Slam Intro
Television Title: Cieran McHallan vs Chris Avery
Kash Finds A Surprise
Oceb Aughion vs Adam Young
JayDee vs Royal
Reb Has Something To Say..
Paul Dangerous vs Anna Valentine
El Guerrero Negro vs Creeping Death
Torture Challenges D-Day
Seth Lerch Say Whaa..
Main Event: Striker/Keeton/Doc/Malenko vs Kane/Reb/Kash/Price

Slam Intro

The intro video is finished and we cut to Bobby and Zach.

Bobby Cairo: Welcome fans to another edition of Monday Night Slam, I'm Bobby Cairo

Zach Davis: And I'm Zach Davis and we're a bit off kilter tonight as last week Seth Lerch was put into a hospital by the hands of Jay Price. While his condition is bad.. well..

Bobby Cairo: Let's be honest, Zach, his condition is he's alive and that's all that matters.

Zach Davis: Big news announcements and we couldn't wait to get live on television to tell you this but as of right now Seth Lerch is still making decisions from his hospital bed. While we couldn't get anyone in touch with him, we're sure tonight can be pulled off without a hitch.

Bobby Cairo: The other annoucnement is better, Zach, tell them about it!

Zach Davis: Alrighty! At Payback, they have officially announced the Hardcore Championship is coming back and it'll be awarded in a Six Pack Challenge match!

Bobby Cairo: Shaun Jackson, Serikaz, Reigns and Hardcore John Thomas are all announced in the match, but which names will also be announced? WCF said they were targeting the Royal and JayDee match as the winner may be a final participant in that match!

Zach Davis: Let's talk more about tonight, Bobby, we have a CRAZY main event! I mean it's big, it's star studded, it's as EPIC as it can get!

Bobby Cairo: Brad Kane leads Price, Reb and Kash to take on Strikers team consisting of Striker, Keeton, Doc and Troy Malenko! Anything and I'm sure everything will happen in that match

Zach Davis: Let's not forget Torture who challenged Day to come out and go face to face with him tonight! Day has been sneaking around as of late, but that ends tonight.. I wonder if Day shows?

Bobby Cairo: I sure hope so! Speaking of hopes, let's all hope Valentine comes out lookin' sexy!

Zach Davis: I'm sure she will, she's going against Paul Dangerous, and Creeping Death has a match with Negro, and JayDee and Royal battle it out, and wow.. What a show! Let's get on with it!

Cieran McHallan vs Chris Avery(c)

B.o.B's Beast Mode nails the speakers and the crowd boo's.

Bobby Cairo: Here we go again..

Zach Davis: I always forget that Chris Avery opens our shows.. what a piece of

Bobby Cairo: Hey, look at this! He's not alone!

Tank leads the way with his Tag Team Championship over his shoulder, and Shaun Jackson walks right behind following by Avery in his wrestling gear with his Television Championship around his waist. Avery smiles at the haters as he reaches the ring.

Zach Davis: Also want to mention that McHallan is in the ring.

Avery steps into the ring and gives his Championship to Shaun Jackson who buffs it and puts it on his shoulders. The ref rings the bell and McHallan rushes Avery who ducks under the wild clothesline and steps towards the middle of the ring. McHallan runs into the corner where Avery runs and puts his left foot on the middle rope and quickly hittnig a stiff enziguri in the corner right to McHallans face!

Zach Davis: OHHH!!! WOW!


Avery gets up as McHallan is out face first and Avery drags him to the middle of the ring. Avery puts McHallans arms over his knees and smiles at the crowd before wrenching the neck back in the camel clutch!

Zach Davis: Welp! God knows it's over now. That's the Lie Detector there folks.

McHallan is out cold and the ref just rings the bell but Avery doesn't break the hold. The match is over but Avery continues to wrench that neck of McHallans! The ref finally breaks it as Tank and Jackson get into the ring and pat Avery on the back. The ref drags McHallan out of the ring as Avery puts the Championship belt around his waist and mouths off a few words at the camera. "Oceb is finished next week! This is REALITY Television right here.. I'm the REAL Television Champion! No one is going to defeat me, baby! I'm the greatest there ever was!" The three of them taunt in the middle of the ring putting their left arms in the air when gallons of red paint fall from the ceilling and completely drench Tank, Jackson and Avery! The crowd pops BIG time as Tank goes to move but slips and falls! Avery trips over Jackson and the three of them can not believe what just happened.

Zach Davis: What the hell was that about?!

Bobby Cairo: Who cares, Zach, that's just hilarious!

Zach Davis: Either way this crowd just loves it!

Avery is bitching as loud as can be as we cut to a commercial.


Kash Finds A Surprise..

Jason Kash is getting his gear together when he notices a card next to his bag. Grabbing it, Kash reads the card out loud.

Kash: Your soul belongs to God, but your ass is still mine! My ass belongs to HIM!?! There is a rapist in WCF hunting male ass? MAN OH MAN!!

The lights go out and a voice is heard.

Voice: The suspense is terrible. I hope it lasts forever.

Kash: MOMMA!!!

The lights come back on and the locker door has a red Anarchy symbol on it. Kash is glad the lights are on and turns towards his door to see the Red Anarchy Symbol. A sigh of relief comes over him.

Kash:'s just that moron...Thought it was serious...

He leaves his locker room slapping the red logo, leaving his palm print on it as the scene jumps back to ringside.

Oceb vs Adam Young

Zach Davis: Alright, fans, just got word that Oceb was behind the whole red paint spilling over Avery and his gang..

Bobby Cairo: Well, it's gonna take a lot of water to get that red paint off! I hope it was red paint!!

Zach Davis: What else could it of been?

