You Have Got To Be Kidding Me?
Television Title: Shane Borderland vs Oblivion(c)
Terry Roberts Will Not Be Underestimated
Kash Is The Current Currency
Hardcore Championship: Shumanlu vs Anthony Royal(c)
Day Has To Pay Up In Kash!
The Words From The South
United States Championship: Ana Valentine vs Doc Henry(c)
Tag Team Championship: Troy & Gravedigger vs Jay Price(c) and Tank Reaper(c)
World Championship: 30 Min. Iron Man Match - Creeping Death vs Brad Kane(c)

Monday Night Slam Intro

The camera pans around the very big crowd, the packed house, they're all cheering as the fireworks explode and we cut to Zach Davis and Bobby Cairo.

Zach Davis: Welcome ladies and gents to another episode of the longest running season of Wrestling Championship Federation.. and of course we are LIIVEEEE from West Virginia and we're on the heels of one of the biggest nights in the history of our sport.. hell, the history of WCF!

Bobby Cairo: Night of Champions was huge, Greenfever came back and destroyed everyone at the end of the main event.. the main event I might add that featured Creeping Death and Brad Kane.. for the World Heavyweight Championship title in a thirty minute Iron Man match!

Zach Davis: Brad Kane was successful in defending his World Championship so he'll be facing Reb next monday, but tonight? He's teaming with Chris Avery.. uh, yeah, I said Chris Avery!

Bobby Cairo: Going against D-Day and Reb, and that's just a weird team too!

Zach Davis: Jay Price goes one on one with Skyler Striker, and Troy Malenko goes against Ace Watson! We have a non-title match with Henry and Ana as well!

Bobby Cairo: Who can forget the..

Kings of Leon hits the airwaves and the crowd boo's.

This Is War

The crowd boos as Zach puts his hands to his head and Bobby mutters "damn it" over the speakers. Torture walks out in a suit.. followed by Tank Reaper, Shaun Jackson, Chris Avery and then Jay Price. They walk slowly down the ramp and to the ring. Each man glaring at the fans who just hate them to their core. They all stand in the ring when Torture grabs a microphone and the music cuts.

Zach Davis: This should be neat..

Torture: For the last five months it has been clear that we were not to be taken lightly.

Crowd boo's.

Torture: For the last five months it has been clear that we were on a mission to completely change the face and direction of Wrestling Championship Federation.

Crowd boo's.

Torture: For the last five months we built an empire.. we as in Jay Price, Creeping Death and myself..

Bobby Cairo: Not to be confused with the other "big three" pussies, Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade..

Zach Davis: Zing..

Torture: Last week right here in this ring Creeping Death had an opportunity to charge, change and control WCF. Last week.. Creeping Death.. failed.

The crowd pops! "BRAD KANE! BRAD KANE! BRAD KANE! BRAD KANE! BRAD KANE!" chants everywhere.

Bobby Cairo: Just like the Miami Heat..

Zach Davis: You're on fire tonight, my friend!

Torture: Shut up!

Torture obviously telling the crowd to shut up.. as he can't hear Zach or Bobby, but the crowd plays into Torture now and begins another chant..


Zach Davis: West Virginia hasn't forgotten what happened at One!

Torture: Creeping Death is no longer a part of our group based on his decision to completely and epic'ly fail at one of our biggest opportunities here in WCF. This is War will now move on with whom you see in the ring.. and the mission will still be carried out. Creeping Death, I hope you're watching because remember this.. you owe me one. You owe me huge, so I wouldn't dare show your face around here unless you're paying me in full.

Torture stares into the camera and fixes his tie and suit jacket and begins to speak again.

Torture: On to bigger matters.. tonight Chris Avery teams with that ugly piece of white trash Brad Kane.

Crowd pops.

Torture: Yeah, I get it, tonight Avery is going to hurt Donald Deruty just like my boy Shaun Jackson will be hurting Jason Kash, because what they seem to forget is that we can't attack each other outside of an actual match until they have a third man, but can we all just agree.. they don't have a third man.. no one wants to team with the ultimate underdogs, because unlike any other made for television hallmark, womens channel movie you all seem to follow, your story doesn't end with a happy ending Day. I will stand tall with my team next week in this ring, and you'll have to conceit defeat to me once AGAIN. It's the same story as it always is, Torture stands tall above them all.

Crowd boo's. This is War applaud Torture in his statement.

Torture: At Till Death Do Us Part Tank and Price regain the Tag Team Championships back from those ugly low-class termites named Gravedigger and Troy Malenko. What is this? Dark Side remix? Come on.. you're better than that Gravedigger.. either way, tonight D-Day finds out just how true Chris Avery is, and next Monday at Till Death Do Us Part, Day will have to sit in the ring once more and watch our arms being raised in victory.

The camera zooms in on the smirk of Torture and we cut to a commercial.


Television Championship
Oblivion vs Robby Knox vs Shane Borderland(c)

Bobby Cairo: Our opening will starting shortly.

Zach Davis: We have a jam-packed Slam, tonight.

Bobby Cairo: But, right now, we have Hank Brown backstage.

The camera view changes as Hank Brown is standing backstage. The camera pans from Hank to the right, where Oblivion is towering over the diminutive reporter. Once the camera stop on Oblivion, there is a mixed reaction, from the crowd. There are much more cheers, than boob from the crowd.

Hank Brown: Oblivion, tonight, you have a chance of regaining back you WCF Television Championship. What are your plans for toni-....

At that time, The Gathering slithers in, as they click, hiss, moan, and groan. Hank Brown is taken back from the sight of the hideous and grotesque "little people". That's when the crowd erupts, as six gorgeous half dressed women begin prance, strut and sashay towards Oblivion. The spooky, yet very sexy women pop their hips, back and forth as they walk. The men, they walk past watch them walk away.

Backstage worker: I hate to see them go, but I LOVE to watch them leave

the backstage worker howl and yell out cat calls towards the sexy women....

Backstage worker #1: That's right ladies, shake them money makers!!

The lead lady, of The Vixen stops the group and she turns around. The group of workers, that are with the man who made the last statement, made sounds that is if the women gave a look of death.

Backstage worker #2: Ou-u-u!! I think we made her mad!

The woman looks at Oblivion...

Oblivion: Do what you must!!

Hank Brown: What is that supposed to mean?!

Oblivion: Watch and see.

Bobby Cairo: Oh, this could be REAL interesting!

The lovely woman taps her friend, on the arm and that girl taps another girl on their arm and so forth, until they all are walking the men. The women walk up to the backstage workers.

Backstage worker #1: Oh, look fellas, it appears we have company. So, honey, what does a guy have to do to take you all out for drinks?!

The Vixen don't say a word, but they just stare daggers at the men. One, of the men, sarcastically makes a comment.

Backstage worker #2: Ou-u-u!! They look rea-eal-l-l tough!

All of The Vixen looks back at Oblivion, for what he thinks of this situation.

Oblivion: Vixen, do what you must!

Hank Brown: what does that mean?

Oblivion points down the hall.

Oblivion: THAT!

At that moment, The Vixen screeches out a horrible shril, as they pounce on all, of the men. They pounce and land on the men. They instantly gnaw on the necks. Blood begins to spray everywhere!


Oblivion: No, Hank.

Hank Brown: What do you mean n-....

Oblivion: Did you just interrupt me?!? What did I tell you, what would happen if you interrupted me, again?!

Hank Brown: I would have to face dire circumstances.

Oblivion points down the hall.

Oblivion: Do you wanna end up, like that?

That camera pans over to The Vixen gnawing on the fallen backstage workers. The Vixen's bodies are covered, in the blood. Each individual woman are rubbing blood on their very sexy bodies.

Oblivion: As you can see, blood works as well as water, when it comes to making the Vixen look sexy as Hell!!

Hank Brown: That's where you and your Gathering,. as well as your Vixen belong!! Hell!! You are nothing but a menace!! Your Gathering are a menace and your Vixen are... are....

The Vixen are now taking off their tops, exposing some bare breasts, but mostly they are wearing bikini and/or bras. The crowd are going absolutely crazy. Both, Zach and Bobby are both disgusted and physically aroused!

Zach Davis: I don't know if I wanna puke or be excited. I'm confused, Bobby!

Bobby Cairo: I understand what you are saying, Zach!

As The Vixen proceed to rub blood all over each other, they begin to embrace each other, as they caress and kiss each other.

Bobby Cairo: Wow!

Zach Davis: They are now, making out with each other on top of the dead bodies. Where is the damn security?!?!

A separate camera view sees inside where the security is supposed to be stationed at. The crowd gasps as they all see WCF security all knocked out, with their pants down to their feet.

Bobby Cairo: I guess Oblivion and his friends got to them too!!

Hank Brown: Now, Oblivion! I wanna ask yo-....

Oblivion pushes Hank Brown away, as he grabs for the mic.

Oblivion: Tonight, Oblivion becomes a two- time WCF Television Championship, to add to an already full championship mantle, that Oblivion has had accomplished.

Hank Brown had a spare mic, with him...

Hank Brown: But, you won the WCF US Championship and one Hardcore Championship, as Ace Slaught.....

Oblivion charges and grabs for Hank Brown.

