Slam Intro
Torture Segment
Tag Team Titles Match: Mikami/Ryan Daniels vs The New Confederacy
Big Time Jerks Segment
Seth Lerch/Hotdog Mascot Date: Dinner
Alex Jones vs Tank Reaper
Brad Kane Segment
Madd Dogg vs D-Day
Seth Lerch/Hotdog Mascot Date: The Carnival
Brad Kane vs The Big Time Jerks/Prince Jimmy Dean
Logan/Jay Price Segment
Hector Rodriguez vs Machine
Seth Lerch/Hotdog Mascot Date: A Movie
Television Title Match: Facade vs Anastasia Petrova
Seth Lerch/New Announcer? Segment
Kevin Hardaway vs The Hotdog Mascot
Seth Lerch/Hotdog Mascot Date: The Morning After
Greenfever vs Slickie T
A Challenger Approaches
Logan/Jay Price Brawl
Ace Slaughter Segment
World Title Match: Ace Slaughter vs Torture

Slam Intro

Kids by MGMT hits, and the fans in the Bangor Auditorium come alive! Pyro bursts from the stage and fireworks go off as we go to Zach and Shannan.


Shannan Lerch: Tonight, January 4th, 2010 is one of the biggest nights in wrestling. Everyone is talking. Tonight is going to be good.

Zach Davis: There are plenty of rumors about things that are gonna happen on tonight's show, thats for sure. But lets just get right to the card.

Shannan Lerch: Well, Zach, the big story in WCF right now is One. Obviously. Torture managed to do the impossible and defeat Slickie T to retain his World Title.. there was no fairytale ending to this feud.

Zach Davis: Indeed. It was a shock to all of us. And it was revealed that apparently Seth and Torture had some kind of plan, where Seth got Torture to One, but now.. Torture is on his own? What does that mean? We'll find out.

Shannan Lerch: We certainly will, because Torture is going one on one with Ace Slaughter tonight, our new United States Champion... but the World Title is on the line!

Zach Davis: In addition, Slickie T is up against Greenfever. Where does Slickie T go from here, Shannan?

Shannan Lerch: I don't know, Zach. Well, he rights one wrong and defeats Greenfever, if he can. After that... we'll have to see.

Zach Davis: We have Kevin Hardaway going one on one with the Hotdog Mascot. Hardaway lost his United States Title at One and definitely has to get back on the ball in this match.

Shannan Lerch: We have a Television Title match between Petrova, who managed to retain her belt, and Facade, an exciting newcomer.

Zach Davis: And we also have a singles match between Hector Rodriguez and another newcomer, Machine. Can't wait to see what these two guys can do.

Shannan Lerch: WCF's commissioner, Brad Kane.. ugh.. is back in action tonight. He's up against the Big Time Jerks and Prince Jimmy Dean.

Zach Davis: Yeah, Kane was.. somehow.. defeated in his Advantage match at One, by your brother, Seth. However, due to the contract, Seth STILL has to go on a date with the Hotdog Mascot. We'll be airing footage of that tonight.

Shannan Lerch: ..sigh..

Zach Davis: Another return! Madd Dogg has been signed to face D-Day. Why Seth let Madd Dogg back into the federation is beyond me.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah.. he's insane. I guess Seth will take as many main eventers as he can at this point.

Zach Davis: Why is that? Did someone quit?

Shannan Lerch: Nevermind.

Zach Davis: We have Alex Jones versus Tank Reaper. Tank... I don't know what his problem is. He attacked his former best friend, Chris Avery, at One. Unprovoked. All Avery was trying to do was avenge Tank's injury.

Shannan Lerch: Well maybe Tank has already apologized to Avery by now? Anyway, Jones was behind the injury in the first place, so I can't wait to see what Tank has in store.

Zach Davis: And in the very first WCF match of 2010, we have the team of Mikami and Ryan Daniels up against the new Champions, the New Confederacy, Doc Henry and Johnny Reb.

Shannan Lerch: This should be a great match, Zach, and a great way to start the year. Mikami and Daniels are quite underrated as a team, I think, and after that great ladder match at One... I think they just might win the belts tonight.

Zach Davis: Only one way to find out!

Torture Segment

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen... I introduce to you, the man who is still the WCF World Heavyweight Champion... TOOOORTUUUREEEE!!!

Crawl by Kings of Leon blasts over the speakers and the fans begin to boo mercilessly.

Shannan Lerch: Well, Zach... looks like we're going to start Slam off with the World Champ!

Zach Davis: I'm still in shock after One, Shannan.

Torture walks out from the back, wearing his wrestling attire. He can't help but have a bit of a cocky grin on his face as he walks to the ring, World Title slung over his shoulder. Some fans begin to throw trash at him as he walks, but he ignores them. The Tort slides into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Shannan Lerch: I can't wait to hear what the Champ has to say.

Zach Davis: Somehow, Shannan, I feel like we've heard it all before..

Torture lifts the mic up to his lips, but the crowd is booing too loudly. He can't speak yet. He lowers the mic and waits for them to finish.

Shannan Lerch: They won't even let the man speak!

Torture, again, raises the mic, after waiting several moments. This time, several "TORTURE SUCKS! TORTURE SUCKS!" chants ring out throughout the arena, as well as many "SLICK-IE T! SLICK-IE T!" chants, supporting One's challenger.

Zach Davis: Well, Shannan, Torture versus Slickie T was a controversial decision. There were a lot of people that felt that Slickie T was the real winner and should have the belt.. I'd say the MAJORITY of people thought that, in fact.

Shannan Lerch: But not me, and not my brother. That's for sure.

Torture raises the mic once more. This time, the fans are even more harsh: "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" clap clap clap clap clap, "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" clap clap clap clap clap. Even Torture is surprised, and glares out into the crowd. He's had enough. He speaks overtop of the crowd.

Torture: At One, simply put... I defeated Slickie T.

Massive booing.

Torture: Following that, I disbanded the Team of Torture. The ToT is, officially, no more. And it was much more succesful than that joke of a stable that Logan used to run, that's for sure!

More booing, naturally.

Torture: So now, FINALLY, after tonight, I'm gonna get some time off. I don't have any more challengers! So someone else can step up to the plate and main event Ten, I don't care. I'll be watching from the penthouse-

Master of Puppets hits. Torture's face instantly turns to anger at being interrupted, as well as slightly confused. The fans are buzzing. Seth Lerch steps out from the back.

Zach Davis: What is Seth doing out here?..

Shannan Lerch: Probably to congratulate Torture for his win. Or two announce who will be in the Ten main event instead of Torture, since Tort is going to be taking it easy.

Seth has a mic.

Seth Lerch: Torture... I don't hate you. I don't dislike you, even. You might think I do, that our deal was "just business" and I've always despised you or something, but that isn't true. You and Slickie T just had possibly the biggest match in WCF history and made One one of the greatest nights ever in our sport. I love you for that, Torture. I do.

Torture raises an eyebrow, wanting to know where Seth is going with this.

Seth Lerch: So I hope you don't hate me when I tell you this, but... you're defending that Title again at Ten.

Torture is pissed, of course. He's yelling "WHAT?!" and the crowd cheers.

Seth Lerch: You see, One was a huge show... and I have the unenviable task of trying to outdo it. One was about the past year of WCF and about the wrestlers that got us here and made us succesful in 2009. Ten, then, is celebrating an entire DECADE of WCF and WCF stars and wrestlers. So I need a Ten main event that showcases the last ten years and what we've accomplished. A main event that showcases the two biggest stars that WCF has ever seen.

Torture's eyes widen. He shakes his head no.

Seth Lerch: A match we've been waiting for the entire year... between two men that see themselves as the real "Mr. WCF."

Torture is in shock. The crowd is on the edge of their collective seats.

Seth Lerch: Our agreement was to get you to One, Torture, and I did that. As for Ten, you're going to have to do this all by yourself. And I'm going to laugh all the way to the bank. Because at Ten, in the main event for the WCF World Heavyweight Title... TORTURE, YOU WILL GO ONE ON ONE WITH THE FACE OF TREACHERY HIMSELF, LOGAN!!!

Zach Davis: WWHAAATTT!!

Shannan Lerch: OH MY GOD!


In the ring, Torture is flipping out, yelling "YOU CAN'T DO THIS!"

Seth Lerch: I'm sorry, Torture, I truly am. I don't like Logan any more than you do. But business is business... and business is going to be good.

Master of Puppets plays again as Seth leaves, heading to the back. Torture is pissed in the ring, basically throwing a temper tantrum.

Shannan Lerch: ...I'm speechless.

Zach Davis: For months and months we've waited for this match to be made.. and I had thought that it would never happen ever again. But here we are.

Shannan Lerch: I think we might need security to get Tort out of that damn ring.. let's go to a commercial.

Mikami/Ryan Daniels vs The New Confederacy

Zach Davis: First match of the year.. here we go.

Voice: Welcome to Hollywood, may all your dreams come true

The suspenceful tone of the intro plays as the violins set the lets to flicker red.


Guitars hits and the crowd is on their feet and pyro rains down on the entrance ramp and Ryan Daniels emerges from the back with a random T-shirt on he stands underneath the pyro, his head bowed as the intro continues to play. After it finishes the pyro stops and Ryan walks down the ramp

This is a wake up call
To all who their eyes
This is our hope,
Hopeless beaten strife

HE stops at the middle and starts to hop up and down, getting himself hyped up and ready for his match.

You kill the messenger not to hear it
It doesn't mean it never happened
It doesn't mean it never happened

He runs up the ring steps and slingshots into the ring. HE runs up the turnbuckles and stop, one foot on the top buckle and the other on the second he points out tot he crowd, mouthing the chorus to the song.

"This is our mission
statement to go show the world
We must survive"

HE hops off the turnbuckle and removes his shirt as the music starts to fade out.

Shannan Lerch: Ryan Daniels was more impressive at One than I've seen him in a long long time, Zach.

Zach Davis: One thing you have to keep in mind: the Team of Torture has been disbanded. I'm not sure how that is going to affect the team dynamic here.

The lights go out and Mikami's double-M logo appears on the JumboTron as "Unholy Confessions" by Avenged Sevenfold plays. The lights turn back on but are now red, revealing Mikami standing at the top of the ramp. He runs down the ramp, dives into the ring and then jumps back up to his feet.

Shannan Lerch: And here is Mikami. I think these two are going to work together as they would any other time, Team of Torture or no Team of Torture.

"Renegade" by Styx begins to play over the PA system as Johnny Reb and Doc Henry step out onto the stage. They have the Tag Team Titles around their waists. Images of past matches play on the Jumbotron, while both men make their way down the ramp, working the crowd at ringside. Doc mounts the ring steps in a dignified manner, while Johnny slips through the ropes. Both men take a moment to pose for the fans before going to their corner to await the bell.

Zach Davis: And here are the Champions. Johnny Reb had quite a year here in WCF; he is one of only three men to hold the WCF World Title in 2009.

Shannan Lerch: Remember, though: Reb and Henry won those belts in a ladder match. This is a regular matchup tonight.. it is a completely different ballgame.

The bell sounds. Mikami starts the match for his team, Johnny Reb for his.

Zach Davis: Funny you should mention the World Title; Johnny Reb lost that belt when Torture forced Mikami to submit. I doubt that Reb has forgotten about that fact.

The two meet in the middle of the ring and tie up. Reb gets the advantage, throwing Mikami into the ropes. As Mikami comes back, Reb executes an Arm Drag. Mikami hits the mat, gets back up, runs at Reb. Reb hits another Arm Drag, this time into an Armbar. Mikami quickly works his way back up out of it, however, and reverses it, twisting Reb's arm in turn. Reb yells in pain for several moments before rolling through and using his momentum to flip Mikami by his arm down onto the mat. Reb then backs up a foot or two, bounces off the ropes, and hits a Leg Drop onto Mikami's chest. Reb quickly gets back up, runs to the ropes and Springboards, hitting a Lionsault into pin!



No, Mikami gets the shoulder up.

Shannan Lerch: Daniels didn't need to make the save there, he knew Mikami was okay. Good offense by Reb, though; Mikami won't be okay for long if he lets Reb keep this up.

Reb stands up and backs up a few paces before running back towards Mikami and hitting an Elbow Drop. He then picks Mikami up and puts him in a Headlock, taking him over to Doc Henry and tagging him in.

Zach Davis: Here comes the Doc!

Doc jumps to the top rope and then hits an Axe Handle Smash onto Mikami's back, while Reb still has the Headlock locked in. As Mikami crumples to the mat, Reb releases the Headlock and gets back onto the apron. Henry starts kicking at Mikami, picking him up and pulling him in for the Pedigree.

Shannan Lerch: This isn't looking good for Mikami-

But no, Mikami reverses it into a Back Bodydrop! Henry quickly gets to his feet and Mikami turns around, a little dazed. Henry looks to get control back by going for a Clothesline but Mikami ducks that and then hits a Diamond Cutter out of nowhere!

Zach Davis: BANG!

Both men lay on the mat for several moments, until Mikami slowly starts working his way up. Once Mikami is about half way to a vertical base, Henry has started pulling himself up by the ropes. Both men are to their feet and Mikami hits Henry with several carefully placed Roundhouse Kicks. He kicks Henry so that Henry doesn't fall down, and ends his combination with a kick that brings Henry down to one knee. He then runs.. and hits a Shining Apprentice! The crowd oooh's at the stiff kick, and Henry's face goes blank as he drops to the mat. Mikami covers him.



Reb Springboards into the ring, hitting a Guillotine Legdrop onto the back of Mikami's head, breaking up the pin!

Shannan Lerch: Well that is one way to save the matchup for your team, ouch.

Mikami rolls off of Henry, and again both men lay there, motionless. The ref yells at Reb and forces him back to the New Confederacy corner. Both Reb and Ryan Daniels call for their respective partners to make a tag.

Zach Davis: Which one of these men will make it to their partners first?..

Both are crawling towards their corners.. and Mikami makes it! Mikami tags in Daniels, who quickly pulls Henry away from Reb. Daniels picks Henry up and throws him to the ropes, as Henry comes back Daniels executes a vicious Exploder Suplex!

Shannan Lerch: OOF! What impact!

Daniels pins Henry.



No! Again, Reb breaks it up, this time with a stiff kick to Daniels' head. And again the Reb reprimands him and tells him to leave.

Zach Davis: The New Confederacy aren't huge fans of rules, clearly.

Daniels is dazed. He picks Henry up but Henry knows he has to get back into this and starts striking Daniels in the gut. Daniels goes to fight back but Henry thumbs him in the eye!

Shannan Lerch: Yep.. definitely aren't fans of the rules, for sure.

Daniels stumbles away and Henry pulls him back in and hits a DDT, spiking Daniels' head into the mat! He then begins to climb up to the top rope.

Zach Davis: Doc Henry, going high risk..

Daniels slowly gets to his feet, turns around to where Henry just made it to the top... Henry flies off with a Diving Spear!!

Shannan Lerch: NICE!

Henry drives Daniels into the mat! He goes for a pin!



No! Mikami breaks it up this time. Not only that but he picks Henry up and hits a quick DDT of his own!

Zach Davis: Okay.. we get it. NOBODY in this match likes the rules.

Shannan Lerch: I don't think people have followed the rules in tag matches in decades, Zach.

But now Reb gets involved, Springboarding and hitting a Missile Dropkick on Mikami! Mikami flies out of the ring. He gets up, but Reb runs and hits a Suicide Dive!

Zach Davis: Daniels and Henry left alone in the ring now!

Both men are up and trading blows.. Henry ducks a Clothesline and then hits the Gambler's Hand!!

Shannan Lerch: This could be it!

Quickly, Henry jumps to the top.. AND HITS THE ALL-IN! He pins Daniels, hooking the leg!




Zach Davis: The New Confederacy retains!

Henry stands up and grabs the Tag Titles. He slides out of the ring and meets up with Reb near the announce table, handing him the belt. The two raise their arms in celebration.

Shannan Lerch: No new Tag Champs tonight.

Zach Davis: Mikami and Ryan Daniels tried their hardest, but come up short yet again.

Mikami has entered the ring, Mikami is on his knees in the middle of it, looking up at the ceiling. Daniels slowly starts to get up, but suddenly Mikami takes his legs out from under him. He gets on top and rains down punches on Daniels' head.

Zach Davis: And Mikami has just snapped!

Shannan Lerch: As usual.

The New Confederacy watches, shocked, from ringside. Mikami finally gets off of Ryan Daniels and rolls him out of the ring. Then he asks for a microphone.

Mikami: When I joined the Team of Torture, I did not do it so I could team up with this trash and lose every week. Now that the ToT has been dissolved, there is no reason for me to put up with it anymore.

Zach Davis: And here I was thinking he and Ryan Daniels finally had respect for each other.

Shannan Lerch: You can never tell what's going on in this guy's head.

Mikami: I am a former WCF United States Champion. I deserve better than this. I should not have to ask Seth Lerch for matches, take what he gives me and act like I am grateful for it. No, I am so much better than that. The opponents should come to me. Therefore, I have a message for the entire locker room: challenge me.

Zach Davis: Mikami issuing an open challenge!

Mikami: I will take on anyone backstage, for a match to be held sometime later this month.

Ryan Daniels starts to stir ringside.

Mikami: Anyone CURRENTLY backstage.

Suddenly, "The Memory Remains" by Metallica plays over the speakers.

Shannan Lerch: Has WCF signed someone new recently?

Zach Davis: No one I'm aware of... which means... no, it couldn't be.

Steve Carr steps out from the back in jeans and a T-shirt.

Zach Davis: And yet, it had to be. Coming out to one of his old NCW themes.

The crowd goes nuts, and Mikami is absolutely stunned.

Steve Carr: I know, I know, I'm not even supposed to be here tonight. You had it right to start with, you know. You knew that I had some sort of trick up my sleeve, that I wouldn't fade away that easily. But everything seemed to go according to your plan. You wanted the plan to work. So when the dust cleared and I was gone, you just let it go. But let me tell you something, buddy: plans are for mad scientists and bridge builders, and they'll always lose out to guts and heart.

Mikami: That contract language was ironclad. You can't be here.

Steve Carr: Oh yes, it certainly is, and I shouldn't be here. In fact, I'm not here. But let's wait till next week to get into all that. I don't want to waste the peoples' time with quibbles, scruples, scrapple, what have you.

Mikami: What?

Steve Carr: I accept your challenge. Careful what you wish for.

"The Memory Remains" plays again and Carr walks into the back.

