Hall of Fame Segment
Slam Intro
Jay Price/Logan Segment
Television Title Match: Lone Wolf vs Chris Avery
Doc Henry/Johnny Reb Segment
Brad Kane vs Frost/Ingvar/Tank/Shaun Jackson
Captain Punishment Segment
Doc Henry/Johnny Reb Segment
D-Day/Kenneth Williams vs Paul Dangerous/Machine Gun Joe
Seth Lerch/Jay Price Segment
Doc Henry/Johnny Reb Segment
Jay Price vs Johnny Reb

Hall of Fame Segment

We open live with Seth Lerch in his office. His eyes are sunken and he clearly hasn't been sleeping well lately.

Seth Lerch: I.. I'm going through a lot right now... with Shannan's situation and all. She's lost her child, and.. whoever is responsible..

Seth shakes his head angrily.

Seth Lerch: Well... I have a job to do tonight... and I'm going to do it. I have to announce the final three inductees into this year's Hall of Fame. Last week I announced a man that kept WCF's flame alive after it had closed, Danny Vice. Tonight I announce the man that started that very flame. Without this man there would BE no WCF...


We can hear the fans in the arena cheer.

Seth Lerch: The Ultimate is not only a former World Champion in this company but a succesful wrestler outside of this company as well. Not only that, but the feud between he and Mikami is one of the most entertaining situations we've ever seen. After climbing the Ladder of success, I'm glad to inducted him into the HoF.

More cheering.

Seth Lerch: Next up.. well, what is there to say? He's a complete psychopath.


Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Seth Lerch: He tortured not only poor Ellis Island, but has always been known as the most demented wrestlers to ever step foot into the ring. He has main evented One, been a charter member of the Team of Treachery, been World Champion... Jack of Blades has done it all, and for a long period of time he was regarded as just about the best we had here. I'm terrified to say this, but Jack of Blades is becoming a Hall of Famer.

More polite clapping overall, but most fans are wont to approve of someone who is probably truly criminally insane.

Seth Lerch: Last, but not least... oh, hell, I'm not even going to try and make this dramatic. You know exactly which name I'm about to announce.



Seth Lerch: Of course. Slickie T. This man was the standard bearer of excellence here for over a year. No man before or since has gathered the amount of respect among his peers that Slickie T earned... his match against Torture will go down as one of the most anticipated and most talked about matches in WCF history ever, not to mention his two incredibly impressive War performances. Allen Guiliano is the very definition of class act, and he deserves this more than anyone else I can think of.

More cheering from the crowd, and a slight SLICKIE! SLICKIE! chant has started.

Seth Lerch: Now.... lets start the show.

Slam Intro

Opposite of Adults plays as we're live from Madison Square Garden! The fans cheer and roar as we reach the last show before One. We go to our announcers... Zach Davis and... Bobby Cairo.

Zach Davis: Welcome to Slam, fans. Shannan Lerch is out for the time being... and I'd love to welcome Bobby Cairo to the announce team!

Bobby Cairo: Thanks, Zach. Its great to be here, though I regret the circumstances that have lead to my new position. But I'll do my best to fill Shannan Lerch's shoes.

Zach Davis: Well, she's a girl, so hopefully that shouldn't be too difficult. Anyway, HUGE show tonight. Last show before One-


Zach Davis: ..Yeah, well, last Slam before One, anyway. HUGE main event. Jay Price versus Johnny Reb, one on one.

Bobby Cairo: This is actually a One-worthy matchup, in my opinion. Reb has been on top of the world, lots of big wins lately. Price, however...

Zach Davis: Well, he's been doing well lately too, wrestling wise. His feud with Logan has been.. well.. whatever, I mean, after Shannan's situation.. I don't know how Price is going to be tonight.

Bobby Cairo: Big tag match. D-Day is teaming up with newcomer Kenneth Williams against Paul Dangerous and another newcomer, Machine Gun Joe. Machine Gun Joe sounds like my kind of competitor.

Zach Davis: D-Day and Paul Dangerous are set to face at One for the United States Title so this should be a very interesting matchup.

Bobby Cairo: Brad Kane is involved in a gauntlet against the This_Is_War boys.. Frost, Ingvar, Tank, and Shaun Jackson. I don't know how he plans on taking on that many dudes at once.

Zach Davis: ...

Bobby Cairo: Yes, I'm fully aware of what I said, get your mind out of the gutter, Zach. This is a professional show and I'm a professional commentator.

Zach Davis: Anyway, good point, the This_Is_War members are going to be looking to soften Kane up before his big match with Torture... dun dun dun.

Bobby Cairo: And in our opener, Lone Wolf is going for the Television Title! Lets see how Chris Avery handles him!

Zach Davis: Wait, we have word from the back..

Logan/Jay Price Segment

Suddenly the camera feed switches backstage to the main entrance of MSG's parking garage where a security guard is standing in front of a dark purple Volkswagen Beetle.

Zach Davis: What's all this about?

The driver's face isn't visible through the glare on the windshield, but the vanity plate on the front of the car clearly reads "Boudle 1".

Zach Davis: It's Logan! Logan is in the building!

Bobby Cairo: Well technically he isn't in the building yet.

The driver begins honking his horn at the security guard who remains standing firmly in place, his arms crossed over his chest. The window of the car rolls down and Logan's head pops out.

Logan: Get out of my way boudle!

The security guard shakes his head as Logan continues to lay on the horn. Logan is so distracted by the security guard's presence...that he never sees Jay Price calmly walking up behind the Beetle with a baseball bat in hand.

Zach Davis: Oh my god. Logan turn around!

The crowd screams for Logan who can't hear anything over the beeping of his horn as Price calmly winds up the bat and then swings it full force into the back windshield, sending glass flying into the backseat. Logan let's off the horn as he yells in surprise. Glancing in the rearview mirror he sees Price standing, baseball bat in hand, and opens up the drivers side door.

Logan: What the hell man? This is a rental!

Price drops the bat to the ground and runs full force into Logan, hitting him with a spear that drives him backward into the door, bending it the wrong way in the process. Both men get back to their feet and begin exchanging lefts and rights like two heavyweight boxers. Price is able to duck a right and nails a surprised Logan in the midsection with a knee before placing him in a headlock and leading him toward a nearby set of double doors. Price lifts Logan's head up and slams him facefirst into one of the doors before opening the other and pushing him into a hallway. Price draws near to Logan who fights back with an elbow out of nowhere and then he grapples up with Price, slamming him backfirst against a wall. The two take turns pushing each other up against the walls as they make their way down the hall, making several backstage personnel scramble to stay out of their way. Price takes over the fight as he's able to slam Logan's head backward into the wall several times, only stopping when Logan's body goes limp and falls to the ground. Price doesn't give him a moment to recover as he continues the attack, kicking him in the midsection while he's down, forcing him to gasp for air. Logan rolls on the ground as Price reaches down and grabs him by his hair, trying to pull him to his feet, but Logan fights back, punching and throwing elbows that send Price back into the hallway wall. Logan now on the attack as nails Price across the jaw with an elbow and then grabs his head and smashes it against the wall. Price's head bounces off and is then met with a stiff right to the temple. Price, who seemed to be in a state of dizziness, comes alive and ducks a swing from Logan and trades places. Price fires off at Logan with rights, Logan eats them up, taking a few, dodging some, which result in Price’s fist penetrating the wall at times. The two eventually even up, storming down the narrow hallway exchanging shots, throwing one another into each side of the wall, before space finally frees up and they march battling from the hallway into a much bigger room full of stage equipment and such. Price ducks a big right from Logan and grapples him from behind before hitting a release german suplex from out of nowhere that sends Logan flying into a pile of conveniently placed garbage bags. Price takes a moment to rest, as he's breathing very heavily and has sweat dripping off of his face. He pulls off his t-shirt and throws it to the side as he takes a look around at his surroundings. He spots a table with some equipment set up on it and he clears it off. He turns back around and Logan comes at him from out of nowhere with a big dropkick that sends him backward and tumbling over the table.

