Revenge Intro
Jay Price vs Karl Voronov
The Cash Money Nightmares vs The New Confederacy
Creeping Death vs Russle Trombone
Anonymous Voice Segment
United States/Television Titles Match: Ace Garrison vs D-Day
World/Hardcore Titles Match: Slickie T vs Oblivion

Revenge Intro

El Dorado by Iron Maiden hits and the fans of the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin explode! Light blue and dark red pyro goes off all around as we go to our announcers, Zach Davis and Shannan Lerch.

Zach Davis: Welcome to Revenge! This is Zach Davis, here with Shannan Lerch, and-

The one and only Luscious Jackson runs up. He's wearing a headset.

Shannan Lerch: Luscious, what are YOU doing here?

Luscious Jackson: *Out of breath* I... just... need a damn job!... yo....

However, before he can sit down at the booth, security arrives and takes his headset off, escorting him away.

Zach Davis: Poor guy. I almost feel bad for him. But I hate working with him, so much. So annoying.

Shannan Lerch: Agreed. Anyway, big show tonight, am I right Zach?

Zach Davis: Indeed! We're guarenteed TWO new Champions tonight. In our main event, Slickie T puts the Hardcore Title on the line, while Oblivion puts the World Title on the line! Wow!

Shannan Lerch: Well, for the last two weeks we had The Cash Money Nightmares up against Slickie and D-Day... and the Cash Money Nightmares got the win both times. Oblivion is walking into this match with a lot of momentum.

Zach Davis: Its a totally different dynamic, though, without these men having partners. Both of these men have held these belts before... now we'll find out who really is the best.

Shannan Lerch: Our other Title vs Title match is the TV Title and the United States Title, with Ace Garrison up against D-Day. Garrison challenged D-Day earlier in the month after feeling like the TV Title isn't getting the respect it deserves.

Zach Davis: Well he's in our semi main event so he better feel respected now! But can he hold onto that belt? We'll see.

Shannan Lerch: Exhibition match between Creeping Death and the newcomer, Russle Trombone. Could this be a jobber kill? I hope not.

Zach Davis: Fort Knox and El Angel Oscuro, two members of the Society, take on the New Confederacy... who are having quite a few problems as of late. I'm not so sure they can get along, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: Me neither, but I guess tonight we'll see. The Tag Titles have been vacated for the time being after last week's assault on Kash and Malachi Wanderlust, so a win in this match could be important.

Zach Davis: And in our opener... I don't believe this... JAY PRICE is making his in ring return, taking on Karl Voronov. This is going to be epic.

Shannan Lerch: I don't believe he's back.....


Zach Davis: Oh, not again.

"For the last two weeks my enthusiastic opinion has been forced onto the likes of those whom travel with the freaks of this circus from town to town, or the homosexuals that willingly shell out the funds acceptable to watch these clowns perform. And, yes, you faithful wrestling fans were just referred to as members of the gay community. Oh! I refuse to believe those over the age of seven are honestly in super'intendence to observe the finely demonstrated arts of wrestling. Such a feat simply does not exist in this particular promotion. Tell me with a straight face that the jet black perfectly combed hair of Slickie T doesn't make you all greasy in your pants."

Shannan Lerch: Well...

"Now, that you can be fairly identified as homosexuals, relating to my terms of being here may prove to be much easier to understand. First and foremost, whomever you might have speculated me to be over the last two weeks of rants... quite simply know that I am not who you might have guessed. I have provided false hints of my identity to purposely push some of you smart ones into the direction of another certain individual. Once this night is through, most of you will realize why I could not simply take the risk of revealing who I am. You will also further realize that if my true identity was even slightly hinted, my little surprise party for the nights show would have been ruined. Secondly, my sole purpose for putting on this dragged fiasco boils down to one word ironically connecting the events name and my fire burned pain staining motive of hatred! REVENGE! Yes, a reason exists to why I waited until this particular date to reveal. The soon to be poor soul I'm in pursuit of was not available for punishment the prior two weeks. Tonight, however, he is. And it was the long two and half weeks ago that a little bird sang into my ear of his coming."

Zach Davis: Who he is referring to?

"Who I'm referring to is secretly gay!"

Zach Davis: Wha--

Like the weeks before, the commentators headsets are killed.

"Ha. No more hints. No more hiding behind the wizards curtain. See you soon, very soon."

Jay Price vs Karl Voronov

Zach Davis: We've got a lot of great action for you all tonight, and to start it off we have ourselves a little one on one match up between Karl Voronov and the recently returned Jay Price.

Shannan Lerch: Did you really just call this a "little" match up? We're talking about the return match of one of the most depraved and psychotic individuals in WCF's history. And that's saying a lot.

Zach Davis: Didn't you used to sleep with him?

Shannan Lerch: Shut up and call the match.

Standing inside of the ring beside referee Stanley Mosley with a microphone in hand is WCF ring announcer Kyle Steel.

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first...

The big screen blares with a picture of a snowy forest as Karl walks to the stage cuing “Grace” by Apocalyptica. With his approach to the ring, several large explosions occur on the stage.

Kyle Steel: From Buffalo, New York, weighing in at three hundred and thirty pounds.....Karl Voronov.

Once Karl has climbed into the ring he does his signature taunt which involves extending his arms and slowly clinching his fist all the while making a powerful expression. After he clinches his fist he roughly pounds the fist into his chest which accompanied by a large explosion above the ring.

Kyle Steel: And introducing his opponent....

All of the main lights in the arena go out as a series of red lights light up the stage, ramp and the ring. "4 Words To Choke Upon" by BFMV hits the speakers, and while it's loud enough to deafen the people even in the cheap seats, it can barely be heard over the massive booing coming from the crowd as Jay Price makes his way out onto the stage from the back. He takes a moment to look around at the crowd from under the hood of his sweatshirt, smirking as he listens to their boos and chants, and then takes off down the ramp toward the ring, taking his sweet time as usual.

Kyle Steel: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds....Jay Price.

When he finally reaches the ring he takes the ring steps up onto the apron, climbs through the ropes, and climbs up onto the second turnbuckle as he takes another long look around at the crowd. He then hops out of the corner and throws his sweatshirt at the referee as he begins to stretch out before the match.

Zach Davis: It'll be interesting to see if Price has any ring rust from being away for the last three months. By the way Shannan, what exactly do you think he was doing during that time away?

Shannan Lerch: Probably killing kittens and stuffing them in mailboxes.

Zach Davis: And on that note, let's get to the action. There's the bell and this match is underway. Voronov and Price circle each other and then move in to tie up. Price locks in a headlock...and Voronov responds by powering him off and into the ropes. Price bounces off and comes back and Voronov levels him with a crushing shoulder block.

Shannan Lerch: Jay's down and just look at that look of surprise on his face.

Zach Davis: There's been a lot of speculation about how he'd perform in the ring after being gone the last few months, looks like we're seeing the ring rust first hand.

Shannan Lerch: Price gets back up and moves right back in for a tie up and Voronov again takes control, twisting Price's arm behind his back.

Zach Davis: And Voronov is just taking it to Price, twisting that arm in ways the arm just isn't meant to twist.

