Payback Intro
Television Title: Oceb Aughio vs Chris Avery(c)
Battle Royal: Borderland vs Valentine vs Andrews vs Negro vs Shulmanu vs Knox vs Watson vs Nolan
Six Pack Hardcore Title: Jackson vs JayDee vs Royal vs Reigns vs Thomas vs Serikaz
Evan Andrews Meets Creeping Death
Mark Markman's New Era!
Creeping Death vs Troy Malenko
D-Day vs Torture
US Title: Doc Henry vs Jason Kash
Green Forever
Tag Team Titles: Johnny Reb and Paul Dangerous vs Jay Price(c) and Tank Reaper(c)

World Title: Skyler Striker vs Brad Kane(c)

Payback Intro

The intro video is finished and a HUGE display of fireworks at the outside complex-baseball stadium where the Nationals play.. and the crowd buzzes with excitement.. and we cut to Bobby and Zach.

Bobby Cairo: Welcome..


Bobby Cairo: Way to cut me off, jerk!

Zach Davis: I'm sorry, but for weeks we've been counting down towards Brad Kane and Skyler Striker.. for weeks we've wanted Torture to get what he deserves against D-Day, to crown a new United States Champion!

Bobby Cairo: A Hardcore Champion gets crowned too! And we can NOT forget about the Tag Team Championship rematch with Reb and Dangerous squaring off against Tank and Price!

Zach Davis: I'm so excited, I can not wait to see what is in store for tonight! Not to mention, we're going to have a video from Mark Markerson later tonight to give us some future insight into his new position and power..

Bobby Cairo: And what's in store for future Slams? The future is exciting and tonight is like a new beginning!

Zach Davis: Let's talk more about tonight, Bobby!

B.o.B's Beast Mode plays over the speakers..

Oceb Aughion vs Chris Avery(c)

Zach Davis: We have an action packed card tonight. All the championships will be on the line, including our first match.

Bobby Cairo: Our first match, will include the newcomer Oceb Aughion and the WCF Television Champion, Chris Avery.

Zach Davis: Before, we do ANYTHING, I understand we have Hank Brown, backstage with guests...

The cameraview changes back to the backstage area. Hank Brown is standing to the right of "The Turkish Terror" Oceb Aughion. Standing to Aughion's left, is his manager Cagatay Senturk, who seems to be slightly irritated and distracted.

Hank Brown: Yes, thank you Zach and Bobby. Standing with me, is the number one contender for the WCF Television Championship, "The Turkish Terror" Oceb Aughion and his manager Cagatay Senturk.

Cagatay Senturk: Fiziksel büyük bir örnek! Türkçe terörü bir canavar!! Chris Avery yok edecek!! Gerçek?! Chris Avery bir yalanci!!

Hank Brown speaks to Oceb...

Hank Brown: What did your manager just say?

Cagatay Senturk: I said, you stupid American...

The crowd begins to boo, as Oceb continues to stand non-expressional.

Cagatay Senturk: What I said is Oceb Aughion is a great physical specimen! The Turkish Terror is a monster!! Oceb Aughion WILL destroy Chris Avery!! The truth?! Chris Avery is a liar!!

Hank Brown: Oceb Aughion, was is your prediction for tonight's title match?

Oceb looks to his left and then to his right then looks stright into the camera and says....

Oceb Aughion: Prediction for tonight, will be... PAIN!!

Hank Brown: Pain!?

Cagatay Senturk: That's what he said. Do you have peanut butter in your ears or you just that stupid, Hank Brown?!?

The crowd completely goes off hinged and begins to boo, loudly!

The crowd: You suck!! You suck!! You suck!!

Cagatay Senturk: SHUT UP!!!

The crowd boos even louder!

Cagatay Senturk: That's what's wrong with this country. Disrespect! If I had the ti-....

Oceb Aughion: Cagatay! Go back to our locker room.

Cagatay Senturk: But.... Oceb!

Oceb Aughion: But, nothing!! Go!!

Cagatay Senturk: But, I'm your manager and I have that right to be at ringside. Remember, you signed a contract!

Oceb Aughion: Yes I did, but I am also being nice and asking you to go back into our locker room, thank you!

Aughion uses his size difference to be aggressive towards Cagatay.

Cagatay Senturk: This conversation is NOT over!

The crowd: SHUT UP!!!

Cagatay leaves the backstage area.

Oceb Aughion: There should be no reason why Chris Avery shouldn't be getting the beating of his life, tonight. First reason, he is part of This is War!! That should be the perfect reason. Two, he doesn't deserve to be champion. He is weak spiritually, psychologically, as well as physically. He proves that every week. Without This is War, he wouldn't be able to survive! He might have had some small successful opportunities before, but as of right!

Hank Brown: What is your personal beef or grudge against This is War?

Oceb Aughion: They try to be bullies!! I'm the only bully here!! Not saying I'm going to live my life like that, but I'm massive. I'm quick! And I am knowledgeable when it comes to wrestling and brawling. Chris Avery is nothing of those things. He is nothing, but a hack!! I proved it before. But, there must be something about Chris Avery, that Torture sees that no one else sees.

Hank Brown: What is that?

Oceb Aughion: If you are as smart as Torture is. He is one of the best here, although he commands This is War, but you still have to give credit, where credit is deserved! I don't think he would have anyone around him, if they were not successful. If you're dead weight, he will cut you loose. Avery holds a championship, so that means he has worth towards being a member of This is War. Although, he does have that extremely bad losing record. He is still a champion.... for now. But, that's Torture's headache, not mind. I have one and only one concern.

Hank Brown: And what is that?

Oceb Aughion: That is beating Chris Avery and taking away that championship. That way, he has absolutely no power, in the WCF. Let's see then, how useful he is to Torture? That will be one less championship in the clutches of This is War!

Hank Brown: I have one last ques.... OOF!!

Oceb Aughion grabs for the mic, as he pushes Hank Brown, out of camera view. Oceb grabs at the camera, as he stares right into the camera...

Oceb Aughion: C'mere you cameraman! Get the camera rea-ea-eall close!! Chris Avery, this will be your last night as champion! It's a sad fact, but it's true. You are looking at the new Television Champion!! I am more dominating than you are!! I can absolutely wrestle better than you!! Just basically.....

Aughion holds up a mp3 player and it begins to play a tidbit of a song, from the play `Annie Get Your Gun'.


Oceb Aughion: Now, Chris Avery playtime stops now! It's time you put on your big boy boots and start acting like a man! I want a good fight! I WILL beat you. Even if Torture and his girls wanna show their faces, it still won't matter... I WILL STILL DEFEAT YOU!!

The majority of the crowd cheers!

Oceb Aughion: As you are hearing my voice, don't be ashamed if you have butterflies in the pit of your stomach. I would too, be nervous facing The Turkish Terror Oceb Aughion!! So, Chris Avery tie up your boots good and tight, because tonight, I will school you in that wrestling ring. Time to teach you a wrestling lesson! TONIGHT, THE TELEVISION IS COMING TO OCE-E-E-EBB-BB AU-AUGHI-I-ION!!! Chris Avery, your pathetic championship reign ends tonight!!

The crowd cheers!

Oceb Aughion: So, says "The Turkish Terror" Oceb Aughion, so....

Oceb looks to his left, then his right, when sees Hank Brown still on the floor....

Oceb Aughion/The crowd: IT.... MUST.... BE.... TRUE-UE-UE-UE!!!

Aughion huffs at the camera briefly, before leaving the backstage area.

Bobby Cairo: That Oceb Aughion sure means businees.

Zach Davis: Chris Avery will have his hands full, for sure.

Blind by Korn begins to slowly play. As the screeching guitar plays, white thick smoke begins to pour out. Eight soldiers from The Turkish Royal Guard walk out, through the smoke. There are two squads of four. The left row and the right row. On top of their outer shoulders, the soldiers are carrying a heavy bamboo pole. Those poles are carrying a shrine-like carriage, that looks similar to a throne. Inside is Oceb Aughion. As Blind continues to play, Oceb Aughion's Royal Guard marches in sync. They are chanting as if like monks. Around the arena, there are numerous cameras flashing. With high kicks, the Royal Guard continues to march towards the ring.

Zach Davis: This is kinda cool. Oceb Aughion has his own Royal guard, carrying him to the ring.

Bobby Cairo: But where is Cagatay Senturk. I know Oceb and him had that disagreement, backstage but where could he be?


Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring, with his Turkish Royal Guard, from Ankara, Turkey weighing in at 305 pounds.... O-oceb Au-aughio-on!

Lightning flashes around the arena, as lasers flash.

Zach Davis: This new entrance is impressive!!

Bobby Cairo: Yes it is Zach. Yes it is!!

This place inside my mind, a place I like to hide
You don't know the chances, what if I should die?
(A place inside my brain, another)
Kind of pain
You don't know the chances, I'm so blind
Blind, blind

The Royal Guard stops. The Guard shout out loud...

The Royal Guard: BIRI! IKI! ÜÇ! SET! DINLENME!

Zach Davis: What did they just say?

Bobby Cairo: My Turkish is really rusty, but roughly translated. I think they said One, two, three. Set. Relax? Maybe Rest.

The middle guards on the right side squad steps aside then pivots before opening the door. Oceb Aughion gets out of the carriage. He looks around to a nearly cheering crowd. The two squads of the Royal Guard march ahead of Oceb Aughion. Two squad members holds the ropes for Oceb Aughion. The Turkish Terror enters the ring and walks to a nearby corner and climbs up to the second turnbuckle and poses for the crowd....

I can't see, I can't see, I'm goin' blind
I can't see, I can't see, I'm goin' blind
I can't see, I can't see, I'm goin' blind
I can't see, I can't see, I'm goin'...... BLI-I-I-I-IND!!!

Oceb leaps down and spins around and strobe lights flash. The Royal guard unrobes Oceb, as the Turkish Terror drops to one knee and raises his staff in the air, as he yells out a Turkish rant.

Zach Davis: Now, it's time for the champion, Chris "The Truth" Avery.

The lights flicker on and off. Fabolous' Lights Out plays over the speakers to a loud chorus of boo's. Oceb Aughion runs over to a corner and climbs up to the middle turnbuckle. He stares down the walkway. Chris Avery walks directly from behind the curtain and to the ramp. He looks out at the crowd to the left and then to the right and then throws his arms into the air while a display of fireworks explode behind him in yellow color. Avery looks out at the crowd in disgust as he walks down the ramp, pointing towards Oceb. Avery rolls into the ring. He stands up on the middle rope and 'flinches' at the crowd as if he's going to beat all of their asses. The vicious Truth turns his focus onto Oceb Aughion, as his song fades out.

Bobby Cairo: This match should be REAL interesting.

Zach Davis: Very interesting!

Bobby Cairo: You can sense all the hostile energy! This might as well be a fight, rather than a wrestling match.


Bobby Cairo: A-a-a-and this match is underway.

Aughion and Avery begin to circle each other, in the middle of the ring.

Bobby Cairo: Chris Avery holds up his left arm, wiggling his fingers.

Zach Davis: Looks like an opportunity for a test of strength here, Bobby. You really don't think the Truth is gonna test his strength against The Monster Oceb Aughion, do you?

When Oceb was about to test strength with his right hand against Avery's left hand, the Truth switches hands.

Bobby Cairo: Now, Chris Avery has now decide to put his right foot out forward and put's up his right arm. To be honest here, Zach, I really don't think that Avery wants to test his strength against the massive Aughion.

Zach Davis: Oceb is starting to get irritated with Chris Avery.

Bobby Cairo: Maybe, that's the champion's plan. To disorient the competition, so it becomes easier for him to defeat The Turkish Terror.

Oceb tries to put out his left hand, but once again Chris Avery switches hands. Aughion, already irritated with the champion, is now infuriated and annoyed with Chris Avery.

Bobby Avery: And look at Chris Avery, he's pointing at his head.....

Chris Avery slowly walks over to a cameraman who is standing on the ring apron, near a corner.

Zach Davis: I think that's a HU-U-UGE mistake! What do you think, Bobby?

Bobby Cairo: I agree with you Zach.

Zach Davis: You do?

Bobby Cairo: Yes, I do. With a big man like Oceb Aughion, you need to hit him and hit him hard and fast. Get him off his feet and wear him down. But, Chris Avery isn't doing that. In fact, I don't think he's taking this match very seriously. I think, no I KNOW the reason why he's not worried, is not because of his skill, in the ring, it's real simple... he thinks he can save his championship by relying on the power and help of This is War.

