Slam Intro

Drunk and Crazy by Mogwai plays and Slam is once again on the air! The fans roar as our first show following One is underway.

Zach Davis: Welcome to the very first Slam of the Jonny Fly Era!

Shannan Lerch: ...sigh.

Zach Davis: Following One, the landscape of WCF has changed, and for a billion different reasons. First and foremost, despite interference from what seemed like half of WCF, Jonny Fly beat Seth Lerch and took control of the company.

Shannan Lerch: SIGH.

Zach Davis: On the flip side of the coin, in our main event, we saw Eric Price take the World Title from Jeff Purse and Pantheon. We saw Torture defeat Jay Price in his quest to get into the Hall of Fame. We saw Skyler Striker finally get one up on Gravedigger, Roy Speede defeat the legendary Brad Kane, and sadly, Nathan von Liebert possibly severely injure FPV.

Shannan Lerch: Not only that, but Stuart Slane picked up the US Title, while Balfore and Atreyu picked up the Tag Team Titles. Long story short, both Genesis and Pantheon went through some ups and downs, and tonight, we see how the dust will settle.

Zach Davis: Don't forget, Eric Price has vowed that if he won the World Title and Jonny Fly took control of the company, he'd leave with the belt. Well, those two things are exactly what happened, so we'll see tonight if he stays true to his word.

Shannan Lerch: Tonight's main event sees the Genesis team of Steve Orbit and Sarah Twilight take on Stuart Slane and John Gable. An interesting pairing, if I do say so myself.

Zach Davis: We've got a huge Hardcore Title defense for Roy Speede. One week after he beat a former World Champion and WCF icon, can he beat Jay Price?

Shannan Lerch: I'm quite sure that after losing to Torture, Price will be in... not the best of moods.

Zach Davis: Blizzard was able to win a battle royal at One, and is awarded tonight with a Television Title shot against Synn.

Shannan Lerch: The People's Title changed hands as Kale Windsor was able to defeat the one and only Wildcard, Tek. Tonight we have Windsor teaming with Michael Santiago to take on Steeltoe Joe and Skyler Striker.

Zach Davis: Interesting pairings there. Ever since the Apathy situation, Santiago has been an enemy of Prophecy. As is Windsor, of course. But with Tek and Apathy both disappearing, Steeltoe Joe is the only Prophecy member left, which makes him a target.

Shannan Lerch: However, with Windsor as the People's Champion, I'd say he's a target for Steeltoe Joe, too.

Zach Davis: One wildcard in this match, no pun intended, is Skyler Striker. Last I knew, he didn't even officially have a contract, as Seth didn't even want him here. So what's he doing in this match?

Shannan Lerch: The newly crowned Tag Team Champions take on Southern Discomfort in their first Title defense. Balfore and Atreyu aren't the most cohesive team... so we'll just see how that goes.

Zach Davis: We've got a big Triple Threat match, with the Ninja, Doc Henry, and Freya Kane. Freya is, of course, a member of the legendary Kane family, and this is her first WCF match.

Shannan Lerch: Two new stars debut: Jaguar-F and Morienes. Since signing with WCF, there has been a lot of buzz around both of these men.

Zach Davis: I personally am very excited to see this one, Shannan. You're in for a treat tonight, fans.

Shannan Lerch: The Confederate Wrestlers return to the WCF ring to face the debuting O'Clery Brothers.

Zach Davis: And in our opening match, we'll see the Heroes of Wrestling versus Captain Baseball Bat Boy and Chris Ghensi. What a match!

Shannan Lerch: What kind of men are Jonny Fly signing? Geez.

Two very quick muted electric guitar strikes echo out. Some, of the people, in the crowd, quickly stands up and starts to look around. The murmur of curiosity starts. A sound of someone knocking into a vinyl record player, causing the needle to scratch the record. That causes more people to look around, as the murmur of curiosity gets louder. SILENCE....


That causes a few thousand people to scream out.

Zach Davis: WHAT THE HELL?!?!

Shannan Lerch: NO-O-O-O-O!!

Blue Bicycle brand playing cards start to fall from the ceiling.

Zach Davis: It's raining down with playing cards.

Shannan Lerch: There's something not right here!! I've got a bad feeling about this!!

As the cards continue to fall, some people begin to look at the back, of the cards. The Bicycle symbol IS there with two separate circles with an angel riding a bike in each of the circles.

Zach Davis: Look Shannan playing cards!

Shannan Lerch: I can see that, Zach.

As Zach and Shannan are about to find out...

A Random person in the crowd: Hey there's nothing on these cards!

Shannan Lerch: Hey, Zach!! On the side where you would see the ten of diamonds or something else, they're blank. What does THAT even mean?!

Zach Davis: I don't have a clue!!

Shannan Lerch: You never do!

Zach Davis: Seriously!! First, it was that music interruption and now these cards. I agree with you... WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN?!?!

The crowd buzzes with confusion....

Shannan Lerch: Let's just start the show, shall we?

Eric Price's World Title Celebration

Zach Davis: And we kick off the first edition of Slam in 2013 with a tribute to one man’s ego.

Shannan Lerch: Oh come on, you have to be excited, he won the WCF World Championship.

Zach Davis: The ring already very decorated with gold balloons in each corner, black carperting in the center with Eric Price’s logo, black and gold trimmed carpeting to the ring, clearly no expense being spared here.

The ring is shown with the above mentioned decorations along with two large covered items in there.

Shannan Lerch: And why should he? He promised this but I wonder what will happen now that … well …

Zach Davis: You mean with Jonny Fly assuming ownership of WCF. Tough to say. We’ll just have to wait and see what Eric Price says.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the new WCF World Champion, Mr. Eric Price!

“We Are The Champions” by Queen starts playing over the loudspeakers.

Zach Davis: The egotism begins.

Shannan Lerch: Shut up Zach, I want to see this celebration.

Fireworks start going off up on the stage as a gold light starts shining up on it and Eric Price emerges on top of the stage with a huge smile on his face, wearing a full black suit with a gold colored shirt and tie, a US flag lapel pin on his sport coat, sunglasses on. He starts walking down the ramp soaking the environment in as the crowd is booing very loudly.

Crowd: Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!

Zach Davis: Eric Price truly very proud of himself here tonight.

Shannan Lerch: As he should be, he earned that victory at One last Sunday. Even with Sarah Twilight as the referee, he won. It can’t be said it was unfair.

Zach Davis: Agreed that it was an earned victory but with Jonny Fly now in charge of all of WCF…

Shannan Lerch: Don’t remind me.

Zach Davis: Nevertheless, Eric Price promised that he would walk out of WCF if Fly won ownership of the company at One, which he did in what was a crazy and some would say controversial matchup, some being Eric Price.

Shannan Lerch: Well he’s right, my brother won that match but the stupid referee screwed it up.

Zach Davis: Fly’s foot was on the rope.

Shannan Lerch: He had been declared the winner of the match, it’s that simple.

Zach Davis: Nevertheless, Eric Price promised to kick off Slam with his victory celebration for his World Title victory. And now making his way into the ring with the title around his shoulder as he asks for a microphone and looks around to the crowd who are clearly not in his corner.

Shannan Lerch: He’s the World Champion, as he said before, he wanted to be “the man” and now he is. Let’s see what he has to say.

Crowd: You suck! You suck! You suck!

Eric Price: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Oh thank you all so very much for all of your support!

Zach Davis: Support? What support is he talking about? The boos only getting louder here.

Eric Price: Tonight is a great night, it’s a monumental night. Tonight is the beginning of the Eric Price era.

Crowd boos even louder

Eric Price: At One, I did what I said I was going to do, I beat Jeff Purse, 1 – 2 – 3! Even with Sarah Twilight as the referee, Mr. Purse simply could not beat me because it was like I said, I am the better man. Now admittedly, I will give credit where credit is due, Mr. Purse did his part in giving us a hell of a match as we put on what I consider one of the best matches in the history of WCF. But I was the better man on that night or any night proving once and for all that Jeff Purse simply cannot beat me one on one and thanks to that, I am now unquestionably the WCF World Champion!

