Slam Intro

Drunk and Crazy by Mogwai hits and Slam is live on the air!

Zach Davis: Welcome to the show! We've got five big matches for you tonight, fans.

Shannan Lerch: Our main event features the most hated man in the industry, Corey Black, up against Ryan Blake.

Zach Davis: He's only the most hated man to you, Shannan. This match stems from animosity from the UWA Supershow, where Blake pinned Black. Black wants revenge.

Shannan Lerch: Not to mention the ongoing feud between Balfore and Black, of course.

Zach Davis: We've got a TV Title match. One of the most prolific TV Champions in WCF history, Kaylyn James Evans, is looking to recapture her Title, going up against Aaron Miles.

Shannan Lerch: We'll see how Miles' new attitude works out here.

Zach Davis: Big tag team match.. The New Confederacy versus Adam Young and Hunter, known as FTW. The Confederacy had many battles with the Big Time Jerks in the past, but things are quite different now.

Shannan Lerch: That's right. The Confederacy hates each other.

Zach Davis: Big match to determine who will fight for the TV Title at One... two former Champs, Vic and Buzzsaw, up against the likes of Jonny Fly and Switches the Clown.

Shannan Lerch: Fighting for any Title at One is quite the prestigious honor, so whoever wins this match will be a lucky man.

Zach Davis: And in our opener, Tek, Night Rider, and Jam Willy Jesus will all compete in a triple threat.

Shannan Lerch: After that awesome match last week between Switches and Jesus, I can't wait to see tonight.

Tek vs Night Rider vs Jam Willy Jesus

The lights go out in WCF Arena and then Hollywood Undead's "Tear It Up" plays and the camera goes to the stage. There is a figure standing there. They put a spot light to where the figure stands and it shows a man wearing long black basketball shorts and wearing a black pair of DC shoes and wearing a black and white LA dodger hat with a water bottle in hand. This man comes walking down the ramp as he drinks from the water bottle and bopping his head to the song.

Zach Davis: Here comes Tek! He made his return last week at Aftermath in a losing effort against Kaylyn James Evans, but he looked pretty solid in that match.

Shannan Lerch: I agree, Zach. Tek went down in defeat against the former Television Champion, but he looked improved from his first stint here in Lerch-land.

The sound of roaring motorcycles could be heard over the PA system as Pyrotechs explode down the entrance ramp and around the ring. "It's Time For War" by LLCOOLJ then begins as Night Rider makes his way to the ring with the Lovely Angel Fyre leading the way.

Zach Davis: Night Rider making his way down to the ring with a... comely red-haired temptress that I have not had the pleasure of meeting.

Shannan Lerch: Nor will you, Zach, unless you want to deal with Night Rider.

Zach Davis: Hmm... good point, Shannan. Night Rider is making his WCF debut in this match, but it's worth noting that he is a seasoned veteran of the squared circle who made quite a name for himself over in ACW.

Shannan Lerch: Night Rider should be ready to bring the fight to his opponents, but I have to wonder if he has some butterflies in his stomach. After all this is his first night in.... THE ARENA!!

The opening strains of "Paegan Love Song" by Acid Bath hit the PA and the crowd comes to life as the arena lights turn to a dim glow.

"Dying felt so goddamn good today
If I was ever alive, well it's hard to say
It was kissin' my eyelids and burning my face away
Dying felt so goddamn good today"

The darkened silhouette of Jam Willy Jesus appears at the entrance way and the cheers grow louder. Jam Willy acknowledges the fans by pounding his chest with his left fist twice and then raising that same fist into the air, before starting his walk down the aisle. A prison style spotlight follows Jam Willy as he slaps hands with the fans that have come to greet him along the security barrier, and makes his way down to the ring.

Jam Willy rolls into the ring and climbs onto the turnbuckles, raising both arms into the air while the fans shower him with cheers. Willy nods his head and smiles then hops off of the turnbuckles. He removes his leather jacket and beaded necklace and hands them to a ringside attendant, then uses the ring ropes to do some last-minute stretches before the match begins.

Zach Davis: This man Jam Willy Jesus was involved in a WAR at Aftermath against Switches the Clown. You can still see the abrasions on Jam Willy's face.

Shannan Lerch: It was a brutal, back-and-forth battle that ended in disqualification when Switches refused to release The Smileyo’matic after Jam Willy had grabbed the ropes. Switches kept it locked in until Jam Willy passed out and Jam Willy has been in a rather foul mood ever since.

Zach Davis: I'm sure that's not the last time we'll see those two psychopaths lock horns, but right now Jam Willy, Night Rider and Tek are set to do battle, and this is a great opportunity for all three men to make a statement.

Referee Skip Bennett issues his final instructions to the three superstars and then calls for the bell.


Each man is standing in a separate corner of the ring. Tek eyes up both of his opponents and flashes gun gestures toward them with his hands.

Zach Davis: A little bit of taunting here to start things off by Tek.

Shannan Lerch: Night Rider and Jam Willy do not look like they appreciate that.

Night Rider and Jam Willy look at each other and shake their heads. They clearly have little tolerance for Tek's brand of braggadocio. Night and Jam quickly advance on Tek, who seems alarmed that both opponents have singled him out. Tek throws a kick, but Jam Willy catches his foot and immediately clobbers Tek in the face with a rolling thunder kick. Tek is instantly dropped to the mat. Tek gets back to his feet, and Night Rider greets him with an authoritative clothesline that sends Tek reeling backwards over the top rope. Tek lands on his feet outside the ring, on the floor, but he clearly looks perturbed as he slams the mat with his fists. Night and Jam turn their attention to each other and quickly lock-up, collar-and-elbow style. The much larger Night Rider easily backs Jam Willy into the corner and unloads with powerful forearm smashes. Jam Willy shakes off the forearm strikes, wraps Night Rider in an arm-trap and unloads with a flurry of violent headbutts straight to his opponent's face. Jam Willy is relentless with his onslaught and the accumulation of the blows staggers Night Rider, though he remains standing. Jam Willy releases Night Rider from the arm-trap, springboards off the ropes with the agility of a feline and smacks Night Rider in the head with a roundhouse kick.

Zach Davis: Armageddon, Cha-Cha-Cha! Jam Willy hit it and Night Rider is down!

Shannan Lerch: Tek is back in the ring though, Zach. Jam Willy didn't even have time to make the cover.

Tek flies toward Jam Willy and pops him in the face with a Skytwister Kick. Tek follows up with a standing 450 splash and goes for the cover but Night Rider pulls him off Jam Willy by his leg before the ref can even start counting. Night assails Tek with a Karate chop and then another, and a third, then drills Tek in the gut with a thrust kick. With Tek doubled over in pain, Night Rider positions Tek for a cradle piledriver, then picks him up and spikes his head off the mat. Tek writhes in pain on the mat as Night moves to make the cover. Jam Willy stomps on the back of Night Rider's head and pulls him up to his feet. Willy unloads on Night with rapid-fire kicks and, with Night staggered, Willy measures, loads up and cracks Night in the back of the head with a running enzuigiri. Night incredibly shakes off the impact of the stiff kick. Willy nods at Night, obviously impressed, but wastes little time before charging at Night and throttling him in the face with a bicycle kick. Night is STILL standing. Jam Willy has seen enough -- he climbs out to the ring apron, springboards off the top rope and tries for a clothesline on Night. Night alertly ducks the clothesline attempt and, in one swift motion, catches Jam in mid-air, spins and plants him with a belly-to-belly suplex.

Zach Davis: Great counter by Night Rider! He just flattened Jam Willy like a Mack Truck barreling over a curious critter on the interstate!

Shannan Lerch: But wait -- Look at Tek! He's on the ring apron and it looks like he's about to go high-risk!

As Night Rider drops down onto Jam Willy for the cover, Tek springboards off the top rope and lands on top of both opponents with a bedazzling 450 splash that pops the crowd big-time.

Zach Davis: Springboard 450 splash by Tek! What a move by The Legend Thriller! He lived up to his nickname on that one!

Shannan Lerch: No doubt, Zach. If there are any legends in our viewing audience they were most certainly thrilled by that maneuver!

Tek rolls Night Rider onto his back and attempts to pin both he and Jam Willy at the same time.

Skip Bennett: ONE...