The Television Champion speaks at a camera.

Chris Avery: That's right, people. I'm smarter than Oceb Aughion. That's how you keep them unbalanced. Now, let me show you how to tame this beast....

As Chris Avery walks away from the corner, unaware of....


Zach Davis: Big Boot of Osman!!!

Avery falls down like a ton of bricks, crashing down to the mat in a heap.

The crowd: OU-U-U-U!!

Aughion reacts by dropping a massive leg across the chest of The Truth.

Bobby Cairo: Oceb makes a cover, already.

Zach Davis: Chris Avery is not moving, this match might be over, already!

Stanley Moser slides into position....

The crowd: one.

The crowd: tw-

Chris kicks out and sits up, with a crosseyed look across his face.

Zach Davis: I think that boot might have knocked a screw loose out of Chris Avery!

Avery swings randomly, at nothing, before crashing his head back down to the mat.

Bobby Cairo:I totally agree, Zach! That kick really took a lot out of The Truth Chris Avery. I don't know, if he can recover from that massive boot from Aughion.

Oceb attempts to drop an elbow on Avery.


Zach Davis: Avery moved.

Bobby Cairo: But, look! Avery has enough sense to move out of those massive elbow drops.

Oceb Aughion is standing up quickly and attempts another elbow drop


Zach Davis: The Turkish Terror misses another elbow drop.

Chris Avery rolls out of the ring and lands on the ring side mats. Oceb stands up, from missing the last elbow drop, as Chris Avery mocks Aughion by making fun of his massive size.

Bobby Cairo: Look! Avery is mocking Oceb by calling him a Frakenstein.

Zach Davis: The champ DOES do a great imitation of Frankenstein.

Bobby Cairo: I don't think that's a good idea, mocking a monster like Oceb Aughion.

Aughion walks close to the ring ropes and Chris Avery grabs the feet of The Turk, which causes Aughion to fall.

Zach Davis: Avery trips his challenger and is proceeding to pull Oceb Aughion out of the ring, by his legs.

With both men, on the outside, of the ring, they begin to brawl. The crowd, near the fight are cheering, screaming, and yelling

Bobby Cairo: Now, I'm surprised this early in the match-up, that these two would go into a brawl.

Zach Davis: I'm not surprised at all. They have been having some heated words of late. Everyone knew this would come ahead.

They both hit each other with lefts and right. The crowd begins to get rowdy as both competitors are nailing each other with heavy fists. Oceb grabs Chris Avery and Irish whips him towards the ringside barrier...

Zach Davis: No! Chris Avery reverses the Irish whip and....


Bobby Cairo: ...and Oceb Aughion crashes back first into the steel ring side barrier.

While holding his back, from the pain, the challenger slowly hobbles away from the barrier. Chris Avery walks over to Aughion and walks behind him and....


Zach Davis: The Television Champion just nailed his challenger with a half-nelson facebuster onto the ring side mats.

Chris Avery is kneeling down and talking trash towards Oceb Aughion.

Chris Avery: I'm The Truth and don't you EVER forget that!!

Avery drops a quick elbow drop.

Bobby Cairo: Stanley Moser has already lost control of this match!

Zach Davis: Avery drops a second elbow drop.

Avery picks up Aughion...


Bobby Cairo: Chris Avery, with a sick and twisted grin, across his face nails Oceb Aughion with a snap suplex.

Zach Davis: He picks up his challenger again


Bobby Cairo: Another a snap suplex!!

Avery extends out his arms and gloats. the champion picks up Aughion and rolls him into the ring. As Oceb gets into the ring, he slowly moves around.

Zach Davis: Oceb Aughion look hurt. But, what's Chris Avery doing now?

Bobby Cairo: Looks like he's conversing with a few of his fans, ringside. I assume.

Zach Davis: Don't you think he should go back to the ring and finish off Oceb Aughion, before the big man gets his second wind?

Bobby Cairo: Yea, that would make sense. But, I don't think Chris Avery has any sense or he would be taking this match more seriously, instead of eating popcorn!

As Chris talks with the crowd, someone asks Avery about the match and Avery waves off Aughion.

Chris Avery: He's nothing. You see how easy I thrashed him already.

Zach Davis: Did Chris Avery eat some of that small child's popcorn.

Bobby Cairo: It looked like he did!

Avery snatches the popcorn away from a small fan, who becomes upset. The crowd boos!

Bobby Cairo: Big man, making a child cry.

The jumbo-tron shows Chris Avery bullying the small child for their popcorn.


After taking a couple more bites, of popcorn, Avery drops the bag of popcorn and walks back into the ring. Aughion is holding himself in the corner. Avery walks to the opposite end, of the ring and starts pumping himself up....

Zach Davis: Looks like Chris Avery is about ready to pounce!

Bobby Cairo: I personally think he took too much time. He's under estimating Oceb Aughion!

Chris Avery runs full steam towards Oceb Aughion.....


Zach Davis: Saw that coming, the massive monster from Turkey moved out of the way and the champion crashed into the turnbuckles..

Avery ended up bounces off the ring corner, face first and The Turkish Terror was waiting, as he bounces off the ropes and....


Bobby Cairo: Clothesline from Ankara!!

The big man spins around from all the adrenaline, before falling on top of Chris Avery

Zach Davis: A quick cover by the challenger!

The crowd: ONE.

The crowd: TWO.

The crowd: THR- NO-O-O-O!

Bobby Cairo: Kickout!!

Aughion looking somewhat disappointed, picks up a groggy Avery and hits him with a forearm, before Irish whipping the champion into the ropes.

Zach Davis: REVERSAL!

Bobby Cairo: Another reversal, this time by the challenger. Avery bounces off the ropes

Zach Davis: A-a-a-and...


Zach Davis: An extremely high back body drop!!

Avery arches his back, from the sting off the canvas. Aughion bounces off the ropes and drops a big leg across the throat and chest off Chris Avery.

Bobby Cairo: Aughion picks up the champion, but Avery knees the challenger in the mid-section before...


Bobby Cairo: ....hitting his challenger with a sit-out ddt!

Zach Davis: What a sickening thud, made by Aughion's head contacting with the mat.

The champion looks down at The mighty Turk, before grabbing him and....


Bobby Cairo: FLATLINER!!

Oceb Aughion is lying face first on the mat, as Chris Avery runs off and flies off the ropes and...


Zach Davis: Dropkick to the face!! The champion makes a cover.

Stanley Moser slides into position to make the count!

The crowd: ONE!!!!

The crowd: TWO!!!

The crowd: THREE-NO-O-O-O!!

Bobby Cairo: YES! <coughs> I mean, the challenger kicks out. Chris Avery is in shock, he cannot believe that Oceb Aughion kicked out.

Avery begins to pummel Aughion with furious fists to the head. Avery picks up Aughion and position his challenger for the Lie Detector.

Zach Davis: Chris Avery says it's over, as he is about to finish off the Turk with his trademark move!!

Avery attempts to pick up Aughion, but fails. The champion hits Aughion with a couple of forearm smashes on the challenger's back. He attempts another try of the Lie Detector, but he cannot pick up Aughion. But...


Bobby Cairo: Back body drop on Chris Avery!

Oceb grabs Chris Avery and hits him with a quick belly to belly suplex!

Zach Davis: The crowd is starting to stir. They know once Oceb Aughion gets going, it's hard to stop him.

Aughion drops an elbow on Avery, before picking him up and tossing him into the corner. With his back to Avery, Oceb begins to nail Avery on both sides of his head with massive left and right elbows. Oceb turns around and nails Avery with massive shoulders into his solar plexus.

Bobby Cairo: The challenger grabs Avery and Irish whips the champion across the ring.

Zach Davis: The champion crashes hard into the turnbuckles. Here comes Oceb Aughion!!

Aughion crashes into Avery with a massive clothesline. Both of them bounce off the corner and Aughion runs behind Avery and hits him with a running bulldog.

Bobby Cairo: Although, they both bounce out of the corner, I'm not sure if Aughion got all of that bulldog on Avery.

Oceb walks over to Chris, but the champion had enough sense to grab Aughion and throw him into the turnbuckles.

Zach Davis: Oceb was totally unaware of Avery, who caught Aughion off guard. The champion slowly gets up and walks over to Aughion and grabs for the top rope, stomping down on Oceb Aughion!

The loud stomps echoes throughout the arena. Avery proceeds to use his right boot to choke his challenger.

Stanley Moser: That's about enough out of you!

Zach Davis: I guess Stanley Moser told Chris Avery!

Bobby Cairo: GIVE 'EM HELL, MOSER!!

Avery drops down to his knee and dips his face down towards Aughion's masked face. He looks around, before a hateful skowl comes over his face and he proceeds to choke Oceb with both hands. The referee is right behind him...

Stanley Moser: I said that's enough! ONE!

Zach Davis: The champion is choking the life out of his challenger!

Bobby Cairo: This doesn't look good for The Monster from Turkey.

Stanley Moser: TWO!!

Chris Avery looks like a madman as he chokes Aughion.

Stanley Moser: THREE! Let go, Avery. I'm NOT telling you again!

Still kneeling, Avery stops choking Oceb Aughion, as he sneers at the referee.

Zach Davis: Look at that disdain in the champion's eyes.

Chris Avery begins to choke Aughion again. The referee becomes frustrated himself, as he begins to pull Avery off Aughion. The champion becomes threatening towards referee Moser.

Bobby Cairo: The champ better be careful or he could get himself disqualified.

Zach Davis: I'm sure he could care less.

Bobby Cairo: That's right, we ARE talking about Chris Avery here, heh.

Stanley Moser displays his referee shirt.

Stanley Moser: Watch your P's and Q's, Avery. I'm the referee! Follow my instructions!

Avery pushed the referee, but Moser pushes back and Avery falls down, with a huge surprised look on his face, as he has his hands up.

Stanley Moser: I told you I'm the boss in this ring!

By that time, Oceb slowly walks over and bumps into the referee, getting to Chris Avery. The referee spins around and begins to berate Oceb. The mighty Turk tilts his head side to side, then begins to look irritated.

Zach Davis: This doesn't look good for Stanley Moser!

Bobby Cairo: Oceb Aughion cannot put his hands on the referee!

Oceb Aughion roars out and he lunges at the referee. But the Turk did not see Chris Avery move around behind him and...



Bobby Cairo: Avery pulls Aughion back and the challenger falls onto the champion's knees.

Oceb grimaces around in pain, as Chris stomps down onto Oceb.

Zach Davis: This is when, the champion becomes real vicious and tactical. Avery picks up Aughion and hits him with a couple of forearms and irish whips him into the ropes.

Bobby Cairo: The challenger bounces off the ropes and gets hit with a back of an elbow of Chris Avery.

The champion grabs Oceb with one of his arms and puts it over his head. Avery locks Oceb into a weird hold, and then flat spins back, causing Aughion to land on his head.

Davis/Cairo: TRUE SPIN!!

Zach Davis: They are close to the ropes.

Avery goes in for the pin as Moser goes in for the count.

The crowd: ONE!

The crowd: TWO!

The crowd: THREE- NO!

The referee taps Avery on his back and Avery leaps up and begins to celebrate.

Chris Avery: WHOO!! Yes!! I won! I'm the champion!!

Bobby Cairo stands up, takes off his headset and tries to yell at Avery...

Bobby Cairo: No, Chris! You didn't win!

Zach Davis: The referee was telling Chris Avery that he was too close to the ropes.

Chris Avery is looking around for his championship, as the referee is trying to tell him....

Stanley Moser: Avery! Avery! You didn't win!

Chris Avery: WHAT!?!? NO! I WON! I WON!

Stanle moser: No, you didn't! Aughion had his foot on the bottom rope.

The camera pans over and Oceb's foot is still on the bottom rope. Avery gets irate and stomps over to his challenger and begins to stomp onto the foot and leg of Aughion. Avery pulls Oceb closer to the ropes and props his right leg across the ropes and crashes down across Aughion's leg. The champion pulls the challenger to the middle of the ring and begins to wrap Oceb's leg around with spinning toe hold. Aughion is writhing around in pain.

Stanley Moser: How 'bout it Oceb, wanna call it a night?! Wanna give up?!

Oceb Aughion: No!

Stanley Moser: What was that?!

