Slam Intro
Slickie T Segment
Jakob Azazel vs The Hotdog Mascot vs Ligeia Cariosus
Seth Lerch/Logan Segment
Jay Price vs Russle Trombone
Michael Nirvana's Clients
Doc Henry vs D-Day
Johnny Reb vs Fort Knox
TV Title Match: Creeping Death vs Ace Garrison

Slam Intro

Opposite of Adults by Chiddy Bang hits and Slam is on the air!

Zach Davis: We're live from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois.. welcome to Slam!

Shannan Lerch: Big main event tonight. A ladder match for the Television Title, in honor of a year of our ladder rankings!

Zach Davis: Ladder rankings? We don't mention that on the air, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: Oops. Anyway, it should be a great match. Its a rematch from a few Slams ago between CD and Garrison that ended in a draw. No draw here, what with it being a ladder match and all.

Zach Davis: We have two singles matches with the former members of the New Confederacy... Johnny Reb is facing Fort Knox, and Doc Henry is facing D-Day. I guess we'll see how they fare as singles competitors once more!

Shannan Lerch: We've got Jay Price up against Russle Trombone, who got the upset by defeating Creeping Death last week. Speaking of Price, though... that mysterious red voice revealed himself to be none other than LOGAN. The Face of Treachery himself.

Zach Davis: And Logan is back... because he thinks Torture's spirit is inside Jay Price. He's kind of insane.

Shannan Lerch: And in our opener, we have Jakob Azazel, the Hotdog Mascot, and Ligeia Cariosus going at it. Hey, isn't that funny that the Mascot came back right when Logan did?

Zach Davis: Weird.

The Jumbotron lights up, with all nine of the masked "This is War" men standing in a line against a brick wall. A voice comes over the PA.

"The war isn't over, WCF. It has barely begun. Beware, because whomever wins the richest prize at War will endure the worst beating. You have been forewarned."

Shannan Lerch: Damnit, why do we keep letting people interrupt us in this intro? First Logan, now This Is War? Jesus.

"Hot Stuff" by Elize starts playing as Micheal Nirvana walks out to a around of boos in a royal blue suit, red dress shirt and white tie with white dress shoes and his tennis racket in hand. He walks up to the announce table and takes a mic.

Zach Davis: ...Now what the hell is this?

Micheal Nirvana: Shannan you better stop calling me or I'll file that restraining order and have your butt sent back that strip club on I-92 you use to give hand jobs to truckers for five bucks, yeah I'm that rich bitch.

Fans start a Shannon's a whore chant.

Micheal Nirvana: Now on to business, Seth Lerch has finally hit a grand slam in this company. Seth has come up with a number that meets my clients standards on a two year contract with WCF. My boys are on the way here as we speak and will make their intentions know real quick. WCF you now have a tag team you can sink your teeth into.

Micheal lays the mic down and walks away laughing.

Slickie T Segment

Shannan Lerch: This crowd is rowdy tonight!

Zach Davis: I just had to throw someone their prosthetic leg back at them!

Shannan Lerch: Were they trying to get an autograph?

Zach Davis: Nah, just got too jiggy apparently.

Shannan Lerch: Ah, I haven’t gotten jiggy with something in ages. America needs Will Smith’s musical prowess now more than ever.

“Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown” by Jim Croce begins playing and Hank Brown emerges onto the entrance ramp. He strides down to the ring clad in a snappy suit and gripping a Bob Barker style microphone.

Zach Davis: When the hell did Hank get entrance music?

Hank gives a nod over to the announcer’s table, ascends the ring steps and makes his way to the center of the ring.

Hank Brown: Rosemooooont! Illinois! How is everyone tonight?

The crowd roars at the mention of their hometown.

Hank Brown: Yea! A-a-and now, without further delays, I present to you….. Your World Champion!

The crowd explodes as “Lake of Fire” begins to play. Allen Guiliano appears at the entrance ramp clad in an exquisite pin-stripe suit and WCF Gold on both shoulders. He joins Hank in the center of the ring. They wait there for a moment, for the crowd’s deafening cheers.

Hank Brown: Tell me, Mr. Guiliano, how does it feel to be the WCF World Champion?!

The crowd pops, again.

Allen Guiliano: I have been receiving a lot of phone calls, a lot of letters and a lot of questions about the interview that I did with you, Hank, before I won the WCF World Title for the second time in Milwaukee last week.....

The crowd reacts, cheering wildly for the new World Champion.

Allen Guiliano: I am a man of my word and I will be making my retirement from this federation.......

The reaction now changes to a chorus of boos and dissatisfaction from the audience.

Allen Guiliano: BUT, it will not be for another couple of months and the only person to blame is Greenfever, the man who wants me out of this business more than anyone else. A man that has tried to end my career or more than one occasion, a man that wishes he was the one possessing this World Championship belt. HOWEVER, because of his actions at Revenge, I will be sticking around a little while longer.

Once again the crowd reactions, changing from negative to positive and cheering at these words.

Allen Guiliano: Milwaukee was supposed to be my final match, supposed to be my final statement on the wrestling world, but to go out with a chair shot to the back of the head after capturing the WCF World Title for the second time is simply unacceptable. My last moment here in the WCF was supposed to be receiving this belt and having my hand raised high in the air as an event came to a close, but that wasn't the case last Sunday night. I won that match with Oblivion fair and square, regained the title I had worked so hard for to have a shot at again and Greenfever has to come and ruin what was supposed to be a great celebration and a great moment in the history of the WCF.....

He pauses for a moment to collect himself, realizing the emotions may be getting the best of him as he adjusts the World Title belt over his shoulder.

Allen Guiliano: You see...there is this event coming up...that is more PRESTIGIOUS...and more ENTERTAINING than any other event in wrestling today. And I as I lay there on the mat after having my blood spilled once again by Greenfever, I got to thinking about this event and how I couldn't possibly end my career before taking part in it once again. It would simply be unthinkable for the former winner not to return and try to defend his title in the biggest "winner take all" match in the history of not only the WCF, but the entire wrestling universe. The event that I speak of made "Slickie T" a household name almost a year ago and allowed me to show that I was indeed the best that this federation had to after. So, since Greenfever did not do himself and everyone else on the WCF roster to let me have my final moment and walk away, I will be returning and DEFENDING my title as a War winner!

The fans come to their feet and erupt once again, starting to chant "War! War! War!".

Allen Guiliano: That's right, instead of War deciding who would win the vacant title belt like I'm sure that it would have had I had my chance to walk away and enjoy my last moments, it will now be for the belt itself! I've heard too many people claim that my War win from last year was a fluke. That say that the only reason I won is because I got to enter as the last competitor. Well, this year, I not only want to defend my title, I want to be the FIRST ONE in the ring! That's right, Seth! I want to be entrant #1! I want to run the gauntlet and outlast EVERYONE in the WCF and become a back-to-back War winner. I am simply at the top of my game and will not go out without being on top of this federation and what a better way to call it a career than to win War one more time. I want to do something that no one else has ever done, to create a legacy, to give people something to talk about YEARS from now when War is still being waged in the WCF. When I am the first one in and the only one still standing in that ring, it will be one for the ages. There are several that have come before me and set high standards for what it takes to truly be a "legend" here in this federation. I am about to raise that bar and take things to the next level. Greenfever, Oblivion, and all those other guys who think they have what it takes to take this title belt away from me.....the only one that will deciding when this belt leaves my shoulder is ME! I have just declared war on each and every one of you! FORZA ITALIA! MI AMORE!

A harrowing scream roars over the sound-system. The lights go out. In the name of God by Slayer begins to play, as the thunderous combination of the guitars, bass, and drums explode through the arena's speakers.