Zach Davis: Are we back on yet? Can they hear us? Yes. Okay Bobby I'm being told that the technical difficulties have been cleared up and we can resume commentary.

Bobby Cairo: It's about time. I wish someone had told us that we were talking to ourselves for the last fifteen minutes.

Zach Davis: Enough about that, we've got an all out war being waged backstage.

Logan slides the table out of the way as he makes his way toward Price, who's laying on the ground holding his back. Seeing Logan though is all he needs to get himself back to his feet in time to grapple with him. The two fight with control, occassionally pushing each other backward in the process, as security finally makes an appearance. Several guards rush in and try their best to break things up as the crowd boos in disappointment.

Zach Davis: And this crowd does not want to see this fight broken up. They want blood.

And for the first time in history Price and Logan begin working together as they turn their focus on the guards, throwing lefts and rights at them. Price is able to yank one of the nightsticks from the guards belt and uses it against him, smashing it over the heads of all three guards holding him back. He then rushes over and cracks both guards holding back Logan back over the head, dropping them to the ground. Logan looks Price in the eyes.

Logan: Thanks boudle.

Jay Price: Don't thank me, you're all mine tonight bitch.

Price thows the nightstick off to the side as the two go right back to grappling with each other. Logan locks Price into a suplex, Price elbows his way out of it, Logan grabs Price by the neck and attempts a sit down Connector, Price pushes Logan forward, Logan falls to his knees on the concrete, Price takes the advantage and flies over Logan’s shoulder grabbing his neck in the process and nailing him with a neckbreaker. Price, somehow able to land on his feet, grabs a dazed Logan by the hair and lifts him to his feet. He then tears Logan's shirt open, swings his right hand back to the left, and nails Logan across the chest with a loud chop. The crowd, despite their hatred for Price, still let's out a mighty "woooooooo" as they hear the slapping sound. Price, almost as if he hears the crowd, looks toward the camera.

Jay Price: Shut up you inbred hicks.

The crowd boos as Price goes back to work on Logan's chest, hitting him with a series of rapid backhanded chops that turn Logan's chest redder than the sauce on a pizza. Price finally stops and steps back, admiring his work as a dazed Logan drops to his hands and knees. Price turns his attention back toward the table he had cleared off earlier and pulls it closer to where Logan is. Price pulls Logan up to his feet and positions him for a suplex. He lifts him up in the air....but Logan somehow wiggles himself free and lands behind Price beofre applying a sleeper hold. The crowd pops loudly as Logan sets up Price for the Connector. He flips over...but Price counters at the last second and sends Logan crashing through the table backfirst. As Logan lays among the splintered remains of the table, clutching his back in pain, Price grabs hold of his ankles and begins dragging back out toward the parking lot. He backs up to the doors and kicks them open before dragging Logan back out onto the concrete.

Jay Price: You attack Shannan and you kill my unborn child, why? WHY YOU SON OF A BITCH!

Price drops Logan's legs to the ground and begins stomping at his body as Logan struggles to defend himself.

Jay Price: WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?

With each "why?" Price violently brings his boot down onto Logan's chest, leaving the already red chest now with a bootprint on it. Price grabs Logan's ankles again and resumes dragging him back to toward his car.

Jay Price: You want to kill something of mine Logan? Well guess what, eye for an eye mother fucker. You kill my unborn child...I'm going to kill your career.

Price drops Logan's legs to the grounds and opens up the driver's side door to hit the button to pop the trunk. Price then grabs Logan by the arm and roughly yanks him to his feet before dragging him around to the back of the car by his head. Price nails him in the midsection with a knee and then roughly throws him into the trunk before slamming it shut. Price then walks back around to the drivers side door and reaches in to release the emergency brake. The car starts to slowly down the hill as the audience collectively gasps in horror. Price steps back, a blank expressionless face as he watches the car slowly pick up speed before finally slamming into wall with a sickening crashing sound. Price starts to walk away from the scene when suddenly the sound of Logan shouting for help from the trunk is heard.

Logan: Get me out of here! Somebody help me!

The cameraman rushes down toward the car to try and open the trunk but it's wedged shut from the crash. He walks toward the drivers side door but the whole front of the car is smashed like an acordian. Suddenly the sound of a car revving it's engine is heard.

Zach Davis: Uh oh.

The cameraman spins around in time to see the back end of a car at the top of the incline, black smoke pouring out of the tailpipe as the engine revs over and over again before finally the gas is hit and the car speeds backward. The cameraman dives out of the way just in time to avoid being hit, but somehow keeps the camera on the Beetle as a black sedan slams into the back end of it. The crowd collectively gasps in horror as the sickening sound of metal crumpling is heard. The sedan's engine is then cut as Price, his face slightly cut and bleeding from the impact of the crash, steps out and looks back at the Beetle.

Jay Price: Eye for an eye...boudle.

Price leaves the scene as the camera shot switches back to a bewildered Zach Davis and Bobby Cairo at the announce table.

Zach Davis: I...I have no words for what we've just witnessed. Logan was trapped in the trunk of that purple car....and Price slammed a car into the back end of it. Why? Why would Price take this feud this far?

Bobby Cairo: Price believes that Logan was the one that attacked Shannan. That Logan was the one that killed his unborn child.

Zach Davis: But there was no proof that Logan did it!

Bobby Cairo: Do you want to be the one to try explaining that to him?

Zach Davis: Uhh, actually I think now would be a good time to go to a commercial break. So yeah, let's do that.

The camera does a pan of an obviously distraught crowd as the show fades out to commercial.

Lone Wolf vs Chris Avery

The Lone Wolf's music hits and he comes out from behind the curtain..

Zach Davis: Originally scheduled for One, but tonight he's getting a shot early..

Bobby Cairo: Lone Wolf couldn't wait till One and figured he would get his shot tonight!

Tank hits a big boot to the back of Wolf's head and Jackson, Frost and Ingvar start stompin' on the back of Wolf as the crowd boos and the music shuts off. Wolf tries to get to his feet but Tank hits a big boot sending him back where Frost and Ingvar grab a hold of him and Jackson levels him with a right fist knocking him clean out! B.O.B's Beast Mode hits the speakers and the crowd boos as Chris Avery walks out slowly with a shit eating grin across his face. Avery slowly raises the Television Championship into the air with his right arm and then continues down the ramp where he demands Tank to pick up Lone Wolf.

Zach Davis: This is just uncalled for! This is Bul*BBBEEEEEEP*

Bobby Cairo: Resourceful men use everything around them to their advantage and that's exactly what Avery is doing. It's wrong, and cheap, and I disapprove of it, however Avery keeps winning.

Tank throws Wolf over the top rope into the ring and This Is War surrounds the ring afterwords. Avery climbs up the steps and steps into the ring where he wipes his feet off in the corner and hands the Championship belt to the ref who stands in disbelief. The ref takes the title and shows it to Wolf whose already bleeding from a cut over his eye and can hardly move from the hands/knees position. Avery stays put in the corner and the ref hands the title through the ropes and asks for the bell to ring. Avery smiles as the crowd boos.

Zach Davis: Come on! He was just beat down by four other men!