Oceb Aughion: I SAID NO-O-O-O-O!!!

Oceb Aughion uses his good leg to push off the champion.

Bobby Cairo: That took a lot of courage. I should know. I've been there, done that!

Chris Avery gets shoved off and bounces off the ropes, as Aughion stands up and....

Zach Davis: Devsirme Claw! Oceb puts pressure across Avery's head. The champion is screaming out in pain.

Avery thrashes around, until he drops to one knee.

Bobby Cairo: The claw is taking effects on the champion.

Oceb is putting Avery on his back, while still having the claw on his head. The referee gets into position.

The crowd: ONE!

Zach Davis: Avery's shoulders are on the mat.

The crowd: TWO!!

Bobby Cairo: This could be it! We could have ourselves a new champion!

The crowd: THREE! NO-O-O!

Chris Avery: NO-O-O-O-O!!

Avery stands up with Aughion still applying the claw and continuously kicks The massive Turk in the mid-section, causing him to let go, of the claw and buckles over.

Zach Davis: Chris Avery grabs Oceb Aughion into a piledriver like position. Instead of picking up Aughion, Avery front flips and lands on his butt. In doing so, the momentum causes Oceb to land headfirst.

Bobby Cairo: OH MY GAW-AW-AWD!!

The crowd: THAT WAS AWESOME!! <clap-clap><clap-clap-clap> THAT WAS AWESOME!! <clap-clap><clap-clap-clap>

Zach Davis: Lie Detector!

Bobby Cairo: Oceb Aughion is not moving!!

Actually, Aughion was moving, it was his right foot convulsing, twitching out in pain. Chris Avery stands above Oceb Aughion, with his hands on his hips and begins to laugh!!

Zach Davis: He needs to quit screwing around and take this damn match serious and go for the pin!

That is what Chris Avery does and hooks the leg, as Stanley Moser goes for the pin count.

The crowd: ONE!

Half the crowd cheers as Cagatay Senturk comes running down the aisle!

The crowd: TWO!

The crowd: THRE-NO?!

Senturk pulls the referee out of the ring, preventing him from making the three count. That enrages Chris Avery. As the champion is yelling at Cagatay, Oceb Aughion stands up and begins to slither up towards Avery.


Bobby Cairo: A TRIBUTE TO THE GODS delayed chokeslam!

Aughion goes for the pin, but there is no referee. Then the manager of Oceb Aughion slides into the ring and stands next to Oceb.

Zach Davis: What's Cagatay doing in the ring?

Bobby Cairo: What is he doing?!?

Cagatay Senturk has a metal chair in hand.

Zach Davis: He's not!?!

Bobby Cairo: God, I hope not!!


The crowd: HOLY SH*T!!!

Zach Davis: Cagatay Senturk just nailed Oceb Aughion with the chair onto the back of his head and back!

Both men are laying down motionless, as the referee climbs back into the ring. Cagatay slides out of the other side, of the ring hiding with the chair. Stanley Moser looks at both men laying down on the mat and begins to count...

Stanley Moser: ONE!!

Bobby Cairo: If he gets to ten, this match will be declared as a draw.

Zach Davis: God, I hope not!

Stanley Moser: TWO!

Both men are NOT moving!

Stanley Moser: THREE!

Stanley Moser: FOUR!!

Both men are trying to move, as a small puddle of blood is seen near Oceb Aughion!

Bobby Cairo: Oceb is bleeding from that chair shot from his own manager!

Stanley Moser: SIX!!

Both men are trying to stand near the ropes. They both are trying to stand at each end of the ring.

Bobby Cairo: C'Mon guys, stand up! This has been one Hell of a match!

Zach Davis stands up and begins to yell at the crowd.

Zach Davis: Let's get them motivated!

One half of the crowd: Let's go Oceb!

The other half of the crowd: NO!! Let's go Avery!

One half of the crowd: No! Let's go Oceb!

Stanley Moser: EIGHT!!

Davis/Cairo: C'Mon fellas!

Stanley Moser: NINE!

Both men prop themselves up against the ropes, as they stand up before the count of ten. They both look exausted and sore. The crowd leap from their seats and explodes with cheers! Both Aughion and Avery sees each other and they see hatred. They charge at each other and begin to pummel each other, Aughion kicks Avery, as the champion kicks Aughion. The champion grabs Oceb with one of his arms and puts it over his head. Avery locks Oceb into a weird hold....

Zach Davis: Avery is trying another Lie Detector, but Oceb wiggled out.

Oceb double hooks Avery's arms and picks him up and holds him, as the blood rushes to his head. Then....


The crowd: OU-U-U-UU!!

It looks like Avery's neck bends in two, as the impact of the mat and the weight of his own body caused major damage to his own neck.

Bobby Cairo: SUFI-DRIVER

Oceb doesn't waste any time and rolls Avery over onto his stomach. Oceb has Chris Avery in a camel clutch position. But, instead of his hands under the chin of Avery, he wraps his right arm(bi-cep) around the top of the Chris Avery's head and interlocking his own fingers behind Avery's head and wrenching back the champion's head. Oceb is yowling and screaming as he wrenches back.

Zach Davis: Chris Avery is in complete excruciating pain!!


Avery is trying to flail around, but he is in no position to do anything! Stanley Moser checks on Avery.

Bobby Cairo: Avery's arm drops!

Moser: ONE!

Zach Davis: Avery's arm drops again!

Moser: TWO!!

A fan runs into the ring and breaks up the submission hold! The fan attacks Oceb but hte ref and security lays on the fan and drags him out of the rnig.

Zach Davis: That's not a fan!

Bobby Cairo: That's Shaun Jackson! He came out of nowhere!

The ref tells the announcer something..

Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentlemen due to the interference and the match resulting in a disaqualification.. the title does change hands so your NEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW TELEVISION CHAMPION... OCEB AUGHIIIOOON!!!


Bobby Cairo: YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

Jackson grabs Avery and gets the hell out of the ring and to the back. Oceb and Cargatay both celebrate in the ring while the crowd goes crazy!

Bobby Cairo: That's it! Oceb Aughion has defeated Chris Avery and is the NEW WCF Television Champion!

Oceb runs over to a nearby corner and climbs up to the second turnbuckle. He celebrates with the crowd. He throws out his arms, then he grabs for his mask...

Zach Davis: What's Oceb Aughion doing?!?

Oceb begin to look around for the initial reaction from the crowd. The fans are staring right at Oceb Aughion, pondering what he is about to do next. Aughion pulls off his mask of rags and shows a black mask underneath. The mask has a large white star over the right eye hole. An red anarchy symbol is in the center of the star. 'Click click boom!' by Saliva begins to blare over the arena's speakers. Fans react be completely freak out and cheers out loud!


Zach Davis: Holy.... For those who don't know Ace Slaughter. Slaughter is a twenty year veteran! Ace Slaughter is a formore WCF United States Champion and WCF Hardcore Champion. He is also two time World Heavyweight Champion, outside the WCF and has won championships throughout the world! Back in 2005, a childhood high school friend was convicted of brutally murdering Stephan Johnson's wife and unborn child. For years, also while in school Johnson's friend Paul was infatuated with Stephan's wife. Paul was a troubled individual, who ended up in and out of jail and prison. When he finally got out from jail, the last time, he went searching for Stephan's wife, to relive his old infatuation. That ended up with Johnson's wife's murder. That drove Stephan Johnson to go insane and was ordered to go for psychological behavior analysis! He spent 4 years at Withlacoochie Mental Hospital. In 2009, he was given a clean bill of health, as long he took his medications. In September of 2009, Slaughter came here to WCF! Then with some success, Johnson felt his psychological problems were behind him and eventually he stopped taking his prescribed medication and started hearing this voice, which ended up being one of his personalities, the dominant personality-Oblivion! But this is not the case. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the WCF Television champion, "Superstar" Ace Slaughter!

"Click-click Boom!" stops playing, as the lights begin to dim and it becomes unnaturally cold.


Zach Davis: Forget that, it's down right freezing!

People are able to see their own breath in front of them. There are blood curdling sounds coming from the entrance stage, as In the name of God by Slayer begins to play....

Bobby Cairo: Wait a second.

There is cackling.

Zach Davis: Don't tell me! No-o-o!

There is clicking, moaning, hissing, and groaning. As nearly a dozen little shadows floating and creeping from nearly everywhere! One shadow gets to the annoucement table. Nearly scaring Bobby and Zach half to death. Bobby turns his head around and looks one of the little shadows, in their red little beady eyes.

Bobby Cairo: HOLY SH*T!! WHAT THE HELL?!?!

As Ace Slaughter is still standing on the middle turnbuckle, his eyes become shifty and begins to wiggle his tounge. his shoulders begin to hunch over, as he clutches the Television Championship. Some of the men, in the crowd begin to cheer and whistle as a half dozen scantily clad, nearly undressed women slink down the entrance ramp, through the white thick fog-like smoke. The women are dressed in shreads of black leather, as their bosoms are nearly busting out of their tops. Their hair is wild and their make-up is on thick but done well. The little creepy shadows begin to slither and float inside the ring. The women slides, slithers, and slinks over to Slaughter, as he grabs under his mask. The ringside area is full of fog-like smoke. The ring is full of the shadows and six half-naked women, hanging all over an unmasking Ace Slaughter

Zach Davis: NO! GOD NO!! PLEASE NO!!

Bobby Cairo: YES!! PLEASE YES!!

Zach Davis: WHAT?!?

Slaughter pulls off his mask and shows a black mask with four red stars on the top, of the mask. He jumps down and one of the shadows hands "The Dark One" with a mic. Both Bobby Cairo and Zach Davis, along with the entire crowd are in shock!!!


Bobby Cairo: Oh my God!! Oblivion is back!! Oblivion is back!!

Zach Davis: Oh my God!! And he is the Television Champion!

Bobby Cairo: This is War, better watch their backs!! Remember, Oblivion was one of those who was attacked by This is War!!

Oblivion looks around and sees Cagatay Senturk cowarding near the ring. Oblivion, grabs Cagatay.

Cagatay: OH GOD!!


Oblivion drags Cagatay into the ring and spins Cagatay around and....


Zach Davis: Oh my God! Blue Bile Mist!!

Cagatay spins around as Oblivion bounces back.....


Bobby Cairo: IT'S CHECK OUT TIME!!!

Zach Davis: Super Kick!!

Oblivion stands over a broken down Cagatay as Oblivion basically drools over Oceb Aughion's former manager! Oblivion holds up the WCF Television Championship up, over his head. The little shadows are named The Gathering, as most people know. The shadows surround Oblivion, as the six nearly naked women, begin to kiss and grope over each other, as they grab around Oblivion. With the wild action inside the ring, Bobby and Zach looked shocked at each other, when Bobby says....

Bobby Cairo: Um... um... for the first time, in my career, no, in my entire life I am completely speechless.

Zach Davis: I know what you are saying. I cannot believe we are about to say this but....

Bobby Cairo: Yes! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Oblivion is back in WCF!!

Over The Top Rope Elimination Battle Royal
Borderland vs Valentine vs Andrews vs Negro vs Shulmanu vs Knox vs Watson vs Nolan

As the lights dim throughout the arena, red strobe lights start shining everywhere as the sound of "Miracle" by Nonpoint blairs through the arena. Shane Borderland comes out behind the curtain stops wen he reaches the top of th ramp and looks throughout the crowd. He starts walking down the ramp loooking side to side at the crowd. He jumps up on the apron, goes through the middle rope and hops up n the turnbuckle and extends his arms ( like AJ Styles).

Zach Davis: WCF's resident Bad Boy in the ring getting ready for our action-packed battle royal!

Ana walks down the ramp to pink pyro’s shooting off behind her. She pauses at the steps to the ring to blow kisses to the crowd. She then steps into the ring bending low to slip between the middle and bottom rope.

Bobby Cairo: Here's my favorite! She's just so.. so.. sexy.

The arena lights dim to near-total darkness and twin bursts of white pyro erupt as One Minute Silence's "I Wear My Skin" begins to play over the PA System. As soon as the vocal track kicks in, Evan Andrews appears at the top of the stage, acknowledging the crowd's mixed, but generally positive reaction with a slight smile. After a moment, Andrews slowly begins to stroll down to the squared circle, keeping his eyes focused upon the ring as he walks with his hands outstretched to either side so that fans can slap them as he walks by. Andrews then slides under the bottom rope into the ring, and then makes his way to the corner and crouches down, his face a mask of concentration as he awaits the beginning of the match.

