Live from the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey

Pantheon Arrives

We cut to the car park near the building entrance to see the Earth's most dominant wrestling stable climbing out of a limousine, Zombie McMorris, Jayson Price, Corey Black and David Sanchez deep in conversation followed by the #BeachKrew triumvirate. Last out of the limousine is the grey hoodie'd Joey Flash the camera follows him trailing behind his team mates. He stalks toward the building, his hoodie pulled over his head and headphones serenading him as he enters the building. He ignores a ‘hello’ from the security workers and simply continues toward his locker room.

Stopping outside of a locker room with the word ‘Flash – P4P #1’ on where Hank Brown awaits him. Flash pulls the headphones down.

Joey Flash: No questions. You will get every answer you ever needed in the squared circle tonight. This is the moment I've led everyone here for. Tonight we win, we destroy, we conquer.

Hank Brown: But yo-

Flash holds a hand up toward Hank and grins.

Joey Flash: Oh don't worry. I have a fucking showstopper for you tonight.

Flash pushes open the door and we cut to ringside.

Zach Davis: Oh my lord. What a night we have in front of us!

Freddy Whoa: I cannot wait.

One Intro

The video package opens.

I can’t remember anything.
Can’t tell if this is true or dream.
Deep down inside I feel to scream!
This terrible silence stops me.

Dune hooks both of Malignaggi’s arms and lifts him up and over his head, catching his arms in a crucifix position.

Freddy Whoa: SANDSTORM!

Dune pushes up before throwing Malignaggi down through the fiery curtain that rages before him.

Freddy Whoa: NOOO -

Malignaggi slams into the mat on the back of his head and neck. He flops over awkwardly like a ragdoll before Dune makes his way down the ladder. The ref slides down as Dune flips Malignaggi over and convers him.





Now that the war is through with me..
I’m waking up, I cannot see.
That there’s not much left of me,
Nothing is real but pain now!

The briefcase rises in the air, far beyond Orbit's ability to reach it. Orbit curses... just as Logan is able to ascend the ladder. Logan swings his legs in as much of an Impact Style kick as he can, sending Orbit falling off of the ladder. The briefcase immediately lowers.

Freddy Whoa: What.

Logan reaches up and grabs the briefcase.

Hold my breath as I wish for death..
Oh please, God, wake me!

Price whips Joey into the ropes and brings him in for a hip toss, but a swift kick to the face knocks Price back.

Zach Davis: What's Joey doing?

Freddy Whoa: Could this be? Is it...

Crowd: ZA WARUDO!!!!!

Zach Davis: That...was that 'The World'? What the hell just happened?

Freddy Whoa: Price is annihilated!

Flash covers Price for the pin.




Zach Davis: ...





Back in the womb, it’s much too real.
In pumps life that I must feel.
But can’t look forward to reveal..
Look to the time when I’ll live!

NO!, Flash sidesteps it. He irish whips Wade Moor to the ropes, Wade Moor comes back-


NO!, Joey Flash sidesteps that one too!, grabs Moor from behind-


Into the pin once more.





The bell sounds. Neither man moves.

Fed through the tube that sticks in me,
Just like a wartime novelty.
Tied to machines that make me be,
Cut this life off from me!

Kyle Kemp barely stands until Jared drops down to the mat digging his head in between his legs, and quickly hopping over into a flipping motion taking him off the mat to piledrive his head with the traditional Canadian Destroyer.


Freddy Whoa: He’s going for the pin!




Ding Ding Ding!

Kyle Steel: Here is your winning contestant of the 2016 Trilogy Cup Tournament, and number one contender to the WCF World Championship, Jared Holmes!

Hold my breath as I wish for death...
Oh please, God, wake me!

Logan lands on his feet. He shoves Joey Flash into the corner and Flash's face smashes against the turnbuckle. Flash stumbles backwards into the waiting arms of Logan, who wraps him in a Sleeper.

Zach Davis: CONNECTOR!

Logan scrambles to maneuver himself over Joey Flash, hooking the leg.





Treachery by Bleach plays.

Now the world is gone, I’m just One.
Oh God, help me!

Zach Davis: SLANE SLAM!

Purse knows this is it. He slides in and charges at Slane but to no avail. Slane ducks away and locks Purse in the same Half Nelson.

Freddy Whoa: SLANE. SLAM.

Stuart Slane drops down and pins Jeff Purse.




Ding Ding Ding!

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner. The 2016 WCF Classic Tournament Winner, and the new WCF World Champion.. SSTTUUAARRTT SLAAANNEEE!!!!

Stuart Slane rolls away.

Hold my breath as I wish for death,
Oh please, God, help me!

Zach Davis: GOD'S PARADOX!

Gemini Battle flips!, and connects with the move! He scurries and pins Thomas Uriel Bates, hooking the leg.




Freddy Whoa: ....And there you have it.

The bell sounds.

Zach Davis: Gemini Battle is our new World Champion.

Falling Higher hits.

Freddy Whoa: Thomas Uriel Bates is the new Television Champion. But that isn't the story. The Tag Team Champions walked into this match - and we didn't even think they'd be here.

Zach Davis: And they walked out with the two biggest prizes in the game.

Freddy Whoa: More importantly - Gemini Battle, Grayson Pierce, whatever you want to call him - he's the WORLD CHAMPION.

Imprisoning me!
All that I see,
Absolute horror!
I cannot live!
I cannot die!
Trapped in myself,
Body my holding cell!

Explosion. The crowd has lost their minds.

Corey Black: I signed up for the deathmatch tournament with one reward in mind. It's been over a year now. July 5th, 2015. The King of All Wrestlers went toe to toe with the one they call The Mountain of WCF. I've sat on that draw for over a year, thinking to myself 'Corey - a draw? You're better than that man. He's a foot taller than you. He's twice your weight.' But you know me, Zach. I don't like walking around WCF - the house that I built - and having someone like Thomas Bates talking about how I couldn't get the job done. So, that gets rectified. At Thomas' earliest convenience, he an I will go one on one.

Dramatic pause, the crowd building anticipation.

Corey Black: Assuming he can hold it until then, that match will be for the WCF Television Title - or maybe even the WCF World Title if things go well for ol' Tommy Boy tonight.

Cheers from every soul in the building. Huge.

Corey Black: And it will be a deathmatch of my choosing. THERE WILL BE A WINNER. Thomas, I'm coming for whatever gold you have - and your head!

The roof is nearly blown off this place!

Has taken my sight.



Zach Davis: Glass, light tubes, and wood splinters go everywhere as Corey drills Bates' head through the fire and the flames!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA.

Zach Davis: Corey pulls Bates out of that mess and pins him.

Freddy Whoa: One.

Zach Davis: Two.

Freddy Whoa: ...Three.

Zach Davis: ....Corey Black has done it.

Taken my speech.
Taken my hearing!

Freddy Whoa: Omega switches behind Flash, going for a Suplex of his own, but Joey elbows him too then switches behind him as well. From the rear grapple, Joey spins him around Rainmaker style-


Freddy Whoa: Joey Flash drops down and pins Jay Omega, hooking the leg.

Zach Davis: One.

Freddy Whoa: Two.

Zach Davis: Three.

Freddy Whoa: It only takes one Sudden Flash, Zach. That's it. We have our War winner.

Taken my arms,
Taken my legs,

Freddy Whoa: Joey Flash just shouted... "PLAY OUR FUCKING MUSIC!"

Zach Davis: THE MYSTERIOUS PANTHEON THEME IS PLAYING AGAIN. Corey Black raises the WCF World Title up in the air, staring at Bates as he does it. Moor and Rabid lift Flash up onto their shoulders.

Freddy Whoa: Corey Black and Joey Flash have come together to reform Wrestling's Mightiest Stable.... They aren't invaders, they aren't the #beachkrew, they're.... They're fucking Pantheon.

Taken my soul.

Without wasting a single second because he's so angry, Bates picks Corey up and VICIOUSLY, without any kind of care, grabs him from behind and slams him down with The Badge. A hasty, sloppy but impactful finisher delivered.. Bates pins once more.




Gemini Battle dives in at the last second but Moses has already dropped his hand for the three and called for the bell. A Broken and bloody Corey Black lay in the center of the ring, a dejected Gemini Battle beside him while Thomas Bates accepts the World Championship Belt for the second time in his career, however, the look on his face tells a different story than the one that Zach Davis is telling.

Zach Davis: After 2 weeks of hell Thomas Bates has regained the title that Corey Black took from him. But something tells me that this story is far from over!

Mile Zero by Periphery hits.

Left me with life in hell!

Flash helps Rabid to his feet as Mister Malignaggi calls for a microphone.

Joey Flash: No one touch, Bates! Thomas, here is where I should be smart. I should attack you, I should cripple you, I should destroy your knees before we even step in the ring at One so you can't even raise that big boot of yours...but that's not going to happen. I want you at 100% so you have absolutely no excuses when I tear your head off and wrench that belt from you and bring it back home where it belongs - around Joey Flash's waist. Just know, I had your life in the palm of my hand tonight, and the same will happen at One; only at One? I'm finishing the job.

Flash leans down and picks up the title, #beachkrew and Flash are joined by Corey Black as Flash and Rabid jointly lift the world title high above their heads with a battered and (almost) beaten Thomas Uriel Bates lying at their feet.

The fans cheer. One has begun.

Battle Royal
Danse Macabre vs Tek vs Jay West vs Jaice Wilds vs Biff Mustache vs Skywalker vs Diaboli vs Udy vs Stalker

Zach Davis: Alright! FIRST MATCH OF THE NIGHT!

Freddy Whoa: And here.. we.. go!

All lights go off in the arena. The theme from the movie THE OMEN plays. Rumblings of Thunder are heard as flashes of lightning are seen. The lights come on to reveal Danse Macabre in the ring as he throws his black robe outside of the ring.

Zach Davis: I like this man's name. Danse Macabre. I like the sound of it.

The lights go off in the arena, than "one step closer" plays the lights come on and Tek is standing on the top of the stage and looks around. The fans give him a mix reaction. He walks down to the ring and slides in and stands in the ring and looks at the crowd.

Freddy Whoa: WCF veteran here, Tek is ready to rock and roll. And wrestle, too, hopefully.

the lights flashing gold before the lights go out, then Jay walks out and turns his jacket on, then the lights turn on with the gold tint and Jay walks down the ramp stopping halfway putting his hands up while sparks fall on the entrance way (similar to the Randy Orton Legend Killer gimmick), continues to the ring and gets and down the AJ Styles taunt from TNA.

Zach Davis: Here is that arrogant hot-head, Jay West!

"Side Of A Bullet" by Nickleback plays and Jaice Wilds makes the craziest One entrance ever!

Freddy Whoa: I hope everyone saw that entrance! WOW!

Biff Mustache enters the arena to "Trampled Underfoot" by Led Zepplin, strutting and dancing down to the ring.

Zach Davis: How did we afford the rights to Zeppelin? Maybe Biff Mustache has deep pockets.

"Lights, Camera, Action!" by Mr. Cheeks starts playing as multi colored laser lights fly around the entrance and a video package of Skywalker in action from around the World starts playing. Out steps Skywalker and Andy decked out slick. Skywalker looks over at Andy and then busts out into a dance ending with a DAB. Andy heads towards the ring with Skywalker dancing and shakeing hands with the fans all the way to the ring. Skywalker climbs the ring steps and climbs up to the top rope. He starts clapping his hands and the fans get into it right before he does a forward flip into the ring landing on his feet.

Freddy Whoa: Brought to you by Rogue One, here... is... Skywalker!

No music plays since Diaboli is deaf, no special affects just walks out of the back to the ring with an evil grin on his face.

Zach Davis: He could at least let someone pick music for the live audience.. Geez.

Lights darken. Blue fire/pyro explode as Type-O negative's Wolf Moon plays. Blue smoke fills the arena when a spot light focuses on a figure on one knee. He howls by looking at the sky in cupped hands as another set of blue pyro explode. Udy makes his way slowly before rolling in and kneels at middle of ring. Howls again as light comes back and music fades.

Freddy Whoa: WCF loves howling, here comes Udy! He hasn't been here long but tonight could be the night!

A song that is totally not the copyrighted Undertaker theme plays as the Stalker heads to the ring.

Zach Davis: Man, listen to that theme. It is absolutely not at all the Undertaker's theme. But what a theme it is!

All the men are in the ring.... The fans buzz!

Zach Davis: There is magic in the air, Freddy. Winning a battle royal and defeating a bunch of other competitors is always a big deal - but doing it at One? This could propel a career forward like few other opportunities can.

Chaos is the name of the game. All nine men begin to brawl. Tek, the Dark Hero, rushes Jay West and Clotheslines him down. Danse Macabre runs at Jaice Wilds, but Wilds sees him coming and snaps off a Pele Kick!

Freddy Whoa: Biff Mustache and Diaboli brawling, Skywalker and The Demon Wolf going at it too. And Stalker is, well... stalking around the ring.

Tek picks West up and throws him to the ropes but West springboards and hits Tek with a Forearm! Tek backpeddles, hits the ropes and rages forward, only to get caught with a Powerslam by West!

Zach Davis: Tek taken to the mat by this young upstart.

West gets to his feet only to be spun around by Skywalker. Skywalker hits him with a Spinning Back Kick followed by a Roundhouse Kick, sending him flying out.

Freddy Whoa: NO!, Jay West hangs onto the apron and climbs back in!

As Jay West re-enters, he runs at Skywalker. Skywalker kicks him in the gut and doubles him over.

Zach Davis: He's got him positioned... Release Tiger Driver!

Skywalker rolls away and as he gets to his feet Udy grapples him from behind.

Freddy Whoa: GERMAN!

Udy takes him down.

Zach Davis: He doesn't seem German to me, Freddy.

Freddy Whoa: I meant the Suplex, you idiot.

Zach Davis: Hey now, don't fight so that you and I have to wrestle here tonight. Announcers wrestling at One, wouldn't that be ridiculous?

Udy gets back to his feet and spots Diaboli, who he starts hitting a series of kicks to. Rapidfire kicks, one after another, ending it with a vicious Savate kick!

Freddy Whoa: If you think he's insane.. you're underestimating him!

The Demon Wolf picks Diaboli up and runs at him, hitting him with a High Knee to the head. This nearly knocks Diaboli out, he bounces back, into the ropes, stumbles forward. Udy measures him up and grapples him at the perfect moment..

Zach Davis: Exploder to the outside!

Freddy Whoa: The Demon Wolf gets the first elimination of the night!, and there goes Diaboli.

Diaboli pounds the mat as he lands outside. Udi turns - only to be thrown out by Stalker!


NO!, The Demon Wolf hangs on. He climbs back into the ring only for Stalker to run at him.

Freddy Whoa: Boot to the face - if we see one of those from Thomas Uriel Bates later tonight we could see a match ender. Does Stalker have the same kind of boot?

The world may never know, as the Demon Wolf ducks it. Stalker put all of his effort into it and falls down for a brief second, but enough of a second for Udy to run at him and jump...

Zach Davis: CURB STOMP! He calls that the Wolf's Bite!

Stalker stumbles up in a daze and Udy throws him over the top!

Freddy Whoa: Second elimination by Udy!

Udy turns - RIGHT INTO A DISASTER KICK from Jaice Wilds!

Zach Davis: Udy flies out of the ring!

No!, he holds on one more time and rolls back in. Jaice Wilds runs at him and executes a Flying Headscissors, trying to direct Udy towards the ropes, but Udy is able to avoid going over. He stumbles to his feet and Wilds is able to grapple him and drop him with a Neckbreaker!

Freddy Whoa: The Xtreme Aerialist in control - wait, here comes Jay West!

Jay West flies off the top and takes Jaice Wilds down with a Diving Cross Body! He rolls away, gets to his feet and gets a Bicycle Kick from Biff Mustache for his trouble.

Zach Davis: Vicious kick from Biff. Has he brought his A game to One?

He positions himself to hit Jay West with his Flying Leg Lariat from behind.

Freddy Whoa: He normally calls this the Secret Stache, but can we call it the Secret Santa tonight?

Zach Davis: No.

No matter what they're calling it, Jay West rolls away and doesn't get hit with the Lariat. Mustache gets to his feet and West hits him with a Standing Dropkick, sending him flying over the top!

Freddy Whoa: Biff Mustache taken out by Jay West!

Danse Macabre grabs Jay West by the throat.

Zach Davis: Uh oh... this man is over SEVEN FEET TALL!

Danse Macabre lifts Jay West up and Chokeslams him down!


Danse Macabre stumbles to his feet. Tek, West, Wilds, Skywalker, and Udy all grab him and start throwing him over the rope.

Zach Davis: He's so god damn tall. Can they do it!?

THEY CAN! Danse Macabre is sent over the top rope!

Freddy Whoa: Let's stop pretending big men always win battle royals. They don't. Their slow and they're giant targets. It might as well be a handicap more than anything.

The five men still in the ring begin brawling amongst themselves. Tek and Skywalker pair off and fire off rights and lefts to one another, each one working stiff. Tek takes a wild swing but Skywalker ducks it and lifts him up.

Zach Davis: Fireman's Carry Slam!

Skywalker goes to the top rope.

Freddy Whoa: High risk here!

Tek is up quickly and runs, jumping up onto the turnbuckle and brawling with Skywalker! The two men fight, once again trading blows.

Zach Davis: Both men high risk now!... Come on, guys, this isn't smart...

Both men are standing on the top now, still brawling.. Tek wobbles, almost falls back... but holds on. He fires off on Skywalker.... Skywalker holds on...

Freddy Whoa: Skywalker throws Tek off the turnbuckle! Tek crashes to the outside!

A WCF staff member checks on Tek's safety as Skywalker turns back to the ring and hits a Missile Dropkick onto Jaice Wilds! Jaice Wilds flies back but not out. Skywalker then motions for Jay West to bring it. West runs at Skywalker and Skywalker catches him with a Uranage Sideslam!

Zach Davis: We're down to four men. Who will make history at One?

Skywalker lifts West up and goes to toss him out but West stops him in his tracks and goes to throw HIM out instead! Skywalker lands on the apron. West rushes him and Skywalker hits him with a forearm to the face. Skywalker then hooks him and starts going for a Vertical Suplex.

Freddy Whoa: He's going to Suplex him out of the ring, right to the cold, hard cement! He already may have injured Tek... Does he want to injure everybody?

No, West is able to reverse it and instead Suplexes Skywalker back into the ring. Skywalker stumbles up, holding his back in pain. The Demon Wolf runs at them and Clotheslines them both down!

Zach Davis: Here comes Udy!

West is the first up and he gets a Savate Kick from Udy, taking him back down. Skywalker was stumbling up and Udy executes a Gutwrench Suplex. Jaice Wilds runs at Udy but Udy hits him with a High Kick, before hitting him with a Saito Suplex!

Freddy Whoa: The Demon Wolf firmly in control here.

Skywalker has stumbled up and Udy measures him, ready for the elimination. He tunes up the band before striking...


NO!, Skywalker ducks it and dumps Udy out of the ring!

Freddy Whoa: NO! Udy eliminated!

Skywalker turns, still holding his back in a bit of pain - RIGHT INTO A SUPERKICK FROM JAY WEST!

Zach Davis: ROYAL KICK!

NO!, that is ducked! Now Jay West flies out of the ring!, but he lands on the apron. But he's dazed. Jay West grapples him -



West had Skywalker grappled, and as West flies over the top both he and Skywalker hit the mat!


The bell sounds.

Zach Davis: What a battle royal! Jaice Wilds fought through thick and thin but in the end, he's the one standing tall!

Freddy Whoa: It may not have been a Superkick Party, but it was certainly a Superkick... shindig?

Jaice Wild's music plays as he holds his head in pain for a brief few moments before getting his arm raised.

Zach Davis: We have a LOT more to go tonight, but congratulations to Jaice Wilds!

Jaice heads out as we go to commercial.

Alpha Title Contendership Match
Psychopomp vs Adam Burnett

Kyle Steel: The next match is for the Alpha title number one contender spot, introducing first representing the brotherhood, Psychopomp!

The lights goes out and Bleed Well of H.I.M starts playing from the speakers. Beams of lights of different color starts going off to the rhythm of the guitar and Psychopomp jumps in the middle of the entrance. The lights turns back on back and he walks towards the ring.

Kyle Steel: Ad his opponent, from Reynolds, Nebraska, Adammmmmmmmmmmmm Burrrrrnettttt!!!

"You Can't Stop Me" by Andy Mineo hits on the speaker and Adam Burnett bounces out onto the stage. He bounces on his feet as the music gets him going. He waves his arms up and down, pumping up the crowd before taking off on a dead sprint towards the ring. He slaps hands with fans who have stuck their hands out on his way and slides into the ring. He runs up one of the turnbuckles and poses at the top with his arms extended. He's smiling the whole time and the fans can sense his intensity and passion.

Zach Davis: Adam is a new up and comer, and Pomp is well the Brotherhood cookiemonster of wrestling, and not unfamiliar with the Alpha title picture coming up short before for the title.

Freddy Whoa: Ya but think of the Brotherhood camp if Pomp wins this and one of the two brothers in the Alpha title match win the belt. How well will the fellowship hold?

Zach Davis: I dont know Johnny but lets call the action taking place in the ring as Adam takes Pomp down with an amatuer double leg takedown.

Pomp scrambles to escape as Adam scrambles on top to keep dominate position. They end up back o their feet both grinning. The two lock up in a collar and elbow, Adam gets the advantage and hits a belly to belly on Pomp, then rolls into a side headlock. Pomp bridges up and flips over gaining a headlock of his own.

Zach Davis: Both are very technically sound athletes Johnny.

Freddy Whoa: Yea dont normally see this amped up side of the Cookie champ.

Adam works his way to his feet, nailing Pomp with soem shots to the gut, then whips him into the ropes. Pomp comes back ducks a clothesline, rebounds off the opposite ropes and returns landing a quick jumping ddt. Pomp drops down and applies a facelock, as we hear Adam yell out in pain reaching for the ropes. He crawls as the ref keeps checking him, after about 12 seconds he makes it ropes, and Pomp breaks the hold.

Freddy Whoa: He had a 5 count should have used it!

Zach Davis: Both these men looking to get a clean win tonight it seems. Everyone steps up their game for the biggest night of the year here in WCF.

Meanwhile back where it actually matters, Adam has Pomp in a vertical suplex and slams him down hard, rolling over into a pin.



Pomp gets a foot on the rope just in time. Adam brings Pomp to his feet, and whips him into the corner. He then rushes the man, but Pomp gets a boot up creating separation Adam comes again, and again is met with a boot, Adam goes in one more time. Enziguri! The kick lays Adam out across the bottom rope.

Freddy Whoa: Pomp going up top! OH!!! He just leapt from the top rope and dropped a leg across the neck of the new comer strung across the bottom rope.

Zach Davis: Pomp sliding back into the ring now, and goes for a cover.. Oh 2 count only!

Adam pulls himself up using the ropes, Pomp goes for a boot to the gut but is caught by Adam, who nails a dragon screw takedown but keeps the ankle and locks in a STF. after several moments of pain, Adam releases the hold and drops a knee into Pomps side. Pomp rolls over clutching his side. Adam then goes to the corner and taunts waiting for his prone victim to rise.

Zach Davis: Burnett calling for something here, OH! A devastating chop block to the cookie champs knee!

Freddy Whoa: And now hi has that calf crusher he calls the AB locked in. Pomp is crying out in pain, it may be all over here.

Pomp manages to get to the ropes, and the hold is broken, but Burnett is back on the assualt as he hits Pomp with drop kick, which fires pomp up. He leaps up and hits Adam with a drop kick of his own, Burnett with a dropkick, Pomp with a drop kick, and both men drop kick at same time.

Zach Davis: Rapid fire drop kicks, leading to a standoff, neither man wanting to give,

Freddy Whoa: Yea but Pomp is favoring that knee, and Adam is targeting it again with a series of kicks.

Pomp runs and rebounds off the ropes, but cant get full speed, and hits a sloppy running knee.

Zach Davis: Stargazer but it I don't think he got all of it!

Freddy Whoa: Me ether Zack, and Burnett’s back up, as Pomp hobbles to stand, why did he use his bad leg for that attack? Oh and Adam is gunna capitalize on it as he hits another chop block on the wounded Brotherhood member.

Zach Davis: Yea And Burnett locks in The AB yet again its all over folks. Pomp passes out from the pain, Adam Burnett wins and becomes the number one contender for the Alpha title!!

Freddy Whoa: Yea But Pomp showed a lot of heart and never tapped out!

Zach Davis: We have several more matches from The Brotherhood here tonight.... Will this be a sign of things to come?

Adam Burnett celebrates his victory.

Last Man Standing Match
Dion Necurat vs Rise

Dion enters at the beginning of the verse to "Domination” by Symphony X. He raises his free arm to the crowd and then focuses his attention to the ring.

Kyle Steel: The following match is a Last Man Standing match! Making his way to the ring, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dion Necurat!

Zach Davis: What a One we’ve had so far, and things are about to get better.

Freddy Whoa: Both Dion Necurat and Rise need a W, and they may go all out in this Last Man Standing match.

Zach Davis: And remember, this is a hardcore match, and that shield he’s armed with is perfectly legal.

He walks down the ramp, not taking his eyes off his opponent. Before entering the ring, Dion removes the shield from his arm, setting it aside against the ring steps. Dion slides into the ring, raising an arm in the air. He then walks over to his corner, mentally preparing for the match.

"Bodies" by Drowning Pool plays as the arena goes dark with dim blue lighting as the music hits. As soon as the music picks up fire flares flash from the stage atop the ramp where Rise will be seen with his arms folded across his chest.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, from Orlando, Florida, he is... RISE!!

Freddy Whoa: Rise isn’t accompanied by his manager, Alexis Martin.

Zach Davis: One- I’m guessing Rise thought it was best for Alexis. Two- you didn’t take note that Dion wasn’t accompanied by his manager, “Nice Guy” Benjamin Jones.

Freddy Whoa: He still exists? I mean, yeah, I didn’t take notice of that...

Rise scans the crowd for a moment then makes his day down the ramp high fiving a few fans along the way. He circles the ring before flat foot jumping up onto the apron and entering between the 2nd and 3rd ropes.


Zach Davis: The match has started as Dion and Rise circle the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Now they go straight for each other, Rise ducks a big boot by Necurat, into a German Suplex!

Zach Davis: Dion Necurat lands on his feet! Crossbody Block by Dion!

Freddy Whoa: No! Rise catches him, puts Dion on his shoulders, Samoan Drop!

Zach Davis: Wow, an incredible series of moves to start off this match.

Rise goes out of the ring and grabs a chair.

Freddy Whoa: Remember, this is a Last Man Standing match, and there are no disqualifications.

Zach Davis: And already the weapons are coming to use in this match.

Rise hits Dion with a chair, again, again, then Dion rolls out of the way.

Freddy Whoa: Dion standing back up, Rise hits him with the chair again!

Zach Davis: No! Dion steals the chair from Rise!

Freddy Whoa: What a chairshot from Dion!

Dion throws the chair away, and rolls out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Oh no, oh my, Dion has grabbed his shield.

Freddy Whoa: So early in this match, too!

Zach Davis: I don’t think this is even the beginning.

Dion heads back into the ring with his shield. Rise stands back up, only to get hit with the shield.

Freddy Whoa: Ooh, that’s gonna leave a mark.

Zach Davis: Rise just didn’t get hit, he got smashed!

Freddy Whoa: Rise just no-selled it! He’s gone straight back up on his feet!

Zach Davis: To only get hit with the shield again.

Freddy Whoa: Dion looks like he’s up to no good; he’s setting up the shield in the corner.

Zach Davis: Dion with the irish whip to the corner, no! Reversed by Rise into an irish whip of his own! But Dion stops himself before he hits the shield.

Freddy Whoa: But Dion turns around to a belly-to-belly Suplex. Hang on, what’s Rise doing?

Rise takes the shield, and throws it outside. He then jumps the top rope and stands on the apron.

Zach Davis: Rise, taunting Dion Necurat as he stands on his two feet.

