You Have Got To Be Kidding Me?
Television Title: Shane Borderland vs Oblivion(c)
Terry Roberts Will Not Be Underestimated
Kash Is The Current Currency
Hardcore Championship: Shumanlu vs Anthony Royal(c)
Day Has To Pay Up In Kash!
The Words From The South
United States Championship: Ana Valentine vs Doc Henry(c)
Tag Team Championship: Troy & Gravedigger vs Jay Price(c) and Tank Reaper(c)
World Championship: 30 Min. Iron Man Match - Creeping Death vs Brad Kane(c)

Monday Night Slam Intro

The camera pans around the very hot crowd whose poppin' like sons of bitches and the fireworks begin to go off!



Kyle Steel: Fans of the Wrestling Championship Federation.. please allow me to introduce to you the special guest announcer for this evening.. from WEST SIDE CHICAGO..



Luscious Jackson steps out from behind the curtain in a full on suit and stands on top of the stage. The crowd goes apeshit nuts as he continues walking down the ramp high fiving each and every fan near the railing. He walks around the ring slapping five with everybody and gets to the announcers table where a very estatic Bobby Cairo and Zach Davis greet him. Jackson sits on the left of Zach Davis and the three men sit down.

Zach Davis: HELL YEAH! Jackson was the surprise! I love it!

Bobby Cairo: Welcome back buddy!

Luscious Jackson: Thanks guys. It's a tremendous honor that Markman and WCF staff got a hold of me and let me come back for one night! I just want to let all the fans know I haven't forgotten about them and while I'm persuing other business ventures right now, I still call WCF my home! I'm excited for tonight!

Zach Davis: As you should be Jackson because tonight.. OHHHH MAN! We got a World Heavyweight Championship being decided in a thirty minute Iron Man match! Creeping Death and Brad Kane.. we've all talked about Tort and Logan, Cradle and Mad Dogg, but no rivalry, and I mean NO rivalry is as intense as it gets with Creeps and Brad Kane.

Luscious Jackson: Since Wrestling Championship Federation opened it's doors, two blood thirsty youngin's stepped in and scrapped with each other for years.. and I've been a witness to it since the start, Zach so I can attest that those two will be going at tonight in full force!

Bobby Cairo: Tag Team Champions Jay Price and Tank Reaper are defending against Troy Malenko and Gravedigger in what has to be a big match up!

Zach Davis: You can't disspell the bad blood that's been in the viens of Price and Gravedigger as of late, and certainly throwing Tank and Troy into the mix on a Championship night is just asking for madness!

Bobby Cairo: Hardcore Championship match gets defended in the back room!

Luscious Jackson: I've seen thousands of Hardcore Championship matches but I can certainly tell you tonight is going to be one of the best.. Shumanlu is a MONSTER, and our current Champion isn't a pussy either! Ops! Did I just say that?

Zach Davis: Jackson! I've missed you, I love you bro! AWHHHH I'm soo excited! We have a United States Championship match and a Television Championship match as well!

Bobby Cairo: Tonight is going to be huge.. HELL! It already is! Luscious is with us!

Luscious Jackson: Thank you, thank you!

You've Got To Be Kidding Me...

The Struggle Within by Metallica hits. The crowd fucking ERUPTS.

Zach Davis: HERE WE GO!


Luscious Jackson: REALLY? YES! YES! YES!

And out steps...

Rick Mad.

Zach Davis: What the-


Bobby Cairo: Figures.. God damn it!

Rick is even dressed as Logan. He has on some kind of hair cap that makes his hair look Logan-ish, and also Logan's classic attire of camo pants and a tank top. He walks to the ring, all Logan-ish. He gets into it and grabs a mic. The fans are still booing like mad. Rick looks around.

Rick Mad: SHUT...

This only infuriates them more.

Rick Mad: ....UP!


Zach Davis: A classic Logan catchphrase, for you viewers that don't know.

Bobby Cairo: ...I'm pretty sure everyone already knows that, Zach...

Rick Mad: Look, you poodles, I'm out here to say one thing-

The Struggle Within plays again and the crowd ERUPTS!~~! again.

Zach Davis: CAN IT BE!?

Nope. Out comes Cryboy McEmo, also dressed in Logan garb. He has a crew cut and is wearing plain black trunks, another classic Logan attire. He walks to the ring and grabs the mic from Rick.

Cryboy McEmo: SHUT...


Cryboy McEmo: ...UP!


Cryboy McEmo: I'm gonna be honest about my feelings. No one pays attention to me. So I thought I'd dress like Logan and get some attention for once. Maybe mom would finally talk to me and maybe dad would think I was actually a man and not some kinda faggot. But then here you are.. stealing what I was gonna do! It just makes me... so... angry...

Cryboy hits Rick with some ineffectual punches. Rick shrugs them off and throws Cryboy to the ropes... and then puts him in a Sleeper!..

Zach Davis: CONNECTOR!

Cryboy gets out of it. He spins around and grabs Rick in a Sleeper.

Bobby Cairo: CONNECTOR!

But Rick shoves Cryboy off! Cryboy bounces off the ropes and Rick puts him in a Sleeper once more!


Eventually Cryboy goes down. He's seriously asleep. Rick can't even execute the move fully, and he gets so bored with it that he seems to pass out too.

Bobby Cairo: Was Rick Mad drunk?

Zach Davis: Probably.

Bobby Cairo: Well, security is going to clear the ring, and lets just keep going with Slam here I guess...

Luscious Jackson: Rick Mad will always be a horrible footnote in the history of Wrestling Championship Federation.. what a shame too, as he was certainly one of the staples for so long!

Television Championship
Shane Borderland vs Oceb(c)

As the lights dim throughout the arena, red strobe lights start shining everywhere as the sound of "Miracle" by Nonpoint blairs through the arena. Shane Borderland comes out behind the curtain stops wen he reaches the top of th ramp and looks throughout the crowd. He starts walking down the ramp looking side to side at the crowd. He jumps up on the apron, goes through the middle rope and hops up on the turnbuckle and extends his arms ( like AJ Styles).

The lights go out. In the name of God by Slayer begins to play, as the thunderous combination of the guitars, bass, and drums explode through the arena's speakers. There are a mixture of cheers and boos, more cheers than boos. The crowd stands onto their feet and rush toward the security railings. Oblivion slowly slinks out to the entrance stage low to the ground, as the 1st Mariner Arena explodes with cheers and some boos. Oblivion has it's arms extended outward, with it's index fingers pointing. As the guitar solo begins, lasers flash throughout the arena. Thunder-like sounds rattle the arena, as lighting strike-like sounds shake the foundation of the 1st Mariner Arena, as the music continues. Oblivion slowly stands up, with it's arms extended outward, spins around. Several members of The Gathering begin to slink out, what seems like from out of nowhere. As Oblivion gets to ringside, It pops it's neck, as Oblivion holds it's arms outward. The Gathering continues to slink around, tormenting the crowd, nearby. Oblivion proceeds to slide under the ring ropes and is walking over to a corner. It climbs up to the second turnbuckle and is raising it's arms to an mostly cheering crowd. Oblivion jumps down and walks over to the center of the ring. The Gathering slither away under the ring, with blood on their hands. Several thousand cameras flash throughout the arena, as Oblivion strikes a muscular pose.

Both champion and challenger back into their respective corner as WCF Announcer Kyle Steel steps into the center of the ring, microphone in hand.

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WCF Television Championship. Introducing first the challenger, weighing in at 248 pounds, Shane Borderland.

Some heat from the crowd.

Kyle Steel: And introducing his opponent, weighing in at 295 pounds, he is the WCF Television Champion, Ooooooooooblivion.

Slight pop from the crowd.

Bobby Cairo: This should be an interesting match up. Both competitors favor the technical style of wrestling, and neither are afraid to trade punches.

The referee signals for the bell...


...and this match is underway.

