Slam Intro
KashVille Segment
Bishop/Priest/Tiny vs Adam Young/Austin Adams/Angus Killian
Cryboy McEmo vs ???
Bobby Burn vs Malachi Wanderlust
Television Title Match: Jaguar vs Ace Garrison
Big Time Jerks Segment
El Angel Oscuro vs Creeping Death
KashVille/Super Anime vs The New Confederacy/Anastasia Petrova
Slickie T/D-Day vs Shaun Jackson/Karl Voronov

Slam Intro

Opposite of Adults by Chiddy Bang hits, and Slam is back on the air!

Zach Davis: We're live from the Convention Hall in Asbury Park, New Jersey! Former home of Bam Bam Bigelow.

Shannan Lerch: And we're back to some bigger arenas, thank God. No more little schools or malls or whatever.

Zach Davis: We're getting there, Shannan. Anyway though, big card tonight. Slickie T and D-Day up against Shaun Jackson and Karl Voronov.

Shannan Lerch: Interesting matchup. Slickie and D-Day have teamed on numerous occasions, and may be able to work together. Jackson and Voronov, however? We'll see.

Zach Davis: Big six man tag match.. KashVille, the new number one contenders, have Super Anime on their team, and they're facing The New Confederacy with Anastasia Petrova. Mixed tag action, ahoy!

Shannan Lerch: You said six MAN tag match, you sexist pig.

Zach Davis: Oops.

Shannan Lerch: El Angel Oscuro goes one on one with Creeping Death. What is the status of Oblivion, I wonder... and what about our World Champion, Greenfever?

Zach Davis: TV Title match between Jaguar and Garrison. We saw Jaguar walk out on a chance at the Hardcore Title, wonder how he'll do tonight, competing for the Television belt!

Shannan Lerch: Two newcomers are competing against one another... Bobby Burn and Malachi Wanderlust. A lot of hype behind both men, and I'm expecting a damn good match.

Zach Davis: And in our opener.. this one really IS a six MAN tag.. Bishop, Priest, and Tiny are taking on Adam Young, Austin Adams, and Angus Killian. Can't wait!

KashVille Segment

"Influence" by: Trapt plays as Jason Kash and Tommy Knoxville appear from behind the Entrance curtain. The fans giving a mixed reaction get their attention as they throw up the Influential Minds handsign. They stroll down to the ring, Knoxville sliding into the ring as Kash jogs up the steel stairs. Knoxville walks over and signals for some mics as Jason Kash steps through the middle ropes and bounces off the ropes, stretching out a bit before stepping into the middle of the ring. Knoxville tosses Kash one of two microphones and Kash begins talking as the audience quiets down.

Jason Kash: Now many of you have watched now for two solid weeks as we beat two dominate Tag Teams. You've seen that we declared victory and then came out here and fought for it, earned it just as we proclaimed. Now look at Shaun Jackson after getting his first loss at the hands of KashVille...He's the new Hardcore Champion! Wow, round of aplause is deserved there! Would he have won that though if he had beaten us instead of us winning that match? Who knows but because the chips were layed like they were here we stand telling you all that he has grown because of losing to us. Therefore Bishop and Priest might not actually win a Tag Match now that we've beaten them. Maybe split up, focus on solo careers and see who rises and who ends up washing cars or being a Holiday Santa at the nearest shopping mall this Winter...What matters people is that we came, we saw, and so far we've conqured everything we've set out to accomplish. Next comes two things...One being the Tag Titles of course! What would two guys like Knoxville and I do in a Tag Division if it wasn't to go and capture the Gold? The second though is finding the perfect fit to become crowned as Influential! Who fits that glass slipper...

Tommy Knoxville: Wait, what?

Jason Kash: Bad example..Who can step up and be Influential with their actions and words inside and outside the ring? I will tell you who...Please Welcome....WCF World Champion....GREENFEVER!!!!

The lights drop as "Run Rabbit Run" by Rob Zombie begins over the P.A. system. "Huntin' Humans? Ain't nuthin but nuthin'.They all run like scared little rabbits.Run rabbit run. RUN RABBIT RUN!" The aggressive drums kick in and NOBODY walks out from the back. After a few seconds the crowd begins to boo, wanting a special appearance by the Champion and not getting it. Laughing in the ring Kash looks at Knoxville who seems confused.

Jason Kash: Did I get everyone watching? Are you paying attention now? If Greenfever was Influential I'm not sure I'd want to be, dude is a freak. He deserves shackles and something to keep him in a coma...How long HAS Michael Myers been working in WCF anyways? If we break out in a riot and he comes near me things will go bad!!

Tommy Knoxville: See that's where you're wrong because if WCF goes into a riot...We, you and I? Will be in some back room with the door locked smoking until the smoke clears...Super Anime can wear that mask all she wants, she can hang with us too!

Jason Kash: Right...To all of those people out there who want to know who the 3rd member of Influential Minds is pay attention cause I'm about to tell you all, hell I will show you who it is!

The crowd erupts wanting to know who it is that will complete the fourth installment of Influential Minds. Kash turns in the ring, viewing the four corners of the Convention Hall. He laughs, nods to Knoxville and throws the WCF far into the crowd surrounding the ring. Knoxville leans against the ropes and begins to speak to the crowd...

Tommy Knoxville: For years now, groups have come and gone in WCF without leaving an impact in the company, the wrestling business for that matter. Groups like The Society, Big Time Jerks, The New Confederacy, The Slaughter Society and even the homo loving pair consisting of Bishop and Priest have plagued WCF with their lackluster attemps at being something the sport needs. All have tried, and now all can realize that they fail when compared to the likes of Influential Minds. Right now KashVille is making an impact on WCF's tag division. After we announce the third man in our crew Influential Minds we will make an even bigger impact. Who is the third member goin' to be you ask? Well, well, well... you would want to know. Unfortunately you people out there won't find out for another week... or maybe another month. Kash and I want to make sure that we have the perfect fit for the group. This isn't something that can be decided in a rush. People have secrets and flaws. We need to make sure that we can find the right person who doesn't have the excess baggage to drag along with them. No worries though everyone. KashVille will still keep kicking ass and taking names. We will continue to represent Influential Minds to the fullest. We will all always do what we do best. We smoke the finest and beat the toughest competition. While we're around you guys in the back will never be above the Influence, you will always be beaten by it!

Dropping the microphone both members of KashVille exit the ring. The fans erupt in loud chants of Boos, some throwing garbage into the ring to show their disapproval. Both Kash and Knoxville just laugh and taunt some close fans as they leave to prepare for their upcoming match.

Bishop/Priest/Tiny vs Adam Young/Austin Adams/Angus Killian


"Our House" by Burn Halo starts playing and out walks Adam, Austin,Angus and Katie in the smoked filled entranceway. The fans start chanting BTJ as the trio makes its way to the ring. The trio walk towards the ring with icey glares as the fans keep chanting BTJ. Adam slides in under the top rope as Angus slides in under the bottom rope and Austin flips over the top rope. They stand in the middle of the ring and give the BTJ sign, only the last three fingers up in the air. as another huge burst of pyro goes off.

