Slam Intro
The Big Time Jerks vs Frost/Ingvar
Hall of Fame Segment
Television Title Match: Bo Young vs Chris Avery
Tag Team Titles Match: The 'Scot/Captain Punishment vs Johnny Reb/Paul Dangerous
The Lone Wolf vs Myst vs Tank
Doc Henry vs Paul Dangerous
Captain Punishment Segment
Brad Kane vs Creeping Death
Troy Malenko vs Seth Lerch

Slam Intro

The Pepsi Center's crowd explodes as Slam comes on the air! The crowd is buzzing as we go to our announcers, Zach Davis and the returning Shannan Lerch.

Zach Davis: Welcome to Slam. Shannan is back... Shannan, please update the viewers on your status.

Shannan Lerch: I'm fine, Zach. The baby is fine. Just... I barely even feel safe here, but I have a job to do, and I don't want to let fear run my life. I hope Troy Malenko gets what he deserves.

Zach Davis: And that IS our main event. Malenko and your brother Seth in a street fight. This is going to be brutal.

Shannan Lerch: I hope so. And I haven't gotten to speak with Seth too much but I hope he has an ace up his sleeve... Malenko and Gravedigger obviously shouldn't be taken lightly.

Zach Davis: Knowing Seth, he does.

Shannan Lerch: We have six other matches tonight as well. Brad Kane against Creeping Death. I saw last week, those two brawling through the crowd..

Zach Davis: If Kane can defeat Creeps here tonight, it might be the first step towards beating Torture. Might be.

Shannan Lerch: We have Paul Dangerous in TWO matches. He wants to be a Tag Champion AND a singles star.. this is going to be difficult, I imagine.

Zach Davis: He has to defend the Titles against the team of the 'Scot and Captain Punishment, AND then go on to fight longtime rival Doc Henry. I wouldn't want to be Paul Dangerous tonight.

Shannan Lerch: We have Lone Wolf versus the debuting Myst versus Tank. Should be interesting. Any time Tank wrestles it usually is.

Zach Davis: TV Title match.. Bo Young up against Avery.. and the Jerks are also fighting This_Is_War team Frost and Ingvar. Lets get to it.

The Big Time Jerks vs Frost/Ingvar

We come back from commercial with all four men in the ring, brawling.

Zach Davis: Wow! Look at this!

Shannan Lerch: They couldn't even wait for us to come back from break!

Austin Adams hits a Spinebuster on Frost as Young hits a Standing Dropkick on Ingvar. Ingvar goes down and Young locks him in the Deathlock Octopus hold!

Zach Davis: What a crazy submission move.. but Ingvar isn't ready to give up yet!

Adams hits Frost with The Driller!

Shannan Lerch: This isn't looking good for these two.

But before you know it, Ingvar has indeed tapped out! The Big Time Jerks win it!

Zach Davis: Wow!

Shannan Lerch: Guess Ingvar didn't want to risk further injury, which is actually kinda smart.

The Jerks roll out of the ring, happy with their win. Frost and Ingvar look pissed as we go to break.

Hall of Fame Segment

We open up in Seth Lerch's office.

Seth Lerch: There is a LOT going on. Obviously, I have my street fight later tonight... my sister's health to worry about... the fact that This_Is_War or Gravedigger or Malenko or who knows who else could attack me at any second... but this is a very special time of the year, and I'm going to put all of these things out of my mind for the next few minutes. Because I'm here to announce three of the men that will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year.

The crowd pops!

Seth Lerch: So without further adieu, here is the first half of this year's class.... Our first induction is actually a group. A group of three of the most influential men in WCF history. No, not the Influential Minds...


Seth Lerch: That's right. The Elite. Trent Hunter, Dake Ken, and X-Rated. All three men were World Champion at some point in their WCF careers. Trent Hunter main evented the very first One, so it is very appropriate for him to have a place in our Hall of Fame. Not only that, but DKX carried our tag division for quite a while. Dake Ken managed to have the most succesful career of all, and he was very influential in getting this version of WCF off its feet. He had epic matches with the likes of Johnny Reb, Torture, and Slickie T.

Applause from the live crowd.

Seth Lerch: Speaking of Johnny Reb..

The crowd buzzes, wondering if Reb is getting into the Hall.

Seth Lerch: ..Without this next man, Johnny Reb may not be here. To be honest, without this next man, WCF may not have ever reopened. After we closed back in 2007, this is the man that kept the WCF group more-or-less together at some points in time. Not only that, but he had some incredible matches in this company as well. You know who I'm talking about now, the founder of the GWC...


Seth Lerch: Danny Vice was a part of one of the biggest and bloodiest feuds ever in WCF history, against Skyler Striker. His tag team wars as part of Disorder by Design with JJ Biggs should be noted as well. But Vice cemented himself as deserving to be here by creating the GWC, which lead to a few notable stars from that company coming here.

More applause from the crowd.

Seth Lerch: And lastly for tonight.. and certainly not least... this is one of my favorite men to ever be a part of this company. We've had our differences, mostly behind the scenes, but at the end of the day we have to admit to each other that we this bizarre sexual tension that you just can't deny. He's been in politics, he's been in wrestling, he's had his dick in more women than Ron Jeremy... he's been an announcer, he is a former World Champion, and proteged a World Champion as well... he is....


HUGE pop from the crowd this time!

Zach Davis: The fans love Bobby Cairo!

Seth Lerch: I'm very excited to have Bobby Cairo take his rightful place in the WCF Hall of Fame. It will be an amazing night, that's for sure. See you fans then.. and see you later tonight.

We hear a knock at the door.

Seth Lerch: Yes?

Jay Price: Seth... we need to talk.

Seth raises his eyebrow.

Seth Lerch: Come in...

The scene cuts and we go to commercial.

Bo Young vs Chris Avery

The scene opens up in the locker room of This Is War. They're all standing there when Torture walks into view.

Torture: Alright, tonight we're showing Wrestling Championship Federation and everyone who's watching that we are a cohesive unit. We are one, and tonight we show Brad Kane the mistake he made by baiting me into a match at One.

Creeping Death: You best not be talking about my match..

Torture: Creeps, I know how you feel about it, but tonight you don't have a match with Brad as much as we have an opportunity to show him he's out numbered. I want him hurt, I want him hardly breathing and praying he has enough energy to make it to One.

Creeping Death: Yeah, I can do that.

Torture: Or we can do that. Creeps, listen, we need to do this..

Creeping Death: NO! I need to do this. Do NOT come down there, I promise you, I will take care of Brad Kane by myself!

Tort and Creeping Death go face to face while the rest of the group is concerned. Torture smirks and turns to the rest of the team.

Torture: Alright, tonight, Creeps takes care of Brad Kane, but the rest of us have other jobs to do. We need to take care of business tonight and get back to the plan that we started.

Tort turns back to CD.

Torture: Don't let me down..

The scene fades out and goes back to the announcers.

Zach Davis: Wow.

Shannan Lerch: Creeps looks like he wants to take care of business himself.