Zach Davis: Evan Andrews is always exciting in these kinds of match ups!

Bobby Cairo: How would you know?

"Lean like a Chulo" by Down starts playing as El Guerrero Negro steps out into the arena. He starts towards the ring slowly giving the rolling fingers sign. He cracks a smile just before he slides into the ring. He hops up and looks over at the ring announcer. He climbs the middle turnbuckle smiles. He goes to the top and does a backflip of the top onto his feet.

Zach Davis: Ahh, here we go. El Guerrero Negro, or also known as "The Black Fire.."

Bobby Cairo: That's not what that means..

Zach Davis: Sometimes I just want to be as knowledgable as you are in the ring..

GWAR's "Bring Back the Bomb" plays through the arena sound-system as Shulmanu comes out to the entrance ramp. He crouches down and screams at the audience as fire jets up around him. He walks down the ramp with an extreme intensity, often yelling at the audience and threatening people. When he gets to the ring, he hops up onto the apron and raises his hands up in the "goat horns" symbol. He then ducks into the ring, holds his arms out at his sides with his hands in fists, and screams out at the audience again.

Zach Davis: This guy scares me!

Bobby Cairo: You know who scares me? Michael Jackson's doctor!

Zach Davis: Ohhh yeah. Mark my words, Bobby, there is something strange about that doctor.

Scream-Adelitas Way Robby comes out to the ring pointing at the fans then looks straight up as gold confetti and purple fireworks go off. He then rush down into the ring slides in and does a backflip off the top rope once he hits the ground gold fire works fly.

Bobby Cairo: Robby Knox is one of my favorites to win this match up!

Rusty Halo by The Script. He walks down to the ring wearing a black sleeveless jacket and he taunts the audience. In the ring he stands on the top rope and opens his arms out wide taunting the audience.

Zach Davis: Ace Roody Watson, or also known as ARW!

Bobby Cairo: Loves to taunt that audience!

Welcome to the Family by A Day To Remember is blasted through the arena. Wyatt Nolan comes out of the arena and raises his arms. He runs down the ramp and slides through the ring. He climbs up on the turnbuckles and raises his arms. He does some stretching.

Zach Davis: The Original, Wyatt Nolan!

Bobby Cairo: No relation to Christopher Nolan, however, that'd be cool, maybe Wyatt could also write really screwed up movies and then use the plot of "just a messed up dream"..

Zach Davis: Didn't like Inception did ya?

Bobby Cairo: Not. One. Bit.

Zach Davis: Looks like all of them are in the ring and the refs are on the outside gettin' ready so here we go!

The bell sounds as chaos ensues! Everyone is going crazy! Nolan hits Valentine with a clothesline right when Andrews goes flying over the top rope!

Zach Davis: Who eliminated Andrews??

Bobby Cairo: Borderland did! Shane Borderland just threw Evan Andrews right over the top rope!

Borderland turns around and gets a stiff pair of punches from Negro! That's when in the other corner Shulmanu hits Knox with a headbutt trying to send him over the rope as well! Nolan turns around and gives a few kicks to Shulmanu and then throws him over the rope, but he gets back inside the ring just in time!

Zach Davis: This is crazy right now! Andrews has been eliminated but the rest are still in it to win it!

Meanwhile on the other side of the ring El Guerrero Negro has Ana Valentine up against the ropes and is trying to pick her up to throw her over. Negro gets her up but Valentine grapevines her legs and free arm around the top rope.

Bobby Cairo: And right now men all over the world wish they were a ring rope.

Zach Davis: I know I wi...WAIT A MINUTE!

Borderland runs up behind Negro and grabs him by the back of the head before throwing him over the top rope. Borderland turns around to celebrate and Robby Knox nails him with the Hard Knox. Shulmanu and Nolan are trading punches when Ace Watson interjects himself to help out Nolan.

Bobby Cairo: Smart move by Watson to join forces with Nolan. There's always strength in numbers.

Shulmanu throws a big punch that Nolan ducks. Nolan catches Shulmanu from behind with Violence Way.

Zach Davis: Oh and what a big move by Wyatt Nolan.

Bobby Cairo: Yes but now the challenge becomes getting the big man out of the ring.

Robby Knox has Borderland up to his feet and he picks him up. Knox walks him to the ropes and tries to toss him over but Borderland grabs the ropes and lands on the apron. Knox turns to hit the ropes on the other side of the ring...AND VALENTINE NAILS HIM WITH THE CUPID'S BOW.

Bobby Cairo: How can someone that small possess that much strength.

Valentine pulls Knox back to his feet and leads him over to the ropes before pushing him over the top rope. Watson and Nolan pull Shulmanu to his feet and try to double team over the top rope when Shlmanu comes to life and begins to fight back. Shulmanu shoves Nolan into the corner and then levels Watson with a haymaker. Nolan comes flying out of the corner but Shulmanu catches him by the throat and drops him with a chokeslam.


Watson runs up behind him and tries to hit The Replay but Shulmanu lifts him up off the ground and rams him into the corner. Watson stumbles out of the corner and Shulmanu lifts him up with a chokeslam before dropping him over the top rope.

Bobby Cairo: And now we're down to just 4. Ana Valentine, Shane Borderland, Shulmanu and Wyatt Nolan.

Each of the 4 takes residence in a corner as they try to catch their breath for a moment...and then they rush each other at the same time. Valentine and Nolan are going at it, as are Shulmanu and Borderland. Nolan whips Valentine into the ropes and tries to take her down with a clothsline but Valentine ducks it. Nolan spins around and Valentine goes for a cutter...but Nolan powers out of that! He pushes her off and into the ropes. He then runs at her looking to push her over....BUT VALENTINE DROPS TO THE MAT AND PULLS THE ROPE WITH HER SENDING NOLAN TO THE ARENA FLOOR!

Bobby Cairo: Down to three!

Zach Davis: And the male members of the audience couldn't be happier.

Shulmanu, Ana Valentine and Shane Borderland all stare at each other in the middle of the ring. They circle and Borderland goes to hit Shulmanu but hits Valentine instead! Borderland throws Valentine to the ropes and hits a clotheline. Shulmanu bulldogs Borderland down from behind! Shulmanu gets up and Valentine fights back with punches and kicks. She throws Shulmanu into the corner where he stumbles out and she takes him by the head and throws him over the top rope!

Zach Davis: WHOA! WHOA!

Borderland gets up and grabs Valentine and throws her over the top rope! She hits the mats in shocking fashion! Borderland turns around to taunt as if he won, but Shulmanu wasn't eliminated, he just landed on the apron! He comes rushing in and throws Borderland over the rope and he crashes to the outside!

Bobby Cairo: What a finish! Shulmanu wins! Shulmanu saved himself on the apron, then finished with throwing Borderland over the top!

Zach Davis: What an exciting finish!

Shulmanu shrugs Borderland off and taunts in the middle of the ring while Bring Back The Bomb plays over the speakers! Borderland kicks the steel steps and Valentine slaps five with a few of her fans before they both head to the back. Shulmanu taunts one more time to the fans and threatens their life.

Zach Davis: I'm tellin' you.. he scares me!

Six Pack Challenge - Hardcore Championship Match
Jackson vs JayDee vs Royal vs Reigns vs Thomas vs Serikaz

Kyle Steel: The following is the 6 Pack Hardcore Title Match, where the first person to secure a pin fall or submission will become the NEW WCF Hardcore Champion!

“All Nightmare Long (Shiz mix)” by Metallica hits the loud speakers as green and pink lights flash around the arena. JayDee steps out from behind the curtain, taking center stage. He salutes the crowd before heading down the ramp.

Kyle Steel: From Phoenix, Arizona, weighing in at two hundred and twenty six pounds.....JayDeeeeeeeee.

At ringside, JayDee pauses for a moment, looking around the arena as the camera slowly circles him 360°. He then climbs onto the apron and ascends the turnbuckle to his right. Left foot on the second rope and right foot on the top rope, he salutes the audience once more before stepping off the top rope and landing inside the ring. The music fades out as he removes the vest and tosses it out of the ring, warming up for his match.

“I Came to Play” by Downstrait hits the arena as Royal appears at the top of the entrance ramp with an arrogant smirk on his face. He raises his hands in the air then begins to slowly strut his way to the ring taking in the boos of the crowd.

Kyle Steel: From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in at two hundred and twenty seven pounds.....Anthony Royyyyyyyyyyyal.

He hops on the ring apron and stares into the crowd for a moment before entering. He then goes to each turnbuckle and raises his hands in the air, then takes time to taunt the crowd before moving to the next. Finally, he goes to the middle of the ring and awaits his opponent.

If I cant by 50 Cent blasts over the p.a system as silver and gold strobe lights flash all around the arena at the same time the lights go down then after a few seconds the strobe lights hit the center stage all at once casting light on Dante as he stands there with his arms in the air, he then quickly drops one arm as multi coloured fireworks go off behind him and the lights come back up.

Kyle Steel: From London, England, weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds.....Dante Reeeeeeeeeigns.

A few moments pass as the crowd give off a mixed reaction to him then Dante begins to walk down to the ring slapping hands with a few of the fans then as he reaches the bottom of the ramp, he breaks into a run and dives under the bottom rope sliding into the ring and quickly jumps to his feet and raises his arms in the air once more as the fans give off a mixed reaction again this time though the cheer slightly out do the boos, Dante then drops his arms and walks over to one of the corners and waits for his opponent.

The Lights cut out in the arena then the opening chords of “Country Boy Can Survive” blast through the arena as a Rebel Flag lights up the Tron. John Thomas walks out of the ramp wearing a pair of blue jeans, a black tank top, and his black cowboy hat pulled down around his eyes, and with a rebel flag bandana covering his face, along with Vanessa Lee by his side, and his arm around her waist.

Kyle Steel: From Crystal River, Florida, weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds......John Thooooooooomas.

John and Vanessa walk halfway down the ramp and stop to share a passionate kiss. John continues to walk down the ring and slides into the ring then holds down the middle rope for Vanessa to climb into the ring.

"Push The Limits" by Enigma hits the arena as Xavier walks out with a spotlight over him. His hands are folded together as he slowly makes his way down to the ring.

Kyle Steel: From Saint Paul, Minnesota, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds....Xavier Serrrrikazzz.

As he walks up the cold steel steps he looks at his opponent and a psychotic smirk comes across his face for he knows the punishment that is about to be unleashed in this match. He climbs through the ropes and awaits the opening bell.

The lights in the arena go out as spotlights circle around the crowd in the arena. Psychosocial by Slipknot hits the PA system as a video package of highlights from Jackson's matches begins to play on the jumbotron.

Kyle Steel: From Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred and eighty five pounds....Shaun Jackkkkkkson.

An almost strobe like effect is created by the flashes from the fans cameras as Brooke walks out from behind the curtain and steps out onto the stage, a bit of a confused look on her face. The music cuts as Brooke turns and looks behind her for Shaun. She disappears back through the curtain yelling his name.

Zach Davis: Well where's Jackson?

The referee looks around and shrugs his shoulders before signaling for the bell.


Zach Davis: Well I guess we're not going to wait around for Shaun to show up. So who do you like in this match Bobby?

Bobby Cairo: JayDee and Royal are the only ones we've seen compete in WCF, but this sort of match seems to favor either Thomas or Serikaz. If I had to pick a favorite, I think I'd go with the "Hardcore Redneck".

Inside the ring all five men have sprung to action. Thomas and Serikaz are trading lefts and rights in the corner of the ring. Royal and Reigns are tied up in the center of the ring as Reigns applies a headlock and drops Royal with a bulldog. JayDee meanwhile steps out of the ring and hangs out at ringside, choosing to watch the action for the moment.

Bobby Cairo: Smart move by the wily veteran JayDee. Let the others beat the crap out of each other and wear themselves down. And then when the times right, you move in and take advantage.

Thomas has Serikaz backed into the corner and is hammering away at him with punches, leaving him slightly dazed. Thomas backs up and runs full speed looking for a clothesline...but Serikaz ducks it. Thomas crashes into the corner and Serikaz takes him to the mat with a dropkick to the back of the knees. Meanwhile Reigns has Royal back to his feet and again ties up with him. This time Reigns goes for a suplex...but Royal blocks it with his leg and hits him with a european uppercut. Royal follows that up with a knee to the midsection before dropping him with a spinning heel kick. Royal goes for the quick pin attempt as Thomas and Serikaz are distracted with one another.

