Live from the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia

Ultimate Showdown Intro

As we open up, the crowd is confused and impatient.

Zach Davis: What time is it? What day is it?

Freddy Whoa: Does it matter, Zach? It's time for ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN!

All cell phone service is cut off so everyone has to stop doing Pokemon raids and gets to work writing, er, uh, watching, the show.

Zach Davis: In all honesty, Freddy, we have one of the most anticipated matches since War here tonight. The very fabric of WCF's Championship landscape will be changing and no amount of procrastination can stop it! Let's get to the show!

Bishop/Priest vs Jukebox Rocker Rock Roll/Boom Box Empson vs VWA

"Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)" by Baz Luhrmann plays as Bishop and Priest make their way out in front of the crowd and down to the ring.

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a three-way tag team match set for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from Miami, Florda, and weighing in at a total combined 590 pounds, they are former WCF Tag Team Champions . . . Bishop and Priest!

Up next, "Rock and Roll" by Led Zeppelin comes over the sound system as the Atomic Rockers appear from backstage. Jukebox Rocker Rock Roll has his electric guitar with him, and he plays live along with the recorded music.

Kyle Steel: Their first opponents weigh in this evening at a combined 398 pounds and are accompanied to the ring by "Simply Delicious" Cherry Kisses . . . they are Too Dope for VH1 Boombox Epson and Jukebox Rocker Rock Roll . . . The Atomic Rockers!

The arena goes dark and gets noticeably cooler. "VMA" pops up on the jumbotron as "Idolatry" by Black Pegasus starts playing. Out steps Damain Manson and Jasper McCoy. Death Dealer starts spinning his umbrella and when he lifts it up a figure in all black with a mask covering its face is behind the umbrella. They walk towards the ring and climb in.

Kyle Steel: And the final entrants into this match . . . weighing in at a combined 402 pounds, "The Kraken" Jasper McCoy and "The Death Dealer" Damian Mason . . . the Villains with Attitude, also known as VWA!

Zach Davis: We've got ourselves an interesting mix of tag teams opening up Ultimate Showdown this weekend, with the long-term veterans Bishop and Priest going up against the Villains with Attitudes in their second match and the Atomic Rockers, who are making their WCF debut here on pay per view.

Freddy Whoa: The Atomic Rockers, of course, are Jukebox Rocker Rock Roll and Too Dope for VH1 Boombox Epson, who have two of the greatest ring names in the history of the sport.

Zach Davis: It looks like Rock Roll and "The Kraken" Jasper McCoy will be starting for their respective teams, probably a sign of Bishop and Priest's experience, as they're not going to waste any more time or energy than they have to.

Rock and the Kraken engage in a collar and elbow tie-up at the center of the ring. Though similar in weight, Rock Roll has a height advantage of several inches and manages to use the added leverage to force his opponent back into a neutral corner.

Zach Davis: The referee is asking the Jukebox Rocker to give him a clean break . . .

It seems like Rock Roll is going to comply with the official's request, as he lets go of McCoy for a second, but, while the Kraken is still off balance, Roll grabs him and slams him to the mat with a headlock takedown. He continues to hold McCoy on the mat and cranks on his head with the hold.

Zach Davis: Though you might think he's not a serious wrestler when you look at his rock star lifestyle, the Jukebox Rocker spent some time in the Hart Family Dungeon, and we're seeing some of the technical skills he developed there on display right now.

Freddy Whoa: I want to see what he learned from his primary trainer, Sabu! ECDub! ECDub!

Zach Davis: I'm sure that we'll get there as the match progresses.

After a few moments of working the headlock on the mat, Rock Roll stands up while still holding on to his opponent, dragging him back into the Atomic Rockers' corner, where Boom Box Epson slaps his partner on the shoulder.

Zach Davis: Here comes the Boombox, as Rock Roll lets go of the headlock and shoots Jasper McCoy into the ropes . . .

Freddy Whoa: SPINEBUSTER by Mr. Too Dope for VH1!

Zach Davis: Epson goes for the cover!


Freddy Whoa: There's Damian Mason hitting the ring to break it up!

Zach Davis: But Rock Roll hits Mason with a clothesline!


Freddy Whoa: And the big man Bishop slips in to break up the pin!

In an unlikely team-up, Rock Roll and the Death Dealer throw a double drop kick at Bishop. He is backed up in to the ropes but remains vertical.

Zach Davis: It looks like Mason and Roll are going to try it again!

Freddy Whoa: But, before they can do it, Priest ambushes them from behind and clotheslines both men in the back of the head!

Zach Davis: This match has just started, but already it seems like the referee has lost control of this one, as Bishop and Priest are taking over in the ring despite neither one of them being the legal man.

With Mason and Roll already down, Bishop and Priest turn to Epson and McCoy, respectively, grabbing them by their throats and setting up for what looks like it will be stereo chokeslams.

Zach Davis: OH NO!

Freddy Whoa: That's going to send both of those men to the chiropractor!

Rather than lifting their opponents up and slamming them down into a traditional chokeslam, Bishop and Priest lifted Epson and McCoy high up by their throats before slamming the two men into each other back-first.

Zach Davis: Bishop carries the hurting Kraken back over to his corner now, and he essentially forces McCoy to tag him into the match.

The various parties clear out of the ring with the exception of Bishop and Boombox Epson, who are the legal men at this point. Bishop Irish whips his opponent into a neutral corner and follows him in with a standing splash.

Freddy Whoa: Oof! That'll mash your potatoes.

As Epson stumbles forward out of the corner, Bishop snags him, lifts him up, and plants him back down to the canvas with a sidewalk slam.

Zach Davis: Lateral press by Bishop, and he's go the leg hooked!



Freddy Whoa: Boombox kicks out!

Zach Davis: That shows quite a bit of power by the newcomer, as he's taken a decent beating and is giving up a lot of size, but he still managed to get out of there at a two count.

Freddy Whoa: It also shows the confidence that Jukebox Rocker Rock Roll has in his partner's abilities, because he did not even begin to leave the ring apron to bail Epson out.

Bishop grabs Epson by the hair and pulls him over to the corner, where he makes a tag to Priest.

Zach Davis: As Priest enters the ring, Bishop military presses Boombox Epson high up into the air . . . and he uses the military press to transfer Epson over to a fireman's carry on Priest's shoulders.

Freddy Whoa: Bishop and Priest are calling for it! Priest is going to attempt the Heaven Bound!

Before Priest can even attempt his GTS-inspired finisher, Epson pushes off of Priest's shoulders and flips forward, landing on his feet just to the left of Priest. With a sudden burst of energy, Epson runs up to the second rope in a neutral corner. Upset, Priest runs after him, but, before he can do anything, Epson headbutts the giant in the nose while still standing on the second rope.

Freddy Whoa: That'll rearrange your kisser!

Boombox has now grabbed Priest by the hair and is repeatedly slamming his forehead across the bridge of the dark preacher's nose.

Zach Davis: Headbutt! Headbutt! Headbutt! Headbutt!

Freddy Whoa: From what I've heard, this is one of his favorite maneuvers, and he calls it the Headbanger!

Zach Davis: And the Headbanger has busted Priest's nose wide open!

Bishop, coming to the aid of his twin brother, charges towards Epson, who is still standing on the second rope. Sensing danger, Boombox jumps off the rope and effortlessly rolls into a somersault to duck underneath the grasping arms of Bishop.

Zach Davis: A nice evasion by Epson there, who could use a tag, but unfortunately he's found himself in unfriendly territory, as he's landed directly in the VWA corner.

Freddy Whoa: It doesn't seem like Boombox really cares, though, because he just reaches out and tags in Damian Mason!

Bishop starts towards the Death Dealer, but he is interrupted by the referee, who tries to shepherd him back to the corner, as he is not the legal man. This leaves Damian Mason alone with Priest, who is still bloodied up by his encounter with Boombox Epson.

Zach Davis: Priest seems pretty disoriented still by all of those headbutts, and he's actually staggered quite a bit. Perhaps some of that blood got into his eyes and is obscuring his vision.

Freddy Whoa: Basement dropkick to the knee by the Death Dealer!

Zach Davis: We've got an eighty pound weight differences between these two wrestlers, but the smaller wrestler, Mason, is coming in to a situation where that may have been neutralized.

Priest falls down to one knee as a result of the dropkick. The Death Dealer bounces off the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and leaps into the air, hitting a beautiful tilt-a-whirl headscissors on the kneeling big man.

Freddy Whoa: Picture perfect move by Mason, and it looks like Priest is going to take a powder!

Priest rolls out of the ring underneath the bottom rope and kneels on the floor, propping himself up against the ring apron. Bishop comes over and tends to him, after which Damian Mason signals for Jasper McCoy to join him in the ring.

Zach Davis: The VWA seem to be setting up for something big here . . .

Both members of the VWA hit the ropes at the same time, with the Death Dealer then blasting Priest in the face with a baseball slide dropkick and Jasper McCoy hitting an elbow smash suicida on Bishop.

Zach Davis: And the fans hit their feet for the high flying tactics of the Villains with Attitude!

Freddy Whoa: Should villains really be getting cheered like that?

Zach Davis: I think that the VWA are just doing what they think it takes to win the match - they don't really care what the fans' reactions are.

Freddy Whoa: It looks like they're going to get more of it, because here come the Atomic Rockers!

Boombox Epson and Rock Roll each climb to the top rope on opposite ring posts, while Bishop, Priest, Mason, and McCoy all slowly stand up. Epson and Roll both hold of the sign of the beast and bang their heads for a few seconds before jumping off with a . . .

Freddy Whoa: FLYING V!

Zach Davis: Stereo leg lariats off of the top rope by the Atomic Rockers! I think that they were trying to hit Bishop and Priest, but things were so chaotic on the floor that I think that they probably made some contact with the VWA as well!

Despite their big dives, the Atomic Rockers are up relatively quickly and seem healthy, with one of them each grabbing a member of the VWA and throwing them back into the ring.

Zach Davis: We've got all four members of the Atomic Rockers and the Villains with Attitude in the squared circle together now, which should be interesting, because Priest is actually the legal man along with Damian Mason.

Freddy Whoa: This one has gotten wild, so it wouldn't surprise me if the official let things go a little bit.

The Atomic Rockers Irish whip the VWA members into each other. Afterwards, Boombox Epson lifts Jasper McCoy up into a flying hammerlock, while, at the same time, Rock Roll gives Damian Mason a DDT.

Zach Davis: And Epson drops McCoy out of the hammerlock and down on to Damian Mason!

The two members of the VWA lay in a heap as the Jukebox Rocker heads to the top rope while Boombox Epson cheers him on.

Freddy Whoa: Wait a second, there's Priest!

Priest has climbed up on to the ring apron and shoves Rock Roll off of the top rope, causing him to fall on top of the two VWA members, making the former two man pile a three man pile. Priest reenters the ring at that point, and he walks over to the stack of wrestlers.

Zach Davis: Is Priest doing what I think he's doing?

Freddy Whoa: He is! Oh my WHOA!

Getting his arms underneath the VWA/Rock Roll pile, Priest scoops up all three men and carries them in his arms, beginning to walks toward the ring ropes.

Zach Davis: What in the world is he going to do with those three individuals?!

Freddy Whoa: We're not going to find out, because Boombox Epson just hit him from behind with a chop block!

Zach Davis: Priest goes down like a massive redwood with all three of the other wrestlers landing on top of him in a dogpile!

Bishop attempts to climb back into the ring at this point, but Boombox Epson sees him coming and unleashes with a big karate kick to Bishop's face while it is positioned in between the second and third ropes. Meanwhile, Priest lays prone on the mat with three wrestlers stacked up on top of him.

Zach Davis: Now Boombox is turning his attention back to Priest, and he's got him in a spinning toe hold! Shades of Dory Funk, Jr.!

Freddy Whoa: If he turns this into a figure four, that'll be his submission finisher, the Spinning Vinyl!

Zach Davis: And he does just that! Epson drops down, and the Spinning Vinyl is applied!

Freddy Whoa: Priest's arms are trapped underneath Rock Roll and the VWA, so he can't get the ropes, but he also really can't tap out, either . . .

Zach Davis: Wait a second, the referee just called for the bell!

The referee briefly conferences with Kyle Steel, who then gets on the mic.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has informed me that Priest has verbally submitted, which means that the winners of this match are Too Dope for VH1 Boombox Epson and Jukebox Rocker Rock Roll . . . THE ATOMIC ROCKERS!

Zach Davis: The ref has officially called this match for the Atomic Rockers, but you have to think that the Villains with Attitude have a legitimate gripe about the finish, because Boombox Epson was not the legal man! Damian Mason was!

Freddy Whoa: Occasionally even the best officials will lose track of something like that, but the referee's decision is final . . . perhaps these two teams will meet again in a rematch down the road to address those issues.

Both VWA and the Atomic Rockers have left leaving Bishop and Priest alone in the ring.

Zach Davis: These are WCF legends, and they're getting a standing ovation. Always good to see them.

Bishop helps Priest up.

Freddy Whoa: They're brothers, Zach, and-


Zach Davis: WWHHAATT?!?!

Bishop starts stomping away at his former tag team partner!


Bishop lifts Priest up, and Priest is thrown to the ropes before being taken down with another Big Boot. Bishop lifts Priest up and hits YET ANOTHER Big Boot!

Freddy Whoa: Stop!.. Stop!!.. He's already dead!..

Bishop finally pulls Priest in and Powerbombs him and then keeps him in his clutches and Powerbombs him again!


Freddy Whoa: And it is truly the Last Sermon for Bishop and Priest, legendary WCF tag team! Like Biohazard and Tyler Walker before them, their friendship has come to a bitter end. Unlike BioWalker, however, I don't think we'll see them getting back together again any time soon!

Bishop places his foot on Priest and roars angrily at the booing crowd before raising his arms as we go to commercial.

Dawson Creek vs The Wolf vs Big Sexy Brian

Zach Davis: Well folks, there’s been a late addendum to the following match. What was once supposed to be a triple threat match will now be just a regular one on one match. Dawson Creek is still recovering from injuries suffered in his match last week against Trea Clegane, and he has pulled himself out of tonight’s match. Instead, he’ll be joining us at the commentary booth. Dawson, can you tell us a little bit about what’s happening?

Dawson Creek: Certainly Zach. For starters, I’d love to be out there moving around on the mat, but I went through my prelims earlier and my back just didn’t feel like it could hold up.

Freddy Whoa: Dawson, we know wrestling is a tough business and we know the competitors of the WCF compete with bumps and bruises almost constantly. In this world, there’s no such thing as fresh. How is this injury different?

Dawson Creek: Well Freddy, you’re right. People compete with ailments all the time in this business. But I’m a little worried this isn’t just another bump or bruise. I’m a little worried that I may have suffered a long term injury to my spine or vertebrae, and I just think it prudent to take the wait and see approach. Considering there’s still two competitors ready to go for the fans, I feel comfortable with the decision.

Zach Davis: A respectable choice, Dawson. And thanks for coming by our table to help out with the match. Can you give us a little insight into what you saw in preparation for the following match?

Dawson Creek: Just looking at the film, I wasn’t too worried about Big Sexy Brian. I went against Trea Clegane last week, who was a superhuman compared to Brian, and I didn’t really get the feeling that Brian had any real ability.

Freddy Whoa: How about The Wolf, Dawson?

Dawson Creek: Solid competitor, brawler, not afraid to get down and dirty. I was prepared to scrap with him—not really my style, but hey, some guys aren’t afraid to do anything to gain an advantage so you have to get low too.

Zach Davis: Good stuff, Dawson.

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first THE OUTCAST LEGEND….THE WOLFFFFFFFFFF!

"Supercharger Heaven" By White Zombie starts to blare over the speakers as The Wolf bursts out from the back. He spins around in a circle at the top of the ramp (or the arena entrance if there is no ramp) and after a few rotations around, he glares at the crowd, flipping off the fans as he walks to the ring.

Zach Davis: The Wolf is making his WCF debut, but he’s no rookie. He’s bounced around plenty of leagues through the last dozen odd years.

Freddy Whoa: Wrestling’s answer to Terry Mulholland.

Dawson Creek: Why did he choose this song? This isn’t about wolves. Why didn’t he go with Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran, or Wolves by Kanye West, or She-Wolf by Shakira?

Freddy Whoa: Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? By Barbara Streisand…

Dawson Creek: All more appropriate than this.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent….BIG. SEXY. BRYANNNNNNNNN.

blows kisses i'm too sexy -right said fred

Zach Davis: Here’s Big Sexy Brian, an interesting character, to say the least!

Freddy Whoa: Brian is a former bouncer.

Dawson Creek: Where at? Golden Corral?

Big Sexy Bryan enters the ring and begins dancing. The crowd is loving his moves, especially the way the rolls on his stomach jiggle with every gyration. Ladies begin wooing and hootin’ and hollerin’. The WCF cameras capture one drunk lady in a tank top with no bra enthusiastically cheering while holding a cup of Bud Light. The man with her, a poor schmuck wearing a faded Nate Nytro t-shirt, looks less enthused by her dancing.

Zach Davis: Look, another satisfied WCF customer!

Freddy Whoa: Her boyfriend doesn’t look too satisfied, Davis!

Dawson Creek: How much do you think that Bud Light costs? $9? Why are they so expensive? You can buy a six pack of the stuff for $5.88 with your Safeway Club Card.

Zach Davis: Dawson we don’t really talk about the economics of the arena industry during broadcasts.