Oblivion: I told you, not to mention that assh*le's name in The Dark One's presence!! Ace Slaughter is dead.... LONG LIVE OBLI-I-IVION!! Robbie Knox, you are gonna end up as just a unnecessary casualty. Oblivion's sights are set on Shane Borderland! Tonight is niot an hardcore match, but tonight...YOU WILL BLEED!! Time to make you suffer!! Time to make you screa-eam!! My Gathering are hungry for fresh flesh!!

Hank Brown: What about THIS help, that is supposably on their way?!

Oblivion: I don't have the foggiest idea, what you are talking about!!

Zach Davis: I think Oblivion is lying!

Bobby Cairo(sarcastic): What gave you that idea?!

Oblivion: I don't care about this "Help", whatever is suppose to happen, it will happen either way, but... Oblivion's main concern, is winning the TV title!! If it mean that Oblivion has to hurt those other two meat sacks, so be it!! They're just casualties to the war!! With that, THEY CAN CHOKE.... ON.... THAT....

The Vixen pick up their blood soaked faces and they rush over back to Oblivion, with pieces of flesh in their teeth. The Gathering slither back to Oblivion and with a loud exclamation....

The Vixen/Gathering/The crowd: BI-I-I-ITCHEE-E-ESS-S-S-S!!!

Oblivion: I will be seeing you ladies, shortly.

One of the Vixen walks past the camera, as she gives the camera a cheesy grin, exposing some flesh in her teeth.

Zach Davis: Whoa!

Bobby Cairo: Yea, whoa! I think we need to take a commercial break, as we get medical attention for those construction workers.

{Commercial break}

Zach Davis: Alright, we set for the opening bout.

Bobby Cairo: Looks like WCF Senior Referee Stanley Moser and ring announcer Kyle Steel are already, in the ring.


Kyle Steel: This match will be for the.... WCF TELEVISION CHA-A-AMPI-I-IONSHI-IP!!

Scream by Adelitas Way begins to play. Robby comes out, wearing a purple furry sleevless coat.

Kyle Steel: From New York city, weighing in at 201 pounds....

As Robbie Knox is walking to the ring, he points at the fans. Knox looks straight up, as gold confetti and purple fireworks go off.

Zach Davis: Oh look, confetti!!

Bobby Cairo shakes his head with disgust.

He then rushes down into the ring. Knox slides in the ring and walks to a nearby corner. Robbie Knox does a back flip off the top turnbuckle. Once he hits the ground, gold fire works fly.

Zach Davis: You know what's coming up next, right?

Bobby Cairo: You're favorite psychopath!

Zach Davis: Shut up! He scares me.

The lights go out. In the name of God by Slayer begins to play, as the thunderous combination of the guitars, bass, and drums explode through the arena's speakers.

I want to Invite you Welcome you
To my hate To my scorn To myself
Saturate you Infest you Betray you
Stimulate you So eager for my lies
For my lies... Lies
Lies in the name of God

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 305 pounds, from the deepest, darkest part of a sick man's psyche...... O-O-O-OBLI-I-IVI-I-I-I-O-O-O-O-NN-N-NN-N!!!

There are a mixture of cheers and boos, more cheers than boos. The crowd stands onto their feet and rush towards the security railings. Oblivion slowly slinks out to the entrance stage, low to the ground. The West Virginia University Coliseum explodes with cheers and some boos. Oblivion has it's arms extended outward, with it's index fingers pointing out. The Vixen are nearly undressed, as they come slithering out and walks next to Oblivion. The Vixen are dressed with bra-like bikini tops, with very short skirts. They have glitter plastered everywhere. Their makeup is smeared, but maintained to be very attractive. The guitar solo begins, lazers flash throughout the arena. Thunder-like sounds rattle the arena, as lighting strike-like sounds shake the foundation of the West Virginia University Coliseum. The music continues to thrash as The Vixen are divided in two groups. As, one group are twirling around with the insanity of the music, while the other group, of The Vixen are thrashing with the music. Their energy has the Coliseum going completely crazy! Oblivion slowly stands up, with it's arms extended outward, spins around. Oblivion, The Vixen, and The Gathering get to ringside. As IT pops IT's neck, Oblivion holds IT's arms outward. The Vixen rub their hands all over Oblivion's well sculpted abdominal muscles. A couple of girls begin to french kiss. The Gathering continues to slink around, tormenting the crowd, nearby. Oblivion proceeds to slide under the ring ropes and is walking over to a corner. The half naked women slide into the ring, in various sexual manners. Oblivion climbs up to the second turnbuckle and is raising IT's arms to an mostly cheering crowd. Oblivion jumps down and walks over to the center of the ring. The Gathering slithers away under the ring, with blood on their hands. Several thousand cameras flash throughout the arena, as Oblivion strikes a muscular pose, with The Vixen rubbing all over Oblivion. All of the women, of The Vixen, begin to kiss. The Gathering peak, from under the ring, as they begin to snarl and bark, while white foam drips out of their mouths.

Bobby Cairo: Oblivion absolutely looks awesome!

Zach Davis: So does The Vixen.

Bobby Cairo: go ahead and approach them, Zach. Go ahead. I dare ya. No, I double dog dare ya.

Zach Davis: Na-a-ah! You're right. I better stay clear of them.

Bobby Cairo: Here comes the champion.

As the lights dim throughout the arena, red strobe lights start shining everywhere as the sound of "Miracle" by Nonpoint blares through the arena.

Kyle Steel: From San Diego, California and is weighing in at 248 pounds, he is the reigning WCF Television Champion..... SHA-ANE BO-O-ORDER-ER-ERLA-A-AND!!

Shane Borderland comes out from behind the curtain. Borderland stops when he reaches the top of the ramp and looks throughout the crowd. He starts walking down the ramp looking side to side at the crowd. He jumps up on the ring apron. The Television champion goes through the middle rope and hops up on the turnbuckle. Borderland extends his arms outward. The champion jumps down and walks over to Stanley Moser and hands him the Television championship belt. The referee holds up the championship belt, in the center, of the ring.

Zach Davis: That is what's it all about, the Television Championship.

Moser hands the championship over to Kyle Steel, as he exits the ring.


Bobby Cairo: This title match, is underway.

The three men circle around, as Oblivion lunges in and grabs Robbie Knox.

Zach Davis: Oblivion grabs a hold of Robbie Knox and Irish-whips him into a corner.

Shane Borderland takes this opportunity and rushes towards Knox and hits him with the back of his elbow.

Bobby Cairo: The momentum causes Knox to step away, from the corner.

Zach Davis: Oh my God, here comes Oblivion.

Oblivion bolts over towards Robbie Knox and kicks him square right in the middle of his face. Knox falls and immediately grabs his face. Borderland grabs the top rope and proceeds to stomp down onto Robbie Knox.

Bobby Cairo: Wait a minute?!

Zach Davis: What Bobby?

Bobby Cairo: Oblivion and Shane Borderland were just communicating.

Oblivion grabs Knox hits him with a couple of forearm smashes, as Borderland kicks Knox in the midsection.

Zach Davis: Those two are working as a team.

Bobby Cairo: For now. You DO remember, this IS a championship match. Titles mean money. So, friendships are usually out the window. But, I don't feel that Oblivion and The Bad Boy were much of friends, to begin with.

Borderland kicks Knox in the midsection and...


DDT! Knox's head collides with the mat. Oblivion just smirks as he grabs Robbie Knox and....


Zach Davis: DDT by Oblivion! What are they doing. It seems like they are trying to out do each other.

Borderland grabs Knox and bounces him off the ropes and grabs him and....


Bobby Cairo: Tilt a whirl sideslam!!

Oblivion just laughs as he drops an elbow across Robbie Knox's chect, then picks him up and Irish whips him towards the ropes.

Zach Davis: This poor Robbie Knox. he has been practically doubled team, since the opening bell.

Bobby Cairo: Here, in WCF, you never countout anyone! Just wait, Robbie Knox will bounce back from this.

Knox bounces off the ropes, Oblivion grabs him and hits him with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Knox arches his back up, as he shows signs of pain. Oblivion drops an elbow, then stands up quickly and looks at the champion.

Bobby Cairo: Shane Borderland picks up Robbie Knox and bounces him off the ropes....


Zach Davis: Spear!! Spear! Spear!!!

The impact causes Knox to roll out of the ring. The crowd gets real excited as Oblivion and Shane Borderland walk up to each other. They stare into each other's eyes. Borderland slaps Oblivion's chest, with both hands.

The crowd: Ou-u-u-u!!

Oblivion was close to the ropes, when he bounces off and clobbers Borderland with a big boot to the face, which knocks Borderland down to the mat.

The crowd: Ou-u-u-u!!

Oblivion picks up Borderland and irishwhips him into the ropes.....

The crowd: No!

Borderland reverses it and Oblivion bounces off the ropes and...

The crowd: Ou-u-u!

Zach Davis: Oblivion was just tripped by Robbie knox who was recuperating from ringside.

Oblivion turns around to confront Knox.

Bobby Cairo: The Television Champion is sizing up the big monster....


Zach Davis: A hu-u-u-uge german suplex by Shane Borderland.

As Borderland goes after Oblivion, he gets tripped by Robbie Knox.

Bobby Cairo: That's just made the champion very angry.