Freddy Whoa: Dion, walking towards Rise...

Zach Davis: Rise connects a punch to Dion’s face, oh no, Rise may be looking for a Suplex off the apron...

Rise lifts Dion Necurat in the air, and lands a Suplex off the apron!!!

Freddy Whoa: Holy shit! What a spectacular Suplex off the apron! And Dion lands on the shield!

Zach Davis: Wow! Dion landed on his own shield, and I have a feeling it might leave a mark.

Rise gets on his feet and grabs the shield again.

Freddy Whoa: What’s Rise doing?

Zach Davis: He’s giving the shield to the crowd!

Freddy Whoa: That’s probably the last time we see Dion’s shield!

As the shield gets crowd surfed deeper in the crowd, Rise waits for the ref to count to 10.



Zach Davis: What a spectacular match so far.


Freddy Whoa: Especially that Suplex from Rise.


Freddy Whoa: Let’s see it on action replay.



Zach Davis: Dion manages to get up!

Necurat throws Rise back into the ring, and collects two tables from under the ring.

Freddy Whoa: What’s Dion doing with those?

Zach Davis: I don’t know... It looks like he’s stacking the tables.

Freddy Whoa: Necurat leaves the ring again!

Zach Davis: And he grabs two more tables!

Afterwards, there are two piles of two stacked tables next to each other. Dion Necurat then lifts Rise onto the top turnbuckle.

Freddy Whoa: Oh no, we may be looking at another Suplex here, just off the top rope through four tables!

Zach Davis: No! Rise shoves Dion off the top rope! Only just short of the tables! Now Rise is taunting Dion Necurat to stand up again!

Dion Necurat stands up. Rise then goes for a Double Axe Handle! But Dion Necurat picks up a nearby steel chair.

He throws the steel chair upwards.

He goes for a big boot.

The big boot connects to the steel chair.

The steel chair connects to Rise’s face.

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Zach Davis: Rise’s face has just been wrecked by that Big Boot!

The ref starts counting


Freddy Whoa: The ref starts counting, and this may be the end for Rise!


Zach Davis: I agree, despite that spectacular Suplex on Dion’s shield!


Freddy Whoa: This match was hardcore since the bell rang. This is just insane!


Zach Davis: This is what One is about! Memorable moments!


Freddy Whoa: Speaking of memorable, the main event tonight is going to be, just unforgettable.


Zach Davis: This is just, wow... WHAT!? Rise has... risen!

Dion Necurat can’t believe it! He is shocked! Rise discretely rolls out of the ring and grabs a ladder and a platform of some sorts. Dion also rolls out of the ring and grabs just a ladder.

Freddy Whoa: What’s going on here?

Zach Davis: Dion has stacked a ladder, so has Rise.

Freddy Whoa: Rise uses that platform he got to connect the two ladders!

Zach Davis: Oh no, this may be the beginning of the end here.

When Dion Necurat and Rise both reach the top, and stand on the platform, they pull kendo sticks out of their pockets painted as lightsabers, one red and one green.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! I didn’t see that one coming!

Zach Davis: It’s a full-on lightsaber duel!

Freddy Whoa: And Rise’s ‘lightsaber’ gets knocked out of his hand by Dion!

Zach Davis: Oh dear, Rise steals Dion’s ‘lightsaber’ and snaps it in half.

Dion Necurat: Why Rise? WHY?

Freddy Whoa: Necurat and Rise exchanging punches, this is insane!

Zach Davis: Necurat with a punch

Freddy Whoa: Rise with a punch

Zach Davis: Necurat with a punch

Freddy Whoa: Rise with a punch

Zach Davis: Necurat with a punch

Freddy Whoa: etc. etc.

Zach Davis: Oh no, Necurat has grappled Rise!

Freddy Whoa: And Rise has grabbed Dion Necurat. What’s gonna happen now?

Zach Davis: Holy shitballs! They throw each other off the platform!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! They both go through the two sets of double-stacked tables!

CROWD: THIS IS AWESOME! clap clap clap-clap-clap THIS IS AWESOME!

The ref starts counting


Zach Davis: Remember, this is only the third match here at East Rutherford.


Freddy Whoa: Yep, it only gets better from here.


Zach Davis: This match though...


Freddy Whoa: From the Suplex on Dion’s shield


Zach Davis: To that mid-air Big Boot with that chair


Freddy Whoa: And that lightsaber fight


Zach Davis: And now. That fall from the ladder through four tables...


Freddy Whoa: This is probably the end of the match now...


Zach Davis: Dion Necurat stands back up!!!


Freddy Whoa: The match is over!

Zach Davis: Dion Necurat wins!

Freddy Whoa: What a match, folks. The crowd at East Rutherford has gone wild just seeing that match.

One goes to commercial.

The Return Segment

The arena is filled with bright, blinding red lights from all around. They spin and cycle in circles until settling on the stage. Choir chanting in a foreign language cascades throughout the spaces and thickens around the entrance like a fog. The lights begin to dim slightly, gradually, until the titantron can be seen. Emblazoned upon it in large golden gothic letters are the words “HE WHO WALKS TWO WORLDS.”

As the lights secede almost entirely they continue to reveal new deviations from the norm, even in this bizarre company. Two columns of intimidating men in ancient warrior costume are marching purposefully out from either side of the stage toward the ring. In their hands are swords, battle axes, and shields bearing ancient family crests and tributes to their ancestors and the people they represent.

They stop as the battle line reaches the end of the ramp. The choir chanting transitions into a singular chant backed by synthesizers and background instrumentals still in a foreign language. From stage left enter four burly, red bearded men carrying an ornately decorated throne illuminated by four raging torches at each corner. The throne itself is enshrouded within a gilded golden canopy hidden by maroon robes at its opening.

As the men reach the center of the aisle, the warriors begin marching forward again. They surround the ring as the throne is lifted carefully into the ring itself. It is set slowly down on the mat. As the music ends, two of the throne bearers take a handful of cloth and open up the shroud. A familiar man steps forward.

He exits the canopy with sickening arrogance, arms outstretched, eyes closed, a smug smile poisoning his angular face, big enough to twist his grey beard. His head is tilted so far back the chainmail helmet he’s wearing seems in danger of falling off. The crowd erupts into a chorus of vulgar expressions of sheer hatred. They know this can only be one man.

The rafters erupt into confetti rain as pyro explodes from the ring posts and a massive Norwegian flag descends from the ceiling. The Norwegian national anthem plays as Dag celebrates his triumphant return. For several minutes, he simply soaks up the attention he craves so much. Then he can’t help but stand on each ring post, staring stoically into the frothing sea of hateful audience members. Finally he is handed a microphone and begins to speak. He addresses the crowd slowly, allowing each word to soak in one at a time, knowing how much his message will sting.

Dag Riddik: Britain will never leave the European Union. Donald J. Trump will never be president of the United States of America.

He pauses once more to make sure the impotent morons in the crowd understand where he’s going with this.

Dag Riddik: Dagvald Riddik will never be allowed to return to the Wrestling Championship Federation.

Another ferocious rain of boos and jeers.

Dag Riddik: And yet, here we are, and here I am. It was all nothing more than Fake News, my friends. Doublespeak. Propaganda designed to brainwash your puny little minds into a false sense of security. Your collective bubbles have been popped by the sharpest, most indifferent needle of all: reality. You have all been sheltered for so long that you no longer have the ability to comprehend the truth, even as it envelops you in your entirety. Every single facet of your lives has been shattered by incompatible truths.

This is why I have chosen this particular point in time to return. Countless instances which have already occurred, and even some yet to occur, have proven to me that the truth is in my side. The momentum of the people, the people that matter, has propelled us into a new age of enlightenment. They have elected leaders and made decisions that will begin to return them to their glorious roots. It is time for me to do my part.

I am already recognized as one of the most influential men in the civilized world. Hell, I was on the short list for Time’s Person of the Year, but I can’t argue against the nominated winner. Surprisingly, I’m still not quite yet tired of winning. Regardless, populists like Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen are nothing but short term transitionary solutions. If we are going to truly eradicate the ailments which come inseparable from a civilization, it must be abolished in its entirety. It’s time to Make Europe Tribal Again.

How will I achieve this? I’m afraid not even I could pull this off myself. I have spent many months in my homeland of glorious Scandinavia, slaughtering immigrants, rigging elections, and spreading propaganda. The resistance has been effectively organized to a point of not needing me there for now, freeing me to spread our message on a global platform. I was hesitant to return here for this purpose, until I remembered my first months here and that ultimate mass media platform I had been so close to acquiring. I have never quite forgiven myself for falling just short of attaining that infinitely close victory. Now the time is right to correct that, and take control of the ultimate propaganda machine! Heil Òdinn!

Dagvald stands onto the porch of his throne and orders his men to march him back to the stage as Burzum’s Heil Odin plays once again.

Johnny Blaze vs John Gable

A video package airs including old footage of Night Rider, John Gable, and the Angels of Destruction.

Zach Davis: To anyone not paying close attention, this may seem like a random return match for John Gable. To long time WCF fans, however, this matchup is more than that. These two men used to be partners.

Freddy Whoa: But that was a long time ago, Zach, and times have changes. They now find themselves on opposite sides of the ring here at One.

"Nexus” by Scuare swells over the PA system as John Gable walks past the curtain. He stops on the stage and inhales a deep breath before a quick huff.

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring at five feet and eleven inches and weighing in at two-hundred and twenty one pounds; hailing from Cleveland, Ohio... JOHN GABLE!!!

He slowly walks down the ramp with a stoic gaze, refusing to remove his eyes from the ring. He walks up the ring steps and takes one last look at the crowd before entering the ring and shadow boxing with the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: John Gable has been called one of the greatest Television Champions of all time - or Cinema Champions, depending on who you talk to. He's also held the Tag Team Titles

Fire by Scooter begins playing as Johnny Blaze steps through the curtains and begins making his way towards the ring. He shakes hands with the few who offer but keeps his focus on the moment at hand. He enters the ring and moves to his corner.

Freddy Whoa: There's the bell!

John Gable rushes Johnny Blaze, giving no fucks about any history or potential for dramatic moments. He hits Blaze with a Roaring Elbow right out of the gate!

Zach Davis: Whaaat!

Gable drops down and pins Johnny Blaze.





Gable transitions smooth as silk into a Chinlock. The fans boo Gable mercilessly and urge the man formerly known as Night Rider, urge him to get to his feet. He works his way up and elbows away from Gable, breaks free!, hits the ropes... Gable drops him with a Shoulderblock as he comes back. Gable hits the ropes and goes for an Elbow Drop, Blaze rolls away. Gable goes for another one, Blaze rolls away again. Gable gets up slowly, holding his shoulder, and Blaze smashes him with a forearm. Blaze shakes off the remaining cobwebs and executes a Vertical Suplex before transitioning into an Armbar!

Zach Davis: Johnny Blaze targeting the arm and shoulder area of John Gable here.

Gable scurries and reaches the ropes as quickly as possible, breaking the hold. Blaze gets to his feet, as does Gable, and Gable rushes quickly into a Headlock Takedown into another Armbar!


Gable angrily thrashes but he's farther away from the ropes now. He crawls towards it yet again and desperately grabs the bottom rope, once again forcing a break.

Zach Davis: Johnny Blaze, wrestling a smart match here even after getting his clock cleaned to start things off.

Blaze lifts Gable up and kicks him in the gut, going for a DDT afterwards, but instead Gable is able to ram Blaze backwards and into a corner. Gable hits Blaze with a series of lefts and rights before letting him stumble out of the corner, as he does Gable hits a Snap DDT!

Freddy Whoa: Blaze's head spiked to the mat!

John Gable measures Blaze as he gets to his feet.....


Before Gable can go for a pinfall Blaze rolls out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: As we talked about before, John Gable knows Johnny Blaze. No matter what, heart doesn't change, and Gable knows Blaze's heart. He isn't going to just roll over for the returning John Gable, no chance; he's gonna make Gable work for it.

Gable runs to the ropes....

Zach Davis: Suicide Dive!

NO!, Blaze sidesteps it, and Gable is able to stop dead in his tracks and instead climbs out onto the apron. Blaze turns, having expected Gable to crash into the guardrail. As Blaze turns Gable jumps off with a Diving Axe Handle Smash. The crowd boos at the less than flashy move.

Freddy Whoa: John Gable CAN be flashy if he wants to... He just doesn't have to be.

Gable lifts Blaze up and rolls him back into the ring. He measures up Blaze as he stumbles to his feet....

Zach Davis: He's got him up... MALTESE FALCON!

NO!, Blaze shifts his weight and lands behind Gable! Blaze spins him around and quickly pokes Gable in the eyes.

Freddy Whoa: The crowd didn't like that!

Johnny Blaze hits Gable with a solid right hook before running at him and executing a Rolling Armbar!

Zach Davis: Johnny Blaze with ANOTHER Armbar applied - third of the night!

The fans boo Blaze applying the move as John Gable again begins valiantly fighting towards the ropes. He yells out in pain for several moments, getting closer, inch by inch....

Freddy Whoa: John Gable's arm being torn out of its socket - can he make it?

HE DOES!, for the third time of the match. Blaze lets go and lets Gable fight to his feet, once Gable is up Blaze yells at Gable to bring it. Gable runs at Blaze and Blaze hits an Arm Drag, once again focusing on the arm of John Gable. He waits for Gable to get back up again and again challenges Gable to bring it. Gable runs at him again but this time Gable hits a Running Dropkick!

Zach Davis: That is one man you won't fool twice!

Blaze leans into the turnbuckle and Gable runs at him and Clotheslines him into it. The crowd is firmly behind Gable as Gable climbs up and begins punching him.











Gable climbs down as Johnny Blaze stumbles forward, totally out of it now. This allows Gable to lift him up yet again.


Gable quickly pins Blaze, hooking the leg.




Zach Davis: Close, but no cigar for John Gable. Even after the Maltese Falcon!

Johnny Blaze stumbles up and Gable is on him immediately. UPPERCUT! UPPERCUT! UPPERCUT! UPPERCUT-

Freddy Whoa: NO!, Blaze finally ducks away from one and SMASHES Gable with his forearm.

Blaze hits a Snap Suplex, but he doesn't let him go. Another Snap Suplex.

Zach Davis: He's taking Gable on a Ghostly Ride!

He brings Gable up for one more Snap Suplex but Gable shoves him away. Johnny Blaze rushes him.


He transitions into a Dragon Sleeper.

Zach Davis: CITY LIGHTS!

John Gable has it locked in!

Crowd: TAP! TAP! TAP!

Johnny Blaze yells out in pain... but he's got no choice.


The crowd pops as Gable's music hits!

Zach Davis: If you told me we'd have a crowd cheering for John Gable's return, I'd have never believed you, but here we are!

The former Cinema Champion gets to his feet and gets the arm raised to the adoring crowd that perhaps he always wanted.

Freddy Whoa: Here tonight, at the final WCF show of 2016, John Gable... has returned.

One goes to a hype package for our next matchup.

Sebastian Knight vs Lester Parish

Kyle Steel: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first . . .

Lights dim with cameras focusing on the entrance ramp. A black gran piano sits there untouched under faint glows. Fans rile up right as the lights shut off. An overture breaks through: Chopin’s "Nocturne op. 55, 1 in F minor". Spotlights hit the piano revealing Lester Parish with his back to the audience. Someone dressed in red robe appears at a slow juncture in the song. This hooded figure slides a mask over Parish, who's still seated at the piano, and takes his place in the song. Parish then says into its microphone, "An end means another's beginning. Enjoy extinction." He lumbers to the ring--unveiling his new, white mask. Parish rolls into ring amidst the fans' awe and loud booing. He soaks in the moment then faces the opposing corner with every inch of his imposing frame.

Kyle Steel: From Syracuse, New York, standing at six feet nine inches and weighing in at three hundred and seventy-four pounds . . . he is “The Forgotten One,” Lester PARISH.

Zach Davis: This New York City crowd is letting Parish know their presence, but must I say, I heard some cheers amidst all of the jeering.

Freddy Whoa: Some of the big man’s actions have been questionable in the past, but he’s a New Yorker himself. Plus, the fans recognize when someone is willing to sacrifice himself for his friends and his beliefs. Lester Parish is a fighter, and the fans can respect that at least.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent . . .

No music begins to play over the PA system as the curtains part at the entrance ramp. Nor is it Sebastian Knight who steps through them, but dozens of men and women, some carrying instruments and some empty handed. They split off to opposite sides of the extended stage, forming themselves into a miniature orchestra on one side and a choir on the other. There’s a murmuring in the crowd as this set up unfolds, and the confusion isn’t appeased when the collective group begins to play a live rendition of “Guardians at the Gate” by Audiomachine.

Zach Davis: I’m not entirely sure why such a production was necessary, but I can see the curtains parting. Here comes Sebastian Knight.

Here he comes indeed, carried in by four burly bearers on a open-topped palanquin that was shaped like a throne. The crowd doesn’t know how to react exactly as the bearers begin the walk down the entrance ramp just as the choir portion of the song begins. Knight is sitting on the edge of the chair, legs spread and hands held together in front of him; overtop his ring gear he wore an open trench coat that showed off his chiseled abdomen.

Freddy Whoa: This is just ridiculous. Sebastian Knight hasn’t even had a single match in the WCF and he’s coming in on a throne like he was the freaking World Champion. I cannot believe the people backstage allowed this to even happen.

The Palanquin draws up beside the ring apron, allowing Sebastian Knight to hop off of it and climb into the ring. Sebastian Knight moves to his corner and holds his arms wide slowly, as a spotlight forms around him. The choir reaches the climax and then fades away with unison with the dimming of the spotlight. The band fades away as well as the house lights return to their normal setting as well.

Kyle Steel: From Manhattan, New York, standing at six feet one inch and weighing in at one hundred and ninety five pounds . . . he is “The Mimic,” Sebastian KNIGHT

Knight hands off of his coat, ignoring the jeers thrown at him from the first few rows.

Zach Davis: I don’t think the crowd is very receptive to the newcomer tonight.

Freddy Whoa: There’s an unspoken tradition, Zach, and Sebastian Knight broke it just now. You EARN an entrance like that, and he hasn’t done a damn thing. Not one.

The referee picks up on the animosity and without hesitation, calls for the bell to get this match started


The two slowly step forward to the center of the ring with a gait that one not paying attention could describe as lumbering if they failed to notice the coiled tension in the legs of both men. Pockets of the crowd began to chant “Parish, Parish” as the big man held out his hand for a handshake to start the match. Knight only stares at for a moment while the chants intensify.

Zach Davis: The fans are not blind to the facts looming over their head tonight, Freddy: this may be the last time we see Lester Parish in a WCF ring. Brotherhood or not, good guy or not, the fans can respect someone who loves wrestling, and that is without a doubt someone like “The Forgotten One.”

Freddy Whoa: And Forgotten, he won’t be. So just take the damn hand, Knight, and give Parish the send-off that he and the fans deserve. No animosity, no more disrespect. Just give them the very thing everyone here tonight came to see: wrestling.

The crowd pops as Knight takes the veteran’s hand, only to boo as the rookie lashes out with a stiff elbow across the jaw of the big man. Sebastian tries to pull away from Parish, but the fans can see the big man clamp down on the wrist of his opponent. A ringside camera catches a close-up of Lester’s face, where the glazed look dissolved in his eyes, replaced by hot, raging clarity. The crowd pops loudly as Parish pulls Knight into a short-arm clothesline that levels the little guy. Parish holds onto Knight’s arm as he slams back-first to the mat, but Knight is able to wrench away and scramble back to the safety of the ring ropes as the big guy stares down at him from the center of the ring. The crowd picks up the “Parish, Parish” chants once more as the two opponents lock eyes once more.

Zach Davis: A proper response to the disrespect Sebastian Knight had for the ring-veteran.

Freddy Whoa: Its actually blowing my mind, Zach. Between the entrance and the cheap shot, Knight has spit on everything that Parish has offered the WCF. His body, his mind, his spirit . . . all worthless to this kid who has never offered anything to this business before tonight!

The crowd was firmly behind the big man as Knight found his feet and moved into the center of the ring, knees bent and arms held out in front of him. Lester lunges forward to try and grab the rookie, but Knight skirts around the arms and wraps Lester up by the waist. Parish throws a back elbow that Knight ducks underneath. This opens up Lester’s side for a knee strike from Knight, forcing Parish into a stumble backwards. Knight tries to capitalize, but Lester just puts both hands on Knight’s chest and shoves him several feet back, widening the gap between the two men.

Knight isn’t deterred, though, as he closes the gap with two bounding steps, ducking beneath a forearm blow from Parish and seizing his open back again. Staying low, Knight throws several elbows into the lower back of Lester until Parish finally tries to reach around with one of his arms to grab Knight. Again the rookie seizes the opening in Parish’s guard and tries to put the big man in an Abdominal Stretch. Lester was too thick and wide for Sebastian to lock it in completely and before the rookie knew it Parish was throwing him to the mat with a hip toss.

Zach Davis: Knight is displaying a strong understanding of catch wrestling tonight, but the size advantage so far has been too much to overcome.

Freddy Whoa: Lester has nearly two hundred pounds on his opponent and eight inches. Its like trying to wrangle a bear out there.

Parish leaps into the air for a leg drop, but the prone Knight rolls out of harm’s way. Seizing the back once again, Sebastian dives onto the seated Parish and locks in a kneeling sleeper hold. The crowd isn’t long in chanting for Parish again as the big man pushes himself to his feet. Once in a standing position, Knight is forced to either relinquish the hold or grapevine the technique with a piggyback; Sebastian chooses the latter. Lester, once upright, charges into the closest corner, turning at the last moment to pin Knight between the thinly-padded turnbuckles and his massive girth.

Zach Davis: I couldn’t tell, Freddy, if that creaking we heard was the ring ropes or Sebastian Knight’s ribs.

Parish steps out of the corner, more than willing to haul Knight across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle for a second “rock and hard place” moment, but the rookie wisely drops off of the big man’s back. He doesn’t release his head, though, as he shifts Parish into a side headlock, wrenching away at the neck of The Forgotten One. Lester puts his shoulder against Knight and pushes him backwards against the ropes to force a break. The referee steps forward to administer the count while Knight, unbeknownst to Parish, steps his body between the middle and top ropes to the apron.

Freddy Whoa: I don’t like the glint in Knight’s eyes as he moves to the outside.

Knight holds onto the headlock until the count of four before finally releasing it and pulling the rest of his body out onto the apron. Parish moves to stand upright, but once his necks moves beyond the top rope Knight grabs onto the big man’s head and pulls it out closer to him. Then, dropping to his knees, Knight wrenches Parish’s neck against the ropes, choking him.

Zach Davis: Sebastian Knight is using the ropes to his advantage, much to the chagrin of the fans.

Freddy Whoa: They every damn right to be upset. When wrestling wasn’t working for him, he resorts to cheap tricks to shift the momentum.

Parish stumbles backwards, facing away from Knight as he clutches at his neck. Stepping through the ropes, Sebastian hits the big man in the back of the legs with a chop block, forcing the big man into a kneeling position. Then, stepping around him, Knight begins to level Parish across the head with heavy forearms. Lester gets his hands up to shove Knight back a step, but this only gives the rookie space to come charging back in with a lifting knee strike to the jaw. The big man still doesn’t go down, though, so Knight finally grabs him around the head and spikes him to the mat with a DDT. The first pinfall of the night follows.




Zach Davis: Lester Parish shows off his resilient side after Sebastian Knight’s underhanded tactics put him in control.

Parish rolls onto his stomach after kicking out the pin, opening himself up to more of Knight’s wear down offense. Popping to his feet long enough to drop an elbow across the smallest part of Parish’s back, Knight then shifts to a chin lock, all the while pressing a knee against Parish’s spine.

Zach Davis: His disrespect aside, Sebastian Knight has presented a solid gameplan to defeating Lester Parish and has thus far stuck soundly to it. Wear down the legs and the back until Parish is too much in pain to slam you to the mat.

Freddy Whoa: He’s still a punk, though.

Lester still has the strength advantage on his side, though, as he grabs Knight’s hands underneath his chin and rips them away. Bending Knight’s fingers back at an awkward angle, the big man forces the rookie off of him with the sheer pain of the hold, allowing Parish to find his feet. Once both men were standing, Knights swats down with a open palm to break Parish’s grip on him and then, lightning quick, spins with elbow held high, aimed for Parish’s head.

Zach Davis: Poi!

Freddy Whoa: But Parish ducks underneath the discus elbow.

Well, blocking the blow would’ve been the better call from the commentary team as Parish throws a thick arm up to shield himself from the blow. Then, with an unusual quickness of his own, Parish reaches out and throws Knight back onto his awaiting knee with a hard-hitting STO backbreaker. Then, in quick transition, Parish takes Knight and him both to the mat with a neckbreaker.

Zach Davis: Quite the one-two punch from the big guy, who is usually known for his striking and brawling.

Freddy Whoa: Its One, Zachy boy. Be ready to see a lot of people do some unorthodox thing tonight.

Pinfall to follow.




Knight pops the shoulder off the mat despite having near four-hundred pounds on top of him, which don’t go away as Parish transitions into a wear-down side headlock of his own, propping most of his weight onto the prone rookie in the process.

Zach Davis: This doesn’t look like much offense from the big man, but having that much weight laying on top of you takes a lot out of the body.

Freddy Whoa: There is definitely a “yo mama” joke in there somewhere.

Sebastian Knight is in no laughing mood, though, as he resorts to clawing at the eyes of Parish in the referee’s blind spot. Parish relinquishes the hold and rolls into a crouch as Knight finds his feet. Shooting the ropes, Knight comes flying in with a running knee strike, but the big man was ready for him. Exploding out of his crouch, Parish levels Knight with a spinning lariat that sends Knight into a complete flip in the center of the ring. Before Lester can capitalize, though, the stunned Sebastian rolls to the outside for a reprieve.

Zach Davis: Sebastian Knight with the ring awareness to find the outside to prevent Lester Parish from capitalizing on that huge lariat.

Lester Parish wasn’t going to let the rookie catch a breather, though, as he rolls steps through the ropes and drops to the outside beside Knight. Sebastian, with a burst of adrenaline, pops to his feet and hammers away with stiff elbows across the side of Parish’s head. Judging him to be sufficiently incapacitated, Knight hops back onto the apron and turns to face Parish. The big man recovered quickly enough, though, and before Knight can connect with whatever he had in mind, Parish sweeps his legs out from under him. Knight crashes back first into the apron before rolling to land on his knees on the concrete.

Freddy Whoa: It looked for a moment like Sebastian Knight was going to take control, but this train is still chugging along and Lester Parish is still the conductor.

Sebastian tries to scramble away from Parish, but the big man hoists him up by the neck and tights and, for lack of a better word, tosses the rookie like a rag doll in front of him. Knight lands in a seated position with his back against the corner of the barricade, but he quickly tries to push himself to his feet, as if he sensed that location was particularly dangerous for him. The crowd senses too, and a loud hush overtakes them as Knight finds his feet and Lester Parish charges forward.

Freddy Whoa: Spear!

Zach Davis: But Sebastian Knight sidesteps it!

Lester Parish crashes shoulder first into the barricade; with a loud THUD, the barricade and the big man collapse into a heap on the outside. The referee’s count was up to eight in the ring and Sebastian Knight wastes no time to roll underneath the bottom rope.

Zach Davis: The referee’s count is up to nine!

Freddy Whoa: After all of this, Sebastian Knight is going to with his debut match with a countout. Unbelievable

No! This rookie wasn’t looking for a cheap victory and rolls back to the outside to break the referee’s count. Lester, meanwhile, has disentangled himself from what was left of the barricade and was crawling hand and knee up the steel steps to try and get back in the ring. Knight meets him there with a stomp on the fingers of his right hand, eliciting a round of boos from the New York crowd.

Freddy Whoa: You have got to be kidding me. Lester Parish is sacrificing his body out here one final time and this is how Knight honors that?