A loud deep voice: O-O-O-OBLI-I-IVI-I-I-I-O-O-O-O-NN-N-NN-N!!!

The crowd erupts.

Shannan Lerch: Oh, no. This is about to get out of control. Glad I brought my can of Bear-Mace.

In the name of God by Slayer continues to play.

Shannan Lerch: There's Oblivion's music, but where's Oblivion?!

The lights begin to flicker...

Zach Davis: Oh God..... NO-O-O-O!! Allen Guiliano must of pissed of the wrestling Gods! Something doesn't feel right!

The arena's lights continue to flicker. Lazers and fog continues to roll, Still no Oblivion! Then a sound of thunder and crackling lightning, echo the arena. Zach Davis is shook up and is hiding under the desk.

Shannan Lerch: Zach! What are you doing?!

Zach Davis: Hiding! What does it look like?!

Suddenly, the lights pulse. Then finally, the lights go out. There is a second where the fans continue to scream. The lights come back on. Oblivion is standing in the ring, with Guiliano and Hank Brown. Oblivion stares and points at Hank. Hank Brown steps back and slowly drops to one knee, as he bows his head. Oblivion rips the microphone out of Hank Brown's hand. Allen stands his ground, unflinching and indignant. Guiliano has the Hardcore title on one shoulder, as he has the World Championship on the other. Oblivion begins to scream into the microphone...

Oblivion: Allen Guliano! You’re nothing but a fraud! You're weak!! You're time has ended, little man!! You don’t have what it takes to be Champion! Give me back, what is mine or I will snap your puny, little neck!

Guiliano coldly stares back into Oblivion's eyes. He indignantly wipes away some errant spit from his face. He looks at his palm before busting Oblivion in the face with a mean right hook. The crowd erupts, as they leap from their seats, with renewed vigor. Oblivion is spun by the impact. Guiliano smiles, as he snickers and assumes his fighting stance. Oblivion turns back toward him. Just as it appears Oblivion is about to charge Guiliano, “Run, Rabbit, Run” blares through the sound-system.

Shannan Lerch: Oh my God, it's... it's Greenfever!!

Zach Davis: Everyone hide your children and pets!!

Both, Oblivion and Slickie T, turn towards the entrance ramp. Greenfever doesn't walk down the ramp.

Shannan Lerch: Oh great! Not again!!

Greenfever drops down from the rafters and onto the mat with an impact that shakes the ring. The crowd is screaming in anticipation.

Zach Davis: Sweet and Sour Jesus! Greenfever just jumped down from the rafters!

Shannan Lerch: This is insane! These fan’s are going to start tearing this place apart! I can’t even hear myself talk!

Zach Davis: What!?

Shannan Lerch: I said... This is insa... Nevermind!

Hank Brown picks himself up off the mat and stumbles to the center of this standoff.

Hank Brown: Whoa! Whoa! Guys! Chill! We’re not gonna do this here! Not here, Not, now! This is Allen Guiliano’s time and you two are screwing this up! Be professionals!

Oblivion and Greenfever just stares down Hank Brown, as the crowd responds with a collective "OU-U-U-U-U!!" Greenfever bitch slaps Hank. Hank makes a unflattering girly scream and flips over the top rope to the concrete floor. The crowd continue to stand, as the crowd near the security railing leans over and starts pelting Hank Brown with debris.

Zach Davis: Brown’s down! Brown’s down!

All three pace the ring systematically, waiting for the first move. Oblivion and Greenfever look at each other, then nods with evil smirks.

Shannan Lerch: This could get really bad for Slickie T.

Hank Brown: Yea, real bad!

Greenfever lunges at Guiliano. Guiliano sidesteps him and clocks him with the face of the World Heavyweight belt. Oblivion charges and lands a viscious kick to Slickie T’s midsection. Guiliano folds but is able to roll away from Oblivion's second and third strikes. Guiliano dropkicks Oblivion. The kick sends Oblivion crashing into Greenfever.

Crowd: OU-U-U-U-U! OH..... NO!!

After an awkward seconds of silence, Greenfever begins a flurry of strikes against the monster Oblivion. Oblivion blocks a spinning elbow from Greenfever and parry’s with devastating head-butt. Greenfever staggers back. Guiliano is leaning into the corner and obviously enjoying watching Greenfever and Oblivion fighting amongst themselves. Oblivion and Greenfever square off with one another for a moment. Guiliano’s laughter causes them to pause and look over at him.

Crowd: Uh-oh!

Greenfever and Oblivion look at each other and share an unspoken understanding. They turn toward Guiliano in unison. Allen’s celebration is muted.

Shannan Lerch: Oh, no! This is what I was afraid of.

Zach Davis: RUN ALLEN RU-U-U-N-NN-N!!

Oblivion and Greenfever corner Slickie. Guiliano leans back onto the turnbuckle, with fear on his face.

Shannan Lerch: Imagine, being in the position where Allen Guiliano is at, right down!

Zach Davis: I have! I think I just piddled myself!!

Slickie T kicks both Oblivion and Greenfever simultaneously. Guiliano hops onto the turnbuckle and front-flips toward them, attempting a frontflip-double-ddt, but Oblivion smashes him out of the sky with a heavy over-handed strike. Greenfever kneels down and begins gnawing at Guiliano’s face. Oblivion begins to stomps on his arms and legs, along with the rest of Guiliano's body.

Crowd: S!! T!!! O!! M!! P!!

Shannan Lerch: Survive- Treachery- Overcome- Monstrous- Psychopaths!!

Guiliano struggles against them but, is unable to free himself.

Zach Davis: Guiliano’s face is bleeding! Greenfever is eating him alive!

Shannan Lerch: Oblivion is gonna shatter Slickie’s beautiful legs! Se-e-th! Seth! Get out here, damn it! Stop this assault!

A slew of security guards scramble down the entrance ramp.

Hank Brown: Here comes security!

Master of Puppets by Metallica begins to play. The crowd cheers.

Zach Davis: Here comes Seth!!

Security floods into the ring and pulls Greenfever and Oblivion off of Guiliano. As the security holds off Greenfever and Oblivion, a bleeding Slickie T spits at both of them!! That enrages both monsters! The security has had enough and grabs Guiliano too. All three fighters are jostling against the security guards.

Seth Lerch: Get Guiliano out of the ring!!

Shannan Lerch: Guiliano is being escorted back up the ramp

Seth Lerch: Now, as for you two.....

Seth begins to snear a grin.

Zach Davis: I have a bad feeling about this.

Seth points at the security. The crowd erupts with boos, as the security staff, lays a Rodney King inspired beating on Greenfever and Oblivion. Seth walks into the ring and leans down at both beaten Oblivion and Greenfever...

Seth Lerch: That is a friendly reminder, to you two, who really is in charge here in WCF! I WILL HAVE CONTROL!! We have enough problems around here without you two psychopaths running around, doing whatever you want to do!! The inmates will NOT run my asylum!!

Seth drops the mic as Master of Puppets begin to play.

Zach Davis: Wow!

Shannan Lerch: Yes, Zach!! Yes. Wow, indeed!

Jakob Azazel vs The Hotdog Mascot vs Ligeia Cariosus

"King For a Day" by Green Day hits the speakers, the Hotdog Mascot waddles out onto the top of the ramp to a roar of cheers. He prematurely celebrates, jumping around on the stage and throwing his hands in the air.

"Just wait till all the guys get a load of me!"

Hotdog Mascot skips around the stage swaying his hips and arms in rhythm to the music. The Mascot flees down the ramp and rolls into the ring, dancing in place till "King For a Day" cuts.