Shannan Lerch: And Jay trying to fight back, throwing elbows backward at Voronov's head but none seem to even phase the big powerhouse.

Zach Davis: The referee moves to in front of Price and seems to be checking if he wants to give up and...wait a second what just happened.

Shannan Lerch: Voronov just released the hold and is backing away holding his crotch. What the heck is this all about?

Replays are shown and everyone can blatantly see that Price took his foot and kicked backward into Voronov's crotch while the referee was busy checking on him.

Shannan Lerch: Oh god I hate Jay Price! That dirty cheater!

Zach Davis: With Voronov off of him, Price turns around with that cocky smirk on his face that we all know so well.

Shannan Lerch: And now Price with Voronov's arm in his grasp as he takes him down with an arm drag before applying a scissored armbar.

Zach Davis: Karl trying to power out of the hold but Price has it locked in tight. Voronov now trying for the ropes..and he grabs the bottom one.

Shannan Lerch: The referee is moving in to break it up with the five count.

Stanley Moser: Come on Price break the hold. 1...2...3...4..

Zach Davis: And Price releases the hold just before the count of 5....and then viciously kicks Voronov in the side of the head.

Shannan Lerch: And senior referee Stanley Moser is not happy about that at all and he's letting Price know just that but Price doesn't seem to care as he gets back to his feet.

Zach Davis: And Voronov is slowly getting back up but he's holding his head.

Shannan Lerch: And that look on Price's face...thats's not a good look.

Zach Davis: Price stalking Voronov now, circling him like an animal as he tries to get to his feet.

Shannan Lerch: Voronov up on his hands and knees...and Price runs up and kicks him scare in the side of the head. My god we haven't seen him use the Hit and Run in forever.

Zach Davis: And listen to this crowd as Price stands over Voronov, gloating as he rolls on the mat holding his head. This crowd is really going at him verbally and he responds of course by flipping them off.

Shannan Lerch: And now he's walking over toward us, it looks like he's motioning for a microphone. What's all this about?

A ringside official complies with Price's request and hands him a mic.

Jay Price: This? This is what I've been reduced to? Okay I get it Lerch, you're pissed at me for leaving the way I did but did you have to reduce me to curtain jerking for the PPV? Jeez I wasn't expecting a...

Price notices Voronov starting to stir and attempt to get up so Price drops the microphone and walks over to him.

Zach Davis: Voronov back to his feet....and Price nails him with a jumping cutter. Wow we've never seen him use that move before.

Price walks back over to the microphone and picks it up.

Jay Price: As I was saying, I wasn't expecting to come back to well wishes and title shots but the least you could have done was give me a match worth preparing for. But no, you decided to give me this unlucky bastard here to wrestle and look what happened. Seth I hope you're watching this and taking note, because next week I expect someone a little more closer to my level.

Price drops the microphone and heads back to Voronov.

Zach Davis: Wow, Price was never one to hold his tongue and it looks like that hasn't changed.

Shannan Lerch: Jay now standing over Voronov and he grabs his head before locking god that just looks brutal.

Zach Davis: Price locking in an Anaconda Cross submission hold and Voronov is tapping out like a madman as the referee tries to get Price to release the hold.

Shannan Lerch: The match is over. Somebody break this up!

Zach Davis: The referee finally gets Price to break the hold as the crowd's booing is deafening.

4 Words To Choke Upon hits the PA system as Price walks over to the corner and climbs up to the second turnbuckle before flipping off the crowd as they boo him.

Shannan Lerch: God I hate him.

Zach Davis: Again I ask, didn't you used to sleep with him?

Shannan Lerch: I hate you even more.

Zach Davis: Price didn't show any ring rust at all.

Jay Price rolls out of the ring, turning his back on a exhausted defeated Karl.

"Clap for the Future! Go on! Clap!"

A slow clap echos the speakers. The audience refuses to applaud.

"Clap for the seed of MY hatred! Clap for the man that I cannot stand! Clap! It drives me even more mad when you do! When you hold this talentless shit above me! Clap! Clap! Clap!!!"

Jay Price stares at raging speakers in confusion. Suddenly, a man, easily recognized by many, rushes out from behind the curtains and bounces a steel pipe off the back of Price's head. The surprise ambush drops Price on all fours where he is repeatedly beaten over the back with the steel pipe by... LOGAN! The audience fuckin' explodes. An enraged Logan whips at Price with the heavy pipe until Price lays motionless on the entrance ramp. Logan drops the bloodied weapon at his side, staring down at a horribly beaten Jay Price with crazed eyes, and slowly, sadistically, applauding his own violent efforts with a slow.. slow.. clap.

Zach Davis: Oh my God! We're going to need some help out here!

Shannan Lerch: ...LOGAN is back too!? I... argghh..

The Cash Money Nightmares vs The New Confederacy

The arena turns black. Gold dollar signs flash about the arena. There is a red glow, as red lights illuminate the arena. Aspyxiated by Crimson Thorn begin to echo throughout the arena. The slamming drums, throbbing bass, and the thrashing guitars take over all sound, within the arena. The Dark Angel and Fort Knox comes up from a hole in the stage, that is surrounded with golden fireworks. El Angel Oscuro and Fort Knox hold out their arms, with fists clinched. As red lazers flash with the slamming drums, two bright continuous white pyro explosions explode on both sides of Fort Knox and The Dark Angel. As gold sparkling pyro set off behind them, the two jump up and land with red pyro explosion. They begin to slowly walk down the aisle.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at an combined weight of 510 pounds.... El Angel Oscuro and Fort Knox... THE CASH MONEY NIGHTMARES!!

There is a mixed reaction, from the crowd. The nightmares walk up to the ring and The Dark Angel drops to his knees to a prayer position, as Fort Knox holds out his arms. Dark Angel puts his hands together and acts if he is praying. Fort Knox shakes his head rapidly, as he talks smack. After a few seconds , El Angel Oscuro and Fort Knox look straight up and holds out their hands with the palms up. The Dark Angel hops up and they slide into the ring. The Express walks towards separate corners. They climb up to the second turnbuckles and hold up their arms out.... A red spotlight shines on The Cash Money Nightmares. The Dark Angel and Fort Knox drops down from the turnbuckles and they lean into their corners...

Zach Davis: Both of these teams are former Tag Team Champs, and here are the Cash Money Nightmares. And I've just been told that this match WILL be for the vacated Tag Team Titles!

"Bad Company" begins to play over the venue's PA system. Anticipation fills the air, and the crowd begins to cheer as Johnny Reb steps out, dressed in a grey Confederate frock coat and an officer's slouch hat. His manager, Don Jesus, is right behind him. The music plays on; the lyrics begin. "Company, always on the run. the rising sun. I was born, 6-gun in my hand. Behind a gun, I make my final stand." Johnny makes his way toward the ring at a dignified pace, matching the song's cadence. "That's why they call me..." Here, the tempo picks up. The Inveterate Confederate stops, raising his head and spreading his arms wide, to coax more adulation from the crowd. "Bad Company! And I can't deny..." As the fans sing along, Johnny moves toward the ring once more. "Bad company, 'til the day I die..." Reb mounts the ring steps and climbs in, holding the ropes for his manager. He runs to the far corner, ascending to the second turnbuckle, and throws his hands in the air, posing for the audience. There is a brief reprise of the chorus before the music fades away. Johnny hops down and shrugs off his coat, passing it and his hat to Don Jesus, who exits the ring as Reb awaits the bell.

