Monday Night Slam Intro

The intro video hits and then we show the live crowd and fireworks go off everywhere. We cut to Zach and Kyle once more!


Zach Davis: Extra excitement tonight, Kyle baby! We got a HUGE cluster hell of a match tonight! All of the partners have some sort of rivalry too! Not only are they fighting each other at Blast but are a team tonight!

The lights go out.

The tron lights up with a counter...

Zach Davis: Is that an hour and a half from now?!

Kyle Steel: According to my clock it is! Does this have to do with the mystery man.. and Logan?!

Zach Davis: I'm being told we're ready for our first match!

Television Championship
Jason Kash vs Carnage vs Kaylyn James Evans(c)

Zach Davis: It's time now for our TV Title match and what an exciting match-up this is set to be! We saw Kaylyn James Evans shock the world last week on Slam when she defeated Jason Kash to capture the WCF Television Championship in an upset for the ages! Kay and Kash will lock horns once again this week, albeit with a third superstar thrown into the mix!

Kyle Steel: That's right, Zach-o-rama! The monster Carnage has been rewarded by WCF management with a TV Title shot after his gutsy showing last week against Odin Balfore! We've seen Carnage compete for the title twice before, falling short against Jason Kash in a one-on-one match on Slam and a triple threat match at Explosion. Will the third time be the charm for the hardcore maniac from the Big Apple? We'll find out tonight!

Zach Davis: Carnage's presence does change the dynamic of this match, but most eyes are focused on the lovely, newly-crowned TV Champion Ms. Kaylyn Evans! She shocked Kash and the world last week to capture the belt, but is Kaylyn a legit champion or was it a fluke? She has the chance to silence her critics and naysayers tonight!

Kyle Steel: And of course Jason Kash, the long-reigning Television Champ, is looking for redemption! Kash admitted this week that he was looking ahead to Blast and a match against arch-nemesis Creeping Death when Kaylyn beat him last week. You can bet your bottom dollar that his focus will be squarely upon beating Kaylyn and Carnage and regaining the Television Championship tonight!

The lights go out in the arena as all the fans are silent as they don't know what is going on as "Bodies" is played over the arena speakers and Carnage steps foot onto the stage ramp looking around at the crowd before he takes his chain off from around his neck and raises it in the air as fire shoots out of the stage as the fans look scared now as Carnage makes his way down to the ring and as he is at the bottom steps he notices a little boy who is looking at him so Carnage walks over to him very slowly as the kid just stands there frozen and once Carnage is close to the railing he leans over it and gets right in the face of the kid who runs away from as Carnage just starts to laugh maniacally as he slides into the ring where he takes off his mask and sets it up on the corner turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Carnage had a rough match last week against Odin, but he showed grit that's for sure!

Kyle Steel: Carnage is a tough man, Zach. Most men wouldn't even be able to compete one week after receiving the kind of beating that he received from Odin, but here he is looking to capture his first championship in WCF!

"I'm The Bad Influence" by Lil' Wyte hits the PA. As the beat begins to thump throughout the entire arena, smoke begins to seep out of the stage. The fans get to their feet in mixed reaction as Jason Kash comes out from the back. He stops at the middle of the stage and leans forward, touching the steel path leading to the ring. He pulls up, takes two hits off his 2 Finger "Air Joint" twice and then throws his arms up above his head in celebration. He jumps up as the green flash fireworks shoot twice, one on each side of him. He lands on his feet and punches forward aggressively. He heads down the aisle way, eyes directly on the ring. He walks to the corner of the outside of the ring and jogs to the top of the steel steps. He walks along the ring apron and bounces on the middle rope entering the ring. Once again he hits his "Air Joint" twice and as his chest leans against the ropes he throws his arms up in the air once again. He stretches on the ropes before the match begins.

Zach Davis: Kash looks like a man on a mission, Kyle, and I can't blame him. He looks almost naked without that Television Championship belt after wearing it for two months!

Kyle Steel: Ugh... I've seen as much naked Jason Kash as I can stand lately. Would it kill him to throw on a pair of pants when the cameraman comes around for a promo?!

An instrumental of the starting chorus to Eminem's Not Afraid starts to play over the PA system as the lights fade putting the arena into total darkness. Just as the chorus would end there is a bang as the lights turn back on full blast and a cloud of smoke is on the entrance way with a figure standing within it. The chorus starts up once more but this time with the lyrics included is none other then Kaylyn Evans who steps out from within the smokey patch on the stage. As the chorus was being heard throughout the crowd a smiling Kaylyn Evans was on her way down the ramp with a stride that showed nothing but confidence in herself no matter what the outcome of today's event's would be. Dressed in a black bikini shirt that wrapped around her neck, and green bikini bottoms, along with green knee high fish net stocking and black boots just under her knee she was ready for anything in comfort. Reaching the bottom of the ramp way Kaylyn stops and turns to the right heading around the ring and towards the far steps to ascend them and make her way onto the apron. Crossing the apron she stands there looking out at the fans. Hooking her arms on the top rope, in perfect Kaylyn fashion, she flipped back over the top rope and into the ring where she made her way around the ring looking out at all the fans in the arena. As the music would cut Kaylyn would be focused and ready for what was to come.

Zach Davis: There she is, the reigning WCF Television Champion, Kaylyn James Evans! We've seen some great female superstars here in WCF, but I really think that Kaylyn could be the best of the bunch!

Kyle Steel: I can see where you're coming from, Zach. Kaylyn carries herself with that certain confident swagger that is befitting of a champion, and she's clearly not afraid of any foe that stands in front of her. She went nose-to-nose with Logan and didn't back down!

Zach Davis: She paid the price for that with a Connector, courtesy of the Face of Treachery following her title victory last week, but would Logan have even bothered targeting Kaylyn if he didn't view her as a worthy adversary? I think not!

Kyle Steel: Good point, Zach! Kaylyn is tough, talented and fearless, BUT can she hang on to her Television Championship against two superstars, including the man that she beat to win the championship in the first place?

Zach Davis: We're about to find out, Kyle! Let's go to the ring!

Baldy referee Ed Kowalczyk calls for the bell.


