Happy Memorial Day!

We cut to Kyle and Zach..

Kyle Steel: Welcome to tonights Monday Night Slam and ladies and gentlemen!

Zach Davis: If we can get your attention to the ring for a very special segment from Wrestling Championship Federation!

The National Anthem hits and everyone stands and salutes the flag on the jumbotron! The Anthem goes on and we show people in the crowd wearing military colors and USA stuff.

We then show Zach and Kyle standing at the announcers table with their right arms over their chests. The anthem ends and everyone goes crazy chanting "USA! USA! USA!"

Everyone sits down and then the familiar sound is heard..


The crowd stands up and cheers but the videotron doesn't light up.. rather, instead a spotlight hits the stage and Mark Markman comes out wearing a suit and shaved, and his hair cut. He stands on the stage and the crowd goes wild for him.



Zach Davis: Why is he here?! Is this the special segment!?

Kyle Steel: OH HELL YEAH!

Mark Markman walks down the ramp and uses the steps to get into the ring. He grabs a microphone and the crowd quiets down.


Crowd cheers.

Mark Markman: I told you guys I'd start showing up live, and it's my duty to be clear that Wrestling Championship Federation is ran in the direction that we want it to! It's you guys.. all of you guys that keep this place going! When you guys want something, I make sure it happens!

Crowd cheers.

Mark Markman: I'm so glad to be here tonight and I just want to say..

BEAST MODE by B.o.B hits the airwaves and the crowd boos and Markmans eyes get big.


Crowd boos as Colt and Chris Avery walk out on stage. Colt has the microphone.

Colt McFly: Today should be a day of remembrance.. a day of memory.. we shall remember one thing... AND THAT'S CHRIS AVERY IS BEING HELD DOWN BY THE MAN IN WCF!

Crowd boos as Colt and Chris Avery continue down the ramp.

Colt McFly: Chris is constantly being held down by the man and management.

The two get into the ring with Markman.

Colt McFly: Avery is being held down.. by YOU, Mark.. Markman.

Crowd boos.

Mark Markman: First of all, nobody said you guys could come out here..


Mark Markman: Now, that's NOT what I'm saying and you know it! Besides.. when I need my lawn mowed, and my chicken to be eaten, I'll know who to call..

Colt and Chris get frustrated and the crowd laughs..

Mark Markman: I'd call my uncles! They own a lawn care business, and love to eat chicken!

Crowd laughs and Avery and Colt mock him with "laughing".

Colt McFly: Since Avery is being held down constantly we're here to demand that Avery get a World Title match next week after he defeats Deruty tonight!

Crowd boos and Markman looks confused.

Mark Markman: No. That won't happen. However, I did notice what you did last week to Doc Henry and whoever else you beat up. So I'm making it official right now, Avery will fight Doc Henry at Blast..

Colt and Avery shrug it off..


Crowd cheers. Avery takes the microphone.


Mark Markman: I will not be talked down to like that! In fact, tonight, your match will be a regular match and if you cheat at all.. to get yourself disqualified or if you try to cheat to win.. you will be suspended.. FOR GOOD!

Crowd cheers.

Crowd begins to chant USA as Mark Markman leaves Avery and Colt in the ring. We cut to the announcers.

Zach Davis: What an announcement.. I don't think that's what he originally had planned..

Kyle Steel: No it wasn't, but I'm sure he'll finish up his original announcement later tonight!

Zach Davis: What a special night though!

Kyle Steel: We have a huge night in store for you so don't go anywhere, Monday Night Slam begins now!

Monday Night Slam Intro

The intro video hits and then we show the live crowd and fireworks go off everywhere. We cut to Zach and Kyle once more!


Zach Davis: We have new Tag Team Champions! D-Day and Jay Williams are the Tag Team Champions.. and uh.. in two weeks they'll be fighting for the World Championship that is securly strapped around the waist of Williams!

Kyle Steel: We also see Logan defeat Doc Henry in a cage match which was followed by Avery attacking Doc.. also that weird voice, video whatever thingy that keeps following Logan too.

Zach Davis: Yeah, that stuff is weird. Screw Logan anyway. Not much of a fan of this new Logan.

Kyle Steel: Very interesting to say Zachary, however tonight's matches are about to begin, let's go to the ring!

Tommy Knoxville's A Knockin'

A camera went and focused on the opened door of a locker room, only to catch the firm bottom of a female as she was went over grabbing something. As the woman straightened her hand came back and tossed those waves from her face, sending her hair to flow down her back. Leaning against the wall she lifted her other hand, which had a bottle of water in it.. probably what she had just picked up.. and took a nice long sip before letting her hand fall back down once more. Right leg came to lift and bend as she placed her foot against the wall, it seemed she was waiting for her match to get there already because it was almost time. Attired in her ring attire, those jeans hung low around her waist and hugged her curves, her white shirt was baring her torso, and her navel glistened from the skull that hung from it.

Walking into the room with a smile on his face Knoxville stares at those curves through his notorious shades. He slowly chews on a toothpick as he grabs the glasses with his right hand and slides them to the tip of his nose revealing those baby blues to Kaylyn.

Knoxville: Well look what we have here.

Knoxville steps a little closer as Kaylyn turns her body to him. His left hand is behind his back as the right slightly rubs his chin for a brief moment.

Kaylyn: "Well this is an odd turn of events. Usually it is myself going off and finding you."

She gave him a once over with that innocent smile upon her face before continuing.

Kaylyn: "So.. what brings you my way Mr. Knoxville?"

Knoxville: Well I just wanted to stop by and bring you these.

He pulls out roses from behind his back as he stares Kaylyn in the eyes.

Knoxville: After what happened last week I just want you to know that I will always be around for you if you ever need me.

Kay stared in silence for a long moment... unsure of what to say. Course the obvious was on her mind.. but something.. else..

Kaylyn: "Why thank you Mr. Knoxville. I appreciate knowing that fact. Don't make it a habit catching me off guard like this either.."

Knoxville looks into her eyes as he steps a little closer.

Knoxville: If I remember correctly you were doin' the same not too long ago. Peeping around my locker room... You had to know sooner or later I would be knockin' at your door.

Seeing him stepping closer to her had her stiffen up against the wall. She looked from him to the door than back again.

Kaylyn: "I was not peeping.. I was repaying the favor, after all, you were looking all over for me once upon a time.. looks like that has not changed at all.

Kay smirked keeping her cool somewhat.

Knoxville rubs his chin for a moment as he looks her over one more time starting from her legs and moving upwards. He then looks back up at her and replies as he leans in against the wall behind Kaylyn blocking her with his left arm.

Knoxville: Well... looks like I finally found you.

Kaylyn: "I can see that.."

She stated before biting down on her lower lip seeing him leaning against the wall blocking her way out.

Kaylyn: "So... what can I help you with Mr. Knoxville?"

Knoxville: Don't sit there and play innocent. We've been goin' through this same song and dance week after week.

Knoxville leans back upright and drops his arm to his side. He then looks around for a brief moment before quietly laughing to himself.

Knoxville: You know why I'm here.

Kaylyn: "Actually, week after week I made sure I could get away.. this week it looks like that is not an option.. so its not the same song and dance.."

Knoxville: There's no gettin' away now, babe.

Knoxville props his arm against the wall behind her once more as he drops the roses to the floor, all but one. He slowly raises it to her neck and gently rubs it against her skin as he leans in slowly.

Hearing his words she swallowed deeply before seeing him dropping the roses and letting that last one in his hand come to run across her neck.

Kaylyn: "But I.."

Her words got caught up as her eyes closed, her head tilting up slightly as the soft petals grazed her skin.

Knoxville: Shh... Just close your eyes, this has been way overdue.

Knoxville rubs the rose behind her ear as he then slowly closes her eyes with his figer tips. As he pulls the rose away from her soft skin he leans in slowly placing his lips on her unexpecting neck.

Feeling those lips of his upon her neck had her pressed against the wall completely.

Kaylyn: "I don't think we should.."

Her sentence trailed off as she got chills along her spine.

Kaylyn: "I think it's time to get going..."

Knoxville places his hand on her waist and stares into her beautiful eyes.

Knoxville: This is what we've both been wanting. You're what brings me here week in and week out.

Knoxville then leans in for a kiss as the scene slowly fades out.

Audrey Horn vs Da Funk

The infectious guitars of "What's My Age Again?" by blink-182 fill up the arena as smoke begins to fill up around the entrance. Bright strobes of yellow, green, blue and red flash around as suddenly Audrey Horn leaps out from backstage. She holds her hands out with devil horns before banging her head to the music for a second. The crowd starts to go wild as the high-flyer starts down the ramp at full speed. She runs until she gets to the ring where she leaps under the ropes into the ring. Audrey springs up to her feet, running to the corner and jumping to the second turnbuckle. She holds her arms out again before doing a backflip back to the mat. Audrey runs against the ropes twice before stopping ready for action.

Zach Davis: Audrey looking confident tonight as usual.

