Torture Segment
Slam Intro
Oceb Aughion vs Cieran McHallan vs Ana Valentine vs Shane Borderland
Next Week... He Returns
Television Title Match: Machine Gun Joe vs Chris Avery
US Title Tournament: Brian Banks vs Adam Young
US Title Tournament: Jason Kash vs Bo Young
This_Is_War Attack
US Title Tournament: Doc Henry vs Austin Adams
US Title Tournament: Paul Dangerous vs Troy Malenko
Jay Price/Tank vs The Consumate Professionals
Brad Kane Segment

Torture Segment

The scene opens up to backstage in the parking lot as Torture stands directly in the center of the frame. He's calm, collected, and menacingly quiet. The camera is still as Creeping Death, Shaun Jackson and Chris Avery move in from the left side of the frame as Jay Price, Frost and Ingvar move in from the right. They all stand behind Torture as he looks directly into the camera. The crowd booing as loud as ever.

Torture: The attack on Donald Deruty last week was nothing more than a simple plan that was hatched from the beginning. D-Day was never, and I repeat was never going to be a part of This is War. His mission was simple, and that was for me to defeat Brad Kane at One. That plan belly flopped and neither Brad Kane nor I got a decisive victory. However, even had I defeated Kane at One, the plan to beat down and rid WCF of D-Day was always in the works.

The crowd boo's

Torture: Your former United States Champion D-Day has been put on the injured reserve list and will no longer compete in Wrestling Championship Federation. Tonight, our plan is in action just as it was three months ago. Tonight, we fight. Tonight.. This is War... This. Is. War.

The scene fades into the music video that begins Monday Night Slam.

Slam Intro

Bobby Cairo: I hate Torture. After that whole crap, I don't even want to do our introduction. He stole our spot at the start of the show.

Zach Davis: Aw, come on, Bobby. These things happen when you're an announcer.

Bobby Cairo: Whatever. We have a US Title Contendership match because stupid old Torture injured D-Day, a big Tag Tea Titles match, a TV Title match with also-stupid Chris Avery, and an opener with four guys that Tort probably wants to hold down. There.

Zach Davis: ...Good enough for me!

Bobby Cairo: Lets start the damn show then!

Oceb Aughion vs Cieran McHallan vs Ana Valentine vs Shane Borderland

Zach Davis: Tonight, we are going to have an action pack night of matches.

Bobby Cairo: That's right, Zach. Our opening bout will be spotlighting four up and coming superstars.

Zach Davis: The match will feature the unpredictable Cieran McHallan, the seductive Ana Valentine, the Bad Boy Shane Borderland, and finally the very strange and odd Oceb Aughion.

Bobby Cairo: With that, let's get the opening bout underway.

Referee Stanley Moser and ring announcer Kyle Steel are already in the ring.

Too Many Lies by Sean Jenness begins to play.

Zach Davis: And out to make his WCF debut will be Cieran McHallen, who so far has not made one statement or an appearance.

Kyle Steel: From Belfast, Ireland. Weighing 195 pounds.... Ci-i-iara-a-an McHa-a-alla-an!!

As the music continues to play, there is no McHallen.

Bobby Cairo: That's bizarre! No Cieran McHallen.

Zach Davis is listening to his ear piece.

Zach Davis: Bobby! I am getting confirmation from the back, that Hank Brown is in the dressing room area where Cieran McHallen was last seen...

A cameraman was already backstage and standing there is Hank Brown in a trampled and very disorganized dressing room. The room look ransaked, clothes thrown everywhere. There are signs of a struggle.

Hank Brown: Zach and Bobby!

Bobby Cairo: Yes, Hank go ahead!

Hank Brown: I am backstage, in the dressing room where Cieran McHallen was last seen in. This area is in total disarray. Clothes are thrown everywhere and McHallen ringgear is still in here. I can't imagine where he could be.

Zach Davis: Especially, tonight!

Bobby Cairo: Exactly! Tonight, Cieran McHallen was to make his WCF debut, as the other three competitors. Well, it looks like we are going to have ourselves a triple threat match, unless notify otherwise.

Zach Davis: Thanks Hank, keeps updated.

Bobby Cairo: Yea, thanks Hank.

Hank Brown: Will do. Hank Brown out.

Zach Davis: With the look of that room, I hope nothing bad has happened to Cieran McHallen!

Hank Brown: Let's hope not or his WCF career could be over before it gets started.

Don't Cha by The Pussycat Dolls begin to play.

Bobby Cairo: Fantastic! Now, this night is about to pick up!!

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring... From Las Vegas and weighing in at 109 pounds.... Ana-a-a Val-l-le-ent-i-ine!!!

Zach Davis: Control yourself Bobby. I know Ana Valentine is an attractive woman, but you must remain professional!

Ana walks out to the entrance stage. Her hair is pulled back. Ana is wearing her knee high white boots, along with red hotpants and red halter top. Her abdomen is showing. The crowd is mesmerized by Ana Valentine. Standing on the stage, with her hips tilted slightly. Ana throws her arms up, with her hands slightly open. She walks down the ramp. With her hands on her hips, Ana's hips thrust side to side. Pink pyro shoots off behind her. She pauses at the steps, to the ring, to give the crowd a sexy look, as she blow kisses to the crowd.

Bobby Cairo: Zach, now pay attention. I heard this entrance was something to look at.

Ana steps into the ring, grabbing the middle rope and bending low. The crowd hushes as she slowly slips between the middle and top rope.

Zach Davis: Wow. I think I need a drink of water.

Bobby Cairo: Told ya!

Zach Davis: Wow, I hope I can recover after that.

Bobby Cairo: I hope so, because we have a long night ahead of us!!

As the lights dim throughout the arena, red strobe lights start shining everywhere as the sound of "Miracle" by Nonpoint blairs through the arena.

Kyle Steel: From San Diego, California weighing in at 248 pounds... "The Bad Boy" Sha-a-ane Bo-o-order-erla-a-and!!

Shane Borderland comes out behind the curtain. He stops when he reaches the top of th ramp and looks throughout the crowd. He starts walking down the ramp loooking side to side at the crowd. He jumps up on the apron, goes through the middle rope and hops up n the turnbuckle and extends his arms.

Zach Davis: NOW!! This match WILL pick up!!

Blind by Korn slowly plays, White thick smoke begins to pour out. Oceb Aughion, followed by his manager Cagatay Sentürk walk out, through the smoke. there is a mixed reaction, from the crowd.


Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring, with his manager Cagatay Sentürk, from Ankara, Turkey weighing in at 305 pounds.... O-oceb Au-aughio-on!

