Slam Intro
Ace Garrison/Jake Keeton Segment
The Spotlight With Trent Townsend
Battle Royal: Mike Bowen vs Zakk Diamond vs Alexander Lace vs Conviction
Seth Lerch Segment
Television Title Match: D-Day vs Doc Henry
Society Segment
Hardcore Title Match: Marisa vs Jay Price
Brandon "Kaos" Davis Segment
Oblivion/El Angel Oscuro/Abril vs The HellRaisers/Fort Knox
Torture vs Chris Avery
Johnny Reb vs Jake Keeton
Jay Price/Steve Thunder Segment
Hector Rodriguez Segment
Steve Thunder/Ace Garrison vs Hector Rodriguez/Trent Townsend
The Sterling Spotlight
World Title Match: Adam Young vs Slickie T
Tank Reaper Segment
Creeping Death vs Chad Evans

Slam Intro

Kids by MGMT hits as Slam broadcasts live from Aberdeen, Arkansas! The fans roar as we go to our announcers, Zach Davis and Shannan Lerch.

Zach Davis: Welcome to the show! We have nine matches tonight so let's just get the ball rolling. Our main event is Chad Evans versus Creeping Death.

Shannan Lerch: BIG match, Zach. Big match. Creeping Death beat Bobby Cairo in the finals of the first WCF Classic, and he's since been meddling in Chad Evans' affairs... you have to know that Evans wants this win.

Zach Davis: Not to mention the fact that a win against former World Champion, Creeping Death, would look great for Evans going into his match against Slickie at Timebomb.

Shannan Lerch: We have a big World Title match! Slickie T defends against Adam Young.

Zach Davis: Adam Young is currently trying his hand as a singles wrestler.. very interesting to see how he'll fair against the World Champ.

Shannan Lerch: Interesting tag match tonight.. Steve Thunder and Ace Garrison are teaming up!

Zach Davis: Kind of strange. They were on opposite ends of the ring the last two weeks, but last week Hector Rodriguez got involved, attacking Petrova.. and Thunder, too. Tonight, Thunder gets a chance at revenge, as they're up against Rodriguez and Townsend.

Shannan Lerch: Trent has been gone for a while due to injury.. what kind of team will he and Hector make? That'll be interesting for sure.

Zach Davis: Speaking of returns... JOHNNY REB is making his in ring return as well! He's up against Jake Keeton. Why are we giving away this match on free TV?

Shannan Lerch: I have no idea. It should be a very good match.. Keeton is still undefeated here in WCF, but know who the first person to pin Slickie T was? Johnny Reb. So we'll see how that goes.

Zach Davis: We have Torture one on one with Chris Avery. Seriously, this show feels like a PPV.

Shannan Lerch: Last week we found out that Torture has been supplying Tank with drugs and women and who knows what.. Torture attacked Chris Avery before Avery could reveal the information. Torture and Avery used to be friends.. I can't wait to see how this plays out.

Zach Davis: Last week, the scheduled Oblivion/El Angel Oscuro vs HellRaisers match never took place, since Fort Knox attacked Melissa. Tonight, we have a rematch.. but with the additions of Abril and Fort Knox to the mix. This should be good.

Shannan Lerch: Two more Title matches tonight! Jay Price versus Marisa and another rematch from last week, Doc Henry defending against D-Day, the former Champ.

Zach Davis: Marisa won a battle royal, which I believe is how she earned her shot at Jay. Jay is, of course, less than a week away from his match against Creeping Death for the belt.

Shannan Lerch: And D-Day versus Henry was such a good match that Kane booked the rematch immediately. Remember, the winner will be facing Jake Keeton at Timebomb.

Zach Davis: And in our opener, we've got a battle royal between Mike Bowen, Conviction, and two newcomers, Zakk Diamond and Alexander Lace! Can't wait!

Shannan Lerch: Let's get to it!

But before we get started, someone walks over to Shannan and hands her a dozen roses.

Shannan Lerch: What the.. oh my!

Zach Davis: Are they from Jay, is he trying to get back with you?

Shannan Lerch: I don't know Zach, let me read the note.... "To the most beautiful commentator in not only the WCF but, in wrestling period who also knows a good thing when she sees it. Which is me, of course. Love, Foxy Knoxy"... its from Fort Knox!

Shannan is blushing.

Zach Davis: Wow! Looks like Knox has an interest in you!

Shannan Lerch: Wow.. I'm.. flattered! I.. umm.. hehe.. let's just get to the show!

Ace Garrison/Jake Keeton Segment

Ace Garrison is walking down one of the various corridors backstage. Where is he going and why? No body knows. He reaches the end of the corridor, takes the turn, and accidentally brushes shoulders with none other than Jake Keeton. Both men stop in their tracks, turn, and look at each other; as if they're both expecting the other to apologize.

Ace Garrison: Well?

Jake Keeton: What?

Ace Garrison: I'm waiting for you to apologize. In fact, I'm waiting for two apologies. One for you bumping into me and another for you distracting me during my match last week.

Jake Keeton: Well I'm not one for apologies and you bumped into ME. As far as your match last week, distracting you wasn't my intention. I just saw some raw talent in the ring and recognized it so I came out for a better look.

Ace Garrison: You said talent, and when I look back to last week I don't remember a lot of that in the ring, so you must be referring to myself. Liked what you saw, did ya?

Jake Keeton: If I recall you were on the losing end once again last week, so why would I be out there to watch a guy that has yet to win a match in a WCF ring.

Garrison glares at Keeton and begins to speak but "The All-American Nightmare" cuts him off.

Jake Keeton: But you're right, it's very clear you were the most talented person in the ring last week, but talent alone don't win matches. You have to be focused and smart. I think you've got a lot of potential you just need a little guidance.

Garrison smirks.

Ace Garrison: I need a little guidance? What? Are you the one that's going to provide it?

Jake Keeton: I know how to win and considering the fact that I've yet to lose a match in WCF and you've yet to win one I'd say I could teach you a whole hell of a lot.

Garrison pauses and thinks about it for a second.

Ace Garrison: I guess you have a point. And maybe you're right, perhaps you could teach me a few things.

He pauses again.

Ace Garrison: All right, yeah, I'd be down.

Keeton extends his hand to Garrison.

Jake Keeton: I'm not the hand shakin' type, but I think WCF needs some new blood rising to the top and the two of us are just the start. History means nothing this modern day uprising is just getting started.

Garrison shakes Keeton's hand.

Ace Garrison: I'm looking forward to it.

Jake Keeton: Let's take a lil walk and get a closer look at this opening match.

Keeton and Garrison walk in the direction of the ring.

The Spotlight With Trent Townsend

The lights go dim as Trent Townsend walks out onto the ramp with a huge grin on his face. He is welcomed by a mixture of boos and cheers. He is wearing black slack pants and a black leather jacket to match. He walks down the isle slowly before getting into the ring where two stools are seated with two mics in each of the stools. The fans are confused as to what is going on since this is so new. Trent straightens his jacket and grabs at one of the mics.

Trent Townsend: Yes I know you are all confused as to what is happening here but you all are special because you are the first to experience the Spotlight with Trent Townsend!

Zach Davis: Spotlight with Trent Townsend? What the hell?

Shannan Lerch: I can already tell I don't like it.

Trent Townsend: Yes yes, you heard it first. I have been given my own show and tonight you all are going to witness history because I plan on making this the best damn show ever! So without further adeiu let me bring out my very first guest, Zakk Diamond.

"Family Tradition" hits and Zakk Diamond comes out wearing his wrestling attire with a beer bottle in one hand and a claw hammer in the other. He walks to the ring and slides under the bottom rope careful not to spill a drop of his beer. He gets to his feet and stares Townsend down as the music begins to fade.

Trent Townsend: Zakk. Zakk Diamond himself. How are on this lovely of all lovely evenings?

Zakk takes a sip of beer and gets in Trent Townsend's face.

Zakk Diamond: Now listen you cut the crap you little fairy boy. I ain't here to talk. I'm here to fight.

Trent Townsend: Whoa now Zakk, you're my first guest on this historical landmark show. Is that any way to act?

Zakk Diamond: Hell boy I don't know any other way to act.

Trent Townsend: Well maybe I could teach you. See you come out here, shake my hand and graciously thank me for letting you be the first, the first Zakk, guest on my show.

Zakk Diamond: Okay, I understand where you are coming from. But I don't think you quite understand just where the hell I am coming from. I don't want your fancy bisexual ass teaching me nothing.

Trent Townsend: Hmm, well. That's disappointing Zakk because I think I could teach you a lot and maybe if you let me teach you then you could find a home in the Society...but I mean that's after a lot of groomiing.

Zakk Diamond: Grooming! Grooming? Hell boy I just got my hair cut.

Zakk takes another drink of beer.

Zakk Diamond: How about I teach you how to be a damn man and grow a set?

Trent Townsend: Oh I know how to be a man Zakk. I know all about it. So let's talk about you. Let's talk about the ass whooping you're going to get tonight.

Zakk Diamond: From who?

Trent Townsend: From Conviction, uhh, Lace and that other guy who doesn't matter because I've probably already beat him.

Zakk Diamond: Ass whooping? If any of those three can beat my ass then I'll be your bitch bottom for the night.

Trent Townsend: Oh I think you're going to be my bottom anyway.

Trent kicks Zakk in the gut and grabs the beer bottle from his hand. He takes a drink of the beer first and then smashes it over Zakk's head. Trent laughs before dropping the mic and making his way out of the ring leaving Zakk laying there for his first match.

Mike Bowen vs Zakk Diamond vs Alexander Lace vs Conviction
Battle Royal

Zach Davis: Well, Zakk is already in the ring, and here come his opponents..

From Out of Nowhere by Faith No More blast over the PA system as Mike Bowen comes out onto the ramp and makes his way down to the ring. He slides into the ring awaiting the match up to begin.

Shannan Lerch: Let's hope Mike Bowen is a little more lucky tonight than he has been recently.

Suddenly, blue and purple spotlights light up the stage. The fans quickly turn their attention at the stage. "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi, begins blaring through the arena as smoke begins to rise up from the stage. A mysterious figure steps out onto the stage, but cannot bee seen due to the smoke. "It's My Life" continues blaring through the arena before it suddenly stops, leaving the arena in silence. The smoke then begins fading away and now we see exactly whom the figure standing on the stage is. Alexander Lace stands on the stage smiling "It's My Life" begins playing again as the crowd begin to jeer at the cocky, cold hearted man. This doesn't effect, Alexander, he soaks in the hatred from the crowd, before walking down the ramp, insulting some of fans on the way. Before, he climbs into the ring he takes of the red robe and gives it to a stage hand, before climbing up the steps and into the ring.

Zach Davis: Tonight is the debut of Alexander Lace, as well as Zakk Diamond. Can't wait to see what he brings to the table.

Conviction comes out onto the ramp and rushes down to the ring and slides in. The ref checks all four men before ringing the bell for the bout to start.

Shannan Lerch: Let's go!

Diamond and Lace immediately lock up as Lace pushes Diamond to the corner. The ref calls for a clean break but Lace isn’t having it. He gives Diamond some hard slaps across the chest before grabbing him by the arm and sending him into corner. He rushes toward him and splashes him. Diamond falls out of the corner as Lace picks him up and tries to get him over the top rope but Diamond holds on and delivers some hard right hands to the skull of Lace.

Zach Davis: Oof. Painful!

Ace Garrison and Jake Keeton have appeared at the entryway.

Shannan Lerch: Here come Garrison and Keeton. We saw them talking earlier, apparently they've formed some sort of new blood alliance.

Garrison and Keeton walk towards the ring, watching the action.

Zach Davis: Very interesting development. Guess they're here scouting for talent?

While the action between Lace and Diamond heats up Conviction and Bowen are locked up in a test of strength. Bowen pushes Conviction to the corner and start wailing on each other. Bowen gets the upper hand and sends Conviction into the rope. Bowen goes to the other side of the ring and rushes toward Conviction nailing him with a clothesline and knocking him over the rope.

Shannan Lerch: Bye bye Conviction!

Diamond has now gotten the upper hand on Lace as he gives him a few hard rights before landing a DDT in the center of the ring. Right as Diamond was about to kick Lace he is attacked from behind by Bowen with some hard forearms. He picks Diamond up and gives him a hard slam in the center of the ring. He follows up with an elbow drop. He picks Diamond up and sends him into the ropes and follows up with a clothesline.

Zach Davis: Good move, good move..

Lace gets to his feet and goes after Bowen with a sleeper hold. Bowen starts to fight out of the move but every time he moves Lace tightens the sleeper hold even more. Bowen starts to go out as he goes down to one knee. Diamond comes back into the fray as he kicks Lace and sends him to the mat. He starts kicking him hard with left feet. He pulls Diamond up again and pushes him into the ropes where he tries to get him over the top rope again. Diamond holds on and fights back unleashing some right hands to Lace.

Shannan Lerch: These two newcomers are really giving it all they've got. Especially considering Diamond got attacked before the match.

Bowen gets back to his feet and rushes at the two on the ropes with a clothesline. He hits Lace in the back of the head forcing Lace to go over the top rope.

Zach Davis: There goes Lace!

But no, Bowen doesn't notice that Lace holds on to the ropes, just barely avoiding touching the floor! Lace climbs back into the ring and rests in the corner. Meanwhile, Diamond gives Bowen some kicks to the gut that send Bowen back into the ropes on the other side of the ring. He bounces Bowen off the and follows up with a scoop slam on the canvas. Diamond pulls Bowen to his feet and pushes him into the corner only to whip him out and follow up with a bulldog. Diamond pulls Bowen up and pushes him to the ropes and tries to get him over the top rope. He has one of Bowen’s legs on the top rope and is trying desperately to get the rest of him over the rope. He's eventually able to force Bowen out!

