Zero Tolerance vs Hank Hodgkins/Pete Cormier/Dion Necurat/Captain WCF

Cameras cut to Dion Necurat and Hank Hodgkins gesturing to the crowd. Pete Cormier salutes like an eagle from the top rope. Each takes their own side of the ring. The theme to “Carmell Dansen” trumpets Captain WCF rushing to the ring, high-fiving fans the whole way. Their team congregates into the middle under blinking strobes.

Zach Davis: Here comes the Captain. A trio of new faces joins him in this 8-man tag.

Freddy Whoa: New blood all around.

Zach Davis: And here’s comes another fresh batch.

“The Equalizer” by Harrison Gregson-Williams blares while Zero Tolerance gathers at the stage. All four make crude signs to the crowd as they walk down the ramp. Captain WCF rallies his team into the center. Everyone jockeys for position until Cormier is elected to go out first. Zero Tolerance invades the ring from the opposite side, screaming profanities against this deluge of booing. Cormier motions for a sportsman’s fair handshake with whomever goes first. Crazy J rushes from inside their group; blindsided, Pete flips over the clothesline.

Zach Davis: This one’s underway. And welcome to Ultimate Showdown!

Freddy Whoa: That was fast. Looks like Crazy J wants to show off his power.

Zach Davis: After two weeks—who wouldn’t burst out?

Cormier gathers himself and goes for J’s ankle, but a double axe-handle hammers him down. He then manhandles the former SEAL into his team’s corner for knife-edge chops. After a couple, he tags in the flashy Kira Izumi. Cormier counters a straight kick into a dragonscrew. He then drags Izumi towards his corner before tagging in Dion Necurat. Izumi sweep kicks Dion, taking him to one knee. Three kicks sunder the Urban Gladiator; Izumi executes a quick crucifix pin.


Zach Davis: A little sloppy on the rollup. And more strength behind Dion Necurat.

Freddy Whoa: But there’s dynamite in Kira’s kicks! I just hope he’s got kick pads.

Zach Davis: So do our paramedics.

Izumi prepares another kick. Necurat rises and captures the speedster’s leg. Izumi hobbles at full extension. Dion pulls him in for a big boot, tacking the smaller fighter to the canvas. Crazy J and Shepard scale the ropes. Captain WCF and Cormier meet them head on. Fists fly with Izumi slithering back towards his corner. A vocal Jason Cash waves him over.

Zach Davis: Izumi looking for the tag.

Freddy Whoa: Cash makes the tag. Now he’s joining the melee.

Zach Davis: And Hodgkins is nowhere to be found.

Freddy Whoa: Look, he’s getting at it that fat guy wearing a Kevin Bishop T-shirt.

Hodkins pokes the corpulent fan in his tatties. Zero Tolerance tosses the captain and the ex-SEAL over the ropes. Head referee Stanley Moser chases them back into their corner. Cash works Dion into another corner, stomping a mudhole into that ripped torso. Jason flips off the crowd while his partner cheer him on.

Zach Davis: Good this we’re on PPV tonight. Or we’d have to blur that gesture.

Freddy Whoa: Come on Zach. Let the new guy get his piece.

With his back turned, Dion manages to get a back grapple. Cash fights back with elbows—to no avail as Dion powers him into an earthshattering German suplex. Both combatants sprawl out dazed, searching for their corners. Hank Hodgkins walks away from the rowdy fan. On his way back into the ring, another fan’s beer cup splashes over his shoulders. Hank assaults rushes the wrong fan, slapping that portly gent out of his chair.

Freddy Whoa: And down goes fatty!

Zach Davis: Fans, be smart. That’s why you leave this business to the professionals.

Meanwhile, Shepard and Captain WCF reach out for the tag. Both extend for outstretched hands and tag themselves into the matchup. The captain ducks an overcharged clothesline from Salem; rebounding from the ropes, the captain lunges with his own huge boot.

Freddy Whoa: Lowering the boom! Oh man, superman’s looking to fly.

Zach Davis: But why is he climbing his opponents’ corner?

Moser yells at Hodgkins to get back in the ring. He misses the combined effort of Izumi and Cash, letting them toss the captain off the tope rope—the fans disapprove. Flipping onto his back, the captain writhes next to a stunned Salem Shepard. Both corners hoot and holler hoping to rally their legal men. Hodgkins walks up the steps dripping with beer. He then chastises Moser for neglecting Zero Tolerance’s interference. Salem Shepard stands up first and readies a piledriver albeit his shaking legs. The captain resists the first lift—then a second, defiant time.

Zach Davis: Few have the heart of Captain WCF.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Brave or not. Shepard just scrambled his eggs with that piledriver.

Zach Davis: Now Shepard hooks the leg.



Captain WCF throws a heroic arm up before three. “This is awesome” permeates the arena as both men appear in dire shape. Shepard seems the better of them, stumbling towards Crazy J for the tag. The new man attacks with a running elbow drop. The captain convulses on impact. J makes the quick pin.



Freddy Whoa: What a competitor!

Zach Davis: I wonder if there’s anything left in the captain’s tank.

Freddy Whoa: Well he needs to find it and quick.

Crazy J chokes the downed captain while calling him “twatman” and other names too mature for TV. Released, the captain crawls towards his corner. Like a predator, J stalks his gasping opponent. With the back exposed, Crazy J rolls him into a rear naked choke. The opposite corner gets the fans clapping, cheering on Captain WCF. One hand beseeches for a ropebreak—he gets within a fingertip of the cables. Crazy J gator rolls towards the center—those long legs help constrict tighter. Hodgkins points and calls out the dominant fighter. Crazy J stands up and tows that limp body over. He thrusts out a hand so Hodgkins can tag in. The veteran obliges.

Zach Davis: I hope Hank brought his A-game tonight. Because Zero Tolerance is going full octane.

Freddy Whoa: He hasn’t had an A-game since ’88.

Zach Davis: Then let’s hope he doesn’t snap like a folding chair. Our EMTs will be on standby.

Hank slaps the larger man. They bump chests, yelling and spitting at each other. J goes for a punch; countering, Hodgkins turns it into an arm wrench. After a few wags, a snappy elbow to the exposed joint staggers Crazy J. Hank charges for a clothesline that slaps against the his oppoent’s chest. A second pushes Crazy J into the ropes. Irish whipped, J runs back at a crouching Hogkins and kicks him up. Kira starts making a ruckus.

Zach Davis: I think Izumi wants a piece of that old-timer.

Freddy Whoa: Youth versus age and trickery. I’m betting on youth this time, Zach.

Zach Davis: And there’s the tag. Izumi’s over the ropes.

Hank misses a clothesline as the new man rolls underneath. Hodgkins turns around—he’s levelled by a spinning wheel kick. On one knee, Izumi gets space for a something big. He slaps his knee, calling for a shining wizard. Hodgkins rubs his head, not seeing the charging opponent.

Freddy Whoa: Reverse atomic drop! Kira just got 1980’ed!

Zach Davis: Expert reversal from the veteran. He’s going for the win.

Freddy Whoa: Takes the kid to class with that schoolboy. Can he get it?



Zach Davis: Izumi just got the shoulder up!

Hodgkins gets a strong grapple from the back. Izumi swings an elbow, but Hank cocks his arm back and locks on that dreaded abdominal claw. Moser steps in asking if Izumi wants to submit. Kira pushes the ref back while hopping towards the ropes. Hodkings yells and applies the submission as hard as he can. The force ripples and reddens his leathery skin. Izumi reaches out for one of his partners—a fingertip grazes Jason Cash. Izumi quickly submits thereafter; seemingly satisfied, Hank releases the hold. Izumi rolls under the ropes as Cash rushes in.

Zach Davis: Hodgkins didn’t even see the tag! Now Cash has him by the scruff of his neck.

Freddy Whoa: Reverse chokeslam! That’s how you open a PPV. Here’s the pin!



Zach Davis: Somehow, the veteran kicked out. And Izumi is just chuckling outside.

Freddy Whoa: Didn’t expect that sort of trickery. Nice teamwork from the new guys.

Cash gestures to a booing chorus. Hodgkins crawls towards the opposite corner. Cormier and Dion Necurat reach for the tag. A winded Captain WCF rouses the arena into a frenzy. Dueling chants of “Hodg-Kins” riles their elder statesmen. Cash stomps his back. Hank shakes his head, which has turned red with veins bulging. Cash stomps at him again, but the old man keeps crawling away. Visibly pissed, Jason grabs Hank’s boot. Head shaking and nearly turned purple, Hodgkins breaks away to one knee. A punch throws him back, but the veteran shakes it off.

Freddy Whoa: Is he? Zach, I think he’s hulking up!

Zach Davis: Cash needs to put him down. Or this will get ugly.

Hodgkins stands up while cheers threaten to topple the arena. A sudden haymaker slaps the old fighter down like a dead fish. Moser signals a tag—Cormier slapped his partner’s shoulder before he hit the ground. Cash swings wide but Pete slammed him down, judo style. Hank rolls outside into the outstretched arms of an EMT. Blood gushes from his salt and peppered scalp.

Zach Davis: Cormier has the technique to finish this one. And Cash is in no man’s land.

Freddy Whoa: If Cormier gets a good hold. This thing is over.

Zach Davis: And both teams forfeited their break up opportunity early on.

Freddy Whoa: Let’s see what Cash has instore.

Cormier gets a side leg lock yet looks for something better. Cash grabs the ropes. Moser breaks them apart. Pete pushes through and locks on an armbar. Again, Cash manages to put a foot under the ropes. Cormier warns Moser not to interfere during the four-count. Their argument escalates until Cormier pushes the ref. Moser points towards the ramp. Disgruntled fans throw cups and popcorn into the ring as the ex-SEAL is dishonorably discharged from the match.

Zach Davis: Well, Cormier just got himself tossed. And EMTs are tending to Hank Hodgkins.

Freddy Whoa: Not a DQ from Moser. Looks like the Urban Gladiator is the legal man now.

Zach Davis: Stay tuned folks. Because we’re only getting started tonight.

Those distractions allowed Cash to tag in Salem Shepard who climbed up the second rope. Dion, after a shot discussion with the referee, turns to see Salem perched on the turnbuckle. He beckons the gladiator to “bring it.” Necurat runs blindly into a diving DDT. Salem goes for a pin.



Zach Davis: Such heart in these competitors. This is what it means be a part of the WCF!

Freddy Whoa: Wrestling at its finest. And we got in for free!

Zach Davis: Don’t let it go to your head. Zero Tolerance looking to take control.

Shepard looks to the crowd and then back to the downed gladiator. Now he looks towards an injured but effervescent Kira Izumi. A smile spreading over his painted face. Salem tags in the Nihon thunderbolt; working as one, Shepard assists Izumi with a stunning maneuver against the larger opponent in Dion Necurat. It looks to be a double piledriver, but Izumi has the arms locked.

Zach Davis: I think this is it!

Freddy Whoa: I don’t know what he calls that. But whoa, that’s one heck of a tiger driver!

Zach Davis: The Schizophrenic Sensation. And this one is over!




Kyle Steel: And your winners, Zero Tolerance!

Zero Tolerance gathers outside, worn but victorious, and heads towards the back. Captain WCF attends to Dion Necurat while EMTs continue to work on Hank’s bleeding gash. Fans boo this painted menace as they ascend the ramp.

Zach Davis: One hell of a kick off for Ultimate Showdown.

Freddy Whoa: Someone get a doctor! My heart just stopped!

Zach Davis: You and me both, brother. Stay where you are. There’s more excitement to come.

Freddy Whoa: Champions vs champions—and other exciting action!

Zach Davis: That’s right! And it’s all coming your way, tonight on Pay-Per-View.

Bad News Benson vs Biohazard

Toxic city by system of a down begins playing.

Kyle Steel: This next match is set for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 300lbs, BIOHAZARD!

Biohazard makes his way to the ring as fans cheer him on.

Zach Davis: This match could be a slugfest.

Freddy Whoa: Right you are, Zach. The skyscraper that is Biohazard stands at 7'7. He could be in the NBA right now if he wanted.

Bad News Benson comes down the ramp. Jumping at fans and spewing out a myriad of foul words. The fans boo wildly, but that just seems to encourage him.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, weighing in at 220lbs, BAD. NEWS. BENSON!

Freddy Whoa: Here comes the other monster.

Zach Davis: While he may not be as tall, he's definitely just as mean if not meaner.

He enters the ring.


The two men meet in the center of the ring and immediately begin trading blows. Biohazard lands a kick and shows off his power by lifting up Benson and spiking him down with a powerbomb.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Being powerbombed from that high up has got to hurt.

Biohazard goes for the early pin by stepping on Benson's chest.