"Set this stage on fire" by Lil Wayne is playing as Bishop, Priest, and Tiny walk out from the back. As they walk down the ramp, a line of fire lights up the stage and down the sides of the ramp, all the way to the ring.


Tiny and Adam Young start the match, with Young having the advantage over the big man. He uses his technical expertise to keep Tiny down, using moves such as the Dragon Sleeper, Devil Stretch, and the Gory Special.

Zach Davis: Young, wearing Tiny down.. good strategy!

But eventually Tiny is able to tag in Bishop, who comes in and Big Boots Young right in the face! Bishop then pounds on Young, using his size to his advantage. Bishop dominates Young, Powerbombing him and also using his five uppercuts. He pins him but Adams and Killian get in the ring and break it up, hitting Bishop with a Double Suplex.

Shannan Lerch: Good teamwork!

Once they get back on the apron Young dives and tags in Adams. Bishop tags in Priest. Adams and Priest meet in the middle of the ring and begin brawling.

Zach Davis: Power versus power!

Priest hits him with a High Knee and then puts him in a Bearhug, but once again the other Jerks interfere and break it up. Adams then hits The Driller and pins him!



No! Priest kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: How did he do that!?

Adams goes for the Perfect Storm but Priest is too heavy and shoves Adams away. Adams then tags in Angus Killian. Killian comes in and hits the Royal Treatment!

Zach Davis: This could be it!

Killian pins Priest.



NO! Priest kicks out again!

Shannan Lerch: Can anyone keep this guy down!?

Killian picks Priest up but Priest shoves him away and then tags Tiny back in. Tiny comes in and tries to hit Killian with the RKO, but Killian shoves him away and then hits the Jawjacker!

Zach Davis: Wow!

Killian then tags in Adam Young who goes for the Jerkasault but Priest rolls away at the last minute! Priest then grabs him and hits the Last Chapter of Priest! He then pins Killian!





Bishop, Priest and Tiny leave while the Jerks wonder what happened.

Cryboy McEmo vs ???

Cryboy McEmo comes out to Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional. And the crowd could careless. Some of the fans look like they’re about to go to sleep as McEmo gets into the ring and stands on the top turnbuckle with his hands held high. As the bored people look on.

The lights then goes out as the fans start to cheer and gold dollar signs flash about as Birdman ft Lil Wayne - Get your shine on plays and Fort Knox comes up from a hole in the stage covered with golden fireworks. Fort Knox comes out wearing black shades. Knox is wearing gold chains around his neck and is wearing a gold Rolex watch and bracelet. He has a gold ring on each finger and when he holds to up to the camera they spell FORT KNOX.

He then goes into the ring and poses as golden fireworks shoot off from the ring post. He then hands his gold to the ringside person and tells them not to lose his gold. He then puts on his gloves and gets ready to fight.

Stanley Moser calls for the bell as the match is officially on! They lock up in the middle of the ring as Knox slams a knee into the gut of McEmo. McEmo doubles over in pain as Knox follows up with a HUGE forearm to his back.

Knox locks his arms around the waist of Crybaby McEmo and delivers a German suplex that folds McEmo up in half! Knox is back up to his feet as he comes off the ropes and ROLLING THUNDER! He makes the cover; 1…2…KICK OUT BY MCEMO!

Knox continues the attack by lifting McEmo up to his feet and hooks the arm and delivers a snap suplex. He holds on to Cryboy as he spins and delivers a second snap suplex! Knox continues as he rolls on over and delivers a third snap suplex! He lifts McEmo up for a fourth time, but this time he hooks the leg and NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX INTO A PIN!!! 1…2..THRE..CRYBABY MCEMO KICKS OUT BEFORE THE THREE!!

Fort Knox is back up to his feet as he waits for McEmo to climb up, he kicks McEmo into the gut and KNOX OUT!!!

The cocky millionaire taunts the crowd as he holds up his arms and they cheer him wildly. He climbs up to the top turnbuckle and holds up his arms. SHOOTING KNOX PRESS!!! Knox makes the cover; 1…2…3!!! FORT KNOX HAS DEFEATED CRYBABY MCEMO !!!

Knox slides out of the ring and pulls out a table as the crowd cheers wildly and he slides it back into the ring. He sets it up in the corner and grabs McEmo up and places his broken body across the table. He climbs back up on the turnbuckle and SHOOTING KNOX PRESS THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!! He hops back up to his feet as Referee Stanley Moser is checking on McEmo who is out cold. Knox looks down and smiles as the EMTs come out to help McEmo out of the ring.

Bobby Burn vs Malachi Wanderlust

Two newcomers are debuting, Bobby Burn and Malachi Wanderlust. Both men debuted at Rebirth; Burn in a backstage segment with Hank Brown, and Wanderlust by squashing Cryboy McEmo. What do these two men bring to the table? We'll find out on Slam.

Zach Davis: Next up on we have two newcomers facing off, Bobby Burn and Malachi Wanderlust.

Shannan Lerch: Last week, Wanderlust decidedly crushed McEmo. Do ya think Bobby B will pose a little more of a challenge for him?

Zach Davis: We'll see, Shannan. Burn is coming down first.

"Cudi Zone" by KiD CuDi begins, and the crowd all shift their collective heads in anticipation. As the lyrics begin, Bobby makes his way out from the back. Eyes bloodshot, head noddin, Bobby slaps hands with those in attendance. Before he gets to the ring, he blows smoke into a fans face. Bobby sings along with his entrance music and enters the ring, going to his corner to stretch

Shannan Lerch: Looks like Bobby isn't taking this fight too seriously. He's all hopped up on that wacky tobaccy.

The arena lights dim to black and then an intense white spotlight casts downward to the center of the ring, up the ramp to the center of the entrance stage as Broken, Beaten and Scarred by Metallica begins to play. About forty seconds into the song, with the first pause and drum transition, Wanderlust emerges from the backstage area dressed in all black gear. His long black hair is slicked wet, and the music obviously pumps him up. At the top of the ramp, he stops for a moment and lets the music play while rousing up the fans in various unscripted ways: pumping his fist, banging his head, etc. At about the one minute mark, with the second drum transition, he places his fingers to his throat and spits a white cloud of mist upwards into the air, then there's a large burst of white pyro that signals him to head down the ramp towards the ring with the spotlight on him the whole way, sometimes slapping a few hands. As he's walking, the ring announcer performs his introduction. When the lyrics begin at approximately a minute and fifteen seconds, he rocks his way between the top two ropes and heads directly towards one of the four corners to raise his fists into the air and pose for the audience to gawk or take pictures. At about two minutes and twenty seconds, Wanderlust stands ring-center and three bursts of white pyro spring from the ring-posts as the words "We die hard" ring out.