I’m Too Sexy ends. As the referee is beginning to ring the bell, Big Sexy Brian takes the microphone from Kyle Steel.

Big Sexy Brian: I’m not done dancin’ yet! Turn my music back on!

The music starts again and BSB keeps on dancing. The camera cuts back to the couple, with the woman still dancing, only now she’s spilling her beer and her breasts are bouncing up and down. The boyfriend has had enough. He puts his hands on her shoulder to calm her down. She stops. He motions that enough is enough.

Zach Davis: Looks like someone’s a little jealous of Big Sexy Brian!

Freddy Whoa: A heel move by the boyfriend!

Dawson Creek: It really is nice to see more women attending wrestling events, isn’t it? Let’s give a shoutout to the industry for really leading a movement.

The woman and the man are now in a very heated argument. She waves her arms at him, spills some more beer, and begins dancing some more, this time one tit flying left, the other bouncing up. The man grabs her and puts her in a bearhug to try and stop her, but she breaks free, but then he slaps the piss out of her. She drops her drink and sits down, holding her face.

Zach Davis: Oh my goodness! I can’t believe he did that!

Freddy Whoa: We’re gonna have to edit that in Post-Production!

The camera cuts back to the couple, where security is accosting the man and leading him out of the arena. The woman kills her drink before following.

Zach Davis: Folks, we at WCF have to reiterate that unlike some other major professional fight organizations, we certainly do not condone domestic violence.

Freddy Whoa: Dawson, what’s your take on the situation? Yay or nay for an open palmed slap for the fairer sex?

Zach Davis: Nay!

Freddy Whoa: Are you Dawson?

Dawson Creek: Well Freddy, it’s like I always say: a woman without discretion is like a pig with a gold ring in it’s snout.

Freddy Whoa: Well said.

Back in the ring, Big Sexy Brian is still swinging his hips. His back is turned to The Wolf, who delivers a running dropkick to the Fat Man’s knees and takes him down on his back. The referee sounds for the bell and the music cuts. The Wolf mounts BSB and delivers a flurry of punches to the dome, prompting BSB to take cover as best he can. The Wolf delivers body shots to his Big Fat Gut and when BSB unclenches, offers a few headbutts to the cranium, busting BSB wide open.

Zach Davis: Wolf with a hot start! Big Sexy Brian is already open and showing signs of weakness!

Freddy Whoa: Is that blood or tomato paste, Davis?

BSB is able to use his girth to roll over, to which Wolf repositions himself at the legs and lifts a hearty piece up for a Crab.

Zach Davis: He’s locked in the Crab hold!

Freddy Whoa: Don’t say Crab, Davis, Brian might get hungry!

Dawson Creek: A beautifully applied Crab, if I do say so myself. Looks like he’s really applying pressure at the area where the thigh meets the patella. You can only imagine what kind of strain that does on a body when you can weaken one of the foundational elements.

BSB clutches onto a rope like it’s a piece of licorice. Wolf releases the hold but quickly begins attack BSB. BSB is able to use his strength to shove Wolf back, who springs off the ropes. Wolf kicks BSB’s stomach. He underhooks BSB’s arms and lifts him for a DDT. BSB’s head hits the canvass cranium first. BOOM.

Zach Davis: Marvelous set up by the Wolf!

The Wolf climbs the ropes where he performs a moonsault.

Zach Davis: Wolf in the Air!

Perfect execution. Wolf remains on top of BSB for the pin.




Kyle Steel: And your winner, The Outcast Legend The Wolf!

Zach Davis: Congrats to The Wolf for winning his debut!

Freddy Whoa: Big win for him, eh Dawson? Hopefully we can see you and The Wolf soon!

Dawson Creek: I’d love to compete against The Wolf, Freddy! We’ll see how quickly my back heals!

The Wolf is recuperating after a huge match in the ring...

All of a sudden Lights goes out. Demonic Chants mashed with a howl is heard before blue pyro explode.

Zach Davis: What the hell?

"The Evil within/psycho break theme song Long Way Down" by Gary Numan starts plays (titantron shows weird demonic signs and figures). Blue smoke fills the arena and spot light focuses on a figure on one knee. Fenris stands behind him arms out stretched..Udy howls by as another set of blue pyro explode. Udy makes his way slowly before rolling in and kneels at middle of ring. Howls again as light comes back and music fades.

Freddy Whoa: Well its the Demon Wolf and we also have "The Wolf" in the ring. Its....

Zach Davis: Weird, crazy, creepy?

Freddy Whoa: Volatile?

The Wolf walks up and comes face to face with The Demon Wolf. Wolf just stares at Udy.

Freddy Whoa: Well its a pack against an lone-wolf.

Udy tilts his head and they stare each other down..

Zach Davis: the lone wolf dies but the pack survives

Freddy Whoa: #GoT plug and yet the Wolves measures each other up. Fight..tear each other apart..give them blood.

Suddenly Udy hits an uppercut on The Wolf which staggers the veteran but he fights back with punch.

Zach Davis: The Wolf isn't intimated.

Freddy Whoa: If he were smart he should be because here comes Fenris

As Udy and The Wolf were trading shots Fenris comes from behind and hits a clubbing blow on his head. Fenris runs and hits a huge shoulder tackle turing The Wolf inside out.

Zach Dacis: The Sacrifice has been made!

Fenris picks up The Wolf and drops him with a chokeslam. But the veteran tries to stand up and Uyd runs up and hits the demon's eye on him..

Freddy Whoa: The Lone Wolf has fallen just as you said..I said...

Udy and Fenris stands tall over The Wolf as "The Evil within/psycho break theme song Long Way Down" by Gary Numan starts playing..

Udy shouts "Its either us or death!"

Zach Davis: Wait - where did Dawson Creek go?

Freddy shrugs, and the feed cuts!

Troy Wilson vs Jim Brantelli

Kyle Steel: This next match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first...from Brooklyn, New York...weighing in at 236 pounds...TROOOYYYYY WILLLSONNN!

The crowd explodes into cheers as “Not Afraid” by Eminem begins to blare and fog starts to roll down the entrance way. The arena lights turn blue and the fog creates a haze effect. Troy “The Golden Boy” Wilson steps out from behind the curtain slowly. He stops for a moment, flashes his signature smile, and looks around the arena. Bailey's eyes widen as he strides to the ring greeting multiple fans. He climbs up the ring steps, steps through the ropes and into the ring.

Kyle Steel: His opponent, from Phoenix, Arizona...weighing in at 220 pounds…”The Hell Raiser” JIIIIMM BRRRRANNTELLLIIIIII!

"We Are" by American Nightmare (Give Up The Ghost) plays as Jim Brantelli makes his way to the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Are we going to talk about the fact that we now have two bikers from Phoenix, Arizona, on the roster yet?

Zach Davis: Do you think Jim and Gravedigger meet up at a biker bar and trade stories?

The referee signals for the bell and this match starts off with both men circling each other. They lock up in the center of the ring and Jim whips Troy across the ring. Troy bounces off the ropes and ducks as Jim leapfrogs Troy. Troy bounces off the ropes and Jim lands back on the ground and rolls onto his back and monkey flips Troy who lands on his feet with catlike reflexes.

Jim kips up and performs a spin kick which Troy ducks who performs his own, Jim also ducking but Troy continues with the motion and nails Jim with a kick to the back of the head, sending Jim to the mat. Jim rolls back up to his feet as Troy jumps past him and springboards off the ropes. Jim catches Troy and lets the momentum carry them over until Jim is standing with Troy in his arms. Jim tosses Troy back with a fallaway slam.

Troy gets back up and the crowd cheers.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! What an opening to this match!

Jim hops up and runs over. He hurls one of his feet at Troy’s chest, but Troy lays back on the mat and rolls through. Jim leaps up and dropkicks Troy who bounces back up only to be floored by another dropkick. Jim hops back up and hits a standing shooting star press onto Troy. Jim grabs Troy and whips him into the nearby turnbuckle but Jim reverses. Jim bounces off and Troy runs over and spring boards off the nearby ropes and goes for a crossbody block. Jim jumps up and catches Troy with a dropkick that actually sends him sliding under the bottom rope to the outside. Jim is up and bounces off the opposite rope. He runs across the ring, performs a cartwheel and then moonsaults over the ropes into a suicide dive onto Troy who is just getting up, flattening him on the outside. Jim gets up and hops onto the apron from the floor, showing off his vertical leap and uses the apron as a springboard to do a huge Lionsault onto Troy, but Troy moves!

Zach Davis: WOW! Jim pulling out all the stops and it finally costs him. He’s looking to make an impact here tonight on Ultimate Showdown.

Freddy Whoa: Well, I think part of that had to do with Lionsault being one of the moves that Troy likes to use himself in matches.

Troy slowly gets up as the referee is counting. He rolls back into the ring. As the referee gets closer to counting out Jim, he slowly starts getting up and pulls himself up onto the apron, the missed Lionsault taking it out of him. Troy is back up and he grabs Jim and pulls him over the middle rope, hooking his feet on them and then uses the elevation to plant his head with a big DDT, basically ragdolling Jim at this point.

Troy pulls him away from the ropes and rolls him over and into a pin.

Referee: 1...2.kickout!

Troy gets up before Jim can move and nails a big Lionsault in the center of the ring. He connects and goes for a quick second pin.

Freddy Whoa: Troy showing Jim how it’s done!

Referee: 1...2...kick out!

Zach Davis: Yes, but it wasn’t enough!

Jim is back on his feet now and Troy whips him across the ring. Troy goes for a dropkick but Jim stops just short of being kicked in the mush and he takes the opportunity to bounce off the nearby ropes and nails a swinging neckbreaker. Troy still gets back up and his chest nearly caves in with a stiff kick. The crowd makes a cringing sound as the smack can be heard in the upper seats. Jim delivers another stiff kick to Troy, firmly putting himself back into the driver’s seat of this match.

Jim bounces off the nearby ropes and dropkicks Troy in the mouth, flooring him. Troy quickly capitalizes and scales the nearby turnbuckles. He leaps off and goes for the Thirst Quencher, but Troy isn’t done yet as he hops up quickly and dropkicks Jim out of the air. Jim rolls through and out of the ring.

He eats the brunt of Troy as he turns around into a dive through the ropes by Troy. Troy picks up Jim and whips him into the barricades. Jim arches his back in pain, yelling out. Troy walks Jim over and rolls him back into the ring. Troy pulls himself up onto the apron and between the middle and bottom rope.

He goes to pin Jim, but Jim grabs him and rolls him up in a small package. The referee slides into position.

1...2...NO! Troy reverses the momentum of the small package and is the one going for the pin.


Jim reverses it again but Troy kicks out before the referee can even go for another slap of the mat. Jim and Troy both get up and stare each other down as the crowd applauds them for this great match so far.

Freddy Whoa: Troy runs at Jim! Here we go!

Troy runs right into a kick from Jim, followed by a DDT. Jim quickly jumps to the top and flies off with a 450.


Freddy Whoa: It really was out of nowhere, Zach! Wow!




Jim Brantelli gets to his feet and gets his arm raised.

Freddy Whoa: Jim won fair and square, but it was due to one error on Troy's part! Regardless that was a fun one!

Trey Carter vs Marty Barrett

Kyle Steel: This next match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first...from Anaheim, California...weighing in at 220 pounds...TREEEYYYYY CARRRTERRR!

The lights dim as the wind chimes sound through the arena. As soon as the beat picks up, the arena is filled with red, white and black stars as Trey Carter slowly walks in with a focused, yet self absorbed demeanor. He takes his time coming down to ring, and isn't shy about telling off fans on his way down. He walks up the steps and ducks under the second rope to climb into the ring. The lights all meet him in the center of the ring in a mix of red, white and black before he throws his arm up in the air and the turnbuckle fireworks shoot off.

Zach Davis: Trey is a former Alpha Champion and is looking to prove why he won the title so early in his career.

Freddy Whoa: Well, he’s got his work cut out for him with his opponent this week.

Kyle Steel: His opponent, from Ogden, Utah...weighing in at 228 pounds…”The Magnificient Bastard” MARRRTYYY BARREETTTT!

Survival by Muse hits and the arena goes black. Gold Sparks shower down the entranceway as Belinda appears,wearing a black glittery mini dress and smoking a cigarette from a long filter. Behind her comes the Bastard in a black sparkling robe. They slowly make their way down to the ring, Belinda flicking her cigarette into the crowd, The Bastard arms out welcoming the crowd reactions with a sneer. Upon reaching the ring, the lights go up and the Bastard climbs to the apron back to the camera revealing golden lettering Marty Barrett and hails to the sky as more Sparks shower down. He enters the ring with Belinda opening the ropes for him as he continues to soak in the moment. Belinda helps him disrobe, revealing long black tights with gold trim and golden boots.

Zach Davis: While Marty has struggled so far to put together a winning formula, he is far from doing bad as he has been fairly dominant in his matches so far.

Freddy Whoa: I’ve got to say that if either man wants to take that next step towards superstar status, they’re going to need to prove themselves to Seth here tonight on pay-per-view, Zach.

The referee signals for the bell to get this match started. Carter and Barrett lock up with Carter ending up in a headlock from the Magnificent Bastard. Trey tries to push Marty off, but Marty wrenches on his head before using momentum to flip Trey over onto the mat, still holding onto the headlock.

The crowd boos as Marty smirks at the crowd, winking at a random female fan in the crowd. Trey slowly forces Marty up to a knee and finally the two men are standing up. Trey pushes them to the ropes and shoots Marty off. Marty comes running back, going for a shoulder block, but Trey sidesteps the attempt and catches Marty with a kick to the midsection before planting him with a DDT. Marty rolls out of the ring before Trey can capitalize. He taps his temple, smirking at Trey who is telling him to get back in the ring. Marty rolls back into the ring and Trey tries once more to capitalize, but Marty grabs a leg and shakes his head no as he comes to a standing position.

Trey says yes and jumps up, going for an enziguri, but Marty ducks it. Marty holds onto the leg and drops a knee onto Trey’s.

Zach Davis: Marty focusing on that knee of Trey’s. It’s going to be really hard for Trey to do much of his repertoire with a bad knee.

Marty stomps away at Trey a few more times before letting go of his leg and holding his arms out, taunting at the crowd, eliciting more boos. Marty is caught by surprise as Trey reaches over and grabs him by the trunks, rolling him up for a pin.

Referee: 1...kick out!

Marty gets up with a pissed off look on his face and the two men start trading rights in the center of the ring. Trey finally ducks one of Marty’s and kicks him in the midsection, then suplexes him to the mat. Marty bounces back up only to be kicked and DDT’d in the center of the ring again.

Marty goes to roll out again but Trey grabs him and starts punching away at him. He grabs Marty by the hair and pulls him up into a standing position only to plant him on the mat once again with a huge belly-to-belly suplex.

Trey quickly goes for the pin.

Referee: 1...kick out!

Trey slaps the mat and then the back of his hand at the referee telling him to count faster. Trey stands up and backs up, bouncing off the ropes, going for an axe kick on Marty, who rolls out of the way. Marty runs across the ring, Trey following him in. Marty springboards and floors Trey with a springboard enziguri. Marty wastes no time and grabs Trey and sends him into the turnbuckle.

Marty comes in with strikes on the upper and lower half of his opponent, jarring him with each hit. Trey stumbles out of the corner and Marty kicks Trey’s leg out from under him. Trey yells out, holding his leg. Marty grabs it and stomps away at his hamstring. Marty grabs both of Trey’s legs now and flips him over into a Boston Crab.

Trey yells out at the strain on his leg. The referee is checking on him as Trey slowly pulls the pair over to the ropes and the referee finally forces Marty to break the hold. Marty gets up and goes to grab Trey, but Trey reaches up and gouges Marty in the eye before pulling him in and past himself through the ropes, causing Marty spill onto the outside before the referee has a chance to react to the eye gouge. Trey takes a few moments to take a breather, checking on his leg, before rolling out of the ring after Marty.

Marty is getting to his feet, thanks to the ring apron and as Trey comes in, Marty punches at Trey in the midsection. Trey’s head bounces off the apron as Marty slams it on there. Marty bounces his head off a second time and then a third time. The referee is at the count of three and Marty whips Trey down the side of the ring towards the barricade in the corner.

Marty starts to charge in but stops himself, tapping a finger on his temple, smirking at the booing crowd. Marty rolls back into the ring at the count of five and stands up, watching Trey slowly get up from the opposite corner of the ring. Trey is clearly going to beat the count so Marty starts slowly walking towards the other side of the ring.

Trey pulls himself up onto the apron and dips in between the top and middle ropes. Marty is there to meet him as he shoves Trey into the corner and hits him with the Magnificent Seven!

Freddy Whoa: Trey Carter looks to be in trouble now!

Trey crashes to the mat after the move and Marty quickly goes for his first pin attempt of the match.

Referee: 1...2.kickout!

Trey kicks out barely after two and Marty is not happy. He stomps away at Trey and finally lets him up. Marty whips Trey across the ring and clotheslines Trey to the mat with intensity. Marty grabs Trey and pulls him up to a standing position before whipping him hard into the nearby turnbuckle. He charges in at Trey as he bounces off the turnbuckles.

Zach Davis: Marty going for the Bastard Buster!

Trey turns around as Marty springboards off and he catches the Magnificent Bastard and tosses him overhead with a fallaway slam. Trey capitalizes by being the first one up and plants a boot right in the smoocher of Marty Barrett, putting him on the ground. Barrett wisely rolls out of the ring, but Trey hops out between the ropes and grabs Marty from behind. He lifts him up in a german suplex, a look of panic going across the face of Marty Barrett.