Benson powers out and is visibly pissed off. He gets up and delivers a combo of closed fist punches before executing a powerbomb of his own. He then delivers a vicious stomp before going for a pin.


Zach Davis: Strong kickout there by Biohazard. And now he's getting back up and we are back to square one.

Benson runs and clotheslines Biohazard. He goes for a second one, but it gets countered as Biohazard connects on a suplex. He goes to pick Benson up, but gets an eye rake out of the ref's view for his efforts.

Zach Davis: The match is getting dirty now. Benson resorting to dirty moves.

The two lock up with Biohazard taking control and backing Benson into a corner. The referee goes to break them up, but he gets thrown back and onto the ground. That's when things go downhill.

Zach Davis: Down goes the ref! That can't be good!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Blatant low blow there by Benson. The fans aren't liking it. What a cheap move followed by a DDT.

Benson goes to grab the cringing Biohazard, only to have toxic ooze spat in his face.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! What the hell was that!?

Zach Davis: Illegal! That's what that was! But the ref is just now starting to wake up, so he didn't see it. Both guys getting away with cheap tricks there.

Benson swings wildly and shoves Biohazard into the corner. Out of instinct Benson runs at him and hits THE FIELD GOAL! Biohazard yells about his giant testicles and Benson quickly pins him.




Freddy Whoa: Some say Biohazard's testicles are where his toxic ooze comes from. Great strategy there from Benson.

Benson collapses and medics attend to his ooze as we go to commercial.

Jordan Ciserano vs Greg St. Matthews


Crowd: ONE FALL!

Hard Row by The Black Keys hits the PA. as Kyle finishes the announcement and St. Matthews walks to the stage stands and looks around then runs straight to the ring and jumps to the middle rope and lifts his arms to the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Currently in the ring Hailing from Sterling KY, THIS IS GREGORY ST MATTHEWS!

Zach Davis: This man basically went into buisness for himself last week after the 4 way match he was won by his opponent last week

Freddy Whoa: He basically booked himself a PPV match by kicking Ciserano in the head,


Freddy Whoa: speaking of which

"Back in the Picture" by The Rasmus plays and the crowd cheers. Three seconds into the song Jordan Ciserano comes out jumping, high with energy.

Zach Davis: I was talking to this man before the show and he is so ready for this

He continues to pump the crowd up. After that the pyro begins, exploding every time one of Ciserano's jumps hits the floor.

Freddy Whoa: Jordan Ciserano came in here a couple of years ago teaming with another alumni Jordan Caliban but until his recent return he dropped off the map but now and especially following last weeks match and aftermath this guy is here to make an impression

Ciserano makes his way down the aisle high-fiving any and every fan in sight.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring at this time hailing from The Queen City THIS IS JORDAN CISERANO!!!!!!

Once he makes it to the base of the ring he jumps onto the apron while pyro explodes as he hits it. He enters by spring boarding over the top rope. Following that he climbs the top turnbuckle to the top rope hold his hands over his head. The music ends and he's ready to fight

Ding Ding

As the bell rings Matthews is jawing at Ciserano trying to get in his head while Jordan is standing in the corner staring daggers at Gregory, they come together in the centre of the ring both men starting off tentatively lacing hands then retracting, going into a lockup then quickly releasing the hold

Zach Davis: cautious start from both competitors here

Freddy Whoa: nobody wants to make an early mistake here

They link up for another test of strength and it looks like it might happen this time but ciserano throws a toe into Matthews gut, he clubs him across the back a few times and whips him at the ropes leap frogging him as he comes back but as he goes down for matthews too go over Gregory drops down in a stiff basement dropkick to the side of Jordys face sending ciserano rolling from the ring

Zach Davis: Jordan Ciserano out of the ring safely to the floor

Freddy Whoa: Not so safe around a man like Matthews though

Gregory runs and hops over the ropes using his momentum in corner then goes for a superkick but Jordy catches his foot pulling him down into powerbomb position but as he attempts a running bomb into the steps Matthews shifts his weight sending Ciserano into the steps with a ranna then hops to his feet and into the ring, Jordy doesnt stay down for long smacking the floor with an open palm frustrated

Zach Davis: Matthews on top here at the beginning of this match up

Freddy Whoa: Ciserano looks more aggravated than in pain after eating the steel

The refs count reaches 5 as Jordy slides into the ring right into a stomp on the back from Matthews who then springs off the middle rope looking for another stomp but Ciserano rolls out of the way and then again as Matthews tries to follow up, Ciserano retreats to a corner and hauls himself up as Matthews rushes him only to be caught by a flash side effect putting both men on the mat

Freddy Whoa: that was pure desperation from Jordan there

Zach Davis: both men on the mat but he does seem to of come off slightly better than Gregory

Ciserano gets to his feet first and drops a rolling knee across Matthews face, he gets back up and hits the ropes nailing another one and the crowd asks for a third, Jordy goes to oblige but Matthews evades and springs up swinging a kick back at Ciseranos head but Jordan had enough where withall to complete the roll through narrowly avoiding the strike. He quickly makes it back to his feet hits the ropes and hopes to find Matthews still off balance on the return but Gregory is already pursuing him in clobbering him from behind sending Ciserano crashing over the top to the floor

Zach Davis: Matthews not missing a beat here

He runs the ropes again and seeing a still down Jordan he goes through the middle

Zach Davis: Tope Suicide running swanton bomb to downed Ciserano on the outside!

Freddy Whoa: as impressive as that was i dont know if he hit all of it hes back on his feet but clutching at his spine and skull

A quick replay confirms Mr Whoa's suspision and we can see only Matthews head and shoulders made glancing contact on the dive

Freddy Whoa: That thrill seeker style coming back to bite Matthews on the ass

Zach Davis: They call it high risk for a reason

Somehow Gregory gets back to his feet and hauls Ciserano up attempting to whip him at the crowd barrier but somehow Jordan gets a hand on the barrier first vaulting over it into the waiting arms of a couple of large members of the WCF crowd, Matthews goes to follow and Ciserano quickly extracts himself from the fans and goes to catch Matthews with a superkick but Gregory sees it coming and backs off deciding instead to slide back into the ring hearing the refs count go to 4, Ciserano makes his way back to ringside and slides in himself but quickly slips back out to avoid and oncoming Matthews so Gregory goes for a short start suicide dive but Ciserano anticipates this nailing a forearm driving Matthews back into the ring. Finally Jordy enters and the 2 men square up and this time go into a proper lock up

Freddy Whoa: Looks like this one is starting to slow down a little

Ciserano floats behind but before he can lock his hands Matthews drops to his knees going back through Ciseranos legs capturing Jordans hands and yanks them through his legs flipping his opponent over onto his back and starts to lock in an armbar but a panicky Ciserano rolls to the side and back to his feet, he runs the ropes and Matthews kips up and goes over the top he tries to catch Ciserano on the rebound but Jordy slides through his legs and jumps on his back trying to lock in a sleeper

Zach Davis: Matthews maring him over

Freddy Whoa: Ciserano lands on his feet quickly going behind!

Zach Davis: And back to the waist lock we started with

Jordan throws matthews back for a German but Matthews flips through onto his feet, Ciserano rolls back up onto the top of his head scissoring Matthews neck with his feet then sticks his arms out and twists his body but Greg has seen this trick before and cartwheels through it back to his feet, Ciserano kips up now as Matthews runs the ropes and nails a body block knocking Jordy back he bounces off the ropes and goes for a bicycle kick but Matthews rolls through it evading and swings a kick back into Jordy's stomach doubling him over, he runs the ropes again but Ciserano in a show of explosive offence catches him and nearly drives him through the mat with a spinebuster


Freddy Whoa: Certainly sounds like the ring took some damage there!

Ciserano signals hes had enough and hauls Matthews to his feet whipping him hard into the corner and letting him fall back out before charging at him

Zach Davis: He got him with the bulls horns!

Matthews is driven so hard into the turnbuckles he ends up sitting on the middle one before Ciserano racks him up

Freddy Whoa: Psychodriver number 3!





Ding! Ding!

Zach Davis: That was one hell of a competition between 2 upstarts here in WCF

Freddy Whoa: Jordan may have his hand in the air but we learnt a little something about Matthews tonight


Triple A vs Meteoric Rise


Freddy Whoa: Thats right! And not just any match..This match is PERSONAL...

Cut to a slow motion video of Meteoric Rise and Abstract sitting on a hill overlooking a WCF event..Fade scene into @@@ destroying his training partner in the ring.. Various other scenes from various vignettes performed by both men flash past on the screen..A Voice is heard..

Buzz Worthy: 2 men...2 men with extremely different backgrounds..values..whose roads could not have been any more different..But both roads led..to WCF..

Cut to scenes from July 10th Slam, where Rise is dominating his opponent, and @@@ looks bored on the apron...

Buzz Worthy: One star made his mark during the match..

Scene from Slam..

Zach Davis: 1-2-3! Rise gets the victory for his team!)

Buzz Worthy: While the other..

Cut scene to @@@ planting Rise...Then Abstract...

Buzz Worthy: The other..Made a statement after...

Nightmare fuel cuts between Abstracts face in pain, Rise's anguish, and @@@ backing up the entrance ramp smugly..

Buzz Worthy: Tonight...these two men collide...To determine their future(@@@ closeup)...To fight for pride..(Rise closeup) For Family Honor..(Abstracts face...Fade back to the arena..Abstract shown sitting on the balcony of his suite at the Izod Center..Wearing black cargo pants, a track jacket, and his nerves on his face)

Zach Davis: There you see Abstract Justice..The son of Meteoric Rise..Sitting in that suite that @@@ had reserved for him!!!!!

Freddy Whoa: I spoke with @@@ earlier tonight and he said that aside from being an insurance policy to ensure a clean match, he also felt that the ring is no place for a child, and this ensures this..In fact, Rise went along with the plan to ensure the continued health of his still recovering child..

Zach Davis: Lets go to the ring and get this show on the road!!!!

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for ONE FALL!!

The house lights dim casting the arena into darkness.

As Metallica's "until it sleeps" pours from the speaker systems , meteoric rise emerges from the entrance bathed in strobing lights from beneath.

He stops and looks down brilliant light envelopes the arena as white rotating strobe lights erupt from above.

Meteoric rise creeps down to ringside and slinks to a sitting position leaning back against the bottom rope as the music fades.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first..From Houston Texas..Weighing in at 241 lbs...METEORIC RISE..CHRIST..JUSTICE!

Zach Davis: There's Rise looking especially focused, pointing to his son in the suite, then clenching his fist in a grimace. HE LOOKS READY TO AVENGE HIS SON!

Freddy Whoa: And there you see the "security" @@@ hired..Taking advantage of @@@'s Generosity at the bar I see..

Zach Davis: Only the best and brightest get the privlage of wearing the BLACK Polo shirts...

Freddy Whoa: And Speaking of @@@..

The arena lights go out..The tolling of a lonely bell...

Once More..

Then strobe lights flash in time to the opening thrusts from "For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Metallica.

The strobe lights reveal flashes of AAA at the entrance, standing stoically, head down..The song kicks in and the once stoic individual rears back and punches the ground as a pyro explodes and the house lights come on.

He walks to the ring with a purpose, quickly ascending the ring ropes.

.The song transitions into a solo and each measure he climbs a different turnbuckle raising his arms to the crowd..

The hard guitars come in as he returns to the center of the ring and raises his arms to the crowd.

Zach Davis: QUITE AN ENTRANCE FOR TRIPLE A...Rise in that far turnbuckle..@@@ looks at him..STEPS OVER HIM TO PLAY TO THE CROWD!

Freddy Whoa: Such disresp...SHROYUKEN!

Zach Davis: What?

Freddy Whoa: SHROYUKEN! STREET FIGHTER 2?? Only thing I can compare that uppercut to the Jewels by Rise to..

Zach Davis: Well, in any event, @@@ is writhing in the mat in pain and Rise wasting no time as the bell rings!

Freddy Whoa: @@@ Hasen't even gotten out of his entrance attire and Rise..Viciously attacking him with mounted punches!

@@@ Rolling to the corner to try and get his coat off..Wait..Rise stumbles...

ARM LOCKED..CROSSFACE!!!! CROSSFACE!!!! Out of nowhere!!!

Zach Davis: Rise shaking the bottom rope like a madman and the ref counts 4 as @@@ relinquishes the hold.....We almost had a very quick ending there!

Freddy Whoa: Rise better watch it..I've seen tape of this guy..He is quick..agile and powerful this @@@...

Zach Davis: Both men vertical as they meet in the center of the ring in a collar and elbow tieup..

@@@ with a standing headlock.

