Slam Intro

Drunk and Crazy by Mogwai hits and Slam is on the air! We go to Zach and Shannan.

Zach Davis: Welcome to Slam! We're officially on the road to War XI.

Shannan Lerch: The eleventh War match in WCF history, and with one of the strongest rosters we've seen in years... yeahhhh I can't wait for this one.

Zach Davis: First, let's talk about Revenge. Brad Kane showed up and revealed that he's still our commissioner somehow. We found out that Speede's own cousin has been tricking him. We got a few new Champions. Found out Sarah "Logan" Twilight has gotten the final spot in the War match, and then FPV and Odin Balfore will start it off. Saw Phantasm and Nightmare get married amidst a shitload of chaos, and finally, saw Jonny Fly retain his World Title. And Synn joined the Church of Dark Saints.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah... eventful show.

Zach Davis: Tonight is the fallout from that. WCF Hall of Famer and Pantheon member Corey Black returns to the ring to team with the World Champ, Jonny Fly, to take on the new Tag Team Champions, Synn and Doc Henry.

Shannan Lerch: Black has had beef with Henry for a while now, and I don't think he's a fan of Synn either. The biggest threat to Pantheon is the Church, in my opinion, so Synn is definitely an enemy.

Zach Davis: Exactly. With War on the horizon, I believe the numbers game has shifted to the Church of Dark Saints for sure now.

Shannan Lerch: HUGE grudge match between Odin Balfore and Steve Orbit tonight. They traded the TV Title back and forth a few months ago, before teaming up. But Balfore betrayed him, and now Orbit is back to trusting nobody.

Zach Davis: Four superstars will get a War warmup. Oblivion, Tommy Kain, Waylon Cash, and Logan are in the ring together. These are four men that could be favored to win the whole shebang, and could get some momentum going tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Johnny Stylez felt screwed after the conclusion of his Internet Title match at Revenge, so Seth gave him another Title match - this one against Roy Speede, for the Hardcore Title.

Zach Davis: Television Title also on the line, as Ophelia Pain is up against Eric Price. Price is supposed to get his kiss from Kari tonight.... I can only imagine how THAT is going to go.

Shannan Lerch: Johnny Reb, Famine of the Vile and Stuart Slane are in a three way tonight. Slane is the Internet Champion, and Famine had a successful night at Revenge. Reb is a former World Champ, this is anyone's matchup.

Zach Davis: Remember, the future that Reb came back to the past to prevent... if that whole story is real, which I'm not sure I believe, but anyway - was caused by Famine of the Vile's group with Oblivion. This is a big match.

Shannan Lerch: Six man tag action! Red River Coalition, Prophecy, and Kief and Ryan Pugh are all in the ring together. That could get ugly.

Zach Davis: Hank Lane and Joel Hall go one on one! Lane won the Triple Threat at Revenge, can he beat Hall in singles action?

Shannan Lerch: Sado is set to face Oblivion at War, and is a handicapped match, training against Bishop and Priest. This won't be an easy one.

Zach Davis: We've got Epps vs Windsor, and Romero vs Giordano. We should see some good action there.

Shannan Lerch: FPV is up against ... can we even say his name on the air? Uh, Motherlovin' Danny.

Zach Davis: And in our opener, four men are forced to compete for their jobs. Seth sure must not like the Alliance. Or Outcast.

Shannan Lerch: Nope, he sure doesn't!

Eric Price Segment

Zach Davis: Folks, coming up next is a segment that I can only describe in…

Shannan Lerch: Go ahead and tell everyone how much you hate it.

Zach Davis: In what is nothing more than a display of Eric Price’s unending arrogance, he is now actually going to go through with this abomination.

Shannan Lerch: Well, the ring is well decorated with red carpeting here, and a poster with a picture of Eric Price and Kari Kendall’s faces with a heart, look, a heart Zach.

Zach Davis: Hideous is what this is, he does understand that is another man’s fiancé right.

Shannan Lerch: Yes, but he’s also promised that he will show her what a real man is.

Zach Davis: Implying that Jeff Purse is not a real man?

Shannan Lerch: Clearly, yes.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your WCF Television Champion, Mr. Eric Price!

“You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell starts playing.

Zach Davis: And looks like this is actually going to happen here. I hope Price reconsiders though and actually attempts to be an honorable man here tonight. The crowd obviously letting have it as the boos begin to fill this arena tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Well, we won’t have to wait much longer as here comes Eric Price. This crowd being so disrespectful.

Crowd: You’re a pervert! You’re a pervert! You’re a pervert!

Zach Davis: I don’t think Price cares as he has a huge smile on his face here tonight and that Television Title around his shoulder. And look at that suit, black and red shirt, red tie, and even a rose in his jacket, how serendipitous.

Shannan Lerch: You’re just jealous. But wait, as our WCF Television Champion makes his way down the ramp, looks like he’s not coming alone.

Zach Davis: Looks like he has about 8 security guards coming behind him here, for what reason?

Shannan Lerch: We’ll see soon enough. Price making his way down the ramp and into the ring here. He is reveling in this moment knowing that it’s nothing more than utter humiliation for Purse and I for one am loving it!

Zach Davis: Well, as Price grabs a microphone, let’s see what happens here. He’s gesturing to the security to stand in front of the ring facing the stage entrance.

Eric Price: Thank you, thank you, thank you! You know, it truly feels good to be here tonight and tonight is definitely proof positive that good things do happen to good people!

Zach Davis: What a self aggrandizing load of horse maneur.

Shannan Lerch: Zach please, the champion is speaking.

Eric Price: As your WCF Television Champion, I have ensured and delivered higher ratings than have ever been seen on this program before. I have a title defense later tonight but let’s not ruin the moment by mentioning that. As most of you I’m sure already saw, I beat the holy hell out of Jeff Purse at Revenge. I beat him to a bloody pulp and retained my Television Title as you can very well see right here on my shoulder! Purse, this goes prove that once a loser always a loser!

Zach Davis: What arrogance and this crowd booing him even louder here.

Shannan Lerch: Hey, he beat Purse twice, he earned it!

Eric Price: Now, we are here to honor the agreement that was made between us. If I lost, obviously I would have lost my title to Purse but as I said, that just wasn’t going to happen and it didn’t. Now, if I won, then Kari Kendall, Jeff Purse’s fiancé agreed that she would give me a kiss that I would never forget right here tonight. This event has been termed and I have coined it as what will be forever known as “The Kiss Seen Round The World”! You see, I not only beat Jeff Purse once but I beat him twice to retain this Television Title proving forever that Purse was nothing but talk. For months he eluded me and didn’t want to face me because he knew the inevitable would happen, that I would beat him and become a champion, that I would end the farce that is Jeff Purse. He calls himself the Future; he’s nothing more than hype. From this moment on, yours truly Mr. Eric Price will be considered the present and future of this company!

Eric Price: That brings me to one of Purse’s cohorts Jonny Fly. You see unlike him, I actually draw ratings. Unlike him, people actually listen to me when I speak and when my matches occur, they pay real close attention. I am THE main event no matter what match I am in. See Fly, whenever you appear on screen, people will quickly either grab their remotes and change the channel or if they are watching this on their DVR, they’ll fast forward until you’re gone from the screen because no cares to see a charlatan like you. You’re boring and you’re bland. People crave excitement, they crave entertainment, they crave something new and refreshing, they crave Mr. Eric Price. Now, if they want to experience boring and repetitive garbage that generally involves either you actually droning on and on about yourself and other irrelevant crap or even worse, you actually getting into the ring without getting a huge paycheck for the evening to wrestle against some old fossil that can barely move around and has to hobble in the ring after being brought to it with an oxygen tank for proper breathing, then they’ll want to see you.

Crowd: Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!

Zach Davis: He is so full of himself.

Eric Price: You are absolutely right, Jonny Fly and his boy Jeff Purse are nothing but full of shit and bullshit! Thank you for proving my point! Before getting to the main course, I’d like to make one more point. The only reason Fly has not faced me until now is because I am not one of those senior citizens he calls Flyjobbers. He knows that much like his boy Purse, the first time he steps into the ring with me, he will lose that World Title of his. So Fly, let me say this to you now and because I am speaking to you directly, let me say this slowly to ensure you can understand. Enjoy that World Title while I let you walk around with it because when I decide to come for it, you will never get it back! Now, let’s get on with this and let’s get to business. Jeff Purse, Kari Kendall, get out here right now!

“Won’t Back Down” by Eminem starts playing over the speakers.

Zach Davis: And the crowd are on their feet in respect for this man and what he has to go through right here. He put a valiant effort forth at Revenge against Eric Price in what was a spectacular match.

Shannan Lerch: Yes, but ultimately Price won and Purse lost. It’s just that simple.

Zach Davis: Well, Purse and his fiancé Kari making their way down to the ring. As both of them try to make their way into the ring, security is stopping Purse.

Eric Price: Whoa whoa whoa, cut the music! Hey Purse, I told you I would get you a ringside seat and I did. You will wait right out there and witness this, I don’t want you to ruin this moment. Now guards, let Miss Kendall into the ring.

Zach Davis: I don’t know about this, I wouldn’t trust Price with Kari in there.

Shannan Lerch: Why not, Price is an honest man.

Zach Davis: Purse looks mad on the outside but knows that those were the stipulations set forth by the match but I would have thought that Eric Price would be more of a gentlemen to ignore that.

Shannan Lerch: He’s a man of honor and a man of his word. He’s simply following through here.

Eric Price: Now Miss Kari Kendall, I know you’re a bit nervous being with Mr. Eric Price in this ring but have no fear, I am a good man.

Zach Davis: Price gesturing for a microphone for Kari as well as a steel chair for himself. Kari is getting the microphone and looks like Price is taking that steel chair and having a seat, getting comfortable here for what’s about to come.

Kari Kendall: I said I was going to give you the kiss of a lifetime and … I guess I will.

Shannan Lerch: She’s going to go through with it.

Eric Price: Excellent, it’s good to see you’re going to meet your end of the bargain. But before you do, I have something you’ll need.

Zach Davis: What is Price getting out of his pocket? Is that chapstick? Oh what the hell?

Eric Price: No way I’m going to allow you to kiss me with chapped lips. Come on, put it on.

Zach Davis: He cannot be serious. She’s actually applying the chapstick, I cannot believe this.

Shannan Lerch: But he is. He only deserves the best.

Eric Price: All right, excellent, we’re ready. Now, oh wait. One more thing.

Zach Davis: What ridiculous nonsense is he asking for now? Mouthwash?

Eric Price: Can’t have you kissing me with a dirty mouth. I don’t know where you’ve been.

Zach Davis: What an asshole! And Purse looks downright livid by this point with Price’s shenanigans.

Shannan Lerch: Come on, he’s simply encouraging oral hygiene.

Eric Price: Make sure to use that mouthwash and gargle well.

Zach Davis: She’s actually putting the mouthwash in her mouth, why is she humoring his nonsense.

Crowd: You suck! You suck! You suck!

Shannan Lerch: Well, she should clean her mouth and oh my God!

Zach Davis: Oh my God is right?! Kari Kendall just spit the mouthwash right into Eric Price’s face as Eric starts wiping it off a bit. Look at that smile, I wouldn’t trust it.

Eric Price: You think that’s funny Kari?! Huh, you all thought that was funny?! I’ll show what isn’t funny, guards, hold him!

Zach Davis: Price’s thugs now restratining Jeff Purse as Price, what is wrong with him? He is now pulling Kari’s hair?!

Eric Price: Now I was promised a kiss and by God, I’m going to get it. So come here and pucker up, bitch!

Zach Davis: He cannot do this! Price forcing himself on Kari Kendall here tonight and kissing her right on the lips against her will. Purse is outright infuriated at this point, the thugs are barely able to contain him but oh no, Kari hits a knee and a low blow right to Price.

Shannan Lerch: I wouldn’t have recommended that.

Zach Davis: Kari going to run but Price pulls her by the hair again, fighting against the pain it seems.

Eric Price: You think you’re cute?! Huh Kari, you think you’re going to save yourself?! My name is Mr. Eric Price and I deserve to be respected!

Zach Davis: Oh my God, Olympic Slam to Kari Kendall as Price has snapped and Purse is screaming as the thugs are trying their best to restrain him.

Eric Price: Hey Purse, watch this!

Shannan Lerch: And now what’s he going to do? Eric Price grabbing that steel chair, folding it up as Kari is laying in the ring defenseless on her back.

Zach Davis: This is not right, a chair shot to Kari Kendall. And another chair shot! But Purse is breaking free from the thugs, he slides right into the ring and takes it to Price. A couple of good punches to Price as he deserves this for his heinous actions tonight.

Shannan Lerch: But looks like the guards are coming in now as Price is calling for them and they are grabbing and restraining Purse again. As Price is recovering and coming to, Purse is being restrained here. Price grabs the microphone again.

Eric Price: Hey Purse, all you had to do was meet your end of the bargain but you just couldn’t do that?! There isn’t room enough here for the both of us in WCF so Purse, enjoy these last moments.

Zach Davis: And a low blow to Jeff Purse from Eric Price. Purse is now down. Price with the chair again and he hits him in the back with that chair. Another shot, and another shot, and another shot! Price now getting to Purse lifting him up and punching him right in the face, Purse busted wide open like at Revenge and Price is loving it. What a sick human being!

Shannan Lerch: And now Price is directing traffic and telling his guards to hold up Purse.

Eric Price: Hey Purse, watch this!

Zach Davis: And Price back to Kari Kendall who lays motionless in the ring. He lifts her up and with a sick smile on his face, I cannot believe this. He is now kissing Kari again right on the lips as Purse is forced to watch but helpless to stop him. Price now dropping Kari again.

Shannan Lerch: And back with the chair. Price nails Kari in the stomach with it once, twice, three times. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed such carnage before.

Zach Davis: I … I don’t know what to say. And Price not done as he nails Purse in the stomach with that steel chair then in the back again. Another shot and another shot to the back. Price is relentless with the chair, as he has hit Purse in the back with 8 chair shots! He throws the chair down finally as officials are coming down to stop this vile human being.

Eric Price: You will respect the name of Mr. Eric Price and Purse, your tenure with WCF is done. Tell your little fiancé when you come to that I really enjoyed our kiss together but I think we should see other people.

Zach Davis: Eric Price now lifting Jeff Purse who is busted open and hits him with the microphone in the head.

Shannan Lerch: Eric Price with the blood on his hands here tonight as he walks away from this carnage. Medical personnel are coming in to check on both Jeff Purse and Kari Kendall but what will come of Price’s actions here tonight.

Zach Davis: I don’t know. I’ve been in WCF a long time and I have never seen such heinous actions from such a vile human being before. And look at Price, he looks so unrepentant for what he did with the blood on his face and his hands and a sick smile. He defends his TV Title here later tonight but after seeing what he’s capable of here, I have to wonder what he will do in his match tonight.

You're Fired Five Minute Battle Royal
Shane Knight vs Ryan Blake vs Michael Santiago vs Outcast

The Lights go out as blue mist begins to fill the air as Shane's theme begins to play. A man wearing a hoodie comes out to an arena full of cheers. He removes the hood and looks around as he stands at the top of the ramp. He smiles and continues walking down the aisle as he approaches the ring. He slides in the ring and runs to the turnbuckle and climbs it smiling.

To Be Loved by Papa Roach starts and there are a spot light on the stage. Some fans boo some cheer. Ryan Blake steps on the stage of the arena and begins to run down the ramp. He then slides on his stomach into the ring, then comes to his feet. He walks to the far turnbuckle steps on the first rope and raises his arms to the fans and bounces on the rope. He then does the same on the opposite corner turnbuckle.

"King of my World" by Saliva cues up over the P.A. system and red strobe lights flood the entrance ramp. The silhouette of a man fills the tunnel and finally Michael Santiago emerges, drawing in the boos and cheers of the crowd as he makes his way down the ramp towards the ring. He jumps up on the ring apron and climbs through the second rope, looking around at the fans filling the arena, Michael taunts the fans in the center of the ring as the music begins to fade out.

"Reach and touch faith" screams over the speakers as Marilyn Mansons' "Personal Jesus" plays. Outcast walks out of the backstage onto the ramps as Jeff Hardy style explosions goes off.

Your own, personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who's there

Outcast walks down the ramp to a mixed reaction, mostly boos now. He stops half way down the ramp and raises his right arm slowly up the the hair with his hand open, then slowly closes it to make a fist. He continues to walk down the ramp. He walks to some ring side fans and points to his NCW shirt. He trades words with the fans then gives them the finger and turns around to walk up the stairs leading to the ring. He slowly gets into the ring and walks to the middle. He looks around the arena slowly, then walks to his respective corner and sits on the top turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Four men fighting for their jobs... here we go!

Knight runs at Blake as Santiago runs at Outcast.... each of those two men Clotheslines their respective opponents out of the ring!

Shannan Lerch: Whoa!

Zach Davis: Santiago just eliminated a WCF legend!, and Knight eliminated the most Ryan Blake-ish wrestler to ever Ryan Blake!

Knight and Santiago turn and come face to face with each other. They shake hands and decide not to fight.

Shannan Lerch: ...what the!?

Zach Davis: This match really can't work if two men decide not to fight each other! Let's go to commercial.

We come back from commercial as the bell rings.

Shannan Lerch: Aanndd that's five minutes! Santiago and Knight outsmart the system and both men keep their jobs.

Knight and Santiago nod to one another before leaving the ring and heading to the back.

