One Intro

The crowd at Penn State's Beaver Dome roars as WCF's state of the art heating and weather guarding system keeps them safe from the elements and WCF ONE 2014 IS LIVE!

I can't remember anything
Can't tell if this is true or dream
Deep down inside I feel to scream
This terrible silence stops me!

We start with a variety of footage with many of WCF's legends competing here tonight. Jonny Fly and Steve Orbit. Gravedigger. Corey Black. Jeff Purse and Eric Price. The Polar Phantasm, FPV, Oblivion, Johnny Reb, Jayson Price. Finally, Bobby Cairo.

Now that the war is through with me
I'm waking up, I cannot see
That there is not much left of me
Nothing is real but pain now!

Next, a montage of many of WCF's newest and brightest stars. Dan Van Slade, Maelstrom. The Scarecrow. Occulo and Joey Flash. And finally, the newcomer sensation of the year... ICE Beckman.

Hold my breath as I wish for death
Oh please, God, wake me.

We move into feud specific footage. Battles and rivalries between Bobby Cairo and ICE Beckman. Footage of the Vapor Kings' dominance, as well as Cairo's War victory.

Back to the womb that's much too real
In pumps life that I must feel
But can't look forward to reveal
Look to the time when I'll live.

Next, footage of Steve Orbits debut. Footage of each of Jonny Fly's World Title victories. Footage of Orbit's World Title victory and their brightest Pantheon moments. Footage of Orbit's betrayal.

Fed through the tube that sticks in me
Just like a wartime novelty
Tied to machines that make me be
Cut this life off from me!

Gravedigger and Steeltoe Joe... the burning of Joe's Church.

Hold my breath as I wish for death
Oh please, God, wake me!

The finals of the WCF Classic. Deuce Murdock emerging as United States Champion. Zombie McMorris' path of destruction.

Now the world is gone, I'm just one
Oh God, help me
Hold my breath as I wish for death
Oh please, God, help me!

Johnny Reb and Oblivion's shocking partnership. The long awaited return of the Polar Phantasm. The jaw dropping return of FPV.

Darkness imprisoning me
All that I see
Absolute horror
I cannot live
I cannot die
Trapped in myself
Body my holding cell!

The back and forth between the Television Champion, Joey Flash, and Occulo. The rivalry between The Scarecrow and WCF legend Odin Balfore.

Has taken my sight
Taken my speech
Taken my hearing
Taken my arms
Taken my legs
Taken my soul
Left me with life in hell!

Everything comes to a head tonight.... WCF ONE 2014!

Occulo Arrives

We cut to the building entrance near the car park to see Occulo making his way into the arena, flanked by both his father John Mullins Sr and his friend Frank. Occulo has a T-Shirt on that has ‘R.I.P Charlotte, this is for you’ written on it.

He shakes the hand of each passing worker backstage and stops to chat about his upcoming match, breaking into a smile from time to time.

We continue following Occulo until he reaches his dressing room, he turns to the camera.

Occulo: Sorry, I have nothing for you today. I’m going to do all my talking in the ring.

The trio of men enter the dressing room as we


Biohazard vs Tyler Walker

"I Like to Move It" by Reel 2 Reel plays over the sound system. Tyler Walker emerges from the back with white pyros at the entrance, followed by Jonny Fly. Walker's wearing his black and gold letterman jacket with "TW" embroidered in the front, "TY WALKER" on the back. He's also wearing black shades, a white tank top and his black shorts with "TW" written around the belt line. Black boots and has his wrists taped. He slowly makes his way to the ring with a cocky smile on his face, bobbing his head to his music as he ignores the fans. When he hits the ring, he climbs on the apron, drops his jacket to ringside, and does a few body builder poses, as more white pyros blast off. He enters the ring through the ropes and removes his tank top and shades, throwing them to ringside before getting ready to fight.

Kyle Steel: This match is scheduled for one fall... introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by his mentor, Jonny Fly... originally from Outer Space, but currently residing in Santa Monica, California... weighing in at two hundred and seventy-five pounds... WALKER FLYOCKER FLAME!

Freddy Whoa: Here comes Flyocker Flame!

Zach Davis: This match is the first of two rematches from last year. Tyler Walker is being accompanied by his mentor, Jonny Fly, who happens to be in the OTHER rematch from One 2013. He'll face Steve Orbit in a Cage, later tonight.

Freddy Whoa: Last year, biohazard and Walker became best friends again during the match, and we got a BioWalker reunion. This year we may not be so lucky.

"breakdown" by biohazard plays and biohazard runs to the ring as purple and yellow lights flash.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, from Mexico City... weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds... BIOHAZARD!

Zach Davis: Earlier this year, Jonny Fly took Tyler Walker under his wing. Walker has showed improvement. He still hasn't really... you know, won anything, but he's looking better every week.

Freddy Whoa: And biohazard feels that Walker broke off the friendship because of Fly, so now they hate each other again. And after fighting in the Intergalactic Spaceship of Horrors at Helloween, it's now time for them to settle it once and for all.


biohazard runs towards Walker but Walker drops him with a lariat. biohazard pops back up, Walker drops him with a shoulder block. biohazard rolls back to his feet but Walker grabs him from behind in a waistlock.

Freddy Whoa: These guys know each other. Intimately. This SHOULD be a good back and forth match, even though Walker Flame has an obvious size advantage.

Walker holds the waistlock for a little bit too long... until biohazard reverses into a waistlock of his own! He holds the waistlock... tightening his arms around Tyler's waist-- and then Tyler reverses it, again! Into... another waistlock.

Zach Davis: Okay..

After a prolonged period, Tyler brings biohazard to the mat with a waistlock takedown, and switches to a reverse chinlock. biohazard gets to his feet and hits Walker with an elbow to the gut, and another, forcing Walker to break the hold. biohazard with a kick to the gut, followed by a dropkick. Walker stumbles back, and biohazard hits the ropes, springboarding off with a roundhouse kick!

Freddy Whoa: Biohazard with that CRAZY LUCHA style!

Biohazard runs a hits a flying leg scissors, taking Walker down. He covers Tyler.


Zach Davis: Walker powers out before two.

Walker is about to get to his feet but biohazard hits a handspring somersault guillotine legdrop! Biohazard then grabs a mic from Kyle Steel.

Freddy Whoa: Oh no.

Biohazard goes to speak.. but the mic cuts out.

Zach Davis: Wisely, WCF production doesn't want Biohazard to talk.

Biohazard pulls another microphone from seemingly nowhere.

Freddy Whoa: What the...

Biohazard: i am biohazard and wcf one i didnt get to talk but i am here to talk now!!!!

No one can shut Biohazard's ultra deep space biophonic microphone off. His voice reverberates throughout the universe.

Biohazard: my real name is biohazard and i came here to make a statement and that statement was friendship is magic but then i found out that was copyrighted so then my message was just friendship is pretty cool but its really better than that it was amzing with tyler walker but as much tyler walking as i walked i never tyler talked the talk. so im here to say tyler walker lets tear the house down YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

biohazard's scream knocks Walker out and Walker falls to the mat. biohazard goes back to the top turnbuckle... he's about to leap off, but Walker gets to his feet and charges the corner, causing b-haz to become crotched on the top. Walker climbs to the second turnbuckle and grabs him in a fireman's carry... he drops b-haz in a gutbuster from second rope!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! The Crunch off the turnbuckles!

Walker pins biohazard.



Zach Davis: No! biohazard kicks out at two.

Walker pulls biohazard up and whips him to the ropes... he swings the double axehandle baseball swing, but biohazard ducks-- he leaps up and hooks Walker for a crucifix pin!



Freddy Whoa: Walker rolls out before three!

Both men get to their feet but biohazard hits Walker with a superkick! Walker stumbles back into the corner. biohazard charges with a corner splash... but Walker dives out of the way! biohazard bounces out of the corner and Walker plants him with a running clothesline. Walker grabs biohazard by the legs and starts to spin around with a giant swing!

Zach Davis: Around and around he goes!

Freddy Whoa: I'm getting dizzy just watching.

Walker lets go and biohazard goes flying across the ring. Walker walks over to b-haz and pulls him up... but biohazard spits the toxic ooze in his face!


Walker is blinded, or it's burning or whatever. He's scratching at his eyes. He rolls outside the ring and meets up with Jonny Fly on the outside.

Freddy Whoa: Looks like Walker is taking a moment to regroup.

Walker looks to Fly for advice. They talk for a moment... until Walker asks for a hug. Fly is hesitant but he obliges with a quick hug. And then... Walker leans in for a kiss.

Zach Davis: What the hell?!

Freddy Whoa: Uh... whoa?

Fly pushes Walker away before their lips meet. He's looks stunned. He can be seen calmly trying to explain to Walker that he has the wrong idea. Fly slowly backs away... all the way up the ramp, until he disappears backstage, leaving Walker to fend for himself.

Zach Davis: Oh, man. Flyocker Flame just got denied. He looks like he's not taking it too well.

Indeed, Walker looks emotional. He tries to pull himself together and slides back into the ring, where he's met by a baseball slide from biohazard. Walker looks like he has no fight left in him at all, like he's given up. biohazard drops down and locks in the cross face.

Freddy Whoa: TOXIC SHOCK! biohazard has it locked in!

After a few seconds, Walker taps out.


"breakdown" by biohazard plays over the PA.

Freddy Whoa: biohazard has defeated Walker Flyocker Flame!

Zach Davis: But... what did we just witness between Walker and Fly? Is that the end of their friendship?

biohazard celebrates his victory. He looks down at Walker, who has tears streaming down his cheeks. After a few moments, his music cuts.

Freddy Whoa: Well, that's that. Another chapter in the bioWalker saga is closed.

biohazard is about to leave the ring... and then he turns around. The crowd pops.

Freddy Whoa: Wait... what's this?

biohazard paces around Walker... and finally, he offers him his hand. Walker hesitates... and then takes the hand, and biohazard pulls him to his feet. The two men stand, face to face.

Zach Davis: This is intense. Former best friends... former tag team partners. Current enemies... or not!

biohazard and Walker embrace in a hug.

"My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion plays over the PA. A single spotlight shines on the two men as they hold each other. After what seems like an eternity, Walker calls for a mic. The lights come back on and the music cuts.

Tyler Walker: For a long time I was known as Walker Flyocker Flame. I thought that jonny Flys cared about me and was my friend. but it turns out he just wanted to use me and hurt my feelings. I thought I could be the best in panthenon but it turns out I was wrong. there is only One team I belong on...

The crowd pops.

Tyler Walker: and that is with my main homie b-haz and the team is called BIOWALKER!


Tyler Walker: So from now on I am not called Walker Flyocker Flame any more... I am THE BEAST SPACE WEARWOLF TYLER WALKER! And my best friend isn't jonny Fly's... IT IS BIOHAZARD! BIOHAZARD IS MY BEST FRIEND!

The crowd is going crazy. Euphoria fills the arena. Walker grabs biohazard and they raise their arms into the air, united once again.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! BioWalker is back in business! What a great way to kick off One.

Zach Davis: Yeah!

Corey Black vs The Ultimate Destroyer

Zach Davis: Folks, we're having a great time tonight with a lot more to come!

Freddy Whoa: Right now we have the man who is a staple of ONE competing against one of the biggest men in WCF- Ever!

Zach Davis: Corey Black taking on Ultimate Destroyer!

Freddy Whoa: CD isnt the biggest guy in WCF but he has the most heart and probably the most skilled.
Zach Davis: And Ultimate Destroyer is well.. seven foot tall and four hundred pounds.

he runs down comes down to air raid/police sirens jumping up the ring bounces around (ultimate warrior style) and then starts ot beat the hell out of the first person he sees OR Sometimes is wheeled down in a steel box (like they did the tasmanian devil in looney tunes) depending on how dangerous hes assumed to be at the time

Freddy Whoa: Just crazy. Ya'll white folk are nuts.

Zach Davis: Crazy. Yah, you'd have to be crazy to be Ultimate Destoryer but the fans love his energy.

"Pursuit of Honor" by Battlecross begins, with the melodic guitar flowing through the arena, getting the crowd pumped up.

Zach Davis: And now its time for Corey Black. The most skilled ring tactician WCF has ever seen.

As this goes on, the lights fade to nothing until "Push Pull Destroy" also by Battlecross kicks in, where red and white lights circle throughout the arena. Once the thrash blast beat hits, a spotlight illuminates the stage and there stands Corey Black wearing a black hoodie over his ring gear. The lights continue as Corey walks down to the ring, bobbing his head to the music. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope, stands to his feet and throws up the devil horns before taking the hoodie off and dropping it to the floor. He then poses with his right arm up and bent slightly almost in a vertical flex, left hand on his elbow.


Ultimate Destroyer charges at CD but CD ducks it and immediately starts laying in elbows to the big man. CD starts rocks Destroyer repeated elbows to the to the head followed by a step back superkick that staggers the giant into the ropes. CD stays on him and hits a step up moonsault kick. Desstroyer is dazed as he hangs onto the top rope. CD poses for a moment, prepping that vertical elbow before charging at Destroyer with an elbpw smash that sends both men over the top rope. CD picks up Destroyer, trying to stay on him and stay in control of the match but Destroyer hits a knee to the gut and then a headbut to the skull. CD hits the floor as Destroyer picks him back up and grips him with a bear hug.

The ref counts.


CD with a rake to the eyes and another elbow to the skull manages to get himself free as Destroyer breaks the hold. CD spears Destroyer right into the steel post. He takes destroyer by the arm and leaps up onto the apron which is enough for the ref to break the count as 7. CD wrenches Destroyers arm and spring boards off the second rope for a modified arm drag. CD keeps wit the hold as he tightens the pressure and stomps away at Destroyers Shoulder.

Zach Davis: CD doing a great job at keeping Destroyer immobile.

Freddy Whoa: But how long until the big man gets mad?

Destroyer screams out in anger as he gets to his feet and twists out the arm wrench. He picks up CD in a gorilla press, benching him several times before droping CDs head and neck onto the apron. Destroyer picks up CD and flings him into the steel steps. CD connects shoulder first with a thunderous crash.

Zach Davis: CD may have separated his shoulder on those steps.

Freddy Whoa: Or just broke his neck on the apron.

Zach Davis: The refs count up to six now..

Destroyer charges at CD but CD hits a drop toe hold and Destroys smashses his head on the steps.

CD again climbs into the ring to break the count and heads up to the ropes.

Zach Davis: CD launching off with a hurricanrana!

Freddy Whoa: No! Destroyer catches him!


Zach Davis: What a powerbomb onto the steel steps!

Destroyer picks up CD and rolls him into the ring with a quick cover.

The pin attempt




Zach Davis: The King of Wrestlers kicks out!

Destroyer picks up CD, connecting with knees to the gut again. He whips CD into the turnbuckle but CD leaps up onto the top buckle and dives off with a cross body.

Freddy Whoa: Destroyer catches CD again! He lifts CD up over his head. He might be going for a rib breaker!

CD manages roll out of Destroyers grabs just as hes lifted over Destroyers head.


Zach Davis: Another superkick by CD!


Freddy Whoa: three-sixty spinning elbow smash!

CD leaps over Destroyer and onto the second rope for a split leg moonsault.

The pin..




Zach Davis: Destroyer kicks out!

CD picks up Destroyer and sets him up in a front face lock..


Zach Davis: YOUR Plague!

Freddy Whoa: Front flip DDT!

The pin.



3 ..


Zach Davis: Again Destroyer gets the shoulder up!

CD backs up into the turnbuckle and waits for Destroyer to get up. Destroyer gets to a knee as CD runs for a spear but Destroyer snatches him up and plants him down with a side slam! Destroyer picks up CD and drags his body over to the turn buckle..

Zach Davis: He's setting up for The Ultimate Powerbomb!


Freddy Whoa: WHOA! CD counters with a hurricanrana!

Zach Davis: CD with a dragon sleeper.

The ref checks the arm..



NOO!! Destroyer keeps the arm up.

Zach Davis: Destroyer trying to rally against the hall of famer.

Destroyer able to twist and turn the sleeper into a back body drop. Destroyer turns and picks up CD by the neck..

Freddy Whoa: Soprano! CD will be singing in falsetto.

Destroyer keeps his grip on CD's neck and connects with a chokeslam.


The pin..





Destroyer picks up CD and puts CD on his shoulders.

Zach Davis: Destroyer looking to hit an F-5.

Freddy Whoa: Destroyer puts a lot of spin on it



Zach Davis: What?! CD lands on his feet behind Destroyer!

Destroyer turns around into an elbow smash!

Freddy Whoa: The strength of Corey Black! The four hundred pound Destroyer on his shoulders.


Zach Davis: Burning Hammer!

The pin..



3 !!!

Freddy Whoa: Corey Black picks up the win!

Zach Davis: The Burning Hammer puts away another giant!

The Cartel vs Marc Mayhem/Justin Cash/Mystery Partner
Special Guest Referee: Seth Lerch

Master of Puppets hits and the crowd immediately begins to boo.

Zach Davis: I've been given this to read during Seth's entrance: "Why are the fans booing? One wouldn't be possible without him! He's the greatest!"

Freddy Whoa: Seth actually gave you that to read?

Zach Davis: Yep.

Seth steps out and ignores the fans as he marches to the ring, wearing a referee's shirt. He slides in and awaits the participants.

Freddy Whoa: The odds are really stacked against Justin Cash and Marc Mayhem here tonight. We've got to wonder who the mystery partner is going to be, and if that person will be able to overcome Seth being the ref.

The stadium lights fade down.

Child's Voice: Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Adult Voice: We'll make you famous.

"Recognition" by CFO$ starts playing as bursts of white lights fly around the stadium. The lights all merge at the entrance and a huge burst of white pyro goes off and the stadium goes black again. "Superhuman" by CFO$ starts and the WCFtron shows Chaz James video. "Time has come" by CFO$ starts playing as a video package of Tom Joad airs. "Catch your breath" by CFO$ plays as a video of Adam Young plays. The stadium goes pitch black and then a single white light hits the entranceway as Stanley Ewing starts walking towards the ring in a all black strip suit.

Stanley Ewing: Penn State you've been teased for weeks now and it is time. Welcome to Beaver Stadium the WCF's most violent force ever, the Cartel!

"Reach Down" by Temple of the Dog starts playing as the WCFtron reads Cartel. Out steps "The Ghost" Tom Joad dressed up like Lord Humongous from the Mad Max movie. He walks right up to Stanley and takes off the mask to reveal his faced painted pale white with black around his eyes. "The Bullet" Chaz James comes out dressed like Darth Maul. He walks up with his hood still on his head. Then steps out "The Villain" Adam Young dressed like the Riddler. All four men climb into the ring where black and purple streamers are being thrown into the ring.

Adam Young: Riddle me this and riddle me that who's afraid of the piece of shit known as Justin Cash.

Crowd: Nobody!

Zach Davis: Well, the Cartel is here!, and they're here to fight.

The arena goes black and Hail to the king (by avenged sevenfold) plays over pa. a spot light lights up the center of the ring. Marc walks out from behind the curtain. he runs down the ramp while red pyros go off following him down. he slides under the ropes and warms up in the spotlight while he waits for his partner.

The lights in the arena go black. The only light is the words "It's time" written in neon green on the titantron. Disturbed "Criminal" starts to play as the entrance lights up green. Out walks Justin Cash who has his back to the crowd. After a few moments green fireworks explodes revealing a money symbol. The lights turn back on. Justin spins around and throws both hands to the sky and then saunters to the ring. As he is walking to the ring he is bad mouthing the fans. He climbs into the ring and walks to a corner post climbs it and raises both middle fingers to the crowd.

Freddy Whoa: And who is the mystery partner going to be?

Before anything can happen, The Cartel attacks Cash and Mayhem from behind! Seth calls for the bell!

Zach Davis: Hey! Come on!

Cash and Mayhem hit the mat and all three members of the Cartel stomp at them viciously while Seth cheers them on. Young picks Mayhem up and tosses him out of the ring before pinning Cash.


Freddy Whoa: WHAT A FAST COUNT! COME ON! Seth isn't even PRETENDING to play fair!

NO!, Cash manages to kick out before Seth's incredibly fast count. Young lifts Cash up and Cash starts fighting back!, jabbing Young right in the jaw. The other two Cartel members quickly strike him and throw him to the ropes, executing a Double Flapjack as Cash comes back.

Zach Davis: Mayhem and Cash need to mount a comeback here, and fast. AND their mystery partner needs to show up!

Young goes for another pin.