Eric Price: So that brings us to tonight, this championship celebration! You see, all the balloons that rained down earlier, there’s a lot of excitement and a lot of buzz about me becoming the champion, I have made the title relevant again simply by winning it. In 2012, I was the TV Champion of the year, I was a prolific Television Champion and made the title extremely prestigious. Sure, we now have a loser like Terry Synn Roberts Terwiliger holding it and automatically devaluing it by doing so but for a time, I was THE man to beat here in WCF. Once again, I am THE man to beat but beating me is simply not an easy task, in fact no one can beat me! I plan on making 2013 not only the beginning of the era of Eric Price but the year of Eric Price because I will be the most important person in this company, I will be at the beginning of the show, in the main event, in commercials, vignettes, merchandise, you name it, I’m on it! In fact, let me show you something.

Eric walks over to one of the covered items and pulls off the cloth to reveal a large framed photograph of himself standing over Jeff Purse after his victory at One.

Eric Price: Take a look at that, a true Kodak moment when I beat Jeff Purse and cemented myself as the best this company has to offer, as your WCF World Champion! But it gets better than that, you see the last few days I decided to give myself a little gift in honor of my victory, which brings us to this second item.

Eric walks over to the other covered items and pulls of the black cloth from it to reveal a large framed painting of himself in the same suit he is currently wearing with the World Title over his shoulder.

Eric Price: Take a look at that painting, that is a real champion there. That is a man with class, with integrity, with intelligence, yours truly Mr. Eric Price, the man who deserves to be the WCF World Champion. Unarguably, I am the best in this company but that brings me to another point. At One as you all know, Sarah Twilight was the referee of my match however at the end of the match, after counting the pinfall against Jeff Purse, she refused to do her job properly and she did not raise my hand in victory! That’s why tonight; I’m going to correct that injustice. I want Sarah Twilight out here immediately and Ms. Twilight, you’re going to come out here to do what you should have done at One, you’re going to raise my hand in victory and what’s more, you’re going to like it!

Crowd boos

Crowd: You suck! You suck! You suck!

Eric Price: I can wait all night.

“300 Violin Orchestra” by Jorge Quintero starts playing over the speaker system as Eric Price is shocked.

Zach Davis: Wait a minute, that’s not Sarah Twilight, not at all.

Shannan Lerch: That’s, yes, Jonny Fly is coming out here, what’s he doing out here? And Jeff Purse is with him!

Zach Davis: The new owner of WCF, certainly not what Eric Price expected here. And the former Champion. Fly's got a mic, let’s see what he has to say to Price.

Eric Price: My name is Mr. Eric Price, I am the WCF World Champion and I do not deserve to be interrupted. I did not request your presence. How dare you interrupt my celebration? Who do you think you are?

Jonny Fly stands on top of the stage, well dressed in a full suit.

Jonny Fly: Who am I? Oh no one really, just the best wrestler in WCF history and the new owner of WCF. The real question though is, why are you wasting the audience’s time and boring them to death with your droning on and on and on.

Crowd cheers loudly.

Eric Price: In case you’ve forgotten, I’m the WCF World Champion, I am Mr. Eric Price and I deserve to be respected.

Jonny Fly: You are really long winded is what you are. But you’re asking Sarah Twilight to actually come out here and raise your hand in victory?

Eric Price: Absolutely. I earned it, I won at One, I’m the World Champion, she should do her job.

Jonny Fly: Premature celebration don’t you think? Especially with your match tonight.

Eric Price: Match? What match?

Jonny Fly: Your title defense tonight?

Eric Price: Title defense? What? But I’m the champion, I wasn’t informed of this, this is not fair. Why should I have to defend my title tonight?

Jonny Fly: Before you start crying over it, remember, you beat Jeff Purse but Jeff has a clause in his contract for a rematch and he’s asked if he can use it, tonight!

Eric Price: That’s great, he asked. Well guess what, the answer is no, I will not give him his rematch tonight! I am not ready, I have a lot of other things to do tonight including my victory celebration among them, I am a very busy man.

Jonny Fly: Then I guess you’d better make time because the match is already set for tonight. It will be a rematch from the main event of One, the current WCF World Champion Eric Price against the former champion Jeff Purse! And that decision is final!

Crowd cheers loudly at this.

Eric Price: What?! You can’t … you bastard!

Jeff Purse: Eric, SHUT UP! Because that's not all. Fans, last week at One...I lost the WCF World Championship to that little TWIT! I have to admit it, Eric got the best of me then. But I am not done with him. No Eric, I am not done with you. Jonny Fly beating Seth Lerch means a lot of things, and It means that I am the director of Media and Communications. So what does that mean to you, Eric? A few things. But I am a fair, just man, Eric Price, just like you. So, Eric, tomorrow, I am going to sit in my new, clean, big office. I am going to sign a few documents.

Document number one will stop all sales of Eric Price Merchandise. No more revenue from WCF for Eric Price minus salary. And yes, Eric, you were a self made Millionaire, but you are forgetting that as a WCF Superstar, we own the Eric Price name. Which brings me to document two.

We are suing Eric Price for the rights to the Eric Price merchandise, businesses, and any other profit revenue that WCF doesn't get paid for. Because like I said, we own the name Eric Price. We should get rights to anything with his name, period.

Document number 3 is quite simple. Eric Price will be charged a fee of 200 thousand dollars everytime he posts something on Twitter, Facebook, or WCF.com. It also includes any time Eric Price talks to any media outlet, magazines, WCF Magazine, television shows, anything.

So once I sign these documents tomorrow, you are doomed, Eric Price. You are destroyed. Eric, buddy, welcome to The Future.

He throws down the microhone as "Wont Back down" hits the PA. The fans are on their feet.


Zach Davis: Later tonight we get the rematch we want to see!, on free TV! Jeff Purse versus Eric Price!

Shannan Lerch: Jeff Purse made it extremely personal here. He is hitting Eric where it hurts him most, the money.

Zach Davis: These two just can't get enough of hating each other.

Jonny Fly and Jeff Purse walk back through the curtains leaving the stage as Eric Price looks positively livid and demands that Fly and Purse not leave as he is still addressing him.

Eric Price: Hey, hey, come back. Damn it I’m the World Champion, I deserve more respect than this. Fine, I know you can hear me anyway and this goes for all you miserable simpletons! Before this night is over, before Slam ends, I promise you all that I will give you a memory that you will never, ever forget!

“You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell plays over the speaker system as Eric Price walks out of the ring stomping his way to the back with a look of fury over his face.

Zach Davis: Well, you heard it folks, in an unexpected twist of events, Eric Price has to defend his newly won World Title in a rematch from One against Jeff Purse!

Shannan Lerch: This is not fair, he is not ready for this, he is a very busy man! And to take away his income, too!?

Zach Davis: It does not matter as the decision is final per our new WCF owner.

Shannan Lerch: I knew Fly was going to be unfair to Price, I just knew it.

Zach Davis: Nevertheless, Price is going to have to suck it up and put his title on the line whether he likes it or not. Could this be one of the shortest World Title reigns in the history of this company? We’ll find out later tonight.

Steve Orbit/Roy Speede Segment

Scene opens in the locker room. It's empty except for one person, that person being Roy Speede. He's in his ring gear and he's got one foot on the bench, leaning over, lacing his boot. He finishes with the boot and turns around to shut his locker door-- when someone approaches from behind.

Unknown: There you are, we been lookin' for you!

"The Mack" Steve Orbit charges Speede from behind, throwing him against the locker. Orbit presses his forearm against the back of Speede's neck so he can't move. Speede resists, but when he realizes it's Orbit, he stops resisting.

Roy Speede: What do you want, Mack?

Steve Orbit: What do I want? Speede, your mother fuckin' team mates have been tryin' to get ahold of you all week. We been callin' you, you ain't called back. What's up?

Roy Speede: I've been busy.

Steve Orbit: Busy?!

Orbit releases Speede and turns him around so they are face to face.

Steve Orbit: You listen, and you listen good, boy. You fucked up bad. You lucky I talked Waylon and Sarah into lettin' me come talk to you-- they wanted to tear your ass apart. That shit you pulled at One with Fly, that was fucked up, and you did it without talkin' to any of us? That was a big mistake, and I swear to God, you fuck up like that again and I'ma let the other two come for you. We'll see how much yo' ass likes that. You the Omega wolf now, homie. You better watch your ass, for real. One more little fuck up-- you done.

The two men grill each other for a moment, before Orbit turns and walks away. Speede stands still for a moment as if he's processing what just happened. Fade out.