Avery walks over to Wolf and kicks him in the head knocking him down to his stomach. Avery steps over Wolf and locks him into the Camel Clutch! Wolf isn't even in pain because he's out cold and blood is just dripping down. Avery keeps the hold locked on and the ref raises the arm of Wolf. It drops. Raises it again.. it drops.

Zach Davis: Come on damn it!

The arm gets raised and it's dropped a third time and the ref asks for the bell to sound and gets the Television Championship title back.. when the ref turns around, Jackson grabs the title out of his hands, then grabs the ref and throws him out of the ring! The ref crashes to the mat while Jackson shoves the TV title into Wolfs face to taunt him with it. Avery keeps the Camel Clutch locked on as the fans begin to boo even louder. Tank is booting Wolf in the face over and over again and finally Avery drops the hold as refs from the outside grab Wolf and drag his body out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Finally! Come on! Looks as if Lone Wolf is done and all by the hands of these pieces of crap who can't do anything on their own!

Bobby Cairo: Oh great, we get to hear him talk.

Avery demands a microphone be handed to him. He speaks as Jackson, Frost, Tank and Ingvar all stand in a line in the middle of the ring.

Zach Davis: Oh yay. Avery is going to talk. How retarded.

Chris Avery: For five weeks now I've held this Television Championship title and in four successful defenses, I've remained on top! Bo Young, Jesster, and then Bo Young again, and then that tool with stupid face paint named Lone Wolf just got his ass handed to him. I'm sick and tired of all of you fake losers out there who wouldn't know the Truth unless it was standing over their back, breaking their shoulders and neck in three places with the Camel Clutch. I will humble each and every one of you until I see that I am done. This Championship is over my shoulder for a reason, and that is because I am the best at what I do, and that's tell no lies.

Bobby Cairo: Liar..

"Stand or Walk Away" by HellYeah starts playing and Chris Avery looks towards the entranceway. Standing there is Adam Young and Austin Adams with baseball bats. From the otherside out of the crowd comes Bo Young. He slides in the ring and spins Chris Avery around and nails Iced. The Big Time Jerks chase the other This_Is_War members out of the ring with their bats. Young grabs the TV title and smiles. Micheal Nirvana slides in a WCF refree shirt and calls for the bell. The bell sounds and Bo nails yet another Iced on Chris Avery. He pins him and Nirvana counts to three. "Youth Gone Wild" by Skid Row starts playing as Adam has the mic.

Adam Young: And your new WCF Television champion, "Ice" Bo Young!

Bo throws the TV title over his left shoulder and takes the mic.

Bo Young: Avery if you want a rematch it will happen at One in a little match we like to call the Dogpound. Lets do it the manly way, one on one bitch!

The Cult of Jerks leave with the TV title on Bo's shoulder.

Zach Davis: Obviously this isn't official, Bo Young is not really the TV Champion, but.. he's stolen the belt!...

Bobby Cairo: Uh oh.

Doc Henry/Johnny Reb Segment

Camera opens on Johnny Reb as he walks through the corridors of Madison Square Garden.

Johnny Reb: Chuy! Come on, where are ya hidin'?

As Reb makes his way through the building, a WCF employee approaches him.

Employee: Johnny, your gonna want to see this.

He hands Johnny a tape, and leads him to the AV headquarters. Reb watches the HD monitor as the tape plays, showing a security camera view of the parking lot.

As Johnny walks into the building, Chuy reaches into the rental car to get his things. A black Mercedes-Benz S-Class pulls up, and a woman who appears to be Dixie Pride jumps out. Kicking Chuy in the gut, she turns and throws him into the back seat before climbing back into the car and driving off.

Reb's face is red and it is clear he is livid, turning he runs off..

Johnny Reb: Doc, you son of a bitch, I'm gonna get you!

Johnny rounds a corner and heads for his locker room.

Brad Kane vs Frost/Ingvar/Tank/Shaun Jackson

We come back from commercial break and Torture is sitting at the announcers table.

Zach Davis: Well, to my left is three time World Champion, and one of the best that's ever stepped foot into our ring and he's Torture.

Torture: And on the other side of you is an idiot.

Bobby Cairo: Very professional.

Zach Davis: Now, now..

Frost, Ingvar, Tank, and Shaun Jackson are all standing in front of the announcers table on the outside and are joined by Avery and Creeping Death as well. Brad Kane's music hits and he walks out to a thunderous pop.

Zach Davis: There's Brad Kane, your opponent at One in a few short weeks.

Torture: I don't even think he'll make it to One! He's going down tonight..

Bobby Cairo: Explain to us how that's going to happen?

Torture: Well it's simple.. Brad Kane is facing four men tonight.. and these four men are brutal, and are mean and they all know what I want from them and that's Brad Kane hurt!

Bobby Cairo: Like Creeping Death did last week?

Torture: Creeping Death and I have agreed to disagree on last week considering he couldn't get the job done.

The ref rings the bell and Frost runs at Brad Kane who hits a side kick sending Frost down! Brad Kane puts a foot over him and the ref counts a three! The crowd pops as Frost is eliminated!

Bobby Cairo: Hahah! Brutal and mean huh? Buwahaha!

Zach Davis: Frost is done! Look out! Ingvar is in the ring now too!

Ingvar goes for a wild clothesline but Brad Kane ducks it and catches Ingvar into a Exploder Suplex! Brad pins and gets the three count! The crowd pops even louder as Ingvar rolls out to the ring and is in obvious pain. Creeping Death and Avery pump Jackson up and send him into the ring.

Torture: Jackson will get some momentum going for us. Brad can't do it three times in a row.

Zach Davis: Oh my! Jackson with a huge kick to Brad's face!

Jackson has Brad backed up into a corner but Jackson taunts one too many times and Brad throws Jackson into the corner and unleashes a holy hell of right hands and brings Jackson out of the corner and hits the Impending Doom! Brad looks over at Torture while he pins Jackson. One! Two! Three!

Zach Davis: Jackson is eliminated and that leaves Tank left!

Bobby Cairo: Brad was giving Torture one hell of a stare! Cold, and menacing, he could be foreshadowing his match at One with you, Torture!

Torture: Only foreshadowing is that Brad Kane will be the one pinned by me..

Zach Davis: Well Tank is in the ring and Brad strikes first!

Torture: Come on Tank! Come on big man!

Tank blocks a third kick from Kane and throws him down to the ground. Tank picks him up and throws him to the ropes where he hits a cold clothesline! Kane goes down. Tank lets out a primal roar. Tank winks at Torture while CD and Avery are yelling at Tank to continue. Tank picks up Brad Kane and throws him to the corner where Tank hits a running body splash.. Kane stumbles out and Kane picks him up into a sidewalk slam! Tank covers but Brad kicks out at two!

Bobby Cairo: Tank can certainly take care of business here.

Zach Davis: Kane kicks up, and is looking for the ropes to help himself up!

Torture: Kane's going down guys..

Tank picks up Kane but Kane fights back! Punches, and kicks, Kane hits the ropes and hits a clothesline but Tank doesn't go down! Kane hits another clothesline! Kane hits the ropes but Tank goes for a big boot but Kane ducks it, Kane then jumps onto the second rope, and spins back into a flying crossbody which connects knocking both men down!

Bobby Cairo: Kane using the ropes for leverage for a successful offensive move! Who has the advantage now?

Torture: I do..

Zach Davis: Where are you going?!

Torture gets up and finds a steel chair and plans to use it in the ring. Torture gets to the apron where Creeping Death rips the chair out of his hand and throws it to the ground.

Zach Davis: Whoa!

