Slam Intro
Seth Lerch/Johnny Reb Segment
Shane Borderland vs Mr. Ultimo
Television Title Match: Brian Banks vs Chris Avery
Jason Kash Segment
The Big Time Jerks vs Machine Gun Joe/Abel Channing
Seth Lerch/Jay Price Segment
Jay Price/D-Day/Doc Henry vs Brad Kane/Troy Malenko/Johnny Reb

Slam Intro

Opposite of Adults hits and Slam is once again on the air!

Bobby Cairo: For the second week in the row, we're live from Madison Square Garden! And the fans here are electric, Zach.

Zach Davis: As always. We have a NEW World Champion! And his name is Brad Kane.

Bobby Cairo: I STILL don't believe it. You have to believe that somewhere, if Logan is conscious, he's dying inside that he wasn't the one to defeat Torture. Even I'm kind of jealous.

Zach Davis: Indeed. Brad Kane's dream has been fulfilled, and he's our new World Champion. He's in tonight's main event, teaming with... Troy Malenko and Johnny Reb?

Bobby Cairo: When Seth Lerch dies, his tombstone is going to read "I love clusterfuck six man tags that make very little sense." I don't know why those three are teaming together.

Zach Davis: Well, its going to be interesting, thats for damn sure. They're up against Jay Price, D-Day, and Doc Henry.

Bobby Cairo: Which brings us to our other big story of One.... D-Day turning his back on WCF and its fans and joining This_Is_War. He's been one of WCF's biggest supporters, I just don't get it.

Zach Davis: Me neither. Maybe we'll get some answers?

Bobby Cairo: We have a tag match featuring the former Tag Team Champs, the Big Time Jerks, up against Machine Gun Joe and Abel Channing. Once again, I don't get that team, but whatever.

Zach Davis: TV Title match between Captain Punishment and Chris Avery-

Bobby Cairo: You mean Brian Banks. If he heard you call him Captain Punishment he'd do to you what he did to the Hotdog Mascot.

Zach Davis: Impregnate?

Bobby Cairo: ...

Zach Davis: And in our opener, we have two newcomers.. Shane Borderland and Mr. Ultimo. What a name!

Bobby Cairo: Can he live up to it? Only one way to find out!

Seth Lerch/Johnny Reb Segment

“Master of Puppets” hits the speakers, and Seth Lerch steps onto the stage to a mixed reaction from the audience. He holds up a hand in an imperious gesture for silence, but it still takes a moment for the noise to die down.

Seth Lerch: First off, I want to thank you all for joining us here tonight, at the first Slam of 2011. As you all know, One was a landmark occasion, with three main events and plenty of surprises all around. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks putting out fires, but there’s still one more matter to attend to. It’s time to clear the air, once and for all.

He pauses for dramatic impact, while the audience buzzes with speculation.

Seth Lerch: So… without further ado… Johnny Reb, you and I need to have a talk.

The murmur from the crowd grows louder as they wait…and wait… And finally, Reb steps out from behind the curtain, looking puzzled.

Seth Lerch: See, this is one of the things I like about you, Johnny. You’re always here on time, and that’s why… Wait. I’m getting ahead of myself. Listen, Johnny, you remember back in June, when I told you I wanted to see you leading this company as the World Champion?

Johnny nods, still looking confused.

Seth Lerch: Good. Then you also remember that I told you Doc Henry was standing in your way. You didn’t believe me then. So I took the liberty of looking up the only person who might possibly be able to talk some sense into you…. Dixie Pride.

Reb’s brow furrows in a deep frown as he tries to fit the pieces together.

Johnny Reb: Wait a minute.. It was YOU? You paid her off? You told her to break up the New Confederacy?

Seth Lerch: That’s basically it, yeah. It was for your own good, Johnny.

Lerch holds up a hand to forestall whatever Reb might say next.

Seth Lerch: The important thing is, Johnny, I was right. About everything. All I ever wanted was what’s best for this company. Which is why, after Logan’s little …accident… well, you were at the top of my list. You could have been the World Champion. Didn't you hear what I said? I said I'd pay attention to the NEXT TWO MATCHES... you against Doc, Price against Gravedigger... and after you beat Doc Henry, I was prepared to reward you with the World Title. But your performance at One was, let’s face it, very disappointing.

The fans begin to boo.

Seth Lerch: A man’s life was on the line – a man you claim to respect and look up to – and you still couldn’t get the job done. You let me down, Johnny. You let the whole company down. Worse still, you let hundreds of thousands of fans down. So I guess there WAS one thing I was wrong about: you’re not ready for the World Title, not now.

Reb stares at Lerch in growing ire, his jaw clenched, his right hand tightening into a fist at his side.

Johnny Reb: I shoulda recognized your hand in this from the very beginnin’. Do you have any idea what kinda hell you put me through, you son of a bitch?

Johnny cocks his fist back, as if to strike, and then stops himself at the last second, lowering his hand. He shakes his head.