Giggling engulfs the arena, as Kesha's "Blow" pops up on the P.A, with strobe lights in every imaginable spot in the arena, before Da Funk comes dancing out of the curtains, bobbing his head to the song as if he was in a club, and struts down the ramp to the cheers of the crowd, before making his way to ring, where he streches his arms out in a defiant manner, mouthing the words "Fuck Da Non-Believers!" and waits for the match to begin.

Kyle Steel: Da Funk making his debut on Slam!

And, soon, the bell rings. Audrey Horn immediately goes after Funk, leaping into the air and slamming Funk down with a cross body. She pops to her feet, pulling Punk up with her, quickly snapping off a perfectly excited tornado DDT. Da Funk bounces of the matts, desperately searching for an opportunity to get to his feet – Audrey, however, maintains the quick offense, pulling Funk to his feet once again and laying him back down with a backbreaker.

Kyle Steel: Audrey trying to put Da Funk away early.

She immediately follows with a pin.



Da Funk gets his shoulder up. Horn gets him back to his feet, this time, Da Funk reserves the momentum, surprising Audrey with quick rights! Da Funk punches Audrey into the turnbuckle, then shoots her across the ring with an irish whip, Horn comes back, and Funk hits a vicious missile drop kick! Horn goes down hard, and Da Funk stands to his feet in an overly excited manner – taunting. Some of the audience shed a few cheers his way. Audrey capitalizes on Funk taking his attention off her, as she climbs to her feet, and hits an unaware Funk with a superkick! Da Funk’s feet go out from underneath him and falls flat on his back. Audrey Horn further capitalizes, running up the turnbuckle, and flying off with the Fire Cracker! This, of course, results in a pin!




NO! The rookie manages to kick out – much to the surprise of Horn.

Audrey Horn sets up, climbing the turnbuckle once again.

Zach Davis: She’s going to finish him off!

Audrey Horn flies off the turnbuckle once more, performing the Fire Cracker yet again, and she lands it!! NO!!! Da Funk – miraculously – rolls out of the way at the last second. Audrey smashes into the mat, letting out a painful yelp. Da Funk grabs the ring ropes, pulling himself up to his feet, patiently waiting for Audrey to recover. Once she does, Da Funk manages to hit off a bulldog driving her face into the mat. Da Funk stands over her, looking anxiously around the arena, before landing The Strobe!

Kyle Steel: What the hell..? Was that The Worm--

Zach Davis: That’s The Strobe, Kyle. And, as you’ll see.. NOBODY can kick out of The Strobe.

And, indeed, Da Funk pins Audrey.



She kicks out, effortlessly.

Zach Davis: Son of a bitch.

Da Funk brings her to her feet, looking to follow up on the damage, but no! Audrey comes out of nowhere! – hitting a spinning heel kick! Da Funk drops, rolling out of the ring and crashing onto the outside. Audrey Horn follows the destruction, slipping outside the ring, pulling Da Funk up by his hair and irish whipping him into the turnbuckle post. Da Funk’s shoulder bounces off the steel post and he goes back down. Audrey scoops up the broken Funk, shoving him back into the ring, she follows through, and crawls on top of him.. hooking the leg.




Da Funk thrusts his arm into the air. Audrey stands back up, not hesitating, pulling Da Funk back to his feet and setting him up for a single arm DDT. But, no! Da Funk still has some fight left in him. He pushes Audrey away and she falls back into the ropes, bounces off, and Da Funk hits a missile drop kick! NO! Audrey shoves his feet away in mid-air and Da Funk lands awkwardly on his back. Da Funk scrambles to his feet, however, Audrey is right on him – locking her arms around his head, and taking him down then locking in a sleeper. Da Funk quickly manages to fight out of it, elbowing Horn in her side, then grabbing her by the neck and hitting a quick neckbreaker. He rolls over and pins.




Audrey Horn gets her shoulder up! Da Funk stomps at Horn a few times, before picking her up but Horn gets out of it and hits her finisher! The crowd reacts!




Zach Davis: Horn wins!

Kyle Steel: Da Funk loses in a tight match up tonight, Horn with a signature victory in her WCF career!

Zach Davis: Let's take a commercial break.

Horn celebrates on the ropes as we go to commercial.

Mr. WCF Has His Big Boy Pants On

A drum roll begins…

Zach Davis: Sounds like Slam is getting a dose of treachery!

And, indeed, “The Struggle Within” by Metallica explodes! The audience within the arena go apeshit immediately after Logan appears on the entrance. Logan stands in place, soaking in the crowds excitement, eyes traveling across the packed house.

Zach Davis: This arena sounds like it’s about to explode.

Logan then begins his descent down the ramp.

Kyle Steel: Logan was not scheduled to perform tonight. I wonder if he has something to say.

Zach Davis: He ALWAYS has something to say.

Soon, Logan reaches the ring steps, which he climbs, making his way into the ring and quickly climbing the nearest turnbuckle. His usual stage antics take place – slowly lifting his arms from his side and shifting them above his head. His arms soon drop, and he remains perched on the turnbuckle, taking his time to observe the frenzy of a crowd. Zooming in on Logan’s face, the camera watches him gaze over the audience. The camera pulls back, and then, Logan drops down from the turnbuckle and signals over to an outside official for a microphone – which – the official brings. His theme music cuts and the deafening chant that echoes the arena is heard much, much, clearer…




Hesitating, Logan holds the microphone down to his side, letting the thrilling audience continue.




Bringing the microphone to his lips, the crowd quiets on que.

Logan: Babygurls! It’s good to see you too. I had no idea Chicago, Illinois was full of so many boudles.

Crowd pops.

Zach Davis: He insults them, they cheer. I still do not quite understand it.

Logan: But, you see, there is a difference. You’re not no ordinary boudles.. no, no, no – you’re MY boudles!

Bigger pop.

Logan: So.. what are we doing tonight? I’m not doing anything. No. You see, some people around here do not like Connector City, some people do not like it when Slam is called the Show of Treachery.

The audience retreats to boos.

Logan: Yeah – yeah, I know.. what were they thinking when they booked the show this week and didn’t include WCF’s own home grown, ticket giving, boudle calling, tour guide of Connector City, the biggest name in history… ME.

Immediately after Logan finishes, the crowd melts into cheers.

Logan: So, instead, to fill the show, to entertain the hard earned money you spent, to accommodate you for the buses, trains, cars, and planes you took to get here and to make sure it was ALLLL worth it.. you get treated to…

Logan puts zero enthusiasm into what he says next.

Logan: … D-Day versus Chris Avery.

Crowd goes apeshit crazy for D-Day. A D-Day chant begins "DERUTY! DERUTY! DERUTY! DERUTY!"

Kyle Steel: Hey, that’s a good main event!

Logan: H’mm.. I wonder what they’re showing on the Discovery Channel tonight. Matter of fact, switch to Nick at Nite – I’d rather see Mickey Mouse on there then two Mickey Mouse boudles main eventing Slam!

Some laughter fills the arena.

Logan: But, do not worry, babygurls. The Face of Treachery is here. Mr. WCF is here. I am here. And – I brought tickets with me. You see, last week, just moments before Doc Henry got served a collard green ass whooping – someone.. a certain someone.. assaulted the Hotdog of Treachery. Yes, babygurls, a flat out attack on the babymaker.

Kyle Steel: What’s a Jumbo Hotdog of Trea—

Zach Davis: Penis, Kyle. Penis.

Logan: I, of course, am referring to that hooker talking boudle, Kaylyn Evans. I’ll admit – she sure does have a lot of balls, and, no.. I’m not talking about the balls on her chest. Though, it’s hard not to mention her chest. Have you seen those things, babygurls? They look like two circus balloons. Pop an implant, win a prize. SHUT UP!

Logan grins, quietly chuckling along with the crowd.

Logan: So… I have only one question. Does Kaylyn want a ticket?

The audience cheer in approval.

Logan: Kaylyn James, bring your hooker ass out here.

Pacing back and fourth, Logan maintains a stare onto the entrance ramp. Nothing happens, yet.

Logan: Hey – somebody back there go find Kaylyn – go to the nearest corner in Illinois and tell that hooker bitch that Slam started and the Face of Treachery wants to whoop that a—

Eminem's “Not Afraid” explodes into the speakers! Out onto the stage walks Kaylyn J. Evans, attired in black jeans hanging low on her waist, and hugging those curves, her shirt a white T tailored to her liking with it stopping at just the right spot below her assets, with those white Reeboks to match. Looking down at Logan standing there in the ring she shook her head before heading down the ramp way and making her way into the ring by sliding under the bottom rope. Coming to a stand she reached out for a microphone before stepping back and looking at Logan.

Kaylyn: Seriously Logan? Didn't we go through this last week? What happened last week when you went and ran your mouth? You ended up on your knees in some pain.. do you really want that to happen again?

Boo's came from the crowd at Kaylyn's words and she lifted a hand into the air ignoring the fans.

Kaylyn: I told you last week.. I am not no hooker.. the sooner you remember that.. the better. As for these right here...

Kay ran a hand in front of her chest.

Kaylyn: ...it's all natural. I am not one of these fake bitches that cheer you on week in and week out.

Before Logan responds, he can not help but chuckle a little bit.