The two both move in and go to a collar and elbow tie-up and struggle for control. The larger Oblivion gains an advantage and knees Borderland in the stomach. Oblivion whips Borderland into the ropes. Borderland ducks a clothesline attempt, shoots off the ropes and hits a clothesline of his own. The blow staggers Oblivion but he remains on his feet. Borderland ties up with him again and this time gets the advantage with a kick to the midsection. Borderland follows up with a few stiff chops to the chest before whipping him into the nearby corner.

Bobby Cairo: And the challenger is just taking it to the Television Champion.

Borderland charges Oblivion but he gets the boot up at the right moment and catches Borderland in the jaw. Borderland is stunned momentarily and Oblivion moves in with a running clothesline. Oblivion doesn't let up as he pulls Borderland up and knocks him back down with a vicious short arm clothesline. Oblivion falls on top of him for the pin attempt.



And Borderland gets his shoulder up before the two count. Oblivion pulls him back to his feet and shoots him into the ropes. Borderland comes back and Oblivion puts him into a sleeper hold.

Zach Davis: And there is Oblivion showing off some of those technical skills you mentioned earlier Bobby.

Borderland starts to fight out of it but Oblivion tightens the grip and Borderland slowly starts to fade. The referee checks on him and raises the arm. He lets go and the arm flops down.

Bobby Cairo: Shane is fading quickly.

The referee raises it again and lets go. It again flops down.

Bobby Cairo: This could be it here...

The referee raises the arm for a third time and lets go. It starts to come down...

...AND THEN BORDERLAND PUTS IT BACK UP! Borderland is slowly getting fired up as he gets his arms up under Oblivion's and begins to pry them loose. He gets himself free and then throws an elbow into Oblivion's gut. Oblivion doubles over and Borderland quickly plants him with a ddt. He rolls him over and goes for the pin.




And Oblivion gets his shoulder up to a huge pop from the crowd! Borderland rolls off and gets to his feet. Oblivion slowly gets up as Borderland moves in and places him in another rear grapple. Borderland snaps off a bridging german suplex for another pin attempt.




And Oblivion again kicks out. Borderland grabs the legs and quickly goes for a jacknife pin attempt.




Again Oblivion kicks out. Borderland rolls off and kicks the bottom rope in anger. Oblivion gets back to his feet and Borderland hits him with a knee to the gut before positioning him for the GameBreaker. Borderland goes to lift him up..AND OBLIVION NAILS HIM WITH AN ELBOW TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD. Oblivion lands on his feet and grabs Borderland before shooting him into the ropes. Borderland comes back and Oblivion drops him with The Black Hole. Oblivion with the pin attempt.




And Borderland gets his shoulder up.

Bobby Cairo: Wow what great back and forth action by these two.

Oblivion steps back and stalks Borderland as he slowly gets to his feet. Borderland is up, he turns around...AND OBLIVION SNAPS OFF THE CHECK OUT TIME.

Zach Davis: Damn what impact from that kick.

Oblivion goes for the pin attempt.




And Borderland kicks out at the last possible second!


Oblivion rolls off of Borderland and sits up with a look of confusion on his face.

Zach Davis: Oblivion is asking the same question.

Oblivion looks up at the referee who confirms the two count. Oblivion gets to his feet and pulls Borderland up. Oblivion goes to pick up Borderland for the 5150...BUT BORDERLAND COUNTERS IT WITH A DDT!

Bobby Cairo: What a counter!

Borderland grabs Oblivion by the head and pulls him up before kicking him in the gut and pulling him into the powerbomb position. He signals to the crowd...AND NAILS THE VERTICAL LIMIT! Borderland with the pin attempt.




"Miracle" hits the speakers as Borderland rolls off of Oblivion with a look of pure exhaustion on his face. The referee helps him to his feet and raises his arm in victory as he hands him the TV Title. Borderland tiredly walks over to the corner and climbs up to the second turnbuckle as he raises the belt over his head. The show goes to commercial with a wide of Borderland in the corner and Oblivion still out cold in the background.

Zach Davis: We have a NEW Television Champion!?

Bobby Cairo: Oh man! This is just getting crazier and crazier!

Luscious Jackson: We all know Oblivion.. he isn't done with Borderland!

Terry Roberts Will Not Be Underestimated!

Lacuna Coil's "Swamped" blares through the house speakers. Fans stand to attention, filling with anticipation of what is coming next. The house lights all beam onto the entranceway as the crowd waits with near baited breath, but no one comes out. Just as they start to think that the sound crew either made an error, or surmise what other possible misshap just took place a small section near ringside starts making a commotion. All eyes in the building turn towards the section just in time to spot Terry Roberts hopping over the barricade rail and into the ringside area. a small buzz of cheers starts to swell, no one really sure to cheer or jeer the newcomer as he has yet to show which side he is on. He is carrying a steel guitar, painted black with two red circles on the main body in half moon designes. Terry passes by several fans looking for high fives and climbs into the ring. He's carrying a black dufflebag with the words "fight or die" in red lettering stitched into the bag. Once he gets a mic from one of the ring attendants, the song dies down as does the crowd as they wait to hear what the newcomer has to say. Terry surveys the crowd, his face painted in a weird, almost animal like design on colors of white, black, and green. He lifts the mic to his lips and lets the whole arena know the purpose behind his surprise appearance

Terry: Here i stand. in Virginia, in the middle of Night of champions. I figured, on a night dedicated to the reigning title holders and their top contenders, with all of World Championship wrestling, both in the locker room, and all you fans here tonight, and watching on tv, that this would be as good a night as any to make my presence fel,t and make an impact the likes no one might ever have seen."

Terry unzips the black duffle bag, pulling out a greyish metallic glove, a gauntlet. Terry holds up the steel gauntlet for all to see. He stares at it for a moment as, building up the anticipation. Staring at the glove as if looking at a rare piece of treasure Terry resumes his speech

Terry ="What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is called a gauntlet. Throughout history, a gauntlet, in certain contexts, has many meanings for its purpose. Mostly as a form of punishment, or rite of passage. Tonight, this gauntlet i have in my hand it to make a clear and unquestionable statement. For tonight, i do what might very well be a first, and if not, most certainly very well unheard of thing."

Terry picks up the duffle bag and throws it out of the ring. Holding up the steel gauntlet for the crowd to gaze upon again Terry sets to make his announcement

Terry = "I stand here tonight to make a challenge. to every one in the locker room. Whether you be champion, or contender. i issue to each and every single one of you, any willing, to a match. *in shrill voice* But Terry, that is nothing new, everyone does that! *back to normal voice* and you are right. It's an age old challenge made from the beginning of time, even today as i stand here in front of you all, and will probably happen till the end of time. Every hot shot newbie, or self thinking vet who feels they deserve it, makes challenges each and every day.

Terry lowers the gauntlet, Staring at it once more with a grin on his face that tells the crowd that something big is about to happen. Terry scans the crowd, wondering if they have any idea about how he is about to shake things up, his smile gets bigger as he lifts the mic to resume his challenge

Terry =" So, i'm gonna do something different with my challenge. Set myself apart from the rest of the pack, and really get everyones attention.Tonight, i make an open challenge the likes no one might have ever heard of. Tonight, i make a challenge to any brave enough to accept it. My challenge is this

At that, Terry tosses the steel glove a few inches away from him. in a literal display of throwing down the gauntlet, he looks at the crowd with a smug expression as the they watch on.

Terry =" So, i just laid down the challenge to face anyone who wants to accept it. that much i have made perfectly clear, your probably sick of hearing it, but i repeat this for a reason. Because here is the catch, ladies and gentlemen. Anyone who comes down, and picks up this gauntlet, and accepts my challenge.

