Monday Night Intro
Logan vs Anastasia Petrova vs Creeping Death vs Ace Garrison
Television Title Match: Jaguar vs Doc Henry
Jason Kash Segment
Karl Voronov vs Super Anime
The Big Time Jerks vs D-Day/Marcus Moneybanks vs Bishop/Priest
Tommy Knoxville/Jason Kash vs Jonathan Swift/Shaun Jackson
Seth Lerch's Challenge
Greenfever/Johnny Reb vs Oblivion/Fort Knox
Kidnapping Segment

Monday Night Intro

Man on the Run hits, and Monday Night is on the air! We go to Zach and Shannan.

Zach Davis: Hello fans! We're live from Kutztown University in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. I'm pretty sure half the college kids here tonight are drunk.

Shannan Lerch: You may be right, Zach.

Zach Davis: And how many of them have you slept with?

Shannan Lerch: ...

Zach Davis: Anyway! Great show tonight, and we're one week away from Rebirth. Our main event is the NEW World Champion.. Greenfever.. teaming up with Johnny Reb to take on Oblivion and Fort Knox.

Shannan Lerch: Oblivion lost the Hardcore Title last week, but he's moving on to bigger and better things. He's facing Greenfever at Rebirth.

Zach Davis: Greenfever and Reb teaming up seems... interesting. Reb better watch his back.. but he knows that.

Shannan Lerch: My brother has announced that he'll be issuing some kind of challenge tonight. This is the college he graduated from, so I guess he's looking to prove something? I don't know. I guess we'll see.

Zach Davis: We have Tommy Knoxville and Jason Kash teaming up to take on Jonathan Swift and Shaun Jackson. Both Swift and Jackson will be opponents next week in a Hardcore Title match, so we'll see how they work together. And this is kind of Knoxville and Kash's first match together since last week didn't really happen. I'm intrigued.

Shannan Lerch: Another tag match, with three teams duking it out. the Big Time Jerks, the returning D-Day and Marcus Moneybanks, and Bishop and Priest. Can't wait to see who gets the upperhand here.

Zach Davis: Karl Voronov is up against Super Anime. Voronov has been going through quite a winning streak recently, but he also got screwed out of a US Title match when Steve Thunder didn't show up.. what is the deal with our US Champion?

Shannan Lerch: Tonight's Television Title match is Doc Henry defending against a promising rookie, Jaguar. This should be a good one. Henry is set to defend that belt against both Ace Garrison and Adam Young at Rebirth, so he better do his best here tonight if he wants to make it that far.

Zach Davis: And in our opener, four HUGE stars will compete. Logan, Petrova, CD, and Ace Garrison.

Shannan Lerch: None of these men.. and Anastasia Petrova.. have been as succesful as they'd like to be in recent weeks. SOMEONE is going to step up tonight.. who will it be?

Logan vs Anastasia Petrova vs Creeping Death vs Ace Garrison


The beginning drum intro of "The Struggle Within" by Metallica plays loudly and rumbles the speakers. Fans all too familiar to the theme for this certain superstar cover their ears to shield them from the extremely loud drum roll. Despite the deafening noise, they cheer and chant a name. . .


After the climax of the epic drum intro the song breaks into rhythm and Logan appears at the top of the ramp to stand in place. He looks totally furious yet determined, narrowing his eyebrows and clamping his lips tight and taking deep breaths in through his nose while looking around at the screaming excited audience.


Despite the maddening expression, something about his presence gives off the idea that he's happy to be there. And so, Logan makes his descend down the ramp. He hits ringside and slides in underneath the bottom rope with a quickness. Logan climbs the nearest turnbuckle and fixates glaring eyes on the crowd. They cheer, anticipating an upcoming taunt they've learned to play along with. . . and BOOM! - Logan shoots both his arms straight up in the air like bottle rockets!


The audience duplicates the dramatic taunt, holding their arms in the air with Logan. The passion in his eyes never dies as he slumps his arms back down to his sides and hops off the turnbuckle. "The Struggle Within" fades out leaving Logan to pace the ring.

Na Rasputye by Kipelov plays and the lights turn red as Anastasia Petrova prances about the stage. She goes to the ring and says hi to the fans and blows them kisses while shaking her booty!

The lights in the venue suddenly cut to black as the familiar opening to "For Whom the Bell Tolls" plays. The crowd is jacked up and gets louder after every toll. After six tolls, there is silence. Then, the intro for "Blood and a Siren" by Index Case plays. After the little guitar intro, when the song gets intense, a spotlight hits the curtain and Creeping Death emerges, wearing a black hoodie with the hood up. He headbangs with the crowd as they throw up the devil horns, and he does the same back to them on his way to the ring. CD enters the ring by sliding in through the bottom rope. Inside, he walks to the far corner, leaps up and takes a seat on the top rope, awaiting the match to begin.

"Control" by Puddle of Mudd hits the speaker system. The speaker brushes aside and Ace Garrison appears onto the stage. He stands there for a moment and looks amongst the fans, who are greeting him with boos! He smirks before making his way down the ramp. Ace walks up the ring steps, wipes his feet on the mat, and enters through the middle rope. He quickly walks towards the farthest corner and climbs up it. Once again, he looks amongst the crowd before smirking and jumping down.


Zach Davis: Lots of stars in this match!

And the two former World Champions, Creeping Death and Logan, begin brawling immediately. CD Clotheslines Logan over the top rope and they both go tumbling to the outside, right by the announcer's table.

Shannan Lerch: Argh! Get these two away from here!

In the ring, Petrova and Garrison are going at it. No, not sexually. Garrison is hammering away at Petrova. No, not sexually. He throws her to the ropes and then hits a Belly to Belly Suplex! He pins her.




Zach Davis: Say what you want about Miss Petrova, but she doesn't stay down easy.