Zach and Bobby look at each other.

Zach/Bobby: Na-a-ah. It wouldn't be.

Zach Davis: I don't know. Could it!?

Bobby Cairo: I wouldn't pass it by Oceb Aughion. He has his eyes set on Chris Avery...

Zach Davis: ....and his WCF Television Championship!!

Bobby Cairo: Well, speaking of The Turkish Terror, his match is next!

Kyle Steel an Stanley Moser are in the ring.

Blind by Korn begins to slowly play. As the screahy guitar plays, white thick smoke begins to pour out. Oceb Aughion, followed by his manager Cagatay Sentürk walk out, through the smoke.


Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring, with his manager Cagatay Sentürk, from Ankara, Turkey weighing in at 305 pounds.... O-oceb Au-aughio-on!

Oceb, in his ceremonial Turkish Shaman outfit, stops in the middle of the entrance walkway and holds out his arms. In his left hand is a Turkish Shaman Cresent staff. Lightning flashes around the arena, as lasers flash.

Zach Davis: This Oceb Aughion is hu-u-uge!!

Bobby Cairo: The monster from Turkey is defiantly a monster!! That's for sure!

This place inside my mind, a place I like to hide
You don't know the chances, what if I should die?
(A place inside my brain, another)
Kind of pain
You don't know the chances, I'm so blind
Blind, blind

Oceb and his manager continue to walk towards the ring. The two get to the ring and Cagatay Sentürk holds the ropes for Oceb Aughion. The Turkish Terror enters the ring and walks to a nearby corner and climbs up to the second turnbuckle and poses for the crowd....

I can't see, I can't see, I'm goin' blind
I can't see, I can't see, I'm goin' blind
I can't see, I can't see, I'm goin' blind
I can't see, I can't see, I'm goin'...... BLI-I-I-I-IND!!!

Oceb leaps down and spins around and strobe lights flash. Cagatay Sentürk unrobes Oceb, as the Turkish Terror drops to one knee and raises his staff in the air, as he yells out a Turkish rant.

Zach Davis: Now, it's time for Adam Young.

"Anarchy" by KMFDM starts playing, as the crowd begins to boo!

Bobby Cairo: It was just weird how Adam Young would do something that savage-like towards Jason Kash.

An unidentified person walks down the aisle, with a small piece of paper, in their hands. They give it to Bobby Cairo.

Bobby Cairo: Thank you.

The young woman, that gave Bobby the small piece of paper, walks away and back up the aisle.

Zach Davis: What is that, Bobby?

Bobby Cairo: I was given this note.

Zach Davis: I see that! Was does it say?

Bobby Cairo stands up and grabs for the house mic...


The crowd is divided between shock and excitement.

Zach Davis: I don't know what to say, Bobby.

Bobby Cairo: Well, you knew something was bound to happen. That kind of attack, was not to be brushed under the carpet. He has to suffer the consequences of his actions. Now, take it away Kyle Steel.

Kyle Steel: Due, to Adam Young's arrest, the match between The Turkish Terror Oceb Aughion and "Unpredictable" Adam Young will not take place. So-o-o-o, the winner of the match, due to a forfeit.... THE TURKISH TERROR O-O-OCE-E-EB AU-AUGHI-I-IO-ONN-N-N!!

The crowd is divided with between booing and cheering.

The crowd: THIS IS BULLSH*T!! <clap-clap><clap-clap-clap> THIS IS BULLSH*T!! <clap-clap><clap-clap-clap> THIS IS BULLSH*T!! <clap-clap><clap-clap-clap>

Oceb, with an intense look in his eyes, he walks quickly over to Kyle Steel. The ring announcer quickly tosses the mic over to the Turk. Steel just stumbles back, with complete fear, as Aughion stares with his cold blue eyes. The announcer falls backwards through the ropes, as his back touches the top of the middle rope. While grabbing the middle rope, with his right hand his rear end bounces off the ring apron. Kyle Steel attempts to butt-bounce off the ring apron, but manages to fall off and stumble. Kyle manages to keep his balance by using his right hand, as he touches the ring side area. Steel scurries over to his ring announcer's seat. As Oceb Aughion paces the ring, in a furious huff...

Oceb Aughion: CHRIS AVERY!! HEY, CHRIS AVERY!! How did you and your girlfriends enjoy your bloodbath!?!? Refreshing huh?!?

The crowd laughs and some cheer.

Oceb Aughion: That's right, Avery!! I'm not going anywhere! I'm coming for you and that Television Championship! It's about time, WCF has a champion that they can be proud of!! Now, it doesn't mean that I give a rat's ass of what these people think! It's just a simple fact that you are ruining prestige to that championship. Just because of who you are, you think you have a right to make a mockery of a WCF Championship! That stops now!!

The crowd: Hell yeah!

Oceb Aughion: That's right... HELL YEAH!! You might as well and do the smart thing, like Adam Young did....

Zach Davis: What?! What's that? Stab someone and get arrested?!

Oceb Aughion: The smart thing that Adam Young did was get arrested. He knew he didn't have snowball's chance in Hell going up against me. You have the same amount of chance going up against me!! Now, before I proceed on, I DO want to say something towards Adam Young! Lucky for you, you got arrested, because how I am pumped up for Payback, you would of been lucky getting out of the match alive. You wanna play crazy? I've seen crazy! I've seen my share of psychotic behavior!! Trust me! Over in Turkey, you know what they do with their crazies?!?
they just lock them up and throw away the key!! They don't give a damn!! Just how I feel about Adam Young! He's no longer my problem. Jason Kash, once Young gets released, do everyone a biggie and...KICK HIS ASS!! Everyone in WCF will applaud you for it! Now! With that out of the way....

