins touching her face.

Zach Davis: What is wrong with Scott Savage?

Shannan Lerch: I think Kaylyn got her revenge, for him making her wear that embarrassing outfit.

Kay rises, smoothing out her short dress, glaring over at Scott. He isn't paying attention however. He is on his way to the announce desk.

Zach Davis: Ok... I guess Scott Savage is joining us here on commentary.

Scott grabs a headset.

Scott Savage: How are we today?

Shannan Lerch: Good Scott. How are you?

Scott Savage: Wonderful... everything's just... wonderful.

Back to the ring, Kay and Joe lock up, Joe easily throws her backwards, sending her tumbling, and her dress flying up again. Once she regains composure, she quickly smooths it down, and looks over at Scott, attempting to hide a smile behind an angry glare. She goes after Joe again, but instead of lcoking up, she hits a dropkick to his knee. He falls, dropping to that knee, as Kay stands up, and hits him with a stiff kick to the back of the head. Joe drops to the ground.

Scott Savage: Nice kick!

Shannan Lerch: Yes it was. What's with this outfit you have Kay wearing?

Scott Savage: She needed to be put in her place, besides, she loves it. Look at her face every time it flies up. She digs it.

Zach Davis: Are you accusing Kaylyn James Evans of being an exhibitionist?

Scott Savage: Sure... no... I don't know... is anyone else hot? I think I need some water.[/color]

In the ring, Kaylyn stomps on Joe's back a few times. The man begins to rise, but Kay bounces off the ropes, and hits him with a dropkick to the side of the head. Joe flips over, allowing Kaylyn to go for the pin.



Joe kicks out!

Scott Savage: Aw come on! That's stupid!

Shannan Lerch: Are you okay Scott.

Scott Savage: I am feeling a little strange... can I touch your face?

Shannan Lerch: No.

Kaylyn climbs to the top rope, taking care to keep her dress down. She dives off the top, but Joe moves just in time, and Kay eats canvas. Both of them lay there for a few moments, but Joe is the first to rise. He lifts Kaylyn up, and whips her into the ropes. On the way back, he hits her with a snap powerslam, and goes for the pin.



3- No! Kaylyn kicks out!

Scott Savage: Fuck yeah!

Joe is no longer smiling, or posing. He stands back up, bringing Kay with him. He then lifts her up, and hits her with a nasty powerbomb. He immediately goes for the pin



3- No! She just barely kicks out.

Zach Davis: Kaylyn will not quit!

Joe lifts her up again, this time dragging her to the corner. He easily sets her on the top rope, and climbs up to meet her. He sets up for a superplex, but Kay catches him with a few knees to the gut. She shoves him off the top rope, and he crashes onto his back. She then sets herself up, and jumps off, hitting Joe with a flying leg drop. She slowly gets to her feet, and struggles to drag the man away from the corner. She uses the rest of her strength to wrap his legs around one of hers, and twist him around into a sharpshooter. Joe howls in pain, as the ref asks him if he wants to submit.

Scott Savage: TAP! Tap you son of a bitch!

Shannan Lerch: Calm down, Scott!

Scott Savage: I apologize, Shannan. I am simply not myself today... does anyone else hear that? It sounds like... purple.

Joe powers out of the sharpshooter, sending Kaylyn flying forward. She face plants, as Joe slowly rises to his feet. Kaylyn uses the ropes to bring herself up, but as soon as she does, Joe runs toward her, and hits her with a vicious big boot, that sends her over the top rope, to the concrete below.

Zach Davis: My god! She hit the ground hard!

Kaylyn lays on the floor, as Joe climbs down out of the ring. With a smile, he gradually approaches her, and lifts her to a standign position. He then kicks her in the gut, and puts her in a powerbomb position, but at the last second she reverses it, and this him with a frankensteiner. Joe goes flying forward, and crashes, face first, into the steel guardrail. HE lays on the ground, a trickle of blood pouring from a cut in his forehead. It isn't long before he seats himself, back against the guardrail, and his face is covered in small, crimson rivers.

Shannan Lerch: STJ is bleeding profusely.

Scott Savage: Ickyyyyyyyyy

Kaylyn rises, and runs at Joe, hitting him with a dropkick to the face, which sandwiches his head between the steel bars, and Kaylyn's boots. The crowd groans, as Joe's wound opens up even more. She notices that the ref is starting to count them out, so she uses what strength she has left to roll Joe toward the ring. She gets underneath him, and struggles to lifts him onto the apron. Eventually she does, before rolling him under the bottom rope. Quickly, she slides under, and goes for the pin.



3! No! Joe kicks out at 2 and 99/100ths

Kaylyn slaps the mat in frustration.

Scott Savage: Kay, calm down, everything is going to be ok. Everything is always ok.

Zach Davis: Oh Jesus.

Kay stands up, and begins climbing the turnbuckle. She gets to the top, and leaps off. In desperation, Joe jumps up, and drives his skull into Kay's midsection. She collapses to the ground, as does STJ.

Zach Davis: Both of them close to unconscious right now. They've taken it to each other from the very beginning of this match.

Scott Savage: Fuck... it's hot in here...

Both wrestlers get to their feet at the same time, but as they do, Scott stands on top of the announcer's table, and rips open his button down shirt, with a loud howl.

STJ stares over at Scott, a look of confusion on his face. This gives Kay long enough to roll him up from behind.




Kyle Steel: Your winner... KAYLYN JAMES EVANS!

Scott Savage celebrates on top of the table, as the fans boo loudly. Kaylyn chuckles at Scott's behavior, as he climbs into the ring to celebrate with her. Stifling her laughter, she guides him out of the ring, and back up the ramp.

Zach Davis: I just don't understand those two.

Hardcore Title Match
Stuart Slane vs Tommy Kain vs Roy Speede

The camera feed cuts to the ring where WCF’s ring announcer, Kyle Steel, standing in the centre of the ring.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, from Indiana, weighing in at 228 pounds, Tommy Kain!

“Bar room hero” by The Dropkick Murphy’s

Tommy Kain makes his way down to the ring with a signature dance move, maybe some running man or a little cha cha slide. He looks out to the crowd and sings the chorus of Bar Room Hero with the crowd. Becoming even more excited when he hears OY OY OY!

Kyle Steel: And his opponent from Iowa, weighing in at 270 pounds, Stuart Slane!!

“Follow Me, Boys!” plays as Stu marches out from the back, silently mouthing the lyrics to his theme as he heads down the ramp. He does a circuit around the outside of the ring before climbing the steps and entering. After some last minute old timey calisthenics (Indian twists, deep knee bends, etc) The Scoutmaster goes his corner. He hands his hat and sash off to a WCF stagehand and assumes a fighting position.

Kyle Steel: Introducing, from Richmond, Virginia, Wrestling Championship Federation's own Silver Lining, he is ROY SPEEEEDE!!

The lights go out in the arena. After several seconds, words written in a bright white begin flashing on the otherwise blackened out screen. With each fading word, a new word pops up on the screen.






As the last word fades, all five words reappear on the screen at once.


The lights slowly come back on as 'Hear Me Now' by Hollywood Undead begins to play through the speakers as Roy Speede steps out on stage. He crosses his arms in an X across his chest, with his right arm underneath his left, and his hands in his fists. He bows his head for several seconds, and his chin rests in the gap between his fists.

Roy drops his right arm, and raises his left arm in the air, with his pointer, middle, and pinky fingers extended, and his ring finger and thumb tucked into his palm. His palm is facing the crowd. He drops his arm, and begins jogging to ringside, high-fiving fans as he goes, before climbing onto the apron, and then climbing the outside of the turnbuckle. He raises his left arm, with the same fingers extended as when he was on stage. He leaps from the turnbuckle into the ring. He takes off the WCF Hard-core title belt, kisses it and then hands it to the referee.

Zach Davis: Here we go; this is going to be an interesting match.

Shannan Lerch: The Hard-core title is on the line so should be fun.

And that was enough for Roy who begins trading punches with both men. Stuart lunges at Kain, only to be caught by an Irish whip from Roy that sent him to the far ropes. On the return, he was forced to leap over Roy, who had bent over for a back body drop. As he leap frogged he was left in perfect position for a dropkick from Kain. Wasting no time, Kain placed a knee on either of Stuart’s shoulders and began pummelling him with rights and lefts to the face.

Zach Davis: This is what WCF’s all about. Fair competition man?

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, I agree.

Roy turned quickly and pulled Kain off of Stuart, and the two wrestlers exchanged words. Stuart got to his feet and shoved Kain hard in the back, which sent him careening into Roy. The two wrestlers had been close enough when the push occurred that their heads connected with one another, and Stuart looked for the quick roll-up, hooking Kain with an inside cradle that got him a two-count to a loud chorus of cheers from the crowd.

Shannan Lerch: That was close for Stuart.

Zach Davis: Who?

While both Roy and Stuart were noted for their technical skill in the ring, this was more than that........more like a brawl. However, when Stuart started to gain the advantage, Roy wasted no time in catching one of his punches and sending him towards the ropes with an Irish whip. Unfortunately for Stuart, his collision with the ropes wasn’t meant to be, and he was met with a clothesline from Kain. Roy grabbed Kain by the neck and the hair and tossed him to the outside of the ring.

Zach Davis: Looks like Roy wants to go one on one with Stuart?

Turning his attention back to Stuart, Roy pulled him up from the mat and hoisted him into the air for a vertical suplex, only to have Stuart flip free and land behind him. Wasting no time, Stuart quickly dropped Roy to the mat with a falling reverse neck breaker, rolling on top of Roy almost immediately for the cover. The fans were divided in support, but the roar was deafening when Roy got a shoulder up just after the second count.

Outside the ring Kain reached under the ring and pulled out a table. Sliding into the ring, Kain got quickly to his feet and charged at his opponents, but with the table effectively blocking his view, he was unaware that Stuart had seen him out of the corner of his eye and was prepared for the charge. Sidestepping Kain, he executed a drop toehold that sent Kain crashing forward into Roy and sandwiched the table between the two superstars.

Shannan Lerch: This is going to get brutal!!!

Quickly getting back to his feet, Stuart backed away a few steps in order to get a running start, which allowed him to dive onto the top of the pile, eliciting a huge cheer from around the ring and groans from the wrestlers beneath him. Satisfied that he’d have a moment’s peace, Stuart pulled Kain off of the top of the pile and then proceeded to set the table up near the ropes. No sooner had he ensured that the legs were indeed locked into place, Stuart found himself pulled quickly around and into an Irish whip by Kain; however, Stuart used his size advantage to reverse the whip and send Kain hurtling towards the opposite ropes, though he had to leap over Roy to get to them. On the return, Kain dropped an elbow onto the still-prone Roy, but this in turn left him easy prey for Stuart, who lifted him up and executed a suplex. Kain’s impact with the table was doubly sickening because it failed to break, leaving him clutching his back as Stuart turned his attention back to Roy.

Zach Davis: Holy Shit!!!

Shannan Lerch: This is what WCF was all about!!!

Stuart being quite an honourable man waited until Roy was standing. Stuart finally decided he stalled long enough, and the two circled each other. In a lockup, Stuart immediately got thrown into the corner, as he stared back at Roy, who flexed for a moment to the crowd's approval. Stuart shakes his head at Roy, and Roy gets goaded into charging Stuart, who happily gives Roy a drop toe hold face first into the top turnbuckle.

Shannan Lerch: That looks painful?

Zach Davis: OWW!!! Yeah!

Roy stumbled backwards; making sure her nose was still there. Stuart jumped onto the top rope and dove for a cross body splash….only to be caught by Roy and turned into a fall-a-way slam. Roy slaps his hands together for a job well done, but is slow to get up, as Stuart gets up first and chops at Roy's knee; And again; And one more time. With the man holding his knee, Stuart runs to the far turnbuckle, bounces off the rope, and returns to Roy by jumping up onto his shoulders from Roy's front side, and amazingly flipping Roy over in an impressive Hurricanrana. Stuart goes for a cover......1............2...........Powerful kick out as Stuart flies and lands on his feet behind the referee.

Zach Davis: Stuart going airborne?

Slightly surprised, Stuart runs at Roy and drop kicks him in the back of the head. Roy falls face first, shaking his head to rid the cobwebs. Stuart takes this moment to try and get the crowd behind him, to which he gets a healthy chorus of cheers. Stuart goes back to Roy, who is halfway up. Stuart helps him up and begins to Irish whip him into the ropes, but gets reversed by Roy…Boot to the Head!!!!!!

Shannan Lerch: He got the extra point!

Roy picks Stuart up by the throat in a blatant choke. The referee comes so close to disqualifying the frustrated Roy before he drops Stuart down like a sack of spuds. He goes for the cover.........1..........2.......Kick out.

Shannan Lerch: He's getting frustrated.

Roy glares at the referee while picking up Stuart by the head. Once he had him up, Roy locks his arms around him and executes a flawless belly to belly suplex. As he gets up, Roy looks at Stuart, then at the turnbuckle. He grins as he heads for it. The arena stands to its feet as a buzz grows loudly. He began to climb the ropes. As Roy stood there, he gestured to the crowd with thumbs down motion, as he leaped from the turnbuckle. Unfortunately, no one was home. Stuart moved, and Roy landed hard, knocking the wind out of him, as a huge groan came from the crowd.

Shannan Lerch: A flying Roy? More like a crash landing blimp!!!

Stuart gingerly gets up, reaching at his back a bit in mild pain. Roy turns on his back, holding his abdominal area in pain from the impact of his flight. Stuart decides he needs to end this quick. But they had forgotten about Kain. Stuart is met with a shot to the back of the head from a piece of the table knocking him down and out of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Hey the Misfits still alive?

Kain notices Roy is down and goes to the opposite corner and prepares to unleash some high flying skills. He leaps and lands right across Roy with a 450 Splash. In one swift move, Roy sat upright, right arm outstretched, as he wrapped a hand around Kain throat. Kain showed signs of shock. He began running in motion as Roy hits him with a choke slam. Laying across Kain with all his weight the referee makes the count...........1...........2.........Stuart breaks it up.

Shannan Lerch: Close call.

Stuart and Speede immediately lock up and Stuart gets the upper hand by applying an arm bar. Stuart twists the arm around and he drives his elbow into his arm many times and then he twists it again. Kain starts to climb the corner post as Stuart takes it to Speede. Stuart keeps his lock on the arm of Speede and then he whips him into the ropes knocking Kain off of the ring post and as Speede comes running back Stuart catches him with a sleeper hold.

Shannan Lerch: He’s putting him to sleep?

Zach Davis: Shut up, and let’s get into this match

Shannan Lerch: Ehh????? Okay?

Stuart keeps the move locked in on Speede and keeps his oxygen supply cut off. Speede slowly fades but Kain gets back to his feet and goes up and kicks Stuart in the ribs and he knocks Stuart off of Speede. Kain hits Stuart in the face with a few forearms and then he whips Stuart into the ropes and he goes for a dropkick but Stuart holds onto the ropes and Kain hits nothing but air and crashes down to the mat. Speede goes over to Stuart and he punches Stuart in the face and Stuart hits Speede back and then two continue this process until Speede rakes Stuart in the eyes and he knee's him in the stomach. Speede smashes Stuart face off of his knee and then he clotheslines him over the top rope but Stuart has his hand caught in the rope.

Shannan Lerch: Someone help him.