Bobby Cairo: Creeping Death and Torture agreed to disagree about last week but it's still an ongoing dilemma if you ask me!

Torture turns around slowly as if to say "WTF" at CD. CD doesn't bulge and yells out to Torture "Don't go in there! Tank can do it." Torture steps towards Creeping Death and shoves Creeping Death backwards.

Zach Davis: OHH! What the hell?

Bobby Cairo: Torture and Creeping Death are disagreeing right now! I don't think CD wants Torture to go into the ring and help Tank!

Both men get up in the ring when Creeping Death looks down, then looks back at the face of Torture and shoves him back. The crowd all stands up as Torture looks disgusted at what Creeping Death just did. Torture nods at CD as if to say our petty fight is over, but Torture goes for a quick right hand, and CD blocks it and levels Torture with a right hand of his own! Torture goes down quickly and tries to get up but Frost, Jackson, Ingvar and Avery hold Torture back!


Zach Davis: Oh my! What the hell is going on! WAIT LOOK IN THE RING!

Brad Kane low-blowed Tank when the ref wasn't looking and rolls Tank up for a pin! One! Two! Three! Brad Kane wins! Tank rolls out of the ring in pain and instead of Brad Kane's music, it's Seth Lerch's music.

Zach Davis: What the hell is he doing?

Torture is at the bottom of the ramp being held back and talked to by Avery, Jackson and the rest of the group while Tank is still on the floor in pain, Creeping Death is off to the side of the ring and Brad Kane is IN the ring.

Seth Lerch: I'm going to make this short and sweet. I have had my attention pulled in many directions but I need to make some announcements for this situation. First things first, at One, Brad Kane and Torture is official, and to make sure it's fair and competitive, I'm announcing that the match will NOT have any interference from This Is War or Torture AND the men who interfere will be FIRED!



Bobby Cairo: Finally Seth makes an outstanding announcement!

Zach Davis: Torture is infuriated!

Bobby Cairo: He has every right to be, I'm sure Torture was planning on using them for a little advantage!

Seth Lerch: I'm not done.. this match will need a ref.. a ref who can take some pain just in case something were to happen.. so I'm appointing a special guest referee.. and that man is.. CREEPING DEATH!

Zach Davis: WHAT? OH MY!

Bobby Cairo: Now THAT'S a blockbuster announcement!

Zach Davis: Torture vs Brad Kane! Creeps is the special guest ref!

Bobby Cairo: I know your mind is blown, Zach, but think about how fair that match actually is! Torture hasn't been in a fair fight since probably Ten.. and we all know what happened in THAT match!

Zach Davis: Indeed we do! Just wow!

Creeping Death just locks on Torture and then finally turns towards Brad Kane then back to Torture. BK just smiles and Torture is infuriated still. Avery and the gang try to calm him down as we go to another commercial break.

Captain Punishment Segment

The lights in the arena all go out, plunging the crowd into darkness. Flashing red and blue lights begin lighting up the crowd as "Hero" by Skillet begins playing over the PA system. Quick red, white and blue pyro go off from the stage as Captain Punishment strolls out from the back to a chorus of boos from the crowd.

Zach Davis: And this crowd certainly does not approve of the Captain's attack on The 'Scot and Leroy last week.

A quick video package of the Captain beating down The 'Scot and Leroy backstage last week is played on the jumbotron, which only increases the boos from the crowd. Punishment ignores the boos and begins walking down the ramp, ignoring the remaining fans that still try to get a slap of the hand. He then climbs up the ring steps and enters the ring where he takes the microphone from Kyle Steel.

Captain Punishment: Since the day I first arrived in WCF I've been looked down upon. I was labeled a freak and a loser by everyone from the fans to the wrestlers in the back. I tried constantly to gain your support, and your admiration. But in the end, despite all the work I put in, you never thought of me as anything but a joke. But like a fool I wouldn't stop trying to make you like me. That all ends now.

Punishment lowers the microphone as the crowd begins a "Punishment Sucks" chant.

Captain Punishment: Last week I reached my breaking point. I was tired of having that freak The 'Scot only making things worse for me, along with that seven foot tall bastard Leroy. So I did what I had to do and I took them out.

A "We Want Scot" chant breaks out from the crowd.

Captain Punishment: Chant all you want but you will never see that disgusting transvestite in this ring again.

Massive booing from the crowd.

Captain Punishment: What is wrong with you people? You make people like me the butt of your jokes but you chant and cheer for transvestites and giants wearing diapers? I'm not the freak...you people are.

Bobby Cairo: Comments like that won't help him gain any support.

Zach Davis: Uh Bobby, I don't think that's what he's going for.

Captain Punishment: I told you all that change was coming. And if you thought that what happened last week was the end of it, you're dead wrong.

The lights in the arena all go out as the crowd begins to murmur. Suddenly a flicker of light is seen in the ring as a match is lit and then thrown. A fire slowly builds in the center of the ring as the crowd begins to panic.

Bobby Cairo: My god he's trying to kill us all!

The lights suddenly come back on and standing in the ring is a man dressed in a dark blue suit standing over the fire in the center of the ring. The camera zooms in on the fire to reveal Captain Punishment's suit burning up.

Bobby Cairo: He killed Captain Punishment!

Zach Davis: Bobby are you drunk? That is Punishment.

Bobby Cairo: That can't be Punishment, his suit isn't wrinkled at all from being under that costume.

Zach Davis: Okay I'll give you that one.

The man standing in the ring picks the microphone up from the mat.

Man: Just remember this WCF...you brought this upon yourself.

The man hands the microphone back off to Kyle Steel and exits the ring, heading back up the ramp before disappearing into the back. The show goes to commercial as the camera pans over the crowd.

Doc Henry/Johnny Reb Segment

Johnny Reb has finished packing his gear, and throws his bag over his shoulder. As he approaches the door, a dull thunk is heard. Dropping his bag, he cautiously opens the door, and stops dead in his tracks. Buried in the wooden door is a knife. That however is not what stopped Reb, as a bag hangs from the handle, and the blade is tacking up five playing cards, the Dead Man's Hand. Johnny goes into the hallway looking up and down, failing to find any trace of Doc Henry, he grabs the items off the door, and looks in the bag finding another tape. Walking over to the tv cart in his locker room, Johnny puts the tape in.

The camera fades in to show Doc's face.

Doc Henry: Hello there my brother. The next PPV is at One, and I hear you've been whining about not having a match. Well, I've got a proposition...

The camera pans, obviously run by Doc himself, to show a gagged and bound Don Jesus in a chair. Strapped to his chest is a box shaped item with blinking lights.

Doc Henry: Now, I believe you've been looking for Chuy, well I found him...

Doc chuckles sadistically, then turns the camera back to himself, keeping Chuy in the background.

Doc Henry: Now, if you’re still watching and haven't run off in a futile effort to find your dear wetback, then listen up. You have yet to prove without a doubt you’re better than me. At One, I want you, one on one in a TLC match. We'll go at it and prove once and for all that I am better than you. After that match, well, I'll let Chuy go.

Doc smiles as if a thought just occurred to him.

Doc Henry: However, if you choose not to face me, or if there is ANY interference in the match...

Doc drops his voice to a whisper..

Doc Henry: boom....

Laughing hysterically, Doc feigns sympathy.

Doc Henry: Awww, don't worry, he won't feel it if you pussy out. I'll be at MSG shortly, and if you’re a man, you'll accept my little proposal here. However, if you’re a little bitch and call the cops, or even puss out, well, Chuy here WILL die.

As the picture blurs from Doc throwing the camera, we hear Doc's maniacal laughter, that is until it hits a wall and the tape goes to static...