Shannan Lerch: We come down to the new guys, Lace and Diamond!

Garrison and Keeton are watching the match, very interested. They're talking a bit amongst themselves.

Lace and Diamond tie up in the middle of the ring. Diamond gets the upperhand, throwing Lace to the ropes and then hitting him with a Lariat. Lace goes down, Diamond picks him up and goes to throw him over the rope, but Lace lands on the apron. Lace quickly gets back into the ring, only to be met with a kick to the gut by Diamond and then a Sitout Powerbomb!

Zach Davis: Beautiful!

Diamond starts stomping on Lace. He then begins climbing to the top.

Shannan Lerch: He's going to finish him off with his flying elbow drop, I think.. he calls it the Over the Limit!

Once Diamond reaches the top, he looks down at Lace. But Lace realizes the end is coming, and summons all the strength he has to get up and dive into the ropes, causing Diamond to lose his balance and crotch himself on the turnbuckle. Lace runs at him and tosses him off the turnbuckle! Diamond lands on the outside, and the bell rings!

Zach Davis: Alexander Lace wins his debut match!

Garrison and Keeton head back up the ramp, still talking amongst themselves. Lace celebrates in the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Great effort by all Zakk Diamond, though. It was anyone's matchup.

Seth Lerch Segment

The jumbotron opens up in the hospital. The crowd begins to boo as they see Seth Lerch laying in the hospital bed.

Shannan Lerch: Aw, my poor brother.

Seth is on the phone.

Seth Lerch: No I didn't remember Price's contract was up... yeah! Just give him whatever he wants, he's worth it.. he's the future of the damn company!.. yeah..

A nurse walks in.

Seth Lerch: Hold on.

Seth turns to the nurse.

Seth Lerch: GET OUT! Can't you see I'm in the middle of something?

The nurse, looking shocked, turns and leaves.

Seth Lerch: Geez. This hospital is awful. No one respects your damn privacy. Anyway, yeah. Put Price on the phone.

Seth waits a few moments.

Seth Lerch: JAY! Hey. No, I'm doing horrible, I'm in the hospital!... yeah. Look, Jay, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to find someone to add to the US Title match. Not that I don't love Anastasia Petrova, but I want to make absolutely positive that Hector Rodriguez loses that United States Title of his... yeah, just find someone. Someone good, someone that we can count on.. you already have an idea? Perfect. Alright, see you later Jay, and thanks.

Seth hangs up the phone.

Seth Lerch: Alright, nurse, I'm ready now!

No one enters.

Seth Lerch: Nurse? NNUURRSSEEEE!?!?

We go back to the arena.

D-Day vs Doc Henry

Give Me The Meltdown by Rob Thomas plays in the speakers. The lights are dim.The lights flash on to D-Day walking out to the top of the ramp with his belt and falls on his knees and throws his arms in the air, as soon as he throws them in the air fire works go off and surround him. The screen shows all of D-Day moments of his dead and forgotten special move. As also the screen shows a ring then the words in white and in cursive, the words D-Day. When D-Day get in the ring he raises his hands to his name on the screen.

Shannan Lerch: And here's the former TV Champ, looking to redeam himself tonight.

Zach Davis: Well, Shannon, D-Day can look all he wants, we'll see if he succeeds tonight. Last week Doc was successful in pinning him, caping of one of the finest matches this year.

Dr. Feelgood hits the speakers and Doc, and Mary emerge on the stage. Looking around, he raises a fist in the air, then leads the way to the ring. Climbing up the steps, he holds the Ropes for Mary, who slinks lithely through. Grabbing a mic from one of the stagehands, he stands in the ring...

Zach Davis: And speaking of Doc, here he comes with his fox of a wife.

Shannan Lerch: Wipe that drool Zach. Doc made it very clear that he will do anything to retain his title tonight, this match looks to be another classic.

As the bell rings Doc and Day circle each other. As D-Day moves in, Doc drops to the mat and slides out of the ring, continuing to circle.

Zach Davis: Is it just me or is Doc a little hesitant here Shannon?

Shannan Lerch: More likely Zach, he's trying to get a mental edge of some kind.

As the ref tells Doc to reenter the ring, Doc grabs the ropes, and points to Day, indicating to ref to keep him back. D-Day backs up, and as Doc starts to climb on the apron, Day charges.

Doc, seeing it coming, drops his shoulder and buries it in D-Day's midsection. As Day turns and grabs his gut from the impact, Doc springboards over the ropes, dropkicking D-Day in the back.

Shannan Lerch: A good move there, and a quick cover by Doc, trying for the early pin.



Zach Davis: Kickout by Day, a little early if you ask me.

As Doc and Day rise to thier feet, they tie up. D-Day whips Doc into the ropes, and follows him. As Doc bounces offtheir ropes, he stops mid ring, and turns around.

Shannan Lerch: Oh, Man! D-Day hits Doc with a summersault neckbreaker!!

D-Day crouches behind Doc, grabbing him in a sleeper.

Zach Davis: Trying to wear Doc down here.

Doc tries fighting to get loose, but begins to sag.

Shannan Lerch: Doc beginning to fade here, wait, what's this?

Mary hops up on the apron and begins to shout at Day. As D-Day let's go of Doc and walks over to tell Mary to get off the ring or get hurt, the ref tries to keep in between them. Doc slowly begins to rouse.

Zach Davis: She shouldn't be getting in harms way...

Shannan Lerch: She is a roster member Zach, and helping her man.

All of a sudden Doc hits D-Day from behind with a chop block, and Mary hops off the apron. Grabbing Day's ankle, he drops an elbow to the same knee.

Shannan Lerch: And that's where the numbers game comes into play.

Doc gets up, pulling D-Day to his feet. D-Day punches Doc in the gut, and begins laying into him with chops, eliciting a WOOOOO!!! from the crowd each time. Day sets himself and whips Doc to the opposite corner. Following him, he goes for a splash, but Doc ducks to the side, sitting on the middle rope.

Zach Davis: D-Day missing on that one Shannon...

Doc leans back uses the ropes to lick D-Day in the face.

Shannan Lerch: Good move by Doc there, he's stagard D-Day.

Doc climbs the turnbuckle, and flys off the top rope for a crossbody. D-Day see's it coming and hits Doc in the gut with a dropkick.

Zach Davis: No missing this time, as D-Day goes for the pin.



Th... Kickout!

Shannan Lerch: A nearfall there for the former champ!

As D-Day gets to his feet, Doc rolls out of the ring, and is met by Mary. Looking out at the crows, D-Day bounces off the ring and attempts a baseball slide. Doc see's it coming and pulls the ring skirt back, trapping D-Day between it and the ring. Doc lands a few shots to the head, then slams D-Days head on the ring apron, before rolling back in. As Doc plays to the crowd, D-Day begins to stand back up. Doc goes to pull Day into the ring, but the ref holds him back, returning the favor from earlier. As the ref is distracted by a struggling Doc, Mary sneaks up behind Day and hits him with a bulldog.

Crowd: Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

Shannan Lerch: Hey, come on ref!

Zach Davis: It's only illegal if you get caught Shannon...

As Doc backs off Mary rolls D-Day into the ring. The ref points at Mary and she holds her hands up feigning innocence, as Doc goes for the pin.




Shannan Lerch: Doc almost with the win there, as D-Day kicks out.

Doc slaps the mat with frustration then pulls Day up. Doc hits Day with a big right hand.

Crowd: oh!

D-day returns the favor.

Crowd: ooo!

As the two trade rights in the middle of the ring, the crowd gets behind both men, trading Ooos and Ohs with each blow. Finally D-Day gets the upper hand and finishes with a huge Haymaker, dropping Doc to the mat. D-Day charges Doc as he uses the ropes to regain his feet, sending him over with a clothsline. As Doc lays on the floor, D-Day is in the ring, pumping the crowd, trying to get them behind him. As Doc gets to his feet, he slams the apron out of anger and frustration. D-Day is in the middle of the ring, daring Doc to enter.

Shannan Lerch: D-Day looks ready to dole out more to the champ.

Zach Davis: Wait a minute, Doc has a steel chair!!!

Doc climbs to the apron with the chair, and the ref is there to cut him off. D-Day is in the ring, screaming at Doc to be a man and put the chair down.

Shannan Lerch: Watch out!!

As the crowd noise grows, and the ref begins to administer a five count, Mary slides into the ring. Tapping D-Day on the shoulder. As he turns around, he's met with a boot to the groin.

Zach Davis: Mary with a shot to the pills!!!

Shannan Lerch: Stoner!!! Mary hits D-Day with the Stoner!!!

Doc drops the chair, as Mary slides out of the ring. As the ref turns to see Day laud out in the ring, Doc climbs the turnbuckle. Flying off, he hits the All-In!!!

Shannan Lerch: Doc with the pin here, after the assist from Mary.




Shannan Lerch: And Doc with the outside help for the win, as the crowd cheers for the Southern Rogue. Damn rednecks, that was cheating!!

Zach Davis: More like a stratigic victory, Shannon.

Doc grabs his title, and him and Mary make their way out, the crowd going crazy.

Shannan Lerch: Careful with them big words Zach. Either way, it looks like Doc will hold the belt for another week...

Before Doc and Mary can leave, however, "The All American Nightmare" Jake Keeton's music hits!

Zach Davis: Uh oh. Here comes the number one contender for the Television Title!

Keeton steps out. D-Day is in the ring, watching. Doc and Mary back up, Doc is still breathing heavy after his match. They wait to see what Keeton has to say.

Jake Keeton: Well done boys, that was a hell of a match. Now I know I said earlier in the week that I was gonna talk to my old buddy Brad Kane or Seth Lerch this week about an idea I had. Well I ran into Mr. Kane backstage just before your match started and he was all for my idea.

Keeton pauses and looks out at the crowd who cheer "The All-American Nighmare" wildly.

Jake Keeton: So what we're gonna do next weekend at Timebomb since you BOTH have claimed you're gonna destroy me I wanted to give you that opportunity so it's gonna be D-Day vs. Jake Keeton vs. Doc Henry in a Triple Threat Elimination Rules match!

The crowd pops! D-Day is excited as well, but Doc Henry certainly isn't. He's cursing and Mary is trying to calm him down. Keeton leaves arena, heading to the back, smirking all the way.

Society Segment

The lights go out, in the arena. White strobe lights begin to flash, in the arena. In the name of God by Slayer begins to play.

Zach Davis: Oh great!! Here comes Captain Psycho and his band of misfits!

Smoke fills the entrance stage and ramp. There is a mixture of cheers and boos, as the crowd stand on their feet. The crowd, near the entrance way, rush towards the security railings.

I want to
Invite you
Welcome you
To my hate
To my scorn
To myself
Saturate you
Infest you
Betray you
Stimulate you
So eager for my lies

Oblivion starts to walk through the smoke. There is a mixture of boos and cheers. The Society follows behind Oblivion. Mini Ace and Gerard begin to skip around and slam dance. They begin to thrash around. Melissa continues to skip, but with a skowl, as she chews her gum. Abril is holding onto Oblivion's right arm. Walking behind them is, The Dark Angel. Once they got to ringside, Mini Ace and Gerard slide into the ring. They ran all over the ring.

Shannan Lerch: This rivalry between Knox and The Society has become real personal and from the looks on their faces, tonight's match will be an intense one!!

For my lies... Lies

Zach Davis: It seems odd, for someone like Oblivion, who has total disregard for any other human being....

Shannan Lerch: What makes you think that Oblivion is human?

Zach Davis: You can't be serious.

Shannan Lerch looks at Zach with a straight and unexpressional look.

Shannan Lerch: He doesn't care who it hurts. It doesn't care for any kind of retribution from my brother. Oblivion and his Society are running roughshot over anyone who steps in their way.

Zach Davis: It sounds like your on The Society bandwagon.

Shannan Lerch: I'm not saying that I'm on the bandwagon, quite yet, but I have to agree with some of the things that Oblivion has done.

Zach Davis: WHAT?!? Are you crazy!?

Shannan Lerch: Oblivion doesn't believe in boundaries. It does what It and It's Society wants!!

Zach Davis: Why do you keep refering to Oblivion as It?

Shannan Lerch: That is what I have been telling you! Oblivion is not human. Humans have some kind of feelings of regret. Not Oblivion or his crew! They would take out a whole group of nuns, if they thought the group would benefit from it! Noone is ammuned from The Society attacks.

Lies in the name of God

I take you
I play you
Invade you
Lacerate you
I scar your
Masticate you
Ingest you
Become you
I fill your emptiness

Melissa and Dark Angel walks around the right side, of the ring. Oblivion and Abril walks to the left. Oblivion and Abril slides under the ring. Abril walks over to Oblivion. They walk to the center, of the ring. The Dark Angel walks over to a corner. Melissa continues to skip around the ring.

Mini Ace and Gerard runs towards Oblivion and Abril. The two little fellas walk up to seperate corners and climb up to the bottom turnbuckles. They slap their hands on the turnbuckles. Dark Angel, jumps down and walks over to everyone else. Melissa continue to skip around. With Oblivion in the center, of the ring, Abril on his right side. Mini Ace and Gerard are standing in front of them. The Dark Angel is standing on Oblivion's left side. Melissa is still skipping around. Several hundred cameras flash throughout the arena.