The collective kick-out efforts of Night Rider and Jam Willy launch Tek into the air. Tek lands on his feet, in a standing position in the ring. Tek waits for either or both opponents to get up. Night Rider is first up. Tek pounces and tries for a Wave of the Future (Swinging reverse STO) but Night shoves Tek away, spins him around and plants him with a bulldog. Night Rider gets back to his feet, turns around, and eats a Roaring Elbow from Jam Willy Jesus. Night is still standing, so Jam Willy takes him down with a Judo throw and then slaps on a cross armbar.

Zach Davis: Smooth transition by Jam Willy and Night Rider looks like he's in a lot of pain as Jam cranks back on that armbar!

Shannan Lerch: Willy looks like he's trying to rip Night Rider's arm off! Night Rider is a tough man though, Zach. He's inching closer to the ropes too. Can he reach out and grab them? OOH! Tek just stomped on Jam Willy to break the hold!

Tek gets Jam Willy to his feet and quickly lifts him into a backbreaker rack then twists into a powerbomb, hitting the Rack Bomb on Jam Willy with full-force. Tek pops to his feet and pounds his chest while talking trash to Jam Willy.

Zach Davis: Tek's got a fire under his belly tonight! He's trying to send a message to his opponents, these fans and everybody in the locker room that he's not a superstar to be taken lightly!

Shannan Lerch: Tek might want to take a look behind him though because Jam Willy isn't the only opponent that he has to worry about in this match.

Night Rider is back to his feet and he's standing behind Tek with a scowl on his face. Sensing Night's presence, Tek spins around but in doing so eats a thrust kick to the midsection. Night Rider executes a crisp snap suplex on Tek and then climbs to the top rope. Night waits for Tek to get to his feet, and when Tek does stand Night leaps off the top rope and nails Tek in the face with a flying dropkick. The crowd lets out a raucous cheer for the awesome show of athleticism by the three-hundred and thirty-five pound biker. Angel Fyre looks giddy as hell as she cheers her man on from ringside.

Zach Davis: Night Rider is not your prototypical brawler who likes to stay grounded -- the man can fly, as Tek just learned the hard way!

Shannan Lerch: But, Jam Willy is back up now! I swear, you have to have eyes in the back of your head in these triple threat matches!

Jam spins Night around and drops him with a Complete Shot. Rather than attempting a pin, Jam holds onto his grip, pulls Night Rider to his feet and drops him again, this time with a punishing Facebreaker. Jam Willy isn't finished though -- he pulls Night Rider up to his feet one more time before laying him out with a Cobra clutch suplex.

Zach Davis: Jam Willy loves to chain those moves together and wear his opponents down.

Shannan Lerch: The man possesses a high level of grappling expertise... for a total nutball!

Jam Willy meets Tek as Tek is returning to his feet and tries to belly-to-back suplex him, but Tek lands on his feet after a backwards flip. Tek peppers Jam with hard kicks to the ribs that drop Willy to a knee. Tek steps onto Jam Willy's knee, floats over onto his shoulders and then hits a reverse Frankensteiner.

Zach Davis: Tek hit the Rollout! He's got the cover on Jam Willy! Will that do it!?

Skip Bennett: ONE...



Night Rider alertly makes the save, breaking up the pin attempt just in the nick of time. Tek appears to be incensed by Night's interference. Both men get to their feet and Tek goes on the offensive with stiff punches to Night Rider's face. Night answers back with stiff punches of his own and they trade punches as the crowd rises to its feet and cheers.

Zach Davis: Back-and-forth brawling by Tek and Night Rider! This is Night Rider's kind of match, but Tek is holding his own... no, no, Night is starting to overwhelm him now! Night's punches are still coming in bunches while Tek's are slowing down!

Night measures Tek and, with the crowd firmly behind him, drops Tek to the mat with one final anvil of a right hand. Night Rider pumps his fist while the crowd roars it approval. To his credit, Tek kips up to his feet, though Night catches him in mid-air and powerslams him to the mat. This gets Night Rider even more pumped up. Jam Willy cuts his celebration short with a chop block from behind that drops the big man to the mat, and causes Night to grab his knee in pain.

Shannan Lerch: Jam Willy isn't ready to throw in the towel! He wants this win BAD!

Jam Willy stomps away on the knee of Night Rider. He hears some boos and catcalls for his attack, but he's OK with that.

Zach Davis: Jam Willy is all business right here. He likes to get cheered, of course, but that's not always possible. If I had to guess, I would say that he's softening up Night Rider's leg for that Whammer Jammer of his.

Shannan Lerch: Excuse you, Zach!? What did you just say? This is a family program!

Zach Davis: Whammer Jamme-- it's a submission move! It's Jam Willy's submission move!

Shannan Lerch: Uh-huh. Sure it is... perv.

Jam Willy furiously attacks Night Rider's knee with stomps, elbows and knees of his own. Night looks like he's starting to feel the wear and tear as a grimace spreads across his face and he yells out in pain. Jam Willy grabs hold of Night Rider's hobbled leg and slaps on a Spinning toe hold. Night's pained yells grow louder, but he shows no sign of giving up. Instead Night grits his teeth and bears the pain of the hold while trying to reach out to the ropes.

Zach Davis: The Funk Brothers made this move famous, the spinning toe hold, and while Jam Willy probably isn't expecting to submit Night Rider with it, if nothing else he can further wear down that leg of Night Rider's.

Shannan Lerch: So many of today's younger superstars try to put on a show with flashy, high-flying moves and the like that they forget all about the basics. This move right here, this simple spinning toe hold can lead you to more pay windows than all of the corkscrew planchas in the world combined.

With Jam Willy applying the pressure on Night Rider's leg, Tek gets to his feet and charges at Jam Willy, hoping to catch him off-guard. Willy is aware of Tek's presence however and ducks the rolling wheel kick that was intended for his head. Willy then pulls Tek up and plants him with an Exploder suplex, while still keeping the toe hold position locked in with his legs. Unfortunately for Jam Willy the distraction by Tek allowed Night Rider to roll through toward the ropes and grab onto them.

Zach Davis: Crazy sequence between all three superstars, and Night Rider gets just the assist that he needed to get to the ropes!

Shannan Lerch: And you will notice that Jam Willy complied with the referee's command to release the hold, unlike his opponent last week. Jam Willy's mama raised him right!

Jam Willy forgoes further submission attempts on Night Rider to drop on top of Tek for the pin attempt, mindful to hook the leg for extra leverage.

Skip Bennett: ONE...



Night Rider drops a sledgehammer of a forearm onto Jam Willy's back to break up the pin. Willy winces as Night Rider pulls him to his feet. Willy tries to punch Night Rider, but Night blocks the punch and staggers Willy into the corner with a series of hard punches of his own that do connect freely.

Zach Davis: Where is Night Rider finding the energy and stamina to keep up this pace after a long, grinding, punishing match like this!?

Shannan Lerch: Night Rider is one tough customer, Zach. He's fighting through the pain and giving it his all. He's trying to make an impression here in his debut that no one will soon forget.

Night punctuates his onslaught with one last punch that nearly sends the much smaller Jam Willy reeling over the top turnbuckle. Willy manages to keep himself in the ring by grabbing hold of the top rope, but he drops right into the clutches of Night Rider. Night bench-presses Willy before slamming him onto the mat with impact that shakes the ring.

Zach Davis: Holy cow! Night Rider was able to bench-press Jam Willy Jesus on one good leg before slamming him and the force of that slam -- we could feel it here at the announce table!

Shannan Lerch: Either that or the roar of the crowd shook the arena at the same time.

Zach Davis: You might be right, Shannan, but wow what a move all the same!

Night Rider looks down at Jam Willy and then looks over to Tek, who is getting to his feet. Night meets Tek with an explosive forearm smash to the jaw that staggers Tek. Night grabs Tek and drags him over to the corner, then carries Tek up to the top rope. Night has a pained expression on his face from the damage done to his knee, but he fights through it.

Zach Davis: It looks like Night Rider wants to finish this match! He's going for the Drop of Death!

Night Rider lifts Tek into the air and then leaps from the top turnbuckle. Both men fly through the air, with Night in control of Tek's body the entire time, before Night absolutely annihilates Tek with a Face-first DDT on the mat. Tek's body twitches and then goes limp on the canvas as Night covers him.

Zach Davis: Drop of Death! Good night! Tek is out cold!

Skip Bennett: ONE...

Jam Willy tries to make the save--

Skip Bennett: TWO...

Jam Willy dives--

Skip Bennett: THR--NO!!!

