One Intro
Abel Channing vs Gally Po vs Brian Banks
The Cult of Jerks vs This_Is_War
Machine Gun Joe vs Kenneth Williams
Television Title Match: Chris Avery's Open Challenge
United States Title Match: Paul Dangerous vs D-Day
Seth Lerch Segment
Gravedigger vs Jay Price
Doc Henry vs Johnny Reb
Brad Kane vs Torture

One Intro

One by Metallica hits, and the fans are, of course, on their feet!


Pyro explodes! Fans hold up their signs!

Zach Davis: WELCOME..

More pyro! An obscene amount, in fact! More signs! Most of them are poorly spelled and not at all clever! Many are internet related jokes, including many "BUTTHURT" signs!

Zach Davis: ...TO ONE!

The cheering and pyro and whatnot finally dies down.

Bobby Cairo: We're here live from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! What an electrified crowd we have here tonight! And I'm proud to once again be announcing One.

Zach Davis: As am I. We have not one, not two, but THREE main event matches here tonight.

Bobby Cairo: Brad Kane versus Torture. Doc Henry vs Johnny Reb. Gravedigger versus Jay Price.

Zach Davis: Brad Kane versus Torture is six years in the making, Bobby. For as long as these two have been in the WCF, they've been enemies. Even when we thought Torture was one of "the good guys," so to speak.. they were never on the same page.

Bobby Cairo: It was over one year ago when we thought Kane had beaten Torture for the World Title, only for Torture to have that win taken away from him. Brad Kane wants that win.. he wants a victory over Torture. He wants to be the one to finally defeat him. And he wants it tonight.

Zach Davis: Brad Kane is the only man to have ever competed in every single One event, and tonight is his first time main eventing. This is going to be epic.

Bobby Cairo: Gravedigger versus Jay Price is not at all what we thought we'd have a few weeks ago. We all thought Logan versus Price was going to be our main event... until Price went crazy and took Logan out.

Zach Davis: I can't even blame him, after Logan.. Price's own brother.. caused Shannan to lose Jay's baby...

Bobby Cairo: Right, I don't blame Price either. But he's out for blood tonight, up against Gravedigger, another man that had been going after Shannan as well. This is one of the most personal matches of the night.

Zach Davis: As is our other main event... Johnny Reb and Doc Henry, one on one, finally. Henry... he has Don Jesus held captive, which is what forced Reb into this match. I knew Henry was despicable, but... this is going pretty far.

Bobby Cairo: We've seen some heinous things in WCF, and I've been a part of many of them, but I'd agree, Zach.

Zach Davis: And this will be a TLC match, nonetheless. I hope one of these men walk out alive... but I'm not counting on it.

Bobby Cairo: Two Title matches tonight. For the US Title, Paul Dangerous will face D-Day. Malenko was also set to be part of this, but Seth had him removed as a punishment.

Zach Davis: And Chris Avery has issued an open challenge for a Television Title match.. that'll be interesting.

Bobby Cairo: Machine Gun Joe and Kenneth Williams are going one on one. After their great tag match on Slam, this really should be a good one, I hope.

Zach Davis: Huge tag match... The Cult of Jerks are taking on This_Is_War. I hope the This_Is_War group finally gets whats coming to them, once and for all.

Bobby Cairo: It wouldn't be a WCF event without a huge tag match!

Zach Davis: And in our opener, we'll see Abel Channing, Gally Po, and Brian Banks compete in a triple threat match. Brian Banks is, of course, the former Captain Punishment.

Bobby Cairo: And lets not forget.. Seth has promised to reveal the fate of the World Title here tonight.

Zach Davis: Lets get to it.

Abel Channing vs Gally Po vs Brian Banks

"The World's Greatest" by R. Kelly begins to play.

Zach Davis: With that this opening match for One begins.... NOW!!!

As the song begins to play, Gally Po comes charging out from the back.

Kyle Steel: From Bald Knob, Arkansas... Weighing in at 185 pounds..... GA-A-ALL-LLY-Y PO!!!

He snarls at the crowd and flexes a few times as he rushes down to the ring.

Bobby Cairo: Well, here comes Gally

Gally Po falls...

Zach Davis: There falls Gally.

But Gally Po finds his way into the ring. He grabs the rope and jumps up and roars out loud before getting himself ready for what he calls victories.

Bobby Cairo: He opponant will be...

"Perfect Insanity" hits the speakers as all of the lights in the arena are turned down. A single spotlight comes on and is pointed toward the stage as Banks steps out from the back to a chorus of boos.

Kyle Steel: His opponant... from New York city, weighing in at 185 pounds.... BRI-I-IAN BA-A-ANKS!!

Ignoring them, he makes his way down the ramp and then climbs the ring steps.

Zach Davis: Listen to those boo-birds Bobby, they sure don't like this Brian Banks.

He pauses on the apron to mock some of the fans at ringside before climbing through the ropes.

Bobby Cairo: They don't like the fact that he abandoned the Captain Punishment character and his new attitude!

Once in the ring, "Perfect Insanity" fades out and the lights come back on as Banks begins to warm up for his match.

Zach Davis: Now it's time for Abel Channing.

All is silent, as the lights in the arena suddenly go out as a dim bluish grey illuminates the arena. The titan-tron begins to flicker with static as "Coming Undone" By Korn begins to blast on out of the WCF PA system. The words "Abel Channing" are spelt out across the screen of the WCF titan-tron as white fog begins spewing out from underneath the ramp, creating a walk way of smoke, as the figure of "The Savage" Abel Channing comes walking out from behind curtains. Once seen the fans of the WCF swarm Channing like an angered wasp nest, shouting out various chants as they cheer him as he steps on out onto the main stage.

Kyle Steel: Their opponent, from Pheonix, Arizona... weighing in at 233 pounds "The Savage" A-A-ABEL-L-LL-L CHA-A-ANN-NNI-I-ING!!!

He takes a few minutes to himself as he examines the air that surrounds around him, eventually he begins making his way through the white fog, before climbing into the ring, Abel can be seen signing a few fans autographs before sliding into the ring.

Bobby Cairo: Now with all three in the ring, now. Let's get this opening bout started!


All three circle the ring, when all three lunge at each other, but Brian Banks steps back and let's Channing and Po hook up, in the center of the ring.

Zach Davis: Brian Banks was about to hook up with both Abel Channing and Gally Po, besides to step back.

Bobby Cairo: That's actually smart there, Zach. He probably figures it's smarter to let them wear themselves out.

With Abel Channing having almost a fifty pound advantage, he uses his size to push Gally Po backwards into a corner. With Po in the corner and Channing's back to the ring, Brian Banks takes this opportunity and hits Channing with a double fist to the back of the head.

Bobby Cairo: Told you. Banks was waiting for the right time to take the advantage.

Channing falls down to the mat, as Banks grabs Po and pulls him out of the corner and.....



Gally Po falls down to the mat, like ton of bricks. Banks goes for the quick pin.

Bobby Cairo: We have a pin attempt already!

WCF Senior Referee slides into position....

Crowd: ONE!!

Bobby Cairo: That's one! But, where's Abel Channing!?

Zach Davis: Channing is missing?!

Stanley Moser's hand comes down for the seond time.

Crowd: TWO!!

The crowd erupts with deafening cheers. Abel Channing climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Brian Banks doesn't see him.

Bobby Cairo: What noone noticed Abel Channing slipped out of the ring and waited for the perfect opportunity to pounce.

As Stanley Moser was about to raise his hand for the third and final count, Channing flies off the top turnbuckle and....


The crowd pops!

Zach Davis: Flying headbutt by The Savage!! Connecting with Bank's right shoulder.

Shook up a lil bit, Channing stands up and grabs for Po and nails a perfect Russian leg sweep. Po's head crashes with the mat and lies somewhat motionless. Channing averts his attention towards Banks, Channing walks towards Brian Banks.

Bobby Cairo: Banks grabs Abel Channing by the front of his trunks and flings him into the turnbuckles.

Zach Davis: Channing's face crashes right into that turnbuckle. He looks slightly stunned.

Banks grabs a stunned Po and hits him with a scoop slam.

Bobby Cairo: Banks hurries over to the corner and climbs up to the top turnbuckle. With Po stunned and confused in the center of the ring, Brian Banks looks around with a snear.

The Wells Fargo Arena echos with deafening boos! Banks flies off and....


Zach Davis: An awesome flying legdrop executed by Brain Banks!!

Banks goes for the pin as Stanley Moser goes in for the count.

Bobby Cairo: Banks hooks the leg.

Crowd: ONE!!

Zach Davis: That's one!!

Crowd: TWO!!!

Bobby Cairo: That's two!

Crowd: THR---

Cairo/Davis: NO-O-O!!

Abel Channing comes out from nowhere and stops the count.

Zach Davis: A quick save by Abel Channing!!

As Channing grabs for Banks, but The Savage is met with a back fist to the mid-section, which causes Channing to buckle over. Banks take this chance to hit a running monkey flip...

The crowd pops.

Bobby Cairo: But The Savage slips out and now has Brian Banks in a inverted STF!

Banks screaming out in pain.

Zach Davis: Channing has now flipped over, with own face facing down the mat, with the STF intact.

Brian Banks is flailing his arms in pain, but Channing got too close to the ropes. Referee Moser steps in.

Stanley Moser: Break it up, kid. You're in the ropes! ONE!!

Channing keeps a hold of the STF!

Bobby Cairo: Channing is not letting go of the STF!! He's gonna risk a disqualification!!

Moser: THREE!!

Channing finally let's go, as Po vainly tries to attack Abel Channing, with weak kick and punches.

Zach Davis: looks like all that is doing is making The Savage angry!

Channing grabs Po's bald head and with a closed fist...


Bobby Cairo: Channing just clobbered Gally Po into next week, with that devastating punch.

Po flips backwards and falls out of the ring. Channing walks over to Banks.


Zach Davis: Banks caught Channing off guard with a sit-out jawbreaker.

The momentum of the jawbreaker causes Channing to fly backwards before crashing to the mat. As Abel Channing stumbles to stand. Banks flies towards Channing.

Bobby Cairo: Brian Banks just devastated Abel Channing with a running bulldog.

Banks waits and stalks Channing, waiting for him to stand.

Zach Davis: Abel Channing is slowly getting up, but wait...


Bobby Cairo: STEP-UP ENGUIRI!!

Banks makes pin attempt. He doesn't notice he is a little close to the ropes.

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THRE-... NO-O-O!!

Zach Davis: Where did Gally Po come from?

Bobby Cairo: Let's see that back in replay.

A replay shows Gally Po stumble from the outside of the ring and slowly climbing up to the top turnbuckle. He trips and comes crashing down onto Brain Banks.

Po stumbles up and grabs for Abel Channing, but...


Bobby Cairo: And now Abel Channing goes running towards Brain Banks and kicks him out of the ring.

Channing runs back to Gill Po and Po jumps on Channing and proceeds to bit on the neck of The Savage.

Zach Davis: It's Feeding Time!!

All that biting does is make Channing angry and hits Po with a neck breaker. Channing picks up Po in a fireman's carry and proceeds to walk towards a corner.

Bobby Cairo: He's not going to do, what I think he's going to he?

Zach Davis: I don't know Bobby.

Abel Channing proceeds to walk to the corner, with Po on his shoulders with a fireman's carry. Channing starts to walk up the turnbuckle to the second turnbuckle. With Po on his shoulders, Channing looks towards the cheering crowd.


Channing flies into the air...

Bobby Cairo: What the...

Zach Davis: Oh no he didn't!!


The ring shakes and the entire Wells Fargo Center erupts as Abel Channing nails Gally Po with a powerslam!!

Bobby Cairo: ABEL'S REVENGE!!!

After a small celebration and the crowd completely freaking out, Channing goes for the pin. Stanley Moser slides in, as the crowd are on their feet...

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!!

Crowd: THREE-....NO-O-O-O-O-O!!!

