Preshow Segment

The timer that has been on the titantron all night counting down to the beginning of One is in its final minutes and the crowd cannot control themselves, acting like impatient children waiting for Christmas Day, so they may receive the present that is the biggest night of the year for WCF. For all that the company has gone through this past year, from Corey Black's return at Timebomb, to Donald Deruty pinning the undefeated Torture at Explosion, to Phillip Baines' reign of terror as Hardcore champion, to the "retirement" of Jay Price, and the end of the Markman era, all the way to the hiatus and return to power of Seth Lerch, no one can deny that the company has faced many trials this year. However, this is the night they can say that they have made it through the fire and flames alive and kicking. All they're waiting on now is for the goddamned timer to reach zero.




Down at the announce table Zach Davis and Shannan Lerch both await for the moment the pyro goes and the fans go crazy, both dressed in their best formal wear, both excitedly chatting about the night ahead with their mics turned off.

Zach Davis: There's no way that Corey's gonna lose, he has to win!

Shannan Lerch: Pfft, not that I'm a big Odin fan but I hate CD more than anything, no way he wins.

Zach Davis: Oh yeah? Bet you $50 Corey wins tonight. Doesn't matter how, as long as he walks away champ.

Shannan Lerch: DEAL!




The camera crew begins to prep up for the show, helping each other make sure they're in the correct spot for the perfect shot. Inside their headphones the director gives out instructions.

Director: Alright, Camera 2, you're good. Camera 1, get a bit more focus in on your shot. Little bit more...a bit more....PERFECT! Get a better shot up there, Camera 3!




The crowd is getting more and more wild by the minute. Eventually Zach and Shannan turn on their mics.

Zach Davis: Alright guys, you ready to get this party started?!

The crowd pops like a fifty-foot balloon in the middle of the sky.

Zach Davis: Count it down with me then, you boudles!

The crowd complies...













Nothing. Nothing at all.

No pyro, no music, no images on the 'tron, just...nothing. Everyone, Zach and Shannan included, is beyond confused at the moment, wondering just what the fuck is going on. After the initial moments of confusion, the crowd begins to get angry, loudly booing. Zach attempts to calm them down, but finds that his mic has been turned off against his will. Eventually he and Shannan begin to rage along with the fans, before a voice is heard over the P.A.

Vic: Hehehe, not so happy now are ya', ya little dipshits!

At the sound of Vic's voice, the crowd begins to cross the line of merely booing and starts outright spewing hot air full of hatred at Vic, whose face pops up on the Titantron. He is in the control room, where the unconscious bodies of the normal directors are strewn about the floor. Vic is sitting in the seat overlooking the control panel.

Vic: Well get over yourselves, you fuckin cesspools. I warned all of you well in advance that this was going to happen, but like always no one ever pays attention to THE TRUTH! All of you little redneck inbreds need to get yours out of your cousins asses and stop acting like the monkeys and apes we've evolved from and begin acting like human beings!

Do any of you realize how far down you are bringing down the human race with your idiocy?! I didn't think so. Think about it: think of how far ahead we could be right now, we could have reached a higher plane of knowing had it not been for you. We could've found the cure for AIDS, but you just love to spread the disease wherever you can, don't you? We could've fucking ended POVERTY ITSELF...but no, not on your watch.

Well I've had it. I'm tired of trying to teach you through the very thing I despise, it's not even worth the effort anymore. I'm cutting you all off at the source, stopping the heartbeat so to speak. I'll be wasting all your money every second, and make DAMNED sure this show never goes to air...

Suddenly, the door is kicked open, and Vic's head turns to face it, all his attention diverted from his hate speech.

Vic: And just who the hell might you be?

The person finally reaches the view of the camera, and the crowd pops like crazy, as it's none other than...

Mr. FPV: I'm the guy who's gonna beat some sense into your bigoted skull.

Without warning, FPV charges at Vic and Spears him right out of his chair, knocking the camera to the floor, turning it off in the process. As the 'tron goes blank for a few moments, Zach finds that his mic has been turned back on.

Zach Davis: Um...wow. Just...wow! What a way to start off One!

Shannan Lerch: I guess this is one of those things I have to agree with you on, this is crazy-nutso!

A few more minutes pass by, before the 'tron goes back to the control room. FPV is staring directly into the camera, and Vic can be seen knocked out in the background.

Mr. FPV: Um, hey guys! *waves at the camera* Yeah, sorry about all this, thought I'd be the one who'd take care of this guy. Just so you know, police are coming to pick him up. I'd love to tell you the full story, but I know y'all got a show to do, so...see you on Slam, I guess. Later!

The camera goes blank again, and the theme for the PPV starts up, getting the show going for real this time.

One Intro

One by Metallica is playing, and ONE is on the air ! The crowd in Philly roars like maniacs, which many of them probably are, and hold up their signs as pyro and whatnot goes off. We go to the night's announcers, Zach Davis and Shannan Lerch.

Zach Davis: Happy New Year, and welcome to One! What, no live performance this year?

Shannan Lerch: Even WWE stopped doing that, Zach, get with the times. We have like a billion matches tonight so let's get to it!

Zach Davis: Fair enough. We've been waiting to see these two get in the ring, one on one, for quite a while now... and finally, after months of anticipation, Corey Black and Odin Balfore go one on one.

Shannan Lerch: With TORTURE as the special guest referee!

Zach Davis: That does throw quite a wrench into things. Torture has vowed not to let Balfore walk out of One with the Hardcore Title. He and Black have been friends and enemies at different times, so who knows exactly what role Torture will play.

Shannan Lerch: Black hasn't been WCF World Champion since 2008, over three years ago. He's got to be hungry for that belt, and even hungrier to defeat Odin Balfore.

Zach Davis: For the second year in a row, one of the biggest feuds in WCF history culminates at One.... Doc Henry and Johnny Reb are once again going at it, and this time... for Doc Henry's Confederate Title.

Shannan Lerch: In Henry's eyes, Reb cost him the Tag Team Titles. That is, after Reb was contractually obligated to team with Henry, or else. Anyway, in Henry's anger, Reb was able to get Henry to agree to this one on one match, for Henry's most precious posession, the Confederate Title.

Zach Davis: Two WCF legends, Hall of Famers, and icons of our sport are going to face each other for the first time in history... Bobby Cairo and Logan are facing off.

Shannan Lerch: Logan is arguably the greatest wrestler in WCF of all time, not just "a" legend but "THE" legend. Bobby Cairo better not take Logan lightly.

Zach Davis: Especially in a Steel Cage Deathmatch!

Shannan Lerch: In what may end up being a de facto death match, Jam Willy Jesus and Switches the Clown are battling in a rematch from last month. This time, it will be a Philadelphia Street Fight!

Zach Davis: I'm scared to see what these two are going to do to one another. This kind of thing has no place on television, in my humble opinion. It will basically be a drawn out, painful to watch snuff film.

Shannan Lerch: Gravedigger is back!, as well as MS-13. I have to sound excited about that because for some reason he's aligned with my brother so I guess I should forgive him for everything or something?

Zach Davis: I'm pretty sure thats how these things work. He's facing Ryan Blake. Blake has been having quite a few couple of months. He's pinned Corey Black recently!

Shannan Lerch: And after MS-13 attacked Odin a few times, I'm sure he'll be looking for revenge for the Alliance.

Zach Davis: Kaylyn James Evans is in not one, but TWO matches tonight. If you maintain an erection for the duration of both matches, please consult a doctor.

Shannan Lerch: ...you're disgusting.

Zach Davis: First, she's facing Roy Speede. They've been trading insults threats all month, as Ashley has been trying to "tame" Kaylyn.. personally, I don't think its working, and I hope it never does.

Shannan Lerch: UGH. Shut up. After that, win lose or draw, she's facing Jonny Fly for the Television Title. Fly was supposed to be facing Aaron Miles, but he turned him into a retard by hitting him in the head with a ladder, so.

Zach Davis: Yeah... anyway. The last piece of big news tonight is the ONE INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT! One man will fight in three matches tonight and come out of them the winner. Joel Hall, Buzzaw Bundy, D-Day, Adrian, Adam Young, Blade LaVigne, Nightrider, Jeff Purse, and Nathan von Liebert are all involved.

Shannan Lerch: I'm personally excited to see Nightrider, Purse, and von Liebert go at it. A lot of animosity in that match.

Zach Davis: Enough talk, let's start the show!

One Invitational Tournament
Joel Hall vs Buzzsaw Bundy

Kyle Steel: The following contest set for one fall is a first round match in the One Invitational Tournament. Introducing first. . .

The sound of a chainsaw being pull started reverberates through the arena, as The Lumberjack starts. With the start of the lyrics Buzzsaw walks out, pausing on the stage to raise a fist. As the crowd pops, he makes his way to the ring, slapping the hands of the fans. Grabbing the top rope, he steps onto the apron and over the top rope into the ring.

Zach Davis: Buzzsaw Bundy has made his entrance.

Shannan Lerch: And so has Joel Hall.

In case the fans hadn’t noticed like Shannan had, Joel Hall was already halfway down the entrance ramp without any music announcing his presence. Only the fans cheers turning to boos came with the former masked superstar, who leaped onto the apron. Bundy turns as the cheers for him disappear, and can only watch as Joel Hall springboards up and at him. Buzzsaw eats a dropkick to the face, as he stumbles into the ropes. Joel shoots the ropes, and smashes into Buzzsaw with a shining wizard. Buzzsaw drops to the mat and rolls out the ring while the referee backs Joel Hall up.

Zach Davis: Joel Hall doesn’t even wait for the bell before he starts this match!

Shannan Lerch: But he hardly did any damage to the lumberjack. In fact he probably only made him mad.

Agitation is evident on Bundy’s face as he stands outside the ring. The lumberjack rips his flannel shirt off, tossing it to a stage hand as he steps into the ring. The referee steps between both men, making sure they hold off with their attacks long enough for the bell to be rung to start the match officially. Buzzsaw switches stances for the fight, but doesn’t charge, and the ref calls for the bell. . .


. . . But as soon as the bell tolls, Bundy explodes out of the gate as fast as a 335 pound man can. Joel ducks under the clothesline attempt and Bundy halts his run. The lumberjack turns towards Joel only to take a quick kick to his right knee. The smaller luchadore continues to weave around the bigger man, delivering a quick kick to the knee in hopes of grounding the larger man. But a stumble halts his attack, and Buzzsaw chops Joel across the chest, imitating a sound like wood snapping.

Zach Davis: A sharp chop from the lumberjack! Payback from the sneak attack.

Shannan Lerch: We know how he killed that grizzly after that chop.

But like it would take more than one chop to kill a grizzly, Bundy had more than one for Joel. Two more chops across the chest backs Joel into the turnbuckle, where Buzzsaw has a chance to drive his big hands into Hall’s stomach with double axe handles. As if going at cutting a large pine, Buzzsaw doesn’t stop until the referee’s count reaches four; Inflicting pain was still a minor goal compared to winning this match. A headlock takedown puts Joel to the mat, and Buzzsaw backs into the corner, scaling to the second rope. The lumberjack leaps off for the fist drop, only to connect with canvas instead of skin.

Zach Davis: It looks like Buzzsaw jolted his left hand!

Shannan Lerch: A reason he was born with two arms instead of one. As if he needs his left arm to beat Joel Hall.

Joel Hall must’ve noticed the slight injury of Bundy’s left hand, as the luchadore springboards up for a stomp onto the left hand. Bundy clutches his arm to his chest, and Joel begins to rain on his torso with sharp kicks, some connecting with the arm, some not. But they’re all hitting Bundy.

Zach Davis: For a luchadore, Joel sure is wailing on Bundy!

Shannan Lerch: I don’t see why you call him that. Maybe if he’d lost his mask in a wagered match. But instead he ripped it off on his own, which makes him a really bad person representing this company.

Zach Davis: Why is that?

Shannan Lerch: A luchadore losing his mask is a humiliation in itself. But he did it on his own without being forced, which is a disgrace to the luchadores. So he should not be referred to as one. Plus just look at the guy! He’s ugly!

Maybe if Joel had heard Shannan’s rant he would be angry. But Shannan is way away, so Joel has no reason to change his assault from Bundy to her. And an assault it is, as he had detached Bundy’s left arm from his clutches, and was stomping on it relentlessly. But Bundy was pushing himself up to his feet, and those stomps weren’t getting it done. So Joel shoots the ropes, hoping to catch Bundy with a Lou Thesz Press. But the leap was too high and Bundy catches him in mid-air. Joel’s torso is parallel to Bundy’s back for about two seconds before he was slammed unmercifully onto the mat.

Zach Davis: A powerful Alabama Slam that announced to everyone, especially Joel that his attacks were not working!

Shannan Lerch: Well in Bundy’s case this was an Alaska Slam.

Bundy shifts himself to pin Joel hall, hooking one of his legs.




Joel gets his shoulder up, and rolls onto his right side as Bundy stands. Buzzsaw pulls his opponent to his feet, and whips him into the ropes. On the rebound, Buzzsaw drops low, and lifts Joel high up for a Back Body Drop. Vaulted in the air by a man who stands seven feet tall, Hall had a long way to drop. And drop he did, landing with a resounding THUD. His only instinct was to clutch at his ribs, which are stomped on by the lumberjack for further pain.

Zach Davis: Buzzsaw is returning the favor by dissecting Joel himself. And the ribs Joel needs more than Bundy and his left arm.

Shannan Lerch: So true. I’m sure Bundy can lift Joel with one arm. No need for two.

Instead of trying for a pin, Bundy instead pulls Joel up by his hair, and locks in an abdominal stretch. And there he holds Joel for about fifteen seconds, yelling in his ear to tap. But tired of waiting for a submission that wasn’t going to come, Bundy instead delivered elbow strike after elbow strike to the ribs of Joel, hoping to make him suffer.

Zach Davis: Bundy sure is out for pain.

Dropping Joel onto his back, he drags him closer to the turnbuckle, which he then climbs to the top rope. Standing his full height, he holds his hands out, absorbing the cheers from the crowd who are anxious for this high risk maneuver. But Bundy, a man not used to standing on the top rope, loses footing, and seats himself. He doesn’t hurt himself too much, and in fact tries to stand up for a second attempt at his move. But he is caught off by Joel, who runs up the turnbuckle and delivers an enzuigiri that stuns the lumberjack.

Zach Davis: Joel making a comeback!

Shannan Lerch: Not a comeback, Zach, but a pretty mishap. Instead of something standard, he’ll go for something flashy and fail.

Once more Shannan wasn’t wrong, as it seems Joel is setting Bundy up for the Fear of Flying (moonsault side slam). But a closed fist unseen by Bundy stuns Hall, and Buzzsaw puts his head between his large legs. Standing up on the top turnbuckle, he positions Joel correctly under him, and with a slight heave, lifts him up. Leaning forward, Buzzsaw powerbombs Joel Hall to the mat from the top rope, earning a loud pop from the crowd. Buzzsaw goes for the pin, nodding his head with each slap of palm on canvas.

Shannan Lerch: Told you he’d fail.

Zach Davis: I’ll ignore Shannan for the moment as I relive that powerbomb. If Joel’s ribs weren’t hurting before, they must be now.





This time shock is evident on Bundy’s face as he questions the call from the referee. But he doesn’t argue as he lifts Joel up by his hair once more. Pulling him into the middle of the ring, Buzzsaw, positions Joel between his legs once more as he yells to the crowd. TIMBER!

Zach Davis: And there is the call to fellow Lumberjacks as a big tree is about to fall!

As Joel is lifted up, he quickly drives elbow strikes on Bundy’s temple to stun the lumberjack. Caught off guard from Hall’s burst of energy, he drops the smaller man on his feet. Joel shoots the ropes as Bundy turns around, and on the rebound, Hall takes the big man down with a headscissors. Down to the mat, Joel transitions this into a Fujiwara Armbar, also known as Arm Pressure.

Zach Davis: Arm Pressure is locked in on the injured arm of Bundy!

Joel puts all his strength into the hold, hoping it would be enough to put Buzzsaw out. But even then, it would be a little while as Bundy looks for a way to break the hold, he tries to reach for the ropes only to realize they were in the middle of the ring. He tried to reach for Hall only to realize the small man was out of reach. So Bundy did the one thing he could still do with his free hand. He tapped out.


Zach Davis: Joel Hall wins!

Shannan Lerch: And he advances to the next round of the One Invitational!

D-Day Segment

Donald is seen sitting in his wrestling tights and boots. He is taping up his wrists with black tape. He finishes and gets up from the bench to walk over to the door. Ashley is behind him following him to the door. He reaches over at the door knob and turns it to enter the hallway. He exits the hallway and is stopped by Hank Brown. Hank stops Donald to try and get some information.

Hank Brown: Donald, can I get some words from you?

Donald Deruty: Hank, I need to go for my match.

Hank Brown: Donald, it won't take a second

Ashley stepped out from within the locker room looking at Hank and shaking her head.

Ashley Davis: You heard the man, Hank, he has business to attend to. Good luck out there, Mr. Deruty.

Ashley stated before covering the microphone, stopping Hank from trying to stop him again. Donald looks at Ashley and smiles before starting to run off to the match. Ashley watched as Donald went to head out to the ring before going to turn her back and head into the locker room once more, only to be stopped by Hank.

Hank Brown: Ms. Davis, a word with you then? Everyone is wondering, what do you have in store for Kaylyn seeing as though she is not heeding your warnings?

Ashley Davis: As far as Kaylyn is concerned, we shall just see what happens tonight and go from there.

Hank Brown: So do you think Roy can really knock some sense into her?

Ashley Davis: Roy knocking sense into her might happen, then again... he was just someone who wanted to get payback on her, so it worked out for both of us well there with him returning when he did.

Hank Brown: I agree, it did seem to work well for you. Your relationship with Donald seems to be going well also. Care to comment?

Ashley Davis: Hank, you amaze me. I believe Mr. Deruty already told you all there was to know in that regard.

Hank Brown: He didn't really say much at all. I believe you will tell me what's really going...

Before Hank could finish his sentence the door was closed in his face cutting him off.

One Invitational Tournament
D-Day vs Adrian

"Hit Em Up" by Lil Wayne hits the speakers as Adrian walks out from the back. The crowd starts booing as both men throw up the MS-13 handsign on each side of the ramp. Eventually they walk down the ramp. Adrian reaches up and pulls himself up onto the apron. He steps over the top rope and into the ring.

Zach Davis: And first one to the ring is Adrian.

Shannan Lerch: This guy looks pretty crazy, Zach. I’m worried for D-Day in this one.

The lights in the stadium dim to pitch black Bulletproof by 12 Stones blares in the speakers with lights swinging around the stadium lighting up the darkness from the dimmed lights. In cue with the music, pyros of red, white and blue go off when the sound of BANG!!! from Bulletproof. The pyros continue to go off on cue with the word being said. After the third pyro goes off the lights focus on the entrance of the stage where Donald Deruty is standing with his head tilted down. He falls to his knees and throws his hands up in the air where a final set of multi-colored pyros is fired. At the signal of the final pyros the dimmed lights turn back on and light the whole stadium with red, white, and blue lights. D-Day jumps to his feet as soon as the lights are back on. He takes his time walking down the ramp, as he gives high fives and shakes the hands of the fans. Once he reaches ringside he slowly walks up to the steel steps where he goes one step at a time until he reaches the ropes where he enters the ring with a swaggery hop to his walk. He looks up at the titantron where the sights of his memorial moments in his WCF career can be seen.

Zach Davis: I dunno, Shannan. Deruty looks like he’s ready for his first fight of 2012.

Shannan Lerch: Maybe, but I wouldn’t put it past Gravedigger to interfere in this one.


The two stare one another down, circling one another, and Adrian dashes forward, looking to hit D-Day with a clothesline, but Deruty ducks under it, and as Adrian turns around, The American Hero pummels him with a flurry of fists to the gut. He follows it up with a huge right hand that sends Adrian staggering backward into the turnbuckle. Deruty runs forward and hits him with a clothesline in the corner, and throws him down onto the mat before climbing up to the second turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: And I was right. Deruty’s in control here to start things off.

Shannan Lerch: For now, but how long can this last, really?

Zach Davis: We’ll see!

Shannan Lerch: That we will!

As Adrian gets to his feet, D-Day catches him with a crossbody from the second rope that- No! Adrian catches Deruty, and powers him down with a backbreaker, and goes for a quick pin.

One... Kickout!

Zach Davis: Not even close there as Deruty powers out before the two.

Shannan Lerch: Adrian’s gotta do better than that to beat the American Hero.

Adrian pulls Deruty to his feet, and whips him into the ropes. The American Hero bounces off the ropes and catches Adrian with a dropkick that sends Adrian back into the ropes, and as D-Day gets to his feet, Adrian catches him with a boot to the face that knocks him back down. Adrian pins.

One... T-Kickout!

Deruty springs to his feet as Adrian gets to his, and the two stare one another down. Adrian goes after Deruty and catches him with a right, then a left, then a slap across the chest, and whips him toward the turnbuckle. Deruty springs over the big man using the turnbuckle, and catches Adrian with a right hand as he falls back against the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: And Deruty’s back in control now.

Shannan Lerch: Well of course, Zach. Deruty is one of the best in the business today.

The American Hero rams his shoulder into Adrian’s gut, and then whips him across the ring into the other turnbuckle. Deruty runs right behind him, but Adrian sidesteps, and the splash into the corner ends in Deruty’s head bouncing off the top turnbuckle. Adrian hits Deruty with a German suplex, and holds the bridge for a pin.

One... Two... Kickout!

Adrian gets to his feet, and pulls D-Day to his feet with him. He throws Deruty with a belly to belly suplex, and goes for another pin attempt.

One... Two... Kickout!

As Deruty powers out, Adrian gets back to his feet, bounces off the ropes, and goes for a leg drop across the throat, but Deruty rolls out of the way and Adrian lands hard on the ground. Deruty gets to his feet and hits Adrian across the face with a boot that knocks him on his back. The American Hero goes for the pin.