Terry pauses for effect. The crowd murmures in anticipation, but he laughs inside knowing they have no idea the bomb he is about to drop, one that he hopes will shake things up right down to the foundation of WCF. He lets the crows stew for a moment before letting them off the hook and dropping said bomb

Terry = "They accept My challenge. I let THEM pick the type of match it be, or any stipulation they want

The crowd lights up, some cheers ring out but most try and wrap their minds around this proclaimation. Terry lets the words, and potential possibilities, sink in before continuing on

Terry =" That is right folks. I just threw down the gauntlet, making the open challenge. If anyone dare come down, pick up this gauntlet, thus accepting my open challenge, THAT PERSON will get to name the match, or the stipulation, for the match against me. Who would not accept such an open challenge, when i have so willingly, and freely, stacked the proverbial deck in favor of my opponent? So let the count down begin. Let us see who the real baddasses of World Championship federation be, and who the cowards are. It's time to step up, and seperate the men who belong here, from the girls who don't!

As the crowd fills with anticipation of whom might accept this unique challenge, and buzz about the unheard of stipulation of the challenge. Terry goes to exit when the jumbotron lights up.

Wyatt Nolan: Hey Terry.. Why don't you just shut up! You wanna make challenges, then get this! At Till Death Do Us Part lets step inside the ring together and duke it out! IN A STRAP MATCH!

The crowd pops.

Wyatt Nolan: See you at the Pay Per View.. if you make it that far!

The crowd pops one more time as Terry smiles as someone has accepted his mighty challenge.

Kash Is The Current Currency

Backstage you see Jason Kash standing inside of a bathroom stall. He's smoking on a joint that is pretty much finished and he drops it into the toilet before pulling down on the lever. He steps out of the stall and almost walks right into Donald Deruty or D-Day as most know him. The two men lock eyes and Kash's mouth lifts into a half grin smile. Kash steps by Day, bumping him in the shoulder as he heads towards the door. Day turns around and speaks out towards Kash.

Donald Deruty: Excuse me? You have a problem?

Turning around, Jason Kash looks at D-Day. Tilting his head, almost in surprise that D-Day would even have said anything to a simple shoulder bump. Kash makes a few steps towards Day and then stops.

Jason Kash: I don't think you need anymore enemies do you? Listen Donald, I'm going out to the ring to make a very important announcement. If you want some like the old sane goes...Come get some alright Donald?

Donald Deruty: Okay, fine! I'll come get me some then, people will know that you can't just walk over me like some chump!

Kash laughs and leaves the bathroom as D-Day looks angry at the bathroom door.

Hardcore Championship Match
Back Room Brawl
Shumanlu vs Anthony Royal(c)

We come back from commercial with a shot of Shulmanu walking down the hallway.

Zach Davis: Up next we have Shulmanu vs Royal in a Back Room Brawl match for the WCF Hardcore Title. Bobby why don't you tell those of us who aren't familiar with this type of match what the rules are.

Bobby Cairo: Well there are none. No rules, no refs, no pinfalls or submissions. It's just two guys beating the crap out of each other in an attempt to be the first one to leave the room.

Shulmanu stops in front of a doorway and looks at the sign hanging on it.

The Back Room

Shulmanu chuckles and then yanks the door open. He steps inside and looks around for Royal.

Bobby Cairo: This back room looks shockingly similar to a boiler room.

Zach Davis: Yeah but the "big shots" up in Connecticut trademarked the name Boiler Room Brawl.

Luscious Jackson: Damn white man always holdin' us down!

Royal appears from out of nowhere behind Shulmanu with a kendo stick in hand. He smashes it across his back and then tosses it off to the side before pushing the big man up against a wall. He then opens up a nearby closet door and pushes Shulmanu inside. Shulmanu sticks his arm out to keep the door from closing and Royal slams the door on it. He goes to do it a second time when Shulmanu drives his shoulder into the door, sending Royal backward into a wall. Shulmanu grabs Royal by the throat and pulls him off the wall, only to slam him back against the wall. He goes to do it again when Royal reaches up and rakes the eyes. Royal follows that up with a low blow that doubles over Shulmanu, and then grabs a nearby mop handle and smashes it over his back.

Zach Davis: And Anthony Royal is just taking it to Shulmanu.

Royal tosses the broken handle to the side and then looks around for another weapon. That's when he spots the six pack of beer bottles sitting on a nearby table. He grabs one, pops the top, takes a swig and then blasts Shulmanu over the top of the head with the bottle. Little bits of glass fly all over the place as Shulmanu drops to his hands and knees, blood beginning to drip to the floor. Royal turns and walks toward the door, a bit of a smirk on his face.

Bobby Cairo: And this match might be over already.

Zach Davis: But look at Shulmanu Bobby...

Shulmanu stands up and places his hand on his head, feeling the spot where he was cut open. He brings his hand down and stares at the blood before letting out a hellish scream. He charges at Royal who in turn takes off running toward the door. He reaches it, pulls it open and tries to leave but Shulmanu grabs him and pulls him back before slamming the door shut again. Shulmanu grabs Royal and whips him into the closed door. Royal stumbles back and Shulmanu grabs him by the back of the head before ramming him into the door. Shulmanu goes to do it again and Royal fights back with an elbow to the face. And then a second elbow. Shulmanu's grip is released and Royal nails him in the face with a spinning heel kick. Shulmanu stumbles back and Royal drops him to the concrete floor with a dropkick. Royal gets back up and looks toward the door, and then back at Shulmanu. Then he looks over at a nearby table propped up against the wall.

Zach Davis: And it looks like Royal isn't done just quite yet.

Bobby Cairo: But if he were smart he'd leave now and get the win.

Royal opts to go for the table and he carries it closer to Shulmanu before setting it up. Royal pulls him to his feet and goes for a belly to belly suplex but Shulmanu powers out of it. Shulmanu with a big right to the head of Royal. Royal responds with a right of his own but Shulmanu blocks it and delivers a knee to the midsection. Shulmanu then grabs him and tosses him to the side with ease as he heads for a nearby ladder. He grabs it and turns around only to be met with a broomstick to the midsection. Shulmanu drops the ladder as Royal catches him in the chest with another shot from the broomstick. Shulmanu is stumbling a bit and Royal smashes it over his head.

Zach Davis: What will it take to knock this man down?

A rather perplexed Royal watches as Shulmanu stays on his feet, although a tad on the wobbly side.

Bobby Cairo: Anthony Royal seems to be wondering the same thing.

Royal grabs the ladder from the ground and uses it as a battering ram, slamming it into Shulmanu's gut. The big man doubles over and stumbles backward as Royal runs up and nails him with a knee lift. Shulmanu still on his feet as Royal unloads with a series of chops to the chest. Royal then with a spinning heel kick to the head. Shulmanu looks out on his feet as Royal backs up and runs at him looking for the Royal Mutilation.

Zach Davis: This could do it!

Royal leaps up looking to hit it....AND SHULMANU CATCHES HIM MIDAIR.

Bobby Cairo: What was that Zach?

Shulmanu seems to smile for a split second before he slams Royal to the ground with a spinebuster. Royal rolls on the ground in pain as Shulmanu looks over at the exit on the other side of the Back Room. He heads for it when a beer bottle nails him in the back. He turns around and Royal throws another one that hits him in the chest. Shulmanu looks annoyed as he runs back at Royal, who gets to his feet and throws another bottle. Shulmanu ducks it and tackles Royal into a wall. Shulmanu then wraps his hand around Royal's throat and pins him against the wall.

Zach Davis: Things aren't looking good for the Hardcore Champion...

Royal from out of nowhere with a kick to the crotch. Shulmanu releases his grip and backs off. Royal runs at him looking for the Royal Mutilation...BUT SHULMANU LIFTS HIS HEAD AND SPITS A GREEN MIST INTO HIS FACE. Royal stumbles blindly into Shulmanu's Feed The Gods. Royal is left in a bloody heap as Shulmanu gets to his feet and heads for the door. He takes one last look at Royal and then pulls the door open before walking out into the hallway, where a waiting referee hands him the Hardcore Title and raises his arm.

Zach Davis: And there you have it, we have a NEW Hardcore Champion.

Bobby Cairo: And I feel bad for the guy who tries to challenge him for that belt.

Royal hits a lighttube over Shumanlu's back! The title drops out of his hands and Royal picks it up and spits on it and drops it on Shumanlu.. Royal shoves the ref down and walks down the hallway. Royal yells out "YOU'LL BE MINE AGAIN!"

