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Hall of Fame/Of the Year Intro

Kids by MGMT is playing as the second ever Hall of Fame/Of The Year ceremony begins! We're live from the beauttful Guiliano Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Zach Davis and Bobby Cairo are on hand, of course.

Zach Davis: Welcome, fans, to the show. Tonight we induct six incredible athletes into the Hall of Fame.

Bobby Cairo: I'm one of them!

Zach Davis: You certainly are, Bobby. Also, the likes of Jack of Blades.. Steve Carr.. The Elite.. Danny Vice.. and our host tonight himself, "Slickie T" Allen Guiliano!

Bobby Cairo: Great class this year, Zach. A great class. I'm lucky to be one of them.

Zach Davis: We also have our Of The Year awards. Who won what? LETS FIND OUT!

Of The Year Winners Summary

Bobby Cairo: Earlier tonight we saw some of the Of The Year awards being given out, not on this television broadcast.

We see footage of earlier tonight, and the winners of the awards getting their plaques.


Ace Garrison

Zach Davis: Hey, uh... isn't this the only award we gave out earlier? Just that one?

Bobby Cairo: That can't be right. There were so many categories!

Zach Davis: Looks like we'll find out who won what as the night goes on. Only poor Ace Garrison got the shaft tonight. Sucks for him.

Bobby Cairo: The Television Champion of the year accepting his award off screen? Now thats what I call irony!

Zach Davis: Hrm.. well maybe we should introduce our first Hall of Fame inductee.

Bobby Cairo: Our first induction tonight actually consists of three men... three men known as The Elite.

The Elite Segment

"Tip Your Bartender" by Glassjaw plays as a highlight video of The Elite beings playing. Shots of Trent Hunter lifting the World Title over his head along with Dake Ken and X-rated with the Tag Titles. The Elite are shown walking into the WCF at Slammy Award show from years ago, they are shown beating down Neo multiple times, along with more images of the gold they acquired. The words "The Elite" flash on the screen and fade into a view of the stage where the three members of The Elite walk on to the stage to a mixed reaction of cheers and boos.

The three well dressed men look out to the crowd for a moment before making their way to the podium. Trent Hunter takes the front spot to speak first with Dake Ken and X-rated to his left and right. As the music fades out Trent leans forward to speak.

Trent Hunter: When Dake, X-rated and myself came into the WCF we looked to dominate what we perceived to be a promotion that was almost minor league. We walked into the WCF looking to take every title, every ounce of gold that we could. Our goal was to run the promotion, and there is really no denying, we did just that. Within a very short period of time we captured the World Title, the TV Title and the Tag Team Championships all at the same time. No one could beat us. No one could touch us. No one could come close to reaching our level. Those that tried to take us down were dealt with. We came, we saw and we conquered the WCF.

Trent looks out to the crowd with a cocky smile that draws some boos from the fans. Trent shakes his head and chuckles as X-rated takes the podium.

X-Rated: It's funny how little things change. Even back then we didn't get the respect from the WCF fans that we deserved. You have the audacity to sit here and boo us. Do you realize what we have done for you? Look at the WCF now! Look at it! The reason that the WCF has become so successful is because we raised the bar!

This again is met with a chorus of boos from the crowd. However X-rated continues on.

X-Rated: We brought star power to the WCF. You went from having no ones in your promotion to people like me. I mean, come on! I'm a fucking moviestar! I brought instant recognition to your no name promotion! Yet you booed me then and you boo me now.

The amount of displeasure from the crowd is growing. Trent leans in to the mic.

Trent Hunter: You can keep booing. We're just going to keep on talking.

The crowd is still booing as Dake Ken takes the mic.

Dake Ken: Along with bringing in star power and status to this promotion, we brought world class wrestling. We came in to the WCF and picked up gold left and right. Trent went on to become the World Champion less than a month after stepping into the WCF. I won the TV Title in my second match! Then X-rated and myself went on to form the most dominate tag team in the history of the WCF. We won the tag titles and walked over every team that tried to take them from us. The competition was almost as weak as the storyline in one of X-rated's movies.

Dake chuckles and looks at a X-rated who looks hard at Dake.

Dake Ken: I'm mean it was straight to DVD stuff!

X-Rated: At least I've never had to dye my hair blue and act like some "rebel" to actually create a draw for myself or get myself noticed.

Dake looks back at X-rated

Dake Ken: Hmm ... well at least I don't call myself a "movie star" when you're hardly an extra in one of Steve Segal's pathetic movies.

The crowd cheers this as Trent takes over the podium again. As Trent begins to speak Dake and X-rated keep jawing back and forth behind him.

Trent Hunter: Beyond the past though we look at the present and the future of the WCF and there is a sense of pride that we have. It doesn't have to be your personal belief but The Elite pushed the WCF into becoming a better promotion with great matches and great wrestlers. There is a sharp contrast from before we arrived to after we arrived. We raised the bar, and we believe that those after us have reached that bar and will continue to raise it. Although we've never been the mainstays of the WCF and have been cast as outsiders we thank the fans and the roster of the WCF for acknowledging us and our accomplishments tonight. Thank you!

X-Rated: We compared the WCF to the XGWO from day one. We knocked the WCF for not being up to the level of the XGWO. However we really believe that the WCF has reached that level. The fans, the roster and even Seth Lerch stepped up and has created what we envisioned the WCF becoming. We might not be on the active roster anymore but it would be an honour to try and reach the top against the current talent!

The crowd cheers as Dake takes the podium.

Dake Ken: I can only echo what Trent and X-rated have said. When I came back this past time, I chose my target. I picked out Johnny Reb to take out and make an example of on my way to the championship. What I got was one of the most demanding and incredible feuds of my entire career. I never, personally, thought that the WCF would ever reach the lofty expectations that I had for it. Here we are now though. I am proud to be inducted into the WCF Hall of Fame. Maybe one day, The Elite can walk in, and capture all the gold once again. Thank you.

"Tip Your Bartender" by Glassjaw beings to play as The Elite wave to the crowd and leave the stage. "Tip Your Bartender" by Glassjaw plays as a highlight video of The Elite beings playing. Shots of Trent Hunter lifting the World Title over his head along with Dake Ken and X-rated with the Tag Titles. The Elite are shown walking into the WCF at Slammy Award show from years ago, they are shown beating down Neo multiple times, along with more images of the gold they acquired. The words "The Elite" flash on the screen and fade into a view of the stage where the three members of The Elite walk on to the stage to a mixed reaction of cheers and boos.

Tag Team of the Year Segment

Chris Avery is dressed to impress in a suit when he stands on stage at the podium. His music stops and he talks into the microphones.

Chris Avery: Without hesitation, let me announce to you the 2010 Tag Team of the Year, Big Time Jerks!

The crowd pops big time as The Big Time Jerks all come out onto the stage and Chris Avery smirks and turns around. Avery is all smiles when Tank, Jackson, Frost and Ingvar all show up behind them. The crowd boos when Big Time Jerks try to fight but Avery knocks out Bo Young from behind and takes his Television Championship off from around the waist and puts it on his shoulder. Tank big boots one of the others down, and Jackson and Frost put a lickin' to the third member. Bo Young tries to get up when Avery smashes the Championship Belt into the face of Bo Young as Tank held him hostage for a split second. The crowd boo's as Avery pulls out a wireless microphone from his pocket.

Chris Avery: THIS is as CLOSE as you will EVER get to the Television Championship you piece of crap. You take your Texas sized retarded brains, and your talentless asses and get prepared for One because that's when you'll get your heads kicked in, and your asses destroyed. I'm so sick and tired of you being in my business and until you guys have it smashed it into your stupid heads that you don't belong anywhere near anyone with a lick of talent, then you should probably try to prepare for a real damn match. You guys are nothing, and Bo Young, listen up, I hope at One you get what's comin' to ya. I hope you get destroyed for putting your fingerprints all over this... no.. MY... Television Championship.

Crowd boo's hard when Avery stands up as an official from WCF runs over and whispers into his ear. Avery smiles and turns around to the podium.

Chris Avery: I guess business isn't finished. I'm here on behalf of This Is War or Team of Torture, whatever you want to call us, but I digress.. I'm, on behalf of all of us, accepting the award for 2010 Story of the Year!

Crowd boo's.

Chris Avery: On Behalf of Torture who isn't here, Jay Price who we couldn't find, and Creeping Death who we couldn't get a hold of for whatever personal reasons he has against Torture, WE will accept this award.

Crowd boo's as another official runs and tells Avery something. Another smile comes across as Avery talks into the mic.

Chris Avery: I will also accept the award for FEUD of the Year for 2010 as well! This is all part because Torture is a mastermind and will stop at nothing on taking every man and woman down on his mission to the very top of the Wrestling Championship Federation and we couldn't have won this award without Frost, Ingvar, Tank, Shaun Jackson, Creeping Death, Jay Price and of course that weak ass link Rick Mad. No, screw that, Rick Mad didn't do jack and all he did was weigh us down so forget him but the rest of us will continue on our mission, and of course, you can take that to the promise-bank because I'm your Television Champion and that's the truth.

Beast Mode by BoB hits the airwaves and the gang from This is War leaves the stage area.

..Tag Team of the Year Segment

Zach Davis: Next up, the REAL Tag Team of the Year.. two men that are facing each other in a TLC match at One...

"Renegade" by Styx begins to play over the PA system, then cuts out abruptly, only to be replaced by G’n’R’s version of “Sympathy for the Devil.” The crowd voices their disapproval as Doc Henry and his wife step out onto the stage. Doc stands there, soaking it up, reveling in it; while Mary dodges drink cups and water bottles raining down on the stage. Doc’s music gives way to Lynnyrd Skynnyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama”, and the rain of garbage stops. The audience cheers as Johnny Reb and Paul Dangerous take the stage, carrying their tag straps.

Reb and Henry stare each other down as they approach the podium, Doc clearly enjoying his former partner’s discomfort.

Doc Henry: I wanna begin by sayin’ that no one deserves this award more’n I do –

Johnny Reb: Now hold on there, you son of a bitch. You’re forgettin’ somethin’: That it took BOTH of us to accomplish what we have in the last year.

Doc rolls his eyes and gives Reb a dismissive wave.

Doc Henry: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s the same ol’ song an’ dance, Johnny. Come up with somethin’ new. Anyway, at One, I’m gonna prove it to you – an’ everyone watchin’ – that the New Confederacy’s success rested on one pair of shoulders alone: mine. While you were off in Mexico, findin’ yourself or some shit, who was here, workin’ his ass off? Me. Who was it that got us our first title shot after you got back? Me again. You ain’t done jack, Johnny Reb. Not since you traded in your balls for what you call a “conscience.” All you are, Reb… all you’ll ever be… is a second-rate could-have-been who lucked into every title reign you ever had. An’ when you inevitably hurt yourself, or you just up an’ quit here in another few months, who’s gonna remember ya?

Henry gives Johnny a wicked smile.

Doc Henry: I’ll tell ya… NOBODY. The name “Johnny Reb” is gonna be met with blank stares; where I… I’m gonna be on top of this company, just you wait an’ see…

Reb glares balefully at Doc, his teeth clenched, his hands balled into fists.

Johnny Reb: We’ve heard just about enough outta you, Mr. Henry. I ain’t gonna dignify any of that ramblin’ with a response. You are the most low-down, cowardly villain of a scalawag it has ever been my misfortune to meet. My only mistake was in not recognizin’ it sooner. An’ at One, I’m gonna rectify that mistake.

Without another word, Johnny takes his award and disappears into the back, leaving Doc little choice but to follow his example.

Danny Vice Segment

Zach Davis: Next up, we have Danny Vice's induction.

Bobby Cairo: Danny Vice and Skyler Striker go hand in hand, and Vice deserves to join Striker in the Hall. Many of Vice's accomplishments come from outside of the WCF, however; he founded the GWC, which kept the WCF spirit alive for quite a while. Did you know that when the GWC opened, they copied the signup form directly from WCF?

Zach Davis: I did not! Good for them.

Bobby Cairo: Anyway... Danny Vice, ladies and gentlemen!

No one comes out.

Zach Davis: What the.. ?

Instead, a message shows up on the large screen on the stage.

"Hello, everyone. Danny Vice here. While I'm glad to be inducted into the Hall of Fame... I'm going to be honest, wrestling made my life a living hell. All of the personal issues, bringing my very own family into it, and everything... my life is great right now away from wrestling and there is NO WAY I'm getting involved with this freakshow ever again. So, WCF, thanks.. but no thanks. Mail me my plaque. But I'd rather not be in the same building as the likes of Jack of Blades and Bobby Cairo, thank you very much."

After a few moments, the words fade away.

Bobby Cairo: Hey, what'd I ever do to that guy? Geez.

Zach Davis: Eh, maybe his girlfriends a lawnmower. Oh well. Have fun away from the wrestling world, Mr. Vice!

Jack of Blades Segment

Zach Davis: I'm being told we have a special guest joining us-

A black man in purple suit and an afro comes onto the scene.

Zach Davis: Oh no.

Luscious Jackson: Yo-yo, 'dis nite been off da chain so far, dawgs! Can't be believin' all the pow-wow be going down, yo! Like when dat thing happened along wid' dat other thing…Dat was baddass!

Zach Davis: Indeed, indeed, it was. A great night so far but now we've got to take a short break from all the action, or rather all the 'pow-wow that be going down' as my colleague might say…

Zach gives a playful nod towards Luscious.

Zach Davis:--to induct the next member of the Class of 2010 into the WCF Hall of Fame. Now, I'm not sure whether that last sentence was syntactically understandable or in fact, laboured by too many qualifiers but what I am sure of is that this man is deserving of his place in the WCF Hall of Fame.

Luscious Jackson: You're certainly correct on that point, Zach.

An uncomfortable silence follows Luscious' statement broken soon by a prompting cough from Cairo.

Luscious Jackson: Err…I mean, "Yo' be tellin' no lies there, son!"

Zach Davis: Yes…This is a man, or a monster depending on your position on child labour laws, who has done it all. The WCF World Championship, Tag Titles, T.V. and Hardcore Championships; he won them all becoming a Grand Slam Champion in his first year of competition. The second-in-command and later co-captain of the Team of Treachery. 2006's Wrestler and Hardcore Champion of the Year and 2007's World Champion of the Year. He is the man—

Luscious Jackson: --or monster—

Zach Davis: --or monster, who become a figurehead for one of the most exciting epochs of the WCF’s history. He is the man or monster who felt no sense of compunction over any of his many moments of villainy! He is the man or monster who will forever be known as the WCF's 'Master Manipulator!' He is the man or monster that Seth Lerch is about to introduce to the stage…

The camera flies off to top of the entrance ramp, the production crew not acting quick enough to cut off Luscious Jackson muttering something about "not deserving this" and the Yale School of Drama. Just in front of the curtain stands Seth Lerch at a hastily erected podium. Leaning over it like a lecherous reverend stretching over his pulpit for a furtive glance at a choirgirl’s tits, he speaks into the podium’s microphone.

Seth Lerch: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome me in introducing the newest member of the WCF Hall of Fame, The Bastard Clown himself, Jack. Of. Blades!

Ennio Morricone's 'Das Duell' hits and the crowd, like mutts once homed at 'Dr Pavlov’s Animal Rescue Centre', immediately rise up. Boos, namecalling, jeers, unimaginative threats and spatterings of uncoordinated 'U.S.A.' chants; the usual response that Jack's presence elicits within the mostly toothless audiences of North America's wrestling scene. They haven't forgotten him.

Zach Davis: Well, despite all of his accomplishments, Jack was never one to endear himself to the WCF fans.

Bobby Cairo: It's a cultural thing, I guess.

Zach Davis: Nothing to do with him kidnapping Jade Striker, setting ablaze Kikyo Chan, framing Creeping Death on drugs charges and holding the WCF for ransom.

Bobby Cairo: Yeah, it's a cultural thing. Those things are as common to England as fish and chips and world-beating rates of childhood asthma.

While the commentators argue over the nuances and differences that the transatlantic breach makes, the man (or monster) of the moment makes his first WCF appearance in quite some time.

Zach Davis: Oh my…

Luscious Jackson: What da--?

There he is. Jack of Blades. On a horse.

Bobby Cairo: Wow, what a showman!

While the area between Jack's legs has always been the source of much fevered interest, now, acting as residence for the finest stallion this side of the horse that crippled Christopher Reeve, its effect upon people seems mesmeric. Crisp snow white with a lean musculature; this most wondrous of steeds seems perfectly in-keeping with the air of aristocracy that Jack has effected throughout his pugilistic career. An air of aristocracy that seems intractable even with Jack's courtesan-cum-consort, Dysphoria hogtied to the back of the equid, looking as if she's about two title inserts away from being tied to the tracks of some ye olde railway.

Bobby Cairo: God, I love this guy! Not many people know this but when we were both on the road, we used to carpool together. And for all the talk of unpredictability and caprice that surrounded his WCF stint, I always knew how a night with him would end: us two standing trouserless over the shallow grave we just dug with a bruised, dead hooker staring emptily back at us. Haha! Good times! Hehehehe---Can I get a drink?

Jack's other minion of old, the one-man vassal state, Jesper Reisert, follows behind wearing and enjoying a feedbag originally intended for the horse. After a few moments of posturing for posterity, Jack alights himself from his animal ride using Jesper as a makeshift mounting block. Seth moves to meet him halfway.

Seth Lerch: Jack of Blades, it is with great pleasure and absolutely no degree of trepidation whatsoever, that I, Seth Lerch, C.E.O. and founder of the Wrestling Championship Federation, inaugurate you into the WCF Hall of Fame.

At this, Seth Lerch turns back to the podium producing a plastic talisman that is presumably supposed to be used to mark this momentous achievement. It looks truly vile; the sort of cheap tat a pretend academic would buy from Ikea to centrepiece a dinner party for other pretend academics. Anyway, both the commemorative abstraction and Seth's hand are given over to Jack.

Seth Lerch: In dedication, we gift you this so that you may never forget your tenure and success here in the WCF.

Jack's face is a picture of disgust. Begrudgingly, Jack accepts the hefty piece of faux marble before staring away his former boss' offer of a handshake. Seth's open palm is retracted into his jacket pocket with a nod and an uncomfortable laugh. From the pocket, Seth returns with something else for Jack.

Seth Lerch:…And this is your complimentary coupon book entitling you to a bonanza of savings including twenty cents of your next purchase of Tropicana Orange Juice, both pulp and smooth varieties applicable, and a free wheel balancing at over forty quality auto-garages countrywide.

Giving over the vouchers, Seth gestures Jack towards the podium as if to drive Jack towards a speech of some kind. Jack takes a second as if considering whether to oblige or whether to use the god-awful piece of artwork in his hand to bludgeon Seth's head in. He picks the former allowing Seth to retreat through the curtain, clapping as he does so. With Jack readying himself to speak into the microphone, the 'sturm and drang' of the audience intensifies.

Jack of Blades: …

Hisses and borderline racist jibes wash over him in a wave. Jack turns to his right to see the horse, with Dysphoria still attached, being led to the backstage by a stage hand. The audience outcry becomes even louder and Jack once again makes an effort to speak. However, before any word can be spoken, he is cut off by what sounds like a gunshot quickly followed a horse’s neigh. Silence falls upon the crowd.

Jack of Blades: You can always count on the unexpected and unnecessary euthanasia of a farmyard favourite to hush a rowdy crowd. You know, in her vice presidential campaign, Sarah Palin used to do something similar to settle her fanbase. Before every speech, live on stage, she'd feed a duck lead paint until it collapsed on the floor, twitching.

Zach Davis: I’m not sure that's true.

The camera cuts back to the commentator desk where Bobby turns to Zach with a silent, steady nod; the nod of a man who knows an Alaskan Governor's secrets. We return to Jack and also, Jesper, still on stage, scoffing down on the flour-sugar mix of his feedbag.

Jack of Blades: Now, when I first found myself in receipt of an e-mail from Seth Lerch inviting me to become 'the newest member' of a 'special club' of his, I found myself hesistant to accept. Hearing of the ignominy and later, federal convictions that such solicitations had brought others, I opened said electronic missive with considerable consternation expecting a deluge of objectionable material to come through. And you have to remember, I’m totally doo-dah, batshit, crazy-nut, 'touch the moon', met Cthullu, insane! It takes a lot for me to form an objection to anything…

As Jack of Blades has been making his equivalent to the spiel of 'Ich bin ein Berliner', at various times, a hand, its owner off-screen, has been hovering around Jack's mouth offering up a white powdery substance. Vexed, Jack finally decides to address it.

Jack of Blades: Jesper, I don't want any bloody flour!

The camera pulls out to reveal the phantom hand being attached to Jesper Reisert, looking dejected at his friend's censure. He soon shakes it off though and returns to his burlap sack of bakery ingredients.

Jack of Blades:.. Now, where was I? Oh yes, when I did actually find out the true intentions behind Seth’s intrusion into my inbox, it was with great haste that I rushed to confirm my approval of such a celebration. Of course, in doing so, I expected the festivities to be in keeping with a man of my stature and have the pomp and pageantry that I proudly display in doing something as quotidian as running a bath. But alas…

Jesper’s hand once again permeates the frame.

Jack of Blades: …But alas, here I am speaking from a cardboard podium borrowed from the Daytime Emmys clutching onto a voucher for a half-price carpet shampooing that I will never use partly because it requires me to travel to Maine to redeem it.

The hand continues with its plaintive offer. Jack forcefully slaps it away.

Jack of Blades: But hey! How could I say no to joining such an exclusive group? To forever having my name bandied about in conversation with the likes of Frank Bates and a man who once spent the better part of a year dressed as a hotdog?

Jesper and his arm don’t take no for an answer. It's back in the camera's view, flour and sugar dripping from his fingertips.

Jack of Blades: -- To be part of the highest pantheon, to be situated on the loftiest echelon, to s---*cough*mmphfmfpttt

In mid-speech with mouth agape, Jesper took his chance force feeding Jack the well-handled 'food wad.' Sputtering and spitting, hay and salt granules fall out of the former World Champion's mouth masking the full venomous pronunciation of a number of obscenities. Violently, Jack turns to Jesper.

Jack of Blades: Jesper! I am trying to edu—

Shrill Voice: Jack! Ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhh, Jack!

Jack falls deadly still. That voice passes through him, tightening his body, widening his eyes and reducing his manlihood. Later, some would even claim they could see blood running from his ears. That voice; the only voice that could do that to Jack.

Zach Davis: Is that? Can it be?

Luscious Jackson: Naw… it can’t be?

Bobby Cairo: No, no, no.

Zach Davis: It is! Look!

The crowd roars and looking down on Jack from the Titantron is what Jack fears and loathes the most. The crowd explodes in a frenzy of excitement and enthusiasm.

Bobby Cairo: It's…it's…it's…

Slowly, Jack spins on his feet to meet his interlocutor; his teeth bare and his face creased into a monstrous scowl.

Jack of Blades: Win-FREY!

Zach Davis: It's Oprah Winfrey. Oh my God! Oh my God!

Oprah Winfrey: Hey Jack, nice to finally meet you.

Jack shakes his head as if trying to dispel some kind of delirium. It doesn't work; the Queen of Daytime Television is still there leering down upon him.

Oprah Winfrey: Now Jack, I know how much of a fan you are of mine and when I heard that you'd be receiving this accolade, well, I couldn’t help myself. I knew I'd just have to come out and say congratulations.

She winks at the ant-like Jack below her. He's frozen, inert, a deer-in-the-headlights. Jesper is still enjoying his feedbag.

Oprah Winfrey: Now, unfortunately I can't be there in person because I’m a lesbian but I just couldn't let this day go past without adding my own pinch of 'Oprah' magic to the proceedings. So Jack, knowing that you're a champion of the people and how much you hate elitism, I've got a surprise for you…

Zach Davis: What's going on?

Bobby Cairo: I've got no idea. Is this supposed to be happening?

Oprah Winfrey:…It is the greatest honour to announce and induct the final member of the 2010 class for the WCF Hall of Fame: the WCF fans. That's right, to the thousands in attendance to the millions watching at home, and not forgetting the hundreds outside the arena who couldn't get scalped tickets, you are all WCF Hall of Famers!

The crowd explodes. Finally some recognition in their tiny, sneeze-and-you’ll miss it, lives. A massive cacophonous 'Oprah is King' chant soon possesses the arena at large.

Oprah Winfrey: That's right! Everyone watching, from the lowliest single mother watching with her brood on a 17-inch colourless to the arch GOP lobbiest enjoying tonight from the lounge of his country club, is now considered the equal of Jack of Blades.

More roaring from the crowd.

Bobby Cairo: Can she does this?

Zach Davis: She's Oprah!

Bobby Cairo: Good point. Even Seth has to capitulate to that kind of authority.

Luscious Jackson: Yo, yo guys ever seen dat movie 'Scanners' where dat guy's head explodes? Check Jack out.

Oprah Winfrey: Now, before I go, I've got one more surprise…Everyone look under your seats!

The crowd complies. Thousands look under their seats hoping to find a treasure unlike any other. They do. People cry. Strangers hug each other. Many faint and flush in unparalleled agitation.

Oprah Winfrey: That's right! You've got a coupon book! You've got a coupon book! You've got a coupon book!

At this, his tolerance for gushy fan-orientated praise gone, Jack of Blades storms through the entrance curtain launching his HoF ornament into the crowd in that hope that it blinds an orphan child or something. In a bizarre kind of ironic happenstance, Jack, the man with the omnipresent smile, leaves the WCF with a frown.

Oprah Winfrey: Bye Jack! Bye WCF!

Oprah signs off with a cheeky wink leaving the WCF fans to recover from the hysteria and finish ringing home to tell loved-ones of the discounts now available to them at their local Quiznos. The only person now with any presence on the entrance ramp is Jesper. Unknowing what to do, he pulls himself from his bag of edible delights and moves to the podium and more specifically, the microphone. After a few moments of consideration, he speaks:

Jesper Reisert: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."

Giving the fans the last pearl of wisdom he had left to give, Jesper moves, feedbag still around his neck, behind the curtain.

Zach Davis: Well, that was that…

United States Champion of the Year Segment

Zach Davis: And now, the winner of the US Champ of the Year award... D-Day himself!

D-Day's music hits and he comes out, United States Title over his shoulder.

D-Day: Well i am honored to acceot this award for the United States Champion of the year. I don't have much to say right now. There is one thing that i want to say to all of you. I am excited that all of you WCF fans had came to this important Slam. If it wasn't for you guys we couldn't have this at all. One man that helped me advance in my skills here in the WCF and who was my good friend even before WCF, is the Newly Inducted Hall Of Famer, Slickie T. Allen thank you for all that you have done to help me, and i think that the WCF universe also thanks you! Thank you, for all of you people in the Guiliano Hotel and Casino, and you all at home! I will keep this in a special place!

D-Day leaves the stage as we go to commercial.

Steve Carr Segment

Bobby Cairo: Zach, I have to leave to go get ready for later tonight.

Zach Davis: Eh, we don't have a lot to talk about anyway. Lets just listen to the inductions! Next up is "The Ultimate" Steve Carr. Without him, there would be no WCF. Not only that, but he's made quite a name for himself in this company as it is. Lets see what he has to say!

Steve Carr comes out to the stage in suit and waves to the audience. He steps up to the podium and clears his throat.

Steve Carr: Wow, thank you. I'm, uh, not really big on speeches...as hard as that might be for some of you to believe.

He grins and a small amount of laughter is heard from various areas.

Steve Carr: It's different, you know, from coming out and talking about how my opponent sucks, or how I'm awesome. It's different, and strange, to come out here and basically have other people being the ones calling me awesome, and that I belong here with all the other greats of this company. And so I'm somewhat at a loss for words trying to describe how all this feels. It's been a while now that I've been referred to as a "future hall of famer", so it's not like I haven't been expecting this, but since the announcement last week, since this became real, it's just indescribable.

I don't think it's a big secret that my career did not go exactly how I planned it, or how others thought it would, but of course the things that are best for ourselves and others aren't always the things we expect them to be. Through all the twists and turns, I managed to make my mark on WCF in a variety of ways. I wasn't always a perfect person, but I like to think that on the whole I conducted myself with integrity and professionalism. The fact that I am here today on this stage tells me that you all feel the same way. Not only that, but you appreciated me and what I did. That means a lot to me, because even before there was a Hall of Fame, I had the goal of competing and entertaining to the best of my ability, in order to deserve the sort of respect that defines a "hall of famer". I didn't always deserve the support I got, but you all stuck with me and made me what I am today. To all of the fans, all the guys in the back, management, and my fellow inductees, thank you so much. All this means more to me than you can ever know. Thank you.

The crowd applauds as he waves and shakes hands on the stage before heading back.

LVP of the Year Award

Zach Davis: Next we have.. um.. the LEAST Valuable Player of 2010. This is a bizarre award for someone to show up and accept in person, but here we go... welcome back to a live WCF audience.. JASON KASH!

The crowd boos mercilessly as Jason Kash stands up and walks to the podium. He does his best to stay classy and ignore them.

Jason Kash: So this is what Least Valuable Player feels like? What can I say? I came into WCF trying to remove the rust. I overlooked the history, I looked past it because I felt at the time that I was above it. I'm an asshole and I don't think anyone will argue that in my behalf. I appreciate the love or hate in this case but I do want to make an announcement. This away motivates me. It makes me realize that my time in WCF wasn't used to my fullest potential and that I've just talked with Seth and he's drawing up the contract. I'm coming back. This trophy here is my motivation and I will be seeing alot of you from now on, regardless if you want it or not. "The Bad Influence" is back and this time it won't be to carry someone in a Tag Team. It's all about me now...All about me...Thank You!

The crowd continues to boo as Kash leaves.

Zach Davis: He was probably high during that.

Bobby Cairo Segment

"A Small Victory" by Faith No More hits the PA and the crowd rises to its feet to deliver a standing ovation for the next inductee, a man who is familiar to WCF fans both new and old. Bobby Cairo walks onto the stage looking like a million bucks in his black Armani tux, his jet black hair slicked back, his bright blue eyes glistening in the stage lights. Bobby reaches the podium and pauses to scan the crowd with his eyes and soak in their adulation. He smiles. The members of the crowd finally take their seats and Bobby begins to speak.

Bobby Cairo: Thank you so much. You are too kind. I have to say that it's true honor to be here tonight. I'm positively giddy right now. I feel like Julian Assange at a CIA briefing.

The crowd laughs and applauds.

Bobby Cairo: I just want to get one thing out of the way very quickly. When Seth announced that I was being inducted into the WCF Hall of Fame he claimed that we share "this bizarre sexual tension that you just can't deny".

Bobby's eyes widen; he pauses and steps back from the podium while the crowd laughs.

Bobby Cairo: The truth is that there has been a lot of tension between Seth and I through the years, but it's been creative tension. You see when there's creative tension between Seth and another adult male Seth likes to pretend that it's actually sexual tension. Because he's gay.

The crowd laughs. The camera zooms in on Seth's angry, frowning face and the crowd laughs even louder.

Bobby Cairo: As I think back on my career I realize that I've been privileged to enter the ring and compete with some of the all-time legends of this sport: Creeping Death, Brad "Reckless Jack" Kane, Victor "Outcast" Taylor, JJ Biggs, Mike Ragnal, fellow newly-minted Hall of Fame inductee Danny Vice and even Torture. That's right I once battled Torture and a couple of other guys in a four-way World Championship contendership match. Torture won the match, went on to beat Biggs for the title and the rest is history...

Cairo rolls his eyes. The crowd laughs.

Bobby Cairo: But anyway...I owe a debt of gratitude to every opponent that I've faced inside the squared circle. I owe a special debt of gratitude to my two fiercest opponents. One of them is already in this Hall of Fame, Mr. Skyler Striker.

The crowd rises to its feet and applauds the legendary Australian grappler.

Bobby Cairo: That's right. He deserves every bit of that. Skyler Striker is truly an all-time great. He's held every title that's worth a damn in the history of this company and he's Australian to boot. Who else could overcome such a grievous handicap to reach such great heights?

The crowd laughs.

Bobby Cairo: I kid of course. Australia is a fine country, if a tad backwards. I know that I've stroked it to Kylie Minogue's music videos my fair share of times.

The crowd laughs and applauds. A few catcalls can be heard.

Bobby Cairo: Skyler, you are the toughest opponent that I've ever faced in my entire career. I pushed you to your limits every time we competed but yet you were almost always a step ahead of me. So...I kidnapped your daughter.

The crowd loudly boos. Cairo looks at them with a sad face. The crowd feels bad and starts cheering.

Bobby Cairo: No, you were right the first time. It was the wrong thing for me to do.

The crowd laughs and applauds.

Bobby Cairo: I've apologized to Skyler in the past for kidnapping his daughter Jade. I apologized to him before I beat him in the first round of the WCF Classic. That's right I finally got my win over Skyler Striker! But he's beaten me many more times than I've beaten him, including when we were heads up at War a few years back. Now that I have this grand stage I do want to once again extend my sincere apologies to Skyler and Jade. I was a very desperate young man at that point in time, but there's no excuse for what I did. I was a foolish, self-centered brat who wanted nothing more than to regain the WCF World Championship that I squandered away in the first place. I overstepped my bounds and I was wrong. I'm sorry. I apologize to both father and daughter.

The crowd applauds Cairo's heartfelt gesture.

Bobby Cairo: If it's any consolation to you, Skyler, you should know that I didn't so much as harm a hair on Jade's body, but I'm pretty sure that you already know that. If anything she may have acquired a fetish for kinky tie-up games that will make her popular with the lads in a few years.

The crowd laughs and applauds. Cairo bites his bottom lip.

Bobby Cairo: Once again...I apologize!

The crowd laughs uproariously.

Bobby Cairo: I could talk about Skyler Striker for hours but I would be remiss if I did not mention the other great warrior nay gladiator with whom I engaged in blood feud: Lawnmower Jones!

The crowd offers a mixed reaction to one of the more bizarre characters in WCF history.

Bobby Cairo: Lawnmower Jones didn't just push me to my limits as a competitor, he pushed me to my limits as a man. He tested my toughness, my fortitude in a way that no one else ever has. Jones defeated me. I defeated Jones. We traded wins and losses for months with neither of us ever truly gaining the upper hand and with neither of us ever relenting in our campaign of violence against the other. One of the defining moments of my career was the night that I murdered Jones's wife Lonnie inside the ring on Slam. I beat that beautiful lawnmower to a pulp and she would ultimately die in a hospital bed with LJ at her side.

Bobby hangs his head in a moment of silence. The entire crowd joins him.

Bobby Cairo: The events that unfolded that night constitute one of the few true regrets that I have in life.

Bobby reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a green and yellow card.

Bobby Cairo: I hold in my hand a $1000 gift card to John Deere. I'm going to leave this card right here on the podium. Jones, when you're inducted into the Hall you can pick up this card and buy yourself a new Lonnie, my treat. I think I owe you at least that much.

The crowd applauds Cairo's heartfelt gesture.

Bobby Cairo: And if there are any doubters then let me assure you that Lawnmower Jones belongs in the Hall of Fame, plain and simple. I know that better than anyone. There's a couple of gentlemen who are being inducted tonight that I feel the need to acknowledge. Steve Carr--

The crowd cuts Cairo off with a loud cheer.

Bobby Cairo: Steve Carr made all of this possible. WCF began as a drop of semen in Steve Carr's loins all those years ago in NCW. Without him none of this would be possible and none of us would be here right now. Thank you, Steve!

The crowd stands and applauds in recognition of Carr's contributions.

Bobby Cairo: The man is still kicking ass too. He showed that Mikami a thing or two about respect, didn't he? Another man that I need to acknowledge, and I'm sure that everybody here has been having a wonderful time at this man's hotel and casino--

The crowd laughs.

Bobby Cairo: Slickie T, you are the man!

The crowd vigorously applauds.

Bobby Cairo: I was one of the many who saw greatness in you the first time that I ever saw you compete in the WCF ring. I had the privilege of calling several of your matches as an announcer for WCF. I also had the privilege of training my friend Chad Evans to compete against you on more than one occasion. When I intervened in your title defense against Chad at Timebomb and I put my hands on you I realized then and there that you were not only a great wrestler, but that you were also a real man. I felt the power of Allen Giuliano's loins that night, ladies and gentlemen!

The crowd applauds, with a few high-pitched feminine screams interspersed.

Bobby Cairo: Congratulations to both of those men on all of their success and thank you, Slickie, for being such a warm and hospitable host!

The crowd shows their appreciation with a loud cheer.

Bobby Cairo: There are so many people that I want to thank because without them I wouldn't be here. First of all I want to thank my family, they are my support system. My father Victor and my mother Maria sacrificed their own dreams and desires to provide me and my sister Rose with the best upbringing that they possibly could. They taught us about the value of hard work and the importance of honesty and integrity. Those are lessons that have stayed with me to this very day. Thank you, mom and dad, and thank you, Rose, for being the best little sister in the world!

The crowd applauds as the camera pans to a shot of Cairo's family in the audience. They smile and graciously acknowledge both Bobby and the audience members.

Bobby Cairo: I also want to thank my lovely and brilliant wife Emily. She picked me up and raised my spirits when I was at my lowest point. I can't even put into words how much I love you, Emily. You are my everything!

The crowd applauds the breathtakingly beautiful Emily, who is seated next to Bobby's parents and sister. Their applause grows louder as the camera zooms in to a close-up shot of Emily's cleavage in her low-cut black gown before zooming out to reveal her beautiful, smiling face.

Bobby Cairo: Her boobs are spectacular, aren't they? And they're all-natural!

The crowd cheers and Bobby joins in with them this time.

Bobby Cairo: Seth Lerch is a man who receives a lot of flak from a lot of people and most of it is deserved, but the man also deserves a tremendous amount of credit for the opportunities that he gives to his employees. For the past five years Seth has afforded me a public platform to wrestle and to advance my political agenda. Seth, as Sly Stone once said, I want to thank you falettinme be mice elf agin!

The crowd offers a mixed reaction to the WCF boss who finally has a smile on his face after those kind words from Cairo.

Bobby Cairo: I want to thank Bolts Quackenbush for training me and being a dear friend, mentor and confidant. Bolts turned me into a World Champion. Anybody who wants to get a real education in this sport, anybody who wants to become a champion in this sport...go to Crimson House Dojo in Hartford. Bolts will get the most out of you that any trainer can and he'll instill you with the confidence, the insight and the technique that you need to be successful in wrestling and in life. I want to thank Biohazard and Chad Evans, my two closest friends in this sport. Those men are my brothers. I want to thank my all-time greatest wrestling influences Ric Flair and Bob Backlund for being legendary champions and tireless competitors.

The crowd applauds each of those great names and luminaries.

Bobby Cairo: I want to thank the WCF announcing team for putting me over like I was a superstar even when I wasn't shit in this sport: the lovely and talented Shannan Lerch, the competent Zach Davis and even that smarmy, Jheri curl-wearing bastard Luscious Jackson. Shannan and Zach do a fine job week-in and week-out providing insight and commentary on WCF programming and they never get the credit that they deserve. Get well soon, Shannan! We miss you, girl!

The crowd cheers.

Bobby Cairo: I want to thank two of my closest friends in the world Damien Demento and Dmitri Young for always being there for me. I want to thank the three women that I loved before I fell head over heels for Emily: Lucy Burke, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Amy Winehouse. I'll never forget what we had together, ladies. You will always have a place in my heart. I want to thank my greatest sports influence of all-time, Mr. Ken Griffey, Jr. I don't care if you want to mention Barry Bonds or any other baseball player, but Ken Griffey, Jr. is the best that I ever saw play the game of baseball and without him I might never have become an athlete. I want to thank four of my all-time favorite bands for allowing me to use their songs as my theme music at various times: Faith No More, Helmet, Mercenary and Celtic Frost. Your music has put me in the mindset to commit unspeakable acts inside of the wrestling ring.

The crowd offers more applause for each of these shout-outs.

Bobby Cairo: During Hall of Fame ceremonies we spend a lot of time reflecting on the past. I wish to acknowledge the future generations of this company, and one man in particular who I believe will carry the WCF banner for many years to come before taking his place in this very Hall: I'm talking about Jay Price. Jay Price is the brightest superstar in WCF today! He IS the future of professional wrestling, ladies and gentlemen!

The crowd reaction to Price is mixed, but there are definitely more cheers than boos. Cairo nods his head as he peers out at the fans.

Bobby Cairo: You guys...the fans of WCF. You are the most passionate fans of any company in any sport. Whether you cheered me or booed me you paid your hard-earned cash to see me perform and I did my damnedest to put on a show for you every single night. I thank you for your support and I want you to know that I am eternally indebted to you. Without you guys we, the wrestlers, are nothing. Thank you for always being there.

The crowd rises and cheers...for itself! Bobby joins them in offering his applause.

Bobby Cairo: WCF fans are loyal. You guys are die-hard. I haven't competed inside of a wrestling ring since my unsanctioned "Tesla Cage of Death" match against Marty Jannetty nearly three years ago, but people still walk up to me every day and ask me when I'm going to get back into the WCF ring. For the longest time I didn't want to tell them the truth so I just smiled at them and thanked them for their support, as cold and emotionless as a politician. I've never officially announced my retirement from the sport of professional wrestling, but to be honest with you I checked out a long time ago from a mental standpoint. The truth is that wrestling hasn't played a major role in my life for the last few years. Since my last match I've endeavored on a long spiritual journey outside of the ring. I've seen my ups and downs but I will tell you that I now feel whole for the first time in my adult life. I feel tranquil and at peace. I have a great woman in my life, my lovely wife Emily. I'm also enjoying success in my professional life as a motivational speaker, film and television actor, part-time announcer here in WCF and occasional candidate for public office. I no longer need to abuse my body inside of a wrestling ring in order to earn a living. I also don't feel compelled to wrestle for the fame or the glory. Those are two things that stopped being important to me a long time ago. I do miss the competition, but my hunger to compete isn't strong enough to pry me away from the life that I've made for myself outside of the ring.

The crowd directs a chorus of angry boos at Cairo.

Bobby Cairo: I understand how you feel and I hope that you can understand how I feel. A man has to trust his instincts and do what he believes is right, do what he believes is best for himself and his family.

Bobby pauses for a moment to reflect.

Bobby Cairo: Family is a funny word. It can be used to describe one's biological relatives, even if one isn't particularly close to their relatives. It can also be used to describe individuals with whom one develops a special bond, a friendship that can never be broken. I feel as though WCF is part of my family. I also feel a responsibility to protect my family. I didn't return to the Slam broadcast booth because I wanted to pursue a career opportunity. I returned to the broadcast booth because a member of my family, Shannan Lerch, was viciously assaulted without provocation, not once but twice. I do not know the identity of the person or persons responsible for those attacks, but I do know that such unlawful and egregious conduct has become part of the culture here in WCF. For far too long violent sociopaths such as Torture and Gravedigger have been allowed to run roughshod over this company without any regard for the rule of law or even the basic welfare of other human beings. Torture brutalized a pregnant Megan Kane. Gravedigger and his cronies ended my friend Chad Evans's career with an illegal chairshot to the head.

Cairo is becoming increasingly animated as he speaks.

Bobby Cairo: These men wreak havoc and destroy lives to advance their personal agendas. They have no scruples. They are cowards. I would not be surprised if one or both of them was responsible for the attacks on Shannan Lerch.

Bobby takes a deep breath before continuing.

Bobby Cairo: The difference between myself and most of the other men on this stage tonight is that they are retired from in-ring competition...

Cairo looks out to the crowd with a stern, focused expression on his face.

Bobby Cairo: And I am not.

The crowd explodes with cheers.

Bobby Cairo: I'm not even close to being done. I'm not motivated by money or fame or even competition. I'm motivated by loyalty, loyalty to my family...mi familia as Biohazard would say. A man in my position can do a lot of good in this world. A man in my position can do a lot of good in this company. The best part is that I don't have to do it alone. That's what family is all about. Family comes together in times of urgency, times of duress. This right here is the start of a family reunion, WCF style!

A loud "CAIRO!" chant breaks out among the cheering audience members.

Bobby Cairo: Thank you, good night, and God bless!

Bobby moves away from the podium and bows down to the audience members, who are standing and chanting his name as "A Small Victory" once again hits the PA.

Zach Davis: Wait.. what!? Bobby Cairo.. did he just say what I think he said? But if he's not retired from in ring competition... who am I going to announce with?!

Luscious Jackson: Sup bro!?


We go to commercial.

Seth Lerch's World Title Announcement

We open up backstage... with Seth Lerch. The crowd buzzes.

Zach Davis: A lot of people wondering what the status is of the World Title going into One...

Seth clears his throat.

Seth Lerch: I don't always have a lot of luck with my One main events. Price versus Logan has gone the way of Jack vs Logan vs Creeps vs Torture. You'd think this would bother me... but it doesn't. Fact is, we have some HUGE matchups. Kane against Torture, Reb against Henry, Gravedigger against Price.... three World Title calibur matchups right there. So I don't NEED an actual Title match on the show, do I?

Buzzing from the crowd yet again. Seth pulls the World Title out and places it over his own shoulder.

Seth Lerch: ...Do I? Its been a question I've been wondering ever since I stripped Logan of the belt. What should I do with it?... Should I make one of the other matches the Title match?... Which one?... What about my other options? The answer is...

The members of the crowd are on the edge of their feet..

Seth Lerch: The answer is... that you'll have to wait until One to find out!

Booing! Booing, booing, booing.

Seth Lerch: That's right. Someone WILL walk out of One with the World Title in hand...


Seth Lerch: .. even if its me, not having crowned a new Champion yet.


Seth Lerch: See you at One, everybody.

We go to commercial.

Slickie T Segment

Zach Davis: Well... one more induction to make. This man is the World Champion of the Year... he was the star of the Match of the Year, which was the Ten main event of Jay Price vs Creeping Death vs Brad Kane vs Logan vs Slickie T vs Torture.. and he is the Wrestler of the Year as well..

The fans are eager to for Mr. Guiliano's speech, and they're buzzing.

Zach Davis: He is the last inductee into the WCF 2010 Hall of Fame class... He is... SLICKIE T... AAALLLLEEENNN GUILIANNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!

Gravesend (Lake of Fire) hits as Guiliano comes to his feet as he hears his name announced, casually making his way to his feet from his seat in the front row of his own establishment, trying to savor the moment as much as possible, extending his hand into the air and turning slightly, acknowledging the rest of the crowd.

The Italian begins to make his way up to the stage, glancing at the podium that he has stood behind so many times, addressing not only the media, but his own employees and numerous fans before some of the matches and moments that have already been mentioned earlier this evening. As always, he reaches up to adjust the crimson tie that hangs around his neck, pulling the knot up tightly under his throat, before taking a deep breath and climbing the short set of stairs up to the podium. He rests his hands on each side of the wooden structure, and addresses the Wrestling Championship Federation and the fans of the organization for the first time since his retirement after the War Match on Sept. 27.

Slickie T: Ladies and gentlemen in attendance, all the members of the WCF, staff and superstars alike, and all of those that are watching from their homes around the world, I just want to start by stating that I simply cannot express the emotions that are running through me right now and what it means to receive these numerous awards and be inducted into the WCF Hall of Fame in the same year of my retirement. There are so many that have come before me that have not yet had their names scribbled into the Hall of Fame register and I consider it an honor to join the elite group that is considered the best of the best in the WCF. I have been called many things in my career and I have won several titles and awards in the past, but none even come close to the pride that I feel by being inducted into this prestigious club. The wrestlers that have come before me and established this federation so many years ago are certainly deserving of this honor, but for a wrestler that spent just over a year in this tremendous organization, it is…an unreal feeling. Not only do I speak for myself, but I also speak for all the people of Italy, most notably the citizens of Sicily that have been on this journey every step of the way not only here in the WCF, but also in past federations. I have been notorious for delivering long, drawn out speeches and promos, but this time I will try to make short, simple and straight to the point.

Guiliano pauses and takes a look around, letting it sink in that not only is he being honored as one of the greatest ever in the WCF, but it is taking place in the casino that he has spent his entire life building from the ground up. His face is obviously full of emotion as he begins to speak again.

Slickie T: I have three pieces of hardware sitting up here in front of me and I suppose I will begin with the one that people would consider the least important, which is Match of the Year, but when it really comes down to it, this is an award where it wasn’t my doing that his award was won. Sure, it was a moment in my career that simply defined my time here in the WCF. Perhaps defined isn’t the right word, but it definitely got the monkey off my back and propelled the name “Slickie T” into the mainstream. However, without the other competitors in that match, especially Logan and Torture, there is no doubt that it would not have received Match of the Year honors. Many have told me that my victory it would not have been as epic of a match, but I disagree. Sure, it was THE moment in my career here in the WCF, but those two and the other competitors put as much into that match as I did and on that given day, I happened to be the better man. With that being said, I humbling accept this award on behalf of Torture, Logan, Jay Price, Brad Kane and Creeping Death. Thank you to everyone that voted and thank you to all who made that match one of the most memorable of my career. Personally, it would be second or third on my list, but definitely my most memorable win. My other two would have to be the loss to Torture in what might be the greatest World Title match ever in a WCF ring or the draw with Chad Evans in which both of us simply would NOT give up. That match should be played over and over again as inspiration to all who think they have what it takes to be a World Title holder in this federation. It simply doesn’t get any better than that.

The Sicilian takes a short pause and glances at the next trophy that sits in front of him, moving it front and center before he continues.

Slickie T: I guess the next award in order of importance would be World Champion of the Year. Once again, this is an award that I am very humbled to receive, especially since there are so many other tremendous wrestlers that were on the list. Apparently I stood out among a plethora of legendary names and I thank all of you that voted for me. I was fortunate enough to hold that coveted title twice in 2010, although I was hoping that it would only be once and I was also hoping to hold on to it into retirement, but that simply was not the case as I was defeated by a very worthy World Champion in Logan. He is a man I have great respect for and if there was anyone that I would have been content with beating me in that War event, it would have been him. He has won it multiple times and thwarted my attempted to run the table by entering in the #1 position. Perhaps that was a little too much to ask of one man, but I figured it would give it my best shot and I apologize to those that were backing me and wanting WCF history to be made with that victory. It was a great run, not only in that match but during my entire career here in the WCF and to be called a former World Champion in the WCF is something special, especially when the first one came during an era where Torture reigned supreme. Perhaps there are doubters that spoke up when I draped that title across my shoulder for a second time and many said that it simply wasn’t the same caliber of opponents, but I disagree. Any time a person is a World Champion in this organization, they earned it no matter if there was a Hall of Famer on the active roster during that time or not. Just think of how many superstars could have had the chance to hold that title or would have had the opportunity to hold that title if not for Slickie T. They were numerous and each of them is an elite superstar in this business. Once again, thank you very much for the accolades and for selecting me as your World Champion of the Year in 2010.

He once again moves one award to the side to make room for another, placing perhaps the most coveted honor of his career in front of him, running a hand over it before pushing it to the front of the podium. The lump in his throat begins to grow as he realizes his time at center stage is not more than half over.

Slickie T: Last, and certainly not least, is one of the awards that I will cherish forever and that is the 2010 Wrester of the Year award that is here in front of me. This one means almost as much as the Hall of Fame induction award simply because when you look back over the history of this federation, 2010 was one hell of a year. There were so many storylines, so many feuds and so many memorable matches and moments. For my contributions to stand out above the rest in the eyes of my peers is something truly special. Some of the most memorable moments for me was obviously capturing my first World Title, making my memorable run through the War match and to tell you the truth, seeing Logan return to the top and seeing the true side that I had heard so much about before I signed the dotted line on my contract. Also, and I know this wasn’t part of this year’s voting, but there was nothing like the feeling of taking over CoolWear Inc. and having the “G” logo scribble throughout company headquarters and knowing that Torture had truly lost everything but the World Title. Tearing down the Team of Torture piece by piece was also something that I will truly never forget. As I accept this award here in 2010, I just want to wish everyone luck in the upcoming year and I hope that whoever happens to emerge as the face of the WCF in 2011 is just as grateful as I am to be up here in front of you all to accept this award. There are MANY deserving individuals out there and many men that have left their mark on this organization that I am sure will by competing for it next year, but I as for 2010, it was the year of Slickie T and I could not have done it without all the support that I got here in the WCF and throughout the wrestling community. I am glad that I could be the glimmer of hope that emerged victorious and shut down the evil empire that had been established. This award is not only for me, but also for all those that entered the federation the same time that I did and wished for there to be change from the old guard to the new faces of the WCF. Not to take anything away from the veterans of this great organization, but I think everyone saw that it was time for a change and I’m glad I could be the one to give it to them. And not to call anyone out, but Jay Price, I think everyone knows who the real future of the WCF is and was.

Guiliano completes his sentence with a smirk before collecting his hardware in front of him and taking a long look out over the crowd that has gathered in Las Vegas. He then glances over at the other Hall of Fame inductees and yearly awards winners, giving them a glance and his infamous smile.

Slickie T: And finally, perhaps the greatest achievement of my wrestling, and possibly my personal career, my induction into the WCF Hall of Fame. Before I get started, I just want to congratulate each and every one of the individuals that are up here with me, especially those that are going into the WCF Hall of Fame Class of 2010. Bobby Cairo, Danny Vice, Steve Carr, Jack of Blades, and three men who I knew before I made the trip over to the WCF, Trent Hunter, X-Rated, and perhaps my closest friend, who I an epic match with early in my career before my War victory, Dake Ken. Dake was a great friend of mine and I wish that he would have returned after our match that seems so long ago. He was a great friend and I have several conversations with him prior to the WCF, but never did I face him inside the squared circle. I am happy to report that I am a perfect 1-0 against the legendary Dake Ken, but I wish there could have been several more battles. I did not have the pleasure of knowing Danny Vice, but if there is another person that had a great impact on my career here in the WCF, it is Jack of Blades. I remember my only match against him before his sudden retirement and I definitely consider my coming out party here in this organization. I consider Jack the best storyteller that I had the privilege to face here in this federation and without that match, one that I never thought I would win; I would have never had the illustrious career I experienced in my year in this federation. He was a competitor that made me step up my game and realize what it would take to even have a shot a World Championship. Jack, I just want to thank you for having the opportunity to face in one of my early matches and thank you for everything that you have given to this organization. You are a true legend and I am honored to have my name beside yours in this Hall of Fame class. You were truly an inspiration to this young Sicilian and had a way with words that I have never and will probably never seen again when it comes to this profession that we choose.

Bobby Cairo and Steve Carr, to both of you, thank you for establishing this federation in his early stages and for what you have done since I have been around. You two have been great contributors of this sport and Bobby I enjoy your commentary each and every time that Seth decides to give you the headset. I suppose I will let your mentoring of Chad Evans slide this evening. You, along with Steve, are a great individual and I thank you both. Keep doing what you are doing and as with Jack, I am truly humbled to be entering the halls of WCF elitism with the two of you.

I suppose I should wrap this up and I know that a lot of guys will come up here and talk about the great matches of their careers and their career accomplishments, but for me, it wasn’t about that while I was here in this federation. The only time I really put a burden on myself to achieving some personal satisfaction is when I declared my retirement and placed myself into the War event in the #1 position. Other than that moment, than that I event, the only thing I ever wanted out of this federation was respect from my peers and respect from those within the organization and I think this quick induction into the Hall of Fame is a firm declaration of that respect. Seth Lerch, you and I have had our differences in the past, especially when you were backing Torture during my first title run, but I just want to applaud you for your fine efforts on keeping this federation up and running through good times and bad and through thick and thin. With your leadership this federation has recovered from near closure and even came back to simply prosper when it looked like many of the major superstars were making a mass exodus. You have provided me the opportunity to reach my full potential as a wrestler and without your support and backing when I first arrived in this federation. You put me up against the best that the WCF had to offer early on in my career and gave me the opportunity to become a United States champion far before others thought I was championship material. My Hall of Fame induction is just as much yours as it is mine.

Secondly, I want to thank all the members of the WCF roster, current and past, and my favorite WCF employee, Hank Brown. You have all been terrific to work with both in and out of the ring and this is also for you. The older guys established what it would take for me to succeed and the new blood gave me the motivation to keep going forward even after I had made and completed my first World Title run. Guys like Greenfever, Johnny Reb, Logan, Brad Kane, Kevin Hardaway, D-Day, Hector Rodriguez, and others made it possible for me to succeed after many thought I had done all that I could as a WCF superstar. Thank you very much for being there for me and for keeping me on the right track and showing me how great this federation would be with the right attitude and right personnel.

Thirdly, I want to thank those that are currently in this federation for keeping it going long after some of us veterans have passed through. I would like to thank I started a new era in the WCF by defeating Torture and there are quite a few out there that I believe can provide motivation to the next generation of superstars in the WCF. Guys that had the chance to see what some of the old greats accomplished in the ring and guys that I feel will be passing the torch sooner rather than later. The individuals I speak of are guys like Jay Price, Johnny Reb, D-Day, and Doc Henry. You are the future of this organization and there is no doubt that it will continue to succeed with dedication individuals like you. Without you, this Hall of Fame induction of mine would not have been possible. I thank you greatly and wish you the best of luck in your future championship runs and I can definitely foresee a few of you, if not all of you, being up on this stage and giving your own Hall of Fame speeches right here at the Guiliano Hotel and Casino. I say that because I would like to extend a request to Seth Lerch and all of you at the WCF to hold this event right here in Las Vegas every year from here on out as I was like to be a part of this federation as long as I possibly can. If you do not want to go that route, then I completely understand, but just consider it a formal invitation from Allen Guiliano to the WCF to hold their annual event right here at the Guiliano Hotel and Casino for as long as it should see fit.

Lastly, and possibly the most important people that I would like to thank, are those that are watching this back in Italy, especially those in Palermo, Sicily, the birthplace of Antoni Guiliano. You have all been tremendous in your support ever since I entered the GEWF many many years ago. The cards and letters that I have gotten have definitely made me realize why I do this and they gave me the motivation to continue my career as a professional wrestler. If I could, I would put the name of every Italian on this Hall of Fame plaque because you all deserve it. This run would not have been possible without and the support that you showed has been unmatched. It seems that the colors of our home flag, the red, the white, and the green, made their way across the pond and into the United States as I saw those colors in each and every one of the arenas that I had the chance to compete in while I was a wrestler here in the WCF. So, to Italy, to Sicily and to Palermo, this goes out to all of you. Italia y Sicilia…mi amore! Thank you all and enjoy your stay here in fabulous Las Vegas. It is truly an honor.

Tears start to form in the eyes of the usually, stone-faced Guiliano as he exits the podium and makes his way through the room, shaking hands with each and every person in attendance.

Zach Davis: What an amazing speech.. fans, I don't know what to say. I'll see you one week from tonight.... at One.

The show fades to a close as Slickie T is shaking hands and embracing his moment.