Shannan Lerch: Hm... separate entrances for the Confederates? This may not be a good sign.

Dr. Feelgood by Motley Crue hits, and Doc Henry walks out from the back. The fans boo as he walks to the ring before rolling in and standing in his corner.

Zach Davis: All right.. the bell sounds.. here we go.

The Confederates are talking over who is going to start the match, and it seems that they can't come to a consensus. It seems like the argument is getting more and more heated until Knox and Oscuro attack them both from behind, Knox taking Reb and Oscuro taking Henry. Oscuro throws Henry out of the ring and then goes to help Knox with Reb. They throw Reb to the ropes and go for a Double Arm Drag, but Reb lands on his feet! Reb turns and grabs Knox's head, kicks Oscuro in the gut and then grabs his head too. He drops, hitting Knox with a DDT and Oscuro with a Stunner-like move!

Shannan Lerch: Wow! Innovative move by Johnny Reb.

Henry has climbed to his corner. Reb goes to tag him, but Henry refuses, saying Reb has it covered. Reb turns around, frustrated.

Zach Davis: What the hell is this about?

Reb kicks Oscuro out of the ring to focus on Fort Knox. He stomps him a few times before jumping to the top rope and executing a Moonsault Leg Drop. The crowd claps in appreciation as Reb covers him.



No, Knox kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Little too early in the match to get a pinfall that way.

Reb kicks Knox a few more times before climbing outside onto the apron. Once Knox stumbles to his feet, Reb Springboards over the ropes and hits a Bulldog! He stands up, and as soon as Doc can reach him, Doc tags himself in.

Zach Davis: Oh come ON.

Shannan Lerch: NOW he wants into the match?

Henry comes in, on fire, kicking Knox mercilessly. Reb looks at him like "What the hell?" but shakes his head in disappointment and gets onto the apron. Henry lets Knox get to his feet and then hits a Spinning Heel Kick!... which sends Knox flying back into his corner, where El Angel Oscuro tags in.

Zach Davis: Uh oh. Here comes the Dark Angel!

Henry runs at him but Oscuro hits a Drop Toe Hold, sending Henry down to the mat. Oscuro kicks him a few times before letting him get up. Oscuro then throws him to the ropes and executes a Spinebuster!

Shannan Lerch: Powerful move!

Oscuro pins him.



No! Henry kicks out.

Zach Davis: Reb didn't go for the save there... did he know Henry would kick out so he didn't have to bother, or.. ?

Shannan Lerch: He still looks pissed about Henry's shenanigans, Zach.

Oscuro then climbs to the top. He measures Henry up.. and flies off with a 450 Splash!

Zach Davis: Wow!

But no! Henry rolls out of the way at the last moment! Henry gets to his feet and pulls Oscuro in.. and hits a Pedigree! He goes for a pin!



Knox kicks him off.

Shannan Lerch: Close.

Knox gets back onto the apron but Henry quickly goes to tag Reb back in, which Reb begrudgingly accepts. Reb whispers something to Henry. Henry climbs to the top while Reb gets ready to Springboard.

Zach Davis: What are they going for here? Some kind of double team move..

Reb Springboards over the top and Dropkicks Oscuro! Henry, however, decides not to bother and simply climbs down off the turnbuckle to the apron.

Shannan Lerch: I think they were going for a Double Missile Dropkick, but Henry changed his mind.

As Reb gets up, he goes back over to Henry and asks what his problem is. The two begin arguing again. Meanwhile, Oscuro tags in Knox, who comes up behind Johnny while he's arguing with Henry... Knox rolls Johnny up from behind!



No! Henry kicks out!

Zach Davis: That was a close one!

Henry and Knox both get to their feet and Henry goes for a Clothesline, but Knox ducks it... and Henry ends up hitting the ref instead!

Shannan Lerch: Ruh roh.

The ref goes down, holding his head. Knox swings at Henry, but Henry ducks it and hits the Gambler's Hand!

Zach Davis: There it is!

Shannan Lerch: Is Doc Henry going to go All-In next?

Not yet. First, Henry rolls out of the ring... and grabs a chair.

Zach Davis: ....ruh roh.

Before Henry slides back in, he whacks Oscuro in the back with the chair, making Oscuro fall back out to the ringside area. He then slides in... where he's met by Johnny Reb.

Shannan Lerch: Reb isn't going to take too kindly to this, Zach.

Reb and Henry once again begin arguing, with Reb asking Henry what the hell he thinks he's doing. Henry seems to respond "winning the match and the Titles!" or something to that effect. As they continue to argue, Knox is getting up behind Henry.

Zach Davis: Henry better pay attention to his opponent!

Knox grabs Henry from behind, but Henry turns around quickly and violently blasts Knox right in the face with the chair! He then throws the chair out of the ring and instructs Reb one final time to let him finish the match. Henry climbs up to the top.

Shannan Lerch: Not like this..

..and flies off, going All-In! The ref finally awakens...




Zach Davis: ...New tag team Champions, for the 3rd time... the New Confederacy.

Doc stands up, all smiles. The ref hands him the belts, and he proudly holds both of them up before handing one to Reb. Reb accepts it, but not proudly.

Shannan Lerch: Even though he's a Champ, Reb is clearly not happy about how this match went.

As the Cash Money Nightmares make their way up the ramp, Doc and Johnny remain in the ring. An attendant brings each of them a microphone; they both start talking at the same time, voices steadily rising in volume as each tries to shout the other down. Finally, Johnny lowers his mic and gestures at Doc to go ahead and talk.

Doc Henry: Thank you, Mr. Reb… I got somethin’ to say, an’, well, there ain’t no time like the present.

Johnny gazes at his partner curiously.

Doc Henry: Y’know… there’s been a lotta tension between us lately. Things ain’t the way they used to be. Time was… you didn’t mind bendin’ a few rules. “At any cost” was practically a catchphrase for you. An’ it paid off. But now…

Reb’s curious expression slowly begins to darken. The audience listens in hushed anticipation.

Doc Henry: Now… now you’re different, Johnny. You have this weird obsession with followin’ the rules to the letter. I don’t know how many times the ref had his back turned tonight, when you coulda made damn sure this match ended quick an’ decisive…but you didn’t, did ya? Ya didn't... but I did.

Johnny Reb: Ok, wait a minute –

Doc Henry: I ain’t finished! Johnny, you’re not the man you were…an’ I’m not so sure that’s a good thing. I don’t think you quite got the talent to succeed without takin’ a few liberties. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with it. A lotta people have built careers around getting’ creative with the rules. But even worse… you get a little recognition, an’ all of a sudden, you start…panderin’ to the fans. It rings a little hollow, don’t ya think?

A halfhearted boo from the crowd; Johnny frowns.