Carnage makes a B-line for the Television Champion. The big man looks hungry as he unloads on Kaylyn with several powerful shots, trying to wear her down. Kaylyn's knees buckle slightly from the onslaught, but she uses her superior athleticism to dodge out of the way and avoid further harm. Kash swoops in from behind with a chop block that drops Carnage to one knee and then Kash hits a Lifting Reverse DDT on his larger foe. Kash sneaks in a quick cover.

Ed Kowalczyk: ONE...



Kaylyn breaks up the pin with a stomp to the head. Kash grabs his head in obvious pain and rises to a knee. Kaylyn measures Kash and drills him with a vicious Shinning Wizard. The impact of the blow echoes throughout the Omaha Convention Center. Kaylyn snarls as she turns her attention to Carnage, who's getting back to his feet now. Kaylyn measures Carnage and plants her foot in his face with a stiff running front kick that would make Steven Seagal proud.

Zach Davis: Wow! Carnage is a foot taller than Kaylyn and yet Kay had no problem kicking him in the face! What athleticism exhibited by the champion!

Kaylyn wraps up the stunned Carnage and nails him with an STO. Kay wastes no time in making the cover.

Ed Kowalczyk: ONE...



Kash pulls Kaylyn off of Carnage and Kay immediately bounces to her feet. Kay connects with a hard slap to Kash's jaw.

Zach Davis: Ooh! Kaylyn just bitch-slapped Kash!

Kash looks furious at first but then he grins. Kash fires back with a slap to Kaylyn's face that rings out even louder than hers did.

Kyle Steel: Kash returns the favor to Kaylyn, and the champion is pissed!

Kay scowls at Kash while holding her cheek. Kash smiles and winks at her. Kay nods her head and smirks at Kash, as if letting her guard down, but then she charges at Kash and damn near spears him out of his boots. The Omaha crowd goes wild for Kaylyn Evans.

Zach Davis: Kaylyn James Evans is not going to take shit from any man!

Kaylyn feels a large presence pressing up against her backside.

Kyle Steel: Uh-oh! Kaylyn is about to get a big surprise!

Kay turns around and finds herself staring at Carnage's massive, heaving chest. She looks up into Carnage's eyes. He flashes a wicked smile before pummeling Kay with a vicious right hand. Kay remains standing but is clearly staggered by the blow. Carnage scoops Kay up and military presses her above his head, not once, not twice, but three times before violently slamming her diminutive body to the mat. Carnage shows no mercy to the champion. He sneers while wrapping his sweaty hamhock of a hand around her throat in a blatant choke. Kay's legs kick about on the mat as referee Kowalczyk warns Carnage to break the hold. Carnage finally does release the choke at four-and-a-half before making a cover on his flustered opponent.

Ed Kowalczyk: ONE...



Kash makes the save by pulling Carnage off of Kay. Carnage angrily gets to his feet and takes a swing at Kash. Kash avoids the wild haymaker and wraps his arms around Carnage before delivering a Belly-to-belly suplex that plants the big man on the canvas. Kay gets to her feet while grasping at her throat. Kash takes a moment to admire her impressive features. He strokes his chin and smiles. Kay notices Kash noticing her. Kash snaps out of it and charges her with a clothesline attempt. Kay ducks and counters with a Tilt-a-Whirl backbreaker from out of nowhere. Kash is more stunned than hurt as he lies on the mat, trying to figure out WTF just happened. Kash jumps to his feet and narrowly dodges a Backflip kick attempt from the champion. Kay lands on her feet, but Kash traps her in a Muay Thai clinch and goes to work with heavy knees.

Zach Davis: Vicious Muay Thai knee strikes from Jason Kash! He really knows how to make an impression on a lady!

Kyle Steel: In Kash's mind this is foreplay, Zach!

Kash busts Kay open with one particularly solid knee to the bridge of her nose. Blood begins to spurt from Kay's nose. Kash flinches for a moment, hinting at concern for his female foe, but he shakes it off and continues to bloody Kay with knee after knee before releasing the clinch and dropping her to the mat. Kash follows Kay to the mat and brushes his groin against her thigh as he makes the cover.

Ed Kowalczyk: ONE...



Zach Davis: Good work there from Kash in the clinch, but he needs to do more if he wants to finish off Kaylyn!

Kyle Steel: But wait here comes Carnage!

Carnage wraps his big meaty paws around Kash's throat and lifts him off the mat. Carnage cackles wickedly while Kash struggles to breathe. The crowd boos Carnage just because he's such an evil and dastardly mofo. Kash finally escapes by punting Carnage in the midsection. It's a low but legal blow that drops Carnage to one knee and forces him to release the choke on Kash. Kash is not a happy camper as he rubs the feeling back into his throat and struggles to breathe comfortably. Kash suddenly bursts forth, and lifts the larger Carnage onto his shoulders. Kash lets out a grunt and drops Carnage with a Celtic Cross. Kash covers Carnage.

Ed Kowalczyk: ONE...



Kash alertly moves out of the way as Kaylyn drops onto Carnage with a fist drop in what had been an attempt at breaking up the pin. Kash gets to his feet and so does Kaylyn. Kay pops her nose into place and flicks any excess blood away with her hand, then she glares at Kash. Kash glares right back at Kay. Their heated glares give way to a knowing mutual attraction and gradually turn to smirks. Still, despite any physical attraction, both competitors are determined to win this match. Kash and Kaylyn lock up at mid-ring and Kash uses his strength to gain the upper hand. Kash spins Kay around and tries for a Half Nelson Suplex, but Kay slips out of it and slips behind Kash. Kay locks Kash in a Full Nelson and tries for her KY Bomb, but Kash has a little too much left in the tank and blocks it. Kash deftly slips out of Kay's grasp and reverses the positioning. Kash now has Kay locked in the Full Nelson, but he's not applying too much pressure. Not enough to make her tap anyway. Right now Kash is mostly focused on grinding his groin against Kay's firm booty, and Kay ain't fighting it. The audience takes note of what's happening and a chorus of cheers and catcalls ensue.

Zach Davis: I don't know exactly what's going on here...

Kyle Steel: Really? I'm going to ask you point-blank, Zach: Are you a virgin?

Zach Davis: NO!! I know what Kash and Kay are doing--

Kyle Steel: Are you sure?

Zach Davis: YES!! I just don't know why they're doing it during the middle of a Television Championship match!