Shannan Lerch: That was pretty short and sweet compared to all of the dramatic comebacks we're used to seeing from Steve Carr.

Zach Davis: He's only back for a couple minutes and now he already has a match with Mikami for...sometime this month. I guess that will all be cleared up next week.

Mikami storms out of the ring and heads to the back as well. The New Confederacy shrugs to one another and are about to leave, until...

Big Time Jerks Segment

"Super Villian" by Powerman 5000 starts playing and out walks Adam Young, Austin Adams and Alyssa Jones carrying a metal briefcase. The fans are booing and throwing trash at WCF's 2009 tag team of the year. All three have evil smiles on their faces.

Adam Young: What a preformance, can we get a round of applause for both teams here tonight.

The fans starting cheering.

Adam Young: Shut the hell up! You know it took some hard nosed pleadings for WCF higher ups to get us to put our tag titles on the line in a three way match yet alone a ladder match. WCF kept comeing at us with all kinds of promises but we would not agree to anything. We grew tired so we sent in our agent Miss Angelica Maryse.

A beautiful blonde bombshell comes walking out in a black babydoll t-shirt, pink hot pants and black nine inch hell boots. She steps beside Adam and gives him a huge kiss on the lips and takes the mic.

Miss Angelica: See to get my lover and his tag partner to sign to such a unfair disadvantage WCF had to give up something huge. We made WCF make the BTJ's the number one contenders and that we could demand our rematch at anytime we decided. So no matter who is the tag champs they will have to face the 2009 tag team of the year and when they lose to us their will be no rematch for them!

The crowd is shocked as are the teams in the ring.

Adam Young: Lucky for you guys we've got other fish to fry tonight. Oh and don't worry when we reclaim our titles we will be in the main events not as openers like the pair of you guys. Now get out of the ring cause your causing us to lose the ratings war with Raw and Impact, morons!

The BTJ's leave to the sounds of boos. Johnny Reb and Doc Henry look at each other, shrug again, and leave, holding their Tag Team Championships close.

Zach Davis: Do you know what this means? The BTJ could come for the New Confederacy whenever they want!

Shannan Lerch: Yep.. they're Jerks like that.

Seth Lerch/Hotdog Mascot Date: Dinner

Zach Davis: Well, as you fans know, as per Brad Kane's contract for his match at One.. Seth was forced to go on a date with the Hotdog Mascot last week.

Shannan Lerch: My poor brother..

Zach Davis: And we have the footage. Roll it.

The scene opens up outside of a Taco Bell. Seth and the Mascot emerge from Seth's car, a 2003 emerald green Chevy Cavalier. The Mascot is blindfolded.

Seth Lerch: Trust me. You're gonna LOVE this.

Seth leads the mascot by the hand through the doors and into the Taco Bell. Its a pretty slow day as Seth gets in line.

Hotdog Mascot: Seth, this doesn't smell like the All You Can Eat Hotdog Buffet...

Seth Lerch: No, come on. Trust me. This'll be the best date you've ever been on.

The person in front of Seth is finished. Seth goes to the Taco Bell worker and whispers his order in his ear so the Mascot doesn't hear. The worker yells to the people making the food..


Immediately, the Hotdog Mascot rips off his blindfold. His hotdog eyes go wide as he looks around..


The Hotdog Mascot freaks out. He grabs the Taco Bell worker and pulls him over the counter, throwing him into one of the trash bins. He grabs the Taco Bell sauces and throws them angrily at Seth before running out of the building.

Seth Lerch: Sigh. This is gonna be a long night..

Seth exits the Taco Bell. Through the window, we can already see the Mascot sulking in Seth's car.

Zach Davis: That was part one of the date. Stay tuned for part two, wrestling fans.

Alex Jones vs Tank Reaper

The arena lights fade down and smoke fills the entrance way as sounds of a machine gun go off and the jumbotron reads "Ya'll done FUCKED UP!" in red as "Bring the noise" by Public Enemy and Anthrax starts playing. Out walks Alex and his trusty trash can full of weapons.

Zach Davis: Alex Jones and his trash can full of weapons are in store for one hell of a fight, and let's take you back two weeks at One when Chris Avery was in trouble..

Shannan Lerch: The fight was too much, Chris was fighting of all of the Big Time Jerks and here he comes.. Tank Reaper to which we thought was going to be the hero of the day..

Zach Davis: Turns out Tank had other thoughts and feelings towards Chris and once Tank got into the ring, he turns around and then turns on Chris Avery.

Shannan Lerch: Delivering one of the biggest and meanest looking double-hand choke slam we've ever seen! Official word is Chris Avery hasn't been seen once he was helped to the medical staff shortly after that brutal attack from who we thought was his best friend.

Zach Davis: We hope Chris is listening somehow and we want to say we wish you recovery in any way possible.

Non Divine by Sympathy hits the airwaves and the crowd boos as the heelish' Tank comes out to his crazy firework display and lightshow. He walks down the ramp and Alex Jones slides out of the ring and meets him at the bottom of the ramp. They begin trading right and left hands.

Zach Davis: Well here we go!

Tank gets the advantage lifts Alex Jones up in to the air and throws him over the ropes into the ring. Tank steps to the apron and over the ropes where Alex Jones hits a drop kick! Tank reels back into the ropes where Alex Jones hits the other ropes and goes for a crossbody, Tank catches him and slams him down on the mat. The ref just recently rang the bell to officially start this match. Tank picks up Alex Jones and throws him over the rope to the outside! Tank steps outside as well.

Shannan Lerch: Alex Jones may have the advantage on the outside but there is no weapons allowed!

Zach Davis: I don't think niether of them care!

Alex Jones crabs a kendo stick and swings towards Tank's upper body but Tank blocks it then snaps it in half over his knee. Alex Jones picks up the trash can and just throws it towards Tank but Tank blocks it and hits a big boot on Alex Jones! Tank picks up Alex Jones and grabs him with both hands wrapped around Jones' neck, lifts him into the air..


Alex Jones gets slammed down on his back on the trashcan full of weapons but the bell rings right before the slam..

Shannan Lerch: Bell rang, did he get disqualified?

Ring Announcer: Due to a count out, this match is a DRAW!

Zach Davis: Oh well it was a double count out, so the match is over regardless!

Tank gets back into the ring and grabs the ref..

Zach Davis: WAIT!

Tank throws the ref over the top rope with just one hand clenched on his shirt and the ref crashes down hard. Alex Jones and the ref make their way up the ramp slowly as Tank grabs a microphone.

Tank Reaper: At One I crushed that little piece of trash Chris Avery! Shut up! Chris Avery is damn near dead and when he comes back I will rip him limb from limb and I will finally put that piece of trash out of wrestling for good! So listen up Chris Avery I know you're listening at some hospital or at home with your dumb mother taking care of ya.. Chris, get better and come back because I'll be waiting! I'll be waiting Chris!

Lights go out.


Zach Davis: What's this?!

Shannan Lerch: It's REALLY dark in here!

Tank Reaper: Whoever is running the lights TURN THEM BACK ON!

Lights come back on.

Zach Davis: WHAHAHAT???


Chris Avery is shown kneeling down up in the rafters of the ceiling of the arena. His black hoodie sweatshirt loosely worn but the hood is up over the head. The face can't be seen. Crowd still going nuts.

Tank Reaper: If that is you, Chris, then come down and face me like a man!

Zach Davis: Like a man? What is Tank talking about! Chris was shockingly attacked by that god damn coward!

Shannan Lerch: Easy Zach, We don't want problems -

Lights go out.


Shannan Lerch: What is this?!


Lights come back on.

Crowd explodes.



Tank Reaper: Oh what? Now Chris isn't in the rafters huh?!

Tank turns around to notice Chris Avery and his steel chair. Tank throws down the microphone and goes for a clothesline! Avery ducks, crowd erupts, Avery hits a chair shot in the rib section, the back, the thigh, the arm, the back and then once on the head! Tank stumbles around the ring but then stares right through Chris Avery.

Zach Davis: What the hell?! Tank never even was phased through those chair shots! How many did he take!?

Shannan Lerch: Who cares! Tank is about to murder Chris Avery now!

Lights go out.

Zach Davis: WHAT THE HELL?!

Lights come back on. Chris Avery is gone. Tank screams in frustration. Crowd erupts in cheers.

Zach Davis: Avery is gone! This is incredibly exciting.. and horrifying because if Tank gets his hands on Avery..

Shannan Lerch: Chris Avery is not taking this fight lightly! He's bringing out all the old tricks!

Zach Davis: Let's take a commercial break!

Brad Kane Segment

Totalimmortal by AFI hits.

Zach Davis: Here comes our commissioner!

Brad Kane steps out from the back. He has a serious look on his face, and looks slightly annoyed. He heads to the ring and slides in before grabbing a mic from the ring announcer.

Shannan Lerch: Earlier tonight we saw Seth Lerch announce the blockbuster Ten main event.. Logan versus Torture for the WCF World Heavyweight Title in the rematch of the decade. Maybe Brad Kane, WCF's commish, has something to say on the matter?

Zach Davis: Shannan, I think you're right.

Brad Kane: So Seth thinks he can come out here and go over my head? Book whatever he wants without even consulting me? Maybe he's mad about that whole "Date with the Mascot" thing, though from the videos we've been seeing.. it seems like he's having a great time!

The fans laugh.

Brad Kane: Seriously though. Seth isn't going to book the Ten main event without any input from me. Sure, Logan vs Torture is a huge matchup. Not bad at all. But it could be bigger.

The fans are now listening intently, wondering how Kane could ever make the rematch of the decade any bigger than it already is.

Brad Kane: Logan isn't the only one that hates Torture, let's be honest. The entire WCF locker room wants to tear the guys head off... and I think maybe one other man should get that chance, too.

Shannan Lerch: What! What is he doing? Is he really going to mess with Seth's main event?

Brad Kane: That is why I'm announcing that the Ten main event will be a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH for the Title! Next week will be an over the top battle royal, with the winner getting himself a spot in that main event with Torture and Logan.

Zach Davis: Oh boy..

Brad Kane: And the participants, you ask? A few men Torture knows very, very well. The first two competitors.. WCF's two other World Champions of this era... JOHNNY REB, AND DAKE KEN!

Big pop!

Shannan Lerch: Dake Ken is coming back!?

Zach Davis: It might be for one night only.. unless he wins the match, I'm sure!

Brad Kane: A former associate of Torture's, and the man Torture took his anger out on after losing the Title earlier last year.. Rick Mad! Also, a man that started out on a mission to defeat Torture.. Mikami!

Shannan Lerch: Mikami!? But he was a member of the ToT!

Zach Davis: I don't think it matters, Shannan. Now that the ToT is over, I bet Mikami will love the chance to get his hands on Torture again. Though after the appearance of Steve Carr earlier tonight, I'm not sure what will be going through Mikami's head.

Brad Kane: And last.. but certainly not least.. THE MAN THAT SHOULD HAVE WON AT ONE.. SLICKIE T!!

Another huge pop! Chants of "SLICK-IE T, SLICK-IE T, SLICK-IE T" ring throughout the arena!

Shannan Lerch: OH MY GOD!

Zach Davis: Johnny Reb, Dake Ken, Rick Mad, Tank Reaper, Mikami, and Slickie T will all compete in a battle royal to make it into the Ten World Title match! This is going to be amazing!

Brad Kane: And Seth, the match for next week is signed. There is nothing you can do about it.

Master of Puppets blasts over the speakers, interrupting Brad Kane.

Shannan Lerch: Seth is going to make this right. I know it.

Seth steps out, a neutral look on his face. He has a mic.

Seth Lerch: Kane, I don't know how you ever convinced me to make you commissioner. Truthfully, I was probably drunk when I signed the paperwork. But, luckily.. you must've been drunk too, because you didn't read a certain little loophole in the contract.

Zach Davis: Wrestling contracts have more holes than.. than.. uh, something with lots of holes. I swear.

Seth Lerch: By making yourself an active competitor, Kane, you've given me a little bit of power back. Just a little. I now have the ability to name a CO-COMMISSIONER.

Shannan Lerch: Who is that going to be? Me, maybe?

Seth Lerch: Now, THIS time, I'm going to pick someone I can trust. Someone I have some history with that isn't him kicking my ass. Who is he, you're surely wondering?.. look behind you.

Kane turns around quickly but he can't dodge the stiff kick that hits him right in the groin, delivered by..

Zach Davis: DAVEY ORTEGA?!?

Shannan Lerch: HAIL TO THE GM! We haven't seen him in WCF in forever!

Ortega then bounces off the ropes and delivers a Spear!

Zach Davis: The Setting Sun!

The fans boo as Ortega raises his arms in the air, a huge smile on his face. He slides out of the ring and heads up the ramp. Once he reaches Seth the two men shake hands.

Seth Lerch: WCF, your new Co-Commissioner.. Davey Ortega!

Much booing.

Seth Lerch: So Brad Kane, book whatever matches you want. But with Ortega on my side, you will NEVER embarrass me like you did at One ever, ever again. You had your fun but its over now.

Seth and Ortega head to the back as Kane is recovering from the attack.

Madd Dogg vs D-Day

Shannan Lerch: Oh God, it’s time for the monster who attacked my brother to make his return.

Zach Davis: And after Seth actually outsmarted Madd Dogg, I’m sure he’s not going to be a happy camper. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Dogg bleed before. And even though Seth is crowing over being the first to bust Dogg open, I don’t think it’s a record he’d boast about to Dogg’s face.

Shannan Lerch: Dogg’s just a sore loser. The so called Master of Mind Games got played, and played hard. My brother was positively brilliant in having Greenfever take Dogg out. The rabid stray got neutered.

“Give Me the Meltdown” by Rob Thomas hits the speakers. The lights are dim. The lights flash on to D-Day walking out to the top of the ramp and falls on his knees and throws his arms in the air, as soon as he throws them in the air fireworks go off and surround him.

Zach Davis: And the rookie D-Day makes his way to the ring. He has declared 2010 will be an amazing year for him. He gets a chance to prove it tonight. He’s up against WCF Hall of Famer and former world champion, Madd Dogg. A win for D-Day would make him a force to be reckoned with.

Shannan Lerch: Don’t forget. He didn’t just promise he’d win. He said he’d make Madd Dogg the next chipmunk. D-Day is cocky, but you can’t go into a match like this doubting yourself.

No sooner has D-Day gotten in the ring than the lights all go out. As the sirens blare, we hear the growl “It is dark. And hell is hot.”

Shannan Lerch: Ugh. Here he comes.

As the music switches, the lights come up, and to everyone’s surprise, Madd Dogg is already walking down the ramp. Very slowly.

Zach Davis: What gives? No pyros? No sword? No trenchcoat? What’s the deal?

Shannan Lerch: Ha! He’s still hurting from the beating my brother and Greenfever gave him! Look at him. He can barely move! D-Day’s got a cakewalk in front of him.

As Dogg gets to the ring, he stands there looking anxiously at D-Day. After what seems like an eternity, he finally rolls into the ring. Rising slowly to one knee, then standing, he faces D-Day, but keeping the ref between them. The bell sounds. D-Day makes a move for Dogg, but Dogg dives between the ropes and circles the outside of the ring, away from D-Day.

Zach Davis: What the hell? What is up? Madd Dogg bolted out of the ring from D-Day.

Shannan Lerch: Haha! Not only did they break his body, they broke his mind! Madd Dogg is done. Finished. Stick a fork in him. Seth wins! Mental fatality.

Zach Davis: Not so quick Shannan. Dogg always has a plan. At least, I think he does. Maybe he’s just trying to lull D-Day into a sense of false security.

The ref has begun counting. At the count of 7, Dogg begins to slide back in the ring. But when D-Day charges him, he rolls right back out. The fans begin to boo as Dogg walks around the ring again, with the ref counting.

Shannan Lerch: This is great! Dogg’s a coward.

Zach Davis: I don’t know what’s going on. But it actually looks like he’s scared of D-Day.

At 8, Dogg again puts his shoulders in under the ropes. And once more, when D-Day charges him, he dives back out of the ring. The boos are deafening. This time, however, D-Day pushes the ref aide and goes out of the ring after Madd Dogg.

Shannan Lerch: Get him. Get him. Go! Go!

Zach Davis: I must admit, this is not the Madd Dogg we’re used to. Maybe he senses that D-Day is right, that this is his year.

D-Day catches up to Dogg and spins him around. A series of rights rock the former champion, and then D-Day irish whips his stunned opponent into the ring post. Dogg crumples in a heap, and D-Day rushes in on the attack, stomping him viciously. Picking him up, he rolls Dogg into the ring. Madd Dogg gets to his knees quickly and puts his hands up as if begging for mercy.

Zach Davis: Madd Dogg wants no part of D-Day. He’s literally begging for mercy.

Shannan Lerch: Don’t do it, D-Day! Finish him. Finish him now.

D-Day smiles and Dogg and gives him a little nod. He holds out his hand and helps Dogg to his feet. When Dogg looks relieved, D-Day’s grin turns vicious and he begins kicking Dogg rapidly, ending with a kick right between the eyes.

Shannan Lerch: Yes! Yes! D for Destruction.

Zach Davis: I can’t believe it.

D-Day picks up the lifeless Dogg and lifts him into the Dead and Forgotten. He sets one foot on his chest and the ref counts.




Shannan Lerch: He did it! He actually did it!

Zach Davis: What a way for the rookie to start off 2010, with a win over one of the most vicious monsters to ever set foot in WCF. And he didn’t just beat him. He dominated him.

Shannan Lerch: Dogg was in awe of the superior power and technique of D-Day. He ran from him, and, like a true champ would, D-Day lulled him into a false sense of security before destroying him. It’s H-Hour on D-Day for Madd Dogg.

Zach Davis: And he doesn’t look done.

D-Day motions for the camera to follow him.

D-Day: Let’s see what this freak looks like.

He starts pulling at the mask, ripping it off to reveal...

Shannan Lerch: What the hell?

Zach Davis: Hank Brown? Hank Brown is Madd Dogg?

Shannan Lerch: I knew I never liked him!

As D-Day looks confused, the crowd breaks into a roar.

Zach Davis: Oh, God, Shannan look...

Shannan Lerch: It can’t be. Two of them?

Zach Davis: I’ve got a feeling things are about to get very bad.

Madd Dogg jumps over the barrier and dives quickly into the ring, stalking D-Day. D-Day stands as Dogg pulls out his katana.

Zach Davis: I think this one is the real deal.

Shannan Lerch: No, we were so close. So close.

