Odin/Maverick Arrive... And So Does Eric Price

Outside the WCF arena, a black SUV pulls up and slowly comes to a stop. The cameras pan around to the drivers side and see Odin Balfore step out and Maverick, out from the other side. Maverick has a tire iron in his hands, Odin a very large wrench.

Shannan Lerch: Well my brother told Odin that he had to get the tag belts off of Corey Black, if he wanted a shot at them and looks it like he's ready.

Zach Davis: We know Odin's had spotty tag partners before but we know that with the right partner, he's damn effective. I think from what we saw last week. He and Atreyu are pretty damn good.

Shannan Lerch: Yah but right now he's got to get them off of Corey which won't be easy.

Zach Davis: This is an explosive situation thats going to unfold, tonight on slam but right now, lets get to the top of the show.

Shannan Lerch: Actually I'm being told there's something else going on outside the arena!

The entrance to the Sonic Sports Arena is shown where fans are still making their way into the arena. Eric Price is shown there with a bullhorn in hand and a clipboard. He is as usual wearing a suit although this is a black suit with white shirt and navy blue tie, along with a US pin on his sportcoat.

Eric Price (on bullhorn): The injustice can be stopped. Join me in ending this grave injustice. You, the people have a choice and need to make your voices heard. Sign my petition to ensure that we have a fair match at One.

Crowd: No!

Eric Price (on bullhorn): Sarah Twilight cannot be the referee at One. I want a fair match, I want to ensure you get what you deserve. Please, sign my petition to ensure your voice is heard and that justice is served! Sign my petition! Do it for me, for you, for justice, for America!

Crowd: You suck!

Zach Davis: Looks like Eric Price is trying to rally support to avoid having Sarah Twilight as the referee at One.

Eric Price (on bullhorn): Come on people, sign my petition! It’s your patriotic duty as Americans to do the right thing!

Zach Davis: He doesn’t seem to have many takers.

Eric Price (on bullhorn): People, justice must be served! You cannot allow a liar to be the referee and cost me the World Title. Eric Price for World Champion! Sign my petition, sign it!

Crowd: No!

Slam Intro

Drunk and Crazy by Mogwai hits and Slam is live! Pyro blasts from the entryway as we go to Zach and Shannan.

Zach Davis: Alright, finally! Welcome to Slam! Every Sunday I feel like we have the biggest show ever, and tonight is no exception.

Shannan Lerch: We've got two blockbuster main events tonight. An all star Tag Team match, and a huge Triple Threat that SHOULD be billed as a War rematch, though it kinda isn't.

Zach Davis: That's right. Firstly, we've got the Pantheon team of Jeff Purse and Jay Price facing off against Nathan von Liebert and the Scoutmaster, Stuart Slane. Both of those teams were in action last week and beat their respective opponents.

Shannan Lerch: After what Eric Price did to Jeff Purse last week, I don't expect Purse to be in a very good mood.. to say the least. Hell, neither is Price, as we saw a few moments earlier.

Zach Davis: Especially because he's in the ring with another man with a penchant for kidnapping, Nathan von Liebert! Poor Kari.

Shannan Lerch: And what about Jay Price? He's just found out that at One, he's stepping into the ring with Torture. Torture, the man with the biggest ego in all of the WCF... and THAT'S saying something.

Zach Davis: As for our other main event, in the Triple Threat that should have happened at War, we've got FPV, Waylon Cash, and Jonny Fly going at it in Jonny Fly's return to the ring! The landscape of WCF has changed a lot since that match was originally booked, however, as Cash and FPV are now allies.

Shannan Lerch: That's right. I'll just be honest, Seth surely wants Cash and FPV to beat the crap out of Fly. Cash and FPV are both competitors who are capable of wrestling each other despite being teammates, I believe, so how this goes down is anyone's guess.

Zach Davis: Two Genesis members are in action as well, as Sarah Twilight and the Hardcore Champion, Roy Speede, team up to face Christopher Kane and Kaylyn James Evans. A lot of intrigue here!

Shannan Lerch: Indeed. Roy Speede is a few short weeks away from the match of his life against Christopher's father, Brad. Christopher has made a name for himself here by becoming the WCF Internet Champion, and at One he's facing his partner tonight, Kaylyn James Evans, based on Kaylyn's popularity on wcfwrestling.com.

Zach Davis: Plus, Kane is in the ring with two beautiful women, so, I mean... things could get.. awkward...

Shannan Lerch: I'd rather not think about that, thank you very much.

Zach Davis: Sarah Twilight's One opponent, Hadrian Burke, is in action against her stablemate Steve Orbit and Benjamin Atreyu. Atreyu himself is no friend of Genesis, that's for sure!, having competed against Twilight at The End of the World.

Shannan Lerch: Last week we saw Atreyu team with Odin Balfore to take apart the men that were the number one contenders to the Tag Team Titles, the Misfits, Tommy Kain and Johnny Stylez. Seth stipulated that if Odin can physically get the Tag Titles away from Corey Black, that he and Atreyu would receive a Tag Title shot at One.

Zach Davis: But against whom? That's one thing we don't know yet.

Shannan Lerch: Thanks to WCF's encouragement of its wrestlers to use social media, Gravedigger and Joel Hall engaged in a war of words which has lead to a match tonight. Hall is going into this match injured, so he's in for the fight of his life against a former multi time WCF World Champion.

Zach Davis: Gravedigger's Darkseid tag team partner, Synn, is facing the Holy Flame, Steeltoe Joe. Darkseid and Prophecy have had quite the feud going on, so this is a very personal match. Darkseid was victorious in their tag team encounter, can the Holy Flame can retribution for himself and Tek?

Shannan Lerch: After the beginning of the Contendership Rush Tournament last week, we've got the finals tonight. Rutherford von Newman faces John Gable for the right to challenge for a Title at One.

Zach Davis: We've got the Television and People's Champions still without opponents, so the winner will receive a shot at one of those Titles. Or, hell, maybe they'd face Balfore and Atreyu in a tag match for the Tag Titles. Or maybe Seth or Brad Kane would make Speede wrestle twice, and defend his Hardcore Title. Who knows!

Shannan Lerch: Huge eight man, four team tag match! Southern Discomfort, the Confederate Wrestlers, Creeping Death and Zombie McMorris, and Miyoko Shiokawa-Reeves/Fergus Callghan go at it.

Zach Davis: With Oblivion taken out and the Church of Dark Saints in shambles, it'll be interesting to see how McMorris and Creeping Death wrestle. Plus, Miyoko and Fergus Callghan.

Shannan Lerch: Henri Ducos defends his Television Title against Blizzard. Ducos has been damn near untouchable, which we point out every single week. Maybe he's weak against ice.

Zach Davis: This isn't a Pokemon battle, Shannan. But yes, one day, maybe someone will find Ducos' weakness and beat him for that Television Title. Maybe.

Shannan Lerch: Michael Santiago, former Tag Team Champion, is making his return tonight! He's facing Andy Ohno, who just debuted last week. We'll see if Santiago still has what it takes.

Zach Davis: We have two hardcore matches, with Harkie and Damien Daye getting ready for their One encounter. Harkie faces Tek, the People's Champion, and Daye is in a match with Chris Guy, Josh Stevens, and Kale Windsor.

Shannan Lerch: Tough matches for the both of them, that's for sure. Let's start the show!

Jonny Fly/Seth Lerch Segment

Seth Lerch stands backstage in front of a group of commandos. These are some big mofos and they're staring at Seth with intent looks on their face. Honestly, I don’t know why there are commandos in the arena, maybe it’s a Dover, Delaware thing? Anyway, Seth is talking to them to let’s see what’s up.

Seth Lerch: No, seriously, I’ll pay you all with hookers, cocaine, my sister…I don’t give a shit what it costs. When Jonny Fly arrives tonight, I want you all to take care of him. He should not even make it to his match, much less walk out of this arena tonight. Get it done and you will all be handsomely rewarded. I promise.

Jonny Fly: Did you honestly just offer up your sister…as payment? What a disappointment that’s going to be for them.

Jonny Fly’s voice causes Seth to quickly spin around.

Seth Lerch: What the fuck are you doing here already?

Jonny Fly: Oh, Black, Purse, Price and I were moving the Dover Downs casino onto the concourse in the arena.

Seth Lerch: I didn’t approve that!

Jonny Fly: The city of Dover did, with some convincing from a very persuasive future owner of WCF. I promised them we’d bring more shows here once I take over. Since this is their arena…yeah, your approval wasn’t needed.

Seth Lerch: You are not the future owner of WCF! I'm not going to lose WCF! In fact, let me introduce you to the reasons why I’m not going to lose WCF.

Lerch turns to the side and looks over at the commando dudes. He smiles proudly at them.

Jonny Fly: You took my advice and got a hit squad?

Seth Lerch: NO! These are just some friendly individuals who would like to welcome you to the arena tonight. Gentlemen, please give Mr.
Fly a warm welcome this evening.

Nobody moves. Seth gets annoyed.


Jonny Fly: This is awkward. Maybe you should offer them more than your disease ridden sister? Just a thought.

Seth Lerch: SHUT UP FLY! I can handle this myself.

Jonny Fly: Okay, well if you need me I’ll be at the casino.

Fly nonchalantly walks off as Seth starts yelling at the commandos for their refusal to attack Fly.

Hardcore Match
Kale Windsor vs Josh Stevens vs Damien Daye vs Chris Guy

Zach Davis: Here we go folks! We are about ready to see a brutal war where anything can be used as a weapon!

Shannan Lerch: Even the kitchen Sink Zach!

Zach Davis: Yes even the Kitchen sink Shannan… Wait what is this!?!?

Before the men for the next match come to the ring, the camera changes its focus from the stage to one of the suites in the upper deck area of the arena. Standing up in the suite is Steeltoe Joe and the People’s Champion Tek.

Shannan Lerch: Its Prophecy!

Zach Davis: Yah but what are they up to?

Tek is shown talking to Joe and they are clearly interested in the match coming up. Tek adjust the People’s Championship on his shoulder and then the camera switches its view to the stage where the match is going to begin soon.

We come back from commercial with a shot of the ringside area where all four members of the opening match are already going at it as the referee is trying to sort things out.

Zach Davis: Welcome back to Slam ladies and gentlemen. As you can see a bit of chaos broke out during the commercial break.

Shannan Lerch: Kale Windsor was just making his entrance when Josh Stevens attacked him while he was trying to get into the ring. A brawl erupted at ringside and then Damien Daye and Chris Guy ran out to join in on the fun. At one point I'm pretty sure I saw Daye grab someone's bag of peanuts out of the crowd and try to jam one up Chris Guy's nose.

Zach Davis: I'm slowly starting to suspect that Daye isn't all there.

Shannan Lerch: Anyway, that's where we're at right now. Damien Daye and Chris Guy are trading shots by the barricade while Josh Stevens has Kale Windsor up against the apron.

While Stevens delivers a chop to the chest of Windsor, we switch over to the other side of the ring where Damien Daye has just picked up Chris Guy and rammed him back first into the barricade. As Guy clutches his back, Daye goes under the apron in search of a weapon. Back over to the other side of the ring and Windsor has turned the tables on Stevens as he connects with a headbutt.

Shannan Lerch: Watch out Windsor, don't mess up that pretty face of yours.

Zach Davis: So at this point you're trying to hook up with what, like half of the roster?

Shannan Lerch: Hmm, how many guys are there on the roster?

Zach Davis: I'm not even going to answer that.

As Stevens grabs his nose, Windsor takes out his legs from under him with a sweep. Damien Daye finally finds what he's looking for under the ring and he comes out with a....a teddy bear. Chris Guy is still up against the barricade and Daye proceeds to slap him across the face with the stuffed bear. Daye now slapping him across the face repeatedly until the bear finally splits open at the seams, sending stuffing out into the crowd.

Zach Davis: That's it, I've officially seen it all now.

Daye looks absolutely devastated at the loss of the teddy bear and he jumps into the crowd to try and collect the stuffing. On the other side of the ring Windsor has Stevens back up on his feet and he takes him right back down to the ground with a russian leg sweep. Chris Guy makes his way over to the action and he catches Windsor from behind with a forearm shot to the back of the head. Windsor stumbles forward but Guy pulls him back and then connects with a zig zag. Guy starts to go for a pin but then remembers he has to get Windsor into the ring. He pulls him up to his feet and shoves him in under the bottom ropes. Guy now climbing up onto the apron when Stevens grabs him by the leg and pulls, knocking Guy off the apron and sending him face first into the apron.

Shannan Lerch: No! Not that perfect face!

Zach Davis: You can't even settle on one guy in a match?

Stevens now sliding into the ring and he tries for the pin attempt. However, Windsor comes out of nowhere, grabs him and drops him with the Twist of Fate.

Shannan Lerch: FINAL DESTINY!

Windsor drops down and pins Stevens.




Zach Davis: And that's that... Kale Windsor picks up the victory. Easily.

Windsor looks around at the men in the ring, shaking his head, and leaves.

Shannan Lerch: Well... wait. Who is that?

Skyler Striker has hit the ring. And he has a chair.

Zach Davis: What is Striker doing here? He has nothing to do with this match!

Striker slides in and waits as Stevens get to his feet.... Striker smashes Stevens with the chair! Stevens is sent reeling. Chris Guy goes to grab Striker from behind, but Striker elbows him and escapes it. Striker hits Guy with a Superkick! Damien Daye comes running and Striker hits him with a Sitout Facebuster!

Shannan Lerch: Striker is on fire!, but why?

Striker exits the ring... and grabs a table. He slides the table into the ring and sets it up, grabbing Stevens and sliding him onto the table. Striker then climbs to the top.

Zach Davis: What is he doing!?

Striker flies off the top, hitting a 630 Senton, sending Stevens through the table!

Shannan Lerch: OOF!

Striker gets up, looking at the carnage around him. He looks into the camera, fury on his face.

Zach Davis: This... this isn't the Skyler Striker I know. Clearly, he's trying to send a message. And there's only one man he could be sending a message to.

Shannan Lerch: ....Gravedigger.

Stuart Slane Segment

“Follow Me, Boys!” plays over the arena speakers as Stuart Slane marches down the ramp to the ring.

Zach Davis: Here comes the Scoutmaster.

Shannan Lerch: Ugh. What does this drip want?

Zach Davis: Last week he announced that he had plans to expose Steve Orbit, the man he would be facing at “One” for the United States Championship. I’m guessing he’s here to tell us what he found out.

The fans aren’t happy to see Slane. They jeer him as he enters the ring, gives his three fingered salute to all four sides of the arena, and then demands a microphone.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like it. I hate it when you’re right, Zach.

After the boos die down, Scoutmaster speaks to the audience.

Stuart Slane: I am Scoutmaster Stuart Slane, and I am the Number One Contender for the United States Title.

More boos.

Shannan Lerch: We all know who you are, dummy. The costume’s a dead giveaway.

Zach Davis: Uniform. It’s a uniform.

After the din subsides, Scoutmaster continues.

Stuart Slane: I have interrupted tonight’s program to present information of grave importance. Since my posting privileges on this company’s various multi-media platforms have been capriciously suspended, I am forced to instead to appeal directly to you on the matter of the character of Steven Orbit.

Loud cheers erupt from the fans. Scouty looks upset.

Stuart Slane: Please refrain from making undue noise while I am conducting my promotion. Thank you. As I was saying, Mister Orbit-

Lots of applause now, and chants for “Or-bit! Or-bit!”. Stuart glares at the crowd and paces the ring.

Zach Davis: I don’t believe Scoutmaster was expecting this kind of response, though I’m at a loss as to why he’d think that way.

Shannan Lerch: Because he’s a deluded loon, maybe?

Slane speaks over the noise.

Stuart Slane: So, you’re all big fans of Steven Orbit, are you?

Crowd: YES!!!

Stuart Slane: You “dig” his “threads”, his “bling”, his “stroll”?

Scoutmaster does an awkward pimp roll for several steps in an attempt to mimic Orbit’s strut. The crowd laughs.

Crowd: YES!!!!

Stuart Slane: You are “down” with “The Mack”?

Crowd: YES!!!!!!

Stuart Slane: Liars.

The happy crowd turns pensive. There are some boos, but they are muted.

Stuart Slane: All of you who were cheering for Steven Orbit are liars. Liars and frauds. You aren’t fans of Steven Orbit. You hate Steven Orbit. At least, you hate the real Steven Orbit.

Shannan Lerch: What is he talking about?

Stuart Slane: Please direct your attention to the Titantron. It is about to show the results of an extensive and thorough search I conducted into Mister Orbit’s past.

The video plays. It is a montage of arrest reports, mugshots, newspaper headlines, and excerpts from court transcripts that implicate Steven Orbit in a litany of crimes from the late 1990s to 2002. Specific offenses include domestic assault and battery and distribution of Class A narcotics (heroin). An ominous voice over reads the highlights of the charges, trials, and verdicts.

Once the clip is finished, Stu shakes his head and again speaks to the crowd.

Stuart Slane: There’s your hero, ladies and gentleman. A convicted felon. A man who abused illegal narcotics, who abused women, and to this very day uses them to line his own pockets. You wouldn’t want him as your next door neighbor. Why do you cheer him as your US Champion?

The fans boo Scoutmaster, but it isn’t as vociferous as before.

Zach Davis: Looks like Stuart Slane has given some of the audience something to think about.

Stuart pauses for effect, and then speaks again.

Stuart Slane: The answer is you shouldn’t. There is only one man in the Wrestling Championship Federation with the moral certitude to wear the belt that represents this country and do so without denigrating it. And that person is me. Seth Lerch –

Crowd: BOOOOOOO!!!!