Luscious Jackson: Seriously, these white guys are CRAZY..

Day! Pay Up In Kash!

Smoke begins to flow out of the stage as "I'm Da Bad Influence" begins to thump through the speakers around the arena. Jason Kash dressed in a DangerTainment T-Shirt, some baggy jeans steps out from the back. He has what appears to be a rolled up T-Shirt that he has around the back of his neck. The crowd gives their usual mixed reaction. He stops at the middle of the stage and hits on his air joint twice and then raises his arms above his head, the rolled up T-Shirt in on hand as the entire audience erupts. He heads down the aisle way to ringside and jogs up the steel steps, stopping at the top step and looking around the arena at the fans. He pops onto the middle rope, bouncing into the ring and once again hits his finger and thumb, taking a hit off the air joint and raises his arms up high as he leans against the ropes. The fans erupt once again as he walks over and reaches outside the ropes, grabbing the microphone from the ring announcer. The crowd calms down as Kash speaks into the mic.

Jason Kash: I know I'm not suppose to be here tonight, I know I'm not booked to compete on Night Of Champions or whatever this "Special" show is called. Guess what though? That doesn't mean I can't show my face and speak on some things. First off let me start this off by saying that from this point on...The Jason Kash that you all thought you knew? He's not going anywhere! Things might slightly change but that just means bad things from everyone who bothers to step in my path. My goals? They are simple...I WILL become a WCF singles Champion! Which championship will it be? Which Champion has to worry about me coming after them? Well that really doesn't matter to me because anywhere you put me I will get the job done. So Mark Markman, line them up and I will earn my spot. I will earn my shot at a Championship, I won't just stumble into it like most of the people here tonight who were handed shots by the fans vote. Now as for next week...

"Anthem of the Underdog" plays in the speakers. The lights are dim.The lights flash on to D-Day walking out to the top of the ramp. The crowd goes bonkers as D-Day heads down the aisle way straight towards the ring. Kash being interrupted doesn't look too happy. Having invited D-Day down here to "Get Some" was something he never thought he'd actually do. D-Day slides into the ring and leaps up onto his feet and Kash backs off as D-Day grabs another mic from the ring announcer.

Donald Deruty: So I'm here Kash...

Jason Kash: Yeah...That I can see! Thing is, why would want any more problems than you can actually handle. You are alone Day...You versus This_Is_War isn't enough for you?

Donald Deruty: Guess not, you ready?

Jason Kash: That's nice! You're giving me time to prepare, such a nice guy here people isn't he?

Donald Deruty: Enough with the jokes, this isn't the time. I came to Get SOME!!

Jason Kash: You're right...

Kash drops his microphone. The crowd gets to their feet as D-Day drops his. The two men begin to circle each other at a pretty big distance. Kash pulls the rolled up T-Shirt off from around his neck and throws it hard into D-Day's chest. Day catches the shirt and they stop circling each other. Day unfolds the T-Shirt and it is seen as a DangerTainment T-Shirt. D-Day looks at Kash and then the crowd surrounding the ring, filling the stadium. Mixed reactions as the crowd realizes what is taking place. Kash leans down and picks up his microphone and begins talking through the crowd's reaction.

Jason Kash: The whole crew agreed...You're membership has been accepted. The newest member of DangerTainment, Donald "D-DAY" Deruty!!!

Donald Deruty pulls the shirt over his head, letting it fall down his upper body. Kash tosses him the microphone and then leans with his back to the ropes as D-Day begins to explain the current situation.

Donald Deruty: Donald Deruty: You see everybody in the WCF! You know how much I hate This Is War! This is one way I saw the opportunity to destroy This Is War, but once I learned what this powerful group was about I became even more interested into the Dangertainment way of life. You see unlike the This Is War, everyone in Dangertainment have earned their way into Dangertainment. Unlike the This Is War they take their members very seriously, and treat them like they aren't just to be used for one man's success like Torture used me at One. This Is War is suck as sick group in the WCF, I can't stand watching and even listening to This Is War! What the hell is Torture trying to do with This Is War? Torture, you have been using your little jack ass minions to take me out in our matches and to get you the win. Well Torture, everyone in Dangertainment has each others back, and if you even think about bringing in your minnions, then you won't just have to deal with Donald Deruty...but you will have to deal with Jason Kash, and the NEW WCF Branch of Dangertainment! We Are Dangerous, We Are Entertaining, We Are....Dominant!

Donald drops the microphone and Kash smiles and nods at a female fan in the front row. Kash drops down onto his back and rolls out of the ring at the side. Donald Deruty climbs out near the entrance ramp and the two new allies head up the ramp towards the back.

The Words From The South

The house lights dim, and the intro to Lynnyrd Skynnyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" hits the speakers. Hushed anticipation falls over the crowd as a spotlight illuminates the stage. Johnny Reb steps out from behind the curtain to a cheer from the audience; a cascade of sparks rains down on the stage as Reb strides down the ramp. The Inveterate Confederate circles the ring, slapping hands with the fans at ringside. Johnny eschews the steps completely; he leaps onto the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckles, perching there with his arms raised high overhead. The music fades away, and Reb accepts a mic from an attendant at ringside. He paces the inner perimeter of the ring, looking over the audience, as if taking note of each of the thousands in attendance. Then he stops and raises the microphone to his lips.

Johnny: Friends… Southerners… Confederates… Lend me your ears!

The audience responds with a mildly confused cheer, many of them ignorant of the Shakespearian reference. Reb rewards them with a cheesy grin, pacing the ring slowly as he speaks.

Johnny: Y’know, I was startin’ to lose hope that I might come to this point again. I thought, perhaps, that I had peaked way too early in my career, havin’ held that most coveted of prizes – the WCF World Championship – within about six months of signin’ my contract in early 2009. Then again, I was a different man in those days. A boy, really; lost, alone, an’ lookin’ for somethin’ to hold onto. I fought for three long months, match after punishin’ match, until I finally captured the World Title for the first time – only to lose it exactly four weeks later. But that was also four title defenses in a row. No one can ever say that I wasn’t a fightin’ champion. After that, though… Well, where else was there to go? The TV Title? The US Title? That’s about like bein’ a big game hunter on safari, then comin’ home to take pot shots at squirrels in your backyard with an air rifle; pointless an’ not partic’larly satisfyin’. So when the opportunity arose to go for the Tag Titles, I jumped on it. Now, I ain’t held a lot of gold in my career, but I can also say I ain’t never held a belt that wasn’t worth defendin’. Mr. Jay Price –

Reb’s words are drowned out by the eruption of a chorus of boos from the crowd. He stops and holds up a hand to quiet them, to little effect. It runs its course, and the noise dies away on its own.

Johnny: As I was sayin’… Price can say whatever he likes about the tag division; we all know the truth. Me an’ Doc made them Tag Titles mean somethin’, for a good, long time. Ol’ Jay’s just sore he didn’t get a chance at competin’ for number one contendership. Then again, this is the same man who has so little respect for the division he now represents that he tried to hand off his half of the tag belts to his partner. How worthy can he be of the honor of competin’ for – and winnin’ – the World Title? Sure, he can brag and bluster and strut around like a puffed-up ol’ peacock… but that’s all he is. The man uses personal tragedy as an excuse to be a bigger asshole than usual. Where’s the strength of character in that? That’s the difference between me, an’ people like him. I don’t make excuses. I don’t whine that this match or that opponent is beneath my dignity. I consistently bring main-event quality to every single competition in which I am involved. An’ THAT is why I’m the number one contender, an’ soon to be your new WCF World Champion!

The audience gives an enthusiastic cheer at the idea.

Johnny: That’s right. Now, I ain’t all that happy about the way things went down last week, but it was Striker’s decision to go on with the match, an’ I respect that. Better to go down swingin’ than to just give up. So to Mr. Striker, I make this offer: once I secure the World Title around my waist again, a rematch – with that belt on the line – is yours for the askin’.