Johnny Reb: Nah. I ain’t gonna hit ya. Wouldn’t make me any better’n you are. If it wasn’t for your little charade, the New Confederacy would not be relegated to the annals of WCF history. In light of all this… I think you owe me an opportunity, a chance to prove you wrong. You give me a shot – one shot – at the WCF World Title, an’ I’ll show you EXACTLY what the Inveterate Confederate is made of…

Reb looks into Seth’s eyes for just a moment before he drops the mic and stalks away backstage.“Master of Puppets” hits the speakers, and Seth Lerch steps onto the stage to a mixed reaction from the audience. He holds up a hand in an imperious gesture for silence, but it still takes a moment for the noise to die down.

Shane Borderland vs Mr. Ultimo

Zach Davis: This Borderland has been very confident!

Bobby Cairo: Confident is an understatement! This "Bad Boy" is basically claiming that Mr. Ultimo doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hell!

Zach Davis: With that said, it looks like Kyle Steel and Stanley Moser are in the ring.

Bobby Cairo: Let's get this match underway!!

As the lights dim throughout the arena, red strobe lights start shining everywhere as the sound of "Miracle" by Nonpoint blares through the arena. Shane Borderland comes out from behind the curtain. Borderland stops when he reaches the top of the ramp and looks throughout the crowd. He starts walking down the ramp looking side to side at the crowd standing near the barriers.

Kyle Steel: Walking to the ring, from San Diego, California weighing in at 248 pounds... "The Bad Boy" Shane Bor-order-erla-and!

He jumps up on the apron, goes through the middle rope and hops up onto the turnbuckle. He extends out his arms. There is a small murmur of boos, scattered through jam packed Madison Square Garden.

Bobby Cairo: He sure looks confident!

Imperial Death March begins to play....

Zach Davis: Here comes Mr. Ultimo

Shane Borderland looks down the aisle, as continues to stand on the second turnbuckle. As he jumps down, A big white spotlight begins to follow Mr. Ultimo to the ring, as the fans shows their small amount of disdain towards the newcomer, as some of the crowd of the Garden issue boos and idle threats towards Mr. Ultimo.

Kyle Steel: From Parts Unknown, weighing in at 265 pounds... Mi-i-ister-er-er Ulti-i-imo-o-o-o!!

Mr. Ultimo stops on the apron and looks at the referee. Ultimo is forcing Stanley Moser to hold the ropes open for him.

Bobby Cairo begins to snicker.

Zach Davis: Can you believe the audacity of Mr. Ultimo!? He demands WCF Senior referee Stanley Moser to hold the ropes for him, so he can enter the ring.


Zach Davis: A-a-and this match gets underway.

Bobby Cairo: This should be one interesting match.

The two wrestlers move around the ring.

Zach Davis: The two crash into each other with force and tie up with a collar and elbow hook-up.

The two wrestlers try to gain some kind of advantage, but it is Mr. Ultimo that uses his size to push Borderland backwards into a corner. Immediately, The Bad Boy puts up his hands and is yelling towards Moser.

Shane Borderland: Hey ref, back the gorilla up.

Mr. Ultimo: Shut your mouth, punk!

Ultimo slaps Borderland's chest with two opened hands, then proceeds to slap Borderland's face. Infuriated, The Bad Boy charges out the ring. Stanley Moser tries to hold back Shane, as he orders Mr. Ultimo to back up. A few fans begin to chant out...

A few fans: Bor-or-ori-i-i-ing! Bor-or-ori-i-i-ing! C'mon let's see some action.

As the two get to the center, of the ring, Shane Borderland gets in the face of Mr. Ultimo, smiles then slaps Ultimo's face hard. The crowd reacts.

Crowd: Ou-u-u!

A few fans: Yeah, that's it!

Borderland stomps Ultimo in the stomach, then back hand chops Ultimo, then kicks Ultimo in the mid-section again, then hits him with a forearm.

Bobby Cairo: Borderland has Mr. Ultimo reeling, in this early part of this match.

Zach Davis: Borderland hits Ultimo with a clothesline!

The clothesline knocks down the big man, but Ultimo bounces back up.

Bobby Cairo: Another clothesline! Then a closed fist.

Zach Davis: That one knocks down Mr. Ultimo!

The temporary fast action pace, of the match, has some of the fans either standing up or near the edge of their seats.

Bobby Cairo: Borderland kicks Ultimo, but Ultimo rages out.

Then out of nowhere, Mr. Ultimo hits the Ultimo Combination #7.

Zach Davis: That slowed things down.

Bobby Cairo: A simple thumb to the eye.

Zach Davis: Not just a simple eye poke, but add in a low blow and a knee clip with that.

Shane Borderland falls down to the mat. Mr. Ultimo rushes over and gets in a quick pin attempt. Stanley Moser gets into a position for pin count.

Crowd: On-

Bobby Cairo: Not even a one count.

Shane Borderland kicks out. Mr, Ultimo rushes over to the ropes. Borderland is slowed to move. Mr. Ultimo smiles as he flies off the ropes and jumps with a double feet stomp on the mid-section of Shane Borderland.

Crowd: Ouu-u! Damn!

Shane Borderlands sit up, with his arms around his ribs and begins to cough roughly, with an obvious look of pain across his face.

Zach Davis: We haven't much of this Mr. Ultimo and out of nowhere he has punished Shane Borderland.

Mr. Ultimo sees Borderland sitting up and bounces off the ropes and....

Crowd: DAMN!!!

Bobby Cairo: MAFIA KICK!!

The momentum, of the kick, bounce Borderland's head off the mat and The Bad Boy sits back up, with a combination look of a pissed off expression and pain. Mr Ultimo slams Borderland's head back down to the mat and covers him.

Crowd: One.

Crowd: Two.

Crowd: Thr-... No!

Zach Davis: Shane Borderland just pushed off Mr. Ultimo.

Shane slams his hands down onto the mat.

Shane Borderland: Damn it! C'mon!

Mr. Ultimo looks down at Borderland.

Bobby Cairo: Ultimo picks up Borderland, but the Bad Boy pokes Ultimo in the eye, which Mr. Ultimo stumbles back. Borderland stands up and proceed to hit Ultimo with a punch, then a kick, then a punch, then a kick to the mid-section and....


Zach Davis: DDT!!

Borderland gets excited, as Mr. Ultimo slowly moves around on the mat. Borderlands begins to stalk Mr. Ultimo.

Bobby Cairo: I have this feeling that this Shane Borderland is about to make this more uncomfortable for Mr. Ultimo.

Mr. Ultimo slowly stands up and The Bad Boy is standing behind Ultimo.


Zach Davis: German suplex!

The crowd begins to cheer!

Borderlands picks up Ultimo and hits him with a vertical suplex, as he floats over and gets into a pinning situation. The referee begins the count.

Crowd: ONE.

Crowd: TWO.

Crowd: THRE-... no-o-o-o-o!!

Ultimo kicks out. Borderland smiles an evil grin, as he picks up Ultimo.

Bobby Cairo: The Bad Boy irish whips Mr. Ultimo into the corner.

Ultimo hits very hard against the turnbuckles and bounces off the corner, as Borderland bounces off the ropes and....

Crowd: OUU-U-U-U!! DAMN!!

Zach Davis: SPEAR!!! SPEAR!! SPEAR!!

Shane Borderlands: Now, that's how you do things!!

The fans cheers. Borderlands just sneers, at the crowd.

Shane Borderlands: Shut up!

The crowd immediately begins to boo, as Borderland picks up Mr. Ultimo and has his right arm around the chest of Mr. Ultimo, as his opponent's right arm lays across the right shoulder of Borderland. The Bad Boy picks him up and slams him on his knee then throws him face first into the mat.

Bobby Cairo: GameBreaker!!!

Borderland picks up Mr. Ultimo in a powerbomb position. He points to the crowd with both hands and jumps over his opponents back doing a complete flip and piledriving his opponent to the mat.

Crowd: OUU-U-U-U!! DAMN!!

Shane Borderland: Shut up!

Zach Davis: Vertical Limit!!

Bobby Cairo: That was absolutely devastating!!

The boos, from the crowd, are deafening as Shane Borderland makes a pin attempt! With Ultimo's back to the mat, instead of a standard pin attempt, Borderland is doing push-ups on the chest of Mr. Ultimo.

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THREE!!


From a ring bell table, Kyle Steel announces....

Kyle Steel: The winner of the match....

As the ring announcer announces him the winner, Shane Borderland runs to a near by corner and climbs to the second turnbuckle and puts out his arms outward, as the crowd boos loudly towards his obvious arrogance.


Borderland jumps down from the corner and leaves the ring.

Bobby Cairo: That match was better than expected.

Zach Davis: It sure was, Bobby. Let's hope the rest of the night is as good.

Bobby Cairo: It was a great way to start off the program!

Brian Banks vs Chris Avery

Zach Davis: The Television Championship match is up next.

Bobby Cairo: Brian Banks is already in the ring..

Blind by Korn begins to slowly plays.

Zach Davis: What the Hell?!

White thick smoke begins to pour out. Oceb Aughion, followed by his manager Cagatay Sentürk walk out, through the smoke.

Bobby Cairo: This newcomer is massive!

Zach Davis: Scary is more like it!

Oceb, in his ceremonial Turkish Shaman outfit, stops in the middle of the entrance walkway and holds out his arms. In his left hand is a Turkish Shaman Cresent staff. Lightning flashes around the arena, as lasers flash.

hold my breath as I wish for death
oh please God, wake me

Oceb and his manager continue to walk towards the ring side commentary table.


Music fades out as The Turkish Terror shakes Bobby Cairo's hand. Zach Davis tries to attempt to shake Aughion's hand, but The Turkish Terror refuses.

Zach Davis: Welcome Oceb Aughion and Cagatay Sentürk!

Cagatay Sentürk: The Great Oceb won't be talking to you, he is here to observe the Television Title match and the champion.

Bobby Cairo: Now, that everyone is ready. It's time for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: Jerk.

Oceb Aughion snaps his head around and looks towards the direction of Zach Davis. He glares and begins to snarl and growl towards Zach Davis. Zach dips his head down, trying to not make eye contact from Oceb.

B.o.B's Beast Mode hits the speakers and Chris Avery walks out from behind the curtain with Shaun Jackson and Tank Reaper following. Avery with his Television Championship over his shoulder and a microphone in his other hand he stops on the top of the stage to speak.

Chris Avery: Cut my music. What happened to me at One was a travesty! It should have never happened! A wrestler is to never lay hands on one of the announcers, and an announcer should never have to SNEAK ATTACK ME from behind!

Crowd boo's.

Bobby Cairo: I'd do it again in a heart beat..

Chris Avery: What Cairo and the rest of you fail to understand is how important I am to Wrestling Championship Federation and it's Television networks. I'm Mr. Media. I'm the Television Champion, without me you have no Slam! Without me you have no Pay Per Views! Buyrates are high because I'm instantly classic and I'm a winner!

Avery begins moving down the ramp as he talks.

Chris Avery: And Oceb whatever the hell your name is, I'm glad you made it down here for my match. I take pride in knowing someone who isn't as good as me wants to learn from the best and is thoroughly intrigued by my ring work. I'm glad you brought your translator as well, perhaps he can tell you in English how I'm what America is all about. Home of the brave, land of the free, and the country that stands behind it's true leaders which is This Is War and of course your Television Champion, Chris Avery.

Crowd boo's as Avery steps into the ring. He takes his TV title off and hands it to the ref. Tank and Jackson stand on the outside of the ring.

Chris Avery: Now as for you Brian Banks, well, I have a little something to say to you..

Avery hits Banks over the head with the microphone causing him to stumble back! Avery begins right hands in the corner on Banks as the microphone lands on the outside of the ring and the ref demands the bell to be rung!

Zach Davis: Wow! Avery started this match a bit early!

Cagatay Sentürk: This Chris Avery calls himself "The Truth".

Oceb Aughion snickers and smirks.

Oceb Aughion: Truth?! onun üstüne düstü, bu cılız Chris Avery gerceği bilemeyiz!

Zach Davis: What?

Cagatay Sentürk: Master Aughion said The Truth?! This puny Chris Avery wouldn't know the truth if it fell on top of him!

Bobby Cairo snickers.

Zach Davis: Cairo, what are you laughing at!

Avery throws Banks across the ring where Banks lifts up and Avery slides underneath! Banks turns Avery around and has right hands of his own! Banks throws Avery to the ropes where he hits a flying elbow to the forehead of Avery! Chris goes down, and Banks steps away for Avery to get up. Avery to his feet, turns around, and Banks hits a scoop slam!

Oceb Aughion: Avery güreş yeteneğini benim üstün güreş yeteneği düşüktür.

Cagatay Sentürk: Master Aughion said Chris Avery's wrestling ability is inferior to his superior wrestling ability.

Jackson gets up onto the apron and distracts the ref, and Banks turns around and notices Tank on the apron for a chokeslam. Banks dropkicks the legs out from under Tank and he falls off the apron. Banks then runs over, moves the ref out of the way and shoves Jackson off the apron as well! Banks turns around and Avery hits a flatliner! The crowd boo's. Avery then flips Banks over and slaps on the ol' Cobra Clutch and Banks begins to tap out in pain. Avery doesn't let go and just reels back trying to break the neck of Banks. The ref demands him to stop and Avery breaks the hold as the crowd cheers when Banks rolls out as Oceb and Cagatay step into the ring. Tank and Shaun Jackson step in front of Avery and the crowd anticipates some sort of reaction from either side!

Zach Davis: Well Oceb had enough of Avery, that's for sure!

Bobby Cairo: Avery got what he deserved at One, and now he finally has met a match for his Television Championship!

Oceb Aughion stares into the eyes of Tank, but changes his stares towards the direction of Chris Avery. Cagatay Sentürk tosses a mic towards Aughion.

Oceb Aughion: Chris Avery, this time there will be physical interactions, but I guareentee you this, the next time we meet, it will be inside this ring and I will make an example out of you!!

Chris Avery looks confused, as if doesn't know why Oceb Aughion has this kind of attitude towards him.

Oceb Aughion: I have heard what you said about me! You want to be the Wrestler of Year for 2011!?! And what you so damn sick and tired about, Avery!? HUH!?!? And you always hiding behin Tank all the time! YOU BIG PUSSY!! Mark my words, Truth, you have anything to say about me, make sure you say it to my face and not behind your boy toy here!! Allah benden önce böyleyken, benim tanık olarak, kim Türk Terörü Hell her türlü karşı bütün o üzerine koyacaktır. So says The Turkish Terror, so it must.... be.... true!!

Cagatay Sentürk: Oceb Aughion says... As Allah stands before him, as his witness, he shall bring upon all those who oppose The Turkish Terror all kinds of Hell.

Avery smirks and rolls out of the ring. Tank and Jackson follow suit. Avery looks back just smiling.

Zach Davis: What the hell does Avery think is so funny about that?

Avery winks and turns back and walks up the ramp with Tank and Jackson following him.

Bobby Cairo: The Truth needs a good slap to the face and wake up from his fantasy world. Needs a reality check if you ask me.

Jason Kash Segment

The music begins to play and Gilly Po comes charging out from the back. He snarls at the crowd and flexes a few times as he rushes down to the ring. On occasion he falls but always finds his way into the ring. He grabs the rope and jumps up and roars out loud. Then he stands over against the ropes close to the announce table. The ring Announcer hands Gally a Microphone and he stands in the middle of the ring as the live audience calms down.

Zach Davis: He's still with the company?

Bobby Cairo: I guess...

Gally Po: Well I done came out here cuz WCF hadn't put me in another god dang match since my first victory here in WCF. So what I'ma do here is put out an open challenge! I don't really care who it is but someone better come out here cuz I'm whoopin someone's ass tonight!!

Bobby Cairo: An open challenge from this delusional wrestler, wow...This has never been done before...

Zach Davis: And your sarcasm is heard throughout the world!!

The faded horn blows through the speakers as it rolls into a beat. "I'm Da Bad Influence" begins to bump through the arena, everyone on their feet as the green smoke begins to seep out of the stage. Jason Kash steps through the wall of green smoke and he takes a few hard hits off a air joint, putting his thumb and finger up to his mouth and then throws his arms up in the air. The fans who came to see him roar in cheers, the others scream out their disliking for Jason Kash. He starts down the aisle as Lil' Wyte raps the lyrics to the music and people bob their heads with the beat. Kash mouthing off the words as he walks down to ringside. He slaps a few hands and climbs up the steel steps as the lights strobe the arena with a green light. He steps through the middle rope and once again takes a few hits from the Air Joint before throwing his arms up just to hear the reaction of the crowd. He bounces a few times and leans back against the ropes ready for this unsanctioned matchup.

Zach Davis: Holy Shit, is he seriously back? Wow, he has to know he'll be more hated then This_Is_War!!

Bobby Cairo: Well I like him, he is talented and his last run with WCF was just not the right time.

Zach Davis: And now is the right time?

Bobby Cairo: The New Year brings new achievement and Kash seems to be back to get his second chance.

Gally Po tosses the mic outside the ring, the ring announcer picks it up as Gally Po cracks his neck and then his knuckles. The bell sounds and Gally rushes at Jason Kash. Kash ducks under the clothesline attempt and Kash quickly connects with a sleeper slam. Kash turns over and lays on his belly, he pushes himself into a push up position and waits, stalks almost as Gally Po begins to get up on his feet. His back to Kash who is still in push up position. As Gally Po gets to his feet, Kash leaps up off the mat and launches himself into the air and connects with a vicious neckbreaker. A finishing move he has become known by called U.T.I. and Gally Po lands down hard on his neck. Kash jumps up and taunts the crowd. They roar and riot over Kash being back in WCF again. Kash goes in to work on Gally Po. Kicking him in the ribs, in the face, blood begins to build up on the mat below Gally.

Kash lifts up Gally Po to his feet. Quickly and with strength, Kash whips Gally Po into the far ropes. As Gally is bouncing off the ropes, Kash himself bounces off the other side of the ropes and comes full speed towards Gally. Kash jumps up and connects with a Shining Wizard into a Triangle Choke. He locks in the choke hold and Gally Po begins tapping right away but Kash isn't releasing the tight choke hold.

Bobby Cairo: Cousin Of Death! He calls that CoD and he performs it very well!

Zach Davis: He's gonna put Gally to sleep for sure but would it cause more mental problems for Gally? I mean really?

Bobby Cairo: Is that even possible?

Gally Po sits in the choke longer then he should. His eyes roll into the back of his head, drool and blood begin to flow out of his mouth. Kash throws a few punches into Gally's face. Finally EMTs and Road Agents come running down the aisle way and slide into the ring to break the hold. Kash releases it and gets to his feet leaving Gally Po there limp and unconscious. Kash walks over and asks for a mic as the EMTs tend to Gally Po. The Road Agents are standing between Kash and Gally to prevent any further damage as Jason Kash gets on the mic.

Zach Davis: He put an end to Gally Po I believe..

Bobby Cairo: I think we all should thank him if you ask me!

Jason Kash: Well now it's official...Now everyone backstage can finally say that I'm a member of this company yet again! From the top of the food chain to Big Time Jerks at the bottom, I am back to redeem myself. What do I want? Why am I here? Well case and point because I can be. Because Seth Cairo offered me a contract and I took it. I wanted the fans of WCF to see the real me, not that guy I once was who tried to make an old group I created live another life. Influential Minds is now and will forever be DEAD. I'm here not to form a group, not to be in some Tag Team that I have to carry. I'm here to make noise and noise has just been made. So with that said...CHRIS AVERY....That Television Title you have around your waist right now? That shit is coming to me. Might not be today, might not be next week but in the end, your last Title defense will be against me. I will take it from you and make it important once again. I will take it to new heights while you have just stayed above the Big Time Jerks low bottom level. You time clock has begun and soon it will expire...I'm back ladies and gentlemen and I'm here to stay...Get use to it.

Kash drops the mic and exits the ring away from the Road Agents. He walks around the ring and exits by the aisle way.

The Big Time Jerks vs Machine Gun Joe/Abel Channing

We come back from commercial with Abel Channing and Machine Gun Joe already in the ring discussing strategies.

Zach Davis: Welcome back to Slam folks. Next up we're going to see some tag action as Channing and Joe are set to take on the Big Time Jerks.

"Boondocks" by Little Big Town starts playing as Channing and Joe both look up to the stage expecting to see the Jerks only to see their manager, Michael Nirvana, walking out onto the stage and then down the ramp. Senior referee Stanley Moser walks over to the ropes and begins yelling at Nirvana about his team.

Zach Davis: What's this all about?

As Moser and Nirvana continue to argue back and forth, Channing and Joe look on confused. Neither of them however, see the commotion from the crowd behind them as the BTJ hop the barricade and slide into the ring. They both nail Joe and Channing with a low blow that doubles them over.

Zach Davis: It was a set up! Nirvana came out to distract the ref so his boys could get the early advantage.

Bobby Cairo: How devilishly brilliant.

Adams pulls Channing to his feet and then lifts him up for a vertical suplex before turning it into a reverse STO.

Zach Davis: And Adams with the Perfect Storm.

Young then pulls Joe up to his feet before lifting him up for a one man flapjack. He goes to drop him just as Adams grabs Joe by the head and hits him with a codebreaker. Nirvana, satisfied with the destruction, drops off the apron and points to behind the referee, who spins around to see Adams standing in his corner as Young is alone in the ring standing over both Channing and Joe. Young shrugs his shoulders at the ref, who gives him a questioning look before signaling for the bell.

Zach Davis: And although I'm not sure why, this match is now officially underway.

Young pulls Joe up to his feet and then pulls him in before nailing him with the Unpredictable. Young hooks the leg for the pin attempt.




"Boondocks" begins playing as Adams joins Young in the ring and they raise their hands in victory. Nirvana climbs into the ring and celebrates with them.

Zach Davis: And The Jerks get the win, although their methods weren't the most ethical.

Bobby Cairo: Well Zach, a lot of people recently have been putting down the BTJ. It seems like they finally got sick of hearing the bad things being said so they decided to make a statement.

The Texas Coalition exit the ring and continue their celebration as they make their way up the ramp. Slam goes to commercial as Joe and Channing finally begin to stir in the ring.

Seth Lerch/Jay Price Segment

Master of Puppets hits again.

Zach Davis: Oh lord. What now?

Seth steps out and walks to the ring quickly. He slides in and grabs a mic.

Seth Lerch: I'm a busy man. I've already taken care of Johnny Reb earlier tonight, but I have one more man I have to talk to. Jay Price.... get out here!

Bobby Cairo: Seth Lerch is calling out Jay Price. This isn't going to end well.

4 Words to Choke Upon plays, and Price steps out. He's equally businesslike as he walks to the ring in his wrestling gear. He grabs the mic from Seth.

Jay Price: Seth, I have a match in a few moments. I heard what you said to Reb earlier, and for your sake, I don't suggest-

Seth grabs the mic back from Jay. The crowd ooooh's, and Price's eyes light with anger.

Seth Lerch: Quiet, Jay. I invited you out here to listen, not to talk.

The crowd is buzzing, but it seems like part of Jay wants to hear what Seth has to say so he seems to let him go.

Seth Lerch: You're right though, this relates to what I told Reb. I told Reb that I thought he was World Championship material, and I did. And despite all of our differences, Price, despite This_Is_War, despite EVERYTHING.... I bought into your hype, too. I drank the Jay Price Kool-Aid. I thought you really were The Future.

Price notices that Seth is using the past tense, and obviously doesn't look happy.

Seth Lerch: In fact, Jay, you'd have been World Champion by now FOR SURE if it wasn't for your own self destructive behavior. If you didn't disappear from WCF every now and then, if you didn't make your questionable allegiances.. you'd be the World Champion. So let me tell you a story. I decided that despite it all, One would be your time.

The crowd is listening intently, as is Jay.

Seth Lerch: The stars were aligned in your favor. Logan, the World Champion, one of your biggest rivals. Your feud was ramping up to be one of the most violent WCF had ever seen. And then....

Seth sighs.

Seth Lerch: And then, things went too far. The whole Shannan incident.... and you went over the edge. You took Logan out. Okay, I wasn't counting on that. But I figured I'd make a negative into a positive. I took you, and I directed your anger towards my enemies. If you took out Malenko and/or Gravedigger, then hey, you'd have done me a huge favor. And in return, I'd make you the Champion. So yeah, I didn't put you in a Title match at One like you wanted, but I planned for you to walk out of that event with the belt.

Crowd is buzzing.

Seth Lerch: ...but you were unstable. I questioned myself. Meanwhile, Johnny Reb was impressing me. So I decided that at One, I had a choice. The Ineverate Confederate, or The Future.

Now Seth seems angry.

Seth Lerch: AND YOU BOTH LET ME DOWN! Faced with incredible circumstances, you BOTH let me down. Price, you lost to Gravedigger, my biggest enemy! A man that attempted to kill your unborn child!

Price's face has grown calm, but there is a storm raging behind his eyes.. he seems as if he might soon be ready to explode.

Seth Lerch: So I had no choice at that point but to award the belt to either Torture, a man I hate but a very proven draw, or Brad Kane, the man of the hour. And Brad Kane pulled through. Brad Kane, Price, did the unthinkable. He CONQUERED. He perservered. He did something you couldn't do...

Seth steps towards Price.

Seth Lerch: HE WON.

Price has had enough. He grabs Seth.

Zach Davis: What did you expect, Seth!? You pushed him too far!

BUT NO! Price is attacked from behind.

Bobby Cairo: LOGAN!?

The same masked man that attacked Shannan Lerch is back, and just hit Price with a chair. Price lets go of Seth and turns around, only to be met wwh another sick THUD to the head from Logan's chair.

Zach Davis: Guess he's out of the hospital!

Logan drops the chair and grabs Price's head in a Sleeper... and hits the Connector onto the chair!

Bobby Cairo: Logan is Price's own brother... this whole situation is just too crazy for me. Well, I lie, really its just crazy enough for me.

Logan stands up, looks at Seth... and Seth smiles. And shakes his hand.

Zach Davis: What... no....

Bobby Cairo: This is the man that killed Seth's unborn nephew... this is sickening. Even for me.

Logan rips off his mask... to reveal that he isn't Logan at all.

Zach Davis: What the!?

The man is roughly Logan's age, and clearly has the exact same build. Even mostly the same face. And he is someone we've seen before.

Bobby Cairo: Who the hell is this?

Zach Davis: That... wow. A blast from the past. This is Roger Mason, AKA Rage, AKA... Logan's OTHER brother. I don't know his relation to Price exactly but... no wonder we thought it was Logan this whole time..

Rage stands over Price's body, smiling.

Seth Lerch: You IDIOT, Price. It was NEVER Logan that attacked Shannan. Not even he would do that. No, the man behind the abortion of your child, Jay... that was ME.

Massive booing.

Seth Lerch: I had Rage do it.... to send you over the edge. To bring out your true potential. And, quite frankly, I didn't want you to have outside commitments. I needed you... I needed my World Champion... to be dedicated to WCF. Not any child. So what else could I do?

People in the crowd are disgusted.

Seth Lerch: I had Rage attack my slut of a sister, kill that child, and I thought that would make you the man I needed you to be. But just like your child would have been, Price, you were a disappointment and a failure. So now Rage and I? We're aborting YOU. Have fun with your match tonight, you worthless piece of shit.

Seth leaves the ring, as does Rage, and they head to the back. Most of the crowd boos, though some are speechless.

Jay Price/D-Day/Doc Henry vs Brad Kane/Troy Malenko/Johnny Reb

Zach Davis: Well Price is already in the ring... I'm not a big Jay Price fan but I sure don't know how I feel about this..

Anthem of the Underdog by 12 Stones plays in the speakers. The lights are dim.The lights flash on to D-Day walking out to the top of the ramp with his belt and falls on his knees and throws his arms in the air, as soon as he throws them in the air fire works go off and surround him. The screen shows all of D-Day moments of his dead and forgotten special move. As also the screen shows a ring then the words in white and in cursive, the words D-Day. When D-Day get in the ring he raises his hands to his name on the screen and followed by all of the titles he has held in the WCF.

Bobby Cairo: And here is WCF's own Benedict Arnold.. D-Day.

As the drums hit the house lights fade, and red and blue lights strobe. At "Please allow me to inteoduce myself", Doc and Mary walk out onto the stage, and look back and forth over the audience. As the crowd boos, the make their way to the ring, where Doc rolls in. Standing, he grins proudly as he pops the crowd drawing more boos. Mocking them, he sits on the turnbuckle and awaits his opponents...

Zach Davis: The man of the hour, Doc Henry. The man that was able to defeat his arch rival, Johnny Reb.

“Remember the Name” by Fort Minor hits the speakers and out walks Troy Malenko who stops at the top of the ramp. At certain points in the beginning of the song, fireworks shoot from the ramp all the way across simultaneously. When the first set goes off, he throws his arms back in a cocky manner, knocking the robe off of his body. When the second set of fireworks hits, he starts walking down the ramp, his manager Gravedigger following behind him.

Bobby Cairo: Malenko and Gravedigger. Malenko has very quickly risen through the ranks here in WCF, and that is certainly because he has Gravedigger as a mentor.

Troy walks up the ring steps and sits on the rope as Gravedigger climbs the stairs behind him and climbs into the ring. Troy bounces off the middle rope and walks to each side of the ring, riling the crowd up. He finally stands in a corner with Gravedigger, waiting.

The house lights dim, and the intro to Lynnyrd Skynnyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" hits the speakers. Hushed anticipation falls over the crowd as a spotlight illuminates the stage. Johnny Reb steps out from behind the curtain, his title belt draped over his shoulder, Don Jesus Luis de Guadalupe at his side. A cheer goes up from the audience at their appearance. As the two men walk down the ramp, a cascade of sparks rains down on the stage. The Inveterate Confederate circles the ring, slapping hands with the fans at ringside. Johnny eschews the steps completely; he leaps onto the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckles, perching there with his tag belt held high overhead.

Zach Davis: Johnny Reb. This man must feel like he has something to prove after One, and after earlier tonight...

The opening to "I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty flares up, the lights dimming down. Everyone can see a shadow standing in the entry way.

Bobby Cairo: And now... our new World Champion.... Brad Kane!

Standing in the middle of the entry way is Brad Kane with Megan right behind him. The crowd begins to give him a huge ovation as he stays in the entry way for another few moments, letting all the suspense build. He begins to move his head, looking out into the thousands of fans that are in attendance tonight. More moment follows as he takes a few steps and throws his right arm out into the air, letting out a war cry before walking towards the ring. Many of the fans extend their hands out, looking for some form of contact. Brad slaps their hands as does Megan. When he reaches ringside, he walks completely around the outside of the ring, high fiving more fans. Once he's done walking around ringside, he heads up one set of the stairs and gets onto the apron while Megan follows him in. Brad Kane enters the ring through the middle rope as he heads to the nearest turnbuckle, going to the top. He looks out into the crowd, seeing the cheering fans taking pictures. Brad leaps off and heads to the other side of the ring and proceeds to do the same thing as more pictures are snapped. Jumping back off, he then backs into that corner, leaning against the ropes as Megan gives him a kiss for good luck. As she leaves the ring, he waits while his music fades off.