Johnny sits down, pale and looking sick..

D-Day/Kenneth Williams vs Paul Dangerous/Machine Gun Joe

The opening lyric 'Dangeeeeeerrrrr' sounds out, Paul Dangerous comes out from within a massive billow of smoke, choking from the excess amount of smoke. He feigns slapping the fans hands but then remembers the likelihood of catching diseases from them and so pulls back at the last second. He pretty much drags himself up the ring steps, and on finally entering the ring he lets out his signature scream of "I....AM....DANGEROUS!"

"Wolves" by Machine Head begins to play heavily over the area speakers as the crowd goes into silence. The lights dim and the entrance stage fills with smoke as dark red and white strobe lights flicker over the arena. A bright white light shines from the entrance way as the silhouette of a man stands there. The guitars then begin to play heavy as Machine Gun Joe walks out from the back and out into the open. He stands there on the stage for a moment with his arms by his side as he looks over the arena getting mixed reactions from the fans. He then walks down the ramp toward the ring. He then slides into the ring and climbs to his feet. He walks around the ring for a moment just before walking over to the corner and looking over the crowd once more. He then turns around facing the center of the ring and begins to bounce back and forth getting warmed up waiting for the match to begin.

"Say Yeah" by Wiz Khalifa begins to play and "The One and Only" Kenneth Williams comes out from behind the curtains, hopping on his right leg before doing an arms out 360 degree turn. He begins walking down the ring with a confident swagger giving some fans high fives on his way to the ring. He gets to the ring and goes to his right. He runs and hops onto the apron and flips into the ring. He goes to the turnbuckles and places his left foot on the top as he points to the skies then hops off as he gets ready for his match.

Anthem of the Underdog by 12 Stones plays in the speakers. The lights are dim.The lights flash on to D-Day walking out to the top of the ramp with his belt and falls on his knees and throws his arms in the air, as soon as he throws them in the air fire works go off and surround him. The screen shows all of D-Day moments of his dead and forgotten special move. As also the screen shows a ring then the words in white and in cursive, the words D-Day. When D-Day get in the ring he raises his hands to his name on the screen and followed by all of the titles he has held in the WCF.

Zach Davis: Quite the interesting match up as we're set to watch the United States Champion teaming up with a newcomer to WCF to face one of his opponents at One and another newcomer. You have to think that both champion and challenger are looking to get the upper hand going into the biggest show of the year.

Bobby Cairo: Agreed. I'm so excited about this match's potential that my pants no longer fit comfortably.

Zach Davis: Huh? What are you....oh. OH! Bobby I know this show isn't PG but can't you clean up your act a little bit?

Bobby Cairo: Never!

Senior Referee Stanley Moser finishes frisking for weapons/inappropriately fondling the wrestlers in a way that makes a trip to the airport seem pleasant, and signals for the man with the bell to ring it.


Bobby Cairo: And it looks like the ol' vets are going to let the young guns start things off as D-Day and Dangerous both step out onto the apron.

Zach Davis: Williams and Joe circle each other a few times and then tie up center ring. Joe uses his technical prowess to quickly slap a headlock on Williams.

Bobby Cairo: You know Zach, it really is refreshing to see some of the newcomers still using the old techniques perfected by the legends of the business. Not every match has to feature some high flying hipsters in shiny pants.

Zach Davis: And when exactly did you age 40 years? Joe still with the headlock and now it looks like he's going for a bulldog...but Williams slips out of it and pushes him off. Joe spins around and Williams catches him with a standing dropkick to the chest. Bobby feel free to jump on in with some play by play.

Bobby Cairo: Okay, there's a beautiful pair of 36C's about 200 yards to our immediate left, wrapped inside of a low cut pink top. At the moment they are bouncing all around as the young lady that owns them cheers on.

Zach Davis: I meant play by play for the match Bobby, not the crowd.

Bobby Cairo: We have a match going on?

Zach Davis: Oh god I'll do this myself. Joe back to his feet after that big dropkick and Williams is right on him, grabbing his arm and twisting it behind his back. Williams cranks on the arm as Referee Moser checks on Joe.

Stanley Moser: Whaddaya say Joe? You wanna give up?

M.G. Joe: No!

Zach Davis: Joe fights through the pain and is able to reverse the hold and grapple him from behind. Joe looks to be going for a german suplex. He get's him up...and nails a beautiful bridging german.

Stanley Moser: One...


Zach Davis: And Williams kicks out before the count of two. Wow what a match, eh Bobby? Bobby?

Zach looks around for Bobby and spots him standing by the barricade talking to the owner of the previously mentioned exquisite 36C's.

Zach Davis: Dammit Bobby. Williams back to his feet and Joe is right on him. Joe grabs the arm and shoots Williams into the ropes. Williams comes back, Joe telegraphs a back body drop and Williams leapfrogs over him and runs to the corner where he tags in D-Day. D-Day rushes into the ring...but Joe was waiting for him and nails him with a big clothesline. Joe grabs Day by the legs and drags him to his corner where he tags in Dangerous. Dangerous enters the ring and the two start the double team as Referee Moser tries to get Joe out of the ring.

Stanley Moser: Let's go Joe. Out of the ring now! 1...2...3...

Zach Davis: And here comes Williams out of nowhere taking Joe and himself over the top rope and out of the ring with a clothesline. Dangerous and D-Day now the legal men in the match as both men eye one another up. Much like my how my broadcast partner is eying up members of our audience.

Cairo is now sitting in a chair between the young lady and another attractive female.

Zach Davis: D-Day and Dangerous tie up and Day quickly gains control, whipping Dangerous into the corner. D-Day now climbing up to the second turnbuckle and he begins laying into Dangerous with punches as the crowd counts.

Crowd: 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10

Zach Davis: D-Day hits the last punch and hops out of the corner, letting Dangerous stumble out of the corner in a daze before falling face first to the mat. Dangerous pushes himself back up off the mat...and D-Day drops him with a neckbreaker. Day with a pin attempt.

Stanley Moser: One...


Zach Davis: And Dangerous gets his shoulder up before the two count. Day rolls off as both he and Dangerous get up at the same time. Meanwhile Williams and Joe have been going at it at ringside this whole time, trading punches left and right. Joe now has Williams pressed up against the barricade, chopping away at his exposed chest.


Crowd: Woooooooo.


Crowd: Woooooooo.

Zach Davis: Just goes to show the crowd will always "woo" a chop no matter who's giving it. Back in the ring Dangerous shoots D-Day into the ropes before taking him to the mat with a drop toe hold. Dangerous quickly slaps an STF on D-Day. My what a painful looking move.

Stanley Moser: Whaddaya say Day? You wanna quit?

D-Day: Never!

Zach Davis: Dangerous cranks up the pressure as D-Day fights the urge to tap out. And just listen to this crowd as they get behind the United States Champion.

Crowd: D-DAY! D-DAY! D-DAY!

Zach Davis: And Day seems to be feeding off the energy of this crowd as he begins to crawl toward the ropes.

Bobby Cairo: The sight of two men holding each other while crawling on the ground reminds me of the games Seth likes to play at his Christmas parties.

Zach Davis: Nice to have you back at the announce table Bobby. Are you ready to finally join me for some play by play?

Bobby Cairo: Well actually...

At that moment one of the young ladies from the audience appears by the announce table and climbs underneath.

Zach Davis: We're so going to hell for this. D-Day now inches from the ropes. He reaches out one more time...and grabs the rope! Referee Moser moves in to break the hold.

Stanley Moser: Let him go Dangerous. 1...2...3...4...