Shannan Lerch: I never said she STAYS down easy, I said she GOES down easy.

Zach Davis: Zing!

Garrison picks Petrova up but she hits an RKO out of nowhere!

Shannan Lerch: The Rasputin!? Out of nowhere!

Petrova pins Garrison!




Zach Davis: The fans really thought she had it won there! And so did I!

Petrova picks Garrison up and goes to kick him, but he catches the kick, spins her around and hits the Ace High! He pins her.




Shannan Lerch: Just like that, Garrison won it!


Logan and Creeping Death are still brawling outside the ring. Garrison exits the ring, smiling.

Zach Davis: If Garrison can do that next week we'll have a new Television Champion!

All of a sudden, Garrison is jumped by four men in black masks!

Shannan Lerch: What in the hell-

The four men beat Garrison down and grab him, taking him through the crowd. No one can do a thing, the four men hustle Garrison before any security can touch them.

Zach Davis: What is going on here?

Jaguar vs Doc Henry


"Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi starts then Jaguar comes out and performs a snap kick before running to the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Jaguar looks very prepared to this match, Doc has got his hands full tonight!

Zach Davis: It'll be a clash of styles tonight folks. Jaguar is your technical style versus Doc Henry's high flyin Brawling style, who will win this TV Title Match?

"Dr. Feelgood" by Motley Crue hits, and Doc Henry walks out from the back. The fans boo as he walks to the ring before rolling in and standing in his corner.

Shannan Lerch: I can't answer that question but I can say that Doc Henry seems calm and ready to defend his Championship...


The bell sounds and both men charge in at eachother. Jaguar throws a body kick and Doc Henry catches it quickly and clotheslines Jaguar to the mat. He goes to hit an elbow but Jaguar moves out of the way and counters by going for an armbar. Doc pulls out and rolls away before getting back to his feet. Jaguar does the same and they stand facing eachother as the crowd erupts from the quick exchange.

Shannan Lerch: Both men coming with their best!

Zach Davis: This is gonna get exciting....

They rush into eachother again and Jaguar hits Doc with a swift kick to the leg. Quickly Doc pokes Jaguar in the eyes with two fingers, the referee wasn't paying attention. Doc drops Jaguar with a stiff DDT into the mat. He goes for the three as the referee drops and begins to slap the mat.



Zach Davis: That was too early, I think he got excited there..

Shannan Lerch: Sometimes you catch them off guard and the match is over, it happens!

Henry gets to his feet, bounces off the ropes and comes back leaping into the air and dropping a knee onto Jaguar's forehead. Jaguar rolls over grabbing his head. Doc pulls him to his feet by grabbing onto Jag's arm. Doc whips Jaguar to the ropes and follows him, grabbing and throwing Jaguar over the top ropes before he can bounce off them. The referee begins to make the count.





Doc Henry climbs outside the ring and the referee begins the count over. Doc push kicks Jaguar in the face and then proceeds to slap the back of his head. Doc turns and begins taunting a few fans in the front row. This gives Jaguar enough time to get to his feet. The referee who is still counting is now heard more by both wrestlers.




Jaguar slides in the ring leaving Doc Henry alone outside. When he notices Jaguar slipped back inside he quickly jumps up on the apron and is met with a stiff kick to the center of his face. Doc manages to grab the top rope so he doesn't fall back to the outside. Jaguar pulls Doc by the hair and lifts him to his feet. Jag slingshots himself from the second rope and hits a hurricanrana. Doc flops into the ring and Jaguar scrambles to his feet and hits a backflip splash on Doc but doesn't go for the pin. He gets to his feet, jumps and spins hitting a legdrop. Then goes for the pinfall.




Jaguar pulls Doc to his feet, leaving him wobbly and speeds off towards the ropes. Bouncing against them he rushes back towards Doc but is met with a sudden SPEAR!

Zach David: SPEAR, That's a Trademark Move! Pin Him, Pin Him!!

Doc Henry and Jaguar are both both. Jaguar grabbing at his midsection as Doc is breathing and trying to find the ropes to help him to his feet. Doc begins pulling himself up to his feet and as soon as he turns around Jaguar is up and nailing a sick Swinging Neckbreaker. Doc flops onto his side and Jaguar rolls out and gets to his knees. Jumping from his knees to his feet, Jaguar interacts with the crowd getting them pumped. The audience goes nuts for this electric matchup. Doc Henry gets up slowly and Jaguar throws a kick to his midsection. Then follows up with an elbow to the back of the head which drops Doc Henry yet again. Yet again the Referee is behind Jaguar and Doc Henry nut punches Jaguar which catches him off guard and sends him dropping to his knees. Doc gets up and throws a knee to Jag's face. Doc climbs the turnbuckle and waits as Jaguar gets to his feet.

Shannan Lerch: He's using some Airline Miles!!

Zach Davis: Can he connect though, that's the question!

Doc soars off the turnbuckle through the air and crashes hard into Jaguar, hitting a Crossbody on Jaguar. The referee almost gets caught behind the avalanche of bodies but barely gets out of the way.

Zach Davis: Ohhh, Ref almost got in on the action!

Both men take their time but get to their feet at opposite sides of the ring. They stand there catching their breath as the referee stands inbetween them. They both rush eachother.

Shannan Lerch: Both men, heads full of steam..

Doc Henry ducks under a swift kick and as Jaguar turns around, Doc nails a beautiful Gambler's Hand, The crowd goes into a roar as Doc Henry crawls over to the turnbuckle and climbs to the very top. Balancing himself he taunts Jaguar who is laying flat on his back. He leaps off the top ropes and nails his All-In Finisher as the ref hits the mat for the 3 count.





Doc Henry gets his arm raised, and the ref hands him the Television Title.

Zach Davis: Great showing by Jaguar there, he's a real up and comer and I bet he'll hold the Television Title one day.

