Of The Year Show Intro

We open up live at the Guiliano Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas! Seth Lerch is on the stage.

Seth Lerch: Welcome everyone to this year's Of The Year show, and Merry Christmas to all! Putting current situations aside, I'd like to welcome everyone to the show and say I'm glad you're all here. We're less than a week away from One and I'm excited, how about all of you!?

Cheers from the crowd.

Seth Lerch: Congratulations to everyone that wins tonight! Let's get the show started!

Seth walks off stage as we see Zach and Shannan at an announce booth, that looks very out of place in this setting.

Zach Davis: Welcome to the show!

Shannan Lerch: Wait! I hear we have a backstage altercation?


We cut to a scene backstage, Adrian has just ran into D-Day, hitting him in the back of the head. D-Day goes down and Adrian kicks at him a few times, right in the gut.

Zach Davis: Somebody get help! What is going on here!?

D-Day tries to stand but Adrian hits him with a stiff kick to the head. But D-Day knows he needs to fight back, and manages to tackle Adrian down! D-Day hits him with several punches to the face before Adrian rolls over and punches him back a few times. Both men break away from each other and are about to go at it again until finally, security guards get on the scene, several of them, grabbing both men and pulling them away.

Shannan Lerch: Come on, tonight was not the night for an attack. Unless my brother authorized it, then okay.

Zach Davis: With all the awards D-Day is up for, I'm sure we haven't seen the last of him tonight!

Tag Team Champions of the Year

Zach Davis: Earlier this year, on May 13, one of our own was killed in action. Greenfever was a vile and sadistic serial-murderer, but he was our vile and sadistic serial-murderer. In his memory, WcF has awarded him two posthumous distinctions. The “Feud of the Year” award references his mortal grievances with Phillip Baines, which abruptly ended with a grisly in-ring death. The “Tag-Team of the Year” award stems from his brief, yet explosive, alliance with long-time foe, Oblivion.

“Run Rabbit Run” by Rob Zombie blares through the arena sound system.

Zach Davis: What… the… no…NO!

Dr. Heill appears and approaches the podium, wearing his tattered, latex Richard Nixon mask and a white lab-coat.

Zach Davis: Oh, thank you, baby Jesus! I just about crapped my tuxedo! For a moment there, I thought Greenfever was going to come strolling across that stage.

Shannan Lerch: Don’t even say such a thing.

Dr. Heill: I would like to thank everyone in the WcF for murdering the most important scientific break-through of our lifetimes. I’m sure these gold-plated awards will help me sleep at night. -Feud of the Year? Well, isn’t that nice. I’m glad that Greenfever’s death brought so much joy and more importantly, so much money into your lives. -Tag-Team of the Year? -Wonderful. Big thanks to everyone that helped to ruin my life. You all deserve to die screaming. Go f*ck yourself Phillip Baines. Hope you get d*ck-cancer. Goodnight.

Dr. Heill shuffles off the stage, clutching the two golden awards.

D-Day Segment

Donald sits on the bed that is laying on the black carpet in his hotel room in the fantastic Guiliano Hotel and Casino. He sits there with his elbows on his knees thinking about the brutal attack that just occurred a few moments ago with Adrian, one of his many opponents at ONE. He is wearing his usual formal attire only his blazer is unbuttoned as well as his tie untied just dangling around his neck. He runs his hands through his hair with a certain rage about the attack that occurred earlier this evening.

Donald Deruty: That Adrian doesn't know what he is getting into, he couldn't beat me back when we first met and he won't be able to win at ONE. It doesn't matter how much he has improved or how good he thinks he is, I am out to reach the top once again. I was knocked down to the bottom after losing to Odin. I am going to win the Invitational and reach the top once again and stay there this time. Nothing will get in my way. If anyone does, then there will be a price to pay.

Donald's face seems to be filled with intensity as he pictures ONE and everyone in the Invitational that he will face if he indeed makes it to the finals of the tourney.

While Mr. Deruty was lost in thought, Ashley happened to come walking past his opened door stopping in her tracks, and clearing her throat as she leaned in the doorway.

Ashley Davis: Don't let it get to you. Some people just never realize how good another is. He will realize soon enough that the only way he can take you down... is a cheap shot.

Donald seems a little dazed from the sudden choice of words from Ashley. He immediately rids himself of his anger and replies to Ashley standing in the doorway.