FPV vs Motherfucking Danny

Zach Davis: Allrighty then, time for our second match of the night, our current People's Champion FPV versus...Motherfucking Danny, ladies and gentlemen.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah...this pretty much speaks for itself.

"Motherfucker" by Xzibit plays, as Motherfucking Danny comes out to a decent pop from the crowd.

Zach Davis: Making his debut tonight in the WCF, will this man pull off the upset and beat FPV.

Shannan Lerch: In short, no. In detail, HELL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

"Professional Griefers" by deadmau5 featuring Gerard Way hits the airwaves, catching the audience by surprise, when out comes FPV, clad in black jeans and a DoT t-shirt.

Zach Davis: Hey, whaddya' know, FPV changed his appearance, and got a new theme. Awesome!

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, that's all good and all, but why is he wearing that DoT shirt? Doesn't he know that group is deader then disco?

FPV makes his way across to the announcers table, reaching into his pockets and pulling out a folded up piece of paper, handing it to Zach before saying something into his ear. Zach nods as FPV climbs into the the ring.

Zach Davis: Ladies and gents, FPV has just informed me that this match serves to introduce some new moves he has learned to the general public, which are on this here paper I have in my hands.

FPV and Danny circle each other in the ring, waiting till the bell rings.


Almost as soon as the bell rings, FPV grabs Danny's hand and irish whips him into the ropes, and on the return trip FPV hits Danny with a huge Frankensteiner!

Shannan Lerch: Whoa. Never seens Franky do the Frankensteiner before.

Zach Davis: Actually Shannan, according to my list this move is actually called "The Frankysteiner."

Shannan Lerch: ...Ooooookay.

Danny lays on the ground in pain, as FPV goes to town on him, landing fist drop after fist drop on him, a seemingly endless barage of nothing but fist drops.

Shannan Lerch: What's this move called Zach?

Zach Davis: Assuming he meant to spell it like this, this is apparently called "I Herd U Leik Fistdrops."

Shannan Lerch:...how has this man passed kindergarten spelling, let alone become a WCF champion?

Now that Danny has been sufficiently pummeled into a pulp, FPV climbs up to the top of the nearest turnbuckle, standing up, steadying his balance.

Shannan Lerch: We don't see this dude up on the top rope much, wonder what he's planning for this.

FPV stands up for a bit, before jumping off, landing both his feet on Danny's chest in a double-foot stomp.

Shannan Lerch: DAMN!

Zach Davis: Franky calls that one "The Goomba Stomp."

Shannan Lerch: I can see why.

Danny writhes in pain as FPV gets back to his feet, the crowd screaming for Danny's blood! Yep, this crowd is all liquored up tonight, folks! Franky gets near Danny's legs and locks in a single leg Boston Crab. Danny looks like he's about to pass out! The ref goes to heck on him...no, he's okay!

Zach Davis: Damn, Franky's letting out some punishment tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Now if only he could do this for every match he's in...

FPV releases the hold, but only so he can set himself up for another submission hold, before bending Danny's leg and executing a disturbingly-painful Stepover Toehold Sleeper.

Shannan Lerch: His leg is about to snap right off!

Zach Davis: FPV's gone and named this move "Fuck Your Everything" or "FYE" for short.

Shannan Lerch: Seriously, where the hell does he get these names from?

FPV refuses to release the hold, until suddenly...


Zach Davis: Wait, what?!

Danny starts screaming out in pain, his femur has literally snapped in half from the pressure FPV was putting on it. The pain can be seen right from the poor guys face! The crowd is going nuts!

Crowd: F-P-V! F-P-V! F-P-V!

Before the ref can declare the match over, Danny shakes his head in disapproval.


Zach Davis:...did he really just say that?

Reluctantly, the ref agrees to continue the match, right before Danny attempts to stand up...only to have FPV lock him up in a 3/4 Nelson and sluplexing him down in what is called the Tiger Suplex 85.

Shannan Lerch: Does FPV have a name for this move?

Zach Davis: This one...I think this one is called the Limit Break.

Danny lays down on the ground, almost totally annihilated, as FPV once again climbs to the top rope, raising his fist in the air, playing to the blood thirsty crowd!

Zach Davis: FPV reaching Corey Black levels of jobber killing tonight folks! This dude is going nuts!

With a little help from the ref, Danny gets up on his feet...well, foot, and manages to stay upright for about 3 seconds before FPV leaps into the air, his left foot coming into contact with Danny's left shoulder, and his right foot kicking Danny in the face, sending Danny right back down to the mat.

Zach Davis: GOD DAMN! THAT MAN JUST PULLED OFF A TOP ROPE ENZUIGIRI! What sorcery taught him to do that?!

Danny just lays there in complete pain, tears of agony dripping down his reddened face, as FPV picks him up, and grabs him, winking at the crowd before slamming Danny down with a Snub Blue Thunder Bomb!

Zach Davis: There you have it folks, the first ever demonstration of the Spinning Boudledriver...used on that extremely unlucky man right there.

After FPV hits the Boudledriver, he once again picks up Danny and stands him up on the ropes...backing up, and hitting with the superkick!


Danny is sent flailing out the ring and faceplanting right on the security guard rail, a healthy mix of blood coming out of his nose. The ref then calls for the bell.


Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner tonight by K.O...FRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK! PATRICK! VENABLE!

Several EMTs immediately rush out to Motherfucking Danny's side, getting him up on a stretcher as Franky climbs the turnbuckle to get a good view of what's happening.

Shannan Lerch: Wow...the EMT's sure look concerned for Danny's life right now.

Zach Davis: They're saying that Danny's heart has actually stopped! This man could be dead right now!

The crowd falls in hushed silence upon hearing this tidbit of information, before FPV speaks up.

FPV: Relax boys...I got this.

Slowly, he stands up on the turnbuckle...and leaps with a second Goomba Stomp on Danny's chest! He ends up causing the stretcher to completely collapse as Danny suddenly gasps for air. As FPV rolls off Danny's body, the EMT's check his pulse before flashing a thumbs up sign to Zach.

Zach Davis: Is...is he allright? He is? HE IS! MOTHERFUCKING DANNY IS GOING TO BE OKAY!

Shannan Lerch: Whoopty fucking do.

EMTs load out a whole new stretcher for Danny, whose eyes are beginning to roll into the back of his head, and roll him off to the back as FPV is given a mic from Kyle Steel.

FPV: Folks, how bout we give a hand to Motherfucking Danny right there for taking it like the champ he is.

The crowd begins a decent chant throughout the arena.


FPV: Allright, settle down guys, I have an announcement to make...a pretty big one at that.

The crowd hushes to listen to what FPV has to say.

FPV: Now, last week at Revenge, I fought Odin Balfore to a draw. Not the outcome I was hoping for, but hey, what can you do. Then Seth comes out and declares that me and Odin will be the first two men to enter the WAR. Now, most men, when put into this little predicament, would pitch a fit, go crazy and mad and start running up and down screaming their head off in anger. However, as many of you well know...I'm not like most people. I'm perfectly fine with starting off WAR, it gives me an excuse to murderfy every single WCF superstar just like what I did to Motherfucking Danny right there.

However...what I'm not okay with, at ALL...is Seth Lerch in general. Sure, I should pretty much devote all my time and being into planning to destroy Pantheon, seeing as though they pretty much destroyed the DoT one by one, but I'm not...in fact, I really stopped giving a fuck about Pantheon right around the time Ultimate Showdown came around. Y'see, when I recruited Noob Cha-Cha into the DoT, I thought that the DoT still had somewhat of a fighting chance left, that we could still make something of ourselves. But then Seth proved just how fucking idealistic and naive I was and turned his back on me, betrayed me for a washed up has-been who couldn't even beat me at Revenge. What does that tell you about Seth Lerch? For one, it shows how poor his taste in judgement is, trying to get Odin to destroy me and all when I'm still standing here loud and proud. Secondly, it shows just how much of a conniving little weasel he is! When Seth got locked up in jail a couple of months ago, I was part of the group that tried to bail him out. Now looking back...I should've left him there to rot...fuck, I have no problems with Bobby Cairo signing my paychecks, at least that mofo has CLASS!

The crowd pops at the mere mention of Bobbys name. FPV begins walking back down the ramp, behind the curtains.

FPV: Some of you may be asking why am I wearing this DoT shirt right now? Why should I wear it, that group has died in front of eyes, why beat a dead horse? Well, really, I just want to make it official. Take a good...HARD look at this shirt, ladies and gents. Cause this is going to be the last time any of you ever see this thing on live TV again. From this moment onwards, the DoT is offically DEAD AND MOTHERFUCKING GONE! From now on I do not want to be involved with any fucking scheme Seth sets up for me, whether it be sticking me at the start of WAR or shoving me forcibly into a group as horrible as the Darkside of fucking Treachery.

The crowd pops to this beat of info, they hated the DoT from the very beginning.

FPV: The whole thing was a mistake, and I was part of that mistake. I feel as if I should correct that mistake. So that's what I'm going to do...right here, right now. Camera-dude, follow me.

FPV begins walking a bit faster down the hall, the camera man following him until he reaches the outside behind the dumpsters, where waiting for him is a huge mountain of unsold DoT shirts. FPV stops running and looks dead at the camera.

FPV: Seth ordered some many of these goddamn t-shirts cause he thought the DoT would actually be going places. Well, now the DoT is dead and we got a whole fucking pile of damn t-shirts no one is going to wear.

Before continuing, FPV grabs the collar of his shirt and rips it off, tossing it into the other shirts. He now stands shirtless staring at the shirts in front of him.

FPV: Hell, this ain't even all the merchandise! ROY, DUMP IT ALL, NOW!

Suddenly, mechanical noises are head off-screen, and soon a bulldozer begins moving slowly forward, carrying a huge supply of DoT memorabilia. Action figures, hoodies, coffee mugs, belt buckles, you name it, it's in there. The bulldozer begins to dump all the merch onto the pile that FPV had started, until there was nothing left to dump. The 'dozer backs up, and out of it pops the Hardcore Champion Roy Speede, who soon joins FPV at the edge of the pile of merch.

FPV: Ladies and gentlemen, in 1982 Atari took all their unsold E.T: The Extra Terrestrial cartridges and dumped them into a landfill somewhere in New Mexico. Tonight, we're going to do something similar to that, only a little more...fiery. Roy, any words you want to say to the crowd?

FPV hands the mic over to Roy, who takes it and smirks, looking at the camera.

Roy Speede: Thanks, Franky. I'm glad to see that you finally came to your senses. I told you at the very start of this that you were making a mistake joining this group; it was back when we first patched up our differences after that whole argument over some bullshit that happened back in January. Now that you've wised up, it's time we show this entire company why we are the ones that belong at the top of this company.

Roy smirks, pausing, and then continues.

Roy Speede: I told everybody that this group was a waste of time from the very beginning, and damn, I was right. It vanished as soon as it arose, and now it's nothing but a memory. This, however, is the time for a new era in the wrestling world, and Franky contacted me with this crazy idea of his, I couldn't turn it down. So, with the world slipping into obscurity, the two of us decided that it was time to go back to one year ago, right when the WCF shut down, the two of us were the Tag Team Champions. Right now, we've got the singles gold, but we're in a place where the Tag Titles are moving between teams on almost a weekly basis. There needs to be a team that can hold onto those belts; there needs to be a team that can bring back honor to the WCF Tag Team Division.

Franky and I hatched a little plan. We'd recreate the team we had one year ago, screw the rivalry we had during the last year, and to hell with everything else. It's time to bring about a whole new era to the WCF, one that wasn't even seen when we were a team in the past. It's time to create something brand new, a genesis of sorts. It's time to bring about a team that can even surpass the likes of Pantheon or the Team of Torture.

So Haden, if your little bitch ass is watching this, and I know you are, this is your warning. You thought with Synn on your six, you could mess with me and get away with it. You're sadly mistaken, my friend. We're going to show you what happens when you mess with greatness. And as for anyone else who gets in my way, remember this. You're messing with destiny, and Genesis isn't to be taken lightly. Genesis is a whole new ballgame, and already, every other team in the company is lining up to strike out. Franky, thanks for coming up with this idea, my friend. You won't regret aligning yourself with the Hardcore Champion.

He hands the microphone back to Franky, who sticks it in one pocket as he reaches into his other one and pulls out a box of matches.

FPV: Would you like to handle the fluids, Roy?

Roy nods and runs off to the side, grabbing a large can of lighter fluid, spraying all of it onto the pile, as Franky lights a match and raising it high in the air, taking the mic out his pocket.

FPV: To the DoT. Never again!

Roy Speede: Never again!

FPV drops the match unto the merch mountain, which immediatly sets it alight. FPV grabs another match out the box and lights it up.

FPV: To new beginnings!

Roy Speede: To new beginnings!

FPV drops this match in as well, making the fire grow larger. Finally, FPV takes out one last match and lights it, raising it high in the air.

FPV and Roy Speede: TO GENESIS!

FPV drops the final match into the fire, making it grow in size, as the inferno burns in the night sky, FPV and Roy gaze into it as the show fades to a commercial.

Cesar Romero vs Jackie Giordano

The lights go out in the arena and "Who want it" plays and the lights come back on and Cesar comes out to the stage. He is is wearing his Bad Boy MMA walk out attire. He stands there as he starts running in places and than starts to walk down the ramp toward the ring. He gets to the ring and takes off his hat and shirt and throws them on the ground. He gets in the ring and stands in the middle of the ring arms straight out to both sides and than pounds on his chest.

Shannan Lerch: For some reason or another I am excited to see Cesar Romero.

Zach Davis: And so is this audience.

Shannan Lerch: My only gripe is the he isn’t wearing purple.

Zach Davis: What?

“Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” by Cage The Elephant hits the PA, and Jackie slowly starts walking down the entrance ramp, every now and them turning to face the crowd and grinning. Once inside the ring, Jackie cracks his knuckles, and gets ready for the match. And the bell rings!

Zach Davis: Jackie Giordano and Cesar Romero! Here we go!

The two square off, both cautiously approaching each other, before locking up! The audience cheers for Cesar, getting behind him during the brief test of strength. Maybe because of the audience’s motivation Cesar gains the early advantage. He puts Jackie into a headlock and then quickly dispatches him to the floor with a legsweep. Once down, Cesar runs and bounces off the ropes hitting Giordano with a legdrop. Jackie clinches at his throat, managing to roll back up onto his feet quickly enough to avoid an oncoming closeline from Cesar. Jackie eases behind Romero, locking him into a sleeper. Cesar battles back, elbowing Jackie in the ribs forcing him to release. Cesar turns to meet Jackie but is hit with a quick snap DDT followed by an even quicker pinfall.



And Cesar Romero gets his shoulder up.

Zach Davis: Jackie Giordano trying to catch Cesar off guard there.

Shannan Lerch: He tried, but the Joker is always one step ahead of his competition, Zach.

Zach Davis: … I’m sorry?

Cesar Romero scrambles back to his feet and is hit with a punch from Jackie. And another, and another, forcing Cesar back into the turnbuckle. Once Cesar seems displaced, Jackie backs up and hits Cesar with a vicious spear and drops back down onto him for a pin.

Shannan Lerch: That was sick!



Thr –



NO! Cesar displays his resiliency and kicks out.

Zach Davis: Man. Jackie is really getting aggressive here tonight.

Shannan Lerch: He’s a hit-man for the mob. What do you expect?

Zach Davis: Right.

Desperately needed to regain control of this match, Cesar uses a reserved amount of energy to blast Jackie with a spear of his own once Jackie tries to pull him to his feet. Now down with Jackie, Cesar keeps this one on the ground, locking him up in an armbar and striking knees into his ribs.

Shannan Lerch: I think I just heard a rib crack!

Zach Davis: No you didn’t.

Shannan Lerch: How do you know what I hear?

He keeps the hold enforced, striking Jackie with a knee or two when he can causing Giordano to wretch with pain every now and then. Jackie manages to play Cesar’s own game, technically overpowering him on the floor, and squeezing Cesar into a headlock. Cesar is too skilled on the ground however and manages to easily slip out and stand to his feet.

Zach Davis: Cesar’s MMA skills being displayed.

Jackie rolls back to his feet too and Cesar kicks him into the gut and then crashes the back of neck with a scissors kick. He drops into a pin and hooks Giordano’s leg.



And Jackie gets an arm up. The audience boos. Cesar pulls Jackie up to his feet, grabs his head and hooks him between his legs for a powerbomb. He attempts to lift Jackie up but he initially struggles, managing to eventually turn the tables and throw Cesar up over his shoulders. Cesar’s amazing athletically ability causes him to land on his feet however, and when Jackie turns to Cesar he is quite surprised, getting met with kick to the gut and this time a successful powerbomb. Cesar pins Jackie.



Shannan Lerch: The hit-man looks a little dazed. This could be it for Giordano!

Thr –

THRE - ?

AND JACKIE KICKS OUT! Cesar curses under his breath, picking Jackie up to his feet and hoping to put this one away. Cesar grabs Jackie and sets him up for The Krieg, his devastating finishing maneuver. Giordano fights to break free and does, sending a hard right into Romero’s ribs! Cesar stumbles back and Jackie follows suit with THE HIT!

Shannan Lerch: NO!

Zach Davis: Cesar managed to avoid it!