Kyle Steel: The heart wants what the heart wants, Zachariah, and so do the loins!

Kash finally has his fill and releases the Full Nelson. Kay looks a bit flush in the face as she stumbles forward and tries to compose herself. Kay turns around to face Kash. Kash winks at her. Kay smiles at Kash and then turns away from him. Kash gets a smug look on his face, which is quickly wiped away by a Backflip kick from the Television Champion. Kash is sprawled out on the mat. Kay bends down, to the delight of the male fans and lesbians in attendance, and wags her finger in Kash's face as if to say "Nuh-uh". Kay then turns her attention to Carnage, who is getting back to his feet now. Kay grabs Carnage and locks him in a variation of a front facelock before dragging him into the corner. Kay goes for the Crusher, her version of the Tornado DDT, but Carnage is too strong and he shakes her off. Kay lands on her feet on the ring apron.

Carnage takes a big swing at Kay, but she ducks and Carnage spins himself around, facing away from the ropes. Carnage and Kay both spot the frightful sight of a very angry Jason Kash charging at them, but only Kay is able to move out of the way in time as Kash collides with Carnage and his momentum carries both men over the top rope. Kash and Carnage land with an unforgiving THUD outside on the arena floor, and unfortunately for Carnage, Kash lands on Carnage's knee with the full brunt of his weight. Carnage yells out in pain while grabbing at his knee.

Referee Kowalczyk climbs out of the ring and checks on Carnage. Kowalczyk is calling out for medics to come to ringside. Meanwhile, Kash is pulling himself to his feet after taking that nasty spill to the floor. Kay, who has been observing the entire time, springboards off the ropes and nails Kash full-on with a picture perfect Asai Moonsault. The crowd pops BIG for that one.

Zach Davis: Holy cow, what a beautiful moonsault by Kaylyn, and it ain't just the moonsault that's beautiful by the way! Babygurl got it going on, haha!

Kyle Steel: Get a hold of yourself, Zach!

Zach Davis: Sorry! I got a little bit excited there! But seriously, great move by Kaylyn!

As Kaylyn gets to her feet and brushes herself off, a team of medics go to work on Carnage. Kay looks at them kind of funny and then shrugs her shoulders and rolls Kash into the ring. The referee follows them in and Kay makes the cover on Kash.

Ed Kowalczyk: ONE...



Kash shakes off the cobwebs on the mat as Kay grits her teeth and goes to work. She locks Kash in an Abdominal Stretch with a chinlock for added punishment.

Zach Davis: Ooh, painful submission here from Kaylyn! The abdominal stretch is one of the oldest submissions in the book, but that doesn't make it hurt any less!

Kyle Steel: It all goes back to the fundamentals of wrestling, Zach. Sure, you can damage your opponent with high-risk moves and they're certainly pretty to watch, but a simple submission hold can be just as effective!

Zach Davis: You're right about that, Ky-- sorry... what's this now? Folks, I'm receiving word that Carnage may have a torn ACL! The medical staff has ruled him out of returning to this match! We're down to two superstars in what started off as a Triple Threat match! What a shocking turn of events here in Omaha!

Kyle Steel: That's a goddamn shame, Zach! Carnage is tough as nails, but an injury like that can sideline even the biggest and toughest giant for months! We certainly wish him a speedy recovery!

Zach Davis: Indeed, Kyle, indeed!

In the ring Kash is struggling to escape the delicious yet painful clutches of Ms. Kaylyn. Kay is cranking up the pressure on her abdominal stretch and even grabs onto the ropes for added leverage. The fans cheer her blatant cheating and she winks at them.

Zach Davis: Even when she cheats, these fans still love Kaylyn!

Kyle Steel: Well, Kash isn't exactly above bending the rules himself in order to gain the advantage, Zach-- ooh, the ref just saw Kaylyn's hand on the rope and he's ordering her break the hold!

Zach Davis: The crowd is booing the ref, haha! They love Kaylyn!

Kay begrudgingly obliges the ref's command, but as she loosens her grip Kash counters the stretch with a lightning quick hip toss that plants Kay on the mat.

Zach Davis: Oh, nice counter by Kash! Kaylyn's thick booty cushioned her fall, but that still had to hurt!

Kash huffs and puffs with rage as he stalks his fallen female foe. Kash pulls Kaylyn up by her hair amid heavy booing from the fans and spikes her in the middle of the ring with an Anderson Spinebuster.

Zach Davis: Spinebuster with authority by Jason Kash! He just took the wind out of Kaylyn's sails with that move!

Kyle Steel: Kash is spreading Kaylyn's legs wide open now... he's not going to hump her right in the middle of the ring is he?

Zach Davis: No, no, Kyle. He's retreating to the corner... thanks goodness, eh? Haha!

Kash charges forward and connects with a soccer kick to Kaylyn's twat.

Zach Davis: Good Lord, Kash just kicked Kaylyn in the cunt! That can't be legal? How can it be legal? Disqualify him, ref!

Kyle Steel: Technically it is legal, Zach. Kaylyn doesn't have testicles so... it's legal!

Zach Davis: It's not right, Kyle! It's just not right, goddamn it! Coochies feel pain, too!

Kyle Steel: Uh... exactly what kind of equipment are you packing, Zach?

Kash takes a moment to soak in the boos from the crowd. He smirks, then he drops to a 69 position on top of Kaylyn in an unorthodox version of a cover. The referee actually shakes his head as he drops to the mat to make the count.

Ed Kowalczyk: ONE...



Kaylyn doesn't "kick out" so much as she headbutts Kash in the balls and forces him to roll off of her.

Zach Davis: Yes! Kash gets a taste of his own medicine! That's sweet justice, baby!

Kyle Steel: And it's perfectly legal because she was using her head as part of the kick-out! A woman using her head... that's a new one, haha!

Kay and Kash both take a moment to rub the feeling back into their respective groin areas before returning to their feet. Kash lunges for Kay as if trying to grapple her for a move, but Kay moves out of the way and kicks Kash in the midsection. Kay grabs Kash and runs him to the corner and spikes his head off the mat with a 180-degree Tornado DDT.

Zach Davis: Crusher! Kay hit the Crusher and she makes the cover on Kash!

Ed Kowalczyk: ONE...