This time Mayhem hits the ring and breaks it up! The crowd pops as Mayhem hits Joad with a Dropkick. Joad is sent flying out of the ring. Chaz James runs at Mayhem and goes for a Clothesline which Mayhem ducks; he then hits another Dropkick, sending James out of the ring as well!

Freddy Whoa: We're down to Adam Young and Marc Mayhem, a fair one on one fight!

Adam Young runs at Mayhem and Mayhem catches him and executes a picture perfect Belly to Back Suplex! Mayhem goes for a pin!


Young kicks out.

Zach Davis: Predictable, incredibly slow count from Seth. What are Mayhem and Cash going to do?

Freddy Whoa: This is their first One and they surely want to win, but I'm not sure they have a way to do it here.

Mayhem grabs Young's legs and begins twisting him up.

Zach Davis: THAT'S a plan! Clover Leaf! If Young taps out there's nothing Seth can do to save him!

Young yells in pain but he, for the time being, refuses to tap out. Seth yells "COME ON, ADAM! COME ON!" encouraging him to crawl to the ropes.

Freddy Whoa: Young can't last in this hold forever!

Joad and James quickly re-enter the ring. Cash intercepts them, however, and is able to lift Joad and drop him with a Sidewalk Slam. However, James is still able to reach Mayhem and kick him off.

Zach Davis: Close call for the Cartel there.

James quickly picks Mayhem up and tosses him out of the ring. Joad and James then lift Cash up and position him.

Freddy Whoa: Uh oh.. they're ready to finish this.

Zach Davis: There it is.. COLUMBIAN NECK TIE!

THEY HIT IT! The Kings of Chaos hit their finisher and Adam pins Justin Cash.




Freddy Whoa: And there you have it. The Cartel picks up a huge One victory.

The Cartel isn't done. They repeatedly stomp Cash over and over again.

Zach Davis: Come on! Is this necessary?

Seth grabs a mic.


Seth is cut off by a drumbeat.

Zach Davis: WHAT!?

The Struggle Within by Metallica is playing.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!



Logan hits the ring! He runs at the Kings of Chaos and drops them with a Double Clothesline. They roll out of the ring. Young runs at Logan next and he hits an IMPACT STYLE!

Freddy Whoa: It just wouldn't be One without Logan!

Young is sent flying out of the ring as well! Logan snatches the mic away from Seth.

Logan: So... guess I was a little late, huh?

The crowd pops.

Zach Davis: Logan was supposed to be the mystery partner!

Seth goes to snatch the mic back, but Logan stops him.

Logan: Why even try to say anything, Seth? You know what I'm going to tell you to do.

The crowd yells "SHUT UP!" before Logan can say it. Regardless..

Logan: SHUT! UP!

Huge pop! Seth takes the mic anyway.

Seth Lerch: No, Logan. You know what? One or not, I'm not going to do this with you here tonight. I don't have the time. I'm out of here.

Seth turns to leave the ring, which was the exact wrong thing to do.

Zach Davis: HERE IT COMES!

Logan grabs Seth in a Sleeper from behind!


The crowd pops as Logan flips over Seth with the Connector! Logan gets back to his feet as The Struggle Within plays once more and he curses Seth out. Seth lays in the ring, motionless, holding his head in pain.

Zach Davis: Logan may not have made it to the match fast enough to save his team, but he made an impact here tonight regardless!

The crowd chants "LOGAN! LOGAN!" as the Face of Treachery leaves the ring and heads to the back.

Joey Flash Arrives

We cut back to the building entrance near the car park to see Joey Flash entering the building, completely alone, carring the Television title belt over his shoulder he seems oblivious to the world with large headphones blasting music out.

He ignores anything and everyone, a young fan approaches with a piece of paper and a pen only for Joey to lash out and slap him square across the face. The boy’s father approaches Joey angered at the unprovoked assault only to be himself smashed into the wall and stomped by Joey a couple of times.

Without a second glance Joey continues on toward his locker room, his eyes burning with focus and aggression, this is what a big fight atmosphere does to him it seems. The monster was growing big indeed.

We follow Joey up to his locker room as he enters without a word and we


Internet Title Match
Clockwork Orange House of Fun
Dan Van Slade vs Maelstrom vs Seifer Black vs Stuart Slane vs Jayson Price

Zach Davis: Well it's time for the first of the three hardcore matches in a row you're going to see tonight and what better way to kick it off than a Clockwork Orange House Of Fun Match!

Freddy Whoa: I don't care what the name is, there's nothing fun about this match. Just look around at all the weapons!

There's a cage wall on one side of the ring with various weapons hanging off of it. Tables, ladders and chairs are scattered around the outside of the ring, alongside a large object covered by a tarp. And then hanging above the ring, suspended by wires, are even more types of weapons.

Zach Davis: The rules are simple...there are none! Just get the pin in the ring and you win.

Freddy Whoa: Oh if it were only that simple.

A mariachi version of "Follow Me, Boys!" plays as Slane marches from gorilla. He makes his way down the ramp to the ring, which he continues to power walk around before stomping up the steps.

Kyle Steel: From Grant, Iowa, weighing in at 270 pounds...STUART SLANE!

He wipes his feet on the ring apron and then enters the ring between the ropes. After moving to his corner and removing his hat and sash, Slane loosens up by engaging in some old time calisthenics (Indian twists, deep knee bends, etc).

The subtle guitar screeches and ominous bass drum beats of "Raining Blood" by Slayer flood the arena, hushing the crowd as the arena lights dim. The drums beat, and fiery-orange uplights flash up to the beat. The anticipation builds as the seconds pass. Then, the guitar roars to life as a renewed gout of fiery orange orange spotlights flare around the stadium, spinning not unlike warning lights. Maelstrom appears with his head bowed and covered with a wet rust-colored towel.

Kyle Steel: From Buffalo, New York, weighing in at 300 pounds...MAELSTROM!

He marches to the ring with purpose, hands out to brush the outstretched fingers of the fans on both sides. With little style but lots of intensity he shakes the towel off his head, and then twisting the other way to crack his neck as he climbs into the ring. Climbing to the second turnbuckle, he greets the crowd by thumping his fist over his heart and bowing his head in salute.

"Pompeii" by E.S. Posthumus begins instantly. "Dan" fades onto the screen above stage and holds for three seconds, followed by a cross fade into "Van" for another three, and then "Slade" ends it with a final three second hold. The beautifully orchestrated theme by E.S. Posthumus engulfs the arena and at about twelve seconds into the vanity appears "Devious" Dan Van Slade who whips the curtain behind him and hurries to the stage. The superstar stops at the edge of the ramp as he is introduced by the ring announcer. He points to his left, and then to the right; he lifts his head and closes his eyes. Pyrotechnics are showcased behind him with a row of flames shooting from the stage floor, and a shower of bright sparks pouring from the rafters above.

Kyle Steel: From Missoula, Montana, weighing in at 251 pounds...DAN VAN SLADE!

The pompous introduction comes to a halt, but the epic theme continues as Van Slade arrogantly treks down the ramp with his sights set on the wrestling ring. The devious performer talks with himself while shouting crude remarks toward the crowd. He stops mid-way and then jets toward the ring. He slides underneath the bottom rope until he anchors himself into the center of the squared-circle. He slowly moves to his feet and stares into the crowd with determined eyes and a sadistic grin. His battle tune fades.

The lights go off as the screen goes to static and 515 by Slipknot soars around the arena as a voice shouts the word death as horrific imagery flashes across the screen till everything goes black and black smoke covers the stage and ramp and blood drips onto the screen spelling out Seifer Black Armstrong... Suddenly Babylon AD by Cradle of Filth blasts out from the speakers and from the smoke a hand reaches up with a black light lamp placing it on the stage as Seifer climbs out of the stage his face paint and parts of his clothing glowing under the black light as he kneels on the stage.

Kyle Steel: Introducing from Toronto Ontario Canada, weighing in at 250 pounds, representing S-Pac... The Doomsday Prophet Seifer Black-Armstrong!

Grabbing the light with his mouth he crawls through the smoke for a moment before standing up and taking the lamp in his hand before slowly walking down the ramp. Reaching the bottom of the ramp he turns off the lamp and the ring is bathed in black light he leaps up onto the ring apron the light illuminating him again as he walks over to the turnbuckles climbing up placing one foot on the top turnbuckle keeping one on the second and making the sign of the cross with his arms and tipping his head back before spitting luminous liquid in the air. Leaping off the top turnbuckle into the ring as he hits the ground fire erupts from the turnbuckles and ground creating fire crosses on each side of the ring... As the fire fades the lights go back to normal and Seifer walks into the corner of the ring and sits there waiting for the match to start.

All of the lights in the arena drop as "Explosia" by Gojira kicks in over the arena speakers. When the vocals kick in, pyro explodes from the stage and from around the jumbotron as it fires to life with a video montage of all of Price's greatest moments. A spotlight comes on and shines on the stage as Price steps out from the back to a massive pop from the crowd. Price pauses at the top of the ramp to let the crowd get themselves a good look before heading down the ramp, grabbing a beer from a fan trying to get a high five.

Kyle Steel: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 245 pounds, he is the current WCF Internet Champion...JAYSON PRICE!

Price downs the beer and then tosses it to the side as he grabs a microphone from ringside. His music cuts as he approaches the tarp covered object outside the ring.

Jayson Price: As both the man defending the title in this match and the man that brought this match to the WCF, I feel as if it's up to me to make it the best damn match possible. So, gentlemen, I went ahead and decided to make things a bit more...interesting tonight. Enjoy.

Price tosses the microphone aside, grabs the tarp and whips it off to reveal...


...a children's inflatable pool filled with thousands of Lego bricks. The other competitors seem the most uneasy about it as they do every other weapon surrounding them as Price hands off the Internet Title and slides into the ring. The referee that's present only for making a pin quickly calls for the bell and then gets out of the way.


Stuart Slane immediately exits the ring, not at all looking like he even wants to be there. Seifer and Slade go right at each other with punches as Maelstrom goes after Price. Seifer knocks Slade to his knees with a headbutt and then goes to try and grab a kendo stick from above his head. He gets it detached but Slade hits him square in the crotch with a low blow. Slade now grabbing the kendo stick and he whacks Seifer over the top of the head with it.

Zach Davis: OOF!

Maelstrom tries for a tie-up but Price counters with an open hand slap to the face. Price with a few choice words for Maelstrom and he tries it again. Maelstrom with the block and he hits a headbutt. It's god damn headbutt city as Maelstrom grabs Price by the back of the head and hits him with rapid, repeating headbutts. He finally lets Price go and watches as Price stumbles back against the ropes. Maelstrom charges and clothesline Price right over the top rope and out to the ground.

Freddy Whoa: It didn't take long for the action to leave the ring!

Slade with another shot with the kendo stick across the back of Seifer as he tries to get up. Slade hammering away at the back of Seifer until finally the stick snaps in his hands. Slade goes for the pin attempt.



NO! Slane decided to finally get involved and slid into the ring to break up the pin. Slane now stomping away at the back of Slade's head as Seifer crawls toward the ropes. Maelstrom has Price up against the barricade and he lets loose with a chop to the chest. The crowd lets out a "WOO" as he does it a second and third time.

Zach Davis: I didn't realize we were in North Carolina!

Maelstrom looks around and spots the kiddie pool. With evil intentions on his mind, Maelstrom slaps his hand around Price's throat and drags him toward the pool. Maelstrom going for the chokeslam but Price elbows him in the face. Price now trying for a suplex into the pool but Maelstrom blocks. Maelstrom with a suplex of his own and Price lands backfirst on a ladder.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa!

Back in the ring, Slane has Slade on his feet and locked in an abdominal stretch. Slade is yelling in pain but nothing can be done as this is a pinfall only kind of match. Behind them Seifer is on his feet and he grabs another weapon from above, this time a staple gun. Seifer comes out behind Slane and slams the gun into his neck, shooting a staple into him. Slane lets go of Slade and gets another staple in the neck. Seifer now knocking Slane to the mat and littering his back with staples as Slane yells in pain.

Zach Davis: That just isn't humane!

Apparently someone forgot to reload the staple gun because it soon runs out and Seifer tosses it aside. He goes to find another weapon and turns around into a big boot to the face from Slade. Slade now with a leg drop onto the chest before going for a pin on Seifer.



KICKOUT! Seifer with the shoulder up as we go back to ringside. Price is trying to get back up to his feet as Maelstrom waits behind him with a fire extinguisher in hand. Price up and he spins around as Maelstrom squeezes the handle. Nothing happens! Price laughs and Maelstrom throws the extinguisher at his head. Price ducks and it connects with the ring post. It bursts and begins spraying everywhere, including into the crowd.

Zach Davis: Couldn't get it to work...eventually sprayed everywhere uncontrollably...remind you of your first time with a woman Freddy?

Freddy Whoa: No. Why, does it remind you of your first time Zach?

Zach Davis: Uh...no?

Maelstrom charges right at Price, tackling into him and lifting him into the air before driving him into the ring post. Price left propped up against it as Maelstrom backs up. He charges, looking for a clothesline, but Price ducks it and Maelstrom connects shoulder first with the post. Price scoops up a chair from the ground and slams it into Maelstrom's back, dropping him. With Maelstrom down, Price sets up the chair and takes a seat, waving off the crowd booing him for taking five.

Zach Davis: Well people have been making fun of Price for taking breaks for years, no reason why he should care now.

Back in the ring, Slade has Slane up on his feet and in a headlock. Slade grabbing for a light tube that's hanging and he gets it. Slane begging for Slade not to use it and Slade shakes his head yes. Slade shoves Slane away from him and winds up the light tube like a bat. He swings back and Seifer grabs the tube from him. Slade spins around and catches it to the face. It explodes in a cloud of dust and glass pieces as Slade drops to the mat, drops of blood appearing on his forehead. Seifer gets dust in his eyes and tries to get his eyes clear to no avail as he stumbles back against the ropes. Slane sees it and charges at him, clotheslining him over the top rope. Slane grabs hold of the top rope to keep from falling to the ground but Seifer tumbles straight into the pool full of Legos.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Seifer begins writhing in pain in the Lego pool as Slane breaths a sigh of relief. Slane now showboating to the crowd that wanted him to fall in as Price gets up from his seat. Price folds up his chair and walks over to Slane, who is still showboating. Price with the wind-up and he connects with Slane's back. Slane teeters on the apron and then falls back, straight into the pool and on top of Seifer.


Seeing Slade still out on the mat, Price slides into the ring and goes for the pin attempt.




NO! Maelstrom slides into the ring and dives on top of the pin to break it up. Maelstrom shoves Price off of Slade and goes for the pin.




NO! Price shoves Maelstrom off of Slade and he gets to his feet. Maelstrom throws a right and it connects. Price with a right and it too connects. Maelstrom goes for an elbow but Price ducks it. Price with a kick to the gut and he doubles over Maelstrom. Price with a DDT and a quick pin.



NO! Maelstrom with the shoulder up at two as both men scramble to get to their feet. They quickly tie-up and fight for control. Meanwhile Slade is finally back up to his feet and he looks up and sees a two for one kinda weapon: a lighter and a can of hairspray. He grabs for them and pulls them down. Price gets the better of Maelstrom and spins him around for the Green Eyed Monster when Slade flicks on the lighter and lets loose with the hair spray, shooting flames into Maelstrom's face.

Zach Davis: DEAR GOD!


Maelstrom blinded by the fire, the little bit of hair on his head and face singed. Slade tosses aside his weapons and he signals for Price to help grab him. Price and Slade grab hold of Maelstrom and then turn him toward the cage wall.

Freddy Whoa: What are they doing here?

With a nod, both men run forward and then throw Maelstrom straight into the cage wall. It buckles a bit but stays upright as Maelstrom finds himself stuck between the wall and the ropes. Slade and Price share a laugh until Price kicks Slade between the legs.

Zach Davis: Oh come on!

Freddy Whoa: Well it was bound to happen. One is literally named "Devious" and the other is Price, what did you expect?

With Slade doubled over, Price pulls him in for a powerbomb. Price lifts him up, takes a few steps and then throws him off and into the back of Maelstrom. The cage wall buckles and then begins to slowly tip over. Seifer and Slane, still in the pool, try to get out but can't in time as the cage wall drops down on top of them. The weight of the cage, Maelstrom and Slade is too much for the pool and it pops, spilling Legos everywhere.

Zach Davis: I don't even know how to react. This is lunacy. LUNACY!

Price looks around at everyone outside of the ring and shrugs his shoulders. He heads for the corner and climbs up to the top rope. With a middle finger to the crowd, Price leaps off the top rope with a moonsault onto Slade.

Freddy Whoa: WTF MANEUVER!

It connects and suddenly we have all five men laid out at ringside, although technically Seifer and Slane are moving but they're trapped under the cage wall.


Maelstrom the first to start moving as he rolls off of the cage wall. He's on his feet but a bit out of it as he stumbles over to a set up table and leans against it. Slane finally manages to crawl out from under the cage as Seifer is still stuck. Maelstrom sees Slane free and kicks him in the back of the head. Maelstrom now pulling Slane up to his feet but Slane catches him with a low blow. Slane spins him around and hits the Scoutmaster Slam onto the cage wall.

Zach Davis: This is it! Stuart Slane is going to be the new Internet Champion!

Slane starts to drop down for the pin attempt when he's spun around by Price. Price with the Downfall.




NO! Slade from out of nowhere breaks up the pin. Slade grabs Price and tries to drag him up. Price counters it and goes for the Downfall. Slade with the counter and he shoves Price off and into the apron. Price stops himself before he runs into and Slade charges him. Price with the back elbow to the face. Price grabs Slade and pulls him in before connecting with a powerbomb onto the apron. Slane stirring and trying to get to his feet. Price shakes his head and pulls Slane up. Price setting up for the Pricebuster and he hits it onto the table. Slane crashes through and Price goes for the pin.




"Explosia" by Gojira hits the speakers as Price collapses from exhaustion. The referee brings him the Internet Title and helps him to his feet as medics run out to tend to everyone.

Zach Davis: Well there you have it, Jayson Price retains the Internet Title. Is he right? Can anyone actually end his reign as "King Internet"?

Freddy Whoa: After this showing I don't even know Zach. At this point who even wants to try to dethrone him?

Price allows the referee to raise his hand before he heads for the back.

Hardcore Match
Scarecrow Must Win With the Chokebreaker
The Scarecrow vs Kaz Mazy
Special Guest Enforcer: Odin Balfore

Zach Davis: there comes a strange match made by Odin Balfore. Scarecrow has to go one on one with Kaz Mazy withholding as the special enforcer. the only way scarecrow can win is by using Ragnarok; Odins finishing move.

Freddy Whoa: I know Zach. It's a strange match but scarecrow did it to himself.

Zach Davis: Indeed he did Freddy.

“A murder of crows are gathering, the fields are ripe to reap. The days of sin, follow the wind, with promises to keep.”
“And in those fateful hours, when my dawn shall duly rise. The blood tide shall bath you, and swallow up your cries”
“All men of straw must cower, fall and fear the flame. Yet I am the one, who embraces the sun. Rejoice, and sing my name.”

Zach Davis: And here is Scarecrow.

Freddy Whoa: His fists are taped up, he's all buisness

The song begins to blare throughout the arena as "The Crazy One" Kaz Mazy leaps out from behind the curtain and begins dancing on the stage to his entrance music, Sophia trailing a few paces behind him.

To be the best, you gotta pass the test
You gotta make it all the way

This continues for several seconds before Kaz runs down the ramp and slides into the ring to a large pop from the crowd. He continues to dance in the ring to an even louder pop from the crowd. He flourishes against the rope before awaiting his opponent.

Zach Davis: Then there's Kaz Mazy. Bobby Cairos newest protegee.

Freddy Whoa: Scarecrow and Kaz are not strangers to one another with the battles that they've had in recent weeks.

“ With Oden On Our Side” Hit’s the PA system. The arena grows dark as the fans get to their feet to catch a glimpse of the stage. The fans stand and cheer an once the vocals starts, the arena lights flash back on and there stands Odin Balfore, centre stage. Odin stares down at the ring with a sinister grin as the fans sing along with the chorus.

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know why we have come! Futile to resist... the battle is.. already won!

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know why we have come! Futile to resist... the battle is.. already won!

The fans pop insanely right after as Odin begins to walk down the ramp at a slow an methodical pace. Once he gets to the foot of the ring, he steps up on it and looks around the arena again before stepping over the ropes..

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know why we have come! Futile to resist...

Odin cuts off the fans as he raises his hand in triumph. Odin turns back to the ring as the fans finish their part.