The crowd pops again, and Johnny’s ready smile returns to his lips.

Johnny: That bein’ said, my focus is not on the past, but on the present – an’ the future. Night of Champions; it’s a concept whose time has come. Every title on the line, every competitor givin’ their all for what may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; an’ the piece de resistance, the icin’ on the cake, is a World Championship match between Mr. Brad Kane…an’ Creepin’ Death; the man who had the audacity to attack me last week. Sneaky bastard. I almost hope he wins, just so I can see the look on his face when I put him down for the three-count an’ take away the World Title at Till Death Do Us Part.

Reb pauses, frowning for a moment. Then, with a self-effacing shrug, he goes on.

Johnny: I know, I know. That’s a little petty. Fact of the matter is, I’d really rather face Brad Kane. At least then I’d be assured of a clean match. But regardless of who wins tonight, know that I am ready; that I have been ready for this for months. I’m done languishin’ in the tag division, though I’ll never forget how well my career has been served under that banner. There are those among you who doubt me still; who believe my only ability lies now in carryin’ deadweight through multiple tag title reigns; or who think that maturity has robbed me of the flame of ambition.

Here, Johnny casts a brief, accusatory gaze toward the stage, and the locker room somewhere beyond. Still, a confident smile is never far from his lips.

Johnny: So, to you naysayers, I respond with this: I am still – forever an’ always – the Inveterate Confederate. Come what may tonight, I assure you that I WILL walk out of this month’s pay-per-view with the World Title around my waist.

Reb lowers the microphone briefly, looking around at the crowd with a sly grin before raising it to his lips once more.

Johnny: 2011 is the year of the Inveterate Confederate. This is my time to shine, just wait an’ see. Deo vindice!

The crowd pops big this time, as Reb drops the mic and climbs the turnbuckle, posing for the fans once more. He throws his arms wide, soaking in the cheers and adulation for a few moments, before he hops down and exits the ring, taking the time to slap hands with the fans at ringside as he makes his way back up the ramp again.

United States Championship
Sahara vs Doc Henry(c)

Ana walks down the ramp to pink pyro’s shooting off behind her. She pauses at the steps to the ring to blow kisses to the crowd. She then steps into the ring bending low to slip between the middle and bottom rope.
Ring attire is White knee high boots, Red hot pants and matching halter, bearing her midriff, her hair pulled back.

Bobby Cairo: United States Championship match is next!

As the drums hit the house lights fade, and red and blue lights strobe. At "Please allow me to inteoduce myself", Doc and Mary walk out onto the stage, and look back and forth over the audience. As the crowd boos, the make their way to the ring, where Doc rolls in. Standing, he grins proudly as he pops the crowd drawing more boos. Mocking them, he sits on the turnbuckle and awaits his opponents...

Zach Davis: Doc Henry in the ring..

Doc offers a hand shake and Ana goes for it but Doc kicks her in the gut and throws her out of the ring! Doc taunts in the middle of the ring as the ref counts her out. Doc grabs the ref and turns his back and Mary kicks Ana in the gut and throws her into the steps! Ana is in obvious pain and Mary throws her in to the ring and Doc goes for a pin!



Kick out!

Zach Davis: Ana kicks out!

Luscious Jackson: Doc Henry is a low life son of a bitch, I'll tell you that much!

Doc picks up Ana by the hair and slams her into the turnbuckle where he stomps and stomps and stomps and nearly gets DQ'ed by the ref but he stops and backs up taking the ref with him and Mary begins to choke Ana in the corner!

Zach Davis: Come on!

Doc comes back and picks up Ana and hits a DDT! Doc pins!



Kick out!

Bobby Cairo: Ana Valentine kicks out one more time!

Luscious Jackson: Ana is a bit out numbered here!

Doc slaps the mat and looks at Mary! He picks Ana up and goes for an elbow-strike but Ana ducks and turns Doc around school boy pinning! One! Two! Kick out! The crowd got up on their feet for Ana! Doc comes running for a clothesline or something but Ana hits a drop toe hold and Doc hits the mats! Ana bounces back up to her feet and runs at the ropes but leaps out of bounds and planchas Mary!

Zach Davis: OOHHH MYY!!!

The crowd pops BIG time!

Ana feels the energy and pumps her self back up as she gets to her feet and slides into the ring! Doc Henry stumbles around and turns and Ana hits a flying clothesline to another huge pop! The crowd is certainly behind her.. Ana stands up and hits a dropkick and calls for the ending!

Luscious Jackson: It could be over!

Mary slides into the ring and goes to hit Ana with the United States Championship title.. but Ana ducks and kicks Mary in the gut causing her to drop it! Ana then grabs Mary and hits a spinebuster!

Bobby Cairo: CUPIDS BOW!

Ana turns around and Doc just levels her with the US Title RIGHT in front of the ref! Ana goes down and Doc stomps on her!


Doc Henry continues to stomp on her and the ref tries breaking him off, but Doc grabs the ref and viciously throws him out of the ring. Doc spits on Ana and grabs the US title and Mary and rolls out of the ring.

Zach Davis: What the hell? Ana had that won!

Luscious Jackson: Technically she did win!

Doc and Mary walk up the ramp.. Mary holding her back and Doc consoling her. He gets to the top of the ramp and taunts Ana whose trying to get to her feet with a mean look on her face..


The crowd pops as Mark Markman shows up on the jumbotron!


Markman has a cowboy hat on and fake redneck teeth in. Doc looks just as pissed off as can be.

Mark Markman: Hey ya'll, did ya'll like ya'll United States Title Match ya'll?!

The crowd boos.

Mark Markman: Neither did I ya'll.. Ya'll wanna a rematch ya'll?!

The crowd pops. Markman takes off the hat and the mouthpiece.. Markman talks in his regular voice.

Mark Markman: Then it's official.. Next week Doc Henry will fight Ana Valentine in a NON-TITLE MATCH.. BUT..

Crowd kind of pops.. but boos.. but..

Mark Markman: If Valentine beats Doc Henry next week in the non title match then Ana Valentine gets a UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH AT TIL DEATH DO US PART IN TWO WEEKS!

Crowd pops. Ana claps her hands as she stands up. Doc is yelling at the jumbotron.."STUPID. YOU ARE STUPID. YOU FAT ASS STUPID FAT ASS! YOU ARE SO STUPID!"

Mark puts on the cowboy hat and the fake teeth and talks in a real stereotypical redneck voice..


The jumbotron goes off and Doc kicks the stage and grabs Mary by the hand and yanks her through the curtain.. Ana stands up and smiles to the crowds delight.

Bobby Cairo: God damn it, I love Mark Markman!

Zach Davis: As do I! But we have a lot more to continue on Slam, so shall we?!

Tag Team Championship
Gravedigger & Troy Malenko vs Jay Price(c) & Tank Reaper (c)

"Change" by Deftones hits the speakers and the crowd gets up out of their seats, immediately booing the familiar music of the man they love to hate the most here in WCF. The curtains part and out walks Gravedigger and the boos get even louder. Troy Malenko and Mike D step out beside him. The three men stand on top of the ramp and then start walking toward the ring. Troy Malenko climbs the ring steps and sits down on the middle rope, pushing up the top rope. Gravedigger climbs the steps behind him, symbolically wipes his feet off on the apron, before finally stepping through the ropes. Mike D just walks casually around ringside, his eyes looking in various directions.

All of the lights in the arena go out, sending the crowd into panic mode. A series of red lights slowly begin to come on, starting around the ring and then moving up the ramp toward the stage. Out of nowhere "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the PA System which automatically draws a chorus of boos and derogative chants from the crowd. Jay Price and Tank Reaper both make their way out onto the stage, the WCF Tag Titles casually slung over their shoulders. They make their way down the ramp, ignoring the fans and their outstretched hands, as they make their way to ringside. Price climbs the ring steps up to the apron as Tank chooses to climb up onto the apron and step over the top rope. Price walks over to the ropes and holds the tag title high above his head as Tank stands in the center of the ring. Fireworks explode off the ring posts as Price's music fades out.