Oceb, in his ceremonial Turkish Shaman outfit, stops in the middle of the entrance walkway and holds out his arms. In his left hand is a Turkish Shaman Cresent staff. Lightning flashes around the arena, as lasers flash.

Zach Davis: This new comer is massive!!

Bobby Cairo: Scary is more like it!!

This place inside my mind, a place I like to hide
You don't know the chances, what if I should die?
(A place inside my brain, another)

Oceb and his manager continue to walk towards the ring. The two get to the ring and Cagatay Sentürk holds the ropes for Oceb Aughion. The Turkish Terror enters the ring and walks to a nearby corner and climbs up to the second turnbuckle and poses for the crowd....

I can't see, I can't see, I'm goin' blind
I can't see, I can't see, I'm goin' blind
I can't see, I can't see, I'm goin' blind
I can't see, I can't see, I'm goin'...... BLI-I-I-I-IND!!!

Oceb leaps down and spins around and strobe lights flash. Cagatay Sentürk unrobes Oceb, as the Turkish Terror drops to one knee and raises his staff in the air, as the lightning-like pyro shoots off above the ring. The pyro startles Zach Davis. Oceb yells out a Turkish rant.


Bobby Cairo: This match is underway.

Borderland and Aughion lunge at each other. The smaller Valentine tries to interact but gets knocked down in the process.

Zach Davis: Ana Valentine gets knocked by Shane Borderland and Oceb Aughion crashing into each other, not seeing Ana Valentine, in the process!

The larger Aughion pushes Borderland back into a corner. The referee immediately tries to get in between the two.

Stanley Moser: That's it, Aughion! Step back! One!

Bobby Cairo: Stanley Moser has started a count.

Aughion uses his massive right forearm against the throat of The Bad Boy. Borderland struggles, as Oceb just snarls and screams at the struggling Borderland.

Moser: Three! Back off, Aughion or I'll have no choice but to disqualify you!

Aughion snaps his neck to his right and gives a cold stare at the referee. He slaps the chest, of Shane Borderland, before walking away. Oceb quickly glances over his own left shoulder and notices Ana Valentine read to pounce. Borderland gives a frustrated look back at Aughion before racing towards him. Aughion moves out of the way....


Zach Davis: Ana Valentine has finally gotten involved in the match!

Bobby Cairo: That was a textbook dropkick by Ms. Valentine!

Ana stands up, beaming with a smile. She proceeds to pick up Borderland. With both of them standing, Oceb Aughion roars out and...


Zach Davis: Double clothesline by The Turkish Terror!!


Bobby Cairo: Another double clothesline by Oceb Aughion!

Both Valentine and Borderland fall hard to the mat.

Zach Davis: Aughion grabs Borderland and irish-whips him into a corner.

Bobby Cairo: Oceb grabs for Ana Valentine and he irish whips her into the same corner!

Ana slams into Shane Boderland.

Zach Davis: This Oceb Aughion is massive, in the ring.

Bobby Cairo: He looks three time bigger than the sexy Valentine!

With both Borderland and Valentine in the corner, Aughion looks at the crowd....

Zach Davis: I sense bad things are about to happen!!

Oceb Aughion roars out! He bolts for the corner...

Bobby Cairo: OH GOD NO!!


Crowd: OU-U-U!!

Oceb runs towards the corner and withing a couple of feet away, from the corner, Aughion leaps into the air and crashes right into the two wrestler.

Zach Davis: Holy moly!!

Bobby Cairo: Holy Moly?!?

Ana Valentine bounces off of Borderland, as the Bad Boy crash and hits the mat hard, face first. The small Ana Valentine is struggling to stand up, as Oceb bounces off the ropes and crashes right into Ana Valentine. She flies several feet backwards, falling out of the ring in the process.

Zach Davis: Good grief!!

The crowd slowly murmurs.

Zach Davis: There seems some activity in the crowd, Bobby!

Running, from the crowd, is Cieran McHallen.

Bobby Cairo: Ciran McHallen IS here!!

With Aughion about to pick up Borderland, McHallen leaps up to the top turnbuckle and flies into the air.

Zach Davis: McHallen takes to the air!

As McHallen flies into the air, Oceb turns around and just punches Cieran right in his face, knocking him down, ion the process.

Crowd: OU-U-U!!

Bobby Cairo: Oh my God. All of my years in wrestling, I have never seen anyone do that before. The Turkish Terror just punched a man out of thin air!!

Oceb Aughion just looks down at his handywork, when Ana Valentine comes screaming towards Aughion and jumps on his back.

Zach Davis: Ana Valentine is back and she has jumped on the back of this massive Turk!

Bobby Cairo: She has him in a sleeper.

Oceb is thrashing around, trying to knock off the tenacious Ana Valentine!

Zach Davis: Oceb is trying, but he cannot knock off Ana Valentine!

The crowd roars, as Shane Borderland comes running towards a thrashing Oceb Aughion and he clips the big Turk right in the back of his massive right leg, knocking him down to one knee.

Bobby Cairo: That knee clip just caused Ana Valentine to fall off!

Shane Borderland begin to stomp down on both Valentine and Aughion!

Zach Davis: Looks like The Bad Boy is about to get in his groove!

Borderland proceeds to stomp down and drop a couple of leg across a fallen and groggy Oceb. The Bad Boy grabs for Ana Valentine and kicks her in her kid-section, before nailing her with a devastating ddt!

Bobby Cairo: Now, Shane Borderland is talking smack right in the face of Ana Valentine. He goes for the pin...

Referee Stanley Moser gets into position...

Crowd: one.

Crowd: tw- No.

Zach Davis: Kickout by Ana Valentine!

Shane gets frustrated and slams his hands onto the mat.

Bobby Cairo: This Bad Boy has a temper!

Borderland stands and picks up Ana Valentine. The crowd roars out...

Zach Davis: Here comes Ciaran McHallen!

Borderland just side steps and McHallen flies out of the ring, falling hard onto the ringside mats. The crowd laughs.

Bobby Cairo: This Ciaren McHallen has been non-effective through this entire match.

Borderland grabs up Valentine and hits her with a tilt-a whirl slam across his knee. Aughion slides out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Oh God, Oceb Aughion has left the ring. God knows what he is about to do.

Aughion slinks around the ring and sees Ciaren McHallen struggling to stand up. The massive Turk sees McHallen trying to stand.

Bobby Cairo: Oceb Aughion is barrelling twoards an unaware Ciaren McHallen!!

Oceb crashes into McHallen with a massive clothesline.


Borderland looks at the action, outisde the ring and smiles. The Bad Boy picks up Valentine, but she takes this slight opportunity and...


Zach Davis: Out of nowhere cutter!

Both Valentine and Borderland collapse to the mat. Moser sees both falling to the ground and notices that Valentine is on top of Borderland, he decides to make a pin count.