One... Two... Kickout!

Zach Davis: Deruty almost had the pin, but Adrian still has enough left in him to kick out.

Shannan Lerch: Adrian’s teaming with the legendary Gravedigger. He’s not gonna be a pushover, Zach.

Deruty gets to his feet, and pulls Adrian to his feet with him, and hits him with a right. Adrian fires back with a right hand, and the two start to trade punches. Eventually D-Day ducks a big swing and grabs Adrian...

Zach Davis: Here it is!

D-Day hits the Dead and Forgotten! He pins Adrian, hooking the leg.




Shannan Lerch: D-Day wins and advances!

Adrian rolls out as D-Day stands, his music playing.

Zach Davis: We'll have D-Day vs Joel Hall later tonight to see who advances to the finals.

The lights suddenly go out and after a few seconds “Dust” by Cypress Hill starts playing on the speakers. The entryway lights up and everyone’s attention goes to it for a few seconds. The lights in the arena come back on and someone is standing behind D-Day. Adrian, who is on the outside, has a shocked look on his face.

Shannan Lerch: What the hell?!? That’s Chester!

Zach Davis: What’s Gravedigger’s brother doing here??

Chester stands behind D-Day with an evil grin on his face. D-Day finally realizes something is going on and spins around real quick. Before he can even react, Chester kicks him hard in the midsection. Chester turns backwards, grabs D-Day and plants him in the center of the ring with a devastating Vertebreaker.

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD! That didn’t look pleasant at all.

Shannan Lerch: My brother just contacted me over the headset and says that’s Chester’s new move, the Dust Biter. Did my brother know Chester was here?

The crowd starts booing as Chester stands back up, a triumphant look on his face. He walks over and looks down at Adrian.

Chester: You tell Gravedigger I am back.

Chester throws up the MS-13 handsign before climbing out of the ring and walking up the ramp, leaving Adrian standing at ringside, confused.

Zach Davis: Is Chester part of MS-13 or was he mocking them?

One Invitational Tournament
Adam Young vs Blade LaVigne

The camera pans around The Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Screaming fans of all ages are showing off their signs. We read a sign that says, "Balfore is going to make Corey Black-Out." We see another sign that reads, "I have a shovel for you, Gravedigger." There are many clever and fun signs out in the crowd. The camera gets a shot of a sign saying, "I got your perfect ten right here, Kaylyn." The camera pans over the empty ring and down to the commentators. People behind Zach Davis and Shannan Lerch are jumping around going crazy waving at the camera.

Zach Davis: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight has been One hell of a pay per view.

Shannan Lerch: You are correct, Zach. This has been a pay per view no One should miss.

Zach Davis: Our next match up should be a real good one. We have the big time jerk, Adam Young.

Shannan Lerch: I like Young. He is a great talent and will give Blade one heck of a match.

Zach Davis: Blade, is very new coming in to WCF, but he is also talented and I think Adam Young will have a tough time getting the 1,2,3.

Shannan Lerch: I see you are taking sides. Way to be impartial there, Zach.

Zach Davis: I am not the referee. I am here to commentate the match to fans. Not count the one, two, three.

"Bleed For Me" shouts out around the arena.

Shannan Lerch: Look who is first to come down to the ring. Blade hesitates for a moment before walking into view. Do you think he might not be ready for the match, Zach?

Zach Davis: With that cocky smirk on his face, I am sure he is ready.

Blade walks to the ring.

Kyle Steel: This One Invitational Tournament Match is scheduled for one fall. Hailing from Gladstone, Michigan and weighing in at 255 pounds. He is BLLAAAAADE LaVigne!

He slides into the ring and perches himself on the top rope and looks into the crowd and trash talks while pointing to himself. Blade's music fades away and then the song, "Wanted Dead Or Alive" by Mikel Knight starts playing as smoke fills the entrance.

Zach Davis: Here comes your guy, Shannan. You talk to me about being impartial, but you want "The 1" to win.

Shannan Lerch: I just like his technical style. I think that's what gives him the edge in this match.

"The 1" appears on the WCFtron in red as "The 1" Adam Young steps out from the gorilla position wearing all red.

Kyle Steel: And the challenger. Coming from Abilene, Texas and weighing in at 250 pounds he is "The 1" Adam Youuuunnnnnnng!

The fans start booing as he raises his left arm in the air in a clinched fist. He walks towards the ring with his trademark icy glare towards the ring. He reaches the ring and kneels down on his right knee and does a cross motion over his chest. He stands up and blows red mist in the air. He slides in under the bottom rope and does a kip up to his feet. He takes his red "Jerk" t-shirt off and fakes out the crowd like he is going to throw it out into the crowd. He just tosses it to the ring side area. The two wrestlers walk up to each other and stand nose to nose talking trash to each other.

Zach Davis: Blade must have said something real nasty, because Young just slapped Blade across the face.

Shannan Lerch: Maybe Young just felt like doing it, Zach.

Blade pushes Young and Young staggers back into the ropes. The referee signals for the bell.


Zach Davis: Here we go, ladies and gentlemen. This match is underway!

The two of them walk up to each other and lock up. Young kicks Blade in the gut. Blade bundles over and Young grabs his head and performs a bulldog and goes for a quick cover.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like The 1 wants to get this match over in a hurry.

The referee counts 1, Blade kicks out very fast and gets to his feet.

Zach Davis: Looks like that won't be enough.

The two of them circle each other and lock up again. Blade gets Young into a head lock and Irish whips him into the corner. Blade runs at Young and slams an elbow into his face. Blade keeps Young in the corner and starts to drop fists fast and hard into the belly of Young. Blade then lands a beautiful Dropkick. Young slowly steps out of the corner and falls flat on his back to the ring. Blade then climbs to the top rope.

Zach Davis: Blade is going to the top rope early into this match.

Shannan Lerch: That was an impressive dropkick into the chest of Adam Young.

Blade points to his fans in the arena and then leaps off the top rope trying to perform a diving head butt. Young rolls out of the way and Blade lands face first into the mat.

Shannan Lerch: Oh, that had to hurt!

Zach Davis: Adam Young timed that perfect and Blade falls face first on the mat. Adam Young is going for another pin.

Adam Young rolls Blade over onto his back. The referee counts 1,2, Blade kicks out just in time. The fans shout cheering for Blade. Young grabs Blade and picks him up. Adam gets Blade into a belly to belly suplex and tosses him over his head perfectly.

Shannan Lerch: That was a text book over the head belly to belly suplex.

Blade bounces hard onto the mat. Blade rolls out of the ring. laying on the floor the referee starts to count. 1,2,3. Young slides out of the ring and grabs Blade. Quickly Blade does a drop toe hold slamming Young's upper body against the metal steps. The referee is at 6 when Blade rolls into the ring.

Zach Davis: Blade is going to try to win this match by count out.

Blade then rolls right back out of the ring making the referee start the count over. 1,2,3,4.

Shannan Lerch: Blade is showing a side we normally see from Adam Young.

Blade picks up Adam and goes to Irish whip him, but Young reverses it and Irish whips Blade into the barrier around the ring. Fans slap Blade on the shoulder and head as he slides down.

Zach Davis: Those barriers have very little give. That had to hurt.

Adam Young rolls back into the ring at the count of 8 and then rolls back out, starting the count again. Young picks up Blade and drops him chest first onto the barrier. Young then tries to Irish whip Blade, but this time Blade counters it and whips Young into one of the metal posts.

Shannan Lerch: This match is going back and forth. Young smashed face first into the ring post!

Zach Davis: He didn't even have time to get his hands up to protect his face!

Adam pulls himself up by the ring apron. He is bleeding. Blade rolls into the ring and Adam slowly gets into the ring before the referee counts 10. Laying on the mat, Blade starts to stomp on Young.

Shannan Lerch: That hit to the ring post made The 1 Adam Young bleed.

Blade then drops a few elbow drops and then goes for a pin. The referee counts 1,2 and Young grabs the rope with his hand. The referee cuts the count. Blade pulls Young away and pins again. The referee count 1,2 and then stops the count seeing Young has his foot on the rope. Blade grabs Young by the leg and pulls him to the middle of the ring. Blade drops a leg and then goes for another pin. The referee counts 1,2, but Young kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Blade looks very frustrated at the fact he tried 3 times and couldn't get Young pinned.

Zach Davis: It has been a drag out brawl!

Blade picks up Young and whips him into a corner. Blade charges and Young pulls the referee into the corner. Blade can't stop and clotheslines the referee. Adam then grabs Blade and performs a perfect reverse swinging neckbreaker.

Shannan Lerch: Oh, that was a great move by Adam Young!

Zach Davis: The referee is down. Blade is down. Adam Young is getting out of the ring. He pulls the time keeper out of his chair and walks back to the ring.

Shannan Lerch: I think Adam Young is thinking about making Blade bleed.

Young stands at the opposite side of the ring waiting for Blade to stand up. With great speed, Adam runs at Blade and slams the chair into the face of Blade. Blood almost instantly pours out of Blade's nose and mouth. Flat on his back Young goes for a pin. The crowd shout 1,2,3.

Zach Davis: No referee, no 1,2,3.

Another referee runs down to the ring and counts 1,2 and Blade kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Wow! Both are bleeding and both have kicked out after making each other bleed!

Zach Davis: Adam Young looks very upset!

Young picks up Blade and whips him against the ropes. Blade bounces back and Young puts him into a sleeper hold.

Shannan Lerch: A very well placed sleeper hold on Blade.

Blade goes down to one knee and the referee lifts up his arm and it falls. He lifts it up again and it falls again.

Zach Davis: The referee lifts up Blades arm again and it falls agai... no wait!

Blade stands up and elbows Adam in the gut and breaks the hold. Blade then Irish whips Young into the ropes. When Young bounces back Blade lands a big boot to Young's bloody face.

Zach Davis: Blade goes for the pin. 1,2, he kicks out. Young kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Blade, must be thinking how do I end this match?

Blade pulls Young up to his feet and in one swift motion Young wraps Blade up in a small package. The referee counts, but only gets a 2 count.

Zach Davis: This match is just going back and forth, back and forth.

The two wrestlers get up and run at each other. Young dives down and cuts Blade at the knees. Young then quickly places Blade in a figure four leg lock.

Shannan Lerch: This could be the end. Blade might tap out.

Blade screams in pain and tries to get to the ropes as fast as he can.

Zach Davis: Even in pain Blade doesn't give up and he gets to the rope and makes Young let go of the lock.

A very pissed Young stands up and grabs Blade and snap suplex's Blade fast onto the mat. Young then climbs to the top rope and leaps into the air and hits a moonsault on Blade.

Shannan Lerch: Young hits The Jerk and goes for the pin!

Zach Davis: The referee counts!




The referee asks for the bell and it rings throughout the arena. The fans shout and scream in cheers and boos.

Kyle Steel: Your winner, "The 1" Adam Yoooounnnnnng!

Shannan Lerch: What a great match. It went back and forth all the way until the end!

Zach Davis: It was amazing to watch and I am glad to have been here to announce the play by play. We still have ONE hell of a Pay per view. Stay tuned, we still have the World Title match to come and plus much much more!

One Invitational Tournament
Nightrider vs Jeff Purse vs Nathan von Liebert

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a triple threat and will be set for one fall. Introducing first. . .

The camera pans to the titantron, where an oak door comes into view. A thump is heard, and the door shakes on its hinges. Several more thumps occur, until the blade of an ax busts through the door. Smoke begins to form on the stage, as a dark figure steps out. Suddenly a woman voice yells out from the speaker.

"No, go away!

Leave me alone!"

Smoke billows down the aisle as the man walks down it to the ring, his identity shrouded in the smog. Meanwhile, on the titantron, the ax makes a large hole in the wood, and a hand reaches in for the door knob, the fingernails painted black. Again the frightened voice rings out as the mystery man slides into the ring.

"Don't you come in here!

I don't want you here.!"

The mystery man watches the titantron now, as the door opens, and the same man standing in the ring, steps into the house. A lightning bolt cracks behind him, equal in volume to the string of fireworks that fire up on the ramp. The man on the titantron rubs his thumb on the door, leaving a bloody smear on the polished oak. He lifts the ax with both hands, as the voice pleads.

"No, No, No, NO!!


The scream is cut off as the man swings the ax. Blood appears to splatter across the tron, and then the name "Nathan von Liebert" is written with a finger painted black. Nathan, who is in the ring, falls on his knees, never taking his eyes off the 'tron until it goes black. He then scans the members of the crowd that he could without contorting his torso.

Kyle Steel: From the Nightmare Realm, weighing in at 229 pounds. He is the Devil's Right Hand, Nathan von LIEBERT!

Zach Davis: Nathan has made his interest into the match that will be his toughest contest so far in WCF.

Shannan Lerch: Especially since both of his opponents want to get at him. A bad move on his part.

The sound of roaring motorcycles could be heard over the PA system as Pyrotechs explode down the entrance ramp and around the ring. It's Time for war by LLCOOLJ then begins as Night Rider makes his way to the ring with the Lovely Angel Fyre leading the way.

Zach Davis: Shannan is wearing that snake around his neck. He's trying to get into the mind of Nathan.

Shannan Lerch: I doubt a silly snake like that won't get to Nathan. I mean would would be scared of a constrictor? It isn't even poisonous!

Nevertheless, Nathan rolled out of the ring when Nathan climbed in with the snake. Rider holds the snake up for a small pop from the crowd, as Kyle Steel announces him.

Kyle Steel: Billed from the open road, he weighs in at 335 pounds. Escorted to the ring by Angel Frye and Damien, he is NIGHTRIDER. And is opponent. . .

"Won't Back Down" by Eminem blares on the PA. On the right side of the stage there is a bike ramp that extends just about to the middle of the Titan Tron. Atop the bike ramp is Jeff Purse. He is sitting on his bike, looking out upon the audience. He throws one had in the air as the audience cheers.

"You can sound the alarm
you can call out your guards
you can fence in your yard
you can pull all the cards
but I won't back down
oh no I wont back down
oh no

At this he sets off down the ramp. Directly across is another ramp on the left side of the stage, which Purse heads for.

"Cadillac Sevilles, Coupe Devilles
brain dead rims yeah stupid wheels
girl I'm too for real
lose your tooth and nails
try to fight it, try to deny it
stupid you will feel
what I do, I do it well
shooting from the hip, yeah boy shoot to kill
half a breath left on my death bed
screaming F that yeah super ill

Purse flies up the other ramp, launching off of it. He pulls off a small back flip, rides down the rest of the ramp, and comes to a screeching halt in the center of the stage. He gets off, kickstands it. He looks out, smiles, and throws his arms in the air. Red and Blue pyros explode behind him

"I cut my toes off and step on the receipt before I foot the bill
listen garden tool don't make me introduce you to my power tool
you know the *beeping* drill"

He starts off down the ramp as Kari joins him, slapping five with fans, walking very casually but at a quick pace. When he gets to the ring he jumps up on the apron and quickly makes his way in through the middle rope, while Kari walks around the outside, pumping up the crowd. Jeff stands in the center of the ring, "air guns" a corner, pyros shoot out of it. He subsequently does that for every other corner, pyros of red and white shooting out every time. He anxiously awaits his competition

Kyle Steel: From Venice Beach, California, he weighs in at 215 pounds. Escorted to the ring by Kari Kendall, he is Jeff "The Future" PURSE!

Zach Davis: And the final competitor mades his entrance. Jeff was very vocal about his feelings towards both opponents. Do you think he has a chance to win?

Shannan Lerch: If I was a gambling woman, I would put my money on Jeff in this match. After being put down endlessly by Nathan, he's out for nothing less than winning.

With Jeff and Rider in the ring already, Nathan rolls in so they can start the match. Rider hands the snake off to Angel Frye, and Kari wishes Jeff luck. With the pre-match things done, the referee calls the for the bell.


Jeff and Rider look at each other, nodding in silent agreement. Nathan understands what they meant by it, and he quickly launches himself at Jeff, knowing the double-teaming was about to begin. Liebert can land two forearm smashes before Rider pulls him off and nails him with an uppercut. With that Nathan becomes their punching dummy, with Rider hitting forearm smashes and Purse hitting sharp kicks to his ribs.

Zach Davis: Liebert is surely taking some damage.

Shannan Lerch: And this is only the beginning.

Shannan seems to be right as the true double teaming begins. Purse whips Liebert into the ropes while Rider shoots the ropes himself. On the rebound, Rider barrels right over Liebert with a clothesline. With Liebert on the ground, Rider calls Purse over. Locking in an inverted facelock, Rider takes Purse up with a suplex. But this was planned as on the landing, Purse brought his knees up and drove them into Nathan's stomach.

Zach Davis: Nice combo by Rider and Purse.

And they weren't done. While Rider pulls Liebert to his feet, Jeff climbs the top rope. Rider lifts Nathan onto his shoulder and locks in a Canadian backbreaker. Turning towards Jeff, He holds Nathan steady as Purse leaps off for a missile dropkick into Nathan's face. Jeff rolls way just in time as Rider follows up with a quick powerbomb. And with that, Nathan rolls out of the way, out of the match at the moment.

Zach Davis: And after that display of wrestling talent, this match is now a one-on-one match.

Shannan Lerch: For the moment. I'm sure Liebert will get back into this.

So with Nathan out of the picture at the moment, Rider and Purse circle each other in the center of the ring. A collar and elbow tie-up puts Rider in control, as he powers Purse down to one knee. Rider delivers several forearm smashes to Purse's face, followed by whipping him into the ropes. Purse rebounds off right into a powerslam from Rider.

Zach Davis: Rider showing his strength with that powerslam.

Rider bends down to pick Jeff up and eats a quick kick to his face. The Future rolls onto his feet, and hits a spinning heel kick to the face of Rider, stunning the big man. Shooting the ropes, Jeff comes back hoping for a hurricanrana. But when he wrapped his legs around Rider's neck, he was hefted up for a huge sit-out powerbomb.

With Purse on the ground, Rider shoots the ropes himself and comes back with a body splash. Purse grunts with pain, and Rider begins to wail on Purse with precision punches to the forehead. The referee starts counting him out for closed punches, and the biker stops at four. Pulling Purse up to his feet he wraps his arms around Purse, and takes him down with a bridging belly to belly suplex.



Broken Pin

Zach Davis: Rider was rolling smoothly for the pin until Liebert broke up the pin.

Shannan Lerch: Told you he would be back. You can't get rid of a rat.

Indeed Libert interfered, hitting Rider's legs out from under him with his shoulder. Nathan began to deliver forearm smashes into Rider's head. hoping it would keep him from standing up, but that failed as the big man regained his footing anyway. Nathan shoots the ropes, coming in with a shoulder block, only to be stopped in his tracks. Rider smirked, before kicking Nathan in his stomach, followed by a snap suplex that shook the ring. Rider pulled Nathan up without letting go, and hits a second suplex. But instead of another pin, he gets up once more.

Zach Davis: He's going for the trifecta.

But this time Nathan counters, kicking Rider in the gut. Reversing the hold, Nathan locks in an inverted facelock.

Zach Davis: He's looking for the Straight Jacket Drop!

Shannan Lerch: But Rider isn't going to let him.

Shannan's streak of being correct continues as Rider breaks loose of the hold. Rider hits several forearm smashes to soften Nathan up, before lifting him up in a powerbomb. Rider slams his rival down hard on the mat, and Nathan has had enough as he rolls out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Nathan is looking under the ring!

Nathan rummages out for a second before he pulls a steel chair out. People boo, thinking he was going to ruin the match with it. But instead he sets it out, and seats himself. He chuckles, pointing past Rider, who turns to eat an enzuigiri from Purse. Jeff watches Nathan for a second before going for the pin.

Shannan Lerch: Is Nathan going to break the pin?



Broken Pin

The pin was indeed broken, but it was Angel Fyre who grabbed onto the referee's leg. The referee stands, warning Angel Fyre, and the red head steps onto the apron to argue some more. Jeff stands, hoping to pull Rider up to continue the fight, and that is when Nathan strikes. He leaps out of the chair, raking the eyes of Purse. While The Future stumbles back, he pulls Rider outside the ring. Locking in a a facelock, he delivers a DDT, spiking Rider's head onto the open chair.

Zach Davis: Ref, disqualify him! He used a weapon!

Shannan Lerch: He can't. He didn't see it. Plus, can you actually disqualify someone in this kind of match? Nathan just pulled one out of his ass.

Nathan folds the chair up, and sets it down on the concrete, opting to get back in the ring with Purse. Stepping through the ropes, Nathan is hit quickly by an uppercut from The Future. Purse whips him into the ropes, and on the rebound, leaps up to bring Nathan's head down with a double knee facebuster. Nathan stumble back, but doesn't fall, and he eats a neckbreaker for his stubborness to fall. And fall he does, laying on the mat as Purse positions himself. For some little fun, Nathan hits a standing moonsault, making a pin attempt.




Nathan kicks out, and he rolls out of the ring. The referee turns to watch him, but Jeff grabs his arm. The referee turns to see what was happening, and something unexpected happened: Jeff Purse told the referee he grab Nathan's pants to add to his pin.

Shannan Lerch: Did he just admit to cheating.

Zach Davis: Maybe it was by accident. Jeff just wanted people, especially the referee, to know he wasn't a cheater.

Shannan Lerch: Or he could've be just a distraction.

Zach Davis: What do you mean?

Shannan Lerch: Look. . .

What Shannan was talking about was on the other side of the ring, where Nathan was watching. Rider was towering behind Nathan who hadn't noticed him until he got whipped around to face the big man. One kicked to the gut doubles Nathan over, and while the referee is distracted by Jeff pleading for forgiveness, Rider lifts Nathan up in a package piledriver. With the crowd cheering to drown out the sound about to come, Rider drives Nathan's head onto the chair.

Zach Davis: Huge piledriver from Rider.

Shannan Lerch: But it could the worst thing possible if it busted up Nathan.

Zach Davis: Could Vlad be coming out?