Dogg slams the blunt edge of his katana against the back of D-Day’s head. He begins viciously dry beating him. As D-Day staggers out from the turnbuckle, Dogg drops the blade and delivers not one but two stunners, dropping D-Day in a heap. Grabbing the blade again, he uses the blunt edge to choke his cocky opponent.

Zach Davis: I can’t believe what we just saw. Far from D-Day lulling Dogg into a false sense of security, it was the other way around. Dogg made Hank Brown come out in his costume. And once D-Day thought he’d won, Dogg made his move and decimated the youngster.

Shannan Lerch: Poor D-Day. No fair! That’s gotta be against some rule. He still won. He still beat Madd Dogg.

Zach Davis: Somehow I doubt this was the start to 2010 that D-Day envisioned. Wait, Dogg has a mic.

Madd Dogg: Leeeeeerrrrrrrrch. Look at what you’ve done here. You want to take my pride? You want to break me? Well good job. All you’ve done is pissed me off. And now, I’m going to destroy you. I’m going to break you, beat you, and tear your heart right out of your chest. But don’t worry Seth, we’re not there yet. To destroy a man, you first have to break him inside. I’m going to hurt you in ways you didn’t know you could hurt. I’m going to take everything from you. And then, and only then, is it your turn. You wanted a fight? No you got a war. And no one who gets between us is safe. Your end...starts today. By the time it’s over, you’ll be begging to feel the bite, and know that it’s over. You, and your false God.

The lights drop and all that illuminates Dogg are the red sirens.

Shannan Lerch: He looks positively demonic in this light.

Zach Davis: I repeat. Is anyone looking to buy a company? We may need a new owner very very soon.

Shannan Lerch: Don’t worry, my brother has a plan. He ALWAYS has a plan.

Zach Davis: Look how well the last one worked? He wasn’t even on Dogg’s radar until he got banned from the Hall of Fame ceremony. Then Greenfever attacked. All Seth seems to be doing is making it worse.

As the lights flip back on Dogg is gone out of the ring, and the ref is checking D-day to see if he is ok.

Seth Lerch/Hotdog Mascot Date: The Carnival

Zach Davis: And now, more misadventures between Seth and the Hotdog Mascot on their contractually obligated date!

We open up now at a carnival. Seth and the Mascot pay to go inside. There is a ferris wheel running, a Tiltawhirl, and several carnival games. Seth is wearing a hoodie but he's shivering.

Seth Lerch: What kind of carnival is open in the middle of winter?! I can't believe I let you drag me here..

Hotdog Mascot: Look. I'm sorry I flipped out back there at Taco Bell. I just.. I really hate tacos. I can't put mustard on them.

Seth Lerch: Yeah.. yeah. Sigh. Let's just get this over with.

The Hotdog Mascot waddles over to a nearby carnival game. Its the one where you throw darts at the balloons.


Seth sighs and gives the carney five bucks.

Seth Lerch: Yeah. Gimme a couple of darts.

The carney gives Seth the darts. He throws them at the balloons, missing every single time, clearly not even trying. The Mascot frowns.

Seth Lerch: There. I tried. Sorry buddy.

The Mascot pulls some money out from his bun and gives it to the carney.

Hotdog Mascot: I'd like some darts too, please!

The carney gives the Mascot the darts. The Mascot throws them, and pops a balloon each time! Soon a crowd is surrounding them, watching as a man in a hotdog suit uses superhuman abilities to use darts to burst balloons. Soon he's done.

Carney: That'll be one large prize for you, Mr. Mascot!

The Mascot points to a large stuffed hot dog, naturally. The carney gives it to him... and the Mascot gives it to Seth.

Seth Lerch: ..For me?

Hotdog Mascot: I don't know about you, Seth, but I'm having a great time! I want you to have fun too! So here you go!

Seth looks skeptical.

Seth Lerch: Well.. um... thanks.

Seth and the Mascot continue through the park as we go back to our announcers.

Shannan Lerch:

Zach Davis: This is getting uncomfortable.

Brad Kane vs The Big Time Jerks/Prince Jimmy Dean

Zach Davis: Time for the in ring return of Brad Kane.

The house lights go out in the arena as the opening of "Prayer Of The Refugee" by Rise Against flares up. Strobe lights begin to go insane.

"Warm yourself by the fire son
And the morning will come soon
I’ll tell you stories of a better time
In a place that we once knew

Before we packed our bags
And left all this behind us in the dust
We had a place that we could call home
And a life no one could touch"

Brad Kane appears in the entry way as the crowd cheers seeing him. Brad inhales before he makes his way down the ring. A few hands get slapped but not many as once Brad is at ringside, he hops up on the ring apron. The lights are back to normal as they enter the ring as he heads to the nearest turnbuckle and goes up to the middle buckle. Some take pictures as he steps down, inhaling once more as he does the same thing on the other side of the ring. He then backs into the corner as he then waits for the match to begin as his entrance song fades off.

Shannan Lerch: A Hall of Famer, true WCF legend.. we saw him get attacked by Davey Ortega earlier tonight.

The arena goes pitch black and all of a sudden the Jumbotron reads BIG TIME JERKS in red. Smoke covers the entranceway and "Super Villian" by Powerman 5000 starts playing. Big Time Jerks come out wearing black BTJ t-shirts . They walk towards the ring with the BTJ's haveing ice glares towards the ring as Alyssa is taunting the fans by flipping the crowd the middle finger and yelling out their all hillbillies.

Zach Davis: Here come the Big Time Jerks.

The lights go and Jerry "The King" beginnings of the music of Lawler that play. A single shines of the projector in a passageway and the empty Prince Force with crowbar to Dean is removed majestically in a golden car for two white horses. The multitude is silent in the admiration in the grandeur of the entrance. The prince Jimmy Dean is thrown around the ring while the multitude looks in silence on its car in the admiration. The leaves slowly of the carriage and elegantly walks in the ring and backups in the center as the alone shines of projector in it. The light goes and he expects his adversary to be approached.

Shannan Lerch: And here comes Prince Jimmy! He had quite the impressive entrance at One, Zach.

The bell sounds. The Jerks are trying to decide who should start the match, but Jimmy decides to start on his own. He runs at Brad Kane, but Brad Kane ducks an attack, bounces off the ropes, and takes Dean down with a huge Lariat!

Zach Davis: OOF!

Kane stands back up as Dean stumbles to his feet. Kane grabs Dean and executes a Uranage Backbreaker!

Shannan Lerch: What a move!

Kane pins him.



No, Austin Adams gets in the ring and kicks Kane off. He quickly throws Kane to the ropes and then hits a Spinebuster! The fans are booing. Adams then drags Dean over to the Jerks corner, grabs Dean's hand and makes him tag in Adam Young.

Zach Davis: Well, that is one way to make a hot tag, I suppose.

Young comes in and starts kicking at Brad Kane. Young picks Kane up and throws him to the ropes, and as he's coming back, Young executes a Drop Toehold. He then locks in a Boston Crab.

Shannan Lerch: Good move. Gotta wear Kane out early in the match.

But Kane crawls quickly towards the ropes and grabs it, forcing a rope break. Young obliges, of course, after the ref reaches a four and three fourths count. The fans boo as Young pulls Kane back into the center of the ring and attempts to apply the Boston Crab again. This time, however, Brad uses his leg strength to flip Young before Young can get the move locked in! The fans cheer as Kane gets to his feet. Young goes for a Clothesline but Kane ducks it and executes a huge Dragon Suplex!

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!

Shannan Lerch: What a move!

Kane runs and pushes Adams and Dean off the apron before running back and pinning Young.



No, Young gets the shoulder up. Kane picks him up and goes for the BK Backfist, but Young dives away from it and tags in Austin Adams, who just got back on the apron.

Zach Davis: Smart move, they needed that tag!

Adams comes in and hits Kane with a huge Clothesline. The crowd boos as Young and Adams pick Kane up and throw him to the ropes and then hit a Double Flapjack!

Shannan Lerch: This is the bad part of being in a handicapped match. Kane doesn't have anyone to back him up here.

Zach Davis: No duh, Shannan.

Adams pins Kane, and the ref drops to count.



No! Kane kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Brad Kane is a Hall of Famer and former World Champion. He isn't an easy man to defeat.

Adams stands up and picks Kane up with him. He kicks Kane in the gut.. and hits a Fisherman Buster!

Zach Davis: The Driller! Now THIS could be it!

Adams pins Kane once more!



NO! Kane kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: I don't believe it!

Zach Davis: You should. Brad Kane is tough as nails.

Adams stands up, but as he does, Prince Jimmy Dean reaches into the ring to tag himself in!

Shannan Lerch: Uh oh.

Dean yells at Adams for not getting the job done as he climbs into the ring. He waits for Kane to stand.. and grabs him for a Uranage Suplex..

Zach Davis: He's going for the Baconator!

But Kane quickly shoves Dean away! Dean crashes into the referee, who gets knocked down and out.

Shannan Lerch: Uh oh. Ref bump. This is never good-

A man has jumped the guardrail! He's sliding into the ring!


Shannan Lerch: CHAD EVANS?!?!

CHAD EVANS IS IN THE RING! The crowd is on their feet!

Zach Davis: THE PROTEGE OF BOBBY CAIRO IS HERE! We haven't seem him in quite a while!

Chad Evans grabs Brad Kane, caught unawares, and lifts him up... AND HITS A BURNING HAMMER!

Shannan Lerch: That is Chad Evans' BK Killer!

Zach Davis: With Chad Evans back, we'll be selling out arenas from Bangor to Bangkok!

Evans slides out of the ring and runs back through the crowd, the way he came. Jimmy Dean smiles as he pins Brad Kane. The referee comes to.


The ref goes for the count.




Zach Davis: That's the fighting spirit of Brad Kane!

Kane gets to his feet, runs at the BTJ and knocks both of them off the apron. He then turns to Jimmy Dean, and with a fire in his eyes... hits the Impending Doom!

Shannan Lerch: That Burning Hammer nearly knocked Kane out, but it didn't kill him.. it just infuriated him!

Kane pins Jimmy Dean!




Zach Davis: Somehow, Brad Kane has managed to win this three on one handicap match! Despite interference from the returning Chad Evans!

Kane stands up, but doesn't take time to celebrate. He storms out of the ring and heads to the back.

Shannan Lerch: First Davey Ortega, now this...

Zach Davis: Everyone is gunning for Brad Kane, Shannan. Not to mention the rumors surrounding Kevin Hardaway...

Logan/Jay Price Segment

The lights in the arena all go out except for two spotlights shining in the ring. The spotlights pan out into the crowd and begin circling the people in attendance as they all stand up and begin booing.

The spotlights go out and blasts of red and white pyro go off from the ends of the stage. The spotlights come back on, this time focused on the center of the stage as Lloyd Banks "Lights, Camera, Packin" begins blasting out of the arena's PA system. The big screen is still black but the word Kiladelphia, written in bold white letters, begins fading in and out. One more blast of red and white pyro go off at the ends of the stage as silver sparks rain down on the center. Jay Price steps out from behind the falling sparks with his head down, both spotlights now focused on him. He's wearing a black three-piece Armani suit and dark sunglasses. The big screen is now showing various moments from Price's career, including his win over Anastasia Petrova where he won the TV Title, the moment at WAR where he stood proudly alongside Torture after aligning himself with the ToT, and various instances of him hitting the Busted Grill and Kiladelphia Driver.

Price stands at the top of the ramp as the crowd begins booing him and chanting random obscenities at him, but he shows no signs of caring what they think. The lights at this time are still out as both spotlights continue to shine on him. He lifts his head and looks around at the crowd with a smirk on his face. He begins to walk down the ramp slowly, taking his sweet time as usual. As he makes his way to the ring steps the crowds booing intensifies because he is taking his time, but he doesn't give a shit. He finally makes his way into the ring, standing in the center and closing his eyes as he seems to soak in the boos that are raining down on him. He walks over to the ropes and grabs a mic from a ringside employee and walks back to the center of the ring. The lights in the arena finally come back on as Price removes his sunglasses and sticks them in his pocket. The crowd's booing intensifies as he lifts the mic up to his mouth.

Jay Price: The last time I was in this ring, I was having my hand raised in victory. I had just beaten a WCF legend and a Hall Of Famer. I had beaten...

Price takes a dramatic pause as he closes his eyes. He opens them again.

Jay Price: ...Logan.

The crowd pops for Logan as Price grins.

Jay Price: I finished exactly what I had set out to do when I pinned him in this ring.

The crowd boos at the mention of the result of One.

Jay Price: Now notice I said finished. I say that because now that I've beaten him, I'm done with him. It's time to move on to other things, more important things. Now I've got all kinds of plans for my future and lucky you, you all get to hear about them. So first things first, I plan on goi...

"Chia-Like, I Shall Grow" thunders the speakers, cutting Jay's words short. Ones in attendance and more than likely ones watching at home all stand to their feet for the inevitable suspense that'll soon take place. Jay Price hangs the microphone to his side, staring down the entrance way. The music drags on longer than usual, the suspense grows thicker, and then.. he appears.

Zach Davis: It's Logan!

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, yeah. Who'd you expect?

Without hesitation, Logan marches down the ramp, eyes locked with Price's all the while. Logan's expression tells us only two men exist in the gigantic arena; himself and Jay. Logan rolls under the bottom rope and pops to his feet like a dolphin springing from water. Jay stands his ground when Logan meets him face to face. The music dies. The genuine tension accumulating from the two just simply staring one another down makes the crowd hush. Just when the fire between the two reaches it's peak.. Logan extends his hand.

Shannan Lerch: What?!

Zach Davis: Near the end of their match at One, we did see a new fond moment of respect blossom between the two. It looks as if Logan wishes to extend his respect towards Price even further.

The tension finally breaks, reaching it's boiling point and vastly steaming off when their two hands make contact and firmly shake. With a standing ovation, the audience appreciates the efforts displayed in their short but yet entertaining feud.

Zach Davis: It's nice to see two men put their personal vendettas aside to appreciate something goo--

Logan pulls Price in and quickly grabs his neck, sitting down with it, hitting a Connector! Logan quickly stands to his feet and looks over Price barely giving people a chance to react.

Shannan Lerch: What the fu--

Zach Davis: HOLY CRAP!

Most of the audience cheer for simple pleasures in their hatred for Price, others, however, are mainly left a bit stunned and confused. Logan, not paying much attention to anyone other than Price, drops down and rolls out of the ring backing his way up the ramp, eying Jay the whole time as he slowly begins to stir. Logan hits the top of the ramp and stops. Price's head lifts from the mat, his raging eyes find Logan. Logan simply returns the look before disappearing into the back.

Zach Davis: Price and Logan is far from over!

Hector Rodriguez vs Machine

"Diary of Jane," by Breaking Benjimin hits over the PA as the building goes pitch dark and blue smoke fills the arena, blue lights barely reveal anything in the darkness and a few dimmed white lights hit the stage. There you see Machine standing with his black and blue trench coat. He stands at the top of the ramp before he finally starts to descend the ramp and make his way to the ring. When Machine gets into the ring he taunts and pyros set off a circle of fire **Brood style** around the ring.

Shannan Lerch: This is going to be an interesting match up just because of the names involved...The Machine versus the Mexican Machine Hector Rodriguez.

Zach Davis: I bet if they formed a tag team we could call them Rise of the Machines.

Shannan Lerch: You just had to throw that in there didn't you?

No One Gets Left Behind by Five Finger Death Punch starts playing and out from the back walks Carlos Estrada. Carlos walks to one of the sides of the ramp and takes off his Fedora and gestures to the crowd in attendance.

A few seconds later, Hector Rodriguez walks out and stands in the center of the ramp. He looks out at the crowd for a few seconds as they stand to their feet cheering for him. He finally raises both arms up in the air. Fireworks blast up on each side of him at the front of the ramp and then more fireworks fire up all the way down the front of the ramp.

Hector walks down the ramp followed by Carlos Estrada. The two men climb the ring steps and get inside the ring. Carlos stands in the middle while Hector walks to each side of the ring, holding up one arm to the crowd.

Shannan Lerch: Well, so far I don't notice anything different about Hector, who promised us to get rid of the old, in with the new.

Zach Davis: Maybe he was referring to his in-ring abilities.

Carlos climbs out of the ring as the referee approaches the center of the ring. Both Machine and Hector walk towards the center, too, and they stand face-to-face with Hector looking slightly up at the slightly taller Machine.

Zach Davis: Hector can probably count on one hand the number of people he's faced in his career that were taller than him...and seeing as he hails from Mexico, he's probably got some fingers left to count on on that hand.

The referee signals for the bell and Hector opens the contest with a right to the jaw, rocking Machine back. Hector nails him with another right and grabs Machine, backing him into the ropes. Machine is irsh whipped across the ring, ducks a clothesline attempt and nails Hector with a big boot. Rodriguez is back up and Machine puts him down again with a scoop slam, followed by an elbow drop to the sternum. Hector gets up and is irish whipped by machine. Machine catches him in a spine buster and covers the Mexican Machine.

Shannan Lerch: Great move..

1...2-kick out right as the referee slaps the mat for a second time. Hector is picked up off the mat and put back down with a side slam. Machine goes for another elbow drop but misses as Hector rolls out of the way.

Zach Davis: This is truly a battle of machines, Shannan.

Machine gets up and turns around right into a vicious clothesline from hell and just like that, the advantage goes to Hector. Hector picks up Machine and irish whips him. Machine is caught in a massive powerslam by Hector Rodriguez as the crowd cheers. Hector stomps away at Machine as he starts getting up. Machine gets up and blocks a right by Hector and slaps his hand around the neck of Rodriguez, going for a chokeslam.

Shannan Lerch: This could be it!

Hector swings his own arm around and holds Machine in a chokelsam attempt of his own. The referee jumps forward and tries to pry each man's hand off the other's throat. Eventually, both men look at the referee and shove him away with their free hands. They both lock each other and Hector finally kicks Machine in the gut and chokeslams him. Hector goes for the pin.

Zach Davis: Lots of nearfalls in this match!

1...2-kick out at the two count on Machine. Hector grabs Machine as he gets up and shows off a power display by hitting a belly-to-belly suplex on the newcomer. Hector goes for another pin and Machine kicks out once more. Hector watches as Machine gets back to his feet and ducks a grab attempt by Machine to hook in a Respecto. The crowd goes crazy as Hector prepares to slam him, but Machine is a little heavy to lift and elbows Hector in the back of the head. Hector is dazed and then put down by a big spear as Machine bounces off the ropes and tackles Hector in the midsection. Hector is covered for the count.