Willy breaks up the pin with an axe-handle blow to the back of Night Rider's head, just before the ref's hand would have hit the mat for three. Jam Willy pulls Night Rider to his feet and spins him around. Willy lets out a grunt as he lifts Night up and levels him with a vicious Wheelbarrow suplex, the back of Night's head hitting the mat with murderous intent.

Zach Davis: Jam Willy came out of nowhere! He just folded Night Rider like an accordion and now he's turning his sights to Tek!

Shannan Lerch: Tek was already out cold as a result of that Drop of Death, what is Jam Willy going to do with him, or should I say to him?

Jam Willy drags Tek over to the corner. Jam pries Tek's jaw open and presses his mouth onto the bottom turnbuckle. Willy grabs both of Tek's arms from behind for leverage, and then places his foot on the back of Tek's head.

Zach Davis: Oh no, no, no! Willy's not going to--

Without warning, Jam Willy lifts his foot and then forcefully drives it into the back of Tek's feet as the crowd gasps in horror.

Shannan Lerch: Oh my god! Jam Willy just curb-stomped Tek!

Zach Davis: That was ugly...

Zach and Shannan shake their heads in disgust while Jam Willy pulls Tek into the middle of the ring.

Zach Davis: Jam Willy calls that the Mercy Killing, but there was nothing merciful about that move.

Jam Willy drops onto Tek for the lateral press.

Skip Bennett: ONE...

Night Rider begins stirring on the mat--

Skip Bennett: TWO...

Night tries to dive in for the save now--

Skip Bennett: THREE!!!

But Night is too late as Jam Willy gets the pin.


Zach Davis: Jam Willy Jesus wins it! Wow! What a battle between all three of these superstars, but Jam Willy makes a statement here by earning the victory in vicious fashion!

Jam Willy gets to his feet and climbs onto the turnbuckles to celebrate as his music blasts on the PA. Night Rider slumps dejectedly to the mat, after failing to break up the pin by a split-second, while Angel Fyre consoles him. Meanwhile, Tek is still out cold and blood is oozing from his mouth as the referee checks up on him and tries to revive him.

Shannan Lerch: Jam Willy Jesus gets his win, but I have to say, Night Rider had a pretty damn impressive debut.

Zach Davis: I agree, Shannan. Very strong showing from the newcomer.

Switches the Clown Segment

The scene flashes to a camera backstage, in one of the larger staff-bathrooms. The camera pans under the line of teal colored stalls. You can see the psychedelic socks and those unmistakable magic shoes of a clown. You can hear the sound of a lighter being flicked repeatedly, then a sharp, yet subtle, whistling is emitted, which is closely followed by a wheezy barrage of hacking and coughing.

Switches: Yeeeaa…

The stall door is violently kicked open and Switches erupts from it, immediately flinging himself around the bathroom, performing a litany of acrobatic maneuvers. His clown attire is in full force, his face-paint is thick and his demeanor is that hyper-focused brand of “cracked-out”. Suddenly Switches twists himself around, hammers out a set of push-ups, before flipping onto his back and zipping a quick rep-set of crunches. He kicks himself up to his feet and leans himself over one of the 15 porcelain sinks lined up along the wall. He stares at himself in the mirror for a moment, breathing heavily.

Switches: They aren’t ready for this.

Switches then sneers at him-self, hatefully, and then busts out the most impressive, most obscure hip-hop inspired dance moves you have ever seen.

Jaw Willy Jesus rockets into frame, blasting Switches in the back of the head with a skull rattling forearm strike. Switches is sent forward, smashing his face into the wall of porcelain and mirrors.

Switches is swaying a little drunkenly and bleeding profusely from his facial region as he turns to face Jam Willy.

Switches: You done goofed… Jesus.

Switches’ switchblade is jettisoned from the clown’s gloved fist. Jam Willy slashes the knife out of his hand with a macaroni-encrusted dinner fork and it clinks onto the tiled floor. He rushes into Switches and fires the business end of the fork into his abdomen, repeatedly. Switches shouts in fierce agony.

Switches: Gaaa! Stop it! Damn!

Jam Willy jams the fork into Switches’ cheek. The utensil digs into the flesh and its silver tines eject an inch or two later, mere millimeters from the clown’s eye. Switches roars in pain and turns away from Jam Willy. Jesus grabs the doubled-over clown and rockets him face-first into a porcelain, piss-filled urinal. The impact of Switches’ face against it is sickening. Switches goes limp, his head lodged into the cracked stone.

Jam Willy walks over to the seemingly unconscious Switches. Jesus roars a harrowing Belfastian-battle-cry as he spitefully and grotesquely curb-stomps the clown. The porcelain shatters and Switches collapses to the floor. Blood, piss and water spill across the tiled floor and into the awaiting drain. Jesus spits on Switches, before flipping his jacket-collar up and leaving the restroom.

The camera zooms in on Switches’ mutilated clown-face. He’s smiling through the horror that is his face-meat. Somehow… he starts to giggle.

Cameraman: Dang... that’s pretty fudged up, man…

Television Title Contendership Match
Buzzsaw Bundy vs Vic vs Jonny Fly vs Switches the Clown

Shannan Lerch: Well it appears that this match is going to minus Switches the Clown, after what we just saw.

Zach Davis: Yep, it’s going to be Buzzsaw Bundy versus Vic versus Jonny Fly for a shot at the Television Title!

Dark pink lights start flashing as Crass' "So What" begins to play. Former Television Champion Vic comes out from the back. Vic pauses briefly on the stage and then begins heading down the ramp, mocking every fan he comes into eye contact with. Vic slides into the ring and begins yelling obscenities to the crowd.

Shannan Lerch: Vic is fired up tonight!

Vic’s music fades out and is replaced by the sound of a chainsaw. “The Lumberjack” by Jackyl begins playing and as the first words start Buzzsaw Bundy walks out onto the stage, fist raised high in the air. The crowd begins cheering.

Zach Davis: The crowd loves them some Buzzsaw Bundy.

In a stark contrast to Vic, Buzzsaw begins making his way down to the ring slapping hands with fans as he goes. Buzzsaw steps onto the apron, over the top rope, and into the ring. He stares down at Vic before removing his flannel shirt and tossing it into the crowd. Buzzsaw and Vic find a corner and await their third opponent.

“The Champ” hits over the PA system and out onto the stage comes Jonny Fly. Fly receives a pop from the crowd as he stands on the stage. He smirks, and then begins making his way down the ramp toward the ring area. Fly slides under the bottom rope and into the ring.

Zach Davis: I’m still not quite sure what to make of this guy.

Shannan Lerch: He certainly looks focused tonight. This match is about to begin!

The bell rings and Buzzsaw, Fly, and Vic walk toward the center of the ring. Fly and Vic look at each other, and then both turn and send right hands into Buzzsaw’s face. Bundy stumbles backwards against the ropes, bounces off, and whips himself forward clotheslining both of his opponents.

Shannan Lerch: Bundy fights off the double-team and gains the quick advantage.

Buzzsaw turns toward both of his fallen opponents and picks Vic up to his feet. Buzzsaw puts Vic into an abdominal stretch. After five seconds he begins to deliver large smacks across Vic’s abdomen.



Zach Davis: That’s a BIG man delivering those hits. Vic’s chest is already bright red!


From behind Buzzsaw, Jonny Fly has risen to his feet. Fly leaps and delivers a missile drop kick to Buzzsaw’s back breaking his hold over Vic. Vic falls to the mat, and Buzzsaw falls down a knee. Fly circles around to the front of Buzzsaw Bundy, runs, and football tackles him to the mat delivering a combination of right and left hands to Bundy’s skull

Shannan Lerch: Fly gets Bundy off his feet!

Fly gets up from Bundy, grabs his arm, and drags him toward the corner. Fly hops up to the top of the turnbuckle. As he begins his jump..

Zach Davis: VIC IS UP!

Shannan Lerch: He’s shaking the top rope!

Fly loses his balance and falls backwards to the outside. Vic quickly takes Fly’s space atop the turnbuckle and jumps off landing an elbow onto Fly’s midsection.

Zach Davis: BOOM!

Vic gets up and begins yelling at the crowd. The crowd responds with loud booing. Vic smirks, and then slides back into the ring. Bundy has risen to his feet and is using the corner to support himself. Vic quickly runs toward the bottom rope closest to Buzzsaw, springs himself off, and lands a kick to Buzzsaw’s midsection. Bundy kneels over clutching his stomach and Vic proceeds to grab his head and send him to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker.

