Slam Intro

Drunk and Crazy by Mogwai hits and the fans come alive as Slam is on the air! There is excitement in the air as we go to Zach and Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: Jonny Fly has regained the WCF World Title!!!

Zach Davis: Calm down, Shannan, but yes. He has. As promised, Ultimate Showdown changed everything about the landscape of WCF. Fly regained the Title, Orbit and Purse traded theirs, Roy Speede shocked the world and picked up the Hardcore Title.

Shannan Lerch: And my brother left the Darkside of Treachery, as did Gravedigger.

Zach Davis: The rest of the WCF will surely be rallying. What's next for the Perfect Alliance? Waylon Cash? The Church of the Dark Saints? Hopefully we'll find out tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Definitely, because in our main event, the Perfect Alliance team of Balfore and Orbit face the unaligned team of Deruty and Speede, the Pantheon team of Fly and Reb, and lastly FPV and.... NOBODY, because FPV sucks.

Zach Davis: Really? Seth turns on FPV and you automatically hate him? Huh.

Shannan Lerch: Either way, this a huge match with a lot of big personalities in it. We'll just see what happens.

Zach Davis: Jeff Purse defends his Television Title against Eric Price. Jeff Purse has been riding high, no doubt, but so has Eric Price. This has the makings of a possible upset.

Shannan Lerch: Former Champ Waylon Cash is in action against newly crowned Tag Champion, Tek. We've seen a new attitude from Tek lately and this is one of his bigger matches in WCF thus far.

Zach Davis: Oblivion and Steeltoe Joe are going one on one! I'm actually really damn excited about this one. Oblivion's Church of the Dark Saints is, quite frankly, dangerous. And I think Steeltoe Joe may have the power to put an end to it... I hope.

Shannan Lerch: In a Non-Title match, we have a triple threat between Tommy Kain, Stuart Slane, and Jonathan Jakobs. Both Kain and Jakobs have fallen on tough times following Showdown; Kain lost his Hardcore Title, and Jakobs his Tag Title.

Zach Davis: HOWEVER, Kain IS able to say that he has a pinfall victory over a current World Champion, so hey. There's that.

Shannan Lerch: Kid Phantasm defends the People's Title against the Perfect Alliance's Shane Knight. Kid Phantasm was able to walk out of Ultimate Showdown, surviving Oblivion and Kira Sakazaki, miraculously.

Zach Davis: Speaking of the Perfect Alliance, Ryan Blake and Michael Santiago face the new team the Saintz of Sin, Johnny Stylez and Ryan Pugh. Classic tag team action!

Shannan Lerch: In a bit of a grudge match, Bishop and Priest are up against Synn and Doc Henry. Bishop and Priest have effectively left the Darkside of Treachery, can they defeat their former partners?

Zach Davis: Adam Young debuts a new partner, Corey Moon, to face Joel Hall and Kale Windsor.

Shannan Lerch: That'll be exciting. Joel Hall faced WCF legend Outcast at Ultimate Showdown... I don't believe he's back!

Zach Davis: Tonight, Outcast goes one on one with the 8th Wonder. He didn't seem to have ring rust at the PPV, but can he defeat two men?

Shannan Lerch: In a Triple Threat, the son of Brad Kane is debuting. I can barely believe it. A second generation superstar!

Zach Davis: He's facing Kip Epps, newcomer, and Jackie Giordano. This won't be an easy test for young Kane.

Shannan Lerch: In our opener, Mariko Shinoda is making her WCF in ring debut against Hunter Valentyne.

Zach Davis: Very interesting story here.... Sado is training to eventually take on Oblivion. Can he defeat Hunter?

Shannan Lerch: We shall see!

Waylon Cash/Synn Segment

The opening trumpets of “White Trash Renegade” blare over the P.A. As Waylon Cash steps out onto the entrance ramp. He smiles as the crowd lets out a loud roar. Following behind him, dressed in a shredded black “Electric Hellfire club” t-shirt, is Roxxanne Savage. Waylon throws a lanky arm around her shoulder, and the couple begins walking towards the ring. Waylon slides in, and helps Roxxy between the ropes, before requesting a microphone from the ringside attendant. It takes a minute for the cheering to die down.

Waylon Cash: It's been a rough week for ol' Waylon Cash. Feels like I been sayin' that a lot lately. I'll be honest with ya, I didn't mind so much, losin' the World title, 'cuz that night I got engaged to the love of my life.

Waylon smiles down at Roxxy, who grins back, as the crowd cheers the happy couple.

Waylon Cash: The problem I have tonight, has to do with the week off we just had. Yours truly decided to spend it relaxin', partyin' with some freaks, and doin' a little wrestlin'. I got to do all those things, but someone decided to interrupt my good time. Someone had to play captain buzzkill. Let's check out the footage.

Video footage of a darkened ring, surrounded by screaming fans flickers to life on the jumbo screen. In the middle of the ring stands a bloodied Waylon Cash. He stands with his hand raised high in victory as the fans cheer wildly. Suddenly, out of the crowd comes Synn, with a metal folding chair in his hands. The Crowd, boos, btu Waylon doesn't notice in time to dodge the massive chair shot from behind. Cash collapses to the ground, motionless as the fans jeer Synn. The painted man stands over Waylon Cash with a smug grin plastered across his face, as he is showered with garbage. The video fades to black, and the present Waylon Cash stands silently in the ring as the crowd boos Synn's past actions.

Waylon Cash: Now, I know this ain't ballet, but I think Synn owes me an explanation. I'll wait buddy.

Waylon Cash stands in silence for a long time before “Darkside” by Gothminister begins to play through the arena. Synn is met with a fresh chorus of booing, as he steps onto the ramp, microphone in hand. The jeers take a minute to die down, so that Synn can speak.

Synn: I owe you nothing!

The crowd screams its disapproval again, cutting Synn off for a few moments.

Synn: I said everything I had to say with my actions at the Gathering. You are a drug addicted fraud, Waylon Cash. You are an embarrassment to this sport. Not only do you preach to these people the supposed values of your addiction, but you use your time off to disgrace this company by lowering its former World Heavyweight Champion, to wrestling in front of a bunch of drugged up morons in the middle of the woods.

Synn pauses, a look of amusement creeping across his face as the crowd chants for him to “shut the fuck up”.

Synn: Look at this. You have all of these people so brainwashed, they actually think you are the hero in this situation. They cheer you, the drug addicted, backwater hillbilly, while booing the clean and sober picture of an athlete that is myself. I would make a better hero for these people's children, than you would! They would be better off following an openly evil human being like myself, than a smiling liar like you.

Waylon Cash: So, you attack me from behind? That proves somethin'? Naw, if you wanna prove somethin', I say we do it in the ring.

The crowd cheers loudly, as Synn chuckles. Once the noise dies down, Synn answers.

Synn: You want a match with me? That's fine. You'll get your match... when I think you deserve it.

The crowd boos loudly, as Synn's music plays, and he vanishes behind the curtain. Waylon glares at the stage, and drops the microphone.

Zach Davis: Interesting development here. It seems Synn is toying with Cash here.

Shannan Lerch: I'm not sure how Waylon will react to this though. He's not the typical hot head we're used to seeing.

Mariko Shinoda vs Hunter Valentyne

"Something in Your Mouth" by Nickleback plays over the loud speakers as Hunter makes his way down the ramp to a chorus of boos. He stops in the middle of the ramp as green and black pyros go off behind him.

Kyle Steel: introducing from Sin City, Nevada. Hunter Valentyne!

Shannan Lerch: Hunter Valentyne will face another woman competitor on WCF.

Zach Davis: in a few weeks ago, Noob Cha-Cha was humiliating Valentyne in her debut. now, can he rebulid his reputation by defeating Kira Sakazaki's girlfriend?

Hunter slides in underneath the bottom rope as he puts his hands on the top rope and glares menacingly into the camera. He is cascaded by boos as the intensity in this face is shown to the world. Pyros go off in the background as his glare is never changing. The boos continues as the next opponent in introduced.

"In your position, SET!!!"

Beginner by AKB48 hits the arena and BOOOOMMMM!!!! Pyro explodes.

Kyle Steel: introducing from Akihabara, Japan. "Sado" Mariko Shinoda!

Zach Davis: here comes, Mariko Shinoda a.k.a. Sado. she desperately needs a victory on this match since this is her debut match.

Shannan Lerch: Sado is on a mission tonight, Zach. she will face Church of Dark Saints leader, Oblivion next month. and she try to "upgrade" her power until she is strong enough to defeat The Monster.

Zach Davis: plus, the tension between Oblivion, Kira and Haruna is become hotter week by week. this match should be interesting.

Sado come to the ring with her kendama. she walks passionately in the ramp. and she goes to the ring, remove her furry coat and keep that with her kendama in the announcer table and she's ready to fight!


Hunter Valentyne backs Sado against the ring ropes following a series of hard knife-edge chops to the chest before dropping her to the canvas with a Tilt a Whirl Slam. With Sado down, Hunter rolls her over and slides into position behind Sado and gets her in a seated position. He locks his hand around the neck of Sado and delivers the Headlock. He rolls his body until Sado’s chest is down to the mat before performing Camel Clutch submission maneuver.

Zach Davis: oh my God! is Sado alright in there?

Shannan Lerch: don't worry, Zach! she's a gang leader. she used to it.

Zach Davis: oh, yeah.... i forgot!

Sado screams out in pain but Hunter breaks her own hold. Quickly, he spins around and nails Sado in the head with a spinning kick.

Shannan Lerch: Sado hasn’t been able to get going at all so far, Zach!

Zach Davis: Hunter is on a roll!

Hunter prepares to put an end to Sado with his finishing move, Valentyme but Sado rolls through and ends up drilling Hunter with a Running Knee Facebuster. Hunter staggered to turnbuckle, allowing Sado to execute a quick Blue Rose (Running Big Boot to Chest in the Turnbuckle).

Shannan Lerch: Ouch.... i can feel that boot hit my chest!!

Zach Davis: are you alright?

Shannan Lerch: Zach, you starting to sound just like my mother! you worrying people too much!

Sado prepares her fist and waits for Hunter to rise up. Then Sado nails Hunter with the Tears of a Yankee (Straight Knockout Punch). She hooks Hunter’s leg.




The match over!!

Shannan Lerch: Sado picks up the first victory tonight after an impressive match by both competitors.

Zach Davis: Congratulations to..... aah, again?

but suddenly the red light lights up again as we see Haruna Sakazaki standing in front of the entranceway, clapping her hands slowly. then Haruna disappeared again leaving confusion in Sado's mind.

Eric Price Segment

Eric Price is seen arriving at the WCF Arena in his trademark limousine. He is stepping out of it wearing a white suit with a burgundy shirt and tie with a large grin on his face. As he starts walking in, he notices Jeff Purse’s girlfriend Kari doing some stretches right outside. He approaches her.

Eric Price: Hey, aren’t you Jeff Purse’s girlfriend?

Kari: Yes.

Eric Price: I thought you were, I saw you as I was coming in and thought you were a cute little number.

Kari: Now wait a minute…

Eric Price: Shh … shh … shh. Now Kari, let’s not ruin the moment. I know you already have a boyfriend, I just decided to come talk to you because a pretty little thing like yourself always deserves attention from time to time. Unlike your loser boyfriend, I could give you all the attention you yearn for and deserve.

Kari rolls her eyes at Eric Price

Eric Price: It’s true, I could. In fact, why don’t you wish me luck in my match for the television title tonight because we both know that your boyfriend can’t hack it, he’s going to lose to me!

Kari: I hope and I know that Jeff will kick your ass.

Eric frowns at the notion.

Eric Price: You know what Kari, I know sometimes people are only skin deep and upon further conversation, they can be found to be nothing more than superficial morons but I like you so I’m going to give you one more chance. Why don’t you kiss me on the cheek right here and wish me luck in my match tonight?

Eric points at his cheek and closes his eyes waiting for the kiss. Kari nods disapprovingly, reaches back and slaps Eric right across his face. Eric recoils back, grabs his face with his hand and simply chuckles a bit.

Eric Price: You know Kari, some people simply don’t understand reason when they hear it.

Eric grabs Kari by the hair, pulling her a bit and gets right in her face with a serious look.

Eric Price: Now I said you were going to wish me luck in my match and by God you are. Come here, you know you want it.

Eric pulls Kari’s face closer to his and kisses her right on the lips as she is very clearly resisting. He kisses her for a good few seconds then throws her down to the ground and begins to walk away. The camera focuses right on his face as he gives an evil smile and simply looks back almost in a discriminating manner.

Eric Price: You know you liked that … bitch.

Eric then walks away as Kari is seen in the background with her hair out of place some tears coming out of her eyes after the forced sexual advance.

Christopher Kane vs Kip Epps vs Jackie Giordano

“Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” by Cage The Elephant hits the PA, and Jackie slowly starts walking down the entrance ramp, every now and then turning to face the crowd and grinning. Once inside the ring, Jackie cracks his knuckles, and gets ready for the match.

Zach Davis: Jackie Giordano has been successful so far in WCF... what will tonight hold?

The lights dim down as the intro of "The Downfall of Us All" begins to fill the arena. A few moments pass by as LET'S GO! is yelled. Out steps "Young K" Christopher Kane with a wide smile on his face, very excited to get the reaction he's getting. The lights come back on as he hurries to the ring slapping hands along the way. Chris hops up onto the apron and goes to the nearest turnbuckle going to the top to raise his arm, index finger too, into the air. He then jumps down into the ring with a roll before jumping to his feet ready to wrestle.

Shannan Lerch: Here comes second generation star Christopher Kane, son of WCF Hall of Famer Brad Kane. And his mother?

Zach Davis: Possibly a bigger whore than you are!

Shannan Lerch: HEY!

The lights turn blue and a spot light shows at the top of the WCF titantron you see Kip is up there and he jumps off and opens his parachute and lands on the stage and when he lands “The Air Force Song” plays. Kip gets up and heads to the ramp and when he gets there he salutes and as he does that Red White and Blue pyros go off behind him. He makes his way down the ramp to the ring. When Kip gets in the ring he stands in the middle of it and salutes to all sides of the ring and takes off the glasses and flight suit.

Zach Davis: I like the cut of Kip Epp's jib!


Epps and Giordano lock horns as Kane sits in watch, and as Epps starts to get the upper hand and backs Giordano into the corner, Young K gets a running start and catches Epps with a dropkick to the back that sends him slamming into Giordano, sandwiching him against the turnbuckle. Epps turns around, and grabs Young K with one hand as Giordano falls to the mat, and Epps lifts Kane off his feet using one hand, shoving him backward in the process and forcing Young K onto his back because of the momentum. Epps picks up Giordano and sets him up without hesitation for a suplex of the fisherman variety, hitting it perfectly, and pins Giordano.


Chris Kane is there to break up the pin and brings Epps back up as best as he can. He grabs Epps by the neck and sets him up for a suplex of his own, but as he goes to lift him, Epps doesn’t budge, so instead, Kane catches him with a kick to the knee that takes the big man down to one leg, and plants him with a DDT. As Kane gets back up, Giordano grabs him and picks him up before planting his younger opponent with a sit-out piledriver. Giordano pins Kane.


Kane kicks out, showing shades of his father’s resilience, and Giordano pulls him to his feet. He goes to whip Chris across the ring, but Chris reverses it and sends Giordano running across the ring, and by this point Epps is up, and drops Giordano with a clothesline before hitting a running clothesline of his own on Kane. He pulls Kane up and hits him with a scoop slam before dropping down for the pin.



Giordano breaks up the pin, and as Epps starts getting up, Giordano hits the ropes and on the rebound drops the nearly 300 pounder to the mat with a shining wizard to the face. Giordano pins Epps.



Epps kicks out, and Kane climbs to the top rope as Giordano gets up. He drops an elbow across the throat of Epps before getting up and looking for Chris Kane, who by this time is perched up at the top rope and ready, and Kane takes off, dropping Giordano with a diving hurricanrana. Kane pins Giordano.



Epps breaks up the pin and pulls Kane to his feet. He starts to throw Kane with a hip toss, but Kane reverses it and lands on his feet, but Epps, planning for that, slaps on a full nelson and takes it into a facebuster on Chris Kane, the Ejection Seat! He turns and looks back at Giordano, who is already to his feet, and without even trying for the pin, turns and goes after him. Epps catches Giordano with a kick to the gut and then throws him with a hip toss, holding on, and plants him with the Ejection Seat much like Chris Kane moments earlier. He pins Giordano.




NO! Kane breaks it up just in time, and manages to get Epps out of the ring before pulling Giordano up to his feet, and he sets him up for the Lightning Spiral, executing the move flawlessly before pinning.




Kane slides out of the ring, backing up the ramp as he celebrates his victory!!!

Zach Davis: And there you have it! Christopher Kane wins his debut match!

Shannan Lerch: Like father, like son, I suppose!

Jobbers Segment

We see every single jobber at the backstage area. They're all talking, eating and doing whatever the hell they're doing.

Corey Rosdale: I think I should add some extensions.

Hardcore McMurderkill: I'll take any of you on! One on infinity!