The Heroes of Wrestling vs Captain Baseball Bat Boy/Chris Ghensi

A loud whooshing sound can be heard before "Hero Remix" by Skrillex hits the arena speakers. Captain Punishment explodes through the curtains to the crowd's delight, his arms out in front of him like he's flying. Kid Justice is right behind him, running out onto the stage at full speed. Both stop at the top of the ramp, with Punishment striking his heroic pose and Justice scanning the crowd for wrong doers. They both then run down the ramp at full speed and simultaneously slide into the ring. Both head for opposite corners where they climb up and get a pop from the crowd. As their music fades out they hop down out of the corners and begin to discuss strategy before the match.

Shannan Lerch: Wow! What a pop from the crowd for this young tag team here in WCF!

Zach Davis: We'll see what they can do against the team of Captain Baseball Bat Boy and Chris Ghensi.

The ref rings the bell and we begin. Justice starts out with a headlock on Bat Boy. Boy throws him to the ropes and Justice returns with a hard clothesline! Ghensi gets into the ring to help Bat Boy and Punishment gets into the ring and throws Ghensi out of the ring!

Zach Davis: Chaos already!

Shannan Lerch: Look at this!

Justice goes to hit Bat Boy with a shining wizard as Punishment leaps to the top rope. Bat Boy avoids the Shining Wizard and throws Justice into the ropes, causing Punishment to crotch himself. Bat Boy then hits Justice with a Reverse DDT.

Zach Davis: Cootie Shot!

The ref counts 1. 2. 3.

Shannan Lerch: And there are your winners!

Captain Baseball Bat Boy celebrate in the ring as the crowd pops.

Zach Davis: Well there is a TON of more action coming your way including new World Heavyweight Champion, a new Hall of Famer..

Shannan Lerch: And who knows where WCF goes from here! Stay tuned, we'll be right back!

Waylon Cash Segment

“White Trash Renegade” by Big B begins to play, signaling the arrival of Waylon Cash. He steps out onto the entrance ramp, dressed in faded blue jeans, and a black “Johnny Cash” t-shirt. With a hesitant smile, he waves to his cheering fans, as Roxxanne steps out onto the ramp with him. They both walk slowly down to the ring, and Waylon climbs the steps, holding the ropes open for his fiance. Already in the ring is a table, draped in a black cloth. Once inside, Cash grabs a microphone from a ringside attendant, and waits for his music to die down.

Waylon Cash: It's been a hell of a week for me. For the last seven days, I just been sittin' at home, goin' over the tag team title match in my head. Every move, every kick out, every tag, and for the life of me, I can't figure out what the hell went wrong. Steve and I were as locked in as we've ever been. I fought my hardest, and we still couldn't beat Odin and Benji.

The crowd boos loudly at the mention of the new tag team champions.

Waylon Cash: Now, I ain't gonna come out here and blame Steve Orbit. He fought like a damn beast. I'm not gonna blame the ref, or the fans, or anything else. Everything was perfect, and that useless pile of shit, Odin, still has one of those tag team belts. Makes me sick to my stomach. Also makes me think, maybe Waylon Cash needs a new direction.

Some fans stay silent, while others, who have obviously heard the news, scream their displeasure.

Waylon Cash: Roxxanne has been by my side for a while now, and she's done a damn fine job, inf act, she's still gonna manage the Homegrown Players. I just need to find somethin' darker inside of me. I realized one thing from my loss, and that is that it's time to stop fuckin' around. That's why, I decided to hire my good buddy Scott Savage as my new manager.

Waylon motions to the entrance ramp, as “Night on Bald Mountain” begins to play. Scott Savage struts out onto the entrance ramp with a grin on his face. In his hand is a plain, black briefcase. He moves down the ramp, and up the steps, climbing between the ropes. He grabs his own microphone, and addresses the crowd.

Scott Savage: Ladies and gentlemen, what you are witnessing is the rebirth of Waylon Cash! The days of this man allowing championships to slip from his grasp is no longer. He stands before you a changed human being. Waylon Cash is now a vicious animal, ready to strike at the jugular of WCF, ready destroy anything that stands in his way. His epic victory will be written about in the blood of your World Champion, Eric Price, and the owner of WCF, Seth Lerch.

Scott sets his briefcase on the table, and removes a couple packets of papers. He lays them out on the table with a pen.

Scott Savage: This is Waylon Cash's management contract. Until tonight, it has been in the possession of my more than capable sister, Roxxanne. She has taken him far here, but I fear it is as far as he can go without my guidance. He needs me now more than he ever has, and I plan on being there for him. With me behind him, he will rise to the top unfettered, and will once again stand atop all of you, in his rightful spot as WCF champion.

Scott slides the contract over to Roxxy and Waylon, who each signs it, before handing it back to Scott. He then signs it, and slides the papers back into his briefcase, as the fans shower the rig with boos.

Scott Savage: Waylon, don't listen to them. You made the right decision. The greatest run of your career begins now.

Waylon nods, as he and Roxxy step out of the ring, and make their way back up the ramp. Once they are gone, Scott raises the mic to his lips again.

Scott Savage: Now, I would like to address another wrestler. One that, I think, has been severely overlooked in this-

Scott is interrupted by the sound of “This Fire Burns” by Killswitch Engage playing over the PA system. Out comes Chris Kane to a round of applause from the audience. He is already holding a microphone, and stays at the top of the ramp to address Scott, as his music dies down.

Christopher Kane: Scott, I've been really confused by you the last few weeks. At first you hate me and my family, you wanted Kaylyn to have nothing to do with us. Now you're trying to be my friend, and help me against Kaylyn. Not to mention you save me from those assholes in white at One. I don't understand your game, and I don't trust you enough to take your word for it, so I'm gonna ask you, what the hell is your deal?

Scott grins widely, before speaking.

Scott Savage: Chris, my dear boy, I merely see potential in you, where I once thought there was none. That is all. I simply wish to make you the best wrestler you can be.

Christopher Kane: I don't know what to think. One minute you're trying to destroy me, the next you're saving me-

Suddenly Chris is cut off, as one of the men in white jump out form behind the curtain, and hit him with a stiff chair shot to the back. Scott climbs out of the ring, but before he can get to Chris, two other men in white jump out of the crowd, and begin pummeling him with kendo sticks. All three men continue attacking, until Chris and Scott lay on the ground, both motionless. The men in white raise their weapons high, as we fade out.

The O'Clery Brothers vs The Confederate Wrestlers

Enemies by Shinedown hits and Rory and Reece O'Clery step out from the back!

Zach Davis: Here come the O'Clery Brothers! Very excited to make their WCF debut tonight.

The O'Clery Brothers head to the ring, slapping the fans' hands. They're followed by the one and only Kayla O'Clery.

Shannan Lerch: Stop drooling, Zach.

The O'Clery's reach the ring and slide in.

"Man of constant sorrow" by Charm City Devils starts playing as a Rebel Flag flies on the jumbotron and Confederate Wrestlers blasts threw the flag in red. Out walks Adam Young, Seppuku, and Elvis Lee. Seppuku and Elvis are dressed to wrestle. Seppuku and Elvis climb into the ring ready to do battle.

Zach Davis: Here we go!

The bell rings. Reece starts for his team, Seppuku for his. Seppuku runs at Reece and starts pounding away at him.

Shannan Lerch: Seppuku, very vicious, attacking quick.

Seppuku throws Reece to the ropes and then runs at him, hitting a Running Front Dropkick. He measures Reece as he gets to his feet, catches him from behind, and executes a Dragon Suplex!

Zach Davis: OOF!

Reece's head is drilled into the mat and Seppuku keeps in locked for a pin!



No!, Reece kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Close call for Reece in his debut match right there.

Seppuku quickly climbs to the top. He looks down towards Reece..

Zach Davis: Here comes an Elbow Drop!

But no!, Reece rolls away at the last moment! The crowd cheers as Reece dives and tags in Rory!

Shannan Lerch: The O'Clerys are on the offensive now!

Seppuku stumbles up and both O'Clerys hit him with a Standing Dropkick! Seppuku flies back and tags in Elvis Lee. The fans boo as Elvis enters the match. The O'Clerys go for another Double Dropkick but Elvis rolls through it. The O'Clerys turn and are met with a double Clothesline from Lee, taking both of them down. Reece rolls out as Rory gets up. Elvis kicks him and then DDTs him back to the mat!

Zach Davis: The O'Clerys were in control for a moment there but The Confederate Wrestlers got it right back.

Shannan Lerch: They're mentored by WCF veteran Adam Young, so we shouldn't be too surprised there.