Knight doesn’t even seem to notice the fans has he drops to one knee and hammers down on the back of Parish’s head with clubbing blows. Parish doesn’t have the strength to defend himself, and finally finds his head resting on the steel, blood running down his lips into a pool beside him. Standing back up, Knight finally acknowledges the crowd with a hard stare and the thinnest evidence of a smile before stomping on Parish’s head, pinning it against the steel and his foot.

Zach Davis: Earlier this week, Sebastian Knight emphasized the simple brutality of his style, and the fans tonight have been given a solid taste of it: completely break down the opponent until they offer no further resistance.

A few vocal fans on the front row are shouting obscenities at Knight as he steps away from Parish and walks down the full length of apron before turning back around. With a mock salute to these fans, Knight charges forward and leaps at the last moment, double foot stomp in mind for Knight’s head on that unforgiving steel.

Freddy Whoa: By God, Lester Parish rolls out of the way!

Rolling sideways off the steps onto the concrete below, Parish evades the dangerous stomp from Knight, who lands with a RING on the top of steps, reaching out with one hand to balance himself. The rookie wasn’t going to be denied, though, as he immediately leaps up again, this time connecting with the double foot stomp on the back of Parish.

Zach Davis: Knight with the continued assault on Parish’s back.

The referee’s count was up to eight again, so with a heave Knight pulls Parish to his feet and rolls himself beneath the bottom rope, following quickly suit. Parish rolls onto his back as Knight dives onto him for the pinfall.





Freddy Whoa: YES!

The crowd pops loudly as Sebastian Knight can only stare in amazement, first at the referee and then at the stirring Lester Parish. The rookie recomposes himself quickly, though and pulls Parish to his feet by grabbing on his head. Skirting around to his back, Knight wraps his arms around Parish’s waist and plants his feet firmly on the ground.

Zach Davis: Are we going to see “The Mimic” suplex Lester Parish tonight?

No! Coming to life, Lester Parish throws a back elbow that stuns Knight. And then he throws another. Then another. Madison Square Garden is behind the big man as he powers out of Knight’s grip with clubbing blows before turning to face the rookie. Then, with a heave, Parish throws Knight high in the air with a towering vertical suplex. Lester doesn’t drop immediately, though; he holds Sebastian up and begins to circle around, panning the crowd. Only when he had looked into the collective face of these New York Fans did Lester Parish fall backwards, slamming Knight to the mat with a massive suplex.

Zach Davis: I think I felt the whole arena shake with that impact. Or maybe it was just the fans.

Lester rolls Knight up as the fans count along with the referee.





But Sebastian Knight wasn’t done as he got his shoulder off the mat just in time. It was Parish’s turn to look surprised, but he did so in the midst of pulling Knight to his feet again. Sebastian comes alive once both men were up, lashing out with quick elbows, but is quickly shut down with a clubbing forearm from Parish, who then pulls him close and lifts him in the air. A ring-shaking sidewalk slam follows, with the pinfall shortly afterwards.

Zach Davis: Lester Parish with the Volition.





An audible gasp is heard as Knight somehow gets the shoulder off the mat again. Parish, thinking quickly, resorts to his greatest strength: he punches Knight. Three heavy blows from the seated kneeling position onto the defenseless head of the prone Knight. He then administers the pinfall again.


Kick. Out.

Zach Davis: Sebastian Knight kicked out at One! More than that, he’s getting to his feet.

On unsteady legs, he was, but Sebastian Knight finds his feet and beckons for Lester Parish to stand up as well. A stream of blood runs down his forehead from where Parish’s punches had opened him up, only adding to the wild look of glee in his eyes. Parish finds his feet across from the rookie, and the two stare at one another for the briefest of moments. And then they start to wail on one another.

Freddy Whoa: This is utterly insane.

Knight with elbows, Parish with forearms. Back and forth, back and forth. It didn’t feel real at all, the way those two men were just standing there and allowing the other to hit him. But the fans, oh the fans, they loved it. The cheap tricks, the disrespect, everything before this moment . . . forgotten. Save for the fans support of Lester Parish, who they cheered with each forearm he landed and elbow he received. And when he started to take control, when his forearms started to land unanswered, their cheers grew. He rears back one final time, looking to finish it, but before his eyes, Knight spins suddenly and elbows him in the throat.

Zach Davis: Poi!

Parish staggers, clutching at his windpipe with one hand in agony, while Knight holds the elbow up a second time. Knight spins, and Lester Parish strikes out, catching the rookie dead on with the heart punch.

Freddy Whoa: The Colonnade. Its over.

Knight crumples to the mat as Parish drops to his knees, throwing his body over the unmoving rookie.





Stunned silence as, at the very last moment, Knight pops the shoulder up. Then “This is Awesome. This is Awesome.” Thousands of voices in unison as Lester Parish pushes himself to his feet.

Zach Davis: Power suplexes, sidewalk slams, and the heart-stopping Colonnade. Sebastian Knight has kicked out of them all. I think its needless to say people will know who he is after tonight.

Freddy Whoa: But he’ll have other days; this is Lester Parish’s twilight moment, so bring it on home big man.

Pulling Knight to his feet on unsteady legs, he half-shoves, half-carries the rookie over to the corner and props him against the turnbuckles. Then, with a slow heave, Lester Parish pulls himself up so he was standing on the second turnbuckle. He holds a heavy fist high in the air as the fans find their feet to watch.

Freddy Whoa: MetLife Stadium is about to count along with the big guy one last time.

Out of no where, Knight elbows Parish in the gut, doubling him over. A second elbow to the throat follows that would’ve sent Parish crashing back to the mat if he hadn’t grabbed onto both ropes for support. There’s a moment of abatement as Knight wraps his arms around Parish’s legs and, with one final heave with strength from who knows where, Knight powerbombs Parish from the second turnbuckle on his awaiting knees.

Freddy Whoa: No no no no no no no . . .

The two men lay there, unmoving, before Knight drags himself over and drapes an arm across the chest of big man.




The bell sounds.

Zach Davis: And there you have it.

Knight rolls out of the ring. Whether it is because he's exhausted or what, he begins heading to the back as his music plays.

Freddy Whoa: This match didn't have any official stakes - but it was the first match in WCF for one man, and the last match for another. And at One? Those are all the stakes any match should need.

Lester Parish begins struggling to his feet.... to a standing ovation from the crowd.

Zach Davis: I don't think they approve of the Brotherhood, but for one brief moment in time, tonight, this crowd respects Lester Parish.

They applaud as Parish rolls out of the ring and head to the back.

Lilith Segment

We cut backstage to find WCF Worlds Greatest Boobs Champion, Lilith, pacing back and forth backstage outside of the Brotherhoods locker room. Lilith takes in a few deep breaths before stopping entirely, looking directly at the door and taking one final deep breath to seemingly calm her nerves.

Lilith: You can do this, Lilo...

Lilith finally builds up enough courage, lifts up her arm and knocked just loud enough to be heard on the door. After a few moments the noise from within the room quietens down and WCF Cookies Champion, Psychopomp, answers the door.

Psychopomp: Finally you're here! Haha! Hey Lilith, how are ya? I thought you were the pizza guy.

The WCF Cookie champion smile quickly turns into a sad face

Psychopomp: Sorry about what happened last week with Oblivion...But thank you for what you did for Kidd.

In the back you can hear videogame sounds.

Kidd Krazzy: Who is it Pomp? Is it the pizza guy?

Psychopomp smirks a bit

Psychpomp: Yeah! But it's your turn to pay this time. Wow, those are the best pizzas ever! Quick come pay but close your eyes I want it to be a suprise!

Kidd pauses the game and walks over to Pomp with his eyes closed. Kidds arms are outstretched with a 20 dollar bill in his hand feeling around to find the pizza.

Kidd Krazzy: How am I supposed pay if I cant see the dude.

Completely blanking Psychopomp and simply rolling her eyes at the guy, Lilith reaches out grabbing Kidd Krazzy around his wrist and pulling him outside into the corridor, slamming the door in Psychopomps face. Kidd immediately opens his eyes to see what is going on and almost instantly becomes tongue tied again.

Kidd Krazzy: M---Miss... Ummmmm... Miss L---Lilith...

Lilith placed her long, neatly polished fingernail onto Kidds lips silencing him before continuing.

Lilith: Listen... ummmmmm... Kiddy... I know what you're going to say... Ummmmmm errrrrrrr this and Ummmmmm errrrrrrr that... yadda yadda yadda and stuffs! But I don't gots time for that. Right meow I just wanted to come to here to say... wells, to say goodbye. See I know it's Christmas time and there's not supposed to be unhappiful endings this time of the year... but I gots to admit it. There is no happy endings for me. No Christmas wishes... none of that. All it is is Lilith, by herself as always, just trying to make it through the night. I got a match coming up with Oblivion, remember him? And imma not lie to you, for the first time ever I'm actually pretty scared. I know that even if I win things will never be the same for me again afterwards. And I accept that... but if that JERK Santa thinks that he can entirely stop my happifulness before I'm ready... he can think again! And I want just one more thing...

Lilith finally drops her finger from Kidds mouth, instead grabbing him by his collar and pulling him into herself, planting a long, hard Christmas kiss against his lips. Lilith finally breaks the kiss and looks Kidd in the eyes, for what would seem the first time she had ever looked at anyone in a genuinely sincere way.

Lilith: Merry Christmas, James. Now please, do not come after me again. I couldn't bare to see you get hurt...

Before Kidd has chance to say anything back, Lilith turns and quickly walks away, stopping one final time before entirely leaving the scene.

Lilith: Oh and James? Tell Pompy that I said he smells like grapes, he'll know what it means.

Lilith opens the exit door, stepping through it and closing it behind her.

Pomp opens the door just in time to catch Kidd as he faints.

Psychopomp: Kidd, Kidd, you ok?

He slaps him a couple of times in the face to wake him up

Psychopomp: Did she hurt you?

Psychopomp continues to check on his fallen friend as the scene fades to black.

Tag Team Titles Match
Oath Breaker/Fuego Del Eterno Infierno Silencioso vs Steven Singh/Captain Pantheon

“Daytripper” by Type O Negative blares over the speakers and out steps Oath Breaker.

Zach Davis: Next up is our Tag Team Championship Match!

Freddy Whoa: Yup! EVERY title in the Dub is being defended here tonight!

Slowly walks down to the ring, head swaying in time to the music. Steps up to the mat from the floor, leans back against the top rope and backward-salts into the ring over the rope. Centers himself in the ring and raises one hand high in the air.

Zach Davis: Oath Breaker as he’s now going by still hasn’t gotten his proper revenge on Captain Pantheon if you ask him so he’s certainly focused for this match.

Freddy Whoa: He also is still staking a claim as the proper WCF Tag Team Champion which should be settled here tonight!

Fuego del Eterno Infierno Silencioso comes down to a cacophony various of fire alarms but instead of his normal somersaults and flips he seems to sprint purposefully down to the ring. Oath Breaker claps for his partner and even holds the ropes open but Fuego decides to use the ring steps instead. He stops at the top of them and unleashes an ENORMOUS fireball into the air.

Freddy Whoa: GOOD GAWD! He’s putting the Fuego in Fuego del Eterno Infierno Silencioso!

Zach Davis: Yeah he’s really fired up for this match.

Freddy Whoa: Come on.

Zach Davis: I think he’s really ready to bring the heat.

Freddy Whoa: Jesus.

Zach Davis: I think he could really light it up here tonigh-

Before Davis can finish his third straight pun, “CaramellDansen” hits and Captain Pantheon comes sprinting out to a huge pop from the crowd. Tag Title around his waist, he stops halway down the ramp and nWo points back towards the entrance way when the PA announces, “COLD GETTIN’ DUMB” and “Superstar” Steven Singh steps out from behind the curtain to MadVillain’s “Supervillain Theme.”

Zach Davis: What the hell? Is that a neckbrace? Didn’t he just return from the concussion protocol?

Freddy Whoa: Yeah but I think that neck brace is likely from his run-in with The World Champion Thomas Uriel Bates at Gemini’s funeral.

Zach Davis: Bates is out of control!

Freddy Whoa: Well, the Champ is a big man and his hands can do a lot of damage in a relatively short period but I’m still not sure about this neck brace...

Singh stands at the top of the ramp with his tag title slung proudly over his shoulder. He stops and begins to raise his title over his head but stops suddenly and grabs his neck.

Freddy Whoa: Okay, well now I’m not starting to feel really skeptical.

Zach Davis: What are you saying? He was attacked by a supposed locker room leader and now you’re calling him a liar? I think they call that victim-blaming, Freddy.

Captain Pantheon hustles over to his partner and offers to help him down the ramp. Singh waves him off and the two make their way toward the ring together. Captain rolls in and strikes a pose in the center while Singh gingerly climbs the stairs.

Freddy Whoa: And a cheap shot from Oath Breaker!

Oath Breaker is all over Captain with a clothesline to the back of the head followed by boots to the back. The referee steps in and backs Breaker into a neutral corner. Captain is back to his feet, the referee calls for the bell and before Breaker can charge in again, Hellfire tags himself back in.

Zach Davis: The Silent One, always eager for some action!

Fuego springboards off the ropes and dropkicks Captain to the mat. Cap is back up quickly but met with a bevy of blows from Hellfire. He’s peppering him with swift kicks and a hard one to the outside of Cap’s knee takes him down to a knee. Fuego back in fast with a frankensteiner driver.

Freddy Whoa: Captain’s head just BOUNCED off the mat! A cover! 1….2….

Zach Davis: Nope! It’s not going to be that easy. A kickout from the tag champion.

Fuego with a springboard lionsault but Cap gets his knees up. Captain back to his feet and nails Fuego with an ear clap quickly followed up by a roundhouse kick of his own. Fuego stumbles back into a corner and Captain follows in with a big splash. Cap hoists his opponent up onto the top rope and sits him there. He climbs to join him and stops at the second rope to give the crowd a big thumbs up. As he does Fuego fights back with right hands. Cap is stunned and Fuego stands up on the top rope, puts Cap’s head down between his legs and...

Zach Davis: No he’s not…

Freddy Whoa: Good god! Solar Inferno! A powerbomb from the top rope all the way to the floor outside!

With both men down outside the ring, a “Holy shit!” chant breaks out from the crowd. The referee goes over to check on both men but Singh starts barking at him.

Freddy Whoa: Singh is...Singh is demanding the referee start his ten count. Shouldn’t he be more concerned with his partner’s well-being?

Zach Davis: Champion’s advantage, Freddy! He’s concerned with making sure they keep those titles!

The referee begins his count as Fuego is back up on the outside. 1….2….Fuego viciously irish whips Cap into the steel stairs sending him flipping forward over them. Fuego is right behind him, bounds off the stairs and hits a somersault leg drop on the downed Cap. The crowd lets out a loud pop for Fuego’s fast and vicious style.


Fuego begins pulling monitors and clearing the announce table. He rolls the nearly-lifeless Captain up onto it and then gets up on the apron as the crowd cheers. Fuego shakes his head though and begins climbing to the top rope instead as the crowd loves it!

Zach Davis: The count is at 6 and neither man appears ready or willing to get this back in the ring!

Singh comes rushing over to the top rope where Fuego stands on the top rope ready to pounce on his downed partner. Fuego sees him before he do anything and Hellfire points at him. Singh quickly backpedals on the apron towards his own corner, clutching his neckbrace. Fuego turns his attention back to the commentator’s table just to see Captain managing to roll off and back into the ring and struggle to his feet. Without missing a beat though, Fuego launches himself off the top with a moonsault!

Freddy Whoa: Captain with a discus punch! He caught the flipping Hellfire in mid air with a STIFF discus punch! Both men are down for a moment but Captain is first to his feet and sends Hellfire off the ropes.

As Fuego goes off the set of ropes nearest to Oath Breaker, he blind tags himself in. Fuego heads back towards Cap who then back body drops Fuego over the top and to the floor outside. Unfortunately before he can gather himself Oath Breaker is clotheslining him over the top and to the outside. Measuring him up for a moment, Oath Breaker bounces off the opposite ropes and is going for a middle rope suicide dive onto Pantheon.

Zach Davis: NO! Singh with a knee lift on the apron of the diving Oath Breaker! The shot stopped Breaker did in his tracks as he tumbles back into the ring!

Freddy Whoa: The referee is quickly over to Singh to warn him as there was no tag.

As the referee lets him have it, Singh again winces and holds his neck.

Freddy Whoa: Oh c’mon.

Breaker comes charging towards Singh on the apron but the Superstar hops down quickly as the referee cuts off the charging Native as Singh isn’t the legal man. On the outside, Singh rolls Cap back into the ring into their corner and tags himself in. With the referee still lecturing Breaker, Singh sneaks up behind him and drops him on the back of his head with a half and half suplex.

Freddy Whoa: That neck sure seems fine now.

Zach Davis: A quick cover! 1…..and a quick kickout from Oath Breaker.

Both men back up and Singh gets him with an arm drag. Breaker up again and another arm drag. Breaker charges once more but blocks a hip toss attempt and nearly takes Singh’s head off with a clothesline instead. Breaker follows up with a fist drop then gets his opponent back to his feet and hoists him up with a vertical suplex.

Freddy Whoa: Great power from Oath Breaker as he holds Singh up there….and holds….and holds…

Zach Davis: Wow…

Freddy Whoa: And…..DOWN hard to the mat. He picks him back up and begins pelting him with overhand and reverse knife-edge chops. Singh is stumbled back into the corner.

Breaker rushes in and comes hard with a Yakuza kick but Singh dodges it and snags him with a capture suplex into the turnbuckle. He picks Breaker back up, sends him off the ropes and drop toe holds him across the middle rope. With Breaker’s neck hung there, Singh tags Captain then slaps on a camel clutch using the middle rope to choke Oath Breaker. The referee starts his count as Captain nails Oath Breaker in the face with a dropkick to the face on the apron. Singh releases the hold and heads to the apron.

Zach Davis: Great teamwork from the champs. And a cover from Cap!




Freddy Whoa: NO! A kickout from Oath Breaker! And I notice his partner wasn’t scrambling to break up the pin….

Zach Davis: Maybe he’s just confident in his partner!

Cap picks his opponent back up and drops him with an inverted atomic drop. He drops a leg across his throat and then picks him back up. Captain sends Breaker off the ropes and spins around swinging for a discus punch.

Freddy Whoa: Ducked under by Oath Breaker who comes back off the opposite ropes with a huge flying shoulder tackle!

Both men are down and struggle to get back to their feet. As they do Captain charges Breaker who pops him up and then levels him with a samoan drop!

Freddy Whoa: OATH BREAKER! A PIN! 1…….2…….3!

Zach Davis: Broken up by Singh! Singh got there just in time! Wow! I thought we had new tag champs!

Singh drags Cap towards their corner before exiting the ring and makes a tag. Oath Breaker is over to his corner to do the same.


As Oath Breaker reached out for a tag, he was met with an enormous fireball from El Fuego!

Zach Davis: I’m not sure Oath Breaker can even see at the moment! He’s stumbling backwards.

Fuego hops off the apron, deserting his newly-blinded partner! With a smile on his face, Singh tags his partner and hits the ropes behind the staggered Native. The BOOM boot from Captain hits Breaker simultaneously with a chop block from Singh, flipping the challenger inside out and landing him on his stomach. Captain flips over him over and hooks the leg.

Freddy Whoa: 1….2….3! The Champions retain an--What in the hell is this now?!

As the champs are handed their titles, a half dozen police officers in riot gear come trotting out. Looking nervous, Singh clutches his tag title and stands back to back with his partner.

Zach Davis: What is going on?!

Freddy Whoa: I...I think they’re here for the thief!

Zach Davis: What? Steven Singh? What did he steal?

Freddy Whoa: What HASN’T he stolen?! Something’s finally catching up with him!

The heavily outfitted officers surround the ring where the champs aren’t sure what to expect as near the slowly recovering. Just as the cops begin to enter the ring, Singh suddenly clutches his neck and falls to the mat, writhing in pain. Captain crouches down, checking on his partner as the officers close in. Suddenly an officer puts his hand on…

Freddy Whoa: Oath Breaker?! They’re here for him?!

When the first officer puts his hand on Oath Breaker, the large native shoves him away. Another officer grabs Breaker from behind to restrain him but the WCF wrestler pops the officer with an elbow to the face.

Freddy Whoa: Not a great idea!

In response two different officers draw and discharge their tasers on Oath Breaker. The large man is spasming on the mat as Steven and Cap return to their feet, in disbelief at the scene before them. An officer puts Oath Breaker in handcuffs as two of them carry him out of the ring and down the ramp.

Zach Davis: What in the hell just happened, Freddy?!

Freddy Whoa: Well, it was another successful title defense for our champions and the--...wait a moment...I’m just now getting word from the back that the officers presented the officials in the back with multiple warrants for Oath Breaker’s arrest. He was wanted for grand theft auto in multiple states.

Zach Davis: Well...shit. Is that it then? Do you think we’ll ever see him again?

Freddy Whoa: I have no idea, Zach.

People's Title Match
CJ Phoenix vs Kevin Bishop

Zach Davis: The People's Championship is one of the most fought over belts in the company. It doesn't just represent being the best wrestler - it represents being a champion of the people.

Freddy Whoa: The People's Champion represents being a champion of the people. Quality insight there, Zach.

Zach Davis: You know what I mean. Several WCF superstars have fought tooth and nail for this belt.... and no one knows what fighting tooth and nail means quite like CJ Phoenix and Kevin Bishop.

"Re-education Through Labor" begins to play as the cameras pan through the crowd. Then, 13 seconds into the song, Phoenix runs out onto the stage as the beat drops. He stretches his arms out as he looks at the crowd before running down the ramp with his arms stretched out and flames following him on each side until he reaches the end of the ramp. He slides into the ring and runs up one of the turnbuckles. He then does a cross sign with his hands before pointing upward and hopping off the turnbuckle into the ring.

Freddy Whoa: CJ Phoenix was our first ever Alpha Champion, and he won the right to head to One and challenge for the People's Title... after some less than pleasant altercations with the rest of the Brotherhood.

The lights in the arena go black and a hush falls upon the fans when the tron lights up pure white. “Unholy Confessions” by Avenged Sevenfold blares over head and white strobes beam down on a group of people in black hoods and Plague doctor masks, as the lights beam down on them, the move away to reveal The Plague Kevin Bishop holding out his arms taking in the roar of the crowd. He wears his black studded leather vest and his hair drips wet as he shakes his head to the music. Kevin applies his wrist tape as he makes his way down the ramp with the fans reaching out to him. Towards the end of the ramp Kevin runs to the ring and slides in. He stands in the middle of the ring for a second with a grin on his face as he takes in the roaring of the crowd. Finally he lifts his arms and a barrage of sparks rain down onto him and the ring. He makes his way to the far corner.

Zach Davis: Speaking of the Brotherhood, though, CJ Phoenix isn't just facing a member - he's facing the LEADER. Kevin Bishop is making his One debut. This year saw more than its fair share of stables come and go, but of all of the cult like groups, only The Brotherhood remains.

Kevin Bishop enters the ring and steps right up to CJ Phoenix, raising his belt in the air to taunt him. CJ Phoenix is undaunted, and stands stoic as ever as Bishop grins and backs off, relinquishing his belt to the official.

Freddy Whoa: There is the bell... and the One People's Title match is underway!

The two men meet in the middle of the ring and tie up.





The challenger gains the upper hand, forcing Bishop into a corner. Phoenix gives him the clean break, which Bishop goes to take advantage of by tackling him, but CJ has that scouted and kicks Bishop in the chest. Bishop still goes to rush Phoenix and CJ turns that into a Double A Spinebuster!

Zach Davis: Beautifully executed!

Phoenix pins, hooking the leg.



No!, kickout by Bishop. Phoenix immediately gets to his feet and runs to the ropes...

Freddy Whoa: Lionsault!

NO!, Phoenix took a risk and it didn't pay off - Bishop gets the knees up. Phoenix crashes into them and The Plague quickly pulls him in and executes a Snap Brainbuster.

Zach Davis: Bishop goes for the pin now.



Kickout by Phoenix now.

Freddy Whoa: Early nearfalls. As mentioned earlier, this is one of the most competitive divisions in the company - and any potential win is a win to go for.

Bishop pulls Phoenix up and grabs him for a German, but Phoenix elbows his way out of it. Bishop runs at Phoenix but Phoenix runs at him just as hard and takes him down with a Running STO!, Bishop's head bouncing violently off the mat. Phoenix foregoes going for another pin so that he can wait for the leader of the Brotherhood to get up. Once Bishop is up Phoenix runs at him, Clotheslines him down. Bishop gets back up and gets a Spinning Heel Kick from Phoenix. Phoenix then drops him with a Neckbreaker.

Zach Davis: Challenger firmly in control now.

Phoenix, as quickly as he can, begins climbing to the top rope.

Freddy Whoa: Phoenix has a couple of moves up his arsenal... What could he be going for here?

Shooting Star Press by CJ Phoenix!, he lands on Kevin Bishop, picture perfect, right into the pinfall.



NO!, Bishop gets the shoulder up.

Zach Davis: Kevin Bishop won the People's Title almost half a year ago, back in July during Ultimate Showdown. CJ Phoenix is gonna have to give it everything he's got.

Freddy Whoa: And it looks like he is!

CJ Phoenix lifts Bishop up and goes to throw him to the ropes but Bishop reverses it and sends CJ into them instead. CJ comes back and Bishop hits a quick Exploder Suplex!

Zach Davis: One of the most devastating Suplexes in wrestling.

Phoenix gets up but goes back on the offensive with a wild swing. Bishop ducks it and executes a German Suplex.

Freddy Whoa: And there it is!

He keeps it hooked and lifts Phoenix up... BOOM!, second German. Keeps it hooked....

Zach Davis: Kevin Bishop going for the Triple German. Some have questioned Kevin Bishop's sanity, but this move has only been used by the most mentally stable men in wrestling.... Here comes the third!

NO!, Phoenix lands on his feet behind Bishop. Phoenix runs at Bishop and Dropkicks him in the back, sending him into the ropes. Bishop stumbles backwards and Phoenix rolls him up from behind.



NO!, Bishop escapes. He rolls away and gets to his feet and Phoenix runs at him - only for Bishop to switch behind and hit one last Release German Suplex!

Freddy Whoa: Bishop finishes his German Suplex combo!

Bishop waits behind Phoenix as the former Alpha Champion struggles up. He grapples him.

Zach Davis: Reverse German..... I'm pretty sure CJ Phoenix is a Teenage Dirtbag, baby, because he's about to listen to some Iron Maiden!

Kevin hits a Reverse Suplex onto the top rope, bounces him overhead and locks Phoenix into a Dragon Sleeper!


CJ Phoenix yells out in pain and flails towards the ropes but to no avail.


NO! No. Phoenix won't give up, he won't tap out. He keeps clawing towards the ropes...

Freddy Whoa: He makes it.

The ref forces Bishop to release the hold, which he, of course, only does at the very last second. Bishop lifts Phoenix up and forearms him in the face several times, more vicious than your average forearm, until he's satisfied that Phoenix is totally out of it. He shoves Phoenix into the ropes before running to the opposite ringside.

Zach Davis: Phoenix stumbles forward... BLACK DEATH!

NO!, Phoenix fires off a Dropkick!, hitting Kevin Bishop mid-move! The crowd WHOA's as both men hit the mat and both men lay motionless.

Freddy Whoa: Both men laying it all on the line here...

Both crawl towards corners as if they were in a tag match ready to make a hot tag. Instead, they use the ropes to pull themselves up. Both men are to their feet and Bishop rushes Phoenix first. Phoenix leapfrogs over him, hits the ropes...


The crowd pops as Phoenix takes Bishop down! Phoenix rolls away and gets to his feet, not taking any time to play to the crowd or do anything but continue to his next offensive move. He begins climbing up.

Freddy Whoa: CJ Phoenix has a vicious Spear, but he has one vicious high risk move too....

Phoenix gets to the top.

Zach Davis: The name isn't named after him, but it might as well be. PHOENIX SPLASH!