Donald Deruty: Umm...ohh yeah. The thing with Adrian. I know I shouldn't keep thinking about shit like that but the truth is that nothing is going to happen until ONE. No one will prove who's the best until ONE, and I shouldn't be thinking about it, but I don't know why. When things happen to me like this it seems like they stay in there until I can prove myself.

Donald swiftly gets up from the bed looking rather shitty with his blazer and tie unbuttoned and hanging.

Donald Deruty: I am sorry you had to see me like this.

Ashley kept that soft smile on her face.

Ashley Davis: No need to apologize for anything. I was actually stopping by to congratulate you on being nominated in many categories for the year 2011.

Donald cracks a smile on his face, but the thought of ONE still pops into his head as he continues to look as serious as he would in the ring.

Donald Deruty: No, it is my apology no one should see me like this. I am sorry, i just wasn't expecting anyone. Also thank you for your kindness to come here and congratulate me.

Donald starts to tie up his tie as he speaks trying to get it just right but continues to make the tie too short or too long.

Donald Deruty: So how has the Kaylyn managing thing been going? I heard she was also nominated for several awards.

Ashley nodded hearing him.

Ashley Davis: That she was, however... she can worry about that. How's about after the night's awards are dealt with, you and I head out to celebrate?

Donald gets a shocked look on his face then smiles and turns back to Ashley with his tie only half tied in the knot and not tightened.

Donald Deruty: Actually yeah, that would help get my mind off of the whole ONE thing and relax a bit. That would sound like a great time!

Ashley smirked, her smile having grown

Ashley Davis: Awesome. I shall meet you later then, and Deruty. Good luck tonight. I am sure you will be standing out above the rest. Just think, tonight is only a preview of how great 2012 will be.

A little wave and a wink came from the blonde bombshell before she was disappearing, leaving Donald Deruty to his thoughts once more. Donald smiles then just gets a plain look on his face. He then thinks before speaking.

Donald Deruty: What just happened?

Donald then just smiles and laughs as he watches Ashley walk away.

LVP of the Year

"You're the best around" by Joe Esposito starts playing as "The 1" Adam Young comes walking out in a white "The 1" t-shirt, blue stone washed wrangler jeans, black Tony Llama boots, and black Oakley full metal jacket shades. The fans are booing as he steps up to receive his award.

Adam Young: Wow for a guy who was only around for maybe four months total and I leave the most impactful impact on this place. This right here is what happens when you don't follow. I'm extremely glad to be the LVP of the most F'ed up year in WCF history. Come on you had a trio of losers running this place. Torture, Corey Black and Jay Price please the North Koreans had a better team in place than WCF did. Hell let's throw in Bobby Cairo for good measure so everyone can feel what sorry leadership we had in 2011. Winning the LVP means I am the one good thing that did happen in 2011 and I did it all on my own. I'm the guy who called each and everyone of those losers out on a daily basis and it just kept me out of the fed for 8 months this year. I got a 8 month paid vaction from those losers and the company lost money and sponsor without me on TV. I mean come on the WCF had a idiot with a racoon for the World champion, what is this 1980's WWE or what. Hell those idiots should of got Shockmaster or maybe Robocop to come in also. LVP is now a F'N badge of honor and you can all kiss my rebel dick!

Television Champion of the Year

As Kaylyn's name was mentioned, the crowd's reaction was a mix of hoots, coming from the men, and boo's coming from most of the women who wished they could be The Perfect Ten. Dressed for the holidays it was no wonder the ladies in attendance were not pleased. Coming onto the stage was none other than the beauty herself, dressed to make jaws drop in an outfit that put the "ho ho ho!" in Christmas and left little to the imagination.

Seth Lerch: I would like to introduce the Television Champion of the year personally... she is none other than KAYLYN JAMES EVANS!

Kaylyn stepped out with a grin on her face. Kaylyn smirked and winked to someone within the crowd before speaking as the crowd grew silent.

Kaylyn James Evans: Needless to say, the fact that I won over the others that were nominated, proves my point I was trying to make.

Kaylyn turned to Seth and laughed before continuing.

Kaylyn James Evans: Next time I say give me a damn title shot... don't tell me no. Torture knows it. The fans know it. Everyone but... YOU knows just how hard I work to get the gold around my waist. Not only that... but how hard I work to...