Zach Davis: And Dangerous uses the count to his advantage as he let's go of D-Day at the last second. Day seems to be in a lot of pain as Dangerous pulls him to his feet. Dangerous looks toward his corner where Joe has just climbed up to the apron. Dangerous shoots Day into his corner and tags in Joe, who climbs into the ring. Joe pulls D-Day in and lifts him up onto his shoulders as Dangerous climbs up to the top rope...and jumps off with the Doomsday Device.

Bobby Cairo: Shades of the legendary Road Warriors Animal and Hawk. What a move!

Zach Davis: Joe hooks the leg and goes for the pin.

Stanley Moser: One...



Zach Davis: And Williams just came from out of nowhere to break up the pin fall! Seriously, where did he come from?

Replays of Williams climbing up onto the apron and spring-boarding over the top rope with a splash are shown on the jumbotron.

Zach Davis: And Williams with a great move to save the match for his team.... and Dangerous rewards him with a running axe handle to the back. Dangerous climbs out of the ring leaving D-Day and Joe in the ring. D-Day dives and tags Williams in.

Bobby Cairo: And the two newcomers are in the ring now.

Williams seems tired, but he summons the energy to Springboard over the ropes... and hits a Springboard Corkscrew Moonsault onto Joe!

Zach Davis: Wow!

But Joe gets his legs up!

Bobby Cairo: PAINFUL.

But Joe's legs have been injured, as he holds them in pain. Both men lay on the mat for several moments, neither of them able to get up. The ref begins counting.

One.. two.. three.. four..

Zach Davis: Uh oh. Someone needs to get to their feet!

Five.. six.. seven.. eight..

Bobby Cairo: They need to make a tag... D-Day and Paul Dangerous are both antsy...


Zach Davis: Can they make it!?


Bobby Cairo: No! No. They couldn't. This match is a no contest!

The fans boo, but there isn't anything the ref could do. Williams and Joe took each other to their limits.

Zach Davis: I've just received word... at One, Kenneth Williams and Machine Gun Joe will go one on one!

Bobby Cairo: And we already have Malenko vs D-Day vs Paul Dangerous in a US Title match.. so maybe some differences will be solved there!

D-Day and Dangerous both leave, D-Day taking his belt, as medics check on the other two men.

Seth Lerch/Jay Price Segment

Master of Puppets hits.

Zach Davis: Time to hear what Seth Lerch has to say.

Bobby Cairo: We saw Jay Price brutally take out the World Champion earlier tonight.. what is the status of Logan?

Seth walks to the ring, looking very serious. He slides in and takes a mic.

Zach Davis: Seth would've been an uncle if it wasn't for what Logan did.. and what Malenko and Gravedigger attempted to do. He isn't in a good place right now.

Seth Lerch: As I said at the top of the show.. I have business to attend to, and the show must go on. As you all saw earlier in the show... Logan is out indefinitely.

Mixed reaction from the crowd. They used to love him, but after what he did to Shannan...

Seth Lerch: Honestly, I can't say I feel too bad about it. One or not, World Champion or not... Logan got what he deserved for killing what would have been my sister's child. However, that does leave me without a World Champion going into the biggest show of the year.

Murmurs in the crowd.

Seth Lerch: So-

"4 Words To Choke Upon" hits the PA system as the crowd's buzzing amplifies to a near deafening level. Jay Price, already dressed in his wrestling gear, is all business as he walks straight down the ramp and slides into the ring before demanding a microphone.

Jay Price: Seth the next words out of your mouth had better be "So now I have to find an opponent to face Price for the title."

The crowd half pops, half boos as they can't seem to figure out if they want Price anywhere near the title.

Jay Price: Everyone in this company knows the big secret Lerch. We all know what your plans for the main event were. We all know that you wanted your main event for One, your baby, to be the biggest rematch of the century...Logan vs Jay Price.

Big pop from the crowd...which then fades as they realize that can't happen now. Price grins as he listens to their disappointment.

Jay Price: But as you and everyone in this arena witnessed, Logan is done. For good this time.

Again, mixed reaction from the crowd.

Jay Price: Now, it's time for step two. First it was Logan, now it's Malenko's turn. Seth, you're going to give me Malenko at One so that I can rip that son of a bitches head off.

Seth shakes his head and begins to speak but Price cuts him off.

Jay Price: Don't give me that head shaking shit Lerch. I want Malenko, and I don't give two flying fucks about his United States Title Match. I'm going to get my hands on him, and if you're smart, you'll let it happen in the ring where it's a bit more controlled.

Price drops the microphone to his side as Lerch stares at him, an odd look on his face. He goes to speak but Price again cuts him off.

Jay Price: Oh, and did I forget to mention the fact that I will be keeping my World Title shot and my spot in the main event.

Seth Lerch: ...No.

Slight booing from the crowd.

Seth Lerch: Jay, you're crazy. I AM happy that you did what you did to Logan. However, do you REALLY think I'm just going to hand a This_Is_War member a World Title shot at One?! Against my arch nemesis' protege, nonetheless!? That is a lose-lose situation for me! I'm not THAT stupid.

Price looks pissed, of course.

Seth Lerch: So no, Jay. That ISN'T what I'm doing with the World Title, and I'm not ready to reveal my plans for the belt and for One right now.

Price flips out as he throws the microphone to the mat and turns his back to Seth.

Seth Lerch: However..

Price turns back around and raises an eyebrow.

Seth Lerch: I AM going to grant you a match for the show, of course. And it isn't going to be against Malenko.

Price has fire in his eyes but the look on his face seems oddly intrigues.

Seth Lerch: Jay Price, at One... you're going one on one... against GRAVEDIGGER.

The crowd pops! They're shocked.

Seth Lerch: Price, Gravedigger and Malenko are both behind this, and Gravedigger is the leader. If we want to take them out... we cut off their head. Furthermore, as punishment to Malenko, I'm taking him out of the US Title match!

Another pop.

Seth Lerch: Price, I know we usually don't see eye to eye... but I can't wait for you to take that son of a bitch out.

Master of Puppets plays and Seth drops the mic. He slides out of the ring and heads to the back, leaving Price in the ring alone. Price watches Seth head up the ramp, a smirk on his face as he seems quite satisfied with how things turned out for him.

Doc Henry/Johnny Reb Segment

The house lights dim, and the intro to Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" hits the speakers. Hushed anticipation falls over the crowd as a spotlight illuminates the stage. Johnny Reb steps out from behind the curtain, his title belt draped over his shoulder.

Bobby Cairo: And here is one half of the Tag Team Champions. I wonder what he has to say Zach.

A cheer goes up from the audience at their appearance. As the two men walk down the ramp, a cascade of sparks rains down on the stage. The Inveterate Confederate climbs directly into the ring a mic in his hands.

Johnny Reb: Cut the music.

Zach Davis: I wonder if this has to do with what has been going on backstage...

As the music fades, and the crowd begins to quiet down, Johnny continues on.

Johnny Reb: Now, I know that I am to face Jay Price shortly, but there is one thing I need to address first. Doc Henry.

The crowd boos loudly.

Johnny Reb: Yes I agree, Doc has gone too far this time though, and he'll pay for what he's done. You see, I will find Don Jesus, and you can rest assured, I will beat Doc down...

Johnny is cut off by Doc's music as the crowd boos.

Bobby Cairo: Speak of the devil...

Zach Davis: Doc's the devil?

Bobby Cairo: Have you not been paying attention these last few weeks Zach?

Doc walks onto the stage area, and looks at Reb.

Doc Henry: Well, are you gonna accept or am I gonna make you my bitch, then go start a fire in your mommas panties?

Reb's face contorts with anger as he climbs from the ring.

Zach Davis: Get him Johnny!!!

Doc Henry: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold it right there Johnny, or we won't have to worry about Chuy anymore...

Bobby Cairo: Doc has lost it Zach, he's a psycho...

Zach Davis: Careful, he'll hear you...

Johnny comes to a stop, clearly wanting to attack, but not wanting to risk the life of Don Jesus.

Johnny Reb: You want me at One, you got it!!!

Doc smiles broadly.

Doc Henry: Now was that so hard? Just take care tonight, and try not to get too hurt...

Doc turns and leaves the ramp.

Bobby Cairo: You heard it here first fans, at One we have Johnny Reb taking on the Devil himself Doc Henry in a TLC match, with everyone banned or Reb's friend and manager Don Jesus' life is over... Zach? Quit hiding, you pansy..

Jay Price vs Johnny Reb

Bobby Cairo: Fuuuuuuuuuuck. This is the first time that I've called a main event match in two weeks. I was getting antsy!

Zach Davis: And what a main event we have in store as "The Future Of Professional Wrestling" Jay Price squares off against "The Inveterate Confederate" Johnny Reb!

Bobby Cairo: I have to believe that the #1 contendership for the WCF World Championship is at stake in this match. As of yet no main event has been announced for One and more pertinently no challenger has been announced for Logan's World Championship at One. Whoever wins this match, whether it's Price or Reb, would make a very compelling argument for receiving that title shot.

Zach Davis: I have to agree with you there, Bobby. Johnny Reb has been as hot as anyone lately and Price and Logan are blood rivals. Either way we would have a great World Title match at One!

Bobby Cairo: The funny thing is that tonight's Slam is being held at the "Mecca of Sports" Madison Square Garden yet the biggest show of the year One will be held in stanky old Philadelphia! How ridiculous is that?

Zach Davis: The Wells Fargo Center is a beautiful complex!

Bobby chuckles.

Bobby Cairo: Sure it is, Zach. Sure it is...

Bobby suddenly stops chuckling. He holds his hand to his headset as if he's listening intently.

Bobby Cairo: I mean yes...you're right, Zach! The Wells Fargo Center is a fine venue with a proud tradition!

Bobby feigns coughing.

Bobby Cairo: Notreallythough.

Zach Davis: Let's not forget that Jay Price is "The South Street Menace", a proud Philadelphia native. He could be challenging for the World Title in his hometown!

Bobby Cairo: So we're just going to ignore the 800-pound elephant in the room of Shannan being attacked last week by a masked assailant resulting in the death of her and Price's unborn child?

Zach Davis: Our sponsors specifically instructed us to do that, yes.

The house lights dim, and the intro to Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" hits the speakers. Hushed anticipation falls over the crowd as a spotlight illuminates the stage. Johnny Reb steps out from behind the curtain, his title belt draped over his shoulder, Don Jesus Luis de Guadalupe at his side. A cheer goes up from the audience at their appearance. As the two men walk down the ramp, a cascade of sparks rains down on the stage. The Inveterate Confederate circles the ring, slapping hands with the fans at ringside. Johnny eschews the steps completely; he leaps onto the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckles, perching there with his tag belt held high overhead.

Zach Davis: Reb is looking to defeat Price and pad his résumé in hopes of earning a shot at the WCF World Championship, but as you can see Reb is also still one-half of the WCF Tag Team Champions after he and Paul Dangerous successfully defended their titles against the duo of Captain Punishment and The 'Scot on this program last week.

Bobby Cairo: That was a great win for Johnny and Paul, not to be confused with Lennon and McCartney, but what a shitty night for The 'Scot. First she tears her vagina during the Tag Team Title match, then her and her giant infant son Leroy get viciously assaulted by the suddenly badass Captain Punishment. It was just one of those nights, youknowwhatImsayin?

All of the main lights in the arena go out as a series of red lights light up the stage, ramp and the ring. "4 Words To Choke Upon" by BFMV hits the speakers, and while it's loud enough to deafen the people even in the cheap seats, it can barely be heard over the massive booing coming from the crowd as Jay Price makes his way out onto the stage from the back, his head and most of his face hidden under the hood of a black sweatjacket. He pauses and makes sure to point out the Elite Title draped over his right shoulder...and then the People's Title draped over his left shoulder, which only incites louder booing from the crowd. He then makes his way down the ramp, taking his sweet time as usual as he mockingly attempts to slap a few children's hands before pulling his hand back at the last moment. He finally reaches the ring steps and climbs them, makes his way through the ropes, and then climbs up the nearest corner to the second turnbuckle. He glares around at the crowd, smirking as he pats both title belts, before hopping out of the corner and handing off both belts to the referee. Finally he pulls off his sweatjacket and throws it out of the ring before beginning to stretch.

Zach Davis: Speaking of tough nights, few people have ever had tougher nights than Shannan Lerch and this man Jay Price had last week.

Bobby Cairo: I thought we weren't supposed to talk about that?

Zach Davis: Well we have to say something, don't we? Otherwise we'd look like a couple of idiots.

Bobby Cairo: You would, Zach, but I'm Bobby Cairo. I'm the Smooth Operator, beeeeeyotch! In all seriousness though, I have no idea how Price can possibly focus on wrestling right now. Can you imagine the hell that he's living through?

Zach Davis: I can't even imagine it, Bobby. I really can't.

Bobby Cairo: Jay Price is a very unpredictable man right now. He was always a dangerous son of a gun but who knows what he's capable of now? I have to think that he'll be seeing that masked coward that attacked Shannan every time he looks at Johnny Reb. Knowing Price that's the only way that he can possibly approach this match from a mental standpoint. The question is will that work for him or against him?

Referee Slappy Johnson pats down both men before the match, careful not to grope either man's genitalia. Slappy gives the two superstars their final instructions and then calls for the bell.


Price and Reb bolt toward each other and exchange huge punches to open the match.

Zach Davis: Reb and Price are wasting no time getting started! They're both coming out swinging!

Price gains the advantage in the early-match brawling exhibition and then drags Reb to the corner. Price rams the Inveterate Confederate's head into the turnbuckle. Reb shakes off the blow and returns the favor by slamming Price's head once, twice and then three times into the turnbuckle. Price absorbs the turnbuckle shots and returns fire with a vicious headbutt that staggers Reb and causes him to grab his nose.

Bobby Cairo: Damn! Price can absorb AND deliver punishment with that noggin of his! He might have broken Johnny Reb's nose with that headbutt!

Zach Davis: One has to wonder about the demons that are occupying that very same head of Price's.

Reb shakes off the headbutt and indicates to the referee that his nose is not broken, but Price wraps Reb up tight in a bear hug and drills him with a beautiful belly-to-belly suplex.

Bobby Cairo: Don't go getting philosophical, Zach. It doesn't suit you. And here's Jay with the cover!

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Zach Davis: Kickout by Reb!

Price shows no let-up. He pulls Reb to his feet and plants him with a German suplex into a bridging pin.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Zach Davis: Reb kicks out again!

Bobby Cairo: Who do you think it is, Zach?

Zach Davis: Who are you referring to, Bobby?

Bobby Cairo: You know...the masked man. Who do you think it is?

Zach Davis: Oof! Jay hits a devastating inverted headlock backbreaker and makes the cover!

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Zach Davis: Another kickout by Reb!

Bobby Cairo: I know that there's been a lot of speculation. Some people think it was Logan, but I can't help but point my finger at Gravedigger and what's his face...

Zach Davis: Troy Malenko?

Bobby Cairo: Exactly.

Price works Reb over with some heavy-handed strikes before dropping him with a reverse DDT. Price goes for the pin.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Zach Davis: Price is really coming out of the gates strong here against Reb, but Reb is a hard man to finish!

Bobby Cairo: I know that Gravedigger and Malenko were both there when the masked man attacked Shannan last week so it couldn't be either of them under the mask, but that doesn't eliminate the possibility that one or both of them hired him. We all saw how Gravedigger shoved Shannan off the ramp.

Jay whips Reb into the corner. Price charges in but Johnny gets his boot up and catches Jay in the jaw. Price staggers backwards.

Zach Davis: But that was an accident...wasn't it? Gravedigger wasn't trying to push her off the ramp.

Bobby Cairo: Are you sure about that, Zach?

Reb drops Price with a double knee lift.

Zach Davis: I thought it was an accident at the time but maybe...maybe you're onto something. As nefarious and underhanded as Gravedigger has been at times, I just hate to think that someone with his credentials could be responsible for something so despicable. The man is in the WCF Hall of Fame for crying out loud!

Reb launches himself from the top rope and hits the Confederate Cannonball or as it's known in some circles the Frog splash. Reb hooks Price's leg as he goes for the cover.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Bobby Cairo: Character isn't part of the criteria for induction into the WCF Hall of Fame, Zach. Hell if it were then I wouldn't be getting inducted. I kidnapped Skyler Striker's daughter and murdered Lawnmower Jones's wife Lonnie. Although Lonnie was a lawnmower so I don't know if that really counts, but the kidnapping thing is still pretty serious.

Reb takes flight once again and this time connects with a springboard bulldog. Reb tries another lateral press.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Zach Davis: Reb almost gets the pin but Price kicks out! Good news for you, Bobby: From what we witnessed two weeks ago on Slam, Lonnie is alive and well! She participated in a battle royal for a shot at the Television Title!

Reb nails Price with a Facebreaker DDT and then signals that he's going up top.

Bobby Cairo: I think someone, coughChrisAverycough, pulled a fast one on the WCF booking committee, also known as Seth Lerch. I killed Lonnie with my bare hands...or a steel chair...or something. I don't really remember since I was hysterical with rage at the time. In fact that's how I avoided criminal charges. But one thing I do know is that the real Lonnie is dead.

Reb flies off the top rope looking to hit the Southern Star but Price rolls out of the way just in the nick of time.

Zach Davis: Reb misses! Price has new life in this match!

Bobby Cairo: Johnny took too much time, Zach! Price is back on his feet and he has a great chance to close out the Inveterate Confederate!

Price suddenly drops to his knees and grabs at his head.

Bobby Cairo: What the hell is Price doing? You have a chance to win the damn match! Cover Reb! Go for a move! Do something!

Price starts screaming at the top of his lungs while holding his head.

Zach Davis: Oh my god. Is he...yes, he's screaming Shannan's name! I think Price is having a nervous breakdown right here in the middle of the ring!

Price continues bellowing on the mat, allowing Reb time to recover. Reb gets to his feet, stares at Price for a moment with a confused look on his face and then shrugs his shoulders.

Zach Davis: Even Johnny Reb doesn't know what to make of this situation, Bobby.

Bobby Cairo: He better make like a man who wants a shot at the WCF World Title and clobber Jay Price in the head or do something! This is a goddamn wrestling match, the main event of Slam at Madison Square Garden! There's no time for tea and sympathy!

As if listening to Bobby's advice Reb suddenly goes into kill mode. Reb charges at Price and nails him in the head with a stiff kick. Reb quickly follows with a snapmare and then locks Price into a Dragon sleeper.

Zach Davis: Sweet Water Sleeper! Reb has it locked in tight!

Bobby Cairo: I don't think we've ever seen Jay Price tap out, Zach, but Reb has the Sleeper cinched in and they're smack dab in the center of the ring! Price has nowhere to escape!

Price screams out but seemingly not from the pain of the hold.

Zach Davis: Price is still screaming Shannan's name! He's not even fazed by this punishing submission hold! Does Jay Price even know where he is right now?

Bobby Cairo: Maybe not, Zach, but Reb has the Sleeper locked in and he's cranking on Price's neck for all that he's worth! Even if Price doesn't feel the pain he's going to pass out from lack of oxygen to his brain if he doesn't escape this hold and fast!

Reb continues to increase the pressure of the Sleeper while Price makes nary an attempt to fight it. The ref checks on Price to see if he's conscious. Slappy grabs Price's hand and holds it up before letting go. Price's hand drops instantly.

Slappy Johnson: That's one!

Slappy grabs Price's hand and holds it up again before letting go. Price's lifeless hand drops for a second time.

Slappy Johnson: That's two! One more and I'm stopping it!

Slappy holds up Price's hand for the third time.

Zach Davis: Will this be it?!

Slappy releases Price's hand...

Price's hand suddenly jolts to life.

Zach Davis: It's not over! Price is still alive! What a fighter! What a goddamn fighter, pardon my blasphemy!

Price turns his hand into a fist and vigorously pumps that fist, coaxing a cheer from the crowd.

Bobby Cairo: This New York crowd is actually cheering Jay Price! I guess it's hard to root against a man who's been through the living hell that Price has been through!

Price springs to life as Reb tries dearly to hold onto the Sleeper. Price fights tooth and nail for every inch as he digs for the ropes.

Zach Davis: Jay Price will not be denied! He's fighting for all that he's worth to reach the ropes and break this painful submission hold!

Price makes a final lunge...

Price reaches out...

And grabs the ropes.

Zach Davis: He did it! Price made it to the ropes and Slappy Johnson is instructing Reb to break the hold!

Bobby Cairo: I'm stunned! I think this entire arena is stunned and frankly nobody looks more stunned right now than Johnny Reb!

Reb's face is painted with a combination of disbelief and frustration as he breaks the hold and gets to his feet. Reb stares down at Price, shakes his head and then looks toward his manager Chuy. Chuy cocks his head toward the corner of the ring. Reb nods at Chuy and then scales the turnbuckles with all the grace and agility of a cat.

Zach Davis: Johnny Reb is going up top and I do believe that he has designs on ending this match!

Reb launches himself from the top and goes for a Shooting Star elbow drop. Price rolls out of the way and avoids it.

Zach Davis: Reb missed it! He went for the Southern Discomfort but there was nobody home!

Price stumbles to his feet, picks up Reb and hits him with a nasty-looking Wrist Clutch Exploder Suplex.

Zach Davis: Wrist Clutch Exploder from Price!

Bobby Cairo: Jun Akiyama would be proud!

Price makes the cover.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...




Zach Davis: Price defeats Reb!

"4 Words To Choke Upon" hits the PA as Price rises to his feet. Chuy rolls into the ring to check on Reb. The referee tries to raise Price's hand but Price yanks it away from him. Price doesn't smile or celebrate his victory in any way; he simply drops down to the mat in a kneeling position and closes his eyes. He appears to be talking to himself.

Bobby Cairo: I have to think that Jay Price just punched his ticket to the main event at One, Zachy boy. It sucks that he has so much shit on his mind right now and it nearly cost him this match, but he overcame all of that and beat Reb straight up in the middle of the ring. That's a damned impressive accomplishment that deserves to be richly rewarded.

Zach Davis: Well Cairo... one week away from-

Bobby Cairo: Me being inducted into the Hall of Fame!

Zach Davis: ...the Hall of Fame/Of The Year show... and two weeks from One.

Bobby Cairo: Can't wait, Zach. Can't wait.

Zach Davis: Fans... I'll see you there.

Slam fades to black.