Zach Davis: Hotdog Mascot is back on Slam! He declared his return in very, ahem, unique fashion during an interview with Hank Brown earlier in the week.

Shannan Lerch: Even as an ardent supporter of LGBT rights I thought that was disgusting. Hank, of course, insists that he was drugged but I don't buy it.

Zach Davis: Hotdog Mascot isn't my cup of tea, but I have to admit that he's jolly and he possesses a certain undeniable charm and charisma. I can't blame old Hank for playing tonsil hockey with him...and possibly more.

Shannan Lerch: Ugh!

Hotdog Mascot grabs a microphone from the ringside attendant, who unfortunately is not So Cal Val.

Zach Davis: Hotdog Mascot is going to speak?!

HDM lifts the microphone to his lips as if it were a frankfurter with the works.

Hotdog Mascot: I just had a talk with Seth Lerch backstage...

The crowd angrily boos at mention of the WCF owner's name.

Hotdog Mascot: Apparently BOTH of my opponents are having "travel issues" and are unable to compete in tonight's scheduled triple threat match.

The crowd angrily boos at being deprived of a great opening bout.

Hotdog Mascot: Pfft, I say! PFFT!! Do you expect me to believe that in this day and age, with all of the modern advancements that have been made in the travel industry, these two people are somehow unable to hop onto an airplane and make it to the Allstate Arena for tonight's show? It's laughable! What, are they stuck in a volcano in Iceland or something?!

HDM has an incredulous look upon his face.

Hotdog Mascot: I happen to know that Jakob Azazel lives in Chicago, and I know that because it says so in his bio on the WCF website. Guess what? We're in Rosemont...a suburb of Chicago! There's no excuses for you, Jakob! You're scared! You scared to face me, Hotdog Mascot!

HDM vigorously pounds the chest of his hot dog suit with his fist as the crowd cheers his fire and passion.

Hotdog Mascot: As far as Ligeia Cariosus is concerned, she's a woman so she's probably doing something frivolous like hanging out at the beach with her friends. Typical woman!

The crowd cheers once again, this time in anticipation of the bikini pics to come.

Hotdog Mascot: What I want to know, and what Seth Lerch refused to tell me because he's upset that I dumped him for Hank Brown, is who my replacement opponents are going to be? I'm not leaving this ring until I've had a damn match!

Pink and red lights flash around the arena as "Bad Medicine" plays.

Zach Davis: What the hell is this?

The fans go wild when Dr. Love struts out from behind the curtain. He dances down to the ring, slapping hands with his fans before sliding into the ring.

Zach Davis: First, Hotdog Mascot returns, and now Dr. Love?! What's going to happen next?!

“War Machine” by KISS hits the PA as the arena lights go dim. A large, muscle-bound man wrapped in barbed wire emerges from the entranceway and charges down to the ring. He has scars on his face and chest, presumably from wearing the barbed wire as if it were a shirt.

Zach Davis: Barbwirefreak! Barbwirefreak has returned to WCF!

Shannan Lerch: Well, technically he no-showed his only other WCF match four years ago, so this will be his official debut!

Zach Davis: No Azazel? No Cariosus? No problem! We have a barnburner of a triple threat match to open this edition of Slam live from the Allstate Arena!

Referee Herb Watson checks all three competitors for weapons before the match begins, and specifically instructs Barbwirefreak to remove his barbed wire as this is not a hardcore match.

Zach Davis: It's hard to anticipate exactly what is going to happen in this match, Shannan. Hotdog Mascot is the most experienced of these three competitors though his win-loss record leaves something to be desired. Then again the only two times that we've seen Dr. Love he was nearly killed, first by Frost and then by Bobby Cairo, and that was years ago. And we have no idea what Barbwirefreak is capable of without his barbed wire. All bets are off in this one!

Shannan Lerch: We know one thing, Zach, all three of these men are hungry: Hotdog Mascot for hot dogs, Barbwirefreak for barbed wire, and Dr. Love for love. Then again Hotdog Mascot has also proven that he's hungry for love and I'm sure that Dr. Love has a hunger for wieners. Hell, those two might make a love connection before the night is over! Ugh...I can't believe what I'm saying!

Herb Watson calls for the bell...


...And the match is officially underway. All three men circle the ring before Dr. Love and Barbwirefreak huddle up, whispering to each other and pointing at Hotdog Mascot.

Zach Davis: It looks like Dr. Love and Barbwirefreak are striking an alliance, Shannan. This can't be good for Hotdog Mascot.

Love and Barb charge at HDM and drill him with a double clothesline, to the disapproval of the fans. Love and Barb take turns wailing on HDM with punches and forearms before whipping him into the ropes. HDM bounces off the ropes and walks straight into a double big boot from his opponents. Love and Barb work together to lift HDM up for a suplex before dropping him to the mat. Dr. Love makes the cover.

Herb Watson: ONE...



Barbwirefreak pulls Love off of Hotdog Mascot and then violently stomps him in the face.

Zach Davis: Barbwirefreak has betrayed Dr. Love!

Shannan Lerch: Barbwirefreak is not the type of competitor who is going to sit idly by and allow another man to pick up the victory. He has too much pride.

Barbwirefreak gnaws away at Dr. Love's cranium with his razor sharp teeth as the referee warns him to cease and desist this activity. Barb connects with a stiff head butt and then drops Dr. Love with a DDT. Barb makes the cover.

Herb Watson: ONE...



Hotdog Mascot breaks up the pin and stomps away at both of his opponents.

Zach Davis: Hotdog Mascot is back on his beefy, juicy feet and he means business!

Hotdog Mascot whips Barbwirefreak into the corner, charges in and hits a flying bun splash that causes Barb's entire body to convulse and spasm violently before dropping to the mat.

Shannan Lerch: It appears that Barbwirefreak did not enjoy that taste of Hotdog Mascot's bun...or perhaps he enjoyed it too much? Ugh!

Hotdog Mascot turns around and is immediately met with the Spear of Love from Dr. Love.

Zach Davis: What a spear by Dr. Love! Hotdog Mascot took it right in the relish sack! That has to do it!

Shannan Lerch: I hope you like ribs with your hot dogs, Zach...cracked ribs that is.

Dr. Love makes the cover on Hotdog Mascot.

Herb Watson: ONE...



Zach Davis: Hotdog Mascot kicked out!

Shannan Lerch: That is one tough little wiener, Zach.

Zach Davis: Really, Shannan? You think so?

Shannan Lerch: I'm not talking about your wiener, Zach. I'm talking about Hotdog Mascot.

Zach Davis: Oh...

Dr. Love screams at the referee, a look of pure shock on his face. As Love argues with the ref, Hotdog Mascot pulls a packet of mustard from his hot dog suit and gets to his feet. When Love turns around HDM squirts him in the eyes with the mustard.

Zach Davis: Mustard in the eyes! Dr. Love's got mustard in his eyes! He's been temporarily blinded by Hotdog Mascot!

Hotdog Mascot picks Dr. Love up with his breaded arms and rattles his gonads with an inverted atomic drop. Love tries to rub the feeling back into his balls. HDM seizes the opening and quickly locks Love in the Bun Pwner.

Zach Davis: Bun Pwner! Hotdog Mascot has it locked in! Is Dr. Love gonna tap out or pass out?!

Shannan Lerch: Uh-oh, Zach! Barbwirefreak has recovered and he looks like he means business!

Barbwirefreak charges at Hotdog Mascot from behind. HDM turns and releases Dr. Love before stepping out of the way just in the nick of time to avoid contact. Barbwirefreak bumps into Dr. Love at full speed. The impact sends Love flying through the ropes and leaves Barb shaken up and disoriented inside the ring. HDM goes in for the kill and hits Barb with the Mustard Sauce, his version of the Connector.