Johnny Reb: That’s enough, Doc. This ain’t the time or the place to be airin’ grievances…

Henry snorts derisively.

Doc Henry: It’s a wrestlin’ ring! It’s the perfect place to air grievances! What the hell is wrong with you these days? It’s like… I don’t even know you anymore. What happened to the guy who, right around two years ago, didn’t have a problem launchin’ a series of increasin’ly vicious attacks on me… just ‘cause the boss told ya to? What happened to the guy who woulda done ANYTHING to secure a title around his waist?

Johnny Reb: That guy… grew up, developed a conscience. Why do you keep bringin’ it up?

Doc Henry: Because, Johnny…it’s who you are. One of these days, no matter how hard you try to keep that savage streak locked down, it’s gonna come out. An’ the longer you restrain it, the worse it’s gonna be when you finally let it loose.

Johnny shakes his head in vehement denial. Doc grins wickedly.

Doc Henry: Oh, yeah… trust me. I know you, Johnny. There’s a dark side in you that will not be denied for long. You may have all of them fooled… but not me. I know exactly what you’re capable of…

Johnny Reb: That was a long time ago, Doc. I ain’t like that no more.

Henry gives him a knowing smirk.

Doc Henry: You keep tellin’ yourself that, Johnny Reb. Whatever helps you sleep at night. But I gotta say… until you come to your senses, an’ embrace your potential… I think we’re through, you an’ me.

Johnny frowns.

Johnny Reb: You don’t mean that…

Doc Henry: The hell I don’t! TWICE you’ve lost us the tag titles… I don’t really see a point in continuin’ this little charade. You ain't gonna lose these Titles for us again!

Johnny Reb: ME?! I ain’t the one who got pinned!

Doc Henry: You sure as hell didn’t help me out none!

Johnny Reb: Are you INSANE? Are we even talkin’ about the same match? I was – No. You know what? I ain’t gonna argue this with you. This…has been a long time comin’. I been carryin’ you long enough.

This prompts a small pop from the audience. Henry holds up a hand to silence them.

Doc Henry: Whoa…whoa… YOU been carryin’ ME? I think you been smokin’ way too much ganja with that crazy wetback.

Reb waves Doc’s comments aside dismissively.

Johnny Reb: Look…whatever. Think what you want to. You’re right, it’s time to put an end to this…charade, as you called it. From here on out, the New Confederacy no longer involves you.

Doc and Johnny stare daggers at each other for several tense moments, each appearing to be on the verge of striking. Feeling that he’s gotten his point across, the Inveterate Confederate drops his mic and rolls out of the ring. A mixed reaction greets him as he strides up the ramp, pausing once to look back at Doc. Henry leans against the ropes, watching Johnny disappear backstage with a scornful expression. Then he, too, leaves the ring to a chorus of jeers from the crowd.

Zach Davis: Wow.

Shannan Lerch: ...what about the Titles? First we have the Malachi/Kash debacle, now this!?

Zach Davis: Forget the Titles, Shannan, we've just seen possibly the best WCF tag team ever break up. Wow.

Creeping Death vs Russle Trombone

"Funky Cold Medina" by Tone Loc kicks in and Russle Trombone is shoved through the curtains. He stumbles, but manages not to fall.

Zach Davis: Yawn. Someone get a real wrestler out here.

Shannan Lerch: I happen to LOVE Russle Trombone.

Zach Davis: Oh really?

Shannan Lerch: Yes, really. I recently found a picture of ol' Rusty and I gave it to my brother.

Zach Davis: You have your brother a Rusty Trombone..



Shannan Lerch: Yep! Sure did! He loved it! Sprayed his cream everywhere with glee!

Zach Davis: /vomit

Shannan Lerch: Nothing goes better on baked potatoes than sour cream!

The lights in the venue suddenly cut to black as the familiar opening to "For Whom the Bell Tolls" plays. The crowd is jacked up and gets louder after every toll. After six tolls, there is silence. Then, the intro for "Blood and a Siren" by Index Case plays. After the little guitar intro, when the song gets intense, a spotlight hits the curtain and Creeping Death emerges, wearing a black hoodie with the hood up. He headbangs with the crowd as they throw up the devil horns, and he does the same back to them on his way to the ring. CD enters the ring by sliding in through the bottom rope. Inside, he walks to the far corner, leaps up and takes a seat on the top rope, awaiting the match to begin.

Referee Stan Moser calls for the bell and we are under way! Russle circles CD, shuffling around and cautiously keeping his hands up. CD watched Russle circle, confused. CD tries to approach, but Russle backs into the corner. CD looks around, shrugs, and backs away. Russle shuffles out of the corner, and once again, CD approaches, with Russle backing into the corner again.

Zach Davis: Russle should have trained his timidness.

Russle walks out of the corner and pokes CD in the eye! He follows with a BIG punch to the face! CD is dazed! Another big punch takes CD to the mat!

Shannan Lerch: What the shit?!

Russle looks at the ref, and kneels down for the pin!



CD kicks out, but not before a looong 2 count!

Zach Davis: CD is out of it! Two huge punches put him to the mat.

CD is out of his element. Russle picks CD up off the mat and hits a big headbutt. Russle drops to his knees and hits the Turkey Tap! And it was right in front of the ref's eyes!

Shannan Lerch: Nooo!

But the ref ignores the move. CD drops to his knees and is brought back up and over with a suplex, followed by another! The Double Down! Pin!




Zach Davis: Maybe with time, Russle will get a better finishing move.

Russle picks CD up one too many times, as CD htis a quick rolling heel kick to the forehead! CD dashes to the ropes and returns with a big flying knee attack, sending Russle to the corner! CD pulls Russle out and whips Russle into the ropes.

Russle comes back with a sliding Turkey Tap and rolls CD up!




Shannan Lerch: YYYYEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zach Davis: What an upset!

Russle Trombone exits the ring quickly, very excited with his victory. Creeping Death's response is "what the fuck."

Logan Segment

Zach Davis: Very shortly we'll be directing you through a camera feed live backstage to get an update on Jay Price's current condition.

Shannan Lerch: I am still very stunned by all of this.

Zach Davis: The anonymous voice we've been hearing the last few weeks over the speakers turned out to be none other than The Face of Treachery himself, Logan. And, well, when he revealed himself earlier tonight... it wasn't very pretty.

A recap of the nights brutal attack to Price plays over the jumbotron; a beaten and battered Jay Price laying unconscious, a crazed Logan standing over him.

Shannan Lerch: And here's what happened during the break.

Security guards rush out onto the ramp to apprehend Logan. Surprisingly, after such a violent act, Logan seems calm, fully cooperating with the guards, and keeping a cold stare on Price's body as he was handcuffed and escorted away. EMT's shortly follow after, carefully loading Price onto a stretcher and hauling him away. The jumbotron fades black.

Zach Davis: Jay Price is not exactly a very liked person, but, eh... I don't think he deserved that.

Shannan Lerch: We've got a camera man outside to give us an update on Price.

All eyes fall upon the jumbotron once again which gives everyone a view of the parking lot outside the arena. An ambulance with ringing sirens pulls away from the lot in route to the nearest hospital. WCF interviewer Hank Brown standsby in the parking lot to shine some light on the current situation.

