The Slam Dark Match Ends...

The SLAM dark match has just ended as Baby Dewie is getting helped up by the Nanny as "Tres Delinquentes" by Delinquent Habits starts playing. A very large ispanic comes rolling out on a tricked out bike. He circles the ring over and over again. As Baby Dewie is watching him Adam Young and another guy slide in from behind and nail Baby Dewie in the back of the head with a double dropkick sending him flying out of the ring. The large Hispanic picks him up and rolls him back into the ring. The two unknown men nail a powerbomb/ diamond cutter combo. Adam walks over with a mic in hand.

Adam Young: Tonight WCF has been invaded by the Heels. My partners in crime are "Lover Boy" Shane Vogue and "El Jefe" Jesus Juarez. Things have just got worse forever goodie two shoes in the back. WCF will become the epictone of lawlessness. Now have a terrible night you pieces of worthless trash!

The trio leave the ring.

Haruna Segment

Before the show starts, we can see Joel Hall and his Jobber Army walking in the corridor. but we see Corey Rosdale act awkwardly.

Joel Hall: hey, what's wrong with you?

Corey Rosdale: To-to-toilet..... two minutes!!

Corey runs to the toilet and his friends wait for him.


in the toilet....

Corey Rosdale: aah, finally..... it feels soooo good!!

Corey finishes his "duty" and get out from the toilet. but in the toilet door he sees so many feathers flying above him. Corey picks a feather below his feet but suddenly he sees Haruna Sakazaki is already standing in front of him.

Haruna Sakazaki: Tadaima~~ (I'm back)!!

Haruna quickly grabs Corey's head and she close her eyes attempting to read his mind. Haruna finally open her eyes back and see something inside Corey's head.

Haruna Sakazaki: MIETA~~ (I Saw It)!!

Corey Rosdale: you? what have you done to me? you.....

Haruna grabs Corey's shirt and whisper some words to his ear.

Haruna Sakazaki: Ugly~~~

Corey simply stunned after hearing that word.

Haruna Sakazaki: Okaeri~~ (Welcome back)!!

Haruna leaves Corey as he didn't move any muscle. not long after that, here comes Kamen Rider Subarashi.

Kamen Rider Subarashi: Rosdale-san, what took you so long? Hall-sama is waiting for you.

Corey looks at Subarashi's shiny metal chest and he looks at his own reflection and suddenly, Corey freaks out...


Kamen Rider Subarashi: Rosdale-san! Daijobu desu ka (are you alright)?

Corey screams out while covering his face. Hall and friends come and see what happened.

Joel Hall: what happened, Subarashi?

Kamen Rider Subarashi: wakanai yo (i don't know)! he suddenly screams after i call him to back to the group.

Corey Rosdale: I'M UGLY! I'M UGLY!!! NO, I'M NOT UGLY!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

John Smith: well, he IS ugly!

Corey Rosdale: NO! I'M NOT UGLY!!!!

Joel Hall: it's strange, what is actually happened to him? Smith, Rancid, take him to the locker room!!

John Smith and Rancid take Corey Rosdale to the locker room as Joel Hall and Subarashi walk in separate way.

Zach Davis: could it be.... Haruna's doing?

Shannan Lerch: now i believe about something. Haruna hides a monster personality inside her. and now she just unleashed the monster body, thanks to Oblivion.

Zach Davis: now, what will Kira do to stop the dark side of his own sister?

Slam Intro

Drunk and Crazy by Mogwai hits and Slam is on the air! The fans cheer and hold up their signs as fireworks explode, and we go to Zach and Shannan.

Zach Davis: Fans, welcome to the show! If next week is Night of Champions, this is Night of Contendership.

Shannan Lerch: That's right! Every Title, barring the People's Title, has a contendership match tonight. As for that People's Title, Kira Sakazaki has already been chosen as Kid Phantasm's opponent, after what we saw last week on Slam.

Zach Davis: Tonight, we'll also see Nathan von Liebert answer Seth and Gravedigger's invitation to join the DoT. Interesting implications there.

Shannan Lerch: Anyway though, our main event tonight is to see who will face FPV next week. And what a match.... Waylon Cash versus Benjamin Atreyu.

Zach Davis: We thought that this feud was over, but looks like these two have one more battle to overcome. Cash and Henry were able to defeat Atreyu, leading to Cash getting a one on one match with Blake Updegraff IV. I'm absolutely positive Atreyu wants revenge for that.

Shannan Lerch: However, revenge has been Waylon Cash's modus operandi this whole time! We'll just see.

Zach Davis: And beyond that, all this DOES lead to a prestigious World Title match, so yeah. This is a big deal.

Shannan Lerch: In our US Title Contendership match, four men are competing for a shot at Jeff Purse, who was able to defeat Gravedigger last week. Those men are Shane Knight, Synn, Roy Speede, and Doc Henry.

Zach Davis: Synn and Henry are both D.o.T. members, and you know they'd LOVE to get their hands on Purse. Speede, however.. wow. He came back last week and was able to defeat THE WORLD CHAMPION, he has a LOT of momentum on his side right now.

Shannan Lerch: Singles match for contendership to Steve Orbit's TV Title. Steeltoe Joe vs Johnny Reb.

Zach Davis: Johnny Reb must have a LOT on his mind right now, however. His current mission is to aid Kira Sakazaki and stopping Haruna from becoming.... well, whatever Oblivion is turning her into... but after what we saw before the show started-

Shannan Lerch: I don't want to talk about it. This is frightening.

Zach Davis: For the Tag Titles Contendership, we have a rematch. Eric Price and Jonathan Jakobs are once again up against Prophecy, Tek and Hank Lane.

Shannan Lerch: In their last encounter, Tek and Hank Lane were able to pull off the victory. But the contendership is on the line now, and only one of these teams will go on to face The Alliance.

Zach Davis: Tommy Kain and Priest fight in a Hardcore Match, to see who fights Gein Spector, who has held the Hardcore Title for quite a while now.

Shannan Lerch: Lots of bad blood between those two!

Zach Davis: And finally, Kale Windsor, Joel Hall, and Stuart Slane go at it to see who fights Johnny Stylez next week for his Internet Title.

Shannan Lerch: We've got two other matches, too! Noob Cha-Cha issued a challenge, and Hunter Valentyne was the one to accept. There is something I like about Noob Cha-Cha.

Zach Davis: Yeah, I bet. And in our opener, we've got a dude named Zombie against a pirate. Can I get a WCF chant?

Crowd: WCF! WCF! WCF!

Zach Davis: How did they hear me?

Pantheon Segment

The titantron springs to action with the gleaming image of the ever-handsome Bobby Cairo. The crowd EXPLODES wildly for one of their all-time favorites.

Shannan Lerch: What a surprise this is! Always good to see Bobby.

Cairo is smiling from ear to ear. He takes in the ovation for a few moments before speaking.

Bobby Cairo: Hello, WCF! As you can see, life is certainly good on this side of the world!

The camera pulls back from Cairo and we see that he’s lounging in a beach chair with a woman on his right, a woman on his left, and a woman bobbing up and down underneath him at the bottom of the camera lens.

Zach Davis: Is she…doing what I think she’s doing?

Shannan Lerch: Yep, and let me tell you, she’s using terrible form.

Zach Davis: Yeah, Shannan, we all know that you’re an expert.

Cairo puts his hands behind his back and gets comfortable.

Bobby Cairo: Hey, I want you all to know something. I may be in Australia, but Bobby Cairo never forgets his fans! As such, I have a special treat for you all tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Hopefully it’s not herpes, or else I need to…

Zach Davis: Listen to this crowd, Shannan! ….oh, were you saying something?

Shannan Lerch: Uh…nope!

The fans begin chanting CAIRO! CAIRO! CAIRO! The WCF Hall of Famer nods his head in approval and continues.

Bobby Cairo: Tonight, I’m going to reintroduce you all to Pantheon. No, not the group that you’ve seen weighed down with the constant nonsense that is the Darkside of Treachery. No, no, Bobby Cairo doesn’t give two saucy fucks about them. I’m talking about the men that make up Pantheon, and their mission and purpose. Tonight, Pantheon will deliver a message much stronger than surprise attacks or mindless insults. Tonight, Pantheon will deliver the State of the Union of the Wrestling Championship Federation!

Zach Davis: I hope it’s not as boring as those ones I see on CSPAN every twelve months or so.

The crowd’s chants switch to PANTHEON! PANTHEON! PANTHEON! Cairo sits up in his lounge chair causing the girl below him to stop. Cairo pats her on the head and motions for her to leave. It’s big boy business time. Cairo stares into the camera before uttering his next words.

Bobby Cairo: As Pantheon’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Wrestling, it’s my privilege to introduce to you a man whose career is as storied as anyone who has walked through the WCF’s doors. He is our Deputy Director of Foreign Relations….COREY BLACK!

The lights in the venue suddenly cut to black as the familiar opening to "For Whom the Bell Tolls" plays. The crowd is jacked up and gets louder after every toll. After six tolls, there is silence. A solitary light hits the stage. "Locust" by Machine Head hits the PA system and the place explodes into cheers. The lights flash to the music as it chugs along. As soon as the lyrics kick in, Corey Black emerges from the back. The crowd is going fucking nuts as Black in a rare appearance wearing slacks and a button down dress shirt slowly walks down to the ring.

Shannan Lerch: I thought Black was in Norway getting ready for XIII?

Zach Davis: What is there to get ready for? It doesn’t take too much planning to have Balfore job every match.

Shannan Lerch: He’s not even on the card Zach!

Zach Davis: Oh, really? Not going to watch it then.

Black uses the steel steps to elevate himself into the ring and the camera switches back to Bobby Cairo on the teleprompter.

Bobby Cairo: Next up, Pantheon’s Secretary of the Interior and self-proclaimed ‘Ambassador of the Obsessive,’ he is your United States Champion….’THE FUTURE’ JEFF PURSE!

"Won't Back Down" by Eminem blares on the PA. The crowd once more explodes from their seats as Jeff Purse, absent of his normal introduction theatrics, walks out onto the stage hand-in-hand with Kari.

Shannan Lerch: Kari is one lucky woman, that’s all I have to say.

Zach Davis: Sorry Shannan, as tainted as you are, Purse wouldn’t get close to you with a ten-foot pole.

Shannan Lerch: I could use a ten INCH pole right now, that’s for sure.

Purse is also wearing dress slacks and a button down dress shirt. He waves out to the cheering crowd and walks toward the ring making sure to slap as many hands as possible. He slides into the ring as Kari walks to the steel steps. Purse and Black shake hands in the center of the ring as the camera again returns to Cairo.

Bobby Cairo: Pantheon just wouldn’t be the same without a Secretary of the Interior, so please welcome your very own WCF People’s Champion….KID PHANTASM!

"Clock" by Beck begins playing over the loudspeakers as the curtain parts... and out comes Kid Phantasm. Kid receives the biggest ovation of all as the people’s champion runs out onto the stage and down the ramp.

Zach Davis: The fans really love this guy! I don’t blame them.

Shannan Lerch: What is this, Zach, obvious day? Of course they love him; he’s their champion, and the mastermind of this entire stable. Hell, all these catchy titles Cairo’s spitting out are probably his idea!

He slaps a few audience members' hands on his way through the arena, and then slides beneath the bottom rope and into the ring. Kid Phantasm takes a quick look around the crowd as they continue their cheers. He nods his head in approval and then turns and embraces his tag-team partner Jeff Purse and WCF Hall of Famer, Corey Black. We turn back to Cairo once again.

Bobby Cairo: A state of the union address just doesn’t work without a President. Ladies and Gentleman, here he is….THE DYNASTY, JONNY FLY!

The lights in the arena fade out. After a few suspense filled seconds the words ‘The Dynasty’ appear in bold italic lettering on the jumbotron as the beginning of “Requiem for a Tower” begins to play. A single spotlight turns on and illuminates the silhouette of a man standing on the stage. As the song hits the 50 second mark and the music picks up the lights come on revealing Jonny Fly.

Shannan Lerch: Speaking of people we love. Hellloooo Jonny!

Zach Davis: This is the first time we’ll hear from Fly since FPV pinned Oblivion to capture his WCF World Title. This ought to be interesting.

Shannan Lerch: I hope he quits and takes on a new career as my bedroom attendant!

Fly stands motionless on the stage as the jumbotron changes to the words ‘This is the Era of Jonny Fly.’ The music slows down and a barrage of fireworks begins to go off behind Fly. Like his stable mates, Fly is wearing dress pants and a dress shirt and slowly and deliberately begins to make his way toward the ring. Fly slides into the ring and shakes hands with Purse, Black, and Kid.

Bobby Cairo: Before I leave and give these men the floor, there is one more order of business that needs to be taken care of. After some deliberation, we decided that the group could use a Surgeon General. If you’ve ever hung out with Jeff Purse and Kid Phantasm at the farm, you know this is for obvious reasons. With that said, allow me to introduce you to the newest member of Pantheon…..the Surgeon General himself……

Zach Davis: WHO IS IT?!?

The house lights dim, and the intro to Lynnyrd Skynnyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" hits the speakers. The crowd begin going FUCKING NUTS! A spotlight illuminates the stage where we see…

Shannan Lerch: JOHNNY REB!?!


Johnny Reb steps out from behind the curtain. Reb smiles proudly out at his fans and as he walks down the ramp, a cascade of sparks rains down on the stage. The Inveterate Confederate circles the ring, slapping hands with the fans at ringside. Johnny eschews the steps completely; he leaps onto the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckles, posing for the cheering crowd for a moment before he jumps down, where he embraces the rest of the members of Pantheon. We switch one last time to Bobby Cairo.

Bobby Cairo: Ladies and Gentleman, I give you…PANTHEON! I’ll see you all soon enough. Don’t have too much fun without me!

Cairo gives one last wink to the crowd before the titantron turns off. Corey Black goes to the ropes and asks for a microphone. He returns to the center of the ring and is interrupted as he puts the microphone to his lips ready to speak. The crowd is still buzzing from the introduction and are drowning out all other sounds in the arena.




Zach Davis: This is quite a sight, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: These are five guys who want to…save wrestling. What is there NOT to cheer for? Plus, they’re all super-hot, if I say so myself.

Black asks for silence and once more brings the microphone to his lips.

Corey Black: You know, it was never my intention to come back to WCF, at least not right now. Yet, here I am. I’m here because recent events have made my presence here a necessity. Let’s start with Adam Young. Adam, what happened at Blast? I really thought you were going to be a challenge for me.

Shannan Lerch: Seriously?

Zach Davis: Yeah, that can’t be right.

Corey Black: Okay, okay, that’s not true. The only person in this world who wasn’t absolutely positive that I was going to beat Adam Young was, well, Adam Young. Now I have to carry round that absolutely worthless Texas Heavyweight Championship. I’m debating renaming it the Iowa Heavyweight Championship just so I can find it in me to give a fuck about it.

I digress; we’re now on the verge of another XIII. That means that this time I get to step into the ring with Adam Young on my own show. That seems promising for him, right? I’m only going to say this once, and I won’t repeat it. Adam, listen to me, at XIII...you die. It’s your own doing. For you, it all ends on Friday. I don’t know what went through your mind when you decided to start this fight, but I’m going to end it. FOREVER.

Black brings the microphone down and takes in the cheers from the crowd. He nods his head in approval and continues speaking.

Corey Black: Adam isn’t the only reason I’m back. Not at all. When I left WCF I did so with the intent on clearing the path for the younger and newer generation of wrestlers. Not only do I stand here in the ring right now with four of the top stars in the WCF right now, but I also stand here with the men that will be leading this company for years down the road. This type of talent ensemble is something to be jealous of, and it was without surprise to me that Gravedigger and Logan we’re the first to react. These guys have been wary of their standing in this company for a long time and they know that it’s Pantheon that have the ability to put the stake through their heart. So in a moment of cowardice and something that can only be described as the opposite of pride, they joined forces.

I won’t allow those two, or anyone, for that matter, to stand in the way of the new generation of the WCF. This is what we need; this is what Seth Lerch should want. Unfortunately for Seth, old habits die hard. So, here I am. I’m playing a supporting role in this chapter of the WCF; the chapter of Pantheon’s dominance and the rise of a new generation of wrestlers. I’m not going away. If any of you want to try and stop what we are doing, you’ll have to go through all of us.

Good luck with that. Oh, and good luck to Adam Young. He’ll be needing all that he can get.

A rousing ovation from the crowd precedes Black passing the microphone to Jeff Purse.

Shannan Lerch: Corey Black making it well known to everyone that he’s back in the WCF for two reasons; to kill Adam Young, and to guide Pantheon in its fight against the old guard in the WCF.

Zach Davis: That’s right Shannan; a humbling speech by Black that is telling everyone that even he, someone who could only be considered part of the old-guard, is ready for the next chapter in WCF history and he’s ready to fight for it himself.

Black walks to the corner of the ring to listen to the rest of his Pantheon stable-mates talk. Jeff Purse brings the microphone to his lips, however he doesn't begin talking. He is playing with the collar of his shirt. Apparently, the right side is hanging just slightly lower then the left. He adjusts, and now the left is lower. He adjusts and now the right is WAY lower. He looks up at the ceiling, frustrated, when Kari comes along and adjusts it for him, making everything even. He smiles at her, and begins, as the crowd is still on their feet, chanting the name of the best group WCF has seen.

Jeff Purse: Ladies and Gentlemen of the WCF Universe, this here, what you see in this ring isn't just a bunch of wrestlers. No, we are much, much more then that. We are Pantheon. A group of like minded individuals who love this sport and don't want to see it taken over by a bunch of hack gimmicks and annoying jobbers. Let me just point out the impact that Pantheon has made on the WCF since arriving. We have scared most of the veterans of the company, so badly that they had to go and form their own team, The Darkside of Treachery. After that, we saw Monsters Inc, we saw Future Gods Inc., we saw The Perfect Alliance, we saw a few teams go up. And now, a month later, we see Pantheon, we see The Perfect Alliance, barely, and D.o.T....well I took out that bitch Gravedigger last week. Nobody can deny the fact that we are here to stay.