Shannan Lerch: He might even get a rematch against Doc Henry... if Doc Henry can make it past his opponents at Rebirth!

Henry heads to the back as Jaguar exits the ring.

Jason Kash Segment

The scene cuts to backstage where WCF Interviewer, Hank Brown is standing by with a WCF Logo sitting behind him.

Hank Brown: What a wonderful crowd tonight here at Monday Night Slam! I'm here with...

Hank Brown is slapped from off camera and he stumbles to the left side of the screen. He even lets out a sissy moan and cry as he goes off camera. Suddenly a man appears and disappears in cameraview. He is leaning over to grab the microphone that fell out of Hank Brown's hands. The man stands up and a huge smile is stretched across his face. Right away you can tell the man has physical disabilities, retarded as some assholes would call it. The man is wearing a WCF T-Shirt and he waves to the camera, then proceeds to speak into the mic.

Man: Hello! Imm Spessal! Imm heer tooday to inthrodeuce my frinde...Pa-Leese welcome "Thaa Badah Innflooence" Jasen Kaash! Yay!!

Jason Kash steps into the picture, some fans begin to cheer while others boo at the sight of him. The love-hate relationship is something Kash has grown to love about the fans, the only thing he likes about them. He pats Spessal on the back and grabs the mic. Spessal stays standing next to Kash and his smile has grown even bigger, now showing his teeth and slightly opened mouth.

Jason Kash: Close your mouth, your breath stinks...Now can everyone give a big thank you to my buddy Spessal here? Guy is the best intro man in the world! Ain't that right Spessal?

Spessal: Yay!!!

Jason Kash: He's special cause his name is actually Spessal, funny ain't it? Now let's get down to business shall we? Before being bitched slapped, Hank Brown was going to attempt to introduce Influence tonight. Now he's sitting somewhere off camera with an ice pack, hating the fact he just got slapped by my retarded friend here. I wanted to take a few minutes to do something nobody ever does. I'm here to tell you all that during my match you should take the time to get up from your seats. Stretch, go to the bathroom, hell go buy some of that stale ass popcorn and over syrup filled soda and weak beer being sold at the consession stands. Now who tells people not to watch his match right? I do, and I say this not because it won't be a good match. I think these guys here tonight have some talent but that talent and skill is still being learned and found. It won't bloom here tonight because today they are going to be taken to school. School...Something I talked about during the week, this is a time where both of these men should bring their mental notepads and pencils because tonight they are taught a big lesson for this business. Always bet on a sure thing and everyone watching tonight....Influential Minds is a sure thing! Now Knoxville can't be here right now because frankly he's taking a shit! Nasty as he wants to be but he asked me to mention that for everyone...That's Influence! Tonight we teach that first edition style because we spanking the competition and Swirl or Swift and his partner "Too Big" Shaun Jackson are about to meet the teachers and heads of the class...Thanks and enjoy the popcorn! Come on Spesh, we've got to get you a new shirt, you drooling man!

Karl Voronov vs Super Anime


Karl Voronov walks to the ring cuing “Grace” by Apocalyptica. Once Karl has climbed into the ring he does his signature taunt which involves extending his arms and slowly clinching his fist all the while making a powerful expression. After he clinches his fist he roughly pounds the fist into his chest.

The Mortal Kombat theme begins to play while the crowd gets to their feet. Once "Fight" is said, Super Anime comes out from the back. She high fives most of the fans before heading into the ring. Super Anime then backs into a corner and waits.


Zach Davis: Here we go!

The vicious Voronov once again goes right on the attack, running at Super Anime and Clotheslining her down before stomping on her repeatedly.

Shannan Lerch: Competition has always been kind of different in WCF. The men compete with the women, period. And we've seen superstars such as Ellis, Josephine Miyazaki and Anastasia Petrova do just fine in those situations.

Voronov picks Super Anime up and hits a big Belly to Belly Suplex! He then pins her.



No, she kicks out.

Zach Davis: Voronov actually seemed relatively surprised by that! Guess he thought Super Anime was going to be a pushover!

Voronov continues to dominate the match for several more minutes. Stomping on her, kicking her in the corner, and using various armbar submission holds. Eventually Super Anime has had enough, however, and begins working her way up, much to the fans delight. She blocks a forearm shot from Voronov and then hits a Running Head Scissors!

Shannan Lerch: Super Anime is back in this match!

After that Voronov gets right back to his feet and she DDTs him back down. She jumps to the top and executes a beautiful Moonsault into pin!



Zach Davis: Nope! Voronov gets the shoulder up!

Super Anime soon positions Voronov for her Animeplex but Voronov reverses it, regaining control. He hits several high impact offensive moves, including an Atomic Drop, Powerslam, and eventually...

Shannan Lerch: The Lake City Slam!

Voronov pins Super Anime, hooking the leg.




Zach Davis: What?! I don't believe it!

Shannan Lerch: Super Anime, showing her heart!

Voronov pulls Super Anime to the middle of the ring... and locks in the Grizzly's Grasp.

Zach Davis: This has got to be it! Can Super Anime hold out!?

Super Anime raises her hand to tap....

Shannan Lerch: Voronov wins!

BUT NO! No, Super Anime won't tap! The fans are behind her and she struggles, struggles... she reaches to the ropes... and grabs one!

Zach Davis: I don't believe it!

Karl Voronov is forced to break the hold! The fans are on their feet!

Shannan Lerch: Can Super Anime do this!? She's so close...

Karl Voronov picks Super Anime up, and she kicks him in the gut, going for the Yoshi Tonic!

Zach Davis: This is her move!

But no! Voronov shoves her away. She runs back at him, he catches her and hits another Lake City Slam! He pins her, quickly, hooking the leg!






The ref raises Voronov's hand, though the fans are all clapping for Super Anime's valiant performance. Voronov exits the ring...