Bobby Cairo: HOLY SHI....

Zach Davis: Shut your mouth Bobby Cairo!!

Bobby Cairo: Brian Banks just flew off the top turnbuckle.. forget me talking about just watch through the replay.

The replay shows Brian Banks struggling to get to the ropes and gets to the top turnbuckle. he hesitates then leaps into the air, almost touching the arena lights, in the process with a freakishly high moonsault and lands on top of both Gally Po and Abel Channing.

Crowd: THAT WAS AWESOME!! <clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap> THAT WAS AWESOME!! <clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap>

Banks throwd Po out of the ring and covers Abel Channing.

Zach Davis: That should be it!!

Bobby Cairo: But Banks has a losse cover over The Savage.

Banks has his back on top of Channing. Bank is looking up at the lights.

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THREE-...NO-O-O-O!!

Abel Channing lifts up his right shoulder. Brian Banks is on his knees in complete shock!! The crowd completely goes absolutely crazy after Abel Channing kicks out!

Bobby Cairo: I don't believe it!!

Zach Davis: Neither does Brian Banks.

Bobby Cairo: Banks is sure frustrated!

Banks stands up and goes over to an obvious hurt Abel Channing. Banks grabs for Channing but....

Zach Davis: Not sure what Brian Banks has planned, but sure it will be devastating.


Bobby Cairo: NO!!

Zach Davis: Out of nowhere, Abel Channing just nailed Brian Banks with a spiked DDT!!

With Banks is lying face down on the mat, Abel Channing locks a double chickenwing on the arms of Brian Banks.

Bobby Cairo: Looks like the beginning of the The Channing Strangling

Channing performs a forward roll into a bridging position further stressing the hold. Brian Banks looks in obvious pain, as he thrashes around. Stanley Moser is face to face with Brian Banks...

Stanley Moser: How 'bout it, Banks?!

Banks continues to wiggle around, but Abel Channing has it tight!

Zach Davis: This could be it....

Brian Banks uses his slightly free hand to tap the mat, as Gally Po quickly enters the ring, only to trip over his own feet.


Kyle Steel: The winner of the match...."The Savage" Abel Channing!!!

The Cult of Jerks vs Tank/Shaun Jackson/Frost/Ingvar

Zach Davis: Big Time Jerks already in the ring. The Jerks with Bo Young look to be taking on these guys.

Tank's music rips up the crowd and they begin to boo as Jackson and Tank walk down the ring with Frost and Ingvar to their sides. They walk down the ramp with intensity and before they could even reach the bottom of the long isle, Big Time Jerks slide out of the ring and begin fighting!

Bobby Cairo: Jerks are feeling feisty! I love it! Take the battle to them!

Tank begins fighting Bo Young and slides him into the ring where the ref rings the bell.

Zach Davis: This match is an elimination match by the way, Bobby. That's to clear it up for the folks at home as well!

To the far right, of the announce team, way up in the rafters, there is a commotion. Music begins to blare through out the Wells Fargo Arena. People begin to point up at the rafters, a large man in dirty rags, looking like loosely wrapped mummy, but with a mask on. He is wearing a Turkish Shaman robe and is holding a Turkish Shaman Cresent staff.

Zach Davis: Who in the blue Hell is that thing?!?

Bobby Cairo is holding his ear piece.

Bobby Cairo: I am being told that individual's name is Oceb Aughion.

Zach Davis: Oceb Aughion?!?

Bobby Cairo: Yes. Oceb Aughion!

Aughion is kneeling down, in the rafter, lerking around, peering down at the match in the ring below. His handler/manager Cagatay Sentürkis standing beside the kneeling Aughion.

Zach Davis: Who is that standing next to Oceb Aughion?

Bobby Cairo: That's his manager.... Cagatay Sentürkis.

Zach Davis: We need to get back to this match-up.!

As the action presumes, Oceb Aughion stands up, which catches the attention of nearby fans. He raises up his staff, the lights begin to flicker, as the seven wrestlers are too busy to even notice. The lights begin to flicker, which causes the fans to take more notice at Oceb Aughion. Then all of a sudden, then house lights flash. Oceb points his staff towards the ring below.

Zach Davis: Not this crap again!! Doesn't Seth screen these nut cases?!?

Bobby Cairo: What are you afraid of?!? It's just for effect. Nothing bad is gonna happen!

Zach Davis: But, still the stuff creeps me out!! Besides, who is this Oceb Aughion pointing at!?

Bobby Cairo: I don't have a clue who he is pointing to.

Cagatay Sentürkis holds a mic towards Oceb Aughion. The masked mysterious person begins to speak in a distorted voice....


Oceb Aughion points his Shaman staff towards the ring. The Cult of Jerks and the team of This is War look up at the rafters towards Cagatay Sentürkis and Oceb Aughion.

Zach Davis: Who is he referring to?

Bobby Cairo: I don't have any kind of idea.

Aughion begins to chant out, as his eyes begins to roll back. Sentürkis holds up his arms, as the chant continues. Oceb Aughion's head tilts back, then Aughion's eyes peers forward as he begins to points his staff down at the ring. Lighting crackles as thunder explodes through the arena's speakers. The house lights flicker rapidly. The crowd gets slightly startled. Oceb Aughion flicks his robe before turning around and leaving, with Cagatay Sentürkis following closely behind.

Zach Davis: That was weird!

Bobby Cairo: Strange indeed Zach, strange indeed. Now, let's get back to the match at hand....

Bo Young hits the ropes looking for a fast-paced move but gets a big boot instead. Tank then picks up Bo and hits a mean spine-busting chokeslam! Tank puts a foot over Bo and the ref counts..




Zach Davis: WOWWW.

Bobby Cairo: And that's why Tank is a menace in the ring! A win can honestly come out of nowhere.. Bo Young, goodnight and good luck next time!

Zach Davis: Four on two is NOT the odds the BTJ wanted to see!

Tank steps over the top rope when both Big Time Jerks hit a dropkick to his knee causing him to fall off the apron in pain. Jackson grabs Austin and throws him into the ring. Austin gets up and hits a kick to Jackson then throws him out of the ring and that's when Frost tries his hand! Ingvar tries to step in to but Young brawls with him before so and they stay on the outside. Austin hits Frost with a stiff powerbomb and pins!




Zach Davis: Frost has been eliminated!

Ingvar is thrown in to the ring and Austin and Adams hit "Say Hello!" A spiked brainbuster. They both pin.




Zach Davis: WOW! Ingvar is gone too!

Bobby Cairo: These are much better odds!

Shaun Jackson rolls into the ring and shoves a celebratory Adams out of the ring and then rolls Austin up! One! Two! Kickup. Jackson gets to his feet before Austin and then hits the Orange Crush Bomb! Jackson pins Austin!




Zach Davis: Austin Adams is eliminated but wait! Here comes Adam Young!

Just as Shaun Jackson gets to his feet and turns around, Adam Young hits Jackson with the ol' Crash & Burn after a quick kick to the gut! Adam Young pins Jackson!




Bobby Cairo: Jackson is gone!

Young turns around and Tank puts his size 17 boot RIGHT into the kisser of Young and he snaps back to the mats. The crowd gasps at the very stiff big boot.

Bobby Cairo: OOHHH WWHOOAAA!! What a boot from Tank!

Zach Davis: I forgot about Tank, and I think Young did too.

Tank just lifts up Young off the mats by his throat and lifts him high into the air. That's when Bo Young and Adams hit the ring and begin brawling on Tank hardcore. The crowd has a mixed reaction when Tank drops Young and Young begins to stomp away on Jackson!

Zach Davis: What the hell??

Bobby Cairo: I think the Big Time Jerks care less about this being a match, I think they want blood!

Jackson and Young start to trade lefts and rights when they flip each other out of the ring just as Tank is fighting off Bo Young and Adams while backing up the ramp.

Zach Davis: The ref rang the bell, this match has been ruled a no contest!

They continue brawling through the crowd does Jackson and Young, while Adams and Tank and Bo begin brawling to the side of the entrance way and behind the curtains.. the crowd just murmurs for a second or two before we cut to the announcers.

Zach Davis: Well that was strange.. but you can tell that's far from over.

Bobby Cairo: Big Time Jerks and This Is War's b-team will see each other again, I'm sure. Seth Lerch's dreams of big tag matches will be easier to book for those two groups.

Zach Davis: Well said, Bobby, and once again folks we hope you're having a great time, at least as much as we are because damn it! I'm just excited to be here, it's One, Bobby Cairo! A night where anything AND everything happens!

Bobby Cairo: Once again, I'm just honored to be apart of such a historic night, and being here as apart of the legendary Hall of Fame class of 2010, I must say, tonight will be a great night!

Zach Davis: Let's continue with some more action, eh?

Machine Gun Joe vs Kenneth Williams

Zach Davis: The last time that we saw Machine Gun Joe and Kenneth Williams in the same ring they were on opposite ends of a tag team match with Paul Dangerous and D-Day as their tag partners.

Bobby Cairo: That's right, Zach. That match ended in a no contest and tonight these two young guns will go one-on-one to settle the score.

"Say Yeah" by Wiz Khalifa begins to play and "The One and Only" Kenneth Williams comes out from behind the curtains, hopping on his right leg before doing an arms out 360 degree turn. He begins walking down the ring with a confident swagger giving some fans high fives on his way to the ring. He gets to the ring and goes to his right. He runs and hops onto the apron and flips into the ring. He goes to the turnbuckles and places his left foot on the top as he points to the skies then hops off as he gets ready for his match.

Bobby Cairo: I wonder if Kenneth Williams is related to Jay Williams?

Zach Davis: Probably not, Bobby. Jay Williams is Caucasian and Kenneth Williams is African-American.

Bobby Cairo: So? Ever hear of interracial relationships, Zach? This isn't the 1830's anymore. We even have a biracial president now.

Zach Davis: Whom you despise.

Bobby Cairo: Yes I do and for all the right reasons, you sheep.

"Fade To Black" by Metallica begins to play over the area speakers as the crowd goes into silence. The lights dim and the entrance stage fills with smoke as dark red and white strobe lights flicker over the arena. A bright white light shines from the entrance way as the silhouette of a man stands there. Machine Gun Joe walks out from the back and out into the open. He stands there on the stage for a moment with his arms by his side as he looks over the arena getting mixed reactions from the fans. He then walks down the ramp towards the ring. He then slides into the ring and climbs to his feet. He walks around the ring for a moment just before walking over to the corner and looking over the crowd once more. He then turns around facing the center of the ring and begins to bounce back and forth getting warmed up waiting for the match to begin.

Bobby Cairo: Hey, you suppose Machine Gun Joe is related to Samoa Joe or Bazooka Joe?

Zach Davis: As a matter of fact the three of them are cousins.

Bobby Cairo: No kidding? Well how about Just Joe and Joe Blow?

Zach Davis: Nope. Unrelated.

Bobby Cairo: Hmmm...what about Joe Sixpack and Joe Camel?

Zach Davis: I don't think those are real--

Bobby Cairo: Hahaha! He's a camel named Joe and he smokes! Isn't that a riot, Zach?

Zach Davis: So what do you think about this match-up, Bobby?

Bobby Cairo: This match represents a wonderful opportunity for one of these young men to move up the pay grade. Right now they're working for chump change and turning tricks for the owner to make ends meet, but all of that can change with a victory tonight.

Referee Zip Wingdinger checks each wrestler for weapons before the match and issues his final instructions to both men. Joe and Kenny glare at each other with a look of determination on their faces as the referee calls for the bell.


Joe and Kenny lock up at center ring. Joe gains the advantage and muscles Kenny into the ropes. Kenny bounces off and goes for a crossbody but Joe catches him.

Zach Davis: Uh-oh, this is bad news for Kenneth! What's Joe gonna do with him?

Bobby Cairo: Military press into a slam! Nice move by Machine Gun Joe!