Crowd: The battle is.. already won!

Zach Davis: Look at Odin Balfore, jacked and sporting a thick beard. The enforcer in the match makes his presence known.

Freddy Whoa: The enforcer and the man who made the match.

Zach Davis: Thats right. Scarecrow has used the choke-breaker in several of his matches and Odin sees that as a slap in the face.

Freddy Whoa: Well Seth appointed him the head of talent relations and that allows him to do things like that.

Zach Davis: Abuse his power?

Freddy Whoa: Nah, son. Make really awesome matches. The only way for scarecrow to win IS IF he hits the choke-breaker before making a pin fall.


Both men lock up in the middle of the ring, Scarecrow takes the advantage, backing Kaz up into the corner and hits a few stiff chops followed by shoulder thrusts. Scarecrow picks up Kaz and puts him up on the top rope for a superplex but Kaz is able to float over and balance on the middle turn buckle. Kaz sets Scarecrow up..

Zach Davis: Release German Suplex from the top rope!

Freddy Whoa: Funny how the strategy for both men is going to be to immobilze the other. Scarecrow cant use his size advantage on his back and Kaz won't be able to use his speed if he's locked in the corner or in some rest hold.

Zach Davis: Expect these men to go full throttle.

Kaz hits a standing moonsault to scarecrow for the pin.




Kaz picks up Scarecrow and buries his foot into scarecrows stomach with a spinning thrust kick. Kaz bounces of the ropes but scarecrow captures him with a spinning sidewalk slam.

Scarecrow goes for the pin.

Zach Davis: Stanley Moses refuses to count.

Freddy Whoa: Instinct takes over with that pin attempt. Its a natural reaction.

Scarecrow picks Kaz up and goes for a double underhook powerbomb but Kaz fights out of it with a flurry of punches. Scarecrow falls to the mat as Kaz leaps up onto the rope and connexts with a spring board elbow drop. Kaz rolls out from the move before black flipping into the ropes for a front flip into leg drop across Scarecrows head! Kaz points towards the turnbuckle as he makes his way over and starts to climb it.

Freddy Whoa: Kaz going for a moon sault.

Scarecrow gets up as as Kaz hits a picture perfect moonsault.

Zach Davis: Scarecrow catches Kaz!

Scarecrow runs up and leaps off the second rope with a backflip, hitting a barrel suplex into a elbow drop. Scarecrow heads to the top rope for a moonsault of his own. He leaps off as Kaz rolls out of the way.

Zach Davis: Scarecrow lands on his feet as Kaz takes the apron. He climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off for a creasant kick but Scarecrow ducks it. Kaz lands in a split behind Scarecrow as Scarecrow turns around..

Freddy Whoa: Superkick by Kaz!

Zach Davis: Seems like we're about to be joined by Odin Balfore on commentary.

Odin Balfore: Zach, Freddy. How we doing?

Zach Davis: How are you enjoying the match so far?

Odin Balfore: Kaz doing his thing and as you can see, Scarecrow doing his.

Back in the ring Kaz has his feet on the bottom rope, taunting the crowd as Scarecrow gets up behind him and uses a school boy to scoop him out and away from the ropes.

Odin Balfore: Old Glory school school into that Old Glory nut cracker by the Scarecrow.

Scarecrow picks Kaz up for a running powerslam.

Zach Davis: Would you call that a 'Law Maker', Odin? Your running powerslam?

Odin Balfore: Too bad Scarecrow doesn’t make the law in WCF.

Scarecrow looks over to Odin, smiling and pointing

Scarecrow: It's coming.

Scarecrow picks up Kaz and slams him down with a choke-breaker.

Zach Davis: NO! Kaz counters wit the lubrication twist!

The Pin




Scarecrow kicks out!

Kaz picks Scarecrow and hopes to whip him into the rope but it get reversed. Scarecrow follows and clotheslines Kaz as both men go over the ropes and land on the apron. The fight and struggle to gain control as Scarecrow grabs Kaz for a 'Rock Bottom' and dives from the apron into the announce table.

Crowd: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Kaz and Scarecrow both just went through the announce table.

Zach Davis: Stanley Moses about to start the count.

Odin Balfore: Stanley isnt going to count. Scarecrow wanted a match at ONE; now he's getting it.

Scarecrow gets to his feet first and tries to get in Odins face.

Scarecrow: I'm going to kill your boy. Look at him.

Scarecrow picks up Kaz by his head and displays him for Odin.

Scarecrow: You did this to him.

SLAP! To Kaz Mazy! Kaz staggers away as Scarecrow continues to taunt Odin.

Zach Davis: Not the wisest of choices.

Scarecrow turns around as Kaz hits a diving shoulder tackle to the gut of Scarecrow.

Zach Davis: Scarecrow just rams into Balfore.

Odin Snarls as he grabs scarecrow by the back of the next and throws him through the guard rail.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! And Scarecrow just got his first taste of The All Father.

Zach Davis: Balfore just took him by the scruff of the neck and tossed him aside through that guard rail.

Odin holds his hands out, signaling to give Kaz a boost up. Kaz takes a running start and his launched into the crowd, connecting with a devastating superman punch!

Crowd: That Was Awesome!

Kaz gets up as the crowd cheers for him

Crowd: KAZ! KAZ! KAZ!

Kaz picks Scarecrow up and dumps him over the guard rail. Kaz hops the guard rail and rolls Scarecrow in the ring for the pin.

The pin.




Zach Davis: Kick out by Scarecrow!

Freddy Whoa: Kaz makes his way to the top rope. He might be going for a top rope mushroom stomp..

Kaz waits for Scarecrow to get to his knees before jumping off the top!


Zach Davis: Murder of Crows! That snap neck breaker from out of no where!

Freddy Whoa: Both men are down.

Stanley Moses counts


Scarecrow gets up to his feet. He picks up Kaz...

Zach Davis: Choke-Breaker!

The pin...





Scarecrow gets up and nails Kaz with a few stiff rights before he makes another pin attempt.

Stanley Moses refuses to count, signaling the closed fists. Scarecrow starts to argue with Stanley before turning his rage toward Kaz. Scarecrow picks up Kaz. He takes a wide swing but Kaz ducks it with a split into dump out power slam.

The pin.




Zach Davis: Scarecrow kicks out of the surprise powerslam.

Odin Balfore: Kaz is starting to turn this game around. Scarecrow wants to poke the All Father and yet he's getting tossed around by Kaz Monstah!

Kaz takes a few steps back and sizes up Scarecrow, whose just starting to get to one knee.


Zach Davis: Hanging Dong! Running knee to the mush.

Kaz signals to the top rope as he makes his way over.

Crowd: KAZ! KAZ! KAZ!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Kaz Mazy hits the corkscrew Moonsault.

Zach Davis: Why Won't Can't Let me?!

The pin..



3 !!!

Zach Davis: Kaz Mazy puts away Scarecrow!

Odin Balfore: It's the beard.

Freddy Whoa: Kaz picks up a fantastic victory tonight on WCFs biggest Pay Per View!!

Warpath Segment

The scene opens in a dimly lit room, empty except for a punching bag hanging in the centre, swaying ever-so-slightly in the darkness. The camera rotates around the punching bag, slowly at first, but gradually picking up speed. And then… the scene suddenly cuts to darkness, before a voice speaks up.

Fan #01: Warpath is quite possibly one of the best raw talents I have ever seen in my entire life. So much potential at such a young age.

The scene cuts to a clip showing a group of groggy wrestlers lying motionless on the canvas. The wrestlers are in good shape, yet they all seem to be beaten rather soundly. Scene goes black again.

Fan #02: Marvellous technical skills, really blew my mind when I went down to the WCF development federation the other week.

Another short snippet interjects, this time of a wrestler screaming in agony on the mat and tapping out desperately, his body wrenched up painfully in a single leg Boston crab. Once more, the scene cuts to black.

Fan #03: He looks really cool. That mask makes him look like a superhero! Go Warpath!

Yet another sneak preview of the incoming wrestler. Two white gloves. Black wrestling boots. A white mask, made of a material that resembles Kevlar. Boom, the scene cuts to black again.

Fan #01: He’s quick, he’s strong, he’s got that draw to him that just makes you want to… you know watch him. And you know what? I think Warpath has what it takes to make it big here.

And suddenly, the room with the punching bag zooms back to focus. But this time, a man is standing right next to it. Dressed in a jacket, wrestling tights, and wrestling boots, he looks ready to head into the ring already. His head is tilted down, but it is apparent that this man - no doubt Warpath himself - is wearing a mask of sorts. Without speaking, he turns away, and walks off. The camera zooms in on the jacket, where the words “Duty, Honour, Country” glimmer in the light.

Zach Davis: Making his debut next week, live on Slam… WARPATH!!!

Jeff Purse vs Eric Price

Zach Davis: Coming up next we hve a match thats been a year in the making.

Freddy Whoa: Eric Price taking on Jeff Purse in a street fight!

Zach Davis: It's what we in the biz call a rocket buster!

Freddy Whoa: You mean what you call it. I call it two honkys beating each other up for some black entertainment.

"You Know My Name" by Chris Cornell. Gold lights will start flashing as the music starts and as soon as Eric Price walks out, a gold spotlight will shine on him as he makes his way to the ring with an energetic walk, a smile on his face as he walks down the entrance ramp and slaps hands with the audience. He steps in the ring using the steps and walks into the ring as he stands in the center of it looking around at the audience as he raises his hands and smirks at the audience.

Zach Davis: Here he comes! The manager of Armageddon Now, INC. He's a former world champion and a grand slam winner and heated rival of Jeff Purse... Eric Price!

This is survival of the fittest
This is do or die
This is the winner takes it all
So take it all

Eminems "Survival" blares over the PA as Jeff Purse walks out from the back at stands at the top of the stage. He raises Father Terry Andrews over his head as the music kicks off.
Abaddon is right behind him, just standing with a black robe and shawl on over his face, looking menicing.

Wasn't ready to be no millionaire, I was ill-prepared
I was prepared to be ill though, the skill was there
From the beginning, it wasn't 'bout the ends

Coming around the ring, he hands Father Terry Andrews to Abaddon, taking a moment to pray with the puppet. Jeff rolls in the ring and throws his arms in the air, pyros shoot off.

Freddy Whoa: The WAR Eleven winner and former world champion himself, Jeff Purse!


The two men immediately attack each other with right, lefts, clubbing blows and a damn kitchen sink. Eric grabs Jeff and hooks him up with a double underarm suplex but Jeff lands on his feet and hits a back body drop suplex on Eric. Jeff gets out of the ring and starts looking under the ring and comes up with a steel chair.

Zach Davis: Things just got interesting.

Jeff slides back into the ring as Eric gets to his feet.

Freddy Whoa: Jeff swings the chair.

Zach Davis: Eric ducks it.


Zach Davis: Eric with a drop kick to the steel chair.

Jeff flys back into the corner as Eric picks up the chair and connects with a home run shot. Jeff dumps out to the floor as Eric takes to the turnbuckle.

Freddy Whoa: Eric going for high risk, here. Looks like.. a.. What do you honkies call this?


Crowd: That was Awesome!

Zach Davis: Arabian Face Buster! Seated Senton with a chair!

Eric throws the chair down as he picks up Jeff and rams him spine first into the steel post. Eric readjusts Jeff to send him head first into the post but Jeff pushes himself off and Eric kisses the steel. Jeff stays on Eric, grabbing him around the waist and hitting a German suplex.

Zach Davis: Oh MY God! Erics head just bounced off that steel chair.

Jeff looks under the ring and pulls out a table. He sets up it and goes to grab Eric who hits him with a stiff elbow.

Freddy Whoa: Olympic Slam by Eric!

Eric picks up Jeff but gets low blowed.


Zach Davis: Step up Enzugeri!

Eric appears to be out of it. Jeff picks him up and rolls him onto the table then takes to the ring and climbs the turn buckle.

Freddy Whoa: Purse is at home in that high risk aerial environment. Crazy cracka's.

Jeff takes his time trying to set up his attack but in that moment Eric rolls off the table and pushes it over.

Zach Davis: Jeff takes off for a moonsault but I don't think he knows that Eric moved the table.


Crowd: Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Jeff Purse just went half way across the ring and connected with a top rope hurricanrana!

Zach Davis: I don't think Eric expected that.

Jeff rolls Eric back into the ring and hooks the leg

The pin.




Zach Davis: Eric Price kicks out at two!

Jeff picks up Eric again and goes for a round house kick but Eric catches it. Jeff tries to hit another enzugeri but Eric ducks it and turns it into a rolling dragon screw then right into a sharp shooter!

Freddy Whoa: Great counter into a reversal by Eric Price.

Zach Davis: Eric trying to weaken the legs and back of Jeff. He;s trying to wear that that high impact offense.

Jeff powers out of it as Eric hits the ropes and comes back; he connects with a snapmare!

Freddy Whoa: Eric hits the ropes again.. Mafia Kick!

The pin.




Zach Davis: Jeff Purse kicks out at two

Eric picks up Jeff and hits him with a sit out gutwrench pwerbomb!

Zach Davis: Doctor Bomb! An EP favorite!

Eric scrambles for a pin but Jeff roles out the the ring and to the floor. Eric gets up and goes in between the ropes but..

Zach Davis: And Jeff Purse puts out the fire!

Freddy Whoa:Jeff blasting that chemical smoke in the face of Eric Price!

Eric recoils, gripping at his face and stumping around in blind pain. Jeff gets on the apron and springboards off the top rope.


Zach Davis: The Future! 720 DDT.

The pin.




Freddy Whoa: And Eric Price somehow kicks out!

Jeff gets to his feet as Eric gets to a knee. Jeff tries for a double ax handle but Eric leans into it and has Jeff up on his shoulders a death valley position..


Zach Davis: Cash Flow!

The pin.





Eric gets up and takes the outside. He grabs the table and slides it into the ring. Eric starts to set the table up again as Jeff gets to his feet. He hits the ropes and runs at the table. Jeff leaps off the table and lands ring on the middle turnbuckle.
Zach Davis: Jeff Purse is like a cat!

Eric turns around as he takes a thrust kick right to the face. Eric rolls back onto the table..


Crowd: Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

Zach Davis: The One and Only! Double moonsault through the table.

The pin..





Freddy Whoa: Eric Price kicks out!

Jeff rolls out of the ring again and find a steel chair. He gets into the ring and throws it down on Eric. Jeff climbs the turn buckle again and sets up for a dragon attack but Eric gets to his feet, leaving the chair on the ground. Eric comes up behind Jeff and powers him down onto the chair.

Zach Davis: Powerbomb onto the chair!

The pin..





Freddy Whoa: Jeff Purse kicks out!

Zach Davis: This guys have put each other through hell.

Eric gets out of the ring again and goes and gets yet another table and slides it into the ring. He's not one though as he pulls out a ladder.

Zach Davis: Thats a twenty foot ladder! We already had a ladder match today but I guess we're getting another.

Eric slides the ladder into the ring and sets it up then goes over to the table and starts to set it up as Jeff gets to his feet and the two start to brawl again. Jeff hits a snap suplex into the ladder which falls and tilts against the ropes. Jeff starts to set up the table and rolls Eric on top of it.

Zach Davis: Jeff going to the top of the ladder.

Freddy Whoa: I told you these white boys were crazy.

Eric rolls off the table and starts to climb the other side of the ladder.

Zach Davis: Twenty plus feet in the air, these two men are throwing right hands. This will not end well.

Crowd: OH!

Right hand by Jeff

Crowd: OH!

Right hand by Eric

The men grapple. The ladder tips..


Zach Davis: Reversal of Fortune!

Freddy Whoa: Both men go through the table..

Crowd: Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

The pin..



3 !!!!

Zach Davis: Eric Price beats Jeff Purse in a street fight! Eric Price has survived!

Occulo/Joey Flash Segment

We open in a small room backstage in the arena, a large mechanical scale flanked by several officials with a few selected press members watching on and scribbling down notes. The adjudicator steps forward to address the room.

Adjudicator: Here we have the official weigh in for the Television title fight later this evening. We will be taking no questions from the media at this time but photos are encouraged. First to the scales the challenger, Occulo.

Occulo enters the room moments later to a spattering of applause and strips his trousers and his ‘R.I.P. Charlotte’ T-shirt, handing them to Frank. Occulo steps onto the scales and flexes for the cameras. A few flashes illuminate the room.

Adjudicator: Official weight for tonight...220lbs. Occulo weighs in at 220lbs!

Occulo heads off to one side of the room and gets dressed again as the room awaits the champion.

Adjudicator: Now the champion Joey Flash.

We are left waiting around five minutes as the room begins to get antsy and annoyed until the figure of Joey Flash enters the room, he steps onto the scales, refusing to strip for an accurate showing of his weight. Still listening to his headphones he seems to have shut the rest of the world out.

Adjudicator: Fine, weighing in at 220lbs also our champion Joey Flash.

Joey steps off the scales refusing to pose for the photographers. The two combatants are ushered to the centre of the room to pose for the staredown photographs. The two rivals are inches away from each other. Occulo is staring daggers right into Joey’s soul as Joey simply avoids Occulo’s gaze. The photographers illuminate the room once more. Immediately following all of the necessities Joey turns to leave the room, leaving Occulo to his own devices for the first time in their history. A reporter jokes to him.

Reporter: Well he didn’t attack you at least!

A ripple of chuckles fills the room. Occulo stares at the man.

Occulo: Indeed...that’s what I’m worried about.


The Polar Phantasm/FPV vs Oblivion/Johnny Reb

Zach Davis: Alright Freddy, One is the BIG pay per view of the year!! So far we have had one HELL of a night. Next up....

Freddy Whoa: Next up is the tag team match pitting FPV and Polar Phantasm against The Inveterate Confederate Johnny Reb and The Monster Oblivion!!

Zach Davis: There is a lot of history in this match!! A LOT OF HISTORY!!

Freddy Whoa: Are we talking about a little history?

Zach Davis: No, I'm talking A LOT OF HISTORY!!! Oblivion and Polar Phantasm have been at each other's throats, for years. Off and on. But, there rivalry is very personal!! Oblivion's tag team partner, Johnny Reb, that same year, Oblivion had another personal rivalry against Johnny Reb. So this match and partnership between The Monster and Johnny Reb is something worth to keep an eye on.

The lights dim to a blood red, as glitchy electronic noises fill the arena. Many suspect that "Ghosts n' Stuff" is about to play...until instead they get a snippet of multiple songs. First "You Know My Name," then "Mountain Song," "Ghosts 'n Stuff, "The Scott Pilgrim Anthem," and finally "Professional Griefers." This snippets play seemingly at random until all sound stops, and the lights go off completely, until two words pop up on the titantron, in big white letters.


The crowd explodes in applause as "Absolute Zero" hits the P.A and Frank Patrick Venable finally makes his entrance, dressed in a dark red hoodie and athletic pants, ready for a fight. He runs down to the ring at an almost inhumane speed,

Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring... From Atlanta, Georgia weighing in at 210 pounds... this is Frank Patrick Venable. F!! P!! V!!

Venable slides into the ring from underneath the bottom rope. He panders to the always appreciative crowd before removing his hoodie and entering his corner, waiting for his tag team partner come to the ring.

Freddy Whoa: This FPV looks in great shape and looks very motivated, for this match! All we need now is The Polar Phantasm!!

The big screen flashes to a blank screen... with a cursor? Suddenly, text appears... "Iceberg-Seven online... accessing WCF big screen. Access granted... running program 'Entrance'." The cursor moves across the screen slowly, as if loading something... and then the screen clears itself once more. Then, two words appear: "POLAR PHANTASM". "Synchronicity (part 2)" by The Police begins playing over the loudspeakers as two white spotlights train on the entrance. The curtain parts... and out comes the Polar Phantasm. The Sub-Zero Spectre slaps a few audience members' hands on his way through the arena.

Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring.... From Antarctica, Louisiana.... Weighing in at 240 pounds... This is The Icy Manipulator Polar Phantasm!!

Phantasm slides beneath the bottom rope and into the ring. Polar takes a quick look around the crowd... and then stares down (waits patiently for) his opponent.

Zach Davis: We have one team...

The house lights go out, as lighter colored lights come on. The multiple cameras pan around a jam packed arena. The fans are holding up various signs. The atmosphere is explosive and some of the crowd is cheering. While, the rest, of the crowd are booing. "Breathe" by Prodigy begins to play. The bass like synth begin to blare out. 14 seconds later the drums come through...


Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 305 pounds, from the deepest, darkest part of a sick man's psyche...... O-O-O-OBLI-I-IVI-I-I-I-O-O-O-O-NN-N-NN-N!!!

The house lights go out. The crowd begins to murmur. Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lasers begin to flash. Two bright spotlights hit the entrance stage. The music continues to thump. Some of the fans are thrashing and/or dancing a long with the music...


Explosive fire pyro shoots straight up, on the stage and down the ramp. Then right about that time, Oblivion slowly slinks out. The music continues the blare out and rattled the Beaver's Stadium.

Breathe the pressure
Come play my game Ill test ya
Psychosomatic addict insane
Breathe the pressure
Come play my game Ill test ya
Psycho-somatic addict insane

The cameraman gets real close, as Oblivion sneers at the camera. The Monster thrusts out IT's massive right arm, pushing the cameraman several feet away. The Monster slowly comes down to the ring. Strobe lights continue to flash. Then the arena slightly shakes, as the sound of thunder rumbles and mock lightning flashes. The majority, of the crowd, jump.

Come play my game
Inhale, inhale, you're the victim!!
Come play my game
Exhale, exhale... EXHA-A-A-LE!!

The music continues to thump out of the arena's speakers, as the addictive rhythm has the entire crowd in a trance and continues to dance along with the music. Lightning strikes the four corners, of the ring. The loud sounds makes everyone jump out of their seats, once again. Some, of the people are scared out of their minds. The lights flicker then... POP!! The strobe lights go out!!

The house lights come on, then standing in the center of the ring, is Oblivion. Half the crowd is cheering, while the other half of the crowd is booing. The music fades out. A screeching sound echoes throughout the arena, as four lightning bolts strike each corner.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! That felt close. The hairs, on my arms, are standing on end.

Zach Davis: All we need now is Johnny Reb.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!! The idea of Oblivion and Johnny Reb being on the same team... working AS a team is mind-blowing!!

The house lights dim, and the intro to Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" hits the speakers. Hushed anticipation falls over the crowd as a spotlight illuminates the stage. Johnny Reb steps out from behind the curtain. A cheer goes up from the audience at his appearance. As the he walks down the ramp, a cascade of sparks rains down on the stage.

Kyle Steel: From Sweet Water, Alabama, weighing in at 205 pounds, he is The Inveterate Confederate... JOHNNY REB!

The Inveterate Confederate circles the ring, slapping hands with the fans at ringside. Johnny eschews the steps completely; he leaps onto the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckles, posing for the cheering crowd for a moment before he jumps down, ready for the match to begin.


Zach Davis: Aaaand this match is under way!!

Johnny Reb and FPV circle the ring, looking at one another.


Freddy Whoa: FPV sneaks in a quick jab.


Zach Davis: A low shin kick by FPV.

The two competitors are now close to the ropes.


FPV shove Reb really hard, causing The Inveterate Confederate to stumble backwards and slightly bounce off the ropes....


Freddy Whoa: FPV executes an almost perfect standing dropkick.

Johnny Reb falls to the mat, but quickly gets up to his feet.


Zach Davis: A second dropkick.

Reb crashes down to the mat, But, once again, Johnny Reb quickly gets off the mat


Freddy Whoa: Johnny Reb swats the third dropkick try from FPV, who crashes down to the mat!!

Zach Davis: Johnny Reb wastes no time.

Johnny Reb quickly climbs up the turnbuckle. Without wasting any time, Reb flies off the top turnbuckle...


Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!! SOUTHERN STAR!!

Zach Davis: This match could already be over with that shooting star senton!!


Stanley Moser slides into position....

Crowd: ONE!

Crowd: TWO!!

Zach Davis: We could have a winner and neither, Polar Phantasm and The Monster Oblivion never stepped inside the ring!!



Freddy Whoa: Where did he get the strength?! KICKOUT!!

FPV is holding his ribs, as Reb proceeds to pick him up.


Zach Davis: FPV jammed a thumb into the right eye of Johnny Reb.

The Inveterate Confederate stumbles backwards till he reached the ring ropes.


Freddy Whoa: Over the shoulder armdrag. Johnny Reb shows his tenacity, as he recovers and charges back at FPV....


Zach Davis: Another great dropkick!!

As Reb tries to get to a simple base, FPV dashes over to the ropes and uses only his feet, quickly climbs up the ring ropes, flies.....


Freddy Whoa: GOOMBA STOMP!!

FPV flew off the top ring rope, slamming both of his boots right in the middle of the back of Johnny Reb.

Zach Davis: WHOA!!

Freddy Whoa: HEY!!

Zach Davis: Johnny Reb could be out!!

Freddy Whoa: FPV is going for the pin!!

Stanley Moser slides into position....

Crowd: ONE!

Crowd: TWO!!

Zach Davis: We could have a winner and neither, Polar Phantasm and The Monster Oblivion never stepped inside the ring!!

Crowd: THR.....



Zach Davis: Oblivion breaks up the pin with a flying legdrop.

The Monster grabs Johnny Reb and helps him up. They stand up a wobbly FPV.

Freddy Whoa: Johnny Reb runs off towards the ropes.

Zach Davis: Oblivion flies off in the opposite direction.

The Monster bounces off the ropes and throws out IT's massive legs, making contact with FPV's legs, the same time Reb flies towards FPV, colliding with FPV with a diving crossbody!!

Freddy Whoa: The Monster kicked FPV's leg from under neath him, the same time Johnny Reb connects with a crossbody.

Stanley Moser gets in the face of Oblivion.

Stanley Moser: You better get your ass out of the ring and back in your corner.... NOW!! ONE.... TWO...

Oblivion ignores the referee, as The Monster uses his chin over the throat of FPV, as IT argues with the referee. The Monster stands up and walks back to the corner....



As Oblivion is leaving the ring, to get in IT's corner, Phantasm collides with Oblivion.


Zach Davis: Johnny Reb is going for the pin.

Freddy Whoa: I think there was too much time wasted.

Referee slides in to count...

Crowd: ONE!

Crowd: TWO!!



Reb tosses FPV into the ropes. Venable flies off the ropes....


Zach Davis: Shoulder block!! Johnny Reb down!!

FPV flies towards the ropes and bounces off the ropes, bolting towards a flying Johnny Reb.


Freddy Whoa: Johnny Reb connects with a flying clothesline.

Zach Davis: It seems we have action, in front of us!!


Polar Phantasm are fighting tooth and nail.

Freddy Whoa: These two have had a lengthy rivalry!!


Oblivion slams a knee in the mid-section....


Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!

Zach Davis: WATCH IT, FREDDY!!!

Scrambled noise with headsets being dropped as Polar Phantasm comes across the commentary table, when The Monster threw Polar Phantasm over the table.

Freddy Whoa: You okay, Zach?

Zach Davis: I thin... I... oka... I thin th- audi... ha been mess up.

Polar Phantasm is wedged in between the chairs and the commentary table with the metal security railing.

Zach Davis: Testing.... testing... okay!! I now have a working headset. As you all can tell, we are standing waaaaaaaaaaaay over here, away from the crazy action.

Freddy Whoa: Did you get hit?

Zach Davis: Polar Phantasm's boot scraped the back of my head.

Freddy Whoa: You need medical attention.

Zach Davis: No, I'm fine!! But, it looks like Oblivion is not finished.

Oblivion proceed to remove the commentary table covering. With extreme quickness, The Monster removes both monitors and pulls out all of the wires.

Freddy Whoa: Oblivion is standing on top of the commentary table....






Oblivion staggers as IT tries to get a balanced footing. The Monster grabs for Phantasm....




Oblivion barely stumbled back, as IT roars out...

Zach Davis: Oblivion grans Polar Phantasm with complete rage in IT's eyes!!


Freddy Whoa: Oblivion is practically smashing in Polar Phantasm's face with multiple headbutts!!


Zach Davis: Polar Phantasm nails the mid-section of Oblivion with a back elbow....

Freddy Whoa: The nearby crowd is loving this back and forth action between Oblivion and Polar Phantasm


Zach Davis: Polar Phantasm just slammed the masked head of Oblivion against the security railing.


Oblivion slammed an elbow into the gut of Polar Phantasm....


Freddy Whoa: Oblivion smashes down the head of Polar Phantasm against the security railing.


Zach Davis: Oblivion is gnawing IT's teeth against the forehead of IT's opponent.


Zach Davis: Did The Monster just spit out a piece of Polar Phantasm's flesh?!

Oblivion staggers away from Polar Phantasm.


Freddy Whoa: Polar just nailed Oblivion, on the back of IT's head with a double fist. Phantasm positions his self behind The Monster, picking up Oblivion.

Zach Davis: Looks like a wheelbarrow move....

Phantasm grabs a face down Oblivion by the waist, flipping him backwards....

Freddy Whoa: CYCLONE PLEX!!

The Monster's momentum caused him connect with the commentary table. Oblivion uses the table to stand up.

Reb picks up FPV, grabbing him in the process.

Zach Davis: Johnny Reb is dragging a stumbling FPV to the ropes!!

Reb climbs up the ropes....


Freddy Whoa: Johnny Reb just bounced off the top rope....


Zach Davis: Right into an arm drag.


FPV recovers and charges at an unexpected Johnny Reb.


Crowd: FUS-ROH-DUH!!

Zach Davis: FPV nailed Johnny Reb with a running clothesline.

Oblivion staggers in between the commentary table and the ring.


Freddy Whoa: It looks like that both Polar Phantasm are slightly bleeding!!

Zach Davis: Phantasm nails Oblivion with a dropkick to the back.

Oblivion drops to one knee, before he turns around.

Freddy Whoa: FPV grabs Johnny Reb and throws him into the ropes.


Zach Davis: Johnny Reb reverses the Irish whip!!

FPV is tossed towards the ropes....



Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! FPV flies over the top ring ropes and collides with both Oblivion AND Polar Phantasm!!

FPV, Oblivion, and Polar collapse down to the ring side mats. Without missing a beat....


Reb quickly climbs up the turnbuckle and flies off with a corkscrew splash... COLLIDING WITH THE OTHER THREE!!


Freddy Whoa: Oblivion barely crawled out of the way!!

The Monster grabs for Polar Phantasm in an inverted suplex position.



Oblivion, Johnny Reb, and FPV slides back into the ring.


Freddy Whoa: Johnny Reb tags in The Monster..... Oblivion grabs FPV in a gutwrench position....




Freddy Whoa: Oblivion tags in Johnny Reb, who climbs up to the top turnbuckle and flies off....


Flashes of camera-phones light up the arena, as Johnny Reb flies in the air...



Johnny Reb connects with shooting star elbow drop.

Freddy Whoa: Johnny Reb goes in for the pin!!

Crowd: ONE!

Crowd: TWO!!

Zach Davis: This should be three!!



Kyle Steel: The winners of the match.... The Inveterate Confederate Johnny Reb and The Monster Oblivion!!

United States Title Ladder Match
Roy Speede vs Zombie McMorris vs Deuce Murdock

Zach Davis: Here we are, at about the half-way mark of One, and up next, we may have one of the more brutal matches of the night for the United States Title. "Gonzo" Deuce Murdock, in his very first title defense, has been given not one, but two opponents. And not just any match, but a ladder match. What are his chances?

Freddy Whoa: I saw the videos of his older matches, and while quite impressive, we've got to ask ourselves how many more of these kinds of matches can he compete in? And to top it off, we have Zombie McMorris, who's stablemates with Steve Orbit, so some of the hardcore element can come into this match. And then there's Roy, easily the fastest competitor in this match. But Gonzo has proven that he can take a beating and come back the winner on more than one occasion. This match is too damn close to call.

Zach Davis: To ensure that there is no outside interference, we've called upon a special guest enforcer for the match, and Kyle Steel is about to make the announcement.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentlemen, for our next bout, it is a Ladder Match for the United States Title! Introducing first, our Special Guest Enforcer! The iconic martial arts and action movie star! CHUCK NORRISSSSSSSS!

"Eyes of the Ranger" by Chuck Norris begins to play, as the crowd pops loud, as Chuck Norris comes to the ring, dressed in a cowboy hat, duster, and other cowboy apparel, as he waves to the crowd and moves to the front of the ramp next to a 12 foot ladder, which dwarfs Mr. Norris.

Zach Davis: Twelve-foot ladders around the ring, with the belt sixteen feet in the air!

Freddy Whoa: Someone is about to get hurt

The lights go out in the arena. After several seconds, words written in a bright white begin flashing on the otherwise blackened out Jumbotron. With each fading word, a new word pops up on the screen.






As the last word fades, all five words reappear on the jumbotron at once.


The lights slowly come back on as 'Hear Me Now' by Hollywood Undead begins to play through the speakers as Roy Speede steps out on stage with Eric Price behind him. He crosses his arms in an X across his chest, with his right arm underneath his left, and his hands in his fists. He bows his head for several seconds, and his chin rests in the gap between his fists.

Kyle Steel: “Introducing first, from Richmond, Virginia and weighing in at 197 pounds! Wrestling Championship Federation's own Silver Lining, he is ROY SPEEEEDE!!”

Roy drops his right arm, and raises his left arm in the air, with his pointer, middle, and pinky fingers extended, and his ring finger and thumb tucked into his palm. His palm is facing the crowd. He drops his arm, and begins walking to the ring as Eric Price speaks to him. As they get to the ring, Chuck Norris cuts Eric Price off and gestures for him to return to the back, which Eric does with no incident.

Zach Davis: And there's Chuck Norris sending Eric Price back to the locker room.

Freddy Whoa: I wonder how Buddy Roman is going to take that.

Zach Davis: I wonder how Chuck Norris will handle it...

"Killed By Death" hits the PA system as the arena begins to fill with smoke. Them Lemmy Vocals smash the speakers as the spot light is shown ZMAC whose stand out in the middle section of the area. He begins to walk down towards the ring then gets body surfed down to the crowd barrier. He hops the barrier and slides into the ring. The Honey Badger has arrived along with Buddy Roman, as the crowd dumps them into the ring area. Chuck Norris immediately goes over to clear Buddy Roman out...

Zach Davis: Buddy not liking being told what to do.

As the two men exchange words, Buddy shoves Chuck. Chuck smiles and continues to talk, as Zombie starts closing in on Chuck. "Born in the U.S.A." by Bruce Springsteen begins to play, as "Gonzo" Deuce Murdock comes to the ring in a rush. Roy Speede has started to move in on the commotion, as a brawl erupts between Buddy Roman and Chuck Norris, as Chuck Norris flashes leather, and catches Buddy Roman in the mouth. Zombie grabs a hold of Chuck Norris, only to catch a mule kick from Norris himself, while Roy Speede launches himself from the ring onto Zombie with a suicide dive! Deuce gets to the scene, and immediately grabs Chuck Norris from the wreckage, as Zach Davis says...

Zach Davis: Who the hell came up with the idea to have Chuck Norris as a Special Guest Enforcer? The guy is 74 years old, for crying out loud!

Freddy Whoa: He looked to be handling himself okay. I'll give the old bastard some credit. Whoa! And Murdock is laying some boots to the skull of Zombie! YOU DON'T MESS WITH CHUCK NORRIS!

Zach gives Freddy an odd look, while Freddy says...

Freddy Whoa: Don't judge. The Delta Force was my favorite action movie growing up.

Roy recovers from his dive, and assists in stomping away at Zombie, before Deuce picks him up and slings him into the steel steps outside of the ring, as Zombie goes head over heels into them. Roy rushes in to press the attack, as Roy stomps on him some more, before rolling him into the ring. Deuce then turns Roy around, and kicks him in the midsection, before whipping him into the guard rail, sending Roy over it and into some unsuspecting fans. Deuce goes into the ring, as Zach and Freddy state...

Freddy Whoa: So much for that team...

Zach Davis: It was bound to happen at some point, but to be fair, Roy's fighting for that title, too, and Murdock has not forgotten that fact.

Freddy Whoa: True, and now both Zombie and Gonzo are locked up in the middle of the ring!

Zombie, despite the early beating, manages to overpower Deuce, and slams his head into Deuce's face, before scoring an eye rake and a bulldog. Meanwhile, Roy has taken one of the ladders, and has slid it into the ring behind Zombie. Zombie doesn't notice, as he takes his time stomping on Deuce, before setting him up, albeit unintentionally, for a suplex onto the ladder. The first attempt, Deuce blocks, as he does for the next one. The third attempt, Deuce manages to reverse it, and dumps Zombie to the outside of the ring. Deuce then notices the ladder, and begins to set it up in a corner, as Roy vultures on Zombie, dropping an elbow on him to keep him down, as he grabs another ladder and slides it into the ring, to which Deuce sets this ladder up in the middle of the ring, and starts climbing it, as he looks down at Roy. Both of their eyes are locked, when Zombie attacks Roy with a sudden kick to the groin.

Zach Davis: OUCH! Right in the Frank and Beans!


Zach Davis: Not anymore, here comes Zombie, and there goes Deuce off the ladder!

As Zombie made his way into the ring, Deuce dives off of the ladder, hitting Zombie with a cross bodyblock and quickly rolling off of him to continue his offense. As Zombie slowly recovers, Deuce levels him with a running knee, followed by a knee drop across the sternum. Deuce then grabs the legs of Zombie, as Zombie struggles back.

Freddy Whoa: We've seen this move before, and its ended a very bright career here in the WCF already!

Zach Davis: Zombie is fighting with everything he has to ensure that Deuce does not roll him over!

Freddy Whoa: He's got him over!

The fans collectively groan, as Speede connects with Deuce's skull with a shuffle side kick, breaking the hold on Zombie, as Zombie scurries away from his assailant. Deuce stumbles into the ropes, before finding a corner, as he finds Roy already halfway into a turnbuckle splash on him, before Roy slings Deuce into the corner with the ladder, to which Deuce climbs while running, before pulling the ladder backwards with his weight, and crashing into an awestruck Roy Speede, with the weight of the ladder on top of both of them. The crowd pops and groans at the site.

Zach Davis: I thought I'd seen it all...

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Murdock just pancaked himself and Roy Speede with the ladder! And Zombie is on his feet!

Zombie, despite the fact that the Phantom Itch may have been on for five seconds at most, has limped to the ladder in the middle of the ring, and starts to adjust it for his ascent to retrieve the United States Title. Deuce has removed the ladder, and has started to make his move right behind Zombie, as Gonzo grabs Zombie by the waist. Roy is on the other side of the ladder and scurries up the ladder with no issues, and starts reaching for the US Title. Zombie then manages to get a clear shot on Deuce, and hits him with a boot, causing Deuce to crash to the ground. Zombie then races to the top of the ladder, just as the belt gets into the grasp of Roy. Zombie pops Roy in the face with a right and left, before Roy slams his head into the nose of Zombie. Deuce recovers, and has opted to climb after Zombie again. Zombie gets the better of Roy after slamming his face off of the top of the ladder, as Zombie pulls him over and looks to be locking in a cradle piledriver...

Zach Davis: We've seen this before...

Freddy Whoa: NO! Deuce has Zombie by the waist, and he's pulling all three guys down!!!

All three men come crashing down, as Deuce executes a German Suplex on Zombie, who had Roy locked in for a cradle piledriver. All three men are on the ground with the fans going wild, as a referee outside of the ring comes in to check on the condition of the three men. After seeing their condition, he leaves the ring, as Roy begins to move first, followed by Zombie, and then Deuce, as the men roll off of each other...

Zach Davis: Well, they're taking their time getting back to their feet.

Freddy Whoa: I'm surprised the ref didn't just call the match! None of them are on their feet! Still!

Roy makes it to his knees and attempts to get vertical with the help of the ladder, while Zombie has opted for the ropes. Deuce is sitting upright, as he tries to find his feet without any assistance, but fails and eventually stumbles through the ropes to the outside of the ring. Roy and Zombie find their feet, as Roy goes up the ladder first, with Zombie going up the other side. As they both meet at the peak, both engage in a fist fight at the top of the ladder again, and once again, Zombie gets the better of the fist fight, as Roy slides down the ladder. Zombie then reaches for the belt, as Roy climbs back up, and grabs a hold of Zombie, headbutting him, before he takes him off the ladder with a belly to belly suplex, landing directly in the middle of the ring, as the belt goes flying out of the hands of Zombie McMorris...



Zach Davis: And that was after the previous train wreck! Will any of these guys be alive to defend the title?

Murdock is on his feet outside of the ring, as he sees both men laying flat. Deuce moves back into the ring, albeit slowly, and makes his way to the ladder in the corner. He adjusts the ladder to be in line with both Speede and Zombie, then allows the ladder to fall on their bodies, as the fans cheer the use of the ladder. Then Deuce ascends the ladder all by himself, and he points at the belt, and then points down at the ladder, with the men still underneath of it...