Oceb walks over to a corner, where a cameraman is standing. Aughion look deeps into the camera, as you can see the veins in The Turkish Terror's bloodshot eyes. His pupils dilate, as he shakes with excitement.

Oceb Aughion: Chris Avery! Bring your goons, your girlfriends, hell bring all of This is War!! It won't keep me away from you or that championship!! You are disgrace! You know it! WCF knows it!! Hell, the boys in the back knows it!! The WCF Galaxy deserves a champion that is way better than you. The way you treat your title defenses are a joke! Do I think you're a joke?! Absolutely!! You don't give a damn about that championship! If you did, you would be a honorable champion! Now, I do have to agree that honor can mean different to other people. But, you sir... DON'T HAVE AN OUNCE OF HONOR IN YOUR ENTIRE BODY!! Come this Sunday, in the nation's capital...Washington, D.C at the DC Ballpark the WCF Television Championship is coming to The Turkish Terror Oceb Aughion!

The crowd cheers, as Oceb walks away from the cameraman and towards to the center of the ring. Cagatay Senturk comes running down the aisle and is waiting on the outside, of the ring.

Oceb Aughion: Chris Avery you're nothing but a waste of space and I am going to do WCF a HU-U-UUGE favor and eliminate you all together! Shine up that championship belt and be prepared to hand it over to yours truly. Because, at Payback, winning that championship will not be the only surprise Oceb will have for The WCF Galaxy.

Zach Davis: Why does Oceb keeps saying WCF Galaxy?!

Bobby Cairo: Galaxy is like the universe. Think about it! The WCF Galaxy?

Zach Davis looks at Bobby Cairo with a blank stare, until...


Zach Davis: Oh-h-h-h. I get it! He's calling the fans The WCF Galaxy.

Bobby Cairo: Wow! How did you get this job again?!

Zach Davis: ......

Oceb Aughion: With all that said... Türkçe terörü Oceb rağmen stand şun Aughion tamamına rağmen öfkeli kızgınlığın aşağısına Tanrı benim tanığım olur as gönderecek!!

Cagatay Senturk rushes into the ring.

Cagatay Senturk: What the great Oceb Aughion is saying is that The Turkish Terror will send down furious anger against all those who stands up against Oceb Aughion....

Oceb Aughion: So says Oceb Aughion....

Oceb Aughion looks around, then looks up and points up.


Bobby Cairo: What the Hell?!?

Zach Davis: That sounded like thunder!!

A loud gush comes from above the ring and a small wave of a red substance comes crashing down on Oceb Aughion and Cagatay Senturk. The red substance crashes of Oceb and Cagatay, as some of it splashes on Zach Davis and Bobby Cairo, which the two announcers act quickly and try not to get hit by the red stuff.

Zach Davis: What the Hell!!

Zach touches the red substance and has a strange and worried look come across his face.

Zach Davis: Um, Bobby I don think this is paint or even food coloring!

Bobby takes his right pinkie finger and tastes the substance.

Zach Davis: Bobby, no-o-o-o!!

Bobby Cairo: HOLY SH<bleep>T!! I think you're right! This isn't paint!

Bobby and Zach look at each other, then back at the ring. Oceb is standing in the ring, with his arms pointing outward, laughing out with a maniacal look across his face, before he says....

Oceb Aughion/The crowd: So it must... be.... true!

Oceb walks back to the cameraman and stares into the camera.....

Oceb Aughion: Get ready WCF! Things are about to change!!

Oceb drops the mic, as Cagatay holds the ropes for the massive Turk as they leave the ring.

Zach Davis: Things are about to change? What the hell does that mean? Change!?

Bobby Davis: I don't have a clue. Who knows! Coming from Oceb Aughion, he is the only one that knows. We'll see at Payback. Now, when we come back from the break... more great WCF action!

The camera fades out, as Oceb Aughion dripping with the red substance, smiles as he looks at his red covered hands. Then shows the camera his hands, as he speaks at the camera...

Oceb Aughion: Chris Avery, get prepared to look like this at Payback.

The camera shows a hand, dripping with the red substance.

Camera fades out.... .

JayDee vs Royal

Royal appears at the top of the entrance ramp with an arrogant smirk on his face. He raises his hands in the air then begins to slowly strut his way to the ring taking in the boos of the crowd. He hops on the ring apron and stares into the crowd for a moment before entering. He then goes to each turnbuckle and raises his hands in the air, then takes time to taunt the crowd before moving to the next. Finally, he goes to the middle of the ring and awaits his opponent.

Zach Davis: We've got a great match here of new faces! Two good looking styles and additions to the WCF Roster!

Bobby Cairo: They better entertain me!

“All Nightmare Long (Shiz mix)” by Metallica hits the loud speakers as green and pink lights flash around the arena. JayDee steps out from behind the curtain, taking center stage. He salutes the crowd before heading down the ramp. At ringside, JayDee pauses for a moment, looking around the arena as the camera slowly circles him 360°. He then climbs onto the apron and ascends the turnbuckle to his right. Left foot on the second rope and right foot on the top rope, he salutes the audience once more before stepping off the top rope and landing inside the ring. The music fades out as he removes the vest and tosses it out of the ring, warming up for his match.

Zach Davis: Oh and the match starts earlier than JayDee expected!!

