Slam Intro
Tiny vs Lady Jaye
Jaguar/Anastasia Petrova/Super Anime vs The New Confederacy/Austin Adams
Karl Voronov/Malachi Wanderlust vs D-Day/Fort Knox
Jason Kash vs Shaun Jackson
Seth Lerch Segment
Slickie T vs Ace Garrison

Slam Intro

A small boy comes up to Shannan with a video tape and it reads "Show This Now".

Shannan Lerch: Somebody get this out to the truck ASAP.

The video is rushed to the truck to be shown.

Ace Garrison is walking in the parking lot when a all to familar group of black masked men are waiting behind a dumpster. All of a sudden from behind Ace comes a pretty blonder wearing a Ace t-shirt.

Blonde: Can I have your autograph and hotel room key for tonight?

Ace goes to sign a autograph for her when the three masked men nail him from behind with baseball bats. Ace is laying on the pavement screaming in pain as his left knee has been beaten badly by the three masked men. One of the masked men looks straight into the camera.

Masked Man #1: I told you Kane things would get worse if I didn't get my way.

The masked man pulls off his mask to reveal himself as Adam Young.

Adam Young: I told you. Now get ready for ¡el día de los muertos!

Adam and the rest of the masked men leave as Katie Lea, Angus Killian and Austin Adams come walking up and start laughing at Ace Garrison laying in pain in the parking lot.

Tiny vs Lady Jaye

Tiny is standing ready in the ring when "I Like" by Men Without Hats blasts over the PA system. As the lights begin to flash red as Lady Jaye walks out from the curtain with her arms spread in the air. She gets a mixed reaction as she begins to walk down the ramp smiling at the audience. She slides into the ring and twirls, spreading her arms one more time. Kyle steel then performs the introductions.

Kyle Steel: Standing to my left, from Miami, Florida, standing 6’3 and weighing 230 pounds, this is Tiny! And now entering the ring, from Hollywood, California, standing 5’6 and weighing 130 pounds, this is Lady Jaye!

With the introductions out of the way, Jaye and Tiny meet in the center of the ring where the woman out-speeds the man and goes for an instant drop toe hold to bring her male opponent down to the mat. Tiny holds his ground though and simply stands tall in the middle of the ring, then allows Lady Jaye to stand back up. Then, all of the sudden, a third song begins to play.

Shannan Lerch: What the hell is going on? We’re not even three minutes into the show and things are already going haywire.

Zach Davis: I’m not sure. That is obviously Malachi Wanderlust’s music, but he isn’t scheduled until later.

The arena lights dim to black and then an intense white spotlight casts downward to the center of the ring, up the ramp to the center of the entrance stage as Broken, Beaten and Scarred by Metallica begins to play. About forty seconds into the song, with the first pause and drum transition, Wanderlust emerges from the backstage area dressed in all black gear, carrying a table alongside in one hand. His long black hair is slicked wet, and the music obviously pumps him up. At the top of the ramp, he stops for a moment and lets the music play while rousing up the fans in various unscripted ways: pumping his fist, banging his head, etc. At about the one minute mark, with the second drum transition, Wanderlust gives a cut-throat motion and spits a white cloud of mist upwards into the air, then there's a large burst of white pyro that signals him to head down the ramp towards the ring with the spotlight on him the whole way, sometimes slapping a few hands. As he's walking, the ring announcer performs his introduction. While outside the ring, Wanderlust kicks up the table and both of the legs fall out to the floor, an obvious sign that he’s done this before. Once more he makes the same cut-throat motion and then motions that he’s going to put his opponent through the table. When the lyrics begin at approximately a minute and fifteen seconds, he rocks his way between the top two ropes and heads directly towards one of the four corners to raise his fists into the air and pose for the audience to gawk or take pictures. At about two minutes and twenty seconds, Wanderlust stands ring-center and three bursts of white pyro spring from the ring-posts as the words "We die hard" ring out.

Tiny and Jaye both stand in the center of the ring staring at Wanderlust while all of this is going on until Malachi hops down from the turnbuckle. Lady Jaye walks up to confront him, but is immediately met with a pie-face and gets shoved down onto her backside. Tiny goes chest to chest with Malachi and then gets a stiff right hand to the jaw that spins him around and lands him on top of Jaye.

Zach Davis: Well, it looks like Wanderlust is out here to cause a ruckus.

Shannan Lerch: Couldn’t we have just one night where no crazy stuff happens?

Zach Davis: I doubt it, this is the WCF.

While Tiny is staggering back to his feet, Wanderlust grabs him by the wrist and knocks him back down short-arm clothesline style, then turns his attention to Lady Jaye who takes a wild swing for the fences at Malachi. He dodges the punch and locks in a full nelson after spinning her around. Wanderlust flings the woman side to side for a few moments, then lifts her up and puts her down on the canvas with a full nelson slam. With both competitors down, Wanderlust motions for a microphone to be sent into the ring. Kyle steel obliges the request and lays one beneath the bottom turnbuckle.

Wanderlust: This is a warning… A warning to the New Confederacy… to the Black Masks… to Shaun Jackson… Or anyone else… anyone that thinks it would be a wise idea to interfere with Jason Kash or Tommy Knoxville leading up to Ultimate Showdown. You lay a finger on Kash or Knoxville… you look at them the wrong way… you even breath hard enough that they can feel it… this is your future. So, just think about that before any of you do anything you might regret.