Speede lifts Kain up into the air and then he slams him back down to the mat with a big back suplex. Kain bounces off the mat and folds up while Speede gets right back up and as Kain is on all fours and tries to get up Speede runs at him and connects with a dropkick to the side of his head. Kain's neck twists as he falls down to the mat and Speede picks him right back up and hits him in the face with several big forearms and he whips him into the ropes but Kain reverses it and when Speede comes running back Kain pushes him by the back of his head and Speede goes crashing into the ring post. Speede's head bounces off of it and he falls back down to the mat holding his face. Kain picks Speede up and he kicks him in the stomach several times before hitting him in the back of the head with a double axe handle smash. Speede goes down to all fours and Kain does another double axe handle smash and it knocks Speede down to the canvas this time. Kain goes over to a ladder and he folds it up and he picks it up and as soon as Speede gets up to his feet Kain runs at him and runs him down with the ladder. As soon as Kain hits Speede with the ladder Speede falls down to the mat and Kain runs over him.

Zach Davis: Well, this is more like it.

Kain stands over the fallen Speede and he drives the ladder deep down into the chest of Speede. Kain does this again and again before he tosses the ladder off to the side. Kain picks Speede up and he knee's him in the stomach and then he grabs his head and connects with a ddt down to the canvas. Kain seems to have the match well under hand but he has forgotten about Stuart who managed to escape and has got another ladder and is climbing up the camera tower. Kain drags the ladder over towards Speede and then he picks Speede up and he body slams him down onto the ladder. Speede body jumps as it makes contact with the steel ladder. Kain notices Stuart pulling himself up onto the tower, cursing he runs towards the ladder and starts climbing.

Shannan Lerch: You've got to have eyes in the back of your head.

Zach Davis: Too true.

He pulls himself up onto the tower and is met with an elbow to the back of his neck. Kain gets up to his feet and he waits for Stuart to get to his feet. As soon as Stuart gets up he goes over to Kain and picks him up and slams him down into the ladder with a huge spine buster. Kain wastes no time and he picks Stuart up and he whips him into the grating but Stuart hang onto it and Kain runs at him and Stuart back body drops Kain into the side of the tower. Kain bounces off the side and lands back on his feet and Stuart runs at him and jumps into the air and connects with an elbow drop. Stuart picks Kain up and he hits him in the chin with a huge right hand that knocks Kain back down to the mat. Stuart picks the ladder up and he rests it up against the corner of the tower and he pulls Kain up to his feet and he whips Kain into the ladder with all of his might. Kain bounces off the ladder and he lands back down on the grating holding his shoulder that was rammed into the camera. Stuart walks over to the legs over Kain and he grabs onto them and he catapults Kain face first into the ladder. Kain once again bounces off the ladder face first and hits the canvas. Stuart gets on top of Kain and he punches him in the face many times before Kain lifts Stuart up into the air and rams him right into the ladder. Kain keeps a hold of Stuart and he rams him into the ladder again and again. The ladder falls down to the grating and Kain body slams Stuart down onto the ladder. He turns around to be met with a chair to the face.

Shannan Lerch: That’s got to hurt?

Zach Davis: Yeah? Is that some kind of joke?

Kain holds his face whilst Speede picks Stuart back up. Kain shrugs the pain off and charges both of them and goes to Spear them! Speede sidesteps out of the way, causing Kain to Spearing Slane, and himself, off the tower and twenty feet down onto the mat in the middle of the ring.

Crowd: Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

Zach Davis: How can they be alive?

With that, Speede looks down and executings a SHOOTING STAR FROG SPLASH ONTO KAIN!

Shannan Lerch: Holy shit!, indeed! SPEEDE BUMP!

Speede pins Kain!




Zach Davis: PHEW. Mercifully, this is over.

Shannan Lerch: That was crazy!

Slowly, Speede works his way to his feet, being handed the Hardcore Title. All of a sudden, however, he looks around as two men jump over the railing and start to attack him!


Shannan Lerch: I wish I knew.

The two are pounding away on Speede as the larger one tells the smaller one to get a steel chair. He does as the larger one drills Speede with a kick to the head before grabbing Speede's head and keeps kicking away at it trying to kill him. The chair is in the ring now as the smaller one sets it up on Roy's chest before going to the top rope.

Shannan Lerch: The hell are they doing to Speede. This is just a savage beating.

Zach Davis: Someone should really stop this.

There is a 450 on the chair that might've broken a rib or two for Roy. The larger one now picks up Speede as the chair is set to an sitting position by the smaller one. The larger one lifts up Speede into a torture rack before flipping him over into the piledriver right onto the chair!

Zach Davis: OH DEAR JESUS!

Shannan Lerch: That move... looks awfully familiar...

With Speede on the mat, broken, the two men nod at one another taking down their hoods to reveal two masks.

Shannan Lerch: Son of a!

Zach Davis: My goodness! Reckless Jack and son of Reckless Jack?!

Indeed, Reckless Jack stands over Roy Speede as Christopher Kane takes his mask off to a wide smile. The crowd doesn't know what to think right now as Christopher gets a microphone.

Christopher Kane: You think we're done here? Not even close. This is the beginning. Roy Speede, on my father's behalf, HE ACCEPTS YOUR MATCH FOR ONE! You get what you want. Until that time, you will suffer for what you want. You want Brad Kane at his best? You'll get him at his best.

Brad now takes the mask off as he looks down at Speede with contempt and pure disgust. The two leave the ring and head back through the crowd as Speede is still motionless.

Zach Davis: Well then. That was something else. But we get Speede vs. Brad Kane at One now!

Shannan Lerch: Still typical Kane though. Wah wah wah fuck this place. ONLY A FEW DAYS LATER!

Kaylyn James Evans/Scott Savage Segment

Kaylyn is seen walking through the halls. She stumble upon Scott savage, who is starring very intently at one of the white bricks in the wall. Kay chuckles, drawing his attention.

Scott Savage: Oh Kay, I'm glad I found you. I wanted to talk about something.

Kaylyn James Evans: And what would that be?

Scott Savage: A truce. We can't keep screwing with each other like this. It's unprofessional. We need to knock it off.

Kaylyn James Evans: I couldn't agree more. Let's focus on my career a little more.

Scott Savage: I'm glad we're on the same page... you're awesome.

Kaylyn James Evans: I know Scotty, I know. Let's get you back to the hotel room.

She sighs, and takes her manager's arm, leading him down the hallway, towards the parking lot.

People's Title Match
Tek vs FPV

Zach Davis: Coming up next is a much anticipated match for the People’s Title between the current champion FPV and a man popular with the people, Tek.

Shannan Lerch: Really, anyone’s match to take here.

“Am I A Psycho” by Tech N9ne begins to play over the speaker system as Tek comes out from the entrance ramp. He puts his gloves together and they show the print on his gloves. He walks down the ramp and the crowd is cheering. Tek gets in the ring and gets on the turnbuckle and puts his hands together to show the print on the gloves.

Zach Davis: Tek making his way down to the ring here, this crowd cheering for him jubilantly but I must say that he looks as determined as ever to make a mark on WCF and to win his first singles title here.

“Professional Griefers” by deadmau5 feat. Gerard Way begins to play over the speaker system. The lights turn to a blood red as the crowd stands up on their feet, as "Professional Griefers" hits the P.A and FPV, signature duster and Genesis T-Shirt, comes out the curtains. He plays to excited crowd like the circus ringmaster, fistbumping furiously along with the crowd and the music, and each fistbump triggers an explosion of black pyro from the stage.

FPV takes the walk down the ramp, slapping fans hands before climbing the steps and on top of the turnbuckles, where he fistbumps one more time, sending one more explosion of pyro throughout the arena. He climbs into the ring and sits in a lotuc position in the corner, waiting for the match to start.

Shannan Lerch: This will be a compelling matchup as both competitors are quite popular with the crowd, very important for the People’s Title. Let’s see who comes out on top on this.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall and it is for the WCF People’s Championship. Introducing first, the challenger, from Santa Monica, CA, standing at 6’ 2”, weighing in at 165 pounds, he is the Wildcard, Tek!

Crowd cheers

Zach Davis: The crowd definitely support Tek here tonight.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, from Atlanta, GA, standing at 5’ 11”, weighing in at 205 pounds, he is the current People’s Champion, Frank Patrick Venable, FPV!

Crowd cheers

Shannan Lerch: This crowd also behind FPV, the crowd seems split as they love both of the wrestlers in the ring here tonight.

Zach Davis: Tek made a statement two weeks ago at FPV’s expense and last week, won the main event match for his team where he and FPV were on opposite teams.

Shannan Lerch: He has termed himself to be a wildcard superstar.

Zach Davis: A good name I think since last week, no one expected him to be the deciding factor in the match yet he was.

Shannan Lerch: Well, let’s see if he can keep it up tonight as this match gets underway.

Bell rings

Shannan Lerch: And we have Tek and FPV approach either immediately and Tek immediately slaps the taste out of FPV’s face.

Zach Davis: Not a wise move in my view to start this matchup. And FPV is not going to take it as he just smiles but surprises Tek with a DDT.

Shannan Lerch: Wow, this early into the matchup and cover!

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: But a kickout from Tek. Looks like FPV wanted to end this matchup quickly and get Tek out of the way. But with the People’s Championship on the line, I doubt Tek is going to allow this match to go easily.

As Tek is down from the DDT and looks almost out, FPV decides to go up to the top rope to try for a Swan Dive Headbutt.

Zach Davis: And looks like FPV is going to up high here, taking a risk. I don’t know about this. The crowd behind him.

Crowd: Let’s go FPV! Let’s go FPV! Let’s go FPV!

Shannan Lerch: And he connects with Tek but can he take advantage. FPV rolls over and cover!

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: And no, Tek kicks out. FPV looking to put Tek away very early in this match up as Tek is still kind of out of it. This crowd is somewhat divided as now they’re chanting for Tek.

Crowd: Let’s go Tek! Let’s go Tek! Let’s go Tek!

Tek slowly gets up and goes to the corner of the ring. Look of surprise on his face. He raises his hand up for the crowd and they cheer for him!

Shannan Lerch: The crowd’s on his side here. But FPV is now running toward Tek, going to try and clothesline him in the corner here.

Zach Davis: Tek just turning around and barely avoid being hit by FPV as FPV gets a face full of turnbuckle. Tek quickly takes advantage and he locks in at the waist, a suplex to FPV! Cover!

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: And FPV barely kicks out of that one. A strong showing from Tek in the early going of this match. He definitely craves gold and feels this is his night to do it. This is his night to make a great showing.

Shannan Lerch: Normally, I don’t agree with whatever you say but you have a good point there.

Zach Davis: FPV is still down right now as Tek is getting up, he’s grabbing FPV by the head and is applying a neck lock to him. He’s really trying to wear FPV down here.

Shannan Lerch: And FPV appears to slowly be fading. Look at his face, it’s almost purple. The referee now checking on him.

Zach Davis: Lifting his arm and no, FPV is still in this! He’s hanging on here. Elbow to Tek, and another elbow to the gut of Tek here as he’s forced to break the hold. FPV dragging himself as fast as he can to the ropes for leverage.

Shannan Lerch: And FPV now getting himself up as he looks to be on the attack. He goes after Tek but oh no, Tek lowers the ropes and FPV goes over. And now a smile on the face of Tek.

Crowd: Let’s go FPV! Let’s go Tek! Let’s go FPV! Let’s go Tek!

Tek raises his hand with a smile on his face here as FPV is down on the outside.

Zach Davis: A very divided crowd tonight as there are ardent FPV fans as well as Tek fans in our audience tonight. Definitely a match for the people taking place right here with two fan favorites!

Shannan Lerch: Both men have been very resilient thus far but Tek really has had a better showing tonight.

Referee: 1.

Shannan Lerch: I think Tek wants to cement his legacy here in WCF and tonight could be the night. If he knocks down the former Tag Team Champion, former World Champion, and current People’s Champion, then that will be a moment to remember.

Referee: 2.

Zach Davis: FPV regrouping and he’s back in the ring. Tek now landing an elbow to FPV in the gut over and over trying to wear him down and FPV has not really been able to get almost any offense in this matchup. Tek really continuing to take it to FPV here and looks like he’s grabbing his legs and he wants to set him up for a Boston Crab.

Shannan Lerch: But FPV knows it’s coming, he’s fighting back and manages to kick Tek away toward the ropes. Tek coming back however and grabbing the legs again, Tek elbows FPV in the gut this time and turns him around and the Boston Crab is now locked in on FPV.

Zach Davis: FPV in tremendous pain here but he manages to get to the bottom rope. Referee instructing Tek to break the hold here.

Referee: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Zach Davis: And Tek breaks the hold just barely before a count of 5, he needs to be careful to not disqualify himself here as the title cannot change hands on a disqualification.

Shannan Lerch: I think Tek is trying to do the damage to FPV as much as he can here as he really craves that gold.

Zach Davis: FPV recovering here as the referee forces Tek to step back. FPV is getting up and Tek is trying to sneak by but FPV meets him first with a hit right to the face. Tek responds with another strike to FPV’s face. These men trading blows here, one after the other and it looks like FPV is getting the upper hand here. And Tek is a bit out of it here. FPV grabs Tek and bam, DDT, nails another DDT on Tek.

Shannan Lerch: Cover!

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: And Tek manages to get his shoulder up. This has been a one sided contest so far but FPV showing why he is the People’s Champion here as he is now trying to take it to Tek.

Shannan Lerch: FPV really being pushed to his limit.

Crowd: Wildcard! Wildcard! Wildcard!

Zach Davis: This is a new chant for Tek. He has termed himself the Wildcard and looks like it’s catching on.

Shannan Lerch: Definitely a new popular nickname for him.

Zach Davis: And FPV is going to try and finish Tek off. Tek is down on the mat, FPV waiting for Tek to get up and hit him for a superkick! Will he connect?!

Shannan Lerch: FPV going for it and wait, Tek dodges it! He manages to avoid the BOOM! Instead, he grabs FPV and wait, is this the new finisher I heard about. Yes, yes it is!

Zach Davis: Looks like he’s going to hit Maskarede. He hits the enzuigiri! Can he follow it up?

Crowd: Wildcard! Wildcard! Wildcard!

Shannan Lerch: Yes! Here we go, he connects with Shiranui! But wait, he’s not done. He seems to now have a crazed look in his eyes. He starts hitting elbow, after elbow, after elbow, after elbow on FPV really dominating him.

Zach Davis: And looks like he’s going to finish him off, he locks in the Fujiwara Armbar here.

Shannan Lerch: FPV in tremendous pain here but he’s right in the middle of the ring, he has nowhere.

Crowd: FPV! FPV! FPV!

Zach Davis: Again, a divided crowd for this matchup! FPV, nowhere to go, he taps out, gives up to the submission hold, the pain was too much!

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and new WCF People’s Champion, the Wildcard, Tek!

Shannan Lerch: And Tek tasting his first singles gold here in WCF. The referee goes to give him the belt and Tek is absolutely elated at receiving the belt, his belt now.

Zach Davis: He earned this victory tonight after a hard fought match and it really was his night as he showed why he belongs here in WCF in the upper echelon of wrestlers. Although, I have a bit of concern after seeing that crazed look momentarily during that armbar on FPV.

Shannan Lerch: What do you mean?

