Fifteen Intro

Sanitarium by Metallica plays. The crowd is hype. Cheers, chants, pyro, everything you can fucking imagine - WCF has been here for FIFTEEN YEARS.

Zach Davis: I don't believe it. For fifteen years - FIFTEEN YEARS! - the WCF has been here. From Logan, Hellz Angel, AJ Jam, Steve Carr, Mike Taylor, Mike Curtis, Outcast, Creeping Death... to Epic, Skyler Striker, Danny Vice, Mike Ragnal, Trent Hunter, Nate Nytro, Reckless Jack... Torture. Slickie T.

Gravedigger: Did you forget me? You forgot me.

Freddy Whoa: Bobby Cairo. Johnny Reb. Dake Ken.

Zach Davis: Greenfever. Outcast.

Gravedigger: Don't you know who is wrestling tonight? JONNY FLY. STEVE ORBIT. OBLIVION.

Freddy Whoa: Kira Sakazaki, Doc Henry, Adam Young.... The Scoutmaster... Jordan "Punkin" Caliban, Cormack MacNeill... Benjamin Atreyu....

Gravedigger: Who cares about the past? What about the #BeachKrew? Wade Moor, Johnny Rabid, Dustin Beaver, Kyle Kemp..

Zach Davis: Long story short, guys? This show is an all-star show. And you forgot one name.

Shannan Lerch comes up to the announce booth.

Shannan Lerch: Hey guys-

Gravedigger punches her, sending her flying. The crowd boos him heavily.

Gravedigger: What? She was intruding! She's not taking MY job, damnit! Anyway, Zach, about that one name?

Freddy Whoa: JAYSON PRICE. Jayson Price, five years ago, fought at Ten for the World Heavyweight Title, in a match granted to him by Seth Lerch. Tonight, Price must fulfill his destiny and win the World Title... or he'll never have another opportunity again.

Suddenly, another familiar face pops up.

Lucious Jackson: Hey guys! I know I was decapitated or something a while ago, but-

Freddy Whoa quickly hits him with a Steve Orbit style Pimp Slap, throwing him off frame and presumably to his home planet.

Freddy Whoa: Ain't no stereotype taking MY job. Whoa. Anyway, about Jayson Price?

Gravedigger: Jayson Price was once a member of Wrestling's Mightiest Stable, Pantheon. But tonight, WCF finds Pantheon crumbling; Steve Orbit loses a multi-man match to me, founding members Corey Black and Jonny Fly fight to the death. Jayson Price has nobody.

Zach Davis: While Wade Moor and the #BeachKrew have, well.. everybody.

Freddy Whoa: We may be coming off of One, but I can't imagine a card more hype than this. Let's get started.

The crowd is in a frenzy. Here we go.

Travis Tusk vs Bad News Benson vs Charon the Ferryman vs Corey Flemming vs CJ Phoenix

Zach Davis: It's time for our first match of the night!

Gravedigger: Yeah, and if it's disappointing, I'm demanding a refund.

Zach Davis: You didn't buy a ticket. You work here.

Gravedigger: Oh shut up and call the match.

The lights dim and "Night Call" by Kavinsky plays. The entrance ramp is bathed in pink light as Travis Tusk walks out wearing Wayfarer sunglasses. He stops at the top of the ramp and folds his arms while red and white pyro goes off, then walks down the ramp as the house lights gradually get brighter and the fans cheer.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, From Southbend, Indiana, weighing in at 174lbs, "TNT" Traviiiiissss Tusk!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa. Wait a minute. How is he even able to compete tonight after what happened on Slam last week?

Zach Davis: Slam is the right term to use because he was slammed by Nagasaki after putting up a valiant fight. Say what you want about him, the kid's got heart.

Gravedigger: He HAD heart until it got squished. The only reason he's competing tonight is because his brain probably popped out of his head.

Travis climbs up the steps and up the middle turnbuckle, looking at the crowd and soaking in the atmosphere. He takes off his sunglasses and puts them in his jacket pocket. He then climbs down and takes off his jacket, folds it and leaves it on the top of the steps before stepping between the ropes and mentally preparing himself.

“O Death” by Jen Titus begins to play, as Charon walks out to the jeers of the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, from St. John's, Newfoundland, weighing in at 215lbs, Chaaaaaron!

Gravedigger: The hell's he doing bringing an oar to the match!?

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Gravedigger, language!

Gravedigger: Language!? English, mother fucker! Do you speak it!?

Charon ignores these negative chants, as he walks his normal pace to the ring, where he walks up the ring steps before stepping into the ring. Charon disrobes, before he walks over to a turnbuckle and sits on the middle turnbuckle, not bothering to pander to the crowd or interact with anyone already inside of the ring.

Zach Davis: You know, this Charon guy is dangerous. I heard he once killed a guy.

Gravedigger: Way to have ears, Zach. Regardless of whether or not he's a killer outside the ring, he'll need to be a killer inside the ring if he wants to walk out of this match with a win.

“I believe I can fly” hits the loud speakers. The camera goes onto the entrance way. Corey Flemming makes his way to the ring slowly, holding his head up high.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, weighing in at 232lbs, "Your Life Coach" Coreeeeyy Flemming!

Freddy Whoa: Flemming is actually a self help guru, which is why he calls himself a life coach.

Zach Davis: That's right, Freddy. He tries to help people get the most out of their lives.

Gravedigger: That's ridiculous.

Zach Davis: How? He has the same chance of winning this match as each of the other four guys.

Gravedigger: Mathematically, yes. Realistically, no. The odds on favorite hasn't showed up yet.

Corey climbs the steps, walks down the apron and gets into the ring. He then climbs a set of turnbuckles and poses to the crowd.

"Turn down for dum dee dum" starts playing. Phoenix runs out onto the stage the moment the beat drops. He stretches his arms out as he looks at the cheering crowd before running down the ramp with his arms stretched out and flames following him on each side until he reaches the end of the ramp.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, weighing in at 205lbs, CJ Phoeeeeeeniiiix!

Zach Davis: Is this the odds on favorite you were talking about, Gravedigger?

Gravedigger: Hell no! That lunatic threw a damn bowling ball off of the roof of Lincoln Financial Field! He has a better chance of getting arrested mid-match for reckless endangerment.

Freddy Whoa: But he didn't hit anyone.

Gravedigger: Does it matter?

Freddy Whoa: Kinda.

Gravedigger: Whatever. He doesn't have enough sanity to win this match anyway.

He slides into the ring and runs up one of the turnbuckles. He then does a cross sign with his hands before pointing upward and hopping off the turnbuckle into the ring.

Bad News Benson stomps down to the ring looking pissed at the world as always.

Kyle Steel: And finally, from any and every skid row ghetto in the world, weighing in at 220lbs, Baaaad News Benson!

Gravedigger: There's the favorite to win it right there! Look how focused he is!

Zach Davis: Benson doesn't care about anything other than hurting people.

Benson stops a few times to harass fans, like the rude, mean old bastard SOB that he is. As the fans flood him with boos, he enters the ring and immediately runs and kicks Travis Tusk in the groin.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! The bell hasn't even rung yet!

Zach Davis: See what I mean!?


Phoenix and Charon run at each other and begin trading punches once they meet in the center of the ring. Phoenix gets the upper hand with a successful flying forearm and eventually tosses Charon over the top rope. Meanwhile, Benson is stomping on Tusk until Flemming grabs Benson and connects with a neckbreaker. Flemming attempts a pin.


Benson kicks out.

Zach Davis: A nice neckbreaker by Flemming, but it wasn't enough to get the early pinfall.

Freddy Whoa: True, but it did give Travis Tusk time to recover and catch Phoenix off guard with a sleeper hold.

Phoenix struggles, but quickly backs his way to a turnbuckle, forcing Tusk to break the hold. As soon as the hold is broken, Charon nails Phoenix with the oar he brought to the ring that was laying outside of the ring, drawing a myriad of boos from the Galaxy.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! What a shot by Charon! And now one to Tusk!

Gravedigger: That's how you gotta do it in these matches.

Charon strikes Flemming in the back of the head, dropping him like a sack of potatoes. He then swings at Benson, but Benson catches the oar and nearly decapitates Charon with a clothesline. Bad News tosses the weapon out of the ring. Then, he goes for a pin.



Zach Davis: Charon kicks out at two and a half!

The near fall angers Benson, who grabs Flemming and powerbombs him onto Charon. Then, he makes his way to Phoenix and drags him to the turnbuckle and begins ascending the ropes.

Zach Davis: No. No! Don't do it! GHETTO BOMB!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! He might've cracked Phoenix's skull in half!

Gravedigger: One down! Three to go!

Zach Davis: Bad News Benson getting back in the ring and NIGHT CALL! Travis Tusk out of nowhere with the NIGHT CALL! This could be it!

The crowd cheers as Tusk goes for the pin.




Freddy Whoa: Flemming barely manages to break up the count!

Flemming and Tusk slowly make their way to their feet. Cheers can be heard as they are the only men standing in the ring while Charon is reaching into one of his pockets. A few seconds pass before they began trading shots. Flemming Irish whips Tusk to the ropes.

Gravedigger: Flemming goes for the Self Help Hammer. Tusk ducks under it! Ohhhh! He ran right into the Hades Touch of Death from Charon!

Freddy Whoa: Charon's going for it on Flemming. Flemming dodges. Charon rebounds off the ropes and...whoa! The Self Help Hammer from Corey Flemming! The Galaxy loves it! He goes for the pin!




Zach Davis: Bad News Benson, at the last possible second, breaks up the pin attempt.

Flemming and Benson stand up and get right up in each others faces. Benson Irish whips Flemming as CJ Phoenix slides into the ring and lifts Corey up into the air before landing a pinpoint kick to his jaw on his way down.

Zach Davis: Talon Kick! Phoenix connects!

Benson tries to blindside Phoenix, but Phoenix manages to evade it. As Phoenix ducks under the clothesline attempt and runs to the ropes, Travis Tusk, still a bit groggy from the Hades Touch of Death he took earlier, connects on the Night Call once more, causing Benson to fall like a tree as cheers once more fill the arena. However, as soon as Tusk successfully brings his foot down after the kick, he's nailed by a Spear from Phoenix. Tusk falls as the the momentum from the spear forces his body under the bottom rope and out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Phoenix with a Spear to Tusk! He's going for the cover on Benson!



NO!, Charon pulls Phoenix off. As Phoenix get up Charon hits him with a Jumping Bicycle Kick!, sending Phoenix flying out of the ring. Charon quickly locks Benson into a Camel Clutch.

Gravedigger: HADES CLUTCH!

Benson has no choice but to tap out.

Zach Davis: What a match. What a way to start Fifteen! Charon the Ferryman wins it!

Outside the ring, Phoenix has made it to his feet. Dag Riddik slips into the ringside area with a chair and smacks it across the back of Phoenix's head. He then follows with six vicious shots to the back.

Freddy Whoa: What the hell is this!?

Finally, he rolls Phoenix into the ring and throws him into one of the turnbuckles, places him on the top rope, and then connects with a P.I. onto the chair. The fans boo wildly at Dag, but he doesn't care. Satisfied with his work, Dag leaves the ring with an evil smile and backpedals up the ramp before turning around and going backstage.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! What was that all about!?

Gravedigger: Isn't it obvious? He's making a statement. He and Phoenix have been going at it on social media, and Dag decided to strike first.

Zach Davis: Well after that assault, Phoenix may have a concussion.

Rebellution Arrives Segment

A view of the entrance to The Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. The crowd goes crazy as the number one contender for the TV Title Andre Holmes enters. He holds the door open for DeMarcus Jordan. He is followed quickly by Bonnie Blue and finally Grayson Pierce takes the rear.

Zach Davis: Looks like they're not following the traveling buddies rule set in place by the Head of Talent Relations.

They walks in a line through the arena as Hank Brown meets up with them.

Hank Brown: Rebelluton. Can I have a word? First you DeMarcus, what do you think yuo're going to have to do to beat Jordan Wolfram tonight?

DeMarcus Jordan: I'm gonna be the better man, which won't be hard. He can talk all he wants. I'm gonna let my actions in the ring speak for me

Hank Brown: Up next Andre Holmes. How do you prepare for a triple threat match.

Andre Holmes: Simple. Just focus on taking both men out. Form a game plan for equal division of offense. Finally, kick them in their jaw so I can get it over with.

Hank Brown: Talking about multi-man matches, Bonnie, you are facing off 6 other wrestlers in a ladder match...

Bonnie Blue: I love ladders, and this opportunity is just what we need to put myself and Rebellution on the map.

Hank Brown: I can't leave without talking to you Livewire...

Grayson Pierce: Hank, all I have to say is that I hope Joey brings it... because I'm going to bring everything I have this week. I'm not vowing to do my best... I'm vowing to be champion! You're just the first step. The four of us are going for a clean sweep.

Hank Brown: Well that's Rebellution. After tonight they will either be covered in gold or still reaching for that ring. Back to you!

Greybeard vs Grimebeard

Zach Davis: Up next we have perhaps one of the most interesting matches we’ll see tonight… Grimebeard Vs Greybeard.

Gravedigger: Really? Oh god how did this “match” make it onto the PPV card?! I…

The house lights go down as colorful lights start flashing all around the area. "Imaginary" by Evanescence begins to play, as Katherine Phoenix appears at the top of the entrance ramp.

Freddy Whoa: Katherine Phoenix is here. What could she want?

Gravedigger: Hopefully she’s going to do something good for once and cancel this match.

Zach Davis: You still don’t like her, huh? Hasn’t your travel buddy been treating you well, Digger?

Gravedigger: I don’t want to talk about it.

Katherine quickly reaches the ring and immediately walks around the ring heading towards the commentary table.

Gravedigger: Oh god she’s coming over here.

Zach Davis: Ms. Phoenix, please take a seat.

Zach Davis leads Katherine around the announce table and pulls out a chair for her to sit down on.

Katherine Phoenix: Thank you Zachy. How are you all doing tonight? Enjoy the show so far?

Gravedigger: Yeah I was until now.

Katherine Phoenix: Oh shhhhh your noise grumpy bear.

Freddy Whoa: Care to help us commentate on this match, Ms. Phoenix?

Katherine Phoenix: Absolutely! You really think I was going to miss two wizards battling each other in the middle of the ring? Of course not! This is going to be GREAT!

The lights black out and a light cheer erupts from the crowd. Suddenly on the video screen, a purple potion appears with it's bubbling echoing through the arena. As the potion tips over from the screen smoke seems to appear where the liquid would land. After the potion empties, a lightning bolt erupts from the smoke, somehow turning the lights on. As the smoke clears it becomes evident that the bolt emanated from Greybeard's staff. When the lights snap on, his signature booty bass drops and he shuffles to the ring, staff in hand. Behind him, the Alchemist is pulling the wagon of potions along.

Kyle Steel: Making his way down to the ring... from Dragonia… weighing in at 185 pounds… he is GREYBEARD!!!

Katherine Phoenix: The Alchemist has some very interesting looking potions in that little cart of his there. Look that ones bright pink! Hey!!! Alchemist!!! Come here!!!

Gravedigger: Katherine don’t drink that… actually what do I care, drink it.

Katherine Phoenix: Me? Drink it? Are you crazy?! Freddy… drink this!

Freddy Whoa: What?!

Katherine Phoenix: Drink it or you’re fired!

Freddy Whoa: But…

Katherine Phoenix: Drink it!

Gravedigger: Don’t… oh great. How was it?

Freddy Whoa: Errrrrr yeah it wasn’t that bad. I think its just pink water to be honest.


Gravedigger: What drugs are you on, Kat, really? Look can we just call this match so we can get this over with…

Katherine: Can YOU just call this match. I am enjoying myself. Greybeard has just pulled up one super cool looking wand out of his hat and is creating what appears to be a dark portal!

Zach Davis: Here comes Grimebeard!

Gravedigger: Oh damn Grimebeard just took down…

Katherine Phoenix: Grimebeard just stepped through the dark portal a dark cloud has just emerged above him. This is not good! Thank goodness Greybeard is a good guy… he is a good guy, right? He’ll protect us? WHOA!!! OH MY GOD!!!

Zach Davis: What? It’s only an armbar…

Katherine Phoenix: Grimebeard just pulled out his magic wand and attempted to blast Greybeard in the chest but he must have cast some kind of invisible shield of protection or something because it just zapped Zach Davis!

Zach Davis: What are you talking about? I’m fine…

Katherine Phoenix: No you’re not! You’re screaming out in terrible pain! Oh my god Zach Davis is growing ears… he’s… he’s turning into a donkey!

Gravedigger: Just ignore her, Zach. Grimebeard has Greybeard against the turnbuckle and…

Katherine Phoenix: Grimebeard and Greybeard just circling each other in the ring right now with their wands outstretched at each other. I don’t know about you, Digger… but I get the feeling that Grimebeard is a Slytherin. And Greybeard is obviously…

Gravedigger: Would you please ---

Katherine Phoenix: Yes, yes exactly. Greybeard does have good manners which would make him a Hufflepuff or a Gryffindor… WOAH WATCH OUT DIGGER!!!

Gravedigger: Hey get off me! What the hell?!

Katherine Phoenix: They nearly blasted your head off then, Digger Bear! I totally just saved your life! If it wasn’t for me… well I dread to think what would have happened. You’re welcome by the way.

Gravedigger: You’re such an idiot it’s unreal.

Katherine Phoenix: Grimebeard and Greybeard just circling each other still… each one waiting for the other to make the first move… OH MY GOD!!! Grimebeard just shot a beam of red light out of his wand but Greybeard shot back! Look at that stream of light! They both seem to be struggling quite a bit with this move…

Gravedigger: Grimebeard just hit Greybeard with a scoop slam.

Katherine Phoenix: Whoa! Greybeard lost out on that one and the red light just blasted him off his feet! The Alchemist looks quite concerned… what’s he doing?!

Gravedigger: He’s pinning Greybeard, Kat…

Katherine Phoenix: No! No he’s not… he’s… OH MY GOD!!! He’s summoning some kind of evil demon thing or something! Dark clouds are flowing all around the ring and… and… he’s just summon the Price of Darkness! OH MY GOD!!! This isn’t good. THIS ISNT GOOD AT ALL!!!

Gravedigger: He just kicked out at 2…

Katherine Phoenix: The Dark Prince he’s… he’s… NO!!! Stop it! The people! Nooooooooo!!!

Gravedigger: Katherine you really need to give me some of your drugs after this.

Katherine Phoenix: He’s turning the crowd into frogs! FROGS EVERYWHERE!!! OH MY GODDDDDDD!!! Alchemist do something! Don’t just stand there! Stop him!!!

Gravedigger: Greybeard is back on his feet, Kat…

Katherine Phoenix: I don’t know what you should do! Use one of your potions or something! No I don’t know which one to use! Do I look magic to you?!

Gravedigger: Greybeard just his a suplex on Grimebeard…

Katherine Phoenix: Give Greybeard the potion! Heal him! Do somethinggggggggg! No! No! No! Don’t you come over here! Nooooooooo!!! Alchemist do it now! QUICKLY!!! Yes… yes use that one! The green one! Green is usually a good color!

Gravedigger: Shining Greybeard!!! Greybeard just hit his finisher. He’s going for the cover…

Katherine Phoenix: What the hell are you talking about Digger Bear?! You’re soooooooo crazy!!! Greybeard is in trouble! He hasn’t even moved since he got with that red beam of light!

Gravedigger: 1… 2…

Katherine Phoenix: DIGGER SHUT UP!!! Alchemist give him that potion! Do it now before… OH GOD THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS HE’S EATING DIGGERS SOUL!!!

Gravedigger: What are you talking ab---

Katherine Phoenix: OH MY GOD HE’S KILLED HIM!!! DIGGERS DEAD!!! Alchemist please please wake him up… without Greybeard we’re all doomed… please wake up Greybeard… PLEASE!!! YES!!! YES YES YES!!! Finally Greybeard is back on his feet… he just took his wand and destroyed The Prince of Darkness! Digger… Digger are you alright?

Gravedigger: Ye---

Katherine Phoenix: Oh thank god Digger Bear is alright. Greybeard! Deal with Grimebeard before he does anything else evil! Sort him out! Stop him! Destroy him! Use your best magic spells on him!

Gravedigger: Kat---

Katherine Phoenix: Digger shhhhhhhh! …oh… OH… OH!!! Greybeard is… OH MY!!! Whoaaaaaaaaa! He just turned the Alchemist into a dragon! A friendly one I hope… he’s… he’s using his dragon breath on the crowd! They’re becoming human again! Yayyyyyy!!!

Gravedigger: KAT!!!

Katherine Phoenix: Alchemist use your dragon breath on Zachy and Freddy Bear! …Greybeard doesn’t look very happiful at ALL as he’s turning his attention onto Grimebeard. He knows that he’s been super naughty! Hes… he just shot him with a blue spell! Grimebeard is frozen in place! Whats Greybeard doing?! He’s… he’s taking off his hat! He’s… whats that?! Ohhhhhhhhh it’s a sword! Whats he got a sword for… he’s… he’s… OH MY GOD!!! He just swung that sword at Grimebeards head… GRIMEBEARD JUST EXPLODED INTO FAIRY DUST!!! His body is gone! I… I guess this thing is over.

Gravedigger: Kat this match has been over for 15 minutes now… what is wrong with you?!

Katherine Phoenix: What are you talking about?! It literally only just ended…

Gravedigger: Errrrrrrrr no.

Zach Davis: I’m afraid Digger is right Ms. Phoenix.

Katherine Phoenix: HA! You’re both crazy. Anyway I’m outta here... I have a super busy night ahead of me tonight! See ya later Digger!

Freddy Whoa: That girl is… interesting to say the least.

Gravedigger: Now you know what I have to deal with.

Travis Tusk Segment

Travis Tusk is walking backstage with his gym bag. He opens the bag and pulls out a plastic CD case with a disc inside. The disc has "For approval by Seth Lerch" written in marker on the label.

Travis Tusk: I hope he knows what he's doing. It's great that he wants to do things the right way this time and get permission first, but this could backfire.

Travis knocks on the door to Seth's office.

Jordan Wolfram vs DeMarcus Jordan

#1 by Nelly blares over the PA system as DeMarcus comes out and does a superman pose on the stage. The fans boo for the most part, minus the small few who try to cheer as much as the ones who are booing. He walks down the ramp, taking his time, not really caring what people think, talking trash to the audience. He walks up the steps and steps in the ring, he does another pose as his music dies out.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first… DeMarcus Jordan!

Zach Davis: DeMarcus Jordan usually has a bit of a jovial attitude but not tonight, nor should he.

Freddy Whoa: DeMarcus is fighting not only for himself but for an entire race of people tonight. I for one stand in his corner proudly and can’t wait for him to beat the shit out of that racist fool, Wolfram.

“Never Again” by Nickelback plays as Chad Kroeger steps through the curtain flanked by Jordan Wolfram.

Zach Davis: Is that the singer from Nickelback?

Kyle Steel: His opponent… Jordan Wolfram!

The crowd boos louder than you’ve ever heard and they throw garbage at the duo as Wolfram puts up a hand and tells the world’s second best vocalist and greatest songwriter in America to stay back as he marches towards the ring.

He stops at the cooler by ringside and pulls out a chalice of holy wine and takes a refreshing sip before leaping on the apron and entering the ring. DeMarcus runs towards Wolfram and Wolfram demands to the referee that he steps back.

Gravedigger: We have a man named DeMarcus Jordan vs Jordan Wolfram. So in the interest of me not giving a shit I’ll be referring to them both as Jordan and ignoring most of this match.

The bell rings and the match begins.

DeMarcus charges towards Wolfram and Wolfram rolls under the bottom rope and gets some air. The crowd jeers the racist religious zealot marching around the ring as the referee shouts for him to come back in. The referee is ultimately left with no choice and he begins counting out Wolfram

Zach Davis: It looks like Wolfram wants nothing to do with this match.

Gravedigger: Why would he. Jordan is a world class athlete, whereas Jordan is a cheap thug… This is Jordan, he preaches the way of the Lord. Be like Jordan.

Freddy Whoa: This is bullshit! DeMarcus has been waiting weeks for this moment. The referee is already at 7.

DeMarcus is fed up and he rolls out the opposite side. He runs around the ring and charges towards Wolfram. He finally catches up to him but Wolfram slides into the ring first. DeMarcus slides in after but is met by a big boot by Wolfram. Wolfram drops boot after boot to DeMarcus who tries desperately to get to his feet.

Eventually the referee pulls Wolfram off of DeMarcus. DeMarcus gets quickly to his feet and charges towards Wolfram. Wolfram ducks underneath a clothesline and grabs his arm on the way down and hooks in a devastating arm bar dropping DeMarcus to the floor, wrenching in the hold tighter and tighter.

Zach Davis: This match is unfortunately all Wolfram. DeMarcus wants so desperately to take out Wolfram that he seems to be getting a bit overzealous.

Freddy Whoa: Wolfram has been in charge during their entire feud these past few weeks. If anyone deserves to get his ass kicked it’s Jordan Wolfram. If DeMarcus doesn’t do it then what how the fuck is he gonna learn?

DeMarcus reaches towards the rope and finally reaches the bottom rope causing Wolfram to break the hold. Wolfram waits to four and finally relinquishes the hold. He stands in the center of the ring and rubs his fingers together as DeMarcus shakes off his arm and gets to his feet. HE goes again to charge towards Wolfram then stops and rethinks.

Zach Davis: Wolfram is bigger, stronger, faster, and arguably smarter. He seems to have everything over DeMarcus. What can the underdog do to get over here?

DeMarcus reaches a hand up, asking for a game of mercy. Wolfram looks up and laughs. DeMarcus starts mouthing off to Wolfram and eventually Wolfram succumbs to temptation and grabs his hand. He lifts the other hand up and the two men lock up their chests bump into each other and DeMarcus quickly drops to the floor. Wolfram laughs as he easily overpowers the younger man.

Zach Davis: Why would DeMarcus ask for this? He couldn’t have possibly thought that he would come out ahead on this one.

DeMarcus then drops to his back, and using the momentum tosses Wolfram over his head, and flips onto Wolframs shoulder and releases his hands, mounted with his knees on his shoulders. The referee drops to count the pin, but DeMarcus instead throw forearms to the head of Wolfram who has no way of covering up.

The crowd goes crazy as DeMarcus pounds away at Wolfram and eventually the referee forces DeMarcus off of Wolfram.

Zach Davis: DeMarcus finally got some comeuppance! The crowd appreciates it.

Freddy Whoa: I do at least.

Wolfram gets to his feet and he charges towards DeMarcus. DeMarcus easily sidesteps and Wolfram goes chest first into the turnbuckles. As he stumbles backwards DeMarcus grabs Wolfram by the shoulders and drops to his back lifting his knees in the air with a backstabber.

He rolls over and pins Wolfram.




DeMarcus grabs onto to Wolfram in a headlock. Wolfram powers up and lifts DeMarcus in the air. He shakes his legs and drops to the mat on his feet. The Wolfram lifts up and again and delivers a back body drop leaving both me on the floor.

Gravedigger: Both men stumble up...

Wolfram throws DeMarcus to the ropes then drops. DeMarcus jumps over him, comes back-

Zach Davis: BEST MOVE EVER! DeMarcus Jordan hits the Codebreaker!

DeMarcus quickly pins Wolfram, hooking the leg.




Freddy Whoa: YES!

Zach Davis: And there you have it! DeMarcus Jordan wins what had become a very heated rivarly!

Jordan stands up and gets his arm raised.

Charon/Logan/Katherine Phoenix Segment

The scene begins as David Ferryman, better known as Charon, is walking along in the corridors of Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, walking past several doors with names of them, indicating private locker rooms for some of the wrestlers here this evening. He looks at each name, and passes them up, to include the names of Corey Black, Jonny Fly, K.L. Henson, and even #BeachKrew were passed up. He stops in his tracks for the name Logan, with a poorly scrawled name of Katherine Phoenix placed under Logan's star. Charon shakes his head, as he opens the door to see Katherine Phoenix attempt to get a hard-on out of Logan.

Both scream as they see the hooded figure of Charon standing in the doorway, as Logan says...

Logan: This ain't a threeway! Who the hell is this trashcan boudle?

Katherine Phoenix: If you're here on behalf of Oblivion...

Charon: I've come for my payment, no more or less...

Logan: I don't do payments in sexual favors.

Charon glares at Logan with his piercing blue eyes, before he looks at Katherine Phoenix, saying...

Charon: As promised, I found what you are looking for. A certain redhead you implored that you can pay me for...

Katherine Phoenix's face drops, as Logan all of a sudden starts grinning ear to ear. Katherine says...

Katherine Phoenix: Where is she?

Charon: Where's my money?

Katherine looks at Logan, who looks back at her with a look that every husband gives their wife when they want something that most would consider frivolous spending, as Logan says...

Logan: How much for the trashcan?

Charon: $100,000 American dollars, plus expenses, make it out to be $105,372.46, and she's yours to handle as you see fit. Or perhaps how she handles you as she sees fit. Either way, I get what I was promised...

Katherine Phoenix: Do you take payment in cookies?

Charon glares at Katherine Phoenix again with those eyes, as she nods her head and says...

Katherine Phoenix: Logi Bear, can you pay this man what he is asking?

Logan rolls his eyes, and says...

Logan: Can't we just take what we want from him and trashcan his ass?

Charon: You can try, but somehow I do not think that my quarry will like that. We have come to an understanding, so to speak, due to what some would call a likeness in spirit. Kindred spirit, I believe is the term.

Katherine Phoenix: Just pay the man! I want my California Bear back, and we may need her!

Logan nods, and opens up a leather satchel next to him, removing several stacks of $100 bills, before putting them in a trash bag and tossing it at the feet of Charon. Charon then says...

Charon: Have fun with your new acquisition...

Charon steps aside, as the person of interest stands in the doorway... but Logan quickly grabs the cameraman and focuses him toward Logan himself to avoid the cameras looking toward whatever Charon was talking about.

Logan: Listen here boudle ...I have to get something off my chest. There is a little something that has been bugging me. Benjamin Asshole. A WCF event that represents WCF Fifteen years in the making and this boudle bitch cuts a promo longer than Gone With The Wind and only finds it important to bring up anything about Fifteen but ONCE... maybe even fuckin' twice at best. Let's get something straight, Benjamin Atreyu, this is basically the biggest event of WCF's lifespan, and you shell all that garbage out of your mouth without even barely mentioning this event, let alone the match you're going to be in with me. What's your problem, jackass? You think people want to hear you ramble on about everything and anything BUT Fifteen during the gawd damn week of the show?

Logan shakes his head.

Logan: You think you actually have it that easy that you're just going to walk into Final Destination and not expect me to slap every tooth out of your goofy ass face?! SHUT UP. Benjamin, you made a sorry mistake, bitch. Tonight you're done. And if you ever want to address me, come on out and do it and don't read inserts from a fuckin' book that has nothing to do with anything. I see through you, Atreyu. You ain't shit.

As the cameras finish up with Logan's impromptu rant, the cameraman focuses back toward the doorway to which ... there is no longer anyone there.

Lucious Starr vs Dag Riddik
Special Guest Referee: Katherine Phoenix

The house lights go down as colorful lights start flashing all around the area. "Storytime" by Nightwish begins to play, as Katherine Phoenix appears at the top of the entrance ramp. She is wearing a black leather miniskirt, fishnet leggings, an extremely tight low cut tank top and black leather heeled thigh boots. Katherine proceeds to walk down to the ring taking in all of the crowds energy.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE!!! From Los Angeles, California… weighing in at 134 pounds.... she is KATHERINE PHOENIX!!!

Gravedigger: Wonder how this moron is going to call the match.

Zach Davis: Got to agree. Katherine Phoenix is a flake, but its well-documented how much heat there is between her and Dag Riddik coming into this match.

Freddy Whoa: No doubt! Lucious Starr may not like where he landed, but this is a wonderful opportunity for him to find his way back into some sort of contention.

Gravedigger: With as much heat as Dag Riddik has brought on himself, he would definitely endear himself to many others in the WCF if he was able to shut this guy up on such a huge stage, indeed.

Katherine quickly reaches the ring and walks around it several times taking the time check out her surroundings. She then runs around to the turnbuckle, grabbing hold of it and bouncing up onto the ring apron, glancing over at the crowd but still not really paying them much attention. She climbs through the ropes and begins to pace back and forth whilst waiting for the match to begin.

"The Greatest" by Futuristic hits the PA, pyros flying in all directions as the word 'underrated' finishes. Lucious Starr walks out from backstage, surveying the crowd. He nods, pointing to the ring. He starts down the ramp, slapping his chest and pointing out to the crowd, as Kyle Steel announces his arrival.

Kyle Steel: And the FIRST COMPETITOR OF THE MATCH!!! Making his way to the ring from Los Angeles, California by way of Akron, Ohio. He weighs in at 263 pounds... HADES AVENGER, LUCIOUS STARR!!!

He reaches the bottom of the ramp, stopping to take in the moment. A deep breath, and he jumps up to the apron (a LA Lesnar). He then pops up over the top rope, running to the nearest turnbuckle, saluting and waving to the crowd. He drops, waiting for his match to begin.

Zach Davis: And Lucious Starr ready to go in this match! He's got to be pumped and ready after losing his shot at Final Destination Qualifier to Bonnie Blue last week.

Gravedigger: To be fair, Bonnie Blue was a favorite in that match. The only other competitor was Adam Young...

Freddy Whoa: Which begs the question, how does he get so many opportunities and blows them all?

Gravedigger: Never underestimate Adam Young! Remember that, noob!

Aenima by Tool. Titantron plays training clips mixed with images representing his anti-liberal values. He casually walks out, cracks his neck, smirks, and walks to the ring with his arms out taunting the audience. The audience rains down a wave of boos at Dag, as Kyle Steel announces his arrival...

Kyle Steel: AND HIS OPPONENT!!! He comes to us from Roanoke, Virginia by way of Oslo, Norway, weighing in at 235 pounds... DAG... RIDDIK!!!

He jumps into the ring and grabs a microphone from the ring attendant, and says...

Dag Riddik: Before we start this match, I have just one question... WHAT THE FUCK IS A HADES AVENGER? Like Hades himself would want a dickless assbag like you avenging ANYTHING in his name!!! Especially after last week when Bonnie Bluewaffle beat your dumb ass senseless for a shot at Final Destination!

Lucious Starr looks infuriated at the mention of his loss last week, but Dag says...

Dag Riddik: Oh calm down! In a few moments, I'll help you keep the one thing you're good at intact. LOSING!!!

Lucious Starr charges Dag Riddik and puts him on the ground with a Lou Thesz Press, as the microphone goes flying out of the ring. Lucious Starr starts pelting Dag Riddik with rights, as Katherine hesitantly calls for the bell to start the match...

Zach Davis: And we start the night with instant offense from Lucious Starr, as he did not take kindly to what Dag Riddik had to say about him or his moniker at the start of the match!

Gravedigger: Typical Kat Phoenix to call for the bell when Lucious Starr attacks Dag before the match officially starts!

Freddy Whoa: Would you let Dag Riddik talk crap about you and NOT retaliate like that?

Gravedigger: Okay, you got me there...

The assault by Lucious Starr is quelled, as Dag grabs the head of Starr, and maneuvers himself out from under the grasp of Lucious Starr. He peppers Starr with his own rights, as Katherine Phoenix gets in between the two of them, pulling Starr off of Dag Riddik in the process. As they stand up and face each other, Kat Phoenix seems to be talking to both competitors in the ring, as Commentary states...

Zach Davis: And it seems Kat Phoenix has regained control of the match, as she's talking to both competitors.

Gravedigger: Of course she did. Dag seemed to start gaining advantage against Dag, so of course she had to stop that from happening.

Freddy Whoa: And she calls for the action once again. Both men lock up in the middle of the ring!

Lucious gains advantage with his weight, shoving Dag backwards before connecting with a superkick. Dag is back on his feet instantly, only to once again be met with another superkick. Dag then rolls out of the ring, slowing down the action while avoiding another kick to the face in the process. Kat Phoenix starts counting rather fast...







Dag rolls back in to stop that fast count, as Lucious Starr stomps on Dag as he returns to the ring. He picks him up and whips him in place, before connecting with a discus elbow, before planting Dag in the middle of the ring with a German Suplex. He holds on for the count, as Kat counts rather fast...




A rain of jeers hits the ring, as Kat Phoenix shrugs her shoulders at the outcome, before announcing the two-count. Commentary notes...

Gravedigger: And Dag Riddik has it out for him! I don't even think I was this hated during my time in WCF!

Freddy Whoa: Believe me, you're still hated more than Dag Riddik probably ever will be.

Gravedigger: True that! Only a former World Champion such as myself can be hated more than a cheap heat machine like Dag Riddik can ever be.

Freddy Whoa: You say that like you're proud of it...