Bobby Cairo: A non-apparent pin attempt by Ana Valentine.

Crowd: One!

Crowd: Two!

Crowd: Thre-... NO-O-O-O!

Zach Davis: That was close. Shane Borderland barely picked up his shoulder before Stanley Moser landed his hand down for the third and final count,

At ringside, Oceb Aughion grabs McHallen and....


Crowd: OU-U-U-U!!

Bobby Cairo: Aughion just literally threw Ciaren McHallen into and over the ringside steps.

With McHallen halfway out of it, Aughion races towards him.

Zach Davis: Oh God, run Ciaran!! Here comes a freight train!!

Aughion runs towards the slightly dislodged ringside steps and jumps on them and flies into the air.

Bobby Cairo: Surprisingly, The Turk has major hangtime, on his leap!

Zach Davis: AMAZING!!

The Turkish Terror hits a flying clothesline on the Irishman. In the ring, Ana Valentine slowly stands up and hits a dropkick on Shane Borderland.

Bobby Cairo: Another dropkick!

Zach Davis: A third dropkick! This Ana Valentine is on fire!!

Valentine spins around, getting the crowd onto their feet.

Bobby Cairo: Now, the crowd is on their feet!

On the outside, Oceb Aughion grabs Ciaran and hooks him with a double underhook.

Zach Davis: Oh God, not ringside!

Bobby Cairo: He's not gonna do it, is he?!

Aughion picks up McHallen with the underhook and then.....


Crowd: OU-U-U-U!!

Zach Davis: OH-H-H MY-Y GAW-AWD!!

Bobby Cairo: SUFI-BUSTER!!

Oceb grabs Ciaran and proceeds to throw him over the security railing, right into the crowd. Ana Valentine waits for Borderland to slowly stand. Ana gets Shane in a three-quarter facelock.

Zach Davis: looks like another cutter!

Borderland wiggles out and....


Bobby Cairo: GAMEBREAKER!!

Borderland grabbed Valentine around her chest with his right arm, as her left arm rested on his right shoulder. He picks her up and slams her, back first, crashing her down on the mat, as he lands on her. Borderland goes for the pin...

Zach Davis: That's it, this match is over!!

Crowd: ONE!!!

Bobby Cairo: Ana Valentine is NOT moving and Oceb Aughion is too busy with Ciaran McHallen to notice what is going on in the ring.

Crowd: TWO!!

Zach Davis: This is it. Shane borderland is going to win the match!

Referee Stanley Moser raises his hand and is lowering it to the mat...

Crowd: THREE- NO-O-O-O-O!!!

The Madison Square Garden explodes with cheers!!

Bobby Cairo: Oh my God!! Oh my God!!

Zach Davis: Shane Borderland had that match won!

Oceb Aughion came into the ring, at the last minute and crashed onto Shane Borderland with a double axe handle double fist, to the back of his head! The Turkish Terror grabs Shane Borderland and tosses him into the ringropes and...


Bobby Cairo: Big boot of Osman!!

Oceb Aughion walks over to Ana Valentine and grabs her, but...


Zach Davis: Ana Valentine tried to hit her Cupid's Arrow spinebuster, but Oceb Aughion is too heavy for Valentine to pick him up!!

Bobby Cairo: That thunderous boom, everyone heard was Oceb picking Valentine up and throwing her across the ring!

Aughion walks over to Ana Valentine grabs her nearly broken body and...


Crowd: Ou-u-u-u!!

Aughion picks up Valentine into a powerbomb position and nails her with the Bektashi Bomb.

Zach Davis: Oh my, a devastating sit down powerbomb!!

Bobby Cairo: A Bektashi Bomb!

Oceb grabs Ana.

Zach Davis: What now?! She is already been nearly destroyed. He is nearly three times her size!!

Oceb irish whips Valentine into the ropes and hits her with the Big Boot of Osman! The momentum of her being kicked in the face, causes her to flip backwards and landing on her face.

Crowd: HOLY SH*T!!!

Bobby Cairo: Oceb Aughion just broke Ana Valentine in half!!

Crowd: That was awesome!!<clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap> That was awesome!!<clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap> That was awesome!!<clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap>

Aughion grabs Borderland...

Crowd: Oceb is gonna ki-i-ill you-ou!! Oceb is gonna ki-i-ill you-ou!!

Bobby Cairo: This crowd is sick and twisted!

Zach Davis: They paid for their tickets, Bobby!

Oceb Aughion grabs Ana Valentine and proceeds to throw her, like a darty, over the top rope!

Zach Davis: The massive Turk just thrown out the lovely Ana Valentine!

Oceb walks over to Shane Borderland.

Bobby Cairo: Borderland has enough time to get rested.

As Oceb walks up to Shane....



Borderland grabs Aughion around his chest with his right arm, as his left arm rested on his right shoulder. He picks him up and slams him, back first, crashing Oceb Aughion down on the mat, as he lands on him. Borderland goes for the pin...

Bobby Cairo: With just a minute left in the match, Shane Borderlands just nail Oceb Aughion with a massive Gamebreaker!!

Zach Davis: It was just plain amazing that Borderland was able to pick up Oceb Aughion!

The referee slides into the place and begins the pin count...

Crowd: ONE!!

Zach Davis: This could be it!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Bobby Cairo: The Turkish Terror is not moving!

Crowd: THR... NO-O-O-O-O-O!!

Zach/Bobby: WHAT!?!?!?

Oceb Aughion kicks out, nearly tossing Shane Borderland nearly halfway across the ring. The Turk stands up quickly and is shaking mad!!

Bobby Cairo: Oh God!! Run!! Shane run!!

Zach Davis: Oceb Aughion's manager just handed me a piece of paper.

Bobby Cairo: What does it say?

Zach Davis: It says this up and coming new move will be called....A TRIBUTE TO THE GODS!!!

Oceb Aughion quickly sits up and walks over to Shane Borderlands.

Bobby Cairo: There is only 30 seconds left, in the match. If Oceb wants to do something, he better hurry.

Zach Davis: We have two people, on the side of the ring, totally destroyed and now we have a madman walking over to a Bad Boy...

Oceb picks up Borderland and proceeds to pick him up with one hand....

Cagatay Sentürk: FINISH HIM!!

Kyle Steel: TEN...

Aughion chokeslams Shane Borderland to the mat. Cagatay yells at the commentary table...

Cagatay Sentürk: TRIBUTE TO THE GODS!!

Kyle Steel: EIGHT....

Zach Davis: Holy Hell!!

Bobby Cairo: Oceb Aughion goes for the pin!

Stanley Moser goes in for the pin...

Kyle Steel: FOUR...

Crowd: ONE!!!