Joe makes the cover.

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...



Kenny kicks out before the three and gets to his feet. Joe tries to Irish whip Kenny but Kenny reverses it and sends Joe into the ropes. Kenny puts his head down for a back body drop but Joe stops short and drops Kenny with a DDT.

Bobby Cairo: Another rookie mistake by Kenny and Joe made him pay for it.

Joe goes for the pin.

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...



Zach Davis: Kenny kicks out but you're right, Bobby. He has to limit those mistakes against an opponent with the ability of Machine Gun Joe.

Kenny gets to his feet but Joe quickly swoops in behind Kenny and takes him for a ride with a stiff German suplex. Joe hangs onto Kenny but switches to a Full Nelson position before once again dropping Kenny to the mat with a stiff suplex into a bridging pin.

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...



Zach Davis: Kenny barely kicked out that time!

Bobby Cairo: Nevertheless that was a nice pair of suplexes by Machine Gun Joe, first the German and then the Full Nelson! Boy, he was lighting quick with those too...I guess that's why they call him "Machine Gun" Joe! He's got that rapid-fire action!

Joe shows no letup; he pulls Kenny to his feet and sets him up for a piledriver. Kenny shakes free from Joe's grip and drops to his knees on the mat. Kenny crawls throw Joe's legs and scrambles to the corner in a desperate bid to escape further punishment.

Bobby Cairo: Kenneth doesn't look like he wants anything that Joe is offering right now, Zach, and I can't blame him!

The referee instructs Kenny to get back to his feet and wrestle. Joe isn't nearly as talkative. He makes a b-line to the corner with an annoyed look on his face. Kenny suddenly springs forward but Joe uses Kenny's own momentum against him and counters with a T-Bone suplex. Kenny is floored by the move and he looks like he's out cold on the mat.

Zach Davis: Here's Joe with the cover! That should do it!

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...



Zach Davis: Joe pulled Kenny up! Why did he do that?!

Bobby Cairo: I think he wants to send a message to the rest of the WCF locker room, Zachariah. I don't approve of such shenanigans, but Joe is young and mighty and he wants to make a statement.

Joe lifts Kenneth onto his shoulders in a Fireman's Carry position and tosses him up, spinning him. Joe quickly grabs Kenny's head and plants it into the mat with thunderous force.

Zach Davis: Joe calls that move the Miami Sunset and by god it is devastating!

Bobby Cairo: He's still not done, Zach! He's locking Kenneth into a modified Katahajime!

Zach Davis: Joe calls it the Omerta!

Kenneth frantically taps and the ref tries to free him from the hold but Joe isn't cooperating.

Bobby Cairo: Kenneth tapped! He tapped! It's over!

Zach Davis: That's my line!

Joe keeps the hold locked in a little longer to punish Kenneth before finally releasing it. The ref calls for the bell while checking on Kenny's condition.


Zach Davis: Machine Gun Joe has made a very impressive singles debut tonight in his very first pay-per-view match!

Bobby Cairo: Absolutely, Zach. He looked awesome tonight...unbeatable really. We'll see what he does when faced with tougher competition in the future, but he can celebrate for one night anyway. As for Kenneth: we had high hopes for the lad but after this performance I wouldn't expect to see him in a WCF ring anytime soon. Hit the indies and work your way back up, kid!

"Fade To Black" hits the PA as the referee raises Joe's hand. The Philadelphia crowd offers a mixed reaction to the victorious Miami native. Joe simply sneers at his lifeless opponent, disgusted by the lack of opposition that he faced tonight.

Chris Avery's Open Challenge

B.o.B's Beast Mode hits the speakers and Chris Avery walks out in his yellow wrestling trunks, and a new This Is War T-shirt. His Television Championship hanging over his left shoulder as he walks out to the chorus of boos. Avery steps inside of the ring where an official hands him a microphone.

Zach Davis: Oh great, our Television Champion is going to say something..

Chris Avery: Tonight is the biggest night of them all. It's One, ladies and gentlemen. So good reason to have your Television Champion, you know, the one whose Mr. Primetime, the one that represents this company on a Television basis, OFF of the Pay Per View? Are you kidding me?! I DESERVE TO HAVE AN ACTUAL OPPONENT! I deserve to be in this ring and fighting for my Championship! I'M A GREAT TELEVISION CHAMPION!

Crowd boos.

Bobby Cairo: Oh God he doesn't shut up does he..

Zach Davis: Comes from the Class of Torture..

Bobby Cairo: Figures.

Chris Avery: I officially made a challenge to anyone in the back and it seems no one could accept so here again, I sit as the undefeated Television Champion, no let me correct this.. YOUR Television Champion! I'm here for you!

Crowd boos.

Chris Avery: So since I DON'T have to defend my Television Championship tonight, I'm here to give you some tips on helping your fat asses be better groomed for Television. And you can take these tips from me, because I am, of course, above all and nothing else, your Television Champion.

Avery smiles and the crowd boos again.

Chris Avery: You sir, you are very fat and ugly, and I must say you need to change your hair style if you ever want to be on Television. The cameras don't even want to pan to you right now.. wait.. we're in Philadelphia aren't we? Oh yeah now I remember.. this is the ugliest city in the world!

Crowd boos again.

Chris Avery: I'm glad I'm not defending my Championship title here tonight! I don't think fifty thousand Amish people deserve my Television Greatness! You fat, disgusting horse-pulling-buggy bastards! You don't deserve anything!

Crowd boos again.

Bobby Cairo: I've had enough..

Zach Davis: Wait, where are you going?? Bobby just got up.. he's .. Well! Bobby is GOING TO THE RING!

Chris Avery: Yeah, cheer you stupid, mayonaise-fried-balls eating fat-

Bobby Cairo turns Avery around and hits him with a right hand sending Avery down! The microphone goes flying and the TV title drops off the shoulder.


Cairo lifts up Avery and throws him to the ropes and when Avery returns, Cairo has a stiff clothesline waiting for him! Cairo taunts to the crowd who is now loving every second of it! Avery stumbles to his feet, turns around and Cairo lifts up Avery and drops his crotch on his knee! The crowd goes nuts as Avery holds his crotch in pain!

Zach Davis: Oh yeah! Cairo is asking the crowd if they want to see the Security Breach!

Cairo hits Avery with the Security Breach just like he promised and the crowd goes wild! Avery rolls out of the ring and is coughing and ranting in pain. The crowd still goes wild for Cairo who picks up the Television Championship and throws it at Avery whose still downed. Cairo taunts to the crowd as they go crazy!

Zach Davis: Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Cairo sure shut up Chris Avery!

Cairo gets out of the ring, fixes his suit, high fives a few fans and sits back down in his chair next to Zach.

Bobby Cairo: Well that felt good.

Zach Davis: You weren't kidding, Cairo, you still have what it takes!

Bobby Cairo: Maybe our Television Champion will take my advice and shut his mouth from now on..

Zach Davis: We'll soon find out, but for now, let's continue on with some more action..

United States Title Match: Paul Dangerous vs D-Day

Zach Davis: Time for our United States Title match!

The opening lyric 'Dangeeeeeerrrrr' sounds out, Paul Dangerous comes out from within a massive billow of smoke, choking from the excess amount of smoke. He feigns slappinng the fans hands but then remembers the likelihood of catching diseases from them and so pulls back at the last second. He pretty much drags himself up the ring steps, and on finally entering the ring he lets out his signiture scream of "I....AM....DANGEROUS!"

Bobby Cairo: I like this kid, Zach.

Zach Davis: I don't know if he'd like being called a "kid," but-

Bobby Cairo: Its just a saying, Zach, come on now. Paul Dangerous is clearly a man. A dangerous man.

Anthem of the Underdog by 12 Stones plays in the speakers. The lights are dim.The lights flash on to D-Day walking out to the top of the ramp with his belt and falls on his knees and throws his arms in the air, as soon as he throws them in the air fire works go off and surround him. The screen shows all of D-Day moments of his dead and forgotten special move. As also the screen shows a ring then the words in white and in cursive, the words D-Day. When D-Day get in the ring he raises his hands to his name on the screen and followed by all of the titles he has held in the WCF.

Zach Davis: D-Day is quickly becoming one of WCF's most decorated athletes. And he just might add a win at WCF's biggest stage here tonight to his list of accomplishments.

Bobby Cairo: A win is a win, but you're right. A win at One is something special, and both of these men know that.

The bell sounds. Both men meet in the middle of the ring and tie up. D-Day gets the early advantage, putting Dangerous into a headlock, but Dangerous shoves him off. D-Day goes front first into the ropes and bounces backwards, Dangerous grabs him from behind and executes a huge German Suplex!

Zach Davis: Wow!

The crowd pops in appreciation. Dangerous gets up, big smile on his face. He then gets on top of D-Day and puts him in a Camel Clutch.

Bobby Cairo: Dangerous is quite the technician. D-Day doesn't want the match to be starting out this way, I can tell you that.

D-Day's face contorts in pain as Dangerous cranks on the hold. Slowly D-Day tries to work his way towards the ropes, but Dangerous does his best to keep him away from them. Eventually Dangerous releases the hold.

Zach Davis: D-Day isn't worn out enough yet to tap or submit.. Dangerous knows he has to inflict some more punishment.

As D-Day tries to get up, Dangerous gives him a swift kick to the back. Day yells in pain yet again. Dangerous lifts him up and executes a Snapmare before hitting him with several knee strikes to the back!

Bobby Cairo: Dangerous clearly going for a back based offense. This will lead up to the Dangerous Combination.

Dangerous lifts D-Day up and throws him to the ropes. He goes for the Torture Rack!, but D-Day avoids it, landing behind him, and executes a Floatover DDT!

Zach Davis: There you go! D-Day is back in this!

D-Day lands on the mat and rests for several moments, catching his breath. Both he and Dangerous begin getting up again at the same time. They begin trading blows, but D-Day is able to block one of Dangerous', and throws him to the ropes. Dangerous comes back and D-Day kicks him and then executes a Neckbreaker!

Bobby Cairo: Perfectly executed by Mr. Deruty.

D-Day begins climbing to the top rope.

Zach Davis: D-Day going high risk...

Day flies off with a Frog Splash!... but Dangerous puts his knees up! D-Day crashes into them!

Bobby Cairo: Ow. It didn't pay off this time!

Dangerous quickly pins D-Day, hooking the leg.



No! D-Day kicks out.

Zach Davis: D-Day isn't an easy man to pin. He has more heart than almost any other WCF competitor, I'd wager. There is no quit in him.

Dangerous picks D-Day up and lifts him onto the turnbuckle before letting him drop back down in the Tree of Woe position.

Bobby Cairo: Uh oh. We've seen this from Paul Dangerous before...

Dangerous takes several steps back, to the opposite corner, then runs at D-Day.... and hits a Hesitation Single Leg Dropkick!

Zach Davis: The Danger Zone! Dangerous' trademark!

D-Day's body crumples out of the corner. Dangerous quickly pulls him to the middle of the ring and pins him once more.



No! D-Day kicks out again!

Bobby Cairo: No matter how much heart he has, I'm surprised D-Day was able to kick out there!

Dangerous backs up and waits for D-Day to get up.

Zach Davis: Paul Dangerous is measuring D-Day up for something...

Once D-Day is vertical, Dangerous runs at him and executes a Running European Uppercut!.. or tries to, anyway, as D-Day sidesteps him. Dangerous turns back to D-Day and is met with several stiff kicks... and D-Day finishes with a kick straight between the eyes!

Bobby Cairo: D for Destruction!

Dangerous stumbles back into a corner. D-Day grabs him... and hits the Dead and Forgotten! D-Day pins Dangerous.




Zach Davis: D-Day retains the United States Title!

The bell sounds, and D-Day stands, triumphant. Dangerous rolls out of the ring, holding his head in pain. The ref hands Day the belt.

Bobby Cairo: At One, WCF's American Hero has held onto the belt named for his beloved country.