Stuart Slane: SETH LERCH knows it and now so do you! Stop rooting for that low rent hustler and-

"Flashlight" by Parliament Funkadelic hits the PA.

The fans erupt, and Slane looks towards the aisle, as if he was expecting Orbit to come out all along. Steve Orbit appears at the top of the ramp in his wrestling gear, holding a mic. He soaks in the cheers for a moment, and then motions for his music to cut.

Steve Orbit: Hold up a minute, Slane. This is your big idea? This is your big plan to expose your boy? Come on Stewie, I thought you could do better than all this. Tellin' the people shit they already know. See, everybody here knows about my past... I ain't never made no attempt to hide nothing from nobody.

The crowd cheers a bit.

Steve Orbit: Look, Scoutmaster. I see what you're doin' here, but I see right through it, and alllll these people see right through it. My past ain't no secret-- I grew up on the streets, and that's not an excuse, but I did what I had to do to survive. Was I a young hot-head? Did I do some things I ain't proud of when I was comin' up as a popcorn pimp and didn't really understand the game? Sure I was, and sure I did... see, we all make mistakes, Slane. But you know why these people accept me as their United States champion? Because they identify with my struggle. America is goin' through hard times right now, and people be doin' what the hell they need to do to survive, to better their situation, just like I bettered my situation, and just like I continue to better my SELF.

The crowd erupts.

Steve Orbit: So this whole charade, this whole attempt at assassinating my character? [laughs] You ain't foolin' nobody, Scoutmaster. This is the problem I had with you from day one. You come out here with your... funny little uniform, and your high and mighty attitude, and you try to dictate to all of us what's right and what's wrong. You tried to do it with your bogus Internet plan and all your other schemes that failed. You know why they failed? Because the American people, we don't need nobody to tell us what to do! We don't need nobody to tell us what's right and what's wrong!

The crowd erupts again.

Steve Orbit: The bottom line is this, Slane. You the LAST person these people want to represent the country as the United States champion. I'ma tell you the truth, so listen close-- all your fanbase, or as you like to call them, the Slaniacs? THEY... DON'T... EXIST!

Huge pop from the crowd.

Steve Orbit: Your fans don't exist, Stewie. They ain't real, they imaginary just like the Gang of Fourteen bullshit. Just like your chance of takin' this United States title from the Mack. Your chance don't exist. So you can run and TELL THAT.

Shannan Lerch: Oh, snap!

Zach Davis: Steve Orbit just gave a blistering response to Scoutmaster's "expose'", and the crowd is solidly behind him.

Scouty is livid. He's glaring at the cheering fans, and then back up at Orbit. He screams into the mic.

Stuart Slane: Quiet! Quiet this instant! Everything I said was true and you all know it!!

He points at the Mack.

Stuart Slane: You're a user, Orbit! A cowardly low life piece of human garbage who exploits the weak! Even if these imbeciles don't want to admit it, I exposed you as the scum you are! And at "One," I will show the world you're a fraud as Champion, when I take the United States Title from you and grind it in your smug little face!

Shannan Lerch: Now Orbit is looking a little heated.

Orbit glares back at Slane, and begins to approach the ring.

Steve Orbit: Fraud as a champion?! Kinda like you a fraud as a boy scout?

The crowd laughs.

Steve Orbit: I got a fun fact for ya, Stewie. I'm the longest reigning United States champion in WCF HISTORY. You wanna talk about my past, fine, but you gonna stand here and say that I ain't fit to hold this here belt? Boy, I done worked my ASS off to get to where I'm at, and I done worked my ASS off to hold onto this here championship.

Crowd pop.

Steve Orbit: So I'll tell you one thing, if it's a fight you lookin' for--

Orbit drops the mic.

Zach Davis: Orbit's charging the ring!

Orbit slides into the ring-- Slane backs up. Orbit charges with a wild swing, Slane ducks and hits Orbit with a low blow with the microphone, causing a THUD throughout the arena.

Shannan Lerch: The Mack is doubled over! Low blow by Stuart Slane!

Zach Davis: And Scoutmaster is outta here, he slid under the ropes and he's sprinting up the ramp towards the back!

Indeed, Scoutmaster has left ringside, leaving Orbit doubled over in the ring, clutching his crotch.

Shannan Lerch: The pain is written all over Steve Orbit's face.

Zach Davis: Orbit might have thrown the first punch, but a low blow is always a cheap shot.

Shannan Lerch: Things are certainly heating up between these two-- I wonder how the Mack will react to this?

One more shot of Orbit rolling around on the mat in pain, and then cut to commercial.

Hardcore Match
Harkie vs Tek

Zach Davis: Up next we're continuing the brutality with yet another Hardcore Match!

Shannan Lerch: Who the heck thought we should have two Hardcore Matches in a row?

Zach Davis: Beats me. My guess is Seth had a little bit too much to drink.

Am I a Psycho plays and Tek comes out. He puts his gloves together and they show the print on his gloves. He walks down the ramp and the crowd is cheering. Suddenly Harkie runs out from the back, a steel chair in hand. Tek never even hears the crowd screaming for him to turn around, he thinks they're still just tearing. Harkie with a massive chair shot to the back that sends Tek stumbling forward until he drops to the ramp.

Shannan Lerch: Well now that wasn't very nice.

Zach Davis: Really? You're looking for nice in a Hardcore Match?

Tek's music cuts as the referee exits the ring and heads up the ramp. Harkie stands over Tek and then goes to deliver a second chair shot. Tek however rolls out of the way at the last second and Harkie's chair meets the steel ramp. The vibrations are too much for Harkie as he drops the chair to the ground and tries to shake it out of his arms. Tek up to one knee now and nails Harkie with a jab to the gut. A second jab and Tek is up to his feet as the referee is trying to get both men into the ring.

Zach Davis: And despite all of the action going on this match has still yet to officially start.

Shannan Lerch: Oh just let them fight.

The referee is apparently getting some sort of direction from the back as he nods his head and then signals for the bell.


Zach Davis: And apparently someone in the back agrees with you Shannan.

Tek now with a series of rights and lefts that leaves Harkie backpedaling up the ramp. Tek isn't about to let him escape as he runs and leaps up, looking to connect with a flying clothesline. Harkie, however, is able to catch him and then slam him onto the ramp with a spinebuster.

Shannan Lerch: My god what an impact! Tek's poor spine must have shifted a foot.

Tek is writhing on the ramp in pain as Harkie looks rather pleased. Harkie now pulling Tek back up to his feet and he starts to lead him down the ramp toward the ring. Harkie tries to throw Tek into the apron but Tek drops to the ground and begins crawling underneath the ring. Harkie grabbing the leg and he starts to drag him back out. Tek comes back out all right...with a fire extinguisher! Tek now spraying Harkie in the face with said fire extinguisher.

Zach Davis: We're going to be screwed if there's a fire in here tonight.

Shannan Lerch: It's a pretty big arena Zach, I'm sure there's more than the one fire extinguisher.

Zach Davis: I wouldn't put it past your brother to cut back on costs anywhere he can.

Harkie is trying to shield his eyes from the spray and never sees Tek as he gets up and swings the fire extinguisher, connecting right with the midsection. Harkie doubles over in pain and Tek connects again, this time across the back. Harkie drops to the ground and Tek quickly tries for a pin. The referee however simply stands off to the side with his arms crossed. Tek yells over to him but the referee yells back that he has to get Harkie into the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Tek getting caught up in all of the excitement and forgetting that this isn't a falls count anywhere match. He's going to have to get the big man into the ring if he wants to win this match.

Tek back up to his feet and he tries to pull Harkie up but Harkie pushes him off and back against the apron. Harkie now looking to clothesline Tek up against the apron but Tek scrambles to get out of the way. Harkie runs into the apron and while he's trying to recover Tek grabs him by the legs and rolls him under the ropes. Tek now sliding into the ring and he tries for the pin.



But Harkie gets his shoulder up as the referee gets to two. Tek up to his feet and he connects with the Flare Drop. Tek again with a pin attempt.



But again Harkie gets his shoulder up at two. Tek now deciding that he wants to play with a few more toys as he rolls out of the ring and lifts up the apron. After a little bit of searching he finally comes out with a table. Tek slides the table under the ropes and then climbs up onto the apron. He enters the ring and gets to setting up the table as Harkie remains lying on the mat. Tek finally gets it set up and goes to pull Harkie up when Harkie from out of nowhere connects with a throat thrust. Tek grabs his throat and Harkie takes him down with a massive clothesline.

Shannan Lerch: Harkie playing a bit of possum with Tek and it looks like it worked.

Harkie now eyeing up the table that Tek has introduced and a twinkle comes over his eye. Harkie pulling Tek up to his feet and he tries to suplex him into the table. Tek however blocks it with his leg and he hits Harkie with a few jabs to the face to break the hold. Tek now shoving Harkie off of him and Harkie stumbles into the table, knocking two of the legs out from under it. As the table falls so to does Harkie.

Zach Davis: Well there goes that table. Kind of anti-climatic if you ask me.

Shannan Lerch: It looks like Tek might not agree with you Zach.

Tek has grabbed the table and is dragging it over to the corner. He props it up and then turns his attention back to Harkie. Tek helps him up to his feet and tries to whip him into the corner but Harkie is able to reverse it and sends Tek into the table. Harkie now rushing right at Tek looking to spear him through the table... AND HE HITS IT!

Zach Davis: Harkie Spears Tek right through a table!

Harkie drops and pins Tek, hooking the leg!




Shannan Lerch: The Original Doctor picks up another win here tonight!

Harkie stands, getting his arm raised.

Zach Davis: Tek gave it his all but a hardcore match is Harkie's domain.

Ask A Ninja Segment

"Well, I am ninja,
He is ninja,
She is ninja too,
I am ninja,
We are ninja,
But I believe that you are ninja too!"

The titantron cuts to The Ninja in backstage once again.

The Ninja: Simone, from New York, asks a ninja.

The question pops up on the screen.

The Ninja: "Do ninjas celebrate Christmas?"

The screen cuts back to The Ninja, who has a look of disbelief.

The Ninja: Simone, of course ninjas celebrate Christmas! Santa Claus is one of the greatest ninjas of all time! 4000 years ago, he allied with the goodness of the universe and then, he just suddenly dedicated his life to giving toys to children once a year. I mean, who else could travel around the world in one night and sneak into that many houses?

He raises his eyebrows.

The Ninja: Only a ninja. Let's break it down.

He lifts a finger.

The Ninja: One, he lives in a secret lair up in the North Pole hidden from everyone. No bear's able to see him. Very much like a ninja. Does he work with a bunch of elves, make toys?

He chuckles.

The Ninja: Simone, don't be ridiculous! There's no such thing as elves! He works with a bunch of tiny ninjas. And let me tell you this, babe. You do not wanna cross those. Those guys will slit your throat in less than 2 seconds. And then, of course there's the myth that Santa wears red.

His eyes grow wide as he points to the camera.

The Ninja: That of course, is very true. But, he wears a black gi and the red comes from the blood of children who have woken up in the middle of the night, then snuck downstairs to try and get a glimpse of good ol' St. Kick.

Suddenly, he grabs the camera and put it close to his face.


He puts back the camera in it's original place.

The Ninja: Thanks for the question, Simone. Santa Claus looks forward to killing you soon.

The screen fades to black.

Zach Davis: I'm sure as hell not going to enjoy this Christmas.

Shannan Lerch: Tsk, tsk.

Michael Santiago vs Andy Ohno

The camera focuses on Steeltoe Joe who is still intently watching the matches. Tek comes walking back into the suite with his Championship in his hands. Tek is tired from his match that just took place a couple minutes ago. Joe shakes his partners hand and then Tek sits down to catch his breath, but Joe stands tall and gets ready to watch the next match meticulously.

Zach Davis: The Prophecy certainly has an invested interest in the matches tonight, but what they are looking for is anybody’s guess.

Shannan Lerch: I think they just want to keep looking at me!

Kyle Steel: This match is scheduled for one fall, with a fifteen minute time limit. Coming to the ring first, from Staten Island, New York. Weighing in at two-hundred, thirty eight pounds... MICHAEL SANTIAGO!!!

"King of my World" by Saliva cues up over the P.A. system and red strobe lights flood the entrance ramp. The silhouette of a man fills the tunnel and finally Michael Santiago emerges, drawing in the boos and cheers of the crowd as he makes his way down the ramp towards the ring. He jumps up on the ring apron and climbs through the second rope, looking around at the fans filling the arena, Michael taunts the fans in the center of the ring as the music begins to fade out.

Shannan Lerch: Michael Santiago making his return against relative newcomer Andy Ohno. This should certainly be interesting.

Kyle Steel: and his opponent, hailing from Jacksonville Flordia, weighing two-hundred, eighty pounds... ANY OHNO!!!

BMF by trick Daddy begins to play, and Ohno struts out onto the entrance ramp. Fireworks go off all around him, as the fans cheer. He throws his fists up in the air, before sliding under the bottom rope. He jumps up, and runs the ropes a few times, as his music dies down.

Zach Davis: There is a distinct weight advantage here. Ohno definitely has a lot of strength over Santiago.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, but Santiago's got the speed and experience. Like I said, should be interesting.

The bell rings, and we are underway. Santiago runs at Ohno, only to get hit with a boot to the gut. Ohno lifts him up into a powerbomb position, but Santiago punches him in the head a few times. Andy drops Michael, who then whips Ohno into the ropes. As Andy rebounds, he gets hit with a hard superkick. The Fault Line! Santiago immediately goes for the cover.




Shannan Lerch: Well, that was quick.

Kyle Steel: Your winner by pinfall... Michael Santiago!!!

Santiago throws his hands up in victory, as the crowd sits in stunned silence.

Zach Davis: All it took was a super kick.

Shannan Lerch: And three seconds.

Zach Davis: No sooner were we about to start calling the action, and Michael Santiago like a bolt of lightning with how quickly he put this one away! That might even be a new record!

Shannan Lerch: It was very impressive! That's for sure.

Odin/Maverick Split Up

Zach Davis: Well Shannan, we've had some great matches already tonight with this championship rush match coming up and here we are looking back stage, down one of the service hallways.

Shannan Lerch: Odin and Maverick are really looking for Corey, I heard they already tore up catering.

Zach Davis: We have catering?

Shannan Lerch: We HAD catering, now whatever left is smashed on the floor. My brothers not going to like that, the cheep bastard.

Odin and Maverick continue to walk down the hall until a shadowed figure walks in front of the camera. Convinced it's Corey Black they investigate before Maverick stops them and questions it.

Maverick: Wait what if its Creeping Death?

Odin Balfore: What are you talking about, they're one in the same.

Maverick: No, they're two people.

Odin Balfore: No Mav', you can't be yourself AND yourself at the same time, thats just silly.

They both look at the camera.

Maverick: I'm just sayin, we should split up. Cover more ground.

Odin Balfore: Thats a great idea. I should have suspected that Broken would try and trap me with a decoy. I'll go right, you go left. If you run into Weeping Death, you know what to do.

Odin taps his nose.

Maverick: And if you run into Broken...

Odin Balfore: I'ma Jobber Kill that piece of shit.

Both men take off in a septate directions the camera stays idol for a moment as the shadowed figure passes by the camera again and the camera fades out.

Television Title Match
Blizzard vs Henri Ducos

Shannan Lerch: Television Title is on the line next! Ducos versus Blizzard, the newcomer.

Zach Davis: Not many have been better than Ducos since he joined this company. With only one loss to his name, he’s shown that he’s a dominant Television Champion.

Shannan Lerch: Then again, Blizzard had an impressive debut. Gaining that Television Title in only his second match would be huge for his career.

“ Unforgiving2” by Metallica starts playing as the arena turns blue. White and blue pyros go off on the stage as low laying fog fills the entrance ramp Blizzard comes down slapping the hands of fans as he enters the ring he stands on the second turn buckle pointing at the fans then raising his arms as lights come back on.

Zach Davis: Hise comes the challenger. You hit the nail on the head Shannan, this is a huge match for Blizzard early in his WCF career.

Blizzard makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Not many wrestlers get this opportunity so quickly, we’ll see if he can capitalize tonight.

The lights in the arena go out. Skrillex's "Kill Everybody" starts blaring around the arena as pyros explode on the stage. The curtains part and Henri and his half sister emerge through them. They slowly walk down the ramp way ignoring the boos of the crowd. Henri nods as he goes to climb up the ringsteps and enters the ring.

Zach Davis: The Champ is in the ring, and we’re about set to go.
Ducos takes off his Television Title belt and hands it off to the referee who raises it in the air for the crowd to see before handing if off to the timekeeper.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Shannan Lerch: AND THEY’RE OFF!

Zach Davis: They’re not horses, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: …oh.

Ducos and Blizzard two lock up with Ducos gaining the advantage and backing Blizzard into the corner. He drives a knee into Blizzard’s gut and slaps him across the face, and transitions it into a neckbreaker. Blizzard hits the mat hard. Ducos smiles in satisfaction of his work, and gets back to his feet. Once up onto his feet Ducos decides to drop a leg over Blizzard’s throat, and then immediately go for the cover.

Zach Davis: Leg drop into a quick cover attempt…




Kickout by Blizzard.

Zach Davis: …but nothing doing there.

Shannan Lerch: I doubt a leg drop could even keep me on the mat for three seconds.

Zach Davis: Yeah, you only lay down for penis.

Shannan Lerch: Exactly!