The camera feed switches to show Rider kicking the chair bak under the ring, and the camera zooms in on the prone Liebert. He is sprawled out angel style, but no blood is seen on his forehead. Vlad was still under lock. Nightrider climbs onto the apron, turning to see if Nathan is getting back up. He doesn't see Purse climbing the turnbuckle to his left until he steps fully into the ring and eats a missile dropkick. Rider is knocked to his knee, and Purse steps onto the apron. Rider pulls himself onto his feet, and Jeff launches off the top rope, hitting a 720 degree DDT.

Zach Davis: The Future has been hit.

Shannan Lerch: But here comes Nathan!

Maybe Shannan was overexaggerting on her announcment, as Nathan was barely on his feet. But Jeff did step into a corner, and waited for Nathan to roll into the ring. When Nathan regained his footing, Jeff took a step, and struck Liebert with The Spoke. Nathan fell like a log, and Jeff makes the pin.



Broken Pin

Nightrider pulls Purse off of Nathan, and whips The Future out of the ring. Purse launches over the top rope, and lands on the concrete below, knocking the air out of him. And that was all that Rider needed, as he made the pin on Nathan





Shannan Lerch: Nightrider waited too long and Nathan recovered enough to make the pin.

Zach Davis: And he's asking for trouble by arguing with the ref. When is that ever good?

Zach makes a good point, as while Rider is discussing this with the referee, Nathan comes up behind, and locks in the inverted facelock. But instead of a Straight Jacket Drop, he instead hits a neckbreaker, taking the big man to the mat.

Shannan Lerch: Why did he use a neckbreaker instead of the Straight Jacket Drop?

Zach Davis: His energy has been sapped, with all the double-teaming and that piledriver onto the steel chair. He's lucky he's still standing.

And stand he does. In fact, Nathan climbs the top rope while Rider is on the mat. Nathan looks over at Purse, who is on his knees outside the ring, before leaping off for a Frog Splash into a pin.

Zach Davis: Nathan lands the frog splash.

Shannan Lerch: And that is Purse's finisher, The Deflator. That isn't going to go well later.




Zach Davis: Nathan von Liebert advances in the tournament!

Shannan Lerch: We'll see Nathan von Liebert versus Adam Young later tonight.

Zach Davis: What a match. These three men are all future stars, for sure.

NvL rolls out of the ring, happy with his victory.

Roy Speede vs Kaylyn James Evans

"What you get is what you see
it won't take much to get hooked on me
so shoot me right into your skin
and i will be your heroin

the sideaffects are sexual
are you down for a taste?
the sideaffects are sexual
and you love the way i say

I'm your favorite drug
your favorite drug
just one hit is never enough
i'm your favorite drug
your favorite drug
you cant break this addiction no.
your favorite drug...."

The lyrics to Porcelain and the Tramps- I'm Your Favorite Drug continued to play over the PA system as the lights fade putting the arena into total darkness. Just as the chorus would end there is a bang as the lights turn back on full blast and a cloud of smoke is on the entrance way with a figure standing within it. The chorus starts up once more but this time with the lyrics included is none other than Kaylyn Evans who steps out from within the smoky patch on the stage. As the chorus was being heard throughout the crowd a smiling Kaylyn Evans was on her way down the ramp with a stride that showed nothing but confidence in herself no matter what the outcome of today's event's would be. Dressed in a long black coat covering everything including her legs she came down the ramp with a smirk on her face. As she made her way down her manager Ashley followed behind her dressed in a pair of black slacks and a white button up shirt, with the top two left undone. Reaching the bottom of the ramp way Kaylyn stops and turns to the right heading around the ring and towards the far steps to ascend them and make her way onto the apron. Crossing the apron she stands there looking out at the fans. Hooking her arms on the top rope, in perfect Kaylyn fashion, she flipped back over the top rope and into the ring where she made her way around the ring looking out at all the fans in the arena, booing and not. Coming to stand in the middle of the ring she smirked once more before pulling the jacket off revealing a black and white striped shirt that crisscrossed in the back and front leaving her torso open, and her bottoms consisted of only a black bikini bottom garment. She laughed softly knowing how pissed Ashley was, as she looked over at the scowl on her manager’s face. As the music would cut Kaylyn would be focused and ready for what was to come.

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall. On her way to the ring first, accompanied by Ashley Davis, she is professional wrestling’s only Perfect Ten, she is KAYLYN JAMES EVAN!

Zach Davis: My gosh she looks good today.

Shannan Lerch: You always say that.

Zach Davis: So what? It’s true!

Shannan Lerch: I don’t care. Be more respectful.

Zach Davis: Fine, whatever. But I’m calling it right now. She’s going 2-0 today.

Shannan Lerch: Doubt it. Roy Speede’s gonna beat her, and then Jonny Fly will pick up the scraps.

“Not Without A Fight” by Pillar hits the speakers, and Roy Speede steps out onstage, followed by Abbie Grande, a smile on his face as the fans cheer loudly. Wearing his customary ring gear and his vest, the hood over his head, he pauses atop the ramp holding his arms out horizontally, his hands in fists as Abbie walks past him in her pink dress and the crowd chants.


He drops his pose as he begins toward the ring, Abbie now at his side.

Kyle Steel: And her opponent, accompanied by Abbie Grande, he is from Richmond, Virginia, ROY SPEEEEEEEDE!

As he proceeds down the ramp, Roy high-fives the fans on either side of the slope, Abbie giving high-fives to the fans opposite him, and as he approaches the ring, Roy continues around to the ring steps as Abbie circles around the ring toward the announce table. He pauses for a moment, throwing the hood off his head as he steps up the steps, and continues out onto the ring apron. Again he pauses, this time pointing out into the audience as a tribute to the fans that made his career before stepping into between the top and middle ropes into the ring. From there, he crosses to the far turnbuckle, climbing to the second rung before pointing out to the fans in attendance, and doing his signature arms spread pose. He hops down off the turnbuckle and removes his vest, tossing it into the audience, giving one lucky fan a souvenir before leaning against the second turnbuckle, waiting for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: Speaking of Roy Speede...

Shannan Lerch: You can’t say he doesn’t look like he’s in the zone now, can you?

Zach Davis: Well, Abbie certainly looks good.

Shannan Lerch: That’s all you can think about isn’t it?

Zach Davis: Mhmm

Shannan Lerch: Shut up, Zach.


The two circle one another, staring one another down, until they lock up. Kay drives a knee to Roy’s gut, and sends him overhead with an arm drag that sends him smacking into the mat. He rolls to his feet, and Kaylyn catches him with a dropkick sending him into the corner. He leans back to rest as Kaylyn runs forward, but Roy sends her up over the top rope and down to the –NO! She lands on the ring apron.

Zach Davis: Nice agility by Miss Evans to land on the apron there.

Shannan Lerch: I’ll say.

Kay shoves Roy, and The Silver Lining takes a few steps into the center of the ring to avoid losing his balance. Kaylyn goes springboard and looks to hit a crossbody, but Roy catches her, and transitions it into a scoop slam sort of move. Kaylyn gets to her feet, and Roy whips her toward the ropes – NO! She reverses it and whips Roy toward the ropes.

Zach Davis: And The Perfect Ten mixing it up here.

Shannan Lerch: She’s good at that, you know.

Roy stops short of the ropes, and Kaylyn dashes after him. Roy ducks just in time and pulls down the top rope, and Kaylyn tumbles out to the floor. The ref starts to count her out as Roy slides out of the ring.

One... Two...

Roy grabs Kaylyn and helps her up.

Three... Four...

Kaylyn goes to hit Roy, but he blocks it, and holds up three fingers in front of her, and she looks at him confused; a conversation ensues.

Five... Six...

Roy points up the ramp, and then makes a motion toward his waist as if he’s got a championship belt, and Kaylyn gets even more confused.

Seven... Eight... Nine...

Roy points at Kaylyn, and then back toward the stage at the top of the ramp.



The referee calls for the bell, and Roy nods, and pats Kaylyn on the back before making his way over toward the announce table. Ashley’s eyes go wide, furious, as Kaylyn just smirks at her mockingly.

Kyle Steel: The referee has ruled this bout a no contest!

Roy grabs a headset and sits down at the announce table as Kaylyn slides back into the ring.

Television Title Match
Jonny Fly vs Kaylyn James Evans

Kyle Steel: And the following bout is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the WCF Television Championship! In the ring, she is professional wrestling’s only Perfect Ten, Kaylyn James Evans!

“The Champ” by Ghostface Killa hits the speakers, and out comes Jonny Fly. He proceeds down to the ring as Kyle continues.

Kyle Steel: And her opponent, from New York, New York, he is Jonny Fly!

Zach Davis: Roy, how do you explain what just happened?

Roy Speede: Well, uh... I guess you can say that Kaylyn James Evans and I have come to a bit of an understanding.

Shannan Lerch: What?

Roy Speede: You heard me.

Fly slides under the bottom rope into the ring.


The two lock up and Fly backs Kay into the corner. He drives a knee to her gut and slaps her across the face, and transitions it into a hurricanrana. Kaylyn hits the mat hard, and Fly gets to his feet. Fly hits Kaylyn across the throat with a leg drop and pins.

One... Kickout!

Fly gets to his feet, and pulls Kaylyn up by his hair. Over at the announce table, Roy bites his lip.

Shannan Lerch: What was that, Roy? Are you pulling for Kaylyn here?

Roy Speede: You could say that. I don’t think Fly deserves to be Television Champion.

Zach Davis: Well he could very easily be.

Fly whips Kaylyn into the ropes, and on the rebound, Kaylyn catches him with a clothesline. Kaylyn bounces off the ropes as Fly gets to his feet, and Kaylyn drops him with another clothesline. She drops a knee on his chest, and pins.

One... Kickout.

The Perfect Ten gets to her feet, and Fly gets to his right away, and the two stare down. Kaylyn dashes forward, but Fly anticipates it and scoops her up to power her down with a spinebuster that drops Fly to his knees, and Roy winces. Fly pins.

One... Two.... Kickout!

Fly gets back to his feet, and smirks before climbing to the second turnbuckle, taunting the crowd. Kaylyn gets to her feet while Fly’s back is turned, and as he steps up to the top turnbuckle, turning around, Kay hops up onto the second turnbuckle. A trading of punches ensues, and Kaylyn stuns Fly before stepping up for a super hurricanrana that sends Fly into the ring. Kay holds herself up with the top rope on the move, and goes for a pin.

One... Two... Kickout!

Roy Speede: Come on! That was three!

Zach Davis: What the hell is wrong with you, Speedo? I thought you hated her!

Roy Speede: First, it’s Speede, not Speedo. Get it right before I talk to Lerch about firing you. Second, I told you, we came to an understanding.

Zach Davis: Calm down, Speede.

Shannan Lerch: Zach, watch yourself.

Kaylyn gets to her feet, and pulls Fly to his feet. She knees him in the gut, and drops him with a facebuster, and pins.

One... Two... Kickout!

Shannan Lerch: She’s gonna have to do more than that to stop Jonny Fly.

Roy Speede: She’ll do whatever it takes. I’ve never seen Kaylyn go half-way.

Zach Davis: Are you high or something?

Roy Speede: I don’t do drugs, genius.

Shannan Lerch: Right...

Kaylyn gets to her feet, and pulls Fly to his feet, and Fly catches her off guard with a spinning back fist that sends Kaylyn spinning into the ropes. Fly charges her, and she sends him over the top rope onto the ring apron. He shoves her backwards, and she goes to the ground.

Roy Speede: Be right back...

The ref goes to check on Kaylyn, and Roy pulls Fly’s feet off the apron, knocking him face-first into the apron. Ashley shoves Roy, and he quickly slips back to the announce table as Kay gets back up. The ref motions for Fly to get back into the ring and he does, holding his face as the ref sees Ashley. He points back up the ramp, and Ashley backs up the ramp slowly, stopping a few feet up to watch. Fly gets to his feet, and Kaylyn goes for a clothesline. He ducks, and Kaylyn uses her boot to sweep his legs, and knock him to the ground. She pins him.

One... Two... Thr- Kickout!

Roy Speede: Sorry about that.

Zach Davis: Roy, what the hell was that? You’re helping her!

Shannan Lerch: I think I know what’s going on.

Roy Speede: What’s that?

Shannan Lerch: Little Roy’s got a crush!

Roy Speede: You wish. I’m just sick of fighting her when it’s getting me nowhere.

Kaylyn pulls Fly to his feet, and the two lock up. Fly catches her with a knee to the gut, and powers her down with a DDT, and then gets to the top rope as he looks down. Kaylyn slowly gets to her feet, and Fly plants her with the Fly Swatter before hooking the leg. Roy gets up from the announce table and dashes toward the ring, trying to break up the pin or distract the ref.

One... Two... Three!!

Roy was just a second late as Fly picks up the win!


Roy drops a double axe-handle to Fly in an attempt to break up the pin, but too late, and Fly holds his head as he gets to his feet. Roy holds his hands up defensively and backs off as Fly raises his hands in victory, glaring at Roy. Roy helps Kaylyn out of the ring, and the two walk backward up the ramp together as Fly is handed his newly won TV Title.

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner and new WCF Television Champion, Jonny Fly!

Fly raises his TV Title high overhead as he climbs to the second turnbuckle, raising the belt high in celebration.

Hardcore Title Match
Ryan Blake vs Gravedigger

Zach Davis: Time for our Hardcore Title match!

Shannan Lerch: The first of a string of matches that are bound to be very violent...

The lights dim and “Down and Out” by Tantric Pounds the P.A. system. A white fog rushes the stage. When the lyrics start, Ryan Blake walks on to the stage. The fans go crazy, some boo and some cheer. He rolls his neck, and begins to walk down the ramp. On his way down he gives some high fives to his fans. When he reaches the ring and slides in on his stomach. He comes to his feet and raises his arms, ready for the match to start.

Zach Davis: Here is the challenger. Blake won a battle royal to earn the right to this match, and he's been on quite a roll lately.

Shannan Lerch: He pinned Corey Black, and that makes him a winner in my book!

The lights go out. They stay off for about 15 seconds or so before "Change" by Deftones starts playing throughout the arena. A spotlight hits the entranceway and out from the back walks Gravedigger, escorted by Adrian, JJ, and Seth Lerch.

Zach Davis: Oh boy...

The crowd boos heavily and the trio stops on top of the ramp as Gravedigger looks around smiling. They then walk down the ramp and over to the ring steps. Adrian walks over to the side of the ring, reaches up and pulls himself up onto the apron with one of the ropes and then climbs into the ring. Gravedigger climbs the steps first and turns to JJ, pulling up the middle rope and stepping down on the bottom one, as she steps through the gap into the ring. Seth climbs in as well.

Shannan Lerch: What an unbeatable team!

Gravedigger steps through the top and middle rope and walks over to one of the turnbuckles and stands on the middle pad and holds the hardcore belt high over his head as the crowd rains boos down upon him. Seth grabs a mic.

Seth Lerch: QUIET DOWN!

The crowd boos heavily.

Seth Lerch: Christmas is one thing, but I have to be honest... TONIGHT is my favorite night of the year. ONE is my favorite night. I love it so much that I stayed sober all night last night for it!...


Seth Lerch: ..mostly.

Crowd laughs.

Seth Lerch: Regardless, though, tonight IS a wonderful night. I get to see two men I despite, Odin and Creeping Death, beat the living piss out of each other for a belt that, quite frankly, I could give or take to either of them whenever I wish! And I get to see my man Gravedigger beat the living crap out of that man right there, Ryan Blake.

Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Seth Lerch: Now, a lot of you may be wondering... "Seth, why are you and Gravedigger aligned, anyway? Didn't he injure you several times, almost put your company out of business, and then LITERALLY put your company out of business, and also attack your family and cause riots and a bunch of other crap?" Well, yes, but we've finally aligned because-

Ryan Blake has had enough talking, and attacks Seth from behind! The crowd does cheer that, but Gravedigger grabs Blake, spins him around, and kicks him square in the gut. The bell sounds.

Zach Davis: This match is on!

Blake doubles over as JJ and Seth clear out of the ring. Gravedigger follows up by hitting a Neckbreaker, bringing Blake down to the mat. Blake starts to get up but as he does Gravedigger kicks him several times, including several stiff kicks to the head. Blake is up, but groggy. Gravedigger goes for a Clothesline, but Blake has the presence of mind to duck it. Blake tries throwing Gravedigger into the turnbuckle, but Gravedigger reverses it, sending Blake into the turnbuckle instead. Gravedigger then lifts Blake up onto the turnbuckle.

Shannan Lerch: Big move coming..

Gravedigger climbs up with him, throwing Blake's arm across his shoulder, positioning him.... and executing a Superplex!

Zach Davis: Oof!

Gravedigger quickly follows up with a pin attempt.



No! Blake kicks out.

Zach Davis: Early in this match, too early for a win for Gravedigger. Blake needs to get his head in the game, though.

Instead of going back on the attack, Gravedigger rolls out of the ring. He grabs a weapon Seth and JJ provide him.. a stop sign.

Shannan Lerch: Seth always was a fan of WCW/nWo Revenge.

Gravedigger throws the stop sign into the ring, and then sets it up in the corner. He picks Blake up and throws him head first into the sign!

Zach Davis: Oof!

Blake's head crashes hard into the sign, creating a loud bang. Gravedigger once again goes for a pin.



No, Blake kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Ryan Blake with a lot of heart, of course. Gotta give him that.

Gravedigger picks up the stop sign and waits for Blake to stand. Blake does, but sidesteps a strike attempt from GD before Dropkicking the sign right in his face!

Zach Davis: Oof! Again!

Gravedigger stumbles back, dropping the sign, and this is Blake's chance. Blake runs at him and hits him with a Running STO! Blake pins the Champ!



No, another kickout. But Blake quickly runs, not wasting any time, Springboards, and hits a Moonsault, landing ontop of GD and into another pin!



Another kickout!

Shannan Lerch: He sure isn't giving up!, he's keeping Gravedigger on his toes.

And he still isn't done. Blake slides outside of the ring, onto the apron. Gravedigger stumbles up, turns around, and is met with a Springboard Superman Punch!

Zach Davis: Come on! String of big moves from Ryan Blake, this could be it!

Gravedigger goes down hard and Blake goes for a third pin attempt!



NO! Another kickout!

Shannan Lerch: Gravedigger is a monster! With a name like Gravedigger, I guess that makes sense!

Blake motions that he's going to finish him off. He picks Gravedigger up and lifts him for a Vertical Suplex..

Zach Davis: Time for an Elite Assasination!

But no, Gravedigger shifts his weight, landing behind Blake. Gravedigger shoves Blake forward, into the ropes, and then runs at him and hits him with a Lariat to the back of the head! Blake flies over the top rope.

Shannan Lerch: Uh oh..

Gravedigger backs up, steadying himself, eyeing Blake up as Blake begins to stand...

Zach Davis: No, what is Gravedigger doing-

Gravedigger runs and hits Ryan Blake with a SUICIDE DIVE!

Shannan Lerch: WHOA!

The crowd "whoa"s as well before starting a brief "holy shit!" chant!

Zach Davis: All 260 pounds of Gravedigger just crashed into Ryan Blake!

Gravedigger quickly pins Blake on the outside, crawling overtop his body as fast as he can.



No! Blake kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: Just barely!

Seth begins getting in the ref's face, yelling that it was a slow count. Gravedigger is still all business, picking Blake up and throwing him into the steel steps. Blake crashes into them. Gravedigger follows up by picking up his head and going to smash it into the guardrail, but lucky for him, Blake blocks it and smashes Gravedigger's head into it instead! Gravedigger reels back and Blake grapples him from behind before executing a beautiful German Suplex, right on the outside, into a bridge pin!

Zach Davis: Damn! Here we go, this could be it!




Shannan Lerch: No!

Blake releases the pin, standing up. He grabs a chair from ringside.

Zach Davis: Time for more weapons.

But Blake shakes his head no. He starts looking under the ring instead... and pulls out a bottle of Bicardi 151 Rum!

Shannan Lerch: Seth's personal stash!

Zach Davis: Happy New Year everybody!

Seth becomes enraged, running at Blake, trying to steal the bottle back. The two fight over it for a few moments before Gravedigger grabs Blake, spinning him around... and Blake smashes the bottle over Gravedigger's head!

Shannan Lerch: To steal a phrase from Zach, OOF!

Gravedigger's face busts open, and rum spills over the open wounds, making them sting all the more, surely. Blood begins going down Gravedigger's face and his eyes glaze over. He slumps against the ring and Blake slides him in before sliding in with him and pinning him.



NO! Gravedigger manages to kick out!

Zach Davis: I don't believe it!

Shannan Lerch: He's a tough son of a bitch, Zach.

Blake sighs to himself, visibly disappointed at that one. He backs up, taking a few deep breaths, as Gravedigger gets to one knee..

Zach Davis: Could this be it?

Blake runs and goes for a Running Shining Wizard, but Gravedigger ducks his leg and quickly stands up, lifting Blake up on his shoulders with him.

Shannan Lerch: Oh shit-

Gravedigger hits The Embalmer!

Zach Davis: THAT'S IT!

Gravedigger falls on top of Blake!




Shannan Lerch: NO!

Gravedigger is the one who is incredulous now. He glares at the ref before picking Blake up, measuring him.... and hitting the South of the Border!

Zach Davis: Alright! This has to be over.

But Gravedigger shakes his head, not ready to settle for what could be another nearfall. He picks Blake up and tosses him out of the ring, towards the spanish announce team.

Shannan Lerch: Oh no! Watch out, spanish announce team, your table is in danger!

Gravedigger throws Blake into the spanish table, and the announcers get up, ready for an attack on their broadcast table. But instead, Gravedigger shakes each of their hands, then gives a finger to some nearby fans that are disappointed they won't see someone going through the spanish table tonight. Instead, Gravedigger takes Blake by the head and throws him into the nearby Nordic announcing table!

Zach Davis: Since when do we have a nordic announcing team? Did Odin request it? What the fu-

Gravedigger pummels Blake in the head a few times before climbing back onto the apron and up onto the turnbuckle.