1...2...kick out.

Machine gets back up and irish whips Hector, kicks him in the gut on the return and DDTs Hector to the mat. Hector is picked up and starts fighting off Machine. Hector finally grabs him and goes to irish whip Machine as Carlos is on the outside cheering on Hector.

Carlos isn't paying attention as Machine reverses the irish whip. Hector hits the ropes and is tripped by Carlos' extending arm.

Zach Davis: What the hell is this?! Carlos is cheating?

Shannan Lerch: And he catches the wrong man.

Hector gets up and starts to say something to Carlos, but Machine spins him around and nails him with The Machine Downfall. He covers Hector Rodriguez and as the referee slaps the mat, Carlos counts with the referee...his back still turned to what's going on in the ring.




Zach Davis: Hector almost lost the match, and Carlos doesn't even realize it!

Carlos turns around in disbelief and is horrified when he sees that it's Hector on his back in the ring. Machine gets up and picks up Hector. Hector is sent across the ring again and Machine catches him with a sidewalk slam. Machine scales the turnbuckle. Looks like he's about to hit him with The Virus. He leaps off, but at the last second Hector gets his knees up and Machine yells out in pain and is rolling around. Hector quickly gets up and grabs Machine, taking advantage of the botched move. Hector kicks him in the gut, lifts him onto his shoulder, shows off an impressive amount of power as he walks to the corner, turns around, takes a few steps and powerslams him in the center of the ring hitting a beautiful Toluca Slam.

Shannan Lerch: Picture perfect Toluca Slam.

Hector walks over and scales the turnbuckle. He leaps off and nails the Toluca Drop! He hooks the leg as the referee slides into position.




Shannan Lerch: And Hector picks up the win despite Carlos Estrada nearly costing him the match.

Carlos Estrada climbs into the ring as Machine rolls out of it. Carlos walks over and raises Hector's arm in victory. The crowd cheers. Carlos lets go of Hector's arm and gestures to the nearby turnbuckle. Hector starts walking away but then turns around and lays Carlos Estrada out with a vicious clothesline from hell.

Zach Davis: WHAT?!?

Everyone is in disbelief as Hector picks up the limp body of Carlos Estrada. He puts him on his shoulder, walks over to the turnbuckle and runs across the ring with him and plants him in the center with a Toluca Slam.

Shannan Lerch: What the hell is he doing?! Hector Rodriguez just laid out his manager with a clothesline from hell and then hit his Toluca Slam on him.

Zach Davis: This is a shock..and here come the paramedics.

Hector stands in the center of the ring and watches as the paramedics load Carlos up onto a stretcher. Once they're finished, they start rolling him up the ramp. Attention turns back to Hector Rodriguez in the ring, who is suddenly booed. He starts looking in every direction as if surprised. After a few seconds, he climbs out of the ring and walks to the back.

Seth Lerch/Hotdog Mascot Date: A Movie

We open up inside a movie theater, at the ticket booth. Seth and the Mascot are trying to decide what movie to go see.

Seth Lerch: I've been meaning to see Avatar. I've heard good things about Sherlock Holmes too-


Seth Lerch: ...


Seth Lerch: ...Fine, uh... Alvin and the Chipmunks it is.

Seth buys the tickets and the two go into the movie theater itself, after buying some popcorn and drinks. They sit down as some commercials are starting.

Seth Lerch: I HATE how they show commercials for things that aren't movie related, like cars and insurance. I paid for a ticket, damnit, I don't want advertisements!

Hotdog Mascot: ME TOO! We have so much in common, Seth.

Seth Lerch: ...

Eventually the movie starts. We go through a montage of different moments of Seth and the Mascot watching, mostly with Seth getting boreder and boreder, but the Mascot captivated by the Chipmunks and the Chipettes. Eventually Seth falls asleep. Apparently also tired, the Mascot yawns.. and puts his arm around Seth. Seth immediately wakes up.

Seth Lerch: HEY! WATCH IT!

He yells in the theater. Everyone around him gets angry, glaring at him. Seth feels embarassed and apologizes.

Seth Lerch: Seriously though. Keep your hands to yourself. This night is almost over.. don't ruin it by getting physical.

Seth goes back to falling asleep. This time, the Mascot looks around and subtly puts two pills in Seth's drink. Near the end of the movie, Seth wakes up and takes a few big sips from it. Hotdog Mascot smiles as we go back to Zach and Shannan.

Zach Davis: Uuummm... we have one more date segment left, and... I don't... I don't think I want to watch it.

Shannan Lerch: This is very, very uncomfortable now.

Facade vs Anastasia Petrova

Zach Davis: Our next match is gonna be Anastasia Petrova verses the newcomer Facade, in his debut and it WILL be for the WCF Television Championship.

Shannan Lerch: Not bad for some's debut. Facade's first match and he gets an opportunity of winning a championship. I can see that Kyle Steel, in the center, of the ring. So it must means, the Television Championship match is about to begin.

Zach Davis: These individuals has different styles. Anastasia is more in your face. She challenges every person she faces off against to have their A game ready. It's very rare to see Ms. Petrova make a mistake. Facade, on the other hand is somewhat like Anastasia, when it comes to brawler.

Shannan Lerch: But, you can see that Facade has some Lucha Libre training. This should be a very interesting match-up.

Zach Davis: Very Interestin match indeed. Take it away, Kyle Steel.

Kyle Steel: This match is for one fall and it's for the WCF Television Cha-a-ampionshi-ip. Coming to the ring the challenger...

The lights in the arena, go completely black.

Zach Davis: Oh crap!!!

The fans begin to murmur.

Shannan Lerch: Did Seth pay the electricity bill?

Zach Davis: I hope so. Because, I don't like the dark. Greenfever is in the auditorium. He gives me the creeps!!!

Shannan Lerch grabs Zach's pant leg and tugs on it.

Zach Davis: Oh my God, Greenfever's got me!!!! GET HIM OFF!!! GET HIM OFF!!! Don't let him eat me-e-e!!! Shannan!!! Do something!

Shannan Lerch: OH... MY... GOD!!! Don't be such a wuss, Zach!!

Shannan reaches out to Zach and he isn't in reaching distance.

Shannan Lerch: Zach?!?

Zach Davis: Yes?

Shannan Lerch: Where are you?

Zach Davis: I'm down here, under the desk. You know I'm afraid of the dark. Greenfever has damaged my widdle bwain.

Shannan Lerch: This match has nothing to do about Greenfever. This match is for the Television title and if I were you, I'd get back into your seat and do your job!! You are a color commentator. So, get back into your seat and do some color commentating.

Zach Davis gets back into his seat

Shannan Lerch: See!! The exit signs are still lit.

A few exit signs are still lit and bright. An eerie synthesizer is being played and is fading from left to right over the arena's speakers. A loud bass drum begins to start. With the bass drum, comes a flash of the lights, which quickly fade out. More synthesizer is being played and the bass drum begins to blast again, doing the same as before. The bass drum begins to fade out, as more synthensizer begins to play. The bass drum begins to fade in one more time, as more drums are added. More sythensizer is added, as the bass drum fades out. The bass drum fades back in, as the guitar kicks in. When the guitar kicks in, the darkness is illuminated by white strobe lights at the top of the entryway. The strobe lights look as if they were dancing in unison, with the guitar. The chorus kicks in loudly, throughout the arena and the music picks up almost four times faster. The seizure inducing guitar strobelights go full on with the music. Smoke fills the top of the entryway as Facade steps out. Some of the crowd is booing, but the music drowns out any and all noise. He looks around the crowd with his hands on his hips before slowly walking down to the ring. He gets to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope as the music slows down again. As the music is playing loudly, the lights go out completely, once more and there is a loud thud...

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!!

Zach Davis is under the desk, once again, he has his arms around his legs, that are against his chest. Zach is rocking back and forth, muttering something under his breath. The strobes flash with the heavy bass drum, a few more times, until the music speeds back up fast. The other strobes start going off with the speed of the music. There is lighting, up the ring, where Facade is standing. He is standing with his right foot on the middle rope and his left foot on the bottom rope, looking into the camera. The music fades out and the lights come back on.

Shannan Lerch: Zach you CAN get back to your seat, the lights are back on. You big baby!!

Zach Davis: Are you sure they are gonna stay on?!

Shannan Lerch: Yes.

Zach Davis: You promise?!

Shannan Lerch: Yes, for crying out loud. Just get your boney butt, back into your seat.

Zach looks towards Shannan, from under the desk.

Zach Davis: Say please.

Shannan Lerch: For crying out loud!!!

Zach Davis: You're yelling!! I'm scared!!!

Shannan Lerch: Zach, I promise!! The lights will stay on!!! If anything happens, I will protect you!!

Zach Davis: Okay, that makes me feel better!

Zach crawls from under the desk and he sits back into his seat.

Facade hops off and throws his robe over the top rope.

Na Rasputye by Kipelov begins to play and the lights turn red. Anastasia Petrova prances about the stage. She goes to the ring and climbs up to the ring apron, shaking her butt. Anastasia climbs up a turnbuckle, from outside of the ring. She says hi to the fans and blows them kisses while shaking her booty. After acknowledging her fans, Anastasia jumps into the ring.

Zach Davis: It looks the TV champion is all ready to defend her championship!!!

Shannan Lerch: Let's see what the challenger has against the champion.


Zach Davis: There goes the bell and the two hookup with collar and elbow hookup.

Shannan Lerch: Facade has two inches and thirty five advantage over the Television Champion.

Facade uses his size advantage and forces Anastasia into a corner.

Zach Davis: The referee is starting the count.

The referee: Alright, Facade back up.

Facade and Anastasia won't let go of the hold. The referee tries to squeeze in between the two.

Shannan Lerch: The ref has gotten in between the two combatants. The ref has them seperated.


Anastasia holds her left side, of her face.

Zach Davis: That no good son of a...

Shannan Lerch: Easy does it, Zach. Don't get your panties in a wad. That was perfectly legal.

Zach Davis: But, he just smacked a woman.

Shannan Lerch: If she had any problem with it, she wouldn't be inside the ring.

Zach Davis: Okay. Facade backs up, allowing Anastasia to walk away from the corner. They hook up once again and Anastasia Petrova let's go and she slaps the right side of Facade's face...

Crowd: Ou-u-u-u-u-u!!!! Anastasia!!! Anastasia!!! Anastasia!!! Anastasia!!!

Facade reacts by slamming his right forearm against Anastasia's head. Anastasia kicks Facade in the stomach and forearm shivers with her left forearm, again Facade's head. Facade kicks the outer side of Petrova's left leg.

Shannan Lerch: Anastasia kicks Facade on his left side of his ribs. Facade counters with a european forearm, which stuns the Television Champion.

Zach Davis: That gives the challenger a perfect opportunity. With fast repetitious movements, Facade nails Anastasia with an european uppercut, then a inside leg kick, a right forearm strike, and finally Facade grabs the back of the television champion and nails her with a double knee strike, to the head.

Shannan Lerch: That has stunned the champion. She staggers back, as Facade hits Anastasia with a spinning back fist.

Zach Davis: A stiff kick in the gut, by Facade.

Anastasia is holding her mid-section.

Zach Davis: It looks like Facade is setting for a powerbomb.

The champion pounds her fists on the sides of the challenger's thighs.

Shannan Lerch: I believe Ms. Petrova is trying to weaken the quadriceps and the hamstrings of Facade, to prevent Facade on executing the powerbomb.

The more Facade attempts the powerbomb, the more anastasia pounds down on the opponant's legs.

Shannan Lerch: The challenger relases Anastasia, but the champion keeps pounding on Facade's legs.

The television champion sweeps the challenger's legs.

Zach Davis: Facade crashes down to the mat. Anastasia drops an forearm across the bridge of Facade's nose.

Shannan Lerch: OW!!! He'll feel that one, tommorrow.

Zach Lerch: Have you ever been hit in the nose, Shannan? Believe me, it hurts.

Shannan Lerch: Yes, I have. By this time, Facade's eyes have teared up.

The champion backs up.

Zach Davis: It looks like the champion is measureing up the challenger for something.

Anastasia just falls and nails Facade right should and upper chest with a falling headbutt.

Zach Davis: The champion just nailed Facade with a falling headbutt.


Shannan Lerch: Anastasia just nailed the challenger one more time with second headbutt. Oh, there she goes fore pin attempt.

The referee flies into position.

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: Tw-

Shannan Lerch: A kicout at one and a half. A rear chinlock on Facade.

Anastasia is lying down, with her almost under the ropes, still has the rear chinlock on Facade.

Shannan Lerch: She lifts up her legs, adding pressing to rear chinlock, then slams her legs onto the mat.

Zach Davis: The champion, once again, lifts up her legs and slams them back onto the mat.

Both of them stand up.

Zach Davis: A standing side headlock on Facade.

Shannan Lerch: A forearm smash on the ribs of the Television Champion.

Zach Davis: The champion still doesn't let go of the headlock. Again, the challenget smashes his forearms against the champion's ribs.

Shannan Lerch: The challenger must understand, the champion is tough...

Zach Davis: Tough as... as a....

Shannan Lerch: As a five cent steak?

Zach Davis: What? No. She is tough as...

Shannan Lerch: Nails?

Zach Davis: No...stop it. She is tough as....

Shannan Lerch: Tough as the scabs on top of Greenfever's bloody scalp?

Zach Davis: NO!!! She's tough as a fighting champion should be!!

Shannan Lerch: But, it looks like Facade is setting up...setting up for a....


Zach Davis: Holy cow!!! The challenger almost broke the champion in half with a German suplex that he slipped into a dragon suplex, then into a release tiger suplex.

Crowd: Holy Sh*t!!! Holy Sh*t!!! Holy sh*t!!!

Shannan Lerch: Call the paramedics I think Facade just killed Anastasia Petrova!!!

Crowd: This is wrestling!!! <clap-clap><clap-clap-clap> This is wrestling!!! <clap-clap><clap-clap-clap>

Zach Davis: I think the challenger just stepped up to the plate and knocked one way out of the ballpark with that maneuver!!!

Anastasia Petrova ended up near the corner nearly half dead.

Shannan Lerch: That could be it, for the champion. attempt by the challenger, Facade!!!

The referee slides into position!!

Crowd: ONE!!!

Crowd: TWO!!!

Crowd: THR-

Shannan Lerch: The champion picks up her shoulder. We DON'T have a new champion!!

Zach Davis: The frustration on Facade's face.

Shannan Lerch: He honestly thought he had the victory!!

Facade picks up the champion into a powerbomb position.

Zach Davis: The champion is in a bad situation, right now.


Shannan Lerch: Facade just powerbombed the Television champion into the turnbuckles. She is defiently not getting for after that.

The referee gets into position...

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!!

Crowd: THRE-

Shannan Lerch: Anastasia Petrova barely gets the shoulder up!!!

Zach Davis: Facade is now getting really frustrated!! He is now continuously punching Anastasia and banging the back of her head onto the mat.

Shannan Lerch: Do you sense a tad of frustration from the challenger?

Zach Davis: Like, duh!!! The chellenger picks up the champion... OU-u-u!! A slap in the face!! Another slap in the face!!!

Shannan Lerch: Facade just kicked the champion onto her stomach and he attempts to kick her onto her stomach...

The crowd cheers!!

Zach Davis: But, the champion blocks the kick, but...


Zach Davis: Enziguiri by Facade!! He drags the champion, closer to the corner!!

Shannan Lerch: Facade climbs up the turnbuckles. He stands on the top turnbuckle, he taunts the fans and he leaps of the turnbuckle....


Zach Davis: The ref gets into position for the pin attempt.

Crowd: One!!!

Crowd: Two!!!

Crowd: Thre-

Zach Davis: A kickout, one more time, by the champ!!

Shannan Lerch: The challenger is just about to go crazy!! He just can't figure out, how to beat Anastasia Petrova!!!

Zach Davis: Facade picks up the champion.

Shannan Lerch: Anastasia can barely stand. Facade spins around and...


Zach Davis: The discus lariat!!!

Shannan Lerch: The champion is defiently not gonna move after that one!!!

Facade picks up Anastasia and puts her on his shoulders.

Zach Davis: What's he doing? Is he setting up for the Insanity Driver?!?

Facade climbs up to the top turnbuckle. With Anastasia still on his shoulders. He lifts her up from his shoulders and slams her ribs against his shoulders!!

Shannan Lerch: The Television champion screams out in pain!!!

Zach Davis: The challenger again, slams her ribs against his shoulders. The champion is in REAL BIG trouble!!

Shannan Lerch: He slams her ribs against his shoulders, with the backbreaker rack and is about to put her into the piledriver position...

Zach Davis: Anastasia slips out and grabs Facade's head and they both fall off the top turnbuckle...


Shannan Lerch: TOP ROPE DDT!!

Zach Davis: The challenger looks stunned. His eyes look glossy. That will give the champion the adavantage!!!

Anastasia slowly climbs up to the turnbuckles!!!

Shannan Lerch: The champion looks hurt!!!

Zach Davis: She climbs up to the top turnbuckle and flies off and...


Shannan Lerch: Leg drop off the top turnbuckle!! She goes for a slow pin attempt!!!

The referee gets into position!!

Crowd: ONE!!!

Crowd: TWO!!!

Crowd: THRE-

Shannan Lerch: The challenger picks up shoulder at the very last micro second!!

Zach Davis: This match is ending up being a classic!!

Anastasia is kicking and punching in a repetitive manner.

Shannan Lerch: The champion has the challenger off balanced. Anastasia irish whips Facade off the ropes and hits him with a back body drop!

Zach Davis: Anastasia hits him with a legdrop, then a quick elbow, then another quick legdrop, then another quick elbow!! Pin attempt!

The referee gets into position...

Crowd: On-

Zach Davis: A quick kickout!!

Facade gets irish whipped, as Anastasia bounces off the opposite ropes...

Zach Davis: Facade rushes towards Anastasia. The champion runs up to the challenger and grabs his head...


Shannan Lerch: RASPUTIN!!!

Zach Davis: The champion just nailed the challenger with the Rasputin!! She goes for the cover...

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THRE-

Shannan Lerch: Facade kicks out one more time!!

Anastasia picks up the challenger and irish whips him into the rope. The champion turns around, as Facade is coming off the ropes, fast and...


Zach Davis: Both participants have banged their heads together!!!


Shannan Lerch: And apperently, they both fell out of the ring!!

Both Anastasia and Facade, both looked stunned and confused. They both stand. Facade takes a swing at a hurt Television Champion.