And luckily Romero has, dropping out of Jackie’s arm at the last possible second. The two lock up and Jackie gains advantage this time, grabbing Cesar by his head and kneeing him in the face before hitting a backbreaker. Cesar goes down clinching his back, painfully crawling to the ropes to use them and pull himself back up. Once up, Jackie Giordano charges with another spear. Cesar manages to sidestep this one and Jackie goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Jackie stumbles backwards in a bit of a daze and Cesar Romero rolls him up from behind!



Thre –



Zach Davis: Cesar Romero sneaking a victory in there!

Jackie Giordano finally breaks loose from the roll up but it is too late. The bell rings and the referee holds Cesar’s arm up in victory to the approval of a cheering audience.

Zach Davis: An impressive victory. Who’s going to stop Cesar Romero?

Shannan Lerch: Adam West?

Zach Davis: What?

Shannan Lerch: Danananana.. BATMAN.

Kip Epps vs Kale Windsor

Zach Davis: Two up and coming WCF superstars collide, coming up right now!

"Headstrong" by Trapt plays over the PA.

The song starts and the lights strobe as Kale Windsor steps out on the stage at the top of the ramp. Kale Windsor stands there for a moment, as if he's taking in all of the love in the area {he pays no mind to the boos, for he feels everyone loves him}. He casually walks down the rampway towards the ring. Once at the ring he slides in under the ropes. He then stands in the middle of the ring as if he's king of the world while each ring post pops with pyros.

Shannan Lerch: That's a pretty man right there, Zach.

Zach Davis: After somewhat of a feud with Stuart Slane, he's looking to find his niche here in the WCF. He may pick up some momentum if he can get a victory tonight.

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall... introducing first, from Beverly Hills... weighing two hundred and thirty-five pounds... KALE WINDSOR!!!!

The lights turn blue and a spot light shows at the top of the WCF titaintron you see Kip is up there and he jumps off and opens his parachute and lands on the stage and when he lands “The Air Force Song” plays. Kip gets up and heads to the ramp and when he gets there he salutes and as he dose that Red White and Blue pyro goes off behind him. He makes his way down the ramp to the ring. When Kip gets in the ring he stands in the middle of it and salutes to all sides of the ring and takes off the glasses and flight suit.

Zach Davis: And here's the Airman, Kip Epps.

Shannan Lerch: Kip says he's here to fly, fight and win. He's looking to get his career going with a win against Kale Windsor.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent... from San Antonia, Texas... weighing in at two hundred and ninety pounds... AIRMAN... KIP EPPS!!!!


Epps and Kale begin the match on opposite corners, as the bell rings they begin circling each other, Epps slow and methodical, begetting a huge powerhouse, Kale bouncing waving his hands to the crowd getting them into the match, they quickly step up hooking each each other with collar/elbow tie up, after an ever brief struggle for the upper hand, Kale is able to get Epps against the ropes, Epps muscles out rolling Kale against the ropes, the ref demands the two to break, neither one willing to give the other an opening the ref begins the count.





Zach Davis: The ref is forcing them apart, shoving himself between the two men.

Shannan Lerch: Epps looks at kale with a wide smile and a look of intensity on his face. Kale is just smirking back, shoving Epps away.

Epps expression quickly changes, showing the fans and audience watching that he isn't pleased at the show of disrespect on Windsor's part, he quickly steps up, tying Kale in an elbow and collar hook up again, Kale slips his arm around Epps head, securing a tight headlock. Epps uses his power to throw Kale to the ropes, but is nailed to the mat when Kale uses the momentum to propel himself into the air hitting Epps with a hard flying shoulder tackle.

Zach Davis: Epps is shaken, but quickly gets back to his feet.

Shannan Lerch: Windsor with a headlock, followed by a hip toss.

Kale positions himself in the dominant position, laying across Epps chest to restrict the bigger man's breathing, while wrenching in the headlock. The ref slides into position, catching Epps shoulders down he slaps his hand down to the mat for a one count. Epps quickly lifts his shoulder up, his face grimacing in pain from the headlock, as he fights to get Kale off of his chest so he can breath easier. As Epps slides across the ringmat, Kale yanks on the headlock several times, Epps screams out in pain, Leaning across Epps chest, Kale is able to pin his shoulders to the mat. the ref makes a quick check before the count.



Shannan Lerch: Epps rolls over on his side, breaking the count!

Zach Davis: Now he's taking a moment to catch his breath, with Kale's weight off his chest.

Kale keeps tight hold of the headlock, trying to maintain control of the match against the bigger stronger Epps. After a few deep breaths, Epps wraps his arms around Kale's waist, gripping his hand around his wrist in a bearhug like grasp, Epps muscles Kale over onto his back, the ref quickly hops over the two bodies, checking Kale's shoulders are on the mat.



Kale is able to kick out, quickly rolling back over keeping the headlock on tight. Epps loses his grip on the bear hug, but tries to roll Kale back over, Kale counters, stretching his body out laying across Epps chest, blocking any future roll up attempts.

Zach Davis: Great strategy by both men. You can see the wheels turning inside Epps head.

Epps reaches over Kale's face, using his strength to pull Kale back, once close enough, Epps swings a leg up at over Kale's head. using his leg strength to stretch Kale out, forcing a break of the headlock, then quickly wrapping his other leg around trapping Kale in a headscissors. Once he has complete control of Kale, tightly secured in the scissorlock, Epps applies deep pressure by leaning forward, pushing himself up with his heads causing the legs to wrap tighter around Kale's neck. cutting off the caratide artery as well as squeezing on the neck cutting off the ability to breath.

Shannan Lerch: The ref is checking on the Rising Star...

Zach Davis: Asking if he wants to submit, Windsor is shaking his head and yelling no, although his face is turning bright red.

As Epps uses his arm strength to push himself further up, creating more pressure on the scissored headlock, the ref once again checks on him, asking if he wishes to submit, to which again Kale spits out a no. Kale then quickly moves his body, sliding with the angle of Epps body, then hits Epps with several hard body punches to the stomach, causing Epps to lean back, releaving the pressure of the hold, Kale then throws his body up and out, after several attempts he is able to squeeze out of the scissor lock.

Zach Davis: Windsor really needed to get out of that situation. We're seeing great athleticism by both men tonight.

Shannan Lerch: And they're both scrambling to get to their feet.

Epps charges Kale, who ducks down, wrapping his hands on Epps legs he lifts the Airmen up, then back down on his knee for a reverse spinebuster, Kale then pulls Epps legs out from under neath him, wrapping each arm around Epps legs, Kale flips over and on top of Kip, holding the legs for a pin attempt. The Ref quickly slides into position checking the shoulders are on the mat



Zach Davis: Epps throws his legs up, rolling his shoulder over to break the count!

Kale quickly hops to his feet, as Epps sits up, Kale rebounds off the ropes hitting Epps square in the chest with a low dropkick. Kale quickly rolls over grabbing a leg.



Shannan Lerch: Easy kickout by the Airman.

Zach Davis: Both men taking a well-deserved breather right now.

The two men slowly make their way back to their feet, kale is the first one up, grabbing Epps head but is quickly caught with a hard knee to the stomach. Taking control, Epps grabs Kale's head, walking over to the corner, slamming it hard against the buckle. Epps continues the punishment with several hard rights to the head, then a big forearm smash to Kale's back. dropping Kale to his knee's. Epps continues wearing his opponent down with a few elbow's to the head. Kip the grabs one of Kale's hands, whipping him into the ropes, leaning down he telegraphs a back bodydrop.

Zach Davis: Kale is able to slow his momentum, kicking Kip in the chest like a soccer ball!

Shannan Lerch: Kip shoots up grabbing his chest in pain, the momentum causes him to stumble over to the ropes!

Kale hits the opposite ropes getting a full head of steam, hitting Kip with a bit clothelline, forcing Kip up and over the top rope, Epps tries to grab onto the ring apron to break his fall, but still crashes into the ring divider. Kale begins clapping his hands, getting the fans into the match again, the fans show him lots of love cheering him on.

Shannan Lerch: The ladies are going especially wild for the Rising Star, Kale Windsor.

As Kip begins to make his way back into the ring, Kale hits the ropes again, hitting Kip with a baseball slide, Epps falls off the apron tumbling back to the ring floor, again crashing into the ring divider that separates the fans from ringside. As Kip lays there trying to regain his senses, Kale walks around the ring, his arms held high as he soaks in the adoration of the fans cheering his name. As the ref slides out of the ring he checks on Epps who begins to stir. Satisfied no serious injuries have occured, the Ref slides back in, and begins the ten count, as Kale stands in an opposite corner waving to his fans while they continue cheering him.





Zach Davis: Epps slowly begins to fight his way to his feet.



Epps is now completely on his feet, as he turns to begin to crawl back in the ring, Kale runs over, grabbing the tope rope with both hands, he slingshots himself up and over flying high into the air--

Zach Davis: Kale Windsor comes crashing down on Kip Epps with a big body splash as the crowd eats it up!

Shannan Lerch: High risk move, paying off!


Both men hit hard, Epps crashing into the divider for a third time during the match.

Zach Davis: The ref is outside the ring again, checking on both men this time.

Assured both are consciounse and not seriously injured, the ref shrugs, and does the only thing he can do, begin the ten count.






Both men stir. Kale is to his feet first. Sliding into the ring, he works the crowd again raising his hand soaking in the cheers with a huge smile on his face.


Shannan Lerch: Epps makes his way to his feet, looking up he hears the ref's six count. He's gotta get back in that ring.

Mustering up every ounce of strength he has left he hops to his feet, taking a running slide into the ring at the seven count. Kale Windsor charges Kip, going for a clothesline, the big man is able to duck. Running towards the ropes he catches Kale just he he turns around to face his charging opponent and lands a huge avalanche on Kale. The force of the blow pushes Kale into the ropes, rebounding back Kip catches Kale, lifting him high into the air, as Kale comes back down, Epps places a hand on his back, pushing him down even harder as he hits face first onto the mat. Kip then looks around at the crowd, not getting near as big a pop he smirks, hitting the ropes, he jumps in the air landing down hard on the back of Windsor.

Zach Davis: Epps gets back to his feet, hits the ropes delivering another big splash onto his opponent!

Shannan Lerch: Rolling Kale over he hooks a leg for the pin! The ref checks the shoulders and counts!




Epps looks at the ref, a tad shocked that he didn't get the three. the ref points two fingers into his face, assuring him it was only a two. Epps slowly gets to his feet as Kale crawls to the ropes, slowly powering his way up using the rope strands. Epps slowly stalks his opponent. Epps grabs Kale's head, helping him the rest of the way. Epps swings wide, nailing a hard forearm smash against the back of Kale, he hits a second, then a third forearm working Kale over. Pulling Kale to the center of the ring, Epps steps back into the ropes, springing forth with a big forearm, Kale quickly raises his arm blocking it, then retaliates with a hard left hand to the jaw. Kale follows up with a stiff kick to the gut, then another hard left hand, followed by another kick. Grabbing a wrist of Epps Kale whips him to the ropes, dropping to his stomach causing Epps to jump over him, Kale quickly hops to his feet, hitting a breath taking standing drop kick to Epps.

Zach Davis: The force of that dropkick forces Epps back through the ropes and back onto the ring floor!

Shannan Lerch: As Epps lands hard, Kale steps through the ropes, walking towards a ringpost as Epps squirms in pain on the floor. The crowd is going nuts, as Kale stands on the apron, waiting for Epps to make his way back to his feet.

Waving his arm around the crowd stands cheering loudly, as Epps gets back up, Kale takes a start, jumping off the apron--

Zach Davis: Epps catches Kale, wrapping his arms tight around Kale's body with a big bearhug!

Kale flails desperately trying to get out of the hold. Kip points in the direction of the ringpost, running at it he nails Kale's back right into the unforgiving steel. Epps then muscles Kale up, lifting him high over his head, then tossing him several feet away causing Kale to crash back first onto the arena floor with a huge gorrila slam toss.

Zach Davis: Epps is back in control of this match.

Epps slides into the ring to break the count, then slides back out. As Kale, clutching his back in agony, painfully makes his way back to his feet, turns around. Epps charges hitting Kale with a monstrous shoulder tackle, the force of the blow throws Kale back into the divider. Epps takes a couple of steps back, then charges Kale again, hitting him with a big clothesline, forcing Kale over the divider into the front row. Epps stops to work the crowd, a raving mixture if cheers and boos. Epps ignores the boos, taking Kale he pulls his opponent back over the divider, grabbing a wrist then whipping Kale into the ring, before shoving him into the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Epps slides into the ring, peppering Kale with hard kicks, working him over.

Kale forces his way to the ropes, using them to work his way back to his feet, Kale tries to turn the tides. Throwing a hard right hand that Epps easily ducks, Epps wraps Kale up in a reverse bearhug, spinning around so they face the center of the ring, Epps throws his body back tossing Kale overheard, and onto his back in a german suplex. Holding on tight, Epps rolls over, picking Kale up with him, then throwing Kale overhead again, Epps repeats this two more times, the final time he bridges pinning Kale's shoulders to the mat. The ref makes a quick check



Shannan Lerch: THR-- NO!!!! Just before the ref's hand slaps the mat a final time, Kale is able to roll a shoulder up!

Believing he just won the match, Epps hops up raising his arm in victory. Strutting around the ring he gloats with a huge smile on his face.

Zach Davis: The ref is trying to tell him it was only a two, but Epps doesn't believe it!

Keeping his arm raised he demands the ref declare him the winner. Instead the referee throws Epps arm down, telling him Kale got a shoulder up before the three.

Shannan Lerch: He better stop arguing with the ref and turn around!

As the ref tries to convince Epps the match hasn't ended. Kale is able to get to his feet. Kip notices Kale on his feet, deciding since the ref refuses to award him the match. Epps charges Kale. Kale drops to the mat, as Epps stumbles over him. He quickly hops back to his feet, running to the opposite ropes. As Epps quickly turns around..

Zach Davis: Kale ducks a clothesline from hell, he quickly looks back...

Shannan Lerch: Epps turns around and gets nailed with a twisting enzuigiri!

Kale's foot hits the back of Epps head, creating a loud thwack sound that causes the entire audience to cringe. As Epps falls to the mat, Kale quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle.

Zach Davis: Kale Windsor hits the Rodeo Dive!!

Shannan Lerch: He hooks the leg, it's gotta be over!

The ref slides to the mat.





"Headstrong" by Trapt plays over the PA.

Shannan Lerch: What a victory for the Rising Star, Kale Windsor!

Zach Davis: Great showing by both men tonight, but it's Windsor who picks up the win.

Sado vs Bishop/Priest

"John" by Lil Wayne hits the PA as Bishop and Priest step out on the ramp way together. Priest carrying his infamous piece of lumber as the two make their way towards the ring.

Kyle Steel: Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 670 pounds, Bishop & Priest

Team Beatdown climbs over the ropes together before making their way to opposite ring posts as the crowds display a mixture of boos and cheers.

The lights dim and the focus turns back to the ramp way,

"In your position, SET!!!"

"Beginner" by AKB48 hits the arena and BOOOOMMMM!!!! Pyro explodes.

Kyle Steel: introducing from Akihabara, Japan. "Sado" Mariko Shinoda!

Sado come to the ring with her kendama. she walks passionately in the ramp. and she goes to the ring, remove her furry coat and keep that with her kendama in the announcer table and she's ready to fight!!

Zach Davis: I feel rather bad for Sado. Team Beatdown is more than twice her size.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah can you say squash match?

Zach Davis: Squash Match!

Priest takes his position on the ring apron as Bishop and Sado wait for the bell to signal the start of the match.

Ding, Ding, Ding

Zach Davis: Bishop has decided to start off the match against Sado.

Shannan Lerch: This isn't going to be pretty.

Zach Davis: You can say that again.

Shannan Lerch: This isn't going to be pretty.

Zach Davis: Exactly.

Sado starts off the match with a fast boxing jab to Bishop who reacts quickly and pushes Sado off of him, causing her to stumble back a few steps. Sado quickly regains her balance wasting little time in delivering several shuffle side kicks to Bishop's lower legs bringing the big man down to one knee. This allows Sado a few moments to bounce off the ropes toward Bishop delivering a powerful clothesline to her opponent. Bishop quickly regains his stance as Sado prepares herself to attack again. This time Bishop hits Sado with a big boot as she rushes towards him in an attempt to clothesline him once more. With Sado on the mat, Bishop still trying to catch his breath tags in his partner Priest.

Priest enters the ring, walking over to a downed Sado and picking her up by her hair and tossing her towards the corner of the ring. Priest quickly makes his way over to Sado as she tries to recover from being man handled. Priest taps his left elbow signaling his next move just seconds before hitting Sado hard with an elbow drop. Sado rolls around the corner of the ring before sliding out under the ropes. Priest quickly follows her. The two race around the ring in an epic cat and mouse chase before an unsuspecting Sado runs directly into clothesline by Bishop as he aids his partner on the outside.

Zach Davis: Ouch! That had to hurt!

Shannan Lerch: You think?

Zach Davis: Yeah maybe a little.

Shannan Lerch: You think it hurt a little or you think a little?

Zach Davis: Both?

The ref begins to count

Stanley Moser: One....


Priest slides back into the ring as Sado lays outside the ring while the ref continues to count.

Stanley Moser: Three...


Priest motions for Bishop to toss Sado back into the ring before the count is up.

Stanley Moser: Five..

Zach Davis: The count is at five now.

Shannan Lerch: If Sado doesn't get back in the ring before the ten count is up, Bishop and Priest will pick up yet another win.

Stanley Moser: Six...