With my lies... Lies

Lies in the name of God
In this world of shit I exist
Perfect world conforms I resist
Disconnect the nerves from the spine
Desecrate the walls of the mind

Oblivion: Shut down the music!! Shut off the damn music!!

There is a mixture of boos and cheers.

Zach Davis: Oblivion looks intense. His muscles are throbbing.

Oblivion: Hell Raisers, I'll get to you, in a second. Fort Knox!! People have spat at me. Thrown things at me. I even had an elderly woman place some kind of hex on me!

Shannan Lerch: That's interesting!

Mini Ace claps his hands.

Mini Ace: Guacamole!!

Oblivion's right shoulder twitches a few times.


Oblivion's left arm flings outward, as his head twitches backwards a couple of times.

Zach Davis: That was some kind of hex!

Shannan Lerch: You can say that again!

Zach Davis: That was some kind of hex!

Oblivion: Fort Knox!! You have disrespected The Society. Remember, you are a man and I am your God!! We don't care if anyone likes how we run our business. We do what we want!!! Who is gonna stop us?!?!

Oblivion begins to point, randomly, at the crowd....

Oblivion: Are you gonna stop us?!

The camera pans to the crowd, to who Oblivion was pointing at.

Crowd: YES!!!!

Oblivion: Are you gonna prevent me from spreading the word of The Society.

The camera pans to the crowd.

Crowd: YES!!!!

Oblivion: I say Hell no!!

The crowd begins to boo!!

Oblivion: SHUT UP!!! To Hell with you all!!! If you're not with us, you're against us!! And God help those who stand against us!!! We will spread blood all over WCF, if it deemed neccessary! Noone is gonna tell us how to do our business, not even Seth Lerch!!! Now, that brings me up to our opponents, tonight!!

Abril: Hell Raisers?!? Where are you?!?! We're standing right here!! Come fight us now!!!

The crowd explodes with cheers!

Shannan Lerch: I think the criwd is ready for a fight!!!

Abril: Fort Knox!?! You're scum!! Do you get your rocks off, when you hit women!!

The crowd begins to boo!!


Abril: You hear that, Knox?! Even the crowd agrees with The Society!! Fort Knox does suck!!!

Oblivion: Fort Knox, at Timebomb, you will pay for your sins!! I will purify you from everything.You just have to do one thing... JOIN US!!!

Crowd: NO-O-O-O!!

Oblivion: SHUT UP!!!

The crowd boos!

Oblivion: This crowd bores me!! Fort Knox and The Hell Raisers, just be prepared for a war to end all wars!!! Just remember the most important words, in your lives.... YOU CAN CHOKE ON THAT!! So, remember, when the Gods strike down upon you three with furious anger, you will truly know that The Society...

Oblivion/The Society/The crowd: ... ARE... YOUR... GODS!!!

Oblivion drops the mic, as he walks over to a nearby corner. He raises his arms to a cheering and booing crowd.

Shannan Lerch: I think that The Society has officially drew the line in the sand.

Zach Davis: And that they has challenged the entire WCF. Don't be surprised if they have a few supporters in the WCF.

Shannan Lerch: There are anti-Seth Lerch people, here in the WCF. And there could be support for The Society!! Don't be suprised, if The Society gets larger and stronger!!

Zach Davis: That will be a bad thing for WCF!!!

Shannan Lerch: Agreed. Now, it's time for our next match.

Zach Davis: Take it away, Kyle Steel!!

Marisa vs Jay Price

Shannan Lerch: *sigh* And now it's time for our Hardcore Title Match.

Zach Davis: That it is Shannan. Last week Marisa won a 4 man, over the top battle royal and was awarded with this opportunity.

Shannan Lerch: Let's just get this over with.

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WCF Hardcore Championship. Introducing first the challenger....

Rock You You Like Hurricane intro Strobe Light going back and fourth Smoke Machine Going Off as The Song start Alexis Appears on the ramp hands going up leg kick back as her hand goes up in the air fire work go off as walk down dancing down to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at one hundred and twelve pounds, from Las Vegas Nevada.....Marisa.

Zach Davis: And here comes the challenger, and she actually looks pretty confident.

As she get to to the ring she undoes her belt buckle on her jacket then get in under middle rope Then Throws her Jacket Off.

Kyle Steel: And introducing her opponent....

The lights in the arena go out as the stage, ramp and ring are lit up with a red glow. The big screen is black and is flashing the words "The Future" and "Is Now" in bold red letters.

4 Words To Choke Upon by Bullet For My Valentine hits the arena's PA System as the crowd gets out of their seats and begins to boo heavily. The big screen switches from the wording to showing various scenes of Price's career, including his TV Title win and the victory over Logan at One.

As the lead singer begins singing, Jay Price emerges through the curtain, his head and face covered by the hood of a black sweatshirt. He walks out onto the stage and stops as he looks around at the crowd from under his hood. He then takes off down the ramp toward the ring, not stopping to slap any hands or sign any autographs, choosing to remain 100% focused on the task at hand.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds, from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, he is the WCF Hardcore Champion......Jay Price.

Price reaches the ring steps and climbs them and steps through the ropes into the ring. He takes a long look at Marisa and shakes his head as he laughs and turns to the corner before climbing up to the second rope. He looks around at the crowd and then flips back his hood to reveal his grinning face as the crowd continues to massively boo him. He then unzips the sweatshirt and throws it at a nearby official before he hops out of the corner. He unhooks the Hardcore Championship from around his waist and holds it up in the air before handing it off to the waiting referee. His music cuts and the lights go back to normal as the ref walks the title over to the ropes and hands it off to another official. He walks back to the center of the ring and signals for the bell.

Zach Davis: And this match is officially underway.

Shannan Lerch (sarcastically): Oh boy.

Marisa moves in on Price...but he puts his hand up to stop her. Marisa stops in her tracks with a look of confusion on her face. Price walks over to the ropes and demands a microphone. An official at ringside scrambles to get a microphone and hands it through the ropes to Price. He turns back to Marisa and walks up to her.

Jay Price: Hit me.

Zach Davis: What?

Marisa looks around confused.

Jay Price: I said...hit me.

Marisa shrugs her shoulders and lets loose with a huge slap to the side of the face. Price lowers the microphone and turns his head to the side to spit. He raises the microphone back up.

Jay Price: Do it again.

Marisa lets loose with another big slap to the mouth. Price again spits off to the side, this time with a bit of red noticeable mixed in.

Jay Price: Thank you.

Marisa looks at him as if to say "what?"

Jay Price: Now I won't have to feel so bad for this.

Price drops the microphone onto the mat and unloads with a right to Marisa's head. Marisa stumbles back and Price hits her with a picture perfect standing dropkick that puts her on her ass. He gets back to his feet and walks toward the ropes before climbing out onto the floor.

Zach Davis: Where's he goin...oh.

Price lifts up the ring apron and begins to pull weapons out. He pulls a table out and slides it into the ring along with a steel chair.

Shannan Lerch: Son of a bitch!

Zach Davis: Shannan we're live on the air.

Shannan Lerch: I don't care! This isn't right!

Price slides back into the ring as Marisa is making her way back to her feet. Price picks the chair up and smacks it onto the ground to get her attention. Marisa tenses up and slowly turns around. Price smashes the end of the chair into her midsection doubling her over. He drops the chair to the mat and pulls her in for a ddt. He looks around at the booing crowd and grins.

Shannan Lerch: Oh he's so proud of himself.

He looks around again and then shakes his head no. He lets Marisa go and pushes her off.

Zach Davis: Maybe Price does have a conscious.

Price then kicks her stiffly in the midsection and lifts her up for the Kiladelphia Driver.

Zach Davis: ...Or not.

He positions her over top of the chair and drops her headfirst onto it with the double underhook piledriver.

Shannan Lerch: I think I'm going to puke.

Price gets back up and stares down at the lifeless body on the mat. The referee is standing beside him and begging him to end the match. Price shakes his head no and turns his attention toward the table lying nearby. He walks over to it and begins to set it up.

Zach Davis: Okay now this is going a little far. Marisa is obviously unconscious already so theres no need for a table.

Price finishes setting up the table and turns back toward Marisa. He begins to walk toward her but the referee gets in front of him and again tries to talk him out of it. Price yells at him to get out of his way and he reluctantly agrees. Price grabs Marisa's lifeless body by the head and pulls her roughly to her feet.

Shannan Lerch: Look at her! She can't even stand on her own.

Price pulls her in and snaps off an exploder suplex that puts her through the table.

Zach Davis: Seth's in the hospital so there's nobody here that can talk any sense into Price. Shannan you dated him why don't you try to talk to him?

Shannan Lerch: Why don't you try to talk to him Zach? After all, you are a man.

Zach Davis: Nah I'm good.

Price stands back up and grabs the microphone from off of the mat.

Jay Price: Creeps I know you're watching this match right now and I hope to god that you're watching closely.

Price drops the microphone and grabs Marisa by the hair and pulls her up before locking in the rear naked choke.

Zach Davis: Nightmare On South Street!

Price falls to the ground as he keeps the hold locked in and grapevines his legs around her body. The referee doesn't even wait to check on Marisa as he signals for the bell to end this match.

Shannan Lerch: Finally!

Four Words To Choke Upon hits as Price gets to his feet with the same cocky grin as always on his face. The referee grabs the Hardcore Title from the ringside official and goes to hand it to Price but Price shakes his head. He demands the referee put the belt on his waist and he reluctantly does so as the crowd boos unmercifully. Once the belt is on his waist Price takes one last look at Marisa and climbs out of the ring and heads up the ramp before disappearing backstage.

Brandon "Kaos" Davis Segment

The scene opens backstage near the locker room of Brandon "Kaos" Davis, which is quite fascinating. Kaos and his "new" body guard Jack Jackson are standing in the hallway. Both men are seen talking back and forth looking a little on edge waiting for someone. With no obvious signs of leaving any time soon, a backstage interviewed decides to go over and see what's going on, and why and whom they are waiting for.

Chester Taylor: Hi, Brandon, It's me Mr. Taylor. I have a few questions before you big debut tonight, and I want to know if your willing to answer some for me?

Brandon Davis: Well, I have time. I am actually sitting here awaiting someone, someone from WCF to made their way down this very hallway. You see, no-one is accepting my challenge for a PPV at Timebomb, or the very next show. So I am gonna make someone accept mine!

Chester Taylor: Well, I hate to break it to you Sir, But really don't you think your a little out of control? I mean you just walked into WCF and now your demanding matches. Maybe the superstars of WCF don't think it's worth it!

Both men look at each other and then back at Chester Taylor. After a brief silence Jack and Brandon start laughing historically as Chester Taylor sits there and wonder why they are laughing so hard at something that wasn't funny, and when Chester Taylor was about to leave, Brandon Davis grabs his T-Shirt and pulls him back!

Brandon Davis: Wait, your staying here, We need a camera crew here for this!

Chester Taylor: For what Sir?

Brandon Davis and Jack Jackson decide to grab ahold of Chester Taylor and point to the camera crew to follow them or else into someone's locker room. A man is seen there lacing up his boats. A man no one has ever seen because he is only a jobber, someone that comes and fills up time for dark matches. Davis walks over to him and kicks him off the bench. The man goes flying into the lockers as Jack laughs at him.

Jack Johnson: Beat his ass B. Break him down!

Chester Taylor: This isn't the way to get noticed!

Brandon goes back over to the fallen wrestling then picks him up and drops him on the bench with his yelling in pain from the move, Davis then pulls this man up and grabs his head and bashes it against the locker room door, After about five times of bashing his head, blood came puring out then that's when Brandon Davis went nuts! Davis pulled out a "ice pick" from his sock..

Chester Taylor: What the hell is he planing on doing...?

Jack Johnson: Well, your about to see now, and Remember, this can happen to anyone, at any time!

Brandon Davis begins to stab away at the forehead of the Wrestler, instantly opening the wound. All while still holding onto his microphone. As the blood came gushing out, Davis looked back at Chester Davis and started to smile as he talked!

Brandon Davis: You see, What I can do? Now, Am I making my self clear here? Any one from WCF, I don't care if it's anyone that is currently on both busy or not. I want a answer, or every show until I get one, I will tear apart one man.

Chester Taylor: You psychotic Davis, and you need medical attention! Look at that man, he's passed out, and we need to get him medical attention now!

Brandon Davis tells Jack Johnson to hold his mouth shut as he tries to break free to get help!

Brandon Davis: There, that should shut you up for the time being... Now onto what I was going to say. You see folks I realized something, and that something is, well... You see I am a especially psychotic when someone don't listen to me, They get their ass handed to them, then their blood is MINE! And as for the newest rookie here, I might add, here in the WCF... Except for, I am not, at least in my own eyes because well, apparently I am here, and here to stay. Chester you stupied fool, I am no rookie, would a rookie pull off something like this back here and get away with it? No!, And I just did, Let's go Jack, I think we need to find us a "Retarted Bastard" to handle next.

Brandon Davis and Jack Jackson leave the locker room a bloody mess. Chester Taylor quickly goes over to the fallen superstar as the door slams behind him. He reaches back his pocket and pulls out a cell phone, and then outside, Jack and Brandon go looking for someone again as the cameras fade to the next match awaiting them outside at the ring side area. Jack and Brandon go watch as the men make their way to the ring..

Oblivion/El Angel Oscuro/Abril vs The HellRaisers/Fort Knox

The lights go out, in the arena. White strobe lights begin to flash, in the arena...