With that, Wanderlust drops the microphone to the mat and focuses his attention back on Tiny. As Tiny wobbles toward Wanderlust, the big guy scoops him up and delivers a knee, to the rips, then steps and drives the other one forward before tossing Tiny clear across the ring, over the top of Lady Jaye, outside, and to the floor. As the last act, Wanderlust grabs Jaye by the hair and throws her outside the ring on the opposite side of Tiny, then sets her up on top of the table he’d left for just this purpose. Without a moment of hesitation, Wanderlust slides back into the ring, runs and bounces off the far ropes, jumps clean up onto the top rope nearest to Jaye, stalls and balances with his arms spread for a moment to show off for the crowd, then crashes down on top of her with a spaceman plancha. Instantly the crowd goes nuts, much more for the move rather than for Wanderlust.

Shannan Lerch: I’m getting sick and tired of this guy putting people through tables! Who does he think he is? We need some law and order around here! That’s three people in four weeks!

Zach Davis: Well, the crowd loves it Shannan, and I’ve got to say… I think it was a pretty exciting way to kick off this week’s edition of Slam! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the show!

Wanderlust’s theme music booms through the stereo system once again while he climbs out of the wreckage, raises his fist into the air and then heads back up the run-way with his point well-proven where Jason Kash meets him with a smile and a pat on the back, then walks backstage with his new addition to the stable. Afterwards, the show cuts to a commercial break to pay for some bills and Wanderlust’s nasty addiction to wood.

Jaguar/Anastasia Petrova/Super Anime vs The New Confederacy/Austin Adams


The Mortal Kombat theme begins to play while the crowd gets to their feet. Once "Fight" is said, Super Anime comes out from the back. She high fives most of the fans before heading into the ring. Super Anime then backs into a corner and waits.

"Na Rasputye" by Kipelov plays and the lights turn red as Anastasia Petrova prances about the stage. She goes to the ring and says hi to the fans and blows them kisses while shaking her booty!

"Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi starts then Jaguar comes out and he stands there on the entrance ramp.

"Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd starts playing and out walks Adam, Austin,Angus and Katie in the smoked filled entranceway. The fans start chanting BTJ as the trio makes its way to the ring. The trio walk towards the ring with icey glares as the fans keep chanting BTJ. Adam slides in under the top rope as Angus slides in under the bottom rope and Austin flips over the top rope. They stand in the middle of the ring and give the BTJ sign, only the last three fingers up in the air. as another huge burst of pyro goes off.

Before the bell rings, Jaguar attacks Austin Adams and pummels him with karate kicks and punches!

Zach Davis: Wow! Jaguar with an attack out of nowhere!

Before the other Jerks can attack him Jaguar quickly exits the ring, laughing and smiling to himself. He grabs a mic.

Jaguar: Well it seems tonight that I'm still not 100% and to be perfectly honest this match is bogus! They partner me up with two females and expect us to stand a chance? I know for a fact that both Anastasia and Anime are on their last match of their contracts and they have no plans to resign with WCF. So what is the point for me to put my health on the line in a match where I cannot get a fair shot at Austin Adams. So I am pulling my name out of this match...Ladies, good luck in your future and tonight! Austin Adams, that was just a taste of what you're getting at Ultimate Showdown! See you then punk!


Jaguar drops the microphone and heads back into the backstage area. Both Anime and Anastasia look at eachother in shock.

Big Time Jerks stare at Anime and Anastasia as they stand across the ring ready for whatever. The bell rings and all three members of Big Time Jerks rush across the ring and get a jump on the two females. They pound on them, toss them around by the hair. They quickly setup "The Jerk" Finisher and nail all points of the move. Then they call for another team finisher called "4-2-0" and then Austin nails a spinebuster on Anime as Angus comes off the top rope with a shooting star press and then Adam comes off the top rope with a moonsault. Adam makes the pinfall and the referee makes the count.




The Big Time Jerks jump up and down, bouncing around the ring celebrating their victory. Katie gets in the ring to celebrate with her men as the group shares a moment and can now celebrate the night away.

Karl Voronov/Malachi Wanderlust vs D-Day/Fort Knox

Shannan Lerch: Our next match, is about to start.

Zach Davis: These four men have matches at the next pay per view- The Ultimate Showdown. Fort Knox will face-off against Malachi Wanderlust in a Last Man Standing Match.

Shannan Lerch: Steve Thunder will be defending his United States Championship against Karl Voronov and D-Day.

Zach Davis: The interesting thought tho'.

Shannan Lerch: What's that?

Zach Davis: Will those mysterious masked men be involved in tonight's match?

Shannan Lerch: Who knows Zach, who knows.

The lights go out and gold dollar signs flash about.

Zach Davis: Here comes Fort Knox.

Birdman ft Lil Wayne - Get your shine on plays...

Shannan Lerch: Don't forget Fort Knox is part of The Society. They could get involved, as well

Zach Davis: And don't you forget about Influential Minds. With Malachi Wanderlust involved with I.M, they too could get involved.

Fort Knox comes up from a hole in the stage covered with golden fireworks. Fort Knox comes out wearing black shades. Knox is wearing gold chains around his neck and is wearing a gold Rolex watch and bracelet. He has a gold ring on each finger.

Kyle Steel: From Nashville, Tennessee... weighing in at 240 pounds. FOR-OR-ORT KNO-O-O-OX!!

Knox holds up his fingered rings to the camera they spell FORT KNOX. He then goes into the ring and poses. Golden fireworks shoot off from the ring posts. Knox walks over to the ring ropes and pokes his head through the middle and top ropes. He hands his gold to the ringside person,

Fort Knox: You better not lose my gold. If you do, you know what'll happen to you, right?

The ringside person just shakes their head and walks away. Knox puts on his gloves and gets ready to fight.

Give Me The Meltdown by Rob Thomas plays in the speakers. The lights are dim. Lights flash as D-Day is walking out to the top of the ramp. D-Day falls to his knees and throws his arms in the air.