He has to stop because of the crowd chanting Pantheon again.

Zach Davis: That was a brutal match that Jeff was involved with with Gravedigger last week.

Shannan Lerch: But he retained his title. You can see he is damaged from it still.

And he was, so he was glad to have tonight off.

Jeff Purse: Thank you, thank you. And young man in the front row, if you could just stand up, since everyone else around you is standing...you know just to equal out...ok there you go, thank you.

The crowd erupts in laughter.

Jeff Purse: I was personally grateful when Kid and Nightmare approached me about being in Pantheon. And then when Fly approached me, it really sunk in. It sunk in that all the effort that I put out, all the sweat and all the tears, it was really being recognized. I am huge fans of all these guys...Jonny Fly, Kid Phantasm, CD Corey Black, Johnny Reb, Bobby fucking Cairo. Nightmare, wherever you are, I am a fan of yours too. I just want to say I love you guys, and thank you.

The crowd pops again. Jeff starts to get a little emotional, and he shakes it off.

Shannan Lerch: I am going to cry.

Zach Davis: Baby.

Jeff Purse: But anyway, personal feelings aside. Gravedigger, you said that Pantheon was falling apart. Does it look like we are falling apart. We are the real deal, we are here to stay, and there isn't anything you can do about it. Or anyone. Pantheon for life!

And the crowd explodes. Jeff Purse throws his hands up and they get even louder. The chants of Pantheon throughout the arena are almost deafening. Purse passes the microphone now to Phantasm and the crowd goes even more crazy for their champion.

Kid Phantasm: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen of WCF - you, the fans, make all of this possible. If it weren't for all of you, there'd be no People's Title... no Pantheon... no WCF, even. As our Secretary of the Interior, I'm pleased to report that though there will always be threats to this company, all remains well on the home-front. Uh, except for the Nathan von Liebert problem... which should be solved promptly.

Shannan Lerch: He's leaving out the part about his girlfriend leaving him, of course...

Zach Davis: Well, it doesn't have anything to do with wrestling, does it? She's not injured, she's just... gone.

Shannan Lerch: She's the missing member of Pantheon. If Kid Phantasm's 'Secretary of the Interior', he should notice there's one less person in that ring.

Kid Phantasm: Though she's not here with us tonight, Nightmare is now and always will be a part of Pantheon... after what Monsters Inc. did to her, I think I can speak for the rest of Pantheon when I say we would like to see her back as soon as she's ready. And of course, it should go without saying that I'm looking forward to another chance at getting in the ring with Oblivion. Hey, thanks for that, Corey!

Zach Davis: Come to think of it, there sure is a lot of Pantheon in that Monarch of the Mat tournament...

Kid Phantasm: This'll be my first XIII... well, I was in Japan for the last one... at least for a little while, anyway... but this'll be my first time competing at XIII, and in an 8-man tournament no less! If I make it to the finals it'll be the biggest match of my career, and I'll be going after victory just as hard... if not even harder... if one of these two fellas is in the finals with me. Just as it's be an honor to fight alongside you guys, Reb and Jeff, it'd be even better if we end up having to mix it up in Norway. This State of the Union is to tell you guys what Pantheon's really about... but a Kid/Reb or Kid/Purse finals? That would SHOW you guys what Pantheon's about.

Zach Davis: This crowd's reacting pretty loudly to a possible Pantheon-on-Pantheon finals... wouldn't that be something, Shannan?

Shannan Lerch: Eh, Kid's got a shot against either of those two... but Fly could take him.

Zach Davis: Boy, wouldn't THAT be a match!

Kid Phantasm: I've said it before and I'll say it again - when all seems dark and gloomy, when wrestling becomes nothing but crazies, uppity heels and hordes of costumed grappling zombies... wrestling finds a way. I heard you, Jay Price, when you said these 'supergroups' would be the death of WCF... I heard every word. And I'd agree with you, save for one thing... as far as we're concerned, we exist to keep things like 'the death of WCF' from happening. Pantheon is a group founded on mutual respect... respect towards each other, towards this company... this business... towards athletic competition.

Zach Davis: I wonder who his speech-writer is?

Kid Phantasm: But don't take my word for it... you'll get to see for yourself in a few days in Norway. Now, let me hand the microphone over to our President!

Cheers ring out from the crowd as the microphone is given to Jonny Fly. Fly stands still in the center of the ring holding the microphone to his side and looking out at the crowd.

Shannan Lerch: You have to wonder what Fly is thinking right now. It's been a long time since we've seen him without the World Title belt around his waist.

Zach Davis: I still can't get over that match from Blast, and I'm not quite sure he has either.

As the pause continues, chants from the crowd begin.

Crowd: FLY! FLY! FLY! FLY!

The reaction from the crowd brings a smile to 'The Dynasty's' face. Finally, he lifts the microphone up to his lips.

Jonny Fly: Hello, Flydophiles!!

Shannan Lerch: HELLO!

A HUGE POP from the crowd brings a nodding endorsement from Fly as he continues.

Jonny Fly: First off, my congratulations to FPV for beating Oblivion to gain MY World Title. That was great, wasn't it? After a few months of trying, Seth Lerch finally gets his wish and found a way to make DoT just a little bit relevant. Allow me to bring some closure to that right now.

Regardless of FPV's fluke win, The Darkside of Treachery has failed in its mission. Logan is gone. Gravedigger is losing match after match in a deadly spiral back to the mid-card Seth Lerch dragged him out from. Doc Henry is as irrelevant as ever. The Dark Side is, well, The Dark Side. Perennial losers. FPV, though, the misfit of the group, he's your World Champion. He won it in a four-way contest that either he or Gravedigger were designed to win. Honestly, I don't give a shit. One on one, I would wipe this mat with FPV. He should hold on to that title tightly, I suspect he won't be long for it.

Anyways, there are bigger things in play here than some mythical battle with the Darkside of Treachery. As it unfolded, they weren't good enough to hold up their end of the fight. It's over. As a group, we're moving on. DoT was all flash, no substance. Good riddance, I say.

Zach Davis: Fly is acting like the Darkside of Treachery is dead.

Shannan Lerch: They're not?

Jonny Fly: You know, I didn't give myself the title of 'President' of Pantheon. It was bestowed upon me by these men I'm in the ring with. After all, this group's purpose is the brainchild of my friend Kid Phantasm. Nevertheless, as Pantheon's leader-in-title, I'm here to deliver a very specific message. This group, from this day forward, will be holding each of you in the WCF to a higher standard.

When I joined this company, there were too many wrestlers getting by on their past. Too many guys putting in half-effort and reaping large rewards. Pantheon isn't the death of WCF; it's the standard-bearer. All other groups have formed simply to counter our mission. They will ALL fail, just like DoT did. We exist to usher in an era of WCF that won't cater to the Logan's, Gravedigger's, and countless other hacks out there. You will all earn your place in this company, or you'll deal with us.

Like it or not, this is our company. I hope that wherever he is, Seth Lerch is listening. These fans, they're here to see Pantheon.

HUGE pop from the crowd followed by 'Pantheon' chants.

Jonny Fly: That's right, Seth. Nobody gives a fuck about you. Nobody gives a fuck about your 'legends.' Without us, this place goes back to the dark ages we dragged it out of. Like it or not, we're here to stay. Perhaps now would be a good time to embrace the newest generation of your 'baby?' If not, the respect we have for this business won't extend to you any longer. Look around the ring one more time, Seth, do you really want this group as your enemy?

Shannan Lerch: I can answer that for him; no!

Zach Davis: Pantheon is as strong as ever, but Seth hates these guys. What's his next move going to be?

Jonny Fly: Lastly, I want to say best of luck to everyone in this ring who will be participating at XIII. I know Pantheon will be well-represented, and I'm sure at least one of you will be winning that tournament. Regardless, hopefully, Black over there won't give you the Jonny Fly versus Jay Price treatment!

The comment draws a laugh from Black and the crowd as a whole.

Zach Davis: Cheap shot!

Shannan Lerch: Still funny!

With that Fly passes the microphone to Johnny Reb. The crowd pops as Johnny Reb takes the microphone, so loud, so enduring that he is forced to wait. After a moment or two, when the charged crowd shows no signs of abating, he holds up a hand to silence them; and reluctantly, they quiet down. Johnny flashes his patented, rougish country-boy grin.

Johnny Reb: I bet y'all weren't expectin' this. Ain't never been much of a joiner, though I've made alliances a number of times. The Inveterate Confederate, more the lone stalkin' panther than part of the pride. But this... this is truly a new era in WCF. I know, I know. Every few months somebody comes along an' claims it's a new era, mainly just to make a name for himself. An' almost without fail, they're gone in a month or less. Not this time. Not this group. This is the single greatest collective of competitors ever assembled in the hist'ry of this company. When the invitation was extended to me to join Pantheon, of course I was a little skeptical. There was a question of loyalty, considerin' I am -- or was -- a Big Dick Superstar, an' Chad Evans certainly had his problems with Mr. Bobby Cairo. But with Evans gone, an' my erstwhile tag team partner M.I.A. an' apparently completely unhinged, loyalty is no longer a consideration. Y'all know me. I am faithful unto the very end.

An' that was the real draw. These men you see here standin' beside me have proven themselves time an' again, in the ring an' out. These men are the backbone of WCF; that they would count me as one of their number, in the long run, only makes sense. This is a consolidation of power, not for ill intent, but for the greater good. No man nor woman among the litany of illustrious names on the WCF roster has more love for this organization than do we. For this organization -- an' for the grand sport of wrestlin' as a whole. So we stand before y'all tonight, united under a common banner, as your duly-appointed representatives; ever vigilant, ever strivin' for Truth, Justice, an' the American Way.

The Inveterate One pauses briefly to collect his thoughts.

Johnny Reb: We are Pantheon. Each of us has been in the ring with one another; each tried by the fires of our own passions; each an' every one of us peerless in the squared circle. There is no dissention, no need for there to be. We all got ego to spare, but we also got somethin' more pure -- mutual respect. More'n that, there is not a man standin' here beside me that I do not consider a friend; even Mr. Fly, despite our prior diff'rences of opinion. But the important thing is...we ain't here to dominate, to obsess over who's got what title. Gold comes to the worthy. Dominance is only a matter of consequence. What Pantheon stands for is deeper an' more complex than words can express, which is why y'all gotta keep watchin'. Pay attention. What we do from this point on will change the face of professional wrestlin' forever.

Now, as your Surgeon General of the Wrestlin' Championship Federation, I must put forth this observation -- the overall health of this comp'ny is failin', an' failin' miserable-like. There is an epidemic, a widespread contagion, a blight on the face of this fine organization. They are the age-old ailments that have always been: corruption, greed, vice an' folly. But so common now that I feel it incumbent upon the office entrusted me in good faith to order quarantine an' mass vaccination. Metaphorically speakin', that is. An' it begins tonight when I put Steeltoe Joe down for the one-two-three. It continues at XIII next Friday, an' it don't end until we bring WCF not to its former greatness, but to a whole new level of glory...

With that, Reb drops the microphone to the ground. The crowd gets to their feet and lets out another loud chorus of cheers. The group members raise their hands in the air one last time before leaving the ring and making their way to the back.

Zombie McMorris vs Barnabus Smythe Esq.

Zach Davis: The time has come for a match that we’ve all been anxiously waiting weeks for!

Shannan Lerch: What are you talking about? Hell, Barnabus has only been on the roster for two weeks!

Zach Davis: Who gives a shit it’s a zombie versus a pirate!

“Yo Ho A Pirate’s Life For Me” begins to play and a wooden replica pirate ship is wheeled out onto the stage by Barnabus’s crewmen. With Barnabus scouting his opponent with the use of a pirate’s telescope from the crow’s nest of the ship, he is wheeled to ringside. After his boat reaches ringside, Barnabus swings into the ring on a rope and draws his sword ready to fight

Shannan Lerch: What’s with that sword? He knows he can’t use that, right?


Shannan Lerch: Shut up, Zach.

"Never Gonna Stop" blasts through the PA as Zombie McMorris makes his way onto the stage all pumped up. Hopping on the balls of his toes and shaking his arms out, Zombie rushes the ring as the music kicks up. Sliding into the ring he makes it across the ring, stepping on the bottom rope and points to the crowd before making his way to the corner turn buckle and pointing to them again and beating his chest in excitement.

Zach Davis: It’s been a big week for Zombie McMorris, and a win here would be the cherry on top.

Shannan Lerch: Big week? What are you talking about?

Zach Davis: You didn’t hear about the zombie apocalypse?


The bell rings and the match begins with Barnabus and Zombie squaring off in the center of the ring. Zombie gains the advantage with a side headlock and while still holding onto Barnabus’s head, bounces himself off of the ropes and then hits a neckbreaker. Barnabus rises back to his feet quickly but Zombie grabs him and delivers a snap suplex. A confident Zombie McMorris tries for an early cover.





Zach Davis: Banabus kicks out of the first pinfall attempt of the match!

Zombie picks Barnabus back up and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Barnabus yells out ‘ARGH!’ as he hits the mat in pain. Zombie doesn’t give a shit about his pain though, and quickly drops a leg, then an elbow, then another leg, then another elbow onto his fallen opponent.

Shannan Lerch: I haven’t seen a Zombie move that fast since those ones in ‘I Am Legend!’

Zach Davis: Terrific commentary Shannan, you’re a real jewel.

Shannan Lerch: Thanks!

Zombie McMorris goes for another cover attempt.






Barnabus Smythe Esq. kicks out with authority.

Shannan Lerch: What is that Esq. at the end of his name?

Zach Davis: That means Esquire I believe, it’s a title of respect.

Shannan Lerch: Respect? But he’s a pirate!

Smythe gets back to his feet and Zombie runs at him trying for a drop-kick. Smythe grabs him out of the air and delivers a huge spinebuster. He tries for the cover.






Zombie McMorris kicks out!

Zach Davis: Not a chance. You can’t kill a Zombie with a spinebuster!

Both men get back to their feet and square up once again. This time Smythe gets the advantage and picks up McMorris taking him down to the mat with a sidewalk slam. The last real pirate of the free world rises to his feet and let out a mighty yell. He drops a knee onto Zombie and then springs himself against the ropes and hits a body splash as bounces back. Barnabus rises back to his feet bringing McMorris up with him. He goes to pick up Zombie for a powerbomb, but as McMorris is lifted onto his shoulder he begins slamming away with right hands to the pirate. Barnabus’s grip slips but he’s still able to catch Zombie with a HUGE neckbreaker.

Shannan Lerch: Good catch there by Smythe!

Zach Davis: I find it interesting that a Pirate has actual wrestling instincts.

Barnabus goes for the cover.







Zach Davis: Zombie McMorris kicks out just in time!

Barnabus gets up to his feet and begins stomping away at Zombie McMorris. Zombie McMorris has had enough though, and grabs Barnabus’s foot and spins him to the ground. McMorris mounts on top of Barnabus and goes to town with two…three…four…five…six right hands to the face! McMorris gets off and takes a few steps back before delivering the ‘Boot Party’ to the face of the pirate!

Shannan Lerch: WHAM! BOOT PARTY!

Zach Davis: I was really hoping to see a pirate go on a winning streak in the WCF. We’ve had everything else imaginable happen around here, why not?

McMorris hooks the leg for a cover.








Shannan Lerch: Uh, wow. The pirate has resiliency.

McMorris quickly gets back to his feet and brings his opponent up with him. He turns Barnabus around so that his back is facing him and raises his arms outward.

Zach Davis: Uh-oh, it appears Zombie McMorris has had just enough of the pirate.

McMorris goes for the Curb Stomp, but Barnabus wiggles out of the hold just in time. He spins around behind McMorris and goes for his own finisher, ‘Walk the Plank!’

Shannan Lerch: NO! Barnabus goes for ‘Walk the Plank’ but this time it’s Zombie McMorris who wiggles out of the hold!

Both men rise to their feet and lock up one more time. They trade blows before Zombie McMorris takes a wild swing, which Smythe ducks. He then connects with the Walk the Plank!

Zach Davis: There it is!

Barnabus collapses onto Zombie, hooking the leg.




Shannan Lerch: And there you have it! The pirate picks up the win!

Barnabus stands up, getting his arm raised triumphantly.

Zach Davis: Regardless, only Zombie McMorris is going onto XIII, so we'll see how that goes for him!

Synn Segment

There is someone in the house of horrors.

The hissing and thumping of pipes all around, the sounds of machinery hard at work, all surrounded by thick concrete walls barely lit with small light bulbs hanging high in the ceiling, giving the barest minimum field of view. It's the underbelly of the W.C.F Arena, yes, it's the basement. Where many go, but few ever come back the same! Carefully making his way through the maze of corridors, twists and turns, the poor soul lost in this catacomb of an eerie retreat desperately searches for something, it's not long after entering the basement, the extremely nervous cameraman, fighting off the fingers of fear trying to wrap him in it's grasp, finds his target. In a small room with a creaky door barely hanging on it's hinges, a small spot in the middle of the door that with an engraved door plate that reads *the boiler room*, A shadowy figure is crouched down, hidden by fog, a mist of some kind, maybe steam exhausts from the boiler itself, whatever it is it's freaking the poor camera man out something awful.

Voice: How so cliche, don't you think? The dark, brooding evil incarnate hiding out in the gloomy dungeon sitting in the boiler room? You think us born again from the depths of hell types would come up with something original? Dont'cha think?

The poor man holding the camera is hating this assignment, 5 years of journalism and he gets to be killed by a crazy fuck his first day on the job. The figure stands up, slowly walking out of the misty shadows. The camera man freezes at Synn's full facial features, white and black paint in odd symbols and designs, Hair in a ponytail with what seems to be a bandanna of some sort tied around it. His deep brown eyes cold and lifeless, like staring into the eyes of a great white shark. He smirks, sensing, almost smelling the fear pouring off the soul standing before him, like the scent of a fresh young buck who has lost it's way.