In the name of God by Slayer begins to play. Smoke fills the entrance stage and ramp. The crowd begins to cheer and boo. But, the crowd, near the entrance way stand up and rush the security railings.

I want to
Invite you
Welcome you
To my hate
To my scorn
To myself
Saturate you
Infest you
Betray you
Stimulate you
So eager for my lies

Oblivion starts to walk through the smoke. There is a mixture of boos and cheers. the Society follow behind. Mini Ace and Gerard begin to skip around and slam dance. They begin to thrash around. Melissa continues to skip, but with a scowl, as she chews her gum. Abril is holding onto Oblivion's right arm. Walking behind them is, The Dark Angel. Once they got to ringside, Mini Ace and Gerard slide into the ring. They run all over the ring.

For my lies... Lies

Lies in the name of God

I take you
I play you
Invade you
Lacerate you
I scar your
Masticate you
Ingest you
Become you
I fill your emptiness

Melissa and Dark Angel walks around the ring, the right way. Oblivion and Abril walks to the left. Oblivion and Abril slides under the ring. Abril walks over to Oblivion. They walk to the center, of the ring. The Dark Angel walks over to a corner. Melissa continues to skip around the ring.

Mini Ace and Gerard runs towards Oblivion and Abril. After slamming his hands on the turnbuckles Dark Angel, jumps down and walks over to everyone else. Melissa continue to skip around. With Oblivion in the center, of the ring, Abril on his right side. Mini Ace and Gerard are standing in front of them. The Dark Angel is standing on Oblivion's left side. Melissa is still skipping around.

With my lies... Lies

Lies in the name of God
In this world of shit I exist
Perfect world conforms I resist
Disconnect the nerves from the spine
Desecrate the walls of the mind
Through these eyes no love is alive
Through these eyes unrest never dies
Through these lies compassion is lost
Through these lies await the Ungod
Antichrist is the name of God

Zach Davis: Here is Oblivion aka Ace Slaughter and his Society. This is El Angel Oscuro's debut match.

Lords of Destruction by Black Label Society blasts thru the arena. No special lights, no pyro. Both men walk slowly to the ring, step over the top rope and are ready for the match.

Shannan Lerch: A no frills entrance for the HellRaisers.. they aren't a complicated team, they're just straight up ass kickers.

The lights go out and gold dollar signs flash about as Birdman ft Lil Wayne - Get your shine on plays and Fort Knox comes up from a hole in the stage covered with golden fireworks. (IE like the Brood's entrance from back in the day). Fort Knox comes out wearing black shades. Knox is wearing gold chains around his neck and is wearing a gold Rolex watch and bracelet. He has a gold ring on each finger and when he holds to up to the camera they spell FORT KNOX. As he walks past Shannan, he pulls down his shades and winks at her.

Zach Davis: Here is Fort Knox! He attacked Melissa last week.. if I was him, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near Oblivion.

Shannan Lerch: And.. he.. winked at me? I don't know what to think, Zach!

He then goes into the ring and poses as golden fireworks shoot off from the ring post. He then hands his gold to the ringside person and tells them not to lose his gold. He then puts on his gloves and gets ready to fight.

El Angel Oscuro starts the match, as does Jason Hodge. They tie up. Hodge gets the upper hand, forcing Angel into the turnbuckle. The ref calls for a break, but before moving away, Hodge slaps Angel in the face. Angel responds with kicking him right in the gut!, he doubles over. Angel then throws Hodge to the ropes and hits a Spinebuster!

Zach Davis: For being his first match, El Angel Oscuro looks good in there!

Angel goes for the pin.



Hodge kicks out of it. Angel responds by locking in an STF!

Shannan Lerch: One of the most effective moves in wrestling!

Bane gets into the ring and kicks El Angel Oscuro off. This brings Oblivion into the ring, naturally. Oblivion spins Bane around and DDTs him to the mat, and then grabs Hodge and drops him with a Cradle Piledriver! The crowd is on their feet, booing. Oblivion starts stomping at both members of the HellRaisers.

Zach Davis: Ace Slaughter went to being one of the most popular members of the WCF to one of the most hated as Oblivion.

Eventually Oblivion leaves the ring, and Bane rolls out, once again leaving El Angel Oscuro and Hodge. Angel tags Oblivion in.

Shannan Lerch: Oblivion just couldn't wait to get in on the action, and here he comes again.

Oblivion picks Hodge up and into the Vertical Suplex position, letting him hang there for several moments... and then drops him with a Brainbuster! He goes to pin.



Oblivion gets up before the three count, causing the crowd to boo.

Zach Davis: Now why the hell did he do that?

Oblivion picks Hodge up and tosses him to Bane, telling Bane to get in the ring. Bane tags Hodge and does just that. Bane runs at him and goes for a Clothesline but Oblivion ducks it and hits him with a Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere!

Shannan Lerch: Look at that!

Oblivion pins Bane!



No, again Oblivion gets up, still not done! Oblivion picks Bane up and throws him to the ropes... and then executes the Black Hole!

Zach Davis: Come on, this has to be it!

Oblivion pins Bane once more.




Shannan Lerch: What?!

The crowd cheers out of shock! Oblivion didn't expect it, either.

Zach Davis: We still haven't seen Abril or Fort Knox enter this match, maybe its time!

Oblivion tags in Abril, and as he does, Bane dives and tags in Knox! Abril and Knox meet in the middle of the ring, trading blows with one another!

Shannan Lerch: This whole thing started when Knox started attacking Abril.. and it eventually moved onto Slaughter and the Society. Knox is what lead Slaughter to becoming Oblivion!

Abril gets the upper hand and throws Knox to the ropes. As he's coming back she hits him with a Back Bodydrop. He gets back up and she grabs him, but he knees her in the gut, breaking it up. He then runs at her and hits a Rocker Dropper!

Zach Davis: Beautiful move, this could be it..

Knox looks like he's about to pin her.. but no! He just keeps stomping her and smiling at Oblivion as he does, yelling at him. Oblivion of course starts getting into the ring, but the ref stops him and the two begin arguing. This gives Knox the chance to start choking Abril.

Shannan Lerch: Knox, breaking the rules.. choking a woman!? This guy... he's the worst. I swear.

Once he's done, he backs up and lets Abril climb to her feet on her own. Once she's up he goes for a Superkick!

Zach Davis: Nice move-

But no! Abril ducks it and takes Knox down with a Double Arm DDT! The crowd is on their feet as she pins him!



NO! Knox kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: CLOSE!

Abril picks Knox up and hits him a few times before climbing to the top rope..

Zach Davis: She may be going for her patented Missile Dropkick!

Indeed, Abril flies off with a Missile Dropkick, but Knox sidesteps her and she hits nothing but mat! He quickly takes in Jason Hodge. Hodge comes in and Abril kicks him in the gut and hits her Cradle Piledriver! She pins him!



Oblivion and El Angel Oscuro make sure no one breaks up the pin attempt..


Shannan Lerch: The Society wins it!

But before anyone can celebrate, Knox is in the ring and low blows Oblivion from behind. Not only that, but he quickly grabs Oblivion's mask!

Zach Davis: What the-

Knox rips Oblivion's mask off! Oblivion quickly covers his head and no one can see anything. Abril and El Angel Oscuro quickly help him as Fort Knox escapes the ring, laughing. Knox grabs a mic.

Fort Knox: Hey Oblivion! If you want this mask you're going to have to come to Dallas and get it, you bastard!

Knox leaves as the Society helps Oblivion.

Shannan Lerch: Oblivion is going to be even more pissed off than ever.. I don't know if that was very smart of Knox!

Torture vs Chris Avery

Home by Three Days Grace hits and Torture makes his way slowly out from behind the curtain onto the stage. The crowd boos heavily. Torture walks down the ramp and into the ring where he stands in the corner.

Zach Davis: This is a crazy one on one match up. They've never had to square off like this.

Shannan Lerch: Well Torture admitted he was behind the whole Tank and Avery split! And to be honest, Zach, that pisses me off!

Zach Davis: It definitely saddens me.

Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolf hits the speakers and the crowd goes crazy. Chris Avery walks down the ramp in the most serious attitude we've ever seen him in. Avery rolls into the ring as the music stops. The crowd is awaiting this good ol' fashioned brawl!

Zach Davis: Avery means business! This is pure hatred now!

Shannan Lerch: Oh man! I can't wait!

Torture stays put in the corner and the ref in the middle of the ring demands for the bell to be sounded. Avery in the opposite corner looks at Torture with fire in his eyes. Torture and his cocky ol' smirk. The two men circle the ring and the crowds anticipation is at an all time high. The two men step close to each other when Fireworks explode on the stage! Both men stop. Sympathy by Non Divine plays and the crowd has a mixed reaction as Tank Reaper comes angrily walking down the ring. Tank walks down the ramp and stands up to the apron and steps over the top rope. Torture looks confused with Tank hits a big boot right on Torture! The crowd goes crazy!

Zach Davis: OH YEAH!


The bell rings and Torture is given the win by DQ. Nobody cares though. The crowd stands in appreciation. Torture is damn near out could as Tank looks downward at Torture. Chris Avery is shocked, however, and stands near him. Avery pats Tank on the back and tries to motion a few words to him.

Zach Davis: Is this the reunion we wanted?!

Shannan Lerch: I think so! TRUTH ADDICTION BABY!

Tank turns around and smiles. Tank picks up Avery by the throat with both hands and tosses Avery backwards over the top rope to the outside! Everyone in the arena gasps!

Zach Davis: WHAT? WHY? WHY? WHY?

Tank steps over the top rope and to the outside. Avery tries getting up and Tank helps him to his feet momentarily before throwing him into the ring post. Avery slams on the mats where Tank picks him up and throws him into the apron back first and chokes him. Tank gets in Avery's face. "YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE MY BEST FRIEND!! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO HAVE MY BACK!! WHY WAS I INJURED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!"


Shannan Lerch: Easy, Zach! Easy! Tank was our friend too!

Avery tries saying some words but Tank head butts him in the skull, and then throws him into the guardrail. Tank then picks up Avery and throws him into the ring! Torture is gone now. He must have made himself up the ramp. Tank rolls into the ring where he picks up Avery by the throat from the ring mats straight into the air and slams him down as hard as he can! A thunderous two-handed chokeslam from the seven foot five monster from Canada!

Zach Davis: Oh god!

Shannan Lerch: Avery is out!

Tanks lips are shaking, his fists are balled up..

Zach Davis: We're.. going to a commercial..

Shannan Lerch: My god.

Johnny Reb vs Jake Keeton

The lights dim, a hush fills the arena and a mixed reaction of mostly cheers billows from the crowd as "Still Unbroken" by Lynyrd Skynyrd hits the PA. Jake Keeton slowly emerges through the curtains with his full attention focused on the upcoming match. He walks down the ramp barely acknowledging the fans as he steps into the ring and begins to stretch.

Zach Davis: Keeton in the ring awaiting his opponent..

The opening chords of "Bad Company" by Bad Company filter through the arena. The stage and the surrounding area go dark. As the actual lyrics begin, blue lights illuminate a figure dressed in a grey Confederate frock coat and an officer's slouch hat.

Always on the run.

He steps out onto the ramp and the stage lights return to normal.

Is the rising sun.

Johnny’s appearance draws a mixed reaction from the crowd, with about half the fans solidly behind him.

I was born 6-gun in my hand,
Behind a gun, I make my final stand.

The Inveterate Confederate starts down the ramp, slowly, and pauses halfway down.

That's why they call me...

Suddenly, a fountain of pyros erupts behind him to coincide with the change in the song's tempo. Johnny raises his hands and lifts his head, making a beckoning motion, reveling in the crowd’s attentions, favorable or not.

Bad Company. And I can't deny,
Bad Company, til the day I die.

Reb lowers his arms and continues toward the ring.

Rebel souls.
Deserters we are called,
Chose a gun
And threw away the sun.

Now these towns,
They all know our name.
6-gun sound...
Is our claim to fame.

Johnny walks up the steel steps. He stalks to the far corner and climbs onto the second turnbuckle, posing for the crowd.

I can hear them say..
Bad Company, and I won’t deny.
Bad. Bad Company, til the day I die.

The music fades away as Johnny hops off the turnbuckle and removes the hat and coat.

Shannan Lerch: Johnny Reb! a Former World Champion and former Tag Team Champions as well!

Reb and Keeton square off as the bell sounds and they tie up! Keeton gets the advantage and shoves Reb to the ropes! Reb just springboards off the ropes into a moonsault towards hte center of the ring, Keeton runs underneath and hits the ropes just as Reb lands on his feet. Keeton jumps for a frankensteiner, but Reb lets Keeton land on his back on the mat then lifts him back up and tosses him back so Keeton flies forward to the ropes and lands on the top rope, grabs balance in a split second and jumps back, but Reb catches him on on top of his shoulders and Keeton reacts as if he's in trouble! Reb then falls backwards and Keeton lands hard on the mats! Reb gets to his feet and Keeton tries his best to get up holding his back. The crowd starts to applaud for the high flying theatrics!

Zach Davis: Reb and Keeton going toe to toe!