As soon as the music stops Royal crashes into JayDee from behind. Royal keeps hammering JayDee with stomps and fists to the back but JayDee makes his way to his feet looking unaffected by the shots. Royal runs against the ropes and attempts a clothesline, but it just bounces right off of JayDee, he then runs and attempts a flying cross body, but JayDee catches him and hits a powerslam. JayDee gets to his feet as does Royal, though he is holding his back, and Royal runs at JayDee, JayDee gets a boot up but Royal ducks and hits a dropkick to the back of JayDee's knee. JayDee immediatly squats holding his knee and Royal runs from behind him and hits a bulldog. JayDee gets up and runs at Royal attempting a clothesline, but Royal ducks and kicks JayDee in the back of the knee once again, JayDee once again squats down in pain holding the back of his knee, Royal then hits a russian leg sweep on JayDee, JayDee then rolls on to his stomach. Royal goes to the back of JayDee's knee once again and starts stomping it over and over again, he then hits a leg drop acrossed it and JayDee screams and holds the back of his knee. Royal is stomping the back of JayDee's knee again, even going on his knees and punching it. He then gets up and helps JayDee up then kicks him in the gut and hits a DDT and covers him.



Bobby Cairo: See now this is a great way to start a match!

Zach Davis: They both want to be the new winner in WCF!!

Royal goes right back to work hitting an elbow drop on the back of JayDee's knee. Royal then goes to the top rope and waits for JayDee to get up, when he does he plants him with a missle dropkick and pins him.


Royal goes right back up to the top and waits for JayDee to get up again and when he does Royal jumps off for a flying crossbody, but JayDee catches him and hits a fallaway slam on Royal. Both men struggle to their feet and Royal hits a high elevated dropkick that sends JayDee stumbling back, Royal hurries back to his feet and runs at JayDee who quickly gets a boot up and drills Royal in the face with it. Royal gets back up and runs at JayDee but JayDee catches him and plants him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and pins him.



Zach Davis: Oh I thought that Tilt a whirl would be it!

Bobby Cairo: You know nothing about the heart of a competitor!

JayDee gets up and backs into the ropes and is about to run at Royal, Royal then rolls out of the ring. The referee reaches a 7 count as Royal starts walking up the ramp before JayDee exits the ring and starts to chase him. He gets right behind Royal, before Royal turns around and hits him with a fist that knocks JayDee out cold on the ramp, Royal then drags JayDee towards the ring and throws him, getting in the ring as well. Royal gets up looking irrate yelling at the referee, Royal then goes to the top rope and jumps off with a moonsault, but JayDee rolls out of the way and "The Shinning Star" bites the canvas. Royal gets up holding his ribs and starts stomping on JayDee then helps him to his feet, only to be hit with several right hands and then trapped and hit with multiple trapped headbutts, as he release him Royal stumbles backwards then JayDee rushes Royal but Royal hoists JayDee up and hits a beautiful Spinebuster that Arn Anderson would be proud of and hooks the leg to make the cover.




Bobby Cairo: WHAT A SPINEBUSTER!! Been a while since we've seen one with that much skill behind it..

Zach Davis: Yeah, very crucial point here in this matchup!

Bobby Cairo: Do you fail this bad with the ladies too Zachary?

Zach Davis: What? Shut up and watch the match...

Royal gets up off JayDee and lines him up to soccer kick him right in the balls. The referee tries to stop him but he ignores the ref's plea. Royal runs at JayDee's spread and open legs but as he pulls back to kick, JayDee comes with a quick upkick to the gut. JayDee rolls back and rolls onto his feet. JayDee hurries over to Royal and whips him into the corner then runs at him and hits a Stinger Splash. He then whips Royal into the opposite corner and runs and rams his shoulder into Royal's ribs then does it several more times from a standing position then backs up as Royal stumbles out of the corner JayDee grabs him with both hands by the throat and hits a two handed chokebomb. Demon then lifts Fury up kicks him in the gut and hits a snap powerbomb. JayDee lifts Royal nailing a snap over head belly to belly suplex. JayDee picks Royal up and tosses him to the outside. JayDee goes to the outside and lifts Royal up, but is caught with a thumb to the eye, then slammed face first into the steel steps then rolled back in the ring. Royal then flips JayDee on his stomach and grabs the back of his knee and slams it around the steel ring post. Royal then slides in the ring and slides back out. Royal then grabs the back of JayDee's knee again and slams it again on the steel ring post then slides back in the ring.

Zach Davis: Royal is really working that leg of JayDee's here tonight, how much more can that knee take and how will JayDee hold up not just this week but next week if that knee is injured?

Bobby Cairo: Finally something educational coming from your trap!

Royal picks up JayDee but JayDee rolls him up! One! Two! Kick-out! JayDee almost had him but Royal hits a Royal Mutilation! Out of nowhere! Royal pins JayDee!

One! Two! Three!

Bobby Cairo: And just like that Royal wins!

Zach Davis: Hat's off to both of these two however.. Royal is moving to the Hardcore Championship match at Payback!

Bobby Cairo: Just getting official word here.. Someone is telling me that Royal is infact in.. but JayDee is also being added as well!

The crowd cheers for both of them.

Zach Davis: Wow! Payback is a stacked card now!

Johnny Reb Has Something To Say..

“Sweet Home Alabama” hits the speakers, and the crowd rises to their feet, cheering the sight of Johnny Reb. He steps onto the stage and strides to the ring, slapping hands with the fans on the way down the ramp. Up the steps, through the ropes, and onto the nearest turnbuckle, where Johnny poses briefly, reveling in the screaming adulation of his fans. Hopping down again, he takes a microphone from the ring attendant and paces the ring, waiting patiently for the applause and the catcalls to die down. A broad grin is plastered on his face as he lifts the mic to his lips.

Johnny: Washington, D.C.! How y’all doin’?

That earns him a cheap pop.