Ducos gets to his feet, and pulls Blizzard up to his feet. Ducos whips Blizzard into the ropes, and on the rebound, Blizzard catches him with a clothesline. Blizzard bounces off the ropes as Ducos gets to his feet, and Blizzard drops him with another this clothesline. Blizzard goes for the cover.

Zach Davis: Blizzard’s turn here for the quick cover…




Nope. Ducos kicks out easily.

Shannan Lerch: Here I thought the match was going to be over right there.

Zach Davis: ….stop being a bitch, Shannan.

Blizzard and Ducos both get back to their feet. Blizzard attempts to run at Ducos, but Ducos anticipates it and grabs hold of Blizzard and hits him with a spinebuster. Not done yet, Ducos runs over to the ropes, springboards off the bottom rope and hits a flying elbow into Blizzard’s midsection.

Shannan Lerch: What a combination by Henri Ducos! He’s got the leg hooked!







Zach Davis: NO! Blizzard is able to kick out!

Ducos gets back to his feet, and smirks before climbing to the second turnbuckle. Ducos stares down at Blizzard, waiting for him to get back to his feet before striking. As Blizzard gets his feet back underneath him, Ducos jumps off the turnbuckle and takes him down with a flying missile drop kick. Ducos spins right back to his feet and brings Blizzard back up. From there he positions him, and then destroys him with ‘The Prophecy.’

Shannan Lerch: THE PROPHECY! This one could be over!

Zach Davis: Ducos with the cover!








Zach Davis: NO! NO! Blizzard kicked out JUST in time!

Shannan Lerch: You’ll never see a fall closer than that, but Blizzard is still alive.

In frustration, Ducos slams his hands on the mat. He gets to his feet and takes a lap around the ring before turning his attention back to Blizzard. Blizzard is on one knee, attempting to get back to his feet. Ducos grabs hold of Blizzard’s head and thrusts his knee as hard as he can into it. As Blizzard falls backwards he attaches into Ducos’s knee, pulling him back with him, and then quickly executing a school-boy roll-up.

Shannan Lerch: ROLL UP!

Zach Davis: Blizzard is trying to steal this one!








Zach Davis: No! This time it’s Ducos who kicks out just in time!

Shannan Lerch: Outstanding awareness by Blizzard there, regardless of the result of this match, that man has a bright future.

Both men quickly rise back to their feet. A trading of punches ensues, and Blizzard is able to get an advantage and quickly execute a suplex. Ducos gets right back to his feet, but Blizzard drops him this time with a sidewalk slam. Blizzard proceeds to send several boots to Ducos’ face that he follows up with a boot to the throat choke maneuver.

Zach Davis: Blizzard is on fire right now! Ducos is in a world of hurt.

Ducos finally breaks the hold by grabbing Blizzard’s boot, twisting, and then locking in an ankle lock! Blizzard screams out in pain, but is able to land a lucky boot to Ducos’ face to break the hold as quickly as it was locked in.

Shannan Lerch: Big move right there by Blizzad. You don’t know what would have happened if he got that locked in fully.

Zach Davis: He’s showing good feel for the match, Shannan.
Ducos hasn’t been able to get on one of his rolls as of this point. He can inflict a lot of damage in a hurry, but Blizzard is holding him off.

Both men rise back to their feet. Ducos approaches and swings with a right hand. Blizzard ducks it, then responds with a HUGE uppercut knocking Ducos backwards. Henri shakes it off and approaches again looking for a right hand, but Blizzard grabs hold of him and lifts him up in the air onto his shoulders…

Shannan Lerch: Uh-oh. Blizzard is looking for the ‘Perfect Storm!’

Zach Davis: If he hits this, this match is going to be over.

Hits it he does. Blizzard completes the powerbomb maneuver and then drops to the mat for the cover.








Shannan Lerch: BLIZZARD WINS!

Zach Davis: WAIT! NO! The referee is saying he kicked out in time!

Shannan Lerch: He is! Wow. This match is going to continue.

Blizzard gets up from the mat and confronts the referee. He puts his finger in his chest and begins screaming at him to call the match. The referee yells back and just as Blizzard is about to strike him, Henri Ducos, back on his feet, strikes Blizzard in the head with his right hand and then hits…

Zach Davis: THE ASCENT!

Shannan Lerch: Just like that this one could be over!

Henri Ducos drops down to his knees and hooks the leg for the cover.








Zach Davis: Henri Ducos retains the Television Title!

Shannan Lerch: His roll continues. At this rate, he may never lose that title. He’s been dominant since the day he entered the WCF.

The referee hands Ducos his belt and watches as Henri raises it above his head before rolling out of the ring and heading to the back.

Zach Davis: And- hey wait, what is this?

The same masked man from last week has entered the arena!

Shannan Lerch: This is the man that gave Miyoko and Fergus Callghan envelopes last week.. what is he doing now?

The masked man approaches Blizzard, who is still hurting, and hands him an envelope. As soon as he appeared, the masked man then leaves.

Zach Davis: I wish I knew what this was about..

Eric Price/Nathan von Liebert Segment

Eric Price is shown backstage walking with his petition in hand.

Zach Davis: Look, Eric Price still looking for supporters here.

Eric Price: Will you sign?

People scurrying away trying to avoid having to sign his petition.

Eric Price: You, ah yes, I know you’ll sign my petition.

The camera switches over to show Nathan von Liebert.

Nathan von Liebert: What’s this for?

Eric Price: This is for the right thing, for justice! Sarah Twilight thinks it’s fair for her to be the referee at our match at One against Jeff Purse with the World Title on the line. Did you see what she did to me last week? She tried to kill me. No way she would be a fair referee. This petition is to make sure the board of directors sees it my way.

Nathan von Liebert: Here you go. You have my support!

Eric Price: Excellent. Oh and Nathan, one piece of advice before you go. Soap and deodorant, they are your friends.

Nathan von Liebert looks a bit perplexed as Eric walks away.

Southern Discomfort vs The Confederate Wrestlers vs Creeping Death/Zombie McMorris vs Miyoko Shiokawa-Reeves/Fergus Callghan

Creeping Death and Zombie McMorris are already in the ring as “Man of constant sorrow" by Charm City Devils starts playing as a Rebel Flag flies on the jumbotron and Confederate Wrestlers blasts threw the flag in red. Out walks Adam Young, Seppuku, and Elvis Lee. Adam is carrying a Rebel Flag in his street clothes as Seppuku and Elvis are dressed to wrestle. Adam stops half way to the ring and starts yelling at the fans. Seppuku and Elvis climb into the ring ready to do battle.

Kyle Steel: The following is a four-corners tag team match set for one fall! Introducing first, representing The Confederate Wrestlers, Seppuku and Elvis Lee!

Shannan Lerch: Well, two of the four teams in what is really quite a huge tag team match tonight are already in the ring, and I must say, I don’t know what to think.

Adam Young grabs a mic.

Adam Young: In the ring right now are the three best confederate wrestlers in WCF history! And I think it's a travesty that the Confederate Title is around the waist of that no good Doc Henry!

Shannan Lerch: The Confederate Title again!?

Adam Young: I don't know where Doc Henry is but I'm calling his yellow ass out!

Zach Davis: He's not here, Adam! You know that!

Adam Young: Doc Henry you've got until next week to answer my challenge or I'll consider myself the NEW CONFEDERATE CHAMPION!

Shannan Lerch: ...huh. Well, we'll see about that.

Zach Davis: Creeping Death and Zombie McMorris look zoned in on this one. I have the feeling they’ll pull out the win.

Live To Rise by Soundgarden starts to play as Miyoko Shiokawa-Reeves and Fergus Callaghan make their way onto the stage wearing Green and Red attire, both high five each other and sprint down to the ring and slide into the ring together. Both climb up opposite turnbuckles to each other and both do a backflip off into the middle of the ring.

Kyle Steel: Now in the ring from the Land of The Rising Sun and from the Emerald Isle weighing in at a combined weight of 325 pounds, Miyoko Shiokawa-Reeves and 'The Irish Nailbomb" Fergus Callaghan, they are Kazoku!

Shannan Lerch: I don’t know, Zach. I kinda like this duo right here. I have the feeling that they’ll be the ones with their hands raised in victory.

Zach Davis: We’ll see, Shannan. We’ll see.

The Lights cut out inside the arena as a the jumbo-tron lights up with a rebel flag, then all of a sudden the sounds of Kick it in the Sticks start to resonate throughout the arena.

Welcome to the home of a hillbilly
Yeah baby
It’s a land of barbed wire, moonshine, whiskey
Park your car before you get it stuck
Go on grab you a beer
And get on up in the truck
It’s going down tonight
It’s all on me
It’s BYOB, and I got all we need
Yeah boy I’m bout to show me a city slicker
How to kick it in the sticks with the critters down on

All of a sudden Red Pyro shoots from the stage as John Thomas and Justin Turner walk onto the stage both of their women by their sides.

Zach Davis: And on their way to the ring, weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred pounds, the team of John Thomas and Justin Turner, they are Southern Discomfort!

Our side of a barbed wire
Money grows in rows
And if it don’t you’ve gone broke
So we
We hang out by the bon fire
Just some good ole boys having a dang good time
We crank it up down here
We get loud down here
Throwin down in the dirty dirty south down here
Be an all nighter with the hippies and the hicks
Jocks and bikers they all came to kick it in the sticks

Justin slides into the ring as John climbs the steps and into the ring.

Zach Davis: Well, these guys could just as easily walk out the winners here tonight.

Shannan Lerch: That they could, Zach. We’ll just have to see how this match plays out.


The four competitors set to start off the match, Miyoko Shiokawa-Reeves, Zombie McMorris, Justin Turner, and Elvis Lee, circle one another as the other four step out onto the ring apron, each of them waiting to see who will make the first move. McMorris sudeenly jolts forward and hits Lee with a chop to the forehead that floors him, and Turner and Reeves immediately charge forward at the Zombie, hitting him one on each side, Reeves hitting him low, Turner hitting him high, sending McMorris flipping end over end and landing on the mat on his face after doing a complete 450. Reeves gets to her feet and looks at Turner, and the two stare down before nodding, and Turner pulls McMorris to his feet.

Zach Davis: And McMorris goes down, but some excellent teamwork being shown here by Miyoko Shiokawa-Reeves and Justin Turner!

Shannan Lerch: Yes, but in a match where every tag team wants to win, one has to wonder just how far these two will be working together before one turns on the other.

Miyoko and Justin Turner get Zombie up to a standing position, and set him up for a double suplex when Elvis Lee clubs Turner in the back. McMorris flips Miyoko over with a suplex as Lee whips Turner into the ropes, and Turner ducks a clothesline. Turner bounces off the far ropes and nails Lee with a huge running crossbody, and then gets to his feet as McMorris goes to pin Miyoko, and pulls him off before the ref can drop down to count.

Zach Davis: That teamwork seems to still be going a bit more subliminally, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: I dunno. I think it was just a strategic move to make sure Zombie didn’t end up getting an early pin for the win and cost Turner the match.

Zach Davis: I can’t be too sure about that. Miyoko and Justin Turner seem to work well together.

McMorris gets to his feet and shoves Turner, who trips backward over Elvis Lee and hits his head on the second turnbuckle, landing in a seated position. McMorris sees this and goes running, making sure to step over Elvis before connecting with a running dropkick in the corner. Miyoko lunges to make a tag to Fergus Callahan, and the Irish Nailbomb steps between the ropes as Elvis Lee is getting to his feet. The two lock up, collar and elbow, but Lee gets the early advantage and turns it into a side headlock.

Zach Davis: Interesting turn of events now, and after making the first tag of the match, Miyoko’s partner, Fergus Callahan, is on the receiving end of a nasty side headlock from Elvis Lee.

Shannan Lerch: Yes, but let’s not forget about that beautiful corner dropkick by Zombie McMorris to Justin Turner!

McMorris kicks Fergus Callahan in the gut, and elbows Lee in the side of the head, breaking the hold, and then whips Callahan toward the-NO! Reversal! Callahan whips McMorris into the turnbuckle as Turner stumbles to his feet and grabs Elvis Lee, dropping him with a snap DDT.

Shannan Lerch: Ooh, and Callahan made a huge mistake with that one! He whipped McMorris into his own corner, and-

Zach Davis: Yup! There’s the blind tag! Creeping Death is in the match!

CD steps between the ropes and Callahan backs up slightly, before turning, bouncing off the ropes, and running straight at him. CD catches Fergus with a huge clothesline out of seemingly nowhere. He drops to pin Fergus!


Justin Turner breaks it up, and pulls CD up off of the mat. CD shoves Turner, and motions for him to bring it on, and is hit with a clothesline as well. Turner springs back up as CD turns around, and before CD can move, Turner catches CD with a roundhouse kick. He looks toward his corner, but Elvis Lee trips him and he falls to the mat. Elvis Lee slaps Seppuku’s hand to tag him into the ring.

Zach Davis: And there’s the tag to Seppuku! Now only one man is still in the match that was here originally!

Shannan Lerch: Yup, and Justin Turner looks like he’s getting tired. Just being tripped and falling to the mat is taking its toll on him now!

Fergus Callahan is the first to be met by a Seppuku chop, and the masked man catches him with a spinning backfist followed up by a spinning clothesline going the other direction! Seppuku bounces off the ropes and goes flying into CD and Turner, who have both made it to their feet, clotheslining them both!

Zach Davis: And Seppuku, the freshest man in the match, is on fire right now!

Shannan Lerch: And all three men have to be looking to make a tag now!

Zach Davis: Especially Justin Turner, who’s been in this thing since the beginning and is struggling right now.

Seppuku turns to Creeping Death and pulls him up to his feet. He hits CD with a knee, and then points to the crowd, taunting cockily until CD shoves him. CD goes running and hits him with a big boot to knock him down, and then slaps the hand of Zombie McMorris, bringing McMorris back into the match. McMorris grabs Justin Turner and pulls him up before sending him right back down with a neckbreaker. Across the ring, Fergus Callahan is pulling himself up, as is Seppuku.

Zach Davis: And now with Zombie McMorris back in this match, things could get much more dangerous much more quickly!

Shannan Lerch: Yes, that’s the truth, but right now anybody entering back into the match could be a dangerous situation!

McMorris turns around to see the two getting to their feet and charges forward, clotheslining Fergus on his way to spearing Seppuku, and hard!

Zach Davis: What a spear! What a spear! And Seppuku is reeling hard!

Zombie McMorris gets back to his feet just as Fergus Callahan gets to his feet. Fergus goes running, but Zombie ducks, pulling down the top rope, and Callahan goes tumbling to the outside! As he stands up, Turner goes running at him, but again, McMorris ducks, and Justin Turner hits a suicide dive onto Fergus Callahan!

Zombie McMorris gets to his feet and looks over to see Seppuku still out. He pulls Seppuku up to his feet as CD steps into the ring, and nails him with the Axe Wound! Zombie’s eyes shift from John Thomas to Miyoko to Elvis Lee on the apron, and all three stand their ground as ZMac drops for the pin.

Zach Davis: This has gotta do it!





Shannan Lerch: And there it is! Zombie McMorris and Creeping Death win!

Maverick Segment

Shannan Lerch: Now we're in the loading area?

Zach Davis: This is where WCF brings its set pieces in and parts of the ring. Theres a lot of dangerous stuff over there.

Dangerous stuff indeed, lighting rigs, pyro set up, equipment trunks and fork lifts all take refuge in the loading area when Slam is live on the air. The camera pans around to see maverick laying the finishing touches on on some sort of contraption, the classic anvil tied to a rope trick, with a large circle spray painted circle on the drop zone and a bucket of chicken in the middle. Maverick sneak-fully hides behind some crates and snickers to himself.

Maverick: Heheh, lets see Creeping Death resist some of the colonels best friend chicken. No one can resist a bucket of KFC. I just hope that Orbit doesn't get a whiff with his.. senses and comes a runnin'. Then again, Killing Steve Orbit would be a great consolation after Shane's guy gave me the wrong damn fruit basket. But ohh, when either one of them get here, WHAM! SPLAT! Even Weird Al could accordion their ass back together again.

Maverick turns away in his sinful delight when he hears the rope snap and the anvil clang against the ground.


He looks up and sees the bucket of chicken is gone and there is no dead body to show for it. He curses under his breath and goes to investigate more as the shadowed figure passes by the camera, unnoticed by Maverick and we return back to Slam! For some in ring action.

Contendership Rush Tournament Finals
Rutherford von Newman vs John Gable

The sound of waves hitting the shore begin as the video wall displays various clips of RVN wrestling. As well as images of him consulting at his private practice. RVN walks out onto the stage to a chorus of boos. He ignores everything and walks to the ring, all business.

Zach Davis: How ironic. We always say that a bunch of guys here need psychiatric help, then we get a doctor... and he's a psycho himself!

“Things That You Oughta Know” by Chronic Future blasts over the P.A. System. John Gable enters through the current wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses, a leather jacket acting as if he was trying not to be noticed. He looks out to the crowd while trying to hide his face. He steps down the ramp as Humphrey Craig followed with a sign reading “future Oscar recipient”. John Gable slides into the ring and rips off his 'disguise'.

Shannan Lerch: John Gable has been making waves. Word backstage is that he's trying to get Seth to consider a WCF Films division while Seth is still in power and crazy.

The bell sounds, and the match is on. The two meet in the middle of the ring and Gable starts things off with a series of strikes to Newman's head before throwing him to the ropes. As Newman comes back Gable knees him in the face. Newman doesn't go down and Gable drops him with a Snap DDT! Gable quickly pins him.



No, Newman gets the quick arm up. The fans boo.

Zach Davis: The WCF fans don't exactly enjoy either of these two men.