Over the PA system, "Not Without a Fight" starts to play, silencing Kaylyn. Roy Speede steps out onto the stage, giving a bit of a wave to the fans, and the music stops almost as soon as it started. He has a microphone in his hand, and holds it up to his lips, as opposed to pushing Kay away from the podium.

Roy Speede: Now, hold on just a minute, Kaylyn. I know this is your big moment, and you want to make this speech, and I'm gonna let you finish. But the world has gotta know that Jason Kash was one of the best Television Champions of all time. Of ALL TIME!

At the mention of Kash's name the crowd once again was full with mixed reactions. Kaylyn however laughed at the interruption and smirked before looking at Mr. Speede.

Kaylyn James Evans: Well well, if it isn't Roy Speede. Look, I have to admit... he was one of the best Television Champions of all time... however...

Kaylyn laughed before continuing.

Kaylyn James Evans: In order to be the best, you have to beat the best... and well... I did just that. Therefore, Mr. Kash is nothing but a piece of history in WCF right now.

Roy laughs, hearing Kaylyn talk about how Kash's title reign was nothing but history.

Roy Speede: The thing is, Kaylyn, if my assumptions are correct, both your title reigns are just tidbits of history now, too; you can't discredit Jason by saying his accomplishments were just that of the past. That's like saying that Donald Deruty was never a World Champion because it was in the past, or saying that Gravedigger never took control of WCF because it was in the past. It happened, and therefore it's all but inaccurate to try to discredit him like that.

Kaylyn smirked and kept quiet for a second, not letting Roy's words get to her.

Kaylyn James Evans: While that is true, I didn't walk away. I am still here in the WCF whereas Kash is long gone. He is nothing here now, and soon... it looks like you will be too. ONE is only a week away, Roy. Smart move pissing me off even more before the match gets here.

Roy Speede: Please, Miss Evans. I'm afraid you aren't aware of what I just said to you. You beat Jason Kash, so you're definitely one of the best, yourself. Which makes it that much better when I beat you next week at One.

A soft laugh comes from Roy's lips. He wonders if she's really that dumb.

Kaylyn James Evans: Are you done yet, Kanye?

Roy laughs at her joke, even though it obviously wasn't funny.

Roy Speede: Oh, you were serious? You know what, sure, I'll go. But before I do, I just want to take this chance to be the first one other than Seth to congratulate you on your accomplishment.

Roy takes the other two steps toward her, and gives her a quick hug. As he lets go, he holds the microphone back to his lips.

Roy Speede: You go, girl!

He turns to walk back down off the stage. Kaylyn watches Roy leave before turning her attention to Seth once more.

Kaylyn James Evans: I blame you for his interruption, but I guess since I got the title match coming to me at ONE, for now... I will let you slide.

Kaylyn turned away and the hoots came once more as the men seen that luscious backside she was sporting. Just before she vanished she turned back once more to Seth.

Kaylyn James Evans: Oh, and I didn't need an award to tell me I am the best, because I already knew it. Enjoy the view, boss.

She laughed softly before turning once more and giving a little shake of her bottom before disappearing. Seth checks that little shake out, biting his bottom lip.

Hardcore Champion of the Year

The eerie opening strains of "Exiles" by Therapy? fill the Guiliano Hotel and Casino and the crowd immediately reacts with a loud cheer. The drums and bass kick in on the song, drawing Phillip Baines onto the stage, and the crowd really starts going wild. A lively "Baines! Baines! Baines!" chant breaks out amidst the cheering masses. The überpopular former WCF superstar smiles and acknowledges his fans with a brisk wave of his hand as he takes a measured strut across the stage. Frankly speaking, the young man, or "Young Lion" as it were, looks positively smashing tonight. He's wearing an immaculate-looking silver Armani tux and his long, black locks are tied back into a ponytail. His clean-shaven, ruggedly handsome face provides the icing on the cake for the ensemble. Baines reaches the podium, where two awards trophies are waiting for him, and looks out to the crowd with those baby blue eyes of his.

Phillip Baines: Thank you so much for that warm ovation. It touches me deep inside to feel that kind of love from each and every one of you. As I'm sure most of you know, I was a man of few words during my WCF career, so I will keep my statements brief. I'm being honored tonight in two categories: Hardcore Champion of the Year and Feud of the Year, for my feud with Greenfever. I want to thank the people who voted for me in both of those categories. For much of 2011, I busted my ass to represent the hardcore division as its champion. I never expected to win an award for my efforts, but I certainly appreciate it. Thank you.