Synn: You've come to me with questions? The devils son only speaks the truth. Later on this night, Synn steps into the ring in a four way dance with three other poor souls, all for the right to earn a shot at Jeff Purse's Unites States Championship.

Synn covers his face with his hands, then lowers them in a downward motion, as if pulling something over his face. His pearly white teeth literally sparkle like knife blades reflecting the sun's gleaming rays of light, his eyes becoming wide with excitement.

Synn: Shane Knight, my once good friend Roy Speede, and the great saboteur Doc Henry. All my hapless opponents for this chance. You all must like your own chances against me, my record in such matches do not favor me winning. But tonight, like all other nights, you will all be witness as i once again raise hell....

Synn reaches out, grabbing the poor camera man by the collar of his shirt. Pulling the scared man, and the camera, closer to his face. You can hear the low muffled helpless screams of the poor journalist off camera, then the soft whimpers of fear as he tries his damnedest to keep his composure in the face of this maniac. Synn's smirk contorts into an evil grin.

Synn: Yes, I will raise hell. And I will stake my claim when i continue my winning ways, defeating the three unsuspecting victims in the ring with me, for a chance to face the United States champion, Jeff Purse.

Synn releases the man from his grip. The wannabe journalist, holding tight to the camera in his hands, runs out the door, fearing he may never find his way out of this god forsaken hell hole, as he hears the laughs of that maniac echo throughout the entire basement.

Hardcore Match
Hunter Valentyne vs Noob Cha-Cha

Elena Siegman “The One” begins playing and Noob Cha-Cha creeps out onto the stage.

Zach Davis: All right, time for tonight to get Hardcore!

Cha-Cha stops to hit the audience with crazy paranoid eyes, looking over them and mouthing strange rants and mumbles. Cha-Cha starts to walk down the ramp when from out of nowhere Hunter Valentyne runs out from the back and slams a speed limit sign across Cha-Cha's back.

Zach Davis: Now wait just a minute, that was uncalled for!

Shannan Lerch: It's legal!

Cha-Cha drops down to one knee and Valentyne cracks her across the back a second time. And then a third time. Cha-Cha begins to crawl toward the ring as Valentyne tosses the bent sign into the crowd, a souvenir for a lucky fan. Cha-Cha gets to the apron and tries to pull herself up when Valentyne delivers a boot to the back. Cha-Cha drops to the ground and starts to crawl under the ring. She gets half her body under before Valentyne grabs her foot and pulls her back out. But Cha-Cha was prepared for that as she brings a fire extinguisher out with her and sprays Valentyne in the face. The referee, deciding that this fight isn't going into the ring any time soon, rings for the bell and then slides out to ringside.

Zach Davis: And finally this match is officially underway!

Valentyne, blinded by the fire extinguisher, stumbles right into a fire extinguisher shot to the midsection from Cha-Cha.

Shannan Lerch: Oof!

Valentyne doubles over in pain and Cha-Cha slams the fire extinguisher into his back, dropping him to the ground. Cha-Cha then tosses it off to the side and goes over to the apron where she lifts it up and starts to rummage around under the ring. As Valentyne rolls on the ground in pain, Cha-Cha begins to pull out just about every weapon under the ring and scatter them around the outside and inside of the ring. Valentyne pushes himself up onto his knees and Cha-Cha grabs a pair of trash can lids. She walks over to him and uses the lids like a pair of cymbals.

Zach Davis: And Hunter Valentyne is going to be hearing that clanging sound for weeks.

Hunter falls over and Cha-Cha immediately goes for the pin attempt.




Valentyne gets the shoulder up as Cha-Cha shoots the referee a look. He confirms it was only a two count and Cha-Cha nods in disappointment. She gets back up to her feet, pulling Valentyne up with her. She leads him over to the ring steps and then slams him face first into them. She does it a second time and then pulls him close before whipping him into the barricade. Cha-Cha now hopping up onto the apron. She sizes up Valentyne and then leaps off looking for a diving clothesline. Valentyne comes alive at the last second and side steps her, sending Cha-Cha crashing into the front row of spectators. Valentyne drops to his knees for a breather as Cha-Cha tries to wiggle herself out of the pile of chairs, refreshments and fans that she's tangled in. She gets to her feet and tries to make her way over the barricade when Valentyne catches her with a kendo stick shot across the back. A second. A third. A fourth shot and Cha-Cha drops to the ground, clutching her back in pain.

Zach Davis: Man those kendo shots sounded absolutely brutal.

Valentyne drops the kendo stick and rolls Cha-Cha onto her back as he goes for the pin attempt.




Cha-Cha kicks out before the three count. Valentyne wastes no time pulling Cha-Cha up and leading her over to the ring apron. He slams her face into the apron and then rolls her into the ring. Valentyne slides in behind her and immediately goes to work setting up a table. He then pulls her up and goes to snap off a suplex when Cha-Cha blocks it. He tries a second time but Cha-Cha again blocks it and counters with a knee to the gut. Valentyne doubles over and Cha-Cha snaps off a DDT. Valentyne tries to get up but Cha-Cha cuts him off with the Cha-Cha'd. Cha-Cha now with the pin attempt.




Valentyne finds a way somehow to get his shoulder up. Cha-Cha is absolutely pissed as she stares down Hunter. She then notices the table already set up. Cha-Cha stomps down on Hunter a few times then pulls him up to his feet. She pushes him over to the table then lifts him up onto it before punching him a few times.

Shannan Lerch: What is going through the mind of Cha-Cha?

Zach Davis: Who knows, the chick is nuts.

Cha-Cha calmly walks over to the corner and hops up to the top turnbuckle. She measures up Valentyne and then leaps off with a SSP. It connects and Valentyne's body is driven through the table!


Cha-Cha with the pin attempt.




Elena Siegman's “The One” hits the speakers as the referee helps Cha-Cha to her feet and raises her hand. Cha-Cha begins to celebrate as the ref checks on Valentyne. We fade out to commercial as Cha-Cha exits the ring and slaps a few hands at ringside.

Joel Hall Segment

Joel Hall is in his locker room, looking through some photos. There, the pictures show him and the girl that was seen two weeks ago on Blast.

Joel Hall: Edith Griffith...was it you that I saw last week? You in the crowd?

Joel had tried to remember everything, but suddenly, he started to get pain in his head.

Joel Hall: GAAAHHH!!!!

Suddenly, someone had burst through the locker room. He was dressed like a superhero.

Kamen Rider Subarashi: Joel-sensei! Are you alright?!

Joel kept screaming in pain and agony. Subarashi went outside the locker room.

Kamen Rider Subarashi: Help!!! Someone get the medics!!!

The medics arrive and saw Joel's condition. They carried him up with a stretcher and left to the medical center. While Subarashi looks on, he sees the photos on the ground. He picks up one of them and looks at it.

Kamen Rider Subarashi: Who...is she?

Subarashi puts the photo in his pocket. He takes the other photos and places it back in Joel's locker before leaving.

Internet Title Contendership Match
Kale Windsor vs Stuart Slane

Zach Davis: Well, this match has just become a singles match, instead of a triple threat. Poor Joel Hall.

The song starts and the lights strobe as Kale Windsor steps out on the stage at the top of the ramp. Kale stands there for a moment, as if he's taking in all of the love in the area {he pays no mind to the boos, for he feels everyone loves him}. He casually walks down the rampway towards the ring. Once at the ring he slides in under the ropes. He then stands in the middle of the ring as if he's king of the world while each ring post pops with pyros.

Shannan Lerch: Gotta admit.. he's a handsome man.

“Follow Me, Boys!” plays as Stu marches out from the back, silently mouthing the lyrics to his theme as he heads down the ramp. He does a circuit around the outside of the ring before climbing the steps and entering. After some last minute old timey calisthenics (Indian twists, deep knee bends, etc) The Scoutmaster goes his corner. He hands his hat and sash off to a WCF stagehand and assumes a fighting position.

Zach Davis: And here is Stuart Slane. The winner of this match will face Johnny Stylez next week. What a bizarre matchup we've got here.

Slane and Windsor approach each other as the bell rings. They tie up. Kale gets the early advantage, pushing Slane into the corner. The ref calls for a break. Kale backs up and poses for the women in the crowd, many of which cheer him.

Shannan Lerch: Mama mia!

...Meanwhile, the majority of fans, which are men, boo. Slane explodes from the corner, Clotheslining Windsor down. Windsor gets back up and gets met with another Clothesline before getting up once more. Slane then throws Windsor to the ropes and then lifts him up as he bounces back, hitting a Gorilla Press Slam!

Zach Davis: What strength!

Windsor hits the mat hard and quickly rolls out of the ring, looking to regroup. But Stuart Slane goes right on the attack, sliding out and running at the prettyboy. Kale trips Slane up, however, sending him diving into the ring steps!

Shannan Lerch: Ouch!

Windsor then hits Slane in the head with a forearm and smashes his head into the turnbuckle! He rolls Slane into the ring and covers him, hooking the leg.



No!, Slane kicks out. Windsor pulls him a foot or so closer to the turnbuckle then jums up...

Zach Davis: Split Legged Moonsault!

Into another pin!



No, again Slane kicks out. But Kale Windsor is undeterred; he lifts Slane up and grabs his head for a DDT. Slane, however, hits Kale with a few stiff shots to the side, breaking free. Slane bounces off the ropes and runs at Kale, hitting a Running Lifting Spear into a Spinebuster!

Shannan Lerch: Lanzarse! Beautifully executed by the Scoutmaster!

Slane pins Windsor now.



No! Windsor kicked out!

Zach Davis: Almost had him there, but Windsor just had a string of offense. Slane has to wear him down a bit more.

Slane kicks at Windsor several times before picking him up and lifting him into a Bearhug.

Shannan Lerch: A man with boyish good looks like Kale Windsor being hugged that tightly by a scoutmaster... yeesh.

Kale Windsor yells in pain a few times before eventually slipping his arms free. He claps his arms against Slane's head, breaking free. He then grabs Slane's head and hits a Swinging Neckbreaker!

Zach Davis: That's his 90210! This has gotta be over!

Kale pins Slane once more!



No! Slane gets his foot on the ropes!

Shannan Lerch: So close! If Kale had Slane positioned better this would be over right about now!

Kale pulls Slane into position near the turnbuckle and he begins climbing up.

Zach Davis: I think Kale Windsor is looking to put the Scoutmaster away!

Kale flies off the top rope with a Swanton Bomb!

Shannan Lerch: Rodeo Dive!

But Slane gets his knees up, and Kale's back crashes into him! Kale rolls over, his arm landing on top of Slane; knowing that Kale is injured, Slane has the presence of mind to throw his arm on top of Kale. The ref drops to count.




The bell sounds.

Zach Davis: Uh.. who won?

Shannan Lerch: I'm not sure! Both Kale and Slane's shoulders were down, and they both had an arm over top of the other one...

The ref whispers into Kyle's ear, and Kyle announces the decision.

Kyle Steel: The referee has declared this match... a draw! Both Kale Windsor and Stuart Slane will go onto Night of Champions to compete for the Internet Title!

The fans applaud both men's efforts as Windsor holds his back in pain and Slane catches his breath.

Zach Davis: And there you have it... wow. There will be a lot of bad blood going into next week's match!

Big Harvey Segment

Zach Davis: I'm being told now that WCF's newest addition to the roster is here tonight and he's somewhere in the back.

Shannan Lerch: How exciting! Let's see if we can get a cameraman in the back so we can meet him or her.

The jumbotron flickers to life as we see a cameraman making his ways through the halls in search of the new addition. The sounds of Rod Stewart's Do Ya Think I'm Sexy slowly become audible as the cameraman rounds a corner. And it's there, standing in front of a vending machine, that he finds Big Harvey Dodson. There's a midget standing just off to the side holding a boombox up over his head as the big man grabs hold of the machine and begins shaking it. The cameraman stands back and films from around the corner.

Big Harvey Dodson: Damn you machine! Give me the salty treats I desire!

The midget begins to sway in rhythm with the music as the big man gets angrier. He turns and delivers a hip check into the front of the machine, knocking more than just his selection into the tray. He looks around to see if anyone saw that and then begins scooping out as much as he can carry. When his arms are full he heads down the hallway toward where the cameraman is. The cameraman steps out, acting like he just got there.

Big Harvey Dodson: Whoa, uh, you didn't see that did ya?

The cameraman shakes his head no.

Big Harvey Dodson: Good, that could have been embarrassing.

The cameraman leans to the side and zooms in on the midget, still rocking out by the candy machine. Harvey turns to see what the cameraman is staring at and lets out a belly laugh.

Big Harvey Dodson: Aww, dats just Lil Bobby.

Big Harvey whistles and pats his leg and the midget snaps out of his trance like state and shuts off the boombox before running over to Harvey.

Big Harvey Dodson: Now then, you look like a man with a purpose there Mr. Cameraman. What can ol' Harvey do for you?

Cameraman: Well, uh, how about a few words for the viewers. Maybe tell us a little about yourself.

Big Harvey pops open a bag of potato chips and places one in his mouth as he ponders that request.

Big Harvey Dodson: Well now, I suppose I could do that....but where's the fun? I've got a better idea! Hit it Lil Bobby!

Lil Bobby hits the play button and Sexy And I Know It starts up.

Big Harvey Dodson: This right here is all you need to know about Big Harvey Dodson!

Big Harvey drops his snacks to the ground, rips off his t-shirt that reads No Fat Chicks and begins dancing, rubbing his stomach sensually. Lil Bobby places the boombox on the floor and begins trying to dry hump the cameraman's leg. In shock, the cameraman drops the camera and takes off running. Lil Bobby catches the camera and keeps it trained on Big Harvey as he tears away his track pants revealing a purple speedo. Big Harvey continues dancing around as the production team mercifully sends us to a commercial break.

Hardcore Title Contendership Match
Tommy Kain vs Priest

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and will be contested under hardcore rules.

Still Counting by Volbeat begins playing over the sound system. The crowd stands in a wild chorus of boos as Tommy Kain makes his way down to the ring with his ever present signature bottle of Evan Williams. Listening to the crowd reaction, He gives the crowd a smirk that just screams, "Damn I know I'm better than you." Finally making his way to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and sitting in one of the corners taking a drink or two from his pre-match bottle of booze.

Zach Davis: And there is Tommy Kain. He's been in a slump as of late, but this could be his night.

Shannan Lerch: Where talking Tommy Kain...it appears to be Priests night.

Zach Davis: After Tommy was heinously attacked with a steel chair last week by Priest, he seems to have rededicated himself. A focused Tommy Kain can be a dangerous Tommy Kain.

Shannan Lerch: It's a hardcore match. Weapons are allowed, such as that bottle of good old whiskey Tommy is getting drunk off of right now. Talk about liquid courage there.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, from Indianapolis, Indiana. weighing in at 228 lbs..

Tommy Kain

Tommy sits in the corner, still smirking as the crowd picks up in a round of boos once more.

The sound of drums can be heard over the arena speakers and out from the back walks Priest. Priest throws his arms up as he looks around at the crowd. He walks down the ramp and climbs into the ring.

Zach Davis: And there is Priest. Rarely wrestling in singles action, he is more accustomed to tag team action. It will be interesting to see how he handles himself without his brother present. This match can go either way, it will be interesting to see who gains the win here tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Oddly, if you ask me, i'd have to say Gein Spector.

Zach Davis: Which I didn't.

Kyle Steel: His opponent is from Miami, Florida. Weighing 350 lbs., he is...


Zach Davis: Well, with nearly an 8 inch height advantage, and a whopping 122 pound weight advantage, a hardcore match truly favors Priest.

Shannan: Maybe, Priest is a big man. But Tommy is drunk and crazy, i mean look at him, he's probably seeing double and thinking he's in a handicap match right now.

Senior Referee Stanley Moser calls for the bell. The two opponents meet in the center of the ring. Priest goes for a lock-up, but Tommy knees him in the groin, then pokes him in the eye, and follows rebounding off the ropes with a stiff kick to the chest. Priest staggers, but does not fall. Tommy runs behind priest, rebounds off the ropes and goes for a running bulldog. However, Priest catches him as he wraps his arm around Priest's neck and he falls backwards with a back-body drop. Priest quickly rolls over and gets back to his feet.

Zach Davis: Priest with an awesome power move. Tommy is going to have to get a hit and run attack going, he is tough, but i don't like his chances going toe to toe with Priest.

Shannan Lerch: It's a hardcore match, Tommy needs to start using the lax in rules to his advantage. If he wasn't so damned drunk he would think of that.

Priest picks up Tommy with a hand full of hair, wrapping Tommy up in a collar and elbow tie up, and again Priest uses his power to his advantage, muscling Tommy into the turnbuckle. He connects with several forearm smashes across the chest, then taking Tommy by the wrist, pulls him out of the corner and nails a belly-to-belly suplex.He makes a cover, but Tommy quickly kicks out. Priest, showing a little frustration at not being able to put Tommy away in a speedily fashion, grabs another hand full of hair and literally yanks Tommy to his feet and throws him to the ropes, hitting a side slam on his way back. He then goes to drop an elbow, but Tommy rolls out of the way, rolling all the way out of the ring to the floor, where he goes under the ring apron for a weapon.

Zach Davis: And i think Tommy might be going for something under the ring, putting the hardcore rules into play here.

Shannan Lerch: You think? Really Einstein? Sure he's not not looking for Hornswoggle or something?

Priest follows quickly out to the floor. Soon Spotting Tommy's legs sticking out from under the ring dressing, he grabs both feet and drags Tommy out from under the ring before he can get his hands on any weapons. Priest scoops him up, slamming him into the ring post back first before pressing him over his head, literally tossing Tommy back into the ring between the middle and top ropes, quickly sliding back in under the bottom rope.

Zach Davis: Another show of strength by Priest, with a gorilla press back into the ring of Tommy Kain.

Shannan Lerch: Any spine Tommy had might have been taken out with that ring post slam, he'll feel THAT in the morning for sure.

For the next several minutes, Tommy tries to make the match more hardcore, looking for any odds and ends he can use for a weapon, but Priest is more successful at keeping it a normal wrestling match and inside the squared circle, frustrating Tommy.