Zach Davis: Mustard Sauce! That's Hotdog Mascot's move! Will it be enough?!

HDM makes the cover on Barbwirefreak.

Herb Watson: ONE...



Zach Davis: Hotdog Mascot wins it! What a big win for Hotdog Mascot in his return to WCF!

Shannan Lerch: I'm REALLY glad that I'm not going to be there for the celebration between him and Hank after the show tonight.

"King For a Day" hits the PA. Hotdog Mascot happily bounces around as the referee raises his hand and the fans cheer his courageous and victorious effort.

Seth Lerch/Logan Segment

The jumbotron feeds viewers a live camera backstage, the shot is centered on Seth Lerch's personal office. Logan steps into frame, childishly waving at the camera and receiving a massive amount of boos for doing so. Killing the big sheepish grin from his face and going into serious 'mode', Logan pushes the door open to Seth's office and cameraman follows in.

Seth Lerch: Logan!

Lerch quickly rids a playboy magazine from his desk and then nonchalantly begins shuffling some work papers.

Seth Lerch: Look, I'm glad you're here, we need to talk about what happened at Revenge.

Logan: I know!

Logan rushes to the front side of Seth's desk, falling to his knees, clinching his hands together like he was in prayer. A very sympathetic acting-Logan goes on.

Logan: What I did was just terrible! Terrible!

Seth Lerch nods, his hand secretly forking for the playboy magazine stuffed under his desk.

Logan: I feel so bad for Jay Price's Mother. Who wants to see their son go through what he went through last week? Not me, well, if I was a Mother, and, I had breasts.

Speaking of 'breasts', Lerch continues to idly nod in agreement with whatever Logan says, the magazine folded out and browsed in his lap out of sight.

Logan: I'm deeply sorry, for Price, myself, and any family members of his who might have watched Revenge. The right thing needs to be done, and the right thing to do.. is for me to set up a charity. All proceeds going directly to Price's Mother, and I won't take any buts, can'ts, or shut up's about it.

Seth Lerch: Indeed.

Logan: So, you agree? Oh, Seth, I knew you were a good man!

Grabbing a brass office plank that reads, "Seth Lerch", Logan brings it to his mouth and kisses it.

Logan: And, oh, I'd like to suggest something be done about security. We can't have people running around beating other people with steel pipes.

Lerch flips the page and nods.

Logan: You've got to admit... the enforcement is pretty slacking. I think it's time somebody shape up these goons, make sure that what happened to Price never happens to another poor soul again. It's terrible! Ever since that incident last week, I've been having nightmares. Steel pipe this, steel pipe that, very terrifying. Something needs to be done! It's my personal duty to ensure that Jay Price never suffers again!

Logan stands and pounds his fist on the table.

Logan: Mr. Lerch, I'd like to become the new Head of Security!

Still glued into the playboy, Lerch lazily acknowledges Logan by also slamming his fist on the table.

Seth Lerch: Head of Security! You got it.

Again, Logan treats Seth's office plank like a crucifix, kissing and praising it.

Logan: Oh, thank you, Seth! You will not regret this.

Logan stands to his feet and exits Seth's office. The cameraman follows and catches a sick grin twitching at Logan's lips. The jumbotron fades.

Shannan Lerch: Uh-oh...

Zach Davis: What has Seth done?! Logan, the new Head of Security? Oh God.

Jay Price vs Russle Trombone

The jumbotron once again comes to life and goes backstage. A group of six men standing in a military fashion line all wielding steel pipes at their side stand among a pacing Logan. Logan speaks to his men.

Logan: Tonight, gentlemen, you make your family proud to be related to a security guard. As some of you may already know, a threat exists amongst our homeland, WCF. A violent man willing to drown little children on his quest to wrestling dominance. This evil has a name, and it's King Boudle, or, well.. Jay Price, or actually.. Torture, since, he is.. uh, in Jay Price.. BUT, you men will refer to him as King Boudle. Is that understood?

The men all reply with a satisfying, "SIR! YES, SIR!". Their current ridiculously increased raises has no doubt paid for such fine discipline. Logan grins madly. The jumbotron fades.

Zach Davis: This seriously isn't looking good for Jay Price.

All of the main lights in the arena go out as a series of red lights light up the stage, ramp and the ring. "4 Words To Choke Upon" by BFMV hits the speakers, and while it's loud enough to deafen the people even in the cheap seats, it can barely be heard over the massive booing coming from the crowd as Jay Price makes his way out onto the stage from the back. He takes a moment to look around at the crowd from under the hood of his sweatshirt, smirking as he listens to their boos and chants, and then takes off down the ramp toward the ring, taking his sweet time as usual. When he finally reaches the ring he takes the ring steps up onto the apron, climbs through the ropes, and climbs up onto the second turnbuckle as he takes another long look around at the crowd. He then hops out of the corner and throws his sweatshirt at the referee as he begins to stretch out before the match.

Shannan Lerch: And here he is... the so-called Future.

"Funky Cold Medina" by Tone Loc kicks in and Russle Trombone is shoved through the curtains. He stumbles, but manages not to fall. (The crowd as a collective considers using this time for a bathroom break.)

Zach Davis: And HEEREE is good old Russle Trombone!

Shannan Lerch: What an interesting character, he is.

Logan's six men march out onto the entrance ramp with steel pipes. Logan follows suit behind, armed with a microphone and a steel pipe of his own. Jay Price remains inside the ring.

Zach Davis: The new Head of Security's team look like they mean business.

Jay Price stares daggers at Logan as Logan brings the microphone to his mouth.

Logan: You, King Boudle, are under arrest!

A majority of the audience laugh, while some boo.

Logan: You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used as an excuse for me to say 'shut up!'.

Despite the small shred of humor, Logan's persona remains genuinely serious. Price responds to Logan's joke of authority with a middle finger salute. Logan narrows his eyes before instructing his security to apprehend.

Shannan Lerch: Here they come!

Zach Davis: Price can not honestly expect to take on Logan AND six men, with steel pipes... no less.

Shannan Lerch: Didn't we have a match that was supposed to happen?

Russle Trombone wants nothing to do with the matter, rolling out of the ring, and leaving Jay Price alone as the armed security march forwards. Price stands his ground in the ring, trying to keep an awareness of them all as they circle the ringside. Trombone nonchalantly attempts to walk by the cross fire, but, is immediately pointed out by Logan as a target.

Zach Davis: No! Not Russle! He has nothing to do with this.

Logan and one of his men ambush Trombone, slapping steel pipes off his heavy figure. While Russle is being chopped down, the remaining five of the guards all slide into the ring simultaneously. Jay Price manages to go on the offensive, knee striking one of the men before he can get to his feet once belly sliding under the bottom rope, luckily, the stunned guard drops his steel pipe inside the ring and rolls out holding his head. Jay Price picks up the steel pipe, giving himself a better advantage against the four men aligned across the ring. Meanwhile, outside the ring, Logan and his right hand man continue their assault on Trombone, now having him viciously beaten to the ground.

Shannan Lerch: Damnit! We need security out here!

Zach Davis: They're already out here!

Price goes on the defensive, dealing with attacks after the other from all directions. With a clever maneuver, Price manages to dodge a pipe swing which inadvertently causes one of the men to smash steel over a fellow guard. The accidentally assaulted drops and rolls out of the ring holding his forehead.

Zach Davis: Two down!

The three remaining smother Price into the corner, two of them get a hold of Price and finally restrain him.

Zach Davis: Oh no.