Neal Anderthaw: Haha! Ugg!

Wetback: Rancid is definitely uglier than Timmy Timmons.

All of the sudden, the lights go out.

Three Finger Hank: Who turned off the lights?

Suddenly, some riff raff can be heard. Screaming and agonizing pain can be heard. The sounds of getting beaten up are audible. Suddenly, the lights go back on. We see The Iowan Massacre, all bloodied and both eyeballs red. However, that view could only be seen for one second. The lights turn back on, and we see all the jobbers unconscious. Suddenly, Kamen Rider Subarashi comes in.

Kamen Rider Subarashi: Hey guys, I just--wha???

He just stands there in awe.

Outcast vs The 8th Wonder

Zach Davis: Outcast is in action tonight! His first scheduled match since his surprise return against Joel Hall at Ultimate Showdown!

Shannan Lerch: He’s facing The 8th Wonder. That’s right, the weekly reporters are lacing their boots back up after months of being out of the ring.

Zach Davis: I smell a squash match.

Shannan Lerch: Aren’t they always when The 8th Wonder are involved?

"8th Wonder" hits over the WCF PA system and we see the half-brothers peek their heads out from behind the curtain. Both heads disappear behind the curtains for a moment, before they're pushed out from backstage by a pair of unknown hands. The crowd responds with a huge ovation for the duo. The loud noise causes Kelvin Staylor to cover his ears as Markus Jayson waves his hand out at the crowd.

Staylor hurriedly powerwalks down the ramp toward the ring while Jayson takes his time and shakes his hands with every single person he walks by. At ringside now, Markus has a little trouble getting into the ring, tripping through the middle rope, and getting a chorus of laughs from the fans. He gets back to his feet and continues waving toward the crowd as Staylor sits in the corner in a fetal position.

Shannan Lerch: I don’t know what my brother is thinking putting these two back in the ring. I really don’t.

Without any music or flashy introduction Outcast walks onto the stage.

Zach Davis: What’s this, no music for Outcast?

Shannan Lerch: Just got word from the writing team that they didn’t know what it was.

Zach Davis: Oh. Wait, we have a writing team?

Outcast confidently and assuredly slowly makes his way down the ramp toward ringside. At ringside he slides into the ring and stares at his opponents, who are currently playing rock-paper-scissors to determine who is going to fight first.

Zach Davis: Strap in ladies and gentlemen, this one is going to be bumpy.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The bell signals the beginning of the contest and Markus Jayson walks over to Outcast and sticks out his hand to be shook. Staylor on the other hand is stretching out his hammies. Outcast simply stares at the two in amazement. He reaches out his hand, grasps Jayson’s, and then delivers the biggest boot ever seen in a wrestling ring. Jayson goes spiraling down to the mat. Staylor somehow doesn’t even notice and continues to stretch. Outcast approaches him.

Shannan Lerch: *Sniffs the air* Smells like murder.

Outcast taps Staylor on the shoulder. Staylor looks up and is met with a HUGE right hand. It’s his turn to hit the mat hard. Neither man is moving.

Zach Davis: Match is over. That was fun.

Outcast kneels down and covers Staylor.



Staylor immediately begins to roll around on the mat, breaking up the cover. He quickly rises back to his feet and look wide-eyed at Outcast.

Shannan Lerch: Staylor is scared shitless right now.

Zach Davis: He’s too dumb to realize that all he needed to do was stay on the mat for two more seconds and this one would be over.

Outcast stares across the ring at Staylor while Markus Jayson sneaks up behind him.


Zach Davis: OUTCAST HAS BEEN DECAPITATED! …oh wait, nevermind.

Actually, Outcast doesn’t even move his head due to the impact. He continues to stare at Staylor who is scared out of his mind and immediately slides under the ropes and out of the ring. Unfortunately, he misses his landing on the outside and ends up tumbling head first into the steel ring fencing.

Shannan Lerch: I know this is obvious, but I just have to say, what a fucking idiot!

Zach Davis: There are not enough adjectives in the dictionary to discuss how badly Jayson and Staylor are at wrestling.

Outcast now turns his attention to Jayson. Jayson is in a crouching position with both arms out in front of his body right to karate chop anything that comes near him. Outcast begins his approach, slowly walking toward Jayson. Jayson gives ground and finds himself backed into the corner. Outcast reaches out and….


If you were thinking at this point that Outcast’s wrist might be broken, um, yeah, no. Outcast reaches out with that very hand and grabs Jayson by the throat and slams him to the mat.

Shannan Lerch: Quick question; do we a coroner on site for tonight?

Zach Davis: No. Someone should probably make that call.

Outcast reaches down and grabs Jayson and slams him into the ringpost. From there Outcast whips him violently across the ring. Jayson doesn’t know how to wrestle so he forgets to turn to allow his back to soak up the blow and hits the turnbuckle head first.

Shannan Lerch: Wait, look at this!

As Outcast walks across the ring to grab Jayson, Kelvin Staylor has climbed to the top turnbuckle to his left. Staylor leaps off the turnbuckle taking aim at Outcast…

Zach Davis: Staylor is actually attempting a real wrestling maneuver!!

Shannan Lerch: Can he hit it!?!?

Zach Davis: …..nope. He missed.

Staylor flies through the air looking for a drop kick, but lands too short and falls hard to the mat. Jayson is back on his feet and witnessing his brother’s failed attempt to save him seems to have motivated him. He bounces himself off of the ropes and runs back toward Outcast to hit him with a drop-kick…but, of course, he jumps and falls short too.

Shannan Lerch: It’s hard not to laugh at this, Zach.

Zach Davis: Embarrassing. Just embarrassing.

Outcast looks as if he’s about to pin Jayson, but notices movement across the ring from Kelvin Staylor. Staylor has gotten onto all fours and begins crawling around the ring. Outcast walks up to him and nudges him with his foot causing him to fall to the mat. Staylor gets back on all fours and Outcast continues to toy with him, forcing him back down each time. Staylor uses the ropes and gets back to his feet. Outcast runs at him and quickly disposes of him over the top ropes with a clothesline.


Markus Jayson has emerged standing behind Outcast as he watches Staylor tumble to the ground on the outside. As Outcast turns Jayson attempts to hit him with a kick but Outcast grabs the leg out of the air and then grabs the rest of Jayson and picks him up and then takes him down with the biggest powerbomb known to man.

Shannan Lerch: Well, I guess the question now is who is going to do the recap show?

Outcast makes the cover.








Zach Davis: That’s going to do it. Thank god!

Shannan Lerch: Outcast barely broke a sweat.

Zach Davis: Either way, this was a good tune-up for him. I guess we’ll have to see next week if The 8th Wonder are still alive and able to do their show.

Corey Black Segment

After that exciting match, Corey Black walks out onto the stage with no music. The fans cheer, but most are a bit confused as to what the hell is going on.

Shannan Lerch: UUGGHH. Rumor was that this guy was gonna disappear for a while?

Zach Davis: Guess not!

Corey is dressed casually. Jeans and a gray hoodie. BEHOLD, a MICROPHONE in his hand.

Corey Black: I am here for one reason, and one reason alone. The internet told me that a certain someone is reforming a certain group. One without a Darkside. To follow the biggest flop in WCF history with the biggest joke. Bravo. Go get 'em, champ, because whoever you get, they won't be as good as who I associate with.

Corey Black: You think you'll get the brightest young talent in WCF, TV Champion Jeff Purse? Nope. How about that crazy sonofabitch, the People's Champ Kid Phantasm? Not gonna get him either. Time-traveling extraordinaire Johnny Reb? Lord no. Do you think you'll get the WCF World Champion, Jonny Fly? Fuck. No. You. Will. Not. You're stuck with Doc fucking Henry of all people. While Pantheon continues to reign supreme, from three belts, to a man certain to be a Hall of Famer, to me, any and all opposition will be vanquished.

Corey Black: That being said, let this be the fair warning. You guys can get together and pretend to be buddy buddy while secretly hating yourselves all you want. You speak ill of Pantheon, or one of our members, you're going to eat shit. Whether you suffer at the hands of Purse and the Kid, become a Flyjobber, or suffer a Burning Hammer, one way or another, your mouths will be shut. That goes for promos, on Slam, Twitter, anything. I'm in a mood to fuck people up, and it begins and ends with anyone that has the balls to say they're better than us. That comes off as brash and cocky, I know, a very uncool thing to do. But when my bros in Pantheon are getting shit on week in and week out while consistently proving they're the best this company has to offer, then, well, fuck everyone. If I have to show up every week to beat some ass, then so be it. I will not stop until every single hater has their neck broken.

Corey drops the microphone and simply walks to the back, having clearly said what he needed to say.

Red River Coalition vs Joel Hall/Kale Windsor

"Southern Renegade" by Moccasin Creek starts playing as Adam Young and Corey Moon start towards the ring in matching black "Red River Coalition" t-shirts. They high five each other and then turn towards the fans and give them a one bird salute. The fans are booing and hissing as they climb into the ring.

Zach Davis: This is the debut of Corey Moon, as one half of Adam Young's new tag team, the Red River Coalition.

The song starts and the lights strobe as Kale Windsor steps out on the stage at the top of the ramp. Windsor stands there for a moment, as if he's taking in all of the love in the area. He pays no mind to the boos, for he feels everyone loves him. He casually walks down the rampway towards the ring. Once at the ring he slides in under the ropes. He then stands in the middle of the ring as if he's king of the world while each ring post pops with pyros.

Shannan Lerch: Kale has been involved in a feud with Stuart Slane, but he's looking to move past that here tonight.

The arena goes dark. Suddenly, a voice can be heard.

"This is the year where hope fails you
The test subjects run the experiments
And the bastards you know, is the hero you hate
But cohesing is posssible if we strive
Theres no reason, theres no lesson
No time like the present, telling you right now
What have you got to lose, what have you got to lose
Except your soul...who's with us!"

Pulse of the Maggots by Slipknot is blasted through the arena. The crowd cheers as the intro of the song is played. Pyro is blasted on stage, which causes the lights to come back on. Out from backstage, Joel Hall comes out. He is wearing a black trenchcoat and a random kabuki mask. He looks around the arena. Joel walks down the ramp and looks straight ahead at the ring. He stops and looks back at the stage. Then, Joel jumps on the canvas and rolls over the ropes, entering the ring. He takes his mask off and throws it into the crowd. He goes onto each turnbuckle and looks at the crowd. At the final turnbuckle, after looking at the crowd, he raises his right arm with a devil horns sign. He gets off and takes his trenchcoat off. He does some stretches while he waits for the bell.

Zach Davis: And here is the one and only Joel Hall!

Shannan Lerch: Did he beat up those jobbers earlier? It was hard to tell...

The bell sounds. Hall starts for his team, and Young for his. They meet in the middle of the ring and tie up. Adam Young gets the early advantage, putting Hall into a Side Headlock. Hall pushes Young off and runs at him, but Young takes him down with an Arm Drag. Hall gets back to his feet and Young goes for a Dropkick but Hall sidesteps it; Hall then hits Young with a Dropkick of his own! Young stumbles back into his corner and Corey Moon tags in.

Zach Davis: Here comes the Moondog!

Moon enters and Hall runs at him. Moon runs right at him as well and Clotheslines him down. Hall gets back up and Moon uses a Snapmare to take him back down. He then runs to the ropes and hits Hall with a Springboard Leg Lariat! He pins the Iowan Massacre.



No, Hall kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Close, but no cigar.

Moondog picks Hall up but Hall hits him with several shots to the gut. Moon goes to fight back with a kick, but Hall catches it and hits a Dragonscrew Legwhip! He then begins stomping on Corey Moon.

Zach Davis: Joel Hall, back in control here.

Moon starts getting to his feet, but as he does Hall backs up and hits a Scissors Kick! The crowd pops as Moon goes back down to the mat. Hall isn't done, however; he grabs Moon and pulls him in, executing an Underhook Powerbomb!

Shannan Lerch: Wow! Hall just drove Corey Moon into the mat! This could be it.

Hall pins Moon.



No, Young breaks it up!

Zach Davis: Never turn your back on the original Big Time Jerk himself.

Hall gets up and begins brawling with Young. He lifts him up into the Fireman's Carry.

Shannan Lerch: He's going for one of the Killing With A Smile variations!

But Moon hits Hall with a low blow from behind! Young escapes from Hall as Moon picks him up... the Red River Coalition hit a Hart Attack!

Zach Davis: They call that the Red River Plunge!

Moon pins Joel Hall, hooking the leg.


Kale Windsor comes in to break it up.


Young intercepts him!

Thr- no! Joel Hall kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: Amazing!

Kale Windsor gets the best of Adam Young and Clotheslines him out. Windsor then grabs Hall, drags him quickly to their corner, gets back on the apron, and then tags himself in.

Zach Davis: Kale Windsor is now the legal man!

Kale comes in and immediately Clotheslines Corey Moon down. Moon gets back up and goes for a Clothesline but Windsor ducks it and executes a Northern Lights Suplex!

Shannan Lerch: Beautifully executed.

Kale Windsor begins climbing to the top.

Zach Davis: Could he be going for the Rodeo Dive so early?

Windsor reaches the top, but Young jumps onto the apron and grabs his leg, causing Windsor to crotch himself. Moon quickly climbs up with him and brings him down with a huge Superplex!

Shannan Lerch: Red River Coalition, back in control now.

Moon tags in Young. Young enters the match and stomps methodically at Windsor. He puts him into a Standing Figure Four Leglock.

Zach Davis: Locked in perfectly...

Kale Windsor yells in pain, and the crowd actually begins getting behind him, clapping for him to reach the ropes. Windsor crawls towards them, slowly but surely....

Shannan Lerch: Is he gonna make it?

A look of pain crosses his face... but he lunges and does indeed reach the ropes!

Zach Davis: Yes!

The ref instructs Adam Young to release the hold. Young, of course, waits until the ref reaches four and a half to do so. He then backs up and waits for Windsor to get up.

Shannan Lerch: He may be going for the Redemption Superkick here!

And indeed, Young hits it! He pins Windsor, hooking the leg.




Zach Davis: Whoa! That's it!

Shannan Lerch: The Red River Coalition is victorious!

Young and Moon slide out of the ring after getting their arms raised in the middle of the ring. Joel Hall, looking angry, enters the ring as Kale Windsor struggles to get up.

Zach Davis: Welp, Windsor gave it his all but-

Hall spits a mist right into Kale Windsor's face before giving him a swift kick right to the head!

Shannan Lerch: OUCH!

Zach Davis: Joel Hall, viciously punishing Windsor for the loss!

Hall leaves the ring, marching to the back.

Ophelia Pain/Tommy Kain Segment

The camera fades in on the backstage area, directly onto Ophelia Pain’s face, white as a ghost, her lips blood red, and black and red war paint covering her dark brown eyes. She was wearing a tiara made of bone and what looked like a tattered, short, black wedding dress complete with old Converse all-stars. She was chewing on her left ring fingernail, the hot pink diamond eyes of her engagement ring glistening in the light. Her brown, war painted eyes darting around the hallway nervously. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that she was hiding.

And almost as if the fates were against her, Tommy Kain rounded the corner right within her sightline down the hallway heading toward her. She seemed to turn green as he approached, while everyone in the arena listened with bated breath, anticipating either a firey passionate reunion or a war of wit and words...

Without even looking in her direction, Tommy walked past her, saying nothing. Her brow furrowed as she watched him walk past her... Ophelia pushed herself away from the wall and began walking quickly after him... the sound of her shoes the only thing in the hallway..

Ophelia Pain: I guess it’s a lot easier to deal with someone when you don’t have to look them in the eye...

Tommy Kain: Says the person who said goodbye in a note...

Ophelia Pain: Would you stop for a second?

Tommy Kain: I’m an important man Pheelz... places to go... people to beat...

Ophelia Pain: Not a moment to spare for someone you used to enjoy penetrating?

He stopped and turned around to look at her, the ghost of a smile playing across his face. She got close enough to him to see that his eyes had that glazed look, suggesting he wasn’t drunk yet, but he was well on his way... she knew he would remember this interaction.

Tommy Kain: Used to being the operative term, sweet cheeks...

Ophelia Pain: Operative? That’s a pretty big word for an alcoholic... did you find
“Word of the Day” toilet paper at the liquor store or something?

Tommy Kain: Isn’t it a little early in the show for you to be a bitch?

Ophelia Pain: Isn’t it a little too late in the day for you to be standing? Shouldn’t you be passed out by now?

He shook his head at her...

Tommy Kain: What do you want Ophelia?

Ophelia Pain: I just wanted to see you...

Tommy Kain: You and the rest of the world, sweetheart...

Ophelia Pain: Would it kill you to be nice to me?

Tommy Kain: Not my style...

Ophelia Pain: ‘Not my style’?...Bullshit... this wasn’t your style either...

She flashed the ring on her finger in front of his face.

Tommy Kain: I was drunk when I gave you that thing...

Ophelia Pain: You weren’t... I remember it like it was yesterday because it was the
happiest day of my life...