Zach Davis: I see that Seth splurged on some pyro for Malachi's entrance.

Shannan Lerch: We found a couple of cases in one of the trunks last week.

Zach Davis: Both fighters are in the ring and it looks like this one is about to get underway!

<ding ding>

Wanderlust lunges for Burn, but Burn rolls backward and away from him. Burn springboards off the second rope and catches Wanderlust with a quick dropkick. Wanderlust is barely phased by it. Wanderlust lifts Burn off the mat and whips him into the ropes.

Zach Davis: Yeesh. Wanderlust just about turned Burn inside out with that Big Boot!

Wanderlust stomps on Bobby's head. Burn rolls out of danger and makes it back to his feet. Wanderlust follows up with several wild hay-makers, but Burn manages to elude all of them. Burn lands a pair of stiff kicks to Wanderlust's knees. Wanderlust drops to one knee. Burn back-steps and bounces off the ropes. Burn front-flips and blasts Wanderlust in the face with another dropkick. This one sends Wanderlust to his back, clutching his jaw.

Shannan Lerch: That one looked painful.

Zach Davis: Burn better stay quick on his feet, becuase if Wanderlust gets on a roll it's gonna get ugly fast.

Burn wastes no time and bounds onto the top turnbuckle. He hotdogs for the crowd for a moment.

Zach Davis: Wanderlust is back up!

Wanderlust lunges into the ropes and Burn stumbles and ultimately falls ungracefully to the mat.

Wanderlust stomps down onto Burn's back. Burn recoils at the pain. Wanderlust lifts Burn up and swiftly plants him back down.

Zach Davis: Hammerlock DDT!

Wanderlust rolls away from Burn and expertly bounds onto the turnbuckle.

Shannan Lerch: That is one the most agile "big men" that I have ever seen.

Burn pushes himself back to his feet just in time to get caught by a severe missile dropkick. Burn is sent across the ring. Wanderlust picks Burn up. Burn catches Wanderlust with a stiff elbow, then a snap suplex.

Zach Davis: Burn needed that one.

Burn bounces off the ropes and lands a quick standing moonsualt on Wanderlust. Burn locks a sleeper hold onto Wanderlust. Wanderlust rolls trying to free himself, but Burn manages to hold on. Wanderlust makes it up to one knee. Burn wrenches the sleeper-hold in an attempt to wrangle Wanderlust back to the mat. Wanderlust throws several blind punches up at Burn, but Burn tucks his head down to avoid them. Wanderlust gets both his feet under himself and stands. Burn is lifted off his feet a few inches but keeps the hold locked in. Wanderlust swings wildly.

Zach Davis: Wanderlust is fading!

Burn's feet are placed back onto the mat as Wanderlust wanes. Burn kicks at Wanderlust's legs, trying to ground him. Wanderlust surges back to life and whips Burn over his head. Burn lands on his feet miraculously and fires a quick roundhouse kick at Wanderlust, but misses.

Shannan Lerch: Wanderlust with the cat like speed and reflexes!

Wanderlust lunges forward and waylays Burn with a stiff clothesline. Burn's back slaps against the mat. Wanderlust kicks Burns in the ribs. Burns rolls away from him and under the ropes. Burns slides off the side of the ring.

Zach Davis: Smart move.

Burn shakes his head and holds a hand on his ribs as he acknowledges the crowd. He pulls a joint from his pocket and holds it up to the crowd.

Bobby Burn: Anyone got a light!?

Stan Moser: ONE!

Zach Davis: I take back my last comment.

Shannan Lerch: Maybe it's like spinach to Popeye.

Stan Moser:TWO!

A looming shadow spreads around Burn. Wanderlust decimates Burn as he crashes down from the ring.

Zach Davis: Slingshot Body-splash! Wanderlust just cleared the top rope!

Stan Moser: THREE!

Wanderlust is the first back to his feet. He lifts Burn and whips him into the guardrail. Wanderlust Russian Leg-sweeps Burn against the guardrail. Stan Moser is shouting at the wrestlers from inside the ring.

Stan Moser: FOUR!

Wanderlust whips Burn again.

Zach Davis: Oh crap! Burn was just slung into our table!

Shannan Lerch: Too close! Too close!

Stan Moser: FIVE!

Wanderlust walks up to the downed Burn. Shannan and Zach stand up from their seats and back up. Wanderlust kicks Burn several times. He lifts Burn and raises him in a Guerrilla Press.

Zach Davis: No! Back in the ring! Take it back in the ring!

Stan Moser: SIX!

Wanderlust smirks at the terrified Zach Davis, before turning and heaving Burn onto the ring apron. Wanderlust pauses a moment to run his hand along the wooden announcers table.

Burn has rolled into the ring and made it to his feet. Burn shakes off the pain and lunges himself against the ropes. Wanderlust winks at Zach. Zach gets visibly uncomfortable. Burn takes flight.

Zach Davis: Moonsualt! Wanderlust is down!

Stan Moser: SEVEN!

Burn lifts Wanderlust and rolls him into the ring.

Shannan Lerch: It looked like you almost crapped your pants back there, Zach.

Zach Davis: Maybe I did a little. What should I do?

Burn twists Wanderlust around and smashes him with a Neck-breaker. Burn stumbles over to the ropes and climbs to the top turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Burn going for the big one!

Burn slaps his elbow once for the crowd before leaping. Camera flashes light up through the small crowd.

Zach Davis: High Tymes!! That could do it! He's going for the pin!


Wanderlust shoves Burn off of himself. Burn punches the mat in anguish. Wanderlust and Burn stand and square-off.

Shannan Lerch: That was a close one! Burn needs to keep the pace up!

Burn spins for a roundhouse kick, but Wanderlust just hammers him down with a strong lariat. Wanderlust lifts Burn for a Crucifix Power-bomb. He turns slightly as he spikes Burn down to the mat. Wanderlust quickly picks Burn back up and locks in another Power-bomb.

Zach Davis: Looks like a pair of stiff Power-bombs! Ouch! Burn will feel that one for a few weeks.

Wanderlust lifts Burn into a Guerrilla Press. Wanderlust flaunts his power by walking around a little bit, before slamming Burn down. Wanderlust follows up by quickly performing a standing Moonsualt.

Shannan Lerch: Long Walk to HELL! Can you believe it! A standing Moonsualt!

Wanderlust points at Stan Moser and commands a count. Moser slides into position dramatically.


Zach Davis: Looks like Wanderlust just got his second win here in the WcF. If you will excuse me I need to change pants real quick.

Shannan Lerch: Hurry up. And bring me back some nachos!

As Malachi begin celebrating their victory, "Influence" by: Trapt begins to play and KashVille walk out from behind the curtain. Wanderlust looks at Kash and Knoxville as they begin clapping for the winner of the match. Both Kash and Knoxville have smiles on their face, Knoxville is hyping up the crowd to cheer for the winner. KashVille both gives 2 thumbs up in such a smartass manner before they leave the entrance way and head to the back to prepare for their match later tonight.