Kyle Steel: THREE...

Crowd: TWO!!!

Kyle Steel: TWO....


Cagatay Sentürk: WHAT?!

Kyle Steel: ONE.

Zach Davis: Its... a tie?

Kyle Steel: Due to a time limit draw, this is, indeed, a tie! I'm just receiving word that we'll have a rematch next week on Slam... Oceb versus Ana Valentine vs Shane Borderland once more!

Bobby Cairo: What about that other guy? Ciaran?

Zach Davis: Eh don't think we'll see much of him again. Anyway though this was a great match, every competitor besides poor Cieran really proved themself... I'm impressed.

Bobby Cairo: I can't wait to see the rematch next week.

Next Week... He Returns

The jumbotron lights up with the following words...



The crowd buzzes.

Zach Davis: Who could this be?




And an even bigger pop! The crowd is excited as all hell.

Bobby Cairo: Jake Keeton! Wow. I'm a big fan of that guy, believe it or not.

Zach Davis: I believe it. I can't wait... Keeton is truly one of the best, and it'll be good to have him back again.

Machine Gun Joe vs Chris Avery

"Fade To Black" by Metallica begins to play over the area speakers as the crowd goes into silence. The lights dim and the entrance stage fills with smoke as dark red and white strobe lights flicker over the arena. A bright white light shines from the entrance way as the silhouette of a man stands there. Machine Gun Joe walks out from the back and out into the open. He stands there on the stage for a moment with his arms by his side as he looks over the arena getting mixed reactions from the fans. He then walks down the ramp towards the ring. He then slides into the ring and climbs to his feet. He walks around the ring for a moment just before walking over to the corner and looking over the crowd once more. He then turns around facing the center of the ring and begins to bounce back and forth getting warmed up waiting for the match to begin.

Bobby Cairo: Blat! Blat! Blat!

Zach Davis: What the hell?

Bobby Cairo: My machine gun noises..

B.o.B's Beast Mode hits and the crowd begins to boo as Shaun Jackson and Chris Avery walk out from behind the curtain but rather than Tank, it's Creeping Death in a full suit walking behind them. Avery has the Television Championship on his shoulder and walks down the ramp smiling to everyone as if their cheering, when in fact they're booing loudly just as ever. Creeping Death walks around the ring with Jackson and Creeps walks to the announcers table. Avery rolls into the ring and taunts while the music stops and Creeping Death takes a seat at the announcers table.

Zach Davis: What the hell are you doing here?

Creeping Death: Shut up, Zach. Hey Bobby!

Bobby Cairo: Don't talk to me bro. We got nothin' to talk about.

Creeping Death: Here we have one of the fastest rising superstars in WCF! That's Mister Reality Television right there! He's true to the core, that's Chris Avery!

The bell sounds and the match begins with a tie up and Avery getting the upper hand shoving him into the corner. Avery smiles to the crowd and slaps Machine Gun Joe across the face. The crowd boos and Joe grabs Avery by the head and smashes him into the turnbuckle and then gives him rights and lefts to the face and body before irish whipping him to the ropes and hitting a mean clothesline! Avery snaps back to his feet, turns around and gets a scoop slam from Joe! The crowd comes alive as Avery gets to his feet and Joe clotheslines him out of the ring! Jackson runs over and helps Avery get to his feet!

Zach Davis: Wow! Joe just jumped into action on that one!

Creeping Death: But let's not forget that Chris Avery has been defending his Television Championship week in and week out.

Bobby Cairo: Where was he at On-

Creeping Death: And he's a great representitive of WCF and he's a better Television Champion!

Zach Davis: Oh, I've had enough of you.

Avery rolls into the ring and Joe ties him up and pushes him back into the corner. Avery gets whipped to the other corner where Avery uses his ability to jump to the middle rope and back flip back however Joe stopped in place and Avery landed right in front of him. Joe grabs Avery and hits a German suplex! Joe pins!

Zach Davis: ONE!

Bobby Cairo: Two!

Creeping Death: And Avery kicked up because he's a Champion. Champions know where they are in the ring and they keep energy maintained to kick up out of shocking moves like that. Admit it, Machine Joe has never looked so good.

Machine Gun Joe gets up and taunts to the crowds approval and gets to the apron where he walks to the top rope and stands before Avery surprisingly runs, springboards to the middle rope with his left foot and kicks with his right foot to the face of Machine Gun Joe knocking Joe off the rope to the apron to the floor! Avery falls down holding his leg and the ref checks on Avery.

Zach Davis: Is Avery hurt?

Jackson grabs Joe, picks him up off the floor and slams him into the guardrail!

Bobby Cairo: Oh yeah, I'm sure he's hurt.

Creeping Death: Shaun Jackson is a great man! Without Jackson being the adhesive to keep all of us together there would be no gold on our team! He carries out each mission, and each task with a flawless, positive attitude!

Zach Davis: What the hell is Jackson doing?! COME ON!

Jackson is pummeling Joe in the face with a right hand before throwing him into the steps flipping Joe in the air and landing on his back. Jackson grabs Joe and throws him into the ring. Avery gets up as if his knee was never hurt.

Creeping Death: I don't know what you saw, Zach, but Jackson was helping Joe stay in the match. You don't come to WCF, and pussy out and try to get counted out! Come on Joe, you're in a title match, MAN UP!

Zach Davis: God, I hate you.

Avery picks up Joe and hits a Russian leg sweep and then rolling backwards and hitting a leg drop across the neck of Joe.


Bobby Cairo: I can't wait till you leave..

Avery grabs Machine Gun Joe and hits a flatliner and this could be it when the crowd goes crazy as Oceb jumps onto the apron! The ref gets distracted and all of a sudden, Oceb's manager is inside the ring with the Television Championship!

Zach Davis: Cagatay Sentürk is in the ring!

Creeping Death: Hey! How did he get the Television Championship?? That's a prized possession my friend!

Cagatay goes to nail Avery but Jackson shoves Avery out of the way and Jackson takes the brunt of the Television Championship and Cagatay and Jackson land outside of the ring! Avery gets up as Oceb gets off the apron and tries to help Cagatay to his feet but Avery already has locked on the Cobra Clutch on Joe and he begins tapping!

Zach Davis: It's over! It's over!

Bobby Cairo: Avery worms his way out of another one.

Creeping Death: Chris Avery is a well respected man inside of WCF! He has defended his Television Championship once again! See you next week guys..

Zach Davis: Oh no, really? Did he say that?

Bobby Cairo: 2011 isn't shaping up to be a great year at this announcers table.

Oceb and Cagatay look pissed as Avery pokes his head stating he's smarter and Jackson gets into the ring holding his head and Creeping Death raises Avery's arm.