Baines pauses as the crowd showers him with cheers once again. After a minute, the cheers finally die down and the Hardcore Champion of the Year continues speaking.

Phillip Baines: As for Feud of the Year, all I can say is that Greenfever was a sick, sick man or thing or whatever he was. I don't know exactly. It was harrowing competing against him in that Flatliner match at XIII, but I had no choice but to stand my ground and fight for my life. Greenfever brought his death upon himself. Still, I couldn't have won this award without him, and obviously he is unable to attend tonight's ceremony and accept it himself, so, uh... I guess I should dedicate it to him? Here's to you, Greenie.

Baines has an uncertain look upon his face as he hoists the Feud of the Year trophy high into the air. The crowd reacts with another rousing, minute-long ovation and "Baines!" chant before settling down.

Phillip Baines: Sorry, I really don't know what the proper etiquette is for a situation such as this. I never expected to kill a man, much less win an award for it.

The crowd cannot contain itself and another "Baines! Baines! Baines!" chant spontaneously busts out.

Phillip Baines: Anyway, while I'm up here I want to thank the WCF fans for their support. Without you, we the wrestlers are nothing. I also want to thank all of my fans who made "Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The 3D Movie" number-one at the box office for six weeks straight. Thank you very much! You can expect the sequel to hit theaters in Summer 2012! I want to thank my "Killer Klowns" co-star Eliza Dushku for showing me the ropes during my first ever project as an actor. I also want to thank my girlfriend Gina for her unconditional love and support. Give them both a round of applause, ladies and gentlemen! They're sitting out there in the audience!

The crowd does as Baines instructs them and gives a loud ovation for Eliza and Gina as the ladies rise to their feet and wave to the crowd with beaming smiles on their faces. Curiously the two women look exactly alike, but nobody says anything, so it's cool.

Phillip Baines: Just a few more thank you's and then I'm out of here. Heh. I want to thank Bolts Quackenbush for training me at Crimson House Dojo and preparing me to compete against the best of the best that WCF has to offer. I want to thank Bobby Cairo for bringing me into the WCF fold, and I want to thank Bobby and his wife Emily for offering me their invaluable advice and encouragement during my career. I want to thank Biohazard for introducing me to Acapulco Gold, which is by far the greatest marijuana that I have ever smoked. I wouldn't have beaten Jason Kash without it.

Phil pauses to clear his throat and acknowledge those that he's thanked.

Phillip Baines: I want to thank Chad Evans, with whom I've chatted with extensively on Skype, for being a great friend. I want to thank Odin Balfore and Ryan Blake for welcoming me into The Alliance and being two bad motha fuckas.

The audience joins Phil in laughter, and a loud "BMF!" chant breaks out.

Phillip Baines: Seriously, it was a lot of fun, guys. Thanks for the memories. I want to thank Mark Markman for hiring me in the first place. I also want to thank CD for keeping WCF going after the shit hit the fan, even though he cut the pay-per-view short when I was pinning D-Day to win the Unified/Triple Crown Championship, or the "Il Tricolore" as Mr. Allen Guiliano likes to call it.

Big pop from the crowd for the Slickie T reference by Baines.

Phillip Baines: Heh. And thank you to Slickie for doing a wonderful job of hosting these festivities yet again. I suppose that I should also thank Seth Lerch for reviving WCF and making this awards show possible... even though he snubbed me for a Wrestler of the Year nomination.

The crowd loudly boos Seth's snubbing of Baines, with considerable hissing mixed in as well. Some of the attendees look like they want to get violent and pummel Seth should they see him.

Phillip Baines: Most of all I want to thank my mama and papa for raising me the right way and starting me down the path to success in life. Thank you all! God bless and good night!

Phillip picks up both of his trophies from the podium and raises them into the air with clenched fists and an eager smile upon his face. Phil's music hits the PA once again and the crowd rises to give him a standing ovation.

Switches Segment

The cameras have found Dr. Heill pushing his way down a hallway in the bowels of the WcF arena. He is murmuring to himself.

Dr. Heill: F*ckin’ WcF… I’m not done with these motherf*ckers… not by a long sho-

Dr. Heill turns a corner and nearly plows into Switches the Clown.

Switches: Hey! Watch yourself faggo- Dr. Heill?