Jaguar vs Ace Garrison

Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi starts then Jaguar comes out and performs a snap kick before running to the ring.

And then…

"Control" by Puddle of Mudd hits the speaker system. The speaker brushes aside and Ace Garrison appears onto the stage. He stands there for a moment and looks amongst the fans, who are greeting him with boos! He smirks before making his way down the ramp. Ace walks up the ring steps, wipes his feet on the mat, and enters through the middle rope. He quickly walks towards the farthest corner and climbs up it. Once again, he looks amongst the crowd before smirking and jumping down.

Shannan Lerch: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for our television title match.

Zach Davis: This is an odd one in my eyes. I’m not sure if Seth would’ve booked it that same way, but Jaguar might have had the opportunity to be a dual champion… I mean, the guy just walked away from a huge opportunity.

Shannan Lerch: Well, you heard the interview. He said he didn’t want to risk serious injury.

Zach Davis: Uh… Shannan… This is professional wrestling.

Shannan Lerch: I’m aware… Anyway, the bell has rung and this thing is under way.

The two combatants lock up in a collar and elbow tie and although Garrison has a slight height advantage, neither man is able to gain a significant advantage until Jaguar is able to use his martial arts attributes to dip down under the arm of Garrison, stick a foot behind Garrison’s leg, and then take him to the mat. He looks a bit perplexed as to how to follow up though and Garrison plays possum on his back long enough to catch Jaguar by surprise and sweep Jaguar’s leg out from under him so that he falls to the mat next to Garrison. The two snarl and get to their feet where Garrison unloads with a hard right hand that sends Jaguar back down.

Zach Davis: Looks like we’ve got our first bit of advantage due to Ace introducing his right hand to Jaguar.

Jaguar quickly kicks back up to his feet and goes for a round house kick that Ace ducks, then a spinning leg kick directed at Garrison’s legs, which Garrison is about to jump over the top of.

Shannan Lerch: I’ll bet Ace doesn’t get into the ring with too many guys faster than him.

Zach Davis: Well, he’s managed to avoid Jaguar thus far.

The fans begin to erupt in one section of the small arena as the cameras turn their attention to KashVille walking through the crowd. Shrugging off fans grabbing at them and rubbing against them with their hands. They make their way to the 3rd row from the front and sit in two empty seats. The cameras head back to the action inside the ring. Garrison lifts up a boot and smashes it into the face of Jaguar as he’s attempting to realign himself from the spinning kicks, but Garrison’s knocks Jaguar flat on the mat. The blow seems to have knocked Jaguar silly because Garrison has to pull him up to his feet and then whips him into the ropes. Jaguar ducks and runs past the first clothesline, then jumps over the back of Ace while he’s attempting a back body drop. Then, as Garrison is turning around, Jaguar greets him with a stinging knife-edge chop and whips Ace into the ropes as Ace had done to him just moments before. As Jaguar jumps up for a dropkick, Garrison hangs onto the ropes and Jaguar lands on the ground much like a cat. He’s not quick enough, however, to dodge the second clothesline attempt from Garrison.

Shannan Lerch: It seems like Ace is slowly taking control here.

Zach Davis: Don’t count Jaguar out just yet.

Garrison lets Jaguar back up before wrapping an arm around his head and flipping him over backwards for a suplex, and then as Jaguar is getting up again, Garrison comes from behind, steps in front and snap mares Jaguar over to the canvas.

Zach Davis: Nice little combination of maneuvers there from Garrison.

Garrison took a moment to mock the crowd and then Jaguar by performing his version of a martial arts kick to the back of Jaguar, causing the face to writhe in pain before he rises to his feet and makes his way to the corner with Ace following close behind. Jaguar mounts his strength and comes out of the corner with a series of chops and punches and then whips Garrison into the corner much to the delight of the crowd. While Ace is coming out of the corner, Jaguar scoops him up and slams him to the mat. Then he signals to the crowd that he’s headed to the top rope, much to their delight.

Shannan Lerch: Jaguar is headed to the top!

Perched like an eagle, he waits for Garrison to stand up and then launches himself from the top turnbuckle, but Garrison dives out of the way and Jaguar crashes to the ground after attempting a flying drop kick. Ace seizes the opportunity, shakes loose a few cobwebs and then bulldogs the groggy Jaguar down once again. Finally, Ace drags Jaguar up to his feet and drops him back down with a double-arm DDT.

Zach Davis: Shannan, I believe the end is drawing nigh.

Garrison locks Jaguar into the Final Clutch! After several moments he's forced to tap out.


The cameras cut from the ring where Garrison is being announced as the victor and it comes into view of KashVille who still are sitting in their seats. Kash is clapping, he seemingly enjoyed the entertaining match up. Knoxville is raising the roof and hooting loud as hell. The fans are screaming as most are excited to be this close to the stars they watch every week. Kash drinks on a cup of soda from one of the consession stands. He chews on the ice as they continue to watch the show.

Big Time Jerks Segment

"Disposable Teens" by Marilyn Manson starts playing as Adam Young, dressed in a black Tapout t-shirt and jeans, walks out along with Katie in a pink Tapout t-shirt and jeans. They don't look to happy as they head to the ring with a microphone.

Fans: You are awesome!

They climb into the ring and give the BTJ sign to the crowd.

Adam Young: At rebirth I was apart of a match that stole the show. Along with Doc Henry and Ace Garrison we rocked Philly.

Fans: That was awesome!

Adam Young: Just one thing was wrong in that match. It was a three way with dogpound rules, which ment you had to beat everyone in that match. Now Ace you made Doc pass out and the refree decided he was unable to continue and then he rang the bell saying it was over. Hell no the match was never finished!

Fans: You fucked up!

Adam Young: Thats right the refree and the WCF have fucked up. See I have filed a formal complaint with the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission and they sent a representative here tonight. So please welcome the PAC rep Cole Young.

"Save me" by Burn Halo starts playing as PAC rep Cole Young walks to the ring in a royal blue polo shirt and khaki pants.

Adam Young: Thank you Cole for comeing here tonight I know your a busy man.

Cole Young: No problem Adam. We at the PAC have read the contracts signed for Rebirth severeal times. It was stated that the winner would be the man who did beat both of the other men in the match. It also stated that after one man had been beaten by either submitting or being knocked out the match would continue until one man stood alone as the WCF TV champion. After watching the video provided to us by Adam here we at the PAC noticed that Doc Henry was bested but Adam was not. So we at the PAC have decided either the WCF will hold up the TV title. The WCF TV title will either be held up buying by our ruleing or the WCF will lose its license in this state and a fine of up to $200,000 dollars and whatever Mr.Young's lawyers decide to sue over. WCF has in the eyes of the PAC breeched its written contract with Adam Young at Rebirth.