Zach Davis: Meanwhile, we have Lucious Starr pulling Dag Riddik up to his feet...





Kyle Steel: The winner of the match by way of SUBMISSION... DAG RIDDIK!!!

Freddy Whoa: Lucious Starr continues his losing streak, while Dag wins big on the huge F15teen stage!!!

Gravedigger: TRUMP CARD OUTTA NOWHERE!!! You may hate the man, but you GOTTA respect that skill!!!

Zach Davis: Fans at home, DON'T GO ANYWHERE!!! We got MORE TO COME! Stick with us!!!

Tiffany White vs Chance von Crank

Gravedigger: I am looking forward to this next match.

Freddy Whoa: Chance Von Crank and Tiffany White have a white hot feud going on right now. These two legit hate each other.

Zach Davis: Tiffany rescued Pixie from cVc, whom is an abusive, violent, and vile creature..who also impregnated her. Yikes.

Freddy Whoa: I’m just going to say it… Chance is trying to basically abort his child while White wants to keep it alive at any cost. This feud is beyond anything I have ever really seen.

The lights go out and a loud cocking noise followed by a huge shotgun blast is heard throughout. White words begin to cross the huge big screen above the ramp. cVc’s deep voice booms throughout as the screen traces every word.

“Shock N’ Rolla.”

“Here 2 Show Ya...”





“I’m Broken” by Pantera then hits the arena and the crowd loses it. The boos rain down as Crank walks out onto the stage. The rhinestone robe sparkles in all the lights. Hair oils have his mullet looking pristine. Chance walks across the stage taunting the crowd with each and every step. He walks back towards the aisle. Chance begins down the ramp and towards the ring. Crank hits the announcer’s table as he walks past. All three men watch Crank closely with hateful suspicion as cVc slides through the ropes. He stands in the center of the ring looking back at the entrance way, waiting patiently.

Gravedigger: He scares the shit out of me. I believe he would do anything to get ahead.

Zach Davis: He would. Listen to this crowd boo. He stirs emotions these people just aren’t use to. This man is a real devil.

Freddy Whoa: Chance may be getting booed out of this arena but his t-shirt is selling like crazy online.

“Lean On” hits the P.A, and the fans cheer loud as Tiffany White emerges from behind the curtain...clad in a black T-shirt with blue lettering. “I STAND FOR LIFE.” The crowds cheers this act of rebellion, as Tiffany makes sure Chance sees the two middle fingers she’s thrown up at him.

Zach Davis: Wow. One of the biggest fuck you’s I’ve seen in years, and it’s in the form of a pro-life T-shirt. This match is gonna be brutal.

Tiffany makes her way down to the ring, where once inside she takes off the shirt revealing her normal wrestling attire, as the ref readys for the bell to be rung.

cVc: Where is my bitch?

Tiffany White: I dunno… just fight, you pussy!

Chance charges at White but she ducks quickly. She counters with a drop toe hold sending cVc into the ropes. He falls throat first across the bottom rope. Tiffany hovers over Crank holding onto the top rope. She uses the top rope to jump high into the air. She puts her feet together as she comes back down driving all her weight into the spine of Chance.

Gravedigger: OH! THAT HURT!

Zach Davis: Tiffany strikes first! She can be vicious!

Freddy Whoa: Tiffany is now on the outside. Chance grabs ahold of her hair!

Zach Davis: CHEATER!

Chance gets ahold of the Tiffany’s hair. The referee rushes in to warn Chance. He releases her hair and she counters with a huge elbow to Chance’s chin. The crowd comes alive.

Freddy Whoa: This crowd hates Crank. Plain and simple. He has went too far and he’s just a month into his career here in WCF. Tiffany continues to punish Chance.

Tiffany stomps on Chance as he rolls to dodge the sharp heel shots. Crank grabs a hold of one of Tiffany's leg. He pulls her down to the mat and the two begin to roll and fight. Chance gets the upperhand on the second roll. He ends up on top of White. He pins both her arms down using both of his knees. She kicks and attempts in vain to escape. cVc begins slapping her in the face. The referee hits the mat to make the count. Crank rocks his body enough to allow her to get a shoulder up. Soon as they land flush on the mat again, he continues to slap her in the face.

Gravedigger: Chance has now turned the tables.

Zach Davis: The referee is going to stand them up!

The referee stands up both Tiffany and Chance. The two share a stare down as the referee calls for action to resume.

Freddy Whoa: Look at that, Digger.

Gravedigger: What is that? Why are you browsing Facebook instead of commentating?

Freddy Whoa: Look. Every wrestling group on facebook is reporting Harlan County just issued a warrant for Chance Von Crank’s arrest.

Zach Davis: For what?

Freddy Whoa: Inciting a riot.

White and Crank lock arms in the center of the ring. Chance uses his weight to swing the pair around. Tiffany gives Chance a sudden kick to the gun causing him to lean over. She follows up with a swinging neckbreaker. The crowd cheer as Tiffany gains the upperhand. Chance is quick back to his feet but us now dazed.

Gravedigger: cVc has shaky legs.

Zach Davis: It’s gonna be difficult to run from the police like that. Tiffany rushes to the turnbuckle!

Chance chases after White but he is too far behind now. She leaps up on the turnbuckle and leaps off immediately. Crank runs right into a flying clothesline! The crowd continues to cheer as Tiffany calls for On The Button. She quickly positions herself to roll towards cVc. She rolls once, then again! She flips herself up into the air and comes down on both Chance’s extended knee caps!

Freddy Whoa: Chance counters with his knees! OUCH!

Gravedigger: White made a mistake there but has been flawless otherwise!

Zach Davis: cVc is now back to his feet!

Chance circles Tiffany as she rolls around on the mat. Chance is furious and begins to stomp on White. He continues to ask her, “Where is my bitch at?” White gets a hold of Chance’s leg. She twists it but he counters by kicking her in the head with his other foot. The crowd gasps at the snap. The replay on the big screen shows Tiffany’s head snap back.

Gravedigger: Vicious shot! He just reversed curb stomped Tiffany White.

Zach Davis: Reversed curb stomp?

Gravedigger: What else would you call it?

Zach Davis: Touche’.

The referee warns cVc but he ignores him. Chance grapples Tiffany back to her feet as the crowd boo’s. Crank nails her between the eyes with a big shot. She rocks back then falls forward. He catches and keeps falling back for a DDT! He goes for a quick pin!

Zach Davis: ONE!

Gravedigger: Kickout! White breaks the pin almost immediately.

Chance leans over Tiffany. He begins to knee her in the ribs. White attempts to block the huge knee shots with little success. cVc stands up then pulls White up by the hair of her head. The referee warns Chance again. White snaps out of her daze while Crank argues with the referee. She kicks him in the side of the knee cap. He gets a charley horse that sends him to one knee. Tiffany follows up with a swinging knee that knocks out one of Chance’s teeth. His head slams against the mat with force! The crowd gasps at the replay.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa. She just knocked out one of his teeth!

Gravedigger: That knee nearly took of Chance’s head. Tiffany is pulling out all of the stops here at Fifteen!

Zach Davis: She goes for a quick pin!

The referee hits the mat flush to count. He slaps the mat once and Chance doesn’t even move. White grins as the referee’s hand lands flush against the mat for a second time. The referee brings his hand up again. He drops it once more but Crank kicks out with maybe an inch to spare before White is declared the winner!

Gravedigger: I thought she had him! That was so close!

White is shocked! Chance shakes his head while White holds her forehead in frustration. Tiffany grabs Chance’s other leg for a pin!

Gravedigger: ONE!

Freddy Whoa: cVc KICKS OUT!

Crank kicks out quickly this time. He hits White with a elbow shot after the second pin attempt. He continues to sling elbows back at her while both lay on the mat. She continues to battle back with fists. Chance gets to his feet as the referee positions himself in the corner just behind the two wrestlers. Tiffany lunges at Chance after she gets up. Crank spins his feet and he nabs her left hands as she pass by. He stops her forward momentum suddenly then irish whips Tiffany towards the corner with huge force. Chance sends her on a collision course with the referee on purpose. The referee and White bash foreheads in the corner! They both fall to the mat lifeless.

Gravedigger: That son of a bitch did that on purpose!

Zach Davis: Chance has completely changed this match up with a single irish whip.

The crowd boos Crank relentlessly. He revels in it. White and the referee both have cuts across their foreheads. The referee is yet to move but White stirs somewhat. Chance begins to stomp at her head. She covers herself but he aims right for the gash.

Freddy Whoa: White may be in real trouble now. There is no one to keep this maniac in line now.

Gravedigger: Chance continues to aim accurate stomps at the cut on White’s forehead! She’s bleeding from that cut!

Chance halts with the stomps. He rolls out of the ring and heads for the bell keeper. The announcers and crew all beg him to stop. He picks up the steel folding chair the bell keeper was sitting in. He folds it down and heads back towards the ring.

Zach Davis: What is he going to do with that?

Gravedigger: Whatever he wants. The referee has yet to move once. White is bleeding but appears to be okay!

Freddy Whoa: Yeah okay until Crank gets back in the ring with that steel chair.

The crowd continues to boo cVc. He slides the chair in the ring then follows close behind. White has stumbled back to her feet. Crank lays the chair flat on the mat in the center of the ring. Tiffany stumbles right into Chance’s awaiting arms. cVc cradles White up then picks her up. He twists her upside down using his upper body strength. He situates himself to face the steel chair lying on the mat. The Pumphandle Michinoku driver II wows the crowd but then they resume booing. cVc slams Tiffany down on the steel chair with massive force. He holds her down in a bent position, pinned.

Gravedigger: ONE!

Freddy Whoa: TWO!

Zach Davis: Three? There is no referee! That Pumphandle Michinoku driver II onto the steel chair was brutal!

Chance remembers the referee is down. He is now furious and completely regrets his own cheating method.

Freddy Whoa: Chance continues to be on the offensive here!

Chance walks over to the referee and realizes fast he is knocked out. He laughs then turns back towards Tiffany. She has made it up to both elbows still in a daze. White is laying on her back propped up on both elbows. She fights to get up with no success. Chance charges towards her. He begins to crawl on his hands and knees as he approaches close. cVc hovers above White on all fours as she continues to gain her bearings. Chance takes both of his hands and begins prodding at the gash on her forehead. He wipes her own blood all over her face. He then brings his hands up to his own face. He licks his hand with the most of White’s blood on it. cVc then spits in her face. White comes to suddenly and knees him in the genitals!

Gravedigger: White finally with some offense. She has got Chance off of her for now.

Zach Davis: He is currently holding his junk rolling around the ring. The referee has still not moved!

Crowd: WHITE!” “WHITE!

TIffany limps to one foot. The left foot is sore from an awkward landing. Her face is covered in her own blood. Chance’s pain begins to subside as White points at the crowd and then at the steel chair. She looks behind her briefly to see if the referee has stirred. He has not. She picks up the chair and the crowd continues to chant her name.

Zach Davis: Tiffany is looking for some pay back. Chance has put this woman through hell since the first match they had together.

Freddy Whoa: This crowd loves it.

Chance gathers himself just in time to watch Tiffany pick up the steel chair. Crank falls back to a sitting position from one knee. He begs for White to not hit him with the chair. The crowd begins chanting, “DO IT!” over and over. She listens.

Gravedigger: SMACK! Did you hear that vicious shot? She has cVc on the retreat now!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa. She is laying into him with that chair!

Tiffany smacks the chair off the backside of Chance. He winces in pain from each chair shot! The referee begins to stir in the corner finally. Tiffany hits Crank again and again with the chair. The crowd loves each and every shot he takes. They chant, “REF! REF!” causing White to turn to look back at the referee. She whispers a small thank you and throws the chair out of the ring. Chance has red welts all over his back now. Bruising has already began to set in as well.

Zach Davis: Look at Crank’s back. Jesus… He will feel that tomorrow. This is a violent first PPV match for both of these WCF newcomers!

Freddy Whoa: They may be new to WCF but both of these wrestlers are seasoned between the ropes and it shows here!

Gravedigger: The referee is back up! Tiffany rolls Chance up!

Freddy Whoa: ONE!

Zach Davis: TWO!

Crank kicks out at two and a half! The referee notices how ripped up cVc’s back is when he gets the shoulder up. This confuses the referee completely. White cannot believe The Shock N’ Rolla kicked out that time. Chance stumbles back to his feet and Tiffany hammers him with a right hook! This causes Chance to hit one knee. Tiffany can now hover over him and she does so. He suddenly stands up and headbutts White! Chance rocks her with the shot! He follows up by using an irish whip to send White into the ropes. He cradles her up on the return for a huge spinebuster! The maneuver shakes the entire ring and cuts off White’s air supply!

Zach Davis: What a counter!

Gravedigger: Now both of them are down! The referee begins his count.

Freddy Whoa: Chance’s back looks hideous and White is still bleeding.

Zach Davis: cVc is bleeding from his mouth, also, What a bloody affair this has turned into! Chance lost a tooth earlier and it won’t be found.

Chance and White both roll around on the mat. They both finally get to a knee as the referee’s count reaches six. White stumbles back into the ropes just behind her. She slingshots herself with every bit of energy that remains inside of her. Chance is still on one knee as he looks up to see White charging. He can’t move or duck the shining wizard! cVc lands in a pile close to the corner turnbuckle. The move wows the crowd and they begin to cheer!


Gravedigger: Chance is down again. White is limping towards the corner now…

Freddy Whoa: She made it to the top turnbuckle!

White faces away from Crank as she stands on the turnbuckle. The crowd is losing it. She jumps off doing a number of flips before nailing Chance with her Phoenix Splash!

Freddy Whoa: BAD BEAT! BAD BEAT!

Tiffany hooks cVc’s left leg after the spectacular aerial maneuver! The referee hits the mat to begin his count.

Gravedigger: ONE!

Freddy Whoa: TWO!

Zach Davis: Wait - what the hell is this!?

Uniformed police officers had come through the curtain at the top of the stage. They've pulled Chance von Crank out of the ring mid match.

Gravedigger: Looks like the police are here for Chance. He is wanted in the state of Kentucky for inciting a riot and these Philly cops are here to take him in!

Freddy Whoa: But why not wait until the end of the match!?!? This is Fifteen, damnit! We want a winner!

White just shakes her head at the scene, and the referee has no choice but to call for the bell.

Zach Davis: This match is being declared a draw due to the interference from law enforcement, WCF doesn't have a choice.... From what I can see, Tiffany White had this won!

Gravedigger: Somehow I doubt Chance von Crank will agree with your assessment, Zach.

The crowd continues to cheer Tiffany even as she begins her exit without having gotten the victory she was after. Two of the uniform policemen hold Crank up. The other two stand behind him putting handcuffs on. Chance is nearly out on his feet as they begin to pack him away. They walk him down the ring steps and up the ramp towards jail.

Gravedigger: What a match! I wish we had a winner, but... what a match!

Freddy Whoa: Crank deserves to go to jail just as much as Tiffany deserved this big win! At least we're getting one of those things!

K.L. Henson Segment

"Grove Walker" by FLOOR BABA blasts over the PA Systems as Henson walks out onto the stage in red suspenders and all, with mic in hand. He looks around as the crowd swells with boos. Henson shrugs.

K. L. Henson: I am sure you all heard the news by now. No more assistant of talent relations.

The crowd exploded in cheers. Henson chuckles.

K. L. Henson: Yep, that is about what I thought your guys' reaction would be. Well, here is the deal. We all might have had a good laugh with cookie wages but I have a new announcement to make and I wonder how much laughing there will be here.

The crowd slowly fell into silence.

K. L. Henson: Let me introduce to you...YOUR NEW ASSISTANT OF TALENT RELATIONS!...Manager of the phenomenal Nagasaki...NOBUNAGA!

"Kabuki Gomen-Jyo" by Wadaiko Matsuriza hits the PA as Nobunaga walks past the curtain, dressed in an expensive suit with a cigar in his mouth and Nagasaki following close behind with a fun-loving smile. Henson and Nobunaga shake hands, both with shit eating grins. Henson directs himself back to the crowd as they continue to boo.

K. L. Henson: Now I know what you might be thinking. Isn't this man a supposed member of the yakuza? Well, whether or not he is, he is a VERY important person in this difficult time the WCF is having financially and you all should treat him with respect if you truly love this sport like you claim you do!

The crowd boos louder as Henson shakes his head and Nobunaga laughs.

K. L. Henson: Well, you all had your laughs when Kat was assistant of talent relations but now the laughing ends! We are hear to get serious! And I am starting by announcing there will be no more cookie payments!...In fact! There will be no guaranteed payments of any kind! Nobunaga has given me a great suggestion! With the exception of a handful of people, the WCF locker room will have to earn their wages! You win or you go hungry! It is as simple as that! Nobunaga has taken a look at the contracts of the WCF roster and has found all the loopholes needed to allow this! You have a problem with it, get a legal team and talk to Seth! We are trimming fat! This company has been too wasteful and now people are going to pay! That is all for now but expect us to be making much bigger decisions as time goes on!

“Grove Walker” plays again as Henson, Nobunaga and Nagasaki walk past the curtain.

International Title Match
Lee Roberts vs Punkin vs Nagaski vs Cormack MacNeill vs Kira Sakazaki

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen this next match is a 5 way scramble match for the WCF International Title, introducing first.

"Kabuki Gomen-Jyo" by Wadaiko Matsuriza hits the PA as a compilation of Nagasaki's past sumo victories is played on the jumbotron. He then lumbers on to the stage with his manager Mr. Nobunaga, Nobunaga is carrying a box in his left hand and a sword in the other.

Zach Davis: Just look at this man.

Gravedigger: Ladies and gentlemen I have gone back and forth between this 420 monster and Cormack Macneil all week and still don't know who is gunna walk out of this with the belt but I will predict it will be one of those two.

Nagasaki begins the sumo war dance, then bows to show respect to the audience. He walks down the ramp, climbs the steps of the ring.

Kyle Steel: Now entering the ring weighing in at 427 pounds, Hailing from Nagasaki Japan, THIS IS AKANE NAGASAKI KATSU!

He hoists the top rope up and steps between it and the middle rope. Once on the ring he faces where his opponent will enter, puts on the headband and mask and begins another war dance.

Freddy Whoa: Scary, Scary man!

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, Introducing ....Fighting out of Halifax, Nova Scotia...weighing in at 275lbs...Cormack MacNeill!

The drone of the pipes fills the air as MacNeill slowly walks out onto the entrance ramp. He stops and looks around at the raucous cheering crowd. He takes a moment and raises his fist in salute.

Freddy Whoa: Well we know who these people wanna take this one home!

Gravedigger: This man right here may be the most under achieving big man in this companys history.

Zach Davis: He has all the tools needed, just needs to get going and tonight is his oppotunity to do just that.

As the drums kick in, MacNeill walks slowly down to the ring, stopping at the end of the ramp to eye the ring(his opponent) before climbing up and sliding into the ring. He takes up a position in his corner and uses the ropes to stretch out and warm up.

Kyle Steel: And their opponent..

"Bad to the Bone hits the loud speakers. The camera goes to the entrance way where "Mister Average" Lee Roberts makes his way slowly to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Making his way down the ramp at this time.... Hailing from Ottowa City Ontario Canada! This Is MR AVERAGE! LEEEEE ROOOBERRTS!

Zach Davis: Now this could be my pick and a sleeper favourite of the crowd here tonight.

Gravedigger: Of coursel Lee Roberts is one of these people, he is average just like all of them.

Freddy Whoa: Either way the guy has been impressive, not exactly average in my opinion.

He shakes hands with the ringside fans and slowly walks to the ring. After climbing up the steel steps, he steps through the ropes and gets in. He takes a corner and waits for the match to start.

Kyle Steel: And their opponent..

The Arena goes black and only the titan tron shows any light, a bright white circle of it at the end of a tunnel, the screen flickers with some static a couple of times showing a man in black advancing with every break in the video until he is standing before us with his fists raised to the screen with white tape on his knuckles and the words "DEFO DEAD" written across them in black marker.

Kyle Steel: Now entering the arena, hailing from Goreyville by way of Coleraine, Northern Ireland and the deepest recesses of a broken young man's mind, THIS IS THE PUNKIN!

A screaming laughter fills the arena as the song kicks in and a tall masked man falls out through the curtain almost capering instead of his counterparts Swagger filled stroll, he makes his way to the ring all the while talking either to himself or screaming indecipherable phrases at the crowd,.

Freddy Whoa: You want a sleeper in this I give you Punkin, think about it 5 man match, chaos reigns supreme and an unpredictable outcome, this is where this guy lives his life.

Gravedigger: I can't argue with that logic Freddy.

Zach Davis: I can, Punkin focuses too much on one person, that tunnel vision means he won't be watching his back and in a match with 4 other guys the one coming behind you is twice as dangerous as the one in front.

He doesn't waste anytime lifting his battle armour off setting it on the ring apron in front of him. He steps back almost tripping over his own feet sizing up the armour shadow boxing with it in a ridiculous fashion before rolling into the ring and climbing up on the top rope showing off the badly spelled words on his knuckles again before sitting down on the top turnbuckle with his back to the ring, hooks his legs underneath the bolt then lays back in the tree of woe with his arms crossed talking to himself and waiting for the bell.

Kyle Steel: And finally!

Beginner blasts into the stadium and Kira Bursts through the curtain to welcome back chants.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to ring at this time he currently hold the WCF International championship on behalf of Akihabara Japan, this is Kira Sakazaki.

He slides into the ring and the combatants set for battle.

As the bell rings Punkin and Cormack walk straight into the centre of the ring and get into each others faces the size difference being shown perfectly as the other 3 men circle facing off against one and other and watching whats about to go down in the middle of the ring.

Gravedigger: Would you look at this, former Sequitus members about to get it on right here at the 15th anniversary.

Zach Davis: I don't think that's the same man Mack knew.

Freddy Whoa: Super Kick from Punkin to Roberts!


Gravedigger: Awww but look at what they haven't knocked down yet.

Both men turn to face a now fuming Nagaski and look at each other as he hits the ropes, Punkin matrix moves through the double clothesline attempt but Cormack eats it stumbling.

Zach Davis: Look at the agility of the big man!

Nagaski rebounds perfectly and pounces Punkin 3 feet across the ring sending him sliding out under the bottom rope, he then turns to face Cormack.

Gravedigger: Would you look at this, the dump truck versus the sky scraper.

Freddy Whoa: Guys this could be the story of the match right here, the mass of humanity in that ring right now probably averages higher than the 3 men in the match currently out on the floor.

Zach Davis: Here they go!

Cormack nails a hard forearm to the side of the head, Naga throws a clubbing blow into Cormacks gut, Mack retaliates with a head butt but this seems to piss Naga off even more and he screams delivering an over hand chop to Cormack that visibly drives the air from the man mountains lungs.

Freddy Whoa: Lee Roberts on the top rope, big diving forearm from Mr Average stuns Naga!

Lee hits the ropes and slides right under Cormack's legs catching him on the way through tripping the big man and sending him down face first to the mat, with no wasted motion he pops up and keeps going hitting the ropes and coming back with a running double foot stomp to Cormack's back. Behind him Naga tries to take advantage when Sakazaki comes out of nowhere with a discuss lariat, Roberts joins the effort with a forearm and they try and work the big man back into a corner.

Zach Davis: Teamwork being shown early here by the former Sequitus guys and now Kira and Lee working it out.

Gravedigger: Yeah but where does that leave Naga?

Freddy Whoa: When you weigh 420 you don't need back up.

Gravedigger: Touche.

Zach Davis: Ask Naga that in 2 seconds.

Kira nails a running step up knee to Naga's head and then turns to throw Roberts over head into a diving forearm, from behind them Cormack charges in and both men move for the giant to hit Naga full speed in the corner finally knocking the big man down and sending him out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: I think it's safe to say these guys weren't happy with how this match started.

Gravedigger: Yup and now they have one of the men responsible alone in the ring.

Zach Davis: Yeah but that man is Cormack MacNeill.

Cormack signals both men to bring it on, Kira goes in first and mack swats away his dropkick, Lee however takes advantage of this and jumps on his back for a sleeper hold.

Zach Davis: Caliban out of nowhere just yanking Roberts off Mack's back into a stabber.

The big Nova Scotian turns back round and Caliban slingshots Roberts back up and into a stiff right hand from Cormack.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Did you hear that shot!

Gravedigger: The boys in the back heard that one!

Caliban kips up and both men look around.

Gravedigger: Now what boys?

Punkin looks at Cormack and cocks his head on one side as Mack motions round his waist and then smacks Punkin on the chest and points to the ropes telling Punkin to hit him, Punkin holds his arms out asking Mack if he thinks he is crazy, Mack answers yes and Punkin hits the ropes.

Zach Davis: Triple jump shooting star to the outside right on top of Lee and Kira!

Freddy Whoa: Yeah he's crazy.

Gravedigger: Wait a minute.....

Cormack is in the centre of the ring motioning to the crowd getting them pumped, on the outside Naga can be seen getting to his feet.

Freddy Whoa: Digger you don't think? Davis is he?


Cormack flies from the ring like a 747 over the top rope and crashes down onto Naga on the outside, the arena explodes as he pops back up and jumps to the ring apron to celebrate.


Freddy Whoa: This thing has not stopped, these 5 men are beating the crap out of each.

Zach Davis: Of course they are, this is a celebration of WCF and this is how we do it.

Caliban and Cormack get back into the ring again and this time they have no distractions, Caliban hits the ropes and the big man stands his ground, he prepares for Punkin's hit but it never comes he gets dropped on his face and yanked out of the ring by a pissed off Lee Roberts, he lifts caliban up and runs death valley drivering Punkin into the side of the ring steps.

Gravedigger: Holy crap Mr Average just annihilated the Punkin!

Roberts jumps right back to his feet and gets grabbed by the hair by Cormack who does not look happy about Roberts continuous interruptions of he and Caliban's first match up against each other, he grabs him by the neck and yanks him up onto the ring apron. Mack runs the ropes and tries for a clothesline but Roberts evades by simply dropping off the apron and hitting Kira with a senton while the Champion was getting up on all fours.

Zach Davis: I dunno how much more Lee is gunna get away with pushing the big mans buttons.

Cormack slides out of the ring and runs around the side on a collision course with Lee Roberts as the average man gets back to his feet.


Freddy Whoa: Jesus that's a gin hangover, he sent Mr Average for a spectacular flip, get him in the ring Mack! He won't get up from that!

Cormack seems to take Freddys advice and hauls Robert's lifeless corpse into the ring.

Zach Davis: Here we go!



Freddy Whoa: Naga with a huge leg drop breaks the pin!

Zach Davis: Cormack leaps back to his feet furious no selling any effects of the 420 pound leg drop!

The 2 men collide in the ring yet again throwing ever kind of strike possible, Naga nails a headbutt to Mack's chest and then quick as a cat starts throwing his 1000 palm strikes.

Gravedigger: Look at the speed of this buffalo!

Freddy Whoa: Cormack hasn't got enough time to react to one when he is hit by another, Naga is giving him no chance here at all.

The crowd starts to get louder with every hit as Naga backs him further across the ring till he is in the corner just over and over punishing The taller man with palm strikes to ribs, once he gets him perfectly in the corner though he steps back and spits on his right hand before delivering one last vicious blow with his palm right to the face of Cormack blasting the big man up off his feet and down on his ass.

Freddy Whoa: Oh no, Cormack is in the perfect position.

Gravedigger: Even a walking refrigerator like Cormack Macneil will not survive this.

Naga gets all the way to the top rope as Nobunaga is screaming to finish the job on the floor.

Gravedigger: BANSAI!!!!!!!





He runs the ropes.

Gravedigger: Shot gun drop kick sends the big man out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: He hit him like a train Davis!

Zach Davis: Roberts is pulling Cormack round.


Lee leaps to the top rope in one single bound and with very little wasted motion comes right back off with a 450.

Freddy Whoa: Mr Average doing something amazing again!






Roberts looks distraught he took to much time repositioning his man and now his best shot hasn't worked, he looks around as the crowd is screaming at him.


He stomps Mack right on the forehead and pulls him further from the ropes and then goes up again taking his time though visibly exhausted.

Freddy Whoa: You gotta be faster than that kid!

Zach Davis: Come on Lee this is it, there is nobody left!

But Cormack like a cat jumps to his feet and grabs Roberts throwing him deadly driver style half way across the ring, Lee some how manages to get right back up but falls into the corner.


This one even more vicious than the last hit flush and Lee Roberts nose explodes, Cormack visibly shaken himself doesn't react automatically giving the ref a chance to get in and look at Roberts.

Gravedigger: Who the hell is that?

Zach Davis: Wait guys in the truck a woman just jumped the guard rail with a managers pass, who is that!?

She makes her way to Punkin he hood up her face concealed she slaps him across the face and hands him something she then runs round the ring and jumps up on the apron in front of the ref distracting him even more while Punkin fumbles with his foot on the floor.

Freddy Whoa: What did she give Punkin?

Gravedigger: I think we are about to find out!

Mack who seems to recognise the woman is over trying to get her attention as Punkin slides into the ring.

Zach Davis: Did he change his shoes?

Gravedigger: I think he did but I don't think his boots had holes in them.

As Punkin slithers into position just waiting for the right time he quickly flashes the camera his new shoes.

Gravedigger: God damn that's thumbtacks, who ever the woman is she brought Caliban a thumbtack sneaker, this is not going to be pretty.

Punkin gets sick of waiting for an opportunity.


Cormack hears this and stops then slowly turns around.

Crowd: DEAD!




The members of the crowd who still remember Sequitus and the others who have simply watched the match and the apparent team work between the 2 explode into what the fuck chants as Punkin quickly tosses the sneaker out and comes at Lee Roberts bare foot yakuza kicking him in the corner over the refs head then pulling him down to the floor and ascending to the top rope telling the ref to back off.


Zach Davis: Double rotation shooting star!

Freddy we got a pin!




The crowd erupts into boos as the woman slides into the ring to help pick up Punkin who can't seem to quite find his feet.

Zach Davis: Ok so now can we find out who the hell is in the ring with Punkin!

The woman as if responding to the quests pulls her hood down to reveal a black face mask with a red mohawk sticking out the top from the body and way she is reacting it's obvious underneat is Sinnesy Rose Jordan Caliban's wife.


Punkin has by this point rolled out of the ring and snatches the mike from Kyles hands then slides back in.


And with that he tosses the mike out of the ring and sits on the ropes helping her out and then making their way up the ramp.

Freddy Whoa: So whatever it is, this maddness that infected Jordan Caliban seems to of passed on to Sinnesy Rose?

Gravedigger: Does'nt matter, all that matters is Punkin Caliban is capering out of the 15th anniversary with the International championship over his shoulder.

They both turn and he holds the title in the air one more time.

Zach Davis: Wait... look at this.

Kira Sakazaki is up in the middle of the ring. He's looking around, and the fans are giving him a standing ovation.

Freddy Whoa: Kira Sakazaki is a once in a lifetime talent. Who else would have come back to WCF, come back to Fifteen, just to defend his belt? He's a man of honor, that's for sure, and the WCF fans appreciate him. What an amazing talent.

The fans chant.


Kira Sakazaki bows to them before leaving the ring.

Gravedigger: What a moment.. what a night thus far.

We go to commercial.

United States Title Contendership Match
Raymond Hatcher vs Vengeance

We cut to the ring where we see referee Rob Livingston and announce Kyle Steel.

Kyle Steel: Our next contest is for one fall with a twenty minute time limit and the winner will be the new number one contender to the WCF United States Championship!

We hear “Chariots Of Fire” by Faith No More begin as our shot cuts to the entry way. We see Raymond Hatcher come walking out donning a gold and black robe with his all black ring gear some. Hatcher heads down the ramp a very serious expression dominating his face.

Kyle Steel: Our competitor making his way to the ring he weighs in at two hundred thirty-eight pounds and he hails from Los Angeles, California…The Real Deal Raymond Hatcher!

Hatcher climbs up the ring steps and steps onto the apron before wiping his feet and climbing through the ropes into the ring. Hatcher retreats to a corner and takes off his robe revealing a huge bit of flesh toned tape wrapped across his left shoulder. We hear “Chariots Of Fire” fade out as the lights go out in the arena and Vengeance appears on the titantron in red and black letters as pyro go off on the stage then red and white strobe lights flash on the entrance ramp and red lights fill the arena “The Vengeful One” by Disturbed starts as Vengeance slowly makes his way down to the ring.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, making his way to the ring, he weighs three hundred twenty-five pounds and he hails from parts unknown, he is…Vengeance!

As Vengeance approaches the ring he stops and looks in before making his way to the ring steps. Vengeance slowly climbs the ring steps entering the ring through the second rope he walks to the center of the ring. Vengeance stops in the center of the ring the arena lights go out as a single red light shines over Vengeance stands there looking at the camera the arena lights slowly turn on. Vengeance makes his way to his corner as Kyle Steel leaves the ring. The referee pats down Hatcher before doing the same to a less than cooperative Vengeance. Livingston signals for the bell.

We hear the bell sound and Hatcher walks out to the center of the ring ready to lock-up, but Vengeance just stands there staring at Hatcher from his corner. Hatcher keeps calling Vengeance, but Vengeance still doesn’t move a muscle.

Freddy Whoa: Vengeance must be scared.

Zach Davis: I don’t think Vengeance is scared, I think he’s attempting to play some mind games with Raymond Hatcher.

Gravedigger: I don’t know how well those tactics will work against the Yale graduate.

Zach Davis: Hatcher looks a little perplexed; he’s asking the crowd what’s going on.

We can here Hatcher shout at Vengeance.

Raymond Hatcher: Are you gonna fight?

Vengeance takes three slow methodical steps out of the corner. Hatcher gets back into a fighting stance. The two men lock-up in a collar elbow tie-up, they struggle a bit and Vengeance uses his power to throw Hatcher backwards. Hatcher rolls head of heels and then up to his knees on the mat.

Zach Davis: Vengeance using that size to his advantage.

Freddy Whoa: He’s got nearly a hundred pounds on Hatcher.

Vengeance stays in the middle of the ring giving Hatcher the opportunity to get back to his feet. Hatcher brushes himself off and the two men lock-up again. This time Hatcher is quick to maneuver behind Vengeance.

Zach Davis: Hatcher taking control here with a waist-lock.

Vengeance struggles a bit before grabbing a hold of Hatcher’s left arm and in concert with his hips whips Hatcher off to the side. Hatcher tumbles into the ropes and rolls right out of the ring.

Gravedigger: Smart move by Raymond Hatcher to take a little breather here.

Hatcher stomps around the outside of the ring looking none-too-happy.

Rob Livingston: One! Two! Three! Four! Five!

Hatcher casually walks up the ring steps.

Freddy Whoa: Hatcher doesn’t look to be in too much of a hurry to get back into the ring.

Hatcher climbs into the ring, making sure the referee is between himself and Vengeance who is standing tall in the middle of the ring. Hatcher leans back in a corner for a minute surveying the landscape as referee Rob Livingston yells at him to come out and wrestle.

Zach Davis: Hatcher prolonging this little time-out he’s taking in the opening moments of this contest.

Gravedigger: Hey, Vengeance is letting him do it, so why not?

Hatcher eventually heads to the middle of the ring and then holds his hand up in the air.

Freddy Whoa: Are you serious?

Zach Davis: It looks like Hatcher is calling for a test of strength.

Gravedigger: I’d have to think that’s not the smartest move.

Freddy Whoa: Hatcher has already been shoved around this whole match, why would he dare to try a test of strength?

Zach Davis: Vengeance staring at his opponent in disbelief.

Freddy Whoa: It looks like he’s gonna go for it.

The two men bring their hands together and Vengeance immediately puts the pressure on. Hatcher fights back with a knee to the gut.

Zach Davis: And we should’ve known Hatcher had something else in mind, always taking a shortcut.

Gravedigger: Hey if he wasn’t going to win the test of strength anyway.

Hatcher pulls Vengeance in for a short arm clothesline. Hatcher turns to the crowd for approval while Vengeance immediately gets back to his feet.

Zach Davis: Hatcher better turn around.

Hatcher with a big joyous smile on his face turns around and runs right into Vengeance. Hatcher’s eyes widen, he slowly starts backing away. Vengeance grabs Hatcher by the throat.

Freddy Whoa: Looks like Vengeance is going for a chokeslam.

Vengeance lifts Hatcher up, but gets caught with a kick to the upper thigh breaking the hold.

Zach Davis: That kick looked a little high.

Vengeance stumbles a moment holding his groin as Hatcher runs back to the ropes and shoots off with a clothesline. The big man stays on his feet.

Freddy Whoa: Hatcher is gonna need to up the firepower if he’s going to take down the big man.

Hatcher runs back to the ropes again, but this time Vengeance gives chase and clotheslines Hatcher over the top rope.

Zach Davis: Hatcher getting knocked out of the ring.

Vengeance immediately heads out after Hatcher. Vengeance tosses Hatcher into the ring steps knocking them over.