Trey grimaces at his leg as he gets up from the move. He picks Marty up and sends him into the nearby barricade. He grabs Marty and rolls him back in the ring before slowly climbing the turnbuckles. Marty gets up and is confused because he doesn’t see Trey. Belinda frantically points behind Marty.

Marty tries to turn around quick enough, but fails to as he eats a huge superman punch off of the top rope by Trey Carter.

Trey quickly rolls Marty over and hooks the leg for a pin.

Referee: 1….2...kick out!

Marty gets the leg up and shakes the cobwebs loose. Trey is not happy and argues with the referee. Marty slowly gets up and tries to get the jump on Trey but Trey elbows him in the head and a second time. He grabs Marty and whips him across the ring and hits him with an atomic drop. He snakes in behind Marty and hits him with a tiger suplex, bridging at the end for a pin.

Referee: 1...2...kick out!

Trey immediately grabs Marty and goes for the Street Cutter!

Zach Davis: This is his big move! This could spell the end for Marty Barrett!

Freddy Whoa: YES!! He hits it! Street Cutter in the center of the ring! The referee slides into position as Trey covers Marty.

Referee: 1...2...3!!

The sound of wind chimes can be heard in the arena as Trey Carter slowly gets to his feet, the referee raising his hand. Belinda slaps the ring apron in frustration, yelling out at the referee.

Damian Simmons vs Matthew Drake

Freddy Whoa: Next up is another match in what has already been a heated rivalry between two of the WCF’s freshest faces!

Zach Davis: Freshest faces? Do you think this is a Noxzema commercial?

Freddy Whoa: If it were, you could be the before photo! Burn notice! Whoa brings the heat!

Zach Davis: This might be the worst opening to a match we’ve ever had…

The lights go out. The fans begin to use their phone flashlights, illuminating the crowd with bright orbs of white light.

After a few seconds, a voiceover begins to play, the words also being written on the tron.

"This... is a message for those of you who remain silent. This is for those who believe their opinion is meaningless. This is for those who were forced into believing they are nothing in the grand scheme of things... You are wrong. Your voice alone may be small, but as a group, you can be louder than a lion's roar. I am here to bring that out of you. I am here to represent the silent. majority.

The tron goes black. Everything is quiet until the music bursts to life, filling the silence. The arena is flooded with red light. Simmons steps out from behind the curtain, a white spotlight cutting through the red and shines on him. Raising his fists overhead, he lets the cheers roar out before beginning his walk to the ring.

Walking down the ramp, Simmons points high into the crowd. His voice is picked up on the camera saying: "Your voice is not useless!" Walking up the steps, Simmons enters the ring over the top rope. Walking to the center of the ring, he lifts his fists overhead once more, posing to the crowd.

Freddy Whoa: The world’s largest cruiserweight is here to give a voice to the voiceless! He’s representing the silent majority!

Zach Davis: Silent majority? You talking about Dag Riddik?

"Forever" by Drake starts playing strobe lights of all colors are flashing then the lights completely shut off and pyro at the stage starts and shoots down the ramp and Matthew Drake appears. He walks down the ramp with a very cocker swagger about him the women cheer because he is hot and the guys boo cause they wanna be him. He gets to the ring and climbs the turnbuckle and holds his arms up in victory before the match even starts he knows how good he is he jumps down and walks to the middle of the ring and holds his arms out and shines his cocky smirk to the fans.

Zach Davis: And here is a self-proclaimed “top heel” looking to silence Damian Simmons and he’s all over him!

The referee calls for the bell and this one is underway. Matthew Drake is all over Damian Simmons with rights and lefts, backing the taller man back into a corner. Drake mounts the second turnbuckle and peppers the 7 footer with right hands as the crowd boos and Drake smirks and cups his hand to his ear. Drake hops off and kicks Simmons in the gut, double him over to set him up for a powerbomb into the turnbuckle.

Freddy Whoa: Drake his him up! No! Reversed by Simmons with a hurricanrana right into the turnbuckles! I have never seen a man that size hurricanrana another!

Zach Davis: He’s the colossal cruiserweight!

Simmons backs away from Drake who has sat himself up only to run back in with a somersault cannonball into the corner. Simmons picks up his opponent and drops him back down with a double underhook DDT, immediately follow by a springboard moonsault into a pin.



Freddy Whoa: A kickout by Drake! And Simmons is heading to the top rope now, setting his opponent up...waiting for Drake to get back to his feet….Here comes the big man with a flying bionic elbow from the top! But no! Drake ducks under the elbow, goes behind and drops him with a neckbreaker!

Simmons is back up fairly quick only to be caught right under his chin by a superkick from Drake, knocking the big man back into the ropes then spiking him into the mat with a spinebuster on the way back. Another pin.



Freddy Whoa: A kickout from Simmons this time! And Drake is not pleased about it!

Angry he didn’t keep the big man down, Drake begins bouncing Simmons’ head off the mat before mounting the colossal cruiserweight and then pummeling him with rights and left before hooking the leg again.


Freddy Whoa: A quicker kickout this time from Damian Simmons! Drake is now arguing with the ref about the speed of his three count as Simmons begins to pull himself up on the ropes. Simmons up on his knees now and here comes Drake looking for his Lights Out curb stomp!

Zach Davis: No Simmons stood up and sent Drake flying over the top rope to the outside!

Wasting no time the colossal cruiserweight measures his opponent who is slowly rising to his feet and then launches himself off the top rope with a springboard moonsault as the referee begins his count.

Referee: ONE! TWO!

Freddy Whoa: What a move! And both men are down outside! Simmons picks up his opponent and drops him back down with the Spine Splinter!!

Referee: THREE! FOUR!

With that argentine backbreaker, Matthew Drake is out cold. Simmons throws him onto the Urdu announce table.

Referee: FIVE! SIX!

Freddy Whoa: Damian Simmons is back in the ring and could win this one by count out!

Referee: SEVEN! EIGHT!

Zach Davis: Wait...what is Simmons doing...Why is he climbing to the top rope? The referee is at nine! He could just win this match! He’s going for a leg drop off the top rope onto the splayed out Matthew Drake on the announce table!

Freddy Whoa: WHOOOOOA! He just launched himself off the top rope but Drake rolled out of the way! Simmons just flew through the air and crashed through that announce table! Both men are down and the count has been restarted!

Referee: ONE! TWO! THREE!

Zach Davis: Both men are in the rubble, trying to gather their bearings. I don’t understand why Simmons didn’t just take the count out victory…

Freddy Whoa: Because you don’t end a blood feud with count outs...you end it with blood!

Referee: FOUR! FIVE!

The men start to stir now as Drake is first to his feet and is crawling toward the ring.

Referee: SIX! SEVEN!

Freddy Whoa: Drake is almost to the apron but Simmons has his foot! He’s holding Drake back!

Referee: EIGHT! NINE!

Freddy Whoa: Drake is kicking Simmons in the face and finally gets himself free and--

Referee: TEN!

Zach Davis: He was too late! A double count-out! Neither man was able to get back into the ring again! And Matthew Drake is livid as Simmons begins getting to his feet with a smile.

Matthew Drake is fuming and suddenly pulls up the ring apron to dig around beneath it then suddenly finds what he was looking for.

Freddy Whoa: Oh come on, the match is over and Drake has a bat! WHOA MY GAWD WHAT A SHOT!

Just as Simmons had gotten upright, Drake cracked him over the head with the bat! Simmons stumbles back only for Drake to take a baseball swing at his ribs and follow it up with another smash across the back, putting the big man down.

Freddy Whoa: Come on! Matthew Drake is a coward and a bastard! What’s he doing now…

Drake picks Simmons back up then, with the bat laid across his shoulders, drops Simmons with an RKO out of nowhere, bouncing the opponent’s face across the bat.

Zach Davis: And a Kingslayer with the bat! That’ll do it....Simmons is out cold.. He may not have won the match tonight but Drake sent a message just the same...

“Forever” by Drake hits the speakers as Matthew Drake drops the bat down across Simmons’ lifeless body and then heads up the ramp as the crowd bathes him in boos.

No Disqualification Match
William the Behemoth vs Jaice Wilds vs Jason O'Neal vs Andre Aquarius

Rock Out by Motorhead plays over the PA and William “The Behemoth” walks to the ramp and let's out a roar followed by some pyro. He then slowly walks to the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Former Internet Champion and recent upset specialist in the King of The Deathmatch tournament, William is lumbering his way into the ring!

Zach Davis: He’s taking forever. Somebody should tell him there are donuts under the apron, get him to hustle up a bit.

"Side Of A Bullet" by Nickleback hits the speakers as the Mid-Card Masterpiece enters the arena!! There are cheers and whistles and applause and those dollar store noisemakers!! Jaice makes the most epic generic entrance you have ever seen, and sonuva bitch, are people excited!! More cheers! More applause! More noisemakers! Jaice hugs people and high fives motherfuckers and gives the fans all the love they give him!! Then he's in the ring and people are STILL going nuts! The ring announcer gets a fist bump!

Zach Davis: The crowd loves their XTreme Aerialist! And with a win here tonight over a former World Champ, he could put insert himself into any number of title discussions.

Freddy Whoa: William actually just beat a former World Champ in Wade Moor. Do you think he’ll be seeing a World Title shot soon?

Zach Davis: I think that’s a Very Big conclusion to jump to.

#1 by Nelly hits and Jason O'Neal walks arrogantly walks to the ring.

Freddy Whoa: No pyro, no fancy lighting, not much to his entrance but former WCF World Champ, Jason O’Neal is here!

Zach Davis: Theoretically...yes.

Freddy Whoa: No, he’s literally walking down the ramp to the ring right now.

Zach Davis: Maybe in body...but in spirit?

Freddy Whoa: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Zach Davis: This looks like a man in need of a….Resurrection.

OG Bobby Johnson by Q hits the arena. A thick smoke fills the stage and ramp areas as the bass vibrates through the area. As the beat drops, Andre Aquarius emerges on the stage, hyping himself up and soaking in a chorus of boos. A flickering strobe goes along as well with the beat and Andre makes his way down the entrance ramp, pounding a fist against his chest.

Freddy Whoa: What in the hell does he have strapped to his back?

Zach Davis: That, you civvie coward...is a bazooka.

Freddy Whoa: He can’t bring that into the ring!

Zach Davis: It’s no DQ!

Freddy Whoa: Well the referee appears to agree with me.

Despite the no-dq status of the match, the referee appears to be demanding the bazooka before Andre is allowed into the ring. AA puts up a fight but eventually reluctantly hands over his bazooka. The referee looks it, unsure what to do with it then drags it over toward the timekeeper. As Aquarius watches his prize bazooka carelessly drug across the floor, Jaice Wilds comes out of nowhere, flying over the top rope with a somersault plancha taking out Aquarius. Wilds quickly hops up on the guard rail and then leaps off with a frog splash onto the downed AA. In the ring, this has set Jason O’Neal into quick action, charging at The Behemoth. O’Neal lays into him with hard kicks to the legs, attempting to cut them out from under the big man. Seeing him unmoved, O’Neal bounces off the ropes and flies in with a cross body block.


Most of the idiotic crowd boos the big man while those with any taste cheer the former Internet Champ. The Behemoth throws his hands up as the other three recover on the outside. Aquarius is first up and hops in the ring only to be met with big right hands from William, stumbling him back into a corner. Next, Wilds springboards into the ring with corkscrew plancha which William across his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position. Finally, O’Neal slides in and goes for a superkick on The Behemoth.

Zach Davis: SENSATION! NO! The Behemoth turned Wilds into the kick and Jaice fully ate that superkick!

William casually tosses Wilds off his shoulders and into a turnbuckle then begins pounding O’Neal with rights and lefts backing him into a corner. With all three men leaning against their respective turnbuckles, The Behemoth takes stock of the situation in the middle of the ring before letting out a bellow.

Freddy Whoa: Running splash CRUSHING Jason O’Neal! And now one to Jaice Wilds! And here he comes for Aquarius!

Zach Davis: Aquarius dives out of the ring--and takes the turnbuckle pad with him! Behemoth just bounced of that exposed steel!

As the big man stumbles back, Wilds rolls to the outside and grabs a steel chair from under the ring. Aquarius grabs The Behemoth by the head to ram him into that steel again but Behemoth puts a giant foot up to stop him and then slams AA’s forehead directly off the steel.

Freddy Whoa: And again! And again! William is just ricocheting Aquarius’ head off that exposed steel!

Zach Davis: And speaking of steel, Wilds tosses a chair to O’Neal and then goes for a spinning wheel kick into the chair! Ducked by O’Neal who then wallops Wilds across the back with the chair!

O’Neal smacks the chair down across the back and head of Wilds again and again and again as the Xtreme Aerialist is out absolutely cold. Outside the ring, Aquarius is struggling back to his feet and crawling toward the timekeeper where his bazooka is.

Freddy Whoa: Oh god, what’s Andre doing?

Zach Davis: Holmes? Probably prepping for Ultimate Showdown.

Back in the ring, O’Neal comes running at William and pops him the chair. The shot stumbles the big man and bounces him off the ropes and O’Neal hits him again, bringing the big man to his knees.

Freddy Whoa: Aquarius has his bazooka! He slapped the timekeeper and took it back and is now aiming it toward the ring!

The referee slides quickly to the outside and stands in front of Andre waving his hands and yelling. The referee is again saying he can’t use the bazooka despite the NO DQ match at hand but Aquarius takes aim right at the referee.

Zach Davis: He wouldn’t...He can’t do this…

The referee stops yelling for a moment but doesn’t move. Meanwhile, Jason O’Neal has climbed to the top rope and is looking to do whatever is necessary to ground this monster of a man. With his back turned on the top rope, he setting up for a moonsault but the Behemoth makes a lunge at the ropes and crotches O’neal! The Behemoth then grabs O’neal and pulls him backwards into a tree of woe position. Outside the ring, the cameras just barely pick up a “Maaaaan...fuck dis shit” from Aquarius who lowers his bazooka, slings it across his back and heads toward the entrance ramp.

Freddy Whoa: Oh thank god...But what is William doing? He’s got that bent and banged up steel chair and is eyeing up O’Neal….CONCUSSION CREATOR!

Zach Davis: A MONUMENTAL splash with the chair from the Behemoth! O’Neal falls out of the tree of woe to the mat, The Behemoth hooks the leg…



Here comes Aquarius!


Zach Davis: He was too late! Aquarius decided to come break it up but he was too late as William The Behemoth has just picked up his SECOND victory over a former WCF World Champion in less than a week!

Freddy Whoa: Andre doesn’t seem to care too much about the match being over though and just NAILED The Behemoth with a #dankinfusion! Why?! And now...he’s helping up Jason O’Neal?

Aquarius helps The Real Deal to his feet before leading him out of the ring with the two walking side by side up the ramp.

Zach Davis: Is this a #BeachKrew recruiting mission?!

As the duo gets to the top of the ramp, they stop and turn to the crowd who boos as they’ve been trained to do. Suddenly, they’re joined by Trey Carter and Troy Wilson on the stage and all four men raise their hands together in unison.

Freddy Whoa: I don’t think this was a #BeachKrew recruiting mission, Zach, this is something...completely different! What are they doing? What do they want? What do these four men even have in common?!

Zach Davis: Well I mean....It’s pretty obvious what they have in common, Freddy….

Freddy Whoa: Title aspirations? A desire to stand up against PantheonKrew and Everest? What? What is their commonality or purpose?

Zach Davis: This is a joke right?

Freddy Whoa: These men look like no joke to me!

Zach Davis: What else do they look like?

Freddy Whoa: Four fearsome and determined men ready to take the WCF by storm!

Zach Davis: ...they’re black, Freddy. They’re all black.

Freddy Whoa: Freddy Whoa doesn’t see race!

The four men exit the stage as the crowd continues their boos.

Taylor Wright/Bale Pascal vs Udy/Oathbreaker

“Voids” by Apollyon’s Visage creeps onto the sound system, creating a bassy rumble in the arena as the lights dim into darkness. The stage lights all focus on the entrance. First, out comes Aapo Nikula, the white of his face is blown out due to the overpowering nature of the focused lights. His arms are spread wide and he is grinning from ear to ear as he receives a wave of boos from the crowd.

After yelling inaudible statements - presumably something of praise for his fighter- Mr. Nikula steps to the side, holding his hands out toward the entrance in a presenter’s fashion when finally, Bale Pascal steps out onto the ramp.

Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring, weighing in at two-hundred and twenty-six pounds, from New Shoreham, Rhode Island...BALE PASCAAAAL!!!

Bale saunters down the ramp; the stage lights following along as he descends. After climbing up the side of the ring, he crosses his arm over the top rope, rests his head on top, and swings his legs over to sit on the second rope; a spotlight shines overhead. A moment passes before he slides off and through the ropes, into the ring where his faithful Manager stands while continuing to praise his fighter.

Kyle Steel: And his partner, weighing in at two-hundred and twenty-six pounds...TAYLORRRRRR WRIGHT!

Taylor Wright enters the arena while "Hell Song" by Sum 41 plays. He walks to the ring with authority and slides under the bottom rope waiting for the match to begin.

Kyle Steel: And their opponents...first to the ring, weighing in at two-hundred and seventy-seven pounds...OOOOOOATHBREAKERRRRRR!

‘Trust me’ echoes from the auditorium speakers. Oath Breaker steps out onto the rampway standing there to soak in the audience reaction. He raises his arm, his sacred tomahawk raised high in a show of defiance against everything.