Zach Davis: The champion ducks and grabs the challenger and then...


Zach Davis: ...throws Facade into the ring steps.

Crowd: HOLY SH*T!!! HOLY SH*T!!! HOLY SH*T!!!

Anastasia walks over to grab Facade and but he pushes her into the ring barrier.

Shannan Lerch: The champion's back crashing right into the barrier!!!

Facade throws his arms, into the air...

Crowd: Facade sucks!! Facade sucks!! Facade sucks!!

Shannan Lerch: Facade attempts a clothesline.

Zach Davis: Anastasia ducks and kicks Facade in the stomach and....


Shannan Lerch: DDT ON THE OUTSIDE FLOOR!! Facade is not moving!!

Zach Davis: Neither is Anastasia Petrova!!

Crowd: THIS IS WRESTLING!!! <clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap> THIS IS WRESTLING!!! <clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap> THIS IS WRESTLING!!! <clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap>

The champion stands up and she can barely pick up the almost unconscious facade and drags him into the ring.

Zach Davis: What is this?

Shannan Lerch: She is propping Facade over the bottom rope, face up.

Zach Davis: She slowly walks over to the corner. She climbs up the top turnbuckle.

Shannan Lerch: What the hell?!?!?

Anastasia flies off the top turnbuckle and she...


Anatstasia picks up Facade and irish whips the challenger.

Shannan Lerch: But, a surprise reversal by Facade.

Zach Davis: But, the champion, she too reversals the irish whip and drop toe holds the challenger!!

The drop toe hold just tripped up Facade and he crashes into the ropes. Hanging across the middle rope. The crowd explodes with cheers!! Petrova looks around and bounces off the ropes, across the ring from Facade, and jumps throught the middle and top ringrope, but hangs on the middle rope. The champion swings her legs around and nails Facade right in the face.

Shannan Lerch: 619!! 619!!!

Zach Davis: Facade is stunned!! He stumbles back.

Shannan Lerch: The challenger turns around, as Anastasia Petrova leaps up to the top rope.

Zach Davis: She flies off the top rope and lands onto the shoulders of Facade.

Shannan Lerch: Anastasia flips Facade over and...


Zach Davis: Facade lands on his shoulders, as the champion as his legs trapped. She hangs onto his legs. The ref makes the count...

Crowd: ONE!!!

Crowd: TWO!!!

Crowd: THREE!!!


Shannan Lerch: That does it!! Anastasia Petrova has pinned Facade and retained her Television Championship!!!

Seth Lerch/New Announcer? Segment

The camera cuts backstage to a shot of Seth Lerch sitting at the desk in his office. Seth fervently shuffles through the papers on his desk, then he slouches in his chair and sighs deeply. The expression on Seth’s face says it all: he’s clearly a man with a lot on his mind. Suddenly there’s a knock at the door. Seth clears his throat.

Seth Lerch: Come in!

The door opens and a young woman, in fact a Katy Perry look-alike, saunters into the room. Seth rises to his feet, his eyes bulging in his head as he peeps the woman. The woman is wearing a low-cut blouse, slit skirt and high heels. She’s showing plenty of bosom, buttock and leg for the WCF boss to admire. Seth catches himself in a stare and looks away, so as to avoid appearing creepy to the buxom babe. As the woman approaches Seth, she speaks in a clear and concise voice, none of that cutesy stuff... not yet anyway.

Sexy Woman: Good evening, Mr. Lerch. I hope that I’m not imposing. The head of security told me that I could find you here.

Seth Lerch: He did? I’ll be sure that he receives a little something extra in his paycheck this week. Please have a seat.

Seth gestures toward the chair in front in his desk. The woman sits down in the chair, and places her purse on her lap. Seth keeps his eyes locked on the woman as he sits down in his chair, licking his lips like a hungry dog staring at a piece of meat.

Seth Lerch: Can I get you something to drink? Rockstar Energy Drink, Schnapps, Bacardi?

Sexy Woman: No, thank you, Mr. Lerch. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Emily Hotchkiss, and I represent a very prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling. I’m here on behalf of my client to discuss a lucrative business proposal.

Seth Lerch: I see. That sounds very interesting. Who exactly is your client, if I might be so bold as to inquire?

Emily Hotchkiss: He’s somebody that you know quite well, Mr. Lerch. My client’s name is... Bobby Cairo.

Seth’s body shivers in a moment of near-orgasmic pleasure as the words part from Emily’s soft lips. After this indulgence, Seth clears his throat as he collects his thoughts.

Seth Lerch: I have long been an admirer of your client’s work, Ms Hotchkiss. What exactly can I do for Mr. Cairo?

Emily Hotchkiss: Mr. Cairo is interested in returning to WCF. Eventually he would like to return to the ring as an active wrestler, though he’s currently rehabbing from the injuries that he sustained during his highly publicized misadventure in the Southwest. He’s making great progress in his physical rehab but he’s not quite ready for an in-ring return.

Seth Lerch: I’m glad to hear that he’s getting better. I read in the paper that the police found him face down in a Tijuana motel room with a bottle of tequila in one hand and a dead hooker in the other. I’ve been there before and let me tell you, it’s no fun!

Seth laughs sheepishly and then sighs.

Emily Hotchkiss: The tabloids do like to spread rumors.

Seth Lerch: I read it in the New York Times.

Her point remains.

Emily Hotchkiss: As I said, the tabloids do like to spread rumors.

Seth Lerch: Touché, Ms. Hotchkiss.

She seamlessly shifts back to the original topic.

Emily Hotchkiss: Since my client is not able to wrestle at the present time, he requires a different position within the company. Mr. Cairo and I believe that he would be a considerable asset to the WCF broadcast team.

Seth is struck and smitten, his head performs a nodding action.

Seth Lerch: I must admit that you’ve come to me with a very interesting proposal, Ms. Hotchkiss. Tell me does Mr. Cairo have any broadcasting experience?

Emily Hotchkiss: He doesn’t have any broadcasting experience per se, but he’s eminently qualified for the job. You know as well as anyone that Mr. Cairo is funny, quick-witted, a natural on the mic, and he’s knowledgeable like an encyclopedia. Plus he looks great in a business suit.

Seth Lerch: I don’t disagree with you on any of those points, but we already have quite a capable broadcasting team in the form of Zach Davis and my sister Shannan. We also used to bring in Luscious Jackson for pay per view broadcasts before the... unpleasantness. I’d rather not talk about that.

Seth stifles back a tear. Emily shifts her legs in her chair, giving Seth an ample view of her punani. Seth looks on, intrigued by this development... hell, he’s entranced.

Emily Hotchkiss: Your lovely sister Shannan does a wonderful job, but Zach Davis has to go. He comes across as stiff and socially awkward during broadcasts. His skin is pasty even while he’s wearing makeup, and he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about most of the time.

Seth twiddles his fingers about the desktop while poking his cheek with his tongue, his eyes still locked on that shaved poon.

Seth Lerch: I’ve had my differences with Zach through the years, but he’s been with WCF from the very beginning, I can’t replace him on the eve of our 10th anniversary show... can I?

Emily rises from her chair and splays herself upon Seth’s desk. She moves in close to Seth, her soft plush lips just inches from his lips, her light blue angel eyes staring directly into his eyes. Seth is frozen in position behind his desk, a man afraid to move for fear of the repercussions.

Emily Hotchkiss: Mr. Lerch, I would consider it a personal favor if you awarded Bobby this position within your company.

Emily slowly licks her DSL’s, those pouting ruby red lips. Seth gulps, his eyes drift down toward Emily’s massive, voluptuous bosom, her bosom that stares him in his face and tempts him.

Emily Hotchkiss: Mr. Lerch?

Seth looks up from Emily’s bosom and sees that she’s staring at him.

Seth Lerch: Uh... please call me Seth. “Mr. Lerch” is how my minions refer to me. Yes that’s right, I’m a very powerful man, Ms. Hotchkiss. Many little people work under me. Does that impress you?

Emily strokes Seth’s arm with her hand.

Emily Hotchkiss: Oh yes, Seth. I’m very impressed by everything that you’ve accomplished in your career, in addition to your rippling biceps.

Seth looks at his scrawny arm and flexes it.

Seth Lerch: Thank you! I work out regularly.

Emily stifles a laugh.

Emily Hotchkiss: Of course you do, and it shows. As I was saying, there’s another important reason why you should hire Mr. Cairo.

Seth Lerch: What is that?

Emily Hotchkiss: You would be getting an exclusive. No other program has been graced with a live, in-studio appearance from Bobby Cairo since his miraculous return to civilization. You would be out-scooping Larry King. Think about that, Seth.

Seth stares into Emily’s boobs as he nods his head and carefully considers her comments.

Seth Lerch: Ms. Hotchkiss...

Emily Hotchkiss: Please, call me Emily.

Seth Lerch: Emily, I want to thank you for stopping by my office. You’ve given me a lot to think about. Do you have a business card?

Emily Hotchkiss: Certainly.

Emily steps down from Seth’s desk and grabs her purse. She pulls a card out of her purse and hands it to Seth. Seth reads the info on the card, his eyebrows raising, impressed by what he sees.

Seth Lerch: You went to Brandeis?

Emily Hotchkiss: Yes, sir. I graduated with honors.

Seth Lerch: That’s very impressive. I want you to know that I’m going to think about everything that we’ve discussed and then I’m going to give you a call. You should expect to hear from me soon.

Emily Hotchkiss: I look forward to chatting with you again, Seth.

Emily extends her dainty hand with its painted red nails, Seth graciously gropes the soft and shapely paw.

Emily Hotchkiss: It was a pleasure meeting you.

Seth Lerch: The pleasure was all mine, Emily.

Emily smiles, then turns and walks toward to the door. Seth can’t take his eyes off of Emily’s ass in that tight skirt, her buttocks lifting with each step that she takes. Seth shakes his head as Emily opens the door and walks out of the room.

Seth Lerch: Damn that Cairo is a lucky bastard.

Seth sighs and sits down in his chair. He returns to fidgeting aimlessly with the papers on his desk.

Kevin Hardaway vs The Hotdog Mascot

Kyle Steel: Introducing first!

"King For a Day" by Green Day hits the speakers, the Hotdog Mascot waddles out onto the top of the ramp to a roar of cheers. He prematurely celebrates, jumping around on the stage and throwing his hands in the air.

"Just wait till all the guys get a load of me!"

Zach Davis: Here comes Hotdog Mascot with romance on his mind and a song in his heart.

Hotdog Mascot skips around the stage swaying his hips and arms in rhythm to the music. The Mascot flees down the ramp and rolls into the ring, dancing in place till "King For a Day" cuts.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent!

The lights immediately go out now inside the arena. Everybody officially goes ape crazy, because some know who it is, and the rest...well, they like when lights go out. They think it's cool, you know. As the lights are out, spotlights fill the arena, white lightning as the sound of thunder crackles along the PA system. More spotlights come as more thunder is played along the system. It's when guitars fill up and the following is heard.


All of a sudden, the chorus of "Hero" by Skillet kicks on the PA system as white smoke fills the entrance ramp. It's to the point where the white spotlights are strobing to the beat of the song. But when the song finally kicks in, the strobelights are going mad as out from the white smoke, is Kevin Hardaway, hoodie on over his ring gear as he gives off a wicked smile to the crowd and walks slowly to the ring. He walks up the ring steps now and perches himself on top of the nearest turnbuckle, like a hawk ready to strike as the song reaches fever pitch, holding his arms up in a triumphant pose. He keeps smiling to the crowd as he jumps off and leans against the turnbuckle, looking at Hotdog Mascot as he takes off his coat...ready for battle.

Zach Davis: Kevin Hardaway looks focused and motivated as he returns to action for the first time since dropping the WCF United States championship at One.

Shannan Lerch: That was truly a heartbreaking defeat for Hardaway. He was so close to pinning Ace Slaughter at the end of that match and tying the score, but alas time expired just before the ref’s hand hit the mat for the three-count.

Zach Davis: It was a dramatic conclusion to a brilliant and brutal match, but as you said a heartbreaking ending for the former champion. I don’t envy Hotdog Mascot as he gets set to lock horns with Hardaway.

Shannan Lerch: I’ve never envied Hotdog Mascot.

Ding ding ding!

Hotdog Mascot jogs around the ring as Hardaway stalks his opponent. Hotdog Mascot suddenly charges Hardaway and takes a wild swing at him. Hardaway easily evades and lands a crisp leg kick that stuns Hotdog Mascot. Hardaway connects with another leg kick that backs Hotdog Mascot into the corner. Hardaway charges and hits a running knee that crushes his opponent.

Zach Davis: A brutal knee in the corner by Hardaway and Hotdog Mascot is already taking a beating.

Shannan Lerch: We thought this would get ugly in a hurry and it has.

Hardaway drags Hotdog Mascot to the middle of the ring and plants him with a DDT. Hardaway makes the cover.



Hotdog Mascot gets a shoulder up. Both men to their feet and Hardaway sends Hotdog Mascot into the ropes. Hardaway connects with a clothesline that sends Hotdog Mascot flying over the top rope. Hardaway gets a running start and launches himself to the outside, where he hits a plancha onto Hotdog Mascot. The crowd pops big time.

Zach Davis: Beautiful move by Hardaway! A great show of athleticism!

Shannan Lerch: Hardaway hit Hotdog Mascot flush with that one. Sometimes you see a guy only make partial contact with his opponent if he’s lucky enough to hit him at all but that was perfect.

Hardaway climbs to his feet and soaks in the cheers from the fans. Hardaway tosses Hotdog Mascot into the ring and slides in after him. Hardaway makes the cover.



Hotdog Mascot kicks out.

Zach Davis: Whoa! I thought that would be it!

Shannan Lerch: I guess Hotdog Mascot has some fight left in him.

Hardaway scoops up Hotdog Mascot and slams him onto the mat. Hardaway climbs onto the ropes, takes a moment to salute the fans, and delivers a flying elbow drop to Hotdog Mascot’s wiener. Hardaway makes another cover.



Hotdog Mascot kicks out, again.

Zach Davis: Hotdog Mascot gets credit for being able to take a beating, but at some point he must offer some form of offense.

Shannan Lerch: It’s tough to fight back against an angry and motivated Kevin Hardaway, Zach. Hanging in there is a victory in itself even if it’s painful.

Hardaway shakes his head in disgust. Hardaway drags Hotdog Mascot into the corner and punishes him with a barrage of open-hand palm strikes about the head and torso. Hotdog Mascot’s body violently spasms and gyrates from the force of the heavy-handed blows.

Zach Davis: K-Hard is dishing out an old school ass whooping.

Shannan Lerch: This is like watching Rush Limbaugh slaughter Bambi; it’s sad yet morbidly entertaining.

Hotdog Mascot finally mustards, sorry, musters some offense when a fingertip on his flailing hand inadvertently catches Hardaway in the eye. The referee warns Hotdog Mascot for an eye poke, but the damage has been done as Hardaway rubs his eye. Hotdog Mascot catches his second wind and attacks with a belly to belly suplex that stuns Hardaway. Hardaway squints his eye on the mat as Hotdog Mascot makes an awkward cover.


Hardaway easily kicks out. Hotdog Mascot unleashes a flurry of punches upon Hardaway’s exposed cranium. Hardaway absorbs the blows and suddenly a wicked smile appears on his face. Hotdog Mascot gulps hard, rises to his feet and tries to run away. Hardaway grabs Hotdog Mascot by the back of his neck, spins him around and hits a vicious STO that flattens his bun upon the canvas.

Zach Davis: Poor Hotdog Mascot.

Shannan Lerch: Fortunately for him the end is near.

Hardaway licks his lips as he stares at his fallen, plump and juicy opponent. Hardaway charges the ropes, leaps forward and hits a picture perfect Lionstomp on the Mascot. As if that weren’t enough, Hardaway pulls Hotdog Mascot to his feet, sets him up for and hit a stiff-looking Williams Driver in the middle of the ring. Hardaway makes the cover.




Zach Davis: That concludes a dominant victory for Kevin Hardaway as he makes an emphatic statement to the entire WCF roster. K-Hard wasn’t playing around tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Hardaway is always a major force to be reckoned with, title or no title.

Hardaway stands up, catching his breath. He quickly grabs a mic.

Kevin Hardaway: Hold on, hold on. Cut my music.

The music stops.

Kevin Hardaway: BRAD KANE! I've seen you out here tonight addressing this and that, but there is one thing you HAVEN'T addressed. My challenge to you for a match at Till Death Do Us Part. Kane.. what do you say?

Hardaway turns towards the ramp and waits for Kane's answer... but no answer comes.

Kevin Hardaway: So thats how its gonna be? We'll see.

Hardaway leaves the ring and heads to the back, determination on his face.

Zach Davis: Well, this is the first we've mentioned it on WCF television, but yes. Kevin Hardaway wants Brad Kane one on one, once more, at Till Death Do Us Part.

Shannan Lerch: They tore the house down last year, Zach.. if Brad says yes, I know they will do it again.

Seth Lerch/Hotdog Mascot Date: The Morning After

Zach Davis: Time for the conclusion to the Seth/Hotdog Mascot date.

Shannan Lerch: I'm scared.

We open up in a hotel room. A very messy hotel room. Clothes are thrown everywhere, items are knocked down. Seth is in the bed, shirtless, with the sheets covering him below the stomach. We see him start to stir, and he opens his eyes slowly.. and then realizes where he is. He immediately bolts upright, a look of horror coming across his face.

Seth Lerch: OH MY GOD. Did I..

Seth looks around, trying to remember what happened.

Seth Lerch: ...No, I.. no. I don't remember anything after the movie.. where the hell am I?..

Seth quickly grabs a nearby pair of underwear (with hotdogs on them) and slips them on. He gets up, only to notice a note on the table. He reads it out loud.

Seth Lerch: Dear Seth. Thanks for the wonderful night. I'll never forget it. I hope what happened doesn't get in the way of you being my boss. I'm sorry I had to leave before you woke up..

Seth pauses.

Seth Lerch: ..I love you.. signed, the Hotdog Mascot. P.S., I always knew Jay Price's jokes about you were true-

Seth gets furious and throws down the note, ripping it to shreds. He storms out of the room and we go back to Zach and Shannan.

Zach Davis: I don't have anything to say.

Shannan Lerch: I can't believe we let this air on national television.

Zach Davis: Well ... um ... let's just continue the show.

Greenfever vs Slickie T

Zach Davis: Now, time for a grudge match. Slickie T up against Greenfever.