AdamYoung: So Seth Lerch and more so Brad Kane you have until the end of this show to take that WCF TV title from Ace Garrison and sign off on a match between us two at the very next pay per view where we can decide the rightful holder of the WCF TV championship. Times ticking away boys.

El Angel Oscuro vs Creeping Death

Shannan Lerch: Our next match will... Wait a minute. Zach, do you see what I just saw?

Zach Davis: No, Shannan. No I didn't.

Shannan Lerch: Cameraman, look into the crowd.

The cameraman pans towards the crowd. Some, of the crowd are occasionally leaving their seats. Several members of The Gathering are seen, bothering some of the crowd. One of the Gathering scurries up to a pre-teen girl. It screams at the girl. The girl screams back, as she drops her popcorn. The Gathering member hurries over to the popcorn and scoops it up and he eats it. Several other Gathering members are doing the same thing, as they scare and bother other people, while taking their snacks.

Zach Davis: With The Gathering sighting, that means...

Shannan Lerch: Yes. It does mean that Oblivion could be around.

A woman scream as the shadowy figure looks under her skirt.

Zach Davis: Not only are these Gathering members creepy, they are also perverts, as well.

Shannan Lerch: Well, with that, Kyle Steel is in the ring.

Kyle Steel stands in the center, of the ring.

Kyle Steel: This match is for one fall.

The arena turns black. There is a red glow around the arena, as red lights illuminate the arena. Aspyxiated by Crimson Thorn begin to echo throughout the arena. Existence denied perpetuated. Battle in your mind asphyxiated. At the foot of the CROSS The slamming drums, throbbing bass, and the thrashing guitars take over all sound. The Dark Angel slowly walks out. El Angel Oscuro holds out his arms, with fists clinched. As red lazers flash with the slamming drums, two bright continuous white pyro explosions explode on both sides of The Dark Angel. As gold sparkling pyro set off behind him. All your burdens were lost. You felt such relief within. Slowly rotting - into a useless crusade of sin. The Dark Angel jumps up and lands with red pyro explosion. He begins to slowly walk down the aisle.

Kyle Steel: From Los Angeles, California weighing in at 270 pounds.... EL ANGEL OSCUR-URO-O-O!

There is a mixed reaction, from the crowd. The Dark Angel walks up to the ring and drops to his knees to a prayer position. Morally decapitating. Spiritually castrating. Mental arrangements turned to dust. Feeding this impulsive breeding lust. Dark Angel puts his hands together and acts if he is praying. After a few seconds , El Angel Oscuro looks straight up and holds his hands with the palms up. The Dark Angel hops up and slides into the ring. The Dark Angel walks towards a corner. He climbs up the turnbuckles to the second turnbuckle and holds up his arms out. A red spotlight shines on The Dark Angel. The Dark Angel drops down from the turnbuckles and leans into the corner... Depart from me - workers of lawlessness. Depart from me - I never knew you

Zach Davis: There's Dark Angel. now it's time for Creeping Death to make his appearance.

The lights in the venue suddenly cut to black as the familiar opening to "For Whom the Bell Tolls" plays.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 202 pounds, he resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.... CREE-EEPI-I-ING DEA-EA-EATH!!

The crowd is jacked up and gets louder after every toll. After six tolls, there is silence. Then, the intro for "Blood and a Siren" by Index Case plays. After the little guitar intro, when the song gets intense, a spotlight hits the curtain and Creeping Death emerges, wearing a black hoodie with the hood up. He head bangs with the crowd as they throw up the devil horns, and he does the same back to them on his way to the ring. CD enters the ring by sliding in through the bottom rope. Inside, he walks to the far corner, leaps up and takes a seat on the top rope, awaiting the match to begin.

Shannan Lerch: This crowd is pumped about this match!

Zach Davis: Concerning The Dark Angel, there are rumors swirling that Fort Knox has came back. Looks like The Cash Money Nightmares are back together and are in the hunt for the WCF Tag Team Championships. In fact, it was Dark Angel that called The New Confederacy, the Confederate Rednecks. That should get the tag champs attention!


Shannan Lerch: This match is NOW underway.

Creeping Death jumps down from the turnbuckle, to meet Dark Angel in the center of the ring. Dark Angel puts out his right hand.

Zach Davis: Looks like Dark Angel is trying to set the mood, with a pre-match handshake.

Creeping Death wants none of that, as he just looks at El Angel Oscuro. The circle each other as they hook up.

Shannan Lerch: The larger Dark Angel uses his size difference as he pushes Creeping Death into a corner.

Zach Davis: This could be trouble for Creeping Death.

Before the referee could intervene, Dark Angel steps back with his arms slightly raised.

Shannan Lerch: That was a huge surprise. That even surprised Creeping Death. He expected something else from his opponent.

They hook up once more, Creeping Death takes the opportunity to put Dark Angel in an headlock. El Angel Oscuro struggles then escapes the headlock and tosses Creeping Death into the ropes. Creeping Death bounces off the ropes and attempts to hit Dark Angel with a shoulder block, but that just knocks himself down.

Zach Davis: Creeping Death picks himself and bounces off the ropes once more.

Shannan Lerch: But, again, Dark Angel just shoulder blocks his opponent.

Dark Angel runs back to the ropes and bounces off the ropes. Creeping Death drops down, to the mat, as Dark Angel jumps over Creeping Death and bounces off the ropes, on the other end of the ring. El Angel Oscuro comes barreling through, but Creeping Death hops up and....


Zach Davis: Creeping Death just drop kicked Dark Angel.

Creeping Death picks up his opponent and....


Shannan Lerch: Kudome Valentine

Zach Davis: A devastating vertebreaker.

Creeping runs towards the ropes, bounces off the ropes and charges at a sitting Dark Angel....


Shannan Lerch: Van Daminator!!

Zach Davis: A quick cover by Creeping Death!!

The referee slides into position to make the pin attempt count....

The crowd: One!

The crowd: Two!

Zach Davis: This could be it!

The crowd: Thre- NO-O-O-O!!!

Shannan Lerch: Dark Angel kicks out.

Creeping Death picks up Dark Angel, but El Angel Oscuro reverses the momentum and kicks Creeping Death in his mid-section and hits him with a swinging neck breaker. The crowd erupts in cheers.

Zach Davis: That got the crowd going.

El Angel Oscuro picks up Creeping Death into a full nelson

Shannan Lerch: It looks like Creeping Death is about to have his wings clipped!

Dark Angel hits Creeping Death with a dragon suplex.

Zach Davis: Broken Wings!

Dark Angel looks around the excited crowd and bolts for a corner.

Shannan Lerch: You knows what this means!!

Zach Davis: Time for the Angel to fall!

El Angel Oscuro climbs up to the top turnbuckle and looks down at Creeping Death, who is lying prone on the mat in front of the corner. Dark Angel holds out his arms and flies off the top turnbuckle...


Shannan Lerch: Creeping Death moved out of the way!!