Zach Davis: I’m pretty sure Vic is going to win this match.

Shannan Lerch: What??

Vic goes for a quick cover.






Shannan Lerch: Smart move by the veteran!

Vic slams his hands on the mat and then gets to his feet. At the same time Jonny Fly slides himself back into the ring. Fly lunges at Vic, who quickly moves aside. Fly runs past Vic and into the clutches of the now standing Buzzsaw Bundy. Fly caught in a bearhug attempts to wiggle out, only to have Bundy grasp on tighter.

Shannan Lerch: Fly is 6-5 and looks like a midget in Buzzsaw’s arms!
Vic runs toward Buzzsaw and is met with a big boot to the face. Buzzsaw adjusts Fly in his arms and then proceeds to send him to the mat with a powerbomb. Without letting go Buzzsaw picks Fly back up and sends him back down to the mat with a second straight powerbomb.

Zach Davis: Buzzsaw is hitting his finisher, “Feeling the Forrest!”

Shannan Lerch: Fly is in big time trouble, no chance he can kick out of this.

Buzzsaw brings Fly back up in the air for the third straight powerbomb. Fly begins countering with right-hands to the skull and slides out of Buzzsaw’s hold. Now standing, Fly grabs Buzzsaw and hits him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Fly quickly gets back to his feet and goes straight for the turnbuckle. Fly climbs the turnbuckle to the top, turns around, and jumps off in Buzzsaw’s direction.

Zach Davis: Suicide Dive! Fly may be getting ready to finish this thing!

Shannan Lerch: I thought Vic was going to win?

Fly goes for quick pin.






Bundy raises his shoulder from the mat and proceeds to throw Fly off of him.

Zach Davis: Kickout with authority by Buzzsaw!

Both men rise to their feet, with Buzzsaw still groggy from Fly’s onslaught moments earlier. Stalking from the opposite side of the ring, Vic has recovered and is watching both men. Fly moves toward Buzzsaw and pushes him toward the corner. He then whips him across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle, where Vic is stalking. Vic explodes from the corner and clotheslines Bundy to the ground and keeps his momentum going toward Fly. Fly turns quickly, but it’s too late. Vic spears him into the turnbuckle and Fly slumps to the ground.

Shannan Lerch: Vic quickly changing the momentum of this match!

With Fly slumped in the corner Vic begins delivering chops to his neck. Fly attempts to fight them off and Vic growing frustrated kicks him in the chest and then goes back to work on the neck with knife-edged chops. Vic picks up Fly and walks him to the middle of the ring and hits him with a DDT. Vic quickly gets up and brings Fly with him. Vic goes for a kick to Fly’s midsection, but Fly catches the leg. Vic quickly counters with an enzuiguri kick to Fly’s face.

Zach Davis: BOOM!

Shannan Lerch: Great move by Vic! He has Jonny Fly on the brink!

Vic goes to the corner and waits for Fly to get to his feet. Fly gets up slowly and stumbles around. Vic comes up behind Fly and gives him the ‘Vulcan Nerve Pinch.’ Fly begins to scream out in pain, and falls to his knees.

Shannan Lerch: IS FLY GOING TO TAP??

Zach Davis: I knew Vic was going to win!

From out of nowhere Buzzsaw Bundy has risen to his feet and grabs Vic pulling him off of Jonny Fly. Bundy grasps Vic by the midsection and hits him with a suplex. Buzzsaw grabs Vic by the throat and picks him back up on his feet. He pushes him into the turnbuckle and then begins to beat down on him with right hands. From behind Jonny Fly has risen, runs toward Bundy, and splashes against him, jarring Vic against the turnbuckle and Buzzsaw against Vic.

Shannan Lerch: Fly recovered quick!

Fly turns Bundy around and picks him up..

Zach Lerch: That’s a big man Fly has up in the air!

As Fly is about to slam Bundy to the mat, Vic explodes from the corner with a kick to Fly’s side. Bundy falls from Fly’s grasp to the mat. All three men rise to their feet, with a standoff occurring in the center of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: These three aren’t done fighting yet!

Fly and Vic look at each other again, turn, and again decide to double-team Bundy. Both men deliver right hands to Bundy who again falls back toward the ropes. Fly holds Buzzsaw against the ropes while Vic delivers smacks to his chest. Vic takes a few steps back, and then runs at Buzzsaw..

Zach Davis: DROP KICK! Buzzsaw falls to the outside!

Before Vic can recover from the kick Fly is on him. Fly grabs him by the head and picks him up to his feet. He picks Vic up over his head and slams him to the mat with a powerbomb. Fly tries a quick cover.






Shannan Lerch: KICKOUT!!

Zach Davis: That was too close for Vic!

Shannan Lerch: Fly is looking to finish this thing!

Fly immediately gets up from the failed cover and goes to the ropes. He climbs to the top and flies off attempting to land ‘The Fly Swatter’ into the heart of Vic…

Shannan Lerch: Buzzsaw Bundy grabs Vic from the outside and moves him out of the way!

Fly’s head hits the mat hard.

Zach Davis: HOLY SHIT! Fly might be dead!

Shannan Lerch: That was a crafty move by Bundy!

Bundy slides back into the ring and begins to go to work on Vic. Bundy picks Vic up and moves him toward the corner. Bundy sets Vic up on the turnbuckle and begins to hammer away at his face. Bundy climbs one rung of the ropes and wraps his arm around Vic’s head. Vic slips out of the hold and pushes Bundy down to the mat.

Zach Davis: Vic is flying!

Vic flies off the top rope and hits an elbow into Bundy’s abdomen. Vic goes for a cover.






Shannan Lerch: NO!!


Shannan Lerch: Bundy kicked out just in the nick of time!

Jonny Fly has just started to move. Vic notices, gets up, and helps Fly to his feet. The two exchange right hands before Fly hits Vic with a European Uppercut sending him to the mat. Fly walks over to Vic, picks him up, and dumps him to the outside. Fly immediately goes to the ropes and climbs them once again.

Shannan Lerch: I think he’s going for the Fly Swatter again!

Zack Davis: Bundy is starting to move! Get up Buzzsaw!

As Bundy begins to roll around Fly reaches the top. He signals to the crowd what he’s about to do, and flies off the top rope contorting his body into a missile shape and landing his head into the heart of Buzzsaw Bundy.


Zach Davis: NO!!

Fly quickly hooks the leg.



Vic gets up from the outside.


Vic slides into the ring!

Zach Davis: Vic is in the ring trying to break the count!





As the referee slams his hand onto the mat for the third time Vic tackles Fly off of Bundy, just a second too late.

Shannan Lerch: Fly wins!

Zach Davis: What a heck of a match by all three of these guys!

Shannan Lerch: Fly is now the number one contender for the WCF Television Championship!

Vic slams his hands against the mat for his near miss. He rolls out of the ring and begins walking to the back. Fly rises to his feet staring out at the crowd. The referee comes and raises his hands in victory.

Ashley/D-Day Segment

Dressed in a cream colored suit, that was tailored to perfection, Ashley made her way down the back halls while on the phone seemingly discussing business.

Ashley Davis: What do you mean you're not showing up? Kaylyn.. you had better stop with the games and get here fast. You have a match tonight, and I will not let you breach contract by no showing for it..

While Ashley listened to what was being said on the other line, she cradled the phone between her shoulder and head while undoing the jacket to the suit, leaving the purple silk blouse that was beneath showing fully, giving her attire some color to it. Not paying much attention where she was walking as she was wanting to ring Kaylyn's neck, she bumped into someone, almost dropping the phone in the process. Catching it rather quickly she spoke to the one she just ran into, while covering the lower portion of the cell.

Ashley Davis: Forgive me, I was not paying attention where I was walking..

Before the man even turned around she turned her head to the side, uncovering the phone and speaking once more to her client.

Ashley Davis: I don't care how you do it... but you had better get here... and now.

Not leaving Kaylyn any room to reply she hung up the phone, tucking it into her back pocket while turning her attention back to the one she had bumped moments ago.

Ashley Davis: Again... I do apologize..

That someone that Ashley bumped into turns around, but before the very formal attire of a nice white suit and blazer sticks out. The man turns around to show his identity of Donald Deruty. He turns around and glances at Ashley wearing her suit as well. He gives her a little smirk and replies to her apology.

Donald Deruty: Ohh, it is not a problem miss...?

Caught off guard just slightly she took a step back trying to keep from looking the man over.

Ashley Davis: Davis. Ashley Davis.

She stated softly. Donald notices her awkwardness when she saw him, he replies to her actions.

Donald Deruty: You ok? I wont bite, you don't have anything to fear from me...Ashley Davis. What brings you here to the WCF?

Ashley laughed softly.

Ashley Davis: Oh no, I don't fear you. Not at all. And I would think one such as yourself Mr. Deruty.. would keep tabs on what was going on around them. I am here managing Miss Evans, as hard as that might be to believe.

Donald replies rather immediately after she finishes talking.

Donald Deruty: Kaylyn Evans ahh? Indeed I do find it hard to believe someone so innocent like yourself managing Kaylyn? How's that working out for you?

Ashley Davis: She is quite the handful, that much I can admit to. However, she is stuck with me... and whether she likes it or not... she will turn a new leaf. It just seems it will take a lot more work than I originally imagined.

Donald grins and replies.

Donald Deruty: That is indeed true much work to turn her into a good girl...but I think you can do it.

Ashley Davis: That is quite the compliment coming from you, more so seeing as you know nothing about me. For all you know... I could be horrible at managing in general.

Donald Deruty: Well something that I sense from you tells me that you are capable of it.

Ashley smiled and nodded softly.

Ashley Davis: You would be quite right with your assumption.

Donald smiled and held out his hand.

Donald Deruty: Welcome to the WCF.

Ashley held out her hand, shaking his briefly.

Ashley Davis: The pleasure is all mine, Donald.

He starts to walk away with a grin on his face until he turns around after two steps and turns back to her.

Donald Deruty: Ohh and uhh Ashley...Good luck with Kaylyn.

He then gives her a wink and a grin and walks off in his tailored suit and blazer. Ashley laughed softly before pulling her phone back out once more looking at the time, and wondering when Kaylyn would decide to show up.

The New Confederacy vs FTW

"Take it outside" by Brantley Gilbert starts playing as Gator steps out carrying a rebel flag in one hand and his bloodhound beside him. Out next is Hunter in his Realtree camo hunting cargo pants, Realtree camo FTW t-shirt and his black fingerless glove on his right hand. Right behind him is Adam Young in his Realtree camo cargo pants, Realtree camo FTW t-shirt, and camo Bone Collector visor. The fans are chanting FTW as they walk towards the ring. Hunter and Adam slide into the ring and both are handed a can of Miller Lite by Gator. The pop the tabs and chug'em down. They throw the empty cans towards their foes and motion for the start of the match.

"Renegade" by Styx begins to play over the PA system as Johnny Reb and Doc Henry step out onto the stage. Once again, Reb looks none too happy. Images of past matches play on the Jumbotron, while both men make their way down the ramp, working the crowd at ringside. Doc mounts the ring steps in a dignified manner, while Johnny slips through the ropes. Reb takes a moment to pose for the fans.

Zach Davis: The Confederacy and the Big Time Jerks have had quite a few matches in the past, but Hunter will be bringing something new to the table here.

Hunter decides to start the match, as does Reb. The two go to tie up but Hunter immediately pokes Reb in the eyes.

Shannan Lerch: Fighting dirty already!

Hunter then throws Reb to the ropes and hits a Powerslam afterwards, into the pin. One.. two... no, Reb kicks out.

Zach Davis: Hunter knew he wasn't going to get the win quite yet, but he made Reb use his energy to kick out, which is smart strategy.

Hunter stomps on Reb a few times to a chorus of booing. He picks him up and lifts him in the Vertical Suplex position, but Reb shifts his weight and lands behind him. Reb grapples, but Hunter elbows him and breaks out of it. Hunter then throws Reb hard into the turnbuckle. He follows by lifting Reb up onto it.

Shannan Lerch: Hm. Hunter going for a big move!

Hunter climbs up and starts positioning Reb for a Superplex. But before he can hit it, Reb jabs Hunter a few times in the ribs and shoves him off.

Zach Davis: Reb just saves himself! What's he gonna do now?

Reb hits the Confederate Cannonball onto Hunter, into the pin!



No, Young is in the ring and kicks Reb off!

Shannan Lerch: Close, but no cigar quite yet for the New Confederacy!

Young and Hunter pick Reb up and throw him to the ropes before hitting a two man Flapjack. The ref yells at Young to get out of the ring. He quickly gets back onto the apron so Hunter can tag him in.

Zach Davis: Here comes "The 1"!

Young comes in and Reb stumbles up, turns around.. Young hits an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex!

Shannan Lerch: Beautiful move. Doc Henry needs to get more into this match, we haven't seen anything from him yet.

Young quickly pins Reb.



No, again Reb kicks out. Young pulls Reb into the middle of the ring and puts him into a Boston Crab.

Zach Davis: Yeah! Come on, Doc, get in there!

Shannan Lerch: Maybe he's just trying to follow the rules. Technically, he can't get into the match until Reb tags him.

Zach Davis: Doc, follow the rules?.... Rules that NO ONE in wrestling follows?.... yeah, I doubt that, Shannan.

The crowd begins chanting Reb's name, getting behind him. Reb hears them and seems to be energized, and slowly but surely crawls towards the ropes... and reaches them!

Shannan Lerch: Reb makes it!

Young, of course, releases the hold at the very last second. He tries to drag Reb back into the middle of the ring, but Reb starts kicking him away. After a few kicks Young backs off, runs back to him, and Reb rolls him up in a surprise Small Package!

Zach Davis: Could this be it?!



No! Young gets out of it at the last minute!

Shannan Lerch: So close, once more!

Both men are to their feet, Young runs at Reb going for a Clothesline From Hell, Reb ducks it and Dropkicks Young! He then finally tags in Doc Henry!

Zach Davis: Here comes Satan himself.

Henry enters the ring and Young runs at him, Henry ducks another Clothesline From Hell attempt, bounces off the ropes himself and then Spears Young down! Young gets back to his feet, Henry hits him with the Gambler's Hand!

Shannan Lerch: Big move, Henry just slammed him straight to hell!

Henry quickly pins Young, hooking the leg.



No, Hunter pulls Henry off. Hunter starts pounding on Doc for a few moments... before Reb Springboards into the ring, Dropkicking Hunter away.

Zach Davis: Pandemonium has taken over, finally!

Young goes to attack Reb now but Reb catches a punch and shoves Young away, then runs at him and Clotheslines him, sending both men over the top rope, leaving Hunter and Henry inside. Henry turns to Hunter and goes for another Gambler's Hand, but Hunter elbows him away. Hunter then grabs Henry and executes a Piledriver!

Shannan Lerch: Doc's head, spiked hard into the mat.

Hunter turns around and Reb is back in the ring! He hits him with a Facebreaker DDT out of nowhere. He then climbs to the top..

Zach Davis: Here we go!

He hits the Southern Discomfort! He pins Hunter, and at this point the ref doesn't remember who is legal and who isn't.




Shannan Lerch: The New Confederacy wins once more!

The bell sounds. Henry stumbles to his feet, smiling wide. He makes sure the ref raises his hand high in the air, taking it all in.

Zach Davis: Looks like Henry is trying to take most of the credit for this win, but I think Reb did most of the work..

Shannan Lerch: Eh, thats Doc Henry for ya!

Night Rider Segment

Nightrider is heading down the hall after his match towards the locker room that was given to him for the night. A camera is following him because he had stated he had a few words to say when he got back into the confines of his locker room. But as Nightrider walks up to the door, blocking it from view, the only words he shared for the camera was...

Night Rider: What the hell?

The camera steps past Nightrider to show everyone what he had seen. On the door was a rat. But not just any rat. This rat was nailed to the door by its head, the brain matter oozing down the door. And a message was written in a red liquid. Whether it was the rat's blood or just paint was for viewers to decide.

"You should have never come here"

And that was it. No signature. Nothing to place it to anybody on the roster. But the camera pans to Nightrider's face and his expression tells a story. His forehead is creased, his nose was cringed, and he was licking his lips. It wasn't from fright but almost disgust. Nightrider looks over at the camera, sighing.

Night Rider: I can't believe this guy is here.

Six words and one contraction was it. The cameraman came here to hear what Nightrider had to say about his debut in WCF. but instead get a simple statement. And that was all they were going to get as Nightrider steps past the camera and opens the door to go into his locker room. The message is cut in half as some was written on the wall and some on the door. But the door closes and the message is fixed. No statement by Nightrider. Only questions about who did this.

Television Title Match
Kaylyn James Evans vs Aaron Miles

"I Am The Cool" by Screamin Jay Hawkins as "The Epitome Of Cool" Aaron Miles walks out onto the stage, flanked by a pair of busty beauties and followed closely by Lil Jon. Miles pauses at the top of the ramp, lowers his shades as he looks around at the crowd with a bit of a cocky smirk on his face, and then he pushes them back up over his eyes as he saunters down toward the ring.

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the WCF Television Championship! On his way to the ring first, weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds, from Omaha Nebraska, he is your WCF Television Champion, AAAARON MI-I-I-I-ILES!

As they walk down the ramp, the females pass out Aaron's pamphlets to the fans, which are promptly balled up and thrown aside. Aaron then climbs up the ring steps and enters the ring as the ladies take their seats beside the announce table and Lil Jon stands by the ring. Aaron then heads for the nearest corner, where he climbs up to the second rope and gestures toward his abs..and the bulge in his trunks..and even the most pissed off of the female fans can't help but appreciate the magnificent bastard. Finally he hops down to the mat as his music fades out.

Zach Davis: This match has huge implications for these two. Who do you see coming out on top, Shannan?

Shannan Lerch: Quite honestly, Zach, I think the vet is gonna walk out of here with the title. Kay’s got this.

Zach Davis: What makes you so sure?

"What you get is what you see
it won't take much to get hooked on me
so shoot me right into your skin
and i will be your heroin

the sideaffects are sexual
are you down for a taste?
the sideaffects are sexual
and you love the way i say

I'm your favorite drug
your favorite drug
just one hit is never enough
i'm your favorite drug
your favorite drug
you cant break this addiction no.
your favorite drug...."

The lyrics to Porcelian and the Tramps- I'm Your Favorite Drug continue to play over the PA system as the lights fade putting the arena into total darkness. Just as the chorus ends there is a bang as the lights turn back on full blast and a cloud of smoke is on the entrance way with a figure standing within it.

Shannan Lerch: That!

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, she is from New York City, she is Professional Wrestling’s Perfect Ten, KAY-Y-YLYN JAMES EEEEEVANS!

The chorus starts up once more but this time with the lyrics included is none other than Kaylyn Evans who steps out from within the smoky patch on the stage. As the chorus is being heard throughout the crowd a smiling Kaylyn Evans was on her way down the ramp with a stride that showed nothing but confidence in herself no matter what the outcome of today's event's would be. Dressed in a long black coat covering everything including her legs she comes down the ramp with a smirk on her face. As she makes her way down her manager Ashley follows behind her dressed in a pair of black slacks and a white button up shirt, with the top two left undone.

Zach Davis: Okay, so maybe you have a point. She is looking mmm-mmm good today!

Reaching the bottom of the ramp way Kaylyn stops and turns to the right heading around the ring and towards the far steps to ascend them and make her way onto the apron. Crossing the apron she stands there looking out at the fans. Hooking her arms on the top rope, in perfect Kaylyn fashion, she flips back over the top rope and into the ring where she makes her way around the ring looking out at all the fans in the arena, booing and not. Coming to stand in the middle of the ring she smirks once more before pulling the jacket off revealing a black and white striped shirt that crisscrossed in the back and front, leaving her torso open, and her bottoms consisted of only a black bikini bottom garment. She laughed softly knowing how pissed Ashley was, as she looked over at the scowl on her manager’s face. As the music would cut Kaylyn would be focused and ready for what was to come.

Shannan Lerch: I told you, she’s in the zone. She wants this title back, Zach.

Zach Davis: Back Zach. That rhymes!

Shannan Lerch: Shut up, you incompetent oaf!


Miles swings a wild right, but Kay ducks, and catches him with an STO. She gets to her feet, Miles not far behind, and she plants him with a quick DDT. She gets to her feet, and taunts the crowd, much to Ashley’s disproval. As she turns around, Miles is already to his feet, and catches her with a clothesline. he follows it up with an elbow drop, and then bounces off the ropes and hits her with a senton. He pins.

One... T –Kickout

Zach Davis: Not even a two-count, and Kaylyn kicks up!

Shannan Lerch: But some good awareness from miles to get back up right away to be ready for her taunting.

Zach Davis: It was, indeed!

Miles gets to his feet, and pulls Kaylyn up by her hair. He swings a right, but Kaylyn ducks, and sets him up for the KY-Bomb. He reverses it, and drops her with a snapmare-like move, and pins again.

One... Two...

Kaylyn Kicks out, and Miles goes right back on the offense with a stomp to the midsection, and then a knee to the face as Kaylyn rolls to sit up. He pins.

One... Two...

Kaylyn powers out again, and Miles sets her up for a boston crab; Kaylyn reverses it into a body scissors, and takes him down with it, flipping him head over heels onto his back. She gets to her feet, a grin on her face as Ashley looks on, and taunts the crowd again, showing off her booty.

Zach Davis: Now that’s what I like to see!

Shannan Lerch: Shut up, Zach. It’s degrading to women.

Zach Davis: But I love it.

Shannan Lerch: You’d love a slap in the face, too.

Zach Davis: What?

Shannan Lerch: Nothing!

Kaylyn pulls Miles to his feet, and he shoves her backwards. She staggers back into the ropes, and he charges, but he flips her over her head, and he lands on the ring apron. Kaylyn takes a step back from the apron, and spears him right off the apron to the outside, while staying in the ring herself. She waits as the referee starts counting, and taunts the crowd, Ashley snarling all the while.

One... Two... Three...

Miles gets to his feet.

Four... Five...

Miles slides under the bottom rope, stopping the count, and the two start trading punches. Miles connects! Kay connects! Miles connects! Kay connects! Miles swings and misses, and Kay catches him with another one of those vicious STOs. She pins.

One... Two...

Kickout by Aaron Miles, and Kaylyn gets to her feet, looking down at him in disgust. She locks him in a sharpshooter, and the referee drops to his knees, asking Miles if he wants to quit. He gets a swift “NEVER!” as a response from the angered reigning champ, and Miles claws his way toward the ropes, inch by inch. Kay sees this, and as he is about to grab the ropes, she breaks the hold and pulls her back toward the center of the ring, before going to re-lock the hold, but Miles shoves her away with his boot and rolls through to his feet.

Zach Davis: Almost very good thinking by Kaylyn James Evans!

Shannan Lerch: But Miles might just have her number this time, Zach!

Zach Davis: Well, he is the Epitome of Cool, of course he has the hot babe’s phone number.

Shannan Lerch: Oh, you can be such a pervert sometimes.

Kaylyn turns around and is met by a boot to the face by Aaron Miles. He drops to his knees and covers Kaylyn.

One... Two... Three!

No! Kaylyn managed to drape her leg over the rope, and Aaron looks up, pissed. He pulls Kaylyn to her feet, but is met by a boot to the gut and a sit-out facebuster. Kaylyn gets to her feet, and taunts the crowd, but “Not Without A Fight” by Pillar hits the speakers, and Roy Speede steps out on stage before proceeding down the ramp at a normal walking pace wearing his blue jeans and tee shirt. Kaylyn looks up in disbelief, shrugging it off as Roy walks around the ring to stand in front of the announcers’ table, a smirk on his face. She turns around as Aaron pushes off his knees and stands up.

Zach Davis: Level playing field now, both wrestlers to their feet, but what’s Roy Speede doing out here?

Shannan Lerch: He is Ashley’s insurance policy, Zach, why wouldn’t he be out here?

Miles swings another punch, but Kaylyn makes that almost trademark swift duck, and rolls him up this time for a pin, putting her feet on the second rope as she does so.

One... Two...

No! Roy ran over and pushed her feet off the ropes, and that made her break up the pin. She looks over at him with a look of confusion in her eyes as she gets to her feet, and the ref leans out of the ring, confronting him about his actions. As this happens, Miles gets back to his feet, and Kay reaches down, grabbing from in her wrestling boot a pair of brass knuckles. She slides them on her fist.

Zach Davis: Oh my, this could be catastrophic here!

Shannan Lerch: One way or another, it looks like this match is over!

Kaylyn swings that first of hers with the knuckles ready to cause pain, but Miles ducks it, and the force turns Kaylyn around. As she spins back around, Miles connects with The Cool Shot, just in time for the referee to turn around, and Miles pins.

One... Two... Three!

Miles raises his arms in victory as his television championship is returned to him, and he slides out of the ring, celebrating as he walks backward up the ramp, the title held proudly above his head. Speede grabs a microphone and steps into the ring, leaning down over her looking her in the face as he holds the microphone to his lips, starting to speak.

Roy Speede: Awww, poor Kaylyn! It looks like the big bad Perfect Ten couldn’t capture Number Three against Aaron Miles. Sorry to hear about that. Or maybe I’m not. Oh well! What I do know, is that it looks like you may have even been punished en-

He stops, caught by a boot to the face from Kaylyn. She gets to her feet, and the two stare one another down. Kaylyn swings first, but Speede ducks, and catches her with an elbow to the back. She throws him overhead with a snapmare, and pulls him up, before powering him down with the KY-Bomb. He lands hard, and falls to his back as Kaylyn grabs the microphone, leaning over him this time.

Kaylyn James Evans: Poor Kaylyn? It looks more like Poor Roy from here! What you don’t seem to get, Roy, is that your petty jealousy is the only thing keeping you on this conquest to punish me for something I haven’t even done wrong. You want to teach me a lesson? Fine, you try to teach me a lesson on the biggest stage the WCF has to offer. I’ll see you at One, kid.

She drops the microphone, letting it smash Roy in the face as she turns and rolls out of the ring, as Ashley walks behind, concerned, and angry at Kaylyn.

Seth Lerch Segment

The cameras cut backstage to the office of Seth Lerch. The owner of WCF is seated at his desk and after the camera is on him for a couple of seconds, he begins speaking.

Seth Lerch: The biggest PPV of the year here in WCF, One, is right upon us. It is mere weeks away and I am here tonight here in my office to announce one of the matches for the show. Last week I proclaimed the masked individual who attacked Oblivion as our new Hardcore champion.

After discussing this with him, I have decided that one of the matches at One will be for the WCF Hardcore title. Who will be his opponent? You will all find out next week on December 11th at our weekly Slam show when we have a hardcore battle royal to determine the number one contender for the WCF Hardcore title. Those of you who wish to be signed up for the hardcore battle royal need to see me before next week's show starts to be included.

One more announcement. Our new hardcore champion has announced that he will be unmasking after the battle royal next week! I can promise you that the identity of the masked man will shake WCF to its very core. Stay tuned!

The cameras cut back to the announcing team in preparation for the next match.

Ryan Blake vs Corey Black

Zach Davis: Hey Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: Yes Zach?

Zach Davis: Do you happen know what time it is?

Shannan Lerch: *sigh* Main Event time.

Zach Davis hops out of his chair and begins jumping up and down.


Shannan Lerch: Just once I'd like to work with a professional. Anyway, let's get to the action.

The lights dim and “Down and Out” by Tantric Pounds the P.A. system. A white fog rushes the stage. When the lyrics start, Ryan Blake walks on to the stage. The fans go crazy, some boo and some cheer. He rolls his neck, and begins to walk down the ramp. On his way down he gives some high fives to his fans. When he reaches the ring and slides in on his stomach. He comes to his feet and raises his arms, ready for the match to start.

Shannan Lerch: And here comes Ryan Blake, the man who at the UWA Supershow pinned Corey Black in the main event.

Zach Davis: It should however be pointed out that he lost his match at Aftermath against D-Day and Jonny Fly.

Shannan Lerch: Good point. However it was that win at the UWA Show that is the reasoning behind this match. Corey Black was irate and demanded it, and Blake was happy to oblige.

The lights in the venue suddenly cut to black as the familiar opening to "For Whom the Bell Tolls" plays. The crowd is jacked up and gets louder after every toll. After six tolls, there is silence. A solitary light hits the stage. Out from the back walk six men. These are big dudes, too. Vikings to be exact. Three stand on each side of the entrance. They're all carrying shields and swords, long hair, beards, legit looking vikings. "Locust" by Machine Head hits the PA system and the place explodes into cheers. The lights flash to the music as it chugs along. As soon as the lyrics kick in, Creeping Death emerges from the back. He's decked out in viking garb as well. Armor, shield, sword, and even a viking helm with face plate. Colorful lights now circle the night sky and through the crowd. CD marches down to the ring, all six vikings behind him in two single file lines. The crowd is going ba-fucking-nanas. As he reaches the ring, CD places his shield against the ring, and his sword by the steps. Creeping Death then drops the viking armor and furs off his body, and takes off the horned helm. CD rolls into the ring itself and sits in the far corner, waiting for the match to begin. As he does, the six vikings walk up and remain on the stage for the duration of the match.

Shannan Lerch: And here's Corey Black. And judging by the look on his face he's ready for a war tonight.

Zach Davis: That he does Shannan. But Black needs to keep control of his frustrations and keep focused on the task at hand, or Blake could sneak another victory.

Senior Referee Stanley Moser performs the customary patdown of the competitors, gives last minute instructions and then calls for the bell.


Shannan Lerch: And this match is officially underway! Both men come out of their corners and circle each other before moving in for the tie up. Black gets hold of an arm and spins it around into a hammerlock, but Blake is quick to hit an elbow before spinning around and applying a rear waist lock.

Zach Davis: Blake goes for a german suplex but Black expertly blocks it and throws his head back, smashing it into Blake's face. Black with a Pele kick from out of nowhere that drops Blake to the mat.

Shannan Lerch: Wow we've got fast paced action right out of the gate. Black now with a knee drop to the face and he goes for a quick pin attempt.



Zach Davis: And Blake quickly gets the shoulder up before two. Black pulls him up to his feet but Blake pushes him off and hits a standing dropkick from out of nowhere that sends Black into the corner. Blake rushes the corner and leaps up looking for a clothesline but Black ducks it.

Shannan Lerch: Blake is able to land with both feet on the second rope...BUT BLACK GRABS HIM BY THE BACK OF THE HEAD AND SLAMS HIM TO THE MAT! Wow, you could hear that impact from the nose bleed section.

Zach Davis: Black now climbing out onto the apron and up to the top turnbuckle. He leaps off looking to hit that double foot stomp...BUT BLAKE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Black's feet hit the mat and he does a forward roll away from Blake, but Blake is up to his feet and right on Black, hammering away with lefts and rights.

Shannan Lerch: And Ryan Blake is taking the fight right to Black, but I don't know if he wants to turn this into a boxing match. Corey Black is known the world over for his striking ability.

Zach Davis: That he is and he just proved it. Ducking a high kick from Blake, Black just nailed him in the back of the legs with a kick of his own. And now a second kick sends Blake to his knees. Those kicks are deadly Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: That they are Zach. Black now measuring Blake up for an enzuigiri...BUT BLAKE DUCKS IT! Blake had the enzuigiri scouted well.

Zach Davis: Blake now with the legs and it looks like he's trying to turn Black over for a Boston Crab.

Shannan Lerch: But the veteran Black counters it and rolls up Blake for the pin attempt.



Zach Davis: And again Blake kicks out of the pin attempt!

Shannan Lerch: Black up to his feet and he's got his eyes burning holes through the back of Ryan Blake's head as he watches him push himself up.

Zach Davis: Blake is up and Black is right on him with a forearm shot to the back. Black now hooks his fingers in Blake's mouth...AND HE HITS HARLEY QUINN'S SMILE! It's been ages since I've seen him break out that move.

Shannan Lerch: Black looks to be going for the pin...but he stops. What's this all about?

Zach Davis: I don't think Black is quite over being pinned yet?

Shannan Lerch: I think you're right. Black pulls Blake back up to his feet...he lifts him up....AND HITS A BURNING HAMMER! Black now with the pin attempt!




"Locust" by Machine Head hits as Black springs back up to his feet, arms raised in victory. He starts head banging along with the music as he walks around the ring, arms still raised, and the fans applaud. Blake rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp as Black watches him, a grin on his face. The show then fades to commercial as Black goes back to celebrating.

Torture's Return

The lights slowly dim and some intense music slowly fades in and the crowd begins to cheer. The jumbotron begins to go crazy with white noise and static is shown. The crowd begins to cheer louder. A heartbeat noise is now heard...

Zach Davis: Well... here we go..

Shannan Lerch: A lot of fans here, have been waiting for this moment..

Heartbeat gets faster...

The lights go out. The heartbeat stops. Crawl by Kings of Leon hits the airwaves. The sold out crowd goes apeshit crazy. A spotlight hits the top of the stage and smoke now appears. The song blasts through and the crowd can't sit down. It's absolutely, without a shadow of doubt, one of the biggest pops in WCF History.

Torture walks from behind the back and into the spotlight.. the crowd gets louder.



Torture stands on the top of the stage soaking it all in and he smiles from ear to ear. A tight black shirt with a red uppercase T sideways down the front and tight dark blue jeans wrap around his legs like a Christmas present. He walks down the ramp and does a 180 slowly looking at the crowd who is still cheering. He walks over to a group of fans who go smark-crazy and surround him as close as they can. A sign says "TORTURE DEVICE MY GRANDMA PLZ". Torture smiles and points at the sign and shrugs his shoulders in the camera. He continues down the ramp and onto the steps looking into the crowd where they once again go ape shit crazy.

Zach Davis: Wrestling Championship Federation fans love and hate him. It's something that just can't be explained.

Torture stands into the ring and bounces softly on it.. he looks down and back up at the crowd and murmurs "I got the chills.." and smiles before jogging to the corner ropes, standing up on the middle turnbuckle, and posing his arms out wide and grinning from ear to ear as the crowd gets louder and louder.. Torture steps back off and walks around the ring nodding his head up and down and running his mouth like he always does. The music slowly fades as a WCF staff member hands Torture a microphone. The crowd is still standing, flash bulbs are STILL going off, and Kings of Leon's Crawl has officially stopped playing. Torture stands in the middle of the ring and the sold out stadium is still cheering.

Shannan Lerch: I can't hear myself think right now!

Zach Davis: What did you sa-

Shannan Lerch: Exactly.

The crowd slowly dies down with the cheering and begins chanting "WEL-COME BACK! WEL-COME BACK! WEL-COME BACK! WEL-COME BACK!". Torture bends down, puts the microphone down on the mat and jogs over to the corner ropes once more and poses on the middle turnbuckle.. the chants stop, and the huge pop begins once more!

Zach Davis: He has them in the palm of his hands..

Shannan Lerch: Something every performer dreams of, and a few have ever achieved.

Torture picks up the microphone and the crowd begins another pop.

He walks around the ring a few times soaking it all in once more.. and he finally begins to speak..

Torture: So I've been watching at home lately.. and I must say.. Wrestling Championship Federation...

He pauses..

Torture: .. Needs me..

The crowd pops big time. Torture smiles and chuckles to himself. The crowd begins a chant.

"WCF NEEDS YOU!" clap clap clapclapclap. "WCF NEEDS YOU!" clap clap clapclapclap. "WCF NEEDS YOU!" clap clap clapclapclap. "WCF NEEDS YOU!" clap clap clapclapclap. "WCF NEEDS YOU!" clap clap clapclapclap. "WCF NEEDS YOU!" clap clap clapclapclap.

Torture: I must also say..

He pauses and looks around..

Torture: I.. need WCF too!

The crowd pops even bigger.


Zach Davis: A sold out crowd chanting Torture..

Shannan Lerch: Feels like old times, right?

Zach Davis: I can't lie, Shannan, It sure does feel great!

Torture: First thing first.. I have a whole new level of respect for D-Day.

He pauses..

Torture: I mean, come on, he kicked my ass and pinned me right here in this ring!

The crowd pops for D-Day as Torture smiles and has a good laugh to himself about it.

Torture: That's in the past, what's done is done, and I'm not going back.. so instead, I'm going forward and my god is there some work to be done here. For instance, where the hell is Mark Markman!?

Crowd goes insane. Torture smiles and begins speaking again.

Torture: Okay, okay, so let me get down to it, I'm sitting at home and I'm watching on the television, and I'm ordering the pay per views, and I'm getting on WCF Online dot com, and I'm reading dirtsheets, and I'm spreading gossip, and I'm on message boards, and whatever else I do as a fan boy now and I notice a few things that I didn't like. It started to get to me, I started getting annoyed. Now, at first, it wasn't a big deal, I let the comments pass, I figured it was nothing, I talked to my wife and got over it.. or well, I thought I did. Then it kept growing and growing. This small fire, that I thought was burned out last year, it was ignited again..

Crowd pops.

Torture: It started growing and finally after a few weeks it was the size of a forest fire and I was ready to snap. So I moved to training. I worked out for two days and realized I'm in the best shape of my life and so I stopped.

Crowd laughs with Torture.

Torture: Then I got on a plane and went to WCF's main offices in Philadelphia. Then I went to the top floor and there sat Seth Lerch.

Crowd pops.

Torture: I told him what I'm telling you now, the small fire, it's growing, I need to let it out, I told him I didn't like someone in WCF and that I want to kick his damn ass!

Crowd pops again.

Torture: So he signed me to a contract. Not just any kind of contract, a contract where I can do what I want, and when I want on my terms.. He told me WCF is my playground..

Crowd pops again. "THANK YOU, SETH! THANK YOU, SETH! THANK YOU, SETH! THANK YOU, SETH! THANK YOU, SETH!" begins to chant over the sold out arena. Torture paces the ring and begins to speak again.

Torture: So that brings us to current day! Where I stand in front of you, the best wrestling fans in the world!

Crowd pops.

Torture: And I'm here to tell you about a giant piece of *BLEEEP*..

Crowd pops big time!

Shannan Lerch: WHOA! HE CAN'T SAY THAT!

Zach Davis: HE JUST DID!

Torture: .. who thinks he runs this place! I'm talking about the biggest coward of them all. I'm talking about the biggest BITCH Wrestling Championship Federation has ever seen! This dude is a fake, this dude is a phony. He thinks he has respect out side the ring with his peers, he walks around with his gold belt as if he actually owns it, he actually thinks he's the best in the business.. I'm talking about that big bastard, Odin Balfore!

Crowd boos.

Torture: That giant bastard bitch walks around here and looks completely stupid. His raccoon and wings and other fairy lookin' stuff he has, then he walks down the ramp like a robot bitch..

Torture walks the ring like a robot with his arms out as if he was a zombie-robot.

Crowd laughs and eats it up.


Shannan Lerch: The crowd is chanting.. well.. you know..

Zach Davis: Only Torture can pull that off..

Torture: Once he gets into the ring, he stands here like a dumbass playing cat and mouse with his even dumber opponents, guys like Switches the Clown and Roy Speede..

Crowd laughs even more.

Torture: Wait a minute, wait a minute, I have to stop myself.. Roy Speede.. is not a guy.

Crowd laughs..

Torture: Roy Speede has got to be the biggest closet rainbow flag wavin' wrestler here!

Crowd pops.

Torture: But back to my point, so big robot bitch is here, and idiot jobbers are there, and the two do.. robot.. bitch things, and then the match is over and robot bitch holds up the World Heavyweight Championship..

Crowd boos.

Torture: And what I'm saying is..

Torture looks directly into the camera, turning off his comedic style and becoming a bit more serious..

Torture: I'm here to stop that.

The crowd cheers massively.

Torture: I've stopped Reckless Jack from boring millions of fans around the world with his crappy title reigns, I've stopped Slickie T from going to the top, I've stopped Logans wrestling career in the blink of an eye, and I certainly made sure Jay Price was never a house-hold name..

Crowd laughs at the Jay Price comment..

Torture: So I'll make damn sure Odin Balfore doesn't wear the Championship belt come January.. so I want everyone to get out their cameras.. and press record, send out a tweet, update your status, do whatever it is you do on Google Plus, and for the boys in the back, listen up.. because I'm back!

Crowd pops..

Torture: And I'll see you at One!

Crowd pops as Torture puts down his arm and soaks in all the cheers.

Torture: And one more thing, someone tell that douchebag Jay Price to grow a pair.

Torture drops the microphone and goes to the corner and taunts on the ropes as the crowd goes wild. Kings of Leon hits the airwaves..

Shannan Lerch: Torture is going to be at One?

Zach Davis: What does he mean he's back!?

Shannan Lerch: He just completely flipped Wrestling Championship Federation upside down!

Torture stands on the other side of the ropes as Sunday Night Slam fades off the air.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro
Tek vs Night Rider vs Jam Willy Jesus
Switches the Clown Segment
TV Title Contendership: Buzzsaw Bundy vs Vic vs Jonny Fly vs Switches
Ashley/D-Day Segment
The New Confederacy vs FTW
Night Rider Segment
TV Title: Kaylyn James Evans vs Aaron Miles
Seth Lerch Segment
Ryan Blake vs Corey Black
Torture's Return


Of The Week

TV Title Contender
Evans vs Miles



Odin Balfore
Aaron Miles