Logan: Glad you made it out here. I'm glad that WCF's event tonight did not interrupt your other 'job'. I'm glad, my boudles are glad, because tonight, right now, you and I are going on a little trip. You know where that goes? SHUT UP! A trip straight to Connec--

Rudely interrupted, "I'm The Bad Influence" by Lil' Wyte hits the speakers. Logan and Kaylyn both turn towards the entrance ramp, Logan - especially - has a glare on his face.

Zach Davis: That's Jason Kash's theme! What does he want?

Kyle Steel: He helped Logan last week, but, what does he have to do with these two...?

Kash doesn't come down to the ring but stays up on the entrance stage. Dressed in his wrestling gear, he is ready to defend his Television Title against Kaylyn. He has a mic in his hand and the TV Title wrapped around his waist. He waits until the fans settle down and speaks into the mic.

Jason Kash: I'm glad to see everyone sorting out their issues here tonight but umm...isn't there a Title match suppose to go down? Maybe I'm wrong?

He looks on at both Kaylyn and Logan waiting for their response, wanting to know why the match has been delayed. Seeing Kash on the stage she rolled her eyes at him.

Kaylyn: Of course there is supposed to be a match going on. I was fucking asked to come out here.. so I showed up... unlike you, I was announced.. But Logan..

Kay said turning to face him.

Kaylyn: What is it you want really?

Logan directs his stare from Jason Kash to Kaylyn Evans.

Logan: What do I want? It'd be nice to be able to talk without some boudles entrance music playing. Speaking of which - does anyone else want to come out? H'm? But, no, I'll tell you what I want..

Reaching inside his pocket, Logan pulls out a ticket! The crowd pops. Logan then offers the ticket to Kaylyn.

Logan: The real question is; is this what you want?

Interrupting Logan, Kash clears his throat into the microphone. Logan and Kaylyn both look towards Kash as Kash speaks to them both inside the ring. He even begins walking down the aisle way towards the ring as the words are heard.

Jason Kash: What she wants is to get this match over with, lose to me in what will be a very "Hands On" matchup and then go brag to her friends about how she got felt up by "The Bad Influence" but what is it that YOU want Logan, why are you out here?"

Seeing Kash coming down the ramp way and the two boys staring one another down Kaylyn backed up before dipping out of the ring and keeping on the far side away from where Kash was coming from.

Kaylyn: I don't know what the hell has gotten into either of you... Logan.. with that ticket.. Kash, with your thoughts of a very hands on match... you two want to have at it, please.. do. Wake me when you are done.

Kay moved towards the announcers table and took a seat on it shaking her head at the other two.

Logan: Oh - you can't wait for your little match to start? SHUT UP! I was out here to whoop that hooker ass, but, now...

Logan stops talking, and sits on the middle rope to help accompany Kash into the ring.

Logan: It looks like she isn't the only boudle that's going to Connector City tonight!

The crowd of course, pops.

Zach Davis: Oh man! This is getting heated.

Kyle Steel: Hey, Kaylyn is pretty close.. look at that butt. Oh my.

Jason Kash doesn't waste any time. He unbuckles the Television Title and lets it drop the the ringside mats. Kash leaps up onto the ring apron with his knee and pulls himself up to his feet before dipping into the ring through the ropes. Not the ones Logan is holding down. Kash steps up just as Logan does and they come forehead to forehead. Pushing each other like bucking mountain goats.

Zach Davis: Kash versus Logan? Holy crap!

Kaylyn simply watches on from the outside as the two glare in one another's eyes.

Kyle Steel: What's the story with these two? Didn't Jason help Logan last week in that cage match?

Zach Davis: He did, Kyle. But as he mentioned in a promo this week.. he only did it to spite Creeping Death. He did it for respect.

The crowd is on edge. Logan and Kash face to face, Logan and Kash both trash talking each other.


The crowd is on their feet - Logan explodes at Jason Kash with right hands, driving him into the turnbuckle. Logan pulls Kash out of the turnbuckle, spins him around, wraps him in a sleeper..

Zach Davis: Jason Kash is going to Connector City!!

NO! Kash elbows the side of Logan's face. Logan holds his jaw, stumbles around, and Kash grabs Logan and goes for UTI!

Kyle Steel: Under The Influence!

Logan breaks from Kash at the last second, pushing him away! Kash turns and faces Logan! The two cautiously studying each other. The audience going apeshit!

Zach Davis: I have goosebumps! I hope Kash injures Logan bad!

"The Biggest, The Best" by Clawfinger blairs through the arena.

Kyle Steel: And here comes Kash's partner, Shane, he's running down the ramp!

And, indeed, Shane Borderland slides into the ring joining Jason's side, staring down Logan. Soon, Logan slowly begins backing away from the two, and eventually exits the ring all the while keeping his eyes on Jason and Shane. Logan backs up the ramp, talking generic smack before he soon decides to leave the arena entirely, heading backstage. Shane and Kash briefly share a few words together. Shane then exits the ring as well, returning backstage. Kaylyn, who has been watching from the outside the entire time, soon finds herself back into the ring.

Zach Davis: Wow!

Kyle Steel: I have a feeling that we haven't seen the last of Jason Kash and Logan.

Zach Davis: Folks.. we're going to take a quick commercial break. When we return.. Jason Kash versus Kaylyn Evans!

Television Championship
Kaylyn James Evans vs Jason Kash(c)

The bell sounds as Kaylyn James gets to her feet. Kash and her begin to circle each other and Kash rushes in but Kaylyn leaps up, catching his chin with her foot as she flips backwards hitting him with a backflip kick. Kash stumbles back, stunned by the swift kick. Kaylyn lands on her feet and she rushes in and drops Kash with a dropkick. Knocking him off his feet, Kash rolls away from Kaylyn. She stomps down as he rolls, he barely gets away from each of the stomps. He sweeps her from the ground and she falls on her ass. He hurries and climbs on top of her, she scrambles but he manages to pin down her arms. She pushes up her shoulders so there is no pinfall but he isn't interested in pinning her right now. The two of them exchange a few words and Kash releases her arms slowly and sits up straight, still straddling her mid section. Out of nowhere he slaps her as hard as he can. She bucks and he falls forward and plants his palms into the mat to prevent himself from losing his balance. Kaylyn bucks again and hits Kash with a stiff shot to his ribs, she repeats the shot a few times and Kash moves off of her. He gets up and goes for a big boot as she gets up. Kaylyn though rolls under the boot and rolls Kash up in a school boy.



Kash flops out of the school boy and rolls to his chest before pushing himself up. Kaylyn vaults from a sprinters position and flies up, connecting her knee into Kash's chin. He slaps down onto his back and automatically grabs his face. The shot dazed him, stunned him completely and Kaylyn acted quickly. She hurried across the ring, bouncing off the ropes and snapping down with her knee into Kash's forehead. She stands up and begins to stalk Kash from close by. As Kash gets up Kaylyn rushes and nails a running front kick to the side of Kash's head. Kash twists and crumbles into the mat. His arm flops out in desperation, Kaylyn drops an elbow into the upper back of Kash and then rolls him over and hooks a leg.




Kyle Steel: That was close, Kaylyn is showing her worth here tonight!

Zach Davis: Kash will come back, he's the Champion for a reason.

Kyle Steel: Yeah thanks to Shane Borderland and great booking by WCF Management..

Kaylyn on her feet, pulls Kash up with a fish hook in his mouth. Her thumb on the outside of his cheek and he comes up onto his feet. He pushes her away and as she comes back at him, he connects with a brutal clothesline that puts her on her back. Kash grabs her by the legs and Catapults Kaylyn into the corner turnbuckle. Getting back to his feet, Kash steps over and grabs her by her hair. She throws back an elbow and catches him in the mouth. He doesn't lose position though as he slams her face into the padded turnbuckle. He pulls her head back by the hair and slaps on a reverse DDT, planting her into the canvas. He gets up and begins to drag her to the middle of the ring and begins to lay into her with single shots to the forehead. His other hand holding her head up by the hair, him punching with his left. Kaylyn grabs onto his arms and uses that to pull her body up and throw a knee to the top of his head in a very acrobatic motion. Kash releases her hair and has to catch his daze as his head shakes it off. Kaylyn gets up but is met with a kick to her gut, Kash grabs her by the head and puts her into a Jackhammer Suplex, upon slamming her into the mat, he rolls over and pins her quickly as the referee drops and begins the count.



Kash pulls her up as he gets up to his feet, he pulls her head in between his head. He looks around with a smile on his face, he lifts her by her waist and pulls her body up onto his shoulder in a sitting position. He takes a few steps, spins in a 360 motion and crushes her with a sitdown powerbomb. He puts his legs over her arms and holds for yet another pin attempt as the referee begins the count.