Zach Davis: The men in black masks!

...and is immediately ambushed! Several men in black masks pummel Voronov down.

Shannan Lerch: These men appeared during Voronov's US Title match against Thunder, which Thunder didn't appear for, seeing as he'd been kidnapped as well...

Zach Davis: The masked men drag Voronov through the crowd, hitting him in the head every now and then for good measure.

Shannan Lerch: What is going on here? What are these masked men doing...

The Big Time Jerks vs D-Day/Marcus Moneybanks vs Bishop/Priest


"Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent starts playing and out walks Adam, Austin,Angus and Katie in the smoked filled entranceway. The fans start chanting BTJ as the trio makes its way to the ring. The trio walk towards the ring with icey glares as the fans keep chanting BTJ. Adam slides in under the top rope as Angus slides in under the bottom rope and Austin flips over the top rope. They stand in the middle of the ring and give the BTJ sign, only the last three fingers up in the air.

"Set this stage on fire" by Lil Wayne is playing as Bishop and Priest walk out from the back. As they walk down the ramp, a line of fire lights up the stage and down the sides of the ramp, all the way to the ring.

Give Me The Meltdown by Rob Thomas plays in the speakers. The lights are dim.The lights flash on to D-Day walking out to the top of the ramp and falls on his knees and throws his arms in the air. When D-Day get in the ring he raises his hands in the air.

The lights go out as white strobe lights begin flashing and Marcus Moneybanks heads to the ring.

Zach Davis: Here are our three teams... lets go!


The fans cheer for D-Day, excited for his return to the ring and WCF. He starts the match, as does Austin Adams and Bishop. Adams and D-Day team up to take the big man, Bishop, down to size. They hit him with several kick moves, though Bishop attempts to fight back several times, two against one is too much for him. Eventually they throw him out of the ring, and Adams then turns on D-Day, attacking him and hitting him with a Sitout Powerbomb into pin!

Zach Davis: One, two, no D-Day kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: THAT is why you never trust a Jerk!

Adams tags in Angus. Killian comes in and attacks D-Day with an Armbar DDT followed by several holds, mainly using armbars but also using the Devil Stretch. Eventually the fans get behind D-Day and he works out of Killian's technical moves and tags in Marcus Moneybanks!

Zach Davis: This is Moneybanks' first match here in WCF, this should be interesting!

Marcus comes in and executes a Hiptoss on Killian, who gets up, and Marcus takes him back down with a DDT... but Bishop gets back in the ring and hits Marcus with a Big Boot! Bishop then tags in Priest. Priest comes in and goes to pick Marcus up for a Chokeslam but Marcus reverses it and hits a Floatover DDT!

Shannan Lerch: Wow!

Marcus pins Priest!



No! Killian breaks it up!

Zach Davis: Close!

Killian tags Adams back in and the two put Priest in the Total Humiliation!

Shannan Lerch: What a painful move!

Priest is about to tap out, but Marcus grabs his hand so he can't!

Zach Davis: That was close!

Marcus then throws Killian out of the ring and hits Adams with the Backstreet Bankrupt! He tags in D-Day who hits a Frog Splash off the top onto Priest!




Shannan Lerch: Marcus and D-Day get the win!


D-Day and Marcus celebrate while the Big Time Jerks are angry. They're telling the ref that Priest was going to tap out but the ref won't listen.

Zach Davis: Good effort by all these teams-

All of a sudden, the four black men in black masks reappear! This time they grab D-Day and pull him away before Marcus can do anything about it.

Shannan Lerch: AGAIN!?

Zach Davis: Steve Thunder, Ace Garrison, Karl Voronov, and now D-Day...

Marcus runs through the crowd, following the masked men, but to no avail. They're too fast. They get away, and Marcus is left wondering where D-Day has been taken...

Tommy Knoxville/Jason Kash vs Jonathan Swift/Shaun Jackson


The guitars begin to sound as "My Curse" by Killswitch Engage plays over the arena. The lights dim and the entrance stage fills with smoke as dark red and white strobe lights flicker over the arena. A bright white light shines from the entrance way as the silhouette of a man stands there. The guitars then begin to play heavy as Tommy Knoxville walks out from the back and out into the open. He stands there on the stage for a moment with his arms by his side as he looks over the arena getting mixed reactions from the fans. He then walks down the ramp towards the ring.

"THIS... IS... MY... CURSE!!!"

He then slides into the ring and climbs to his feet. He walks around the ring for a moment just before walking over to the corner and looking over the crowd once more. He then turns around facing the center of the ring and crosses his arms waiting for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: Here is Tommy Knoxville. This is the first time we're going to see him and his partner, Jason Kash, compete.

"Dysfunctional" plays over the cheap PA System made up of Speakers and Sub Woofers throughout the Gymnasium. Jason Kash bursts out from behind the sheet covering the entrance and the hundred or so fans get to their feet shouting a mixture of love and hate at him. Focused on the ring, Kash climbs the steel stairs and steps through the middle rope. He takes off his entrance gear and prepares for his upcoming bout.

Shannan Lerch: And here is Kash! I can't wait to see what these two men bring to the table.

Lights fade, blue and lime green strobe lights go flickering out the arena invincible by Adelitas Way blares through the arena, crowd goes wild " The Oracle" walks out looks through the crowd and starts slowly walking down the ramp . Steps up on the ring apron walks in the middle turns and looks at he crowd the gets in the ring goes to the turnbuckle gets up on the middle turnbuckle raises his arms ( in a Randy Orton motion) then jumps down and waits for his opponent.

Zach Davis: This is Jonathan Swift. He and Shaun Jackson will be competing next week in the Hardcore Title match.