Zach Davis: D-Day is one of WCF's finest, Bobby. He truly is.

D-Day heads up the ramp with the US Title.

Seth Lerch Segment

Master of Puppets hits.

Zach Davis: Annndd I think it might be time to get some answers.

Bobby Cairo: The World Title has been the talk of the town, Zach. People want to know what the hell is going to happen with it.

The World Title is over Seth's shoulder as he walks to the ring. The fans give him a largely neutral response as he slides in and grabs a microphone.

Seth Lerch: The first thing I'd like to do is thank all the wrestlers that have participated in the show thus far.. and, of course, thank the six men that will compete in our upcoming three main events. You guys made this all possible... One more year of WCF. There were times I didn't think we'd make it... such as when Gravedigger closed our company and we had to restart from nothing. But we did, and I have all of you to thank.

Polite cheering from the crowd.

Seth Lerch: And heres to One more year!

More cheering!

Seth Lerch: With that out of the way... I have a feeling you all want to know what I'm going to do about our World Title situation.

This crowd just won't stop cheering!

Seth Lerch: Well I'm sorry to say that I'm not going to reveal that to you quite yet. Partially because I'm not even totally sure myself. I promised you fans one thing... that by the end of One, we would have a new World Champion. And I'm standing by that promise.

Confused murmuring from the crowd now.

Seth Lerch: ...but I have to wait and see exactly how that situation is going to play out. Lets just say this.... I'll be watching the next two matches very, very closely. And by the end of the night, you will all know who your next World Champion will be.

More confused murmuring as Seth drops the microphone and exits the ring, Title in hand.

Zach Davis: Welllll.. hmm. I wonder what this means?

Bobby Cairo: Your guess is as good as mine, Zach. I was hoping we'd find something out now, but... we won't have to wait much longer, thankfully.

Zach Davis: He's watching the next two matches closely.... Gravedigger versus Price, and Reb versus Henry... hmm.

Gravedigger vs Jay Price

Zach Davis: The time has come for one of the fiercest grudge matches that I can recall in WCF history, Bobby.

Bobby Cairo: I have to agree with you there, Zach. We all know the story leading up to this match: Shannan Lerch announced to the world that she was pregnant with Jay Price's baby. Shannan was subsequently attacked by unknown assailants on two separate occasions. The second attacked resulted in her pregnancy being...terminated. Price, and most WCF fans, believe that Gravedigger is the man responsible for those attacks. Of course Price also believed that Logan was responsible so he murdered the reigning WCF World Champion with a luxury sedan.

Zach Davis: He didn't murder him, Bobby. He sidelined him...indefinitely.

Bobby Cairo: Whatever...the point is that Jay Price has been a loose cannon as of late and if Jay's promos this past week were any indication he's even more pissed at Gravedigger than he was at Logan. It is worth noting that Gravedigger denies holding any complicity in that fateful attack on Shannan, but that hardly means anything to a man in Price's frame of mind.

"Change" by Deftones hits the speakers and the crowd gets up out of their seats, immediately booing the familiar music of the man they love to hate the most here in WCF.

Zach Davis: The crowd instantly lets Gravedigger know what they think of him.

Bobby Cairo: I'm no fan of Gravedigger myself. I think that he's a coward, a scumbag and a sleaze merchant. I was an asshole during the early years of my career, but at least I matured. This guy is still hiding behind goons and beating up women and he's what...30?

Zach Davis: Yes, you made a point of noting your disdain for Gravedigger during your Hall of Fame speech, Bobby. I have to tell you, I thought it was so very sweet of you to say that WCF is part of your family. It really touched me...deep inside.

Bobby Cairo: Geez...don't cry, Zach.

Zach Davis: I'll cry if I want to, damn it! I'm in touch with my feelings!

Nearly a minute of the song plays and no one comes out.

Zach Davis: What is this? Where is Gravedigger?

Bobby Cairo: Knowing him he could be busy torturing puppies, but who knows...maybe he tripped and fell on a nail on his way to the curtains?

Zach Davis: I'm sure we would have heard something by now.

Bobby Cairo: This is just like him, to make everyone wai---

The curtains part and out walks Gravedigger and the boos get even louder. Troy Malenko and Mike D step out beside him. The three men stand on top of the ramp. Gravedigger and Troy look over at the announce table. They smile and wave.

Bobby Cairo: Oh Gravedigger trying to send me the heebie jeebies?

Bobby stands up from his seat and removes his headset. He points at Gravedigger and unleashes a torrent of obscenities. Gravedigger and Troy both start laughing.

Zach Davis: Bobby, sit down for crying out loud!

Bobby puts his headset on and sits down.

Bobby Cairo: Ain't no thang but a chicken wang, Zach. Just a couple of WCF Hall of Famers exchanging pleasantries.

Gravedigger, Troy Malenko and Mike D start walking down the ramp.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first...this man is a WCF Hall of Famer. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona...he weighed in at two-hundred and sixty pounds. Here is The Epitome Of Hardcore...GRAAAAAVEDIIIIIGGGGGEEEEEEERRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The camera keeps cutting to the entranceway but no one else comes down.

Bobby Cairo: So...where's the rest of Gravedigger's posse?

Zach Davis: Looks like they're being kept in the wings in case something happens or more likely they were only brought in for mind games, the thing Gravedigger is well known for playing.

Troy Malenko climbs the ring steps and sits down on the middle rope, pushing up the top rope. Gravedigger climbs the steps behind him, symbolically wipes his feet off on the apron, before finally stepping through the ropes. Mike D just walks casually around ringside, his eyes looking in various directions.

Zach Davis: That Mike D is a monster. Price better hope he doesn't get involved or it could spell trouble for him.

Bobby Cairo: You can say that again, Zach. Gravedigger is a tough man, no doubt about it, but he's even tougher when he has goons doing his dirty work.

Gravedigger and Troy Malenko go to different sides of the ring and get the fans riled up. Finally, Troy Malenko hops out of the ring and Gravedigger turns to the entranceway with a smirk on his face as he awaits Jay Price.

All of the main lights in the arena go out as a series of red lights light up the stage, ramp and ring.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent...from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...

A huge pop from the crowd cuts Kyle Steel off.

Zach Davis: Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I'd ever hear a crowd cheering for Jay Price.

Bobby Cairo: Well shit, Zach, what did you expect? A guy would have to be a pretty big asshole to get booed in his own hometown.

Zach Davis: Like Kobe at the All-Star Game that one year? Which ironically took place here in Philly.

Bobby Cairo: Exactly, Zach...exactly.

"4 Words To Choke Upon" hits the PA system as everyone in attendance gets to their feet and begins chanting.


Kyle Steel: Weighing in at two-hundred and thirty-eight pounds, he is The Future Of Professional Wrestling.....JAAAAAAY PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Red pyro shoots off from the sides of the stage as a shower of silver and gold sparks rain down on the stage. As the sparks fall, Price steps out onto the stage, his head bowed as the crowd starts up a new chant.


Price raises his head as he looks out at the crowd from under the hood of his sweatshirt, a hint of a smile on his face.

Zach Davis: And Price, despite his hatred for all things good, seems to be enjoying this showing by his hometown fans.

Bobby Cairo: Even the blackest of hearts secretly loves to be cheered, Zach. A cheering crowd is almost as hard to resist as tight virgin snatch.

He then makes his way down the ramp before sliding into the ring under the bottom rope and heading for the nearby corner where he climbs up to the second turnbuckle. He scans the crowd once again before pulling off the sweatshirt and throwing it toward the eagerly waiting crowd where it's ripped apart by overjoyed fans. Price then hops out of the corner and waits for the match to start.

Bobby Cairo: I for one am not even going to pretend to be unbiased during this match, Zach. I hope that Jay Price murders Gravedigger in cold blood tonight. Literally murders him.

Zach Davis: Strong words, Bobby...strong words. I'm not you and I don't have your contract or your standing within this company so I'm not going to agree or disagree with that statement, but I will say that those are strong, strong words.

Bobby Cairo: Even if Gravedigger somehow isn't responsible for what happened to Shannan, I still despise the man on a personal level for what he did to my friend Chad Evans. Gravedigger should be in jail for the crimes that we know he's committed, and he should be under investigation for the crimes that we think he's committed. Tonight he'll face a punishment much worse than any prison sentence...he'll go one-on-one with Jay Price, an angry and bloodthirsty Jay Price who's motivated by revenge.

Referee Slappy Johnson pats down both men for weapons and warns them not to pull any shenanigans during the match. Slappy delivers his final instructions to both competitors, then looks to the timekeeper and calls for the bell.


Zach Davis: There's the bell and this match is officially underway!

Price charges out of his corner like a raging bull and tries to decapitate Gravedigger with a running lariat, but Gravedigger alertly ducks and tries to climb out through the ropes. Price pulls him back into the ring and starts wailing on him with kicks, punches and stomps.

Zach Davis: Price has been waiting for this moment for weeks and he's not holding anything back!

Bobby Cairo: Price is tying Gravedigger up in the ropes now...he's choking the life out of him!

The referee tries to intervene and untangle Gravedigger from the ropes, but Price simply glares at the ref as he continues to choke the life out of Gravedigger.

Zach Davis: I think the referee is afraid to disqualify Price, even though he's blatantly violating the rules!

Bobby Cairo: Of course he's afraid to disqualify Price. You're scared to death of Price and you're sitting here at the announce table with me.

Zach Davis: Good point, Bobby. Damn good point. Mike D and Troy Malenko are screaming at the referee from ringside, demanding that he take action, but what the hell can a 150-pound referee do when a man like Jay Price is simply...possessed?

Price continues to choke Gravedigger while the crowd cheers him on. Price finally releases Gravedigger from the ropes. Gravedigger frantically gasps for air and Price clobbers him with a pair of European uppercuts before he can recover. Price stomps Gravedigger some more before showing off his technical prowess with a snap suplex. Price goes for the cover.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Gravedigger kicks out.

Bobby Cairo: Price knew he wasn't going to win the match with that move but he wants to wear Gravedigger down, make him expend energy. He's going to punish Gravedigger, that you can count on, but he's also going to gain the ultimate revenge by beating Gravedigger right in the middle of this ring.

Zach Davis: IF he beats Gravedigger...

Gravedigger slowly gets to his feet...

Bobby Cairo: Come on,'s a given.

Gravedigger catches Price's foot after an attempted kick...and Price nails Gravedigger in the back of the head with an Enzuigiri. Price makes another cover.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Bobby Cairo: Price is such a dangerous young man. He can beat you in a variety of ways. Great brawler but he's also smart and athletic. He's...he's a cerebral assassin. Is that nickname taken yet?

Zach Davis: I believe it is, Bobby, by some asshole up north who married the boss's daughter.

Price levels Gravedigger's head and body with more stomps.

Bobby Cairo: Well shucks.

Price bounces off the ropes and drops a knee across Gravedigger's throat. Gravedigger immediately sits up on the mat, grabbing his throat and gasping for air.

Bobby Cairo: I tell ya...Price has that look in his eye, Zach. He looks like a man possessed. He looks like a man who could kill, doesn't he?

Price glares down at Gravedigger with an icy cold stare on his face. Price pulls Gravedigger to his feet, shoots him into the ropes, traps him and hits a nasty Belly-to-belly suplex. Gravedigger grabs his back and scurries to the corner of the ring like a wounded animal. Price follows Gravedigger to the corner. Price stomps him a few times before choking him with a foot across the throat.

Bobby Cairo: Price's attack is primal and animalistic right now. He's taking joy in hurting this man; this vile, corroded shell of a man that Price believes is responsible for the death of his unborn child.

Zach Davis: The referee isn't even bothering to warn Price about the choke! I mean, I get it...Price blames Gravedigger for what happened to Shannan, he wants revenge, we're in Philadelphia...I get all of that. But at some point is it not the referee's responsibility to enforce the rules?