Zach Davis: Perhaps he's feeling he needs to make a statement to show he's still got it.

Shannan Lerch: He hasn't exactly been on a hot streak as of late, so I can see why he would think that.

Zach Davis: Speaking of This Is War though, that's our next match!

Beast Mode by B.o.B hits the speakers and the crowd is like huh, but it's just Chris Avery coming out to some new music! Avery stands on the stage holding his Television Championship in the air slowly as Tank, Jackson, Frost and Ingvar come down the ramp following suit. They all stand on one side of the ring as Avery slides into the ring

"Youth Gone Wild" by Skid Row starts playing as Ice steps out into the arena. He throws up the double bird and walks towards the ring. Micheal Nirvana is right behind him with his trademark tennis racket. They reach the ringside area and Nirvana reaches into his suit jacket pocket and pulls out two ice cold Coors lights and hands them to Bo. Bo pops the top on both of them and chugs both of them together. He throws the cans out into the crowd and slides into the ring and Avery hits him with the Television Championship title! Bo goes down and the ref tells Avery to back up and takes his title away!

Zach Davis: What the hell?

Shannan Lerch: Look! Nirvana is trying to get into the ring!

Zach Davis: Well look out for Frost and Tank!

Frost and Tank pull Nirvana off the ropes and to the outside. Frost holds Nirvana and Tank just knocks him out with a right hand! Bo gets up and tackles Avery! The crowd goes crazy and Avery tries to fight him off, but can't. Bo picks up Avery and hits a snap suplex. Bo hits the ropes but Jackson tries to trip him up and the ref has none of it! The ref and Jackson argue as Jackson jumps up to the apron, and Ingvar gets into the ring and forearms the back of Bo Young! Avery uses that for a Frontliner! Avery gets up just as the ref turns around and Ingvar gets out of the ring. Avery flips Bo over and puts him in the Camel Clutch! Avery yells and tweaks the neck and Bo taps out!

Zach Davis: Avery wins again! Damn it!

Shannan Lerch: LET GO OF THE HOLD!

Avery tweaks one last time and then drops Bo Young and spits on him. Jackson hands Avery the TV title and they all roll out of the ring. Avery looks back in disgust and then kicks Nirvana in the back of the head and they all high five as they walk up the ramp to Beast Mode by B.o.B.

Zach Davis: Wow. I hope Avery meets his maker at One.

Shannan Lerch: You MUST be speaking of Lone Wolf.

Zach Davis: Let's hope so.

The 'Scot/Captain Punishment vs Johnny Reb/Paul Dangerous

Zach Davis: The 'Scot and Captain Punishment are one win away from becoming WCF Tag Team Champions! I never thought I would say those words but after their impressive victory over The Cult Of Jerks in six-man tag action last week along with Leroy, your brother Seth the owner of this company has decided to reward Pun & 'Scot with a Tag Team Title shot!

Shannan Lerch: I agree with Seth's decision. This is a compelling match-up featuring two relatively inexperienced teams that nonetheless have looked impressive during their limited time together. As you mentioned The 'Scot, CP and Leroy defeated The Jerks in a six-man tag last week on Slam, but it's worth noting that The 'Scot and CP had previously defeated The Jerks in a tag match on Slam two weeks prior. Their success has not been a fluke.

Zach Davis: You're absolutely right, Shannan. And of course Johnny Reb and Paul Dangerous defeated The Jerks in a Slam main event last month, which led to speculation that Reb might select Dangerous as his partner for Helloween. That did not happen but Reb did choose Dangerous to be his tag team partner on Slam last week, giving Dangerous his first taste of gold here in WCF.

Shannan Lerch: Dangerous certainly plans on being a fighting champion. Not only will he team with Reb in mere moments to defend the Tag Titles, but Dangerous will also meet Doc Henry in a one-on-one encounter later tonight.

Zach Davis: The double dip is always a toughie, but Dangerous has proven himself to be an ambitious and industrious young man. If anybody can do it it's him!

"We Are Family" by Sister Sledge hits the PA as a giant disco ball descends from the rafters of the Pepsi Coliseum and strobe lights flicker about. The 'Scot, Captain Punishment and Leroy appear at the entranceway. The 'Scot is jumping around the stage and throwing her hands into the air. Captain Punishment strikes a heroic pose to the delight of the fans. The massive Leroy stands tall with a scowl on his face, his giant afro bobbing slightly to and fro. The unlikely family commences toward the ring as one. The 'Scot and Captain Punishment slap hands with the fans while Leroy keeps his eyes locked squarely upon the ring.

Zach Davis: There seems to be a much better chemistry this week between Captain Punishment and his baby mama and son.

Shannan Lerch: Last week's victory over The Jerks served as a rallying point, Zach. The 'Scot and Captain Punishment look like they're ready to take the fight to Reb and Dangerous, and with Leroy watching their backs they'll be prepared for any "unforeseen circumstances" that might come their way.

Zach Davis: Unfortunately you're all too familiar with "unforeseen circumstances", Shannan. That's why Bobby Cairo was occupying your seat at the announce table last week.

Shannan Lerch: No kidding. My seat still smells and gourmet chocolates?

Zach Davis: That's Cairo!

The opening lyric 'Dangeeeeeerrrrr' sounds out, Paul Dangerous comes out from within a massive billow of smoke, choking from the excess amount of smoke. He feigns slapping the fans hands but then remembers the likelihood of catching diseases from them and so pulls back at the last second. He pretty much drags himself up the ring steps, and on finally entering the ring he lets out his signature scream of "I....AM....DANGEROUS!"

Zach Davis: Paul Dangerous looks great with that Tag Team Title belt doesn't he?

Shannan Lerch: He sure does, Zach. The man has long carried himself with the distinguished air of a champion and now he has the gold belt to solidify it. He could be adding more gold to his collection at One where he will challenge United States Champion D-Day and, ugh...Troy Malenko in a triple threat match for the belt.

The house lights dim, and the intro to Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" hits the speakers. Hushed anticipation falls over the crowd as a spotlight illuminates the stage. Johnny Reb steps out from behind the curtain, his title belt draped over his shoulder, Don Jesus Luis de Guadalupe at his side. A cheer goes up from the audience at their appearance. As the two men walk down the ramp, a cascade of sparks rains down on the stage. The Inveterate Confederate circles the ring, slapping hands with the fans at ringside. Johnny eschews the steps completely; he leaps onto the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckles, perching there with his tag belt held high overhead.

Zach Davis: This is not the first time that Reb and Dangerous will be teaming together, but it will be their first time defending the Tag Team Titles. I have to wonder if there are some nerves right now? 'Scot and the Captain have nothing to lose in this match and that makes them a, no pun intended, dangerous team that will be willing to take chances.

Shannan Lerch: You raise some valid points, Zach. We haven't seen Reb and Dangerous in this kind of situation before, 'Scot and Pun continue to improve each time we see them, and Reb has a lot on his mind right now. He was ambushed on Slam three weeks ago. We still don't know who was responsible for that attack. We've speculated that Doc Henry was the culprit, but Doc denies it. Then there's the whole bizarre situation with Dixie.