Reb runs over to the corner where Keeton was but Keeton hits a drop toe hold and Reb nails face first into the middle turnbuckle and stays put. Keeton stands up, runs up the back of Reb like a ladder and springs backwards into a moonsault and lands in the center of the ring, Reb quickly gets up, turns around and walks right into a running clothesline take down from Keeton! Reb goes down but gets back up just as Keeton does so Keeton hits the ropes and goes for a head scissor take down, but Reb holds on to it and Keeton realizes it and grabs the top rope keeping his legs locked onto Rebs head. Reb takes the legs of Keeton and throws them off of his shoulders and Keeton floats over the top rope to the apron and lands. Reb goes for a punch but Keeton ducks and hits a mid-section shoulder hit through the ropes. Reb bends down and Keeton launches himself into the air, floats over Reb and latches on from behind and quickly hits a German Suplex! Keeton bridges for the pinfall! One! Two! Reb gets a shoulder up and both men get to their feet! Reb holds the back of his head and stands in the corner as Keeton smiles and taunts to the crowd.

Shannan Lerch: Wow! Keeton flexing his muscle against Johnny Reb!

Zach Davis: I agree. Keeton is looking mighty strong against Reb right now.

Keeton and Reb run at each other with everything they got! They both hit a shoulder tackle on each other and go down! They both stand to their feet and run at each other with a dropkick where both men kick each others feet, and land on the mat! They both stand up and hit a double clothesline on each other! Both men get back up and run and hit a cross body on each other and both men land awkward! They both roll around holding their bodies and stand back up in the corners when the fans of Wrestling Championship Federation begin to cheer for the even contest. Reb walks out of the corner and stretches his neck and his arms as Keeton follows suit and keeping an eye on the former World Champion.

Zach Davis: Holy Chicago! I've never seen two go at it like this!

Shannan Lerch: Reb and Keeton are trying to get the upper hand but both have the advantage!

They tie up once more and Reb gets a headlock but Keeton shoves him off towards the ropes and Reb holds onto the ropes and Keeton was quick to move to a strong stance just in case.. and both men walk around the ring one more time. Keeton ties up with Reb one more time and Keeton locks on an armbar and stretches it behind Rebs back. Reb ducks through the ropes and the ref breaks it a part.

Zach Davis: The Former World Champion has enough experience to understand how to get out of holds in the ring.

Shannan Lerch: If Cairo were here he'd tell us Reb has amazing ring awareness..

Zach Davis: Vintage Cairo, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: Thanks.

Reb turns around and Keeton clotheslines Reb over the top rope to the mats below! Keeton grabs the top rope and awaits the shocked Reb to get up. Once he does, Keeton springboards to the top rope and falls with a splash right on Reb! Keeton gets up and the crowd responds fairly well for Keeton! Keeton picks up Reb and throws him into the ring. Reb stands up and goes to hit the ropes but Reb bounces off the ropes and gets nailed with a spinning heel kick from Keeton! Keeton makes the cover! One! Two! No. Keeton picks up Reb and throws him into the corner. Keeton hits a few punches and kicks before throwing him to the opposite corner! Keeton runs and leaps in the air but Reb catches him and drops his groin across his knee. Reb then hits a quick clothesline sending Keeton down. Reb walks over and grabs the legs for a Boston Crab but Keeton kicks out of it and grabs the bottom rope. Reb smiles and backs away as Keeton rolls to the apron. Reb ducks out of the ring just as Keeton rolls off the apron and takes a breather. Reb hits a clothesline to the back of Keeton and he goes down hard!

Zach Davis: Reb will take the match to wherever it goes! He'll fight on the outside or the inside!

Shannan Lerch: We've seen countless fights from Reb! With Torture, Dake Ken, and even with his storied rivalry with Doc Henry, we definately know Reb can fight!

Zach Davis: Take nothing away from Keeton!

Reb throws Keeton into the ring and slides in as well. Reb grabs Keeton and hits a kick to the back of Keeton before turning him around and slapping on the Sweet Water Sleeper! Keeton reaches up but Reb yanks him back down and locks that Sleeper on tighter! Keeton is in the middle of the ring and reaching for the ropes with his hands but he can't even reach with his legs and Reb yells out as he wrenches it on even more! The ref is asking if Keeton wants to give up! Keeton uses all of his energy to kick backwards and it hits Reb in the head! Reb breaks the hold and Keeton rolls backwards kicking Reb right under the chin and sending Reb backwards and giving time for Keeton to get to his feet. The crowd is behind Keeton for the moment and he hits the ropes and Reb stops his momentum with a knee to the face! Keeton goes down and Reb makes the cover!




Shannan Lerch: Only a two count for Reb! Keeton got a shoulder up!

Reb picks up Keeton and goes for a DDT but Keeton Northern Lights Suplexes Reb over and bridges with the pin! ONE! TWO!


Shannan Lerch: ANOTHER close count! My god!

Zach Davis: These two might be more evenly matched than one could anticipate!

Reb gets to his feet first but as he nears Keeton, he gets rolled up! Keeton has Reb pinned!

One! Two!

Kickout! Reb gets to his feet and shoves the ref as if he had something to do with it. Reb turns around and Keeton hits a mean enziguri right to the face! Reb goes down hard! Keeton notices a chance and climbs the top rope! Keeton signals for the end! Keeton hits the Thrillbilly Deluxe!!! OH! WAIT! REB PUT UP HIS KNEES! Keeton bends over in pain in the middle of the ring and Reb gets up and hits a double arm DDT right in the middle of the ring! Reb turns Keeton over and hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT!



Zach Davis: This Crowd is behind it! Listen to them!


Reb picks up Keeton but Keeton fights back! Punches after punches! Keeton hits a dropkick sending Reb back into the guardrail! Keeton runs and hits an elbow and then bounces to the ropes once Reb stumbles out and hits a lariat! Keeton just hit the Buy One Get One Free! Keeton bounces around the ring feeling the crowds energy! Reb gets up and Keeton hits the Sin With A Grin!

Zach Davis: OH MY! ITS OVER!

Keeton pins Reb!

Zach Davis: ONE!

Shannan Lerch: TWO!


Shannan Lerch: WOW! Reb kicked up at the last possible second!

Keeton looks drained and gets to his feet. But suddenly Doc Henry has come waltzing out from the back!

Zach Davis: What is the Television Champion doing here?

Shannan Lerch: You know damn well. Reb is his partner, and Keeton is his enemy... makes sense.

Keeton turns his attention towards Henry. Henry yells some trash talk at him, and Keeton yells back. He's about to turn back to Reb, but Reb rolls Keeton up from behind!




Zach Davis: WHAT?!

The crowd pops! Reb has done it! Reb quickly rolls out of the ring as his music starts playing. Keeton gets to his feet, livid!

Shannan Lerch: Johnny Reb has defeated the undefeated Jake Keeton!

Keeton is storming around the ring, angry. Reb and Henry laugh and go up the stage together.

Zach Davis: The New Confederacy has stolen a win here.. again! Between this and earlier tonight.. argh.

Shannan Lerch: They're certainly back in full force, Zach.

Keeton is yelling at Henry that he's going to take his Title away next week. We go to the back.

Jay Price/Steve Thunder Segment

Before Steve Thunder's match we see him lacing up his boots backstage. Jay Price enters.

Jay Price: Are you Steve Thunder?

Steve finishes lacing up the boots, then stands up and turns to Jay.

Steve Thunder: Yes, that's me.

Jay Price is holding the Hardcore Title over his shoulder. He adjusts it, mostly to show it off.

Jay Price: The names Jay Price, or as most people call me, The Future. Then again I'm sure you already know that, seeing as how I am a big deal around here.

Steve rolls his eyes, but Jay doesn't notice.

Jay Price: You see Steve, if there's one thing Seth has done right in WCF it's that he's recognized that I'm the best that he's got, and he's behind me 100%. And because of all that, tonight he's asked me to do him a little favor. And that favor is going to benefit you quite nicely, Thunder.

Jay begins to walk around Thunder's locker room, looking around at things as he continues to talk.

Jay Price: You aren't too big a fan of Hector Rodriguez, are you?

Steve Thunder: You could say that, yeah.

Jay Price: Well neither am I. Now see this is why I'm here talking to you. Seth has asked me to find someone to put into the United States Title match at Timebomb.

Price turns around to face Thunder and walks up to him, face to face.

Jay Price: Someone that can GUARENTEE that Hector Rodriguez will not walk out of Timebomb as the United States champion.

Steve Thunder: Well Jay, you're looking at him. I haven't been in WCF too long, I admit, but I'd love a chance at that belt.. and even moreso, I'd love the chance to take it from Hector Rodriguez after what he did to me last week.

Jay Price: That's all I needed to hear. So do we got a deal?

Steve Thunder: We sure do.

Price and Thunder shake hands. Price nods to him as he turns to leave.

Jay Price: Good luck out there. I expect big things from you, Thunder.

Steve Thunder: So do I.

Fade to black.

Hector Rodriguez Segment

"Hit 'Em Up" by Lil Wayne starts playing on the arena speakers and the crowd instantly comes alive with boos.

Shannan Lerch: Oh no, not Hector Rodriguez.

Zach Davis: More like oh no, it's JJ. She's the one that does all the talking while he breaks bones.

Out from the back walks Hector Rodriguez with JJ's arm wrapped around his. Hector stands at the top of the ramp and rubs the front of the US title strapped around his waist aind points out at the crowd, inciting them even more. Not far behind Hector and JJ are the pair of Adrian and Phobeya.

Shannan Lerch: Well, here comes the only reason Hector is coming out on top, no matter if it's in the ring or out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Even though he has lost a match or two while with MS-13, Hector still always comes out on top with these two at ringside. Even former world champions Torture and Creeping Death couldn't get the last laugh on Hector.

The four MS-13 members walk down the ramp. Hector stops at the ramp and points across ringside at one corner. JJ, Adrian and Phobeya follow him over and the camera pans to show a group of Hispanic people holding up the MS-13 gang sign, the upside down metal salute

Shannan Lerch: Oh no, this is definitely not going to be good for Steve Thunder and Ace Garrison if Hector has even more gang members at his beck and call.

Hector walks up and the gang members in the crowd reach over and pat him on the back and hug him. JJ walks up and is embraced by the people at ringside while Adrian and Phobeya reach over and pound the extended fists of those that reach towards them. Finally Hector, Adrian and Phobeya turn and walk up the nearby ring steps. JJ reaches out towards the timekeeper who hands her a microphone. JJ turns and walks up the ring steps and steps through the ropes held open by Hector. Hector walks over to the center of the ring and stands in the middle with Adrian and Phobeya on either side, all three men holding up MS-13 gang signs as the music keeps playing. JJ climbs one of the turnbuckles and lifts the mic to a chorus of boos.

JJ: Cut the music!

The music dies down and the lights come completely back up as Hector, Adrian and Phobeya stop posing.

JJ: It is an honor to be standing in the ring with not only the FUTURE of WCF, but the man who represents all you filthy gringos in the crowd as YOUR UNITED STATES CHAMPION...HECTOR RODRIGUEZ!!

The boos are almost deafening as the four members of MS-13 in the ring all smile wickedly at the crowd's reaction. The MS-13 members in the crowd turn around and start yelling at the people around them. Members of security start walking out from the back and are posted at ringside. JJ notices this and points at them.

JJ: I love how security comes out because there's a lot of Hispanic people in the crowd. If we were white people here in the ring, you'd be back in the back enjoying your coffee and doughnuts.

Shannan Lerch: Or maybe it's because they were watching last week when MS-13 beat up my brother. I hope security itches for trouble and bashes their skulls in.

JJ: That's the problem with this company. They think the problem is people like Hector Rodriguez and Mara Salvatrucha.

Hoops and hollers and Spanish phrases come from the MS-13 members at ringside.

JJ: The problem is the rampant racism and sexism in this company. Anastasia Petrova is the perfect example of sexism here in WCF.

The crowd starts cheering at the mention of the beautiful Miss Petrova.

JJ: What did people say after Hector Rodriguez attacked her last week? Hank Brown was politically correct and didn't address the unprovoked attack on a woman, but other people did. Wrestlers in the back, the press was also bad about it. Even on the Internet dirt sheets and on the Wrestling Championship Federation message boards, people were badmouthing MS-13 for attacking a woman. A woman who has been wrestling in WCF for months. Every week, no matter if she wins or loses, she is constantly physically attacked by a man, but it isn't until Hector Rodriguez attacks her that her gender is brought up. Why is that? Because you filthy American gringos are a bunch of racist bastards.

Chants of "wetback" are heard coming from ringside. JJ's eyes light up as she turns to the source of it. The crowd pops as the cameras focus in on Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and a few members of the offensive line. JJ grins as she turns to the Dallas Cowboys.

JJ: Well, well, well...if it isn't the NFL team of the Dallas Cowboys. Hey guys, how did you like choking in the playoffs last season?

The crowd starts booing while the Dallas Cowboys start talking trash. Adrian and Phobeya stand over at the ropes and lean over, yelling at them.

JJ: That's not a surprise to me because I hear that only two things come from Texas...

Zach Davis: Yeah as if we haven't heard this one before...

JJ: Steers and QUEERS!!

The crowd boos even more. Adrian and Phobeya climb out of the ring and start talking more trash to the Cowboys.

JJ: Whoa, whoa whoa guys. Hold up. Get back in the ring.

Adrian and Phobeya aren't even listening as they step even closer. JJ turns and notices that Hector isn't in the ring either.

Shannan Lerch: Hey, what the hell is Hector doing?

Zach Davis: He's grabbing a chair.

Sure enough, Hector shoves the timekeeper out of his chair and Hector grabs the chair. Hector calmly walks over to where the Cowboys are arguing with Adrian and Phobeya. At the last second one of the other football players notices and yells something. Everyone turns but it's too late as Hector jumps forward and drills Tony Romo with a vicious chair shot. Chaos erupts in the area as the football players jump the railing and start fighting with Adrian, Phobeya, and Hector. The MS-13 members across ringside jump their railing and reach the Cowboys just as security comes down and starts trying to break it up. MS-13 members are brawling with the Dallas Cowboys.