Borderland just leaps through the ropes and lands on Robbie Knox. The momentum caused both of them to crash into the security railing. That causes the nearby crowd to erupt with cheers. Borderland stands up first.

Zach Davis: It looks like that Shane Borderland hurt himself, from that leap.

Bobby Cairo: That's a possibility! They both crashed hard into the security railing.

Borderland grabs Knox and proceeds to Irish whip him towards another section of the security railing....

The crowd: No-o-o!!

Zach Davis: Knox reverses it!


Bobby Cairo: Borderland crashes hard, right shoulder first against the steel steps. But, he doesn't see Oblivion.

Zach Davis: Oblivion is perched on the top turnbuckle!

Bobby Cairo: He looks like a vulture waiting for it's kill!!

Oblivion leaps off the top turnbuckle. Robbie Knox just turns in the direction of the flying Oblivion. He eyes get huge, as he gets nailed with a twisting/flipping plancha that knocks them both into the security railing.

The crowd: WOW!!

Zach Davis: The big monster just executed a maneuver that most cruiserweights do all the time.

Bobby Cairo: The big man is very agile.

Bodies are lying everywhere.

Zach Davis: It looks like a car crash just happened.

Shane Borderland stands up, with an obvious banged up shoulder and grabs Oblivion. The champion taps the chest of Oblivion and nods towards Knox.

Bobby Cairo: Whoa!!

Both Borderland and Oblivion grab the security railing and proceeds to stomp down onto Robbie Knox!

Zach Davis: They both are stomping down onto Robbie Knox! They are making him a part of the ringside area, permanently!!

Oblivion glances over at Shane Borderland, as they stomp down onto Robbie Knox....


Bobby Cairo: Oblivion just blindsided Shane Borderland.

Oblivion grabs Borderland and slams his head across the steel security railing, over and over again. Oblivion finally let's go, as Borderland stumbles and falls down to one knee, as he looks as if he has been lacerated on his forehead.

Zach Davis: Oh my God, Oblivion is tearing open the champion!

The referee has continued his count....

Bobby Cairo: I don't think the three competitors realize that Senior referee Stanley Moser has been counting....

Stanley Moser: Six! Seven!!

Oblivion is digging his dirty fingernails into the gashing wound on Borderland's forehead.

Zach Davis: Oh, now the Television Champion is bleeding profusely.

Oblivion notices Stanley Moser and rushes in and immediately exits the ring, stopping the count momentarily. Oblivion grabs a bleeding Borderland and tosses him into the ring, as he goes over to a beaten down Robbie Knox.

Bobby Cairo: Knox has been noneffective all through this match.

As Oblivion gets to Knox, The Dark One is grabbed by Knox and is thrown into the railings.

Zach Davis: Knox takes this opportunity to stomp down onto Oblivion!

Bobby Cairo: While the champion is on the mat, leaning against the bottom turnbuckle, as he bleeds badly down his face.

The blood keep reaching to Borderland's mouth and he keeps having to spit the blood out, of his mouth. Borderland looks hurt as the only thing keeping him up, is the ropes and bottom turnbuckle.

Knox helps Oblivion up, as he Irish whips Oblivion, then....

Bobby Cairo: What?! Robbie Knox was going for an Irish whip, but he manages to drop toe hold Oblivion, which cause him....


Bobby Cairo: fall face first onto the ring steps!

Shane Borderland struggles to stand as he exits the ring, through the side way, away from the other action. Knox, standing near the steps, as he grabs Oblivion around his neck, as the former TV champ is looking straight up. Knox looks as for where the steps are and drops back.....


The crowd: OW-W-W!!!

Oblivion's back gets slammed into the top of the ring steps! As Knox walks around a fallen Oblivion, Knox is near the ring entrance way, when....

Zach Davis: Here comes the champion!

Bobby Cairo: The referee has been very lenient with the competitors!

Shane Borderland comes running towards Robbie Knox and...


Zach Davis: The champion just nailed Robbie Knox with flying forearm.

Borderland grabs Knox and tosses him into the ring. Knox quickly stands, runs for the opposite end of the ring and bounces off the ropes, as Shane Borderland enters the ring. Borderland drops down to the mat, face first. Knox hops over the champion and bounces off the ropes. Borderland stands up and waits for Knox and....


Bobby Cairo: Tilt a whirl slam!!

Shane Borderland stands up, as the crowd is practically screaming at Borderland, pointing behind him.

Zach Davis: Oblivion is standing on the ring apron and has flung himself on the top ring rope and launches himself off and hits Borderland with a spinning heel kick! Oblivion goes for the pin.

Stanley Moser slides into position....

The crowd: ONE!!!

The crowd: TWO!!

The crowd: THRE-....NO-O-O!!

Bobby Cairo: Robbie Knox stops the count, before it got to three!!

Oblivion grabs Robbie Knox, by the hair and proceeds to toss him over the top rope. Oblivion walks over to the champion and picks him up, but Borderland gets up quickly.

Zach Davis: What the other two competitors don't realize, is that Knox is still hanging onto the ropes and proceeds to flip himself over, back into the ring.

Borderland holds Oblivion around the chest, as Oblivion's right arm is behind his head. The champion picks him up and slams him on his knee and then throws him face first into the mat.

Davis/Cairo: GAMEBREAKER!!

Knox climbs up to the top turnbuckle and waits for Borderland.

Bobby Cairo: Borderland turns around and Knox flies off the top turnbuckle....


Zach Davis: Knox lands with a moonsault onto Borderland. He goes for the pin onto the champion.

Bobby Cairo: We could have ourselves a new champion!!

The referee slides into position....

The crowd: ONE!!!

The crowd: TWO!!

The crowd: THREE-.... NO-O-O!!

Bobby Cairo: KICKOUT!!

Zach Davis: From out of nowhere, Oblivion comes flying and stops Robbie Knox from being the new television champion!!

Oblivion grabs Knox and throws him into a corner. The Dark One rushes over and hits him with a clothesline. Oblivion turns around with his back towards Robbie Knox. Knox is bracing himself against the corner.


Bobby Cairo: Oblivion slams his elbows against the skull of Robbie Knox!

Knox falls down to the mat. Oblivion turn to the opposite way and prov=ceeds to race towards a fallen Knox, like a runaway locomotive!!

Zach Davis: There goes a madman!!

Oblivion slams his knee against the skull of Robbie Knox!! The Dark One turns around...


Bobby Cairo: Shane Borderland was trying to execute a German suplex, but couldn't execute.

Oblivion stomps down onto Borderland's right foot!!


Zach Davis: Belly to back suplex!

Oblivion walks over to Robbie Knox, who grabs Oblivion by the trunk and throws him shoulder first into the turnbuckles. knox proceeds to stomp down onto Oblivion's shoulders.

Bobby Cairo: Robbie Knox walks over to the champion.

Robbie Knox picks up Shane Borderland and kicks him into his mid-section and....


Zach Davis: Roundhouse kick to the head! that causes the champion to fall down onto the mat!

Knox goes after Borderland's legs. He proceeds to stomp down on both legs. He pulls the champion near the the corner.

Bobby Cairo: Robbie Knox grabs Shane Borderland's right leg and... no he's not!! Oh my God, he better not. This could permanently injure Shane Borderland!!

Robbie Knox grabs the champion's right leg and wraps it around the ring post!

The crowd: Ou-u-u!!

The television champion screams out in extreme pain. Knox just smiles as he does it a second time. borderland is trying to scoot backwards away from the corner and the post. But, Knox with a hunger in his eyes, stalks Borderland and grabs his right leg and proceeds to twist it.

Zach Davis: That looks like a modified Indian death lock. but he keeps twisting the leg!!

The champion tries to sit up, but all he can do is swing in the air, trying to reach for an extremely aggressive Robbie Knox.

Bobby Cairo: It looks like he's going for it!

Zach Davis: Absolutely! Robbie Knox is going for the figure four!!

Stanley Moser gets in Shane Borderlands face...

Moser: You wanna give up, champ?!?

Borderland: NO-O-O-O!!

Knox keeps wrenching on the leg, as the champion screams out in pain. As Knox has the champion in a bad situation, Oblivion slips out of the ring and climbs up to the top turnbuckle.

Bobby Cairo: Both the champion and Knox don't see Oblivion perched on the top turnbuckle!

Oblivion leap off and dropkicks Robbie Knox on the back of his head!!

The crowd: WOW!!

Bobby Cairo: Amazing dropkick from Oblivion.

Oblivion grabs for Robbie Knox bounces him off the ropes....


Zach Davis: CHECK OUT TIME!!!

Bobby Cairo: A devastating super kick from the big monster Oblivion!!!

With Robbie Knox temporarily incapacitated, Oblivion runs over to Shane Borderland and continues to dig his dirty finger nails into the head wound of Shane Borderland!

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!! Oblivion is biting the head wound!! Oblivion spits out a chunk of forehead of the champion!

Oblivion drags the champion over to a corner and puts him on the top turnbuckle.

Bobby Cairo: Oblivion is continuously punching the champion!

Oblivion also climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Blood is dripping from the head of Shane Borderland. Oblivion positions Borderland...

Zach Davis: Oblivion looks like he is gonna execute a superplex!!

Oblivion positions Borderland in a suplex. Oblivion steps off the turnbuckle...


Oblivion steps back and takes Borderland back and....


Zach Davis: OH MY GAW-AW-AWDD-D-D-D!!!

Bobby Cairo: Oh my God.

The crowd: THAT WAS AWESOME!!! <clap-clap><clap-clap-clap!!> THAT WAS AWESOME!!! <clap-clap><clap-clap-clap!!>

Zach Davis: Oblivion just crunched the Television champion with a move he calls Shatter, a top rope brainbuster!! Oblivion goes for the pin!!

Stanley Moser gets into position...

The crowd: ONE!!!

The crowd: TWO!!

The crowd: THREE!....NO-O-O-O-O!!

Bobby Cairo:A quick save by Robbie Knox!! This has been one entertaining bout!! What do you think, Zach Davis?!

Zach Davis doesn't say anything.

Bobby Cairo: I think it's finally happened! Zach Davis is speechless!

Robbie Knox hits Oblivion with an forearm, but Oblivion just roars out and plants a bot in the mid-section of Robbie Knox and Oblivion locks Knox into an inverted face lock.

Zach Davis: Cairo, we could be looking the beginning of the Soultaker!!

Oblivion reaches with his own left arm draping over Knox's throat/neck area. Oblivion reaches with his right hand and grabs a hold to the Knox's ring wear, by the knees. Oblivion tosses Knox over his left shoulder, while still holding onto Knox's neck and head. Then, finally crashing down into a Stunner.

Bobby Cairo: SOULTAKER!!!

Oblivion goes for the pin....

The crowd: ONE!

The crowd: TWO!!

Borderland comes in and stomps on Oblivion and tosses him out of the ring. Borderland pins Knox.

One! Two! Three!

Zach Davis: Borderland wins!

Zach Davis: Oh my God!

Bobby Cairo: What now?!

Zach Davis: Something is coming from under the ring!

Bobby Cairo: It's only The Gathering!!

The crowd cheers loudly, nearly exploding the roof off the West Virginia University Colliseum!!


Bobby Cairo: What's he doing here?!?

The crowd is deafening with their cheers, as Greenfever slips into the ring. Robbie Knox and Shane Borderland is lying motionless on the mat.Greenfever enters the rings and goes right after Oblivion.

Zach Davis: I guess there is real bad blood between them still!!!

Greenfever spins Oblivion around. Now, Both Oblivion and Greenfever are face to face. Oblivion automatically goes into a defensive position.

Bobby Cairo: We are about to experience another classic Greenfever/Oblivion beatdown!! Buckle yourselves in, folks. This is about to get nasty!!

As Greenfever steps forward. Both of them begin to smile and give each other a hug!!

Zach Davis: WHAT THE....

Bobby Cairo: OH MY GAW-AW-AWDD-D-D-D!!!

With both Greenfever and Oblivion smiling, they turn around and Greenfever grabs for Robbie Knox and Oblivion grabs for Shane Borderland.


The crowd is speechless as Greenfever nailed Robbie Knox with a dislocated piledriver and Oblivion nails Shane Borderland with a 5150! A replays shows Oblivion placing Borderland on his shoulders, similar to an airplane spin and knocking his foot off his right shoulder, with Borderland landing face first onto the mat!!

Bobby Cairo: Both Greenfever and Oblivion props up both Knox and Borderland and....


Zach Davis: Greenfever spews out his Red Bile Mist!!

Bobby Cairo: Oblivion spews out his Blue Haze Mist!!

Both Robbie Knox and Shane Borderland are writhing around in pain, as both Oblivion and Greenfever stand in the ring, Oblivion has a mic in IT's hand....

Oblivion: WCF!! NEVER IN YOUR MISERABLE LIVES HAVE YOU SEEN ANYTHING MORE ATROCIOUS!! Greenfever and Oblivion together in our mission to destroy anyone that stands in our way!!! It's about time, WCF has a team so vile and so diabolical. We will dominant the tag team division! Our goal is the World Tag team championships!! From this moment on, Greenfever and Oblivion will be known as....

Greenfever/Oblivion: The Shadow Conspiracy!!!

The crowd pops.

Zach Davis: Remember this day, folks.

Bobby Cairo: Zach, is right everyone! Greenfever and Oblivion have joined forces and is going after the tag team division!!

Dante Reigns vs Chloe Barnes

The bell sounds and Dante reigns and Chloe Barnes are already in the ring ready to face off. The two circle one another, then lock up. Dante quickly exerts his power, pushing Chloe back into the ring ropes. Dante then uses a forearm across Chloes neck to choke her, until the referee gets in between the two, seperating them. Dante quickly fires in with a boot to the gut, doubling Chloe over. Dante then grabs Chloe by the back of the head and he leads her to the center of the ring, where he nails her with an elbow to the back of the head... sending Chloe down to the mat.

Davis : Dante outweighs Chloe by a good 120 lbs., so you can expect to see him try to overpower his opponent as often as possible during this match.

Cairo : But because of the size difference, Chloe is more agile than Dante, so Dante will try to take that away from her by any means necessary. If he’s able to ground Chloe, this match will definately be in his favor.

Dante grabs Chloe by the hair and he lifts her head up off the mat. Dante then begins pounding Chloe with several hard mounted punches and eventually lets her drop back down by releasing the clump of hair in his hand. Dante comes off the ropes... LEAPING ELBOW DROP! Dante goes for the cover…


Dante stands up and waits for Chloe to get up. Dante then hits Chloe with a straight right hand to the jaw, knocking her back into the ropes. Dante sends Chloe off the ropes, though Chloe counters, leaping up off the ground... LUNGING CLOTHESLINE! Chloe quickly makes the cover...

1..... 2..... KICKOUT!

Cairo : Wow…it could’ve been over right there!

Davis : Dante Reigns had better be thankful for that size advantage or else Chloe Barnes could’ve held him down there.

Chloe and Dante stand up at the same time, with Dante going for the first punch. Chloe ducks it and hits Dante with one of her own! Chloe connects with several more hard right hands, knocking Dante back against the ropes. Chloe comes off the ropes on the other side and hits Dante with a flying forearm! Both opponents topple over the top rope and fall to the concrete floor, but Dante is the worse for wear, as Chloe was able to grab on to the ring ropes, breaking her fall. Chloe stands up. grabs Dante by the head to help him up. Dante however, pushes Chloe... sending her back first into the ring post! Dante takes a few steps back and then charges at the dazed Chloe with a clotheline, but Chloe moves out of the way and Dante smacks the steel ring post!

Davis : Wow…Dante nearly caught Chloe with that Clothesline and would’ve literally crushed her against the ring post, but the quicker Chloe was able to get out of the away just in the nick of time.

Dante holds his shoulder as Chloe grabs him by the head, She leads him over to the announcer’s table. Chloe rams Dante’s head into the announcer’s table, then grabs one of the monitors with her spare hand.

Cairo : Whoa… I don’t know if the referee can allow for this to happen.

Chloe pulls the monitor out of the table and she swings it at Dante. Ozzy ducks out of the way, then nails Chloe with a boot to the gut... causing her to drop monitor on the floor. Dante squares off with Chloe and and clocks her right between the eyes, sending her down to the ground!

Cairo : Wow! What a tremendous shot by Dante Reigns!

Chloe almost cost herself this match, had she connected with the monitor she would have undoubtedly been disqualified.Dante grabs Chloe by the head and helps her up to her feet. Chloe has a cut on her forehead and blood is streaming down her face. Dante slides Chloe back inside the ring. Then he climbs in and covers her…

1..... 2..... KICKOUT!

Dante looks at the ref, then pulls Chloe up and then nails her with a straight right hand, aiming right for the small gash on Chloes head, sending her back into the corner turnbuckle. While grasping the top rope, Dante plows into Chloe with a barrage of boots to the gut... dropping her onto her butt on the mat. Dante picks Chloe up and he whips her into the opposite turnbuckle. Dante then charges at Chloe and hits her with a splash from behind... sending her back down to the mat. Dante makes the cover...

1..... 2..... SHOULDER UP!

Davis : This isn’t looking good for Chloe Barnes debut.

Cairo : With that gash over her eye, it seems as if Chloe has lost a lot of her energy as she gets literally pounded to the ground by Dante reigns, She needs to get back in this or else she might be through.

As Dante tries to pull Chloe up, Chloe catches Dante with a jaw breaker! As Dante stumbles back she then grabs both of his legs and rips them out from under him!

Davis: Just when you think Chloe Barne’s done, she comes back with something like that!

Chloe, feeling the effects of the gash and blood loss, drops down and makes the cover on Dante...


Chloe groggily gets up off of Dante, knowing she needs to soften him up further, and he walks over to referee Johnny Walker... almost demanding that he just count 1 - 2 - 3! The ref argues back, demanding Chloe leave well enough alone and to let him do his job, Chloe then turns back around just in time for Dante to meet her with a kick to the gut and then to hit a... DDT! Then Dante makes the cover...

1..... 2..... KICKOUT!

Davis : Jesus... I thought it was over!

Cairo : From the sound of it, everyone in the arena did too. This place is going crazy!

Dante stares up in disbelief at the referee and he angrily pushes him out of the way as he steps through the ring ropes and onto the ring apron. Dante looks under the ring and pulls out a chair.

Cairo: Wait a second... the referee certainly can’t allow for Dante to use that chair!

Dante climbs back into the ring, though the referee steps in between and argues with him. Dante tries to get by him, but the referee simply won’t allow it. Dante tosses the chair down, and gets in the refs face, as the two argue, Stacey runs into the ring, grabs the chair and..WHACK..nails a vicious shot over Chloes back, Chloe goes down hard. Stacey leaves the ring with chair in hand, Dante stops arguing with the ref now that the damage has been done.

Cairo: NO, a cheap shot by Stacey. But the ref doesn't see it so Dante does not get an automatic disqualification. What a travesty of justice here

Dante smiles out at the crowd. He strolls over to the unmoving Chloe, slowly lifting her up and tossing her off the ropes... TILT-A-WHIRL SIDESLAM! Ozzy makes the cover…

1..... 2..... thr..NO..SHOULDER UP!

For the second time, the crowd’s in complete shock!

Davis : Where does she find the strength to keep going in this match? I don’t understand it!

Cairo: Something deep inside her…something that can’t be measured like height or weight…that’s what’s keeping Chloe Barnes in this match.

Dante stands up and he waits for Chloe to get to her feet. The blood is streaming down Chloe’s face now and you can tell that she’s lost quite a bit of it by the way her legs move. Suddenly... the crowd erupts all rising to their feet. The noise is almost deafening. Terry strolls down to ringside. He makes his way over to Stacey, he unhooks his guitar from underneath his trench coat, pointing it at Stacey, she walks backwards shaking her head pleading with Terry. The ref exits the ring, placing himself between the darkchyld and Stacey, demanding Terry to leave. Terry simply stares down the referee, Just then, Dante leans over the ropes taking a swipe at Terry, missing him only by inches. Terry takes a step back, smiling at Dante, then pointing his les paul steel reinforced guitar at Dante. Dante spreads his arms out as if inviting Terry to make a move.

Davis : looks like things are about to get out of hand here.

Cairo : All Terry is doing......wait...what the hell IS Terry doing? what the hell is going on here?

As the referee attempts to regain control of the situation, staring Dante down. No one notices Chloe slowly getting up. her face nearly a crimson mask, but an evil sinister smile on her face. She turns around, stalking Dante like a predator getting ready to pounce on it's prey

Cairo: OH NO....Dante doesn't see Chloe setting him up, he's too distracted by Terry. oh my.

Davis : Now what on Earth is this all about? Dante better turn around.

As Dante turns around, he is met with a huge forearm smash to the face by Chloe. he stumbles back. Chloe delivers several stiff shots in rapid succession, after delivering a perfect round house kick to Dantes stomach that causes him to stumble off the ropes, Chloe steps behind him. She reaches under one of Dantes's arms with one hand and places it behind the his neck. Chloe uses her free arm to reach across his body, grabbing his arm which is on the same side as the arm Chloe's is on to apply the half nelson. Chloe then pulls the Dante's arm across his face and locks his hands around his neck. Chloe charges forward driving Dante face first into the mat. Chloe looks outside the ring and smiles real big as she spots Terry keeping Stacey at bay, She hooks Dantes leg for the pin.

One! Two! Three! Chloe wins with the help of Terry! Terry walks backstage, and then Chloe leaves the

Sahara Snyder vs Ethan Frost vs Maya Gomez

Match was incorrect, and due to this the match can't be posted. However..

Zach Davis: Ethan Frost has done it! Frost defeated Snyder and Gomez!

Bobby Cairo: Frost pinned Gomez, and was the winner tonight!

Terry Roberts & Roy Speede vs Wyatt Nolan & Shaun Taylor

I for some reason never recieved this match either?

Zach Davis: Roberts and Speede pick up the win tonight!

Ace Watson vs Troy Malenko

Both men got counted out on the outside. No winner.

Jason Kash vs Shaun Jackson

Jason Kash defeated Shaun Jackson.

Hardcore Championship Match
Anthony Royal vs John Thomas vs Shulmanu(c)

Zach Davis: Now, according to my trusty teleprompter, it's almost time for the Hardcore Championship match!

Bobby Cairo: Shulmanu, the newly crowned Hardcore Champion of the WcF will face off against both Royal and Thomas. All three of these guys are hungry for blood. The question is, who's hungriest?

Zach Davis: We're about to find out!

“I Came to Play” by Downstrait begins to play through the arena's loudspeakers. Royal appears at the top of the entrance ramp with an arrogant smirk on his face. He raises his hands in the air then begins to slowly strut his way to the ring taking in the boos of the crowd. He hops on the ring apron and stares into the crowd for a moment before entering. He then goes to each turnbuckle and raises his hands in the air, then takes time to taunt the crowd before moving to the next. Finally, he goes to the middle of the ring and awaits his opponent.

Zach Davis: Royal just lost the Hardcore Championship belt at WcF's "Night of Champions". I'm curious of what changes he has made to his strategy this time around.

The Lights cut out in the arena then the opening chords of “Country Boy Can Survive” blast through the arena as a Rebel Flag lights up the Tron

The preacher man says its the end of time
and the Mississippi River she's a going dry.
The interest is up and the stock markets down
and you only get mugged if you go downtown.

I live back in the woods you see,
my woman,and the kids and the dogs and me.
I got a shotgun and a rifle and a four wheel drive
and a country boy can survive. Country folks can survive.

John Thomas walks out of the ramp wearing a pair of blue jeans, a black tank top, and his black cowboy hat pulled down around his eyes , and with a rebel flag bandanna covering his face, along with Vanessa Lee by his side, and his arm around her waist.

I can plow a field all day long,
I can catch catfish from dusk till dawn.
Make our own whiskey and our own smoke too
ain't to many things these boys can't do.
We grow good old tomatoes and homemade wine
and country boy can survive, country folk can survive.

Because you can't stomp us out and you can't make us run,
cause we're them ole boys raised on shotguns.
We say grace and we say mam
and if you ain't into that we don't give a damn.

John and Vanessa walk halfway down the ramp and stop to share a passionate kiss.

We came from the West Virginia coal mines
and the Rocky Mountains and the Western skies
and we can skin a buck, we can run a trout line
and a country-boy can survive, country folks can survive.

John continues to walk down the ring and slides into the ring then holds down the middle rope for Vanessa to climb into the ring.

Bobby Cairo: Tell me, Zach, think you could plow a field all day long?

Zach Davis: I.. I could plow some of a field for part of the day. If I had a good plow, y'know.

Bobby Cairo: Guess that's why Hank Williams Jr. didn't write any songs about you.

Zach Davis: I guess so...

GWAR's "Bring Back the Bomb" plays through the arena sound-system as Shulmanu comes out to the entrance ramp. He crouches down and screams at the audience as fire jets up around him. He walks down the ramp with an extreme intensity, often yelling at the audience and threatening people. When he gets to the ring, he hops up onto the apron and raises his hands up in the "goat horns" symbol. He then ducks into the ring, holds his arms out at his sides with his hands in fists, and screams out at the audience again.

Zach Davis: And here's Shulmanu! He looks focused.

Bobby Cairo: I wonder if I can convince him to sign my bag of Dorito's.


Zach Davis: No time for that now! There's the bell! Here we go!

The three fighters circle the ring, each balancing their defensive stances between tentative steps. Royal makes the first move by rushing at Shulmanu.

Zach Davis: Shulmanu just deflected Royal's running knee lift but here comes Thomas!

Thomas lands a hay-maker that rocks Shulmanu backward. Royal twists Thomas' arm backward into a standing arm-bar. Shulmanu kicks Thomas' left kneecap causing him to crumple to the mat. Royal adjusts the arm-bar on Thomas and lurches backward with it.

Bobby Cairo: Thomas is in a bad situation early!

Thomas reaches out and clutches the bottom rope. The ref shrugs.

Zach Davis: Hardcore rules, Thomas! No rope-breaks!

Thomas uses the rope to pull himself out of the submission. Shulmanu stomps on Royal's face.

Bobby Cairo: Ouch! Shulmanu just broke Royal's nose!

Blood sprays down Royal's face as Thomas clothelines Shulmanu down to the mat.

Zach Davis: Thomas just rolled out of the ring and is pulling something out from under the apron... It's a ladder! A 14 footer!

Royal is lifted off the mat by Shulmanu. Royal chops Shulmanu in the throat. Royal spins Shulmanu and german suplexes him forcefully.

Bobby Cairo: Looks like Thomas is done setting up that ladder just outside the ring.

Royal lifts Shulmanu and drives a fierce european uppercut into his jaw. Shulmanu stumbles back.

Zach Davis: Thomas is on that damned ladder! He's airborne! Flying... something!

Thomas collides with Shulmanu driving an elbow into the back of his head. Shulmanu collapses. Royal drop kicks Thomas and follows up with a spinning heel kick. Royal bounces off the middle rope and lands a quick moonsault.

Zach Davis: Now, Shulmanu has rolled under the ropes.

Royal wrenches Thomas' arm backward and tries to lock in another arm-bar but, Thomas resists it.

Bobby Cairo: Shulmanu better be keep his head in the game!

Zach Davis: He's pulling a table out from under the ring!

Shulmanu slings a couple of tables against the guardrail and emerges with a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire.