Bishop picks up Sado who doesn't make a move as she is rolled back into the ring. Priest quickly covers.

Zach Davis: Well that's one way to stop the ten count.

Shannan Lerch: I have a feeling this match is about to be over.

The ref drops down making sure it's a clean cover. He raises his hand..

Stanley Moser: One..


Sado kicks her leg up on to the rope stopping the count. Priest stands up glaring at his partner.

Zach Davis: Priest doesn't look to happy about that.

Shannan Lerch: I have to agree. If looks could kill...

Zach Davis: We'd all be dead.

Shannan Lerch: Well at least Bishop would be.

Sado rolls out of the way and makes it to her feet. She quickly delivers to an unsuspecting Priest a quick power kick to the center of his back causing the big giant to stumble. Bishop hits his partner's hand, tagging himself back in unknown to Sado who is preparing herself to attack Priest once more. Sado charges Priest as Bishop steps between the two.

Shannan Lerch: Oh could this be the double team effect we have all been waiting for tonight?

Zach Davis: Oh no that poor girl.

Bishop picks up Sado slamming her to the mat with The Book of Bishop.

Shannan Lerch: OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!

Zach Davis: The Book of Bishop!

Shannan Lerch: This could be the end for Sado.

Zach Davis: Looks like Bishop will be picking up the W for Team Beatdown tonight.

Bishop covers the completely dazed Sado as the ref starts the count.

Stanley Moser: One.....


Sado kicks out. Bishop groans as he grabs Sado by the hair pulling her to her feet. As Bishop prepares to hit Sado with a powerbomb the feisty Sado drops to her knees and low blows Bishop sending the big man down to his own knees in pain.

Zach Davis: OUCH! Every man in the audience and back stage just felt Bishop's pain!

Shannan Lerch: Good some of them need a swift kick to the nuts.

Zach Davis: Evil Much?

Shannan Lerch: Runs in the family!

Quickly Sado stands up and delivers a superkick to Bishop's head knocking him unconscious. Sado covers him as the ref counts..

Stanley Moser: One..


Shannan Lerch: This could be the upset no one predicted.

Zach Davis: Very well could be, Shannan.

Priest slides into the ring in an attempt to help his partner..

Stanley Moser: Three!

Shannan Lerch: Sado gets the victory!

"Sarah Twilight"/Steve Orbit Segment 1

Jumbotron within the arena comes to life and displays a scene inside the waiting room of Golden Spa II, the sister operation of Golden Joey's original and larger massage parlor, Golden Spa. We have been here many times before, and any loyal Steve Orbit follower would recognize it almost instantly, but let's describe it again for everyone. It's a modestly sized office space converted into a massage parlor. It consists of a waiting room, which holds a desk, a few folding chairs and a couch for customers while they wait. Also seen is a door behind the desk which leads to Joey's office, and three doors numbered 1, 2 and 3, which lead to the private massage rooms. Behind the desk is Tina, a long-time "friend" of Joey's who he trusts enough to run his operation when he goes out of town, which recently has been almost every weekend as he goes to Pennsylvania with Orbit. Tina is in her early 30s, black, with hair extensions highlighted with red. She is nicely dressed and looks like she takes great care of herself, noticing her long-ish, well-manicured nails. Tina is presently on the phone taking an appointment.

Tina: Yes, 5:30 today is fine. What's the name? ... Ok, honey, see you then. ... Bye.

As Tina hangs up the phone, the front door opens. Steve Orbit walks in, holding the door for Joey who wheels himself in behind Steve. Orbit is dressed in a bright green pinstripe suit with matching hat, with his usual amount of gold and 'gator boots. Joey is wearing his usual Nike track suit, today it's navy blue in color. Orbit walks around the desk and hugs Tina from behind-- she smiles.

Steve Orbit: Tina, what's up baby girl?

Tina: Just taking care of y'alls business here, I'm glad to see you guys though. It's been kinda crazy in here.

Golden Joey: Busy?

Tina: Yeah, and there was a big blowout, one of the girls quit--

Golden Joey and Steve Orbit: What?

Tina: Calm down, guys. It was that trouble-maker--

Steve Orbit: Mother fuckin' Ariela, I told you she was no good.

Tina: Yeah, she got into it with one of the other bitches and she quit on the spot. But, no need to worry-- I already hired a replacement for her stank ass.

Golden Joey: ... You hired someone?

Tina: I tried callin' yo' ass, both of y'all, but it seem like y'alls can't be found when it's time to go be big superstar wrestlers or whatever the fuck y'all doin' out there in Pennsylvania.

Orbit laughs.

Steve Orbit: You better watch that mouth, girl.

Tina: Annnnnyway, I put an ad on Backpage, she called, I told her to come on in. She's in the middle of a session right now in room number three.

Golden Joey: What's she like?

Tina: Her name is Sarah. She's white, a red-head... she ain't the prettiest thing in the world, but I needed somebody to fill in, so I can keep y'alls mother fuckin' money rollin' in.

Golden Joey: Thatta girl.

Steve Orbit: A red-head, huh... mother fuckin' fire-crotch. We ain't had a white girl up in here in a minute.

Golden Joey: Eh, if she don't work out, we'll find someone else.

Orbit starts looking at some papers on the desk. Suddenly, the expression on his face drops.

Steve Orbit: Hold the fuck on... Twilight? Sarah Twilight?

Golden Joey: What the fuck you talkin' about?

Tina: Yeah, that's the bitch's name... or at least that's the name she's using. Sarah Twilight.

Golden Joey: It can't be... OUR Sarah Twilight.

Steve Orbit: Nahhhh... ain't nobody heard shit from her, what would she be doin' out here in Oakland? Probably a coincidence, or maybe she's even a fan or some shit like that.

Golden Joey: You right. Well, we'll meet her after she's done with the trick.

Steve Orbit: Cool.

Tina stands up.

Tina: Can I go now?

Golden Joey: Of course, baby. Good job, thanks for workin' the extra couple days.

Tina gathers her Coach purse and begins to exit, as Joey makes his way to his office and Orbit hangs behind the desk. Inside the room a customer named Gary sprawls out over a massage table. Sarah Twilight, wearing a barely coverable black leather bondage outfit with latex gloves stands over him massaging hands over Gary’s lower back.

Gary: When can I turn over and get a…

Gary peeked over to Sarah and gave him a wink.

Gary: .. ‘happy ending’.

Sarah Twilight: Don’t be so anxious, Oblivion.

Gary: Huh?

Sarah slipped out a switchblade from the inside of his leather covered cleavage and sprang it open. The point of the knife tracing gently enough down Gary’s spine to not break any skin.

Gary: What’s that?

Sarah Twilight: Quiet. Mr. Oblivion.

Gary: Who the fuck is Oblivi –

The razor sharp tip poked into Gary’s skin drawing blood.

Sarah Twilight: I wouldn’t move if I were you.

He resisted struggle, not desiring the blade to seep any further into him. It was only in a little bit, maybe an eighth of an inch. Gary was such a sissy.

Sarah Twilight: Shhh.. shhh..

Twilight petted a hand over Gary’s cheek to hush his screams of terror. Screams that could undoubtedly be heard from beyond this room. Back in the waiting room, Orbit is looking over some paperwork at the desk. Joey can be seen in the office through a door which is halfway open. Joey yells from the other room.

Golden Joey: Steve, you hear somethin'?

Steve Orbit: Sounds like the new girl likes to play rough.

Orbits lets out a laugh and Joey wheels himself to the doorway.

Golden Joey: I don't really like the sound of it... this ain't no type of bondage, S&M joint. We don't cater to fetishes up in this mother fucker. I'ma have to speak to this new bitch when she's done in there.

Just then, there is more screaming coming from behind door number three... louder and more horrifying than before. Orbit and Joey look at each other, shocked.

Steve Orbit: Aight, aight. I'ma go check it out. I'll set this bitch straight.

Orbit gets up in a hurry, looking annoyed. He just got home, and he was hoping to relax for a little while. He storms off towards the room and bangs on the door.

Steve Orbit: YO!

There is more screaming and commotion in the room.

Steve Orbit: I'ma give you a three count to open this fuckin' door, bitch.



A huge bang is heard from inside the room. Orbit kicks the door, it shakes... he takes a few steps back, runs and kicks it with all his might, knocking it off the hinges. He looks inside... we can't see inside the room, but from the expression on Orbit's face, something is terribly, terribly wrong. The camera switches to inside the room. Gary is naked, unconscious, hunched in a corner of the room, a small trail of blood beading down his back. Sarah Twilight stands next to the massage table, still wearing the leather gear... with part of the crotch region removed exposing a leopard thong and a small standing pink dildo. Sarah looks over to Steve, patting the empty massage table for an invite. Orbit gasps and stumbles back a few steps from the doorway. Sarah Twilight stands with the most devilish smile on "her" face.

Steve Orbit: No... no, no... Joey... stay in the office, homie, don't come out here. I got this.

Sarah Twilight: Oh, no, no, no. I 'got' this. You make yourself comfortable, dear.

Twilight pats the table once more.

Sarah Twilight: Please.

Orbit looks at Twilight in disbelief... shaking it off, he rushes past Sarah, and over to Gary, slapping his face, trying to wake him.

Steve Orbit: Gary... GARY!

Gary is unresponsive. Orbit turns and faces Sarah.

Steve Orbit: What the fuck did you do to Gary. This mother fucker is one of our best customers, and in case you ain't heard, you don't FUCK with how a black man get his money. If you got a problem with me, this is the worst thing you could do--

Sarah Twilight: A problem... au contraire, Steve. I want a peice of that milk chocolate... and I'm gonna get it one way or another.

She steps towards Steve.

Steve Orbit: Oh, hell no.

Sarah grins and reaches out his latex covered hands trying to grab Orbit... Orbit dodges, bobs, weaves, ducks, and runs away from Sarah and his grabby hands. Sarah chases him around the room, grabbing at him, as he tries to avoid Sarah with a terrified look on his face.

Sarah Twilight: You're only making it harder on yourself.

Finally, Orbit decides he's had enough. He lunges at Sarah with a huge right hand, which Sarah ducks - quickly, grabs him and hits the Twilight Zone, right through the massage table. Steve lays motionless in the wreckage on the floor, Gary begins to shake his head around, regaining consciousness. Sarah looks around, surveying the damage, seductively approaching Orbit and bending down over his wrecked body.

Sarah Twilight: Sleep now in the twilight.

He leaned into Steve Orbit's face, tongue darting over his cheek and having a tasteful lick. Sarah's red lips planted onto Steve's forehead for a quick smooch, leaving a love mark.

Sarah Twilight: Catch you later, handsome.

Gary now fully awake takes no time to witness the horror, vouching instead to get far, far away from this room. Sarah laughs before leaving the room as well and the jumbotron fades.

Hank Lane vs Joel Hall

'Riding The Storm Out' by REO Speedwagon begins playing on the Jumbo-Tron as Hank 'Thunder' Lane makes his way towards the ring. He is wearing a long Satin robe with Thunder on the back of it in Diamonds. As he passes by the announcers table he grabs a mic from one of them and takes it into the ring with him.

Hank 'Thunder' Lane: Now I want ALL of you Fat, Disgusting, Out of shape worthless pieces of crap to close your eyes while I take my robe off! Your eyes don't deserve to gaze upon a body as fine as this!

He throws the mic down and takes his robe off. His Muscular body is glistened with sweat and shines under the light. He has on a pair of Black wrestling trunks with Thunder on the back of them. The crowd is a mixture of cheers and boos as he awaits his opponent.

Shannan Lerch: Still not as sexy as Jonny Fly.

Zach Davis: Well Hank has something that Fly doesn't have.

Shannan Lerch: And what may that be?

Zach Davis: A kickass mustache.

Pulse of the Maggots by Slipknot is blasted through the arena. The crowd cheers as the intro of the song is played. Pyro is blasted on stage, which causes the lights to come back on. Out from backstage, Joel Hall comes out. He is wearing a black trenchcoat and a random kabuki mask. He looks around the arena. Joel walks down the ramp and looks straight ahead at the ring. He stops and looks back at the stage. Then, Joel jumps on the canvas and rolls over the ropes, entering the ring. He takes his mask off and throws it into the crowd. He goes onto each turnbuckle and looks at the crowd. At the final turnbuckle, after looking at the crowd, he raises his right arm with a devil horns sign. He gets off and takes his trenchcoat off. He does some stretches while he waits for his opponent.

Zach Davis: Joel Hall has made a name for himself here in WCf as one of the more suicidal members of the roster, can the Iowan Massacre pull the win here tonight?


Hank Lane and Joel Hall tie up in the center of the ring, Lane immediately uses his power advantage to force Hall back into a corner. The ref calls for the clean break, which Lane looks like he is going to give initially. But after to starting to back away he fires a wicked forearm for Hall's jaw. Hall shows a lot of quickness though, avoiding the punch and ducking behind Lane on the other side. The surprised Lane turns around and charges Hall with another forearm, but Hall is waiting on him with a text book hip toss. Quickly pressing his advantage further, Hall immediately drops to the mat before Lane can get up and locks him into a headlock, placing his knee into the middle of Lane's back, pulling his head back adding pressure to the head and spine.

Zach Davis: Joel Hall outsmarting Hank Lane for the first portions of the match, can he keep this up?

Shannan Lerch: Joel really looks like he's trying to get Hank to pass out. Screw tapping out, you pass them bitches out, Hall's a smart man. Insane, but smart.

Hall does his best to keep Lane on the mat, cranking on the headlock with as much force as possible, digging his knee harder into the back of his opponent trying to keep Hank purely on the defensive. Eventually though, Lane is able to fight his way up to his feet, and from there he powers Hall back into a corner again. This time before Ref can even call for the break Lane spins around and punishes Hall's mid section with repeated shoulder blocks. Hall is falling to a seated position already when Lane stomps him all the way down to the mat, before the referee is finally able to get him to come out of the corner.

Shannan Lerch: Hank Lane now on the offensive, and he looks angry. VEEEERY angry.

Pulling Hall up from the mat, Hank punishes Hall with a couple of hard forearms right into the chest. Hank then grabs Hall's hand, sending him into the ropes Hank then catches Hall on the rebound scooping him up in his arms, Hank swings around, using the momentum to pull Hall up over his head for a Gorrila press slam, then slamming Hall back down to the mat with a loud thud as Hall's back crashes against the ring canvas. Hank then rebounds off the ropes hitting hall across the face with a leg drop. spinning around Hank hooks Hall's leg for the pin.

Zach Davis: First pinfall of the match, will it be enough?










Shannan Lerch: Joel Hall kicking out just in the nick of time!

Following the near fall, Hank Lane picks up Hall from the mat whipping him to the ropes. This time Hall side steps an attempted clothesline, Hall reaches back grabbing Hank's head, and takes a surprised Hank Lane down to the mat with a reverse neckbreaker.

Zach Davis: This match has been a pretty good back and forth between both men, makes you wonder who's going to come out with the win tonight.

Joel Hall quickly hits the ropes, nailing Hank with a vicious snap elbow. Hall does this two more times, Picking Hank back up, Hall whips Hank towards the ropes, rebounding off the opposite ropes himself, Hall knocks Lane back to the mat with an awesome spinning heel kick, Hall then quickly runs to the ropes, hopping onto the second strands, Hall springboards off of them with a belly splash, hooking a leg for the count

Shannan Lerch: Joel Hall with the cover...!




Zach Davis: Not good enough, Hank kicks out!

Joel Hall is up, quickly hitting the ropes, Hall executes a quick tuck and roll, as he comes out of the roll he throws himself into the air, crashing down on Hank Lane with a rolling thunder senton splash, ignoring the pain he himself received from the move, Hall tucks an arm under one of Hank's leg hooking it for the pin.





Hank throws up a shoulder. Hall shakes his head believing he had the three count, not getting discouraged he grabs a handfull of Hank's hair, the ref quickly slaps his hand warning Hall against hair pulling.

Zach Davis: Wow, Joel Hall is getting pretty nasty there with the hair, he really thought he had that match in his hands.

Shannan Lerch: Meh, I've been part of more exciting hair-pulling fights. Sexier ones, at that.

Momentarily distracted, Hank catches Hall by surprise as he braces himself on his heels, then quickly jumps up, slamming the top of his head into Joel Halls jaw, the fans cringe as the crack of bone meeting bone can be heard throughout the whole arena, Hall quickly grabs his jaw screaming out with a mixture of shock and pain, Hank takes the quick advantage nailing Hall with several knife edge Chops, which elicites a round of WHOOO's from the crowd each time.

Zach Davis: Hank Lane taking this crowd back to the old-school apparently.

Shannan Lerch: News flash Hank, the 80s ended lke thirty years ago, knock it off with the whoos.

Zach Davis: That's...awfully mean of you to say.

Shannan Lerch: I'm on my period, shut up.

Forcing Hall into the ropes, Hank grabs a wrist, irish whipping Hall into the opposing ropes, on the rebound Hank catches Hall in his arms, wrapping one arm around the back of the head, the other arm hooks a leg, using Hall's momentum Hank whips Hall over his head with a stunning T-Bone suplex, Hank grabs a leg as he quickly scrambles into the cover.










Zach Davis: Damn that was close!

Calculating and measuring his next move carefully Lane waits, forcing Hall to use his own energy to pull himself back to his feet along the ropes. Taking even more fight out of Hall, Hank rushes towards him nailing him right in the gut with a hard knee. following that up with an Irish whip, Hank sends Hall crashing to the canvas face first this time with a drop toe hold.