A flash of crimson light and he disappears from the rampway, only for a similar flash to appear in the ring, from which Oath Breaker emerges. Tendrils of smoke rise from his form as he makes his way to a corner, climbing to the second turnbuckle.

He looks out across the audience, his arm slowly raising extending the end of his tomahawk high. His arms slowly spread wide in a show of majesty with head tilted high in supplication to the elder spirits of his ancestors.

Kyle Steel: And his partner, weighing in at two-hundred pounds...The Demon Wolf...UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Lights goes out. Demonic Chants mashed with a howl is heard before blue pyro explode. "The Evil within/psycho break theme song Long Way Down" by Gary Numan starts plays (titantron shows weird demonic signs and figures). Blue smoke fills the arena and spot light focuses on a figure on one knee. Fenris stands behind him arms out stretched..Udy howls by as another set of blue pyro explode. Udy makes his way slowly before rolling in and kneels at middle of ring. Howls again as light comes back and music fades.

Zach Davis: Both teams go to their corners as they decide who to put out first. For Everest, it seems Bale Pascal will be starting the match and for the other side, Udy.

Both wrestlers slowly walk their way to the center of the ring. Bale has a sort of cocky stroll as Udy seems to have a more hesitant approach with his stance more like that favoring a martial artist. The ref runs through the usual procedure before signalling for the bell to start the match…


Both fighters circle the ring, observing their opponent, anticipating the first move.

Zach Davis: Neither fighter is looking to be the first one to let their guard down...Might be a moment before we see the first strike.

Freddy Whoa: Both men have a major focus on martial arts training, leaving their arsenal to mainly strikes and submissions. Though Udy might have the advantage being that he has MUCH more advance training that Mr. Pascal but Pascal is a former champion shortly after joining the WCF, so he is not to be underestimated.

Suddenly, Bale Pascal rolls his eyes and stops circling around the ring as he projects a very bored expression. Udy cocks his head as he too stops circling. In this moment, Bale Pascal hits Udy with a very dirty slap which causes the crowd to react negatively. Udy contorts his mouth before replying with a stiff forearm to the face that sends Bale back a step, causing him to smile.

Zach Davis: Bale Pascal seems to be happy with the reaction he received from Udy…

Freddy Whoa: I think Bale is surprised by the power in that strike and realized this match might be a little bit more eventful than he anticipated.

After a second of being surprised, Bale responds with a forearm of his own, with an equal amount of force. Udy follows with a backspin elbow, clocking the artist in the jaw but does not send him to the ground. Bale kicks Udy in the gut, bending him over, and goes to bounce off the rope but Udy is quick to make a leaping leg lariat that sends Pascal straight to the ground.

Udy is quick to his feet as Bale sits up, observably displeased with that outcome. But before he could get up, Udy bounces off the ropes and attempts a running kick. Bale acts quick and leans back and grabs Udy’s leg as he goes over. Getting to his feet, he keeps hold of his opponents leg. Udy goes for an enziguri but Bale sees it coming and ducks. Udy is able to keep on his foot and goes for a quick back kick but gets his other leg captured before being thrown back in a Wheelbarrow suplex.

Zach Davis: Mr. Pascal showing some technical skill here as he hits The Demon Wolf with a suplex.

Freddy Whoa: Udy might have had more training but Bale seems to be able to recognize when certain moves are coming.

Udy is grabbing the back his head as Bale gets back to his feet. He attempts to pull the Cursed Crusader to his feet but is met with an elbow to the gut quickly followed up with a Pele kick. Bale stumbles into his corner and is tagged on the back by Taylor Wright. Taylor enters the ring and makes a move at Udy but The Demon Wolf leaps and tags in his six foot nine partner and causes Taylor to freeze in his tracks as a look a fright quickly overcomes his face and he makes a one-eighty back to his corner and tags back in a still recovering Bale Pascal.

Freddy Whoa: Seems that Mr. Wright was ready to take on a man his own size by not his giant of a partner!

Bale’s head pops up in surprise but before he can say anything, he is met with a big boot, knocking him off the apron and into the guardrail.

Zach Davis: Bale just got the daylights knocked out of him!

Freddy Whoa: I bet you he is going to let Taylor hear about that one when they get back stage.

Bale looks dazed as Oathbreaker climbs out of the ring. He grabs the back of Bale’s head and attempts to lead him back to the ring but Bale slips behind the giant and shoves him into the ring apron where Mr. Wright quickly follows up with a kick to the face. Bale rolls into the ring, runs to the other side, bounces off the ropes and, like a speeding bullet, hits Oathbreaker with a baseball slide that sends the massive man doubling back into the guardrail.

Both members of Everest are about to gang up on Oathbreaker but a rise in reaction from the audience makes them turn around to see what the commotion is and are instantly met with a suicide dive from Udy!

Zach Davis: Out of nowhere! Udy changes the tide of the match!

Udy and Oathbreaker each grab an opponent and roll them both in the ring. Both men climb into the ring and Grab both Everest members again. They step back into opposite corners and irish whip Bale and Taylor into each other. But upon meeting in the center of the ring, they both use each other to spin around and charge back at their opponents. Taylor hits Udy, sending both out of the ring as Bale reaches Oathbreaker but is met with a solid right hand!

Freddy Whoa: Bale just can’t catch a break!

Once again Oathbreaker lifts Bale and this time places him against the turnbuckle. He runs to the other side of the ring, makes an immediate turn and comes charging at Bale…

Zach Davis: Oathbreaker going for a full charge!

Oathbreaker leaps with a running knee but Bale drops down, leaving the giant to contact with the turnbuckle…

Freddy Whoa: Oathbreaker wanted to obliterate Bale with the Hunting Hawk but Bale was just too quick!

Bale reaches up and rolls Oathbreaker back into a pin and he quickly places his legs up on the rope but the ref is unable to notice…




Zach Davis: Everest steals a victory tonight!

Kyle Steel: Your winners...Bale Pascal and Taylor Wright...EVEREST!

Bale quickly rolls out of the ring and hauls Taylor up the ramp as “Voids” by Apollyon’s Visage plays on the P.A. system before fading to black

World Title Contendership Match
Teo del Sol vs Mikey eXtreme vs Kyle Kemp

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a triple-threat match to determine the number one contender for the WCF World Championship!

"Better Than You" by Sam Adams begins to play and Kyle Kemp walks out slowly to the top of the stage. He stands with his arms out and soaks in boos from the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first… from Chicago, Illinois. He weighs in tonight at 210lbs.. He is-- KYYYYYYYLE KEMMMMMMMMP!!!

He slowly saunters his way down to the ring, taunting the fans. He walks up the steps and gets in the ring with a smile and just leans on one of the turnbuckles, indifferent to anything that anyone is saying to him and waiting for the match to start. The fans hate how he's not responding to them and continue to boo louder.

Kyle Steel: His opponent; making his way down to the ring being accompanied by Vidalia and Freakshow, hailing from Brooklyn, New York. He weighs in tonight at 225lbs.-- MIKEYYYYYYYY EXTREEEEEEME!!!

The lights begin to slowly go off, section by section, until the arena is completely black. "Get Born Again" by Alice in Chains blares over the PA system as the lights on the stage begin to slowly flash on and off. Mikey eXtreme steps out onto the stage with his arms held out and his head titled back as he looks to the ceiling. Vidalia and Freakshow flank him as they make their way ringside.

Freddy Whoa: Well, maybe it’s a little later than they planned it, but both Kemp and Mikey have been on the very cusp of that World Championship shot for quite some time.

Zach Davis: I guess it’s time we see which one of them wants it more.

Mikey ignores the fans trying to reach out to touch him. He throws the kendo stick into the ring and rolls under the bottom rope, crawling to the corner where he sits laughing and rocking back and forth. Freakshow circles the ring, staring at Mikey's opponent as Vidalia whispers some kind of plan into Mikey's ear.

The Crowd explodes as a roaring guitar riff tears throughout the arena; specifically that of Kickstart my Heart. Signalling the arrival of the one and only Teo del Sol! The lights drop, enveloping the arena in darkness as they turn towards the entrance ramp.

Kyle Steel: Finally! From Houston, Texas. Weighing in tonight at 190lbs-- TEEEEO DELLLL SOLLLLL!!!

With a crescendo and a burst of flame, Teo del Sol springs onto the entrance ramp, a white and gold jacket with a Luchador's mask emblazoned across the back. He walks forward, holding his hands out over his head and bathing in the applause. He takes a deep bow and walks towards the ring, high fiving the fans along the way. He wears a happy grin as he rolls between the ropes, offering both of his opponents an extended handshake that neither man entertains, before shrugging and walking to the turnbuckle.

Freddy Whoa: Always the gentleman, Teddy offering his hand to Kyle Kemp and Mikey eXtreme.

Zach Davis: A gesture, of course that they both laughed at.

Freddy Whoa: Still-- it’s nice to be nice, Zach.

He holds his arms over his head and yells out a cry, which the fans all join in on, eliciting a cheer from the audience. As he soaks up the applause though, he is leapt on by both of his opponents who drive him back into the corner with a tenacious flurry of kicks and stomps.


Zach Davis: Oh yeah… seems to really be aiding Teddy, huh?

Freddy Whoa: Shut up, Zach. You don’t know me.

Zach Davis: Mikey rolling to the outside on one side of the post, Kemp on the other!

With Teo sunk, slumped in the corner; an opponent on either side of him. It becomes brutally clear that Kemp and Mikey have concocted a plan to take Teddy Blaze out of this contest early. Mikey grabs a chair; sliding back into the ring while Kyle Kemp chokes the fallen fan favourite with a length of camera wire; holding him in place. Mikey places the chair in front of Teo; and takes over from Kemp-- forcing the steel frame into Teddy’s face with his boot as Kyle rolls back in and runs from the other corner, delivering a sickeningly beautiful basement dropkick to the chair; which in turn ricochets into Teo’s head that remains trapped between that and the bottom turnbuckle pad.

Zach Davis: It’s a good job neither of them thought to remove the padding from that turnbuckle, or this could’ve been ugly.

Freddy Whoa: Dammit, Zach!

Almost if they had heard the commentator; Mikey and Kyle look at one another again. One nodding to the other as Mikey begins ripping at the protective padding on the bottom turnbuckle behind Teddy’s dreary head. Kemp showboats to the crowd; getting a good amount of heat from the Richmond fans. Before receiving a thumbs up from Mikey that meant the steel fastenings were now exposed. Accelerating forwards, he repeats the same basement dropkick-- this time sandwiching Teo’s skull between steel, and more steel; a sickening crash echoing throughout the arena as the chair dents around the skull of Mr. Sunshine.

Freddy Whoa: Are you happy now, Zach?

Zach Davis: Kind of.

Freddy Whoa: Well, here’s where things are about to get interesting… Teddy’s down, but which of them is going to make the pin?

Mikey and Kyle spend a moment too long enjoying the boos and the broken remains of Teddy Blaze that now lie in a motionless heap on the canvas between them. As though they’re both jarred from a dream at the same time though; reality sets in simultaneously and those smiles turn sour. Mikey drops into a lateral press on Teo, but Kyle tosses him off and leaps on the cover himself before the referee can even get down to his knees; a kindness that Mikey shrugs off as idiocy and returns immediately. This time, Kemp drags Mikey up from the pin by the hair and shouts in his face that this isn’t part of the plan.

Zach Davis: Here we have a common conundrum; only one of these men can become the number one contender.

Freddy Whoa: They’ve been working so well as a unit lately that it’s almost a shame to see it coming to an end like this.

Frustration growing in both men, it isn’t long before things get physical with Kemp kicking Mikey in the gut and doubling him over. The man who believes himself to be better than you tries to take control of the ring; attempting to toss his former partner to the outside, but Mikey holds onto the ropes and jams his shoulder into Kyle’s stomach, winding him. Short of breath himself, he returns the previous kick to the gut, with interest in the form of a snapmare which is fluidly followed by a stiff kick to the spine that is heard throughout the Colosseum. Meanwhile, on Dream Street a semi-conscious Teddy Blaze falls over the edge of the apron onto the ringside floor; completely at the mercy of Mikey’s entourage.

Zach Davis: Teddy Blaze is out there in no man’s land now. He’s right in front of Freakshow, barely stirring and that welt on his dome looks like it could be a potential concussion.

Freddy Whoa: He’s pretty much waving Vidalia into the ring now too. Really taking advantage of that ‘lax triple threat rulebook.

Vidalia enters the ring on one side, as Freakshow grabs Teddy by the hairs and smashes his skull against the ring steps. Losing control, the senior official stops trying to prevent Vidalia from getting through the ropes and instead begins to shout at the seven footer who repeatedly drives Teddy’s already fragile head into the steps like a petulant child trying to break a toy in tantrum. With each thud, the referee grows more frustrated; completely blanking Vidalia who removes her high-heeled boot and hands it to Mikey as referee and ring announcer converse for a second.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen-- Senior Referee, Stanley Moser has just informed me that Vidalia and Freakshow are being sent to the back!

Outraged, Mikey gets in the referee’s face; high-heeled shoe in one hand as Freakshow finally ceases battering Teo’s skull against the steps on the outside. Vidalia whispers a parting sentiment to her muse before stepping back through the ropes and making her way up the ramp; a deflated and disappointed Freakshow following her every step. Clutching at his back; Kyle Kemp finally gets back to his feet, just in time to avoid the incoming shoe that Mikey tries to maim him with; narrowly avoiding the very point of the heel at the last second by executing a drop toe-hold.

Freddy Whoa: Kyle Kemp avoiding what could have been an immediate end to this little grab for glory by the skin of his teeth.

Zach Davis: Vidalia and Freakshow have been exiled from ringside, but the real story here is Teddy Blaze probably has a concussion at ringside. Can we get some paramedics out here to see to him?

Kemp floats over Mikey, dragging him up to a crouching position in front chancery before sweeping his feet out and relegating him to another intimate moment with the mat; executing a faceplant DDT. Three concerned looking medical attendants rush towards ringside; the most senior shining torch into Teddy’s glazed-over eyes while the others wheel a stretcher towards the squared circle. Laughing as the scene unfolds, Kemp stalks back from Mikey signaling for ‘Back to the Minors’ the vicious punt-kick to the face he uses as a finisher.

Freddy Whoa: Looks like things have taken a dramatic turn for the worse right in front of Mikey’s eyes here as he gets up to his knees.

Zach Davis: Freakshow has managed to use those steps to capitalize on the earlier assault on Teo’s cranium; but Vidalia’s plan to use her boot as a weapon might just have cost Mikey this match!

Sprinting forwards, Kemp stops just short of extending the leg. Mikey having used the distance between them as a catalyst to slide out of the ring and buy a few precious seconds of recovery time on the outside. On the side of the ring, Teo is helped back to his feet by the medical staff and although he waves off the stretcher; he’s still helped to the back, being supported between two doctors-- appalled at the idea of not being able to leave on his own two feet. The boos resonate around the arena as everybody’s favourite underdog is taken through the Gorilla Position to be checked over more thoroughly for any head injuries.

Zach Davis: Teo Del Sol has effectively been eliminated from this contest before he could even get the ball rolling.

Freddy Whoa: It’s an injustice, Zach. He’s been trying to earn his way towards a World Championship match for quite some time and it’s a shame to see his crusade end this way.

Zach Davis: Teddy’s a tough nut to crack, Freddy. He’ll be back, stronger than ever I’m sure-- but as far as tonight’s concerned, this has been a non-starter from the Texan

Del Sol vanishes through the curtain, just as Kemp too steps through the ropes and joins Mikey at ringside-- even if only to taste a running elbow strike for his troubles. Extreme feels the momentum change; swatting a few fans’ arms away as they attempt to graze him over the barricade. He then hoists Kyle Kemp back up to his feet and drives another series of elbows into the 2016 Trilogy Cup Finalist’s face. Without warning or playing to the crowd, he suddenly and decisively takes ahold of Kemp by the neck; lifting him in reverse chokeslam fashion and dangling his body there for a few seconds before spiking him down on the arena floor with a modified facebuster on the outside.

Freddy Whoa: Mikey eXtreme hits the eXplosion on the outside of the ring!

Zach Davis: Don’t forget though, Freddy. He’s still gotta drag Kyle back into the ring to make the pin. There’s no count-out in this match.

Freddy Whoa: Those triple-threat rules are really offering up a love/hate relationship to Mikey this evening.

Outraged that the referee does not begin to count, Mikey wastes no further time dwelling on his shortcomings and rolls Kyle not into the ring, but instead positions him on his back so that his head dangles ominously over the apron; facing up at the blinding spotlights on the ceiling. The three-time United States Champion pops up to the apron himself with ease, running forwards and dropping a leg across Kemp’s chest. Landing on his feet and rolling back into the ring before making the quick cover with a hook of the outside leg.





Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Kyle Kemp able to get the shoulder up, and just in the nick of time!

Zach Davis: These men have all come too far to give up and redirect when there’s still evena drop of gas in the tank.

Freddy Whoa: Instinct alone might be the only thing keeping Kyle Kemp in this match here.

Further frustrated by the two-count, Mikey again drags Kyle Kemp up to his feet and whips him hard into the ropes in a manner most Irish. Rebounding, Kemp ducks the back elbow and picks up further speed by bouncing again off the opposing ring ropes, charging back at full-speed and wiping out the self-proclaimed King of America with a lighting quick go-behind that he flawlessly turns into a bridging German suplex. Rather than wait for the pinfall though; Kemp rolls straight back with the rear-waistlock still applied and fights with all of his strength to hit a second German; this one of the deadlift variety. After a short struggle to and forth, he manages the move-- dumping Mikey eXtreme on the back of his neck and finally releasing his grip.