Shannan Lerch: Uh oh, I think we all know whats coming here.. Gravedigger's feeling froggy!

Gravedigger leaps off with the Death From Above!

Zach Davis: But Blake rolls out of the way!

Gravedigger crashes into the nordic announce table, just as Blake rolls away, destroying it! The nordic announcers move out of the way as Gravedigger lays motionless.

Shannan Lerch: Is nordic even an actual language?

Blake picks up the chair he almost used earlier. He smiles, knowing victory is within his grasp. He turns around to Gravedigger... but GD has dug deep and summons the energy to lunge at Blake, who is holding the chair, and hits the Grave Marker!

Zach Davis: Grave Marker out of nowhere! Holy shit!

Both men lay on the ground outside now, motionless, exhausted.

Shannan Lerch: This has been quite the battle, Zach.

There are dueling "RY-AN BLA-AKE" and "LET'S GO G.D.!" chants. Slowly but surely, both men get to their feet at relatively the same time. They sloppily begin trading blows with each other, clearly both men are out of it. Gravedigger takes a big swing, but Blake ducks and smashes GD's head into the ring apron. Blake rolls Gravedigger into the ring, and then slides in with him. He picks Gravedigger up once more...

Zach Davis: Once again going for the Elite Assasination!

But Gravedigger AGAIN shifts his weight, having the move well scouted, and lands behind Blake. He spins Blake around and hits the South of the Border!

Shannan Lerch: This has got to be it!

Gravedigger pins Blake.




Zach Davis: Aaanddd Gravedigger retains.

Seth and JJ enter the ring, Seth smiling wide. The two help Gravedigger to his feet. Seth grabs the Hardcore Title and gives it to GD before both he and JJ raise Gravedigger's arms in victory.

Shannan Lerch: One loss for The Alliance... does this foreshadow things to come?

Seth, GD and JJ all leave the ring as Blake comes to, wondering what happened.

Jam Willy Jesus vs Switches the Clown
Philadelphia Street Fight

Zach Davis: I have been advised to preface this next match-up with a warning: If you're a pregnant woman, you have a bad ticker or you're just really old then you may not want to watch our next match-up. If there are young children in the room, you should send them to bed right now. It is very possible that you will witness a death when Switches the Clown and Jam Willy Jesus square off in mere moments.

Shannan Lerch: Gee, there's no beating around the bush with you. Is there, Zach?

Zach Davis: I'm just giving our viewers fair warning, Shannan. The legal staff advised me that it would be prudent. Cuts down on potential lawsuits.

Shannan Lerch: There's no doubt that Switches/Jam Willy should be an exceedingly violent match. It's a street fight, so that means that anything goes and falls count anywhere. Although, despite the name, this match will start off in the ring. Where it goes from there is anyone's guess.

Zach Davis: I just hope that they don't wander over here to the announce table.

Shannan Lerch: Well shit, Zach... I wasn't even worried about that until you mentioned it as a possibility. If they come over here, I'm shoving you in front of me and making a run for it.

The opening strains of "Paegan Love Song" by Acid Bath hit the PA and the crowd comes to life as the arena lights turn to a dim glow.

"Dying felt so goddamn good today
If I was ever alive, well it's hard to say
It was kissin' my eyelids and burning my face away
Dying felt so goddamn good today"

The darkened silhouette of Jam Willy Jesus... is nowhere to be found at the entrance way and the cheers suddenly die down, as confusion abounds. After thirty seconds or so the song restarts, a prison style spotlight scours the entrance way and ramp, as if searching for Jam Willy, but he's still nowhere in sight.

Zach Davis: What the hell? Where is Jam Willy? Did he get drunk and forget that the show was tonight?

Shannan Lerch: It's possible, Zach. He seemed really fucking out of it when I bumped into him earlier today.

The big screen on the Slamtron suddenly shows chaotic-looking footage of a brawl that has erupted elsewhere at the venue. At first it's not clear exactly who's fighting or where they are, but it quickly becomes apparent that Switches and Jam Willy are brawling in the parking lot outside of Wells Fargo Arena. The referee, who is inside the ring, immediately runs out of the ring upon seeing this and makes his way to the back.

Zach Davis: So much for starting this match in the ring! Switches and Willy decided to make this a true Philadelphia Street Fight!

Shannan Lerch: I don't think that a parking lot technically counts as a street, Zach.

Zach Davis: Well, they're both paved driving surfaces, so that's close enough for me!

Jam Willy cracks Switches in the jaw with a particularly hostile left uppercut that staggers the clown into a Ford Focus. Switches gains his bearings, climbs onto the hood of the compact car and springboards off with a lariat that clobbers Jam Willy's throat. Both men are thrown onto the concrete of the parking lot, but neither seems to give much of a shit, almost as if they're immune to the pain. Willy bounces to his feet and clocks Switches in the head with a bicycle kick, then drags the clown over to a Jeep Cherokee and smashes his face through the rear window. Glass shatters everywhere and digs its ways into Switches' eyes, drawing blood droplets down both of his cheeks.

Zach Davis: This is already getting out of hand! Switches is cut inside both eyelids!

Shannan Lerch: It doesn't appear to be impeding him though, Zach. Switches just grabbed a tire jack from the rear of that Cherokee and it doesn't look like Jam Willy has noticed it yet.

Jam Willy walks up behind Switches, oblivious to the weapon that the clown is holding in his hands, and eats a tire jack across the skull as Switches swings that thing with hateful abandon. Jam Willy is instantly knocked to the pavement from the blow. Switches decides to attack the knee that he had previously injured by slamming the metal jack repeatedly into Willy's knee.

Zach Davis: He's trying to permanently injure that knee. Switches has no regard for Jam Willy's well-being!

Shannan Lerch: Understatement of the New Year so far, Zach. Switches would love to cripple Jam Willy. He might enjoy that more than killing Jam Willy. It's a tough call though... each has their pro's and con's.

Willy shoots a patent leather wrestling boot into Switches' crotch and the clown instantly drops the jack. It makes a metallic clatter as it hits the ground, but more importantly Switches grabs his junk and doubles over in pain. Jam Willy pulls Switches up by his frizzy neon green hair, gets a good hold around his neck and then drops the clown with a Snap DDT onto the concrete. Switches' body spasms a bit before coming to a stop as Willy kips up to his feet. Willy grabs Switches by his legs--

Zach Davis: Could Willy be setting up for one of the many submission holds in his arsenal? He is a fine grappler!

Willy stomps as hard as he can on Switches' testicles, causing the clown to howl in ungodly pain.

Shannan Lerch: Goddamn... that hurt my balls and I'm a chick.

Willy isn't done though. He stomps down on Switches' balls again, and again, and again, and again, and again. A Philadelphia police officer spots the assault and runs over to intervene. He dissuades Willy from stomping on Switches' balls again.

Zach Davis: What the hell is this? What is that cop doing there?

Shannan Lerch: I guess no one from WCF offices bothered to alert local law enforcement that these two nuts were going to be fighting each other out in public. Christ, the communication in this company...

The situation between Willy and the cop quickly devolves as an argument develops between the two, with Willy trying to explain that he's a wrestler and the cop not buying that excuse. The cop goes for his pepper spray and Jam Willy snaps, unloading on the cop with a beautiful combination of punches that drop the officer to the ground in short order.

Zach Davis: Willy just punched out a Philadelphia police officer!

Shannan Lerch: And here we were trying to avoid lawsuits...

The distraction from the cop gave Switches time to recover. While Jam Willy is bent over, reaching for the cop's gun, Switches runs toward Jam Willy at full speed and tackles him onto the concrete with gruesome impact. Willy's body looks crushed under Switches'. Switches pulls the gun, a Glock 9MM, out of the cop's holster and aims it at Willy's head.

Zach Davis: What the hell! Switches is going to shoot Jam Willy! No, no, no! Dear God, no!

Switches kills the safety and pulls the trigger, but Willy gets his hand up just in time to swat Switches' hand away, causing the gun to harmlessly fire a round into an unoccupied Toyota Prius.

Shannan Lerch: Christ, that was close. Thank God Jesus was here to make sure that no one was harmed.

Zach Davis: It helps that most people are in the arena watching this on the Slamtron, rather than congregating in the parking lot.

Shannan Lerch: Are you saying that it wasn't a miracle, Zach? Are you saying that Jesus didn't guide that bullet?

Zach Davis: Technically he did, but--

Shannan Lerch: Zach, I will thank you not to blaspheme in my presence.

Pissed that Willy stopped Switches from shooting him in the face, Switches rears back with the handle of the Glock and bashes it sadistically and repeatedly into Jesus' face. Jam Willy is beaten to a pulp by the firearm, pistol whipped by a clown on pay-per-view television for millions of fans around the world to see.

Zach Davis: Things are not looking good for Jam Willy. Switches is having his way right now and the Madman from the Badlands looks like he could be on his way out in this match, or fight, or whatever you want to call it.

Shannan Lerch: It looks like Jam Willy's nose has been broken by the butt of that Glock, but I wouldn't count him out. The man has done hard time... this is probably not the first time he's been involved in a pistol whipping. Might be the first time he's been on the business end of one though.

The referee has finally worked his way out to the parking lot and only now does he call for the bell...


Officially bringing the match to a start.

Zach Davis: Wow! All of that action already and the match is only now getting started!

Shannan Lerch: It's like Bizarro World. This match has been going for a good... *checks her watch* seven minutes according to my Rolex.

Zach Davis: Rolex, my ass. That's a Seiko!

Shannan Lerch: No, no! Ok... yeah, it's a Seiko.

Switches pulls Jam Willy onto his feet and smashes him face-first into the grill of a Cadillac Escalade. Switches grinds Willy's face against the grill, opening up the wounds on Willy's face even more and causing blood to pour out. Willy suddenly comes to life, spinning around and drilling Switches in the face with an elbow. The clown is staggered by the stiff blow but remains standing. Willy wraps Switches in a Muay Thai clinch and unloads with heavy knees that target the clown's face.

Switches eats at least twenty of the brutal, rapid-fire knees. Switches appears to be deadweight in Willy's arms. Willy grabs Switches by the nape and drags him over to an Isuzu Trooper. Gripping Switches by the back of his neck and the seat of his pants, Willy lifts Switches and barrel tosses him through the windshield of the Trooper.

Giggles can be heard emanating from inside of the Trooper, though it's not apparent whether Switches is conscious since the top-half of his body is stuck inside the vehicle, with his bottom half sticking out through the shattered windshield. One thing is for sure: Switches is not moving.

Zach Davis: Switches might be out cold and-- hey, wait a minute! Is that an Isuzu Trooper?

Shannan Lerch: I do believe it is, Zach. Why do you ask?

Zach Davis: That's my truck!

Shannan Lerch: No kidding? Are you sure?

Zach Davis: Yeah! Two more payments and she's all mine! Now I have to buy a new windshield and have all that blood and glass cleaned up from the interior!

Shannan Lerch: You're still paying it off, Zach? That thing looks fifteen years old, at least.

Zach Davis: It is!

Shannan Lerch: Do they even make Troopers anymore?

Zach Davis: No, and it's a bitch finding parts!

Shannan Lerch: Oh well, at least it's just a windshield.

Jam Willy uncarefully pulls Switches' body out from the jagged windshield wreckage and climbs onto the hood with him. Willy stands up on the hood and pulls Switches to a standing position as well. Willy wraps his arms around Switches before lobbing him onto the roof of the vehicle with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Switches lands with an immense thud but the impact seems to rejuvenate him. Switches' eyes open wide and his face forms a hateful sneer.

Zach Davis: Aww shit... now they put a big dent in the roof! You know how much that's gonna cost me?

Shannan Lerch: Insurance doesn't cover that?

Zach Davis: Two nutcases throwing each other through the windshield and onto the roof? No, Shannan, my insurance does not cover that!

Shannan Lerch: Should of switched to Geico, bitch.

Switches gets to his feet on the roof, surprising Jam Willy when he turns around to face the clown. Switches clips Willy with a Flash Kick that throws Willy off-balance and nearly sends him tumbling off the hood of the Trooper. Willy manages to regain his balance, but Switches has become the aggressor. Switches wraps his hands around Willy's neck, lifts and plants him with a vicious chokebomb on the hood of the Trooper.

Zach Davis: No! Stop that, damn it!

Shannan Lerch: Oh, stop being a baby, Zach. That P.O.S. was due for a tune-up and an oil change anyway. Look at it this way, you'll be doing your part to stimulate the economy when you bring her into the shop and clear out your savings account to pay for the repairs.

Switches drags himself and Willy off the hood of the SUV, swings over to the driver's side door, and then pops the hood open. In fact, Switches isn't content to just open the hood, he decides to grab hold of it with both hands and yank it off its hinges. Despite Zach's dismayed groans at the announce table, Switches is relentless as he lifts the detached hood and slams it down onto Willy's head with shuddering resonance. Willy refuses to go down so Switches slams the hood onto his head again, and again, and again. Finally Willy drops to the ground.

Zach Davis: My truck...

Shannan Lerch: Oh grow up, Zach. It's an SUV not a truck. Besides at the rate these psychopaths are going they'll both end up killing each other. Can't you at least take a little solace in the fact that your vehicle will have played a vital role in the first ever DOUBLE homicide in WCF history?

Zach Davis: I suppose.

Shannan Lerch: That's the spirit, Zach. Perk up and enjoy the moment! Turn that frown upside down!

Switches pulls Willy to his feet and then suplexes him onto the now uncovered engine of the Trooper, Willy's body twitching in pain after being thrust onto the metal engine components. Switches climbs onto the roof of the vehicle, readies himself and then flips into the air for a picture-perfect 450 Splash onto Willy. Metal parts clatter to the ground of the parking lot as Switches hooks Willy's leg for the first pin attempt of the match.

Skip Bennett: ONE...



Frustrated by Willy's kick out, Switches begins blatantly strangling Willy with his bare hands, normally illegal but in this environment it barely even registers as a blip on the radar. Still, Willy doesn't look very comfortable as Switches is choking the life out of him, his face turning beet red. Willy thwacks Switches in the face with quick punches, forcing a break of the choke. From bottom position, Willy traps both of Switches' arms and unleashes a barrage of lightning-quick headbutts that stun the clown and coax additional crimson liquid to ooze from his bruised, broken and lacerated orifices. When Willy is satisfied, he releases the arm-trap and shoves Switches off of him, the clown landing with a dull thud on the ground in front of the Trooper.

Zach Davis: These guys are not showing any mercy at all. My vehicle has been ripped to shit and they just do not care one bit. I mean--

Shannan Lerch: Both men are on their feet and just unloading with punches! Back and forth! Wow! Where are they finding the energy to do this?

Switches and Willy continue to land thunderous shots that stagger one another toward a side entrance of the arena. Switches opens the door and slams Jam Willy's head with it, trapping head between metal door and metal frame. Switches pulls off a Frontflip Face Chop that sends Willy reeling into the hallway inside the Wells Fargo Arena. Switches follows Willy inside the building and is greeted with a Running enzuigiri from a charging Jam Willy. Willy slams Switches' head into the wall three, no, five, no, eighteen times and then lets the clown stumble punch-drunkenly down the hallway.

Zach Davis: Switches the Clown is on Queer Street!

Shannan Lerch: Tell him that and you'll wake up in a ditch with a garrote around your neck.

Switches stumbles into a men's room and Jam Willy follows him in. Switches surprises Willy with a Super Kick when he walks through the door, then he grabs Willy and violently thrusts him face-first into a mirror. Willy's vein liquid is flowing down his face as freely as a river and his eyes appear glassy as we see his reflection in the shattered remains of the mirror that he just crashed into. Switches pulls out a switchblade and flicks the blade open. Willy's eyes quickly come to life as they realize the danger that has presented itself.

Switches stabs at Willy with the knife, slicing Willy's shoulder but leaving only a superficial wound. Willy swiftly yanks his shiv from his boot. Switches lunges toward Willy with the switchblade. Willy dodges the clown's murderous advance and slices Switches' chest open with the shiv. Switches drops his knife as he grabs at his chest. Willy drops the shiv and forces Switches backwards into a stall.

Zach Davis: What the hell is Willy doing now? Is he going to give Switches the ol' whirly?

An eye gouge by Switches halts Willy's momentum and it's Willy who ends up having his head dunked into the disgusting, brown-tinted, public toilet water by the clown. Switches does Willy the further indignity of flushing the bowl, causing Willy to gag on the disgustipating poop water.

Shannan Lerch: Oh my god, that is one of the foulest things I've ever seen!

Switches cackles with delight while watching his mortal foe suffer this humiliating fate. Jam Willy is not amused... in fact, after spitting up that foul taste of strangers' feces liquid, Willy bounces to his feet with the most pissed off look on his face that any human being has ever had. Willy punches Switches in the face no less than thirty times before dragging the woozy clown over to a urinal, and bashing his face onto its porcelain exterior. Switches drops to his knees and Willy forces him to bite down on the rim of the urinal. Willy measures Switches, lifts his boot and hatefully drives it into the back of Switches' head, shattering the urinal and possibly Switches' skull. Blood, urine and toilet water spill onto the floor in a horrible mess.

Zach Davis: Willy does it again! He curbstomps Switches through a urinal for the second time in his WCF career!

Shannan Lerch: Payback is a bitch, Zach. If you whirly Jam Willy Jesus then you're bound to get curbstomped through a urinal. It's the law of the street. Or at least the can.

Jam Willy pulls Switches to his feet and drags him out of the bathroom by his frizzy green clown hair. Willy drags Switches through the halls of the arena, stopping every so often to unload a big punch or elbow to his already battered foe. As they near the entrance to the ramp that would bring them out to the ring, Switches drives a spiteful knee into Willy's gut and follows it up with a couple dozen more knees, changing the tide of things. Switches grabs Willy by his beard and drags him out through the entrance, drawing a big cheer from the crowd when they get out there.

Zach Davis: Switches the Clown and Jam Willy Jesus are in the house! I never thought they'd make it out here at the rate they were going!

Shannan Lerch: Give credit to referee Skip Bennett. He's been keeping up with them the entire way, as an almost invisible third man, but he's there to count the pin should either of these guys actually attempt to win this match, instead of attempting to murder each other.

Switches and Willy exchange a mean round of dick shots as they make their way down the ramp, battling all the way, before both rolling into the ring.

Zach Davis: This match, if you can call it that, has taken a spill into the ring! How unexpected!

Shannan Lerch: Ooh! Not for long, Zach! They just clotheslined each other over the top rope!

Zach Davis: And now they're back in the ring!

Shannan Lerch: Aaand they just got tangled up and clotheslined each other over the top rope again!

With both men taking multiple nasty spills onto the floor, it takes a few moments for either to recover. Willy is up first, but rather than attacking Switches, he lifts the ring apron and sifts around under the ring. After a brief search, he seizes his prize and pulls it out from under the ring.

Zach Davis: Jam Willy Jesus has a table!

Willy slides the table into the ring.

Shannan Lerch: He's not done yet! Willy's looking under the ring again-- and he just grabbed another table!

Willy slides the second table into the ring and then climbs through the ropes himself.

Zach Davis: I'm not sure exactly what Willy has in mind here but it can't be good for Switches!

Shannan Lerch: And Switches is still outside the ring. He fell rather awkwardly on his neck during that last spill that he and Willy took onto the floor.

Willy sets up a table in one corner of the ring and then grabs the second table. Willy sets up the second table and then stacks it on top of the first table as the crowd goes wild with cheers. Willy climbs out of the ring, drags Switches to his feet and then rolls him into the ring. Willy gets into the ring and carries Switches with him up to the top rope, softening him up with kidney punches to lessen the clown's resistance. Once they reach the top, Willy tucks Switches' head between his legs, setting up for a top-rope crucifix powerbomb.

Zach Davis: Willy's going for the Cold Crimson Crucifix! If he hits it through those tables not only will this match be over... Switches' career might be over!

Shannan Lerch: Switches is fighting it! He just blocked Willy from picking him up!

Switches has come to life and is fighting the move with every fiber of his being. Willy tries to readjust his grip, but in doing so Switches is able to slip out of it and shove Willy off the turnbuckles to floor. The crowd gasps in horror as Willy hits the floor with murderous impact. Still perched on the top rope, Switches dives for a headbutt, but Willy incredibly has enough in him to roll out of the way.

Zach Davis: Oh god, Switches just landed head first on the floor after missing that headbutt!

Shannan Lerch: Willy is down too after being shoved off the top turnbuckle by Switches! These guys are beating the everloving shit out of each other!

Both men are down on the floor for a minute or so, before Switches gets to his feet and Willy does the same. Switches tries to Irish whip Willy into the ring post, but Willy reverses it and Switches rams into the steel post. Willy makes his way over to the post and snatches the steel ring steps from their place. Willy lifts the steps above his head and then drives them down into Switches' skull, smashing the clown's head a total of thirteen times, then a fourteenth time for good measure before slamming the steps to the ground in a blind rage.

Zach Davis: Willy has snapped! He is absolutely trying to kill Switches the Clown!

Shannan Lerch: Shouldn't be a surprise, Zach. These guys didn't agree to this match so they could hold hands and sing kumbaya. They hate each others guts and they're both out of their minds, gonzo.

Willy grabs Switches by the back of his neck and drags him up the entrance ramp and behind the curtains. They take a walk up a flight of stairs, with Willy leading the way and Switches appearing to be out on his feet.

Zach Davis: Where the hell is Willy taking Switches?

Shannan Lerch: Well, those stairs lead up to the rafters, so...

Zach Davis: This ain't good.

Shannan Lerch: A'zactly.

The next time the camera catches Willy and Switches, they are high above the rest of the arena, up in the rafters, with the referee tenuously following behind them. All of a sudden, Switches comes to life and starts brawling, throwing all sorts of crazy kicks and punches. Willy responds in kind and together they put on a striking clinic to end all striking clinics, albeit a good sixty feet above the ring. Both men are teetering on the brink of falling over the railing.