Zach Davis: Woman problems, ugh...I know ALL about that.

Shannan Lerch: Uh, yeah...riiiiight. Anyway as a woman I can honestly say that women are trouble and some of us simply are not worth it. I mean I'm worth it, but Dixie? Ehhh.

Referee Slappy Johnson checks each of the competitors for weapons before the match, in a procedure that is considerably less invasive than TSA protocol, and gives his final instructions to both teams. Pun and Dangerous elect to start the match for their respective teams. Slappy calls for the bell...


Zach Davis: Dangerous and Punishment were competitors in that wild four-way United States Title Contendership Match at Helloween, a match that Dangerous was able to win by pinning the Captain after a distraction by none other than The 'Scot!

Shannan Lerch: Life is full of those funny little twists, isn't it? That was also the night when The 'Scot revealed to the world that Captain Punishment is in fact the father of her child.

Punishment starts the match with a nice armdrag followed by a headscissors takedown. Pun makes the cover.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Dangerous easily kicks out after two.

Zach Davis: Lost in all of the hoopla surrounding The 'Scot and Captain Punishment's blossoming romance has been The Captain's continued improvement in the ring.

Dangerous battles back with a running European uppercut that floors the masked superhero. The Captain answers with a running clothesline that does little more than anger the much-larger Dangerous. Undeterred, the Captain floors Dangerous with a sitout jawbreaker and goes for the cover.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Shannan Lerch: The Captain has shown the heart and fighting spirit of a champion in recent weeks, Zach. Now he has the chance to realize that championship potential and capture the Tag Team Titles with his lover of all people. It's wild!

The Captain shoots off the ropes and attempts a flying crossbody but Dangerous catches him in mid-air and plants him with a fallaway slam. Dangerous quickly follows with a bridging German suplex.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



The Captain kicks out. Dangerous quickly goes for an armbar, which he locks in tight on his masked challenger. Punishment howls in agony as Dangerous increases the pressure on his arm.

Zach Davis: Paul Dangerous is one of the finest technicians in WCF; he's proven that week in and week out on this program. You do not want to be in a position where Paul's got a hold of your body and you're screaming for mercy.

Shannan Lerch: Should I assume that you have, ahem, personal experience with that?

Zach Davis: Ha! Like Paul would ever go for something like that, right?

Shannan Lerch: But you would?

Zach Davis: Hey look! A wrestling match!

Punishment tries to fight the painful armbar and simultaneously reaches out toward the ropes as his fans and family cheer him on. The 'Scot is bouncing up and down in her corner screaming at Captain Punishment to make a tag or reach the ropes or do something, anything to break the hold.

Shannan Lerch: Oy vey...I don't know if The Captain is going to be able to get out of this, Zach.

The Captain makes a final lunge toward the ropes...

Zach Davis: He did it! Captain Punishment reached the ropes! Paul Dangerous is forced to release the hold!

Dangerous fumes at the referee, absurdly claiming that Punishment tapped out. Punishment takes advantage of the distraction and drills Dangerous in the back of the head with an Enzuigiri. Punishment drapes an arm over Dangerous's chest.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Zach Davis: Dangerous kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: Both men look a little worse for wear though, Zach. They've both taken some heavy shots in this match.

Zach Davis: You are correct, madam, and it appears as though both men are looking to tag their partners!

Dangerous and Punishment inch toward their respective corners with their partners cheering them on. Dangerous and Pun reach out at the same time and tag their partners. Reb and 'Scot both leap over the top rope and bolt toward center ring where they meet each other head on.

Zach Davis: 'Scot and Reb are throwing down now! There's nothing fancy about this it's just old school brawling!

Shannan Lerch: Both of these competitors have been through so much adversity lately, Zach. This is their chance to blow off some steam!

Reb gains the upper hand in the donnybrook and drills his svelte female opponent with a Facebreaker DDT. Reb quickly follows with a cover.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Shannan Lerch: Wow! Reb almost got the win but 'Scot kicked out!

Zach Davis: Did Reb fondle 'Scot's bosom while he was making the cover?

Shannan Lerch: Did Reb--are you kidding me?

Zach Davis: I'm serious.

Reb climbs out to the ring apron and waits for The 'Scot to get up.

Zach Davis: I saw Johnny Reb grab The 'Scot's boob.

Shannan Lerch: Just one? Why not both?

Zach Davis: I don't know. Why don't you ask him?

Shannan Lerch: You're off your rocker, Zach.

The 'Scot gets to her feet. Reb springboards off the top rope and nails 'Scot with a bulldog.

Shannan Lerch: You're projecting your own perverse fantasies upon someone else who happens to be one of the finest competitors that this company has ever seen. And here is Johnny Reb with the cover after a great move!

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Captain Punishment breaks up the pin to save his team's championship hopes. Dangerous comes into the ring as well and the tag match quickly descends into a free for all. Dangerous gains the advantage on Punishment and hits a beautiful snap suplex. Dangerous measures Punishment and tries for another one of his patented running European uppercuts but Punishment has it scouted this time; Pun ducks Dangerous's uppercut, spins around and flattens Dangerous with a Heroic Punch.

Zach Davis: Great counter by Captain Punishment but neither he nor Paul Dangerous are the legal men in this match!

Johnny Reb is perched on the top rope. Pun senses danger and turns around to face Reb. Reb suddenly launches himself.

Shannan Lerch: Johnny Reb IS the legal man for his team and he just hit the Saturday Night Special on Captain Punishment!

Reb makes the cover on Punishment but the ref refuses to count, explaining to Reb that Punishment isn't the legal man.

Zach Davis: The 'Scot IS the legal woman for her team and she's just standing behind Reb, waiting for him to get up!

Reb finally gets to his feet, clearly frustrated by the ramshackle officiating of the match. Reb turns around as if looking for The 'Scot and walks right into a Diamond Cutter.

Zach Davis: Bang! The 'Scot just hit the Diamond Cutter! I think we're going to have new Tag Team Champs!

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Zach Davis: Reb kicks out! Reb kicks out from the Diamond Cutter! I don't believe it!

Shannan Lerch: That's one tough Confederate! Uh-oh...Reb might be wishing that he hadn't kicked out. 'Scot is going for the Crotch Sauce!

Zach Davis: YEEEEESSS!!!

The 'Scot is rather forcefully attempting to straddle Reb's face with her crotch, though Reb is blocking her efforts the best that he can. Reb quickly tires of this exercise. Reb lowers his head and releases his hold on The 'Scot, causing her crotch to meet the top of his head with considerable impact. 'Scot immediately drops to the mat and grabs her groin, obviously in a considerable amount of pain. Leroy bellows at ringside while the members of the capacity crowd look on with variously bemused and disgusted reactions.

Zach Davis: NOOOOOOOO!!!

Shannan Lerch: The 'Scot appears to be seriously injured! She might have a torn scrotum!