Zach Davis: Don't do it...

Freddy Whoa: He's fucking insane! GRAB THE TITLE, YOU ASSHOLE!

Deuce motions with a circle, as he leaps off of the top of the ladder. As the ladder goes crashing down behind him, he spins in the air, before slamming ass-first into the ladder, crushing the other guys underneath of the fallen ladder, as the fans pop wild and loud for the extreme high-risk maneuver.



Zach Davis: Deuce is still rolling around on the ground in pain! Goddamn! Both Zombie and Roy are bleeding! How much more can these three men take? Its all down to heart at this point. The wrestling book? Throw it away! Its all about who wants it more at this point!

Deuce manages to get to his feet, barely, as Zombie and Roy both get the ladder off of themselves, and start reestablishing their vertical bases. Two ladders are scattered inside of the ring, as the three of them eyeball each other in a sort of Mexican Standoff. Both Zombie and Roy have crimson masks, while Deuce is barely able to stand, using the ropes to stand. Zombie goes to engage Deuce, but is cut off by Roy, who locks up with Zombie, who shoves him backwards. As Roy turns to hit the ropes, Deuce plants a Chuck Norris Special in the face of Roy Speede. Before Zombie can react, he catches the back end of the Norris-Van Damme Express, as a Van Damme Special comes crashing down on his own face. The crowd is on their feet, if they were not before, as Deuce goes about getting a ladder in place to claim what is his, as Zach Davis and Freddy Whoa are going nuts...

Zach Davis: He lured them in! He was playing possum the whole time!'

Freddy Whoa: And it looks like Deuce Murdock is one step closer to retaining his title! As he's starting his climb, though he's moving slower again. Maybe an adrenaline surge?

Zach Davis: Who knows? And Roy and Zombie are starting to shake the cobwebs, but will it be in time to get Deuce off of the ladder?

Roy gets to his feet, and starts climbing opposite of Deuce. Meanwhile, Zombie gets to his feet, and opts to attack Speede, who is quicker up the ladder, and has already started to reach for the belt as it continues to sway in the stadium.

Freddy Whoa: I don't think they accounted for the wind inside of the stadium when they came up with this match, and Zombie nails Speede in the back with a forearm.

Zach Davis: WOW! He just bent Speede over the ladder and is now climbing over Roy Speede!

Freddy Whoa: Oh God, the horror!

Deuce finally gets to the top of the ladder, and climbs around Roy to attack Zombie with a chokehold! Deuce pulls himself level with Zombie, and headbutts him repeatedly, before he grabs the ring that the belt is on, swings off, and plants a foot into Zombie's chest upon his return swing, as it sends the ladder teetering, before it falls over with both Roy and Zombie on top of the ladder. Meanwhile, Deuce is still hanging from the ring!

Zach Davis: Can he get it?

Deuce finally comes crashing down to the ground from the retaining ring, with his belt firmly in his grasp...


The bell sounds, and "Born in the U.S.A." begins to play, as the fans cheer wildly. Deuce is still in the middle of the ring, on his back, with the U.S. Title on his body, while Zombie lays in a corner with the ladder nearby, and Roy is outside of the ring, also not moving. The carnage is on full display, as Zach Davis says...

Zach Davis: Well, Gonzo retains, but at what cost?

Buddy Roman hits the ring, ready to argue with the referee. Unbeknownst to Buddy, Roy Speede and Gonzo Deuce have cut off the other side of the ring. ZMAC quickly exits the ring, unaware of this as well and enters the crowd. Buddy goes to leave but as he turns, he notices Deuce and Speede coming towards him. His face goes white, he's caught straddling the ropes. He shakes his head.

Buddy Roman: No.. No.. Please.

Gonzo and Speede pull him back into the ring as the shape claws and crawls to get away.

Buddy Roman: I am not a fighter! I am a advocate! No! Please! I'm a father! I have children! I ! Have ! Chil -

“ Cells” By the Sevant hits the PA

Zach Davis: Steel Toe Joe is running to the ring!

Freddy Whoa: I don't think he's coming to save Buddy.

STJ hits the ring as Buddy scrambles to him with Armageddon INC stalking Buddy. Buddy latches onto STJ's leg like a child and pleads to him.

Buddy Roman: Please! Please, Joe! I'm a Father. You're a father. We're both men of religious intolerance.

Buddy starts to weep and beg.

Buddy Roman: Please.. plee-eassee..easee... NO! Have a heart. Conquer... The.. Love...

Armageddon try and grab Buddy off of STJ's leg but he manages to escape only to be nabbed as he tries to leap over the top rope.

Zach Davis: Buddy is hanging onto that rope with all he has.

Freddy Whoa: I don't think ZMAC knows whats going on?

Buddy Roman: No! NO! I'm a father! I have children! Nooooo..


Buddy Roman his the mat. He scrambles away again, seated and trapped in the corner.

Buddy Roman: No! Wait! Wait, wait, wait!

Buddy puts his hands up to try and hold off and appeal to Armageddon INC.

Buddy Roman: I like you. I love you. I love all of you. It – it- was Cairo! He put me up to it. It was that staff, it hypnotized me! It put me under sum sort of Jew spell. I – I can change. I love Jesus! Jesus is my home boy! What? The gays? Hate em.' Vapor Kings? Bunch of degenerate scum! I only work with them because they pay me. I'm a weak man! I'm a weak man and a terrible father! Please.. please forgive me. FOR-GIVE- ME.

Freddy Whoa: Crackas sellin out crackas. If I didn't know any better, ONE was directed by Spike Lee.

Zach Davis: Buddy Roman is a snake. He's slime. He's only trying to save his own ass!

Buddy Roman: Please! I like you. I like Fox News. I like America! Fancy Schmancy. What a synch.. Go fly a kite... Betty Grable.. tits for days.. daayys.

The pleading doesnt work. Armagedon INC moves ever closer.

Zach Davis: Buddy is panic'd

Buddy Roman: O' say can see... O say can you see...

Zach Davis: Patriotic furor won't save him now.

Armageddon INC gets ever closer and closer still.

Buddy Roman: NO. It wasnt me.. It was the Vapor Kings.. The Vapor kings did it! The Vapor Kings did it!

Armageddon INC reach Buddy Roman and pull him out of the corner. Buddy still doesnt want to go and he hangs onto the turnbuckle and lands with a thud; consumed by a three man beat down.

Zach Davis: Seems Buddy is getting what he deserves after all these months.

“ T-U-R-T-L-E POWER!” Hits the PA!

Zach Davis: It's.. it's... It'd DLO Calzone!

Freddy Whoa: And Maurice Zangles!

Zach Davis: Wearing “ TMNT Security” On the T Shirts! It's TMNT Security!

TMNT Security hits the ring! They start brawling with Armageddon, INC. who quickly get the upper hand wit the numbers game.

Freddy Whoa: But here comes ZMAC! ZMAC through the crowd!

Zach Davis: Eric Price is there to stop him! He wants to make sure that Buddy gets his licks.


ZMAC dives over the barrier with a clothesline and takes out Eric Price. ZMAC hits the ring as Buddy slides him brass knuckles with his last ounce of strength. ZMAC slips them on and blasts Gonzo with them. ZMAC starts brawling with Speede and STJ which gives TMNT Security enough time to collect Buddy Roman and escape to the outside. ZMAC fends Armageddon off just enough to dive through the middle rope and to the floor.

Zach Davis: Vapor Kings with the cowardly escape.

The rest of Armageddon INC quickly regroup as TMNT Security help Buddy Roman to his feet at the top of the ramp. Budy wipes the blood flowing from his nose and mouth. The Vapor Kings and TMNT Security all put their hands to their hearts -


Zach Davis: By God, Buddy Roman has tormented STJ and Gonzo Duece for months now. He's been a thorn in a lot of sides and finally! Finally! He has gotten a taste of his own medicine. I can tell you what though, this isnt done by a long shot. I'll tell you that. Buddy didnt even get a tenth of what he deserves.

Freddy Whoa: But with The Vapor Kings and TMNT Security protecting him, it'll be hard to get to Buddy Roman.

Zach Davis: I doubt that'll stop Armageddon, INC.

Chelsea Armstrong Segment

Hit me like a Man by The Pretty Reckless sounds through the arena as the crowd springs into a chorus of cheers. It plays out slightly before Chelsea Armstrong comes walking out onto the stage and immediately goes down the ramp hitting a few hands as she goes.

Zach Davis: It appears after the attack on Chelsea a few weeks ago she’s gotten some new fans.

Freddy Whoa: These people love any reason to hate Pantheon, seeing Jayson Price attack Chelsea like he did has definitely caused a stir through the fans and the backstage area.

Zach Davis: You can say that again Freddy, not to mention the tension between Jayson and the other two men involved in that match; Corey Black and Polar Phantasm.

Freddy Whoa: That is correct, but back to Chelsea. It appears that she isn’t out here to call anyone out, her arm’s wrapped up.

Zach Davis: It appears so Freddy, she’s definitely wearing a sling. She also appears to have company.

Having made her way into the ring and grabbing mic Chelsea’s music stops as the crowd begins to quiet down, raising the mic to talk she stops momentarily as the crowd starts roaring once again as the World Champion walks out from the back and begins making his way to the ring. Once to the ring the two appear to bicker back and forth before Ice leans against the turnbuckle showing no signs of leaving. Giving in Chelsea goes back to the mic as Ice appears to be keeping guard.

Zach Davis: It seems Beckman still seems to have a bad feeling about the back and forth between Chelsea and her attacker in recent weeks.

Freddy Whoa: Can you blame the man Zach? The coward laid out his girlfriend and then she’s all buddy buddy with him, I’d be out here too I were him.

Chelsea Armstrong: Thanks for that warm welcome! Now I know we have some great matches lined up tonight so I won’t take too much of your time but I thought it was only fair I came out and addressed all of you face to face. As you can see by the sling I’ve been forced to wear, I’m still not one hundred percent. After the attack from Jayson Price I’ll admit I was ready to come back to you the next week, but my body isn’t agreeing with that decision.

A few boo’s echo from the crowd as Chelsea smiles before continuing on.

Chelsea Armstrong: I know, I’m not happy about it either. The fact of the matter is guys that after hitting those steel steps like I did I suffered from a mild concussion as well as an injury that hurt both my neck and shoulder. The concussion alone was enough for the doctors to keep me out of the ring for a few weeks, much to my disagreement. That’s pretty much clear though and I had been told if everything went ok I’d be back by the New Year. This is where my bad news comes in.

Chelsea Armstrong: It appears that there was more wrong with my shoulder than first found. I have suffered a small tendon tear that’s going to extend my absence from the ring.

A loud chorus of boos sounds out as she hears a few cheers here and there that cause her to laugh as she shakes her head.

Chelsea Armstrong: I will promise you though; you can’t keep me away forever. I will be back in WCF and I will get the vengeance deserved. You all know I’m not one to back down easily and some mild shoulder injury isn’t going to keep me from you guys. Jayson Price will pay for what he’s done to me, I promise you that any signs of me being…too friendly…

Glancing back towards Ice she gives a small glare as he continues to cautiously watch for any signs of danger.

Chelsea Armstrong: …have been strictly misinterpreted. You see, a few years ago I would have came back the next week and tried to put him in his place, but that’s the old me. The current me is someone who knows her limits and knows to wait until the right to deal with certain situations. As soon as I’m one hundred percent I will be coming back ready to fight and make sure everyone remembers just who Chelsea Armstrong is!

A loud Chelsea chant sounds through the arena causing both Chelsea and Ice to smile as she drops the mic to the mat. Holding the rope for her Ice helps Chelsea out of the ring and down the steel steps being sure to keep her close to him.

Zach Davis: I know I speak for most of the fans here and watching at home in wishing Chelsea a speedy recovery and that she’s able to get back in the ring soon enough.

Freddy Whoa: You just want to see her take on Jayson don’t you?

Zach Davis: Like you wouldn’t enjoy that as well.

The two commentators continue going back and forth as Chelsea and Ice take their time talking to the fans before heading to the back allowing the show to continue on.

Television Title Match
Occulo vs Joey Flash

The lights go out.There is silence except for a few tense murmurs from the crowd. The large screen lights up and we see CCTV footage of Joey’s attacks on Occulo whilst we hear the latter speaking over it.

Occulo: Unsustainable...neither the prey or the predator can sustain anymore battles...War beckons and War is inevitable. No Man's Land has been paved into a modern arena. The epiphany has risen and the crosshairs have moved. Hate has been shifted. Bruises shine like beacons, ushering in this War Machine. Both combatants originating from extremely different trenches, One over-sheltered, the other probably not sheltered at all. One a victim of the other, and the other a victim of himself. One with a loving family, and the other a hollow, cold nest. The two sides of this very different coin have shown to the fortune and misfortune of the other, but whilst two stories and two men with two different intentions, reasons, purposes, dreams and nightmares collide...there can only be One War...I am Occulo, and I am the One Winner.

The lights suddenly illuminate at their highest brightness as Occulo’s new theme song ‘ For the Love of Life’ by David Sylvian begins piping through the PA system. We see Occulo wandering through the sea of people in the crowd as they rally behind him, pawing and giving words of encouragement before his massive match. He reaches ringside and salutes the fans before entering the ring and hopping on a turnbuckle in a seated position, awaiting Joey Flash. As Occulo waits, several security officers come pouring out of the locker room at the behest clearly of Seth Lerch. The Officers line up in the ring straight from one turnbuckle to the other across the ring, separating Occulo’s position from where Joey’s corner.

Freddy Whoa: We shall become complete in Hell together, this match which we knew was going to explosive, just received an order of a few more megatons.

Zach Davis: The gauntlet is laid down like a red carpet here. Occulo looks in absolutely perfect form.

Freddy Whoa: It looks like we have extra precautions ahead of tonights grudge match. We have seen over the weeks this feud reach a fever pitch and it seems like Seth wants a fair match to decide it once and for all.

The lights shut off once more as screaming cheers deafen to silence, the crowd on the edge of their seats. The large screen is filled with a single candle flickering, it burns all the way down and finally extinguishes itself. Joey Flash’s face appears, serious and focused for the first time in an age.

Joey Flash: You’ve performed marvellously little monkey. You say how high when I ask you to jump and now you’ve jumped straight into a lion pit. All your scars and hurt, are you becoming a bit of a pacifist Occy? Where is your heart? Where is your desire? Can you do something no one else has been able to do? Can you beat me?

I see it in you, and I’ve seen it the day since we debuted together. No one has been able to lay a finger on me, but you…

Fight to tear me to pieces, fight for your honour, fight for your ‘family’, fight for your own pride I know I’ve ripped up. Fight to kill me Occulo. Take my title, grind my face into dust, beat me til my brains are mush...or roll over and die like the mongrel you are.

Joey smiles…then the lights fill the arena with a bright flash and Joey appears at the top of the ramp as Periphery - Mile Zero hits. Joey wanders down the ramp with fireworks and explosions courting his every step, he however is not interested in any of the glitz or glamour. The fans screams are like static in the background as his eyes and his senses are focused solely on the man in the ring. Joey reaches ringside and hops onto the apron and over the top rope.

Freddy Whoa: …

Zach Davis: What more can we say?

Joey paces alongside the wall of security, staring down at the ground just waiting for the match to begin, before seemingly gain his composure he sits down in his corner as we await the introductions.Occulo is still sat on his turnbuckle, scanning each guard with his eyes. He is muttering to himself but we don’t hear what he is saying. The referee is handed the TV Title belt.

Freddy Whoa: What the hell is this? Well for some reason Ladies and Gentlemen security has been authorised to enter the ring, and we have no idea why

Zach Davis: Search them! I’m sure one of the two has some kind of lethal weapon

Kyle Steel: This match is for the Television Title! Introducing the challenger, from Washington DC...weighing in at 220lbs...Occulo!!

Occulo doesn’t react, in fact he is still muttering to himself

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, from The Bronx, New York...weighing in at 220lbs...he is the Television Title Champion...Joey Flash!!

Occulo looks up and hops down from his turnbuckle. He squares up to the security and asks the ref what the hell is going on. Joey raises from his corner and approaches the centre of the ring, fixing his gaze straight at Occulo, who sees Joey out of the corner of his eye and turns to stare straight at him. They are almost nose to nose, separated only by security. The tension in crowd is getting even greater as chants of:


Begin. The referee is in discussions with someone at ringside, nods his head and the crowd erupts as he signals for the bell and the security to exit the ring. As the last stragglers disappear from the ring we are left with just the two combatants. Joey begins talking at Occulo and seems to be getting under Occulo’s skin for a moment before Occulo smiles and shakes his head while firing a lighting fast uppercut to slice the tension like a hot knife through butter. The punch just misses Joey’s chin as he manages to slip away. Joey fires a left hand of his own, similarly dodged by Occulo. They continue in this vein for around ten seconds of firing shattering shots at each other, either being blocked or evaded. They both then take a step back and the crowd goes absolutely wild.

Freddy Whoa: Holy...shit.

Zach Davis: Good god. This was worth the wait.

Joey nods his appreciation while pacing in his corner once more. Occulo flexes his fingers, stretches his neck muscles and adopts a completely uneducated fighting stance. They look at each other from their respective corners and suddenly Occulo charges at Joey who dodges out of the way. Occulo stops before he collides with the turnbuckle and simply looks at the crowd who are breaking the internet with their phones. Occulo turns and again the two are locked in an almost preliminary battle of wits.

Freddy Whoa: Well its a slow start but good lord, this has gone well beyond electrifying!

Zach Davis: These two are having their own pay per view here. This is the match before their own main event. I think they are both so focussed they are cancelling each other out.

Occulo smiles and relaxes into the turnbuckle. He looks up at the ceiling and and flicks his head back forward, before again pacing towards Flash who paces clockwise around the ring. The two just move as if they are walking around a circular invisible wall in the centre of the canvas. Joey shouts across the ring at Occulo

Joey: Are we done with the warm-ups?

Occulo: Ready when you are Flash

Occulo lunges towards Flash with an attempted clothesline which Flash ducks under. Occulo turns on a sixpence and collides face first with Joey’s Sudden Flash. Occulo takes the punch, remains upright for a second, and then just flops over like a felled tree.

Freddy Whoa: Oh man!! Sudden Flash!

Zach Davis: Sweet hit by Flash, could...could that be...it?

The crowd are drowning in a sea of shock and the most absolute form of entertained you could possibly be in. Joey dives towards the prone Occulo, smiles, then hops back up, the referee is incredulous as to why Joey isn’t going for the pin. Joey tells him to mind his own business and then proceeds to plonk himself back down in his corner again, staring at the clearly KO’d Occulo.

Freddy Whoa: What in hell is he doing?

Zach Davis: Joey no! You could end this right here, what is he doing?

Occulo stirs and rolls over on to his front. He sits up and shakes the cobwebs from his head. Again, he looks up at the ceiling, staring at a light to wake him up. He looks to his left and sees Joey sat in the corner. He simply gives him a friendly wave, to which Occulo laughs to himself. He lies back down on his back and swings his legs around, springing back to his feet. He then lunges at Flash and drives his boot straight toward Joey’s throat only wind up hitting thin air as he looks to find Joey outside the ring walking away to the other the side of the ring.


Freddy Whoa: I can’t tell if that was impressive or cowardice.

Joey hops back onto the apron and clambers back into the ring before sitting back down in the opposite corner.

Zach Davis: What disdain.

Occulo approaches Flash once more and as he prepares to launch another assault sees Joey pull himself back to standing using the middle rope, Joey takes a quick step toward Occulo and dodges to the side in one quick movement, grapples Occulo and immediately flattens him to the ground. Joey slaps him once on the side of the head and releases him, stepping back up he struts back to his first corner.

Zach Davis: This is impressive...but ridiculous.

Occulo hops immediately back up to find Joey no longer in his corner but right up next to him, staring straight into his eyes.

Freddy Whoa: Joey is going all in straight away.

Occulo winds up a right hand only to be lightly slapped in the face by Joey, again and again. Joey circles, ducking, dodging and lightly tapping Occulo before stepping in and grappling Occulo, tossing him halfway across the ring with a brutal belly to belly suplex. Joey salutes the fallen Occulo and sits back in the corner.

Zach Davis: I don’t believe what I’m seeing.

Freddy Whoa: Occulo is being absolutely outclassed.