Gable picks Newman up and catch him for a Northern Lights Suplex, but Newman elbows him in the stomach several times before breaking away. Newman hits Gable with a big Haymaker.

Shannan Lerch: That's his ADHD punch!

Gable stumbles away and Newman tackles him down, hitting him with several lefts and rights to his face. Newman gets up and waits for Gable to get up too... Newman grabs him and executes a Sitout Spinebuster.

Zach Davis: And that's his Shock Therapy! This could be it for Gable!

Newman lands on top of Gable, hooking his leg.



No!, Gable kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Not quite yet!

Newman wants to end this as soon as possible. He picks Gable up and catches him in a Reverse Rock Bottom.

Zach Davis: That's his Session Ender!-

No, Gable elbows his way out of it! Gable then grabs Newman and hits that Northern Lights Suplex he was looking for earlier, into the pin!



No!, RvN kicks out again!

Shannan Lerch: Say what you want about RvN but the man IS tough.

Gable gets up and backs away as RvN stumbles to his feet... von Newman turns to Gable, gets a kick to the gut, and then a Pumphandle Piledriver!

Zach Davis: That' shis Cinema Paradiso!

Gable drops and pins RvN once more!




Shannan Lerch: There it is! John Gable wins the Contendership Rush Tournament!

Gable's music hits as he stands up, getting his arm raised. Humphrey Craig joins him in the ring and raises his arm as well, as RvN rolls out of the ring.

Zach Davis: John Gable is going to One and getting some kind of Title shot! But which Title will it be?

As if on cue, Master of Puppets hits, and Seth steps out onto the stage. He's clapping for Gable.

Seth Lerch: Bravo! Bravo! Encore!

Gable turns towards the entryway, still a little tired after the match.

Seth Lerch: John Gable, you sir are one of the finest actors that I've ever seen. No joke. And you're surely destined for greatness on the silver screen. So I'm hoping you don't see doing television as being beneath you, because as an actor, I've decided that if you're going to get a Title shot it's only right that you get a shot at the Television Title!

Gable smiles as his music plays again and Seth begins to leave.

Shannan Lerch: And there you have it! We've got Henri Ducos versus John Gable at One!

Zach Davis: Gable fought his way to this Title match, and at One, he's facing a man that is nearly undefeated.... I can't wait!

Eric Price/Hank Brown Segment

Eric Price is shown backstage again as he is still trying to gather more support for his petition. Hank Brown approaches him.

Eric Price: Hank Brown, what are you doing here?

Hank Brown: Well Mr. Price, I came to ask about this petition, what is the reasoning behind this?

Eric Price: Very simple, Sarah Twilight thinks she has One in the bag and thinks she’s going to screw me for the World Title. You saw what she tried to do last week to me when she tried to maim me, that wasn’t right. This is to ensure the board of directors sees that the people do not want to see her as referee and want a fair main event at One. This petition will ensure she is removed as referee because with all the support I am getting and will get, the board will have no choice but to follow the will of the people.

Hank Brown: But didn’t Sarah Twilight say that the referee decision is final? Additionally, didn’t she attack you only after you pretended to kidnap Kari Kendall?

Eric Price: You know Hank, you certainly aren’t a very smart man and if I weren’t such a gentleman, I’d beat you within an inch of your life. But I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself.

Eric puts his arm around Hank’s shoulder as if to befriend him but in reality in an attempt to intimidate him.

Eric Price: So what you’re going to do Hank Brown tonight is very simple, you’re going to support my petition by signing it.

Hank Brown: But I want to see Twilight as the referee.

Eric Price: I don’t think you understand Mr. Brown, you will sign this petition and support me and my cause to ensure that Sarah Twilight is not the referee at One. Do I make myself clear?

Eric starts applying pressure around Hank’s neck.

Hank Brown: Crystal, sir!

Hank signs the petition out of fear and quickly runs away from Eric Price as Eric gives an evil smile.

Eric Price: Thank you for your support!

Zach Davis: He’s strong-arming support now, ridiculous!

Synn vs Steeltoe Joe

Zach Davis: Coming up next is a match with a lot of bad blood between the two participants. Both men absolutely hate each other here and blows have been traded but tonight, they look to settle their differences one on one.

Shannan Lerch: Really, anyone’s match to take here.

The Arena Goes Dark, and then all simultaneously “Barton Hollow” By The Civil Wars begins to play through the audio systems. The Entrance Gate area and Stage begin to flicker with White lights and neon blue flashes mixed in the flickers. Fog fills the gate area as Steeltoe Joe comes walking out of the midst of the Fog. Joe Stands on stage and plays to the crowds who are cheering for him. Joe then walks down the ramp and gets to the ring steps where he stops, does a Catholic Crucifix motion and then walks up the steps and into the ring. He climbs up two turnbuckles and does the same crucifix motion and raises his arms and points towards Heaven.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is set for one fall. Introducing first, from Stockton, CA standing at 6’ 5”, weighing in at 272 pounds, “The Holy Flame” Steeltoe Joe!

Zach Davis: STJ making his way down to the ring here, this crowd on their feet cheering for him!

An eerie tune, “Darkside” by Gothminister begins to play as the lights go dim, a dazzling bright red and purple laser lights show fills the arena. Sounds of children laughing signals the beginning of a gothic techno beat heralding the arrival of Synn. Security accompanying him through the crowd making a way for him as he works over the crowd. He gets out of the crowd and steps up on the ring steps, blowing a massive fireball over the ring by putting his fingertips to his lips as if blowing a kiss, with a hard exhale he quickly removes his fingers from his lips to create the effect. Synn then slowly enters the ring, taking off his non wrestling attire, crouching in the corner staring straight at his opponent like a predator about to pounce on his prey.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, from Birmingham, AL, standing at 6’ 5”, weighing in at 265 pounds, he is Synn!

Synn takes the walk down the ramp, slapping fans hands before climbing the steps and on top of the turnbuckles, where he fistbumps one more time, sending one more explosion of pyro throughout the arena. He climbs into the ring and sits in a lotuc position in the corner, waiting for the match to start.

Shannan Lerch: This will not be a matchup for the weak of heart as both men absolutely hate each other. This crowd giving him a rather mixed reaction but mostly boos due to his actions as of late.

Zach Davis: The crowd is definitely behind Steeltoe Joe tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Last week, he was on the losing end of a tag team match with his partner Tek against Darkseid. This week he looks to avenge that loss.

Zach Davis: Joe is definitely a strong willed competitor and he is definitely looking to shut Synn up as in his view, Synn is nothing but full of crap.

Shannan Lerch: Well, let’s see if that is the case or not.

Bell rings

Shannan Lerch: And we have STJ and Synn approach either immediately and STJ immediately slaps the taste out of Synn’s face.

Zach Davis: STJ looking to assert himself from the get go in this match u p. And Synn is not going to take it as he just smiles but surprises STJ with a DDT.

Shannan Lerch: Wow, this early into the matchup and cover!

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: But a kickout from STJ. Looks like Synn wanted to end this matchup quickly and get STJ out of the way. STJ however I don’t think is going to allow this as he has a loss to avenge.

As STJ is down from the DDT and looks almost out, Synn decides to go up to the top rope to try for a Swan Dive Headbutt.

Zach Davis: And looks like Synn is going to up high here, taking a risk. I don’t know about this. The crowd is in awe here.

Shannan Lerch: And he connects with STJ but can he take advantage. Synn rolls over and cover!

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: And no, STJ kicks out. Synn looking to put STJ away very early in this match up as STJ is still kind of out of it. This crowd is definitely behind Joe tonight!

Crowd: Let’s go Joe! Let’s go Joe! Let’s go Joe!

STJ slowly gets up and goes to the corner of the ring. Look of surprise on his face. He raises his hand up for the crowd and they cheer for him!

Shannan Lerch: The crowd’s on his side here. But Synn is now running toward STJ, going to try and clothesline him in the corner here.

Zach Davis: STJ just turning around and barely avoid being hit by Synn as Synn gets a face full of turnbuckle. STJ quickly takes advantage and he locks in at the waist, a suplex to Synn! Cover!

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: And Synn barely kicks out of that one. A strong showing from STJ in the early going of this match. He definitely wants the win but more than that, he wants to prove Synn completely wrong. This is his night to make a great showing and do just that!

Shannan Lerch: Normally, I don’t agree with whatever you say but you have a good point there.

Zach Davis: Synn is still down right now as STJ is getting up, he’s grabbing Synn by the head and is applying a neck lock to him. He’s really trying to wear Synn down here.

Shannan Lerch: And Synn appears to slowly be fading. Look at his face, it’s almost purple. The referee now checking on him.

Zach Davis: Lifting his arm and no, Synn is still in this! He’s hanging on here. Elbow to STJ, and another elbow to the gut of STJ here as he’s forced to break the hold. Synn dragging himself as fast as he can to the ropes for leverage.

Shannan Lerch: And Synn now getting himself up as he looks to be on the attack. He goes after STJ but oh no, STJ lowers the ropes and Synn goes over. And now a smile on the face of STJ.

Crowd: Let’s go Joe! Let’s go Joe! Let’s go Joe!

STJ raises his hand with a smile on his face here as Synn is down on the outside.

Zach Davis: The crowd is solidly behind Joe here as he is dominating this matchup currently.

Shannan Lerch: Both men have been very resilient thus far but STJ really has had a better showing tonight.

Referee: 1.

Shannan Lerch: I think STJ wants to send a clear message to team Darkseid by beating the hell out of Synn here tonight. If he can beat the former tag team champion, then he will make it clear that Prophecy means business!

Referee: 2.

Zach Davis: Synn regrouping and he’s back in the ring. STJ now landing an elbow to Synn in the gut over and over trying to wear him down and Synn has not really been able to get almost any offense in this matchup. STJ really continuing to take it to Synn here and looks like he’s grabbing him by the torso to set him up for the Steel-Mill.

Shannan Lerch: But Synn knows it’s coming, he’s fighting back and manages to power out and push STJ away toward the ropes. STJ coming back however and grabbing the torso again, STJ elbows Synn in the gut this time and turns him around and the Steel-Mill is now locked in on Synn.

Zach Davis: Synn in tremendous pain here but he manages to push STJ away by elbowing him and then manages to get to the bottom rope. The referee the instructs STJ to keep his distance.

Referee: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Zach Davis: And STJ finally backs off just barely before a count of 5, he needs to be careful to not disqualify himself here otherwise he will not be able to attain a win here tonight.

Shannan Lerch: I think STJ is trying to do the damage to Synn as much as he can here as he really craves that win.

Zach Davis: Synn recovering here as the referee forces STJ to step back. Synn is getting up and STJ is trying to sneak by but Synn meets him first with a hit right to the face. STJ responds with another strike to Synn’s face. These men trading blows here, one after the other and it looks like Synn is getting the upper hand here. And STJ is a bit out of it here. Synn grabs STJ and bam, DDT, nails another DDT on STJ.

Shannan Lerch: Cover!

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: And STJ manages to get his shoulder up. This has been a one sided contest so far but Synn showing why he is a strong competitor!

Shannan Lerch: Synn really being pushed to his limit.

Crowd: Joe! Joe! Joe!

Zach Davis: Joe is really pushing Synn to the limit here but at the same time, Synn proving himself to be a hell of a competitor.

Shannan Lerch: The Holy Flame is on a roll.

Zach Davis: And Synn is going to try and finish STJ off. STJ is down on the mat. Synn is going to wait for STJ to get to a vertical base to set him up for a Freefall Powerbomb! Is he going to be able to pull it off?!

Shannan Lerch: The crowd behind Joe, mostly booing Synn here although he doesn’t give a damn!

Zach Davis: Joe is up and Synn has him setup and … he connects as STJ lands on the mat but can he capitalize! Cover.

1 ..

2 ..


Zach Davis: And after a hard fought match, Synn manages to pull out another win taking it to Prophecy again!

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen your winner, Synn!

Shannan Lerch: And Synn celebrating by getting up to the top rope as STJ does not look pleased by the loss. He looks downright furious but walks out of the ring.

Zach Davis: But Synn celebrating as the crowd is booing him, he is very proud of this win as he knows this really puts Darkseid over Prophecy. Is Prophecy simply counted out or can they rebound?

Jonny Fly Segment

A knock is made on Jonny Fly's locker room door. Waiting outside of the door for Fly is nearly a dozen of the commandos we seen with Seth Lerch earlier. Why are we calling them commandos? Because that's a fun word, that's why. Point is, these guys are well trained in combat, and they've been hired to beat the fuck out of Jonny Fly by Seth Lerch. Poor Fly, he's going to answer the door and get murdered.

Another knock is made and shortly after the door slowly opens. A man wearing a wig with long blond hair, fake mustache, and black thick-rimmed glasses opens the door. As the door opens completely we can see that this man is wearing a shirt that says 'Not Jonny Fly.' However, it totally is Jonny Fly in disguise. Nobody said commandos are smart, and thus the dialogue of this scene begins.

Commando #1: Your not Jonny Fly. Where is Jonny Fly? We need to speak with him.

Jonny Fly: I don't know who Jonny Fly is. Sounds like a cool dude though, why are you guys looking for him?

Commando #1: That's none of your business. Why is his name on your shirt if you don't know who he is?

Jonny Fly: That's just a coincidence. This shirt has been passed down in my family for generations. My great-great grandma sewed this shirt by hand with material sheared from the family sheep.

Commando #1: That shirt is wool?

Jonny Fly: ...uh, yes.

Commando #1: So if you don't know Jonny Fly, why are you in his locker room?

Jonny Fly: Is this Jonny Fly's locker room? No wonder everything in here was so awesome. I'm embarrassed. I must be in the wrong locker room. I'm going to need to go find my own locker room.

Fly pushes past the commandos and into the hallway. He turns back to face them.

Jonny Fly: You guys feel free to go in there and wait for Fly. I'm sure he'll be back soon.

The commandos nod their head and shuffle inside the locker room. Once inside, Fly pulls out a set of keys from his pants and locks the door from the outside trapping them.

Jonny Fly: Hah. Douchebags.

Fly takes a look at his watch.

Jonny Fly: Good. Still enough time to get another game of blackjack in.

With that, Fly takes off to head back to the casino.

Gravedigger vs Joel Hall

The arena goes dark. Suddenly, a voice can be heard.

"This is the year where hope fails you
The test subjects run the experiments
And the bastards you know, is the hero you hate
But cohesing is posssible if we strive
Theres no reason, theres no lesson
No time like the present, telling you right now
What have you got to lose, what have you got to lose
Except your soul...who's with us!"

Pulse of the Maggots by Slipknot is blasted through the arena. The crowd cheers as the intro of the song is played. Pyro is blasted on stage, which causes the lights to come back on. Out from backstage, Joel Hall comes out. He is wearing a black trenchcoat and a random kabuki mask. He looks around the arena.

"I fight for the unconventional
My right, and its unconditional
I can only, be as real as i can
The disadvantage is
I never knew the plan
This isn't the way just to be a martyr
I cant, walk alone any longer
I fight, for the ones who can't fight
And if I lose, at least I tried"

Joel walks down the ramp and looks straight ahead at the ring. He stops and looks back at the stage.

"We, we are the new diabolic
We, we are the bitter bucolic
If I have to give my life you can have it
We, we are the pulse of the maggots"

Then, Joel jumps on the canvas and rolls over the ropes, entering the ring. He takes his mask off and throws it into the crowd. He goes onto each turnbuckle and looks at the crowd.

"I won't, be the inconsequential
I won't, be the wasted potential
I can make it, as severe as I can
Until you realize
You'll never take a stand
It isn't, just a one-sided version
We've dealt, with a manic subversion
And I won't, let the truth be perverted
And I won't leave another victim deserted"

At the final turnbuckle, after looking at the crowd, he raises his right arm with a devil horns sign. He gets off and takes his trenchcoat off. He does some stretches while he waits for his opponent.

The lights go out. They stay off for about 15 seconds or so before "Change" by Deftones starts playing throughout the arena. A spotlight hits the entranceway and out from the back walks Gravedigger, escorted by JJ.

The crowd boos heavily and the pair stops on top of the ramp as Gravedigger looks around smiling. They then walk down the ramp and over to the ring steps. Gravedigger climbs the steps first and turns to JJ, pulling up the middle rope and stepping down on the bottom one, as she steps through the gap into the ring. JJ stands in the ring as Gravedigger walks around taunting the crowd and stops to stare down at Joel Hall standing at ringside. JJ eventually walks over to the side and steps out onto the apron and gets down to the outside. Gravedigger walks over to the opposite corner from where Joel Hall is at and stands there waiting. The referee signals for the bell.

Joel Hall looks down at his arm in its cast and climbs the nearby ring steps, keeping his eye on Gravedigger who just stands there smirking at him. Joel Hall climbs in and Gravedigger walks to the center of the ring. He stands there and after glancing around at the crowd, turns to Joel and extends his hand out for a handshake. The crowd instantly boos as Gravedigger chose the same hand to shake with that would be Joel’s broken hand. Gravedigger looks at the crowd with a shocked look on his face as if he didn’t know about the broken hand.

Joel walks to the center of the ring and stands toe to toe with Gravedigger and holds out his other hand instead. Gravedigger looks to the side and then turns to Joel and goes to grab his extended hand, but Joel pulls it back, and smacks the shit out of Gravedigger. Gravedigger’s head snaps right back with a look of pure anger and he lunges at Joel, who ducks out of the way and kicks Gravedigger in the side with a couple of quick kicks. Joel bounces off the nearby ropes and tries to deck Gravedigger with his cast, but Digger sees it and ducks the attempt and catches Joel on the return with a power slam.