Kaylyn busts out and rolls out of the ring. Kash licks his lip as a grin is still stretched across his face. He blows her a kiss as their eyes connect. She reaches up and grabs the ring ropes and pulls herself up onto the apron. Kash slowly gets to his feet but he allows her to enter the ring without worry. Again they begin to circle each other and for the first time in the match they really lock up. Kaylyn ducks and dips under Kash grip and is behind him, holding him from behind. He reaches up and wraps his arm around her neck but she is trying to slap on her finisher. Kash holds down his arm to prevent the Full Nelson Bomb she calls KY Bomb. Kash drops his legs out from under him and flips Kaylyn forward over his shoulder, she rolls and slides onto her feet and they both rush each other, Kash leaps off the mat and tries to hit a cross body but Kaylyn ducks under and hits the ropes. Kash gets up fast and they rush towards eachother again. Kash goes for another clothesline but Kaylyn James surprises Kash with a spear to the mid section.

Zach Davis: Holy Crap, that was a mighty good spear by The Baddest Beauty!

Kyle Steel: Nice nickname by the way, you dub her that?

Zach Davis: I call it like I see it and how I see it is Kash is in trouble of losing this match...

Kyle Steel: Kash is a fighter, love him or hate him he comes to compete.

Kaylyn has scooted herself up to his upper half, she lays across his chest and has begun pounding into his face with her right hand. She even claws at his eyes with her finger nails. Kash squirms and shivers out of her hold, rolling her up onto her neck over and pushing her away at the head. He gets up rubbing his eyes and still trying to see where she is at. As Kaylyn gets up Kash goes to grab her but she springboards from one knee and spears him again, this time going for the pin.




Kaylyn slaps the mat hard and glares at the referee as she gets to her feet. She brushes herself off quickly and then goes to grab Kash but Kash grabs the front of her tights and pulls her towards him, she flies through the ropes to the outside. Kash uses the ropes to help him up to his feet as Kaylyn uses the ring apron. Kash acts as though he is about the go high risk and Kaylyn looks on. Kash bounces off the ropes and rushes the ropes by Kaylyn, he goes to leap over the ropes and Kaylyn quickly slides in. Kash didn't go over the ropes but just used the ropes to leap up high enough to trick Kaylyn. As Kaylyn slides in, Kash comes down hard with a elbow into her back. Him being a heavy, he really crushes into her. He gets to his feet and grabs a hand full of her hair with both hands and drags her violently to the middle of the ring. Kash lets go over her hair and walks around to her feet. He bends at the knees, fingers moving in anticipation waits for her to get up. She begins moving, up to her knee and Kash rushes her and flies through the air connecting a Shinning Wizard Triangle Choke on her, she goes live, scrambling and moving to get out of this sudden submission.

Kyle Steel: Jason Kash connecting with the ONLY submission move we've ever seen him do! He calls it Dazed N' Confused!!

Zach Davis: Very nice setup!!

The referee is laying on his belly on the canvar and asking Kaylyn if she wants to quit. Her face is locked in tight with her left arm and you can see she is fading in and out of consciousness. The referee gets and comes around to her right arm and pulls it up and lets it drop free, it falls down onto the mat. He grabs it again and holds it up, drops it again and it hits the mat for a second time. The referee warns her that one more time and it's over. He lifts her arm and hesitates but lets her arm drop and as classic as it is it falls but before it hits the mat it strengthens and shakes as she shows the fight in her. She manages to put her feet under her and pulls her head out of the submission, She quickly counters it into a texas cloverleaf and arches back, stretching Kash and now the referee is checking on Kash. Kash is stretching out trying to reach the ropes but they are too far away. Kaylyn though grabs the ropes near her with her lesser used hand and lifts up and drops her ass down into Kash's lower back. Kash pushes himself up off the mat like a push up and then drops with his weight to one shoulder and pulls Kaylyn and she tumbles back and the cloverleaf is broken up. Kash rolls to the ropes and pulls himself out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Kash to his feet..

Kaylyn goes for a spinebuster but Kash double axe smashes her in the back and puts her into a powerbomb position. He lifts her up and her crotch right in her face and she steps out of the hold onto the top rope. She kicks backwards and Kash stumbles forwards. Kaylyn waits for him to turn around and she jumps off going for a hurricanrana but Kash holds his ground and she hangs upside down.. she screams and tries to get out of the hold but Kash locks her arms with his legs.. She finally kicks out of it and grabs the bottom rope and escapes out of his hold and through his ropes. She gets up and she gets slapped across the face and Kash then goes for Under The Influence but she drops down and school boy pins Kash!




Zach Davis: WHHAATTT?!?!



All of sudden, the crowd begins cheering with enormous excitement.

Zach Davis: It's Logan! Logan is back!

Logan pushes himself through the screaming audience, jumps the guardrail, and slides into the ring. He begins stalking Jason Kash!

Kyle Steel: Jason Kash doesn't see Logan! Wait - -

NOW - Logan is stalking Kaylyn Evans. He methodically shifts his glare back and fourth between the two as they slowly get up.

Zach Davis: Logan looks like he can't make up his mind on who to attack!

Soon after Zach's commentary, Logan grabs Kaylyn in a sleeper, flips over, and hits the Connector! Kaylyn hits the ring and rolls out underneath the bottom rope.


Logan then turns, and once again begins stalking Jason Kash! Shane Borderland comes rushing down the ramp once more! Shane slides into the ring, Kash finally makes it to his feet, Kash turns around and finds a awaiting Logan.

Kyle Steel: What's this...? Jason Kash is smiling?!

The audience begin to buzz as Logan and Kash nonchalantly approach, slapping hands, and sharing friendly words. Shane Borderland joins in on the warm greeting, shaking hands with Logan, before soon they all raise their arms in the air together for a shocked Chicago crowd.

Zach Davis: What the hell just happened?

Kyle Steel: The Face of Treachery and Organized Violence alliance?!

Zach Davis: This has been one interesting story.. we've got to take a television time out!

Kyle Steel: Wait! Look at the Jumbotron!!

Black static over the jumbotron and a robotic voice..


The jumbotron clicks off.

We fade to a commercial.

Odin Balfore vs Carnage

The lights go out in the arena as all the fans are silent as they don't know what is going on as "Bodies" is played over the arena speakers and Carnage steps foot onto the stage ramp looking around at the crowd before he takes his chain off from around his neck and raises it in the air as fire shoots out of the stage as the fans look scared now as Carnage makes his way down to the ring and as he is at the bottom steps he notices a little boy who is looking at him so Carnage walks over to him very slowly as the kid just stands there frozen and once Carnage is close to the railing he leans over it and gets right in the face of the kid who runs away from as Carnage just starts to laugh maniacally as he slides into the ring where he takes off his mask and sets it up on the corner turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Carnage is coming off a victory against Audrey Horn on last week's Slam. He will face a much stiffer test this week!

Kyle Steel: To say the least, Zach. Odin Balfore is NOT 5'1", 103 lbs. OR female!

“Ain't No Grave” hits the PA system. The arena grows dark as the fans get to their feet to catch a glimpse of the stage. Once the vocals starts, the arena lights flash back on and there stands Odin Balfore, centre stage. Odin walks down the ramp and climbs over the top rope of the ring and poses to the crowd; raising his fist in the air before turning back towards the entrance and waiting for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: Odin Balfore is one of the largest and most fearsome competitors that we've ever seen set foot inside of a WCF ring! This man is a menace and he's put the entire WCF roster on notice these last few weeks with his dominant victories over such superstars as Buzzsaw Bundy and Mr. FPV!

Kyle Steel: Odin and Carnage are standing face-to-face right now, Zach, but it's actually face-to-chest! Carnage is a huge man, but Odin towers over him by at least six inches!

Zach Davis: Odin Balfore is a scary, scary man!

Odin and Carnage mean mug and take heavy, big-man breaths as they stare each other down. Referee Ed Kowalczyk calls for the bell to officially get this match underway.


Odin's scowl suddenly turns to a smile. Carnage looks puzzled but he wastes no time in throwing a haymaker at Odin. Odin easily blocks it and staggers Carnage to the ropes with a series of clubbing blows. Odin ties Carnage up in the ropes, like a crafty veteran does, before punctuating the exchange with a powerful European uppercut. Spit flies from Carnage's mouth and his body goes limp, though it's still hung up in the ropes. Kowalczyk frees Carnage's body from the ropes and issues a warning to Odin. Odin sneers at the ref while making a B-line toward Carnage. Carnage gets to his feet and eats a strong headbutt from Odin that knocks him back into the ropes again. Carnage staggers forward and Odin scoops him up and plants him with a sidewalk slam. Odin hooks a leg as he makes the cover on Carnage.

Ed Kowalczyk: ONE...



Zach Davis: Dominant start here for Odin! Let's see if he can keep it up!

Carnage gets to his feet and Odin Irish whips him into the ropes. Odin lifts his long leg and catches a rebounding Carnage flush in the kisser with a big boot. Carnage's legs buckle and he instantly crumples to the mat.

Kyle Steel: I think Carnage might already be finished here, Zach! He doesn't look so hot!

Odin chuckles at his hapless foe while pulling him to his feet. Odin snapmares Carnage into a seated position on the mat, then backs his way into the corner. Odin charges at Carnage and hits a vicious running big boot to the back of Carnage's head.

Zach Davis: By God, what a vicious boot from Odin! Carnage looks like he's out cold on the mat!

Kyle Steel: I think Odin is just getting started! He's licking his lips like a dog who's spotted a piece of raw meat!