Security slowly starts pulling people apart when "4 Words To Choke Upon" by Bullet For My Valentine hits the speaker and everyone stops and turns to the entrance as Jay Price walks out from the back with a microphone in hand.

Shannan Lerch: What the hell is Jay Price doing out here?

Jay Price: Hector what's up buddy, how you been?

Hector Rodriguez gets an angry look on his face and spits on the ground as he stares up the ramp at Jay Price.

Jay Price: Look I'm out here for one reason and one reason only. Seth Lerch, my buddy and your boss, has asked me to take care of some business concerning you and your recent actions.

JJ lifts her mic again and speaks.

JJ: Hey white boy, no one asked you to get invol---

Jay Price: Shut your mouth you dirty little skank. As a matter of fact, production, cut her mic. Seth Lerch has put me in his place tonight.

JJ goes to talk again but finds that her mic is cut off. She jumps out of the ring and acts like she's going after Jay Price, but Hector grabs her arm and holds her back.

Jay Price: Now that that's settled, I have news for you Hector. News regarding your match next week at Timebomb. Your US title will no longer be on the line against Anastasia Petrova.

The crowd boos. Hector smiles.

Jay Price: Yeah, yeah. I'm about to wipe that smile off your face, Hector. Your US title will STILL be on the line next week...only you're gonna be facin TWO people in a triple threat match. The first you of course already know is Anastasia Petrova. As for the other, well I'm pretty sure you know him quite well Hector. At Timebomb it's going to be Hector Rodriguez vs Anastasia Petrova vs......STEVE THUNDER.

The crowd pops. Both Hector and JJ get pissed off and start yelling at Jay Price. Jay Price turns as if he's leaving but stops and turns back to Hector and JJ.

Jay Price: You know Seth only wanted me to come out and announce that addition to your match, but I think after what we just witnessed before I came out here something else needs to be done to your US title match. I'm sure that after seeing this live from his hospital bed that Seth won't mind either. This will not be an ordinary US title match. Since you like to have your little MS-13 buddies at ringside with you, I think we need to add something to this match. We need to add...a special guest referee. And that man is none other than the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys...TONY ROMO!

The crowd cheers like crazy and Hector is livid at ringside. Tony Romo is clutching his head and he holds up an arm to the crowd who cheers even louder. Tony turns and points to Hector who is glaring at him from over the top of the security guards.

Jay Price: Now, I have one more thing to do here. Security, I want you to escort the MS-13 members who were in the crowd OUT of the building and then escort the Mr. Romo and his friends back to my suite where we have a wide variety of liquor....and women, waiting.

"4 Words to Choke Upon" by Bullet For My Valentine hits the speakers as Jay Price walks to the back. Security eventually escorts MS-13 and the Dallas Cowboys from ringside. Hector climbs back into the ring and seethes in the middle as he awaits his tag team partner in the ring.

Steve Thunder/Ace Garrison vs Hector Rodriguez/Trent Townsend

The lights go completely black except for a red light coming from the entrance as Junkie by Ozzy Osbourne plays. Trent Townsend steps onto the ramp raising both arms and taunting the crowd. He slowly walks down the ramp rolling under the bottom rope taking the right turn buckle first and then the left one. He jumps in the middle of the ring taking off his jacket and ready for action.

Zach Davis: It was earlier today when Hector Rodriguez said that Trent would get no help from him in this match as he didn't even want to be in the match in the first place.

Shannan Lerch: Well, I'm sure that Trent will have an even worse time with Hector as a tag team partner after all the chaos that just happened with Hector a minute ago and what Jay Price did with his US title match.

"Control" by Puddle of Mudd hits the speaker system. The speaker brushes aside and Ace Garrison appears onto the stage. He stands there for a moment and looks amongst the fans. He smirks before making his way down the ramp. Ace walks up the ring steps, wipes his feet on the mat, and enters through the middle rope. He quickly walks towards the farthest corner and climbs up it. Once again, he looks amongst the crowd before smirking and jumping down.

Shannan Lerch: Well, Ace Garrison is not on a roll here in WCF so far. He's lost his first two matches and he could very well lose a third one in a row as he's across the ring from US champion Hector Rodriguez who has MS-13 gang members at ringside with him.

Zach Davis: It's a survival just making it out of a match with Hector Rodriguez these days without taking a trip to the hospital. Your brother knows this first hand.

"Down with the Sickness" by Disturbed hits, and out comes Steve Thunder! He heads to the ring.

Zach Davis: The thing about Ace Garrison's losing streak thus far is thanks to this man. In a singles match and then last week in a tag team match, now Ace finally has a chance to end his streak thanks to the man who has been causing it.

Shannan Lerch: WCF is so chaotic at times!

The referee signals for the belt as Hector Rodriguez and Ace Garrison step towards the middle of the ring. Trent Townsend and Steve Thunder get on the apron in their respective corners. Hector immediately starts the match off with a huge clothesline from hell right off the bat.

Shannan Lerch: Wow! Hector hasn't pulled that out at the first of the match in a while. He's definitely pissed off, taking it out on Ace Garrison.

Hector steps back and lets Ace Garrison get up but floors him again with a big boot. Hector jumps on Ace Garrison and starts pounding away at his head with right fists until the referee pulls him off of him. Hector grabs Ace Garrison as he starts to get up and lifts him up and tosses him into his own corner back first. Ace looks over at Steve Thunder who slaps Ace's arm and tags himself in. The crowd cheers as Steve Thunder looks around. Hector stands in the center gesturing for him to get in the ring with an evil smile on his face.

Zach Davis: What does Hector have in mind?

Steve Thunder steps into the ring and immediately ducks as he is quick enough to see Hector going for a clothesline from hell. Steve turns and kicks Hector in the gut and DDTs him to the mat. Hector gets up and goes after Steve Thunder again. Steve ducks once more and turns to get Hector but is met with a side kick out of nowhere which puts him to the mat.

Shannan Lerch: Wow, never seen Hector do that move before!

Steve Thunder seems surprised too as he gets up. Hector pushes him against the ropes and irish whips him across the ring. Hector falls to the mat and Steve Thunder jumps over his prone body and bounces off the ropes again. Hector catches him on the way back, turns with him and nails a big spinebuster in the middle of the ring.

Zach Davis: Despite the fact that Hector has been here for over half a month, he's normally facing guys as big if not bigger than him. For once, he's facing two guys that are way smaller and so far he's looking good against them.

Shannan Lerch: Well he is known for taking his anger and frustrations and turning them into raw power in the ring. It's hard to get under his skin.

Hector gets up and irish whips Steve Thunder into the turnbuckle. Hector runs across the ring with a full head of steam. Steve Thunder rolls out of the way causing Hector to crash into the turnbuckle and stumble back. Steve Thunder runs and bounces off the middle rope hitting a big springboard dropkick putting down the US champion. Steve Thunder tags in Ace Garrison who climbs into the ring. Hector gets up and goes for a clothesline from Steve Thunder but doesn't notice Ace in the ring. Steve ducks the clothesline and Hector runs right into a pair of boots from Ace Garrison as he nails him with a dropkick. Hector bounces back and tags in Trent Townsend who gives Hector a "are you serious" look. Trent rolls his eyes as he climbs into the ring. Steve Thunder gets out on the apron. Ace Garrison walks up to Trent Townsend. Trent Townsend jabs him right in the eye causing the referee to get in his face. Trent kicks Ace in the stomach before he can react and suplexes him to the mat. Trent quickly bounces up and picks Ace up and snap suplexes him to the mat. Trent rolls backwards into a standing position and drops a leg across the throat of Ace Garrison. Trent covers but only gets a one count as Ace Garrison kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Can't beat Ace that easy.

Ace Garrison gets up and catches Trent's foot as he goes to kick him. Trent jumps up and goes for an enziguri but Ace is quick enough to duck. Ace holds onto Trent's leg and stomps on his calf muscles a couple of times, grabs the other leg and then jumps into the air, bringing both legs down onto Trent's crotch. The crowd ooohs as Hector slaps his forehead as if he feels the pain. Trent rolls over to the corner and holds his hand out for a tag but Hector smirks and shakes his head. Trent looks pissed off as he walks back to the center of the ring where Ace is waiting once more. Trent kicks Ace and irish whips him across the ring. Trent goes for a clothesline, but Ace Garrison ducks and goes to bounce off the other ropes but Phobeya reaches in and trips Ace Garrison to the mat. The referee walks over and starts yelling at him to keep his distance or he'd be sent to the back.

Zach Davis: Just send them away, ref, and be done with it.

Across the ring, Steve Thunder climbs in the ring. He runs across it behind the referee's back. Hector starts to climb in the ring but stops when he notices Steve leaping off of Ace Garrison's back and over the top rope, taking out both Adrian and Phobeya with a suicide dive. Steve Thunder looks like he didn't come out 100% from the suicide dive, especially when he turns around into a Respecto from Hector on the outside. The referee tells Hector to get back on the apron.

Shannan Lerch: Like Hector cares about the rules..

Trent picks up Ace Garrison and irish whips him into the nearby turnbuckle. Trent runs at him but Ace Garrison leapfrogs Trent as he goes for a spear. Trent catches himself and turns around as Ace Garrison goes for a hurrracanrana, but Trent shows off his atletic ability by landing on his feet somehow. Trent runs at Ace and gets tossed with an armdrag toss and he bounces up again. Ace Garrison puts Trent down with a pair of dropkicks. Ace Garrison picks Trent up and irish whips him across the ring again. Ace Garrison takes a step back, then leaps forward and hits a superkick to Trent. He goes for the cover.

Zach Davis: This could be it!

Referee: 1...2..

..interrupted by Hector. Hector goes back to the ring apron as Steve Thunder gets back to his own corner finally.

Trent gets up and hits a pair of his own dropkicks. Trent goes for a spin kick, but Ace Garrison ducks the attempt by leaning backwards Matrix style. When he comes back to a standing position, he runs right into Hector's hand as he catches Ace around the throat and chokeslams him to the mat. The referee starts telling Hector to get back outside but then does the same with Steve Thunder who runs into the ring. Steve runs across the ring and leaps through the air and nails Hector in the side of the head with a big right. Hector's head rocks and he turns pissed off at Steve Thunder. He goes after Steve Thunder who slides under his legs and jumps back up as Hector turns around. Steve Thunder nails Hector with a swinging DDT causing Hector to slide over to the apron. Hector stands up on the outside of the ring where Steve Thunder runs at him and nails the Climate Control superkick and Hector goes flying off to the ringside area, knocking down Phobeya who has just started to get up.

Shannan Lerch: Hector is not going to like this!

Meanwhile, in the ring, Trent has Ace Garrison in a headlock, taking advantage of Hector's interference. Ace Garrison starts fighting it, getting the two men to their feet. He finally shoves Trent off who bounces off the ropes and hits Ace with a DDT in the center. He picks up Ace Garrison and hits him with a back breaker and then quickly pounces on him putting him in a camel clutch, continuing to wear down his back.

Zach Davis: Trent is making Ace humble.

Hector stands up at ringside, shaking the cobwebs from his head and finally walks back over to his own corner as the referee keeps an eye on him. Trent bodyslams Ace Garrison in the middle of the ring and goes to his turnbuckle and climbs to the top to go for a frog splash but Hector reaches over and tags himself into the match. Trent jumps down to the mat and gets in Hector's face and starts mouthing off to him about tagging himself in. Hector shoves Trent in the face, pushing him away, but Trent comes back at him. Before either man can do anything to the other, Ace Garrison has tagged in and both men run over and perform dropkicks on each of their opponents, Trent being knocked out of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Double dropkicks!

Hector gets up and is irish whipped by both men. He bounces off and goes for a double clothesline on both men but they duck his attempt. As he comes back they both kick him in the gut and perform a double DDT on Hector. Both me run across the ring and each one leg drops a different end of Hector. The referee finally gets Ace Garrison out of the ring. Steve Thunder jumps on Hector and starts pounding away at his head. He picks Hector up and hits Hector with a release german suplex. Trent Townsend gets on the apron again back in his corner. Steve runs across the ring and hits Hector with a rolling thunder.

Zach Davis: Shades of Rob Van Dam!

Steve Thunder capitalizes by hitting his Static Shock move out of nowhere and he goes for the pin.

Shannan Lerch: Is this it!?



Hector puts his foot on the rope showing his ring awareness. Steve Thunder starts picking Hector up who thumbs him in the eye. Hector reaches over and tags in Trent Townsend again. Trent gets pissed off and starts yelling at Hector for tagging him right back in. Hector gets up and tells Trent to get in the ring. Trent says no, but Hector grabs him and flips him into the ring using the ropes. Hector climbs out on the ring apron. Trent Townsend tries to tag him back in but Hector drops to the ringside area.

Zach Davis: What is Hector doing?!

Thunder has tagged in Ace Garrison in the meantime. Garrison grabs Trent from behind and tags him down with the Rear Naked Choke!

Shannan Lerch: The Final Clutch! This could be it!

The ref asks Trent if he wants to give up, but Trent keeps saying no. Eventually Trent stops respond, and the ref checks... Trent has passed out.

Zach Davis: That's it. Thunder and Garrison have won the match, Trent passed out.

Garrison releases the hold and stand up. The ref raises his arm high in the air. Steve Thunder enters the ring and has his arm raised as well.

Shannan Lerch: Great job by everyone in this match, except for Hector maybe. And-

Hector is back in the ring with a chair! He goes after Thunder!