Rob Livingston: One!

Freddy Whoa: The sound of Hatcher’s flesh hitting those metal steps is echoing throughout the arena.

Rob Livingston: Two!

Zach Davis: Vengeance showing his viscous side here.

Rob Livingston: Three!

Freddy Whoa: You have to think these two are going to throw everything at each other in this match in order to be the number one contender to the US Title, a title neither man has held.

Rob Livingston: Four!

Vengeance pulls Hatcher to his feet and rolls him back into the ring.

Rob Livingston: Five!

Vengeance rolls back into the ring. Hatcher crawls towards the ropes as Vengeance comes over and yanks him to his feet by the back of his hair. Vengeance whips Hatcher into a corner before charging in with a massive clothesline. Hatcher stumbles out of the corner before dropping face-first to the mat.

Zach Davis: That clothesline knocking Hatcher senseless.

Vengeance pulls Hatcher up to his feet and hits him with a sidewalk slam. Vengeance sits next to Hatcher’s body for a moment before climbing back to his feet. Hatcher doesn’t stay down for long as he climbs back to his feet as well. Vengeance nails Hatcher with a big right to the face, Hatcher stumbles back to the ropes. Vengeance comes over and nails Hatcher with a knee to the gut. Vengeance then lifts Hatcher up and drops him throat-first along the top rope.

Zach Davis: Vengeance is just dominating Hatcher here.

Hatcher crawls across the mat as Vengeance stalks him. Raymond tries to fight Vengeance away by kicking at his feet.

Zach Davis: Raymond Hatcher trying to maybe sweep the feet of Vengeance, anything to stop this attack.

Hatcher kicks Vengeance’s left leg out from under him causing him to drop to one knee. Hatcher quickly pulls himself up in a corner, and nails Vengeance with a kick to the gut. Hatcher pulls Vengeance into the corner and then lays in a big knife-edge chop. Vengeance stands tall as Hatcher lays in another chop.

Freddy Whoa: These knife-edge chops not having much effect.

Hatcher lays in a third chop, but it doesn’t do much, Hatcher starts retreating as Vengeance menacingly marches out of the corner like Michael Myers. Hatcher starts calling for a time out.

Zach Davis: There are no time outs in wrestling.

Vengeance starts blasting Hatcher with chops to the throat and big rights to the head. Hatcher stumbles backs to the ropes and Vengeance shoots him across the ring. Hatcher on the rebound with a clothesline, but Vengeance comes up with a back body-drop that sends Hatcher flying through the air.

Freddy Whoa: I think his feet touched the lights.

Hatcher rolls around the ring holding his back before hiding in a corner. Vengeance goes right after Hatcher, who kicks Vengeance in the leg and yanks him face-first into the top turnbuckle. Hatcher slips out from the corner and gets back to his feet. Hatcher caught charging in with an elbow to the face sending him reeling. Vengeance capitalizes with a body-slam on Hatcher who rolls to the ropes.

Hatcher tries to roll out of the ring, but Vengeance stays right on top of him. As Hatcher tries to roll out of the ring, Vengeance steps on his head pinning it to the mat. Hatcher is able to roll his body out to ringside, but is unable to pull his head from under Vengeance’s foot.

Zach Davis: Vengeance trying to pop Raymond Hatcher’s head like a balloon.

Freddy Whoa: There’s certainly enough hot air in there for that.

Vengeance finally lets his foot up and Hatcher collapses to the floor at ringside. Rob Livingston orders Vengeance to back away from the ropes as he starts his count.

Rob Livingston: One! Two!

Zach Davis: Hatcher has had little to no offense so far in this match, it’s been all Vengeance.

Rob Livingston: Three!

Vengeance climbs out to ringside as Raymond Hatcher struggles to get back to his feet. Vengeance shoves Hatcher back-first into the guardrail knocking the railing back into the front row.

Freddy Whoa: These two men getting up close and personal with the WCF fans.

Vengeance repeatedly thrusts his shoulder into Hatcher’s mid-section ramming his back into the railing.

Rob Livingston: One! Two! Three!

Vengeance drags Hatcher back into the ring and hits him with a belly-to-belly suplex, a cover.



Hatcher kicks out.

Freddy Whoa: A belly-to-belly followed by only a two count.

Vengeance sits back on his knees and begins to the choke Hatcher on the mat.

Rob Livingston: One! Two! Three!

Vengeance lets go of Hatcher’s throat before pulling him to his feet. Vengeance grabs Hatcher’s throat with both hands and lifts him up above his head before tossing him backwards into a corner.

Freddy Whoa: Look at that display of power by Vengeance, lifting Hatcher clean of his feet and just tossing him around without care.

Vengeance starts nailing Hatcher with viscous knife-edge chops to the chest. Hatcher takes about five chops before fighting back with a big forearm to the side of the head. Vengeance is dazed and Hatcher throws Vengeance into the very same corner before following up with five well placed chops of his own. Vengeance fights back with a big chop of his own, Hatcher fires back with a chop, the two men start exchanging chop for chop.

Zach Davis: And here’s the battle of the chops.

Freddy Whoa: These are two of the hardest choppers you’ll see..

The two men’s chest are turning purple as they continue to battle. Hatcher breaks up the fight with a kick to the gut and then Irish whips Vengeance across to the opposite turnbuckle, but Vengeance reverses and sends Hatcher chest-first to the buckle. Hatcher stumbles backwards out of the corner and Vengeance goes for a belly-to-back suplex, but Hatcher rolls out behind Vengeance, German suplex on Vengeance.

Zach Davis: Finally we see some real bit of offence, by Raymond Hatcher.

Vengeance while very groggy stumbles up to his feet, Raymond catches Vengeance with a kick to the gut, followed by a butterfly suplex, Hatcher hooks a leg for the cover.



Vengeance kicks out.

Zach Davis: Vengeance kicking out just after the two.

Hatcher mounts Vengeance and starts laying in viscous forearms to the face.

Zach Davis: Now you can see the aggressive side of Hatcher coming to light.

Gravedigger: This has been a very aggressive showing by both men thus far.

Hatcher pulls Vengeance to his feet and drops him with a back-breaker. Vengeance rolls onto his stomach leaving his back open for Hatcher to drop a series of elbows.

Zach Davis: Hatcher targeting Vengeance’s back here.

Gravedigger: Softening him up for the Improvement-Plex.

Hatcher lays the boots into Vengeances back as he crawls to the ropes. Vengeance starts pulling himself to his feet and Hatcher helps him up by the back of his hair. Hatcher nails Vengeance with a stiff European uppercut and Vengeance stumbles back into a corner. Hatcher starts laying the boots into Vengeance’s mid-section. Hatcher grabs Vengeance by the hair and then rams him head-first into the top turnbuckle. Vengeance stumbles out of the corner using the top rope to keep him up. Hatcher grabs Vengeance and shoots him across the ring to the opposite ropes. Vengeance comes off and Hatcher goes for a back-elbow smash, but Vengeance ducks under and heads for the other ropes. A spear by from Vengeance takes out Hatcher.

Zach Davis: And Vengeance with a big time spear on The Real Deal.

Vengeance covers Hatcher and Livingston drops down for the count.



Hatcher kicks out.

Freddy Whoa: Not quite enough to put Hatcher away.

Vengeance gets back to his feet and starts pulling Hatcher up. Vengeance is caught by a thumb to the eye. Hatcher follows up by whipping Vengeance to the ropes, Vengeance comes off the ropes and catches a rough knee to the gut sending him down to the mat. Hatcher immediately drops to the mat with a big knee drop to the face.

Zach Davis: It takes a thumb to the eye for Hatcher to regain the momentum in this match.

Hatcher hooks Vengeance in a rear chin-lock burying his knee into Vengeance’s back.

Freddy Whoa: Now this is exactly what Hatcher wants to do, keep Vengeance on the mat.

Vengeance eventually fights out of the chin-lock and back to his feet. The two men trade blows, Hatcher with forearms, Vengeance with fists. Vengeance gets the upper hand and whips Hatcher to the ropes. Hatcher comes off the ropes and gets backdropped. Hatcher gets back to his feet and walks into right into a big boot.

Zach Davis: Hatcher getting knocked silly by that big boot.

Hatcher crawls over to a corner and pulls himself to his feet. Vengeance starts pelting Hatcher with chops in the corner. Vengeance whips Hatcher to the opposite corner, Hatcher bounces off the turnbuckle and Vengeance takes him down to the mat with a scoop slam.

Zach Davis: Vengeance taking Hatcher down with a scoop slam to the delight of this sold out crowd.

Hatcher climbs to his feet and Vengeance grabs a hold of Hatcher’s left hand before clubbing at his left shoulder right where the tape in marking it. Vengeance twist Hatcher’s arm around and then yanks down hard knocking Hatcher to his knees. Hatcher steps back to his feet, but Vengeance brings him back to his knees again. Vengeance places Hatcher’s arms on the mat and then stomps down the back of his shoulder.

Zach Davis: You can see Vengeance now targeting Hatcher’s injured shoulder.

Freddy Whoa: The tape on the arm works almost like a bullseye.

Vengeance grabs a hold of Hatcher’s wrist and pulls him to his feet. Hatcher fights back with a forearm to the face breaking Vengeance’s grip. Hatcher follows up by quickly shoving Vengeance through the ropes to ringside.

Zach Davis: Momentum swings in Hatcher’s favor as he heads out onto the apron looking for that patent clothesline.

Hatcher stands on the apron winding up his injured arm waiting for Vengeance to get to his feet. Hatcher charges across the apron and takes Vengeance out with a clothesline.

Freddy Whoa: Hatcher nearly took Vengeance’s head off.

Rob Livingston: One!

Zach Davis: I wonder what kind of damage that did to Hatcher’s already injured shoulder.

Rob Livingston: Two! Three!

Hatcher pulls himself to his feet, he’s nursing the left shoulder a bit.

Rob Livingston: Four! Five!

Hatcher rolls back into the ring. Vengeance is just starting to stir.

Rob Livingston: Six!

Hatcher heads over to and starts fumbling with the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: What is Hatcher doing here?

Freddy Whoa: It looks like he’s trying to remove the turnbuckle pad.

Rob Livingston: Seven!

Zach Davis: Rob Livingston is completely distracted administering the count.

Rob Livingston: Eight!

Hatcher peels the turnbuckle pad off and tosses it out of the ring just as Vengeance crawls into the ring. Hatcher goes immediately on the attack, he pulls Vengeance to his feet and lays in a big European uppercut, Vengeance stumbles back to the ropes, Hatcher pulls Vengeance back I and lays in a another one, this takes Vengeance down to one knee. Hatcher pulls Vengeance back in and hits a big T-bone suplex. Vengeance is groggy, but still stumbles back to his feet and Hatcher takes him down with northern lights suplex bridging into a cover.



Vengeance kicks out. Hatcher slaps the mat in a moment of frustration before pulling Vengeance back to his feet, Hatcher lays some chops in on Vengeance before whipping him hard to the exposed turnbuckle, but Vengeance reverses and pulls Hatcher in for a short-armed clothesline.

Gravedigger: Hatcher went to use that exposed turnbuckle, but Vengeance was able to counter it.

Hatcher gets back to his feet and Vengeance lifts him up onto his shoulder then drops him to his knee with a shoulder breaker.

Zach Davis: And Vengeance is right back to targeting the shoulder.

Vengeance pulls Hatcher back to his feet and then slams him down with an arm capture scoop slam.

Freddy Whoa: Vengeance slamming all of Hatcher’s body weight right onto the arm.

Hatcher crawls over to the ropes and pulls himself to his feet. Vengeance comes after Hatcher wrapping his arm around the ring rope and pulling it taught. The referee calls for a break.

Rob Livingston: One! Two! Three! Four!

Vengeance lets go of the arm and Hatcher stumbles to a corner. Vengeance charges in with a shoulder thrust to Hatcher’s mid-section. Vengeance nails Hatcher with a few more shoulder thrust before lifting Hatcher up to the top turnbuckle. Vengeance steps up to the second rope, but Hatcher fights back with a headbutts knocking Vengeance to the mat.

Zach Davis: Vengeance was caught off guard by those headbutts.

Vengeance climbs back to his feet and catches a missile drop kick right to the face.

Freddy Whoa: Hatcher coming off the top with that drop kick.

Hatcher quickly covers Vengeance, Livingston makes the count.



Vengeance kicks out and Hatcher rolls him right up into an STF!

Freddy Whoa: Raymond Hatcher with the STF on Vengeance.

Gravedigger: Is he gonna tap?

Hatcher wrenches back on the STF, Rob Livingston keeps asking if Vengeance taps but is left with grunts and goans instead of words. Vengeance starts trying to crawl to the ropes.

Zach Davis: Vengeance has a long way to go if he wants to get to those ropes.

Hatcher keeps wrenching on the STF, but Vengeance won’t tap. Hatcher releases the hold and pulls Vengeance to his feet before hooking him in a front face-lock.

Freddy Whoa: It looks like Hatcher might be going for the Brain Buster.

Zach Davis: It’s all over if he hits this, Freddy.

Hatcher lifts Vengeance up, but Vengeance breaks free clubbing Hatcher with rights to the face, Hatcher fights back with a European uppercut. Vengeance nails Hatcher with a boot to the gut and LIGHTS OUT!

Gravedigger: Hatcher getting dropped by that double-arm DDT.

Zach Davis: Vengeance could have this right here.

Vengeance makes the cover.



Hatcher kicks out.

Freddy Whoa: Raymond Hatcher just barely able to kick out after the Lights Out DDT.

Vengeance takes a few moments to get to his feet. Hatcher is groggy so Vengeance helps him to his feet before shoving his Hatcher’s head between his legs. The crowd starts to stir.

Zach Davis: Could Vengeance be going for the Last Rights?

Freddy Whoa: I don’t think Hatcher will be getting up after this.

Vengeance lifts Hatcher up into the air, but Hatcher rolls out behind Vengeance and tries to take him down with a sunrise roll-up. Vengeance stays on his feet and then tries to stomp on Hatcher’s face. Hatcher slips out in time and hooks Vengeance in a half nelson and lifts him up into a backbreaker.

Zach Davis: And the momentum is this match has just swung in Hatcher’s favor.

Hatcher takes a moment to catch his breath before heading to the top rope.

Gravedigger: Hatcher is looking to fly.

Freddy Whoa: He might be going for that diving headbutt he calls the Nowhere To Go But Up.

Hatcher leaps off the top with his flying headbutt. Vengeance rolls out of the way at the last second and Hatcher eats canvas.

Freddy Whoa: Vengeance saving himself at the last possible moment.

The two men lay motionless on the mat.

Rob Livingston: One! Two! Three!

Zach Davis: Rob Livingston laying in the double count.

Rob Livingston: Four! Five! Six!

Freddy Whoa: It would really be a shame to see this match end in a double count out.

Gravedigger: It could happen.

Rob Livingston: Seven!

Vengeance starts to climb to his, Hatcher isn’t far behind.

Rob Livingston: Eight! Nine!

Vengeance breaks the count first and gets to his feet before Hatcher. Vengeance charges, but Hatcher catches Vengeance with a roaring elbow and the GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB!

Freddy Whoa: Hatcher has him here.

Hatcher rolls Vengeance onto his shoulders, Rob Livingston drops down for the count.



Gravedigger: That’s it!

NOOO! Vengeance reverses the cover into the SOUND OF SILENCE!

Zach Davis: Vengeance counters into that devastating triangle choke.

Freddy Whoa: He calls this the Sound Of Silence, and it just might be enough to silence Raymond Hatcher right here.

Hatcher is fighting desperately in the submission hold, Vengeance’s massive legs are cutting off the blood flow to the brain.

Zach Davis: There is nowhere for Hatcher to go now, he’s helplessly trapped in the center of the ring.

Hatcher keeps fighting the hold, but it’s clear he’s starting to fade. His arms go limp.

Freddy Whoa: It looks like Hatcher may be out.

Livingston lifts up Hatcher right hand and watches it drop, Livingston lifts the hand again and watches it drop once more. Now Livingston lifts the hand a third time.

Zach Davis: If the hand drops one more time Vengeance has it.

Livingston lets the hand go.

It stays up!

Gravedigger: Hatcher is still in this thing.

Hatcher starts fighting back again. Hatcher forcing himself forward bending Vengeance’s knees towards his own face. Hatcher gets close enough that he starts headbutting Vengeance in the face.

Freddy Whoa: What a unique way to fight this hold.

Hatcher keeps headbutting Vengeance, we can see blood start to flow from both men.

Zach Davis: This is barbaric.

Hatcher is still frantically headbutting Vengeance and it’s really start to take its toll until Vengeance claps tight onto the triangle choke, we see Hatcher’s body go limp again. The ref lifts the hand, it drops, and again, it drops, the third time.

It drops! The bell rings and Vengeance body goes limp on the mat as he releases the hold.

Zach Davis: And it’s all over. In the hardest fought battle we’ve seen here tonight Vengeance walks out the new number one contender to the US Title.

Kyle Steel: Your winner of the match, and new number one contender to the United States Championship…Vengeance!

Vengeance slowly climbs to his feet and holds his fist in the air as we hear “The Vengeful One” by Disturbed ring out through the arena.

Cruiserweight Title Match
K.L. Henson vs Mr. Holden

Kyle Steel: This next match is for the CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first! Coming to the ring weighing in at 215 pounds, Mr. HOOOOOLDEN!

Arena's lights start to flicker and dim until they are producing a faded yellow light that is associated with a old light bulb. Four Rustic Horses begins to Play as Mr. Holden walks out. The lights flicker as he makes his way to the ring. Mr. Holden walks down to the ring unphased by the crowd of the size of the moment. The emotionless man slides into the ring under the bottom rope and waits.

"Grove Walker" by FLOOR BABA blasts over the PA Systems.

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring, weighing in at 200 pounds, K! L! HENSOOOOON!

Henson steps out from behind the curtain but dressed in his attire of red suspenders, white button up shirt and navy blue dress pants with mic in hand. The crowd boos as he lifts the mic to his lips.

K. L. Henson: Now, I ask, what kind of match is this? To have my own pupil face myself, his mentor. I mean, there will be a time and a place for us to battle, to show me that I have trusted the right man to give all my knowledge to. But today is not that day and especially not over gold! My team will not be split up so easily! So, instead of facing me, I have chosen a new opponent for my pupil, to have him prove he is more than worth to named Mr. Holden! The World Champion of Cruiserweights! Let's bring him out, shall we?

Henson steps aside, as we wait for the contender who takes an awkward amount of time..."She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby plays over the P.A. System. Out comes a scrawny looking man with wild Beakman-esque hair.

Zach Davis: Why, that's Dr. Theodore Science! You gotta be kidding me! This is a joke!

Gravedigger: What are you talking about, Zach? He is a man of science! He can beat anyone he wanted to with his mental superiority!

Henson claps as the doctor makes his way into the ring where Mr. Holden instantly starts stomping on him as the bell rings. He picks the doctor up and elbows him violently in the face before throwing him to the ropes. On the rebound, Mr. Holden catches Theodore and throws him over with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Henson yells to Mr. Holden with encouragement as the pupil forces Doctor Science up by his hair before kicking him in the gut and throwing him with a gut wrench suplex.

Zach Davis: Mr. Holden showing no mercy to his opponent as he throws him around the ring.

Mr. Holden kicks his opponent in the gut repeatedly before once again picking him up onto his feet...

Zach Davis: There it is! Mr. Holden hits Dr. Science with Anarchy!

Mr. Holden goes for the cover.




Henson jumps for joy for his pupil's victory and rushes over as the ref goes to grab the belt before intercepting it and rolling it in the ring before tossing it over Mr. Holden's shoulder as he raises his arm in victory!

K. L. Henson: Your NEW! World Champion of Cruiserweights! Mr. Holden!

The crowd roared with jeers as Henson patted Mr. Holden on the back and the exit ring then walk past the curtain.

Doc Henry's Retirement Match
Adam Young vs Doc Henry

Zach Davis: We have quite a lot of "last time" matches tonight. This will be the last time we'll see either Corey Black or Jonny Fly in a Wrestling Championship Federation ring. This could be the last time we see Jayson Price compete for the WCF World Title.

Freddy Whoa: And it is the last time we'll see Doc Henry. This is Doc Henry's retirement match.

Gravedigger: I can't imagine a more suitable opponent than Adam Young. These are two sides to the same coin in a lot of ways. We've seen the Big Time Jerks battle the New Confederacy. We've seen both Young and Henry battle Corey Black. One is a southern gentlemen, the other is a redneck warrior. Here we go.

Child's Voice: He is One Sick Bastard!

Crowd: You're a sick Bastard!

The arena goes pitch black. Short bursts of green, white, and orange strobe lights flash multiple times and then stop. A single green light hits the entrance filtering threw the smoke "Perfect Stranger" by Deep Purple starts playing and the jumbotron reads "One Sick Bastard". Out steps Adam Young and Myra. Myra rubs her right hand on Adam's chest and then starts towards the ring. Adam takes his gas mask off his head and drops it. He wipes his mouth and then stares into the ring. Myra motions for him to come to her as she stands on the ring apron. Adam slowly makes his way to the ring.

Crowd: You're a sick bastard!

Adam smirks as he climbs up onto the ring apron. Myra holds the ropes open for him as he wipes his feet before kissing her on the lips. Adam slides into the ring and throws he's t-shirt into the face of the ring announcer.


Adam Young paces around before Dr. Feelgood hits the speakers!

Zach Davis: Listen to this ovation for Doc Henry!

As the main riff blasts through the arena, Doc Henry emerges onto the stage. Looking around, he raises his fists in the air, the crowd cheering wildly as he then leads the way to the ring. Climbing up the steps, he hops the turnbuckle and 'gets loose' awaiting the bell.

Kyle Steel: This match is DOC HENRY'S RETIREMENT MATCH!

The crowd applauds him.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first-

Adam Young runs straight into Doc Henry, who wasn't expecting the sneak attack! Young crushes him into the turnbuckle with a vicious Clothesline before beginning to stomp a mudhole in him. The crowd boos as Kyle Steel escapes and the ref calls for the bell.

Gravedigger: We may be viewing this as "Doc Henry's retirement match," but to Adam Young, this is just another chance to make a name for himself.

Young steps away after laying the boots to Henry and lets the crowd's booes rain over him. He runs towards Henry again but this time Henry grabs the top rope, sending Young flying over them and spilling to the outside. Young stumbles up and Henry dives through the ropes!

Zach Davis: DIVING SPEAR TO THE OUTSIDE! Suicide Spear!

As the two bodies collide Young is flung back into the guardrail. Henry gets back to his feet and gives Young a quick uppercut, which practically takes Young out of his boots. Henry runs at Young now, but Young reverses it into a Back Bodydrop, sending Henry flying into the first row!

Freddy Whoa: I'd say that the ref has lost control of this match, but I don't know if he ever really had any.

Young climbs over the top rope and into the fans, who boo him mercilessly. Henry has climbed to his feet and Young hits him with a vicious forearm once, twice, thrice... As some fans have moved out of their seats, Young tosses Henry into the chairs, which Henry crashes into. Young lifts a chair up and smacks Henry right in the head with it!

Gravedigger: I'm receiving word that this match has officially been declared a No Disqualification match. No one wants to see a retirement match end in a DQ!

Young throws the chair down and then picks Henry up. Young grasps him..

Zach Davis: Adam Young is going to DDT Doc Henry onto a steel chair!

No!, Henry elbows his way out of it! Young takes a wild swing, which Henry ducks. Henry grabs Young now and executes a Neckbreaker!, crashing Young down onto the chair!

Freddy Whoa: OOF! Adam Young gets a taste of his own medicine!

Young rolls away from the chair, holding his neck in pain. Henry lifts him up and hits a series of strikes, pushing Young towards the guardrail. As Young leans against it, Henry runs at him and Clotheslines him over it!, sending Young back into the ringside area. Henry looks around at the crowd for a few moments, who cheer him on.


Henry grins.

Zach Davis: Uh.. we apologize to the fans at home for that.

Gravedigger: We have a Volcano Match later on, Zach, between Bobby Cairo and Zombie McMorris. If the audience can't handle the word cock, this isn't the pay per view for them.

Henry climbs back into the ringside area now as well. Young has fought his way to a vertical base, and Henry irish whips him right into a nearby set of steel chairs - no!, Young reverses the irish whip attempt, sending Henry crashing instead.

Freddy Whoa: A sickening thud.. The added no disqualification nature of this match really raises the stakes. This could end up going from Doc Henry's Retirement Match to the match that leaves him disabled for the rest of his life.

Henry fights up but he's caught as Adam Young runs at him, hitting a Running DDT!, spiking Henry's head into the cold, hard cement. The fans "oooooooooh" as his skull makes contact. Young lifts Henry up, who appears to be dead weight, and rolls him into the ring.

Zach Davis: This match is finally back in the ring, but.... Henry looks like he's out. That was sick.

Young covers Henry, hooking the leg.



NO!, Henry gets the shoulder up!

Gravedigger: This is his last match, Zach! Doc Henry is one of the most prideful stars in the WCF, he's not going down without a fight!

Young quickly transitions into a Camel Clutch.

Freddy Whoa: Adam Young is just as dangerous on the mat as he is in a brawl, guys. He can do it all.

Henry's face contorts in pain as Young cranks on the hold. The ref asks Henry if he wants to quit, but of course, he does not. The crowd begins to chant.


Henry feeds off of the crowd and slowly, somehow, begins working his way up! Young holds onto him but Henry is able to get to a vertical base, Young clutching him from behind. Henry rams himself backwards, right into a corner, squashing Young into it and forcing him to release the hold. Henry quickly turns and runs at Young, but Young gets the boot up, sending Henry reeling. Young, in a daze, stumbles forward and grabs Henry, dropping him with a Reverse DDT before going for another pin.



No!, another kickout.

Zach Davis: Not quite able to put Henry away yet!, but that Reverse DDT jarred Henry's brains, that's for sure.

Young begins climbing to the top rope.

Gravedigger: As you referenced earlier, Henry is a brawler AND a technician... but he's also a high flyer. He can do it all, and he's going to show us why right now.

Young gets to the top as Henry has stumbled up... Henry turns, in a daze, as Young flies off the top..

Freddy Whoa: Diving Crossbody!

No!, Henry is able to kick Young in the gut as he flies down! Young stumbles up and Henry pulls him in.

Zach Davis: PEDIGREE!

No!, Young reverses it with a Back Bodydrop! Henry stumbles up and Young runs at him, but Henry is able to catch him -

Freddy Whoa: GAMBLER'S HAND!

NO!, Young has it scouted and elbows his way out of it!

Gravedigger: Adam Young just escaped a Pedigree and a Rock Bottom, he could've been a hell of a World Champion back in '99!

With Henry dazed from the elbows Young grapples him.... and hits a Rock Bottom of his own!

Zach Davis: YOUNG JUST HIT DOC HENRY WITH HIS OWN GAMBLER'S HAND! He's going to retire Doc Henry with his own damn move!

Young drops down onto Henry and pins him yet again.



NO!, Henry gets a foot on the ropes!

Freddy Whoa: This match was one second away from being over if it wasn't for Doc Henry's veteran instincts kicking in!

Young angrily pulls Henry towards a corner. He has him positioned...


Nope, Henry gets the knees up and Young crashes into them. Young rolls off and Henry clutches at the ropes, using them to get to his feet. Young is back up though and measures Henry as he turns-


No!, caught by Henry! Henry spins Young around and hits the Gambler's Hand!

Zach Davis: DOC HENRY WITH A GAMBLER'S HAND OF HIS OWN! He finally hits it!

Henry drops down onto Adam Young and pins him!

Crowd: ONE!

Crowd: TWO!

Crowd: THREE!

NO!, Adam Young kicks out! The fans boo.

Gravedigger: Everyone thought he had it there!... except me. Adam Young has been preparing for this match since he first battled Doc Henry. He's been preparing to end Doc Henry's career forever, one way or another.

Henry backs off and uses a few moments to catch his breath while Young slowly climbs to his feet. Once Young is up Henry hits him with a Spinning Heel Kick which sends Young reeling but doesn't take him down. Henry grapples Young from behind and executes a German Suplex!

Freddy Whoa: Doc Henry keeps the German hooked, he brings Adam back up...

BOOM!, another Suplex. All life looks like it has been Suplexed out of Adam Young's eyes. Henry lifts him once more...

Zach Davis: Adam Young lands on his feet!

Young lands on his feet behind Henry. He spins him around...


Adam Young pins Doc Henry one last time.





Young rolls away and NOW he's pissed. He pounds his fists on the mat after the failed pin attempt. After a few moments he rolls out of the ring and grabs something out from under it.

Zach Davis: Adam Young has kicked his shoe off... Wait! He's putting on a spiked golf shoe!

Gravedigger: We've seen him use this before, Zach, he's going to go for the Redneck Superkick. He's going to kick Henry's face in with that shoe.

Young slides back inside as Henry gets up, running on instinct alone. Henry turns.... Young fires off his Redneck Superkick!

Freddy Whoa: NO! Henry ducks it!, he lifts Young up and crotches him on the ropes! Henry looks like he has one last ounce of strength...

Henry runs to the adjacent rope, Springboards, and executes the Southern Aggression!

Zach Davis: WOW! We've never seen Doc Henry hit the move quite like that before! Even in his final match, Doc Henry is busting out something new!

Gravedigger: And now he's going for a classic. He's climbing to the top....

Doc Henry looks down at Adam Young.

Freddy Whoa: ALL IN!

Henry lands picture perfect on Adam Young.





Henry rolls off of Young, who rolls out of the ring. Henry gets to his feet as the crowd applauds him.


Freddy Whoa: Somewhere... or sometime?... Johnny Reb is watching his former Tag Team partner and arch nemesis. What a run.

Doc Henry has tears in his eyes as he climbs to the top turnbuckle one last time, waving to the audience, trying to maintain his composure.

Gravedigger: What a match. These two men left it all in the ring, these two men that know each other SO well. They both gave it their all, but at the end of the day, Doc Henry can walk out of here with his head held high.

Andre Jenson vs Kyle Kemp

“Better Than You” by Sam Adams begins to play over the speakers and Kyle Kemp walks out onto the stage with a cocky smile on his face. He is wearing a black Under Armour sleeveless t-shirt, black shorts and red and black Nike shoes. He struts down the ramp as the fans jeer at him. He laughs and mocks those that are on in the first row.

Zach Davis: A pretty standard response for Kyle Kemp!

Gravedigger: Who cares what these people think? Kemp obviously doesn’t.

Kemp slides into the ring and walks over to a turnbuckle and leans on it, dismissing the crowd with his hand.

A deep voice booms from the PA system "In the world of the fantasy land of Kem begot a new type of warrior, one which was created from the fires of the star Elume and forged in the great battles of the third age. A warrior so daring and so brave that King Dennis the maker himself would try to destroy him and fail. This man is more than man, he is legend"

Big Blue Dress by Cranius begins to play as mist slowly rolls up the entrance ramp while Andre Jenson appears from behind the curtain. Andre looks around to the crowd with a huge smile, waving to both the left and right side of the ramp. He then puts his hand up and goes back to fetch his magnificent horse!

His horse is one of those stage broom gallopers, he starts "riding" the horse to the ring after insisting a stage hand follows him, bashing two halves of a coconut together.

He enters the ring after looking underneath it, then he finds what he's looking for, a small money pouch before rolling under the bottom rope. When in the ring he takes a few dice from the pouch and rolls them. Kemp suddenly runs up and kicks the dice as they are still rolling, scattering them across the ring. He points and laughs at Jensen who looks at him incredulously.

Zach Davis: The disrespect of Kyle Kemp!

Freddy Whoa: It’s unbelievable how no one has put him in his place.

Gravedigger: He is in his place. At the top, looking down at people like you.

Kemp continues to laugh but is shut up as Jensen slaps him across the face, causing him to take a few steps back as the referee rings the bell. Jensen runs at Kemp who ducks a clothesline attempt but Jensen stops, turns and hits Kemp with a right hand as he turns around. Jensen continues with three more rights, Kemp backing up with each punch until he is on the ropes. Jensen hits him with a clothesline, knocking Kemp out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Jensen doesn’t look like the pushover Kemp has made him out to be.

Kemp stands up on the outside and begins to throw a temper tantrum. He kicks the barrier behind him and begins to point at Jensen, yelling obscenities. Kemp works himself into a frenzy before quickly sliding into the ring and charging at Jensen who ducks a shot from Kemp and runs to the ropes. Jensen rebounds off just as Kemp does the same on the other end. Both come flying back towards the center where Jensen hits Kemp with a spinning heel kick. Kemp hits the ground with a thud as Jesen covers him.


Zach Davis: Kemp kicks out!

Jensen quickly scrambles to his feet, dragging Kemp up with him. He throws him into the turnbuckle. Jensen charges towards Kemp who alertly ducks a clothesline shot, allowing Jensen to slam his chest into the turnbuckle. Kemp grabs him and hits him with a German Suplex, Jensen hitting his head on the ground. Kemp takes a second to breathe, sitting up and laughing to the crowd.

Freddy Whoa: Kemp is so cocky. Did he forget he was getting pummeled just a second ago?

Kemp mounts Jensen, hitting him with a few right hands, snapping Jensen’s head back with each blow. Kemp puts Jensen in a headlock and attempts to wrench his head and neck around. The crowd begins to cheer for Jensen with Kemp screaming at them to shut up. Jensen forces Kemp to his feet before hitting him with an elbow in the stomach. Suddenly Jensen rolls his body so he is now behind Kemp and rolls him up from behind.


Zach Davis: Kemp kicks out!

Kemp is on his knees after kicking out as Jensen attempts a side kick to his head. Kemp ducks and rolls his body, sticking his leg out and kicking Jensen in his plant leg. Jensens leg buckles and Kemp hops up and hits Jensen with a dropkick, another blow to the head. Jensen hits the ground and Kemp quickly picks him back up only to drop him back down with a belly to belly suplex.

Gravedigger: Kemp is showing Jensen why nerds always finish last!

Kemp stands up and begins to taunt the crowd. Jensen stirs behind him but Kemp turns and hits him with a kick to the midsection. Jensen writhes in pain before Kemp picks him up and tosses him out of the ring. Kemp slides out of the ring and grabs Jensen by the hair. He lifts Jensen onto his shoulder, looking to drop him on the barrier.

Zach Davis: They need to get back in the ring!

However Jensen hits Kemp with an elbow in the side of the head and that distraction allows him to squirm out of Kemps grasp. He hits Kemp with a forearm to the face and whips him into the ring steps at ringside. He qucikly grabs Kemp and slides him back into the ring. Kemp slowly stands up, dazed as Jensen climbs onto the ring apron. Jensen hops up and attemtps to hit Kemp with a springboard forearm but Kemp ducks. It just so happens that the referee is behind Kemp and they collide.

Gravedigger: What an idiot?! Why doesn’t he look where he is going!? That should be a disqualification on Jensen!

Zach Davis: It was an accident!

Kemp and Jensen both stand up quickly and charge at one another. Jensen goes for the Critical Hit but Kemp slides underneath him. Jensen turns around and gets hit with a low blow by Kemp. He drops down to his knees and Kemp mocks him before running to the ropes before bouncing off and hitting Jensen with a Back to the Minors on the rebound.

Zach Davis: Kemp has no class!

Kemp goes for the pin just as the referee begins to stir.




Zach Davis: Kemp is victorious here tonight!

Freddy Whoa: Not without controversy though!

Gravedigger: Who cares? It’s all about winning!

“Better Than You” begins to play once more as Kemp stands and demands that the referee raises his hand. Kemp smiles and walks over to the ropes, asking for a microphone.

Kyle Kemp: I told you that nerds will never be better than me! All of you that doubted me need to remember one thing…..I’m Kyle Kemp and I’m better than you!

Kemp drops the mic with a smile. He laughs at Jensen who is being attended to by the referee as the camera fades out.

Katherine Phoenix vs Oblivion

Zach Davis: Alright, the participants in this next match have been at each others throat for awhile now.

Freddy Whoa: The Monster, even televised a rape against Katherine Phoenix!!

Gravedigger: Which was fantastic!! That bitch deserved everything she got!! I hope that monster smashing ger damn head in!!

Zach Davis: You're supposed impartial!!

Gravedigger: Forget that!! We have an opportunity to see Oblivion destroy that annoying nuisance!! Once and for all!!

The house lights go down as colorful lights start flashing all around the arena. "Imaginary" by Evanescence begins to play. Katherine Phoenix appears at the top, of the entrance ramp, as six seven foot stuffed animal looking teddy bears slink out. Each bear is a different bright color.

Zach Davis: OHHHHH.... MYYYY... GOOOODDD!!!

Gravedigger: WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!!


A guitar riff echoes out and the seven foot teddy bears, along with Katherine Phoenix start to thrash.. The song slow down to an eerie tone. The bears twirls around as Katherine Phoenix walks down to the ring...