NO!, Kevin Bishop has dived into the ropes and caused Phoenix to crotch himself before he could jump. Bishop climbs up onto the top with Phoenix, lifting him up.

Freddy Whoa: Kevin Bishop preparing CJ Phoenix for a Superplex!

Phoenix jabs Bishop several times in the side, knowing the end is near, breaking free... and knocking Bishop down! Bishop hits the mat and Phoenix takes a deep breath before flying into the air.


Freddy Whoa: INTO THE PIN!

Crowd: ONE!

Crowd: TWO!

Crowd: THREE!

NO!, no, Bishop kicked out at the last second. The crowd boos as Phoenix rolls away and gives in to one moment of agony before getting back in the saddle and lifting Bishop up. He throws Bishop to the ropes.








Freddy Whoa: WHATTTT!?

The crowd can't believe it yet again!

Zach Davis: HOW IN THE HELL!?

CJ Phoenix knew this match would be tough as hell and he's got one last move to pull out. He knees on Bishop's back with both of his knees.

Freddy Whoa: He's locking in the Crux of Fate!

No!, Bishop has that scouted and backs up on the mat, getting back to his feet so that he's positioned behind Phoenix. He drops Phoenix with a Backstabber. Phoenix holds his back in pain and turns around as Bishop hits the ropes.

Zach Davis: One.. more.. time.

Freddy Whoa: BLACK DEATH.

Zach Davis: He hits it.

Kevin Bishop pins CJ Phoenix, hooking the leg.




The bell sounds.

Freddy Whoa: Kevin Bishop walks out of One with the People's Championship still with the Brotherhood.

Bishop rolls away after an incredibly hard fought matchup, Unholy Confessions playing. CJ Phoenix rolls out of the ring.

Zach Davis: On a show like this, just making it to a singles Title match is an accomplishment in and of itself. Amazing performance by CJ Phoenix, but tonight, for the People's Title, Kevin Bishop was the better man.

Bishop clutches the People's Championship close to his chest before grinning into the camera.

Freddy Whoa: Despite all of the Pantheon and Zero Tolerance talk, The Brotherhood is running under the radar. Take notice, WCF.

We fade to black into a random WCF promo video.

Alpha Title Match
Jayson Price vs Joe Smarts vs Kidd Krazzy vs Jason O'Neal

Kyle Steel: The following is a fatal four way for the Alpha Title! Indroducing first, representing the Brotherhood, kkkidddddddd Kkkkkkkkkrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaazzzzzzzzzyyyyy!!

Wrecking ball tune starts playing,

I came in like a Pokeball

I never hit so hard in a match

All I wanted was to catch your heart

All you ever did was wreck me

Yeah, you wreck me

A giant Pokeball descends from the ceiling as the music plays, it touches down inside the ring and the top pops open and inside sits Kidd Krazzy dressed as Ash Ketchum, his cap on backwards. He leaps out of the pokeball as Holofoil Pokemon cards fall from the rafters into the crowd.

“O’Neal! By the power of Greyskull, It’s Clobbering time!” he shouts and awaits his opponent.

Zach Davis: A unique entrance for a fired up Kidd Krazzy.

Steel: Introducing next also representing the Brotherhood, Joe Ssssssssmartsssss!!

The crowd cheers when 'Vertigo' by U2 comes on the speakers. Joe comes rushing out and sprints down the ramp. He slides into the ring. The crowd goes wild! He gets up and jumps on the 2nd Rope. He soaks in the cheers with a Randy Orton style pose. The crowd once again cheers. He flips back onto the canvas. He is ready.

Freddy Whoa: Smarts jumped Kidd and O’Neal, but now he and Kidd are brothers? How wells that gunna work?

Zach Davis: Well they shook hands so could mean disaster for their opponents or could mean Smarts thinks he is at a job interview.

Steel: And introducing next, Former 2 time world champion "Mr. Every Singles Title" Jayson Price!

All of the lights in the arena drop as the crowd silences with anticipation. Moments pass before "Explosia" by Gojira hits the arena speakers at a near deafening volume. The crowd lets loose with boos as a lone spotlight comes on and shines on the stage. Jayson Price walks out from the back to near nuclear heat from from the crowd, a grin on his face. He waves the crowd on from the top of the ramp, trying to get them to be louder. He then starts down the ramp, avoiding the grubby and dirty hands of the few fans that try to show him love, before stopping to knock the phone out of the hands of a fan trying to take a selfie. After laughing at the fan, he steals a beer, enjoy it in front of the unlucky fan and then throw the empty cup in their face before rolling under the bottom rope and popping up to his feet. He heads over to the corner and takes a seat on the top turnbuckle as he waits for the match to start.

Zach Davis: As you see Kidd Eye Price these two had words on social media about Prices unique way of getting into a match he doesn't qualify for.

Freddy Whoa: What you mean his son qualified him.

Kyle Steel: And now, Introducing the champion Jassssssonn O….Neal!!!

#1 by Nelly hits and Jason O'Neal walks arrogantly walks to the ring. But as he reaches the ringside area, Kidd takes off running and hits him with a Tope con Hilo! Then proceeds to rapidly punch at O’Neal’s face. While those two brawl outside, Price has taken control of Smarts,

Zach Davis: Price showing off his great athleticism as he hits Smarts with a series of arm drags, followed by a huge belly to belly!

Freddy Whoa: And on the outside Kidd was just tossed into the steel stairs his body flying over them and crashing down into the concrete floor!

As Kidd pulls himself up on the barricade Jason runs and vaults off the steps and bust Kidd in the skull with a flying knee shot.

Freddy Whoa: Red Sauce! We got blood Zack!

Zach Davis: And this early gotta wonder if that will affect Kidd’s chances. But oh SMarts firing back against Price!

Joe hits a series of clotheslines then climbs to the top turnbuckle and goes for a senton, but Price rolls out of the ring and into a back body drop into the guardrail from O'Neal.

Zach Davis: OH! O’Neal means business tonight!

Jason rolls into the ring and is caught off guard by a dropkick by Smarts. O’Neal gets up and ducks a clothesline and goes for a roundhouse that also misses.

Freddy Whoa: I dont know if Smarts relizes this but O’Neal is Still standing.

Zach Davis: Agreed Johnny not so sure now is the time to pose. Oh Backstabber!

Smarts body bounces off Jason’s knees hard. Meanwhile Kidd rolls Price into the ring then climbs up on the apron but is cut off as Price grabs him and belly to bellys him into the ring. Price then flips off a lady in the crowd as he scales the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: This just shows what this title means to Price.

Freddy Whoa: Yea he hardly ever goes up top.

Zach Davis: Oh The WTF Maneuver!

The moonsault hurts both Kidd and Price, as we go over to see Smarts duck a Sensation Kick.
Smarts goes for a spear but is planted with a DDT. O’Neal locks in a cross armbar on Smarts. Price has an arm draped on Kidd.




Smarts struggles to the ropes, but O’Neal rolls him back into the center of the ring, and elevates the armbar. Kidd and Price rise to their feet. Kidd has his fist to his forehead, and yells “Special….Beam….Cannon!” and nails Price with a heart punch.

Zach Davis: Kidd fires back and oh breaks up the submission hold as well!

Freddy Whoa: I dont think Smarts could have held on much longer.

Zach Davis: Oh and now the Brotherhood using their numbers now, as Smarts and Kidd pick Jason O’Neal up and drop him with a Enziguri!

Kidd then climbs to the top turnbuckle as Smarts stomps O’Neal. Kidd leaps and hits a 450 splash.

Zach Davis: Kidd calls that the Nat 20, and He is going to go for the pin!

Freddy Whoa: Yea but gets a two count before Smarts realizes this is a fatal four and pulls him off O’Neal.

Kidd looks at Smarts with a WTF look but then is drop kicked out of the ring by Price. Price gets to his feet before Smarts realizes what happened and hits Smarts with Price Check.

Zach Davis: O’Neal is to his knees, OMG! Kneegasm by Price, the veteran know how on display by Price.

Price grabbed O’Neal by the head and delivered five straight muay thai style knees before finishing up with a running knee to the face. Price proceeds to pin Jason.



thr...NO! Broken up by Kidd, Followed by Smarts whom comes in and assist Kidd in suplexing Price.

Zach Davis: Kidd Shakes Smarts hand, oh and a series of quick arm drags and light strikes and dropkicks and both men stand back up and bow to each other.

Freddy Whoa:Well I guess they realize this is everyone for themselves after all, oh Lagniappe out of no where! Smarts drops like a bad habit.

Kidd ducks a super kick, retaliates with a spinning round house that's also ducked, O’Neal goes for a belly to belly but Kidd Uses headbutt and it's super effective at creating separation.

Kidd yells Kaioken times 10 then unleashes a flurry of punches and kicks to O’Neal. Kidd digs in his pocket for something, but is hit with a Downfall out of nowhere. The Price is hit with the World's Smartest Slam.

Zach Davis: Smarts goes for a pin on Price but only a two count,

Freddy Whoa: O’neal crawls to pin Kidd ….2 count and broken by Smarts. Smarts pins Kidd, OH

Zach Davis: O’Neal Locks in the Money Maker on Smarts, pulling him from Kidd. Price is up and applies a modified hangman's clutch to O’Neal!

Freddy Whoa:What! Kidd has crawled over and applied a Heel lock to Price! We have a knotted up mess of submissions here in the ring!

O'Neal is the first to release the hold, realizing the position he's ended up in as the Champion here.

Zach Davis: If Kidd or Price or Smarts would tap out or anything O'Neal would lose the belt!

O'Neal hits Kidd Krazzy with The Sensation!, ending the Heel Lock to Price. Krazzy rolls out as Smarts gets up and O'Neal drops him with another Sensation!

Freddy Whoa: The Champ looking to retain here!

Price stumbles up...

Zach Davis: LAGNIAPPE!

NO!, Price shoves O'Neal forward into the ropes, he bounces back and Price catches him.

Freddy Whoa: DOWNFALL!

NO!, Price pushed off by O'Neal, Price hits the ropes and comes back.

Zach Davis: LAGNIAPPE!!!!

O'Neal quickly pins Jayson Price, hooking the leg.




Freddy Whoa: WHOA!


The bell sounds as Jason O'Neal rolls away.


The crowd can't believe it! Hence the definition of unbelievable!

Zach Davis: Many people saw this match as a foregone conclusion - this was the match that Mr. Every Singles Title won the Alpha Championship, the one time he'd be able to cheat himself into getting a chance at it... his 100th win... at One.

Freddy Whoa: And he fell short, Zach. Completely unbelievable.

Price rolls out of the ring as Jason O'Neal gets to his feet. He looks as if he never believed for a second he'd lose the belt, he holds it up into the air and walks into the camera, shouting about how great he is.

Zach Davis: The Real Deal was a nickname up until now. Tonight, it is official. Jason O'Neal is, indeed, the Real Deal.

We fade to commercial with a shocked crowd.

Some Kind of Crazy Stipulation Match
Oblivion vs Lilith

Zach Davis: Ladies and Gentlemen the moment you have been waiting for....


Zach Davis: That's right WCF Galaxy, all night this shark tank has been ring side. Coming up next... For the very last time they will EVER SET FOOT IN THE RING AGAINST EACH EVER AGAIN!!!


Zach Davis: WCF Owner Seth Lerch made... designed this match.

Freddy Whoa: Mad scientist I should say!!

Zach just looks at Freddy and just shakes his head before speaking again.

Zach Davis: It is designed to keep those two lunatics in and not escape and to keep others away.

Freddy Whoa: For those who cannot see, the shark tank is flush right up against the ring. It's as high as the ring, well yea it is if you include the water.

Zach Davis: There are blacktip sharks in there. Some are about five feet long and weighing about 120 pounds. I was also told there are also a few ten foot bronze whalers in there, that could be reach up to a whopping 675 pounds each.

Freddy Whoa: WHOOA!! Well, not to make Oblivion and Lilith nervous, considering how darn close...


One of the sharks maneuvered and splashed, the water almost hitting the nearby crowd.

Freddy Whoa: ...how darn close the tank is to the crowd.

The lights start flashing, the crowd murmurs as the cage lowers down.

Zach Davis: Now the tricky part. How to attach the cage near the shark tank without getting bit by the sharks.

Freddy Whoa: Oh!! How ingenious!! As you can see four maintenance workers are being lowered down by harnessess.

Zach Davis: They're locking down the cage onto the ring base...


Maintenance worker: Oh no!!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!


The maintenance worker was bitten into chunks. Dead instantly. The sharks are now going into a frenzy. The rest of the workers get hoisted up. There is weird pause.

Zach Davis: Um... Um... I'm told were con...tin... continuing. O..okay.


Camera JUST pans away to the entrance stage...

The entrance lights go down as colorful lights start flashing all around the area. "Boom Clap" by Charli XCX begins to play, as Lilith appears at the top of the entrance ramp. She is wearing colorful miniskirt, leggings, an extremely tight low cut tank top and black leather heeled ankle boots. Lilith proceeds to skips down to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring... From Los Angeles, California... weighing in at 132 pounds... she is Lilith!!!

Lilith is holding a teddy bear in her hand, as the crowd gives her quite a mixed reaction.

The lights go out,as lighter colored lights come on.The multiple cameras pan around the jam packed arena. The crowd is cheering. "Click click boom" by "Saliva begins to play, as the blaring guitar begins to play. The house lights go out. The crowd begins to murmur. Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lasers begin to flash. Two bright spot lights hit the entrance stage. The entrance music continues to thump...


Explosive fire pyrotechnics shoot straight up, on the stage and down the ramp. Oblivion bolts out onto the entrance stage, the crowd roars out with a mixture of cheers and boos. The Monster proceeds to go to both to the left and to the right sides of the entrance stage, thrusting out IT's arms towards the crowd. The crowd roars out.

The crowd: OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!!


"On these Saturdays when kids go out and play
You I was up in my room let the stereo blaze

Kyle Steel: From Euphoria... Weighing in at 325 pounds... He is The God of Enlightenment... Oblivion!!

I was faded not jaded
Just a kid with a pad and a pen
With a big imagination.
All this, I seek, I find
I push the envelope to the line


Guitar riffs ring out...


Oblivion thrashed along with the music, down the aisle. All over the arena people are seen thrashing along to the music...

Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring... From Euphoria weighing 325 pounds.... This is The Monster... The Dark Messiah... The God of Enlightenment... Oooooobliiiiiviiiiiioooooon!!!!

The Monster quickly runs down the aisle and up the metal grate to the metal cage door.

Zach Davis: The rules are simple. Submissions or pitfalls. No escapes, because of sharks being to close to the cage. The cage itself has a top on it, because it had to hold the eight teddy bears.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! I notice two of those bears are slightly larger than than the others.

Zach Davis: By the way, ladies and gentlemen there are two steel ladders for these two to use to obtain a flaming...

Freddy Whoa: You moron you forgot to tell them. The bears, the bears, the bears are fire!! Both competitors can use the ladders to get the teddy bears which are metal based by the way and some of them have weapons in side of them.

Zach Davis: Can you imagine how many weapons those two big ones have?

Oblivion reaches to the cage door....


Freddy Whoa: THAT BITCH!!

Zach Davis: Freddy!! You're supposed to be impartial!! Jesus!! Oblivion just got there! Lilith, she slams that DAMN cage door in IT's face. The match hasn't even started yet!! And were supposed to believe she turned a new leaf? I don't think so.


Oblivion staggers into the ring holding IT's face.

Zach Davis: It looks like The Monster has a small laceration across IT's nose, possible broken nose.


Freddy Whoa: OUUU!! WHOA!! First Lilith first nails The Monster with a low blow then follows that up with a ddt!!

Zach Davis: But, no!!! The Monster isn't staying down!!

Lilith tries to run for safety but Oblivion grabs her by the back of her hair...

Freddy Whoa: The Monster has Lilith in a reverse ddt position...


Zach Davis: Lilith is down!!

Oblivion proceeds to stomp down onto Lilith...

Crowd: S... T... O... M... P...

Freddy Whoa: Surviving... Treacherous... Overbearing... Monstrous... Psychopaths!!!

Zach Davis: Now after stomping the Hell out of her, it looks like Oblivion is grabbing for a ladder and heading for a bear.

Freddy Whoa: Which type? Tons of weapons there.

Oblivion positions the ladder under the teddy bears...


Zach Davis: LOW BLOW!!

Lilith nails Oblivion as IT was climbing the ladder. The Monster falls off the ladder and down onto the mat.

Freddy Whoa: And now Lilith IS the one who is climbing the ladder to the teddy bears.

Zach Davis: But, Oblivion is right behind her...


Three small teddy bears and the two large teddy bears fell down.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!


Freddy Whoa: I think that teddy bear is moving!! Yes!! That teddy bear is moving!!

The teddy bear goes to a nearby turnbuckle climbs it to the top and flies off of it, hitting Lilith, barely, knocking her down, but not for long. She grabs the now noticeable Gathering member in the costume. She throws the teddy bear into the side of cage then the cage door, which the inept referee forgot to lock it, slammed open. The teddy bear stumbles down the step and straight into the shark tank. Lilith is all smiles looking at a dead Gathering member as the arena is screaming at Lilith to turn around, where Oblivion is waiting there with two teddy bears...


The metal based teddies exacerbated the head of Lilith, making her stumble into of the ladders in which she picks up...


Freddy Whoa: A small cut is now a large laceration, bleeding profusely.

Lilith sets up the ladder as The Monster staggers. Lilith quickly climbs up the ladder then jumps of said ladder nailing Oblivion with flying knee to the chin of The Monster.

Zach Davis: Oblivion staggers, Lilith looks around bears on still on fire she takes one of the bears smashes one of the bears into the face of Oblivion....

Oblivion: AHHHHHH!!!!

Lilith droppings both knees of Oblivion, who falls...


Zach Davis: Double Arm DDT!! Quick pin cover!!

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!


The sharks jump up crash against the cage. Oblivion sits up looks right at Lilith. They both stand in the middle of the ring.

Zach Davis: This looks promising!!

Eye rake from Lilith!!

Thumb to the eye from Oblivion!!

Palm strike from Lilith!!

Spinning forearm smash from Oblivion!!

Jumping kick to calf from Lilith!!

Spinning backhand from Oblivion!!

Strong multiple chops from Lilith!!

Gorilla slam into heartbreaker by Oblivion!!

Zach Davis: This tit for tat is slowly hurting Lilith. The size difference, like it or not is taking a toll on Lilith.

Freddy Whoa: And now The Monster is not playing anymore!!


Zach Davis: TWO handed choke slam!!

Lilith is crawling to the larger bear with a cheese grater. Oblivion walks to Lilith....


Freddy Whoa: Chunks of mask and face flies. Blood drips heavy.


Lilith slams the cheese grater against the skull of The Monster!! Oblivion roars out of anger...

Oblivion: FCK THIS SHT!!

The Monster grabs Lilith slams her head against the side of the cage and proceeds to shread her face back and forth... back and forth. Lilting is scream in horrific and horrible pain. Blood and shooting everywhere, driving the sharks absolutely crazy. What The Monster forgot is Lilith to has a high tolerance of pain. She is holding a large pair of metal gauge of pliers....


Oblivion: AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! The Monster is singing soprano!!

Lilting has Oblivion's nuts in a vice in one hand and a Stapleton in the other hand...


Freddy Whoa: Lilith just nailed, well stapled Oblivion four times in the head. Blood is everywhere. Both of them is covered!! The shark tank is full of blood!!

Zach Davis: What's she doin' now?!

Lilith proceeds to skip around the ring with the bridegroom still on Oblivion's nuts as she touches one by one the top turnstiles.

Freddy Whoa: It looks like a modified Teddy Triumph.

After the fourth turnbuckle, Oblivion kicks Lilith hits her with a currency powerbomb.

Zach Davis: Hangover!!!

Oblivion grabs Lilith who proceeds to just dig her nails causing excruciating pain in Oblivion's face...

Freddy Whoa: Death Grip!!!

Zach Davis: But at the same time Oblivion has Lilith on IT'S shoulders...

Freddy Whoa: 5150!!

Lilting collapse onto the mat and Oblivion falls down but grabbing Lilith placing her in between a ladder.

Zach Davis: What's Oblivion doing?

The Monster is walking to a nearby corner climbs up to the top Turnbull not wasting any time... flies off....

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!! OBISAULT!!!

Oblivion crashes down onto the ladder onto Lilith.


Zach Davis: What did we just witness?!

Freddy Whoa: ONE of the strangest feuds to come across in a long long long while. It's come to an end. I think these two have killed each other. We might need the paramedics. I might be kidding about the killing part. Not the paramedics. Oh!! They're seriously hurt!! Somebody go get help!! I wasn't being funny!! GO GET HELP!! They're bleeding bad out there!!!

A referee has to end this match somehow. He begins counting.




Zach Davis: No one is going to .. do anything here. They're both destroyed.




Freddy Whoa: It's over.




Zach Davis: Wait!

Lilith shoots an arm up. That is all anyone can do.

Freddy Whoa: That is enough for the referee. He just wants this to end. He declares Lilith the winner.

The crowd is in disbelief.

Zach Davis: No matter what the recordbooks say, no one really won here. I cannot believe what we just witnessed.

Freddy Whoa: Those two tore into each other, nearly killed each other, just to end this bitter rivalry.

Zach Davis: It looks as if paramedics are tending to both Lilith and Oblivion.

"Pokemon theme" begins to play.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! Here comes you know who!!

An irate Kidd Krazzy, bolts down the entrance ramp with a steel chair in hand. The sharks swim and splash in the tank as Kidd runs past, entering the ring, with the cage halfway up.


Kidd Krazzy smashes the chair down on an already beaten down bloody hurt Oblivion.

Zach Davis: What's this?! This attack is sooooo unnecessary!!

Freddy Whoa: I have to agree with you there Zach, which isn't often!! If this was an opportunity for Lilith and Kidd Krazzy to show WCF that Oblivion is a weak "weak peanut butter bitch" they went completely the wrong way. They forgot The Monster too ALSO has fans AND friends. People are watching... THIS ATTACK WAS PLANNED.

Zach Davis: What's this?! The Monster from s getting up?!

Oblivion gets up... Kidd Krazzy swings the chair at The Monster, Oblivion blocks it kicks Kidd in the mid-section...


Zach Davis: 5150!!!

Lilith slowly gets up, bleeding battered bruised. She is staggering takes a chair...


Freddy Whoa: What's she trying to do?!

Oblivion grabs Lilith by her face...

Zach Davis: Lilith was trying to stop Oblivion from hurting Kidd Krazzy.

Oblivion grabs Lilith takes her to the edge of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Oh my God!! Oh my God!! NOOOOOO!!

The Monster picks up Lilith and throws her into the shark tank and her body disappears in the mist of frenzy of sharks. The Arena is freaking out.

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!!!

The WCF One feed inexplicably cuts out as the blood turns red.

Internet Title Match
Zombie McMorris vs Teddy Blaze

Zach Davis: Ladies and gentlemen we are on the cusp of our next match. On paper, this is one of the most anticipated matches in recent history. Everyone wanted to see Teddy Blaze, the premier Peoples Champion of the past few years going up against the pioneer of the Internet Division, Zombie McMorris.

Freddy Whoa: Now Zach, Teddy Blaze is considered one of the most beloved members of the WCF roster while ZMAC is well.. ZMAC. So this is going to be a clash.

Zach Davis: Right you are but the tape shows an interesting turn of events. Both men are roughly two hundred pounds, but ZMAC gains the height advantage. Teddy gains the speed, agility, acrobatic and technical advantage but ZMAC takes the strength and aggressiveness category. It pretty much comes down to Teddys heart to which we know is strong and ZMACs aggression which we know is almost without equal.

Freddy Whoa: Seth, or #beachkrew, or somebody, has hired a Gravedigger wannabe to pretend to be Wavedigger for this match. So, uh....

Wavedigger: Well let me tell you something, Mycal. This is going to be a fight. This is not going to be pretty. Teddy has the heart and soul of a champion but ZMAC is a coked up mad man and that is another level. Teddy Blaze wants to show the world that he is the rightful Internet Champion, that he is a fighting champion but what can you do when you are holding the title that ZMAC takes credit for creating?

Zach Davis: That’s a good point, ‘Digger. Let’s go to Kyle Steel for the introductions.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is for the Wrestling Championship Federation Internet Championship. The match has a sixty minute time limit and the championship can only change hands on a pin fall, submission or referee stoppage. Your referee for this bout is the Earl, Stanley Moses.

Introducing first, the challenger… from the Dirty South and weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds.. He is a former four time WCF Internet Champion… Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you the Coked Up Mad Man… ZZZOMMBBBIIEE… MCMOOOORRRIISSS!!!

“Closer” By: Nine Inch Nails hits the PA system!

Wavedigger: This place is going absolutely mental!

Zach Davis: This is like a dream match come true. This is a substitute for the ZMAC, Richards match we never got.

Freddy Whoa: But it’s a dream match none the less! ONE never ceases to disappoint and Zombie McMorris verse Teddy Blaze will NOT disappoint.

Zach Davis: My question is are we even to play this song on the DVD release?

Wavedigger: We use Gulliano Industries as our production team, Slickie T will hook us up.

ZMAC appears from one of the tunnels high up within the crowd.

Zach Davis: Say what you will but ZMAC has his way with the WCF Loyal.

ZMAC stands at the entrance of the tunnel looking down at the ring with his arms in a T pose and a green toothed snarl on his face. ZMAC turns his back to the crowd who file in on the stairs. Zombie McMorris falls back as the crowd surfs him down towards the arena floor. ZMAC gets passed over the barrier and slides into the ring. He heads to the adjacent turn buckle and throws up the Mysterious Pantheon Hand Sign before jumping down.

Kyle Steel: And introducing the Champion…. He hails from Houston, Texas and weighs in at one hundred and eighty-eight pounds… He has the flaming heart of a champion, he is the Wrestling Championship Federation Internet Champion…. TTTEEDDYYYYY… BLLLAAZZZZEEE!!

The lights go out in the arena as strobe lights starts to flicker while smoke fills the area. “ When the Levee Breaks” By: Led Zeppelin.

The Crowd explodes as a pounding drum beat echoes throughout the arena, signalling the arrive of Teddy Blaze! The lights drop, enveloping the arena in darkness as they turn towards the entrance ramp.

With a crescendo and a burst of flame, Blaze appears before them, holding his hands out over his head and bathing in the applause. He takes a deep bow and walks towards the ring, waving to the fans along the way. He wears an almost cocky grin as he rolls between the ropes, offering his opponent an extended handshake before shrugging and walking to the turnbuckle.

He holds his arms over his head and yells out "WCF Forever!" as he does so, eliciting a cheer from the audience as the music reaches its zenith. He turns and steps back into the ring, waiting for the bell.

Zach Davis: What a road for Teddy Blaze. One of the most beloved wrestlers in WCF history, one of the best People’s Champions in WCF history, he won the Internet Title at Ultimate Showdown, IN the Ultimate Showdown match and now he is set to defend it from the man that held that title going into the Showdown, Zombie McMorris.

Wavedigger: I said it before, Teddy has so much heart; it is unreal.

Freddy Whoa: I agree, ‘Digger.

Wavedigger: Shut up!

Freddy Whoa: Teddy Blaze has so much heart and soul; he loves WCF. He loves the fans and the fans love him. Just listen to them.


Wavedigger: But then you have ZMACs Loyal, the Rats.


Zach Davis: It’s not exactly a split but both man have their fans and fan favorite, Teddy Blaze seems to have the majority of the admiration.

Wavedigger: Shut up, Zach! What up do you know anyway; nothin’!

Both men take to opposite corners as Stanley Moses starts patting down both men for foreign objects and other banned items. Stanley starts by checking over the challenger, ZMAC. Stanley starts at the top of ZMACS shoulders and tells him to remove his jacket before moving down to ZMACs legs and pants pockets. He pulls out a few vials of white powder.

Zach Davis: Stanley Moses found ZMACS coke stash.

Wavedigger: And he’d be wise to give it back.