He stood there staring at her, seemingly at a loss for words. Tears began shining in Ophelia’s eyes as she looked at him. He continued to look at her, his expression being incredibly hard to read.

Ophelia Pain: I promised to give my life to you that night... I still would Tommy... I’m sorry I left, but you left me too. I wouldn’t have bailed if I thought there was some other way to get you to pull your head out of your asshole... I love you Tommy Kain... and I’ll continue to love you... regardless of what happens here in WCF...

They stood staring at each for a bit, neither one knowing what to say. Silent tears trickled down Ophelia’s face, staining her cheeks with black and red make-up...

Tommy Kain: Are you done?

Ophelia Pain: What do you mean ‘am I done’?

Tommy Kain: Look... YOU took off... YOU gave up... If I had known you were going to bolt like that, I’d have given you a gumball machine ring... since apparently that’s all that shit meant to you anyway...

Ophelia stood staring at him, absolutely dumbfounded... and then without warning, she threw her left hand across his face backward, making a skull shaped dent in his cheek with her ring. She raised her hand to do it again, but he grabbed her wrist and pressed her against the wall. Her tears were falling thicker down her face as she looked angrily at him, torn between fighting back and collapsing into a sobbing mess... they stood and stared at each other for another tension filled second before he grabbed a handful of her black curls and crushed his lips angrily to hers, sharing a deep and passionate kiss, pressing her against the wall with his body. She appeared to melt beneath his mouth for a few moments, until she pushed him away and walked quickly away from him down the hallway he had come down. The camera focused on him standing with both hands against the wall, looking down at the floor... his expression unreadable...

Bishop/Priest vs Synn/Doc Henry

Next up ladies and gentlemen, a huge grudge match pitting the massive brothers Priest and Bishop, collectively known as team Beatdown, against the current number one contenders to Prophecies world tag team championships.

Shannan Lerch: This whole nasty affair started when that thug Synn attacked Bishop and Priest at Slam two weeks ago, then got even worse when the two lugs returned the favor and chokeslammed the bejebus out of Synn last week an Ultimate Showdown.

Zach Davis: Memory serves me correct Shannan, Synn was merely saving Tommy Kain from yet another brutal attack at the hands of Bishop and Priest.

Shannan Lerch: Blah blah blah, that was not any of his business. He claims to have been the most loyal soldier of DOT, but he has a funny way of showing it when he interferes with DOT business that doesn't concern him.

Zach Davis: Whether he had any rights as a member of DOT or not, I think few will argue he did the right thing irregardless of the consequences. All this leads us up to this grudge match here tonight. Bishop and Priest want satisfaction in the form of revenge for their perceived betrayal of Synn, which is funny, as Synn oft pointed out they liked to leave him out and ignore him when it suited them.

Shannan Lerch: Oh let's freaking cry that Bishop and Priest didn't kiss Synn's precious wittle ass as a DOT member, sheesh.

Zach Davis: I don't think it's as much as not having his ass kissed, as much as a perceived slight upon Synn as the ultimate show of disrespect, as an official member by other fellow members.

Shannan Lerch: Whatever, it's Synn's fault that DOT might be dead and gone. Way to go Synn.

Zach Davis: I think there were, are, alot more issues than we may ever know.

Shannan Lerch: Shut up Zach, DOT was running smooth as a well oiled machine doing just fine till Synn showed up, you can't deny that.

Zach Davis: Arguable point, but now let's go to the ring as action is ready to begin.

JOHN by lil wayne plays over the house speakers. Bishop and Priest walk down together ignoring the boos from the crowd. All business they go to different ring posts, glare over the crowd, their faces not hiding any disdain they have for the lowly peons jeering them, they each climb over the ropes, taking a moment to gleefully bully the referee before taking their spots in one of the four ring corners.

Shannan Lerch: I hope they destroy Synn for ruining my brothers plans concerning DOT.

Zach Davis: Well Bishop is 7 feet even and 320 pounds, Priest is 6' 10" weighing in at 30 pounds. They definitely have the height and weight advantage over Synn who is 6' 5" 260 pounds, and Doc Henry who is 6' 5" and 235 pounds. To give you fans an idea of what all this means, an average man stands 5' 9" and weighs anywhere around 170 pounds or so. Doc Henry and Synn are big men indeed, but when compared to giants such as Priest and Bishop, they definitely have their work cut out for them.

As the referee timidly attempts to pat the two big brothers down for any foreign objects, the crowd rises once more as Dr. Feelgood hits the speakers, as the main riff blasts through the arena, Doc, and Mary emerge on the stage, the Confederate Title around his waist. Looking around, he raises a fist in the air, then leads the way to the ring. Climbing up the steps, he foregoes the usual ritual of holding the Ropes open for Mary. He points to Bishop, then Priest, then slides his thumb across his throat in a slicing motion. The crowd then erupts as Terry "Synn" Roberts bursts forth from the crowd, he tosses Sherri into a ring corner, slides into the ring, throws off his trench coat and elicits a huge roar from the crowd jumping straight into Priest fists flaying with hard lefts and rights, Bishop grabs a hand full of Synns hair, tossing him down onto the mat.

Zach Davis: Oh Synn isn't wasting any time. Some serious hate and animosity against the brothers on display here.

Shannan Lerch: Look at that cheater, jumping the gun and attacking team Beatdown before the bell, what a cheap move by that punk.

Zach Davis: Alot of tension as emotions will be running high tonight. In some ways Synn is smart in getting the fast upper hand, he and Doc have to control the pace and tempo of this match, if Priest and Bishop are allowed to wrestle their kind of match, it's going to be a long night for their opponents.

Shannan Davis: Again, NONE of this would have happened if Synn would have just kept his damn mouth shut and minded his own business.

Zach Davis: Your really sticking with the idea that Synn destroyed Darkside of Treachery?

Shannan Lerch: HELL YEAH! Jack ass was probably working undercover in cahoots with Pantheon or something. He destroyed my brothers stable from the inside. I want to see Bishop and Priest make him pay for that.

Zach Davis: Alot of people might disagree with you on that.

Shannan Lerch: Of course they would, they were probably in on it too.

Doc has entered the ring nailing Bishop with fast, hard right hands trying to keep the big man off balance. the punches are having effect, but not enough. Bishop shrugs them off and starts hitting back, his punches have a great effect as he starts backing Doc Henry into the ropes. Taking several steps backwards, he takes a quick burst running towards The Confederate champ, hitting Doc right in the mouth with a hard boot. The force knocks him right over the ropes and onto floor below.

Zach Davis: OOH Doc goes up and over taking a hard spill to the floor.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like Doc the Cock just fell flat.

As the ref tries to get the big man into his corner, Synn and Priest are going toe to toe, neither man budging, neither man getting any signs of the upper hand. The crowd is loving it, two big men just slugging it out. Seeing that he can't over power the smaller man in a sheer fist fight, Priest fakes a hard right roundhouse and catches Synn with a knee to the jaw as he attempts a deep duck to avoid the hit. The blow knocks Synn back, Priest finally see's an opening, following up with several hard elbow shots to the head then picks Synn up, he walks around the ring showing off before dropping his opponent ribs first onto his knee.

Zach Davis: This is exactly what Synn and Doc needed to avoid. If Bishop and Priest can slow the match down and make it a power game, they definitely have the greater advantage.

Shannan Lerch: *sarcastically* Isn't MMA supposed to make that bitch a bad man?

Zach Davis: Your apparently not all too familiar with the subtle differences between MMA and wrestling. MMA doesn't prepare you for tag team matches.

Shannan Lerch: OH! Really? Wow jeeze imagine that, Synn isn't superman after all.

Zach Davis: No, but he does have Doc Henry, a three time world tag team champion, in his corner.

Priest holds Synn over his knee, causing Synn to wince in pain, but he has little time to think as Priest continues his assault. Stomping on his ribs and placing several well placed kicks to the head to keep his opponent stunned. he raises a big hand in the air taunting the fans who jeer loudly in reply. Looking at Doc standing in his teams corner Priest gives a big smile full of bad intentions. Doc just stares back almost expressionless. Priest turns back to Synn, grabbing a handful of hair he literally muscles his opponent to his feet with a mighty yank of the hair. Synn shoots back with several hard quick jabs to the midsection but is stopped dead with three hard headbutts, Priest then grabs a wrist whipping Synn Team Beatdowns corner. Bishop grabs Synn's arms, trapping him as Priest takes a dead run hitting a hard knee to the ribs and chest, knocking all the air out of his lungs.

Zach Davis: Synn really taking a beating here at the hands of Priest.

Shannan Lerch: Good.

Zach Davis: You definitely don't like him do you? Don't know how much more he can withstand, he has to tag in Doc or else this match might be over soon.

Tagging in Bishop, Priest runs over taking a wild swing at Doc. The hit was never intended to find a mark, merely cause a distraction, it works as Doc jumps through the ropes ready to throw down with the large monster. Priest smiles big as the ref digs his shoulder into Doc pushing him back to his corner, all the while Bishop has taken the tag rope wrapping it around Synn's throat choking him. Synn struggles but with no air providing oxygen to his brain it's a futile attempt. With Doc still arguing with the ref, Priest and Bishop take the opportunity to double team their hated foe. Priest wraps his arm around the waist lifting Synn up bending Synn over his knee, Bishop climbs to the second ropes, leaping off crashing down on his prey with a legdrop, causing Synn to bend awkwardly over Priest's knee. The crowd gasps as Synn screams in pain. Priest and Bishop look down at their hurt opponent relishing in the pain he is suffering. As the ref finally gets Doc back in his corner, he turns around to see Bishop making the cover on Synn.

Zach Davis: OH god. The brothers working over the reconstructed back of Synn Roberts. Putting to test the advances of medical science.

Shannan Lerch: Smart move, Synn's spine may not be as strong as it once was.

Zach Davis: For a bit of irony, it was at the hands of Doc Henry no less, who is now Synns very tag partner for this match.

Shannan Lerch: Doc has to be regretting that somewhat right about now.
The ref drops down to make the count.



Zach Davis: OH MY! What guts and intestinal fortitude showed by Synn.

Shannan Lerch: The jerk off.

The Crowd cheers as Synn is able to kick out. Bishop doesn't seem to care. He throws down several hammering fists to the head and face before picking Synn back up. Whipping him into the ropes he catches Synn on the rebound with a mighty power slam. Doc shouts encouragement to his partner as Bishop hooks a leg scowling at the ref to make the three count.



Zach Davis: Another kick out. Synn really putting up a hell of a fight, that man has alot of guts.

Shannan Lerch: Or he's just plain too stupid to know when to quit. I want to see him get his ass kicked some more.

Synn kicks out once again, Bishop and Priest both shake their heads. Still fine with them, it just means they get to punish the punk even more Bishop steps over making a quick tag to Priest. As his brother slowly makes his way into the ring, Bishop picks Synn back up, whipping him into the ropes, as Synn rebounds Bishop drops down to his stomach, Synn leaps over the large speed bump only to be caught in the strong arms of priest, who takes two steps back then drops Synn throat first onto the top strand of the ring ropes. Synn grabs his throat choking and gagging as he drops to the mat. As Bishop goes back to his corner, Priest picks Synn up, wrapping both arms around his waist, picking him up then slamming him back down with a powerful spine buster. Priest hooks a leg, smiling at Doc as the ref checks the shoulders then starts the count



Zach Davis: Another kick out, how does he do it? He HAS to make a tag to Doc, if Priest and Bishop are allowed to continue this match at this pace, Synn can't last much longer.

Shannan Lerch: I'm actually enjoying it. That betrayer needs to learn a lesson.
Zach Davis: Will you drop that already?

Doc takes a deep sigh of relief as Synn manages to kick out. Priest looks upset. Taking a quick look over his shoulder to his brother, who nods, Priest grabs a hand full of Synn's hair, then looks up to Doc as he quickly runs over to the corner narrowly hitting Doc with a swinging elbow shot, Doc ducks but slips off the ring apron. Pissed he quickly slides back in, but is stopped by the ref who warns him to get back to his corner as Priest taunts him. The crowd goes wild with boo's as Bishop takes advantage of the distraction. Stepping over the ropes he quickly grabs Synn, hoisting him up he hurries over to the corner, the 7 foot tall giant quickly climbs to the second turnbuckle, placing Synn's head between his legs, he shows his strength by muscling Synn up to his shoulders, then dropping him back down to the mat with a massive powerbomb. He quickly steps back between the ropes smiling as the ref didn't see a thing. he claps his hands signaling to Priest that the dirty deed has been done. Priest turns around smiling at the motionless body, he quickly covers his opponent as Doc looks on stunned not sure what just happened.

Zach Davis: Oh that is not good. Continuing to work over the surgically repaired back and shoulder blades of Synn. There really working him over.

Shannan Lerch: And being smart. making quick tags to keep the fresh man in, while keeping Synn away from his corner to tag Doc Henry, who can really change the pace of this match back in their favor.

The ref starts the count



Synn barely kicks out, just as Doc hops through the middle ropes to hit a double axehandle to Priest's head trying to break up the count. The ref jumps back up to his feet, once again warning Doc about staying in his corner, a frustrated Doc argues back. Priest picks Synn up tossing him over the top ropes, then charges Doc hitting the confederate with a devastating clothesline. Bishop steps down from the ring apron stalking Synn. As Priest picks Doc up, totally ignoring the ref admonishing him to get back to his corner, taking a moment to look around at the crowd with a loud scowl, but Doc turns the tables swinging his arm up hard between Priest's legs delivering a painful blow to his manhood, Priest screams out in shock and pain, Doc now has the scowling smile as he runs to the ropes hitting a textbook knee lift that would make Mr. Wrestling 2 proud. The blow rocks the big man but does not knock him down.

Zach Davis: Doc showing a bit of frustration right now. It's surprising that Bishop and Priest have been able to control the match so dominantly thus far.

Shannan Lerch: Is it?

As the ref regains order in the ring, Bishop catches up to Synn, who smiles sadistically at Bishop, taking the big man off guard momentarily. Synn pulls himself up using the guard rail, and quickly snatches a Kid Phantasm hero action figure from a teenaged fan smashing it to pieces across Bishops face. the blow more shocks than hurts the 7 foot monster, who swings at his wily opponent. Synn ducks, spins around quickly on his heels hitting hard rights and lefts to the face, chest and ribs of his stalker. Bishop stumbles back, Synn takes a quick glance towards the ring, seeing the ref's back facing him he again goes to the proverbial well, grabbing an autographed plaster Tek mask from another fan, smashing it into the head of Bishop, the mask breaks into dusty little pieces, causing the monster to stumble back just enough for Synn to grab something else, this time a "Scoutmaster" Stuart Slane jersey. Synn looks at it in disgust, flipping off the "Scoutmaster" fan with double birds, then stepping behind Bishop using the shirt as a noose to choke his opponent, as Bishop did to Synn earlier in the match. Bishop struggles to free himself, Synn ends the struggle by grabbing Bishops head and slamming it into the ringpost, knocking the 7 foot 300 pound giant to the floor. he then blows his nose on the shirt before throwing it to the ground spitting and stomping on it as the fan curses at him.

Zach Davis: Well now in all my days commentating, action figures and plaster masks? That i have to say, is something i've never seen before.

Shannan Lerch: That lousy wretch has no respect for anyone.

Synn hops back in the ring as Priest charges, spreading his feet wide, as he jumps into the charging big man, Priest drives his shoulder into Synn's abdomen, but Synn wraps an arm around Priest's head, the two men drop to the mat, Priest on top of Synn wailing with rights and left, Synn winces as the hard punches, wrapping his legs around Priest's waist he cinches the headlock, getting his forearm under Priest's chin. Priest realizes he's in a bad way and starts punching harder, but just like an octopus, the harder he struggles the tighter the hold becomes.

Zach Davis: Well now you get to see first hand exactly what MMA can do, Shannan. Priest in in a bad way with a serious submission hold here.

Shannan Lerch: Oh gee, a choke hold, an illegal chokehold, really Zach?

As Bishop recovers, he spots his brother fading fast, jumping into the ring he aims at Synn, who spots Priest in time to release the hold quickly scooting away causing Bishop to instead hit his brother with an elbow drop. Doc quickly leans in stretching his arm out as far as he can, Synn hops up making a jumping leap, but Bishop as surprisingly just as quick, grabbing Synn's pants by the waist, keeping Synn just inches from making the tag, Synn comically makes several jumping attempts, but the larger Bishop is just too strong. Synn looks back at the smiling Bishop, then jumps towards him instead of away, hitting a hard elbow to the mouth, the move causes Bishop to loosen his grip and Synn is able to make the leaping tag.

Zach Davis: Finally, Doc gets the hot tag, and here we go the Cock is about to rule the roost.

Shannan Lerch: What a piss poor attempt at sexual humor.

The crowd erupts as Doc comes in like a house on fire, he keeps Bishop off balance with several rebounding flying elbows off the ropes, then takes Bishops knee out from under him with a low drop kick to the legs.

Zach Davis: Doc turning the tide, taking it to the brothers.