Zach Davis: Shulmanu's got a plan! Shulmanu's back in the ring!

Royal turns just in time to be smashed Shulmanu's 2x4. Blood sprays obscenely.

Thomas rolls to avoid Shulmanu's lunging 2x4 strike. Royal staggers to an empty corner of the ring to get his bearings. Shulmanu raises the 2x4 again, this time cracking Thomas across the back. Thomas writhes in pain and rolls out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Royal better get his head on straight!

Shulmanu spins with the 2x4 and narrowly misses Royal's head.

Bobby Cairo: Royal catches Shulmanu with a drop toe hold. Shulmanu is down!

Royal stomps Shulmanu's hands and rips the 2x4 away from him. Shulmanu tries to roll away but, Royal plunges the barbed-wire adorned 2x4 into Shulmanu's face.

Zach Davis: Oh Jesus Jones! He's raking the barbed wire across Shulmanu's face!

Thomas pulls a metal trashcan from under the ring. He heaves it into the ring and it smashes into Royal's head. A plethora of kitchen appliances are strewn across the ring. Royal stumbles and kicks the trashcan out of his way. Shulmanu rolls backward and to his feet. He is miraculously gripping a meat tenderizer. Blood is rippling out of both Shulmanu and Royal as they face each other. Thomas rolls into the ring gripping a steel chair.

Bobby Cairo: Mexican standoff!

Zach Davis: Racist!

Bobby Cairo: Are any of these guys spanish?

Zach Davis: Irrelevant!

Thomas breaks the standoff by lunging at Royal with the chair. Royal sidesteps it and butts Thomas in the face with the 2x4. Royal threads the 2x4 behind Thomas' neck and whips himself backward.

Zach Davis: Russian Leg-Sweep with the Barbed-Wire 2x4!

Shulmanu kicks Royal off Thomas and kneels. Shulmanu begins pounding Thomas' face with the meat tenderizer. Blood sprays from a large gash above Thomas' left eye. Royal drops the barbed wire 2x4 and leaps onto the top turnbuckle. Royal leaps off the turnbuckle and smashes down onto both Thomas and Shulmanu.

Bobby Cairo: Frog splash! Booyaa!

Royal rolls Shulmanu off of Thomas and pins Thomas.



Shulmanu dives in and breaks up the pin. Shulmanu clubs Royal in the back of the head with the meat-tenderizer. Royal reaches for the steel chair but, Shulmanu whacks his arm with the meat-tenderizer. Shulmanu snatches up the steel chair and heaves it into Royal's face. Royal rolls backward clutching his fresh wound. Thomas makes it to his feet but is blindsided by Shulmanu's Steel Chair! Shulmanu takes a moment to stare into the screaming mob of a crowd. Blood is spraying out of his face wounds, dripping down his arm and across polished metal of the steel chair. Shulmanu raises the bloodstained chair and the crowd pops manically.

Bobby Cairo: Take care of your business, Shulmanu!

Shulmanu turns and slams the chair down onto the back of Thomas' head.

Zach Davis: Oh no. Thomas.. may be out cold..

Bobby Cairo: Or Dead.

Shulmanu turns and starts toward Royal. Royal stands and assumes his fighting stance.

Zach Davis: Royal is still in it!

Shulmanu screams as he rockets the steel chair at Royal's head. Royal ducks it and lunges at Shulmanu.

Zach Davis: Flying Cross body by Royal!

Royal kicks himself back up to his feet and leaps onto the top turnbuckle. Shulmanu is quick to his feet and flops himself down onto the top rope, which causes Royal to lose his footing. Shulmanu rushes over to Royal and climbs up the turnbuckle with him. Shulmanu punches Royal in the face and lifts him.

Zach Davis: Oh My GOD! Guerrilla Press!

Shulmanu holds Royal above his head for a moment before launching him down onto the ring-steps.

Zach Davis: NOO!

Royal lies motionless on the angled steel steps.

Bobby Cairo: Thomas is back up!

Thomas picks up the steel-chair and slings it at Shulmanu.The chair smashes against Shulmanu's face. Shulmanu stumbles but, catches himself ungracefully, saving himself from a long fall. Thomas sprints over and clothelines Shulmanu off the turnbuckle! Shulmanu is sent down to the concrete harshly. Thomas slides under the ropes and picks up Shulmanu. Thomas whips Shulmanu into the guardrails. Thomas turns, kicks open the legs of one of the tables and places it next to the ladder. Thomas lifts Shulmanu for a power-bomb and slams him down, shattering the table.

Zach Davis: Thomas just picked Shulmanu up and is rolling him back into the ring! What is he thinking!?

Thomas opens the steel chair and places it in the center of the ring. Thomas muscles Shulmanu up to the top turnbuckle and positions himself for the Redneck Driver.

Bobby Cairo: Royal is back to his feet!

Royal bounds up the ladder and jumps over to the opposite top-turnbuckle. Thomas lifts Shulmanu and leaps toward the steel-chair.

Zach Davis: Redneck Driver on a steel chair! Oh my GAWD! Royal is airborne too! Moonsault on both Shulmanu and Thomas! This is insane!

Royal rolls Thomas off Shulmanu and goes for the pin on Shulmanu.



THRE-NO! Thomas broke it up!

Thomas lifts Royal and uppercuts him fiercely. Royal staggers but manages to counter with a flurry of chest chops. Royal dodges a powerful hay-maker and lands a flying cross-body. Royal lifts Thomas for a brainbuster and slams him down obscenely.

Zach Davis: The Dream Killer!!!

Bobby Cairo: That's all she wrote. He's done.

Royal lifts Thomas' leg for the pin.



THRE-NOOOO! Shulmanu breaks up the pin!

Zach Davis: Shulmanu has a piece of that demolished steel chair! And he's bludgeoning Royal with it!

Bobby Cairo: That was f*cking close!

Zach Davis: Let's try and keep it Pg13, Mr. "I don't walk like an Egyptian" Cairo.

Shulmanu is bewildered by Royal's step-up Enziguri. Royal german suplexes Shulmanu onto the jagged remains of the steel chair. A shard of metal rips through Shulmanu's bicep. Blood sprays and pools on the mat. Royal lifts Shulmanu for the Dream Killer and spikes him down! Royal pins Shulmanu.




Zach Davis: Royal did it! Once again, the NEW HARDCORE CHAMPION! ROYAL!

Bobby Cairo: Anthony Royal had his work cut out for him tonight and he executed this win perfectly. Well done!

United States Championship
Sahara vs Doc Henry(c)

Ana walks down the ramp to pink pyro’s shooting off behind her. She pauses at the steps to the ring to blow kisses to the crowd. Out from under the ring comes Doc Henry and the crowd erupts. Ana turns and waves at more fans thinking they are reacting to her right before she spots Doc Henry coming at her fast. It's too late though as Doc Henry comes fast and hard, crushing his shoulder into Ana's midsection with a nasty Spear. They fly off the side of the steel steps and Doc Henry begins blasting Ana right into her jawline. Her face is beginning to turn red from the punches.

Zach Davis: Doc Henry isn't playing tonight Ladies and Gentlemen!

Bobby Cairo: No, he doesn't care if it's a woman or man. They want his Title and he's a Confederate Champion! Someone has to be a winner for those people...

Zach Davis: They did lose the war...

Henry gets off of Ana Valentine and grabs a hand full of her hair. He yanks on it, trying to get her to her feet. As she stands up onto her feet, bent over, she reaches out and grabs a handful of Doc Henry's nuts. He leaps up about 5 feet off the ground, his eyes bulged open wide as if a sudden rush of excitement and pain comes over him. He releases her hair but she doesn't release her grip.

Bobby Cairo: Jesus!! I would hate that to be me right now...Oww-weee!!

Zach Davis: He has strength over her, she has his nuts in her hands...Fair or foul?

Bobby Cairo: Foul, foul...It's dirty and foul! What if he grabbed her by the boob or her crotch area? Fair or Foul?

Zach Davis: Different.

Bobby Cairo: How is it different? Crotch is a crotch and they are meant for pleasure and baby making...

Zach Davis: Let's just watch the match..

In a single pull of force she rips down with her hand, almost like grabbing the nose and hitting the grip with your other hand. Doc Henry grabs his crotch and falls the the mat outside the ring. The referee hasn't even started a count yet because neither of them have been inside the ring and both need to be to begin the match officially. Ana jumps up onto the ring apron and backflips off, hitting Doc Henry with a moonsault attack. She scrambles to her feet and slides under the bottom rope and enters the ring. The crowd very impressed with the prematch of this non title matchup. Ana having alot to gain from winning this match. She gets the crowd pumped up by throwing her arms up and down and they get louder. Doc Henry grabs the ring apron and pulls himself up to his knees and looks into the ring at his female opponent.

Zach Davis: Doc looks pretty pissed...

Bobby Cairo: Gee ya think? This woman..She just grabbed his sack and made him look like a rookie. I'd be pissed too!