Dark Angel is holding mid-section as he stands up. Creeping Death was already standing. Creeping Death swings at Dark Angel, as El Angel Oscuro swing back! That excites the crowd.

Zach Davis: Both men are matching hit for hit, as they continue to brawl.

Creeping Death kicks Dark Angel in the stomach, which causes him to buckle over. The crowd erupts in cheers.

Shannan Lerch: It looks like it's time for For Whom the Bell Tolls.

But, Dark Angel back body drops Creeping Death. Dark Angel drops a quick elbow, then drops a quick leg drop. The crowd erupts into cheers as El Angel Oscuro attempts to put his opponent into an STF. Creeping Death struggles.

Zach Davis: It looks like Dark Angel has that STF in real tight!

Creeping Death struggles, as he continue to scream out in pain. Inch by inch, Creeping Death crawls over to the ropes.

Shannan Lerch: He is within an inch away from the ropes.

Creeping Death can barely touch the ropes, but.....

The crowd: Ou-u-u-u!

Zach Davis: Dark Angel releases the hold, but to pull Creeping Death back and to reapplies the STF onto his opponent!

Creeping Death is struggling and screaming out. The intensity is off the charts, as Creeping Death has the determination to crawl slowly and methodically to the ropes.

Shannan Lerch: Creeping Death is crawling, inch by inch...

The crowd erupts in cheers, as Creeping Death grabs for the ropes. Stanley Moser orders Dark Angel to let go, of the hold. After what seems like an eternity, Dark Angel let's go of the STF. Creeping Death slowly gets up and they hook up, in the center of the ring.

Zach Davis: Creeping Death kicks Dark Angel and lifts him up to his shoulders.

Shannan Lerch: It looks like Creeping Death is about to hit Dark Angel with the Mjolnir's Wrath.

Dark Angel wiggles out of it and attempts a standing dragon sleeper, but Creeping Death reverses that and gets behind Dark Angel and...

Zach Davis: Possibly this could be a reverse DDT.

Creeping Death spins Dark Angel around, but Dark Angel reverses it by kicking Creeping Death in HIS midsection and puts him into a cradle piledriver.


Shannan Lerch: Devastating cradle piledriver!

Dark Angel runs over to the corner and took no time to fly off the top turnbuckle and lands on top of Creeping Death.

Zach Davis: Fallen Angel!!

Shannan Lerch: Beautiful swanton!

Dark Angel doesn't go for the pin, he picks up Creeping Death, but....


Creeping Death takes Dark Angel and applies a front face lock. He then front flips over Dark Angel in a move that looks similar to a Northern Lights Suplex. But, instead, Creeping Death delvers a front flip DDT.

The crowd: HOLY SH*T!! HOLY SH*T!! HOLY SH*T!! HOLY SH*T!!

Shannan Lerch: Dark Angel just landed awkward. This could be the end for El Angel Oscuro!!

Creeping Death goes for the pin!!

The crowd: One!

The crowd: Two!

The crowd: Thr--- NO-O-O-O-O!!

Dark Angel kicks out, but Creeping Death takes no time, but picks up El Angel Oscuro. Dark Angel attempts with a enziguiri.

Zach Davis: But Dark Angel misses. This match has been full of surprises!! Attack-counter attacks all through this great match!

Dark Angel misses with the enziguiri. Creeping Death bends Dark Angel over and pump handles the far arm through their legs. Creeping Death then grabs around their neck, so that his arm is between their head and their near arm. From here, Creeping Death picks up El Angel Oscuro, so they are laying on their side across his shoulders. Creeping Death then dumps Dark Angel on his head.

Shannan Lerch: This match has gone beyond all expectations. This match has not disappointed me, at all.

Creeping Death slides in for the pin attempt....

The lights drop in the convention hall.

Zach Davis: What the hell is this!

The lights pop back on. Oscuro is joined in the ring by a blood drenched Greenfever. The WCF World Title is around his waist.

Shannan Lerch: GREENFEVAAAR!

Oscuro hears Shannan yell and whips around just in time to be clotheslined by the World Champion. Marilyn Violets appears at ringside and slides in two steel chairs. Greenfever soccer kicks Oscuro in the head before setting up both chairs facing each other. Greenfever lifts Oscuro and uses a Dislocated Pile-driver to slam Oscuro's head into the mat.

Zach Davis: This is uncalled for! THIS is supposed to be our champion!?

Shannan Lerch: And what about the match!?

Zach Davis: I suppose Dark Angel wins by DQ, and Creeping Death is getting out of here. Smart, he doesn't want to risk injury against these crazy mothers.

Greenfever places Oscuro into one of the chairs and lifts one of his legs onto the chair opposite to him. Greenfever jumps up and spikes both boots into Oscuro's kneecap.


Bones shoot out of Oscuro's leg.

Zach Davis: *barfing sounds*


Oscuro's eyes are wide as he looks at what just happened to him. Oscuro is screaming in anger and pain. Greenfever pulls the chair out from under the destroyed leg and slams the edge Oscuro's masked face. Oscuro passes out, still propped up in the chair. Greenfever spins and smashes the seat of the chair into Oscuro's head, which rocks him backward grotesquely.

Zach Davis: Someone stop this! Where is Oblivion?!

Shannan Lerch: Oh my God!! This is just awful!! Is anyone gonna save Dark Angel, where is The Gathering?

Zach Davis: More important... WHERE IS OBLIVION!?!?!

The crowd screams!

Zach Davis: Here comes Security!

Six men are walking down the entrance ramp. They are wearing black jeans with black t-shirts that say WCF Security. They are surrounding the ring.

Shannan Lerch: What's up with this?!?! They should be helping Dark Angel.

Zach Davis: It looks like they are guarding the ring.

The six men have their arms folded, with mean skowls over their faces. The fans scream with cheers.

Shannan Lerch: Finally!! Here comes Oblivion!

Oblivion roars, as he bolts through the crowd and he jumps over the security railing.

Zach Davis: Oblivion is making his way, to the ring.

Greenfever spots Oblivion and smiles as he digs into the forehead of Dark Angel. Blood begins to pour out of the forehead, of The Dark Angel.

Shannan Lerch: The Security is bolting towards Oblivion.

Zach Davis: Are you kidding me!?! They are holding down Oblivion!

Oblivion roars as he is beating held down and beaten!! Greenfever laughs as he continues to beat El Angel Oscuro bloody! Oblivion struggles, as one of the Security looks under the ring and he pulls out a long coarse rope. The six security members tie up Oblivion.

Shannan Lerch: This is a travesty of justice! This so called Security is tying up Oblivion and gagging him, as they continue to beat him. OH MY GOD!!

One of the security grabs for a chair. As the other five hold Oblivion down, on his knees. The security member steps back, then runs towards a kneeling Oblivion and....


Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!!! Oblivion just got wacked with a chair. He is tied down, as... Yes!! Oblivion IS bleeding!