Kyle Steel: From New York City, weighing in at 230 pounds... D-DAY-AY-AY-AY!!!

D-Day throws his arms in the air, the crowd cheers and fire works go off, surrounding him. The screen begins to show all of D-Day moments of his Dead and Forgotten finishing maneuver. On the screen, it shows a ring then the words in white cursive, the words D-Day. D-Day get into the ring and he raises his hands to his name on the screen.

The Big Screen blares with a picture of a snowy forest as Karl Voronov walks to the stage cuing “Grace” - by Apocalyptica.

Kyle Steel: From Buffalo, New York, weighing in at 330 pounds... KAR-AR-LL-L VOR-ORO-O-ONO-OVV-V!

With his approach to the ring, several large explosions occur on the stage. Karl climbs into the ring and he does his signature taunt- extending his arms out and slowly clinching his fists, while making a powerful expression. After he clinches his fists, he roughly pounds his fists onto his chest. Which was accompanied by a large explosion above the ring.

The Rahway Rec Center erupts with explosive boos.

Zach Davis: I guess these Rahway, New Jersey fans are no fans of Voronov.

The arena lights dim to black and then an intense white spotlight casts downward to the center of the ring, up the ramp to the center of the entrance stage as Broken, Beaten and Scarred by Metallica begins to play. About forty seconds into the song, with the first pause and drum transition, Wanderlust emerges from the backstage area dressed in all black gear, carrying a table alongside in one hand. His long black hair is slicked wet, and the music obviously pumps him up. At the top of the ramp, he stops for a moment and lets the music play while rousing up the fans by pumping his fists and banging his head. At the one minute mark, the second drum transition begins, Wanderlust gives a cut-throat motion and spits a white cloud of mist upwards into the air. There's a large burst of white pyro that signals him to head down the ramp towards the ring with the spotlight on him the whole way, down the ramp. Wunderlust slaps a few hands. As he's walking, the ring announcer performs his introduction.

Kyle Steel: From Jerusalem, Israel, weighing in 313 pounds.... MA-A-A-LACHI-I-I WANDER-ER-ERLU-U-U-UST!!!

While outside the ring, Wanderlust kicks up the table and both of the legs fall out to the floor, an obvious sign that he’s done this before. Once more, he makes the same cut-throat motion and then motions that he’s going to put his opponent through the table.

Zach Davis: This might be a problem, considering this is not a tagle match.

When the lyrics begin at approximately a minute and fifteen seconds, he rocks his way between the top two ropes and heads directly toward a corner. He raises fists into the air and poses for the audience. There are a few flashes, as some of the crowd are taking pictures. At about two minutes and twenty seconds, Wanderlust stands ring-center and three bursts of white pyro spring from the ring-posts as the words "We die hard" ring out.

Shannan Lerch: This Wunderlust and Voronov team look massive.

Zach Davis: There is a 173 pound difference between the teams.


Zach Davis: This match is about to start.

Karl Voronov and D-Day start off, for their teams. D-Day and "The Big Bruin" circle each other, in the center, of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Voronov is using his size difference, as he pushes D-Day into his corner.

Zach Davis: Referee Stanley Moser gets involved. He pulls Karl voronov away from D-Day.

As the referee pulls The Big Bruin backwards, away from the corner. Wanderlust begins to pummel D-Day's chest several times, with his massive right forearm. That causes D-Day to collapse down to the mat, with his back against the bottom and middle turnbuckles. Voronov sees the opportunity and begins to run quickly towards the corner.....


Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!!

Voronov hits D-Day with a massive clothesline. Karl picks up D-Day and braces him against the turnbuckles. Voronov takes D-Day's right arm and drapes it over the top rope, wrenching it, in the process. D-Day begins to scream out, in pain.

Shannan Lerch: Senior referee Moser steps in immediately...

Moser: Back off, Voronov!! ONE!! TWO!!!

The Big Bruin continues to wrench D-Day's arm over the top rope.

Moser: THREE!! Back away, Karl!! I will disqualify you!! FOUR!!

Voronov backs off. With the referee's back to Wanderlust/Voronov's corner, Wanderlust begins to choke D-Day with the turnbuckle rope. The crowd begins to yell and scream, for the referee to see Wanderlust choking D-Day. Voronov walks back to his corner, as Wanderlust lets go of the turnbuckle rope and Voronov grabs D-Day and irish-whips him....


Zach Davis: A massive belly to belly suplex!!

Shannan Lerch: In this short few minutes, D-Day is hurt.

Voronov picks up D-Day for a vertical suplex and keeps the suplex hanging, then....


Zach Davis: What a devastating hanging delayed vertical suplex.

Shannan Lerch: Karl Voronov is going for the pin.

Stanley Moser slides into position...

The crowd: ONE!!

The crowd: TWO!!

The crowd: THRE- NO-O-O!!

Zach Davis: Fort Knox interrupts the count, with a boot to the back of Voronov's head.

Shannan Lerch: Malachi Wanderlust is charging into the ring and going after Fort Knox!

Knox and Wanderlust are brawling, back and forth. The crowd are on their feet, as they watch Knox and Wanderlust pound each other with lefts and rights!

Zach Davis: Both D-Day and Voronov are moving slowly...


Fort Knox just nailed Malachi Wunderlust with a dropkick, which causes Murderer's Row to fall out, of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Fort Knox is running over to D-Day and dragging him over to his own corner.

Zach Davis: D-Day tags in Fort Knox.

Malachi Wanderlust re-enters back into the ring and goes after Fort Knox.

Shannan Lerch: Wanderlust was trying to enter the ring, but referee Stanley Moser prevented him from getting involved and is escorting him back to his corner.