From outside the ring, Kayla is cheering Rory on. The fans begin chanting O-CLER-Y! O-CLER-Y! Elvis then puts Rory into a Sleeper.

Zach Davis: Fans hate these kinds of holds, as smart as they may be; it's only going to get them more behind the O'Clerys!

Indeed, the fans begin cheering Rory on more and more. Eventually he starts working his way to his feet and elbows Lee in the gut several times, breaking free! The fans cheer as Rory goes for an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex!

Shannan Lerch: What strength!

But Lee lands on his feet!, runs at Rory and hits a Chop Block. The fans boo as Rory goes down.

Zach Davis: Once again the Confederate Wrestlers take control.

Elvis Lee picks Rory up and throws him to the ropes. Lee runs at Rory and hits a High Knee Lift!

Shannan Lerch: Hey Jack!

Lee tags in Seppuku!

Zach Davis: They're going to put Rory away now. Here it comes..

Seppuku goes to the top and flies off with a Double Rotation Moonsault!

Shannan Lerch: R.I.P.! He hits it!



NO!, Reece dives and breaks it up! Lee enters the ring and goes for a Clothesline but Reece ducks it and hits a Spinning Wheel Kick, sending Lee flying out of the ring. Reece then picks Seppuku up as Rory is getting to his feet. Rory jumps to the top as Reece pulls Seppuku in...

Zach Davis: Cradle Piledriver! And here comes a Frog Splash from Rory, that's their finisher!




Shannan Lerch: The O'Clery Brothers pick up the win!

The bell sounds as Kayla O'Clery hits the ring. Rory and Reece stand up as she raises their arms in the air.

Zach Davis: Impressive debut by this brotherly duo!

The O'Clery's leave the ring as Adam Young and the Confederate Wrestlers are regrouping inside the ring. Dr. Feelgood hits the speakers and the lights dim, a spotlight appearing on the stage as the main riff blasts through the arena. Doc, and Mary emerge on the stage, and he stares daggers into Adam Young and the Confederate Wrestlers standing in the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Doc Henry looks like he's ready to rip Adam a new one here tonight, but he's just standing there.

Zach Davis: After the attack last week, I'm sure the Confederate Champion has some sort of revenge on his mind here...

The music fades and Doc brings a microphone to his mouth.

Doc Henry: Adam Young!

Last week at one, you somehow grew a set of balls, and attacked me. You call me a disgrace? What about you? All you do is pick a fight, get your ass kicked, and then run your mouth and do it all over again with someone else. Your like that annoying little ankle biting thing some people call a miniature dog. You compared yourselves to a pack of chickens pecking at what they don't like. Peck away little man, because I'm the Guns of fucking Navarrone, mother fucker.

You have yet to prove you are a worthy adversary to the Confederate Title. You may have grown a set of balls to attack me, but the mice I feed to my pet cobra have bigger balls than you do. You want a piece of me in the ring, you got it. Next week bring your two little ass kissin, cum smuggling, butt-buddies there and face me in a six man tag.

Doc smiles as he lowers the mic, Adam Young and the Confederate Wrestlers nodding and agreeing.

Doc steps aside as the jumbo-tron lights up with a rebel flag, then all of a sudden the sounds of Kick it in the Sticks start to resonate through out the arena, John Thomas and Justin Turner step into the stage, and shake hands with Doc. The music cuts and Doc lifts the mic back up.

Doc Henry: Here are my partners for next week, and a little Southern Pride will kick your teeth down your throats!!!

Cowboys From Hell hits the speakers, and the trio raise their fists into the air as the crowd explodes.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like we have a little reunion here Zach.

Zach Davis: These three men were a dangerous trio in their last run together Shannan, looks like they mean to remind Adam Young just why they put people on the shelf.

As the music continues, Doc, John, and Justin point at Adam Young and company, and leave back through to the back.

Jonny Fly/Seth Lerch Segment

The lights in the arena fade out. After a few suspense filled seconds the words ‘The Owner’ appear in bold italic lettering on the jumbotron as the beginning of “300 Violin Orchestra” begins to play. A single spotlight turns on and illuminates the silhouette of a man standing on the stage. As the song begins to speed up, the lights come on revealing Jonny Fly.

Zach Davis: There he is Shannan! Our new employer!

Shannan Lerch: Ugh. Don’t remind me.

Fly stands on the stage smiling as wide as any man has ever smiled before. His luxurious black suit jacket, slacks, and shoes tell us that Fly is coming out here for business. The crowd stands and cheers as the new Owner of WCF looks out on them. Fly nods his head in approval and walks forward, gingerly, showing wear from the beating he took at One. He slaps hands with several of the fans before getting to ringside. Fly uses the ring steps to elevate himself into the ring where two chairs have already been set up. He’s tossed a microphone by a staff member and turns to face the stage.

Jonny Fly: I’m not out here to gloat. I’m not our here to throw my weight around. I’m not out here to tell Eric Price the many things I would like to say, or do, to him. I’m not here to ask Roy Speede why in the world he’s getting involved in my business again, when it’s just going to lead to me destroying him…again. I’m not out here to ask Gravedigger what it was like to lose to Skyler Striker, get Burning Hammer’d, and watch me become WCF Owner all in the same night. I’m not out here to fire Nathan von Liebert for being…Nathan von Liebert, or even out here to remind Odin Balfore that the tag-titles don’t rescue him from the gerbil wheel of mediocrity he’s been spinning for a long, long time now.

Fly pauses, as the crowd cheers on his statements. Fly again nods in approval.

Jonny Fly: I’m simply out here to conduct a job interview.

Fly smiles. Confusion sweeps over the crowd.

Jonny Fly: So, let’s get to it. Please bring out my interviewee.

“Master of Puppets” hits over the PA system.

Zach Davis: WHAT!?

Shannan Lerch: SETH IS HERE!

Seth Lerch walks out onto the stage looking quite sad. The crowd boos heavily for Seth’s arrival, but Lerch doesn’t even look up and acknowledge them. He’s wearing a wrap around his chest, no doubt still sore from the Fly Swatter the ended his match at One. Lerch slowly walks toward the ring and enters it.

Jonny Fly: Seth! Good to see you, buddy. Please have a seat.

Zach Davis: So let me get this straight, Fly is going to interview Seth for a job?

Shannan Lerch: YES! HIRE HIM!

Jonny Fly takes a seat next to Seth.

Jonny Fly: So, you’ve applied for a job. You had to suck up a lot of pride to come out here, but I appreciate it. I mean that honestly. As far as I’m concerned, our business is done. I think it’s safe to say that you’ve learned your lesson. You’ve paid the ultimate price for your actions. You’ve lost everything.

That particular comment causes Seth to lift his head. He reaches out for the microphone, which Fly hands him.

Seth Lerch: Well, not everything. I still have an island. Also, I moved all the stocks you sold me for WCF into some helicopter companies, so…I have that.

Fly laughs and snatches back the microphone.

Jonny Fly: Good for you, Seth. You’re ALSO the most famous entrant into a very prestigious group after Sunday night; you, Seth Lerch, are now a Flyjobber.

Seth scowls and puts his head back down.

Jonny Fly: Look, you want a job, and I’d like to give you one. I could use someone who is a hard worker. Despite all of your…quirks…you are a hard worker, Seth. I have the perfect position for you within the new WCF.

Seth lifts his head, hopeful…

Jonny Fly: Secretary.

Laughs spring out from all corners of the arena.

Shannan Lerch: Oh Seth, don’t do it! Don’t embarrass yourself like this.

Zach Davis: One final ‘fuck you’ from Jonny Fly, I suppose.

Jonny Fly: Now look, I know maybe you had your sights set a little higher. The fact is we’re all new to this. Price, Black, Purse, and I, we’re all new to this. Okay, maybe not Black, but you get my point. You can be the guy that makes things happen for us. While we’re wrestling…and then partying, usually not in that order, you can be the guy behind the scenes holding everything together and keeping our affairs in order. Just like it’s always been, right?

Seth doesn’t even respond. He doesn’t even look up at Fly, clearly disappointed.

Jonny Fly: Seth, I always get what I want. I’m willing to make you a big offer here because I want you to be the WCF secretary. I’ll do this for you if you’ll come aboard; once a month, just once, I will allow you to book a clusterfuck of your heart’s content. Anything you want, anyone you want, it’s your match and yours alone.

Seth JUMPS out of his seat. He’s smiling broadly and shaking his head ‘yes.’ He holds his hand out for Fly to shake, to seal the agreement.