Zach Davis: CLOSE!! It was so close! How did Kash kick out?!

Kash staggers to his feet and Kay can sense that victory is near. She moves in for the kill and tries to get the Full Nelson locked in, but Kash has it scouted and yanks himself away. Kay spins around and eats a knee followed by the UTI from Kash.

Zach Davis: Under The Influence! Kash makes the cover now! Do we have a new champion!?

Ed Kowalczyk: ONE...



Zach Davis: She kicked out! Kaylyn kicked out! Kash looks stunned! He looks like he's seen a ghost! He can't believe that Kay kicked out!

Kash gets a grip and gets back to his feet. He starts to pull Kay up but she counters with a small package.

Ed Kowalczyk: ONE...



Zach Davis: How close was that?! I thought Ed's hand hit the mat for the three! I thought Kay had stolen another one!

The crowd is emotionally drained after watching all of these near-falls, but they're still on their feet, screaming their hoarse throats out.

Zach Davis: What a match! What a goddamn match! Only in Nebraska! And only in WCF!

Kash and Kay get to their feet. Their eyes lock in the heat of passion. Their bodies meet at center ring. Kash goes for the Kashflow, but Kay spins out and counters into the KY Bomb. Kay makes the cover.

Ed Kowalczyk: ONE...




"Not Afraid" hits the PA but it's quickly drowned as the crowd explodes in an orgasm of raucous cheers.

Zach Davis: Kay wins it! Kay defeats Kash to retain the Television Championship! What a win for Kaylyn Evans!

Kay rolls off of Kash and gets to her feet, a look of sheer jubilation on her face. The referee hands Kaylyn the Television Championship belt and raises her hand in victory. The cheers of the crowd grow ever louder and Kay climbs onto the turnbuckles with title belt in hand to salute her adoring fans.

Michael Santiago vs Jakob Azazel

The lights rapidly swap between being off and being purple as "Lifeclock" performed by Adrian von Ziegler starts up and the sound circulates around the arena courtesy of the public announce system. The Titan-Tron shows Azazel in a straight jacket locked in a padded room. He's jumping against the walls trying to break free.

The curtains are flung back and Azazel swaggers out, showing his arrogance. He runs to the far side of the stage and points to his head, he then repeats this on the other side. He runs to the centre of the stage, just a few metres from the ramp and leans forwards placing his right hand under his chin forming it to look like a gun. He waits a couple of seconds and then imitates pulling the trigger and shooting himself, when he does this red fireworks shoot straight up on either side of the stage.

Azazel continues to walk down the ramp, his cocky swagger ever there. He quite often points to his temple and talks trash to the fans usually resulting in him shunning them in disgust. Towards the bottom of the ramp he begins to gather more speed and slides into the ring. He is quick to stand and shows off his agility by running towards the far ropes and in one leap placing both feet on the top-rope for about a fifth of a second before back flipping off and landing on his feet. He runs towards the opposite ropes and flips over them, landing on the apron with his arms wrapped up on the top-rope. He talks some more trash to the fans before letting the rope uncoil pulling him backwards over the top-rope, upon landing on his feet he quickly turn and drops to one knee, flinging his arms out to his sides and yelling to the crowd.

Zach Davis: Well here comes Jakob Azazel, one of WCF’s newest talents. He looks to be full of surprises, lets see what the young man from across the pond can do.

Kyle Steel: Indeed, we all wait with eager anticipation.

I don't wanna stop" by ozzy osbourne plays throughout the arena as the lights dim, blue and white strobe lights flood the stage and tunnel. A shadow begins to emerge from the tunnel as the music builds, as santiago comes into focus the crowd begins chanting. Santiago makes his way down the ramp as the crowd pops, as he gets to ringside he rolls into the ring and taunts I'm the center before climbing a turnbuckle and continuing to taunt.

Zach Davis: Here’s WCF’s other new guy, Michael Santiago. Man, does this guy look like he’s had a few wars in this ring or what?

Kyle Steel: That’s the look of a hardened vet right there. This match should prove to be extremely interesting.

The ref calls for the as the two men stand center ring and stare the each other down. The bell sounds as Jakob makes his hand into a gun and “ pulls the trigger” under his chin.

Zach Davis: Mind games by Jakob right at the get go of the match. Perhaps he’s signaling that’s it’s all over for Santiago, that this match is suicide.

Santiago laughs to himself and slaps the taste right out of Jakobs mouth.

Kyle Steel: I’m not sure that Santiago got the message but he damn sure sent one of his own.

Jakob comes back with a rake to the eyes of Santiago who recoils back, clutching at his eyes. Jakob keeps on Santio with well placed knees to the gut before he sends Santiago off the ropes. Santiago comes back and runs right into a quick side suplex. Jakob goes over to Santiago’s head and locks in a sleeper hold.

Zach Davis: Jakob already trying to wear down Santiago. The breath away, take his off balance and make his body work that much harder. Kyle, never underestimate the power of a sleeper hold.

The ref checks on Santiago..



The arm stays up as Santiago rally’s himself and gets to one knee. Jakob tries to tighten his grip but somehow Santiago fights threw it.

Kyle Steel: Santiago’s up and he’s starting to fight back with a few elbow shots.

Jakob’s body inches back a bit to avoid the shots but that Santiago enough space to really lean into his shots. A few more blows and Jakob releases his grip. Santiago stays in close, trying to follow up with a death valley driver but Jakob uses his arms to kick off the shoulders of Santiago. Santiago turns back to Jakob who tries for a pale kick but Santiago ducks it , coming back up and taking Jakob by the waist and hitting him with a German Suplex.

Zach Davis: Nice ring presence by Santiago there, following up with that German.

Santiago keeps the wrists locked together and hit’s a second suplex.

Kyle Steel: Hat trick coming up.. .. .. …

Santiago tries for the third but Jakob blocks it- hitting a low blow that the ref didn’t see.

Zach Davis: Well that’s one way to get yourself out of a situation.

Jakob stumbles away to create some distance between them, even taunting to the crowd for a moment, celebrating his “ alterative” method of escape. The ref checks on Santiago whose hunched over but that’s interrupted by Jakob running full steam towards them. Jakobs foot connects with Santiago’s face in the form of a jumping corkscrew roundhouse.

