Monday Night Slam Intro

The WCF logo appears and fireworks explode from the ramp and above the ring, we then cut to the announcers as the sold out crowd cheer their asses off.

Kyle Steel: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to..

Zach Davis: MONDAY!

Kyle Steel: Night..

Zach Davis: SSSLLLAAAMMM!!!!!

Kyle Steel: And we're just days removed from Thirteen and what a show that was! Jay Williams is STILL our World Champion after going through hell and highwater to defend it against Oblivion!

Zach Davis: No, Kyle. Hell and highwater was what Baines did to retain HIS Hardcore Championship against Greenfever!

Kyle Steel: And of course Kash and Creeping Death both fell off the ladder.. WITH the Television Championship wrapped around their hands.. Just like Gay.. erm, baseball, tie goes to the winner!

Zach Davis: Roy Speede was given a huge dose of humble medicine but sure enough he earned some respect from the boys in the back!

Kyle Steel: What a show we ha.. ahh, what the hell..

Zach Davis: I swear to god, I hate him so much...

..The Truth Cuts Off The Announcers..

Beast Mode by B.o.B hits the speakers and the crowd boos. Zach and Kyle shake their head as Chris Avery comes walking down the ramp in a full suit and dark sun glasses. He walks down the ramp smiling and

Kyle Steel: Well, looking like..

Zach Davis: A cheap ripoff of Torture?

Kyle Steel: I was going to say like guys from the past, but that works too..

Avery stands in the middle of the ring with a microphone. The crowd slows down their boos as his music fades. Avery begins.

Chris Avery: Three days ago at Thirteen was a travesty. It was the worst train wreck you could ever think of! Thirteen was to WCF what September 11th, 2001 was to the United States of America!

Crowd boos.

Zach Davis: Whoa..

Chris Avery: Thirteen was a scam.. they had numerous matches, Championship matches in fact.. and not one single African-American!

Crowd boos.

Kyle Steel: Avery just compared 9/11 to himself.. a black man who wasn't booked on Thirteen...

Zach Davis: And yet, I'm still not surprised..

Chris Avery: It's true! Don't you sit there on your high-horses and judge me. You're biased and naive opinions on me are just reflections of your thin shells! You want the truth? Here's the truth, im all black baby, because in a world full of black and white, I give you one thing. And that's the truth!

Crowd boos.

Chris Avery: I ask you.. I took out the World Champion, the Number one Contender, The Classic Champion of 2011, and what do I get? A stiff-kick to the ass when I realize I'm not booked on Thirteen, and then oh.. OH,.. and then to realize I'm booked against King Jimmy Dean tonight on Slam!

Crowd cheers for King.

Chris Avery: SHUT UP! All of you are out of your damn minds if you think the King Jimmy Dean can even hold a candle to me!

Crowd boos.

Chris Avery: There isn't one man who can honestly tell me that I'm being treated like this because I'm a loser! This has EVERYTHING to do with the color of my skin! Because I'm black..


Crowd cheers big time.

Zach Davis: Here we go!


Crowd laughs and pops.

Mark Markman: Come on bro..

Chris Avery: LOOK AT YOU! YOu're pathetic! You're using BRO because I'm black! You never use that word!

Mark Markman: Okay, you got me.. I tried being cool, but let me just be myself.. rather than copy someone like YOU!

Crowd cheers.

Mark Markman: I gave you a small challenge last week, Avery, and you kind of surprised me. I told you if you could hold your own in the main event tag match and didn't get pinned or submit to the other team I'd make sure you got what you deserve.

Avery nods in agreement.

Mark Markman: However, you decided out of the blue to just hit everyone with a cold, menacing, steel chair and walk out..

Chris Avery: I was not pinned, and I did not submit..

Mark Markman: You also didn't hold your own.. HOWEVER... I will say this. You surprised me.. but not in a good way. You surprised me in the fact that you didn't submit or get pinned you two-timing jobber!

Crowd cheers.

Mark Markman: And since you're so dead-set on defeating anyone, anytime, rather than your match with King Jimmy Dean go later.. Why not wrestle right now?!

Chris Avery: No way, Markman! You fatass! I'm not even in wrestling gear!

Mark Markman: Too bad, BRO! You're wrestling King Jimmy Dean... NOW!


Kyle Steel: Damn right we are! Look at Avery! He's pissed!

Commercial break.

Chris Avery vs King Jimmy Dean

Flynn Lives by Daft Punk hits the airwaves and the crowd goes crazy. King Jimmy Dean comes down on a Sabre Tooth Tiger.

Zach Davis: Oh wow! That's a rare Tiger!

Kyle Steel: That is the only one alive! King Jimmy Dean has it!

Avery is going crazy in the ring and rips his suit jacket off and throws it in the corner. Jimmy Dean gets in the ring and Avery hits a stiff enziguri to his head! The music stops and the crowd boos as Avery gets on Jimmy Dean and punches away with right hands!


Avery picks up Dean and throws him to the corner but Dean bounces out of the corner and hits a clothesline on Avery and the crowd comes back alive! Dean picks up Avery and hits a piledriver! Dean gets up and signals for the end.

Zach Davis: This looks to be the end for Chris Avery!

Dean picks up Avery but Avery grabs Dean by the trunks and throws him out of the ring through the ropes. The crowd boos and Avery grabs the ref saying he hurt his shoulder.

Zach Davis: Avery is hurt? Really?

Kyle Steel: No way! He's distracting the ref! WHO IS THAT??

A man comes over the guardrail and hits Dean in the back with a steel chair! The crowd boos as the man then hides behind the steel steps. Avery grabs Dean and pulls him into the ring and picks him up and hits the Truth Detector! Avery pins.

Zach Davis: Oh come on!

One! Two! Three!

Kyle Steel: Chris Avery is victorious tonight.. but who is that man?

The tiger is taken to the back by official zoo keepers and Jimmy Dean tries to get up when the man comes into the ring and nails Jimmy Dean over the head! Dean goes down and Avery flips Dean to his stomach and locks on the camel clutch!