Jonny Fly: There’s just…one…catch.

Zach Davis: I knew it. There had to be.

Shannan Lerch: …and Seth was so excited for a second.

Jonny Fly: You have to change your name, legally.

Zach Davis: What the fuck?

Jonny Fly: You can still be Seth. That’s such a great name; I wouldn’t want you to lose it. However, Lerch should be changed to Cretary. Seth Cretary. Sethcretary.

Shannan Lerch: …

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD! HA!

Jonny Fly: What do you say, buddy? Let’s shake on it.

This time it’s Fly who extends his hand and urges Seth to shake it. Seth looks around at the fans, all of him cheering him on to accept the proposal. After thinking it over for a few seconds he accepts, albeit reluctantly.

Zach Davis: This is too good, Seth Lerch, well Seth Cretary, is back, as WCF’s secretary.

Shannan Lerch: All of a sudden I’m no longer feverishly attracted to Jonny Fly. This is just plain mean.

Zach Davis: Looks like Fly killed two birds with one stone today, then. He got himself a top notch secretary and got rid of Shannan Lerch forever.

Fly slides out of the ring and makes the walk to the back leaving Seth Lerch in the ring.

Shannan Lerch: You think Seth wears a skirt in his new job?

Zach Davis: …

The Ninja/Cryboy McEmo Segment

We see Cryboy McEmo leaning against the wall.

Cryboy McEmo: I think I'm gonna cut myself again.

He walks to the locker room. As he opens the door, The Ninja pops out of nowhere, letting Cryboy scream like a girl.


Cryboy is still confused.

The Ninja: We settle this, next week, on Slam! I look forward to killing soon, CRYBABY!

Then, The Ninja takes out a smoke bomb and throws it to the ground, the camera full of smoke. When the smoke clears, The Ninja is gone, leaving a confused Cryboy McEmo.

Jaguar-F vs Morientes

Zach Davis: It is a new year here in WCF with new management as well as kick off the first Slam of 2013 with a whole crop of new talent. This match features two of these new competitors in action tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Both men looking to establish themselves here in WCF and make a name for themselves.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for one fall.

“Run with the Wolves” by The Prodigy begins to play over the speaker system. The arena lights dim and the entrance area is lit with a red glow as Jaguar-F appears on the ramp. He looks around the arena with smug arrogance and a devious smile on his lips. He slowly walks down the ramp, up the steps and into the ring. He turns around slowly, allowing everyone to take in the greatness that he feels he is, before climbing the turnbuckly on the front-left of the camera, looking up quickly, he raises his right fist in the air as three consecutive fireballs launch from each of the other three turnbuckles.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, from San Francisco, CA, standing at 6’ 3” tall, weighing in at 232 pounds, please welcome Jaguar-F.

Crowd boos

Zach Davis: This man, Jaguar-F suffered a career ending injury several years ago but thanks to breakthroughs in medical science, is now able to make his return to the ring and he is looking to establish himself once again.

Shannan Lerch: No doubt. Some say he is a bit bitter over the many lost years in his career but I think that will only serve to drive him even further.

Zach Davis: He has an air of confidence though as he awaits his opponent.

The clashing of two swords fill the arena for a couple of seconds as the lights dim and then, the sound of a shotgun goes off. "Back For More" by Five Finger Death Punch starts to play through the speaker system as Morientes comes out from the back. Posing for the crowd for a few moments, the lights come back as the first verse of the song is belted and he makes his way to the ring nodding at cheering fans. He stops by for a moment to have a chat with a member of the WCF audience.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, from Madrid, Spain, weighing in at 222 pounds, Morientes!

Zach Davis: Morientes making his debut here tonight as well, he is from Madrid, Spain. Comes from a rather affluent family but has some personal demons of his own. But he’s looking to become a success here in WCF, shed any mistakes from the past and simply move up in the ladder to the top. He could start tonight.

Morientes slides into the ring and raise his arms into the air as the fans give him a somewhat mixed reaction. He then sheds his leather jacket in the middle of the ring and throws it to the crowd. Next, he climbs up the upper left turnbuckle and gestures to the crowd. Morientes then jumps back to the mat and starts stretching as he waits for this match to get started.

Shannan Lerch: This will be a compelling matchup as both competitors looking to make a name for themselves. Both newcomers, both with a lot to prove, let’s get to it!

Bell rings

Shannan Lerch: And we have Morientes and Jaguar-F circle each other a bit here, both men looking to get the upper hand here first.

Zach Davis: Jaguar-F has more experience than Morientes, we’ll see if that plays a factor in this match here tonight. As Jaguar-F quickly puts Morientes into a necklock. Morientes trying to get out of it and he’s elbowing Jaguar-F in the gut here, Jaguar-F releasing the hold. Morientes takes advantage and wow, inverted DDT!

Shannan Lerch: This early into the matchup and cover!

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: But a kickout from Jaguar-F. Looks like Morientes wanted to end this matchup quickly and show how able he is but Jaguar-F is far from out here.

As Jaguar-F is down from the DDT and looks almost out, Morientes decides to go up to the top rope.

Zach Davis: And looks like Morientes is going to up high here, taking a risk. Looks like he’s calling for what he’s dubbed the Spanishsault here. Is this going to pay off, high risk here!

Shannan Lerch: And Jaguar-F rolls out of the way. The Bull unable to connect here but Jaguar-F taking advantage rolls over and cover!

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: And no, Morientes kicks out. Jaguar-F looking to put Morientes away that high risk move did not pay off. The crowd however a bit more in favor of Morientes.

Crowd cheers at the kickout

Morientes slowly gets up and goes to the corner of the ring. Look of surprise on his face. He raises his hand up for the crowd and some cheer for him!

Shannan Lerch: The crowd’s mostly on his side here. But Jaguar-F is now running toward Morientes, going to try and clothesline him in the corner here.

Zach Davis: Morientes just turning around and barely avoid being hit by Jaguar-F as Jaguar-F gets a face full of turnbuckle. Morientes quickly takes advantage and he locks in at the waist, a suplex to Jaguar-F! Cover!

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: And Jaguar-F barely kicks out of that one. A strong showing from both men in the early going of this match. Jaguar-F and Morientes both looking to move up in WCF, a victory tonight would certainly help either man out.

Shannan Lerch: They’re on even footing so it’s anyone’s match.

Zach Davis: Jaguar-F is still down right now as Morientes is getting up, he’s grabbing Jaguar-F by the head and is applying a neck lock to him. He’s really trying to wear Jaguar-F down here.

Shannan Lerch: And Jaguar-F appears to slowly be fading. Look at his face, it’s almost purple. The referee now checking on him.

Zach Davis: Lifting his arm and no, Jaguar-F is still in this! He’s hanging on here. Elbow to Morientes, and another elbow to the gut of Morientes here as he’s forced to break the hold. Jaguar-F dragging himself as fast as he can to the ropes for leverage.

Shannan Lerch: And Jaguar-F now getting himself up as he looks to be on the attack. He goes after Morientes but oh no, Morientes lowers the ropes and Jaguar-F goes over. And now a smile on the face of Morientes.

The crowd cheers for Morientes

Morientes raises his hand with a smile on his face here as Jaguar-F is down on the outside.

Zach Davis: Morientes seems to be winning some fans over here tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Very important as that’s what going to get you far in this business. But he has to keep his focus, experience teaches that you can never disregard your opponent.

Referee: 1.

Shannan Lerch: I think Morientes wants to cement himself in WCF and tonight is his first in doing that. Both men having their first match here, it will be a showing truly to see who is the better man.

Referee: 2.

Zach Davis: Absolutely. Jaguar-F regrouping and he’s back in the ring. Morientes now landing an elbow to Jaguar-F in the gut over and over trying to wear him down and Jaguar-F has not really been able to get almost any offense in this matchup. Morientes really continuing to take it to Jaguar-F here and looks like he’s grabbing his legs and he wants to set him up for a half Boston Crab.

Shannan Lerch: But Jaguar-F knows it’s coming, he’s fighting back and manages to kick Morientes away toward the ropes. Morientes coming back however and grabbing the legs again, Jaguar-F kicks Morientes down one more time and quickly grabs Morientes by the legs and oh my God, I think he’s going to lock in a Texas Cloverleaf here.

Zach Davis: Jaguar-F applies the Texas Cloverleaf to Morientes, Morientes in tremendous pain here. You can feel the agony of Morientes as he is trying to get to the bottom rope here.