Odin pulls Carnage to his feet and then lifts him up for a suplex. Rather than suplexing his opponent to the mat, Odin stalls and lets the blood rush to Carnage's unconscious head.

Zach Davis: Look at this display of strength by Odin! Carnage is out cold, dead weight in Odin's arms, and yet Odin has no problem lifting and holding all two-hundred and seventy-five pounds of the World Elite member!

Odin holds up Carnage in the suplex position with one arm while rubbing his free hand over his yawning mouth, drawing a pop from the Chicago crowd for his impressive feat of strength and dexterity.

Kyle Steel: Hahaha! Odin and the fans are having a good time and Carnage isn't even awake to see that he's the center of attention!

After nearly a minute, Odin finally drops Carnage to the mat with a stiff suplex. The jolt reawakens Carnage, who writhes about in agony on the canvas. Odin pulls Carnage up by his hair. Carnage is on one knee when he throws some desperate punches at Odin's midsection. Odin blasts the insolent Carnage with a violent kick to the head that throttles Carnage and knocks him back to the mat. Odin has a deathly serious look on his face as he pulls down his shoulder straps, drawing another pop from the crowd.

Zach Davis: I think Odin has played around for long enough! He looks like he's just about ready to finish this match!

Odin pulls the barely conscious Carnage to his feet and then slings Carnage over his shoulder. Odin strides purposefully to the corner of the ring. Once there he charges forward and then buries Carnage in the mat with a devastating running powerslam.

Zach Davis: Odin just hit the Lawmaker! That's his trademark!

Kyle Steel: Uh-oh! Odin's pulling Carnage back to his feet and it looks like he's setting up for the Mark of Odin!

The crowd pops big-time as Odin lifts Carnage high into the air and hurls him hatefully toward the mat with a Jackknife powerbomb. Odin has a satisfied smile on his face as he places one giant boot on Carnage's chest and the referee makes the count.

Ed Kowalczyk: ONE...




Zach Davis: Odin defeats Carnage in absolutely devastating fashion!

"Ain't No Grave" hits the PA as Odin raises one fist into the air with an unshakeable look of focus and determination on his victorious face.

Kyle Steel: This is the man who will challenge Shane Borderland for the WCF United States Championship in two weeks at Blast! Although Shane has been a dominant champion, this man Odin looks to be damn near unstoppable right now! That should be one hell of a match!

Shane Borderland vs Mr. FPV

Zach Davis: Well, fans, this is a non-title match but it's a big-time match-up nonetheless! We've got Mr. FPV challenging the reigning WCF United States Champion "The Bad Boy" Shane Borderland!

Kyle Steel: You said it, Zach! This is a non-title match, but if FPV wins tonight then he'll certainly prove that he's deserving of a future shot at the United States Championship!

Zach Davis: FPV and Borderland have recent history, of course. They competed in a triple threat match two weeks ago on Slam that also included Kaylyn James Evans. Borderland earned the victory that night to successfully defend his championship, but tonight Shane and FPV will go at it one-on-one... and without the title being on the line!

The arena darkens, as the smooth bass groove of "Mountain Song" starts to play, and crowd pops when the song starts to crescendo.


And with that Mr. FPV comes out the curtains with Da Funk at his side. FPV has a look on his face determined to win the challenge put forth in front of him. He slides into the ring from under the ropes, and climbs a turnbuckle to give the crowd the devils horns, repeats the process for the other three posts, then sits down in a lotus position, waiting for his opponent.

Zach Davis: Mr. FPV has hit a bit of a slide in his recent outings! He had that great run to get to the finals of the WCF Classic, but he hasn't been able to build on that momentum. He's still a very talented superstar, though, and he can turn things around with a win right here over Shane Borderland!

Kyle Steel: That's true, Zach. Winning cures all that ails you when you're in a losing skid! Maybe the presence of Da Funk at ringside will give FPV a morale boost?

As the lights dim throughout the arena, red strobe lights start shining everywhere as the sound of "The Biggest, The Best" by Clawfinger blares through the arena. Shane Borderland slowly comes out behind the curtain and stops when he reaches the top of the ramp and looks throughout the crowd. He raises his arms up in the air as the crowd boo’s him. He starts walking down the ramp looking side to side at the crowd. He jumps up on the apron, and turns and looks at the crowd and shakes his head. He goes through the middle rope and hops up on the turnbuckle and extends his arms. (Randy Orton Style) then he jumps off the turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Shane Borderland is not a popular man these days, but one must give credit where it's due: Shane Borderland wins wrestling matches!

Kyle Steel: You said it, Zach! Borderland has been on a long winning streak ever since regaining the United States Championship from Roy Speede at Explosion. I'm sure that he wants to keep that momentum going here tonight as he prepares to defend his championship in two weeks at Blast against the physically imposing and totally unorthodox Odin Balfore!

Referee Slappy Johnson calls for the bell.


FPV shows some fire at the start of the match as the Chicago fans rally behind him. FPV comes out swinging and pops Borderland in the jaw with a big right hand followed by a flurry of rapid punches. Borderland counters with a rake of the eyes as Slappy Johnson issues a warning. Shane drags FPV's face across the top rope, giving him a bad case of rope burn as FPV yells out in pain. Shane nails FPV with a nasty kidney punch and then jolts him with a jawbreaker. FPV drops to the mat and Shane makes the cover.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



FPV easily kicks out after two and gets to his feet. Borderland tries for a move of some sort, but FPV shoves him away and nails a stiff lariat that gets the crowd excited. FPV lifts Borderland and drops him on his head with a sick brainbuster. FPV makes the cover now.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Borderland kicks out but he looks like he's feeling the effects of that brainbuster.

Zach Davis: That was an impressive move by FPV! He dropped Shane right on his head, and perhaps even more impressive is the fact that Shane kicked out!

Kyle Steel: Shane has a big head and a very strong neck that he's built up with many hours in the gym working out. After absorbing a move like that you can see how all of that hard work has paid off!

FPV shows continued aggression with kicks and stomps to the fallen United States Champion. FPV pulls Shane to his feet and then blasts him in the face with a standing dropkick. FPV isn't finished; he drags Borderland to the corner, climbs onto the second rope and plants Shane in the mat with a DDT.

Zach Davis: Nice variation of a Tornado DDT by Mr. FPV! He makes the cover!

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Shane hangs tough with the kickout and FPV quickly locks him in a rear chinlock to drain Shane's energy and wear him down. Da Funk and 99% of the fans in the crowd cheer for FPV as he increases his pressure on the hold. Shane flashes a scowl, indicating a mixture of pain and annoyance, while he battles back to a vertical base. Shane gets to his feet and lands a pair of back elbows to FPV's gut, loosening the hold. Shane breaks free from FPV's loosened grip and shoots himself into the ropes. Shane rebounds with a clothesline attempt, which FPV ducks. Shane bounces off the ropes again and this time he drills FPV in the midsection with a powerful running knee. FPV is doubled over in pain and Shane seizes the opening to get double underhooks on the challenger.

Zach Davis: Butterfly suplex by Shane Borderland, and what a beauty it was! Here's Borderland with the cover!

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



FPV sits up on the mat after kicking out. He shoots a look at Da Funk, who gives FPV a thumbs up and pumps his fist to rile up the crowd. An "F-P-V!" chant breaks out as Borderland pulls the challenger back to his feet. Shane thrusts another hard knee strike into FPV's midsection and then sets him up for a powerbomb. Borderland lifts FPV up, but FPV manages to wriggle free and land on his feet behind Shane. Shane turns around, spots FPV and charges at him. FPV dodges out of the way and runs into the turnbuckles, unintentionally clobbering himself. Shane turns around, wobbly on his feet, and stumbles into the clutches of FPV. FPV lifts Shane up and violently back down with a double-knee gutbuster. Borderland clutches his belly on the mat as he writhes in pain. FPV turns him over and makes the pin attempt.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Borderland shows his fortitude with the kick-out, but he's obviously injured. FPV pulls Shane to a kneeling position, then he backs up to the corner.

Zach Davis: FPV's got something up his sleeve here! It looks like he's measuring the champion!

FPV charges Borderland and hits the champion with a devastating Shining Wizard. The crowd audibly gasps before their reaction turns to a wild cheer. Da Funk yells his approval toward his mentor from ringside.

Zach Davis: Good God, the impact of that Shining Wizard echoed through the United Center! What a sick, sick move by FPV!

Kyle Steel: FPV channeled the Japanese strong-style on that one!

FPV makes the cover on Shane.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



FPV shows a bit of anger at Borderland's refusal to be pinned. He stomps Borderland's head a few times before pulling him up. FPV positions Borderland for a piledriver; he lifts Shane up, jumps and spikes the United States Champion's head on the canvas with a jumping piledriver. FPV makes another cover, mindful to hook the leg.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



FPV slaps the mat in frustration after Shane kicks out. Da Funk can be heard yelling at FPV to keep his cool, but FPV has had enough. FPV grits his teeth as he looks to the corner of the ring.

Zach Davis: FPV is clearly frustrated! It's written in his face!