As Doc turns his focus on the legal man, Priest turns the tides with a hard clothesline. The ref forces Bishop back to his corner, but Priest is now solidly in control. Pinning Doc in a neutral corner, he works the three time world tag team champion over with knee's, elbows and punches. Grabbing Doc's hand, whips him hard to the opposite turnbuckle. He takes a charging run crushing Doc in the corner with an avalanche splash. As Doc crumbles to the mat, Priest rolls him over, steps to the corner climbing the ropes, the comes off crashing down on Doc with a massive big splash. As Bishop runs across the ring knocking Synn off the apron

Shannan Lerch: Did you forget that Bishop and Priest are former world tag team champs also, Zach?

Zach Davis: No Shannan, I didn't. And they are definitely proving why here tonight.

the ref begins the count.




Just as the Ref's hand comes within mere inches of the mat, Doc musters up the strength to lift his shoulder

Zach Davis: A timely kick out by Doc, don't ever count this man out, he's tough as nails and as nasty as they come. This man doesn't know the meaning of the word quit, definitely one of the best in WCF today.

Shannan Lerch: His resume is very impressive. Dude definitely knows how to get it done.

Priest lifts Doc up, as he and Bishop throw him against the ropes, Priest steps up picking Doc up on the rebound, Bishop runs to the ropes himself, coming back he lifts up a leg hitting Doc right in the face with a hard boot to the face. As Doc hits the mat hard, they run opposite ropes, Bishop crashes down on Doc with a big splash as Priest nails a hard legdrop down upon Doc's face.

Zach Davis: Oh a devastating double team, Bishop and Priest using their size advantage extremely well. Doc looks to be out of it, things not looking too good for him and Synn.

Shannan Lerch: Now it's Doc who needs to make the tag, he and Synn have taken a harsh beating here tonight. that's if this match isn't over after that awesome double team.

Zach Davis: These two men have put on an amazing display of toughness, any lesser team would have been finished by now, but one has to question how much more can even they take?

Doc looks unconscious. Bishop stands over Priest as he covers the confederate champ for the count.



Synn rolls in to try to break up the count, but is met with a hard punch to the face, then a huge chokeslam by Bishop. But the brothers don't get the win as Doc once again raises a shoulder breaking the pin.

Shannan Lerch: How the hell did Doc ever kick out? I thought they had it right there.

Zach Davis: Doc is an amazing athlete, I can't imagine how deep down he had to go do draw the strength to kick out of that pin.

Bishop and Priest seem shocked. Priest runs his hands down his face in obvious frustration. Priest rolls out of the ring as Bishop Picks up Doc to hit him with a chokeslam as well. Priest stalks around ringside, flipping the ring apron dressing up looking under the ring for something.

Shannan Lerch: Oh here we go, you know exactly what Priest is looking for.

Zach Davis: this isn't good, this isn't a hardcore match, he's not looking to win, he's looking to dish out some punishment.

Shannan Lerch: And to make that jerk Synn bleed, goody.

On the third attempt at looking under the ring, priest slides halfway in under the ring, then slides back out, raising his arm up high into the air revealing a barbed wire covered 2 x 4. The crowd begins to boo loudly. The ref, scared shitless but determined to keep order, stand in front of Priest ordering him to relinquish control of the board or be disqualified. Priest smiles, wrapping his large hand around the ref's throat. Lifting up the poor defenseless official up into the air, he is stunned by a sudden round of huge cheers by the crowd. He turns to see what is going on

Shannan Lerch: What the hell, who is that coming down the aisle?

Zach Davis: MY god that is a huge man, he looks about even with Bishop and Priest in size, what is he doing here?

As the crowd continues it's chorus of cheers, the mystery man steps into the ringside area, stepping up to the ring apron he points to Bishop, then Priest. The two giant brothers smile and chuckle, they have the numbers in their favor. As Priest releases the ref, the mystery man continues egging them on, the ref tries to keep order, threatening an immediate disqualification if the men do not cease and desist. Bishop backs off, as the ref turns around to make sure he gets back in the corner, the mystery man pulls his arm way back, bringing it back fast slapping Priest hard across the face, the blow is strong enough to make Priest to stumble back, as the force cause Priest to turn his head momentarily, he looks to the side, stunned at just what happened. With Priest looking out to the crowd instead of him, the mystery man takes the opportunity to throw something to Synn, who has snuck back into the ring behind Priest. Priest catches the motion, but does not see the object. He steps up with a hard right hand that barely affects the mystery man. Priest looks on slightly dismayed, but not concerned. Before he can attempt another punch the mystery man steps away, backing down the ring steps pointing behind him. The ref scolds the mystery man not to interfere. Priest turns to see Synn in a corner holding his hand close to his chest as if hurt.

Shannan Lerch: that cheating asshole, he has brass knuckles, that is illegal he needs to be disqualified!!!

Zach Davis: But it was alright for Priest to bring in his "Wife"?

Shannan Lerch: Don't change the subject Zach, this man is cheating!

As Synn crouches in a neutral corner, a camera man is able to get a close up view of Synn, the shot reveals a pair of brass knuckles wrapped around his fist. As Priest Steps to him he grabs Synn's wrist, whipping him into the opposing corner, as he rushes in for an avalanche, Synn moves, taking a swipe at Bishop. As Bishop steps back avoiding the blow, he starts to enter the ring, the ref steps up to him telling him he can only enter when tagged. Synn points to Doc, who has a wide mischievous, as the ref turns his back Synn hauls off and nails Priest right across the jaw with the brass knuckles. He stares at Priest, who stares back for a few seconds before his eyes roll back into his head. The big man drops to the mat like a bag of bricks, Synn quickly tosses the brass knuckles to Doc, who then hands them back off to the mystery man. Synn grabs Priest's legs, hooking up his opponent for the count. As the ref slides into position, Doc runs into the ring, charging Bishop, leaping up with a beautiful cross body that causes both men to tumble to the arena floor.

Zach Davis: OOH a hard hit and the big man falls hard to the mat


The ref, not hearing Shannan's screams, begins the count




Zach Davis: Synn and Doc did it, they fought hard and showed alot of toughness here tonight, what a victory!

Shannan Lerch: Are you crazy? that asshole Synn cheated using brass knucks to win, how the hell can you condone that Zach?

Zach Davis: Easy, just as easily as you justified Priest bringing in a barbed wire 2 x 4!

Shannan sulks at the rebuke, as the crowd goes crazy, a mixture of boo's with a greater amount of cheers fill the arena. Synn smiles triumphantly, he rolls out of the ring wrapping his arms around the massive mystery man in a big victory hug. After the two men collect Doc Henry, the three slowly make their way down the aisle celebrating the hard fought victory.

A Return; Attack On Sado!

The cameras then go backstage where we see Mariko Shinoda walking down the hallway when out of the corner she is whacked in the face by a chair. As she falls flat on her back while holding her face, we see the assailant come forth. It's none other than Famine of the Vile.

Zach Davis: Holy shit! Famine just dropped Mariko with that shot to the face. We haven't seen him in weeks!

Famine stands over Mariko as she holds her face. Her hands muffling the sound of her pain. Famine then lifts the chair and proceeds to whack her several more times as Mariko tries to defend and protect herself as best as possible. Once Famine is done, he drops the chair and picks her up.

Shannan Lerch: This doesn't look good Zach.

Zach Davis: You think?

Famine drags Mariko by the hair and takes her toward the parking lot area where the trailers are. As he continues to walk with Mariko he has an evil smirk on his face. He stops next to the WCF trailer and lifts Mariko over his head tossing her right into the side of the trailer.

Shannan Lerch: Ohhhhhhhh!

Mariko drops to the ground hard. She is unconscious as Famine is once again standing over her.

Famine: I don't forgive and I sure as fuck don't forget! Send that message to your boyfriend!

Famine kicks Mariko in the ribs one time before walking away leaving her lying there.

Shannan Lerch: What the hell was that about?

Zach Davis: I think it has something to do with the match they had where Famine lost to Sado's boyfriend Kira Sakazaki. Maybe this is payback.

Shannan Lerch: No, it's not a maybe. This looks like definite payback.

The scene then heads back to inside the arena.

Ryan Blake/Michael Santiago vs Saintz of Sin

Shannan Lerch: Here we go, tag team action coming up next!

"King of My World" by Saliva plays over the arena as the light is drained. The pyro goes off that illuminates the arena. As the music climaxes The Alliance appear at the top of the stage, they slowly make their way down to the ring, while taunting the fans. once inside they climb opposite turnbuckles and gesture to the crowd before meeting in the middle of the ring and doing their signature "Alliance" taunt.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, representing the Alliance... RYAN BLAKE... and "Black Charisma", MICHAEL SANTIAGO!!!!!

Zach Davis: Former tag team champs right here, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: Indeed-- still, they could use a win here tonight.

"Warrior's Call" by Volbeat plays over the PA, as LA Johnny Stylez and Ryan Pugh make their way to the ring.

Zach Davis: Former Internet Champion Johnny Stylez, and his new buddy-- well new to the WCF, "The Southern Sex Symbol" Ryan Pugh.

Shannan Lerch: These guys are looking to make a splash in the tag division-- a win over the former champs would be a good way to do that.


Blake and Stylez start the match, as Santiago and Pugh go to the opposite corners. Stylez moves right in with left and right hands, which are mostly blocked by Blake. Blake charges forward, pulling Stylez legs from underneath him and pulling him to the mat. Both men get right back up--

Shannan Lerch: Dropkick by Ryan Blake...

Zach Davis: Stylez gets up, and gets sent to the corner by another dropkick.

Blake charges the corner, but Stylez ducks out of the way. Blake runs chest first into the turnbuckles and bounces off onto his back. Stylez runs to the rope and comes back with an elbow drop. He lifts up Blake--

Shannan Lerch: Front suplex by Johnny Stylez, quick pin--



Zach Davis: Kickout before two, Blake rolls into his corner and tags Santiago.

Santiago runs in the ring and ducks a clothesline by Stylez. Stylez turns around and gets kicked in the gut by Santiago, followed by a DDT. Santiago runs to the ropes, Stylez ducks to try to flip him but Santiago stops short and kicks him in the face. Santiago grabs Stylez and hits a snap suplex.

Shannan Lerch: The Alliance are showing why they were tag champs right now.

Zach Davis: Blake and Santiago are both great competitors... veterans of the sport.

Santiago whips Stylez to the ropes and goes for a dropkick, but Stylez slides underneath him and tags in his partner, Ryan Pugh.

Shannan Lerch: Smart tag by Johnny Stylez, he needed that.

Pugh runs in and Santiago backs up. They circle each other, eventually locking up in the middle of the ring. Pugh breaks it up, shoving Santiago. Santiago takes a big swing with his right hand and doesn't connect-- Pugh spins Santiago around and--

Zach Davis: Atomic drop by Ryan Pugh, picking up the momentum here.

Santiago stumbles forward. As he turns around, Pugh nails him with a running clothesline. Wasting no time, Pugh grabs Santiago off the mat and whips him to the ropes--

Zach Davis: Spinebuster! Pugh covers Santiago..




Shannan Lerch: Santiago gets the shoulder up. Pugh grabbing him off the mat again.

Zach Davis: Pugh is trying to gorilla press Santiago over his head, showing off his strength-- WAIT!

Santiago somehow slips out of Pugh's hands and quickly slips on a sleeper hold while positioned on Pugh's back.

Shannan Lerch: Now Pugh is flailing around, trying to get Santiago off of him.

Pugh tries to resist, but he starts moving slower and slower. He goes down on one knee-- at this point, Santiago rests on his feet, applying even more pressure to the sleeper hold. The ref starts to check Pugh.

Zach Davis: Ryan Pugh's face is turning a blue-ish color, I don't know how much longer he can hold on.

Shannan Lerch: Without oxygen, not very much longer.

With Pugh fading away, the ref lifts his arm to check him-- but Pugh is still in this thing. Santiago wrenches his arms tighter and tigher still.

Zach Davis: It's gotta be over-- NOO!!

Shannan Lerch: Here comes Johnny Stylez to break it up.

Stylez hits the ring with a huge knee to the back of Santiago's head. He collapses to the mat, breaking the sleeper hold. Pugh also collapses to the mat from the lack of oxygen. Blake complains to the ref from the apron, who is busy rushing Stylez from the ring. Stylez gets back on the apron as both legal men are still laid out on the mat.

Zach Davis: Santiago is starting to stir a little.

Shannan Lerch: I think Pugh's face is returning to a normal color as well.

Both men take a while, crawling towards their corners-- they both leap towards their partners and make the tag at exactly the same time.

Shannan Lerch: Blake and Stylez, round two!

Blake and Stylez run into the ring towards each other, hitting each other with big lefts and rights-- brawling in the middle of the ring. Blake starts to get the advantage, kicking Stylez in the gut. He grabs Stylez from behind and--

Zach Davis: German suplex! Wait, he's not letting go--

Shannan Lerch: Another German suplex! ... and another!

Blake gets up, taunting Stylez who is laid out on the mat. He raises his arms in the air and plays to the crowd for a moment, before turning his attention back to Johnny Stylez. Blake grabs Stylez and lifts him up, putting him in a headlock-- Stylez shoves him off, and as Blake turns around, Stylez hits a superkick out of nowhere that sends Blake stumbling back, hanging on to the ropes. Blake shakes it off and runs towards Stylez--

Zach Davis: Codebreaker by Stylez! He calls that the Heart Break Hit!

Shannan Lerch: I don't know about a heart or a code but it definitely might have broken something!

Blake rolls around on the mat in pain. Stylez grabs him and pulls him to his feet, putting him in a reverse DDT position.

Zach Davis: Uh-oh, we know what this means--

Shannan Lerch: CURTAIN JERKER (reverse DDT position, grabs opponent by the pants and flips them mid air into a Stone Cold Stunner)!

Zach Davis: Stylez with a quick cover!





"Warrior's Call" by Volbeat plays over the PA. Santiago comes in the ring to check on Blake-- they roll out of the ring as Stylez and Pugh celebrate, talking trash to the fans.

Shannan Lerch: This is a huge victory for a Saintz of Sin-- a win over the former tag champs, this could be the beginning of their own run towards the tag titles.

Zach Davis: Definitely an impressive night for Stylez and Ryan Pugh!

People's Title Match
Shane Knight vs Kid Phantasm

The Lights go out as blue mist begins to fill the air as Shane's theme begins to play. A man wearing a hoodie comes out to an arena full of cheers. He removes the hood and looks around as he stands at the top of the ramp. He smiles and continues walking down the aisle as he approaches the ring. He slides in the ring and runs to the turnbuckle and climbs it smiling.

Zach Davis: Here is the Perfect Alliance's Shane Knight!

"Clock" by Beck begins playing over the loudspeakers as the curtain parts... and out comes Kid Phantasm. He slaps a few audience members' hands on his way through the arena, then slides beneath the bottom rope and into the ring. Kid Phantasm takes a quick look around the crowd... and then stares down his opponent.

Shannan Lerch: Aanndd Kid Phantasm of Pantheon. He's been relatively unstoppable ever since winning that People's Title from Switches the Clown.

The bell sounds and the match is on! Kid Phantasm goes right on the attack, running at Knight and going for an Elbow Smash. Knight avoids it however and takes Kid down with an Arm Drag, then puts him in an Arm Wringer. Kid works his way back up though and reverses it, twisting Knight's arm. Knight rolls through and ends up behind Kid, spinning him around and throwing him to the ropes. As Kid comes back Knight lifts him up and hits a Death Valley Driver!

Zach Davis: Impactful move!

Knight pins Kid, hooking the leg.



No! Kid kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Sometimes I feel like you'd have to kill him to get that belt out of his hands.

Zach Davis: That's the only way Switches lost it!

Knight kicks at Kid several times before running to the ropes, Springboarding, and hitting a Moonsault into another pin!



No! Another kickout!

Shannan Lerch: Not quite, again!

Again Shane gets up and stomps away at Kid Phantasm. The crowd begins getting behind Kid however, and Kid works his way to his feet. He blocks one of Shane's shots and goes for a big Clothesline of his own!, but Shane ducks it!, kicks Kid in the gut and then plants him with a DDT!

Zach Davis: OOF!

Shannan Lerch: Kid Phantasm planted with a DDT! Shane Knight is bringing the fight to the People's Champion here tonight!

Zach Davis: Did you mean for that to rhyme?

Shannan Lerch: Maybe.

Shane pins Kid for a third time, right in the middle of the ring.



NO! Kid kicks out again!

Zach Davis: He keeps kicking out, but he hasn't really gotten any offense in either.... Kid Phantasm needs to find a way to get back in the game.

Shane taunts the fans, feeling he's firmly in control. He picks Kid up, but Kid once again begins fighting back. Kid hits Shane with several forearms to the head, then goes for a Vertical Suplex.

Shannan Lerch: Kid has Knight up...

Knight shifts his weight, lands behind Kid, spins him around and hits an RKO!


Shane Knight doesn't go for another pin; instead he's ready to put Kid away for good. He backs up, waiting for Kid to stand...

Shannan Lerch: Time for the Knights Out, I'd say.