Knox flips off Wanderlust as Knox grabs Voronov and hits him with a snap suplex.


Zach Davis: Another snap suplex by Fort Knox!


Zach Davis: Again, another snap suplex by Fort Knox!

Knox smiles as he grabs for Voronov, but The Big Bruin belts Knox, in the mid-section, but Knox nails him with a knee to the side of his head. Fort Knox grabs Voronov, from behind and picks him up barely and...


Shannan Lerch: OH MY GOD!! Knox just dropped Karl Voronov on his head, with a German suplex.

As Voronov lies there motionless, Knox runs to the ring ropes and rolls into a somersault and hits The Big Bruin with a Rolling Thunder. Knox flips off Wanderlust, which cause Murderer's Row to rush into the ring.

Zach Davis: Here comes the big man!!

Knox grabs Voronov and pulls him to the corner, where D-Day is waiting for the tag.

Shannan Lerch: Knox tags D-Day back in.

Voronov is braced up against the turnbuckles, as Knox kneels down to the mat, on his hands and knees. D-Day runs to the Wanderlust/Voronov corner and pops Wanderlust in the mouth and begins to run to his own corner.

Zach Davis: What's D-Day doing?

D-Day charges towards the corner and leaps off a kneeling Fort Knox and...


The crowd: OU-U-U-U!!!

D-Day leaps off Knox's back and nails Voronov with The D for Destruction and hits Karl Voronov with a kick right between the eyes!!! The crowd screams!

Shannan Lerch: Malachi Wanderlust just pushes past Stanley Moser and mows over Fort Knox and D-Day. Wanderlust grabs D-Day in an abdominal stretch.


Shannan Lerch: Murderer's Row just hit D-Day with a snap reverse suplex. LAKE CITY SLAM!!!

Wanderlust grabs Fort Knox and they both tumble out of the ring, hitting each other with lefts and right in front of the announce table. Wanderlust grabs Knox and slams his head against the table, which cause Shannan and Zach to remove their headsets and walk away, from the table. Inside the ring, Voronov crawls over to D-Day and attempts for the pin...

The crowd: ONE!!

The crowd: TWO!!

The crowd: THREE-....NO-O-O-O!!!

D-Day picks up his shoulder. Karl Voronov slams his fist down onto the mat, with frustration, as he attempts the pin again.

The crowd: One.

the crowd: Tw-... no-o-o!!

Karl Voronov: DAMN IT!! STAY DOWN!!!

Outside the ring, Wanderlust slams Knox's head against the table again, but Knox nails Wanderlust with an elbow to the midsection and....


Knox slam Wanderlust's head onto the announce table. Knox rips off the protective table covering off the announce table and begins to unhook the monitors, as Wanderlust begins to resist and tries to hit Knox with furious fists. Back inside the ring, Voronov bounces D-Day off the ropes and as D-Day comes rushing towards Voronov, The Big Bruin picks up D-Day and nails him with a powerslam, which gives Karl Voronov a perfect opportunity for a pin attempt! Knox grabs Wanderlust in a reverse DDT position....


Knox nails Wanderlust with a reverse DDT and pushes him onto the announce table. Shannan Lerch and Zach Davis, takes the opportunity to grab for their head sets...

Shannan Lerch: This match has been a wild and crazy one!!

Zach Davis: Karl Voronov goes for the pin.

Stanley Moser slides into position....

The crowd: One!

The crowd: Two!

The crowd: THREE-...NOO-O-O-O-O!!!

With Malachi Wanderlust lying across the announcement table, Fort Knox climbs up the turnbuckles, from outside the ring.

Shannan Lerch: What does Fort Knox have in mind?

Karl Voronov begins to put D-Day into a camel clutch situation, but has D-Day in a strong headlock.

Zach Davis: D-Day wiggles free!! The crowd are up to their feet, as Fort Knox is standing on the top turnbuckle looking down at The Big Bruin, Malachi Wanderlust...

Fort Knox turns around and faces towards inside the ring.

Shannan Lerch: I guess Fort Knox is gonna do something else.

Zach Davis: NO!!

Knox leaps off the top turnbuckle and flies in the air with a Shooting Star Press and crashes down onto Malachi Wanderlust, causing the announcement table to crash down to the concrete floor!

The crowd: HOLY SH*T!!! HOLY SH*T!!! HOLY SH*T!!! HOLY SH*T!!!

Shannan Lerch: Our announce table just shattered into a million pieces.

The crowd: THAT WAS AWESOME!!! <clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap!!> THAT WAS AWESOME!!! <clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap!!> THAT WAS AWESOME!!! <clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap!!>

D-Day grabs Karl Voronov and quickly puts him onto his shoulders....


Zach Davis: Dead and Forgotten!! Samoan Slam!!!

The crowd screams as Tommy Knoxville and Jason Kash come out running, through the crowd and begins to pound down onto Fort Knox!!

Shannan Lerch: The Influential Minds!!

The roof of the Rahway Rec Center nearly comes off, as the crowd erupts in explosive cheers as The Dark Angel and Oblivion, along with several members of The Gathering comes dashing down the entrance ramp and they enter the ring. With Karl Voronov lies motionless, as D-Day looks at The Society with confusion, The Dark Angel climbs up to the top turnbuckle and flies off...


Shannan Lerch: FALLEN ANGEL!!!

Oblivion climbs up another top turnbuckle and leaps off with a shooting star press and lands with a leg drop.

Zach Davis: BI-POLAR!!!

Shannan Lerch: The referee has lost complete control over this match, he's ringing for the bell!