Stanley and questions ZMAC who shrugs. Stanley hands the vials back to ZMAC and turns to the champion. Stanley pats down Teddy but good guy Teddy has nothing on him except a roll of wrist tape that he had tucked into his boot.

Freddy Whoa: Looks like Teddy stuck the roll of tape in his boot and forgot to take it out before match time.

Stanley Moses questions Teddy on the tape but hands it back to him and Teddy sticks it back into his boot. Stanley instructs both men to come center ring and for Teddy to remove the WCF Internet Championship. Stanley Moses holds the belt above his head as the crowd cheers. He tells the men to go back to their respective corners as he hands the title to Kyle Steel who has exited the ring. ZMAC cracks his neck and wrists as Teddy Blaze stretches his arms and legs against the ropes.

Stanley Moses calls for the bell.


Zach Davis: And here we go!

The two men lock up in the middle of the ring and jockey for the advantage but ZMAC is able to push Teddy back to his own corner. Stanley looks up on ZMAC breaks the hold and immediately starts with machine gun style chops to Teddy. Each chop makes the chest of Teddy Blaze significantly more red than the previous but Teddy is able to capitalize on a wide and high chop by ZMAC. Teddy Blaze ducks it and shoves ZMAC away. ZMAC rolls backwards out of it but Teddy Blaze rushes out of the for a leaping stomp but ZMAC pushes him high into air.

Wavedigger: Zombie drop!

Freddy Whoa: NO! Teddy comes down with an elbow strike.

Zach Davis: I think he caught ZMAC right on the- yes! Teddy Blaze broke ZMACs nose and we’re only a minute into this match.

Teddy picks up ZMAC who responds with a rake to the eyes. ZMAC smeers his blood on his palm and rakes the eyes of Teddy again. ZMAC comes back to knee strikes into the corner. He lets Teddy go and charges for a clothesline.

Zach Davis: ZMAC tries for the clothesline but Teddy ducks it.

Wavedigger: ZMAC turns around.

Freddy Whoa: Pele kick by Teddy!

ZMAC drops to a knee as Teddy takes off to the ropes and comes back with a double foot gumba stomp to the back of ZMACs head.

Teddy with a pin attempt.




Zach Davis: ZMAC with the shoulder up!

Teddy picks ZMAC back up and battles him up against the ropes. Teddy takes off the ropes against and spring board drop kicks ZMAC over the ropes and onto the floor.


Zach Davis: Teddy is starting to feel it. He’s feeding off this positive energy.

Teddy heads to the ropes again and suicide dives through them!

Wavedigger: Caught by ZMAC!

Freddy Whoa: And thrown away with a fall away slam.

ZMAC gets to his feet and stands over Teo, mocking him.

ZMAC: Where is your soul now, Teddy? Where is your soul now?

ZMAC paintbrushes Teo to wake him up. Teddy starts to get to his feet by his own powerbefore ZMAC whips him into the steel steps but its reversed by Teddy and ZMAC crashes hard into them.

Zach Davis: You just cannot keep Teddy Blaze down.

Teddy chases after ZMAC, leaping off the stairs with a splash but ZMAC catches him again and plants Teddy down with a spine buster on the steel steps.

Freddy Whoa: You can hear Teddys spine crack and crunch against those steps.

ZMAC looks to the adjacent turnbuckle as the crowd cheers. ZMAC gets back into the ring and climbs the adjacent turnbuckle..

Zach Davis: No way, that’s a good twenty feet.

Wavedigger: I don’t know what ZMACs doing, that is not like coast to coast style leg drop.

Zach Davis: I think he’s going to body frog splash Teddy from coast to coast.

ZMAC makes the leap…

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Crowd: Holy shit! Holy Shit!

Zach Davis: Is he? Wait! Teddy Blaze moved! Lets take a second look at that. ZMAC seemingly takes too long and that gives Teddy enough time to roll out of the way just in time and ZMAC goes ribs first across those steel steps.

ZMAC bounces of the steps, writhing in pain, holding his ribs and coughing up blood. Stanley Moses checks on ZMAC and clears him. Both men are down but it is Teddy Blaze who gets to his feet first. He is cautious who continues to cough up blood. Teddy elects to keep his distance and walk to the far end of the ring. He even goes as far to get a folding chair to sit on while he waits for ZMAC to recover. However, the cheering crowd has too much energy for Teddy just to sit there. Teddy picks up the folding chair and holds it up in the air while looking around.

Zach Davis: Teddy Blaze taking off like a rocket!

Wavedigger: Don’t do it, Teddy!

Freddy Whoa: Teddy Blaze with a Van Terminator style chair shot to the ribs of the downed ZMAC!

Teddy Blaze picks up ZMAC and rolls him back into the ring.

Zach Davis: Teddy is absolutely eating up what this crowd his giving him. He is being even more aggressive than we’re used to seeing him. Guys, I don’t know how ZMAC is going to pull through this, if he even can.

Teddy Blaze with another pin attempt.





Wavedigger: ZMAC, gets his foot on the rope and Stanley Moses sees it.

Teddy Blaze gets up as ZMAC rolls back out into the floor. Teddy takes to the ropes again for a baseball slide as ZMAC gets to his feet and pulls the ring apron out and traps Teddy. ZMAC punches Teddy in the face a few times before getting up on the apron himself and spring boards off the middle rope to hit a spike head scissor on Teddy. ZMAC crawls over next to Teddy and yells at him again.

ZMAC: You gone haftah kill me tonight, Teddy. You gone haftah kill me tonight!

ZMAC rolls Teddy into the ring and attempts a pin.





Zach Davis: And Teddy Blaze refuses to go down!

ZMAC starts kicking Teddy Blaze in the ribs, booting him over to the corner. ZMAC picks Teddy up and whips him into the adject corner. ZMAC runs after and connects with a splash that slumps Teddy down to the mat.


ZMAC goes for the corner punt kick but Teddy Blaze rolls out of the way as ZMAC crashes into the turnbuckle. Teddy is quick to get on ZMAC and works on those injuried ribs. Teddy climbs the turnbuckle and starts with a ten count punch.

1… 2..3..4..5..6.. 7. .8…9…10!

Teddy Blaze caps off the ten count punch with a spike hurricanrana and immediately goes back to the turn buckle for a split legged corkscrew splash! ZMAC reacts by rolling around on the ground and screaming in pain. He pulls himself up to the middle rope as Stanley Moses checks on him. Once again Teddy is cautious but less cautious than the first time. Stanley backs Teddy up whose investigating the situation but ZMAC uses that distraction to connect with a devastating left upper cut.

Wavedigger: ZMAC with a Falcon Punch!

Zach Davis: Teddy was trying to check on ZMAC. This might be a title match but Teddy is still a good guy.

Wavedigger: This isn’t Sunday night frooty booty dance off, Mycal. This is ONE!

ZMAC with a pin attempt.





Freddy Whoa: Teddy Blaze with the kick out!

ZMAC picks up Teddy and hangs him out to dry across the top rope.


Zach Davis: ZMAC going for it again.

ZMAC runs for the Boot Party but Teddy Blaze launches himself off the ropes and connects with a sling shot tornado DDT. Teddy uses the momentum to get back to his feet..


Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Blazing Knee!

Teddy goes for another pin attempt..




ZMAC just gets the shoulder up!

Zach Davis: What does Teddy Blaze have to do?

Wavedigger: He’s gotta do what ZMAC said; he has to kill ZMAC!

Teddy goes to pick up ZMAC again but ZMAC just falls to the ground and rolls out of the ring. Teddy Blaze wisely stays away, learning from his past mistake. ZMAC slowly gets to his feet and reaches into his pocket and pulls out one of the vials.

Wavedigger: He’s doing it! He’s reaching into that Honey Badger Reserve!

Zach Davis: ZMACs COKING UP!

ZMAC slides back into the ring as he and Teddy Blaze clash with back and forth; trading fists. They go shot for shot with rights and lefts but it is the coked up strength of the south paw, Zombie McMorris who beats Teddy Blaze down.

Zach Davis: Teddy Blaze is on dream street!





Both men get to their feet as Teddy tries for another Hurricanrana but gets powerbombed down by ZMAC.

Wavedigger: Followed by a CURB STOMP!

Zach Davis: ZMACS going over to the corner and he’s reaching into his pants..

Freddy Whoa: ZMAC pulls out brass knuckles! Where’d he get those?

Zach Davis: Must have been when he was on the outside.

Wavedigger: Doesn’t matter where he got em’, Mycal. All that matters is if he’s going to use em!


Zach Davis: ZMAC connects with a loaded brass knuckle super man punch! Not like this, Z! Not like this! Have some pride!

Wavedigger: He does have pride… IN WINNING!! AHAHAHAHAH!!!!

The pin.

Freddy Whoa: I cannot believe Stanley Moses is allowing this to happen!






Zach Davis: What the hell?

Freddy Whoa: The light!

The lights come back on.

Zach Davis: Who the hell is in the ring?


ZMAC gets up off of Teddy and swings at Alex Richards but Alex Richards counters it..



The lights go back out.


Wavedigger: What the hell just happened?!

Freddy Whoa: Alex Richards just averted a travesty, that’s what happened!

The lights go back on. Both men are down.

Wavedigger: Stanley, disqualify Teddy Blaze! He set this up, that little weasel!

Zach Davis: I’m not even sure Stanley even knows what happened. He was busy counting the pin.

Freddy Whoa: Doesn’t matter now, both men are down.

Stanley Moses starts the count.













10 !!!!!

Zach Davis: NOOO!!!!! Teddy Blaze gets to his feet in time!!

Freddy Whoa: Teddy Blaze beats the count! And ZMACS still down.

Zach Davis: Teddy collapses again… I think that brass knuckle shot took too much out of him…

Freddy Whoa: Teddy with the heart and soul of a champion, crawling over to ZMAC; trying to make the pin.

Teddy covers ZMAC with one arm.

the pin.






Wavedigger: NOOO!!! Zombie McMorris with the kick out! It’ll take a lot more than Alex Richards to put the Coked Up Mad Man away.

ZMAC rolls over and picks up himself up. As he does, Teddy does the same. ZMAC reaches into his pants for the other vial of powder but Teddy Blaze stops him with a spring board side kick. ZMAC falls back into the turnbuckle. Teddy walk towards ZMAC but ZMAC huts a knee strike to the gut of Teddy. ZMAC sets Teddy up…

Freddy Whoa: Spring board brain buster!


ZMAC reaches back into his pants, pulls out the vial and snorts its contents. He goes back over to Teddy who drop toe holds ZMAC face first into the middle turn buckle.

Zach Davis: Teddy Blaze backs up…


Zach Davis: BLAZING KNEE!!


Freddy Whoa: Another!

ZMAC looks at Teddy laughing.

ZMAC: You cant kill me, you aint got it in you! You gotta kill me Teddy, and you ca-


Freddy Whoa: Another Blazing Knee!

Teddy Blaze goes outside the ring and grabs a chair. He slides back into the ring and is about to strike ZMAC with it but has another idea. He seats ZMAC up on the top rope.

Zach Davis: ZMACS out of it, guys.

Wavedigger: What the hell is Teddy doing?

Teddy Grabs the chair and climbs the turn buckle with it..

Wavedigger: He’s putting it around the next of ZMAC.

Teddy Blaze: Shia Clap your way out of this, asshole!

Teddy Blaze sets up for a Hurricanrana off the top!

Freddy Whoa: He’s going to break his neck! He’s actually going to try and kill ZMAC!

Zach Davis: Teddy Blaze with the Hurricanrana off the top rope while ZACS neck and head are trapped in that folding chair !!!


A sick thud and crack can be heard throughout the arena…





Wavedigger: ZMAC countered with an AXE WOUND FROM THE TOP FREAKING ROPE! My god!

Zach Davis: But at what costs? ZMAC clearly necked himself in the process and broke his own neck the chair hit the canvas.


Stanley Moses starts the count.













Freddy Whoa: WHOA! NO WAY!

Zach Davis: ZMAC drapes his arm over Teddy Blaze.

Stanley Moses counts the pin..





With his last time bit of strength after the kickout, Blaze decks McMorris in the head, snapping his head back, broken neck and all. He falls, draping one arm over McMorris.






Zach Davis: What the hell just happened? What the hell did we just witness? Zombie McMorris just broke his own neck!

Stanley Moses calls for the bell.


Medics attend to both men.

Freddy Whoa: This show has been a shitshow. Between this, Lilith versus Oblivion, just.... I want to give the fans the best wrestling in the world, I get it, but when is too much.. too much?

Zach Davis: In the Internet Title division? Never. And what do we have next, Freddy?

Freddy Whoa: ....Oh. Yeah.

Adrian Archer vs Damian Kaine

Zach Davis: What a match we have just witnessed, and so much more to come!

Freddy Whoa: After this next debacle! Fighting the battle who who sucks the LEAST..Adrian Archer and Damian Kaine!

Zach Davis: Can you, for once, just try to show these two competitors some respect?

Freddy Whoa: For what? One is a loser and one can’t make up his mind as to who he is! Its like 2 mental patients fighting!

Zach Davis: Well one thing is for sure..The setting for this match is certainly crazy; The Brotherhood Compound!

Freddy Whoa: I hope they both end up on the wrong end of a wolf!

Zach Davis: Which end would….NEVERMIND...Lets see what led up to this final match between Adrian Archer and Damian Kaine!

The End” by the Doors plays as a Title Screen appears With a title “The Final Battle” which fades.

Scene fades out..The End” by the Doors plays as a Title Screen appears With a title “The Final Battle” which fades to grainy slow motion footage of their debut on Slam..The song fades to allow a voice to add gravitas to this event.

Voice of Liam Neeson: Since they first walked in between the ropes of WCF..Adrian Archer and Damian Kaine’s fates have seemingly been locked..

Footage of Archer, then known as @@@, hitting a front Russian legsweep on Meteoric Rise onto a chair, then Damian Kaine performing a Tope Suicida onto 5 other competitors in the same match..Fade out to the two men walking to the ring together.

Voice of Liam Neeson: Through partnerships…

Footage transitions to Archer betraying Kaine.

Voice of Liam Neeson: And pitfalls..

Footage of the two fighting, then teaming together at Helloween.

Voice of Liam Neeson: On opposite sides, or on the same team..These two men’s careers have been completely intertwined. And tonight, they look to break their entanglement..For good. One Match.

Footage of Adrian and Kaine at the contract signing.

Voice of Liam Neeson: One winner..

Split screen of both mens promo slow mo’s in black and white.

Voice of Liam Neeson: One…Final...Battle.

Scene fades to an overhead drone shot of the Compound..Damian Kaine, shirtless, wearing brown cords and boots, stands about 50 feet away from a huge bonfire in the middle of the shot. His back is to the fire. From the woods on the far right of the shot emerges Adrian Archer, clad in Doc Marten Boots, faded blue jeans, tight black shirt and black vest, possibly armor. They stand on opposite sides of the raging bonfire which lights up cabins and other buildings that surround the Compounds common area. Scene cuts to a closeup of Kaine, backlit with firelight.

Damian Kaine: Brother Adrian...I knew You’d come..

Cut to Adrian, also lit by firelight

Adrian Archer: Damian..I knew you’d say something dumb..

Cut to arial view,Damian turning to face his foe..The two men walk in closer, circling the bonfire.

Adrian Archer: Wheres the rest of your cult?

Damian Kaine: The rest of our collective is elsewhere..

Adrian Archer: Good..Guys!

From the woods and down from the trees emerge 5 men with long beards carrying 12 gauge shotguns. Adrian, not taking his eyes off of Damian, continuing his slow circular pace around the fire, address them.


The men nod and disappear back into the woods. Now its just Damian..and Adrian..Both facing the fire..eyes locked on each other.

Adrian Archer: Hey Dame, before I destroy you, just wanna let you know..After this..we’re DONE. No hard feelings..

Damian Kaine: Agreed...lets END THIS!

The men charge full speed at one another..and the fire..The men leap in slow motion at each other through the fire..Both men connect with their strikes and fall on either side of the fire. Both men get up quickly with Archer taking the advantage with a shoulder tackle driving Kaine to the ground..The men trade wild punches as the roll in the dirt..Kaine gains the upper mount and rears back for a punch which Adrian grabs with his two hands..Damian screams as does Adrian until Adrian sends Damian flying onto his back. The two men are now away from the bonfire, but the flood lights come on, enlightening the cabins and other aspects of the compound. A referee can now be seen following the action wearing a black and white striped poncho..And for good reason..For as the men brawl, exchanging rights and lefts up a grassy hill leading to the cabins and mess area, the rain that was present all day just before this event had returned..And with the temperature, it was more sleet than rain..The men continue to exchange blows in the driving sleet until Adrian turns after a vicious blow from Damian..Damian, with a primal yell, hits a dropkick that sends Adrian face first through the door of the Compound Mess Hall and kitchen.

The referee, glad to get out of the weather, slips in and turns on the lights..Adrian crawls away after the impact and Damian leaps onto his back and hits a devastating double knee drop onto his back and then pulls his arms back and rolls into a Mexican Surfboard...Adrian breaks out, landing on his feet but running into one of the many long dining tables..Damian gets up and into the awaiting grasp of Archer who throws him onto the table headfirst, climbing up onto the solid oak table shortly thereafter. Archer picks Kaine up by the hair and lands a hard right..Then another..Then a knee to the stomach….

Damian Kaine: OOOMPH

With his opponents wind knocked out, Adrian takes advantage...Wrapping his arms around Damians torso, he lifts his slight frame high and sends him crashing down hard onto the table with a power bomb! Kaine bounces like a flat basketball onto the floor and the referee starts to count while Archer stands on the table..


Adrian Archer: Is that all you got DAME?




Kaine stirs and uses one of the benches nearby to climb to his feet...From the table Archer leaps and MISSES a flying axehandle, landing rib first onto the table behind, sending him reeling into the hallway between the two sections of tables and benches..Kaine, wind returned..Leaps onto one table then leaps to another following Archer who is stumbling towards the kitchen...Kaine leaps tables until making his final leap, hitting a big running boot which sends Archer reeling, cracking his head onto another table!


Archer appears knocked out and the referee starts to count..




Damian Kaine: STAY DOWN!


Kaine stands right over Archer, who sweeps his leg, apparently playing possum. Archer gets up and starts kicking Kaine...Stomping him about the head and body...Kaine escapes on his hands and knees, stumbling for the kitchen door, and entering...Adrian follows…


Damian opens the swinging door and hits him, quickly grabbing him and throwing Adrian onto the large stainless steel cabinets, knocking over a variety of kitchen utensils That clang loundly..Kaine follows Archer into the kitchen, and Archer, leaning on a large stove, elbows Kaine in the solarplexus..Adrian looks at the stove and kicks on the burners, all the while holding Kaine by the hair...Archer goes to throw Damian on the STOVE! Damian blocks...Again...Another block..REVERSAL!

Adrian Archer: AGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

Archers flack jacket protected his body but did not protect his arms, which receive a pretty nice burn...Kaine goes straight to a walk in freezer on the right of the stove and opens the heavy door and shoves the flailing Archer into the freezer..


Archer hits hard on the metal shelving.

.A gash above his eye starts to trickle blood down his face..Kaine works quickly, removing the flak jacket and grabbing a chain from above Archer with a meat hook attached.


Archer screams in agony, awoken from his stupor….

Kaine then uses a handheld crank to lift Archer into the air! Archer wiggles, struggling, but he resigns himself…

Kaine smiles at his handiwork as the referee looks disgusted and leaves the scene, we follow in tow…

In one of the cabinets, he produces a handful of cookie sheets and walks back to the freezer..

Referee Haywood Jablomee: To Archer: DO YOU GIVE UP?

Archer: NO! ...No…..

Kaine, wicked smile across his lips, proceeds to take a cookie sheet..





Sheet bent, he repeats the process..






Another Sheet bent..Archer is not moving, blood covering his face and body..







Archer hits the ground hard..Kaine throws down the sheet and points to the shocked referee to count..








Kaine turns his back, seemingly at odds with himself over what he has just done, starts to walk away from the freezer…




Kaine stops..The referee has stopped his count...Then from behind…



A thunderous shot by Archer with one of the bent cookie sheets sends Kaine reeling through the kitchen and out the back door. Archer, bloodied and broken, crimson mask staining his face and torn shirt, pursues Kaine into the night. Kaine opens the door to the common building, which is a large wooden building with a steeped roof. Inside, a warm fire burns and the place is decorated for Christmas. Through the loudspeakers, the Christmas background music frames the two men who have started exchanging blows in the center of the massive room. Archer gains the upper hand with 3 straight rights, then makes his way towards the 18’ tall pine decorated with ornaments in the corner of the room. Kaine stumbles over right into Archer..



Adrian Archer: The SAD SAD NEWS..


Archer continues the assault, one glass ornament after another, the brightly colored bulbs shattering on the forehead of Kaine, Archer grinding the shards onto his forehead then on the back of his head when Kaine hit his hands and knees..Archer lays stiff kicks to Kaines midsection, but all of a sudden, Kaines hand reaches under the tree just enough to send the WHOLE TREE FALLING ONTO ARCHER! Before the ref can count, Archer rolls out from under the tree, but theres no Damian in sight..

Adrian Archer: (Voice echoing in the massive hall) Oh Daaammmian...Come out come out whereever you a…


A voice much like his turns Archer around to investigate..On the floor, a talking doll of his Alter Ego, which gives Damian the chance he needs to crawl from the shadows and wrap a long string of Xmas lights around Archers throat..Kaine jumps on Adrians back, lights wrapped around his hands, legs around Archers torso, leaning back and pulling tight..Archers face is quickly purple, his eyes watery and bulging, his tongue out..Kaine whispers in Archers ear..

Damian Kaine: Go down...go down and I won’t have to kill you…

Adrian Archer: …..gagging, guttural sounds of one whose windpipe has been cut off.

Adrian flails, runs, scratches at Damians arms best he can, drawing blood..Kaine holds on..Finally, Archer takes a knee...His arms go limp..Kaine sees this and lets go of his grip. Archer collapses to the floor, expression not changing, deep ligature marks from the lights around his throat…

Adrian Archer: ..Gurgggllleee……….

Kaine is stunned..The referee, instead of counting, checks on Archer..A finger to the neck,...A shake of the head...A concerned look, then action...The referee pulls a walkie out..


Kaine looks concerned. He paces while the referee counts..



No movement from Archer



Adrian Archer: cough cough

Archer rolls over, coughing, trying to regain his wind...Kaine cannot believe it..

Referee: HEY ARCHER...I’m Stopping..

Adrian Archer: (In a deep guttural growl) The fuck you are…

Archer, coughing deeply, spits out what appears to be blood as he reaches his feet..Kaine, slightly stunned, runs up a nearby access stairwell to the steeply sloped roof, Archer hot in tow. Kaine turns, grabbing a pipe over the stairwell and swinging like a child on a playground, cracking an advancing Archer in the face, which slows his momentum. Archer grabs the railing before falling one flight backwards, recovering and continuing his chase..Damian reaches the roof hatch, popping it open, but like a horror movie, Archers scarred arm breaks through the hatch grabbing Damians Leg..Damian kicks free as Archer up the hatch. The rain pummels both men on the roof, Damian lower on the slope and closer to the edge than Adrian..

With a clap of thunder, Adrian charges..

It all happens in slow motion...Kaine tries to move, but his foot lodges in a rotten section of roof..Kaine struggles...Archer leaps, nailing Kaine with a spear..The way the roof slopes, the men both fly in the air, weightless as Damians foot escapes the hold of the roof..In the air, Kaine somehow turns Archer mid-air...Just then, the ambulance pulls up just in time to break the mens fall! The men crash through the windshield, paramedics escaping just in time..The Ambulance crashes through the wall of the Community hall, coming to a rest after taking Xmas effects and tables with it..The referee wastes no time, rushing in through the gaping hole created…





Still no movement from the ambulance, still with sirens turning..A leg and an arm can be seen of each man, bloody, hanging outside where the windshield was…








Damian Kaine climbs out from the door, on his feet long enough to have his hand raised by the referee before he passes out.

Zach Davis: Well.. What... What do we even say about this?

Freddy Whoa: Once, and hopefully for all.. Damian Kaine emerges victorious.

Zach Davis: Adrian Archer dominated the first part of the feud, but here tonight, at One, in the grand finale, each man gave their blood, sweat, and tears, but you are correct. Damian Kaine is the man.

We fade to black.

Television Title Match
I Quit Match
Polar Phantasm vs FPV


Kyle Steel: The following contest...is an I QUIT MATCH, FOR THE WCF TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!!

The big screen flashes to a blank screen... with a cursor? Suddenly, text appears... "Iceberg-Seven online... accessing WCF big screen. Access granted... running program 'Polar Phantasm Entrance'." The cursor moves across the screen slowly, as if loading something... and then the screen flashes 'PHANTASM' in large frosted blue letters. "Synchronicity II" by The Police begins playing over the loudspeakers as two white spotlights train on the entrance. The curtain parts... and out comes the Polar Phantasm.

Zach Davis: This is it, fans. A match that was supposed to take place at the doomed XIII event this past May is happening now at the biggest show of the year. Polar Phantasm. Frank Patrick Venable. WCF Television Title on the line.

Freddy Whoa: Don't forget the belt that started all of this Zach, the GEW World title. Polar was sent by GEW's Ricky Richards to retrieve the belt from FPV by any means necessary. While that title isn't officially on the line, you've got to imagine if Polar wins that it'll go back home to GEW.

Polar slaps a few audience members' hands on his way through the arena, then slides beneath the bottom rope and into the ring. Polar takes a quick look around the crowd... and then waits patiently for his opponent.

The lights dim to a blood red, as glitchy electronic noises fill the arena. Many suspect that "True North" is about to play...until instead they get a snippet of multiple songs. First "You Know My Name," then "Mountain Song," "Ghosts 'n Stuff, "The Scott Pilgrim Anthem," and finally "Professional Griefers." This snippets play seemingly at random until all sound stops, and the lights go off completely, until three words pop up on the titantron, in big white letters.


Finally, "True North" hits the P.A and Frank Patrick Venable finally makes his entrance, dressed in a dark red hoodie and wrestling tights, ready for a fight. On his left shoulder, the WCF Television Title. On his right, the GEW World Title. He runs down to the ring at an almost inhumane speed, sliding into the ring from underneath the bottom rope. He stares down his old friend before removing his hoodie and waiting for the bell.

Zach Davis: Looks like the crowd aren't truly getting behind either men tonight.

Freddy Whoa: Why should they? They don't want to see a friendship as storied as Frank and Polar's implode, but that's probably what we are going to get tonight.

The bell rings, and the match is officially under way.

Polar extends his hand to see if Frank will shake it. Frank looks on to the crowd, who encourage him to shake it. He hesitates, but finally after some reluctance he accepts the shake. After that, he immediately turns to the ref, who has the microphone in hand.

FPV: Ask him. Now.

The ref (and Polar) seem confused. Thee ref's microphone picks up what Frank is telling Polar.

FPV: This is your last chance Polar. Give it up now and make this easy on yourself.

The ref takes the mic to Polar, who emphatically pushes it away.

Zach Davis: Frank's attempt to end this without bloodshed seems to have failed. This match WILL take place, and it'll be a doozy.

Annoyed, Frank CHARGES at Polar and smashes his face in with a vicious elbow smash, waking the crowd up and getting a huge reaction. Polar falls to the ground, and FPV gets in the ground and pound position, starting a vicious assault of hard punches right to Polar's face. Frank hits about 10 punches to the face, yet at the same time Polar tries to counter with some stiff kicks to the back. Frank gets off of Polar and tells the ref to ask Polar if he wants to quit, rubbing his back in pain from the kicks.

Ref: Do you give up, Polar?

Polar rubs his face to soothe the pain, but manages to get up onto his feet. Meanwhile, Frank gets out of the ring and begins searching under the ring.

Polar Phantasm: No. Get that mic out of my face.

The ref obliges, and Polar begins to look for Frank, only to get SMACKED right on his calves by a kendo stick shot from FPV, who is standing just outside the ring. Polar falls to his knees in pain, as the crowd lets out a collective "oooooooooooo" as the sound of impact reverberates throughout MetLife Stadium. Frank slides back into the ring and wastes no time trying to get more shots in on the prone Phantasm's back.