Zach Davis: Wow! What a move!

Kyle Steel: I know, Santiago may not be getting up after that one.

Immediately after, Jakob takes to the turn buckle and taunts the crowd again from the top rope- yelling and cursing at the fans while laughing at himself. Jakob points over his shoulder, mocking Santiago as if to say “ Look at this guy”. Jakob continues to taunt the crowd and Santiago, even tossing an invisible hand grenade Santiago’s way.
Jakob turns back, leaping off the ropes but not paying to much attention then ..


Kyle Steel: Jakob, not paying attention- pays the price for it. Santiago coming back with a solid spear into the corner buckle.

Santiago climbs the buckle and hits some mounted punches.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 … 10..

Santiago hops back down before nailing a big knee to Jakobs gut and tosses him out into the ring.

Zach Davis: Santiago, telegraphing a kick here- maybe going for a super kick.

Jakob turns around in time to see the kick coming and ducks it. Foolishly though, taking a moment to mock Santiago with his back turned- he turns back around


Kyle Steel: TPA kick! Jakob shoulda kept his eyes on the match.

Santiago makes the cover, the ref counts.


Zach Davis: The vet picks up the well earned victory.

Kyle Steel: A hard fought battle by both men, a great showing by both men but Jakobs arrogance got the best of him an against some guys, you just can’t do that. It would seem like Santiago is one of those guys.

Zach Davis: Jakob, Santiago… welcome to the WCF!

Ana Valentine vs Da Funk

Kyle Steel: Our next match will be featuring Ana Valentine, a former WCF United States Champion against Da Funk.

Giggling engulfs the arena, as Kesha's "Blow" pops up on the P.A.

Zach Davis: Speaking of Funk now, here he comes.

With strobe lights in every imaginable spot in the arena, Da Funk comes dancing out of the curtains. Da Funk bobs his head to the song as if he was in a club. Funk struts down the ramp, to the cheers of the crowd. Da Funk makes his way to the ring, where he stretches his arms out in a defiant manner, mouthing the words "F*ck Da Non-Believers!" and waits for the match to begin.

Kyle Steel: Now, we wait for Ana Valentine.

Don't Cha by the Pussycat Dolls begins to play, Ana Valentine walks down the ramp. Her quick steps causes her to bounce, catching the admiration of all the men, in the Omaha Convention Center. Pink pyro shoots off behind her, as the crowd explodes with admiring cheers. Ana walks up, to the ring steps, she pauses to blow kisses to the cheering crowd. She then steps into the ring bending low...

Kyle Steel: Oh.... my God!!

Zach Davis: I just LO-O-OVE this part!!!

Kyle Steel: I think everyone does.

Zach Davis: SH-H-H!!! I wish I could just stop time!

Kyle Steel: Amen, to that!!

The crowd howls and whistles loudly, as she slips between the middle and bottom rope, very slowly. Ana quickly trots over to a nearby corner and climbs up to the second turnbuckle, as the crowd cheers loudly. Da Funk smirks, as he runs over to a nearby corner and he too, climbs up to the second turnbuckle, to the adoration of the fans.

Kyle Steel: It's pretty obvious, that these fans are split between cheering for Ms. Ana Valentine and Da Funk.

Both participants jump down from the turnbuckles.


Zach Davis: And this match is underway!!

Both wrestlers circle the ring. Within seconds, both competitors crash into other. Both hook up with a collar and elbow tie up. Both struggling to gain an advantage. Ana pops Da Funk with an forearm/elbow, to the side of the head, before Irish whipping him....


Da Funk Irish whips Ana to the ropes. Ms. Valentine bounces off the ropes and Da Funk attempts a clothesline, but misses as Ana ducks, as she keeps running and bounces off the ropes. Funk misses a second a clothesline attempt. Valentine bounces off the ropes and....


Kyle Steel: Drop kick from Ana Valentine.

Ana picks up Funk and hooks up a side headlock. Funk pops Valentine with two quick forearms to her ribs, but Ana doesn't let go, all that did was make her tighten the headlock. She does let go, but quickly, with her left hand, grabs Da Funk's left hand and puts him into a hammerlock. Funk attempts to strike Valentine with his right hand, but misses with every attempt. Funk just simply shuffles backwards until...


Zach Davis: Ana Valentine still has the hammerlock on Da Funk, but Funk crashes back, catching Ms. Valentine between the turnbuckles and himself.

WCF Senior referee Stanley Moser quickly steps in. Funk pops Valentine with a couple of quick right back elbows to the head.

Stanley Moser: That's it, Funk. Step away! ONE! TWO!!

Funk steps away, as Valentine barely has the ability to keep her self from falling to the mat. Da Funk pops a couple of chops to her upper chest. Funk then grabs his opponent and Irish whips her to the opposite corner. As she bounces off the corner, from the force of the Irish whip, Funk runs behind Valentine and...


Kyle Steel: Bulldog!!

Zach Davis: A quick pin attempt!!

Da Funk goes for the pin attempt....

The crowd: On...-NO!!

Kyle Steel: Not even a one count!

Funk grabs for Ana, but Ms. Valentine kicks Funk in his mid-section, before flying towards the ropes. Ana bounces off the ropes and catches Funk with a flying forearm. Ana is off again to fly towards the ropes. She bounces off, but...


Da Funk was waiting and catches her with a powerslam.

Zach Davis: A quick pin attempt!!

Da Funk goes for the pin attempt...

The crowd: ONE!!!

The crowd: TWO!!


Funk flies towards the corner and quickly climbs up to the top turnbuckle!!

Kyle Steel: Air Funk, ready to fly!!!

Da Funk flies off the top turnbuckle.....


The crowd: Ou-u-u!!

Zach Davis: Da Funk misses with a flying elbow drop!

Funk flails around in pain, as Ana quickly stands up and grabs Funk and....


Kyle Steel: CUTTER!! That has stunned Da Funk!!

As Da Funk shakes off the effects of the cutter, Valentine grabs Funk and goes behind him....


Zach Davis: Ana Valentine struggled at first, but she nails Da Funk, to the mat with a devastating German suplex!!!

The crowd goes completely unhinged, as Ana Valentine jumps up with excitement. The majority, of the crowd, jumps up begins cheering...