Psychosocial will hit as Jackson walks out from behind the curtain along with Brooke Jones. The two will then head for the ring with Jackson occasionally stopping to slap an extended hand or two. He'll then slide into the ring under the bottom rope and stand in the center as he takes off his beanie and t-shirt and throws them into the crowd as Brooke takes her place at ringside.

Shannan Lerch: And here is Shaun Jackson. Let's get this started!


Jackson starts the match, as does Knoxville. They grapple, and Knoxville gets the upper hand, hitting a huge T-Bone Suplex. Knoxville stays on the offensive, hitting Jackson with a German Suplex and a Half Nelson Suplex as well before Jackson is able to tag in Swift!

Zach Davis: Knoxville is on fire! Damn!

But Swift blocks some of Knoxville's strikes as he comes in and then hits a huge Belly to Belly on him! Knoxville wisely tags in Kash. Kash comes in and Clotheslines Swift down. He sets him up for the Statistic, but Jackson sees it coming and gets into the ring, grabs Kash and hits an Overhead Belly to Belly!

Shannan Lerch: Lots of hard hitting moves in this match!

Jackson quickly leaves the ring before the ref gets on his case. Both Swift and Kash slowly get to their feet, and Swift executes a Vertical Suplex. He then tags in Jackson.

Zach Davis: Those two men are going to be opponents next week, but they're working together awfully well for now.

Jackson puts Kash into several submission moves, including a Kneebar and the Hangman's Chokehold! Once he finishes the Hangman's Chokehold, however, Knockville Springboards over the ropes and hits Jackson with a Flying Lariat! Swift gets into the ring and all hell breaks loose!

Shannan Lerch: Oh here we go..

Jackson and Swift both brawl with Knoxville and Kash. Eventually Knoxville Clotheslines Jackson over the top rope, leaving him and Knoxville in the ring with Swift. They hit a Double Suplex before Knoxville gets back on the apron and Kash tags him in.

Zach Davis: Knoxville and Swift are the legal men now..

Knoxville gets into the ring as Swift is getting up. Knoxville kicks him hard in the gut and hits a DDT!

Shannan Lerch: That's his Drunken Hangover!

Knoxville pins Swift!




Zach Davis: Knoxville and Kash get the win!


Knoxville and Kash celebrate their first victory in the ring, getting their arms raised.

Shannan Lerch: Since they're a tag, we should think of a tag team name for them. Combine their names maybe?

Zach Davis: Tommy and Jason... Toson? Jammy?

Shannan Lerch: No that's stupid. Knoxville and Kash...

Zach Davis: Kashville. Bam. Done.

Shannan Lerch: Kashville it is!

The two members that the announcers have just dubbed Kashville leave the ring and head to the back.

Seth Lerch's Challenge

Master of Puppets hits and the crowd erupts!

Zach Davis: Here comes Seth. I guess you can call him a hometown hero here or something.

Shannan Lerch: You guess?

Zach Davis: Owning a wrestling promotion doesn't quite make someone a hero. Plus he's usually kind of a dick, so you know.

Regardless, Seth steps out from the back, smiling quite a bit. He heads down to the ring, mic in hand, and slides in.

Seth Lerch: Tonight, I promised a challenge... but that isn't quite what you're going to get. You're going to get TWO challenges.

Crowd pops.

Shannan Lerch: Two challenges? Wonder what he means.

Zach Davis: Well then keep listening!

Seth Lerch: Firstly, there is one man that has been a thorn in my side longer than anyone not named Logan. Gravedigger... I'm calling you out!

Another pop!

Seth Lerch: Now I know you're not here tonight, or else I probably would've gotten attacked or something by now. But Gravedigger, I want you to show up at Rebirth. This aforementioned unfinished business between us?... well, time to finish it.

Seth smiles as the crowd cheers again.

Seth Lerch: Now as for tonight... I'm just going to be honest. I want to kick someone's ass in front of my friends. Rick Mad, get on out here!

Evenflow by Pearl Jam plays, and out steps Rick Mad!

Shannan Lerch: What the hell!?

Rick Mad steps out, wearing a T-shirt and jeans. He walks to the ring, not looking too happy. He slides in.

Zach Davis: Rick is a former Champion from here and a few other places. I don't know why he's going to be wrestling Seth, however.

Seth Lerch: Ref, ring the bell! Let's get this match started!

The bell sounds.

Shannan Lerch: Well.. here we go!

Seth calls for a Test of Strength.

Zach Davis: What is he doing? There's no way he can-

Seth and Rick lock hands, and Seth pushes Rick down. Rick is clearly stronger, but he's allowing Seth to get the upper hand. Seth follows up by kicking Rick, and Rick sells it like he just got shot in the gut. He doubles over and Seth positions Rick for a Powerbomb. Rick practically jumps so Seth can get him up enough for the move and Seth hits the Outsider's Edge! Seth then puts his foot on Rick's chest.




Shannan Lerch: SETH WINS!!!

Zach Davis: Wonder how much he paid Rick for THAT.

Shannan Lerch: Eh, I hear Rick Mad jobs for like twenty bucks nowadays, so probably not much.

Seth jumps up and celebrates for a few moments before grabbing the mic.

Seth Lerch: Gravedigger... see you in one week!

Seth leaves the ring as Master of Puppets plays again. Rick gets up, brushes himself off, and leaves also.

Greenfever/Johnny Reb vs Oblivion/Fort Knox

Shannan Lerch: Now, it's time for our Main Event.

Zach Davis grabs the right side of his headset.

Zach Davis: We have Oblivion and his Society standing by with Hank Brown. Take it away, Hank Brown.

As the camera adjusts on the entire Society, Oblivion pushes Hank Brown to the side, as he grabs for the mic. Fort Knox, and The Dark Angel are standing with their arms crossed, while staring deeply towards the camera. Their faces have emotionless and stern looks across their faces. Melissa is a wearing a black and white short skirt. Her black hair is in pigtail. She is wearing a black shirt, that says on the front "Greenfever is NOT God." On the back, of her shirt says "Oblivion is my TRUE God". She passes, in front of the camera. she flips a "bird" and screams a high pitch scream. Everyone backstage holds their ears. Melissa looks into the camera and says...