Zach Davis: Here comes Oceb Aughion!!

Bobby Cairo: Didn't he have a match some time ago!?

Zach Davis: Apparently, Oceb Aughion has some issues with Chris Avery!

Oceb Aughion runs into the ring and blindsides Chris Avery.

Bobby Cairo: Oceb Aughion totally caught Chris Avery off guard!

Aughion puts Chris Avery in head claw!!

Zach Davis: Devsirme Claw!!

Chris Avery is squirming around and screaming out in pain. The Turkish Terror puts Chris Avery down to the mat, with The Claw. Oceb Aughion screams out in a horrific squeal towards Chris Avery, as he is squeezing The Truth's head.

Bobby Cairo: He is gonna pop Avery's head like a grape!!

Oceb let's go and scatters out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Oh God, here he comes.

Oceb goes to grab for a mic. Aughion slides back into the ring and crawls towards Chris Avery and says....


Zach Davis: Yeah why!?

Bobby Cairo: Yeah! Why!?

Oceb Aughion: WHY?!?

Crowd: WHY!?!?

Oceb Aughion: Why?! Because I am the only devastating being here in WCF!! There is no room for both This is War and The Turkish Terror here in WCF....

Cagatay Sentürk slides into the ring.

Oceb Aughion: O-OCE-E-EBB-B AU-AUAUGHI-I-IO-O-ONN-N - Payback anda kıçına Ey ait olacaktır!

Cagatay Sentürk kneels next to Chris Avery and says...

Cagatay Sentürk: Oceb Aughion said... At Payback, your ass will belong to O--O-OCE-E-EBB-B AU-AUAUGHI-I-IO-O-ONN-N!!

Oceb Aughion drops to his knees, next to Chris Avery. Aughion bends down and says to Avery's face.....

Oceb Aughion: So says Oceb Aughion, so it must.... be... true!

Blind by Korn begins to play....

United States Title Tournament
Brian Banks vs Adam Young

Slam comes back from commercial break with a sweeping shot of the crowd before the camera switches back to Zach Davis and Bobby Cairo at the announce table.

Zach Davis: It's been a great show so far Bobby, and up next we're going to see the next match in the US Title Tournament.

Bobby Cairo: That we are Zach. The former Captain Punishment, Brian Banks, will be locking horns with Adam Young from the Big Time Jerks.

Highwayman" by the Highwaymen starts playing out steps Adam Young in a long black leather trench coat with a Texas Flag on the back and a black Stetson on his head. The fans erupt chanting BTJ as he starts toward the ring. He stops halfway and throws his arms out in a Raven pose. He once again starts toward the ring with his trademark icey glare. He climbs up onto the ring apron and slides in under the top rope. He climbs up onto the second turnbuckle and the fans roar with chants of BTJ again. Adam drops down and slings his coat off ready for battle and hands his hat to Micheal Nirvana.

"Perfect Insanity" hits the speakers as all of the lights in the arena are turned down. A single spotlight comes on and is pointed toward the stage as Banks steps out from the back to a chorus of boos. Ignoring them, he begins to make his way down the ramp...until his music cuts suddenly. An enraged Banks turns around and begins yelling toward the back as the crowd mocks him.

Zach Davis: We seem to be experiencing some technica...

"Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the PA System as the crowd quickly quiets down. A confused, but still irate Banks, watches as Jay Price calmly walks out onto the stage.

Bobby Cairo: Well we've been wondering where Jay Price was, I guess we finally get our answer.

Zach Davis: Yeah but did he have to interrupt the beginning of this match?

Price begins to walk down the ramp as Banks walks right up to him and gets in his face. Banks begins to yell at Price for interrupting his entrance.

Zach Davis: This won't end well.

Price responds to Banks' yelling by popping him in the mouth with a closed fist. Banks stumbles backward and Price runs at him before taking him down with a clothesline. Back inside the ring a confused Adam Young and Michael Nirvana can only watch on as Price lifts Banks to his feet, places him in a headlock and walks him toward the ring. When they get to ringside Price rolls banks under the bottom rope and slides in after him while Young and Nirvana slowly back away. Price again pulls Banks back to his feet...only to hit him with The Downfall. Price stands back up and grabs the referee before yelling at him to start the match. The frightened referee complies and signals for the bell.


Price climbs out of the ring and looks at Young before gesturing toward the fallen Banks. Young simply shrugs his shoulders and falls on top of Banks for the pin attempt.




Zach Davis: Adam Young gets the win but with a major assist from Jay Price. What the heck is this all about?

Bobby Cairo: I have absolutely no idea Zach.

"Highwayman" begins to play as Young and Nirvana celebrate in the ring, not taking notice to Price as he grabs a chair from the announce table and slides into the ring.


A shot to the back of the head drops Young like a sack of potatoes. Nirvana spins around....


And Nirvana is met with a similar fate as Price smashes the chair into his face. A stunned crowd can only watch as Price tosses the chair to the side and sets his sights back on Banks. Price uses his foot to push Banks body across the ring and under the bottom rope onto the floor before climbing out. Price then grabs Banks by the ankles and begins to drag him up the ramp as the crowd becomes enraged and starts throwing trash at him. Price ignores them as he drags Banks all the way up to the stage and then lets him go.

Zach Davis: What's he...oh no.

Price roughly pulls Banks up by his head and positions him for a powerbomb. Several WCF officials rush out from the back and try to talk some sense into Price. Price ignores them and lifts Banks up....before powerbombing him off the stage!



Price turns around and begins taking out the officials left and right until all of them are laid out on the stage. He takes one last look at the carnage around him and then he leaves. The camera switches back to a very confused Cairo and Davis at the announce table.

Zach Davis: What the *bleep* just happened?!?

Bobby Cairo: I... I don't know what the fuck just happened, Zach. First Jay Price shows up announced and interrupts Brian Banks entrance, then he costs him his match and then to top it off he powerbombs him off the stage. I knew Price would be livid after what Seth said last week, but to take it this far?

Zach Davis: I'm getting word that it's time for a commercial break. Hopefully we'll be getting some answers soon.

This_Is_War Attack

Ingvar leaves the locker room and walks down the hallway and turns the corner notices a janitor who works for the arena is mopping a corner of the floor.

Ingvar: Where is the interview room at? I need to talk to Hank Brown as soon as possible!?

The man keeps his head down, his hat over his eyes and just mumbles.

Man: Down the hall a bit..

Ingvar: Thanks..

Ingvar thinks its a bit shady but turns away and continues down the hallway. The man then takes his mop and smacks Ingvar over the back of the head and breaks it in half!

Zach Davis: WOW!

Bobby Cairo: Who is that?! The Janitor just went crazy!