Zach Davis: Kyle Kemp with a duo of German Suplexes there, one bridging; the other a crunching deadlift!

Freddy Whoa: He’s still feeling the effects of that eXplosion on the outside though, Zach.

Zach Davis: With such a hard-hitting start to this match, it’s not hard to see how Kemp’s struggling to capitalize.

Still winded himself, kemp decides too much time has passed when he finally catches his breath to go for the pin, so instead he returns to front chancery and hauls the bigger man up to his feet; this time hooking the arm and attempting a vertical suplex. Mikey’s experience proves too valuable at this impasse though; the former DRG member hooking his leg around the ropes and preventing the move from happening. Straining his back, Kemp releases the suplex attempt and instead begins to club at Mikey’s back with a series of forearms that reduce the other challenger to his knees; where Kemp quickly drops an axe-handle to the base of his spinal cord, effectively flattening him out; face-first on the canvas.

Freddy Whoa: If Kyle Kemp would spend less time playing to these people, who quite frankly think him to be scum and more time focusing on putting Mikey away then this match might’ve been over already.

Zach Davis: That air of confidence is pretty much his whole bit, Freddy. You take that away and what’s left?

Freddy Whoa: Ethan King?

Zach Davis: Exactly, and who the fuck wants to be Ethan King?

Freddy Whoa: Eddie Felt?

Zach Davis: Fair enough.

After indulging in the hatred of the viewing public for what feels like an eternity to everybody in attendance, Kemp finally picks Mikey up; again through front chancery-- a repitition he lives to regret a Mikey pops up from canvas quickly and uses this to his advantage; driving Kemp overhead with a Northern Lights suplex. Unable to take advantage; Mikey exhales a deep sigh as he punches the canvas in a bid to spur himself back to life. Both men are down now; crawling to the ropes on either side of the ring as suddenly the fans burst into a standing ovation.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Zach Davis: Teo Del Sol’s making his way back out here now, and he looks livid!

Teddy Blaze rushes back through the curtain, a half-done bandage around his skull blowing in the breeze behind him; further unraveling with every step he takes back towards the ring. Just as he reaches the apron however he pauses, noticing the buckled steel chair that Kemp and Mikey had first used to take him out in the opening minutes of this contest. He snatches the foreign object into both hands and slides under the bottom ropes; the remaining bandage falling off to reveal a freshly iced bump on his brow that had broken the skin and began to bleed. A little dizzy on his feet; he screams for both of his attackers to come and have a go.

Freddy Whoa: Teo’s got that same chair that Mikey and Kyle used to punish him with before the opening bell, and it doesn’t look like he’s about to take a seat!

Zach Davis: He’s just standing there, Freddy. Growling at the two men in front of him.

Freddy Whoa: Kemp’s been clever though; he’s managed to grab Vidalia’s high-heel on his way up to a standing position-- so unlike Mikey, he’s at least got a means to defend himself.

Teddy smiles as a small stream of blood cascades down the bridge of his scarred nose; the grin enough to provoke Mikey into an ill-thought attempt to strike. He bounds forwards, but only ends up with a folding chair swung wildly into his temple by Teo, who at this point is taking no shit from anyone. Kemp switches hands, taking the shoe in his left hand and lunging towards Del Sol; who simply swats the boot back down to the canvas with the chair that he then drops in front of Kyle before executing a magnificently X-Factor-esque, split-leg facebuster right onto the steel. Knowing he may not manage to outlast the others; nursing a probable concussion as he was-- Teo tosses the chair over the ropes to the outside and quickly pins Kemp with a lateral press.





Zach Davis: NOT YET, TEDDY!

Freddy Whoa: Kyle Kemp able to get his left shoulder up from the canvas at the very last second.

Zach Davis: Teo’s relatively fresh compared to the other two men in this match though… y’know if we ignore the obvious blood-loss and the fact that there’s an egg-sized lump on the front of his head.

Having missed a good chunk of the action, Teo is quick to get back to his feet-- the fans motivating him to do so through thunderous chanting of his name. It isn’t long before Mikey manages to pull himself back to a vertical base; again using the ropes to drag his weight vertical. The referee tries to ask Teddy if he wants to continue; Blaze having staggered back a little and begin shielding his eyes from the blinding arena lights: another telltale sign that there’s good cause for him to be lying down with an icepack right now. Instead though he channels through the searing pain, meeting a semi-standing Mikey in the middle of the ring with a collar and elbow tie-up that the larger man is easily able to work in his favour.

Freddy Whoa: Two competitors in this match grappling for the first time, while Kyle Kemp slinks out to ringside to nurse his ego… and probably some of his wounds.

Zach Davis: The real story here though, is that for now. This match comes down to either Teddy or Mikey, and Teo’s playing with depleted motor skills. This could very well be the first night in the revalidation of Mikey’s America.

Freddy Whoa: That it could, Zach. But just as easily, Teo could turn this into another triumphant tale of good prevailing over evil like we’ve seen him do a million times before!

Zach Davis: We can’t count Kyle Kemp out of this contest yet either Freddy. In my books he’s the one playing smart and safe right now. Resting up just in front of us and leaving the heavy lifting to his opponents.

Using his size to his advantage, Mikey manages to force Teo into the corner by sheer strength alone-- the crowd cries out for Teo though; who channels their support into action with a low roundhouse kick to Mikey’s thigh; chopping that tree. He repeats this a further twice, each low strike sending Mikey closer to the middle of the ring where Teddy delivers a final roundhouse; this one connecting flush with Extreme’s ear, dropping him to the mat. Teo hypes up the fans; signalling for the Blazing Knee as he bounces off the ropes but instead of hitting it; he leapfrogs over Mikey on the rebound and vaults over the top rope with a suicide senton that looks set to connect with wounded Kyle Kemp.

Freddy Whoa: Teo throwing caution to the wind with a suicide dive that just crushed Kyle Kemp!

Zach Davis: He didn’t see that one coming Freddy, and how could he?

Having flattened Kemp; Teo manages to land on his feet but as the crowd wills him back up to the apron; he’s immediately greeted by Mikey, who once again swings Vidalia’s now infamous high-heel at him-- aiming directly for the welt above his right eyebrow. With catlike agility though; Blaze gets his hands up and catches the show; ripping it from Mikey’s clutches and returning the blow; only this time… it connects! The pointed tip of the heel is driven without mercy into Mikey’s face, immediately ground him. Knowing an opportunity when he sees one; Teo plays to the crowd for the briefest of seconds before slingshotting himself over the ropes and landing in a body splash that he calls the Habanero High Dive!






*Ding Ding Ding*

Kyle Steel: The winner of this match by pinfall and new number one contender… TEEEEEO DELLLLL SOLLLLL!!!

Teo climbs up to his feet, his hand being raised by the ref as his music hits, his fallen opposition begin their respective walks of shame and he can now head triumphantly to the back to watch the main event and find out who he’ll be challenging by the time Revenge comes around.

Ultimate Deathmatch
FPV vs Corey Black

The crowd of Richmond, Virginia are excited for the co-main event of Ultimate Showdown featuring the current King of the Deathmatch, Frank Patrick Venable against the inaugural King of the Deathmatch, Corey Black. With fans going haywire over a soon to be hellacious encounter, the cameras turn over to Freddy Woah and Zach Davis sat behind the announce table.

Freddy Whoa: Welcome back to WCF Presents: Ultimate Showdown. We’ve finally reached our co-main event which houses an Ultimate Deathmatch. Frank Patrick Venable has the chance to defeat Corey Black in Richmond, Virginia which could elevate his career higher than ever.

Zach Davis: Yeah but Corey Black isn’t going to let the former two-time WCF World Champion upstage him in a tournament he won last year. Corey Black has been wanting to show the world why this match is his property. Nobody can touch him and he’ll be damned if someone like FPV come in and destroy everything he’s built.

Freddy Whoa: Fans. We ask you to be prepared for what you may see. An Ultimate Deathmatch has no rules. It encourages the barbaric and maybe homicidal behavior of a wrestler. One of these two men or maybe both could end up in the hospital, or for worse, the morgue. You ready to get this match started Zach?

Zach Davis: Of course, let’s get on with the co-main event. Ultimate Deathmatch featuring Frank Patrick Venable against Corey Black! Take it over to Kyle Steel!

As Zach says, the camera angle switched over to the ring where Kyle Steel is standing in the center wearing his signature black tuxedo and holding a microphone under his chin.

Ding Ding Ding!

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen! This match is our co-main event of the evening and it is an Ultimate Deathmatch scheduled for one fall!

"Spit Out the Bone" by Metallica hits the Richmond Coliseum stereo system as the lights drop and purple lights illuminate the arena. A few moments later Corey Black emerges from the backstage area wearing a worn looking black leather vest with "ALL HAIL" - a skull with a crown - and "THE KING" on the back of it. He expands his arms out receiving praise from the crowd!


He walks down the entrance path with the lights returning back to normal. The interior of the Richmond Coliseum being back to normal, everywhere is brightened and Corey marches down to the ring with victory in his mind. He ignores the fans’ hands stretched out not really the type of guy to be interactive, just more of a get the job done per say man.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first! Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota! At five feet, nine inches tall, weighing in at 218 pounds. He is “The King of All Wrestlers” Corey Black!

Wearing Black tights, with a white silhouette of a man in a suit with a gun to his head on the front left, Corey's right. A colorful burst of blood trails from the man's head around the tights and across the back. Red lining around the kick pads, with dripping blood from the top of them. Black wrist tape, red right elbow pad, black left.

Freddy Whoa: Corey Black has every right to call himself the King of all wrestlers. He been with the WCF since the beginning and has made history. Every event, tournament, match, championship. You will find Corey Black’s name on the list hence why he is the top of the Hall of Fame class in this company.

Corey climbs up the steel steps then dips through the ropes to the interior of the ring. He slowly walks alongside the ropes before running back and forth to warm up for the match. After his music fades away, Corey remains in refuge at his designated corner preparing for FPV. The Richmond audience do not hide their love for their king as they chant his name every so loudly.

Zach Davis: Frank Patrick Venable is about to face the biggest challenge in his entire career. The man who really held WCF on his back and created so much history. Corey Black is the ultimate opponent of one’s career so how will he beat the king of all wrestlers?

The lights dim to a blood red, as glitchy electronic noises fill the arena. Many suspect that "Ghosts n' Stuff" is about to play...until instead they get a snippet of multiple songs. First "You Know My Name," then "Mountain Song," "Ghosts 'n Stuff, "The Scott Pilgrim Anthem," and finally "Professional Griefers." This snippets play seemingly at random until all sound stops, and the lights go off completely, until three words pop up on the titantron, in big white letters.


“True North” by Bad Religion plays around the interior of the arena. Frank Patrick Venable walks out to stand center stage enjoying the praise of the Richmond audience. With the dark hoodie covering his head, the camera zooms in closer to his face. His eyes set straight on Corey Black who is waiting for him inside the ring.


Frank makes his way down the entrance path interacting with the fans standing behind the barricades. Slapping hands on his way to the ring, he walks around the ring comforting the fans at ringside at well. Every step is crucial until he immediately looks under the ring and starts removing some items such as chairs, kendo sticks, a table, ladder, light tubes and a barbed wire wooden panel.

Kyle Steel: Introducing his opponent! Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia! At five feet, eleven inches tall, weighing in at 205 pounds. He is Frank Patrick Venable!

Wearing long red and black tights and black elbow pads. Frank hops onto the apron then enters through the ropes. He climbs onto the middle turnbuckle presenting himself to the fans while standing on the second rope. After stepping down from the middle turnbuckle, Frank turns around and warms up for his match against Corey Black.

Zach Davis: The former WCF World Champion, Frank Patrick Venable, is here tonight with one purpose and that is to decisively defeat Corey Black on Ultimate Showdown. He’s never been more prepared and more trained for a match like this especially where everything is embraced in carnage and there are no rules.

Frank and Corey keep looking to the pile of weapons that FPV dug up from under the ring. Once his entrance music fades away, the sounds of loud cheers take over the arena. Corey Black and FPV are both prepared and ready to take off this match. The referee waves his arms signalling for the bell to be rung!

Freddy Whoa: Here we are ladies and gentlemen! Frank Patrick Venable vs Corey Black in an Ultimate Deathmatch in the co-main event for Ultimate Showdown! Here we go!

Ding Ding Ding!

Both men leave their corners respectively and start circling the ring. The two keep their distance as they try to create a gameplan in their minds. When they both meet in the center of the ring, they lock up with each other in a traditional collar and elbow tie up. FPV and Corey break off in the first attempt then circles the ring again.


They lock up again in the center of the ring and Frank starts the sequence with a Side Headlock. He squeezes his right arm around Corey’s cranium until Black falls back into the ropes and with a spring of it, he pushes FPV to the opposing ropes. Frank returns off the spring and gets nailed to the canvas with a Shoulder Barge down on the mat.


Zach Davis: Corey Black setting the momentum with the larger weight and power. That Shoulder Barge surprised Frank, he was not expecting Corey to be that strong.

Corey continues by running to the ropes at the side letting Frank rolls over onto his stomach. Off the rebound, he jumps over the downed body of FPV letting his opponent get back up to his feet. Returning again, Black ducks under the thrown right arm, runs to the ropes, rebounds and ducks under a leapfrog. The final return off the ropes proves successful as a Dropkick connects!


Zach Davis: Dropkick by Corey Black and FPV is down! Here comes the pin attempt!


No, an early kick out forces Corey to hold the right arm under his pit and apply a temporary Arm Lock! Frank stands up on his knees struggling with the pain but tells the referee he’s fine. Both men are back up on their feet and Frank unloads a vicious right hand into the exposed ribs of Corey to break the submission. A returning elbow blow by Black knocks FPV a few steps back.


Frank steps back with a good right elbow into the chin of Corey. Both men start firing back and forth until Black ducks under a right arm and counters with a roundhouse kick into the ribs of Frank. It nearly bends him forward so he can deliver an Axe Kick to the back of FPV’s head standing him upright then finishing him on the canvas with an Exploder Suplex.


Freddy Whoa: Corey Black has always been a striker who can switch up into the technical wrestling. That beautiful kicking combination straight into the Exploder Suplex and Frank Patrick Venable is on the outside! We might see a dive!

The moment Frank is back up on his feet, he turns around to see Corey rebound off the ropes running into his direction. Black leaps over the top rope then produces a forward flip crashing his body on top of FPV’s. Both men collapse down to the ringside mat after the Tope Senton is performed. Since this is a deathmatch, no count outs are involved.


Freddy Whoa: Tope Senton by the king of all wrestlers! Corey Black is dominating the early pace of the match and FPV is trying to gain more distance.

Frank is crawling away from Corey who has already got up on his feet. He turns around to see FPV near the steel steps and the pile of weapons. Measuring the distance, he doesn’t waste any time to run across the distance down to Frank. Unfortunately, his opponent already saw him coming a mile as FPV picks up a light tube and breaks the glass across Corey’s forehead!


Zach Davis: Jesus Christ! Frank nearly blew his head off with the light tube! There’s glass everywhere on the ringside mat and Corey hasn’t moved an inch!

Corey is knocked down chest first on the mat. The referee watches the action from inside the ring until Frank rolls Black back inside the ring. He slides in a steel chair and also a ladder while setting up the table at ringside in between the apron and announce table. Frank walks over to Corey who is barely standing up on his right knee and gets booted down to his back from a Jumping Front Kick!


Zach Davis: Jumping Front Kick to the face of Corey Black! Corey is not looking well here at all.

Frank sets up the steel chair in the center of the ring unfolding it. He walks back over to Corey who is standing in the corner and unloads with combinations in the ribs. Taking the right arm of his opponent, Corey is launched into the opposing corner. Back stuck against the ropes, he eats a Running Clothesline letting him walk out of the corner but when he turns around, FPV lands a Springboard Dropkick destroying Corey on the canvas.


Freddy Whoa: “Fus Do Rah” clothesline followed by a Springboard Dropkick! Frank Patrick Venable has spared no expenses on putting down Corey Black. Here is the pin attempt!



No! Corey kicks out and Frank is getting impatient. He stands back up to his feet thus dragging Black on the way too before giving him a strong kick into the midsection. Lining him up, FPV tries to Suplex him on the chair but Black falls down behind him attempting a German Suplex. A good back elbow into the temple sets Frank free off the hold before he runs into the ropes.


Zach Davis: Here comes Frank ready to bring Corey down on the chair- No!

Corey shoots upwards off the mat delivering a high knee strike into the chin of his opponent. Frank is rocked, standing on wobbly legs before getting turned around. Hanging over the right shoulder, Corey falls backwards for a strong Back Suplex where FPV’s own flesh flattens out the steel chair entirely in the center of the ring. The bridge is kept and the referee slides down to make the count!


Freddy Whoa: Back Suplex flattening the entire steel chair and Corey Black had the bridge for the pin attempt!



No! Frank kicks out and Corey decides to take the mount position. He introduces a more Ground and Pound aspect of his striking, destroying his entire forehead with back to back elbows. Once he gets off, both men are back up onto their feet. A Spinning Back Kick into the ribs once again bends FPV down. Taking the right arm, Frank is launched into the corner.