Zach Davis: Playing it safe for a hardcore match, Priest seems reluctant to bring weapons into the factor, but is not beyond some simple rule breaking, taking advantage of the lack of a five count against the ropes to pepper Tommy with punches and kick, and illegal chokes to wear down this fiesty opponent, but he has not allowed the weapons to come into play. Despite this, he has kept control of the match, for the most part. But how long can he keep Tommy from getting his hands on any weapons?

Shannan Lerch: If that's Priest's game plan he's gonna have to end the match soon, the longer it goes the more desperate Tommy gets.

After several minutes of domination, Tommy does catch a break when Priest goes for a clothesline on Tommy against the ropes, but Tommy ducks, Priest's momentum taking up into and over the top rope to the floor. Tommy gets a sadistic gleam in his eyes as he goes outside to the floor, Quickly sliding underneath the ring, Priest recovers, seeing Tommy is not in the ring he starts searching the ringside area for any clues to his where about. On the other side of Priest, the crowd goes wild as Tommy slips out from underneath the ring and pulls out a a bottle of whiskey with him. As Priest keeps looking around, Tommy runs over, sneaking up behind the big man, Just as Priest turns to face him, Tommy swings wide and hard at Priest as he gets a wicked shot to the face, the glass shatters and slices a big gash across Priest's forehead, and blood starts to pour down his face. The crowd cheers Tommy for drawing first blood.

Zach Davis: How ironic that the first weapon to be used in this match is Tommy's own bottle of booze. I feel the tide turning, Shannan!

Shannan Lerch: I guess that drink was on Priest?

Shannan laughs at her own joke as the crowd starts to come alive, actually cheering for Tommy. Tommy seems taken aback a bit, but smiles as he continues the assault.

Priest quickly staggers back into the ring barrier, stunned from the blow. Tommy grabs the apron dressing tossing it up, spotting something he leans inside and pulls out a kendo stick. raising it high in the air as if showing off a trophy, he feeds of the ever growing frenzy and blood lust of the crowd. Priest takes a wild swing as Tommy advances. Able to quickly duck the swing, Tommy rears back and cracks him in the back of Priests knees with the cane, causing him to fall against the ring barrier as his leg buckles. Tommy then climbs on top of Priest using the railing for leverage, and the two exchange punches. Although Priest is the bigger, by far, he has lost a fairly good amount of blood from the deep wound on his forehead and is still reeling from the whiskey bottle to the face, giving Tommy a slight edge as he is winning the exchange. Tommy then leans in and...

Shannan Lerch: What is he doing? Whispering in his ear?

Zach Davis: Oh my god, I don't think so...I think he's biting him!

A closeup shows that Tommy is indeed biting Priest's ear. As priest covers up to protect his ears, Tommy then begins to bit the gash on his head, Priests quickly uses what is left of his waning strength to shove Tommy off. Tommy has a sadistic look of pleasure his face as he spits out a mouth full of blood that almost resembles red asian mist.

Zach Davis: Look at him, i think he's actually gone blood lust in this hardcore match!

Shannan Lerch: UGH. I'd rather not, i think i'm going to throw up!

Just as there is a crazed look in Tommy's eyes, Priest's eyes look blank, almost as if he's fading into unconsciousness. Tommy takes a few more shots with his fist to the cut. Just as Priest looks out of it, he gets a taste of his own blood as it runs down his face and into his mouth. His eyes suddenly pop back to life, they somehow look alert, wide eyed Priest slowly begins to fight his way back up off the guard rail. Tommy nails Priest with a few more stiff shots to the face, Priest reaches out wrapping his huge hand around Tommy's neck, Tommy's eyes go wide with shock as he lifted by the throat and choke slammed hard to the concrete floor. The crowd is eating it up.


Zach Davis: OH MY GAWD! A huge choke slam onto the hard concrete floor to Tommy Kain, oh Tommy brought the hardcore, but Priest now seems more than willing in returning the favor in kind.

Priest, bleeding from his the now deep gash on his forehead, doesn't seem to notice. He picks up the kendo stick Tommy had used on him and he brings it down across the top of Tommy's head. He repeats this process until Tommy too is profusely bleeding. He then picks Tommy up off the floor. Placing Tommy's bloody head between his legs, Priest lifts Tommy high into the air, then drives him back first into the guardrail. The fans are going nuts at the sudden resurgence of Priest, who now has gone hardcore extreme himself. Priest raises his to the roaring crowd. He then goes under the ring and comes out with a length of barbed wire.

Zach Davis: Are you fucking kidding me? A barbed wire bat? Looks like Priest has finally embraced hardcore.

Shannan Lerch: OH MY GOD! i don't know how much more i can take!

Although Tommy seems out, Priest lifts him into a sitting position, placing the the barbed wire bat around his throat. He then lifts Tommy up in the air hanging him with the bat.

Shannan Lerch: Oh mercy, he's strangling Tommy with that barbed wire bat! Moser needs to call this match!

Zach Davis: I know the beginning of the match may have thrown you off, but this is a hardcore match, Shannan. But, Moser may call the match if Tommy taps.

After hanging Tommy for several seconds, Priest lets go of the bat and Tommy drops to the floor. Priest gloats over a severely injured and bleeding Tommy Kain. Feeling extremely confidant that the match is over, he grabs Moser and yells in the ref's face to call the match. Moser gets down on the ground to check Tommy, raising his hand high in the air, he lets go, the hand drops back to the floor.


Moser repeats, picking up Tommy's hand high in the air and letting go. It drops a second time.


Zach Davis: I think Priest has literally choked the life out of Tommy Kain. This match might very well be over.

As Priest continues to gloat to the crowd and Moser directs the time keeper to ready the bell, no one notices Tommy slowly reaching into his pants belt. Moser leans down picking up Tommy's arm for the last time

Shannan Lerch: For mercy sakes read the damn bell already!

Zach Davis: If his arm drops a third time, Priest wins by TKO.

Moser lifts the arm, lets go and it drops

Zach Davis: And there is three..NOOOO!

Just before it hits the concrete Tommy stops his arm. Priest growls in rage. bending down he wraps both hands around Tommy's neck, then lifting him high into the air.

Shannan Lerch: HOLY SHIT! I think Priest means to literally choke the life out of Tommy Kain this time!

Zach Davis: Where does he get the fight from? Tommy was done, that man has more guts than brains, but he's still in it, but not for long.

As Priest looks up at Tommy hanging in the air, the crowd gasps as a huge spray coves Priests face, he screams, dropping Tommy to the ground covering his face in pain.

Shannan Lerch: What the hell?

Zach Davis: What was that?

Tommy, barely able to move, smiles sadistically again, he looks at the camera and shows off a can of pepper spray.

Zach Davis: HAHAHAHAHAHA! That sly devil, i can't believe it.

Shannan Lerch: Wait, i don't think Tommy is done just yet.

True to word, Tommy tosses the can of pepper spray to the ground, reaching back into his pants belt he pulls out a pair of copper colored brass knuckles.


The crowd is eating it up like their lifes depend on it.

Crowd: WCF! WCF! WCF!

Tommy slides on the brass knucks. As Priest, still choking and trying to wipe the never ending tears pouring from his eyes, turns around Tommy measures him up, reaching his hand bearing the brass knuckles, he smiles as he swings hard to deliver the final blow. Priest goes down and Kain pins him.




Zach Davis: Tommy Kain moves on to face Gein Spector for the Hardcore Title at Night of Champions!

But immediately Bishop shows up and attacks Kain from behind, hitting him with several clubbing blows to the head. Priest rolls out and grabs a barbed wire two by four from outside the ring. He's still groggy as he rolls back in, and raises the barbed wire two by four and slams it down onto Tommy Kain!

Shannan Lerch: Oh no!

Priest hits Kain over and over, and Kain's back is soon covered in blood. Bishop and Priest leave the ring, Priest with his two by four, both men raising their arms to a chorus of booing.

Zach Davis: Tommy Kain picks up the win, but Bishop and Priest get the last laugh here tonight.

Nathan von Liebert Answers the Darkside of Treachery

Master of Puppets hits and Seth Lerch and Gravedigger step out.

Zach Davis: The time has come. Will Nathan von Liebert join the Darkside of Treachery?

Seth and Gravedigger head to the ring, ignoring the jeers of the fans. Seth rolls into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Seth Lerch: Last week, we gave Nathan von Liebert the opportunity of a lifetime. The chance to join the Darkside of Treachery.

Gravedigger nods, smiling broadly.

Seth Lerch: And in our infinite generosity, we even gave Nathan the chance to think about it for an entire week! Now obviously he probably barely needed one second, let alone one week, but now Nathan, let's make it official. Come on out here!

The jumbotron comes to life, showing Nathan von Liebert walking down the hallway towards the entryway; his face doesn't give away which way he's planning on deciding. Until all of a sudden Nathan is blindsided by Kid Phantasm!

Shannan Lerch: What the?!

Zach Davis: YEAH! Get him, Kid!

Kid tackles Nathan down and begins hitting him with punch after punch after punch. Jeff Purse arrives on the scene as well, but he's staying back, allowing Phantasm to dish out the punishment.

Shannan Lerch: Those Pantheon guys are unfairly attacking the newest D.o.T. member!

Zach Davis: We don't know if Nathan was really going to join, firstly; and secondly, Nathan deserves it, after what he did to Nightmare and how he's been making Phantasm's life a living hell!

Nathan's face is busted open now, blood running down his nose, and he looks like Kid has given him a black eye. Kid picks him up and turns him around, grabbing his arms; Jeff Purse grabs a pair of handcuffs and handcuffs him.

Shannan Lerch: Oh God... they're going to kill him!

Until, that is, police arrive on the scene. Purse shoves Nathan's body into them; they grab him and begin leading him away. Kid and Jeff shake hands.

Kid Phantasm: That maniac is going back to the institution; right where he belongs!

Kid and Jeff walk off screen. Inside the ring, Seth and Gravedigger are livid.

Zach Davis: Has Monsters, Inc. lost another member? Thank God. After what they did to Haruna and Nightmare, they needed to be eliminated.


Zach Davis: Yes, there is still Oblivion-

Shannan Lerch: NO, I MEAN HE'S IN THE RING!

Indeed, Oblivion is in the ring, behind Seth and Gravedigger!

Zach Davis: I don't think Oblivion saw what happened to Nathan on the jumbotron, all he knew was that Gravedigger and Seth were trying to break he and Nathan's team up!

Oblivion runs at Seth and Gravedigger and hit them both with a Clothesline to the back of their heads! Gravedigger and Seth go down and Oblivion stomps away at both of them, angrily. Gravedigger rolls out as Oblivion picks Seth up and throws him to the ropes... Oblivion hits Seth with the Black Hole!

Shannan Lerch: NO! Seth!

Seth rolls out of the ring as Oblivion raises his arms triumphantly.

Zach Davis: The saga and ongoing animosity between Oblivion and Gravedigger has begun once more!

Shannan Lerch: The joke is on Oblivion! He didn't see that Nathan has been taken away to the institution...

Tag Team Titles Contendership Match
Eric Price/Jonathan Jakobs vs Prophecy

Zach Davis: And this next match, a rematch from Blast in which Eric Price says that Prophecy’s win was only a fluke seeks to settle the score here tonight.

Shannan Lerch: And let’s not forget that there is a shot at the tag team titles hanging in the balance here. That should make it all the more interesting.

Kyle Steel: The following match is a number one contender’s match for the WCF Tag Team Championships!

*“Orion” by Metallica begins to play as the crowd gets to their feet with cheers.*

Zach Davis: And looks like Prophecy will make their way down to the ring first here tonight.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, weighing in at a combined weight of 415 pounds, they are Hank “Thunder” Lane and Tek … Prophecy!

Shannan Lerch: The two competing members of Prophecy here tonight. Will STJ make his presence felt again here tonight?

Zach Davis: I don’t know. At Blast as we saw, he evened the odds to what many have termed dubious tactics from Price and Jakobs.

Shannan Lerch: Dubious? Hardly. They were simply using great tag team strategy.

Zach Davis: Well, Tek and Hank “Thunder” Lane nevertheless make their way into the ring and the crowd is loving them. Listen to those cheers.

Shannan Lerch: Cheers do not equal wins. Last week they lost and they need to pick up momentum here tonight. A shot at the tag team titles will definitely put them back on the map.

*The music fades as “Here Comes the Money” begins to play.*

Kyle Steel: Introducing their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 465 pounds, they are the team of Eric Price and Jonathan Jakobs!

Zach Davis: And the chorus of boos begin as both men make their way down the entrance ramp, Eric Price with a huge smirk on his face. Jonathan Jakobs behind him and it’s almost as if I sense some hesitation in him as he’s still not quite used to this reaction.

Shannan Lerch: Why do you like to poke? Why do you like to meddle in people’s business Zach?

Zach Davis: I’m just stating what I see.

Shannan Lerch: You like to prod at people is what you like to do.

Zach Davis: As both men make their way into the ring here, Eric Price has certainly shaken things up a bit, he bought a production company and has launched his new book, “The Secrets of Investment Success”, which is available now at WCFshop.com as well as at fine bookstores everywhere.

Shannan Lerch: I took a small read of the book and I have to say…

Zach Davis: Wait, you can read?

Shannan Lerch: Oh shut up Zach.

Zach Davis: Both teams here are set to go as the referee is trying to get them settled. This match is for the number one contender’s spot for the WCF Tag Team Championships and we have two of the most recognizable teams in WCF here today. Eric Price wants to start things off for his team and Tek will start things off for his team looks like.

Shannan Lerch: Look here. It seems coming down the entrance ramp, we have Steeltoe Joe. And folks, this matchup still has not official started yet.

Zach Davis: This will certainly change the match up quite a bit. What is this? Eric Price is telling the referee and Tek to wait as he is asking for a microphone.

Crowd: Asshole, asshole, asshole!

Eric Price: It’s nice to see you’re all home trained. Regardless of your opinions, Joe, what are you doing out here? Are you deaf, do you not listen to what I say? I told you to stay away from this matchup. You have no business out here. Referee, you tell that piece of trash to get the hell out of here.

Zach Davis: And the referee a bit hesitant indicating to Eric Price that Joe has not done anything and is simply standing at ringside.

Eric Price: Look, I’m not asking you, I’m telling you. You will eject that piece of trash right now otherwise this match will not take place tonight.

Zach Davis: Is Eric Price threatening to walk out here tonight? And Joe is adamant that he will stay at ringside. The ref looks like he’s siding with Joe on this.

Eric Price: Ref, come here for a second.

Zach Davis: The referee comes to Eric Price who is whispering something in his ear.

Shannan Lerch: You getting anything of what they’re saying?

Zach Davis: Unfortunately not. And looks like the ref just asked Eric “really”? I wonder what they’re talking about. Eric nodding his head approvingly and look at this, the ref is now ejecting Joe from ringside as Prophecy is angered by this.

Shannan Lerch: Always the consummate businessman, looks like he made a good move and got what he wanted yet again.

Zach Davis: The ref telling Joe to go the back as Joe begins to walk away slowly to comply with the order. And look at Price, so smug waving at Joe as he goes to the back.

Crowd: You’re a loser! You’re a loser! You’re a loser!

Shannan Lerch: What a disrespectful crowd here tonight.

Zach Davis: And Eric using his cunning, who knows what kind of deal he used to get the referee to do what he wanted.

Shannan Lerch: He did nothing wrong. He simply asked an injustice to be taken care of and now the matchup will be fair.

Zach Davis: Joe now gone from the matchup, we start with Tek and Eric Price in the ring as Eric has a huge smirk on his face and Tek looks at him disapprovingly. The referee rings the bell and this number one contender’s match is underway! As Tek and Eric Price come to the center of the ring they get right in each other’s faces. They look at each other intently with such a serious look, you have to sense the major animosity between them.

Shannan Lerch: And Eric steps back for a second as if to give a reprieve but, oh no. A slap right to the face of Tek as Price now smiles. And now he looks at the audience and did he just say “You’re welcome!”

Zach Davis: Tek not up for any of Price’s antics here tonight as he quickly attacks Price from behind with a backbreaker. Price down and cover.

1 ..

Zach Davis: And a kickout. Barely counted one here as Tek was looking to end this match as quickly as possible. Tek looking to put Eric in a hold here but wait, small package, rollup!

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: And a kickout just in the nick of time. Price also looking to end the matchup quickly here tonight. Price gets up and decides to tag in his partner Jonathan Jakobs as Tek is still regaining his composure here. Tag is made and Jakobs gets on the top rope waiting for Tek to turn around here. Tek has turned and Jakobs makes the jump and a clothesline from the air.

Shannan Lerch: Wow, and Tek is down here as Jakobs has started in this match with a bang. Jakobs goes for a cover as well.

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: And a kickout. These men are definitely looking for an early victory here tonight as they really want to show the world that they deserve the shot at the tag team titles. But only one team will prevail here tonight. Tek trying to recover and get back to his corner but Jakobs says no as he starts stomping on Tek repeatedly here, really trying to wear him down here. And Jakobs goes in now for a headlock on Tek. This is considered a submission maneuver. And Tek trying to hang on here.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like he’s fading here Zach. The referee doing his job here and checking Tek’s arm to see if he’s still in this; raises it and yes, a clenched fist as Tek fights on. And Tek now trying to roll his way out of this headlock as Jakobs only locks it in even tighter. Tek trying to inch himself closer to the bottom rope. He’s almost there, just a fingertip away and he’s got it!

Zach Davis: And the referee informing Jakobs of this. The referee counts 1 and Jakobs removes the hold as Tek is still holding that rope recovering from the headlock. Price now insisting to be tagged in, he wants in this match. Not surprising as he can take on Tek in this condition. But Tek is inching closer to his corner here as well and he needs to make a tag. Jakobs goes to his corner and tags in Price as Price runs toward Tek but Tek makes a tag to Hank “Thunder” Lane here. And Lane is now in this match up. Price trying to negotiate his way out of this, telling Lane to take it easy here for a second.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like Lane will have none of it as he quickly grabs Price’s arm and throws him toward the ropes and Lane goes to the opposite side to meet Price with a clothesline here.