Zach Davis: I don’t know, he looks normal now but it seems that somehow, his recently diagnosed IED manifested itself during the match. Could that be an attribute of his wildcard nickname?

Shannan Lerch: Possibly, you never know. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Zach Davis: Wait, what’s this?

Shannan Lerch: Gravedigger and Synn are running out from the back.

Gravedigger and Synn run down the ramp and slide into the ring. FPV looks ready to fight them off, but they ignore him and jump Tek instead. Gravedigger kicks Tek in the gut and lifts him up and hits Dark Retribution along with Synn, laying Tek out in the center of the ring. The crowd pops as Steeltoe Joe runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, but Gravedigger and Synn have already bailed out of the ring and they escape through the crowd.

Shannan Lerch: Gravedigger and Synn attack Prophecy back-to-back in consecutive weeks. How will The Prophecy retaliate?

United States Title Match
Doc Henry vs Steve Orbit

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WCF United States Championship!

The crowd pops Dr. Feelgood hits the speakers. As the main riff blasts through the arena, Doc, and Mary emerge on the stage, the Confederate Title around his waist. Looking around, he raises a fist in the air, the crowd cheering wildly as he then leads the way to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first the challenger. Weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds, from Griffen, Georgia, Doc Henry!

Climbing up the steps, he holds the Ropes for Mary, who slinks lithely through. Doc steps trough the rooes and grins proudly as he pops the crowd drawing more cheers as Mary takes the belt. Mary exits the ring as Doc stares down the stage.

Kyle Steel: And introducing his opponent...

"Flashlight" by Parlaiment Funkadellic plays o ver the PA. The arena goes dark and a pink strobe light flashes throughout the arena. Small pink lights swirl around the crowd and the entire arena and eventually converge into one big pink spotlight as "The Mack" Steve Orbit and Golden Joey appear at the top of the aisle. Steve walks ahead of Golden Joey, talking to fans who mostly cheer him on-- however, he does occasionally offend a girl or two with his sometimes rude, sexual comments.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds, from Oakland, California, he is the WCF United States Champion, "The Mack" Steve Orbit!

At ringside he begins the process of taking off whatever pimp attire he is wearing that night, whether its a mink coat, designer suit, etc and always hands his gold chains and his hat to Golden Joey. His in-ring attire consists of black spandex shorts with "Pimpin" on the back in pink, and pink boots. He has a body that resembles a model more than a wrestler, he is perfectly chiseled and cut, but he is not huge and muscular like some wrestlers. He continues to flirt with the girls in the crowd as he enters the ring, showing off his body and blowing kisses. The crowd goes bananas when he hits the ring, as OR-BIT chants are heard all over the arena.

Zach Davis: And just listen to this crowd Shannan. Chants for Steve Orbit and chants for Doc Henry, this crowd is as torn as can be.

Steve acknowledges the "OR-BIT" chants and then hands over the US Title to the referee who takes it to the ringside official and then signals for the bell.


And there is the bell but neither man seems to want to make the first move quite yet as the crowd begins to roar in anticipation. The two finally nod to each other and they lock up in the middle of the ring. Orbit scores with a quick go behind as he puts Doc in a hammerlock. Planting his foot down, Doc is able to reverse the hold into one his own. Orbit snaps his elbow back, connecting with the temple of Doc. The hold gets released as the two look at one another again. Not feeling content to lock up again, Orbit looks for a quick kick to the face of Doc but it falls short as Doc quickly moves backwards, avoiding it. The crowd claps at the near miss as the duo are still trying to formulate a plan.

Zach Davis: Watching this match you have to believe these two guys have been scouting each other since Doc became the number one contender.

After another staredown the two men again lock up as this time it's Doc scoring as he pushes Orbit into the corner. The ref tells Doc to back off and Doc complies. As he takes a few steps back Orbit explodes from the corner, grabbing Doc's head with his left hand while smashing his right forearm into Doc's face. Doc is caught off guard by the hit and Orbit throws him into the corner. Orbit now running and leaping as connects with a flying clothesline. Doc now out of the corner and Orbit sends him into the ropes. Orbit telegraphs a back body drop and Doc is able to stop himself in time to nail Orbit in the back with a forearm shot. Orbit drops to his hands and knees and Doc drops a knee onto his back.

Shannan Lerch: Oh and a knee to the spine. That has to be painful.

Doc now pulling Orbit up to his feet before lifting him up for a backdrop suplex. Orbit though with a quick jab to the face and Doc loses his balance. Doc now falling back and Orbit lands on top of him as both hit the mat. Orbit hooking the leg for the pin attempt.


Doc quickly kicks out at one. Both men quickly back up to their feet and they again tie-up. Orbit quickly gets the better of Doc as he grabs the arm and twists it into a wrist lock. Orbit now with a kick to the ribs of Doc as he lets go of the wrist. Orbit now with a kick to the back of the legs and Doc drops to one knee. Orbit backs up and then connects with a enzuigiri to the head. Orbit again with the pin attempt.



And again it's Doc kicking out. Orbit goes to pull Doc up to his feet when from out of nowhere it's Doc with the roll-up.



This time it's Orbit kicking out. Both men back up to their feet and they forgo the staredown as they go right for the tie-up. They fight for control, pushing each other all over the ring until Doc is backed up into the ropes. The referee breaks it up but Orbit quickly goes for the clothesline attempt. Doc ducks him and lifts Orbit up and over. Orbit however lands on the apron. Doc turns around to exit the ring only to find Orbit waiting for him. Orbit with the right hand but Doc blocks it. Doc with a right of his own and it connects. Doc now grabbing Orbit's head and he drags him face first along the top rope.

Zach Davis: That's one way to rearrange a guy's face.

Orbit clutches his face and Doc drags him through the ropes. With Orbit hanging over the second rope Doc connects with a knee to the side of the head. Orbit drops to the mat and Doc pulls him away from the ropes before going for the pin.




And Orbit gets the shoulder up! Orbit tries to push himself up but Doc is right on him, dropping to his knees and pounding Orbit in the back of the head with lefts and rights. Now it's Doc locking in a reverse chinlock as Orbit tries reach the ropes. He brushes them with his fingertips but Doc just pulls him back away. The crowd now getting a bit more vocal as "OR-BIT" chants start back up. Steve seems to be feeding off the crowd's energy as he again tries to reach for the ropes. Again he barely brushes them with his fingertips. Orbit now trying to drag himself closer using his legs. He reaches for a third time and he grabs the bottom rope. The referee starts the five count and gets to four before Doc releases the hold. Orbit still holding onto the rope as Doc gets to his feet and then stomps down on the back of the United States champion. He tries to do it a second time when the referee yells at him to get back. Doc stares down Orbit as the referee checks on him.

Zach Davis: Look at the eyes of Doc Henry. He wants the US Title. He needs the US Title. Doc is a man on a mission tonight.

The referee now standing in between Doc and Orbit as Orbit uses the ropes to pull himself up. Doc waits until he's on his feet and then moves in, brushing by the referee. As the ref yells at Doc, Doc goes for the tie-up. Orbit countering as he ducks the arms of Doc and connects with a left jab to the gut. Doc doubles over and Orbit spikes him with a DDT. Orbit drops down to a knee out of exhaustion as Doc slowly pushes himself up. Orbit is the first back to his feet and he connects with the Pimp Slap. Doc is stunned and Orbit hits a jawbreaker. With Doc down on the mat Orbit heads for the corner and slowly goes up to the top rope. With the crowd on their feet Orbit leaps off with Oakland Splash. Orbit with the pin attempt.




The crowd explodes with cheers and chants of "OR-BIT" as "Flashlight" by Parlaiment Funkadellic hits the speakers. The referee helps Orbit to his feet and raises his arm in victory. As Orbit celebrates the referee retrieves the US Title and brings it to Orbit.

Zach Davis: And Steve Orbit is still the United States Champion!

Shannan Lerch: What a match!

As Orbit celebrates, Doc sits up, a look of shock on his face.

Zach Davis: Doc put up a hell of a match tonight but Steve Orbit just had his number there at the end of the match.

Doc rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp with Mary right behind him. In the ring Orbit has climbed up the corner and has the belt held high.

Odin Balfore vs Waylon Cash

“ With Oden On Our Side” Hit’s the PA system. The arena grows dark as the fans get to their feet to catch a glimpse of the stage. The fans stand and cheer an once the vocals starts, the arena lights flash back on and there stands Odin Balfore, centre stage. Odin stares down at the ring with a sinister grin as the fans sing along with the chorus.

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know we have come! Futile to resist... the battle is.. already won!

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know we have come! Futile to resist... the battle is.. already won!

The fans pop insanely right after as Odin begins to walk down the ramp at a slow an methodical pace. Once he gets to the foot of the ring, he steps up on it and looks around the arena again before stepping over the ropes..

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know we have come! Futile to resist...

Odin cuts off the fans as he raises his hand in triumph. Odin turns back to the ring as the fans finish their part.

Crowd: The battle is.. already won!

Odin stares down his opponent as he waits for the match to get underway.

Shannan Lerch: The Nordic Tank, ready for action!

Zach Davis: Odin Balfore is one of the greatest and most impressive wrestlers in WCF history. I think we could be looking at a very memorable, classic match-up right here.

The opening trumpet riff of "White Trash Renegade" blares over the PA systems as red and orange strobe lights flash. Suddenly the strobes stop, and Waylon Cash comes running out onto the entrance ramp. He runs back and forth, illiciting cheers from the crowd on either side before dancing his way towards the ring, Roxxanne Savage following behind him. Sliding under the bottom rope, Waylon helps his manager in, before running and jumping onto the second turnbuckle. He raises his fist hig in the air, soaking up the cheering of the fans.

Shannan Lerch: "The Hellbilly" has been on a roll with his tag team partner, Steve Orbit. I wonder if it will carry over to this match with Odin, who has quite a history with Orbit.

Zach Davis: We're about to find out! End of the World, Balfore versus Cash!


As the bell rings, Odin starts with an aggressive assault on Waylon. They trade blows until Odin gives Cash a big knee in the gut, followed by a series of clubbing blows to his back.

Zach Davis: Odin taking control of Waylon early-- and a strong headbutt sends Waylon to his knees.

Odin puts Waylon on the mat with a snap mare, and charges with a running knee to the back of his head. Odin puts his boot on Waylon's chest and puts pressure on it as he steps over. Waylon coughs, rolling over to his back, but he grabs one of Odin's feet and pulls it out from under him, sending him face first into the turnbuckle.

Shannan Lerch: Quick thinking by the Hellbilly.

Waylon rolls out of the ring, shaking off the early beating. Odin holds his jaw, waiting for Waylon to come back into the ring. Waylon fakes like he's coming in under the ropes-- Odin is right there, but Waylon backs off. The ref starts the ten count, but Waylon climbs on the apron. Odin charges and goes for a back elbow, but Waylon pulls the top rope down, and Odin tumbles over to the outside!

Zach Davis: Odin slowly getting to his feet, Waylon still on the apron--

Shannan Lerch: Waylon with a flying crossbody off the apron! They both go crashing into the guardrail!

Zach Davis: The Hellbilly going high-risk! Good strategy early on in this match.

Waylon hits Odin with a few shots to the head before returning to his feet. The ref starts another ten count, and as Odin starts to get back up, Waylon grabs him and rolls him into the ring. Waylon follows him into the ring, slingshotting in with a legdrop! And Cash pins Odin.


Zach Davis: Odin powers out before two.

Waylon gets up first, taking a walk around the ring. Odin gets back to his feet, and they tie-up in the middle of the ring. Odin overpowers Waylon, putting him in a side headlock. Waylon pushes him off, Odin turns around and Waylon takes a swing, which is caught by Odin! Odin crushes Waylon's fist with his massive hand, causing Waylon to scream out. And then Odin drops Waylon with a short-arm clothesline.

Zach Davis: Great back and forth action so far.

Odin pulls Waylon to his feet, and starts with a series of European uppercuts. Odin backs Waylon into the corner and starts with shoulder thrusts. Waylon tries to fight back by clubbing Odin's back, but it doesn't seem to phase Balfore. After a few more shoulder thrusts, Odin grabs Waylon and--

Zach Davis: Odin with that inverted suplex-- holding Waylon in the air in a show of strength...

Shannan Lerch: And down he goes!

Odin stays on Waylon, dropping a knee, followed by another knee drop. Odin covers Waylon.


Shannan Lerch: Kickout by Waylon Cash.

Odin grabs Waylon and pulls him off the mat, whipping him to the ropes. Waylon ducks a clothesline, and keeps running, bouncing off the opposite side of the ring--

Zach Davis: Big boot by Odin Balfore! Cash ran right into it!

Shannan Lerch: Odin drops down with the pin, this could be it!



Zach Davis: NO, Waylon gets the shoulder up!

Waylon holds his face, rolling around on the mat. Odin approaches, and tries to grab him off the mat-- but Waylon elbows him in the gut. Odin approaches again, Waylon gets to a knee... and sends another elbow to Odin's gut, doubling him over.

Zach Davis: Waylon Cash with a snap DDT!

Waylon lays on the mat for a moment, taking a breather. Odin is also laid out. Both men start to stir, and as Waylon gets to his feet, Odin meets him, and they start trading blows on their knees. Eventually they get to their feet, still trading right and left hands. Waylon starts to kick at Odin's calf, causing Odin to drop to a knee, but still fighting back with right hands. Waylon finally takes control with a knee lift, and Odin goes down.

Shannan Lerch: Waylon hits the ropes, Odin starts to get back up--- flying forearm by Waylon Cash, Shawn Michaels style!

Cash with another pin attempt.



Zach Davis: Odin kicks out at two!

Waylon gets up. Odin slams the mat in frustration, and quickly gets back to his feet. He takes a wild swing at Waylon-- Waylon ducks, and punches Odin in the side, twice. Odin, however, uses the fact that Waylon is closing in to his advantage, and wraps his arms around him, locking in a bearhug.

Zach Davis: Ugh. Not a good place for Waylon Cash to be.

Shannan Lerch: Odin Balfore's bear hug is excruciating. The man is just SO powerful.

Waylon puts his hands under Odin's chin, and tries to pry him off-- but Odin just tightens the hold, the pain causing Waylon to drop his arms to his side. Waylon tries everything he can think of, hitting Odin in the side of the head, body shots, but nothing seems to phase Odin as he just locks the hold in tighter.

Zach Davis: The ref is asking Waylon if he wants to give up-- he's shaking his head "no".

Shannan Lerch: I think Waylon Cash would rather have his ribcage broken than give up.

Finally the crowd starts to get behind Waylon, and he starts clapping his hands on the sides of Odin's head. He hits him with a couple bell-ringers... and a third one, more powerful one causes Odin to break the hold.

Zach Davis: Waylon stumbles away, hurt. Odin holds his head with both hands, feeling the effects of the bell-claps.

Odin barely shakes it off before approaching Waylon, still hurt from the bearhug. Waylon lunges forward with a clothesline, but Odin sees it coming, he ducks and grabs onto Waylon--

Zach Davis: The Ressurection! (falling double knee smash)

Shannan Lerch: This could be the beginning of the end.

Odin gets up, smiling... he grabs Waylon by the throat, pulling him off the mat--

Zach Davis: Chokeslam into a backbreaker, RAGNAROK!

Odin pins Waylon Cash.





"With Oden on Our Side" plays over the PA.