Dr. Heill: Switches? Long time no see. What the blue hell are you doing here?

Switches: I work here… for the WcF.

Dr. Heill: Wow… I didn’t realize that. How have you been feeling? Still keeping it together?

Switches: Doin’ fine, doc… more or less. Anything is better than being back in the institute.

Dr. Heill: Aw, come now. It wasn’t so bad. We fixed you didn’t we?

Switches: …more or less.

Dr. Heill looks at his watch.

Dr. Heill: You must forgive me, but I must be on my way. Good to catch up with you, Switches. Keep your nose clean.

Switches nods uncomfortably and moves past Dr.Heill and down the hall. Dr.Heill turns and watches Switches walk away. The doctor absent-mindedly pulls a disk from his lab-coat and taps it in his hands. You can see [Greenfever 3.0] printed on its electronic face.

Dr. Heill: Hmm. That’s a thought. Indeed it is. Indeed… it… is…

World Champion of the Year

"With Oden on Our Side" hits the PA system of the Guiliano Hotel as Odin Balfore makes his way onto the stage and towards the podium to accept his award. The WCF fans boo Odin into the ground but then chants of "TME" break out from Odin's hardcore fans that pepper the audience. At the podium Odin rests his palms on the edge of either side of the podium.

"TME... TME... TME..." fades back into the loud chorus of boo's. Odin smirks as he looks around the room, nodding his head.

Odin Balfore: You can all boo, all you want. In fact, let's hear it. Keep it going.

The crowd keeps boo'ing Odin for a moment before he settles them down with a hand gesture. Yup... THAT hand gesture.

Odin Balfore: You know why I'm out here. I'm the damn World Champion of the Year. That's where we stand today, at the end of twenty-eleven. Seven months in, two World titles, six careers ended, soon to be seven because Corey Broken just can't STAY broken but I'll take a lot of pleasure from denying him of his ONE main event moment. He's said it himself too, that he's got an uphill battle to climb and conquer, but this right here proves it without a shadow of a doubt. No more ignorance is bliss because it's right in your face.

Odin. Balfore. IS. The BEST champion in WCF history, period, end of discussion... And for all you idiots out there going "why aren't you wrestler of the year?" Well I'll tell you why. All Wrestler of the Year is is the guy who took my boot to the face the best. It's the guy that I Jobber Killed so many times that WCF just felt bad because hey, let's face it- I can't win all the awards. Heh, why that'd be TORTURE. What do you take me for?

In all honesty though, this certainly means a lot to me and only confirms the backing and commitment that WCF has for me. However, that being said, this doesn't change a damn thing because we're going into a new year and I get a whole year to take this title and run away naked with it into the WCF history books. Corey Black, I know that you got your heart set on ONE, on living that dream that you've been deprived of for soo damn long but hey, there's always twenty-thirteen. You've had years to get that goal checked off your bucket list and against far more inferior opponents, so for you to think that this year will be any different then you're sadly mistaken. I plan on repeating this award and trust me when I say that you won't be stopping me from accomplishing my goal.

Best World Champion. Odin Balfore IS and ALWAYS will be the ONLY World Champion in WCF.

So I have spoken, so it shall come to pass.

Wrestler of the Year

Kyle Steel: And without further ado... I present to you the United States Champion of the Year...

The fans cheer.


Now they pop huge.


D-Day walks out to massive cheers. He smiles as he heads to the podium, accepting his awards from Kyle.

Donald Deruty: Well, i just wanted to come out here and thank everyone for voting for me for United States Champion and Wrestler of the Year. It is a honor to be receiving the United States Champion of the Year award two years in a row. The biggest honor is to win the Wrestler of the Year. I captured what my goal was and that was to win the WCF World Championship, and this just adds to the honor of being the WCF. I would like to thank Slickie for hosting the Of the Year awards once again, as well as thank the WCF Universe for the voting and all the support through out my career. In further a do, i thank you all and I will see you at One.

But before D-Day can leave, he's joined on the stage by Torture.

Zach Davis: Oh no. Not this..

Shannan Lerch: Is D-Day going to get attacked twice in a row tonight?

But no. Torture extends his hand.

Zach Davis: ...really?

And D-Day shakes it!

Shannan Lerch: I don't believe it!

Torture raises D-Day's hand high in the air as the Of The Year show fades to black.

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Television Champion of the Year
Hardcore Champion of the Year
Switches Segment
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