Doc is up on his feet as Ana bounces off the far ropes and heads at the direction of Doc. She quickly grabs the ropes and front flips over to the outside of the ring. Doc moves out of the way as Ana Valentine slams hard against the outside floor. Doc wipes his mouth and digs into Ana hard with a few stiff kicks to her ribs. Doc once again grabs a handful of her hair and pulls her up onto her knees. Doc slides in the ring, still holding her hair and he yanks on her hair. She bangs into the side of the ring. The ring bell finally dings off after Doc got in the ring. Ana grabs the bottom rope and pulls herself into the ring, Doc still having a handful of her blonde hair. He steps down on the handful of hair as she tries pulling away. Balancing on one foot, Doc kicks Ana in the head with his other foot and she reaches out and sweep scoops his balancing leg, knocking him back a few steps off her hair. She hurries to her feet as he comes in charging her. She is quick to connect with a wheel kick to his chin, sending him down onto the mat. She is up pretty fast and drops a leg drop onto Doc Henry's upper chest. Ana slowly bounces off the nearby ropes and almost times it as Doc gets up, Ana drills him in the side of the jaw with a big boot.

Bobby Cairo: She is putting the boots to him! She wants that Title Rematch!!

Zach Davis: She has proved that she can hang with the sharks that swim in the WCF Ocean!

Bobby Cairo: WCF Megaverse?

Zach Davis: Ehh....

Bobby Cairo: WCF Galazy?

Zach Davis: NO!! You should just stop now...

Bobby Cairo: Fine...What is Ana about to do?

Ana props herself up onto the top turnbuckle as Doc Henry slowly pushes himself up onto his feet. As he stands up, he turns around and Ana comes flying off the top with a Double Axe Handle. Doc leaps back a step and kicks straight up into the crotch of Ana Valentine. The crowd goes into a combined "Awww" and Doc Henry points to his head showing his intelligence. He lifts both her legs up as she lays down on her back still in pain from the solid shot. Doc holding both her legs spread open, he drops a knee down directly onto her private area.

Zach Davis: Oh Come ON!! That's a Female!! What a man Doc is showing himself to be, that's just disgusting!!

Bobby Cairo: So if some chick stomps on your balls, you wouldn't do the same because she has no balls? You're a douche!

Lifting Ana up once again by her hair, Doc shoves her head under his armpit and lifts her body, dropping her head first with a Impact DDT. He flips her over and hooks a leg as the referee drops to the mat and begins the count.



Doc lifts Ana by her hair and slams her head down into the mat repeatedly as if he's lost his damn mind. He rubs his forearm across her face, grinding the wrist tape over her eye sockets. Like an indian burn on the face after a few back and forths. Doc gets up and drops down with a knee right into her face. Blood forms in the gash above her eyebrow as Doc Henry once again makes the cover.




Ana kicks out, Doc looks annoyed as he sits up and stares at the ref holding up 2 fingers up for everyone to see including the time keeper. Getting to his feet, Doc looks down at Ana as the blood begins to form in a puddle on the mat below her head. The referee leans over to check on her but Doc pushes the referee back and pulls her up by one of her arms. He quickly whips her into the corner and she lounges back against the corner, her arms flopped over the ropes to help prop herself up. As Doc Henry approaches her, she throws herself up and puts out a boot to his chest. He catches the leg and flings it down and she launches herself out of the corner with a forward flying head butt, further busting her own eyebrow open. Blood begins to pour out of from above her eye. It looks like a big pair of lips after that headbutt. The referee helps her up and pushes her against the corner to check her cut. Ana Valentine shoves the ref off as Doc Henry comes in fast with a crushing clothesline and drops her on her ass in the corner. Doc wipes his own forehead and finds blood from where she connected heads. He takes a few steps back and rushes in and drills her almost pin point in the open wound with a sharp boot.

Bobby Cairo: Oh and Ana was looking to recover there...The ref should be suspended for being a moron!

Zach Davis: She is bleeding!! She needs medical attention!

Bobby Cairo: She is a competitor, she steps in that ring with men, she knows the risks! You wouldn't know that because you just give opinion without the experience.

Doc grabs her by the ankles and drags her out of the corner. Blood trailing where her head lays as she is pulled to the middle of the ring. Doc has her legs held up and looks around the area as the people start getting loud. They know he is about to drop some knees to her vagina area again. Out of nowhere, Ana leans up, grabs Doc's arm and pulls it, wrapping her legs around his head and the arm she grabbed. Slapping on a beautiful and tight Triangle Choke submission. The crowd erupts wanting to see Ana's comeback in the match. Wanting to see her become the First Female WCF Champion at any level in the game. Doc Henry reaches, struggles, begins to panic trying to get to the ropes but he had dragged her to the middle of the ring. The referee is squated down next to Doc asking him if he wants to quit. He looks to be calming down, maybe going to sleep but he calmly puts his feet underneath his body and tries to stand up. Doc Henry grabs his arms up onto her shoulders and lifts her off the ground, still locked in the Triangle, Ana is sitting up on his shoulders, riding him in a way that a female would ride a dude in some porno. The entire arena begins to laugh as Ana struggles to tighten the hold even up on his shoulders. Her bottom half pushing forward like a horney female loving the tongue punching.

Zach Davis: I will not even comment on this...

Bobby Cairo: I will!! She is riding his face! Seth is sitting in front of the screen with his "friend" in hand for this match!!

Blood is dripping down onto Doc Henry from Ana's eyebrow. Her face almost covered in the crimson colored blood. Doc's left knee begins to buckle but he catches himself and takes two steps forward and slams her into the mat with everything he has left in his tank. Her head bounces off the mat and the triangle choke is released as Doc Henry just pushes her legs up over her head like he is about to power hump her. The referee hesitates as the audience once again laughs and giggles at the positioning in the ring. The referee begins to make the count.



Doc rolls off Ana and flops over onto his back in disbelief. He is breathing hard as his chest goes up and down. Ana wipes the blood out of her eyes as much as possible as she too just lays there. The referee has no choice but to begin the 10 count for both competitors.

Bobby Cairo: Now if neither person can get up in this 10 seconds then the match becomes a draw it what has been very entertaining!

Zach Davis: No doubt and I'm sure Doc Henry can be happy knowing he got to what? Second Base or would that be Third?

Bobby Cairo: I'd guess Shortstop but he did have a face full of muff...Can I say muff on air?

Zach Davis: This isn't PG-13, you're good!

Doc goes for a wild clothesline and Valentine pins him school-boy style. The ref counts.. ONE TWO THREE! Valentine steals a win and rolls out of the ring! Doc looks pissed and Valentine smiles with the crowds approval that in one week she wants to be US Champion!

Tag Team Championship
Gravedigger & Troy Malenko vs Jay Price(c) & Tank Reaper (c)

We come back from commercial with a sweeping shot of the audience, the majority on their feet holding up signs in hopes of being seen on television. The camera then switches to a shot of Bobby Cairo and Zach Davis at the announce table.

Zach Davis: Welcome back to Slam ladies and gentlemen. We've had a heck of a show so far and now it's about to be kicked up a notch. Jay Price vs Skyler Striker for the first time in WCF history.

Bobby Cairo: I am beyond excited for this one Zach. One of the biggest names in WCF history going up against one of the biggest names of the current generation. A former World Champion against someone that I truly believe will hold that very title soon. Price...Striker....nothing else needs to be said.

Zach Davis: And with that let's take it to Kyle Steel for the introductions.

The camera switches to a shot of Kyle Steel standing in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand.

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first...

‘With our hands held high, we’re screaming whoa-oh, whoa-oh oh...’

“Hands” by The Almost hits the speakers to a flurry of blue spotlights focused on the curtain, the rest of the arena in darkness.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds, from Perth, Australia, Skyler Striiiiiiiiiiiiker.

Skyler Striker emerges from behind and the spotlights follow his straight walk to the ring, where he slides in and stands in the center. He raises one hand in front of his face and clicks his fingers, whipping his arm to the side and cuing the lights to come to life along with a flurry of pyro from the ring posts.

Kyle Steel: And introducing his opponent...

All of the lights in the arena go out, sending the crowd into panic mode. A series of red lights slowly begin to come on, starting around the ring and then moving up the ramp toward the stage. Out of nowhere "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the PA System which instantly draws a chorus of boos and derogative chants from the crowd. The jumbotron flickers to life as highlights of Price's career begin to play, much to the displeasure of the crowd. The booing only intensifies as Price makes his way out onto the stage, his head and most of his face hidden under the hood of a black sweatjacket.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at two hundred and forty one pounds, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jay Priiiiiice.

He pauses and takes a look out at the crowd, a bit of a grin on his face, before making his way down the ramp toward the ring. Along the way he mockingly attempts to slap a few children's hands before pulling his hand back at the last moment. He finally reaches the ring steps and climbs them, makes his way through the ropes, and then climbs up the nearest corner to the second turnbuckle. He glares around at the crowd, smirking at the boos and chants, before slowly raising a middle finger for all to see. Finally he hops out of the corner and removes his jacket, choosing to throw it into the referee's face rather than into the crowd, as he keeps his eyes focused on Striker.

Senior Referee Stanley Moser does the typical pat down for weapons and then signals for the bell...


...and this match is officially underway!

Both men come out of their respective corners and circle the ring a few times before moving in for a tie up. Price gets the early advantage and gets behind Striker before putting him in a rear waistlock. Striker breaks out with an elbow and then grabs Price's arm before spinning behind him and putting him in a wrist lock. Price reverses that into a wrist lock of his own and then takes Striker to the mat with an arm drag. Striker hits the mat, rolls and then springs back to his feet. He runs at Price and gets taken down with another arm drag, only this time Price holds onto the arm and applies an armbar. Striker gets to the ropes and the referee begins the five count.