Referee: ONE!


JayDee slides into the ring and dives on top of Royal, breaking up the pin.

Zach Davis: And JayDee possibly saves the match as he decides to finally get involved in the match.

JayDee and Royal both get to their feet and Royal doesn't seem to pleased. He yells out a few choice words, to which JayDee responds with a right to the jaw. Royal stumbles backward a little bit and JayDee runs forward and clotheslines him over the top rope. On the other side of the ring Serikaz has Thomas in a single leg boston crab and Thomas is currently trying to make his way to the ropes.

Bobby Cairo: We saw Serikaz go after the same knee earlier with a dropkick. And even if he doesn't get a tap out now, you have to believe that knee is going to effect how Thomas performs in the rest of this match.

Thomas uses his forearms to drag himself toward the ropes but Serikaz wisely stands up and pulls Thomas to the center of the ring before reapplying the hold.

Zach Davis: This doesn't look to good for Thomas at all.

The referee checks on Thomas as JayDee finally realizes what's going on. JayDee runs up and delievers a stiff kick to Serikaz's head that breaks up the hold. JayDee looks around at the bodies on the mat and falls on top of Serikaz. He hooks the leg.

Referee: ONE!


Psychosocial hits the arena as everyone's attention, including the referee's, is turned toward the stage. JayDee yells at the referee to continue the count.



Jackson breaks up the hold with a definitive boot to the back of JayDee.

Zach Davis: SHAUN JACKSON IS HERE! But where did he come from.

A quick replay shows that as everyone was watching the stage, Jackson ran through the crowd and hopped over the barricade before sliding into the ring. Dante Reigns comes at Jackson from out of nowhere and Jackson drops him with a vicious clothsline. Royal appears on the top rope and flies off with a double axe handle but Jackson catches him in mid air and slams him to the mat with a spinebuster.

Zach Davis: Dear god what impact!

Jackson gets back to his feet and JayDee is on him right away with a series of lefts and rights. He backs Jackson into the corner and connects with a kick that double Jackson over. He then somehow lifts Jackson up onto the top rope and positions him.

Zach Davis: What does JayDee have in mind here?

JayDee goes for a rope hung Diamond Cutter but Jackson pushes him off at the last second. Jackson goes to climb down...when from out of nowhere Serikaz blasts him in the back with a kendo stick from the apron. Jackson falls facefirst to the mat as Serikaz steps into the ring, kendo stick still in hand. Jackson pushes himself up to his hands and knees and Serikaz nails him across the back a second time. Jackson again tries to get up and Serikaz raises the kendo stick up...but Thomas grabs it from his hands. Serikaz spins around and Thomas cracks it over his skull. A little blood appears on the top of Serikaz's forehead but he appears to enjoy it.

Zach Davis: What a nut job.

Serikaz puts his hand up to his forehead and rubs some of the blood around. He then looks at Thomas and bends his head forward.

Zach Davis: Is...Is he asking for another one?

Thomas shrugs his shoulders and obliges, delivering a second shot to the head that sends Serikaz to the mat where he proceeds to break out in laughter. Meanwhile outside of the ring both Royal and Reigns seem to be in some sort of agreement as they pull a table out from under the ring and slide it in under the bottom rope. Reigns goes to slide in when Royal suddenly grabs his leg and pulls him back out. Reigns turns around and Royal drops him to the arena floor with the Royal Mutilation. Royal then climbs up onto the apron and enters the ring, where he's immediately hit with a steel chair shot to the head by JayDee. Royal drops to the mat, head busted open, and JayDee stands over him steel chair in hand. Thomas hears the chair shot and turns around in time to see JayDee coming at him with the chair above his head. Thomas ducks the shot and JayDee hits the ropes, with the chair bouncing off the top rope and smacking himself in the face.

Bobby Cairo: Ooof! That's gotta hurt.

JayDee drops the chair and stumbles back and Thomas drops him with the Country Drop. Thomas gets back up and sees Jackson still laying facedown on the mat and then notices the table in the ring. He goes over to it and sets it up before heading for Jackson. He pulls the big man to his feet and leads him for the corner near the table before positioning him for the Redneck Driver.

Zach Davis: This could end it!

But Jackson comes to life and begins to fight back. He hits a couple of shots to the midsection out of nowhere and stands back up. Thomas tries to fight back but Jackson levels him with a headbutt. Jackson then pulls him over his shoulder and begins to climb up the turnbuckles backward.

Zach Davis: The power of Jackson!

Bobby Cairo: Nothing short of insane.

Jackson gets to the second rope and then leaps off with an oklahomo slam through the table.


A couple of replays are shown of Thomas getting drilled though the table. Jackson himself seems to be a little shaken up from the impact but still hooks the leg.

Referee: ONE!

Zach Davis: New Hardcore Champi...SERIKAZ!

Serikaz appears out of nowhere on the apron and he jumps up to the top turnbuckle.


Serikaz leaps off with a swanton bomb...


...and Serikaz just breaks up the three count with the impact!

Zach Davis: Wow what a move!

Bobby Cairo: Yes but it looks like he may have landed awkwardly.

Zach Davis: All six men in this match are down at the moment. You have to believe the first to his feet is going to win the Hardcore Title.

Royal gets to his feet but Reigns hits him with Last Stop! Royal is out cold! Reigns turns around and gets hit with the Country Drop from John Thomas!

Zach Davis: Whoa!

Thomas turns around and gets hit with the Exploder Suplex from JayDee!

Bobby Cairo: Yikes!

JayDee turns around and gets hit with the Enigmatic Piledriver from Serikaz! Serikaz taunts, turns around and Shaun Jackson hits him with the Orange Crush Bomb!

Zach Davis: Jackson is going to win?

Bobby Cairo: No, look!

Royal gets to his feet and hits the Royal Mutilation on Jackson and pins!




Zach Davis: It's over!

All the other men leap at Royal to break the pin but they're a second late! Royal slides out of the ring and the ref hands him the new Hardcore Championship! Royal taunts with it in the air and the crowd boos as I Came To Play begins to hit over the speakers.

Bobby Cairo: Anthony Royal, welcome to Wrestling Championship Federation gold!

Zach Davis: Royal pinned Jackson in a big six pack challenge match and now he has his .. Wait a minute, what the hell?

Bobby Cairo: Why are the lights off?

Shulmanu throws Royal into the ring, Royal gets up but Shulmanu hits a big boot! Royal goes down. Shulmanu hits his Feed The Gods finisher. Then Shulmanu grabs a mic and begins speaking..

Shulmanu: Now that I have your attention, let me make it clear that this is a declaration of war! (Insert winner's name here), you should take this attack as a compliment. That I have deigned to fire my first shot in this battle at you is the highest of honors! To the rest of you, notice has been given. The Hardcore Championship is the award bestowed upon he who has truly mastered the art of bloodshed. There are none who excel at this greater than Shulmanu, the Demon of War! From this moment forward, every move that I make in this ring will be focused on proving this fact. This Hardcore Title is already mine. Taking the belt will merely be a formality... But it is a formality that I will complete, and I will leave a trail of broken, bloodied bodies in my wake! War is here, and war has set its sights on becoming the WCF Hardcore Champion! Any who dare to stand in my way WILL be destroyed. I... HAVE... SPOKEN!!!

With that, Shulmanu drops the microphone and walks out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Not exactly the way Royal wanted to celebrate with his Championship.

Bobby Cairo: Well this is heating up..

Evan Andrews Meets Creeping Death...

We cut to a camera in the back where Evan Andrews is walking through the hallway and gets to the big back area of the Arena where Creeping Death is walking by.

Andrews: Good luck out there..

Creeps stops in his tracks, fixes his hair out of his eyes and just hits a super side kick right to the chin of Evan Andrews!

Zach Davis: WHOA!

Creeping Death picks up Andrews and puts him up on his shoulders and hits a burning hammer right there on the concrete! CD bounces back up and tons of refs and WCF officials run over to Andrews. CD smiles and walks out of camera view.

Zach Davis: Well, say goodnight to Evan Andrews!

Bobby Cairo: At what point does Creeping Death pay for his actions? I'm getting kind of tired of this whole beat up anyone you want schtick.

Zach Davis: Rather annoying, I do agree with you. However, I feel it's part of the bigger picture Torture and his team keep referencing..

Bobby Cairo: Bigger boring more like it..

The Era of Mark Markman

We cut to the ring where Kyle Steel has a microphone.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen please allow me to introduce to you the present General Manager of Wrestling Championship Federation.. MARK... MARKMAN!

The crowd kind of pops as the jumbrotron lights up and we see Mark wearing a white t-shirt with a tie printed onto it. A mustard stain is shown on his shirt and Mark puts down a corndog. He puts on his headset and begins with his trademark catchphrase..

Mark Markman: HEEEYYYY GUUYSS!!! How are we all doin?? (Cheap pop.) I hope you guys are enjoying the show so far as I know I am! Aren't we all happy that loud mouth piece of crap Chris Avery is no longer Television Champion! Am I right!?

Crowd pops big time.

Zach Davis: Hey, finally a General Manager I can agree with!

Mark Markman: I just want to let you guys know of a few things and be more clear as to my position. In due time I will let you in on the full story of how I came to be in this position but let's just say for right now, long story short, I'm in charge and it's my way or the high way! I will not be attending any of the events as I'm in a ton of heated tournaments for Call of Duty: Black Ops, and I'm still tryin' to get my hands on that Gears of War 3 beta! I really don't want to reserve Bulletstorm at Gamestop to get it, but if I have to I will, but that's besides the point. Point is: I won't be attending the events, howeeevveerrr with modern technology and me being in charge and all, I can, and I will show up on the jumbotron at any point in the show to make sure I place my foot down strong and firm! I mean, come on, we all know that This is War does NOT run this show! Am I right!?

Crowd pops big time.

Bobby Cairo: What the hell is cops on duty or whatever?

Zach Davis: Why you asking me? I haven't a clue!

Mark Markman: Second of all, I want to let everyone know that in two weeks, now remember not the next Slam, but the Slam after that will be a very special Slam.. that's right, for free, on Monday Night Slam in two weeks we're doing a Slam.. NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS! Every Championship will be on the line! Not only that, but look for two polls after this PPV on the WCF website because I want the fans to choose the official stipulation for two of the Championship Matches! The Hardcore Championship match, and the World Heavyweight Championship matches will have stipulations chosen by YOU!

Bobby Cairo: I kind of like this Mark Markman, I'm not going to lie..

Mark Markman: And finally, I want to add, good luck to all of the competitors still left in the show tonight! We're looking at a lot of new faces around here in Wrestling Championship Federation and I want to add that the main event to next week's Slam will be a Number One Contendership match for the World Heavyweight Championship at 'Till Death Do Us Part! Now, fans, enjoy the show!

The jumbrotron shuts off as Mark grabbed a Mountain Dew and we cut to the announcers.

Zach Davis: Well what do you think of that, Bobby? A Slam Night of Champions in two weeks, and next week is a Number One Contenders match!?

Bobby Cairo: And we've yet to even decide the World Champion tonight, AND the Night of Champions looks like an event I'm looking forward to..

Creeping Death vs Troy Malenko

“Remember the Name” by Fort Minor hits the speakers and out walks Troy Malenko who stops at the top of the ramp. At certain points in the beginning of the song, fireworks shoot from the ramp all the way across simultaneously. When the first set goes off, he throws his arms back in a cocky manner, knocking the robe off of his body. When the second set of fireworks hits, he starts walking down the ramp, his manager Gravedigger following behind him.

Troy walks up the ring steps and sits on the rope as Gravedigger climbs the stairs behind him and climbs into the ring. Troy bounces off the middle rope and walks to each side of the ring, riling the crowd up. He finally stands in a corner with Gravedigger, waiting.

Zach Davis: Gravedigger and his apprentice Troy Malenko, obviously ready for this match.

The lights in the venue suddenly cut to black as the familiar opening to "For Whom the Bell Tolls" plays. The crowd is jacked up and gets louder after every toll. After six tolls, there is silence. Then, the intro for "Blood and a Siren" by Index Case plays. After the little guitar intro, when the song gets intense, a spotlight hits the curtain and Creeping Death emerges, wearing a black hoodie with the hood up. He headbangs with the crowd as they throw up the devil horns, and he does the same back to them on his way to the ring. CD enters the ring by sliding in through the bottom rope. Inside, he walks to the far corner, leaps up and takes a seat on the top rope, awaiting the match to begin.