Kyle Steel: He wants to beat Borderland and end this losing streak that he's on! He wants it bad, Zach! FPV is ready to end this shit right now!

FPV is dragging Shane by the legs toward the corner of the ring.

Kyle Steel: FPV is setting up for the Pearly Gates!

A cheer goes up in the crowd as FPV catapults Borderland into the turnbuckles. Amazingly, Shane somehow manages to avoid damage and land with his feet balanced on the turnbuckles. The crowd's cheers turn to boos and FPV's jaw drops. He turns around just in time to eat a flying forearm smash from Borderland.

Kyle Steel: Great counter and great agility showcased by Borderland! FPV was NOT expecting that!

Shane pulls FPV to his feet and destroys him with a Wrist Clutch Exploder. FPV looks dead on the mat and the crowd falls dead silent as Shane makes the cover, an arrogant smirk on his face.

Zach Davis: FPV takes a trip to Death Row! Will that do it?!

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



The crowd goes bonkers as Shane goes berserk. Shane's eyes bulge out of their sockets as he grabs the referee by the collar of his shirt. Slappy threatens Shane with disqualification, and that's the only thing that stops Shane from striking him. Meanwhile, this distraction allows FPV time to recover and he rolls up Shane from behind. Slappy all too eagerly drops to the mat to administer the count.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Zach Davis: Borderland just barely got his shoulder up! We damn near had a major upset on our hands!

Kyle Steel: You're not kidding, Zach! If FPV beats Borderland it will shake up the entire United States Championship division!

Shane has a stunned look on his face as he bounces to his feet, but FPV is up just as quickly. FPV wastes no time in vertical suplexing Shane and then leg dropping him.

Zach Davis: The Duster! FPV hit it from out of nowhere! By God, this could be real! We could have an upset! FPV makes the cover!

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Zach Davis: Whaaaaat? NO!!! How did Shane kick out of that? That's FPV's move!

Kyle Steel: It's not his only move though, Zach! FPV is dragging Shane to the corner! He's going for the Pearly Gates again!

Zach Davis: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

FPV has Shane set up once again, but before FPV can do the catapult, Shane small packages him.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...



Zach Davis: FPV kicks out! How'd he do it!?

Da Funk dances the Boogaloo Shrimp in celebration at ringside as the crowd explodes with cheers. Shane lets out a groan and has his hands on his forehead as he gets to his feet. FPV is also quickly up. Both men let loose all inhibitions and start throwing HUGE right hands, with both men connecting on pretty much everything that they throw. The crowd is ON THEIR SEATS as these two great superstars THROW DOWN in the ring.

Kyle Steel: Shane and FPV have done everything they can to win this match, now they're just letting instincts take over! This is a Pier Six Brawl and Slappy is letting them go at it!

FPV's punches keep coming as Shane's start to slow down. FPV winds up and connects flush to the jaw with a MASSIVE right hand that floors the champion and drops him to the mat like a sack of moldy tangerines.

Zach Davis: Borderland is down!

Borderland incredibly staggers back to his feet, as if running on fumes. FPV eagerly loads up on another BIG right hand, but this time Borderland ducks it. Borderland stuns FPV with a big boot to the midsection and quickly lifts him up. Shane drills FPV with the Quacken Driver II as a hush falls over the crowd.

Zach Davis: QD2 from out of nowhere by Borderland! That's gotta do it!

Shane makes the cover on FPV as Slappy makes the count.

Slappy Johnson: ONE...




Shane lets out a sigh of relief as he sits up in a kneeling position on the mat. "The Biggest, The Best" blares on the PA while boos rain down from the crowd. Shane gets to his feet and the referee hands him the WCF United States Championship belt and raises his arm in victory.

Zach Davis: Love him or hate him, Shane Borderland earns another hard-fought victory on Slam!

Kyle Steel: You don't have to be a nice guy to be a great champion and Shane is one of the best United States Champions that WCF has ever seen!

Da Funk slides into the ring to check on his mentor FPV, who's coming to on the mat.

#1 Hardcore Contendership @ Blast!
Brad Kane vs Tommy Knoxville

Kyle Steel: We are about to embark into the world of hardcore.

Zach Davis: Our next match up will be featuring Brad Kane facing off against Tommy Knoxville for the #1 contendership for the Hardcore championship!.

Kyle Steel: Kane, last week jumped and assaulted Oblivion. The Dark One will be facing Phillip Baines, for the WCF Hardcore Championship, at Blast. Tonight, this next match up will determine a third participant for the triple threat match at Blast.

The guitars begin to sound, as "Halo" by Machine Head plays over the arena. The lights dim and the entrance stage fills with smoke as dark red and white strobe lights flicker over the arena. The drums, in the intro, begin to beat heavily, as it echoes over the arena. A bright white light shines from the entrance way, as the silhouette of a man stands there. The guitars then begin to play heavy as Tommy Knoxville walks out from the back and out into the open. He stands there on the stage, for a moment, with his arms by his side. Borderland looks over the arena, getting mixed reactions from the fans. He then begins to slowly walk down the aisle as a loud voice fills the arena.

"This is a call to arms,
will you stand beside me?
This is our time to fight,
no more compromising.
And this blackened heart will sing
For sad solidarity... "

The song continues to play, over the arena with power, as Knoxville slowly approaches the ring. He then slides into the ring and climbs to his feet. He walks around the ring for a moment just before walking over to the corner and looking over the crowd once more. He then climbs the turnbuckle and holds his arms out looking above pumping his fist with the music. He then jumps down and spins around facing the center of the ring by the time he lands on his feet. Bouncing back and forth staring across the ring in the opposing corner Knoxville prepares himself as the music slowly begins to fade.

Zach Davis: There's Knoxville. Now, it's time for Brad Kane....

The house lights go out in the arena as the opening of "Refuse/Resist" by Hatebreed flares up. Strobe lights begin to go insane when the vocals blare out of the sound system as Brad Kane appears in the entry way. The crowd cheers seeing them as Brad inhales before he makes his way down the ring. A few hands get slapped but not many as once Brad is at ringside, he hops up on the ring apron. The lights are back to normal as they enter the ring as he heads to the nearest turnbuckle and goes up to the middle buckle. Some take pictures as he steps down, inhaling once more as he does the same thing on the other side of the ring. He then backs into the corner as he then waits for the match to begin as his entrance song fades out.

The two cameramen, on the outside of the ring, pan over the two trashcans, full of weapons.


Kyle Steel: Let this madness begin!!

Brad Kane and Tommy Knoxville collide into each other with a collar and elbow tie-up. they both are trying to gain an advantage.


Zach Davis: A quick and effective deep arm drag by Brad Kane.

Knoxville, on his knees, looks at Brad Kane, who slides his hands down his legs, as she slightly crouches down, staring at Knoxville. Knoxville slowly stands and both circle the ring, right before they collide into each other. Knoxville grabs Kane into a side headlock, wrenching down hard.

Tommy Knoxville: I've got him now!!

Kane slips out, of the head lock and bounces Knoxville off the ring ropes. Knoxville races off the ropes....


Knoxville knocks Brad Kane down with a shoulder block. After a short brief second Borderland runs and bounces off the ropes. Kane sees Knoxville and drops to the mat and his opponent steps over him and bounces off the ropes. with Borderland bouncing off the ropes, Kane just leapfrogs over Knoxville, as Tommy flies towards the ropes and bounces off, racing towards Kane....


Kyle Steel: Dropkick from Brad Kane!!

Tommy bounces off the mat and charges at Kane again....


Zach Davis: Another dropkick from Brad Kane!

Knoxville, who is now slightly disoriented has his back to Kane, quickly turns around.


Kane grabs and executes a quick and deep arm drag, which causes Knoxvill eto fly and bounce across the ring. Knoxville flies towards Kane again....


Kyle Steel: Another deep arm drag! This time, Brad Kane keeps a hold of the arm and has Knoxville's arm in an arm bar.

Kane take Knoxville's arm and places it on the mat....


Brad Kane drops three quick knees onto the arm of Tommy Knoxville. Kane picks up Knoxville and twists the arm. Not once, but three times, until finally causing Knoxville to flip over and crashing to the mat. Kane, holds the arm down with his left boot and drops both legs across the arm. That cause Knoxville to wince out in pain and crawls backwards, out of the ring, that is facing the ring entrance.

Zach Davis: There goes Tommy Knoxville.

Kyle Steel: And there goes Brad Kane.

Tommy Knoxville walks towards the two trash cans, full of weapons!!


Brad Kane knocks Tommy Knoxville down to the concrete with a double fist, to the back of the head. Kane grabs a trash can, full of weapons....


As Kane smashe the can against the skull, of Tommy Knoxville, weapons fall out, of the trash can. Kane grabs the trash can and places it over the head of Tommy Knoxville.

Zach Davis: What does Brad Kane have in mind?

Kyle Steel: Knowing Brad Kane, it could be anything!!

With the trashcan over the head of Tommy Knoxville, Brad Kane walks over and grabs for a crutch.

Zach Davis: NO-O-O-O!!


Brad Kane dents the trash can with the crutch, with Tommy Knoxville inside. The last whack, of the crutch, causes the trash can to fall off....


The crutch splinters into many pieces, as Kane crashes the crutch over the skull of Tommy Knoxville!!

The crowd: Ou-u-u!!

Knoxville slowly spins counter clockwise before....


Kyle Steel: STO on the concrete floor!!

Zach Davis: Brad Kane makes the cover!

WCF Senior referee slides into place and begins the count....

The crowd: ONE!

The crowd: TWO!!

The crowd: THREE....NO-O-O-O-O!!

Kyle Steel: KICKOUT!!

Tommy Knoxville lunges up, using his legs for leverage, kicking Brad Kane off. Kane just grabs Knoxville, by the hair and drags him around the ring, towards the steel ring steps....


Knoxville falls backwards crashing into the steel ringside barrier. Kane proceeds to stomp down on Knoxville, as the crowd encourages Brad Kane.

The crowd: LET'S GO BRAD!! LET'S GO BRAD!!!

Brad Kane picks up Knoxville and proceeds to hit him with left and right forearms, punches, and kicks. Kane sets up Knoxville for a spinning roundhouse, but....


Zach Davis: Brad Kane misses the roundhouse kick and is now straddling the steel ring barrier.

Knoxville struggles, but manages to grab the top part of the steel ring steps and....


Kyle Steel: OH MY GAW-AW-AWD!!!

Zach Davis: Brad Kane has been lacerated by that impact of the ring steps.

The replay shows the corner, of the steps, catches Kane right on left eyebrow. Blood begins to trickle down Kane's face. Kane falls off the barrier. Knoxville grabs Kane's hair and smashes Kane's head against the ring barrier. The wound gets larger, as more blood flows faster. Knoxville grabs Kane and drags him, by the hair towards the announce table....


Papers fly, as both Zach Davis and Kyle Steel slowly back away.


Kane mule kicks Knoxville, but is met with a stiff right fist to the face. Knoxville turns around to look under the ring, the crowd cheers as a bloody Brad Kane smashes a chair across the back, of the head, of Tommy Knoxville. Kane drops the chair. As Knoxville turns around...


Kyle Steel: BK BACKFIST!!

That causes Knoxville to grab his mouth before....


Brad Kane nails his opponent with a quick ddt to the chair. Kane rolls Knoxville over, for the pin attempt. Moser makes the count....

The crowd: ONE!

The crowd: TWO!!

The crowd: THREE!!!-NO-O-O-O!!

Kyle Steel: KICKOUT!! How in the blue hell did Tommy Knoxville kick out of that one?!?

Brad picks up Tommy and executes a tiger suplex rolled into a bridging dragon suplex.

Zach Davis: AMG Special #2!!

Kane rolls Knoxville over, for the pin attempt. Moser makes the count....

The crowd: ONE!

The crowd: TWO!!

The crowd: THREE!!!-NO-O-O-O!!

Kyle Steel: KICKOUT!!

Brad Kane kneels as he looks at the referee with shock. Kane grabs for Knoxville, but Kane doesn't see this....




Knoxville first pops Kane, in the mid-section, then smashes it across the head of Brad Kane, causing him to crumble to the ringside area. Knoxvill picks up a limp Kane and...


Kyle Steel: German suplex!!

Knoxville kicks down at his fallen opponent and grabs for Kane.



Kane gets picked up and...


A DDT to the floor. The crowd screams out!!

Kyle Steel: Tommy Knoxville has applied the STF on Brad Kane, who is losing a lot of blood.

Kane is screaming out in pain, as Knoxville is wrenching away.

Tommy Knoxville: ASK HIM!!! ASK HIM!!

Stanley Moser is handed a mic....

Stanley Moser: Whattasay Kane? Wanna call it a night?

Kane: ....

Tommy Knoxville: GIVE IT UP, KANE!! YOU'RE FINISHED!!!

Stanley Moser: What will it be?

Brad Kane: no.

Stanley Moser: What was that?

Brad Kane: NO.

Stanley Moser: WHAT?!?!

Brad Kane: NO-O-O-O-O-O!!!!!

At that time, Kane repositions himself and moves around and breaks free....


Zach Davis: Cross Armbreaker!!!


Kyle Steel: ....into an STF!!!

Now, Brad Kane has Tommy Knoxville in an STF! Knoxville is struggling...


Stanley Moser: What do you say, Knoxville?

Knoxville: ....

Brad Kane: TAP, BITCH!! TAP!!

Stanley Moser: What will it be?

Tommy Knoxville: no.

Stanley Moser: What was that?

Tommy Knoxville: NO.

Stanley Moser: WHAT?!?!

Tommy Knoxville: NO-O-O-O-O-O!!!!!

Tommy Knoxville wiggles free and both men stand up quickly. The crowd erupts in a collective cheer, as both begin to clobber each other with fist, forearms, and kicks! Knoxville catches Kane with a shoulder block, causing Kane to crash down to the concrete floor, but Brad Kane gets up quickly as Knoxville attempts a Russian leg sweep, but Kane blocks it and nails Knoxville with an exploder suplex, causing Knoxville to fly backwards. Kane looks under the ring and pulls out a table....

The crowd: WE WANT TABLES!! <clap-clap!!><clap!-clap!-clap!> WE WANT TABLES!! <clap-clap!!><clap!-clap!-clap!> WE WANT TABLES!! <clap-clap!!><clap!-clap!-clap!>

Kane slides in the table, under the bottom rope. Kane walks over to Knoxville, but Tommy grabs Brad....


Zach Davis: T-bone suplex by Tommy Knoxville. This has been one surprising match!

Kyle Steel: It sure has been one exciting hardcore match.

A fan was close to the ringside barrier and Knoxville grabs the person's hlaf drank soda, with ice cubes still in the cup.

Zach Davis: What's he gonna....


Knoxville tosses the cup of soda, with ice cubes, right in the face of Brad Kane. Then-....

Kyle Steel: BULLDOG!!

Knoxville grabs Kane and proceeds to pop him in the mouth with a slap, before Irish-whipping him to towards the security railings, several feet away....

The crowd: REVERSAL!!!

Brad Kane reverses the Irish whip and Tommy Knoxville goes goes crashing into the security railing. Oddly enough, the momentum causes Knoxville to somewhat bounce off the railing, which gives Kane enough opportunity to do this....


Kane dropkicks Knoxville into his knees, causing Tommy to fall knees first on the concrete. Brad takes this chance to do this....


Zach Davis: Straight stiff kick to the temple!!

Kyle Steel: The Killshot!!!

Knoxville collapses down to the concrete. that gives Kane enough time to slide into the ring and set up the table, just a couple feet away from the ringropes. As Kane was setting the table, Knoxville gets up and walks towards the ropes. Kane sees his chance to hit Knoxville with sliding kick...

Zach Davis: Kane misses the slide kick and Tommy Knoxville pulls Kane outside, of the ring.

Knoxville knocks Kane down with a stiff fist to his open wound, which causes Kane to fall down.

Kyle Steel: Brad Kane has lost a lot of blood, in this match!

As Brad Kane is trying to recuperate, Tommy Knoxville looks under the ring and pulls out a ladder. Knoxville places the ladder against the ring apron, at upward angle, almost at a 45 degree angle. Knoxville grabs Kane and proceeds to Irish whip towards the propped up ladder...

The crowd: REVERSE!!

Zach Davis: Brad Kane reverses the Irish whip...

The crowd: REVERSE!!

Kyle Steel: But, Tommy Knoxville reverses it!

Knoxville doesn't executes the Irish whip, but instead he throws Kanes towards himself and....


The crowd: HOLY SH*T!!!

Zach Davis: HOLY COW!!

Kyle Steel: WHOA!!

With Kane's momentum causing him to go towards his opponent, but Knoxville back body drops Kane across the leaning ladder. Kane is arching his back..

Kyle Steel: What the Hell is Tommy Knoxville gonna do now?!?!

Knoxville rushes towards the outside of the ring post and climbs up to the top turnbuckle!!

Zach Davis: NO!! GOD, NO!!

Knoxville flies off the turnbuckle and flies towards a non-moving Brad Kane....


Kyle Steel: Brad Kane moved out of the way and Tommy Knoxville crashes hard onto the huge steel ladder.


The impact of the frog splash attempt causes the ladder to fall down and with Knoxville on top of the ladder, it crashes down to the ringside area.

Zach Davis: Brad Kane, with a nasty head wound, grabs a broken down Tommy Knoxville and rolls him inside the ring.

Kane leaves the ring and grabs for the ladder. Kane slides the ladder in the ring and stands up the ladder. Kane grabs for Knoxville and they slowly ascends up the ladder.

Kyle Steel: With so much blood loss, Kane is struggling to carry Tommy Knox....

The crowd: Oops!

Zach Davis: Brad Kane almost drops Knoxville.

Kane gets to the top, of the ladder and has Knoxville, it what assumes to be a back suplex.....

Kyle Steel: Oh my God!! Brad Kane is gonna back suplex.....

Brad Kane spins Knoxville's body around into what looks like a powerslam, but.....


Kane drives the neck, back of the head, and upper torso into the table below, shattering it, in the process!!