Blood pours from Oblivion's mask. As Greenfever continues to torture Dark Angel. The security begins to pick up a bleeding Oblivion, as he is trying to reach out. He spits out his gag as he screams for a beaten Dark Angel!


The security continue to pummel Oblivion as they struggle to carry a tied up Oblivion. they carry him away, to backstage....

KashVille/Super Anime vs The New Confederacy/Anastasia Petrova


"Influence" by: Trapt plays as Jason Kash and Tommy Knoxville appear from behind the Entrance curtain. The fans giving a mixed reaction get their attention as they throw up the Influential Minds handsign. They stroll down to the ring, Knoxville sliding into the ring as Kash jogs up the steel stairs. They taunt some more and prepare for battle.

The Mortal Kombat theme begins to play while the crowd gets to their feet. Once "Fight" is said, Super Anime comes out from the back. She high fives most of the fans before heading into the ring. Super Anime then backs into a corner and waits.

Zach Davis: I don't think Super Anime is too happy at teaming with KashVille, but you gotta do what you gotta do, I guess!

"Renegade" by Styx begins to play over the PA system as Johnny Reb and Doc Henry step out onto the stage. Images of past matches play on the Jumbotron, while both men make their way down the ramp, working the crowd at ringside. Doc mounts the ring steps in a dignified manner, while Johnny slips through the ropes. Both men take a moment to pose for the fans before going to their corner to await the bell.

Na Rasputye by Kipelov plays and the lights turn red as Anastasia Petrova prances about the stage. She goes to the ring and says hi to the fans and blows them kisses while shaking her booty!


Super Anime and Anastasia Petrova start the match. They tie up and do some catch as catch can style wrestling to start things off.

Shannan Lerch: Believe it or not, Anastasia is a decently talented grappler. So is Super Anime, though, and they're at a stalemate.

They go to tie up again and Petrova Headbutts Super Anime, sending her reeling. She runs at her and goes for a Hurricanrana but Anime reverses it into a Powerbomb!

Zach Davis: DAMN!

Super Anime hesitantly tags in Kash. Kash picks her up and throws her to the ropes, hitting an Anderson Spinebuster! He pins her.



No, she kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Under all of that silicone, she DOES have heart.

Kash dominates Petrova for several more minutes, hitting a Russian Legsweep, putting her in a Neck Triangle Choke, and finally executing a Belly to Belly. He picks her up but this time she's had enough.. and low blows him in the junk.

Zach Davis: OUCH.

The ref didn't see, and she dives and tags in Johnny Reb! Reb Springboards in and Clotheslines Kash down. He gets up and Reb then hits his Facebreaker DDT! Reb follows up with a Moonsault Leg Drop!

Shannan Lerch: Excellent! Reb is on fire!

Reb pins Kash, but Knoxville breaks it up. Afterwards, Reb hits a few more high flying moves on Kash, including a Springboard Bulldog and a Diving Fist Drop... before Doc Henry tags himself in.

Zach Davis: This again!?

Doc gets into the match as Reb looks at him, surprised. Reb hesitantly climbs back onto the apron as Henry goes to town on Kash, kicking at him viciously. As Kash stumbles up Henry locks him for the Gambler's Hand, but Kash elbows Henry in the head a few times and gets out of it, hitting him with a T-Bone Suplex! Kash then tags in Knoxville.

Shannan Lerch: Here comes The Iron Man.

Knoxville immediately puts Henry into an STF, trying to wear him down moreso than make him submit. After the STF, he picks Henry up and executes an Inverted Atomic Drop and follows that up with a Piledriver!

Zach Davis: Doc Henry in a bad way here..

Knoxville goes for a pin, but Reb Springboards in and Dropkicks him away. Henry stumbles up and Reb goes to Powerbomb Knoxville..

Shannan Lerch: They're going for the Confederate Railroad!

..but Kash gets into the ring, tackling Henry before he can hit his part of the move. Reb just hits a regular Powerbomb. Reb then grabs Kash and they begin brawling, with Reb Clotheslining him and sending both men out of the ring.

Zach Davis: All hell has broken loose!

Both Henry and Knoxville dive to their respective corners, and tag in Petrova and Super Anime, respectively! The women enter the ring with a head of steam, meeting in the middle and brawling with one another. Super Anime hits the Yoshi Tonic!

Shannan Lerch: Pin!





Suddenly, Fort Knox yanks Doc Henry off the ring apron. He hits him with the Knox Out!

Zach Davis: I think Knox isn't happy about having lost the Titles!

Knox yells at Henry that he and Dark Angel want another Title shot. Reb is about to attack him but he exits the ring area. Reb helps Doc up while KashVille backs up the ramp, looking confident.

Slickie T/D-Day vs Shaun Jackson/Karl Voronov


Give Me The Meltdown by Rob Thomas plays in the speakers. The lights are dim.The lights flash on to D-Day walking out to the top of the ramp and falls on his knees and throws his arms in the air, as soon as he throws them in the air fire works go off and surround him. The screen shows all of D-Day moments of his dead and forgotten special move. As also the screen shows a ring then the words in white and in cursive, the words D-Day. When D-Day get in the ring he raises his hands to his name on the screen.

"Gravesend (Lake of Fire)" plays over the speakers as Slickie makes his way through the black curtain, turning his back to the crowd and making his famous "T" symbol with outstretched arms. Once the words to the song begin, he quickly turns and looks over the crowd, giving a smirk before making his way down the ramp, extending his hand to those that are already outstretched. Once reaching the ring, he stands on the ring apron, using the top rope to vault himself into the center of the ring. He then climbs the turnbuckle and outstretches his arms to form a "T" once again before doing a back flip into the center of the ring as he waits for his opponents.

The big screen blares with a picture of a snowy forest as Karl walks to the stage cuing “Grace” by Apocalyptica. With his approach to the ring, several large explosions occur on the stage. Once Karl has climbed into the ring he does his signature taunt which involves extending his arms and slowly clinching his fist all the while making a powerful expression. After he clinches his fist he roughly pounds the fist into his chest which accompanied by a large explosion above the ring.

Slipknot's "Psychosocial" hits as Shaun Jackson walks out from behind the curtain. He stops at the top of the ramp and looks out at the crowd before heading down the ramp, occasionally stopping to slap an extended hand or two. He then slides into the ring under the bottom rope and stands in the center as he takes off his beanie and t-shirt and throws them into the waiting crowd.


Zach Davis (singing): It's the most wonderful time of the year. Okay well maybe not of the year but as always we've reached my favorite time of the night.

Shannan Lerch: That's right folks it's time for our Main Event which should prove interesting with all of the story lines coming into it.

Zach Davis: Indeed Shannan. We have D-Day and Karl Voronov, on seperate teams tonight, but both involved with the same hooded man that has been tormenting them as of late.

Shannan Lerch: Not to mention that at Rebirth they were involved in a United States Title Contendership match which was one by D-Day. Albeit it being due to the interference by Day's tag partner Marcus Moneybanks.