Hank Brown: Just a few moments ago, Jay Price was loaded into the back of this ambulance. Unfortunately, the paramedics refused to comment. But from what I can tell, Jay Price's body looked very lifeless.


Logan steps into the cameras shot with a smirk on his face, the audience watching the jumbotron inside the arena begin to boo massively.

Logan: Oh, what's wrong? None of you really much liked the guy anyway.

Hank Brown: Logan?!

Logan: Hello.

Hank Brown: How did you escape security?!

Logan: Heh. The important question at hand, Hank, is how is Jay's stability? M'm! Brain damage? Will his eye uncontrollably twitch at the sight of steel pipes from now on? Will he soon suffer random headaches? Oh, don't worry, Hank! My buddy, Jay Price, is such a tough little cookie. He'll be back getting another round of punishment before I can say 'shut up'.

Hank Brown: But.. why, Logan? Why? It's no secret that you two have had a history, but, but.. this was just..

Logan: Wonderful? Great?

Hank Brown: No! Damnit! This was inhumane.

Logan: Ah? How do you figure?

Hank Brown: He could have been killed!

Logan: Since 2006 he's been nothing but a headache for me that could not be cured. A false image horribly representing and corrupting the concrete platform of WCF that I spent building from 2000 to 2006, before his cheap paper crown regime. This place I once declared home used to have honor and meaning. But, no, he ruined that.. forever, and it'll be the same again. I have accepted that. There is no cure for the plague that he drove into our ground.

Hank Brown: ...What are you talking about?

Logan: I'm talking about ridding Torture from WCF for once and for all!

Hank Brown: But.. he's dead..

Logan: Oh, Hank, open your eyes! Torture's body is rotting, yes, nothing but a corpse. However, and very unfortunately, his spirit, soul, remains very much alive. And alive he is.. inside Jay Price.

Hank Brown: ....

Logan: I did not expect you, or anyone else for that matter to believe me. But, I know what I know. You see, when Torture 'died', my hatred for Jay Price grew even stronger. I can't explain why. The emotion just came over me, felt forced, forced like the way that Torture forced himself down everyone's throats the last three years! Torture is inside Jay, I know this, Hank. I see Torture in him... Hank, eating my patience, consuming me with hate, just like he did those years ago in the August of 06. It's my personal mission to make sure Jay Price's career be finished, that they be no 'Future'. And, Hank, when Price is gone... then Torture can really die.

Hank Brown, among others in the audience, listen on to Logan as if he has completely lost his mind. Logan's expression prove to those viewing that he is honestly serious. The jumbtron fades black, disappearing from Hank Brown and Logan in the parking lot.

Zach Davis: ....that was VERY strange.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah... I think Logan's finally lost it.

Ace Garrison vs D-Day

Shannan Lerch: Can you believe that last match?

Zach Davis: Yea, I knew it’d get crazy, but dang, that was Crahehaaazaaay!

Shannan Lerch: You’ve been hanging out with the wrong crowd, Zach.

Zach Davis: Next on the bill is a “Title versus Title” match between the reigning Tv Champ, Ace Garrison and the reigning US Champ, D-Day!

Shannan Lerch: My money’s on Ace, he’s dreamy.

Zach Davis:…tramp…

Shannan Lerch: What?

Zach Davis: I said… hey, look who’s coming down the RAMP.

Shannan Lerch: Who?

Its My Life by Bon Jovi plays in the speakers. The lights are dim.The lights flash on to D-Day walking out to the top of the ramp with his belt and falls on his knees and throws his arms in the air, as soon as he throws them in the air fire works go off and surround him. The screen shows all of D-Day moments of his dead and forgotten special move. As also the screen shows a ring then the words in white and in cursive, the words D-Day. When D-Day get in the ring he raises his hands to his name on the screen and followed by all of the titles he has held in the WCF.

Zach Davis: D-Day has been stepping his game up lately. He’s been kicking ass and taking names.

Shannan Lerch: He’d better not take my name. I like it too much. I even like saying it. Shananananananan Lerrrrrrcha!

Zach Davis: Yea, it’s a good name.

Shannan Lerch: Your name sucks. Soo boring.

"Control" by Puddle of Mudd hits the speaker system. The speaker brushes aside and Ace Garrison appears onto the stage. He stands there for a moment and looks amongst the fans, who are greeting him with boos! He smirks before making his way down the ramp. Ace walks up the ring steps, wipes his feet on the mat, and enters through the middle rope. He quickly walks towards the farthest corner and climbs up it. Once again, he looks amongst the crowd before smirking and jumping down.

Zach Davis: Well, both men are in the ring. Let’s get it on!

<Ding Ding>

Both men lock up in the center of the ring. D-Day forward-rolls, wrenching Ace’s arm behind him in a hammer lock. Ace reaches backward and hooks an arm around D-Day’s head.

Zach Davis: Ace Crusher!

Shannan Lerch: Damn! That was fast! A finish-worthy maneuver within the first 10 seconds!

D-Day rolls away from Garrison’s soccer kicks while clutching his throat.

D-Day rolls backward to his feet and launches himself off the ropes. Garrison is smashed by a quick dropkick from D-Day. D-Day plops down and locks in a sleeper hold on Ace. Ace struggles against it, but D-Day has a firm grip.

Crowd: D Day! D Day! D-Day!

Ace raises a poignant middle finger to the crowd before jamming that middle finger into D-Day’s left eye. D-Day releases the hold.

Crowd: Boo! I’m glad you’re baby died!

Shannan Lerch: Wow. This crowd is ruthless.

Ace uppercuts D-Day and slings him against the ropes. D-Day rebounds only to be dropped by a flying superman punch. D-Day crumbles to the mat. Ace takes this opportunity to spit into the crowd. He personalizes this middle finger by first pointing at the fat guy in the front row holding a “D-Day for President” poster. The fan turns the sign around to reveal “Garrison=Stupid” crudely scrawled on the opposite side. Garrison laughs before getting tackled by D-Day from behind. D-Day pummel’s the back of Ace’s head.

Zach Davis: Smart move by D-Day, softening up the back of that head. It’s hard to think when you’re head’s hurting.

Shannan Lerch: Einstein-like observation, Zach.

D-Day locks in another sleeperhold. Ace manages to roll D-Day off his back and short-dropkick him in the face. Garrison lifts D-Day and slams him down.

Shannan Lerch: DDT!

Garrison quickly locks in a Boston-Crab. D-Day manages to crawl to the ropes and grab the bottom one. The ref breaks the hold. D-Day and Garrison stand and square off. D-Day downs Ace with a drop toe hold and tries to lock in a single leg crab, but Ace kicks his way out of it. D-Day stomps on Garrison’s chest then, drops a searing elbow in the same place. Garrison headbutts D-Day and rolls to his feet. Garrison runs up and snap-suplexs D-Day.

Garrison lifts D-Day for a Vertical Suplex. He stalls with D-Day in midair before rocketing D-Day’s head into the mat.

Zach Davis: Oof! That one had some stank on it!