Zach Davis: Y-owch! Hank brought Joel crashing down with that move, this doesn't look good for Joel right here!

Hank then looks to finish his opponent off and applies a Boston crab. The ref asks Hall if he wants to submit, Hall violently shakes his head no, mustering every bit of strength he can muster, Joel slowly crawls to the ropes, desperately reaching out for them.

Zach Davis: C'mon Joel, you can do it! We believe in you!

Shannan Lerch: Sometimes I swear you're a seven year old in an adult body. Seriously.

Hank Lane leans back even further, cranking on the leg adding even more pressure to Hall's back, Hall screams in pain, but shakes his head no again when the ref asks if he wants to stop the match. Hall guts another couple of inches, missing the rope on his first try, then desperately lifting his whole body up, with the entire weight of Hank Lane on top of him, and shoves himself just close enough to finally grab the bottom strand, the ref hops over to Hank Lane demanding he release the hold. Hank just stares at the ref with a sinister smile on his face shaking his head no, the ref warns him again as Hall is screaming to get Hank off of him The ref begins the five count, but Hank decides enough damage has been done and releases on one.

Zach Davis: Dude...Joel looks REALLY hurt from that boston crab Hank put on him!

Shannan Lerch: Yup, this could be it for the crazy dude.

Hank Lane struts to the center of the ring, running his has over his body showing off to the crowd, who reply to the show of arrogance with a throng of boo's and cursing, Hank Lane just shrugs it off.

Shannan Lerch: Eww, put a shirt on Fabio, no one wants to see that!

Zach Davis: The sight of Hank Lane's bare chest is the number one reason most men in America are straight. Fun fact.

Walking over to Joel Hall, his arrogance growing by the minute, he casually picks Hall up. Pressing Hall against the ropes, Hank further punishes Hall with several more knife edge chops, the fans once again follow each chop with the trademark Ric Flair WHOOO!! smiling cockily, Hank Lane irish whips Hall to the ropes, Hall swiftly twists his body, spinning to the side, reversing the momentum tossing a shocked Hank lane into the ropes instead, on the rebound Hank is met with a frankenstiener, Hall doesn't stop there, the momentum of the move rocks Hank Lane into a sitting position, Hall runs to the ropes, passing Hank as he rebounds against the opposite ropes gaining even more momentum, hitting Hank with such a thunderous shin kick to Lane's chest that the pop almost echos throughout the arena, making the crowd cringe as Hank screams out in pain.

Zach Davis: Holy shit! Joel has gone right back onto the offensive, completely out of nowhere!

Quickly stepping between the ropes, Hall grabs tight to the top ropes, as Hank slowly fights his way to his feet. Joel Hall leans down, using the the ropes to springboard towards Hank, Hank is able to quickly react, grabbing Hall right out of the air, he laughs, lifting Hall up then slamming him ribs first onto his knee.

Shannan Lerch: and yet the offensive isn't to last, as Hank grabs the momentum right from Joel's clutches.

Hank take a few steps around the ring, mocking Hall, the lifts him up to slam his ribs back onto his knee again. Hank Smiles at the crowd, then leans down, pulling Hall up tossing Hall over his head, Hall crashes back first onto the mat. Hank quickly heads towards the nearest turnbuckle, climbing to the second buckle, Hank leaps off crashing leg first across Hall's throat, Hall grabs at his throat gasping for air, as Hank grans both legs to secure the pin.

Zach Davis: This could be it!



Zach Davis: Yep, that's our match ladies and gents, Hank Lane picks up a hard fought victory against Joel Hall.

The ref raises Hanks hand in victory as the crowd bombards him with boos, as Joel Hall rolls on out the ring and into the back, holding his neck in pain. The show cuts to an ad.

Tek Segment

A FedEx delivery guy is shown backstage holding a package. He is walking around looking for somebody. He appears to be lost. He comes to a door and knocks on it.

Delivery Guy: Hello, anybody there?

The locker room door opens and it’s Waylon. Waylon who is getting ready for his own match looks at the delivery guy.

Waylon Cash: What’s up?

Delivery Guy: I’m sorry for the rudeness for getting you out of your zone but, this is for somebody named Tek you wouldn’t know by any chance where his locker room is?

Waylon Cash: Yeah, it’s just around the corner.

Delivery Guy: Thanks, so just this way?

Cash points the way to Tek’s locker room and the delivery guy starts to walk his way to the Tek’s locker room. Waylon is about to close his door and when he has a look of wanting to know what’s in the package and who its form. As the delivery guy turns the corner Waylon quietly goes after him. Cash is hiding around the corner when he hears the delivery guy knock at Tek’s locker room.

Delivery Guy: Hello, anybody there?

Door opens and Tek is there and he is smiling.

Tek: Hello good sir how can I help you?

Delivery Guy: I have a package for you.

The Delivery guy hands the package to Tek and he looks at it and it’s from.

Tek: Thanks.

The delivery guy walks away and Tek close the door while Cash moves the outside of the door. Tek looks at the package and then opens it and it’s Lycanus with tape over his mouth. On the tape it says “See you soon.” Tek looks puzzled by the message, but shows anger for seeing Lycanus,Cash still outside the door trying to hear what is going on, but can’t hear anything. The door opens and Cash goes down the hall where it’s dark. Tek comes out of the door and is ready for his match.

Tek: I don’t know who did this or sent this, but I will figure it out after my match.

Tek makes his way toward the curtain, Waylon comes out from the shadows.

Waylon Cash: Wonder what is going on?

Red River Coalition vs Tek/Steeltoe Joe vs Kief/Ryan Pugh

"Southern Renegade" by Moccasin Creek starts playing as Adam Young and Corey Moon start towards the ring in matching black "Red River Coalition" t-shirts. They high five each other and then turn towards the fans and give them a one bird salute. The fans are booing and hissing as they climb into the ring.

Zach Davis: And there go a couple of fools.

Shannan Lerch: HEY! That’s the Red River Coalition.

Zach Davis: I know.

Shannan Lerch: Respect.

“Orion” by Metallica hits. The Prophecy, Tek and Steeltoe Joe, emerge onto the stage, running down the ramp, and sliding into the ring. The audience cheers over them.

Zach Davis: Our former tag team champions here.

Sparkle and Shine by Econoline Crush. Kief comes out, the crowd cheers.

Shannan Lerch: Absolutely brilliant.

“The End of Heartache” by Killswitch Engage hits and Ryan Pugh comes out, runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. All tag teams have found their respective corners, with Steeltoe Joe, Pugh, and Adam Young deciding to start. Bell rings.

Zach Davis: Here we go!

Steeltoe Joe immediately goes on the attack, closelining Adam Young out of his boots. Not literally. Joe turns to Pugh and gets hit with a DDT. Ryan Pugh goes to work on Joe, kicking his downed body into the Misfits corner. Adam Young is back up, leaping into the air, grabbing Pugh by the neck and performing a neckbreaker.

Shannan Lerch: Ouch.

Kief reaches out from his corner and punches Adam Young in the back of his head. Young stumbles forward and gets rolled up by a now recovered Steeltoe Joe.

Zach Davis: Early pin here!



And Young kicks out. His partner, Corey Moon, halfway through the ropes and now sticking out his hand. Adam Young rushes over and tags Corey in. Steeltoe Joe also makes a tag, slapping hands with Tek. Ryan Pugh meets Tek, throwing a right. Tek blocks, hitting Pugh with a right, and another, and another. Pugh falls into the ropes, bounces off, comes forward and Tek hits front Russian legsweep. Moon runs towards Tek and gets his head knocked off with a spinning heel kick. Not literally.

Zach Davis: Tek cleaning house.

Shannan Lerch: He needs to clean MY house. Jonny Fly banged me dirty all over it this week. Made a mess.

Zach Davis: Huh?

Shannan Lerch: I said Jonny Fly banged me dirty al –

Zach Davis: BACK TO THE MATCH. Tek has Corey Moon in a boston crab!

Adam Young leaps over the ropes and dropkicks Tek in the face. Tek drops and the referee forces Young to get back into his corner. Pugh struggles to his feet, grabs Corey Moon as he is getting up, and nails a chokeslam! Kief rushes into the ring and elbow smashes Steeltoe Joe off the ropes, and then begins throwing rights at Young. Ryan Pugh pins Corey. The referee is too busy trying to break up Kief and Adam.

Shannan Lerch: Got ourselves a pinfall here, silly ref.

Realizing that he’s hurting his partner more than helping him right now, Kief rolls out of the ring and the referee finally counts the pin.



Thr –

Corey Moon kicks out! Ryan Pugh cusses under his breath, climbing to his feet, where Tek surprises him with a spike piledriver! Still hurting from that vicious dropkick earlier, Tek crawls to his corner while Steeltoe Joe reaches out his hand. Corey Moon crawls to his corner. Tek tags in Joe and Corey tags in Young! Adam Young and Steeltoe Joe begin brawling. Joe gains the upperhand, irish whipping Young into the ropes and hitting a belly to belly suplex. Adam bounces off the matt yet manages to scramble back onto his feet and amazingly hit Steeltoe Joe with a Redemption!

Zach Davis: Y’ouch!

Shannan Lerch: Y’ouch?

Steeltoe Joe’s head flies off. Not literally. Ryan Pugh is back onto his feet however, grabbing Adam Young from behind, and locking him into the Tazmission!

Zach Davis: This is it!

Tek flies into the ring and forearm smashes Ryan off of Adam. The referee forces Tek back into his corner. Adam Young stumbles forward, Ryan tags in Kief. Kief comes in, grabs Adam Young, and goes for the Fuck-a-Duck. Adam Young elbows the side of Kief’s face, he scrambles back, and Adam Young goes for another Redemption! Kief ducks the boot, Young spins around, and this time gets hit with a Fuck-a-Duck! He drops down onto Adam for the pin!



Corey Moon flies off the turnbuckle hitting an elbow drop on the back of Kief’s head splitting his skull into two! Not literally!

Zach Davis: Holy shit!

Moon goes back into his corner. Meanwhile, Steeltoe Joe is back in action. He grabs Kief and lifts him up into a Torture Rack.

Shannan Lerch: The Steel Mill!

Kief taps out!

Zach Davis: Prophecy picks up the victory here tonight!

Tek and Joe celebrate as we go to commercial.

Johnny Reb vs Famine of the Vile vs Stuart Slane

The house lights dim, and the intro to Lynnyrd Skynnyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" hits the speakers. Hushed anticipation falls over the crowd as a spotlight illuminates the stage. Johnny Reb steps out from behind the curtain. A cheer goes up from the audience at his appearance. As the he walks down the ramp, a cascade of sparks rains down on the stage. The Inveterate Confederate circles the ring, slapping hands with the fans at ringside. Johnny eschews the steps completely; he leaps onto the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckles, posing for the cheering crowd for a moment before he jumps down, ready for the match to begin.

The End of Heartache by Killswitch Engage begins to play as the lights in the arena begin to strobe. The entrance ramp fills with smoke as Famine makes his way out from the back. He walks forward and stops for a moment before continuing to walk down to the ring as the music continues to play. The crowd boos in unison as the Demon King continues to walk until he gets to the steel steps.

“Follow Me, Boys!” plays as Stu marches out from the back, silently mouthing the lyrics to his theme as he heads down the ramp. He does a circuit around the outside of the ring before climbing the steps and entering. After some last minute old timey calisthenics (Indian twists, deep knee bends, etc) The Scoutmaster goes his corner. He hands his hat and sash off to a WCF stagehand and assumes a fighting position.

Zach Davis: This is the single worst entrance song in WCF today.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah... have to agree there. Here we go!

Reb bursts into action, running at Famine and hitting him with a Dropkick. Famine stumbles into the corner and Reb starts stomping at him. Famine has soon had enough and shoves Reb away. Famine runs at him and goes for a Clothesline From Hell, but Reb ducks it and Famine hits the Scoutmaster!

Zach Davis: Stuart was in the wrong place at the wrong time there!

Famine turns around and is met with a Facebreaker DDT from Johnny Reb! Reb quickly pins him.



No, Famine easily kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Famine isn't worn down enough yet, but Reb did force him to use some energy there.

Reb runs to the ropes and Springboards as Famine is getting up, taking him back down with a Bulldog! As Reb stands, he turns to survey his surroundings and see where the Scoutmaster is... and as he does, Slane hits him with a Running Lifting Spear, dropping him into a Spinebuster!

Zach Davis: Lanzarse! The Scoutmaster out of nowhere!

Slane picks Famine up and throws him out of the ring before stomping on Reb a few times. He then picks Reb up and latches him in a Half Nelson...

Shannan Lerch: He's going for the Scoutmaster Slam here!

He picks him up for the Olympic Slam portion of it, but Reb slips away and reverses it into an Arm Drag! Both men are up and Scoutmaster takes Reb right back down with a huge Lariat.

Zach Davis: Good counter by Reb, but Slane's strength is just too much to handle at the moment.

Scoutmaster stands up as Famine rolls back into the ring. Slane goes to Clothesline him down but Famine ducks it, grabs Slane by the throat, and hits a Two Handed Chokeslam!

Shannan Lerch: Damn! What strength shown by Famine!

Famine performs the sitout variation, resulting in a pin.



No! Reb breaks it up with a Dropkick to Famine's face! Famine rolls away and as he stands, disoriented, Reb rolls him up in a Magistral Cradle!



No, Famine breaks out of it. Reb runs at him and Dropkicks him out of the ring, turning his attention to Slane. Reb runs, Springboards, and hits him with a Springboard Neckbreaker. Slane is down as Reb quickly jumps to the top.

Zach Davis: Reb going high risk!

As the Scoutmaster stumbles up once more, Reb hits a Corkscrew Shooting Star DDT!

Shannan Lerch: SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL! This has to be it!

Reb pins Slane, hooking the leg.



NO! Famine is in and he breaks it up!

Zach Davis: Reb would've had it right there!, if it wasn't for Famine of the Vile.

Sensing how close he came to losing the match, Famine only becomes more vicious. He kicks Reb in the midsection several times before pulling him in and lifting him up with a big Jackknife Powerbomb. Reb hits the mat hard and Famine shoves him out of the ring with his foot. He then turns to Slane, who is still holding his head from the Saturday Night Special as he stumbles up. Famine grabs him from behind...

Shannan Lerch: He's going for the Hellseeker! If he hits this it's over for sure!

Famine goes for the move, but Slane escapes it and takes Famine down with a Hangman's Neckbreaker! Famine rolls out of the ring holding his head, but Slane turns around as Johnny Reb Springboards into the ring!

Zach Davis: Here comes Reb!

As Reb is flying into the ring, Slane grabs him and takes him down with a modified Scoutmaster Slam! Slane drops on top of Reb, hooking the leg.




Shannan Lerch: I don't believe it!

Zach Davis: Stuart Slane picks up a victory here tonight!

Slane stands up and grabs his Internet Title from the referee before quickly exiting the ring and heading up the ramp. Famine looks at Reb angrily in the ring.

"Sarah Twilight"/Steve Orbit Segment 2

The tron once more brings forth a feed. Sarah Twilight is outside of Steve Orbit's locker room with a dozen roses and a bottle of lubrication. He knocks hoping that Steve answers. When there is no response, she leans in, pressing her ear against the door... a female voice, maybe more than one, giggles inside the room. Sarah knocks again. We hear Orbit's voice answering from inside the room.

Steve Orbit: Whoever it is, go away! I'm busy with my uh... pre-match ritual.

Orbit is heard laughing, and then letting out a pleasurable sigh. Sarah waits outside the door for a moment, and then knocks again.

Steve Orbit: God dammit-- this better be important.

The door opens. Two young, giggly girls emerge from the room, fixing their clothes in a hurry. Sarah blocks their path.

Sarah Twilight: Excuse me... what are you doing in there with MY man?

The girls look Sarah Twilight up and down, and laugh with each other.

One of the Girls: Your man?

Other girl: Bitch, YOU look like a man.

The girls laugh it off and bump into Sarah as they walk by... Sarah turns around, lets out a scream of rage, and grabs the girls, banging their heads together. The two young girls turn around, only to be double clotheslined into the wall, knocking them both to the ground, unconscious. Orbit appears in the doorway, dressed in his ring gear.

Steve Orbit: YOU?

Sarah presents Steve with the flowers, and a big smile.

Sarah Twilight: I couldn't wait to see you again.

Steve Orbit: You know how much money it cost to fix what you fucked up at the Spa? You owe me four grand, mother fucker. I don't know what you tryin' to do, but you need to snap the fuck out of it. I ain't got time to play games with you.

Orbit goes to slam the door, but Sarah grabs it, holding it open. Orbit resists, but soon realizes he's not getting out of this that easy.

Steve Orbit: What the fuck do you want from me?

Sarah puts her hands on Orbit's chest.

Sarah Twilight: I've already told you... I want YOU, Steve.

Orbit rips Sarah's hands off his chest, and shoves him back.

Steve Orbit: I don't do chicks with dicks, homie. You havin' a breakdown or somethin', and it's freakin' me out. Can you just excuse me, I need to get ready for my match.

Orbit turns around to head back into his locker room, but Sarah grabs his shoulder.

Steve Orbit: I said leave me alone, mother fucker.

Orbit tries to shrug him off, but he won't let go of his shoulder. Orbit closes his eyes and takes a deep breath... he then turns around, cocks back his right hand, and hits one HELL of a back slap across Sarah's face, knocking his head back.