Kid is up, woozy, Shane lifts him up but Kid elbows him in the head!, Kid slides off Shane's shoulders and rolls him up with a schoolboy pin!




Zach Davis: WHAT!

The crowd cheers as Kid's music plays and he rolls out of the ring, victorious. He quickly grabs the People's Title from the timekeeper before backpeddling up the ramp, holding his head in pain.

Shannan Lerch: Kid Phantasm got beat up the whole match until the very second, when he was able to get the lucky win! I bet The Alliance sure won't be happy about THAT.

Indeed, Shane Knight is arguing with the ref in the ring as we go to commercial.

Non-Title Match
Tommy Kain vs Stuart Slane vs Jonathan Jakobs

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a triple threat match and will be set for one fall. Introducing first. . .

Tommy Kain makes his way down to the ring with a signature bottle of Evan Williams (Because Jack Daniels is for rednecks.) He gives the crowd a smirk that just screams, "Damn I know I'm better than you." Finally making his way to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and sitting in one of the corners taking a drink or two from his pre-match bottle of booze.

Kyle Steel: From Indianapolis, Indiana, he weighs in at 228 pounds. He is Tommy KAIN!!

Shannan Lerch: Watching Tommy like that makes me want to take a drink.

Zach Davis: With your preganancy, I think that would be a bad idea.

Shannan Lerch: If it makes you bearable to look at, that would be a risk I'd take.

Zach Davis: ...

All of the lights in the arena dim simultaneously... Next, a massive pulsing light pierces through the vicinity as a barrage of pyrotechnics erupt. Smoke pours from the stage in the midst of various colors & hues. "Riot" by 2 Chainz pumps from the speakers as "The Dare Devil" Jonathan Jakobs emerges from behind the curtains. He briefly stops and places his right fist in the air, the crowd screams in pure euphoria. Jonathan strides down to the ring as he exchanges high-fives with a few of the fans. He climbs the steps & enters the ring. He stands in the corner, watching Tommy Kain closely.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, from Houston, Texas, he weighs in a 215 pounds. He is Jonathan "The Daredevil" JAKOBS! And their final opponent. . .

“Follow Me, Boys!” plays as Stu marches out from the back, silently mouthing the lyrics to his theme as he heads down the ramp. He does a circuit around the outside of the ring before climbing the steps and entering. After some last minute old timey calisthenics (Indian twists, deep knee bends, etc) The Scoutmaster goes his corner. He hands his hat and sash off to a WCF stagehand and assumes a fighting position.

Kyle Steel: From Grant, Iowa, he weighs in at 270 pounds. He is the WCF Internet champion "The Scoutmaster" Stuart SLANE!

All three men step forward as the referee for the match runs down the rules.

Zach Davis: Kain and Jakobs glance at each other before both looking at Slane. Are the two men planning something?

Shannan Lerch: My guess is they're planning on winning the match. I thought that was obvious.

Finally the ref steps back and calls for the bell.


As one, both Kain and Jakobs launch at Slane, Tommy striking at the upper torso while Jonathan kicked out at the knees. Slane swings wildly at both men, battering them over the head, but the duo effort overwhelms him, and he is backed into the corner while his opponents repeatedly struck out at him.

Zach Davis: It seems both men had silently agreed before the match that the biggest threat should be taken out first. Slane stands tall over both men and outweighs them too.

Shannan Lerch: But he won't be standing anytime soon after that combo.

Shannan spoke of the double dropkick by Kain and Jakobs that catches Slane in the jaw, his head against the top turnbuckle. Slane lands with a thud, his arse seated in the corner, allowing his opponents to step into the center of the ring to begin their fight. A battle of strength follows, with Jakobs taking control after a long fight. But before he can captialize, Kain rakes the daredevil across the eyes. A smirk crosses Tommy's face as he takes Jakobs up and over with a fisherman suplex, bridged into a pin.

Zach Davis: First pin of the night, and Slane is still stunned in the corner. Is it over already?




Jakobs frees his shoulder from the mat, breaking the bridge, but Kain is still swifter. Tommy, on his feet before Jakobs, delivers a sharp kick to the head, before repeatedly stomping on his opponent, igniting the boos from the crowd. The ref steps in and starts a five count on Kain who steps back, smirk widening. Jakobs slowly gets his knees under him, but he doesn't see Kain shoot the ropes. Tommy returns with a shining wizard straight into Jakob's face.

Shannan Lerch: Kneeling while intoxicated

Zach Davis: I'm sure you've done that before, Shannan.

Kain rolls Jakobs, who had landed on his stomach, onto his back, but he cannot attempt the pin as Slane suddenly appears with a big boot to the side of Kain's head. Tommy drops to the mat, but Slane quickly pulls him back up. One Irish whip later sends Kain rebounding off the ropes straight into an Atomic Drop from Stuart. Tommy doesn't fall to the mat, though that matters little to Stuart, who simply whips him into the ropes once more. What appears to be a second atomic drop turns out to be Slane popping Kain up in the air. Simple at first, but on Kain's return to the mat, Slane delivers a destructive european uppercut to the airbourne Kain. This time Kain hits the mat, and hard too.

Zach Davis: A stunning Swiss Death from Slane. Pin attempt follows.



Broken Pin

Shannan Lerch: Jakobs is there though to break the pin up.

Jakobs rolls to his feet quickly, and starts to deliver kick after kick to Slane in hopes of keeping him crouched. But Slane shoves Jakobs back with one hand, and rises to his feet, but not before Jakobs shoots the ropes and returns with a Roundhouse Kick that stuns the big man. In fact, Slane drops to one knee, allowing Jakobs to grip him in the gutwrench hold. And to the amazement of the crowd, Jakobs lifts Stuart up into the powerbomb, shaking the ring with the impact. A pin attempt follows.



Broken Pin

Tommy Kain is there though, pulling Jakobs off of Slane, and whipping him into the corner, following up with a lariat to stun Jonathan. Kain turns his attention away from Jakobs, ready to strike Slane, who was rising to his feet. A mistake on Kain's part, as Jakobs recovers quickly, and bursts out the corner with discus lariat in mind. But it was like Kain had eyes in the back of his head as he spins the 180 degrees and delivers a sharp chop to Jakobs neck. Jonathan takes the strike and collapses backwards, landing flat on the mat.

Zach Davis: Tommy held nothing back as he struck the former champ across the neck.

Kain smirks, back around straight into a chokeslam from the champ. Slane glances at Kain, and then at Jakobs. But instead of going for the pin, Slane holds up the scout salute to the crowd, earning mixed reactions.

Zach Davis: That may have cost Slane. He should've went straight for the pin instead of showing off to the crowd. This pin is pointless now.




Broken Pin!

Shannan Lerch: Jakobs recovers quick enough to break up the pin, prolonging the match.

Jakobs rolls to his feet, scaling the turnbuckle before Slane has a chance to react. Jonathan takes aim before launching off with a missile dropkick that catches Slane dead in the back of the head, dropping the big man to the mat. Jonathan rises to his feet, the crowd behind him, and pulls Kain up by his hair.

Zach Davis: What is with these men? They're fighting for bragging rights, not a title. Just win the match by captializing on a big move.

Shannan Lerch: Maybe they're trying to impress a beautiful woman watching the match.

Zach Davis: Let me know when you see one because I sure don't.

Jakobs positions Kain, with Slane behind them, before lifting Kain up and over in a German suplex, landing Kain on top of Slane. And Jakobs pulls Kain back up.

Zach Davis: I believe Jonathan is performing his trademark technique, Torture, and he's dropping Kain on top of Slane. Will all five connect?

Two, three, and four follow cleanly, and Jakobs pulls Kain up for the fifth, but Tommy delivers a sharp elbow to Jonathan's skull, breaking free. In beautiful fashion, Kain connects with the TommyDriver to Jakobs.

Zach Davis: Flip piledriver and this could be over!

Shannan Lerch: Not if Slane has any say in it.

Stuart is right there behind Tommy before he even attempts the pin, and the champ locks in a half nelson. But instead of a submission, Slane takes him up, slamming Kain down with an Olympic Slam

Zach Davis: Scoutmaster Slam to end it all?

Shannan Lerch: Again wrong.

Jakobs seemed to recover enough to stand, meeting Slane with a face full of green mist. Blinded, Slane, could only brace himself for the superkick that drops him to the mat.

Shannan Lerch: Pin by Jakobs!





Zach Davis: After all of that, the champ still kicks out.

Jakobs looks dismayed on his knees, shaking his head in disbelief. But he stands, stalking Kain with hopes of ending this now. Grabbing Tommy by his hair, Jakobs locks in the Dragon Sleeper with the intent of making Kain tap.

Zach Davis: Although the twist of fate was absent, we all recognize the ending of Jakob's Anillos de Fuegos finisher. Will Kain tap?

Kain struggles to break free of the submission, but Jakobs holds tight. Kain doesn't tap though, using what strength he has left to fight his way towards the ropes. And all the while, Slane is regaining his feet. Standing tall, the champ walks up behind Jakobs, who has yet to realize he was there. Reaching down, Slane pulls Jakobs feet out from under him, taking Kain and Jakobs down to the mat. And all the while, Jakobs holds his dragon sleeper tight. Not that it stops Slane from locking in his inverted cloverleaf onto Jonathan!

Zach Davis: While Jakobs is trying to make Kain tap, Slane is doing the same to Jakobs! Who taps first?

Slane, using his standing leverage, wrenches on Jakobs, who's hold on Kain is slowly slipping. Finally, Jonathan releases Kain, who slumps on the mat, allowing the champ to drag Jakobs to the center of the ring. Seeing no solution, and the pain overwhelming him, Jonathan finally taps out.

Shannan Lerch: Stuart Slane with the victory! Wow!

Slane's music hits as he's handed his Internet Title. Slane slowly works his way to his feet as Tommy Kain rests on the mat, Jakobs as well.

Zach Davis: Big night for the Internet Champion here tonight, that's for sure!

Roy Speede Segment

The lights go out in the arena. After several seconds, words written in a bright white begin flashing on the otherwise blackened out Jumbotron. With each fading word, a new word pops up on the screen.






As the last word fades, all five words reappear on the jumbotron at once.


The lights slowly come back on as 'Hear Me Now' by Hollywood Undead begins to play through the speakers as Roy Speede steps out on stage. He crosses his arms in an X across his chest, with his right arm underneath his left, and his hands in his fists. He bows his head for several seconds, and his chin rests in the gap between his fists and his Hardcore Championship around his waist. Roy drops his right arm, and raises his left arm in the air, with his pointer, middle, and pinky fingers extended, and his ring finger and thumb tucked into his palm. His palm is facing the crowd. He drops his arm, and begins jogging to ringside, high-fiving fans as he goes, before climbing onto the apron, and then climbing the outside of the turnbuckle. He raises his left arm, with the same fingers extended as when he was on stage. He leaps from the turnbuckle into the ring, where he is handed a microphone. He smirks and looks out at the fans as the cheering continues.

Roy Speede: This is still an amazing feeling, being able to stand here in front of you all and celebrate after accomplishing something like I have. Nobody thought I’d make it to this point; hell, I didn’t even think I’d become a Hardcore Champion during my career, but still here I am, and it’s the love of my fans that makes it all worth it.

He looks down at his belt and removes it from his waist before setting it on his shoulder and continuing.

Roy Speede: And with the support I get from each and every one of you, there’s nothing I won’t accomplish if I so desire to strive for it. How many of you enjoyed watching me pin Jeff Purse during that Ultimate Showdown match?

There’s a loud pop.

Roy Speede: Well that won’t be the last time if I have anything to say about it. Because right now, I’m in a position where I’m being threatened with the life of my cousin, a man you might remember from my first reign as a Tag Champion in this company, Alex Haden, as a bargaining tool to try to get me out of the company... I don’t even know who’s doing it, but I know one thing.

He looks down at his Hardcore Championship and then holds it up in the air and looks up the ramp toward the locker room.

Roy Speede: I’m not going anywhere!

The crowd roars in approval, and after a moment a menacing laugh takes over the airwaves. The jumbotron lights up with the image of Alex Haden tied to a chair, blindfolded and gagged and struggling, unable to get free. A shadowy figure is sitting beside him, and all that can be seen is the silhouette of the figure. The figure begins to speak, but the voice is auto-tuned to the point where it isn’t recognizable.

Shadowy Figure: Speedo, you have no idea what you’re dealing with here. You say that you’re not going anywhere but I can see it in your eyes. You’re scared for the life of your cousin, and if you don’t leave this company right away, my hand might just slip, and your precious cousin will be death’s new plaything. Don’t challenge me, Speedo. Doing so would be a very grave mistake, and this darkness doesn’t have some false ‘silver lining’ as you call it. There is no way out of this. You leave, or your cousin here... Your cousin’s going to die.

The scene fades from the jumbotron with the menacing laughter, and Roy sneers as he lowers his title belt and looks around at the fans.

Roy Speede: I said it once, and I’ll say it again, folks. I’m not going anywhere. Me and my title are a part of the WCF, and some way or another Alex will be found and saved. Until then, though, I’ve got a job to do. I’m not going anywhere.

He hands his microphone back to the tech hand and slides out of the ring, high-fiving the fans as he walks back up the ramp with his belt on his shoulder.

Oblivion vs Steeltoe Joe

Zach Davis: It looks as if it's about that time for the Steeltoe Joe verses The Monster Oblivion match.

Shannan Lerch: This match is gonna end up in a HOLY WAR, watch!! You'll see!! Mark my words. This match is going to end up with these two getting everyone else involved and this whole place will erupt into some kind of HOLY WAR!!

Zach Davis: You're such a drama queen.

The Arena Goes Dark, and then all simultaneously “Barton Hollow” By The Civil Wars begins to play through the audio systems. The Entrance Gate area and Stage begin to flicker with White lights and neon blue flashes mixed in the flickers. Fog fills the gate area as Steeltoe Joe comes walking out of the midst of the Fog. Joe Stands on stage and plays to the crowds who are cheering for him. Joe then walks down the ramp...

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 272 pounds, from Stockton, California.... The Holy Flame STEE-EELTOE-OE-OE JOE-OE-OE-OE!!

Steeltoe Joe gets to the ring steps where he stops. Joe does a Catholic Crucifix motion and then walks up the steps and into the ring. He climbs up two turnbuckles and does the same crucifix motion and raises his arms and points towards Heaven. Joe looks down the aisle, awaiting for Oblivion.

Zach Davis: I'm getting word is that Hank Brown is backstage?

Shannan Lerch: I too am being told that Hank Brown is backstage with...

The camera backstage looks at Hank, but...


The cameraman: OOF!!


Hank brown looks at the really skinny Pet, with camera in hand. Then, Oblivion and three large hooded men walk in.

Hank Brown: With me, right now is The Monster Oblivion.

There is a mixed reaction, from the crowd.

Hank Brown: Oblivion, some people are saying that your match tonight with Steeltoe Joe will have some kind of HOLY WAR implications.

Oblivion: Oblivion is the speaker for the Unspoken Masses. IT speaks for who cannot speak for themselves. The Church of The Dark Saints are... THE TRUE CHURCH. There are some who claim to be a speaker for God.

Hank Brown: Like who?

Oblivion: Steeltoe Joe and The Prophecy, for one. They are the biggest of all the false prophets. They will surely burn in Hell, for all the Religious heresy they have been spreading around. Then you have The Saintz of Sin. But, IT doesn't think they have good intentions, in their hearts. Then, you have Bishop and Priest. They are truly False Prophets, but as everyone can see... THEY ARE NO THREAT TO ANYONE!! So, as everyone can see The Church of the Dark Saints are the only everyone can get for their souls to be saved. The End of Days are near and everyone cannot turn a blind eye to the truth. My Children of the WCF, please ask forgiveness and you shall be welcomed into The Dark Church, where you won't be judged.

Hank Brown: but, Oblivion then who judges you?!

Oblivion looks down at Hank Brown.

Oblivion: Oblivion is The Monster's own judge. But, for tonight, The Dark One shall cast judgement on Steeltoe Joe. With that... you can choke on that....

Oblivion holds up the mic...


Oblivion and the three large cloaked men leave Hank Brown, who stands expressionless and shrugs at the camera.

The ringside camera pans back to Zach Davis and Shannan Lerch.

Zach Davis: Well, you heard it. Oblivion is gonna save all of us, from the end of days. To save our souls.

The house lights go out, as lighter colored lights come on. The multiple cameras pan around a jam packed WCF Arena. The fans are holding up various signs. The atmosphere is explosive and the crowd is cheering...

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 305 pounds, from the deepest, darkest part of a sick man's psyche...... O-O-O-OBLI-I-IVI-I-I-I-O-O-O-O-NN-N-NN-N!!!

Zach Davis: The Oblivion verses Steeltoe Joe match is about to start.

The house lights go out. The crowd begins to murmur.

Shannan Lerch: What the Hell?!

Zach Davis: Here comes Oblivion!!

Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lazers begin to flash. Two bright spotlights hit the entrance stage.

Zach Davis: Shannan? Are you seeing what I am seeing?