With a confused look on his face, D-Day exits the ring. On the outside of the ring, Dark Angel heads out and helps out Fort Knox with Kashville and Wanderlust!!! Dark Angel leaps through the top and middle ring ropes and lands on Tommy Knoxville. Kash and Wanderlust continue to pound down onto Fort Knox. Angel fights off Kash... THE CROWD SCREAMS IN TERROR!!!

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!!!

The lights drop as "Run Rabbit Run" by Rob Zombie begins over the P.A. system. "Huntin' Humans? Ain't nuthin but nuthin'.They all run like scared little rabbits.Run rabbit run. RUN RABBIT RUN!" The crowd begins to erupt in thunderous boos!! Greenfever has a barbed wire bat in hand, as he runs down to the ring, as Oblivion waits for him. Oblivion leaves the ring and looks under the ring and grabs for a barbed wire bat, himself! They begin to bash each other with their barbed wire bats!! They begin to lose blood quickly!! Blood splatters everywhere!! They continue to bash each other with their bats!!

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!! Blood is everywhere!!

Shannan Lerch: Here comes security. Jason Kash and the rest of the Influential Minds stagger away, getting away from the security. Karl Voronov and Malachi Wanderlust begins to leave the ringside area, by jumping over the security railing. Dark Angel and Fort Knox begin to help Oblivion attack Greenfever, as the WCF Security begin to seperate all of them. Oblivion, with one last effort, sticks the barbed wire into the flesh of Greenfever and the barbed wire stays stuck into the forehead, as the security drags everyone away!!

Zach Davis: I don't know, Shannan, but I think that The Ultimate Showdown is gonna solve all of everyone's personal issues!!

Shannan Lerch: I think so, too, Zach!! I think so, too!!

Non-Title Match
Jason Kash vs Shaun Jackson

"Psychosocial" will hit as Jackson walks out from behind the curtain wearing his WCF Hardcore Championship and of course Brooke Jones. The two will then head for the ring with Jackson occasionally stopping to slap an extended hand or two. He'll then slide into the ring under the bottom rope and stand in the center as he takes off his beanie and t-shirt and throws them into the crowd as Brooke takes her place at ringside, she holds onto the Hardcore Title making it so beautiful in her arms.

"I'm Da Bad Influence" plays over the cheap PA System made up of Speakers and Sub Woofers throughout the Gymnasium. Jason Kash bursts out from behind the sheet covering the entrance and the hundred or so fans get to their feet shouting a mixture of love and hate at him. Focused on the ring, Kash climbs the steel stairs and steps through the middle rope. He takes off his entrance gear before entering the ring. His eyes are locked on Shaun Jackson who is across the ring.

The referee stands in the middle of the ring as Kash climbs through the ropes. The referee looks at both men and then signals for the bell. Kash doesn't even take a single step towards Jackson before Jackson rushes Kash, he flies through the air and cracks Jason directly in the chin with a stiff flying knee. Kash and Jackson fall into the ropes behind Kash. Jackson is pushed him over Kash's head and is flung to the outside of the ring. He lands at ringside hard on the floor as Kash tries to hold himself up on the ropes. He pushes off the ropes and walks a few steps before he goes froggie and falls to the mat. He's half knockout by that surprise knee by Jackson. The referee checks Kash but Kash pushes the referee off and tries to shake off the dizziness. Jackson gets up with the help of Brooke Jones, the fans close by laugh at the close call. A few fans are able to give props to Jackson with pats on the back before he rushes and slides into the ring. He makes the cover on Jason Kash and the referee drops to the mat.



Jackson doesn't get off the mat as he starts to apply an Arm Triangle Choke. Kash struggles, having gained his composure forces an elbow into Jackson's ribs. Kash rolls to give him more space from Jackson and is able to get away from the submission attempt. Jackson gets to his feet and goes to jump stomp down on Kash's face but Kash moves out of the way just in time. Kash grabs Jackson's leg and while still partly on the ground, clips Jackson's knee from behind. Kash gets to his feet as does Jackson and they lock up for the first time. Kash ducks under the tieup and connects with a reverse DDT. Kash out of nowhere applies a North/South Choke and the fans erupt! Jackson was surprised and is now struggling to get free of Kash's submission attempt. Kash really doesn't know what he's doing, he watches MMA but has never prepared for submission wrestling. Jackson busts free of the attempt and Kash pushes off and gets up.

He doesn't want to play ground game with Shaun Jackson. Letting Jackson get to his feet, Kash rushes him, grabs him and nails a nice T-Bone Suplex. Jackson bounces off the mat and Kash hurries to his feet. Jackson slides out of the ring instead of being hit again by Kash. Kash halts at the ropes and teases that he is gonna dive over the ropes. He backs up, wanting Jackson to get back in the ring. Jackson walks around and slides in on another side of the ring and before Kash can get to him, he is on his feet. Shaun Jackson dives at Kash as he comes fast at him and crashes into Kash with a Shoulder Block. Kash slaps onto the mat and rolls, getting to his feet fast. Jackson is up and they lock up for real this time. Jackson pushes Kash backwards and gains control of the tieup then Jackson quickly flips Kash over in a Fireman's Carry. Jackson connects the Fire Man's Carry with a quickly applied Arm Bar and Kash is bouncing around trying to break free. He reaches out for the ropes but is just inches away from being able to touch them.

The referee checks on Kash but Kash keeps yelling "No" and Jackson begins slowly lifting the arm, bending it at the elbow. Soon the arm will break and Kash starts dragging Jackson towards the ropes. He grabs hold of the ropes and the referee breaks up the submission. Kash grabs his arm and tries rubbing out the pain as he lays on the mat. Jackson gets up and grabs the stretched arm and stomps on it. Kash bounces in pain as it shoot up his arm. Jackson grabs Kash's head and lifts him off the mat. He lifts Kash up and changes the pain as he crushes Kash's crotch area with a Atomic Drop. Kash jumps up and grabs his balls but is grabbed once again and slapped down with a crafty Spinebuster. Jackson goes for the cover again and the referee goes for the count.