Occulo is straight back up again, frustration on his face. Joey pulls himself up languidly once more only to be shoved back down into the corner by an aggressive Occulo who follows up with another attempted boot to the throat, this time it catches Joey before he can react and begins crushing Joey’s larynx.

Freddy Whoa: Game on!! He’s going for the throat here.

Zach Davis: Resilient bounce back from Occulo there

Occulo keeps his boot pressed into Joey’s throat and is forced to break the hold by the referee. Joey splutters a couple of times. Occulo then exits the ring backwards and stands behind Joey’s turnbuckle. As soon as Joey stands up Occulo turns around to face the crowd, and grabs Joey’s head, pulling it towards his shoulder, before slamming the back of Joey’s head onto the ring post as Occulo ends up seated on the steel steps. The crowd grimace at the crack of Joey’s skull on the steel of the post.

Freddy Whoa: Good God! A skull shattering neckbreaker in the corner by Occulo!!

Zach Davis: How the hell is he going to get up from that?

Occulo stretches his neck muscles again and climbs the turnbuckle, looking down at Joey who is holding his head in agony. Occulo sits down and just watches with great curiosity as Joey writhes on the mat. He hops down and rolls him over onto his back, before mounting him and lambasting him with lefts and rights. The referee again has to step in and Occulo does so. Joey gets to his feet and is shoved into the ropes by Occulo, Joey swings around and drives his knee into Occulo’s gut, before twisting the ropes so Occulo’s arms are trapped in the ropes.

Freddy Whoa: Oh no!! Joey Flash has Occulo exactly where he wants him

Zach Davis: Well, he has moulded Occulo, now I think he is going to chisel some detail into him!

Joey blasts Occulo with a right hand that immediately seems to render him unconscious, only to be woken straight back up with a left hook that follows it.

Freddy Whoa: Huge right hand!

Joey hops over the top rope to the apron and contorts Occulo’s body even further into the ropes, locking him deep into a submission. The referee immediately signals to break the hold; Joey holds it as long as possible before releasing Occulo. He drags Occulo to the apron with him and locks him in position for a german suplex to the outside.

Zach Davis: Good god, he can’t…

He can. Joey launches Occulo head first into the guardrail from the apron, his skull hits with an almighty crash and Occulo doubles over. Joey slides back in the ring and sits back down in his corner.The referee stands with his hands on the ropes trying to gauge Occulo’s well being. He sees him stirring and begins to count…




Freddy Whoa: I can’t see him breaking the count here. That move was absolutely colossal.

Zach Davis: I agree. That guard rail has seen better days! Occulo looks like a piece of beef on a griddle!




Occulo sits upright, upon seeing the stirring Occulo, Joey slides out of the ring and lands face to face with Occulo, locking him in a belly to belly position and then launches him OVER the rail and into the crowd. He turns and slides straight back into the ring...and back into his corner.

Freddy Whoa: Occulo is going to end up in the back row at this rate!

Zach Davis: Look how lazy Joey is. Get up you clown!

The crowd go crazy and usher in messages of support to Occulo. Occulo gets to his feet and just stands there staring at Joey who is again waving at him. The referee begins the count again



Occulo goes to run forward, but then stops and scrunches his lips up. He runs to his left in a ducked position through the crowd

Freddy Whoa: Where is he going? The bathroom?

Zach Davis: I hope not. I saw Hank Brown in their earlier and only 2 hours have passed. That place is like Chernobyl after him.



Occulo is now nowhere to be seen as the camera has lost track of him, until a Lionel in the crowd picks him up and follows him. Occulo reaches the guardrail behind Joey and hops over it. The crowd shout “Come on Occulo!” and “Kick his fuckin’ ass man!”. He slowly makes his way to the steps behind Joey and wraps his hands on them. Joey looks behind him and Occulo slides in the ring in front of him and grabs his legs. He twists them and plants his foot once again on the throat of Joey.

Freddy Whoa: I don’t know if he just fooled Joey Flash, or if Joey Flash has fooled Occulo by making him think he fooled him.

Zach Davis: ....What?

Occulo keeps the hold locked in. Joey screams and reaches for the ropes, but Occulo has pulled him pretty much dead on in the centre of the ring. Occulo shouts at him.

Occulo: Come on cocksucker! Show me how to be a man!

Joey reaches with all his might but Occulo tenses himself up, rooting himself to the centre. Joey starts to slip free, Occulo grins and drops to the mat, with his legs still twisted he transforms the hold by pulling Joey’s head back whilst holding his legs. Joey is in absolute agony but somehow, SOMEHOW manages to reach deep down and grab the bottom rope. Occulo doesn’t waste time, and rolls off Joey and gets to his feet, taking a couple of steps back.

Freddy Whoa: That was the closest yet we’ve come to a bell!

Zach Davis: That was the definition of last gasp. Christ.

Joey shakes his head and spits. He gets to his feet and turns around straight into an Oesophagus Bureau elbow!! Occulo runs past him, jumps off the middle rope and somersaults, on the way down he brings Joey’s head with him, slamming his face into the mat.

Freddy Whoa: The Bureau!! We have a new Champion?!

Zach Davis: He caught all of it!! This could be it!!

Occulo hooks Flash’s leg and the ref drops down for the count…




Occulo shimmies away from Joey and looks at the ref despondently with three fingers raised. The referee says “no, two”. Occulo slams the mat with his hand three times and gets up. He nods with an aggressive frown and bounces off the opposing ropes before jumping high into the air and landing his knee into Joey’s skull.

Freddy Whoa: Flash running on nine lives here!

Zach Davis: This MUST be it!

He hooks the leg again, the ref drops again



No! Kickout!

Occulo just keeps the leg hooked with a shocked look on his face. The referee shouts two at Occulo who looks like he refuses to believe it.

Freddy Whoa: This match...continues...it somehow...SOMEHOW continues…

Zach Davis: I think Occulo just ran empty in his ideas.

Occulo takes a couple of steps back and watches as a beaten and now bloody Joey Flash groggily rises from the canvas. Occulo storms toward him and unloads with a hard kick to Joey’s abdomen...caught! Joey uses the last bit of his strength to sweep Occulo to the canvas and then Joey rolls out of the ring to the outside.

Zach Davis: Good god Flash is on fumes here.

Freddy Whoa: I don’t know what he’s on, but I want some.

Occulo hops up quick enough and begins pacing the ring to regain his composure. He screams to let his frustration out and slaps himself. Meanwhile outside the ring Joey is now covered in blood, a gash on his forehead leaking all over his body. He climbs back onto the apron only to be intercepted by Occulo immediately. Occulo grapples the weak Joey and hoists him for a suplex back into the ring.

Joey is sent up in the air then manages to rake Occulo’s eyes before receiving any impact and forcing Occulo to release his grip. Joey lands next to Occulo and launches Occulo with the exact same suplex. Joey and Occulo are both prone on the mat but Occulo is STILL the first man up.Occulo stares at Joey with a seething, yet silent rage and bounces off the ropes, but instead of landing the Subliminal Message, he stops and lands an elbow on to his chest. Occulo then rolls off and climbs the nearest turnbuckle. He nods and then jumps off, landing the Subliminal Message off the top rope.

Zach Davis: Oh my God!! That must have crushed Joey’s skull!!

Freddy Whoa: Ouch. That MUST be it. Surely. Please for the sake of both men!!

Occulo doesn’t pin however. He instead wraps Joey’s head in his legs, which twist around his neck and torso, and with his hands he aggressively pulls his squashed head upwards from his chin.

Zach Davis: Well this is new...I think I saw him practice this in training, he calls it ‘The Epitome”

Freddy Whoa: Who cares?!? This match is about to end! Why didn’t you pin him Occulo?!

Occulo squeezes like an anaconda and screams at the top of his lungs, putting himself through agony just to exert as much force as possible on Joey. Joey scrambles about trying to escape, but they are spot on in the middle of the canvas. Occulo couldn’t apply anymore pressure if he tried, and my word is he trying. The referee watches Flash’s hands like a hawk. He then becomes much stiller, and his hand is hovering above the mat, tapping thin air.

Zach Davis: It’s over? No?

Flash, like a phoenix from the ashes manages to flip into a half backward roll, and his head wrenches out of the hold. He gets up, along with Occulo. They both bounce off opposite ropes and destroy each other with clotheslines. They both lie on the mat absolutely motionless. The crowd are completely stunned.

Freddy Whoa: Are we really watching this?

Zach Davis: We are watching this….and this is amazing.

Zach Davis stands to applaud the effort of both wrestlers and is quickly joined by Freddy...and the crowd who one by one begin a fever pitch of excitement to almost near euphoria.

Crowd: Occulo! Occulo! Occulo!

Zach Davis: Well the crowd here aren’t at all in two minds about who they are supporting here...and neither am I, get up Occulo!!!

By now the referee has reached a four count. Both men still motionless. Exhausted. Battered. And that’s just mentally. Joey blinks hard a couple of times whilst Occulo tries to roll himself over to a rope. He slowly and as if the room is operating under ten times normal gravity hoists himself up...however his grogginess takes over and he falls back down and under the bottom rope.

Freddy Whoa: Crap, is he okay? He couldn’t still be feeling the effects of the assault with the chair a couple of weeks ago...could he?

Zach Davis: It wouldn’t surprise me.

Flash slowly sits up, operating under the same gravity and tries to regulate his breathing back to a normal level after the submission hold. Both men are pit stopped. Occulo is cheered by nearby fans as he uses a nearby guard rail to get to his feet. He turns around and rests on it as the referee starts the count.



Joey Flash: Count him faster!!

Occulo takes a couple of deep breaths and slaps himself in the face a few times. He walks around the ring to where Joey is laid and slides in, sitting opposite him.

Occulo: Need a few more minutes Joseph? Huh? Come on big guy

Occulo slaps him around the face in his seated position

Occulo: Come on? Is this it? Is this all you have? You pathetic little moron.

He slaps him a couple more times. The crowd cheering each slap, adrenalin in their veins as they slap him with him.

Occulo: Are you starting to regret this Joey? You’ve only got yourself to blame. You’ve moulded your own destruction buddy.

He pushes him to the mat and mounts him. He pounds him with lefts and rights and shouts at him


He carries on and the fans are shadow boxing with him


The referee concedes control of him and motions him to get off. To his surprise Occulo obliges. He exits the ring and grabs a microphone from the announce table. He then re-enters the ring and sits on a turn buckle looking at Joey, who is hyperventilating on the mat whilst being attended to by the ref.

Occulo: Joey, whilst you lie there bleeding from orifices that are currently spouting a lot more sense than that massive one on your face has been recently, let me remind you of why you are there. In a cold, desolate car park you attacked me and held a gun to my head which turned out to be a water pistol. A couple of weeks ago you poured gas all over me and held a match over me, only to then blow it out and drop the dead match. You see Joey I have nothing to lose, if I wanted to shoot you or burn you alive I could. I could do it right now, but as much as you want me to be, I’m not like you Joey. You’ve failed. The man who just pounded the crap out of you and is speaking to you right now is not a Joey Flash creation. I don’t want to see you burn, I don’t want to see you with a bullet in your head, all I want is to see you fail against a man you thought you had control over.

He hops down from the turn buckle and goes to hit the last Subliminal Message, he grabs Joey by the throat...for Joey to wrap the arm between his legs and flip Occulo in one motion into his brutal arm bar.

Zach Davis: NO!! Pain is Love!! Occulo walked right into it!

Occulo struggles and tries to roll away and out of it but Joey is like a starving pit bull with a bone, the bone is question is Occulo’s arm. Occulo is screaming in pain as the referee approaches and checks Occulo to see whether he wants to give up only to be shoved by Occulo’s free arm as he screams for the referee to get away. Occulo rolls and rolls, twists and turns but there is no escaping this grip. Joey’s face contorted in a mix of pain, exertion and now, joy as he locks the hold in even further.

Occulo is in clearly so much pain the referee is thinking about stepping in to stop the fight before any further damage is done, but now Joey shoves the referee away.

Joey Flash: Let Occy decide how it ends.

Joey cinches even further in on the armbar and with one almighty twist we see Occulo’s elbow joint give way and snap, clean and brutal. Before we can fully gauge what is happening the referee has already grabbed Joey Flash and dragged him free of the screaming Occulo, who is tending his broken arm. The referee crosses his hands and waves the fight off. He then motions to the timekeeper who rings the bell and Kyle Steele steps up.

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner...and…


WCF Television Champion by way of submission. Joey Flash!!

Joey backs up toward the closest ropes and stares at the fallen Occulo, he regards him for a few moments before nodding his head and rolling out of the ring to collect his belt.

Occulo is stirring, holding his badly damaged arm limply by his side he meets the gaze of Joey as he retreats back up the ramp with his belt. Joey raises the belt and nods toward Occulo as he grins a wide toothy grin, teeth stained with blood. He mouths to Occulo.

Joey Flash: Bodybags on deck cocksucker.

He spits some blood onto the floor and trudges backstage. As Occulo rises from his injuries in the ring the crowd in one sweeping movement get to their feet and begin a standing ovation, Occulo smiles through tears and nods his head, they were cheering him, they were truly supporting him. He was no longer a nobody, no longer a shadow in the world, people actually liked him. For the first time in a long time, Occulo was happy.

Gravedigger vs Steeltoe Joe

Zach Davis: Now THIS is a grudge match right here.

Freddy Whoa: You can say that again, Zach. Steeltoe Joe and Gravedigger have been on the warpath for months. This shit's gonna get bloody and brutal.

The arena goes dark. The entrance and stage area start to flicker with neon blue and white lights as "Cells" by The Servant begins to slowly play through the PA system. Fog fills the entrance area and Steeltoe Joe comes walking methodically to the beat of the music out of the midst of the fog. The fans are going nuts as Joe pumps his muscles, takes off his sunglasses to look around the arena to the masses of fans cheering and chanting his name. He puts his sunglasses back on and starts to walk down the ramp.

He makes his way to the ring steps and walks up them in a slow manner but then explodes through the ropes and climbs the turnbuckle facing the camera. He raises his arms in his presumed victory, points to Heaven and jumps off the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: You've gotta feel for the People's Pastor. Gravedigger has cost Steeltoe Joe his People's Championship AND his church in recent weeks.

Freddy Whoa: Now, now, Zach. We don't know that Digger burned that church down. That could've been the handiwork of any number of hoodlums in Stockton, California.

Zach Davis: Did those other hoodlums also happen to tip off a news crew that Joe's church was gonna go up in flames that night, Freddy?

Freddy Whoa: Oh, I see what this is, Zach. Just 'cause Digger's got some Chicano in his bloodline that makes him a criminal?

Zach Davis: That's not at all what I'm saying.


Zach Davis: What are you talking about, Freddy? That has nothing to do with--


The lights go out. They stay off for about 15 seconds or so before "Change" by Deftones starts playing throughout the arena. A spotlight hits the entranceway and out from the back walks Gravedigger, escorted by Adrian and JJ.

The crowd boos heavily and the trio stops on top of the ramp as Gravedigger looks around smiling. They then walk down the ramp and over to the ring steps. Adrian walks over to the side of the ring, reaches up and pulls himself up onto the apron with one of the ropes and then climbs into the ring. Gravedigger climbs the steps first and turns to JJ, pulling up the middle rope and stepping down on the bottom one, as she steps through the gap into the ring.

Gravedigger steps through the top and middle rope and walks over to one of the turnbuckles and stands on the middle pad and smirks out at the crowd as they rain boos down upon him.

Zach Davis: That's one evil motherfucker right there.

Freddy Whoa: He's really not such a bad guy, Zach. He's simply protecting his interests.

Zach Davis: You're out of your mind, Freddy.

Freddy Whoa: Why's that, Zach? Because I don't watch Fox News like you do?

Senior WCF Referee Zip Wingdinger searches Gravedigger for weapons, EXTENSIVELY.

Freddy Whoa: Look at this crackah. Old, white, racist mofo.

After this ten minute ritual has been completed, amid protests from the Hall of Fame inductee and his corner, Zip finally calls for the bell.


The two big men meet at center ring and immediately begin brawling. Digger lands some big punches and Joe counters-- he cracks Digger with an uppercut that rocks the Mexican's head backwards. The savvy veteran Digger knees Joe in the midsection to cease the People's Pastor's momentum, and then whips the former People's Champion into the ropes.

Digger charges but misses with a clotheslines as Joe ducks the assault. Joe counters with a forearm smash and reels off a shoulder strike to Digger's gut. Digger crouches over and Joe plants him with a DDT. Joe shoots off the ropes and drops a fist unto the grounded Digger of Graves. Joe pops back to his feet, shoots off the ropes again... and drops another fist.

Zach Davis: Joe is fisting Digger good here in the opening minutes of the match.

Freddy Whoa: You love to see two grown men fisting, Zach.

Joe gets Digger up and whips him into the ropes. Joe looks for that Flapjack that he loves, but Digger sees it coming and counters with that clothesline that he missed earlier. Both men tried to get off, but Digger was just the more alert of the two. He stomps on the fallen Holy Flame and then shoots off the ropes before delivering a legdrop across Joe's neck. Digger laughs at Joe and taunts him. Digger digs his dirty Mexican boot into Joe's face and calls him every filthy name under the sun.

Zach Davis: Gravedigger is showing no respect to Steeltoe Joe.

Freddy Whoa: Gravedigger is not a respectful person. He's a Hall of Famer specifically because he has no respect for anyone. He sets no limits on the misery that he's willing to inflict upon his foes.

Zach Davis: We've seen that, Freddy. We saw that when Digger burned Joe's church to the ground, despite your shrill shrieks of DAS RACIST to the contrary.

Freddy Whoa: You're a fascist pig, Zach.

Digger drops Joe with a HUGE sidewalk slam and then reaches into his trunks. He pulls out some kind of a foreign object. Zip does a double take.

Zip Wingdinger: Fuck is that, Digger?

Gravedigger: Fuck is what, Zip?

Zip Wingdinger: Did you just pull an iron claw out of your trunks? Like an actual old school iron claw?

Gravedigger: No idea what that is, Zach. In fact, no habla ingles.

Zip Wingdinger: You just slipped it onto your hand! I just watched you do it! You're wearing it right now!

Gravedigger: No ingles, senor.

Zip Wingdinger: You were just speaking English!

Gravedigger suddenly attacks Zip, lobbing the frail Caucasian referee over the top rope with a big boot. Zip hits his head hard on the floor outside of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Good night, Zip Wingdinger! Damn shame what they did to that dog, Zach.

Zach Davis: That should've been a disqualification! Digger just attacked the referee!

Freddy Whoa: Why don't you shoot him while his back is turned, Zach. That's your style, isn't it?

Zach Davis: He just attacked the ref-- and he's wearing an iron claw! How did he sneak that past the ref? Zip spent ten good minutes sniffing around in Digger's groin!

Freddy Whoa: It's an expansive groin, Zach. Something you wouldn't know anything about.

Digger instructs Adrian to fetch a table from ringside. The bodyguard does as he's told. Meanwhile, JJ yanks a bullrope from underneath her skirt.

Zach Davis: What the hell is going on here? These Mexicans are ready to stage an all-out armed assault on Steeltoe Joe!

Eric Price climbs onto the apron to try to shield his client from harm, but he's subdued by members of MS-13 who slipped past security. They don't harm Eric, they simply force him to watch while Digger goes to town on Joe, working him over with that iron claw, which is basically a black coal miner's type of glove with Wolverine like claws attached to it. Digger likely picked it up at an S&M shoppe prior to the show tonight.

Zach Davis: Digger is taking the piss outta Joe with that iron claw and these Mexicans are letting it happen.

Freddy Whoa: 'These Mexicans', Zach? Why don't you tell us how you really feel about people of color?

Zach Davis: Oh blow it out your ass, Freddy! I'm tired of you people always turning everything into a racial issue!

As Freddy Whoa gets on the phone to Al Sharpton, Digger busts Joe open with that iron claw.



Digger taunts Joe, calling him a gringo piece of shit, and waits for him to get up from the mat. When Joe does get up, Digger loads up on that claw and clocks Joe in the temple with a BIG right hand. Joe staggers about the ring before dropping to the mat like a sack of Idaho russets.

Zach Davis: This crowd is lustily booing the antics of Gravedigger and frankly I'm right there with them. This is cowardice exemplified by Gravedigger and his thugs.

Freddy Whoa: What's the matter, Zach? When it's thirty-seven white cops beating a single black man you're A-OK with it, but when a group of Mexicans get together and exercise their constitutional rights to protest an injustice, all of a sudden you're up in arms?

Digger is signalling for Adrian to send the table into the ring, and Adrian complies with his demands.