Zach Davis: And he hit it. Price is down here but he quickly recovers as Lane meets him with another clothesline. Price gets up again and another clothesline. Price is down now. Lane goes for the cover.

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: And another kickout by Price. Lane definitely not going to tolerate any of Price’s crap tonight as he’s all business trying to secure that shot at the titles. Lane bringing Price up here but Price reverses it and bam, Olympic Slam on Lane. Lane on the ropes so Price slides him in here and begins to stomp on him repeatedly wearing him down. Oh look at this arrogance, he’s just signaling that he’s making quick work of Lane as the audience is getting on him for it.

Shannan Lerch: He has a right to be confident but he should get it done in the match. Price grabbing Lane’s legs here and looks like he’s going to try to go for a submission move here but Lane is fighting him. Price responds with a kick to the gut of Lane. And I think he’s going to lock it in here. Yes, sharpshooter!

Zach Davis: Price has the sharpshooter locked in. He has it in real tight as the crowd is firmly behind Lane here. Lane is hanging on, really trying to endure the pain and look at the smile on Price’s face. He thinks he has this match here.

Shannan Lerch: And Tek is now coming into this match, illegally I might add and he kicks Price to break up the submission hold.

Zach Davis: He had to save the matchup for his team. And Jakobs quickly coming in and clotheslines Tek out of the ring. The referee needs to restore order to this match. And Jakobs heads back to his corner as Price quickly goes over and tags him in. Lane still recovering and Jakobs brings him up and yes, he’s going to try to torture him here with a suplex but Lane is preventing it. He’s blocking Jakobs’ leg. Repeated elbows to Jakobs here as Jakobs release the grip he had on Lane. Jakobs goes back to his corner to tag Price in again. Price comes in and as Lane is recovering, he tries to go for a clothesline but Lane sees him and also tries for a clothesline of his own here and this is a collision!

Shannan Lerch: Both men hit each other with clotheslines and they’re down in the middle of the ring. Tek is just coming back to his corner after being knocked down. He’s itching for the tag here as Lane is down. Jakobs itching to tag himself back in here as Price is down. Both men recovering here and they’re crawling to their respective corners. Both men slowly crawling, slowly, and a tag made from Lane to Tek. And another tag made from Price to Jakobs.

Zach Davis: Tek and Jakobs the legal men in this match now. Both men meet in the center of the ring trading blows, a punch to Tek, a punch to Jakobs. Both men holding their ground, another punch to Tek, another punch to Jakobs. And Tek seems to have the upper hand as he lands another punch, and another, and another to Jakobs here. And he has him on the ropes here as Jakobs goes from side of the ring to the other, Tek meets Jakobs with a clothesline! Jakobs is down here. And I think Tek’s calling for it!

Crowd: Tek, Tek, Tek!

Shannan Lerch: Yes, he’s getting on the top rope.

Zach Davis: This is high risk. Tek is on the top rope and he’s calling for the 450 Splash. He goes for it and … oh no, he misses as Jakobs rolls out of the way just in time and goes to tag in his partner Eric Price. Eric is going to take advantage of the situation here as quickly runs toward the other corner to knock down Tek’s partner Hank Lane. He quickly walks over to Tek and does some trash talking here.

Eric Price: Hey Tek, I told you this is how it would end you piece of s(beep)t.

Shannan Lerch: Price not pulling any punches here tonight and he quickly puts Tek in his favorite submission hold, the sharpshooter. Tek is in the middle of the ring has nowhere to go. His partner is knocked down on the other side of the ring.

Eric Price: Tap! Tap! Just give up Tek! Like the loser you are!

Zach Davis: The referee checking to see if Tek still can continue. And Tek still managing to hold on. Still not giving up, you have to respect the resolve of Tek to continue here as he inches himself closer to the bottom rope. But Price pulls him back to the center of the ring and applies the pressure on the sharpshooter even more here.

Shannan Lerch: Tek has nowhere to go. Lane is coming to but Jakobs is quickly coming in to throw Lane out of the ring again to ensure that Price can retain the hold. Tek barely hanging on.

Zach Davis: The pain has got to be intense and Tek hanging on and he taps out. No choice but to tap out as the referee rings the bell.

Shannan Lerch: And Price still has the hold on as the referee is telling him to let it go. He really wants to show Tek who the man is here.

Zach Davis: Come on, enough is enough Price. Let it go and he finally does.

Kyle Steel: And the winners of the match, Eric Price and Jonathan Jakobs!

Zach Davis: As the referee raises their hands in victory, Eric Price and Jonathan Jakobs are very proud of themselves here as you can tell by the smiles on their faces. And what is this? Eric Price now kicking Tek out of the ring, come on, you won the match already.

Shannan Lerch: If you can kick them while they’re down, more power to you.

Zach Davis: You would say that wouldn’t you? Nevertheless, your winners and the new number one contenders to the WCF Tag Team Championships as they now set their sights on the Alliance and those titles. The crowd is really letting them have it here tonight as Lane and Tek make their way to the back and Price and Jakobs celebrate in the ring.

Shannan Lerch: And they have a right to do so. They told the world they would win and they did. That’s what great men do, they succeed and that’s what happened here tonight.

Zach Davis: We’ll see what happens when they face The Alliance for the titles and if they can follow up and capture them or if they’re all talk.

Television Title Contendership Match
Johnny Reb vs Steeltoe Joe

Zach Davis: Next up on this big night, is the TV title contendership match.

Shannan Lerch: Steeltoe Joe takes on Johnny Reb, this should be a great one. The fans love both of these guys.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall, and is for the right to face "The Mack" Steve Orbit for the WCF Television championship title one week from tonight...

The house lights dim, and the intro to Lynnyrd Skynnyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" hits the speakers. Hushed anticipation falls over the crowd as a spotlight illuminates the stage. Johnny Reb steps out from behind the curtain. A cheer goes up from the audience at his appearance. As the he walks down the ramp, a cascade of sparks rains down on the stage. The Inveterate Confederate circles the ring, slapping hands with the fans at ringside. Johnny eschews the steps completely; he leaps onto the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckles, posing for the cheering crowd for a moment before he jumps down, ready for the match to begin.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, from Sweet Water, Alabama... weighing 205 pounds... he now represents PANTHEON... he is "The Inveterate Confederate", JOHNNY REB!!!


The Arena Goes Dark, and then all simultaneously “Barton Hollow” By The Civil Wars begins to play through the audio systems. The Entrance Gate area and Stage begin to flicker with White lights and neon blue flashes mixed in the flickers. Fog fills the gate area as Steeltoe Joe comes walking out of the midst of the Fog. Joe Stands on stage and plays to the crowds who are cheering for him. Joe then walks down the ramp and gets to the ring steps where he stops, does a Catholic Crucifix motion and then walks up the steps and into the ring. He climbs up two turnbuckles and does the same crucifix motion and raises his arms and points towards Heaven.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, hailing from Stockton, California and weighing in at 272 pounds... "The Holy Flame" STEELTOE JOE!!!

Shannan Lerch: Steeltoe Joe has the obvious size advantage here tonight.

Zach Davis: That's right Shannan, but I don't expect that to hinder Johnny Reb's performance tonight.


The two men shake hands before they begin to circle each other in the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Wow, sportsmanship here in the WCF, that's something you don't see too much.

Reb and Steeltoe Joe lock up in the middle of the ring. Joe breaks it up and kicks Reb in the gut, doubling him over. Joe grabs Reb by the head and uses the other arm to deliver some clubbing blows to his back and shoulders. He whips Reb into the corner and begins more kicks to the gut.

Shannan Lerch: Early domination from Steeltoe Joe.

With Reb in the corner, Joe takes a few steps back and charges in, splashing Reb against the turnbuckle. Reb drops to the mat as Joe paces the ring for a moment.

Zach Davis: Steeltoe Joe taking a quick breather.

As Reb begins to get back to his feet, Joe tries to grab him, but gets hit with an elbow the gut. He shakes it off and tries to grab Reb again, but gets hit with another elbow to the gut, followed by a quick uppercut.

Shannan Lerch: Steeltoe holding his jaw as Reb hits the ropes...

Zach Davis: Flying clothesline by Johnny Reb!

Shannan Lerch: This is where Reb needs to keep Steeltoe Joe, on the mat.

Reb quickly gets back to his feet, and starts stomping Joe as he tries to get up.

Zach Davis: Now Reb is letting Joe get up... Reb runs to the ropes--

Shannan Lerch: Springboard dropkick!!! Johnny Reb with the pin!



Zach Davis: Steeltoe Joe kicks out, with authority.

Reb backs off. As Joe gets back to a knee, Reb closes in, and gets hit with a punch to the midsection, followed by a punch to the head. Joe takes advantage and tackles Reb to the ground, punching him in the face some more.

Shannan Lerch: Steeltoe Joe dropping the knee on Johnny Reb... and another one.

Zach Davis: If Joe can keep Reb off the turnbuckles and the ropes he might win this thing.

Joe grabs Reb and puts him over his shoulder...


Shannan Lerch: Running powerslam! Cover by Steeltoe Joe!



Zach Davis: Reb gets the shoulder up.

Joe laying the boots into Reb. Joe takes a few steps back and goes for a legdrop...

Shannan Lerch: Reb rolls out of the way!

Both men take their time getting back to their feet. They trade blows in the middle of the ring, and then lock up. Joe whips Reb to the turnbuckle, Reb ducks the clothesline and keeps running. As Joe turns around, Reb comes back with a crossbody, which is caught by Joe.

Zach Davis: Steeltoe's got Johnny Reb, what's he gonna do...

Joe manages to press Reb above his head, showing off his strength. Reb struggles--


Shannan Lerch: Reb slips out, wrapping his legs around Joe's head and hitting a hurricanrana!

Zach Davis: Beautiful move by Johnny Reb!

The pin..



Shannan Lerch: Not done yet.

Joe and Reb get back to their feet. They lock up, Steeltoe Joe gets Reb in a side headlock. Reb struggles, and pushes Joe off of him. Joe spins around and gets hit by a kick to the gut by Reb. Joe backs up to the ropes and leans against the top rope to stay on his feet. Reb takes a few steps back and charges at Joe...

Zach Davis: Joe hip tosses Reb over the top rope..

Shannan Lerch: But Reb hangs on!

Reb lands on the apron and slides under the bottom rope. Joe grabs for him but Reb slides between his legs. Joe again bends down trying to grab Reb but gets kicked in the face, Joe stumbles backwards and Reb gets back to his feet. Reb takes a swing at Joe but it's caught...

Zach Davis: Steeltoe pulls that arm and hits a short-arm clothesline.

Joe stomps Reb while he's on the mat. He lifts Reb up, hooks his arm and then quickly drops turning it into a DDT. Joe covers Reb...




Reb kicks out at 2 1/2.

Joe smacks the mat in frustration. He gets back to his feet, grabbing Reb once again and whipping him into the corner. He charges the corner...

Shannan Lerch: Nobody home! Reb slides out of the way and Steeltoe Joe hits the ringpost!

Zach Davis: Steeltoe stumbles backwards... Johnny Reb rolls him up!



Zach Davis: KICKOUT!!!

Reb runs to the corner and quickly climbs the turnbuckles...

Shannan Lerch: MOONSAULT!!

Zach Davis: Reb hooks the leg!




Shannan Lerch: Steeltoe Joe kicks out!

Reb gets back to his feet and keeps Joe on the mat with a fistdrop. Reb climbs the turnbuckles again...


Zach Davis: SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! (shooting star elbow drop)

Shannan Lerch: Beautifully executed by Johnny Reb, another pin attempt, it's over.





"Sweet Home Alabama" plays over the PA.

Zach Davis: Johnny Reb has defeated Steeltoe Joe!

Shannan Lerch: So next week at Night of Champions, it will be Johnny Reb versus "The Mack" Steve Orbit! Winner goes to Ultimate Showdown!

Johnny Reb celebrates in the ring... until his music cuts off. Reb looks around, wondering what's going on.

"Flashlight" by Parliament Funkadelic plays over the PA.

The crowd mostly boos, with a small section of Orbit fans cheering.

Shannan Lerch: Uh-oh, speaking of Steve Orbit...

Zach Davis: Here comes the TV champ!

"The Mack" Steve Orbit stands at the end of the aisle, dressed in full pimp gear with the WCF TV belt over his shoulder. He pats the belt as he stares down Johnny Reb. Reb holds down the ropes, telling him to come in the ring, but Orbit just shakes his head and we can see him mouthing "next week".

Shannan Lerch: I guess he's here to intimidate Reb? This match will be Alliance vs Pantheon when it happens next week, adding a whole 'nother dynamic!

Zach Davis: Johnny Reb doesn't look too intimidated to me! Either way, we'll see these two in action next week!

Cut to commercial.

Odin Balfore Segment

“ With Oden On Our Side” Hit’s the PA system.

Zach Davis: I guess we’re starting things off with Odin Balfore.

Shannan Lerch: Did the Viking metal give it away?

Zach Davis: Last week he came out here and laid out your brother.

Shannan Lerch: Then Fly DDT’d him.

The arena grows dark as the fans get to their feet to catch a glimpse of the stage. The fans stand and cheer an once the vocals starts, the arena lights flash back on and there stands Odin Balfore, centre stage. Odin stares down at the ring with a sinister grin as the fans sing along with the chorus.

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know we have come! Futile to resist... the battle is.. already won!

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know we have come! Futile to resist... the battle is.. already won!

The fans pop insanely right after as Odin begins to walk down the ramp at a slow an methodical pace. Once he gets to the foot of the ring, he steps up on it and looks around the arena again before stepping over the ropes..

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know we have come! Futile to resist...

Odin cuts off the fans as he raises his hand in triumph. Odin turns back to the ring as the fans finish their part.

Crowd: The battle is.. already won!

Odin gets a mic from the time keeper as the fans start chant:

Crowd: O-DIN, O-DIN, O- DIN

Odin Balfore: Last week, Seth made an announcement regarding The Ultimate Showdown, a match that I made famous. I know Seth hates me but I also know that he loves money just a bit more. Needless to say, we all know that I’m going to be THE PARTICIPANT in The Ultimate Showdown. What’s that? I kicked Seth in the face? Well let me tell ya something’- if you’re in this ring with Odin Balfore then you better come to expect real F’n quick that you certainly are not safe.

Last year Seth striped me of my title because he wanted to erase everything that wasn’t accomplished by his boys, so, I put him threw a table.

“ But Odin” You ask. “ you broke Seth out of jail.” Yeah, I broke Seth out of jail so I could use it as leverage over his head. Where Fly went all emo and felt bad for putting him in there in the first place because he knew with out Seth, he wouldn’t get protected. As for me, when I put Seth threw that table I hoped that a shard f glass would dig right up into his spine and he’d be the president of Christopher Reeves impersonators club.

Seth knows that I am the most destructive and dangerous World Champion in WCF history, period, end of fuckin story. So he striped me, I got my belt back and I had to job out my belt to Corey Broken like I was handing out soup to the homeless at Sister Mary Clearance’s church. What happened then? Black quit and fly just gets handed a title. Little does anyone know outside of me and Seth is that he BEGGED me to step in the ring to wrestle Fly. He BEGGED. Me ? I told him to go stick that World title up his ass. I wasn’t doing it. I made it clear to Seth that I’m not his lacky. I’m not his boy, his stooge, his little hotdog of bullshit treachery.. I’m none of it. I’m Odin Balfore and we play the game according to MY rules.

Well Seth being the power hungry little bitch that he threw me down into the low card where I had to wrestle Zombie McMorris and Company. Real smart Seth, give your most destructive World Champion and one of the most dominant World Champions the low card. We know what happened there, Internet title, right into TV title and Seths world just fell apart. I had inadvertently climbed back up the WCF ladder and re-secured my spot. My spot, one that I never should have lost to begin with but hey, Seth takes pity on the less fortunate.

That brings me to Johnny Fly, the man who can only gain a World Title when its handed to him by guys who don’t want to be here anymore. That’s the ONLY reason why Fly can sit here and claim to be a two time WCF Champion is because someone else handed it to him where as I just took my titles. Well Fly, now you got your self a big ol’ seven foot problem because At Ultimate Showdown, I’m not handing you shit. If you thought that Price and FPV were difficult, the two men who are synonymous with the MID card, then you sure as hell got your work cut out for you against a man that’s higher then the main event.

The Only thing you’ve actually managed to accomplish was beating a women who hot-dogged her way into the main event. What I mean by hot-doged was she lips, tits and assholed her way into the main event. The only way she even got that far was because I allowed it, because I’m not playing Seths game. So congratulations Fly on your victory over an undeserving an unproven talent that had no business even being out of the low card, let alone anywhere near MY WCF World Title. That’s ok, because that issues been rectified and the belts that she sunk into the mud have been lifted and polished. That’s what I do Fly, I elevate.

Shannan Lerch: Balfore’s really full of himself tonight, more so then every other night.

Zach Davis: The mans speaking the truth is what he’s doing.

Odin Balfore: I elevate titles, I elevate pay per views and I elevate THIS company. During your reign fly, No one paid attention to the world title. You have the most lack luster Title run in WCF history and we all know that’s saying a lot. So while you were crying about money and having to earn your shit because you know as well as I do that you’re incapable of it, FPV worked his ass off to get what he as right now. I can’t even bring myself to hate on FPV but I will say this, he’s just like Johnny Reb.

Crowd: FPV, FPV, FPV!

Odin Balfore: You all chant like that’s a good thing. Johnny Rebs only known for one thing here in WCF and that’s feuding with his friend Doc Henry. Whats FPV known for? Feuding with Roy Speede. Who got a non title win over FPV last week.. Was it Da Funk? Was it Johnny Fly? No! it was Roy Speede, another man who has no business in the title picture.