Shannan Lerch: Inching closer, almost there. Is Morientes going to tap because the pain is far too much. Morientes almost and yes, he grabs the bottom rope. The official instructs Jaguar-F to break the hold.

Referee: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Zach Davis: And Jaguar-F breaks the hold just barely before a count of 5, he needs to be careful to not disqualify himself here as the title cannot change hands on a disqualification.

Shannan Lerch: I think Jaguar-F is trying to do the damage to Morientes as much as he can to show he is the better competitor here.

Jaguar-F raises his hand as the crowd boos him.

Zach Davis: Morientes recovering here as the referee forces Jaguar-F to step back. Morientes is getting up and Jaguar-F is trying to sneak by but Morientes meets him first with a hit right to the face. Morientes follows it up with another strike to Jaguar-F’s face. These men trading blows here, one after the other and it looks like Jaguar-F is getting the upper hand here. And Morientes is a bit out of it here. Jaguar-F jumps up on Morientes and hits a Hurricanrana on Morientes. Wow, very impressive!

Shannan Lerch: Taking advantage, he goes for the cover!

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: And Morientes manages to get his shoulder up. This has been an even contest so far, Morientes showing that he’s a strong willed competitor but Jaguar-F also showing that he can be dominant, perform aerial moves like that, and that he has a claim to stardom here in WCF.

Shannan Lerch: Both Morientes and Jaguar-F being pushed to their limits here.

The crowd cheers after Morientes kicks out

Zach Davis: Morientes seems to be gaining some fans here.

Shannan Lerch: Well he is making a very strong initial showing as is Jaguar-F.

Zach Davis: And Jaguar-F is going to try and finish Morientes off. Morientes is down on the mat, Jaguar-F waiting for Morientes to get up and he’s signaling, he’s going to try to hit him with his finisher here.

Shannan Lerch: Jaguar-F going to grab Morientes but Morientes reverses it! He instead grabs Jaguar-F here and looks like the Bull is going to hit him instead.

Zach Davis: Yes, the Espanyol Bomb as he calls it and bam, Jaguar-F landing on the canvas, that had to hurt.

Shannan Lerch: And cover!

1 ..

2 ..


Bell rings

Zach Davis: And there you have it folks!

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this bout, Morientes!

Shannan Lerch: Impressive showing by the Bull here tonight.

Zach Davis: Yes, Mr. M certainly a rising star here in WCF and with a victory on his first night, he moves on and looks to make a name for himself here. A victory here certainly gets him pointed in the right direction.

Shannan Lerch: He starts off his career in WCF positively and 2013 could look to be a great new year for this young talent!

Steeltoe Joe Segment

The lights in the arena go out. It is pitch black in the Rhode Island arena. The people of the city are fueled by the electricity and suspense of what is about ready to take place. “Cells” By the Servants begins to play through the speaker system. The older fans of wrestling, past are excited because they know exactly what that means, but those unfamiliar with the origins of a certain somebody watch and wait in wonder as blue and white neon lights begin to flicker with the pulse of the music. Fog fills the entrance gate area. Out of the midst of the fog comes a tall, muscular but lean looking stature. When the stature walks out of the fog you can see that it is Steeltoe Joe walking out in blue jeans, a leather jacket and his cheap sun glasses. The crowd roars in applause and cheering. Joe holds out his arms and waves towards the folks in the arena to get them to throw a huge “Pop” his way. Joe smiles when the fans go nuts. Joe starts to walk slowly down the ramp, slapping the hands of some fans as he strolls along. He gets to the ring steps and steps up them meticulously as he makes his way into the middle of the ring. He poses on the turnbuckle for some pictures and then jumps down to grab a mic. Joe gets the mic and the fans are still ecstatic.

Crowd: STJ!!! STJ!!! STJ!!! STJ!!! STJ!!!

Joe is touched, he always gets excited when he sees the way the fans always treat him. Joe waits for the crowd to quiet down and then he begins to speak.

Steeltoe Joe: It was around a year ago that you all thought you had seen the last of me. Hell, in all honesty I thought I was done with my wrestling career when I lost to Tek in a Career vs Career match.

The fans begin to boo at the memory of that day.

Steeltoe Joe: Yup, I thought I had lost it all, my career, my fame, my legacy but mainly my brother. But, it wasn’t that long after that my Brother Tek, called me up and we realized we were fighting over trivial things. We both realized that we would always be better together as a team, then riding solo. Untied we would always stand, but divided we would always fall.

Joe takes his sunglasses off and then hangs then on his v-neck shirt. He continues.

Steeltoe Joe: So time goes by, Tek and I, we as brothers start to make things shake here in WCF. We start whoopin’ some asses and calling it how it is and changing the landscape of the WCF Tag Team Division. Day after day, week after week, Tek and I we busted our asses off to make history and make an impact that would never be forgotten, but well always did it together. Now we are at a crossroads where Tek is gone, and as you saw Steeltoe Joe only has his one eyes dog to comfort him, but let me guaranty you that though Tek is gone for the time being, he will not be gone for very long. At One, I saw a lot of disgusting crap unfold beneath my eyes. I saw Eric Price win the World Heavyweight Championship. I saw Synn pin me for the 1… 2… 3… and the WCF TV Championship. But the most disgusting thing I saw take place at One was the screw job of Tek losing the People’s Championship to Kale Windsor. That was not only a screw job but the biggest travesty in WCF history.

The fans boo some more. They don’t like what had taken place. Joe keep talking.

Steeltoe Joe: But there was a silver lining in the midst of the darkness that stood strong at One, and that silver lining was Johnny Fly taking control of WCF from Seth Lerch. Now after I saw what happened in the WCF People’s Championship match, I went to fly and asked if there was a way to make it right. He told me he already had a great idea. It was an idea that actually brought me to WCF to begin with. The only wrestling company in the World with an actual Championship that would be a representation of what the People want. The People’s Championship, and since I have always been the People’s Pastor, I thought it would only be right to exercise all of my strength into becoming not only the People’s Champion, but the best and most revolutionary People’s Champion there would ever be in wrestling history. Now, Johnny Fly agreed with me, that why he thought it would be a perfect way for me to avenge my fallen brother and FINALLY, become the WCF People’s Champion of the World!!!

Joe is excited as the fans yell as loud as they can. Joe smiles, he jumps and raises his arms up in victory. The fans begin to chant yet again:

Crowd: STJ!!! STJ!!! STJ!!!! STJ!!! STJ!!!

Steeltoe Joe: Now that is what I call justice. So Johnny Fly has let me come out here and do the honor of telling Kale Windsor that he has tonight until the match is book to get ready for the Holy Flame to burn his ass out of the People’s Championship seat and WCF all together. It will be official, Kale Windsor vs Steeltoe Joe for the WCF People’s Championship of the World. So, Kale my match with you tonight is just the beginning of the end of your pitiful, astrick marked People’s Championship reign, because soon, and very soon, I will defeat you and bring some honor back into the Gold Scene here in the WCF and I will do so by being the best, the baddest, and the most entertaining man in WCF and Wrestling history. When I defeat you, and you have nothing left Kale. When you have a broken soul, a busted spirit and a battered body, when you lose your looks, and your nice little fanboy smile, and when you lose your grasp of the People’s Championship you will only be able to say…

Joe holds the mic to the crowd and then yells into it while the fans repeat him at the top of their lungs.

Steeltoe Joe: STJ!!! ALL!!! THE!!! WAY!!!

Joe winks into the camera as his music hits. He slides out of the ring and slaps a few of the hands of the excited fans. He takes a few pictures with them as well as giving his leather jacket to one of the women in the front row. Joe then heads back stage holding his arms high and then motioning around his waist, that he will be winning the gold really soon.

The Ninja vs Doc Henry vs Freya Kane

Zach Davis: It's time for triple threat match. Featuring The Ninja, Doc Henry, and the return of Freya Kane!

Shannan Lerch: She will certainly have a challenge tonight.

Davey Ortega: Not the first time she has taken on two guys.

Zach Davis: And yes for this match, we are joined by Davey Ortega who will make his return to WCF next week.

Dr. Feelgood hits the speakers and as the main riff blasts through the arena, Doc, and Mary emerge on the stage, the Confederate Title around his waist. Looking around, he raises a fist in the air, the crowd cheering wildly as he then leads the way to the ring. Climbing up the steps, he holds the Ropes for Mary, who slinks lithely through. Doc steps trough the rooes and grins proudly as he pops the crowd drawing more cheers as Mary takes the belt.