Dean is out cold and in pain! Avery keeps wrenching his neck!

Zach Davis: I know who that is! That's Colt McFly! He used to be the manager of Johnny Anthrax!

Kyle Steel: What the hell is he doing??


Avery lets go and stands up. Avery gets his arm lifted by Colt McFly and the two celebrate to a chorus of boos.

Zach Davis: What the hell was that all about.

Kyle Steel: Well this is just bad! Avery is celebrating!



Avery and Colt just look at the video screen that Markman showed up on.. and then exit the ring. They don't even pay attention. The crowd boos Avery and McFly as officials check on the condition of King Jimmy Dean.


Avery and Colt look up at the video tron and just smirk. They walk to the back. Markman throws his headset off and turns off his live video feed and the crowd continues to boo.

Zach Davis: We'll be right back, fans..

The Brain vs Eric Price vs Steeltoe Joe

Zach Davis: Our opening match is shaping up to be an exciting bout between three of WCF brightest young superstars, Kyle!

Kyle Steel: Absolutely, Zach! Steeltoe Joe, Eric Price and The Brain have all had their moments here in WCF, but tonight one of them will separate himself from the pack and emerge as a true contender in this company!

Zach Davis: Joe and Brain are already in the ring. We're just waiting for Joe's World Elite stablemate Eric Price to join them so we can get this fire lit!

"Longhorn" hits the PA and a massive amount of booing ensues, as if George W. Bush himself were in the building. Gold lights start flashing as the music hits and Eric Price walks out, a gold spotlight shining on him as he makes his way to the ring at a leisurely pace and looks down at the audience, figuratively speaking because he's a cocky SOB.

Zach Davis: These Scranton fans really hate Eric Price!

Kyle Steel: No kidding, Zach! Scranton is a hard-working, blue-collar town, as illustrated every week on The Office, and they don't take very kindly to uppity snobs who like to rub other people's noses in their money!

Suddenly, a steel chair viciously wallops Price in the head from behind and Price instantly collapses to the ground in a heap. The menacing specter of a VERY pissed off Oblivion emerges where Eric Price previously stood, offering an ominous sight to all who survey IT and especially to those two men who remain in the ring. Blood is pouring from the wound on Price's head like a woman who's on her period.

Zach Davis: Oh my God! Oblivion just ambushed Eric Price and now IT's got IT's sights set on The Brain and Steeltoe Joe! Run, you guys! Get the hell out of there!

Kyle Steel: Oblivion lost to Jay Williams in a hellacious Falls Count Anywhere match for the WCF World Championship at XIII and it looks like IT's going to exact IT's revenge tonight on these three poor souls!

Oblivion strides purposefully to the ring with a murderous scowl on IT's demented face that is clearly visible even through a mask. The crowd is actually cheering the normally villainous Oblivion because IT took out that rich bitch Eric Price, whom they hate. Oblivion hits the ring with steel chair in hand. The Brain is slinked in one corner of the ring vomiting, clearly intimidated by Oblivion, but Steeltoe Joe shows no fear in making a B-line straight toward the masked, steel chair-wielding lunatic. Joe lands a few heavy punches, but they have no effect on Oblivion who shrugs them off and violently headbutts Joe. Joe staggers back a couple of feet, giving Oblivion space to wind up with the chair and crack Joe's skull with it in a brutal exhibition of steel chair colliding with human flesh and bone. The crowd audibly gasps as Joe slumps unconsciously to the mat and blood oozes from his now shattered skull.

Zach Davis: This match was supposed to determine the #1 contender to Doc Henry's Confederate Championship, but it looks like we can forget about that now! Price and Joe are both badly injured thanks to chair shots from Oblivion!

Kyle Steel: And The Brain is about to join them unless he high-tails it out of there pronto!

Oblivion goes into a mad rage and stomps down on EVERY part of Steeltoe Joe's unconscious body.

Zach Davis: S.T.O.M.P.!!!!!!!!

Kyle Steel: Survive Treachery Overcome Monstrous Psychopaths!!!!!!!!

Joe's body is destroyed under the relentless stomps of the merciless behemoth Oblivion. The Brain looks like a man who's had a drink of ipecac as he continues vomiting in the corner of the ring, one gush of regurgitation after another. Oblivion finally ceases IT's stomping of Steeltoe Joe's lifeless body and turns IT's attention toward The Brain. The Brain stops vomiting long enough to turn around and lunge for the ropes, but Oblivion ceases his progress with a malevolent chair shot that obliterates The Brain's skull casing. Brain crumbles to the mat under the weight of the blow and his lights are turned out.

Zach Davis: The Brain isn't gonna be so brainy anymore!

Kyle Steel: He'll be lucky if he retains control of his voluntary bodily functions, Zach!

The Brain is unable to offer any resistance as Oblivion lifts him onto IT's shoulders. Oblivion knocks The Brain's legs off of IT's left shoulder and drops him face first with an RKO onto the steel chair.

Zach Davis: 5150 from Oblivion onto a chair! The Brain is badly injured! We need to get a medical team down here immediately!

Kyle Steel: Good luck convincing the medics to get anywhere near Oblivion right now!

Oblivion turns IT's attention back to Steeltoe Joe, who still isn't moving on the mat. Oblivion pulls Joe to his feet and tosses him to the floor outside of the ring. Joe hits the floor HARD with his head receiving the brunt of the blow. Oblivion climbs out of the ring and grabs a table from under the ring. IT sets the table up perpendicular to the ring and slams Joe's body onto the table.

Zach Davis: What is Oblivion thinking here?

Kyle Steel: I don't know, Zach, but it's not going to be good for Steeltoe Joe!

Oblivion stalks over to where Eric Price is still lying dead in a pool of blood from the earlier chair shot and drags Price over to the table. Oblivion slams Price's body face-down on top of Joe's in a 69 position.

Zach Davis: The World Elite members are gettin' it on and they're not even conscious to enjoy it!

Kyle Steel: Good thing you are though, right, Zach?

Oblivion climbs into the ring and ascends to the top rope.

Zach Davis: Don't tell me... Oblivion is going high-risk!

Oblivion stands on the top turnbuckle and leaps off with a Shooting Star press. Flashbulbs go off across the arena before IT lands with a leg drop onto Price and Joe that destroys the table and both members of The World Elite!


Zach Davis: Holy shit, that was awesome!

Kyle Steel: Oblivion just hit the Bi-Polar onto two men and through a goddamn table! We may have just witnessed the end of those two men's careers!

Oblivion bounces to IT's feet, apparently unharmed by IT's dramatic and exceedingly violent display of athleticism. IT accepts the cheers of the fans while raising IT's arms triumphantly and placing IT's foot onto Joe and Price's bloodied corpses in a victory pose.

Zach Davis: If this is what happens when Oblivion loses a World Title match then I would not want to be Jay Williams right now... or D-Day for that matter!

Kyle Steel: I agree with you, Zach! Something tells me that this is only the beginning of Oblivion's rampage through the WCF roster!

Medics rush to do their work as the broadcast heads to a commercial break. Oblivion's cold, remorseless stare into the camera is the last thing that we see before an advertisement for that new movie "Bridesmaids" starring the lovely and talented Kristen Wiig.

The Highest Rated Segment On Slam Since Torture/Logan Segment In 2008

A drum roll begins...

Zach Davis: Oh man!

The audience, already accustomed to the theme music, begin shouting with excitement at the top of their lungs. The drum continues, slower than usual.

Kyle Steel: It's been only three days since he defeated his brother, his nemesis at XIII.

Zach Davis: And, finally, after MONTHS, he makes his long awaited return to Slam.

Kyle Steel: Logan.

Big pop from the audience as "The Struggle Within" by Metallica kicks in and Logan walks out onto the ramp. His forehead is still bandaged from the battle last Friday with Jay Price, but, other than that - he looks damn good. Logan takes a minute to soak in the crowds excitement before making his way down the ramp. Logan hits ringside, climbing up the steps, slipping in through the bottom rope, hitting the turnbuckle, climbing up it, and staring across the arena at the screaming audience.

Zach Davis: I still can't believe it, Kyle. WCF's own home grown Face of Treachery is back!

Kyle Steel: I don't think a lot people thought that he would come back after that terrific injury.

Still on the turnbuckle, Logan slowly begins to raise his arms into the air. The audience’s mega screams cease to die down. Finally, after a few moments, Logan climbs down from the turnbuckle, pacing the ring, and grabbing a microphone from an outside official before his music finally fades out. The crowd continue to show their support as Logan stands in the middle of the ring – watching them.




Suspiciously, Logan studies the audience.




Zach Davis: No matter he does. No matter how sadistic he can become at times. WCF fans can not help but love their Logan.

Logan finally raises the microphone to his mouth, and the crowd slowly begins to quiet.

Logan: …. SHUT UP!

The crowd pops!




Logan, still seemingly a bit puzzled by the audience’s reaction, says ‘it’ again.

Logan: SHUT UP! …boudles?




Logan: H’m. That’s fine. That’s all fine. You boudles can do whatever you want. You can boo me, cheer me, send me naked photos of your girlfriends..

Zach Davis: WHAT?!

Logan grins before continuing.

Logan: It’s all fine with me. I’ve never cared a whole lot for you people – I am going to do whatever I have to do to get to the top no matter how you people feel about it. If you enjoy watching me hand out tickets to Connector City in the process then yeah… that’s just fine. But, that’s not the only reason I returned..

Logan nods, looking off to the jumbotron which begins to play some footage. The footage shows the last ten seconds of his match at XIII, where Logan hits the Connector onto Jay Price and pins him just before the time runs out – to win the match, of course. The jumbotron goes black.

Logan: That’s a big reason for returning. Finally – the long war, battle, rivalry, one of the biggest in WCF history.. is finally.. over.

Some of the crowd boo, appreciating the blood war that Price and Logan had over the last two years – some of them missing the fact that it’s no more.

Logan: But, let’s face it, Jay Price wasn’t and isn’t the only boudle that WCF employed.

The crowd buzzes.

Logan: No, you see, the WCF is FULL of boudles. Some of the them old faces, but, most of them new. One week ago, when the ‘Scot came out here and said that a tour of treachery would begin… well, that little transvestite wasn’t joking. One week from today the tour begins. A lucky someone is going to kick off the Tour of Treachery with me. Who may that be? Well, whenever that boudles backstage get a hold of their little pens and write up a card for next week then you’ll find out!

Another pop from the audience – already anticipating another Logan match.

Logan: But, either way, it’s damn good to be back. And, I see that things haven’t really changed much in WCF. Near the end of my match, some stupid mystery man has once again decided to play dumb little messages on the jumbotron. Yeah – June sixth – oh my, June sixth, yeah, yeah.. can’t wait.

Logan rolls his eyes.

Logan: Instead of June sixth let’s make it May the sixteenth, bitch!

Staring towards the entrance, but, of course.. no one appears.

Logan: H’m. Well, next week, boudles, the Tour of Treachery officially begins. The return of Mr. WCF, Mr. Biggest icon in WCF history, Mr. ME.. officially begins. And I am going to make damn sure nobody misses the first show of the Tour of Treachery! You see, not only is my opponent getting a free ticket – you’re all getting free tickets!

Kyle Steel: … Logan’s going to give everyone in the audience a Connector..?

Zach Davis: No, Kyle, look up!

Thousands of tickets to next weeks Slam begin raining from the roof of the arena onto the eager audience. Metallica “The Struggle Within” hits the speakers, muffling the noise of the screaming audience who are going into a frenzy grabbing tickets. Logan throws the microphone out of the ring, climbs the turnbuckle, and raises his arms into the air. The camera fades out.

Tek vs Ana Valentine

Zach Davis: Welcome back to Monday Night Slam and what a crazy night it's been so far. Avery attacked Jimmy Dean, Logan gave away free tickets a few minutes ago..

Kyle Steel: And up next we have Valentine vs Tek and we're looking at Tek who is already in the ring!

Ana walks down the ramp to pink pyro’s shooting off behind her. She pauses at the steps to the ring to blow kisses to the crowd. She then steps into the ring bending low to slip between the middle and bottom rope.
Ring attire is White knee high boots, Red hot pants and matching halter, bearing her midriff, her hair pulled back.

Kyle Steel: She is beautiful isn't she?

Zach Davis: Sexiest thing I've ever seeeeeeeen.

Kyle Steel: Easy Zachariah..

DING DING DING. The bell rings and Tek goes for a clothesline but Valentine does the splits and ducks the clothesline! Tek hits the ropes and Valentine gets to her feet and hits a 180 turned dropkick! Tek goes down! Valentine gets up and Tek runs again but Valentine hits a spinebuster! Valentine gets to her feet and taunts! Tek rolls her up though into a pin!



Kick out.

Zach Davis: That was close!

Tek gets to his feet and shoves Valentine back but then gets dragged out of the ring by a few masked men and the ref isn't paying attention because he's checking in on Valentine!

Kyle Steel: I don't even think Valentine knows whats goin on!

The two masked men beat the shit out of Tek and throw him back into the ring! Valentine notices the two masked men who escape through the crowd!

Zach Davis: The ref is checking on Tek whose out cold, Kyle!

Kyle Steel: The ref wants to ring the bell!

Valentine stops him and tells the ref what she thinks happened. The ref doesn't know what to do and Valentine bends down and checks on Tek!Some officials come down and check on Tek and Valentine tells the ref to just throw the match out. The crowd claps and applauds the respect and appreciation of Ana Valentine. The crowd chants for "TEK! TEK! TEK! TEK!".. Valentine claps and chants with him as he gets taken out on a stretcher on a cart. Valentine bows to the crowd and shows her support..


Zach Davis: What's this?! Markman is back on screen!

Mark Markman: Ana! Long time no talk.. or see... or well.. I don't really talk to girls, BUT..

Crowd laughs and Ana smiles.

Mark Markman: Thanks for showing respect and support to one of your fellow peers here in Wrestling Championship Federation.. That shows guts and courage..

Crowd pops for Ana.

Mark Markman: So I'm going to make an official announcement right now.. next week.. here on Monday Night Slam.. You will get a United States Championship match for your efforts! You've earned it!

Crowd pops big time for Valentine! She smiles and blows a kiss to Markman.

Mark Markman: Oh man though.. if Borderland wins tonight.. he's going to be PISSED that he has to defend it again.. Oh well, good luck Ana!

Crowd pops as Markman clears off the screen. Valentine smiles and waves to the crowd.

Zach Davis: Next week Ana Valentine gets a United States Championship match!

Kyle Steel: It pays to be honest and respectable!

Zach Davis: She just may get the belt back.. a belt, mind you, she never truly lost in my opinion!

Television Championship
Matt Storm vs Jason Kash

AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" blares over the arena as twin spotlights circle the crowd. The cameras dash back and forth, trying to catch a glimpse of Panama City's favorite son as he makes his way through the crowd. It takes several moments as Storm is mobbed by fans all along the way. Finally he reaches the ringside barrier, climbs on top of it, and salutes the fans with a double fist pump. Then he jumps to the floor, climbs onto the apron, and steps through the ropes. He sheds his t-shirt, tosses it into the crowd, then begins a few warm up stretches as he waits for the opening bell.

Zach Davis: Storm is in the ring! Gettin' a shot at the ol' Television Title!

As the beat begins to thump throughout the entire arena, smoke begins to seep out of the stage. Jason Kash comes out with his platinum JK Chain hanging around his neck. He has his Championship Belt flopped over his left shoulder as he steps up to the middle of the stage, right before the aisle way begins. He leans forward, touching the steel ramp and then comes up straight and raises the belt up above his head with one arm. He rests the belt once again on his shoulder as he makes his way to ringside. He climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring. He raises the belt one more time before handing it to the ring announcer and slapping himself a few times to ready himself for the match.

DING DING DING and Storm gets the advantage first! The crowd cheers for Storm as he has Kash in the corner! He throws Kash against the other corner and Kash comes out with a spear! Kash hits rights and lefts and then lifts Storm up and hits a Under The Influence!

Zach Davis: Oh wow! That could be it!

Kyle Steel: What's Kash doin here?

Zach Davis: Since Thirteen.. he's had a bit of a mean streak now..

Kash lifts up Storm and signals for the grand finale.. Kash hits the Influenced! He keeps the leg hooked for the pin!




Kash then stands up and the ref raises his arm and Kash kicks Storm out of the ring. Kash grabs his Television Championship and celebrates with his air joint and puts his fingers to his lips.

Zach Davis: Kash is victorious once again.

Kyle Steel: Jason Kash is not taking any nam-

For Whom The Bells Toll hits the airwaves. Creeping Death walks down the ramp and gets into the ring. He walks passed Kash and grabs a microphone.

Zach Davis: Creeps is gonna say something..

Creeping Death: I want a rematch for your Television Championship... RIGHT NOW!

Kash drops the Television Championship and kicks it out of the ring. The ref is telling both men no. Kash grabs the ref and pulls him in close. The camera gets close to hear what Kash is saying to the ref.


The ref turns around and rings the bell!


Kash and CD stand in the middle of the ring and trade right hands! Right hand! Right hand! Right hand! Right hand! Both men going toe to toe! CD throws Kash against the ropes but Kash leaps over CD and lands but rather then continuing onto the ropes he just stops, and jumps into the air and spins backwards hitting a pele kick! CD goes through the ropes to the outside!

Kyle Steel: WHOA!

Kash then runs and dives through the middle ropes but CD side steps and Kash crashes into the guardrail head first! CD bends down and punches away at Kash! CD lifts Kash up and throws him into the steps but Kash runs up the steps and then just jumps back and crashes into CD in an awkward almost-botched-looking move. Both men lay on the outside punching each other.




Zach Davis: The ref is going to count them out!



Kyle Steel: It's over!

Creeping Death picks up Kash and throws him into the ring and both men keep fighting as refs try to break them apart.


Zach Davis: Oh here we go! Maybe this we'll bring some clarity!

Kyle Steel: This is Markmans numerous time out here by the way!

Mark Markman: That's enough!

The two are still wanting to fight but are held back by five or six refs each..

Mark Markman: This is just something I can't pass up.. so I'm announcing and making it official right now! Jason Kash will defend his Television Championship against Creeping Death on June 13th... AT BLAST!

The crowd cheers and Creeping Death breaks free from the refs and runs to the other corner and jumps into the other pile of refs and Kash! The two keep fighting as they're pulled apart..



Doc Henry Peeks.

The jumbotron comes to life, opening up life to the cameras following Logan backstage. The audience inside the arena immediately cheers upon recognizing their Face of Treachery. Logan strolls down the hallway before stopping short of a locker room door, one which reads, “Doc Henry”. Logan knocks. The door opens, and out peeks Doc Henry.

Doc Henry: Can I help ya?

Suspicious of Logan, Doc Henry gives him an uneasy look.

Logan: Doc? What’s up, babygurl?! My brouth from the South!

Henry stares at Logan.

Logan: Uh, look – hey man, I just wanted to come and personally tell you.. all that stuff the other week with the ‘Scot, yeah, don’t worry about that man. That guy is a nut! And, hey, man.. yeah, all that stuff I said about you last week.. that was nothing.

Henry continues to stare.

Logan: You know how that is man. Boudle this, boudle that.. it’s all just entertainment.

Doc Henry: What is it that ya want.. exactly?

Logan: What is it that I want? Babygurl! Like I said, I just came by to say hey, good to see you. It’s good to be back. How’s Virginia been treating you? How’ve you been?

Doc Henry: H’m.. just fine.

Henry squeezes himself out into the hallway to join Logan and close his locker door.

Doc Henry: Have as much fun as I did at XIII?

Logan: Oh, yeah. Jay Price finally got the ass whooping he deserved. He’s done with now. Jay Price is The Past, baby, not The Future!

An uneven smirk hits Doc Henry’s lips.

Logan: But, all that aside. Again, man, it’s really good to see you. You look like you’ve been doing pretty good for yourself in WCF. And, hey man, it’s good to be back.. and I just want to say – damn good to be back. Damn good to see you. Since those epic matches we had in the past.. I’ve always wanted to work with you. You know, maybe one day, we can team up. Whoop some southern collard green ass together.

Chuckling a bit, Logan smiles, and sticks out his hand. Doc nods and shakes Logan’s hand.

Logan: Alright, man. Hey, you don’t have a match tonight do you? Maybe we could hang ou—

Out of nowhere! – Logan pulls Doc Henry in and smacks his face with a hard stiff punch! A surprised Doc Henry goes down quick.

Logan: SHUT UP!

Slowly, Logan backs away from the downed Doc Henry, smiling and nodding. The jumbotron goes black and the cameras switch over to the announcers.

Zach Davis: Talk about a cheap shot.

Kyle Steel: Yeah! I certainly did not see that coming.

Zach Davis: Logan is a damn bastard.

Kyle Steel: So is Doc Henry!

Zach Davis: Yeah, I tell you what.. I am sure we haven’t seen the last of these two tonight.

Buzzsaw Bundy vs Odin Balfore

Kyle Steel: Our next match-up will have Buzzsaw Bundy going up against "Maverick" Odin Balfore.

Zach Davis: With that said, let's get the match started!

"Sweetest Perfection” Hit’s the PA system. The arena grows dark, as the fans get to their feet, to catch a glimpse of the stage. Once the vocals starts, the arena lights flash back on and there stands Odin Balfore, centre stage. Odin walks down the ramp and climbs over the top rope of the ring and poses to the crowd. He raises his fist in the air, before turning back towards the entrance and waiting for Buzzsaw Bundy.

Kyle Steel: The big man is ready for action!

The sound of a chainsaw being pull started reverberates through the arena, as The Lumberjack by Jackyl starts. With the start of the lyrics. Buzzsaw walks out, pausing on the stage to raise a fist. As the crowd pops, he makes his way to the ring, slapping the hands of the fans. Grabbing the top rope, he steps onto the apron, and over the top rope into the ring. As he prepares for his match, he removes his flannel shirt, revealing his muscled body.

Zach Davis: There are more than seven hundred pounds between the two behemoths!!


Kyle Steel: This match is underway!

The ring shakes as the two big men collide with each other, as they lock up, in the center of the ring. They both release the collar and elbow tie-up. Odin Balfore roars out as he clubs the chest of Buzzsaw with a massive forearm. Bundy looks at Balfore, brushing off his chest Does a gorilla pound on his chest, with both fists.. As he laughs, Buzzsaw nails Balfore with a knife edge chop.

Zach Davis: Both men continue clubbing and chopping each other, without the other backing down.


Balfore clubs Buzzsaw with an European uppercut, but Bundy counters with a pop to the mid-section, before clamping down on Balfore's trapezius muscles with shoulder claws. The Maverick puts pressure on the big man's shoulders, but Balfore begins to shake with an addrenaline rush. Odin stands up and begins to throws fast and hard fist to the side of the head of Bundy. But, Bundy fights back with heavy fists and massive kicks, until he grabs his opponent and Irish whips him into the ropes. Balfore bounces off the ropes....


Kyle Steel: A HU-U-U-U-UGE back body drop!!!

Balfore back almost became a permanent fixture to the center, of the ring, when he landed hard. Bundy rushes over to the corner and climbs up to the second turn buckle and.....


Bundy flies off the second turnbuckle and connects with a flying fist drop. Balfore's body flops up slightly, from the impact of the fist drop. Bundy races up and flies off towards the ropes. the big man nearly breaks the ropes as he uses the momentum bouncing off the ropes to leap into the air and...