Zach Davis: Shades of 1993 ECW, we've got a caning on our hands folks.

Freddy Whoa: One shot...two shots...THREE shots to the back! JEEZUS!

Frank goes for a fourth, but NO! Polar rolls out of the way, uses the ropes to get back up, and nails the jumping back kick! Frank tumbles to the ground, as Polar grabs the kendo stick and snaps in half across his knee like a stick, tossing it to the side. He then goes to the downed champion and applies a single leg Boston Crab.

Zach Davis: Antarcticrab! Could this do it?

The ref takes the initiative and gets to FPV.

Ref: Do you quit, Frank?

After a few grunts of pain, Frank barks his response out to the ref.


Knowing the move won't put Frank away, Polar keeps the move locked on. The ref keeps asking Frank if he wants to quit, but keeps getting nothing but angry welps of pain.

Freddy Whoa: Polar looking to take away Frank's weapon of choice, the Superkick. He spends any more time in that move and there aren't going to be any Headshots fired tonight.

Finally, Polar lets go of the move. He picks his downed foe up, lifts him and hits his patented Southern Lights Suplex! Sending Frank right back down to the ground in a heap.

Zach Davis: Interesting to note that while Frank's offense has mostly consisted of violent brawling, Polar seems to want to keep his offense technical.

Freddy Whoa: Probably because at the end of the day, this is still one of his best friends, and he doesn't want to go overkill on him.

Polar puts Frank on his back and goes for a leg drop, but Franks rolls clear and Polar falls right on his ass. Frank stumbles to his feet (barely) and Polar lunges at him with an attack, but...


Zach Davis: WHAT.

Freddy Whoa: Maybe I spoke too soon!

Polar drops to his knee, as Frank clutches his leg in pain.

Zach Davis: Looks like Frank didn't think this through and hit Polar with his bad leg, I don't think Polar got the full impact of that kick.

Clutching his jaw, Polar gets the downed Frank into a fisherman's carry, looking for the Ice Cap, but Frank wiggles out of it, and hits and inverted DDT for Polar's troubles. He then hobbles to the outside ring area, where he harasses the timekeeper to give him his GEW Title, then slowly climbs the steps back into the ring. He yells for the ref to come over with the mic.

FPV: Cameron...for the love of God just give up now. Just say it.

The ref goes back to Polar, still on the ground.

Ref: What do you say?

Slowly but surely, Polar gets back to his feet. Blood is dripping from his nose from the DDT...and yet he's smiling.

Polar Phantasm: C'mon Frankie...you should know me better then that.

Frank sighs, knowing what he is about to do. He starts to run as if he's going to hit Polar with the belt, Polar charges and ducks the oncoming shot...but no! Frank drops the belt at the last second and instead lands a quick and deadly Shining Wizard.

Zach Davis: A bait and switch from the champion, and Frank is now back in control.

The belt now face up on the ground, Frank grabs Polar and takes a minute to set him up in position with the belt.

Freddy Whoa: Oh man...what's he got in mind here?

Frank closes his eyes, takes in a deep breath...and hits the snub blue thunder bomb, sending Polar's face right into the GEW World Title, destroying it in the process.



Polar rolls over onto his back, the wind very clearly knocked out of him. His face is now dripping with an uncomfortable amount of blood. The ref looks to Frank, himself tired from the move, who nods. The ref makes his way to Polar.

Ref: Polar...Polar, can you hear me?

No response.

Ref: Polar, do you give up? If you do not respond I will end the match right here.

Still nothing from the Phantasm. The fans become more and more worried.

Ref: Polar...do you give up? Polar!

Then, in one moment, Polar's face comes alive, if ever so briefly.

Polar Phantasm: No sir...no.

Frank shakes his head. even that was not enough to convince his friend to stop. He paces the ring thinking of what to do next, Polar laying in a heap next to him.

Freddy Whoa: Zach, I don't think Polar's getting any more offense in this match. dude looks wrecked.

Zach Davis: Agreed. His spirit is commendable, but this is just foolish.

Frank looks over to the crowd, concerned. He's being somewhat applauded, but not as vigorously as he usually is. A look of remorse comes over his face for what he's done...and for what he's about to do. Finally sure he's got to do this, he grabs Polar's lifeless body and brings him over to the corner. He asks the ref to come too.

FPV: Polar, unless you quit right now I'm just going to keep hitting you. You're giving me no choice in the matter. So I'm going to give it to you straight. I've been working on a new move since I was away from the WCF. A dangerous move to only be used in dire situations. And buddy, you're making this dire.

Polar Phantasm: Heh...heh...do your worst.

Frank puts Polar in a double underhook position (as if to hit him with a Pedigree.)

FPV: Quit now, Cameron, or else I'll climb these ropes and hit the hardest Tiger Driver '91 I possibly can.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA. He can't be serious.

Zach Davis: Please Franky...don't do this. This is unnecessary.

The only noises coming from Polar are more short, breathy chuckles.

Polar Phantasm: If that's what you're gonna do...then do it.

Crowd: NO! NO! NO! NO!

Zach Davis: DEAR GOD NO, FRANK IS CLIMBING THE ROPES. A Tiger Driver '91 from that high up wouldn't just end the match...it could possibly end Polar's LIFE.

Frank looks to lift Polar up at the top, but although he is out of the mic's range, we can faintly hear him say...

FPV: Are you sure? Think about them...Crystal and Jeffy...do you really want to do this to them?

All of a sudden, Polar's face turns deadly serious.

Polar Phantasm: WAIT...STOP.

Frank hesitates. The ref gets the mic to Polar.

Polar Phantasm: No more... I quit.



Zach Davis: Finally, reason comes to the Phantasm, and he concedes before he suffers any more permanent damage.

Relieved, Frank lets go of Polar and climbs down the turnbuckle. He whispers a soft "I'm sorry" to Polar before the ref comes with the TV Belt. As the ref raises Frank's hand in victory, more refs come to check on Polar and try to get him up, before he rejects them and slowly gets up on his own. The crowd cheer on the New Orleans native, and Frank applauds with them. Polar exits the ring, and with a little help from the refs, makes his way down the stairs, and down the ramp to thunderous applause.

Zach Davis: The WCF has never seen anyone like the Polar Phantasm, and most likely never will again. We can only pray he survives his injuries and makes one final return to the Dub.

Freddy Whoa: And as his friend walks to the back, our Television Champion raises his trophy high in the air. He had to go to some dark places to get here, but he's still our champ, and I'm sure the crowd will come to forgive him soon enough.

The camera shows Frank on the top turnbuckle, hoisting his TV Title high in the air. The feed then cuts to a promo for Final Destination.

Final Destination Match
Corey Black vs Odin Balfore vs Anon Y. Mous vs Andre Holmes vs David Sanchez vs Eric Price

From the MetLife Stadium where the record breaking 82,566 seats have all been filled by the loyal fans of the WCF. East Rutherford, New Jersey is blessed to host the legendary greatest Pay-Per-View in all of WCF history, One. The next match is going to be one for the ages to tell, a match where a great opportunity hangs in the balance for seven lucky competitors. The cameras cut to Freddy Whoa and Zach Davis ready to call the action.

Freddy Whoa: Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to our biggest PPV of the entire year to close 2016. One! Tonight we’ve witnessed a series of great matches but our next one is going to be possibly the biggest and most dangerous match tonight. Final Destination!

Zach Davis: That’s right! Seven competitors are on the verge of having that briefcase that will allow the holder to cash in for a World Championship any time, any place of their choosing. That opportunity can fall into the hands of Corey Black, Odin Balfore, Andre Holmes, David Sanchez, Eric Price.

Freddy Whoa: In order to win the match, one must climb one of the four steel towers behind every corner along with climbing along the ropes to take down the briefcase hanging under the intersection. Who in the fucking hell is Anonymous?

Zach Davis: It could by anyone but we’re about to find out right now. Let’s kick it over to Kyle Steel to begin with the introductions of the match.

Kyle Steel stands in the center of the ring wearing his signature black Tuxedo. He has a microphone positioned under his chin as he receives the cue from production to begin with the official introductions of the Final Destination Match.

Ding Ding Ding!

Kyle Steel: Ladies, and gentlemen, this match is your Final Destination Match! The winner will receive a briefcase with a contract inside that allows the holder to cash in for a World Championship match at any time of his choosing!

Immediately the Machine Head cover of “Hallowed Be Thy Name” by Iron Maiden starts playing around the MetLife Stadium. Corey Black walks out from the back wearing the “Creeping Death” mask along with the black hoodie showing only his face He is accompanied to the ring with Nikki Venus as the two march down the entrance path.


Corey Black has another chance to become World Champion yet again hence why his focus never leaves the ring. He walks down to the ring wearing basic black tights with an orange spiderweb design on the back, and a jack-o-lantern with an evil smile on the front. Black boots and black kick pads, no thanks to Japan. His accessories are black elbow pads, black knee pads, and black wrist tape. Knee pads look like extensions of the boots.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the first participant! Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota! At five feet, nine inches tall, weighing in at 202 pounds. He is Corey “Creeping Death” Black!

Corey slides under the bottom rope into the ring then rises up to his feet. He opens up the middle and bottom rope for Nikki Venus to get inside. After that, he stands in the center of the ring to pull his black hoodie down and remove the mask then expands his arms out to receive glorious praise from the crowd. Nikki leaves the ring to stay by her client while Corey takes an unoccupied corner. The music fades, and the fans are heard chanting his name.


Freddy Whoa: There is no one else in the WCF that puts WCF on their back more than Corey Black. An active competitor who is a Hall of Famer, multiple time World Champion, Grandslam, Triple Crown but now he wants to add one more accolade to his name. Final Destination winner.

Zach Davis: Man, Corey Black has absolutely nothing to prove to anyone. He has reached the top of the mountain alongside some of the greatest names in the Hall of Fame. He wants another shot at the World Championship so who are we to deny one of the all time greats?

“With Oden On Our Side” by Amon Amarth is the second entrance music to play around the stadium already cuing the lights to turn dark. A spotlight emerges on the gigantic Odin Balfore walking out from the back to receive such a great ovation. As he stands center stage, the lights return back to their bright phase when Odin surveys the amazing crowd chanting for him to be here in New Jersey.


Walking down to the ring, he continues to have his gaze in the ring. It’s been awhile since Odin Balfore became WCF World Champion but a third title reign could fix all of that. He walks down to the ring wearing a single strap black shirt along with long black tight pants with black wrestling pads and boots. Surely Corey and Odin have some history, hell they don’t even break eye contact with each other.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the second participant! Hailing from Poon Town, Federal District, Poon Guinea! At seven feet tall, weighing in at 340 pounds. He is “The Nordic Tank” Odin Balfore!

Odin grasps the top rope to pull himself up on the apron. He pushes the top rope down to walk over it then approach the ropes to raise his arms in the air with his fists enclosed. Corey in his corner is pacing back and forth, warming up as much as he can while Odin takes another unoccupied corner as his music fades away.

Freddy Whoa: The former two-time WCF World Champion, and also Hall of Famer. This amazing athlete has achieved it all except the Final Destination briefcase. Could you imagine how great it would be if Odin was the second ever Final Destination winner?

Zach Davis: The WCF would be in such a different era. The Poon Guinea original becoming a three time WCF World Champion would shake up the foundations of this entire company!

“Anonymous” by Gemini Syndrome is the third entrance music to take over the entire Metlife Stadium once again leaving the crowd to boo a man who refuses to show his face. The masked figure walks out completely aware of the predicament he entered himself into in the first place but also disregards whatever the crowd feels about him. He stands center stage with his hands behind his back surveying them until walking down to the ring.


This masked figure only stares forwards and avoids the fans stretching their hands out in an attempt to touch him. Odin and Corey are still yet to know who is under the mask along with the entire WCF. Nothing else is shown on this man except he’s wearing a solid white mask with very minimal features, black hoodie and jeans with black sneakers.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the third participant! Hailing from The Unknown! At six feet tall, weighing in at 210 pounds. He is Anon-Y-Mous!

The masked figure climbs up the steel steps like royalty, hands clasped behind his back with each step precise and poised. He walks down the apron before wiping his feet then enters into the ring to stay in one of the two unoccupied corners. He still assume that attention pose not even looking at the crowd as his music fades.

Zach Davis: So...who is this guy?

Freddy Whoa: I don’t know but two weeks ago he did defeat Eric Price who probably wants revenge for that epic loss.

A returning guitar riff sets the entire arena in complete darkness then grey colored video clips of Andre Holmes preparing backstage appears on the titantron. “Relentless” by New Years Day immediately begins with the lights flashing, and dancing around the entire Metlife Stadium; Andre Holmes walks out from the back to center stage with the black leather hoodie covering his head as he surveys the entire crowd welcoming him back.


He walks down to the ring interacting with fans at ringside. Shaking hands, giving high fives until everything pauses for the lyrics, “Tear Me Down, It Won’t Build You Up”, to be heard. Andre stands into a strong pose releasing a primal scream as a flash of white and red colored fireworks emerges from the stage behind him in a single-line fashion.


Andre continues on his way to the ring with the lights returning back to normal. Wearing a simple black, and red design underwear with a long sleeve black arm wear covering his right forearm with "Holmes" engraved in red across it. His MMA gloves sponsored by tap-out representing his striking background. Along with that, "Relentless" is tattooed down his spine, and his black knee pads are custom-made with his insignia of his graphically designed initials on each pad. Finally, his leg padding covers the lower part of his legs, and his boots are striped in red, and black together.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the fourth participant! Hailing from Houston, Texas! At five feet, nine inches tall, weighing in at 201 pounds. He is “Relentless” Andre Holmes!

He climbs on top of the apron before standing on the middle rope outside of the ring. Smoke rises from under to cover him to produce the visual effect of his silhouette as every light in the arena shuts off with a spotlight shining brightly from behind. He jumps over the top rope into the final unoccupied corner removing his accessories then warming up for the match.

Freddy Whoa: Welcome back “Relentless” Andre Holmes, the former double-reigning rookie. A former Tag Team Champion and Hardcore Champion who finally decided to return with a contract breaking into Seth’s office and putting himself in the Final Destination Match!

Zach Davis: I’m glad that Andre is back. He was one of the few top prospects that made an impact in the first five months of his WCF Career. Now he has a chance to silence all the critics and become the second ever Final Destination winner in WCF history!

The Metlife Stadium falls into complete silence as the opening guitar riff to “Out of the Black” by Royal Blood’s starts playing. David Sanchez walks out with that slick smirk plastered on his face as he stands center stage to raise his right hand to the thunderous audience screaming so much negative insults and boos at his direction. All he does is smile at their hatred before confidently walking down to the ring.


David walks down to the ring with emotional stare at the fans he passes by. The fans continuously drown his name with insults and boos but he doesn’t care. He continues on his path wearing black and purple MMA shorts with black knee braces and black wrestling boots. He has spiked dark hair on top of his head and shaved sides. Both of his sleeves are tattooed and there is also a very distinguishing, large, black rose inked up the right side of his rib-cage.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the fifth participant! Hailing from Bogota, Colombia! At six feet, three inches tall, weighing in at 221 pounds. He is “The Mayor of Chicago” David Sanchez!

David removes the aforementioned T-Shirt and hangs it over the camera lens in front of him. He climbs onto the apron before batting an eyelid at the disrespectful audience. Entering into the ring, he stands by the ropes as all four corners have been taken but with that smirk on his face, Sanchez is confident more than ever to win. Once the music fades, the crowd is ultimately heard defaming his name.

Freddy Whoa: The Mayor of Chicago, David Sanchez has been on a roll and one of the huge favourites of Pantheon alongside Corey Black to win. He has been decimating all in his path, and now the former WCF United States Champion wants to up the mantle on claiming the WCF World Championship!

Zach Davis: This guy is a sadistic cynical douchebag. If he wins Final Destination, I apologize for whoever is champion by the end of the main event.

“You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell shoots around the PA system as the final entrance music playing around the MetLife Stadium. Gold lights start flashing once the music begins and Eric Price walks out to the stage receiving a positive reaction from all the fans in New Jersey. He stands center stage with the gold spotlight emerging all over him as he’s the final man to walk down to the ring.


Eric continues on his path to the ring interacting with the fans behind the barricade. Taking pictures, slapping hands stretched as he wears a black V-neck jersey with black jeans and black walking shoes. The other five competitors in the ring all watch the former World Champion walk around the ring still slapping fans hands and warming up for his first ever Final Destination Match.

Kyle Steel: Introducing the final participant! Hailing from Pacific Palisades, California! At six feet, four inches tall, weighing in at 250 pounds! He is Eric Price!

Eric climbs up the steel steps then walks along the apron to get inside the ring. He moves across to stand at the opposite ropes in front of David Sanchez. With all six competitors in the ring, the music fades and the lights return to normal for every competitor to get ready to put on the match of a lifetime.

Freddy Whoa: Eric Price made his return at Hellimination but now has the opportunity to gather another opportunity for the World Championship after a two year hiatus away from the company.

Zach Davis: But more importantly, he wants to go for Anonymous’s head. Let’s begin the match!

Ding Ding Ding!

Andre Holmes quickly bursts out from his corner to tackle Eric Price right out of the ring. Both men falling through the ropes where Andre starts unloading elbows onto his head leaving the four other men to look up at the briefcase hanging over their heads. Odin, Corey, Sanchez and Anonymous are all figuring out a game plan while Andre and Price are brawling like crazy.

Zach Davis: Here we go with the match and Andre Holmes already begins with tackling Eric Price through the ropes to begin brawling with the former World Champion!

Corey Black already kicks Anonymous back into his corner to start unloading forearm shots straight into the mask while David Sanchez is trying his best to wear down Odin with fists straight into his ribs. However, Odin responds by driving that massive knee into the ribcage of Sanchez to bend him forward then drive him down into the canvas face first with Clubbing Blows into the spine.

Freddy Whoa: Five seconds into the Final Destination Match and already we’re witnessing a brawl commence out of nowhere! Andre Holmes is brawling with Eric Price, Corey Black with Anonymous and now Odin Balfore with David Sanchez!

Anonymous then switched Black over to lean his back against the turnbuckles in his own corner before striking his chest over and over with back to back Roundhouse Kicks into the chest. He continues to keep kicking until backing up to distance himself before running over into Corey Black to deliver a quick Dropkick straight into the chest of Creeping Death. He falls down in the corner seated with Anonymous going back to work on the former World Champion.


Meanwhile, Andre Holmes is on the outside of the ring continuing to drive multiple elbows straight down into the skull of Eric Price. It’s not long before he helps him back up to his feet to bend him forward then quickly run forward to grapple his head under his pit. Andre kicks his feet off the steel post to Tornado DDT Eric down into the ringside mat on the outside.

Zach Davis: Tornado DDT by Andre Holmes! Eric Price spiking head first straight down onto the canvas!


Odin Balfore continues to work on Sanchez by helping him back up to his feet. He grabs down onto the arm of his opponent to toss him into the ropes behind him. Off the rebound, David manages to duck under the right arm of Odin to continue his path to other ropes but it doesn’t end well when Odin manages to knock Sanchez down into the canvas again with a Big Boot into the chin.


Sanchez rolls away near to the ropes leaving Anonymous to turn his attention away to the tallest man in the ring. He charges into Odin to shoot a Dropkick that only puts him back a step but Odin grabs onto Anonymous off the second attempt of a Dropkick. With his arms clasped around his body, he just launches him halfway across the ring where Anonymous crashes spine first off the canvas.

Freddy Whoa: Odin Balfore is just cleaning house tonight! Look at the power of throwing Anonymous across the entire ring! Dear God, who is going to stop this beast?!

Andre Holmes takes the chance to hop onto the apron and hop onto the top rope. He springboards across the ring only to get caught on the shoulders seated. Odin then Powerbombs Andre down on the top of his head where the landing causes him to flip over down on his chest. The only man left standing in the ring to face Odin is none other than Corey Black himself.


Freddy Whoa: Oh my! We knew paths would be crossing tonight but history has once again played in the favor of the fans. Corey Black and Odin Balfore have once again come together to face off in the ring!

Corey Black immediately springs out of the corner to uplift a High Knee straight into the chest of Odin. His opponent suffers a few steps back until being put against the ropes where Corey tries to whip him but instead gets whipped. Coming to the ropes he leaps up onto the middle rope before springboarding back to nail a Springboard Enzuigiri straight into the skull of Odin that almost topples him over.


Zach Davis: Springboard Enzuigiri Kick! Odin Balfore is almost toppling over!

Freddy Whoa: Sanchez is on the top rope! He’s got Odin in sight!

Odin manages to barely turn around to see David Sanchez leaping from off the top rope to the to drive his Headbutt straight into the cheek of Odin. Balfore gets sent over the top rope to crash face first into the ringside mat leaving only Sanchez and Corey Black to be standing on the mat. The two Pantheon members slowly turn around to see each other the only two men standing in the ring.

Zach Davis: Diving Headbutt better known as the Crown of Thorns was enough to throw the largest man in the match out of the ring but now we have a dilemma facing us all. Corey Black and David Sanchez are both of Pantheon so will they fight each other? It’s every man for himself!

They look into each other’s eyes before nodding. Corey and David start trading blows back and forth as the two Pantheon members respect each other’s dignity and strength. Black manages to finish the trading blows with a quick kick into the ribcage of his opponent to bend him over then run back into the ropes behind him. Off the rebound, he gets lifted off the mat only to suffer a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker at the hands of David Sanchez.


However, Sanchez remains the only man standing until Eric Price slides into the ring. He charges straight into David Sanchez to nail a quick Mafia Kick into the chest of his opponent to knock him down then sees an open opportunity. With barely all men down on the canvas, he quickly rushes over to the nearest corner where he starts climbing the turnbuckles then the steel tower.

Zach Davis: Eric Price is the first man to climb the steel tower and with every other man down, we’re going to have Price winning the briefcase. He’s on the rope, and making his way over!

But to intercept him is Anonymous who stands on the apron. He quickly leaps on the top rope then Springboards over to the hanging Price who gets Speared off the rope straight down into the canvas. The impact leaves Eric rolling out of the ring to recover, both arms wrapped around his ribcage while Andre Holmes gets up to face Anonymous.


Freddy Whoa: Flying Spear and Eric Price is down in front of our table! God the impact must have really cracked a rib or two for him to be out of the question this time!

Andre is unloading with elbows again until spinning around in an attempt to land a Rolling Elbow onto Anonymous who ducks under then counters with a Superkick. Holmes falls down onto the canvas yet again with Odin grabbing onto the top rope from the outside to pull himself up on the apron on one knee. Anonymous sees him and sidesteps with another Superkick into the chin of Odin to keep him on the outside!


David Sanchez is the fourth man who gets up with Anonymous preparing. He sidesteps straight into David Sanchez who swipes the leg away and then counters with a vicious Roundhouse Kick into the temple that almost knocks him down. Anonymous is bent over while Sanchez runs into the ropes behind him to receive a Superkick on the way back to his opponent. He falls into the mat almost out of consciousness with Corey Black barely standing on his knees.



Corey Black is stood on his knees with Anonymous preparing that right leg but then instead backs off to the ropes. He drops on his back to roll under the bottom rope then walks up the stage leaving Corey to get back up on his feet looking at the carnage he made. The crowd starts booing and even the commentators don’t know what's up but Corey immediately gets to work on climbing a corner.

Freddy Whoa: I don’t get it. He manages to Superkick everyone except for Corey? Did Anonymous freeze up or is there something more to it than we know?

Zach Davis: I think Anonymous just helped Corey Black with the match again. Oh my, he’s starting to climb straight up to the top and he’s now making his way across the ropes.

Corey Black starts scaling the ropes but his leg is grabbed by Andre Holmes who managed to get back on his feet. He pulls down Corey from the ropes where he lands on his feet but then gets pushed back into the ropes behind him. Off the rebound, Corey tries to throw a clothesline but Andre ducks under the right arm to shoot his body through the middle and bottom rope thus spearing Eric Price into the chest to push his back on top of the announce table.



Corey slowly turns around to see a returning Odin Balfore lifting him right off the canvas before holding him onto his right shoulder. Odin then runs around the ring before dropping onto his knees where he plants the spine of Corey Black straight down into the canvas with a Running Shoulder Powerslam!



David Sanchez takes that opportunity be back up on his feet and run into Odin Balfore from behind to deliver that Bicycle Kick into the back of his head. Odin falls face first into the canvas while Sanchez falls down on the mat exhausted after all three men have taken such a beating in the match.


The entire MetLife Stadium is on the verge of standing up when Andre begins to climb the metal tower behind a corner straight to the top. When he reaches the top, he stands right on top of the tower with his back turned to the downed Eric Prince on the announce table. One small breath before he leaps backwards to corkscrew his body into a 450 flip motion thus slamming his weight into the ribs of Eric Price, Phoenix Splashing themselves through the announce table!




David Sanchez slowly rolls under the bottom rope to pull himself up onto his feet on the apron. It’s not long before the other two, Odin Balfore and Corey Black, do the same in their respective corners with Sanchez in the lead as he’s already reached to the rope to make his way to the briefcase. Corey and Odin are fighting with all chance they get to start climbing and eventually catch up to Sanchez in distance.


Zach Davis: Who is going to be the man to reach for the briefcase?!


Each of them grabs a wire and begins working towards the middle. Odin, despite being a giant, is especially motivated; Sanchez and Black are worn out. All in all, the reach the middle, right near the briefcase, at about the same time. They begin hitting each other with rights and lefts.

Zach Davis: Sloppy strikes here, each man throwing out the last little bit they've got.. whoever hangs on wins this match.

Odin has hatred in his eyes... He kicks Sanchez in the gut to disable him then reaches out to Corey with his one free hand as he holds on with his other.

Freddy Whoa: Odin has Corey by the throat.

Sanchez is about to fall off and Odin takes the plunge, he Chokeslams Corey off the wire and into the mat!

Zach Davis: DAMN!

But Odin miscalculated. Sanchez hangs on for dear life, and summons enough mental capacity to reach forward... and grab the briefcase.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa.

He falls down....

Zach Davis: Clutching the briefcase on the way.

The bell sounds.

Freddy Whoa: And there you have it.

The crowd is in disbelief. Then again, they'd be in disbelief no matter who walked out with such an opportunity.

Zach Davis: Your winner, and Final Destination contract holder.... David Sanchez.

Sanchez's music plays as he clutches the briefcase close.

Freddy Whoa: David Sanchez was one of the first men who made it clear he wanted this contract. He's defeated Thomas Uriel Bates in the past, for the United States Title, but he hasn't had a ton of WCF success... until now.

It's over, Sanchez doesn't move. He just clutches his World Title shot tight.

Zach Davis: He put in the work, he gave it his all, Freddy; he did what he had to do to secure a shot against the WCF World Champion. He's got a year to pick when the Champion is the most vulnerable.

Freddy Whoa: Last year's winner completely altered the WCF landscape. Will David Sanchez do the same? Hell, who will BE our World Champion after tonight?

Zach Davis: Time will tell.

Royal Blood’s “Out of the Black” is still playing as David Sanchez stands in the ring, the Final Destination briefcase held high. Suddenly his music fades and a few seconds later, “Change” by Deftones hits the speakers. Everyone, David Sanchez included, looks towards the entryway in confusion.

Zach Davis: Wait – what in the hell?

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Is that Gravedigger’s music?

A few seconds later a commotion is seen at ringside and from each corner of the crowd a Hispanic male steps over the barricades. They are all wearing biker jackets over top of a t-shirt, jeans, and biker boots. Their jackets feature MS-13 patches and logos. The four bikers stand there at ringside, looking up at Sanchez in the ring.

Zach Davis: MS-13 are here!

David Sanchez starts looking around at each one, still confused. Movement catches his eye and he looks towards the entryway as Gravedigger emerges from the back. He throws his arms out and yells out with a look of rage on his face. The crowd drowns the Legend in boos and his face quickly turns into a smirk as he looks out at the crowd before finally focusing in on David Sanchez.