Melissa: Greenfever is a fucktard!!

She then uses both hands to flip off the camera. Hank Brown struggles to stand up, but Fort Knox and The Dark Angel use their feet to keep Hank Brown down.

Oblivion: Greenfever, are you braindead!? Or do you have some neurological condition, that none of the WCF offical are aware of?! All those hardcore matches must of done a number on your brain matter. Or could it possibly, that you are a chronic meth user and you actually have no control of what blurps out of that disgusting gaping hole, you call a mouth. Oblivion has presented to you proof, that I am NOT Ace Slaughter. Standing before you, is the body of Ace Slaughter. Rest assure, what lies beneath skin and bone, is NOT Ace Slaughter. He will come out and say, this was a ruse!! The original host, Stephan Johnson is gone!! Kaput!! Non-existant!! Johnson used Ace Slaughter as an escape from reality, that his world was a giant pile of dogshit!! Greenfever, why is hard for you to phathom, that you NOT the only mental case, here in the WCF?! Huh, why is that?! You and everyone else find it difficult that Ace slaughter is NOT coming back. Sorry to burst your damn bubbles. But, get over it!! Slaughter is gone!! And you keep calling Oblivion, Ace Slaughter, is really starting to piss Oblivion off!! How can you be that stupid!! It has told you over and over again!! It has proof!! But, you and the rest of the WCF stand with blinders on, believing, no, convincing yourselves, that everything is normal. Everything has to be what you want it to be. Hate to tell everyone this, but not everything is exactly what it appears to be. Sorry, but it's true!!! Now, Ace Slaughter is gone!! Get over it!! Tonight, here in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, Fort Knox and Oblivion will step into that ring and face off against Johnny Reb and the World Champion Greenfever. Who, is no so-o-o much denial, that he cannot understand that his long time rival, Ace Slaughter, has actually disappeared. No longer exists! Greenfever, tonight it's time to turn up the heat. Next week, we have our World Title match. You will get a small taste of what you will recieve at Rebirth. And with that, Johnny Reb and Greenfever you two can just....

The Society/The crowd: CHOKE ON THAT!!!

As The Society and the crowd screams out, Mini Oblivion grabs his crotch and yells out....

Mini Oblivion: BITCHES!!!!

The Society leaves backstage. Melissa walks past the camera and says...

Melissa: Greenfever is still a fucktard!!

Shannan Lerch and Zach Davis sit, speechless, shaking their heads.

Zach Davis: with that said, it's time we get our main event underway....

Kyle Steel stands in the center, of the ring.

The lights go out. In the name of God by Slayer begins to play. "I want to invite you welcome you. To my hate to my scorn to myself". Thunderous combinations of the guitars, bass, and drums explode through the arena's speakers.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at an combined weight of 535 pounds, from Nashville Tennessee... one half of The Cash Money Nightmares and one half of the WCF World Tag Team Champions, FOR-OR-ORT KNO-O-OX and from the deepest, darkest part of a sick man's psyche...... O-O-O-OBLI-I-IVI-I-I-I-O-O-O-O-NN-N-NN-N!!!

There are a mixture of cheers and boos, more cheers than boos. The crowd stand on their feet and rush to the security railings. Fort Knox comes out wearing black shades. Knox is wearing gold chains around his neck and is wearing a gold Rolex watch and bracelet. He has a gold ring on each finger and when he holds to up to the camera they spell FORT KNOX.
Oblivion slowly slinks low to the ground, with it's arms extended outward. Oblivion has it's index fingers pointing outward. The guitar solo begins. Oblivion slowly stands up, with it's arms extended outward, spins around. As Oblivion and Fort Knox gets to ringside, It pops his neck. Oblivion and Fort Knox holds there arms outward. Oblivion and Fort Knox slide under the ring ropes and they walk to opposite corners. They climb up to the second turnbuckle. Oblivion and Fort Knox raise their arms to an mostly cheering crowd. Both of them, jump down and walk over to the center of the ring. Several hundred cameras flash throughout the arena, as Oblivion and Fort Knox strike muscular poses.

Lies in the name of God!!!!!

"Bad Company" begins to play over the venue's PA system. Anticipation fills the air, and the crowd begins to cheer as Johnny Reb steps out, dressed in a grey Confederate frock coat and an officer's slouch hat.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 205 pounds, from Sweet Water, Alabama.... "The Inveterate Confederate" Joh-oh-ohnny-y Re-e-eb-bb!!

His manager, Don Jesus, is right behind him. The music plays on. The lyrics begin. "Company, always on the run. the rising sun. I was born, 6-gun in my hand. Behind a gun, I make my final stand." Johnny makes his way toward the ring at a dignified pace, matching the song's cadence. "That's why they call me..." Here, the tempo picks up. The Inveterate Confederate stops, raising his head and spreading his arms wide, to coax more adulation from the crowd. "Bad Company! And I can't deny..." As the fans sing along, Johnny moves toward the ring once more. "Bad company, 'til the day I die..." Reb mounts the ring steps and climbs in, holding the ropes for his manager. He runs to the far corner, ascending to the second turnbuckle, and throws his hands in the air, posing for the audience. There is a brief reprise of the chorus before the music fades away. Johnny hops down and shrugs off his coat, passing it and his hat to Don Jesus, who exits the ring as Reb awaits the bell.

The lights drop as "Run Rabbit Run" by Rob Zombie begins over the P.A. system.

Kyle Steel: His partner, weighing in at 190 pounds, from Pine Bluff, Arkansas... The WCF Worl Heavyweight Champion.... GREE-EE-EENFEE-EE-EVER-ER-ER-R!