Shannan Lerch: At XIII, Greenfever nearly killed Slickie. Slickie came back from it, of course.. but he hasn't been able to avenge that loss.

Zach Davis: Until tonight, perhaps.

The lights drop inside the arena as "Run Rabbit Run" by Rob Zombie begins over the P.A. system.

"Huntin' Humans?
Ain't nuthin but nuthin'.
They all run like scared little rabbits.
Run rabbit run.

As the aggressive drums kick in Greenfever emerges from the darkness. His face and hands are dripping fresh blood. The crowd is incited into a screaming mob. The audience begins to throwing garbage down at him as he makes his way to the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Greenfever is disgusting. I don't know how Seth can do business with him.

The arena fades to black as a red, white, and green spotlights begin to circle the crowd and a red glow appears on the left side of the stage, a white glow in the middle, and a green glow on the right, as “Gravesend (Lake of Fire)” by Lordz of Brooklyn begins to blast over the speakers and the three lights come together in the center of the stage where Slickie T stands with his back turned to the crowd, his arms extended to form the shape of a “T”. He watches as the screen shows a roulette wheel spinning as the pill comes to settle on the green 00 space and the camera zooms in on the pill until the screen becomes completely white and then “Slickie T the Ace of Hardcore” scrolls across the screen in black in front of a waving Italian flag. Slickie then quickly turns as the pill settles in the 00 space and red, white, and green pyros explode behind him as he slowly makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with those who are reaching out to him. As he reaches the ring, he quickly climbs the ring stairs, looking out over the crowd before grabbing the top rope and vaulting over the top of it and into the middle of the ring. After glancing over the crowd with a thin smile on his face, he climbs a turnbuckle and throws his arms out once again to form a “T”.

Zach Davis: Here he is! Slickie T, Allen Guiliano!

Shannan Lerch: Listening to this crowd, Zach.. they don't care that he didn't bring home the gold.

Zach Davis: They know he's the best WCF has to offer.

Before Slickie can backflip off the turnbuckle like normal, Greenfever runs up and starts clubbing him in the back! The fans boo as Greenfever then positions himself to Powerbomb Slickie, driving him hard into the mat!

Shannan Lerch: Sneak attack!

The referee quickly calls for the bell. Greenfever viciously stomps at the Ace of Hardcore, placing his shots carefully. He picks Guiliano up and hits several knife edge chops to his chest as the crowd WHOOO's. Slickie's chest quickly becomes red. Greenfever backs him into the turnbuckle with the chops, and then runs at him and Clotheslines him hard into it. Slickie stumbles out of the corner and Greenfever kicks him hard in the gut before executing a Gutwrench Spinning Crucifix Sitout Powerbomb!

Zach Davis: What a move!

This results in a pin.



No! Guiliano kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: As we saw at One, there is next to nothing that is going to keep Slickie T down.

But Greenfever is unrelenting. He pulls Slickie into the middle of the ring and locks on a Dragon Sleeper.

Zach Davis: Greenfever is crazy, yes, but he knows what he's doing. He's wearing Slickie down. Guiliano is tough to beat, but he's NOT invincible. Greenfever knows that.

However, the crowd is solidly on Slickie's side. They begin clapping, urging Slickie to get back into it. A "SLICK-IE T!" chant rings throughout the arena. And it seemingly pushes Slickie on and up, as he starts getting to his feet. Greenfever does his best to keep the move locked in, but Slickie rams himself backwards, squashing Greenfever between himself and a turnbuckle. Greenfever finally releases the Sleeper.

Shannan Lerch: Good job by Slickie getting out of that, but he needs to capitalize on the opening now.

Zach Davis: If there is anything the CEO of CoolWear Inc. is good at, it is capitalizing on openings.

Indeed, Slickie turns around and hits a Discus Lariat as he does, sending Greenfever rocking back into the turnbuckle. Slickie hits him with several stiff kicks to the stomach before pulling him out of the corner and Snapmaring him back into the middle of the ring. Slickie bounces off the ropes and hits a Dropkick to Greenfever's spine!

Shannan Lerch: OOF!

Zach Davis: That looked brutal!

Greenfever drops to the mat, holding his back in pain. Slickie doesn't let up, though; he picks Greenfever up and executes a Snap Suplex before going for a quick pin.



No, Greenfever gets the shoulder up.

Shannan Lerch: Remember, Slickie knows that he has a chance to earn one more shot at the WCF World Title next week, if he can win the battle royal announced by Brad Kane earlier tonight. That has got to be on his mind.

Zach Davis: I don't know, Shannan. He seems pretty focused on Greenfever. One thing at a time... and he has enough of a personal vendetta against Greenfever that focusing on him isn't going to be too difficult.

Slickie stands up, and he waits for Greenfever to get to his feet as well. Once Greenfever is about halfway up, Slickie runs at him and goes for another Dropkick, sending him right back down. Greenfever angrily gets back to his feet, and Slickie follows up his attack by running to the ropes, Springboarding off them and hitting Greenfever with yet another Dropkick to the chest! This time Greenfever flies across the ring and rolls out under the bottom rope!

Shannan Lerch: Greenfever knows he needs to get his bearings.

Zach Davis: Another important thing to note: Greenfever is used to hardcore rules matches at this point. He's not used to having to play by the rules.

Slickie still won't let up. Even as Greenfever looks back towards the ring, Slickie dives over the top towards him!


But no! He doesn't connect! Greenfever sidesteps him and slams Slickie into the guardrail!

Zach Davis: OH! It looks like he went face first into the cold metal of the guardrail.. daaamnn.

Slickie stumbles backwards and Greenfever catches him, hitting a Deathdrop on the outside!

Shannan Lerch: Oof!

Greenfever picks Slickie up and throws him into the ring steps. He's about to go back on the attack until he hears that the ref is counting the two of them out. He looks angrily towards the ref, snarling a bit, before grabbing Guiliano and sliding him back into the ring.

Zach Davis: Like we said before, Greenfever is used to hardcore. He wanted to stay on the outside.

Greenfever slides into the ring with Slickie. He throws him into a turnbuckle, and Slickie hits it, chest first. He backs up and Greenfever catches him from behind and lifts him up into the Electric Chair position.

Shannan Lerch: He's going for the Electric Powerbomb!

But no! Slickie starts punching Greenfever's head and slides down behind him. Greenfever turns around and goes to kick him, but Slickie catches the kick and hits a Dragonscrew Legwhip! Greenfever goes down to the mat, clutching his leg, and Slickie quickly locks in a Boston Crab!

Zach Davis: Painful move for Greenfever to be in!

Greenfever yells in pain, but Slickie's positioning wasn't perfect. Greenfever is able to reach the ropes in a matter of moments, forcing Guiliano to break the hold. The fans boo as he does. Slickie pulls Greenfever towards the middle of the ring, but once they're there, Greenfever quickly fights and kicks him away. Greenfever starts to get up, but Slickie T runs at him..

Shannan Lerch: OMERTA!

But Greenfever ducks it! Slickie turns around, Greenfever kicks him in the gut..


Greenfever pins the Ace of Hardcore!





Slickie T kicked out at the last moment! The crowd is on their feet in shock.

Zach Davis: Like we said! Nothing can keep this man down!

Greenfever, still on the attack, quickly attempts to lock in the Move That You Fear! Slickie wisely grabs onto the ropes. But Greenfever keeps trying to lock the move in anyway. The ref goes over to argue with Greenfever, but Greenfever shoves him away.

Shannan Lerch: Don't want to get yourself DQed, Greenfever..

And although Slickie is still holding onto the rope, Greenfever locks in The Move That You Fear! The ref walks over and starts counting. One.. two ... three .. four... the ref tells Greenfever he's going to disqualify him..

Zach Davis: Greenfever HAS to release this hold or the match is over!

At the last second, Greenfever releases it. He gets up, arguing with the referee again and threatening him. The ref, of course, does his best to act like a big man and defend his authority. But Slickie gets up and grabs Greenfever from behind...

Shannan Lerch: THE T-BONE!

Indeed, Slickie hits Greenfever with the T-Bone! He quickly pins Greenfever, hooking the leg!




Zach Davis: THERE IT IS! Slickie T gets the win!

Gravesend (Lake of Fire) plays as Slickie stands up, a smile coming over his face as he gets his arm raised. He drops, sliding out of the ring and heading up the ramp.

Shannan Lerch: He's defeated his long time foe, Greenfever. And next week he has the chance to get one more shot at Torture and the World Title.

Zach Davis: This is going to be good.

A Challenger Approaches

Zach Davis: Alright folks, we're all ready for the main event and..

Lights go out.

Shannan Lerch: Damnit Seth, don't you know you're supposed to pay for the electricity of the arenas you run?

The WCF crowd has no idea what to think ... until it hits. Bells begin slowly tolling, and with every toll, the lights flash on and back off.

Shannan Lerch: No.

"Hallowed Be Thy Name" comes across the PA system.

Shannan Lerch: NO.

By Machine Head.

Shannan Lerch: NOOOOO!

Oh yes, yes, yes. Creeping Death walks out onto the stage to the roar of the crowd. He's wearing baggy dark colored jeans and a hoodie, with new style face paint. Kind of looks like a skull. Either way, his hood is up and he's walking down to the ring.

Zach Davis: Surprise appearance by Creeping Death! I wonder if he's trying to out-do Bret Hart and all the WWE rejects TNA is putting on THEIR show?!

Creeping Death reaches the ring, and the crowd is basically drowning out Machine Head. That's a Goddamn hard thing to do. Inside the ring, CD calls for a microphone.

Creeping Death: Well, well, well. Wrestling Championship Federation. It's been a while, eh? Well, not a WHILE, but a while since I could say that I'm back.

Shannan Lerch: God...

Creeping Death: Full time.

Shannan Lerch: ...DAMNIT!

Creeping Death: And now that I AM back full time, there is some business to take care of. Come on down, Bob the Ref-Man.

Zach Davis: BAH excuse me?!

A WCF referee comes trotting down the ramp.

Creeping Death: You see, I was unable to run my show Thirteen (XIII). And since I am contractually obligated to do such a thing, I plan on doing it right now.

Shannan Lerch: The hell, can he do that?

Creeping Death: One match. A match that will have implications on Ten. Hey, cameraman, get in here and get a shot of my face.

Cameraman obliges.

Creeping Death: The winner of this match is added to the main event, making it a fatal-four-way. The World Champion verses Logan verses the winner of the Battle Royal verses the winner of this match ...

Zach Davis: What!? Can he do this!?

Shannan Lerch: Seth isn't going to be happy! What in the hell is Creeping Death doing?!

Creeping Death: Me, Creeping Death verses ... YOU!

BAM superkick to the camera, hitting it back into the cameraman's face! We go to a wide shot, and the cameraman is laid out. Bob the Ref-Man calls for the opening bell.

Zach Davis: I ... don't really know what is going on, but it makes sense! Creeping Death wasn't allowed to run his show because of the ToT, and he's making up his booking! It's brilliant!

Shannan Lerch: It's retarded.

CD springboards off the top rope backward into a Phoenix Splash, absolutely crushing the cameraman! The pin! The crowd counts along!




Bob the Ref-Man rings the bell, and this one is all over. CD snags his microphone from the mat below.

Creeping Death: Man, ugh, I can't believe I won that grueling match! I mean, fuck, video jockey over here was quite the competitor. I'm lucky to walk away with my career, let alone a shot at the World Championship in the MAIN EVENT of WCF's biggest pay-per-view Ten! Phew.

Crowd pops like Shannan's cherry after 4th grade graduation. CD smiles and picks up the cameraman's camera, looking into it.

Creeping Death: The bell will, once again, toll.

CD drops the camera and throws the devil horns into the air, popping the crowd once again as he exits the ring and heads up the ramp.

Shannan Lerch: God. F.. ugh. Is it main event time?

Zach Davis: Not yet, Shannan. Your boyfriend is getting his ass kicked backstage.

Shannan Lerch: UGH.

Logan/Jay Price Brawl

The cameras come alive backstage to film two men in the midst of a fist fight.. Logan and Jay Price. The two, already sweaty and bruised, exchange rights and lefts like it’s the last day on Earth. The backstage environment of WCF isn’t safe tonight, there will be no stopping to these two, no end. Logan and Price take their engagement into a three foot wide narrow hallway where the duo take turns grappling up and ramming each other into walls. Hooked in arms, Price takes a slight advantage in the battle catching a surprised Logan with a knee to the midsection throwing him off guard. Logan, nursing stomach now, naturally grows weak in the power struggle. Price takes the opportunity of breaking Logan’s locked arms from his and picks him up, holding his body sideways, and charging him into the wall like a 18th century army trying to ram through a castle gate. Logan’s back dents the wall before his body awkwardly goes limp and slumps over to the floor. Price works the attack, kicking Logan while he’s down. Logan takes a few stiff boots to the chest, which, forces him to gasp for air. Price picks Logan up by the hair, intending to send him through the wall this time, Logan fights back, kicking and punching to break Price’s hold. Price back pedals from a right from Logan and falls against the wall of the narrow hallway. Logan proceeds, jerking Price’s jaw with a stiff elbow and then grabbing his head and smashing it into the now dented wall. Price’s head bounces back off the wall and is quickly met with a stiff right from Logan. Price, who seemed to be in a state of dizziness, comes alive and ducks a swing from Logan and trades places. Price fires off at Logan with rights, Logan eats them up, taking a few, dodging some, which result in Price’s fist penetrating the wall at times. The two eventually even up, storming down the narrow hallway exchanging shots, throwing one another into each side of the wall, before space finally frees up and they march battling from the hallway into a much bigger room full of stage equipment and such. Logan immediately sets his sights on a chair, Price does also. They cease throwing fists for the time being, squaring off, catching their breath, eying one another then both eyeing a lonely chair that perfectly sits ten feet away. They make a go for it and end up crossing one another’s paths in pursuit of the weapon. Naturally, the two go back into a boxing bout, slinging arms at one another all the while slowly moving the brawl closer and closer to the chair. Logan ceases the moment, ducking a shot from Price, slipping behind him, and yanking him off his feet with a german suplex that sends his body flying over Logan and onto a table perfectly position for a projectile body. Price crashes hard onto the table and inevitably goes through it, his figure lays in wood splinters of disarray as Logan picks up the chair and smacks it down against the concrete welcoming Price to get up. Price is struggling to get to his feet, laying on his side as he winces from the pain in his back and neck. He puts his hands on the ground beside him and tries to push himself up but falls back down in pain. Logan, growing tired and impatient drops the chair in disgust and walks toward Price. He grabs him roughly by the head and pulls him away from the broken table. He drops him roughly to the ground and turns his back to pick up the chair. As he bends over to grab it, Price reaches up and delivers a low blow. As Logan hobbles away holding his manhood, Price uses the momentary pause in the action to recover and get back to his feet. He grabs hold of Logan by the head and pulls him over to another table, this one with food left on it from the production crew. He looks around the table for something to use and spots a crock pot that was left on. He opens up the lid and looks find hot dogs and beans. Price pulls the pot closer to the edge with his free hand and proceeds to dunk Logan's head in the hot concoction. Logan's arms flail about as the hot liquids burn his face. Price pulls his head out of the pot and throws him to the ground, his face covered in brown goo and bits and pieces of Oscar Meyer wieners. Price then picks up the chair that Logan was attempting to use earlier and smacks it against the concrete, daring Logan to get back up. Logan, seemingly frustrated and in pain now, wipes the brown sauce of beans and meat from his eyes. He simply lifts his head up, narrowing his eyes, looking at Price with the chair. Logan flicks Price off. Price, in response, cuts a small yet angry smirk and charges at Logan with the chair over his head. Logan rolls under the table avoiding a violent chair strike that hits the concrete floor instead. Logan comes to his feet on the other side of the table, Price stands opposite. With the table separating them, Price throws the chair at Logan, which, Logan maliciously ducks. Logan grabs the empty crock pot that was once full of beans and tosses it at Price. Price, also, ducks the projectile. The two share a bitter glare before slinging their arms out and punching one another over the table. They eventually both climb on the table to bring the battle closer. Now on the table, the two lock up, hitting each other with small jabs when they can.

Zach Davis: My uncle got me a whore and hotel room for Christmas, ‘she’ turned out to be a ‘he’—

Shannan Lerch: I can hear you on the headphones now, Zach.

Zach Davis: Wha—oh! Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve been facing technical difficulties patching through to the action backstage.

Shannan Lerch: However… that seems to be fixed now.

Zach Davis: Ahem, uh, yes. We assume Logan and Price have been battling the entire show, luckily, our cameras were able to catch up with the violence.

Shannan Lerch: And violence it is! Price and Logan are duking it out on top of a table!

Zach Davis: Indeed.. this shouldn’t end good.

Now with a crew to commentate their battle, Logan and Price continue to stand their ground.. err.. table, trying to get the best of one another while standing atop cheap pinewood. Logan locks Price into a suplex, Price elbows his way out of it, Logan grabs Price by the neck and attempts a sit down Connector, Price pushes Logan forward, Logan falls to his knees on the table, Price takes the advantage and flies over Logan’s shoulder grabbing his neck in the process and breaking Logan through the table with a neckbreaker! Logan’s body forces forward splitting the table in two. Price, not putting himself in the destructive, was able to land on his feet after performing the move. Price marches over to a limp Logan and grabs his hair lifting him up to his feet. Price sizes the groggy Logan up before sending a stiff right that sends Logan back pedaling into a block wall. Logan leans his back against the wall for support, Price approaches Logan and slings his back hand against Logan’s chest! The crowd ‘oooo’s inside the arena following the loud sound of the chop. The painful backhand wakes Logan up, and quickly, he knees Price in the stomach, punches him a few times, and then whips him into the wall trading place. Logan fires away with quick rapid chops at Price’s chest that’ll eventually turn him red. Price is able to block one of Logan's chops and pushes him off and to the ground. Price rubs his hand across his chest in pain from the multiple chops with a pissed off look on his face. Logan starts to get back to his feet and Price tackles him to the ground, reigning left and rights down on him.

Zach Davis: This is just nasty. Why hasn't anyone stopped these two? Where is security?

Shannan Lerch: They're right over there.

Standing far off to the side from the action is a large group of WCF security, none of which seem to have the desire to try and stop the brawl.

Shannan Lerch: It looks like they're enjoying their front row seats.