Sarah Twilight: Mmmmm...

Sarah's lip is slightly busted open. He runs his tongue across his bloodied lips... suddenly, his eyes get wide with excitement.

Sarah Twilight: I love it. Do it again.

Orbit is beginning to lose his cool. He cocks his arm back and smacks Sarah again, with all of his might, this time following it with the signature jawbreaker completing the Pimp Slap. This is enough to daze Sarah-- he stumbles back until he hits the wall, and then slumps down, smiling.

Sarah Twilight: I'm gonna get you...

Sarah begins to laugh at the bizarre game they are playing. Orbit turns around and walks back into his locker room, slamming the door, and we hear the lock turn. Fade out.

Television Title Match
Ophelia Pain vs Eric Price

Ophelia Pain's theme plays as she steps out onto the stage and smiles out at everyone before doing a front handspring and proceeding to prance her way down to the ring. She slides under the bottom rope, quickly rises up to her knees and screams at the top of her lungs. She hops up, thrusts the horns into the air with another scream, and begins hopping around as her music stops.

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the WCF TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP! First, the challenger... weighing in at 138 pounds and hailing from Lima, Ohio... OPHELIA PAIN!

Zach Davis: What a match this should be, Shannan - Ophelia Pain's first title shot in the Wrestling Championship Federation, and against noted woman-hater Eric Price!

Shannan Lerch: How could you say he 'hates women', Zach? Especially after his 'relationship' with Kari Kendall...

Zach Davis: What relationship? He practically forced himself on her!

Shannan Lerch: Look, all I'm saying here is he's pinched my ass several times. Definitely not a gay dude.

"Longhorn" begins playing over the PA as the crowd boo loudly. Gold lights begin flashing all over the arena... as soon as Eric Price walks out, a gold spotlight shines on him as he makes his way to the ring at a jovial pace. As he goes to each side of the audience and slaps hands with them, some shout or even spit at him. He steps in the ring using the steps and walks into the ring as he stands in the center of it looking around at the audience, pointing to the audience as he walks to a corner in the ring and smiles at the audience.

Kyle Steel: And her opponent, weighing in at 250 lbs and hailing from Pacific Palisades, California... he is the WCF TELEVISION CHAMPION... ERIC PRICE!!!

Zach Davis: I'm not saying he's gay, Shannan, I'm saying he's one of the worst examples of a man in a company full of... well, terrible examples of men.

Shannan Lerch: You can say that again, Zach- he's no Jonny Fly, that's for sure.

Zach Davis: ...ugh. I give up.


Eric Price laughs as he offers Ophelia Pain a handshake. She responds rather simply by slapping Price in the face, then hitting him with a flip dropkick which knocks him against the ropes. Ophelia charges the Television Champion and gets a rather low punch for her trouble... Eric Price rakes her eyes across the top rope, drawing a warning from Referee Zip Wingdinger for his actions.

Zach Davis: See, this is exactly what I'm talking about- Price went straight for the low blow and raked her eyes! He's got her outweighed by over a hundred pounds... why play dirty like that?

Shannan Lerch: Some guys like it dirty, Zach. Me? I go both ways.

Zach Davis: No comment.

Price tosses Ophelia Pain over his shoulder to the mat with a snapmare, then bounces off the ropes and hits her in the side of the head with a brutal mafia kick, knocking her to the mat. The TV champ draws a second warning from the referee for dragging the challenger up by her hair... Price whips her to the ropes, tossing her up into the air and nailing her with a european uppercut as she falls to the mat.

Zach Davis: What power by the Television Champion!

Shannan Lerch: Man, I haven't gotten tossed around by a guy like that since... two, three o'clock.

Eric Price reaches down, beginning to put Ophelia into a cross-face type submission... she smartly throws back her head as hard as she can, butting the Television Champion right in his nose (which begins to bleed a bit). She rolls over, booting him in the groin as she does so... quickly, 'Miss Murder' stands and sweeps Price's leg, falling chest-first onto the champ's face in one quick motion.

Zach Davis: Not sure what you call that, but... it's a cover! 1...2...Price kicks out at 2!

Shannan Lerch: Who kicks out of a face full of titties? ...maybe he IS gay after all, Zach.

Price stands, the two lock up- Pain quickly tosses him over with a monkey flip. As Price stands, Pain bounces off the ropes and nails the Television Champion with a running hip attack (actually more of a 'running butt attack', but whatever). She begins to bend Price's legs at the knees, sitting on his feet... as she attempts to cross his arms in a 'straitjacket', Price simply pulls her over his head and Ophelia takes the mat in the chin. Price hops up, scooping the much smaller woman over one shoulder and spiking her with a piledriver. Cover- 2 count.

Zach Davis: Tremendous impact on the scoop piledriver by the TV Champ there- cover! 1...2...no! Miss Murder kicks out at 2! You've got to respect the resilience of this lady challenger here tonight, Shannan-

Shannan Lerch: What? So she can take a beating from a dude while she's half-naked. Been there... done that.

Price whips Pain into the turnbuckles- Ophelia Pain reverses, and Eric Price flies into the corner at top speed. Ophelia chases, flying in and nailing Price with a cannonball senton. She takes a bow for the crowd; the audience appreciates the view, quite vocally. Before she turns, she is caught from behind by Price who drives her to the mat with a bulldog. As she stands, Eric Price swings with a right hand- fakes with the right, actually, then slaps her with his left hand and twists her head around with the impact. He winds up for another slap, still bleeding from the nose... Ophelia Pain grabs him, locking lips with the Television Champ!

Shannan Lerch: See? That's a move right out of my playbook-

Zach Davis: What in the hell are we seeing happen here tonight on Slam? Has Eric Price somehow charmed this lady challenger with his...uh, ways?

Surprised, Price wipes the blood and saliva from his mouth... Ophelia snatches his throat, spinning him around into a strangling neckbreaker. Cover- 2 count.

Zach Davis: I guess not! Lateral press by the challenger- 1...2...NO, Kickout by Price!

Shannan Lerch: She came close that time, Zach- that kiss musta surprised Price more than an IRS audit!

Pain helps Price up by his hair- the referee begins to give her warning, but excuses himself. She attempts a 'flying' snapmare (that's by the hair, y'all) but instead finds Price harder to throw than expected... as he recovers, Price grabs Pain by the neck and flips her around at lightning speed, driving her to the mat with an inverted neckbreaker slam ("Reversal Of Fortune").

Zach Davis: What a move- Price just swung Pain around with that 'Reversal of Fortune', and swung the momentum of the whole contest back in his favor!



3! He got her!

Kyle Steel: Your winner of the match and STILL WCF TELEVISION CHAMPION... ERIC PRICE!

Shannan Lerch: Don't feel too bad, Miss Murder- some fellas don't even take three seconds to finish.

Zach Davis: A surprisingly hard-fought victory for Eric Price here on Slam, seemingly snatching victory from out of nowhere.

Shannan Lerch: Whether we like it or not, Zach, this new girl is making an impact here in WCF...

Zach Davis: ...how could you NOT like it?

Shannan Lerch: Uh, hello! This skank's stealing all my attention-whore thunder.

Zach Davis: ...and on that note... back with more after this!

Waylon Cash/Tek Segment

He opening trumpet riff of “White Trash Renegade” plays over the P.A., as Waylon Cash walks out onto the entrance ramp. He doesn't dance, or smile this time. Instead, he simply walks down to the ring, and grabs a microphone.

Waylon Cash: Cut the music! This is serious. I have a job to do right now, and I'd like to get right to it. Tek, I want you to come out here. I got somethin' I gotta say.[/color]

Tek's music begins to play, and hesitantly, Tek steps out onto the entrance ramp. He doesn't get any closer though, he only stands there.

Waylon Cash: Tek! I saw somethin' last week that bothered me. I think you're losin' your mind, boy. That mask has got you all confused. You're talkin' to it like it's a person, you're not actin' like yourself. You ain't the same Tek no more, and it's all because of that damn mask!

Tek holds his arms out at his sides, as if to say “What's your point?”

Waylon Cash: I want it, Tek. I want you to give me your mask. I want you to save yourself, by handin' it to me, and walkin' away.

Tek cocks his head to the side, contemplating Waylon's point.

Shannan Lerch: Is Tek seriously considering giving up his mask?

Waylon Cash: Come on, man! I don't wanna see you end up like that freak, Logan. Gimme the mask!

Tek runs his hands over the mask, and slowly removes it from his face. Suddenly, he freaks out, and puts it back on his face, before running back behind the curtain.

Zach Davis: Well, clearly Tek is confused, but I'm not sure why Waylon is getting involved.

Waylon shakes his head, before raising the mic to his lips one more time.

Waylon Cash: this is for your own good, Tek. If you ain't gonna give me that mask, Imma come and take it.

Waylon slowly climbs out of the ring, as the fans are unsure of how to react.

Shannan Lerch: This is a very strange situation. I'm not sure what to think.

Hardcore Title Match
Johnny Stylez vs Roy Speede

~*~ 4:19 ~*~
-Flashes over the titantron, as green smoke begins to fill the entry way. The arena goes completely black…and then

-Looking Back At Me-
-I See That I Never Really Got It Right-
- I Never Stopped To Think Of You-
-I’m Always Wrapped Up In Things I Cannot Win-
-You Are The Antidote That Gets Me By-
- Something Strong Like A Drug That Gets Me-

Cold by Crossfade plays over the loud speaker as out struts the Paragona of Americana , LA Johnny Stylez. Stylez moves with the rhythm of the music while yelling at the crowd. Naturally Stylez is met with a course of boos so loud that it almost shakes the arena. Stylez is dressed in a pair of baggy cargo pants and he is wearing a P.o.P T-shirt Outsider's style. On the front of the shirt is P.o.P in white bold letters with (Players of Perfection) written in captions. Stylez is wearing a pair of silver oakleys and he has a cigarette hanging from his lips. After dancing to his music and taunting the fans, Stylez makes his way down the ramp.

-What I Really Meant To Say-
-Is That I’m Sorry For The Way-
-I AM-
-NeVeR MeAnT To Be-
-So Cold-

Stylez arrogantly struts to the ring, stopping to blow smoke in the face of a few fans sitting front row. Stylez then puts his cigarette out, and slides in the ring on his stomach. He then shoots up and immeadily begins talking trash to the fans, who are letting him have it. Stylez walks up to the ring announcer and playfully slaps them over the head a few times, before walking over to the turnbuckle and laying across it pretending to fall asleep as he awaits his opponent.

Zach Davis: Aanndd here is Johnny Stylez!

Shannan Lerch: When he came in with Hunter Valentyne and the like, a lot of people didn't think they'd last long. But Stylez has proven the haters wrong, and the Misfits are looking to become a force to be reckoned with.

Zach Davis: And tonight he's getting a Hardcore Title shot!

Shannan Lerch: Earlier tonight we saw Roy Speede align himself once again with FPV... what a shock that was!

Instead of Roy Speede's music playing, however, Seth's music hits.

Zach Davis: Oh great.

Seth Lerch steps out with a mic and Stylez's face instantly sours.

Seth Lerch: Well, well, well. If it isn't Johnny Stylez. Fancy meeting you here.

Johnny Stylez: No shit Sherlock, I'm here for my Hardcore Title match!

Seth Lerch: Yeah, the thing about that? Not happening. Giving you this match was a mistake. I was drinking a little - something you know a lot about, I'm sure - and wasn't thinking straight. You're not gonna get another Title shot without earning it first!

Johnny Stylez: Oh yeah!? I'll beat anyone you put in front of me and you know it, as long as none of your crooked referees screw me over again! Face it Lerch, you've been scared of me ever since I came into this company and you've been holding me down this entire time!

Seth Lerch: AFRAID of you? No. Ashamed that I hired a bunch of pill poppers and drug addicts? Yeah. Either way, tonight's match isn't happening, so you might as well start thinking about preparing for next week.

Seth leaves the arena, leaving Stylez in the ring, pissed.

Zach Davis: And once again, Johnny Stylez has been screwed.

Oblivion vs Tommy Kain vs Waylon Cash vs "Sarah Twilight"

Zach Davis: It's time for that match, no one wants to watch, but cannot stop talking about. The four corners bout between three former WCF World Champions and Tommy Kain.

Shannan Lerch: That's right, Zach. We have WCF's resident mental head-case facing off against that pot smokin' cousin screwin' hillbilly from Hell, another delusional basket case that is formally known as Logan, which now wants to be known as "Sarah Twilight".

Zach Davis: By looking at Lo-... er- "Sarah Twilight" you can quite tell it's a man in drag. But, you wouldn't known it, if you asked "Sarah Twilight". Completely unaware of "their" completely hideous <shudders> "visual display."

Shannan Lerch: Yea, who would of thunk it... Logan looks bad in drag.

The lights in the arena shut down and remain disabled blacking out everyone’s vision. Elena Siegman’s “The One” eerie piano introduction creeps out onto the speakers.

Zach Davis: Speaking of... here comes the delightful "Sarah Twilight"...

A spotlight centers onto the stage highlighting Sarah Twilight who has just emerged. He stands there long enough to joyfully inhale the hatred filling the arena air.

Kyle Steel: From Chesapeake, Virginia... weighing in at 240 pounds... THIS IS.... SARAH TWI-I-ILIGHT!!

Pyros launch themselves down the stage line and explode white sparks above. Sarah begins walking down the ramp and through the thick echoes of booing. He enters the ring in an almost cocky proud fashion, centering himself in the middle while pyros shoot from all four posts and light his self-absorbed poses.

Shannan Lerch: I don't care... You see a hideous replication of Sarah Twilight, but you can STILL sense Logan. The cockiness is STILL there. No matter what anyone else says or thinks.

"Still Counting" by Volbeat begins to play...

Zach Davis: Here comes Tommy Kain.

Shannan Lerch: Who?

Zach Davis: Not funny, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: Freakin' hilarious!

Tommy Kain makes his way down to the ring with a signature bottle of Evan Williams. He gives the crowd a smirk that just screams, "Damn I know I'm better than you."

Kyle Steel: From Indianapolis, Indiana... weighing in at 228 pounds... TO-O-O-OMYY-Y-Y KAI-AI-AIN-NN-N-N!!

Finally making his way to the ring, Tommy Kain slides under the bottom rope. Kain ends up sitting in one of the corners taking a drink or two from his pre-match bottle of booze.

Zach Davis: While Mr. Kain is enjoying his pre-match beverage, we sill are waiting on our next match participant.

The opening trumpet riff of "White Trash Renegade" by Big B blares over the PA systems as red and orange strobe lights flash. Suddenly the strobes stop, and Waylon Cash comes running out onto the entrance ramp.

Shannan Lerch: I think I smell weed.

Zach Davis: That could only mean one thing... The "Hellbilly" is about to make his presence.

Kyle Steel: From Macon, Georgia and weighs 230 pounds... The "Hellbilly"Way-ay-aylo-o-on Ca-a-a-ash!!

Cash runs back and forth, illiciting cheers from the crowd on either side before dancing his way towards the ring, Roxxanne Savage following behind him. Sliding under the bottom rope, Waylon helps his manager in, before running and jumping onto the second turnbuckle. He raises his fist high in the air, soaking up the cheering of the fans.

Zach Davis: That leaves only one left...

Shannan speaks in a sarcastic tone...

Shannan Lerch: Oh... goody-goody.

The house lights go out, as lighter colored lights come on. The multiple cameras pan around a jam packed WCF Arena. The fans are holding up various signs. The atmosphere is explosive and some of the crowd is cheering. While, the rest, of the crowd are booing...

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 305 pounds, from the deepest, darkest part of a sick man's psyche...... O-O-O-OBLI-I-IVI-I-I-I-O-O-O-O-NN-N-NN-N!!!

Zach Davis: This highly anticipated match=up of complete misfits is about to start.

The house lights go out. The crowd begins to murmur.

Shannan Lerch: What the Hell?!

Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lazers begin to flash. Two bright spotlights hit the entrance stage.

Zach Davis: I'm still amazed how quickly the crew sets that up!!

Shannan Lerch: I... I... I have... Apparently I can't talk! One minute someone walks down the entrance ramp, then POO-OOF! Oblivion's freakish material appears. After all these years, Oblivion STILL freaks me out!! I thought Greenfever grossed me out, but Oblivion CREEPS... ME.... OUT!! I STILL don't believe Oblivion has found religion. I DON'T TRUST OBLIVION!!

There are winged angel statues, one on each of the two front corners, of the entrance stage. Down the ramp, on both sides are winged angel statues, several feet apart. In between the statues are standing lit candles. From the entrance stage and down the ramp is a red carpet.

Zach Davis: Look at all this!! This is amazing!! Angel statues?! Standing candles?! A red carpet?!

Shannan Lerch: Here comes Oblivion.

Then right about the time, everyone's curiosity is at a fever pitch, a dubstep mashup of Gregorian Chant by the Benedict Monks and Oblivion by Mastadon begins to play. Fog begins to roll out onto the entrance stage and down the ramp.

I flew beyond the sun before it was time
Burning all the gold that held me inside my shell
Waiting for you to pull me back in
I almost had the world in my sight
Lost love, bright eyes fading
Faster than stars falling
How can I tell you that I've failed
Tell you I failed...

Falling from grace cause I've been away too long
Leaving you behind with my lonesome song


Zach Davis: After a couple of weeks, I'm still not getting used to this "NEW" Oblivion. This new entrance and this new music. This whole thing freaks me out!!