Gravedigger jumps up and tries to stomp at Joel’s arm, but Joel rolls out of the way a couple of times and is up in the corner where Gravedigger tries to catch him. Joel rolls out of the way quickly once more and catches Gravedigger with a big dropkick. Gravedigger is back up and catches a second dropkick and is put down once more. Gravedigger slaps the mat in frustration and gets up. He goes for a clothesline on Joel Hall who ducks, bounces off the ropes and hits Digger with a cross body block. Joel is launched in the air by a press from Gravedigger but lands on his feet. He staggers back a little and uses the momentum by bouncing off the ropes and floors Gravedigger once more with an awesome headscissors. Joel gets a little too confident and Gravedigger is up and delivers a big boot right in the mouth, flooring Joel Hall. Gravedigger once more tries to stomp on Joel, but he rolls out of the way and once more out of the ring.

Joel ends up on the side of the ring with JJ and she starts talking trash to him and he turns to her and starts jawing back with her. Gravedigger climbs out of the ring behind Joel and turns him around and nails him with a huge forearm, flooring Hall. Gravedigger picks him up and slams his head onto the apron. Gravedigger grabs his arm and before he can do anything, he slams it down onto the apron. The referee yells at Gravedigger as Joel Hall holds his arm yelling in pain. The yells of pain make Gravedigger smile real big. Gravedigger rolls into the ring and taunts the crowd as Joel Hall walks around the outside before finally rolling gingerly back into the ring. Gravedigger is on Joel Hall and irish whips him across the ring. He catches Joel Hall and belly-to-belly suplexes him right to the mat. Gravedigger taunts the crowd some more, obviously not taking this match seriously.

Joel Hall is back up in the corner just as Gravedigger turns back to him. Digger charges into the corner and Hall somehow slips out between the top and middle ropes and Digger slams into the turnbuckle chest first. He gets floored by a springboard dropkick by Joel Hall. Digger is back up and catches Joel Hall’s foot as he goes for a kick. Gravedigger grins and shakes his head no, but Joel Hall says yes and jumps up nailing an enziguri. Joel Hall is up and runs across the ring as Gravedigger gets up and goes after him. Joel springboards off the ropes and nails a huge elbow right to the face of Gravedigger and floors him once more.

Hall takes advantage and scales the turnbuckle, still favoring that arm and flies off with a corkscrew splash. Gravedigger wasn’t expecting that and Hall covers for a pin attempt.

1..kick out. Nowhere near enough to put Gravedigger away. Joel Hall is up and gets behind Gravedigger. He pushes him into the nearby ropes, apparently going for a roll-up but the veteran in Gravedigger tells him to grab hold of the top rope and he does so, causing Joel to flip over backwards. Joel runs at Gravedigger who back body drops Joel through the air, but he manages to land on the apron. Digger turns around and gets hit with a grazing blow from that cast and rocked back into the middle of the ring. Joel scales the nearby turnbuckle and leaps off, likely to hit Gravedigger over the head from above with his cast. Digger catches him with a hand around the throat and lifts him up for a huge one-handed chokeslam. Digger yells out in rage and stomps away at Joel Hall several times before the referee pulls him away. Gravedigger walks over and leans against the turnbuckle as the referee checks on Joel. Joel finally gets up and Digger walks over and gets a shot to the gut, followed by a second one. Joel then lands a couple of forearms and goes to irish whip Gravedigger across the ring. Gravedigger reverses the irish whip and clotheslines Hall to the mat. Digger picks him up and nails a big back breaker in the center of the ring. He holds onto Hall and stands up delivering a second back breaker and tosses him to the mat.

Gravedigger grabs Joel’s arm, the one that’s broken, and sits down and goes to apply an armbar. Hall wildly fights away at Gravedigger to keep him from doing further damage and manages to land a kick to the head of Gravedigger. Hall fights his way up to a standing position and bounces off the nearby ropes and does a snapmare on Gravedigger who is still standing and his head snaps back and hits the mat. Hall springboards off the nearby ropes and nails a splash onto Gravedigger. Hall keeps the momentum going by nailing the Extractor out of nowhere to Gravedigger as he goes to get up. A pin attempt is made once more.

1…2…kick out by Gravedigger.

Gravedigger gets up and is put down once more by a hurracanrana by Joel Hall. Hall drops the cast on Gravedigger as he elbow drops him with the cast. Hall hurts from the move but Gravedigger is busted open by the cast. Hall goes over to the nearby turnbuckles as Gravedigger slowly gets to his feet dabbing away at his bloodied forehead. JJ climbs up onto the apron and starts pulling at Joel Hall’s leg, but he kicks her away and off the apron. This is enough of a distraction that Gravedigger is over and hits Hall with a couple of rights who falls to a sitting position on the turnbuckle. Digger folds him up and nails a big cradle piledriver in the center. Instead of going for the pin, he slides out of the ring and goes to check on JJ along with a ringside attendant. They are outside for a period of time and Joel Hall is able to get up and recover. Joel launches himself out of the ring just as the attendant and Gravedigger help Jessie up. All three are floored by Joel Hall’s suicide dive. The crowd boos even though it was Gravedigger who was laid out with that move. Joel’s hands are on his head as he realizes that he hurt JJ as well. Gravedigger looks over at JJ and is enraged. Joel quickly slides into the ring and Gravedigger slides in as well. Joel tries to get the referee in the way, but Gravedigger grabs him by the shirt and tosses him to the side. Joel Hall tries to escape the ring, but Gravedigger grabs him by the foot and yanks him back in. Hall is pulled up and Gravedigger nails a huge Respecto (Rock Bottom) in the center of the ring.

Gravedigger is pissed off and climbs out of the ring and grabs a chair from ringside. He climbs back into the ring with the chair and the referee intercepts him, the two arguing over the chair. Joel Hall manages to get back up and runs at Gravedigger. Gravedigger ducks a clothesline attempt, has the chair yanked out of his hands by the referee but manages to kick Joel Hall in the gut on the way back and delivers a huge powerbomb, laying Hall out.

Gravedigger notices JJ being helped up and she nods at Gravedigger who makes a pin attempt on Joel Hall.

1…2…kick out! Gravedigger picks Joel Hall up and scoop slams him in the center. He walks over to the nearby turnbuckles and climbs on top. He leaps through the air for Death From Above, but Joel Hall manages to roll out of the way, causing Gravedigger to crash and burn. Digger is up and staggers into Joel Hall who nails The Kill on Gravedigger.

The referee slides into position.

1…2…kick out! Gravedigger manages to get an arm up. The two competitors are up and trading blows in the center of the ring. Gravedigger backs up and runs, going for a Clothesline From Hell!

Zach Davis: Grave Marker!

But Hall ducks, and Gravedigger takes down the referee! Gravedigger turns and grabs Hall, lifting him up and hitting a Death Driver!

Shannan Lerch: Gravedigger has it!

Gravedigger drops and pins Hall.... but there's no one there to count it. Gravedigger tries to wake up the referee...


Striker grabs Gravedigger, spins him around, and HITS THE WELCOME TO OBLIVION!

Shannan Lerch: OH SHIT!


Striker quickly grabs Joel Hall's arm and throws it overtop of Gravedigger! Finally, the ref has begin to wake up and slaps his hand against the mat.




Shannan Lerch: OH MY GOD.

Zach Davis: JOEL HALL WINS IT! With an assist from Skyler Striker, Joel Hall has picked up the win!

Striker leaves the ring, grinning ear to ear. Gravedigger, still on the mat, looks up, glaring. Joel Hall is stumbling up, getting his arm raised.

Shannan Lerch: Well.... I anticipate there is going to be hell to pay for this.

Odin Balfore/Corey Black Segment

Back behind the scenes we see Odin walking down the hallway of the dressing rooms when he comes upon Corey Black own locker room. Surely he can't have his own but Odin kicks the door down anyway to see Corey black, sitting there on a couch just a few feet away admits a cluttered and disorganized mess. Odin doesnt believe what he's seeing and yells in frustrated rage.

Odin Balfore: What the hell is all this!?

Corey sits there casually, as if he was waiting for Balfore.

Corey Black: Bout time you showed up. I was starting to think you forgot who I was in your old age.

Odin Balfore: What is all this shit?

Corey Black: Oh, this?

Corey looks around.

Corey Black: This is a little preemptive spring cleaning. Pantheons locker room is going under a little decontamination at the moment, due to a pest problem. Its either Tort or Jay Price, the lab results havn't come back yet. So I'm here, cleaning out my old locker room. Nice to see you actually care enough about a title though to actually come hunt for it.

Odin Balfore: We can do this the easy way or the hard way..

Corey Black: I'm glad I still mean that much to you.

Corey shrugs.

Corey Black: But if you really wanted the titles, all you had to do was come here and ask.

Odin Balfore: Thats it?

Corey Black: Yah, what the hell do I care about the tag titles? If theres one guy I hate more then you, if thats even possible, its Doc Henry. So yah, take em.

Odin Balfore: Where are they?

Corey Black: Now see, thats the game here. Where are they? I don't know to be honest. They could be in the walls, patching up a hole from three years ago. They could be in the bathroom holding a leaking pipe together. Or, or you may very well have them already. All you have to do is look in your heart.

Odin Balfore: Really?

Corey Black: No, I'm fuckin' with you. Seriously though, they are here somewhere, I can't be botherd to remember where. You're welcome to look for them, just as long as you don't interupt my TV time.

Odin Balfore: But theres no TV.

Corey Black: Isn't there, Balfore, isnt here?

Just then, Maverick busts in panting, trying to catch his breath.

Maverick: Odin, Odin.. oh, god am I out of shape.. look, listen.. we gotta get outta here. I think I just killed Steve Orbit.

Odin Balfore: What?

Maverick: I had a poison batch of KFC under one of those ACME kits we had laying around the apartment and suddenly, out of no where. WHAM! Trap was sprung and chicken was gone. Only one man can do it that fast and that's Orbit.

Corey Black: Oh good, you brought- who ever that is. I can't be bothered to remember that either, you understand. But he can help you look for the belts.

Maverick looks at Black, then to Odin

Maverick: Why's he still breathing?

In reference to Black not being dead or at least unconscious

Corey Black: Cuz god has a soft spot for retards? I dunno, give him a minute, he'll forget.

Maverick: What is all this?

Odin Balfore: We have to find the belts.

Maverick: What do you mean, find the belts?

Corey Black: What are you, as dumb as he is? Find the belts. They're somewhere in this room. If you can find them, they're all yours. Could be under the stack of TV guides I had collected from the 90's. It could be holding up that wobbling chair I don't like to sit in. Its lumpy. The room is your oyster and you're only bound by your imagination.

Indeed, there was one title just a foot away from Corey Black, on an end table, under a large stack of TV guides and the other belt was holding up chair thats been neglected for some time.

Maverick: Are you serious, we can just take them? Just like that?

Corey Black: Yeah, thats about it.

Odin Balfore: After everything we've been through, all the wars. Just like that?

Corey Black: Look Odin, I'll be honest with you. I don't care. I don't have time for you or this “ feud “ If you wanna call it that. Call it what you will but in reality when Fly beats Seth at ONE and Pantheon gains control of WCF, we'll be right back holding those titles. I just want you to keep them warm for me, thats all big guy. You just sit pretty with them and keep them warm. Here, I'll even get up so that your friend over here doesnt pull a disc in his back, bending down to get it.

Corey gets up, goes over to the chair and pulls the title out from underneath it. He throws it to Maverick then knocks the stack of TV guides off the table and throws Odin the other belt.

Corey Black: There, you've accomplished your goal. Gold stars all around. Go celebrate or something. You've earned your title shot.

Maverick and Odin look at each other, then back to Corey, they can't believe it was that easy to get the belts from Odin biggest rival.

Zach Davis: Just like that? These two guys damn well near killed themselves over the past year and Blacks just handing Odin the tag belts?

Shannan Lerch: I guess so. I guess black really just doesnt care enough about Odin or the belts to really put up a fight. Which sucks because I was looking forward to seeing Corey getting power bombed for being a pompous jack ass. How anti climatic.

Zach Davis: True, but Balfore this means that Atreyu and Balfore are just number one contenders, NOT CHAMPIONS. Consider this the slow build up to the climax of this tag title story because Atreyu and Balfore's opponents have yet to be named. Which I imagine we'll find out later in the night.

Shannan Lerch: Thats true, knowing my brother, he's already got this all figured out.

Zach Davis: Only question is- who has to face Atreyu and Balfore for the tag titles?

Shannan Lerch: I don't know but I'm sure we'll find out next!

Hadrian Burke vs Steve Orbit vs Benjamin Atreyu

End of Days by Jim Johnston begins to play as Hadrian Burke makes his way out from the back. He stands at the center of the ramp on the stage and looks out into the crowd before making his way down to ringside. The fans cheer as the former Demon King points at the crowd while keeping his focus in check as he then enters the ring and tugs on the top rope to warm up before the match begins.

"Flashlight" by Parlaiment Funkadellic plays o ver the PA. The arena goes dark and a pink strobe light flashes throughout the arena. Small pink lights swirl around the crowd and the entire arena and eventually converge into one big pink spotlight as "The Mack" Steve Orbit and Golden Joey appear at the top of the aisle. Steve walks ahead of Golden Joey, talking to fans who mostly cheer him on-- however, he does occasionally offend a girl or two with his sometimes rude, sexual comments. At ringside he begins the process of taking off whatever pimp attire he is wearing that night, whether its a mink coat, designer suit, etc and always hands his gold chains and his hat to Golden Joey. His in-ring attire consists of black spandex shorts with "Pimpin" on the back in pink, and pink boots. He has a body that resembles a model more than a wrestler, he is perfectly chiseled and cut, but he is not huge and muscular like some wrestlers. He continues to flirt with the girls in the crowd as he enters the ring, showing off his body and blowing kisses. The crowd goes bananas when he hits the ring, as OR-BIT chants are heard all over the arena.

“Capricco” by Krzysztof Penderecki hits the sound system with a loud hit of drums followed by a sharp harmony of horns and strings. Benjamin Atreyu casually steps out onto the entrance ramp, savoring the scowls of the audience. After breathing in their discontent he descends the ramp to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Hailing from Saint Paul, Minnesota and weighing in at two hundred and thirty one pounds, self-proclaimed "God Given Greatness" Benjamin Atreyu!

He slides into the ring and jumps to his feet. He walks to the center of the ring, raising his fist in the air, as if announcing his victory was assured before the match even began. The crowd erupts in boos he steps back into his corner.

Zach Davis: And here we go!

Atreyu is the first on the attack, meeting up with Orbit and hitting him with several blows. Burke hangs back, watching those two going at it. Atreyu throws Orbit to the ropes and hits him with a Big Boot as he comes back, causing him to drop to the mat. Orbit stumbles up and Atreyu then hits him with a beautiful Snap Suplex. Atreyu gets up again and Burke goes on the attack now, spinning him around and kicking him in the gut. Atreyu doubles over and Burke grabs his throat before lifting him up and hitting a Two Handed Chokeslam!

Shannan Lerch: Lots of big moves to start things off here!

Zach Davis: This is a fairly personal matchup. At One, a longterm bloodfeud between Burke and Twilight will reach it's conclusion, and Twilight and Orbit are stablemates of course. Orbit and Waylon Cash are tag team partners, and Atreyu's problems with Cash are well documented as well.

Burke stomps away at Atreyu before kicking him out of the ring and turning to Orbit. Burke lifts Orbit up but Orbit breaks away with a few shots to Burke's face. Burke goes for a wild swing but Orbit ducks it and grabs Burke, hitting a German Suplex!

Shannan Lerch: Picture perfect!

Into a bridge pin.



No!, Burke kicks out. Both Burke and Orbit are to their feet, Orbit takes him down with a Snapmare, followed by a kick to the spine. Orbit runs to the ropes but Atreyu, from outside the ring, catches his leg. Orbit turns around to see what happened and as he does, Burke runs at him and Clotheslines him from behind, sending him flying out of the ring!

Zach Davis: Two out of the three men in this match are on the outside now, and... here comes Burke!

Burke slingshots himself over the top rope and lands on both Atreyu and Orbit! The crowd cheers for the highspot. Burke slowly works his way up and rolls Orbit into the ring and pins him.



No!, Orbit kicks out. Atreyu slides back into the ring now after clearing off the cobwebs and both he and Burke begin stomping at the Mack.

Shannan Lerch: Like you said, Zach, this IS a personal match... but it's personal because of the people Orbit associates himself with, and it has made him a target!

Burke and Atreyu lift Orbit up and throw him to the ropes. Both men hit Orbit with a Big Boot on his way back! Orbit goes down and Burke begins to lift him back up.... but Atreyu quickly rolls Burke up from behind!



No!, Burke escapes it!

Zach Davis: So much for THAT teamwork.

Both Burke and Atreyu are to their feet now, and Burke runs at Atreyu. He goes for a big Clothesline From Hell!, but Atreyu ducks it. Atreyu hits Burke with a Spinning Elbow!

Shannan Lerch: Black Eye Sonata!

Orbit is up now, Atreyu turns and hits him with a Black Eye Sonata for his troubles as well! Orbit drops and Atreyu quickly pins him.



NO! Orbit kicks out!

Zach Davis: Wow! So close!

Shannan Lerch: There isn't an ounce of quit in Steve Orbit!

Zach Davis: Would you know from personal experience, Shannan?

Shannan Lerch: ....

Frustrated, Atreyu picks Orbit up and goes to throw him out of the ring. Orbit lands on the apron however, after Atreyu turned around, so Atreyu doesn't see it. Orbit steadies himself and Atreyu turns around again... Orbit Springboards and hits Atreyu with a Diving Spear!