Price stops punching for a second.. only to reach down and begin choking Logan with both hands. Logan frantically clutches Price's wrists, trying to break the hold to no avail. He looks off to the side and spots a large piece of wood, left over from the broken table. With his energy quickly fading he reaches over and grabs the piece of table and smashes it into the side of Price's head, causing him to let go and fall off to the side. Shaking his head Logan gets back to feet and grabs hold of Price, who is up to his hands and knees, and pulls him to his feet. He puts him into a headlock and begins dragging him towards the hallway.

Zach Davis: Where are these two headed now?

Price struggles to slip out of the headlock, however, Logan keeps him held, sending a stiff shot to Price's head every now and then. With Price clinched at Logan's side, the two make their way down a hallway towards the outside parking lot which is flooded with a gigantic group of awaiting fans. Logan elbows the back of Price's head, grabs his arm, and irish whips him into the exit doors. Price crashes into the doors and spills through landing on his side on the outdoor concrete pavement. The people outside immediately recognize Price and scream with excitement for seeing him so close. Logan follows, coming through the door, keeping the attack engaged. Logan stomps his foot into Price's chest rapidly, the crowd goes into a frenzy from the front row action. Logan picks Price up, sizes him up and charges with a closeline! Price ducks! Logan flies right past Price and tries to plant his feet to stop the momentum, Price catches up with him, and leaps on his back planting his face into the hood of a parked car with a bulldog maneuver! Logan's face dents the hood and his head bounces backwards before his now limp body slumps over the hood and slowly edges down onto the ground like a slug.

Shannan Lerch: That busted Logan open!

Price leans against the car he recently planted Logan's face in, catching his breath. Logan lays half lifeless on the ground, his hands nursing his bleeding cut forehead. The fans outside form a circle around the battle. Jay Price grabs Logan by his hair and lifts him to his feet, he keeps Logan's head in his hands, and attempts to bounce his skull off the hood of the car once more. He accomplishes the feat, Price's efforts are rewarded as Logan's face dents another spot on the hood drawing more blood to his already gashed forehead. Logan rolls off the hood and hits the ground, seemingly unconscious. Jay Price slumps his upper body over the head, resting, looking down at the bloodied Logan and talking generic smack.

Jay Price: How you doing down there, 'boudle'?

The crowd gasps.

Jay Price: Eh? Sleeping beaut-- UGLY?

Logan's body twitches, perhaps a lifeless anger response from being called a 'boudle'. Jay Price, not feeling satisfied with the damage done, reaches down and picks Logan up, and yet again shows intentions of face planting him into the hood.

Zach Davis: I.. I don't like this.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, this is just getting brutal.

Price grabs Logan by the back of the head and fires his face into the hood, but no! Logan's hands hit the hood before his face does, he avoids becoming brain damaged. Logan fires an elbow to Price's face whom is standing behind him, Price reels backwards a few steps holding his mouth, Logan grabs Price from his front and amazingly executes a perfect belly to belly suplex despite his battered condition. The back of Jay's body becomes engulfed in a now shattered car windshield. The crowd, of course, 'holy shits' in reaction. The announcers commentating give their headsets a loud gasp. Logan falls to his knees, clutching the grill of the car to avoid falling over.

Zach Davis: This needs to stop! Someone is going to get seriously injured!

Signs of life erupt from Price. Logan notices the slow recovery of Price and he stirs to his feet, wiping blood from his eyes. Jay Price crumbles from the busted glass, rolling off out of the wreckage and then laying limp on the hood. Logan, hell bent on destroying Price, climbs onto the hood to finish his kill. Logan picks Price up to his feet and straps him into a suplex that's directed to Price's body landing onto the roof. However, Price, despite just taking a huge bump.. battles back. Price jabs Logan's ribs, it's enough for Logan to break the hold. Logan returns the favor, jabbing back into the ribs of Price. The two regain enough composure to take it toe to toe on the hood of the car, exchanging punches, kneeing each other, trying to get the upperhand. Eventually, after a small series of trading shots, Jay manages to best Logan.. sending a punch to his face that sends him stumbling backwards and off the hood of the car and onto a few observing crowd members below. The people being mainly anti-Price, catch Logan and keep him on his feet. Price remains on the hood, taunting Logan, daring him to climb back up, playing a little 'king of the mountain' with them. Logan quickly thrusts forward and grabs Price's ankles pulling his legs out from underneath him. Price's back slams against the hood and Logan drags him off and onto the concrete. Logan goes to work further on the attack, but loss of stamina and blood keep him from doing otherwise. Logan rests against the car opposite to them, fans cheering and slapping his back as Jay Price begins climbing to his feet. Logan stumbles forward and punches Price. Price fires back kicking Logan in the gut, Logan keels over and Price grabs Logan by the hair and leads him away from the scene of destruction. The two go back through the exit doors they recently burst through, Price drags Logan by his side, kneeing at him constantly, Logan manages to fight through the violent knee attacks and clinches onto Price's side, lifting him off his feet and back body dropping him onto the concrete floor. Logan stirs to his feet pulling Price up with him, Logan now leads the way, gripping Price at his side and stumbling down the hall way with him. They approach a 'Rockstar' vending machine. Logan's eyes light up. With his attention momentarily off Price, Price manages to sneak in a stiff jab to the back of Logan's knee that puts Logan down. Logan, now on the ground, rolls in agony and clutches his knee. Jay Price climbs to his feet, kicking at Logan while he's down. Price now turns his attention to the Rockstar vender, he checks his pockets.. and comes up short.

Shannan Lerch: No Rockstar for Price?

Price sends his boot through the machine, 12oz energy sodas spill out. Price picks one of them up, opening it up and chugging it.

Jay Price: Thirsty, Logan?

Price grabs an unopened can of Rockstar and bends over smashing it over Logan's head. The can dents, soda fountains out and the can propels in place in three sixties. Logan covers his forehead, shouting. Price gulps down another Rockstar before picking Logan back up and taking the little charade to somewhere else. Logan isn't having it, once again trying to lift Price off his feet for a back body drop, Price goes in the air, and athletically flips, landing on his feet behind Logan. Logan unexpectedly turns and gets caught off guard by a charging Price. Price spears Logan as hard as he can, the two literally fly off the ground and Logan's body breaks through a locked door. The two lay on a broken door inside the backstage locker room area. Both receiving effects from the disastrous spear, Logan clinches his back in pain, Price tucks his head in his arms. Medical staff located in the locker room area have become first hand witnesses to the men's battle. One of them rushes over to check on the two. The EMT checks on Logan first, Logan, obviously distorted by the nights brawl, instinctively punches the EMT in the face; thinking it's Price. The EMT falls backwards holding his nose, Price climbs to his feet and picks Logan up kneeing him in the gut. Logan arches forward and falls against Price who catches him and plants him into the broken down door with a DDT! Logan lays flat on his back, eyes glazed over. Price picks Logan up yet again, the EMT man stands up as well, Price sizes a groggy Logan up and charges at him with a closeline, Logan ducks like a clumsy drunkard and the EMT man eats Price's arm.

Zach Davis: Nobody can get near these two without getting hurt!

Price turns around to keep his attack going on Logan, Logan surprises Price with a second wind firing shots at him! Price takes a few blows before reeling backwards and tripping over the downed EMT man. Logan rushes at Price's fallen body dropping an elbow on his chest. Logan picks Price up and slaps his backhand across his chest. Price clutches his chest and howls.. stumbling away from Logan down the locker room hallway. Logan follows up, grabbing Price from behind, spinning him around, and wailing him with quick right shots. Price falls backwards against the wall, Logan, enraged, charges at Price with a spear of his own!

Shannan Lerch: Holy shit! Logan and Price just disappeared!

Zach Davis: They went through the wall!

The camera man catches up, following the trail of broken sheet wall and finding Jay Price and Logan rolling around on the floor of another room fist fighting.

Zach Davis: Look! Their inside a superstars locker room!

Shannan Lerch: Who's?!

For some odd reason, the two quit rolling about the floor punching each other like crazed animals, both their heads are cocked to the left and both their eyes are huge. The camera man steps in through the hole in the wall and we get a glimpse of Anastasia Petrova in a towel! She blinks, staring at the two.

Jay Price: ...Hi ther--

Logan knees Price's groin, Price groans and falls off of Logan holding his hands between his legs. Logan gets to his feet, nonchalantly brushing himself and dusting his hands off. Logan walks over next to Petrova, leaning his hand against the wall, extending his buttocks outwards and flexing every muscle he possibly can.

Logan: Nice towel.

Logan smiles at Petrova, winking, shooting a handgun motion at her with his hand and smacking his lips inunison. Price stirs to his feet from behind. Logan, being preoccupied with flexing his rear cheeks for Petrova's presence doesn't notice the threat behind him. Petrova returns the smile, shyly pointing over Logan's shoulder. Totally forgetting he had been battling with Price all night, a surprised Logan is spun around and socked in the face. Logan stumbles backwards, hitting Petrova's locker room door and punching it open with his body. Logan falls back out into the hallway and after a few private moments inside unaware to the camera.. Jay Price follows into the hallway. Logan meets Price with a surprise of his own, kicking him in the midsection and irish whipping him into a table covered with assorted foods. Price hits the table, knocking over coffee pots and finger foods. Logan works his attack, charging and close lining Price which sends his body onto to the table. Logan knocks a few elbows into Price's chest to keep him in place. Logan climbs atop the table, picking Jay Price up to his feet, Logan tucks Price's head between his legs and inevitably has him set for a piledriver.

Zach Davis: Oh no, he'll break Price's neck!

But no! Jay Price manages the strength to flip Logan over his shoulders! Luckily, Logan, lands on a pile of stacked wrestling mats, catching his first real break in this whole ordeal. Still on the table, Price turns to face Logan and jumps off stabbing Logan's chest with an elbow. Logan clutches his chest and rolls off the mat in pain. Price rolls off with him, scooping Logan up and irish whipping him into the wall. Logan smacks against the wall, Price comes at Logan, Logan retaliates punching Price and then irish whipping him into the wall opposite of them. Like Logan, Price also hits leaving a small dent in the sheet wall. The two take a small time out, catching their breath, glaring one another down.

Shannan Lerch: They show no signs of stopping.

With a head nod from them each, they lock horns once again! Price takes control and pushes Logan up against the wall, back first, and shoves his forearm against his throat.

Jay Price: You really think you're going to beat me Logan. You're nothing you little bitch.

With those words Logan's eyes light up with the fire of hatred and he spits in the face of Price before pushing him off. Price hits the wall and Logan goes on the offensive, throwing punches and kicks that stun Price momentarily. Taking advantage Logan locks him up in a headlock and pulls him down the hallway towards an exit.

Zach Davis: Are they really taking this fight outside?

Shannan Lerch: It looks that way.

Logan releases the headlock and grabs Price's arm. He whips Price at the door, sending him through it and out onto the concrete. A group of WCF fans that couldn't get tickets for the show, gathered around and talking amongst themselves, look surprised as Price comes flying through the doorway. Logan pushes the door back open and exits as the fans cheer for him. Price is barely to his feet before Logan starts hitting him with a series of quick kicks. Price is stumbling, dazed and confused from the onslaught, as Logan hits the Impact Style, dropping Price to the ground.

Zach Davis: And Price is out cold. That last kick was what Logan needed to end this.

Logan stands over the body of Price, looking down on him. He looks up and around before spotting a trash can. He walks over to it and drags it over to where Price is, knocking it over onto its side. Logan reaches down and grabs Price by the head and lifts him to his feet.

Logan: You wanted me Price..well now you got me.

Logan kicks Price in the stomach and drops him onto the metal trash can with a sickening DDT. The can crumples as Price's skull makes contact, busting the top of his head open. Logan gets back to his feet and looks around at the crowd that has gathered to watch the brawl. He looks back down at Price and reaches down to pull him back up once again.

Zach Davis: This is too much. Price is an asshole but even he doesn't deserve this.

Shannan Lerch: Somebody stop this!

Logan turns Price around and locks in the Sleeper Hold.

Zach Davis: Not the connector. On the concrete this move could kill Price.

Logan whispers something into Price's ear...and then nails the Connector, sending Price headfirst onto the pavement. Blood is flowing from Price's head and face as he lies motionless on the ground. Logan gets back to his feet and stares down at Price, with Price's blood on his shirt, hands and arms. Price isn't moving as Logan takes one last look around before walking off as the camera moves back down to show a lifeless Price, blood pouring onto the concrete.

Ace Slaughter Segment

Shannan Lerch: Before we have our World Championship match, we have Hank Brown in the back with Ace Slaughter and his friends.

Hank Brown: At this moment, I have standing next to me, is "Superstar" Ace Slaughter.

The arena explodes with the crowd's cheers


Slaughter is standing on the left side of Hank Brown, with his hands on his waist. The United States Championship is over Slaughter's right shoulder. Keith is wearing a black suit and black glasses, with a pair of very polished black cap toed oxfords shoes

Zach Davis: Whoa!! Check out Keith. He looks like an F.B.I agent!

Shannan Lerch: More like someone from the movie Men in Black.

Melissa still has her hair, black and short. She is still wearing a black skirt, that has black frilly lace, on the bottom of the skirt. She is wearing black and white striped leggings. She is wearing a very ripped black blouse and black laced gloves. Her black hair is cut very short. Her make-up is smeared. She is wearing a very small black "top hat" at an angle, on her right side, of her head.

Melissa is skipping around everyone. Mini ace is dressed exactly like Ace. He is standing in front of Ace, with his arms folded.

Hank Brown: Ace Slaughter, tonight you have a World title opportunity against the World Heavyweight Champion, Torture.

Ace Slaughter: That's exactly correct, Hank Brown!!!

Crowd: WHAT?!?!

Ace Slaughter: I said Hank Brown!

Crowd: WHAT?!?!

Ace Slaughter: I said... BY GOD, HANK BROWN!!! Tonight, here in Bangor, Maine!!!

The crowd cheers...

Ace Slaughter: Tonight the talking stops and the battle begins!!! Tonight, the new era of Wrestling Championship Federation begins... TONIGHT!!!! Is where we see the fall of the great Torture!!!
Melissa is listening music on her MP3 player.

Melissa: I'm comin' down on the stereo, hear me on the radio!! Click Click Boom! I'm comin' down with the new style and you know it's buck wild! Click Click Boom! I'm on the radio station TOUR around the nation leaving the scene in devastation!!

Everyone backstage stares at Melissa. Melissa doesn't notice, she keeps singing, skipping, and chewing on her gum.

Zach Davis: I'm noticing that, everyone is in better shape, than the last time we saw them.

Shannan Lerch: Yes, I agree. look at Melissa. She's all bubbly, Keith looks in top form, and of course, the current United States Champion, ace slaughter, looks primed and ready for his World title opportunity, tonight!

Hank Brown: Ace Slaughter. With you being the "Protector of the people", doesn't it bother you that with Torture, being the one, in Wrestling Championship Federation, calls himself The Real Mr. WCF, or the Career Killer?!

Ace Slaughter: The fans are important to me!! Torture doesn't give a damn about the fans!!

The crowd boos...


Ace Slaughter: Torture is the World Heavyweight Champion and he should respect the prestige in the world title!! He doesn't and it shows!! He shows no respect for anyone!!! It is about time, that someone stands up to him and shows how a real champion should act!!

The Bangor Auditorium explodes with cheers!!


Shannan Lerch: The fans, here, in the Bangor Auditorium, is sure behind Ace Slaughter 100 percent!!

Zach Davis: They sure are!!!

Hank Brown: Ace, do you have ANY concerns, about any of the Team of Torture, getting involved in tonight's match?!

Ace Slaughter: Not one bit!! From what I hear the T.O.T no longer exists!!

The crowd cheers!!!

Ace Slaughter: So, it's one less thing that I do not have to worry about!! It'll be one on one!! Mano y mano!!!

Melissa is still skipping around and singing....

Melissa: What the hell is wrong with me? My mom and dad weren't perfect!! But, still you don't hear no cryin' ass bitchin' from me, like there seems to be on everybody's CD. So, just sit back and relax
and let me have your head for a minute. I can show you somethin' in it. That has yet to be preceded, oh yeah!

Zach Davis: It looks like Ace slaughter and his crew is all set for the World Championship bout!!

Shannan Lerch: You can say that, again.

Zach Davis: It looks like Ace Slaughter and his crew is all set for the World Championship bout!!

Shannan Lerch rolls her eyes.

Hank Brown: I hate to ask this next question. But, is it true that the word going around the locker room is that Kevin Hardaway is taking the US title loss real bad?

Ace Slaughter: From what I understand is this... and this will be the last time I speak of this....

Zach Davis: Whoa, this must BE serious.

Shannan Lerch: Be quiet, so I can hear!!

Ace Slaughter: From what I've been hearing, is that Kevin Hardaway has been whining and complaining that it wasn't neccessarily me winning the title, that had been bothering him, it was the fact that he didn't give his all and he feels that he wasn't given fair shake. It was also been told to me, that Kevin Hardaway has been saying that he feels he lost the title because of a conspiracy.

Hank Brown: A conspiracy?

Ace Slaughter: Yes, a conspiracy!! I was told...

Hank Brown: By who?

Ace Slaughter: That's not important!! What is important, he thinks one way or another he was gonna lose that championship, if he likes it or not!!

Hank Brown: So, what you are saying is, that you have been told that Kevin Hardaway thinks that his title loss was a conspiracy against him?

Ace Slaughter: Exactly!!! What was told to me, was that he thinks everyone was against him retaining the championship!! He gave more value to why he lost, than me winning!! It just sounds like sour grapes to me!! He lost, fair and square!! There was NO conspiracy!! The referee was NOT told to make sure Kevin Hardaway lost! That night, I was better than him and he doesn't like it!!! So, he just needs to be a man and get over it!! Plain and simple!!! And that's the same thing that will happen tonight!! I will defeat Torture.

Hank Brown: What about tonight?

Melissa stops skipping and takes out the ear pieces and walks over to Ace Slaughter, Keith and Mini Ace.

Ace Slaughter: Tonight... Bangor, Maine!!

The crowd cheers!

Shannan Lerch: Cheap pop.

Ace Slaughter: Tonight, I will walk into that ring and fight my heart out!! This is what I've been fighting for!!! For 5 years, I have been waiting for an opportunity, like this. To take the World Heavyweight Championship away from that no-good Torture and give it to the people....

The crowd cheers...


Ace Slaughter: Tonight, will be the battle between good and evil!!!

Oblivion(inside Slaughter's head): Tonight, is when I take advantage!! Tonight, is when I make my grand appearance!!! Tonight, Ace Slaughter will defeat that idiot Torture and I will take over Ace Slaughter and I WILL make Ace Slaughter the MONSTER that WCF WILL FEAR!!! MWA-HA!! HA!! HA!!!