That’s the problem I got with you Frank, you carrying that title means that Roy Speede is going to ride this into the sunset. As soon as you gained the title and Speede thought for the first time in his career that he ould actually win the belt, he was all over this return match. The World Title doesn’t exist so that you can continue on your little Twilight love affair with him. that’s where this gets all wraped up because Seth Hates me, REALLY HATES me but he knows that I draw money. Seth Lerch knows that people want to either see me kick somebody’s ass or watch on as someone hopelessly thinks they’re going to kick mine an unless your names Corey Black with the assistance as of a steel cage and the human sacrifice known as Jay Price, you ain’t doin shit. And since NONE of those currently exist, you’re all fucking screwed. Once again Odin Balfore has to save WCF by destroying its very foundation and all this new ear, new blood nonsense can be put to fucking bed because The era of The Bad Motha Fucka, has never ended.

At Ultimate Showdown, once again, WCF as you know it, grew comfortable with it and even started to love it.. Will be destroyed because its clear that not a soul in the back can LEAD it into prosperity. It was MY name that brought back a WCF revival and it’ll be my hand that causes its down fall once again. And if anyone thinks they got what it takes to put a stop to it, remember that the supposed “greatest” World Champion in D-Day couldn’t even do that.. What makes any of you think you have a chance?

First there was Torture then there was and ALWAYS will be, ODIN BALFORE!

Odin drops the mic as.... Master of Puppets hits.

Shannan Lerch: Uh oh! Looks like someone has taken exception to Odin Balfore's words!

Seth Lerch steps out from the back, looking more than a little annoyed. He's still hurting from Oblivion's attack earlier. To one side is Gravedigger, and to the other side, is FPV. The three of them march to the ring and slide inside. Odin Balfore rests against the turnbuckle, not even the least bit intimidated. Seth picks up the microphone.

Seth Lerch: What can I even say to that? We agree about one thing, Odin. Neither of us is a fan of Jonny Fly or his reign as World Champion. And we both realize that FPV has worked his ass off!, wait, that's two things. Actually, three things! Neither you nor I are big fans of that chump Donald Deruty, either. Anyway though, we agree about three things, and that is IT.

Gravedigger motions for the mic, and Seth hands it to him.

Gravedigger: And Odin, I think you're forgetting-

Gravedigger's microphone goes silent as he continues to talk. After a few words pass he realizes that the microphone is shut off. He then begins yelling into it. After noticing the problem Seth starts to yell at the audio crew, but they just stand there with blank stares on their faces.

Zach Davis: What is going on? Why did the microphone just shut off like that?

Shannan Lerch: I dont know, but my brother will get to the bottom of it.

In a blink of an eye the entire arena becomes dark as all of the lights shut off. The yelling of the crowd becomes an uproar as they all are shocked about the power outage. Seconds of darkness pass before the sound of static from a microphone can be heard from the speakers.

Zach Davis: OHHH MY GOOODDDD!!!!

Shannan Lerch: Ohh quit acting like a little girl Zach!

Mysterious Voice: I am sorry for the technical difficulty Gravedigger, but if my memory is correct then that is the only way for me to get a word in around here.


Shannan Lerch: SHUT UP ZACH!

All every thousands of people in the arena become silent as they continue to listen to the mysterious man speaking in the darkness.

Mysterious Voice: What? You don't remember me Seth? Gravedigger? Odin? I thought I had made a bigger impact from since I was here in the past...although i guess i was wrong. Well allow me to refresh your memories.


Shannan Lerch: ...ohh my god!

Immediately after the mystery man stops speaking, red, white, and blue pyros go off on the stage as they light up the arena just enough to see the faces of Gravedigger, Seth and Odin for a short moment. Silence continues to fill the air as it is interupted as No Giving Up by Crossfade blares on the speakers.

The crowd surprisingly stays quiet as they wait with anticipation to see the mystery man reveal his face. The lights flash right back on with red, white, and blue spotlights spinning around the arena. One final shot of pyroes goes of as the sight of Donald Deruty stepping from the back. Immediately after seeing him the crowd begins to chant.

Crowd: D-Day!, D-Day!, D-Day!



Faces in the crowd differ from being excited to being shocked. In Donald's hand is the microphone that he was speaking in before. He walks out slowly to the stage, looking around at all of the fans in the stands. The place continues to erupts with chants and cheers from the fans. The sounds of the chants are overwhelming almost to eardrum popping volume.

He takes laps around the stage with a very large smile on his face. Donald points at the different sections of the crowds as they continue to cheer and chant his name in excitement. Donald just begins to suck in all of the attention given to him from the crowd. He takes a long time as he stands on the stage just soaking up all of the cheers and chants.

Shannan Lerch: Well it looks like he is enjoying his time back here in the WCF.

Zach Davis: Yes, it does seem that way Shannan.

After awhile Donald tries to rise the microphone to his mouth but the fans deny him as they continue to cheer at the sight of Donald. Donald continues to rise it to his mouth as he slowly starts to speak over the uproar of the crowd.

Donald Deruty: Hello Reading, Pennsylvania!

The crowd uproars once again.

Donald Deruty: Now don't worry everyone, i am here to spare you from this dullfull giant and non-powerful owner from talking to you guys once again tonight. I mean you guys don't want to hear anything from someone who has to be reminded who they are every morning, or from someone that is the first one to jump onto the WCF bandwagon. I mean come on Seth, you have been a part of almost every showing of ToT, it didn't matter if it was Team of Treachery, or Team of Torture, you were still a part of it. Now how could i forget Odin, the man that i think could drop dead at anytime. Now Gravedigger, i will return to you in a moment because you are much more complex than the other two gentlemen standing in the ring with you.

Let me start with the man across the ring from you standing at a large 7 feet and 340 pounds. The man that probably wears an adult diper right at this moment. The man that speaks about his past, a very long one at that as he is nearly reaching the century mark in age, but who is counting? Now you speak of you being the most destructive World Champion that the WCF has ever seen and had, now that maybe true, but for different reasons. I mean sure, i will give you credit that you beat me last year at Ultimate Showdown, but that wasn't the case here. I mean sure that led to you becoming the 2011 World Champion of the Year, and you sound so intimidating when you say that about yourself. I know i didn't really get to say this to you but, congratulations man. I know that the trophy will have a nice safe place next to your "Old Shriveled Balls" medalion that you won at the nursing home. As well as by the "Most Time Spend on the Shitter" plaque, where ironicly your career went after losing the World Championship.

The crowd starts laughing at all of the words that Donald has said. The uproar of laughter is so overwhelming.

Shannan Lerch: Well it seems like Donald still has a little hate towards Odin.

Zach Davis: Yes, but i dont care! I am just happy that D-Day is back!

Donald Deruty: Now you speak about me in so much discust Odin, why is there so many harsh feelings between me and you? I mean maybe it is because we have faced in the ring before? Nahh, that can't be it. Ohh well i guess the world may never know, almost like how they wont know how many days you have left standing there as i can start to here your knees crackling as i speak. Now i will give you props on beating me, and winning the 2011 World Champion of the Year award, which shows that your statement earlier was wrong, i was not the "greatest" World Champion the WCF has ever seen.

The crowd awws at the words from Donald.

Crowd: Aww!

Donald just immediately goes along with it while getting the crowd involved.

Donald Deruty: I know right! Well Odin you were correct on that, but dont worry everyone. I am not that depressed, because although i wasn't the "greatest" World Champion...i was something else that is even more impressive. I am the 2011 Wrestler of the Year! As well as the United States Champion of the Year two years in a row. Now although i wasn't the "greatest" World Champion, i was the "greatest" wrestler.

Donald just smiles as he looks on at the three men standing in the ring together while the crowd is still cheering.

Donald Deruty: Now that brings me to the man standing right next to you Gravedigger. The man that has owned this place ever since it opened. The man who is in current control of all activities that goes around here in the WCF. The man that is always first to lay his foot on the bandwagon.

Donald then directs his attention towards Seth.

Shannan Lerch: He better watch himself, he has to remember that Seth is still in charge here.

Donald Deruty: Seth, i have known you for three years and you have known me for three years. I thought that you were one of the men that i could have actually related to, but unfortunately i was wrong about you. Once again joining another stable or group. I tell you what Seth, you haven't changed a bit. So congratulations on still being the same arogent ass whole that i met since day one, three years ago.

Shannan Lerch: What is he talking about?! My brother isn't an asshole!

Zach Davis: ...nope...now shh he is talking again.

Donald Deruty: Now Gravedigger, i actually have some respect for you. We have worked together before and respect you as a person, but it isnt respect from me that you have to worry about.

Now lets get to the real reason i am here, and that is that it is time for the second coming of D-Day, much like George Santayana said..."Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Now it seems that my past accomplishments have been forgotten by all as i am only talked about when i was defeated. Well it is time for George's saying to come true here in the WCF.

The second coming of D-Day...HAS ARRIVED!

The entire crowd uproars as he leaves the stage as the crowd continues to chant.


Shannan Lerch: I can't believe he called my brother an asshole...


United States Title Contendership Match
Shane Knight vs Synn vs Roy Speede vs Doc Henry

Kyle Steel: The first opponent hails from Staten Island New York, he is the Perfect Alliances Shane Knight

The Lights go out as blue mist begins to fill the air as Shane's theme, Written in the stars by tinie tempah featuring Eric turner begins to play over the sound system. Fans begin to stand at attention as they await his arrival, they don't have to wait long. Just as the beat in the song picks up, a man wearing a hoodie comes out to an arena full of cheers. He removes the hood and looks around as he stands at the top of the ramp. He smiles and continues walking down the aisle as he approaches the ring. He slides in the ring and runs to the turnbuckle and climbs it smiling. Stepping down he takes a spot in a neutral corner.

Zach Davis: The first opponent is this much anticipated four way match that will determine Jeff Purses opponent next week for the United States championship.

Shannan Lerch: It's more like a blood feud. It's two members of the Darkside of Treachery stable, one member of the Perfect Alliance faction, and Roy Speede stuck smack dab in the middle. Poor sucker.

Zach Davis: One of the biggest points of interest, i do believe, is the interwoven points of separation between Synn, Doc Henry, and Roy Speede. Synn has stated that he felt betrayed by Roy, feeling that his best friend had turned his back on him when Doc nearly ended his career a year ago. Synn has stated earlier this week that he and Doc have an amicable agreement as members of DOT, but just how much will he be able to trust Doc in this sort of situation is yet to be seen, but there is nothing to stop him from acting out on his animosity towards Roy though.

Shannan Lerch: That man needs therapy.

Zach Davis: That he does Shannan. I think if Shane Knight can ride out the drama in this match, he might be able to walk away with a shot at the United States champion next week.

Shannan: Then again, both Doc and Roy have held that title. Roy would love nothing more than to follow up an amazing win over the World Champ FPV last week, than with a shot to become a two time US Champion.

Zach Davis: And let's not forget Doc has been wanting to unify that title with his Confederacy championship for some time now. That feat would definitely give him a stronger foothold higher up in the world title chase.

Shannan Lerch: Definitely alot at stake here for everyone.

Zach Davis: Let's go back to the ring, where Kyle Steel continues the introductions.

The lights go out in the arena. After several seconds, words written in a bright white begin flashing on the otherwise blackened out Jumbotron. With each fading word, a new word pops up on the screen.






As the last word fades, all five words reappear on the jumbotron at once.


The lights slowly come back on as 'Hear Me Now' by Hollywood Undead begins to play through the speakers as Roy Speede steps out on stage. He crosses his arms in an X across his chest, with his right arm underneath his left, and his hands in his fists. He bows his head for several seconds, and his chin rests in the gap between his fists.

Kyle Steel: “Introducing, from Richmond, Virginia, Wrestling Championship Federation's own Silver Lining, he is ROY SPEEEEDE!!”

Roy drops his right arm, and raises his left arm in the air, with his pointer, middle, and pinky fingers extended, and his ring finger and thumb tucked into his palm. His palm is facing the crowd. He drops his arm, and begins jogging to ringside, high-fiving fans as he goes, before climbing onto the apron, and then climbing the outside of the turnbuckle. He raises his left arm, with the same fingers extended as when he was on stage. He leaps from the turnbuckle into the ring.

Zach Davis: Looking good, and with a ton of momentum on his side after last week.

Shannan Lerch: He got lucky last week, he won't be so lucky tonight.

Kyle Steel: And the third participant in this four way match...

Before Kyle can finish the introduction. The first beats of Gothministers DARKSIDE interrupt him. the lights low to a very dim glow as red and purple laser lights start flashing erratically around the arena.

Zach Davis: Well...um...I guess since this isn't the usual heralding of Doc Henry's arrival, that this must be the new intro for Synn!

Shannan Lerch: Oh, i'm glad to see that his recent success hasn't gone to his head, and made him any more arrogant than he already was!

Roy Speede quickly gets Shane Knights attention, as he stares down the ramp way waiting to see Synn walk through the curtains. Roy starts waving his hand pointing out around the arena. Shane shrugs, apparently not understanding what Roy is telling him. Frustrated, Roy grabs Shane by the back of the head and pulls him in close so Roy could talk into his ear, pointing first to the curtains leading backstage, then again around the arena, Shane first has a look of confusion, then it suddenly dawns on him. He too starts pointing around the arena. Roy nods, the two take a defensive posture in the center of the ring, keeping a sharp eye out watching the ringside area

Zach Davis: Few, if any, in W.C.F know Synn as well as Roy, it looks like The silver lining might be one step ahead, anticipating Synn's move before hand.

Shannan Lerch: OH SHIT! That's right!!

She begins looking around. The crowd is raucous, also looking around for Synn's usual entrance through the arena audience.

Zach Davis: I've never understood why he just doesn't walk down the aisle like everyone else.

Shannan Lerch: Cause he's crazy as fuck, that's why!

Zach Davis: Crazy or not, these are the sort of mind games that can win a match before the bell even rings.

Nearly jumping out of her seat she points to the left side of the ring, where a huge commotion is happening.

Shannan Lerch: In the crowd!! Look... LOOK.

Zach Davis: Both Synn and Doc Henry coming through the crowd. Well i guess that answers alot of questions with a solid showing of unity here.

Just like Moses parting the red sea the two DOT members clear the way to ringside... They hop the guard rails separating the fans from ring. As they circle the ring, Synn steps over to the announce table, yelling in Zach Davis's face.

Synn: Darkside of Treachery is the best damn thing going, and tonight, Doc and i are gonna prove you don't mess with the best, cause you'll die, just like the rest!

Synn then walks away. Davis, a little shaken but more upset at the arrogant attitude of Synn, composes himself as best he can. His distaste towards Synn's intrusion plainfully apparent.

Zach Davis: Disgusting, the blatant disrespect. He claims to have changed for the better, i say he's gotten worse since joining DOT.

Shannan has a cute smile on her face, looking as almost as innocent as can be

Shannan Lerch: Scope.

Zach Davis looks at her with a puzzled expression on his face

Zach Davis: What?

Shannan Lerch: Scope. He uses Scope.

Zach Davis: You mean..the mouth wash?

Shannan Lerch: Yep, he claims to be this devils son and all, i thought his breath would smell like death warmed up or something, but nope, it's all scopey!!

Zach shakes his head, as if in utter disbelief.

Zach Davis: I'm in the twilight zone.

back at ringside. Doc has climbed into the ring. He starts pointing in the faces of Roy and Shane, throwing insults at both of them. They both take the challenge, side by side they throw insults back at Doc, slowly backing him into a corner.

Shannan Lerch: I don't know what Doc is doing but he's about to get into a heap of trouble here.

Zach Davis spots Terry sliding into the ring, behind Roy and Shane, Sherri in hand.

Zach Davis: NOO! Oh my word it's a classic decoy, Doc is keeping the attention of their opponents off of Synn, and they don't even see it coming!!

Just as those words come out of Zach's mouth, Doc smiles at the two men. Shane furrows his brow not sure what the sudden change in expression means. Roy reacts as if he's had a sudden dawning of realization, he quickly spins around on his heels, but it's too late, he gets a hard shot to the gut from the body of Synn's guitar, he drops immediately.

Shannan Lerch: OUCH! That had to hurt!

Zach Davis: That's a cheap shot with a foreign object, why isn't he immediately disqualified?

Shannan Lerch: The bell hasn’t rang yet so the match has not officially started..

In an amazing display of skill, Synn flips the guitar up and over, grabbing the neck and hits Shane Knight dead center of his skull before he can react. Synn raises Sherri overhead, preparing to smash Shane's head to pieces.

Zach Davis: Come on Moser, get in there and stop this.

The ref reaches up, grabbing the guitar out of Synn's hands. Warning him that any more such actions WILL warrant a d.q., then places the guitar out of the ring.

Shannan Lrech: And now Moser calls for the bell..

While Moser puts the guitar out of the ring, Synn quickly reaches into his trench coat, pulling out a large stretch of rope quickly tossing it to Doc. Doc wraps a length around his hand. Synn goes over to Shane, leaning him up against the bottom ropes, placing a hand on his throat, starts using leverage to push down on his trachea, choking him. Seeing the referee's back facing him, giving Synn a five count to break away or be disqualified, Doc picks Roy up, wraps the length of rope around his neck, then tosses him over the top rope, literally hanging him.

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD! Doc is going to choke the life out of Roy, Synn and Doc really pulling out all the stops, Moser needs to get over there and stop this.

Shannan Lerch: What's the matter Zach? Don't like when other's don't play fair?

As Moser forces Synn away from Shane, he looks over his shoulder and see's Doc hanging Roy, he quickly rushes over, telling Doc to drop Roy immediatley or else.

Zach Davis: Doc and Synn playing loose and hard with the rules, they better be careful or else they cost themselves this match.

Smiling playfully, Doc lets loose the rope, Roy falls to the floor below. Putting his hands up in the air playing innocent as Moser gives him an earful. On the other side, Synn grabs a hand full of Shane's hair, liftining him up, Shane pops to life, Throwing his arms out forcing Synn to loosen his grip he places the top of his head underneath the chin, wrapping his hands around Synn's head and drops down to his knee's Driving the jaw heard against his skull.

Zach Davis: OOWW!!

Shannan Lerch: Look, free dentistry.