Shannan Lerch: I sure am. That was a quick set up!!

There are winged angel statues, one on each of the two front corners, of the entrance stage. Down the ramp, on both sides are winged angel statues, several feet apart. In between the statues are standing lit candles. From the entrance stage and down the ramp is a red carpet.

Zach Davis: Angel statues?! Standing candles?! A red carpet?!

Shannan Lerch: It looks like Oblivion is about to makes IT's appearance.

Then right about the time, everyone's curiosity is at a fever pitch, a dubstep mashup of Gregorian Chant by the Benedict Monks and Oblivion by Mastadon begins to play. Fog begins to roll out onto the entrance stage and down the ramp.

I flew beyond the sun before it was time
Burning all the gold that held me inside my shell
Waiting for you to pull me back in
I almost had the world in my sight
Lost love, bright eyes fading
Faster than stars falling
How can I tell you that I've failed
Tell you I failed...

Falling from grace cause I've been away too long
Leaving you behind with my lonesome song


The two competitors circle the ring, as the crowd slowly get excited. Oblivion and Steeltoe Joe collide with a collar and elbow tie-up. Both men struggle with trying to take an advantage.

Zach Davis: Oblivion slowly pushes Steeltoe Joe in the corner.

Immediately, Stanley Moser tries to intervene between the two competitors. Oblivion forces himself towards Joe and...


Shannan Lerch: Oblivion with a knife-edge chop!


Zach Davis: Oblivion with an open handed slap, on the chest of Steeltoe Joe!!

The referee tries to get in between the two, but Oblivion continues IT's attack on the cornered STJ.


Oblivion hits a barrage of punches, knees and forearms onto IT's opponent.

Shannan Lerch: Steeltoe Joe is struggling to block the shots from The Monster.

Zach Davis: Stanley Moser gets in between Oblivion and STJ!!

Stanley Moser: Oblivion back off!!

Oblivion continues to thrash Steeltoe Joe...


Stanley Moser: That's it, Oblivion! BACK OFF!! ONE!!

Oblivion deliberately looks at the referee.


Stanley Moser: TWO!! THREE!! FOUR!!I WILL DQ your sorry ass back to the locker room, if you don't back off!!

Oblivion throws IT's arms up and backs away, but not until STJ grabs the waistband of Oblivion's long black jean shorts. Oblivion gets tossed into the corner, as some of the crowd get up from their seats and being to cheer for Steeltoe Joe.


STJ proceed to punch and chop Oblivion, until Joe begins to stomp a mudhole onto Oblivion, who refuses to go down. STJ grabs with his left hand onto Oblivion's left wrist and proceed to Irish whip The monster out of the corner. Oblivion takes a few steps, then stops...


Shannan Lerch: A massive clothesline from The God of Insanity!!


Zach Davis: Oblivion drops an elbow.


Zach Davis: Another elbow. The Monster proceeds to pick up Steeltoe Joe and Irish whip him into the ropes.

STJ bounces off the ropes...


Shannan Lerch: Oblivion misses with a wild clothesline.

STJ ducks and runs towards the ropes. Joe bounces off the ropes and charges at Oblivion, who dips down and Steeltoe Joe bounces over The Monster, who stands up and charges at the other end of the ring. Both men bounce off the ropes. Oblivion charges at STJ, who leapfrogs over The Monster and bounces off the ropes. At the same time Oblivion bounces off the ropes and The Monster comes charging...


Zach Davis: Beautiful exchange between the two, as Steeltoe Joe nails Oblivion with perfect dropkick to the mouth, of The Monster!!

STJ quickly goes over to Oblivion for the pin. Stanley Moser slides into position...

Crowd: On...


Shannan Lerch: Not even a one count. Steeltoe Joe goes with a rear chin lock.

STJ positions Oblivion on IT's back, while still hanging on the rear chin lock. Joe lifts up his own lower half...


Zach Davis: STJ is adding more pressure to that chin lock by lifting up his own lower half and almming his legs down.

STJ quickly stands, whil still hanging onto Oblivion.

Shannan Lerch: Now, Steeltoe Joe has a side headlock onto Oblivion.


Oblivion slams a forearm against the side ribs, of STJ. Joe winces a little bit.


Oblivion once again slams a forearm against the ribs of Steeltoe Joe. Joe winces but proceeds to shake the headlock.

Zach Davis: Even with that mask on, Oblivion could develop cauliflower ears as STJ rubs his forearm against the ears.

Oblivion slams another forearm, before trying to push STJ away, but Steeltoe Joe squeeze even more with the side headlock.


Oblivion wraps IT's own arms around the waist of Steeltoe Joe and tries to pick up STJ, but Joe puts all of his weigh into his legs. Steeltoe Joe again shakes the head of Oblivion.



Shannan Lerch: Oblivion ALWAYS finds a way!!

The replay shows Oblivion very quickly, picking up Steeltoe Joe with a side suplex. STJ grabs his own head, as Oblivion lies motionless, as well.

Zach Davis: In a short amount of time, this match has shown a lot of action. Oblivion quickly gets up and slams a boot, a couple of times on the back of the shoulders of STJ.

Oblivion picks up Steeltoe Joe, but The Righteous Juggernaut slams a back-fist into the mid-section of The God of Insanity....


Shannan Lerch: FACEPLANT!! COVER!!

STJ goes for the pin....

Crowd: ONE!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THREE.... NO-O-O-O!!


Zach Davis: Oblivion kicks out, just as the referee's hand come down for the three count!!

STJ slams his hands onto the mat, out of frustration.

Shannan Lerch: You can see the frustration on the face of Big Joe!!

Steeltoe Joe picks up Oblivion. STJ slams a boot in the mid-section of The Dark One and...



Shannan Lerch: STJ is going for the pin, again!!

Crowd: ONE!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THREE.... NO-O-O-O!!


Steeltoe Joe: UGH!!

STJ grabs the mask of Oblivion.

Steeltoe Joe: Why won't you stay down?!

STJ proceeds to pound down on Oblivion's face and head with massive punches. STJ picks up Oblivion, but The Monster takes the opportunity to kick STJ in the mid-section and...


Zach Davis: Oblivion nails a belly to belly suplex of IT's own!!

The Monster picks up Steeltoe joe and Irish whips him into the ropes...


Shannan Lerch: BACK BODY DROP!!

STJ arches up his back, when Oblivion grabs him and...


Zach Davis: An enziguiri from the big man!!

Oblivion picks up STJ, but Joe tosses Oblivion into the ropes and...


Shannan Lerch: CLOTHESLINE!!


Shannan Lerch: Another clothesline!!

Steeltoe Joe goes for another clothesline...

Zach Davis: Joe misses the clothesline!!


Shannan Lerch: DDT!!

Zach Davis: Oblivion is going for the pin!!

Crowd: ONE!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THREE.... NO-O-O-O!!


Oblivion: UGH!!

Shannan Lerch: Now, Oblivion is showing signs of frustration!!

The Monster proceeds to stomp down onto Big Joe!!

Crowd: S! T! O! M! P!!

Zach Davis: Survive- Treachery- Overcome- Monstrous- Psychopaths!!

Oblivion picks up The Holy Flame and places him against a corner. STJ stumbles away from the corner!


Shannan Lerch: WHAM!! CHECK OUT TIME!!

Oblivion nails Steeltoe Joe with a sweet chin music super kick!!

The impact of the kick sends the big man into the turnbuckles. STJ shakes his head, trying to think clearly. Oblivion charges at Big Joe...

Zach Davis: There goes Oblivion!!


Shannan Lerch: DIVINATION!!

Steeltoe Joe nails a quick twisting neck breaker.

Zach Davis: That looked like Oblivion's entire body gets twisted with IT's neck!!

Steeltoe Joe stomps down onto Oblivion, while grabbing the top ring rope. Big Joe grabs The God of Insanity


Zach Davis: A massive right from Oblivion!!


Shannan Lerch: A massive right from Steeltoe Joe!!


Zach Davis: Another right from Oblivion!!


Shannan Lerch: Another right haymaker from Steeltoe Joe!!

Both men keep trading massive meathooks with each other until...

Both men swing wildly at each other...

Zach Davis: Both men swing wildly, but Steeltoe Joe grabs a hold of Oblivion.

Shannan Lerch: It looks like Steeltoe Joe is going for The Baptism!!

Oblivion senses danger. The Monster slams an elbow to the face of Steeltoe Joe!!


Zach Davis: Oblivion slams another elbow into the face of STJ!!

Oblivion locks Steeltoe Joe into an inverted face lock, by reaching with IT's own left arm draping over STJ's throat/neck area. Oblivion reaches with IT's right hand and grabs a hold to Steeltoe Joe's ring wear, by the knees. Oblivion tosses The Righteous Juggernaut over IT's left shoulder, while still holding onto the STJ's neck and head. Then, finally crashing down into a Stunner.

Shannan Lerch: SOULTAKER!! That's always the set-up for...

Oblivion runs to a corner and climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Oblivion looks around before leaping off with a shooting star press and lands with a leg drop.

Crowd: BI-POLAR!!

Zach Davis: Steeltoe Joe is lying motionless!!

Stanley Moser is sliding into position...

Crowd: ONE!

Crowd: TWO!!



Zach Davis: Oblivion has defeated Steeltoe Joe!!

Seth Lerch Segment

Oblivion's music hits and he stands up.... only to be interrupted by Master of Puppets.

Zach Davis: Welp, Seth has picked an odd time to come out, but here we go... will we get some answers tonight?

Shannan Lerch: Be careful Seth, I wouldn't mess with Oblivion!

Steeltoe Joe rolls out of the ring as Oblivion marches around inside it, clearly agitated at Seth's entrance. Seth steps out onto the stage, microphone in hand.

Seth Lerch: Whoa, whoa whoa. Oblivion, just wait to hear what I have to say. Calm down.

Oblivion, of course, is not really capable of "calming down" and looks like he's about to kill someone.

Seth Lerch: Alright, I can see you're not a patient man! Let me get to the point. Oblivion, may I direct your attention to the jumbotron?

Footage is shown of Oblivion in the ring with the one and only Jay Price, from sometime in the past.

The referee picks up Jay's arm. The crowd begins to slowly stand up, with silent anticipation. Pausing. Waiting. Time seemed to go very slowly. As the referee raises Price's arm, the crowd waits to respond accordingly. The referee let's go of Jay Price's arm. Oblivion continues to wrench on the Straight Jacket full nelson. A third drop of Price's right arm...... DROPS!!! The Wells Fargo Arena's foundation shakes with thunderous cheers from the crowd, as the referee signals for the bell....


Zach Davis: That's it!! Oblivion has done it!!

Kyle Steel: The Monster defeats The Menace!!

Oblivion stands up, as the referee raises up Oblivion's right arm in victory.

Oblivion rushes towards a nearby corner and raises up IT's arms for the crowd.


Kyle Steel: The winner of the match via submission.... The Monster Oblivion!!

The feed cuts off. Oblivion is still a bit confused, and no less angry.

Seth Lerch: In that match, you became the number one contender to the WCF World Title. That was Revenge 2011, one year ago. And did you ever get your Title shot?!

Oblivion shakes his head no.

Seth Lerch: That's right! But I'm a fair man, Oblivion, which is why I'm here to announce that one year after that match... at Revenge... YOU WILL GET YOUR WORLD TITLE SHOT!

The crowd pops!

Zach Davis: What!? This is out of nowhere!

Shannan Lerch: Oblivion versus Jonny Fly at Revenge!

Oblivion is probably happy with getting his Title shot... but he's still about ready to murder Seth from the looks of it.

Seth Lerch: Alright, well I can see this only made you a little less angry. And I'm not done talking, so sorry about this, but... SECURITY, REMOVE HIM FROM THE RING!

Security hits the ring, as they were prepared for this. About six guys grab Oblivion, three on each arm, and pull him out of the ring. Seth walks cockily to the ring as the guards escort Oblivion up the ramp.

Zach Davis: Oblivion is finally getting the World Title shot he earned one year ago... wow. Can't disagree with Seth about this decision. But what does he have to say about turning his back on the Darkside of Treachery?

Seth slides into the ring, still holding his mic. The crowd boos.

Seth Lerch: Alright, now that THAT is taken care of... a lot of people have been asking me why it is that I turned on FPV and the rest of the Darkside of Treachery. But let's be honest. The only thing I turned on was a rotting corpse!

Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Seth Lerch: There was already in fighting between Henry and Synn and Bishop and Priest.... Logan had gone, Gravedigger is down at Penn State.... so our leader was Frank Patrick Venable. If I hadn't turned on him, he'd have sold me and the rest of the DoT out just as fast! Ever since the formation of the DoT he's been buddy-buddy with Kid Phantasm, a guy who should be his sworn enemy! The leader of the DoT was a joke and I was ashamed to be associated with such a group. So at Ultimate Showdown, I showed Franky what exactly the T in DoT meant. Treachery.


Seth Lerch: And I'm not done. FPV, we were supposed to be a group that didn't give a crap with the fans thought. But you? They love you, for some god damn reason!

A few fans chant F-P-V! F-P-V!

Seth Lerch: That's what I'm talking about! The people love you, Franky, and I guess I'd like to show you that maybe I can let bygones be bygones.... so hey, I have an idea! You're such a god damn popular guy and all, next week, YOU'RE FIGHTING YOUR FRIEND KID PHANTASM FOR THE PEOPLE'S TITLE!


Zach Davis: Oh come on! Seth isn't trying to get FPV an opportunity, he's just trying to punish him by making him fight Kid Phantasm!

Seth smirks into the camera.

Seth Lerch: But don't worry. I have a feeling after tonight, that'll be the least of your worries. Be seein' you, FPV.

Master of Puppets plays again as Seth heads to the back.

Zach Davis: ....What does he mean by that?

Tek vs Waylon Cash

Kyle Steel: This match is scheduled for one fall. Coming to the ring first, from Santa Monica, California. Weighing in at one-hundred and sixty-five pounds, standing six feet, two inches tall. THIS....IS....TEK!

The lights in the arena go out and stage and ramp area start to fill with fog. Then “Devastating Stereo” plays. When the lights come on Tek is already in the ring and is on a knee pointing to the sky. Tek gets up and walks to the ring ropes and leans up against them, his arms crossed, awaiting his opponent.

Shannan Lerch: This might be one of the most anticipated match-ups of the week. Tek is an incredibly exciting wrestler on the rise, and Waylon Cash has quickly become a fan favorite in this company.

Zach Davis: And the styles of these two wrestlers clash greatly, it will be very interesting to see what comes from this meeting.

Shannan Lerch: I know Tek has been talking about a new finishing move he's come up with, I wonder if we'll be seeing it tonight.

Tek's music slowly dies down, and is replaced by the opening trumpet riff of “White Trash Renegade”. Waylon Cash dances out onto the stage, Roxxanne Savage following closely behind him. The crowd roars at his arrival, as he makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands.

Kyle Steel: Now coming to the ring, from Macon Georgia, weighing in at two-hundred and thirty pounds, standing six feet, five inches tall. The Hellbilly, Waylon Cash!

The crowd erupts, as Waylon slides into the ring, and holds the ropes open for Roxxy. She climbs in, and Waylon jumps up onto the nearby second turnbuckle. He throws his fist in the air, eliciting a fresh roar of cheering from the crowd. He drops down to the mat, and turns to stare down Tek as Roxxy climbs to the ground.

Shannan Lerch: These two have done quite a bit of trash talking this week. It's obvious there's mutual respect, but they don't really seem to like each other much.

Zach Davis: They had some harsh words, and some vicious threats. It will be interesting to see where this one goes.

Waylon's music dies, and the bell rings. The two men circle the mat, seemingly sizing each other up. Tek goes in for a low kick or two, but Waylon backs off each time, dodging them. Waylon suddenly dives for Tek's knees, but at the last second, Tek jumps, and lands a double stomp on Waylon's back, as he eats canvas. Tek spins around, like he has another attack in mind, but Waylon jumps up too quickly,, and the two men have another stand off.

Zach Davis: Tek landing a big early blow. Waylon may be up, but you know that had to hurt. This is a man with a history of back problems, and 165 pounds landing on your spine can't feel good on a healthy back.

Tek runs at Waylon, but Cash drops down and this him with a deep arm drag. While in mid air, Tek spins, and twists his body, so that he lands on his feet. Waylon stands to his, and smiles as he leads the crowd in a respectful round of applause. Cash then hits him with a kick to the gut, and lifts him in the air in a suplex position. Tek struggles for a moment, and pushes off of Waylon's body, lifting himself into the air, as he flips his body around, and hits Waylon with a hurricarana. Cash hits the mat, and uses his momentum to rolls out of the ring.

Zach Steel: Amazing maneuver by Tek, turning Waylon's suplex, into a hurricarana. Have you ever seen anything like that before?