Both teams back to their respective corners as WCF Announcer Kyle Steel steps to the center of the ring, microphone in hand.

Bobby Cairo: This crowd is refusing to get behind anyone involved in this match.

Zach Davis: Can you blame them? Look who's in the ring.

Price starts the match for his team, and despite his pointing at Gravedigger, Malenko starts for his.

The referee signals for the bell...


...and this match is officially underway.

The two go after each other immediately and tie up. Malenko gets the advantage and pushes Price away. Price looks a tad pissed about it and goes to tie up again. Malenko obliges...and Price catches him with a european uppercut to the jaw. Malenko hits the mat and gets right back up. He runs at Price looking for a clothesline but Price ducks it. Malenko spins around and Price executes a beautiful belly to belly suplex.

Zach Davis: What a move!

As the referee checks on Malenko Gravedigger suddenly appears in the ring behind Price and hits a russian legsweep from out of nowhere. He quickly exits the ring as Malenko gets to his feet and pulls Price to his feet. He tags Gravedigger in and the two begin the double team in the corner. Tank tries to enter the ring but the referee stops him.

Bobby Cairo: Oh come on ref!

As the referee continues to keep Tank out, Malenko pulls Price out of the corner and whips him into a vicious clothesline from hell from Gravedigger. Malenko then runs to the other side of the ring and knocks Tank off the apron as Gravedigger goes for the pin.




And Price gets the shoulder up as Gravedigger looks rather pissed. He gets up and begins to stomp away at Price as the referee tries to get in between them. Price grabs hold of the bottom rope and the referee begins the five count as Gravdigger continues to stomp.





Gravedigger backs off before 5 to avoid the disqualification as the referee checks on Price. Outside of the ring Malenko and Tank are brawling when Mike D appears from out of nowhere with a chair. Tank sees him and ducks just in time to avoid a chair shot...which nails Malenko in the skull.

Luscious Jackson: Damn dawg, did you hear that shot?

Mike D looks down in horror as Tank grabs the chair from his hands and bashes him over the head with it. Back in the ring Gravedigger has Price back on his feet and he lifts him up on his shoulders for the Embalmer.

Zach Davis: New Tag Team Champions!

Gravedigger goes to flip him off...WHEN PRICE HITS THE DOWNFALL FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!

Bobby Cairo: OHMYGAWD!

The crowd actually starts to get behind Price a little bit as both men are down on the mat. Price is the first one to move as he starts to crawl toward his corner. Tank hops up on the apron and extends his arm. Gravedigger finally gets up and tries to stop Price but Price jumps up at the last second and tags in Tank. Gravedigger steps back as Tank enters the ring. Tank charges him and takes him down with a big clothesline.

Zach Davis: And the big man is on a mission!

Gravedigger gets back to his feet and Tank takes him down with another clothesline. Tank stands behind Gravedigger, stalking him as he watches him slowly get up. Suddenly Mike D appears on the apron and distracts him. The referee goes over to get him off when...


...a bloodied Troy Malenko slams a chair into the back of Tank's head. Malenko throws the chair out of the ring and steps out onto the apron as Mike D hops back down onto the arena floor. The referee turns around in time to see Gravedigger pulling Tank up to his feet and hitting the Respecto. Gravedigger goes for the pin.


Price enters the ring to try and break up the pinfall...


...Malenko cuts him off with a spear.


"Changes" hits the speakers as Gravedigger gets to his feet with a smirk on his face. Malenko joins him in the center of the ring as the referee holds up their hands.

Zach Davis: And there you have it, Gravedigger once again is holding WCF gold.

The referee hands them the tag titles and the two celebrate as the show fades to commercial.

World Heavyweight Championship
30 Minute Iron Man Match
Creeping Death vs Brad Kane(c)

The lights in the venue suddenly cut to black as the familiar opening to "For Whom the Bell Tolls" plays. The crowd is jacked up and gets louder after every toll. After six tolls, there is silence. Then, the intro for "Blood and a Siren" by Index Case plays. After the little guitar intro, when the song gets intense, a spotlight hits the curtain and Creeping Death emerges, wearing a black hoodie with the hood up. He headbangs with the crowd as they throw up the devil horns, and he does the same back to them on his way to the ring. CD enters the ring by sliding in through the bottom rope. Inside, he walks to the far corner, leaps up and takes a seat on the top rope, awaiting the match to begin.

Zach Davis: Creeping Death awaits his long time rival..

Bobby Cairo: Oh man.. this is going to be crazy!

The house lights go out in the arena as the opening of "Torcher II (The Holocaust)" by DZK flares up. Strobe lights begin to go insane when the vocals blare out of the sound system as Brad Kane appears in the entry way. The crowd cheers seeing them as Brad inhales before he makes his way down the ring. A few hands get slapped but not many as once Brad is at ringside, he hops up on the ring apron. The lights are back to normal as they enter the ring as he heads to the nearest turnbuckle and goes up to the middle buckle. Some take pictures as he steps down, inhaling once more as he does the same thing on the other side of the ring. He then backs into the corner as he then waits for the match to begin as his entrance song fades off.

Luscious Jackson: Champion is in the ring.. Brad Kane and Creeping Death have the biggest storied rivalry in the history of professional wrestling!

Bobby Cairo: Remember BK saying that this could be the end of CD's career.. Promised him that he would end it!

Ref rings the bell!

They both tie up and CD with the upperhand monkey flipping BK but still holding the arms. CD backflips but catches the knees of BK helping CD to his feet and BK is lifted up but then monkey flips CD back toward the center of the ring but CD lands on his feet. He turns around and BK leap frogs CD's run to the ropes and BK goes for a sidekick where CD catches it, then back sweeps the other leg out from BK. CD then goes for a figure four but BK kicks CD into the turnbuckles and BK then schoolboy pins him! One! Two! Kick out. CD gets up and then kicks BK right in the face... BK now on his knees reels from the kick and CD stiff kicks BK in the face one more time.. then CD hits the ropes and nails a stiff sitout dropkick to the chin of Brad Kane and CD goes for a second pin. Only a two count and the crowd cheers as BK gets a shoulder up. Both men get up and CD hits a hiptoss but BK lands on his feet and hits a hiptoss on CD! CD gets up and is taken down by a side-headlock takedown! BK wrenches on the neck but CD flips to his side and worms his way out.. BK gets to his feet and CD is taken down by a leg-take down and is on his back.. and BK launches and CD goes flying to the turnbuckle but he lands on it. He moonsaults back and takes BK down! CD lands on his feet and hits the ropes and goes for a running swanton, but BK rolls out of the way and gets to his feet and when he stands up he hits a dropkick sending CD out of the ring to the mats below! Brad Kane gets on the ropes and leaps off as soon as CD stands on his feet and hits a big splash on the standing CD! Both men crash to the mats!

Zach Davis: Wow! What an opening to this match!

Bobby Cairo: Look at the timer!

28:00 minutes remaining.

Luscious Jackson: A lot of time left! Brad Kane and Creeping Death are going to have to go hard at each other if they want to score pinfalls and submissions in this match up!

Brad picks up CD and throws him into the guardrail and the fans go crazy in CD's ear calling him all kinds of bad names and stuff. Brad Kane grabs CD and smashes his face into the ring post before picking up CD and bashing him chest first across the guardrail then hitting a short arm clothesline knocking CD down. BK taunts with the crowd and they go crazy for him. Brad Kane lifts up CD to his feet and kicks him in the legs and the mid-section. CD bends forward so BK hooks an arm over his head and grabs the trunks and hits a suplex but CD smashes back first into the guardrail and lands on the audience-side! The suplex looked stiff and brutal as hell! CD lands on the cement floor and security backs the crowd away. Brad Kane taunts as CD slowly gets to his feet.. BK runs and leaps over the gaurdrailing into another running plancha and knocks CD back and both men crash to the cement floor into the security guards. Brad Kane lifts up CD and throws him back over the gaudrailing and BK follows him back into the ring area. CD goes for a wild punch but BK ducks and hits a kick to the stomach! Another kick to the ribcage and CD leans up against the apron. BK runs at CD but CD lifts BK over his head and BK lands on the apron. CD turns around and BK back kicks CD in the face. BK leaps into the ring and CD rolls inside.. BK lifts up CD and throws him to the ropes and CD leapfrogs over BK but BK hits a stiff sidekick to the chin of CD when he returns from the other side of the ropes! CD is out and BK makes a pin.. One! Two! Kick out!