Johnny: Great! Me too! This truly is a remarkable place… even if it IS full of politicians an’ lobbyists an’ all other kinds of white-collar criminals… But that ain’t what I came out here to talk about. I came out here to talk about this…

Reb gestures at the Jumbotron, which flickers to life at his command. Images flash across the screen, a brief montage of the Tag Titles Match a couple of weeks ago that ended in Reb and Dangerous’ unjust defeat. The audience boos at the display.

Johnny: I know. That sucked. There wasn’t no reason for any of that. It’s what happens, though, when you underestimate how far a man’s willin’ to go to get what he wants. Of course, I reckon the same can be said for me. I promised that I would get my revenge for that, an’ last week, I did. Things got pretty outta hand, even before the match. I may have let my enthusiasm for the task get the better of me, an’ maybe I said some stuff that was a little bit uncalled-for. Fact remains, though… I put Creepin’ Death down for the three count. One down, two to go. Which brings me to my point.

Here, Johnny’s smile turns smug.

Johnny: See, I been talkin’ to Mr. Lerch. Seems like my contract – an’ Mr. Dangerous’ as well – specifies that we’re eligible for a rematch. An’ what better venue, what more appropriate occasion, than Payback?

Another pop from the audience.

Johnny: That’s right! In just one week’s time, The Inveterate Confederate an’ the Dangerous One will square off once more with Jay Price an’ the man they call Tank. Once more, the Tag Team Championship will be on the line. Only this time’s gonna be different. There ain’t no special guest referee, no last-minute substitutions, no goddamn cheatin’. So shine up them tag belts, boys… they’re comin’ home, right where they belong, to the true tag champs… Johnny Reb an’ Paul Dangerous!

Reb's music hits as we cut to a commercial.

The Dangerous Challenge
Paul Dangerous vs Anna Valentine

We come back from commercial as the opening lyric to Danger on the Track by Europe sounds out. Paul Dangerous comes out from within a massive billow of smoke, choking from the excess amount of smoke.

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is a Dangerous Challenge match. Making his way to the ring from Sheffield, England, weighing in at two hundred and forty one pounds....Paul Dannnnnnngerous!

He feigns slapping the fans hands but then remembers the likelihood of catching diseases from them and so pulls back at the last second. He pretty much drags himself up the ring steps, and on finally entering the ring he lets out his signature scream of "I....AM....DANGEROUS!"

Don't Cha by The Pussycat Dolls begin to play as Ana walks out onto the stage. She then begins to walk down the ramp to pink pyro’s shooting off behind her.

Kyle Steel: And introducing his opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at one hundred and nine pounds...Ana Valllllllentine!

She pauses at the steps to the ring to blow kisses to the crowd. She then steps into the ring bending low to slip between the middle and bottom rope, which incites a chorus of applause from the male members of the audience.

Zach Davis: Best ring entrance ever.

Bobby Cairo: Somewhere in the world Anastasia Petrova just heard you say that and is now crying into her pillow.

Ana's music fades out as the referee begins his pre-match weapons search.

Bobby Cairo: Perhaps we should explain what exactly a Dangerous Challenge Match is to those who are unfamiliar with it.

Zach Davis: Well Bobby it's quite simple. Basically all closed handed hits, eye gouging, low blows or any attempt to attack a wrestler holding onto the ropes will result in an automatic disqualification. Also, there are to be no moves off of the top rope.

Bobby Cairo: Are there any rules about the referee groping the competitors.

Back inside the ring the referee is taking his time searching Ana. Dangerous walks up behind him and taps him on the shoulder, bringing him back to reality. The referee steps back and shakes his head before signaling for the bell.


And the match is officially underway as the two lock it up in the center of the ring. Dangerous gets control and whips Ana toward the ropes. Ana comes back and Dangerous goes for a clothesline. Ana ducks it and hits the ropes behind him before coming back and taking him down with a headscissors takedown.

Zach Davis: And Valentine showing that she can still use her speed advantage even without the top rope.

Dangerous gets back up to his feet and they again tie up in the center of the ring. Dangerous puts her in a headlock and torques the neck.

Bobby Cairo: Such a simple yet effective maneuver.

Dangerous then executes a running bulldog as the male members of the audience cringe at the thought of her face meeting the mat. Dangerous hooks the leg and goes for the pinfall.



Dangerous rolls off but stays on the attack as he grabs hold of her leg and tries to apply an STF. Valentine recovers quick enough to reach out and grab the ropes. Dangerous drops the leg and backs off before the referee says a word. Valentine pulls herself up to her feet and Dangerous waits until her hand is off the ropes before he rushes her in the corner. Valentine sees him coming and ducks out of the way at the last second, causing Dangerous to crash chest first into the corner. Valentine from behind with a schoolboy for the pin attempt.



Dangerous rolls toward the ropes and begins to pull himself up as Valentine approaches. The referee steps in front of her and reminds her of the rules. Dangerous takes his time before stepping away from the ropes. Valentine rushes him looking for a clothesline but Dangerous ducks it. Valentine springboards off the second rope and nails Dangerous with a cross body for a pin attempt.




Dangerous gets to his feet and yells about the rules of the match but the referee reminds him that the rules state no top rope moves, nothing about springboards off the second rope. Meanwhile Valentine positions herself behind Dangerous and when he turns around she hits him with the Cupids Bow. She hooks the leg.




Valentine gets to her feet and celebrates as the referee raises her hand in victory. Dangerous rolls out of the ring and heads for the ramp, obviously ticked off about the loss.

Zach Davis: And there you have it folks, Ana Valentine has defeated Paul Dangero....

Suddenly the lights in the arena cut as a loud alarm begins to ring throughout the arena. The jumbotron then springs to life as words begin to appear, written in blood red lettering.

"The Enigma Has Arrived. No One Is Safe."

The arena then lights up with an eerie blood red lighting as a sadistic laugh is heard over the PA System. Thumbtacks then begin to rain down on the ring and the crowd as Valentine and the referee exit the ring and run up the ramp. Zach Davis and Bobby Cairo grab stacks of papers off of the announce table and hold them over their heads to shield themselves.

Zach Davis: What the hell is this about? Who is the Enigma?

Bobby Cairo: No idea Zach but we'll be lucky if a fan doesn't sue us for this one.

The show goes to commercial as the thumbtacks finally stop falling.


El Guerrero Negro vs Creeping Death

Zach Davis: Well, what do you all say lets get this thing started!

Bobby Cairo: Well Zach Lets!

"Lean like a Chulo" by Down starts playing as El Guerrero Negro steps out into the arena. He starts towards the ring slowly giving the rolling fingers sign. He cracks a smile just before he slides into the ring. He hops up and looks over at the ring announcer. He climbs the middle turnbuckle smiles. He goes to the top and does a backflip of the top onto his feet.

Zach Davis: Well there is the newcomer, El Guerrero Negro! Can he make a big splash in his first match here in the WCF?

Bobby Cairo: Yes that is El Guer...well there is a newcomer here in the WCF. Can he defeat the This Is War member Creeping Death? Ohh speaking of him now.

The lights in the venue suddenly cut to black as the familiar opening to "For Whom the Bell Tolls" plays. The crowd is jacked up and gets louder after every toll. After six tolls, there is silence. Then, the intro for "Blood and a Siren" by Index Case plays. After the little guitar intro, when the song gets intense, a spotlight hits the curtain and Creeping Death emerges, wearing a black hoodie with the hood up. He headbangs with the crowd as they throw up the devil horns, and he does the same back to them on his way to the ring. CD enters the ring by sliding in through the bottom rope. Inside, he walks to the far corner, leaps up and takes a seat on the top rope, awaiting the match to begin.

The referee stands in the middle of the men, then dropping his hand to ring the bell and start the match. The two contestants circle each other and wrap up as they grab each other by the shoulders. The circle around the ring a couple of times before some one starts to make a move.

Bobby Cairo: Well the match up is under way.

Zach Davis: Well I hope this match becomes a very good one, I hope that the veteran CD in this match doesn't just shut out the rookie.

CD pushes back Negro and runs at him and hits a powerful clothesline knocking down Negro hard as CD goes for a quick pin.



Negro kicks out of the pin very quick.

Zach Davis: Well that was a quick kick out. CD will have to do much more damage to end this match. El Guerrero Negro is showing some endurance here in his opening match.

Bobby Cairo: Ok lets get back to the action!

CD gets up with Negro still on the ground, CD with his experience of wrestling, attacks Negro while he is on the ground and hurt. CD just continues to stomp on Negro until he stops and leaving Negro holding his stomach in pain. While Negro is down CD looks at the crowd and starts to chant at the crowd. The crowd reachs by “BOO”ing CD with Negro still on the ground.

Bobby Cairo: Well I guess that the crowd isn't very happy about CD's performance, or just don't like CD at all!

Zach Davis: I think it is both!

As CD's chants start to become taunts he doesn't notice that Negro is getting up and is ready to take him down. CD turns back over to Negro to find him getting hit by a strong spear straight to the gut. CD lays near the top left turnbuckle. Negro climbs the turnbuckle and hits a diving elbow drop. CD takes a couple of kicks to the gut. CD gets up from his attacks, and is almost met with a clothesline but wisely dodges the clothesline pushing Negro to the ropes and Negro runs back from the ropes to be met by a powerful kick to the gut that which stops Negro in his tracks. CD quickly hits a DDT on the hurt Negro. CD goes for another cover.




CD gets up and hits Negro with a couple of stomps to the gut and picks up Negro and lifts him up on his shoulders going for a suplex, but Negro flips in the air and lands on his feet and hits a dropkick on CD sending CD to the mat. CD quickly gets up and is met with another dropkick. CD quickly gets up but this time Negro has ran to the ropes and hits a springboard dropkick. This time CD stays on the mat. Negro picks up CD by the head and kicks him in the gut and runs to the top turnbuckle going for a running neckbreaker, but CD moves out of the way before he is hit, sending Negro to the mat. CD waits for Negro to slowly get up from the mat and runs from the ropes to get a more powerful dropkick but Negro pushes his feet aside sending CD and Negro back to the mat. The two are slowly getting up from their pain. Negro gets up first charging at the shaken CD. He goes for a spear...but CD moves out of the way and pushes him away, and Negro goes in between the top and middle rope and hits the ground hard.

CD takes his time to walk down the steps very cocky like, while Negro lays on the ground in pain. CD picks up Negro and pushes him into the ring as he rolls by the ropes. CD slides in the ring and rolls Negro to where his head is under the bottom rope. CD stands on the bottom rope and supports all of his weight on the bottom rope, choking Negro. The referee starts to count for CD to stop.





CD releases the ropes while Negro holds his throat. CD picks up Negro and hold him up trash talking to his face. Negro pushes CD away from his grip finding themselves face to face on the other sides of the ring. The two men run at each other full force, the two men clothesline each other to the ground the two men are laying on the ground trying to fight the pain and get up. The two are laying on the mat exhausted.

Bobby Cairo: Well CD has shown that he has been a man with experience.

Zach Davis: Well Booby Cairo, he has also shown that he is a dark and evil wrestler with his choking and his taunting.

Bobby Cairo: Well that is just the CD way Zach!

CD and Negro get to their feet around the same time when Negro goes for a wild clothesline and CD picks up Negro on his shoulders and hits the Burning Hammer in the middle of the ring!

Zach Davis: Oh wow!

Bobby Cairo: Count Negro down!

One. Two. Three.

Zach Davis: Creeping Death is victorious on Slam once again!

Bobby Cairo: Well, wait a minute..

Creeping Death picks up Negro again and hits a second Burning Hammer. CD then rolls out of the ring surprisingly not happy still.. He continues walking up the ramp to his own theme music.

Zach Davis: CD is strange..

Bobby Cairo: I'd rather him just leave WCF altogether..

Torture Challenges D-Day..

Kings of Leon's Crawl hits the speakers and the crowd goes RIGHT into instant boo's. Three security guards dressed in uniforms with heavy duty helmets step onto the stage. Torture walks right behind them in an unusual attire. Torture is in jeans and a polo shirt carrying a microphone. His sunglasses beam in the spotlights, his smile shines through like a sadistic son of a bitch and Chris Avery, Tank, Shaun Jackson and Creeping Death walk in a uniform line shoulder to shoulder behind Torture and follow him to the ring. They all step into the ring where the three security guards stand on the side of the ring facing the crowd opposite side of the ramp where as the other This is War team stands on the ramp side. The music stops but it's hardly heard anyway as the crowd is still in full boo effect.

Zach Davis: Notice Jay Price is not with them as I'm assuming he's preparing for the main event next.

Torture: Tonight, you are all witnesses to the real Donald Deruty. Tonight, you are all witnesses to what I stood for and why I did it. Day is nothing more than a little doggy running in a wild pack of wolves. Like I stated three weeks ago, D-Day was NOT meant to be in This is War and I used him like the small pawn he is. He had one job and that was to ensure I was the winner at One. He couldn't even do that and I passed out because there is no way in hell I would ever submit to that hack-Champion Brad Kane. Day has now made himself a silent attack, a knight roaming in the shadows and has taken out Frost and Ingvar..

Crowd cheers..

Torture: BIG DEAL. Who cares about Frost and Ingvar. If they can't hold their own, then I don't want em'! Can't fight, don't need em'! And just like them, I'm demanding D-Day to come out right now and we can settle it in the ring. We can squash this whole entire ordeal right now so I ask Day, no I beg, NO, I demand Day to come out to this ring right now and face me..

Anthem of the Underdog by 12 Stones hits the speakers. The crowd goes wild. Torture turns towards the ramp..

Zach Davis: He's here! Day is here!

The music plays for another twenty seconds before it just shuts off.. The crowd dies down and looks towards Torture and the rest of his gang in the ring.

Bobby Cairo: I guess he's not here.

Torture: Just like I thought. A coward. Day is nothing compared to me. I'm a wrestling god, a giant in WCF, and Day is nothing but a small poodle who wets himself at the sight of someone like me. Day, you wanna fight me right now? Haha! You want me at Payback? HAH??

A camera is out in the garage area and a car is shown on the jumbrotron. The drivers side door is open and the crowd cheers. The license plate reads "DDAY". The crowd goes even more insane as Torture drops the microphone and tells his team to leave the ring and find him.

Zach Davis: Torture is sending his men!

They all leave the ring and Torture stays back with the three security guards in the ring. A camera follows Avery and the rest of them through the curtain and through the back hallways. They find the door and exit into the garage area. They see the car and open the doors but find nothing. Tank kicks the door that was already open clean off it's hinges! They go to enter the arena but the door is locked and they can't get back in. The crowd pops when they find another door right around the corner and that door is locked too.

Zach Davis: They can't get back in..

The middle security guard grabs the helmet off the other one and nails him over the head with it! The other security guard walks over but the attacker picks him up on his shoulders and drops him over the top rope! The crowd is going insane and Torture doesn't even know it yet! Torture turns around and notices only one guard in the ring with him. Torture is slightly confused when the guard rips his jacket off and takes the helmet off!

Zach Davis: LOOK WHO IT IS!?!



Torture takes a few steps and he walks right into a vicious clothesline from D-Day! Torture rolls out of the ring quickly and crawls to his feet and turns around and Day hits a right hand! Another right hand! The crowd is louder with every right hand that connects to Torture! Torture reels back up the ramp and finally Day hits a kick to the thigh, a kick to the midsection, and then grabs Torture and throws him off the side of hte ramp to the cement! It wasn't all the way up the ramp so it wasn't as big of a bump, but Torture hits the cement and rolls around. Day gets down there and ducks a wild punch from Torture where Day puts Torture right on his shoulders!


Day hits it right on the cement and the crowd pops! Torture holds his back and ribs and Day see's the table. He points to it and the blood-revenge-thirsty crowd goes insane! Torture gets picked up and drawn out on the table by D-Day and Day nods to the crowd in approval..

Bobby Cairo: Where is he going?!

Day climbs up to the top of the stage area and smiles.. Day jumps off and hits a FROG SPLASH right through Torture and the table! The crowd goes crazy as Day gets back to his feet and grabs an official with a microphone. Day takes a deep breath and bends over Torture..

D-Day: Payback's a bitch!

Crowd pops.

D-Day: See you at Payback!


Bobby Cairo: Payback is going to be SICK! I can't wait!

Seth Lerch Say Whaaa??

The scene opens up in a hospital, and we see none other than... Seth Lerch.

Zach Davis: Oh wow! Seth!

Bobby Cairo: Is he even conscious?

Seth's eyes slowly flutter open.

Seth Lerch: Ohghg.. hmm... humm. You might think I'm still unconscious from that attack, but actually..

The camera pans to the side to see a bottle of Bacardi 151, Seth's liquor of choice.

Seth Lerch: I'm just an alcoholic!

Canned applause and laughter for some bizarre reason.

Seth Lerch: Anyway, yeah, ever since I've heard I'm losing my job-

Cameraman: You lost your job? As President of WCF?

Seth Lerch: Erm.. uh.. yeah.. well.. I mean.. I'm really injured sooo I can't be an active participant right now. I've had to elect someone to lead in my place, while I recover. And don't think I won't be back.. I'm not going to waste my words right now on the events that took place on Slam that put me here, but... this is about The Future. And who is going to be WCF's authority figure until I recover.

Cameraman: ???

Seth Lerch: Introducing to you, the new face of WCF management... MARK MARKMAN!

The scene switches from Seth's hospital bed to what looks to be someone's bedroom.

Mark Markman: HEYYYY GUUYSS!!!!

Mark is a 24 year old fat kid who loves Wrestling Championship Federation more than anything. The crowd mostly pops as he seems like a lovely kid. Mark is wearing a dirty shirt with a gaming headset still on his head and he begins speaking to the camera.

Mark Markman: You'll know more about me soon enough but let me tell ya a few things! One! I will never leave this bedroom.. I don't have to, my parents give me whatever I want, Two! I will soon let you know how I got into this position, and three! I'm proud to announce that in just a few weeks live on Slam in February we will have Slam! A Night of Champions where every match is going to be a Championship match or a Contenders match! And you the fans will choose the Main Event Stipulation! Could be tables! Could be ladders! Could chairs? Hell, it could be anything WCF has to offer! Well, I gotta go now, but lets get on with the main event!

Crowd pops.

Zach Davis: So what the hell? Mark Markman is our new general manager? And he DOESN'T leave his bedroom?

Bobby Cairo: How bizzarre.

Zach Davis: What about the Slam he eluded to in a few weeks? A Championship Night here on Slam? Things are getting chaotic around here! I love it!

Bobby Cairo: Like I said.. he just seemed bizzarre.

Main Event Tag Team Match
Striker/Keeton/Doc/Malenko vs Kane/Reb/Kash/Price

‘With our hands held high, we’re screaming whoa-oh, whoa-oh oh...’
“Hands” by The Almost hits the speakers to a flurry of blue spotlights focused on the curtain, the rest of the arena in darkness. Skyler Striker emerges on the stage with Doc Henry and Troy Malenko behind him. The three then begin to walk down the ramp.

Zach Davis: We see Striker, Doc and Troy coming out as a team but where is Jake Keeton?

Halfway down the ramp the jumbotron comes to life with a live feed of the backstage area, where Creeping Death is beating the crap out of Keeton. Death lifts Keeton up onto his shoulders and hits a Burning Hammer onto the concrete.


Bobby Cairo: What the hell is that all about?

Striker, Doc and Malenko turn around and try to head up the ramp when from out of nowhere Brad Kane, Jay Price, Jason Kash and Johnny Reb run out onto the stage. A brawl erupts with Price and Kash fighting with Malenko, Striker and Kane exchanging blows and Doc and Reb going at it.

Zach Davis: Somehow I think we all knew that this wasn't going to be a normal match.

The brawl makes it's way to ringside as the crowd is going crazy as they try to keep up with all the action. The referee is yelling for everyone to get in place so the match can start. Doc and Kash are brawling on the outside and slamming each others heads into the guardrail when Reb comes over and grabs Malenko and slams him into the ring apron! Price grabs Doc and backhand chops him right into a stiff clothesline from Kash! Striker kicks Reb in the back of the leg when Kane grabs Striker and rolls Striker into the ring and then slides in after him! The ref looks around and notices BK and Striker in the ring so he rings the bell!


Kane and Striker start going at it as everyone else spills into the ring. The referee goes to call for the bell but he gets knocked out by an errant clothesline by Price.

Zach Davis: And there goes the referee.

Kane nails Striker with a BK Backfist that spins him around, right into Price who hits The Downfall. Malenko comes from out of nowhere and grabs Kane from behind before throwing him over the top rope. Malenko turns around and Kash hits him with a clothesline that sends them both over the top rope. Doc is in the corner attacking Reb as Price grabs him from behind. He spins him around and throws him over the top rope before climbing out of the ring. Reb recovers in the corner and spots Striker still laid out in the ring. He climbs up to the top rope and leaps off with the Southern Discomfort and the crowd goes crazy!He hits it and goes for the pin as the referee finally comes to.




Reb rolls off and stands up to celebrate but it's cut short as Tank Reaper appears out of nowhere and hits him with a big boot to the face. Paul Dangerous runs down the ramp and slides into the ring to help his tag partner. Dangerous knocks Tank over with a clothesline and then goes to help Reb up when Price enters the ring and hits him with The Downfall. Outside of the ring Henry and Kash are going at it by the guide rail, trading shots in front of cheering fans. Malenko turns around to get a spear from Creeping Death and the two begin to trade punches on the mats on the outside of the ring!

Zach Davis: This is insanity. We're a week away from the pay per view and we've got an all out brawl going on between most of the roster.

Bobby Cairo: The #1 Contender was just pinned by Johnny Reb! Brad Kane has got to be certain with himself that he has all the momentum going into Payback!

Zach Davis: Striker and Brad Kane main events next week for the World Heavyweight Championship! So many matches next week, join us live on PPV for Payback! Goodnight everybody!

Brad Kane makes his way up the ramp and surveys the action as Striker finally sits up in the ring. The two have a staredown when Brad Kane taps his World Title sitting on his shoulder and throws his hands in the air to taunt. Striker smirks and mouths the words "It's all mine!" The two continue staring as the show fades out..