Shannan Lerch: I haven't, but I see something new every time Tek steps between the ropes. That's the beauty of Tek's style, he has that ability to improvise, and do things that aren't necessarily “in the playbook”

Waylon takes a moment to catch his breath, and stare at Tek, as if he sees an alien. Tek drops to the ground, and does a head spin, followed by a kip up, that draws a loud round of applause from the audience. Waylon chuckles, before sliding under the bottom rope. He stands, and makes it look like he's gonna size Tek up some more, but suddenly swings for the fences with a lariat. Tek bends backwards just enough to dodge it. Waylon's momentum sends him bouncing off of the ropes, and on the rebound, Tek is waiting for him with a front flip roll up.



Waylon kicks out, and jumps to his feet with a look of confusion on his face. Slowly, a dueling “LET'S GO WAYLON! LET'S GO TEK!” rises in the crowd.

Zach Davis: These people are divided about fifty-fifty here.

Shannan Lerch: Possibly a little louder for Tek, who has been in rare form thus far.

Waylon motions for Tek to lock up with him. Tek is hesitant, but obliges. Waylon quickly turns it into a headlock, and squeezes tightly, as Tek struggles to escape. Waylon yells something at a fan at ringside with a “Tel” t-shirt on.

Zach Davis: Could you hear what he said?

Shannan Lerch: It sounded like he said “The marquee says wrestling.”

After a little struggle, Tek bunces back into the ropes, using the bounce to send Waylon across the ring. Cash bounces off of the opposite ropes, and goes for a vicious big boot, but Tek does the splits, and ducks underneath it. Waylon's momentum sends him ricocheting off the other ropes. On the rebound, Tek nails him with a dropkick, sending cash to the ground. Tek jumps ontu the second rope, and hits Waylon with an Asai moonsault. He goes for the pin.



Waylon kicks out, and slams his hands on the mat as Tek rises to his feet.

Zach Davis: Waylon, seemingly quite frustrated by Tek's style.

Shannan Lerch: Like we said, Tek has an improvisation friendly style, so all the tapes Waylon watched this week may not have helped him very much.

Tek runs forward like he's going for another attack, but Waylon hops to his feet, and this the mark with this diving lariat. Tek's head slams violently against the mat, and both men just lay on the ground for a moment. Waylon is the first to stand, but he brings Tek up with him. Cash shoves his opponent into the corner, and hits him with a massive, echoing chop. Waylon slaps his chest a few more times, before lifting him up, and setting him on the top rope. He this him with a few punches, but Tek kicks Cash int h face, sending him stumbling backward. Tek uses that time to hop onto the top rope, and jump off. He goes for another hurricarana, but Waylon reverses it, and this him with a nasty snap powerbomb. Waylon folds Tek up into a pin.



3-No! Teks manages to kick out.

Zach Davis: I know it's a cliche, but Tek kicks out at two, and seven eighths there.

Waylon sits on his knees, shaking his head in disbelief as Tek lays on the mat. Waylon dives on him, locking in another headlock, as he keeps Tek on the ground.

Zach Davis: Waylon Cash has really sopped the momentum here. He's wisely slowing down the match, and keeping Tek from dictating the speed.

Tek thrashes violently, but can't manage to wrench himself free. With great effort, he reaches out a leg, and just barely manages to drape his toe on the bottom rope. The ref signals for Waylon to get off of him, and Cash does so, but slowly. Both men stand up, and stare at each other. They exchange some words, before Tek runs back, and bounces off of the ropes. Waylon drops down, and lifts him in the air for a backdrop, but Tek flips forward, and lands on his feet. Tek then dives out of the ring, and stands on the floor for a moment. Wylon nods, and bounces off the opposite ropes, before going for a suicide dive. Tek dives out of the way, sending Waylon head first into the steel guardrail.

Zach Davis: Good lord! Waylon's neck may have taken serious damage on that dive.

Shannan Lerch: Tek has to show some savvy now, and capitalize quickly.

Tek grabs Waylons hair, and lifts him up. Waylon can barely stand, so Tek rests him against the guardrail, before climbing up onto the ring apron. He quickly leaps off, hitting Waylon with a cross body block, sending them both into the first row of fans. A quick “HOLY SHIT!” chant is heard, as both men lay on the ground for a few moments. Tek stands quickly, leaving Waylon behind, as he jumps back over the barricade, and slides into the ring. He waits for Waylon to stagger to his feet, before bouncing off the opposite ropes. He then jumps onto the top rope, and hits a springboard shooting star press onto Waylon in the crowd. The earlier chant grows exponentially, as both men stay down for a while this time.

Zach Davis: The referee is so amazed, he's forgetting to count!

Shannan Lerch: I don't blame him. This is absolutely insane. Tek took almost as much out of himself with that move, as he did Waylon.

It take a logn time, but Tek manages to drag himself over the barricade. He falls onto the ground, and crawls toward the ring. Once Tek rolls into the ring, Waylon follows his path, stumbling over the steel guard rail. Waylon stands up on the outside, btu as soon as he does, Tek bounces off the ropes, and leaps over the top for a corkscrew plancha. Waylon dives out of the way, causing Tek to hit nothing but hard ground. Waylon lifts him up, and this him with a snap suplex onto the concrete. He holds onto Tek head, and lifts him back up, holding him in a stalling suplex, as he turns, and drops him, ribs first, onto the top of the metal barrier.

Zach Davis: Wow! Waylon Cash really going to work on the ribs of Tek here.

Cash climbs onto the ring apron, as Tek hangs, suspended on the guardrail. Waylon jumps off, and hits Tek with a dropkick to the back, that sends them both to the floor. Waylond oesn't stay down long. He rolls Tek into the ring, and follows, quickly, going for a cover.



3-No! Tek kicks out before the ref's hand hits the mat a third time! Waylon glares at the ref, as if he wants to argue, but decides against it. As he stands, he stomps on Tek's ribs a few times. Once on his feet, Waylon waits for Tek to stand up. Once he does, Cash whips him into the ropes, and nails him with a snap powerslam. He wastes no time in lifting him back up. Tek barely manages to stay standing long enough for Waylon to bounce off the ropes, and hit him with a high knee. Tek falls, and Cash immediately twists his legs around, and spins, locking the man in a Texas Cloverleaf.

Zach Davis: The Georgia two-step! Several men have tapped out to this maneuver, if Tek can't make it to the ropes, he may be the latest victim.

Tek screams out in pain, as his fans start a slow clap to encourage him. Tek crawls slowly, pain on his face as he reaches for the ropes, and comes up inches short. One final, desperate lung allows him to wrap his fingers around the bottom rope. The ref warns waylon to let go, but Waylon uses the full 4 count, drawing a few boos from the crowd. Once Cash lets go, he backs off, and waits for Tek to rise. Gignerly, Tek uses the ropes to stand up. Waylon runs at him, but Tek ducks, bringing the top rope with him, sending Waylon crashing to the concrete ten feet below.

Zach Davis: Waylon landing awkwardly on the ground. This might be the end for the Hellbilly.

Tek waits for Waylon to stand. Once he does, he goes for the corkscrew plancha again, this time hitting his mark perfectly. They both collapse to the ground, as a cheer rises from the crowd. Tek, fueled by adrenaline, stands up, and drags waylon over to the announcer’s table. He rolls Waylon on top, and Cash just lays there, as Tek slowly climbs onto the ring apron..

Zach Davis: I think we might want to move.

Tek jumps onto the top rope, and goes for a corkscrew moonsault. At the last second, Waylon rolls off of the announce desk, causing Tek to crash through it all by himself.

Zach Davis: My god, that was the float, the new finisher Tek was talking about, but Waylon dodged it, and this may be the end for Tek.

Waylon slowly gets up, and grabs Tek, dragging him over to the ring. He rolls him inside, and follows. Lifting Tek to his feet, Waylon this a few chops, but Tek hits a few desperation punches, stunning Waylon. Tek bounces off the ropes behind him, but Waylon kicks him in the gut, doubling him over. Waylon hooks Tek's arms behind his back, and lifts him into suplex position, before bringing the smaller man crashing down onto his head.

Zach Davis: The Killshot! Waylon's going for the pin.




Kyle Steel: Your winner: Waylon Cash!

The crowd gives a mixed reaction, as Waylon raises his fists in victory. Roxxanne slides in, and hugs him in celebration,a s Tek rolls out of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Surely an amazing effort from both men. They should both be proud of this match.

Hank Lane Segment

A man walked out as the lights in the Arena began to dim. Suddenly 'Orion' by Metallica begins playing over the Jumbo-Tron. The crowd pops as he makes his way into the ring and removes the black hooded robe to reveal his face. He begins to speak.

Hank 'Thunder' Lane: I bet you all thought that you heard the last of the best Mustache ride around! I bet you thought that Thunder was history and nothing but Brighter days lay ahead! You know what?

You were ALL wrong! I bet you thought that I was no longer a part of Prophecy? Hahaha! I had you fooled there also! You see, Things are about to really get interesting around here if you know what I mean! Get ready because the storm is about to hit! The THUNDER is about to roll! It's business time boys!

He throws down the microphone and walks back up the ramp towards the back.

Television Title Match
Eric Price vs Jeff Purse

Shannan Lerch: Jeff Purse is set to defend his WCF Television Title for the first time!

Zach Davis: Purse is fresh off a great showing at Ultimate Showdown while his opponent, Eric Price, didn’t have so great of a showing at Showdown.

Shannan Lerch: That’s right Zach, Price and JoPurse Jakobs lost their Tag Team Titles to the team of Tek and Steeltoe Joe, but nevertheless, Price is in position to pick up singles gold tonight!

“You Know My Name” hits over the PA system. Gold lights start flashing as the music starts and Eric Price walks out from the back. A gold spotlight shines on him as he makes his way down to the ring with a slow and determined walk and a smirk on his face. Price steps in the ring using the steel ring steps and stands in the center of it looking around at the audience with disdain and a grin on his face.

Zach Davis: There is Eric Price! He looks ready to go!

"Won't Back Down" by Eminem blares on the PA. On the right side of the stage there is a bike ramp that extends just about to the middle of the Titan Tron. Atop the bike ramp is Jeff Purse. He is sitting on his bike, looking out upon the audience. He throws one had in the air as the audience cheers.

"You can sound the alarm
you can call out your guards
you can fence in your yard
you can pull all the cards
but I won't back down
oh no I wont back down
oh no

At this he sets off down the ramp. Directly across is another ramp on the left side of the stage, which Purse heads for.

"Cadillac Sevilles, Coupe Devilles
brain dead rims yeah stupid wheels
girl I'm too for real
lose your tooth and nails
try to fight it, try to deny it
stupid you will feel
what I do, I do it well
shooting from the hip, yeah boy shoot to kill
half a breath left on my death bed
screaming F that yeah super ill

Purse flies up the other ramp, launching off of it. He pulls off a small back flip, rides down the rest of the ramp, and comes to a screeching halt in the center of the stage. He gets off, kickstands it. He looks out, smiles, and throws his arms in the air. Red and Blue pyros explode behind him

"I cut my toes off and step on the receipt before I foot the bill
listen garden tool don't make me introduce you to my power tool
you know the *beeping* drill"

He starts off down the ramp as Kari joins him, slapping five with fans, walking very casually but at a quick pace. When he gets to the ring he jumps up on the apron and quickly makes his way in through the middle rope, while Kari walks around the outside, pumping up the crowd. Jeff stands in the center of the ring, "air guns" a corner, pyros shoot out of it. He subsequently does that for every other corner, pyros of red and white shooting out every time. Purse unwraps the Television Title from around his waist and hands it to the referee who raises it into the air.

Shannan Lerch: There’s the champ, but he’s facing a tough opponent tonight.

Zach Davis: That’s the life of the Television Champion, Shannan. Every single week you have a tough opponent and your belt is up for grabs.

The bell rings and this match is underway!

The match begins with Purse and Price locking up in the middle of the ring. Price effortlessly pushes Purse back on his heels and back into the ropes, before...


Shannan Lerch: Ouch! Reverse knife edge chop from Price to the chest of Purse.

Zach Davis: What power exerted by Price!

Price brings Purse back to a standing position and whips him into the ropes. As Purse rebounds, Price plants his feet and lunges forward with a huge lariat, but Purse ducks and continues his momentum as he springboards off of the opposite ropes, nailing Price with a huge springboard moonsault!

Shannan Lerch: BOOM!

Zach Davis: Springboard moonsault by Purse! What a counter!

Shannan Lerch: Jeff Purse with the cover!






Eric Price gets his shoulder up after a two count.

Zach Davis: Way too early for the cover.

As both men rise back to their feet, Price charges Purse but is quickly sent back down to the mat with an arm drag takedown.

Shannan Lerch: Price quickly meets the mat again.

Zach Davis: Purse definitely seems to have his head in the match.

Price again hops back to his feet, but is again quickly met with Purse's offensive arsenal as he dropkicks Price at the knee, knocking Price's leg out from under him, and leaving the United States Champion standing on one knee in the ring. Purse quickly leaps into the air with a hurricanrana but Price catches Purse and...


Zach Davis: It doesn't look like he's done either!

Price gets up and quickly brings Jeff Purse up with him, this time sending him to the mat hard with a powerbomb!

Shannan Lerch: Price letting out a LOT of aggression right now.

Purse cringes on the mat, holding his back before Price drops an elbow to Purse's temple...

Zach Davis: Ouch!

In an attempt to maintain control and slow down the match, Price locks his arms around Purse's neck and applies a sleeper hold...

Zach Davis: Price now trying to wear Purse down with a sleeper hold.

Purse raises his fist in the air as Price grunts and tightens his hold around his neck...

Zach Davis: This is going to take a lot out of Purse if Price has this lock on for much longer.

As if Purse could hear Zach talking, he begins to stir. First Purse tries to wiggle out of the hold, but to no avail. Then he throws an elbow behind him, hitting Price square in the jaw and allowing him to escape the hold.


Just as soon as he gets out of the hold, Price reaches forward and grabs Purse and puts him right back in it! Purse immediately begins to squirm around again. Price keeps his arms locked around Purse's throat...

Zach Davis: Purse is trying to get up!

With the hold still locked in, Purse stands upright on the canvas.

Shannan Lerch: I don't believe it! Power is rarely a part of Jeff Purse’s game!

Purse is now into a standing position. But just as he gets back to his feet, Price lifts Purse into the air and then….


Shannan Lerch: This is a terrible position for Purse to be in. He’s really struggling to find offense early on in this matchup.

Jeff Purse staggers back to his feet as Eric Price stalks him.

Shannan Lerch: You can still see the damage has been done by Price.

Price grabs a hold of Purse and whips him into the corner. Price springs towards the corner at the dazed Purse and nails him with a huge Avalanche!

Zach Davis: How much more abuse can Purse take?

Price again whips Purse, now into the opposite corner before sizing him up, and rushing again with another big Avalanche...

Zach Davis: Another big Avalanche from Price!

Price grabs Purse with a waist lock and…

Zach Davis: A German Release Suplex from Price!

Price immediately follows with a cover.







Purse kicks out.

Zach Davis: I honestly didn’t know if Purse was going to have enough to kick out of that one!

Shannan Lerch: He’s been dominated thus far in this matchup, Zach, but he’s still the champion.

Price seems a bit frustrated as he pulls Purse back to his feet once again and tosses him into a standing head scissors and hoists him into the air. Just as Price is about to powerbomb Purse through the ring, Purse counters with a Hurricanrana...


Shannan Lerch: There is still life in the Television Champion!

Purse quickly leaps up to the top rope and leaps off at a standing Price with a Frog Splash but...

Zach Davis: FROG SPLASH!!

Shannan Lerch: NO!

Eric Price moves out of the way just in time.

Zach Davis: This just has to be frustrating for Purse.

Price gets back to his feet and grabs Purse. He goes for a belly-to-belly suplex but Purse lands on his feet and charges off the ropes and levels Eric Price with a flying clothesline!


Shannan Lerch: Can Jeff Purse keep up the momentum this time?

Purse brings Price back to his feet and lands a few quick hard right hands before sending Price back to the canvas with a Snap Suplex followed by an elbow to the chest and a leg drop.

Zach Davis: Purse seems to have control now as he puts Price on his back again.

Shannan Lerch: On his back? That’s my favorite place to be!

Purse grabs Eric Price and stands him on his feet before taking him right back down to the mat with a spinning heel kick. Purse celebrates for a quick second before making his way to the top turnbuckle. Just as Eric Price comes to and rises off of the mat, Jeff Purse flies off the top turnbuckle and destroys him with a missile drop-kick!


Purse quickly gets up from the mat and begins to stalk Eric Price, waiting for him to get up. Finally, once Price gets completely on his feet Purse strikes…

Zach Davis: THE SPOKE!


Purse turns and is destroyed by an Eric Price inverted face lock neckbreaker. With Purse on the ground Eric Price takes aim at him with several boots to the midsection. He turns and smirks out at the crowd before picking Purse up one last time, and taking him down with the Cash Flow!


Zach Davis: Is Jeff Purse’s Television Title reign going to end before it even gets started?

Eric Price hooks the leg for the cover.









Shannan Lerch: He’s the new WCF Television Champion!

Zach Davis: What a hard fought battle. A tough win, but a win nonetheless for Eric Price! All hail your new Television Champion!