The crowd: ANA!! ANA!! ANA!! ANA!! ANA!! ANA!!

As Da Funk struggles to stand up, Valentine stands in a corner and grabs for the top rope. Ana begins to stomp down with her right boot, causing the crowd to clap and stomp down with her. After three stomps, she jumps up to the top turnbuckle.Da Funk stands up....

Zach Davis: Ms. Valentine flies off the top turnbuckle...


Kyle Steel: Ana Valentine missed the flying clothesline, causing her to crash miserably, to the mat!!

Da Funk stands up and the crowd is in a complete frenzy!!

The crowd: FUNK!! FUNK!! FUNK!! FUNK!! FUNK!! FUNK!!

Da Funk begins to slowly dancing. As Ana Valentine begin to slowly stand up, Funk bolts off towards the ringropes...

Zach Davis: Da Funk bounces off the ropes....

Ana is now completely standing, looks around, as da Funk bolts towards her and....


Kyle Steel: A shining wizard to the stomach!!

Ana crumbles down to the mat. Da Funk takes this opportunity to make a pin attempt, as Stanley Moser slides into position...

The crowd: ONE!!

The crowd: TWO!!

The crowd: THREE-EE-EE!!!!


Kyle Steel: He has done it!! Da Funk has defeated Ana Valentine!!

Tommy Knoxville & Odin Balfore vs Shane Borderland & Logan

A drum roll begins.

Zach Davis: And w—

The loud thrilling screams of the audience muffler out Zach’s voice – moreso – when Logan appears at the top of the ramp! Metallica “The Struggle Within” begins, pulsating speakers. Logan, appearing more than focused, makes his descent down the ramp-way. Several members of the audience reach out with all their might to touch him. Logan climbs the steel steps, passes through the middle rope, climbing the turnbuckle to eye the frenzy crowd. Slowly, he lifts his arms above his head, then quickly drops down and paces the ring. His music fades, and then, immediately, red strobe lights start shining everywhere as the sound of "Light it up" by Rev Theory blares through the arena. Shane Borderland slowly comes out behind the curtain and stops when he reaches the top of the ramp and looks throughout the crowd. He raises his arms up in the air as the crowd boo’s him. He starts walking down the ramp looking side to side at the crowd. He jumps up on the apron, and turns an looks at the crowd and shakes his head. He goes through the middle rope and hops up on the turnbuckle and extends his arms. (Randy Orton Style) then he jumps off the turnbuckle, joining Logan inside the ring.

Zach Davis: Logan and Shane Borderland. ME.

Kyle Steel: You?

Zach Davis: No.. M-E.

* “ Ain't no Grave” Hit’s the PA system. The arena grows dark as the fans get to their feet to catch a glimpse of the stage. Once the vocals starts, the arena lights flash back on and there stands Odin Balfore, centre stage, staring furiously at Logan and Shane within the ring. Odin walks down the ramp and climbs over the top rope of the ring and poses to the crowd; raising his fist in the air. The music cuts, Logan and Shane stand opposite of the massive Odin – playfully taunting him. The three idly look off to the entrance, awaiting Tommy Knoxville…

Kyle Steel: I do not think Tommy is going to make it out here tonight.

The official inside the ring receives a message in his inner ear plug, then, signals the bell – which rings. Logan laughs, momentarily, before slapping Shane Borderland on the shoulder, discussing a few quick words. Shane nods, stepping through the ropes and taking his place on the outside corner.

Zach Davis: M’m. It looks like this has become a handicap match.

Logan and Odin Balfore briefly circle one another before locking up – Odin quickly gains advantage, pushing Logan away from him and knocking him off his feet. Athletically, Logan rolls backwards, popping up to one knee, an overall surprised look on his face. Odin smirks.

Kyle Steel: I think Logan underestimated the strength of Odin coming into this match.

Cautiously, Logan stands, approaching Odin and locking up with him once more. The end result repeats, Logan goes flying back off his feet. Now frustrated, Logan acts unimpressed, walking over to his corner and tagging in Shane Borderland. The audience, surprisingly, boos Logan’s actions.

Zach Davis: Looks like Logan doesn’t have a lot of fans in Omaha.

Shane Borderland rushes into the ring – taking a different approach than Logan – hitting Odin with rights and forearms. Some of the strikes manage to daze Odin, however, he soon counters, elbowing Shane’s face, irish whipping him to the ropes, and landing a killer big boot on Shane’s return! Odin quickly brings Shane to his feet, grabs him by the shoulders, and nails his head against Shane’s. The audience “OOO” in response to the thunderous clank.

Kyle Steel: Does Odin have steel in that head?

Borderland rolls over, nursing his forehead, and again Odin brings Shane back up to his feet. Shane fights back, elbowing Odin’s chest, before running off to the ropes and coming back – ONLY to be met with another big boot from Odin! Logan slaps the turnbuckle in disapproval. Odin yells something at Logan before stomping Borderland a few times before picking him back up. Odin hooks Shane in for a german suplex, Shane, however, counters, elbowing Odin, breaking the hold, spinning around and nailing Odin’s head into the ring mat with a vicious jawbreaker. Shane stands, taking a breather, before going back to work on Odin. He holds one of Odin’s legs up and sends a stiff kick into the underbelly of his knee. Odin retracts his leg, holding onto his knee in pain. Shane attempts a repeat, grabbing onto Odin’s leg again, this time, however, Odin attacks away at Shane, climbing back to his feet, charging Shane with a closeline! Shane Borderland ducks at the very last moment, grabs Odin by the neck, and lays him back down with a quick neck-breaker! Cockily, Borderland struts around the ring, and then makes the pinfall.



Odin Balfore thrusts his shoulder into the air. Shane quickly begins bringing the giant back to his feet. NO! Odin powers a kick to the gut out of nowhere and hits The Resurrection! Shane goes down hard, holding his face. Odin lifts Shane by the hair, tucks him between his legs, and signals the end – going for the Mark of Odin!

Kyle Steel: NO!!

Logan flies through the ropes and leaps hitting a big closeline on Odin Balfore that takes him off his feet and breaks up the move. The referee argues with Logan, pushing him back into his corner. Shane Borderland and Odin Balfore both begin to slowly stir. Shane begins crawling towards Logan’s extended hand.