Jackson slaps the mat as he gets up to his feet. He lifts Jason up again and drops him with a DDT. Jackson gets up, walks around Kash one full time and then proceeds to lock in another Armbar. This time Jackson's feet are up under Kash's back and Kash uses that to his advantage. He rolls onto Jackson and begins throwing a Haymaker with his free arm. Jackson's head bounces off the mat and Kash pulls free his already hurt arm. Fighting to get the upper hand, Kash throws a falling elbow into Jackson's face and it lands clean on his nose area. He gets off of Jackson and stomps on Jackson's ankle a couple of times before he rushes towards the ropes. He bounces off the ropes and comes back towards Jackson as he is getting to his feet. Kash leaps through the air with a flying clothesline but Jackson ducks and Kash hits the mat. Kash rolls out of the ring and Jackson is now the one wanting Kash to re-enter the ring. Kash though is signaling for Jackson to come outside the ring. The referee is slowly making the 10 count and Kash starts motioning a belt around his waist as if to taunt Jackson about being the Hardcore Champion but not being Hardcore enough. Jackson walks away from where Kash is and climbs out on the other side of the ring. The referee restarts his count and does it slowly.

Zach Davis: No weapons allowed!!

Shannan Lerch: That doesn't mean things won't get Hardcore.

Kash walks up to where Brooke Jones is standing and begins to talk with her. She isn't talking back to him and Jackson begins running around the ring to where Kash and Brooke are standing. Kash turns around and rushes at Jackson who just made it to that side of the ring. They collide and begin swinging rights and lefts, trading them off and taking stiff shots to their faces and body. Kash throws a big elbow which lands to Jackson's forehead. It makes a little cut and blood begins to roll out from the wound. You can almost see the lumps being formed on their faces. Kash cracks a hard left and Jackson stumbles back a few feet. He rushes back in and is met with a Toe Kick to the midsection. Kash slaps on a Guillotine Choke and drops to the ringside floor. The referee continues to make the 10 count.




Kash releases the hold and pushes Jackson off. Kash gets up and rolls in and back out making the referee restart his count yet again. Kash kick pushes Jackson in the side of his head. Jackson has his hands on the floor trying to push himself up and Kash stomps down on Jackson's fingers. Kash raises Jackson up by the head and begins to dig his fingers into the small open wound on Jackson's forehead. Blood begins to cover his finger tips and he wipes them off as he drops Jackson back to the ground. Kash kicks Jackson a few times and then lands a Leg Drop onto the chest of Jackson. Getting up, Kash pulls Jackson to his feet and whips him hard into the guard railing. The loud pop gets the crowd ohhhing and ahhhing the match. Kash blows a kiss towards Brooke before punching down into Jackson's body as he sits on his hands and knees. Kash lifts him up and tosses him in the ring as the referee gets very close to the 10 count. Kash slides in at the count of 9 and the referee stops and gets back to his job. Kash as he gets to his feet taunts the audience a bit and as he turns around he is met with an Overhead Belly to Belly! Kash flies and hits the mat hard and was taken by surprise from the move. Jackson gets up slowly and jumps onto Kash and begins dropping down some great ground and pound skills. Kash is taking an ass whopping now as Jackson doesn't seem to be stopping for a breath.

The referee goes in and checks Kash just as Kash moves his head and bucks Jackson off of him. Jackson punches the mat hard with Kash moving his head quickly. The bucking throws Jackson forward and Kash is able to get off his back. They both get to their feet and Kash stumbles Jackson with a hard right. Jackson comes in with a clothesline but Kash dodges it and nails a Russian Leg Sweep. Kash gets up quickly and bounces off the ropes and leaps into the air as he reaches Jackson and drops a knee to Jackson's forehead. The cut on Jackson's head opens even more and now blood is pouring out. Kash rolls with the knee drop and pulls himself up at the corner. He climbs to the middle turnbuckle and jumps off with a Body Splash. Kash covers Jackson as the referee slaps the mat.



Kash argues with the referee to pick up his 3 count speed. Then getting to his feet, Kash lifts Jackson and slams him down with one of his trademark moves an STO. Kash goes for the cover once again and the referee begins the count.




Getting up, Kash grabs the referee and yells at him. This gives Jackson a few extra seconds to recover and get to his feet. He quickly rolls Kash up with a School Boy pin and the referee quickly gets to the mat and counts.




Jackson gets up and grabs Kash's ankle and the crowd erupts. They know he is about to apply his finisher called "Snap Decision" and he goes to apply it and Kash throws a foot up at the right moment and connects with Jackson's chin. Jackson staggers back and Kash gets to his feet and they stare at eachother. They begin to circle eachother like at the beginning of matches and they come together in a lockup. Jackson hits a Knee to the midsection and follows it up with a Suplex that sends Kash back slapping against the mat. Jackson catches his breath and watches as Kash gets up and has his back turned to Jackson. Jackson rushes in and hooks a Rear Naked Choke and pulls to drop down and hook in the submission. As they both fall back, Kash manages to turn some and puts his elbow onto Jackson's face. As they hit the mat the elbow impacts into Jackson's face hard. Kash gets off of Jackson and gets to his feet and is tripped by Jackson as he reaches his feet. Kash falls back into the ropes and gets locked into the ropes with both arms. Jackson gets up slowly with a smile on his face. Kash pulls and pulls but can't seem to get loose of the ropes. Jackson lays down a few middle kicks to Kash's side. Then Jackson runs to the other side of the ring, bounces off the ropes and sticks his foot up and connects it with Kash's face. Blood spits out from Kash's mouth. Jackson untangles the ropes and lets Kash free and goes for the cover.