BAM! A steel pipe thunderously echos off the shoulder of Price, but, instead of suffering the brutal blow in pain, Price becomes more enraged, somehow breaking their hold on him loose and exploding out of the corner spearing the guard across the ring. The guard holds his stomach, as if he just been gut shot, and rolls out of the ring. Logan and his guard quit torturing Russle Trombone and finally take notice to the rest of their men. The remaining two in the ring charge Price, pipes swinging, Price charges also, taking them both down with a double arm close line but however taking another pipe shot in the process. Price, clearly running off nothing but fiery rage, picks up a dropped pipe from inside the ring and viciously whacks it back and fourth over the last two guards until they are painfully forced to exit. Price turns and nearly growls in a shout of anger to Logan and his last guard left outside the ring.

Shannan Lerch: I've never seen Price like this before, I kind of like it!

Logan clinches his steel pipe in hand, pushing his last guard to go in first. Surprisingly, even after Jay's show of mayhem, the man obediently obeys Logan and rushes in the ring, and Logan follows after! Price quickly makes short work of the last guard, smashing a steel pipe over his head before he can even make it to his feet. Logan sees this and hot-tails it out of the ring. Logan back pedals up the ramp, staring in horror as ALL his security lay amongst ringside and ring in pain.

Zach Davis: Holy crap. I don't know how Price managed to pull that off. And, look at Logan, that coward!

Price raises the steel pipe above his hand, breathing heavily, blood trickling down his forehead, glaring directly at Logan. Logan keeps heading backwards, taking no hesitation to exit the arena and run off backstage.

Shannan Lerch: I hope Logan isn't Head of EMT's too, because, we definitely need some of those guys out here. Poor Russle.

Zach Davis: Yes, he did not deserve that. I don't like where this is going between Logan and Jay Price, they're going to turn WCF into their own personal war zone!

Michael Nirvana's Clients

A long black Hummer Limo pulls up and Micheal Nirvana comes out to great it. He sees the cameras and has them removed as he opens the left rear door to talk with who's inside.

Fade to the arena.

Micheal Nirvana comes walking out to the ring laughing.

Micheal Nirvana: Oh WCF is forever in trouble. The deal is done and the ink has dried on the contracts. Welcome back boys!

"Bad Company" by Five Finger Death Punch starts playing and fans start chanting New Confederacy.

Micheal Nirvana: You dumb idiots, did you think I would waste my time on those two inbreed hicks.

"#1 Crush" by Garbage starts playing as the lights fade out and flashes of white light hit the entrance and the ring. Out steps Adam Young and Austin Adams the Big Time Jerks in black suits. Austin is carrying a huge trophy as they climb into the ring the lights fade back up.

Micheal Nirvana: I give to you the 18 time World tag team champions the Big Time Jerks!

Crowd: BTJ! BTJ!

Austin Adams: I wish you fans would just shut the hell up already. We know we are the greatest of all time and we don't need you to stroke our ego's, but you in the light blue number right there with the size double D's I've got something you can stroke honey.

Adam Young: Detrás hace unas semanas habríamos hecho algo para nuestros abanicos, ahora no podemos poner la vista de sus asnos lamentables.Hemos decidido volver a nuestras raíces. Hemos decidido volver al justo avión que lo dice como ello es y dientes que echan. Somos la Nueva Orden Mundial, somos los Tirones de Tiempo Grandes.Entonces usted puede prepararse a aplazar aquellos subtítulos en las escenas cada semana muchachos, vamos a escupirlo en usted Latino diseñan a hembras. Nuestra primera orden del negocio es devolver un poco de estabilidad en las filas de equipo de etiqueta. Su gracioso como cada equipo de etiqueta en WCF ha arrancado la rotura cuando entramos en comeing a un acuerdo con Seth Lerch en nuestros nuevos contratos.Seth nos guardó en el lazo cuando defendimos nuestra Nueva Edad títulos de Copa Mundial de Japón en Tokio y Seúl. Mostramos toda Asia por qué somos los mayores a alguna vez el cordón ellos en la lucha libre profesional.

Austin Adams: Its funny how when the first meeting about our new contracts came about Jason Kash and his butt plug buddy decided they didn't want to be WCF tag team champions any more and the same goes for our current tag champions the New Confederacy. Everyone knows we rule the tag scene when its us two together. Hell we where just here for five months and we where voted the WCF 2009 tag team of the year.

Adam Young: Los WCF se preparan la causa estamos de vuelta. ¡Sangre En, Sangre!

Micheal Nirvana: Now hit the music monkey boy!

"Super Villian" by Powerman 5000 starts playing as the Big Time Jerks exit the ring and Austin helps the Double D blonde over the guard rail. They leave the arena headed for the limo.

Doc Henry vs D-Day

Zach Davis: Up next we have a non-title match between the United States Champion D-Day and Doc Henry.

Shannan Lerch: These two have quite a bit of history between them, having faced off several times recently. So tonight should be rather interesting.

Dr. Feelgood by Motley Crue hits, and Doc Henry and Mary walk out from the back.

Kyle Davis: Introducing first from Griffen, Georgia, weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds....Doc Henry.

The fans boo as the two walk to the ring before Doc rolls in and stands in his corner as Mary takes her place at ringside.

Kyle Davis: And introducing his opponent...

Its My Life by Bon Jovi plays in the speakers. The lights are dim. The lights flash on to D-Day walking out to the top of the ramp with his belt and falls on his knees and throws his arms in the air, as soon as he throws them in the air fire works go off and surround him.

Kyle Davis: From New York City, New York, weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds, he is the WCF United States Champion....D-Day.

The screen shows all of D-Day moments of his dead and forgotten special move. As also the screen shows a ring then the words in white and in cursive, the words D-Day. When D-Day get in the ring he raises his hands to his name on the screen and followed by all of the titles he has held in the WCF. He then hands off the US Title to the referee as Kyle Davis exits the ring. The ref hands off the belt to a ringside official before signaling for the bell.

Zach Davis: And this match is officially underway. Doc and D-Day circle each other for a few moments, sizing one another up, before moving in and tying up. Doc gets the early advantage and moves into a standing wrist lock.

Shannan Lerch: But D-Day reverses it as quickly as Doc applies it and turns it into a wrist lock of his own before snapping off a quick kick to the back of Doc's legs, dropping him to the mat.

Zach Davis: D-Day runs for the ropes and comes back, looks like he's going for something but Doc smartly rolls out of the ring before he gets close.

Shannan Lerch: And D-Day looking to follow but the referee stops him. And now he's beginning the count out as Doc moves to the apron.

Zach Davis: As Doc reaches up for the ropes he points at D-Day and tells the referee to keep him back. The ref tells D-Day just that and he obliges, backing up as Doc starts to climb up.

Shannan Lerch: But just as he gets on the apron D-Day charges.

Zach Davis: But Doc sees it coming and he thrusts his shoulder through the top and middle ropes and into D-Day's gut, cutting him off.

Shannan Lerch: Doc keeps up the offense, hitting a sunset flip over the top rope and into a pin attempt.

Stanley Moser: One...Tw..

Zach Davis: And D-Day kicks out before the two count. May have been a little early for a pin attempt there Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: Possibly. Doc's back to his feet and he says something to the referee about the count despite the fact that it wasn't even close.

Zach Davis: And as he's jawing off to the referee D-Day is stirring and sitting up off the mat. He sees Doc and the ref talking and he lays back on the mat with his eyes shut. What's this about?

Shannan Lerch: Doc turns his attention back to D-Day. He reaches down to pick him up...and D-Day with a quick roll up out of nowhere!

Stanley Moser: One...T..

Zach Davis: And Doc kicks out! D-Day playing a little possum there, must say I haven't seen someone try that in a while.