"Huntin' Humans? Ain't nuthin but nuthin'. They all run like scared little rabbits.Run rabbit run. RUN RABBIT RUN!" The aggressive drums kick in and Greenfever emerges from the darkness. His face and hands are smeared with blood. The crowd is incited into a screaming mob. The audience begins to throwing garbage down at him as he makes his way to the ring.


Zach Davis: Now, let's get this much anticipated main event started.

Oblivion and Reb start for their teams. Both, hook-up, in the center of the ring. Oblivion, with the weight and size advantage, pushes Johnny Reb into Oblivion's corner. mini Oblivion slides from under the ring and begins to distract the referee.

Shannan Lerch: There's that creepy little batard!

With the ref's attention averted, Fort Knox grabs the back of Reb's ring wear and holds him, as Oblivion begins to strike Johnny Reb with furious lefts and rights.

Zach Davis: That's not right.

Oblivion knocks down Reb and begins to pummel Johnny with massive stomps onto his mid-section, chest and head. The crowd erupts....

Shannan Lerch: Here comes Greenfever!

Greenfever spins Oblivion around and begins to kick Oblivion with furious kicks and finally ending with roundhouse kick to the former Hardcore Champion's head.

Zach Davis: That kick brought Oblivion down to both knees...


Oblivion crashes down face first, to the mat. Stanley Moser grabs Greenfever and escorts him back to his own corner. The crowd erupts, as they point at Fort Knox.

Zach Davis: What's Knox doing?

Fort Knox grabs Johnny Reb and hangs his upper body over the ring apron and begins poundings his chest with forearms and elbows, finally striking Reb with a foot across his head. Johnny Reb falls out of the ring. The referee checks on Johnny Reb...

Stanley Moser: Stand back, Knox! ONE!! TWO!!!

Shannan Lerch: The referee as begun the count out.

Fort Knox begins to walk over to Reb, but the referee warns him of disqualification. As the referee was busy trying to maintain the action, Greenfever reenters the ring and he picks up Oblivion and places him onto his shoulders...


Zach Davis: Electric Powerbomb on Oblivion. The World Champion picked up his Rebirth opponant and had him in an Electri Chair position, but he spun him around and nailed him with a sit-down powerbomb.

Greenfever laughs as he is face to face with a fallen Oblivion. The referee turns around and begins to yell at Greenfever. Greenfever goes backs to his corner, after being threatened with a disqualification.

Shannan Lerch: Senior Referee Stanley Moser is NOT playing tonight!!

Fort Knox picks up Johnny Reb and grabs him, from behind and nails him with a hard and quick release german suplex. the referee turns around seeing Johnny Reb laying in a heap of motionless mass. The referee tells Knox to get back in his corner and begins the count. 1.... 2.... 3....

Zach Davis: As this match has started both Johnny Reb and Oblivion are not moving.

Knox hops down, from his corner and approaches Johnny, Greenfever watches Knox and enters the ring. Knox grabs Reb and tosses him back into the ring. As the referee walks over to greenfever trying to prevent the World Champion from going any further, Oblivion pops his head up and lays his head back down, playing possum.

Zach Davis: Did you see that, Oblivion is playing possum. For what reason, I don't quite know yet.

Johnny Reb slowly gets to his feet, Fort Knox swings at the back of his head. That infuriates Greenfever as he enters the ring. Stanley mosers grabs him from around the waist.

Shannan Lerch: The referee is doing his job, preventing Greenfever from interfereing.

As Reb get up to his feet, hanging onto the top ring rope, Oblivion takes his fore, middle fingers, and both thumbs, from both hands and places them across his own throat and sprays his blue mist across the face of Johnny Reb. With Reb being blinded, Oblivion bounces back and...


Zach Davis: Check Out Time!!!

Oblivion superkicks Johnny Reb. The crowd reacts, as Greenfever breaks away from the referee and charges Oblivion, who was looking down at Reb.

Shannan Lerch: The World Champion just put his Rebirth opponant in a dragon sleeper.

Greenfever squeezes on the pressure, as he squeals out. the referee tries to force Greenfever to release the dragon sleeper.


Zach Davis: Greenfever just dropped Oblivion to the mat.

Greenfever then drops to his knees and begins to bite at the masked face of Oblivion. The masked one begins to writhe around in pain. Greenfever spits away. The referee grabs Greenfever and forces him out of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: This hasn't been much of a wrestling match, but there has been a lot of action.

Zach Davis: Mostly by the World Champion.

Johnny Reb and Oblivion remains motionless, on the mat. The referee begins his count. 1.... 2.... 3.... 4.... 5.....

Shannan Lerch: Both men are still not moving!

6.... 7.... 8..... Both men begin to move. Oblivion begins to slowly crawl to Fort Knox, Johnny Reb crawls towards Greenfever.

Zach Davis: Both men tag in their partners. Fort Knox and Greenfever charge at each other, throwing lefts and rights, until Greenfever rakes the eyes of Knox. After a few swift and quick kicks, a quick roundhouse kick knocks down Knox. Greenfever grabs Knox into a Surfboard Stretch.

Shannan Lerch: Greenfever has Knox's head wrenched backward into dragon sleeper.

Zach Davis: The Lament Configuration!

The referee checks for a submission. Knox doesn't submit. Greenfever begins to scream, yell, and squeal as he applies pressure. Knox begins to struggle. The crowd screams out cheers.


Shannan Lerch: Oblivion just came in cracked Greenfever over the head with a boot.

Oblivion: Thank you!! There you happy?!? I fuckin' said thank you!!

Fort Knox stands up, as Greenfever struggles to stand. Knox bounces Greenfever off the ropes, Oblivion grabs the World Champion by his legs and bends him backwards. Fort Knox begins to climb the turnbuckles and flies off the top turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Oh my God!! That was incredible!