Zach Davis: If either man falls from that height he's going to die! They should not be up there!

Shannan Lerch: Oh my god! Look out below!

Switches loses his balance, while Willy gains a firm grip on the railing. Switches spills over the side of the railing and tumbles from the rafters, falling sixty feet in the blink of an eye and crashing through the stack of tables that had been set up in the ring. The crowd falls dead silent, not believing what it just saw.

Zach Davis: I don't... I don't even know what to say.

Shannan Lerch: Switches is not moving. He does not even appear to be breathing, but it's hard to see from this angle.

The camera zooms in on Switches, and he does appear to be breathing, although his internal injuries are presumably extensive. For a full two minutes the camera focuses on the broken, near motionless form of Switches' body, his eyes closed, his painted face tinged red from blood, abrasions covering his visible parts. Finally, Willy makes his way down the ramp to the ring, with the referee in tow. Jam Willy climbs into the ring and makes the cover.

Skip Bennett: ONE...




Zach Davis: Jam Willy survives this war! Our concern is obviously with Switches, but Willy's performance should not be overlooked. He stood toe-to-toe with Switches and gave it as good as he got it, and he comes out on top in this blood feud for the ages!

Shannan Lerch: Hopefully, Switches can recover from this, but Willy certainly deserves the credit for being able to persevere in a match that featured more bloodshed and punishment than two superstars should ever have to experience.

Jam Willy celebrates his hard-fought win while medics feverishly tend to Switches.

One Invitational Tournament Second Round
Joel Hall vs D-Day

We come back from a video package, and both Joel Hall and D-Day are already in the ring.

Zach Davis: The second round of the One Invitational begins now!

Shannan Lerch: It is certainly an up hill battle for D-Day, who was attacked after defeating Adrian.

The two men tie up. Joel Hall gets the immediate advantage, pushing D-Day into the corner. The ref calls for a break, and Hall obliges. They meet in the middle of the ring and go to tie up again, but this time D-Day ducks around and executes a takedown. D-Day puts Hall in a headlock, but Hall quickly gets away and gets to his feet. Day runs at him and Hall reverses it with a hiptoss. Day gets up and Hall hits a Hurricanrana!, into a pin.



No, Day breaks out of it.

Zach Davis: Both men did get a some time to rest, but they've both fought other matches earlier tonight, and it takes more than a few hours to heal up from that. Nearfalls are going to be important, and both men need to end this match as soon as they can.

Shannan Lerch: Especially since the winner has one more match to wrestle later tonight!

Day is to his feet, and Hall hits several kicks to his midsection. Day catches one of the kicks and Hall goes for an Enziguri!, but Day ducks that and performs a Dragonscrew Legwhip on Hall before putting him in a single leg grapevine.

Zach Davis: As we're seeing right now, submissions will also be important. You can't afford to be worn down, again, especially if you want to win later tonight.

And Hall knows exactly what Zach just said; he's using all of his energy to reach the ropes. And eventually he does. The ref calls for D-Day to release the hold, which he does. Day goes to pull Hall back into the middle of the ring by his leg, but Hall kicks him away. Day runs at him but Hall rolls him up with a schoolboy!



No, Day kicks out again. Both men get up and Hall kicks Day in the gut before hitting an Underhook Powerbomb!

Shannan Lerch: Big move!

Hall picks Day up and throws him into the turnbuckle. He lifts him up before climbing up with him..

Zach Davis: He's going for the Falling Star!

But Day knows its coming, and hits him in the side a few times before shoving him off. Hall gets back up and is met with a Cross Bodyblock from D-Day into a pin!



No! Hall gets out of it at the last second.

Shannan Lerch: Close call!

D-Day kicks Hall a few times as he begins to get to his feet, slowly but surely. Hall eventually blocks a strike from Day before firing back with a chop of his own. Hall goes to irish whip Day into the ropes, but Day reverses it. And as Hall comes back D-Day takes him down into the Crossface!

Zach Davis: Justice Lock!

Joel Hall is firmly in the middle of the ring and doesn't have a choice, he taps.

Shannan Lerch: Hall taps! D-Day moves on into the finals!

Zach Davis: D-Day got lucky. Hall was in control for most of the match, Day just barely managed to turn it around into his favor.. the finals sure will interesting!

Not wanting another sneak attack, Day wastes no time rolling out and heading to the back as we get ready for our next match.

One Invitational Tournament Second Round
Adam Young vs Nathan von Liebert

Coming back from another video package, once again Adam Young and Nathan von Liebert are both in the ring.

Zach Davis: Quite frankly, both of these two men are terrible people, and I wish they would both lose somehow.

Nathan runs at Young, ready to start things off, and Young hits a Superkick immediately!

Shannan Lerch: Sure Shot!

But Nathan ducks it. He grabs Young...

Zach Davis: Straight Jacket Drop!

..but Young reverses that, landing on his feet. He kicks Nathan and goes for the Angel's Wings-

Shannan Lerch: 666!

..but von Liebert reverses that into a Back Bodydrop. Young stumbles to his feet and NvL shoves him into the ropes, tying his arms between the middle and top rope. He gets on the top turnbuckle, then walks the rope until he's above Young.

Zach Davis: Going for the Demon Bounce now. Are these two getting paid by the spot or something?

But Young isn't sufficiently worn out yet, and escapes the ropes, causing NvL to crotch himself on them. Young grabs his head and hits a stiff DDT to the mat.

Shannan Lerch: Ouch.

Young pins NvL.



NvL kicks out. He's right by the turnbuckle, so Young jumps up and hits the BEST.. MOONSAULT.. EVER!

Zach Davis: Nathan gets his knees up!

Indeed, Young crashes into Nathan's knees. Nathan quickly climbs up and grabs Young... and hits the Straight Jacket Drop!

Shannan Lerch: There it is!

Nathan pins Young, hooking the leg.




Zach Davis: ...aaanddd Nathan von Liebert advances to the finals.

Shannan Lerch: Nathan von Liebert versus D-Day later tonight! Wow, this is going to be a good one.

Zach Davis: Who will win the One Invitational?

NvL slides out, heading to the back.

Bobby Cairo vs Logan
Steel Cage Deathmatch

Zach Davis: I can barely contain my excitement for this match, Shannan!

Shannan Lerch: Same here, Zach. I'm wet right now!

Zach Davis: Logan is going one-on-one with Bobby Cairo, a match that is six years in the making! And as you can see the steel cage has been lowered to the ring, and the implements of death and destruction have been strategically placed about the ring.

Shannan Lerch: That is correct, Zach. This is a steel cage death match. That means that there are no disqualifications and no count-outs, and weapons are not only legal-- they're encouraged! Victory can only be achieved by pinfall or submission. Escape is not an option. That cage is made from double-reinforced titanium, the kind that the military uses to build its killing machines, and as you can see there's a roof on that cage.

Zach Davis: It's almost as if that cage is a prison cell and Logan and Cairo are fighting to be the last surviving inmate on the block!

CROWD: Bobby C! Bobby C! Bobby C!

The chant continues as darkness comes over the arena and "I'm Not Done" by Fever Ray hits the speakers at maximum volume. Sparkly fireworks illuminate the entrance as Bobby Cairo appears, donned in a gold and black robe, with a pep in his step.

"So, I lost my head a while ago, but you seem to have done no better.
We set fire in the snow. It ain't over. I'm not done."

The only thing louder than Cairo's entrance music is the cheer of the crowd. Cairo salutes his fans and then makes his way down the ramp, slapping five and shaking hands with delirious fans along the way.

"Some do magic, and some do harm.
I'm holding on, holding on... I'm holding onto a straw."

Cairo reaches the ring and walks up the steps before flipping over the top rope and into the ring. Cairo climbs the turnbuckles and salutes the fans once again, with both arms raised into the air and a jubilant smile upon his face.

"Who is the Alpha? And what is made of cloth?
How do you say you're sorry, and there's nothing to be afraid of?
Is it dark already? How light is a light?
Do you laugh while screaming? Is it cold outside?"

The lights return to the arena as Cairo climbs down from the turnbuckles, hands his robe to a ringside attendant, and uses the ring ropes to do some last-minute stretches before the match.

"One thing I know for certain, ohhh I'm pretty sure.
It ain't over, I'm not done..."

Zach Davis: And here is Bobby Cairo, set to compete in the WCF ring for the first time in four years!

Shannan Lerch: It's hard to believe that it's been that long, Zach. Bobby achieved a lot during his two years in WCF, and since walking away from the ring he's trained champions such as Chad Evans and Phillip Baines, which has only added to his legacy.

The beginning drum intro of "The Struggle Within" by Metallica plays loudly and rumbles the speakers. Fans all too familiar to the theme for this certain superstar cover their ears to shield them from the extremely loud drum roll. After the climax of the epic drum intro the song breaks into rhythm and Logan appears at the top of the ramp to stand in place. He looks totally furious yet determined, narrowing his eyebrows and clamping his lips tight and taking deep breaths in through his nose while looking around at the screaming excited audience.

Despite the maddening expression, something about his presence gives off the idea that he's happy to be there. And so, Logan makes his descent down the ramp. He hits ringside and slides in underneath the bottom rope with a quickness. Logan climbs the nearest turnbuckle and fixates glaring eyes on the booing crowd, then, both his arms slowly rise above his head. The passion in his eyes refuses to die as he drops his arms back down to his sides and hops off the turnbuckle. "The Struggle Within" fades out leaving Logan to pace the ring.

Zach Davis: There he is! The Legend! The Face Of Treachery! Logan!

Shannan Lerch: The only five-time WCF World Champion. The only three-time WAR winner. There is only one Logan!

Zach Davis: It was just a few weeks ago that Seth put out the call to any and all WCF legends that were interesting in making a one-night return at One... I think this match-up exceeded any expectations that he had!

Shannan Lerch: Absolutely, Zach. No one could have expected that Logan and Cairo would step up and accept that invite, but fortunately for us they did just that!

The door of the cage is dead-bolted shut, preventing escape by either man. Cairo and Logan keep one eye on each other and use their other eye to scope out that formidable steel cage that surrounds them and the litany of weapons that are littering the ring. There's enough room for both men to operate, but they will have to be careful to avoid such obstacles as the bed of nails, the broken glass, the thumb tacks, and of course the C4 explosives that have been attached to wooden boards upon the ring canvas. The slightest contact could cause those explosives to detonate. Other weapons such as a barbed-wire baseball bat, a steel chair, a kendo stick, brass knuckles, a table and even a steel ladder have been placed in the ring for either competitor to use, but of course it's first-come, first-served.

Zach Davis: Logan and Cairo appear wary of each other, but they're also developing strategies for which weapons they want to use and when to use them.

Shannan Lerch: I have to think that both men have those C4 explosives on their mind. You could lose an arm, a leg, an eye or even a testicle if you catch a blast from one of those babies head-on.

Zach Davis: So it's comparable to an evening with you then, Shannan?

Shannan Lerch: Oh, Zach... you bastard.

Zach Davis: Happy New Year, baby!

Shannan Lerch: Same to you, Zach, now... let's get 'er on!

Rival chants of "LOGAN!" and "CAIRO!" fill the air at a nearly deafening decibel level. Referee Zip Wingdinger looks to Logan and asks if he's ready. Logan nods in the affirmative, not really able to hear what the ref was asking him but reading his lips and body language. Zip turns to Cairo and asks he's ready, and Cairo emphatically nods his head. Zip turns to the timekeeper and calls for the bell.


The eyes of both competitors are locked onto each other as they stare each other down to start the match. After a good, solid minute of staring they finally move in for the lock-up. Logan gains the advantage with a headlock, but Cairo slips out of it and wrings Logan's arm with an armbar. Logan rolls forward onto the mat, alleviating the pressure on his arm, and then hops to his feet. Logan tries for a quick, Enzuigiri-style kick, but Cairo ducks. Cairo taps his noggin with his index finger, indicating that he's too smart to fall for that. As Logan returns to his feet, he shoots Cairo a quick smirk... of treachery! Logan and Cairo simultaneously unload on each other with powerful clubbing blows that bring the crowd to its collective feet. Cairo lands a big shot, and then Logan responds, and then Cairo, and then Logan! Cairo shows off his southpaw-style boxing prowess to gain the advantage on Logan, staggering the Face of Treachery with quick, snapping punches.

Zach Davis: Cairo is opening up now! Look at the speed of his hands!

Shannan Lerch: Not to mention the accuracy. This man has been working hard in the gym since the last time we saw him.

Cairo grabs Logan by his neck and drags him over to the corner. Cairo attempts to smash Logan's head into the top turnbuckle, but Logan blocks Cairo's momentum by lifting his boot and pressing forward with it onto the turnbuckle. Logan elbows Cairo in the midsection to gain the advantage and then slams Cairo's head into the turnbuckle one, two, three, four and then five times. Logan grabs Cairo by the hair and looks like he wants to take Bobby for a ride with a one-handed bulldog. They trot out to mid-ring before Cairo puts the brakes on, throttles Logan with an elbow to the mid-section, and then lifts Loogie into the air belly-to-back style. Cairo drops Logan with a suplex onto the broken glass and Logan instantly howls in pain as the crowd gasps.

Zach Davis: Those shards of glass are stabbing Logan in the back, sending pulsating waves of pain throughout his body! That's not how The Face of Treachery wanted to start this match!

Shannan Lerch: Logan has stabbed a lot of people in the back through the years, Zach... now he knows how it feels.

Blood immediately drips from Logan's back, which is visible as he gets to his feet. Cairo unloads with clubbing forearms followed by a European uppercut, staggering Logan into the corner. Cairo sprints to the opposite corner of the ring, measures Logan and then charges toward his foe. Cairo tries for a corner butt smash, but Logan alertly moves out of the way, and Cairo's butt eats only turnbuckle. Cairo's momentum ricochets him forward into the waiting arms of Logan, who lifts Cairo up and spinebusters him onto the thumb tacks. Cairo's body shivers from the pain of the tacks being driven into his backside. Logan sneers as he gets to his feet, and waits for Cairo to do the same. Cairo stands up, albeit with a pained look on his face, and Logan pounces, nailing Cairo flush in the jaw with a spinning heel kick. Logan returns to his feet and swipes at his aching back with his hand. Logan sees the blood on his hand and nods his head approvingly.

Zach Davis: Logan likes it. He doesn't mind getting bloodied up. He feeds off of it!

Shannan Lerch: As they say, there's nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal.

Logan walks over to the ropes and picks up a steel chair. Logan waits for Cairo to get up and then charges at him, screaming at the top of his lungs as a chair-wielding lunatic is prone to do. Cairo evades the chair attack, darting out of the way, and Logan stops in his tracks. Logan turns around and Cairo drives the chair into Logan's face with a Yakuza kick. The crowd pops and Cairo pounds his chest like a wild man. Cairo snatches the chair and buries the tip of it into Logan's throat, effectively choking him with it. After several tense moments of having his larynx compressed by the chair, Logan kicks Cairo in the stomach, backing Bobby up and freeing Logan from the crude choke hold. Logan kips up to his feet and ducks a chair shot by Cairo. Both men spin around and reset, Cairo still holding the chair. Cairo feints with the chair and then takes another swing at Logan, but Logan ducks out of the way. Cairo spins around to face Logan and Logan super kicks the chair into his face. Cairo drops to the mat, along with the chair. Logan quickly pulls Cairo to a vertical base and just as quickly drives him head-first onto the chair with a DDT. The impact of head meeting steel chair is sickening and Logan seizes the opportunity to make the first pin attempt of the match.

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...



Zach Davis: Nasty DDT by Logan, aided by that chair, but Cairo had enough to kick out!

Shannan Lerch: It's still early, but with all of these weapons in the ring I have to wonder how long either of these guys are going to be able to keep up this pace.

Logan pulls Cairo up and then attempts an Irish whip, but Cairo reverses it with authority, sending Logan flying head first into the steel cage. Logan's head makes a clattering noise when it impacts the cage, and Logan immediately stumbles backwards into Cairo's waiting clutches. Cairo lifts Logan and drops him bluntly onto the mat with a German suplex, the back of Logan's head hitting hard on the mat. Cairo hangs onto his grip and pulls Logan to his feet. Cairo readjusts his arms and hands, then takes Logan for a ride with a crisp Dragon suplex, Logan's head again colliding with the mat. Cairo still isn't done though. He pulls Logan up once more, and this time switches to a Tiger suplex, which he uses to drop Logan for the third time and then bridges into a pin.

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...



Zach Davis: Logan kicked out, but he absorbed three nasty suplexes from Cairo, and that has to take its toll!

Shannan Lerch: And that was after Cairo had sent Logan head-first into the cage. It seems like Bobby is working on Logan's head and neck area, at least for now.

Zach Davis: Cairo probably wouldn't mind concussing Logan or even breaking his neck if the opportunity presented itself.

Shannan Lerch: Probably not.

Cairo gets to his feet and looks around at the selection of weapons in the ring. Cairo chooses a kendo stick for his bidding and waits for Logan to get up. Logan does groggily rise to his feet and Cairo instantly attacks with the kendo stick, lashing out with stinging strikes about Logan's head, neck and torso. Logan winces and hurls obscenities at Cairo with each blow that his body absorbs. Cairo lands thirteen, fourteen and fifteen strikes with the kendo stick, then winds up for one final blast across Logan's skull that splits the stick in half. Logan's eyes roll back in his head and he collapses to the mat. Cairo smiles, apparently satisfied with his handiwork, then looks around for more weapons. Cairo sets his sights on the table, which he grabs from the corner and promptly drags to the middle of the ring.

Zach Davis: Cairo's setting up the table and I don't think he's planning on inviting Logan to dinner!

Shannan Lerch: Not unless Logan IS dinner, Zach-- Cairo just slammed Logan onto the table and now he's climbing the ropes!

Cairo reaches the top rope and takes a moment to balance himself before leaping into the air, and back-flipping moonsault-style. Logan rolls off the table just as Cairo is about to hit, causing Cairo to crash through the table. The crowd ooh's at the impact, which is obviously quite brutal.

Zach Davis: Cairo went high-risk, which is rare for him, and he paid the price!

Shannan Lerch: Bobby went all-in to try to finish Logan, but Loogie was a step ahead of him and Cairo looks like he's hurt pretty badly.

Zach Davis: I can't imagine that moonsaulting through a table feels very good, but on the bright side at least Bobby didn't moonsault onto one of those C4 explosives!

Shannan Lerch: That would have been kind of cool to see though. REALLY cool to be precise.

Logan takes a minute to recover, then gets to his feet and stares down at the prone Cairo, as well as the wooden shards surrounding Cairo that formerly constituted a table. Logan grabs one of the shards and drops down onto Bobby in a mounted position. Logan holds Bobby down by the throat with one hand and sadistically jabs the wooden shard into Bobby's chest. The pain jolts through Cairo's body and he freaks out, thrashing on the mat with his arms and legs, but he seems powerless to escape the painful predicament.

Zach Davis: Logan is going Michael Myers on Cairo with that shard of wood! The blood is oozing from Cairo's chest and forming a puddle on the mat! My god, this is some graphic imagery! Bobby is going to bleed to death if he doesn't get out of this!

Shannan Lerch: Granted, it's not pretty, Zach, but this is a steel cage DEATH MATCH and both men knew what they were signing up for.

Logan hatefully stabs at Cairo's hairy man-chest, again and again, as Cairo unleashes pained yells and struggles toward his escape, with no apparent success. Suddenly Cairo throws his legs up and wraps them around Logan's neck, choking him with them. Logan continues stabbing at Cairo, but gradually he realizes that he's struggling to breathe and halts his attack. Cairo is doing everything he can to keep the choke locked in, cognizant of the fact that it's his best and perhaps only chance for survival at this point.

Zach Davis: Triangle choke by Bobby Cairo! A brilliant counter to the ruthless stabbing tactics of Logan!

Shannan Lerch: Bobby is holding on for dear life, Zach. He's got those legs wrapped as tight as can be around Logan's neck, and Logan... well, Logan just dropped the shard and Cairo rolled through for top position! Cairo has Logan face-down on the mat, locked in that triangle choke! What a technician Bobby Cairo is, even in the midst of this steel cage bloodbath!

The crowd senses that the end could be near, with Logan appearing to be losing consciousness in Cairo's triangle choke. The Cairo fans put up a loud cheer. Cairo, however, appears woozy from the loss of blood that he's suffered and is forced to abandon the choke in order to preserve his energy.

Zach Davis: Cairo gives up the choke, and that might have just saved this match for Logan!

Shannan Lerch: This is why you stab your opponent when you have the chance. Even if he starts choking you, he's not going to be able to finish the job because you've already drained the plasma from his body. Logan is a madman, but there's typically a method to his madness, as we can plainly see!

Logan comes to on the mat and he sees Cairo fondling the stab wounds on his chest. He also sees the glazed look in Cairo's eyes. Logan's killer instinct kicks in. The Face of Treachery rises to his knees and picks up a barbed wire baseball bat from the mat. Logan steps up to his feet, winds up with the bat and takes a swing at Bobby. Bobby narrowly avoids a surefire home run shot by Logan, rolling forward onto the mat in just the nick of time. Logan doesn't give up though, he keeps swinging away at Cairo with the bat. Cairo evades each rip of the bat and finally rolls into the corner. Logan licks his lips, thinking that he's trapped Bobby. Logan takes another big cut with the bat, but Bobby darts out of harm's way one more time and gets to his feet. Logan was counting on that though and he swats the bat into Bobby's ribcage, causing Bobby to scream out in pain and double over.

Zach Davis: Ooh, that's a doubly painful blow right there by Logan. You're getting hit in the ribs with a bat, and on top of that your flesh is getting ripped apart by the barbed wire.

Shannan Lerch: Let's just hope that Logan doesn't have any of that Bonds rocket fuel running through his veins, or this could get very ugly for Bobby.