Zach Davis: There you have it! Odin Balfore defeats Waylon Cash!

Shannan Lerch: What a great back and forth match, but in the end it's Odin Balfore with a hard-fought victory!

Odin celebrates in the ring as the crowd boos.

Zach Davis: And Odin Balfore gets the win against the other half of The Homegrown Players.

Shannan Lerch: Odin raises his arm in victory but I don't think he's done, he's turning back towards Waylon.

Odin picks Waylon up but Waylon fights back with a few right hands but Odin clubs him on the back and whips him into the ropes.


Zach Davis: Big boot by Balfore.

Shannan Lerch: These guys just beat the hell out of each other but Odin isnt done.

Zach Davis: Odin, grabbing Waylon by the neck and lifts him up to his feet.

Shannan Lerch: He's signaling for Ragnarok

All the sudden the fans erupt and cheer as Steve Orbit runs down to the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Steve Orbit coming to make the save.

Orbit slides into the ring.


Zach Davis: Spear and mounted punches. Odin is reeling.

Shannan Lerch: But he dropped Waylon!

Orbit continues with the punch Odin but gets thrown off as Odin quickly rolls out of the ring and slams his fists on the announcers table in frustration.

Zach Davis: Steve Orbit came in and saved his partner from Ragnarok

Shannan Lerch: But Odin made a statement tonight that he can run the table on the Players.

Zach Davis: But as Steve Orbit has shown, they arnt going to be intimidated and they arn't going to back down.

"Toast to the Fam" begins, and the crowd cheers loudly as Balfore stares them down.

Zach Davis: I'll tell you one thing Shannan, this is far from over.

Shannan Lerch: I believe it, Zach. Especially when The Nordic Tank is invloved. He an Orbit still hate each other and it's spilled over into Waylon Cash. Hows this going to play out?

Zach Davis: I don't know but I can guarantee you that it won't be pretty.

Skyler Striker vs Christopher Kane

Zach Davis: Up next we have a match featuring two guys with fast paced, high flying offense. Should make for one heck of a match!

Shannan Lerch: Totally!

‘With our hands held high, we’re screaming whoa-oh, whoa-oh oh...’

“Hands” by The Almost hits the speakers to a flurry of blue spotlights focused on the curtain, the rest of the arena in darkness. Skyler Striker emerges from behind and the spotlights follow his straight walk to the ring, where he slides in and stands in the center. He raises one hand in front of his face and clicks his fingers, whipping his arm to the side and cueing the lights to come to life along with a flurry of pyro from the ring posts.

{The lights dim down as the intro of "2nd Sucks" by A Day To Remember begins to fill the arena.}


{Out steps "Young K" Christopher Kane with a wide smile on his face, very excited to get the reaction he's getting. The lights come back on as he hurries to the ring slapping hands along the way. Chris hops up onto the apron and goes to the nearest turnbuckle going to the top to raise his arm, index finger too, into the air. He then jumps down into the ring with a roll before jumping to his feet ready to wrestle.}


Kane moves in quickly to make the tie-up but the veteran Striker opts to duck his outstretched arms. Striker now with the arm drag and Kane pops right back up. Striker now with a second arm drag. Kane now staying down as he rolls over to the ropes. He holds onto the middle rope as he pulls himself up, a little bit surprised at how this match has started.

Zach Davis: Young Chris Kane needs to realize that he has to be smarter in the ring. He's not facing off against just anyone, he's in there with a former World Champion.

Kane now letting go of the ropes and it looks like he wants to try for a tie-up. This time Striker obliges and the two fight for control. Kane gets the better of Striker and transitions into a rear waist lock. Kane now trying for a back body drop but Striker is able to flip over at the last second and land on his feet. Striker now trying to grab hold of Kane from behind but Kane is right there with an elbow. Striker grabs his nose and Kane takes out his left leg with a low dropkick. Striker down on one knee and Kane grabs his head before planting him with a DDT. Kane now with the pin attempt.



And Striker kicks out before two. Kane now pulling Striker up to his feet and he whips him into the corner. Kane now climbing up to the second rope and he begins to unload with punches. Before he throws the last one he stops to showboat for the crowd and Striker nails him with a forearm to the gut. Kane drops down to the mat and Striker grabs him before throwing him into the corner. Striker now unloading with a series of chops to the chest before he takes a few steps back. Striker now running right at Kane. He leaps up onto the second rope and connects with a springboard enzuigiri.

Shannan Lerch: What a kick! Chris Kane looks like he's out on his feet.

Kane is still up in the corner as Striker looks to go for Starfall. He hits it and Kane goes tumbling into the center of the ring. Striker now going for the pin attempt.




And Kane gets the shoulder up! Striker rolls off him, a little bit shocked that the kid is still in the match. He gets up to his feet, pulling Kane up with him. Striker with a kick to the gut and he pulls Kane in for Welcome To Oblivion. He gets the double underhook in but Kane somehow finds a way to block it. Kane now lifting Striker up and over with a back body drop. Striker sits up but Kane knocks him right back down with an enzuigiri. Kane now going to the corner where he hops up to the top rope. Kane leaps off going for a moonsault but Striker gets the knees up. Kane rolls off to the side as Striker pushes himself up to his feet. Striker now pulling Kane up and he pulls him in for Welcome To Oblivion. He hits it! Striker with the pin.




"Hands" hits the speakers as Striker gets to his feet and has his arm raised by the referee.

Zach Davis: And there you have it folks. In this battle of new school versus old school the veteran showed the rookie that he still has it.

Shannan Lerch: I thought Kane had a good chance of winning this match but Striker just reminded us all why he's a former World Champion.

Skyler Striker stands victorious in the ring, facing the entryway. Suddenly, Synn and Gravedigger jump the guardrail and slide into the ring. Striker turns around and ducks a clothesline attempt from Synn, bounces off the ropes and right into a vicious GraveMarker from Gravedigger.

Zach Davis: What are Darkseid doing out here?

Shannan Lerch: They are everywhere tonight!

Gravedigger yells something at Synn and points at the TLC weapons being set up at ringside for their upcoming match. Gravedigger stomps away at Striker as Synn slides out of the ring and grabs one of the tables and shoves it into the ring. Gravedigger and Synn set up the table near one of the corners.

Striker starts fighting off Gravedigger and Synn as they go to pick him up, but Gravedigger nails a low blow and Striker stops fighting. Gravedigger grabs Striker and powerbombs him through the table and the crowd goes crazy.

Shannan Lerch: Clearly they were out here to send Skyler Striker a message. Gravedigger is giving Striker a preview of their hardcore match next month at One.

TLC Match
Gravedigger/Synn vs Oblivion/Creeping Death

Synn and Gravedigger look down at Striker laying in the midst of the splintered table. They grin as a couple of medics run down and pull Striker out of the ring and help him to the back.

Almost unintelligible whispers come over the PA system... the sound of whispers, signaling the beginning of "Jesus Built My Hot rod" by Ministry. As the song truly begins, in its usual epic fashion, the curtain parts and out comes the tag team of The Reign of Terror. Andrew Warhawk steps forth wearing crimson liturgical robes and clutching his 'Book of Dark Times' as if guarding it with his very own soul. Behind Warhawk, walks out Zombie McMorris, all jacked up and ready for combat. As the 'Dark Church' "enforcers" continue walking, a few steps behind is a procession of the faithful, emerging from backstage. The Gathering walks out. Both the small and the Monstrous Gathering show their Faith and loyalty towards Oblivion. The sound of thunder rattles the arena, as Nathan von Liebert walks out. The Vixens come out next, dressed in white on white habits spotted with what appears to be blood and in the midst of the cluster of 'nuns' we see the Church's 'messiah'. The God of Insanity - Oblivion himself - steps at a leisurely pace and looks about at the 'saved' and 'unsaved' alike... his gaze would evoke utter terror from any sane person. McMorris slides into the ring, leaping to a turnbuckle and pumping his fist to the crowd... Warhawk carefully places his book in one corner of the ring and then carefully climbs inside to join his tag team partner. Liebert slides under the bottom ring rope and proceeds to go to another corner of the ring. The Gathering and The Vixens lead IT in procession around ringside as Oblivion continues staring down the crowd, almost as if remembering all of their faces... or looking into their souls. McMorris and Warhawk then each take one side and hold the ropes open for their 'savior' as IT enters the ring. The Church members lock eyes with their opponents as Warhawk begins chanting the opposition's 'last rites'.

Shannan Lerch: Gravedigger and Synn are not budging an inch as they watch each member of The Church, seeing if one of them will make a move.

Zach Davis: Before this match gets underway, we’d like to point out that this isn’t the traditional style TLC match but will instead be decided by a pinfall or submission.

Finally, Oblivion waves his hand at a couple of the members and every member of the Church save Creeping Death and Oblivion himself exits the ring. The referee orders them to the back and once they’re halfway up the ramp, Gravedigger and Synn leap forward and all four men start brawling before the bell has even rung. Synn is trading blows with Oblivion and Gravedigger with Creeping Death. Gravedigger and Synn get the upper hand, pushing Oblivion and Creeping Death all the way to the ropes. They simultaneously irish whip their opponents across the ring. Unfortunately, both Oblivion and CD grab the opposite ropes and then bail out of the ring to the outside, illiciting loud boos from the capacity crowd.

Zach Davis: The fans definitely not liking the immediate pause in the action.

Oblivion walks over and grabs a chair, tosses it to Creeping Death. He then picks up a chair of his own and grins as he turns back to the ring. The crowd is on their feet as the smile on his face fades. Gravedigger and Synn have both ran across the ring and launched themselves over the top rope. Both Oblivion and Creeping Death are floored by the massive bodies of Synn and Gravedigger!

Shannan Lerch: OH MY GOD! I don’t think I have ever seen Gravedigger get so much air before!

Zach Davis: I don’t think anyone was expecting that, especially at the beginning of the match! A risky move that fortunately for Darkseid paid off!

Shannan Lerch: And unfortunately for The Church. Darkseid showing that they will pull out all the stops from the get go!

Gravedigger and Synn pounce on the two Church members and start wailing on them with huge rights and lefts. Gravedigger grabs Creeping Death and helps him up and rolls him into the ring. Gravedigger walks a couple of feet away and rolls under the ropes below CD and stands up. He walks over and grabs CD by the hair, but is met with a couple of fists to the gut and CD starts fighting back. Gravedigger pokes him in the eye, stopping his momentum and irish whips CD across the ring. Gravedigger goes for a big boot which CD ducks easily, bounces off the opposite ropes and nails a big cross body block, flooring Gravedigger. Gravedigger presses CD up in to the air, but CD lands on his feet and runs to the nearby ropes, bounces off for momentum and dropkicks Gravedigger right in the mouth as he sits up.

CD taunts Gravedigger and runs towards the ropes once more and leaps at them for a springboard, but Synn suddenly stands up, playing possum on the outside and smashes a chair right in CD’s face, knocking him back in the ring. Synn turns around as Oblivion tries to sneak up on him and floors the God of Insanity with a big chair shot. Synn throws the chair down and yells out to the crowd, looking for support. Synn grabs another chair and slides it into the ring towards Gravedigger who grabs it. Gravedigger slowly stands up, touching his face where CD’s boots were just at. Gravedigger sets up the chair and grabs CD who is just now getting up. Gravedigger grabs CD, whips him across the ring and then catches him on the way back and launches him into the air for a flapjack…onto the chair!!! CD is flopping around the ring.

Zach Davis: Oh wow! CD is in major pain from that and Darkseid has firm control of this match from almost the beginning.

Synn stomps away at Oblivion on the outside and picks him up. Synn irish whips Oblivion across the ringside area towards the guardrail, but Oblivion reverses it at the last second and sends Synn back first into the guardrail. Synn arches his back and leans against the back for support. His eyes go wide as Oblivion swings the chair he was just hit with and connects with the skull of Synn! Synn stands up and staggers around and Oblivion meets him with another chair shot to the skull and Synn hits his knees before falling stomach first onto the mat outside.

Oblivion holds his arms, with the chair in one, up in the air, taunting the crowd. He backs up towards the ring, but gets too close as Gravedigger reaches over the rope and pulls the chair right out of his hands. Oblivion turns around but then moves out of the way as Gravedigger gets dropkicked from behind by CD. Gravedigger flips over the top rope and to the outside. Oblivion walks over and stomps away at Gravedigger and picks him up. Oblivion moves out of the way at the last second as CD runs across the ring and nails Gravedigger with a suicide dive on the outside.

Oblivion walks over and grabs one of the ladders nearby. He turns to Gravedigger and Synn on the ground and grins as he pushes the ladder off, letting it land right on the two men. They both yell out in pain as the ladder bounces off of them. Creeping Death walks over and slowly balances as he walks across the ladder, further pushing it down onto the members of Darkseid, causing them both to yell out in more pain. CD hops off and Oblivion pushes the ladder off of the two of them. Oblivion picks up Gravedigger, kicks him in the gut and then positions him for a powerbomb, pointing at the ladder. The crowd is on their feet as Oblivion goes for the powerbomb. Gravedigger flails his legs and causes Oblivion to not be able to get the powerbomb and instead Gravedigger back body drops him onto the ladder! CD runs at Gravedigger, but Gravedigger catches him and hits CD with a Respecto right onto Oblivion.

The crowd goes nuts. Synn is finally back up and helps Gravedigger get CD up and they roll him into the ring. Gravedigger says something to Synn and they walk over and grab one of the tables leaning up against the outside and slide it into the ring. Synn slides in and leans the table up against one of the corner turnbuckles as Gravedigger climbs into the ring and grabs CD. Gravedigger puts him on his shoulders and walks over towards the table.

Zach Davis: Oh no, I know what this is. This is the Embalmer. He’s going to put Creeping Death through that table.

Shannan Lerch: Wait, what’s this?!

Gravedigger goes to throw CD off his shoulders, but CD grabs Gravedigger by the head, swings around and puts Gravedigger through the table with a swinging DDT!! Synn’s eyes go wide as he grabs the sides of his head. Synn runs over and starts laying the boots to CD and then starts pounding away at him with big rights to his head in frustration. Synn picks CD up for a suplex, but CD slides out from behind him, drops down and shoves Synn into the nearby turnbuckle where his face bounces off and CD catches him with a neckbreaker. The crowd is on their feet as CD pulls Gravedigger away from the corner and covers him for the pin.

1…2..kick out by Gravedigger. CD rolls off of Gravedigger and picks up Synn as Oblivion climbs back into the ring. CD irish whips Synn across the ring, misses a clothesline on his return, but Oblivion catches Synn with a big spinebuster in the ring. Oblivion points outside the ring and yells something at Creeping Death. Creeping Death goes outside the ring and shoves in a table from the ringside area. Oblivion starts setting it up near a corner as CD slides back into the ring. Oblivion walks over and sits on the top rope. CD picks up Gravedigger and walks over to the corner of the ring with him. Gravedigger starts fighting back but Oblivion kicks him in the face and Creeping Death starts to lift him up to Oblivion, but stops as Gravedigger’s brother Chester comes from out of nowhere with a chair, leaps onto the apron and smashes Oblivion right in the face with a chair! Oblivion is knocked out as he flips off of the top rope and crashes through a nearby table sitting next to the ring and hits the mat outside.

Before CD can even react, Gravedigger kicks CD in the gut and suplexes him into the air into the waiting arms of Synn who is on the other side of the table and CD is laid out with a Dark Retribution through the table! Synn covers CD as the referee slides into position.