Garrison stands and smashes D-Day with a jumping elbow-drop. Garrison locks in an arm-bar on D-Day. D-Day throws punches at Ace in vein. D-Day manages to get to his feet while Garrison keeps the armlock in place. D-Day lifts Garrison and slams him down with a short-powerbomb. Garrison looses his grip on the hold. D-Day staggers away holding his left arm. He returns to Ace and lifts him. D-Day slings Garrison into the ropes.

Zach Davis: Super Kick! Garrison went down hard!

D-Day climbs the ropes and executes a perfect frog-splash. The ref slides into place next to them.


Garrison kicks out violently. D-Day lifts Garrison to his feet. Garrison catches D-Day with a fast uppercut and follows it up with a flurry of European uppercuts. D-Day stumbles into the turnbuckle. Garrison hops the ropes and bulldogs D-Day’s face into the mat. Garrison stomps on D-Day’s left arm before plopping down and hooking on a reverse arm-bar on it. D-Day screams in pain.

Shannan Lerch: He’s gonna break it!

D-Day sweeps Garrison’s leg and breaks the hold. D-Day pushes himself to his feet with his less damaged arm. He raises his hand to the crowd.

Crowd: D Day! D Day! Day!

D-Day swaps a flurry of combo’s with Garrison. Ace ducks D-Day’s right cross and lands a forceful spinning backhand. Garrison leaps onto the middle rope and flings himself as the staggering D-Day.

Zach Davis: Flying Super kick!

Shannan Lerch: Wouldn’t that just be called a single leg dropkick?

Zach Davis: Who’s the technical expert here? Me or You?

Shannan Lerch: Well, it’s obviously me if you can’t correctly call the moves.

Zach Davis: I’m the technical expert, you’re the color commentator. You know how I know? ‘Cause you got titties. Boom.

Garrison wrenches D-Day’s arm backward and lifts him with it tucked behind him. Garrison suplex’s D-Day onto the damaged arm. D-Day rolls and clutches his elbow. Garrison stands and walks around the ring. He flicks his short spikey haircut before posing for the crowd.

Crowd: Boo!

Garrison answers by raining down stomps onto D-Day’s left arm. D-Day tries to roll away but Garrison kicks him in the face. Garrison wrenches D-Day’s arm backward into a wristlock and uses his other arm to lock in a Rear-naked-Choke.

Shannan Lerch: Final Clutch! This could be it!

D-Day writhes violently against the multiple holds.

D-Day starts to wane. The ref leans down and lifts D-Days hand and drops it. It falls to the mat lifelessly.


The ref lifts D-Day’s arm again. It falls to the mat.


The ref lifts D-Day’s arm for a third and final time. It falls to the mat.


Shannan Lerch: Yay! Garrison won it! Woo! Sexay!

Zach Davis: Yep. Garrison showed us once again why he’s a top contender here in the WcF and you’ve once again shown me why I love to throw darts at a picture of your face.

The lights flicker as D-Day stumbles up in the middle of the ring as a gang of ski-masked invaders circle the ring. Two of them clothesline Ace Garrison down and then throw him into the apron. They roll him into the ring when Day asks for the invaders to step up.

Zach Davis: Who are they!?

Shannan Lerch: Maybe tonight we find out who they are and what the hell they want from us!?

The invaders swarm Day and attack him. He tries to fight them off with a few punches but can't last with the numbers. Ace is on his feet and goes for a few punches but the attackers take him down as well and unleash an attack!

Zach Davis: How many are in the ring? My God!

Shannan Lerch: I just counted NINE of them!

Ace gets a DVD from one of the bigger attackers and then Day gets a stiff spinebuster from another and both men are laid out. The nine invaders stand in a line and slowly raise their left arm to the air. Palms facing out they lower their heads.

Zach Davis: What the hell is going on?

A loud bang is heard at the entrance ramp and the lights go out just as the jumbotron lights up with a HUGE flash of bright white. A crackling voice is heard..

"The War is far from over. Good luck."

The lights go out and flashbulbs are going off like crazy. The lights come back on after some fifteen seconds and the men are gone. The ring has two bodies who are hardly moving. Ace and Day try to get to their feet but need the help from WCF officials. We cut to the announcers.

Zach Davis: What the hell is this all about?

Shannan Lerch: Well if anything, I believe Team WCF needs to step up to the plate and realize whomever this is that is leading these series of attacks aren't going after anyone in particular. They're going after WCF as a whole.

Zach Davis: Let's just hope they're done for the night!

Slickie T vs Oblivion

Shannan Lerch: It's time now, for the main event.

A graphic pops up with WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP "Slickie T" Allen Guiliano -v- World Heavyweight Champion Oblivion

Zach Davis: Let's take it, to the ring, where Kyle Steel will begin with the opening introductions....

Kyle Steel: This match will be a Title verses Title match. Both the WCF Hardcore and WCF World Heavyweight Championshps will be on the line.

"Gravesend (Lake of Fire)" players over the speakers Slickie makes his way through the black curtain, turning his back to the crowd and making his famous "T" symbol with outstretched arms. Once the words to the song begin, he quickly turns and looks over the crowd, giving a smirk before making his way down the ramp.

Kyle Steel: From Sicily, Italy... Weighing in at 215 pounds. He is The Ace of Hardcore... The WCF Hardcore Champion.... Slickie-ie-ie T Allen Guili-i-iano-o-o!!!!

Slickie T is extending his hand to those that are already outstretched.

Zach Davis: There has been a lot of words that have been said of late. There has been somewhat of a rivalry brewing between The Hardcore and the World Heavyweight Champion.

Shannan Lerch: Even in their last two tag team matches, have been intense!

Once reaching the ring, he stands on the ring apron, using the top rope to vault himself into the center of the ring. He then climbs the turnbuckle and outstretches his arms to form a "T" once again.

Zach Davis: There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, your WCF Hardcore Champion!

Slickie T does a back flip into the center of the ring and awaiting for Oblivion.

Shannan holds her right ear.

Shannan Lerch: I have confermation that Hank Brown is back stage, trying to get a word from Oblivion.

Oblivion is backstage getting ready to head out when Hank Brown approaches the World Champion...

Hank Brown: Oblivion!! Oblivion!! May I take a second, to get your viewpoint on tonight's title verses title match?! You do realize, if you defeat Slickie T, you will be both the Hardcore and World Heavyweight Champion.

Oblivion doesn't say a word, but keeps walking. When Oblivion walks past a light, that light flickers. The champion eyes are full of intensity and determination. Oblivion ignores Hank Brown's plee for a brief interview.

Hank Brown: Oblivion! Can we get some kind of comment, any comment at all on what you think or feel about this match up?!

Oblivion stops, as Hank Brown peers up at the champion. Oblivion slowly turns it's head and stares down at Hank.

Oblivion: A word. One word.

Oblivion held up his right index finger, as he talked. He turns towards the camera, gets real close and says...

Oblivion: PAIN!!!

Oblivion's head shakes with intensity, as he pushes the camera out of the way, knocking the cameraman down in the process. Hank Brown just stands there, speechless.