Zach Davis: And here comes the tag—

NO! Odin is up, and grabs Shane’s foot dragging him back into the middle of the ring.

Kyle Steel: Balfore wanting to keep this match as one dimensional as possible.

Odin brings Shane back to his feet, and hooks him back between his legs.

Zach Davis: Odin trying to put this match away again – and LOOK – the referee is telling Logan he’ll be disqualified if he interferes!

Odin lifts Shane Borderland above his head, once again going for the Mark of Odin – NO! – Shane battles down, and hits the Death Row out of nowhere! Both men collapse. Shane begins slowly recovering, crawls on top of Odin, and hooks the leg.




Odin kicks out! This, however, gives Shane time to get to his feet and tag in Logan. Logan nonchalantly approaches the downed Balfore, pointing down at him and taunting before grabbing his legs and slipping him into the Loganshooter! Odin Balfore wrenches out in pain as Logan cranks back. Odin reaches out for the ropes but they’re too far away..

Kyle Steel: I think he’s going to tap!

Zach Davis: Wait – is that Tommy?!

Tommy Knoxville comes running through the audience, jumps the guardrail, and slides into the ring closelining Logan off of Odin. Logan stumbles forward, turns around, and is met with right hands by Tommy!

Kyle Steel: Knoxville unloading on Logan!

Shane Borderland gets into the ring, grabs Tommy and spins him around – but Tommy explodes! – now hitting Shane with rights! The referee doesn’t know who to keep track of anymore! Logan leans against the ropes, momentarily recovering, before coming behind Tommy, wrapping him in a sleeper, and hitting the Connector!

Zach Davis: Tommy Knoxville goes to Connectorville!

The referee is still trying to sort through the sudden chaos! Odin Balfore is back up! He grabs Shane and throws him out of the ring! Logan starts throwing right hands at Odin, Odin blocks a swing, kicks Logan in the gut, and hits the Mark of Odin! The crowd is on their feet!

Kyle Steel: Odin hits Logan with the Mark of Odin! Bodies are flying everywhere!!

Odin pins Logan!




Zach Davis: Oh my God! Logan kicks out!

Kyle Steel: NO! Borderland pulled Odin off of Logan!

And, indeed, Shane has Odin by the foot, and drags him underneath the bottom rope to the outside of the ring. Shane and Balfore begin trading blows with one another. Knoxville rolls out of the ring and recovers on the outside. Shane begins getting the best of Odin, grabbing him by his hair and slamming his head into the steel post. Odin’s head violently bounces off the post. Shane shoves a dazed Odin back into the ring. Logan, having recovered a bit by now, takes the opportunity to crawl over and drape an arm over Balfore.



THR—NO!! Odin kicks out. Logan grabs the ring ropes, using them for support to climb to his feet, still significantly shaken by the Mark of Odin. Shane goes to work on Tommy Knoxville on the outside, the two begin exchanging shots! Logan finally stands, then patiently waits for Balfore, stalking him. Odin gets to his feet – IMPACT STYLE!

Zach Davis: Odin is still standing!!! Holy crap!

Balfore stumbles. Logan stares, but, immediately hits another IMPACT STYLE!


A groggy Odin falls back, bounces off the ropes, Logan catches him – CONNECTOR! Logan falls on top of Balfore soon as he lands and hooks the leg.




The bell rings. Shane Borderland closelines Tommy over the guardrail before looking over at Logan back in the ring. Logan climbs to his feet and raises his arms.


Zach Davis: Logan and Borderland are victorious.. looks like Logan is gonna talk?

Logan: Babygurls..

Logan is quickly interrupted as the lights go out. They slowly come back on, a red glow lighting up the arena. Logan h looks annoyed. Look At Me Now by Chris Brown plays as a man walks out.

Zach Davis: Who is this?

The man is tall and buff. He has a mohawk and goatee, and his nipples are pierced. He is wearing a leather jacket, jeans, and black sunglasses. He enters the ring.

Man: MY NAME.. is Dustin Destrovsky.. THE DESTROYER!

Zach Davis: Looks like this is the newcomer that has set his sights on Logan!

Dustin Destrovsky: I've been watching you for months, Logan. You're the one man to make a name for myself with around here. And Logan, I-

Logan doesn't feel like playing games and gets right to it. He tackles The Destroyer, hitting him with rights and lefts. Destroyer stumbles up and Logan gets him in a sleeper..

Zach Davis: Connector City!

All of a sudden, before Logan can hit the move, a familiar drum beat rolls..

Zach Davis: What the?

"Chia Like, I Shall Grow" by Say Anything is playing. Logan's eyes grow wide, as he realizes something isn't quite right. He shoves The Destroyer away but it's too late.

Kyle Steel: What!?

RICK MAD! Rick Mad hits Logan in the back with a chair! The crowd is on their feet!


Kyle Steel: We haven't seen Rick Mad in MONTHS, and just... what does this mean for WCF? What is going on exactly?

Logan stumbles forward and Rick spins him around, kicks him in the gut... MAD DDT! Rick grabs a mic.

Rick Mad: Logan. You and me, once again.. June 13th, Blast. This time, Logan, trust me.. you'll be getting the best of me. I won't spare you.. I shall grow and grow. Nuff.. f'n.. said.

Rick throws the mic into the shocked audience and leaves Logan in the ring, clutching his head in pain.

Zach Davis: Rick didn't really give us any answers there... but I'm sure we'll find out a thing or two at Blast!

Kyle Steel: I hope..

Jay Williams & D-Day & Phillip Baines & Creeping Death vs Brad Kane & Oblivion & Chris Avery & Doc Henry

Beast Mode hits the speakers and the crowd boos like crazy. Avery demands his music to be cut off as he speaks on a microphone as he walks down the ramp.

Chris Avery: Shut up.. all of you. You're all racist and when I defeat this weak white man that you all praise and scream and go crazy for, you'll all realize how stupid you are and how amazing I TRULY am.

Avery steps down the ramp and Doc Henry attacks him from behind! The crowd cheers for Doc as he throws Avery into the ring!

Zach Davis: Finally, someone to shut him up!

Henry spears Avery and the crowd goes wild but Reckless Jack slides into the ring and stops Doc Henry and that's when Creeping Death and Oblivion roll into the ring and start throwing punches at each other as well!