Bobby Cairo: Those who play outside the rules get what they deserve when the rest of us fight fire with fire, Zach. What Price is doing to Gravedigger is no different than what Wikileaks is doing to the United States government.

Gravedigger's face is turning a shade of purple as he desperately struggles to alleviate the pressure of Price's boot against his throat. The referee looks absolutely petrified as Price glares at him with the look of a serial killer on his face. Price finally removes his foot from Gravedigger's throat. He looks down at Gravedigger and smiles sadistically at his handiwork.

Bobby Cairo: I tell ya I've had some feet pressed against my throat in my day, Zach. I've even paid for the privilege of having it done to me by buxom young babes, but I cannot recall ever turning that shade of purple. Gravedigger looks like an eggplant!

Zach Davis: At least Price finally released the choke. Oh no...Price is climbing outside of the ring...and he's headed this way! Run, Bobby, run! You have a wife and family! Save yourself! Use me as your shield!

Bobby Cairo: Oh shut up, Zach. Like you could ever play the hero, right? Besides Jay is obviously just looking to get his hands on some sort of weapon.

Price spots his weapon of choice and walks over to where ring announcer Kyle Steel is seated. Price glares at Steel, who promptly vacates his seat and offers it to Price. Price folds up the steel chair. Price turns, with chair in hand, and begins walking back to the ring but Mike D blocks his entry.

Zach Davis: Mike D is inserting himself into the match! He wants to make sure that Price isn't able to use that steel chair against his boss!

Price isn't in the mood for talking. He winds up the chair and smacks Mike D in the head with it. Mike D stumbles back a couple of feet but remains standing. Price winds up the chair again and connects with a second, even more powerful chair shot to the skull. Mike D crumbles to the floor.

Bobby Cairo: Mother of god...those were two of the sickest chair shots that I've ever witnessed! Mike D might have a concussion or a fractured skull!

With Price's path to the ring now unimpeded he slides into the ring with the chair.

Zach Davis: Oh goodness gracious...this is not good.

Bobby Cairo: Lawdy, lawdy...Gravedigger is about to have himself a taste of steel! Normally that's more of a Seth Lerch thing, but I digress...

Price stands in center ring with steel chair in hand. He glares at Gravedigger with a cold dead expression on his face, the look of a man who has lost everything...the look of a man who is hellbent on revenge. Price slowly raises the chair above his head as his hometown crowd cheers him on. Price unleashes a primal scream and charges at Gravedigger...

Zach Davis: Gravedigger is about to meet his maker!

Price suddenly stops dead in his tracks, lowers the chair and drops to his knees. He begins rocking back and forth on the mat, holding his head in his hands as he talks to himself.

Bobby Cairo: Oh's the voices again, Zach! Price's inner demons are summoning him at the worst possible time! He was just about to finish off Gravedigger! He was just about to exact his revenge upon the man who took everything from him...allegedly!

Price continues to rock back and forth on the mat and mutter to himself like a mental patient as Gravedigger appears to be recovering.

Bobby Cairo: Oh no! Gravedigger is a-stirring! This is not good for The Future!

Gravedigger gradually climbs to his feet, clearly unaware of what's happening to Price. Gravedigger finally gazes down at the mat and sees Price in a compromised position. Price looks up at Gravedigger. Their eyes lock. At that precise moment both men make their move. Gravedigger charges at Price while Price scrambles to his feet. Price raises the steel chair just as Gravedigger connects with a Clothesline From Hell and knocks the chair into Price's face.

Zach Davis: Grave Marker! Price is down...and possibly out! Gravedigger just hit a HUGE Grave Marker that was aided by that steel chair!

Bobby Cairo: This is...too entirely fucked up for words, Zach. If Price loses like this then I quit. I swear to God...I fucking quit this company.

Gravedigger shakes loose the cobwebs from the punishment that he endured earlier in the match and looks down at Price with a wicked yet gleeful smile on his face. The Philadelphia crowd boos loudly and angrily as Gravedigger drops down to the mat and covers Price, ever mindful to hook a leg.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Zach Davis: Price kicked out! Price kicked out!

The crowd unleashes a thunderous roar. Gravedigger looks at the referee with a shocked expression on his face. The shock quickly gives way to rage as Gravedigger begins screaming at the ref.

Bobby Cairo: Gravedigger is bitching about a slow count...yeah right, buddy! Slow count, my ass. Jay Price has balls, bigger balls than you...balls the size of church bells!

Gravedigger staggers to his feet and begins stomping the shit out of Price. Gravedigger is unleashing all of the fury that's inside of him after the punishment that he's endured tonight. He finally drops to the mat and begins choking Price with his bare hands. The referee has the audacity to warn Gravedigger and Gravedigger flies off the handle. He jumps to his feet and gets in the referee's face.

Zach Davis: Gravedigger is infamous for his fiery temper and he's letting the referee know what he thinks about his performance tonight!

Bobby Cairo: Gravedigger better be careful. Good ol' Slappy might have been too scared to disqualify Price here in Price's hometown of Philadelphia, but it doesn't look like he has any such reservations with regard to the Digger of Graves.

Slappy is screaming at Gravedigger now, telling him to get back to work and focus on Price. Gravedigger smiles at Slappy, a menacing smile...a telling smile. Gravedigger suddenly grabs Slappy by the throat, hoists the referee onto his shoulders and plants him with a Reverse Death Valley Driver.

Zach Davis: Embalmer! Embalmer! Holy shit, Gravedigger just took out referee Slappy Johnson with an Embalmer!

Bobby Cairo: Well shit...that's one way to avoid getting disqualified. The ref can't DQ you if he's unconscious.

Gravedigger takes a moment to admire the carnage that he's created as he looks down at the badly injured referee and cackles.

Bobby Cairo: They better send a replacement referee out here because I don't think poor ol' Slappy is going to be rejoining the rest of us in the conscious world anytime soon.

Zach Davis: Why would any referee come out here now after the antics that these two nutjobs have pulled?

Gravedigger turns his attention to Price, who is now beginning to stir on the mat after the vicious steel chair-aided clothesline that he endured moments ago. Gravedigger kindly helps Price to his feet only to knee the Philadelphia native repeatedly in the midsection.

Bobby Cairo: Those are hard, stiff knees from Gravedigger, Zach. He's a big, strong man putting a lot of force into each one of those knees. Oh! He just kneed Price in the face! And again! Price can't take much more of this...he's only flesh and bones!

Gravedigger is relentless in his onslaught as he levels Price with knee after knee to the face. The crowd rains boos upon Gravedigger. Gravedigger ceases his onslaught only briefly to flash a psychotic smile to the crowd before going back to work on Price with knees.

Bobby Cairo: I think...I think Price is out on his feet at this point, Zach. He's only standing because Gravedigger is holding him up in a sort of Muay Thai clinch. Those knees have knocked him out cold!

Blood is now oozing from Price's nose, dripping down onto the mat and even onto Gravedigger's black wrestling trunks, though invisibly so as the crimson meshes with the black.

Bobby Cairo: Price was already busted open above his eye thanks to the Grave Marker into the chair from Gravedigger, but after those knees the blood is now flowing from Price's nose like water from a spigot.

Gravedigger finally releases his hold on Price and Price immediately falls to the mat in an unconscious heap.

Zach Davis: The ref is out, Jay Price is out, and Gravedigger is standing tall!

Gravedigger gleefully taunts the enraged Philadelphia fans.

Bobby Cairo: This crowd is really giving it to Gravedigger and he's loving every moment of it. The man is mentally ill!

Gravedigger looks down at Price, then looks at the chair. He looks at Price again...then the chair.

Zach Davis: What the hell does Gravedigger have going on in his sick, twisted mind now?

Bobby Cairo: He knocked Price he might be thinking about trying to end the man's career!

Gravedigger pounces on his unconscious opponent and drags him to his feet. Price is 238 pounds of deadweight but Gravedigger has no problem lifting him up and planting him with a Rock Bottom onto the chair. The back of Price's head hits the chair with a sickening thud.

Zach Davis: Respecto! Goddamn it, Gravedigger hit Price with the Respecto onto a steel chair! Price could have a concussion! His career could be over!

Price's arms and legs move ever so slightly as he lies on the mat with a steel chair for a pillow. Gravedigger walks over to the corner and begins to scale the ropes, taunting the crowd before taking each step.

Zach Davis: This is disgusting! Gravedigger is going to the top rope now! Hasn't he done enough damage? What is he trying to accomplish?

Bobby Cairo: Gravedigger is going to have to kill this man if he wants to beat him. He knows that, Zach. He knows that and that's exactly what he's trying to do!

Gravedigger finally reaches his perch atop the ropes. He does one last taunt to the fans and then launches himself into the air high above the ring. Gravedigger executes a picture perfect Frog splash...

Zach Davis: He missed it! Gravedigger missed the Death From Above!

...but Price rolls out of the way just in time to avoid it. Gravedigger lands on the chair with full impact.

Bobby Cairo: Price must have been jolted back to life by that Respecto that he took on the chair!

Both men are down on the mat and suffering in extreme agony. Troy Malenko looks on from ringside with a horrified expression on his face as Gravedigger writhes in pain on the canvas.

A cheer comes up from the crowd as a new referee runs down the aisle.

Zach Davis: A second referee has finally agreed to come down to the ring!

Bobby Cairo: What a brave, brave soul. An idiot...but a brave idiot.

Zach Davis: That is referee Zip Wingdinger! We saw him officiate the Machine Gun Joe/Kenneth Williams match earlier tonight. Hopefully he fares better than Slappy!

Zip wastes no time in kicking the chair out of the ring and counting both men down as they squirm about on the mat, neither competitor able to get to his feet.

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...




The crowd grows antsy as neither man is close to getting up yet.



Zach Davis: Oh no...please don't let it end this way!


Zach Davis: Not with so much on the line!


Both men are now stirring on the mat, trying to reach the ropes.


Both men are using the ropes to climb to their feet, but neither is up yet.


Zach Davis: Price and Gravedigger are both on their feet and so is this white hot Philadelphia crowd!

Gravedigger and Price rush toward center ring and unload with BOMBS, huge right and left hands. Many of the shots miss their mark but those that do land, land flush.

Bobby Cairo: We have an old school Philadelphia brawl on our hands and this crowd is eating it up! Price just popped Gravedigger in the jaw! He did it again! Gravedigger is wobbly on his feet! Price is plastering him with heavy shots now! Finish him, Jay! Take him out! Do it for Shannan! Do it for your child!

Price lands a final shot that drops Gravedigger into a sprawled position on the mat. Gravedigger's eyes are glazed over. Jay pulls Gravedigger to his feet and hits a swinging facebreaker.

Zach Davis: Busted Grill! Jay hit the Busted Grill! That has to do it!

Bobby Cairo: Cover him, Jay! You've got him beat!

Price looks down at Gravedigger and shakes his head, an unyielding disdain on his face. Price eschews a pin attempt and instead walks over to the ropes and climbs out of the ring.

Bobby Cairo: What the hell is Price doing?

Zach Davis: I don't think he's done yet, Bobby. Price wants to make Gravedigger pay, truly pay for what Jay believes that he's done to his unborn child.

Bobby Cairo: He's digging around under the ring. What could he possibly be looking for? Oh my poes...

Price holds a steel pipe above his head and the Philadelphia crowd roars its approval.

Bobby Cairo: That's Jay Price's infamous steel pipe! The pipe that he's used to sideline so many WCF superstars including Logan! Does Price even care about winning this match or does he just want to inflict punishment on Gravedigger?

Price climbs into the ring with steel pipe in hand, despite the protests of the referee. Suddenly Troy Malenko climbs onto the ring apron.

Bobby Cairo: What the hell is Malenko doing? He has no business interfering! This is between Jay and Gravedigger!

Zach Davis: I think he's trying to save his mentor from becoming the latest homicide victim in the City of Brotherly Love. Besides steel pipes are hardly legal in this match, Bobby, despite the animosity that exists between these two men.