The janitor takes the broken mop end and stabs it into the ribs a few times into Ingvar! He throws the mop to the side and kicks Ingvar into the ribs to have him sit up. The janitor then kicks Ingvar straight into the head knocking him out. The hat flies off and it's clear who it is..


Day picks up Ingvar and puts him on his shoulders and slams back hitting the Dead and Forgotten right on the cold cement! Ingvar begins choking on his own blood and Day runs from the scene to the backdoor as all of the chaos was heard and This is War empties out of the team locker room and gets to Ingvar. The men check on Ingvar as med personnel check on Ingvars condition. The camera pans above all of them to where Torture is standing still as can be looking down at what D-Day just did. Torture bites his bottom lip gently and then looks off into the distance. We cut to the announcers.

Zach Davis: Well Day isn't as injured as we thought!

Bobby Cairo: In a matter of two weeks I went from hating D-Day's guts for selling his soul to Torture, and now he's back to avenge his lethal beat down at the hands of that same devil. I can't help it but I'm on the side of D-Day! I hope Torture pays for what he did!

Zach Davis: Let's not forget the United States Championship was stripped from Day because Seth thought he was injured bad!

Bobby Cairo: My momma once said you can never keep a good dog down, and Day isn't going to stay away!

We continue on with our next set of matches.

United States Title Tournament
Jason Kash vs Bo Young

We come back from commercial with Bo Young already in the ring in the ring, chugging two beers.

Zach Davis: Welcome back to Slam, and as you can tell we're about ready to get our next match in the United States Championship tournament started.

Young throws the empty cans into the crowd and his music fades as he waits for his opponent.

Kyle Steel: And introducing his opponent...

The faded horn blows through the speakers as it rolls into a beat. "I'm Da Bad Influence" begins to bump through the arena, everyone on their feet as the green smoke begins to seep out of the stage. Jason Kash steps through the wall of green smoke and he takes a few hard hits off a air joint, putting his thumb and finger up to his mouth and then throws his arms up in the air.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds, from Houston, Texas.....Jason Kash.

The fans who came to see him roar in cheers, the others scream out their disliking for Jason Kash. He starts down the aisle as Lil' Wyte raps the lyrics to the music and people bob their heads with the beat. Kash mouthing off the words as he walks down to ringside. He slaps a few hands and climbs up the steel steps as the lights strobe the arena with a green light. He steps through the middle rope and once again takes a few hits from the Air Joint before throwing his arms up just to hear the reaction of the crowd. He bounces a few times and leans back against the ropes ready for his match.

Zach Davis: I must say, I was shocked last week when Kash made his return to WCF. After the way that he left I thought he would never want to return.

Bobby Cairo: People change Zach.

The referee signals for the bell and this match is underway. Both men come out of their corners and Young goes to tie up but Kash slips around him and puts him in a rear waist lock before hitting him with a sleeper slam.

Bobby Cairo: This one could be over quick!

Kash falls on top of Young and hooks the leg for the early pin attempt.

Referee: ONE!


And Young quickly kicks out and rolls to the side before getting to his feet. Kash gets up and the two tie up with Kash gaining control and whipping Young into the ropes. Young comes back and Kash nails him with a knee to the midsection that doubles him over. Kash pulls him in headfirst and then drops him on his head with a DDT. Kash again goes for the pin attempt.

Referee: ONE!



And Young gets his shoulder up before the three count. Kash rolls off him and gets to his feet. Nirvana, sensing trouble ahead, climbs up onto the apron and tries to distract him. The referee walks over and yells at Nirvana while Kash watches. Young meanwhile recovers and hits Kash from behind with a low blow.

Zach Davis: And for the second week in a row Michael Nirvana has gotten involved in a match to help his clients.

Nirvana drops off the apron and the apron turns around in time to see Young pulling Kash to his feet. Young kicks Kash in the gut and goes for the Iced..but Kash pushes him off and into the corner. Young bounces off chest first and stumbles backwards into Kash who hits him with the UTI.

Bobby Cairo: The UTI! This one is over!

Outside of the ring Michael Nirvana is going nuts as Kash quickly goes for the pin.

Referee: ONE!



"I'm The Bad Influence" hits the arena as Kash rolls off of Young and celebrates the victory. Nirvana runs around to the other side of the ring and pulls Young out of the ring.

Zach Davis: And there you have it, Jason Kash is successful in his return to the WCF ring. And now he advances to the next round of the tournament and is one step closer to possibly being the next United States Champion.

Bobby Cairo: I'm excited Zach, I really am.

The show goes to commercial as Kash continues to celebrate.

United States Title Tournament
Doc Henry vs Austin Adams

"Hillbilly Deluxe" by Brooks and Dunn plays as Austin Adams steps into the arena. The fans start a "BTJ" chant as he walks towards the ring. Austin jumps up onto the apron and gets attacked from behind by Doc Henry! Doc clubs Adams into the ring, and the ref calls for the bell.

Zach Davis: What has gotten into Doc?!

Doc keeps on the attack, stomping Adams while he is down. The ref steps in and gets a break, allowing Austin to rise to his feet. Doc, however, argues this and turns, mule kicking Adams in the yam bag while the ref was focused on him!

Bobby Cairo: Doc must have been watching a Ric Flair DVD..

Doc into the pin!



Adams kicks out!

Zach Davis: Yeeeouch, how did Austin kick out of THAT?

Doc reaches into the rights … and waits for Austin to stand.

Bobby Cairo : What is this…?

BLAMO! Right in the nose, Doc had a piece of metal in his hand! Into the pin again!



ANOTHER kick out!

Zach Davis: Austin Adams will not fall to these shenanigans!

Doc, furious, pulls Austin to his feet. He’s basically out, but Doc does more damage with a swift poke in the eyes, and a roll up!



and 3.

United States Title Tournament
Paul Dangerous vs Troy Malenko

“Remember the Name” by Fort Minor hits the speakers and out walks Troy Malenko who stops at the top of the ramp. At certain points in the beginning of the song, fireworks shoot from the ramp all the way across simultaneously. When the first set goes off, he throws his arms back in a cocky manner, knocking the robe off of his body. When the second set of fireworks hits, he starts walking down the ramp, this time without Gravedigger. Troy gets into the ring and waits..

Danger on the Track by Europe. The opening lyric 'Dangeeeeeerrrrr' sounds out, Paul Dangerous comes out from within a massive billow of smoke, choking from the excess amount of smoke. He feigns slappinng the fans hands but then remembers the likelihood of catching diseases from them and so pulls back at the last second. He pretty much drags himself up the ring steps, and on finally entering the ring he lets out his signiture scream of "I....AM....DANGEROUS!"

Zach Davis: Dangerous is in back to back matches here tonight.

Bobby Cairo: And look at Troy! Already going after Paul!

The bell sounds as Troy hits a few kicks knocking Paul to his knees. Troy kicks him in the face and goes for a quick cover but it's only a two count. Troy hits the ropes as Paul tries to get back up but Troy hits a dropkick sending Paul out of the ring! Troy follows him out and throws him into the ring post, then picks him up and drops him jaw first onto the apron! Troy rolls him into the ring before being counted out and picks him up hitting a T-bone suplex! Troy then puts Paul into a headlock!

Zach Davis: Troy is certainly on an offensive prowl at this point..

Bobby Cairo: Notice how Troy has the headlock in the center of the ring. Paul can't reach the ropes to either side of him. That's a veteran-like move!

Paul starts hearing the crowd clap together getting him to a pumped up position as he reaches his feet, and feels the energy! Paul hits an elbow and goes to hit the ropes but Troy grabs him back into the headlock and takes Paul down to one knee. The crowd sigh's and then begins to pump him back up as Paul never wants to give up, Troy demands the crowd to shut up as Paul stands back to his feet and hits a back elbow! Another back elbow! A third one breaks the hold and Paul goes to hit the ropes and Troy goes for a running clothesline but Paul ducks and hits the other ropes, Troy bounces off the ropes as well and both men go for a double cross body! Both men collide in mid-air!

Zach Davis: Both looking for a cross body and now both men are down!

Bobby Cairo: The crowd is really behind Paul Dangerous and you know how that's an advantage here in Wrestling Championship Federation!

Both men are slow to get up and Troy goes for a punch, but Paul ducks, grabs Troy from behind and hits a back suplex! Paul then stands up and claps his hands together and the crowd cheers and Paul hits the ropes, runs over to Troy laying on his back, puts his leg in the air and then slams it down across the neck in a leg drop!

Zach Davis: The Danger Zone! Paul has one move left at this point!

Troy stands up but "stumbles" forward and knocks the ref down! The crowd boo's and Paul looks at Troy like 'wtf'. Troy then stands up and low blows Paul with a kick right to the balls. Paul hits his knees and goes down. Troy falls down and takes a breather.

Zach Davis: What the hell??

Bobby Cairo: Troy will do anything to win, never forget that!

Malenko slides out of the ring and grabs a chair from ringside before going back into the ring.

Zach Davis: What the hell is he doi....

"Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the PA System.

Zach Davis: OH *BLEEP*!

Malenko turns toward the stage and readies himself with the chair.


Jay Price comes from out of nowhere through the crowd and jumps the barricade before sliding into the ring. Malenko hears the commotion and spins around only to get hit with The Downfall as the crowd erupts. Price gets up and Dangerous goes to thank him....and Price nails him with The Downfall right on top of Malenko. Price stands up, a wild look in his eyes, as he grabs the chair and throws it out of the ring. He then grabs the referee and pulls him over for the pin attempt. The referee, still dazed, doesn't even realize Price is in the ring as starts the count.

Referee: ONE!



Price pulls Dangerous to his feet and congratulates him....and then throws him out of the ring. The referee gets to his feet and starts yelling at Price....and Price nails him with The Downfall.


Price turns his attention back to Malenko who is trying to crawl out of the ring. Price grabs him by the legs and pulls him back into the center of the ring before applying the Nightmare On South Street. Malenko begins struggling as Price tightens the grip. Malenko eventually passes out as Price refuses to let go. Several WCF officials rush down to the ring and grab at Price trying to pull him off but he refuses.

Bobby Cairo: Normally I'm Jay Price's biggest supporter, but even I can't stand to watch this.

Zach Davis: Torture has certainly gotten into the minds of these young wrestlers. What the hell is THIS all about?!

Finally enough officials get hold of Price to pull him off. They push him away as medical staff check on Malenko. Price watches as they help him to his feet...and then he explodes through the wall of bodies. Price pushes people left and right out of the way before he grabs Malenko and drops him on his head with a Wrist Clutch Exploder Suplex. Price then exits the ring, a smug look on his face as medical personnel try to revive the unconscious Malenko. The stunned crowd is booing the ever-hating shit out of Price as he walks up the ramp backward, not once taking his eyes off Malenko.

Zach Davis: That...that was too much.

The show goes to commercial as Price disappears backstage.

Jay Price/Tank vs The Consumate Professionals

Zach Davis: Time for our-

Bobby Cairo: MAIN EVENT!

All of the lights in the arena go out, sending the crowd into panic mode. A series of red lights slowly begin to come on, starting around the ring and then moving up the ramp toward the stage. Out of nowhere "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the PA System which instantly draws a chorus of boos and derogative chants from the crowd. The jumbotron flickers to life as highlights of Price's career begin to play, much to the displeasure of the crowd. The booing only intensifies as Price makes his way out onto the stage, his head and most of his face hidden under the hood of a black sweatjacket. He pauses and takes a look out at the crowd, a bit of a grin on his face, before making his way down the ramp toward the ring. Along the way he mockingly attempts to slap a few children's hands before pulling his hand back at the last moment. He finally reaches the ring steps and climbs them, makes his way through the ropes, and then climbs up the nearest corner to the second turnbuckle. He glares around at the crowd, smirking at the boos and chants, before slowly raising a middle finger for all to see. Finally he hops out of the corner and removes his jacket, choosing to throw it into the referee's face rather than into the crowd, before beginning to stretch to get ready for his match.

Fireworks explode on the ramp, and everyone quickly turns their attention to it. Sympathy by Non Divine plays very loudly and WCF fans hate him. Tank Reaper walks slowly out on the stage putting both arms in the air ala Stone Cold Steve Austin. The crowd again boos and disgraces Tanks name in the holy worlds of hell. Tank does not care about the fans any longer. He hates them. Tank reaches the ring, where he pulls himself up onto the apron, and then steps his seven foot body over the ropes. Flashbulbs light from every which direction for the simple fact that Tank is one hell of an athlete to look at. Tank taunts one more time in the center of the ring for good measure. Fireworks explode off the ring posts and Tank's music stops.

Zach Davis: This is a very interesting tag team. Tank is, of course, a former Tag Champ with Chris Avery.

The house lights dim, and the intro to Lynnyrd Skynnyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" hits the speakers. Hushed anticipation falls over the crowd as a spotlight illuminates the stage. Johnny Reb steps out from behind the curtain, his title belt draped over his shoulder, Don Jesus Luis de Guadalupe at his side. A cheer goes up from the audience at their appearance. As the two men walk down the ramp, a cascade of sparks rains down on the stage. The Inveterate Confederate circles the ring, slapping hands with the fans at ringside. Johnny eschews the steps completely; he leaps onto the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckles, perching there with his tag belt held high overhead.

Bobby Cairo: And the current Tag Champs! Dangerous, of course, is already in the ring, recovering after his previous matchup.

Blood and a Siren hits.

Zach Davis: Zuh?

Creeping Death walks out.. smirking.. wearing a referee shirt.

Bobby Cairo: Oh come on.

Zach Davis: Who approved THIS!?

Creeping Death: Seems like Seth has something else going on and he's not really paying much attention to whats going on in WCF right now... so, lucky me! I get to be the special ref tonight for our main event. Good luck, everybody!

Creeps slides into the ring and calls for the bell.

Bobby Cairo: <gobbluth>COME ON!</gobbluth>

Price immediately tackles down Dangerous, pummeling him with lefts and rights. Reb goes to kick him off but the giant Tank grabs him and throws him out of the ring. Tank and Price pick Dangerous up and Tank lifts him up in the Electric Chair position.

Zach Davis: Uh oh..

Price is up top... he flies off, going for a Doomsday Device, but Dangerous avoids it, slides down and rolls up Tank!



NO! Tank kicks out!

Bobby Cairo: Wow! Thought that Dangerous might've gotten lucky there!

Reb is on the apron, Dangerous dives and tags him. Reb Springboards over, Dropkicking Tank in the face and sending him flying out of the ring. Price goes for a Clothesline, Reb ducks it, kicks him and hits a Facebreaker DDT! He then pins Price!



No! Price kicks out!

Zach Davis: CD seems like he's making fair counts... but he knows that Price was gonna kick out there.

Reb jumps to the top and executes a Corkscrew Shooting Star Legdrop!

Bobby Cairo: Reb's moves are always SO impressive.

Reb is firing on all cylinders. He slides out of the ring and waits for Price to stand... then Springboards over and executes a Bulldog! Reb finally climbs to the top and ... hits the Southern Discomfort!


Reb pins him!




CD stops counting.


CD kicks Reb right in the head. He then quickly picks him up and hits a Diamond Cutter!

Crowd: BANG!

Zach Davis: This is a joke.

Dangerous has had enough. He gets into the ring but Tank grabs him and hits a huge Belly to Belly Suplex, sending Dangerous right into the turnbuckle. Dangerous clutches his back in pain. Price, Tank and CD pick Reb up and throw her out of the ring. Price and Tank then pick Dangerous up. Tank throws him to the ropes, then lifts him up in the Gorilla Press position...

Bobby Cairo: What the...

Tank throws Dangerous into the air and as he comes down Price hits him with the Downfall!

Zach Davis: HOLY SHIT.

Price pins Dangerous.


Bobby Cairo: Ugh. New Tag Team Champions.

Tank, CD, and Price all celebrate as CD hands Tank and Price the Tag Titles.

Zach Davis: This_Is_War has just stolen gold. STOLEN it. I don't.... ugh.


Zach Davis: We have a commercial, lets just go to that.. ugh.

Brad Kane Segment

The opening to "I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty flares up, the lights dimming down. Everyone can see a shadow standing in the entry way. Standing in the middle of the entry way is Brad Kane with Megan right behind him. The crowd begins to give him a huge ovation as he stays in the entry way for another few moments, letting all the suspense build. He begins to move his head, looking out into the thousands of fans that are in attendance tonight. More moment follows as he takes a few steps and throws his right arm out into the air, letting out a war cry before walking towards the ring. Many of the fans extend their hands out, looking for some form of contact. Brad slaps their hands as does Megan. When he reaches ringside, he walks completely around the outside of the ring, high fiving more fans. Once he's done walking around ringside, he heads up one set of the stairs and gets onto the apron while Megan follows him in. Brad Kane enters the ring through the middle rope as he heads to the nearest turnbuckle, going to the top. He looks out into the crowd, seeing the cheering fans taking pictures. Brad leaps off and heads to the other side of the ring and proceeds to do the same thing as more pictures are snapped. Jumping back off, he then backs into that corner, leaning against the ropes as Megan gives him a kiss for good luck. As she leaves the ring, he waits while his music fades off.

Bobby Cairo: I'm still mad about earlier, but hey. At least we still have Brad Kane as our World Champ.

Zach Davis: And I guess he has something to say!

Brad Kane: I'm going to make this short and sweet. Everybody is asking me who I'm defending against at the next PPV.... and really, I don't know. I've beaten the best, and it seems like everyone else is already busy. So I'm going to give one lucky superstar their big break. No matter who you are, no matter what part of the card you wrestle on... if you want a shot at me.... if you want a PPV main event.... now is your chance.

No one answers yet.

Brad Kane: Come on! There’s nobody out there who can beat me! Is anyone game enough to try? Anyone?

Silence. No-one answers the challenge.

Brad Kane: I knew it! All cowards, every single-

“With our hands held high, we’re singing whoa-oh, whoa-oh oh...”

“Hands” by The Almost bursts to life over the speakers and a lone blue spotlight focuses on the entrance. There is a few seconds of waiting (clearly for added suspense) and then when a figure walks into the light, the crowd’s collective jaw drops, along with the jaws of Kane, Davis and Cairo.

Zach Davis: I... don’t believe it.

Bobby Cairo: Is that who I think it is?

Zach Davis: IT’S SKYLER STRIKER! Former World Champion and WCF Hall of Famer Skyler Striker!

Bobby Cairo: My old nemesis! Or acquaintance? Or friend, I don’t even know anymore! But he’s here, on Slam!

Striker walks down the ramp, microphone in hand, and he slides into the ring, facing a slightly surprised Brad Kane.

Skyler Striker: You seem a bit shocked, Brad, but I’m betting that’s an act, isn’t it? You don’t fear me. Why would you? It’s been years since I was a somebody in this company. And you... you’re the World Champion, the top dog!

Striker points out the World Title on Kane’s shoulder.

Skyler Striker: Well, I’ve been out of WCF for a long time now. And while there’s a few truckloads of info that I could fill you in on detailing who I am now and what I’m capable of, I’ll save that for later. Right now, the simple fact is that you’ve offered a challenge... and I, as the newest member of the WCF roster, ACCEPT your challenge! WCF Payback, Brad Kane vs. Skyler Striker!

Striker leaves the mic at Kane’s feet and exits the ring with a wide smile on his face. Kane still has not said a word. The crowd cheer wildly as Striker exits through the curtain.

Zach Davis: Unbelievable! Of all the people who could have come down to take on the new WCF World Champion Brad Kane, SKYLER STRIKER is the man who’ll face him at Payback!

Bobby Cairo: That’s a match I’d pay money to see! But actually I'm going to get paid to announce it! I'm one lucky son of a bitch!

And with the biggest shock of the year, Slam fades to black.