Logan cackles gleefully as he watches Cairo clutch at his tattered ribs and sees the blood dripping onto Bobby's shiny gold wrestling pants as well as the ring mat. Logan lifts the barbed wire bat above his head and this time he drives it down into Bobby's back. Cairo immediately drops to the canvas, his back meat ripped apart by the barbed wire and bleeding profusely. The capacity crowd looks on in horror. Logan drops the bat, flips Cairo onto his back and makes the cover.

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...



Zach Davis: Pure guts by Bobby to kick out after absorbing that kind of punishment, but Logan is in firm control of this match!

Shannan Lerch: Both of these men are bloody messes, but Bobby has taken the worst of it to this point, and Logan isn't done yet. He wants to make Cairo suffer. He wants to prove that this is HIS domain and nobody can beat him here.

Logan rises to a kneeling position on the mat and glares down at Cairo. Logan looks around the ring-- and spots the C4. Logan's eyes grow wide. He flashes a sinister smile and nods his head. Logan pulls Cairo up from the mat and drags him by his hair over to the C4, which is embedded in wooden boards. Logan slings Cairo's arm over his shoulder, as if positioning him for a suplex directly onto the C4. Logan tries to lift Cairo for the suplex, but Cairo grapevines his leg around Logan's, blocking the attempt. Logan again tries to lift Cairo, but Bobby will not budge, still grapevining Logan's leg with his own. After a brief stalemate, Bobby lands a couple of stiff punches to Logan's body. The punches prompt a reversal of fortunes, causing Logan to loosen his grip just enough to give Cairo the advantage in leverage.

Cairo quickly seizes the opportunity and snap suplexes Logan, not onto the C4 explosives since they're to opposite of his position, but onto a bed of nails instead. Logan screams in agony and his eyes bulge from their sockets. The sell-out Wells Fargo Arena crowd lets out a collective gasp as they watch this, because it really doesn't matter who they're rooting for... a man was just suplexed onto a fucking bed of nails and blood is spurting from his body like water from a faucet.

Zach Davis: Oh god... those nails are digging into Logan's body! I think he's stuck. I don't think he can get up. This is terrible!

Shannan Lerch: We've rarely, if ever, seen Logan in this kind of a precarious position. He's badly bleeding, nails are piercing his flesh and he's stuck in that spot while Bobby Cairo, THE Bobby Cairo is receiving ample time to recover from his own injuries.

Zach Davis: It's bad news for Logan, without a doubt. His saving grace is that he has at least done enough damage to Cairo to keep Bobby from being able to immediately follow-up after that harrowing suplex.

Cairo rolls onto his stomach and then gets to his knees. He looks at Logan and soaks in the sight of the Face of Treachery writhing in pain and bleeding on that bed of nails. Cairo might be enjoying it, and he might even smile about it... if he weren't in such dire agony himself. As it is, it's all that Bobby can do to get to his feet. Once standing, Cairo peers around the ring and surmises his options. He spots the ladder and takes a moment to consider what he might do with it.

Zach Davis: Bobby has his eyes on that ladder! He's not gonna go high-risk again, is he?

Shannan Lerch: He looks like he's thinking about it, Zach. Of course I'm sure that he's also thinking about what happened the last time he took a chance like that and ended up crashing through a table.

A "Ladder!" chant breaks out among some of the more twisted individuals in the crowd, but Bobby shakes his head at that suggestion. He has apparently learned his lesson. Instead Cairo picks up a pair of brass knuckles from the mat and uses them to pepper Logan's face with furious, unrelenting punches. Cairo looks like a man possessed as his punches increase in speed and power with each one that lands. A hush falls over the arena, all that can be heard are the agonized screams of a barely conscious Logan and the psychotic warbling of Cairo, who has apparently snapped.

Zach Davis: This is brutal. I can barely watch. Bobby Cairo has gone off the deep end. His mind is gone.

Shannan Lerch: This is what happens when a man is pushed to his edge, and in this environment that was bound to happen.

After connecting with thirty or more punches with the brass knuckles, Cairo simply drops to his knees. He holds his hands to his forehead, the brass knucks still firmly in his grip, and stares at the heavens above with a distressed look upon his face. Cairo begins... bawling uncontrollably. After a few moments of this, Cairo abruptly falls forward, face-planting on the mat.

Zach Davis: What the hell is wrong with Cairo? I've never seen anything like this, a man breaking down in the middle of a wrestling match!

Shannan Lerch: Cairo always was one of the crazier superstars to compete under the WCF banner, Zach. I think we're seeing the logical conclusion of his descent into madness. Maybe this is why he stayed away from the ring for the last four years?

Zach Davis: Between this and Logan's identity crisis... both of these guys should be committed!

Shannan Lerch: And both men are presently incapacitated, albeit for decidedly different reasons; Logan's being physical, and Cairo's being... psychological.

The referee doesn't know quite what the fuck to do, with Logan being sprawled on the bed of nails, his face and body bruised and bloodied, and Cairo being, well... too emotionally distraught to compete at the moment. Frankly, it's not apparent whether either man is even conscious. The crowd begins to grow restless due to the lapse in action, and boos and catcalls can be heard from all corners of the arena. Logan begins stirring and the crowd erupts with cheers. Logan can be seen mouthing the words "Shit, this hurts" as he raises his head and looks around the ring. Logan sees Cairo lying face-first on the mat. After Logan takes a moment to process this information, a sly smile spreads across his face. Logan tries to move himself off of the bed of nails, and it's a struggle at first. Logan's face grimaces and he's in obvious pain, but he eventually rolls off of the nails and gets to a standing position on the mat.

Zach Davis: Logan is up! Cairo is still down!

Shannan Lerch: I don't think Logan has ever looked more handsome than he does right now, with that blood caked onto his bruised, sneering face. THAT, my friends, is The Face of Treachery!

Zach Davis: Things are about to get treacherous for Bobby Cairo if he doesn't get up and defend himself!

Logan gives the prone Cairo a quick little kick to the ribs, as if checking to see whether he's conscious. Cairo doesn't budge. Logan shrugs his shoulders, not really knowing what he did to put Cairo in this state, but not really caring either. Logan drops to the mat, flips Cairo onto his back, and hooks his leg.

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...



At the precise moment that Cairo lifts his shoulder, he and Logan lock eyes. Neither man says or does anything. They just stare for a good few seconds before Logan, suddenly appearing energized, bounces to his feet. Cairo does the same. Somehow, someway, both men are conscious, both men are standing, and both men seem to be communicating in an unspoken language that no one else in the building can interpret.

Zach Davis: OK, well this is weird.

Shannan Lerch: It's respect, Zach. I think. Either that or both guys are badly concussed and don't know where the hell they are right now.

Both men peer around the ring. Both men lock their eyes onto the ladder at the same time. Both men race toward the ladder and grab hold of it. Cairo tries to pull the ladder up, but Logan won't let him take it. Logan tries to pull the ladder up, but Cairo won't let him take it. With neither man gaining the advantage in their tug of war, Logan and Cairo begin throwing vicious, precision strikes, Logan with knees and kicks and Cairo with elbows and punches. Logan finally drops Cairo with a head kick and seizes control of the ladder. Cairo stumbles to his feet and Logan smashes him in the head with the ladder. Cairo drops to the mat in a heap. Logan sets up the ladder near mid-ring, and shakes it to make sure that it's steady. Satisfied with the sturdiness of the ladder, Logan walks over to Cairo and pulls him up to his feet.

Zach Davis: Logan's got that ladder set up and it looks like he's carrying Bobby up to the top of it with him!

Shannan Lerch: What the hell does Logan have in mind here?

Logan reaches the top with Cairo's body on his shoulders. Logan props Cairo onto the top step of the ladder and steps up behind him, with both men teetering on the brink. Logan suddenly locks Cairo in a sleeper and the crowd goes berserk.

Zach Davis: Oh my god, Logan's going to hit The Connector from the top of that ladder! He's crazy! He's absolutely nuts! He'll kill himself and Cairo!

Shannan Lerch: They're a good fifteen feet in the air, and there's C4 explosives surrounding them on either side of that ladder. No good can come of this!

Zach Davis: By the way, who the hell signs off on having C4 explosives in a wrestling match? Is there anything that your brother won't do to turn a buck, Shannan?

Shannan Lerch: Hey! Watch your mouth, Zach! We Lerches are savvy businesspersons!

Logan looks poised to flip forward from the ladder and snap Cairo down to the mat with him, but before he can, Cairo thwacks Logan in the temple with a back elbow. Cairo lands six more back elbows in quick succession and Logan releases Cairo from the sleeper, loses his balance and slips off of the ladder. Logan free falls fifteen feet before landing on one of the wooden boards, triggering a massive C4 explosion. The force of the blast shakes the ring and blood splatters everywhere. Cairo would have fallen off the ladder himself if he hadn't been gripping the top of the cage for support.

Zach Davis: My god! Logan might be dead! Did you see that explosion!? Did you HEAR that explosion!? Who the hell sanctions explosives in a wrestling match!?

Shannan Lerch: That was... surreal. I have never seen anything like that. Logan is not moving. He appears to be very badly bleeding. The ref is checking him for a sign of life, while trying very carefully to not trigger another explosion... and Zip is giving us a thumbs up! Logan is alive!

The crowd pops loudly at the confirmation that Logan is still among the living, though Logan is not able to join the celebration since he's unconscious. Meanwhile, Cairo is still standing atop the ladder, clutching the top of the cage.

Zach Davis: At this point, it's academic. All Cairo has to do is climb down that ladder and pin Logan.

Shannan Lerch: Uh, Zach... Bobby doesn't look like a man who intends to do this the easy way.

Cairo appears to be locked in a trance. His eyes are staring straight ahead but they don't look as if they're focused on anything in particular. He suddenly lets out a Nature Boy-style "Woo!" and the crowd responds in kind. Without warning Cairo moonsaults from the ladder, descends fifteen feet through the air and lands on top of Logan and the wooden board, triggering another colossal C4 explosion. Both men's bodies shake from the impact, and shrapnel and red mist fill the air.

Zach Davis: I don't believe what I just saw! Bobby Cairo! Bobby Cairo! Bobby Cairo just sacrificed his body in a reckless and deranged attempt to finish off his rival Logan once and for all!

Shannan Lerch: He may have finished himself off as well, Zach. This is madness. This is utter madness. Both men are out cold on the mat. I think the referee should just call this match off and get both of these men the medical attention that they need.

The referee looks like he's considering doing just that, when both men suddenly begin stirring on the mat. The crowd is delirious with excitement as the ravaged remains of Logan and Cairo begin to revive themselves.

Zach Davis: What is driving these men? Is it the hunger for competition? Is it the disdain that they share for each another? What is driving these men to these suicidal, homicidal lengths?

Shannan Lerch: It could be any of the above or something else entirely, Zach. Who knows what Logan and Cairo are thinking? You'd have to get inside their heads to figure that out and that's no kind of place that I want to be!

Logan and Cairo get to their knees, neither man looking much like he did when the match began, with blood, bruises, burns and other abrasions distorting their appearance, but both men appear determined to finish what they started, even if it kills them. Cairo is up to his feet first, and Logan quickly follows.

Zach Davis: They're up! Logan and Cairo are up! How are they even standing right now?

Shannan Lerch: They're running on fumes, Zach. Fumes and balls of steel!

Cairo makes the first move. He drills Logan in the midsection with a kick and lays him out with a lightning-quick rolling cutter.

Zach Davis: Security Breach! Security Breach! Cairo hit the Security Breach! He's got Logan covered!

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...




Zach Davis: Logan kicked out! Logan kicked out! I thought Cairo had him but Logan kicked out just in time! I don't believe it!

Cairo shakes his head in disbelief and gets back to his feet. He grabs Logan's legs and tries to flip him over into the Boston Crab position.

Shannan Lerch: Cairo's going for the Cairopractor!

Logan kicks Cairo in the gut and shirks him off. Logan kips up to his feet, back-flips and cracks Cairo under the chin with a kick.

Zach Davis: Logan hit the Impact Style! Logan hit it! Cairo is down!

Shannan Lerch: Logan isn't done yet, Zach! He's pulling Cairo to his feet!

Logan catches Cairo in a sleeper hold, then jumps into the air and flips over Cairo's shoulder, violently snapping Cairo’s neck forward.

Zach Davis: Logan just took Bobby Cairo to Connector City! Here's the pin!

Zip Wingdinger: ONE...



Cairo instinctively tries to kick out but he's a split-second late.


Zach Davis: Logan wins! Logan wins! LOGAN WINS! What a match! One of the most unbelievable, unforgettable matches that we have ever seen, and The Face of Treachery prevails against Bobby Cairo!

The crowd serenades Logan with cheers as he slumps back into a seated position on the mat, savoring his victory, his face rife with exhaustion but his body not ready to quit. After a few moments Logan stands and walks over to a corner. He climbs the turnbuckles and raises both arms above his head. Logan soaks in the near-deafening cheer as euphoria fills his beaten and bloodied body.

Shannan Lerch: In a career that has been filled with glorious victories, this might be the greatest one yet for Logan! What a gritty performance! Both men delivered a dramatic showcase of violence and perseverance, but Logan has come through yet again! What a legend!

Kaylyn James Evans Segment

Kaylyn was seen in the back about to head into her locker room when Hank Brown caught up with her.

Hank Brown: Kaylyn! Kaylyn! A moment of your time please?!

Kay stopped and raised a brow looking at him, having a feeling she knew where this was going.

Hank Brown: You had two matches this evening, and I have a few questions regarding both.

Kaylyn James Evans: Hank, I really don't have time for this right now.

Hank Brown: Non-sense! It will just take a moment! Your first match put you against Roy Speede, someone you have been itching to get into the ring with to send a message. However, you slid out of the ring... he followed and you both were counted out. What praytell might have caused you to do such a thing!? Everyone is wondering what it was all about!

Kaylyn James Evans: Hank, as much as I would love to fill you in...

Roy Speede: She has more important things to do.

Stated Roy Speede who walked up to them and pushed open Kaylyn's door before nodding for her to enter. Just after she did he followed suit behind. Hank stood there jaw dropped for a moment before the scene faded back to ringside!

Confederate Title Match
Johnny Reb vs Doc Henry

“Sympathy for the Devil” by Guns ‘n’ Roses hits the speakers. As the drums hit the house lights fade, and red and blue lights strobe. At "Please allow me to introduce myself", Doc and Mary walk out onto the stage, and look back and forth over the audience. As the crowd boos, the make their way to the ring, where Doc rolls in. Standing, he grins proudly as he pops the crowd drawing more boos. Mocking them, he sits on the turnbuckle and awaits his opponents...

Shannan Lerch: Now, for a match we’ve all been waiting for. Two weeks ago, Johnny Reb got fed up and finally challenged Doc Henry to a match.

Zach Davis: And not just any match, Shannan! Tonight, for the first – and possibly only – time, Doc Henry defends his Confederate Title! Does he look just a little bit nervous to you, Shannan?

Shannan Lerch: Zach, I don’t know if Doc’s got enough sense to be nervous at this point. He looks cool as a cucumber. But I guarantee he will be before this match is over.

The house lights dim, and the intro to Lynnyrd Skynnyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" hits the speakers. Hushed anticipation falls over the crowd as a spotlight illuminates the stage. Johnny Reb steps out from behind the curtain. A cheer goes up from the audience at his appearance. As the he walks down the ramp, a cascade of sparks rains down on the stage. The Inveterate Confederate circles the ring, slapping hands with the fans at ringside. Johnny eschews the steps completely; he leaps onto the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckles, posing for the cheering crowd for a moment before he jumps down, ready for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: And here’s fan favorite Johnny Reb, looking to settle a score here at One! The man exudes pure confidence and determination.

Shannan Lerch: He does, indeed, Zachariah…and listen to this crowd! The noise is deafening! And here’s the bell! Doc and Reb are circling, glaring at each other. You can practically feel the animosity rolling off both these men in waves!

For another several heartbeats, the two enemies just stare at one another. Then, without warning, Doc reaches out and slaps Johnny right across the face. Reb blinks in surprise, shakes it off, and makes a lunge for Henry. Doc dances out of the way. Clenching his teeth in frustration, Johnny throws his hands up in a “WTF?!” sort of gesture, and then motions for Doc to come to him.

Zach Davis: That is not the way to start this match. Reb and Henry now in a classic collar-and-elbow. But it looks like Johnny’s got the upper hand early…

Shannan Lerch: OW! Not for long! Doc Henry just stuck a thumb in Johnny’s eye!

Capitalizing on his advantage, Doc makes a run for the ropes, bounces off, and comes back with a clothesline. Johnny ducks. Henry comes back on the rebound and ends up eating a big boot from Reb!

Zach Davis: That’ll teach him! Reb with the cover…and a kickout at one and a half! Johnny had to know it was too early…

Johnny pulls Henry to his feet and Irish-whips him into the ropes. Henry grabs the top rope to stop himself from bouncing back. Reb follows up with a running lariat, but Doc – still hanging onto the top rope – drops down at the last possible second and sends Johnny spilling to the outside. Henry slips through the ropes to follow him, while the referee immediately begins yelling at them to return to the ring. Doc pulls Reb to his feet and the two men start trading blows. Henry nails Reb with a haymaker, then shoves him into the guardrail hard. The referee’s count has already begun.

One… Two… Three…

As Johnny pulls himself upright again, Doc Henry grabs a chair from ringside and advances on his former friend.

Four… Five…

Reb turns around just in time to see Doc with the chair. He leaps into the air and dropkicks the chair right into Doc’s face!

Six… Seven…

Shannan Lerch: It’s getting close! Johnny isn’t about to let this match end with a count out, though, and rolls Doc into the ring. He goes for another cover, but Doc gets out of it before the ref even sees it.

Henry goes on the offensive again. He kicks Reb in the gut and sets him up for a Pedigree. He lifts Johnny into the air, and Reb rains a series of punches down on Doc’s head. Henry shoves him off his shoulders. Johnny lands on his feet and grabs Henry before he can escape.

Zach Davis: A quick DDT from Johnny Reb, and another cover!



NO! Doc gets his foot on the ropes, breaking up the count. Reb leaps back to his feet, looking to end this match quickly now. He climbs the turnbuckle; Doc follows him. Both men fight for control of this high-risk territory, but Henry manages to superplex Johnny to the mat.

Shannan Lerch: Doc Henry with an inside cradle…this could be it for Johnny!



Thr – NO! Reb gets a shoulder up just before three! Doc slaps the mat with both hands in irritation. As Johnny catches his breath, Henry hits the ropes again and comes back with a diving spear!

Zach Davis: There’s Doc’s trademarked Confederate Rocket! He wants this match to be over! No cover this time – Doc’s going to make sure his opponent stays down this time.

He pulls Reb to his feet, steadies him… and goes for a neckbreaker. Johnny counters and nails Doc with a double knee lift instead. He goes for another pin – and gets a knee to the balls for his efforts, while Mary distracts the referee. Doc takes advantage again, getting to his feet and laying boots to Johnny like there’s no tomorrow. After five or six good stomps, Reb has the wherewithal to grab hold of Henry’s foot to stop the abuse. Hanging on tight, he gets back up and manages to get an ankle lock on Henry. Reb’s hold isn’t secure, though, and Doc kicks him away, sending Reb into the corner.

Shannan Lerch: And a springboard bulldog from the Inveterate Confederate! That’s what you call ring awareness! A competitor like Johnny uses every part of the ring to his benefit, especially in a match like this. Johnny and Doc are so evenly matched that one of them has to get the upper hand and keep it if he expects to win.

Zach Davis: That’s just what Reb is doing now. He’s got Doc by the wrist and is climbing onto the top rope. Looks like he’s going for that infamous – and very painful – Stars and Bars. But what’s this? Doc’s wife is up on the ring apron again, yelling at Reb!

With Johnny’s focus divided, Doc slips out of his grip. The ref has had enough interference and summarily ejects Mary from ringside. She goes – but reluctantly. Reb keeps an eye on her to make sure she leaves…which is when Doc clubs him with a forearm from behind. Johnny turns around, slowly, to look at his opponent, his face a mask of pure wrath.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like Doc just realized he might be in trouble! Johnny takes a swing and connects, but Henry gives back as good as he got!

In moments, both men are simply brawling in the middle of the ring. The crowd is on its feet; alternately cheering for Reb or booing at Doc each time a fist connects. Finally, Johnny staggers Doc with a hard right that sends him reeling backward. Reb presses his advantage – and Doc slips under the ropes to the outside. He stands there for a moment, pointing at Johnny and talking trash.

Zach Davis: What the hell is Doc Henry doing?

The ref orders Henry back into the ring, but Henry ignores him. Instead, he walks up to a ring attendant and snatches his Confederate belt.

Shannan Lerch: It looks like he’s cheating…again. And this time he doesn’t seem to care if the ref sees him!

Indeed, he doesn’t. Doc climbs back into the ring and advances on Reb, holding the Confederate Title over his head. The ref gets between them, and Henry just bashes the poor guy upside the head.

Zach Davis: Hey! He can’t do that!

In a surprising role reversal, Johnny kneels to check on the ref. Henry takes full advantage of the brief distraction to bring that title belt down on Johnny’s head, as hard as he can. With both Johnny and the referee down and out, Doc stands tall, raising his Confederate belt high as the audience rains down insults and trash in Henry’s general direction. He stands there, soaking it in for a moment, as if enjoying a hard fought victory.

Shannan Lerch: This guy’s crazy! Does he think he won?!

Doc stands there a moment longer – until he sees Johnny begin to stir. Then he hauls ass out of the ring.

Zach Davis: I’m confused. What just happened?

Shannan Lerch: I think Doc just walked out on his own title defense… And since he makes the rules for his Confederate Title, I guess that’s legal?

Zach Davis: It might be legal, but Johnny Reb isn’t going to put up with it. He’s on his feet now, and chasing Doc Henry into the back! Can we get a camera back there?

Seconds later, the Jumbotron flickers to life. A camera is, indeed, following Johnny Reb on his hunt through the corridors for Doc Henry. He stalks briskly down the hall, shoving open every door along the way, looking for his opponent; ignoring the indignant screams as he slams through the door to the women’s restroom. They keep going, Johnny and the cameraman, until they reach the exit to the parking lot. Reb walks outside just in time to see Doc’s car peel out.