Zach Davis: That table gets slid under the ropes by Adrian and it looks like this match is about to get put in the books. It's not even about the match anymore. This is about Steeltoe Joe's health.

Freddy Whoa: Joe brought this upon himself. He wanted a war with one of the most dangerous men this business has ever seen-- and he got it, Zach. Careful what you wish for.

Digger sets up the table in the middle of the ring and stuffs that iron claw back into his trunks. He signals for the Embalmer.

Zach Davis: Digger is gonna Embalm Steeltoe right through that table. Sick! Sick! Sick Mexican man!

The blood is streaming down Steeltoe's face as Digger pulls him up from the mat. Digger lifts Joe for his trademark reverse Death Valley driver, but Joe manages to slip out of Digger's grip and avoid that Embalmer. He drops to the mat and slugs Digger right in the nuts as the crowd roars its approval!

Zach Davis: Dick shot by Steeltoe! He just gave Gravedigger a taste of his own medicine! Look at Digger, haha! He's doing the I Gotta Pee Dance while he clinches his nuts!

Freddy Whoa: This is ridiculous, Zach. Steeltoe Joe shall henceforth be known as Lowblow Joe.

Digger's MS-13 compatriots try to climb into the ring, but Eric Price turns the tables on them, dropping them left and right with BIG MOVES and finally dropping the biggest and baddest dude in the group with a Ca$h Flow!

Zach Davis: Eric Price just took them MS-13 fools to school! But OH NOES! Adrian just climbed onto the apron and he's got a chair!

Joe, who is acutely aware of Adrian's attempt to intervene in the match, superkicks the chair right into Adrian's face with the brunt of his steeltoe boot. Adrian is thrown from the apron and lands head first onto the ringside barrier.

Zach Davis: Adrian is down! The rest of MS-13 are down! Eric Price is cheering his client on! And it's Steeltoe Joe standing over Gravedigger! What's gonna happen? The People's Pastor pulls Digger to his feet. He sets him up for one of his power moves... BAPTISM! Steeltoe just BAPTIZED Gravedigger right through that table that Digger introduced to the match!

Freddy Whoa: Wow. This dude is cheating like crazy right now. Where is the ref to disqualify this crackah?

Zach Davis: Gravedigger assaulted him! Which also means that there's no ref to count the pin for Joe! And look--JJ is on the ring apron! She's twerking! Good lawd almighty, BABY GOT BACK!

JJ lures Joe over toward the ropes... and ties that bullrope around his neck that she pulled out of her cunt earlier in the match!

Zach Davis: JJ is strangling Joe with that bullrope! Anything to say about that, Mr. Racial Equality?

Freddy Whoa: I have no complaints. It's about damn time whitey got a taste of his own medicine, Zach.

Eric Price runs over to the side of the ring where the strangulation is occurring. He grabs JJ's foot and tries to yank her off the apron, but in doing so makes the noose tighter around Joe's neck. Realizing the error of his ways, Eric simply punches JJ in the pooter. She immediately drops the rope. After gasping for air, Joe seizes the rope from the mat and proceeds to give JJ a taste of her own medicine, tying the rope around her neck and shoving her off the apron-- effectively lynching her.

Freddy Whoa: This is... the most racist shit I have ever seen.

Zach Davis: Apparently, Gravedigger doesn't care for it either, Freddy. He's on his feet and he looks pissed!

Eric gives Joe the heads up and points toward Digger, letting Joe know what's up. Joe lets go of the rope and as such JJ crumples to the floor outside of the ring. Joe turns around to face Digger and narrowly dodges what would have been a MASSIVE Grave Marker clothesline if it had connected, aided by that Iron Claw which has reappeared on Digger's hand.

Joe takes one last look at his opponent with disgust in his eyes, kicks Digger in the gut and hits him with The Baptism one more time. A very groggy Zip Wingdinger slides into the ring and counts the fall as the capacity crowd counts along.





Zach Davis: Steeltoe Joe defeats his enemy Gravedigger! This was not an easy match by any means, and that blood dripping down Joe's face tells the story. Digger pulled out every dastardly and underhanded trick of the trade, but Joe's heart and determination would not let him fail tonight.

Freddy Whoa: Excuse me, Zach-- I'm gonna go help baby girl JJ to her feet. She needs a real man to tend to her right now.

"Cells" blares over the PA system as Joe and Eric celebrate together in the ring, surveying the debris of bodies and weapons that litter the ring and surrounding area.

Cage Match
Jonny Fly vs Steve Orbit

Zach Davis: Well Freddy, here we are again. It’s One, and Jonny Fly and Steve Orbit are set to go to war with one another one more time.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! This is a rematch from last year’s legendary contest – a match people are still talking about. Last year Steve Orbit came up inches short, but today, he’ll get a chance at retribution.

Zach Davis: For Jonny Fly, well, quite simply I think he wants to put that stake into Orbit’s heart once and for all. He knows that last year’s match didn’t quite set him apart from Orbit. That’s why he’s back here once again – to show people once and for all that he’s the better man.

Freddy Whoa: The big difference this time? That steel structure that’s already been lowered around the ring.

Zach Davis: That’s right, Freddy. CAGE MATCH. That coldness of that steel cage is only matched by the icy detachment that is Fly and Orbit’s relationship.

The lights in the arena fade out. After a few suspense filled seconds the words ‘The Dynasty’ appear in bold italic lettering on the jumbotron as the beginning of “300 Violin Orchestra” begins to play.

Zach Davis: …and here comes the winner of last year’s rendition of this match – Jonny Fly.

A single spotlight turns on and illuminates the silhouette of a man standing on the stage. As the song begins to speed up, the lights come on revealing Jonny Fly. Fly stands on the stage with his eyes directly fixed on the ring, and the cage that surrounds it.

Freddy Whoa: Truly a man that has done it all in this company, a feat punctuated by his One Main Event victory last year.

The jumbotron changes to the words ‘This is the…” before pausing. The rest of the sentence eventually shows; “end of the Era of Jonny Fly.” The music slows down and a barrage of fireworks begins to go off behind Fly. His eyes remain fixed on the ring throughout. Slowly and deliberately he begins to make his way toward the ring. The music picks up one last time and Fly stops at the bottom of the ramp with his eyes still directly fixed on the ring. He stops and takes a few moment to exchange a long stare out at the crowd before finally entering the ring.

Zach Davis: Well you said it Freddy, Fly has certainly been one of more successful wrestlers in WCF history – but he’s never, ever, separated himself from Steve Orbit. That’s what this match is about. Perhaps we’ll finally have some closure to the question of who is better between these two behemoths.


The lights dim as "Who Gon Stop Me" by Kanye West & Jay-Z plays over the PA. A pink strobe light flashes rapidly throughout the arena-- pink lasers swirl around the entranceway and eventually converge into a big pink spotlight, as Buddy Roman steps out from behind the curtain, followed by "The Mack" Steve Orbit.

Freddy Whoa: There he is, Zach. The World Champion of the Year. The two time World Champion of the year, for that matter. Over the last two years there hasn’t been a single wrestler in this company who’s been in more Main Events than this guy right here.

Zach Davis: You’re absolutely right about that, Freddy. Steve Orbit is the backbone of the WCF. He’s one of the most widely respected wrestlers in the entire history of this company.

Orbit's wearing a long mink over his ring gear, which consists of alligator skin wrestling shorts and matching boots. He's also got his pink hat with a feather, a thick gold chain with a diamond-coated Jesus peice, and a jewel encrusted cane. Buddy and Orbit embrace in a hug, before Orbit struts towards the ring, followed by Roman, ignoring the boos from the crowd. At ringside, he removes his hat and coat, and kisses the cross on his chain before handing it to Buddy Roman. Upon entering the ring, he climbs one of the turnbuckles and gyrates his hips. "OR-BIT SUCKS" chants can be heard throughout the arena.

Freddy Whoa: It’s a shame to hear that from the crowd. I get it, I do, but if last year was any indication, this is going to be a match that these people remember for a long time.

Zach Davis: I’m just looking at Steve Orbit right now, Freddy, and he looks like a man with purpose. I can feel that winless streak at One might be coming to an end tonight.

Orbit climbs down from the turnbuckle and strategizes with Roman in the corner, waiting for the match to start. Eventually the bell rings, and Orbit and Fly move to the center of the ring to meet for the first time. Fly starts with a right hand, which is countered by Orbit. Orbit then throws a right, then Fly a left, and then finally Fly whips Orbit into the ropes and goes for a lariat. Orbit ducks the attempt, bounces off the opposite ropes, and hits Fly with a cross body block. With both men on the ground, Orbit scampers over to Fly and starts pummeling him on the mat with a series of punches.

Zach Davis: Like I said, Steve Orbit is here with a purpose. Enough said.

Slowly Fly manages to wrestle himself away from Orbit and get back to his feet. Orbit rises with him and the two men exchange a long stare.

Freddy Whoa: This is what it’s all about, ladies and gentleman. Jonny Fly versus Steve Orbit. You’ve waited an entire year for this! GET HYPED!

As if on cue, both men spin around, and run towards opposite walls of the cage. They each bounce off the ropes and spring back toward one another.


Both men go down, but then immediately bounce back up. Fly sends a quick kick to Orbit’s gut who stumbles backwards. Fly takes a few steps backwards and bounces off the ropes again, coming back and taking Orbit to the ground with a running bulldog. Quickly Fly gets to his feet and begins to kick at Orbit’s ribs.

Zach Davis: Fly is trying to send a message in his own right. Orbit wants to end his streak at One, against his biggest rival nonetheless, but Fly needs this win to convince the world that he’s truly the better wrestler. Not to mention, I’m sure the man wants to go out on top.

Fly grabs hold of Orbit’s arm and brings him up. He walks him over to the cage wall and places his boot against the back of Orbit’s neck and while grabbing the top rope, smashing his face into the steel bars. Eventually, Orbit is able to get out from the hold, spin around, and grab Fly’s waistband. He shoves Fly headfirst into the cage wall. Fly hits the cage hard, and falls backward to the mat.

Freddy Whoa: DAMN. Orbit put a little OOMPH on that.

With Fly on the ground Orbit drops a couple of knees on him before lifting him back up and throwing him against the cage wall once more. As Fly bounces off, he falls right back into Orbit’s arms, and is thrusted again into the side of the cage, and then again, and then again. Orbit smirks smugly as Fly drops the ground following the last shot. Orbit brings Fly back to his feet, and then takes him right back down to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex.

Zach Davis: Steve Orbit is in full control of this match early.

Freddy Whoa: Yeah, not only that, but Fly’s head must be ringing after those headfirst shots into the side of the cage.

Once more, Orbit reaches down and picks Jonny Fly up to his feet. He whips him against the ropes, and kicks Fly in the gut as he bounces back. Orbit follows up with a quick DDT. Orbit looks down at Fly while taking a moment to catch his breath. He turns away just momentarily, and Fly immediately jumps back to his feet. Orbit turns and Fly explodes from his position tackling Orbit through the ropes and into the cage wall. Fly quickly grabs Orbit by the hand and brings him back to his feet. He lifts him up, and downs him with a Falcon Arrow.

Zach Davis: …and just like that, the tides may have turned.

Fly immediately goes to the corner and climbs to the top of the turnbuckle. He jumps off and lands a flying elbow to Orbit’s sternum. Fly gets right back to his feet and runs over the ropes, bounces off the bottom rope, and flips backward hitting a moonsault on Orbit. He tries a quick cover.






Freddy Whoa: No chance. Steve Orbit kicks out with emphasis.

Zach Davis: Yep. It’s going to take more than that to pick up this victory.

Fly rises back to his feet and brings Orbit with him. He sends a quick shot to Orbit’s temple, who responds with a strike of his own. The two begin trading blows, with Fly gaining the quick advantage with a side headlock.

Freddy Whoa: NO! Orbit reverses the headlock with one of his own!

With the advantage, Orbit runs forward and hits a bulldog. He quickly rises back to his feet and brings Fly up with him. Orbit reapproaches, and Fly is able to block a punch and transition in into a lockup. Orbit immediately shoves him away and as he comes back, Fly catches him with an uppercut. Fly whips Orbit into the corner and then runs after him. As Orbit hits, he bounces out and grabs Fly and takes him to the mat with a powerslam. Orbit immediately bounces up, hits the ropes, and executes a leg drop on the fallen Jonny Fly.

Zach Davis: I have to tell you, there’s a certain edge to every move Steve Orbit is hitting right now. There’s just an extra POP with every blow. He’s in a good place right now in this matchup.

Freddy Whoa: You nailed it Zach, he’s killing it out there right now.

Orbit waits momentarily while Fly staggers to his feet. He pushes him into the corner, and then goes to whip him, but Fly reverses. Instead of sending Orbit across the ring, Fly runs him right into a knee to the abdomen. Orbit bends over to hold his midsection and is clubbed over the neck. Now to a knee, Fly hits a punt kick that sends Orbit rolling to the mat. Fly quickly get down on the mat and tries another cover.











Fly explodes back to his feet and sends several kicks to Orbit’s face. He walks over to the turnbuckle and hops back to the top. He positions himself and flies off…

Zach Davis: ORBIT MOVED!

Fly hits the canvas with a thud.

Freddy Whoa: That’s a big miss, because look who’s back on their feet!

Orbit is already up on his feet and gathering Fly. He stands him upright and then delivers the most heinous PIMP SLAP off all-time. Fly falls to the mat like a tree in the Amazon. Orbit picks Fly back up and goes for another pimp slap, but this time as he delivers the blow he catches Fly with a brainbuster to finish the sequence.

Zach Davis: Look at this, Freddy!

After finishing the move, Orbit hops back to his feet and walks to the nearest cage wall and begins climbing. As he gets near the top he looks back down at the mat – and sees nothing.

Freddy Whoa: Jonny Fly is climbing the cage right behind Orbit!

Unbeknownst to Orbit, as he was climbing the cage Jonny Fly was climbing right behind him. Orbit attempts to kick Fly off, but he’s able to keep his balance and subdue Orbit with a couple of shots to the ribs. With time, Fly finishes climbing until he’s right next to Orbit at the top of the cage wall. The two exchange blows once again, with Orbit now subduing Fly. As Fly tries to shrug off the punches, Orbit rises to a standing position at the top of the catch. He grabs hold of Fly and turns his body so that he’s facing back toward the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Jonny Fly is in a very dangerous place right now. I think – yeah – Orbit has his neck hooked!

Zach Davis: GOD DAMN. Don’t do it Steve!

Orbit has Fly positioned for an “Orbital DDT” from the top of the cage.

Freddy Whoa: He may damn well kill Jonny Fly if he pulls this off, but he also might kill himself!

Zach Davis: Wait a second! Look at this!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

The mysterious woman we’ve seen during the last two Slam’s has appeared on the stage. She has a microphone in one hand and a manila envelope in the other.

Freddy Whoa: This is the woman we’ve seen claiming that two wrestlers on the roster are brothers, and that they don’t even know it!

Zach Davis: But what is she doing out here now?

Woman: Steven.

Her voice prompts Orbit to turn toward the stage. He still has Fly hooked, but his attention is now on the woman as she moves off the stage and walking down the ramp.

Woman: There’s something I need to tell you.

Confusion can be seen clearly on Orbit’s face. He doesn’t know what to do.

Woman: WCF management has been hiding something from you for far too long. In this file, right here, I have proof that you have a brother. Right here. In WCF.

Orbit screams out something from the top of the cage, inaudible to the cameras.

Woman: It’s all right here, Steven. Your birth certificate is right here in this folder. The name of your real father…and real mother.

Orbit screams out again, this time we’re able to catch what he’s saying.

Orbit: You’re crazy! I know who my mother was!

Woman: Violet was not your mother, Steve. She adopted you after losing her own child. She wanted I child, and I…at the time…didn’t want a child

Zach Davis: HOLD UP. Is she saying what I think she is?

Freddy Whoa: Nobody is believing this right? I mean, I hate to state the obvious but that chick is white. Steve Orbit ain’t white.

Woman: Steven, I’m so sorry but you have to believe me. I was not in a good place in my life. Every day I regret giving you up. I regret giving up your brother too. Just come down from there. Let me show you the proof.

At this point, Buddy Roman leaves ringside. He looks furious, and begins to walk toward the woman on the stage.

Zach Davis: Uh-oh, looks like Roman’s heard enough of this crazy lady!

Roman goes to grab the woman, but instead she responds with a right hand to the side of Roman’s face. Then another! Then another! Buddy Roman falls helplessly to the ground.

Freddy Whoa: HOLY….WHOA!

Woman: Do you see, Steven! This character, Buddy Roman, he’s in on this! It’s all one big cover up. He doesn’t want me to reveal this, because he knows that there’s another family for you. A real family. The WCF keeps DNA records on anyone with a criminal history for insurance reasons. They know what I’m telling you is the truth. Seth Lerch has tried to silence me. Buddy Roman has tried to silence me. I WILL NOT BE SILENCED. You need to know who your brother is, Steven.

Steve Orbit: WHO IS IT!?

Woman: You’re holding him in your hands.



SHOCK fills the arena. The entire place grows silent. Nothing is stirring, not even a mouse. Steve Orbit’s eyes are as wide as Bobby Cairo’s vocabulary. He looks from Fly, to the woman, then back to Fly. Rage can be seen building inside of him.

Woman: Think about what you’ve been told about your mother. She was from Jamaica before leaving and settling in Queens. Left Queens for Oakland, California. Jonny is from New York, is he not? He’s older than you, is he not? I’m not proud of this, but it’s the truth. I never thought you two would ever meet. You were never supposed to meet, but now that you have, you deserve to know the truth.

All of that aside, there’s another issue with this story that’s on his mind.

Steve Orbit: But you’re white!

Woman: Jamaica was British colony until 1962. There are white Jamaicans and mixed-race Jamaicans, Steven. I happen to be one of them. You’re one of them. Jonny is one of them. You are black because your father is black... Jonny's father is white. Violet was not your real mother, you must believe me. Come down from there, please. Let me prove to you what I’m telling you is the truth.

Orbit looks down at Fly once again. Then he looks back to the woman claiming to be his mother. He softens the grip on Fly’s neck. Just as it looks like he’s about to start climbing down the cage, he tightens the hold…and then jumps.

Zach Davis: NO! NO! NO!


Zach Davis: Orbit just…he just…to his own brother – maybe!

The woman, Orbit and Fly’s mother, looks on from the ramp in horror at the sight of her two sons lying motionless in the middle of the ring. Just then a security team emerges from backstage and hauls her away. Just as she’s about to be taken through the curtain, she manages to get one last look at the ring, where Steve Orbit – face lying on the canvas in the direction of the stage – can be seen smiling.

Freddy Whoa: So... what do we make of all this?! Could Steve Orbit and Jonny Fly really be brothers?

Zach Davis: Look, I've been in WCF for many years but... if this is true, I can't imagine a more shocking revelation in this company.

Freddy Whoa: I don't know. Fly and Orbit are both loaded, set for life. They both have sketchy childhoods. Part of me is thinking this lady is a scam artist trying to pull a fast one. I'm sure Steve Orbit is thinking that too, judging by that grin on his face.

Zach Davis: But stil... I don't know, that woman was convincing. If she was acting, she certainly did a great job of appearing hurt and concerned, especially when Orbit lept off the cage with Fly.

Orbit stumbles to his feet, slowly. Fly is motionless, except for his breathing. Orbit looks at the crowd, who are still confused about what just happened. Orbit shrugs and climbs to the top turnbuckle...





Zach Davis: FLY KICKS OUT! Fly kicks out of the Oakland Splash!

Freddy Whoa: It's not the first time he's done that. But how he's still kicking out after that crazy DDT from the top of the cage... simply amazing. And obviously, it took a lot out of Orbit as well.

Orbit sighs, but he doesn't appear shocked. He rests on his knees for a moment before standing, bringing Fly up with him. He hooks Fly in a half-nelson--

Zach Davis: HONEY DIP-- NO!

Fly shifts his weight half-way through the suplex and lands on his feet. Orbit turns around and Fly catches him with a European uppercut... and another. Fly grabs Orbit and whips him to the ropes, catching him with a ring-shaking spinebuster on the return.

Zach Davis: Jonny Fly is notorious for being able to absorb incredible amounts of punishment and keep moving. It's almost superhuman, and we're witnessing it first hand right now.

Fly pulls up Orbit and shoves him into the corner. He hits him with a series of shoulder thrusts. Fly backs away, and the two men lock eyes for a brief moment.