Freddy Whoa: Gravedigger is back!

David Sanchez is still looking around at the four MS-13 members at ringside who each slowly step up towards the ring. Gravedigger starts slowly walking down the ring, the air still thick with boos as the smirk is etched on his hardened face.

The four men start trying to climb in the ring as Sanchez leaps in their directions swinging the briefcase at them, making them rethink their attempts at climbing in the ring. Sanchez begs them to try it.

Gravedigger reaches the ring and pulls himself up on the ring apron. Before Sanchez can swing the briefcase at him, too, the four men pull themselves up on the apron and climb into the ring. Sanchez leaps and nails one of them hard with the briefcase, taking him down. Sanchez is able to knock another biker down before the other two are on top of him.

Despite just being in a grueling match, Sanchez holds his own, fighting the men off and even managing the toss one through the ropes to the outside and shove the first biker he hit with his boot and knocking him out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Someone get security out here!

Sanchez ducks a clothesline by the third biker and finally hits the fourth one with a Medusa’s Touch out of nowhere! Gravedigger quickly climbs through the ropes as Sanchez runs at the fourth MS-13 member and goes for another Medusa’s Touch. The biker drops to the mat, causing Sanchez to miss. He turns around and is absolutely leveled by the massive forearm of Gravedigger who flips him over in a huge Grave Marker.

Zach Davis: NO!! What is he doing here? David Sanchez just fought a war to win this match!

The four bikers get back in the ring and at Gravedigger’s command stomp away at David Sanchez for a few seconds. Gravedigger demands a mic and is handed one. He gestures for the bikers to back off and he stands over Sanchez, pointing down as he lifts the mic to speak.


Gravedigger holds his other arm in front of his face looking at something on it.


Zach Davis: He wasn’t wearing a watch.

Freddy Whoa: Nothing gets by you.

The crowd boos and Gravedigger smirks as he lowers his arm back down and looks out at the crowd. He looks down at David Sanchez.

Gravedigger: Bro, you didn’t think I was going to forget about what happened at War XIV did you?

Gravedigger chuckles to himself as he steps away from Sanchez and stands looking towards one of the nearby cameras. He points at the camera.

Gravedigger: WCF, Gravedigger has returned and I chose this exact moment, not just because it was David Sanchez as the winner of the match, but I chose the ending of this match for a reason. I’m Gravedigger and I don’t need to win a fucking briefcase to get title shots, I just demand them!

Zach Davis: What is he saying?

Freddy Whoa: A title shot at which belt?

Gravedigger: Here I stand in this very ring at ---

Gravedigger holds his arm back up to look at the imaginary watch once again.

Gravedigger: One.

Gravedigger lowers the arm again.

Gravedigger: To demand a shot at the WCF WORLD TITLE on the next edition of Slam!

The camera switches to the crowd who has shocked looks on their faces.

Zach Davis: WHAT??

Freddy Whoa: The WORLD TITLE!?

Gravedigger: I don’t care if it’s Bates or Flash. I don’t care if Sanchez himself peels his lifeless body off the canvas behind me and walks out after the match to cash in. That belt does not belong around anyone else’s waist but MINE. I’m back and not just to sit behind that table on commentary, I’m back to start burying bodies once more.

Gravedigger tosses the mic to a ringside attendant then turns around and stomps Sanchez once for good measure as “Change” by Deftones hits the speakers once more. Gravedigger climbs out of the ring and heads back up the ramp followed by the four members of MS-13 as the crowd starts booing him again.

Trios Titles Match
Two Out of Three Falls Match
#beachkrew vs Zero Tolerance
If Wade Moor Pins Crazy J, He Wins the Hardcore Title
Jared Holmes/Johnny Rabid/Wade Moor vs Jason Cash/Salem Shepard/Crazy J

Kyle Steel: The following contest, which will be fought under hardcore regulations, will be a best two out of three falls for the WCF Trios Championship and the WCF Hardcore Championship! Introducing first, the challengers . . .

The Mysterious Pantheon Theme begins to play over the PA system as the entirety of Giants Stadium turns a neon shade of blue. The strobes and bass kick into overdrive immediately, followed by a pop from the crowd as hundreds of glow in the dark beach balls are dropped from the ceiling. Jared Holmes, Johnny Rabid, and Wade Moor make their entrance then, the two smaller men flanking the former World Champion, as the fans erupt into a loud mix of boos with some cheers intermitted. The pair move down to the ring together, like a school of fish with one clear direction in mind, before they reach ringside. Rabid and Holmes veer off diagonally, leaping into the apron and scaling the two closest turnbuckles, while Moor pulls himself onto the middle portion of the apron with the ring ropes. The three men pose for a moment, before climbing into the ring.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at a combined weight of six hundred and ninety six pounds, they are Wade Moor, Jared Holmes, and Johnny Rabid . . . #BEACHKREW!

Zach Davis: You can always expect #BeachKrew to make you feel like you’re at a rave on a Sunday night.

Freddy Whoa: Something tells me you’ve never been to a rave, Zach. Or any party, for that matter.

Zach Davis: Yes, well . . . shut up.

Freddy Whoa: But for real, though, this is going to be a hell of a match. The one thing these three men can do better than make an entrance is wrestle. They think they’re the best trio in the company, but to erase any shadow of a doubt, they’re looking to obtain the belts to go with the idea.

Kyle Steel: And their opponents, your Trios Champion

The house lights dim and the crackling of a fire is heard over the PA system before “Wither” by Tech N9ne begins. Salem Shepard is the first to appear, trios title slung over his shoulder and a wide grin across his painted face; a daring fan tosses a beach ball Salem, but he swats the ball away with his title belt like it was a racket, patting it with his hand before flicking off his assailant. Jason Cash steps out a moment later with his own belt around his waist, moving to the other side of the ramp, leaving space for their final partner, Crazy J to enter. Instead of his usual face-paint and attire, he was wearing a black body suit and a blood red mask that obscured most of his features save for his eyes. His titles rested on both shoulders.

Zach Davis: That’s a new look from the Hardcore Champion tonight.

Freddy Whoa: They say red is a good color in a fight because it doesn’t allow your opponents to know when you’re hurt.

Crazy J, or EVIL as he would be called in this guise, steps in between his partners, first looking at the grinning Shepard, then the grizzled Cash. Then he moves down to the ring, with his two partners following a step behind. When they reach ringside, Salem breaks rank and dives underneath the bottom rope, sliding into the ring and rolling to his feet; Cash and J opt for an entrance via the steel steps, moving to their corner once they enter the ring. The song fades away as the referee moves over to grab one of the trios belts and the Hardcore title from their owners.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at a combined weight of eight hundred and seven pounds, they are Jason Cash, Salem Shepard, and Crazy J . . . ZERO TOLERANCE!

Zach Davis: You can just feel the tension in the air, Freddy. These are six men who do not care for one another at all.

Freddy Whoa: And it all stems from Hellimination. These men were the final six in that match, and excuses have been made on both sides on how it ended after that. Regardless of your stance, we can all agree this match can and will be the one to resolve the doubts.

The referee holds the belts high in the air as the six men stare daggers at each other from across the ring. Then, he passes them off, calling the two competitors that are going to start the match. Discussion ensues on both sides.

Zach Davis: A friendly reminder on the rules tonight, folks: This is a two out of three falls match with hardcore rules implemented. The first to two falls will secure the Trios title. At the same time, Wade Moor and Crazy J will be contesting for the Hardcore Championship. Wade Moor would have to pin Crazy J to win the championship tonight, while Crazy J only has to avoid a pinfall from Moor.

Freddy Whoa: That’s right. The Hardcore Championship will NOT exchange hands if either Jared Holmes or Johnny Rabid pin the champ. It has to be Wade Moor.

After a moments of deliberation, Johnny Rabid and Salem Shepard break away from their corners while their partners step out of the ring onto the apron. The referee speaks to both men for a moment before finally raising his hand, signaling for the start of the match.

Zach Davis: One word for this match we’re about to see tonight, Freddy.

Freddy Whoa: Awesome.

Zach Davis: I agree. And thus we begin.


Salem explodes out of the gate, looking to overwhelm Rabid in the opening moments, but a drop toe hold sends the champ to the mat. Diving onto Shepard’s back, rotating his body around amateur-wrestling style, into a headlock that transitions into a gator roll. Shepard’s shoulders are both pressed against the mat, but he pops them off before the referee can even drop to his knees, wiggling out of Rabid’s grip and popping to his feet. Johnny rises a moment later to face them.

Zach Davis: Quick start for the pair.

Salem presses closer again on Rabid, who isn’t fazed by his opponent’s close quarters approach. Ducking under a forearm, Rabid grabs Shepard around the waist, looking to take the champ down with another amateur grapple. Shepard puts a stop to it with an eye poke that grazes across the socket of Rabid. Johnny releases Salem, who spins around with a backfist in mind, but Rabid ducks beneath the strike. Then, with a stiff European Uppercut, Rabid sends Shepard stumbling back into the #BeachKrew corner, who welcome him with clubbing blows across his shoulders and neck.

Freddy Whoa: The referee can only watch while #BeachKrew wails on the youngest member of Zero Tolerance.

Zach Davis: Johnny Rabid with the tag to Jared Holmes.

Jared springboards into the ring while Rabid flips Shepard into a seated position with a snapmere. Johnny holds him there while Holmes shoot the ropes, returning with running knee strike against the side of Shepard’s head. Rabid bails out of the ring as Jared tries to secure the first pinfall for his team.




Shepard, head still ringing, looks around for his corner after the pinfall, looking to tag out but Jared dives onto Salem, clubbing him with heavy forearms to keep the champ down on the mat. Salem’s resistance flags to the point that Holmes pulls him to his feet and tucks his head between his legs.

Zach Davis: Dolphin Driver!

Freddy Whoa: No, Salem has powered through.

Shepard, sensing danger, explodes upward, sending Jared Holmes up and over with a back body drop. Salem dives into his corner to slap the awaiting hand of Crazy J, who steps quickly into the ring. Jared finds his feet, only to be driven back to the mat with a sick big boot to the head from the Hardcore Champion.

Freddy Whoa: And the Hardcore champion has inserted his significant size advantage into the match now.

J looks at Salem and points to the corner, signaling for some sort of tandem technique. Then, grabbing Holmes by the hair, the big man hoists Jared off of his feet and holds him perpendicular across his chest while Shepard ascends to the second turnbuckle. Walking over to his corner, J drives Holmes across his knee with a backbreaker and holds him in place for Shepard to leap off the middle turnbuckle, landing across Jared’s chest and head with a leg drop. Holmes tabletops over, landing stomach first across the bottom rope and mat.

Zach Davis: Zero Tolerance showing these New Jersey Fans some tag team wrestling of their own. And a pinfall.




Holmes tries to bail to the outside after breaking the pin, but Crazy J grabs him by the ankle and drags him away from the ropes. Jared rolls onto his back, throwing some defensive kicks at J to try and break the hold, but the Hardcore Champ stomps right through Jared’s guard, planting his boot in the abdomen of the Six God. Pulling him to his feet, J whips Holmes into the ropes and on Jared’s rebound, sends him crashing to the mat with a shoulder block. Forgoing the pin, Crazy J repeats the process a second time to the same effect: Jared Holmes writhing on the mat. Again he ignores the opportunity to steal the first pinfall of the night, though, and whips Holmes into the ropes for the third time. Crazy J then bends over, looking to send Holmes flying this time.

Zach Davis: A huge back body drop sends Holmes high into the air again.

Freddy Whoa: But Jared lands on his feet and dives into the #BeachKrew corner. Wade Moor tags himself in!

Wade Moor dives into the ring, but not quickly enough; Crazy J turned in time to see all of this unfold and backed into the safety of his corner. Jason Cash slaps J across the back where only the referee could see, right before the Hardcore Champion bails out of the ring away from the fired up Godnilla. Wade moves over to the ropes, pointing at J and shouting at him; only the word “Coward” was heard over the growing din of the crowd, who weren’t fond of the decision either.

Zach Davis: Crazy J has made the tactical decision to delay his fight with Wade Moor. He’s trying to get in Wade’s head tonight

Freddy Whoa: And for the moment, its working. The big man of #BeachKrew better keep his head straight before he costs his team the first fall, because here comes Jason Cash.

Grabbing Moor by the elbow, Cash turns the big man around to face him and spits tobacco juice in his eyes! Blinded, Moor can only stumble away from the ropes, defenseless from the super kick that followed. Moor hits the mat and Cash dives onto the big man for the pin.

Freddy Whoa: Jason Cash giving Wade Moor a taste of that Sweet Chin sauce.




Broken Pin

Zach Davis: But #BeachKrew have inserted themselves into the match. There goes the last thread of control for the night, folks.

Rabid and Holmes dive into Cash at the same time, breaking the pin. While Jared mounts Cash and begins to slam stiff forearms across the guard of the country boy, Johnny Rabid pops to his feet and dives into the Zero Tolerance corner, hitting Salem with a European Uppercut that sends him off the apron to the floor. Rabid moves over to help Moor to his feet while Jared pulls Cash to his own. Rabid moves over to Jared while Wade Moor stares Crazy J down on the outside, just daring him to enter the ring. Meanwhile, Holmes and Rabid whip Cash into the rope, looking for a double-team move. Cash on the rebound, though, counters with a double clothesline that turns the two men of #BeachKrew inside out. Wade Moor turns to see what went wrong, only to run into Cash’s awaiting arms, which then take the former World Champ to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex.

Freddy Whoa: Jason Cash cleaning house in the name of Zero Tolerance.

Johnny Rabid rolls out onto the #BeachKrew apron, leaving Wade and Jared in the ring with Jason Cash, who looks into his own corner for some back-up. Crazy J was still looming on the outside, biding his time, and Salem Shepard hadn’t quite pulled himself up back onto the apron, so Cash was on his own for the moment. Leaving Holmes down on the mat, Jason pulls Wade to his feet, who breaks the champs hold on him and clocks him with a stiff elbow. Shooting the ropes, Moor comes back in with a flying Superman punch, which Jason Cash sidesteps.

Zach Davis: The Broseidon punch doesn’t hit its mark.

Freddy Whoa: And Jason Cash has Wade Moor in a front face lock. Is it Brainbuster time?

Jason tries to lift Wade off the mat, but the former World Champ makes himself dead weight to stop the move. Then, pushing blindly forward, Wade Moor slams Cash back first into the corner; what he doesn’t realize is that he carried Cash over to the Zero Tolerance corner, where Salem Shepard waited. Salem slaps Cash on the back unbeknownst to #BeachKrew as Wade Moor pulls Cash out of the corner and sends him up and over with a bridging Northern lights suplex that Salem Shepard immediately breaks with a stomp across Wade’s stomach.

Cash rolls out of the ring as Salem, the legal man, pulls Wade Moor to his feet; Godnilla’s body shields Jared Holmes from view, who finds his feet on the other side of the ring at the same moment. Salem kicks Wade in the stomach, doubling the big man over, only to eat a flying forearm check from the Six God who gracefully dives over his partner.

Zach Davis: #BeachKrew seize control as Salem Shepard finds himself alone in the ring while his partners watch from the outside.

Crazy J doesn’t try to come to his partner’s aid, but Holmes kicks him across the side of the head before he can climb into the ring; Cash, meanwhile, hasn’t fully recovered from the suplex, and was still on his hands and knees on the concrete. Wade tags Johnny Rabid in, who immediately climbs the turnbuckle, while Moor and Holmes pull Shepard to his feet. They throw Salem up in the 3D technique, as Rabid comes flying in with a leg drop across Shepard’s head, adding force to the impact of the technique as the four men crash to the mat.

Zach Davis: A huge Tidal Wave from #BeachKrew

Rabid dives onto Salem for the pin while Wade and Holmes roll to their feet, ready to defend a Zero Tolerance rush. None comes, though.




Freddy Whoa: And Rabid secures the first pinfall for #BeachKrew.

Salem rolls for the safety of the outside, and Holmes helps him with a few boots to find the concrete. A moment hangs in the air with Zero Tolerance on the outside and #BeachKrew inside the ring, and the crowd begin to get louder.

Zach Davis: Save for a few cheap shots on both sides, the fans here tonight haven’t seen either team utilize the hardcore rules. I think that is about to change, though.

The crowd pops as Rabid and Moor roll out on opposite sides of the ring, circling the ring in a pincer technique; it was obvious that Crazy J was the goal, at least in Wade Moor’s mind. The other members of Zero Tolerance step up in defense, though, as Salem meets Rabid and Cash meets Moor on either side of the Hardcore Champion, who stood untouched in the middle of the brawl. Not for long, though, as Jared Holmes shoots the ropes on the far side of the ring and leaps to the outside.

Freddy Whoa: Diving Crossbody from the Six God!

Zach Davis: But Crazy J catches him. Fallaway Slam!

Tossing Holmes up and over into the barricade, Crazy J turns the advantage in favor of Zero Tolerance. Cash was holding his own against Wade in their brawl, but Salem hadn’t fully recovered from the Tidal Wave and was finding himself being overwhelmed by Rabid, so Crazy J went to his aid first. With a clubbing blow across the back of Rabid, who didn’t see J coming, the champs begin to double team The Ripper. Salem breaks off after a few moments to fetch a steel chair from under the ring while J continued to rain down on Rabid with clubbing forearms until Salem returned. Stepping back, J watches Salem as he grins wildly before slamming the chair across the back of Rabid, who cries out in pain at the blow.

Zach Davis: A sickening sound as Salem slams the steel across Rabid’s spine.

Freddy Whoa: Zero Tolerance better watch themselves, though. They have just unleashed the Leviathan.

Wade Moor looks past Cash to see his partners down on the concrete and leaps into action. Ducking beneath a haymaker from the country boy, Wade grabs Cash’s head and slams it into the ring post before rushing over to Rabid’s aid. Crazy J starts moving backwards around the ring, leaving Salem with the chair between him and Godnilla. Shepard swipes at Moor as he charges at him, but Wade sidesteps the strike and shoves Salem back first into the concrete out of his way. Seeing red, Wade continues his pursuit of Crazy J.

Freddy Whoa: Crazy J rolls into the ring, with Wade Moor a step behind him. Prepare for the showdown.

Salem Shepard quickly recovers from his brush with barricade and dives into the ring on the opposite side that J and Moor roll through. J finds his feet before Moor, who rises into a steel chair strike across the skull from Shepard that crumples him. The fans boo as the two men begin to stomp away at the downed Moor, knowing that the big showdown had been snatched away from them again.

Zach Davis: Wade Moor’s haste to get his hands on Crazy J has cost him for the second time tonight.

Dropping to his knees, Crazy J hooks Moor’s leg as Salem looks around the outside, daring Holmes or Rabid to try and interfere.





Freddy Whoa: Godnilla is still alive!

Though as Jason Cash rolled into the ring and no sign of help to come from the two other members of #BeachKrew, it didn’t bode well for the former World Champion. Cash and Salem begin to stomp away at Moor while J finds his feet, watching his teammates work his challenger over. Pointing to Moor, Crazy J runs his thumb across his throat, signaling for the end.

Zach Davis: The Hardcore Champion has something in mind for Wade Moor.

Salem and Cash stand on either side of Moor, taking him up and over with a stiff double snap suplex before rolling out of the way of the charging Crazy J, who leaps in the air and falls backwards with a massive senton that drives the wind out of Moor.

Freddy Whoa: Jared Holmes is on the apron, but Jason Cash knocks him off with an elbow and follows him back to the outside. Crazy J hooks the legs.





Wade Moor clutches at his chest as he rolls onto his side after breaking out of the pin, gasping for breath; on the outside of the ring, Cash has Holmes against the barricade and is eating his chest up with stiff chops, and Salem leaves the ring to go help his partner, leaving the chair behind in the ring. Rising to his feet, Crazy J kicks the chair into the center of the ring and pulls Wade Moor up to his feet, tucking his head between his legs.

Zach Davis: Crazy J is looking for a powerbomb, I believe. Oh, if he connects with this, Wade Moor may lose more than just the pinfall for his team.

Hoisting the big man up like it was nothing, Crazy J spikes Wade Moor back first onto the steel, grinning wildly as he pins the shoulders to the mat with both hands.

Freddy Whoa: Johnny Rabid is to his feet on the outside of the ring!


Zach Davis: Rabid on the apron . . .


Freddy Whoa: Springboard splash!


Broken Pin

The crowd pops wildly as the referee holds two fingers in the air, signaling that Johnny Rabid had broken the pin in time. None of the men are allowed much of a breather, though, as Jason Cash and Salem Shepard roll into the ring in defense of their big man. Johnny Rabid meets them, hitting the pair with European Uppercuts before the numbers get to him. Shepard and Cash back Rabid into the corner with clubbing blows while Crazy J and Wade Moor drag themselves across the ring to opposite corners.

Zach Davis: Zero Tolerance maintaining control.

Freddy Whoa: But here comes the cavalry. Jared Holmes rolls into the ring unbeknownst to Shepard and Cash, charging into the corner with reckless abandon. Clubbing Cash across the back of the head first, Holmes then grabs Shepard and forcibly tosses him backward into the center of the ring, following doggedly on his heels. Cash turns to face his new assailant, only to eat a second clubbing blow across the skull from Rabid. Holmes elbows Shepard across the jaw before grabbing him by the head at the same time that Rabid grabs Cash’s. The two members of #BeachKrew share a glance before they run into their respective corners, dragging their unwilling opponents with him. The crowd pops loudly as the two men connect with simultaneous Sliced Bread #2 before kipping to their feet with a final flourish.

Zach Davis: Such fluidity between the two men.

Freddy Whoa: Like water, Zach.

Wade Moor had nearly found his feet in the corner, so Holmes and Rabid move over to his side. Shepard and Cash drag themselves into the corners they were closest to. All three members of Zero Tolerance found themselves in seated positions in the ring, and one could just feel the growing din of the crowd as they leaned forward to watch the next attack unfold. Rabid runs right with a Shining Wizard across the head of Cash, Holmes goes left with a Sharknado Splash onto Shepard. And Wade Moor, after a moment of suspense, charges straight at Crazy J with a single move in mind.

Freddy Whoa: Cannonball!!!

Zach Davis: NO! Spear from Crazy J!

With an near inhuman burst of speed, Crazy J explodes from the corner and cuts Wade Moor in half with a brutal spear; the force of the blow sends Wade Moor flying back across the ring to the apron, which he rolls off of a moment later to the outside. Rabid is the first to respond by charging at Crazy J, who proceeds to floor him with a vicious lariat. Jared, who was a little more disoriented after his Phoenix Splash, pulls himself to his feet with the ring ropes. With a head full of steam, Crazy J charges forward and takes both men to the outside with a vintage cactus clothesline.

Zach Davis: The fans don’t know how to respond, Freddy. There’s so much happening so quickly.

Freddy Whoa: And we’re about to see more. Johnny Rabid is on his feet and he’s looking to the outside.

Johnny Rabid looks for an opening before shooting the ropes; in the split moment when his back was turned, the somewhat recovered Jason Cash pushes himself to his feet and steps into the center of the ring. Rabid rebounds into a shoulder block that staggers him. His defense drops long enough for Cash to hoist him in the air and drop him to the mat with the fireman’s carry bulldog. He hooks the leg a moment later




Zach Davis: The match is tied one pinfall apiece after the Hillbilly Deluxe. What else do these guys have to offer to win their team the third and final pinfall.

Pushing himself to his feet, Cash moves over to pull Rabid to his feet, but out of no where, Rabid pulls Cash down to the mat with a small package.

Freddy Whoa: Rabid trying to steal the victory right from under their noses.




Rabid rolls with Cash as he kicks out, quickly transitioning into an Anaconda Vice, wrenching away at Cash’s head and neck. The pair were close to the ropes, so Cash drapes and arm over the bottom, but the referee only shakes his head; this was hardcore rules, and there were no rope breaks.

Zach Davis: Jason Cash looks to be fading.

But Salem Shepard is there for the rescue with steel chair in hand, slamming it across the back of Rabid with a grin across his face. Johnny releases his hold on Cash, who rolls to the outside, while Shepard repeatedly slams the chair across Rabid’s back. Three, four, five times, until Rabid couldn’t even push himself to his hands and knees. Pushing Rabid onto his back, Salem tries for the pin.





The champ slams his hand on the mat in frustration as Rabid rolls onto his stomach, trying to drag himself to safety; on the outside Holmes and Crazy J had finally disentangled themselves, but hadn’t recovered enough to continue the fight. The same could be said for Wade Moor, who was on his knees around the corner. Only Jason Cash was more than just stirring as he rummaged underneath the bottom ropes, searching for a weapon to help seal the victory. A moment hangs, when no man does anything, but the crowd was still hot.

Zach Davis: The fans can finally catch there breath after what had been a fast-paced transition between these six men. If nothing else, you can’t say they didn’t give their all.

Cash finally pulls a table out from underneath the ring and began to set it up long ways between the barricade and the ring. Then, pulling himself to the apron, he calls for Salem to bring Rabid over to him. Shepard obliges, and Cash throws Rabid’s arm over his neck.

Zach Davis: It looks like Cash has a suplex in mind for The Ripper.

Freddy Whoa: Jared Holmes has pulled himself onto the apron on the opposite side of the ring. Shepard moves over to take care of him.

Holmes flies in with a springboard forearm that sends Shepard to the mat, reeling; Cash plants his feet and lifts Rabid into the air. But Rabid resists, dropping back to the mat. Wrenching free, he elbows Cash across the head before stepping to the side, barely getting out of the way of Holmes who comes in with a suicide dive that take Cash and him off the apron and crashing through the table on the outside. A “Holy Shit” chant commences throughout the One crowd.

Zach Davis: Neither man is stirring in the wreckage of that table.

Freddy Whoa: Johnny Rabid moves over to the ropes to check on his partner.

And Salem Shepard with the roll-up pin, throwing Rabid to the mat before he knew what was going on





The crowd releases their breath in unison as Rabid pops his shoulder off the mat; both men roll onto their backs, breathing heavily, as the crowd picks up a “This is Awesome” chant. The two men, Zero Tolerance and #BeachKrew, are bathed in the praises before Shepard begins to stir, and the fans fall silent again to watch. Pushing himself to his feet, Shepard steps through the ropes onto the apron. He grabs onto the top rope, looking for a springboard move, but Rabid finds his feet in a burst of adrenaline and dives onto the apron before Shepard can leave his feet. The champ throws an elbow, but Johnny ducks underneath, and turns Salem around. Then, with a mighty heave, he German suplexes him onto the apron back first. They both roll onto the concrete in a heap, clutching backs and necks.

Freddy Whoa: The ring is completely empty, Zach.

Zach Davis: Not for long. The fans are finally going to get what they want.

From either side of the ring, Crazy J and Wade Moor roll into the ring. The crowd grows in volume as the two men find their feet and step slowly into the center of the ring. And the pop, oh the pop as the two finally begin to lay into each other. There were no clear favorites as the two men rock each other with heavy haymakers. The fans were cheering for the fight.

Freddy Whoa: Just look at them go! Normal men would’ve been knocked out after the second punch, but these two just won’t give in.

And Wade Moor takes charge. Punch after punch after punch the former World Champ into the face of Crazy J before stepping back, leaping in the air, and throwing the superman punch . . . that connects with thin air. Moor’s momentum takes him past the Hardcore Champ, who sidestepped the punch, Crazy J grabs Moor from behind, dumping him on his head with a half-nelson suplex.

Zach Davis: Oh, I felt that all the way from here. Crazy J in control.

Crazy J had all the opportunity to go for the pin after that nasty suplex, but he had more he wished to inflict on Moor before the night was over. Moving over to the corner, J rips the pad off the top turnbuckle to reveal the sharp steel beneath it.

Freddy Whoa: That’s it, Zach. The move that’s going to decide this match.