Kyle Steel: Teammates are fighting each other!!

Phillip Baines rolls into the ring and grabs Jack and throws him into the corner but doesn't go after him. Baines and CD discuss teamming options and Baines has had enough and just slaps CD's spit right out of his mouth! CD shoves Baines back and Avery and Baines now go at it!

Zach Davis: This is outrageous! What the hell is going on here!

Kyle Steel: Look! It's D-Day and Jay Williams! Our Current Tag Team Champions..

Zach Davis: Not to mention the World Champion and Number One Contender for next weeks Blast!

Day throws Doc Henry over the top rope as Williams clotheslines Creeping Death, his own partner! Baines gets taken out by Avery but then Day throws Avery over as well and Williams throws Reckless Jack and Oblivion over the top rope.. Day and Williams turn around..


Day and Williams look at each other as the two go for right hands, Oblivion hits Day from behind and Reckless Jack hits Williams from behind! Creeping Death rolls into the ring and hits a burning hammer on Avery who was just getting up... Avery turns around and gets a finisher from Phillip Baines!

Kyle Steel: OH WOW!

Reckless Jack is slumped in the corner, with his upper body leaning against the bottom and middle turnbuckle. Oblivion continuously beats down Reckless Jacks face!

Kyle Steel: Holy Hell!! Oblivion is beating Reckless Jack senseless, into a bloody pulp!! Oblivion's fists are stained with Reckless Jack blood!!

The nearby camera shows a slumped Brad Kane, with a face full of blood, trickling down past his chin. Oblivion picks him up and plants a big boot in the mid-section, of Reckless Jack and...


Zach Davis: HOLY SH*T!! I'LL SAY IT AGAIN!! HOLY SH*T!! Oblivion just planted the 5150 on Reckless Jack, now Oblivion is picking up Reckless Jack, again!!

Kyle Steel: The man can barely stand up!! What is he doing?!?

While, grabbing for Reckless Jack, The Dark One screams at Phillip Baines.

Zach Davis: What does he want with the Hardcore Champion?!

Baines was standing on the outside, of the ring, curiously watching the beat down Oblivion was handing to Reckless Jack. The crowd is hush, as they have been watching, in horror, the tremendous beating Oblivion was giving Reckless Jack. The crowd cheers, as Phillip Baines enters the ring.

Kyle Steel: What's Baines doing? Does he want a beatdown, just like Oblivion gave Reckless Jack?

Zach Davis: Phillip Baines IS the WCF Hardcore Champion, he can handle a little blood!! But, with Blast being less than a week away, maybe this might not be a good idea.

Oblivion picks up Reckless Jack and...

Kyle Steel: WH-WHAT?!?

Zach Davis: NO-O-O-O!!

Oblivion is holding Reckless Jacks arms back, leaving him vunerable!

Kyle Steel: Oh my god, Phillip Baines, is not gonna do it! Is he?!

Zach Davis: No? I don't know! God, I hope not!!

It looks as if Baines is about to hit Reckless Jack Then he doesn't respond.

Kyle Steel: See, it's all good. Phillip Baines DID the right thing and he is about to leave the ring. Good for you, Phillip Baines!!

But, he does stops.

Zach Davis: Um...

Phillip Baines turns around and....

Kyle Steel: NO!- NO!- NO!


The crowd is completely stunned!!

Kyle Steel: WHAT THE HELL?!?!

Baines hits Reckless Jack with a stiff right cross to the mouth. The crowd has completely lost their minds. Most people are cheering, but some are booing with disappointment. Baines turns around and as he is about to leave the ring, he just pauses. After a few seconds, of not turning around, Baines then leaves the ring. Oblivion just drops a bloody Reckless Jack, to the mat, laughing an evil chuckle, as The Gathering comes into the ring and his about to feast on Reckless Jack, until Oblivion says....

Oblivion: NO!! His ass belongs to Oblivion!!

A mic is handed to Oblivion. The Dark One drops down to his knees and gets into the face of Brad Kane....

Oblivion:: I bet, you never imagined, in your wildest dreams, that what just happened, would of happened to you!! HUH?!? WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY NOW, HUH BRAD?!? WHAT?!? WHAT?!? I CANNOT UNDERSTAND GURGLE-GURGLE!! ARE CHOKING ON YOUR BLOOD BRAD?!? TOLD YOU!! I FREAKIN' TOLD YOU!! EVEN BEFORE BLAST, YOU WOULD BE CHOKING ON YOUR OWN BLOOD!! NOW WHAT?!? At Blast, it's time for the dismantling of Brad Kane and for Oblivion to be the a three time Hardcore Champion!! With that... YOU CAN CHOKE ON... OHm you already are!!

Oblivion holds up the mic....

The crowd: BII-I-ITCHEE-E-ESS!!!

Oblivion drops the mic. IT slowly exits the ring, staring down right at a bleeding Reckless Jack

Kyle Steel: I cannot believe what I just saw!!

Zach Davis: Me too, partner! Me too!!

Doc Henry gets into the ring but Aveyr turns him around and hits a flatliner! Avery yells out cuss words but D-Day gets into the ring and picks him up on his shoulders and hits the Dead and Forgotten! Jay Williams gets into the ring and picks up Avery.. and hits the Williams Driver!

Zach Davis: What the hell!?

Williams and Day pick up Avery and throw his ass out of the ring. They pick up Doc and Reckless Jack and throw them out of the ring!

Day and Williams go face to face..

Kyle Steel: HERE WE GO! HERE WE GO!!

Williams and D-Day hit right hand on each other.. back and forth! back and forth! back and fucking forth! Day gets the upper hand and throws Williams against the ropes but Williams ducks under the clothesline and Day turns around and now Williams goes right hand for right hand! Day reels back, mixed reactions from the crowd once more, and Williams throws Day against hte ropes.. Williams bends down for a back body drop but Day slides back against back and flips to his feet.. Williams turns around and both men go right hand after right hand once more!

Zach Davis: WHAT?!?!?! WERE OUT OF TIME?!?!



Kyle Steel: WHAT A CLUSTER*BLEEP* OF A NIGHT! SEE YOU AT BLAST EVERYBODY!! logo appears.. Blast logo appears... WCF is off the air.