.Rise whips him off the far ropes..

SHOULDERBLOCK sends Rise down...

@@@ off the ropes again..Rise lays flat..@@@ over off the ropes..


Freddy Whoa: Big clothesline out of nowhere cleans the clock of @@@!

Zach Davis: Rise back on the attack..

Irish whip..

@@@ ducks another clothesline...

Off the ropes..Rise ducks..

Bad idea..DDT BY @@@!

QUICK COVER..Not even a one count..

@@@ with a rear chinlock slowing the pace down..

Freddy Whoa: This is @@@'s game..ground and pound...

Zach Davis: Rise stands up @@@...

elbow to the gut.


@@@ sends him off the ropes...

Rise holds on..Here comes @@@..

BOTH MEN OVER THE TOP AS @@@ Lands a clothesline of his own!

Freddy Whoa: Both men groggy here..@@@ has Rise...WATCH OUT..

Zach Davis: Irish Whip into the ring stairs

! Rise hits hard!

@@@ on the attack...

Rams Rise face first into the stairs...



Rise still vertical..

.@@@ up and under.


Rise tumbles into a heap on the floor!

Freddy Whoa: @@@ taking his time...now has Rise..rolls him back into the ring...

Zach Davis: Now @@@ Setting up Rise...

Rise sitting straight up..

.@@@ climbing to the top.





Zach Davis: NO! Just a 2 count!

Freddy Whoa: @@@ back on the offensive wearing down Rise with the knee in the back..

Zach Davis: Abstract looking on from the suite.


.But trying to lead cheers for his dad!


Rise is getting out of it..Now in a vertical position..

Using his strength to roll the move over...Kick to the gut from Rise...

DDT! Rise Shaking the cobwebs off..

Crowd coming to life!

Rise coming to life!

Freddy Whoa: @@@ gets up..

Now the two trading blows in the center of the ring.

.Right hands..

.now chops

...The crowd going crazy..

.Rise with a chop...



Zach Davis: Rise hooks @@@..SETTING UP FOR.



Shoves @@@..


He hooks him up again...E-L-E...HES GOT HIM UP..




Freddy Whoa: Rise gets Planted!

Zach Davis: @@@..knees on Rise's back..

..Rolls over..



Crowd: NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Freddy Whoa: Wait a minute...Abstract just LEAPT FROM THE BALCONY!!!!


Freddy Whoa: Does this mean...RISE IS AOD???

Zach Davis: Maybe not..Theres been a lot of trash going back and forth on social media and now...

Freezerburn and Massaker have taken this from the internet to the wrestling ring!!!!


Zach Davis: KAINE TAKING ON BOTH MEN.....FIRING SHOTS BACK AND FORTH...FREEZERBURN BACKING UP...Just Tripped on Abstract who is trying to stir his father...Oh No...







Zach Davis: Finally we've got seperation in the ring... Rise, Kaine, Abstract and @@@...Look at each other...RISE AND @@@ SHAKE HANDS! THEY ALL RAISE HANDS AND POINT AT MASSAKER AND FREEZERBURN...

Freddy Whoa: Massaker and Freezerburn Laughing at the new faction..

Crowd cheers.


We go into a promo for the main event of the evening before commercial.

No Time Limit
Damian Kaine vs The Baron

Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentlemen, our next match is scheduled for one fall, and has NO Time Limit! Introducing first: Coming from smalltown Statesboro, Georgia, measuring in tonight at 5’8”, 143 pounds. He is “The Silver Bullet,” Damian Kaine!!

George Watsky’s “Fireworks” fill the Izod Center and every fan in the audience turns their head to the stage.

And they wait…

The music shuts off, and begins again.

And they wait…

Suddenly the commentators receive word of commotion backstage.

Zach Davis: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve just received word that the Angels of Death, Freezer Burn and The Baron, have ambushed Kaine backstage. We’ll take you to the back to see:

The camera cuts to the back where Freezer Burn and Baron are pummelling Damian Kaine into the ground.

At this time, we see “Meteoric Rise” and @@@ run up and attack the AoD.

Baron and Freezer Burn turn to battle the two rookies, giving Kaine a bit of a reprieve.

Kaine gets up, grabs a chair from nearby, and smashes it against Freezer Burns skull.

Kaine: Rise, Take care of him for me.

Meteoric Rise sends repeated strikes against the dazed Angel of Death, while @@@ and Damian Kaine work down the Baron.

Damian Kaine: Go help Rise, I’ve got this asshole.

Kaine lands a hard kick to the Baron’s abdomen, and crouches over him, landing several blows to the head.

The Baron reverses one of these strikes, and jaws Kaine hard, getting up to trade punches.

They lock up, shoving each other into walls and boxes, hands at each other’s throats.

Kaine (to the Baron): Let’s take this to the ring!

Kaine breaks the grapple, and manages to hit the Baron with a superkick. He slowly drags the Baron out to the stage.

The Izod arena pops!

Freddy Whoa: It’s about damn time that these two made it out here!

Damian Kaine: Get up, you piece of shit.”

Kaine drags the Baron to his feet, then runs down the ramp into the ring, Massaker on his tail. As the Baron hits the ring, the bell finally tolls.


Zach Davis: Well,folks, this match is officially underway, and what a way to start it.

Freddy Whoa: You’re damn right! These two men have already torn each other apart, between the AoD interference in our last match to the pre match beatdown that Freezer Burn and the Baron issued to this newbie.

While they speak, Kaine and The Baron lock up once more, and the Baron manages a headlock.

Kaine slips from the hold, and runs, ricocheting off the ropes and hitting a dropkick to the legs of the Baron.

Quickly back to his feet, Kaine hits a standing moonsault and attempts a pin.



The Baron kicks out at the last split second.

Kaine maintains focus and tries to hit a leg drop but the Baron quickly moves, leaving Kaine to fall flat on his ass.

The Baron rises to his feet and pulls Kaine along with him.

He sets up and executes a sitout Powerbomb. Kaine screams as his head bounces against the mat. He locks Kaine into an iron claw, and yanks him up to his feet.

Kaine starts kicking the legs of the Baron, but Henker uses the 100+ pound weight difference to his advantages.

He picks Kaine up and military presses the man, dropping him six feet to the mat.

The Baron heads to the top rope and waits as Kaine slowly rises to his feet.

Kaine makes it to his feet, and narrowly dodges The Baron’s “Blackout.”

Kaine bounces off the ropes and hits a springboard crossbody on an unexpecting Baron.

They both struggle to get to their feet.

The Baron is the first up, and stalks his prey, setting up a running lariat.

Kaines on his knees…

On one knee now,

And he’s up! The Baron charges him, but Kaine ducks, and the Baron hits the referee.

The Baron turns back around to a Pelé kick from Kaine.

He looks around the ring, and down to Baron as he realizes it’s time to end things.

He heads to the top turnbuckle, looking around the arena, and smiles.

He stands up, looking down at the Baron again and starts to jump……

But he is pushed down by Freezer Burn, who has ran out to help his friend.

Burn gets into the ring, taking advantage of the unconscious referee, and pounds Kaine into the ground.

The Baron gets up and aids his stable-mate.

The Baron exits the ring and grabs two chairs and throws them to Freezer Burn in the ring.

They get to opposite corners of the ring, each holding one chair, and wait for Kaine to get up.

However, as if on cue, Kaine’s newfound friends join him in the arena, dragging Burn and the Baron to the floor.

They fight just long enough to let Kaine to his feet. He sits in the ring, catching his breath.

Seeing the war outside the ring, Kaine sees his opportunity.

He runs towards the side of the ring in which The Baron has @@@ on the ground, and is beating him senseless.

The Baron sees Kaine running..

Kaine dives over the top rope, but the Baron grabs him in mid-air and flips him over his head.

Kaine lands back first on the metal barricade, and slides down to the floor in agony.

At the same time, Freezer Burn has knocked Meteoric Rise on the opposite side.

The Baron picks Kaine’s lifeless body off of the floor and slides him into the ring.

He gets him up, turns him around, and hits the Blitzkrieg on Kaine.

Freezer Burn wakes up the unconscious ref.

The Baron covers Kaine.




Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this match, by way of Pinfall: “The Baron” Massaker!

Zachary Davis: Well, Freddy, it’s over. The Baron finally picks up a win in the WCF, and it’s by cheating. We’ve known he was never a man of honour, but this is ridiculous.

Freddy Whoa: I completely agree. This is sick. But it’s over now, and there’s nothing to be done. Let’s just hope that the Angels will play fair in the next match.

Adam Young/Psychopomp vs Freezer Burn/The Baron

The four men head to there corners and begin talking strategy. After a short while PsychoPomp and Freezer burn decide to start things off. The two men immediately lock up and Pomp transitions into a double axe handle to the back, knocking Freezer Burn to the mat. He continues to beat him down on the ground before picking him up and dropping him back down with a quick body slam.

Pomp goes for a standing elbow drop but freezer rolls out of the way. Both men are quick to their feet but Freezer is just a touch quicker and connects with a right hand. And another right, another right, a flurry of right hands has Pomp pushed back and leaning against the ropes.

Zach Davis: Freezer burn so quick with those right hands and hes got Pomp reeling now!

Burn turns his attention over to Adam Young on the apron and delivers a right hand to him as well, catching him off guard and knocking him to the floor. Burn heads back over to Pomp who is still against the ropes and delivers a few more blows before whipping him into the ropes and hitting a low forearm to the mid section. Pomp bends at the waist, freezer burn pushes him into the ropes rom behind and rolls him up into a pin!




Freddy Whoa: Ohhhh a quick cover there by freezer burn and the momentum now clearly in his favor.

Burn allows pomp a moment to get back to his feet and Pomp responds by tagging in Adam Young. Young immediately charges freezer burn but is met with quick hip toss. Back to his feet immediately and hit with another hip toss. Freezer burn maintains the hold into an armbar on the matt and slowly stands himself up while maintaining control. Moving over to Baron now and making the tag.

Zach Davis: Here comes baron!

The Baron climbs to the top turnbuckle and drops a double axe handle down onto the arm of Adam Young, Breaking the armbar. Baron gives the arm a good yank but Young counters with a knee to the mid section and pushes Baron into the ropes for the irish whip.

Off the ropes, Young goes for a clotheseline but Baron ducks it and stops just behind Young. Young spins and baron connects with a big left hand, knocking young to the canvas.

Baron hits the mat and starts wailing away on the head of Young with lefts and rights. He lifts him to his feet, twists the arm around and yanks hard. Young shouts out in pain.

Freddy Whoa: This has been all Baron and Burn so far here tonight!

Baron pushes young into the ropes and goes for the irish whip. Young reverses and sends Baron instead, baron comes off the rope and levels Young with a hard shoulder block.

Baron heads for the ropes to pick up momentum but Psycho Pomp kicks him in the back from behind when he hits the ropes. Baron drops down to the canvas in pain as Young climbs to his feet

Zach Davis: Dirty cheap shot there from Pomp.

Young now has the advantage and hits a few kicks to the downed Baron before taggin in pomp who continues the assault. He drops a flurry of axe handles to the back of Barons head. Pomp tags young back in and hold Baron for him. Young hits a handful of axe handles himself. Baron is down and in obvious pain.

Young whips him into the ropes and drops the head just a bit to early. Baron puts the breaks on and hits an uppercut. Both men down to there knees.

Freddy Whoa: Baron needs a tag here!

Baron slowly crawls to his corner and tags in Freezer burn. Young sees the tag and backs up away from the entering Freezer burn. Freezer stalks him and delivers left right left right left right punches before finishing up with a dropkick sending Young reeling into the turnbuckles. Freezer follows him in and goes to whi him into the opposite turnbuckle but young reverses it. Freezer loses his footing and slams shoulder first into the steel post holding the turnbuckles. Young is quick to capitalize.

Zach Davis: Ohhh serious dmage being causes there to the shoulder of te veteran.

Young delivers kicks right to the injured shoulder. Freezer Burn in serious trouble now. Young tags in pomp who wraps Burns arm in the rope and applies pressure. The ref forces a break and pushes Pomp away. With the refs back turned, Adam young continues the twisting of the arm in the rope.

Freddy Whoa: Ref doesn’t see this here but theres some obvious cheating going on right there!

Pomp comes back and continues his onslaught. Again the ref forces a break and again Young gets involved. Pomp pulls Burn off the ropes and rams him shoulder first into the turnbuckle again before delivering kicks to the downed Freezer Burn who desperately needs a tag. Instead, Pomp drags him over into the corner and tags Young in. Young tosses Freezer up over the top rope and down to the floor.

Zach Davis: Freezer burn in desperate need of a tag here. Baron is fresh.

Young goes out and gets Freezer from the outside and tosses him back in. he whips him into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Freezer burn ducks it. He rebounds off the ropes and hits a flying clothesline!!!!


Both men are rolling on the mat. Freezer tries to get to his feet but cant. Slowly he crawls across the mat. Pomp jumps into the ring and the ref turns to force him back out. Freezer burn makes the tag!”


Baron into the ring with a fury, he lays out Pomp, young hits the ring and baron lays him out as well. Pomp Is to his feet, Baron lifts Young to his and irish whips him right into Psychopomp, crashing there heads together.

Dazed, Young turns around and Baron flips him over the top rope before turning back to Pomp.





Freddy Whoa: ITS ALLLLLLL OVER!!!!!

Elimination Tag Team Match
Spencer Adams/CJ Phoenix/Lester Parish vs Danny Anderson/Severan King/Tomohawk

Kyle Steel: The following is a 6 man elimination match.

There is some applause. The opening riff to Supremacy by Muse hits the PA as strobe lights flicker and a blue smoke fills the stage. As the song picks up, Spencer steps onto the stage and lifts his arms up in front of them, crossing them over one another in an "X" formation before swiping them down away from his body.

Spencer makes his way down the ramp, jumping up onto different spots on the barricade and high fiving fans before charging into the ring and climbing the turnbuckle. He motions for the fans to make some noise before leaping down and waiting for his opponent.

Kyle Steel: First, "The Antidote" Spencer Adams!

Zach Davis: Well Galaxy, there are one or two rumours floating out there in cyberspace about Adams' future here in the WCF but I'm unable to confirm or deny anything at this time.

A 'please don't go chant starts'. This is interrupted by Turn Down For Dum Dee Dum. CJ Phoenix runs out onto the stage when the beat drops. He stretches his arms out as he looks at the crowd before running down the ramp with his arms stretched out and flames following him on each side until he reaches the end of the ramp. He slides into the ring and runs up one of the turnbuckles. He then does a cross sign with his hands before pointing upward and hopping off the turnbuckle into the ring.

Kyle Steel: Next, CJ Phoenix!

Freddy Whoa: Good to see him back looking sharp. The guy's got a lot of potential, in my eyes.

The arena dims until only ambient light glows from the big screen. Parish—his back turned to the viewer—plays Chopin’s “Nocturne in F Minor” on an old piano. The screen then cuts to his blue eyes behind a dark, latex mask. He speaks in his scratchy voice, "Revival is an art; now, let it commence." Chopin’s tune continues as he lumbers down to the steps and into the ring. Once under the ropes, the lights go back on and Parish awaits the opponent in his corner.

Kyle Steel: And their partner... Lester Parish!

Zach Davis: Well, I have no idea how these three can coexist. Parish is a very different individual to the others. He was so close last week to becoming US Champion and ending up in the Ultimate Showdown match. The dirt sheets are calling him the next big thing in WCF. And he's certainly big.

Kyle Steel: And their opponents...

"Destruction Overdrive" by Black Label Society hits the P.A. System and the lights flicker in accordance while the tune plays through the airwaves. Danny Anderson walks out onto the stage and adjusts his wrist tape before sprinting down the ramp as his theme song picks up.

Kyle Steel: And their opponents.. first, The Unpredictable...DANNY AN-DURR-SON?!!?!?

The Disturbed One looks out into the WCF Galaxy who greets him with a mixed reaction. Danny responds with a grin before walking up the ring steps onto the apron. He dusts his feet off and then enters through the ropes. Once in the ring he cracks his knuckles and smiles crazy style playing to the crowd one last time before preparing for the match.

Freddy Whoa: Some rumours are also around about Danny Anderson. Then again, he's unpredictable so there will probably always be rumours.

Ain't No Grave by Johnny Cash plays over the speakers as the lights turn off. After a few moments of the song playing a bright light shines from behind the ramp creating a silhouette of a man standing there. The house lights brighten back up and we see Severan King on the ramp. He slowly walks down the ramp and then enters the ring.

Kyle Steel: Next... Severan King!

Freddy Whoa: He was tearing the WCF apart but hasn't been on our screens much lately.

Spirit Horse of the Cherokee by Manowar
begins. Rain dances down the entryway and around the ring. Steps up to the mat from the floor, leans back against the top rope and backward-salts into the ring over the rope. Centers himself in the ring and pumps his fist into the air four times, seeking approval of his great ancestors.

Kyle Steel: And finally... Tommy Hawk, 'Tomohawk'!

Zach Davis: Another man seemingly in renaissance.

The bell rings. The first two men, Spencer Adams and Danny Anderson are in each other's faces. They begin to brawl. Punches and kicks are exchanged before Anderson is dazed. Adams runs towards the rope and veers off at Anderson who is towards the edge of the ring. Adams clotheslines Anderson out of the ring and the sheer force sends him to the arena floor also. The referee begins to count them out as their teammates encourage them to recovery.






Adams gets up and is about to get back in the ring but Anderson pulls him back onto the floor.

Freddy Whoa: Like crabs in a bucket!



Zach Davis: They need to get back in the ring here!


Meanwhile, Severan King has gone into the ring from the apron and is trying to pull Anderson back in. However, Adams grabs his legs and pulls him back. He lands hard on his stomach on the cold floor. Adams tries to get back in but Severan King boots him in the head from within the ring.

Zach Davis: Smart from Severan King.



Kyle Steel: Both Spencer Adams and Danny Anderson have been counted out!

Adams and Anderson get up and, in frustration, continue to fight each other down the ramp. Severan King watches on in amusement as the crowd chant 'NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA HEY HEY HEY GOODBYE!'.

Meanwhile, Lester Parish has snuck up behind Severan King. He clobbers him in the back and immediately rolls him up for the pin.




Kyle Steel: Severan King has been eliminated!

Freddy Whoa: He took his eyes off the price and paid the... prize. Or something.

Zach Davis: Tomohawk's in trouble now!

Realising he is the only surviving member of his team, Tomohawk carefully gets into the ring. CJ Phoenix has now joined his partner, the legal man, Parish, and a brutal double-team beat down ensues. The referee tries to intervene.

Zach Davis: Parish and Phoenix could get DQ'ed here. This is a vicious attack.

Realising that they might cost their team the match, Parish/Phoenix gets back onto the apron. The legal man, Parish, recommences the assault. He picks Tomohawk and goes for a Russian Leg Sweep. However, the young Cherokee counters it and floors Parish with a Dragon whip arm screw. With great tenacity, he picks him up and hits a series of striking attacks. He jumps off the rope and hits his patented Springboard Lariat!

Freddy Whoa: Spirits Rising!



NO! Phoenix breaks up the pinfall attempt.

Zach Davis: How on earth can Tomohawk stop these two? CJ Phoenix and Lester Parish seem a well oiled machine in there.

Undeterred, Tomohawk picks Parish up and attempts Muy Thai body blows into a Cradle Suplex. It's reversed, though, and Tomohawk comes crashing down.

Freddy Whoa: This boy's showing a lot of heart in here but it may not be enough against the combined might of the impressive Lester Parish and CJ Phoenix.

Parish tags in Phoenix.

Phoenix picks up Tomohawk who appears to be suffering. However, with catlike reflexes, he rolls Phoenix into a small package!




Zach Davis: NO WAY! Parish couldn't get there in time! Game on - Tomohawk is defying the odds here.

Freddy Whoa: I'm shocked. Phoenix was mighty impressive up to now but Tommy caught them out!

Before Tomohawk can get to his feet, the sole surviving opponent Parish rushes into the ring. Lester aggressively manhandles Tomohawk up onto his feet and immediately hits The Colonnade!

Zach Davis: Game on? No, this will be game over!



With a slither, Tomohawk's leg caresses the ring rope. It's just enough contact to force the referee to stop counting the pin. Incensed, Parish remonstrates with the referee, insisting there was no touch of the ropes. Meanwhile, Tomohawk has got to his feet. He launches his foot towards Parish with lightning quickness and accuracy.

Freddy Whoa: Wrath of the Ancestors!!!!

He covers.





To a surprise applause from the crowd, Tomohawk basks in an amazing display on beating the odds. The referee raises his arm.

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner... Tomohawk!

Freddy Whoa: Well, Tomohawk has gone a long way towards rehabilitating himself here in the WCF and could really go to new heights now. CJ Phoenix, despite ending up on the losing team, also has won some admirers back. Lester Parish looks a monster but just fell short here. I wouldn't be surprised if these men do not meet again at some point. What's clear, though, is that while the careers of Danny Anderson and Spencer Adams may be in doubt, Parish, Phoenix and Tomohawk's careers seem to be blossoming.

Unknown Segment

The lights in the arena go dark; the titantron slowly turns as and reveals a rundown down barn in the middle of nowhere. The night sky is dark. Stars shine and a full moon provides dim light. The grass is long the paint on the barn is faded. An unknown man stands near the barn door that is starting to fall of the hinges. His back faces camera and he is dressed in a long black trench coat and long black hair he begins to speak in a disguised muffled voice.

Unknown Man: We used to be brothers, now we are foes. You failed to listen to my advice and turned your back. Now you have once again built an army but failed to warn them. You failed to warn them about me and I have been watching everything you have done. Now you have failed your army once again, you will send them into a war they cannot win. The soul inside walks again and soon REVENGE WILL BE MINE! HAHAHAHA ENJOY THE RIDE!

As the unknown man opens the door to the barn the screen goes black and the arena lights turn back on.

Corey Black vs Vic Viceroy



Kyle Steel: Currently making his way to the ring hailing from St. Louis, MO! His height is 6’3” and weighing in at 275 lbs…..Vic Viceroy!!!

The house lights lower down to one single white light hitting the entrance.

(Over the Loudspeakers you hear "Ladies and Gentlemen" By Saliva play..

Viceroy comes to the center of the stage slowly...He raises his arms into a V and then brings both hands into guns and 'fires' them towards the ring before sauntering to the ring.

Kyle Steel: And, now introducing from Midgard. His height is at 5'9” and weighing in at 217 lbs. "The Pantheon" Corey Black!!!

The loudspeaker blares "The Way of Vikings" as the lights drop and purple lights illuminate the arena. A few moments later Corey Black emerges from the backstage area wearing a black leather vest to match his all black wrestling attire and with Nikki Venus by his side. The crowd cheers along with great appreciation as Corey and Nikki make their way to the ring. Black slides in while Nikki takes her place in his corner on the floor. Corey drops his vest to her and simply waits in the corner.

Freddy Whoa: Well, Zach. Corey Black is back on action again! He has been in WCF for over 15 years, but has been called out..and, Black answered the call especially for our PPV! Now, can Viceroy counter any of Black's Japanese-style aerial and strike moves?

Zach Davis: Good question, Freddy. But, for Viceroy to be successful tonight, he MUST use his height and weight difference to ground any of Black's offense.

Freddy Whoa: You are exactly, right. Viceroy is looking to prove that he is ready, and Black is hear to be an exclamation on his comeback to the WCF ring here tonight at The Ultimate Showdown PPV!

Zach Davis: And, we are about to begin our match now!

The bell rings to begin the match.

Corey Black just gives Viceroy his trademark -I don't give a fuck- look, while Vic is measuring his opponent. Viceroy goes in charging against Black,but Black ducks and hits Viceroy with a knife-edge chop. The crowd yells in unison, "WOOOOOO!" Then, Black catches Viceroy by surprise with an enziguri kick to the back of the head!

Zach Davis: Wow, did you hear the impact of that Enziguri?? Damn!!

Black quickly goes for the crossface armbreaker on Viceroy.

Freddy Whoa: Black is looking to end this match quick! He goes from a cruising impact blow, and right to a submission!

The Referee checks on Viceroy to see if he'll tap out. Black continues to have the lock in tight. Viceroy will still not give up!

Freddy Whoa: Viceroy is hanging in there, but for how long??

Zach Davis: You got that right, Freddy. I am not sure if Viceroy can get out of this submission move.

Black let's go, and stands up... Then, locks Viceroy into a single-leg Boston Crab!

Freddy Whoa: From an Armbar to a Crab...Black is unrelenting! And, he has it locked in tight. Can Vic get out of it?

Viceroy lays flat on the mat in in pain, but does not tap out.

It appears that Black’s hands are slipping because of the sweat, and Viceroy is able to get out of the hold and back up his feet.

Black goes for a quick 3-step spear to knock Viceroy down again, but Viceroy falls out of the way..AND... Black spears the corner post!! Viceroy has 'jelly legs,' but manages to grab Black and execute a Russian Leg Sweep!

Zach Davis: That was a BIG missed opportunity for Corey to score a submission win, but Viceroy manages some offense with a Russian Leg Sweep!

Freddy Whoa: Yes, indeed. I guess these lights are too hot for Corey, and it made him sweat and lose his grip.

Viceroy goes for a drop toe hold on Black, but it seems that he is unable to lock it in. So, Viceroy drops a big elbow on the small of Black's back.

Viceroy picks Black up by the back of his head, and starts double-underhooking Black's arm in to set up his finisher...The Double V!

Zach Davis: Wow! This could spell the end of Corey Black tonight!

Freddy Whoa: No shit, Zach. Uh oh...

Black shows signs of life, and attempts to maneuver out of Viceroys's grips, and Black is able to twist out of the hold using his flexibility!

Black grabs Viceroy's wrist, and pulls him in for an elbow strike to the temple. Viceroy is dazed and staggers away. At this time, Black grabs Viceroy from behind and sets him up for the....

Freddy Whoa: Holy Crap! What a reversal by Black, and now he's going for the 'Torture's Device!!!!'

Black has him positioned like a reverse DDT, but quickly spins aroumd him...and executes his finisher!!

Corey Black covers Vic Viceroy quickly…



THREE !!!!!

Kyle Steel: The winner of our match, "THE PANTHEON" COREY BLACK !!!

Nikki Venus comes into the ring, and holds Corey Black's hand up high!!

The crowd applauds for Corey Black’s comeback win, as they appreciate this WCF Veteran!

Match Must End With a Spear or Superkick
Mikey eXtreme vs Henry Spearman

Zach Davis: The next two competitors can certainly class themselves as unlucky not to be in the main event tonight. Henry Spearman recently held the TV Title and Mikey eXtreme has long been talked about as a future World Champion.

Freddy Whoa: Arguably Mikey sabotaged both their chances two weeks ago on Slam when he accidentally Superkicked the former Neforian.

Zach Davis: Exactly, and that forms the basis of their match tonight. The only way one of these men can win is through Mikey's signature Superkick or Henry's savage Spear. They both blame each other for not winning their way into the Ultimate Showdown match.

"Headstong" by Trapt blares over the loud speakers and a burst of pyro explodes from the entrance way. Henry Jogs out from behind the curtain and points and yells into th crowd. he walks from one side of the ramp to the other. He makes a fist with his right hand and puts it over his chest, pointing to the crowd with the other hand. He does this on both sides of the ramp before walking down the aisle. He reaches into the crowd and shakes hands.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, from Manassas, Virginia, he weighs 250 pounds... here is Henry Spearman!

Grabbing onto the middle rope Henry pulls himself up onto the apron and points out into the crowd before climbing into the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle and makes the sign with his chest again. He points into the crowd and claps his hands.

Freddy Whoa: He looks in a good place tonight. His career could be about to spear into new heights.

Zach Davis: Terrible pun! Who writes this crap?

The lights begin to slowly go off, section by section, until the arena is completely black. "Get Born Again" by Alice in Chains blares over the PA system as the lights on the stage begin to slowly flash on and off. Mikey eXtreme steps out onto the stage with his arms held out and his head titled back as he looks to the ceiling. Vidalia and Freakshow flank him as they make their way ringside.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent... making his way down to the ring being accompanied by Vidalia and Freakshow, hailing from Brooklyn, New York and weighing in at 225 lbs, Mikey eXtreme!

Mikey ignores the fans trying to reach out to touch him. He throws the kendo stick into the ring and rolls under the bottom rope, crawling to the corner where he sits laughing and rocking back and forth. Freakshow circles the ring, staring at Spearman as Vidalia whispers some kind of plan into Mikey's ear.

Zach Davis: I'm not too sure how Mikey can blame Spearman. It has his Superkick that allowed Henry to be pinned! Albeit by accident.

The two competitors circle each other cautiously. Eventually, Mikey connects with a punch. Spearman returns the favour. The tussle is won by the marginally heavier Spearman. He whips eXtreme into the ropes.

Freddy Whoa: SPEAR! NO...

With impressive agility, Mikey sidesteps the Spear attempt and bounces back off the ropes to lead back into the...


Just avoiding eXtreme's famous boot, Spearman lurks on the mat. He swipes out Mikey's standing foot, grounding him. He stomps on both of Mikey's feet, crushing his ankles painfully onto the canvas. He picks up each leg and stomps them repeatedly in various places.

Freddy Whoa: Smart strategy to nullify eXtreme's Superkick.

To a pop from the crowd, Spearman locks him into a Figure Four Leglock. Mikey writhes in agony. He instinctively tries to shift his body to the ropes but Henry pulls him back to the centre of the ring. The referee isn't as attentive as he would be in a regular match.

Freddy Whoa: Mikey's gonna tap...

Zach Davis: I doubt it. He'll pass out before he'll tap. Anyway, there's no submissions in this match. Spear or Superkick remember?

Right when Mikey seems to be at the height of pain, Spearman releases the hold. He stands up and backs into the turnbuckle. He holds up an arm to signal a Spear to big cheers. He waits patiently with the arm raised. eXtreme tries to get to his feet but his legs seem wrecked. He is only able to get to his knees. As Henry Spearman charges towards him, eXtreme quickly jumps up and punts him in the chin, out of nowhere.

Freddy Whoa: Holy shit that looked brutal. But it wasn't technically a Superkick.

Mikey stands to his feet, holding his battered knees in much discomfort. A calculated and maniacal thought crosses his mind and becomes manifested in his facial features. He pulls off all 3 turnbuckle pads, exposing the hard metal underneath. He picks up Spearman and repeatedly shoves him into the turnbuckle, lower back first into bottom buckle.

Zach Davis: This makes sense. If Mikey injures Henry's lower back, it would put a lot of pressure on him when he tries to hit the Spear.

Freddy Whoa: He's drawing blood! But remember folks, this match can't end in a DQ! Just a Spear...

Zach Davis: Or a Superkick. Speaking of which...

Meanwhile, The King of America is 'tuning up the band'. He rushes towards Spearman to hit the X MARKS THE SP...

Freddy Whoa: MISSED!

His foot lands straight into the steel turnbuckle and it seems to jar his knee further. He falls to the mat, clutching that knee. Sensing the opportunity, Henry Spearman attempts the Spear... but in his run up, he felt prematurely to the floor, holding his injured and lacerated back.

Zach Davis: It seems both moves have been nullified here.

eXtreme is the first one to get up but doesn't appear too stable on his legs. He unleashes a barrage of punches and upper body attacks. He brings Spearman down with a DDT. Neglecting to use his feet, he drops down by Spearman's head and wears him down with a Sleeper. After a while, he drags Spearman onto his backside and digs his marginally less pained knee into Henry's sore back. This goes on for a while until Spearman uses his legs to prop himself up. He springboards off the ropes and pushes backwards into the air, driving eXtreme down to the canvas.

Freddy Whoa: What a reversal! This is a great match between two exciting wrestlers who really could challenge for one of the top titles in the next few weeks.

Both men lay on the mat. Mikey has his injured knees clutched close into his chest, as if sadistically trying to bend them back into shape. Spearman appears dazed and is nursing a likely bruised coccyx. This lasts for a while until the fan noise inspires both men to their feet at the same time. Exhaustedly, they both grab the other's arms and tussle in a test of strength.

Zach Davis: Who will come out on top?

Just when Mikey seems to have the strength advantage, his knees appear to give way. This allows Henry to control his arms, lift him back up and Irish whip him into the ropes. When he comes back off the ropes, Spearman attempts a Spear! But it was a weak attempt and he fell awkwardly away from the intended target.

Freddy Whoa: Spearman can't hit the Spear! His back has given way...

To jeers from the crowd, Mikey gingerly backs up again into the ropes and comes back with an attempted...

Zach Davis: X MARKS THE SPOT!!!! NO... his knees are shot!

Just as both men seem down and out, Henry uses the last ounce of strength in his legs to hit a...

Zach Davis: SPEAR! NO.... Superkick! Superkick! Superkick! Henry Spearman hits X Marks the Spot on eXtreme!!!


Kyle Steel: Here is your winner... Henry Spearman!

In the process of using eXtreme's move against him, the drowsy Henry fell sideways and landed head first into the still exposed turnbuckle. He is now unconscious but the referee holds his arm aloft anyway. eXtreme looks flabbergasted.

Freddy Whoa: I don't get it?! I thought Henry had to use the Spear?

Zach Davis: No Freddy, the rules only read 'Match Must End With A Spear or Superkick'. It didn't say who by.

Disappointed, Mikey eXtreme gets up and walks out the ring. He's limping all the way.

Freddy Whoa: That was an amazing match. The fast rising Spearman took Mikey to the eXtreme there and skilfully avoided a setback, no pun intended.

Zach Davis: Agreed. Nevertheless, I expect Mikey to kick on from here and move to bigger and better things. Also no pun intended.

Now conscious, Henry Spearman slides uncomfortably out of the ring and holds his back all the way up the ramp. Just as he approaches the entranceway, he turns around to the crowd and lifts his arm in triumph. The crowd go wild.

No Disqualification Match
Oblivion vs Seth Lerch

Zach Davis: Alright ladies and gentlemen!


Zach Davis: What?! That's right!! It's not time for pleasantries!! Our next match has been brewing for years...

Freddy Whoa: YEARS!!

Zach Davis: These two hate each other!!

Freddy Whoa: Despise each other!!

Zach Davis: Seth Leech has done everything... EVERYTHING to destroy The Monster Oblivion!!

Freddy Whoa: And we mean EVERYTHING!! From arresting Oblivion to purposely forgetting to post match assignments. To even commiting him, with some help of others, back to the Mental Hospital. Seth let's loyalty to certain people have caused pain towards Oblivion, get WAY OUT IF CONTROL!! We are talking about people such as...

Zach Davis: Greenfever...

Freddy Whoa: True!!

Zach Davis: Gravedigger...

Freddy Whoa: Exactly!!

Zach Davis: Logan!!

Freddy Whoa: Another one!! But... No matter how Seth tries and ignores the situation.

Zach Davis: Oblivion is always there!!

Freddy Whoa: But, this time Zach, Oblivion is fighting for the WCF Galaxy!! Can you feel the electricity of The Izod Center?!

Crowd: OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!!


Master of Puppets by Metallica begins to play, as fog slowly rolls out.

Zach Davis: This is odd!! This is not Seth's style.

Freddy Whoa: He is going all out!! Going big!! Remember he IS going against The Monster!!

The song intensifies, as the fog continues to roll. Multiple spotlights rotate around the Izod Center. Seth continues to stroll down the aisle with an arrogant smirk.

Zach Davis: Is Seth wearing shin guards?

Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring... The owner of WCF... SETH LEEEERCH!!!


Freddy Whoa: Is he wearing a "SETH LERCH IS GOD" T-shirt?

Seth carries a baseball bat and a trash can lid inside the ring. Seth holds out his arms, spinning around with extreme confidence.

Zach Davis: Seth seems awfully confident. Especially he's going against ONE a monster...

Freddy Whoa: Not only a monster, the most decorated monster in WCF history. What, 14, 15 championships in WCF history. Eight Hardcore championships. Our owner claims that Oblivion is awful, pathetic.

Zach Davis: Tonight: From all the pain Oblivion has endured even inside the body of Ace Slaughter and Oblivion from Greenfever, Hector Rodriguez, Fort Knox, Phillip Baines, Gravedigger, Johnny Reb, Lilith, Katherine Phoenix!!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! I mean... WHOA people!! If you go back and examine all the excruciating match, I mean BAD ASS matches Oblivion put IT self through, you wonder why The Monster's is busted up, scarred up. Nearly destroyed. All for this business...


Seth runs to a nearby corner, climbs up to the second turnbuckle, raising his arms. Seth grinning with complete and absolute arrogance. The Izod Center shakes from the thousands of boos.


The house lights go out. The crowd goes crazy.

Crowd: OBI!! OBI!! OBI!! OBI!!

Seth turns looking over his shoulder, the camera catches the evil hated sneer as Seth looks towards the the entrance stage. The lighter colored lights come on. "Click click boom" by Saliva begins to play. The Izod Center rattles as pyrotechnics shootout from around the entrance stage.

Kyle Steel: From Euphoria.... Weighing in at 325 pounds... he is The God of Enlightenment... Ooooobliiiiviiion!!!!

Oblivion slam dances on the stage. The Izod Center goes absolutely crazy!!!

Zach Davis: Here comes The Monster!!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! Seth Lerch has no fear across his face, Strangely enough.

Zach Davis: Yeah. That is odd!! It's as if Seth has something up his sleeve!!

Freddy Whoa: Something doesn't feel right.

Zach Davis: No, it doesn't.

Oblivion slowly bounces off the stage and the ramp.


Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!! Seth is standing in the ring laughing!!!

Zach Davis: Several of our WCF Security is beating down Oblivion with Mendoza sticks.

Seth Lerch demands for a mic.

Seth Lerch: That's right!! Beat his ass!! Beat his ass!!

A couple of the security squad picks up Oblivion. A WCF Security member grabs a chair...

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!

Zach Davis: NO!! NO!! NOOOOOO!!!!



Oblivion gets picked up.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! We all knew this was gonna happen!!


The crowd rallies behind The God of Enlightenment.

Crowd: LET'S GO OBI!!! <clap-clap><clap-clap-clap> LET'S GO OBI!! <clap-clap><clap-clap-clap>


Blood splattered everywhere, as Oblivion drops to one knee.



Oblivion gets nailed from behind.

Zach Davis: The IS a No Disqualification match.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! Oblivion just got nailed with a steel chair on the back!!

Zach Davis: This is disgusting!!


Two WCF Security Members start to drag a bleeding Oblivion, by the arms. IT's legs dragging.

Zach Davis: Oblivion just finally got rolled into the ring.


Freddy Whoa: This match is officially underway!!

Seth Lerch: You think you can beat me, you freak?! I'm the boss!! I'm God not you!!! I MADE YOU!! AND I AM ABOUT TO DESTROY YOU!! BY THE WAY... "OBI" WHO DO YOU THINK ORDERED KATHERINE PHOENIX TO PUSH YOU INTO THE PYROTECHNICS?! HMMM?!

Zach Davis: WHAT?!

Freddy Whoa: WHOOOOOAAA!!

Oblivion stands there in shock. The Izod Center is in DEAD SILENT.

Zach Davis: You mean Seth Lerch made the call...

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! IT WAS A HIT!! WAIT!! WAIT!! That means Katherine Phoenix and Morrigana were the hitmen.

Zach Davis: But... BUT here's where the creepy stuff comes in... MORRIGANA DISSAPEARS. KATHERINE PHOENIX DIES!!!

Freddy Whoa: Meaning?!

Zach Davis: Seth Lerch was covering is tracks.

Freddy Whoa: HOLY SHI....


Lerch slams the ball bat across the torso of The Monster.

Zach Davis: Oblivion just spit up blood.

Seth proceeds to choke Oblivion with the bat.

Zach Davis: Hey Freddy you see what's going on ringside?

Freddy Whoa: I sure do, Zach!!

The WCF Security is setting up two tables. Seth positions Oblivion so IT can see the tables.

Seth Lerch: Hey!! "Monster"!!


Seth Lerch: Why don't stand up and do the NAY-NAY for everyone!! In fact... I ORDER YOU TOO!!!

Zach Davis: This doesn't look too good for Oblivion.

Seth puts pressure across Oblivion's throat.

Oblivion: ROOOAAAR!!

Crowd: OBI!!! OBI!!! OBI!!! OBI!!!

Oblivion grabs Lerch by the throat...


Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! Dirtnap... double undertook ddt!!

Zach Davis: WHOA!!

Freddy Whoa: HEY!!!


Several WCF Security came into the ring with a full assault on Oblivion. When they were done, Oblivion was motionless and they were picking up Seth Lerch. The Izod Center is rattling from the thunderous boos from the crowd.


Zach Davis: OOOOOH MY GOOOOOD!! This crowd is throwing garbage into the ring!!!

Freddy Whoa: Seth Lerch is being pelted by flying garbage. Seth doesn't look too happy.

Zach Davis: Seth can barely stand up. The ring is full of garbage. As the irate fans continue to boo and throw more garbage.

Crowd: YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE!! <clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap> YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE!! <clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap>

Seth Lerch: You miscreants better show your NEEEEEW God better respect!! As you can see as you piss poor of an excuse of a God, l have before my feet. We all knew Oblivion wasn't anything. Didn't we boys, in the back? I told you all Oblivion was a sorry excuse of a World Champion and I proved it tonight with my bare hands.

Zach Davis: He did not do no such thing!!

Crowd: LIAR!! LIAR!! LIAR!! LIAR!!

Seth Lerch: Oblivion defeated my precious Logan, the GREATEST EVER. But, I just defeated Oblivion, therefore that means that makes me the Greatest of all time!!! That means... do I dare say it. If Oblivion beats Logan.

Zach Davis: is he gonna say what I think he's gonna say?

Freddy Whoa: I believe so.

Seth Lerch: And I just... SINGLE HANDED DEFEATED OBLIVION... That means... I could, if I wanted... DEFEAT LOGAN.

The house lights begin to flicker. The crowd begin to cheer.

Zach Davis: What's going on?!

Thunder rolling...

Freddy Whoa: I'm not sure Zach.

Lightning striking the ring. Everyone, in the ring, falls down to their stomachs.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!!

Lightning flashes everywhere. The lights go out. You hear CLICKING... MOANING... HISSING... GROANING... The crowd cheers instantly knowing it's...

Zach Davis: The lights are back on.

Freddy Whoa: The Gathering have surrounded the ring, slinking around the ring.

Zach Davis: WHOA!!

Freddy Whoa: HEY!!!

Zach Davis: Oblivion is standing, in the center, of the ring, barely. The Monster is covered in blood. IT sprays Seth!!!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!! BLUE HAZE MIST!!

Seth screams bloody murder as Oblivion stomps Seth in the gut with a boot, picks him up and puts him in a firemen's carry...


Freddy Whoa: 5150!!

Oblivion looks and sees the tables. The Monster stands up, grabbing Seth. Oblivion points at the tables, the crowd cheers. Oblivion drags Seth to a corner.

Zach Davis: Oblivion grabs Seth Lerch and NO... NO... NOOOOOOOO... It looks like a top turnbuckle powerbomb onto a table!!

Freddy Whoa: Seth IS trying to kick and scream, but The Monster IS ignoring him!! HOOOOOOLY SHIIIIIIII... WHOOOOOOAAAAA!!!




Freddy Whoa: WHOA!!! WHOA!! WHOA!! I think Oblivion just killed ITself and Seth Leech with that move!!!! Paramedics are on their way out!! WHOA!! I'll say it again... WHOA!!

Zach Davis: Not sure the outcome of this match.

Freddy Whoa: Just wanna make sure they are taken well care of.

Zach Davis: Well.. we'll do this. We will go... go to commercial break and we'll figure out what to do next.

Ultimate Showdown Match
Tag Team Champion vs Tag Team Champion vs People's Champion vs Internet Champion vs Television Champion vs United States Champion vs Hardcore Champion vs World Champion
Thomas Uriel Bates vs Gemini Battle vs Teddy Blaze vs Zombie McMorris vs Brent Alpine vs Kevin Bishop vs Nathan Chambers vs Stuart Slane

Zach Davis: The time has come.

Freddy Whoa: The Ultimate Showdown is here once more.

Zach Davis: The Ultimate Showdown match itself didn't start until long after the PPV itself. At the first ever Ultimate Showdown PPV, Gravedigger regained his World Title, back in 2003. Several years later, the Ultimate Showdown as we know it was born in 2011.

Freddy Whoa: That match was won by the one and only Odin Balfore, Zach, who eliminated D-Day to win it. Could someone else become a first time World Champion tonight?

Zach Davis: Well, the only other option is Stuart Slane retaining.

Freddy Whoa: There are only two wrestlers in this match even remotely new to WCF - and those are Nathan Chambers and Kevin Bishop. Kevin Bishop's United States Title reign has been VERY impressive, while Nathan Chambers' Hardcore Title reign-

Zach Davis: Perfection Title reign, that is.

Freddy Whoa: Whatever you call it.... The fans haven't loved it, let's just say that. Oblivion and Greenfever, Nathan Chambers is not.

Zach Davis: Meanwhile, we have Thomas Uriel Bates and Gemini Battle. They're the Tag Champs and both of them have been SO CLOSE to the World Title before. ESPECIALLY Gemini Battle, Grayson Pierce, whatever he'll go by - he main evented One!

Freddy Whoa: He also used Thomas Uriel Bates to to get here, and now that very same man stands across the ring from him.

Zach Davis: Two men with historic Title reigns cash in those reigns tonight in an effort to win the World Title. Teddy Blaze, also known as Teo Del Sol, with the greatest People's Title reign in history. Zombie McMorris... greatest Internet Title reign in history. Both of those reigns will, most likely, end tonight. This is already historic.

Freddy Whoa: We also have the Television Champion, Brent Alpine. He has more time in WCF than most people in this match, but The Shine has never been able to capture the big one. In fact, I can't recall him ever getting an opportunity!

Zach Davis: He's also developed quite the rivalry with our current Champion, Stuart Slane. I'm not sure if anyone truly expected The Scoutmaster to capture the World Title at Blast, but he's been a surprisingly impressive Champion.

Freddy Whoa: Surprising?

Zach Davis: I saw Slane when he debuted, Freddy. An imposing man, but a coward at heart. He grew, however, he feuded with the best WCF had to offer - he became a World Champion that WCF could be proud of.

Freddy Whoa: And tonight, he walks into one of the most difficult matches in WCF. Let's get started.

“Midnight Rider” by the Allman Brothers Band blares over the PA system as the titron begins showing clips of Thomas Uriel Bates riding his motorcycle along a deserted highway. The titron displays images from previous matches against Bobby Cairo, ICE Beckman, Corey Black, Jonny Fly, Gemini Battle, Joey Flash, and more. As the titron plays clips from previous matches, and from the deserted highway ride; Thomas Uriel Bates steps out on the stage.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring weighting in at four hundred and thirty pounds, standing at six foot nine inches, from Huntsville, Alabama. He is a WCF Tag Team Champion; the Impassable Mountain, The Mountain of W-C-F, THOMAS URIEL BBBBAAAAATTTTTTEEEEEESSSS!!!!

He glares down at the ring with intensity before finally walking to the ring. He arrives at the ring, climbs up the steps and walks to the center of the apron. He steps over the top rope and enters the ring.

Bates walks around the ring before turning his attention to the ramp.

“Falling Higher” by Helloween plays throughout the arena as Gemini Battle makes his way through the entrance curtain.

Kyle Steel: Introducing next, also a Tag Team Champion... he is... GEMINI BAAATTTTTTTTTLEEEE!!

The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Gemini Battle heads to the ring, never smiling. He slides under the bottom rope and slithers like a snake into the corner where he sits in the corner and meditates until it’s time to get up and ready to fight.

Kyle Steel: Next, he is the WCF People's Champion.... he is... TEDDDDDDDDDY BLAAAAAAAZE!

The Crowd explodes as a pounding drum beat echoes throughout the arena, signalling the arrive of Teddy Blaze! The lights drop, enveloping the arena in darkness as they turn towards the entrance ramp.

With a crescendo and a burst of flame, Blaze appears before them, holding his hands out over his head and bathing in the applause. He takes a deep bow and walks towards the ring, waving to the fans along the way. He wears an almost cocky grin as he rolls between the ropes, offering his opponent an extended handshake before shrugging and walking to the turnbuckle.

He holds his arms over his head and yells out "WCF Forever!" as he does so, eliciting a cheer from the audience as the music reaches its zenith. He turns and steps back into the ring, waiting for the bell.

Kyle Steel: Introducing next, your WCF Internet Champion... THE HONEY BADGER HIMSELF.... ZOMBIEEEE MCMORRRRRRRISSSS!

" Killed By Death " hits the PA system as the arena begins to fill with smoke. Them vocals smash the speakers as the spot light is shown ZMAC whose stand out in the middle section of the area. He begins to walk down towards the ring then gets body surfed down to the crowd barrier. He hops the barrier and slides into the ring. The Honey Badger has arrived.

A ghostly synth breathes over the PA.

The first keyboard chord of Prince's 'Gold' blares as a red shooting star firework darts up from the entrance-way to the left rafters. The second chord chimes as the arena lights flash red. The third chord accompanies a light blue star shoots to the upper right of the arena. Blue lights flash to greet the fourth chord.

Percy Micro, a micro pig with an electronic voice-box, scurries down the ramp to laughs and an ironic pop from the crowd. He is followed by the other member of the E.M.S. entourage, 'The Vulture' Dallas Culture.

As the main tune commences, a yellow spotlight covers the entrance as 'The Shine' Brent Alpine steps out from the back to sneers. A shower of sparks surround him, eliciting a brief pop at the spectacle. Alpine keeps walking, slides into the ring and jumps onto the turnbuckle. The pig 'speaks' in a robotic tone.

Percy Micro: Introducing our cherished commodity, from Rockhampton, Australia, weighing 259 pounds... 'The Shine'... Brent... Alpine!

'The Shine' glares in comical intensity and lifts up the back of his suit jacket like a Batman cape. He dismounts and hangs his jacket on the turnbuckle. He leaps onto the opposite turnbuckle. He removes his tie and long white shirt and throws them into the crowd, now ready for the match ahead. Dallas Culture collects Percy in his arms.

Kyle Steel: Ahem. Introducing next..... he is your United States Champion..... HE IS THE PLAGUE... KEVVVVVVVINNN BIIIIIIISHOPPPPPP!

The lights in the arena go black and a hush falls upon the fans when the tron lights up pure white. “Unholy Confessions” by Avenged Sevenfold blares over head and white strobes beam down on a group of people in black hoods and Plague doctor masks, as the lights beam down on them, the move away to reveal The Plague Kevin Bishop holding out his arms taking in the roar of the crowd. He wears his black studded leather vest and his hair drips wet as he shakes his head to the music. Kevin applies his wrist tape as he makes his way down the ramp with the fans reaching out to him. Towards the end of the ramp Kevin runs to the ring and slides in. He stands in the middle of the ring for a second with a grin on his face as he takes in the roaring of the crowd. Finally he lifts his arms and a barrage of sparks rain down onto him and the ring. He makes his way to the far corner and awaits his opponent.

"How Deep Is Your Love" by Calvin Harris & Disciples starts playing from the arena's surround system. Two beautiful models comes out first onto the stage dressed in beautiful pink beach bikinis as they wave their arms to Nathan Chambers walking out from the back with a pink scarf around his neck, and a white French Hat with sunglasses on. The crowd are booing him as much as they can but he stands center stage with the models spinning into his arms before looking up. Darkness encovers everything him but him, and his models. The spotlight is right on him, and he begins strutting down to the ring smirking, and mocking some of the ugliest fans at ringside.


Walking around the ring to give them the gift of his presence, the models leave him as they head backstage. Nathan walks up the steel steps before going into the ring to stand center of the squared circle. Hyping himself up before taking off his sunglasses, every light in the arena shines directly on him before brightening up the crowd again. He takes one unoccupied corner, and leans back to enjoy who is going to fall victim to him.


“Conquistador” by Procol Harum plays as Slane, WCF Championship around his waist, walks out from gorilla to a mild pop. As he makes his way down the ramp and up the steps he will awkwardly attempt to engage the crowd: waving, giving a thumbs up gesture, and so on. After wiping his feet on the apron he then enters between the ropes. Stuart passes the title belt it off to a WCF stagehand and then moves to his corner, where he loosens up by engaging in some old time calisthenics (toe touches, torso twists, deep knee bends, etc).

Zach Davis: All eight Champions of WCF. One ring. One match.

Freddy Whoa: Here we go.

Hall hell, inevitably, breaks loose. Alpine and Slane are the first two brawling; Nathan Chambers immediately leaves the ring. Kevin Bishop is tackled down by Zombie McMorris, while Teddy Blaze and Gemini Battle have tied up.

Zach Davis: Teo Del Sol and Grayson Pierce.... Teddy Blaze and Gemini Battle... whatever you call them, one of them could be the next World Champion!

Teddy Blaze switches behind Gemini but Gemini elbows his way out of it. Gemini turns and gets a Roundhouse Kick from Blaze. Blaze runs to the ropes and Springboards, hitting a Spinning European Uppercut onto Battle as he comes back. Blaze quickly pins Battle.



No!, Gemini gets the shoulder up. Teddy Blaze is quickly lifted up by Thomas Uriel Bates from behind.

Freddy Whoa: Uh oh.

Bates hits Teddy Blaze with a stiff Spinning Elbow to the back of the skull. Blaze flails onto the mat and Bates stomps at him a few moments before getting a Dropkick to the back from Brent Alpine. Bates shrugs it off and turns around - only for Brent Alpine to run at him and hit start throwing furious rights and lefts! Brent Alpine's flurry of offense sends Thomas Uriel Bates stumbling backwards. Alpine goes for a kick - Bates catches it - Alpine fires off an Enziguri Kick!

Zach Davis: Brent Alpine is a man we never quite thought we'd see get here. After a successful initial debut, he eventually fell off the face of the earth - but now he's here in Ultimate Showdown.

Freddy Whoa: In retrospect, we should have known a man managed by a small dog would fight for the Championship one day in WCF.

Bates rolls out of the ring as Alpine turns into a Clothesline from Stuart Slane! Alpine hits the mat hard but quickly gets back to his feet, only for Slane to run at him again and execute a Kitchen Sink style knee to the gut, flipping him over. Slane hits the ropes and drops an elbow before going for a pin.

Zach Davis: One! Two!

Freddy Whoa: Shoulder up for Alpine.

Zach Davis: At WORST in this match, you're the number eight guy in this company - which ain't too shabby. That said, no one wants to be the first eliminated.

Slane picks Alpine up and throws him to the ropes. As Alpine comes back Slane grapples him -


Alpine is sent flying out of the ring!, his body crashing into Zombie McMorris and Kevin Bishop!, who were brawling outside. Slane turns - only to go face to face with Nathan Chambers. Nathan Chambers backs away as Slane approaches him.

Zach Davis: Not so perfect now, are you?

But Chambers drops down and delivers a low blow to the World Champion. The crowd boos.

Freddy Whoa: No one is going to get disqualified here.... ouch. Dirty tactics ahoy!

Chambers backs into the ropes and bounces off of them. He runs towards Slane and goes for a Big Boot but Slane ducks it. Chambers hits the ropes, comes back, and Slane takes him over with a Hip Toss. Chambers gets back to his feet and Slane executes a Belly to Belly Side Suplex before pinning him.



No!, Chambers kicks out.

Zach Davis: Again.. no one wants to be the first eliminated, least of all the Perfect Champion.

Slane picks Chambers up but is once again hit from behind. This time by Zombie McMorris. Chambers sprawls to the outside before ZMAC executes an Arm Wringer before driving his shoulder into Slane repeatedly. After a few shoulder thrusts Slane grabs ZMAC by the hair and slams him to the ground!

Freddy Whoa: The old WCW/nWo Revenge Scott Hall reversal!

Slane throws ZMAC to the ropes and as ZMAC comes back Slane drops him with a Big Boot. ZMAC rolls out, only for Nathan Chambers to roll in and run at the World Champion - BOOM!, another Big Boot.

Zach Davis: Stuart Slane has dominated thus far - and he just took down the current United States Champion!

Alpine is back and eats a Big Boot from Slane as well before rolling back out of the ring. Teddy Blaze runs at Slane, BOOM, another Big Boot. Gemini Battle runs at Stuart Slane and DUCKS the Big Boot!, only to hit the ropes and come back, going for a Cross Bodyblock - Stuart Slane catches him and slams him down.

Freddy Whoa: Stuart Slane backs up.... I think he's going for the first elimination of this match!

Gemini Battle stumbles to his feet as Stuart Slane runs at him.



Slane gets back to his feet.







Freddy Whoa: WHAT!?

The crowd gasps as Nathan Chambers gets back to his feet, barely believing that he's pinned the current World Champion. He looks towards the camera and puts both hands at his cheeks and grins before celebrating by running all around the ring.

Zach Davis: Well, Stuart Slane will be one half of our new Tag Team Champions. And Nathan Chambers.... will never shut up.

Slane rolls out of the ring and holds his head in his hands, not believing that this has happened.

Freddy Whoa: Has the World Champion ever gotten eliminated first in Ultimate Showdown? I can't remember! I don't know! I don't have time to Google it!

Chambers is still running around - until he runs right into the face of Zombie McMorris. Chambers' look of joy becomes a look of fear as he backs away. McMorris goes for a kick, but as he lifts his leg Chambers hits a Low Blow.

Zach Davis: NOPE!, ZMAC has that blocked too!

ZMAC grabs Nathan's fist before he can execute the low blow. He kicks Chambers in the gut, doubling him over before executing the Axe Wound!


McMorris drops down and pins Chambers.




Zach Davis: ....There goes the Perfection Champion!, eliminated by Zombie McMorris!

Freddy Whoa: And we've got our Tag Team Champions. Stuart Slane will be defending those belts with Nathan Chambers. I can't imagine that team - especially after our first elimination!

Zombie McMorris is rolled up from behind by Teddy Blaze!



NO!, ZMAC escapes. Both men are to their feet and Blaze runs straight into a kick to the stomach by ZMAC.

Zach Davis: Now that we have our two Tag Team Champions crowned, our next eliminated participant will be our People's Champion.

Freddy Whoa: Bittersweet for Teddy Blaze. He knows if he pins anyone now, part of his legacy is over.

ZMAC lifts Blaze up for another Axe Wound, but Blaze reverses it into a Hurricanrana! ZMAC rolls out of the ring as Kevin Bishop enters.

Zach Davis: Teddy Blaze runs at him now-

BOOM!, Kevin Bishop executes an amazing Exploder Suplex!

Freddy Whoa: WOW!

Bishop drops down and pins Blaze!



NO!, Blaze kicks out.

Zach Davis: Teddy Blaze knows that if he gets pinned now, his legacy is in tact. His People's Championship reign continues. That shows that the fire of Teo Del Sol still blazes in him - he's not comfortable with that, he wants to push on, he wants to grow greatest instead of just resting on what brought him here.

Bishop angrily lifts Blaze up but Blaze hits a few kicks to his legs. Bishop backs off and Blaze hits the ropes and runs at him but he roars forward and drops Blaze with a Lariat of his own. He quickly picks Blaze up and grapples him from behind.

Freddy Whoa: Uh oh.

GERMAN SUPLEX!, Bishop hits a German to Teddy Blaze. He keeps it hooked and lifts Blaze up.


BOOM, he hits it.

Freddy Whoa: All of these men know they're not just fighting for a belt, they're fighting for THE belt. They know that Stuart Slane has been eliminated, and that one of them will be THE new World Heavyweight Champion. One of these men will win Ultimate Showdown.

Kevin Bishop lifts Blaze up one more time.

Zach Davis: RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! Teddy Blaze sent out of the ring!

The People's Champion flies out. Gemini Battle is back in the ring and grapples The Plague from behind. Bishop elbows out of it and kicks Battle in the gut quickly before lifting him up.

Freddy Whoa: Snap Brainbuster!

Bishop pins Battle, hooking the leg.



NO!.... broken up by Teddy Blaze?

Zach Davis: Why would someone break up a pin in this kind of match?

Teddy Blaze seems as confused as anyone, not quite understanding his own actions.

Freddy Whoa: Maybe Teddy Blaze, somewhere inside of him, WANTS to be pinned here. Doesn't want to lose his People's Title.

Zach Davis: And definitely doesn't want Gemini Battle to take it from him. On the other hand, maybe he was just helping out the man he sees in some way as Grayson Pierce?

Bishop fights to his feet and swats away a dropkick from Teddy Blaze. Blaze hits him with an elbow before kicking him in the gut and grappling his head. He runs to the turnbuckle and uses his legs to kick off.

Freddy Whoa: Tornado DDT!

Blaze looks down with some regret before pinning Bishop.



NO!, Bishop gets the shoulder up!

Zach Davis: Teddy Blaze almost made Kevin Bishop the People's Champion!

Freddy Whoa: A man with the personality of Kevin Bishop.... leading the People. Can you imagine?

Teddy Blaze backs off and he pats his knee. The fans know what's coming.

Zach Davis: He's looking to put him away....

Bishop struggles up for a brief moment before Blaze runs.


Bates has come out of nowhere and grabs Blaze by the throat. He simply tosses him into the turnbuckle!, not caring how his body lands. Kevin Bishop gets to his feet and swings wildly at Bates but Bates hits him with a Bates' Boot, taking him out.

Zach Davis: Grayson Pierce in the ring now.....

Pierce goes face to face with Thomas Uriel Bates.

Freddy Whoa: He's reaching out his hand!

Bates reaches his out.

Zach Davis: They're aligned!

Before shaking, like, AN INCH BEFORE SHAKING, the two men simply stop and just laugh. Laugh as if either one of them were going to fall for it. Instead they begin brawling!, both men throwing fists one after another after another!




NO!, double kickout!

Zach Davis: Both DRG guys almost eliminated by the former Teo Del Sol!

Blaze gets up only to be hit with a Linked Clothesline from the men who formerly held the Tag Team Championships! Battle and TUB take Blaze down. They get back to their feet - only for Zombie McMorris to run at them and hit Clothesline to both men!

Freddy Whoa: Both Battle and TUB go backwards but neither of them go down!

Zombie McMorris hits them both in the face with stiff punches, one after another, and both are sent reeling. Battle leans back into the ropes and Zombie McMorris runs at him and Clotheslines him out. Thomas Uriel Bates beckons for ZMAC to bring it. ZMAC runs at him at TUB catches him - he hits a Sambo Suplex!


Bates quickly pins Zombie McMorris.



NO!, McMorris kicks out.

Freddy Whoa: Zombie McMorris as People's Champion.... can you imagine?

Bates lifts McMorris up after the kickout-


Teddy Blaze Springboards and hits both Zombie McMorris and Thomas Uriel Bates with a Dropkick! Both men are sent backwards and tumble out of the ring.


Kevin Bishop has Blaze in the Butterfly Suplex position and hits it.

Zach Davis: Uh oh.

He lifts him up... BOOM, Kevin Bishop executes another Butterfly Suplex.

Freddy Whoa: Teddy Blaze is about to retain his People's Championship.

He hits a THIRD Butterfly Suplex.

Zach Davis: One of the most devastating finishers in wrestling..

Kevin Bishop pulls Teddy Blaze in and lifts him.


NO!, as he's lifted Teddy Blaze uses his weight to flip and land on his feet. Gemini Battle trips Kevin Bishop from outside the ring, taking him down face first. As Kevin Bishop gets back to his feet Teddy Blaze runs at him and executes the Blazing Knee.

Zach Davis: HE HITS IT!

Teddy Blaze pins Kevin Bishop!






Teddy Blaze rolls away. He doesn't believe that Kevin Bishop kicked out, doesn't believe it in a million years. He quickly begins climbing to the top.

Freddy Whoa: You know what's next.

As Blaze gets to the top, he flies off.


KEVIN BISHOP ROLLS AWAY! Bishop and Blaze are both up and Kevin tosses Blaze against the ropes.

Freddy Whoa: THE CAST OUT!

Blaze Springboards over him. Bishop turns around, still bending over.


Bishop's eyes glaze over; it is academic. Teddy Blaze looks to the heavens for one brief second before dropping down and going for the pin.




Freddy Whoa: ....

Zach Davis: Kevin Bishop is our new People's Champion.

Freddy Whoa: And Teddy Blaze/s reign is over.

Teddy Blaze gets to his feet. He looks down at Bishop, perhaps having some bit of regret. He doesn't have time to feel it for so long - Blaze is quickly taken down with a Chop Block from Gemini Battle.

Zach Davis: When Gemini Battle joined the WCF as Livewire, the fans loved him. I loved him! But now.... The whole Gemini Battle business.... can we really forgive him for all of it?

Freddy Whoa: Can we even BELIEVE it? Some of the stuff we saw from him this week - out of this world.

And Gemini Battle seemignly wants to put Teddy Blaze, mercifully, out of his misery. He grips him from behind his face and jumps.

Zach Davis: GOD'S PARADOX!

Battle completes the move and quickly pins his former friend.




Freddy Whoa: We didn't even get to talk about it, but we've got another elimination.

Zach Davis: Teddy Blaze is our new Internet Champion! Wow.

Freddy Whoa: That means...

Zombie McMorris is in the ring. He's angry he wasn't part of the decision - he takes Gemini Battle down with a vicious Lariat. Battle gets back up and ZMAC drops him with a SUPERKICK! Thomas Uriel Bate runs at him next - ZMAC hits a Haymaker before hitting a SUPERKICK! Brent Alpine runs at ZMAC next and ZMAC kicks him in the gut before hitting a Snap Suplex.

Zach Davis: Zombie McMorris has lost his Internet Title.

Freddy Whoa: Another historic Title reign has ended. Whoever is pinned next will be the new United States Champion.

ZMAC begins stomping away at Gemini Battle, Thomas Uriel Bates, and Brent Alpine.

Zach Davis: The current Champ, Kevin Bishop, has been eliminated. Brent Alpine is the only man currently in the match who could walk out with the same belt he walked in with.

ZMAC lifts Thomas Uriel Bates up and stiffs him in the face several times before hitting a Scoop Slam. Gemini Battle is up and he runs at ZMAC - ZMAC catches him and executes a Spinning Powerslam into the pin!

Freddy Whoa: ONE! TWO!

Zach Davis: NO!, kickout from Gemini Batle.

Zombie McMorris gets back to his feet and goes face to face with Brent Alpine. Brent Alpine kicks ZMAC right in the gut and hits the ropes, and as Alpine comes back ZMAC lifts him up.

Freddy Whoa: Zombie McMorris has Brent ALpine up!

The Press ends with a Guillotine across the rope, as ZMAC drops Alpine's throat across it. Alpine backs up, gasping as Zombie McMorris spins him around and lifts him for a press once more.

Zach Davis: ZOMBIE DROP!

NO!, Brent Alpine reverses it with a DDT! He pins McMorris!



NO!, ZMAC kicks out!

Freddy Whoa: All four of these men have outlasted four others, four of the best in WCF. They also know that they are three eliminations away from claiming the grandest prize WCF has to offer.

Zach Davis: Every single one of them has toiled long and hard for this opportunity - and they won't let it end now.

Alpine quickly lifts McMorris up and drops him with a Russian Legsweep. Thomas Uriel Bates runs at him but Alpine kicks him in the stomach. He bounces off the ropes quickly before dropping Bates with a Leghook Reverse STO. Instead of going for the pin, Alpine boucnes off again and hits a Spinning Leg Drop. NOW he pins.



NO!, Bates kicks out. Alpine quickly gets back to his feet Gemini Battle runs at him. Brent Alpine executes a Hurricanrana. Into the pin.



NO!, Battle kicks out.

Freddy Whoa: Nearfalls coming everywhere!

The Shine gets back to his feet. Zombie McMorris runs at him and Alpine ducks away from him - but McMorris grapples him and hits a German Suplex.

Zach Davis: Not the Germans again...

BOOM!, McMorris hits another German.

Freddy Whoa: Is this Suplex City?

BOOM!, McMorris hits another one.


McMorris quickly scurries on top of Brent Alpine, going for a pin.



Freddy Whoa: Brent Alpine eliminated!

Zach Davis: NO! Brent Alpine gets the shoulder up at the last second!

Zombie McMorris quickly muscles Brent Alpine up and glares at him. He runs at him.

Freddy Whoa: DOVE KILLAH!

Zombie McMorris pins Brent Alpine.




Zach Davis: HOW IN THE HELL!?

The crowd is shocked. Zombie McMorris is shocked.

Freddy Whoa: THIS IS BRENT ALPINE'S CHANCE! He's toiled long and hard and he's never been closer - BRENT ALPINE WANTS TO BE THE WCF WORLD CHAMPION!

McMorris picks Alpine up and pulls him in - right into the Axe Wound gutwrench powerbomb.






Both men are to their feet, McMorris is groggy. Alpine runs at McMorris.



Alpine gets back to his feet - until he's caught from behind.

Zach Davis: No.

Thomas Uriel Bates puts him into a Full Nelson.

Zach Davis: Oh no.


Freddy Whoa: BRENT ALPINE FLIES!, Bates Chokeslams him down!

Thomas Uriel Bates drops down and pins Brent Alpine.




Zach Davis: There it is. Brent Alpine is your United States Champion.

Freddy Whoa: He showed his heart - he gave more than we thought he had. But Thomas Uriel Bates stopped him dead in his tracks.


With one last roar of energy, Zombie McMorris Clotheslines Thomas Uriel Bates out of the ring. ZMAC turns -


ZMAC fires off a sloppy strike - which Gemini Battle avoids. He hits ZMAC with a few precise, well placed strikes before hitting a Knife Edge Chop.

Zach Davis: ZMAC is still hurting from that Glow Worm...

ZMAC backs into the corner and Battle runs at him....

Freddy Whoa: SPLASH!

NO!, ZMAC rolls away, causing Battle to crash chest first into the turnbuckle. ZMAC rolls him up from behind.




NO! Gemini Battle kicks out!

Freddy Whoa: So much cheating in this match. But that's what you get when this is for it all!

Both men are to their feet - until ZMAC is taken down by a Bates' Boot! ZMAC flips inside out before he gets back to his feet, barely conscious, and Bates grapples him.

Zach Davis: THE BADGE!

Thomas Uriel Bates drops down and pins Zombie McMorris.




Freddy Whoa: Zombie McMorris is the Hardcore Champion.

Thomas Uriel Bates gets back to his feet and IMMEDIATELY gets a knee to the head from Gemini Battle.



The fans are on their feet as Gemini Battle knees away at Thomas Uriel Bates.

Crowd: DRG! DRG! DRG!

Zach Davis: This has nothing to do with the Dark Riders Gang, Freddy. These are men we saw go toe to toe with Pantheon... and they proved themselves worthy. They've been proving themselves worthy for years now.

Grayson Pierce lifts Thomas Uriel Bates up and clubs him in the face once more before executing a Snapmare Suplex. He goes for a pin.



No!, Thomas Uriel Bates gets the shoulder up.

Freddy Whoa: Forget the story. As two wrestlers.... Thomas Uriel Bates is not a powerhouse, he is THE powerhouse. He outlasted Stuart Slane, by a mile - the only other man that could possibly match him. Thomas Uriel Bates is a mountain.

Gemini Battle backs off for just a second - long enough for Thomas Uriel Bates to get to his feet. Once Bates is up, Gemini Battle runs at him - and he hits a Spear!

Zach Davis: Gemini Battle Spears Thomas Uriel Bates right into the corner!

In a bit of a twist to the old Spear trope, Bates doesn't avoid it - he simply crashes into the corner. Gemini Battle whips him into the opposite corner and then runs at him.

Freddy Whoa: SPLASH!

Thomas Uriel Bates hits the mat and Gemini Battle climbs to the top.

Zach Davis: Here we go....

Freddy Whoa: MOONSAULT!

Zach Davis: INTO THE PIN!




Gemini Battle gets to his feet immediately and begins kicking at Bates. Bates gets to the ropes and begins climbing to his feet with them - and eventually blocks a strike from Battle.

Zach Davis: Uh oh.

Bates shoves him away and smashes him in the face with a Bates' Boot.

Freddy Whoa: UH OH.

Gemini Battle gets back to his feet and walks - on dream street - towards Bates. Bates lift him up.


But as Bates has him up, Battle shifts his weight and lands behind Bates.


Zach Davis: GOD'S PARADOX!

Gemini Battle flips!, and connects with the move! He scurries and pins Thomas Uriel Bates, hooking the leg.




Freddy Whoa: ....And there you have it.

The bell soudns.

Zach Davis: Gemini Battle is our new World Champion.

Falling Higher hits.

Freddy Whoa: Thomas Uriel Bates is the new Television Champion. But that isn't the story. The Tag Team Champions walked into this match - and we didn't even think they'd be here.

Zach Davis: And they walked out with the two biggest prizes in the game.

Freddy Whoa: More importantly - Gemini Battle, Grayson Pierce, whatever you want to call him - he's the WORLD CHAMPION.

Bates has left the ring and he's hurting - he's gone through hell. Gemini Battle has too, of course, but he's gone through hell for years - he's not going to let any injury get the best of him. He's handed the WCF World Heavyweight Title and stares at it for a brief moment before climbing up one turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Gemini Battle.

He holds the belt in the air.

Freddy Whoa: World Heavyweight Champion.

He slings it over his shoulder and laughs to himself.

Zach Davis: Finally.

He climbs down and heads to the opposite turnbuckle. Some crowd members appreciate the effort, some boo him, it is a mixed reaction - but everyone appreciates, one way or another, the journey this man has been on.


Zach Davis: We'll find out one week from now.

Ultimate Showdown fades away one more time on the grinning face of Gemini Battle.

Table of Contents

Zero Tolerance vs Hank Hodgkins/Pete Cormier/Dion Necurat/Captain WCF

Bad News Benson vs Biohazard

Jordan Ciserano vs Greg St. Matthews

Triple A vs Meteoric Rise

No Time Limit: Damian Kaine vs The Baron

Adam Young/Psychopomp vs Freezer Burn/Night Rider

Elimination Match: Spencer Adams/CJ Phoenix/Lester Parish vs Danny Anderson/Severan King/Tomohawk

Unknown Segment

Corey Black vs Vic Viceroy

Finisher Match: Mikey eXtreme vs Henry Spearman

No Disqualification Match: Oblivion vs Seth Lerch

Ultimate Showdown Match: Thomas Uriel Bates vs Gemini Battle vs Teddy Blaze vs Zombie McMorris vs Brent Alpine vs Kevin Bishop vs Nathan Chambers vs Stuart Slane


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Stuart Slane
Brent Alpine
Nathan Chambers
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Kevin Bishop
Teddy Blaze
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