Zach Davis: Hot damn!

Atreyu rolls out of the ring and Orbit turns to Burke. Burke has stumbled up and Orbit hits him with a Backhand Slap!

Shannan Lerch: Pimp Slap!

Orbit then hits his patented jawbreaker! He begins climbing the turnbuckle next.

Zach Davis: Oakland Splash, coming up!

Once Orbit is to the top, Atreyu hits the apron! Atreyu pushes Orbit backwards, sending him spilling onto the cold, hard concrete!

Shannan Lerch: OOF!

Atreyu quickly intercepts Burke, picking him up into the Burning Hammer position.... and hits his Requiem in D Minor!

Zach Davis: This is it!

Atreyu drops, pinning Burke.




Shannan Lerch: And there you have it! Benjamin Atreyu picks up the victory!

Atreyu's music hits and he stands. Just like earlier in the night, however, his music is quickly replaced with Master of Puppets.

Zach Davis: Aannddd here comes Seth! Again.

Shannan Lerch: Earlier tonight, we saw Odin Balfore get the Tag Titles back. Corey Black is officially stripped and Balfore and Atreyu are getting a Tag Titles shot at One... but against whom?

Zach Davis: We're about to find out, I think!

Seth steps out onto the entryway.

Seth Lerch: And congratulations to you, Mr. Atreyu! As I'm sure you saw earlier, Balfore has retrieved the Tag Titles from Corey Black. And it's about time we get a pair of REAL Tag Team Champions.

Orbit is standing up, outside the ring now, holding his head in pain.

Seth Lerch: This match books itself, quite frankly. Orbit, you and Cash have been asking for a Tag Title shot as well. Orbit, you and Balfore have been enemies for quite a while... Atreyu and Cash, you guys have your issues.... so bam, there you have it. At One, we've got Balfore and Atreyu versus Cash and Orbit, the Homegrown Players!

The crowd pops at this announcement! Atreyu smiles as well, looking down at Orbit. Orbit looks up at Atreyu, staring back at him.

Seth Lerch: That's right, Orbit, you're going to be doing double duty. You could walk out with two sets of Title belts, or you could lose it at all!

Atreyu's music plays again as Seth leaves, leaving Atreyu in the ring to celebrate. Orbit grabs his US Title and begins leaving as well.

Zach Davis: This one definitely has the makings of a classic, Shannan. What a show One is going to be.

Hadrian Burke Segment

We're back from commercial, with Hadrian Burke finally getting to his feet. Hadrian remains in the ring standing when all of a sudden the lights shut down...except one. A single light shines into the rafters of the arena. Slowly, a board is lowered down to the ring. Hadrian walks into the spotlight full of curiosity.

Hadrian screams: Ok what the hell is this? Who are you?!

As the board finally reaches eye-level...Hadrian drops to his knees while covering his mouth with his hands. Tears welling up in his eyes, he places his right hand over what can now be seen as a lifeless body. Attached to the body is another letter. Hadrian reaches for it. As he opens it up and begins to read, a voice comes over the loud speaker reading along:

Voice: Dear Famine,

You challenged for a face
Instead I give you disgrace
A human being that meant so much
Yet makes you cry with a simple touch

You say you know who you are
Yet you still haven't come that far
From that monster you once were
A demon you cannot deter.

A year so long
Another unjust wrong
What would you have done
For this body...that is your son

The voice crackles out and the lights come back on. Hadrian, now holding the hand of his son, screams out in anger.


The last scene before the camera cuts away is paramedics rushing the ring and surrounding the body. The entire arena is filled with silence. No one is taking pictures, no one is saying a word as the paramedics are now in the ring taking the body down.

Zach Davis: I.....I have no words to describe the feeling in this arena right now. What kind of sick individual would do this?

Shannan Lerch: We've all seen what Fam....er, Hadrian has done in the past as Famine of the Vile. But I truly believe that even he wouldn't be as sick as whoever did this to his son.

Zach Davis: I just hope that whoever did this realizes who they're dealing with. Because if I know Hadrian like I think I do. This means war!

Eric Price/Stuart Slane Segment

Eric Price is shown backstage once more with his petition as he runs into The Scoutmaster Stuart Slane who is in his full Scoutmaster regalia.

Eric Price: Mr. Slane? How good to see you!

Stuart Slane: What do you want miscreant?

Eric Price: Now now, easy Mr. Slane. I do not wish to see any hostility from you this evening. I am simply looking for some support here for my petition as you know, Sarah Twilight is slated to be the referee for my World Title match at One. I am seeking to have that injustice corrected by getting support from the People including my peers.

Stuart Slane: So what do you want from me?

Eric Price: It’s very simple Mr. Slane, all you have to do is sign to show your support.

Stuart Slane: I would never sign anything to support any endeavor of yours you vile cretin.

The Scoutmaster starts to walk away from Eric Price

Eric Price: That’s fine, you’ve never supported me despite the fact that I’ve always offered to support you. Guess things have a way of turning around.

The Scoutmaster turns around and gives a look at Eric

Stuart Slane: What’s that supposed to mean?

Eric Price: Oh nothing, I’m simply saying that your refusal to support me both infuriates and disappoints me because I would think a man in your situation would be more keen on showing his support for his benefactor.

Stuart Slane: You truly are a vile and sick human being.

The Scoutmaster walks away in disgust from Eric Price. The camera focuses in on Eric once the Scoutmaster’s walked away as he softly speaks…

Eric Price: You have no idea.

Eric Price walks away with an evil smile on his face.

Sarah Twilight/Roy Speede vs Christopher Kane/Kaylyn James Evans

Tek is seen kicked back in one of the upper deck suite seats. He is holding his title on his shoulder as Steeltoe Joe comes back from his last match. Joes taped up a bit and looks tired but he sits next to Tek and they begin discussing something, but nobody knows what they are discussing. Joe points towards the ring and then nods his head in a “yes” motion. Tek then agrees to whatever he says. They both get up and walk out of the upper suite and make their way ring side.

Shannan Lerch: See I knew they were looking at me the whole time! Here come my boys!

Zach Davis: Be quiet Shannan! They are taking a seat right there, not next to you.

Shannan Lerch: Whatever!

Steeltoe Joe and Tek make their way to two ring side seat. They seem to be much more interested in this next match then the rest of them that have taken place tonight. The camera then changes its focus to the stage where we are ready for the superstars of this match to make their way down.

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall....

Get Out There And Make It Look Good!

Rob Zombies Dead Girl Superstar hits the PA system and Kaylyn walks out onto the stage looking around at the fans before rolling her eyes and laughing. Heading down the ramp way she takes her time soaking in the mixed reaction from the crowd, Scott Savage making his way down behind her.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first....hailing from New York, New York and weighing in at 118 pounds...she is "The Perfect Ten" KAYLYN JAMES EVANS!!

well, she blew uptown on a cemetery sound
and wore her leather pants for week, yeah
a canteen butcher got tiger teeth
and a handmade circus freak, yeah
go, go, go, go
dying to go
she moving in like a demon

dead girl, dead girl superstar

Reaching the bottom of the ramp she walked to the ring before jumping up onto the apron. Stepping into the ring through the middle and top ropes she stood in the ring and looked around one last time still not caring about the crowd as the music faded.

Kyle Steel: And her tag team partner....

The beginning of "Holding Out for a Hero" by Emery begins to play as people rise to their feet.

Kyle Steel: From Ames, Iowa...weighing in at 165 pounds...he is the WCF Internet Champion... "The Youngest Hero" CHRISTOPHER KANE!!

A few moments pass by as out steps "The Youngest Hero" Christopher Kane. He motions for people to get to their feet if they're not already. Christopher begins to walk to the ring, slapping hands with the many fans who have their hands out over the guard rails. The WCF fans are cheering loudly for Christopher Kane as he hops up onto the ring apron before going to the turnbuckle and heading up to the top buckle. He raises his arms into the air for more noise before jumping into the ring, making a roll and popping back up to his feet. "The Youngest Hero" backs off into a corner and waits for the match to begin.

Kyle Steel: And their opponents....

The video wall comes to life as the words 'SILVER LINING' are displayed on the screen. This is followed by 'THE ONLY ONE' and the crowd is on their feet, as they know what this means.

Kyle Steel: At a total combined weight of 332 pounds...representing GENESIS, they are the reigning WCF hardcore Champion, "The Silver Lining" ROY SPEEDE and "The Mistress of Mischief" SARAH TWILIGHT!

At last, "Bitter End" by The Veer Union hits and the crowd ERUPTS! Roy Speede steps out on stage. He crosses his arms in an X across his chest, with his right arm underneath his left, and his hands in his fists. He bows his head for several seconds, and his chin rests in the gap between his fists. Pyros shoot up from the stage as Sarah finally walks out from behind the curtain. She is greeted with deafening cheers and soaks them all in. Roy drops his right arm, and raises his left arm in the air, with his pointer, middle, and pinky fingers extended, and his ring finger and thumb tucked into his palm. His palm is facing the crowd. He drops his arm, and begins jogging to ringside, high-fiving fans as he goes, before climbing onto the apron, and then climbing the outside of the turnbuckle. He raises his left arm, with the same fingers extended as when he was on stage. He leaps from the turnbuckle into the ring. Meanwhile, the vibrant redhead confidently swaggers towards the ring and steps inside. Pyros now shoot off from the ring posts and Sarah takes to each turnbuckle in succession, pointing out toward the crowd and smiling. The cheers become even LOUDER. As the music continues, Sarah rolls outside of the ring and finds a young fan sitting at ringside. She removes her signature "You Don't Matter" tee shirt that she wears over her wrestling attire and gives it to the young fan before returning to the ring as the music dies down.

Zach Davis: Wow! Can you feel the energy in here tonight?! I am excited!

Shannan Lerch: This here is going to be a true test for young Christopher Kane. I have to wonder what he's been thinking?

Zach Davis: Probably about all of the time he's been spending with Kaylyn!

Shannan Lerch: Speaking of which, this is the first time she's stepping into the ring with Sarah Twilight. A match between the two has been something speculated around the locker room for quite a long time now.

Zach Davis: And tonight it happens! Well...somewhat.

Referee Charles Whitman calls for the bell as Roy Speede and Christopher Kane are set to start the match off. A final few words in the Kane/Evans corner as Kaylyn plants an innocent kiss upon Chris' cheek mouthing something to the effect of 'we got this' to him. The Internet Champion and The Hardcore Champion lock up. Roy takes Chris over with a side headlock takedown before wrenching in some pressure. Kane is caught up, but fights his way back to his feet. A shove off by Roy, sending Chris into the ropes and Kane uses the ropes as a springboard launchpad! He catches Speede unexpectedly with a dropkick out of it! Chris dashes back to his feet quickly and stances himself in the ready as Roy makes it back up. Chris wastes no time as he jumps up, for a standing tornado DDT which plants Roy back on the mat!

Shannan Lerch: And Chris Kane came for a battle! He is taking the fight to Roy Speede!

Zach Davis: I seriously don't believe that Roy was anticipating much of anything out of Chris Kane. Boy was he wrong!

Kane is quick back to his feet after the offensive yet again and he quickly perches himself on the top turnbuckle. He dives off and nails a diving legdrop right across the Hardcore Champion's throat! The crowd cheers for the young Kane as he continues his flurry of offense. However, after gaining the upper hand, he quickly tags in Kaylyn, who was eager to seize this opportunity. Roy gets back to his feet after the onslaught and KJE rushes him with a front kick that catches him on the jaw. Speede finds himself back on the canvas. Roy pulls himself back up, and Kaylyn like a rabid dog as she puts him back down with a snap neckbreaker.

Shannan Lerch: Things aren't going so well for Roy right now.

Zach Davis: Like I said, I think he wasn't expecting Chris Kane to bring the fight like he did. He just needs to collect himself.

Shannan Lerch: Or tag out, perhaps?

Zach Davis: That would work too.

Kaylyn brings Roy to his feet to attempt a piledriver. However, Roy pushes himself up straight, sending KJE up and over with a back body drop that plants her hard into the mat. As Kaylyn makes it back to her feet, still a little rattled she walks herself into a swinging reverse STO courtesy of the hardcore champ. Roy starts moving around the ring and screams out as he tightens his arms, full of intensity. Scott Savage does not look happy on the outside.

Zach Davis: Or, he could start taking control of the match. Speede is fired up now!

Shannan Lerch: Much history between Roy Speede and Kaylyn James Evans. Something that neither of them have probably forgotten about.

Zach Davis: Things between Roy and Kaylyn are about as heated as they ever were. Same goes for Christopher Kane, who has made it clear that he, much like his father, cannot stand Speede.

KJE pulls herself back to her feet once again and Roy gladly puts her back down with a scoop slam. Kaylyn hits the mat hard and Roy continues to keep the pressure on, following up with a stiff kick to the side of her back. In the corner, Sarah Twilight extends her arm for a tag...and after a brief moment, Roy obliges. The crowd erupts as Sarah enters the ring with Kaylyn.

Zach Davis: And this is what people came to see! Sarah Twilight, Kaylyn James Evans! This is huge!

Shannan Lerch: The very first time EVER these two have met in the ring. Everyone is on their feet wanting to see this one unfold!

Kaylyn backs up a bit as she was still after all, on the canvas. She makes it to her feet and she looks ready to go. Sarah is poised and ready for action and the crowd just continues to go wild. However, Scott Savage jumps up onto the ring apron and starts screaming at KJE.

Zach Davis: Oh come on! Is he seriously gonna pull this crap?

Shannan Lerch: Scott Savage is insisting that Kaylyn tag out of the match. He doesn't want her to lock it up with Sarah.

Zach Davis: Why on earth not? This is huge right here!

Kaylyn looks a bit puzzled at this, and after a bit of hesitation, she finally acquiesces and tags Chris Kane back into the match. The crowd boos like crazy. Not that they didn't like Chris, because the certainly do. But the fact that Scott Savage just ruined the party was...disappointing. Chris doesn't exactly look thrilled to get into the ring, but he sighs and does so. KJE encourages him. Chris takes a deep breath and goes for it. He rushes Sarah with a cross body, but gets caught and instead planted with a powerslam courtesy of the redhead!

Shannan Lerch: Uh oh! This isn't going to be good for Chris.

Zach Davis: Probably not.

Chris is a bit dazed after being caught so unexpectedly and as he sits up to push himself back to his feet he is met with a running snap kick to the face! The youngster goes back down, holding his face. Sarah shows no signs of relenting either. She hauls the Internet Champion to his feet and sends him for a HARD whip into the turnbuckle. The force of it causes him to stagger forward after the impact and he is now met with a burst clothesline that nearly causes him to do a 180.

Shannan Lerch: She nearly took his head off! That was uncalled for!

Zach Davis: Sarah Twilight is a competitor above anything else. If she takes it easy on him and he manages to win somehow, how is that going to sit? You don't hold back because you feel sorry for someone. He knows what he is getting into when he steps into the ring. What if it was someone like Gravedigger? Or Nathan Von Liebert? Do you think they are going to take it easy?

Shannan Lerch: I guess you're right. But even so. I mean, he's a rookie.

Zach Davis: He is Internet Champion, and he knew what he was getting into.

The crowd is a little mixed here. They like Sarah, but they also like Chris. Seeing him being beaten down like this isn't exactly something they can root for. Sarah remains focused on the task at hand. She collects Chris, who is still pretty damn dazed...from the canvas and methodically takes her time with a hangman's neckbreaker. Kane is reeling a bit. Sarah drops down for the cover. Whitman gets into position, checking the shoulders.





Chris Kane manages to get a shoulder up.

Zach Davis: A bit of bravado there. I honestly would have just stayed down.

Shannan Lerch: You also don't have half the guts that Chris Kane has.

Zach Davis: That's tru--HEY!

Sarah smirks a bit and gives a slight nod to Kane for his courage. He was obviously going to keep fighting. Sarah brings him to his feet, and sends him for another Irish whip, this time into the ropes. Kane comes off the rebound with a shining wizard out of nowhere and catches Sarah! She goes down to the canvas, as does he as he was still a bit banged up.

Zach Davis: Whoa! This kid has some damn heart! He just managed to buy himself some time. But he needs to take Kaylyn!

Shannan Lerch: If he can make it to his corner, they have a good chance here!

Zach Davis: He's inching his way there!

Chris starts crawling toward his corner, and KJE has her hand extended. Scott is watching closely. However, when Sarah begins pulling herself back to her feet, he calls it off, again screaming at Kaylyn this time not to make the tag.

Zach Davis: Oh come ON! He needs the tag! What kind of crap is this?

Shannan Lerch: Scott Savage is determined to keep Kaylyn away from Sarah. I have no idea why.

Zach Davis: This is absurd! Kaylyn needs to tag into this match! Chris Kane can't keep going on alone!

Scott continues to yell and scream, and he demands Kaylyn off of the apron, which she obliges. Chris has no one to tag now and his face sinks as he realizes it. Sarah recomposes herself and begins back toward Kane. Chris needs to act fast, having no partner at the moment, and he does. He pulls himself up in the corner and leaps to the top turnbuckle as quickly as he can, launching himself off of the top with a diving moonsault that catches Sarah off guard. He pulls her down to the canvas and hooks the leg in the process. Whitman slides into position.



Sarah shoves him off after two.

Zach Davis: You have to give Chris Kane all the credit in the world. He is taking the fight as much as he can and right now he is at a great disadvantage without being able to tag out to his partner.