1…2…no! Synn is suddenly pulled out of the ring as the crowd pops. Synn turns and is standing face to face with Steeltoe Joe! Synn is flattened on the outside with a Baptism by Joe. Chester yells at Gravedigger to look out and Digger turns around into a front flip kick by Tek. Tek runs to the turnbuckle where Chester is at and springboards off the turnbuckle and kicks Chester in the side of the head before he can even react. Chester turns and falls to the mat outside. Tek quickly scales the turnbuckles and hits the Anti-Mask double rotation moonsault onto Digger.

Creeping Death crawls over towards Gravedigger as Tek slides out of the ring and starts walking to the back with Steeltoe Joe, grinning at their handiwork as CD covers Digger.

1…2…Gravedigger gets a shoulder up! Steeltoe Joe’s grin fades, but after looking at Tek they shrug as they exit into the back. The damage has been done. Meanwhile in the ring, Creeping Death hits the mat hard with his hand and then climbs out of the ring and slides in a ladder. He climbs in after it and picks it up just as Synn stands up. Creeping Death swings the ladder and takes Synn’s legs out from under him, causing him to yell out in pain. Creeping Death adjusts the weight of the ladder and hits Gravedigger in the back with it as he lays there. He rolls out of the ring yelling out in pain. Creeping Death sets up the ladder and climbs up to the top of it and looks down at Synn below. Synn sees what’s happening and slowly rolls out of the ring and Creeping Death looks frustrated. He turns and sees Oblivion grabbing Gravedigger.

Oblivion takes Gravedigger over to one of the tables and lays him across it. He turns and yells up at CD. CD looks back over his shoulder and there appears to be just enough room to make it. The crowd starts going crazy as CD stops and takes one look around at the crowd. Creeping Death leaps off in a huge moonsault and just barely makes it, putting Gravedigger through the table on the outside. Damage is done to both men and they are laying there, knocked out. A ringside attendant runs over and checks on the two men as Oblivion and Synn stare at each other across the ringside area. Synn reaches down and picks up a chair and starts chasing Oblivion around the ring. Oblivion slides into the ring, but before he can do anything, Synn is in the ring and swings the chair. Oblivion ducks and rolls out once more. Synn gives chase and Oblivion is in and up in the center of the ring before Synn can climb in himself. Oblivion begs Synn to climb in the ring. Synn suddenly grins and Oblivion turns around into a huge spear from Keynan Isara who had run down to the ring in all the commotion.

Shannan Lerch: Everyone is getting in on this match!

Synn climbs into the ring as Keynan stomps away at Oblivion. Synn grabs the ladder and folds it up and lays it on the mat. He says something to Keynan who picks Oblivion up and body slams him onto the ladder. Synn hits Oblivion not once but twice with the chair and lays it across his prone body on the ladder. Synn walks over and climbs to the top rope and leaps off nailing the Thunderstruck on Oblivion! Landing on his ass and leg on the chair still hurts Synn some as well, as he holds his leg while laying against the bottom rope. Synn rolls over and throws an arm over Oblivion.

1…2..KICK OUT!

Zach Davis: Synn is not too happy about that, but he should have put more effort into the pin.

The crowd starts booing loudly as Andrew Warhawk and Zombie McMorris walk out from the back. Synn turns to the entryway and stands up, talking trash to Warhawk and McMorris. Synn doesn’t see NvL climbing into the ring behind him. NvL grabs Synn, spins him around and hits him with the Straight Jacket Drop! NvL pulls Oblivion over and drapes his arm across Synn and climbs out of the ring.


Gravedigger is climbing back in the ring.


Gravedigger dives and makes the save right before the referee would have counted to three! NvL, Zombie and Warhawk are all three in the ring and they start stomping away at Synn and Gravedigger. Creeping Death is up and helps as well when the lights go out.

The lights come back up and the crowd roars like crazy as they see Corey Black perched on the top rope. The Church members turn around and Corey flies off with a big cross body block, taking out Warhawk and NvL. Chester is up on the apron with a chair and decks McMorris with the chair. Corey Black stands up as NvL rolls out of the ring and pulls Warhawk with him. Creeping Death is standing behind Corey Black and begs him to turn around. Corey Black turns around and Creeping Death kicks him in the gut. He grabs Corey and goes for a Burning Hammer. Corey Black amazingly flips all the way over and lands on his feet. CD is in shock and gets kicked in the gut and Corey Black nails a huge Burning Hammer on his imposter. The Church members are back in the ring and Corey Black starts fighting them off.

Mondo and Maya come running out from the back, carrying Synn’s guitar Sherri with them. Synn is handed the guitar and he stands up. He turns the headstock towards Warhawk, Zombie and NvL who all bail out of the ring as flames shoot out of the guitar. Corey Black leaves the ring as well. Synn turns and aims it towards Oblivion who is getting to his feet. He grabs the referee and pulls him in front as he rolls out of the ring. The referee is engulfed in flames! Synn’s eyes grow wide as the referee runs around flailing. Paramedics come out from the back with a long spine board and fire extinguisher and put the referee out. They roll the referee onto the spine board and start strapping him in next to Oblivion who is standing there in disbelief. They step away from the ring with the referee on the board.

Gravedigger grabs Creeping Death and tosses him out of the ring at Oblivion. Oblivion quickly moves out of the way and Creeping Death crashes onto the burned referee and breaks the spine board in half!

Zach Davis: This is quickly getting out of control!

As if all the other members of the roster coming out here wasn’t enough, suddenly the 8th Wonder runs out from the back wearing EMT outfits and pulling a stretcher. They quickly run down to where the referee and the splintered spine board are at. They pull up the stretcher next to the carnage. The EMTs that are already there start pointing at the burnt referee, but Markus and Jayson roll him off the board and they pick up the pieces of the broken board and put it on the stretcher. They quickly grab the ends of the stretcher and start telling the cameramen to get out of the way as they quickly roll the stretcher back to the backstage area carrying the broken spine board instead of the referee.

Everyone at ringside plus Gravedigger and Synn are all confused on what just happened. Oblivion doesn’t give a shit as he rolls into the ring with a chair and nails Gravedigger in the back with the chair, knocking him to the mat. Synn turns and starts brawling with Oblivion in the center of the ring.

Synn gets irish whipped across the ring to one of the corners as another referee runs out from the back. Oblivion runs across the ring at Synn and goes for an avalanche in the corner.

Synn steps out of the way at the last second and Oblivion crashes chest first onto the top turnbuckle, staggers back and into a Dreamcatcher from Synn. Synn covers Oblivion for the pin.




Zach Davis: THERE IT IS.

Shannan Lerch: Synn and Gravedigger, Darkseid, pick up the victory here tonight!

Zach Davis: What does this mean for the Church of Dark Saints?

Gravedigger and Synn meet in the middle of the ring, victorious. Creeping Death pulls Oblivion out of the ring and those two begin heading to the back.

Torture Segment

"Crawl" by Kings of Leon hits.

Zach Davis: Oh shit. Here we go.

Shannan Lerch: We advertised it... and I was hoping it wouldn't happen but..


Torture steps out from the back to a huge ovation!




He's grinning ear from ear, loving the ovation. He's also wearing his street clothes and holding a briefcase.

Shannan Lerch: Wonder what he's got in that briefcase. Knowing that guy, probably some contract to come in here and get a World Title shot whenever he wants or something.

Torture marches down to the ring, bobbing his head to the music, slapping hands with fans, enjoying being among the WCF faithful once again.

Zach Davis: This man DEFINED WCF when he was an active wrestler here, more than any other man in history, besides maybe Logan.

Shannan Lerch: Don't let either Torture or Logan hear you say that.

Torture slides into the ring and pretends like he's going to attack Kyle Steel before laughing at him and grabbing a mic from him.


Huge pop from the DC crowd.

Torture: You guys remember me?

Another big pop!

Torture: I know you do! So I don't need to tell you what I've done here. I've beaten the best in the company, I'm the best People's Champ in history.. the best World Champ in history too! Not to mention Corey and I beating up jobbers like they're nothing.. just ask Oblivion!

Mixed reaction from the crowd at Oblivion's name.

Torture: But there is one thing I HAVEN'T done yet, one accomplishment I've yet to call my own. You see, Seth Lerch-


Torture: -Seth Lerch has decided for whatever reason... to snub me, ME of all people, from the Hall of Fame.

More booing.

Torture: While other, lesser wrestlers were inducted, I've sat back and watched. And WCF... I'M SICK OF IT!

"HALL OF FAME!" chants begin now. Torture opens up his briefcase and pulls out a pretty damn big stack of papers.

Torture: What I have here, Seth, is ONE MILLION... you can count 'em.. ONE MILLION signatures from WCF fans saying that I should be in your Hall of Fame! You're a businessman, Seth, and you have to know that to make a company great you've gotta do what the people want. DO WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT, SETH! TORTURE! HALL OF FAME 2012!

"HALL OF FAME! HALL OF FAME!" chants are replaced by the voice of James Hetfield over the PA system as Master of Puppets hits.

Zach Davis: Oh shit! Here we go!

Seth Lerch steps out from the back, and Torture looks toward the entryway.

Torture: Hey buddy! Great to see you!, glad you could make it. Why don't you come into my ring so we can have a little chat?

Seth, standing at the entryway still, scoffs.

Seth Lerch: YOUR ring?! YOUR ring!? Torture, let me tell you, you don't have any rings here, and you never will. Not the one you're standing in, and NOT A HALL OF FAME RING EVER! NOT EVER!

BOOOOOO! say the fans. Torture frowns.

Seth Lerch: I don't care what you say, and I don't care what that fake petition says! As far as I'm concerned all you are is a politicking, self serving, cheating manipulator who fooled me into protecting you for your entire career here!

The crowd is almost too shocked to boo that one. Torture just laughs.

Torture: PROTECT me? You-

Seth Lerch: Save it, Torture. It's the truth and you and I both know it. The only reason you're considered a legend by these sheep is because I taught them to see you that way! I had conferences with my referees and made sure that they knew to count fast for you, and slow for your opponents. I told doctors to medically clear your opponents when maybe they shouldn't, just so you'd have easy competition. And why'd I do it? Because WCF needed that at the time. We needed someone unbeatable. You think you beat guys like Slickie T by yourself?

Torture raises his eyebrow as Seth mentions what was one of his most difficult and controversial wins.

Seth Lerch: YOU DIDN'T, TORTURE! THE ONLY REASON YOU BEAT SLICKIE T WAS BECAUSE OF ME! You're a nobody without me, Torture! And you're a nobody that I will NEVER allow into the Hall of Fame as long as I'm alive!

Torture has had enough. He drops his petition and slides out of the ring, running up the ramp at Seth. Seth smartly decides to run away, and Torture chases him into the back.

Zach Davis: Wow. I never thought I'd hear Seth admitting to protecting Torture like that... but is it true? You and I commentated those matches, Shannan, I don't remember any fast counting like that.

Shannan Lerch: I don't know, Zach. It wouldn't surprise me though.

Zach Davis: And anyway, you heard it from the horse's mouth. Torture isn't going to accomplish the one thing he has left to do... get into the Hall of Fame. Seth's a dick.

WCF Classic Tournament 2012 Finals
Benjamin Atreyu vs Sarah Twilight

Zach Davis: Well, ladies and gentlemen. Its time for the conclusion of the WCF Classic Tournament as we head into the finals tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Thats right, this tournament started with sixteen of WCF's finest wrestlers, battles were fought, victories were had, defeats were suffered, and now we are down to the final two contestants.

Zach Davis: Both competitors are returning from individual hiatuses and have sense been undefeated. Both have fought incredibly hard to get to this point, but only one can walk out the winner.

Shannan Lerch: On one hand we have self-proclaimed “God Given Greatness” Benjamin Atreyu who has, on several occasions, mentioned that he is on a mission to change the industry and that the only way to truly change it is through dominance. Well, tonight, if he wins this match, his mission might see its completion.

Zach Davis: On the other hand, we have “The Mistress of Mischief” Sarah Twilight, who recently joined the power stable Genesis. She seems to have turned a new leaf in her life and going down a path of more of a fan-favorite this time around. If she can win tonight, it might prove that this change was for the best.

The lights go out as a spotlight centers on stage. Piano chords begin a haunting melody, accompanied by heavy drum beats. The crowd begins to cheer MASSIVELY as the video wall displays the words THE ONLY ONE.

Kyle Steel: Making her way to the ring, hailing from Los Angeles, California, and weighing in at 142lbs, she is...."The Mistress of Mischief" SARAH TWILIGHT!

Pyros shoot up from the stage as our melody finally kicks into guitar. "The Only One" by Evanescence continues to play as Sarah finally walks out onto the stage. She is greeted with deafening cheers and soaks them all in. The vibrant redhead confidently swaggers towards the ring and steps inside. Pyros now shoot off from the ring posts and Sarah takes to each turnbuckle in succession, pointing out toward the crowd and smiling. The cheers become even LOUDER. As the music continues, Sarah rolls outside of the ring and finds a young fan sitting at ringside. She removes her signature "You Don't Matter" tee shirt that she wears over her wrestling attire and gives it to the young fan before returning to the ring as the music dies down.

“Capricco” by Krzysztof Penderecki hits the sound system with a loud hit of drums followed by a sharp harmony of horns and strings. Benjamin Atreyu casually steps out onto the entrance ramp, savoring the scowls of the audience. After breathing in their discontent he descends the ramp to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Hailing from Saint Paul, Minnesota and weighing in at two hundred and thirty one pounds, self-proclaimed "God Given Greatness" BENJAMIN ATREYU!

He slides into the ring and jumps to his feet. He walks to the center of the ring, raising his fist in the air, as if announcing his victory was assured before the match even began. The crowd erupts in boos he steps back into his corner.


Zach Davis: and the match is underway.

Atreyu and Twilight move to the center of the ring, but instead of locking up, they just stare each other down. The crowd falls into a hush as the tension seems to spread through the arena. Suddenly, Atreyu reaches out, grabs tilight by the chin, and pulls her in and kisses her. The crowd scowls in disgust and Twilight quickly pushes away and gives a stiff right hand to the side of Atreyu's head.

Zach Davis: Benjamin Atreyu showing no respect for Sarah, but Sarah responds, sending Benjamin reeling backwards.

Atreyu falls back against the turnbuckle, but before he can get himself upright, Twilight runs into the corner and starts laying down a fury of punches. Atreyu lifts Twilight up and tosses her back, but Twilight quickly gets back to her feet and charges back into the corner, continuing her barrage. The referee interferes and separates the two of them. Referee warns Twilight to watch the punches, but as soon as he moves out of the way, Atreyu connects with a hard clothesline.

Shannan Lerch: Sarah showed no hesitation to start the match off with a fury of blows but Benjamin Atreyu used the referee as an opportunity for a cheap shot.

Atreyu pulls Twilight to her feet, but Twilight gives a quick kick to the gut and irish whips Atreyu into the ropes. He rebounds and Twilight hits him with a low drop kick to the shins, forcing Atreyu down onto his knees. Sarah quickly follows it up with a enziguri to the back of Atreyu's head. Benjamin hits the mat and Twilight quickly turns him over and goes for the pin.

Zach Davis: Sarah Twilight is showing a great amount of initiative and goes for the pin fall early in the match up.