Shannan Lerch: Both men quickly get to their feet and once again they tie up. Doc again gets the advantage and he sends D-Day into the ropes.

Zach Davis: Doc goes for a back body drop but he telegraphs it and Day stops in time to deliver a big double axe handle to his back, dropping Doc to the mat.

Shannan Lerch: D-Day back to his feet and...and it looks like Mary is trying to get involved.

Out at ringside Mary has climbed up onto the apron and the referee has taken notice. He walks over to the ropes and tells her to get down. As the two argue D-Day turns his back on Doc to watch what's going on.

Shannan Lerch: Come on ref, get her out of here.

The referee is doing what he can to get her down but Mary isn't having any of it. As everyone's back is turned Doc gets up to his feet and drops to his knees behind D-Day before hitting him with a low blow.

Crowd: Ohhhhhhh.

Zach Davis: Ouch, right to the ol' grapefruit. And D-Day is down in obvious pain and the referee has no idea what just happened.

Mary sees D-Day down and smiles before hopping down to the floor from the apron. The referee turns around in time to see Doc covering D-Day for the pin.

Stanley Moser: One...Two...T..

Shannan Lerch: And D-Day kicks out but as you can see he's still holding his...umm mid-section.

Zach Davis: Doc up on his feet and he flashes Mary a smile and a wink. He reaches down and grabs D-Day by the head, pulling him to his feet...but D-Day fights back with a big right.

Shannan Lerch: Doc responds with a right of his own and now these two are going at it, trading shot after shot like a couple of boxers.

Zach Davis: D-Day hits him with a left and then ducks one of Doc's punches. D-Day gets behind Doc and when he turns around D-Day hits him with a beautiful standing dropkick.

Shannan Lerch: Doc trying to get back up but D-Day goes right back on the offensive, hitting kick after kick before ending it with a big kick between the eyes.

Zach Davis: A little D for Destruction by D-Day and he goes for the pin attempt.

Stanley Moser: One...Two...Th..

Shannan Lerch: And Doc finds a way to get his shoulder up, I have no idea how though.

Zach Davis: And you can see Mary breathe a sigh of relief as D-Day rolls off of Doc. He's looking over toward the ropes and seems to have something in mind. He climbs up to the top and positions himself before leaping off with a frog splash....but Doc gets his knees up!

Shannan Lerch: D-Day crashes stomach first into Doc's knees and rolls off clutching his midsection as Doc sits up off the mat and points at his head. Looks like he's trying to make the crowd believe he planned that one.

Zach Davis: Who's to say he didn't? Anyway back to the match. Doc on his feet and standing over D-Day, waiting for him to get up. D-Day does just that and Doc sets him up for the Gambler's Hand.

Shannan Lerch: But D-Day fights back with an elbow to the back of the head. D-Day tries for a headlock and...oh Doc with a rake of the eyes out of nowhere. What a dirty, dirty move.

...And Doc hits the Gambler's Hand!

Zach Davis: That damn cheater! If it wasn't for that rake of the eyes...

Doc climbs to the top... and goes All In! He pins D-Day!




Shannan Lerch: Doc Henry wins this one!

Henry's music hits and he stands up, smiling.

Zach Davis: ...He may've took a short cut, but he DID do it without Johnny Reb... guess Henry just proved the doubters wrong!

Doc Henry is standing in the middle of the ring and a couple of bursts of red lights fill the arena. The arena gets extremely cold as laughter fills the arena of multiple voices. All of a sudden Doc Henry is covered in blood as a familiar voice comes over the PA.

Voice: ¿Cómo siente para tener su vuelta de corazón negra? ¿Cómo enciende usted todo lo que le ha amado? Dinero thats como. ¡Sangre En Sangre!

The arena goes back to normal as the evil has now left the building.

Johnny Reb vs Fort Knox

Shannan Lerch: Are next match is about to get underway.

Zach Davis: Kyle Steel is in the ring, for pre-match introductions.

The lights go out and gold dollar signs flash about as Birdman featuring Lil Wayne - Get your shine on plays...

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 240 pounds... from Nashville, Tennessee... FOR-OR-OR-ORT-TT-T KNO-O-O-OX-XX-X!!

Fort Knox comes up from a hole in the stage covered with golden fireworks. Fort Knox comes out, wearing black shades. Knox is wearing gold chains around his neck and is wearing a gold Rolex watch and bracelet. He has a gold ring on each finger and when he holds to up to the camera they spell FORT KNOX.

He then goes into the ring and poses as golden fireworks shoot off from the ring post. He then hands his gold to the ringside person and tells them not to lose his gold. He then puts on his gloves and gets ready to fight.

Zach Davis: And now....

"Bad Company" begins to play over the venue's PA system.

Kyle Steel: From Sweet Water, Alabama... weighing in at 204 pounds. One half, of the WCF World tag Team Champions.... "The Inveterate Confederate" Johnny Reb!!

Anticipation fills the air, and the crowd begins to cheer loudly, as Johnny Reb steps out, dressed in a grey Confederate frock coat and an officer's slouch hat. His manager, Don Jesus, is right behind him. The music plays on; the lyrics begin. "Company, always on the run. the rising sun. I was born, 6-gun in my hand. Behind a gun, I make my final stand." Johnny makes his way toward the ring at a dignified pace, matching the song's cadence. "That's why they call me..." Here, the tempo picks up. The Inveterate Confederate stops, raising his head and spreading his arms wide, to coax more adulation from the crowd. "Bad Company! And I can't deny..." As the fans sing along, Johnny moves toward the ring once more. "Bad company, 'til the day I die..." Reb mounts the ring steps and climbs in, holding the ropes for his manager. He runs to the far corner, ascending to the second turnbuckle, and throws his hands in the air, posing for the audience. There is a brief reprise of the chorus before the music fades away. Johnny hops down and shrugs off his coat, passing it and his hat to Don Jesus, who exits the ring as Reb awaits the bell.

Shannan Lerch: This should be one good match-up.

Fort Knox and Johnny reb circle the ring, while trying to size up one another.

Shannan Lerch: The two finally hook up, in the center of the ring.

Zach Davis: They are trying to gain some kind advantage.

They push back and forth, until Knox pushes Reb towards the ring ropes...


Shannan Lerch: Johnny Reb just executed an springboard arm drag.

Fort Knox charges Johnny Reb and Reb hits him with another arm drag, then a hip toss,then finally a drop kick.

Zach Davis: Fort Knox slides backwards, trying to make some distance between him and Johnny Reb.

Johnny Reb sees Fort Knox back tracking and celebrates with the crowd. Fort Knox slowly stands up and the meet up, in the center of the ring. They hook up with a collar and elbow tie up, but Knox hits Johnny reb with an elbow, to the back of his neck.

Shannan Lerch: Elbow shot to the neck, by Fort Knox.

Knox hits another elbow to reb's neck, then proceeds to wrench the neck. Knox has his knee against the back of Johnny reb's neck and is pulling on Reb's neck, as he is pulling on Reb's chin. The referee is checking on Johnny reb.

Stanley Moser: How 'bout it Johnny. You wanna call it a night?!

Johnny just shakes his head no, as he slowly scrambles to his feet, with Knox still hanging on. Reb stumbles back and they crash into the turnbuckles.

Zach Davis: Both men are down.

Reb slowly stands up and begins to stomp down on a slumping Fort Knox, Johnny pulls Knox away from the turnbuckles and leaps up to the top turnbuckle...


Shannan Lerch: Corkscrew splash! Quick pin attempt!

Moser slides into position.

Crowd: On- No!

Zach Davis: Not even a one count!