After the sudden pinfall attempt, Chris sees another opening to possibly make a tag and he dives for his corner, only to realize that Scott and Kay are still arguing just outside the ring. Kane is seriously disappointed with this situation, but there was no time to worry about that now. He gets back to his feet and turns his attention back to his opponents just in time to walk right into a waiting Sarah Twilight who traps both of his arms and takes him up and over with a Royal Butterfly. Chris hits the canvas hard. Now, Roy Speede requests a tag and Sarah tags him back into the match.

Zach Davis: Roy Speede looking to make an example out of Chris Kane here tonight. The upcoming battle with Chris' father Brad certainly on the mind of the Hardcore Champion.

Shannan Lerch: Brad Kane is a whole different ball game for Speede. He'd better get that straight. But after that softening up, Chris is easy pickings for Roy Speede right now.

Speede puts the boots to Kane, stomping away at the internet champion. Though as the action in the ring continues, the crowd's attention is now focused elsewhere and they begin to boo as Eric Price emerges from the back holding a clipboard and a microphone. Lech

Zach Davis: What is HE doing out here?

Shannan Lerch: Uh oh...this doesn't look good. I just know something bad is going to happen.

Eric Price: Yes! Yes I know! You people are utterly appalled that the Board of Director's has chosen that bitch Sarah Twilight to serve as the official for my World Championship Match at One!

Even more boos from the crowd. Many people chanting "Asshole."

Eric Price: But do not fear! This is precisely why I am out here tonight. I am here to correct the wrongdoings. And all of you, you will be my voice! Together we will show the Board of Directors that they have made a terrible mistake! I have with me a petition to have Sarah Twilight REMOVED from my match at One! Please, settle yourselves. I know each and every one of you cannot wait to sign it!

Sarah turns her attention from the ring as well. She rolls her eyes noticing Price out here with the petition nonsense. Back in the ring. Roy takes Chris Kane up and over with a t-bone suplex. Kane crashes into the mat hard. Meanwhile, Eric Price makes his way down toward the ring, trying to get signatures along the way and of course, he gets none from the crowd here in Dover.

Eric Price: Do not be shy. I know that you feel cheated and robbed of the greatest Main Event in history just as I do. Do not allow Miss Twilight to bully you! Sign my petition and correct this atrocity!

He continues around ringside trying to get signatures, and still no one will sign. He glances up at Sarah along his way and smirks as he makes his way toward the announce table.

Eric Price: Zachary, Shannan. Surely you will do the right thing?

Zach Davis: I'm not having any part in that. No way!

Shannan Lerch: I'll sign it!

Zach Davis: Shannan what is wrong with you?!

Eric Price: Excellent.

He hands the clipboard over, and she signs the petition. Back in the ring, Chris Kane is getting back into this thing as he comes flying off the top, taking Roy Speede over with a hurricarrana. Chris stays on him for the cover.




Roy kicks out.

Zach Davis: We still have a match taking place despite Eric Price's intrusion here. Christopher Kane a split second away for taking this thing! I can't believe the heart of this kid! He has taken so much punishment and he is still fighting!

Shannan Lerch: Eric Price is fighting too! Fighting for justice!

Zach Davis: You can drop the act Shannan, he's not within earshot any longer.

Shannan Lerch: Oh okay. Thanks.

Zach shakes his head. Meanwhile, Eric continues around the ring, trying to collect signatures. Finally, Sarah has seen enough. She hopes down from the apron as Eric passes her again, and she YANKS the clipboard from his hands. Looking at the petition attached, he'd only gotten a few signatures at best...which included Shannan, his Lawyer and just a small number of guys in the back who just plain didn't like Sarah. The 'Mistress of Mischief' takes the paperwork and rips it to shreds right in front of Eric who nearly LOSES it. The crowd goes wild and Eric paces like a madman wanting to strike Sarah. Finally, he straightens his tie and composes himself, instead blowing a sarcastic kiss at her. This elicits a response in the form of a hard right hand that send Eric reeling. Price collects his clip board and his torn up papers as he storms up the ramp, furiously. Looking as if he was honestly pouting.

Zach Davis: Oh thank God that's over! Eric Price had no business out here whatsoever.

Shannan Lerch: Sarah tore up the papers...I signed that!

Zach Davis: Oh give it a rest!

Now, without the interruptions, we are focused completely back on the match. Christopher Kane is exhausted by now. But he continues to keep going. During the entire time that Eric was out here, the action has been back and forth. Kane has enough of an opening now to get Speede on shaky legs. Both men off the ropes and they COLLIDE with each other as both of them attempted a flying cross body at the same time! Kaylyn is back up on the apron, Sarah is back up on the apron. Both champions are down and need to make it to their corners. Chris Kane again crawling toward Kaylyn. Roy inching his way toward Sarah.

Zach Davis: Kane needing this tag more than ever!

Shannan Lerch: Roy doesn't seem to need it any less!

Zach Davis: These two have just been brawling like animals! I have never seen anything like it!

And Chris Kane is the first to his corner. He tags KJE into the match! Kaylyn enters the ring and moves toward Roy who dives forward and tags Sarah into the match! Sarah steps into the ring and both women are face to face once again. The crowd has come unglued with anticipation. And once again, Scott Savage jumps up onto the ring apron. He is demanding that Kaylyn tag back out of the match.

Zach Davis: You have to be kidding me! Chris Kane can't tag back into this match now!

Shannan Lerch: Kaylyn, just ignore him. It makes no sense for you to tag out!

Zach Davis: Exactly. No damn sense at all!

Scott continues to scream and yell his demands, and it looks as if KJE is once again going to listen to him. However, Zach and Shannan weren't the only people who were getting fed up with Scott Savage. Sarah takes a running start and bounces into the ropes, 'accidentally' knocking Scott from the apron and into the barricade! The crowd cheers wildly! Sarah looks down at him with a smirk.

Zach Davis: That's what I'm talking about!

Shannan Lerch: Maybe now we can have a damn match! No more of this tagging out crap.

KJE, seeing Scott knocked from the apron, seizes her opportunity as she grabs hold of Sarah from behind taking her down with a back breaker. Kaylyn follows up with a few vicious stomps to the downed redhead. The 'Perfect Ten' takes a moment to pose, moreso for herself than anything else. Sarah starts back to her feet and Kaylyn turns her attention back to Sarah, catching her with a northern lights suplex.

Zach Davis: This is what people wanted to see! Let them just go at it. I love it!

Shannan Lerch: Without a doubt, and Kaylyn wanting to make certain to remain in control here. Which so far, she's doing.

Kaylyn rolls back to her feet, and a few moments later, Sarah is also back up. KJE rushes her with a spear, taking the Mistress of Mischief down, following up with a few punches. Kaylyn rises back to her feet again, and briefly looks at ringside to see if Scott is alright before turning her attention back to Sarah. Scott is starting to make his way back up after taking that nasty spill. KJE measures Sarah and waits for her to get back to her feet, as she does, Kaylyn rushes in for a clothesline, but it's ducked and Sarah drops her with a jumping neckbreaker. The redhead sits up after the maneuver and shakes off the cobwebs, regaining her composure.

Zach Davis: Now it's Sarah's turn!

Shannan Lerch: And she doesn't look too happy!

Kaylyn holds her head just a bit as she makes her way back to her feet. Though as she does, she is taken right back down with a baseball slide dropkick that catches her directly on the shins and takes her legs out from under her. She falls face first into the canvas. Sarah now decides to take to the turnbuckle, possibly for one of her foot stomps to put the exclamation point on things. However, Scott reaches under the bottom ropes and collects Kaylyn, pulling her to the outside. Sarah hops down from the turnbuckle looking at Scott and Kaylyn, wondering just what the hell was going on.

Zach Davis: What is he doing now? Ref, just toss him out of here!

Shannan Lerch: I think he just pulled her out of harm's way. I don't know?

Kay tries to climb back into the ring, still ready to fight Sarah, but Scott pulls her back down. More arguing ensues. Finally, he begins walking her up the ramp to a chorus of boos. Sarah leans over the ropes, not happy about this. Roy looks confused as hell and Christopher Kane, who is not the legal participant in the match is almost in shock. Charles Whitman begins his count on Kaylyn, who seems hesitant to leave with Scott, but continues to be led up the ramp.






Sarah places her hands on her hips and paces around in the ring. Roy kicks at the apron.

Zach Davis: This is crap! Complete crap!

Shannan Lerch: I have no idea what reasons he would have for this. It makes no sense.




Chris Kane looks the most upset by this as he is left there to dry, not even able to just continue the match for himself since he was never tagged back in.



Bell rings and the crowd boos loudly.

Zach Davis: Well this is just disappointing to say the least. Scott Savage so determined to keep Kaylyn James Evans from actually competing against Sarah Twilight here tonight that he just walked her out of the match and costing the match for Chris Kane as well.

Shannan Lerch: If I were Scott Savage's client, I'd be wondering just what the hell it is he's thinking.

Kyle Steel: The winners of this match as a result of a count out.....ROY SPEEDE and SARAH TWILIGHT....GENESIS!

Skyler Striker Segment

“With our hands held high we’re screaming…”

“Hands” by the Almost hits the arena and the crowd chant ‘whoa-oh whoa-oh oh’ in time with the song, leading to the appearance of Skyler Striker in his Manchester City shirt and jeans. He hi-fives fans on his way to the ring and looks quite relaxed. A WCF official stands in the ring to witness proceedings.

Zach Davis: And here we go! There’s no match for Skyler Striker tonight but the former World Champion is on fire at the moment and he’s here to sign his name on a contract to fight Gravedigger at One!

Shannan Lerch: First, earlier tonight we saw Striker take out three of our young stars. Then we saw Striker cost Gravedigger his match against Joel Hall... I don't think Gravedigger's too happy about that.

Zach Davis: You're not kidding. After that I'm sure he can't wait for this match.

Shannan Lerch: Not just any match, either – a 2/3 Falls Hardcore match! No rules, no restrictions, anything goes – that’s a match that guarantees blood.

Zach Davis: Vampires would love it.

Shannan Lerch: There’s something wrong with you.

Zach Davis: I know. Sad face.

Shannan Lerch: Did you just SAY sad face instead of making one?

Zach Davis:… yes.

“Change” by Deftones hits the speakers next and Gravedigger appears on the ramp, eyes on Striker with every step.

Shannan Lerch: Gravedigger’s had so much going on outside of this Legends match that he may even consider this an afterthought.

Zach Davis: But he’s no pushover – he’s the self-proclaimed Epitome of Hardcore.

Shannan Lerch: Self-proclaimed. Striker’s got hardcore history too, lest we forget. Also, in case anyone didn’t notice, there’s a table and contracts in the ring, quite a nice set-up. Bookies are no longer taking bets on whether or not that stays intact by the end of the signing.

Zach Davis: Paying out already… much like you, Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: Remember when you used to be good at commentary?

Zach Davis: Yes.

Shannan Lerch: I don’t.

Striker, who has already obtained a microphone, stands on one side of the table as Gravedigger enters on the other side of the ring.

Skyler Striker: It was not all that long ago I popped up again at War XI and remembered how good this place has been to me. WCF brings out the best in Skyler Striker. The best of my memories are here, in this ring, in front of a WCF crowd.

The crowd pop for Striker’s appreciation.

Skyler Striker: But in spite of my history here, I manage to still get treated like a forgotten relic. A member of a bygone age. My accomplishments are just one or two among many, many others. And I’m here to rectify that. My aim is not to become relevant. My aim is to resume being dominant. To resume being VIOLENT. Because that’s not how you see me, is it Gravedigger? You and most of the roster think I’m a Hall of Famer here to make a buck. But you couldn’t be more wrong. And if you ignore me and the things I can do, you’ll regret it. You’ll regret it at least twice at One by the time this contract is signed. Because let me tell you right now: my history as a Hardcore Champion isn’t for kids. I don’t live in a PG-rated world, and if you want to find out just how much truth I’m speaking, you’ll do as I do RIGHT NOW.

With that, Striker lays down the microphone, sits down and signs the contract to cheers from the crowd. He motions for Gravedigger to do the same, but Gravedigger first picks up the microphone with a grin on his face, remaining standing as Striker sits. The crowd hush in anticipation.

Gravedigger: Striker, you sit there and you sign the contract. You sit there thinking you just signed a contract to face the Epitome of Hardcore in a 2/3 falls hardcore match, but see that’s not what you really just signed. What you just signed was a document giving me permission to bury you at One in front of the world. You just gave me written permission that will stand up in a court of law that when I absolutely annihilate you and end your career for good, I will get away clean with it. Enjoy your last moments of normalcy, Striker.

With that, Gravedigger throws the mic to the floor and sits down opposite Striker, signing the contract.

Zach Davis: And that’s signed on paper- wait, WAIT! STRIKER LEAPS THE TABLE AND IS ASSAULTING GRAVEDIGGER!

Shannan Lerch: The table goes flying and the official bolts, Striker’s gone crazy!

Zach Davis: Gravedigger I think is bleeding as Striker unloads those fists right into his face! I think- I think I see brass knuckles!

Shannan Lerch: Gravedigger is a legend in this business but Striker isn’t fazed at all, look at him go!

Striker stands, panting and looking down at Gravedigger. He then looks at the table and returns it to a standing position before going to hoist Gravedigger.

Zach Davis: Uh-oh, I think Striker’s well and truly lost it here! He’s out to prove a point… and he’s got Gravedigger on that table! One more shot with the brass knuckles to the head and Gravedigger’s painted crimson!

Shannan Lerch: Striker goes to the top rope!

Zach Davis: Just listen to the crowd, they’re on their feet and cheering Striker on, THERE HE GOES! STRIKER NAILS THE SKYLER HIGH DIVE ONTO GRAVEDIGGER AND PUTS HIM STRAIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE!

The ring is carnage. Gravedigger is bleeding profusely and lays in the remnants of the shattered table. Striker has also suffered minor damage thanks to his actions but picks himself up and grabs the two contract clipboards, laying them next to Gravedigger and motioning to the crowd with a single finger to indicate ‘One’.

Zach Davis: Well we all know Striker doesn’t have much regard for safety when it comes to hardcore, but I think Gravedigger will now be well warned of Striker’s prowess as a hardcore competitor.

Shannan Lerch: I’d be surprised if Gravedigger remembers anything after this assault.

Zach Davis: Skyler Striker and Gravedigger, at One, Two out of Three Falls, zero disqualifications!

Shannan Lerch: The poetry of that math is beautiful.

FPV vs Waylon Cash vs Jonny Fly

Zach Davis: Here we go! War rematch.

Shannan Lerch: AANNDD Jonny Fly's return to the ring!

The lights turn to a blood red as the crowd stands up on their feet, as "Professional Griefers" hits the P.A and FPV, signature duster and Genesis T-Shirt, comes out the curtains. He plays to excited crowd like the circus ringmaster, fistbumping furiously along with the crowd and the music, and each fistbump triggers an explosion of black pyro from the stage.

FPV takes the walk down the ramp, slapping fans hands before climbing the steps and on top of the turnbuckles, where he fistbumps one more time, sending one more explosion of pyro throughout the arena. He climbs into the ring and sits in a lotuc position in the corner, waiting for the match to start.

The opening trumpet riff of "White Trash Renegade blares over the PA systems as red and orange strobe lights flash. Suddenly the strobes stop, and Waylon Cash comes running out onto the entrance ramp. He runs back and forth, illiciting cheers from the crowd on either side before dancing his way towards the ring, Roxxanne Savage following behind him. Sliding under the bottom rope, Waylon helps his manager in, before running and jumping onto the second turnbuckle. He raises his fist hig in the air, soaking up the cheering of the fans.

The lights in the arena fade out. After a few suspense filled seconds the words ‘The Dynasty’ appear in bold italic lettering on the jumbotron as the beginning of “300 Violin Orchestra” begins to play. A single spotlight turns on and illuminates the silhouette of a man standing on the stage. As the song begins to speed up, the lights come on revealing Jonny Fly.

Zach Davis: AND THERE HE IS!

Fly stands on the stage with his eyes directly fixed on the ring. The music slows down and a barrage of fireworks begins to go off behind Fly. His eyes remain fixed on his opponent throughout. Slowly and deliberately he begins to make his way toward the ring. The music picks up one last time and Fly stops at the bottom of the ramp with his eyes still directly fixed on the ring. He stops and takes a few moment to exchange a long stare with his opponent before finally sliding into the ring.

All three men are in the ring... the bell sounds.

Shannan Lerch: Three former World Champions... here we go.

Cash and FPV quickly shake hands before moving back into their corners. They nod towards Fly; Fly nods back.

Zach Davis: Back at War, this was going to be a World Title match. To refresh everyone's memory, Fly got put in jail, which we now know was the doing of Seth Lerch. Cash and FPV then fought to a no contest. After that, FPV and Cash joined together as Genesis.

Knowing the kind of men he's in there with, Fly runs at FPV and jumps into him, hitting punch after punch down onto him! Cash runs at Fly and Fly back elbows him, sending him reeling. Fly grabs FPV's head in a DDT hold then backs up and grabs Cash's head in a Stunner hold. Fly drops, spiking both men's heads down!

Shannan Lerch: If Fly wants to survive, that's what he has to do! What a move!

Fly quickly pins Cash, hooking the leg.



Kickout. Fly moves onto FPV.



FPV kicks out too. Fly gets up and starts stomping away at them. Cash is the first to his feet; Fly kicks him and throws him out of the ring. Fly turns as FPV is getting up, runs at him... and Spears him into the mat!

Zach Davis: This match has been all Jonny Fly so far. With FPV and Cash aligned, he HAD to bring it right away like this to stand a chance.