Malenko grabs hold of the steel pipe and tries to wrest control of it from Price. Price won't let go of it. They continue to struggle over the pipe as Gravedigger slowly climbs to his feet.

Zach Davis: Gravedigger is up and I don't think Price realizes it!

Bobby Cairo: Let go of the pipe and turn around, Jay! Turn around!

Gravedigger charges at Price from behind. Malenko lets go of the pipe and moves out of the way just in time as Gravedigger drills Price from behind with another Grave Marker. Price drops the pipe and crumbles to the mat. Gravedigger pulls Price to his feet, scoops him up and drapes him over his shoulder in a Tombstone-like position. Gravedigger hits a nasty-looking Death Driver that buries Price's skull into the canvas. Gravedigger covers Price.

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...



Zach Davis: Price kicked out! I don't believe it! Price kicked out after the Death Driver! Nobody has ever done that! This crowd is in ecstasy right now!

Bobby Cairo: All I can say is...Holy shit!

Gravedigger is furious. He scowls at the referee but doesn't say a word. He immediately turns his focus back to Price. Gravedigger pulls Price to his feet again, scoops him up, gets him into position and hits a second, even more devastating Death Driver. Gravedigger covers Price.

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...



Zach Davis: Price kicked out again! What the hell is this man made of?!

Bobby Cairo: Guts and balls, Zach! Guts and fucking balls!

Gravedigger's eyes are bulging out of his head. His face is bright red with anger. He looks as though his head is about to explode. He pulls Jay to his feet one more time, scoops him up, positions him and hits a third Death Driver in the middle of the ring. Gravedigger covers Price.

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...




Zach Davis: Gravedigger has defeated Jay Price in Price's hometown!

Bobby Cairo: It was a war, absolute war. It was probably too much to expect Price to kick out for a third time, but my god the man gave it everything he had!

"Change" is barely audible as it plays on the PA, drowned out by the merciless boos of the crowd.

Bobby Cairo: This crowd sounds like an angry hive of bees, Zach. I can't even hear myself think!

Gravedigger rises to his feet and Malenko joins him in the ring. The referee raises Gravedigger's hand as Malenko claps proudly for his mentor, representing the only happy spectator in the entire building. Gravedigger soaks in the boos of the crowd as if he's getting drunk off of them, and he smiles...the smile of a sick and sadistic soul.

TLC Match
Doc Henry vs Johnny Reb

We come back from commercial in time to see WCF officials scrambling around the ring to set up several ladders and chairs. A black briefcase hangs high above the ring with a spotlight pointed at it. The camera shot then switches to the announce table where Bobby Cairo and Zach Davis are sitting.

Bobby Cairo: Ladies and gentleman our next matchup has it all. Betrayal...friendships torn apart...kidnappings....bombs....hookers....

Zach Davis: Hookers Bobby?

Bobby Cairo: Erm, scratch that last one. I was getting a bit of a hard on from all of the suspense and well, one thing led to another.

Zach Davis: Jeez, isn't there anything that doesn't give you a hard on?

Bobby Cairo: Nope.

Zach Davis: Well how about we try talking about the match without mentioning hookers?

Bobby Cairo: I shall make no promises.

Zach Davis: Good enough for me. Let's take it to Kyle Steel in the ring.

Kyle Steel: The following is a Tables, Ladders and Chair match. Now, the only way to win the match is to climb the ladder and retrieve the briefcase hanging above the ring.

The house lights dim, and the intro to Lynyrd Skynnyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" hits the speakers. Hushed anticipation falls over the crowd as a spotlight illuminates the stage. Johnny Reb steps out from behind the curtain, his title belt draped over his shoulder and a cheer goes up from the crowd at his appearance. A cascade of sparks rains down on the stage as Reb makes his way toward the ring, not taking his eyes off the black briefcase hanging over the ring.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first from Sweet Water, Alabama, weighing in at two hundred and five pounds, he is one half of the WCF Tag Team Champions.....Johnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny Reb!

Zach Davis: And there you see Reb taking a long look at the briefcase that contains the one device that can save the life of his good friend and mentor. You have to wonder just what sort of mindset Johnny Reb is in knowing that a life depends on his performance.

Reb circles the ring and slaps hands with some of the fans at ringside but never once taking his eyes off of the case. Once he circles the ring Johnny leaps onto the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckle, perching there as he holds his tag belt high over his head.

Kyle Steel: And introducing his opponent....

Sympathy For The Devil begins to play over the PA system, and as the drums hit the house lights fade, and red and blue lights strobe. At "Please allow me to introduce myself," Doc walks out onto the stage and looks back and forth over the audience.

Kyle Steel: From Griffen, Georgia, weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds......Doc Hennnnnry.

As the crowd boos, Doc makes his way to the ring as Reb never takes his eyes off of him. Doc rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring as the referee gets in front of Reb to keep him back in his corner. Standing, he grins proudly as he pops the crowd which draws only more boos. He then turns his attention toward Reb as the two move toward the center of the ring with the referee between them.

Bobby Cairo: Zach I want to go on record saying that this match is going to be an all out brawl that will take a physical toll on both men the likes of which neither man has ever seen.

The referee gives both men some final instructions and exits the ring as his services won't be needed. The stare down between both men continues as the referee signals for the bell, officially starting the match. Both men take one final look up at the briefcase and then they tie up. Both men fight for control and Reb takes over as he puts Doc in a headlock before grabbing the arm and twisting it behind his back. Doc fights back and gets hold of Reb's arm before reversing the hold. Reb with an elbow to the face that breaks the hold and sends Doc reeling. Reb runs and hits the ropes before coming back with a shoulder block that knocks Doc on his back. Reb then heads for the ropes and climbs out of the ring to grab ladder as Doc rolls onto his side. Reb slides the ladder into the ring and tries to follow when Doc out of nowhere hits a baseball slide that sends the ladder right into the face of Reb.

Zach Davis: Oh and it doesn't take long for one of the weapons to be introduced.

Reb gets knocked to the arena floor as Doc grabs the ladder and pulls it back into the center of the ring before setting it up under the briefcase. He begins to climb up as Reb gets to his feet and slides under the bottom rope. Doc gets halfway up the ladder when Reb grabs him by the foot and tries to pull him off. Doc fights back and plants his boot in the face of Reb before resuming his climb. Doc climbs higher and reaches up for the case, just brushing it with his fingertips. He goes to climb up one rung higher when Reb begins to push the ladder over from the side, sending Doc flying off the ladder and onto the ropes in a rather uncomfortable position.

Bobby Cairo: Ohhhh, right in the ol' funbag.

Doc let's a painful yell as he falls first to the mat. Reb keeps back, calculating his attack as he watches Doc slowly get back to his feet holding his nether regions before running at him and hitting a bulldog. Doc goes down hard as Reb never slows down, running to the ropes and hitting a Lionsault onto Doc. Reb hooks the leg before the referee reminds him that there are no pins.

Bobby Cairo: Sometimes a wrestler's instincts get the better of them. You saw it there as Reb's first instinct was to go for a pin after that big Lionsault.

Reb gets back to his feet and pulls Doc up with him, but Doc fights back with a shot to the midsection followed by a slap to the jaw of Reb. Reb fires back with a chop to the chest. Doc returns with a chop of his own. The two exchange chops as the crowd cheers each time for Reb and boos each time for Doc.

Zach Davis: You can really tell that this crowd is pulling for Reb in this match.

Reb hits a particularly big chop to the chest that sends Doc stumbling back in pain. Reb grabs him by the arm and shoots him into the ropes before nailing him with a knee to the midsection that sends Doc to his hands and knees. Doc tries to get back up but Reb is right on him, putting him in a headlock, but Doc fights back and gets out of it. Doc hits a big elbow to the face, runs to the ropes and comes back looking for a clothesline. Reb ducks it and kicks Doc in the gut. Reb pulls him in to go for a facebreaker ddt but Doc again fights back and hits a ddt out of nowhere.

Bobby Cairo: Oh big move by Doc there. Could be the chance he needs to turn this match in his favor.

Doc quickly rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair from ringside before throwing it into the ring. He spots a nearby table and pulls it toward the ring before sliding it under the rope.

Bobby Cairo: Well we've already seen the ladder used, now we get to see the tables and chairs in action.

Doc slides into the ring and begins to set up the table in the corner as Reb begins to stir behind him. Doc gets it set up and turns around in time to see Reb push himself up to his hands and knees. Doc grabs the chair and raises it above his head before bringing it down square on Reb's back, sending him to the mat as the crowd boos in response. Doc continues the attack, raining down two more brutal chair shots onto Reb's back, each time bringing louder and louder boos from the crowd. Doc just grins at the boos and tosses the chair to the side before grabbing Reb by the head and pulling him to his feet. Doc drags him over to the corner and then picks him up and sets him on the top turnbuckle. Doc turns and pulls the table a little closer to the corner before he fires off a quick few shots at Reb and then climbs up to the second turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: What's Doc thinking about here?

Doc pulls Reb in for a suplex and Reb tries to fight back but Doc nails him with a big punch to the head. Doc pulls him in and hits a superplex through the table as the crowd let's out a few "Holy Shit" chants. Reb is writhing in pain as he clutches his back. Doc too seems to have taken some damage from the impact as he holds onto the back of his neck.

Bobby Cairo: And there's the risk you run when you're involved in such a dangerous match. You're always putting your body on the line to get the win, and sometimes you end up hurting yourself as much as you do your opponent.

Doc is the first to really start moving as he rolls onto his side and grabs the ropes, using them to pull himself up to his feet. Reb is on his stomach trying to crawl toward the ropes as Doc sets to grabbing the ladder. Reb reaches the ropes and pulls himself to his feet as Doc rushes him, ladder in hand. Reb's instincts kick in as he drops to the mat, pulling the top rope down in the process, sending Doc and the ladder out of the ring together. Doc crashes to the arena floor with the ladder landing on top of him as Reb lays on the mat trying to get himself together.

Crowd: Reb! Reb! Reb!

Zach Davis: And you can hear this crowd trying to will Johnny Reb to his feet.

Bobby Cairo: But just getting to his feet is step 1. Doc may be out of the ring but so is the ladder, and you need that to win.

Reb gets back to his feet and looks up at the briefcase and then back down at the ladder lying on top of Doc, who is still laying in a heap under it. Reb climbs out onto the apron and then drops to the floor before grabbing the ladder and sliding it into the ring. He goes to slide in when out of nowhere Doc grabs his feet and pulls him back out before sending him into the barricade with an irish whip. Reb crashes back first and Doc is right back on him, grabbing him by the arm and whipping him toward the ring steps. Reb crashes into them and flips over onto his back as he grabs at his knee. Doc walks around the ring to where the spanish announce table is.

Bobby Cairo: You know I never realized we had a spanish announce team.

Zach Davis: Well who did you think was sitting at the announce table next to us for all of these years?

Bobby Cairo: VIP's?

Zach Davis: Oh Bobby.

Doc clears off the top of the spanish announce table which sends the announcers running. Doc then grabs Reb and pulls him to feet before pushing him onto the table. Doc then climbs up pulls Reb to his feet before setting him up for a suplex. Doc tries to raise him but Reb blocks it and hits him with a punch to the side. Reb then snaps off a suplex that plants Doc on the table but doesn't break it.

Bobby Cairo: How dare that table not break! These people want to see destruction, not the durability of fine American made products.

Reb rolls off of the table and heads for one of the ladders at ringside. He picks it up and slides it into the ring before climbing in himself. He pulls the ladder to the center of the ring and goes to set it up when he sees Doc trying to sit up on the table. Reb let's the ladder fall back to the mat as he exits the ring and heads for Doc.

Zach Davis: Reb knows that if he's going to win this he needs to keep Doc down long enough for him to climb that ladder.

Reb lays into Doc with a big punch to the head and then follows it up with a series of shots. Doc is laid back out on the table as Reb slides into the ring but rather than go for the ladder he climbs up the nearest corner and turns toward Doc.

Zach Davis: Oh my god! He wouldn't, right?

The fans in the arena jump to their feet and flashbulbs everywhere flash as Reb leaps off with the Southern Discomfort!

Zach Davis: HOLY *BLEEP!*

BUT NO! DOC IS ABLE TO ROLL AWAY! Reb crashes through the table!


Zach Davis: How is it I get bleeped and they don't?

Bobby Cairo: Quit complaining, we've got a 5 star match happening in front of us.

Reb men lies in a heap on top of the splinters of wood that were once a table, not moving except for the rise and fall of his chests as he breathes. Doc sees this as his opportunity, he climbs up the ladder as fast as he can...

Zach Davis: No... no, no, no...

Doc reaches the top..... and retrieves the briefcase.

Bobby Cairo: Doc... Doc Henry... what an upset! Doc Henry wins it.. wow.

Zach Davis: This HAS to be considered an upset... Doc Henry has just beaten a former World Champion...

Bobby Cairo: And what about Don Jesus?

Henry stands up, a grin on his face, almost not believing it himself. And looking down at Reb, Henry opens the briefcase and pulls out the detonator.

Zach Davis: Uh oh.

Bobby Cairo: Come on. This is too much.

On the big screen, Don Jesus is shown, still kidnapped, still with the explosives strapped to his body.

Zach Davis: Don't do it-

Doc presses the button.

Bobby Cairo: No..

Reb screams as the explosives... begin to smoke. Henry laughs, shaking his head at Reb.

Zach Davis: The hell?

Bobby Cairo: Looks like they weren't real explosives... all they're doing is smoking. Doc Henry is twisted... he's just messing with Reb's head at this point...

Henry rolls out of the ring, a huge grin on his face, having defeated his biggest rival at the grandest stage in wrestling. Reb shakes his head in the ring, trying to recover, an emotional and physical wreck.

Brad Kane vs Torture

Zach Davis: It's main event time! Ohhhhhh yeah, Bobby, this is it! Here we go!

Bobby Cairo: This is six years in the making, Zach, you know I'm ready!

Zach Davis: Creeping Death is already in the ring with his ref shirt on, and he's ready to call our main event!

"Cuz the pain that they're gonna feel after I'm done with you is gonna feed me. And give me, give me that oh so elusive happiness. I can't wait to see them cry. I can't wait to see you shiver. I can't wait for you to be droolin' out your mouth not knowin' where you are. You can call me sick but the world is cold... bundle up!"

A rhythmic stomping and clapping begin to blare through the P.A. system as the lights go dark. People get on their feet and look around.

"You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God'll cut you down
Sooner or later God'll cut you down"

People begin to sing along with Johnny Cash's track "God's Gonna Cut You Down" as strobe lights begin to flash all over the arena. The crowd also starts to stomp and clap, making for quite a scene.

"Go tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down
Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down"

Now appearing in the entry way with pyro streaming down from the top of the WCFtron is Brad Kane. His arms are tossed out. He brings them in before beginning his walk to the ring. He doesn't slap any hands on his trek, keeping his focus on being in his first One main event against his hated rival.

"Go tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down
Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down"

Brad Kane jumps up onto the ring apron, looking into the crowd as they cheer for him. He enters the ring and heads to the nearest turnbuckle, fixating his eyes on the entry way. The crowd members keep stomping and clapping as the song fades out and the lights come back on. Kane stands on the turnbuckle, not taking his gaze off of the stage.

Zach Davis: Just look at the intensity on Brad Kane's face..

Crowd uproars in a huge chorus of boo's because Metallica's King Nothing hits the speakers. The smoke fills the stage area and a thrown is pushed out. Torture is sitting in the middle of the throne looking directly at the ring. Brad Kane doesn't take his eyes off as the crowd just lets Torture know how they truly feel; boos. Torture's throne stops and Torture gets off and walks down the isle very slowly with his lavish gold robe. He stops at the bottom of the isle where two men take the robe off and Torture stands in wrestling gear. He walks over to the steps and climbs up into the ring. Torture gets to his corner where he stands on the middle turnbuckle looking out at the crowd as they continue to boo. Torture's music stops and he steps down..

Zach Davis: Torture... Brad Kane.. and this all happens on the biggest stage of them all..

Bobby Cairo: Don't forget about special guest ref Creeping Death!

Torture and Brad Kane stand in their corners as Creeping Death asks if each man is ready. Neither man nods, neither man moves, and neither man takes their eyes off each other. Creeping Death shrugs and demands the bell to be rang. Brad Kane and Torture step one foot in front of the other stepping closer till they go face to face in the middle of the ring. Torture and Brad Kane don't talk shit, they don't move, they are still... their lungs expanding with air with each inhale. Both men are calm and collected.. almost like a portrait.

Bobby Cairo: This is it, Zach. Five years in the making! Eras have been led, kings have been crowned, Championships have been chased and claimed only to be reclaimed, tides have shifted, lines were crossed, and regrets were forgotten. This is it, and I'll be damned if we don't see a show worth our money right here..

Zach Davis: You are right on the god damn button with that one! This is as intense as it can get!

Bobby Cairo: Notice how both men are staring into the others eyes. Almost as if they can read each other right here! I bet you five dollars that both men know how they want this to end..

Zach Davis: And only one of them can be right..

Torture strikes Brad Kane in the face with an open-handed slap. The crowd which is already on their feet taking a million pictures a second, gasp. Brad Kane wipes his cheek, looks back at Torture, opens his eyes wide and begins striking Torture with right hands! Torture is reeling backwards trying to cover up but Brad Kane is just unleashing with every strike! The crowd is as just on fire as Brad is!


Bobby Cairo: This isn't good for the former three time World Champion!

Brad grabs Torture and walks him about half way to the ring on the ropes and irish whips him hard into the opposite side and Brad just spears Torture down and begins landing right AND left hands to Tortures face!


Bobby Cairo: And we knew it would be Zach, there is a lot of bad blood between these two!

Brad gets to his feet and then hits the ropes and rebounding into an elbow drop right into the forehead of Torture! Brad lifts Torture up and throws him into the corner where Torture ducks an on-coming clothesline attack, Torture thinks he's outsmarted Brad when Torture turns around Brad finally connects with a clothesline. Tort goes down where BK kneels over Torture, lifts up his head with his left hand, and drills away with the right hand! Brad continues with the right hands..

Bobby Cairo: Notice how each punch is taking a split second longer to land! I believe Brad has already punched himself out of this match! He might be getting tired!

Zach Davis: And Torture grabs the ropes!

Tort does indeed grab the bottom rope but Creeps doesn't break the hold! The fans cheer as Brad lands one, two and three more punches! A fourth right hand and Creeps finally demands Brad to get off. Torture rolls slowly out of the ring to the floor where he takes a breather. Brad turns to the crowd while in the ring and lets out a primal roar! BK is def. feeling the crowds love. Torture is so slow to get up and Brad Kane walks over to the ropes where Torture grabs the foot but Brad kicks him off and Tort goes staggering back into the guard rail. Brad crawls out of the ring and walks towards Torture where he hits a trip-hold and Kane hits his knees on the mats, and goes chin/chest first into the guardrail. Torture gets to his feet and rolls into the ring and takes another breather.

Bobby Cairo: Torture is trying to catch his breath at this point.

Zach Davis: And he needs it!

Bobby Cairo: I'd say so.. Torture has to get a few offensive moves in here and get the advantage back on his side.

Torture stands to his feet slowly and Brad Kane rolls in and Torture picks him up hits a few backhand chops and then puts him in an armhold. Torture spins the arm around and Brad Kane just clocks Torture with a right hand sending Torture back down to the mat breaking the hold. Torture tries to crawl back as Brad chases him into the corner. Brad Kane grabs Tortures legs as Torture grabs the middle ropes and Brad just lifts him up into a powerbomb-type move and Torture isn't letting go of the ropes, Brad, with all his might, pulls Torture off the ropes and spins and slams him down in a below-average powerbomb. Brad doesn't care and Torture rolls again for the ropes as Brad grabs his legs and pulls him back into the middle of the ring and goes for a figure four leg lock but as soon as Brad starts the signature spin, Torture kicks him off and through the ropes. Brad lands on the outside! Torture rolls out and see's an opportunity and shoves Brad into the guardrail chest first! Torture takes a few steps back and the crowd goes crazy for Torture and Brad being so close to them.. Torture runs but Brad back body drops Torture over the rail and the first few rows scatter as Torture lands on the chairs and empty seats. The crowd pops crazy one more time for Brad!

Zach Davis: Torture has been on the receiving end this entire match!

Bobby Cairo: Like I said, Zach, in this position Torture is a sitting duck if he doesn't respond with a quick defensive move, and then follows that up with some offense. He has to respond quickly or we're seeing a quick submission coming soon.

Zach Davis: Ahh yes, Cairo! Thanks for reminding us that Brad does indeed want Torture to, and I quote, "tap like a bitch".

Torture crawls back to the rail where he gets to his feet and Brad punches a few times and then suplexes him back over onto the unforgiving two inch pads just above the concrete floor. Torture bends in pain as Brad gets to his feet, wipes the sweat on his brow, gets the massive hands on his back from the first few rows that are excited BK fans, and then continues his lethal beatdown on Torture. BK lifts Torture up and throws him into the ring post and Tort staggers then hits his knees holding his face, BK follows that up with picking him up by his neck and then slamming his face down on the cold steel steps! BK looks out at the crowd and they know what to do! BK lifts up Torture's head and slams it down for a second time!

Crowd: TWO!

BK slams Torture's face again.

Crowd: THREE!

BK slams Torture's face again on the steel steps.

Crowd: FOUR!

BK then picks up and slams Torts face down over and over again quickly.


BK then looks out at the crowd while holding Torture's head up, BK then takes both hands and slams Tortures head down hard for a tenth time!

Crowd: TEN! (Big pop)

Zach Davis: Listen to this crowd! Brad Kane is on fiirreee!!!

Brad lifts up Torture and walks him to the side of the ring facing the entrance ramp. That's when BK notices Creeping Death has enforced the ten count.. Creeps is at two..

Zach Davis: Oh wow! That's certainly not in Tortures favor! Creeps is only at two, and they've been on the outside of the ring for nearly five minutes!

Bobby Cairo: This is exactly the dynamic I was wondering about, what was Creeps going to do during this match? Whose side would he be on? And though he seems fairly neutral, every single call in this match has gone IN FAVOR of Brad Kane.

Brad hits Torture with a snap suplex and gets to his feet. He looks over at Creeping Death and notices CD moving his arms and mouth in slow-motion. The crowd gets a good laugh out of it as BK turns back to Torture and drags him closer to the ring and then positions him for some sort of high-impact move. Brad gets on the apron and taunts to the crowd as CD now yells out "threeeee!" for the official ten count. Brad leaps but Torture snaps to his feet and BK lands but Torture hits a right hand to the gut causing Brad to bend forward, Torture takes the neck of Brad and hits a snap Russian Leg sweep on the outside! Both men down!

Zach Davis: OH WOW! Torture got up fast, and connected with a right hand..

Bobby Cairo: And look how quickly he combo'ed it into a leg sweep. That's exactly a move that will set up Torture for some offense. Can he capitalize like we've seen him do many, many times before? That's the question!

Torture gets up but BK is a bit faster and both men stand to their feet when Torture shoves BK back into the railing. Torture hits a mean uppercut with his bicep! Torture walks BK over to the other side of the ring where he smashes BK into the corner of the railing.

Zach Davis: Now they're near us over on our side..

Torture takes a few steps back and hits a clothesline/splash running right into BK! Torture then grabs a headlock on BK and runs with BK going for a bulldog on the outside, but BK throws Torture off and he goes FLYING into the announcers table and then crashing into Bobby and Zach!