Reb drops an elbow, then another elbow.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like "The Inveterate Confederate" is going back to the turnbuckles.

Reb is on the top turnbuckle looking down on Fort Knox. Johnny reb leaps off with a flying fist drop...


Zach Davis: Fort Knox moved out of the way!!

Knox waits for reb to slowly stand and goes behind Johnny Reb...


Shannan Lerch: German Suplex!! And again Fort Knox is fixated on Johnny Reb's neck!

Knox again, continues to wrench on Reb's neck. Knox stands up Reb...

Zach Davis: It looks like Knox ios setting up Johnny reb for a vertical suplex.

Knox drapes his arm over Reb's neck and picks up The Inveterate Confederate and holds him, in the air.Finally, come crashing down with a brainbuster. Knox goes into a pinning position.

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!!

Crowd: THR-... NO-O-O-O!!

Knox smiles, then stands up grabbing for Johnny, but Reb trips up Knox, which causes him to fall down to the mat. As the two are on the mat, after grabbing his neck in pain, johnny Reb open hand slaps Fort Knox.

Shannan Lerch: A big slap from Johnny Reb!

Knox slaps him back, as the slapping turns into closed fist punches. They both stand up. Knox swings, but misses, as Reb kicks Knox in his mid-section. Reb irish-whips knox into the ropes and pops him with a back fist to mid-section, whcih stops knox in his tracks. Reb races off and bounces off the ropes and nails Knox with a swinging neckbreaker, which causes Knox to crash hard to the mat. Reb smiles, as he looks around to the cheering crowd. Reb races to a corner and climbs up to the top turnbuckle and flies off and...


Zach Davis: A flying fist drop by Johnny Reb!

Reb runs back to the corner and is perched on the top turnbuckle, as he waits. Johnny waits for Knox to stand and flies off....


Shannan Lerch: Flying clothesline!!

Reb stands up Knox and leaps into the air and lands on top of Knox's shoulders and hits him with an inverted Frankensteiner. Reb goes for the pin...

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THREE-... NO-O-O-O-O!!!

Zach Davis: Johnny Reb is on a roll tonight!!

Knox kicks out, with furious frustration! He walks over to Johnny Reb and slaps him hard, in the face. Fort Knox pushes Reb into the ropes and Knox runs behind him and grabs him, before hitting him with a leaping DDT, Johnny Reb is holding his neck. Knox steps back, as Reb slowly sits up. Knox comes running and grabs the back of Reb's head and snaps his neck forward then back.

Shannan Lerch: Johnny Reb looks hurt as he is trying to get to a solid base.

Reb is on his hands and knees. Knox flies to a corner and climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Knox leaps off and....


Zach Davis: Fort Knox leaps off the top turnbuckle and lands with a legdrop, on the back of Johnny's head and neck.

Knox picks up Reb and puts him into a powerbomb position. Knox looks around then in one big fluid motion....


Shannan Lerch: OH-H.... MY-Y...GAW-AW-AWD-DD-D!!!

Crowd: OU-U-U-U!!

The crowd erupts with loud cheers, as they begins to stand and stomp their feet!!

Crowd: THAT WAS AWESOME!! <clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap> THAT WAS AWESOME!! <clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap>

Fort Knox sunsetflip powerbombs Johnny reb over the top rope and Reb crashes onto the ringside area, right in front of the commentary table. Both, Shannan and Zach stand up. Knox rushes over to the corner, to the middle turnbuckle to celebrate to the crowd. That gives Johnny Reb time to stand up. Knox sees Reb standing and he stands on the top turnbuckle, where he leaps off...


Zach Davis: Oh my God!! Now, you got me saying it, Shannan!!

Shannan Lerch: But, yeah! Johnny Reb caught Knox with a double knee lift to his face.

Both men collapse, ringside. Fort Knox is spitting out a small amount of blood! Reb, seeing his opportunity, grabs Knox by the back of his head and plants him to the ground with a facebreaker DDT! Reb scrambles and climbs up to the commentary table, as Knox struggles to stand.


Zach Davis: HOLY HELL!!!

Shannan Lerch: Johnny Reb hits Fort Knox with a flying neckbreaker. And it looks like both men are not moving!!

Stanley Moser, has frustration come over his face and is not even bother counting both men out. moser decide to leave the ring.

Zach Davis: Here comes Stanley Moser.

Both men slowly stand up. fort Knox sees and opportunity and pushes Johnny Reb into back turned Stanley Moser.

Shannan Lerch: The referee is down!!!

The crowd begins to boo, as Doc Henry begins to come out and stand near the entrance ramp. He slowly begins to walk down. Then the lights begin to flicker again, as smoke appears from out of nowhere and screaching, moaning, and groaning echoes out! Crawling from under the ring are The Gathering, as they leap and start attacking Johnny Reb.

Zach Davis: The referee is down, noone can help!!

As The Gathering is chewing on Johnny Reb, Doc Henry comes running around the corner and starts grabbing The Gathering and starts flinging them everywhere. A few members get away and starts chewing on Doc Henry. But, Henry flings them away. The crowd cheers as Dark Angel comes from the crowd and leaps onto Doc Henry punching him, for putting his hands on The Gathering. Henry pushes off Dark Angel and starts to charge him, but Angel ducks and Henry crashes into Johnny Reb. Knox sees his chance and picks up Reb and hits him with a Diamond Duster, before rolling him back into the ring. Angel grabs Stanley Moser and rolls him back into the ring, as Knox positions Johnny Reb. Knox climbs up to the top turnbuckle and flies off with a Shooting Star Press.


Knox picks up Reb and looks on the outside of the ring and sees The Gathering wiping their mouths off with blood and scurry away, as Dark Angel tosses Doc Henry into the crowd. Knox puts Reb into a piledriver position, but Reb has enough in him to back body drop Knox. Reb tries all his might, to gather enough strength and muster up the courage, to fight back.

Zach Davis: Johnny Reb is in obvious pain!

Johnny Reb grabs Knox and snapmares him, then puts him in a dragon sleeper.


Zach Davis: But the ref is still too much out of it, to see the submission!

Reb continues to clinch down on the dragon sleeper, but let's go and hobbles over to the top turnbuckle. Standing there, trying to get his barrings straight, he leaps off and lands with....

Shannan Lerch: SOUTHERN STAR!!

The impact startles Stanley Moser! Johnny Reb, goes for the pin!

Crowd: One!!

Crowd: Two!!

Crowd: Thr-....

Dark Angel pulls the referee out, of the ring. seeing that, johnny Reb flies over to the ropes and leaps out of the ring with an over the top rope plancha. he lands on top of Dark Angel. As they both try to stand, Angel tries to strike Reb, but Don Jesus Luis de Guadalupe comes a running....

Shannan Lerch: Here comes Chuy!!!

Chuy stands up to El Angel Oscuro and proceeds to slap him, in the face. That enrages Dark Angel and he grabs Chuy and hits him with the "Broken Wings"- full nelson into a dragon suplex!!

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!!!! Dark Angel just killed Chuy!!! We need help out here!! We need medical personell out here, now!!

Dark Angel grabs Johnny Reb and throws him back into the ring!

Fort Knox grabs Johnny Reb and hits him with....


Shannan Lerch: KNOX OUT!! Flipping piledriver!!!

Knox goes for the pin...

Crowd: One!!

Crowd: Two!!

Crowd: THREE-EE-EE!!!


Zach Davis: WHAT!

Shannan Lerch: That HAS to be an upset!...

Fort Knox and Dark Angel celebrate in the ring as their music plays. Johnny Reb rolls out, defeated.

Zach Davis: I don't believe it, Shannan.

Doc Henry appears on the entryway... and he's smirking at Reb.