Atreyu kicks out of the pin and both competitors quickly rise to their feet. Atreyu gets the advantage, hit Twilight with a stiff elbow, following it up with another, and another, and another with Sarah reeling back more each time.

Zach Davis: Wow, Benjamin is really laying into Sarah with those elbows.

As Twilight backs up into the ropes, Atreyu quickly grabs her arm and irish whips her. As she is coming back, Atreyu hits her with a VIOLENT European uppercut. Twilight's legs fly out from under her and she lands hard on the mat, Atreyu quickly going for the pin.

Zach Davis: Neither opponent wasting time trying to get the victory.


Twilight gets her shoulder up in time, Benjamin begins to argue with the referee that it was three. Sarah gets to her feet and turns Atreyu away from the referee to land a knee to the gut and quickly following it up with a T-Bone suplex, there is a loud crash as Atreyu hits the mat and the crowd roars with cheer!

Zach Davis: Benjamin Atreyu can't waste his time arguing with the referee, he needs to keep his head in the game if he wants to win this tournament. All Sarah has to be is a little quicker and the match will slip between Benjamin's fingers.

Twilight gets back to her feet and begins stomping Benjamin in the gut before pulling him back to his feet. Benjamin quickly fights back with a right hand, following it up with a left, left, right combination. Sarah strikes back with her own combination.

Shannan Lerch: It looks like the match is turning into an all out slug-fest.

Fists go back and forth until Benjamin manages to get the advantage and starts laying in hard punches to Twilight's head and body. Atreyu grabs hold of Twilight and hits her with a STO backbreaker. He keeps hold of her and brings her up, he locks on a top wrist lock and sweeps her legs out from under her.

Zach Davis: An impressive combination from Benjamin Atreyu. They are going to have to pull out all the stops in order get the victory.

Benjamin keeps hold of the top wrist lock and wrenches down hard on Twilight's arm. Twilight tries to fight back by landing blows on the back of Benjamin's head, but he refuses to let go. Sarah tries to power against Benjamin to get back to her feet. Benjamin keeps wrenching as they both rise up and once they are on their feet Twilight drops back down and hits Atreyu with an arm drag.

Zach Davis: Benjamin's plan might have had a bit of a flaw when he tried to make Sarah submit and now he hits the mat hard as a consequence.

Shannan Lerch: While it may seem like bad strategy to try and make Sarah submit, if he could pull it off, it would make his victory seem that much more impressive.

Zach Davis: Yeah, but it might make his victory all that much more difficult as well.

Benjamin rolls back onto his feet, but it met with a forearm smash from Twilight as her forearm collides with his nose, sending him to the ground, writhing in pain.

Zach Davis: Oh dear god, I think that blow might have broken his nose. He is on the ground and is he...yes, he is bleeding.

Twilight takes advantage and jumps on top of him, unloading a barrage of fists as he does his best to block them. Benjamin reels back an arm and clocks Twilight in the side of the head as hard as he can to end her punching spree. She falls to the side and Benjamin rises to his feet. Not only is he bleeding from his nose, but it seems the bridge of his nose and right under his eye have been busted open. Benjamin stumbles back into the corner and it seems that his punch did little to deter Sarah as she is quickly back on her feet and charges into the corner, hitting Benjamin with a flying splash causing him to sink down into the corner. She quickly follows it up by bouncing against the nearby ropes and coming back in with a running face wash.

Zach Davis: Sarah has been relentless in this match up, going as far as busting Benjamin's face wide open and following it up with an impressive combination into the corner.

Shannan Lerch: If Benjamin doesn't find a way to properly fight back soon, he could end up losing more than just the match.

Twilight drags Benjamin out of the corner and quickly covers him for the pin.


Benjamin just barely manages to kick out in time as the referee's hand was just about to hit the mat. Sarah slams her fists down on the mat in frustration and then pulls Benjamin to his feet. She irish whips him across the ring, but before he can rebound against the ropes, he quickly drops down and rolls out of the ring, buying himself some time. The crowd roars in disapproval at Benjamin's unsportsmanlike conduct. Sarah, refusing to give him time to breathe, gets a running start and leaps over the ropes in a flying cross body. The referee beginning to count.


Zach Davis: Look at the air Sarah got on that jump!

Her body clashes against Benjamin, but in an amazing feat of strength, Benjamin catches her. He runs towards one of the ring's corner posts and slams her back into the metal pole, following it up with a power slam onto the hard concrete floor.

Sarah's back wrenches in pain as Benjamin pulls her back to her feet.

Benjamin grabs hold of Sarah's arm and irish whips her hard into the guard rail. Her body collides with it and she clutches her back in pain as her face contorts in agony. Benjamin comes running at her and knocks her over the guard rail with a hard clothesline.


Zach Davis: Benjamin just sent Sarah over the guard rail. If she doesn't hurry, she could lose this match via count out.

Benjamin strolls back to the ring and slides in under the ropes. He raises to his feet and taunts the crowd by acting as he has already won the match-up.

Sarah slowly gets to her feet and stumbles over the guard rail. Fans pat her back, encouraging her to make it back to the ring.

She crawls over to the side of the ring, pulling herself to her feet.


She slides into the ring, breaking the ten count, but Benjamin is already following it up with some stomps to Sarah's back. Benjamin grabs Sarah's hair and lifts her head up to look into her eyes and share some taunting words, but Sarah spits at Benjamin, getting an ecstatic reaction from the audience. Benjamin lets go on her hair and stomps a couple more times out of frustration before walking over to one of the turnbuckles. He begins to untie one of the protective covers. The referee tries to interfere, but Benjamin pushes him away and pulls the protective cover off, revealing the hard steel holding the ropes in place. Sarah has started attempting to get to her feet, but Benjamin walks over and grabs her by her hair again and pulls her over to the turnbuckle.

Shannan Lerch: Benjamin doesn't seem to want to play nice anymore.

Benjamin begins to slam Sarah's face into the exposed turnbuckle repeatedly in absolutely frustrated, both in pay back for busting up his face and spitting at him. The referee begins to count to five and when he gets to four, Benjamin lets up on Sarah, but he quickly pulls her out just to irish whip her back into the corner, her back clashing against the exposed turnbuckle. It seems that the turnbuckle has cut Sarah's forehead open as blood begins to drip down her face. Again Benjamin pulls her out of the corner and irish whips her back in, her back colliding again with that exposed button. The referee warns Benjamin to stop, but he pulls her out of the corner once more, but this time to be met with a kick to the gut from Sarah. She backs him into the ropes and irish whips him across the ring. He rebounds and comes running back to be met with a duck under neck breaker from Sarah.

Zach Davis: We've gone beyond competition, this is an all-out-fight to see who can do the most damage to their opponent. We've seen last second recoveries, fierce brawling, dirty tactics, technical prowess, and amazing combinations from each wrestler as they have to think outside the box to beat their opponent.

Shannan Lerch: Its no surprise, both competitors have fought their hardest to make it to the finals, why should they stop now?

As both competitors begin to rise, Sarah makes it to her feet first and pulls Benjamin the rest of the way to his feet. She locks up Benjamin into the suplex position and slams him with a hard snap suplex, but she keeps the hold, lifting him up again, and this time hits him with a devastating fisherman suplex. Once again she brings him back to his feet, but this time hits a spinning snap neckbreak.

Zach Davis: That's what I was talking about earlier. These two are pulling out new combinations. They know that they have to be unrelenting and not give their opponent time to breathe.

Sarah goes for the pin.


Benjamin raises his arm just in time, refusing to be beaten. Sarah pulls him to his feet and attempts to irish whip him into the ropes, but he turns it around and as Sarah comes running back he hits her with a spinning elbow.


Benjamin quickly covers Sarah for the pin.


Sarah kicks out in time. Benjamin pulls her to her feet. He lifts Sarah onto her back into the burning hammer position.

Zach Davis: Oh, I think Benjamin is going for Requiem In D Minor!

Benjamin lifts Sarah off his shoulders, but as he sits out, Sarah lands on her feet and follows it with a drop kick to Benjamin's face.

Zach Davis: Sarah with an impressive counter was able to save herself from Benjamin's powerful finisher. If he had hit that, that might have been the end of the match.

Shannan Lerch: Well, Sarah needs to take this opportunity if she doesn't want to end up on the wrong end of it again.

Sarah quickly leaps to Benjamin's side and locks on the short arm scissors. Benjamin immediately begins to fight back as the submission is obviously causing him significant pain.

Zach Davis: It seems that Sarah is trying to get Benjamin to tap this time. Could we see a winner via tap out?

Shanna Lerch: Don't count him out yet. It seems since Benjamin has returned he has been fiercer, tougher, and more dedicated than ever. If he had to pick between submitting and having his arm broken, I'm sure he would be the latter.

Zach Davis: Well, either could happen as it seems Sarah has Benjamin locked in tight.

Benjamin, with blood dripping from his face, gets to his feet, submission still locked in, and begins attempting to lift Sarah into the air.

Zach Davis: Could he do it, could he really lift Sarah up after this fierce battle?

Benjamin eventually gets Sarah into the air and falls backwards, sending Sarah crashing hard into the mat. Both wrestlers lay on the ground in pain, struggling to get back to their feet. After a moment the referee begins to count.


Zach Davis: Who will get to their feet first?

Shannan Lerch: The better question is WILL either of them get to their feet in time? Could we see this tournament end in a tie?

Benjamin and Sarah are on their knees, both struggling to even get onto one leg.

Zach Davis: It is very clear that both performers are fighting as hard as they can. Whoever wins this tournament definitely deserves it.

Benjamin manages to get to his feet, bleeding profusely from his nose and under his eye. He grabs hold of Sarah's hair and pulls her the rest of the way to her feet. He yells at her “HIT ME! COME ON! GO FOR IT!”.

Zach Davis: Is Benjamin actually asking Sarah to hit him? That doesn't seem like a solid strategy to win the match.

Shannan Lerch: Maybe he took a few too many blows to the head.

But, when Sarah swings for the punch, Benjamin ducks under and grabs Sarah around the gut as she turns with the punch and he hits her with a german suplex. He keeps the hold and raises her to her feet following it up by lifting her into the back suplex position and dropping her down onto his knee.

Zach Davis: Oh, a devatinng Back Suplex backbreak by Benjamin Atreyu.

Sarah falls off of Benjamin's knee onto her stomach and Benjamin steps over her and locks in a Dragon Clutch.

Shannan Lerch: He's going for it again, he is trying to make her submit.

Zach Davis: It was a smart strategy for Benjamin to work over Sarah's back, maybe she'll actually tap!

The referee gets up close, watching Sarah's hand. It raises up into the air, but then reaches over for the ropes. The referee and the audience watches intently as Benjamin wrenches back harder on his hold, trying to make her tap before she can reach the ropes. She gets closer, inch-by-inch as she continues to stretch for the ropes.

Zach Davis: She is so close, can she do it? Will she reach the ropes or will she tap?

Sarah manages to reach over to the ropes and grabs hold. Benjamin refuses to let the hold go and the referee begins the five count, at four Benjamin finally releases the hold and rises to his feet. She begins to pull Sarah to her feet, but she kicks Benjamin in the gut and hits him with a hard DDT.

Zach Davis: Sarah with a hard DDT. Its a surprise that she can put on any sort of offense right after such a brutal submission. The fact that either of these wrestlers can stand shows just how bad they want to win this match up. If either one of them can capitalize on their opponent's weakness, if either one of them slips up, if either one of them could even get a SLIGHT advantage, this match could be over in seconds.

Sarah slowly lifts Benjamin to his feet, but she is met with a right hand from Benjamin. She comes back with a right of her own, which is followed by another one by Benjamin. The two are back into a slugfest as they try to gain an advantage over the other. Both of them are bleeding profusely.

Zach Davis: This bout has been a prime example of why we had this tournament in the first place. These two athletes are giving it their all as they fight back and forth for victory, for a chance to be one of the top dogs in WCF. Sarah kicks Benjamin in the gut, forcing him to bend over, She grabs hold of Benjamin and lifts him, facing up, onto his shoulder.

Zach Davis: Could this be...?

Sarah swings Benjamin down and hits him with a DDT.


Sarah Twilight goes for the pin.



Sarah's hand is raised in victory as she is barely able to stand up on her own.

Seth Lerch's Announcement

“Master of Puppets” hits over the PA system.

Shannan Lerch As advertised, here comes Seth Lerch.

Zach Davis: Rumors have been swirling today that Seth is out here tonight to make an announcement that’s going to have a big effect on the future of the Wrestling Championship Federation. I have no idea what it could be.

Shannan Lerch: Or he’s just out here to be his normal idiotic self.

Lerch walks onto the stage to a loud chorus of boos from the sold-out Washington D.C. crowd. Seth smiles at the reaction, relishing in the moment for a few seconds before slowly walking down toward the ring. As the crowd continues to rain down obscenities upon him, Lerch slides into the ring and is thrown a microphone from ringside. Lerch pauses in the middle of the ring to soak up the last of the jeers before beginning.

Seth Lerch: You will all be happy to know that you won’t have to boo me much longer.

Zach Davis: Hold on, what's he talking about?

Shannan Lerch: I have no idea.

Seth Lerch: For the past few months I’ve come to the realization that I’m better than this. I’ve worked hard my entire life and I’ve built this company from the ground up. Look at this place today. Look at our talent! Look at our ratings!

The crowd cheers, not for Seth, but for the WCF as a whole.

Zach Davis: He does make a point; WCF may be as strong as ever right now.

Seth Lerch: I am single-handedly responsible for this! I’m the most important figure in this company’s history! I book the matches and sign the stars that entertain all of you. It’s all about me. I’m that guy. Do any of you seem to care? No! Do the Board of Directors care that I CREATED THEIR POSITIONS when they run around trying to curb my spending habits? No! The fact is that I deserve mansions, islands, and helicopters. My ingenuity and leadership turned this place into the premier wrestling organization in the country. I deserve to be rewarded for it.

Seth takes a pause to allow for another chorus of boos. He smiles once again before continuing.

Seth Lerch: Well, regardless of what you all think, I’m going to be rewarded. I’m out here tonight to announce...that I have sold the Wrestling Championship Federation!

Shannan Lerch: WHAT!?


A hushed silence fills the arena as the crowd waits for Seth to explain.

Seth Lerch: You thought this big week delay for this show was a coincidence?! Nope, it was my plan all along! That’s right. This isn’t a joke; this isn’t some angle or storyline. Effective January 1st, 2013 I will no longer have any ties to this company…BUT…I will be a hell of a lot richer! I’m probably just going to buy another helicopter and ride around, hang out on my own island, and throw extravagant parties, just like my hero, the Great Gatsby!

Shannan Lerch: Coincidently, he never actually read the END of that book.

Seth Lerch: And don’t think for a second that I’m going to miss any of you!

Another loud chorus of boos, bringing another proud smile onto the face of Seth Lerch.

Seth Lerch: Now, despite your ungratefulness I have a surprise for everyone tonight. I’m going to let you meet the new owner of the WCF first-hand! Let’s bring him out, shall we?

The arena lights quickly turn off.

Shannan Lerch: This whole thing is hard to get my head around. After nearly a decade of ownership - well, most of the time, anyway - Seth Lerch has sold the WCF? All I can say is that I hope he shares the money with the rest of the family.