Eric Price rises off of the mat as he handed the Television Title. The referee raises his hand in the air as the crowd pelts boos down at Price who simply smirks at the reaction and slides out of the ring to make his way toward the back.

Odin Balfore/Steve Orbit vs D-Day/Roy Speede vs Jonny Fly/Johnny Reb vs FPV/???

"King Of My World" fills the arena as the light is drained. The pyro goes off that illuminates the arena. As the music climaxes The Alliance members of Odin Balfore and Steve Orbit appear at the top of the stage, they slowly make their way down to the ring, while taunting the fans. Once inside they climb opposite turnbuckles and gesture to the crowd before meeting in the middle of the ring and doing their signature "Alliance" taunt.

Zach Davis: Steve Orbit is our new United States Champion, and he's certainly been proving himself here in WCF.

Shannan Lerch: Gotta wonder how Odin feels about what happened, though.

The lights in the stadium dim to pitch black Bulletproof by 12 Stones blares in the speakers with lights swinging around the stadium lighting up the darkness from the dimmed lights. In cue with the music, pyros of red, white and blue go off when the sound of BANG!!! from Bulletproof. The pyros continue to go off on cue with the word being said. After the third pyro goes off the lights focus on the entrance of the stage where Donald Deruty is standing with his head tilted down. He falls to his knees and throws his hands up in the air where a final set of multi-colored pyros is fired. At the signal of the final pyros the dimmed lights turn back on and light the whole stadium with red, white, and blue lights. D-Day jumps to his feet as soon as the lights are back on. He takes his time walking down the ramp, as he gives high fives and shakes the hands of the fans. Once he reaches ringside he slowly walks up to the steel steps where he goes one step at a time until he reaches the ropes where he enters the ring with a swaggery hop to his walk. He looks up at the titantron where the sights of his memorial moments in his WCF career can be seen.

Zach Davis: D-Day returned triumphantly at Ultimate Showdown, defeating Gravedigger, who has now retired from active competition!

Shannan Lerch: Some would say that Deruty took the Darkside out of the DoT. I'm not one of those people.

The lights go out in the arena. After several seconds, words written in a bright white begin flashing on the otherwise blackened out Jumbotron. With each fading word, a new word pops up on the screen.






As the last word fades, all five words reappear on the jumbotron at once.


The lights slowly come back on as 'Hear Me Now' by Hollywood Undead begins to play through the speakers as Roy Speede steps out on stage. He crosses his arms in an X across his chest, with his right arm underneath his left, and his hands in his fists. He bows his head for several seconds, and his chin rests in the gap between his fists.

Zach Davis: Roy Speede, quite frankly, shocked the world by being the last man eliminated at Ultimate Showdown. Speede is on quite a roll, having defeated FPV earlier last month and then going toe to toe with Jonny Fly.

Roy drops his right arm, and raises his left arm in the air, with his pointer, middle, and pinky fingers extended, and his ring finger and thumb tucked into his palm. His palm is facing the crowd. He drops his arm, and begins jogging to ringside, high-fiving fans as he goes, before climbing onto the apron, and then climbing the outside of the turnbuckle. He raises his left arm, with the same fingers extended as when he was on stage. He leaps from the turnbuckle into the ring.

"Parabola" by Tool hits the PA system and the crowd goes crazy. The screen says PANTHEON as Johnny Reb and Jonny Fly head out from the back.

Shannan Lerch: Speaking of Jonny Fly, here is the NEW World Champion!

Indeed, the World Title is around Fly's waist. Fly grins as he and Reb head down the ramp, with most of the other wrestlers in the ring glaring at them. Fly and Reb both hop up onto the ramp, each climbing different turnbuckles. Fly raises his Title high in the air.

Zach Davis: Now it's time for FPV to come out.

The fans get ready to pop for FPV...only for no one to come out.

Shannan Lerch: What's the deal with this? Is FPV even here tonight? After what Seth said about him and the Darkside of Treachery earlier, I wouldn't be surprised if he ran home crying to his mommy.

Zach Davis: Oh come on... but do you think he might've finally just quit?

Just as Zach says that, a voice booms over the loudspeaker...


The crowd begins to buzz in anticipation...


The lights go out, and are soon replaced with purple strobe lights. And then, at the height of anticipation...the Scott Pilgrim Anthem hits. The crowd explodes! Almost literally, they are about to explode in excitement! As the song plays, a man jumps out the curtains. That man...is Super FPV. He's all decked out in his old ToT shirt and dyed hair.


Shannan Lerch: Apparently not, he's right her in front of us now Zach!

Super FPV plays to the crowd before turning around and showing the back of his shirt. Where originally the text read "#ROYSPEEDEISABOUDLE", the ROYSPEEDE part has been crossed out with black marker. Now the shirt reads "#SETHLERCHISABOUDLE". The crowd is going nuts.

Shannan Lerch: That...that's just mean.

Zach Davis: Oh shut up, like it wasn't mean the first time. I'm wondering who Frank's partner is.

As FPV shows off his shirt, the music stops, and is replaced by a familar drum roll. Some may call it the Drumroll of Treachery, others just know it as the song associated with Mr. WCF himself...


Indeed, Logan walks out the curtains to "The Struggle Within", his ToT shirt on just like FPV, holding two microphones in his hand. The crowd is going absolutely crazy. He hands one mic to FPV, and they stare at the crowd for just a minute before shouting in unison...

Super FPV and Logan: SHUT UP!!!

The crowd pops louder then ever before, as the two both drop their mics on the floor.

Shannan Lerch: Men of few words, I suppose.

Zach Davis: Wow! For one night only, Logan and FPV are back together as the Team of Treachery!

The two begin walking down the ramp, Logan slapping fans hands, FPV jamming out on air guitar. The two make it to the ring, and all hell breaks loose!

Shannan Lerch: I don't know what this means for the future, but here we go!

Logan runs right at Jonny Fly, tackling him down and hitting him with punch after punch!

Zach Davis: The last time we saw Logan was during his World Title interaction with Fly! I don't believe he's back. Well, okay, yes I do, but whatever.

Meanwhile, FPV runs at Odin and hits a jumping Clothesline, sending Odin into the turnbuckle. FPV climbs up and hits him with several punches as the crowd counts along. Deruty and Speede both stay in their corner, watching the carnage but not choosing to get involved quite yet. Steve Orbit goes to attack FPV, but Reb grabs Orbit from behind and hits him with several lefts and rights.

Shannan Lerch: Who is legal? Is this a tornado match or something? Come on, ref, get this under control!

Zach Davis: Fat chance. We've got Logan, Jonny Fly, and Odin Balfore in the same match, for Pete's sake!

Shannan Lerch: Who the hell is Pete?

Kyle Steel seems to be listening to something in his headset. He grabs a microphone.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been informed that due to the fact that no referee is going to be able to keep this match under control, this has just become a no disqualification, falls count anywhere match!

The crowd pops!

Zach Davis: Well, gotta say, I agree with that call.

FPV raises his fist, playing to the crowd before going to punch Odin one more time. However, that slight delay gives Odin the chance to grab FPV and Powerbomb him out of the corner!

Shannan Lerch: ....oof.

Odin begins kicking at FPV, but now Deruty and Speede choose to make their move. They both run at Odin and begin pummeling him in the head, causing him to reel back. Odin gets sent back into the corner and the team of Deruty and Speede stomp at him.

Zach Davis: That may seem unfair, but with a man like Odin, if you get to double team to take him out... hell yeah, do it.

Meanwhile, Jonny Fly and Logan have spilt to the outside. They're trading blows left and right, not in a wrestling match so much as a fight. Fly grabs the World Title from the timekeeper and runs at Logan to smash it into his skull, but Logan ducks it and hits Fly with a kick to the gut, sending the WCF World Title flying.

Shannan Lerch: Logan has held that belt more than anyone in WCF history!... I think. I haven't checked lately. But Fly sure is making a run at that record.

Logan follows up with a Double Arm DDT, bringing Fly down to onto the outside mat. He stomps the reigning World Champion.

Zach Davis: And let's see, what else is going on in this clusterfu-

Shannan Lerch: Shut your mouth!

Zach Davis: What? I'm just talkin' 'bout clusterfucks!

Anyway, though, in the ring, Reb has just Springboarded off the ropes and hit Steve Orbit with a Bulldog! Reb pins him, hoping to score a lucky pinfall.



No, Orbit kicks out. Reb picks Orbit up enough to execute a Jawbreaker before climbing to the top.

Shannan Lerch: Good old Johnny Reb, going high risk... is it gonna pay off?

Reb flies off the top with a Confederate Cannonball!, but Orbit moves out of the way at the last second! Reb hits the mat hard, stumbles up, and is met with a Spear from Orbit!

Zach Davis: The US Champ just drilled Reb into the mat with that Spear!

Orbit is about to go for a pin attempt, but Deruty and Speede grab him and throw him out of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: I'm surprised those two are acting as a team as well as they are, to be honest, Zach.

However, they've left Odin alone for too long. He runs at Speede and hits a vicious Big Boot!, nearly taking Speede's head off! Speede is sent flying out of the ring. Odin climbs over the ropes and to the outside to continue attacking him.

Zach Davis: Only Deruty and Reb are left in the ring now.

Shannan Lerch: We know that Deruty is an enemy of the DoT... or ToT... or whatever it is.. and the Perfect Alliance. How will he interact with Pantheon member Johnny Reb?

Zach Davis: Reb and Deruty are veterans of this company and know each other fairly well, and they're also both former World Champions. Anything could happen.

Reb slowly works his way to his feet, and makes eye contact with Deruty. Reb seems unsure of how Deruty is going to react.... Deruty hits him with a Superkick!

Shannan Lerch: Right between the eyes!

Zach Davis: Deruty has proven himself time and time again to be neutral in this whole stable situation, and he's proven it again, he is no ally to Pantheon!

Reb drops down onto his back and D-Day pins him, hooking the leg.



NO! Reb kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: No matter what the match, no matter what the stakes, Johnny Reb is a world class competitor and won't be pinned so easily.

Day stands up and is met with ANOTHER Superkick!


Indeed, FPV just hit his signature move! Deruty goes flying out of the ring. FPV plays to the fans before turning around to survey the situation, only to go face to face with Jonny Fly.

Shannan Lerch: Uh oh-

FPV throws a big desperation Clothesline, which Fly ducks before lifting him up and taking him down with a Death Valley Driver! Fly gets back to his feet, only to be met with a kick and a Spinning Fisherman Suplex from the Hardcore Champion!

Zach Davis: Fast Forward by Roy Speede to the World Champ! This is carnage!

Before getting up from his move, Speede rolls onto his back to look around and make sure there is no one about to attack him.

Shannan Lerch: Smart man...

Once he sees that the coast is clear, he gets to his feet. He stands up and he's about to pick Fly up before he's tapped on the shoulder.

Zach Davis: Come on, Speede, be smart, don't turn around.

But Speede does turn around, only to be met with a Knockout Punch by Odin Balfore!

Shannan Lerch: Surtr's Revenge! Oh shit!

Speede's eyes go lifeless as he drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring. Odin looks down at Fly and grabs him by the throat.

Zach Davis: You just KNOW Odin Balfore wants that World Title, and he's enjoying choking the life out of the current Champion.

The ref starts to get in Odin's business, but Odin knows this is no DQ. Regardless, Odin picks Fly up by the throat. Fly's eyes are wide, he can't breath. Odin smiles a sick smile, about to lift him up for the Ragnarok.

Shannan Lerch: This is gonna be it! The Alliance has this match in the bag!

But Logan's foot connects with Balfore's jaw out of nowhere!


Shannan Lerch: Where did Logan come from!?

Odin releases Jonny Fly's throat and stumbles back. Logan runs at Odin and Clotheslines him over the top, sending him spilling to the outside. The Face of Treachery then turns and grabs Fly's legs, pulling him into the center of the ring.... and putting him in the Sharpshooter!


Shannan Lerch: I'm so conflicted! Oh man... is Jonny Fly going to tap out!? I can't even imagine...

Fly screams in pain, but his screams are hoarse after just having been choked. Logan bends himself backwards, applying even more pressure to the Champ. Fly tries to crawl towards the ropes, but he clearly isn't going to make it.

Zach Davis: No one can stay in this move for too long. Even if Fly won't tap, he'll eventually pass out from the pain...

Logan's eyes go wide as he sees none other than Donald Deruty enter the ring. Logan goes from surprised to angry for one brief second before Deruty delivers a stiff kick to Logan's head. This breaks the Sharpshooter up, and Fly wisely rolls out of the ring. Logan gets back to his feet to go on the offensive, but Deruty keeps kicking away at him and finally delivers one last kick straight between Logan's eyes!

Shannan Lerch: D-Day just hit Logan with the D For Destruction!

Logan flies out of the ring as well! Deruty is left by himself in the ring now.

Zach Davis: So... wow. Where the hell is everybody?

Shannan Lerch: Fly is outside the ring trying to recover from Odin and Logan. Logan just flew out. Speede is holding his head in pain from Odin. Odin himself is slowly getting hto his feet. And it looks like FPV, Orbit, and Reb are all brawling up near the entryway there.

Indeed they are. FPV tries to grab Orbit, but Orbit pokes him in the eyes, sending him reeling back. He then runs at FPV as he turns around and hits a Codebreaker!

Zach Davis: Ouch!

Shannan Lerch: Ouch, indeed, because Orbit himself just hit his back against the metal of the stage... damn.

Indeed, Orbit hurt himself with that move. Reb kicks at him a few times, ending with a stiff kick to the head. Orbit lays motionless as Reb sees a part of the stage that is climbable.

Zach Davis: Uh oh...

Reb begins climbing up the metal rungs belonging to the part of the stage that surrounds the jumbotron. Once he reaches a point where he is several feet in the air, he looks down at Steve Orbit and takes a deep breath.

Shannan Lerch: It isn't worth it, Reb!

Reb flies off with another Confederate Cannonball!

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!

Reb connects with it, landing on top of Orbit, and not moving! A ref is nearby to count...




Shannan Lerch: And there you have it!

The bell sounds as Parabola hits again, signalling Pantheon's victory. FPV begins to get up... until Seth heads out from the back.

Zach Davis: Hey, what the...

Seth has a chair, and whacks FPV in the back!

Shannan Lerch: Hah!

Seth picks Orbit up as well. He takes both FPV and Orbit, putting them in headlocks and taking them to the ring.

Zach Davis: Tough guy when both men are knocked out, I see... but what the hell is his beef with Orbit?

Deruty has left the ring as Seth slides both FPV and Orbit into it. However, there is still one man left standing in the ring, and he is Odin Balfore.

Shannan Lerch: Be careful, Seth....

Seth slides into the ring as well. He starts kicking at FPV but Odin grabs him and turns him around. Fear comes across Seth's eyes.

Zach Davis: Duh. What did you THINK was gonna happen, Seth?

Orbit is up now, still hurting from earlier. He holds his back in pain, watching his Perfect Alliance teammate with the owner of the company... but Odin shoves Seth away and nails Orbit with a huge Big Boot!

Shannan Lerch: WHAT!?

Seth doesn't quite go down, but he sees the Big Boot connect. Seth grins as it does.

Zach Davis: What are we seeing?....

FPV stumbles to his feet as Orbit flies out of the ring. Seth nods to Odin, who runs at FPV and nails him with a huge boot to the head as well!

Shannan Lerch: When is Odin going to attack Seth? What IS this?

From outside the ring, Logan is looking up at Seth and Odin, as shocked as anybody. Fly is on the entryway, checking to make sure that Reb is okay after the high risk move.

Zach Davis: I think... I think Seth and Odin Balfore have just joined forces.

Inside the ring, FPV and Alliance member Steve Orbit are both down. Seth takes Odin's arm and raises it in the air, Seth smiling into the camera and Odin with an evil grin on his face.

Shannan Lerch: What does this mean for the rest of the Perfect Alliance? I guess we'll find out next week!

Zach Davis: Indeed, fans, see you then.

Slam fades out on Seth and Balfore.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Waylon Cash/Synn Segment

Mariko Shinoda vs Hunter Valentyne

Eric Price Segment

Christopher Kane vs Kip Epps vs Jackie Giordano

Jobbers Segment

Outcast vs The 8th Wonder

??? Segment

Red River Coalition vs Joel Hall/Kale Windsor

Ophelia Pain/Tommy Kain Segment

Bishop/Priest vs Synn/Doc Henry

A Return; Attack On Sado!

Ryan Blake/Michael Santiago vs Saintz of Sin

People's Title Match: Shane Knight vs Kid Phantasm

Tommy Kain vs Stuart Slane vs Jonathan Jakobs

Roy Speede Segment

Oblivion vs Steeltoe Joe

Seth Lerch Segment

Tek vs Waylon Cash

Hank Lane Segment

Television Title Match: Eric Price vs Jeff Purse

Odin Balfore/Steve Orbit vs D-Day/Roy Speede vs Jonny Fly/Johnny Reb vs FPV/???


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Eric Price
Blake/Santiago vs Saintz of Sin



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