Shannan Lerch: Calm down Zach!! Like I said last week... QUIT BEING SUCH A BABY!!

Several Gathering members slowly walk out in monk robes... chanting. Mini Oblivion is carrying something in gold, by a thick gold chain. Some kind of thick mist is seeping out of it. Mini Oblivion is gently moving it, as it slowly moves and bounces around, causing the thick smoke to flow out of the gold canister. The Gathering, with their hooded heads down continues to chant. Slightly bouncing behind them are The Vixens, who are dressed in a sexier modified version of what Catholic Nuns wear. They to have their heads down and their hands in a prayer manner.

Zach Davis: This whole "religious" experience with Oblivion is giving me the heebie-jeebies. Something doesn't feel right about this!!

The lighter colored lights begin to flicker, which causes everyone to look around, that includes Zach Davis and Shannan Lerch. The Gathering, in their monk robes, are on the outside, of the ring standing near the four corners, of the ring. The Vixens in their "Nun Habits" are kneeling ringside with their hands in a prayer position.

Zach Davis: I STILL hope, Oblivion doesn't end up as a false prophet.

Then the Arena slightly shakes, as the sound of thunder rumbles.


Zach Davis: BAH!! This is all a hoax!! I don't believe for one moment that Oblivion has gone religious!!

Lightning strike the corners corners, of the ring. The loud sounds made everyone jump out of their seats. Some, of the people are scared out of their minds.

Zach Davis: Holy....

Shannan Lerch: You see, Zach. Do you believe, now?

Zach Davis: ....

The lights flicker then... POP!! The lighter colored lights go out!!

Shannan Lerch: NO!! NO!! NO-O-O-O!!

The lights flicker, then come back on. In the center of the ring, is Oblivion. Standing behind Oblivion are the three large men in dark hooded robes. The Gathering are kneeling one knee, as they pay homage to Oblivion. The Vixens are still kneeling, but are now praying feverishly.

The music continues to thrash out from the Arena's speakers, as the entire The Church of the Dark Saints come walking out. Some of the crowd cheers, as some of the others are booing. Famine of the Vile, Zombie McMorris, Nathan Von Leibert, Synn and the "Crimson Prophet" Andrew Warhawk slowly walk out. As the crowd that were cheering, explodes with cheers. As for those who were booing are now booing louder to compete with the cheering.

Zach Davis: The WCF Arena is defiantly divided tonight!

Shannnan Lerch: They sure are!!

As The Bishops and The Crimson Prophet continue their walking, Oblivion slowly walks out. The WCF Arena shakes with thunderous cheers and boos!! The boos are slightly louder. Oblivion makes IT's way down the entrance ramp and towards the ring. Along with the Vixens and The Gathering, the rest of The Dark Church stand at the outside of the ring.

Zach Davis: Shannan, you remember when before Oblivion came and Ace slaughter was acting all weird, he had a large group of misfits wrestlers with HIM, as well. I think they were called The slaughter society. then, when Oblivion took over they were The Society.

Shannan Lerch: Yea, I can remember that!!

Oblivion makes IT's way inside the ring. As Tommy Kain finished his drink, he tosses the bottle out of the ring. The rest of The Church of the Dark Saints have their heads down and their hands in a prayer position, referee Stanley Moser pokes his head in between the ropes and says...

Stanley Moser: You fellas can stay here, but you better not get involved in the match or I'll have yer asses tossed out of here!!

Zach Davis: I guess Stanley Moser told them!!

Oblivion takes off IT's ceremonial robe and folds it neatly and hands it to Andy Warhawk.

Shannan Lerch: I guess we can get this match underway.


All four men slowly circle the ring. With his blood-shot eyes Waylon Cash looks around the ring. Oblivion stares coldly at the other three match participants. Tommy Kain charges at Oblivion, as Waylon Cash and "Sarah Twilight" continue to stare at each other. kain proceeds to stomp and chop at Oblivion, but The monster just stand there looking at Kain.

Crowd: Ouu-u-u-u!!

Zach Davis: Already I think Tommy Kain is in major T.R.O.U.B.L.E., if you know what I mean, Shannan?

Shannan Lerch: Well, at least, I know you can spell, because Tommy Kain is going to be in some major deep you know what in a about a sec-...


Shannan Lerch: ...-ond. As I was speaking Oblivion just unloaded on Tommy Kain with a major right fist, to the side of Kain's head, knocking him down, in the process.

Oblivion grabs a top ring rope and proceeds to stomp down onto Tommy Kain. Waylon Cash squints at Sarah Twilight, as if trying to figure out what he is looking at.


Sarah Twilight slaps The Hellbilly.

Sarah Twilight: SHUT UP!!

The crowd boos loudly.

Waylon Cash takes a wild swing at Twilight, but the vicious "redhead" stomps Cash in his mid-section, nails him with an European Uppercut, then a fore-arm smash, then finally finishing off the barrage of quick action strikes, with a enziguri.

Zach Davis: That knocks down Waylon Cash down to one knee!

As Cash remains disoriented, Twilight walks over to grab for Cash...


Shannan Lerch: Cash pops the hideous Sarah Twilight in the mid-section...


Crowd: WHOA!!

Zach Davis: A quick snap DDT!!

On the opposite side, of the ring, Oblivion continues to stomp down onto Tommy Kain. the Monster drops down onto IT's knees to grab the throat of Tommy Kain as IT's screams out...


Oblivion proceeds to grab at a random spot on Tommy Kain's face and proceeds to pound down on it, as Kain winces in pain. Kain grabs Oblivion by the waist of IT's short and toss him head first into the middle turnbuckle. Kain grabs Oblivion and tosses into the ropes.

Zach Davis: Oblivion gets tossed into the ropes...


Shannan Lerch: Shoulder Block!! Kain down!!

Oblivion looks down at Kain and then bolts off to bounce off the ropes. Kain readjust himself and lays down, on his stomach, as Oblivion hops over and bounces off the ropes, once again. Oblivion charges at Tommy Kain, but Kain leapfrogs over Oblivion. The Monster continues too bounce off the ropes, at the other end,. of the ring. Kain bounces off the ropes. As Oblivion comes barreling in, Kain jumps up and...


Zach Davis: Heel kick to the face. The big bad Monster is down.

Shannan Lerch: Tommy Kain takes no time whatsoever to run over to the corner and gets up to the second turnbuckle...


Zach Davis: A stiff elbow onto Oblivion.

Shannan Lerch: Kain is going for the pin!!

Crowd: O-...

Zach Davis: Not even a single one count.


Oblivion throws off Tommy Kain, completely tossing him a couple of feet away. Waylon Cash grabs a hold of Sarah Twilight and throws him into the ropes...


Shannan Lerch: High dropkick!

Twilight quickly gets up. Twilight and Cash quickly charge at each other...



Sarah Twilight quickly stands up and runs at Waylon Cash...


Cash executes a drop toe hold on Sarah Twilight, but Twilight lands face first onto the second turnbuckle. Twilight leans against the corner, Cash rushes towards Twilight...


Shannan Lerch: The Hellbilly misses the shoulder block and crashes into the corner.

Cash bounces back...


Zach Davis: Evenflow DDT by Sarah Twilight!!

Shannan Lerch: Twilight is going for the pin...

Stanley Moser slides into position.

Crowd: ONE!

Crowd: TWO!!

Zach Davis: That's two!! Sarah Twilight has this one in the bag!!

Crowd: THREE-EE...


Crowd: NO!!

Shannan Lerch: Both Oblivion and Tommy Kain jumped on Twilight, breaking up the three count.

Tommy Kain pleased with themselves, extends his hand out to Oblivion. The crowd is confused and is shocked as oblivion extends out IT's hand.

Zach Davis: WHAT?!? NO WAY!! OBLIVION SHAKING HANDS?! That monster is gonna tear it off and feed it to IT's "Children"!!

Tommy Kain goes for the handshake...


Shannan Lerch: Oblivion just nailed Tommy Kain with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!!


Zach Davis: Sarah Twilight just nailed an enziguiri to the back of Oblivion's head.

The Monster drops to one knee. Waylon Cash runs towards Oblivion...


Shannan Lerch: RUNNING CALF KICK!!


Zach Davis: Sarah Twilight just grabbed Waylon Cash and tossed him over the top rope!!

Waylon Cash hits hard on the outside, of the ring, just a few feet away from the commentary table. Twilight leaves the ring, but is near the corner, standing on the ring apron. Twilight runs and slightly twists and lands on Cash. That gets the crowd going...


Twilight yells back at the crowd...

Sarah Twilight: SHUT UP!!


Zach Davis: While Sarah Twilight and Waylon Cash are in front of us, Oblivion and Tommy Kain are fighting tooth and nail, in the center of the ring!!

Oblivion nails a knee in the stomach, of Tommy Kain...


Oblivion nails another knee to the mid-section, of Tommy Kain. The Monster tosses Kain into the ropes...


Shannan Lerch: A VERY high back body drop!!

Zach Davis: Tommy Kain could of kissed the ceiling with that back body drop!!


Shannan Lerch: Oblivion misses with that elbow drop!!


Zach Davis: The Monster misses with another elbow drop. As Oblivion begins to stand, Tommy Kain was already standing and...


Shannan Lerch: A belly to belly suplex on the big bad Oblivion!!

Zach Davis: Sarcasm is not one of your great points, Shannan!!

Shannan Lerch: Shut up, Zach!!

As Kain proceeds to approach Oblivion, The Monster just sits up. As Kain approaches Oblivion quickly stands up and grabs Kain underneath the armpits and tosses Kain into the turnbuckles...


Zach Davis: Tommy Kain drops butt first onto the mat, with his back against the turnbuckles... HOLY SH-... HERE COMES OBLIVION!!

The Monster charges at Kain , but turns around and with all of IT's momentum, slams his massive back end into the upper chest and chest of Tommy Kain!

Crowd: OUU-U-UU!!

Shannan Lerch: I agree with the crowd!! That looked like that hurt!!

Kain collapses onto the mat. Oblivion approaches Tommy Kain. The crowd roars out.

Zach Davis: Tommy Kain with the roll-up!!

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THREE-EE... NO-O-O-O!!


As Kain stands up...


Zach Davis: A massive clothesline from Oblivion!!

Cash nails Sarah Twilight with a chop block!! Twilight drops to the ringside mat. Cash grabs Twilight's hideous face and slams it against the security railing...


A small trickle of blood begins o slowly flow down the face of Sarah Twilight. Twilight sees the blood and goes insane, as he grabs Cash and slams Cash's head several times onto the security railing...


Shannan Lerch: I think this match is slightly getting out of hand!!

Zach Davis: YOU THINK?!

With a wild look in his eyes, Sarah Twilight grabs Cash and proceeds to throw him into the crowd barrier!


Cash tosses Twilight towards the ringside barrier!!


Cash charges at Twilight...

Shannan Lerch: This won't be good!!


Zach Davis: OH MY GAW-AW-AWD!!

Shannan Lerch: Sarah Twilight just back body dropped Waylon Cash over the ringside barrier and into the crowd!!

Sarah Twilight sees the clothesline from Oblivion and charges the ring. Twilight motions towards Tommy Kain. So, Oblivion Irish-whips Kain into the ropes and Twilight grabs Kain and swings him around and...



Sarah Twilight: SHUT UP!!

Zach Davis: Sit down Tiger bomb!!

Shannan Lerch: LO-.. Sarah Twilight is going for the pin!!


Oblivion nails Twilight with a double axe-handle to the back, of the head! The Monster picks up Sarah Twilight and tosses him into the ropes...


Zach Davis: Quick release belly to belly suplex!!

Twilight slides back up and charges at a celebrating Oblivion...



Oblivion crashes hard onto the mat. The crowd explodes with cheers.

Zach Davis: Waylon Cash is perched on the top turnbuckle!

But, out of nowhere comes Tommy Kain and knocks the legs out from under Waylon Cash. Cash ends up straddling the top turnbuckle!

Shannan Lerch: What's Tommy Kain gonna do?

Kain stands in front of a sitting Cash.

Zach Davis: NO! NO! NO! NO-O-O-O!!


Crowd: THAT WAS AWESOME!! <clap-clap><clap-clap-clap> THAT WAS AWESOME!! <clap-clap><clap-clap-clap> THAT WAS AWESOME!! <clap-clap><clap-clap-clap>

Shannan Lerch: Tommy Kain just executed a top turnbuckle hurricanrana on Waylon Cash!!

Oblivion struggles to get to one knee, as Sarah Twilight see his opportunity and runs over to a laying Tommy Kain and picks him up and...


Sarah Twilight just nailed Tommy Kain with a Inverted front power slam into a swinging snap DDT.

Zach Davis: The Twilight Zone!!

Shannan Lerch: Twilight is going for the pin!!

Crowd: ONE!!

Crowd: TWO!!

Crowd: THREE-EE... NO-O-O-O!!


Zach Davis: Looks like Sarah Twilight didn't like that call!!

Shannan Lerch: Twilight gets into Stanley Moser's face!! The crowd roars. Oblivion spins Sarah Twilight around!! a Uh-OH!! Oblivion just placed Sarah Twilight on his shoulders. 5150 time!!


Crowd: NO-O-O!!

The crowd cheers as Waylon Cash crashes into Oblivion, in which throws Sarah Twilight out of the ring. Cash spins Oblivion around and...

Zach Davis: Here it comes!!

Cash double underhooks the massive arms of Oblivion!!

Shannan Lerch: Looks like the Killshot is loaded and ready to be shot off!!

Crowd: NO-O-O!!

The crowd boos!!


Zach Davis: Tommy Kain just slammed into Waylon Cash and Oblivion ends up flying out of the ring.

Kain grabs Cash and picks him up with an underhook...

Shannan Lerch: HERE IT COMES...


Zach Davis: Tommydriver!!

Tommy Kain nails Waylon Cash with a double underhook piledriver.

Waylon lands like a lump of clay onto the mat and he is not moving. His foot is twitching, but nothing else is not moving!


Zach Davis: That's the chances these wrestlers take when they step into the ring.

That's when Sarah Twilight quickly jumps up to the ring apron and pounces onto the top rope. Quickly, Twilight leaps off the top rope and nails Tommy Kain with a massive and thunderous SUPER ENZIGUIRI!!

Shannan Lerch: Wait!! Here comes Oblivion!!

The Monster grabs Sarah Twilight and proceeds to ceremoniously toss him over the top rope. Oblivion grabs Tommy Kain...


The Monster climbs up to the top turnbuckle and looks down at Waylon Cash

Shannan Lerch: It's time to get Bi-Polar!!

But, Oblivion looks at Sarah Twilight and Tommy Kain, both are struggling to stand up. Oblivion develops an evil smile across IT' face.

Zach Davis: UH-OH!! I don't like it when Oblivion looks like that.

Oblivion waits till both Twilight and Kain completely stands up and...


Shannan Lerch: HOLY SHIT!!

Zach Davis: SHANNAN?!?

Oblivion leaps off the top turnbuckle and surprises everyone and executes a twisting plancha off the top turnbuckle and lands on top of Tommy Kain and Sarah Twilight!! Waylon Cash slides out of the ring and adds to the fun! Cash grabs Kain and throws him towards the security railing...


Waylon Cash lands hard against the railing. Cash turns around, while grabbing his ribs. the pain is too much, as he drops to one knee. Kain runs towards Cash and leaps into the air....


Zach Davis: Shining Wizard!!

Shannan Lerch: K.... W....I!!!

Sarah Twilight stands up, as Oblivion is standing up...


the crowd gasps, as Oblivion's head crashes down near the entrance ramp area...

Zach Davis: EVENFLOW DDT!!

Oblivion doesn't move, as Sarah Twilight drops down and proceeds to talk smack. Twilight drags his thumb across his own throat...

Shannan Lerch: This could signify the end for Oblivion.

Tommy Kain grabs Waylon Cash and they walk towards the ring. They get to the ringside area...


Zach Davis: Waylon Cash slams Tommy Kain's head down onto the ring apron. Kain thumps a leg into the mid-section of Cash. The Hellbilly grabs Kain and proceeds to toss him....


...into the ringside steps. Cash grabs Tommy Kain and positions him near the steps and....

Shannan Lerch: NO! NO! NO! NO-O-O-O-O!!


Waylon Cash drops Tommy Kain onto the steps head first with a ddt! Cash picks up the head of Kain, by the hair and blood trickles down the face of Kain. Melissa, from the Vixens jumps up onto the ring apron. Stanley Moser goes to her and proceeds to tell her to get down. But, all the buxom beauty wants to do is just grab Moser. Sarah Twilight picks up Oblivion...




Waylon Cash grabs Tommy Kain and rolls him into the ring. With blood running down his face, stands up as Cash gets into the ring....


Kain nails Cash with a dropkick to the knees. Cash drops to the mat. Kain runs to the ropes and springboards himself off the ropes...

Zach Davis: Springboard Shooting Star Press...

Shannan Lerch: It's called The Morning After....

Kain flies into the air....


Cash moves out of the way and throws Kain out of the ring. Oblivion sees his chance and crawls into the ring and kicks the mid-section of Cash. Oblivion puts The Hellbilly on his shoulders that is similar to the airplane spin. Oblivion knocks Cash's legs off IT's left shoulder and drops Cash face first with an RKO. Oblivion quickly goes to a nearby corner. Oblivion quickly gets up to the top turnbuckle. Oblivion doesn't even bother to look around. The Monster just leaps off the top turnbuckle with a shooting star press, but land with a legdrop... though Cash rolls out of the way!