Zach Davis: I for one, is really excited for this real important title verses title match-up!

The lights go out. In the name of God by Slayer begins to play, as the thunderous combination of the guitars, bass, and drums explode through the arena's speakers.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 295 pounds, from the deepest, darkest part of a sick man's psyche......THE WCF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.... O-O-O-OBLI-I-IVI-I-I-I-O-O-O-O-NN-N-NN-N!!!

There are a mixture of cheers and boos, more cheers than boos. The crowd stands onto their feet and rush towards the security railings. Monk like chants start to play out along with the music. Thick white misty smoke begins to roll out. A half dozen tall and muscular men, wearing black cloaks, slowly walk out. The six men begin to chant out... "Ther-er-ere i-i-is no-o-o choice but to fo-o-ollow-ow-ow! Ther-er-ere i-i-is no-o-o choice but to fo-o-ollow-ow-ow!" Oblivion slowly slinks low to the ground, with it's arms extended outward. With the World Championship around his waist, Oblivion has it's index fingers pointing outward. As the guitar solo begins, lazers flash throughout the arena. Thunder-like sounds rattle the arena, as lighting strike-like sounds shake the foundation of the Bradley Center. Oblivion slowly stands up, with it's arms extended outward, spins around. The six men continue to walk and chant. Several members of The Gathering begin to slink out, what seems like from out of nowhere. As Oblivion gets to ringside, It pops it's neck, as Oblivion holds it's arms outward. The six "monks" split up and begin to surround the ring. The Gathering continues to slink around, tormenting the crowd, nearby. Oblivion slides under the ring ropes and walks to a corner and climbs up to the second turnbuckle. The World Heavyweight Champion raises it's arms to an mostly cheering crowd. Oblivion jumps down and walks over to the center of the ring. The six men begin to leave, as they continue to chant. The Gathering slither away. Several thousand cameras flash throughout the arena, as Oblivion strikes a muscular pose.

Lies in the name of God!!!!!

Oblivion hands over the world Title over to Stanley Moser.

Shannan Lerch: WCF Senior Official Stanley Moser, will be officiating tonight's main event.

Stanley Moser holds up the both the Hardcore and the World Title over his head.

Zach Davis: That's what this is all about, ladies and gentleman. Title verses title. By the end, of this match, someone will be walking out as a double champion!

Slickie T meets Oblivion, in the center of the ring. The referee stands between them. Both combatants are staring at each other.

Shannan Lerch: You can cut this tension, with a knife!

Slickie T holds out his right hand.

Zach Davis: There ya go. A perfect gentleman!! Slickie T holds out his hand, for good sportmanship.

Slickie T and Oblivion are nose to nose.

Crowd: Ou-u-u!!

Oblivion pushes Slickie T away with a hand to his face.This infuriates the Ace of Hardcore and he charges Oblivion. The World Champion hits Guiliano with a forearm shiver, then another one, then finally a third one, which cause Slickie T to stumble back into a corner.

Shannan Lerch: Oblivion has Slickie cornered! Guiliano's back is to the turnbuckles.

Zach Davis: Oblivion begins to nail Guiliano with furious knees to his mid-section. The referee is trying to get in between Oblivion and Slickie T.

Oblivion tries to throw fists, but Guiliano blocks them and proceeds to begin a barrage, of his own punches and kicks, until his finishes with a dropkick, that knocks down the World Champion. The crowd erupts with cheers.

Shannan Lerch: The fans are on their feet, as Slickie T methodically approaches the fallen champion. Slickie T drops an elbow on Oblivion.

Slickie T tries to deliver another elbow drop, but Oblivion moves out of the way. Slickie T quickly gets up and....


Zach Davis: Both men hit a clothesline on each other. Both are down! Stanley Moser begins a count.

Stanley Moser: One! Two!

Oblivion and Guiliano slowly move, as the crawl toward each other. They begin to strike each other with fists, as they are on their knees. They slowly stand up, they hook up with a collar and elbow tie-up. Oblivion gains the advantage.

Shannan Lerch: Oblivion has a huge size difference over Slickie T!!

Oblivion grabs Guiliano's right wrist, with it's left hand and...


Zach Davis: Short-arm clothesline!!

Guiliano drops to the mat, grabbing for his head. Oblivion pushes away Slickie T's hands and arms, then drops the point of the elbow and forearm across the jaw of the Ace of Hardcore. Quickly, Slickie T rolls out of the ring. Oblivion tries to approach the ring ropes, but the referee stops him. Slickie T sees the perfect opportunity and grabs for Oblivion's legs and pulls him out fo the ring.


Shannan Lerch: OU-U! Oblivion landed hard, on the outside of the ring. In fact, I think when Oblivion was pulled out, he hit his right hip, on the ring apron.

Oblivion is slow to move and Slickie T sees an advantage and he rushes towards the corner and climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Oblivion is still not moving, but only to grab for his right hip. Slickie T leaps into the air...


Zach Davis: Shooting Star Press!!!

The referee continues his count...

Stanley Moser: ONE!!!

Shannan Lerch: Stanley moser begins his count!

Stanley Moser: TWO!!

Stanley Moser: THREE!!

Slickie T picks up Oblivion and puts him into a suplex position.

Zach Davis: Allen Guiliano has executed a perfect snap suplex. But, apparently, the Ace of Hardcore is not finished!

Guiliano picks up Oblivion and...


Crowd: OU-U-U!!

Shannan Lerch: A russian leg sweep!!

Zach Davis: Slickie T has had total control of this match!!

Slickie T drop a couple of elbow drops onto the fallen Oblivion, before he picks up up and proceeds to irish whip Oblivion.

Crowd: No!

Shannan Lerch: But, Oblivion has enough sense to reverse it....


Shannan Lerch: And Slickie T collides into the ringsteps, back first.

Stanley Moser: SIX!!!

Zach Davis: They both better keep in mind, that the count is still going on. I'm surprised they haven't been counted out yet!

Oblivion grabs Guiliano and rams his back into the edge of the ring apron, The Ace of Hardcore screams out in pain. Oblivion rolls his challenger into the ring and goes for the pin.

Crowd: ON- No!

Slickie T holds up his right arm and he begin to shake his right fist. The crowd begins to cheer for the Hardcore Champion. Oblivion punches Guiliano and punches him again, but Slickie T begins to stand and shake with anger. Oblivion swings wildly at Guiliano, but he ducks and....


Shannan Lerch: A belly to back suplex and Oblivion hits the mat hard.

Zach Davis: Slickie T has that wild look in his eyes!! He runs to a nearby corner and quickly leaps off the turnbuckle....


Shannan Lerch: A corkscrew splash!! Slickie T goes for the pin!

Crowd: ONE!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THRE-NO-O-O!!

Guiliano puts Oblivion in a side headlock and begins to run towards a corner.

Zach Davis: Slickie T is running towards a corner, with Oblivion still in the headlock! It looks like Guiliano is running up the turnbuckles.

Shannan Lerch: It could be the famous slickie T bulldog!

Slickie T pushes his feets off the turnbuckles and spins Oblivion and is about to hit Oblivion with a bulldog, but...


Zach Davis: It looked like Oblivion had enough sense to reverse it and hit slickie T with a belly to back suplex!

Both men are motionless and the crowd's cheers are almost deafening!

Shannan Lerch: This match has not dissapointed anyone! Both men are still, no! Both men ARE slowly moving, but it is Oblivion that gets up first.

Oblivion spins around like a madman, as he puts his hands on his face and then removes them quickly. He twists his neck around and tenses up as he begins to stomp down onto Slickie T's every body part. The crowd begins to chant out loud!

Crowd: S!!! T!!! O!!! M!!! P!!!!

Zach Davis: Survive- Treachery- Overcome- Monstrous- Psychopaths!!

Shannan Lerch: Oblivion goes for the pin!

Crowd: ONE!!!

Crowd: TWO!!!

Crowd: THREE-NO-O-O-O!!!

Zach Davis: The Ace of Hardcore kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: I thought we had a winner, that time!! Whew!! This match...

Zach Davis: I tell you what!! This match has been exactly what everyone had to expect!!

Oblivion picks up Slickie T and...


Shannan Lerch: Enziguri!!

Slickie T spins around, before he finally collapses and lands on his back. Oblivion sees the opportunity to grab the Ace of Hardcore and hit him with a slingshot suplex.

Zach Davis: But, with too much momentum hitting the mat, Slickie T has rolled over onto Oblivion. Stanley Moser is making the count!!

Crowd: ONE!!!

Crowd: TWO!!!

Crowd: THREE-NO-O-O-O!!!

Shannan Lerch: Oblivion kicks out!

Guiliano picks up Oblivion and irsh whips him into the ropes.

Zach Davis: Oblivion bounces off the ropes and Slickie T steps back.....


Shannan Lerch: OH MY GOD!!! Did we just see that, Zach?!

Zach Davis: I believe so, Shannan!! Slickie T went for his Omerta super kick, as Oblivion went for Check Out Time and both hit their marks, knocking them both out, of the ring!!

Shannan Lerch: They both lying there, motionless, ringside!!

Stanley Moser: ONE!!!

Stanley Moser: TWO!!

Stanley Moser: THREE!!!

Zach Davis: They are both not moving!!!

Stanley Moser: FOUR!!!

Stanley Moser: FIVE!!!

Shannan Lerch: They could be both counted out!!

Stanley Moser: SIX!!!

The crowd is screaming for both of them to stand up and get back in the ring!!! Oblivion is slowly moving, as he looked up at the referee. Slickie T begins to move as he puts his hand onto the ring apron to help himself up

Stanley Moser: SEVEN!!!

Oblivion elbows Guiliano in the midsection, before slamming his head against the ring apron. Guiliano slams the back of his elbow against the jaw of Oblivion. As they are trying to get up and enter the ring, the other one is trying to prevent the other one from entering the ring.

Stanley Moser: EIGHT!!!

Although they are still continously fighting back and forth, they both manage to enter the ring. There is a collective sigh of relief from the fans in the Bradley Center.

Zach Davis: It looks like the Ace of Hardcore is standing first and he grabs Oblivion...

Shannan Lerch: It looks like he's going for the T-Bone!!

Slickie T has Oblivion into position, but Oblivion wiggles free and puts Guiliano on his shoulder spins around...

Zach Davis: Talk about old school, airplane spin.

Shannan Lerch: I don't think so!

Oblivion knocks off Slickie T's feet off his shoulder and nails a RKO.

Zach Davis: 5150!!!

Oblivion goes for the pin!!

Crowd: ONE!!!

Crowd: TWO!!!

Crowd: THREE-NO-O-O-O!!!

Shannan Lerch: Slickie T kicks out!

Oblivion slams his hands down onto the mat with frustration!!

Oblivion: STAY DOWN!!!

Oblivion stomps down onto Slickie T, before walking over to the corner and climbs up to the top turnbuckle!! Oblivion looks down at Slickie T, before flying off the top turnbuckle with shooting star press, but as he was about to land, Slickie T moves out of the way.

Zach Davis: Oblivion misses with the Bi-Polar!!! Allen Guiliano sees his chance!!

Slickie T grabs for Oblivion into position that is similar to the impaler and....


Shannan Lerch: T-BONE!!!

Slickie T rolls Oblivion for the pin attempt!!!

Crowd: ONE!!!

Crowd: TWO!!!

Crowd: THREE-NO-O-O-O!!!

Shannan Lerch: Oblivion kicks out!

This time Slickie T shows frustration. Guiliano grabs for Oblivion's legs, but Oblivion kicks him off and quickly gets up and Oblivion locks Slickie T into an inverted face lock, by reaching with it's own left arm draping over the opponent's throat/neck area. Oblivion reaches with it's right hand and grabs a hold to Slickie T's ring wear, by the knees. Oblivion tosses Allen Guiliano over his left shoulder, while still holding onto the Ace of Hardcore's neck and head. Then, finally crashing down into a Stunner.

Zach Davis: Oh my God!! Soultaker!!!

Shannan Lerch: We seen that move before!! I have been told this will be an option for his finishing maneuver, Bi- Polar!!!

Oblivion goes for the pin, as Slickie T looks hurt!!

Crowd: ONE!!!

Crowd: TWO!!!

Crowd: THREE!!


The crowd gasps in surprise!

Shannan Lerch: How in the hell... ?!

Oblivion is just as surprised as anyone else. He starts lifting Slickie T to his feet, slowly... UNTIL SLICKIE T SNAPS OFF A SUPERKICK OUT OF NOWHERE!

Zach Davis: OMERTA!

Slickie falls on top of Oblivion!




Shannan Lerch: Oblivion kicks out! WOW!

Both Oblivion and Slickie T stumble to their feet, slowly. They begin trading blows, one after the other.

Zach Davis: These two men throwing everything they have left at one another..

Oblivion takes a wild swing, Slickie ducks it... AND HITS THE T-BONE!

Shannan Lerch: OH MY GOD! THERE IT IS!

Slickie pins Oblivion, hooking the leg!




Zach Davis: NEW CHA-

The lights drop in the arena.

Shannan Lerch: Oh no. Not now. ...This is War?

When they come back on Greenfever is standing in the center of the ring, clutching a steel chair. His face is gnarled and bleeding.

Zach Davis: Oh no! It's Greenfever! He's back! He's back!

He stands over both Slickie T and Oblivion. He puts his finger to his chin while looking down at them as if he's trying to decide who's going to get the wrath of his steel.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like he doesn't know which one to crush first.

He nods to himself as the answer becomes clear. Greenfever slams the chair down onto the back of Slickie T's head. It rocks grotesquely and sprays blood across the mat.

Zach Davis: No! That's not right! Slickie T doesn't deserve this!

Shannan Lerch: He just won the Title, and this moment has been ruined!

Greenfever picks up the World Title with his blood soaked hands before tossing it down onto Slickie's battered body. He sucker punches a pregnant woman in the crowd as he makes his way up the ramp. The crowd roars in a hail of boo's and slurs.

Zach Davis: I don't believe this... fans, we'll see you at Slam...

Revenge fades out.