Monday Night Slam Intro

The WCF logo appears and fireworks explode from the ramp and above the ring, we then cut to the announcers as the sold out crowd cheer their asses off.









Opening Promo

The jumbotron screen flickers and soon fires to life. WCF’s resident transvestite, the ‘Scot, reveals himself to the screen. The room the ‘Scot has occupied himself in looks grungy and filthy, much like himself. A tattered red curtain drapes the background wall of the set. He speaks up, purposely managing to block the view of someone sitting at a table behind him.

the ‘Scot: Sometime last week it was announced that the lousy overrated Jay Price –

The one ‘hiding’ behind the ‘Scot quietly interrupts him. He nods, then continues on.

the ‘Scot: The lousy overrated BOUDLE Jay Price would be returning from his stupid world titleless retirement to face Logan at Creeping Death’s event on May the thirteenth. Many of you may be wondering if either of the two will make an appearance before then, well, speaking on Logan’s behalf.. that answer is no. Logan is a business man at heart. And, he knows that making a public appearance before the actual event may perhaps kill the anticipation going into the thirteenth. So, to kill time between now and then, we’ve decided to offer you a bit of a tease to help keep the ratings flowing.

A distinct cough rumbles from a source conveniently hid behind the ‘Scot. On que, seventies porno-like music begins, and the ‘Scot’s tube top falls to the floor revealing his silky smooth shaved chest. The ‘Scot gropes at his bear chest, fingers squeezing his nipples between forefingers. The audience watching inside the arena begin to grumble with disgust, and because of that, the technicians backstage kill the jumbotron, ending the segment abruptly.

Travis "sXe" Warner vs El Matador

"Badass" by Saliva hits the speakers as the lights on the stage flicker on and off rapidly, giving off an almost strobe like effect. Once the chorus hits, Warner walks out from behind the curtain, his forearms crossed above his head in an "X".

Zach Davis: And here's the debuting Travis Warner, who has promised to bring things that we've never witnessed before to WCF, along with improving the things that we've taken for granted.

Kyle Steel: Lofty goals for a newcomer, we'll have to see if he can back up his words.

Once he reaches the top of the ramp he lowers his arms and continues down to the ring where he slides in under the bottom rope. He then heads for the nearest corner and stands by the ropes until the match starts.

Everything goes dark. Gravestone by Deuce is blasted through the speakers. Pulse II appears above titantron. He is holding a coffin which is engraved with his opponent's name and quickly raises one arm, triggering pyrotechnics.

Zach Davis: And here is Pulse II, formally known here in WCF as El Matador. He's taken quite a stand against Mark Markman as of late, challenging what he calls Markman's "corrupt power".

Kyle Steel: Apparently he's never heard the old saying "Don't cross the boss."

He walks down the ramp slowly, not looking at the crowd. He goes up the stairs and climbs through the ropes. Pulse II looks at the crowd.


Zach Davis: And there's the bell to start this match. Should be an interesting matchup of high flying versus technical, wouldn't you say Kyle.

Kyle Steel: I agree Zach. I love me some high flying action, but you can't put down the technical style that helped found this business.

Both men come out from their corners, circle each other a few times, and then tie up in the center of the ring. They fight for control until Warner whips Pulse II into the ropes. Pulse comes back and Warner takes him to the mat with a quick hip toss. Pulse rolls off to the side and springs back up to his feet, only to be met with a dropkick that sends him back into the ropes.

Zach Davis: And Travis Warner is absolutely on fire right off the bat.

Warner rushes Pulse looking to clothesline him over the ropes. Pulse ducks him at the last second and lifts him up and over with a back body drop. Warner lands on the apron but Pulse nails him with a kick to the jaw and he drops to the floor. The referee begins the ten count as Warner sits up. When the referee reaches four, Warner finally gets back to his feet. Pulse with an attempt at a baseball slide under the bottom rope, but Warner sidesteps it and pulls him roughly out onto the floor. The referee restarts the ten count as Warner pulls Pulse to his feet and backs him up against the security barricade. Warner then fires off a series of rapid chops to Pulse's chest as fans at ringside grimace from the sound of flesh meeting flesh. Warner then attempts to shoot Pulse into the side of the ring, only for Pulse to reverse it and send Warner crashing back first into the ring. Pulse then pushes him back into the ring before going for the pin attempt.




Kyle Steel: And Warner gets his shoulder up before the three count.

Pulse pulls Warner back to his feet, only to be met with an elbow to the midsection. Warner then takes Pulse to the mat with a snapmare before locking in a reverse chinlock. Pulse is able to crawl the short distance to the ropes and grabs the bottom rope. The referee begins the five count and Warner releases at four. Pulse crawls out onto the apron as the referee backs Warner away. Pulse then hops up onto the ropes and leaps off with a springboard clothesline...BUT WARNER DUCKS IT! Pulse spins around and Warner hits him with a knee to the gut. Warner then lifts him up onto his shoulders before hitting an Emerald City Buster.

Zach Davis: OUCH! That's one way to break a rib.

Warner now with a pin attempt.




Kyle Steel: Pulse gets the shoulder up just before the three count.

Zach Davis: Wow, I really thought that Warner had him there.

Warner pulls Pulse up to his feet and goes for the Seattle Special but Pulse pushes him off. Warner turns around and Pulse catches him by the throat. Pulse tries for the Take This Breath Away, but when he lifts Warner up, Warner counters with a DDT. Warner again with a pin attempt.





Kyle Steel: WHAT A MATCH!

Warner back to his feet, a look of fierce determination in his eyes as he watches Pulse push himself to his feet. Warner then wraps him up in a sleeper hold and then drops him with a lungblower.

Zach Davis: The Seattle Special II!

Rather than go for the pin attempt, Warner locks in the Fade To Black in the center of the ring. The referee checks in on Pulse as he struggles to stay in the match.

Referee: What do you say Pulse? You want to keep going?

Pulse chokes out something that sounds like "Yes" as he continues to fight to crawl toward the ropes.

Kyle Steel: Things are not looking good for Pulse at all. Warner has this guillotine choke locked in tight and has Pulse almost in the center of the ring.

Zach Davis: But give Pulse some credit. He's fighting with everything he has to stay in this.

Pulse with one last reach for the ropes....and then the arm falls limply to the mat. The referee checks on him again and then signals for the bell. "Badass" hits the speakers as Warner stands up and has him arm raised in victory by the referee. Warner then walks over to the ropes and asks for a microphone as his music cuts.

Kyle Steel: I guess we're going to hear from the victorious rookie.

Warner watches as the referee helps Pulse II out of the ring, and then raises the microphone up.

Travis Warner: Two weeks ago I told all of you that I was coming to WCF, and that I was bringing with me my lifestyle of abstaining from all of the vices that are slowly killing off the members of our great nation. I will show no sympathy for those of you who choose to slowly kill yourselves by indulging in these heinous, and preposterous, trends that the media glamorizes. Tonight my mission began with Pulse II. I showed him why Straightedge will always overcome the evil that is the vices in society, and from this point on I will continue to do the same each and every week until all of you realize that very fact.

And with that, Warner drops the microphone to the mat with a THUD. He raises his arms above his head in an X as "Badass" again plays over the speakers. He lowers his arms and then exits the ring as the show fades to commercial.

Television Championship
Curtis Jones vs Jason Kash(c)

Zach Davis: This is one of my favorite moments of every Slam broadcast... the Television Championship match!

Kyle Steel: I concur with that, Zach. We are on television so the Television Championship represents us and all who watch us. When it's defended that's something to get excited about!

Zach Davis: We're about to be treated to an interesting match as the rookie Curtus Jones takes on the seasoned veteran and reigning WCF Television Champion Jason Kash! CJ has not been very successful thus far in his WCF career, losing in a triple threat match against Carnage and JM Christopher on Slam two weeks ago and losing to El Matador, now known as Pulse II, last week at Explosion. I guess Mark Markman and WCF management see something special in CJ, because they're rewarding him with a TV Title shot!

'Shake That!' is heard over the pa system as then LMFAOs song Party Rocking blares over. CJ comes out and stands at the top of the aisle and looks about, raises both arms up which ignite an edge like pyro but in Blue and Yellow colours. he walks down and gets in ring, poses on turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Curtus is an interesting guy, Kyle. He uses an uncharacteristic spelling of his first name, opting to go by C-U-R-T-U-S instead of C-U-R-T-I-S.

Kyle Steel: And that's interesting to you why exactly?

Zach Davis: Well, I also go against the grain. Z-A-C-H instead of Z-A-C-K!

Kyle Steel: Fascinating. Tell me more!

"I'm The Bad Influence" by Lil' Wyte hits the PA. As the beat begins to thump throughout the entire arena, smoke begins to seep out of the stage. Jason Kash comes out with his platinum JK Chain hanging around his neck. He has his Championship Belt flopped over his left shoulder as he steps up to the middle of the stage, right before the aisle way begins. He leans forward, touching the steel ramp and then comes up straight and raises the belt up above his head with one arm. He rests the belt once again on his shoulder as he makes his way to ringside. He climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring. He raises the belt one more time before handing it to the ring announcer and slapping himself a few times to ready himself for the match.

Zach Davis: Kash has been on fire since his return to WCF and he continued his hot streak with a victory last week at Explosion, defeating two members of the World Elite, Eric Price and Carnage, to successfully defend the Television Championship in a Triple Threat match!

Kyle Steel: A lot of champions would panic in that situation, Zach, being forced to defend their title against two members of the same stable. Kash kept his cool, took advantage of openings that his less experienced and ring savvy opponents gave him, and prevailed in spectacular fashion. Hats off to J-Kash!

Referee Skip Bennett checks both men for weapons, issues his final instructions and then calls for the bell.


Kash and Jones shoot in for the lock-up. Kash gains the advantage with a brutal knee to the midsection and then bludgeons Jones in the back of the head with stiff forearm blasts. Jones drops to his knees. Kash lifts Jones up and hits a slick Belly-to-belly suplex. Jones groans after hitting the mat and grasps at his aching back. Kash puts the boots to Jones and then pulls him to his feet. Kash whips Jones into the ropes, catches him on the rebound and plants him with a devastating Anderson Spinebuster. Jones' back is really aching now as he grabs his back and slaps at the mat with his feet in obvious pain.

Zach Davis: Kash is all business here! He's not showing any let-up!

Kyle Steel: It's no secret that Kash had some travel issues this week, his plane to Colorado got re-routed or something, so he's not in a good mood!

Kash pulls Jones to his feet, only to dummy him with a Half Nelson suplex that spikes his head on the mat.

Zach Davis: Jones' back was hurting, now his head is hurting!

Kyle Steel: And now Kash is climbing the ropes, so something else is about to hurt!

Kash takes a milli-second to strike an Air Joint pose for the sexy mamacitas and Dangertainment homies in the house before taking flight and landing with a Macho-style elbow drop to Jones' trachea. Kash hooks CJ's leg and the ref makes the count.

Skip Bennett: ONE...



Jones gets to his feet, but Kash is ALL OVER HIM with vicious Muay Thai knee strikes.

Zach Davis: Jones is getting beaten up by those Muay Thai knees from Kash! He can't take much more of that! He needs to find a way to get out of Kash's clinch!

Kash lands a good twenty knees before one final HUGE knee to the face that makes CJ's eyes roll back in his head.

Kyle Steel: Good night! That knee just put Curtus Jones to sleep!

Kash releases his clinch and Jones' lifeless body drops to the mat like a sack of dirt. Kash makes a casual cover, pressing his forearm on Jones' throat and not even bothering to hook a leg.

Skip Bennett: ONE...



Zach Davis: Kash just pulled Jones' shoulder up! What is he doing?

Kash pulls Jones to his feet. Kash lifts Jones onto his shoulders and buries him in the middle of the ring with a Celtic Cross.

Kyle Steel: What is Kash doing, Zach? I'll tell you. He's sending a message, plain and simple. Don't let him fool you with his easy-going, joke-cracking, stoner demeanor. This man is cut-throat, cold and calculating... like Al Capone!

Kash looks around to the outside of the ring as he plots his next move. Kash pulls Jones up and drags him by his head to the ring ropes. Kash casually tosses Jones through the ropes without any regard for his safety or well-being. Kash taunts Jones by brushing his hands together, as if he just finished taking out the trash, and then climbs out of the ring. Kash whips Jones HARD into the steel steps, causing Jones' head and shoulder to crash into the steel with maximum impact. Kash chuckles as he admires his handiwork, then he turns toward a sexy, big-breasted, Rocky Mountain chica in the front row and admires her "handiwork".

Zach Davis: Kash is flirting with that hot, young Latina at ringside when he needs to be focused on defending his Television Championship!

Kyle Steel: Oh, lighten up, Zach. Jones is unconscious and, quite frankly, he's barely breathing at this point. He's like a Duncan Sheik song. Kash realizes that Jones poses no threat and so he's taking a moment to get his groove on with a pair of caramel-colored, Double-D titties. Ain't nothing wrong with that!

The referee reminds Kash that he will be counted out if he doesn't stop chatting with the young lady and get his ass back into the ring. Kash waves him off and turns his attention back to Jones. Kash studies his surroundings and then helps Jones to his feet. Kash paintbrushes Jones with his hand, both taunting Jones and attempting to revive him. Jones shakes his head and opens his eyes. He's conscious but clearly dazed and disoriented. Kash helps Jones onto the ring apron.

Zach Davis: Pure class from Kash. He knows that his opponent is badly injured and he's helping him back into the ring. Great sportsmanship from the Television Champion!

Kash holds the ropes open for Jones. Jones starts to climb into the ring, but Kash impedes his progress and doubles him over with a knee to the midsection.

Kyle Steel: You were saying, Zach?

Zach Davis: Kash has no soul!

Kash gets double underhooks on Jones, lifts him into the air and leaps from the apron.

Zach Davis: Double underhook piledriver from Kash onto the floor outside the ring! My God, what a devastating move by the Television Champion!

Kyle Steel: Jones has to be badly injured, Zach... even more so than he already was!

The referee checks on Jones' lifeless body on the ringside floor and contemplates stopping the match. Kash gives him no chance as he tosses Jones into the ring and slides in himself.

Zach Davis: Kash is carrying Jones to the top rope! What does he have in mind now?

Kash gets Jones to the top rope and sets him up for a superplex... but it's not just any superplex. Kash hooks Jones' leg as if going for a Fisherman.

Zach Davis: Is Kash about to do what I think he's about to do?!

Kash lifts Jones into the air and springs from the top rope. Kash spins in mid-air and lands onto the mat with his opponent's body being destroyed by a MASSIVE Fisherman suplex.

Zach Davis: Kash just hit Influenced from the top rope! OH MY GOD!!

Kyle Steel: And he held onto the bridge! Here's the count!

Skip Bennett: ONE...




Zach Davis: In a word: Dominance! Pure dominance by Jason Kash as he successfully defends the WCF Television Championship yet again!

"I'm The Bad Influence" hits the PA and Kash gets to his feet, nodding his head to the beat. The referee hands Kash his Television Championship and raises his hand in victory. Kash looks over at Jones' lifeless carcass on the mat and sneers. Kash takes two hits from his Air Joint and then climbs out of the ring and walks over to the hot Latina from earlier. He starts chatting her up and cracking jokes as the WCF medical staff tends to Curtus Jones in the ring.

Kyle Steel: Kash looks like he's having a good time, but I don't think we're going to be seeing Curtus Jones again in the near future!

Jones is helped to his feet by the medics. Kash sees this and climbs into the ring. He flinches at the medics and they scurry away, fearing for their own safety. Kash boots Jones in the midsection, measures him and then charges in with the UTI. Jones' head bounces off the mat like a basketball.

Zach Davis: Under The Influence! Damn Kash! Damn him to hell! Will security please get him the hell out of here?!

Kash laughs as Jones' body is finally lifted onto a stretcher by medical personnel and wheeled out of the ringside area.

United States Championship
Buzzsaw Bundy vs Shane Borderland(c)

Zach Davis: What a night so far, here in beautiful Colorado SSSprings, Coloraaaado!!

Kyle Steel: I’ll tell ya one thing. Ha Haa!

Zach Davis: Yea?....

Kyle Steel: How’s that?

Zach Davis: You said you’d tell us one thing.

Kyle Steel: The laugh was the “one thing”. That “Ha Haa!” part, there at the end.

Zach Davis: Ah. Bountiful and poignant. You’re a true pioneer in this business.

Kyle Steel: Ha Haa!

Zach Davis: Alrighty… We’ve got a huge match-up coming up next! The newly recrowned U.S. Champion, Shane Borderland, is taking on, none other than; The big! The burly! Buzzsaw Bundy!

The sound of a chainsaw being pull started reverberates through the arena, as “The Lumberjack” by Jackyl starts. With the start of the lyrics Buzzsaw walks out, pausing on the stage to raise a fist. As the crowd pops, he makes his way to the ring, slapping the hands of the fans. Grabbing the top rope, he steps onto the apron and over the top rope into the ring. As he prepares for his match, he removes his flannel shirt, revealing his muscled body.

Zach Davis: This crowd loves them some Buzzsaw Bundy!

Kyle Steel: I know right! We’ve sold more Bundy flannel shirts than any other item on the WcF Web-store! It’s crazy! I’m wearing one right now!

Zach Davis: And it looks fantastic!

Kyle Steel: Ha Haa!

As the lights dim throughout the arena, red strobe lights start shining everywhere as the sound of "The Biggest, The Best" by Clawfinger blares through the arena. Shane Borderland slowly comes out behind the curtain and stops when he reaches the top of the ramp and looks throughout the crowd. He raises his arms up in the air as the crowd boo’s him. He starts walking down the ramp looking side to side at the crowd. He jumps up on the apron, and turns and looks at the crowd and shakes his head. He goes through the middle rope and hops up on the turnbuckle and extends his arms (Randy Orton Style). Then, he jumps off the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: This is Borderland’s first defense of his newly reclaimed WcF U.S. Title. I’m betting that he wants to put a huge beat down on Bundy to show the guys in the back that he’s serious as a heart attack!

Kyle Steel: Shane’s got his work cut out for him tonight, that’s for sure!


Zach Davis: There’s the bell and this match is underway!

Buzzsaw and Borderland size each other up in the center of the ring. Borderland fires a punching combination into Bundy. Borderland moves to drag Bundy over with a quick hip-toss but, Bundy resists it. Bundy slaps a huge chop down onto Borderland and follows it with a huge boot.

Zach Davis: Bundy’s taking advantage of the considerable size difference!

Borderland quickly rolls back to his feet and launches a sharp kick to Bundy’s chest. Bundy stumbles. Borderland snaps Bundy down with a fierce Jawbreaker.

Kyle Steel: Wow! That looked like it hurt!

Borderland locks in an ankle-lock onto Bundy. Bundy struggles to kick his way out of it but, Borderland tightens it down. Bundy roars in anger/pain.

Zach Davis: Bundy needs to get out of this quickly!

Kyle Steel: Borderland knows that, as big as Bundy is, he can’t throw that weight around if he can’t stand!

Bundy finally manages to kick Borderland off. Borderland takes a moment to threaten some eager fans in the front row.

Zach Davis: Looks like Bundy’s making it back to his feet and here comes Borderland!

Bundy ducks Borderland’s dropkick. Bundy digs a Shoulder Claw into Borderland. Borderland grabs at Bundy’s meaty hand but, it just won’t budge. Bundy laughs heartily and does a fist pump for the crowd.

Crowd: Buzzsaw! Buzzsaw! Buzzsaw!

Kyle Steel: Listen to that crowd! They love him!

Crowd: Bundy! Bundy! Bundy!

Zach Davis: Oh! Borderland was able to rip Bundy’s grip away!

Borderland fires a right cross into Bundy’s jaw and follows it up with a quick DDT. Borderland picks Bundy back up and spikes him down with a disgusting piledriver!

Zach Davis: That PileDriver was gross!

Kyle Steel: Borderland going for the pin!



Zach Davis: Bundy’s still in it!

Borderland lifts Bundy and shoves him back into the turnbuckle. Borderland lifts Bundy but, Buzzsaw starts punching his way out of it!

Kyle Steel: Bundy turned the tables! He’s lifting Shane onto the top rope!

Zach Davis: Powerbomb off the top rope! Such agility for a big man!

Bundy makes the cover.



Zach Davis: Borderland’s showing some heart by pushing himself to kick out of that!

Kyle Steel: Bundy’s got Borderland back up to his feet!

Bundy locks on a big abdominal stretch. Borderland wearily swipes at Bundy from within the submission.

Zach Davis: And here come the belly slaps!

Kyle Steel: Oh my! The smacks from those slaps are thunderous!

Zach Davis: Bundy’s hands are the size of frying pans!

Bundy turns Borderland and grabs him up in a big Bearhug!

Kyle Steel: Grizzly Attack! He’s shaking the sh*t out of Borderland!

Borderland manages to push a thumb into Bundy’s eye and Bundy releases the hold.

Crowd: Boo!

Borderland staggers to his feet. Bundy rages at Borderland but, Shane fires an shot into Bundy’s throat. Borderland lifts Bundy and spikes him down with a ring rattling Spinebuster!

Zach Davis: Holy smokes! That shook the whole building!

Kyle Steel: Borderland with the cover!




Zach Davis: That one was a little closer! Bundy better get his head back in the game!

Borderland lifts Bundy. Bundy fires and elbow into Borderland's ribs. Bundy blasts Boderland with a Back body drop then lifts him back to his feet. Bundy smashes Borderland with a big Mountain bomb! Bundy yanks Borderland back to his feet and powers him down with a sickening Chokeslam!

Zach Davis: Impressive showing by the big man.

Bundy pumps his fists for the crowd before lifting Borderland.

Kyle Steel: Borderland catches Bundy with a stiff superkick out of nowhere! Borderland spins and decimates Bundy with a roaring elbow! Borderland lifts Bundy and spikes him back down with a quick chokeslam. Borderland locks on a Cattle Mutilation! Bundy struggles within the submission.

Zach Davis: Bundy's in trouble!

Buzzsaw manages to kick himself close enough to the ropes to set a hand on one.

Kyle Steel: I didn't think Bundy was gonna get out of that one! Borderland had him locked up expertly!

Borderland is directed to release the hold. Bundy makes it to his feet just as Borderland lunges a forceful lariat into him. Bundy is knocked back into the tunrbuckles. Borderland unleashes a set of knockout worthy strikes into Bundy's head. Borderland lifts Bundy.

Bundy tries to shove Borderland off but, Shane hangs on. Borderland begins choking Bundy and lifts himself and Buzzzaw to his feet on the top turnbuckle. Bundy begins throwing haymakers into Borderland. Borderland returns fire.

Kyle Steel: Both men are standing on the top rope and knocking the hell out of each other!

Zach Davis: Oh No!

Borderland lifts Bundy and whips him over with a wrist clutch exploder off the top rope!

Kyle Steel: Jeezus! Deathrow off the top rope!!! Borderland with the cover!!!!



Three-No! Kickout!

Zach Davis: Borderland is dragging Bundy back to his feet! Bundy lands a stiff elbow to Borderland’s jaw!

Bundy kicks Borderland in the stomach and pulls him in for a powerbomb. Bundy lifts Borderland.

Kyle Steel: TIIIIMBBBEEER!!!!!

Zach Davis: Bundy almost drove Borderland through the mat with that one!

Kyle Steel:Bundy with the cover! This has to be it!



Three-NOOO! KickOUT!

Zach Davis: Wowzers! Borderland is still in it!

Bundy lifts Borderland and slings him into the turbuckle. Bundy chops Borderland a few times before lifting him onto the top turnbuckle.

Kyle Steel: They’re brawling on the top rope! This won’t end well!

Zach Davis: Last time they were up there, Borderland caught Bundy with the Deathrow! The big man can’t handle another one of those!

Borderland socks Bundy in the face with a flurry of combo's. Borderland lifts Bundy.

Zach Davis: Here it comes!

Borderland smashes Bundy down onto the mat with a spectacular QD2.

Kyle Steel: QD2 off the top rope! I can't believe it! Shane with the cover!




Zach Davis: Borderland retains the title! Borderland put down Bundy and remains the WcF U.S. Champion!

Crowd: Boo!

Kyle Steel: Bundy put up a great fight but, Borderland had his number! Boy do I feel ridiculous in this flannel jacket now. It's hot!

TnT vs Club Cool(c)

The Lights cut out inside the arena as a the jumbo-tron lights up with a rebel flag, then all of a sudden the sounds of Kick it in the Sticks start to resonate throughout the arena

Kyle Steel: Folks, this is a return match of sorts from Explosion.

Zach Davis: Exactly right, Kyle. Originally scheduled was TnT vs Club Cool for the Tag Team Championships, but The Shadow Conspiracy was added to the mix at the last minute.

Kyle Steel: And now we get to see what the match would’ve been like if Oblivion and Greenfever were never added in.

Welcome to the home of a hillbilly
Yeah baby
It’s a land of barbed wire, moonshine, whiskey
Park your car before you get it stuck
Go on grab you a beer
And get on up in the truck
It’s going down tonight
It’s all on me
It’s BYOB, and I got all we need
Yeah boy I’m bout to show me a city slicker
How to kick it in the sticks with the critters down on

All of a sudden Red Pyro shoots from the stage as John Thomas and Justin Turner walk onto the stage both of their women by their sides.

Our side of a barbed wire
Money grows in rows
And if it don’t you’ve gone broke
So we
We hang out by the bon fire
Just some good ole boys having a dang good time
We crank it up down here
We get loud down here
Throwin down in the dirty dirty south down here
Be an all nighter with the hippies and the hicks
Jocks and bikers they all came to kick it in the sticks

Justin slides into the ring as John climbs the steps and into the ring

'Frontline' by Pillar starts to play as Roy Speede, and his partner, Alex Haden step out on stage. They both cross their arms across their chests in Xs, and tuck their heads into the creases of the Xs.

Nolan Walker: Introducing, at a combined weight of three hundred eighty-seven pounds, the team of Roy Speede and Alex Haden, they are Club Cool!

The two each drop their right arms, and do their signature poses. Roy raises his left arm in the air, and extends the pointer, middle, and pinky fingers on his left hand. Alex does a standing backflip, and points ahead with his left hand.

Kyle Steel: And here come the members of Club Cool. Folks, these two just lost a total of three title belts last week, and they cannot be happy.

Zach Davis: Very true, Kyle, but they seem to be ignoring their frustration for the fans.

Kyle Steel: That’s what wrestlers do, Zach.

They drop their poses, and jog to the ring, Roy on the left, Alex on the right, and high-five fans as they go. Once they get to the ring, they slide under the bottom rope, and climb to the second ropes at the turnbuckles. Roy extends his left arm in his signature pose, and Alex does a backflip off the turnbuckle before pointing out at the crowd, straight ahead. Roy jumps off the turnbuckle, turning toward Alex, and they high-five mid-ring.

The referee searches all four competitors to make sure there are no weapons. Speede and Thomas each step out onto the apron in their respective corners, and the ref calls for the bell.


Haden and Turner lock up in the middle of the ring, and Haden gets Turner into a standing side headlock. He backs up into the rope, and Turner shoves Haden off, as Haden goes running across the ring. Haden bounces off the ropes, and comes back to be met with a standing dropkick from Turner. The two get to their feet about the same time, and Turner bounces off the ropes, before dropping Haden with a clothesline. He tags in Thomas as Haden gets to his feet.

Kyle Steel: And the tag to Thomas. Keeping a fresh man in the match is always a good thing.

Thomas grabs Haden by the back of the head, and hits a sharp European uppercut. Haden staggers backwards, and Thomas catches him with a boot to the midsection. Thomas flips Haden up into a powerbomb position, and slams him down sit-out style with the powerbomb. He grabs Haden by the neck, and locks in the 8-second ride.

Zach Davis: And TnT with the upper hand early, John Thomas locking in that, uh... almost like a facelock camel clutch. I think he calls it the 8-second ride.

Kyle Steel: He does, Zach, and this cannot be good for Club Cool to be down this early in the matchup.

Thomas releases the hold after a bit, and shoves him face-first into the canvas. He tags in Turner, and Turner grabs Haden by the head, one hand on the back of his head, one in front, and lifts Haden to his feet. He whips him into the corner, and sets him on the top rope. Turner climbs the top rope looking for a superplex-style move, but Haden blocks, hits a couple of quick rights to the face of Turner, and shoves him back to the floor. Turner lands on his feet, and Haden leaps off while Turner’s still upright. Haden wraps his arm around Turner’s neck, and spins around, dropping Turner with the Haden DDT. The crowd pops big!

Kyle Steel: Haden DDT! The cover!



Turner kicks out, and Haden drags him over to the corner, where he tags in Speede. Speede lifts him up, and hits him with a knee to the gut. He hooks both arms, and lifts Turner into the air, before planting him face-first with the angels wings. He steps outside the ropes onto the ring apron, and as Turner gets to his feet, Speede goes springboard, connecting with a moonsault. He goes for the cover.



Thomas pulls Speede off the cover, and Speede gets to his feet. Thomas and Speede stare one another down in the middle of the ring while Turner is still down, and Haden goes springboard, catching Thomas hard with a diving backstabber. Turner gets to his feet, and Haden hits him with a dropkick into the corner. As he staggers out, Speede spears him to the ground. The crowd pops!

Kyle Steel: Spear! Spear! Speede hits the Spear on Justin Turner!

Zach Davis: I felt that one from over here. That can’t be good for Turner!

Thomas gets to his feet, and Haden lifts him onto his shoulders. He powers him down between his legs.

Kyle Steel: Hadenshock! Haden sends Thomas to the ground!

Speede raises his left arm in the air, with his pointer, middle, and pinky fingers extended, and Haden does a standing backflip, before pointing into the crowd. The crowd ROARS! Speede goes running across the ring, and jumps over Thomas, one foot landing on the second turnbuckle. Haden goes running toward the opposite turnbuckle, jumping to the top rope in one leap. Speede steps up with his other foot, and pushes off the top turnbuckle, before hitting him with a springboard corkscrew moonsault on Thomas, and Haden goes for what looks like a springboard moonsault, but at the last minute gets his feet down and into Turner’s chest.

Kyle Steel: Club Cool is on fire!

Haden lifts Turner, and throws him over the top rope and out to the floor. Seeing that he landed on his back, Haden goes springboard, and hit a shooting star frog splash on Turner outside the ring.

Zach Davis: Haden with the... Speede Bump? Isn’t that Speede’s move?

Kyle Steel: Looks like Speede taught it to him, and well. Turner is writhing in pain out there.

Speede lifts Thomas, and Thomas kicks Speede in the gut. He underhooks both arms, and plants Speede with a sit-out double underhook piledriver.

Kyle Steel: Thomas firing back with the Country Drop!

Zach Davis: And he goes for the cover! After a good showing by Speede, it could be Thomas with the win here!




Speede kicks out at the last possible second, and cannot believe it. He gets to his feet, and turns around in time to see Haden slide into the ring. He catches him with a boot to the midsection, and backs into the corner, dragging Haden by the head. He climbs to the second rope, and hooks both arms, before planting Haden on the mat with a pedigree-style move.

Kyle Steel: Redneck Driver! That’s it! That’s it!




Speede somehow manages to break up the pin, and Thomas gets to his feet, before lifting Speede up. He connects with a big right hand to the side of Speede’s face, and swings another. The third shot, Speede blocks, and lifts Thomas onto his shoulder. He lets go of Thomas’s legs as he falls to the mat, pulling Thomas by the head with him.

Zach Davis: Silver Slice! Speede connects!

Turner rolls into the ring, and Speede doesn’t even go for the pin. Turner goes for a clothesline, and Speede ducks. Turner bounces off the ropes, and Speede catches him with a boot to the midsection. He whips Turner into the corner, and as Turner staggers out, Speede spears him down. Haden gets to his feet, as does Speede. They both have the same idea, and both step out to the ring apron, Speede to the left of the turnbuckle, Haden to the right. They both go springboard at the same time, and clasp hands mid-air, before driving a double elbow drop.

Kyle Steel: A springboard double elbow drop? I’ve never seen that before!

Zach Davis: Club Cool is very inventive, Kyle. But the ref can’t keep control of the match!

Turner gets to his feet, and Haden sends him to the corner with a dropkick. Speede grabs him by the neck and leg, suplex style, and sends him over the rope and out to the floor with a spinning fisherman suplex.

Kyle Steel: Fast Forward to Turner, and out of the ring he goes!

Haden goes springboard, and hits a moonsault on Turner outside the ring, leaving only Speede and Thomas in the ring. Speede grabs Thomas by the legs, and flips backwards, driving Thomas face-first into the mat.

Kyle Steel: Speede of Light! Speede hits it!

Speede rolls Thomas over on his stomach, and gets to the top rope.

Kyle Steel: And he isn’t done!

Zach Davis: Speede Bump!

Speede rolls back to his feet. he springboards out of the ring, and hits a Speede Bump on Turner, who is still on the ground outside the ring. Haden gets in the ring, and lifts Thomas onto his shoulders in argentine form. He spins him out, and plants him face-first on the mat.

Kyle Steel: Life Cutter!

Speede slides under the bottom rope as Haden springboards off Speede’s back, and over the ropes, landing with a moonsault senton onto Turner. Speede grabs Thomas’s legs one more time, and flips backwards.

Kyle Steel: Speede of Light! Speede is really punishing his opponent!

Zach Davis: Speede with the cover, and Turner is decommissioned at the moment outside the ring.




Kyle Steel: Club Cool with the win!

Speede and Haden climb the turnbuckles, and Haden backflips off, landing on his feet, pointing to the crowd. Speede raises his left arm in his signature taunt, celebrating the win.

If Knoxville Is A Rockin'.. Don't Come A Knockin.

The newest beauty to step into the WCF doors, while not having a match yet was still making her presence known... at least to one man in particular, while keeping an eye on the competition at the same time from afar. Those long toned legs were showing today as instead of her usual pants she had a white pair of shorts that hung low around her waist, and came to stop just under her bottom. That shirt that had been ripped to bare her torso came to rest just inches below her breasts, red in color. Brushing her hair out of her face the beauty turned around and across her back was written Evans in black bold lettering, across her bottom? Kaylyn. Also black and bold. In her hand was a black, and two buds. Rules? Fuck them. Walking over to the locker room of Knoxville she tapped her finger on the door, barely making a sound on it before opening it and entering.

"I do believe I owe you a drink Mr. Knoxville... if you want it that is..."

She passed a beer his way, placing it on the table sitting there before she put that black to her lips and pulled a lighter from within those assets. Lighting that black she tucked the lighter back once more while inhaling that wine flavor. Smirking at him she opened her own beer before exhaling that smoke into the air and taking a long swig of that beverage.

"Think of it as a late celebration on your win last week." she says with a smile on her face.

"Damn, I wish I was that lighter." Knoxville says in a soft tone as he raises his eyes and looks into Kaylyn's.

He then grabs the beer from the table with his left hand and pops the top with his index finger. He takes a slow drink from the beer before placing it back on the table and wiping the excess beer from around his mouth.

"No need to celebrate for last weeks accomplishments. It's just another day at the job. I have bigger things on my plate for the moment but right now I can't help but wonder how long it's goin' to be before you get out of those clothes." Knoxville says while looking into her eyes with confidence.

Hearing his soft words she laughed softly, before inhaling from that cigar once more.

"I don't know, that lighter has it rough sometimes."

She smirked before exhaling that smoke into the air.

"As far as my clothes go.. damn, hate them that much that you are trying to get them off?"

She laughed again as she changed his statement around flipping it to avoid answering him.

"Not hatin' them..." he replies as he steps in a little closer to Kaylyn. "Just wonderin' what's underneath because I'm already into what's on the outside."

Knoxville takes one more step closer and raises his right hand to grab his sunglasses. He slowly slides them towards the tip of his nose and looks into Kaylyn's eyes once more through his bloodshot baby blues.

Seeing him stepping closer she kept her wits about her. Watched as he pulled those shades down to look into her eyes.

"What's underneath, is a gift, that not just any man get's to see. I am more then just looks Mr. Knoxville. What's on the outside is nothing compared to what's on the inside."

She brought that bottle to her lips slowly once more before finishing it off. Pulling it from her lips she held the neck between her index and middle fingers.

Knoxville cracks a smile as he raises the bottle to his mouth. He then takes a drink and finishes off the bottle and tosses it aside. As it crashes into the floor shattering into hundreds of pieces he looks at her and says, "If you want me inside all you had to do is ask."

Hearing his words she laughed shaking her head softly. She didn't even pay much mind to that bottle having come crashing to the floor, yet kept her eyes on him.

"Ah. So we are the funny guy huh? You know that is not what I meant. That is by far what I was saying."

"I know what you meant." Knoxville says as he leans in on Kaylyn. "By your reaction to what I said though, you're keepin' that thought in that pretty head of yours."

Knoxville then takes one more step closer and backs her against the wall by the door. He raises his right arm and places it against the wall as he holds his weight with it leaning in even closer to Kaylyn. "But I'd be interested in seeing what's inside a pretty girl like yourself."

He then raises his left hand and taps softly over her heart with his index finger. "Inside of that..." he says softly as he leans in for a kiss.

Seeing him leaning in she had taken a step back before coming into the door against her back. Being cornered was not something she had expected though. Hearing his words she laughed softly before seeing him leaning in. Lifting her hand she let his lips come against her index and middle finger.

"You have a match to get yourself ready for Mr. Knoxville. Good luck."

She backed herself out of his locker room before heading her own way, leaving him alone once more.

Ana Valentine Prepares!

We cut backstage in the arena just in time to see Ana Valentine leaving her locker room. She heads down to corridor toward the water cooler and stops to chat to one of the crew along the way.

Crew Member: Hey Ana.

Ana Valentine: Hey Carl.

Carl: Nervous about the big battle royal tonight?

Ana grins.

Ana Valentine: Excited; not really nervous.

Carl: Well, i'm sur---

Mid sentence Ana looks over Carls shoulder, spotting the man who we have seen several times in recent weeks.

Ana Valentine: Speak soon, Carl..

Ana seems to phase into her own world as she moves past Carl and toward her dressing room where the man is just stepping inside. A few seconds later Ana barges through her dressing room door.

Ana Valentine: What the hell are y---

Theres nobody there; just a card which Ana immediately grabs. Mumbling the words written across it.

Ana Valentine: "Good Luck. K.K xx" ...

Ana taps the card against her palm before putting it into her gym back in one of the side compartments.

Back to ringside.

The Truth Is Ready

We then cut from Knoxville's shot to a shot backstage.. as Chris Avery is walking down a hallway. The crowd in the sold out arena boo heavily. Avery smirks and what not as he stops at a door. He turns towards the door and the camera notices. It's Jay Williams dressing room. Avery ponders to himself and goes to open it when he realizes someone is standing behind him.

The crowd cheers as the camera pans.

It's Jay Williams.

Avery turns around and smirks once more.

Jay Williams: Can I help you?

Chris looks at his World Championship that is hanging over the shoulder of Williams and taps it with his finger. Avery looks directly into Williams eyes..

Chris Avery: Just wanted you to be aware of the eight pound gold you're carrying belongs to someone else. And that's the truth.

Avery winks and turns away from Jay Williams and keeps smiling as he leaves Williams behind in the distance.

Zach Davis: Chris Avery is just one of the handful of participants in the number one contenders match coming up next!

Kyle Steel: We'll be right back!

#1 Contender Battle Royal - World Heavyweight Championship
D-Day vs Johnny Reb vs Mr. FPV vs Doc Henry vs Ana Valentine vs Chris Avery vs Captain Punishment
vs Tommy Knoxville vs King Jimmy Dean vs Nate Bishop vs Carnage vs Steeltoe Joe vs Tek vs Eric Price

Zach Davis: Welcome back to WCF Monday Night Slam, and we have a big one tonight!

Kyle Steel: It's the battle royal to claim the number one contendership for the World Championship! Almost everyone is in the ring.. except for two people of course..

B.o.B's Beast Mode hits and the crowd boos heavily. Out comes Chris Avery. The rest of the wrestlers in the ring all take a look at him as he walks down the ramp and takes off his hooded sweatshirt. He uses the steps to get into the ring and smiles and winks at some of the wrestlers.

Zach Davis: Avery is REALLY thinking he has an advantage here.

Anthem of an Underdog hits and hte crowd goes apeshit crazy. D-Day runs down hte ramp and slides in and the wrestlers all stand in place ready for the bell to ring. The bell sounds..

Zach Davis: And here we go!

Carnage is thrown over the top rope by Chris Avery and Carnage is officially eliminated right off hte bat! Day grabs Avery and throws him over the top rope but he lands on the apron! Steel Joe and Captain Punishment are thrown over the top rope by Knoxville and Bishop! Knoxville and Bishop begin trading blows with each other in the corner.

Kyle Steel: Three eliminated already!

The men keep fighting and Tek runs at D-Day and Tek is thrown over the top rope! Tek has been eliminated! King Jimmy Dean is thrown over the top rope by Ana Valentine! Eric Price is thrown over the top rope by D-Day as he keeps up the momentum!

Zach Davis: D-Day is well on his way to becoming number one contender with eliminations like that!

Johnny Reb spears Doc Henry and the two fight it out in hte middle of the ring! Nate Bishop throws Avery over the top rope but Avery holds on as Knoxville grabs Bishop and tosses him over the top rope and eliminates him! Knoxville smiles and Bishop goes nuts on hte outside! Doc Henry gets up and throws Reb over the top rope but Reb holds onto the ropes and lands on the apron. Doc turns around and grabs Knoxville and throws Knoxville over and eliminates him! Doc Henry is then picked up by Johnny Reb and thrown over the top rope! Doc Henry has been eliminated! Avery then grabs Johnny Reb and throws him over the top rope!


Doc can't believe it. He gets up and grabs Johnny Reb and throws Reb into the steel steps! Henry then grabs a chair and slams it over Johnny Rebs back! Henry slides into the ring and nails Avery over the head with the chair! Mr. FPV then gets a hit with a chair in the head! Doc nails the chair over Valentines head as well! Day turns around and Doc hits Day in the head with the chair! Doc rolls out of the ring and nails Reb over the head with the chair again. The crowd just continues to boo.

Zach Davis: Doc Henry is out of control! What is his god damn problem!?

Doc bends over Reb and just punches away at his cut opened forehead. Doc continues punching away. Refs break Doc Henry off of Reb as he is told to go to the back. Doc looks around and notices everyone is out cold and Doc smirks as the crowd continues booing.

Kyle Steel: We got to take a commercial break!


Zach Davis: Welcome back to commercial, and we're down to the final four!

Kyle Steel: Ana Valentine, Chris Avery, D-Day and Mr. FPV!

Zach Davis: We're also joined now by current World Champion Jay Williams!

Jay Williams: Damn right!

The four men get up and Day punches at Avery as FPV and Valentine go at it!

Mr. FPV is thrown over the top rope by Ana Valentine but he isn't eliminated! Avery grabs Valentine and throws her over the top rope but she isn't elimianted as they both land on the apron. Day picks up Aveyr on his shoulders for the Dead and Forgotten! The crowd goes crazy but Avery gets out of it and shoves Day into the corner! Avery taunts as if he thinks he's eliminated almost all of them, but notices Valentine, FPV and Day coming towards him. The three of them pick up Chris Avery together and throw him over the top rope! The crowd goes crazy but Valentine then throws FPV over the top rope and eliminats FPV!

Zach Davis: WHOA!

Valentine turns around and back body drops Day over the top rope but he hangs on! He's hanging! Chris Avery gets on the apron and levels Ana Valentine in the back of the head! Day flips back into the ring and grabs Valentine and throws her over the top rope!

Zach Davis: ITS OVER!

Kyle Steel: D-DAY WINS!

Jay Williams stands up on his chair and then the announcers table and stares at D-Day! The crowd goes crazy as D-Day taunts and then looks at Jay Williams.

Kyle Steel: We're out of time tonight folks! Join us next week on Slam and don't forget XIII is coming soon!


Show fades off the air.