Zach Davis: And then let's not forget about the other two individuals involved in this match, Slickie T and Shaun Jackson.

Shannan Lerch: Jackson is of course hot off of his shocking win in the fatal fourway...

Zach Davis: Technically it was a triple threat since Jaguar didn't even compete.

Shannan Lerch: Okay. Jackson is of course hot off of his shocking win at Rebir..

Zach Davis: Was it really all that shocking Shannan? I mean I...

Shannan Lerch: Zach if you don't shut up and let me finish a sentence I swear I'll slap that cheap dollar store clip-on tie off of you. Now as I was saying, Jackson is coming into this match after pulling the surprising upset over Slickie T and Johnathan Swift to win the Hardcore Championship. And you can bet despite Slickie's well wishes and praise for Jackson's clean win that he is looking to get back on track to reclaim his title.

Zach Davis: That's true Shannan, but we'd be remiss if we didn't discuss the attack on Jackson after the match. For those of you who haven't already heard or read, medics found Jackson lying face down in his dressing room and bleeding from the back of the head after what looked like an attack.

Shannan Lerch: Rumors have been flying as to who the attacker is but at this point no one knows for sure. What we do know is that a week later Jackson still isn't at 100% but will compete anyway. Truly a showing of his toughness.

Zach Davis: Let's get to the action as the bell rings.

Shannan Lerch: It looks like Jackson is letting Voronov start off for their team as he steps out onto the apron. Slickie T is starting off for his team and the two go at it. Voronov going after Slickie but he uses his speed to avoid the big man.

Zach Davis: And Slickie T using that quick offense he has to fire off a few kicks. Voronov is able to catch one but Slickie snaps off an enzuigiri kick to the head.

Shannan Lerch: Slickie tags in D-Day and the two quickly go in for the double team and snap off a double suplex. Slickie moves out to the apron as D-Day continues the offense by dragging Voronov up to his feet and whipping him into the ropes. Voronov comes back and D-Day takes him down with a hip toss before applying an armbar.

Zach Davis: Voronov fights to get back to his feet and he throws a wild punch that D-Day ducks. Voronov gets turned around and D-Day gets to work kicking him like a madman.

Shannan Lerch: D For Destruction!

Zach Davis: And one big kick between the eyes sends Voronov to the mat. D-Day goes for the cover but Voronov gets his foot up on the ropes somehow. D-Day gets back up and drags Voronov over to their corner where he tags in Slickie T.

Shannan Lerch: Slickie hops up onto the top rope from the apron and jumps off with a springboard moonsault onto Voronov. Another pin attempt.




Zach Davis: And somehow Voronov gets the shoulder up. Slickie backs off as Voronov slowly struggles to get to his feet. Looks like he's going for the...wait a second. What's going on?

Shannan Lerch: Shaun Jackson just fell off the apron and's that damn masked man! That masked man knocked Jackson off the ropes and he's going at the injured back of the head.

Zach Davis: And now he's standing up and it looks like he's motioning for someone, but who?

Shannan Lerch: There's some sort of commotion from the crowd...and look! Another masked individual is running through the crowd and this one has a chair.

Zach Davis: The second man jumps the barricade as the first man lifts Jackson up. The second man takes aim and smashes the chair into his head.

Shannan Lerch: The two take off back through the crowd and this arena has gone silent. But back in the ring we still have a match going on as Slickie T still has Voronov in his sights despite what just happened.

Zach Davis: Voronov turns around and Slickie snaps off the Omerta before going for the pin.




Shannan Lerch: And Slickie T and D-Day get the win!


As the match comes to an end both Jason Kash and Tommy Knoxville are both standing on their feet cheering. They have Vuvuzela Horns at their mouths and are blowing into them as hard as they can. The noise is deafening and most of the fans move away from the source. Both Slickie T and D-Day look at where KashVille is at and they are confused and a little annoyed by the sound. In the small arena it really echos. One of the fans slap Kash's horn and Kash begins to bomb on the fan as security comes to break it up. Knoxville jumping up and down cheering on his tag partner looks like he's been drinking and the antics show that. Security escorts both Jason Kash, Tommy Knoxville, and the fan to the back area as the remaining audience cheers that they can now enjoy the Main Event without KashVille ruining it with horns.

Shannan Lerch: What an amazing main event that was!

Zach Davis: A great way to finish the show, that's for sure

All four wrestlers are in the ring, recuperating after a grueling match.

Zach Davis: Well folks that's all we have ti----

The lights cut out.

Shannan Lerch: Not again.. wasn't the Pay Per View enough?!

After approximately 30seconds the lights come back on and the crowd erupt into cheers.

Shannan Lerch: Is that Steve Thunder?

Zach Davis: I really can't see.. it could be..

As the crowd cheer, it is hard to see why. Handcuffed to one corner is D-Day, handcuffed to another is Karl Voronov and with his arms spread like a crucifixion across the ring is a man with a sack over his head. His body is torn, but he seems to be wearing the ring attire of Steve Thunder, its torn and dirty and his body is limp and motionless.

Zach Davis: What the hell have those sick bastards done with our United States Champion?!

Shannan Lerch: We don't even know if that is Thunder, they may have already killed him for all we know. These sick bastards!

In the center of the ring lies the United States Championship, the Hooded Man standing over it as an army of Black Masks surround the ring. The crowd of Black Masks is 2 deep, it would be impossible to breach. In the isle Slickie T and Shaun Jackson look at the army of Black Masks and decide it would be best to not get involved.

Shannan Lerch: Look at D-Day and Voronov, they are trying to find a way out of those cuffs. This could be another bloodbath, neither man can possibley have recovered from the Pay Per View!

Zach Davis: Right now i'm more concerned weather or not that is our United States Champion.. or atleast, the shell of our United States Champion... he's been gone for over a month now.. and after seeing what these men are capable of I really fear for his well-being!

Shannan Lerch: That's his ring attire, that's his physique; but the question is: Is this just another sick mind game by the Hooded Man and the Black Masks?!

The crowd is roaring, boos, cheers, chants of "Lose the Hood" are breaking out.

Zach Davis: I have it confirmed from the back, that IS in fact our United States Champion. He has a tattoo that can just be seen at the base of that sack. It reads "Lauren" - it's his first love. Word in the back is that Thunder's friend Carmen has identified the tattoo!

Shannan Lerch: I don't know if i'm relieved or not..

Wrestlers are beginning to come from the back, it seem's this may all have gone to far for them to take. As they get close to the ring...

Shannan Lerch: There go the damn lights again!!

The lights cut out.

When the lights come back on D-Day and Voronov are back to back in the center of the ring with not a mark on them. The Black Masks are gone; The Hooded Man is gone; The U.S Title is gone and the man with the sack over his head is gone.

Zach Davis: What in the name of god is happening?! Who the hell are these Black Masks?!

Shannan Lerch: Why the United States Champion? Why Steve Thunder?

Zach Davis: ... why the WCF..

Fade out.