Zach Davis: You mean a torn labium!

Shannan Lerch: Uh, yes...a torn labium!

Reb gazes at The 'Scot for a brief moment with a look of compassion on his face. Then Reb's championship instincts kick in and he covers 'Scot.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...




Leroy immediately slides into the ring to check on his Mama.

Zach Davis: Johnny Reb and Paul Dangerous have defeated The 'Scot and Captain Punishment to retain the WCF Tag Team Titles! However the biggest story to come out of this match could be the injury to The 'Scot!

Shannan Lerch: I feel bad for The 'Scot, I really do. She just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, she was competing in her first title match and looking pretty good and then--BOOM!--it was all over in the blink of an eye! Crazy. Just crazy. And sad!

"Sweet Home Alabama" hits the PA as Paul Dangerous and Chuy join Johnny Reb in the middle of the ring. The referee quickly hands them their Tag Team Title belts and raises their hands before turning his attention to The 'Scot. Medics hurriedly make their way down to the ring with a gurney and other medical equipment. The Tag Team Champions exit the ring and head up the ramp to enjoy their victory elsewhere. Captain Punishment tries to shake off the cobwebs from his own participation in the match as he looks on at his partner with a look of concern.

Zach Davis: Lost in this unfortunate turn of events is not only a brilliant performance by the WCF Tag Team Champions Johnny Reb and Paul Dangerous, but also the fact that Paul Dangerous's night is not yet over. Paul appeared to be exhausted during the final moments of this match and he still has to face Doc Henry later tonight. It could end up being a very long and perhaps bittersweet night for the young man from Sheffield, England.

The Lone Wolf vs Myst vs Tank

Fireworks explode on the ramp, and everyone quickly turns their attention to it. Sympathy by Non Divine plays very loudly and WCF fans hate him. Tank Reaper walks slowly out on the stage putting both arms in the air ala Stone Cold Steve Austin. The crowd again boos and disgraces Tanks name in the holy worlds of hell. Tank does not care about the fans any longer. He hates them. Tank reaches the ring, where he pulls himself up onto the apron, and then steps his seven foot body over the ropes. Flashbulbs light from every which direction for the simple fact that Tank is one hell of an athlete to look at. Tank taunts one more time in the center of the ring for good measure. Fireworks explode off the ring posts and Tank's music stops.

Zach Davis: Myst and Lone Wolf are already in the ring. This is going to be a wild three way dance!

Shannan Lerch: That is true!

Tank goes for a clothesline but Myst and Lone Wolf duck and Tank gets caught up in the ropes and his arms can't get out! Myst and Wolf look at each other and then laugh, and then start fighting each other! Wolf hits a clothesline and slaps on a wrist lock, but Myst gets out and puts him in a leg lock and both men stand up into an awkward position before trading rights and lefts. The ref then helps Tank get out of the ropes when Tank gets up he hits a big boot to Lone Wolf knocking him out of the ring! Myst then kicks to the legs of Tank knocking him back to the corner. Myst tries to throw Tank against the ropes but Tank doesn't leave the corner. So Tank walks out and then picks up Myst and powerslams him down. Myst gets to his feet when Tank picks up Myst and chokeslams him down!

Zach Davis: WOW!

Tank pins Myst. One. Two Three. Match is over.

Shannan Lerch: Tank is victorious!

Zach Davis: LOOK OUT!

Lone Wolf just got up but was knocked back down by Avery with the TV Title! Avery picks up Lone Wolf and throws him into the ring. Myst tries getting up but Tank clotheslines him out of the ring! Avery demands Tank to chokeslam Wolf! Tank yells out RRAAAWWWW and picks up Wolf by the throat holds him in the air and SLAMS him down hard! Avery flips over Wolf and locks on the Camel Clutch!

Zach Davis: Come on damn it! You've done enough!

Shannan Lerch: Wolf is out! Is that blood?!

Zach Davis: It is! Come on break the hold! The ref is trying but we need more refs!!

Avery is clenching even harder twisting his neck around and Lone Wolf is damn near lifeless. Tank is grabbing the ropes and going crazy! Tank throws a fist at the ref to scare him but more refs get into the ring. Avery is yelling out "COME ON WOLF. THIS IS WHAT YOU ASKED FOR! AAAAHHHHHHHHH BABY! ITS THE TRUTH BABY!". Avery lets go and the refs keep Avery back. Tank hands Avery the TV title and they both taunt. Avery doesn't take his eyes off Wolf as they're forced out of the ring by the refs.

Zach Davis: Damn him! Screw off Avery!

Shannan Lerch: Seriously! Some sort of action is going to come from management on that one!

Tank and Avery walk back up the ramp.. and we cut to a commercial break as the refs try to move Wolf whose completely out cold.

Doc Henry vs Paul Dangerous

As the drums hit the house lights fade, and red and blue lights strobe. At "Please allow me to inteoduce myself", Doc and Mary walk out onto the stage, and look back and forth over the audience. As the crowd boos, the make their way to the ring, where Doc rolls in. Standing, he grins proudly as he pops the crowd drawing more boos. Mocking them, he sits on the turnbuckle and awaits his opponent...

The opening lyric 'Dangeeeeeerrrrr' sounds out, Paul Dangerous comes out from within a massive billow of smoke, choking from the excess amount of smoke. He feigns slappinng the fans hands but then remembers the likelihood of catching diseases from them and so pulls back at the last second. He pretty much drags himself up the ring steps, and on finally entering the ring he lets out his signiture scream of "I....AM....DANGEROUS!"

Zach Davis: He.. is.. dangerous! Like, literally, he is Paul Dangerous. He looks kind of sweaty, guess he didn't shower after his last match.

Shannan Lerch: Wrestling in his second match of the night! What a trooper!

Dangerous has a bit of a limp but he's clearly trying to hide it as he gets into the ring. The bell sounds and vicious Doc Henry goes right on the attack. He hits Dangerous with a few forearms to the face and then throws him to the ropes. As Dangerous comes back, Henry executes a Back Bodydrop. Dangerous stumbles to his feet and Henry then runs at him and executes a Chop Block.

Zach Davis: What a dastardly bastard.

Henry then stomps on Dangerous a few times and goes for a pin.




Shannan Lerch: Nope!

Zach Davis: Remember, this feud got started when Henry pinned Dangerous during War.. even though Dangerous' foot was on the ropes. Dun dun dun.

Henry picks Dangerous up and goes for a Pedigree, but Dangerous realizes this could be the end and uses all the strength he has and reverses it with a Back Bodydrop! He then goes for a quick pin.




Shannan Lerch: Can't beat Doc Henry that easily!

Dangerous struggles to his feet, his leg clearly hurting. Henry goes up too. Dangerous runs at him and hits a Clothesline, putting as much force into it as possible. Again, he drops and pins Henry.




Zach Davis: No, you sure can't beat Doc Henry with just a simple Clothesline!