Freddy Whoa: These guys have got to have a lot on their minds right now. They've both gotta be thinking... is it true? Is this guy my brother?

Fly shakes it off and hits Orbit with a kick to the gut. He goes to the opposite corner of the ring... and he charges with a corner splash! The momentum forces Orbit out of the corner, and Fly spins his body, nailing Orbit with a European uppercut.

Zach Davis: Discus Fly! He almost took Orbit's head off with that one.

Orbit drops to the mat. Fly scales the turnbuckles...

Zach Davis: FLY SWATTER CONNECTS! Perfectly in the center of the ring! Here's the cover, is this it?





Zach Davis: They both had to expect this going in. These two men know each other inside and out... almost like brothers, you could say.

Freddy Whoa: It's true. They've been friends, they've been enemies, they've fought together and they've fought each other. Each one knows what the other is capable of. This match won't have a typical ending, I can guarantee you that.

Fly hops to his feet. He stomps Orbit's head and chest. He grabs Orbit's legs... and applies his version of the Indian deathlock.

Zach Davis: My Supremacy! He's got it locked-- NO HE DOESN'T! Orbit powers out and brings Fly to the ground with a headlock.

Orbit puts the body scissors on Fly and adjusts the headlock... and he applies the Peruvian necktie!

Freddy Whoa: 23 HOUR LOCKDOWN! Orbit's submission finisher, rarely seen. These guys are pulling out everything they've got. They have to.

Fly's got nowhere to go, locked in a very painful submission.

Zach Davis: Orbit proved earlier that he has no problem injuring Fly. He just might break his neck right here.

Freddy Whoa: I'll tell you what-- that Hardcore title, along with Buddy Roman and the Vapor Kings, they've changed Steve Orbit. He is a different man-- ruthless in the ring, moreso than ever.

Moments pass with the ref asking Fly to submit. He won't, but he's fading. Finally, in a last-ditch effort, Fly attempts to turn over. Orbit tightens the hold on his neck but he's losing the body scissors. Finally Fly gets to his knees... and he rolls over, desperately trying to pull Orbit's arms off of his neck... which he does, breaking the hold.

Zach Davis: I don't think I've ever seen anybody escape that hold. But Jonny Fly is unlike anybody we've ever seen in WCF or anywhere. He is... just truly phenomenal in every way. One of, if not the greatest wrestler we've ever seen.

Freddy Whoa: And I'm sure he's not trying to lose his final match, if this is indeed his swan song.

Orbit tries to grab Fly but he gets to his feet, booting Orbit in the head on the way up. Fly drops an elbow on Orbit. He pulls Orbit up and CRUSHES him with a Death Valley Driver.

Zach Davis: Fly looked like he was going for the pin there... but no, he's heading to the corner. He's heading back up top. We know what's coming, for a second time.

Freddy Whoa: It was the second Fly Swatter that defeated Orbit last year. Will we see it again? A repeat of last year?

Fly looks down at Orbit. He's not moving. Fly leaps off...

Zach Davis: What?!



Freddy Whoa: WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!

Orbit covers Fly.






"Who Gon Stop Me" by Kanye & Jay-Z hits the PA once again.

Zach Davis: "The Mack" Steve Orbit has ended his losing streak at One. He has defeated Jonny Fly in a rematch from last year's main event. What a moment.

Buddy Roman rushes back to ringside. He gets in the ring and grabs Orbit's arm... but Orbit pulls away!

The crowd becomes silent. Orbit and Buddy exchange some inaudible words.

Freddy Whoa: That woman said Buddy tried to silence her... what's going on right now?

After a few moments, Orbit hugs Buddy, and the celebration continues.

Zach Davis: Well, everything seems to be alright for Buddy Roman and the Vapor Kings... at least, for now. You've gotta think that more will be revealed about that woman and whether or not Steve Orbit and Jonny Fly are actually brothers... what a night, and what a match.

World Title Match
Bobby Cairo vs ICE Beckman

Zach Davis: And it's finally time! Main Event Time!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa!

Zach Davis: The Godfather Of Professional Wrestling versus the man that has taken over WCF since he arrived in February of this year. The Governor of Poon Guinea versus the All American drunken brawler. Bobby Cairo versus Natural ICE Beckman for the WCF World Title.

Freddy Whoa: All the whoa's.

The ominous cowbell of anarchy hits the PA system and the crowd jumps to its feet and begins to chant--


"Killing in the Name" by Rage Against the Machine kicks into gear. A spotlight singles out "The Godfather of Professional Wrestling" Bobby Cairo as he makes his way through the crowd. The fans react with a loud cheer and chant even louder--


The "BO-LIEVE IN BOBBY CAIRO!" signs are out in full force as Bobby slaps hands with his supporters, gropes tits and asses, and generally makes a spectacle of himself while navigating his way through the audience. Cairo reaches the fan barrier, hops over it and slides into the ring under the bottom rope. He climbs the turnbuckles and salutes the fans, soliciting another loud cheer, before hopping down and readying himself for the match.

Zach Davis: Bobby Cairo, a WCF legend even before he decided to turn back the clock and remind the WCF Universe that he is still the baddest man walking the planet. Winning WAR put him in this match and given him a chance to become a two time WCF World Champion.

Freddy Whoa: And if there is a man in WCF that can end the run of dominance by ICE Beckman, it's Bobby C.

The arena is quiet with the lights all on when over the PA system you hear a man ask, "Are you Drunk yet?" as the crowd responds with a cheer "Feels Good Inc." by The Gorillaz hits the speakers. The lights begin to flash blue and white as two cannon shot of fake snow shoot out from the entrance area. Out from the snow comes Natural ICE Beckman holding a beer in one hand and the World title in the other. He chugs the last half of the beer, then crushes the beer in his hand before tossing it into the crowd. ICE then smiles to the crowd going up and stealing beers from willing fans. He chugs the beers down the aisle until he reaches the ring. Once there he rolls into the ring, sitting up in the corner. He rests against the turnbuckle waiting for the match to begin and cleans his beard from the beer foam.

Zach Davis: In February of this year, WCF witnessed the arrival of ICE Beckman. At first sight he appeared to be but another drunk. But we learned quickly that ICE Beckman was like no one that we had ever seen before. The year he's had has put him on par with the likes of Jonny Fly and Odin Balfore in terms of dominance over a year long period. It's put him in the same conversations as guys like Torture and Creeping Death and even his opponent tonight, Bobby Cairo. If he puts away Cairo tonight and retains his belt, who knows what they'll be saying about him next.

Freddy Whoa: I don't know Zach, but if ICE wins tonight I don't know who else there is that can stop him.

Senior Referee Slappy Johnson invites both men to the center of the ring for the formal introductions. There's no words exchanged as both men stare the other down.

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WCF World Title!

The crowd pops. Dueling chants of "BOBBY C!" and "BECKMAN" echo throughout the arena. ICE raises the World Title into the air as Cairo's eyes follow the gold up.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, to my left, the challenger. Weighing in at 226 pounds, from Poon Town, Federal District, Poon Guinea..."The Godfather of Professional Wrestling" BOBBY CAIRO!

More "BOBBY C!" chants as Cairo merely nods his head in acknowledgement, eyes never leaving the belt as ICE continues to keep it raised.

Kyle Steel: And on my right, he is the current reigning and defending WCF World Champion. Weighing in at 245 pounds, from Foam Lake, Wisconsin...NATURAL ICE BECKMAN!

ICE lowers the WCF World Title and gives it a final look before handing it off to the referee. He shows it to Bobby Cairo and then to the crowd before handing it off to Kyle Steel so he can take it to ringside. Both men continue their staredown as the referee gives them a few moments.

Freddy Whoa: The tension in this building is so thick you couldn't even cut it with a knife. You'd need a damn chainsaw.

Zach Davis: And listen to this crowd. They can't seem to decide who they want to win.

Finally the referee sends them to their corners as the fans rise from their seats in anticipation. The chants die down to a whisper as the referee checks with both men before signaling for the bell.


Both men come out of their corners and circle each other once before coming to the center of the ring. Cairo looks to tie up when ICE inexplicable sticks his hand out for Bobby to shake.

Freddy Whoa: What's this? Sportsmanship in wrestling?

Zach Davis: It's a trap!

Freddy Whoa: That was a horrible Admiral Ackbar, Zach.

Cairo seems hesitant as he stares at the hand of Beckman. ICE saying something to Cairo as he takes a step forward, hand still outstretched. The crowd is pleading with Cairo not to fall for the classic trap but Bobby nods at ICE. Cairo grabs the hand and they shake before taking a step back.

Zach Davis: Well I'll be, I guess there is still a bit of class left in wrestling.

Freddy Whoa: Well how do you explain Logan?

Zach Davis: ...touche.

With the pleasantries over, ICE and Cairo get the match going as they tie-up. Cairo gets Beckman in a hammerlock but Beckman is quick to reverse it into a rear waistlock. ICE shoves him forward into the ropes and then hits Bobby with a forearm to the lower back. Cairo back into the ropes and ICE tries for a shoulder block but Cairo stops him with a back elbow to the face.

Freddy Whoa: Right in the grill?

Zach Davis: Grill? You mean like a barbe-

Freddy Whoa: Get with the times old man!

Cairo grabs hold of the arm of ICE and tries to whip him into the ropes. ICE with the counter and he sends Bobby into the ropes. Beckman with the clothesline attempt but Cairo ducks it. Cairo comes up behind ICE, spins him around and unloads with an open right hand to the face. ICE gets spun halfway around and checks his mouth for blood as the crowd let's out an "oooooo".

Freddy Whoa: Hot damn I think I saw a tooth fly.

Beckman rubs his lips and then turns around, letting loose with a slap to the face of his own. Cairo coming back with a right hand. ICE fakes a right and catches Bobby off guard with a left jab. Now ICE with a right, then a left.

Zach Davis: ICE is a man known for brawling and he's showing it now.

ICE going back and forth with rights and lefts until Cairo ducks one and takes ICE to the mat with a double leg takedown. Cairo with lefts and rights as the referee warns him about the closed fists. Beckman finally able to turn over so he's on top but Cairo turns him right back over. Both men now rolling all over the ring, fighting for control until they end up tangled in the ropes. The referee starts up a five count and Beckman rolls out of the ring as Cairo tries to get his leg untangled from the bottom rope. ICE sees this and grabs hold of the leg, attacking the ankle of Cairo with rapid right hands. Again the referee starts up a count and ICE uses it, finally relenting at four.

Freddy Whoa: The champion is really taking to his challenger tonight, attacking every body part he can.

Zach Davis: Well Cairo is a tough guy to control. With a high flyer, you go for his legs. With a big powerhouse, you tire him out using your speed. But Cairo has more tools at his disposal than a workbench and if you take out one body part, he'll use a different one to hurt you. The man could take you out of a match with just headbutts if he had to.

Cairo rolls away from the ropes holding his ankle as ICE slides back into the ring. Beckman on the offensive with a calculated stomp onto the same ankle. And then another stomp. Cairo tries to roll away but ICE rolls him right back over and then drops an elbow onto the ankle. Cairo trying to free himself as ICE grabs hold of the ankle and torques it, almost trying to rip it off.

Zach Davis: Rather unique hold, sort of an ankle lock variation.

The referee checks on Cairo and asks if he wants to give up, but Cairo tells him where he can stick his question and goes about trying to get free. Bobby pounding at the back of Beckman but ICE shakes off the blows as he continues to try to get Cairo to quit. Cairo now grabbing at the arms, trying to yank Beckman off. Bobby ends up grabbing a handful of beard and he pulls on that. ICE lets out a yell as the referee tells Bobby to get off the beard and starts up a five count.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! No respect for the beard!

Cairo trying to pull out every hair in Beckman's beard as ICE tries to keep the hold locked in. The referee gets to four and Cairo gives one last yank before falling backward, more than a few pieces of beard in hand. ICE lets out a yell of pain as he lets go of Cairo's ankle and grabs for his chin instinctively. Bobby throws the hairs in his hand at ICE's face and crawls toward the ropes where he grabs at his ankle gingerly.

Zach Davis: Well I suppose that's one way to get out of a hold.

ICE brushes the stray hairs from his eyes as the camera zooms in on the bare spots on his chin. Cairo starts to pull himself to his feet as he sees ICE getting up from the mat. ICE up on his feet and Cairo moves off the ropes, looking for an enzuigiri. Beckman sees it coming and ducks. Bobby tries to land on his feet but stumbles because of the bad ankle. ICE grabs Cairo from behind and hits a German suplex. ICE with the first pin attempt of the match.



Freddy Whoa: KICKOUT!

Cairo with the kickout at one and a half. Beckman back up to his feet, pulling Bobby up with him. Beckman spins him around and pulls off another German, this time bridging it for the pin.



Zach Davis: KICKOUT!

Again Cairo with the kickout and Beckman to his feet. ICE pulls Bobby up and pulls him in for another German. He goes for it but Cairo blocks it with his foot. Bobby with the slight push off and then he hits the R-CAIRO.

Freddy Whoa: R-CAIRO from out of nowhere!

Cairo hooks the leg for the pin.




Freddy Whoa: KICKOUT!

Bobby looks around surprised that ICE kicked out. Cairo up to his feet as Beckman rolls over onto his stomach and starts to get up. The ICE supporters are pleading with him to watch out as Bobby stalks him from behind. ICE up to his feet, Bobby spins him around and hits him with another R-CAIRO. Bobby with the pin attempt.




Zach Davis: KICKOUT!

The arena pops as Cairo is irate that Beckman kicked out of a second R-CAIRO. Bobby to his feet and he's having words with the referee about the counts. Beckman trying to get to his feet as Cairo is demanding the referee explain what's going on. The referee shows him two fingers and Bobby responds with just one. Cairo turns around as Beckman gets to his feet. Bobby goes for a third R-CAIRO but Beckman shoves him off. Cairo lands on his feet and ICE spins him around before kicking him in the stomach. Cairo doubled over and ICE drops him with the Hangover DDT. ICE with the pin attempt.




Freddy Whoa: KICKOUT!

Cairo with the shoulder up as the crowd is on their feet in appreciation for the match these two are giving them. ICE rolls off of Cairo as both men try to sit up. ICE the first up and he allows Cairo to get to his feet before he grabs the arm. Cairo shot into the ropes and ICE tries to hit him with a clothesline. Cairo ducks it and hits the ropes behind him. Cairo comes off the ropes looking for a clothesline but ICE had a similar idea. Both men collide with a double clothesline in the middle of the ring and hit the mat as the referee looks down at them.

Zach Davis: Oh no! Both men have to be on the brink of total exhaustion after all this action. Is this match going to have a winner?

The referee has no choice but to start up a ten count as both ICE and Cairo stare up at the ceiling.




They both begin to stir.

Freddy Whoa: Come on. This is the main event of One. This isn't gonna be a ten count loss.



Zach Davis: You never know, Freddy.



Freddy Whoa: The only reason we're talking is to build anticipation to when they're both up!


Freddy Whoa: And we both know these are world class competitors, no way they'll be down for ten!



No! Both Beckman and Cairo have made their way to their feet! The crowd roars as Beckman throws a sloppy right hand, which connects. Cairo fires right back with a hook of his own.





After several exchanges of fists Cairo is able to come out on top. Soon he's the only one throwing punches and he sends Beckman reeling.

Freddy Whoa: Superior conditioning by one Bobby Cairo and now he's in the driver's seat!

Zach Davis: Well of course. If Beckman got in the driver's seat he'd be arrested for DUI immediately.

Cairo sends Beckman into the ropes. Cairo leans into him and then irish whips him across the ring. Sensing an opportunity, Beckman is able to reverse the irish whip. Cairo is sent flying instead and on his way back Beckman grabs his arm and trips him up.


Beckman has his Cocktailed Crossface locked in!

Zach Davis: Has Bobby Cairo EVER tapped out in his WCF career, Freddy?

Freddy Whoa: Why are you asking me?, you've been here longer than I have! Regardless, I don't think so!

Cairo yells out in pain and clenches his fist, but there is no thought of giving up in his mind. He crawls towards the ropes, slowly but surely, clawing his way towards freedom one inch at a time.

Zach Davis: Bobby Cairo may be a world class athlete but he's only human, Freddy. If he can't make it to the ropes this match won't go on much longer.

Bobby lunges.. and he makes it! He grabs onto the bottom rope!


Not so easily, however, as Beckman refuses to release the hold. The ref counts, one, two, three, four.. finally Beckman releases. The fans boo as the World Champion gets back to his feet and measures the War winner up.

Zach Davis: Beckman wants to end this, Freddy, you can sense it.

Freddy Whoa: Well of COURSE he wants to end it. What else would he want to do, Zach? Wrestle indefinitely?

Zach Davis: SOMEONE'S cranky tonight, geez.

As Cairo struggles to his feet Beckman pulls him in.

Freddy Whoa: BEER BONG!

Beckman lifts Beckman for the Powerbomb!, but as Cairo goes up he shifts his weight and falls-

Zach Davis: R-CAIRO! R-CAIRO!



Bobby Cairo scrambles to throw his body overtop of ICE Beckman's! He pins him, hooking the leg!





The fans boo!

Freddy Whoa: We were THIS close Zach.. THIS CLOSE!.. to a new World Champion. Beckman's ring awareness and his ability for his body to, even on autopilot, get that foot on the rope was the only thing that saved the belt.

Cairo's turn for a submission now. He grabs Beckman's legs.

Zach Davis: Time for Beckman to go to the Cairopractor!

As Cairo twists Beckman over Beckman not only escapes Cairo but trips him up, sending him flying head first into the turnbuckle!

Freddy Whoa: Bobby Cairo's head hit the cold, hard steel of the turnbuckle there!

Cairo stumbles backwards and Beckman rolls him up from behind!






Beckman smells blood. He rolls away but quickly pulls Cairo in and lifts him...


Beckman hits his Jumping Piledriver!, spiking Cairo's head into the mat!

Freddy Whoa: I don't think Beckman wants to lift Cairo again any time soon, lest he get an R-CAIRO for his troubles!

Running on his last bit of fuel, Beckman lifts Cairo one more time just high enough to grab his head underneath his arm and drop him.


Beckman falls on top of Cairo, whose eyes are totally glazed over, and pins him.



Freddy Whoa: WHOA!



The bell sounds as Beckman rolls off of Cairo. Both men lay motionless in the ring, panting heavily.

Freddy Whoa: ICE BECKMAN has done what every newcomer to WCF dreams of, Zach. He came into the company and not only shattered the glass ceiling, but brought the whole house down. He became the World Champion by winning the Ultimate Showdown match, and now he's won the main event of One.

Slowly but surely, Beckman struggles to his feet. The referee hands ICE his Championship as confetti and balloons begin to fall from the ceiling.

Zach Davis: Tonight, we may've seen the final WCF matches of Jonny Fly and Gravedigger. We may look back and see tonight as the true end of one era and beginning of an age, Freddy. The real beginning of the ICE age.

Fans check out the confetti - which isn't "confetti" at all, but little slips of ICE comics! Finally having some strength back, ICE is able to slowly climb one turnbuckle and raise the World Championship high into the air. Bobby Cairo has regained consciousness, realizing what has happened, and rolls out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: The war between the Poondock Saints and the Vapor Kings will surely rage on, Zach, but we end this show with one question. Who can stop ICE Beckman!?

Zach Davis: Goodnight!

One fades to black as ICE Beckman continues to celebrate with his World Championship.

Table of Contents

One Intro

Occulo Arrives

Biohazard vs Tyler Walker

Corey Black vs The Ultimate Destroyer

The Cartel vs Marc Mayhem/Justin Cash/Mystery Partner

Joey Flash Arrives

Internet Title Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match: Dan Van Slade vs Maelstrom vs Seifer Black vs Stuart Slane vs Jayson Price

Hardcore Match: The Scarecrow vs Kaz Mazy

Warpath Segment

Streetfight: Jeff Purse vs Eric Price

Occulo/Joey Flash Weigh In Segment

The Polar Phantasm/FPV vs Oblivion/Johnny Reb

United States Title Ladder Match: Roy Speede vs Zombie McMorris vs Deuce Murdock

Chelsea Armstrong Segment

Television Title Match: Occulo vs Joey Flash

Gravedigger vs Steeltoe Joe

Cage Match: Jonny Fly vs Steve Orbit

World Title Match: Bobby Cairo vs ICE Beckman


Of The Week

The World Champion
Occulo vs Joey Flash



ICE Beckman
Steve Orbit
Joey Flash
United States:
Deuce Murdock
Johnny Reb
Jayson Price
Tag Team:
The Vapor Kings