Zach Davis: Not again-

BUT NO! Thunder hits Hector with the Climate Control, sending the chair into Hector's face! Phobeye quickly enters the ring and attacks Thunder from behind, hitting him with several forearms to the back. But Thunder turns around and blocks one of the forearms and then tosses him over the top rope!

Shannan Lerch: Thunder, looking strong!

Next up, Adrian slides into the ring. He runs at Thunder but Thunder hits him with a boot to the gut and then executes the Static Shock!

Zach Davis: He's taking out MS-13 one man at a time!

Thunder leaves the ring and heads up the ramp, grinning at MS-13. All of the MS-13 members look pissed off in the ring.

Shannan Lerch: At Timebomb, I have a feeling we just might have a new United States Champion!

Zach Davis: Don't forget, Anastasia Petrova has a chance as well! But I agree, Thunder is on a roll.

The Sterling Spotlight

"Down and Out" by Tantric begins playing and some footage shots of Edmonton are shown. After a few moments a new face is seen, the camera slowly pans out to show a man in a nice suit, standing outside Canada's Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Man: Hello everyone, and welcome to the Sterling Spotlight. My name is Duke Sterling and I'll be your host today and in all future installments of this series. Today I'd like to introduce you to my grandfather: "The Admiral" Shawn Sterling...

The camera fades to black, a rousing orchestration of inspiring music hits your ears and slowly old stills of Shawn Sterling growing up, enlisting into the navy, getting back from the war and becoming a family man are shown, while the pictures continue to appear on screen, Duke Sterling's voice comes over the music.

Duke Sterling: Shawn Sterling was born in 1915 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, He spent his younger years doing many random jobs and eventually dropped out of school at fifteen. A few years later, with the world at a breaking point during World War II, Sterling enlisted and served two tours of duty fighting the Nazi threat, and then later the Japanese in the pacific. After returning from the war, Sterling had aged and seen things a man normally don't see. Luckily he found comfort in his new young wife, Loretta LeDuc, that he began starting a family with. Unfortunately work for ex-soldiers was hard to come by and soon their little family was starving and Sterling did what he did best to overcome this, he turned to his friend Stu Hart, who he met in the Navy, and they began talking about training wrestlers and becoming wrestlers themselves...

The screen fades to black and slowly old stills of the Admiral wrestling appear. while pictures continue to show Duke's voice goes over the music:

Duke Sterling: The Admiral spent his years after the war wrestling to feed his family, while working with greats like Stu Hart and Lou Thesz, The Admiral quickly began becoming a crowd favorite, and was credited with inventing The Atomic Drop. The Atomic Drop was how World War II ended and it was how the Admiral finished all of his matches. Shawn helped his friend Stu Hart with his stampede wrestling federation, and eventually retired with three kids, his two eldest daughters, and his son Stan Sterling who went on to be in the world famous tag team 'The Foreign Exchange'. Shawn Sterling was inducted into the Canadian Pro Wrestling hall of fame in 1987.

The classic montage ends and Duke Sterling is standing outside of The Admiral's display case at the Canadian Wrestling Hall of Fame. Newspaper snippets, flyers, and other miscellaneous memorabilia are strewn across the case, showcasing the Admiral's amazing career. Duke turns to look in the camera:

Duke Sterling: Sadly, My grandfather passed away in 1998, and there isn't a day where I don't miss his tutelage and expertise. No one will ever forget the impact he made on this company, and no one will forget the the impact he made on all of our hearts. Thank you Admiral for being such an inspiring person, and thank you for joining me this week, we'll see you next week when we shine the spotlight on my father Stan Sterling! See you next week in the Spotlight!

We go back to ringside.

Adam Young vs Slickie T

Zach Davis: Now it is time for tonight's World Title match!

Shannan Lerch: Adam Young's first singles match since setting out on his own is against the World Champion himself.. what a challenge!

"The Final Countdown" by Europe starts playing as smoke fills the entrance way as the jumbotron shows a video package. Out steps Adam Young in a long black leather trench coat with a Texas Flag on the back. The fans erupt chanting BTJ as he starts towards the ring. He stops halfway and throws his arms out in a Raven pose as red, white and blue pyro goes off behind him. He once again starts towards the ring alone with his trademark icey glare. He climbs up onto the ring apron and slides in under the top rope. He climbs up onto the second turnbuckle and the fans roar with chants of BTJ again. Adam drops down and slings his coat off ready for battle.

Zach Davis: Young's antics as part of the Big Time Jerks somehow endeared himself to fans, and he's become a bit of a favorite.

The arena fades to black as a red, white, and green spotlights begin to circle the crowd and a red glow appears on the left side of the stage, a white glow in the middle, and a green glow on the right, as “Gravesend (Lake of Fire)” by Lordz of Brooklyn begins to blast over the speakers and the three lights come together in the center of the stage where Slickie T stands with his back turned to the crowd, his arms extended to form the shape of a “T”. He watches as the screen shows a roulette wheel spinning as the pill comes to settle on the green 00 space and the camera zooms in on the pill until the screen becomes completely white and then “Slickie T the Ace of Hardcore” scrolls across the screen in black in front of a waving Italian flag. Slickie then quickly turns as the pill settles in the 00 space and red, white, and green pyros explode behind him as he slowly makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with those who are reaching out to him. As he reaches the ring, he quickly climbs the ring stairs, looking out over the crowd before grabbing the top rope and vaulting over the top of it and into the middle of the ring. After glancing over the crowd with a thin smile on his face, he climbs a turnbuckle and throws his arms out once again to form a “T” before backflipping off the top turnbuckle and back into the middle of the ring as the lights come up once again.

Shannan Lerch: And here is Slickie T!

Zach Davis: Less than a week away from his big match with Chad Evans... this is going to be epic.

Shannan Lerch: Don't count Adam Young out, Zach!

The bell sounds. Adam Young extends his hand for a handshake.

Zach Davis: Um..

Slickie T wisely opts not to shake his hand, and instead grabs him and executes an arm wringer. Slickie points to his head as he does it, indicating that he's outsmarted Young.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah. I wouldn't trust Adam Young as far as I can throw him.

Slickie twists the arm once more and then hits Young with a few forearm shots to the head. He then kicks him in the gut and executes a Snap Suplex, floating over into a pin.




Zach Davis: Pin very early in the match, but nothing wrong with that. Gotta keep Young on his toes.

Slickie gets up and Young stumbles to his feet as well. Slickie grabs him for a DDT, but he jabs at Slickie a few times before breaking out of it. Slickie rushes him but Young hits him with a Standing Dropkick!

Shannan Lerch: Nice, picture perfect dropkick there!

Young quickly follows up his advantage by grabbing Slickie's legs and executing a Spinning Toe Hold.

Zach Davis: Very effective move, shades of Dory Funk Jr.!

Shannan Lerch: Young IS a Texan, makes sense.

Young spins around with the move several times, Slickie yelling in pain. Eventually, as Young's back is to him, Slickie uses his free leg to kick Young off. Young flies chest first into the turnbuckle and then stumbles back, where Slickie catches him and rolls him up with a small package!



No! Another kickout!

Zach Davis: Slickie almost had Young again, but not quite!

Both men get to their feet and Young kicks Slickie, but Slickie catches it and executes a Dragonscrew Legwhip! Young hits the mat, holding his knee. Slickie then puts him into a Boston Crab!

Shannan Lerch: These are two men that know their submissions.. and as such, Young knows he can't last long in this move.

Young crawls towards the ropes, slowly.. but surely.. after several moments of struggling, Young lunges and reaches the bottom rope! The ref instructs Slickie to break the hold, which he does.

Zach Davis: Close call!

Shannan Lerch: But the damage may be done..

Young starts to get up, but he's holding his right leg in pain. Slickie smells blood and hits a Dropkick to Young's knee, which causes him to crumble back down to the mat. Slickie then climbs to the top.

Zach Davis: What is he going for here?

Slickie waits for Young to stand... and then goes for the Overcastle from the top!

Shannan Lerch: Ace of Spades!

But no! Young ducks away from it! Slickie gets back to his feet, and Adam Young hits him with the Sure Shot!


Young pins Slickie, hooking the leg!




Shannan Lerch: NO! Allen Guiliano got his shoulder up!

The crowd was on their feet, for a second expecting Young to pull off the upset. Young, of course, looks upset, thinking he had the World Title for sure. Young picks Slickie up, ready to finish him off. He kicks him in the gut..

Zach Davis: He's going for the Unpredictable!

But no! Slickie reverses it with a back bodydrop. Young stumbles to his feet and Slickie catches him with the Omerta!

Shannan Lerch: Omerta! Can Slickie put Young away!?

Slickie pins Young!




Zach Davis: He certainly can!

The bell sounds and Slickie stands, once again triumphant. The ref raises his hand high in the air, handing him the World Title.

Shannan Lerch: Well, this Saturday night, Slickie will go face to face with Chad Evans, a man he couldn't beat at Till Death Do Us Part.. can he defeat him tonight?

Zach Davis: Time will tell, Shannan. Time will tell.

Tank Reaper Segment

Hank Brown: Hello fans we're following Tank and we're trying to get a word.

Tank continues walking through the hallway getting closer to the back door. A familiar "Hey" is heard. It's Brad Kane.

Hank Brown: Now Brad Kane has caught up with Tank.

Hank staying out of what could be a conflict just puts the microphone between the two men.

Brad Kane: Hey, I know what you're thinking. You don't even have to explain to me what the hell that was all about. I know about Torture and his manipulative ways.

Tank says nothing. Still visibly angry.

Brad Kane: Next week at Timebomb you're in a three way match with Chris Avery and Torture... and don't worry, I know you want to get your hands on the both of them for whatever reasons, and I know Avery wants his hands on Torture, so I'm making it a street fight! Just make sure one of you pins Torture in the ring.

Brad winks as he says that last part. Hank looks back into the camera as Tank walks away. Brad Kane turns and walks the opposite direction. We now cut to the dressing room with Creeping Death and Torture. Torture is sitting in front of the monitor holding his throat and ribs. Creeping Death is taping up his wrists.

Creeping Death: Street fight, huh?

Torture: Looks like I'll be finishing the job myself.

Creeping Death: Oh?

Torture: After Timebomb.. no one will remember Truth Addiction.

The camera shows Creeping Death nodding in approval and preparing for his match. The scene fades to a commercial break.

Zach Davis: Creeping Death and Chad Evans go one on one next!

Creeping Death vs Chad Evans

Zach Davis: Clap ya hands, say yeah! It’s time for the main event!

A large red curtain comes down from the roof of the arena, covering the Jumbotron and entrance, coming to a rest on the stage. "Bloodlines" by Dethklok starts, and the lights go out. A spotlight comes on from behind the curtain, projecting a blackened figure standing on a see-through box. After a few seconds, the curtain rises, revealing Creeping Death standing on a glass box with a hoodie on. The "Bloodlines" video is playing on the Jumbotron. He methodically lowers his hood and drops off the box, heading down to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, this man is one half of the WCF Tag Team Champions. He weighed in for tonight’s bout at two-hundred and two pounds. Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, here is CREEEPIIING DEEAAATH!!!!!!!!!

A second spotlights hits the ring as CD approaches. CD simply slides into the ring by the near corner and swings his legs around into a sitting position against the bottom turnbuckle. He peels his hoodie off and drops it to the floor. This is where he sits until the match begins.

Shannan Lerch: Damn I hate this Raven wannabe mofo.

The arena lights suddenly go out and the crowd murmurs in anticipation. The opening riff of “Panic Switch” by Silversun Pickups hits the PA system, as a thousand points of light converge at the top of the entrance ramp. Chad Evans appears at the center of this beacon wearing his traditional wrestling attire and a black robe, with Bobby Cairo standing at his side. The crowd reaction to this intriguing duo is mixed yet loud, with more cheers than boos. Evans and Cairo pay no mind to the fans as they stride purposefully to the ring with focused looks on their faces, the white lights now flickering in unison with the music.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent…this man is the number one contender for the WCF World Championship. He weighed in this morning at two-hundred and five pounds. Hailing from Hartford, Connecticut, USA, here is CHAAAD EVAAANS!!!!!!!!!

The camera pans and shows a glimpse of Chad from behind; on the back of his robe the words “Chad Dogg” are emblazoned in bold red font, below them is an image of Evans in a fight stance ready to strike. Chad jumps onto the ring apron and flips forward over the top rope into the ring, while Cairo slides under the ropes. Evans hands his robe to the ringside attendant, and then he does some last minute warm-ups while discussing strategy with Cairo.

Zach Davis: There’s a lot at stake for both men in this match, Shannan. They both have title matches coming up next week at Timebomb, with Evans set to challenge “Slickie T” Allen Guiliano for the World Title, and Creeping Death challenging Jay Price for the Hardcore Title.

Shannan Lerch: It would behoove both men to play it safe tonight and adopt a more conservative approach than normal. However knowing both men the way that I do, I know they’re going to try to kill each other.

Evans and Death are receiving their final instructions in the ring from senior referee Stanley Moser.


And there’s the bell. Both men come out quickly. They take turns flipping around on the mat, searching for takedowns and leg sweeps, but to no avail. Finally they lock up in a more conventional manner. Creeping Death gains the advantage and throws on a headlock. Evans shoves him off into the ropes. Leapfrog by Evans. Death stops behind Evans and grabs him by the waist. Release German suplex by Creeping Death! Death quickly makes the cover.