Jackson sits there on his knees wondering what it'll take to beat his opponent tonight. He stands up, lifting Kash up with him. He signals for his finisher called "B2B" but then out of nowhere Kash rolls Jackson up in a Small Package and the referee drops down for the pin count.




Kash slaps the mat but is visibly tired as he has won this very close match. He gets up with the help of the referee and raises his own arms in victory. He throws up the Influential Minds hand sign and the audience is livid with mixed reaction. Kash looks down at Jackson almost showing respect for his opponent.

Seth Lerch Segment

We open up in Seth's office. Seth is obviously drunk.

Seth Lerch: ERghg.. blerhghgg.. Thunder... FUCK YOU! No good piece of crap US Champion.. I'm putting Michael Diamond in the match instead of you.. because.. you're kidnapped... OR SOMETHING!

Cameraman: Sir, I'm a cameraman, not Steve Thunder.


Fort Knox knocks (haha) on the door.

Fort Knox: Hey, Seth.

Seth Lerch: Hey Fort Knox!

Seth is still clearly very drunk.

Fort Knox: So.. I was wondering-

Seth Lerch: Knox, let me ask you a question. Would YOU ever get kidnapped, if YOU were the US Champion?

Fort Knox: Uh.. no?

Seth Lerch: GOOD. I like that about you. I like you, Knox.

Fort Knox: Well, haha, anyway... this is going to be easier than I thought.. I'd like to propose that if I contribute a significant amount of money to WCF, that I get to be the Special Guest Host of Slam after Ultimate Showdown.


Fort Knox: Awesome. Sign this please?

Knox shoves a piece of paper in front of Seth, which Seth signs.

Fort Knox: Thanks! Bye!

Knox runs out of the room before Seth realizes what he's done.

Non-Title Match
Slickie T vs Ace Garrison

Shannan Lerch: It's time for our Main Event, of the night.

Zach Davis: Kyle Steel is in the ring....

"Gravesend (Lake of Fire)" plays over the speakers. The crowd cheers. Slickie makes his way through the black curtain, turning his back to the crowd.

Kyle Steel: From Sicily, Italy, weighing 215 pounds..... SLICKIE-IE-IE-IE TEE-EE-EE!!!

Allen Guiliano is making his famous "T" symbol with outstretched arms. Once the words to the song begin, he quickly turns and looks over the crowd, giving a smirk before making his way down the ramp, extending his hand to those that are already outstretched. Once reaching the ring, he stands on the ring apron, using the top rope to vault himself into the center of the ring. He then climbs the turnbuckle and outstretches his arms to form a "T" once again before doing a back flip into the center of the ring and awaiting for his opponent.

Zach Davis: The former World Champion is sure in top form, tonight!

"Control" by Puddle of Mudd hits the speaker system. The speaker brushes aside and Ace Garrison appears onto the stage.

Kyle Steel: From Cincinnati, Ohio and weighing in at 234 pounds..... A-A-ACE GAR-ARISO-O-ONN-N!!

He stands there for a moment and looks amongst the fans, who are greeting him with boos! He smirks before making his way down the ramp. Ace walks up the ring steps, wipes his feet on the mat, and enters through the middle rope. He quickly walks towards the farthest corner and climbs up it. Once again, he looks amongst the crowd before smirking and jumping down.


Zach Davis: And this match is underway.

Both men are in the center, trying to gain an advantage.


Zach Davis: A quick arm-drag by Slickie T.

The crowd boos, as a kneeling Garrison claims that Slickie T pulled some hair. The referee is not buying it. Garrison stands and they hook up. The Television Champion pushes the former World Champion into the corner. Garrison tries a quick forearms smash, but Guiliano moves quickly and begins to smack Garrison, in the mouth several times, before hitting him with a quick Russian leg sweep.

Shannan Lerch: Garrison crashes down onto the mat, hard!

Slickie T takes the advantage and clinches down on Garrison's legs with a Boston Crab.

Zach Davis: that was quick and already Garrison is screaming out, in pain!

The referee is asking the Television Champion, if he wants to quit.

Stanley Moser: How 'bout it, Garrison. Call it a night?!

Garrison: NO-O-O-O!! HELL-LL-LL NO-O-O!!

Garrison fights back and flips Guiliano onto his back. Ace Garrison begins to quickly punch Slickie T, on the face. Ace quickly stands up, as he grabs the ropes, he firmly stomps down onto Slickie T.


Zach Davis: Garrison kicks Slickie T in the mid-section and quickly nails his opponant with a DDT!!

Garrison goes for the pin, as Moser slides into position...

The crowd: ONE!

The crowd: TW-... NO-O-O-O!!

Shannan Lerch: Slickie kicks out!

Garrison picks up Slickie T and hits him with a quick and massive belly to belly suplex. Guiliano arches his back in pain. Garrison smiles, as he runs over to Slickie T and puts him on his mid-section.

Zach Davis: Garrison is putting his knee into the back of Slickie T and is pulling back under Slickie's chin.

Slickie T is groaing out in pain.

Garrison: ASK HIM!! ASK HIM!!!

Moser: How 'bout Slickie?! You give up?!

Slickie T: NO-O-O-O!!

The crowd cheers!!


Garrison lets go of the hold and begins to drop elbows and knees across the back of Guiliano. Slickie T is close to the ropes and Garrison is taking advantage of it.

Shannan Lerch: Ace Garrison is grabbing the top rope and choking Slickie T with his foot.


Garrison let's go....