Zach Davis: Wow! Brad Kane is just slowly kicking the head right off of Creeping Death!

Luscious Jackson: Brad is wasting no time in methodically working the head and neck area of Creeps.

Bobby Cairo: That's right Jackson. Brad is the World Champion for a reason, he knows how to play offense AND defense!

26:01 minutes remaining.

Brad Kane gets to his feet and drags Creeping Death to the corner where he then rolls out of the ring and then by the legs, drags CD to the corner and smashes a knee into the ring post! CD is in pain in the legs and BK smashes the other leg into the ring post! CD tries to crawl back away but BK slides him back to the ring post, then with both legs hanging, BK hits a figure four leglock around the ring post and hangs down and the crowd goes wild! The ref rolls back into the ring though and begins a count!





Zach Davis: Brad could be counted out! That could score a finish for Creeping Death right now!





Bobby Cairo: Brad lets go of the hold and heads back to the ring!

The ref breaks the count as BK rolls inside and pulls CD towards the middle of the ring and slaps on an STF! The crowd goes wild and Creeping Death is yelling out in pain! The ref is in his face making sure if Creeping Death submits he notices it! Brad wrenches on it harder when the crowd begins to boo! Shaun Jackson and Chris Avery are in the ring!

Zach Davis: Damn it! What the hell are they doing!?

Brad lets go of the hold and stands to his feet.. BK backs up into the corner of the ring and Jackson and Avery stand in place looking as menacing as ever. The ref is demanding they leave the ring as CD slowly gets to his feet.. Avery turns towards CD and hits an enziguri! CD hits the mats and rolls out of the ring!

Bobby Cairo: WHAT THE HELL?!

Brad looks just as confused as ever! Jackson then hits a clothesline on Brad Kane before lifting him up and hitting a stiff DDT! The ref rolls out of the ring and lets Kyle Steel know what's going on. Jackson and Avery stand before Avery picks up Brad Kane and hits a flatliner! CD rolls into the ring...

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen the referee has informed me that due to a disqualification.. the first fall goes to.. CREEPING DEATH!

Zach Davis: WHAT?

Luscious Jackson: Avery attacked Creeps first! That's why they did it!

Inside the ring CD hugs Avery and Jackson and tells them to leave the ring. The ref gets back inside as CD taunts to the crowd.

24:49 minutes remaining. Creeping Death 1. Brad Kane 0.

They leave the ring and Creeping Death flips Brad to his back and hooks the leg for a pin!


Zach Davis: AGAIN? NO NO NO!



Bobby Cairo: And Brad Kane kicks out!

CD can't believe it and the crowd goes wild. CD stands up and stomps on BK before pulling BK to his feet and hitting the Life to Lifeless! Brad is out and CD gets to the cover..




CD can't believe it once again.. and lays back.. before rolling to his feet and stumbling over to BK. BK is lifted up to his feet hardly and thrown to the corner! BK bounces out of the corner and CD hits Black Fire Upon Us! The crowd boo's as CD can have another pinfall right here!





Creeping Death's expression tells the thousand word story! He can't believe it.. CD lifts up BK but BK slips back down. CD stomps on the back of his head and lifts him back up. BK is turned around and CD hits Harley Quinn's Smile! BK bounces off the knees of CD and violently moves forward into the ref knocking him out of the ring! BK is out and CD doesn't know it.. CD hooks the leg but no ref! He's on the outside! CD slaps the mat and gets up and gets to the ropes and yells at the ref to get back into the ring and quit being hurt! CD is pissed but BK muscles enough energy and hits a lowblow and the crowd goes wild.. CD hits his knees and then lays out on the mats in pain.. and the crowd all stands on their feet as something has their attention!

Zach Davis: LOOK WHO IT IS! LOOK!!!

Bobby Cairo: Johnny Reb is on the top rope!

Johnny Reb hits the Southern Discomfort! The crowd goes apeshit over the shooting star elbow drop! Johnny Reb spits on CD whose out cold and taunts to the crowd! Reb slides out of the ring and throws the ref inside!


Brad Kane crawls over and lays on CD and the ref awakens to notice BK on top of CD.





Johnny Reb fists pumps a few times before heading to the back..

20:38 minutes remaining. Creeping Death 1. Brad Kane 1.

The crowd is still standing and going crazy as Brad Kane gets to his feet..

Luscious Jackson: We are one third of the way through this match and are tied at one and one.. and already we've seen interference from Creeping Death's teammates and his rival Johnny Reb.

Zach Davis: Oh look at this!

Brad Kane hits an exploder suplex in the middle of the ring and goes for a pin! One! Two! Creeping Death kicks out! Brad rolls out of the ring and catches a breather before rolling back in and CD rolls him up!




Brad Kane kicks up! Both men are slow to get up and when they do they are dead center of the ring when CD hits a right hand!


BK hits a right hand.


CD hits a right hand.


BK hits a right hand.


CD hits a right hand.


BK hits a right hand.


CD hits a right hand.


BK hits a right hand.


CD hits a right hand.


BK hits a right hand.


CD hits a right hand!


CD hits another right hand!


CD hits a third right hand!


BK reels back against the ropes where CD throws him! BK bounces and ducks CD's clothesline! BK hits the ropes again and goes for a crossbody but CD hits his back and BK goes flying through the ropes to the outside!


Creeps gets up and demands the ref to count him out! The ref begins to count

Zach Davis: Creeping Death looking for another fall here!


Bobby Cairo: Great strategy..










Luscious Jackson: Brad's moving .. but it's slow!






Brad Kane rolls inside of the ring and stands up when Creeping Death dropkicks him right back through the ropes to the apron! Brad gets up slowly and CD hits the turnbuckles in the corner and leaps over the top rope taking out BK and both men crash to the mats below! WCF pops for the spot!

17:45 minutes remaining. Creeping Death 1. Brad Kane 1.

The ref rolls out of the ring and begins counting to ten for both men being down.. he gets to six when BK gets up first and picks up CD throwing him into the steel steps. CD out of fury revenge comes back with a wild clothesline but BK ducks and CD takes out the ref!

Zach Davis: Oh nooooo.. that's the ref!

Luscious Jackson: You have watched way too much Family Guy!

Bobby Cairo: Either way you guys, the ref is out cold!

CD tries to help the ref up when BK grabs a steel ladder from under the ring. CD notices and a forearm across the back and BK goes to one knee. CD throws BK into the guadrailing and then goes back to the ref trying to wake him up. BK gets back to his feet and grabs the ladder and sets it on his shoulder.. BK runs at CD when CD stands up and turns around.. CD ducks, but the ref gets up and BK nearly takes the damn ref's head off! The ref is busted open and completely out cold. BK drops the ladder in shock as to what he's just done to the ref, and CD grabs BK from behind and hits a Tortures Device?!

Zach Davis: Torture's device on Brad!!

Creeps gets to his feet and picks up BK throwing him into the railing once more and then dropkicking him on the bottom of the ramp! Creeping Death walks BK up the ramp and hits a stiff brainbuster! Creeps spits on BK and stomps on him before grabbing a steel chair from a fan. CD hits BK across the back with the chair! That's when the crowd begins to boo as BK makes it to the stage area and Avery, Jackson, Tank and Price all stand in a line. They nod their head at CD and CD nods back in agreement.

Luscious Jackson: What the hell does any of this mean!?

They all start stomping on Brad Kane! The crowd goes crazy as Brad tries to crawl away down the ramp but CD kicks him in the head and the rest of the This is War begins stomping away at Brad some more!