Stanley Moser: ONE…



Kickout by Evans. Creeping Death scoops Chad up and drives him into the mat with a nasty-looking Falcon Arrow. Death hooks the leg.

Stanley Moser: ONE…



Chad is resilient, but Death shows no sign of slowing down. Death buries Evans with a Brainbuster and then climbs to the top rope.

Zach Davis: Creeping Death is going high risk now…what does he have in mind? Phoenix Splash! My god, I thought that move was banned!

Stanley Moser: ONE…



Zach Davis: Evans kicks out! I thought that Creeping Death had an unexpectedly early victory in tonight’s main event!

Shannan Lerch: It would be quite a shocker if Death can pull off the win tonight. Evans has been on a roll since he returned to WCF in January, shortly after the New Year, and he’s six days away from his World Title rematch against Slickie T. Chad doesn’t want to lose tonight and have that taste of defeat in his mouth going into a World Title match.

Zach Davis: While you were speaking, Shannan, Death drilled Chad with a devastating Busaiku Knee Kick. Now he’s setting Evans up on the top rope.

Shannan Lerch: The man works quickly. I wonder if that same principle applies to his bedroom habits. Oh snap, hurricanrana from the Creeping One! He’s got the leg hooked!

Stanley Moser: ONE…



Zach Davis: Evans was nearly defeated by Creeping Death! Evans looks dazed, Shannan. I don’t think he expected this kind of all-out assault from Creeping Death.

Shannan Lerch: He surely did not, Zachariah. Chad thought he was gonna waltz in here, make short work of some washed-up bum who used to be special, collect his paycheck and then get out of here. Chad is finding out that Creeping Death, so much as I despise him and all that he stands for, is not quite ready to be put out to pasture.

Zach Davis: Creeping Death is setting up for the Kudome Valentine now. If he hits this it should be all she wrote for Evans. What’s this? My goodness gracious, Evans counters into an Electric Chair! He has Creeping Death high in the air…and drops him to the mat with thunderous impact!

Chad crawls over and drapes his arm across Creeping Death’s chest as Cairo cheers him on at ringside.

Stanley Moser: ONE…



Zach Davis: Creeping Death kicks out, but I must say, Shannan. I’m still in awe by that counter from Evans.

Shannan Lerch: Same here, Zach. It happened so suddenly, and I cannot recall seeing that maneuver from Chad before.

Death gets to his feet. Chad immediately begins throttling him with lighting-fast karate kicks. Death tries his best to block the kicks, but he has little success. Chad drops Death to one knee with a powerful roundhouse kick. Chad measures Death and nails him with a Shining Wizard. Chad makes the cover.

Stanley Moser: ONE…



Zach Davis: Chad is finding his groove now. It doesn’t take much to spark the precocious towhead, and when he gets going he’s like a buzzsaw.

Shannan Lerch: You’re not kidding, Zach. Chad is tenacious when he smells blood in the water.

Evans lifts Death onto his shoulders, setting up for the BK Killer.

Zach Davis: Brad Kane Killer! This will do it if Chad hits it!

Death squirms out of Chad’s grip and lands on his feet behind Chad, close to the corner of the ring. Chad alertly uses the ring positioning to his advantage and avalanches Death into the corner. Death lets out a grunt. Chad steps forward, giving Death enough space to stumble forward and then...

Shannan Lerch: Good night! Chad just hit the Snapmare Driver!

Chad makes the cover and hooks the leg.

Stanley Moser: ONE…



Zach Davis: Death kicks out! Good lord, I thought his neck was broken!

Shannan Lerch: You always think Chad’s opponent’s neck is broken when he hits the Snapmare Driver.

Zach Davis: Well it’s a scary looking maneuver! Excuse me for having compassion for these brave men who risk their lives in the ring for our entertainment!

Chad shoots Death into the ropes. Chad goes for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Death counters into a head scissors takedown. Both men are quickly up to their feet. Creeping Death hits the Tony Jaa style Muy Thai flying knee strikes and staggers Chad into the corner. Chad responds with the Hundred hand slap, vintage Edmond Honda from Street Fighter II. The fight reaches a standstill in the action, as the crowd roars its approval at the splendiferous display of striking by both competitors.

Zach Davis: Both men are really pulling out all of their tricks. I haven’t seen moves like these outside of video games and martial arts movies.

Shannan Lerch: That’s because these moves can only be performed by true masters of the martial arts, and well-paid stunt persons. If a normal man tried them he would fracture his pelvis and pop his spleen, respectively.

Chad charges and goes for a rolling wheel kick, but Death moves out of the way. Chad gets caught up in the turnbuckles, inadvertently trapping himself in a Tree of Woe. Chad calls for help from Cairo, but Cairo is powerless to intervene lest the referee disqualify Chad. Creeping Death is literally licking his lips.

Zach Davis: Uh-oh, this isn’t good for Chad.

Shannan Lerch: There’s the understatement of the night, Zachariah.

Zach Davis: Stop calling me Zachariah, damn it! I am not Anastasia Petrova’s ex! She still loves me, damn it!

Shannan Lerch: Yeah… right. Anywho. Creeping Death is positioning himself now…and he hits the Super Mario Stomp! Chad Evans has been obliterated by the flying furious feet of Creeping Death! Death makes the cover and that should do it!

Stanley Moser: ONE…



Chad’s supporters in the crowd roar their approval as he gets his shoulder up just before Moser’s hand hits the mat for the three.

Zach Davis: Evans kicks out! The guts! The guts!

Shannan Lerch: His guts are fine, Zach, it’s his brain and possibly his abdomen that are in need of loving from a pair of silky soft hands.

Zach Davis: Nevertheless, Evans is still alive in this match. Although…Shooting Star Leg Drop by Creeping Death! He propelled himself off those ropes like a swan; I swear the elegance and grace!

Stanley Moser: ONE…



Zach Davis: Evans is refusing to stay down! It’s an outright stubborn refusal, just like his refusal to accept the status quo in what he views as a corrupt and disingenuous society!

Shannan Lerch: I don’t think Creeping Death has any problem with that. He has strong-style wrestling maneuvers up the ying-yang from all the years that he’s spent in Japan, and he appears content to punish the Chad Dogg for so long as it takes. Kryptonite Krunch from Creeping Death! I haven’t seen that move executed in a wrestling match since the real ECW folded!

Stanley Moser: ONE…



Shannan Lerch: I did however see it executed by a bad-ass biker chick on some dude in a bar fight two weeks ago in Kentucky.

Zach Davis: Another kick out by Evans! At some point Evans might consider involving Bobby Cairo in this match. You have a former WCF World Champion at ringside; why not utilize his abilities to your advantage?

Shannan Lerch: Are you suggesting that the Chad Dogg cheat his way to victory?

Zach Davis: I’m not encouraging or condoning it, I’m just thinking out loud. I mean, the question does beg itself, does it not? Gore! Gore! Gore!

Shannan Lerch: Al Gore? Where?! I need his autograph!

Zach Davis: No, Gore by Creeping Death on Chad Evans in the ring! Chad took that move like a pro. You could see his body fold in half like a card table, and the sound of several of his ribs cracking is still reverberating through the arena. Can we get a replay on that? Nevermind, Death makes the cover!

Stanley Moser: ONE…



Zach Davis: So close! Chad got his foot on the rope just in the nick of time, and you could hear Bobby Cairo yelling at the ref from ringside.

Shannan Lerch: He was yelling and flailing about wildly. Cairo looked like he was break dancing at ringside. I haven’t seen that kind of demonstrative gesturing at a sporting event since Bobby Knight was last prowling the sidelines for the Indiana Hoosiers.

Death scoops Chad up into the Tombstone position.

Zach Davis: Could this be the Black Fire Upon Us by Creeping Death? No! Evans flips out of it…hell, Evans just flipped over the top rope out to the apron! What’s he doing?

Death turns around; Chad springboards off the top rope and hits a missile dropkick.

Shannan Lerch: The Chad Dogg roars back to life! Unfortunately, it looks like he’s too spent to make the cover right now.

Zach Davis: To hell with the cover, Shannan. Chad looks to be regrouping…and he just locked Creeping Death into the cross-face chicken wing, Bob Backlund style! The Chadster has snapped!

Creeping Death writhes in pain as Chad increases the leverage of the chicken wing and wraps both of his legs in a grapevine around Death’s waist.

Zach Davis: We spend so much time talking about the deadly Dragon sleeper that Evans possesses in his arsenal, but the man has studied Brazilian Jiu JItsu. He’s studied under scientific grappling legends such as Bobby Cairo and Bob Backlund, men who have been champions in collegiate wrestling and in the professional wrestling ranks. Chad has taken their tutelage and developed an impressive arsenal of submission moves in his own right.

Shannan Lerch: That chicken wing is getting tighter and tighter, Zach. I don’t know how Creeping Death plans on escaping. His fans are cheering him on, but that’s easy for them. They’re not the ones getting the life strangled out of them by Chad Dogg Evans, the anarchist killing machine. If they were real fans they would be chanting, “Tap out, you idiot! Tap while you still have a breath in your body!”

Zach Davis: You don’t like Creeping Death very much, do you, Shannan?

Shannan Lerch: No, I do not, Zach. That is an astute observation by you. I’m sure that Creeping Death’s ugly mug is turning purple and blue under that stupid face paint of his, and that thought makes me smile.

Zach Davis: You’re a cold-blooded woman, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: I’m a Lerch.

After an epic and titanic struggle that traversed from the middle of the ring toward the ropes, and much chanting and encouragement for both competitors by the fans, Creeping Death reaches out and grabs the ring rope. Moser instructs Chad to break the hold, but Chad Dogg declines. The referee begins his automatic count; Chad finally releases the hold after the ref’s count reaches four.

Zach Davis: Incredible courage and discipline by Creeping Death to withstand that punishment and make it to the ropes! Chad didn’t even care that Death grabbed the ropes; he wanted to hurt Death even more!

Shannan Lerch: Chad is an educated grappler. He understood that he had until the count of five to break the chicken wing. Speaking of chicken wings, I wouldn’t mind taking a trip over to Tyler Chicken while we’re here in Arkansas and getting me--

Zach Davis: Don’t say it, Shannan. Do not say it!

Shannan Lerch: What? I’m hungry! I haven’t had dinner yet.

Zach Davis: I just slapped my forehead, Shannan. That’s what you made me do. You’re so unprofessional sometimes.

Shannan Lerch: I’m unprofessional? Look who’s talking, “Pee Pants” Davis!

Creeping Death struggles to get to his feet while Chad taunts him with push kicks and stomps, nothing that hurts too much but it serves to discourage and even antagonize the opponent. Chad quickly grows tired of his own game and helps Death to his feet…before planting him with the Evans Implant DDT. Chad makes a cocky cover, not even bothering to hook the leg; Cairo admonishes Chad from ringside.

Stanley Moser: ONE…



Chad’s eyes grow big as Death kicks out.

Zach Davis: Reports of Creeping Death’s demise have been greatly exaggerated, Shannan!

Shannan Lerch: Aw sh…shucks. Chad doesn’t look none too pleased himself. The poor kid. He thought he was gonna get out of here, grab himself some cheap poon and have a party.

Zach Davis: All plans for sexual intercourse have been placed on hold, at least temporarily.

Chad pulls his emotions together and notes that Bobby is feeding him instructions from ringside.

Zach Davis: Chad is scaling the ropes now. Not sure what he has inside his brain, but this could end the match right here.

Shannan Lerch: I believe that Chad Dogg is preparing to enlighten the masses, Zachary. And there it is, the Height of Enlightenment!

Zach Davis: No! Creeping Death rolls out of the way! Evans lands on his feet…vicious spinning lariat by Creeping Death! He flipped Chad’s body in mid-air!

Shannan Lerch: Oh no…this isn’t good. Creeping Death is setting Chad up for the Shun Goku Satsu! If Death hits this move it will be over!

Creeping Death has Chad hoisted upon his shoulders, as if for a Death Valley Driver. Chad suddenly shakes free and slides out of Death’s grip. Chad lands on his feet behind Death. Death turns around and Chad meets him with a kick to the midsection. Chad picks Death up into the crucifix position, spins and hits a sit-out powerbomb into a pin.




Zach Davis: Chad Evans defeats Creeping Death with a brand new maneuver from his arsenal!

Shannan Lerch: The Chad Dogg keeps on rolling, keeps on innovating. I’ll give all the credit in the world to Creeping Death…he almost won this match on a number of occasions.

Zach Davis: It was a great battle, Shannan. If this is the Creeping Death that shows up this Saturday at Timebomb against Jay Price, then the Hardcore Champion is going to have his hands full.

“Panic Switch” hits the PA as Chad stumbles to his feet, groggy from the hard-fought bout.

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner, CHAAAD EVAAANS!!!!!!!!!

The referee raises Chad’s hand in victory, to a mostly positive reception from the crowd.

Shannan Lerch: It looks like Bobby Cairo is headed to the announce table, Zach. I wonder if he’s changed his mind about leaving us?

Shannan removes her headset as Cairo reaches the announce table. Bobby whispers something into her ear that isn’t audible on the air. Shannan nods her head at Bobby, and he winks at her before heading into the ring to celebrate with Chad.

Shannan Lerch: Bobby has informed me that the move that we just witnessed is called the Anarchist Uprising and Chad will be using it to defeat Slickie T for the WCF World Title six days from now at Timebomb.

Zach Davis: Bold words from the manager of the number one contender to the WCF World Title.

Shannan Lerch: Bobby also said those are Chad’s words verbatim.

Zach Davis: Bold words from the number one contender to the WCF World Title.