Kyle Steel: From Los Angeles, California... Weighing in at 134 pounds... THIS IS KATHEEEERINE PHEEEEEOOOONIIIX!!

Phoenix skips around the ring, passing the commentators, blowing Gravedigger a kiss. Gravedigger just flips her off.

Zach Davis: DIGGER!!

Katherine Phoenix just smiles as she gets near the ring steps....




Freddy Whoa: Oh my God!! I can... WE ALL can hear Katherine Phoenix shriek in horrific pain!!

Gravedigger: This match hasn't started and this is awesome already!!

Zach Davis: DIGGER!!

Katherine Phoenix proceeds to crawl out from under the ring, hair messed up, face battered.

Zach Davis: There's Katherine Phoenix, she's perfectly fin....

Katherine Phoenix: NOOOOOOOOOO!!

Katherine Phoenix dug her nails into the ringside mats, as she was dragged under the ring.

Zach Davis: We still haven't seen Oblivion, quite yet. We still don't know what's happening to Katherine Phoenix.

Gravedigger: Are you serious, The Monster is under the ring. Can't you hear that crazy bitch scream bloody murder?!


A cloud of red spray flies from under the ring. Katherine Phoenix crawls from under the ring, already bloodied, battered and bruised. Oblivion rushes from under the ring, grabbing Katherine...


Zach Davis: In simple desperation, Katherine Phoenix strikes Oblivion with a few string chops.


Freddy Whoa: Oblivion literally threw the diminutive Katherine Phoenix into the steel ring steps!!

Oblivion walks over to an already broken Katherine Phoenix...


Gravedigger: Katherine Phoenix grabbed Oblivion by IT's waist band and yanked The Monster into the ringsteps.

Freddy Whoa: This match hasn't even officially been started yet.

Zach Davis: They haven't made it inside the ring, yet.


Zach Davis: Now, this match is underway.

Phoenix steps on the ring steps...


Freddy Whoa: Two high knees to the gut, of The Monster!!



Oblivion stumbles back, as Katherine Phoenix climbs up to the top turnbuckle. By this time, the crowd is in a complete frenzy.

Zach Davis: As Katherine Phoenix perches from the top turnbuckle, blood drops from her head, in that unseen, pre-match attack.

Katherine screams a primal yell as she flies in the air, dropkicking Oblivion, causing The Monster to stumble back.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! Katherine Phoenix climbs up again, flying off the top turnbuckle...


Gravedigger: Oblivion just swatted that fly out of the sky. Just knocking Katherine Phoenix out of the way.

Oblivion picks up Katherine...


Oblivion whipped Phoenix into the padded security divider. The Monster picks up Phoenix...



Zach Davis: Oblivion just picked the smaller Katgerine Phoenix and ceremoniously tossed her back into the ring!!

Phoenix slowly gets, as Oblivion enters the ring.

Zach Davis: Katherine Phoenix flies towards Oblivion...


Freddy Whoa: A running kick to the skull of Oblivion!!



Zach Davis: Swinging neckbreaker!!

Freddy Whoa: Katherine Phoenix with a pin attempt!!

The crowd: ONE!!

The crowd: TW-....NOOOOO!!

Zach Davis: One and a half on Oblivion!

Both Oblivion and Katherine Phoenix stand up...


Freddy Whoa: Oblivion stomps the mid-section of Katherine Phoenix


Gravedigger: DIRTNAP!!

Oblivion nailed Katherine Phoenix with a double hooked ddt.
Zach Davis: Oblivion picks him Katherine Phoenix...


Gravedigger: YES!!

Zach Davis: Digger!!

Gravedigger: An excellent gutwrench powerbomb by The Monster.

Oblivion picks up Phoenix by her legs, wrapping a arm around her head and dropping her down with a ddt.

Zach Davis: Oblivion is up on the top turnbuckle.

The Monster flies...


Freddy Whoa: Oblivion misses with a elbowdrop.

Oblivion struggles to get to astable base...


Gravedigger: Dropkick by Katherine Phoenix!!

Oblivion stumbles back into the corner.


Zach Davis: Katherine Phoenix with a corner splash and The Monster collapses!!

Katherine Phoenix flies to the top turnbuckle...



Gravedigger: The Monster does the smart thing and rolls out of the ring!!

Katherine sees a perfect opportunity and bounces off the far end ringropes and dives, flies over the ringropes...




Gravedigger: The Dark Messiah just side slammed Katherine Phoenix on the ring apron.

Phoenix hits hard, but Oblivion quickly grabs her throwing her with a overhead duplex.

Freddy Whoa: Katherine hits hard and crawls a short distance to the entrance ramp!

Katherine slowly stands up as Oblivion charges....


Zach Davis: Katherine Phoenix with a spinning heel kick, knocking The Monster down.





Zach Davis: Stanley Moser calls for the bell!!


Freddy Whoa:Katherine Phoenix is going absolutely nuts with that metal chair, bashing it across the skull of Oblivion!!

Gravedigger: The Monster has been busted open!!


Oblivion smashes a chair across the skull of Katherine Phoenix.

Freddy Whoa: Blood is everywhere!! Stanley Moser, the WCF Senior Referee just told Kyle Steel the match is a no-contest double dq!!

Both combatants are in the center, of the entrance ramp. Katherine Phoenix barely on her knees bleeding profusely, as Oblivion walks towards her...



Gravedigger: WHAT A MINUTE!!

Zach Davis: Who is that running from the curtains?!?!

A woman, athletically build, standing 5'8", weighing 150 pounds come running...


Gravedigger: DAAAAMN!!! AAAAAHHHOOOOOOOGAAAAA!! That's that star.. Damn!! From that movie!!

Zach Davis: No!! You moron!! She's from that tv show!!

Freddy Whoa: She sure does have a Hollywood look and an absolute fine-ass body to die for!! DAMN!! I WOULD EAT OFF OF HER ASS FOR WEEKS!!

Gravedigger: YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!!


Both Gravedigger and Freddy Whoa smack right hands.


Zach Davis: Well, that gorgeous fine ass female just nailed Oblivion with a 2 x 4 with nails sticking out of it!!

Freddy Whoa: NO!! NO!! NOOOO!!

Oblivion slips off of the edge of the entrance ramp.

Zach Davis: After getting nailed in the head with that nailed 2x4, Katherine Phoenix just pushed The Monster off the entrance ramp!!


Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!!

Gravedigger:HOLY SHIT!!


Zach Davis: We WERE about to mention about this newcomer. Her name is Morrigana!! Fire and rescue ARE here!!

Gravedigger: This capacity crowd is on their feet!! Oblivion just got attacked by this newcomer Morrigana and allofasudden, Katherine Phoenix pushes Oblivion off the ramp and into the pyrotechnic pit.

Zach Davis: Katherine Phoenix and Morrigana have taken off!! The paramedics have removed Oblivion away from pyro pit and have placed The Mobster on a gurney.

Freddy Whoa: This just in. As we watch the paramedic push the gurney into the back of the ambulance. They are administering cpr. Oblivion received second and third degree burns on his body.

Zach Davis: We are getting word, that Oblivion is going to a nearby burn unit where he will be obsessed bed overnight.

Gravedigger: Those bitches!! Hey, look Oblivion and I have had our personal bloody wars!! But, nothing like this!! First Katherine Phoenix stabs The Monster and now this!! YES!! CONGRATULATION KATHERINE PHOENIX!! YOU CAN HURT THE MONSTER!! WHOOPIE FRIGIN' DOOO!! STUPID BITCH!! YOU MIGHT HAVE KILLED A MAN GREAT JOB, DUMBASS!!

Zach Davis looks at a camera....

Zach Davis: We'll be right back.

Television Title Match
Andre Holmes vs Dustin Beaver vs Stuart Slane

Zach Davis: Well folks, we continue on with all of the great action that we bring to you each and every week, and here at Fifteen the stakes couldn't be higher. It is now time for our Television Championship Match! This one looks like it should be something. It will be decided in a triple threat contest.

Gravedigger: And normally, triple threat matches do not favor the champion. Because they do not have to be part of the decision in order to lose the championship. It'll be interesting to see how that plays out with our current TV Champ, Stuart Slane.

Freddy Whoa: Andre Holmes looking to pick up championship gold, Dustin Beaver looking to recapture a championship he feels still belongs to him. In a match like this, it's hard to say how it will play out. I don't expect an easy task ahead however.

Gravedigger: Let's take it to Kyle Steel and get this one under way!

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a Triple Threat match, scheduled for one fall ... and it is for the WCF Television Championship!

Crowd cheers.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first ....

The opening sound effects of "Relentless" by New Years Day are heard, and the audience knows what they are in stored for. The moment the opening guitar riffs, and drums blast the introduction, the crowd erupts in a chorus of cheers for one of their most chiseled athletes in the ring. The lights dim to cover the arena in a blanket of darkness while the strobe lights waver around in a synchronized dance to the rhythm of the song. Andre Holmes walks out from the back with a great smile on his face, receiving all the praise he can get. His hazel eyes wanders to his loyal fans, and he is well dressed in his ring attire with a black vest zipped up with his name on it. He walks down the entrance path, and then stops when the lyrics says "Tear Me Down, It Won't Build You Up..."; Suddenly, he raises his arms in the air, and a parallel line of pyro shoot up at once behind him.

Kyle Steel: From Houston, Texas ...weighing in at two hundred and one pounds .... he is "Relentless" ANDRE HOLMES!!!

Afterwards, he continues his path down to ringside meeting a few fans on the way, and quickly hops onto the apron. Swooping through the ropes, he charges to the nearest corner and leaps to stand on the second rope singing out the chorus of the song with pride, and great fashion. Hopping down to the canvas, the lights return to brighten the faces of each member in the audience while Andre unzips his black vest and hands it to the ringside crew. After the music fades, he rests back in the corner preparing for his opponent while the crowd chants his name.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent ....

"Where Are U Now" hits, then a spotlight shines at the beginning of the entrance ramp, awaiting "The Beavs" to walk into it.

Kyle Steel: From Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds he is DUSTIN BEAVER!!

He enters the light, points to the crowd on the left and then to the crowd on the right. He then points with both hands at the opponent in the ring, he looks and walks straight ahead, scowling at the opponent.

Kyle Steel: And their opponent....

“Conquistador” by Procol Harum plays.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, hailing from Grant, Iowa, and weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds, he is the reigning and defending WCF Television Champion ... STUART SLANE!!!

Slane walks out from gorilla to a Conway Pop. All business and focused on Holmes and Beaver; he makes his way down the ramp and up the steps. After wiping his feet on the apron he then enters between the ropes. Moving to his corner, Slane loosens up by engaging in some old time calisthenics.

Zach Davis: This one is ready to get under way! Television Championship on the line!

The Referee calls for the bell. All three competitors circle one another. Stuart keeping his eyes on both men. Beaver makes the first move as he rushes in at Stuart. He answers his advance with a few stiff punches to the face. However, Andre Holmes also makes his move at this time and nails Stuart in the back of the head with a roundhouse kick. Stuart stumbles forward and Beaver capitalizes by planting him with a DDT. Holmes and Beaver share a brief staredown for a moment that ends with a shrug on the part of Holmes. The two of them cooperate as they bring Stuart to his feet and execute a double suplex, sending the current champ back down HARD to the canvas.

Gravedigger: This is excellent strategy. Wear down the champion and make him a non factor in this match up. If they keep the pressure on Slane, it makes it that much more difficult for him to retain here tonight.

Zach Davis: This is true. However, if they are successful, only one of them can walk out of here with the Television Championship. I don't think either of them are going to be willing to step aside for the other when it comes down to it.

Freddy Whoa: Strange alliances formed for the time being. Let's see if they can successfully take Stuart Slane out of the equation.

Holmes hauls Stuart back to his feet, holding him in place momentarily as Dustin Beaver measures him. Holmes shoves Slane off and he walks into a sitout jawbreaker courtesy of Beaver. Holmes isn't finished either as he follows up the offensive by Beaver with a belly to back suplex, sending Slane right back down to the canvas. Beaver wastes no time as he follows this right up with a rolling front flip legdrop. Stuart is dazed by the dual effort of his opponents.

Zach Davis: Well so far, this strategy is working. Stuart Slane has been unable to mount any sort of offense in this match. Andre Holmes and Dustin Beaver are operating as a unit for the time being. I must say a very effective way in ensuring that one of the two of them walks out of here as the new Television Champion. But will it last?

Gravedigger: I don't think there are any misgivings that Beaver and Holmes do not like each other. But they are co-existing for the moment with the same goal in mind--making sure that Stuart Slane doesn't walk out of here with that belt. When the time is right, someone will take their opening.

Beaver takes to the turnbuckle as Holmes keeps Stuart down with a few well placed kicks. Dustin dives from the top with a headbutt that connects HARD with Stuart's own skull.

Zach Davis: Slane is in major trouble!

Beaver almost immediately goes for the pinfall. Ref drops down for the count.



Andre Holmes YANKS Beaver away from the cover. Dustin rolls back to his feet immediately and the arguing ensues. Beaver demands that he wants to make the cover to which Holmes responds with a hard fist that staggers Beaver. Andre grabs hold of Dustin's arm and sends him into the ropes with an Irish whip. On the return Holmes launches Beaver up and over with a back body drop. But Dustin Beaver lands on his feet! As Holmes turns around he is met with a stinging snap kick that connects with his face.

Freddy Whoa: And here we go. The implosion has begun! I knew that wouldn't last very long.

Gravedigger: This is a mistake. They are allowing Slane time to regroup.

Holmes is stunned by the kick and Beaver follows up with a double arm DDT, putting Andre down to the mat now. The lightning quick star wastes no time as he leaps himself to the turnbuckle, launching off with a moonsault that conneccts on Holmes. Beaver hooks his leg and the ref again slides in for the count.




Holmes shoots a shoulder up.

Freddy Whoa: Almost over right there. Dustin Beaver was a half a second away from regaining the TV Championship!

Zach Davis: Holmes still in this thing, and you have to notice that so far, effectively Stuart Slane is not in this match up as of yet. The early onslaught by Holmes and Beaver have made this primarily a matchup between the two of them.

Gravedigger: But for how long? They should have done more damage.

Beaver back to his feet after the near fall and he measures Andre, who also gets back to his feet. Beaver with some stinging kicks to the chest and ribs of Holmes, backing him into the corner. Dustin Beaver attempts to position himself for he Bass Drop, but Holmes responds first with a NASTY headbutt and then another, catching Beaver off guard. He staggers back a few steps and Andre stays on the aggressive, sending a hard toe kick to his gut and doubling the former champion over. Holmes now with a sunset flip, holding Beaver in place as once again, the ref drops down for the count.




Beaver powers out of the attempt.

Zach Davis: And now a near fall on the part of Andre Holmes. Smart idea to try and end this early. Get it over with as quickly as possible.

Gravedigger: Exactly. Right now, this is bascially a one on one contest. If either of them can end it now, they won't have the odds of a triple threat match against them.

Holmes back to his feet, hauling Beaver up with him, however Dustin fires off with an enziguri that glosses Holmes' eyes over. He staggers forward a few steps and falls face first into the canvas. It takes a few brief moments, but Holmes starts shaking off the cobwebs and pushes himself up slightly with his hands. Dustin Beaver bounces off of the ropes for a baseball slide dropkick to his face, but just as he comes off the ropes, he is BLASTED down to the canvas himself.

Zach Davis: Clothesline by Stuart Slane! He looks focused as ever!

Gravedigger: They wasted too much time fighting each other. They should have just kept on him.

Freddy Whoa: It is a triple threat match once again and things have just picked up.

Beaver stumbles back to his feet after the unexpected clothesline and he is lifted up for a belly to belly suplex courtesy of Slane that crashes him down on the mat and he rolls toward the apron. Holmes has now made it back to his feet and he sends a clubbing forearm across Stuart's back. He repeats this about five more times. Finally, he grabs hold of him pulling him into powerbomb position as he glances over the crowd nodding his head.


Gravedigger: Or not...

Stuart pops up and shoves him off and instead sends a sharp kick to his gut. with the separation between them now, Slane blasts off into a spear, and now finishes it off with a lifting one arm spinebuster.

Freddy Whoa: RUNAWAY SLANE! And that DID connect!

Ref slides into position.




Holmes again shoots a shoulder up.

Zach Davis: Andre Holmes managing to kick out before three. Could have been over right thise.

Freddy Whoa: The intensity of this contest is boiling over. I don't know what to think.

Stuart back to his feet, begging Holmes to get back up. Holmes is slow to his feet but manages. Meanwhile, Dustin Beaver had gotten himself back up from the apron and has perched himself on the top turnbuckle. He waits for the right moment and he jumps off, aiming at Stuart for a Missile Drop Kick. Though Slane manages to see him from the corner of his eye and he ducks out of the way. Dustin Beaver CONNECTS with Andre Holmes instead, sending him down HARD! Dustin Beaver turns around and is met with a kick to his gut courtesy of Stuart Slane, who hauls him up for THE SLANE SLAM. Beaver's head bounces off of the canvas and he rolls to the outside of the ring!

Zach Davis: Holy crap! Holmes is down, Beaver just got introduced to the canvas HARD. Wow!

Gravedigger: Holmes is in a WORLD of trouble now!

With Holmes down and out of it, Stuart drags him toward the center of the ring. He locks up his legs and turns him back for the inverted cloverleaf, even going so far as to lock the body scissors on! Holmes immediately screams out in agony, fighting the searing pain.

Zach Davis: KNOTTED UP! He has it locked in and Holmes has nowhise to go!

Gravedigger: If he was out of it from that missile drop kick, this certainly woke him right back up. He might have preferred being unconscious.

Holmes struggles to find an escape as Stuart wrenches the hold tightly. He applies more presssure as he tightens the body scissors and wrenches back the cloverleaf to an INSANE angle. Ref asks him if he wants to submit. Holmes screams out but refuses, fighting it with everything he could muster up.

Zach Davis: Holmes fighting through the pain. He's got to make it to the ropes but there is nowhere for him to go.

Gravedigger: He needs to just tap already. It's not like he's going to make it to the ropes.

Freddy Whoa: If he's going to, he needs to start trying to make his way there, like now....

Holmes tries to inch his way toward the ropes. However, Stuart pulls up on the torgue to the cloverleaf even HARDER and increases the pressure of the bodyscissors. Holmes looks about ready to finally give in as the ref watches intently to see if Holmes was going to surrender. Suddenly out of NOWHERE Beaver comes springboarding off the ropes with a diving leg drop into Slane .. and consequently Holmes as well. This forces Slane to release Holmes from the hold.

Zach Davis: Dustin Beaver making sure this match continues!

Gravedigger: Just in time too. I think Holmes was about to tap.

Freddy Whoa: I don't know if he would have for sure, but damn that was a helluva fight he put up being locked in like that.

Beaver wastes no time at all as he yanks Slane up to his feet and whips him into the corner. Slane hits the turnbuckle HARD and stumbles forward into a hurricarrana courtesy of Dustin. With Slane out of the way for the moment, Beaver capitalizes on the situation and quickly covers Holmes who was still VERY out of it from Slane's previous assault. Ref checks Holmes' shoulders.




Holmes manages to shoot a shoulder up just before three.

Zach Davis: Again Dustin Beaver so close to recapturing the Television championship he can almost taste it!

Gravedigger: This is his best opportunity. Just finish Holmes off and end this!

Beaver intends to do just that as he begins hauling Holmes to his feet. However, he notices that Slane is back up and drops Holmes, instead focusing on keeping Slane out of the equation. Dustin heads toward Slane who fires off a HARD fist at The Beavs that staggers him back. Slane now taking hold of Slane for an Irish whip to the turnbuckle but it's reversed at the last momet and instead Slane is sent into the corner. Beaver follows up with a corner splash, further stunning Slane.

Freddy Whoa: Dustin Beaver in complete control of the match at this point.

Gravedigger: He's gotta get rid of Slane and just finish the job with Holmes.

Zach Davis: Easier said than done. Triple Threat matches through even the best of them out of their element sometimes.

Beaver continues the assault on Slane as he fires off lefts and rights at the current champion. Now deciding to end this he works on hauling Slane to the top rope. It takes him a bit of time and struggling to put Slane on the top but he finally manages.

Freddy Whoa: This doesn't look good.

Zach Davis: I have a feeling I know what he's thinking ... oh jeez.

Gravedigger: Goodnight Slane!

Beaver hooks Slane up for a pedigree from the top ...

Zach Davis: THE BASS DROP!

Freddy Whoa: Wait what?! ... WHOA!!


Instead of The Bass Drop, Beaver AND Slane get a ride as Andre Holmes musters up every ounce of strength he had left and hops up the turnbuckle behind Beaver and grabs hold of him for a German Suplex from the top rope which effectively ended up with Slane being dropped by a double arm suplex by Bever in the process! Slane, Beaver and Holmes all CRASH into the canvas. All three men are OUT OF IT!!!

Gravedigger: This has become a TRAIN WRECK!

With all three men down, the ref has no choice but to begin his ten count.






Holmes begins to stir slightly as he starts crawling for the ropes to pull himself up. With no one yet to their feet, the count continues.





The count is stopped JUST before ten as Andre Holmes manages to pull himself up using the ropes.

Zach Davis: Holmes first to his feet. This match has taken it's toll on all three men. How much more do they have left?

Gravedigger: Not much. This has to end soon.

Freddy Whoa: Well we're about to find out.

Holmes has his sights on Beaver who is starting to stir, measuring him for a Thrust Kick!

Gravedigger: Watch it Beaver! Get out of there!

Zach Davis: He's got him lined up ...

Beaver gets to his knees and Holmes starts to make his move toward Beaver ...

Freddy Whoa: THRUST KICK!!

Holmes PLANTS the kick HARD into Beaver who's head snaps back and he falls to the canvas. However, before Holmes can even drop down for the cover …

Zach Davis: Wait! What's going on here?!?

A man in a hoodie hops the barricade and quickly rolls into the ring and forearms Andre from behind, sending him to the ground. He pulls down the hood to reveal bright white hair and a wide and blood thirsty smile.

Zach Davis: Henson! The Head of Talent Relations just attacked Andre Holmes from behind!!!

The ref goes to signal for the bell but Henson turns him around and visibly demands he doesn't ring the bell, threatening his job. The ref backs off as Henson turns back to Andre Holmes while Slane backs away, letting Henson do his thing.

Zach Davis: This is an obvious abuse of power that I don't think Henson even has!

The head of talent relations picks Holmes up and places him against the turnbuckle and takes a few steps back before lunging forward with a European Uppercut. Holmes slides down the turnbuckle which causes Henson to drive several knees to his face before picking the contender back up and tossing him to Slane.


Slane drops down and covers him. Ref slides into position.




Zach Davis: SLANE RETAINS! But not exactly on his own! I am sure he didn't want to win this way but going against Henson is not a smart move!

Gravedigger: You can't sleep on a veteran like Stuart Slane. This is the result every time.

The bell rings and the referee collects the Television Championship, handing it over to Slane who proudly holds it high.

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner and STILL WCF TELEVISION CHAMPION ... STUART SLANE!!!

Freddy Whoa: That was one HELL of a match! Slane killed it out here!

Zach Davis: This capacity crowd on their feet. What a contest. Action from start to finish. These three men brought it all to the table. In the end, Stuart Slane able to close the chapter on Holmes and Beaver, retaining the WCF Television Championship.

Henson applauds as Beaver and Stuart exit the ring. The head of talent relations calls for a mic. Once receiving one, he walks over to Holmes and places his foot over the contender's throat.

K. L. Henson: Well, Mr. Holmes. I bet you thought your attitude problem was forgotten about in the wake of things. Oh, trust me, I didn't forget. In fact, it has been in the back of my mind the whole time. You see, your actions against me have been intriguing. I am used to being disrespected, mocked, and threatened. But never before have I seen someone with such lack of caution for boundaries for such a position as mine. You acted as if I was just like everyone else.

Henson crouches down, causing more pressure on Andre's neck which causes him to squirm slightly.

K. L. Henson: Well, the truth is I'm not. I am above you, not just on the corporate ladder but also mentally. I am the superior being and you should have respected that. But, you didn't.

Henson lets straightens up and lets off Andre's throat but the relief is short lived as Henson quickly follows up with a kick to the face.

K. L. Henson: Mr. Holmes, it is my job to let you know you are suspended indefinitely! Enjoy your time off!

Henson tosses the mic away with a wide grin as he exits the ring and exits passed the curtain.

Zach Davis: Well, we're going to go to commercial, and-

Before we can go to commercial, Dustin Beaver is standing close to the guardrail near a few WCF fans when one of the fans busts him right in the mouth sending him crashing down to the padding on the floor.

Freddy Whoa: What the!?

Beaver looks up and its that crazy lime green Psycho Psycho Dragon who's acting like he's laughing at what just happened. Beaver stands up as he wipes his mouth off and then the lights go out. "Earth People" starts playing as flashes from all the phones clicking pics are going off. The lights come back on and Psycho Dragon has Dustin Beaver up in the ring and nails the Barry White Driver on him knocking him out cold. Psycho Dragon lays over him as Padre Dragon and Psycho Psycho Dragon Dragon climb into the ring. Psycho Psycho Dragon Dragon spray paints a DK on Beaver in lime green.

Psycho Dragon: BeachKrew, you're dead!

The lights go out and then pop back on and the Dragon Klan are all gone.

United States Title Match
Two Out of Three Falls All-American Weapons Match
Bernard Core vs Mikey eXtreme

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a Two out of Three Falls All American Weapons Match and it is for the WCF United States Championship!

The crowd cheers.

Kyle Steel: In this contest, when a man wins a fall, he is allowed to use his All American weapon of choice for the rest of the match. The first man to score two falls will be declared the winner and the United States Champion!

The crowd cheers.

Kyle Steel: Before we begin, please rise for our national anthem, played by multi-time Grammy winner and legendary guitarist for the rock band Tool, Adam Jones!

Zach Davis: The national anthem in the middle of the show?

Freddy Whoa: Adam Jones?

Gravedigger: There wasn’t…any other musician available to do this?

Adam Jones plays an odd rendition of the National Anthem, rife with mistakes. In fact, it sounded like he was debuting a new Tool single. Pyro goes off when it’s over but half the fans boo his performance.

Freddy Whoa: That…was interesting.

Zach Davis: Whatever it was, it won’t be nearly as interesting as this next match.

The horns of “Wing Fortress Zone” blare throughout the arena. Upon entering the arena, Headmaster Bernard Core stops at the top of the ramp with his hands behind his back, scanning the arena. Dean Wolf is standing behind him, holding Core’s weapon, the steel pole American flag. The two men slowly walk toward the ring. Dean Wolf jaws off with the fans while Core looks at the fans with disdain.

Zach Davis: Bernard Core has not been pinned or submitted since debuting in the WCF on November 22 and is undefeated in singles competition. Can he keep that streak alive tonight and win the United States Championship?

Freddy Whoa: I think we should also point out that Jeffrey Cornelius is not accompanying his father down to the ring tonight.

Zach Davis: That’s right. He suffered injuries at the hands of Freakshow and Mikey eXtreme last week on Slam. We hope the young man is at home recovering and getting better.

The arena is blanketed in darkness as "Get Born Again" by Alice in Chains hits the PA system. Lightning crashes into the stage as an American Flag takes over the titantron. Almost instantly, Mikey eXtreme steps out onto the stage carrying a kendo stick with an American Flag on the end. The United States championship sits around his waist. Mikey makes his way down to the ring as Freakshow follows behind. Mikey rolls into the ring. Freakshow begins to circle the ring, staring at Bernard Core and Dean Wolf.

Zach Davis: Mikey eXtreme is a two time United States Champion. His current run with the title is the longest U.S. title reign since Deuce Murdock held the title from November 2014 to February 2015. It’s worth noting that he was not pinned when he lost the title the first time, but tonight, it might be a different story. This is a one on one match. Mikey must be pinned or made to submit in order for the title to change hands. Vidalia is also not accompanying Mikey eXtreme to the ring. He has ordered her to stay away from this match after she was almost attacked by Dean Wolf last week.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, the challenger, representing The Core Institute, accompanied to the ring by Dean Wolf, from Albany, New York, weighing at 225 pounds, Headmaster Bernard Core!

The fans boo. Core walks to the center of the ring, staring at Mikey and holding his American flag up in the air.

Zach Davis: I’m very surprised that we did not hear any pre-match comments from the Headmaster tonight. Perhaps he’s more focused since there is a weapons stipulation in this match.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, accompanied to the ring by Freakshow, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 230 pounds, the WCF United States Champion, Mikey eXtreme!

There is a mix of cheers and boos. Mikey walks all the way to Core’s corner, gets in his face, and holds up both the title and his American flag kendo stick.

Freddy Whoa: Mikey is trying to psyche Bernard Core out.

Zach Davis: Some fans are on Mikey’s side tonight. I didn’t think there was anyone more reprehensible than Mikey, but then Bernard Core came along.

The ref separates Core and Mikey. Mikey hands the ref the belt. The ref shows the belt to Core and then holds it in the air for the fans to see. When the ref goes to hand the belt to the ring attendant, Mikey runs over to Core and splashes him in the corner. The ref frantically calls for the bell to ring.

Zach Davis: Mikey goes on the offensive immediately!

Freddy Whoa: It’s crucial to win the first fall, because whoever does gets to use their weapon first, and may be the only one to use their weapon at all!

Mikey peppers Core with punches, like he’s hammering a nail. Core falls to his ass and Mikey begins stomping him with the same speed that he was punching him. He picks Mikey up and sends him into the opposite corner, followed by another splash. He whips him into the opposite corner and runs at him with a clothesline. He sends him back again to the opposite corner with another clothesline. He repeats this process nine more times, with the fans counting each one. After the last clothesline, Core falls to his face and rolls out of the ring. The crowd cheers for Mikey.

Zach Davis: Mikey is on a roll early in this match, and he seems to have won over his detractors.

Gravedigger: If you think that took a lot out of Core, think about how much it took out of Mikey running back and forth across the ring. He’s got to conserve his energy. This is a two out of three falls match.

Freddy Whoa: Maybe there won’t be any letting up by Mikey. It’s total war!

Dean Wolf checks on Core and helps him get to his feet. Mikey goes to the apron and wipes out both men with a cannonball senton. He gets up and holds his arms out, facing the fans. He has a devious smile on his face as he has the crowd in the palm of his hand.

Gravedigger: Hey, Dean Wolf isn’t even in this match!

Freddy Whoa: Total war means taking out everything and everyone!

Gravedigger: What are you, a professor all of a sudden? Stick with only having one job that you’re not good at!

Mikey rolls Core back in the ring. He gets Core up on the ropes and hits him with knife edge chops. He sends Core off the ropes and goes for a dropkick, but Core holds on the ropes. Core takes a breather and then grabs Mikey in a side headlock. He wrenches it and gets a lot of torque.

Zach Davis: Core is trying to get the match at the pace that he likes.

Mikey sends Core off the ropes and drops to his stomach. Core hops over Mikey and comes off the opposite ropes. Mikey gets up and takes Core down with a drop toe hold. Mikey immediately gets up and goes for a leg drop, but Core rolls out of the way. Core quickly gets Mikey in a stack pin.



Mikey grabs Core’s arm, kicks out, and almost automatically has Core in a crossface.

Zach Davis: A crossface! We’ve never seen Mikey use this before!

Core is screaming in pain. He’s able to shimmy to his left and reaches the bottom rope. The referee calls for Mikey to break the hold. Mikey takes full advantage of the five count. He lets go and Core rolls out of the ring. Core gets to his feet, holding his shoulder, and turns right into Freakshow. He backs away, but Mikey surrounds him and takes him down with a punch. He picks up Core by his head and front flips him into the guardrail. Wolf walks towards Mikey, but Freakshow intercepts him, causing Wolf to stand down. The ref yells at the corner men to go back to their respective corners. Mikey goes to pick up Core again but Core grabs Mikey’s trunks and sends him head first into the post. Mikey collapses to the ground.

Core gets Mikey back into the ring. Mikey rolls towards the center to try to get away, but Core hits him with a delayed knee drop. He holds Mikey’s head down, stands up, and gives three more delayed knee drops on to Mikey’s neck. He turns Mikey over and locks in a dragon sleeper. He wrenches the hold, stretching out Mikey’s neck.

Gravedigger: If Headmaster Core can wear down the neck, that Headmaster Lock will be even more devastating.

Zach Davis: Well, he has to execute the Headmaster Lock first.

Mikey is able to get to his feet, but Core lifts him up and sends him crashing to the mat on his back. He goes for the cover.



Kick out.

Core quickly applies a headlock on Mikey.

Gravedigger: More work on that neck.

Mikey gets to his knees. Core stands up turns the headlock into a chin lock. Mikey grabs Core’s legs from behind the knees, lifts Core up on his back, runs backward and squishes Core into the Core, instantly freeing himself from the hold. Mikey walks to the opposite corner and runs at Core for a splash but Core catches him in mid-air and seamlessly hits an overhead belly to belly suplex into the corner. Mikey falls on the back of his neck.

Crowd: Ooooooooo!

Core pulls Mikey away from the ropes and goes for the pin.



Kick out.

Zach Davis: How did Mikey kick out of that!

Freddy Whoa: Sheer will, Zach, sheer will.

Core gets frustrated.

Bernard Core: You want more?! I’ll give you more!

Core stands Mikey up, grabs him from behind, and hits a German suplex.

Zach Davis: More compression on Mikey’s neck!

He keeps a hold on Mikey and hits another German. And another. And another. And another.

Freddy Whoa: I don’t know how Mikey can withstand any more of this!

Zach Davis: Five German suplexes in a row! That’s gotta be it for Mikey!

Core goes for the cover.



He kicks out at 2 and a half. The fans go crazy.

Zach Davis: My god, Mikey won’t quit!

Gravedigger: For his own safety, he shouldn’t even continue. Just forfeit. Learn to fight another day.

Zach Davis: I don’t think there is quit in Mikey eXtreme!

Core goes for a pin again.



Another kick out.

He goes for the pin again.


Mikey kicks out. Core is beside himself. He gets Mikey to his feet and grabs his face.

Bernard Core: Who do you think you are, huh?! Who do you think you are?! This is my country! Do you hear me, you freak?! My country! You want me to end you?! You want me to end you right now?! Here goes!

Core sets him up in a fisherman suplex position.

Zach Davis: I think he’s going to try to hit Standardization. If he drops Mikey on his head, this fall is over, maybe even this whole match. We may never see a weapon at all.

Core lifts Mikey up, but Mikey drives his knee into Core’s head. Core lets go. Mikey lands on his feet. Core stumbles back a few steps, walks towards Mikey, and eats a superkick.


Core falls like a sack of potatoes to the mat. Mikey lets out a yell in the middle of the ring. He picks up Core, grabs the back of his neck, and lifts him up.

Zach Davis: EXPLOSION!

Mikey goes for the pin.




Kyle Steel: Mikey eXtreme has won the first fall!

Zach Davis: And you know what that means!

Freddy Whoa: Here comes Bernard Core’s bamboo nightmare!

Mikey grabs his American flag kendo stick from its holder on the outside while he rubs the back of his neck. Dean Wolf is holding his head in hands as he watches Mikey get set to use the weapon. Dean Wolf slaps the mat, screaming at Core to turn around. Core gets to his feet. He’s still out of it and a little wobbly legged. Mikey has a deranged look on his face, licking his lips like he’s about to eat a steak. He takes a big swing and wallops Bernard across the back with the kendo stick.

Crowd: Ooooooo!

Zach Davis: Did you hear that kendo stick smacking up against Dr. Core’s flesh?!

Gravedigger: I think that sound broke the time barrier. Thomas Jefferson just heard it all the way back in 1776.

Core screams in pain and falls to his knees. Mikey stalks him, keeping that deranged look on his face.

Zach Davis: Mikey is enjoying this!

Gravedigger: Of course he does! He’s a sociopath!

Freddy Whoa: This is what Mikey loves! All out warfare! Pain, torture, it’s all a part of Mikey’s America!

Mikey hits him again across the shoulder blades. Core is in too much pain to yell, but you can see the pain on his face. He falls to his stomach. Mikey stalks some more.

Mikey hits him with the stick again. And again. And again. And again. He has no specific target in mind. He’s just hitting him wherever the stick lands. Some shots land on his kidneys.

Core tries to crawl towards the ropes but Mikey’s constant attack is making it harder and harder. Mikey takes another swing. This time, when the stick makes contact, it breaks in half. This shot sends Core back down to his stomach.

Zach Davis: I know Bernard Core is a son of a you know what, but does anyone deserve this type of punishment?

Freddy Whoa: This is the type of match he agreed to. Now, he’s got to live with the consequences.

Mikey looks at the piece of the kendo stick that’s still in his hand. At first he looks disappointed, but then has an intrigued look on his face. He smiles and looks at Core, who’s writhing in pain on the ground, and then looks back at the jagged piece of bamboo in his hand.