Fly runs to the ropes, Springboards, and Moonsaults onto FPV! Another pin..



No!, FPV again kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Frank is resilient, to say the least. Not an easy man to pin.

Fly begins climbing to the top rope, going high risk. But Cash jumps back onto the apron, grabbing Fly's leg and pulling him down. Fly crotches himself on the turnbuckle. This gives FPV the chance to run at him.. TOP ROPE ENZIGURI!

Zach Davis: OOF! What a kick, right to Fly's skull!

Cash holds onto Fly's leg, not letting him fall, despite the kick to the head. Cash quickly climbs up onto the turnbuckle with him from the apron and positions himself in front of Fly.

Shannan Lerch: Waylon Cash going high risk, we don't normally see this from him.

Cash hits a Hurricanrana! Fly crashes into the mat. FPV falls on top of him, pinning him.



No, Cash pulls FPV off.

Zach Davis: Here we go. These two knew that if they wanted a win here tonight, they'd have to compete with one another... and they're okay with that.

FPV gets up and goes to jab Cash but Cash sidesteps it, kicks Frankie in the gut and hits him with a Snap DDT! FPV holds his head in pain and rolls out of the ring. Cash then turns to Fly, who has begun to get up, and runs at him. Cash hits Fly with a Running High Knee, then locks him in a Texas Cloverleaf.

Shannan Lerch: He calls that the Georgia Two Step! And Fly is locked in in the middle of the ring!

Fly screams in pain as Cash leans back, applying as much pressure as he possibly can. Fly raises his arm...

Zach Davis: Is Fly going to tap? This is his first match in months and he's up against world class competitors, he may be suffering ring rust...

No! Fly clenches his fist, refusing to give up. Cash, to his credit, ALSO refuses to give up, still not breaking the hold... until-

Shannan Lerch: HERE COMES FPV!

FPV hits the ring and Superkicks Cash right in the face!


Cash flies backwards, breaking up the Cloverleaf! FPV quickly lands on top of him, hooking his leg.



No!, Cash kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: Frankie almost had it!

FPV turns back to Fly and lifts him up, hitting him with several forearms to the face. FPV then hits Fly with a Snap Suplex.

Zach Davis: And he keeps it locked in... here comes a second one!

FPV continues his rolling Snap Suplex, hitting his second, then lifting Fly up and hitting a third! Fly clutches his back in pain but FPV is relentless. He picks Fly up again and executes a Vertical Suplex, followed by a snap Leg Drop.

Shannan Lerch: The Duster!

FPV pins Fly.



No!, Fly kicks out!

Zach Davis: Jonny Fly does NOT plan on losing his return match, not like that.

FPV picks Fly up one more time, looking to put him away for good. He throws Fly to the ropes, then lifts him...


No!, Fly lands behind FPV, and executes a Backbreaker! FPV stumbles up and Fly throws him to the ropes, then hits a Spinebuster!


Fly begins climbing to the top rope now...

Shannan Lerch: Jonny's ready for the Fly Swatter!

Using his last bit of energy, FPV dives into the ropes, again causing Fly to crotch himself on the turnbuckle.

Shannan Lerch: ..nooo..

Waylon Cash hits the ring out of nowhere. He runs at Fly, grabs him...


Cash hits a BRAINBUSTAH!

Shannan Lerch: Cash is pulling out all the stops here! This has gotta be it!

Cash pulls Fly into the middle of the ring and pins him, hooking the leg!






Shannan Lerch: Waylon Cash almost pulled off the impossible, Waylon Cash almost had Jonny Fly's number!

FPV grabs Cash from behind, but Cash elbows him and tosses him out of the ring. Cash then grabs Fly and goes to pick him up, but Fly rolls Cash up in a Small Package from out of nowhere!




Zach Davis: THERE IT IS!

The bell sounds. Jonny Fly rolls away and rolls out of the ring as his music begins to play. Waylon Cash springs up, looking around, not sure what the hell happened.

Shannan Lerch: Jonny Fly gets the victory!, from out of nowhere! Trust me, that's the first time "Jonny Fly" and "Small Package" were ever used in the same sentence, if you catch my drift.

Zach Davis: All anyone can catch from you is a bunch of STDs, Shannan. But still, Fly got lucky here tonight.

Fly backs up the ramp after having won the match he was taken away from months ago, as Cash helps FPV to his feet.

Jeff Purse/Jay Price vs Nathan von Liebert/Stuart Slane

Kyle Steel: The following contest is set for one fall, and it is your Main Event! Introducing first. . .

“Follow Me, Boys!” plays as Stu marches out from the back, silently mouthing the lyrics to his theme as he heads down the ramp. Halfway down the ramp though, a scream pierces through the air, cutting off the music, followed by Nathan von Liebert stepping out onto the ramp. While Slane makes his circuit around the ramp, Nathan slides under the bottom rope, dropping to his knees, soaking in the boos. Slane, via the steel steps, steps into the ring, holding up the Scout sign to the crowd as they turn their boos towards him.

Zach Davis: An odd pairing, but a successful none the less. Slane and Nathan trying to score a second victory as partners.

Shannan Lerch: But to do that, they have to beat two former World Champions.

Kyle Steel: From Grant Iowa and the Nightmare Realm, they weigh in at a total of 499 pounds. They are Nathan von LIEBERT and Stuart “The Scoutmaster” SLANE! And their opponents. . .

"Parabola" by Tool hits the PA system and the crowd go crazy. The lights go down and the screen begins to read 'Future... Elements... Dynasty...' Two spotlights hit the curtain and then the screen says 'PANTHEON'.

Suddenly, Jeff Purse and Jay Price burst out of the curtain, both running down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans as they make themselves down to the ring. They both slide under the bottom rope, eyes on their opponents, before each mounting a different turnbuckle. Then, together as a single unit, they hold a balled fist up, which sets off the pyros to a loud pop from the crowd.

Kyle Steel: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Venice Beach, California, they weigh in a 464 pounds. They are Jay PRICE and your World Champion, Jeff “The Future” PURSE. They are PANTHEON!

Before Kyle Steel can even get out the ring, Nathan von Liebert attacks Purse from atop his perch. Purse falls off the top onto the mat, and Nathan drops a knee from the second rope. Price attempts to help his partner, but he eats a shoulder block from Slane. Nathan pushes Purse out the ring, allowing the referee to start the match with Slane and Price as the legal men.


Zach Davis: Nathan going after his old rival early.

Shannan Lerch: That distraction allowed Slane to take control in the ring.

Slane delivers a few precise stomps to the abdomen of Price while he is on the mat, but Jay doesn’t stay down long. Price returns to a lateral position, and both men begin to wail on each other with forearm smashes. Price suddenly leaps up, striking Slane in the forehead with an Enzuiguri that stuns the big man. He doesn’t fall though, so Price whips him into the ropes, back body drop in mind but as Price ducks, Slane kicks him in the face. Stuart then performs an Irish whip of his own, sending Price into the ropes. On the rebound, Price eats a big boot to the face that drops the man to the mat. Slane drops two elbow drops to soften Jay up before finally attempting the first pin of the night.



Zach Davis: A boot to the face won’t put Price away.

Shannan Lerch: Outside the ring though, Nathan is using more to try and break Purse.

The camera switches to the outside, where Nathan had been wearing down on the World Champ. Nathan picks Purse up on his shoulders, and drops him on the barricade stomach first. Nathan then leaves Purse hanging there, heading back to his corner to tag into the match with Slane.

Zach Davis: Purse is outside the ring for the moment. Jay Price is on his own.

Shannan Lerch: And everyone can see the wild in Nathan’s eyes.

Nathan kicks Price in the stomach, mouthing off to the man. Price tries to stand, but Nathan kicks him in the ribs again, not allowing him to stand. He bends over to continue his conversation with Price, when suddenly the former champ jacks Nathan in the jaw. Nathan stumbles back and Price is on his feet as the crowd cheers him on. Price takes Nathan up and over with a snap suplex, and attempts the second, but Nathan kicks Price in the junk, despite the referee standing there. The ref tries to reprimand him, but Nathan ignores him, instead taking Price up and over with a T-Bone suplex bridged into a pin.




Zach Davis: Jay Price isn’t giving up!

Shannan Lerch: And his partner is finally making his way back to the corner.

Nathan doesn’t notice Purse moving on the outside, as he was preoccupied with Price. Nathan runs towards the ropes, Lionsault in mind, but he chooses the set of ropes which Purse was now standing at. Once Nathan leaps on the second rope, Purse catches his arms, and begins to strike him with headbutt after headbutt. The crowd pops with every strike, but they pop more when Price joins the action. Jay steps onto the second rope with Nathan still trapped, and then takes the Devil’s Right Hand to the mat with a Russian leg sweep from the second rope.

Zach Davis: High Impact move from Price!

Shannan Lerch: Price is tagging in the Champion!

With Nathan already on the mat, Purse springboards into the ring, landing on Nathan with a signature Moonsault. Purse pulls Nathan to his feet, and sends the man into the ropes. Unbeknownst to the champ, Slane slaps Nathan on the back. Purse does take Nathan to the mat with a powerslam, but Purse is unable to make a pin attempt as Slane clotheslines him in the back of the head. Price runs into the ring, attempting to stop Slane, but Stuart ducks underneath Price’s lariat, before snapping Jay’s neck back with a neckbreaker. Price rolls out of the ring, leaving Slane and the champ alone in the ring.

Zach Davis: This won’t be good for the champ.

Slane pulls Purse to his feet, and drops the champ on his knee with a rib breaker. A second and third rib breaker follow, with the combo ending with a pumphandle gutbuster. Instead of going for the pin, though, Slane picks Purse up in a bear hug.

Zach Davis: Slane is targeting the ribs of Purse, which had been attacked earlier when Nathan dropped him on the barricade.

Shannan Lerch: Why a bear hug? No one ever wins with a bear hug!

Purse struggles to free himself from the submission with several bell claps, and eventually they wear the Iowan down to allow Jeff to free himself. Purse then proceeds to spike Slane’s head to the mat with a DDT.

Shannan Lerch: Go for the pin!

Before Purse can make the pin, though, Nathan grabs Slane’s ankle, pulling the man out to the apron. Price meets Nathan with a lariat on the outside, preventing him from pulling Stuart out of the ring entirely. Nathan and Price begin a striking contest outside the ring, both ignoring the men in the ring. Jeff doesn’t ignore Slane though. No, the champ grabs Slane, and pulls his body between the second and third rope. With his feet hanging on the rope, Purse drops him with a reverse DDT, this time going for the pin.





Zach Davis: What a Kickout from Slane!

Shannan Lerch: He is really proving himself tonight! This is a—did you just see that!

Outside the ring, Price had bested Nathan, and knocked him to the mat. But as he climbed onto the apron, Nathan leaped up and clocked Price upside the head. Nathan than proceeded to kick Price in the head. Tucking Price’s head between his legs, Nathan than proceeds to hit a double underhook facebuster. Except instead of the apron, Nathan shifts Price’s body, allowing him to drive his face onto the concrete floor below!

Zach Davis: Oh shit what a move! Price could be out cold.

Shannan Lerch: Nathan is preoccupied, though, and Purse is taking to the top rope to end this match.

Purse is atop the top turnbuckle, but he doesn’t have frog splash in mind. Instead, Purse leaps up, rotating twice in the air, hitting a double Moonsault onto Slane, transitioning this into a pin attempt!

Zach Davis: Even with damaged ribs, Purse hits that Moonsault to a loud pop from the crowd.

Shannan Lerch: This should be the end!





Purse looks up at the referee with a shocked look on his face, but the ref only holds up two fingers. Jeff scans the arena and a “One more Moonsault!” chant begins. The chant reaches maximum volume, and Purse nods as he clutches his ribs before mounting the turnbuckle again. Nathan is in the ring now, though, and he climbs up behind Jeff. Nathan whispers something inaudible in Purse’s ear, before grabbing him around the waist and German suplexes him to the mat below. Nathan wraps his leg before the move, and he remains on the top rope. Upon impact, Purse rolls out Nathan’s leaping ability, so it seems Nathan has no target from his perch. Until he notices that Price is stirring on the outside of the ring. Nathan leaps off, a top rope spear in mind. Price has other plans, as he catches Nathan’s head in his descent and connects with The Downfall onto the concrete!

Zach Davis: Oh my lord what an impact!

Shannan Lerch: Price just put Nathan out of this match, and he’s getting into the match himself

Jay Price rolls into the ring, only to be pulled to his feet by a waiting Slane, who drops him to the mat with a Scoutmaster Slam. Price rolls out of the ring as quickly as he rolled in, leaving the two legal men left in the ring.

Zach Davis: In a match where we’ve seen only three legal tags the entire time, we’ve seen a hell of a wrestling match.

Slane turns around to find a charging Jeff Purse. Purse leaps, crossbody in mind, but Slane catches him. Slane then drops the champ with a fallaway slam that shakes the ring. Stepping back, Slane crouches in a corner, holding up the Scout’s honor sign as he waits for Purse to stand.

Zach Davis: Lanzarse in mind. Will he connect?

Purse is slow to rise to his feet, but Slane is in no rush. As soon as the champ rises to his feet, Slane charges forward, catching Purse in the midsection with the spear before slamming him down with the spinebuster! A pin attempt follows.




Shannan Lerch: THAT'S IT!

Zach Davis: Slane and von Liebert, victorious again! Much to the chagrin of Pantheon.

And with that, one more time, Master of Puppets hits.

Zach Davis: Aw geez. Again?

Shannan Lerch: We know that Seth said he'd be announcing next Slam's main event tonight. Big show, last show before One and all.

Slane gets to his feet as Seth steps out. Purse and Price are getting up, regrouping, and Nathan joins Slane in the ring as well. Seth steps out, mic in hand.

Seth Lerch: Fantastic! Fantastic match, as always between you fine competitors, and Jay Price.


Seth Lerch: Next week is an important week. The last Slam before what is, in my estimation, the highest anticipated One in years. Possibly ever. So next week's main event is very important to me. We've had a lot of exciting tag team action as of late, and I want a match that showcases that.

Murmuring amongst the crowd.

Seth Lerch: This match type has never before seen in WCF. Next week will be the very first WCF TORNEO CIBERNETICO MATCH!

A few fans pop!.... most of them have no idea what that is.

Seth Lerch: And what is that match, you ask? Simple. Elimination tag team contest, but each team competes with a "batting order," so to speak. For example, Jonny Fly starts the match and when he tags out, he must tag Jeff Purse. When Jeff tags out, he must tag Corey Black. So on and so forth. In this match, there can be only one winner, so if either team comes completely eliminates the other team, the remaining stars will then wrestle each other to determine the last man standing!

Zach Davis: Whoa! That.... is something. The Torneo Cibernetico is a favorite of Mexico, and a certain lucha based American promotion as well.

Shannan Lerch: It really is. Who's going to compete in this crazy matchup!?

Seth Lerch: Our match will be a six on six match. PANTHEON will compete, in it's entirety! Jeff Purse, Jonny Fly, Jay Price, and Corey Black! They will be joined by none other than SKYLER STRIKER AND SARAH TWILIGHT!

Zach Davis: Whoa.... whoa. Hot damn. What a team!

Shannan Lerch: If Twilight can work with the Pantheon boys, that is. And vice versa.

Seth Lerch: And their opponents.... Tonight's winning team, Stuart Slane and Nathan von Liebert! They will be joined by the number one contender to the World Title... Eric Price! As well as the number one contenders to the Tag Team Titles, Odin Balfore and Benjamin Atreyu... and lastly, GRAVEDIGGER!

Big pop from the crowd!

Zach Davis: There you have it! In a Torneo Cibernetico match, we'll see Jeff Purse, Jonny Fly, Jay Price, Corey Black, Skyler Striker, and Sarah Twilight face Eric Price, Nathan von Liebert, Stuart Slane, Odin Balfore, Benjamin Atreyu, and Gravedigger!

Seth Lerch: See you all then!

Stuart Slane's music hits as Seth leaves, leaving the men in the ring to discuss what has just been announced.

Shannan Lerch: What a main event announced for next week! We're out of time, but we'll see you then!

With that, Slam fades to black.

Table of Contents

Odin/Maverick Arrive.. And So Does Eric Price

Slam Intro

Jonny Fly/Seth Lerch Segment

Hardcore Match: Kale Windsor vs Josh Stevens vs Damien Daye vs Chris Guy

Stuart Slane Segment

Hardcore Match: Harkie vs Tek

Ask A Ninja Segment

Michael Santiago vs Andy Ohno

Odin/Maverick Split Up

Television Title Match: Blizzard vs Henri Ducos

Eric Price/Nathan von Liebert Segment

Southern Discomfort vs The Confederate Wrestlers vs Creeping Death/Zombie McMorris vs Miyoko Shiokawa-Reeves/Fergus Callghan

Maverick Segment

Contendership Rush Tournament Finals: Rutherford von Newman vs John Gable

Eric Price/Hank Brown Segment

Synn vs Steeltoe Joe

Jonny Fly Segment

Gravedigger vs Joel Hall

Odin Balfore/Corey Black Segment

Hadrian Burke vs Steve Orbit vs Benjamin Atreyu

Eric Price/Stuart Slane Segment

Sarah Twilight/Roy Speede vs Christopher Kane/Kaylyn James Evans

Skyler Striker Segment

FPV vs Waylon Cash vs Jonny Fly

Jeff Purse/Jay Price vs Nathan von Liebert/Stuart Slane


Of The Week

Jonny Fly
Purse/Price vs NvL/Slane



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Roy Speede
Henri Ducos
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