Zach Davis: Come on! You kidding me!?

Bobby Cairo: Taking advantage of the referee being out cold? This isn't surprising!

They all continue to stomp when 12 Stones plays out through the speakers and the fans are go from boo's to the biggest pop in the history of wrestling!

Zach Davis: It's DONALD DERUTY!

D-Day runs out with the help of Jason Kash!

Bobby Cairo: Kash! He has Kash to help him!

Kash, and Day run down the ramp and pick of Jackson and Avery! That's when the crowd goes crazy one more time as Gravedigger and Troy Malenko run down the ramp and begin brawling with Price and Tank! Creeping Death rolls into the ring to get away from the carnage as Brad Kane is laid out on the outside.. Day and Avery are fighting tooth and nail on the outside as Tank and Malenko go through the crowd.. Price and Gravedigger go through the other side of the crowd and the audience is going crazy.. Creeping Death is demanding Brad Kane to get into the ring as everyone else brawls through the crowd and towards the exits of the arena..

Zach Davis: And we're back to Brad Kane and Creeping Death..

Luscious Jackson: We still have no ref!

Brad barely lifts himself into the ring and rolls in when Creeping Death signals for the end when Skyler Striker slides into the ring and hits Creeping Death with a Sitout Cross-arm Facebuster! The crowd roars in approval as Striker bends over Creeping Death hitting him with fierce right hands. The senior ref runs down and makes it known he's the official ref of the match and breaks Striker off of CD as other officials help the knocked out ref to the back of the arena. Striker is pissed off for some odd reason at Creeping Death and the ref is demanding Striker to leave the ring.. CD is in pain and out on the mats as BK gets to his feet. The crowd cheering.. as the ref is now pushing Striker out of the ring..



The crowd lifts up into the biggest roar of boo's ever.. and the ref doesn't know it... Torture slides in and hits a Tortures Device on Brad Kane in the middle of the ring! Torture snaps back to his feet and smirks into the camera..


Torture takes his left hand and motions a capital T... then a capital O... then a capital T and spits on the mat and rolls out of the ring and heads to the back. Striker jumps off the apron and goes back through the crowd and the ref turns around.


Luscious Jackson: Torture has proven without a shadow of a doubt that he is the biggest asshole and basturd son of a bitch walking God's green Earth!

Creeping Death puts an arm over Brad Kane and the ref turns around and counts..




Zach Davis: God damn it! Come on! This was all Torture's fault!

Luscious Jackson: We're being told we have to take one commercial break but we'll be back for the final moments of this match!

11:15 minutes remaining. Creeping Death 2. Brad Kane 1.

------ COMMERCIAL ------

We come back and CD and BK are brawling in the ring and BK hits a brainbuster and both men are out for the count. The ref begins a ten count but both men stand up during six'ish, and BK hits a back suplex, then hits the ropes and hits a quick splash on CD! Goes for a quick pin but only a two count. BK lifts up CD and hits an AMG Driver! Bk pins.. but again just a close two count!

Zach Davis: Creeping Death has enough to kick out of that? Kidding me!?

BK lifts up CD and signals for it to be over, but CD worms out and tries to get away but BK ducks a clothesline, spins him around and kicks him in the gut and puts CD's head inbetween his legs. BK then lifts up CD, spins, and hits the Love Megan Driver!

Luscious Jackson: Holy hot damn, Creeping Deaths' neck might be broken!

Creeping Death somehow manages enough energy to sit up but that's when Brad Kane just levels off and snaps his own leg into a kick and punts Creeping Death right in the head!

Bobby Cairo: THE KILLSHOT!

Luscious Jackson: OOOOOHHHH!!!

Brad Kane pins.. One! Two! Three!

Zach Davis: We are tied!

7:38 minutes remaining. Creeping Death 2. Brad Kane 2.

Brad Kane gets up and walks towards the ropes and Creeping Death gets to his feet, but BK hits a spinning backfist knocking him back down! BK is nearly out of it though.. and stumbles back to his feet and reaches the turnbuckle.. BK climbs up but CD is back to his feet and stops BK from completely going to the top and tries to back suplex but BK holds on.. CD wraps his feet on the top rope as BK stands up and CD falls back and hits a German Suplex from the top rope! BK lands in the middle of the ring as CD hangs upside down in the corner..

Zach Davis: What a move! What. A. Move!

Creeping Death hangs upside down for nearly fifteen seconds when he yells out a primal roar and lifts himself up with the utmost inner-control and power and sits on the top turnbuckle facing the crowd that is giving off a LOT of heat. Creeping Death slowly stands up and turns around when BK climbs up, and somehow grabs CD into a suplex form and flies off the top rope hitting KRISUTE GOMEN!

Luscious Jackson: WHOOOAA!!

Brad puts an arm over..







4:03 minutes remaining. Creeping Death 2. Brad Kane 3.

Brad Kane gets to his feet when Tank, Jackson and Avery run from the crowd back into the ring but Gravedigger, Troy Malenko and D-Day chase them down and begin brawling with them on the outside!

Zach Davis: They're back! What the hell?

Luscious Jackson: Day and friends are trying to keep them away from reaching the ring! Look at Kash and Price going at it!

Kash and Price are going at it.. through the crowd and over the railing to the ringside. BK notices and signals for Creeping Death to get to his feet but CD ducks the running clothesline and BK runs into the turnbuckle chest first and CD schoolboy pins!



Kick up!

BK and CD begin to stand up and brawl inside the ring as HUGE firework explosion goes off on the stage..


2:09 minutes remaining..

Bobby Cairo: What was that?

Another firework explosion goess off and the jumbotron signal goes out.. the stage lights explode and they go out as well.


Everyone continues brawling..

Zach Davis: We're inside the final two minutes and it feels like the arena is collapsing or something.. what is going on? OH-

Another firework or some sort of loud noise goes off and the spotlights begin going crazy.. they're searching through the crowd as it seems

Bobby Cairo: What's up with the lights?!

The main house lights go out.. flash strobe-like, then come back on.. and they're bright as hell.. all of a sudden the jumbotron comes back on, and the stage lights come back on and another loud boom goes off as all the spotlights flash up in the rafters..

Zach Davis: What's that?!

Luscious Jackson: WHO IS THAT?


A figure steps off the rafters and glides right on down into the middle of the ring accidentally knocking into the ref. The ref goes flying out of the ring as the crowd pops BIIIIGGG TIME!



Greenfever has a steel chair in hand and whacks Creeping Death over the head! Avery gets on the apron and gets a steel chair to the head! Creeping Death then gets a steel chair to his back. Troy tries to enter the ring but gets a steel chair to the head! Gravedigger just the same!


Bobby Cairo: BUT WHY? WHY??

Greenfever nails Jason Kash over the head with the steel chair and Day comes into the ring but gets a steel chair to the head as well! Tank gets on the apron and Greenfever nails Tank over the head with the chair! The crowd pops as Tank doesn't move.. Greenfever reels back and does it a second time! Tank falls off the apron onto Troy, Avery, Jackson, and Jay Price!


The chair breaks in half over Tanks monster-sized head but Greenfever has a piece of the leg.. a cut peice of metal, yup, right in Greenfevers hands. That's when..


BK turns Greenfever around and GF doesn't have any of it! GF hits BK over the head with the metal piece from the chair! Greenfever kneels down and begins choking BK with it!

Zach Davis: WHAT THE HELL?!







CD gets up but Greenfever nails CD over the head with the metal piece and begins choking him with it! BK is busted open and out cold in the mat and GF is choking the ever living shit out of CD!









Greenfever gets up and throws the piece down and stands in the middle of the ring.. blood from CD and BK drip onto the mat and the crowd pops just for the comeback of Greenfever.



Luscious Jackson: I CANT STOP YELLING.. ITS SOOOO LOUD HERE... logo appears as the chants of "WCF! WCF! WCF! WCF! WCF! WCF! WCF! WCF! WCF! WCF!" echo out.