Referee: Let him go Price.

Price releases the hold and then gets back to his feet as he watches Striker pull himself back up, the referee blocking his path. Striker is up and Price pushes past the referee, heading right for Striker. Striker from out of nowhere hits the ropes and springboards off with a back elbow. Striker with the pin attempt.



And Price gets the shoulder up before the two count. Both men back up to their feet and they again tie up. Price again gets the advantage and he shoots Striker into the corner. Price runs at him and Striker jumps up and hits a knee to the face. Price staggers back to the middle of the ring and Striker runs and takes him to the mat with a head scissors take down. Price pushes himself up to his knees and Striker goes for a kick to the head. Price ducks it and springs up to his feet before snapping off a german suplex.

Bobby Cairo: This right here is wrestling Zach. Striker and Price are putting on what we professionals refer to as a wrestling clinic.

Zach Davis: I couldn't agree more Bobby. The back and forth action is simply amazing.

Striker gets back up to his feet by the ropes and Price charges him. Striker drops to the mat and pulls the top rope with him, sending Price spilling to the mat. Striker goes to follow but the referee steps in front of him.

Referee: Keep it in the ring Striker.


Price is back to his feet and seems to be milking the ten count.


Striker hits the opposite ropes and flies through with a suicide dive that takes Price back first into the barricade.


Bobby Cairo: And I bet Price feels like he got hit by a missile.

A split screen shows a few replays of the move from different angles as the referee restarts the ten count.

Referee: Get back in the ring you two.


Striker is the first one back to his feet and he pulls Price up. Striker pushes back against the barricade and lets go with a chop to the chest.

Crowd: Woooo.


Striker with another chop to the chest of Price.

Crowd: Woooo.


Striker goes for another chop but Price blocks it and they trade spots. Price now with a big chop.

Crowd: Boooooo.

Price: Ah shut the fuck up already.


Price grabs Striker by the head and pulls him back to the ring before pushing him under the bottom ropes.

Crowd: You Suck! You Suck! You Suck!

Price turns around and flips off a few of the audience members at ringside. He then turns around and climbs up onto the apron. Striker was waiting for him and he unloads with a kick to the side of the head. Price appears to be out on the apron, held up only by the ropes. Striker springboards off the second rope and nails Price in the back of the head with an enzuigiri. Price falls to the arena floor once again as the crowd cheers.

Zach Davis: What a move by Striker! Price is out cold it appears.

Bobby Cairo: Yes it was a great move, but you can't get the pin with your opponent out of the ring. And we all know that Striker wants to pin Price badly to shut him up.

Striker slides out of the ring and pulls Price to his feet before pushing him back into the ring. Striker slides back in and then hooks the leg for the pin attempt.




And Price gets the shoulder up before the three count. Striker pulls Price back up to his feet and goes for the Welcome To Oblivion but Price pushes him off as he attempts the double underhook and then drops him with a sleeper slam.

Zach Davis: Great counter there by Price to avoid Striker's patented finisher.

Bobby Cairo: A great counter but Price is obviously still woozy from all of these shots to the head he's been taking and he can't take advantage of the situation.

Price pulls Striker up and tries for a suplex but Striker blocks it and then counters with a roll up from out of nowhere.




And again Price kicks out before the three count. Both men up to their feet and Striker goes for a lariat. Price ducks it and grabs Striker from behind before hitting the inverted headlock backbreaker. Price with the pin attempt.




And Striker kicks out. Price rolls off of him and sits up with a look of exhaustion on his face.

Zach Davis: And this match is taking it's toll on both competitors.

Price pulls Striker back up and he shoots him into the corner. Price lifts him up to the top turnbuckle and then climbs up. Price goes for a superplex but Striker blocks it and delivers a stiff punch to the midsection. And then a punch to the face. Price falls off but lands on his feet on the mat and Striker follows it up with a top rope hurricanrana. Striker crawls over and hooks the leg for the pin attempt.





The crowd goes nuts as Striker looks up at the ref, almost as if to say "are you kidding me?". The referee holds up two fingers to confirm it. Striker back to his feet and he pulls Price up. Price from out of nowhere with a european uppercut. He follows that up with a kick to the midsection and then drops Striker with a ddt. He then gets up to his feet and heads for the corner.

Zach Davis: Price...on the top rope? We very rarely see him go up there.

Bobby Cairo: Big matches call for big moves Zach.

Price takes a moment and then leaps up onto the top turnbuckle. He shoots the fans a quick middle finger and then leaps off with a moonsault...

Zach Davis: The WTF Maneu...

...AND STRIKER ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Price somehow lands on his feet, but Striker is right there with a kick to the back of the legs. Price goes to his knees and Striker unloads with a series of quick kicks to the chest. Price falls back onto the mat and Striker runs for the ropes. He comes back looking to hit the Roll the Dice...BUT PRICE GETS THE KNEES UP!

Crowd: Ooooooof.

Both men seem to be feeling the effects after the collision. Price uses the ropes to pull himself up as the referee checks with Striker. Striker shakes off the referee and gets to his feet, a bit of a limp in his step.

Bobby Cairo: Looks like Striker defiantly got the worse end of that collision.

Striker calls for a tie up and Price obliges. Striker applies a wristlock but Price breaks it with a kick to the injured leg. Striker hobbles and Price takes him out from behind with a chop block. Striker tries crawling for the ropes but Price catches him and puts him in a single leg boston crab. Striker screams out in pain as the referee moves in to check on him.

Referee: What's it going to be Striker? You wanna give up?

Striker: No!

Striker begins to desperately pull himself toward the ropes as the crowd wills him on with their cheers. With one last burst of strength he stretches out and grabs the bottom rope. Price angrily releases the hold and gets to his feet as he watches the referee again check on Striker. Striker gets to his feet and Price goes right after him. Price shoots him to the ropes and then drops him with a drop toe hold. Striker rolls on the ground holding his knee as Price begins stalking him from a distance. Suddenly he drops to his knees, holding his head as he screams out.

Zach Davis: The voices are back! Dear god I thought we had seen the end of them.

Price suddenly snaps out of it as he stares down Striker. Striker rolls himself over onto his stomach and pushes himself up...AND PRICE KICKS HIM IN THE SIDE OF THE SKULL.

Zach Davis: The Hit and Run. Oh the impact.

Price starts to go for the pin, but then stops. He looks around at the booing fans and then pulls Striker to his feet.

Bobby Cairo: Come on Jay. This is too much.

Price hits the wrist clutch exploder suplex, dropping Striker directly on his head. Price hooks the leg for the pin attempt.




"Nightmare" hits the speakers as the arena is filled with boos. Price stands up and the referee goes to raise his arm, but he pushes him away. Several medical personnel rush to the ring to check on Striker as Price looks on, a smile on his face. He exits the ring and heads up the ramp, not once taking his eyes off the ring, as the show fades out to commercial.

Johnny Reb & D-Day vs Chris Avery & Brad Kane

Day and Reb are already in the ring when Avery comes out with Torture. They stand ni front of the announcers table when Brad Kane comes out. Day and Reb get in their corner in the ring and Avery steps up into his corner. Brad walks around the ring and before he enters the ring he stands directly in front of Torture. Both men don't move and stare right into each others eyes. Avery is yelling at BK to join the match! The ref rings the bell when Day picks up Avery and hits the Dead and Forgotten!

Zach Davis: WHOA!

Reb flies off the top rope with his shooting star elbow drop and Day pins directly after it.. ONE! TWO! THREE!

Day steps back up and Reb and Day raise their arms in victory! Brad and Torture still haven't moved.. Reb goes to the top rope and flies down and smashes onto BK! The crowd goes wild as BK and Reb begin to fight on the mats when Torture slides into the ring to notice Avery hardly making it to his feet..

The crowd goes wild as Torture, Jackson and Avery stand up and stare right at Day.. whose by himself in the ring..

The crowd POPS as Jason Kash slides into the ring.. and Torture smirks again.. as it's two on three..

Bobby Cairo: I don't like these odds!

The crowd pops even bigger as Sahara hits the ring and slides in.. she stomps her feet and pumps herself up.. and Tortures smirk goes to a frustrated voice.. the crowd comes alive and stomps their feet and stomps their hands on the guardrail.. Day, Kash and Sahara taunt Torture and his two teammates to COME ON! COME ON BIG MAN! Torture smirks and spits on Day.. DAY SPEARS TORTURE! DAY SPEARS TORTURE!

Zach Davis: HERE WE GOOOOOO!!!

Avery and Kash begin fighting as Sahara and Jackson begin punching! They roll out of the ring when Torture gets to his feet turns around and Day picks him up for the Dead and Forgotten, Torture grabs the top rope and pulls himself off of Day's shoulders and escapes the ring and walks up the ramp.. Day smiles and the crowd begins to chant "DAY! DAY! DAY! DAY! DAY! DAY! DAY!"

Bobby Cairo: we're out of time for tonight.. see you at the pay per view!

Copyright logo comes on and Day is smiling.. and Torture is pissed.