Pulling Wade Moor to his feet, Crazy J drags him over to the corner and tucks his head beneath his legs. Then, with a heave, he hoists Moor up into the powerbomb position. But Wade fights back! Delivering a stiff punch between the eyes, Moor lands on his feet after Crazy J drops him, stumbling back. With a feral cry, Moor leaps forward and connects with a superman punch and that sends the crowd into a frenzy. Crazy J hits the man and Moor is on him a moment later.

Freddy Whoa: Broseidon Punch!




Zach Davis: NO! Jason Cash pulled the referee out of the ring to break the count.

The crowd boo wildly as the referee finds his feet on the outside, pointing at Jason Cash. Wade Moor looks at the country boy from his knees before, in a split second decision, pushes himself to his feet and shoots the ropes.

Zach Davis: No, he can’t possibly . . .


The crowd are on their feet as Cash and Moor crumble onto the mat in a heap, amazed at the athletic feat from the big man of #BeachKrew.

Zach Davis: Jared Holmes has found his feet and surveyed the scene. He rolls into the ring.

Holmes grabs Crazy J by the head and pulls him near the ropes. Then, with the rope’s assistance, he flips Crazy J up and over with the Canadian Destroyer.

Freddy Whoa: Dolphin. Driver.

Holmes looks over for Wade, who hadn’t stirred at ringside and, with a heavy heart, throws his arm across J’s chest for the pin.




The bell sounds.

Zach Davis: It's done.

The crowd doesn't know how to react.

Freddy Whoa: For the first time in WCF history, #beachkrew captures the WCF Trios Titles. Pantheon hasn't hold those belts for over a year, and certainly not THIS Pantheon.

Zach Davis: This was a fucking war. I'm not sure if it is over, not by a long shot....

Moor has somehow made it into the ring, helped up by his #beachkrew brethren.

Freddy Whoa: Crazy J, of course, gave the performance of a lifetime, defending his Hardcore Title no matter what Wade Moor threw at him. Not many men can go into a match with Wade Moor, at his best, gunning for your belt and you turning him away.. but Crazy J did it.

J, Shep and Cash are outside of the ring, heartbroken but alive. J is handed his Hardcore Championship that he retained.

Zach Davis: All in all, this has got to go down as one of the greatest One matches of all time. It had it all, Freddy.

Zero Tolerance get a standing ovation as they march up the ramp. In the ring, the #beachkrew boys try to pretend as if the spotlight is for them as they celebrate with their newly won Trios Titles.

Seth Lerch Segment

Zach Davis: What an incredible night so far, Freddy.

Freddy Whoa: You're telling me, brotha!

The lights go out and the crowd stands up. The very large titantron turns on with a grey background. Some computer-like typing begins.

"I'm Back..."

Freddy Whoa: Who is back?!

The text gets deleted like it's backspace'd, but then more text is entered.

"///Run--> _Grime.exe"

The crowd boos.

Zach Davis: What the hell?

"Lol. Jk."

A huge pyro show hits and the titantron goes dark and the lights come back on and the familiar music plays and every single person in the crowd is on their feet collectively losing their shit.

Zach Davis: WHAHTATAT?!~?!?~?~


Zach Davis: HOW THE HELL IS HE HERE?~!?!?!

Crawl by Kings of Leon is playing over the speakers but it is drowned out by the sold-out crowd in Metlife Stadium marking the fuck out. Torture finally walks out from behind the curtain 50 seconds into the song and the Stadium rocks again with a huge mark out moment as Torture stands on the stage in his tight Avery Wrestling Gym t-shirt and dark blue dress jeans. Hands in his pockets, short hair, big sunglasses, Torture is living the Hollywood rich life still and it shows.






Torture walks down the ramp and throws his sunglasses into the crowd as he high fives some of the fans. A billion flashbulbs going off as Torture walks up the steps into the ring and stands on the apron.




Torture walks around the ring as the music stops and the crowd now begins to chant "WEL-COME BACK! WEL-COME BACK! WEL-COME BACK! WEL-COME BACK!" Torture grabs the mic and stops in the center of the ring as the chants keep pouring in.

Zach Davis: No matter what he does on camera or behind the camera, Torture is just loved every where isn't he?

Freddy Whoa: Hey! What he did earlier this year was put in motion a lot of events. It was ugly, yes, but we got raises out of it!

Zach Davis: That I can't argue, but maybe there was other ways of communicating the injustices?

Tort raises the mic to his lips but they continuing chanting, this time it's "THANK YOU TORT! THANK YOU TORT! THANK YOU TORT! THANK YOU TORT! THANK YOU TORT!" After dropping the mic to his side with a huge grin, he finally puts the mic back to his lips.

Torture: HOT DAMN it feels good to be home.

The crowd LOSES. THEIR. SHIT. After a minute of marking out they finally calm down.

Torture: Believe it or not, my contract was never terminated for one reason or another, so I decided instead of sitting my ass at home eating Panera and In-N-Out, I'd decided to get back into shape..

Tort looks directly into the camera that's standing in the ring with him.

Torture: I got into shape at the best pro-wrestling Gym in America. Avery's Wrestling Gym. Wink

The crowd laughs and marks out as Torture cuts a cheesy commercial for Chris Avery's Wrestling Gym. Torture laughs it off as the crowd chants "COME BACK, CHRIS! COME BACK, CHRIS! COME BACK, CHRIS!".

Torture: No, no, no one wants to see that jobber in the ring. I'm kidding! I'm kidding! Either way, I decided to get back into ring shape because I figure Tort stretches his neck to the left and right I may have one more match left in me..

Zach Davis: WHAT?!?!?!?!

Freddy Whoa: NOOO WAYY!!!



Torture smiles.

Torture: Oh, I don't know, maybe Joey, maybe Holmes, maybe I just fight some random mid-carder on his way up the success ladder, drop his ass, take his title and revolutionize pro wrestling. I mean, I did it before, right? Haha!

Zach Davis: Aww poor Mayhem.

Freddy Whoa: Haha!

Crowd laughs and marks out. A small chant begins and it gets louder and louder.


Torture: Never heard of him, ANYWAYS..

Crowd laughs their ass off and marks out.

Zach Davis: SICK BURN, DAMN!

Freddy Whoa: ...

Torture: So, I'm here right now.

Crowd pops.

Torture: I say we bring out an oppon-

Master of Puppets hits the speakers and the crowd boos and Seth Lerch comes out on stage FURIOUS. He has several security officers with him.


Crowd boos.


Torture looks around at the crowd and then decides to reply.

Torture: I'm-

Seth Lerch: SHHUDDUUPP!!

Crowd boos some more. Seth Lerch gets into the ring as security officers surround the ring.

Seth Lerch: You know your ass doesn't belong here! You don't belong in MY ring! You don't belong at One! You sure as SHIT don't belong in WCF!

Crowd boos again.

Zach Davis: I guess we know now, that Seth didn't invite him!

Freddy Whoa: What is up with this security? They're mastadons!

Zach Davis: Well now they're getting on the apron and into the ring, what is this all about?!

Seth Lerch: Torture, I'm going to give you three seconds, nah nevermind..

Just then Seth dick-kicks Torture and security rushes to Torture and handcuffs him quick. The Metlife Stadium boos HARD.

Zach Davis: WHAT THE HELL?!


The security lifts him up to his feet and he's in obvious pain. Seth looks like he's demanding they get Torture out of the ring but then changes his mind and tells them to hold him right there. Seth rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair and slides it in.

Zach Davis: NO WAY.

Freddy Whoa: Seth is REALLY not playing around!

Seth picks up the chair and nails Torture over the head with it!


Zach Davis: Torture is out cold!

Freddy Whoa: HES DEAD!

Security picks Torture back to his feet as he's sluping in their hand-cuffed grasph. Seth sets up the chair and has a seat. Security drops Torture to his knees so Seth can be eye level and in his face.

Seth Lerch: I want you to listen to me, Torture, and I want you to listen good god damn it. I created WCF. I created ONE. And I created YOU.

Crowd boos.

Seth Lerch: If you meant a single god damn thing, Torture, you dumb piece of shit, I'd have paid you to wrestle here tonight. This is a wrestling company. I'd let myself get beat up for you if I had to, to pop a buyrate. But you know what? YOU'RE NOT EVEN GOOD FOR THAT ANYMORE.

The crowd doesn't like that. They boo. Proving Seth wrong.


Freddy Whoa: Whoooaaaa that's like meta or something.

Zach Davis: Huh?

Freddy Whoa: Nevermind.

Seth Lerch: You would be NOTHING without me, Torture. As you fade in and out of conscienceness, I want you to remember one thing. This face. Because this is the last god damn time you'll ever be in the WCF ring again and know why? Because I created you.. and now I'm ENDING YOU.

Crowd boos as Seth throws down the microphone and folds up the chair and swings it like a baseball bat knocking Torture in the head so hard that he flops out of the grasp of the security guards. They quickly lift up his near lifeless body and try holding him up to his feet as he's pretty much gone limp and is bleeding like a gutted pig from his face. Seth picks up the microphone for the last time.

Seth Lerch: Oh, and one more thing, Torture. YOU ARE BANNED FROM WCF... FOR LIFE!

Seth throws down the mic as Master of Puppets hits and Seth demands security to throw Torture out of Metlife Stadium.

Zach Davis: WAIT, WHAT?!

Freddy Whoa: FOR REAL?!

Zach Davis: Can Seth really BAN someone for life?! I mean, he said his contract wasn't terminated, maybe Seth is terminating it now?!

Freddy Whoa: I.. I think that's what just happened, except Torture isn't just terminated, he's banned for life! That means no more Torture forever! Not even Rod has gotten that treatment yet!

Zach Davis: Holy hell, is Torture even breathing? I can't tell and this is just damn sick.

Security is dragging Torture up the ramp as Seth leads the way still just as furious as he was when he came out. The 'YUGE' chorus of boos is still thundering Metlife Stadium as they walk behind the curtain.

Zach Davis: I.. I... What the hell just happened?

Freddy Whoa: A damn shame. A damn travesty.

Zach Davis: We're being told in our ear pieces to hold back so we don't lose our jobs, but come on. What the hell is this about? Torture wasn't hurting anyone or WCF, tonight.

Freddy Whoa: I don't know.. I guess I won't say anything man, I don't want to be fired.

Zach Davis: Torture was just out here, having fun, and now he's banned for life, and let's not forget that Seth just crushed his skull in, not once, but twice with the damn steel chair.

Freddy Whoa: Now we know what Seth's actual thoughts were about Torture and this past Summer.

Zach Davis: Wow. Well we'll continue on with One, live from Metlife Stadium.

World Title Match
Joey Flash vs Thomas Uriel Bates

It is the darkest night in the heart of the Meadowlands as the spotlight falls on Kyle Steel in the centre of the ring. Unable to suppress an excited smile, Kyle raises the microphone to his mouth.

Kyle Steel: The following contest is set for one fall and is for the undisputed Wrestling Championship Federation World Championship.

The spotlight dims. The crowd go wild - despite the freezing cold and the wait: this is the one they were all waiting for. Like a scene from a film as the opening hums of ‘Retrograde’ by James Blake begin to permeate through the air, the first snowflakes begin to descend. The crowd hums along with the song for a moment before the music abruptly cuts out - the crowd sound their approval.


Then are driven to elation as ‘Mile Zero by Periphery’ finally hits, coupled with fireworks circling the entire stadium flying into the air and exploding in a snowy fresco of colour to signal the arrival of the challenger. Stood at the top of the ramp to the crowd’s delight is Joey Flash.

Zach Davis: Here he comes. The winner of War, two time World Champion - a man who has never lost a World title match, the winner of War and my god the prohibitive crowd favourite here.

Freddy Whoa: This is what it would feel like if the Giants were in the Superbowl...and hosted it here.

Flash stands at the top of the ramp and milks it for a moment. His hair is man-bunned for the occasion, his usual all white trunk/boot attire is changed to all gold instead. Flash nods his appreciation and begins his walk toward the ring. Now at ringside, he hops up onto the ring apron and then turns to face the audience once more making the ‘belt motion’ much to the delight of the crowd. Stepping through the ropes, Flash strides to Steel and beckons for the microphone.

The music cuts and the crowd goes ballistic. Flash motions like an orchestral conductor to hush them.

Joey Flash: No gimmicks, no bullshit. It’s time to take this fucking company back.

The crowd cheers once more.


Their enthusiasm is dulled when the house lights dim again, and the positivity turns into toxicity.


“Midnight Rider” by the Allman Brothers Band blares over the PA system as the titron begins showing clips of Thomas Uriel Bates riding his motorcycle along a deserted highway, then images of previous matches against legends and superstars of the WCF, ending with him holding the WCF World Championship in the air at WCF Revenge. As the video continues to play, Thomas Uriel Bates steps out to the stage wearing his wrestling attire, and holding the WCF World Championship on his shoulder.

Bates glares down at the ring, staring intensely at Joey Flash as he walks towards the ring. He arrives at the ring and walks up the steps. He moves to the center of the apron, and looking out towards the fans, he steps over the top rope and enters the ring. Bates steps towards the center, turns to face the stage, and stretches out his arms, and roars. The crowd bays as Bates, the sound of the vitriol travelling all the way to Australia.

Bates steps majestically over the top rope and calmly hands the belt to chief referee Stan Moser, his eyes never leaving Joey Flash. Flash takes a step toward to centre ring and is met by Bates, the two men are separated only by referee Moser as Kyle Steel begins his announcements.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first...the challenger.


Kyle Steel: Weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, he is the former two time WCF World Champion and is here tonight after outlasting the rest of the roster at War...fighting out of the Bronx New York...JOEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH!

Crowd: JO-EY! JO-EY! JO-EY!

Kyle Steel: Introducing the champion…


Kyle Steel: He is a two time WCF World Champion, weighing in at four hundred and thirty pounds and standing at six foot, nine inches. From Huntsville, Alabama, the Mountain of WCF, The Total...Ultimate...Badass. He is the reigning, defending, undisputed WCF World Champion; Thomas Uriel Bates!

The crowd doesn’t have time to react as Stanley Moser raises the biggest prize in the game skyward, they cheer once more...then Moser steps backward and hands the belt to the timekeeper. Now the Mountain and the Ghost with a Hammer in his hand take another step forward and are separated by mere inches. The crowd explodes with excitement.

Zach Davis: My god.

Freddy Whoa: You know those times when you just can’t imagine two wrestlers fighting, then you’re about to see it in front of your eyes…

Zach Davis: Goosebumps.

The size difference is immediately apparent.

Zach Davis: I thought the difference in size would be big...but not this big.

Freddy Whoa: Joey looks like half the size of Bates.

The bell rings.

Zach Davis: HERE WE GO.

Not waiting around for ceremony, a left hook crashes off the jaw of the champion followed by a second left hook to the body. Bates fires a retaliatory fist toward Flash, who has already danced half way across the ring, unimpressed - Bates steps forward and the immense pressure of the champion forces Joey back against the ropes. Bates fires two more strikes toward Joey, only to have the challenger to counter both with well timed straight rights to the body - dancing away again.

Zach Davis: This is masterful from Flash. I’m not sure this is the right tactic from Bates.

Flash steps in with a well placed leg kick to the outside of Bates’ left thigh then peppers him with an up-jab and another left hook to the sternum, avoiding the grapple of the champion.

Zach Davis: Though for all of this, it’s looking like a gnat trying to hurt an elephant.

Bates stops and stands in the middle of the ring and looks at an invisible watch as if to ask. ‘Have we started yet?’


Joey doesn’t stop the assault. Firing another up jab to the oncoming Bates, ducking a short elbow and then landing yet another left hook to the body.
Zach Davis: This is an interesting early tactic. The size difference is such that Flash isn’t going to commit to the head of Bates for risk of overreaching and leaving himself open.

Freddy Whoa: This would be fine if Joey could win on points...but this is professional wrestling. You can’t win this way.

This dance continues for another two minutes, Flash keeping on the edge of Bates’ strikes and darting in with quick combinations. Thomas is unrelenting in his aggression and pressure however, and finally manages to push Joey back into a corner.

Zach Davis: Finally!

Bates steps in to finally catch his prey, but the dextrous Flash hops over the top rope to the apron just as Bates was about to connect, and in one motion leaps through the middle rope, pivots and sends Bates’ pivoting head skyward with a hellacious uppercut.


Zach Davis: Did that have an effect?

Bates finally staggers backward, himself in the corner now. Flash plants his lead foot and fires one more left hook toward the solar plexus of the champion. The punch connects with a sound that rattles like an amplified meat tenderiser.

Freddy Whoa: BATES IS HURT!

The Mountain falls to a knee.

Zach Davis: The body shots weren’t just a distance tactic. They were the dollars in the bank slowly adding up until it finally pays off - and here we go.

Flash shoves Bates back into the corner and prepares himself.

Zach Davis: This could be it…

Freddy Whoa: SUDDEN FLASH TO BATES!!!!!!!!

The corkscrew right hand across the chin of Thomas Bates sounds like a gunshot as bone meets bone. Flash takes a step back, waiting for Bates to fall forward for the pin...but the fall never comes. Instead comes the most vicious and Hellacious Bates Boot you’ve ever seen.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Flash flies halfway across the ring, ragdolling against the ropes and then finally laying unmoving face down on the canvas.

Zach Davis: For all the hard work Flash put in, one boot from Bates changes the entire complexion of the contest. My god…

Bates steps forward to capitalise, but is more damaged than he previously realised.

Zach Davis: He was able to shrug off the Sudden Flash but the body work really has taken a toll on our champion.

Bates crumbles to one knee, grasping at his abdomen. Through gritted teeth he staggers back to a firm base and approaches the prone Joey Flash. It has been around twenty seconds since the boot connected, Bates flips Joey around and drops a titanic arm on Flash. Moser drops to the canvas…




Zach Davis: No! Flash got his foot on the ropes.

Desperate to get the pinfall, Bates forgot to drag his challenger into the centre of the ring. Cursing himself, Bates stands once more and pulls his barely conscious challenger back to his feet. Bates snaps Joey back to consciousness with a forearm across the temple, before flinging him back into the corner. A big boot snakes toward Joey and presses against his throat for a few seconds before the behemoth steps in with an elbow that connects to the jaw of the challenger, then another, then another before Bates grapples Flash and ejects him halfway across the ring with a belly to belly suplex.

Zach Davis: This is a mauling.

Freddy Whoa: All that hard work to begin was for naught. The champion showing his pedigree right now.

Bates presses on his advantage, not allowing Joey to get set. Picking him up and hoisting him skyward before bringing him down into a powerslam. The thud reverberates the ring. Bates goes for the pin.



Bates isn’t deterred. He hoists Joey upward by the hair once more, delivers a savage elbow and whips Joey toward the ropes, Bates cocks his arm and lowers it for prime decapitation clothesline position as Flash crosses the ring toward him. At the last second, Joey seems to snap back into the game and ducks the clothesline; Bates spins and steps forward to get him on the second try. Flash spins round the back of Bates and waist locks him. Joey loads up into his legs in attempt to deliver a German suplex to the champion but can barely even lift the behemoth from the canvas. Bates shrugs away Flash who breaks the hold and slowly dances away from his enemy.

Zach Davis: The technical brilliance of Flash is completely nullified by this giant stood in front of him.

Freddy Whoa: Thomas Uriel Bates has reduced the best wrestler in the world into a one dimensional striker.

Flash rips the bobble holding his hair up in the bun down and shakes his hair out. The crowd cheers wildly in appreciation for both Bates and Flash.

Crowd: This is awesome! This is awesome! This is awesome!

The snowfall is heavier now, surrounding the area around the ring and cordoning these two legendary combatants inside the maelstrom that rages inside the squared circle. Bates storms toward Joey who avoids the big man by a whisker and fires another shot toward the body, this stops the big man in his tracks for a moment.

Zach Davis: There is that shot again. This might well be the only chance Flash has in this match.

Bates fights through the pain and takes hold of the challenger again - tossing him with ease back into the corner. He continues his barrage, moving with uncanny speed delivering, one, two, three shoulder charges, then another savage elbow to the forehead of Flash - blood flies from the head of the Italian. Bates delivers yet another, and more blood flies.

Zach Davis: Flash is busted wide open.

Freddy Whoa: He’s in a bad, bad position right now.

Bates grabs him by the hair and drags him into centre ring. We see for the first time the extent of the damage as Joey Flash’s classically handsome features are now covered in the proverbial crimson mask. Bates hoists him into the sky and prepares him for a gorilla press...presses him once...twice...three times…

Zach Davis: This is the move he dedicated to his father!!!

Freddy Whoa: Memphis Giant Slam to Flash!

Before sending Flash to his doom by smashing him with a Gutbuster. Bates gets down and hooks the leg.





The crowd roars in joy and disbelief as the defiant hand of Joey Flash gives them a thumbs up. Bates is completely focused on the task at hand however, ignoring any distractions. Dragging the limp body of his challenger back to his feet and locking him into a full nelson.

The crowd get to their feet in expectation.

Zach Davis: He’s going to try end things right now!

He hoists Flash up, and the Italian soars into the New Jersey night sky.

Freddy Whoa: THE BADGE!!!!

Flash is ejected skyward with the colossal strength of the World Champion, he seems to float at the epoch for an eternity - some ten feet or so in the air. The snow falls as Joey Flash joins in the descent. The flashes of the fans commemorating this moment explode across the sell out arena. Flash begins his descent. Joey Flash, smiles at his impending doom - grinning, he throws both arms. It was then everyone in the area realised that this wasn’t a man smiling welcoming doom...but delivering it.

Zach Davis: THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas Uriel Bates is sent flying toward the turnbuckle, his body crumples unnaturally as he sags into a crumpled heap in the corner. Flash stands in the centre of the ring now, blood dripping in a pool as his feet. He flicks his hair back and regards his opponent, Flash staggers back into his own corner after the explosion of his finishing move. He hooks his arms over the top rope and rather than go for the pinfall, simply rests - gulping oxygen as quickly as possible to flush his body with energy.

Freddy Whoa: I don’t know what Flash is thinking here. Just go for the pin!

After a minute or so, Thomas Uriel Bates begins to stir. The champion groggily gets back to a standing base. Joey staggers back to the centre of the ring and to the pool of blood, he places his foot in the crimson puddle and wipes his boot in a line across the ring motioning for Bates to bring the fight.

Zach Davis: Ho-ly shit.

Thomas Uriel Bates is also a vision of crimson, his nose shattered and is bleeding heavily from the mouth. The two men meet in the centre of the ring once more, the toll of battle raging heavily on the two biggest stars in the WCF.

Freddy Whoa: Elbow from Bates.

Zach Davis: Body shot from Flash.

Crowd: BOOO!

Crowd: YEAH!

They exchange savage shots for nigh on a minute before Flash digs in a solid left hook that detonates on Thomas Bates’ liver. The big man staggers to one knee and Flash moves in for the kill.

Zach Davis: Trip by Bates!

Flash is ensnared by the big man, who delivers another elbow shot.

Freddy Whoa: This is the first time they’ve been down to the ground today and it’s Bates who initiated it!

Caught aback by the tactic, Flash struggles to escape but is just caught further. Bates prepares him, lifts him, then stretches him.

Zach Davis: Flash is Quarterboarded!!!

The Mountain reaches back and in one jolting moment seems to almost snap the challenger in two. Flash sags under the weight and goes limp, Bates locks the hold in further...and further.

Zach Davis: Stan Moser is checking Flash…

Freddy Whoa: He’s not even moving.

The referee crosses his arms and waves the fight off, the crowd don’t respond - all that is left is stunned silence. We pan to incredulous faces of the crowd then back to the ring.

Zach Davis: IT’S OVER IT’S OVER!!!! Thomas Bates has done it. Thomas Uriel Bates is still the World Champion!!!

Freddy Whoa: He had to take on the greatest wrestler in the world to do it but by god he did it. Thomas Bates has defeated Joey Flash on the biggest stage of them all.

Moser hands the belt to Thomas Uriel Bates - barely able to stand, he manages to make his way over the ropes for support and raises the title as confetti begins falling from the rigging surrounding the ring and the fireworks join the snowstorm.

Zach Davis: What a night, what a fight we had here. With the head of Pantheon falling here, we ask...who is left?

A graphic displaying ‘One was a production of Wrestling Championship Federation’ fades in at the bottom of the screen as Thomas Bates holds his title up once more. The referee is checking on the fallen Flash once more, who seems to be in conversation with the former challenger asking if he is alright. Satisfied, Stanley Moser heads out of the ring as Thomas Bates continues to celebrate.

The crowd roars as behind Thomas Bates, Joey Flash nips up back to standing. The effects of the battle seemingly faded.

Zach Davis: What the hell?!

Bates turns around to face Joey Flash, once more but his attention is taken by Kyle Steel.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and Genlemen, due to his victory in the Hellimination match, Joey Flash is allowed a title shot at One. Joey Flash has cashed in his One title match...it is for the WCF World Championship!!!!!!


Bates, incandescent charges Flash who dodges aside and measures the giant, a beaming smile across the Italian’s face as he readies the finishing blow.

Zach Davis: BITE THE DUST!!!!!!!!!!!!

The superkick is delivered with such ferocity, it whips Thomas Bates’ head back as blood and sweat paint the sky as the Giant tumbles to the floor. The World Title falls from the champion’s grasp as Flash scrambles on top of Thomas Uriel Bates.




Zach Davis: WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION! Joey Flash has beaten Thomas Uriel Bates. Unbelievable. What a turn of events.

Freddy Whoa: I had forgotten completely about the Hellimination thing, it seems that was at the forefront of Joey Flash’s mind throughout. Was he playing the entire match to set up for this moment to appear?

Joey Flash picks the World Title from the canvas and holds it for a moment before kissing it and raising it skyward himself. The crowd go fucking apeshit.

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner...and NEW WCF World Champion...Joeeeeeeeeeeey Flaaaaaaaaaaash!

Zach Davis: Joey Flash has captured his third World Championship, Pantheon holds the biggest prize in the game once more.

Freddy Whoa: Holy...fucking...Whoa.

Zach Davis: They've got the Trios Titles. They've got Final Destination.

The crowd doesn't really know what to do.

Freddy Whoa: This began at War, Zach. Hell, this began before that; this began at the mass exodus of talent earlier in the year. And it has culminated here. Every event that has transpired has lead us to this one inevitable conclusion.

Zach Davis: Inevitable, indeed. Joey Flash as our World Champion.

Flash is standing in the middle of the ring as he gets his arm raised. In his other arm, he raises the WCF World Championship up high.. As he stares into the camera, looking every single member of the WCF Galaxy square in his or her eyes.

Freddy Whoa: What a fucking night.

One fades to black.

Table of Contents

Pantheon Arrives

One Intro

Battle Royal: Danse Macabre vs Tek vs Jay West vs Jaice Wilds vs Biff Mustache vs Skywalker vs Diaboli vs Udy vs Stalker

Alpha Title Contendership Match: Psychopomp vs Adam Burnett

Last Man Standing Match: Dion Necurat vs Rise

The Returne

Johnny Blaze vs John Gable

Sebastian Knight vs Lester Parish

Lilith Segment

Tag Team Titles Match: Oath Breaker/Fuego Del Eterno Infierno Silencioso vs Steven Singh/Captain Pantheon

People's Title Match: CJ Phoenix vs Kevin Bishop

Alpha Title Match: Jayson Price vs Joe Smarts vs Kidd Krazzy vs Jason O'Neal

Some Kind of Crazy Stipulation Match: Oblivion vs Lilith

Internet Title Match: Zombie McMorris vs Teddy Blaze

Adrian Archer vs Damian Kaine

Television Title Match
I Quit Match
Polar Phantasm vs FPV

Final Destination Match
Corey Black vs Odin Balfore vs Anon Y. Mous vs Andre Holmes vs David Sanchez vs Eric Price

Trios Titles/Hardcore Title Match: #beachkrew vs Zero Tolerance

Seth Lerch Segment

World Title Match: Joey Flash vs Thomas Uriel Bates

Of The Week

The World Champion
Trios Titles Match



Thomas Uriel Bates
Crazy J
Kevin Bishop
Teddy Blaze
Jason O'Neal
Tag Team:
Steven Singh /Captain WCF
Zero Tolerance