Shannan Lerch: Well, Henry was succesful earlier tonight, and Johnny Reb wasn't... wow. Doc Henry must be loving this.

Doc Henry laughs to himself and shakes his head in disgust as Reb walks up the ramp. Henry leaves, and Reb slowly continues up the ramp and to the back as well.

Creeping Death vs Ace Garrison

The lights in the venue suddenly cut to black as the familiar opening to "For Whom the Bell Tolls" plays. The crowd is jacked up and gets louder after every toll. After six tolls, there is silence. Then, the intro for "Blood and a Siren" by Index Case plays. After the little guitar intro, when the song gets intense, a spotlight hits the curtain and Creeping Death emerges, wearing a black hoodie with the hood up. He headbangs with the crowd as they throw up the devil horns, and he does the same back to them on his way to the ring. CD enters the ring by sliding in through the bottom rope. Inside, he walks to the far corner, leaps up and takes a seat on the top rope, awaiting the match to begin.

Zach Davis: The last time these two men met, they went to a twenty minute time limit draw. This time, there is no time limit, and a ladder in the balance. Creeping Death looks primed and ready to go.

"Control" by Puddle of Mudd hits the speaker system. The speaker brushes aside and Ace Garrison appears onto the stage, holding both the TV and United States Titles. He stands there for a moment and looks amongst the fans, who are greeting him with boos! He smirks before making his way down the ramp. Ace walks up the ring steps, wipes his feet on the mat, and enters through the middle rope. He quickly walks towards the farthest corner and climbs up it. Once again, he looks amongst the crowd before smirking and jumping down. Ace hands the ref the TV belt, and the hanging device is lowered from the rafters. The TV belt is hooked up and raised, and the ref calls for the bell.

Shannan Lerch: And here we go. One of WCF's double champions defending his prized TV Title against a fallen legend.

CD and Ace circle each other, both looking up at the TV Title. Ace attacks first, kicking CD directly in the face! CD hits the ropes and comes firing back with a boot of his own!

Zach Davis: Seen this before!

Ace shrugs off that kick and begins machine gun jabs to CD's face! Ace backs CD to the near turnbuckle, delivering dozens of punches.

Shannan Lerch: Ace did say that Creeping Death would be his easiest opponent since winning the TV Title, haha!

CD slumps down in the corner, and Ace hits a big knee lift to the face. CD is dazed, giving Ace time to exit the ring and snag a ladder. The crowd roars their approval. Ace slides the ladder in, and is met with a boot to the shoulder upon reentry. CD is back up, and kicking away at Ace's torso. Ace is on his hands and knees over the ladder, and CD jumps up, delivering a double stomp to the back of Ace's head, slamming his head into the ladder!

Zach Davis: OHHH!

Ace is rocked. CD is proud of his killer move, as he just looks in amazement. CD snaps out of it and sets the ladder up, and begins climing it.

Shannan Lerch: Not exactly wasting time, but CD is jetting!

CD really is climining faster than anyone has ever climbed a ladder. He is touching the TV belt, but he gets farther and farther away. Ace, somehow, is tipping the ladder over with his feet! CD catches his balance and hops off the ladder as it tips. Ace pops up and drops CD face first with Ace High!


Crowd: ... bang?

Now CD is the one laid out, and Ace is catching his bearings. He quickly grabs the ladder and places it over CD's prone body. Ace reaches through the rungs of the ladder, and pulls CD's legs through, locking in a Boston Crab! CD squirms under the ladder and Garrison, looking for an exit, but there isn't one. Ace eventually released the hold, and CD's legs crumble. Ace picks the ladder up, CD still halfway through it. Ace positions the ladder upright, and CD's feet don't touch the mat. Ace hooks CD in a suplex and simply drops down, CD not being able to flip over! The impact is sort of like a DDT, but more destructive!

Shannan Lerch: CD is dead.

Ace untangles the mess of body and ladder, getting them free from each other. Garrison sets the ladder up and begins climbing, making a note of each step as he screams down at CD. Step, scream, step, scream. Ace takes too much time, as CD shakes the cobwebs loose and shakes the ladder! Ace holds on, but this gives CD time to position himself and climb behind Ace. The whole way, Garrison clubs at CD, to no avail. CD makes it to the same run as Ace, and a kick/chop battle begins. Ace chops, CD kicks. Over and over. Ace karate chops CD in the throat, stopping his momentum. Ace positions himself and leaps off the ladder with CD.. and lands on one knee, slamming CD's back across his other on a backbreaker! CD folds backward upon impact!

Shannan Lerch: NOW he is dead. Call another doctor, this man is done.

Ace tweaked his left leg on the way down, but it doesn't stop him for long. Garrison locks in another Boston crab, bending CD in half again.

Zach Davis: Ace working over the back of Creeping Death, a great strategy.

CD though, fights out by climing up the ropes with his arms and flips Ace over. Garrison rolls through but gets a foot to the chest, and CD backflips over the ropes as he had hold of the top. Ace rushes but gets a shoulder to the gut. Garrison stumbles back and CD springboards over him in a bulldog! CD quickly hits the ropes and comes back with a knee to the side of Ace's head! CD is slow to recover, though, as his back is a mess. CD slowly gets the ladder up, and by this time, Ace is already to his feet. Ace folds the ladder up by throwing it into the turnbuckle. CD and Ace meet in the middle of the ring, once again trading kicks and chops. CD gets the upper hand and backs Ace into another turnbuckle.

Shannan Lerch: Too back and forth!

Ace covers as CD throws a flurry of kicks. CD ends with a giant leaping knee strike, rocking Ace back and causing him to crumble to the mat! CD glances over and sees the ladder in the other corner. CD hobbles over, climbs to the top rope and holds onto the ladder. CD moves the ladder to his right a bit before leaping off holding onto the ladder! CD soars twelve feet into the air and rides the ladder over! CD bails early and comes crashing down onto Ace Garrison's face with a ladder assist Van Terminator! The crowd goes nuts!

Zach Davis: OH MY GOOOD!

Ace is lifeless. CD is barely moving, but moving enough to get the ladder up in the middle of the ring and climb...

Shannan Lerch: No. No. He couldn't...

CD grabs the Television Title.

Zach Davis: WHAT!?

Shannan Lerch: This has to be an upset. Has to be.

CD quickly climbs down the ladder, exhausted, holding the TV Title. Garrison starts to come to, realizing what has happened... and shock starts to set in. He mouths "No.. no.." to himself.

Zach Davis: I don't believe it! Garrison has lost the Television Title!

Shannan Lerch: How will this affect the ladder rankings, Zach?!

Zach Davis: Stop mentioning the ladder rankings on air, damnit!

However, Its My Life by Bon Jovi suddenly hits the speakers.

Shannan Lerch: What the..

D-Day himself walks out!

D-Day: Well congratulations Creeping Death... for winning what will soon be MY belt once again!

The crowd is confused, and so is Ace Garrison and Creeping Death.

D-Day: As you know, since I just lost the US Title, I'm due to get a rematch for it. And since Garrison just lost the TV Title, he's supposed to get a rematch for THAT, right? Well I just talked to Seth and he has okayed the match next week... D-DAY VERSUS ACE GARRISON VERSUS CREEPING DEATH... FOR BOTH TITLES!

The crowd pops!

D-Day: And not only that but it will once again be a ladder match! With both belts hanging up there! See you next week gentlemen!

Its My Life hits again and Creeping Death puts his fingers in his ears, not wanting to hear Bon Jovi.

Zach Davis: Big match for next week Shannan, can't wait!

Garrison looks at both CD and D-Day with hate in his eyes as Slam fades to black.