Zach Davis: This is Cash's chance!

Cash measures up Oblivion as Oblivion stumbles up... however, "Sarah Twilight" comes out of nowhere, throws Cash out of the ring, kicks Oblivion and hits the Twilight Zone!

Shannan Lerch: Oh my! Twilight Zone from.. Logan or whoever!

"Sarah Twilight" falls on top of Oblivion, hooking the leg.




Zach Davis: I think all of the makeup on Logan's face partly blocked that blue mist into his eyes!

The referee raises "Sarah Twilight"'s hand into the air. Oblivion holds his head in pain as Kain and Cash glare into the ring. "Twilight" gives the referee a celebratory kiss, then can't understand why he's so disgusted by it.

Grudge Match
Steve Orbit vs Odin Balfore

Kyle Steel: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first. . .

“ With Oden On Our Side” Hit’s the PA system. The arena grows dark as the fans get to their feet to catch a glimpse of the stage. The fans stand and cheer an once the vocals starts, the arena lights flash back on and there stands Odin Balfore, centre stage. Odin stares down at the ring with a sinister grin as the fans sing along with the chorus.

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know we have come! Futile to resist... the battle is.. already won!

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know we have come! Futile to resist... the battle is.. already won!

The fans pop insanely right after as Odin begins to walk down the ramp at a slow an methodical pace. Once he gets to the foot of the ring, he steps up on it and looks around the arena again before stepping over the ropes..

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know we have come! Futile to resist...

Odin cuts off the fans as he raises his hand in triumph. Odin turns back to the ring as the fans finish their part.

Crowd: The battle is.. already won!

Odin stares down the ramp as he waits for the match to get underway.

Kyle Steel: From Houston, Texas, he stands at seven feet tall and weighs 300 pounds he is “The Nordic Tank” Odin BALFORE! And his opponent. . .

"Flashlight" by Parlaiment Funkadellic plays o ver the PA. The arena goes dark and a pink strobe light flashes throughout the arena. Small pink lights swirl around the crowd and the entire arena and eventually converge into one big pink spotlight as "The Mack" Steve Orbit and Golden Joey appear at the top of the aisle. Steve walks ahead of Golden Joey, talking to fans who mostly cheer him on-- however, he does occasionally offend a girl or two with his sometimes rude, sexual comments. At ringside he begins the process of taking off whatever pimp attire he is wearing that night, whether its a mink coat, designer suit, etc and always hands his gold chains and his hat to Golden Joey. His in-ring attire consists of black spandex shorts with "Pimpin" on the back in pink, and pink boots. He has a body that resembles a model more than a wrestler, he is perfectly chiseled and cut, but he is not huge and muscular like some wrestlers. He continues to flirt with the girls in the crowd as he enters the ring, showing off his body and blowing kisses. The crowd goes bananas when he hits the ring, as OR-BIT chants are heard all over the arena.

Kyle Steel: From Oakland, California, he stands at six foot four and weighs 240 pounds. He is your United States Champion, “The Mack” Steve ORBIT!

Steve hands off his belt without delay; he was ready to fight his former ally. The champ walks up to Odin, who looks down at the man. They stare at each other, mouthing inaudible words to each other. Having enough, Steve reaches up an pimp slaps Odin across his jaw.

Zach Davis: And the fight has begun. Shannan, you have personal experience in these things. Does a pimp slap hurt?

Shannan Lerch: Why don’t you just ask Orbit? He barely fazed Odin, but the Nordic Tank struck back with a backhand of his own that sent the champ stumbling backwards.

Zach Davis: Odin whips Steve into the ropes, and on the rebound halts the champ with an Atomic Drop. Steve is still on his feet, though.

Shannan Lerch: Not for long. A vertical suplex into a pin quickly has Orbit on the defensive. One, two, kickout from the champ.

Zach Davis: Odin stomps on various parts on Steve’s body to prevent the champ from standing before shooting the ropes himself. Leg drop on Orbit’s face.

Shannan Lerch: No the champ rolled out of the way. Orbit is on his feet, and he delivers a stiff, standing dropkick to Odin’s jaw. Pin attempt for a one count.

Zach Davis: Orbit is on his feet now, and stomping away on Odin. There is no love lost with these two.

Shannan Lerch: Odin is rising to his feet, though, regardless of the onslaught from Steve. He can only rise to his knee before Orbit hits a DDT.

Zach Davis: Steve plays to the crowd before hitting an elbow drop to the downed Odin. Pin attempt scores Steve a two count.

Shannan Lerch: Orbit tries to pull Odin to his feet, but a sharp, European Uppercut changes the tide. Odin steps behind the champ to slam him down with a German Suplex.

Zach Davis: No bridging pin this time as Balfore pulls Orbit up for a second German suplex. And a third! This time he bridges, scoring the first near fall of the evening.

Shannan Lerch: It is going to take more than suplexes to take Steve out. That’s why he pulls a groggy Orbit to his feet. Surtr’s Revenge!

Zach Davis: Orbit leaned out of the way! Steve gets behind Odin and attempts the Honey Dip!

Shannan Lerch: Balfore shakes free of the half nelson, but Steve takes Odin’s legs out from under him with two sharp kicks. He locks in the Pimp Dreams! Will Odin tap out to the sleeper.

Zach Davis: Who actually taps out to a sleeper. One, two, three elbow smashes to Steve’s head loosens the champ’s hold long enough for Odin to transition into a triangle choke. This could be over!

Shannan Lerch: Not when Orbit uses his in-ring awareness to his advantage. He realizes he’s near the ropes and props his leg up on it. Odin holds onto the very end, though, prompting the five count. He lets go at four!

Zach Davis: But the damage may be done. Orbit stumbles up... Odin hits him with the Ragnarok!! Here's the pin!

Shannan Lerch: ONE!

Zach Davis: TWO!

Shannan Lerch: THREE!

Zach Davis: And there you have it! Odin Balfore picks up the victory tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Don't believe it. Odin versus Orbit has become one of those great rivalries that we love seeing, but Odin was the better man tonight.

Scott Savage Segment

“Night on Bald Mountain” plays through the arena, as the crowd voices their disapproval. Scott Savage slowly steps out into the spotlight, his broad shoulders framed by his signature blood red suit. He smiles at the booing crowd, as he raises the microphone.

Scott Savage: I would appreciate a modicum of respect, I'm about to grace you with the most amazing thing any of you have ever witnessed. Tonight, I have chosen to debut my client!

The crowd goes silent in anticipation, while Scott laughs to himself.

Scott Savage: That's right! Tonight is the night your lives, and the lives of the WCF locker room, change forever. Tonight is a night none of you will ever forget! My client has come to lay waste to your world, and the destruction begins now!

Scott looks around at the crowd, a sneer now plastered across his face. They stare back, all of them wondering who is about to enter.

Scott savage: On second thought, I look at you pathetic wastes of flesh, and I don't think you're worthy of my client's debut.

The booing reignites immediately.

Scott Savage: Maybe next week's crowd will be better, but you can remain in the dark for now.

The crowd yells in anger, as Scott slinks back behind the curtain.

Shannan Lerch: Scott teasing a debut here. I'm not sure what exactly his plans are.

Zach Davis: Well, all we know for now is that his plans are to leave us in the dark, as he has deemed this crowd unworthy.

Corey Black/Jonny Fly vs Synn/Doc Henry

As we come back from commercial, all four men are already in the ring.

Zach Davis: Show is running long, not gonna waste time on entrances!

Shannan Lerch: Huh.

Jonny Fly and Synn start the match off with a lockup. Fly transitions to an arm wringer, then hammerlock, then headlock. Synn shoots him off to the ropes and returns with a shoulderblock, neither man budging.Synn outweights Fly by at least 40 pounds. Fly tries again, and again, nothing. This time Synn goes for the ropes and actually knocks Fly backward, but not off his feet. Synn laughs this off and kicks Fly in the gut, then tosses him to the corner and begins raining punches and kicks. A quick tag to Doc Henry, and he continues the corner assault.

Doc pulls Jonny to the middle of the ring and hooks a suplex, but Fly blocks it. Jonny takes Doc up and down with a suplex, and tags in Corey Black. Doc flees to his corner, but Synn tells him to stay in there. Doc obliges, walking out to the middle of the ring with his chest out. He and Black lock horns, one hand behind the other's head, and the other hand drilled into the head of the other. Doc finally throws a knee, doubling CD over, and sends him into the ropes, hitting a big back body drop. Corey lands hard, gets back to his feet, and is taken back down with a clothesline. Then another. On the third try, Doc is blocked and Corey hits a rolling elbow, almost taking Doc's head off!

Zach Davis: There's the dangerous elbow! Trust me, I know.

Corey grabs Doc and pulls him to his corner, holding him down and tagging in Fly. Jonny steps in and kicks at Doc, who tries to fight back with a punch to the stomach. Jonny isn't having it, as he powerslams Doc back to the mat. Quick tag back to Black, who delivers a big kick to Doc's stomach, then points to Synn. Corey backs off Doc Henry, and tells him to go tag in Synn. Doc looks at his partner, turns to go tag him in, but then spins fast and drills Corey with a spear! Doc picks Corey up and tosses him to his corner, tagging in Synn.

Now inside the ring, Synn uses his MMA training to put expert stomps to Corey Black's torso, some of which he fights off. Synn drops into a guard position, Corey posting up. Synn tries to drop some bombs on Corey, but his defense is just as good as Synn's offense! Synn goes for a leglock, realizing Corey is trained in MMA as well. Synn tries to get the submission, but Corey is fighting him off. Successfully fighting Synn off his leg, Corey transitions into a guillotine choke! Synn has nothing of that as he stands with Corey on his head, and slams him into a neutral turnbuckle, breaking the hold. HEADKICK BY SYNN! Corey crumples down in the corner, rocked to all hell.

Tag to Doc Henry, who runs at CD and throws his knee into his head. Doc pulls CD out of the corner, and goes for a powerbomb, but Corey reverses into a rana roll-up!



Doc gets out of it and as they both standup, Doc goes for a big boot, but Corey ducks, hits the ropes, and comes back with a giant lariat! Doc literally flips backward and lands on his stomach. CD slowly crawling to the corner.. and he makes the tag! Jonny Fly comes in, house of fire, as Doc gets the tag on Synn. Fly and Synn meet in the middle of the ring shoulder to shoulder, and don't budge again! Synn throws a headkick that Fly ducks, goes for a leg sweep, Synn jumps and tried to catch Fly with a legdrop. Fly is out of the way, Synn lands hard and ducks a front kick! Synn rolls to his stomach, gets up, and armdrags Fly down. Both back up, Synn with another armdrag. Fly with a headlock takeover, Synn grabs a headscissors. Fly to his stomach, pulls his head out, and back to the headlock. Synn tries to fight out but to no avail. Fly gets pushed to his feet by Synn, who elbows his way out of the headlock. Off the ropes comes Synn, and Fly ducks a clothesline, back around Fly goes for a spinebuster but Synn pushes off and lands on his feet. Kick to the knee and SHINING WIZARD!

After that great set of chain wrestling, Synn tries to keep Fly down with a middle rope elbow to the chest, then wraps his legs around Fly's head with a Figure Four Sleeper.Fly tries to fight out of it, but he's fading. Synn's leg strength is showing. Fly reaches out with his foot and touches the bottom rope, causing a break. Synn does so at three, giving Fly a bit of a breather as Synn tags in Doc Henry. Doc goes on the attack with a backsplash and tries for an elbow, but Fly moves. Jonny is back to his feet and hits Doc with a desperation Discus Fly without the corner splash, just throws himself at Doc with a spinning European Uppercut!

Tag in to Corey Black, who casually walks up to Doc Henry and blasts him in the face with a front kick knocking him back down to the mat. Doc tries to get up three times, but on each attempt, CD kicks him back down, harder and harder. Finally Corey had Doc on his hands and knees, hand on Doc's neck, and landing a series of front kicks to the head and face! Synn comes in to break it up, bringing in Jonny Fly! Synn tackles Corey off Doc, but Jonny dropkicks Synn to the floor. Fly to the top rope.. SUICIDE DIVE TO THE FLOOR! Suddenly, the arena lights go dark for the third straight week. Except that this time, we are smack in the middle of our main event! But again, our attention is drawn to the video screen which illuminates messages against the backdrop of the darkened arena once again.

"Through the church, he shall deceive the world."

Zach Davis: This is our main event! What is going on here?

Shannan Lerch: Well, looks like we're being interrupted yet again.

Zach Davis: Through the Church? Like as in, Church of the Dark Saints?

Shannan Lerch: I don't know? Why don't you go and ask Oblivion about all of this?

Zach Davis: No thanks.

As everyone continues to focus on the video screen, images are again displayed. Crucifixes dripping in blood. Flashes of champions, fallen in combat. Wicked idols intermittently mingle with quickened flashing of old churches. Thunder and lightning crackle and rumble across the screen.

"They were many, upon the white horses. Shield and sword in their grasp. Valiantly they marched into combat. Though one by one, they fell upon their swords in the face of evil."

Zach Davis: This gets..creepier every single week. Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on?

Shannan Lerch: I think I need to call Seth. Something has to be done about all of this!

The messages continue, and the entire crowd is drawn in, wondering exactly what was going on.

"But when the rider on the black horse stepped foot upon the battlefield alongside the white horses, the souls of the tormented cried with angst, "Vengeance shall be ours!" The face of evil could not look upon itself without fear. And so the riders upon the white horses stood once more."

The screen displays images of a battlefield. Many valiant heros fallen at the hands of the wicked. We focus on a path leading into the battle and we can hear the hoofbeats of a horse, slowly walking into battle. The shadow of its rider cast upon the worn down soil. But we are unable to see the rider itself.

"The face of retribution wears no mask and shall be known by its enemies."

The words fade out once more as the hands of a clock begin to turn on the screen. Slowly ticking away. Suddenly the screen fades to black and the lights return to normal.

Zach Davis: We're in the middle of our main event and, well I just don't know what to say. This is either a message to the Church of Dark Saints, or it is something that I don't know if I want to even know about.

Shannan Lerch: Seth just texted me back. He has no idea what is going on either. But he has said he's going to have our production trucks on the ready. These creepy messages are going to be stopped if my brother has anything to say about it!

Zach Davis: Alright, let's get back to calling the action!

Inside the ring, Corey has Doc up and POWERBOMB in the middle of the ring! Fly to the top rope yet again, likely looking for the Flyswatter but no, Synn pushes him to the apron! Synn to the top now and comes off in a shooting star DDT to Corey Black - NO! Corey reverses into a Northern Lights Suplex! Corey holds Synn in place while Fly comes off and FLYSWATTER TO SYNN! Right in the chest!

Jonny to the apron now, getting an official tag from Corey. Airplane spin to Doc Henry, who is very out of it. Spinning around and around, Corey hits the ropes and a basement dropkick while Jonny spins Doc Henry around! Insane! Jonny Fly pins this man.



SYNN BREAKS THE PIN UP! Where the hell did that come from?! Gutsy effort from Synn, but the WCF World Champion and the Human Horror Show are just too much. Corey lifts Synn up in a Death Valley Driver while standing near Fly. Corey hits an Attitude Adjustment while Jonny sneaks under and drills Synn down with a neckbreaker! Ref Stanley Moser is letting this one go, main event of Slam and it's a doozy. Jonny and Corey signal to end this, as Jonny positions Doc in a sitting position on the top rope. Jonny heads to the apron and pulls Doc's legs over, and Corey climbs to the middle rope. Jonny lays Doc across Corey's shoulders as the crowd begins buzzing. Corey stands up, Doc on his shoulders, looking at the lights. Jonny into the ring, looking up at Corey and Doc.

Jonny with the thumbs up and down, Corey comes off the middle rope, destroying Doc Henry with a middle rope Burning Hammer into the ring! Doc is motionless as he crumples. Corey stands up and nods to Jonny Fly, the legal man. Jonny kneels down and pins Doc Henry with a smile.




Shannan Lerch: Damnit.

Zach Davis: Aanndd there you have it. Pantheon is victorious against Synn and Henry.

Shannan Lerch: Someone has to stop these guys!...

Slam fades out with Black and Fly nodding to each other and climbing up separate turnbuckles, raising their arms in the air.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Eric Price Segment

You're Fired Battle Royal: Shane Knight vs Ryan Blake vs Michael Santiago vs Outcast

FPV vs Motherfucking Danny

Cesar Romero vs Jackie Giordano

Kip Epps vs Kale Windsor

Sado vs Bishop/Priest

"Sarah Twilight"/Steve Orbit Segment 1

Hank Lane vs Joel Hall

Tek Segment

Red River Coalition vs Tek/Steeltoe Joe vs Kief/Ryan Pugh

Johnny Reb vs Famine of the Vile vs Stuart Slane

"Sarah Twilight"/Steve Orbit Segment 2

Television Title Match: Ophelia Pain vs Eric Price

Waylon Cash/Tek Segment

Hardcore Title Match: Johnny Stylez vs Roy Speede

Oblivion vs Tommy Kain vs Waylon Cash vs "Sarah Twilight"

Steve Orbit vs Odin Balfore

Scott Savage Segment

Corey Black/Jonny Fly vs Synn/Doc Henry


Of The Week

Eric Price
Oblivion vs Kain vs Cash vs Twilight



Jonny Fly
Roy Speede
Eric Price
United States:
Steve Orbit
Stuart Slane
Tag Team: