Slam Intro

Drunk and Crazy hits and Slam is on the air! There are some fans that are actually chanting "clusterfuck!" We go to Zach and Shannan.

Zach Davis: Well fans, its finally here! The Trios Cup Tournament begins!

Shannan Lerch: We have sixteen teams competing here tonight on this historic episode of Slam. This tournament will conclude at the Arena Mexico at our new PPV, Asesinato De Mayo.

Zach Davis: What a main event we've got. The team of Gravedigger, Sarah Twilight and Ayria Adams are taking on Oblivion, Zombie McMorris, and.. FAMINE OF THE VILE.

Shannan Lerch: That's right. Sarah Twilight has the chance to get back at Famine for the weeks of attacks and whatnot, I can't wait to see it.

Zach Davis: We have some other.. bizarre teams.. however. I don't know what is going to happen with this but Jay Price and Greenfever had decided to team with Odin Balfore, but now, uh. Greenfever is dead, again. I think.

Shannan Lerch: Greenfever had been inhabiting the body of Switches the Clown, who was blown up in his match against Kid Phantasm. Jay Price is probably in a drunken stupor after losing the belt back to Fly. Could El Taco De Genial, Timmy Timmons, and Yoo Dun Fukt Uhp pull an upset and defeat this powerhouse team?

Zach Davis: God, I hope not. FPV, NvL and Jeff Purse are teaming up.. when really they should be seeing a support group together. We need to find out Jeff Purse's middle name so we can call him by his three initials too.

Shannan Lerch: We've been expecting this for a while but Gein Spector and Benjamin Atreyu, the Hardcore and US Champs respectively, are teaming up. They've added Lisa Lyon to their team as their third. I bet they'll go far, but we don't know much about Lyon.. we'll find out tonight!

Zach Davis: Big competitive match... the new World Champ, Jonny Fly, is teaming with the new People's Champ, Kid Phantasm, and his girlfriend Nightmare.. to take on Doc Henry, Waylon Cash, and Nic Daniels. I don't know if those three will get along great, but they're three people that will do anything to win. So maybe.

Shannan Lerch: Henry is lucky to be alive. After that hellacious match with Reb, who knows if he'll even be able to compete?

Zach Davis: Reb is in action as well, actually, teaming with Evans and Sakazaki. Again, if he'll even be in any condition to compete.. both Reb and Henry are lucky to have their jobs. They're taking on Tek, Eric Price, and Joel Hall.

Shannan Lerch: Actually, Hall fought in a crazy three stages of hell match.. no one is going into this 100%!

Zach Davis: Adam Young is back in action, in the team of Parental Advisory. They're facing Ana Valentine, Devon D'Andre, and Ryan Elias. Elias may not be happy about being thrown together with two other people who aren't in The Business.

Shannan Lerch: I'm sure he's not, Zach!

Zach Davis: Speaking of The Business, in our opener, Domestik Disturbance teams with Al Envy to take on Steve Orbit, Jonathan Jakobs and GEKIDO. Orbit and Jakobs were able to defeat The Business in what could have been considered an upset at Aftermath.. can the Business get revenge?

Shannan Lerch: Let's find out!

Jonny Fly Segment

The lights in the arena fade out. After a few suspense filled seconds the words ‘The Dynasty’ appear in bold italic lettering on the jumbotron as the beginning of “Requiem for a Tower” begins to play. A single spotlight turns on and illuminates the silhouette of a man standing on the stage. As the song hits the 50 second mark and the music picks up the lights come on revealing Jonny Fly.

Shannan Lerch: There’s the World Champion!

Zach Davis: In an absolute incredible battle, Fly forced Jay Price to tap out at Aftermath to regain his World Title. I wonder what he has in store for us tonight?

Fly stands with the WCF World Heavyweight Championship around his waist and his eyes directly fixed on the ring. He stands motionless on the stage as the jumbotron changes to the words ‘This is the Era of Jonny Fly.’ The music slows down and a barrage of fireworks begins to go off behind him. Slowly and deliberately he begins to make his way toward the ring. The music picks up one last time and Fly stops at the bottom of the ramp with his eyes still directly fixed on the ring. He cracks his trademark arrogant smirk causing another negative reaction from the crowd before sliding into the ring and asking for a microphone. The crowd boos Fly, but silences as he holds his hands.

Jonny Fly: I know, I know, you all hate me. I get it, actually, I do.

The booing continues. Fly waits for them to subside.

Jonny Fly: I’m out here right now to make it up to you. As you all know, Seth Lerch isn’t with us tonight. I’m not sure how you feel about all of that, but, the point is that nobody is in charge here tonight. It’s a free for all, and who better to take charge…than me?

There’s a mixed reaction from the crowd, as Lerch himself isn’t well liked.

Shannan Lerch: Jonny Fly is our leader!? YES!

Jonny Fly: I’d urge anyone who has a problem with that to come down here to this ring and make their presence known.

Fly tucks the microphone to his side and waits. Nobody comes. The cheering from the crowd begins to pick up.

Jonny Fly: That’s what I thought. I’m going to do something tonight that Seth Lerch has never done. Week after week you guys buy into Seth’s product, his wrestlers, and most importantly, him. Has Seth ever given anything back to you all? Has he?

Zach Davis: What the hell is Fly doing?

Jonny Fly: I’ve taken it upon myself to show each and every one of you how much I appreciate your support of the Wrestling Championship Federation. Moments from now your section ushers will begin distributing an envelope to each and every one of you. The envelope will contain, for each and every one of you in the audience today, two tickets to this month’s PPV supershow, Asesinato De Mayo, with a voucher for FREE round trip airfare on my dime! You’re all going to Mexico City, baby!

The crowd explodes into cheers! Chants of Jonny Fly! Jonny Fly! ring out from all corners of the WCF arena.

Shannan Lerch: Jonny Fly just sent the entire audience to Asesinato De Mayo!

Zach Davis: Holy shit! What the hell has gotten into him?!

Fly waits for the chants to die down before he continues.

Jonny Fly: Thank you, thank you very much. I appreciate your support. As you all know, today we begin the Trios Cup Tournament, and you also know that the finals of the tournament will be at Mexico City during Asesinato De Mayo. I’ll be there, with my team, The Unstable Elements, there isn’t any doubt in my mind. We’ll appreciate having all of you there for your support.

The crowd explodes once more in cheers. Ushers across the arena are passing out envelopes to the rows and rows of the sold out crowd. Fly looks around the stadium and nods approvingly.

Jonny Fly: Alright, let’s get this tournament started!

Fly tosses the microphone to the mat as the crowd gives him a standing ovation. Fly takes in the reaction before sliding out of the ring. He slaps hands with the fans as he makes his way up the ramp onto the stage. On the stage Fly stops and poses one more time for the fans as they continue to applaud for him. Fly disappears behind the curtain.

Zach Davis: This night is already starting out bizarre, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: I’ve been telling people for a long time that Fly is actually a really good guy.

Zach Davis: I don’t believe it, not at all. This is a complete one-eighty from everything we’ve ever seen from this guy. He’s nothing more than a thug and a criminal.

Shannan Lerch: Deal with it, Zach. The fans love him! I love him! Everyone loves him! He’s Jonny Fly, baby!

Zach Davis: Whatever.

Domestik Disturbance/Al Envy vs Steve Orbit/Jonathan Jakobs/GEKIDO

We come back to Slam and all six competitors are already in the ring. Al Envy is starting for his team, and GEKIDO is arguing with Jakobs and Orbit over who will start for his team.

Zach Davis: This week we've seen Jakobs and Orbit appear to have some amount of respect for GEKIDO, but... GEKIDO clearly has respect for no one.

Eventually Envy gets tired of waiting for them to decide and runs at them, attacking GEKIDO, and making him the default legal man to start the match. The ref calls for the bell as Orbit and Jakobs climb onto the apron. Envy hits GEKIDO in the back several times before throwing him to the ropes, but GEKIDO reverses it. Envy comes back and GEKIDO hits him with a big Dropkick. Envy gets back up and GEKIDO catches him with a Double Arm Spike DDT!

Shannan Lerch: Say it, Zach.

Zach Davis: OOF!

GEKIDO pins Envy, going for a quick pin. But Envy kicks out. GEKIDO stands and stomps Envy several times. He then climbs to the top and waits for Envy to stand up.... and flies off with a Missile Dropkick! Envy hits the mat, rolls, gets to his feet and finds himself in GEKIDO's corner. Jakobs and Orbit grab him and hold him, allowing GEKIDO to approach him and hit him with several knife edge chops. Over, and over, and over. Chop chop chop. Envy's chest is fire engine red by the time GEKIDO is done.

Shannan Lerch: Ouch.

Despite their help, GEKIDO flips Jakobs and Orbit off before grabbing Envy and going for the Death To All Comers!-

Zach Davis: This could be it!

But Envy slides behind GEKIDO and hits a huge German Suplex!

Shannan Lerch: Envy with a big counter! Can The Business get back into this!?

GEKIDO gets back to his feet, says "fuck this" and tags Jakobs into the ring, telling him to get him. Jakobs raises an annoyed eyebrow at GEKIDO before entering the match.

Zach Davis: ...GEKIDO is not a team player.

But Envy has just tagged in Styles. Styles and Jakobs meet in the middle of the ring and begin trading blows before Jakobs throws Styles to the ropes and then hits a stiff kick to the gut as he comes back. Jakobs hits Styles with a Gutwrench Powerbomb into pin!



No, Valentyne hits the ring and breaks it up. Valentyne quickly picks Jakobs up and he and Styles hit a Double DDT!

Shannan Lerch: Good teamwork or cheating? You decide!

Styles pins Jakobs.



No!, Jakobs kicks out. Styles goes to pick him up but Jakobs hits him with a Jawbreaker before rolling away and tagging in Orbit. Orbit Springboards over the ropes and hits Styles with a Dropkick, causing Styles to fly back. Valentyne tags himself in. Valentyne goes for a Clothesline but Orbit ducks it and DDTs Valentyne to the mat!

Zach Davis: How wrestlers live to be even fifty while getting their heads continuously spiked to the mat is beyond me.

Orbit stands up and stomps away at Valentyne briefly before putting him in a Boston Crab.

Shannan Lerch: If I know Hunter Valentyne... I highly doubt he is going to tap out.

And, indeed, Valentyne fights the urge to tap with everything he has. He crawls towards the ropes, slowly but surely. Eventually Envy drops to the floor and then reaches in, grabs Valentyne's arm and pulls him all the way to the ropes to cause the rope break. The ref instructs Orbit to release the hold, which he does, but then complains to the ref about Envy's interference. This allows Valentyne to tag Styles back in. The two spin Orbit around and hit a Double Reverse Russian Legsweep!

Zach Davis: Another double team move from Domestik Disturbance! Could this be it?

Styles pins Orbit, hooking the leg.



No, Jakobs breaks it up! Jakobs then grabs Styles and hits the Skull Crushing Finale!

Shannan Lerch: Oh damn!

Jakobs pulls Orbit over to his corner before climbing back onto the apron so Orbit can make the tag. GEKIDO taps his foot, waiting to be tagged in. But Orbit tags in Jakobs instead.

Zach Davis: Apparently Orbit and Jakobs didn't appreciate GEKIDO's jackassery earlier in the match.

Jakobs enters the match with a head of steam just as Styles has tagged Valentyne back in. Valentyne and Jakobs begin brawling, Valentyne goes for a Clothesline, Jakobs ducks it and goes for a German Suplex!, Valentyne lands on his feet and Chop Blocks Jakobs. Jakobs clutches his leg and goes down to the mat. Jakobs stumbles up and Valentyne hits him with a Top Wristlock Sweep.

Shannan Lerch: Controversy!

Valentyne tags Styles back in. Styles climbs to the top rope as Valentyne lifts Jakobs up onto his shoulders.. they hit the Contact High!

Zach Davis: THEY HIT IT!

Styles pins Jakobs, hooking the leg!


GEKIDO goes to enter the ring..


GEKIDO flips seemingly everybody in the ring off.


Shannan Lerch: The Business picks up the win and advances in the tournament!

The Business' music plays as Valentyne helps Styles to his feet. Envy joins them in the ring to get their arms raised. GEKIDO shakes his head, apparently unimpressed with his partners.

Zach Davis: GEKIDO, you jerk! You could've broken up the pin!

Shannan Lerch: I don't think GEKIDO likes his partners very much, Zach.

Orbit enters the ring, still hurt from that double team move earlier, and asks GEKIDO what the hell that was about. GEKIDO grabs him and hits the Death To All Comers!

Zach Davis: COME ON! Was that necessary?!

The Business have left the ring and they're watching what just happened, laughing. GEKIDO then leaves the ring, leaving his two former partners on the mat, in pain.

Parental Advisory vs Ana Valentine/Devon D'Andre/Ryan Elias

Valentine, D'Andre, and Elias are all in the ring.

Kyle Steel: Introducing next, the most hated man in professional wrestling.. ADAM YOUNG, AND PARENTAL ADVISORY!

"Perfect Strangers" by Deep Purple starts playing as a huge Parental Advisory pops up on the WCFtron as green and red lights fly across the arena. Smoke fills the entranceway as Boss steps out in a grey pinstripe suit. Right behind him is Bo Young and Bong. They step aside and out walks Adam Young and the crowd beigins the chants of "BTJ". They walk towards the crowd with a mixture of boos and chants of BTJ. They climb into the ring and huge bursts of white pyro go off from all four turnbuckles.

Zach Davis: The fans have been positively clamoring for Adam Young, Shannan. There have been petitions to bring him back, letters to the President, and now the fans have gotten what they wanted!

Adam Young starts the match, and Elias insists on starting for his team.

Shannan Lerch: Ryan Elias is a Business member, I'm sure he's not a fan of Parental Advisory at all.

Elias runs at Young, but Young ducks away and kicks Elias in the gut. He DDTs him to the mat.

Zach Davis: Big move by Young to start us off, he just spiked Ryan's head! Ouch.

Elias rolls away and tags in Valentine. She marches towards Young, who pulls ten dollars out of his wrestling gear and asks her in no uncertain terms to perform a sexual act for it.

Shannan Lerch: ..whoa.

Valentine slaps the taste right out of Young's mouth! He stumbles over to his corner and tags in Bo Young. Bo comes in and runs at Valentine, but Valentine hits him with a Dropkick! Bo gets back up and Valentine follows up with a Cutter!

Crowd: BANG!

Valentine tags in D'Andre. He climbs to the top.

Zach Davis: He's looking to end this!

He flies off with a Twisting 450 Splash, his Revenant Wings!, but Bo Young rolls away in the nick of time! Devon crashes into the mat. Young tags his brother back in, who grabs Devon and hits a Full Nelson Front Slam!

Shannan Lerch: Vanity Killer!

Young then runs to the turnbuckle and jumps up, going for the best Moonsault ever, the Thriller! He hits it!




Zach Davis: Annddd the Big Time Jerks - er, I mean - Parental Advisory advances!

Shannan Lerch: They'll face The Business next week, what a match!

The Youngs get their arms raised in victory as we go to commercial.

Johnny Reb/Chad Evans/Kira Sakazaki vs Tek/Eric Price/Joel Hall

Zach Davis: With the Trios Cup Tournament in full swing, it seems right now the ring is being decorated with Black and Gold ropes and some rather fancy carpeting is being put in.

Shannan Lerch: Well, the rumor going around is that Eric Price has a celebration planned tonight with what happened at Aftermath!

Zach Davis: A celebration? After that atrocity? I’d say he has a lot of questions to answer tonight!

"Back In Black” by AC/DC begins to play as white and gold lights begin to flash.

Zach Davis: This is different. Maybe it’s not who we were expecting?

After a few moments of pause, Eric Price steps through the curtain, wearing a dark brown sport coat with a black shirt, tie, and pants along with sunglasses on with a huge smile on his face.

Shannan Lerch: What did I tell you?

Zach Davis: Guess you were right. He sure seems proud of himself as he’s walking down the ramp. I certainly hope we get some answers here tonight from Eric about what happened at Aftermath.

Shannan Lerch: You have to wonder who was in on it or was it even planned or was it an accident?

Zach Davis: Overwhelming boos as the audience believes it was all planned; look at Eric Price, he climbs to the top rope in the ring and raises his hand and smiles, so proud of himself.

Shannan Lerch: Certainly very confident here tonight. Let’s see what he has to say as the question has been asked all week, look at that sign, it says it well “Why Eric, why?”

Eric asks for a microphone as he stands in the center of the ring with a huge smile on his face.

Eric Price: Well …

Zach Davis: Listen to that chant.

Crowd: Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!

Eric Price: Ahem ahem!

Shannan Lerch: And this audience is really letting their feelings be heard tonight.

Eric Price: Before I was so rudely interrupted, I was saying … I told you so! Hahaha!!!

Zach Davis: He almost seems to be reveling in the boos.

Eric Price: That’s right, at Aftermath, I did what none of you believed I could do, what no one in the back believed I could, what a lot of people bet against that night, I beat Nic Daniels in the middle of this ring! And what’s more, I beat Nic Daniels in the middle of this ring not only decisively, but by making him quit to a sharpshooter in what was a no doubt a great match, a classic!

Crowd: Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!

Zach Davis: You have to agree with them because that victory was anything but decisive!

Eric Price: You can chant all you want, the fact of the matter, in the record books, the almanacs of the world, the encyclopedias, newspapers, magazine covers, the fact is I made Nic Daniels tap out just like I said I would! And it was wonderful, it was great, when I had Nic in that hold, I could hear him writhing in pain, screaming in agony begging me to let go and I just clenched that submission even more until he just couldn’t take it anymore and finally gave up and quit; dare I say, it felt almost orgasmic!

Shannan Lerch: Certainly very proud of himself with what he did.

Eric Price: Now, I’m not deaf and I’m certainly not oblivious to news or rumor mills. I’ve heard from many people, a certain dispute of the victory, some are calling it tainted, they’re saying that the victory simply should not count because it was obtained dubiously. And I just don’t understand where that mentality is coming from. The fact is I went back and watched the footage to see just what was so illegitimate about it but I saw nothing wrong with that match ending whatsoever. In fact, to quell the audience, I’ve decided to play the footage back of how the match ended to put the controversy to an end once and for all. So let’s play that footage back right now! Roll it!

The screen shows footage of the ending of the match as Eric narrates it.

Eric Price: See, there I am. I have Nic Daniels clearly in a sharpshooter and you can see him writhing in pain. The ref was knocked out but look, here comes another referee. Now, look at this, the ref rings the bell and you don’t see Nic tap out. Okay, now, let’s rewind a bit to when the ref comes in, pause it right there. Now, before this rolls, I’ve had the sound enhanced so you can hear exactly what Nic says here because this is the key point in the match. Roll the footage with the enhanced sound.

The footage starts rolling as Eric narrates it and an audible “I quit, I quit” is heard except it’s not Nic’s voice but someone who sounds like him.

Eric Price: Now, you can distinctly see me gripping him in that sharpshooter and audibly, you hear an “I quit, I quit”. Let’s play it back one more time and listen people, listen!

Crowd: Bullshit! Bullshit!

Zach Davis: Crowd isn’t buying it.

Eric Price: Watch it again and listen, you hear that. Nic audibly and loudly said “I quit, I quit”. Although true he did not tap out, the fact is he quit. The ref heard that and promptly ended the match and gave me the victory because I earned it after Nic did in fact quit at the end because he couldn’t take the pain anymore!

Zach Davis: That’s obviously doctored footage!

Shannan Lerch: You don’t know that. I distinctly heard “I quit, I quit”.

Zach Davis: Oh please!

Eric Price: But then, what happened after that? Let’s watch that footage. And look here, Nic tries to assault me, letting his temper and street mentality get the best of him but then he takes out his frustration on the referee, simply because he couldn’t beat me! Now, I wanted to get this explanation out there because I was sick of hearing all these false accusations that there was some type of abuse of power and bad officiating in the match, the ref clearly did his job by ending the match when Nic yelled out that he quit. Who’s the soft one now, Nic? Huh, who’s the soft one now?!

Crowd: You’re a loser! You’re a loser! You’re a loser!

Eric Price: You know what? I see some signs and have read some comments that say “Why Eric, why?” You people want to know why, you really want to know why I did what I did? You know what, you should ask yourselves why. You should ask yourselves what you did to push me to this.

Zach Davis: What they did? What is he talking about?

Shannan Lerch: Let’s hear him out. So far he’s made good points tonight.

Zach Davis: Are you serious?

Eric Price: When I came back, I felt triumphant in my return helping my friends. I tried to be a good guy, to please everyone, to do what I thought every single one of you wanted me to do. What did I get for it? Nothing. Not a damn thing! Not recognition, not respect, not appreciation, absolutely nothing! Explosion rolls around and Nic decides to punt me in the skull! I thought to myself “damn this son of a bitch wants a fight, he’s going to get it” yet, I continued to follow the rules and do everything by the book and then something started happening. I started listening to your reactions and I noticed that you were cheering for Nic instead of me! Despite the fact that he’s a traitor, a liar, a piece of trash, you cheered him to turning against me! And I couldn’t understand it, you stood behind a pill popping, beer swilling thug who is a known liar instead of an honest, virtuous individual who simply tried to defend himself. The fact of the matter is you people brought this upon yourselves! I tried to be nice, I tried to do everything you wanted me to do and it got me absolutely nothing!

Eric Price: I didn’t change, it’s you people that decided to turn on me by not supporting me when I was betrayed. The only liars and traitors here are all of you! Let’s face facts, it takes a strong and intelligent man to stand behind his convictions and I have done just that while all of you simply find the next bandwagon to which to attach yourselves. You’re lost and with your mental deficiencies, it’s no wonder that you simply have no morals, no ethics! So no, don’t blame me for what happened at Aftermath. Don’t blame me for simply showing you the truth, you can blame yourselves! From now on just to make it clear, anything and everything that I do, I do it for me! I’m through doing things for you leeches. You try to live your lives vicariously through me, hoping to one day reach a level of glory that for me is a reality but for you is only a fantasy. You people aren’t going to sponge off of me anymore! And you can thank yourselves for it! When I tried to be Mr. Goody Two shoes, you people didn’t pay a lick of attention to me, you didn’t care about me and now that I decide to think for myself and not be a mindless puppet like all of you, you’re all up in arms about what a terrible human being I am. Quit judging me and putting yourselves on some moral high horse like you’re all perfect! Or as has been said many times in the past, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

Eric stands there waiting with his eyes closed and his arms stretched out.

Zach Davis: What a confident son of a bitch!

Shannan Lerch: You should watch it, he could come down here and beat you up for all you know.

Zach Davis: The crowd is showering him with boos but nothing is being thrown into the ring.

Eric Price smiles.

Eric Price: Just like I thought, you’re all a bunch of hypocrites! The fact is none of you are perfect yet you want to sit in judgment of me, that’s fine, do as you wish, just know that you’re simply lying to yourselves! Now Nic, back to our match, I suppose you’re probably back there thinking that…

Zach Davis: Oh, wait a minute!

The lights go dark as “My Name” by Eminem ft. Xzibit starts playing through the speakers and Eric stops speaking and starts looking up at the stage.

Zach Davis: Looks like Nic has had enough and he’s coming out here.

Shannan Lerch: Why is he interrupting him when it was just getting good!

Eric Price: Come on Nic, where are you? Come on out here!

Zach Davis: Looks like Eric is loosening his tie and the sunglasses are off; he’s ready to fight Nic here but where is he?

Shannan Lerch: Is he too scared to face Eric Price after quitting at Aftermath?

Eric Price: What’s the matter, are you chicken?!

As the music continues to play and Eric is looking toward the stage, the audience begins to cheer as Nic comes from the crowd, from behind.

Zach Davis: Oh wait a minute, what is this? Nic just gave Eric a belly to belly suplex!

Shannan Lerch: Oh, why is he attacking him?

Crowd: Let’s go Nic! Let’s go Nic! Let’s go Nic!

Zach Davis: And now, looks like Nic is trying to set him up for, yes folks, the Verdict, and, oh wait, looks like Eric manages to slide out of it. And now, he’s quickly running out of the ring as Nic runs toward the ropes. Looks like he’s asking for a microphone as Eric is all the way to the top of the ramp, he doesn’t want anything to do with Nic Daniels here tonight!

Nic Daniels: That was some stunt you pulled at Aftermath. I don’t know how you managed to get a crooked referee in there but we all know that was not a legitimate win. Yeah, you can shake your head all you want, you know I’m right! So why am I out here you may be wondering? Simple, rematch! I want a rematch, Sunday, May 27th, Asesinato de Mayo, you and me, one on one in this ring! And just to avoid any shady officiating or any doubt of the victory, let’s make it, hmm … let’s make it a Last Man Standing match!

Zach Davis: Wow, a last man standing match! Nic Daniels vs Eric Price at Asesinato De Mayo? That would be a hell of an encounter.

Shannan Lerch: Let’s see what Eric has to say about this because it would certainly be a great match!

Eric is handed a mic at the top of the ramp.

Eric Price: Rematch, huh? You want a rematch against me? And you want it in a Last Man Standing match? Let me think about it for a moment. (pause) Hmm…nah.

Zach Davis: Nah? Nah? What the hell is Nah?

Shannan Lerch: I’m sure Eric has his reasons.

Eric Price: You see, you don’t want any more of this. You don’t want to have to deal with me again because the result will be the same, I will beat you and humiliate you again. I already beat you at Aftermath and you don’t need me to beat you again.

Nic Daniels: So you’re a chicken*beep*?

Crowd: Chickenshit, chickenshit, chickenshit!

Shannan Lerch: Now wait a minute?!

Zach Davis: This crowd may have a point!

Shannan Lerch: How disrespectful!

Eric Price: Well, when you put it like that … the answer … is still NO! You don’t deserve a rematch. I already beat you and have nothing left to prove to you so you take your rematch and shove it you no good mother(beep) (beep), piece of (beep) (beep)!

Shannan Lerch: Can he say that on television?

Nic Daniels: I’m sorry, I can’t hear you as we’ve got a capacity crowd here calling you a chicken*beep*.

Crowd: Chickenshit, chickenshit, chickenshit!

Eric Price: Shut up!

Zach Davis: Somehow, I doubt that will be effective.

Eric Price: Just for the record, just for the record, the only reason I don’t come to that ring right now and beat the living hell out of you is because I’m dressed in a suit right now and don’t want to mess it up completely and waste this $5000 suit on you. And as far as the rematch goes, the answer is no simply because you’re just not worth it!

“Back In Black” by AC/DC starts playing as Eric Price smiles and walks to the back as Nic Daniels is left in the ring with a look of fury on his face as he did not get what he wants.

Zach Davis: Well, Nic just asked him for a rematch and looks like Eric Price is chickening out of the match and wants nothing to do with him.

Shannan Lerch: Why should he humor him with a rematch. He has nothing left to prove to Nic, he already beat him decisively at Aftermath, what would be the point of a rematch. You heard him, Nic just isn’t worth it to him.

Zach Davis: Nevertheless, I don’t think Nic will give up that easily. He was screwed at Aftermath out of a victory and I’m sure he’s looking for revenge. He came looking for revenge tonight and I see this rematch as bound to happen sooner rather than later.

Shannan Lerch: Your opinion.

Zach Davis: Not only my opinion but the audience would certainly love to see the rematch and we may finally be able to see who the better of these two men is!

We go back to the show and Tek and Joel Hall have entered the ring as well.

Zach Davis: First round Trios Cup action here as the team of Tek, Eric Price and Joel Hall take on the returning Big Dick Superstars!

Shannan Lerch: I'm excited for the Big Dicks. I love the Big Dicks!

The opening strains of "Today I Woke To The Rain Of Blood" by Combichrist filter through the PA system. The standard arena lighting is replaced by a flickering strobe effect that fills the arena as the music picks up with a thumping bass beat. The entrance way is illuminated by a green neon glow and the first one out from the back is King Jimmy Dean! King Jimmy draws a loud cheer from the crowd as he holds his gold and diamond scepter high in the air, ready for action. The cheers grow louder as Johnny Reb, Chad Evans and Kira Sakazaki appear atop the ramp, taking their place next to Jimmy. The quartet of Big Dick Superstars triumphantly raise their arms into the air and then gesture thusly toward their crotches, sending the thousands of females in attendance into a collective squeal of orgasmic bliss that temporarily drowns out the music.

Jimmy leads his troops down to the ring and walks up the ring steps to the apron. Jimmy smiles and waves out to the fans, while the Big Dicks hop onto the apron and flip over the top rope in unison. Jimmy climbs through the ropes and each man takes a corner of the ring, climbing onto the turnbuckles and signaling to the fans that it's time for some Big Dick Action!

Shannan Lerch: Yes! Yes! It's time for some Big Dick Action!

Zach Davis: That looked like quite a powerful orgasm you just had, Shannan. You look kinda flush, too.

Shannan Lerch: Crap, I lost an earring!

Zach Davis: Well yeah, you were shaking pretty hard.

Referee Niblets von Goosenberry has been summoned to oversee the action. He ushers both teams to their respective corners and Joel Hall opts to start for his team while Kira starts for the BDS.


Hall comes out aggressively with a flurry of strikes but Kira manages to evade them with agile head and foot movement. Kira throws a quick kick and Hall catches his foot and hits a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Kira kips up to his feet and drills Joel with a dropkick that sends Hall into the corner. Kira charges and hits a Handpalm Punch followed by a Judo Hip Throw that flips Hall out to mid-ring, but Hall lands on his feet! Kira charges and Joel counters with a Bicycle Kick to the face. Joel follows up with an Elbow smash and repeated Knee strikes. Kira gets back to his feet, ducks an Enzuigiri attempt by Hall and hits a Shining Wizard! Kira makes the tag to Reb, who flies off the top rope with a Double Axehandle while Kira holds Hall in place. Kira climbs out to the apron and Reb goes to work on Hall with stiff chops across the throat and chest, backing Hall into the turnbuckles. Reb lands a few solid punches and whips Hall into the far corner. Hall hits the buckles hard and shimmies out to mid-ring, where Reb hits a double kneelift and a Facebreaker DDT.

Zach Davis: Good work early on here by the Big Dicks! Hall needs to make the tag if he gets close to his corner, but Reb is doing a good job of cutting off the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Reb is one of the most decorated tag team competitors in WCF history, so he knows how to play that game.

Reb leaps off the top rope and flattens Hall with a Moonsault. Reb pins. Hall kicks out at two. Reb goes right back to work with hard kicks to the ribs of Joel Hall, further wearing him down. Hall looks toward his corner and sees both Tek and Eric Price calling out to him for the tag. Hall suddenly flurries with repeated elbow strikes to the chest that stun Reb. Reb quickly counters though with open palm strikes and a dropkick to the face that staggers Hall backwards into the ropes. Reb springboards from the adjacent ropes and flips Hall to the canvas with a Hurricanrana, then cradles for the pin. Hall kicks out after two. Hall bounds to his feet and hits a desperate Jumping Kick that finds its mark, backing Reb into the corner. Hall rolls forward on the mat and tags Tek into the match. Tek comes in like a house of fire and hits a Flying Skytwister Face Kick on Reb. Tek follows with a Standing 450 Splash and hooks the leg. Reb kicks out at two. Reb regains his bearings and drills Tek in the gut with repeated shoulder strikes. Reb climbs out to the apron, springboards off the top rope and plants Tek with a bulldog. Reb pins. The ref's count reaches two before Tek gets his shoulder up.

Zach Davis: I thought Reb might've had him that time!

Shannan Lerch: Tek is a feisty competitor, Zach. He's had some losses, but he's not going to quit. Reb needs to do more to put him away.

Reb pulls Tek up by his hair and lands some stiff forearm strikes to the face. Reb drags Tek over to the BDS corner of the ring and tags Chad Evans into the match. Reb whips Tek into the ropes, Tek bounces off and gets drilled in the head with roundhouse kicks by Chad and Johnny!

Zach Davis: Gettin' Head! The Big Dick Superstars just got head from Tek!

Shannan Lerch: Zach, you are nasty.

Zach Davis: That's what my mom says!

Chad sprawls on top of Tek and lands a barrage of hammer fists to the noggin while Reb climbs out to the apron. Tek covers up on the mat to avoid the strikes from Evans, so Chad pulls Tek up and hits an Implant DDT right in the middle of the ring. Tek is in obvious pain as he grabs at his head and writhes about on the mat. In the blink of an eye Chad bolts to the corner, goes up for a split-legged moonsault and hits it on Tek. Chad pins. One, two, thr--Tek kicks out! Chad gets to his feet and pulls Tek up with him. Evans abruptly throws Tek into the corner at Eric Price's feet.

Zach Davis: It looks like Chad is done playing with Tek! He wants a piece of Eric Price!

Shannan Lerch: Price just tagged in! It looks like Chad is going to get his wish.

Chad and Eric lock up with an old-fashioned collar and elbow. The larger Price gets the advantage and wrangles Chad into a headlock. Evans backs himself and Eric into the ropes and shoves Price off of him, sending Price into the opposite side of the ring. Eric rebounds and eats a leg lariat from Evans. Both men get back up and Chad attacks with rapidfire kicks to Price's midsection. Price eats a dozen of the hard kicks before finally catching Chad's foot. Undeterred, Chad leaps up and cracks Eric in the back of the head with an Enzuigiri. Chad runs toward the ropes and springboards off with a Lionsault, but Price gets his knees up and catches Chad in the ribs. Eric quickly goes on the attack and plants Chad with an Inverted Face Lock Neckbreaker. Price pins. Chad kicks out at two. Chad is up to his feet but he turns around right into an Olympic Slam from Price! Eric pins again and Chad kicks out at two-and-a-half.

Zach Davis: Eric Price is taking it to the Chad Dogg! That would be quite a feather in Price's cap if he could pin the former World Champion.

Shannan Lerch: It would also be a major shocker.

Price whips Evans into the corner and then stomps Chad repeatedly. Chad is slumped against the turnbuckles as he takes one last stomp to the gut and then rolls to the mat. Price grabs Chad around the neck, pulls him out to mid-ring and plasters him with a nasty Inverted DDT before making the pin.

NvG: ONE...



Chad fight back to a vertical base as Eric tries to subdue him with punches. Eric tries for the low blow right to Chad's Big Dick, but Chad blocks it and makes Eric pay with a flurry of Muay Thai knees to the face. Eric can barely remain standing from the impact of the knees and Chad finally puts him down with a Discus elbow smash to the face. Chad makes the pin on Price.

NvG: ONE...



Zach Davis: Evans has turned the tables on Price, but neither man is very fresh at this point! Chad might want to make the tag!

Chad does just that, grabbing Price by the leg and dragging him over to the BDS corner of the ring. Chad makes the tag to Kira. Kira climbs the ropes near Price, while Evans stands in front of them. With Kira on the top rope, Chad extends his arms upward and brings Kira down with a Cross-arm Iconoclasm onto the prone Eric Price.

Zach Davis: Bon Voyage, Motherfucker!

Shannan Lerch: Watch your mouth, Zach!

Zach Davis: That's the name of the move, woman!

Kira pins as Chad climbs out to the apron.

NvG: ONE...



Tek makes the save just in time. Joel Hall is right behind Tek and they're quickly joined in the ring by Reb and Evans. Kira and Price get to their feet and all six men begin brawling, Chad squaring off with Price, Tek with Kira and Reb with Joel Hall. Fists and feet are flying as the fans go nuts with both teams going back and forth, striving to get the upper hand. The ref screams at both sides to restore order, but that's obviously not going to happen.

Zach Davis: A pier six brawl has broken out as both teams say to hell with the rules and are now simply beating the crap out of each other!

Shannan Lerch: This was bound to happen. Tempers have been flaring between these two camps all week long and now it's reached the boil over point.

Tek, Price and Hall appear to be getting the better of their exchange with their BDS counterparts, when suddenly each of these men is whipped into the ropes. The BDS members lock eyes on their opponents and simultaneously drill them with monstrous spears that shake the ring, with Evans taking down Price, Kira downing Tek and Reb clobbering Hall.

Zach Davis: Now that's Big Dick Style!

Shannan Lerch: Wow! Look at those three Big Dicks standing erect over their opponents!

Tek and Hall roll out of the ring, and Kira and Reb follow them to the outside, where they continue to brawl as King Jimmy Dean shouts instructions in his Papua New Guinean dialect.

Zach Davis: Look likes it's down to Chad and Eric inside of the ring now.

Shannan Lerch: Hey look! Price is doing stuff!

Price surprises Evans with a small package.

NvG: ONE...



Chad reverses the position and small packages Price now.

NvG: ONE...



Zach Davis: You know what? I'm glad Price kicked out. It would be wrong for a Big Dick Superstar to win with a small package.

Shannan Lerch: It would be unnatural, Zach.

Both men are up from the mat and Price tries to end it with the Ca$h Flow, his Inverted Death Valley driver, as he lifts Chad onto his shoulders. Chad squirms free and lands on his feet behind Price and goes for a Hammerlock Legsweep DDT--

Zach Davis: Evans is going for the Disciple's Deed!

Shannan Lerch: And he hits it! But look-- Tek is in the ring now!

But from out of nowhere, STEELTOE JOE is also in the ring! Joe runs at Tek from out of nowhere and Clotheslines him out of the ring, sending both men to the outside!

Zach Davis: How did the ref not see that!?

Shannan Lerch: Beats me!

Chad pins Price.

NvG: ONE...




Shannan Lerch: The Big Dick Superstars win it! Wooohooo! Go, Big Dicks!

Zach Davis: Not only do they win, but they advance in the Trios Cup!

Johnny and Chad are quickly joined in the ring by Kira and Jimmy. Together they celebrate as their music plays on the PA and the titties and asses in the crowd gets to shakin'!

Jonny Fly/The Unstable Elements vs Doc Henry/Waylon Cash/Nic Daniels

Zach Davis: World Champion and People’s Champion in action next! This should be exciting.

Shannan Lerch: Fly is next!? YES!

Zach Davis: Yep, Fly and The Unstable Elements face off against Nic Daniels, Doc Henry and Waylon Cash.

The lights shut off and ‘My Name’ by Eminem blasts through the speakers and green smoke fills the entrance ramp as red and blue lights flash throughout the crowd. Nic Daniels walks out with the lovely Gina Caldwell as they both walk through the smoke then look into the crowd for their reaction. Daniels looks over at Gina, nods, and then heads down to the ring where he poses.

Shannan Lerch: There’s Nic Daniels!

Dr. Feelgood hits the speakers and as the main riff blasts through the arena, Doc Henry, and Mary emerge on the stage, the Confederate Title around his waist. Looking around, he raises a fist in the air, and then leads the way to the ring. Climbing up the steps, he holds the Ropes for Mary, who slinks lithely through. Doc steps through the ropes and grins proudly as he pops the crowd drawing more boos as Mary takes the belt. Mocking them, he sits on the turnbuckle and awaits his next teammate.

Zach Davis: Doc looks like he’s in good shape following an absolutely brutal match last week at Aftermath against Johnny Reb.

Shannan Lerch: Brutal to say the least, we’ll see how he’s able to hold up here tonight.

The opening trumpet riff of "White Trash Renegade blares over the PA systems as red and orange strobe lights flash. Suddenly the strobes stop, and Waylon Cash comes running out onto the entrance ramp. He runs back and forth, eliciting cheers from the crowd on either side before dancing his way towards the ring. Sliding under the bottom rope, Waylon runs and jumps onto the second turnbuckle before tossing his hat out into the crowd. He winks at an attractive woman in the crowd before jumping back down to the mat.

Zach Davis: There’s Waylon Cash, and he can’t be all too happy to see fellow southerner Doc Henry in his corner tonight.

Shannan Lerch: They’ll have to put their differences aside momentarily, because they’re facing a team that will be a tough out in this Trios Cup Tournament.

"From Out of Nowhere" by Faith No More rings out over the PA system... and out comes Kid Phantasm and Nightmare, the Unstable Elements. On their way to the ring they slap a few fans' hands... upon reaching ringside; they slide into the ring and begin quietly whispering to each other as they size up their opponents.

Zach Davis: Phantasm and Nightmare are in the ring, tag-team partners who are real life partners. Also, they’re undefeated as a team.

Shannan Lerch: You think Nightmare is trying to steal Fly away from me?

Zach Davis: Uh, no. I also think that if she wanted to, she could annihilate you

The lights in the arena fade out. After a few suspense filled seconds the words ‘The Dynasty’ appear in bold italic lettering on the jumbotron as the beginning of “Requiem for a Tower” begins to play. A single spotlight turns on and illuminates the silhouette of a man standing on the stage. As the song hits the 50 second mark and the music picks up the lights come on revealing Jonny Fly.

Fly stands with the WCF World Heavyweight Championship around his waist and his eyes directly fixed on the ring. He stands motionless on the stage as the jumbotron changes to the words ‘This is the Era of Jonny Fly.’ The music slows down and a barrage of fireworks begin to go off behind Fly. His eyes remain fixed on his opponent throughout. Slowly and deliberately he begins to make his way toward the ring. The music picks up one last time and Fly stops at the bottom of the ramp with his eyes still directly fixed on the ring. He cracks his trademark arrogant smirk causing another reaction from the crowd. Fly unwraps his World Title belt and nonchalantly tosses it off to the side, refusing to even bring it into the ring. He walks toward the ring steps and uses them to elevate himself into the ring, where takes a position in the corner to await the start of the match.

Shannan Lerch: There’s my man! That gold looks good around his waist again, no doubt about it!

Zach Davis: It looks like this one is about to begin! The winning team moves on to the second round of the Trios Cup Tournament!

Ding, Ding, Ding.

Phantasm, Nightmare, Cash, and Henry make their way onto the apron leaving Fly and Daniels to start the match. Daniels begins sizing Fly up, circling around him and awaiting the right time to make his strike. Daniels moves in and locks up with Fly, but the World Champion powers out quickly and pushes Daniels into the corner. Fly follows with a shoulder block and as Daniels bounces out of the corner Fly attempts to hit him with the ‘Discus Fly.’

Shannan Lerch: Daniels ducks the Discus Fly!

Fly’s flailing attempt puts him in a precarious position, allowing Daniels to tackle him down to the mat with ease and begin a combination of left and right hands to Fly’s skull. Fly finally gets up his arms to block the shots, and is able to roll away from Daniels. Both men get back to their feet. This time it’s Fly who strikes first, sending a kick to the gut of Daniels and then dropping him quickly with a DDT. Fly spins back to his feet and immediately brings Daniels back up with him. He pushes his opponent into the corner where Kid Phantasm and Nightmare are standing. Fly tags in Phantasm.

Zach Davis: Fly handing off Nic Daniels to Kid Phantasm.

Shannan Lerch: Daniels is in big trouble already.

Before Fly exits the ring he stands in front of the referee allowing Kid and Nightmare, on the outside, to get in some shots at Daniels. Finally the referee pushes past Fly. Nightmare holds up her arms to show she’s not doing anything as Phantasm takes over the match. He pulls Daniels out of the corner and goes to irish whip him across the ring, but stops Daniels momentum, spins him, and then destroys him with an elbow smash. Daniels quickly rolls out of the ring to regain his bearings.

Zach Davis: Nic Daniels is taking a beating right now.

Shannan Lerch: He needs to find a way to tag in one of his teammates, but you can’t do that on the outside!

With Daniels turned away from him Phantasm attempts to hit him with a baseball slide under the top rope. Hearing the reaction from the crowd, Daniels alertly moves out of the way and Kid slides to the outside empty-handed.

Zach Davis: Big miss by Phantasm! Daniels has to try to get some momentum after this!

Nic grabs Phantasm and rolls him back into the ring. He enters the ring and immediately goes to pick up Phantasm. He sends a cheap knee to Phantasm’s private happy place and then drops him with a spinebuster. Daniels finally makes the tag to Waylon Cash.

Shannan Lerch: Here comes Waylon Cash! I like this guy!

Zach Davis: Only a matter of time until you sleep with him then.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, you’re probably right.

Cash enters the ring and immediately goes to work. As Phantasm tries to get to his feet Cash grabs him and delivers a sit-out neck breaker. Cash gets back to his feet with Phantasm rising with him. Cash bounces himself off the ropes and hits a springboard body splash taking Phantasm back down to the mat. He follows it up with a german suplex directly into a pin attempt.

Shannan Lerch: Cash with the bridge!





Zach Davis: Kick out by Phantasm, not even close.

Cash releases the hold and both men get back to their feet. Cash runs at Phantasm, who delivers a drop toe hold and immediately puts Waylon into a sleeper hold. Before the hold can even be tightened, Cash elbows his way out and once more both men get back to their feet.

Shannan Lerch: Interesting note, these two actually competed with each other down in New Orleans two weeks back so they’re certainly familiar with each other.

Phantasm and Cash lock up, with Kid getting Waylon into a side headlock before whipping him against the ropes and hitting a clothesline as ‘The Hellbilly’ bounces back. Phantasm proceeds to drop a knee onto Waylon’s face, and then locks in the ‘Antarticrab!’

Zach Davis: Waylon’s in the center of the ring!

Shannan Lerch: He’s in trouble; Kid has that hold locked in good!

Cash screams out in pain and begins moving around trying to find a way to slide out of the hold. He tries to reach out for the ropes but he’s not even close. Realizing he’s in trouble, Doc Henry runs into the ring and sends a stiff kick to Phantasm’s head ending the hold. Nightmare runs into the ring and tackles Henry. Daniels and Fly now enter and a drop kick from Daniels downs Fly. Nightmare begins unleashing a flurry of punches to Henry before Daniels pulls her off. Phantasm and Cash get to their feet. Phantasm goes to help Nightmare fight off Daniels, but Cash grabs him from behind and hits him with a snap powerslam.

Jonny Fly, Waylon Cash, and Doc Henry get back to their feet. Nic Daniels has Nightmare in the corner and delivering HARD knife-edge chops to her midsection. He turns to see Henry and Cash sizing Fly up, and joins in. Daniels sends a shot to the back of Fly’s head causing the World Champion to stumble forward where he is double-clotheslined by Henry and Cash. Cash and Henry get up and stare at each other. They begin to exchange a few words with Henry gesturing for Cash to tag him in.

Shannan Lerch: Uh oh!

Zach Davis: These two do not like each other, and they look like they’re about ready to fight it out!

Shannan Lerch: They have a lot of momentum going right now, this isn’t what they need.

Nic Daniels realizes what’s going on and gets in the middle of Cash and Henry, breaking up the conflict, and moving Doc toward the ropes and out of the ring. Cash turns his attention back to the legal man in the match, Kid Phantasm. As Jonny Fly and Nightmare regain their bearings and roll out of the ring, Cash picks up Phantasm and attempts to hit him with a powerbomb. As he’s hoisted in the air, Kid slides out of the hold and runs over to the ropes and tags in Nightmare.

Zach Davis: Nightmare is in and she’s going right after Waylon!

Nightmare runs at Cash, who quickly moves out of the way. Nightmare crashes into the corner, falling to the mat. Cash pulls her up and hits her with a belly to belly suplex followed by a flying headbutt from the top rope. He goes for the cover.

Shannan Lerch: Waylon Cash hooks the leg!






Nightmare kicks out with some authority, throwing the larger Waylon Cash off of her.

Zach Davis: Wow, girl has some strength to her!

Nightmare quickly gets back to her feet and again runs at Cash. She hits him with a flying elbow and then goes ballistic with quick shots to Cash’s ribs, chest, and head. Still, Cash is able to shake off the blows and push her off. As she runs back again toward him he levels her with a drop kick. Cash walks over to his corner where Henry and Daniels are holding out their hands. He looks at Henry and goes to tag in Daniels before re-thinking it, and tagging in Doc.

Zach Davis: Here comes Doc Henry!

Shannan Lerch: That’s big of Waylon tagging in his rival. They need the fresh Doc Henry in this match.

Doc gets into the ring and quickly goes to work on Nightmare. He hits her with a crossbody as she tries to get back to her feet. Doc quickly picks her back and brings her between his legs and sends her to the mat with a pedigree. Henry gets back to his feet and taunts Fly and Phantasm in the corner. Henry turns his attention back to Nightmare who is already trying to pull herself back to her feet with the help of the ropes.

Zach Davis: This girl can certainly take a beating, that’s for sure.

Shannan Lerch: I still don’t like her Zach; I hope Doc Henry goes Johnny Reb on her.

Henry moves toward Nightmare and as she gets all the way back to her feet and destroys her with a spinning heel kick. Henry watches as Nightmare again tries to get back to her feet. He shakes his head, grabs her, and again takes her down to the mat with the ‘Gambler’s Hand.’

Shannan Lerch: Gambler’s Hand! Henry with the cover!







Zach Davis: KICKOUT by Nightmare!

Shannan Lerch: Just barely!

Henry gets back to his feet and moves Nightmare into his corner where Waylon Cash and Nic Daniels get in some cheap shots. Henry makes the tag to Nic Daniels.

Shannan Lerch: Nic Daniels back into the ring trying to build off the momentum Doc Henry has given his team!

Daniels grabs Nightmare and sends her to the mat with a suplex, followed by a running leg sweep. Daniels heads to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top. However, he’s on the turnbuckle parallel to Jonny Fly who shakes the ropes and knocks him off the top of the turnbuckle all the way to the outside!

Zach Davis: Cheap move by Jonny Fly!

Fly hops down from the apron and approaches the fallen Nic Daniels. This gains the attention of Doc and Waylon who come running over. Doc is intercepted by Kid Phantasm who hits a Senton Splash from the apron!

Shannan Lerch: Doc is down!

Cash approaches Fly and hits a stiff right hand, but Fly shakes it off and lands an uppercut. Meanwhile, Phantasm picks up Nic Daniels and rolls him into the ring where Nightmare awaits. Meanwhile, Waylon Cash grabs Fly and whips him into the ring fence. Inside the ring Nightmare has helped Daniels to his feet. She whips him across the ring against the ropes and as he bounces back she hits him with the ‘Inferno DDT!’

Zach Davis: BOOM! Nightmare with the kill shot!

Shannan Lerch: Wait, look on the outside though!

As Nightmare hooks the leg for the cover Waylon Cash has fought off Kid Phantasm and is sliding into the ring.





As the referee counts to two, Jonny Fly reaches out and grabs Cash’s legs and pulls him back out of the ring.




Zach Davis: Nightmare pulls it off! Jonny Fly and The Unstable Elements advance in a hard fought battle with Doc Henry, Waylon Cash, and Nic Daniels!

Fly releases Waylon and slides back into the ring where the referee is raising Nightmare’s hand. Phantasm slides into the ring behind Fly and the three raise each other’s hands triumphantly as Doc, Waylon, and Nic make their way to the back. The lights in the arena suddenly go black.

Shannan Lerch: What the hell is this!?

After about forty-five seconds the lights come back on and there are twelve VERY large men dressed in suits restraining Kid, Nightmare, and Fly – four men restraining each. As we watch Fly struggle to escape, we hear a familiar theme blast from the PA system; ‘Longhorn.’

Gold lights will start flashing as the music starts and ERIC PRICE walks out onto the stage surrounded by a gold spotlight. The light continues to shine on him as he makes his way down to the ring carrying a microphone. Price steps in the ring using the steps and walks around looking at Phantasm, Nightmare, and finally Jonny Fly. He instructs his men to release Fly.

Zach Davis: Seriously, of all people, what is ERIC PRICE doing out here?

Shannan Lerch: More importantly, who are these men with him? They seem to be doing anything that he commands of them.

As soon as Fly is released Price springs to action, grabbing him, and hitting the Ca$h Flow!

Zach Davis: WHAT THE HELL!


Zach Davis: BUT WHY!

Price looks down at the fallen World Champion and raises the microphone to his lips.

Eric Price: Take note of this WCF, this is how you make a statement! You all have decided to disrespect me, and these are the consequences. You didn't appreciate me and now you'll have no choice, otherwise, what happened here to Jonny Fly could very well happen to you!

At this exact moment Kid Phantasm escapes from the men holding him back and makes a lunge toward Eric Price. Price quickly moves out of the way and slides out of the ring. The men release Nightmare and all twelve of them exit the ring and follow Price as he begins walking back up the ramp to a loud chorus of boos. Surrounded by his enforces, Price delivers one last message before exiting behind the curtain:

Eric Price: Eric Price will not be held down any longer! I’m coming for each and every one of you until I get to the World Champion. Everyone is on notice!

With that Eric Price escapes to behind the curtain as Phantasm and Nightmare attend to Fly in the ring.

Zach Davis: Wow, what a statement today by Eric Price! This came out of nowhere!

Shannan Lerch: How dare he touch my Jonny! He’ll pay for that!

Gein Spector/Benjamin Atreyu/Lisa Lyon vs Disco Donald Duckworth/Roger the Shrubber/Hugh Jazz

Disco Donald Duckworth, Roger the Shrubber, and Hugh Jazz are already in the ring.

Zach Davis: What a group...

“I Know” by David Lynch plays on the sound system. Gein Spector walks out and heads straight to the ring, eyes to the ground; ignoring comments being shouted from the crowd. Johnny Slick walks out with a silver microphone, he stands at the top of the ramp with a grin. Johnny taunts the crowd as Gein turns to see Johnny, he shakes his head . Johnny dances his way down to ring side, yelling back at the fans as they booed him all the way down. He reaches the end of the ramp then raises his fists up in the air and yells “No Survivors.” Gein hangs his head in embarrassment.

Kyle Steel: Accompanied to the ring by Radio sensation Johnny Slick, weighing in a two hundred and forty five pounds. Hailing from Tomah, Wisconsin...GEIN SPECTOR!

Boos rise from the crowd. Gein rolls into the ring, jumps on to a turn buckle and trash talks the audience. He jumps off, walks to the opposite turnbuckle and lifts his fists in the air.

"Ecstasy of Gold" by Ennio Morricone plays on the sound system. The intricate melodies sweeping over the arena. Benjamin Atreyu pushes pass the curtains, Blake Updegraff IV following right behind him, stepping out onto the entrance ramp. Blake Updegraff points at Benjamin, presenting him to the booing crowd.

Kyle Steel: Accompanied to the ring by the C.E.O. of "Future Gods Incorporated" Blake Updegraff IV, weighing in at two hundred and thirty one pounds, self-proclaimed "God Given Greatness" Benjamin Atreyu!

He slides into the ring as his manager walks up the stairs taunting the crowd. Benjamin Atreyu jumps to his feet as Blake Updegraff slips in between the top and middle rope.

He walks to the center of the ring, his manager raising his fist in the air, as if announcing his victory was assured before the match even began. The crowd erupts in boos he steps back into his corner and his manager slips back out of the ring.

...Lioness Roar...

The rifts of “Paris” by Grace Potter and The Nocturnals creates a steady beat as the spotlight centers on stage. The crowd stands in awe awaiting the arrival of Lisa Lyon. As the beat picks up, Lisa pushes through the curtains and onto the stage. The reaction from the crowd is mixed as Lisa points at four separate sections of the arena and screeches the letters…

L! L! L!

The beat slows as a local woman from the city of tonight's show struts out beside Lisa. The hook arms, and make their way towards the ring.

Upon reaching it, Lisa slides underneath the bottom rope, as the local woman climbs to the ring apron. Lisa places both feet on the bottom rope and leans towards the crowd, while the local woman bends over. Lisa quickly smacks the woman's ass, receives a peck on the lips, then watches as the lady smiles and skips off towards the crowd.

Meanwhile, Lisa makes her way over to the right corner, the chorus begins to pick up. Standing alone in front of the critical, judging and cruel… Lisa brushes both hands gently across her chest and methodically out towards the crowd. As the music begins to fade, Lisa leans her head back and lets out a tribal moan/screech.

Shannan Lerch: Lisa Loriann Lyon is debuting tonight, and I think she's out to prove she doesn't need men's help.

Indeed, Lisa is starting the match for her team. Disco Donald starts for his. Lisa runs at him and hits a VICIOUS Clothesline from Hell!

Zach Davis: Hot damn!

Lisa stomps away at Duckworth. She picks him up and throws him to the turnbuckle before running at him and hitting a Stinger Splash!

Shannan Lerch: Whoo! Big splash, Lyon knows what she's doing out there in the ring.

Duckworth stumbles out of the corner and Lisa grabs him from behind and hits a German Suplex! The crowd cheers as Lisa doesn't let go, picks him up... and hits ANOTHER German. And of course, she still doesn't let go.. picks him up again.. and hits a third!

Zach Davis: Triple L just hit Triple D with the Triple C!

Satisfied with herself, Lisa tags in Spector. Duckworth has managed to crawl over and tag in Roger the Shrubber. Roger tries selling a shrub to Spector, but Spector laughs and grabs the shrub, throwing it out of the ring!

Shannan Lerch: How rude!

Spector follows up with a kick to Roger's shin, then a flying knee to his head!

Zach Davis: Midwest Nail! Ouch.

Spector goes to pin, but Atreyu yells, asking to be tagged in. Spector shrugs and tags Atreyu in. Atreyu drags Roger over to his corner and lets him tag Hugh Jazz.

Shannan Lerch: These cocky mofos.

The ladies cheer as sexy Hugh Jazz enters the ring. Atreyu rolls his eyes. He challenges Jazz to a test of strength. Jazz obliges, and Atreyu clearly outmatches him. Atreyu elbows him in the head and hits a Snap Suplex before he stomps away at him.

Zach Davis: Come on, guys, just end it!

Atreyu laughs and pins him.




Shannan Lerch: Atreyu just won.. on a Snap Suplex?

Zach Davis: Huh.

Atrey stands up and laughs to himself, getting his arm raised and getting his US Title back, as Triple L and Spector join him in the ring.

Waylon Cash Segment

The opening trumpets of “White Trash Renegade” come roaring over the PA system as Waylon Cash steps out onto the entrance ramp to thunderous applause.

Zach Davis: For the second time tonight, here comes Waylon Cash! He must have something else on his mind besides the Trios tournament.

A smile creeps across his face as he grabs a microphone from one of the crew members. He attempts to speak at first, but it takes a moment or two for the crowd to settle down.

Waylon Cash: I’ve taken a lot of hits in my career. I’ve had my jaw shattered, my teeth knocked out, and my skull damn near caved in. I’ve left blood in more states than most people can even name, and none of that was as painful as what Gein Spector did to me at Aftermath without even touching me. That son of a bitch-

Waylon is cut off mid-sentence as a steel folding chair slams against his back. Waylon crumples to the ground, and the crowd sowers boos upon the man holding the chair, Gein Spector. He brings the weapon above his head, and brings it down on Waylon’s ribs twice before tossing it to the side. He reaches down, taking the microphone from Waylon, who is now writhing around in agony.

Gein Spector: Did you really think I was going to let you come out here and lie to these fans again? Did you really think I was going to sit in the back while you defended the fact that you tried to murder one of your fellow wrestlers? You, Waylon Cash are a fraud, and a sociopath. You will stop at nothing to hold on to what little glory you can grab, and for that reason you are a danger to the entire WCF locker room. I spoke to WCF management, and they have given me the match I want; a match with you. Prepare yourself for next week Waylon. When that bell rings, your trial begins.

Spector leaves the ring as the crowd wonders just what next week will bring.

Shannan Lerch: FINALLY! Finally, next week, we'll see Spector versus Cash!

Television Title Match
Super FPV/Nathan von Liebert/Jeff Purse vs Hardcore McMurderkill/The Law/Doctor Science

As we come back to the show, Hardcore McMurderkill, The Law, and Doctor Science are all in the ring, awaiting their opponents. They look shifty and evil.

All the lights in the arena go out, as the title screen music from A Link to the Past plays on the P.A, causing all the fans to pop like a frickin' baloon as the lights begins to erratically blink. And then the epic 8-bit sounds of "Scott Pilgrim Anthem" rings out, as Super FPV practically jumps out the curtain and onto the entrance ramp, extremely hyped up. His fans form a row of hands as he runs down the ramp slapping every single one of them. He slides under the ropes and into the ring, smirking like a madman. He climbs up to the turnbuckle and points to the crowd, causing another largep op, before he gets off and begins to leap around a little bit waiting for the match to begin.

The camera pans to the titantron, where an oak door comes into view. A thump is heard, and the door shakes on its hinges. Several more thumps occur, until the blade of an ax busts through the door. Smoke begins to form on the stage, as a dark figure steps out. Suddenly a woman voice yells out from the speaker.

"No, go away!

Leave me alone!"

Smoke billows down the aisle as the man walks down it to the ring, his identity shrouded in the smog. Meanwhile, on the titantron, the ax makes a large hole in the wood, and a hand reaches in for the door knob, the fingernails painted black. Again the frightened voice rings out as the mystery man slides into the ring.

"Don't you come in here!

I don't want you here.!"

The mystery man watches the titantron now, as the door opens, and the same man standing in the ring, steps into the house. A lightning bolt cracks behind him, equal in volume to the string of fireworks that fire up on the ramp. The man on the titantron rubs his thumb on the door, leaving a bloody smear on the polished oak. He lifts the ax with both hands, as the voice pleads.

"No, No, No, NO!!


The scream is cut off as the man swings the ax. Blood appears to splatter across the tron, and then the name "Nathan von Liebert" is written with a finger painted black. Nathan, who is in the ring, falls on his knees, never taking his eyes off the 'tron until it goes black. He then scans the members of the crowd that he could without contorting his torso, as Heather Lee announces him.The camera pans to the titantron, where an oak door comes into view. A thump is heard, and the door shakes on its hinges. Several more thumps occur, until the blade of an ax busts through the door. Smoke begins to form on the stage, as a dark figure steps out. Suddenly a woman voice yells out from the speaker.

"No, go away!

Leave me alone!"

Smoke billows down the aisle as the man walks down it to the ring, his identity shrouded in the smog. Meanwhile, on the titantron, the ax makes a large hole in the wood, and a hand reaches in for the door knob, the fingernails painted black. Again the frightened voice rings out as the mystery man slides into the ring.

"Don't you come in here!

I don't want you here.!"

The mystery man watches the titantron now, as the door opens, and the same man standing in the ring, steps into the house. A lightning bolt cracks behind him, equal in volume to the string of fireworks that fire up on the ramp. The man on the titantron rubs his thumb on the door, leaving a bloody smear on the polished oak. He lifts the ax with both hands, as the voice pleads.

"No, No, No, NO!!


The scream is cut off as the man swings the ax. Blood appears to splatter across the tron, and then the name "Nathan von Liebert" is written with a finger painted black. Nathan, who is in the ring, falls on his knees, never taking his eyes off the 'tron until it goes black. He then scans the members of the crowd that he could without contorting his torso, as Heather Lee announces him.

"Won't Back Down" by Eminem blares on the PA. On the right side of the stage there is a bike ramp that extends just about to the middle of the Titan Tron. Atop the bike ramp is Jeff Purse. He is sitting on his bike, looking out upon the audience. He throws one had in the air as the audience cheers.

"You can sound the alarm
you can call out your guards
you can fence in your yard
you can pull all the cards
but I won't back down
oh no I wont back down
oh no

At this he sets off down the ramp. Directly across is another ramp on the left side of the stage, which Purse heads for.

"Cadillac Sevilles, Coupe Devilles
brain dead rims yeah stupid wheels
girl I'm too for real
lose your tooth and nails
try to fight it, try to deny it
stupid you will feel
what I do, I do it well
shooting from the hip, yeah boy shoot to kill
half a breath left on my death bed
screaming F that yeah super ill

Purse flies up the other ramp, launching off of it. He pulls off a small back flip, rides down the rest of the ramp, and comes to a screeching halt in the center of the stage. He gets off, kickstands it. He looks out, smiles, and throws his arms in the air. Red and Blue pyros explode behind him

"I cut my toes off and step on the receipt before I foot the bill
listen garden tool don't make me introduce you to my power tool
you know the *beeping* drill"

He starts off down the ramp as Kari joins him, slapping five with fans, walking very casually but at a quick pace. When he gets to the ring he jumps up on the apron and quickly makes his way in through the middle rope, while Kari walks around the outside, pumping up the crowd. Jeff stands in the center of the ring, "air guns" a corner, pyros shoot out of it. He subsequently does that for every other corner, pyros of red and white shooting out every time. He anxiously awaits his competition.

Zach Davis: NvL isn't known for trusting people, and ESPECIALLY not Jeff Purse. I doubt these two are happy about Seth forcing them to team up.

Shannan Lerch: They're talented wrestlers, however, as is FPV. This is quite the team.

Before the bell rings, Hardcore McMurderkill hits NvL over the head with a light tube! NvL drops, beginning to bleed.

Zach Davis: Uh oh...

The Law yells at McMurderkill, telling him to obey the rules. FPV grabs McMurderkill and throws him out of the ring. NvL stands up and feels his forehead, which is busted open. NvL sees his own blood.

Shannan Lerch: This isn't good. Vlad just might come out now..

Indeed, NVL runs at tackles down poor Doctor Science, hitting him with repeated punches right to the head, knocking his glasses off. Doctor Science yells in pain and fear. NvL picks him up and hits a Double Arm DDT, smashing Science's head into the mat.

Zach Davis: McMurderkill really hurt his team chances by bringing out Vlad like that.

NvL rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair. He slides back in and he's about to hit Doctor Science with it, but Jeff Purse grabs the chair away from him. He yells that they'll get disqualified. NvL/Vlad is about to attack Purse it looks like until The Law grabs him from behind and hits the Skull Crushing Finale!

Shannan Lerch: BUST-A-PERP!

The Law pins NvL!


No, obviously Jeff Purse kicks The Law off. Hardcore McMurderkill is about to reenter the ring but FPV runs at him and hits a Baseball Slide, sending him flying back to the guardrail. FPV then goes out to the arena floor, and as he stands up FPV runs at him and hits a Clothesline.


Back in the ring, NvL is using his Choker maneuver on The Law. He then puts him in the Koji Clutch!

Zach Davis: Just give up, Law! Put an end to this!

Doctor Science is about to save The Law, but as Science runs towards them, Jeff Purse hits him with a Superkick out of nowhere!

Shannan Lerch: The Spoke!

Purse wants to end this and get the win. He pins Doctor Science, hooking the leg.




Zach Davis: And there you have it. These three maniacs advance.

Shannan Lerch: No, they lost - oh, you meant THOSE maniacs. I thought you mean McMurderkill and company for a second.

Jeff Purse gets his arm raised high in the air as FPV is chatting with a kid ringside about videogames and despite the fact that the Law has passed out, NvL still won't release the Clutch.

Zach Davis: And coming up-

Oblivion by Mastadon begins to play. The WCF Arena shakes with thunderous boos, mixed in with thunderous cheers.


The music blares out. The music thumps out and echoes throughout the arena. Oblivion runs down the ramp. Super FPV is unaware....


Oblivion nails Super FPV with a double axe handle, to the back of the head. Super FPV stumbles before crashing down to the ringside mats.

Zach Davis: Oblivion is pummeling Super FPV!! This must be retaliation from that time ToT jumped Gravedigger and Oblivion!!

Shannan Lerch: Super FPV is trying his best blocking those massive haymakers, but most of them are getting past!!

Oblivion walks away and looks under the ring.

Zach Davis: What's Oblivion looking for?!

Oblivion looks, as Super FPV tries to desperately to crawl away. Oblivion stops and smiles as he found what he was looking for. Oblivion holds up a thick coarse rope. Oblivion catches Super FPV from running away.

Shannan Lerch: Oh no, what's Oblivion going to do to Super FPV?!

Oblivion ties the rope around the ankles of Super FPV. Oblivion grabs the ropes and tosses the excess, of the rope, over IT's shoulder and begins to drag Super FPV, up the ramp.

Zach Davis: Where is Oblivion taking Super FPV?

Shannan Lerch: What is The Monster going to do to Super FPV?!

As Oblivion drags Super FPV up the ramp, the cameraman follows, but once they get past the curtain, the cameraman lost track of where Oblivion went.

Zach Davis: Oh great. We lost Oblivion. That maniac could be doing anything to Super FPV!! We will have someone looking into it and once we found out any information, we let you fans know about it.

Johnny Reb Assault

Johnny Reb is walking through the back after his match, and enters his locker room. Sitting down on the bench, he begins to remove his boots. Coming from behind, a man wearing identical ring gear, complete with a Southern DIScomfort tee and with the same build as Johnny cracks him across the back with a kendo stick.

Zach Davis: What the fu-

Man: I've been waitin' two years for this ya no good bastard!!!

Not allowing the Inveterate One a chance to answer back, the man begins kicking Reb in the ribs. After a few stiff shots, he picks Johnny up and throws him head first into the shower...

Man: All this time you have sullied my good name and reputation, and now I'm gonna get it back!!!

Slamming a steel chair across the back and neck area repeatedly, the strange man screams.

Man: You're not the Inveterate One!!!

Turning towards the camera, we finally get a good look at who is beating up Johnny Reb, and it's... Johnny Reb??? Either we are seeing a clone, or a twin, either way, the man picks up a bottle of SoCo, and guzzles some down before slamming the door shut on the camera. As the shot fades to black, we hear the attack continue...

Shannan Lerch: What.. what did we just see?

Zach Davis: I don't know, Shannan.. wow.

Jay Price/Greenfever/Odin Balfore vs El Taco De Genial/Timmy Timmons/Yoo Dun Fukt Uhp

We come back from commercial break with a sweeping shot of the crowd before the camera finally comes to rest on the ring, where Timmy Timmons, Yoo Dun Fukt Uhp and El Taco De Genial are already standing. "Taco Flavored Kisses" is still playing over the speakers as Taco dances around the ring, pumping his stubby arms as best as he can.

Shannan Lerch: Welcome back to Slam ladies and gentlemen. Up next we have another match in the Trios Cup Tournament, and this one should be...odd.

Zach Davis: That's probably the best word to describe this one Shannan. You can already see the team in the ring and if you think they're odd...well just wait.

“With Oden On Our Side” Hit’s the PA system. The arena grows dark as the fans get to their feet to catch a glimpse of the stage.The fans stand and cheer an once the vocals starts, the arena lights flash back on and there stands Odin Balfore, centre stage. Odin stares down at the ring with a sinister grin as the fans sing along with the chorus.

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know we have come! Futile to resist... the battle is.. already won!

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know we have come! Futile to resist... the battle is.. already won!

The fans pop insanly right after as Odin begins to walk down the ramp at a slow an methodical pace. Once he gets to the foot of the ring, he steps up on it and looks around the arena again before steping over the ropes..

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know we have come! Futile to resist...

Odin cuts off the fans as he raises his hand in triumpt. Odin turns back to the ring as the fans finish their part.

Crowd: The battle is.. already won!

Odin stares down his opponent as he waits for the match to get underway.

Zach Davis: And there is the Nordic Tank, Odin Balfore. And just looking at this mountain of a man Shannan, you have to think that he alone is enough to make some of the other teams in this tournament just a bit nervous.

Shannan Lerch: And for good reason Zach. You're talking about a two time World Champion and, for a period of time, one of the most dominant wrestlers we'd ever seen. Do you remember the Ultimate Showdown Match?

Zach Davis: Like it was yesterday.

"Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the speakers as Jay Price walks out onto the stage. He pauses for a moment at the top of the ramp as he listens to the mixture of hate filled boos and smarky cheers. He then walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring under the bottom rope. Then he walks over to the nearest corner, climbs up to the second turnbuckle and delivers his trademarked smirk as he flips off the crowd. Finally he hops out of the corner and begins to loosen up for his match.

Zach Davis: And here is the former WCF World Champion, Jay Price. We've been wondering his exact mental state after losing the belt at Aftermath.

Shannan Lerch: We've been wondering, but nobody wants to be the one to ask.

Zach Davis: Indeed. And now, we finally get the answer to the other burning question. We were told before Aftermath that Price had recruited his good friend Greenfever, who at the time was still Switches, to be on this team. But we all remember what happened at Aftermath, so the question is: Who did Price get to replace the now presumably deceased Switches?

The crowd waits with bated breath.

The lights drop as "Run Rabbit Run" by Rob Zombie begins over the P.A. system. "Huntin' Humans? Ain't nuthin but nuthin'.They all run like scared little rabbits.Run rabbit run. RUN RABBIT RUN!" The aggressive drums kick in and Greenfever emerges from the darkness. His face and hands are smeared with blood. The crowd is incited into a screaming mob. The audience begins to throwing garbage down at him as he makes his way to the ring.

Zach Davis: Holy *bleep* it's Greenfever!

Shannan Lerch: Greenfever is back! And in his own body!

Zach Davis: But how?

Shannan Lerch: Who cares, this is awesome.

Zach Davis: For you maybe. This guy still scares the *bleep* out of me.

Greenfever enters the ring and stands in between Odin and Price. The trio stare across the ring at a very nervous Yoo Dun Fukt Uhp and Timmy Timmons. El Taco De Genial meanwhile is still pandering to the crowd, dancing around the ring. Yoo and Timmons look to each other, nod and then step out onto the apron, leaving The Taco to start the match. Greenfever and Price exit the ring as well, leaving Odin to deal with the Taco. Referee Richard Johnson does the standard pat down for weapons on Odin, then the Taco. Suddenly he reaches into what looks like a hidden pocket and pulls out a bottle of hot sauce. The Taco tries his best to explain, but ol' Johnson knows better and tosses the sauce out of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: And there goes...Zach? Zach get back here!

Zach Davis has ripped off his headset and rushed over to retrieve the free hot sauce. He returns back to the announce table and puts his headset back on. Shannan glares at him as he looks down at his prize.

Zach Davis: What? Free hot sauce!

Shannan Lerch: It's like working with a monkey.

Referee Johnson issues a warning regarding funny business to the Taco and then signals for the bell.


The Taco moves out of the corner, his stubby arms and small fists raised in front of him like a 1920's bare knuckle fighter. He dances circles around Odin, throwing punches out into the air almost as if he's begging for Odin to try something.

Zach Davis: This Taco's got some guts. Calling out Odin Balfore is like trying to punch an incoming tank.

Odin finally has had enough of the shenanigans and charges the Taco. At the last second the Taco tries to roll out of the way but ends up stuck on his back like a turtle.

Shannan Lerch: This is just sad.

Apparently Odin feels the same way as he pulls the Taco to his feet. With a pat on the backside, he points the Taco to his corner and tells him to tag in somebody else. The Taco drops his..."head"... in shame and waddles over to the corner where he tags in Timmy Timmons. Timmons leaps over the top rope and sprints toward Odin. Odin responds with a big boot to the face and down goes Timmons.

Zach Davis: Well the good news is, I don't think his nose could have gotten any worse looking.

Shannan Lerch: Indeed.

Odin pulls Timmons up to his feet and shoots him into the ropes. Timmons comes back and Odin catches him with a sidewalk slam, holding him up for a few seconds before dropping him to the mat. Odin sits on the mat for a few seconds, laughing as he looks down at Timmons.

Zach Davis: And this is just a laugher. Odin is in there toying with Timmons, knowing he could end it at any moment.

Shannan Lerch: And apparently Jay Price feels the same way. He's hopped down from the apron and is currently sitting in the front row along with some of our fans.

The camera switches over to a shot of the fans and indeed Price is sitting ringside, feet propped up on the barricade, sipping from a bottle of Jack Daniels as he engages in a conversation with a busty blonde.

Zach Davis: He's gotta teach me his secrets.

Shannan Lerch: She looks like a slut.

Back in the ring Odin is back up on his feet and currently has Timmons on his feet and in place for a chokeslam. The Taco and Yoo have apparently seen enough and enter the ring. The charge at Odin but Odin throws Timmons off to the side and levels the pair with a double clothesline. Greenfever enters the ring and joins the party, taking Timmons down with his infamous Side Kick/Roundhouse Kick/Spin Kick combo. Price stands up at ringside and looks to join in the fun when Odin waves him off and says that they got it. Price shrugs his shoulders and goes back to chatting up the blonde. Odin now with Yoo and Timmons both in front of him, both with Odin's hand wrapped around their throat. With a mighty Nordic battle cry, Odin lifts both up and chokeslams them to the mat. Not too far away, Greenfever lands an awkward Dislocated Piledriver on the Taco.

Zach Davis: This one's got to be over.

Price hops over the barricade and leaps up onto the apron before climbing to the top rope. He directs traffic and Greenfever and Odin stack Yoo, the Taco and Timmons on top of each other in a pile. Price spins around and leaps off with a moonsault. He connects and then rolls out of the way as Odin goes for the pin on top of all three.




Shannan Lerch: That was just brutal to watch. From start to finish these guys never stood a chance.

Odin, Greenfever and Price stand together in the center of the ring, arms raised in victory as "With Oden On Our Side" plays over the speakers.

Zach Davis: I guess the question now is, can anyone keep up with this team, let alone stop them?

Shannan Lerch: I don't know Zach. They look absolutely unstoppable.

The show fades out to commercial as the three continue to celebrate in the ring.

Oblivion/FPV Segment

Zach Davis: I'm being told that we found Oblivion and Super FPV.

The cameraman finds Oblivion punching down a tied up Super FPV, who is stuffed inside a janitor's closet. Oblivion grabs the face of Super FPV.

Oblivion: You guys picked the wrong monster to mess with!! YOU WANNA MESS WITH OBLIVION!?! Gravedigger will kill the ToT!! Oblivion will rape your souls!! Around each corner you turn, you fucknuts are going to think.. WHO WILL BE AROUND THE CORNER?! Be it either Gravedigger or Oblivion, but The Team of Treachery are going to suffer immeasurable and indefinite amounts of punishment!!

Oblivion pulls out a handful of barbed wire. Super FPV's face turns pale white. Oblivion turns IT's back to the camera, as The Monster goes in after Super FPV...

Super FPV: NO! NO! NO-O-O-O!! AHH-H-H!!

Scene fades out, as Shannan Lerch and Zach Davis begin to speak.

Shannan Lerch: Wow!! I guess nothing is more dangerous than a pissed off Oblivion. We will be right back...

Zach Davis: The main event is.... NE-E-EXTT-T!!

Gravedigger/Sarah Twilight/Ayria Adams vs Oblivion/Zombie McMorris/Famine of the Vile

Shannan Lerch: With all of the tensions running high in this one, who knows what we can expect!

Zach Davis: Facts are facts. On one hand we have a team of MONSTERS. Meanwhile, Gravedigger has a couple of little girls. I think it's pretty clear cut.

Shannan Lerch: We'll see about that, Zach.

The referee collects the tag championships from Sarah and Ayria as standard procedure. They are not on the line in this match, obviously. Once everyone hass made their way to their appointed corners, he calls for the bell. Gravedigger opts to start off on one end as Famine of the Vile steps in for his team. Of course, this immediately causes Sarah to demand into the match. And, Gravedigger obliges. Sarah steps into the ring to finally get her hands on Famine, however, he shakes his head as if to say "not yet" and he tags Zombie McMorris, who strangely has an uncanny resemblence to Famine. Zombie had no qualms with starting the match because, well because Honey Badger don't give a shit!

Shannan Lerch: Famine doesn't want any part of Sarah! What a coward!

Zach Davis: He could take her out at anytime he wants. He is sending a message, that she doesn't deserve to be in his ring!

Shannan Lerch: Uh huh, suuuuure.

Though, maybe Honey Badger should have given a shit on this particular night, because the fact that Zombie resembled Famine was not going to be doing him any favors. McMorris enters the ring and rushes Sarah, only to be caught with a dropkick to his shins that plant him firmly into the canvas, face first. Sarah doesn't waste any time with the former Internet champ as she stomps away at the back of his head. And when he does make it back to his feet, disoriented and all, he is unceremoniously thrown from the ring over the top rope. Sarah glares directly at Famine and dares him to enter the ring with her. He grins, shaking his head and was obviously not going to do that just yet. Sarah keeps her eyes trained on him as she tags Ayria into the match.

Shannan Lerch: Sarah making short work of Zombie McMorris and sending a direct message to Famine right there!

Zach Davis: The only message she is sending is that she is a lying bitch who cost Famine a month of his career.

Shannan Lerch: You actually believe that bullshit? Come on! He is clearly making excuses.

Zach Davis: I don't believe that he is.

Shannan Lerch: And here comes Ayria!

Ayria climbs the turnbuckle to face toward Zombie who had certainly not expected to have been discarded from the ring already. She leaps from the top at him. But he moves out of the way and she takes a dive into the HARD floor on the outside! Things not looking good for her, early on. Zombie is all too happy to scrape her off of the slightly cushioned concrete and roll her into the ring. Ayria looks to be out of it as Zombie immediately goes for a cover.




NO! Ayria had managed to get her foot on the bottom rope, if by nothing but out of instinct.

Zach Davis: Are you kidding me?! Just give it up sweetheart. You almost killed yourself already. Don't prolong the inevitable.

Shannan Lerch: Zombie taking advantage of Adams' mistake.

Zach Davis: Exactly, and I love it!

Zombie is a little surprized by this. He certainly thought that it should have been over and done with already. But nonetheless, he was happy to dish out some more punishment. He yanks Ayria to her feet by the hair, ignoring a warning from the ref and he whips her into the turnbuckle. Her small frame crashes against the post with such a velocity that it forces her to stumble forward about ten paces after impact. This is where she is met by a SICKENING clothesline courtesy of the Lord of the Low Card. McMorris is almost beside himself with bliss as he once again pulls the much smaller Adams to her feet. He looks over at Gravedigger and Sarah with a cocky grin as he takes Ayria up and over with a suplex. Gravedigger looks pissed and wants to get into that ring badly!

Zach Davis: McMorris putting on a clicni in there with Adams! This is like a training exercise for him.

Shannan Lerch: I don't think he should be underestimating Ayria at all. She IS half of the tag team champions, you know?

Zach Davis: She is carried by Twilight, big deal!

Shannan Lerch: She is NOT carried!

Zach Davis: Whatever.

McMorris takes his time as he slaps Ayria in the head a few times, taunting her. He pulls her to her feet once aqgain, but is caught by surprise as she fires off a few hard shots into his face. McmOrris is stunned, but he fires back, swinging a haymaker at her, which she easily ducks, due to her small stature. McMorris is further stunned as she pulls him down with a jawbreaker that staggers him back. Ayria musters up everything she has and rushes into the ropes, flying at Zombie with a dropkick on the return. He is further staggered, but doesn't fall. Ayria is breathing heavily, but continues to take the fight to McMorris. She bounces off the ropes once more and flies at him again, this time with a shining wizard! It connects and finally takes him down! Adams dives on top of him for a pinfall. Ref slides into position.




Zombie LAUNCHES Ayria off of him before three can be reached.

Zach Davis: Look at that! That is how you show the little girls they don't belong. Not only did he kick out, he threw her halfway across the ring!

Shannan Lerch: Ayria is taking the fight to him. She couldn't put him away there, but I think she just made him realize he is in a fight!

Ayria stays on him like a cat, rushing back over as she fires off lefts and rights. McMorris mushes her face as he shoves her back off of him again with authority. She rolls backward a few times as she is pushed off. She takes this opportunity to tag in Gravedigger, who has been itching to get into the match for some time now.

Shannan Lerch: Gravedigger tagged into the match for the first time!

Zach Davis: He is in way over his head!

Zombie gets to his feet only to be drilled in the face with a fist courtesy of the Hall of Famer. Followed by another, and another. Displaying amazing strength, Gravedigger takes Zombie up and over with a HUGE hiptoss from the standing position. Zombie crashes into the mat HARD and Gravedigger follows it up with a leg drop for good measure. McMorris has been in this match far too long at this point, but his likelihood of making a tag right now, is not looking very good.

Shannan Lerch: You were saying?

Zach Davis: So what? He was able to get in a few shots on McMorris. Wait until Zombie gets a tag!

Digger keeps the pressure on as he hauls McMorris to his feet, sending him flying into the turnbuckle and walloping him with a follow up clothesline. Zombie staggers out of the corneer and into Digger's waiting arms for a sidewalk slam. McMorris groans in agony as he endures more punishment. Digger decides to try and end this now as he covers after the flurry of offense. Ref slides in for the count.




NO! McMorris is able to kick out before three.

Zach Davis: Phew, that was close!

Shannan Lerch: Not so confident now, are we?

Zach Davis: Look, I like Digger, I really do. But women partners? He deserves what he gets!

Digger gets back to his feet, bringing Zombie up with him. Though McMorris starts an offense of his own as he fires off some shots. Zombie places a firm boot to Digger's gut and grabs him for an Irish whip, though it's reversed and Zombie is sent into the ropes. On the return, he BLASTS into Digger with a shoulder block that takes the Hall of Famer off his feet. Though, Zombie was exhausted after being in the ring this long against all of the fresh tags and he falls to the canvas as well after the hit. This was his opportunity to make a tag.

Shannan Lerch: McMorris able to mount some offense. Now he needs to get to his corner. Can he make the tag?

Zach Davis: Come on man! You're almost there!

Slowly, Zombie crawls toward his corner to make the tag. Oblivion and Famine both with hands extended. However, he doesn't quite make it in time as Digger is back to his feet and has hold of McMorris' ankles, dragging him back to the center of the ring. He pulls McMorris to his feet again and starts blasting him with hard right hands. Zombie shoves Digger off and back into the ropes. Sarah Twilight makes the blind tag that is noticed by the referee. Digger off the ropes and a HARD kick to the gut that doubles McMorris over. He hauls the former Internet Champion up and CRASHES him down with a powerbomb!

Zach Davis: This isn't good!

Meanwhile, Sarah Twilight has taken to the top of the turnbuckle, as had Ayria Adams on the other side of the ring! The Tag Team Champions leap off at the same time! Sarah connecting the point of her elbow into Zombie's forehead at the EXACT time that Adams lands a corkscrew splash that connects with McMorris' abdomen! The crowd comes UNGLUED!

Crowd: Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

Shannan Lerch: And our Tag Team Champions with a HELL of a display! This capacity crowd just LOST IT!

Zach Davis: HOW is this happening? Make a tag McMorris!

The referee ensures that Ayria and Digger get back to the apron as they were not legal in the match now. Sarah methodically walks around the downed McMorris. He was clearly out of it after all of that. Exhaustion had to be overtaking him as well. But she does not attempt to cover him. Instead, she brings him to his feet, as best she can drag his dead weight up. Again, she just GLARES at Famine right before NAILING a face plant DDT. Zombie is out of it!

Shannan Lerch: Sarah has this firmly under control right now.

Zach Davis: Oblivion, Famine..get in there!

Famine shakes his head again, obviously not intimidated by the display. However, Sarah was not interested in assaulting Zombie McMorris. This was made very clear as she began dragging him toward his own corner, screaming at Famine to make the tag. Digger and Ayria protest this decision by Twilight as they could very clearly have the match won right now. Sarah doesn't get her wish as Famine shows no interest in tagging into the match at this point, although Zombie DOES get tagged....by Oblivion!

Zach Davis: YES! That was a big mistake there Missy!

Shannan Lerch: I have to agree that I can't see the logic in that at all.

Sarah narrows her eyes, but looks ready for Oblivion. As soon as he climbs into the ring, she unloads a fury of vicious punches and kicks at him. She backs him against the ropes, giving him no room as she fires away at him like a woman posessed! However, Oblivion was fresh in this match, unlike Zombie, who had spent most of the match in the ring. And Oblivion was big, REAL big. So even with being backed against the ropes, he had means with which to shift the tide. A few sharp headbutts into Sarah's forehead got that messsage across.

Shannan Lerch: Sarah tries to get the jump on Oblivion but he is just too massive, too strong, and too angry right now.

Zach Davis: Can you blame him? After what that little midget girl did to that grave!

Shannan Lerch: Ayria did take things to the extreme...and I can't say that is advisable against someone like Oblivion.

Sarah stumbles back away from Oblivion as the headbutts daze her. The large monster of a man doesn't stop there. He lumbers forward a few steps, picking up just a little bit of speed as he plows right through her with all of his weight. She is sent into the canvas hard. Oblivion wastes little time as he reaches down, and picks her up with just one hand. He holdss her by the shirt about a foot in the air as he brings her tto his eye level. He looks at her with maniacal eyes as he comtemplates what to do to her next. The Gathering begin to stir with excitement on the outside. The Vixens licking their lips with joy. However, the moment of hesiatation on Oblivion's part gave Sarah all the opening that she needed. She uses Oblivion as a launch pad of sorts, kicking her feet off of him to position herself with her legs wrapped around his arm. She grabs his neck and uses it as an anchor to pull herself further behind him. And when he reaches back to get a hold of her again, she locks up his other arm by grabbing hold of it. She has him in a modified octopus stretch, and she wrenches it with blind fury.

Shannan Lerch: This is what makes Sarah Twilight one of the very best. She finds a way to combat any opponent. Oblivion is three times her size and look at her go!

Zach Davis: Look again! She has NOTHING for him!

Oblivion feels the pressure, as Sarah had locked the hold in tightly. However, Oblivion was just too powerful. His upper body strength was able to break free after just a few moments and he launches her over his shoulder and back down to the canvas. Sarah bounces off the canvas and stumbles back to her feet. The monster lumbering towards her once again. She rushes toward him in an act of insanity perhaps. Though at the last moment, she slides between his legs with a baseball slide. Before Oblivion can turn around, she grabs both of his ankles at the base and YANKS with every ounce of her strength. It is enough to take him off balance and he falls forward into the canvas. The only thing to do now was keep him off of his vertical base.

Shannan Lerch: Twilight keeping on the attack. She knows she has to keep him off of his feet now. If he gets back up, she's in trouble.

Zach Davis: That's for damn sure.

As Oblivion places his palms on the canvas to push himself back up, Sarah is on him, sending a vicious snap kick into his face. She backs into the ropes and sends another, and another. They shake the big man, but each time, he continues to start pushing himself back to his feet. Sarah rushes in for another kick, but this time, Oblivion shoots himself up and he catches her foot! He pulls her in for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker than damn near cracks her in half, and he lets out a huge roar! At this point, Famine wants in the match. Oblivion shakes off the slight cobwebs and he obliges, tagging the Vile One into the match.

Zach Davis: I think he might have killed her!

Shannan Lerch: He may have broken her back just then. And now, Famine is tagged into the match!

Zach Davis: Now that redheaded bitch is gonna get it!!

Famine stalks Sarah as she slowly begins making it to her feet using the ropes for stablity. Once vertical, she is spun around by Famine who picks her up for a two handed chokeslam. Though pure hatred can be a hell of a motivator as merely seeing Famine in the ring was enough to cause her to go batshit crazy. She uses her elbows like hammers to force Famine's hands from her throat and frees herself from the predicament. She sends kick after kick to his gut to bring him down to size. Her anger and hatred the driving force behind the assault. Once she is able to get him doubled over, she nails him with rapid fired fists into his face. Though this assault didn't last too long as he sends an overhand slap at her which has enough force behind it to send her back against the turnbuckle. Now, he grabs heer by the hair and slaps her across the face, repeatedly as he screams at her in an almost jibberish he was so angry. He screams obscenities as he headbutts her, demanind that she admit setting him up. Another slap that is so hard it leaves a red print across her face. Sarah is stuck in the corner and can not go anywhere.

Zach Davis: I think she's going to cry! I can see it in her face. Famine is going to make her cry!

Shannan Lerch: She isn't going to cry, what is wrong with you?

Zach Davis: If she just admitted what she did, she wouldn't be getting smacked around like a slut!

Shannan Lerch: You are a pig!

Sarah looks dazed by the slaps and headbutts when suddenly, Famine stops his assault. He looks at Sarah and gentle brushes a few strands of her red hair from her face. Caressing her cheek now as he looks at the hand print he'd left there. He looks almost remorseful for the suffering. But if anything, that was the deception of his insanity because just as quickly as he had ceased the assault, he begins it again with one final SLAP across her face, this one knocks her completely down. Famine is grinning with delight at what he's done.

Zach Davis: NOW she is going to cry for sure!

Shannan Lerch: You just don't have a clue, do you?

Zach Davis: Well, she should cry...that would be hot.

Shannan Lerch: UGH!

Ayria Adams tries to help her mentor and partner as she takes to the top turnbuckle in the corner and launches herself off at Famine. But she is met with a boot to the face on the way down. This did, however provide enough of a distraction to Famine as Sarah uses the middle rope to launch herself now to Famine's height and she latches onto him with a chokehold. He catches her but she has her arm wrapped around his neck like a pitbull. And she squeezes tightly, trying to force him to pass out. After a few moments of gagging, Famine forces her back into the turnbuckle with a few shoulder tackles. But she won't let go! She just continues to wrench the hold tighter. Famine is gasping for air and he falls down to one knee.

Shannan Lerch: She is choking him out! Famine can't get any air whatsoever!

Zach Davis: Hey! That's not right, break that hold ref!

After another few moments of being choked out, Famine starts desperately trying to get himself free. He was losing oxygen and Sarah's grip was getting tighter. She possibly wanted to kill him, right in the middle of the ring. Finally, something clicks for her and he turns his face toward her torso. A few seconds go by and she screams loudly. Almost immediately, she releases the hold and we can see what had gotten Famine free as he was biting the side of her breast!

Shannan Lerch: What the HELL is he doing? That is SICKENING!

Zach Davis: Oh that lucky bastard! He just put his mouth of her boob!

Shannan Lerch: To bite her illegally!

He doesn't let go either. Sarah screams even more loudly as he continues to bite at her bosom. Finally, the referee forces his way in between them, causing Famine to abandon his illegal tactic. Sarah holds her sore bosom with a seething anger as our referee admonishes Famine for his actions. And with the referee's back turned to her, she rushes in and kicks a field goal into Famine's groin. Payback is a bitch, and her name is Sarah Twilight.

Shannan Lerch: Famine doing the unthinkable as he bites Sarah Twilight's breast. She gains a measure of revenge by sending a kick directly to his family jewels.

Zach Davis: She should be disqualified, right now!

Shannan Lerch: Famine should be disqualified for biting, if you want to get technical.

Famine's face turns purple as he doubles over from the low blow. He clutches his groin and stumbles toward his corner for a tag to Oblivion. The ref questions Sarah on what happened, and she insists it was a gut kick. Gravedigger extends his hand for another tag. And, being as she now had teeth marks on her breast, which was sore, she tags him. The two monsters would now face off. They meet in the center of the ring trading walloping blows with each other without any hesitation. Meanwhile, Sarah drops down from the apron and begins making her way around the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Gravedigger and Oblivion take the ring now and....this isn't over between Sarah and Famine!

Zach Davis: Uh oh, this doesn't look good!

Famine drops down from his side of the ring as well, still holding his groin some. The two meet and all hell breaks loose as they begin brawling like caged animals at ringside. Back in the ring, Oblivion NAILS a spinebuster on Digger. He goes for a cover. Ref in position.



Only a two count as Digger kicks out of the attempt.

Zach Davis: Near fall there by Oblivion. Digger somewhoe stays in this.

Shannan Lerch: Close call there. Oblivion taking control right there!

Famine and Sarah by now are deep within the crowd. Sarah SLAMS Famine's face off of a railing. He staggers back. She lunges at him and he uses her momentum to THROW her through a section of empty chairs as of course the crowd had been pushed back from the commotion. The fight continues through the crowd and it isn't long before they both disappear to the back somewhere. This brawl FAR from over.

Zach Davis: This has gotten CRAZY! Someone needs to do something. They look like they are going to kill each other!

Shannan Lerch: I don't think anyone is going to stop them! There is nothing but pure hatred there!

Back in the ring, Digger and Oblivion are back at it, trading monster blows. Digger catches Oblivion with a belly to belly suplex. He follows that up with a knee drop to the temple. Oblivion is rattled by the shot and staggers to his feet. Digger is waiting and he pulls his longtime rival over with the Toluca Slam! He signals that the match is near its end as he looks to put Oblivion away. However, McMorris now rushes the ring and spins Digger around from behind. World Tour 69' by McMorris as he PLANTS Digger into the canvas! This draws Ayria into the ring and she DIVES from the top just as Zombie comes off of the spiked DDT and PLANTS him with a McMuffin Top!

Zach Davis: Everything is out of hand! McMorris, Adams, chaos everywhere!

Shannan Lerch: All hell has broken loose out here. Gravedigger had things looking well in hand. McMorris with the save and then Adams in there.

Zach Davis: The ref needs to get some kind of control back!

The ref is scrambling to get control. McMorris stumbles around to his feet and falls through the ropes and to the outside. Ayria follows after him as she heads onto the apron and rushes along, DIVING off for a flying cross body. But amazingly, McMorris still has enough left in him and he CATCHES her! He SLAMS her down into the ring steps with a falling front slam! Ayria is out of it. McMorris now takes his time to recover as well. Both Oblivion and Digger start to stir in the ring. Both men slowly to their feet.

Zach Davis: Adams is PLANTED! Little girl is out of it!

Shannan Lerch: McMorris is out of his wits as well. Digger, Oblivion are getting back up!

Both men staggering, they turn to face each other and...Oblivion for a Spinebuster! No! Gravedigger clubs forearms across Oblivion's back and forces out of it. He hauls Oblivion up.....Death Driver! Oblivion's head SMACKS the mat! Digger for the cover. Referee into position.




Bell rings!

Kyle Steel: Here are your winners, the team of Gravedigger, and the WCF Tag Team Champions, Sarah Twilight and Ayria Adams.....they are, BETTER THAN YOU!!!!

Zach Davis: What?! I can't believe this!

Shannan Lerch: Gravedigger manages to pick up the victory for his team in this war that has taken form out here!

Zach Davis: Carnage everywhere!

"Better than You" by Metallica plays as Gravedigger stands in the ring with his arm raised. The celebration doesn't last long, however as he begins making his way up the ramp, possibly noticing that Sarah and Famine had disappeared some time ago. With the fate of Sarah, and Famine unknown, Digger disappears behind the curtain. Now, however, the fate of Ayria Adams was unfolding right before our eyes as The Gathering has surrounded the injured woman. The Vixens garbbing hold of her. One of them in particular, Melissa, licks the side of Ayria's face in a twisted and morbid manner as she is restarined by the others.

Zach Davis: Oh that is hot. I think this is the best part of my night.

Shannan Lerch: Ayria Adams is surrounded by the gathering with nowhere to go.

Zach Davis: She deserves it, too!

Oblivion makes his way out of the ring by this time and is filled with anger. Ayria struggles wildly, but cannot overcome the numbers. IT was here, and IT was angry. At his beckoning, Melissa slaps the face of Ayria Adams again and again. Crazed and loyal at the same time.


Is shouted as Oblivion now wishes to have his retribution. Ayria would suffer pennance for her sins against the grave of Stephanie Johnson. He retieves something, a can of paint. An aerosol can and he shakes it vigorously as his menacing entourage torrments the tiny Adams. He sparys the paint into her face now. Pure, black paint. Perhaps Ayria would get off easily? Merely embarrassed with a can of paint for her misdeeds? No. That was not Oblivion's wish.

Shannan Lerch: What is he doing?

Zach Davis: With Oblivion, you never really know?

Now that she is blinded and covered in the silky black greased paint from the can, Oblivion takes the container and he BASHES it into her skull. She is busted wide open as the can is dented upon connecting. Though the crimson liquid is hard to notice among the thick, black paint that covers her face. Oblivion seems satisfied with his retribution...for now.

Zach Davis: Now there is some retribution for Oblivion! Adams is OUT!

Shannan Lerch: Oblivion definitely sending a clear message tonight. She crossed a line, and was going to pay!

Zach Davis: I for one, think there should be more and.....whoa! We have something going on in the back!

Shannan Lerch: We have cameras back there, I believe!

Suddenly, our cameras catch up backstage with Famine of the Vile and Sarah Twilight, who are still very much so at war. At this point, Sarah has a steel chain wrapped around Famine's throat and she pulls back vigorously as she strangles him. Famine gargles and gasps as the life is choked out of him. Though he reaches for something ahead. Finally his fingers get a hold of it and he swings his hand backwards, SMASHING a backstage lighting fixture into Sarah's face.

Shannan Lerch: Oh my God! They ARE trying to kill each other!

Zach Davis: Here comes the calvary. And not a moment too soon. LOOK at the shape of those two!

Security rushes the area by this time. Many of them surround Famine, other's surround a stunned Sarah. It looks like everything is under control. However, Famine recomposes himself, as does Sarah. Soon thereafter, Security guards start dropping. Sarah tosses one head first into the wall, rendering him useless. Famine luanches one of them into a concession stand. One after another are dispatched of. Finally, the remaining guards decide it isn't worth it and back off.

Shannan Lerch: This isn't good at all!

Zach Davis: Do your jobs, dammit! Stop them from continuing this.

Sarah's face is bloodied and battered, as is Famine's. It is apparent that the two of them have been fighting the entire time. The hallway behind them is littered with debris and total destruction as they have smashed and beaten each other with everything, and anything that was available backstage. As Security, and anyone else around them gets out of the way, they start right back in for each other. We cut back ringsidde to Shannan and Zach momentarily as we can hear the sounds of crashes and thunderous destruction still going on.

Shannan Lerch: What is it going to take for all of this to end?

Zach Davis: I don't think it will end with these two. This is a blood feud!

Famine throws Sarah throw a glass window to the medical supply area. Paramedics and staff scatter as the redhead is sent crashing through the glass. It shatters everywhere, sending shards all over the backstage hallway. Sarah looks to be down and completely out of it now. Possibly injured badly. Famine looks down at the carnage he is leaving behind and shakes his head at Sarah.

Famine: Stupid bitch!

Shannan Lerch: Get medical staff there, now! Sarah Twilight HAS to be in serious condition. Someone needs to tend to her.

Zach Davis: At least it's finally over. Twilight needs to get carted out of here.

Shannan Lerch: You are such an asshole!

He turns and begins to walk away from the scene of total destruction as our cameras focus in on Sarah who is still downed in the medical room. She starts moving, however, and grabs a hold of a container that holds some sort of a liquid. In a furious rage she runs at Famine, letting out an almost battle cry of sorts. Famine turns around just in time to have the glass container shattered over his face. He is blinded by the glass debris, and liquid contents. But out of instinct he pushes forward and shoves Sarah away from him. She is pushed back into the counter in the medical room. She grabs something else and again lunges forward at Famine.

Zach Davis: What the HELL? That bitch is NUTS!

Shannan Lerch: What does she have? What is she doing?

She stabs him in the side of the neck with something. Famine howls out in agony as the sharp object pierces his flesh.

Zach Davis: I think she just stabbed him with a shard of glass! WE NEED HELP NOW!

Shannan Lerch: Oh my GOD! This CAN'T be happening!

As our cameras get a closer look, we can see that Sarah has stabbed him in the neck with a syringe. She pushes the contents of the needle into his bloodstream before finally stepping back. Famine fumbles around with his hands to find the sharp injection tool. He finally does and pulls it from his neck. He stumbles forward, the effects of whatever the contents, were taking hold, and fast. He tries to fight the overwhelming feeling of drowsiness but fails as he crashes through a tray table, knocking over several medical instruments.

Zach Davis: She just injected him with something! That bitch is truly out of her mind!

Shannan Lerch: What was in than syringe? Famine can't keep himself stable.

Sarah wipes some blood from her forehead as she watches the mystery drug take hold. Famine was seriously fading out here. Our cameraman focuses in on the syringe that had now been discarded. Many of the words were unreadable. However, the word tranquilizer was pretty damn clear.

Zach Davis: Tranquilizers? This is NOT good!

Shannan Lerch: Who knows what the dosage was? Famine has no way of defending himself now. I don't know if I like the looks of this.

Zach Davis: You don't know? Sarah Twilight is a fucking nutcase! Who KNOWS what she's going to pull at this point.

Famine is woozy and loopy by this point, so it doessn't take Sarah very much effort to push him over onto a nearby stretcher. Lying down on the soft cotton of the medical transport bed made the effects even stronger. It was just so easy to want to fall asleep. Sarah begins to secure Famine to the bed with the restraints. She tightens them down with an evil grin upon her face.

Zach Davis: Oh come on! Somebody get back there and stop this crazy bitch!

Shannan Lerch: I seriously think she intends to kill him.

Zach Davis: Of COURSE that is what she's going to do. Look at her! Does that look like the picture of rationality to you?

She wheels Famine down the hall and to a loading bay where an ambulance was parked as they were at every show, just in case. Famine is slipping in and out of consciousnesss and doesn't know what is going on as he is wheeled to the emergency vehicle. Sarah opens the back doors. She strauggles a bit, but manages to wheel him into the back as the stretcher folds down to slide inside. She secures it to the back now before slamming the doors shut.

Zach Davis: Don't let her leave! Who knows where she'll take him!

Shannan Lerch: Sarah Twilight is leaving the arena with an incapacitated Famine of the Vile and God knows where she plans on bringing him.

Zach Davis: And worse, what she plans on doing to him!

Security and various staff now make their way toward the loading bay as Sarah climbs into the driver's seat of the ambulance. A doped up Famine tied to a stretcher in the back. She starts the engine and TEARS out with wreckless abandon. Sirens blaring, lights flashing. The last image that we see is Sarah's crazed demeanor as she leans out of the window, laughing maniacally as she pulls out of the arena at full speed!

Zach Davis: Somebody call the police.

Our scene fades to black.

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