Next up, Dangerous quickly wraps Henry into an STF. Henry yells in pain but the positioning is to his advantage and he's able to reach the ropes fairly quickly. Dangerous is told to release the hold, but he yells that he's DANGEROUSSS and only releases right after the four count.

Shannan Lerch: Oh, Paul Dangerous, you're so silly.

Dangerous stands up and starts catching his breath, waiting for Henry to stand as well. Dangerous is behind him. He grabs him and executes a German Suplex into bridge pin!



NO! Henry kicks out once more!

Zach Davis: ANOTHER pin attempt!

Shannan Lerch: I think Dangerous is trying to end this match as fast as possible, Zach. Which is actually a wise strategy.

Paul Dangerous is visibly frustrated now. He stands up and starts kicking at Doc Henry before pinning him, again.



No, Henry kicks out once more.

Zach Davis: Geez!

Shannan Lerch: All this kicking out IS probably wearing the Doc down.

Dangerous picks Henry up and goes for a Running European Uppercut but Henry narrowly avoids it, getting behind Dangerous and executing a huge Backdrop Suplex!

Zach Davis: DAMN! Henry is back in this!

Shannan Lerch: And you KNOW he's trying to send a message to Reb through Dangerous...

Henry stomps Dangerous a few times, trying to regain his bearings. Henry then picks him up and Dangerous shoves him away, going for a big Clothesline.. but Henry ducks it and hits a Rock Bottom!

Zach Davis: The Gambler's Hand! There it is!

Cockily, with a smug smile on his face, Henry leans down and pins Dangerous, hooking the leg.



NO! Dangerous kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: I don't believe it! He sure does have heart!

Henry is livid, yelling at the ref, saying he got screwed out of the win. As Henry is yelling, Dangerous crawls up behind him and executes a Schoolboy pin!



NO! Henry kicks out in the nick of time!

Zach Davis: SO CLOSE! I thought Dangerous had it there!

Henry gets to his feet immediately, not happy about being caught off guard. Dangerous runs at him and Henry thumbs him in the eye. Dangerous goes backward and Henry positions himself... and hits a Spear!

Shannan Lerch: SPEAR! SPEAR! ITS OVER!

Henry pins Dangerous one more time, taking it more seriously this time.



NO! Dangerous kicks out!

Zach Davis: Whaaaaa!?

Shannan Lerch: Wow!

The crowd is on their feet! Henry is livid! He once again argues with the ref, this time throwing him out of the ring. The ref hits the ground hard, holding his head in pain.

Shannan Lerch: Uh oh, this isn't good..

Henry slides out and grabs a chair. He slides back in and gets ready to use it on Dangerous, waiting as Paul struggles to his feet. Henry swings, and he connects!

Zach Davis: OOF!

Dangerous crumples down in a heap. Henry raises the chair again, but now Reb is coming down the entryway.

Shannan Lerch: Here comes Johnny Reb! This is good news for Dangerous!

Henry quickly throws the chair out of the ring, not wanting to risk Reb attacking, and also not wanting to get DQed. He decides to ignore Reb and climbs to the top rope.

Zach Davis: Reb stops before he enters the ring... he has his morals, I don't think he's going to involve himself any further in this match now that Henry isn't using a foreign object..

Henry flies off the top with the Shooting Star Press!

Shannan Lerch: Henry is All-In!

Henry lands with the pin. The ref has just come to, and groggily makes the count.




Zach Davis: Well that is that. Henry had to give Dangerous everything he had, including some illegal attacks, but he's got the win.

Henry stands up, ready to celebrate. But he's quickly met by Johnny Reb in the ring. Reb simply stares him down.

Shannan Lerch: This is intense. Former partners, former best friends...

Reb and Henry stare into each other's eyes as we go to commercial.

Captain Punishment Segment

The show comes back from commercial with a shot of Zach Davis and Shannan Lerch sitting at the announce table.

Zach Davis: I'm getting word now that Hank Brown is backstage trying to get a word with The 'Scot and Leroy. Let's see what's going on back there.

The jumbotron flickers on with a live feed of Hank Brown backstage, walking behind The 'Scot and Leroy as he tries to get an interview.

Hank Brown: Scot if I could just get a word with you about your loss.

The 'Scot: Not now Hankers, we need to go check on our dear Punny.

Leroy and The 'Scot stop outside of the door to Captain Punishment's dressing room and try to turn the knob. Finding it to be locked, The 'Scot knocks.

The 'Scot: Oh Punny, open up sweetums. Your baby boy and I want to see you.

A few moments pass as they wait for an answer. Leroy becomes angry and raises his fist before pounding on the door.

Leroy: You betta open boy. Don't make me buss dis here door down.

Leroy's afro shakes in anger as he steps back and waits for an answer.

Leroy: 1...2....3!

Leroy charges the door and kicks it in with his massive size 16 boot. He walks into the dark room followed by The 'Scot and flips on the light switch. Hank moves to walk in....when out of nowhere Punishment pushes him out of the way and runs into the room, steel chair in hand. He slams it into Leroy's back, sending him flying to the floor. The 'Scot screams out for her baby and then turns around...only to get nailed over the head with the chair.

Shannan Lerch: Oh my god! Did you hear that chair shot? What a sickening sound.

The crowd collectively holds their breath as they watch as Leroy tries to get up from the ground. Punishments walks over and stands over him, chair raised high above his head. Leroy turns his head upward, looking into Punishment's eyes.

Leroy: Da..

Punishment swings the chair downward as hard as he can and smashes it over the back of Leroy's skull. Leroy crumples to the ground, blood slowly starting to pour from his head. Hank Brown slowly makes his way into the room and stares at the sight in front of him. Punishment drops the chair to the ground as he stands over the bodies of The 'Scot and Leroy, staring right into Hank's eyes.

Hank Brown: What...what is this?

Punishment: I told you that change was coming for myself and The 'Scot. Well something tells me that neither he or Leroy are ever going to be the same after tonight.

The 'Scot slowly begins to stir beside Punishment's feet, getting his attention. The 'Scot raises his head and looks toward Leroy before starting to try to crawl toward him.

The 'Scot: baby.

Punishment grabs hold of the back of The Scot's head and lifts it from the the ground. The 'Scot screams out in anger as Punishment places his foot on the back of his head.

Punishment: You should have just stayed out of my life. You thought you were so clever, trying to make everyone believe that I wasn't who I said I was. Well guess what 'Scot, you were right. I'm not who I said I was. Unfortunately for you, I'm not who you said I was either.

Punishment slams The 'Scots face to the ground with his boot, knocking him out cold with a brutal curb stomp. The crowd collectively gasps at the brutal sight.

Punishment: I'm something a hell of a lot worse.

The live feed cuts as the cameras go back to Shannan and Zach at the announce table.

Zach Davis: I think now would be a good time for a commercial break.

Shannan Lerch: Agreed.

The show cuts to a commercial break as Zach and Shannan try to make sense of what just happened.