Zach Davis: LOOK OU-

The crowd goes crazy as the headsets were ripped off Bobby's and Zachs head. Zach falls backwards out of his chair as Torture is all tangled up in the chords at the feet of the announcers. Cairo grabs his headset, very frustrated, and puts it back on.

Bobby Cairo: Come on Brad! We're working here! Zach, are you okay? Here's your headset.

Zach Davis: Yeah-Yeah, I'm good.. Sorry about that but Torture was THROWN over here with no remorse by Brad Kane!

Bobby Cairo: Check it out on the replay, Zach, Torture goes for a bulldog, and Brad very wisely uses his own momentum against him and as soon as Torture leaves his feet Brad ducks his head down and shoves Torture off of him! And here is where Torture crashes and burns right into our announcers table.. and that's where you see Zach fall out of his chair. Embarrassed much?

Zach Davis: It's been worse, but back in the ring Kane is in control!

Brad has an armbar/sleeper hold on Torture but Tort quickly grabs the bottom rope and CD breaks the hold that BK had on Tort. BK takes a few steps back and then kicks Torture square in the back! Torture bends back in pain once again and BK picks up Torture and throws him into the corner where BK hits body punch after head punch after body punch. BK then ducks a wild-fuckin' clothesline from Torture, and BK turns Torture around and nails him with a kick to the face! Torture goes down to his back and Brad Kane stands over Torture and looks out at the crowd. BK nods at the agreement he somewhat has with them. BK looks over to the other side of the crowd and they go wild!

Zach Davis: Brad looks as if he's got that face.. you know.. the face where he's about to stomp someone's face in!

Bobby Cairo: That someone just isn't some ol' joe, it's Torture, Zach, and you and I both know this crowd wants his face stomped in!

Brad positions Torture in the middle of the ring and gets that ol' smirk a showing. Brad runs off to the ropes, he rebounds, and Torture is on his feet! Torture floats over to behind Brad, and hits the Tortures Device!




Bobby Cairo: Check out our second replay of the match! Brad turns his back for two seconds and Torture is on his feet, calculates the speed of Kane, then jumps over behind him, taking Brad's head with him, bending him backwards and with no time to spare, Torture flat spins out and connects with the Tortures Device! Wow, I can now admit Torture can pull that move out of any where.. and at any time.

Zach Davis: Look! Torture's crawling for the cover..

Torture puts an arm over Brad Kane and CD without hesitation begins the count.





Bobby Cairo: Think about this, Zach, Brad's been in that position before.. He's been on the receiving end of a Tortures Device and somewhere along the time he's learned how to muster energy and kick up. Also to counter point that, that was Tortures FIRST real offensive move in this match.. and it was his finisher to which BK just kicked up from. This is as real as it gets, folks!

Torture gets up and notices an advantage and picks up BK quickly and hits two huge uppercuts to the chin of BK! His bicep smashes into the chin a third time and BK goes into the turnbuckle back first and Torture whips BK to the other corner where Torture hits a clothesline, then grabs a headlock, spins, runs BK out of the corner and hits a bulldog! BK smashes his face into the mats and while Torture doesn't go for a cover he does take a breather. Torture picks up BK and irish whips him HARD into the corner where BK nails back first then snaps down to his stomach on the mats and Torture who hit his knees using all of his momentum and strength takes another breather. Torture stands up and stomps on the back of the neck of BK before hitting the ropes and then jumping into a knee stomp on the back of the neck of BK!

Zach Davis: Torture is certainly in control now!

Bobby Cairo: Methodically working the neck, he's looking for another Torture's Device!

Torture gets up and steps BK up to his knees where he hits the ropes and puts a boot to the face of BK sending him down under the ropes to the apron. Torture bends through the middle rope and lifts up Brad by the hair and stands him to his feet. Torture then leans over the top rope and grabs Brad by the head and tightens the grip. The crowd boos and Creeps begins to make the official five count as Torture drags BK over the top rope and leaves him hanging but still in his grasp. Creeps counts in the face of Torture! "TWO!" "THREE!" "FOUR!" and as CD goes for five, Torture snaps back and spiraling BK down into a neckbreaker/DDT move. Torture pins and hooks the leg, and CD snaps down to the mat and begins the very neutral count.






Bobby Cairo: Somewhere deep down, Zach, it's from somewhere deep down.. Brad Kane just used another lifeline if you ask me.. how many does he have left?!

Torture smirks and picks up Brad to his knees and BK just sits there on his knees limp as he can get. Torture backs himself into the corner and smiles at the crowd then looks viciously back at BK. Torture runs, slides down on his legs and hits Brad Kane with a furious right hand!


Bobby Cairo: Wow is correct, Zach! Torture hasn't used that move in four years!

Zach Davis: And Torture goes for a cover!




KICKOUT! Brad Kane gets a shoulder up and Torture rolls out of the ring and slaps the apron and just sits there for about five seconds before turning his frustration into deeper anger and kicks the steel steps and they break apart and Torture turns back around and slaps the apron four more times before walking to the announcers table where he kicks it and one of the television monitors pops up out of place..

Zach Davis: Hey! Come on! You were already over here once..

Bobby Cairo: Torture is losing it!

Torture stares at the announcers table and then gets a crazy face and turns around and slides into the ring quickly where he grabs BK and throws him through the ropes out of the ring and Torture follows him. Torture picks up Brad and slams him down on the table where Zach and Bobby stand to their feet.


Zach Davis: Well, Torture obviously has something planned here..

Bobby Cairo: He's getting vicious, and violent, and there is no telling how far Torture will go..

Brad is now laying out on the table when Torture gets on the table and slowly lifts him up to his eye level. Torture smirks and then BK knees Torture right into the balls! The crowd pops like crazy motherfuckers as Torture with the craziest shocked/pain face ever hits his knees while atop of the announcers table. Brad takes a breather and then picks up Torture in a tight package like a powerbomb, except he leaves Torture hanging upside down and flashbulbs begin to go off like crazy.. Brad then leaps into the air and drives Torture through the announcers table in an package piledriver that Kane calls "Love Megan Driver!" The crowd gasps as Torture is driven head first through the table. Torture is limp and his body begins to shake like convulsions, and BK is grabbing his thighs and ass in pain.


Bobby Cairo: Torture's dead.. for real! There is NO way, NO WAY he can move from that!

Zach Davis: I have never and I mean, never, seen a move like that, so dangerous, so death-defying and Brad just drove Tortures neck and head right through this table to the concrete floor.

Bobby Cairo: You knew there was bad blood, Zach, you knew it would be taken this far!

Creeping Death rolls to the outside and demands both men to get up and get in the ring but Torture is still out. Brad tries to get up but his feet are tired and restless, and so he takes another breather as Bobby and Zach watch numerous replays and sit back in their seats. Tort is grabbed by the legs and dragged towards the ring, completely out cold. BK then tries to lift all the dead weight from Tort and gets him against the apron. BK then slumps Tort over his shoulder and sits him on the apron to which he just falls over to laying position. BK then rolls him inside and slides into the ring following suit. CD is in and waits for BK to roll Torture over to his back and BK makes a pin.






Bobby Cairo: We might be witnessing what it actually takes to defeat this man.

Zach Davis: What does Brad Kane do?

Bobby Cairo: I think he needs to go back to his original plan and that's make Torture tap! Brad is smart, he's crafty in the ring and his original plan seemed to be working just fine!

BK sits there looking at Torture whose still out. Brad looks out at the crowd and back down at Tort.

Zach Davis: Is he running out of ideas? What's left for Brad to do!?

BK stands to his feet when Torture rolls him up quickly.





BK kicks up and Torture rolls out of the ring when BK stands to his feet and slides out of the ring and turns Torture around to hit a clothesline. BK throws Torture into the ring and he slides back in. Torture is lifted up by BK into the turnbuckle then hoisted to the top rope..

Zach Davis: Looks as if Brad is going for the Kirisute Gomen!

Bobby Cairo: Ahh yes, his version of the avalanche brainbuster, a move that can really hurt the neck of Torture which can set up BK perfectly to make Torture tap!

Brad climbs up the turnbuckle and puts and arm over his head and locks on a suplex position.. but Torture pushes BK off and BK lands on the mat but is quick to get up when Torture leaps off the turnbuckle for a crossbody and BK ducks but Torture hits Creeping Death! The crowd gasps as Torture gets to his feet and BK grabs Torture quickly and locks on the MLK Clutch!








He runs down the ramp wildy and slides into the ring! The ref checks on Torture who is screaming in pain and his right hand is reaching for the ropes but it's slowly going down to the mats.. almost as if he's ready to tap.. Brad lets out a primal roar as the crowd is eating every fucking second of it up. The second ref is pulled out of the ring...




D-Day pulled out the ref just as Torture was tapping and he slides into the ring, Brad Kane let's go of the hold when Day grabs BK and hits Dead and Forgotten! The crowd loses their minds and is shocked to all hell.


Day rolls out of the ring and he picks up Creeping Death and helps him into the ring. Torture is sooo slow to get to his feet but he lifts up BK and hits the sloppiest Torture's Device we've ever seen but it may have just proved to be effective enough for a win. Torture covers BK and CD counts..



Zach Davis: NO! NO! NO!

Someone pulls Creeping Death out of the ring.

Bobby Cairo: SETH LERCH!? I never thought I'd be happy to see him interfere in a main event!

Creeping Death basically looks like "WTF" but his momentary confusion allows Seth to give him a low blow. Creeps holds his junk in pain and stumbles away. Torture looks out from the ring at Seth, also like "WTF!" Brad Kane rolls up Torture from behind as Stanley Moser rolls in out of nowhere!







Brad Kane is to his feet. Torture seems to be off his game plan and Kane kicks him stiff in the gut before shoving him into the turnbuckle. He quickly climbs up with him, throwing caution to the wind, knowing time is of the essence, and executes an Avalanche Brainbuster!

Bobby Cairo: Kirisute Gomen! Oh my God! Come on Kane..




The entire audience is standing, every single eye is on the middle of the ring. And they'll never forget this moment.

Zach Davis: TORTURE...

Torture's body goes limp and lifeless. Stanley Moser calls for the bell.


The crowd roars like crazy as Kane's music plays! Outside the ring, D-Day and Creeping Death are livid. Kane releases the hold and rolls over, breathing heavily, possibly not even believing what is happening. Megan joins him in the ring, kissing him, but he can barely comprehend that, his entire clarity of mind focusing on the events that have just transpired.

Zach Davis: The pain was too much.. Torture couldn't stay conscious! I just...

Bobby Cairo: I never thought we'd see this day, Zach. After last year.... I never thought I'd see this happen. The undefeated has been defeated, the impossible has come true here tonight at One.

D-Day pulls Torture out of the ring, trying to get him to come back to consciousness.

Zach Davis: D-Day isn't technically a This_Is_War member, so his interfering didn't violate any part of the agreement of this match... however, once that happened I think Seth decided to make things right...

Bobby Cairo: What IS D-Day doing, anyway? He's sold his soul to the devil... and for what?...

Speaking of Seth, he's in the ring now, helping Brad Kane up. And as he's doing that, he's putting the World Title into Brad Kane's grasp.

Zach Davis: What? Does this mean...

Kane looks down at the belt, and he can't believe it, either.

Kyle Steel: Your winner, and the NNEEWW... WCF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...

HUGE pop.


Even huger pop! Realization finally comes to Brad Kane's eyes and he kisses Megan deeply. Seth rolls out of the ring, leaving Kane to his wife and his moment.

Zach Davis: This has been quite the amazing night, Bobby.

Bobby Cairo: You can say that again. We witnessed a Christmas miracle, I'm pretty sure.

Zach Davis: We'll see you in 2011 on Slam! Goodnight everybody!

One 2010 fades to black as Brad Kane celebrates not only winning the World Title, but having finally defeated Torture.