Bobby Cairo: Not to discredit Malenko, but something has flipped inside of CD. Ever since he barely lost to Johnny Reb, he has been on a rampage.

Rampage indeed, before the bell even rings CD is flying at Malenko and hitting him with stiff forearm shots, backing Troy into the corner. CD continues and the ref calls for a break. CD does so, and Tory comes firing back, doing the exact same thing! Forearms sending CD across the ring into the far corner! Once again, the ref calls for a break, and it is granted.

Bobby Cairo: Malenko is not standing down.

BOOM out of absolutely motherfucking NOWHERE, superkick by Malenko! He hit it so flush. The impact, however, knocks CD to the apron where Troy cannot get a pin. Angered, Malenko grabs CD and goes for a vertical suplex to bring him back in, but a desperation move by CD stops that … a brainbuster on the apron! Both men crumble to the floor.

Zach Davis: Fighting spirit shown by Creeping Death, and both guys have already taken match ending moves!

The ref begins the count on the floor. He gets to 7 before there is any movement. Both men make it back in right at nine.

Bobby Cairo: This is remarkable. We are barely into this match and they’re both already knocked for a loop.

Malenko is the first to attempt anything, and it’s a double leg MMA takedown. He transitions to the mount position and begins raining punches down on a prone Creeping Death.

Zach Davis: Mixed martial arts training coming to effect.

Before Zach even finishes that statement, CD blocks a punch and fires an uppercut to Malenko’s throat. This staggers Troy just enough for CD to slip out the back door, grabs Troy’s head and pulls it into big knee strike to the back of Troy’s head while he is on his knees dazed!

Bobby Cairo: Jesus Christ!

… CD doesn’t let go of Tory’s head. CD winds up and delivers another big knee strike to the back of his head.

Zach Davis: This is tough to watch..

And another vicious knee strike from Creeping Death to the back of Troy Malenko’s head. CD finally releases his grasp, but hits the ropes and comes back driving both knees into the base of Malenkio’s skull and riding him down to the mat, slamming Troy’s face down!

Bobby Cairo: What in the hell?

CD pins..




Zach Davis: And damn it! Creeping Death is the winner.

Bobby Cairo: Crazy last few weeks for CD.

Zach Davis: Tonight is just getting weirder and weirder!

D-Day vs Torture

Anthem of the Underdog by 12 Stones plays in the speakers. The lights are dim.The lights flash on to D-Day walking out to the top of the ramp with his belt and falls on his knees and throws his arms in the air, as soon as he throws them in the air fire works go off and surround him. The screen shows all of D-Day moments of his dead and forgotten special move. As also the screen shows a ring then the words in white and in cursive, the words D-Day. When D-Day get in the ring he raises his hands to his name on the screen and followed by all of the titles he has held in the WCF.

Zach Davis: This is a match we've been waiting for, for weeks! Months even!

Bobby Cairo: Donald Deruty once made an immature decision by joining This is War and it came back to bite him on the ass!

Zach Davis: He realized that Bobby..

Bobby Cairo: Damn right he did, and now he's showing why no one should make that decision! Taking on Torture himself!

Kings of Leon hits and Crawl begins, and the crowd just lights up with boos. A few smark cheers, but mostly boos. Torture stands on top of the stage as a shower of fireworks behind him, he slowly raises his arms into the air into an almost like Orton-release the doves taunt. Torture stands for fifteen seconds taking it all in and begins walking down the ramp slowly. Torture gets to the ring and turns to the steps where he climbs up with the steel steps and enters the ring. Torture walks to the corner and stands on it but doesn't taunt at all. Torture steps back down and the crowd goes wild!

Zach Davis: YES! YES! YES! YES!

D-Day punches away at Torture and then throws him into the other corner! The bell sounds during this and Torture stumbles out and Day hits a HUGE back body drop! Torture slams the mat back-first, then turns over and to his feet to meet a dropkick from D-Day! Torture reels back and through the ropes! D-Day snaps to his feet and raises his arms and D.C. Park EXPLODES with excitement! Torture gets to his feet when Day slides out with a baseball kick sending Torture back into the guardrail! Day hits a few more punches before throwing him into the guardrail! The ref is counting a ten count, but Day rolls in and rolls back out giving him a whole new ten seconds! Torture gets to his feet when Day hits a clothesline! Torture goes back down again! Day jumps on the guardrail to an AMAZING pop from the crowd! Day jumps and Torture gets a forearm to the forehead! Torture goes down again! Day gets another pop as he picks Torture up and throws him into the ring! The ten count is broken as Day drags him back out and drags him off the apron on to the mats! Day punches away and picks up Torture throwing him into the guardrail and Torture flips over landing on the crowd-side of the arena. Day steps over the railing and joins Torture by hitting him across the back as Torture tries to leave the ring side area. Day grabs a bucket of popcorn and nails Torture over the head with it! The fan high-fives Day and Day notices the ten count from the ref! Day runs back through the crowd and slides into the ring then slides back out..

Bobby Cairo: Deruty knows that he can't beat Torture with a count out. Day wants to beat Torture, then BEAT him if you know what I mean!

Day gets back over the railing where Torture hits a back hand chop! Day isn't faded and nails a few right hands! Day grabs Torture and goes to throw towards the guardrailing but Torture stops, kicks Day in the mid-section, then leans back throwing Day chest first into the railing! Torture gets up slowly and tosses him over the railing like a top rope elimination! Torture steps over the railing and rolls Day into the ring. Torture rolls in and stomps on the shoulder before grabbing his arm into an armbar and dropping a knee into the back of the shoulder. Torture asks the ref to ask if Day wants to quit! Of course Day is yelling no and the ref demands Torture to break the hold as Day grabs the bottom rope. One! Two! Three! Four! Fiv- Torture lets go. Torture shrugs the ref off and Day gets to his feet and hits a drop toe hold and Torture goes into the middle ropes! Day hits the ropes but Torture turns around and floats under Days clothesline and hits a neckbreaker, but the shoulder and arm took most of the brunt!

Bobby Cairo: Already, I'm noticing Torture is working on that arm of Day!

Zach Davis: Why is that, Bobby?

Bobby Cairo: Dead and Forgotten! If Day can't pick you up, he can't hit his finisher!

Torture drags Day to the apron where Torture gets out of the ring and Torture smashes the hand downward onto the apron! The shoulder once again takes the brunt. Torture rolls into the ring and drags Day to the middle of the ring where Torture puts an armbar on once again but his knee shoving into the back of the neck and the shoulder, and Day is in pain once again! Torture breaks the hold once Day reaches the bottom rope with his leg and Torture stomps on the head of Day before dragging him to the middle of the ring where Torture stomps on the chest, the stomach, then the legs, then the thighs, then the chest once again, then the head.. Day turns to his stomach trying to get up and Torture taunts and smirks at Day who can't even get himself up without using the ropes. Torture pushes back Day into the corner and then throws him into the other corner where Day stumbles out and Torture grabs Day and excludes the arm and raises him in the air and drops him shoulder/arm first on the top rope turnbuckle and Day stumbles backwards where Torture sizes him up and then hits a straight up vertical dropkick to the face of Day! Torture crawls over and pins! Torture puts a leg on the rope!

Zach Davis: OH COME ON! ONE!? TWO?!

Bobby Cairo: Day kicks out!

Zach Davis: Come on ref! Torture had his legs on the rope!

Torture viciously looks at the ref before looking out at the crowd who boos and he gets to his feet. He picks up Day and throws him into the corner shoulder first! Day disgustingly crashes into the ring post and then falls to the apron then falls to the ring mats below! Torture rolls out of the ring and just looks out at the crowd.

Zach Davis: Torture going to work on that shoulder!

Bobby Cairo: Day looks in a lot of pain! He could have tore something!

Torture walks around and grabs Day and slams him head down on to the steel steps. Day then has his arm reached across the steel steps by Torture and then SLAMMED down on the steps! Day hits his knees in pain as the crowd closest to Day is yelling at him to get up! Torture grabs Day and rolls him back into the ring. Torture slides in and hooks the leg! One! Two! Kickout. The crowd pops for Day who has something left! Torture stands back up and stomps on the back of the head of Day once more! Torture picks up Day and puts him on the top rope where Torture lets Day hang over the top rope with his head towards the middle of the ring. Torture snaps back hitting a twisting DDT! Day looks out and Torture pins. The crowd boos!

Zach Davis: Torture has defeated many with this move!

One! Two! Kick out!

Bobby Cairo: Day had energy to kick up! Day is still alive!

Torture can't believe Day kicked out and sits up. The crowd taunting Torture to his face and he smiles.. Torture turns back around to his stomach and looks directly at Day who is having trouble getting to his feet. Torture licks his lips and stands to his feet and grabs Day by the back of the head and puts him into position for the Torture's Device! The crowd stands and boo's and Torture spins but Day gets out of it and shoves Torture off! Day hits the ropes and Torture puts on a sleeperhold! Day is trying to get out but Torture isn't letting go! The crowd is chanting for Day! D-Day! D-Day! D-Day! Day can't get out of it and goes down to one knee! Torture locks it on even harder!

Zach Davis: Come on Day! GET OUT OF IT!

The ref raises Days arm and it drops!

Bobby Cairo: That's one! That is one!

The ref raises his arm once again and it drops..

Zach Davis: That's two, and one more Torture wins this match!

Bobby Cairo: Does D-Day have enough!?

The ref raises the arm and it drops.. about half way.. Day's arm goes crazy with energy and the crowd goes wild! Day feels it! Day feels the excitment from D.C. Park! Day hits an elbow! Another elbow! Torture has to release the hold and Day hits the ropes! Torture goes for a clothesline but Day ducks and hits the ropes on the other side of the ring! Torture turns around and Day goes underneath Torture's legs when Torture leapfrogs him! Torture comes back down, turns around and notices Day stopped in his dead tracks to hit the stiffest sweet chin music we've ever seen! Torture looks out! The crowd pops! Day pins!

Zach Davis: It's over! It's over! It's over!

Kick out.

Bobby Cairo: Torture kicks up! Day has to wear him down for that Dead and Forgotten!

Day gets to his feet and lets out a huge breath as he even seemed it might be over. The crowd cheers for Day to continue the beat down and he does. Day gets up and goes for a punch but Torture ducks it and puts Day back into the Torture's Device hold but Day spins back around out of it and floats over to behind Torture, where Torture then sidesteps, and ducks down and picks up Day for a backsuplex but Day backflips and lands on his feet, he then quick-steps into a float over DDT! Torture goes down once again!

Zach Davis: Pin! PIN HIM DAY!

Bobby Cairo: Day isn't going for the pin rather then pointing for that top rope!

Zach Davis: Is he going to deliver a frog splash?? We've already seen him hit one last week! He can finish him off!

Day goes to the apron and then climbs the turnbuckles. Torture is already on his feet and knocks the leg out and Day hits nuts-first on the top corner turnbuckle. Torture then takes Day off the corner and throws him into the corner! Day stays put and Day runs over but Day turns sideways and sits on the middle rope as Torture smashes chest first into the corner, where Day then sits back and both legs go into the face of Torture knocking him back down to the mat! Day gets onto the turnbuckle and is on top! Day leaps and hits the frogsplash! It could be over! Day is holding his shoulder though in pain but he hooks the leg and pins!

One! Two!


Bobby Cairo: Day almost had it!

Day can't believe it and sits up and gets to his feet. Torture gets to his knees where Day kicks Torture in the shoulder, then hte other shoulder, then the neck, then Day sizes him up and hits a final kick to the face of Torture! Day screams out in a primal roar! The crowd is on their feet! Day pins!


Bobby Cairo: Torture has enough in the tank to kick out of that? Wow!

Torture is dazed, confused, loaded, lost, what have you, he's there.. Torture looks around and gets up and Day picks up Torture on his shoulders!

Zach Davis: HE'S GOT HIM UP~!@~!@~!@~!

Torture hits an elbow in the head and Day has to drop him and his shoulder is in pain. Torture worked on that shoulder and Day had to drop him because of it. Torture gets back up and turns around and Day hits a stiff kick to the face of Torture once again! The crowd pops! Day has done it! Torture looks out cold! Day turns around and Shaun Jackson is on the apron!