Johnny Reb: Motherfu*bleep*er!!

The scene cuts back to Zach and Shannan at the announce table. They exchange puzzled looks.

Shannan Lerch: Well, folks, there you have it. I guess that’s it for this match…

One Invitational Tournament Finals
D-Day vs Nathan von Liebert

The lights in the stadium dim to pitch black Bulletproof by 12 Stones blares in the speakers with lights swinging around the stadium lighting up the darkness from the dimmed lights. In cue with the music, pyros of red, white and blue go off when the sound of BANG!!! from Bulletproof. The pyros continue to go off on cue with the word being said. After the third pyro goes off the lights focus on the entrance of the stage where Donald Deruty is standing with his head tilted down. He falls to his knees and throws his hands up in the air where a final set of multi-colored pyros is fired. At the signal of the final pyros the dimmed lights turn back on and light the whole stadium with red, white, and blue lights. D-Day jumps to his feet as soon as the lights are back on. This time, he has the United States Title over his shoulder.

Zach Davis: Look at that! He has the US Title.

Shannan Lerch: Well Zach, he IS the United States Champion of the Year, of course.

D-Day takes his time walking down the ramp, as he gives high fives and shakes the hands of the fans. Once he reaches ringside he slowly walks up to the steel steps where he goes one step at a time until he reaches the ropes where he enters the ring with a swaggery hop to his walk. He looks up at the titantron where the sights of his memorial moments in his WCF career can be seen. He hands Kyle the US belt.

Zach Davis: Here is D-Day. Donald Deruty. Wrestler of the Year, and one of the only men that is able to say he defeated Torture of all people.

The camera pans to the titantron, where an oak door comes into view. A thump is heard, and the door shakes on its hinges. Several more thumps occur, until the blade of an ax busts through the door. Smoke begins to form on the stage, as a dark figure steps out. Suddenly a woman voice yells out from the speaker.

"No, go away!

Leave me alone!"

Smoke billows down the aisle as the man walks down it to the ring, his identity shrouded in the smog. Meanwhile, on the titantron, the ax makes a large hole in the wood, and a hand reaches in for the door knob, the fingernails painted black. Again the frightened voice rings out as the mystery man slides into the ring.

"Don't you come in here!

I don't want you here.!"

The mystery man watches the titantron now, as the door opens, and the same man standing in the ring, steps into the house. A lightning bolt cracks behind him, equal in volume to the string of fireworks that fire up on the ramp. The man on the titantron rubs his thumb on the door, leaving a bloody smear on the polished oak. He lifts the ax with both hands, as the voice pleads.

"No, No, No, NO!!


The scream is cut off as the man swings the ax. Blood appears to splatter across the tron, and then the name "Nathan von Liebert" is written with a finger painted black. Nathan, who is in the ring, falls on his knees, never taking his eyes off the 'tron until it goes black. He then scans the members of the crowd that he could without contorting his torso, as Heather Lee announces him.

Shannan Lerch: And here is Nathan von Liebert. He has a HUGE opportunity. What other man as new to WCF as him can say he participated in the second to last match in One? What other newcomer could say he won a tournament as big as the One Invitational?

Both D-Day and Nathan von Liebert are clearly worn out from the night's previous matches. The bell sounds.

Zach Davis: D-Day and Nathan von Liebert, if there was ever a match that represented good versus evil, I'd say this is it.

The two go to tie up, but instead, Nathan kicks D-Day in the gut. The crowd boos. Nathan throws D-Day into the ropes and then takes him down with a Headlock Takedown as he comes back. Day slowly gets to his feet, and Nathan Headbutts him back down before hitting a Leg Drop.

Shannan Lerch: D-Day was attacked earlier tonight by Chester, but still managed to defeat Joel Hall later in the second round. NvL won a hard fought match between himself, Jeff Purse, and Nightrider, and then defeated Adam Young.

Zach Davis: To be honest, Nathan had a slightly easier time getting here than Day, his match with Young was a lot shorter than Day and Hall. Nathan is clearly more rested than Donald Deruty right now.

Nathan picks D-Day up and executes a Neckbreaker before floating over and pinning him.



D-Day kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: But as we've seen time and time again, D-Day has the biggest heart in the whole WCF roster, and that counts for a LOT in this profession.

But Nathan is relentless. He quickly drags Day to the middle of the ring and puts him in a Chinlock.

Zach Davis: Smart move. NvL gives himself some more time to rest, while wearing D-Day down.

But much to Nathan's chagrin, the crowd quickly gets behind D-Day, one of the most popular wrestlers in WCF. They're chanting his name, and D-Day works his way to his feet. He elbows Nathan a few times in the gut before breaking free and executing a Floatover DDT!

Shannan Lerch: D-Day, back in the game!

He takes Nathan down. NvL stumbles back up however and Day follows up with a big Superkick! A loud "CRACK!" rings throughout the arena as von Liebert drops again to the mat and Day pins him.



No! Nathan kicks out.

Zach Davis: Almost!

Day rolls off of him, catching his breath before getting up. He picks Nathan up and throws him to the ropes... and then brings him down with the Justice Lock!

Shannan Lerch: JUSTICE LOCK!

Zach Davis: Can Deruty win with that move again tonight!?

The crowd is on their feet!, but Nathan von Liebert refuses to tap out. He uses all his energy to lunge towards the ropes, grabbing them. The ref instructs D-Day to release the hold.

Shannan Lerch: Close, and Day is weakening Liebert...

Day goes to pick Nathan up, but Nathan hits him with a low blow, just out of the referee's field of vision. D-Day stumbles back and Nathan grins. He goes to put his boot on D-Day's neck-

Zach Davis: The Choker!

-But Day knows whats coming, and quickly rolls out of the ring. Nathan backs up, and once D-Day turns back around, Nathan flies out of the ring with a Suicide Dive!

Shannan Lerch: OOF! High risk!

Zach Davis: VERY high risk. This is NvL's third match of the evening, that kind of move is VERY risky at this stage in the game.

Nathan stands up and rolls D-Day back in the ring. Looking to capitalize on his move, he quickly pins Day.



..He puts his feet on the ropes..

No! D-Day kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Again, heart. D-Day is all heart.

Nathan kicks Day a few times and then begins climbing to the top.

Zach Davis: NvL, AGAIN going high risk. To be honest, I don't know if I agree with his strategy here.. one mistake could cost him the match.

And this may have been his mistake. Day uses the rest of his energy to get up and goes to grab NvL!

Shannan Lerch: He has him positioned for the Dead and Forgotten!

NO! Nathan escapes it, spins D-Day around and executes a Brainbuster! The crowd boos as he pins D-Day, hooking the leg.




Zach Davis: NO! D-Day kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: I don't believe it!

But Nathan smells blood. He picks D-Day up and again goes for the Straight Jacket Drop!

Zach Davis: This is it!

But AGAIN D-Day escapes it, landing behind NvL and spinning him around, kicking him.. again, and again.. then hits one final kick straight between the eyes!

Shannan Lerch: D for Destruction!

Nathan goes down and D-Day pins him in the middle of the ring, hooking the leg!



NO! Nathan von Liebert kicks out!

Zach Davis: I don't believe it!

The crowd is booing like crazy. Day stands, slowly, exhausted. He kicks von Liebert a few times before climbing to the top.

Shannan Lerch: D-Day's turn to go high risk now.. they're pulling out all the stops here!

Zach Davis: Both men want to win the One Invitational Tournament! That's for sure!

D-Day gets to the top of the turnbuckle, and the crowd is on their feet. He flies off with a Frog Splash!

Shannan Lerch: THIS IS IT!

NO! Nathan gets his knees up and D-Day crashes into them! He rolls away, holding his stomach. Nathan gets up and stumbles towards him, but D-Day shoves him away. Nathan stumbles back, into the referee; he crushes the referee into the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Uh oh.

The ref is down. Nathan smiles and slides out of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: What is he doing?

Nathan grabs D-Day's United States Title and slides back in.

Zach Davis: Oh no...

Nathan looks at the US Title, then looks at D-Day. D-Day stumbles to his feet, turns around.... and Nathan runs at him, smashing him in the face with his very own belt! D-Day goes down, his eyes glazed over.

Shannan Lerch: The United States Champion of the Year just got hit with the US Title itself!

Nathan throws the belt out of the ring before pinning Deruty. The referee wakes up, notices the pin.




Zach Davis: Nathan von Liebert... Nathan von Liebert wins the One Invitational Tournament.

Nathan's music hits as he slowly stumbles to his feet, getting his arm raised by the referee. Looking past the pain, Nathan smiles again, having realized victory.

Shannan Lerch: Nathan von Liebert is the first man in history to be able to say he won three matches at One, won a tournament on this show... and what will be his prize?

Zach Davis: Is he ushering in a new age here in WCF?

Shannan Lerch: Will he be like countless other promising rookies and disappear, and never live up to his potential? Or will he stand out and prove us all wrong? In a year or two from now, will we be looking back on tonight as the start of NvL's rise to greatness?

Seth Lerch Segment

Master of Puppets hits.

Zach Davis: Oh, that time of the night. Seth Lerch's self congratulatory One promo. Congrats, you came back and ran a company for a few months after better man ran it all year, great job.

Shannan Lerch: ...shut up, Zach.

Seth steps out, looking around at the Philadelphia audience. He smiles briefly before heading to the ring. Without much fanfare he slides in and grabs a microphone.



Seth Lerch: I apologize, but negotiations fell through. I didn't want Torture in your main event match.. I wanted Charlie, Dennis, Mac, Dee, or Frank.


Seth Lerch: Seriously, that would've been awesome. But anyway, we've had a great show so far. One more match left... one more match that just may change WCF forever.

Cheering, again.

Seth Lerch: A cliche, right? Blah blah, change wrestling forever. We've all heard that before. Regardless, tonight, I'm not out here to say "Hey good job, we were open another year!," because this year.... this year, I learned that with or without me, WCF will never die. This company is more than me, this is all of you;

Seth motions to not only the crowd, but towards the stage, referencing the wrestlers in the back.

Seth Lerch: This is about everyone. You keep this place running. Thank you.

More cheering; more honest cheering than before.

Seth Lerch: So what do I have to say? Odin Balfore, STEP UP! Show Corey Black that you are not a jobber to be killed. Corey Black, STEP UP! Show Odin Balfore that you are a legend for a reason. Bobby Cairo, Jam Willy Jesus -

Zach Davis: -what do those two have in common?-

Seth Lerch: Keep being the most goddamn important men this company has. Logan, I don't know if you'll ever be back but you fucking impressed me, you're a goddamn legend and never let anyone make you think otherwise, hot dogs or not, you boudle. SHUT UP.

Some laughs.

Seth Lerch: Torture?..

Murmurs from the crowd.

Seth Lerch: Torture, the future is coming. You made me give Kaylyn that TV Title shot, and you're the biggest goddamn star we've ever seen, but the future is coming. We've seen that tonight. Nathan von Liebert, Jonny Fly, and every other wrestler that wasn't here for the last One. All of you, STEP UP! The roster is as strong as it has ever been, and next year could be the strongest show we've ever seen, I guarentee it. This year's show has been excellent. So to every single one of you....

The crowd says it with him.

Seth Lerch: STEP. UP!

Master of Puppets plays again as Seth throws his mic out of the ring, ala Rick Mad, and heads to the back.

World Title Match
Corey Black vs Odin Balfore
Special Guest Referee: Torture

Zach Davis: It's already been a gonzo, bonkers, bananas, off-the-wall show... and we're still not done yet!

Shannan Lerch: Not even close. We're just getting to the best part, the main event, as "The Maverick Elite" Odin Balfore defends his WCF World Championship against Corey "Creeping Death" Black. And, oh yeah... some guy named Torture is the special guest referee!

Zach Davis: It doesn't get any bigger than this, ladies and gentlemen!

"Crawl" by Kings of Leon hits the PA and the crowd explodes in orgasmic cheer.


Torture appears at the top of the entrance ramp wearing a black and white striped ref's shirt and the crowd completely loses its mind.

Zach Davis: There he is! The legendary Torture!

Torture nods his head and flashes a wry smile as he takes in the cheering spectrum of fans in the Wells Fargo Arena. These are his people and he's satiating their hunger by merely gracing them with his appearance. Tort strides confidently down to the ring, slapping hands with the occasional fan along his way.

Shannan Lerch: One of the big questions coming into this match is what exactly are Tort's intentions? Is he here to call the match down the middle, as a fair and balanced arbiter of justice, or does he intend to screw somebody over?

Zach Davis: Tort's been playing the nice guy card since his return, Shannan, but with Torture you never really know what's going on inside of his head.

Once inside the ring, Tort climbs onto the turnbuckles and salutes his fans to another big cheer. The lights in the Wells Fargo Arena suddenly cut to black as the familiar opening to "For Whom the Bell Tolls" plays. The crowd is jacked up and gets louder after every toll. After six tolls, there is silence. A solitary light hits the stage. Out from the back walk six men. These are big dudes, too. Vikings to be exact. Three stand on each side of the entrance. They're all carrying shields and swords, long hair, beards, legit looking vikings.

The lights in the Wells Fargo Arena slowly dim down to nothing. Emerald green spotlights circle the arena, as "Spartan X," Mitsuharu Misawa's old entrance music begins. That plays for a few moments, getting the crowd all pumped before "People = Shit" by Slipknot powers through. The emerald lights turn red as the pounding metal continues. At the obvious cue in the song, Corey Black steps out from the back, wearing a mask with the Creeping Death paint on it! The crowd continues to go nuts as Corey jumps around the ramp and entryway, pumping himself up with the music. Soon, he begins making his way down to the ring, and slides in under the bottom rope, just in time for the crowd to scream "PEOPLE = SHIT!" along with the song over and over. Corey takes the mask off and drops it to the floor, then throws the devil horns up! The entire crowd in the Wells Fargo Arena does the same! Corey Black stands by the far ropes, and awaits his opponent for the night... Odin Balfore.

Zach Davis: This is the opportunity of a lifetime for Corey Black. He's been WCF World Champion on four occasions, but never before has he headlined WCF's biggest stage at One. With a win tonight he would join Logan as the only five-time World Champions in WCF history.

Shannan Lerch: That will be easier said than done. Odin has been one of the most dominant World Champions that we've ever seen in this company. CD did pin Odin at the UWA Supershow, but that was a six-man tag match. Not quite the same as tonight's one-on-one encounter. And as we all know, the last time CD fought Odin Balfore in a one-on-one match, it marked the demise of Creeping Death.

Zach Davis: That happened in their World Title match at Revenge back in August, but it seems as though CD has become stronger since ditching his Creeping Death persona and embracing Corey Black.

"With Oden On Our Side" hits the PA system. The arena grows dark as the fans get to their feet to catch a glimpse of the stage. The fans stand and cheer and once the vocals start, the arena lights flash back on and there stands Odin Balfore, center-stage. Odin stares down at the ring with a sinister grin as the fans sing along with the chorus.

CROWD: Futile to resist! You know we have come! Futile to resist... the battle is... already won!

CROWD: Futile to resist! You know we have come! Futile to resist... the battle is... already won!

The fans pop insanely right after as Odin begins to walk down the ramp at a slow and methodical pace. Once he gets to the foot of the ring, he steps up on it and looks around the arena again before stepping over the ropes...

CROWD: Futile to resist! You know we have come! Futile to resist...

Odin cuts off the fans as he raises his clenched fist in triumph. Odin turns back to the ring as the fans finish their part.

CROWD: The battle is... already won!

Odin stares at Black for a few moments before turning his attention to Torture and glaring at him.

Zach Davis: Torture is not a very popular man with either of the men competing in this match.

Shannan Lerch: Odin certainly has reason to be suspicious of Torture, considering that Tort promised to destroy Odin if Corey cannot. Those sound like the words of a man who has an agenda.

Odin eyes Tort suspiciously and refuses to hand him the World Championship belt, which is customary for a champion to do before a match. Instead Odin hands the belt to a ringside attendant. Torture frowns a bit but remains professional.

Zach Davis: Torture will have to search both men for weapons before this match begins. That should be interesting.

Shannan Lerch: Odin does not look like he wants Tort patting him down.

Odin refuses to comply with the pre-match weapons search, but Torture reminds the champion that he is the referee and this is his job whether Odin likes it or not. Odin finally relents and Torture performs his search, finding no foreign objects on the World Champion's person.

Tort walks over to the other corner of the ring, where CD is perched. CD raises his brow at Tort. Tort is free to search him, but Corey isn't going to budge from that top turnbuckle. Torture awkwardly searches CD for weapons and, finding none, he motions for both men to get ready for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: We're just moments away from the start of this match and the electricity in the air is at a fever pitch!

Shannan Lerch: These Philadelphia fans are ready for a classic World Title match and I have a feeling that Balfore and Black are ready to deliver.

Torture signals for the timekeeper to ring the bell--


Neither man moves... yet. Corey is still seated upon the top turnbuckle in his corner of the ring, and Odin is standing tall in his corner, looking entirely ominous. Odin gestures for Black to "bring it on" with his hand. Corey responds with a hand gesture of his own: a double bird, one for Odin and one for Torture.


Odin chuckles at the display of disrespect before his facial expression turns very, very angry. Odin charges toward CD, who extends a boot and cracks the charging Odin in the jaw, Odin's own momentum adding to the impact of the kick. Odin staggers back. CD hops to a standing position atop the turnbuckle and then cannonballs his body into Odin's in a dazzling display of athleticism. Odin is staggered by the blow but he remains standing. Corey, undeterred, shoots himself off of the ropes, ducks a Balfore big boot, then springboards off the far ropes and lands on Odin's shoulders. Corey spins Balfore around with his legs wrapped around the big man's neck, before flipping Odin to the mat with a head scissors. CD slaps the mat with his hand and lets out a viking battle cry as he returns to his feet. The crowd pops for CD's flashy moves and showmanship. Odin is less impressed as he stands up, with a menacing sneer on his face.

Zach Davis: Corey is off to a fast start! He's doing a good job of keeping Odin on the defensive!

Shannan Lerch: Come on, Odin! Smash that jobber!

Zach Davis: Can you at least pretend that you're not biased, Shannan?

Shannan Lerch: Normally, yes, but not when it comes to CD.

Corey springboards himself off the ropes again. This time Odin is anticipating it and he levels CD with a HUGE big boot to the face while CD is in mid-air. The force of the kick is tremendous. It throws CD to the mat and leaves him clutching his jaw in pain. Odin pulls CD to his feet and unloads on the challenger with punishing, strong-style headbutts. Odin is just holding Corey in place and headbutting him, again and again. Black finally counters with a side kick to Odin's gut and then unloads with a flurry of floating, Tony Jaa-style Muay Thai knees. Odin is caught off-guard by the knees but they seem to be disorienting him more than injuring him. CD quickly springboards off the ropes and nails Odin in the back with a missile dropkick, dropping the champion to the mat. Corey leaps onto the top rope as Odin gets to his feet. Corey corkscrews into the air and executes a body press but Odin catches him and seamlessly transitions into a devastating powerslam.

Zach Davis: Did you see the impact of that powerslam? CD's body looked like a bug hitting a windshield on the interstate!

Shannan Lerch: Aww... look at CD's crumpled little body writhing in pain on the mat. That's ol' lazy bones Corey Black for you. Always slacking off when he's on the job. Hahaha!

Zach Davis: You're a sick woman, Shannan.

Odin decides to slow down the tempo of the match and punish CD by locking him in a Dragon sleeper. Odin's massive arms put unholy pressure on Corey's neck and shoulders as Odin squeezes tight with the hold, threatening to cut off Corey's oxygen supply.

Zach Davis: Odin is showing off his technical grappling skills here. We know him as being the powerhouse who throws people around the ring and snaps them in half, but he can also use that power to strangle the life outta ya!

Shannan Lerch: And let's hope that he does just that to one Corey Black.

Corey grits his teeth and arches his back, Matrix-style, trying to alleviate the pressure from the sleeper as much as he can. Odin laughs at Corey. Just laughs at him for even trying to fight it, but CD is a fighting kinda man and this is a fighting kinda situation. Odin's expression quickly changes to a scowl when he looks at Torture, the man in the striped shirt. Tort is checking in with CD to see if he wants to quit. Of course CD does not, and he appears annoyed that Tort is even asking. It's bad enough that CD has a three-hundred and forty-pound behemoth trying to detach his head from his body, but on top of that he has to deal with Tort pestering him.

CD sighs and then, incredibly, back-flips into the air and smacks Odin in the face with a well-placed knee, freeing himself from Odin's grip before landing on his feet. Odin looks pissed. He was enjoying choking the life out of Corey and now he's gotta get his rocks off some other way. Odin feints a big boot, which gets Black to bite, and then viciously clotheslines Corey to the mat.

Zach Davis: A clothesline from Hel by the World Champion! That targets precisely the same part of CD's body that Odin was just wearing down with the Dragon sleeper!

Shannan Lerch: Odin has himself a clear game plan: Keep CD grounded and snap his neck. I like it. Let's do this, Odi!

Odin waits for Corey to get up and then unloads on him with a barrage of clubbing blows to the face and chest. Corey is backed into a corner by the blows. Odin backs up now, giving Corey space, then charges and nails CD in the stomach with a vicious knee. CD instantly doubles over and grabs his stomach. Odin is relentless, pulling Corey out to mid-ring. Balfore sets Black up for a suplex and then hoists him skyward. Rather than dropping his challenger, Odin lets the blood rush to Corey's head.

Zach Davis: Stalling suplex by Odin! I've said it before and I'll say it again: This is one of the champion's most punishing maneuvers due to his size and strength!

Shannan Lerch: I have to agree with you, Davis. You're hanging upside-down, seven feet in the air, and Odin can hold you up there for as long as he wants because your body is little more than a paperweight to him. It's a real bitch.