Gravedigger: Hey, what’s Mikey thinking now?

Mikey grabs Core by the hair and gets him into a sitting position.

Bernard Core: Oh, god, no more, please, no more!

Mikey eXtreme: Oh, you’re going to get more!

Mikey takes the jagged piece and sticks it right in Core’s forehead.

Bernard Core: AHHHH! AHHHH!

Dean Wolf goes crazy on the outside. The crowd shrieks in horror at the ghastly sight of a man being stabbed in the ring.

Zach Davis: My god, he’s stabbing his forehead!

Gravedigger: Is that even legal?!

Zach Davis: The rules don’t say how you can use the weapon, just that the weapon can be used! This is about as legal as a wristlock!

Freddy Whoa: Look at the blood trickling down Bernard Core’s face! I’m too queasy to even say “Whoa!”

Mikey continues sticking the weapon into the wound. Core screams bloody murder. Finally, Mikey lets up and throws the bloody piece of wood to the outside. He gets to one knee, grabs Core in a headlock, and starts punching the wound, driving his knuckles into it even more to open it up wider. When he’s finished, he walks around the ring, wiping the blood all over his face and chest.

Zach Davis: We thought Mikey reached a new level of depravity when he defeated Chelsea Armstrong last month, but I think this goes even beyond that! Look at his face! This is like Christmas morning for him!

Core is laying on the ground, wearing a crimson mask. Mikey stands in the middle of the ring. He looks at Core and then at Freakshow.

Mikey eXtreme: What’d you think, Freak?! Is it time?!

Freakshow gives Mikey a thumbs down sign. Mikey pulls Core to the center of the ring. A trail of blood is smeared across the mat as Core is pulled away. Mikey stands above Core, staring at him. Then he looks at the corner of the ring. The fans know what he’s thinking- eXecution time. The fans cheer, encouraging Mikey to go to the top rope.

Zach Davis: Mikey is looking to drive that final stake right into Bernard Core’s heart!

Mikey gets to the tope rope, but Dean Wolf jumps on to the apron and distracts Mikey. The two yell at each other until Freakshow runs over, grabs Wolf’s trunks, and pulls him down. As he’s being pulled down, Wolf lets go of the top rope, which causes it to shake. Mikey loses his balance and crotches the top turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Mikey comes down hard on that top turnbuckle!

Freakshow puts his hands on his head, realizing the catastrophe he just unintentionally caused. Wolf attacks him from behind, hitting him with forearms across the back. Freakshow turns around, grabs Wolf by his vest, and throws the dean of discipline over the guard rail.

Gravedigger: Hey, that’s a respected school administrator! He can’t do that!

Zach Davis: Good! Get him out of there! He has no right to interfere in this match!

Freddy Whoa: I think Freakshow is going to atone for what just happened to Mikey.

Freakshow steps over the guard rail. He walks after Dean Wolf, who’s crawling away. Wolf eventually gets up, grabs a fan’s drink, and throws it at Freakshow, who simply swats it away. Wolf charges and punches Freakshow, who punches Wolf back. Wolf stumbles away, trying to run from Freakshow. Freakshow keeps pursuing him, punching him every time he catches up to him. Eventually, the two brawl out of the arena and out of the camera and fans’ sight.

Back in the ring, Mikey and Core are both trying to get back to their feet. Mikey has one foot on the top rope, but Core gets to his feet and collapses into the top rope, sending Mikey back down crotch first onto the top turnbuckle. Core falls to one knee and uses the top rope to pull himself back up. He walks over to Mikey and lifts him off the turnbuckle in a fisherman suplex position again. He walks to the center of the ring and executes the brainbuster.

Zach Davis: STANDARDIZATION! He hits it this time!

Core covers.




Kyle Steel: Bernard Core has won the second fall!

Freddy Whoa: We’re at one fall apiece!

Zach Davis: The last fall will decide it! The term “sudden death” has never had so much meaning as it does right now!

Core gets to his knees. He has a stern look on his face, like he’s trying to control the rage that is boiling under that look. He rolls under the bottom rope, grabs his steel pole American flag from its holder, admires it, and then looks back at Mikey eXtreme, who is trying to get up off the mat.

Core gets back in the ring and stalks Mikey. Mikey gets to his feet and turns around. Core swings and hits Mikey right in the gut. The force causes Mikey to do a front flip and crash to the mat.

Gravedigger: Unlike a kendo stick, the steel pole has no give. It’s just a blunt blow to any part of Mikey’s body.

Core smashes the pole against Mikey’s body torso repeatedly.

Gravedigger: All the rage that built up in Core as he was getting mauled by that kendo stick is now being let out on Mikey.

Zach Davis: I can only imagine how hard Core is hitting Mikey with that pole.

Mikey rolls onto his stomach. Core digs the butt of the pole into Mikey’s lower back. Mikey screams out in pain at the pole digs into his flesh. Core straddles Mikey’s back and pushes the pole down onto Mikey’s neck.

Gravedigger: Headmaster Core is working on the neck some more. After Standardization, I’m surprised Mikey can even hold his head up. It’s like Dr. Core is trying to decapitate the man.

Mikey yells some more as pressure is applied to the neck that’s been worked over the whole match. Core stands up and applies a Camel Clutch, using the pole to yank the head back. The ref asks Mikey if he wants to submit.

Mikey eXtreme: FUCK NO!

Core pulls back as far as he can go. Mikey continues to scream “NO!” Core lets go. Mikey falls to his face. Core gets up and leans against the top rope. His face conveys frustration.

Zach Davis: Mikey will not quit! His neck has suffered so much damage during this match, but surrender for him is not an answer!

Core goes to drive the butt of the pole into Mikey, but Mikey rolls out onto the apron. Core drops the pole. He reaches over the top rope and picks up Mikey by his hair. Mikey drives his shoulder into Core’s midsection. Core drives his knee into Mikey’s face. He gets Mikey to his feet and goes to run Mikey’s face into the post, but Mikey grabs the back of Core’s head and aims for the turnbuckle. Both men’s faces hit their intended targets. Mikey falls off the apron and down to the floor while Core falls backwards onto the mat.

The ref starts a double ten count.






Core rolls out of the ring. He walks slowly over to Mikey, who’s on his stomach. He grabs Mikey’s hair and pulls him up, but out of nowhere Mikey hits Core right square in the face with another kendo stick. Core falls backward.

Crowd: Oooooo!

Freddy Whoa: Where did THAT kendo stick come from?!

Zach Davis: Did any of the cameras pick up where that kendo stick come from?! Can we get an instant replay?!

The instant replay shows that Mikey had his hand under the ring apron. When Core pulled Mikey up, Mikey pulled out the kendo stick from under the ring and hit Core with it.

Freddy Whoa: He had a back up kendo stick under the ring the entire time!

Gravedigger: Is THAT legal, Zach?!

Zach Davis: Again, the rules don’t explicitly state that Mikey has to use a kendo stick with an American flag on it, just that he can use the kendo stick as his weapon. As far as I can tell, it’s a second kendo stick is a legal weapon.

Gravedigger: Well, you’re just a regular constitutional lawyer, aren’t you, Zach?!

Mikey picks up Core and rolls him into the ring, but then pulls him under the rope that his head is draped over the ring apron. Mikey gets on the apron, lays the kendo stick onto Core’s throat, jumps up, and executes a leg drop.

Zach Davis: Oh, god, I hope he didn’t crush his windpipe!

Core rolls around, clutching his throat and writhing in pain.

Zach Davis: These two men are being merciless with each other!

Gravedigger: They’re both fighting for a cause. That’s what happens when you love something so much you’re willing to do anything for it, even nearly murdering someone.

Mikey rubs the back of his leg and gets back in the ring. He drags Core to the center, and goes for the cover.



Core kicks out.

Mikey goes to lay the kendo stick on this throat again, but Core fights it, grabbing the kendo stick. He gets to his knees. Mikey pulls the kendo stick and nails Core across the chest with it twice. Mikey drops the kendo stick, comes off the rope, and attempts to execute a Shining Wizard, but Core grabs his leg and wraps it around his neck.

Zach Davis: He’s going for the Headmaster Lock!

Core struggles to lock the rest of the submission hold on Mikey. Mikey struggles to escape as well. He reaches his kendo stick, grabs it, and smacks Core in the face with it.

Crowd: Ooooo!

Core falls and Mikey goes for the cover.



Kick out.

Mikey goes to pick Bernard Core up, but Core rolls him up with a small package.



Kick out.

Mikey immediately gets up and hits Core with a Shining Wizard.

Zach Davis: This time it connects!

Freddy Whoa: Cover! It’s over!



Zach Davis: Core gets his foot on the ropes.

Mikey picks Core up, sends him off the ropes, but Core reverses and lifts up Mikey up for an Olympic Slam. Both men are down.

Gravedigger: He should go for the cover!

Zach Davis: I think both men are exhausted! Core bought some recovery time with that Olympic Slam!

The ref starts a double count.








Core gets up and walks over to his steel pole. He sets it up in the corner by laying it across the second rope. He walks over to Mikey and picks him up, but Mikey hits him with an inverted atomic drop. Core clutches his groin and falls back into the corner adjacent to the corner that holds his pole. Mikey goes for a splash but Core moves. Mikey lands with his feet on the second rope. He climbs up to the top rope and attempts a corkscrew hurricanrana, but Core catches him and Powerbombs him back first into the steel pole. Mikey falls on his neck.

Crowd: Oooooo!

Zach Davis: That was a nasty Powerbomb by the Headmaster! He might have broken Mikey’s back and his neck at the same time!

Mikey folds up like an accordion. Core kicks him out of the ring. He picks Mikey up and stands him up against the post, torso first. Core walks to the other side of the post, take his pole, and puts it against Mikey’s neck. He pulls back on the pole, pressing his foot up against the post for leverage. Mikey screams as more punishment rains down on his neck. Core releases the hold. Mikey falls to his knees. Core stands Mikey up again and holds the butt end of the pole against Mikey’s throat. He looks to ram the other end of the pole into the post, but Mikey grabs the pole with two hands and begins pushing it away from this throat. Core struggles to push back but Mikey kicks Core in the stomach and sends him into the post head first. Core uses the post to stay on his feet. He turns around. Mikey swings the pole at Core, but Core moves out of the way and Mike hits the post. The vibration causes pain in Mikey’s hands and he drops the pole. He grabs his hands.

Mikey eXtreme: God damn it!

Core grabs Mikey from behind and executes a high angle backdrop suplex, dropping Mikey’s neck onto the apron.

Crowd: Oooooo!

Gravedigger: Just stay down, Mikey! Your time is up!

Bernard Core: That’s my pole! My pole!

Core rolls Mikey into the ring and grabs his pole. He gets in the ring. Mikey crawls towards the center but Core hits him in the back with the butt of the pole. Mikey collapses. Core turns him around and lifts the pole up to jab it into Mikey’s torso, but Mikey kicks Core in the balls. The crowd pops for the low blow.

Gravedigger: Don’t tell me THAT’s legal in this match!

Zach Davis: I wouldn’t say so, but the ref is giving a lot of leeway in this match, especially after their first encounter ended in a draw. The people want to see a winner tonight.

Gravedigger: You have an excuse for everything, don’t you?!

Core falls to his knees and Mikey immediately puts him in a gogoplata.

Zach Davis: Mikey going after the throat again!

The ref asks if Core wants to submit. Core takes his pole and presses it down on Mikey’s throat.

Freddy Whoa: Dueling chokes!

Mikey lets go of the hold and Core collapses to the mat, clutching his crotch. Mikey crawls toward his kendo stick. Both men get to their feet and have a standoff. The crowd is going crazy.

Zach Davis: What’s going to happen here?! Both men are on equal ground now! Who’s going to make the first move?!

Mikey swings first and hits Core in the arm.

Core swings back and hits Mikey in the arm.

Mikey hits Core in the side.

Core hits Mikey in the side.

Freddy Whoa: They’re going shot for shot!

Mikey hits Core in the leg.

Core hits Mikey in the leg.

Mikey is getting frustrated that Core is answering his every shot.

Mikey hits a flurry of shots with the kendo stick that back Core into the ropes.

Core responds with three shots to the gut that send Mikey back a few steps each time. His final swing hits Mikey in the side of his face.

Core moves back to the center of the ring, hunched over and exhausted.

Mikey starts pounding his kendo stick on the mat.

Mikey eXtreme: Just give up! This is Mikey’s America!

Bernard Core: No! America belongs to me!

Both men take huge, Babe Ruth like swings at each other. Their weapons connect, but the kendo stick flies out of Mikey’s hand.

Mikey looks to see his weapon fly away. When he turns his head back to Core, Core rams the butt end of the pole right into Mikey’s forehead. Mikey collapses to the ground, holding his head. Core stands ready to use his pole again.

Zach Davis: Now MIKEY’S been busted open!

Mikey gets to his feet. Core hits him in the forehead again. Mikey falls down. He gets on his stomach and pushes himself up and gets to his feet. Another shot to the head. Mikey gets to his feet but is spaghetti legged. Another shot to the head.

Bernard Core: Stay down!

Mikey gets right back up and shakes his head. Core is trembling with anger. Core rams the pole into Mikey’s gut. He throws the pole to the ground and sets Mikey up for a piledriver.

Zach Davis: Oh, god, he’s going to drop Mikey’s head on that pole. He’s going to break his neck!

Gravedigger: This is the death blow right here!

Core lifts Mikey up but Mikey blocks it and reverses the move into an inverted piledriver, dropping the top of Core’s head on the pole instead.

Zach Davis: He countered it! He countered it! Core’s out! Core’s out!

Mikey crawls to the ropes, gets to the apron, and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He runs his thumb against his throat and takes to the air.

Zach Davis: EXECUTION!

Mikey lands the elbow drop and instantly follows it up with a triangle choke. Core is struggling to get out of the hold.

Zach Davis: Core’s in the center of the ring! He’s on an island! He’s got nowhere to go!

Gravedigger: Wait, I think he’s got one move left in him!

Core reaches for his pole.

Zach Davis: He’s got a hand on it!

Core lifts the pole into the air.

Freddy Whoa: Here it comes!

Zach Davis: No, wait!

Before Core can smash the pole down on to Mikey, Core’s body goes limp and he drops the pole.

Zach Davis: The ref’s checking on Core! Is it over?! Is it over?!

The ref calls for the bell.

Zach Davis: It is!!!

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this contest and STILL WCF United States Champion, Mikey eXtreme!

“Get Born Again” plays.

Mikey holds the submission for a few more seconds but finally releases. Core’s face falls to the mat like a stack of bricks. Medics immediately hit the ring to check on him. The ref hands Mikey the belt. He finds the other piece of his first kendo stick. This piece has the American flag on it. Mikey stands on the second rope holding his kendo stick and his belt high in the air.

Zach Davis: What a match!

Freddy Whoa: Both men gave everything they had, but in the end, Mikey’s America proved to be the America that prevailed!

Gravedigger: America as we know it is over!

Zach Davis: America WON tonight with this match!

Mikey walks up the ramp. He stops right before the curtain and turns around to see Core, who’s now conscious, staring at him with a dazed look on his face while the medics continue to check his vital signs. Mikey smirks and lifts his weapon and his belt in the air again.

Loser Never Competes in the Wrestling Championship Federation Again
Jonny Fly vs Corey Black

The lights in the arena fade to black. White and light blue lights circle the arena as “First Kill” by Amon Amarth begins playing over the PA. Out from the sides of the stage comes six large men dressed as vikings, three on each side, carrying swords, axes and a shield. As soon as the vocals kick in, Corey Black steps out onto the stage also dressed in viking gear. Corey begins banging his sword and shield together to a beat, which is joined by the other vikings as they head down the ramp, Corey leading the way. The crowd is going absolutely nuts as Corey Black reaches the apron and continues the beat. Soon he shouts, the beat stops and all of Corey’s gear is taken off, handed to various vikings. Corey climbs up to the apron as the crowd continues going insane, the vikings walk off to the back. Corey looks out into the crowd, and steps in through the ropes, walking to the opposite side of the ring, stepping up to the middle rope and throwing the devil horns into the air to thunderous applause. Corey hops down and heads to his corner.

Zach Davis: This next match is one I have both been looking forward to, and dreading, all night. Two of WCF's all time greats are about to step into the ring, and for one of them, it will be the last time.

Freddy Whoa: That's right, former tag team partners - former friends - Corey Black and Jonny Fly are going to --*static*--

A burst of static interrupts Freddy, and the commentary team is forced into silence by faulty equipment. The lights in the arena fade out again, and after a few suspense filled seconds the words ‘The Dynasty’ appear in bold italic lettering on the jumbotron as the beginning of “300 Violin Orchestra” begins to play. A single spotlight turns on and illuminates the silhouette of a man standing on the stage. As the song begins to speed up, the lights come on revealing Jonny Fly.

Fly stands on the stage with his eyes directly fixed on Corey Black. The jumbotron changes to the words ‘The Most Dominant Wrestler in WCF History.’ The music slows down and a barrage of fireworks begins to go off behind Fly. His eyes remain fixed on Black throughout. Slowly and deliberately he begins to make his way toward the ring. The music picks up one last time and Fly stops at the bottom of the ramp with his eyes still directly fixed on Corey. He stops and takes a few moment to prepare himself before finally sliding into the ring.


A tense moment passes in silence as the two men stare balefully at each other. Corey Black attacks first; lunging forward and leaping high into the air to drive the point of his elbow down on the top of Fly's skull. Jonny staggers back toward the ropes in more surprise than pain, but Black doesn't let him get away. He tackles Fly by the legs, and tries to twist him around into a submission, but Fly quickly kicks him off, and slides across the ring. He stands up, and exchanges a few words with Corey. They circle each other, but only for a moment before Black goes in again, hitting Jonny Fly with a fireman's carry. Corey quickly pops up, and hits Fly with a few stiff kicks to the back. Jonny rolls out of the way, and slaps the turnbuckle in frustration as he rises.

Black dives forward and hits Fly with a chop block to the front of the knee, sending him flipping forward. Jonny lays on the ground, clutching his leg, and Black locks onto the injury, twisting Fly's leg around his. Jonny sees the move coming though, and quickly pulls himself away before Black can fully apply it. Fly grabs the bottom rope, and uses it to pull himself to the outside. Corey yells at him to get back in, but Jonny gives himself a breather as he takes a lap around the ring. Black gets fed up with Jonny's stalling, and steps out onto the apron intent on forcing the action back into the ring. This proves to be a mistake, as Fly runs over, grabs his ankle, and yanks it out from under him. Black hits the apron hard, tumbles down onto the concrete, and Fly gladly takes advantage; dropping a knee across Black's ribcage. He drops another one before lifting the man up, and whipping him into the stairs. Black slams his knees against the steel and flips over, landing on the hard floor with an audible splat.

Jonny rolls into the ring to break the ref's count, then rolls back under the bottom rope to continue his assault on Corey. Having used the barricade to haul himself back up to his feet, Black leans heavily against the security railing as Fly approaches him, then catches the larger man by surprise with a swift kick to the gut. A pair of forearm shots along Jonny's jaw daze him a little, and Corey tries to slam Fly's head off the barricade. Jonny blocks, hits Black with a back elbow, then grabs him by the head and flings Corey toward the ring. Black's spine impacts the apron with a jarring thud. Fly closes in, but Corey catches him with another kick to the midsection, and successfully drives Jonny's face into the apron this time. Black manhandles Fly onto the apron and under the bottom rope, then rolls in after him. Both men get to their feet at the same time, and Jonny grabs Black in a collar and elbow tie up, then slips into a side headlock. Corey forces his way to the ropes, and for a moment it seems as though Fly is going to give a clean break. Then Jonny hits a lightning fast knife edge chop that raises a crimson welt on Black's chest.

Black and Fly again tie up, this time with Corey getting the upper hand and sending Fly into the ropes. Jonny comes back and Black slaps a sleeper hold on him; the size difference bending Jonny at an awkward angle. Fly's arms thrash in the air as he tries to throw Black off of him. Corey jumps up and wraps his legs around the midsection of Fly as he tightens the sleeper hold. The referee checks on Fly who waves him off as he tries to grab hold of Black's hair to pull him off. The referee gives him a warning about pulling the hair as Corey yells out in pain. With Black refusing to be thrown off, Fly stumbles over to the corner, spins around and tries to ram him back first into the turnbuckles. Corey crashes back first into the corner, but refuses to let go. Jonny drives him into the turnbuckle again, then a third time, and finally Corey is forced to let Fly free. Jonny turns around and unloads with a series of right hands as the referee steps in for a five count. Fly finally backs off at four as Black shakes it off. Jonny steps forward and tries to pull him out of the corner, when Black catches him with a right hand to the jaw; dazing Fly. Corey puts him in the corner and hits another forearm to the jaw to keep Jonny docile. Black then mounts the second turnbuckle and the fists begin flying, the crowd counting along.


Jonny reaches up to shove Corey away, but Black hops down off the ropes and catches Jonny's arm; using the extra momentum from the shove to whip Fly across the ring into the opposite corner. Corey charges in after him and hits a corner spl- NO! Black tries for a splash in the corner, but Fly moves and Corey eats the top turnbuckle. Black stumbles out of the corner holding his face, when Fly grabs him and hits him with a European uppercut that drops him. Black pops right back up, but Fly cuts him off with another uppercut. Jonny whips Corey into the ropes, and Fly takes him to the mat with a hip toss on the rebound. Black back up and Fly takes him to the mat again with an arm drag. Fly now trying to lock in an armbar but Corey is doing his best to get away. Black manages to get his foot over the bottom rope just as Jonny clinches the armbar, and the ref steps in to force a break. Once again, Jonny milks the five count, and releases just short of being disqualified. Fly scrambles to his feet before Corey can roll away, and starts laying into his wounded arm with a series of vicious stomps. The ref gets in between the two men and forcibly separates the two, giving Black the opportunity to slip out of the ring.

Jonny doesn't seem content to allow Black any time to recuperate, and hits the ropes directly across from where Corey is leaning against the apron. With a full head of steam built up, Fly drops down into a baseball slide kick that sends Black careening shoulder first into the security wall. Jonny follows him back out, and drags Corey up to his feet before the other can regain his wits. Fly drags Black around the corner of the ring and rams his head off the announce table, then leaves him slumped there momentarily while Jonny rolls into and out of the ring once more. Corey mounts some retaliatory offence with a flurry of hard shots to Fly's ribs, but Jonny puts a stop to that with a rake to the eyes, and a scoop slam onto the floor. Before Black's back even has time to register the impact, Jonny has him back on his feet, then up onto the announce table. Fly climbs the ring steps, then slowly scales the turnbuckles. Just as Jonny reaches the top, Corey rolls off the table, springs onto the apron, and knocks Fly's feet out from under him, landing him in a painful predicament.

Black wearily climbs up onto the turnbuckles as well, sharing a dangerous perch with Fly. Corey grabs Jonny in a front facelock, and the announce team scrambles out of the way, anticipating a superplex in their direction. Instead, Black uses the ropes to springboard himself up and over Jonny, the momentum forcing Fly into an unwilling backflip. The end result is a devastating front flip DDT that sees Jonny's head spike onto the apron with a sickening thud, while Corey collapses onto the floor. A half-second hush falls over the assemblage, before the bloodthirsty audience erupts into roars of approval, and half a dozen different chants. Even the referee is so stunned that it takes him a moment to remember his own part in the match, and begin a ten count.




Another cheer goes up from the front row, as Corey Black begins to show signs of life.




Black uses the apron to pull himself up to unsteady feet.



Corey rolls the limp form of Jonny Fly under the bottom rope, back into the ring.


Black rolls back into the ring as well, then flips Jonny over and collapses across his chest.




And Fly weakly kicks out just before the three. A weary look of disbelief flashes across Corey's face, quickly replaced by steely resolve. Black drags himself up to a vertical base, then hauls Jonny up off the ground. Corey positions Fly for a Burning Hammer, but Jonny slips off his shoulders, grabs Black's head, and delivers a sit-out neckbreaker. Fly sits for a moment to rest, then climbs back to his feet and pulls Corey up with him. Jonny plants Black in the middle of the ring with a powerbomb, then makes his way to the corner. Fly tiredly climbs the turnbuckle again, stands straight up on the top rope, and flips Corey the bird before diving toward him with the Fly Swatter. At the last possible moment, Black drives an expertly timed elbow into the side of Jonny's head just before the impact. This doesn't lessen the impact in any way, but it does ensure that the ensuing tangled pile of limbs is not a pinning predicament. With no other choice, the referee once again begins a ten count.

At the count of seven, Corey manages to dislodge Fly and clamber back to his feet. He stands looking down at Fly blankly for a second, before he shakes his head, and applies a modified seated abdominal stretch. Black then lets loose a rapid fire string of stiff elbow shots to the side of Jonny's head. Fly struggles to break loose, but eventually succumbs to the punishment. Once the ref sees Jonny go slack, he calls for the bell.


Gravedigger: --*static*-- ...tech monkeys are gonna get beat if they don't fix the fu--

Zach Davis: We're back? We're back! We apologize for the technical difficulties, folks, but we seem to have the problem well in hand now. How about that match, though?

Freddy Whoa: All I can say is "Whoa!"

Corey's pace slows, but the barrage of elbows doesn't stop just because the match has. The ref has to get in Black face and threaten to overturn the match before Corey finally relents. "First Kill" plays again as Black raises his arm in victory.

Gravedigger: This is... unbelievable.

Black looks down; for all of his talk, for all of his bravado, he realizes he's ended the career of Jonny Fly. A man that brought WCF out of the dark ages, the first man to truly establish himself as THE man following the reign of Torture. Corey Black realizes he has outlived this man; he's outlived the Dynasty himself.

Zach Davis: I don't have words. I mean, we didn't have words for the entire match... but... ESPECIALLY now. I don't have words.

Gravedigger: This is Fifteen. Compared to Corey Black, compared to ME, Jonny Fly has been here for a cup of coffee. An extra large cup of coffee, perhaps, but a cup of coffee nonetheless.

Freddy Whoa: Black reaches his hand down to Fly; both men realize that at this point a handshake would be cliche, it would be expected.

Black and Fly look into each other's eyes and nod; Black drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring, heading to the lockerroom.


Fly looks to each side of the audience, emotionless. He rolls out of the ring and heads to the back as well.

Zach Davis: The Fly Dynasty has come to an end. The Era of Jonny Fly is over.


We go to commercial.

Return Announcement

The commercials for WCF merchandise being shown on the WCFtron are interrupted.

Freddy Whoa: What the whoa?

Instead, the WCF fans in attendance and see a familiar face filling the screen.

Zach Davis: It's Steve Carr!

Steve Carr: Surprise, bitch. Bet you thought you'd seen the last of me.

The crowd responds with an even mix of laughter, confusion, cheers, eye-rolling and apathy.

Steve Carr: Live on the next WCF Slam, I will be in attendance to make a special announcement regarding the return of a highly-respected and historical organization. It would be fair to say that this organization in its original form put Steve Carr on the map, that there would not even be a WCF without it. I have already started filling its ranks with a talented individual who you all know and cheer for. To anyone else in the WCF Galaxy who wants to be a part of this, you know how to get in a touch with me. Thank you all for listening, and goodnight.

The screen goes black.

Zach Davis: He wasn't talking about what I think he was talking about, was he?

Gravedigger: It's Steve Carr. Anything is possible.

Freddy Whoa: Too bad Corey Black didn't lose to Jonny Fly, he would've fit right in.

We go to another commercial.

People's Title Match
Torture vs Teo Del Sol

Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is schedule for one fall, and it is for the WCF People’s Championship!

The Screen Suddenly cuts to a news desk, where a very serious News Anchor shuffles his papers impatiently. After a few moments he turns towards the camera.

"Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, we Interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you the following important broadcast..."

The News Anchor falls silent as the opening riff to "Kickstart my Heart" suddenly blares. The Screen crashes to static before bringing up the view of the entrance ramp, which is engulfed with a burst of Pyro as Teo del Sol, a WCF hoodie on his back and a white mask shining like the sun itself, steps through the curtain. The corner of the screen bears his wrestling mask with the logo TEO TV emblazoned across it, and he holds the People’s title high over his head, with a camera in the other. The feed then cuts to a live broadcast from the camera, encompassing the screaming fans all around the arena, waving as they appear not only on the TV screen, but on the large 'Tron above Teo.

Zach Davis: Two words- People’s Legacy. Teo del Sol has been nothing but ecstatic over what he sees as a chance to defend against one of the greatest People’s champions of all time.

Freddy Whoa: He couldn’t have asked for a better opponent if that’s what he wanted, Torture is basically synonymous with the People’s title, he’s the one who made the belt!

He begins walking down the ramp, reaching out to shake fans hands and sign autographs, all seen from the viewpoint of the camera, at last he makes it to the ring and the view cuts back to the regular feed.

The audience goes wild as he steps through the ropes, taking a deep bow, before running into the corner to raise his hands victoriously! He claps his hands in gratitude, applauding the audience that applauds him, and rolls with a quick backflip, landing in the center of the ring. He pushes down with his hands and springs to his feet, bouncing off of the ropes running to the turnbuckle He removes the jacket and hands it to one of the ring crew before settling into his corner, bouncing back and forth in anticipation.

The crowd goes crazy as Torture slowly walks from the back soaking it all in. He stops on the stage points out his arms to the crowd as a huge firework display goes off behind him! The crowd erupts as Torture reacts and lets out a primal roar and jogs down the ramp. "TORT-URE! TORT-URE!" TORT-URE!"

Zach Davis: There he is, the first People’s champion, and I tell you, these two have shown nothing but respect for one another heading into this confrontation!

Gravedigger: Yeah, respect and left hooks. I’ve never seen two guys get in a fistfight over who was more humble.

Freddy Whoa: But there should be none of that in tonight’s confrontation, you can count on it, digger!

Gravedigger: Don’t call me that.

The music fades as Torture steps through the ropes, staring at Teo with a look somewhere between admiration and condescension- a look so very…Torture. Teo offers the veteran a respectful bow, then hands the belt to the referee and steels himself for the fight of his life.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Teo and Torture stand across the ring from one another as the bell rings, then begin circling slowly, both looking for an opportunity to lock up. Teo fakes a kick and Torture stops to catch it, letting Teo jump forward and grab his opponent in a headlock! With a quick turn on his hips, Teo slams Torture to the ground with a headlock takeover! Before he can capitalize though, the wily veteran grabs Teo’s head and pulls, forcing Teo to release the hold to free himself! Both men are back on their feet instantly!

Zach Davis: Heck of a move there from Torture, Teo couldn’t keep him pinned down so long as Torture was squeezing his head!

The two stare across from one another, and Torture slowly reaches up and places his hands on his head, cracking his neck. He smiles at Teo with a massive grin and extends one arm, palm up, before gesturing for Teo to attack. Teo grins and rushes forward, arms out, and locks up with his opponent, shoving him back against the ropes. Torture hangs on and uses the momentum to rebound free, bouncing off the ropes and returning with a hard clothesline!

But Teo falls backwards, bending his back into a bridge as the move flies harmlessly over his head! Torture keeps going, flying off the ropes once more, but Teo catches his oncoming opponent with a monkey flip! Torture flies head over heels and lands with a crash as the audience goes wild!

Zach Davis: Whoa!

Freddy Whoa: Hey-

Zach Davis: This match is a mile a minute right out of the gate!

Torture realizes that Teo is starting to build momentum however, and quickly rolls from the ring, stopping to catch his breath as he walks around. He turns towards the front row and begins high fiving the spectators...

…Which offers Teo a perfect distraction to run full speed and throw himself over the ropes with a flying suicide dive!

But no! Torture was only feigning his distraction, and grabs Teo in midair, slamming him face-first into the front row barrier! The Luchador falls limply to the ground as Torture wipes his hands somewhat mockingly at his opponent.

Gravedigger: Teo didn’t really think that Torture was gonna make it that easy for him? I wouldn’t be surprised if that costs this young rookie the match.

Torture grabs Teo by the head, pulling him roughly to his feet- the referee watches the action, but seems almost hesitant to begin a count, knowing the people don’t want to see the confrontation end in a draw.

Torture walks Teo over to the entrance ramp, then turns and hoists the luchador in the air, letting the audience gasp in amazement as Teo is held aloft for what seems like minutes before being hurled roughly onto the entrance ramp with a crash! Teo cries out in pain and clutches at his back while Torture once again goes to greet the front row.

Zach Davis: Guys, it seems like Torture is toying with the People’s champ here so far, it’s not even close.

Gravedigger: Well what do you expect? Teo thought he could treat Torture like any other opponent. This kid’s got some learning to do if he wants to stand a chance against a WCF hall of famer.

Torture goes to pick Teo up by the mask once more, pulling him slowly to his feet and holding him by the head as he winds up for a big shot.

But no! Teo suddenly springs back to life, grabbing the challenger by the head and smashing him with a hard headbutt! The force of the blow seems to wobble Torture, and he stumbles backwards as Teo grasps his own head, the desperation maneuver having temporarily stunned both men!

The audience begins cheering wildly as Torture makes his way back to the ringside area. Teo looks around to the front row and points to a rather large fan in the front row, then points straight up in the air.

Zach Davis: What in the world is Teo thinking?

The fan looks momentarily awestruck, then offers an affirmative thumbs up. Teo grins and runs full force at the fan, who grabs Teo and hoists him in the air, launching him into torture with a fan-assisted flying crossbody!

Freddy Whoa: Did you see the height on that throw??

Zach Davis: Who else but Teo?

Teo and Torture lie stunned in a heap at ringside, the move having done very little to protect the men from the hard floor. The audience cheers on the two men at ringside as they struggle to regain their feet. Teo is the first one up, and steps up to the apron, seeming to set up another high risk move! Torture is unable to see Teo coming, and Teo runs across the apron before jumping into a running senton off the apron!

But no! Torture again grabs the Luchador at the last minute, sending him flying back first into the steel steps, which crash at ringside with a resounding BOOM! The Luchador has been rendered ragdoll limp from the counter, and the challenger uses the opportunity to lean on the barricade to catch his breath.

Zach Davis: And Teo again getting greedy! You’d think he would learn not to try and fool Torture.

Gravedigger: No kidding. Torture’s been doing this for a long time, there’s no way he wouldn’t see Teo coming.

Torture grabs Teo by the back of the head and hurls him back into the ring. The luchador seems barely aware of where he is, and tries to use the bottom rope to climb to his feet. Torture sees this though, and grabs the luchador’s legs, trying to pull him to the center of the ring.

But Teo hangs on! Torture yanks as hard as he can, but the Luchador desperately hangs onto the bottom rope! Torture, in visible frustration, pulls Teo’s lower half up off the ground, but this proves to be a mistake, as the Luchador quickly uses the rope to pull Torture face first into the middle rope!

Torture hangs helplessly as Teo grins at the screaming fans. He lets out a roar at the top of his lungs and runs off the opposite rope before jumping over Torture and connecting with a hangman cutter on the way down! Torture flies off the rope and into the center of the ring, clutching at his neck and coughing desperately the whole way!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

The Luchador sees that he has finally managed to capitalize on a big move, and that the challenger now lies prone in the center of the ring. With a grin, he jumps to the apron and screams out at the top of his lungs, before grabbing the top rope and launching himself into one of the highest habanero high dives the people have ever seen!

Gravedigger: Move Torture!

Zach Davis: Look out Below!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa!

Teo slams into Torture’s chest, the wind billowing out of the challenger with a mighty oomph as the Luchador grabs the pin!




Ding! Ding! Ding!

Zach Davis: Teo did it! He managed to pin Torture!

Gravedigger: I… I’ve got nothing.

The luchador grabs the People’s title from the referee and sprints towards the corner, holding the belt proudly over his head! Tears are in his eyes as he pats the title and points out to the WCF universe, expressing his gratitude with every ounce of his being. He then turns back towards his former challenger, and extends his hand. Torture looks at the luchador, hesitating only a second before pulling him into a hug and raising Teo’s hand in victory.

Freddy Whoa: There have been a lot of people speculating about Torture's reasons for being here in the past several months, especially after his controversial reign as Hardcore Champion. But since he's lost that belt, he's been the best WCF veteran you could ask for. I just wish he would've beaten Wade Moor. Could you imagine, the People's Champion versus the World Champion?

We go to commercial.

Occulo/Howard Black vs Dune

Freddy Whoa: Next up, the long awaited climax that’s been brewing for almost one whole year. Occulo, Howard Black...Dune.

Zach Davis: Once members of the same alliance - The Sentinels - the faction broke apart after injuries befell both Occulo and Howard Black, respectively.

Freddy Whoa: Since then, there have been some...changes, most specifically pertaining to Dune, a man who blames his former teammates for abandoning him during what thus far has proved his darkest hour. Meanwhile, Howard Black and Occulo wish only to bring Dune back from wherever he’s gone since WAR XIV.