Zach Davis: WHAT? COME ON! NO WAY!

Day clotheslines Jackson right off the apron! He notices Chris Avery on the other side! Avery leapfrogs to the top rope and leaps in the air but Day hits a right hand into the gut and Avery goes down, and Day dropkicks Avery in the back sending him through the ropes into Shaun Jackson on the outside!

Bobby Cairo: They didn't hit a move on Day so nobody has been disqualified yet! This match continues!

Day backs up right into Tortures lock, but the two struggle and Day picks up Torture onto his shoulders and carries him over and hits the Dead and Forgotten!


Day pins..


Bobby Cairo: I think Torture's foot was on the bottom rope!

Day jumps up in celebration and so does D.C. Park in Washington D.C. Day goes to the corner and taunts but the ref tells the bellkeeper not to ring the bell because Torture's foot was on the bottom rope so it wasn't a three count.. The ref turns back to Torture as Torture is explaining that his foot was on the rope.. Day notices Avery on the apron, and Day clotheslines Avery off the apron! Day still thinks he's had it won! Jackson grabs the arm of Day and jumps off the apron and the arm/shoulder is exposed right on the top rope reeling Day back to the middle of the ring where Torture grabs the head and neck of Day and quickly hits the Torture's Device! Torture pins as if he's frustrated or annoyed.


One. Two.. Three.

Bobby Cairo: The ref didn't see Jackson nor Avery during that confrontation!


Torture rolls out of the ring and Jackson and Avery lift up the arms of Torture and help him walk back up the ramp as Kings of Leon's Crawl plays over the speakers. The crowd begins to chant "BUUUULLLLSSHIIITTT! BUUULLLLLSSHIITT! BULLLLLSSHIIITT!" Day is holding his neck and throat and the ref looks as if he's as sorry as they come.

Zach Davis: I agree with these fans four hundred and fifty two percent!

Day sits up and can't believe what happened. Jackson and Avery celebrate and help Torture to the back as his music ends and Day just sits there.. He stands up and looks out at the crowd.

Zach Davis: I can't believe.. Day had it won.. three count and everything!

Bobby Cairo: I think this crowd is telling him not to give up.. to go after him some more!

Day nods to the crowd and rolls out of the ring..

Zach Davis: Day needs to demand another chance at Torture!

Bobby Cairo: I'm proud of that young man! He got snubbed out of a win but I'm proud of him either way!

United States Championship - Tournament Finals
Doc Henry vs Jason Kash

Bobby Cairo: Well Zach, it's been a great Pay-Per-View so far with many top tier matches, and debuts.

Zach Davis: That's right Bobby, we've crowned a new Television Champion and Hardcore Champion, and now we're gonna crown one more!

The faded horn blows through the speakers as it rolls into a beat. "I'm Da Bad Influence" begins to bump through the arena, everyone on their feet as the green smoke begins to seep out of the stage. Jason Kash steps through the wall of green smoke and he takes a few hard hits off a air joint, putting his thumb and finger up to his mouth and then throws his arms up in the air.

Cairo: And here is the first contender, Jason Kash.

The fans who came to see him roar in cheers, the others scream out their disliking for Jason Kash. He starts down the aisle as Lil' Wyte raps the lyrics to the music and people bob their heads with the beat. Kash mouthing off the words as he walks down to ringside. He slaps a few hands and climbs up the steel steps as the lights strobe the arena with a green light. He steps through the middle rope and once again takes a few hits from the Air Joint before throwing his arms up just to hear the reaction of the crowd.

Zach Davis: Kash is a former Tag Champion and is looking for his first singles title tonight Bobby.

He bounces a few times and leans back against the ropes ready for his match.

Bobby Cairo: He'll have his work cut out for him though Zach.

As the drums hit the house lights fade, and red and blue lights strobe. At "Please allow me to introduce myself", Doc and Mary walk out onto the stage, and look back and forth over the audience.

Zach Davis: Here comes the Southern Rogue, Doc Henry, who has been on quite the run himself.

Bobby Cairo: That's right, Doc is no stranger to championships, both in the singles and tag divisions.

As the crowd boos, the make their way to the ring, where Doc rolls in. Standing, he grins proudly as he pops the crowd drawing more boos. Mocking them, he sits on the turnbuckle.

As the ref calls for the match to start, Doc charges Kash and they lock up in the center of the ring.  A short struggle for control takes place, before Kash brings his knee up into Doc's abdomen.

Bobby Cairo: Kash off to the early advantage here as he whips Doc into the ropes.

Jason with the clothesline attempt, but Doc ducks. As Kash spins around, he's met with a stiff kick to the gut.  Bouncing off the ropes, Doc goes on the attack.

Bobby Cairo: Nice reversal into a back body drop by Kash as Doc rolls out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Both men on top of their game tonight, as Doc takes a breather outside.

Mary and Doc huddle together as the ref begins to count...



Bobby Cairo: Looks like a little strategy session Zach.

Zach Davis: Well, we'll see just what they have in mind soon.


Ei...  Doc begins to slide into the ring, but stops as Kash charges over, sliding back out again.  Doc motions to Kash, telling the ref to keep him back as the count starts over again.  Doc slowly begins to make his way into the ring, stopping half through the ropes.  Kash gestures for Doc to enter then charges...

Zach Davis: Double clothesline!!

Bobby Cairo: Both men thinking the same there, as now they both stagger to their feet.

Kash gets up slightly faster, and backhand chops Doc across the chest.

Crowd: Wooooooo!!!!

Doc staggers slightly and answers with a chop of his own.

Crowd: Wooooooo!!!!

Doc and Kash trade chops, with the crowd wooing each time.  Finally Doc gets the better and chops Kash three more times, before Irish whipping him into the corner as hard as he can, falling to the mat in the effort.  Kash though, runs up the ropes and does a moonsault.

Zach Davis: High risk!!!

Doc see's it coming and rolls out if the way, leaving Kash to crash down hard.  Jumping up, Doc begins to stomp on Kash methodically.

Bobby Cairo: Doc looking to gain the advantage here...

Doc picks Kash up by the head, and gets hit with a big uppercut.  Jason follows it up with a standing dropkick, sending Doc into the corner.  As Doc staggers up out of the corner, Kash hits him with a DDT.  Rolling Doc over Kash goes for the quick pin fall.


Tw...   Kickout!

Zach Davis: so close!

Bobby Cairo:  It'll take more than that to keep Doc down.

Kash pulls Doc up and kicks him in the gut.  Grabbing him by the back of the head, he tosses him out of the ring.  Doc lands hard and rolls against the announce table.

Zach Davis: That may do it though Bobby, Doc landed awefully akward there.

Bobby Cairo: Doc is known for being one of the more resilient competitors, but I don't know how he'll handle this.

As the Ref's count reaches six, Doc begins to stand, Mary assisting him as he leans against the table.  Kash bounces off the opposite ropes and dives out if the ring.

Bobby Cairo: Look out!!!

Mary ducks out of the way as Kash crashes through Doc and the announce table.

Bobby Cairo: Kash sacrificed himself to take Doc down, but both men are now lying in a heap of destruction.



Three!  Doc and Kash begin to stir.


Five!  Staggering to their feet, Doc and Kash slowly make their way towards the ring.


Eight!  Doc and Kash roll back into the ring, breaking up the count.  Kash, moving a little faster, slowly makes his way up the turnbuckle, as Doc gathers his strength.  Jason finally makes his way to the top, when Mary runs in front of him, and raises her shirt.

Bobby Cairo: Now THAT'S the ultimate distraction Zach...   Wait what are you...    Oh, for Christ's sake, I'm buying you a hooker...   Put the worm away, you sick man...

As all eyes in the place are on Mary, Doc rises to his feet enough to crash into the top ropes.  Kash comes crashing down on the top turnbuckle as Mary puts the 'goods' away.

Zach Davis: That hurt MY marble sack...

Bobby Cairo: Yours have dropped???

Doc takes the opportunity to club Kash in the back, and he falls off the turnbuckle into the ring, but his feet get caught.

Zach Davis: Tree of Woe, this isn't looking good...  Maybe Mary should flash him again I didn't get to finis....  Ummm....

Bobby Cairo just shakes his head and slides away from Zach, as Doc slides out of the ring to get a steel chair.  Tossing it in the ring, the ref grabs it and Doc begins to argue.

Zach Davis: Come on ref turn around, Mary's choking the life out of Kash, he's helpless!!

The ref doesn't hear Bobby of course, and Doc gives in, as Mary let's go of Kash.  A wicked grin comes over Doc's face as he backs up.  Running across the ring, Doc dives into Kash.

Zach Davis: Spear!!! Spear!!! Spear!!!

Bobby Cairo: Ladies and gentlemen I think Zach here finally got off...  And as for Kash, he looks down and out.

Indeed, Kash seems finished, as Doc rolls him over for the pin.



Three... No Kash got his shoulder up at the last possible second.  Doc becomes to argue with the ref.  Slowly Kash begins to stir, an Doc goes back to work, laying several kicks to Jason's back and sides.  Picking him up, Doc slings Kash into the corner hard.  Jason lays there leaning against the pads, as Doc stalks close and drags his face across the ropes.

Bobby Cairo: Looks like Doc's going there Zach.

Zach Davis: Where???

Doc stops halfway and whips Kash into the ropes.  Jason bounces off the ropes and is caught by Doc, who slams him to the mat.

Zach Davis: Gambler's Hand!!!

Bobby Cairo: As Doc climbs the ropes, I think we know what's coming...  All-In!!!

Doc lands full on, pinning Kash





Zach Davis: That's it! That's it! Doc Henry is our United States Champion!

Bobby Cairo: Wow! That ol' wrangler had it in him! Gamblers Hand and an All-In! It's all she wrote for Jason Kash!

Doc Henry stands in the middle of the ring over Jason Kash and holds his United States Championship over his head with Mary at his side the fireworks shoot off in Red, White and Blue! The crowd reacts as they always do with Henry and he rolls out of the ring obviously happy in celebration! Kash stands up in the middle of the ring after the fight and the crowd begins to applaud his efforts in his first Championship match as a singles competitor in WCF. Kash nods and thanks them when..

Zach Davis: What the hell?

Bobby Cairo: That's Adam Young!

Adam Young slides into the ring with a steel chain wrapped around his left fist. Young stands up as the fans are trying to let Kash know he's right behind him. Adam nails Kash right in the back of the head with the chain sending Kash crashing to the mat. Kash is out and Young stands over him.. he yells loud enough for the camera to pick it up..

Adam Young: Next Week at Slam I end it all. Your soul belongs to God but your ass is mine. I'm repoing it next Slam bitch! It will be a no holds barred Street Fight under Anarchy Rules. Welcome to the new WCF!

Young begins to laugh as he rolls out of the ring. WCF officials and refs run to the ring and try to help Kash to his feet. Young just smiles and continues to the back.

Tag Team Championship Match
Johnny Reb/Paul Dangerous vs Tank Reaper/Jay Price [This is War](c)

Kyle Steel: The following is a tag team match, and it is for the WCF Tag Team Championships.

The house lights dim as the intro to Lynnyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" hits the speakers. Hushed anticipation falls over the crowd as a spotlight illuminates the stage. Johnny Reb and Paul Dangerous step out from behind the curtain together, with Don Jesus following behind. A cheer goes up from the audience at their appearance.

Kyle Steel: Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of four hundred and forty six pounds....Johnny Reb and Paul Dangerous, The Consumate Professionals.

As the two men walk down the ramp a cascade of sparks rain down on the stage. The Inveterate Confederate circles the ring, slapping hands with the fans at ringside as Dangerous climbs the ring steps and enters the ring, letting out his signature "I....AM....DANGEROUS" scream. Reb then eschews the ring steps and leaps onto the ring apron before he climbs the turnbuckles and perches there, his arms raised high overhead.

All of the lights in the arena go out, sending the crowd into panic mode. A series of red lights slowly begin to come on, starting around the ring and then moving up the ramp toward the stage. Out of nowhere "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the PA System which automatically draws a chorus of boos and derogative chants from the crowd. Jay Price and Tank Reaper both make their way out onto the stage, the WCF Tag Titles casually slung over their shoulders.

Kyle Steel: And their opponents, weighing in at a combined five hundred and thirty nine pounds, they are the WCF Tag Team Champinos...Jay Price and Tank Reaper.