After holding Corey in the air for a full minute, Odin finally starts to bring him down. CD, though, manages to squirm free from Odin's grip. Black lands on his feet behind the champion and further surprises Balfore by shoving him forward into the ropes and rolling him up. Torture drops to the mat to make the count.

Torture: ONE...



Torture hops to his feet, holding up two fingers. CD protests, claiming that it should have been a three-count.

Zach Davis: Corey doesn't like it, but I have to say-- I thought that was a perfect count by Tort.

Shannan Lerch: Same here, Zach. Quit yer whining CD and get your head in the game!

Black finally turns his attention back to Odin and walks into a MONSTER running big boot from the World Champion. Odin pounds his chest like motherfucking King Kong and then talks some shit to CD. Odin then turns to Tort and sticks his finger in Tort's face, putting him on notice. Tort responds by telling the champion to focus on his opponent. Odin waits for Corey to get up, then wraps his arms around the challenger and rag-dolls him with a belly-to-belly overhead throw. Corey's body hits the mat with resounding impact, and the crowd ooh's. Odin brushes the dirt off his hands as he sits up on the mat, with a satisfied sneer on his face.

Zach Davis: Odin could be settling into a groove here, and that would be bad news for Corey.

Shannan Lerch: Which would be good news for Shannan.

Odin bounces off the ropes and drops a knee across Corey's throat. Black quickly sits up on the mat, gasping and in obvious pain. Odin takes this as a cue to slap one of his meaty biceps around Corey's throat and lock him in a sleeper hold. Black rolls his eyes and lets out a burdened sigh. CD can't believe that he's let this big, slow oaf trap him in this position yet again, but here he is. Tort checks in with Corey as Odin squeezes ever tighter on that sleeper. CD looks like he would punch Tort if he could without getting DQed.

Zach Davis: CD is grimacing from the pain of this sleeper. It's obviously not a comfortable hold to be trapped in when your opponent is seven-feet-tall and three-hundred and forty pounds... and a muscular seven-feet and three-forty at that.

Shannan Lerch: To be fair, Corey probably isn't going to tap from this hold, but Odin could very well choke him out with it. We could see Corey Black taking a nap in just a few moments. Even if by some fluke he does get out of this, he will have been significantly worn down by the World Champion. Look at Odin's face. He couldn't be more comfortable. He looks like he's receiving a neck rub from Lawnmower Jones right now. And then look at Corey. Look at the pain and the strain on his face and in his eyes.

Zach Davis: CD is a tough man, Shannan. Odin is doing what he needs to do here, but let's not write off the four-time former World Champion.

Shannan Lerch: Former being the operative term, Zach.

As Odin continues to slow the pace of the match to a stand-still by wearing down Corey with the sleeper, a "COREY BLACK!" chant starts up in the crowd. The chant appears to annoy Odin while energizing Black. CD pumps his fist as the chant grows louder, and gradually rises to his feet. CD lands a stiff, pin-point elbow to Odin's gut, and follows it up with three more elbows, increasing in power with each one. Odin finally releases the sleeper. CD takes a couple of steps away from Odin, while regaining his breathing, then runs toward the ropes, springboards, and cracks Odin in the face with a Pelé kick. Odin staggers a bit as Corey gets to his feet. Odin stumbles toward Corey. CD wraps his arms around the big man and, incredibly, takes him for a ride with an Exploder suplex. The crowd jumps to its feet and pops for all it's worth as Odin sits up on the mat, grabbing his back and wondering WTF just happened.

Zach Davis: What the fu--

Shannan Lerch: Language, Zach.

Zach Davis: What the fudge just happened!? CD just suplexed a man twice his size!

Shannan Lerch: Adrenaline, probably. They say that people in life or death situations can perform acts of superhuman strength. Of course, a lot of those people still die. I know I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

Corey strides purposefully toward Odin, trying to follow up on that HUGE suplex. Odin pops CD in the jaw with a European uppercut as he gets to his feet, apparently unfazed by what happened. CD stumbles back and Odin runs at CD and jacks his jaw with a kneelift, dropping him to the mat. Odin is back in charge of the match as he pulls CD up by his hair and then snapmares him forward into a seated position on the mat. Odin bounces off the ropes, runs full speed and stomps the back of CD's head, snapping the challenger's body forward in an unnatural manner. Odin isn't done. He pulls CD to his feet and lifts him up before dropping CD onto his knee with a devastating atomic drop. Corey grimaces in agony while grabbing at his backside. Odin quickly moves to the corner of the ring and stands there poised, waiting to pounce. Black slowly turns around, facing the World Champion. Odin charges and absolutely trucks CD with a Spear. Odin quickly covers CD as Tort administers the count.

Torture: ONE...



Zach Davis: Corey is taking a beating here, but he shows his resiliency by kicking out!

Shannan Lerch: Now it looks like it's Odin's turn to gripe to the ref. He's barking at Tort about a slow count.

Zach Davis: I thought it was a fine count. Perfect cadence shown by The Tort.

Shannan Lerch: I wouldn't have minded a faster count myself, just to see Corey lose, but I have to agree that it was fair.

Odin turns his attention back to CD, pulling the challenger up and then sliding him into a rear waistlock. Odin lifts Corey and shot puts him overhead with a German suplex. Corey's head and neck land crudely upon the mat and he appears throttled by the blow. Odin kneels next to his fallen foe and just nods his head. It's time to turn the punishment up a notch. Odin verbally taunts CD as he pulls him up from the mat. Balfore scoops CD up and slings the challenger over his shoulder. Odin starts to run--

Zach Davis: It looks like Odin is going for the Lawmaker, that running powerslam of his!

But CD reaches out and grabs the top rope with his hand, halting Odin's momentum.

Shannan Lerch: Ugh... not so fast.

Confused, Odin cocks his head to see what's happening, and eats a plurality of hammer fists from the suddenly uber-aggressive CD. Odin covers up to defend himself and CD flips to his feet on the mat. CD unloads with rapid-fire kicks to Odin's legs, attacking the vertical base of his much larger opponent. Odin doesn't like it, and he lunges forward, trying to grab CD by the neck. CD side-steps Odin and takes him down with a drop-toe-hold. Corey then springboards off the ropes and hits a moonsault on Odin, popping the crowd. CD waits for Odin to rise and kicks him in the gut. CD wraps an arm around Odin's neck and then grabs a leg, as if setting up for a Fisherman buster. Corey tries to lift Odin, but the champion blocks it and then unloads with punches to Corey's body, forcing CD to release his grip. Odin nails CD with a boot to the solar plexus, doubling him over, and then sets up CD in the pump-handle position.

Zach Davis: Odin looks like he's going for the Fall From Asgard! This would be big trouble for CD if he hits it!

Odin hoists CD with the pump-handle and drops him with an immense powerbomb.

Shannan Lerch: He hit it! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Odin looks supremely confident as he has CD's shoulders pinned to the mat with his legs.

Torture: ONE...



Zach Davis: CD kicked out! He got his shoulder up just in time!

Odin looks livid as he jumps to his feet and gets in Tort's face.

Shannan Lerch: Odin is screaming at Tort! He's accusing him of trying to screw him out of the win!

Odin is calling Tort and his mama every name in the book and Tort just stands there trying to talk some sense into him. The crowd is on its feet and there's an electricity in the air as the fans gaze at this spectacle of Odin confronting Tort, anticipating what's going to happen next. Odin calls Tort a few more names and then places some kind of Norse hex on him. After having said his piece, Odin appears to be calming as he turns his focus back to his opponent.

Zach Davis: It appears that cooler heads have prevailed--

Shannan Lerch: Holy shit! Odin just clocked Tort with a big boot!

The crowd reaction to Odin's assault on Tort is loud but mixed, with heavy booing, heavy cheering, and a whole hell of a lot of shocked faces. Odin is paying none of them any mind as he pulls Tort to his feet and wraps two giant hands around Torture's neck. Odin lifts Tort and then slams him viciously across his knee with the Ragnarök.

Zach Davis: Torture just got Ragnarök'd by the World Champion, and now we don't have a referee!

Shannan Lerch: Listen, I can count the three on CD if it comes to it. Hell, I'll march down to the ring right now--

Shannan stands up and starts to remove her headset, but Zach grabs her tush and yanks her back into her chair.

Zach Davis: Shannan, you will stay here and do your job!

Shannan Lerch: Unhand me, you brute!

Back in the ring, Odin has grabbed CD by the throat. He lifts CD and then slams him across his knee, spine-first, committing him to the same fate as Torture. Odin is standing tall in the ring, his arms raised above his head while a "TME!" chant breaks out among his fans. After a few moments of posing and taunting, Odin walks over to Tort, bends down and paint-brushes him across the face with his hand, trying to revive him.

Zach Davis: I think it's now occurring to Odin that he cannot win this match without Torture. Whether Odin likes him or not, he NEEDS Torture!

Torture begins to stir on the mat. He looks up at Odin, clearly disoriented, as Odin pretends to care about his well-being. Torture assures Odin that he's able to continue, though he takes a few moments to massage the feeling into his neck and back. Odin drops on top of CD for the pin and Tort crawls over and makes the count.

Torture: ONE...



Odin rolls his head back and sighs. He can't believe that CD kicked out. The fans are cheering their asses off as a "COREY BLACK" chant breaks out.

Zach Davis: CD kicked out of Ragnarök! Nobody's ever done that before!

Shannan Lerch: Only because he had plenty of time to recover, Zach. That was a fluke. No way it could happen again.

Zach Davis: Odin brought it upon himself by attacking the referee!

Shannan Lerch: Oh don't come at me with your facts, Zach. You're so annoying when you do that. Scratch that-- you're annoying period.

Odin doesn't lose his cool this time, despite his obvious frustration. He drags CD to his feet and then tucks CD's head between his legs.

Zach Davis: Could it be Mark of Odin time!?

Shannan Lerch: I hope so, Zach. Last time Odin powerbombed CD five times. I hope he makes it fifty this time. Put him out of his misery once and for all, Odin!

Odin lifts CD for his Mark, but CD counters with a hurricanrana, flipping the seven-foot Norseman straight into a pin.

Torture: ONE...



Zach Davis: What a counter by CD! He looked dead on his feet when Odin was setting him up for the Mark, but he came alive and nearly won this match!

Shannan Lerch: Stupid, stupid, CD. You're making your inevitable demise this much worse.

Odin pops to his feet, a stunned look on his face, and he eats a big spinning lariat from Corey. CD looks pumped as if he's got his second-wind, and the crowd is cheering their asses off for him. CD runs toward the corner and leaps to the top turnbuckle in a single bound. CD soars into the air, tucks his body and then lands on Odin with a HUGE Five Star Frog Splash, flash bulbs going off the entire way. CD covers Odin and hooks his leg.

Torture: ONE...



Zach Davis: So close! CD is so tantalizingly close to that World Championship that he can taste it!

Shannan Lerch: Odin! Guide our ships, our axes, spears and swords! Guide our ships, damn you! Guide them!

Despite Shannan's pleas, Odin doesn't appear in shape to do any such guiding as CD pulls the champion to his feet and traps him in a front face lock. CD front flips over Odin, in a way that looks like he's receiving a Northern Lights suplex, but instead CD delivers a front-flip DDT, spiking Odin's head on the mat at a ridiculously awkward angle.

Zach Davis: Your Plague! CD hit Your Plague on Odin! Here's the cover! New champ! New champ!

Torture: ONE...



Shannan Lerch: Shoulder up! Odin got his shoulder up! Yesssss!

CD holds his hands to his head, a stunned look in his eyes. He can't believe that wasn't three. In fact... it was three, at least in his mind. CD rises to his feet and confronts Torture. Tort tries to reason with Corey, but Corey isn't hearing it. He accuses Tort is trying to upstage him, steal his spotlight, and screw him out of the belt.

Zach Davis: CD is giving his friend, or is it former friend, Torture an earful!

Shannan Lerch: They don't look very friendly right now.

Tort does he best to calm CD, assuring him that no screwjob is in the works and that he should just focus on the match. Corey looks appeased... until he spins Tort around, lifts him onto his shoulders and drops him with a NASTY Burning Hammer! The crowd goes bonkers.

Zach Davis: Burning Hammer! Torture is down! Torture IS down!

Shannan Lerch: Well, that's swell. Now we don't have a ref. Oh wait... now CD can't win. Woo-hoo! This is awesome!

A very groggy Odin Balfore has risen to his feet and CD, as if sensing the champion's presence, spins around, lifts Odin onto his shoulders and plants him with a Burning Hammer of his very own.

Zach Davis: CD has gone mad with Burning Hammers! The World Champion is down, but Torture cannot make the count!

Corey takes a moment to admire his handiwork. Then it sinks in...

Zach Davis: In his blind rage, Corey Black has taken out the one man who could have counted the pin and given him his elusive One moment, a World Title victory on the greatest stage of them all!

Shannan Lerch: Corey Black NEEDS Torture!

Corey shrugs his shoulders and sighs. He walks over to his friend(?) Torture and attempts to revive him by vigorously shaking him by the shoulders. Eventually Torture comes to.

Zach Davis: It looks like we have our referee!

Shannan Lerch: But is Torture in any state to make a count here if CD covers Odin? I mean, I'm no doctor, but I think Torture should be receiving medical attention, not attempting to render a pin count in CD's favor. That could lead to CD becoming World Champion.

Shannan visibly shudders. Meanwhile, Torture is regaining his faculties and appears cognizant. He's ready to continue officiating the match. Corey promptly makes the cover on Odin as Torture moves in position to make the count.

Zach Davis: Odin is still down and CD makes the cover! We could have a new champ!

Shannan Lerch: NOOO!

Torture: ONE...



Zach Davis: Odin kicked out! ODIN KICKED OUT!

Shannan Lerch: YESSS!

CD lets out a dejected yell and his face sinks as he slumps on the mat. Many of the CD fans are stunned to silence, and others boo, but the rest of the crowd cheers, some because they like Odin, and others because they want to see more World Title match.

Zach Davis: CD has to keep it together here. He's on the brink of achieving his dream. He can't afford another mental lapse. This is his moment, if he seizes it.

Shannan Lerch: It'll never happen, Zach. He's already had his chance and he blew it. That's what he does. Corey Black is a blower who blows things.

After taking a moment to collect himself CD gets to his feet, and pulls Odin up to his feet. Corey double-underhooks Odin's arms and then shoves the champion's head between his thighs.

Zach Davis: Corey's going For Whom The Bell Tolls! We could have a new champion if he hits this!

Shannan Lerch: No, no, no. This is not happening. La-la-la. I can't hear you, Zach.

CD tries to lift Odin but Odin blocks it and counters with a back body drop.

Shannan Lerch: Yes! I knew that would happen!

Odin grimaces as he gets his footing back, but then he shakes the cobwebs loose and gets that killer sneer back on his face.

Zach Davis: Odin is back on his feet and he looks like he's done playing! He wants to end this match!

Odin pulls CD to his feet, scoops him up and slings the challenger onto his shoulder. Odin runs toward mid-ring and then plants Corey with a big powerslam.

Zach Davis: Odin hit the Lawmaker!

Shannan Lerch: He's not pinning though, Zach. He's got something bigger in mind.

Odin pulls CD up from the mat and shoves his head between his legs. Odin flips CD's body over his head and drops him to the mat with a devastating jackknife powerbomb.

Zach Davis: Mark of Odin! Mark of Odin! Odin hit his Mark! It's all over!

Shannan Lerch: Yes it is! Cover him, Odin!

Odin drops down for the pin on CD.

Torture: ONE...



Zach Davis: Wut! CD got his shoulder up!

Shannan Lerch: No he didn't! No he did not!

Zach Davis: Yes he did!

Odin is shaking his head, almost refusing to believe CD's resiliency, not to mention his stubbornness. Odin gets to his feet and pulls CD up to his feet. Once again, Odin sets up CD for the Mark.

Zach Davis: He's gonna powerbomb CD again!

Shannan Lerch: I told you, Odin! Fifty times! Do it fifty times!

Odin lifts CD for another Mark, but CD manages to slip out of Odin's grip and land on his feet behind the champion. Odin spins around and CD drills him in the gut with a boot. Odin doubles over and CD gets double-underhooks with his arms, as a cheer goes up in the crowd. CD lifts Odin and plants him with For Whom The Bell Tolls.

Zach Davis: He hit it! Corey hit it! Here's the cover and here's the count!

Torture: ONE...



Zach Davis: Odin kicked out! He kicked out! I don't believe it!

Shannan Lerch: Fail, CD! You fail!

Corey stares at Torture in disbelief. He mouths the words "That was three", but Tort shakes his head. CD just stares at him for a while and then shakes his head, not wanting to process the fact that Odin just kicked out. Finally, CD gets to his feet and pulls up Odin. He tries to lift Odin for a Burning Hammer, but Odin sees it coming and slips out of it. He lands on his feet behind CD and when CD turns around Odin levels him with a Balfore big boot.

Zach Davis: Odin scores with his big boot just when it looked like CD might put him away!

Shannan Lerch: That's clutch. Just when things look their bleakest, the BMF comes through.

Zach Davis: BMF?

Shannan Lerch: Bad Motha Fu--

Both Odin and Corey Black are down. Torture has no choice but to begin to count.




Zach Davis: Someone has to get up!




Shannan Lerch: Is the main event of One going to end like this!?



Both Odin and Corey Black are stirring...


Zach Davis: Come on...

Shannan Lerch: WAIT WHAT THE FUCK-

JAY MOTHER-FUCKING PRICE IS IN THE RING. He spins Torture around and executes The Downfall!


The crowd is in total disbelief. They're borderline silent, just out of shock.

Shannan Lerch: WE THOUGHT HE WAS DEAD. I.. I thought he was dead... I never thought we'd see him again.

Zach Davis: For a long while we thought Torture was dead too! Torture has just been attacked by Jay Price, I don't know what to say, I don't believe it...

Price stands, a sick grin spreading across his face. He looks into his hometown crowd, which has erupted into a "WEL-COME-BACK!" chant. Black looks up, his eyes wide with disbelief.

Shannan Lerch: I don't know what to say...

Zach Davis: I think we may have seen one of the most significant events in WCF history. The Future is back, and attacked Torture of all people.. what is Seth going to have to say? Will we ever see Torture again after this?

Shannan Lerch: Zach, we still have a World Title match going on, and the ref is down!

Looking down once more at Torture, Price slides out of the ring and escapes through the crowd, leaving the Odin, Black, and a practically unconscious Torture still in the ring. Balfore has gotten to his feet, the only man in the arena unfazed by Price's return. Odin pulls CD up and sets him up as if going for a Jackhammer-type move. Odin starts to lift CD, but CD manages to escape Odin's grip, then lifts Odin onto his shoulders. CD spins around and hits Odin with a Burning Hammer in the middle of the ring.

Zach Davis: Burning Hammer! Corey hits it again! Will that be enough to keep Odin down!?

Shannan Lerch: Nooooooooooooooooooooo!

CD cradles Odin for the maximum possible leverage as he makes the pin. Seth, a confused look on his face, has entered the ringside area. He grabs Torture's lifeless hand and slams it against the mat.




NO. Even with Seth's imperfect count, Balfore clearly got his shoulder up. Black is pissed. He stands up, looking around, not sure what to do. Balfore is sitting up, and Black runs at him, hitting a Sliding Dropkick directly into his face. Black looks down at Balfore, who is laying on the mat... and kicks him right in the head. And again. Stiff kicks. Again, and again, and again.

Zach Davis: Jesus, he's going to give the man permanent brain damage!

And again. Corey Black just keeps kicking Balfore in the head, furiously. And again. Kick, kick, kick. Finally satisfied, Black pulls Odin up and into the Pedigree position... and hits FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS!

Shannan Lerch: I hate to say it, but end this match, Odin, just stay down...

Zach Davis: Balfore may have a concussion after all those kicks. We call him a monster, but this is real life. He's a man. A man can't handle kicks to the head like that...

Black once again pins Balfore. Again, Seth grabs Torture's hand, slapping it to the mat.





"Locust" hits the PA and CD triumphantly rises to his feet as the crowd goes apeshit for their new World Champion.

Zach Davis: Corey Black wins! Black wins! New World Champion! Wow! That was an absolute war and both men gave it everything they had, but Corey Black comes out on top and once again he reigns supreme as WCF World Champion! This is HIS One moment!

Shannan Lerch: Noooo...

Seth sighs, but hands CD the World Championship belt nonetheless, and raising his arm, drawing a serenade of crazy-insane cheers from the Philly fans as CD's music continues to play on the PA. Corey takes his new prize and walks over to the corner with it, climbing the turnbuckles and raising the belt high above his head. Thousands of flash bulbs go off and the cheers grow to near-deafening levels as CD celebrates his awesome victory.

Zach Davis: Match for match, I have to be honest, this has been one of the best One's in history, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: I have to agree. What an event. And what a main event, this match had everything. I can't wait until Slam.

Zach Davis: Congratulations to Corey Black... and fans, goodnight!

One fades to black as Corey Black climbs the turnbuckle and hoists the WCF World Title high in the air.

Table of Contents

Preshow Segment
One Intro
One Invitational: Joel Hall vs Buzzsaw Bundy
D-Day Segment
One Invitational: D-Day vs Adrian
One Invitational: Adam Young vs Blade LaVigne
One Invitational: Nightrider vs Jeff Purse vs Nathan von Liebert
Roy Speede vs Kaylyn James Evans
Television Title: Jonny Fly vs Kaylyn James Evans
Hardcore Title: Ryan Blake vs Gravedigger
Philadelphia Street Fight: Jam Willy Jesus vs Switches the Clown
One Invitational Tournament Second Round Match 1
One Invitational Tournament Second Round Match 2
Steel Cage Deathmatch: Bobby Cairo vs Logan
Kaylyn James Evans Segment
Confederate Title Match: Johnny Reb vs Doc Henry
One Invitational Tournament Finals
Seth Lerch Segment
World Title: Corey Black vs Odin Balfore


Of The Week

The World Champion
CD/Odin, NvL/NR/Purse, Cairo/Logan



Odin Balfore