Charging from one corner to the opposing one, he flips over the top rope while landing a Cartwheel Kick into the chest of FPV. Feet planted on the apron, FPV walks out from the corner and turns around to see Corey leaping off the top rope then catching his head under his right arm pit before spinning down to the mat. His head gets spiked by a Springboard Tornado DDT!


Freddy Whoa: Springboard Tornado DDT! Springboard Tornado DDT by Corey Black! Did you see how high he got off from the spring? Oh my God! That was amazing!

Frank rolls forward onto his back in the center of the ring while Corey is back on his feet. He looks over to the ladder in the ring and gets a wicked idea in his head. Holding the ladder in his arms, he leans it against the ropes where the end faces the table but then walks over to Frank. Frank grabs onto the nearby Kendo Stick and swings it at his opponent but Corey grabs it in the nick of time!


Freddy Whoa: They both have the Kendo Stick so who will give it up first?!

Push and pull. Both men try to overpower each other until Corey starts kicking Frank in the right thigh over and over. They back up to where Frank is standing in front of the ladder so FPV deliver a 10% Shibata Headbutt stunning Black. Using the grappled Kendo Stick, he leaps upon the knees of Corey to stand before throwing his body back and powering a Monkey Flip where Corey is launched overboard crashing spine first against the metal ladder!


Zach Davis: Oh my God!

Freddy Whoa: Corey Black’s body almost got turned inside out from the ladder! Now Frank has the upper hand in the match and he’s going for the pin attempt!



Again, Corey kicks out despite the pain building up. Frank slaps his hand on the canvas in sheer frustration. The anger boiling him commands him to grab onto the kendo stick and sit up Corey on the mat. On his knees behind his opponent, he holds the cane under his chin applying the Cobra Clutch as well. Corey’s breathing is short with every second that passes!


Zach Davis: Frank Patrick Venable has Corey Black in a Cobra Clutch but he’s using the kendo stick to choke him down even more. If Corey can’t escape this brutal submission, we may be looking at the end of the king of all wrestlers.

The referee is checking carefully on Corey’s condition as he looks like he’s fading. Frank is pulling back with the kendo all he can but the crowd helps Corey regain his fighting spirit. He starts pushing on the canvas with his legs and fights against FPV’s weight on him. Both men are back on their feet leaving Corey to throw elbows into Frank’s ribs to try and loosen the hold.


Frank decides to put an end to this potential momentum shift. He runs forward in the center of the ring bringing his opponent’s head down with him. Sat down instantly on the canvas, Corey’s face eats the canvas and the sting of the kendo stick delivering the trademark combo, the Cobra Clutch submission into the Cobra Clutch Bulldog. Franks roll Black over for another pin attempt!


Freddy Whoa: The Cobra Clutch combination with the kendo stick! Corey Black has to be out and here comes the pin attempt! FPV might win this match after all!




No! Again Corey Black kicks out of another harsh situation. Frank has had enough. He gets up and kicks both the kendo stick along with the flattened steel chair out of the ring. Distance between the two are improved as Corey is struggling to stand up. When Frank sees his opponent stand, he goes over for the Superkick but is caught by the hands of Corey who spins him around to turn him inside out with a Lariat!


Zach Davis: Lariatoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Corey lands down on his knees while Frank is flipped over onto his chest. Both men need a moment to recover and after a few moments, they are back up again. Clothesline after clothesline after clothesline. Every time FPV is up, he gets knocked down and the cycle continues until Corey ducks under a thrown clothesline by Frank. Rebound off the ropes, a flying Busaiku Knee drives FPV down to the canvas again!


Freddy Whoa: Corey Black is feeling it again! He’s been getting the momentum back which he wanted for so long and has been dousing FPV in a flurry of clothesline but that Busaiku Knee! Oh my lord!

Frank gets helped back up to his feet and is whipped into the ropes where he returns upon a bent forward Corey. A kick into the shoulder stands the king upright until Frank spins around for a Spinning Back Fist. Luckily, Corey ducks under it and catches him by the waist before lifting him over for the brutal Backdrop Driver! A bridge attempt is once again implemented by the King!


Zach Davis: Backdrop Driver! Backdrop Driver by Corey Black and here is the pin attempt!




Hell no! Frank kicks out of the pin attempt leaving both men down on the canvas to recover their bodies from such hellacious damage.


Freddy Whoa: Ladies and gentlemen! You have to respect both these men for giving it their all! Back and forth this match has been going and neither men are giving up on themselves!

Corey stands up barely on his feet while Frank receives help. FPV is whipped into the ropes but he uses the momentum to flip over the top rope and land on his feet. Black reacts by charging into FPV who kips over the top rope sideways and cracks his opponent’s temple with a Gamengiri. Shoving Corey back, he goes for his own Springboard until Black runs back into him and kicks him mid-air with a Yakuza Kick!


Zach Davis: Yakuza Kick! Corey just swatted FPV right off the top rope and he’s flying into the table!

Frank crashes on top of the table at ringside but it doesn’t break. Corey leans against the ropes and wonders what can he do. He looks around like a madman seeing the ladder leaned on the ropes as a stairway. Taking a good breath, Corey breaks into a lightning charged sprint and runs up the ladder before leaping off to crash through the table on top of FPV with a Shooting Star Splash!




Wooden pieces, bent metal and destroyed flesh are everywhere. Corey and Frank are on the ringside mat hugging their bodies with their own arms. The pain coursing through their entire bodies must be through the roof but that won’t stop Corey from fighting. He rolls over onto his chest and leans on the announce table using it to help him stand up barely on his wobbly legs.


Zach Davis: FPV and Corey Black can call this off. They have nothing to prove. They should call it off at least to stop themselves from getting killed!

Corey manages to roll Frank in the ring but also he shoves the barbed wire covered wooden panel under the bottom rope into the ring. It takes a few moments but Corey gets inside the ring and stands up in the corner. Frank, who is on his knees, doesn’t know where he is at but Black rushes from the corner to the center delivering a Boma Ye knee to the back of Frank’s head!



Hell no! Corey slaps his hands on the mat and gets back up to his feet. He drags FPV up to his feet then violently throws him into the ropes. Off the rebound, FPV comes back only to get scooped off the mat then the back of his head driven down on the canvas as Corey sits down. The legendary Michinoku Driver is performed in the center of the ring and he keeps the legs hooked!






Frank kicks out of the pin attempt letting Corey fall down on the side. Richmond, Virginia are on the edge of their seats. Black doesn’t know what to do. Time and time again, his opponent is still surviving the onslaught. Well except for the barbed wire variable so he gets back up on his feet and drags Frank all the way near the barbed wire panel on the canvas.


Freddy Whoa: It’s quite uncertain what both men are thinking right now. This is a high octane match where the action is so amazing you have no idea what could happen next. Corey Black and Frank Patrick Venable are giving everyone a run for their money!

Corey reaches down for the head of FPV and slowly drags him up to his feet. He turns him around before lining his shoulders with his spine to set him up in the Burning Hammer. Frank springs back to life and drops behind Corey on his feet before leaping off the mat to wrap his legs around the neck and flip backwards destroying Corey Black on the canvas with a Reverse Frankensteiner!



The momentum of the impact helps Corey to stand on his knees. Frank rushes over and immediately locks in the suplex position before deadlifting Black into a Vertical Suplex position. One snap onto his back and Corey’s head is spiked down on the mat with a Brainbuster. There we can see blood rushing down the forehead of a man who is currently getting pinned.







A right shoulder by the king goes up just before the referee’s hand touches the mat for the third time. Blood gushes down the forehead of Corey while Frank crawls backwards to the ropes in complete shock. He leans against the ropes standing on his knees with his eyes shot wide open. Frank sees Corey trying to stand up in front of the barbed wire panel so he readies himself.


Zach Davis: How much more? How much more does it take to put these two men away? It can’t go on like this forever. I don’t even know how much they can last anymore in the Ultimate Deathmatch!

Frank stomps his foot on the mat multiple times while Corey is struggling to get up. Black stands on his hands and knees wiping the blood dripping down his face. The moment he stands up on his feet, FPV skips over full speed on the acceleration and shoots up his right leg for the Superkick. Corey catches the leg then spins him around to place his back across his shoulders.



Corey turns around getting ready to drop the Burning Hammer until Frank slips off from his arms and falls down on his feet behind him. The moment Corey turns around, a wicked Superkick knocks him completely out on the chin. He tips backwards and drops down onto the barbed wire panel being covered and enwrapped in the sharp material.







Ding Ding Ding!


“True North” by Bad Religion replays around the interior of the Richmond Coliseum. Frank and Corey are both down on the canvas extremely tired plus with extra fatigue kicking in. The referee signals for medical attention and ringside staff for emergency assistance as the two have taken each other to the limit completely. Applause reigns down like a monstrous thunderstorm.

Zach Davis: Wow. Just wow. After everything that has happened, Frank Patrick Venable has defeated Corey Black in the Ultimate Deathmatch. Both men deserve all the credit and praise but we all know who is walking out with bragging rights. Let’s move our to our commercial messages as we prepare for The Ultimate Showdown match of 2017!

The Fate of Torture

We come back to a super entertaining Ultimate Showdown and Hank Brown is standing in the middle of the ring.

Hank Brown: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time. Introducing first; he is representing Torture..

Crowd goes fucking bananas.

Hank Brown:.. Seth Colt!

No music or anything, Seth Colt in a really nice suit makes his way from behind the curtain and down the ramp. He high fives a few fans and steps into the ring. He stands and smiles hoping for the best case scenario tonight.

Zach Davis: Seth Colt and Torture really hoping to be reinstated here in WCF. I just don't think it can happen.

Freddy Whoa: We all know Seth Lerch runs this place the way he likes it, the way he wants it, and there's no fighting that.

Zach Davis: Absolutely correct, Freddy. He's one stubborn hot head who hates Torture with all his soul.

Hank Brown: Please welcome the Owner of WCF, Seth Lerch.

Crowd boos as Master of Puppets hits the speakers. Seth walks out confident as ever. He soaks in the thousands upon thousands booing him so loud his music is almost muted by it. Seth Lerch knows the Board of Directors made a decision that he'll be happy with and he can finally move on. He gets into the ring.

Zach Davis: Seth Lerch has tormented Torture for nearly 8 months. This all started at One. Torture has been banned, beaten up, attacked, bloodied, sued, he lost his company, he's been taken out of the Hall of Fame, and his legacy has been tarnished but tonight that could change.

Freddy Whoa: Or tonight Torture takes another L. Seth Lerch is always a winner, remember that. His playground, his rules, Zachy.

Zach Davis: Sadly, that is true.

Seth Lerch tries to intimidate Seth Colt but Hank breaks them apart.

Hank Brown: Gentlemen! Gentlemen! Please welcome the Chief Director of Wrestling Championship Federation; Mr. Deuce Xavier Machina.

No music again. He walks out to a mixed reaction. An older man who looks like he runs million dollar businesses. He steps into the ring and takes the microphone from Hank Brown and excuses him from the ring.

Zach Davis: Well, this is a moment we've been waiting for!

Freddy Whoa: Let's see what happens next!

Deuce Xavier Machina: Thank you, Hank. How are we doing Richmond, Virginia?

Crowd pops.

Deuce Xavier Machina: The Board of Directors, including myself studied this issue for many weeks. We have went through every issue since One on December 18th of 2016.

Crowd boos Seth Lerch.

Deuce Xavier Machina: There was the incident at XIII where you, Mr. Lerch, attacked Torture. You attacked him at several other events as well.


The crowd boos.

Deuce Xavier Machina: Seth, please, Seth, let me do all the talking. However, yes, you are right, Torture showed up at Timebomb and wasn't cleared to be in the building and so that is unfortantely against the rules.

Crowd boos.

Deuce Xavier Machina: We looked through all of the issues regarding Mr. Lerch taking Torture out of the Hall of Fame, his legacy deletion, and the usage of monies and resources to create and distribute millions of copies of videos and DVDs of Torture matches that were CGI'ed to make him look like he lost.

Crowd boos hard.

Deuce Xavier Machina: While that is outrageous, and very wasteful of company spending, the Board of Directors including myself found that Seth Lerch can't be punished for any wrong-doing as the Superstar Contract states Seth Lerch is in control 51% of your gimmick and legacy. Sadly, it isn't against the rules.

Crowd boos again. Seth Lerch is fist-pumping and celebrating.

Zach Davis: This is crazy. I never thought Seth Lerch would get away with all of this!

Freddy Whoa: His company, his rules, Zach. It sucks, it really does, but what can you do?

Deuce Xavier Machina: In short, when we looked through the Mexico-Incident, the attempt at Tortures progressive Union of getting more on the roster compensated, when we looked at One of last year where Torture wasn't invited and you attacked him, and then all of the attacks after that, and Torture showing up at Timebomb unannounced when he was banned, we at the Board of Directors decided that..

Crowd begins to boo. They know the announcement is coming. Seth Lerch begins to grin.

Zach Davis: OH, Come on!

Deuce Xavier Machina: .. Seth Lerch and Torture both broke rules, but we will not change the decision of Torture's ban and it should be upheld on Seth Lerch's terms.

Crowd goes RED HOT with booing. They can't believe it. Lerch jumps up and down with joy. The thousands in attendance are PISSED the fuck off. Seth Colt drops his head in just a bit of shame.

Zach Davis: This sucks.

Freddy Whoa: Total Horsesh-

Zach Davis: Easy, Freddy. We have jobs to keep!

Seth Lerch shakes Deuce's hand and tries to leave the ring as happy as can be!

Deuce Xavier Machina: That is, until the Madison Square Garden incident..

Lerch stops in his tracks half way out of the ring in the ropes. The blood leaves his body. A pale white skinned Seth Lerch gulps big and slowly turns around and steps back into the ring. The thousands of pissed off WCF fans are now cheering and chanting "YES! YES! YES! YES!" Deuce puts the microphone back to his lips.

Deuce Xavier Machina: Weeks before Blast in Madison Square Garden on July second, you advertised Seth Lerch vs. Torture in a co-main event. Did you, under any circumstance, notify Torture or his representation and team that Torture would NOT be participating in that match?

Seth tries to come up with excuses, he doesn't have a microphone, and Duece isn't hearing it.

Deuce Xavier Machina: Torture and Seth Colt showed up to Madison Square Garden under the impression that YOU would allow Torture one match with you. Our television ratings went up prior to Blast. Our Blast viewership and buys were higher than expected. And Torture and Seth Colt walked into the arena and they were arrested..

Seth Lerch takes the microphone.


Mr. Machina points to the titantron and it lights up with a hidden video inside Seth Lerch's office. The video is from two hours before Blast and three police officers walk in. Theres no audio but Lerch shows them a poster of what Torture looks like. He's miming hand-cuffing him and the three officers agree. The video cuts out and then cuts back in to where Torture and Seth Colt walk into Madison Square Garden and are greeted by the same three officers. Tort and Colt don't put up a fight and the officers arrest Torture and Colt and walk them right back out of the arena. As the door closes, Seth Lerch walks into frame dancing and celebrating. The video cuts out.

Seth Lerch is standing in the ring mortified. He drops the microphone. The crowd is chanting "TORTURE! TORTURE! TORTURE! TORTURE! TORTURE!". Mr. Machina picks up the microphone.

Deuce Xavier Machina: You could see why this Madison Square Garden incident and this video proof is great evidence, Mr Lerch. You could see why we had to study every inch of this case for weeks. Last night, the Board of Directors and myself made a decision. As of 12:01am this morning, Sunday July 30th, two thousand and seventeen, Torture is REINSTATED IN WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP FEDERATION!

The crowd pops fucking HUGE.

Zach Davis: WHAHAHHTTH!?!?!?!!?!?!



Deuce Xavier Machina: That's not all, Seth Lerch.

Crowd is still cheering. Seth Lerch looks absolutely fucking rocked. He's contemplating his entire life like he's Dewey Cox in the corner.

Deuce Xavier Machina: Not only is Torture reinstated in WCF, but YOU will give him ONE match, ANY match he wants, and that's OFFICIAL.

Deuce drops the microphone and walks out of the ring as everyone in attendance is cheering their heads off. Lerch can't believe it. Colt is smiling in the other corner. They're chanting YES all in unison. Seth Colt picks up the microphone as the thousands and thousands start to die down so he can speak.

Seth Colt: Seth, Seth, Seth, Seth, Seth. I guess you're curious as to who Torture wants to face in his match?

Crowd begins to cheer.

Seth Colt: Torture wants it at WAR.

Crowd cheers.

Seth Colt: .. And Torture wants YOU!

Crowd goes fucking bananas.

Seth Lerch still in disbelief, he picks up his head and snatches the microphone from Seth Colt.

Seth Lerch: Take this to Torture..

Lerch slaps the spit right out of Colts mouth and as soon as he does almost a dozen body guards rush the ring and stand behind Seth Lerch. Lerch is all smiles as Colt is down to one knee.

Kings of Leon's Crawl hits the speakers.


Freddy Whoa: HES HERE?!!?! HES HERE!!!!!!?!?!?!????

Torture steps out from behind the curtain and the crowd goes APE. SHIT. CRAZY.


Freddy Whoa: TORTURE IS HEEEREEEE!!!!!!!

Torture walks down the ramp and rolls up the sleeves to his button up shirt and clotheslines a guard! He clotheslines another guard before sliding into the ring, and Lerch slides out of the ring and hightails it out as Torture throws a few more guards out of the ring and the rest exit to protect Lerch. Torture picks up Colt out of the corner and turns towards Seth Lerch.