They make their way down the ramp, ignoring the fans and their outstretched hands, as they make their way to ringside. Price climbs the ring steps up to the apron as Tank chooses to climb up onto the apron and step over the top rope. The two stand side by side in the center of the ring, Tag Titles held high in the air, as fireworks go off from the ring posts. Price then turns and looks toward Reb and Dangerous before holding up the Tag Title once again. Price's music fades out as the referee walks up and takes the Tag Titles from him and Tank. A loud "Let's Go Johnny" chant starts up from the crowd as Reb holds up his hand in acknowledgment.

Zach Davis: And this crowd is really behind Reb and Dangerous tonight as it looks like Johnny is going to start for his team.

Bobby Cairo: And it looks like Reb is almost begging for Price to do the same.

Price and Reb have a brief stare down as the referee signals for the bell.


Reb steps forward...and Price steps back and tags in Tank. Price steps through the ropes and onto the apron, grinning as he taps his head with his index finger.

Bobby Cairo: Ah that rascally Jay Price.

Reb doesn't have much time to think about it as Tank steps over the top rope and goes right at Reb. Tank goes to grab at Reb, but Reb ducks under his outstretched arms and runs for the ropes. He hits them and comes back with a leaping forearm shot that barely budges the big man. Johnny tries a second time and this time Tank stumble back a few steps but still stays on his feet. Johnny hits the ropes one more time...but Tank levels him with a big boot to the face.

Zach Davis: Dear god I think I saw a tooth fly!

Out on the apron Price is grinning from ear to ear as Tank falls on top of Reb and hooks the leg.

Referee: On...

And Reb gets the shoulder up almost immediately. Price hollers something to the referee about a slow count. Tank stands up and reaches down, pulling Reb to his feet with one arm. Tank grabs Reb by the throat and applies pressure before lifting him up into the air.

Zach Davis: Could be time for another vintage chokeslam by Tank Reaper.

But Reb fights back with a quick kick to the chest. Tank seems a little bit surprised as his grip loosens enough for Reb to slip out and grab Tank by the head before dropping him with a ddt!

Bobby Cairo: What a counter!

Reb rolls the massive Tank onto his back and hooks the leg.

Referee: ONE!


And Tank kicks out with authority, sending Reb to the mat several feet away. Tank gets to his feet and goes after Reb, who ducks under Tank's arms and runs to his corner where he tags in Dangerous.

Zach Davis: And Paul Dangerous doesn't look all that eager to get in there with Tank.

Dangerous cautiously steps into the ring and tries to avoid Tank for the most part, circling him and then running when Tank gets close. Tank corners him and starts backing him into the corner where Price has been waiting patiently all match. Tank suddenly turns to the referee and clutches his eye. With the referee occupied Price reaches over the top rope and grabs Dangerous by the shoulder. He spins him around and hits him with The Downfall face first onto the top rope.


Bobby Cairo: Perhaps you should go over there and tell him that.

Zach Davis: Yeaaah, I'm good.

Reb screams at the referee to turn around, which he does, to see Dangerous laying on the mat and Price standing on the apron whistling nonchalantly.

Referee: I got my eye on you Price.

Price: You should have your eye on the match ref.

Price points toward Tank, who is laying on top of Dangerous and waiting for a count.

Referee: ONE!



And Johnny Reb appears from out of nowhere, diving on top of Tank and saving the match for his team. Reb gets to his feet and the referee is in his face immediately telling him to go back to his corner. Price uses the distraction to slip into the ring as Tank pulls Dangerous to his feet. Tank lifts Dangerous up in the air with a military press and then throws him to Price who hits him with The Downfall.


Reb has seen enough and he runs around the referee and straight at Price. The two begin to trade shots with Reb getting the better of the exchange. Price goes for a right and Reb ducks it. Price turns back around and Reb drops him with a big dropkick. Reb gets back to his feet and Tank charges him, looking for a big boot to the head. Reb ducks it...and Tank takes out the ref!

Bobby Cairo: The ref is down! The ref is down!

Tank turns around and Reb knocks the big man on his back with another dropkick. Reb gets up and turns around, coming face to face with Price. A brief stare down ensues and then all hell breaks loose as they trade shot after shot. Tank gets up to help his partner...when from out of nowhere he's nailed across the back of the head with a steel chair!


Price is oblivious to Malenko's presence as he finally gets the better of the exchange and drops Reb with to his knees with a european uppercut. He turns to run for the ropes...and stops when he sees Malenko standing with the chair in hand. He holds his hands up in the air and takes a few steps back as Malenko screams and rushes him. Price ducks an attempted chair shot as does Johnny Reb, but somehow Dangerous was right there and gets the chair shot! Tank trips Reb and drags him out of the ring..


Bobby Cairo: That shot was meant for Price but Dangerous was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Troy looks down with a look of horror and then turns around...only to get nailed in the head by a big boot from Tank that sends him over the top rope. Price pulls Dangerous away from the ropes and falls on top of him as Tank drags the referee over to them.

Zach Davis: No...not again.

The dazed ref looks up and sees the pin attempt, and without thinking, starts the count.

Referee: ONE!

Reb tries to break up the pin but Tank catches him with a clothesline.



"Nightmare" hits the arena as Price rolls off of Dangerous and gets to his feet. He and Tank celebrate in the middle of the ring as the crowd boos unmercifully.

Zach Davis: And again Price and Tank pick up the win over Johnny Reb and Paul Dangerous. And again there was controversy involved. Why was Troy Malenko out here Bobby?

Bobby Cairo: I don't know Zach, but hopefully we'll get some answers soon.

Price grabs the Tag Titles from a ringside official and hands Tank his as they continue to celebrate their victory. The camera moves to a shot of a still unconscious Dangerous as the show fades to a commercial about Slam!

Green Forever ..

The lights flicker and fail within the arena. Cellphones and lighters are activated and waived by outstretched arms of the crowd. Green light radiates from under the ring as a thick fog creeps in along the floor. A voice sputters in the near darkness.

"Children of the WcF..."

An overwhelming sound of rushing liquid erupts as a crimson waterfall crashes down onto the ring. A thousand gallons of blood drenches the WcF adorned ring and floods off the side.

"...Didn't I tell you I was forever?"

The arena lights sputter and surge back to life.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Skyler Striker vs Brad Kane(c)

‘With our hands held high, we’re screaming whoa-oh, whoa-oh oh...’

Zach Davis: World Heavyweight Championship is on the line next!

“Hands” by The Almost hits the speakers to a flurry of blue spotlights focused on the curtain, the rest of the arena in darkness. Skyler Striker emerges from behind and the spotlights follow his straight walk to the ring, where he slides in and stands in the center. He raises one hand in front of his face and clicks his fingers, whipping his arm to the side and cueing the lights to come to life along with a flurry of pyro from the ring posts.

Bobby Cairo: Wow, Striker is certainly serious here and is looking to be the new World Champion here in 2011!

The house lights go out in the arena as the opening of "Torcher II (The Holocaust)" by DZK flares up. Strobe lights begin to go insane when the vocals blare out of the sound system as Brad Kane appears in the entry way. The crowd cheers seeing them as Brad inhales before he makes his way down the ring. A few hands get slapped but not many as once Brad is at ringside, he hops up on the ring apron. The lights are back to normal as they enter the ring as he heads to the nearest turnbuckle and goes up to the middle buckle. Some take pictures as he steps down, inhaling once more as he does the same thing on the other side of the ring. He then backs into the corner as he then waits for the match to begin as his entrance song fades off.

Zach Davis: There's our World Champion..

Bobby Cairo: This is it right here Zach! Striker and Kane! Payback! Main Event! Title is on the line!

The ref rings the bell and the two circle before tieing up! Striker gets the advantage and backs BK into the corner. The ref breaks the hold and Striker backs up.. the crowd claps in approval. The two tie up once more in the center of the and BK grabs the advantage and backs Striker into the corner where the ref breaks the hold once more. BK slowly backs up and the crowd approves of Brad Kane.

Zach Davis: Both equally in favor of the crowd..

Bobby Cairo: What's not to like about Striker or Brad Kane!

The two circle each other and tie up but BK shoves Striker off, they tie up once more and BK gets shoved from Striker! The two go face to face in the middle of the ring and begin trading punches! Rights from Striker, rights from Brad Kane, back and forth, punch to punch, finally Brad Kane has the advantage and hits kicks to the midsection before hitting a few more right hands to the face of Striker causing him to back up and BK hits the ropes and rebounds but Striker sidesteps and BK lands on the ropes but before he can springboard back, Striker shoves BK forward over the ropes and lands on the apron. Striker runs into the corner and jumps to the middle rope and springboards to out of the ring and BK hits a stiff kick to Striker in the face and Striker lands below on the mats! The crowd gasps at the high-risk then no-reward for Striker but cheers for Brad Kane.

Zach Davis: Striker with a springboard move and when he leaped over the ropes Brad Kane caught him with a kick!

Brad Kane looks back at Striker whose getting to his feet and BK springboards to the ropes and turns in the air to land a plancha but Striker sidesteps and let's BK crash into the railing! The crowd gasps once again at the huge spot. Striker grabs Kane and throws him into the ring and pins but it's only a quick two and Striker understands that. BK is picked up and thrown into the corner where Striker hits backhand chops and kicks to the thighs! BK goes down and Striker just hits punch after punch in the corner. Striker picks up BK and throws him to the other corner, where Striker follows closely and just as BK runs into the corner back-first, Striker is there with a leaping splash! Brad stumbles out and Striker kicks to the midsection bending BK forward and Striker hooks the arms and BK struggles out and the crowd almost lost their minds as Striker tried to end it early..

Bobby Cairo: Notice Brad Kane getting out of the finishing move of Striker..

Striker stomps on BK in the corner and picks him up, sliding him out of the corner to the ropes and throws him against the other side of the ring ropes. BK bounces back but ducks Strikers clothesline and BK hits the ropes and comes back for a crossbody but Striker just lays out on his back quickly and BK hits the mat empty-handed! Striker picks up Brad Kane and goes for his finisher once again but BK struggles out of it and rolls to the apron. Striker bends through the ropes and BK kips up on the apron with a stiff European uppercut sending Striker back to the center of the ring where BK springboards to the ropes and hits a frogsplash! BK pins but it's only a two count! BK takes a breather and gets to his feet and picks up Striker hitting a quick DDT. Striker holds his head and kneels upwards where BK hits The Killshot! The sound of the kick to the face of Striker echoes through out the baseball park of D.C. Arena! The crowd counts with the ref when BK pins!

One! Two!

Zach Davis: Striker kicks out! Wow. Striker has enough in the tank to kick out of that?

Bobby Cairo: Brad Kane now has Striker in HIS game, BK is beating down Striker with kicks and that's exactly where Brad wants Striker..

Brad Kane stomps on Striker and picks him up and hits an exploding suplex! Brad Kane takes a breather and nods no to himself, and picks up Striker and hits the Love Megan Driver!

Zach Davis: It could be over! That could be it!

One! Two!


Brad Kane gets to his feet and is obviously pissed off and waits for Striker to get to his knees when Brad punts Striker in the head! Brad pins Striker!

Zach Davis: One! Two! KICKOUT! Striker kicks out again!

BK slaps the mat and picks up Striker, but Striker lands out on his back and by the trunks - pulls BK through the ropes to the apron. Striker gets to his feet but a bit shaken and grabs Brad Kane and suplexes him back into the ring. Striker picks up BK and hits Welcome To Oblivion! Striker is slow to get to his feet but he crawls over and makes the pin.

Zach Davis: ONE!

Bobby Cairo: TWO!

Kick out at the last possible inch..

Zach Davis: NO! Brad kicks up!

Striker can't believe it.. and he crawls to the corner where he climbs up the top rope slowly. Striker turns around and BK is there! Kane hits the Kirisute Gomen!

Zach Davis: It's over!




Bobby Cairo: Brad Kane wins!

Zach Davis: Brad Kane defeated Skyler Striker!

Brad Kane celebrates in the middle of the ring as a HUGE pyro display goes off! The crowd chants WCF! WCF! WCF! WCF! as Brad Kane holds the World Title high in the air in each corner.

Zach Davis: Payback... Man.. it's memories that will last us a lifetime!

Bobby Cairo: Join us one week from tonight on Slam!

Zach Davis: Goodnight everybody.. and God bless!