Doc charges Shane, but gets three hard pops to the face that stops him dead in his tracks. Stunned by the blows, Shane takes advantage, running to the opposite ropes, he uses the momentum to fly at Doc with a forearm. Doc crashes hard to the mat, and crowd loves it cheering Shane on. Shane looks over and see's Synn slowly getting up, still hurting from the jawbreaker, as he turns around, Shane bends at the knee's jumps up and hits a beautiful standing Drop kick. Hitting Synn square in the chest, the force sends him through the middle ropes and to the outside. Feeling a surge of adrenaline, Shane yells to the crowd, the fans love it and cheer him right back.

Zach Davis: Shane really getting this crowd worked up, he's on fire now, better keep that momentum going.

Shane goes over to check on Roy, grasping his throat, taking in deep breaths, he nods assuring Shane that he is okay. Shane looks over his shoulder and spots Doc getting to his feet, crouching down he waits like a jungle cat ready to strike his prey, Doc turns around, his eyes get wide seeing Knight charging him, he ducks a clothesline, turns around, as knight is able to stop his momentum, he turns around and catches a kick to the gut by Doc, the force causes him to bend over in pain, Doc wraps his arms around the waist, lifts him, carrying Shane over onto his shoulder, then drops him down on his back.

Zach Davis: Doc with a powerbomb to Shane, that will definitely turn the tide.

Doc falls on top of Shane, wrapping an arm around one of Shane's leg hooking it.

Shannan Lerch: An early pin attempt


Zach Davis: OH WATCH OUT!

Roy Speede jumps up onto the ring apron as quick as lightning, skipping the bottom turnbuckle he places a foot bracing it on the second, quickly scaling to the top


Shannan Lerch: ROY IS GONNA FLY!!

Roy plants his feet on either side of the turnbuckle, using the ropes to launch into the air. the fans are all on their feed going nuts


Just before the ref's hand hits the mat, Roy comes crashing down with a huge frog splash on both Doc and Shane


the fans are crazy for Roy at the moment

Crowd: LET'S GO ROY SPEEDE, LET'S GO (clap clap clap-clap-clap) LET'S GO ROY SPEEDE LET'S GO (clap clap clap-clap-clap) LETS' GO ROY SPEEDE LET'S GO (clap clap clap-clap-clap)

Shannan Lerch: Whoa!! all three had to feel that one

The big move causes everyone to forget about Synn ever so briefly, until he slides into the ring,

Zach Davis: OH - OH, this doesn't look good for Shane, Roy OR Doc, Synn has good pickings here.

Smiling like a fox in a hen house, Synn surveys the situation. All three of his opponents are down on the mat, in complete agony from Roy's high impact frog splash,

Shannan Lerch: Doc is grabbing his back, that splash had to do some damage, Roy is gotta hurt too, first a gut shot with a guitar and then a hard splash onto two opponents, he'll be eating through a straw for weeks.

She looks up and over the apron at Shane, who isn't moving.

Shannan Lerch: And..i think....Shane is dead!!

An utterly evil grin comes over his face, he spins around three times, kneeling on one knee, with images of the Great Kabuki and the Great Muta coming to everyone's mind, places his fingers against his throat and sprays a huge ball of red mist into the air. The fans love it, they know they are supposed to hate him, but who doesn't love the bad guy? especially when he's so creepy cool?

Zach Davis: Pure evil intentions there Shannan, i'm telling your right now, that....man...is....EVIL!!!

Shannan just watches at Synn's theatrical display

Shannan Lerch: yeah, but he blew Asian mist, how cool is that?

Pleased with the reaction from the crowd, Synn quickly hops to his feet, moving with cat like grace and speed, he first grabs Roy, picking him up placing him against the ropes, peppering him with stiff body shots with his fists, and hard swift kicks to the leg

Zach Davis: Synn showing off his kickboxing skills, one can only wonder what he has planned.

The ref warns Synn, giving him a five count, Synn stops at the four, raises his arms up and backs away, but before Moser can get in to check on Roy, in one fluid motion Synn swings his arms out, twists his body and throws his leg around, nailing Roy with a hard roundhouse kick that sends him over the ropes.


Zach Davis: More accurately, a round house kick, and a text book one at that, sending Roy over the top ropes for a second time this match.

Quickly turning his attention back to the occupants in the ring, Synn spots Doc, holding his back trying to catch his breath. Synn hits the ropes, using the rebound to deliver a swift hard kick to Doc's midsection.

Zach Davis: And there it is, there are NO friends or allies when titles are at stake.

Shannan Lerch: Or even for a chance for a shot at a title for that matter.

the kick lifts Doc up and over, rolling onto his side screaming in pain as he grabs his ribs. Synn licks his lips, grabbing a hand full of Doc's hair, roughly jerking him up to his feet, Synn wraps both arms around the waist in a bear hug, stepping back closer to the ropes that Roy just went over, he cinches down, throwing his weight back, sending Doc over his head and over the top rope crashing to the floor below.

Shannan Lerch: OW-WOW, a belly to belly suplex to the outside of the ring. Brutal

Zach has a confused look on his face, he knows Synn has a plan, just can't figure it out.

Zach Davis: WHAT is he doing?

waisting no time, Synn hops over to Shane, who is barely moving. Grabbing him by the hair also, forcing him to his knees, then his feet, Synn takes a starting run, pulling Shane along with him, just as they reach the ropes he gives a might heave tossing Shane up and over as well.

Shannan Lerch: Guess he wanted to clear the ring. Don't know why.

Synn stalks the ring, keeping an eye on the area he just threw his three opponents, The fans sense something big is about to happen, everyone is standing on their feet, camera phones are running, and a few people clever enough to sneak in recorders are zooming in waiting with baited breath. Doc and Roy are the first to recover, As they get to their knees, Shane shows signs of life, turning over onto his stomach, trying to power himself back up. Seeing the three stir, Synn hops over to a far opposite corner, Placing three fingers on his throat again, he gives a mighty blow, this time green mist fills the air above him.

Shannan Lerch: How do they do that? change the color and all?

Zach Surveys the scene, it suddenly clicks, at the exact same time the fans see the same thing, they go ape shit crazy, there isn't a single person sitting in their seat, the a huge roar fills the arena as the crowd begins to stomp the floor, the sound is deafening, Synn starts bouncing on his feet hearing what sounds like a thousand buffalo stampeding, his adrenaline is pumping hard and fast, an almost erotic smile fills his face, this is what he lives for. his heart about to burst, his head about to explode from the deafening roar of the fans cheering and stomping, the viewers watching can barely hear Zach screaming into his headset


The three men on the floor, confused and a bit concerned about the crazed reactions around them, look up to the ring. Synn hops in the air, taking a dead run to the other corner, he takes a might leap, clearing the first and second turnbuckle, catching himself on the top turnbuckle he uses the top rope strands to turn himself, he looks down on the three men standing immediately below him, Shannan Lerch and Zach Davis can barely think as the fans scream as one,


Synn jumps in the air, doing a 360 degree flip with a corkscrew spin in mid flip, he crashes hard into Roy, Shane and Doc. Two cheers go out from the fans.



The camera pans back to the announce table. The two professionals have utterly and completely forgotten themselves, Zach has thrown off his head phones and goes running to the side of the ring the four men are laying at, Shannan Lerch is standing atop the announce table, waving her headset in the air, acting like a cheerleader in the Synn chant with the fans.

Senior referee Stanley Moser is standing inside the ring looking down at the carnage, his hands cupped over his head as he stares in utter disbelief at what he just saw. He looks around, seeing Zach standing next to the ring post near the four fallen warriors, looking as if he's not sure whether to stand there or go check on them, he looks over to the announce table, his eyes get wider seeing Shannan Lerch standing on top of the table like she was one of the fans, cheering with them. Shaking his head, he's never seen any fucking thing like this in all his years. he throws his arms up in exasperation, fuck it, he ain't giving the count, how can he? The arena has become a fucking madhouse.
Realizing Zach is not at the table, Shannan puts her headphones back on. She hopes the tv audience can hear her over the crowd noise


Ring crew, medics and several wrestlers from the back locker room rush to ringside. Not a single competitor is moving. They separate into groups, checking each one. The crowd goes quiet as the minutes tick by, the excitement turning to fear, small chatter can be heard, as well as individual medics talking to their respective patients. One by one, each group gives a thumbs up, Synn is the first to move, grabbing at the metal poles in the guardrails he starts dragging himself to the ring.

Roy and Doc start to twist and turn, trying to shake the cobwebs out of their minds. Shane Knight appears agitated with his medical team, screaming for them to stop stabbing and poking him. Slowly the fear turns back into excitement as one by one each wrestler appears okay and none the worse for wear. The crowd doesn't care who the good guy or bad guy is anymore, they start a chant in support for all four fighters


As each person starts to get to their feet, Synn is the first one in the ring. Zach Davis, seeing that everything is well hand, heads back to the announce table. He's not even sure how the fuck they are supposed to announce this, words can't describe it. Sitting back down he puts his headphones back on
Shannan Lerch: Man, can you believe that?

Zach profusely shakes his head no

Zach Davis: I can't even BELIEVE that, and i saw it with my own freaking eyes.

Shannan Lerch: It looks like Synn made it back to the ring, Moser apparently hasn't decided whether to call the match or not.

Zach Davis stares at Shannan for a few brief moments

Zach Davis: How can you call it? this is insane

Inside the ring, Synn surveys his handiwork, looking up to Moser he smiles, looking around at the fans his eyes get wide. Getting to his feet, he points to the fans in all four directions of the ring, then to the crowd of people at ringside. tucking his fingers in and sliding his thumb across his neck, shades of Chris Benoit and Arn Anderson, he backs up to the ropes opposite the crew and wrestlers.

Moser freaks, putting his hands on Synn's chest he begs him not to do it. Synn laugh, pushing Moser away, still holding onto his sore ribs, he crouches again, the fans notice a sling bounce, and start going crazy again


Synn nods, the medics and wrestlers all look around, trying to figure out what is getting the crowd so riled again. Doc and Roy see Synn inside the ring, and point everyone's attention, it's too late



The crowd is as deafening as before. Every single eye opens wide as the group see's him charging at them. They don't have time to move though. Synn hops onto the top rope, people begin to attempt to scatter, or at least get out of the way, the screams of the crowd drown out every single word Shannan and Zach are saying to the television audience, ignoring the immense pain in his ribs, Synn hops, turning around so he is facing with his back to the people underneath, pushing himself off the top rope he does a flip and lands on a good 10 or 12 people who couldn't get out of the way. Two medics, Roy Speede, Doc Henry, and Shane knight being amongst them

Zach Davis: At this point, it's anybodies match, but i can't imagine how much more they, or we, can take!

Shannan Lerch: Their going to be so feeling this in the morning.

Doc and Roy are the first to recover, after a minute or two. They start trading punches, then Knight comes out of nowhere with a elbow smash to the back of Roy's head, then several knife edge chops to Doc's chest.

Crowd: WHOOOOO!!!!!

After the fourth chop, Shane grabs the back of Docs head and throws him back into the ring. Shane turns to the fans, holding his arms up in the air, as if already the victor, they cheer him on.

Zach Davis: Shane has control but Roy is up and headed straight for him.
Shannan Lerch: Can you believe those two dives from Synn?

Zach shakes his head no

Zach Davis: totally insane, definitely high-light reel worthy, that is for sure.

Shannan Lerch: I'm still trying to catch my breath.

Shane turns back to the ring, as he begins to climb back in he spots Roy charging him, sliding back down to the floor he catches a big running drop kick, the force throw him back, and he slams into the ring stairs, the sound creates a loud THUD, causing the top section of the stairs to tumble off the bottom, the fans pop and cheer the action.

Zach Davis: A hard hit to the stairs by Shane, the action picking up, which i didn't think possible, these men are a credit, any one of them definitely worthy of a title shot.

Shannan Looks at Zach as if he's crazy.

Shannan Lerch: WELL DUH! You think my brother doesn't know what he's doing?

Roy looks into the ring and see's Doc, he climbs up to the apron, then scales the turnbuckles.

Zach Davis: Roy Speede looking to get some more frequent flyer miles here

Roy sets' up at the top of the buckles, spreading his arms out wide like an eagle about to fly, as Doc turns around he leaps into the air hitting a perfect flying body press that would make Ricky Steamboat jealous.

Zach Davis: Call that man an eagle, he just soared like one!

Stanley Moser runs over, checking Docs shoulders


Doc kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Roy Speede so close there.

Zach Davis: One can only think that Jeff is watching this match closely, come next week the winner of this match challenges him for his United States title, he's gonna have his hands full.

Doc quickly gets to his feet as Roy kips back up to his, Doc doubles Roy over with a hard knee to the gut. Then soften him up with several forearm smashes to Roy's back, then scoops him, slamming him back down hard to the mat.

Shannan Lerch: Doc with a hard scoop slam, and watch out Shane is back in the match.

Zach Davis: Synn's absence very noticeable, i think he took himself out of this match with those suicidal dives.

Shannan shakes her head thinking back on that

Shannan Lerch: he sure can hit some hang time for a man his size, that is for sure.

As Doc leans down to pick Roy back up, Shane, recovering from the drop kick that caused him to collide with the ring steps, slides belly first back into the ring, scooting up behind Doc, he wraps an arm around one of his legs, pulling him back and over his body, Doc yelps as he is pulled down over Shane's body and onto his back, Shane then rolls over onto Doc holding the leg for leverage.

Zach Davis: Shane Knight with a schoolboy roll up for a pin.


Zach Davis: A timely break up by Roy Speede

Before Moser could slap the mat for the three, Roy scrambles to his feet, clobbers Shane with a hard punch to the ribs, Wraps an arm under and around Shane's leg, pulling him over and down to the mat, Moser hops back up, jumps over to the new pin, quickly checks Shane's shoulders


Zach Davis: OOHH another school boy roll up by Roy.

Shane's kick cause Roy to stumble back, Doc scrambles to his feet, wraps an arm around Roy's leg and pulls HIM down for a school boy roll up pin

Shannan Lerch: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!

Moser then slides over to Doc and Roy


Roy and Doc quickly hop up, they exchange several punches against each other, as they do Shane hops up to the second turnbuckle, then to the top, perched there he whistles for Doc and Roy's attention, they both turn their heads to the side facing Shane, their eyes go wide seeing him standing on the top turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Looks like Shane Knight is going to the air now


Shane smiles, jumps off the turnbuckle and nails a double body press onto Doc and Roy.


As Shane falls onto both opponents, he looks up to Moser, waving him to make a count. Moser shrugs, falling to his knees, and with both hands starts a double pin count.

Zach Davis: Shane Knight with a double pin.

Shannan Lerch: Would that count as TWO wins for him?

Zach Davis shrugs.


The force of both men's kick out sends Shane Knight flying almost into the corner of the ring.

All three men scramble to their feet, Shane charges Doc and Roy, who, almost as if they are in synch, drop down, Shane runs into their shoulders, as they both stand up he flips up, over and hard onto his back

Zach Davis: A double back drop by Roy and Doc.

Doc looks a Roy, who nods, Doc grabs a hand full of Shane's hair, lifting him up. Taking one arm, Roy grabs the other, wrapping his arms around their necks, they grab a hand full of his tights, lifting him up.

Zach Davis: Stalling double suplex by Roy and Doc

Holding Shane up in the air, causing the blood in his body to rush to his head, they fall back slamming him down to the mat. Bouncing hard, he rolls over grabbing his back, feeling dizzy from the sudden rush of blood to his head.

Shannan Lerch: What goes up, must come right back down, and HARD!!

Zach Davis: That definitely can't feel too good.

Doc hops back up, faces Roy, nailing him in the face and head with several hard shots. Roy fires back, neither man gaining an edge. After several traded blows, Doc makes a hay-maker swing, Roy ducks, slides in behind Doc sliding his head under Docs arm, wrapping his arms around Docs waist, hoists him up and throws him over his head, dropping doc back first onto the mat.

Zach Davis: Hard Belly to back suplex by Roy Speede.

Shane Knight see's Roy attacking Doc, playing possum in the corner he waits for the opportunity to strike

Shannan Lerch: WAIT, Roy ain't finishes yet.

Roy, holding on tight to his waist lock on Doc, rolls over, picking him back up, leaning back tossing Doc over his head again, nailing a second belly to back suplex, getting back up, bracing, tosses Doc back with a release suplex


The force of the release by Roy causes Doc to roll out of the ring, Zach Davis catches motion ringside opposite the announce table, he squints and catches a glimpse of black and white face paint.

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD! I think Synn's about to get back into the game.

Shannan looks at Zach confused, forgetting it was a four way, her eyes go bug eyed and her jaw drops, she looks around, then spots Synn sneaking around to their side of the ring

Shannan Lerch: IT'S ALIVE!!! IT'S ALIVE!!! IT'S ALIVE!!!

Zach Davis: He looks like shit though.

Synn is holding his ribs, even through the face pain one can see a nasty swollen black and red bruise around one eye, and somewhere he suffered a huge gash across his head, the blood staining his make up crimson red.

Shannan Lerch: Okay, NOW he looks like death warmed over....ugh!!

Back in the ring. Roy get's too his feet, seeing Doc outside of the ring he turns around, Shane see's his opportunity, he bolts from the corner charging Roy, Roy's eyes get big, no time to react as Shane hit's him hard shoulder first into the gut and chest of Roy


Shannan Davis: That's gotta hurt

Pressing the advantage, Shane picks Roy up, throwing Roy's arm over his head, he hits a hard snap suplex, rolling over he carries Roy with him picking him up, he lifts Roy into the air, slamming him down hard again on the mat, rolling over and picking Roy up a third time, he pauses, raising his fist in the air, then grabs a hand full of Roy's tights, lifts him up holding in in the air for a few seconds with a stalling suplex, paying Roy back for earlier, Both men tired, Shane picks Roy up one final time, putting an exclamation point with a hard snap suplex.

Zach Davis: First Roy with the rolling German suplexe's, now Shane with the quadruple rolling multiple suplexe's.