Lerch and his bodyguards back up the ramp slowly. Torture rips off the button up shirt and throws it on the mat and the crowd comes back alive. They begin to chant "TORTURE TORTURE TORTURE TORTURE TORTURE TORTURE!" Torture demanding Lerch to get his ass back in the ring! He's also saying "SEE YOU AT WAR, BITCH!"

Lerch and his bodyguards leave.


Freddy Whoa: NO WAY, IT IS?!?!




We cut to an advertisement for WCF's Revenge on September 3rd.

Ultimate Showdown Match
All Championships on the Line
David Sanchez vs Ethan King vs Steven Singh vs Sidney J. Warwick vs Gravedigger vs Jayson Price vs Andre Holmes vs John Rabid vs Dion Necurat

Zach Davis: And here we are. We find ourselves at the Ultimate Showdown.

Freddy Whoa: You can't write a story better than this one. We've got two legends and former World Champions in Jayson Price and Gravedigger. Gravedigger has never competed in an Ultimate Showdown match before.

Zach Davis: Meanwhile, Jayson Price competed in the FIRST EVER Ultimate Showdown match, back in 2011! He fought D-Day, Oblivion, Odin Balfore, Kaylyn James Evans, and Roy Speede.

Freddy Whoa: We have David Sanchez, a man that has come TTHHIISS close to winning the World Title on several occasions... and his Everest buddies in Steven Singh and Ethan King. They got rid of the Trios Titles last week, so those belts aren't even in play.

Zach Davis: Speaking of "not in play," Steven Singh shouldn't even be here, since he was barred from competing for the WCF World Heavyweight Title back in a match with Joey Flash.

Freddy Whoa: We've got long time Champions like John Rabid and Andre Holmes. Andre Holmes has held the Hardcore Title since January 29th, and John Rabid has held the Television Title since March 12th. Both of these feats are amazing accomplishments.

Zach Davis: We have the wildcard, Sidney J. Warwick. The reigning Alpha Champion, he's guaranteed to either win the World Title or walk out with his belt - which holds with it the chance to challenge for the World Title, if he can hold it until August 11th, which is very, very soon.

Freddy Whoa: Jason O'Neal cashed in his Alpha Title shot successfully - could SJW do the same? Or will he take the World Title right here, right now?

Zach Davis: And last, but not least, we've got the man that pinned Jared Holmes, Dion Necurat. The reigning World Champion is in for his first Title defense in the toughest match possible, besides War.

The arena falls into a tepid silence as the opening guitar riff to Royal Blood’s “Out of the Black” begins to trickle out of the PA system, starting quiet and building to a thunderous din as the words kick into action. The crowd are perplexed at first until the screen does the legwork in identifying who is coming to the ring by showing highlights from the career of David Sanchez’ various matches..

The song plays on as the audience erupts into a sea of distasteful chants and a rapture of hissing, gesturing and miscellaneous disapproving noises. David Sanchez appears center stage, his eyes unblinking as he soaks in the loathing. Dressed in his simple wrestling gear of purple cage-fighting shorts, taped wrists, Black and purple boots, capped with cut-off, black gloves he appears a much different man than he does behind the curtain. In contrast to his drug-addled antics of promos both past and present, as well as the everyday struggles and politics of being the mayor, this impressive specimen wears only one additional item to approach the ring, a T-shirt he had launched through his wives’ online fashion outlet. The slogan branded on this simple black garment reads “[FEAR] Fuck Empathy” in purple font.

David’s emotionless stare at the crowd turns into a grimace at hearing their hatred towards him, even as he rebuilds their city, he was still always known as the bad guy. He begins a slow pace to the ring. No pyrotechnics are launched, nor do the lights flicker. He believed simplicity was more intimidating than flashing strobes, smoke and fireworks. As he walks he removes the aforementioned T-shirt, an action which draws a slight stirring from the fans closest to the ramp who believe they may be given this item of clothing. Instead, upon acknowledging this optimism, Sanchez simply hangs the T-shirt over the optical lens of the cameraman who had been documenting his walk to the ring, causing a momentary fault in focus which is quickly dealt with as the low hissing turns into a tidal wave of boos by those disheartened by his inability to share.

As the music shifts back to a heavy guitar solo, David Sanchez slides under the bottom ropes and leaps back to his feet, staring down the ring announcer without so much as batting an eyelid at the audience. With this final blatant disregard for showmanship he turns back to the stage, awaiting his opponent whilst stretching out his limbs in a warm-up. He acts as though the arena is empty, as if this was simply a practice run. A slightly troubling smile appears on his previously void of emotion complexion as the music ceases and the crowd’s obvious resentment for his presence surrounds him like a warm blanket of hate.

Zach Davis: Some say this man shouldn't even be here, since thanks to the actions of Everest, the WCF Trios Titles are no more. But he's here anyway.

Freddy Whoa: It doesn't matter, he won't win, Zach. That's his thing. He gets so close....

The beginning of "Alone With All The World” plays triumphantly throughout the arena, enticing a raucous wave of boos from the crowd. The lights gradually begin to dim, coming down to a dark hue that places extra emphasis on the stage. Large, golden letters flash over the black titantron.


A flash of golden pyro goes off as Ethan King makes his way to the top of the entrance ramp from the backstage area, all-knowing smile spread over his face as he holds both arms out in a welcoming gesture, bathing in both the adulation and spite from the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Making his way down to the ring, from Los Angeles, California. He stands six-feet two inches, weighing in at two-hundred and ten pounds. Representing Everest, he is 'The Eminent'... ETHAAAAAANNNN... KIIINNNNGGGGGGG!

The young superstar begins his descent down the ramp, arms still held out by his side as he ignores the few hands of fans reaching over the barricade to try and get a touch of the sensation.

He bounds up onto the apron of the ring, mouthing the words “Showtime” to the camera arrogantly before leaping and swinging himself over the top rope, he lands elegantly and spins around, holding his arms out once more before coming to a complete stop in the centre of the ring.

He smiles once more before retreating to his own corner of the ring, sitting down with a look of amusement on his face as he awaits for the match to commence.

Zach Davis: I think Ethan King must be a dark horse candidate to win this. He's one of the best, but somehow hasn't gotten the same opportunities that lesser men have. You've gotta watch out.

The gruff voice from the 80s sample announces "Cold getting dumb..." as the VeryBigTron flashes the word "EVEREST" in electric blue. The menacing beat of the Supervillain Theme by Mad Villain fills the arena, golden pyros form 5 ft high fountains across the stage, and The Superstar Steven Singh steps out to an enthusiastic, if mixed, reaction. Stopping on the stage he smiles wry and smug, right arm raised in the air, back of his hand to the crowd, left hand behind his back. As the gold fountains shrink back into the stage, The Superstar lowers his hand, twirling his wrist and half-bowing his head with faux gratitude to his "faithful Stevenites." He smiles, heading down to the ring and jawing with the crowd as his name is announced over the PA. Singh climbs the stairs to the apron, wipes his feet, steps through the ropes and then bounces up, arms extended to his sides with his palms up soaking in the alternating adulation and animosity.

Freddy Whoa: The third Everest member, Steven Singh. Again, like Sanchez, I feel like he shouldn't be included in this match considering the fact he already lost the chance to fight for the World Title, but that's Seth for you, I guess.

"Two Hands" by Ani DiFranco starts to play over the arena's sound system. Sidney J. Warwick enters. There is no pyro. There are no flashing lights. There is not even video playing on the big screen. Sidney walks down the aisle with a mild sneer on his face as he looks at the audience. He wipes his boots on the ring apron before entering through the ropes, then takes of his necktie and carefully folds it before handing it to the ring attendant.

Zach Davis: Another wildcard, Sidney J. Warwick.... To call this the biggest match of his career is an understatement. That said, he doesn't have the same stakes in this match as everyone else, because even if he loses, he still walks out with an almost guaranteed shot at the belt.

The lights go out. They stay off for about 15 seconds or so before "Change" by Deftones starts playing throughout the arena. A spotlight hits the entranceway and Gravedigger emerges from the back with a pair of MS-13 bikers in tow. He throws his arms out and yells out with a look of rage on his face. The crowd drowns the Legend in boos and his face quickly turns into a smirk as he looks out at the crowd before finally focusing in on the ring.

Gravedigger starts slowly walking down the ring, the air still thick with boos as the smirk is etched on his hardened face. As the trio reaches the ringside area, the two bikers walk off to one side as Gravedigger jogs up the nearby ring steps. He steps in between the top and middle rope and bounces into the ring. He walks around the ring looking out at the crowd before finally stopping at one of the turnbuckles. He stands on the middle pad and smirks out at the crowd as they continue to rain boos down upon him.

Zach Davis: GRAVEDIGGER! He and Jayson Price returned for the Trios Cup Tournament, intent on getting into this match. They didn't win the Trios belts, even though they made it to the finals, along with Kevin Bishop.

Freddy Whoa: But Gravedigger DID make it here thanks to his win for the Internet Title after defeating the Very Big Alliance!

"Judas" by Fozzy hits the arena speakers as the lights dim down until the guitars and drums kick in and pyro goes off from the titantron and stage. But Jayson Price doesn't come out.

Zach Davis: Where the hell is he?

The music keeps playing but Jayson Price doesn't come out.

Freddy Whoa: Not sure what's going on here. Anyway..

A slow but assuring guitar riff broken up in a DJent pattern starts playing with the lights in the arena shutting off to illuminate gray colored images of Andre Holmes on the titantron. "Relentless" by New Years Day suddenly begins with lights flashing, and dancing around highlighting different sections of the arena. He walks out from the back wearing the black hoodie over his head, his ring attire on with the WCF Hardcore Championship hung over his right shoulder. Cheers are increasing like giant waves on the beach to him as he stands on the center stage surveying the crowd with a big smile on his face. Walking down the entrance path, he pauses until hearing the lyrics "Tear Me Down, It Won't Build You Up...." Removing his belt from off his shoulder, he raises the championship in the air while releasing a thundering primal scream. A flash of white, and red colored fireworks emerges behind him in single-line fashion.

Afterwards, the lights return back to normal, and he walks down to the ring keeping the title in his right hand while mingling with some of his fans at ringside. Climbing up onto the apron, he quickly runs to leap onto the middle rope. Taking both straps of the title in each hand, he raises the belt high while a spotlight emerges behind him to cloak him in a silhouette with smoke pushing upwards for that shadow effect. Hopping over the top rope, he lands inside the ring to stay in an unoccupied corner where he removes his hoodie, and tosses it to the outside. There, Andre warms up while his championship hang on the top rope, and he tightens the strap on his MMA Gloves waiting for his opponents to come out.

Zach Davis: I can't believe Andre Holmes has held onto the Hardcore Title for as long as he has. Since he had that belt and was in this match, he was disqualified from entering the King of the Deathmatch tournament - much to the chagrin of many, who wanted to see him in it.

“Death Breath - Toxic Avenger Remix” by Bring Me The Horizon hits as a huge pyrotechnic barrage explodes around the jumbotron. As the smoke clears, we see John Rabid standing tall; arms out stretched as he spins on the spot. Rabid struts down the ramp, snarling and gnashing his teeth at a stray cameraman as John's name appears on a Slam Graphic. Meanwhile, Rabid's 'tron plays in the background; it's The Ripper hitting the Kingdom Destroyer on a cavalcade of doomed jobbers, this scene is intercut with footage of Lon Chaney in Tod Browning's "London After Midnight" (1927). Rabid reaches the ramp and climbs the turnbuckle, “smelling” the boo's from the crowd before taking off his black trench-coat and shades and waving his hapless opponent on with a cocky smirk on his face.

Freddy Whoa: And equally as impressive, here is the Television Champion, John Rabid! Rabid is forced to defend that belt EVERY SINGLE WEEK and he managed to retain it through the Trios Cup Tournament! And it has brought him here.

"Leaving Dionysus" by Leaving Dionysus begins to play throughout the Arena. "The Legion", 20 Centurion guards march down the aisle, lining up 10 on one side and 10 on the other leading down to the ring and stand at attention.

A quadriga of four Clydesdale horses pulling a chariot made of gold appears carrying "The Crimson Gladiator" Dion Necurat and makes its way down the aisle as if entering the Roman Colosseum ready to do battle and circles the ring and stops.

As Dion enters the ring, the quadriga of four Clydesdale horses pulling a chariot made of gold makes its way back up the aisle and disappears followed by The Legion.

"The Crimson Gladiator" Dion Necurat, standing in the middle of the ring, raising a scepter of Dionysus toward the crowd and starts banging the shaft against a custom made Vibranium/steel alloy Spartan shield calling out his opponent to engage him into a fight to the death.

Dion's fans stand in unison to cheer their warrior as gold coins in Dion Necurat's likeness rains down on him in the center of the ring. He looks out to his fans, who give Dion the thumbs up and gives his opponent the thumbs down, meaning "Death!"

Dion raises both arms holding the scepter and custom made Spartan shield wide out over his head in praise to the crowd and let's out a Gladiator bloodcurdling scream.


Freddy Whoa: Dion Necurat shut everyone up when he pinned Jared Holmes in the middle of the ring. There was some Joey Flash nonsense, but the big story was that Dion Necurat won.

Zach Davis: We're about to get started-

"Judas" by Fozzy hits the arena speakers again.

Freddy Whoa: So maybe Price is here?

A man that is clearly Jayson Price steps out, wearing a Biohazard mask. He angrily motions towards the cameras to cut the music. The production person apparently remembers what he was supposed to do and instead, Toxicity by System of a Down plays and Bio-Price walks to the ring. He has a mic, trying to imitate Biohazard's voice.

Bio-Price: I beat up Jayson Price earlier backstage and... uh.. I am are in match now? I can haz belt? I never had belt, me want Alpha belt!

Bio-Price slides into the ring.

Zach Davis: OH! That's what he's going for! The only reason the Alpha Title isn't on the line is because no one in the match is eligible to win it. But if Biohazard has taken Jayson Price's place....

Freddy Whoa: This is stupid.

Before calling for the bell, Kyle Steel grabs a microphone.

Kyle Steel: Since Biohazard has entered the match, I've been told that the Alpha Title WILL be on the line! If Biohazard pins Warwick, the Alpha Title is his!

Sidney J. Warwick is livid as Kyle motions for the bell to ring. Warwick immediately charges at BioPrice and here we go!

Zach Davis: I can't imagine Seth Lerch allowed this....

Sanchez, King, and Singh all roll out of the ring. Dion Necurat rushes Warwick and begins clubbing him from behind before throwing him to the ropes and executing a Spinebuster as he comes back.

Freddy Whoa: Bio-Price rolls Dion up from behind!



No, Dion kicks out. Dion gets to his feet and runs at Bio-Price, who kicks him in the gut and immediately transitions into a Cravate Cutter.


NO!, Dion shoves Price off. However, Steven Singh is in the ring out of nowhere and runs at Dion, dropping him from behind with a Backstabber.


Dion Necurat stumbles up and Steven Singh quickly grapples him from behind.


Singh drops and pins the World Champion.




Freddy Whoa: WHOOOAA~!

The crowd gasps.


Dion rolls out of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: The World Champion has been defeated! In the first elimination of the match, nonetheless, this is unprecedented! The Thief in the Night himself strikes again.

Singh gets back up and before the crowd can fully realize what happened, Bio-Price spins him around hits him with a Price Check. Singh flies out of the ring. Sidney J. Warwick sneaks up behind Price and puts him into a Sleeper.

Zach Davis: SJW knows that... by some tomfoolery.. this man is now a threat to his Alpha Championship.

As soon as Bio-Price is down, SJW begins to yank on his mask. However, Gravedigger grabs him from behind and takes him down with a Russian Legsweep.

Freddy Whoa: Jayson Price and Gravedigger returned around the same time and both intended to get here, one way or another... And they did!, one way or another.

Gravedigger reaches down and helps Jay to his feet; before taking him down with a Short Arm Clothesline!

Zach Davis: This is Ultimate Showdown! No camaraderie here!

Bio-Price pops back up and Gravedigger tears off his ridiculous mask, but no!, Price drops and rolls out of the ring. Gravedigger is spun around by the Hardcore Champion, Andre Holmes. Relentless as ever, he hits Gravedigger with a series of elbows before pushing him into the ropes. Holmes sends Gravedigger across the ring, Gravedigger comes back and Holmes executes a Back Bodydrop. Gravedigger stumbles back up and Holmes hits a VICIOUS Roundhouse Kick to his head!

Freddy Whoa: DAMN!

Gravedigger doesn't go down, but he's doubled over and Holmes pulls him in and hits a Snap DDT. Into the pin.



Zach Davis: Kickout!

Gravedigger goes to roll out of the ring but Holmes doesn't want to give him time to rest. Again, relentless. He pulls Gravedigger in and lifts him up. He bounces off the ropes and runs at him, goes for a Jumping DDT!, but no, Gravedigger catches him and tosses him away. Holmes lands on his feet and Gravedigger runs at him.


No!, Holmes ducks it, rolls through. Both men turn to face another and Andre hits ANOTHER Roundhouse Kick to Gravedigger's head.. And again pulls him in.. This time for a Michinoku Driver!

Zach Davis: ANOTHER PIN!



Freddy Whoa: NO! Another shoulder up from Gravedigger!

Ethan King, Steven Singh, and David Sanchez all hit the ring now. King tackles Holmes down. Gravedigger rolls out of the ring as the three Everest members begin stomping away at him.

Zach Davis: Andddd welcome to Ultimate Showdown. "No camaraderie here?" Tell that to Everest.