The auditorium explodes with deafening cheers!!!

Shannan Lerch: Holy cow!!! I can barely her myself talk!!!

Zach Davis: This crowd is 100 percent behind Slaughter!!!



Ace Slaughter: That is right!! ME!!! There's nothing in the world, that's gonna stop me!! Because, if you like it or you don't like it, I AM GONNA BE THE NEXT WCF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!! And Torture, you CAN... CHOKE... ON... THAT!!! Have mercy!!

Ace Slaughter, Melissa, and Keith leave the backstage area

Hank Brown: Zach and Shannan, back to you.

Shannan Lerch: I don't know, Zach. Ace Slaughter sounds really convincing.

Zach Davis: Absolutely, Shannan!! Tonight, is gonna be a battle for the ages!!!

Ace Slaughter vs Torture

The lights, in the arena go dim.

The crowd scrambles to stand up, some with their hands on their ears. Some of the crown run towards the entrance ramp, screaming and yelling.

Shannan Lerch: Uh-oh, lights are out, Zach!!! The Boogeyman is gonna getchya!!!

Zach Davis: I'm more scared of Greenfever!!!

Three sets of spotlights start to rotate around the crowd. A loud siren, similar to a tornado warning, echoes throughout the arena.

Zach is holding his ears, as Shannan stands up. Shannan throws her arms, in the air. Her hands are in the "devil's horns" as "Click click Boom" by Saliva begins to start.

Shannan Lerch: Uncover your ears, you wuss!!!

Come on, Come on!
Come on, Come on!

Ace Slaughter, slowly walks out through the smoke. Slowly, right behind him is Keith, his bodyguard. Melissa is skipping around them. Mini Ace is mimicking Ace.

Zach Davis: Ace Slaughter looks determined and ready for war!!!

Shannan Lerch: If Torture, isn't careful, we could have ourselves a new World's Heavyweight Champion!!

All those Saturdays, when kids go out and play
Yo I was up in my room I let the stereo blaze
Wasn't faded, not jaded, just a kid with a pad and pen
And a big imagination
All this, I seek, I find I push the envelope to the line
Make it, break it
Take it, until I’m overrated

There are three white spotlights rotating around the interior, of the auditorium. Multi-colored lasers flash along the bass, of the song

Click Click Boom!
I'm comin' down on the stereo, hear me on the radio
Click Click Boom!
I'm comin' down with the new style and you know it's buck wild
Click Click Boom!
I'm on the radio station TOUR around the nation leaving the scene in devastation

Ace Slaughter throws his arms into the air. Slaughter, Mini Ace, Keith, and Melissa jump into the air. when they all land, the pyrotechnics, that is surrounding the ramp, explodes with gold pyro.

I can see it in my mind
I can see it in your eyes
It's close enough to touch it now
far away enough to die!

Ace slaughter starts to jump and thrash around, to the music. Mini Ace mimics Slaughter's movements. Keith continues to walk slowly behind Slaughter. Melissa continues to skip around.

What the hell is wrong with me?
My mom and dad weren't perfect
But still you don't hear no cryin' ass bitchin' from me
Like there seems to be on everybody's CD
So just sit back and relax
And let me have your head for a minute
I can show you somethin' in it
That has yet to be preceded, oh yeah!

Ace Slaughter and his crew continue to walk down the aisle. they reach the ring. Mini Ace slides under the bottom rope. Melissa slowly enters the ring, between the middle and top rope, stopping half way, teasing the crowd, with her flirtatious ways. Keith stays on the outside the ring. Slaughter looks around...

Zach Davis: What is slaughter looking at?

The crowd cheers.

Shannan Lerch: I think this crowd is gonna explode!!

Slaughter jumps up to the ring apron. Melissa walks over to a near by corner and climbs up to the second turnbuckle. Mini Ace also walks to a nearby corner and climbs up to the bottom turnbuckle. Ace grabs the top rope and as he shakes the top rope violently, Melissa shrieks and Mini Ace pounds the middle turnbuckle with his hands, then throws his arms out. The crowd cheers. Melissa and Mini Ace jump down to the mat, as Ace Slaughter enters the ring. All three walk to the center, of the ring. Keith slides into the ring. Slaughter stands in the middle, with Mini Ace kneeling in front of him. Keith stand motionless, listening to his earpiece, as Melissa skips around them.

The crowd roars with cheers!

Click Click Boom!
I'm comin' down on the stereo, hear me on the radio
Click Click Boom!
I'm comin' down with the new style and you know it's buck wild
Click Click Boom!
I'm on the radio station Tour around the nation,
Leavin' the scene in devastation


Why have I clouded up my mind
Why's my mother always right
And will I make it to the end
Or will I crawl away and die

Both Ace Slaughter and Mini Ace pose, as flashes of many cameras flash. Keith just listens to ear piece, Melissa continues to skip and occasionaly flips up her skirt.

Click click boom
click click boom
click click boom
click click boom

All those Saturdays, when kids go out and play
Yo I was up in my room I let the stereo blaze
Those Saturdays, when kids go out and play
Yo I was up in my room I let the stereo blaze

Mini Ace, Keith, and Melissa leaves the ring. Ace Slaughter waits for the Champion, Torture!!!

It's all inside of me
It's all inside of me
It's all inside of me
It's all inside of my head
It's all inside of me
It's comin' over me
It's all inside of me
It's all inside my head!

Music begins to fade out....

Zach Davis: Slaughter in the ring..

Crawl by Kings of Leon hits the speakers and Torture walks out slowly to a very loud chorus of boo's. Some fans even throw a few pieces of trash towards Torture but never connect. Torture walks down the ramp slowly never taking his eyes of Slaughter. Torture walks up the steps and into the ring. Torture gives the World Heavyweight Championship title gold to the ref and stands in the corner.

Zach Davis: Reports have been going all night that Torture has NOT been happy about the match that he's been shoved into at Ten.

Shannan Lerch: To be honest he wasn't even happy that he had to defend his gold here tonight just two weeks after beating Slickie T!

Zach Davis: One has to wonder the mind set for Torture now. Logan, Creeping Death, and the battle royal next week? Wow. Ten is shaping up.


Slaughter comes forward in the ring to the center and gets in stance to tie up. Torture stares at him and cocks his head to the side. The eyes roll for Torture as he steps forward. Ace goes for a lock up, but Torture puts Ace in a headlock and grabs control early. Ace tries to fight Torture off but Torture flips Ace to his back and now Torture has control of the head lock while Ace is on the ground. Ace grabs the head of Torture by the feet and puts Tort to his back, Torture quickly rolls out of it and both men get to their feet, Ace puts Torture in an wrist lock arm bar, but Torture grabs the ropes and Ace has to let go. The ref breaks them apart.

Zach Davis: Wow. Torture using the ropes already.

Shannan Lerch: Smart. It's why he's still World Champion.

Both men tie up one more time but Torture backs Ace into the corner and Torture goes for a wild clothesline! Ace ducks! Torture goes into the corner back first and here comes Ace.. but Torture stops the momentum with a knee to the gut and Tort throws Ace into the corner giving three kicks to the midsection and Ace goes down to the sitting position. Torture kicks once, twice, three times to the chest. The ref tries to break Torture off of him but Torture doesn't heed the advice. Torture kicks four more times to the chest of Ace while the ref counts for the five second DQ-break, Torture keeps kicking four more times and then finally stops and takes a few steps to the center of the ring. The ref warns Torture and the crowd starts cheering for the ref. Ace tries to get up but Torture walks right back over to Ace and gives five or six more stomps to the chest of Ace! The Ref gives another warning. Torture pushes the ref out of the way and goes towards Ace one more time but the ref grabs Torture and turns him around. The ref gets in the face of Torture and Tort smirks and shoves the ref down to the ground. The crowd boo's hard. The ref gets back up and goes to signal for the time keeper and bell ringer but stops..

Zach Davis: Why did he stop?

Torture begins to yell to the ref. "DISQUALIFY ME! DO IT! END THE MATCH! GIVE ME A DQ!"

Shannan Lerch: I think Torture wants to be disqualified!

Zach Davis: What a coward! Trying to get disualified so he doesn't have to wrestle in this match!

Torture keeps yelling but the ref doesn't DQ him! The ref gets in Torture's face and gives another warning but this time it's emotional, with A LOT of yelling. Torture shoves the ref off and turns around to pick up Ace Slaughter. Ace gives a few punches to the mid-section of Tort to fight him off and Ace gets to his feet but Torture gives another knee and a hard right hand to the head of Ace sending him back down. Torture bends down and picks up the legs of Ace and stomps at his stomach. Torture stomps, stomps, stomps, stomps, stomps, stomps, and stomps and the crowd boos as Torture looks around and pulls wish bone on Ace Slaughter. Torture yells out in frustration and pins Ace.

Zach Davis: One! Two! It could be over.. but no! Ace kicks up.

Torture picks up Ace Slaughter into a suplex position but drops him stomach first on the top rope and Ace bounces off the ropes back into the ring and rolls around holding his upper body in pain. Torture hits the ropes and drops a huge knee on the chest of Ace Slaughter! Torture picks up Ace and hits a real suplex this time, and pins but Torture puts an elbow in the chin and throat of Ace.

Shannan Lerch: One! Two! No! Ace kicks out.

Crowd chants "ACE ACE ACE ACE ACE". Torture demands Ace to get up and the crowd starts to cheer as Ace slowly gets to his feet. Torture hits another knee to the gut and a hard right hand sending Ace back to the ropes.. Ace bounces off the ropes with a second wind and goes for a clothesline, Torture ducks, turns around and hits a HIGH-LEAPING drop kick to the face of Ace sending him over the top rope to the outside. The crowd boos hard. Torture rolls out of the ring and taunts to the crowd in the first few rows within feet of Torture.

Zach Davis: Torture is being very technical of that chest and stomach area.

Shannan Lerch: Is Tort setting him up for a frog splash of some sort? This is a very malicious Torture tonight.

Zach Davis: Very focused.

Torture picks up Ace and throws him head first to the apron, then looks to his left. He zones in on the steel steps and the crowd starts to murmer to Ace to get up. Torture knocks on the steel steps and smiles.

Zach Davis: What.. The .. Hell.. is he thinking..

Torture grabs Ace and shoves him back then pulls him into a very stiff irish whip RIGHT into the steel steps! Ace hits them knees first and front flips into the air and lands hard on his back. Torture smiles once more as the crowd boos. A few fans try to slap at Torture but he backs them up with a few fake "punch' motions. Torture throws Ace into the ring and taunts some more on the apron. Torture hooks the leg and pins Ace once more. One! Two! Nothing. Kick out. Torture slaps the ring mat and gets into the refs face and yelling for him to count faster. Torture shoves the ref once again and turns his attention on Ace whose limping to his feet. Torture goes for a punch but Ace blocks it and strikes with a punch of his own! The crowd comes alive! Torture reeling back as Ace hits a few right hands! Ace irish whips Torture to the ropes but Torture goes flying through the ropes and crashes to the mat and lays out on his back. Torture looks lifeless.

Zach Davis: What just happened?

Shannan Lerch: Even Ace doesn't know? Ace just threw him to the ropes and Torture went through the ropes and fell to the outside!

The ref begins the ten count. One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! No movement from Torture yet. None at all.

Zach Davis: He might be knocked out.

The ref keeps counting. Eight! Nine! The ref goes for Ten when Torture jumps up and taunts as if he won.. but the ref stops his count.



The ref shakes his head no and Torture flips out! Ace runs and hits a baseball side dropkick to the chest of Torture! Ace Slaughter rolls out of the ring and holds his right knee but picks up Torture and rolls him back inside. Ace rolls in and hobbles over to Torture and picks him up. Torture shoves off Ace and hits a dropkick to the leg and Ace goes down hard! Torture rolls to the outside of the ring once more and takes a breather against the apron. Torture rolls back inside the ring and walks towards the ref. The ref warns Torture once more and Torture doesn't care. Ace uses the ropes to get to his feet and Torture turns around and goes for a clothesline but Ace ducks, Torture bounces off the ropes and Ace hits a huge hip toss! Torture goes to his back hard, rolls to his stomach and back to his feet where Ace goes for a kick but Torture catches it and smirks. Ace hits an enziguri! Torture falls to the side and into the ropes. Torture gets back to his feet, turns around and the crowd goes wild for Ace Slaughter as he hits another kick to the midsection and a quick DDT! Ace rolls on top of Torture and gets a pin!


Zach Davis: No! Torture has his foot on the bottom rope!

Shannan Lerch: Sneaky.. F'n.. Bastard!

Ace and the fans alike sigh as Ace signals it's going to be okay he has a plan. Ace gets to his feet as Torture tries. Ace grabs him from behind for a German Suplex and Torture back kicks into a low blow.. which has Ace back up, Torture then turns around and smiles at Ace but Ace stops selling. Ace smiles and knocks on his crotch..

Zach Davis: HE HAS A CUP ON!


Torture loses his smile and mouths the words "What the fuck", Torture goes for a clothesline but Ace ducks that too and Torture runs into the turnbuckles chest first, Ace signals for the Sweet Chin Music!


Torture turns around and Ace kicks Torture as hard as he can in the chin, Torture stumbles backwards and shoves the ref out of the ring and then Torture falls down and rolls out of the ring to the outside as well.


Shannan Lerch: I can't help but feel for Ace! Torture is pulling every single f'n move out of the book to get out of this match up.

Zach Davis: Look at Ace! He's holding his knee again. It might be that whole leg.

Ace might be in trouble, but he's still in control. Torture crawls over to the ref as if Torture didn't know what happened. The ref yells and boo's at Torture. Ace hobbles from behind Torture and gives him an ax smash across the back of the head. Ace picks up the ref and throws him inside the ring. Ace picks up Tortures head and slams him down on the guardrail! He picks up Torture and slams down on the ring apron and rolls him in. Torture rolls to the center of the ring and gets to his feet. Ace gets up and tries to get into the ring but Torture runs over to Ace, grabs him like a DDT over the top rope and slams him down in a spinning neck breaker! Ace rolls around holding his neck, and Torture runs and drops a huge knee into the chest of Ace! Torture smiles and goes to the top rope. Ace rolls around on his back holding his stomach and chest.. Torture leaps into the air and hits a frogsplash right on Ace Slaughter! Knocking the wind completely out of Ace, Torture sits on his knees right at the head of Ace and looks down at him like a weirdo.

Zach Davis: Torture was setting him up the entire time with the frog splash! That's why he stomped him!

Shannan Lerch: Then why work on the legs too?

Zach Davis: Not too sure, yet Shannan.

Torture picks up Ace Slaughter and throws him into the turnbuckle and hits another dropkick to the front knee of Ace and he goes down hard. Torture rolls out of the ring and grabs his World Heavyweight Championship title and rolls back into the ring. Torture folds it up and looks into it. The ref gives a warning. Ace gets to his feet and Torture runs at him with the World Title but the ref jumps and snatches the World Title. Torture stops in his tracks, turns around and tries to get the title back from the ref, Torture turns back around and Ace Slaughter trips Torture to his back and grabs the legs of Tort and turns him over into the Boston Crab! The Boston Crab is locked on! Torture reaches for the bottom rope and grabs ahold but the ref is still putting the title on the apron and now turns around and notices the Boston Crab but Torture has his hand on the rope, the ref ponders about it and the crowd cheers, the ref counts slowly! One!.. Two!..

Zach Davis: Torture is in pain!

Shannan Lerch: Who cares! Ace keep it locked on!

Three! Four! and Ace breaks the hold. The crowd is alive, Torture holds his legs and gets to his feet and Ace is ready for him! The crowd is on their feet as Torture gets up and runs at Ace and Ace hits Slaughterknocker! Torture lands on his face and rolls to his back! Ace turns to the crowd! Every single F'n person on their feet, Ace goes to the turnbuckle and taunts! Ace flies in the air and hits his signature finisher, the frog splash - turned - leg drop!

Zach Davis: Slaughtermatic! Slaughtermatic! Slaughtermatic! ITS OVER SHANNAN! ITS OVER!..


Zach Davis: NOooo!!! That's what Torture was doing!! Torture took out the right leg of Ace so that when he connected with the leg drop it could buy him time! Ace is in pain! He can't make the pinfall!

Ace is indeed in pain and is now on his feet to go for the cover, Torture hops up to his feet and hits the Torture's Device! Torture puts an arm over!

Zach Davis: WHAT? NO!!

Shannan Lerch: There it is it's over!




Zach Davis: Damn it! Torture stole it!

Shannan Lerch: He either stole it or set up Ace the entire time!

Crawl by Kings of Leon hits the speakers and Torture crawls over to the other side of the ring, grabs the World Heavyweight Championship title and stares through Ace Slaughter with his çrazy eyes. Ace rolls out of the ring and the ref helps him up the ramp and through the curtain. Torture takes a breather and stands up with his World Heavyweight Championship Title and Torture climbs up one turnbuckle, raising his Title high in the air to a chorus of booing.

Zach Davis: Well.. Torture has escaped with his World Title once more.

Shannan Lerch: But how much longer can he keep doing this?

Suddenly, Crawl stops, and is replaced with Prayer of the Refugee.

Zach Davis: What is the Commissioner doing out here again?

Brad Kane steps out onto the entryway, mic in hand.. and a grin on his face. Torture steps off the turnbuckle, annoyed, and looks towards Kane.

Brad Kane: Torture, Torture. I'm sorry to interrupt you. But I thought you'd like to know, I forgot one of the entrants into next week's battle royal.

Shannan Lerch: Oh no. Who now?

Brad Kane: There is one more man on the active roster that wants a piece of you. One of the only men that can honestly say they have a pinfall victory over you, no matter what the record books state. One man that should have gotten his rightful reign as WCF World Champion..

Torture is shaking his head no. No, no no.

Brad Kane: ...BRAD KANE!

The fans roar! Torture is naturally pissed. He's looking around for something to take his frustration out on but doesn't know what to do. He turns towards Kane and starts yelling profanities.

Brad Kane: Torture, next week I'm going to win that battle royal.. earn myself a World Title shot.. then go into Ten and take what has always been rightfully mine! And there is nothing you can do about it!

Prayer of the Refugee plays again as Kane exits, leaving Torture in the ring, angry.

Zach Davis: I don't believe it! Add one more name to the list for next week's battle royal! We'll see you then fans!

Slam fades to black.