Shannan Lerch: Fort Knox just legdropped Greenfever, across his neck and throat, as Oblivion was holding him.

Oblivion leaves the ring. Fort Knox tags in Oblivion. Fort Knox bounces Greenfever off the ropes, Oblivion grabs Greenfever and looks to hit a spinebuster, but bends backwards and slams Greenfever upper body onto the mat.

Zach Davis: Oblivion hits The Black Hole!

Johnny Reb quickly enters the ring and attacks Fort Knox with a double axehandle to the back of his head. That causes him to fall out of the ring. Reb goes to the ropes and grabs the top rope. Reb pulls on the ropes and props himself on the toprope. As Knox slowly stands up...


Crowd: HOLY SH*T!!! HOLY SH*T!!! HOLY SH*T!!! HOLY SH*T!!!

Shannan Lerch: An amazing moonsault by The Inveterate Confederate.

Inside the ring, Oblivion hears the crowd cheers as he looks around the arena, in a frantic stare. He pulls on his mask as he point to the corner. The crowd roars. Greenfever stands up runs towards an unnoticed Oblivion, Greenfever pushes Oblivion into the ropes, which causes Oblivion to nbounce off the ropes.


Zach Davis: Oblivion bangs the back of his head against Greenfever's forehead.

Oblivion drops to the mat, Greenfever crawls over to Oblivion and begins to continuously use his own head as a battering ram on the head of Oblivion. Blood begins to stream down the head of Greenfever, as some blood is being noticed through the mask of Oblivion. Greenfever stands up and staggers back.

Shannan Lerch: Stanley Moser goes over to the ropes and begins to yell at Johnny Reb and Fort Knox.

Zach Davis: They are laying into each other with massive lefts and rights.

As Oblivion staggers up, Greenfever grabs his throat and spews out a red bile mist spray.

Shannan Lerch: That red mist hits Oblivion right in the eyes.

As Greenfever tries to grab for his opponant, Oblivion swings his arms around and knocks down the referee.

Zach Davis: Stanley Moser is knocked out!!

There is screeching, moaning, and groaning as several little creepies of The Gathering slither inside the ring. A half dozen creepy little people body tackle Greenfever down. Greenfever begins to scream out in pain.

Shannan Lerch: Oh my God, they are biting on Greenfever!!

Blood begins flow from Greenfever;s body, as The Gathering continue to bite on the World Champion. Johnny Reb sees whats happening and enters the ring. Two of the Gathering tackle him and begin to bite him.

Zach Davis: But, it appears as Johnny Reb is fighting off the Gathering.

Reb begins to kick off The Gathering, the little creepies begin to scatter back under the ring. Greenfever stands up slowly, with his eyes covered in blood, slams up against Reb and....


Shannan Lerch: Greenfever just roundhouse kicked his own partner.

Zach Davis: In his own blood lust he grabs Johnny in a piledriver position. Reb's head is outside his legs.


Shannan Lerch: Dislocated Piledriver!!

Oblivion sees an advantage and tosses Johnny Reb to outside the ring. But Fort Knox has just tagged himself into the match!

Zach Davis: What is Knox doing!?

Shannan Lerch: I guess he wants a chance to pin the Champ!

Knox charges into the ring, leaving the confused Oblivion in his corner. Knox hits Greenfever with several forearm shots from behind, but Greenfever absorbs them and turns around. He blocks one of the shots and then hits Knox with the Dislocated Piledriver as well! Greenfever pins Knox!




Zach Davis: The World Champ is victorious once again!

Oblivion gets into the ring, looking at Fort Knox like "What the hell just happened?" as the ref hesitantly, with quite a bit of fear, raises Greenfever's arm. Greenfever grabs the World Title and exits the ring, backpeddling up the ramp, sadistic smile on his face... and clutching the World Title belt.

Shannan Lerch: Well, Greenfever was triumphant tonight... but Rebirth may be a different story-


Oblivion and Fort Knox are in the ring about to leave from the other side of the ring come two men in black masks and black Cobra Kai t-shirts. From the entrance way comes the third motioning for Oblivion and Fort Know to come on. While they are yelling back the other two masked men nail them from behind with Singapore Kanes. Both men fall to their knees as they get again and again as the thrid member enters the ring. They throw Fort Knox over the top rope onto the floor. Masked man number one nails a ddt on Oblivion as masked man number two has climbed to the top rope and comes off nailing a leg drop off the top rope onto Oblivion. Masked man number three locks in the Tazmission as WCF refrees come running to the ring to be stopped by the other two masked men. All of a sudden "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit starts playing and all three members leave the ring threw the crowd.

Zach Davis: Who are these men? What is going on?...

Shannan Lerch: I don't even know anymore, Zach.

Kidnapping Segment

Fade back in.

Its dark and damp and the trickling of water is heard in the distance, infront of the camera D-Day, Ace Garrison and Karl Voronov are seen with their hands bound above their heads dangling from a steel pipe in what looks like a boiler room of some sorts.

The three look battered, bruised and close to unconscious.

As the camera pans out we see the hooded man from earlier in the evening standing looking at the three, his face still covered.

Examining the room further we see an army of men in black masks surrounding the three, as though they are waiting for orders from the hooded assailant... The man uncuffs the three victims as their bodies fall to the floor. He looks at them for a moment before shaking his head in disgust and turning around, leaving the room. The men in black masks follow him, as if in a trance.

We briefly go back to the announcers.

Zach Davis: Fans, I don't know what that was... we're out of time. But I can assure you the authorities are on the case and D-Day, Garrison and Voronov WILL be appearing at Rebirth, they should be safe within twenty four hours I hope..

Shannan Lerch: We'll see you next Monday.. goodnight..

Fade to black.