Zach Davis: Who cares, we’re about to meet our new employer!

“300 Violin Orchestra” begins to play over the PA system bringing another hushed silence to the stadium. As the song begins the titantron springs to life showing various images of WCF’s past and present before settling on the image of one man...

Shannan Lerch: WHAT!? ..... NO WAY!

Zach Davis: COULD IT BE?

Shannan Lerch: YEEEESSSSS!

The music hits full stride and the arena lights turn on. A barrage of pyros fire from the stage. As the smoke clears, one very well dressed man stands on the stage, his eyes fixed directly on Seth Lerch.

Jonny Fly.

The crowd explodes from their seats with a deafening cheer.

Zach Davis: I can’t hear anything but this crowd cheering right now!

Shannan Lerch: All of them hailing the return of my sex life! JONNY FLY IS BACK!

A rousing ovation rains down upon the three-time WCF World Champion. The titantron behind Fly switches to relay a message, ‘Welcome Back to the Era of Jonny Fly.’ Flash bulbs by the thousands go off around the arena as masses of fans capture the image of the Pantheon leader standing on the stage in his surprise return.

Zach Davis: The self-proclaimed ‘most dominant wrestler in WCF history’ is back, ladies and gentlemen.

Shannan Lerch: AND HE OWNS WCF!

Fly stands motionless on stage staring down at Seth Lerch inside the ring. Seth looks on in shock. His hand is over his mouth, but it can’t hide the surprised expression on his face. The crowd doesn’t notice as they continue to stand and cheer on Fly.

Zach Davis: I’m getting the feeling that this is not who Seth expected to see out here.

Shannan Lerch: Fly and Seth have never gotten along, culminating with Fly having Seth sent to prison this past summer. Then we saw Fly hauled away to jail himself at War. I’m really not sure what is going on here.

The seconds tick by without any sign of movement from Fly. Finally, he breaks eye contact with Lerch and looks out upon the cheering crowd. A smile curls onto his lips and his trademark arrogant smirk comes to life. Fly straightens his tie and ever so slowly and casually begins making the walk down the ramp toward ringside. At ringside, Fly uses the steel ring steps to elevate himself into the ring. A tense moment ensues as Fly once again directs his focus toward Seth Lerch. The WCF owner and apparent future WCF owner exchange another long stare before Fly reaches out and grabs the microphone away from Seth.

Jonny Fly: Hello, Seth.

Wide-eyed and still in disbelief, Lerch mouths something that’s inaudible to the microphone.

Jonny Fly: You’ve made a big mistake, haven’t you? You sold WCF.

HUGE pop from the still standing crowd.

Jonny Fly: You sold WCF…to me.

Even larger pop from the crowd, prompting Fly to pause and wait for the noise to subside. Seth starts shaking his head violently and mouthing ‘no, no, no.’

Jonny Fly: Yes, Seth, yes you did. You really should make business deals in person. You never know who is on the other side of that table. Then again, this from the man who signs most any paper put in front of him without even the slightest of care. You’re a terrible businessman, Seth.This place has survived in spite of you, not the other way around.

Fly’s pandering to crowd riles them up once again, forcing Fly to pause and wait for his ovation to die down.

Jonny Fly: You were absolutely right about one thing; you deserve this. You deserve to lose your company. These people don’t know what you've done to me.I know who was responsible for getting me imprisoned. I assume you thought that we would be even, right?

Shannan Lerch: Hold on a second, SETH is the reason why Fly was arrested?

Zach Davis: This is certainly a new development in the long standing feud between these two men.

Jonny Fly: …but you forgot one very important detail; I. Always. Win. Being ‘even’ would infer a tie, would it not? I don’t tie. I don’t lose. I want everyone in this arena and everyone at home to listen to me very closely. I’m going to tell you what Seth did to me.

Lerch steps forward and attempts to cover up the microphone. He pleads with Fly to stop, but Fly pulls the microphone away and continues.

Shannan Lerch: This is about to get even better…

Jonny Fly: The fact is, for the past year I’ve been the face of this company. Early in the year I demanded to be paid as such and was awarded a contract that paid me A LOT of money. You all know this, I’m just recapping. What you didn’t know is that Seth built in a clause in that contract that required me to undergo an obscene amount of drug tests. I was taking multiple tests a month. Not a big deal, I’m clean. As time wore on, as Pantheon grew stronger and I started racking up World Titles at a rate unparalleled in history, Seth grew desperate. My drug tests changed from the ‘piss-in-a-cup’ routine, to blood testing. They weren’t blood tests though, were they Seth?

Seth hangs his head. He says nothing.

Zach Davis: Tainted drug tests? I’m not making the connection. Fly was imprisoned.

Shannan Lerch: Hear him out Zach, sheesh.

Jonny Fly: Seth Lerch and his own personal WCF doctor weren’t just taking blood; they were injecting me at the same time with high amounts of amphetamines. The results were delusions and erratic behavior that led to my eventual arrest. An arrest, by the way, organized by Seth Lerch with authorities backstage at War…just one hour before what would certainly have been yet another successful World Title defense. As the amphetamines left my system I quickly returned to normal and it didn’t take the authorities long to realize what had happened to me. I was released a few weeks after my arrest and began hatching a plan for revenge. This plan. Using my significant wealth I created a fake investment company. I spent weeks carefully planning and investing in companies that I knew Seth would enjoy having stock in. Companies like Bain Capital, Fannie Mae, British Petroleum, and the Kaman Corporation, a company that makes helicopters. Seth was offered the investment company’s entire portfolio in exchange for the ownership of WCF, and he took it. He never even asked to meet me in person. As such, I’m the rightful new owner of the WCF.

Another pop from the crowd. Fly nods and smiles in approval. Seth does not smile, nor nod, and looks on it a depressed manner.

Shannan Lerch: I’ve known Seth his entire life, and this is just…an all new low for him.

Zach Davis: Let’s not forget that Fly framed Seth for murder and had him arrested. He shares blame in this ordeal.

Jonny Fly: It should be noted that Seth didn’t just do this to me. There is someone else who Seth Lerch can’t stand. Someone else that Seth wanted nothing more than the opportunity to destroy. This someone…is here with us tonight.

Zach Davis: Two people? Uh, scratch what I just said then.

Seth’s head rises as the last sentence is spoken. Wide-eyed once again he pleads for Fly to stop talking. Fly smiles and shakes his head ‘no.’

Jonny Fly: This man, Seth, you’ll be happy to know he’s also the newest member of Pantheon…

"4 Words To Choke Upon" by Bullet For My Valentine hits the PA System. As it hits, Seth’s head immediately drops. The crowd springs to its feet as JAY PRICE explodes through the curtain.

Shannan Lerch: JAY PRICE IS BACK!

Zach Davis: …as a member of Pantheon!

Shannan Lerch: Price is the only wrestler who has managed to pin Jonny Fly, and now the two rivals are together scripting the ending of Seth Lerch’s rule in WCF. That’s what I like to call ironic.

As strobe lights flash Price bounces around on the stage briefly before hitting the ramp. Price slaps hands with the fans on the way down before sliding into the ring. Fly and Price slap hands before Price is handed the microphone.

Jay Price: Seth, I just want to say...


Confused silence from the crowd.

Jay Price: Ha! Just kidding! Don’t worry, I’m perfectly sane now. The doctor’s got me all fixed up. It’s good to be back, baby!

Fly takes back the microphone from Price.

Jonny Fly: Are you still with me, Seth? We still have a lot to discuss. Unfortunately, this situation isn’t as cut and dry as it may seem. There’s still something that I want from you.

This statement perks Seth’s attention. He looks at Fly and awaits the request.

Jonny Fly: Having your company is nice, but I’m not sure it’s enough. Truthfully, there is something that I want more than to watch you fade away into obscurity on your own private little island without any ties to this company whatsoever. To get that something that I want, I’m going to offer you a chance to regain ownership of the WCF.

Seth smiles and nods his head while mouthing ‘anything you want.’

Jonny Fly: Actually, there are two things that I want. The first of which, involves a match coming up very shortly. You’re going remove Kari from her tag-team match tonight alongside Jeff Purse, and replace her with...

Jonny Fly: Jay.

Jonny Fly: Fucking.

Jonny Fly: Price.

Yet another POP from the crowd for the South Street Menace. Seth looks a bit annoyed at the prospect of giving Fly and Price what they want, but relents, and nods his head in approval.

Zach Davis: Jeff Purse and Jay Price versus Nathan von Liebert and Eric Price TONIGHT!

Jonny Fly: The second thing you’re going to do for me is book at match at One. Not just any match, this is going to be a no disqualification match. One of the participants in this match is going to be me, and the other one will be…YOU.

Crazy, super, giant pop from the crowd!

Shannan Lerch: WHAT!? Fly versus Seth at One!

Jonny Fly: If you win, you can have WCF back. It’s as simple as that. If you can beat the man that none of your other wrestlers have managed to, I’ll rip up our agreement the very next day. From where I stand, Seth, you have no choice. I’ll consider the match accepted.

Zach Davis: Fly versus Seth…the winner is going to be the owner of WCF! Holy shit!

Shannan Lerch: Poor Seth. He’s going to lose WCF and get murdered in the process. He has no chance in hell of beating Fly. I’m not sure he could beat me!

Seth shows very little emotion. He knows that he has little choice. He says nothing, as nothing is needed to be said. Lerch simply turns his back and walks out of the ring. As he walks up the stage he’s once again pelted with obscenities from the crowd. Back in the ring, Fly turns toward Jay Price.

Jonny Fly: Jay, I think you have a match to get ready for.

Price grabs the microphone from Fly.

Jay Price: Yippee ki-yay, motherfucker!

Price drops the microphone and raises his arms over his head as the crowd again pops.

Shannan Lerch: I’m speechless after this Zach, I really am. Fly is back, Jay Price is back and a member of Pantheon, and Seth and Fly are going to be wrestling in a no disqualification match at One with WCF ownership on the line.

Zach Davis: The more things change, the more they remain…insane.

Eric Price/Nathan von Liebert vs Jeff Purse/Kari

We come back from commercial with the crowd still amped up from what they just saw. Jonny Fly has left the ring and Jay Price is leaning up against the ring ropes, basking in the shock of the crowd. "Won't Back Down" by Eminem blares on the PA. The bike ramps not in place though, people wondering where Jeff is.

"You can sound the alarm
you can call out your guards
you can fence in your yard
you can pull all the cards
but I won't back down
oh no I wont back down
oh no"

A pyro goes off and up through the stage in Rey Mysterio fashion, Jeff Purse comes flying, belt on his shoulder. Kari comes out from the back as Jeff walks down the aisles, pandering to the crowd. Slapping fives, signing autographs quickly, making his fans happy.

"Cadillac Sevilles, Coupe Devilles
brain dead rims yeah stupid wheels
girl I'm too for real
lose your tooth and nails
try to fight it, try to deny it
stupid you will feel
what I do, I do it well
shooting from the hip, yeah boy shoot to kill
half a breath left on my death bed
screaming F that yeah super ill"

Upon entering the ring, he throws his hands up in the middle of the ring, corner pyros of red and green shoot out. He takes off his aviator sunglasses and throws them in the audience, and Kari takes his belt. He turns and high fives Price, who takes a quick glance at Kari as Jeff hops up on the turnbuckle.

Shannan Lerch: Same old Price.

Zach Davis: That brings up an interesting point Shannan. Jay Price has had success as a member of tag teams and groups, but we all know about his self-centeredness. I'll be interested in seeing how he and Purse work as a team.

Shannan Lerch: Price is self-centered and, for all we know, still dealing with one of the most bizarre cases of split personality in history. Purse's OCD could have him coming unhinged at almost any second. Let's just go ahead and give these guys the Most Dysfunctional Tag Team award.

The camera pans to the titantron as the crowd begins massively booing when an oak door comes into view. A thump is heard, and the door shakes on its hinges. Several more thumps occur, until the blade of an ax busts through the door. Smoke begins to form on the stage, as a dark figure steps out. Suddenly a woman voice yells out from the speaker.

"No, go away! Leave me alone!"

Smoke billows down the aisle as the man walks down it to the ring, his identity shrouded in the smog. Meanwhile, on the titantron, the ax makes a large hole in the wood, and a hand reaches in for the door knob, the fingernails painted black. Again the frightened voice rings out as the mystery man slides into the ring.

"Don't you come in here! I don't want you here.!"

The mystery man watches the titantron now, as the door opens, and the same man standing in the ring, steps into the house. A lightning bolt cracks behind him, equal in volume to the string of fireworks that fire up on the ramp. The man on the titantron rubs his thumb on the door, leaving a bloody smear on the polished oak. He lifts the ax with both hands, as the voice pleads.


The scream is cut off as the man swings the ax. Blood appears to splatter across the tron, and then the name "Nathan von Liebert" is written with a finger painted black. Nathan, who is in the ring, falls on his knees, never taking his eyes off the 'tron until it goes black.

Shannan Lerch: You know, I've said this once and I'll say it again, Nathan von Liebert's entrance scares the bejeezus out of me. I mean that poor woman, every week having to deal with a madman wielding an axe trying to get to her.

Zach Davis: I...really?

"You Know My Name" hits the speakers. Gold lights will start flashing as the music starts and as soon as Eric Price walks out, a gold spotlight will shine on him as he makes his way to the ring with a slow and determined walk with a smirk on his face as he walks down the entrance ramp and simply looks down on the audience. He steps in the ring using the steps and walks into the ring as he stands in the center of it looking around at the audience with disdain and a grin on his face. He climbs into the ring and he and NvL begin trying to formulate a strategy.

Zach Davis: You have to believe that Eric Price and Nathan von Liebert can't be at all happy about what has happened. They came into this match ready to face off against Jeff Purse and Kari. But Jay Price replacing Kari means a whole new gameplan has to be formulated on the fly.

Shannan Lerch: Did you say Fly? Is he back out here? How's my hair?

Zach Davis: You have a little glob of something right there.

Von Liebert and Eric Price have apparently formulated their plan as Eric steps out onto the apron. Jay and Purse nod their heads and Purse steps out onto the apron. The referee signals for the bell and this match is underway.


Von Liebert and Price circle each other, both seemingly waiting for the other to make the first move. Finally they both decide to end the waiting game as they both move in and lock up. They fight for control briefly before Price grabs the arm of von Liebert and spins it into a hammerlock. But von Liebert counters it, spins around and catches Price with a knee to the gut. Von Liebert now grabbing the arm or Price and he twists it into an arm wrench. Von Liebert torques the arm a few times and then breaks the hold himself by driving his elbow into Price's shoulder.

Zach Davis: von Liebert has been known mostly as a brawler but he's showing off the technical skills early on.

Price grabs the shoulder and von Liebert grabs him, driving the elbow once again. Von Liebert now grabbing the head and he nails Price with a headbutt. Price stumbling and von Liebert takes him to the mat with a forearm smash to the face. von Liebert quickly tries for the early pin attempt.


But no, Price kicks out almost right away. Von Liebert back up to his feet but not for long as he immediately drops a knee onto Price's face. He gets back up and does it again. von Liebert again with the quick pin attempt.


This time von Liebert gets a one count before Price kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: And Price again is quick to kick out, but it's pretty obvious that Price isn't wrestling like his normal self. Two weeks ago he defeated Oblivion and Odin Balfore, now he looks rusty as crap. What could have happened?