The lights in the arena go to black, with only the giant screen above the stage displaying the pattern of a oscilloscope matching the chaotic distortion which begins "Lost Boys" by Death Grips. As the distortion begins to settle into the beat, the words "IT'S SUCH A LONG WAY DOWN" flash over the screen as the emanate from the speakers. As the snare drum hits begin to burst forth, the lights in the arena begin to strobe in blue, white, and gray as the screen begins to show flashing black-and-white images of honey badgers in battle, paired with footage of Howard Black training or waiting in the locker room, preparing for a match. Howard Black makes his way from the back, the hood of his sweatshirt pulled over his head.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring...from Lincoln, Nebraska...weighing in at 215 lbs...HOWAARD BLAAACK!!

He makes his way down the ramp as the digitized words "LOST BOYS" repeat from the speaker in succession. While his eyes remain focused on the ring, his face a mask of determination, he slaps the hand of the occasional fan which is outstretched to him. Upon reaching the ring, he slides in and unzips his sweatshirt, tossing it aside. He lifts the crucifix from his neck and gives it a kiss for good luck before walking to a turnbuckle and pulling himself up. Upon his ascent, he spreads his arms before the crowd in a pose. As the music begins to die, he drops down and walks to his corner. He takes the crucifix from his neck and places it around the turnbuckle for safe keeping during his match.

Destruction by Bruce Faulconer blasts through the speakers as the arena lights shine at their brightest. A few seconds later Occulo appears on the stage and the bright lights shut off, whilst spotlights illuminate him.

Kyle Steel: From Washington DC...weighing in at 220lbs...Occulo!!

He walks down the ramp, spotlights following, addressing the fans as he does. He climbs up the steel steps in the corner and climbs the turnbuckle. He takes out a microphone and says "Sentinels stand for the fallen. Sentinels stand against the rising". He tosses the microphone to the outside and waits for action.

Freddy Whoa: The two Sentinels will fight as a single entity tonight. Together, these two are an immense force. They stand in wait for their former ally, the one and only Dune.

The lights fade as "The Pink Room" hits in the darkness. Spotlights scan the audience slowly, and a burst of smoke pours out in front of the blue and gold lights that glow just beyond the curtain. Finally, Dune emerges from the smoke. His cold eyes remain fixed on the ring as he strides down the ramp slowly.

Kyle Steel: And their opponent...from the badlands of the Mojave Desert...weighing in at 276 pounds...DUUUUUUUNE!

He slides in and shoots to his feet. The ring glows amidst the darkness as he walks around the inner-perimeter, looking out at the crowd and testing the ropes. He makes his way to his corner, and he continues to get loose as the lights come back on.

Zach Davis: Here we go, Freddy.

Freddy Whoa: It all comes down to this...


Freddy Whoa: And we’re underway!

Dune immediately closes on both Howard and Occulo, and when they split off, he fakes for Howard before rushing Occulo. He slams him to the mat and drops a heavy knee on his gut.

Freddy Whoa: Dune wasting no time in going on the offensive.

Zach Davis: Lookout, Howie!

Gravedigger: Shut up, Zach.

Howard ducks what would have been a devastating elbow to the face, dipping low and slamming his boot into Dune’s knee. The big man nearly falls, but he manages to side stepping a second blow as Occulo makes it back to his feet. Howard finds his feet as well, and the two men slowly back Dune into the corner. As they near, Dune charges as if to clothesline both men, but they duck and send him sprawling onto the mat with a double dropkick to his back.

Freddy Whoa: Dune goes down!

Zach Davis: And Occulo and Howard waste no time in taking advantage.

Occulo smashes a hard elbow into the back of Dune’s head, and Howard lands a couple stiff kicks to his ribs. Dune rolls away, and Occulo drives a forearm into his half-masked face.

Gravedigger: OH my - what a shot!

Zach Davis: That’s gotta mean something, coming from you.

Gravedigger: Shut up, Zach!

Freddy Whoa: Now Howard charging -

Gravedigger: YES!

Dune drives his shoulder into the charging Howard Black, taking him to the ground and laying into him. He manages to wriggle free, and as Dune readjusts to get a better shot at him, Occulo once more slams into the side of Dune’s face.

Freddy Whoa: My God...how is Dune still conscious?

Gravedigger: He’s different tonight, Freddy.

Zach Davis: He’s been different for a while now.

Gravedigger: No, no...something’s not right.

Zach Davis:: What do you -

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!

Dune makes for Occulo, which allows Howard a chance to find his feet. As Occulo lures him away, Howard charges once more and lands a brutal kick to the back of Dune’s knee. The big man buckles and turns on Howard, only to receive another kick to the same knee, this time to the side of it.

Freddy Whoa: The Sentinels are taking it to their former partner.

Gravedigger: Don’t be an idiot Freddy. Dune’s the only Sentinel in the ring right now. The other two are imposters.

Zach Davis: Imposters? They’re some of the finest - OH NO! LOOKOUT!

Occulo charges Dune’s blindside, though just before he lands a shot to the same knee Howard had struck before, Dune turns and easily traps Occulo’s head beneath his arms. He squeezes and turns toward Howard, grinning before throwing himself back and planting the top of Occulo’s head against the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Dune with a vicious DDT to Occulo, and he is down.

Zach Davis: This can’t be good for Howard.

Gravedigger: No...hehe...no it can’t.

Howard backpedals as the towering Dune stalks him in the ring. He lunges, but Howard manages to evade his grasp, landing a swift kick to Dune’s knee before leaping backward out of his clutches again. The crowd cheers, and Dune charges Howard. This time he can’t escape, and Dune takes him to the ground before grabbing his head and smashing it repeatedly against the mat. The referee tries to seperate them and begins to count.



Zach Davis: YES!

Occulo dives over the ref and lands a brutal kick to the face of Dune as he continues to slam Howard head into the mat.

Freddy Whoa: Occulo with the save! And he’s going on the offensive!

Occulo delivers a stiff clotheslines to Dune’s throat, nearly taking him off his feet. He charges once more, only to be flung into the ropes. Dune charges, and upon Occulo’s rebound, he leaps and catches Dune’s head, planting him in the mat with a Swinging DDT.

Freddy Whoa: Occulo covers!



Zach Davis: No!

Freddy Whoa: Short two-count, and Dune throws Occulo off him - MY what strength!

Gravedigger: It’s inhuman, Freddy!

Howard finds his feet as Dune goes after Occulo. He traps Occulo in the corner and begins to pummel him before Howard charges and wraps his arms around Dune’s waist, catching the big man off guard and throwing him backward with a German Suplex. The crowd goes wild.

Freddy Whoa: And the Sentinels continue to -

Dune finds his feet and lays out Howard with a mighty clothesline just as he manages to stand. He then grabs Occulo by the neck with both hands and flings him across the ring. The crowd gasps to see the display of violence against the beloved Occulo and Howard Black.

Gravedigger: That’ll shut ‘em up.

Zach Davis: Unreal. I thought they had him…

Dune stomps on the back of Occulo’s head before making his way over to Howard, who struggles to find his feet. He hooks both arms behind his back and Tiger Suplexes him. The crowd gasps once more as Howard lands awkwardly on the back of his neck.

Freddy Whoa: Dune is relentless.

Zach Davis: Look at him, stomping on Howard while he’s down!

Gravedigger: It’s the best.

Occulo meanwhile manages to find his feet. Dune sees him, but not in time. He lands a swift combination of punches to Dune’s body before slamming his fists against Dune’s temple. The shot dazes the big man, and Occulo sends him into the ropes. When he rebounds, Occulo scoops him up.

Freddy Whoa: Devastating Powerslam by Occulo there - MY oh my!

Zach Davis: You’re not kidding, Freddy. Now they’ve got to capitalize - and quick!

Occulo slams a knee into Dune’s face as Howard finds his feet. He sees the now kneeling Dune is near the ropes, and without hesitation, he dashes toward them, leaping and slingshotting himself off the top rope into a Springboard Clothesline that sends him back to the canvas.

Freddy Whoa: Holy!

Zach Davis: Did you see that?

Gravedigger: No you dipshit, I’m not right beside you watching the SAME damn monitor with -

Freddy Whoa: MY GOD! Occulo...Oesophagus Bureau!

Zach Davis: Howard covers!



Freddy Whoa: NO! Dune kicks out! My GOD how did he kick out!

Zach Davis: No!

Gravedigger: Yes!

Dune receives a solid kick to the face as he somehow manages to find his vertical base. Occulo and Howard Black attack him at once, and Dune grabs both men by the side of the head before bringing them together once, twice...and on the third time, the two men break apart in a daze. Dune targets Howard first. He slams his heavy fists against his ribs and gut before flinging his legs over his shoulder.

Freddy Whoa: Howard in a very dangerous position here, his head facing the ground, and - OH my, there it is. Sitout Tombstone Piledriver by Dune.

Zach Davis: Jesus...how do you get up from that?

By now, Occulo has shaken the cobwebs off, and when Dune stands and turns, Occulo’s ready to face him. The two men square off, and it’s Dune who’s first to attack. Occulo lands several kicks and punches, but Dune powers through them and knees him just beneath the sternum. Occulo bends over, and Dune catches him in a standing headscissors hold.

Freddy Whoa: Uh oh...could it be?

Zach Davis: If he hits the Sandstorm here, it’s all over.

Dune doesn’t hook Occulo’s arms though. Instead, he grabs him by the waist and flips him up into what looks to be a standard Powerbomb...until Occulo wraps his legs around Dune’s head and throws his weight backward.

Zach Davis: Hurracanranna!

But Dune doesn’t give way. Instead he pulls Occulo back up, and when he once more has him set up to be powerbombed, he moves toward the ropes, lifts up on Occulo’s trunks so that his head untangles from his legs, and he slams him over the top rope onto the ground just in front of the commentator’s table.

Freddy Whoa: MY GOD!

Zach Davis: He’s dead...Occulo’s….dead…

Gravedigger: Now it’s Howard’s turn!

Dune turns around as Howard slams into his back. Dune spins and grabs hold of Howard by the neck before lifting him over his head.

Zach Davis: NO!!

Freddy Whoa: GOOD GOD! Dune Press Slam Howard over the top rope onto Occulo below! The Sentinels are lying just a few feet from us in a broken heap of humanity!

Dune exits the ring and drops down from the apron. He grabs Occulo by the trunks and flings him beneath the bottom rope. He does the same with Howard, but only after slamming his face into the apron. Both men writhe in pain in the ring as Dune slides back in. He stands Occulo up and lifts him high overhead.

Zach Davis: Howard’s on his feet!

Freddy Whoa: MOLLYWHOP! OH did you hear that?

Gravedigger: He just jacked Dune in the jaw harder than anyone I’ve ever seen.

Occulo falls from Dune’s arms, though as Dune drops to a knee, Occulo’s spine slams directly into it. He rolls off and writhes in pain as Howard leaps on Dune.

Freddy Whoa: He’s going for the Kimura Lock!!

Howard and Dune struggle for position, and Howard begins to take the upper hand. Dune slams his elbow into Howard’s gut once, twice, three times...just enough to give him a bit of separation. Dune reaches out and locks Howard’s head beneath his armpit, and he heaves him high over his head so that his feet stretch toward the ceiling.

Freddy Whoa: This could be it, folks! Dune’s got Howard up in the Hourglass, and - OH my...down he goes.

Dune sits out, driving the top of Howard’s skull into the mat.

Zach Davis: OCCULO!

The crowd goes wild to see Occulo charging Dune, who’s none the wiser to his approach. He leaps into the air.

Freddy Whoa: Oesophagus Bureau to Dune!

Dune falls over on his knees, and Occulo charges once more.


Occulo’s knee catches the side of Dune’s head dead on, and both men fall to the mat. The crowd goes wild as all three men now law on the ring, and the referee begins his count.




Occulo and Howard begin to stir.



Dune now begins to shake off the cobwebs as Occulo and Howard struggle for the ropes.




Dune rolls over, pushing himself on to his knees. He watches as both Sentinels near their feet.


All three make it up in time, and Howard Black and Occulo share a glance before turning their focus to Dune. The crowd continues to roar as they stare each other down.

Freddy Whoa: You could cut the tension in the ring with a knife. Who will be the first to -

Occulo and Howard move in, and Dune charges and spears Howard, whose head slams viciously against the mat. Dune is back on his feet in no time, and he lands a heavy boot to Occulo’s gut before catching his head in a standing headscissors hold. He hooks both arms behind his back

Zach Davis: NO!

Freddy Whoa: SANDSTORM!!

Dune lifts Occulo up...but once more, he locks his legs around Dune’s head and throws his weight backward. This time, Dune goes flying.

Zach Davis: Howard’s all over him!

Dune tries to stand, but a knee to the gut keeps him from finding his vertical base. Howard gets a running start before leaping and locking one of Dune’s arms to turn him before he brings a knee to his face and slams it down against the mat.


Howard maintains the hold and begins to tug on Dune’s arm.


Howard locks in the hold and wrenches away. Dune tries to power out, but Occulo runs over and manages to subdue the big man.

Freddy Whoa: Howard Black is wrenching away at that arm of Dune with everything he’s got! He will NOT break that hold!

The ref continues to ask the restrained Dune if he wants to continue. Occulo hold on tight...Howard Black wrenches at his arm even harder...and finally, he taps his hands against the ring.


Kyle Steel: Here are your winners...HOWARD BLACK AND OCCULOOO!!

The crowd builds and builds to crescendo as the three Sentinels lay prone and beaten in the ring.

Zach Davis: My God….

The crowd almost explodes in a mix of cheers and boos as the first one up is Dune. He wipes the sweat from his brow and pounds his fist to the canvas before approaching Kyle Steel. He rips the microphone away and begins to speak.


Interrupting Dune as is almost commonplace within the landscape of the previous year is Mile Zero by Periphery. The crowd explodes as the bloody, battered body of Joey Flash emerges through the curtain.

Zach Davis: This man survived a war with Grayson Pierce and then a beatdown from #BeachKrew, how is he here? How is he still standing?

Gravedigger: It’s called pride Zach.

Flash produces a microphone and begins to speak as the music fades.

Joey Flash: You’re still hiding. Look at you. You’re a fucking JOKE.


Joey Flash: No. No more. Speak with your own voice you fucking coward.

Dune: I-

Joey Flash: I am coming for you Jack. Let this shit end, don’t be a coward, at least look me in the eye before you finish it.

Flash approaches the ring as Dune begins to back off, Flash slides under the bottom rope and begins to speak once more.

Joey Flash: This has been a winding road. This has been a long road. This has been a brutal road. But here we are at the precipice of the end. I have nothing left anymore. You want me? Then fucking take me.

Joey drops the microphone at his feet and then follows it to the canvas as he falls to his knees, he closes his eyes as we see a change in Dune begin. The hulking beast begins to convulse and stagger as he grips his head in pain. He drops to the canvas and there he remains, motionless. Then, almost in synchronisation the turnbuckles begin emitting thick black smoke followed by bellowing molten flame, the ring is covered with the smoke for a few moments before it slowly clears, the four men that were in the ring now have company as a fifth joins them.

As the smoke clears we see a well dressed, suited and booted gentleman with slicked back hair and a Van Dyke beard smiling at the crowd. He speaks through the PA system without need for a microphone.

The Jackal: Oh Joseph. Chin up, you are looking like your son right now. So pathetic and weak. Mewling cunt. AND YOU-

He turns to Dune who is still prone on the canvas.

The Jackal: You are the biggest disappointment of all. I am so happy I snuffed your seed out, now I am going to finish the job.

The lights in the arena dim with a flick of The Jackal’s hand as he approaches Dune. He grabs the hulking titan and lifts him skyward.

The Jackal: You always were a disappointment. I can find better. Goodbye Daniel, you worthless pathetic ex-

The Jackal stopped his speech short at grabbing hold of his left leg was Howard Black.

Howard Black: It’s over.

The Jackal began cackling.

The Jackal: What do you-

Then the same sensation happened on the other side, he glanced to his right to find Occulo clamped tightly around his right leg.

Occulo: We are ending you.

The Jackal roared in fury and tried to dislodge the anchors of The Sentinels only to find himself face to face with the icy blue eyes of his greatest puppet, of his ultimate marionette. Dune finally let his mandibles fold upward into what would have been a smile. The first in almost a year.

Dune: For YOUR sins, Jack.

Dune rears back and unleashes a massive elbow straight into the corporeal form of the forever spectre, blood flies from the nose of The Jackal as he screams in pain and staggers backward. Both Sentinels let him go and hop back vertical. The camera pans across one side of the ring where we see Occulo, Howard Black and Dune finally together once more as The Jackal staggers in pain across the ring. He wheels around as flames begin to fly from the turnbuckles once more, the smog nearly corrupting the entire of the ringside area with its potency. He staggers one step, another step until he finds himself reaching a stopping point. Staring him straight in the eyes is Joey Flash.

The two men, no, the man and a devil stay locked in a gaze for what seems like an eternity.

Joey Flash: Reduce it…

He winds up a right hand as The Jackal begins to stagger back and beg off from the attack.


Joey Flash: ...all to ash.

He finally uncorks the Sudden Flash that blitzes through the soundwaves with a crack and detonates on the jaw of The Jackal, sending his life force flying from his host. The husk falls straight into the arms of Dune who lifts it skyward for a brutal, emphatic Sandstorm. The Jackal could hardly remain prone before being pulled to his feet and being driven down by the Seventh Seal, and finally, a Subliminal Message from Occulo left him unmoving in the ring. The four men’s attention turned from the Jackal to one another

Untrusting looks exchanged between Dune, Occulo, and Howard After a moment of silence, Dune reached a hand out to Occulo. Occulo cautiously accepted the gesture, giving Dune a slow shake to the roaring approval of the audience before being pulled into a hug by Dune. As the crowd popped, Dune released Occulo and turned to Howard, embracing him once more before turning to the crowd and raising the arms of both men: the three Sentinels reunited once more.

Howard Black, Occulo, Dune. The flashbulbs light up this almost historic sight as the three men receive nothing but applause from the appreciative crowd. The crowd falls into almost complete silence as Dune finally locks gazes with the other man in the ring.

Zach Davis: Here we go folks.

Freddy Whoa: The 2015 feud of the year, one of the greatest, most personal, brutal rivalries in WCF history is fixing to kick off once more right now during our Fifteenth Anniversary.

Dune takes a step toward the centre of the ring, Flash follows suit as the crowd begins to build in excitement. The two men finally meet in the middle, face to face, nose to nose. The crowd are going ballistic at this point, the roar nigh on deafening. For a moment going on an eternity the two men look each other in the eye until almost simultaneously the pair seem to just ‘know’. The face of the Italian is already streaked with tears and for the first time we see droplets running down the cheeks of Dune. The two men give each other a nod...and then embrace in a hug. A hug of rivals, a hug of warriors, a hug of blood, a hug of tragedy, a hug of horror, a hug of pain, a hug of loss, a hug of...acceptance. The crowd explodes in rapturous applause as we fade away as the two men final accept the fact that yes, the best is yet to come.

World Title Contendership Match
Grayson Pierce vs Joey Flash

The crowd is buzzing as they know what is coming up next.

Zach Davis: Well fans, next we have the first of our matches with World Title implications. Quite frankly, going into this match, knowing that we'd have Dune versus Occulo and Black preceeding it, we really had no idea what Joey Flash's mindset would be. Never in a million years did we expect what we got...

Freddy Whoa: After disposing of The Jackal, Joey Flash and Dune have seemingly... made peace. He doesn't go into this match as a man with conflict; he goes into this match, maybe for the first time in many months, as a man completely focused. A man, finally, moving forward.

Gravedigger: That said, he's facing a very hungry Grayson Pierce. These two are not strangers, and Grayson Pierce has become tired of being "always the bridesmaid, never the bride." He's faced Joey Flash before, and come up short. He's faced the World Champion before, and come up short. Tonight marks the night Grayson Pierce turns it around. Tonight marks the night the Livewire rises.

“Falling Higher” by Helloween plays throughout the arena as Grayson Pierce makes his way through the entrance curtain. The crowd cheers as he accepts the praise of the fans by slapping their hands, but never smiles as he heads to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and slithers like a snake into the corner where he sits in the corner and meditates.

Zach Davis: And here he is. The man that took Wade Moor to the limit. The man that made his mark at War and main event One... here is the Livewire, Grayson Pierce.

The arena lights dim as the crowd buzz begins to build to fever pitch. The music begins and lingers for a moment before Joey Flash in all his glory emerges from behind the curtain staring at the crowd. He floats regally down the aisle bathing in the atmosphere and stopping to shake the hand of anyone who desires it.

Freddy Whoa: And here is a man that can claim to be a former World Champion... Despite having held the belt for only several moments. He IS confident, but you've got to think that in the back of his mind, he knows that his legacy will not be complete without a proper World Title reign.

Joey Flash circles the ring not once, but twice. Delaying his entrance and the match even further riling the crowd before sliding into the ring and sitting down in one of the ring corners staring at his Grayson Pierce with both apathy and disgust.

Gravedigger: There's the bell.... and here we go.

The two men circle for only half a second as Grayson Pierce runs at Flash, taking the first shot; Flash sidesteps him, quick as lightning. Pierce dives at him again, this time going for his legs, but again, Flash is too quick. Pierce rises to his feet-


Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

JOEY FLASH HITS HIS FINISHER OUT OF NOWHERE. Grayson Pierce collapses onto the mat as Flash drops down onto him.




Gravedigger: UNBELIEVABLE!

Zach Davis: For SO MANY reasons. I've never seen Joey Flash hit the Sudden Flash so quick - and I've never seen it kicked out of quite like that either!

Freddy Whoa: Grayson Pierce was too eager, Zach. He wanted to take the fight to Flash, but it cost him.

Gravedigger: And now he's going to have to fight back from taking the most beautiful punch in the wrestling business.

Joey Flash has backed off, and he's letting Grayson Pierce get up under his own power.





Once Pierce is up Flash hits him with a series of quick jabs, sending him reeling. In a daze, Pierce takes a sloppy swing; Flash is able to duck it and grab Pierce's arm-

Zach Davis: PAIN IS LOVE!

The positioning wasn't to Flash's advantage - Pierce is able to immediately grab the bottom rope. However, Flash knows he has until four; he waits until four-and-a-half to release the hold. He grabs Pierce by the arm and yanks on it several times before dragging him to the middle of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: He's applying it again!

Grayson Pierce knows he can't let this happen; he kicks up as Flash approaches, kicking him away. Flash comes at him again and again Pierce kicks him away. Flustered, Flash rushes him once more, but this time Pierce is able to roll away and jump into the ropes, Springboarding, and hitting a Missile Dropkick to Flash!

Gravedigger: Livewire's first offensive move!, he connects!

Flash gets back up and runs at Pierce; Pierce grabs him and takes him down with a Bodyslam. Flash won't stay down, as he's getting up Pierce runs at him.

Zach Davis: SPEAR!

FLASH SIDESTEPS IT!, sending Pierce headfirst into the turnbuckle! Flash quickly grapples him from behind.


Pierce holds onto the ropes so Joey Flash is unable to execute his patented German Suplex. Flash clubs Pierce in the back several times with a series of forearms before putting him into a Full Nelson.

Gravedigger: DRAGON SUPLEX!

Joey keeps it bridged for the pin!



NO!, Pierce escapes!

Zach Davis: Interesting dynamic here... Joey Flash KNOWS he can be World Champion. He's done it. Grayson Pierce has to fight with everything he's got to prove it, and it may just make him that much more dangerous, and that much more difficult to defeat.

Pierce tries to get to his feet, but Flash is up too fast. He now hits Pierce with a series of carefully placed kicks, the penultimate kick leaving Pierce bent over; Flash's final kick raises his boot above Pierce's head before crashing down into his skull.

Freddy Whoa: OOF. A Sudden Flash, a Dragon Suplex, and THAT kick? We're going to be picking Grayson Pierce's brains off the mat by the end of this...

Flash drags Pierce to the middle of the ring before going for a pin.



No!, Pierce kicks out.

Gravedigger: Flash knows he has the advantage, he's not sweating the kickouts.

Flash lifts Pierce up and hits him with a few clubbing blows before lifting him for a Vertical Suplex. Pierce is able to shift his weight and land behind Flash!, the crowd popping as he does. Flash turns and Grayson Pierce runs at him and hits the Spear he was looking for earlier!

Zach Davis: Grayson Pierce!, back in the driver's seat!

Pierce pins Flash now!


Freddy Whoa: Joey Flash kicks out at one! Unbelievable!

Pierce's eyes go wide as he rolls away. Pierce stomps at Flash, anger setting in now. He climbs to the top, facing backwards.

Gravedigger: We know what's coming up next.... Moonsault!

Grayson Pierce flies off the top with his Moonsault!, however, Joey Flash has that scouted too, and rolls away.

Zach Davis: Grayson Pierce anticipated Joey Flash rolling away - Pierce lands on his feet!

As Pierce lands on his feet he is in perfect position to execute a Standing Moonsault onto Flash! He hits it, doesn't go for the pin; instead he rolls towards the opposite turnbuckle of the one he used earlier, jumps onto it, and flies off with another Moonsault attempt!, this one connecting!



NO!, Flash kicks out again!

Freddy Whoa: Great sequence there!, but Flash got the shoulder up.

Gravedigger: This is FIFTEEN. The one and only 15th anniversary show. Win or lose at War, win or lose at One... There's always next year. Win or lose here? It's in the history books, it's done and over with. They've got to give this everything.

Joey Flash rolls out of the ring. Grayson Pierce looks towards him and runs.


PIERCE HITS IT! Flash crashes into the nearby guardrail and Pierce gets to his feet, triumphant, energy flowing into him even after taking such a beating earlier!

Pierce lifts Flash up and rolls him into the ring. Pierce slides in after him and goes for a pin.




Freddy Whoa: Another nearfall.

Pierce lifts Flash up, he's feeling it now. Knife edge chop To Flash, sending him stumbling back and into a corner. Another Knife Edge Chop from Pierce.

Crowd: WHOOOO!

Flash stumbles out from the corner and Pierce takes him down with a Short Arm Clothesline.

Gravedigger: NO! FLASH DUCKS IT!


FLASH HITS HIS GERMAN SUPLEX! The crowd is to their feet as Flash rolls over on top of Pierce!





Everyone in the crowd is on their feet!

Gravedigger: Unbelievable. Grayson Pierce has taken everything Joey Flash has thrown at him!

Zach Davis: Grayson Pierce wants to beat Joey Flash, Digger. He wants to beat him, finally. He knows he can't lose.

Joey Flash's frustration is starting to shine through now. He's on his feet and he's stomping at Pierce, yelling at him to give up. Flash hastily picks Pierce up and goes to throw him to the ropes. Pierce reverses the irish whip attempt; Flash reverses the reversal, pulling Pierce in... BOOM, Belly to Belly Suplex!, no! Pierce lands on his feet and runs at Flash. Pierce Dropkicks Flash, sending him backwards into the turnbuckle. Pierce runs at Flash... Splash into the corner!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa!, what an exchange! And Pierce has found himself on the offense once more!

Flash stumbles out from the corner as Pierce stays standing. Flash is in front of Pierce now, Pierce grabs him from behind over his face...

Gravedigger: GOD'S PARADOX! Livewire hits it!

Flash drops right in the middle of the ring, Pierce drops down and pins him.



NO!, Flash gets the shoulder up!

Zach Davis: What more do these men have in the tank? How is this match going to end?

Pierce wants to end it. He steps onto the back of Joey Flash's knees.


No!, Flash has that scouted and is able to make sure one of his legs doesn't get hooked; with the other he's able to kick Pierce away. Pierce charges him, but Flash kicks him away again. Pierce charges one more time and Flash lunges towards him-

Gravedigger: SUDDEN. FLASH.


Grayson Pierce stays standing, but the lights have gone out. Joey Flash switches behind him and grapples....


It's delivered with so much impact it's impossible for Joey to keep it bridged; instead he floats over and goes for the pin.





Gravedigger: Aanndd there you have it. Both of these men laid out everything they had, but in the end, Grayson Pierce was TOO headstrong; Joey Flash was able to use that to his advantage.

Zach Davis: We've never seen anyone take the fight to Flash just like Grayson Pierce did. Pierce fought back from a Sudden Flash as the first move in the match!, he kicked out of a Lightning Bolt! Grayson Pierce showed more heart tonight than anyone we've seen thus far.

Freddy Whoa: The best match we've ever seen from Flash versus Pierce, and definitely a match worthy of WCF's anniversary.

As the ref raises Joey Flash’s hand in victory, “No Church in the Wild” by Jay Z and Kanye West hits the P.A. Flash frowns in confusion as he looks over the commentary table, met by baffled looks from the commentary team.

Zach Davis: It appears like we’re having some technical difficulties.

Gravedigger: Just embarrassing. Those financial cuts have really affected the tech crew backstage.

As Flash argues down at the time keeper and Pierce slowly pushes himself up, two masked man – one in a Spartan facemask and the other in a white frowning and smiling drama mask – slip over the barricade and stalk to the ring. Sliding in, the one in the Spartan mask blasts Grayson Pierce from behind with a leaping high impact elbow, and the other spins Flash to face him, knees him in the stomach, then lifts him for a devastating brainbuster!

Freddy Whoa: WOAH! And both men are down!

Zach Davis: What the hell is this?

The man in the white drama mask reaches under his chin to draw the mask off. As it pulls from his face, John Gable brushes his black bangs from his face and grins wickedly down at Joey Flash.

Zach Davis: John Gable! John Gable has returned to the WCF!

The second man removes his Spartan face mask. Boos rains down from the audience as Andre Aquarius sneers down at Grayson Pierce.

Zach Davis: Wait… what? But then, does this mean…?

Gravedigger: Oh shit, he’s back.

Hacksaw Jim Thuggin steps through the curtain, raising that swagged out Satanic Goat Jolly Rodger of #BeachKrew. He grins in uncanny pride, a single tear rolling down his cheek like a father at a graduation. The curtain parts once more as a man and a woman step out: both wearing full-face diamond encrusted masks. The man’s mask is topped with a diamond encrusted crown of thorns, and in his hand, he raises a metal bat. The three continue down to the ring as Gable and Andre continue to stomp on Flash and Pierce.

Freddy Whoa: This can’t be good.

Zach Davis: Where the hell are these men’s allies?!

The man slides in the ring and brings the bat down on the stomach of Pierce. Pierce lurches up, coughing wildly before laying back down in the ring, unconscious. Turning to Flash, the man swings the bat down on his stomach before raising it again and delivering another blow. John Gable drags Flash to his feet, and another swing cracks him across the head.

Zach Davis: JESUS CHRIST! He could kill him!

Freddy Whoa: Where’s security? Where are his Trio partners?!

The man reaches back and pulls the mask off of his face to reveal Jared Holmes staring eye-to-eye with Flash. Flash’s eyes widen with the horror of realization as Jared cocks the bat back and hits him a second time across the head, driving him to the ground. Handing the bat to Aquarius, who wraps it around Flash’s neck and forces him to a sitting position, Jared catches a mic thrown by Thursday from outside the ring.

Jared Homes: … W-Sea-F. I’m back.

The crowd erupts in torrential boos. Jared grins like a hyena.

Jared Holmes: Since Dune took me out after XIII, I’ve been waiting. And I’ve been watching. I watched you, Grayson, rise and fall. Be pulled beneath the waves by the Leviathan and drown in his depths. And yes, you still insist that you will be the one to kill the White Whale.

The crowd cheers as Gable pulls Pierce to his feet, locking his arms behind him in a double chickenwing.

Jared Holmes: But tonight, Grayson, you failed. And you proved you’re not fit to be in my ring. So without further audieu, I’d like you to leave it.

Gable twists and throws Pierce head first out of the ring. The crowd boos wildly as Jared turns to face Flash.

Jared Holmes: And you, Joseph. Little Joey Flash. Of everyone, I’ve kept my eye on you the closest.

Jared crouches down to get eye-to-eye with Flash. He smiles.

Jared Holmes: In a fed full of Dag Riddicks and Katherine Phoenixes and DeMarcus Jordans, you just had to screw the pooch, didn’t you? You HAD to throw it all away. Provoke me. Anger me. Dare me. Well, I accept your dare, Joseph. Congratulations. You’ll be facing Godnilla sooner than later, but until then… I’ll make this the most costly win of your career since Dune did his best Sebastian Janikowski impression on your kid’s head.

Aquarius pulls Flash to his feet by the neck using the bat and throws him towards Jared. Jared grabs him and nails another Dolphin Driver to leave Flash splayed in the middle of the ring. He rises to his feet and raises the microphone again.

Jared Holmes: So of you seem to have forgotten a few things, so let me give the WSeaF a friendly reminder: I. Run. This. Fed. The #fuccboigenocide is STILL going on. And the Galactic Prophecy… WILL. Be. Completed. All. Hail. The Six God.

“No Church in the Wild” by Jay Z and Kanye West hits the PA as the crowd erupts into a torrent of boos. The scene fades as Jared stands triumphant in the ring, his entourage applauding.

Volcano Match
Zombie McMorris vs Bobby Cairo

The whirring of the chopper blades meshes with the gurgling of Mount Poonsuvius as the live video feed kicks in from Poon Guinea. The exotic nature of the locale (palm trees, poon, Poon, and MORE POON!) serves in stunning contrast to that rat's nest back in Philly.

Zach Davis: And it is time! Due to the impossibility of being in two places at once, we remain broadcasting from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia as the sights and sounds of Poon Guinea invade our aural spectrum.

Gravedigger: Look at them cheerleaders out there at Mount Poonsuvius, Miggal! I ain't seen knockers like that since our last trip to Cowboys Stadium.

Freddy Whoa: In your hometown of Dallas, right, Jawn?

Gravedigger: Indeed, Miggal. Indeed. Dallas, Texas. Land of milk and honey. And if you ain't a steer then you better not be a queer, or else get da fawk away from my broadcast table.

The cheerleaders, scantily clad even by cheerleader standards, shake their tits and asses and poongina flaps as the tropical warmth of the Poon-o-granite sun beams down upon them.

Gravedigger: Look at them virgin whores, Miggal. Da GodFodduh's finest. Bronze. Caramel. Mocha, and even Cream. All the colors of Bawby Cairo's rainbow! Ahh yah, I love it!

Zach Davis: Keep it in your pants, Jawn. Godfatherdamn.

Gravedigger: I can't help it, Miggal. I'm fixin to erupt on some Mount Poonsuvius kinda trip.

Zach Davis: And that's what this match is all about, as we see the competitors being lowered from their respective helicopters into the depths of the world's largest active volcano. Robert Hercules Bobfather GodCairo prepares to put his WZF HorrorGORE Champ-YUM-Ship at stake against the former champion, The Coked Up Mad Man himself, The Honey Badger, The Duke of New York, Evil Incarnate, and one hell of a Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman back in the day... ZOMBIE MACK MORRIS!

Gravedigger: DankMorris himself, Miggal! I love it!

Freddy Whoa: And as you noted, Zach, they are being lowered from two seperate helicopters, which is a different scene than what we witnessed the last time these two warriors went toe to toe.

Zach Davis: Correct-o-mundo, Freddy. We saw Bobby and ZMAC throwing down in that chopper high above the arena in Los Angeles during ONE, both men dangling precariously close to death, only for Cairo to send McMorris hurtling from hundreds of feet on high as he fell SPLAT atop the venue, narrowly avoiding being impaled along the way. It's amazing that McMorris is even healthy enough to compete here against the GawdBobbuh.

Gravedigger: That man has lived a thousand lifetimes and died a thousand more. You can kill him, but that ain't never gonna stop him. ZMAC is immortal, and unlike some of the others who have passed through these hallways and auditoriums *cough*DENISE*cough*, ZMAC is the genuine article.

Zach Davis: You smashed the Denise D'evil ass poon, right, Jawn?

Gravedigger: Yup. And after I did the deed, she made me a ham an' cheese sammie, Miggal. And I take roast beef on my ham an' cheese sammie.

Rage Against the Machine performs live atop the mouth of the great pooncano, just upon the perimeter of the fiery forge of magma and brimstone, with all them cheerleaders shakin' their mother loving goodness to the tune of that "Killin' in da Name of" joint. Rage is soon joined by the surviving members of Motorhead for a collab performance of "Killed by Death", the two great bands showing solidarity and brotherhood that will not be witnessed in the Hardcore Championship match to come.

Zach Davis: We've seen a lot in the history of WCF, and you've been here for most of it, Jawn, but never before have we seen two men lowered into a volcano for the purposes of a wrestling match.

Gravedigger: You're damned straight, for once, Zach. They're upping the ante in the name of conquest and domination. If these men aren't ready to fight then my name isn't Jawn Bradshaw Laydigger!