King lifts Holmes up and holds him from behind as Singh hits a series of viciously placed rights and lefts. King shoves Holmes off into the waiting David Sanchez. Sanchez Headbutts him, which sends him reeling. Sanchez quickly grapples him, spins him around and with one motion executes a Release German Suplex into a Backstabber by Steven Singh!

Freddy Whoa: COGNITIVE DISSONANCE!, this is how he put away the World Champion!

Singh pins Holmes!



Zach Davis: Another elimination stolen by Everest!

NO! - Holmes kicks out!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Nevermind! Holmes kicks out after that crazy combination.

The participants in this match know they can't let Everest dominate, and as Singh gets up John Rabid and Jayson Price attack David Sanchez and Ethan King! Price drops King with a Release Belly to Belly as Rabid hits Sanchez with a Fameasser!

Zach Davis: Sanchez stumbles up and runs at Price, Price ducks and throws him over the rope.... then hits a Suicide Dive!

King measures the both of them and runs at the ropes before hitting a TOPE CON HILO!

Freddy Whoa: This leaves Singh and Rabid in the ring!

Both of them begin brawling with one another and they both hit stiff right hands. They turn, backs to one another, holding their heads. They both look over their shoulders and see that the other one appears stunned; both men run to the ropes, than back towards the center of the ring, and both jump going for Backstabbers at the exact same time. Their knees collide and they both drop to the mat. In scurries Sidney J. Warwick, who rolls Steven Singh up with a La Magistral pin!



Zach Davis: No! Kickout from the Thief in the Night.

Bio-Price rolls back into the ring and clubs SJW in the back a few times before throwing him to the ropes. As SJW comes back, Price takes him down with a Scoop Slam. SJW stumbles back up and Price grapples him and hits a Release German!

Freddy Whoa: Bio-Price has the Alpha Title in his sights!

Price lifts SJW up in the Vertical Suplex position!


NO!, SJW shifts his weight and lands behind him. Warwick once again grabs the mask and this time he's able to pull it off!


Zach Davis: Yeah, Freddy, we all know, we've been calling him Jayson Price this entire time.

Some of the crowd pretend to be shocked. Jayson Price snaps off a Price Check Superkick!, but no!, SJW ducks it. Price and SJW turn to face each other-


Zach Davis: Maybe he IS Biohazard after all!

Price drops down and pins him!



Freddy Whoa: NEW ALPHA CHAMP!?

Zach Davis: NO!, Sidney kicks out!

The Alpha Champion rolls out of the ring, clawing at his face. The newly unmasked Jayson Price is spun around by Gravedigger, who immediately takes him down with a Gravemarker!

Freddy Whoa: DAMN! Connected to perfection!

Gravedigger immediately lifts his former tag partner up over his shoulders and drops him with the Death Driver!, before pinning him.




Zach Davis: There goes Jayson Price! And we've got our first person to win a belt, he's one half of the Tag Champions.

Freddy Whoa: Who in the hell is going to have to team with him!?

The answer just may be Gravedigger, as Andre Holmes spins him around and executes a Uranage Suplex! He lifts the WCF legend up and throws him to the ropes before hitting a Tiltawhirl Backbreaker. Gravedigger stumbles up and swings at Holmes, but Holmes lifts him up into the Death Valley Driver position and drops him onto his knee!


Freddy Whoa: We call that the Holmes on the Range here, Zach!

No matter what you call it, it put Gravedigger out, and Holmes pins him!



NO!, NO! Gravedigger gets the shoulder up!

Zach Davis: Andre Holmes may be the Hardcore Champion but Gravedigger is the Epitome of Hardcore!

Ethan King and Steven Singh are in the ring and run at Holmes, taking him down with a Linked Clothesline. They quickly kick Gravedigger out of the ring as they begin stomping on Holmes. Sanchez reenters and blocks Rabid trying to get back in by hitting him with several kicks to the head. The three men have Holmes cornered.

Freddy Whoa: No way out for the Hardcore Champion.

Holmes shrugs and immediately runs at Sanchez, hitting him a flurry of strikes before he's pulled off by Singh and King. Singh and King immediately hit a Double Suplex before Sanchez lifts him up and executes a Single Underhook Spike DDT.

Zach Davis: Central Nervous Shutdown.

Sanchez pins Andre Holmes.




The crowd pops!

Zach Davis: No one wants to be Jayson Price's tag team partner, Freddy!

Sanchez angrily begins driving knee after knee in the head of the Hardcore Champion as the rest of Everest kick at his body. Sanchez directs King to lift Holmes up. King holds him from behind as Sanchez tunes up the band before running.

Freddy Whoa: MEDUSA'S TOUCH!

NO!, Holmes ducks away! Sanchez connects with King! Steven Singh immediately dives onto the body of his Tag Team partner!



Zach Davis: NO!, kickout! Thievin' Steven, what're you doing!?

Sanchez lifts Singh up and asks him what that was about as King holds his head in pain. Singh says he was simply trying to make sure no one else had the chance to pin him and wasn't REALLY trying to eliminate him, and hey anyway why did Sanchez kick him!? Sanchez replies he obviously wasn't trying to hit the kick, but this is wrestling and somehow no one can figure out honest mistakes like that one and the two begin arguing for a brief second until Holmes rolls Sanchez up from behind!



No!, Singh breaks that up.

Freddy Whoa: We saw some brief issues with Everest there but in the end they're gonna stick together.

Singh goes to lift Holmes but Holmes elbows him, an elbow that connects beautifully and sends Singh flying out. Sanchez grabs Holmes next but Holmes elbows him several times, over and over before he can switch behind Sanchez and hit a Full Nelson Backbreaker!

Zach Davis: Here comes King now - No!, Holmes catches him and hits a Belly to Belly!

Before Holmes can go to pin anyone he's spun around by John Rabid. Rabid knees him in the gut before grabbing his head and running to the turnbuckle, hitting a Sliced Bread #2! He follows up by jumping to the top and flying off...




NO!, another kickout from Holmes!

Zach Davis: Unbelievable!

Holmes slowly stumbles up and Rabid runs at him.


NO!, Holmes is able to reverse that into a backslide pin!



Rabid escapes the pin! Both men are to their feet and are face to face.

Zach Davis: Only one man can walk out with the WCF World Heavyweight Championship, Freddy, and we've got one of the greatest Television Champions face to face with one of the greatest Hardcore Champions!

Freddy Whoa: "One of?" They both have a very real claim to being THE greatest in their respective fields!

Clubbing blows from one man to the other!, neither giving an inch. After several moments Rabid does gain the upper hand, having gone through less punishment thus far; Rabid pushes Holmes into the ropes and then sends him flying. As Holmes comes back he counters with a YAKUZA KICK!, sending Rabid back into the corner. Holmes hits a SECOND Yakuza Kick!, this time causing Rabid to fall to the mat before Holmes jumps up to the top.

Zach Davis: Now he's gonna fly...



Holmes stumbles up and Rabid runs at him and hits a Spinning Heel Kick. Holmes fights his way to his feet again and Rabid runs again. This time Holmes drops down, pulling the bottom rope with him, sending Rabid flying over the top.

Freddy Whoa: Here comes Everest again!

Ethan King immediately fires off a Rolling Elbow into the back of Holmes' head.


With Holmes stunned, he pushes the Hardcore Champion into the ropes before throwing him into the waiting arms of Steven Singh, who executes a Michinoku Driver.

Freddy Whoa: Snitchinoku Driver!

Knowing that "relentless" part of his nickname, Sanchez was already in position as Andre fought his way up... Sanchez runs at him and drops him with a Yakuza Kick, immediately as Steven Singh blasts him in the back of the head with a chair!

Zach Davis: Medusa's Touch with the chair assist! GOD DAMN!

Ethan King dives onto him so as to not waste a single milisecond.




Freddy Whoa: We've witnessed the end of the most epic Hardcore Championship run that I can remember, my God.

Zach Davis: And it ends... in tragedy. Our new Tag Team Champions are Andre Holmes and Jayson Price.

All three Everest members raise their arms in the air as the crowd begins to boo.

Freddy Whoa: Gravedigger, Sidney J. Warwick, and John Rabid all step into the ring. Those three go face to face with Everest.

Zach Davis: Our next fall is for the Internet Title. And, by the way, Sidney J. Warwick is once again back into his "win the whole match or retain his belt" category, if you were wondering.


Freddy Whoa: Wait, no, Sidney J. Warwick drops and rolls out of the ring instead of brawling with Singh!

Unfortunately this leaves Gravedigger and Rabid outnumbered. Gravedigger goes toe to toe with David Sanchez, but Singh and King begin to double team Rabid. They hit a quick Double Suplex before lifting Rabid up and throwing him into a corner. They begin stomping mudholes in him there.

Zach Davis: David Sanchez and Gravedigger's feud began years ago, and how fitting is it that they find themselves here at Ultimate Showdown, competing for the greatest prize in the game?

They begin slugging it out, sloppy, angry blows, paying more attention at dealing damage than any technique. Gravedigger gains the upper hand and sends Sanchez to the ropes before catching him in a Powerslam. Gravedigger then runs at Singh, clubs him in the back of the head and throws him out. He blocks a strike from King before sending him to the ropes as well and catching him with the Rock Bottom.

Freddy Whoa: RESPECTO!

Gravedigger quickly pins Ethan King, hooking his leg.




Zach Davis: There is strength in numbers, and you know Everest talked about not wanting to give up their edge, no matter what.

King gets to his feet and Gravedigger gets ready for another Grave Marker, running at him, but King catches him and hits him with a T-Bone Suplex! Gravedigger rolls out of the ring, which prompts SJW to roll back in. He taunts King and gets King to rush him, and he catches King and hits a Spinebuster! Right into the pin.



No, kickout. SJW gets back to his feet and is ready to leave the ring before John Rabid grabs him from behind and executes a German Suplex..

Freddy Whoa: He keeps him hooked!

Brings him up... BOOM!, second German Suplex.

Freddy Whoa: One more time..

Third German Suplex! Rabid doesn't let up, he runs to the ropes and then hits SJW with a Headscissor Takedown. He gets back up and Ethan King and Steven Singh both run at him, going for another Linked Clothesline, but Rabid pulls the ropes down and both fly out of the ring! Rabid eyes Sanchez now and runs at him...





NO!, kickout from the Choke Artist!


Rabid angrily gets back to his feet but he's hit with a Gravemarker from Gravedigger! Rabid rolls out as Gravedigger eyes David Sanchez.

Zach Davis: We mentioned it before but Gravedigger was David Sanchez's first high profile feud here in the WCF, does Gravedigger have Sanchez's number?

He lifts him up and pulls him in.

Freddy Whoa: DEATH. DRIVER.

Gravedigger drops down and pins Sanchez, hooking his leg.





Zach Davis: WHAT AN UPSET!


Zach Davis: And we've got a new Internet Champion, Gravedigger just pinned the man who now holds his old belt!

Freddy Whoa: The next pinfall is for the People's Championship-

Steven Singh and Ethan King are already back in the ring reacting. They're on Gravedigger like white on rice, they've knocked him down and they're stomping away. David Sanchez gets back into the ring.

Zach Davis: No, come on.

He's got the Internet Title, which he looks at with disgust before running at Gravedigger and smashing him right in the face with it. Singh and King don't let him drop; instead, King hits a Spinning Heel Kick to the gut, Singh drops him with a Backstabber immediately as King follows up with his Pele Kick!


King doesn't take chances and immediately pulls Gravedigger in, them back down with an Inverted Lifting Single Underhook DDT.

Zach Davis: Flatline.

King pins Gravedigger, hooking the leg.




Freddy Whoa: The Epitome of Hardcore has been eliminated, but... Gravedigger has now become the People's Champion.

Zach Davis: Unbelievable. Gravedigger is now in a class of his own as far as Title histories go, Freddy. He may not have won here tonight, but he competed in a match he has never competed in, AND won a belt he's never won before. You can't ask for much more than that!

Freddy Whoa: Well, you CAN ask for more - you can ask to become the WCF World Heavyweight Champion, and we have four men left with that chance.

David Sanchez is marching up the ramp, tossing his Internet Title as he does so, treating it with disdain. In the ring, the team of Steven Singh and Ethan King are now kicking away at John Rabid.

Zach Davis: John Rabid, Ethan King, Steven Singh, Sidney J. Warwick. The final four.

Freddy Whoa: However, King and Singh are a unit. John Rabid is alone, and Sidney J. Warwick, well.... He's currently waiting outside, so I don't exactly see him being a lot of help for Rabid.

Rabid realizes this and begins fighting his way up, fighting past the pain and pushing past it. He blocks a strike from Singh before firing back with an elbow of his own. He catches a leg from Ethan King before turning it into a Dragonscrew Legwhip. Singh is up, he's hit with a Standing Dropkick by Rabid. King is up as well and he gets his own Standing Dropkick. King rolls out of the ring as Singh stumbles up....

Zach Davis: Rabid lifts Steven Singh up now, he hits his Hangman's Neckbreaker!

Singh is about to pin him before he's rollen up from behind by Sidney J. Warwick!



NO!, kickout! Both men are to their feet and as they meet, Warwick connects with the thumb to the neck!

Freddy Whoa: Come on...

Singh and King are back in the ring. Warwick nods at them and looks down at Rabid, trying to earn their favor and maybe form a truce. Warwick sticks out his hand.

Zach Davis: Are we going to see ANOTHER three on one mugging?

Singh goes to shake Warwick's hand, but Warwick immediately does the "too cool for you" move, rescinding the offer. Singh angrily goes for a strike but that was Warwick's plan, he grabs Singh and lifts him up, runs him into King - hitting an Oklahoma Stampede and crushing King into the corner - before dropping Singh with the Powerslam!

Freddy Whoa: Pin by SJW!



NO!, kickout from Steven Singh!

Zach Davis: Our next fall is for the Television Championship or the Alpha Championship - whichever it happens to be.

Freddy Whoa: And we're three eliminations away from our new World Champion.

Warwick gets back up and is immediately hit with a Chop Block from Rabid. Warwick goes down and immediately rolls out of the ring. Rabid turns and runs at Singh, who is resting in the corner, and hits a Splash. King is also in the opposite corner, he runs at him and boom!, another Splash. Both King and Singh have stumbled in towards one another and Rabid smashes their heads into one another before grabbing them both and hitting a Suplex!

Zach Davis: John Rabid back in control now! He knows he's outnumbered, but is he outmatched?

The longest reigning Television Champion of all time kicks King out of the ring before turning back to Singh. Rabid measures him... runs...


Rabid gets to his feet and the second he begins to drop down to pin, Warwick runs at him from behind, jumps, and executes a Victory Roll!




Zach Davis: WHAT!?

Freddy Whoa: Sidney J. Warwick just eliminated John Rabid!, and Rabid retains the Television Championship!

Zach Davis: That's gotta be bittersweet, to say the least. Hot damn.

King has reentered the ring and runs at Warwick as Warwick gets back to his feet. Smelling blood, he rushes him - but Warwick jabs him in the throat with his thumb. The crowd boos as Warwick quickly lifts King up.


Warwick pins King!, hooking the leg!




Zach Davis: NO! Not in time!

The ref counts the pin before Singh kicks Warwick off.

Freddy Whoa: He... he hesitated, Zach. He could've done it, he could've saved King, but he hesitated. He let King get beat.

Zach Davis: Did he? I can't quite tell.

Steven Singh, practically frothing at the mouth, hits a series of vicious kicks to the back of Warwick's head, practically trying to give him a concussion. He pulls the Alpha Champion to his feet... and drops him with the Rolling Cutter.


Singh keeps him hooked, lifts him up, throws his body onto the ropes and then quickly swings his own body.


Singh pins Warwick, hooking the leg.




Freddy Whoa: It's... it's over.

The bell sounds.

Zach Davis: In all of that crazyness, we didn't get to celebrate Ethan King's accomplishment of becoming the new Hardcore Champion, and that was a hell of a hard fought matchup on his part. But... I can't believe it. Steven Singh?

Freddy Whoa: He shouldn't have even been here, Zach! He already lost his right to challenge for the World Title! He shouldn't have been allowed into the match whatsoever due to losing to Joey Flash! But thanks to Ultimate Showdown, and the fact he was a Title holder....

Zach Davis: He found his way in, Freddy. He knew he'd never get another Title match any other way.... but he found his way in. He happened to be a member of a very dominant stable, and somehow.... he ended up being the one walking out with the belt.

Steven Singh is handed the World Title which he grasps close to his chest, collapsed in the middle of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Thievin' Steven has done it, Zach. By hook, by crook, or maybe by both, he's done it. We've got a new World Champion.

Zach Davis: God only knows where we go from here, Freddy.... And we're out of time.

Freddy Whoa: Goodnight.

Ultimate Showdown fades to black.

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Ultimate Showdown Intro

Bishop/Priest vs Jukebox Rocker Rock/Boom Box Empson vs VWA

Dawson Creek vs The Wolf vs Big Sexy Brian

Troy Wilson vs Jim Brantelli

Trey Carter vs Marty Barrett

Damian Simmons vs Matthew Drake

No Disqualification Match: William the Behemoth vs Jaice Wilds vs Jason O'Neal vs Andre Aquarius

Taylor Wright/Bale Pascal vs Udy/Oathbreaker

World Title Contendership Match: Teo del Sol vs Mikey eXtreme vs Kyle Kemp

Ultimate Deathmatch: FPV vs Corey Black

The Fate of Torture

Ultimate Showdown Match

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