Brad Kane vs Creeping Death

The lights in the venue suddenly cut to black as the familiar opening to "For Whom the Bell Tolls" plays. The crowd is jacked up and gets louder after every toll. After six tolls, there is silence. Then, the intro for "Blood and a Siren" by Index Case plays. After the little guitar intro, when the song gets intense, a spotlight hits the curtain and Creeping Death emerges, wearing a black hoodie with the hood up. He head bangs with the crowd as they throw up the devil horns, and he does the same back to them on his way to the ring. CD enters the ring by sliding in through the bottom rope. Inside, he walks to the far corner, leaps up and takes a seat on the top rope, awaiting the match to begin.

Zach Davis: Remember; earlier Creeping Death told the rest of This Is War, including Torture that he did NOT want them out here during this match.

The opening to "War Is My Destiny" by Ill Bill feat. Immortal Technique flares up, the lights dimming down. Everyone can see a shadow standing in the entry way. Standing in the middle of the entry way is Brad Kane with Megan right behind him. The crowd begins to give him a huge ovation as he stays in the entry way for another few moments, letting all the suspense build. He begins to move his head, looking out into the thousands of fans that are in attendance tonight. More moment follows as he takes a few steps and throws his right arm out into the air, letting out a war cry before walking towards the ring. Many of the fans extend their hands out, looking for some form of contact. Brad slaps their hands as does Megan. When he reaches ringside, he walks completely around the outside of the ring, high fiving more fans. Once he's done walking around ringside, he heads up one set of the stairs and gets onto the apron while Megan follows him in. Brad Kane enters the ring through the middle rope as he heads to the nearest turnbuckle, going to the top. He looks out into the crowd, seeing the cheering fans taking pictures. Brad leaps off and heads to the other side of the ring and proceeds to do the same thing as more pictures are snapped. Jumping back off, he then backs into that corner, leaning against the ropes as Megan gives him a kiss for good luck. As she leaves the ring, he waits while his music fades off.

Zach Davis: And there's Brad Kane!

Shannan Lerch: And he's just four weeks away from getting his hands around the throat of Torture for one last time!

Zach Davis: Oh! Here we go!

Creeps and BK begin trading lefts and rights as BK throws CD against the ropes! BK goes for a clothesline, but CD floats over and tries to hit a DDT. BK stops it and then flips CD over into a northern lights suplex! It's a pin! One! Two! CD gets a shoulder up but flips over and now to his feet still hooked to BKs head like a DDT. BK tries for another suplex but CD stops it and lands back down on his feet. BK then picks him up and puts him on the ropes. BK breaks free and stands a few feet back. CD then leaps from the middle rope and hits a hurricanrana and BK lands in hte middle of the ring! CD jumps to his feet when the crowd begins to boo hard.

Zach Davis: Son of a bitch!

Shannan Lerch: Ahh! What the hell!

Torture, Avery, Jackson, Frost, Ingvar, Tank, and Jay Price slide into the ring. Creeping Death tries to stop them but Tank hits a big boot on BK and the ref calls for the bell! Creeping Death is pissed and just punches the corner turnbuckle a few times as Tank picks up BK and clotheslines him down.

Zach Davis: Torture obviously did not listen to Creeps!

Shannan Lerch: Completely undermined him, if you ask me!

Zach Davis: Yeah, you're right, but then again, isn't Torture the leader??

Torture then asks everyone to get to the ropes and clear a way.. Brad Kane tries to get up but Torture grabs him from behind and locks him into the headlock for the Torture's Device! The crowd boos even louder and Brad Kane tries to get out but Torture just keeps the choke on, and spins in a circle so the entire crowd can see that Torture is about to drop Brad Kane right in the middle of the ring. The crowd is chanting Kane! Kane! Kane! Kane!

Zach Davis: Torture is a bastard! Come on!

Torture yells out as if he's about to drop him when Creeping Death shoves Torture and it drops the hold! Brad Kane gets loose and rolls out of the ring. Torture raises an eyebrow at Creeping Death and the two step closer to one another. The rest of This Is War circles them and Creeping Death begins to jaw his mouth with some words for Torture.

Shannan Lerch: Trying to hear what he's saying.. the camera is close enough.

Creeps words are hardly heard.. "LISTEN TO ME! I COULD HAVE TAKEN CARE OF HIM BUT YOU'VE MESSED IT UP! WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU RUIN THIS!?" Creeping Death then slaps Torture across the face. This Is War tries to stand in between but Creeps moves closer and Torture just stand there getting more and more frustrated. Creeping Death goes for another punch but Torture blocks it and sends a right hand back and it's an all out War! Tank, Avery, and Jackson hold Torture back while Price, Frost and Ingvar hold Creeping Death back while Tank stands in the middle and is yelling at both men in their corners.

Zach Davis: What the hell is going on with Torture and Creeping Death now?!

Shannan Lerch: This Is War looks inconsistent every week! They stand strong one Slam, then the next they're fighting! Brad Kane HAS to be loving this!

Zach Davis: Shaky foundation if you ask me..

We go to a commercial break.

Street Fight
Troy Malenko vs Seth Lerch

“Remember the Name” by Fort Minor hits the speakers and out walks Troy Malenko who stops at the top of the ramp. At certain points in the beginning of the song, fireworks shoot from the ramp all the way across simultaneously. When the first set goes off, he throws his arms back in a cocky manner, knocking the robe off of his body. When the second set of fireworks hits, he starts walking down the ramp, his manager Gravedigger following behind him.

Kyle Steel: From Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, weighing in at 233 pounds.....Troy Maaaaalenko.

Troy walks up the ring steps and sits on the rope as Gravedigger climbs the stairs behind him and climbs into the ring. Troy bounces off the middle rope and walks to each side of the ring, riling the crowd up. He finally stands in a corner with Gravedigger, waiting.

Shannan Lerch: You know, I REALLY hate this guy. No, I take that back, I despite BOTH of those men in the ring right now.

Zach Davis: Hey I can't blame you, apparently Troy Malenko superkicked you right in the face.

Master of Puppets by Metallica hits the speakers and the crowd pops as WCF owner Seth Lerch walks out. The cheers surprisingly get a little louder when Jay Price walks out from the back with Seth. Jay looks over at Shannan and winks at her.

Shannan Lerch: It's Jay!!!!

Zach Davis: What is he doing out here?

Shannan Lerch: He's defending the brother of his baby momma.

Jay Price looks at the ring and points at Gravedigger and Troy Malenko and starts running his mouth. Gravedigger grins as he walks up to the ropes with Troy. Both men lean on the ropes and start gesturing for the two men to come down the ramp.

Seth Lerch stands at the top of the ramp, running his mouth also. He finally starts running down the ramp towards the ring, with Jay Price not far behind. Troy Malenko and Gravedigger back up and keep gesturing for them to get in. Seth Lerch slides in and Troy Malenko pounces on the WCF owner and immediately wails on him.

Gravedigger starts to go after Seth, too, but Jay Price slides into the ring and Gravedigger climbs out, wanting none of Jay Price.

Shannan Lerch: That's right, coward! Run!

Jay Price slides out of the ring and starts coaching Seth along as Troy finally gets up off of him to give him some breathing room. Troy turns to Gravedigger and says something to him, pointing under the ring. Gravedigger grins and nods. He reaches under the ring apron and starts pulling out some weapons: kendo stick, stop sign, lead pipe, and a couple of chairs stored under there.

Gravedigger tosses the kendo stick through the air and Troy catches it. Gravedigger slides in a chair. Troy Malenko grins as he turns around with the stick, but his expression quickly changes as Seth Lerch jumps forward and low blows Troy Malenko out of nowhere, causing the crowd to pop and Troy to drop the kendo stick.

Seth picks up the kendo stick as Troy struggles to keep from falling to one knee. He staggers around as Seth twirls the kendo stick. He looks at the crowd and then gets into a golf stance. The crowd gets to their feet as Troy turns around and Seth does a huge golf swing and nails Troy right in the chin, sending him backwards. Seth puts his hand over his eyebrows and looks out in the distance.

Zach Davis: It looks like he knocked Troy Malenko out into the nosebleeds with that one!

Gravedigger starts slapping the mat, yelling at Troy who gets up, shaking off the cobwebs. Seth doesn't hesitate and hits Troy Malenko in the back, causing him to arch his back. Seth hits Troy again and again until finally he rolls out of the ring and out of the way from Seth. The crowd cheers like crazy as Seth leans over the ropes challenging Troy to get back in. Gravedigger looks up and starts running his mouth at Seth who swings the kendo stick, nearly hitting Gravedigger who jumps back. Seth walks around the ring, trying to get the crowd pumped up. This gives Troy enough time to slide back into the ring. Seth walks forward and swings again at Troy, who ducks around Seth this time and delivers a kick to the kidneys, showing off his quickness.

Zach Davis: Oh, Seth didn't see that one coming!

Seth staggers forward and turns around as Troy delivers another kick, this time to the midsection of Seth and he drops the kendo stick. Troy steps forward and plants Seth to the mat with a DDT and takes control of the match. Troy doesn't give Seth time to breathe as he stands up and immediately drops a leg across Seth's chest with a leg drop. He starts pounding away again at Seth for a few seconds before letting him drop back to the mat.

Seth starts getting up and Troy notices the chair laying in the ring. He walks over and grabs it. Seth Lerch turns around into a huge chair shot from Troy Malenko, laying out the WCF owner. The crowd boos as Troy drops the chair and bows sarcastically for the crowd. He signals that the match is over and leans on his back on Seth Lerch, not even bothering to hook the leg and barely even covering Seth in the first place.

The referee slides into position...1...2...kick out.

The crowd pops out as Troy Malenko rolls his eyes and stands up. Seth Lerch gets to his feet and is clotheslined to the mat. Troy Malenko places the chair on Seth and stomps away at it viciously a couple of times before it slides off of Seth's body. Troy Malenko picks up the kendo stick and then looks at Jay Price for a split second before hurling the stick at him like a spear. Jay Price steps out of the way and points at Troy Malenko and the two start talking trash to each other.

Troy Malenko walks back over and puts the boots to Seth Lerch a couple of times. He picks up Seth Lerch and looks over at Gravedigger. Troy runs over with Seth Lerch and tosses him over the top rope. Troy Malenko goes to the nearby turnbuckle and climbs to the second rope, posing for the crowd at hand who start booing him. Troy hops down and climbs out of the ring. He walks around Seth who is slowly trying to get up and starts conversing with Gravedigger. Jay Price slowly makes his way around the ring opposite the two to make sure Gravedigger doesn't get involved. Troy smiles and waves at Jay Price as he stops and observes. Jay walks over and lays the boots to Seth a few more times, looking Jay Price in the face between each stomp.

He finally picks up Seth Lerch and irish whips him into the steel railing near Jay Price. Seth yells out in pain as he bounces off the steel railing. Troy Malenko runs across the outside and leaps through the air, splashing Seth Lerch and flipping over into the crowd with the extra momentum he had. Troy leaps over the railing, landing two feet from Jay Price. The two men get in each other's faces and get nose to nose. Troy grins and points at the commentator's booth at Shannan Lerch and says something about her. Jay looks enraged and the two start trading lefts and rights and the crowd explodes.

Gravedigger runs over and starts hitting Jay Price with a few rights. Jay Price grabs both men by the necks and slams them head first into each other. The crowd pops as the two stagger away from each other, Gravedigger away from everyone and Troy towards Seth Lerch who is recovering. Seth stands up and nails Troy with a right, causing him to bounce back to Jay Price who hits him again.

The crowd cheers like crazy as Troy Malenko bounces back and forth between both men. Gravedigger slides into the ring and grabs the chair and slides out behind Jay Price. People at ringside yell at Jay to turn, but he can barely get a hand up as he turns around and still takes the brunt of the chair shot. Jay Price falls to the mat and covers himself as best he can as Gravedigger brings the chair down on him again.

Seth quickly turns to Gravedigger. Gravedigger takes a step back and puts his hands up as if saying he's not going to do anything and points to Troy telling him to fight Troy. Seth turns and starts to go after Troy when Gravedigger makes him pay the mistake for turning his back to his archnemesis by hitting Seth with a vicious chair shot in the back. The crowd boos as Gravedigger drops the chair and raises his arms. He walks over Seth's body and holds up Troy Malenko as if he's already won the match. Gravedigger points at Seth and tells Troy to cover him. The referee slides out of the ring as Troy Malenko covers Seth.!!

Gravedigger reaches down and pulls Seth's shoulder off the ground, breaking the count for his disciple. Troy stands up, looking at Gravedigger confused. A sick smile comes across the face of Gravedigger and Troy catches on.

Zach Davis: Bad things happen when Gravedigger gets that look on his face!

Gravedigger steps closer to Troy and says something to him and points at the ringpost. Troy smiles and nods and then picks up Seth Lerch, rolling him into the ring. Gravedigger grabs Seth's legs and pulls him towards the ring post. He pulls him a little too hard and causes him to hit his groin on the ringpost. He holds his hand up to his mouth with a grin on his face as if pretending that was an accident. Gravedigger twists Seth's legs around the ringpost and Troy helps Gravedigger get him into a figure-four leglock on the ring post. Seth starts yelling out in pain. Troy holds a finger up as if to say they're not done there. Troy rolls into the ring and grabs Seth, he flips over into the Trojan Horse!! Seth starts screaming out in pain as he is in both a figure four leglock on the ring post and a Trojan Horse in the ring. Troy has his arms hooked extra good to keep him from even tapping. Troy kicks at the referee as he tries to get close enough to check on Seth.

Gravedigger doesn't see as Jay Price is finally back up. He reaches down and picks up the chair. Gravedigger is yelling out in rage as he holds in the leglock and he freezes as he sees Jay Price standing next to him. Jay swings the chair into Gravedigger's stomach over and over until Gravedigger lets go of the hold. Troy jumps up and slides out of the ring behind Jay Price. Jay turns around and swings the chair. Troy ducks out of the way and Jay tosses the chair down and grabs Troy and nails a Busted Grill out of nowhere!

The crowd pops and Jay Price starts laying the boots to both Gravedigger and Troy Malenko back and forth. Jay picks up Troy and rolls him into the ring. He climbs into the ring and checks on Seth before dragging him over to Troy. The referee starts the count as Seth's arm is draped over Troy.

1...2...kick out! The crowd yells out as Troy gets the arm up. Troy starts getting up and Jay Price runs across the ring going for the Hit and Run to even up the score between Troy and Seth. Troy is paying attention and steps back out of the way as Jay goes past. Troy snaps out a very quick superkick, flooring Jay Price with the Lights Out!

Troy stands up and yells out in anger as he turns around. Jay Price isn't completely out and slowly starts getting up. Troy runs over and kicks at Jay Price who catches his foot. Troy bounces on the other foot and nails Jay with an enziguri, knocking Jay Price out of the ring.

Troy stands up again and watches as Seth starts getting up, both men catching their breath. Troy grabs Seth and throws him through the top and middle rope to the outside in front of the ramp. Troy jumps to the outside and grabs Seth. He walks Seth over and goes for a suplex onto the ramp. Seth puts his foot up and blocks the suplex attempt. Troy nails Seth in the side and goes for another one but as Seth is in the air, he wiggles behind Troy and falls down behind him, landing on his feet. The crowd pops as Seth jumps up and kicks Troy with both his feet hitting him in the back. Seth falls to the ramp and huts himself a little in the process, but he also sends Troy skidding on his face on the mat.

Troy stands up slowly touching at his face to make sure he's not bleeding. Troy starts walking towards Seth who crawls up the ramp as if trying to get to the back. Troy grabs one of Seth's feet. Seth flips over and kicks at Troy and causes Troy to fall backwards onto the ramp.

Troy stands up and grins as he sees Gravedigger making his way up the ramp to them, clutching his stomach. Seth's eyes grow wide as he sees Gravedigger and Troy coming at him. They catch him before he can get away and they double suplex the WCF owner on the ramp. Seth yells out in pain and fans yell out for them to stop. Gravedigger and Troy stomp away at Seth repeatedly for thirty seconds and Seth isn't even making effort to get up. Gravedigger gestures for Troy to lift him up. Troy holds him and Gravedigger nails Seth with a couple of huge rights. Jay Price is back up and is walking towards the ramp as Gravedigger calls for Seth to be picked up again. Gravedigger grabs Seth himself this time when he's standing and picks him up and puts him on his shoulder. He signals for the Death Driver. Jay Price starts running up the ramp as Gravedigger walks in a circle with the limp Seth Lerch on his shoulder. He drops Seth as he sees Jay charging up the ramp. Jay Price spears the hell out of Gravedigger on top of the ramp, sending both back a few feet with the momentum and force behind the move. Jay Price stays on top and starts hitting Gravedigger with rights and lefts.

Troy runs over and hits Jay Price on the back, causing him to get off. He starts trading lefts and rights with Troy Malenko and starts getting the upper hand when Troy thumbs him in the eye. Troy suplexes Jay Price on the ramp and Jay yells out in pain. Troy runs over and helps Gravedigger back up and the two men start stomping away at Jay Price as Seth Lerch still lays on the ramp, barely moving.

Jay is helped up by Gravedigger and is double suplexed by Gravedigger and Troy. Troy starts stomping away at Jay and Gravedigger stands by grinning. He looks over at the side of the ramp and yells out at Troy and points off to the side.

Zach Davis: Oh no, they aren't thinking what I think they are.

Shannan Lerch: The hel--

Shannan Lerch drops her headset as Gravedigger and Troy walk over to the side of the ramp with Jay Price trying to fight them off. Before they can do anything with Jay, Shannan starts slapping away at Gravedigger. Gravedigger turns around and shoves her back and points at her, warning her.

Shannan ignores Gravedigger and continues to try and stop them from hurting Jay. Gravedigger shoves her harder this time, knocking her to the ground and the arena fills with boos.

Shannan stands up one more time and Gravedigger goes to brush her away but accidentally shoves her...OFF THE RAMP!!

Shannan plummets to the materials laying at ringside below, a good ten foot plus drop!! People in the crowd start screaming and paramedics come running out from the back immediately. Gravedigger and Troy both stop and look down at Shannan below in disbelief.

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!!! Shannan was just knocked all the way down there!! She is pregnant!!!

Troy finally looks at Gravedigger and shrugs, turning back towards Seth and the crowd lays the boos down thick. Troy turns back to Seth. He starts to cover Seth for the pin but looks at Gravedigger and shakes his head no. Troy picks up Seth and lifts him up on his shoulders and nails a huge Embalmer on the WCF owner on top of the ramp!! Gravedigger is beside himself and shocked but then starts cackling like a mad man as he stares at the broken WCF owner on the steel in front of him. The referee doesn't know what to do with all the chaos going on and is finally relieved to see Troy Malenko put a foot on Seth Lerch, raising his own arms as the referee counts.




Zach Davis: OH MY GOD AGAIN!! Shannan is out, the baby could be in danger and Seth Lerch was brutalized and just dropped on his head on the steel ramp!! This is sadistic!!

Jay Price starts stirring and Gravedigger sees this and grabs the still celebrating Troy Malenko and they both bolt to the back as Troy's music starts playing. Jay stands up and looks over at Seth and runs over to check up on him. He notices a paramedic run by and calls out for him to help but then sees him jump half way down the ramp and run off to the side. Jay stands up, with a curious look on his face and sees all the people gathered around someone on the bottom. Jay's head snaps towards the commentator's table and sees that Shannan isn't there. His eyes grow wide and he bolts down the ramp and leaps off the side and towards the group of paramedics. He sees Shannan and yells out for her. The paramedics fight with him to keep him away as they tend to her. Jay Price takes a couple of steps back and yells out in rage, his whole body shaking with anger.

Zach Davis: This is a man's child that is in danger... Hey wait, who is that-

A man comes from out of nowhere, shoving paramedics away. He's wearing jeans, a black hoodie, and it looks like he might be wearing a mask, though the hood covers most of his face regardless. The man has a metal pipe.

Zach Davis: What is he-

The man hits Shannan stiff in the gut with the metal pipe. The crowd goes completely silent. Price's jaw drops in horror as Shannan falls to the ground, clutching her stomach and yelling in agony.

Zach Davis: WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED. She's PREGNANT, I don't believe... oh my God. This is a new low... who would do this...

But Price already knows. He's yelling Logan's name in extreme anger and tears away from the men trying to hold him. The masked man runs away, satisfied with the damage he's done, and Price gives pursuit.

Zach Davis: ...we haven't seen Logan all night... would the World Champion really do this to his ex girlfriend... just to get at Jay Price?...

We see Gravedigger and Troy Malenko jumping into Gravedigger's limo in the wrestler's parking lot and speeding off as the show fades to black.