Zach Davis: Maybe he was on to something with all that crazy nonsense.

Von Liebert now pulling Price up to his feet and he shoots him into the corner. Von Liebert with the distraction and as the referee has his back turner, Eric Price gets in a few quick shots to the head of Jay Price. Purse is livid and tries to enter the ring, to which the referee quickly stops. Von Liebert getting into the action, hammering away at the chest of Jay Price as Eric Price has his arm wrapped around Jay Price's neck. The referee gets Purse out of the ring and Eric lets go before the referee can see. He starts the five count as von Liebert sets to stomping away at Price's midsection. When the referee gets to four, von Liebert quits and tags in Eric.

Shannan Lerch: It looks like the gameplan Eric and Nathan had is working just fine.

Zach Davis: Normally I'd be quick to disagree with you but you're right. Jay Price is hurting and needing to make a tag.

Eric takes over what his partner was doing as he lays into Jay with a solid boot to the chest. He ignores the referee's instructions to get Jay out of the corner and instead pulls him up to his feet. Eric now with a european uppercut that puts Jay up against the turnbuckles. Eric now with the backhand chops to the chest, lighting Jay up. The referee steps in and starts counting. Eric finally stops and backs away as the referee warns him. Von Liebert takes advantage and hits Jay with another bit headbutt. Jay is slumped over in the corner as Eric approaches him and pulls him away from the ropes. Eric now with the Olympic Slam and he goes for the pin attempt.




But no, Jay kicks out. Eric looks a bit surprised but gets up to his feet, pulling Jay up with him. Jay tries to fight back, weakly throwing a few punches that don't connect. Eric laughs at him and then connects with an open-handed slap across the face.

Zach Davis: Oof! You could hear that slap all the way in the cheap seats.

Eric with another open-handed slap and Jay is seemingly woken up from whatever daze he was in. Jay with a big right to the head of Eric and it drops him. Eric quickly back up to his feet but Jay is right there to take him down with a clothesline. Eric again springs back up to his feet but again Price takes him to the mat with a standing dropkick.

Shannan Lerch: And Jay Price is on fire!

Jay goes to pull Eric up to his feet when Eric raises himself to his knees and begins clutching at his face. The referee moves in to see what exactly is going on. Von Liebert sees yet another chance and he slips into the ring behind Jay. Von Liebert hits him with the low blow and Price drops to his knees. Purse enters the ring and tries to go after von Liebert but the referee cuts him off. Purse is screaming at the referee about what is happening but the referee tells him he's seen nothing. Eric Price miraculously recovers from whatever was ailing him and he nails Jay with a running knee to the face. Von Liebert and Eric now stomping on Jay as the referee continues to try and get Purse out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Purse needs to get out of the ring now. I understand he's angry about the tactics of Eric and Nathan, but his partner is getting killed and the referee isn't seeing anything.

Purse finally gets out of the ring and the referee turns around in time to see Nathan and Eric double teaming Jay. The referee yells at Nathan to get out of the ring, which he does. Eric now smirking at Purse as he casually sticks his hand out toward Nathan who in turn slaps it. Eric steps out onto the apron as Nathan enters. Nathan now lifting Price into a sitting position before he slaps on a sleeper hold.

Shannan Lerch: I don't know if Jay is going to be able to get out of this. He's been getting beaten down this entire match and can't have too much left in him.

Purse begins slapping the turnbuckle, screaming for Jay to stay in it. The crowd, shockingly, follows suit and starts rooting for Jay.

Zach Davis: The hell? I never thought I'd see the day the crowd got behind Jay Price.

Jay tries to fight back, pushing himself up to a sitting position as von Liebert keeps the hold locked in. Jay now stumbling back toward the corner and he thrusts von Liebert back first into the turnbuckles. Von Liebert however keeps the hold in place. Jay does it a second time but von Liebert still holding on tight. Jay now seemingly doing the last thing he can think of as he simply falls backward. Shockingly it works and he's able to roll a few feet away from von Liebert and into the center of the ring. Purse is going nuts in the corner, slamming his hand into the turnbuckle and yelling for Jay to make the tag. Jay starts to crawl toward Purse when von Liebert grabs him by the foot and starts to drag him back. But it's Jay who counters with a boot to the face. Von Liebert stumbles back and Jay crawls to his corner. Von Liebert goes to stop him again when Jay leaps up and makes the tag to Purse. The crowd explodes as Purse hurries into the ring. Von Liebert takes one look at Purse and then tags in Eric Price.

Shannan Lerch: All right! We're going to get to see Eric Price and Jeff Purse go at it!

Eric cautiously steps into the ring...and then quickly slaps von Liebert on the chest before rolling out of the ring.

Zach Davis: You spoke too soon Shannan. Obviously Eric Price wants Jeff Purse on his time and no one else's.

Von Liebert, who was trying to collect himself on the apron, seems extremely annoyed with what just went down. He climbs back into the ring and gives Eric a dirty look, but Eric simply points behind him. Von Liebert turns around and catches a running clothesline that drops him to the mat. Purse now pulling von Liebert up to his feet before he whips him into the corner. Purse now with a few chops to the chest before he backs up and then jumps up, connecting with a spinning heel kick to the jaw.

Shannan Lerch: That's one way to lose a tooth!

Von Liebert stumbles out of the corner and falls on his back. Purse looks at him and then the ropes. Purse now setting himself up for a springboard moonsault. He jumps up onto the second rope...AND ERIC PRICE GRABS HIS FOOT! Eric pulls on his foot just as he goes to jump off, knocking Purse off balance. Purse lands hard on his back and the back of his head and Eric now hopping up onto the apron. Von Liebert starting to move first and now Eric is reaching out for a tag. Von Liebert tags him in and Eric quickly enters the ring before going for the pin attempt.



And Purse kicks out before two! Eric up to his feet first and he hits Purse with a kick to the side of the midsection. Eric with another kick before he pulls Purse up to his feet. Eric now going for the Ca$h Flow but Purse with an elbow to the side of the head and he drops down off of the shoulders. Purse now going for the belly to belly but Eric is quick to block it and then nail Purse with a bell clap. Purse now disoriented and Eric snaps off an armdrag. Purse back up and Eric does it again. Eric goes for the hat trick but Purse blocks it and then hits a knee to the gut before driving Eric into the mat with a DDT. Purse with the pin attempt.



And Eric gets the shoulder up at two! Purse rolls off of Eric but then quickly tries to lock in the arm bar. Eric is doing everything to avoid the hold but Purse gets it locked in. Eric begins thrashing about, trying to drag himself and Purse's weight toward the ropes. Von Liebert however isn't risking it as he enters the ring and promptly kicks Purse in the chest. Purse releases the hold and Eric rolls out onto the apron, holding onto the ropes as tight as he can. The referee is yelling for von Liebert to get out of the ring, which he does.

Zach Davis: Look at that look on Eric Price's face. He knows that if his partner hadn't broken up that arm bar he might of had to tap out.

Eric starts to pull himself up to his feet when Purse decides to give him a hand with that. Purse grabs him by the head but Eric counters and ends up dragging Purse's face along the top rope. Purse stumbles back and Eric springboards over the top rope with a clothesline. Eric now with the pin attempt.




And Purse kicks out at two and a half! Eric looking a bit peeved as he gets up to his feet. He reaches down to pull Purse up when Purse from out of nowhere rolls him up.




And this time it's Eric who kicks out at two and a half!

Zach Davis: Wow! This is some great back and forth action!

Both men now taking their time getting up, obviously a bit winded after all that's happened so far in the match. When they get up, both men run at each other looking to hit a clothesline. They both connect and both fall to their backs in the center of the ring. The referee stands over both men and then begins the ten count.

Shannan Lerch: It can't end like this! It just can't!

Von Liebert begins yelling at Eric from their corner. Jay, who's been out of it for a good part of the match, is finally back up in his corner and trying to will Purse back up. Suddenly the most vocal person becomes Kari, as she begins pounding on the apron and yelling for Jeff to make a tag. It seems to be working as Jeff starts to roll over but then he rolls right back onto his back. Von Liebert stops yelling for Eric and turns his focus onto Kari, who doesn't see him hop down from the apron. Von Liebert rounds the corner and Kari finally sees him coming. Kari now running from the ringside area and up the ramp with Von Liebert right behind her.

Zach Davis: Oh my god! Who can forget when Nathan kidnapped Kari not too long ago. Someone get that girl some help!

And help comes in the form of Jay Price who drops down from the apron and begins slowly making his way up the ramp, obviously not one hundred percent.

Shannan Lerch: Go Jay Go!

Back in the ring Purse has slowly rolled over enough to put a hand on Eric's chest. The referee stops his ten count and goes to make the call.




And Eric get's the shoulder up at two and seven-eights! Purse rolls back over onto his back and sits up, a look of exhaustion on his face. He looks over toward his corner only to see that Price is no longer there. Purse now cursing loudly as he slaps the mat in frustration.

Zach Davis: Jeff obviously has no clue about what just happened here at ringside. From the looks of things he thinks that Jay has turned on him and left him in this match.

Purse slowly pushes himself up to his feet as he watches for Eric to start moving. Eric is slow to get back up and he never even sees Purse setting up for The Spoke. Purse's boot connects with Eric's jaw and he hits the mat with a thud. The crowd pops as Purse starts to go for the pin attempt. Suddenly the jumbotron comes to life and Kari's screams can be heard. Purse stops dead in his tracks as he looks toward the tron. He sees Kari and then quickly looks to ringside before going back to the tron. Kari is somewhere in the backstage area, tears running down her face as she tries to hide from the sound of footsteps. Jay Price finally appears in the shot, yelling Kari's name. She comes out of her hiding space and Price tries his best to comfort her. Without warning Price is suddenly nailed in the back of the head with a mop handle, dropping him to the floor. Nathan von Liebert comes into the shot now and Kari slowly begins to back away from him. The tron goes black and Purse is livid as he starts to exit the ring, screaming that he's coming. But Eric Price hits him from out of nowhere from behind with a forearm to the back of the head. Price now quickly with the school boy and when the referee drops to do the count, Price puts his feet on the ropes for leverage.




Shannan Lerch: Eric Price has done it! He has just pinned the World Champion!

Zach Davis: Wow! What a terrific match. You might not like how he won the match, but there's no denying that Eric Price had the World Champion's number tonight.

Shannan Lerch: But what about Kari? I'm trying to get word from the back but no one seems to have any idea what's going on.

Zach Davis: We're going to have to see what happens with that. But for now, Eric Price looks like he's on top of the world.

"You Know My Name" hits the speakers as Eric Price celebrates in the ring. End Of The World fades out to black with the last image being of Eric, arm raised by the referee, standing over Purse.

Oblivion Segment

Zach Davis: What a show we've had!!

Shannan Lerch: Show?! This entire program has been off the hook...

At that point, on the large jumbo tron, an advert for the Withlacoochie Mental Hospital begins to play. Several random shots of the grounds are being shown as a voice begins to speak...

A Voice: Here at the Withlacoochie Mental Hospital, we guarantee the very best! We have the best psychiatrists and psychologists. We have the very techniques when it comes to mental health.

At that exact moment an older gentleman walks out with several very large men in white surgery scrubs.

Zach Davis: Apparently we have guests.

Shannan Lerch: Zach those are the gentlemen that took out Oblivion and took IT back to the mental home.

Zach Davis: NO SHIT?!? BO-O-O-OOO!! BASTARDS!!

Out of nowhere you hear a small but powerful voice...

The Pet: HEY YOU FUCKWADS!! You may have gotten Oblivion, but you won't keep The Monster down!!

Old Rich Man: Don't be so confident!! As of right now, we have Stephan tied down and heavily sedated!! THAT MADMAN IS GOING NOWHERE!!

The Pet: NOOO-O-O-O!!

At that point, the diminutive man pulls out a heavy powered rifle with scope pointing it at the old man and his "Goons". The crowd shrieks. The Pet instantly turns around and two large men in white stand over him, right before they back hand him, causing him to drop the rifle and the mask of Oblivion. The men drag The Pet down to the entrance ramp, forcing him down to his knees, forcing him to look up at the old man.

The Old Rich Man: I'm the new owner of The Facility. A friend of yours I bought the mental hospital from. you know him by two initials, GD <wink>.

Zach Davis: NO-O-O!!

The Old Rich Man: So, your buddy Oblivion will be taken care for... He needed to be taken away from society, for their own good!!

The crowd boos.


The Old Rich Man: You see these pathetic uneducated cretins don't know what great things I have done for them!! Everyone is better with Oblivion gone!!

The Pet: NO-O-O-O!!



The Pet collapses while holding onto the mask of Oblivion. The Goons and the old rich guy begin to stomp down onto the little man. They proceed to drag The Pet down to the ring. The crowd's boos rattle The Arena. As they drag The Pet, the crowd roars as Kaylyn Evans, Eric Price, NvL, Corey black and Jay Price come running. Price and Black knocks down the Goons, as Jay nails a Hit and Run on run of them. the crowd goes completely crazy as everyone cheers as the five completely tear them a new one!! Fists, boots, and elbows are flying everywhere as the five clears the ring. The old rich guy wipes his bloody nose, while giving a scowl. They make sure The Pet is okay.

The Old Rich Man: You five won't get away with this!! We can handle you five.

At that moment more wrestlers come out from the back and stand at the ring entrance stage.

Zach Davis: It looks as if the entire WCF are standing united for Oblivion!

The Goons and the old rich guy are chased off. The Pet is dusted off and given Oblivion's mask. everyone leaves the ring and surrounds the ring, as The pet places Oblivion's mask, in the center of the ring. The Pet bows his head, as well as everyone else. The Arena is totally quiet, as the ring bell play three times, as the house spotlight is placed on the mask of Oblivion. the camera shows a teary eyed crowd, as Shanna Lerch is even showed teary eyed.

Shannan Lerch: My God. I cannot believe I'm about to say this, but I think I'm gonna miss Oblivion....

The show slowly fades out, as the camera stays on the mask of Oblivion.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Six Pack Challenge: John Gable vs Rutherford von Newman vs John Thomas vs Dake Ken vs Kale Windsor vs Adam Young

Ask A Ninja Segment

The Legacy Segment

The Legacy vs Chris Guy/Deadly Clown

Harkie Segment

Internet Title Match: The Ninja vs Johnny Stylez

Television Title Match: Miyoko Shiokawa-Reeves vs Henri Ducos

Kaylyn James Evans/Sarah Twilight Segment

Damien Daye vs Harkie

Steeltoe Joe vs Kaylyn James Evans

Hardcore Title Match: Stuart Slane vs Tommy Kain vs Roy Speede

Kaylyn James Evans/Scott Savage Segment

People's Title Match: Tek vs FPV

United States Title Match: Doc Henry vs Steve Orbit

Odin Balfore vs Waylon Cash

Skyler Striker vs Christopher Kane

TLC Match: Gravedigger/Synn vs Oblivion/Creeping Death

Torture Segment

WCF Classic Tournament 2012 Finals: Benjamin Atreyu vs Sarah Twilight

Eric Price/Nathan von Liebert vs Jeff Purse/Kari

Oblivion Segment


Of The Week

WCF Classic Tournament Winner
Twilight vs Atreyu



Jeff Purse
Roy Speede
Henri Ducos
United States:
Steve Orbit
Johnny Stylez
Tag Team:
Corey Black