Zach Davis: There is the Confederate Champion, looking ready for a fight.

Davey Ortega: Does anyone even recognize that as a title?

Shannan Lerch: Yes, Doc Henry and Zach Davis.

"Well I am ninja,
He is ninja,
She is ninja too,
I am ninja,
We are ninja,
But I believe that you are ninjaaa..."

The song becomes slow to silence. Suddenly, Walls of Innocence by Egypt Central is blasted through the arena. Suddenly, pyro is blasted on stage. The Ninja is standing on the titantron, hands on hips with a belt. The crowd starts to cheer. He glides down through the rafters. Nearby the ring, he lets go of the buckle and leaps down on the ring. He lands on his feet and gives the crowd an intense stare. He climbs up the turnbuckle and looks at the crowd. He raises his arm. He gets off and performs a kata. Then, he warms up.

Davey Ortega: What the hell?

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, we have a Ninja now.

The opening of "All I Want" by A Day To Remember begins as the crowd gets on their feet and the lights dim down. The vocals of Jeremy McKinnon begin to fill the arena as strobe lights begin to flash off and on making for an awesome effect. When the chorus comes on pyro explodes from the stage as sparks begins to rain down from the top of the tron screen as out steps Freya Kane on a single knee. She looks out at the crowd before popping up to her feet letting out a loud primal war scream. Freya begins her trek to the ring as people are cheering for her. She takes a walk around ringside before sliding into the ring. Once in she heads to the closest turnbuckle and goes to the top rope before throwing her arms out into the air as the lights come back to normal. She hops down and backs into said corner ready for her match to get underway.

Zach Davis: Frey Kane is here, looking great for her first macth.

Davey Ortega: No...no she doesn't.

All three are i the ring now, each at one corner. The ref calls for the bell and the match starts, waiting for someone to make the first move. The Ninja blasts from his corner and hits Doc with dropkick, knocking him back to the corner. The Ninja begins throwing punch after punch until Freya comes up and hits a backstabber on Ninja, Doc gets out of the corner and quickly gets Ninja to his feet and quickly executes a swinging neckbreaker. Doc is up and is met with a kick to the mid secetion and a DDT courtesy of Freya. Ninja is up and Freya whips him into the rope, she goes to execute standing dropkicks but hits nothing but air. Ninja managed to hook onto the ropes. Freya is in a sitting position, and Ninja runs and hits a shinning wizard.

Davey Ortega: That was awesome! I may be a Ninja fan yet.

Though the Doc was waiting, running in hitting a running shoulder black that takes Ninja down. Doc picks him back up sending him to the corner, the coming in with a huge corner clothesline. Ninja stumbles out of the corner to be caught by Doc who lifts him up in a stalling verticle suplex. Mary is cheering on the outside, gettings the crowd behind him.

Zach Davis: Look at him go.

Shannan Lerch: It's been done before.

Freya sees this and decides to help, by knee clipping Doc, causing both him and The Ninja to crash to the mat. Freya takes the leg she hit and applies a leg lock, occasiionally hitting the knee to weaken Doc.

Zach Davis: Good strategy by Freya, Doc is a foot taller then her.

Ninja is moving, but not enough to do anythiing about Docs situation, which he is currently reaching for the ropes to end the hold. He dose get there, forcing Freya to release his leg. Freya turns her attention to The Ninja, who is still down...or not!
Just as Freya reaches down for him her rolls her up in a small package!



No! Freya is able to kick out, up and looking a little stunned as Ninja is up and delivers a flurry of Ninja-like strikes that forces Freya into the corner. This time Ninja sits her on the top turnbuckle and backs up, running and jumping wrapping his legs around her neck sending her down with a super hurricanrana!

Davey Ortega: Wow! How did he jump that high? That was crazy.

Shannan Lerch: He's a Ninja, Davey. It's what they do.

Freya isn't down for long though, Doc is up and pissed at her. Doc picks her up and hits a german suplex, bridging.



No, Ninja breaks it up and delivers a backhand to Doc. Doc is stunned long enough for Ninja to grabs the leg Freya had and hits a Dragon Screw. Doc is again holding his leg, as Freya is on her feet and see's Ninja's back, she smiles as she spins around nailing the Red Bull Killer Elbow!

Zach Davis: What a move!

Ninja is down and Freya covers.




Shannan Lerch: Well what do you know? Freya Kane picks up the victory!

Zach Davis: Eat your heart out, Dudleys, the Kanes are the greatest family in all of wrestling!

Kane gets her arm raised as she leaves the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Commercial time!

Coming back from commercial, Doc Henry is walking back towards the back when "Bad Company" by Fiver Finger Death Punch starts playing. Out steps Adam Young and Boss. Doc motions for Adam to bring it on and Adam just stands there laughing. From the side out of the crowd Elvis Lee nails Doc in the side of the head with his fist and Seppuku jumps over the rail from the otherside. They begin a beat down on Doc and drag him to the ring. Adam walks down takeing his watch off and his sport coat handing them to Boss. Doc is in the ring getting beaten down by Elvis and Seppuku as Adam climbs in to a chorus of boos. The Confedrate Wrestlers hold Doc up and Adam slaps him in the face. Adam then nails Damnation on Doc and then is handed a mic by Boss.

Adam Young: Doc your number is up.

Adam drops the mic and Bad Company leaves the ring as "Bad Company" by Five Finger Death Punch plays and fans throw garbage at the group.

Morientes Segment

The camera opens as WCF interviewer Hank Brown appears in the locker room, besides Morientes, who's still dressed in his ring attire, toweling off perspiration from the previous match.

Hank Brown: I'm standing beside Popo Morientes, a wrestler from Spain who has just recently signed a WCF contract. Po, what do you have to say about your victory in your debut match tonight? Oh wait, sorry, but do you need... a translator?

Hank Brown holds the microphone in front of Morientes, waiting for the Spaniard to respond.

Morientes smiled dryly, before leaning in to answer the unintentionally racist query.

Morientes: First of all Hank, you'll do well to remember I speak English fluently. Do I honestly look like some sort of uneducated savage from some forsaken land? Spain is a first world country you know.

Hank Brown: Sorry about that, just thought th--

Morientes: Secondly, no one calls me Popo but my family, you got that? What kind of estúpido nickname is Po anyways? I'm not a BBC television character. To you and everyone out there, it's Morientes. I'm El Nino. I'm The Bull. I'm Mr. M!

There was a moment of heavy silence as he proclaimed these words.

Hank Brown: Okay, bu--

Morientes: Okay shush little one. Daddy's gonna talk now.

He grabs the microphone and stares straight at the camera, before smiling slightly at how bemused Hank Brown appears to be as he dominated the segment.

Morientes: Tonight was a good matchup, between Jaguar-F and myself. Jaguar, you obviously recuperated well. I've seen how you fell all those years ago, and a lesser man would not have had the heart to continue wrestling, I'll give you that. My primer match here in the WCF, and the both of us fought hard. This doesn't mean I like you as a person though, so don't go all sentimental on my ass later on.

Morientes then started getting serious, as all sense of humor left his face.

Morientes: But pleasant as it may be for me, this is a direct message to the rest of the locker room. Tonight, you've seen El Nino defeat and skin a jungle cat. Next time, it could be a champion. I am not some wannabe who's on a misguided mission hoping to be a wrestler. I am not some confused foreign extranjero soul hoping to perhaps one day wrestle in a dark match. I am a wrestler who has left behind almost everything in his old life to be here today in the WCF. I am here to succeed.

Morientes turned back to Hank Brown, looking him in the eye for a couple of seconds, before passing the microphone back to him and glancing back at the camera.

Morientes: I am here to show the world the power of Spain. Take note WCF. I am here to win.

Skyler Striker/Jonny Fly/Corey Black Segment

We cut to Jonny Fly’s office. Corey Black is in the corner, munching on a coffee cake – just one of a small pyramid of the treats stacked on a table beside him. Jonny Fly is, for the large part, ignoring the loud chewing sounds. There are two swift knocks on the door, followed by the door opening to reveal Skyler Striker. He is back in his street clothes, today including a Manchester City shirt.

Corey Black: You can’t have them, they’re mine.

Skyler Striker: O…kay.

Jonny Fly: Well, they are his. How are you, Mr. Striker?

Skyler Striker: Not bad. Ribs are healing up nicely, should be back to full strength in a week or two.