One half of the crowd:: HOLY SH*T!!

The other half of the crowd: THAT WAS AWESOME!!

One half of the crowd:: HOLY SH*T!!

The other half of the crowd: THAT WAS AWESOME!

Brad Kane falls on top of Tommy Knoxville and goes for the pin. Stanley Moser slides into position....

The crowd: ONE!

The crowd: TWO!!

The crowd: THREE-EE-EE!!



Kyle Steel: Absolutely right there, Zach Davis!! As you see, in this instant reply, the impact of the Impending Doom, cause Tommy Knoxville's head to bounce off the mat!!

Zach Davis: Great effort from both men, tonight!!

The crowd screams in horror, as Oblivion flies through the crowd and races over to Brad Kane and grabs him...


Zach Davis: BLUE MIST HAZE!!!

Kyle Steel: Right in the eyes of Brad Kane!!!

Oblivion is just standing and smiling, almost laughing at a Brad Kane. The Dark One picks up Brad Kane and drapes him over IT's shoulders. Oblivion knocks Kane's legs off IT's left shoulder and drops him face first with an RKO.

Kyle Steel: OH MY GOD!! A 5150!! What a devastating maneuver!!

Oblivion: Hey, Kane!! KANE!! Guess what?!? You got knocked the f*ck out!! Sucks to be you!!! Looks like you WILL be involved in the triple threat match at Blast!! Too bad, too sad....SUCKS TO BE YOU!!! Just because you're going to Blast, that does you will defeat Phillip Baines or even Oblivion!! The Monster is not done with your sorry ass, quite yet!! At Blast, Oblivion is coming after you, in the process of winning the Hardcore Championship....again!!! For a third time!! With that... YOU CAN CHOKE.... ON... THAT!!

Oblivion holds up the mic....

The crowd: BII-I-ITCHEE-EE-EESS-S-S!!!

Oblivion drops the mic and slowly walks backwards, still staring at Brad Kane. the camera does a close up on the hideous face of Oblivion, breathing heavy with psychotic rage!


Zach Davis: Yea....

Donald "D-Day" Deruty vs Chris "The Truth" Avery

Beast Mode hits the speakers and the crowd boos like crazy. Avery demands his music to be cut off as he speaks on a microphone as he walks down the ramp.

Chris Avery: Shut up.. all of you. You're all racist and when I defeat this weak white man that you all praise and scream and go crazy for, you'll all realize how stupid you are and how amazing I TRULY am.

Avery steps into the ring.

Chris Avery: After I defeat D-Day, I want you all to call, text, twitter, or facebook Wrestling Championship Federation and demand I be in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Blast..


Crowd goes nuts as Chris Avery looks pissed off for being cut off.

Zach Davis: And here comes our current World Champion!

Kyle Steel: And of course our broadcast partner tonight!

Jay Williams walks down the ramp smiling in his tuxedo with his World Championship around his shoulder and the Tag Team Championship on the other shoulder. Williams walks around the ring and hugs Zach and Kyle each and sits down at the end of the table. He puts the headset on.

Chris Avery: Before I was rudely interrupted, I was going to say that tonight I don't need Colt's help. I'm going to do this on my own, and I'm going to show all of you..

12 Stones hits and the crowd goes apeshit crazy once more. Avery just throws the microphone down in frustration as D-Day comes out to the stage with huge firework display and his Tag Team Championship.

Zach Davis: Your Tag Team Championship Partner and the man you face in two weeks at Blast, Jay!

Jay Williams: That's right. We didn't design this, but it's what our roads to Blast gave us.

Kyle Steel: Does the fact you guys respect each other and are Tag Team Champions now weigh on your mind going into Blast?

Jay Williams: Not at all. At Blast, I'll defeat D-Day. I'm the WCF World Heavyweight Champion. That's all I have to say.

D-Day gets into the ring and the ref rings the bell and Aveyr goes FLYING into the corner as Day steps out of the way! Day unleashes holy hell of punches! Rights and lefts! Rights and lefts! Day throws Avery into the other corner and when Chris stumbles out Day picks him up on his shoulders but Avery grabs the Top rope so Day just dumps Avery over the top rope to the outside! Avery kicks the announcers table and turns around and Day suicide dives through the ropes into Avery and the announcers table. Day stands up and the crowd goes crazy. Jay Williams and Day look at each other. Day picks up Avery and throws him into the ring!

Zach Davis: Look at this sold out arena! They're cheering for D-Day!

Day gets on the apron and taunts.

Jay Williams: He's taunting too much, guys!

Avery knees Day in the back and then grabs his head and reverse suplexes Day BACK into the ring over the top rope!

Jay Williams: Just paid the price! You gotta keep your eyes on the opponent.

Kyle Steel: True, true.

Jay Williams: I respect Day but right there was a perfect momentum changer from Avery.

Avery locks on a headlock and then is thrown against the ropes and Day knocks Avery down with a shoulder tackle! Day hits the ropes, and leapfrogs over Avery then hits the other ropes and goes for a crossbody but Aveyr just ducks down and Day hits his stomach and then rolls and crashes out of the ring! Avery slides out of the ring and picks up Day smashing his head onto the steel steps! Avery then rolls Day into the ring and pins.



Avery has his foot on the ropes but Day still kicks out!

Jay Williams: Well the ref needs to know that Avery had his foot on the ropes. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Zach Davis: Got that right!

Day gets up but Avery throws him into the corner. Avery runs and hits his signature big leaping splash! Day tries to stumble but Avery decks him with a right hand sending him back into the corner. Aveyr bends down and sits Day on the top rope. Avery takes a few steps back and taunts to the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Looking for that top rope enziguri. One of Avery's signature!

Day jumps off the top rope and hits a flying head scissors on Avery sending him rolling to the other side! The crowd goes crazy and Avery gets up and Day hits a spinebuster! Day pins!




Kick out! The crowd sighs.

Zach Davis: Day almost beat Avery!

Day gets up and Avery does so as well.. Day hits a drop toe hold and Avery reaches for the ropes as Day locks on the Justice Lock! Avery reaches the ropes though and Day has to break the hold.

Kyle Steel: Avery got out of that one in a quickie!

Avery uses the ropes to get up and goes for a clothesline but Day ducks and Avery turns around to a kick to the midsection
and then a kick to the thigh knocks Avery to one knee and Day hits a kick to the chest! Then he sizes up Avery and kicks him square in the face!

The crowd goes wild as Day signals for the Dead and Forgotten!

Kyle Steel: This move has put out dozens of superstars alike!

Jay Williams: Avery is done for.

Day pins but a fan runs into the ring and grabs the ref and the ref and other security guards scatter to the ring and grab the fan and drag him up the ramp.

Zach Davis: Whoa, sorry about that guys.

Day looks flustered but he goes for the pin.





Jay Williams: I think that fan had something to do with it.. I think that might have been planned!

Kyle Steel: Now that you say it, Jay, he did look familiar!

Zach Davis: Come on Day!

Day looks out at the crowd and calls for it one more time. Avery gets up to one knee.. looking down and out.. he gets up to his second foot and turns around and Day picks him up on his shoulders..

Jay Williams: What the hell?

A camera picks up on the action as Colt McFly jumps the guardrail slaps Jay Williams and slides into the ring with the World Heavyweight Championship that was sitting on the announcers table!

The crowd boos as Colt hits Day in the face with the title belt and the ref rings the bell!


Kyle Steel: Well Day wins by Disqualification..

Colt tries to pick up Avery when Jay Williams is in the ring and Williams hits the clothesline on Colt sending him straight down!

Zach Davis: Williams with a thunderous clothesline!

Avery gets up and shoves Jay Williams back into the ropes and throws him into the corner, but Williams just hits the corner and uses it as turbo boost and out comes a spear! Avery goes down. Colt gets up but Day grabs Colt and throws him over the top rope!

Kyle Steel: Say goodbye to Colt!

Avery gets up and Jay Williams throws Avery over the top rope and the crowd goes crazy!

Kyle Steel: And there goes Avery too!

Zach Davis: Avery and Colt are outta here.. and look whose standing in the ring! Two of WCF's finest stars!

Kyle Steel: The ref is bringing them their belts.

The ref gives Day the Tag Team Championship belt and Williams his Tag Team Championship and then Day picks up the World Title and holds it for about two seconds before Jay Williams yanks it from his hands and yells out "THAT ISNT YOURS"

The music stops and the crowd stands up and "oooooohhhss"

Zach Davis: Whoa..

Day and Williams stand there in an intense stare... Williams throws his Tag Team Championship to the side..

Crowd cheers.

Day throws his Tag Team Championship to the side.

Crowd cheers.

Kyle Steel: What's going to happen here?!

Jay grabs the World Title and then sits it on the ground in the middle of them. Day looks down and then back up at Williams. Williams smiles and mouths "Come get some.."

Zach Davis: Ohhh wow!

Day looks out at the crowd.. Williams smiles and nods in agreement..


Zach Davis: WHAA? WHAT??


The WCF logo appears.


The scene fades out as the crowd chants "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!"

WCF Monday Night Slam is off the air.