Zach Davis: Guillotine Leg Drop!!

Kyle Steel: Bundy goes for the quick pin...

The crowd: On.... no-o-o!

Zach Davis: Not even a one count!.

Buzzsaw Bundy picks up Odin Balfore and Irish whips him....

The crowd: NO-O-O!!!

Kyle Steel: Reversal!

Balfore reverses the Irish whip and sends Bundy into the ropes. Balfore runs towards the opposite end, of the ring and bounces off the ropes. As Bundy comes rushing towards Balfore, Odin bashes in Bundy's face with a big boot. Buzzsaw's face contorts to the massive boot to his face and crashes down to the mat. Balfore bounces off the ropes and connects with a massive headbutt to the ribs of Bundy...


Zach Davis: A second headbutt, to the ribs!!

Balfore picks up Buzzsaw and has Bundy hanging, in the air with a stalling suplex.


Buzzsaw arches his back, in pain, from the impact of that stalling suplex. Balfore picks up Bundy and snapmares Buzzsaw. Odin bounces off the ropes and.....


Balfore lands a massive and nasty knee to the face of Buzzsaw Bundy.

Kyle Steel: Odin Balfore goes for the pin.

Stanley Moser slides into position as he begin the count....

The crowd: ONE!!!

The crowd: TWO!!

The crowd: THREE-....NO-O-O-O!!


Balfore goes to pickup Bundy, but...


Zach Davis: A nasty uppercut strike from Buzzsaw Bundy onto Balfore, causes Odin to stumble back....



Kyle Steel: Another clothesline by Bundy!!

Buzzsaw grabs Balfore and Irishwhips him into the corner....


Odin slam hard in to the corner and Buzzsaw takes this perfect opportunity and rushes towards the corner....


Zach Davis: Odin Balfore just got squished in the corner by that body avalanche from Buzzsaw Bundy!!

The momentum, from Balfore getting hit by Bundy causing him to bounce off the turnbuckles....


Bundy grabs the legs of Balfore and plants him, in the center of the ring with a spinebuster. Bundy goes for the pin....

The crowd: ONE!!!

The crowd: TWO!!

The crowd: THREE-....NO-O-O-O!!

Kyle Steel: Bundy picks up the head of Balfore, preventing the three count.

Buzzsaw picks up Odin and clamps on.....


Bundy has Balfore in a bearhug, shaking him side to side. The referee checks on Balfore....

Moser: How 'bout it, Odin? Wanna give up?

Odin Balfore: NO-O-O-O-O!!!

Balfore claps his hands, using the impact of his forearms slamming against the sides of Bundy's head.


Kyle Steel: A second slap!

Bundy let's go of the bear hug, as Balfore slams his boot against Bundy's skull, causing the big man to spin around. Balfore gets behind Bundy and...


Odin nailed Buzzsaw with a German Suplex. Quickly, Balfore bounces off the ropes and drops a stiff knee to the skull of his opponent. The impact of the knee drop cause the body of Buzzsaw Bundy to once again flop up. Odin grabs Bundy and puts his opponent into the camel clutch. Immediately, Buzzsaw screams out, in pain.

Moser: Do you wanna call it a night Buzzsaw?!

Buzzsaw Bundy: NO-O-O-O!!

Balfore let's go of the camel clutch, as Buzzsaw drops face first to the mat. Odin picks up Buzzsaw and hits him with a quick suplex. Balfore picks up Bundy and hits him with a half nelson back suplex, sending Bundy halfway across the ring. Odin smirks, as the crowd is on their feet, cheering. Balfore rushes over to Bundy.....
Odin Balfore rushes over to Buzzsaw Bundy and picks him up. Balfore puts Bundy in a suplex position, but it turns into a fisherman suplex. Bundy is slammed to the mat, as Balfore hooks the leg....

Zach Davis: Referee Stanley Moser slides into position....

The crowd: ONE!!!

Kyle Steel: Picture perfect fisherman suplex!!

The crowd: TWO!!!

Zach Davis: This is it!!!

The crowd: THREE!!!


Kyle Steel: That's it, Odin Balfore defeats Buzzsaw Bundy with a fisherman's suplex!!

Logan Loves His Coffee

The jumbotron screen comes to life once more! A live backstage feed is produced on the tron. Logan is found standing backstage next to a coffee stand alongside Hank Brown.

Hank Brown: Best coffee ever.

Logan pours himself a cup, taking a sip, and spitting it out on Hank’s arm.

Hank Brown: Hey man!

Logan: This stuff tastes like ass! You invited me over here for a cup of crap? Do I look like the type of guy that wanted to have a cup of crap?

Hank Brown: It’s fi—

Logan: SHUT UP! Go to Starbucks, bitch, go get me a real cup of coffee.

Hank Brown: But I have interviews to do—

Logan: I said go get me some coffee!

Logan spins Hank around and shoves a boot against his rear kicking him out of the cameras view. Logan shakes his head, grabbing a napkin from the coffee stand and wiping it against his tongue. He quietly mocks Hank Brown while acting disgusted by the coffee.

Logan: Oh, Logan.. best coffee ever.. ha, shut up.. boudle..

Completely distracted, Logan is unaware of Doc Henry creeping up behind him. The announcers chatter plays over the feed.

Kyle Steel: It’s Doc Henry! And Logan doesn’t see him!

Zach Davis: Logan attacked him earlier tonight.

Logan, oblivious to Henry, turns around and is met with a right hand by Doc Henry! Logan falls backwards, hitting the coffee table, leaning back against it for support to keep from falling down. Logan shakes the cobwebs, looking wide eyed, realizing who just punched him. Doc Henry swings and punches Logan again! Logan stumbles backwards, catching himself against the wall. Trying to reason with Doc, Logan holds a hand up, his other hand nursing his jaw.

Logan: Doc! Hey! Wait a minute man.. my hand slipped earlier tonight. I never meant to do tha—

Logan tries to cleverly catch Doc Henry off guard – throwing a right hand at Doc’s face, Doc, however, blocks Logan’s swinging arm with his own, and fires another shot at Logan that sends him reeling back and crashing into a pile of cardboard boxes. Logan quickly struggles to get to his feet but Doc is already on him, grabbing Logan by the hair and slinging him into a vending machine. Logan bounces off the plastic, stumbles backwards, turns around, and Doc Henry hits him with a Gamblers Hand!

Kyle Steel: Gamblers Hand straight onto the concrete!

Obviously, Logan is completely laid out now. His eyes glazed over. Laying stretched out on the concrete floor with a sore back. Doc Henry stands over Logan, glaring down at him before walking away. Immediately after, Hank Brown returns with a cup of coffee from Starbucks. He sees Logan laid out on the floor. Hank shrugs, sipping the coffee, stepping over Logan, and exiting the scene of the crime. The jumbotron goes black.

Zach Davis: And Logan thinks that coffee left a bad taste in his mouth…


The lights go out.

Zach Davis: what now!!

A voice plays over the whole arena.

"LOGAN!! I've come into WcF and signed my contract and I'm set to debut real soon! I'm after the biggest legend in WcF ever besides Torture and everyone tells me that's YOU!!"

Zach Davis: uh oh!

"so I'm going to beat you then win all the titles! Watch out WcF and watch out Logan because it is time to FEEL THE DESTRUCTOR! FEAR THY NAME AND THIS FACE!"

On the screen is a skull with blood coming from it's eyes, and all of a sudden the skull smiles and spits out blood!! A red glow comes across the arena and in the ring next to Logan is a tombstone with his name on it covered in blood!

"rest in piece BITCH!!!!"

Zach Davis: this is disgusting but this guy sure is scary! Id hate to be Logan right now!!

United States Championship
Mr. FPV vs Kaylyn J. Evans vs Shane Borderland

Davis: Ladies and gentlemen, our main event is here, a three-way match-up for the United States Championship

Steel: There’s so much talent in this match Zach, I think I might blow a fuse!

::An instrumental of the starting chorus to Eminem's Not Afraid starts to play over the PA system as the lights fade putting the arena into total darkness. Just as the chorus would end there is a bang as the lights turn back on full blast and a cloud of smoke is on the entrance way with a figure standing within it. The chorus starts up once more but this time with the lyrics included as none other then Kaylyn James steps out from within the smokey patch on the stage. As the chorus was being heard throughout the crowd a smiling Kaylyn James was on her way down the ramp with a stride that showed nothing but confidence in herself no matter what the outcome of today's event's would be. Dressed in a pair of Black Jeans and a white shirt she looked ready for anything in comfort. Reaching the bottom of the ramp way Kaylyn stops and turns to the right heading around the ring and towards the far steps to ascend them and make her way onto the apron.

Steel: This chick right here, she’s been talking the talk all week, and judging by last week she can apparently walk the walk as well. We’ll see how well she does here tonight.

Crossing the apron she stands there looking out at the fans as the lyrics would be at a part that seemed a message she was sending out to everyone at home and in the arena, and you could tell from the smile on her face thats how she thought it. Hooking her arms on the top rope, in perfect Kaylyn fashion, she flipped back over the top rope and into the ring where she made her way around the ring looking out at all the fans in the arena. As the music would cut Kaylyn would be focused and ready for what was to come. ::

The arena darkens, as the smooth bass groove of "Mountain Song" starts to play, and crowd pops when the song starts to cresendo.


And with that Mr. FPV comes out the curtains, a look on his face determined to win the challenge put forth in front of him. He slides into the ring from under the ropes, and climbs a turnbuckle to give the crowd the devils horns, repeats the process for the other three posts, then sits down in a lotus position, waiting for his opponent.

Davis: Let’s count out the man coming down the ramp right now, though. You never want to see a pissed off nice guy, and right now, Evans is just getting under FPVs skin. Will this play out into the match?

As the lights dim throughout the arena, red strobe lights start shining everywhere as the sound of "The Biggest, The Best" by Clawfinger blairs through the arena. Shane Borderland slowly comes out behind the curtain and stops when he reaches the top of the ramp and looks throughout the crowd. He raises his arms up in the air as the crowd boo’s him. He starts walking down the ramp looking side to side at the crowd. He jumps up on the apron, and turns an looks at the crowd and shakes his head. He goes through the middle rope and hops up on the turnbuckle and extends his arms. (Randy Orton Style) then he jumps off the turnbuckle.

Davis: And now…the defending champ, Shane Borderland. He defiantly has the odds against him tonight ,but when has that ever stopped him from kicking ass and taking names?

Steel: Never, if my memory serves me right. And here’s the bell!


The bell rings, and the match is underway. All the competitors circle each other in the ring, before FPV comes charging at Borderland, landing a chop across the chest. Borderland doesn’t seem that affected, and responds with a chop of his own. FPV staggers a little, yet remains standing, as he and Borderland grapple, catching him in a headlock. Evans comes to the grappling men and kicks FPV in the mid-section, forcing him to release the hold.

Steel: There’s that Evans, showing some fresh energy in the match.

FPV falls off to the side, as now Evans and Borderland lock up, with Borderland getting an armlock on Evans, which she quickly powers out of. A look of frustration comes across Shane’s face, as he backs up and trys to land a running elbow to the face, which Evans catches just in time. All of a sudden, FPV comes charging from behind Borderland, tackling his back side.

Davis: FPV now coming back into the fray, tacking Shane out to deal with Evans himself.

Indeed, as soon as Borderland falls, he stares at Evans intently, when Evans try to land another kick to the midsection. This time FPV catches, and counters into a Half-Nelson Legsweep.

Davis: Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen FPV get that Technical.

Steel: Men do certain things when the need arises, Davis. Remember that.

Evans is down, and FPV trys to capitalize, hoping to grab a hold of her leg and get a boston crab on her, which he does before Shane comes to kick FPV out of it. Both FPV and Evans are down, as Shane raises both his arms in the air in defiance.

Steel: See that, that’s the look of a champion right there!

As Shane finishes boasting, Evans and FPV come to their senses, and all three circle each other once again. Evans goes for a move but FPV ducks it and hits a neckbreaker! Evans rolls out of the ring. FPV turns around and Borderland hits the reverse russian legsweep and quickly pins! Borderland puts his feet on the rope!





Zach Davis: Borderland wins!

Kyle Steel: But look at FPV!? He's trying to tell the ref his foot was on the rope!

Borderland sidekicks FPV out of the ring! Evans gets into the ring but Borderland sidekicks her too.. He picks her up and hits a reverse russian legsweep!

Zach Davis: Oh come on!

Kyle Steel: Borderland just hit a powerful move on her!

Borderland goes to pick up Evans again but Knoxville slides into the ring! Borderland goes for a move but Knoxville hits the Iron Spike on Borderland! Knoxville goes to the top rope..

Kyle Steel: Knoxville is makin' the save for James!

Borderland is still out in the middle of the ring and Knoxville hits the Iron Curtain!

The crowd mostly cheers for Knoxville.

Evans and Knoxville fist pound and roll out of the ring. Knoxville and Evans walk up the ramp to James music.

Zach Davis: Well that was crazy! Knoxville and James are friends, but Knoxville apparently had enough..

Kyle Steel: What's this mean for Borderland.. who now has to defend against Valentine next week!

Zach Davis: No idea, but it's time for a commercial break!

Closing Segment
Deruty Has The Floor..

12 Stones hits the speakers and the crowd goes crazy. I mean apeshit crazy. Day walks from behind the curtain and he stands on the stage and taunts with the crowd.

Zach Davis: They sure do love D-Day!

Kyle Steel: He's the number one contender at Blast where he'll take on Jay Williams and his World Heavyweight Championship!

Day walks down the ramp and slaps five with the fans and rolls into the ring. Day celebrates on the corner with the fans and they're still going crazy. Day tells them to quiet down and he grabs a microphone. The crowd all begins to chant "DAY DAY DAY DAY DAY DAY DAY DAY"

Zach Davis: Whoa... this crowd is LOVING D-Day!

Kyle Steel: I believe they thought they weren't going to see him tonight..

Zach Davis: Well he wasn't scheduled to be here.. so they're just as surprised as we are!

Day tells them to sit down and quiet down as he smiles. He slowly puts the microphone to his lips. He mutters out a noise of his first word..


The crowd cheers as Jay Williams steps out from behind the curtain in casual attire. The World Title wrapped around his shoulder. Williams holds the title belt into the air as fireworks go off. Williams walks down the ramp and slaps five with some of his fans and gets into the ring.

Zach Davis: Well this IS a surprise!

Kyle Steel: Our World Champion and Number One Contender are both in the ring!

Day smiles... and drops the microphone.


Williams spits to the mat and unbuckles his Championship and throws it down on the ground.


Day takes his shirt off and throws it to the crowd.




Jay Williams looks around and takes his shirt off and throws it into the crowd.


Day smirks.. Williams smirks... The two step closer and go face to face.

Zach Davis: Williams is a fighting Champion! He respects and understands that D-Day wants that title!

Kyle Steel: But Williams has gone through hell already, and is wanting to keep that title wrapped around his own waist!

Zach Davis: I can't hold my excitement in, Kyle! THIS IS JUST OUTRAGEOUS! THIS IS AWESOME!

Day puches, Williams punches, the two fight with right hands! Oblivion slides into the ring and hits Williams from behind knocking him down!


Zach Davis: OH WHAT THE HELL?!

Day goes for a move but Oblivion ducks it and then picks up Day and hits a back breaker! Oblivion picks up Jay Williams and hits a neckbreaker!

Kyle Steel: Oblivion is NOT happy with how Thirteen played out! We already saw him end, possibly, three young careers earlier tonight!

Day gets up but Oblivion big boots him back down. Jay goes for a punch but Oblivion blocks it and slaps Williams back down.

Zach Davis: What's he doing now??

Oblivion grabs the World Heavyweight Championship and looks at it... he then holds it above his head and the crowd boos hard.

Williams kicks his leg, and Day hits a dropkick to the back of the head of Oblivion!


Williams picks up Oblivion and hits a spinebuster as Day hits the ropes and hits a quick leg drop! Williams hits the ropes and hits a splash, as Day hits a moonsault off the ropes! Oblivion gets to his feet and Williams and Day both hit a dropkick sending Oblivion over the top rope to the outside! The crowd cheers as Day and Williams taunt before standing in the middle of the ring going face to face...


Crowd pops. Day, Williams and now Oblivion whose getting up on the outside look up at the jumbotron..

Mark Markman: So we have a little fight in the ring eh? First of all.. let me announce that it IS official.. Jay Williams defends against D-Day at Blast on June 13th.. and in NO way, SHAPE or FORM will another competitor be added to that match.. it will be a ONE on ONE match at Blast!

Crowd pops.

Oblivion kicks the steel steps!

Mark Markman: Oh, and Oblivion... I have an announcement involving you.. well, actually, it involves the three of you out there.. next week, Oblivion has to defend the Tag Team Championships... against D-Day.. and JAY WILLIAMS!

Zach Davis: WHAT?!

Crowd pops. Day and Williams look at each other..

Oblivion is frustrated and pissed off.

Mark Markman: If Greenfever is still alive.. he can be in the match too, so good luck Oblivion.. you're going to need it.

Oblivion grabs a microphone and throws it at the jumbotron! Markman goes off the screen and the crowd begins to chant. "WILLIAMS.. D-DAY.. WILLIAMS.. D-DAY WILLIAMS.. D-DAY.. WILLIAMS.. D-DAY WILLIAMS.. D-DAY.. WILLIAMS.. D-DAY"






Oblivion is pissed off as the copyright info appears. Day and Williams just stand in the ring looking at each other.

The crowd is still chanting as WCF goes off the air..