Shannan: What a display by both men

Back in the ring, Shane looks at Roy, a smile on his face, he rolls over on top of Roy for the count


Zach Davis: Doc's back

Doc jumps back into the ring. Shane spots him, as Doc goes for a double ax handle to break up the count, Shane quickly rolls out of the way, Doc crashes down, double Ax handling Roy right in the groin, This gets an immediate OOOOOHH! from everyone in the crowd

Shannan Lerch: NUT CRUSHER!!!

Zach Davis: Guess it's as good a name as any.

Roy rolls out of the ring, trying to avoid any more punishment, trying to catch his breath from the groin shot from Doc. As Doc scrambles back to his feet he gets a stiff kick to the gut from Shane, at the same time Synn finally makes his presence known again as he makes his way up onto the ring apron by a ring corner post.

Zach Davis: Roy's out for the moment, It's down to Doc, Shane and Synn!

Shane lifts Doc up onto his shoulders, he spins around twice, then lifts Doc into the air

Zach Davis: KNIGHTS OUT, i don't think he's seen Synn, he better go for the quick cover!

Shannan Lerch: Bad News, Synn's climbing the turnbuckles!!!

Shane looks outside the ring, seeing Roy still holding his groin area in pain, he looks down at Doc, smiling, sure he has the match won. The crowd is going nuts, He looks up, stretching his arms out wide like a majestic god posing for the fans to adore. As he turns around, he spots Synn crouched on the turnbuckle, and evil grin on his face, Shane's eyes grow wide

Zach Davis: Synn going for the kill!!

Synn propels himself off the turnbuckle, barely completing a 360 spin, he deftly wraps an arm around Shanes head as he crashes down to the mat back first, driving Shane's head into the mat with him.



The crowd erupts again, stomping the ground and cheering wildly, it sounds like a thundering herd of buffalo again. With the last bit of his strength, Synn rolls over on top of Shane Knight for the pin.




Shannan Lerch: Synn! Synn gets the victory!

Zach Davis: Oh man.. BLOCKBUSTER match next week. The Darkside of Treachery's member Synn meets Pantheon member Jeff Purse.. wow.

Kira Sakazaki Segment

In Backstage, we can see Eric Price is ready to leave WCF Arena until he realize something....

Eric Price: Damn! I lost my wallet! Must be fallen in front of that vending machine. I better get that quick.

Eric quickly turns back and he finally find the wallet but suddenly a random hand appeared to grab Eric's wallet.

Eric Price: HEY!!!

Eric runs to chase that person who took his wallet but he found no one in there.

Eric Price: hey, where's that shithead going? he runs really fast. wait, what is that.....

Eric sees some feathers fly above him.

Zach Davis: Flying Feathers..... you know what that means, Shannan?

Shannan Lerch: The Princess from the Henhouse is looking for another victim after her own brother and Corey Rosdale. and Eric Price will be the next!!!

Eric picks one of the feather on the ground but he didn't realize Haruna Sakazaki is standing behind him. He turns around and he look at Haruna shockingly.

Eric Price: Holy Shit!! Y-You..... Kira Sakazaki's sister?? what do you want from me??

Haruna Sakazaki: Tadaima (I'm Back)!!!

Haruna smiles at Eric. She looks at her own hand and grab Eric's head. she close her eyes as Eric jolts. but before she finishes destroy Eric's mind. someone stops it....

"Yamette yo (stop it)!!!"

Kira comes out of nowhere and rams Haruna until both of them falls to the ground. Kira tells Eric Price to go away....

Kira Sakazaki: You.... Leave us....!!!

Eric doesn't know anything about that sibling and decided to go away leaving them. in the other side, Kira keeps choking Haruna's neck trying to bring her back to her normal state.

Kira Sakazaki: Haruna....... don't do it.......

Haruna just replies her brother's words with an evil grin as she quickly grabs Kira's gakuran and whispers something.

Haruna Sakazaki: Doushita no (Why)? Why you attacking me? you're supposed to be protecting me, right? you promised to protect me. is that true?

Kira slowly nods his head. agrees about what she said.

Haruna Sakazaki: Then why? why did you do this to me? are you forget about your promise?

Kira shakes his head with an empty glared eyes. Haruna kisses Kira's cheek before she manipulated Kira's mind again.

Haruna Sakazaki: I love you...... and this is how you reply my deep love to you? come on, release me and let's talk about it.

Kira obeys what she said and Kira release his grip to Haruna's neck. botk of the sibling stand but Haruna suddenly pushes her beloved brother into the vending machine. but Kira doesn't resist. Haruna takes her lips closer to Kira's ears to start saying some "poisonous" words to him.

Haruna Sakazaki: then show me your love by protect me with those Americans..... Americans are evil. even your friend. you have to protect me from them....

Kira Sakazaki: no...... no, Haruna.......you're wrong........ they are nice....

Haruna Sakazaki: YOU FOOL!!!! They disrespected you, right? they kicked you out from the building, right? and no one defend you..... even your own partner wasn't there for you, right? right, my love?

Haruna rubs Kira's face and she lowers her hand to his body as Kira nods to Haruna's words.

Kira Sakazaki: yes..... yes, my dear...... you're right......

Haruna Sakazaki: good, now you finally admit it!! next week you will face the man who wants to be your friend. Kid Phantasm! he's a total jerk who wants to stab us from behind. Kill him in that match and show the world that we deserved to gain a respect from every single human in this world..... can you do it for me? for us?

Kira Sakazaki: yes...... yes, Haruna...... anything i can do for you......

Haruna Sakazaki: perfect, my brother! no one will disrespect us from now on. meet you in that ring next week, darling!

Haruna kisses Kira's lips passionately. about 5 seconds, 10, 15, 20 seconds. Haruna grins at Kira until she leaves him alone with an empty gaze. and then Kira passes out.

Zach Davis: Dafuq did I just saw? is that really Haruna?

Shannan Lerch: Haruna just...... completely destroyed her lovely brother's mind. are we going to see Kira trying to kill The People's Champion, Kid Phantasm, his best buddy in Night of Champions just like he did to McMurderkill last week?

Zach Davis: Phantasm, you surely in danger now.....

World Title Contendership Match
Waylon Cash vs Benjamin Atreyu

Kyle Steel: This match is your main event, and is scheduled for one fall!

The opening trumpet riff of “White Trash Renegade” plays over the P.A. System, as Waylon Cash steps out onto the entrance ramp. Roxxanne Savage follows, and stands next to him, looking gorgeous as her client smiles at the nearby fans.

Kyle Steel: Now comign to the ring, hailing from Macon, Georgia. He weighs in at two hundred and thirty pounds, he is the Hellbilly Waylon Cash!

The crowd screams with joy as Waylon poses for a few pictures on his way down the ramp.

Zach Davis: Waylon has made his way up the rankings rather quickly here in WCF. His feud with Future Gods Incorporated was one that the fans here will likely not forget.

Shannan Lerch: And that feud is being revisited here tonight as he takes on Benjamin Atreyu for a chance to take on FPV, and win the WCF world heavyweight championship.

Waylon rolls into the ring, and holds the ropes open as Roxxanne climbs in behind him. She stands in the center of the ring, clapping as Cash climbs to the top turnbuckle, and point to a group of screaming female fans with a wink. He drops back down, and his music fades. It is replaces by “Ecstacy of gold” as Benjamin Atreyu, and Blake Updegraff IV step out onto the stage. Blake is wearing a back brace, and walkign very gingerly.

Zach Davis: Here comes two of the men who have been tormenting Waylon Cash.

Shannan Lerch: Yes, Updegraff got his client this shot after a long negotiation session, no doubt taking it as chance to hurt Waylon even further. It's good to see him out of the wheelchair this week.

Kyle Steel: Now approaching the ring, hailing from St. Paul Minnesota, weighing in at two hundred and thirty one pounds, God given Greatness, Benjamin Atreyu!

Benji and Blake step down the ramp, soaking up non existent cheers the whole way. Benjamin raises his hands high, predicting victory as the crowd showers him with boos. Atreyu rolls into the ring, and keeps his eyes locked on Waylon's as he raises his fist high in the air. The music dies as the men approach each other, with the ref in between. The referee quickly explains the rules, before signaling for the bell to ring. Once it does, Waylon clocks Benji with a quick right, sending him stumbling backwards. Waylon swing again, but Benji ducks it, and dazes Waylon with a few quick jabs. He then hits Waylon with a boot to the gut, doubling him over. He goes for a pump handle slam, but Waylon turns it into a snapmare.

Zach Davis: These men came with a mission! There will be no feeling each other out period here!

Waylon thrusts his knee into Benji's back a few times, before turning it into a rear chin lock. He wrenches back as Blake Updegraff IV shouts instructions to Atreyu. Benji reaches back, and rakes Waylon's eyes.

Zach Davis: A dirty move by Atreyu.

Shannan Lerch: This is for the number one contendership! I'd be disappointed if he didn't rake the eyes!

Waylon falls back, and Benji takes advantage, hopping up and laying boots into his midsection. Waylon rolls under the bottom rope, and this the floor as Benji screams for him to get back in the ring. Waylon quickly does, but dives for Benji's legs, taking him down. Cash then jumps up and drops a couple knees on Atreyu's ribs. When he drops the third knee, he leaves it on his sternum, and lowers three right hands onto his forehead.

Zach Davis: FGI may have made a big mistake. They seem to have unlocked a side of Waylon that they're not enjoying.

Atreyu shoves him backward, and when Waylon comes on the attack again, he gets a boot to the gut. Benji jumps up, and lifts a couple knees into Waylon's face. He backs Cash into the ropes, and whips him to the other side. When Waylon comes back, Benji lifts a knee to his gut, sending Waylon flipping to the mat. He then drops an elbow on the prone man, and oes for the pin. Cash kicks out after one, and both men stand to their feet.

Zach Davis: A stand-off now.

Shannan Lerch: Wonder how long this will last.

The two men glare at each other, neither of them wanting to make the first move. Waylon breaks the stillness, and dives forward, tackling Benji, and sending them both through the ropes to the floor below. Both men throw fists wildly as they rise to their feet. Benji tosses Waylon into the guardrail, and then drags him forward to slam his head into the ring apron. He quickly lifts him into a stalling suplex, but spins around and drops the Hellbilly gut first on the railing. Benji wastes no time in backing up, and lunging forward to hit Waylon in the head with a boot. Cash falls into the first row, as Atreyu celebrates.

Zach Davis: Good god! Atreyu is on the warpath tonight!

Shannan Lerch: Cash better get his head in the game. His title shot is fading pretty quickly.

When Cash stands back up, a small trickle of blood can be seen running down the side of his face. Benji drags him over, and drops him on the concrete, before lifting him up, and punching him in the forehead, trying to open him up more. Suddenly, Waylon puts his shoulder into Atreyu's gut, and drives him backward into the guardrail. Benji grabs his back, and Waylon kicks him in the gut, before hitting a snap suplex on the cement. The crowd lets out a collective gasp.

Zach Davis: Waylon targeting that back. Perhaps setting up for the Georgia two-step.

Shannan Lerch: One thing is for sure, Atreyu's spine is in danger.

Cash drags Benji to his feet, and whips him into the railing again, before rolling him back into the ring. Waylon follows him, and brings him to his feet. He then spins his opponent around, and hits him with a quick back suplex. Cash goes for the pin.



Benji kicks out. In a fit of anger, Waylon lifts him back up, and this him with a back breaker. Benji writhes around in pain, as Waylon looks down on him. Cash then flips him over, and applies a camel clutch. He wrenches on Benji's back, as the crowd screams for him to tap out. Benji screams, and reaches for the ropes, but he can't quite make it. Swloly, he grabs Waylon's legs, and stands to his feet. Waylon turns it into a sleeper, but Benji falls backward, sandwiching Waylon between the canvas, and himself.

Zach Davis: These men giving everything here!

Shannan Lerch: The cut on Waylon's head has opened up! He's bleeding profusely right now!

Both men lay on the ground, recuperating for a few moments. Atreyu is the first to stand, and he drags Waylon up with him. He whips Cash into the ropes, and hits him with a high back drop. Cash crashes to the mat with a thud, as Benji looks pleased with himself. He lifts waylon up again, hitting him with a snap suplex, and going for the pin.



Waylon kicks out. Benji slaps the mat, and stands back up, stomping on Waylon's forehead as he does so. Blood begisn to pool beneath Waylon, as Benji begins to climb the turnbuckles. He gets to the top rope, but Waylon uses that time to rise to his knees, and dive for the ropes. Benji loses his balance, and falls, crotch first, onto the steel beneath him. Waylon makes his way to the corner, and climbs to meet Benji. He throws Atreyu's head under his arm, and struggles, but this him with a superplex. Both men crash to the canvas, and lay there as the referee confirms their consciousness.

Zach Davis: That superplex hit both of them really hard, and Waylon Cash has lost a lot of blood. You have to wonder if he has what it takes to mount a serious comeback here.

Shannan Lerch: If there's one thing I've learned, it's to never count out Waylon Cash.

It takes a while, but both men rise to their feet at the same time. Atreyu swings wildly, hitting Waylon in the jaw. Cash stumbles backward, and rests against the ropes. Benji hits him with a few more fists, before Waylon dodges one, putting Benji on the ropes. Waylon takes the offensive position, and hits Benji with a few jabs, before whipping him into the other set of ropes. On the rebound, Waylon jumps up, and nails Atreyu with a stiff dropkick to the face. Waylon stands up, and lifts Atreyu again, whipping him into the ropes. On the way back, Cash hits him with a high knee, and grabs his legs.

Zach Davis: Is this it?

Shannan Lerch: Yes! The Georgis two step!

Waylon twists Benji into a Texas cloverleaf, and flips him over, bending his back at a harsh angle. Atreyu screams, and Waylon pulls back even harder, putting immense pressure on his opponent's spine. Suddenly, Blake Updegraff IV jumps up on the ring apron, and distracts the referee. Roxxy runs around the ring, and pulls Atreyu's manager down, before kicking him in the stomach, and hitting hi with a textbook DDT.

Zach Davis: Haha! Looks like Cash has taught his manager a few things!

Shannan Lerch: Meanwhile, Atreyu is about to tap!

Benji lifts his hand, but doesn't bring it down to the mat./ Slowly, he crawls across the ring, enduring the pain of the submission hold the whole time. Eventually, he gets to the ropes, and grabs hold, causing the ref to force a break from Waylon. Cash back off, and Atreyu lays on the ground in pain. Waylon grabs his leg, and drags him back to the center of the ring, before hitting him with a few boots to the ribs.

Zach Davis: Waylon viciously attacking the midsection of Atreyu. Next time he locks that hodl in, I have a feeling Atreyu will tap.

As Atreyu lays on the mat, Waylon takes his turn at climbing the turnbuckle. He gets to the top, and turns around, before leapign off, and hitting Benji with a swan dive headbutt to the ribs. It takes a lot out of Waylon too, and both men lay on the ground again.

Shannan Lerch: Cash sacrificing himself to hurt Benjamin Atreyu! This is unbelievable!

Slowly Waylon crawls over to Benji, and covers him with one arm.



3- NO! Benji gets the shoulder up!

Zach Davis: Waylon was so close! Less than a second from a shot at the world heavyweight title!

Waylon slowly rises to his feet, and lifts Benji, but Atreyu this him with some punches to the gut, followed up by a northern lights suplex. Benji tries to bridge, but just falls down into a cover.



3-No! Cash kicks out. Atreyu shakes his head angrily, and stands up. He lifts Cash into a burning hammer position.

Zach Davis: Atreyu is going to end this!

Benji flips Waylon around and this him with a sit-out face buster.

Shannan Lerch: REQUIEM IN D MINOR!

Atreyu immediately goes for the cover.



3! NO! Waylon kicks out at the last possible moment. Benjamin Atreyu looks to his manager in disbelief.

Shannan Lerch: Atreyu is wondering what he can possibly do to put Waylon Cash down! It doesn't look possible at this point.

Benji gets back to his feet, and whips Waylon into the ropes. Cash hits Atreyu with a spear on the way back, sending both men to the ground again. Cash rises gingerly, and brings Benji with him. With a kick to the gut, Cash hooks Atreyu's arms behind his back, and lifts him into a stalling butterfly suplex.

Zach Davis: Here comes the Killshot!

Waylon drops down, and nails the brain buster. The crowd screams in approval, but Waylond doesn't go for the cover. Instead, he drags himself to a standing position, and grabs Benji's legs. He quickly flips him over into another Texas cloverleaf, and wrenches back. Benji fights as hard a she can, as Updegraff screams for him not to tap out. Atreyu fights, but can't hold on any longer. He slaps his hand to the mat, signal ling forfeit. The ref signals for the bell to ring, and Cash collapses, releasing Atreyu. The crowd erupts as Kyle makes the announcement.

Kyle Steel: Your winner, and new number one contender for the WCF World Heavyweight Championship... Waylon Cash!

Roxxy climbs into the ring, and drops down next to Waylon. She kisses his cheek, and holds him in a celebratory embrace, as Updegraff rolls his client out of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Waylon Cash defeats Benjamin Atreyu, once and for all, and can now finally, TRULY, move onto bigger and better things.

Zach Davis: Namely, Night of Champions! Every Title belt is on the line; see you then!

Slam fades to black with Waylon celebrating.

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Haruna Sakazaki Segment

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Zombie McMorris vs Barnabus Smythe Esq.

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Hardcore Match: Hunter Valentyne vs Noob Cha-Cha

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Internet Title Contendership Match: Kale Windsor vs Joel Hall vs Stuart Slane

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Hardcore Title Contendership Match: Tommy Kain vs Priest

Nathan von Liebert Answers The Darkside of Treachery

Tag Team Title Contendership Match: Eric Price/Jonathan Jakobs vs Prophecy

TV Title Contendership Match: Johnny Reb vs Steeltoe Joe

Odin Balfore Segment

US Title Championship Match: Shane Knight vs Synn vs Roy Speede vs Doc Henry

Kira Sakazaki Segment

World Title Contendership Match: Waylon Cash vs Benjamin Atreyu


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Windsor vs Hall vs Slane



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