Zach Davis: Guiliano just grabbed Garrison and ceremoniously dumped him outside the ring!!

Slickie T slowly moves towards the corner...

Shannan Lerch: Allen Guiliano is moving very slowly

Zach Davis: But, that is not stopping him from climbing up to the top turnbuckle!

The crowd is screaming, from the top of their lungs. Garrison is slowly standing...


Shannan Lerch: Oh my God! Even with a sore back, Slickie T just flew in the air and nailed Ace Garrison with a flying plancha!!

Both men are lying on the floor, ringside.

Zach Davis: Both men are not moving.

Slickie T is slowly moving. He slowly stands up and grabs for Garrison...


Shannan Lerch: Garrison just rammed Slickie T's back into the side, of the ring!

Garrison grabs Slickie T and throws him into the ring.Ace grabs Slickie T and hits him with a backbreaker, then another backbreaker, and finally a third backbreaker, before dropping Slickie T hard onto the mat!! Garrison drags his thumb across his throat.

Zach Davis: The television champion thinks he has this match, in the bag!

Garrison walks over to Slickie T and drops a knee on his back, before grabbing Guiliano's legs and putting him into a Boston Crab.

Guiliano: ARR-R-R-RGH-GH-GH!!!

Stanley Moser: How about it Slickie?! You wanna call it a night?!?

Slickie T is slowly clawing towards the ropes.

Shannan Lerch: Slickie T is almost there, just a fingernail away. He's almost there!! He's gonna grab the ropes.

The crowd: NO-O-O-O-O!!

Garrison pulls Slickie T away from the ropes and sits back down on the back on Slickie T, tightens the Boston crab. Slickie pounds down with his fist, screaming out in pain. Guiliano is crawling, scratching and grabbing the mat, slowly getting closer to the ropes...

The crowd: YAY-AY-AY-AY!!!

Zach Davis: Slickie T, did it!! He made it to the ropes!!

Shannan Lerch: But, Garrison is not letting go, of the Boston Crab!!

Moser: That's it, Garrison! LET GO!! ONE!! TWO!!! THREE!!! FOUR!!!

Garrison let's go of the Boston Crab and Slickie T slides out of the ring. Garrison gets close to the ropes, as he yells at Slickie T....


The crowd cheers, as Guiliano grabs Garrison's legs and pulls him outside the ring. They both begin to swing and hit each other with lefts and rights. Garrison irish whips Slickie T....

The crowd: NO-O-O!!

Zach Davis: Guiliano reverses it and Garrison crashes hard into the steel steps, flipping over them in the process. Slickie T slides into the ring and flies over to the corner.

Shannan Lerch: Slickie T is climbing up the turnbuckles nad is peering down onto lying Ace Garrison!

Garrison is motionless near the steel steps, at least a foot and a half away from the steps. Guiliano looks down on Garrison, before he flies off the top turnbuckle...

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!!!!

Guiliano hits Garrison with a 450 splash from the top turnbuckle. Guiliano grabs his own mid-section.

Moser: ONE!!! TWO!! THREE!!! FOUR!!

Shannan Lerch: Both men are not moving!

Moser: FIVE!! SIX!!

Garrison is slowly moving, as Guiliano is moving and has his hands on the ring apron. Garrison sees Slickie T standing and kicks him, in his mid-section.

Moser: SEVEN!!

Guiliano smack Garrison in the mouth!

Moser: EIGHT!!

Zach Davis: Garrison grabs Slickie's trunks, but Guiliano kicks Garrison away and enters the ring.

Moser: NINE!!!

Ace Garrison slides into the ring, just in time. But, he doesn't see Slickie T already standing, just a few feet away...


Shannan Lerch: Slickie T just went for the Omerta, but missed.

Garrison grabs Guiliano in a three quarter headlock

Zach Davis: Garrison is going for the Ace High

Garrison tries to leap forward, but Slickie T blocks it and reverses the hold.

Shannan Lerch: Slickie T is behind Garrison and grabs his arms. Slickie twists Garrison, with the top Ace's head brushes up against Guiliano's back. Slickie looks forward with determined look on his face. Slickie bites his bottom lip, then....


Davis/Lerch: T-BONE!!!!

Guiliano collapses on top of Garrison, with his right arm draped over Garrison's back. The crowd is screaming for Slickie T to roll over Ace Garrison.

Shannan Lerch: Slickie T is just too exhausted to pin Ace Garrison.

The crowd cheers as Guiliano sits up and looks behind himself... pins Shaun...




Zach Davis: Wow!

Slickie picks Garrison up and throws him to the ropes. Slickie goes for a Clothesline but Garrison ducks it... AND LOCKS IN THE FINAL CLUTCH!

Shannan Lerch: This has got to be it!

Slickie T stays in the hold for several seconds... and refuses to tap out! Garrison is cranking away on it but Slickie won't give up!

Zach Davis: Slickie, showing his heart!

Eventually, Garrison gives up, releasing the hold and wondering how in the hell to beat Slickie. He turns around.. and is met with a SPEAR FROM SHAUN JACKSON!

Shannan Lerch: What the hell!?

The referee calls for the bell, with Garrison winning by DQ. Jackson stomps on him briefly before turning to Slickie and putting him in the Snap Decision.

Zach Davis: WHAT! Can Slickie handle this?!

Shannan Lerch: Two big finisher moves back to back... no man can handle that, no matter how much heart he has!

Jackson yells at Slickie that the Hardcore Title is HIS. He eventually lets go of the hold and exits the ring, taking the Title with him.

Zach Davis: Shaun Jackson has made an impact here tonight, thats for sure!

Shannan Lerch: And what'll happen at Ultimate Showdown? One way to find out! See you then!

Slam fades to black.