Zach Davis: And that is everyone. Here goes.

Price has just rollen out of the ring. D-Day and Henry are brawling with Kane, Malenko and Reb. The ref isn't able to pay attention to everything going on, however, which allows Henry to poke Reb in the eyes and throw him out of the ring. D-Day attacks Malenko, and Henry attacks the World Champion, Brad Kane.

Bobby Cairo: Someone has to restore order here!

Kane ducks a Clothesline from Henry and then Clotheslines him, sending both men flying over the top rope! D-Day and Malenko are left in the ring. The two brawl, with D-Day getting the upper hand. D-Day goes for a big Superkick!

Zach Davis: Wow!

But no, Malenko ducks it! He lifts D-Day up for the Embalmer!

Bobby Cairo: This could spell a very early end to this match!

...but D-Day slides behind Malenko and rolls him up from behind!




Zach Davis: What!

Bobby Cairo: D-Day just stole the win!

Malenko quickly rolls out of the ring, meeting up with Gravedigger, both of them trying to figure out what the hell happened. Kane is in the ring, also pissed. He's asking the ref what happened. The music ends and Day attacks Brad Kane from behind. Price slowly slides back into the ring, though it seems like he may have a concussion. The lights flicker and shut off. The crowd anticipates something.

Zach Davis: What the hell is this?!

The lights come back on and Avery, Jackson, Tank, Price, Day, Frost, Creeping Death, Ingvar all stand around Brad Kane. The crowd murmurs now as we see Torture stand in the corner with a sweatshirt on and his hood over his head. Torture points at BK and his men who look back at him. He delivers one powerful line.

Torture: NOW!

They all start stomping at Brad Kane! The crowd lights up with boo's.


Avery picks up Brad Kane and BK gets a good ol' chokeslam from Tank! Price picks up Brad Kane and hits The Downfall! Torture pulls a microphone out of his back pocket and begins to speak.

Torture: You never defeated me, Brad Kane. Your World Championship win is a joke, and you will pay in due time, but the one who pays tonight is the one who is solely responsible for me not pinning you at One..

Zach Davis: What the hell is Torture talking about?

Bobby Cairo: Someone has to pay? Isn't that Brad Kane?

Torture: YOU... D-DAY!

Zach Davis: WHAT?

Day looks all big eyed and takes a step back. All of the This Is War team turns towards Day.

Bobby Cairo: This is just down right wrong. First Torture enlists in the help of Day for One, and because Torture couldn't stay conscience he's now blaming Day!? Wrong!

Day looks at Torture like "come on" but Torture drops the microphone and the rest of the guys start the beat down on Day. All of them are stomping when Frost rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair and slides back into the ring. Jackson pulls Day up and Frost nails Day with a steel chair over the head! The crowd boo's. Tank picks up Day from the laying position by the throat and lifts him into the air and hits a chokeslam! Price lifts up Day and shoves him forward into Creeping Death's Burning Hammer! CD stands up and roars after he finally hits a Burning Hammer, a move he's wanted to hit on someone for over a month!

Zach Davis: Okay! This is too much! Day doesn't deserve any of this!

Torture puts his hands up and This is War all stop dead in their tracks. They all take a few steps back away from Day and Torture bends down forward and picks up D-Day. Torture turns Day around and grabs him in a head-lock bending Day backwards setting him up for a Tortures Device. Torture tightens the grip and is really choking on Day when Torture finally spins and hits the Tortures Device! The crowd boos as Torture lays on his stomach and stares right into Days face. His eyes closed, Day's body lifeless, Torture stands up and says "Pick him up."


They pick him up and set him right into Tortures chokehold once more. He tightens the grip and spins down hitting a Tortures Device for a second time! Torture sits on his knees before standing to his feet to the chorus of boo's that is still going on around him in the arena when he demands the team to pick him up one more time.

Zach Davis: A third time? THIS IS BULL*BEEEEEEEEP*

Bobby Cairo: Easy, Zach.

Torture tightens the grip on Day but then looks around and thinks about something... He looks at Jackson and says "Put the chair under us.."


The chair sits laying on the ring and Torture tightens the grip, spins, and hits a third Tortures Device and Day's face crashes into the chair! Torture sits up and stands to his feet and they all look down at D-Day.

Zach Davis: Oh.. now we're out of time! Yeah, real conveniant! Torture and This Is War needs to just go, go away far and away from here. I'm tired of all this crap.

Bobby Cairo: What's the fall out of all this next week on Slam? Day's injured, Day's hurt bad.. Brad Kane was laid out and was told he'd pay a price later on, where does Torture and the rest of his team go from here?

Zach Davis: Tune in next week on Slam, ugh, I hope Torture's suspended or fired because of this!

The copyright info appears as Day and Brad Kane are still laid out..