Ultimate Showdown Intro
Jakob Azazel vs Tiny
Television Title Match: Jaguar vs Adam Young vs Ace Garrison
Hooded Man Segment
Malachi Wanderlust vs Fort Knox
Tag Team Titles Match: KashVille vs The New Confederacy
United States Title: Karl Voronov vs D-Day vs Michael Diamond
Hardcore Title: Slickie T vs Shaun Jackson
KashVille Segment
World Title: Oblivion vs Greenfever

Ultimate Showdown Intro

Month of May by The Arcade Fire hits and Ultimate Showdown is live on PPV, coming from the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! We go to our announcers.

Zach Davis: Welcome to Ultimate Showdown! Its been a rough couple of weeks for WCFland for some reason.

Shannan Lerch: HUGE show tonight. We have what promises to be one of our most brutal matches ever... Oblivion against Greenfever.. in a Hell in a Cell match.

Zach Davis: This has overall been one of the most violent feuds we've ever seen, and they're settling things once and for all in this kind of matchup. It isn't going to be pretty.

Shannan Lerch: We also have a rematch with Slickie T up against Shaun Jackson. That one is going to be fairly violent as well I'm sure! Violence all over tonight.

Zach Davis: Triple threat for the United States Title... Karl Voronov, D-Day, and Michael Diamond, who is substituting for Steve Thunder. Is he even still alive?

Shannan Lerch: The black masks were conspicuous by their absence last week.. I don't know, Zach. We'll see, I'm sure.

Zach Davis: Tag Team Titles contest between KashVille and the New Confederacy. These are easily the two strongest tag teams in WCF today, this is going to be a good one.

Shannan Lerch: Malachi Wanderlust vs Fort Knox in a Last Man Standing match. Wanderlust must be trying to prove some kind of point.. that he is the tougher man that beat up Cryboy McEmo, I guess.

Zach Davis: Last Man Standing, though? More violence. Geez.

Shannan Lerch: We have another triple threat, this one for the Television Title. Jaguar, Young, and Garrison.

Zach Davis: Thanks to Adam Young, Brad Kane no longer works here, so he should be happy with that. But he can make his victory complete tonight by winning the Television Title.

Shannan Lerch: And in tonight's opener, Tiny and Jakob Azazel are going one on one. Should be good.

Zach Davis: Let's see!

Shannan Lerch: Actually, I just got word, that one is cancelled. TV Title match will open the show.

Zach Davis: Let's see!

Jaguar vs Adam Young vs Ace Garrison

Shannan Lerch: The triple threat Television title match is up next.

Zach Davis: Kyle Steel, is in the ring, for the match introductions.

Kyle Steel stands in the center, of the ring, with a mic in his right hand.

Wanted dead or alive by Bon Jovi starts. The crowd cheers. Jaguar comes out to the entrance ramp. The crowd cheers, again, as Jaguar performs a snap kick before running to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Running to the ring, weighing in at 232 pounds, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.... JA-A-AGUAR-AR-AR!!!

Voice: Tonight Philadelphia you once again get to see what a World Champion looks like. Tonight you get to see the greatest tag team wrestler in the World today ply his trade in a singles match. Tonight it will get Unpredictable.

"Its all about the money" by Ted DiBiase starts playing as Austin Adams comes out dressed like the Million Dollar Man. He stops half way to the ring.

"Oh Hell Yeah" by James A. Johnston starts playing as Angus Killian comes out dressed like Steve Austin. He stops when he gets next to Austin.

"I know you want me" by James A. Johnston starts playing as Katie Lea comes out dressed like Tammy Lynn Stych. She walks up to where Austin and Angus are.

Voice: From Abilene,Texas, weighing in tonight at 238lbs. the current NCW World and OWO World heavyweight champion "Unpredictable" Adam Young!

The arena lights fade down as one single white light hits the entranceway as "Badstreet" by Michael P.S. Hayes and the Badstreet Band plays. A man comes out wearing a Rebel flag t-shirt, jeans and rattlesnake skin boots carrying a Rebel flag. Out walks Adam Young in a long Rebel flag ring robe with two men in rebel flag masks carrying his World titles.. They head towards the ring and he knuckles all three members of the Big Time Jerks as they have all now wearing black Badstreet Tap Out t-shirts. The fans are throwing beers and cokes at Adam as he climbs into the ring. Adam climbs up on the second turnbuckle and disrobes showing off his new rebel flag wrestling tights.

Shannan Lerch: Now, it's time for the Television Champion!

"Control" by Puddle of Mudd hits the speaker system. The speaker brushes aside and Ace Garrison appears onto the stage. He stands there for a moment and looks amongst the fans, who are greeting him with boos! He smirks before making his way down the ramp.

Kyle Steel: Walking down the ring, hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio and weighing in at 234 pounds. He is the current WCF Television champion.....A-A-ACE GAR-AR-ARRISO-O-ON!!!

Ace walks up the ring steps, wipes his feet on the mat, and enters through the middle rope. He quickly walks towards the farthest corner and climbs up it. Once again, he looks amongst the crowd before smirking and jumping down.


Kyle Steel: This match is now underway.

Shannan Lerch: With these three inside the ring, this match should be very fast paced.

Kyle Steel: I agree. This match should be a good one, indeed.

All three men circle the ring, glaring at one another. All three lunge at each other, but it is Jaguar and Adam Young the ones who begin beating down Ace Garrison with lefts and rights, until the champions falls down to the mat and Jaguar and Young begins to nail garrison with several boots and elbow drops.

Zach Davis: I guess this just basic retaliation for the smack talk that Garrison has done towards Jaguar and Adam Young.

Young and Jaguar look at each other. The crowd begins to stir, as the two begin to stare down one another. The champion slips out, of the ring and approaches the time keeper's table and grabs for a mic.

Ace Garrison: I'm the Television Champion, damn it!!! I deserve some... NO! Forget that! I demand some God Damn respect!!!

The roof, of The Wachovia Center is nearly blown off, as the crowd explodes with boos. As Young and Jaguar were about to blow to blow, they look at each other and shrug their shoulders and leave the ring and charge at Ace Garrison.

Shannan Lerch: The challengers, Adam Young and Jaguar are now pummeling the champion, Ace Garrison. WCF Senior Referee Stanley Moser begins to yell at the competitors...

Stanley Moser: Alright, you three!! Bring the action, back into the ring!! You give me no choice.... ONE!! TWO!!

Zach Davis: Looks like the referee has no choice, but to start to count-out Young, Jaguar, and Garrison.

Ace Garrison tries to push away Adam Young, but Jaguar keeps hitting Garrison with a combination of a spinning back fist-back heel kick-knife edge chop.

Stanley Moser: FOUR!! FIVE!!

Garrison grabs for Jaguar and throws him into the broadcaster's table.


Shannan Lerch: Zach!! Watch out!!

Jaguar flies over the broadcasting table, almost crashing into Shannan and Zach.

Stanley Moser: SIX!!!

Zach Davis: What the Hell!! Garrison throws Jaguar, right at us!

Adam Young hops back a step and lunges towards Ace Garrison...

Shannan Lerch: Adam Young attempted the Sure Shot, but misses...

Ace Garrison, takes the opportunity to grab Young and....


Zach Davis: DDT!! Right in front of us, Shannan! Adam Young and Jaguar are not moving.

Stanley Moser: SEVEN!!! EIGHT!!!

Ace Garrison slides back into the ring and then immediately exits the ring, to grab for Adam Young and tosses him, back into the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like Adam Young is holding his back and neck.

Zach Davis: Yea, Ace Garrison is smiling about it!

Shannan Lerch: Don't be surprised, if Garrison does take advantage of the opportunity.

Ace Garrison rolls Young over, on to his stomach and locks his fingers under the chin of Young, as he has his knee into the upper back of Young.

Zach Davis: I guess you can call this a modified Camel Clutch.

Shannan Lerch: It still does the same amount of damage on the neck and back.

The referee kneels down, in fron of Adam Young...

Stanley Moser: You wanna submit, Young?

Adam Young: No.

Stanley Moser: How 'bout it?! Call it a night?!

Adam Young: NO!!

The crowd cheers as Jaguar begins to move and slowly walks around the announce table and from the outside, of the ring, Jaguar climbs up the turnbuckles and is perched on the top turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Jaguar is perched and is ready to fly!!

With his back to the turnbuckles, Ace Garrison, doesn't see Jaguar getting ready to pounce. Garrison let's go of the submission hold and stands up. The crowd cheers, as garrison turns around. Jaguar leaps off the top turnbuckle and....


Shannan Lerch: A flying drop kick from Jaguar. And Adam Young is slightly moving slowly, as he tries to stand up.

Jaguar flies past a downed Television Champion, as he rushes towards Adam Young and hits him a with a spinning heel kick, dropping Young back down to the mat.

Zach Davis: Ace Garrison is up and is running towards Jaguar.

Ace Garrison attempts a running clothesline, but misses Jaguar...


Shannan Lerch: Garrison misses his original target, but he nailed Adam Young with the clothesline.

Garrison smiles, as he looks down, but Jaguar taps the champion, on the shoulder, Garrison turns around and is met with Jaguar grabbing the champion by his head. Jaguar runs towards the corner, while still grabbing a hold of Garrison's head and bounces both feet off the top turnbuckle and slam Garrison's head off the mat.

Zach Davis: Sliced bread #2!! Garrison is down!

Jaguar goes for the pin....

Crowd: ONE!! TWO! THR-NO-O-O!!!

Shannan Lerch: Adam Young broke up the pin!

Young grabs Jaguar and hits him with a standing dropkick.

Zach Davis: Young hits a second dropkick. And now another dropkick, making it three quick dropkicks!!

With Jaguar down on the mat, Young grabs Jaguar's left hand with his own right hand and steps over Jaguar, with his left leg in between Jaguar's head and left shoulder.

Shannan Lerch: This looks like it's gonna be....

Adam Young then puts Jaguar's left hand into his own left hand and wraps his own right arm around the right leg of Jaguar.

Zach Davis: And now, yes... yes.. Young is finishing the move by grabbing the the left arm and bending the wrist back. Yes!! The CHIKARA SPECIAL!!!

Jaguar is writhing around in pain!!

Shannan Lerch: The referee is asking Jaguar, if he wants to submit. Jaguar shouts out an deafening no!

With a mixture of excitement and boos, Ace Garrison comes out of nowhere and nails Adam Young, with a double axe handle, to the back of his head. Garrison grabs Young and hits him with a bulldog!!

Zach Davis: As Adam Young is still down, on the ground Garrison is stalking around Young.

Garrison pounces down and attaches the Final Clutch!!

Shannan Lerch: THE FINAL CLUTCH!!!

Zach Davis: A rear naked choke variation!

Adam Young tries to fight back, but quickly, Young's motions are seriously slowed down.

Shannan Lerch: Stanley Moser gets into position to check on Adam Young. ONE!!! The arm drops down one time!!

Zach Davis/The crowd: TWO!

Shannan Lerch: That's two times. One more time and Ace Garrison has retained his championship!

The referee grabs the arm of Adam Young and is the process of seeing if the submission has been successful...

Shannan Lerch/The crowd: THRE-... NO-O-O-O!!

Jaguar stops the submission. Garrison stands up, with anger and pushes Jaguar. But, Jaguar swings at the champion, but misses. Garrison gets behind Jaguar and wraps his arms around the waist of his opponent and....


Zach Davis: A quick release German suplex! Garrison is not finished. He stalks Jaguar.

Jaguar stands up slowly and Garrison picks him up and hits him with a T-Bone suplex.

Shannan Lerch: Beautiful T-Bone!! Looks like Garrison said that's it and goes for the pin cover!

Crowd: ONE!! TWO! THR-...NO-O-O-O!!

Zach Davis: Adam Young broke up the pin.

As Ace Garrison stands up, with an expression of extreme frustration on his face, Adam Young stands behind him and....

Shannan Lerch: DRAGON SLEEPER!! Adam Young has a dragon sleeper on the champion!! The champion is going down fast!!

Stanley Moser checks on the champion. Garrison is fighting back with vain punches and kick attempts, but nothing is working. As Adam Young has the submission on tight!

Zach Davis: What's this!?!?

Jaguar is on the top turnbuckle and flies off. He lands on top of both Young and Garrison with a flying body splash, nailing both. The crowd explodes with cheers!

Shannan Lerch: This match has been back and forth, all through the match!

Jaguar is flopping around while holding his own stomach.


Shannan Lerch: Stanley Moser is beginning the count!!!

Crowd: ONE!!!! TWO!!! THREE!!! FOUR!!! FIVE!!! SIX!!!

All three begin to move and they start to stand. Garrison throws a right hand and hits Young. Young swings and nails Jaguar with an left elbow. Jaguar shakes his head and jumps into the air and hits both with a spinning heel kick!!

Zach Davis: Jaguar knocks both men down with that spinning heel kick.

Jaguar sees his opportunity and begins to run towards the ropes, but Young trips up and Jaguar lands hard on his face onto the mat. Young picks up Jaguar and slips around him and....

Shannan Lerch: Adam Young has Jaguar in a sleeper!! A sleeper, THIS could be it!!

Young and Jaguar don't see Ace Garrison creeping behind them!! Young is slightly bent over, trying to get a little leverage on the sleeper, Ace Garrison comes running towards Adam Young and Jaguar.

Zach Davis: The Television Champion leapfrogs over both of them, grabbing Young's head....


Shannan Lerch: OH MY GO-O-O-O-D-DD-D!!! As Adam young had Jaguar in a sleeper, Ace Garrison, out of nowhere, leapfrogs over both of them and nails Adam Young...

Zach Davis: ....and Jaguar.

Shannan Lerch: And yes, Jaguar with an Ace High!! Oh my God!! Young and Jaguar are completely knocked out!!

Garrison smiles an evil grin, as the crowd shouts out!!

Crowd: THAT WAS AWESOME!!! <clap-clap><clap-clap-clap> THAT WAS AWESOME!!! <clap-clap><clap-clap-clap> THAT WAS AWESOME!!! <clap-clap><clap-clap-clap>

Garrison goes for the pin....

Crowd: ONE!!!

Crowd: TWO!!!

Crowd: THREE!!!


Zach Davis: Ace Garrison did it!! He retained the Television Championship!!

Several cup and other pieces of garbage is thrown inside the ring. Ace Garrison just stands in the ring, as he raises the Television Championship into the air.

Hooded Man Segment

Fading down into the boiler room..

Shannan Lerch: We have seen this so many times in recent weeks..

Zach Davis: Its becoming quite infamous.

In the distance, a scene of confusion. The Black Masks stand around an empty crucifix, its shackles broken.

Shannan Lerch: Is that Steve Thunders crucifix?! Could that mean our United States Champion is free from his captures?!

Zach Davis: I truely, truely hope so!

The Black Masks are confused, worried. The Hooded Man appears in the distance.. his body language screams with rage as he throws his metal pipe to the ground and storms toward the crucifix.

Fade back to ring side.

Malachi Wanderlust vs Fort Knox
Last Man Standing Match

The lights go out and gold dollar signs flash about as Birdman ft Lil Wayne - Get your shine on plays and Fort Knox comes up from a hole in the stage covered with golden fireworks. (IE like the Brood's entrance from back in the day). Fort Knox comes out wearing black shades. Knox is wearing gold chains around his neck and is wearing a gold Rolex watch and bracelet. He has a gold ring on each finger and when he holds to up to the camera they spell FORT KNOX.

The arena lights dim to black and then an intense white spotlight casts downward to the center of the ring, up the ramp to the center of the entrance stage as Broken, Beaten and Scarred by Metallica begins to play. About forty seconds into the song, with the first pause and drum transition, Wanderlust emerges from the backstage area dressed in all black gear, carrying a table alongside in one hand. His long black hair is slicked wet, and the music obviously pumps him up. At the top of the ramp, he stops for a moment and lets the music play while rousing up the fans in various unscripted ways: pumping his fist, banging his head, etc. At about the one minute mark, with the second drum transition, Wanderlust gives a cut-throat motion and spits a white cloud of mist upwards into the air, then there's a large burst of white pyro that signals him to head down the ramp towards the ring with the spotlight on him the whole way, sometimes slapping a few hands. As he's walking, the ring announcer performs his introduction. While outside the ring, Wanderlust kicks up the table and both of the legs fall out to the floor, an obvious sign that he’s done this before. Once more he makes the same cut-throat motion and then motions that he’s going to put his opponent through the table. When the lyrics begin at approximately a minute and fifteen seconds, he rocks his way between the top two ropes and heads directly towards one of the four corners to raise his fists into the air and pose for the audience to gawk or take pictures. At about two minutes and twenty seconds, Wanderlust stands ring-center and three bursts of white pyro spring from the ring-posts as the words "We die hard" ring out.

Zach Davis: This should be pretty good. Malachi wants to prove to the world just how much more dominate he is than Fort Knox. I believe he can prove that here tonight!

Shannan Lerch: Can't count out Fort Knox though, his money isn't the only thing big. His talent inside that ring is respected here in WCF.

Fort Knox slides back into the ring behind Malachi and is bringing a Steel Chair with him. He slams the chair into Malachi's back and Malachi steps forward a few steps and turns around just as Knox delivers a stiff shot to the head. Malachi stumbles backwards. Fort Knox heads rushing towards the ropes behind him and bounces off the ropes. He comes at Malachi full speed with the steel chair high above his head, ready to strike Malachi for a third time. As the chair comes down, Malachi punches the chair and it flops out of Knox's grasp. It hits the mat and so does Fort Knox after Malachi crushes him with a clothesline. Malachi grabs Knox with both hands around the neck and lifts him to his feet. Knox throws a knee into Malachi's midsection but the release doesn't break. Malachi Choke Tosses Fort Knox across the ring like a rag doll. Walking over to where Fort Knox landed, Malachi kicks the chair out of the ring and this gives Fort Knox a chance to slide out of the ring. Fort Knox walks around the ring exchanging some words with Malachi inside. Malachi steps through the ropes closest to Fort Knox and Knox dropkicks Malachi's legs off the ringside apron. Malachi hits the floor below and Fort Knox works fast and hits a high legdrop onto Malachi's side. Knox stands up quickly and begins stomping on Malachi and the Referee is now outside the ring waiting for the moment to make the 10 count. Knox lays off of Malachi and grabs the ringbell sitting at the corner of the announcer table. He swings full force down and cracks Malachi in the back with the ring bell as Malachi tries to get up.

Zach Davis: Knox will have to play dirty in order to match strength and talent with Malachi...

Shannan Lerch: This is true but Malachi has to control the movements of Fort Knox, he's a fast and accurate striker!

Knox puts the ringbell under Malachi's face and stomps on the back of Malachi's head. He drops to his knees and begins lifting and pounding Malachi's face into the ring bell. Malachi grabs Knox's arms and pulls him closer, grabbing him and rolling him over. Malachi pushes himself on top of Fort Knox and drops a few stiff rights into Fort Knox's chest. Knox tries to catch his breath after having the wind knocked out of him. Malachi gets up and grabs Fort Knox by both of his legs and swings Knox into the front of the Announcer's Table. Malachi looks at the table and smiles, he grabs Fort Knox and raises him up off the floor. Instead of just going after the table though, Malachi rolls Knox back into the ring. Malachi climbs into the ring between the ropes and lifts up Knox once again. He walks Knox over to the ring ropes closest to the Announcer's Table and lays him standing against the ropes. Malachi gets out of the ring but stays up on the ring apron. He works Fort Knox so that he too is now on the outside ring apron with him. Malachi grabs Knox, holding him up and Knox begins to fight back. He throws a back elbow into Malachi's face and it stuns Malachi. Knox jumps up and tries coming down with a straight elbow to the forehead but Malachi grapples on and pulls Knox in for a Bearhug. Knox tries clapping Malachi's ears but it doesn't break the hold. Knox even tries eye gouging but before he can do much more, Malachi pushes himself off the ring apron backwards and flips Knox over in a Belly To Belly that sends them both through the Announcer's Table. You can hear the wood of the table breaking differently then just coming down or breaking through the middle. This shattered some of the wood, splintered it and now jagged pieces are sticking up in certain places. The crowd goes crazy!

Shannan Lerch: WHOA!! Are you alright Zach? Are you crying?

Zach Davis: I seen Malachi and Knox flying towards us and my life flashed before my eyes...I met God, he said I have a purpose!

Shannan Lerch: Yeah to annoy me..I don't think this is finished!

Malachi moves first, he is slow about getting out of the shatter zone. Fort Knox rolls onto his back and is panting from the wind being knocked out of him. The fans begin chanting different things, sometimes names, sometimes a simple "This is Awesome" as the two men gather themselves and move back towards the ring. Malachi gets in slowly rolling under the bottom rope, he gets stuck under there and pushes the bottom rope out of his way to get all the way in. Fort Knox is just getting out of the splinters of announcer table and is now on the clean mats at ringside. He grabs the ring apron and that helps him get to his feet. Malachi is up and he's heading over to the chair that he had kicked out the ring on the other side. He gets out, grabs it, and gets back in the ring just as Fort Knox is getting in the ring. Both men race to get up first and Malachi wins but is on the other side of the ring. He grabs the chair and rushes in and takes a huge swing but Knox ducks under and spins around as Malachi turns towards Fort Knox. Fort Knox quickly hits a Spinning Wheel Kick into the chair which Malachi holds onto. The chair claps hard against Malachi's face and it sends Malachi stumbling backwards and landing into the ropes.

Shannan Lerch: Very Nice!

Zach Davis: That's the Vandaminator! Or Was that the Van Terminator?

Shannan Lerch: Damninator....How did you get a job here? They did interviews like American Idol didn't they? Random People getting auditions.

Knox doesn't leave the scene as he throws punch after punch at Malachi's face. Malachi pushes Knox back and Knox comes in and front dropkicks Malachi's legs as he stands to his feet. Malachi drops to the mat on his stomach. Malachi crawls over to the corner of the ring closest to him and Fort Knox runs to the opposite side of the ring and exits between the middle ropes. He stands on the outside ring apron and watches Malachi across the ring. Malachi turns and sits with his back to the corner pads, sitting on his ass in the corner. Fort Knox grabs the ropes, jumps up and bounces off the ropes flying across the ring and BAM, he nails a sharp dropkick directly into Malachi's face. The referee begins making the 10 count.




Continuing to count the referee watches as Knox rolls out of the way, he has a little pain from the leap. Malachi is slumped down into the bottom turnbuckle. Fort Knox rolls out of the ring and grabs his side. He looks up and spots a table already setup at the side of the ring he at. He walks over and closes the legs on the table, making it a flatter surface as he slides it into the ring. Knox gets in the ring slowly and grabs Malachi's leg and pulls him away from the corner a little. Knox then goes and grabs the table he put in the ring and brings it over and lays it tall into the corner by Malachi. Fort Knox jumps over Malachi and stands over in the corner adjacent to where the table and Malachi are located.

Zach Davis: What is he doing? Why waste time?

Shannan Lerch: He has something planned, he knows what he's doing!



Knox is waiting for Malachi to get to his feet and slowly he begins pulling himself up with the ropes as a helpful tool for that. The referee stops his count as Malachi falls back and his back lands against the table in the corner. He takes notice as well and then notices in a quick instant that Fort Knox was rushing across the ring at him. Malachi moves out of the way just in time and Fort Knox goes head first into the table. The table cracks but doesn't break and Malachi grabs Fort Knox from behind and launches him with a release German Suplex. Knox hits the mat on his neck and shoulder area and bounces before flopping against the mat like a lifeless bag of potatos. Malachi pulls himself towards the ropes and uses them once again to get himself to his feet. Malachi steps over to where Knox is at and grabs him in a Fall Away position. Malachi lifts Knox off the ground and drops him down onto Malachi's knee with a Ripbreaker and then whips Knox and nails a Fall Away Slam. Knox is being tossed around the ring with all of Malachi's strength and it's beginning to look easy. Malachi gets up faster this time, showing his edurance has made a comeback. Malachi steps on Knox's face and pushes all of his weight into the step and steps over Knox using his face as a lift. Knox grabs his face and rolls in pain.

Zach Davis: He's getting Manhandled! Like a High School Wrestler competing against an Olympic Champion! This is awesome!

Shannan Lerch: And you are lame..I'm sorry folks, Zach here has issues and they become my issues...

Malachi lifts Knox up on to his feet but bends him forward and pulls Knox's head and places it between his thighs and under his nutsack. Malachi lifts Knox into a Powerbomb and he turns around and runs towards the table still sitting in the corner of the ring. Malachi tosses Knox from his shoulders moments before he reaches the table and Knox flies through the air backwards until he crashes through the center of the table. Knox looks like a broken man as he is buried under the wood where the table had broken. The referee once again begins the 10 count.




Malachi sits there for a moment but decides he doesn't want this to be over just yet. The referee stops counting when Malachi grabs Fort Knox out from the rubble. Knox tries to throw a weak body shot but it isn't packed with enough of anything to Malachi. Malachi lifts up Knox and sits him down on the top turnbuckle. Malachi tries to turn and move away for a moment but Knox grabs him by the shoulder and as he turns towards Knox, Knox jabs him in the eye with a thumb. Quickly Fort Knox grips Malachi's head and pushes himself off the turnbuckle and nails a stiff Tornado DDT. Planting Malachi into the mat, Knox reaches out and grabs the rope to give him assistance. With Knox on his feet, he nails a Rolling Thunder onto Malachi's chest area. As he lands though, Malachi grabs slides an arm between Knox's legs and pushes him backwards up onto his neck and holds him there as Malachi uses Knox to push himself up. Malachi now on Knox with Knox rolled up, Malachi begins punishing Knox with a single shots from his free hand. Malachi gets to his feet and grabs Knox still in the rolled up position. Malachi lifts Knox up and slams him quickly again in a single armed Powerbomb.

Shannan Lerch: WHAT POWER!!

Zach Davis: And talent on top of that! This guy is a Monster!

Knox straightens out and Malachi lets go of the hold. Malachi steps out of the ring and goes for another Table. As he approaches the table the fans grow in noise and Malachi turns to the ring just as Fort Knox comes flying over the top ropes in a front flip. Malachi catches Knox and stumbles back, hitting the table and Malachi goes through the table still holding Knox from the dive. Knox is forced forward by the crash but his face runs right into a broken edge of the table and it punctures his cheek. Blood squirts out like a slow running fountain for a brief minute before it begins to just flow out of his cheek. Knox jumps off of Malachi and grabs his cheek, blood flowing out between his fingers and cupped hands. The referee jumps out of the ring to check on Knox and Knox shoves the referee off of him.

Knox turns around to check on the condition of Malachi and moves his hands revealing the wound. It isn't as bad as it could have been but it's bleeding fairly bad. He tries to ignore the pain as he approches Malachi. Knox pushes the referee who was about to start counting. Knox wasn't ready to hear him counting, he wasn't done with Malachi. This little rivalry had to end and Knox wanted to be the one who ended it. Knox removes the jagged edges of the table that are sticking out. He then climbs up to the ring post and climbs up onto the top turnbuckle. Blood dripping from his cheek is starting to come up everywhere he goes. The crowd begins to cheer as Knox sits on the top turnbuckle. He looks down and thinks about his next move but as he does Malachi slowly begins to move around. The referee had already begun counting when Knox got on the turnbuckle.




Knox leaps from the turnbuckle and glides for a moment before coming down hard with a Sunset Flip, landing on Malachi. Malachi got the wind knocked out of him as the breath blows hard out of his mouth upon impact. Knox doesn't bounce any which shows how hard the impact was. The referee stops his count and then begins a new one now that both men are down.

Zach Davis: Very Nice, Very Impressive!

Shannan Lerch: Yes it was!









Finally they both start moving. With only seconds left before their both counted KOed, they scramble to their feet. Malachi using the ring apron while Knox used the guard railing. They cause the referee to quit counting again and then they meet and begin trading shots. It doesn't last long because Fort Knox cannot compete with Malachi's strength and size. Malachi gets the upper hand and pushes Knox back into the guard railing and then clotheslines him backwards into the ringside seats. Fans move back to give the two men room as Malachi steps over into the crowd area. Malachi throws some of the chairs out of his way, giving them some concrete grounds to slam eachother on. Things were going to get interesting here if they already weren't before. Malachi big boots Knox as he sits on his hands and knees.

Shannan Lerch: These two have been fighting hard!!!

Zach Davis: This match-up has lived up it's hype!!

The crowd screams and cheers. A loud roar of screams rushes closer...

Shannan Lerch: OH MY GOD!!!

Zach Davis: Here comes The Society!! Wait, who is that then?

Out from the guard railing comes Jason Kash carrying a duffle bag with him. He jumps the guard railing and rushes around the ring to the entrance ramp where The Society is coming down. Kash drops the duffle bag and unzips it and pulls out a glass bong, a million volt taser gun, and a sock with something heavy in it.

Zach Davis: Is that a sock!?!

Shannan Lerch: It appears to be so..

Zach Davis: He's gonna hold off The Society!!

Oblivion points at Jason Kash and begins cursing towards him. El Engel Oscuro rushes towards Kash and quickly Kash picks up the glass bong and smashes it in Angel Oscuro's face. Oblivion and Melissa rush down and Kash picks up the sock and swings it head strong and cracks Melissa in the shoulder. Oblivion cracks Kash in the mouth with a stiff right and Kash comes back with a strong left hook to the jaw. They trade blows for a little while and Oblivion slowly backs away, he knows he has a Hell in A Cell later in the night and doesn't want to ruin his chances at winning that match. Melissa scoots away from Kash and Angel Oscuro leaves the scene as the entire Society leaves ringside and disappears into the back. Kash gathers the things he brought in the duffle bag and jumps back into the crowd and disappears himself. The match resumes without interference.

Shannan Lerch: That was loyalty right there!

Zach Davis: Jason Kash showing that The Society now has people they can't bully with numbers!

Shannan Lerch: Let's continue with the action in the ring!

After the outside is cleared, Malachi picks up Knox, getting him to his feet and then whipping him into a line of folding chairs that fans had sat on. Knox flips over the chairs and slaps against the cement floor. Malachi grabs a chair and sets it down onto Knox's chest and sits down on it. Malachi almost taking a minute to catch up with everything looks down at Knox and sweat drops from Malachi's forehead and lands in Knox's eyes. Knox closes his eyes trying to push out the sudden burn from the sweat. Malachi wipes the sweat from his head and reaches down, rubbing it onto Knox's face. The Referee is now in the crowd area as well and he is trying to get Malachi to get up so that he can either make the 10 count or continue with the action. Malachi gets up and shoves the chair off of Knox before dragging him back towards the ring. He tosses Knox over the guard railing and steps over it himself. He leaves Knox laying there on the ringside mats as he climbs up on the ring apron.

Fort Knox gathers himself and gets up and falls forward, grabbing Malachi's feet and pulling them out from under him. Malachi comes down hard and his head crashes into the ring apron. Knox kicks Malachi in the face a few times, busting Malachi's bottom lip in the process. Knox slides in the ring as Malachi gets up and he looks angry. As Malachi gets into the ring, Knox dives off the top rope and legdrops the back of Malachi's head. The referee gets in the ring and as Knox gets up, the referee starts counting as Malachi lays on the mat.





Zach Davis: This can't be the end!!

Shannan Lerch: What a huge victory this would be for Fort Knox. I don't think Malachi is done from a simple legdrop.

Fort Knox walks over to Malachi and leans forward and spits directly in Malachi's face. Malachi's eyes almost go red as you see the anger inside him grow to a boiling point. Malachi gets up fast, faster then Fort Knox had expected. Knox connects with a hard right but Malachi ignores the punch and charges in at Fort Knox. He grabs Knox and knees him in the stomach and quickly nails his finisher "Lethal Injection" the match should be over but before the referee can begin counting, Malachi is up on his feet again and he lifts Knox up. The referee stops counting and Malachi walks Knox's limp body over to the corner post. He lifts Knox up and sits him once again on the turnbuckle. Malachi begins to climb up the turnbuckle infront of Fort Knox and he stops climbing as his feet his the middle turnbuckle. Malachi picks up Fort Knox in a powerbomb position and Malachi throws Fort Knox over the turnbuckle and to the outside. Fort Knox soars through the air and he crashes down through the last Table that is setup outside the ring. The table explodes and Fort Knox is out cold as the referee makes the 10 count.











Malachi falls back off the turnbuckle and lands on his back onto the mat after the 10 count. The referee grabs his hand as the bell rings, announcing him as the winner here tonight! The referee then signals for the EMTs in back to hurry out here to check on Fort Knox.

KashVille vs The New Confederacy

Zach Davis: What a night this has been so far, folks!

Shannan Lerch: And it’s only going to get better, Zach! The New Confederacy is about to defend their hard-won tag titles from the up-and-coming KashVille.

"Influence" by: Trapt plays as Jason Kash and Tommy Knoxville appear from behind the Entrance curtain. The fans giving a mixed reaction get their attention as they throw up the Influential Minds handsign. They stroll down to the ring, Knoxville sliding into the ring as Kash jogs up the steel stairs. They taunt some more and prepare for battle.

Zach Davis: Now, we haven’t heard a lot out of Tommy Knoxville in the last couple of weeks; not since he went back on his verbal agreement with Doc Henry to stay out of the WCF until this match. There was some speculation this week regarding Knoxville’s ability to compete…

Shannan Lerch: Well, he’s here now, Zach, and he looks eager to get things started.

"Renegade" by Styx begins to play over the PA system as Johnny Reb and Doc Henry step out onto the stage; Reb carries his tag belt proudly over one shoulder, while Henry wears his around his waist. Images of past matches play on the Jumbotron, while both men make their way down the ramp, working the crowd at ringside. Doc mounts the ring steps in a dignified manner, while Johnny slips through the ropes. Both men take a moment to pose for the fans, holding their belts high overhead, to the delight of the audience, before going to their corner to await the bell.

There is some disagreement in KashVille’s corner, as the two men seem to be sorting out who will start. The argument grows in intensity as Johnny Reb, Doc Henry, and the referee look on in bemusement. Finally, it appears to be over; Jason Kash throws his hands in the air and shakes his head in an expression of disgust, and hops down off the ring apron. He storms toward a ring attendant, who clutches the #1 Contender’s briefcase like a makeshift shield. Kash wrenches the briefcase from the attendant’s grip and stalks back up the ramp, turning about midway to shout something back at the New Confederacy before he disappears backstage.

Zach Davis: What is all this about, I wonder?

Shannan Lerch: No telling, Zach. Is this the end of KashVille? Is Jason Kash going to have something to say for himself, for his behavior tonight?

Zach Davis: I don’t know, Shannan, but it looks like this match will go on as scheduled. Knoxville is talking with the referee, and… There’s the bell! Looks like this has just become a handicap match!

An appreciative cheer rises from the audience, presumably at Knoxville’s courage; or perhaps merely at the prospect of yet more violence in an already action-packed evening.

Doc Henry starts for the New Confederacy, but it’s Tommy Knoxville on the offensive as the two men tie up. With a slight height and weight advantage, Henry seems to have the upper hand, but Knoxville slips out of it quickly and gets behind his opponent. He sets Henry up for a half-nelson suplex, but Doc breaks the hold and takes a swing at his opponent.

Shannan Lerch: That was a near thing! These two guys are almost evenly matched. It’s going to come down to a slugfest between Henry and Knoxville.

Knoxville ducks the haymaker and steps behind Henry, locking his arms around Doc’s waist. But Henry, thinking quickly, pries Knoxville’s fingers apart and steps away from his opponent, still holding onto one hand, turning it into an armbar. Henry kicks Knoxville in the gut, doubling him over, and sets him up for a Pedigree…

Zach Davis: Pedigree from Doc Henry! Here’s the cover!

One …

Two …

Shannan Lerch: And an authoritative kickout by Knoxville! It’s gonna take more than that to keep him down!

Doc isn’t finished yet, though. He pulls Knoxville to his feet, and, ignoring the ref hovering nearby, he goes for a thumb in the eye. Knoxville dodges and the referee starts yelling at Henry over the attempted illegal move.

Zach Davis: Boy, the cheating sure starts early with Doc Henry in the ring!

Henry doesn’t notice Knoxville creeping up behind him, still arguing with the ref. Knoxville grabs Doc from behind again and lifts him up.

Shannan Lerch: Atomic drop from Tommy Knoxville! That looked like it hurt, Zach!

Zach Davis: I bet it did. Knoxville with the cover now…

One …

Shannan Lerch: Doc Henry gets his shoulder up, and he’s on his feet again in an instant! It looks like… he’s setting Knoxville up for a DDT… NO! Knoxville gets out of it and shoves him away!

Zach Davis: Both men are looking a little worse for the wear now, and Johnny Reb is on the apron, calling to his partner to tag him in.

Henry glances toward his corner, then back at Knoxville. Knoxville makes a grab for Doc, but Henry shrugs him off and dashes for his corner, slapping Johnny’s hand. Reb vaults over the ropes, into the ring. Reb and Knoxville circle each other for a moment, then lock up. Stronger than Johnny, Knoxville gets the advantage quickly and nails him with a half-nelson suplex!

Shannan Lerch: Ooh! Not a good start for Johnny Reb this evening! And Tommy Knoxville follows up with a Boston Crab!

Zach Davis: But just as quickly, Reb powers out of it before Knoxville can lock it in!

Knoxville isn’t through with Reb yet, though. He tries for a Triangle Chokehold, and cinches it on tight! Johnny tries desperately to get out of it.

Shannan Lerch: This could be over! The more Reb struggles, the quicker he wears himself out.

Zach Davis: But here comes Doc Henry to make a save!

Indeed, Henry scrambles into the ring and all but tackles Knoxville to the mat. Freed from the chokehold, Reb staggers to the nearest corner to recover, while Doc argues once more with the ref. As the referee backs Henry to his own corner, Johnny Reb mounts the turnbuckle; Knoxville gets back to his feet… just in time to take the full brunt of a diving hurricanrana from Reb!

Shannan Lerch: Knoxville’s in trouble now! Reb is headed for the ropes again. What’s he doing?

Zach Davis: It’s called strategy, Shannan. He’s not going to rely on just one move before making the cover. It hasn’t worked for Henry OR Knoxville so far; there’s no reason for Reb to believe it’ll work for him now.

Shannan Lerch: And Reb signals for the Southern Discomfort! Listen to this capacity crowd! This is what they want to see!

Johnny dives from the ropes with a picture-perfect shooting star elbow drop – only to land on empty mat as Knoxville rolls out of the way! The audience lets out a collective “OOOH!” Reb lies on the mat where he landed, clutching his right arm in obvious pain. Knoxville, looking tired, pulls Johnny to his feet and sets him up for a piledriver.

Zach Davis: Here it comes…

Shannan Lerch: NO! Reb reverses and sends Knoxville staggering into the ropes!

Johnny Reb follows up with a clothesline attempt, but Tommy Knoxville grabs the top rope and drops. Reb tumbles to the outside! The ringside crowd is really into it now, shouting at Johnny to get up.

Zach Davis: Johnny really needs to make a tag at this point!

Shannan Lerch: He’s not gonna get a chance, Zach. Knoxville follows him out!

Tommy Knoxville pulls an injured Johnny Reb to his feet again, and Irish whips him into the crowd barrier. Then he unleashes a series of punches to Reb’s head, while the referee stands at the edge of the ring, admonishing the two combatants to get back in. Knoxville doesn’t seem to care; the referee starts to count.


Another heavy fist from Knoxville.


Doc Henry leaps down off the ring apron.


Knoxville turns to see Henry approaching.


Johnny Reb, slumped against the crowd barrier, shakes his head and motions Henry back.


Doc hesitates, frowning. Knoxville seems to finally be aware of the count and whips Reb toward the ring once more.


Knoxville rolls Johnny into the ring as Doc Henry appears to retreat to his corner. As Tommy Knoxville moves to follow Johnny under the ropes, however, Doc reaches under the ring apron and withdraws a Kendo stick.

Zach Davis: Watch out, Knoxville!

Henry chokes up on the stick like a baseball bat and prepares to swing it. Just then, a hand reaches down and snatches the Kendo stick away from Doc Henry. Doc looks up, shocked, at Johnny. Reb tosses the weapon aside and starts to chastise Henry for the attempt at cheating.

Meanwhile, Tommy Knoxville climbs back into the ring, looking vaguely confused at the interplay between the members of the New Confederacy.

Shannan Lerch: What is Johnny doing?

Zach Davis: He’s… keeping his partner from cheating, Shannan. Johnny Reb is an honest man.

Shannan Lerch: Since when?

In the ring, the fight continues. Reb takes Knoxville down with a springboard arm drag and covers, but Knoxville kicks out before the ref can even start the count. Knoxville gets to his feet again, and makes a grab for Reb. They lock up once more, but Knoxville drops Johnny with a Russian legsweep.

Zach Davis: Knoxville with another cover…

One …

Two …


Reb gets up and takes a wild swing at Knoxville with his uninjured left hand. He connects, sending Tommy Knoxville staggering, and makes a run for his own corner. Johnny reaches for Doc’s hand. Doc pulls away, shaking his head.

Shannan Lerch: Doc Henry just refused the tag! Just like at Rebirth, only this time, Henry doesn’t have a Television Title to defend.

Zach Davis: Looks like this is starting to become a habit. What does this mean for the New Confederacy? Is there trouble brewing?

But there is no more time for speculation. Doc points at something behind Johnny. Reb turns to see Knoxville charging straight at him, and gets out of the way. Henry slaps him hard on the shoulder as he moves, tagging himself in. Knoxville’s momentum carries him into the New Confederacy corner – straight into a waiting Doc Henry.

Shannan Lerch: There’s trouble, all right – for Tommy Knoxville!

Henry forces Knoxville out of the corner, raining down lefts and rights. Johnny Reb isn’t finished yet, though. He glances at his partner, who gives him a brief nod. Reb sets Knoxville up for a powerbomb…

Zach Davis: Could this be it?

…and as he delivers it, Doc Henry nails a double knee backbreaker at the same time, leaving Tommy Knoxville in far worse condition on the mats as Reb leaves the ring.

Shannan Lerch: It is! Confederate Railroad! This match is over!

Doc makes an overconfident cover, putting his foot in the middle of Knoxville’s chest as the ref drops down to count.

One …

Two …


Zach Davis: Right you are, Shannan. The New Confederacy, once more victorious!

The celebration in the ring is short-lived. Neither Doc nor Johnny appears particularly happy with each other. They snatch their tag belts away from the ref; raise them in the air to a loud cheer from the crowd. As the referee checks on the dazed, but relatively uninjured Tommy Knoxville, the New Confederacy makes their way up the ramp and backstage.

The camera follows as they walk down the hallways, both silent for a long time, Johnny favoring his right arm. Suddenly, Doc draws to a halt, turning to face Reb with a scowl.

Doc Henry: Match coulda been over a lot quicker, Johnny…

Reb shakes his head.

Johnny Reb: Didn’t wanna win that way.

Henry looks at Reb like he’s lost his mind.

Doc Henry: Ain’t you the one who was always sayin’ “At any cost.” ?

Johnny Reb: We’re champions, Doc. Can’t act that way no more. It’s… it’s about honor, above everythin’ else. We fight with honor…or we don’t fight at all.

Doc rolls his eyes and starts walking again.

Doc Henry: I think you been smokin’ too much weed, Johnny. That Mexican’s a bad influence on you…

Not really sure what to say to that, Johnny falls silent again and just follows his partner toward the locker room. But Doc stops again and turns toward him.

Doc Henry: Listen, Johnny… you EVER pull any shit like that again… I’ll whoop your ass myself!

And he walks away, leaving Reb to stare after him in disbelief.

Karl Voronov vs D-Day vs Michael Diamond

The Big Screen blares with a picture of a snowy forest as Karl walks to the stage cuing “Grace” - by Apocalyptica. With his approach to the ring, several large explosions occur on the stage. Once Karl has climbed into the ring he does his signature taunt which involves extending his arms and slowly clinching his fist all the while making a powerful expression. After he clinches his fist he roughly pounds the fist into his chest which accompanied by a large explosion above the ring.

Give Me The Meltdown by Rob Thomas plays in the speakers. The lights are dim. The lights flash on to D-Day walking out to the top of the ramp with his belt and falls on his knees and throws his arms in the air, as soon as he throws them in the air fire works go off and surround him. The screen shows all of D-Day moments of his dead and forgotten special move. As also the screen shows a ring then the words in white and in cursive, the words D-Day. When D-Day get in the ring he raises his hands to his name on the screen.

Down With The Sickness by Disturbed hits, and out steps Michael Diamond.

Zach Davis: Everyone is here... new United States Champion tonight... lets go!

D-Day attacks Karl Voronov to start things off, while Michael Diamond watches the action. D-Day throws Voronov to the ropes and then hits a Dropkick, sending him down. D-Day then runs at Diamond out of nowhere and Clotheslines him out of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: D-Day, cleaning house!

He picks Voronov up but Voronov shoves him away. D-Day runs at him but Voronov sidesteps him and then executes a huge Belly to Belly Suplex!

Zach Davis: Great move! Damn!

Voronov is control now. He hits D-Day with several moves, wearing him down... Vertical Suplex, a Powerslam... and puts D-Day into various armbar submissions.

Shannan Lerch: Voronov is quite the submissionist. If he locks someone in the Grizzly's Grasp, they're probably done for.

As Voronov has D-Day in an Arm Wrench, however, the crowd starts clapping and begins chanting D-Days name. This pushes D-Day to break out of the hold. He hits Voronov with a Neckbreaker, sending him down. Voronov gets to his feet and D-Day then hits a Superkick!

Zach Davis: NICE!

Diamond comes out of nowhere... and D-Day hits him with a Superkick too!

Zach Davis: Double nice!

D-Day pins Diamond.



No, Diamond kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: What is D-Day going to do now?

He climbs to the top rope... and flies off with a Frogsplash onto Voronov!... but Voronov rolls away at the last second and D-Day hits nothing but mat!

Zach Davis: Ooohh!

D-Day stumbles up, and Voronov is up too.. Voronov hits him with the Lake City Slam!

Shannan Lerch: THERE IT IS!

Voronov pins D-Day!



Zach Davis: New US Champ!?

Nope! Diamond breaks it up!

Shannan Lerch: Not quite yet!

Diamond throws Voronov out of the ring. He then picks up D-Day but D-Day shoves him away... and hits the Dead and Forgotten out of nowhere!

Zach Davis: OH MY!

D-Day pins Diamond.




Shannan Lerch: D-Day has done it! He has defeated the odds and come out of this one as our NEW United States Champion!!

Zach Davis: Congratulations to him, he's earned it. One can only wonder if he will grant Steve Thunder a rematch when he's back in action.. if he ever is..

Michael Diamond and Karl Voronov are still on the mat as D-Day celebrates an outstanding victory.

Zach Davis: Great match, absolutely gre---

The lights cut out.

Shannan Lerch: This can only mean one thing..

The lights flicker and then come back up.


Shannan Lerch: Oh my god! The Black Masks have the ring totally surrounded! The champ and his opponents are in trouble..

The Black Masks surround the ring; motionless. As if waiting for orders. Suddenly they all take 2 steps toward the ring, their numbers seem bigger, as they all simultaneously put a hand on the middle ropes the lights cut out again.


The lights boom back on and the crowd explodes.


Shannan Lerch: So it WAS Steve Thunders empty crucifix we saw earlier tonight!

Zach Davis: It would appear so..

Steve Thunder stands in the ring side by side with D-Day, helping Diamond and Voronov to their feet. Thunder is out of his ripped attire, wearing a jacket and his jogging pants now.

Shannan Lerch: The former United States Champion stands side-by-side with the three men who just wrestled for his title and they look ready for a war with the Black Masks!

Thunder instructs Voronov to take the west side of the ring, D-Day to take the east side, and Diamond to take the southern side, leaving himself to the northern side. The 4 men look scared, pumped and angry.

Zach Davis: This is about to get explosive!

As The Black Masks try to get into the ring the 4 men step forward and try to stop them. 1 jumps up on the eastern side and D-Day cleans him out, Diamond takes another out on the south side..

Shannan Lerch: It must be getting cold in here..

Zach Davis: Where the hell did that come from?!

As Shannan makes the comment Steve Thunder is zipping up his jacket.

Zach Davis: Oh yeah the champ has his warface on now!!

Shannan Lerch: Thats not the champ anymore, D-Day is..

Thunder turns his back on The Black Masks, facing the other 3 men who all guard their own side of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: What the--

Thunder pulls a bandanna over his nose, resting it just below his eyes. He then throws a hood up.

Zach Davis: No.. No... No, no, no, no, no...

Shannan Lerch: Say it all you want it doesn't make it true..

Thunder throws his right arm down and a metal pipe slides down his sleeve. Turning to his right he smashes D-Day in the back of his head, sending him crashing to the canvas. Spinning back on himself he cleans, an unsuspecting, Karl Voronovs clock. Finally... he waits..

Zach Davis: There are no words for this..

Thunder taps the bar on his arm, tilting his head to the side, Diamond turns around and gets a shot so devastating there is no reaction from the crowd!

Zach Davis: A hush has fallen over this arena, Shannan..

Shannan Lerch: All these weeks of concern.. the worry that the WCF Universe had for the well being of Steve Thunder and it was all for this.. for nothing?

Thunder stands over the 3 men, no shame. He lowers the bandanna over his face, and drops the hood back over his shoulders.

Shannan Lerch: I hope he's happy with himself. He just broke a lot of hearts..

Thunder looks down at the United States Championship as he walks toward it.

Zach Davis: What a sign of disrespect, Thunder just spat on the United States Championship. The ring is covered in these 3 mens blood thanks to that sick bastard and now he does this?!

Shannan Lerch: I don't know what to say..

Steve Thunder stands back in the center of the ring, he pulls the bandanna back up and throws the hood over his head. Tilting his head to the side the lights go out.

Shannan Lerch: Please be gone when they come back on..

The lights come back on and Steve Thunder, aswell as The Black Masks are gone. The broken body's of the 3 competitors and victims are still left battered and bloody in the ring.

Zach Davis: And just like that he's gone.. with no explanation..

Shannan Lerch: With the power Steve Thunder has at his disposal right now I don't think he will be explaining anything to anybody anytime soon...

Slickie T vs Shaun Jackson

Psychosocial hits as Jackson walks out from behind the curtain along with Brooke Jones. The two then head for the ring with Jackson occasionally stopping to slap an extended hand or two.

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring, standing six foot six and weighing two-hundred, sixty-five pounds, he hails from Los Angeles, California, and he is the current WCF Hardcore champion, Shaaauuuun Jaaackson!

He slides into the ring under the bottom rope and stands in the center as he takes off his beanie and t-shirt and throws them into the crowd as Brooke takes her place at ringside.

"Gravesend (Lake of Fire)" players over the speakers as Slickie makes his way through the black curtain, turning his back to the crowd and making his famous "T" symbol with outstretched arms. Once the words to the song begin, he quickly turns and looks over the crowd, giving a smirk before making his way down the ramp, extending his hand to those that are already outstretched.

Kyle Steel: And now the challenger, he stands six foot two and weighs two-hundred, fifteen pounds, he hails from Sicily Italy, and he is the former WCF Hardcore champion, “Slickie T” Alleeen Guiliiiaaaano!

Once reaching the ring, he stands on the ring apron, using the top rope to vault himself into the center of the ring. He then climbs the turnbuckle and outstretches his arms to form a "T" once again before doing a back flip into the center of the ring and waits for the opening bell.

Zach Davis: Hardcore title on the line, and this should be a good one.

Shannan Lerch: We’ve actually already seen these two in the same ring before, but I agree. This should be a classic.

Both confident men smirk at each other as the bell rings and Jackson heads out aggressively to attempt a running clotheslines right off the bat, but Slickie sees the move coming, ducks the clothesline and clobbers Jackson with a spinning heel kick as Jackson is turning around to recover. Jackson quickly becomes acquainted with the ring mat, but makes it back to his feet in a flash and stumbles into the corner where Guiliano comes in and slaps a stiff chop across his chest and whips him across into the other corner. A hard clothesline from Guiliano staggers Jackson from the corner and then Allen bounces off the ropes and bulldogs Shaun down so that he can head out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Slickie T is looking around under the ring.

Shannan Lerch: It’s like a hardcore give-away under there. Who puts that stuff there anyway?

Zach Davis: We’ve got a table set up outside the ring, a kendo stick inside and Slickie has a steel chair. Bad move throwing that kendo stick into the ring though. Jackson has it.

As Slickie heads back into the ring, he’s caught a little off-guard by the quickness of Jackson’s recovery and jumps back as Jackson swings for the fences with the kendo stick. One miss is followed by another until as Guiliano is prepared to take an overhead swing at Jackson’s head. The point of Jackson’s kendo stick stabs Slickie in the guts as the metal chair bashes Jackson over to the head. Guiliano takes a moment to shake off the pain while Jackson lays flat on his back holding his head. When he sees that Slickie is winding up for another shot, Jackson rolls out of the way and onto his feet and decks the chair with his fist, bopping the chair right off of Guiliano’s nose.

Zach Davis: Ouch! You know that hurts, right on the point of the nose.

Shannan Lerch: That hurt? Look at Shaun’s hand. It’s busted open.

Zach Davis: Shannan, this is only the beginning.

Jackson takes Guiliano and scoop slams him to the mat, then begins to climb up towards the top rope. Being somewhat cocky, Jackson plays for the crowd while letting Slickie get back on his feet. Then Jackson launches himself off the top rope with a dropkick, but Slickie uses his speed to dodge the move and watch as Shaun goes sailing past and crashes on the mat. Seeing Jackson in pain, Allen slides to the outside of the ring and finds yet another table, along with a trash can that he brings into the ring. Once again the time out if enough for Jackson to regain most of his senses, but this time he’s got no weapon and Slickie throws the metal trash can at him, barreling the champ over backwards. While the former champ is setting up the table, Jackson pounds the mat with his fist and gets up, spinning Guiliano around, and decks him with a bloody right hand.

Shannan Lerch: Slickie ducks a roundhouse and spins in front.

Zach Davis: Wow! Jumping leg lariat and down through the table.

Shannan Lerch: 1….. 2…. No!

Jackson kicks out seemingly easily, but he’s definitely not as fast to get back up as he was the previous couple of times. Now Slickie truly has an advantage. Taking a piece of the broken wood, Slickie T waits for Jackson and then cracks the wood over his head, busting it in half again. While T backs Jackson into the corner, the referee clears the table out of the way. Guiliano whips Jackson into the other corner, but there Jackson appears to hulk up and runs headlong out of the corner and crumples Guiliano in half with a devastating spear. Slickie lies clutching his guts again while Jackson grabs hold of the trash can and throws it on top of Slickie, apparently frustrated with how the match has gone up to this point and uncertain of exactly what to do now that he’s finally gotten an advantage.

Zach Davis: Jackson finally has the upper hand here.

As quick as he gained the advantage, the champion loses it against by sending the challenger into the ropes and going for a back body drop. Slickie rolls over the back of Jackson and then drop-kicks him in the back of the knee. Slickie quickly dashes over the top of Jackson and springboards up onto the top rope before performing a spinning springboard legdrop onto the back of Jackson’s head and bouncing his face against the mat.

Shannan Lerch: This hardly even looks like the hardcore champion out here tonight. Slickie T has been all over him.

Zach Davis: Yeah, you know, you’re right.

From the bottom of the barrel, Jackson seems to gather up a little more strength as Guiliano is pulling him back up. The two start to brawl and trade punches until Jackson, the bigger man, gets the upper hand and drives a kneelift into the guts of the challenger. Instantly, Jackson grabs hold of Slickie T and drags him down to the mat in an armbar. Guiliano fights his way back up onto his feet and knocks a few elbows into the chest of the champion, then bounces off the ropes only to be caught by Jackson and flung head under heels in an over-head belly to belly. Once Slickie T is finally a little bit out of it, Jackson goes for high impact and sets up the steel chair in the center of the ring, then give Guiliano a seat. Jackson bounces off the ropes and goes for a big boot to the face of Slickie, but Slickie dives down to the mat and Jackson is hung out to dry with his family jewels spread on the chair. Guiliano quickly grabs the chair and throws it into the head of a refocusing champion to the sound of a loud crack.

Zach Davis: 1….. 2….. No!

Shannan Lerch: Both of these guys have got to be exhausted. I can’t believe we haven’t seen more blood.

Zach Davis: It’s not over yet, and I’ve got a feeling we’re going to see a new champion crowned tonight. And look, I think the challenger found a cut!

After the failed pin attempt, Guiliano begins to reign fists down on top of the forehead of Jackson, all totally legal in this hardcore match. And slowly, after a few stiff punches, crimson blood starts to trickle down the side of Jackson’s forehead. Satisfied with the blood, Guiliano gets up and looks around for a way to finish things off. He heads back to the well of fun-time hardcore props and begins to dig around beneath the ring once again. While still digging around, Slickie finds something useful and holds it up in the air for the crowd to see. As they always do, they fill the Wachovia Center with noise.

Shannan Lerch: Tacks. Great.

Zach Davis: You’re damn right!
The challenger sets the tacks on the ringside apron and then slowly drags a ladder out from under the ring. The ladder becomes more of a cumbersome slow-down than an effective advantage for Slickie T though because while he is setting it on the ring apron, Jackson gathers up his last bit of strength and baseball slides into the ladder, knocking the metal contraption back into Guiliano’s chest and thereby knocking him down on his backside. Back inside the squared circle, Jackson does his best to regain his composure before using the ring ropes to drag himself up and look over the top rope down at Guiliano, who has suddenly disappeared. The crafty veteran then appears from under the ring and tries to jack Jackson across the jaw with an empty beer can. Jackson gets an arm up in the way just in time to block the shot, grab Guiliano with both hands, take the empty can and clock Stickie T in the mush with it before falling back to take another breather while Guiliano wipes the blood away from his lips.

Shannan Lerch: Seriously, who leaves these things under the ring? Are we hiring drunks to set up the ring or what?

Zach Davis: I don’t know, and it doesn’t look like they left any for Slickie or Shaun, but it certainly worked as a weapon. Now he’s got that ladder.

Jackson leans the ladder up in a corner of the ring, then steps outside to retrieve a dazed challenger and roll him back inside. In the ring, Jackson takes advantages of his opening and lifts up Guiliano onto his shoulders, goes for a run, and performs about half a power-slam of Guiliano onto the leaned up metal ladder. Guiliano’s crunched up body falls down on top of his head as it slides down the ladder and smacks onto the canvas while Jackson leans up against the ropes to regain steam after grabbing hold of the ladder and throwing it down on top of the fallen Slickie T.

Shannan Lerch: Do you think Slickie T regrets finding that ladder now?

Zach Davis: I doubt it. But he will if the referee counts to three.

Shannan Lerch: 1….. 2….. Nope.

Zach Davis: I didn’t think that one move would be enough, but Slickie definitely isn’t going to like it if he gets personal with those tacks.

Shaun grabs the bag and spreads the pointy metal tacks out in the center of the ring and then sets up the ladder right next to them. Without much resistance from Guiliano, Jackson lifts his opponent up into the air, stalls with him, and then suplexes him back into the tacks. Slickie T instantly arches up in pain, then falls limp in the pile of metal while Jackson begins to climb up the ladder. Guiliano’s eyes follow the champ the whole way, waiting, and when Jackson goes for a huge elbow drop from the ladder, Slickie T rolls through the tacks and out of the way so that Jackson lands in the remnants of the pile.

Zach Davis: Ouch!

Rather than go for a pin, Guiliano begins to point towards the chair, garbage can and kendo stick which are laying around in the ring, as he’s picking out the thumb tacks from his body, getting the crowd to choose which object he’ll whallop Jackson with. He goes through the process about three times until he gives up and grabs the kendo stick and cracks Jackson over the back, then runs to the trash can and waits for Jackson to reach his knees before smashing him over the head. Finally, Guiliano jogs to the chair and uses it to jab Jackson into the gut into he’s backed the champ into a corner and finally bend the chair over the top of Jackson’s melon. The crowd goes wild.

Shannan Lerch: Double ouch.

Zach Davis: You know, that’s exactly what I’d have done. Just whack the guy with all three. Forget what the crowd thinks.

With the champion’s arms barely holding him up on the top ropes, Slickie T goes to whip Jackson into the opposite corner, but Jackson reverses it and makes Slickie do the running only to follow him in and watch as the challenger runs up the turnbuckles like a cat and does a moonsault back down on top of him. The referee begins to count, but once more only gets to two before Jackson is able to kick out. While pulling Jackson back up, Guiliano gets a hand full of thumb tacks slapped into the side of his head before he goes defensive and shoves Jackson between the ropes to the outside and takes a breather to remove the tacks from his face. Upon seeing Jackson returning to his feet on the outside of the ring, Guiliano blocks out the pain and climbs up to the top turnbuckle again, then flies through the air to grab Jackson by the back of the head, essentially flip behind him, and drive Jackson’s brain through the protective mats at ringside and make his skull one with the concrete beneath. A sick thud echoes through the lower level seats and the crowd begins to chant until Guiliano finally shows a sign of life and drags himself up using the ring apron. Slickie bows to the fans at ringside after delivering one of his signature maneuvers and performs a Vanna White type maneuver displaying his fallen opponent by swaying his arms.

Zach Davis: Now that’s Sicilian flavor, baby!

Shannan Lerch: He needs to pin the guy. My God! He’s dead.

Guiliano does just as Shannan suggests, but in a rather arrogant way by just putting one foot on top of his opponent. Though pretty much lifeless, Jackson swats Guiliano’s foot off his chest and this trips up Slickie T, bringing him to the mats as well for just a moment. Frustrated by not being able to pin him the way he wanted, Guiliano gets back up quickly and puts his boot back into the champs chest a few more times in a much more unpleasant way before laying him across the table that was set up sideways outside the ring near the beginning of the match. Slickie T climbs his way back up. Guiliano steps in between the middle ropes and then motions that the match is going to be over before springboarding himself up onto the top rope. From there, Slickie T does a spins a complete revolution in mid air and comes slamming down on top of Jackson with a four-fifty splash. The table cracks and crumbles along with the champions body and the referee begins what can only be the final count of the match.

Zach Davis: 1! 2! 3! He did it! Guiliano is hardcore champion again!

Shannan Lerch: Well-deserved by Guiliano. He really worked hard to win this match.

From the opposite side of the ring, Kyle Steel makes the announcement.

Kyle Steel: The winner, and NEWWWWW WCF Hardcore champion, “Slickie T” Alleeen Guiliiiaaaano!

KashVille Segment

Tommy Knoxville is almost in a run backstage. He is looking into every door, every turn of a corner trying to find his partner, Jason Kash. He wants answers as to why Kash would just walk out on him during their Tag Titles match. Knoxville pushes past a few security guards and bumps into WCF Interviewer, Hank Brown.

Tommy Knoxville: Where is Kash, you seen him?

Hank Brown: Umm..Yeah actually I have, he went into the locker room.

Without hesitation, Knoxville hurries towards the locker rooms where he had prepared for a Tag match and instead found himself in a Handicap Match thanks to Jason Kash. He bursts through the locker room doors and a few other wrestlers are sitting around chatting. Everyone's head turns towards the doors where Knoxville is and he holds the door he came through open.

Tommy Knoxville: Get out, all of you!

Every one of the wrestlers that isn't Jason Kash jump off the bench and hurry to leave the room. Knoxville lets the door go and it clanks shut. He walks over to where Jason Kash is sitting with his back to Knoxville. Kash lights a joint and then turns around and sits facing Knoxville as he puffs on the joint.

Tommy Knoxville: Care to explain why you left me out there?

Jason Kash: No not really I assume it would be obvious to anyone who has paid attention. Maybe you should tell me how it is you still have debt to your name and how you got back into popping pills? Maybe that is the explanation that needs to be addressed?

Tommy Knoxville: I tried Kash! You smoke your weed, I like my pills. That doesn't excuse you from leaving me out there to fight for the Tag Titles myself!

Jason Kash: Oh no see, you've got that all wrong...(Lifts briefcase) I've got the #1 Contender's Briefcase right here so that match was just a tune up for New
Confederacy. Not for the Titles, not after I left ringside anyway. Knoxville, I agreed to bring back Influential Minds because you said you'd get your shit
together. You said you'd get straight and get your head cleared but while you're popping pills and getting your ass whipped by Loan Shark thugs...How can you say you are clear minded?

Tommy Knoxville: Fuck you! Smoke that shit up and see how clear minded you are..

Jason Kash: I control this. This doesn't cause me to fuck up and get into debt with Loan Sharks to further my addiction. I'm not addicted to marijuana, it's addicted to me! I control this, it DOESN'T control me...That is the difference between my drug and yours.

Tommy Knoxville: Okay so give me a few weeks to get things straightened out again. Then we can compete for the Tag Titles and claim them like we set out to do!

Jason Kash: No, wrong again...You see you are polluted. As a member of this group you are suppose to be the Addiction and you've ONCE AGAIN failed at doing that. This isn't any different from the first time around is it Knoxville? You slipped up twice as a member of this group and I can't allow you to continue being a member of Influential Minds. You're weak minded and I want Influential Minded. So...(Exhales smoke) Malachi will take your place as my partner to go and win the Tag Titles. He has his mind right...

Tommy Knoxville: Fuckin Bullshit....

Quickly Knoxville rushes Kash and tackles him backwards off the bench. Knoxville lays into Kash with rights and lefts as he sits on top of him. Kash struggles but manages to put out the joint on Knoxville's chest and Knoxville rolls off of Kash and tries rubbing out the small burn. Kash gets up and kicks Knoxville in the head with a soccer kick. Knoxville flops over to his side and Kash continues kicking him in different places of the body. Kash lifts Knoxville up and walks him over to the shower area and throws him through the glass door of an individual showers. The glass shatters everywhere and blood can be seen here and there on Knoxville's body as the glass made little cuts everywhere. Kash turns the shower on and water begins to pour over Knoxville's body as he moves slowly around the glass. Kash reaches in and pulls on Knoxville's arm to help him get to his feet and Kash drops him with a huge right to the chin. Kash begins dragging Knoxville by one leg and pulls him into the main part of the locker room. Knoxville kicks at Kash and breaks free of his grasp but as Knoxville gets up, Kash grabs him, spins him around and nails a Spinebuster through one of the benches. Wood cracks and splinters fly!

Kash walks over and locks the locker room doors. He doesn't want anyone getting involved with this or trying to prevent this from happening. Kash goes and grabs the duffle bag that belongs to Knoxville. He searches through it until he finds a large pill bottle and pulls it from the bag. He starts to try and read what type of pills they are but doesn't even want to begin to read that word. He pops the top of the bottle and pours about 10 pills into his hand. After putting the cap back on the bottle, Kash steps over to Knoxville. Kash flips Knoxville over to his back and kneels down beside him. He begins force feeding these pills to Knoxville who is trying to fight them off. Kash drops a few hard stiff blows to Knoxville's face until Knoxville is out cold. Then the feeding process goes a bit smoother and all 10 pills are down Knoxville's throat. Kash isn't finished though as he gets up, he walks over to the small television set that hangs up in the corner of the locker room. It's for those backstage so they can watch the action in the ring. Kash unplugs it and rips it off the hedge it sits on. He turns around and carries the television over to Knoxville's location. Kash lifts up Knoxville's left leg and places it up on one of the other benches, it drapes over the bench and Knoxville is in a weird position on the floor. He's still out but Kash picks up the Television again and begins slamming it down on Knoxville's knee. Repeatedly he slams the television into the kneecap area of Knoxville's leg and soon Knoxville awakens and begins screaming in pain.

Jason Kash: Now you'll need pills, now you'll be prescribed pills...Happy?

Knoxville moves and his leg flops onto the floor. He sits up and grabs his knee and the pain must be at high levels because you can see how bad the kneecap is displaced. Kash starts to put the television down but swings it one last time and connects it with Knoxville's face. Blood spits up into the air along with a tooth or half of one. Once again Knoxville is out cold. Blood pouring from 2 places on his face, one in the mouth and another is a huge gash across his eyebrow. Kash stands over Knoxville's limp body and slams the television down onto his face. Now smiling down at Knoxville, Kash turns and walks over and grabs his own duffle bag. He opens it and pulls out his taser gun. The one he used this week in a promo. He kneels down next to Knoxville as pounds are heard on the locker room door. Kash begins tasing Knoxville in the chest area where the heart is located. He holds the taser gun there for an extended period of time and Knoxville's body jolts and twitches as the 1 Million Volts flow throughout his entire body. A small pool of blood is formed up at his facial area. His knee looks horribly broken or shattered. Kash stares down at Knoxville after Kash stands up. He walks over and unlocks the locker room door and two people rush in. One of them calls out the door for EMTs. Kash watches them attend to Knoxville and Kash laughs before saying the obvious.

Jason Kash: Now THAT's INFLUENTIAL!!!

Oblivion vs Greenfever
Hell in a Cell Match

Zach Davis: Time for our main event. This isn't going to be pretty.

The Hell in a Cell cage has lowered.

Shannan Lerch: No, Zach, no.. it sure isn't.

The lights go out. In the name of God by Slayer begins to play, as the thunderous combination of the guitars, bass, and drums explode through the arena's speakers.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 295 pounds, from the deepest, darkest part of a sick man's psyche...... O-O-O-OBLI-I-IVI-I-I-I-O-O-O-O-NN-N-NN-N!!!

There are a mixture of cheers and boos, more cheers than boos. The crowd stand on their feet and rush to the security railings. Oblivion slowly slinks low to the ground, with it's arms extended outward. Oblivion has it's index fingers pointing outward. The guitar solo begins. Oblivion slowly stands up, with it's arms extended outward, spins around. As Oblivion gets to ringside, It pops his neck, as Oblivion holds it's arms outward. Oblivion slides under the ring ropes and walks to a corner and climbs up to the second turnbuckle. The Hardcore Champion raises his arms to an mostly cheering crowd. Oblivion jumps down and walks over to the center of the ring. Several hundred cameras flash throughout the arena, as Oblivion strikes a muscular pose.

Lies in the name of God!!!!!

Shannan Lerch: Next up.. the challenger.

The lights drop as "Run Rabbit Run" by Rob Zombie begins over the P.A. system. "Huntin' Humans? Ain't nuthin but nuthin'.They all run like scared little rabbits.Run rabbit run. RUN RABBIT RUN!" The aggressive drums kick in and Greenfever emerges from the darkness. His face and hands are smeared with blood. The crowd is incited into a screaming mob. The audience begins to throwing garbage down at him as he makes his way to the ring.

Zach Davis: The people really, really hate Greenfever.

Shannan Lerch: And here we go!

Greenfever and Oblivion have met in the middle of the ring and they're throwing fists at one another! Greenfever gets the advantage, much to the crowd's chagrin, sending Oblivion to the ropes. Greenfever then goes to Clothesline him but Oblivion ducks it, bounces off the ropes and Lariats Greenfever down! Greenfever gets up and Oblivion grabs him and hits a Belly to Belly Suplex!

Zach Davis: Big move right away from Oblivion!

Oblivion bends down to pick Greenfever up but Greenfever reaches up and pokes Oblivion in the eye. Oblivion stumbles away as Greenfever gets up and catches Oblivion... and begins hitting him with multiple headbutts, with Oblivion trapped.

Shannan Lerch: These two are crazy enough as it is, this isn't good!

Greenfever ends the move by biting Oblivion's face, and Oblivion falls to the mat, clutching it in pain. Greenfever picks Oblivion up and tosses him out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Well that didn't take long.

Greenfever climbs out and grabs Oblivion's face and starts rubbing it into the cage! Oblivion yells in pain. Greenfever follows up by tossing Oblivion into the ring steps.

Shannan Lerch: Greenfever firmly in control here.. this isn't looking good for the man formerly known as Ace Slaughter.

Oblivion stumbles to his feet... and Greenfever hits him with a Deathdrop!

Zach Davis: Oof!

Greenfever picks Oblivion up and rolls him into the ring, and pins him.



No! Oblivion kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: Not yet!

Greenfever isn't worried, however. He stomps on Oblivion mercilessly. He then begins to lock in The Move That You Fear.


But no, Oblivion has the move well scouted, and quickly rolls out of the ring to collect himself.... and Greenfever runs and dives through the ropes, hitting a Suicide Dive!

Shannan Lerch: OH-

..but Oblivion sidesteps, sending Greenfever crashing headfirst into the Cell! He stumbles up, more than a little dazed, and Oblivion follows up his advantage by Bulldogging Greenfever on the outside!

Zach Davis: This is getting brutal, for sure. Greenfever's head can't take that!

Oblivion stands up, clearly not done. He picks Greenfever up and smashes his face into the cage, just like Greenfever did moments earlier to him. Oblivion then throws Greenfever's arm over his shoulder... picks him up in a Vertical Suplex..

Shannan Lerch: Oblivion just hit Greenfever with a Brainbuster on the outside! Dear lord!

Zach Davis: That could kill him!

Oblivion quickly picks Greenfever up and slides him into the ring. He slides in after him and pins.



NO! Greenfever kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: How was he conscious?!

Oblivion goes to pick Greenfever up, but Greenfever low blows him! Oblivion stumbles away. Greenfever goes to pick Oblivion up for an Electric Powerbomb but Oblivion slides down behind him and executes a pinning Dragon Suplex!

Zach Davis: HOT DAMN!



NO! Greenfever escapes again!

Shannan Lerch: How do you keep this man down?

Oblivion picks Greenfever up and throws him to the ropes... and as he comes back he goes for the Black Hole, but Greenfever sidesteps it, kicks Oblivion in the gut.. AND HITS THE DISLOCATED PILEDRIVER!

Zach Davis: THERE IT IS! The Champ is going to retain!

Greenfever pins Oblivion.



NO! Oblivion kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: WHAATT?

Greenfever doesn't believe it. He picks Oblivion up and lifts him onto a turnbuckle.. and then begins climbing up with him.

Zach Davis: Uh oh. What is he going for here?

Greenfever tries to execute a Crucifix Sitdown Powerbomb from the top, but Oblivion knocks him off before he can... AND THEN FLIES OFF THE TOP WITH THE BIPOLAR!


Oblivion pins Greenfever!





Greenfever rolls out of the ring as the ref hands Oblivion the World Title. The Hell in a Cell begins to raise as Oblivion starts to celebrate.

Shannan Lerch: Oblivion has finally done it.. he's captured the finest prize WCF has to offer.

Oblivion stands on the middle turnbuckle with the World Championship title held high into the air. Greenfever slowly getting to his feet in the middle of the ring when the lights flicker inside of the arena.

Zach Davis: What the hell is that about??

Oblivion looks around and steps off the ropes and the crowd stands to it's feet as two men decked out camo gear with ski masks on clothesline Oblivion down. One of the men grab Greenfever off the mat, pick him up onto his shoulders, and then lands a stiff Death Valley Driver in the middle of the ring! The other man picks up Oblivion and throws him into the ropes. The other camo man sweeps the back of the leg of Oblivion mid-sprint causing him to fly into the other as the second man dropkicks Oblivion into the head! The crowd is stunned at what they just saw.

Shannan Lerch: WHO ARE THEY??

Zach Davis: What the hell is really going on??

The camo men pull out spray paint cans and begin to write in the middle of the ring. The words are spelled out clearly over the bodies, the Championship belt and the ring mat.

Zach Davis: What does that say, Shannan??

Shannan Lerch: It says.. oh my.. it says..

Zach Davis: The War.. Starts Now..

Shannan Lerch: The War Starts Now? What does that even mean?!

Zach Davis: The men are running through the crowd! They're escaping! What the hell is going on, what the hell does the War Starts Now mean? We're two months away from WAR!?

Shannan Lerch: I'm confused. I'm lost and confused.

Zach Davis: Oblivion didn't deserve this! They've ruined his moment! Was this Steve Thunder again? Did he have something to do with this?

Shannan Lerch: I don't know, Zach. I don't know.

Zach Davis: We're out of time.. See you on Slam!

Ultimate Showdown fades to black.