Zach Davis: I swear, you look at Ky-Row and Mack Morris being lowered into that volcano, and with all of these different camera angles that we have, especially that overhead shot, it looks for all the world like they're being lowered into a giant eardrum.

Freddy Whoa: You...

Gravedigger: Uh... wut?

Freddy Whoa: You said an eardrum, Zach?

Gravedigger: That's what that looks like to you, Miggal? An eardrum?

Freddy Whoa: When's the last time you got laid, Zach? Check that- when's the last time you got laid by a female, Zach?

Zach Davis: In the eardrum or...?

As Cairo and ZMAC are lowered into the bowels of Mount Poonsuvius, the cheerleaders strategically spread their legs, using those strong, shaped, toned, and sexy gams to spell out the names of the two legendary Dub Sea Eff Yew Supahstahs.

Gravedigger: That does it, Miggal. If the Cowboys cheerleaders don't step up their game next season, I'm moving to Poon Guinea! They're putting on an unreal show right now! We've gotten our money's worth *cough*TEN-OH-ONE-A-MONTH*cough* and the match ain't even started yet!

Freddy Whoa: Full frontal nudity? GawdFadduhDamn, if that ain't the cherry on top of the hot fudge sundae.

Gravedigger: More like the cream pie, amiritedoe?

Digger and Freddy bust a nut from laughin so HAHD.

Freddy Whoa: Not to change the topic, Jawn, and what a fwine azz topic it is- but are those ghosts rising from the fumes inside of that pooncano?

Gravedigger: Kinda. Those are the souls of all the jobbers whose careers Odin Balfore has vanquished through the years. It's those souls that Mount Poonsuvius feeds off of. They provide the fire in the belly of the beast, so to speak.

Zach Davis: Is that Steve Thunder?

Gravedigger: Yup. And there's D-Day!

Freddy Whoa: Waddup, Day!?

Zach Davis: It looks like our two competitors are finally inside of the pooncano. Cairo looks focused, fierce, ready to take ZMAC's head off, ready to defend that title against the man that he took it from just over one month ago at ONE. And look at ZMAC. He's frothing at the mouth like the world's largest rabies infected rat, but he's otherwise emotionless.

Freddy Whoa: ZMAC's done this so many times before, with his back up against the wall, with the stakes at their highest, with the odds at their longest, he's ready to fight tooth and nail for as long as he has a breath left in his body, and then some. This is just another day at the dumpster for ZMAC.

Gravedigger: And let us not forget, ZMAC is the reigning WCF Internetz Champ-YUM. He wants to become a Double Champ tonight. Double Bubble juss like dem fwine azz cheerleader ass poons. He's been there before, ZMAC has, and he wants to do it again.

Since Stanley Moser is already booked to ref the matches back in Philly, second in command of WCF officials Mr. Zip Wingdinger, who was already chilling inside of the volcano with a Coolata from Dunkin, issues his instructions to both competitors.

Zach Davis: Zip is in there basically telling both guys that they're free to murder each other if they so desire, unlike the rules for a typical match.

Freddy Whoa: And they don't have to listen to his instructions at all. In fact, he's only in there to count for a pinfall or check for a submission. Everything else is fair game.

Gravcedigger: And if either man falls into that magma -- "magma" being the term for "lava" whilst it's inside of the pooncano -- then the match is over and his opponent is declared the victor.

Zach Davis: We do have emergency staff on hand to fish both men out of the magma, should such a scenario play out. You see them wearing those special uniforms to protect themselves from the heat, just as Zip is wearing... yet Cairo and ZMAC are both wearing their usual wrestling garb. Are either of you gentlemen surprised?

Freddy Whoa: Not really, Zach. If either of these men cared about life and limb, they wouldn't be wrestling inside of a volcano.

Gravedigger: Agreed. This is HAHD KORE. THIS IS HORROR GORE. This is not the match for bitches and little boys. No Brent Alpine's or Marina Valdivia's need apply. This is a match for grown ass men puttin in grown ass work. Y'herd?


Bobby Cairo charges Zombie McMorris and connects with an off kilter knee lift to the scrotum. They clinch for a bit. Bobby grabs ZMAC by the hair, and reaches into his own Godfatherdamn trunks. Bobby pulls out a railroad spike and drives the spike right into ZMAC's eye socket.

Zach Davis: Oh Mike Gaaaaaawd! The inhumanity of it!

Gravedigger: Bobby is an animal! I love it, Miggal!

Cairo digs that spike into Zombie's eye, tries to stick it through into ZMAC's brain. but ZMAC headbutts ONCE. TWICE, THREE TIMES, to fend Cairo away, and then takes Cairo's head damn near clean off with a big boot. He immediately attempts to hurl Cairo into the smoldering magma.

Zach Davis: Cairo could be on the verge of fiery volcanic death right now!

A low blow or three backs ZMAC away and Cairo whips off a leg lariat to keep himself in the match.

Zach Davis: And Cairo fends off certain death! This match concept might be brand new to WCF, but rest assured that both of these men are experienced volcano fighters.

Gravedigger: A brand new match concept, yet once Seth sees the buyrate on this he'll be booking volcano matches every week on Slam. BioWalker versus Hardcore McEmo for the Pooncano Tag Team Champ-YUM-Ship.

Freddy Whoa: Please don't give that man any ideas, Jawn.

Cairo's taunting ZMAC, daring him to get up, teasing that R-CAIRO. ZMAC pulls a nail gun out from his boot and shoots it right into Cairo's scrotum.


Freddy Whoa: Bobby just took them Nine Inch Nails to the Honore de Balzac. Singin dat YOU GET ME CLOSER TO GAWDFADDUH joint in falsetto.

Gravedigger: I think it'd be more like HEAD LIKE A HOLE! after dem nut shots, Miggal.


As Cairo is bent over, clutching at his adamantium thick, ZMAC aims and fires with a devastating short-arm clothesline. Then ZMAC measures... he stalks... he signals that it's time... ZMAC GIVES CHARGE


ZMAC pins.




Zach Davis: Bobby got that shoulder up! But he's bleeding his own blood now.

Freddy Whoa: Bobby's thick might be a cybernetic organism, living flesh over a metal endoskeleton, but dat nigga still feels the power of dem nine inch nails to da gonads.

Gravedigger: ZMAC showin' no mercy, no let up. Eye poke, jab, chop, shin kick! Axe handle, uppercut, another short-arm clothesline, roundhouse kick, another headbutt! How is Bobby Cairo still standing?

Zach Davis: Well he's propped up against the cavern wall, Jawn. Not sure that he's really standing.

Freddy Whoa: Looks like that thick of his has extended all the way to the rock floor as well, adhering further resilience to his vertical base. Gotta respect that kinda resourcefulness.

Gravedigger: You Miggal's ain't never had a thick like that between your legs. Ya wuddn't even know what to do with it.

Zach Davis: Yes, GrampDigger. Shall I fetch you your pipe and slippers now?

Gravedigger: Nah, that's bitch work, Miggal. Let them cheerleader bitches handle that while they're handling this thick.

ZMAC continues to pummel Cairo with everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink. Muddafukka dug up a kitchen sink from inside of a volcano. #DasKrayYo

Zach Davis: That porcelain head shot finally brings Bobby to his knees, and it's academic from here. No way Cairo can cum back from this kind of punishment-

Freddy Whoa: The First Lady of Poon Guinea! Rihanna is in the house! Wutdafawk?! She's stroking Bobby off!

Gravedigger: Time for the big CUMback, Miggal!

Freddy Whoa: Nope, ZMAC not havin any of it. He swattted that azz from behind and now Honey Badger is manhandling tha Good Girl Gawn Bad!

Whilst ZMAC manhandles Bobby's bride, Bobby catches his second wind, and kips up to his feet. He "springboards" off the forge of cavernous rock wall before him, and clobbers ZMAC in the noggin with a Yakuza Kick, freeing the First Lady from Evil Incarnate's nefarious clutches.

Zach Davis: Cairo says "Take that, ZMAC, ya evil bastuhd!"

Freddy Whoa: Evil is relative in this scrap, Zach. Bobby tried to murder ZMAC's son, The Scarecrow, we all thought he did infact until the craziness of last week's Slam. And ZMAC is just an awful, rotten, stinking, human being. Rotten and stinking and awful like the world's worst foot fungus.

Gravedigger: And I'm pretty sure ZMAC has a case of the world's worst foot fungus, but that ain't gonna save him now as Bobby and Rihanna set him up for that Midnight Poon Run... and they hit it! That's a Thickness Double Team Move, and Riri just held up her end of it... spectacular!

Freddy Whoa: Damn straight she's got a spectacular end, Jawn. Infact I'm thinkin about-

Gravedigger: Freddy, sit. Don't you dare get on that next plane to Poon Guinea. Don't you know what they do to smooth young bruddas in Poon Guinea?

Riri pulls Cairo on top of ZMAC and Zip makes the count.




Zach Davis: Shoulder up by ZMAC! Bobby was still shaken up in his own right, needed help from his First Lady to even be able to make that last cover. One gets the feeling that win or lose, neither man will ever be the same after this match. It just- it takes its toll on ya, right, Jawn?

Gravedigger: It really does, Miggal. And in an environment such as this, as dangerous a match as we've ever seen... there's no guarantee either man will walk out of that pooncano.

As Zach and Freddy shudder at the announce table, and wet their pants and eyes a bit, ZMAC and Bobby both struggle to their feet. As ZMAC does reach his vertical base, he finds himself in a precarious position, teetering on the edge of the cavern, dangerously close to the magma.

Zach Davis: ZMAC has to be careful to avoid falling into that magma! Immortal or not, that's gonna leave a mark!

Gravedigger: And Bobby Cairo gives no fawks-- he's goin for that Cactus clothesline!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Cairo just took himself and ZMAC over the edge of that cavern! He juss murked both of them nigguhs, hisself an' the otha nigguh!

Zip Wingdinger is nearly ready to call the match and signal for emergency personnel when he steps to the edge of the cavern. The cameras quickly follow.

Zach Davis: NO! They're not dead! That shard of rock rose up from the ooze just in time to spare them!

Freddy Whoa: That's not just any rock... that's a rock of that bomb ass Poon Guinean cracka-lacka, forged by straight Poonsuvius FIYAH!

For a brief moment, Cairo and ZMAC form a team, working together to hoist the monstrous crack cocaine rock onto the ledge of the molten rock cavern.

Zach Davis: These men once fought a match over a bag of cocaine, perhaps the greatest and certainly the craziest match that we've ever witnessed in WCF. Now they work together, inside of the new craziest match that we've seen, to divvy up the world's largest crack rock. Unreal. This is what sportsmanship is all about, ladies and gentlemen.

Each man yanks his glass pipe out of his boot and goes about loadin' up on that 'send ya mine into outta space' shit.

Zach Davis: This is perfectly legal under Hardcore Rules, folks. And frankly, Smokin' rocks is part of the standard curriculum for both of these gentlemen.

Freddy Whoa: If illicit substances were banned in WCF, half of the roster would be unemployed. Shit, I seen an intern mainlining dope in the women's restroom just the other day.

Gravedigger: What were you doing in the women's restroom, Miggal?

Freddy Whoa: It was an honest mistake, Jawn. And that's exactly what I told the officers.

After takin' a few long, HAHD drags from that pipe, ZMAC shakes his head and lets out a yell. Cairo begins cackling wildly, maniacally. Both men look as though they're feelin good and gacked.

Zach Davis: That is some potent sheet right there. Forget steroids and HGH. You wanna be a top flight pro athlete? Crack is where it's at, kids. Not just any crack though; you gotta get at that Poon Guinean shit.

Freddy Whoa: Yah, the Poon Guinean, Zach.

Gravedigger: Poon Guinean indeed, Miggal.

ZMAC lays the pipe and grabs the largest thick-- er, STICK, he can find and dips it into the magma. Quickly that stick turns into a billowing torch, a damn veritable mini-inferno. ZMAC gives chase to Cairo, who laughs and screams like a child whilst ZMAC pursues with a murderous glare on his face. Rihanna screams at ZMAC to cease his antics before taking off her heels and whipping them at The Honey Badger.

Zach Davis: The First Lady does not apoon! Riri continues to assert herself in this match, and you have to wonder when The Honey Badger is going to take the gloves off and cease being a gentleman.

Freddy Whoa: You ask me, she's asking for it alright. Riri, you bettah calm yaself and let ya nigguh Bobby handle his bidness on his own, grrl.

Gravedigger: Git r, ZMAC! Git dat hoe!

With Cairo in his whacked out stupor and not posing a tangible threat to HONEY MACK, Zombie turns his attention to Rihanna. He gives chase as the barefoot First Lady runs away, screeching frantically for Bobby to help. Bobby's too busy chasing invisible butterflies to care.


Riri stumbles over a rock and falls, leaving her a helpless prey at ZMAC's feet.

ZMAC: Now u gon die bitch

ZMAC raises the torch above his head and prepares to do his worst.

Zach Davis: Oh noes!

Freddy Whoa: Not like dis doe!

Gravedigger: Do it, Zombald Trump! Do you, son!


Bobby Cairo: YOINK!

Cairo surprises ZMAC from behind with a schoolboy roll up.




Zach Davis: He almost had him! Cairo almost won the Volcano Match with a damned schoolboy!

Both competitors kip up to their feet. ZMAC looks pissed. Bobby is flashing that cocky, arrogant FUCK YEW Jewsmirk of his. Without warning, ZMAC lurches forward and slaps Bobby across the face.

Freddy Whoa: OOOOOH! You don't evah slap a GawdBobbuh!

Gravedigger: Zombie just Pimp Slapped a muddafukka! Steve Orbit just saw that pimp slap, talkin' bout "Yo ZOMBIE MACK, y u stealin my shit?"

Zach Davis: Well, Bobby's not gonna take that lying down... And he retaliates with a slap of his own! It's slap versus slap right here at F15teen, ladies and gentlemen of the Dub Sea Eff Loyal!

ZMAC tries to murk Bobby with that next slap, but Bobby ducks, rolls and catches ZMAC off guard with a foot slap.

Zach Davis: Foot slap! Innovative technique by Tha GawdFodder! Not witnessed since the days of Zohan!


Freddy Whoa: Bobby just hittem wit duh R-CAIRO!


Zach Davis: So quick I couldn't even call it! Damn you, Freddy! Damn you!

Bobby pins and the three count appears academic as ZMAC is sprawled on the rock floor of the cavern.





Zach Davis: Shoulder up! Shoulder up! ZMAC got that shoulder up! How'd he kick out of the R-CAIRO?!

Freddy Whoa: You know that crack gave him a boost, but ninety percent of that was sheer testicular fortitude.

Gravedigger: Look at Bobby. He can't believe it, haha! Looks like he just seen the ghost of Histler!

Bobby argues with Zip, insisting that it was a three count, but Zip shakes his head no. Bobby threatens to have Zip assassinated by the Thousand Thick-ni Army, but Zip still won't give in to The Governor's coersion. Finally, Bobby pulls ZMAC to his feet-

Zach Davis: Bobby's setting up for another R-CAIRO!

Freddy Whoa: But no! ZMAC struck with them brass knux to Bobby's titanium testes! It could be "Good night, Thickness!" after that punch! DAYUM!

Gravedigger: ZMAC got Bobby locked in that gutwrench and ya know what that means-


The challenger covers the champion and Bobby is out cold.





Zach Davis: Kick out! Kick out! BAH GAWD he kicked out!

Freddy Whoa: I thought he had him for sure. Gotta give Bobby credit. He takin' it as good as he's givin' it inside of that pooncano.

Gravedigger: Both men bloody, sweaty, that immense heat inside of the pooncano taking its toll, the immense punishment wearing them down, their testicles crushed, but their hopes of victory and champ-YUM-ship glory still alive. There is where ya Diggz deep and I know it cuz I'm the Digguh!

Zach Davis: One has to wonder how much either man has in the tank at this point?

Freddy Whoa: Don't forget about that crack rock, Zach. there's still plenty left. Even ZMAC didn't smoke all o'dat babygurl juss yet.

Zach Davis: That could be the key to victory right there, Freddy. But which man will get his hands on that rock first?

Riri makes her move-

Gravedigger: Bitch tryna get that rock for herself!

Zach Davis: Nah, nah, she's tryna get it for Bobby... OK, no, she just took off with the rock for herself. Bitch.

Freddy Whoa: Hoe.

Gravedigger: Skank!

Riri prepares to take her first hit of that Magnum Opus: Crack Rock, as Bobby and ZMAC look on with the pain and yearning written upon their faces.


Zach Davis: What the hell! The video feed just turned bright white! It's blinding! And what's that sound?

Freddy Whoa: It sounds like... the cawing of a crow?

Gravedigger: That can't be! He's banned! Banned by the Poon Guinea State DePAHTment!

Freddy Whoa: Wait! That shape moving through the heat mist; is that Crow? His hair, it's a shock of--

Gravedigger: White! That’s no dead Crow, Migga. Dat be a livin’ gawd! Dat be Odin Balfore!

Zach Davis: Odin is charging through that dense, ashen atmosphere, screaming blue Valhalla! What the hell is he doing?

Gravedigger: Incredible, Migga! Odin just charged and clotheslined a huge, hanging stalagmite and is now carrying the massive broken tusk like a battering ram! He’s swinging for dah fences, Migga!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa, Digguh! Odin just swatted ZMAC off his feet with half of Poon Guinean’s total land mahss! Mack’s flying backwards like a one winged fly and is crashing into the cave wall!

Ri Ri cheers Odin on as the Allfather nods for Cairo to finish this. Cairo adjusts his swollen bionic nutsack as thick sweat has a tendency to play havoc with his system’s core interface. After a few moments of composure, Cairo leans down and makes the mercy cover.




Odin pushes Cairo aside as he heaves the massive stalagmite over his head and welds it like a new found Mjölnir, bringing the jagged rock spike down on ZMAC as--


Huge, and cold to the touch reach out from a plume of heat mist to snatch the executioner’s hammer away in mid-air! Ri Ri’s mouth is agape as motioning out of the fires of hell is--


Dressed in his usual jeans and tee; Crow’s eyes are dark and unblinking as Odin tries to break Crow’s grasp but Dah Murdah Musheen won’t relent as Crow elbow drops the stalagmite; which shatters into a million pieces!

Gravedigger: MIG-GAH!

Zach Davis: Unbelievable! Crow has tapped into the powah of Poon Guinea, shattering a ton of merciless rock with an elbow from hell!

Freddy Whoa: Dat’s some kung fu shee-it rite thurr!

Odin and Crow trading hawd rights now as ZMAC and Cairo lock gazes! The Dove Killah cackles a raspy laugh as he dusts himself off and drags his lacerated body up onto its feet, pulling that railroad spike from his impaled eye socket and brandishing it now like a shiv!

Gravedigger: ZMAC’s trebble tough, Miggah!

Zach Davis: He’ll need to be, here comes the Bionic Jew!

Gravedigger: Rights! Lefts! Cairo with an inverse atomic drop into a powerbomb as--

Zach Davis: No! Wait! Falcon punch by ZMAC! That railroad spike just opened up a massive laceration across Cairo’s cheek! ZMAC, going for the World Tour!

Gravedigger: Mah migger’s dialing sixty nine!

Freddy Whoa: Cairo kicks out! Irish whips ZMAC into Odin and Crow, as Cairo grabs back that railroad spike from ZMAC and--


Crow staggers, clutching his belly as Cairo screams, lunging forward, leaping!

Bobby Cairo: Now you die twice, Crow!

Crow rips the spike from his gut, returns the favour and shiv’s Cairo in mid air! ZMAC with an Axe Wound on Odin!

Gravedigger: Cairo’s bleeding out, Miggal!

Ri Ri cries out ambrosia tears as Cairo staggers; the Godfaddah falls to his knees as ZMAC and Crow circle the downed King of All Jews; Ri screams and charges, but a force behind her grabs her shapely shoulder and holds her back. The First Lady of Poon Guinea is immobile as she turns to face--


Kaz Mazy: I’m sorry ma’am. But ‘dis be over now.

TMNT Security escort Rihanna back to a waiting helicopter as ZMAC and Crow hold aloft Bobby Cairo with a double chokehold; the boiling arena begins to spit hot magma all around them; the Pooncanio now minutes away from a full on eruption as Cairo spits hot blood into the faces of the McMorris clan!

Zip is powerless to do anything as Cairo is held over a burning precipice; hundreds of feet below a maelstrom of fire and ash billows upwards. Odin pushes Kaz aside; steps forward.

Odin Balfore: You can’t kill him! Cairo’s more than a man! You burn dat miggah today? Dat miggah will burn you tomorrow.

Crow looks over at Odin, cold....

Scarecrow: Zip?

Zip half nods; not sure what to do or say.

Scarecrow: Call it.

ZMAC: Horrorkore’s cumin’ home. BOlieve dat.

Kaz Mazy: Goodbye, faddah.

Odin Balfore: NO!

Scarecrow and ZMAC let go of Bobby as he plummets hundreds of feet, his prone, cybernetic shell disappearing from view as he’s enveloped by a canopy of smoke and ash! The camera feed back in Philadelphia breaks up as the mountain screams out for its fallen son.

Hot lashes of molten lava shoot upwards as Crow, ZMAC and Kaz depart to a waiting helicopter; rotors hoisting them away at speed as Zip looks down from his passenger seat; completing his refereeing duties with a detached sense of responsibility. Zip calls for the bell to officially signal the end of the match.


The Pooncano explodes as the McMorris copter is hit by a wall of violent turbulence; the feed cuts to static for a few moments, returns to see a chopper’s eye view of--

Odin Balfore; surfing that hot magma down the outside of Mount Poonsuvius like a gold coast superbank wave. The Nordic Tank is riding on a makeshift board, constructed from lengths of camera platform scaffolding, the impossible structure is held in place with large veins of steel chain.

Zach Davis: How’s he doing that?

Gravedigger: He’s a wizard, that's what they do.

Odin looks up as he navigates the unfolding disaster, darting left and right past jagged rock formations that block his path. A moment passes, then Odin lifts aloft his right arm and makes a fist, holding it there; while lowering his head with hallowed reverence for his fallen friend and comrade.

Zach Davis: Under his poonglorious, pomegranate sun that was ruled and shaped with care; one man has fallen. We will not see the likes of Robert Hercules Cairo again. For he was a man born with a Jew mind, and a mighty thick. He was dah Gawdfaddah. And nothing can take that away from him. Even an exploding volcano.

Freddy Whoa: Amen.

Gravedigger: Cut to something.

Freddy Whoa: What?

Gravedigger: Something...anything. Just do it. Just cut.


Grayson Pierce Segment

We find Grayson Pierce in the infirmary backstage, getting his ribs taped after the vicious assault he endured earlier. The trainer finishes wrapping him up and gives a half-hearted admonishment to "Take it easy", knowing the instructions will likely be ignored, then leaves him be. Pierce is only alone for a moment though, before the sound of slow applause draws his attention to the left. A large man with long dark hair, a full beard, and clad all in black steps into view. He stops just at the edge of the frame, his gloved hands clapping one more time before falling silent. For a long moment the newcomer just stands and looks at Grayson silently with an odd expression on his face, until Pierce becomes uncomfortable.

Grayson Pierce: Do I know you?

The man smiles a broad, toothy grin, showing slightly too many teeth for the smile to be mistaken for friendly. When he speaks, it is in a deep bass voice, though with an unusual, unplaceable accent.

Man: Not as such, no. But I know you, mister Grayson Pierce. Which is why I am not surprised to learn that you failed to defeat Joseph Malignaggi. Of course, we both know Gemini Battle would have won that match. That is how you knew him, I believe.

Mention of that name causes Grayson to narrow his eyes, which in turn draws another smile from the strange man.

Grayson Pierce: There is no Gemini Battle.

Man: And therein lies my problem. You see, it is of the utmost importance to me that I locate him, and yet he is nowhere to be found. But you... you are the last person he was associated with. It will be much easier if you simply tell me everything you know about this Gemini Battle.

Pierce stands up and stares at the man for a moment.

Grayson Pierce: I don't have to tell you anything, other than there is no Gemini Battle.

The man smiles his predatory smile again, and claps Grayson on the shoulder.

Man: I did so hope you would prefer to do things this way. It has been far too long since I have had any fun.

Grayson Pierce: Are you threatening me?

Man: No, no, not at all. I have not come here to threaten you, mister Grayson Pierce. I have come here to torment you. Enjoy your World title hunt while you can, we shall see each other again soon enough, I think.

The man whirls about and exits the frame, the tail of his leather trench coat billowing behind him, leaving Pierce alone once more.

Final Destination Match
Bonnie Blue vs Spencer Adams vs Johnny Rabid vs vs Bejamin Atreyu vs Steve Orbit vs Gravedigger vs Logan

The Wells Fargo Center has every seat in their arena completely taken by an audience member who spent every penny buying their ticket for the Fifteenth Anniversary of WCF. The longest running company in the world that houses the best Professional Wrestling on the planet. A unison of chanting is going on awaiting for the match of the night that has been highly anticipated, and hungered for. The Final Destination match. Kyle Steel stands in the center of the ring, dressed in his usual black Tuxedo holding the microphone under his chin.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen. This match is Wrestling Championship Federation’s first ever Final Destination match! The rules of this match are as follows. The first one to retrieve the contract hanging above the ring will have a shot at a choosing of their time for the WCF World Championship!

The cameras focuses deeply on the structure of the design. Four corners have each a steel tower at the same height where at the tip is a very strong rappling cable connecting to each other forming an ‘X’ shape with the contract being hanged in the middle.

Freddy Whoa: This is WCF’s first ever Final Destination match, and it has the opportunity of a lifetime involved. Whoever retrieves the contract from the top will get a shot at the World Title at any time they choose. That puts the World Champion at a HUGE disadvantage.

Zach Davis: Normally, we would have Gravedigger commenting but he’s also in the match as well. Imagine if we see him getting another shot at the World title but everyone involved has an equal chance to become possibly the next WCF World Champion.

Slowly, the beginning guitar riffs cue the lights to dance around in blue, and white lights to the rhythm of the guitar. The Philadelphia crowd immediately get off their feet as one of the fan favourites walks through the smoke clouding the entrance of the stage design. Bonnie Blue walks out with the long hoodie with the insignia of her star graphics. She stands at full height, and throws the hoodie back over her head, revealing her beautiful face as her arms spread wide to take in all the glory from the crowd here in Philly.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the first participant! From Parts, Unknown! At five feet, ten inches tall. Weighing in at 143 pounds, she is Bonnie Blue!

She quickly sprints down the entrance path, slapping hands with her fans as she passes by. She slides into the ring, and throws the hoodie to ringside as she climbs up onto the second rope with a huge smile on her face in adoration of the crowd.

Zach Davis: Bonnie Blue may have the disadvantage with her peculiar size compared to the rest of other competitors in the ring. However, her key to win is her agility, and speed in climbing one of the towers to secure herself the victorious one in this match.

Freddy Whoa: Bonnie Blue, who is a member of Rebellution, has a lot riding in this match. A shot at the World Title would let her become the second woman to hold the WCF World Championship as Sarah Twilight is the first, and only woman to hold that belt.

While Bonnie is at one corner occupied, a familiar guitar riff with the pounding beat of drums get the crowd going wild again. As for Bonnie, the lights flourish around in a light blue setting with smoke setting across the stage. “Supremacy” by Muse shoot from the surrounding speaker systems of the Wells Fargo Center. A huge uproar in praise, and worship. Spencer Adams walks out from the back, and powers his right fist in up high. He walks down to the ring, happy to get this long awaited opportunity.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the second participant of the match! Hailing from Chicago, Illinois. At six feet, one inch tall. Weighing in at 190 pounds. “The Antidote” Spencer Afams!

Spencer walks down to the ring, embracing some of his loyal fans on the way. He takes a moment to survey the steel structure supporting the ring, and quickly hops up onto the apron to stand on the second rope with his arms raised high in the air. He points at the contact while Bonnie is warming up in her own corner.

Freddy Whoa: Think about improved wrestlers? Spencer Adams is definitely on that list. He started out pretty tough but accomplished a lot so far in his career. A former People’s Champion, Tag, and Trios Champion too. This opportunity will be the acceleration of his singles career which he so desperately deserves.

Spencer takes an unoccupied corner, and the music fades for a little moment until the large titantron gets smeared in a falling wave of fireworks. Johnny Rabid’s name appears on the titantron as “Death Breath” by Bring Me The Horizon blasts out from the sound systems. Johnny’s back is turned to the camera as the smoke settle, and he spins around with his teeth gnashing together at the sheer thought of becoming the next World Champion from his amazing opportunity ahead of him. The crowd is sour, and are booing the hell out of this man. He unstraps the WCF World Tag Team Championship belt from around his waist, and raises it high into the air.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the third participant of the match! Hailing from Palm Beach, California by way of London, England. At six feet, two inches tall. Weighing in 226 pounds. He is one half of the WCF Tag Team Champions, representing #BeachKrew, Johnny Rabid!

Zach Davis: One of the leading talent on the prediction boards. Johnny is one half of the WCF Tag Team Champions, and is focused on jumpstarting his main event career with a shot at the WCF World Championship.

Freddy Whoa: #BeachKrew will have a major advantage on the playing field with one man controlling the time of his title shot so if ever they lose the World Title, they have an easy way of gaining it back again.

Johnny stays in the ring, fully prepared in his in-ring attire as he hands his belt outside to the ring crew. Bonnie, and Spencer are not happy to see someone whose crossed paths with them before, and it wasn’t damn sure in a good. He’s mouthing off in his own little corner, and his music fades. “Suicide Penguin” by Shizoid Lloyd takes over from Johnny’s theme, and the crowd are once again doing their best to throw off the next guy who is none other than Benjamin Atreyu walking out with a smirk on his face.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the fourth participant of the match! Hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota. At six feet tall. Weighing in at 231 pounds. He is “God Given Greatness” Benjamin Atreyu!

He walks down to the ring, mocking some of the fans trying to boo him. As a message, he even flicks off one which just even ignites an entire storm of boos.

Freddy Whoa: The Head of Talent Relations sure have used his ways to get himself into the match but now it’s him against everyone else.

Taking the final unoccupied corner, the rest of his competitors are shrugging him off. Benjamin is enjoying every moment of looking at his competitors, calculating ways in his head. “I CAN’T STOP-OP-OP-OP….”, and everything has been blow to bits. The fans in the Wells Fargo Center lose their minds as “Who Gon Stop Me” by Jay-Z & Kanye West take over from the previous theme music. Pink lasers sparkle around the arena until a pink spotlight poses the famous Steve Orbit being the masterful pimp he is, shining in that spotlight like an O.G

Kyle Steel: Introducing the firth participant of the match! Hailing from Oakland, California. At six feet, two inches tall. Weighing in at 230 pounds. He is “The Mack” Steve Orbit!

Steve removes some of his very luxurious jewelry, and clothing to the young, and beautiful female fans who pass out from being acknowledged by him. He gets into the ring, and receives an unwelcome atmosphere from the remaining competitors in the ring. Standing at one side of the ropes, he keeps an equal distance from those surrounding him him so they don’t get any bright ideas as he thinks to himself.

Zach Davis: How can we count out Steve Orbit? He’s one of the few veterans in this match that could turn their world upside down, and walk out with the contract hanging above them all.

Suddenly, the entire building is blanketed in darkness. A few seconds passed or even moments as the crowd is patiently waiting what is the hold up. “Change” by Deftones starts playing throughout the rows of fans, and a flood of boos pour onto Gravedigger who walks out from the back much pleased to have this opportunity but annoyed at the number of competitors currently standing in the ring looking at him from afar. He rolls his eyes, and walks down to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the sixth participant of the match! Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona! At six feet, six inches tall. Weighing in at 258 pounds. He is a WCF Hall of Famer! Gravedigger!

In his in-ring attire, he makes his way down to the ring having to deal with all eyes of his competitors right on him.

Freddy Whoa: It’s rather nice to have a nice little break from Gravedigger’s shenanigans on our commentary table.

Zach Davis: I mean, would you rather him being World Champion or commentator?

Freddy Whoa: Good question.

He’s standing in the ring, and he’s taken occupation at a little empty space of the ropes. Suddenly, everything stops as there’s a drum raging through the window. The drum sounds gets more intense, and intense until a symphony of horn blasts around in the arena. This time every member of the crowd gets out of their fucking seat, and explode their voices as loud as they can. Everyone in the ring turns to the stage, and “Treachery” by Bleach explodes. Logan walks onto the stage, and just stands to look at the fans going insane at him being here in the Wells Fargo Center.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the final participant! Hailing from Chesapeaker, Viriginia. At six feet, four inches tall. Weighing in at 250 pounds. He is a WCF Hall of Famer! Logan!

Logan walks down to the ring very slowly, taking his time to soak up all the praise. Also, he’s watching every other competitor in the ring. Bonnie, Spencer, Johnny, Benjamin, Steve, Gravedigger, and now he enters into the ring. Everyone is separated away from each other as Kyle leave the ring, and the match can finally begin!

Ding Ding Ding!

Each competitor is being very careful about the first move. The contract is hanging above their heads in that X-Shaped rappeling, and they are very testy about who makes the first move. Spencer, and Rabid are having their eyes on one of the corner steel towers that could lead them to victory but someone’s got to make a move. Suddenly, Benjamin, Johnny, and Spencer each make a break to climb up the turnbuckles, and up the steel structure only for them to get knocked either out of the ring or onto the outside.

Zach Davis: Here we go! Benjamin, Johnny, and Spencer are all on the outside while Bonnie, Grave, Logan, and Steve are busy fighting each other in the ring.

Freddy Whoa: This is going to be action packed. It will be hard for us to call it based on how many things are happening all at once!

Bonnie, and Steve are occupied in in one corner. Due to Steve’s stronger, and bigger size, Bonnie is at the end of some brutalizing strikes that he switches up. More of a Mixed Martial Arts standpoint as he pummels her with forearm strikes into her jaw, and also low kicks into her right thigh which drops her seated in the corner. Gravedigger on the other hand is stomping down on Benjamin. Benjamin is forced to roll out of the ring, and so does Bonnie. When they both turn around, Steve Orbit, and Grave digger look at each other. Eyes meeting eyes.


Freddy Whoa: Both Bonnie, and Benjamin are out of the ring. Steve, and Gravedigger are looking each other in the eyes, and the tension is already piling up in the ring.

Before they both even begin to fight, they are struck with Missile Dropkicks from not only Johnny Rabid but also Spencer Adams. Their bodies hit the mat, and collide outside the ring along with the rest are who are piling up like corpses on the side. Johnny, and Spencer get back at the same time but unfortunately, Johnny parks his foot into the ribcage of Spencer that halts him in his tracks. He holds onto that right arm to launch him into the ropes, and Spencer rebounds off to duck under the clothesline. At the ropes, he leaps over the top one, and flips himself over to Cannonball his spine onto the group of wrestlers with the Tope Senton.

Crowd: WOOOO!

Zach Davis: Spencer Adams just took out the rest of talent at ringside, and now Johnny Rabid is the only man standing in the ring. Wait, he’s going for a dive as well?

The crowd is urging Johnny to up Spencer on the dive. He quickly walks to the corner, and starts to climb onto the top rope with his back turned to the carcass of bodies. Instead of doing the dive, he flips off the crowd, and starts climbing the steel structure at the corner to reach the rappel hanging right at the top. Pissing off the crowd, they start chanting “NO” as the opportunity presented itself. Johnny starts moving across the rappel, getting closer, and closer. That is until Logan is the first one back into the ring who holds onto the ankle of Johnny. He tosses his leg backwards, and Johnny is forced to fall into the shoulders of Logan for a catch Samoan Drop into the center of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Sickening SAMOAN DROP by Logan! That impact was heard around the arena!

Most of the other talent are scattered around the ring. Bonnie managed to Dropkick Steve Orbit into the barricade where his back bounced off, and he laid down on the ringside mat in pain. In the ring, Logan picked up Johnny, and whipped him into the nearest corner. His back slammed against the turnbuckles that made it worse for him, and got struck badly with that Running European Uppercut that threw him into the mat again. The moment he turns around, Benjamin floors his face into the mat with one of the most powerful Big Boots known to man.

Crowd: OOOOH!

Zach Davis: I think Benjamin just took off Logan’s head. The way his head snapped back, that was just sickening to see.

He spins around with his arms out, smiling as if he won an award for best strike of the year. He quickly holds onto Logan, and escorts him outside the ring. Benjamin walks over to the nearest corner, and starts climbing all the way to the top rope. He goes even further to scale up the steel structure until Bonnie slides along the apron, and stands on the second rope to forearm his back to stop him in the knick of time.

Freddy Whoa: Bonnie is hitting up the ropes, she’s about to fly.

Zach Davis: Wait, Spencer is also getting on the action too!

Bonnie hopes onto the top rope, and uses that extra jump to flip herself over his back with her arms around his gut for a Sunset Set flip motion to launch his back into the mat. Spencer slided into the ring, and quickly got into his path to catch his neck into a Falling Neckbreaker.


Zach Davis: Sunset Flip Powerbomb from the top rope into a Falling Neckbreaker! This is action packed, and it’s all for the contract being hanged above for the shot at WCF World Championship!


Johnny, Spencer, Bonnie, and Benjamin are all down in the ring. Grave, and Logan enter into the ring at the same time while some of the rest abandon the ring. Mostly Johnny who needed a breather, and Benjamin who was barely moving from that onslaught. Grave, and Logan step up to each other in the center with Grave being the taller, and larger man. The crowd is completely being off their feet, and giving every last breath to this amazing stand off right now. It begins. Back, and forth they fire shots into the head. Back, and forth neither lets up of the brawl. Eventually, Logan shoots up his right knee to pause the striking exchange. Logan runs down into the ropes, and rebounds only to be flipped over onto his back with a powerful display of strength in a Belly to Belly Suplex.

Freddy Whoa: A great display of strength from Gravedigger right there.

Steve Orbit quickly enters into the ring, and clotheslines Gravedigger in the chest. He is still standing but shaken up, so he does what he thinks is best again. He runs into the ropes behind him again, and tries to go for a Jumping DDT. Steve manages to bring him down to a bent position but Gravedigger postures and holds him in a Suplex position until dropping him down on the top of his head with a Brainbuster!


Zach Davis: He’s down! Steve Orbit is down along with everyone else on the mat. He’s going to the corner, and he’s starting to climb. Wait, who is that?!

Grave is climbing up on the steel structure until a person hops over the barricade with a chair in her arms. She tosses the chair, and it collapses into the back of Grave that forces from off the structure to ringside. He barely lands on her feet, and she starts hammering him down clubbing strikes on the back of his head to weaken him.

Freddy Whoa: That’s KATHERINE PHOENIX!

Zach Davis: What the hell is Katherine doing here in the Final Destination match?!

Gravedigger shoves her into the announce table, and she hits her side against it. However, she picks up a chair near the announce table, and smashes it across his head that folds him onto the table stunned for now. On hindsight, Bonnie is using her time roll out onto the apron, and force herself to start climbing up the steel structure. It’s the same thing with Spencer Adams on the other side climbing up the steel structure. Katherine Phoenix leaves Grave, maniacally laughing her ass off as she goes back into the crowd hidden. Bonnie stands on top of the steel tower looking back and forth between Gravedigger on the announce table, and the contract in the middle.

Zach Davis: Bonnie isn’t-- NO! BONNIE! NO! DON’T DO IT! GO FOR THE CONTRACT!

Freddy Whoa: Oh my god, Oh my god! OH MY GOD!

She takes a leap of faith, and exposes her elbow out. Over twenty feet in the air, she drives her body straight into Grave’s that collapses the announce table into nothing but bits.



Spencer Adams starts moving along the wiring of the Final Destination structure. He’s almost there until Benjamin holds onto his ankles, and shoves Spencer onto an Electric Chair position until spinning him around again. Johnny appears out of his nowhere for Benjamin to Powerbomb him onto his knees with the added Back Cracker. He uses his feet to push Spencer back onto his shoulders, and Benjamin Buckle Bombs him into the corner where his body slumps down.

Zach Davis: Sickening combination by the two, and finally medical have come to help out with the Bonnie, and Grave who are barely even moving.

Benjamin, and Johnny turn around to find Steve Orbit springboarding across the entire ring crossbody them both down to the mat. All three men are in the ring, and everyone is down once again.





Zach Davis: It’s a never ending chaotic story! What will happen now?

Freddy Whoa: There’s no telling what will happen. It’s all too much!

Logan has a ladder in the middle of the ring.

Zach Davis: Can we call this a shortcut?

Logan has the ladder set up and begins to try to climb up it, but he's stopped by Johnny Rabid. Rabid clobbers him in the back before Logan drops down. Rabid backs off for a second before running at him.


Rabid climbs up to the top now.

Zach Davis: There he goes - wait. HERE COMES ORBIT!

Orbit reaches the top just as Johnny Rabid does. Orbit had that much more heart. Orbit grabs Rabid's head and slams it into the ladder; Rabid almost falls off for a second before he fires back with a stiff right hook to Orbit. Orbit reels, then goes for a Pimp Slap onto Rabid; Rabid ducks that, just barely, and grabs Orbit's head and slams his face into the ladder.

Zach Davis: These two are going hard, god damn.

Orbit yells, anger flowing through his veins; ORBIT FIRES BACK WITH A PIMP SLAP OF HIS OWN!


Rabid lands with a sickening thud. Orbit reaches up...


NO! The briefcase rises in the air, far beyond Orbit's ability to reach it. Orbit curses... just as Logan is able to ascend the ladder. Logan swings his legs in as much of an Impact Style kick as he can, sending Orbit falling off of the ladder. The briefcase immediately lowers.

Freddy Whoa: What.

Logan reaches up and grabs the briefcase.

Zach Davis: He... he didn't even need to work for it. What in the hell?!

Logan falls off the ladder, briefcase clutched in his hand. Seth Lerch quickly joins him in the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Oh.

Zach Davis: This isn't new. Seth's favoritism knows no bounds. From Joey Flash to Jonny Fly to #BeachKrew... and now to Logan... Seth has his favorites, and he makes sure they win.

Freddy Whoa: I was a WCF fan before I became a WCF veteran, and Logan was the first WCF Champion I remember seeing. This is Fifteen. He now has the chance to face the WCF World Champion wherever.. whenever....

Logan has gotten to his feet. Seth Lerch is in the ring, and he high fives the Face of Treachery.

Zach Davis: This is WCF, this is Fifteen. Seth and Logan are aligned once again.

Seth motions to the back for Chia Like, I Shall Grow by Say Anything to play. Logan shakes his head.

Freddy Whoa: Looks like Seth wants to get this just right.

Seth motions again and this time The Struggle Within plays. Logan again isn't satisfied with the theme song.

Zach Davis: What does he want?

Finally, Treachery by Bleach plays once again. Logan nods at Seth.. knowing, almost TOO knowing. Seth is oblivious and raises Logan's hand in the air.

Freddy Whoa: Steve Orbit had the Final Destination briefcase if it wasn't for Seth's tomfoolery, and judging by Logan's reaction, well... I don't know. We'll see.

Seth Lerch and Logan leave the arena, Logan with a smug grin on his face.

Post Match Attack

As the competitors file out of the arena, Bonnie Blue is the second to last. She is stepping through the ropes as the lights go out.

Sabotage hits the PA and the lights begin to strobe. Bonnie pulls herself back into the ring and begins to look around.

Freddy Whoa: Here we go again...

Zach Davis: I don't like this...

Bonnie keeps circling inside the ring...

Bonnie Blue: You're not sneaking outta the crowd on me!

As if on cue, the same man who attacked Doc Henry rolls out from under the ring.

Zach Davis: Ahhhhh!

Zach begins to wave his arms to get Bonnie's attention as the attacker crouches, kendo stick in hand.

Freddy Whoa: Bonnie, over there!

Bonnie walks over to hear the announce team better, as the man slides in and approaches.

Zach Davis: Turn around!

Freddy Whoa: Too late...

Indeed it is as the man runs across the ring and cracks her across the upper back and shoulders with the kendo stick.

Zach Davis: Security!!!!!!!

Bonnie bounces off the ropes from the hit and turns to eat an uppercut from the kendo stick.

Freddy Whoa: Annnnd he just hit a walk-off grand slam there...

Indeed, Bonnie's head goes back as she falls into the ropes, and promptly gets tangled up as her arms catch under the middle rope.

Zach Davis: WHOA! She is at his mercy now, and it don't look like he has any...

Freddy Whoa: No doubting that Freddy, look at that evil smile, this doesn't look good.

Indeed he drops the kendo stick and walks casually up to the bound Bonnie as she tries to kick his legs. Not taking it, the man runs across the ring and bounces off the ropes, before using his momentum to drive his knee into her gut. With the wind effectively knocked from her lungs, Bonnie hangs there helpless...

The crowd is livid and Boos and trash rain down upon the ring as this unknown attacker holds a finger up and calls for the crowd to shhhhh....

Zach Davis: Why isn't someone helping her?!?

Indeed the crowd quiets for just a moment and the man bends down to plant an unwanted kiss on her lips. As he pulls away, Bonnie begins to curse him out, and he wastes no time in rearing back and slapping her with all his might across the side of her left breast.

Freddy Whoa: Holy WHOA!!!

With no hesitation he reels back and backhands the other one just as hard, Bonnie screams as she is now crying in pain...

Zach Davis begins to vomit in sympathy...

Gravedigger: Ooooo, right in the chesticles, I don't want to be in her place...

As if on cue the rest of Rebelution come running down to the ring. The attacker grins, grabs his kendo stick and rolls out off the ring... As Holmes and Jordan tend to Bonnie, Grayson Pierce chases the attacker into the crowd as he makes his escape...

Freddy Whoa: Who ever he is, one thing is for certain, he's making enemies faster than his attacks...

Gravedigger: I don't think he cares about that Freddy...

Katherine Phoenix Segment... And More.

Logan, ever the spotlight hog, is the last man to go to leave the ring. But as he does so...

Zach Davis: Oh no.

Suddenly the house lights go down as colorful lights start flashing all around the area. "Storytime" by Nightwish begins to play, as Katherine Phoenix appears at the top of the entrance ramp. She is ... oddly enough dressed for the occassion of business. Wearing Librarian style glasses, heels and a collared white shirt with a striped suit jacket over it. This ensemble is completed with a gray skirt. Katherine even carries a clipboard with her ... which was even more strange being as she was no longer the Assistant of Talent Relations.

Gravedigger: What the hell is this goofball doing? She was fired from that position! Quit wasting our time.

Zach Davis: I have no idea what she's doing but ... she's out here and apparently ready for business.

Freddy Whoa: This chick never ceases to amaze me with the level of just ... dumb shit that she does.

Katherine quickly reaches the ring and walks around it several times taking the time check out her surroundings. She then runs around to the turnbuckle, grabbing hold of it and bouncing up onto the ring apron, glancing over at the crowd but still not really paying them much attention. Logan simply stares at her. He's not ready for a fight - but every second, he's preparing for one. The music dies down and Phoenix excitedly asks for a microphone.

Gravedigger: Oh God, do we really have to listen to her? COME ON!

Katherine excitedly takes up the mic and looks around at a confused crowd, and a confused Logan, who also obviously didn't know why the hell she was out here either.

Katherine Phoenix: As your former Assistant to Talent Relations ... I have a MAJOR announcement to make! Everyone will love this sooooo much! Even better than cookie payments!

She nods. Gravedigger places a hand over his face at the commentary table and groans.

"Master of Puppets" hits and Seth Lerch walks out, wasting little time in putting a stop to this. Katherine looks oddly at him as Seth shakes his head at her, making his way down to the ring.

Seth Lerch: Nope. This isn't happening. You were relieved of that duty. You can't make any announcements. Your show is over.

Gravedigger: FINALLY!

Zach Davis: Seth isn't having any of it. I can't say I blame him.

Katherine folds her arms and pouts at Seth who now enters the ring to escort her and stop wasting his production time.

Seth Lerch: Come on, let's go.

Katherine shakes her head no.

Katherine Phoenix: No! I have to make my announcement!

Seth Lerch: You're not making any announcement. We're done, show is over. And you don't have the authority to make an announcement even if it wasn't over!

Katherine Phoenix: I know I am not Koola Lion's assistant anymore silly Seth! But this announcement is from what I did BEFORE that meanie fired me! It's going to make you a LOT of pennies Seth. You like pennies don't you?

Seth quirks a brow, the possibility that he might make more money off of ... whatever it is she'd done seems intriguing.

Seth Lerch: Whatever, just hurry up about it. I'm not paying for extra screen time here!

Gravedigger: Fuck me.

Zach Davis: Obviously she's gotten Seth interested. I just have to wonder what she has up her sleave here?

Katherine excitedly jumps up and down being as Seth was going to let her make her announcement. Seth folds his arms and gives her a stern look that reads "Hurry Up!" Katherine stops the jumping and gets on with it. Logan is still in the ring, his arms crossed, holding his newly won Final Destination briefcase.

Katherine Phoenix: So, before Koala Lion decided to kick me to the curb I did some very very great things for WCF! We have decided Sethykins that we don't like what is going on right now and this being WCF's fifteenth birthday... we're going to make some changes so it will be fun again!

Seth grows very impatient at this point. Katherine has a big goofy grin on her face.

Seth Lerch: What are you babbling about?

Gravedigger: Cut her mic, dammit! This is a waste of time.

Katherine Phoenix: What I am saying Seth ... is that since this show is suppooooosed to be all about history, that we need to change some of that and we've decided to start that right now!

Seth is getting rather annoyed at this point as it was apparent to him that this entire thing was not going anywhere.

Seth Lerch: Alright ENOUGH! This ... little thing of yours is wasting my time and money! I don't want to hear anymore of this crap!

Katherine clutches the microphone so that Seth can't take it away from her. She shakes her head again in defiance and keeps talking anyway.

Katherine Phoenix: Seeeeeeth stop being such a grumpy bear! I said I have surprises for you that will bring you pennies and I do.

Gravedigger: Just. Shut. Up.

Freddy Whoa: I have to believe this is heading somewhere ... right?

Zach Davis: With Katherine ... you never know.

Katherine Phoenix: This party with no balloons, no cake, no ice cream .. I mean seriously Seth how can you not have ice cream at WCF's birthday?!

Seth has lost it by now and SCREAMS at Kat.


Katherine frowns and looks at him, almost sniffling.

Katherine Phoenix: You don't have to be such a meanie!! Fine, since you have Torture and Corey Bear and alllllllll of these people who have history with WCF here for the birthday party. But then there's the stuff you DON'T talk about!

Seth folds his arms, ever hoping she gets to ya know, the POINT!

Zach Davis: I am honestly shocked Seth has allowed this to carry on this long.

Gravedigger: If he doesn't shut her up soon, I'm gonna do it!

Katherine Phoenix: The things that people try and sweep under the rug like spoiled cookies and forget allllllll about.

Seth Lerch: If you don't ...

Seth begins but Katherine interrupts him.

Katherine Phoenix: Things like the first and only woman to be the world champion ...

Seth's facial expression changes and it is clear immediately that he sees dollar signs at this point.

Gravedigger: What?! No. Hell No. Hell Fucking No!

Katherine Phoenix: Seeeeeee Sethykins. I told you that you would like my surprises!

Zach Davis: There's no way ...

Gravedigger is losing his shit at the commentary table.

Seth Lerch: Go on ...

Katherine Phoenix: People are meanies who try to pretend that having this big birthday party could happen WITHOUT including the bestest greatest bear of them all and welllllllllllll.

Katherine again jumps up and down like a kid in a candy store.

Katherine Phoenix: Before that MEANY fired me I made one more contract Seth!

The dollar signs in Seth's eyes are now doubled. Logan, pacing around, either sees competition or... he sees the woman he crossdressed as, or... who knows what Logan sees? The lights go out as a spotlight centers on stage. Piano chords begin a haunting melody, accompanied by heavy drum beats. The crowd begins to boo MASSIVELY as the video wall displays the words THE ONLY ONE. However, some of them actually cheer just based on the unexpected factor of it all.

"Hello, Hello. Remember me? I'm Everything You Can't Control."

The words echo throughout the arena as people look toward the entrance to see if this was really happening.


Zach Davis: I'm ... speechless right now.

Pyros shoot up from the stage as our melody finally kicks into guitar. "What You Want" by Evanescence continues to play as Sarah finally walks out onto the stage. She is greeted with a mixture of cheers and boos surprisingly. The redhead is wearing a pair of blue denim jeans, a black and white pair of Nike sneakers and a Tee shirt depicting a familiar former blonde headed WCF star on the front, and #SMOKINGHOT written across the back with flames and smoke engulfing it. She arrogantly swaggers towards the ring, taking her time to revel in her own glory among SHOCKED fans before she reaches the ringsteps and steps inside. She smirks at Seth who is practically spending money in his head right now.

Freddy Whoa: Former World Champion ... Television Champion, Tag Champion ... WCF Classic winner. The list goes on, an impressive resume but ... this I would not have expected.

Zach Davis: It's been nearly two years since we last saw Sarah Twilight in a WCF ring ... and quite frankly, I never thought we would see her again. Every indication we've had has made it clear that she was not going to have anything further to do with WCF.

Gravedigger: And she shouldn't! This disrespectful bitch caused enough chaos when she was here!

Freddy Whoa: For those of you who don't remember, it was back in 2014 where Sarah brutally attacked and set fire to former WCF alumni Ana Valentine that led to her departure from WCF after officials brought the hammer down on her for such horrific actions.

Zach Davis: Skyler Striker, Famine of the Vile, Ana Valentine just to name a few fell victim to her actions.

Gravedigger: Look at that damn shirt she has on. You think she has ANY remorse for what she's done? Fuck this! This is the worst thing Katherine Phoenix has ever done!

The crowd is in disbelief and texts and tweets are being sent out in droves.

Katherine Phoenix: You seeeeee Sethykins. Right now #SarahTwilightAtFifteen is trending alllllll over and making you loads of pennies!

Sarah leans against the ropes with a smirk, just looking out over the crowd who still have a very mixed reaction to her presence. But the bigger question now is ... why? Seth actually has a smile on his face right now. Gravedigger is clearly unhappy at ringside.

Katherine Phoenix: Soooooooo the reason Sarah Teddy is here is because like I said ... we want to make some changes ....

Logan immediately goes face to face with Sarah Twilight, pushing Katherine aside once she tried to interfere.

Gravedigger: Twilight and Logan have quite a sketchy history with one another.

Zach Davis: Definitely. These two have never actually gotten along.

A ringside official brings Logan a microphone, he accepts it without breaking his stare from Twilight. With one hand he raises the microphone to his lips, and with the other...

Logan: Welcome back.

... he reaches out to shake Sarah Twilight's, and they do!

Zach Davis: I'll be damned! What the hell is happening here?!

Logan turns his attention to the stunned audience.

Logan: I'VE GOT THE BRIEFCASE, YOU BOUDLES. We are the people that are taking WCF into a direction you've never seen, a direction that's for the better.


Seth may have been seeing dollar signs before ... but any thought of Logan and Phoenix getting Sarah Twilight to return to undo what Seth has built ... not anything Seth was going to be alright with. His expression boiling over.

Zach Davis: And Seth looks infuriated!!! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN???


The members of The Family laugh, as Gravedigger continues to rant and rave about the happenings inside of the ring. Freddy then says...


Backstage cameras reveal on the Big Screen that many in security attire have been beaten down, with an oar on top of the security team that had responded to the call of Seth Lerch


Suddenly over the PA system a loud voice can be heard. "When the force of the majority pushes on the few... A reaction has been caused. The few, become many and the majority are no longer mighty... THE FAMILY HAS ARRIVED!!"

"This Means War" by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play, as Seth looks up to the stage to see who arrives. First out is Charon, followed by Dag Riddik and Morrigana. They each begin to walk down the ramp, as Seth Lerch says...


Dag can be seen laughing at Seth Lerch's statements, as Charon brushes past Seth Lerch, with Dag Riddik still laughing and Morrigana blowing a kiss at Seth Lerch as she also passes by the WCF Owner. Each member enters the ring as they normally would, and stand face to face with Logan, Sarah Twilight, and Katherine Phoenix. Dag Riddik then turns around and points at Seth Lerch, laughing at him uncontrollably at this point. Morrigana also turns, as she blows a kiss at Seth Lerch, before slapping her ass with the same hand she kissed. Charon simply continues to walk towards the three previously in the ring, before turning around to face Seth Lerch. Commentary goes nuts, as does Seth Lerch at the reveal that everyone in the ring are working together!!!



Katherine now raises her mic once more.

Katherine Phoenix: What Logi bear means is ... that we're all a big happy family here ... THE Family and ...

Katherine hands the mic to Sarah who up to this point has yet to say a word to anyone. She looks directly at Seth, narrowing her emerald green eyes and takes the mic up.

Sarah Twilight: The beach party is over.

With that, she drops the mic.

Charon grabs a microphone, looking at commentary, before turning to Seth Lerch, saying in a calm voice and tone...

Charon: And as I am fond of saying, we're just getting started...

Seth looks completely stunned as Avenged Sevenfold's "This Means War" plays again over the loudspeakers. The crowd in an uproar as the WCF landscape had just shifted in a VERY major way.

Zach Davis: Does that mean what I think it means?

Freddy Whoa: WHOA ... like shit just got real. I .. I'm in complete shock here!

Gravedigger continues to lose his mind at the commentary booth as each member of "The Family" stands tall in the ring as Fifteen fades to one last vignette, for our World Championship match.

World Title Match
Jayson Price vs Wade Moor
If Jayson Price Loses, He's Never Allowed to Compete for the WCF World Title Again

The lights dim.

Zach Davis: And now... it is time.

Freddy Whoa: This is a match five years in the making. Jay Price was added to the Ten main event by Seth Lerch, and earlier this month, Seth announced that Jayson Price must fulfill his destiny and become the World Champion tonight... or else he'd never get another Wrestling Championship Federation World Title shot.

Zach Davis: Seth Lerch, who has to be feeling like an idiot, after his first ever investment - Logan - turned his back on him. AFTER Seth let him win Final Destination.

Gravedigger: This isn't about Final Destination - I don't want to talk about that match. Let's talk about our main event. Let's talk about our challenger. Jayson Price HAS held the WCF World Title, but he won it at XIII, NOT an official WCF show. And he lost it fairly quickly. For a veteran of our company, competing at such a high level... The only man in WCF history to hold every single Title WCF has to offer... That is unacceptable.

Zach Davis: That said, Wade Moor has emerged as an unstoppable force. A man that left One as the World Champion, a man that defeated a War winner, the ace of the #BeachKrew. Jayson Price has gone up against the best WCF has to offer, and sometimes he's won, sometimes he's lost. What happens when he steps up to Wade Moor?

All of the lights in the arena drop as "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the arena speakers. The crowd jumps to their feet and begins to cheer as a lone spotlight come on and shines on the stage. Minutes pass until finally Jayson Price walks out to a massive pop.

Gravedigger: Damn it Philadelphia! Knock that shit off!

Price smiles at the love being shown by the hometown crowd and makes his way down the ramp toward the ring. He slaps a few hands and takes a beer offered to him by a fan before posing for a selfie. He makes quick work of the beer and then heads down the ramp before rolling into the ring under the ropes. He pops up to his feet and heads for the nearby corner where he takes a seat on the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: I still can't believe that Seth put Price in this match. I get he's trying to make a point with the stipulation, but come on. Why even risk it?

Freddy Whoa: Why you guys gotta be so down on Price? He's got Seth Lerch trying to make his life miserable day in and day out and you're making him out to be the bad guy.

Gravedigger: It's because he sucks. Ha!

Zach Davis: Not to mention you can't deny he hasn't brought a lot of Seth's wrath on himself.

Freddy Whoa: Still, you'd think he'd banged your wives with the way you're both acting.

The lights in the arena dim as the opening to “21st Century Schizoid Man” by King Crimson starts playing over the P.A. Wade Moor slips out from behind the curtain – Hacksaw Jim Thuggin by his side and that black acoustic guitar strapped to his back - and lumbers out onto the stage. He stares out to the hot “booing” crowd, eyes always scanning, never relenting. A smile creeps up the side of his face, blaring with deep blue strobe lights, as he starts his way down the ramp.

Zach Davis: And here comes our World Champion, flanked as always by Hacksaw Jim Thuggin. How do you think Wade is feeling with all the buzz on this match being focused on the tension between Seth Lerch and Jayson Price?

Gravedigger: I'm thinking that in about 10 minutes he's not going to give a shit because Jayson Price will be out of the World Title picture forever.

Zach Davis: You're giving him 10 minutes? I was going for 5.

Gravedigger: Well I was including the entrances in that.

Freddy Whoa: Getting back to Wade, he's sounded quite confident that he's going to walk out of Philadelphia with the WCF World Title still around his waist. And you can't argue that he's turned away some rather impressive contenders since winning that belt.

Wade puts his hand on the apron, slides his guitar in, and then slides in himself, slithering towards the center of the ring. He hikes up on one knee and holds his hand out to his sides and yells to the crowd.


He removes his straw hat and hands his effects to Hacksaw Jim Thuggin. He starts stretching out the ropes as he awaits the start of the match. The referee walks over to Wade Moor and takes the World Title from him as Kyle Steel enters the ring to make the introductions.

Kyle Steel: Philadelphia, it is time for your MAIN EVENT!

The crowd pops.

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and it is for the WCF WORLD TITLE!

More pops from the crowd. Price is in his corner stretching, his eyes never leaving Moor. Jim Thuggin is on the apron talking strategy with Wade Moor, who is also staring down Price.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, the challenger. From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-


Price grins as Kyle is forced to wait for the crowd to quiet down.

Kyle Steel: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 225 pounds...JAYSON PRICE!

Price walks out to the center of the ring, eyes still on Moor. The referee takes a step forward to keep him back.

Kyle Steel: And to my right, from The Everglades-

The crowd boos in disgust. Hissing sounds can be heard as Moor smiles at the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in 280 pounds, he is the reigning, defending WCF World Heavyweight Champion...WADE MOOR!

Jim Thuggin applauds from the apron as Wade moves out to the center of the ring. Moor and Price standing nearly nose to nose until the referee steps between them. Moor points to the World Title and then pokes Price in the chest, telling him it's the closest he's ever going to be to it again. Price now motioning to his waist, telling Wade that the belt is going home with him. Wade laughs and then starts to turn away before unloading with a right hand to the face. The referee quickly hands the World Title off to Kyle Steel, who hurries to get away from the fight. Price responds by tackling Moor to the mat and the referee moves to break it up.

Zach Davis: This match hasn't even started and already the referee has lost control!

Ringside officials slide into the ring and pull Price off. Thuggin is irate as he enters the ring to help Wade to his feet. Thuggin wants Price thrown out for attacking the World Champion before the belt. But Moor and Price want to go at it and Moor is telling Thuggin to leave the ring. Thuggin looks shocked but he leaves. The referee is trying to get Price under control as he's still being held back.

Gravedigger: What are you doing ref? He attacked the champion before the bell even rang! Disqualify him!

Price agreeing to calm down and the referee sends the officials out of the ring. The referee takes a look at both men and then quickly signals for the bell.


Zach Davis: And here we go! Jayson Price versus Wade Moor for the WCF World Title!

Gravedigger: This shouldn't be happening! That referee is crooked! I demand a more competent official!

Both men explode from their corners and head straight at each other. Moor goes for a clothesline but Price ducks it. Price from behind and he takes Wade to the mat with a release German suplex.

Freddy Whoa: And the champion is down!

Moor pops back up to his feet but he ends up eating a standing dropkick to the chest that sends him stumbling into the ropes. Price starts to go after him but Wade climbs through the ropes and demands the referee keep him back. The referee in front of Price as Moor climbs out onto the apron and then hops down to the floor. Jim Thuggin is there to give the champion a pep talk as Price is trying to throw the referee to the side. The referee finally gets Price back and then starts up a ten count as Moor makes no move to get back in the ring.

Zach Davis: Is Wade trying to get counted out? I think he is!

Gravedigger: Champion advantage!

The referee gets to five and starts to say six when Price runs right past him and dives through the ropes. Moor sees him coming and side steps but Jim Thuggin isn't as lucky and takes the full brunt of the suicide dive. Wade jumps onto the back of Price, hammering into the sides of his ribs with knee shots. The referee is forced to start up a ten count as Wade gets to his feet, only to hit Price with a knee drop to the back of the head.

Gravedigger: Yeah Wade! Get him! Break that neck again!

The referee reaches the count of 4 as Wade pulls Price up to his feet. Wade spins him around and then lifts him up for a back body drop before dumping him onto the barricade. The crowd boos as Wade takes his time walking to the ring and rolling in under the ropes, only to roll back out to the floor. The referee gives Wade a piece of his mind before restarting his count. Price up against the barricade, holding himself up as Thuggin is screaming at Wade to get him. Wade with a very watery uppercut that nearly sends Price into the fans in the front row. The referee's count now at 3 as Thuggin yells for the referee to mind his business. Wade with a second very watery uppercut before he lifts Price up and crotches him on the barricade.

Freddy Whoa: OH! WHOA!

The referee now up to 5 as Wade turns around and stares him down. Moor now headed to the ring and he climbs up onto the apron, glaring at the referee. The ref stops his count as he tells Wade to bring the fight back into the ring. Moor shaking his head no as the referee points to the WCF patch on his shirt. Wade in turn points behind the referee, and he turns around.

Zach Davis: LOOK OUT!

The referee turns right into a chair shot to the skull from Jim Thuggin.

Freddy Whoa: HEY! The hell was that about!

The referee drops to the mat and Thuggin shoves him out to the floor as Wade drops back down off the apron and heads toward Price.

Gravedigger: This is genius! With no referee, Wade can kill Price and still win the match by pinfall. It's a twofer!

Price still perched on the barricade as Wade gets a running start and leaps to clothesline him off. But Price ducks it! Price now up on top of the barricade and he leaps off, hitting Wade with a tornado DDT onto the floor. The crowd pops but then quickly switches to yelling as Thuggin charges Price with the chair still in hand. Thuggin swings but Price ducks it and catches him in the gut with a right hand. Thuggin drops the chair and Price plants him onto it with a DDT.


Price now going after Moor, pulling him to his feet by his hair. Price with a European uppercut that puts Wade up against the apron. Price with the shoulder tackle, driving Wade's spine into side of the ring. Now it's Price trying to throw Wade into the ring steps. But Wade counters and sends Price shoulder first into them. Wade now charging at full speed and he connects with a cannonball!

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!

Price's head driven back into the steel as the steps are jarred loose. Wade back up to his feet and he's pulling Price up with him, although it's mostly dead weight. Wade shoves Price up against the ring post and then turns to check on Jim Thuggin, who's still laid out on the ground. Wade turns around and he calls for the Poseidon Punch. But Price ducks it and Wade's elbow connects with the unforgiving steel post. Wade lets out a howl of pain as he clutches his arm, but Price makes it worse by ramming him from behind and sending him arm first into the post once again. Wade stumbles away from the post and ends up in front of the announce table.

Gravedigger: Someone come out here and get this monster away from our World Champion! He doesn't deserve this brutality!

Price following Wade to the announce table and Price grabs him by the hair. Price slamming him face first into the table before pulling him back up and sending him over the table and straight into Gravedigger.

Zach Davis: Watch out Freddy!

Freddy and Zach scramble out of the way as Gravedigger is knocked backward in his chair by the flying Wade Moor. The crowd pops as Price hops up onto the table and taunts Moor.

Freddy Whoa: Well Price is obviously feeling confident but- LOOK OUT! HERE COMES THE BEACH KREW!

Dustin Beaver, Johnny Rabid, Andre Aquarius and Kyle Kemp run out from the back and down the ramp.

Zach Davis: Well we had to see this coming!

Price sees it coming as well and he leaps off the announce table, crashing into all four men as they reach the bottom of the ramp. Price with lefts and rights at anything that's moving around him as Beach Krew tries to take the fight to him. Price with a Downfall from out of nowhere to Kemp. He readies one up for Aquarius but Beaver hits him with a low blow. Price doubled over and Rabid drops him with a DDT. Aquarius now at the announce table and he tosses a chair to Rabid before he checks on Wade. Rabid calling the shots as Beaver pulls Price up to his feet. Rabid swings and connects with a chair shot to the head that drops Price.

Freddy Whoa: This is a shame. This is a damn shame.

Aquarius helps Moor get up to his feet and walks him toward the ring as Beaver mounts Price and begins to unload on him with right hands to the face. Wade leans up against the apron and screams at the Beach Krew to get Price back in the ring. Aquarius and Rabid pull Price up and then shove him into the ring. Moor slides into the ring and then points to the stage, yelling for the Krew to leave him. As Rabid helps Kemp to his feet and up the ramp, Moor stalks Price, positioning himself for the Broseidon Punch. Price trying to sit up on the mat as the crowd is pleading with him to stay in the match. Price on his hands and knees now, trying to push himself up as Moor screams that it's over. Price finally up and Moor connects with the superman punch.


Freddy Whoa: But the referee has been out of it for the last 10 minutes. We need a new one!

Moor screaming for a referee and one finally appears from the back. He runs down the ramp and slides into the ring as Wade hooks the leg for the pin attempt.






The crowd loses their shit as Wade rolls off of Price, his eyes wild with confusion.


Moor up to his feet and he's losing it as the referee continues to insist that Price got his shoulder up before 3. Wade again calling for the Broseidon Punch as Price is slow to get up.


Price up to his feet and he turns around. Wade runs at him and leaps up.




The crowd loses their fucking shit as Price crawls over and throws an arm over Wade's chest for the pin attempt.






Price rolls off of Moor and both men are laid out on the mat as the referee is forced to start up a ten count. The referee gets to 4 and Price is the first to move, sitting up on the mat and looking around disoriented. Price now pushing himself up as Moor is still down. Suddenly "Master Of Puppets" hits the arena speakers.

Freddy Whoa: Oh come on!

Seth Lerch hobbles out from the back, drawing the attention of Price.

Gravedigger: Seth Lerch has been a supporter of Jonny Fly.. who lost tonight. Seth Lerch is the man that pushed Logan to superstardom... and Logan turned his back on him. Seth's last hope is Wade Moor, and making sure Jayson Price doesn't escape with the World Title.

Seth walks slowly down the ramp and toward the ring as Price is practically inviting him to get in. Wade is slowly getting up behind Price as Seth climbs up onto the apron. The ropes are all that separate Price from Seth as Lerch is begging for Price to put his hands on him.

Gravedigger: Do it, you idiot! Disqualify yourself!

Seemingly utilizing a sixth sense, Price sidesteps - and escaping Wade Moor, who was running at him! Wade Moor is already in motion, and he hits a BROSEIDON PUNCH to Seth Lerch, sending Seth flying off the apron and into the guardrail! Before Wade can even react, he is spun around.


The crowd can't help themselves but pop as Jayson Price pins Wade Moor in the middle of the ring.




Gravedigger: ...

Freddy Whoa: What a fucking night.


The bell sounds.

Gravedigger: This is ridiculous.

"Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold hits.

Freddy Whoa: Finally.... after all of these years. After over five years of fighting, scraping and clawing.... Jayson Price has won the WCF World Heavyweight Title. Not only on a WCF show, but on WCF's biggest show of all time.

Jayson Price is handed the World Title, and he can barely believe it. Outside the ring, Seth is barely conscious, but he's looking up to see Price holding the World Title up; the sight alone causes Seth to pass the fuck out.

Zach Davis: Hah!

Gravedigger: Fans, we're twenty matches in, and we're out of time.

Freddy Whoa: This show didn't just showcase WCF... it changed the landscape. Dear God. What next?

Fifteen fades, finally, to black.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Travis Tusk vs Bad News Benson vs Charon the Ferryman vs Corey Flemming vs CJ Phoenix

Rebellution Arrives Segment

Greybeard vs Grimebeard

Travis Tusk Segment

Jordan Wolfram vs DeMarcus Jordan

Charon/Logan/Katherine Phoenix Segment

Lucious Starr vs Dag Riddik

Tiffany White vs Chance von Crank

K.L. Henson Segment

International Title Match: Lee Roberts vs Punkin vs Nagaski vs Cormack MacNeill vs Kira Sakazaki

United States Title Contendership Match: Raymond Hatcher vs Vengeance

Cruiserweight Title Match: K.L. Henson vs Mr. Holden

Doc Henry's Retirement Match: Adam Young vs Doc Henry

Andre Jenson vs Kyle Kemp

Katherine Phoenix vs Oblivion

Television Title Match: Andre Holmes vs Dustin Beaver vs Stuart Slane

2/3 Falls All-American Weapons United States Title Match: Bernard Core vs Mikey eXtreme

Loser Leaves WCF Match: Jonny Fly vs Corey Black

Return Announcement

People's Title Match: Torture vs Teo Del Sol

Occulo/Howard Black vs Dune

World Title Contendership Match: Grayson Pierce vs Joseph Malignaggi

Volcano Match: Zombie McMorris vs Bobby Cairo

Grayson Pierce Segment

Final Destination Match: Bonnie Blue vs Spencer Adams vs Johnny Rabid vs vs Bejamin Atreyu vs Steve Orbit vs Gravedigger vs Logan

Katherine Phoenix Segment... And More.

World Title Match: Jayson Price vs Wade Moor


Of The Week

Anyone That Appeared in Both Intro Videos
Final Destination



Wade Moor
Bobby Cairo
Stuart Slane
United States:
Mikey eXtreme
Teo Del Sol
Zombie McMorris
Tag Team:
Johnny Rabid/Kyle Kemp
The Sentinels