Jonny Fly: Good to hear. I don’t believe I’ve yet congratulated you on your victory over Gravedigger… good match, right result. Gravedigger’s a piece of shit, and the sooner he realises he’s got no place in this company the better. I can only hope you continue to produce such fine work.

Black gives the thumbs up, his mouth still crammed full of coffee cake.

Skyler Striker: Well then maybe you can do me a favour. I’m wrestling on a show-by-show basis because Seth never offered me a contract. Now that you’re the owner I want a full-time contract – none of this ‘Legends’ bull.

Fly says nothing, mulling over the idea in his mind. The silence is interrupted by Corey Black trying to speak an idea through the coffee cakes stuffed into his mouth.

Corey Black: Hmmff hmm, srrrrf grnnnn strrr grmr? Thnnn hrr clrr srgssnn.

Jonny Fly: Alright, Striker, here’s the deal. I’ll say it straight, I’m a big fan of what you’ve shown us all so far. Because of that, I’m willing to give you a contract – no ‘Legends’ contract, the real deal.

Skyler Striker: Really?

Jonny Fly: Absolutely. I’m not interested in playing the kind of immature games that Seth has been forcing on this company for the past few years. But I do have a mission for you.

Skyler Striker: Go on.

Jonny Fly: As you’re no doubt aware, Pantheon has its share of haters. All I want is for you to beat a few of them on our behalf. Shouldn’t take someone of your calibre any more than a few shows, tops.

Skyler Striker: Deal.

Jonny Fly: Good doing business with you.

With that, Striker departs. Fly seems content, Black is the opposite, scowling at Fly with his mouth now free of coffee cake.

Corey Black: This is bullshit. That was my idea and you stole it from me. I’m not taking this kind of crap.

Corey storms out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Fly returns to his paperwork, not looking up when a few moments later Black returns, grabs the tray of coffee cakes, and leaves with another muffled statement.

Corey Black: Dcck.

Tag Team Titles Match
Southern Discomfort vs Odin Balfore/Benjamin Atreyu

The Lights cut out inside the arena as a the jumbo-tron lights up with a rebel flag, then all of a sudden the sounds of Kick it in the Sticks start to resonate through out the arena.

Welcome to the home of a hillbilly
Yeah baby
It’s a land of barbed wire, moonshine, whiskey
Park your car before you get it stuck
Go on grab you a beer
And get on up in the truck
It’s going down tonight
It’s all on me
It’s BYOB, and I got all we need
Yeah boy I’m bout to show me a city slicker
How to kick it in the sticks with the critters down on

All of a sudden Red Pyro shoots from the stage as John Thomas and Justin Turner walk onto the stage both of their women by their sides.

Our side of a barbed wire
Money grows in rows
And if it don’t you’ve gone broke
So we
We hang out by the bon fire
Just some good ole boys having a dang good time
We crank it up down here
We get loud down here
Throwin down in the dirty dirty south down here
Be an all nighter with the hippies and the hicks
Jocks and bikers they all came to kick it in the sticks

Justin slides into the ring as John climbs the steps and into the ring.

“ With Oden On Our Side” Hit’s the PA system. The arena grows dark as the fans get to their feet to catch a glimpse of the stage. The fans stand and cheer an once the vocals starts, the arena lights flash back on and there stands Odin Balfore, centre stage. Odin stares down at the ring with a sinister grin as the fans sing along with the chorus.

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know we have come! Futile to resist... the battle is.. already won!

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know we have come! Futile to resist... the battle is.. already won!

The fans pop insanely right after as Odin begins to walk down the ramp at a slow an methodical pace. Once he gets to the foot of the ring, he steps up on it and looks around the arena again before stepping over the ropes..

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know we have come! Futile to resist...

Odin cuts off the fans as he raises his hand in triumph. Odin turns back to the ring as the fans finish their part.

Crowd: The battle is.. already won!

Odin stares down his opponents as he waits for the match to get underway.

“Capricco” by Krzysztof Penderecki hits the sound system with a loud hit of drums followed by a sharp harmony of horns and strings. Benjamin Atreyu casually steps out onto the entrance ramp, savoring the scowls of the audience. After breathing in their discontent he descends the ramp to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Hailing from Saint Paul, Minnesota and weighing in at two hundred and thirty one pounds, self-proclaimed "God Given Greatness" Benjamin Atreyu!

He slides into the ring and jumps to his feet. He walks to the center of the ring, raising his fist in the air, as if announcing his victory was assured before the match even began. The crowd erupts in boos he steps back into his corner.

Zach Davis: Everyone is here... here we go!

Odin Balfore starts for his team, John Thomas for his. Thomas rushes in but Balfore lifts his Big Boot. Thomas has it well scouted, however, and ducks under it. Balfore spins and gets hit with several shots to his face before Roberts throws him to the ropes; Roberts then hits a Hip Toss. Odin begins getting up and Thomas runs at him, hitting a Shining Wizard!

Shannan Lerch: Kick right to Balfore's face!

Roberts drops down and pins Balfore quickly.



No, Balfore powers out of it! Thomas picks Balfore up and puts him in a Headlock before taking him to the Southern Discomfort corner and tagging in Justin Turner. Turner climbs to the top as Thomas lifts Odin up...

Zach Davis: Great double teaming coming up!

Thomas hits a Vertical Suplex as Turner flies off with a 450 Splash into another pin!



NO!, Odin powers out again!

Shannan Lerch: Very few in WCF can say they've kept Odin Balfore down for a three count.

Turner waits for Odin to begin getting up and runs at him; Turner runs and goes for a Headscissors Takedown, but Odin catches him, grabs him and Powerbombs him straight down onto the mat!

Zach Davis: OOF! How did he do that?

Odin stumbles over to his corner and tags in Atreyu. Atreyu enters the match and begins stomping at Turner, slowly and deliberately.

Shannan Lerch: We know that Odin and Atreyu aren't friends; it seems like they just barely tolerate each other enough to make tags. But I wouldn't want to be in the ring with either of them, either way.

Atreyu lifts Turner up and throws him to the ropes. Turner leapfrogs over Atreyu, bounces off the ropes and comes back, hitting Atreyu with a Flying Headscissors! Atreyu gets back up and is met with a kick from Turner followed by a Sitout Suplex Slam!

Zach Davis: Beautiful! Pin!



No!, Atreyu gets the shoulder up!

Shannan Lerch: Close, again! Southern Discomfort is really taking it to the Champs.

Turner climbs to the top rope as Atreyu once again gets to his feet... Turner flies off and hits a Corkscrew Dropkick!

Zach Davis: High Flying Freak, indeed!

Turner tags Thomas back in. Thomas puts Turner into a Powerbomb position.

Shannan Lerch: What the-

Thomas flips Turner onto Atreyu!

Zach Davis: Jack Daniels Special!

Turner rolls away and out of the ring as Thomas pins Atreyu.



No!, Atreyu kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: These guys are the Tag Team Champions for a reason, Zach.

Zach Davis: I notice that Balfore didn't enter the ring to help Atreyu, and Atreyu never helped Balfore... they worked together well at One because winning the Tag Team Titles there is a big deal, but I'm not sure if they'll be able to remain cohesive.

Turner is back on the apron and Thomas tags him in.

Shannan Lerch: Lots of quick tags! Southern Discomfort is really bringing it tonight!

Thomas picks Atreyu up once more and hits him with a Country Drop.

Zach Davis: They're going for a Death Drive!

Turner is up top and he flies off...

Shannan Lerch: FREAK OUT!

But Atreyu gets his knees up!, Turner crashes into them! In one quick motion, Atreyu is to his feet. He lifts Turner up into the Burning Hammer position, and into a Sitout Facebuster!


Atreyu pins Turner.


Thomas enters the ring.


Balfore runs and hits him with a Big Boot, sending him flying back out!


Shannan Lerch: The Champs retain!

The bell sounds as Atreyu's music begins to play. Southern Discomfort regroups on the outside of the ring as the ref hands Atreyu and Balfore their belts.

Zach Davis: They managed to retain tonight, but how much longer will that last if they don't work together? Balfore made the save at the end, but it may take more than that eventually.

Two very quick muted electric guitar strikes echo out.

Zach Davis: No-o-o!!

Shannan Lerch: Not again!!

The majority of the crowd, quickly stands up and everyone is now really looking around. Chaos has now been set. The sound of a record needle scratching a record echoes out again.




After the few brief seconds of those sounds bites... several white stars with a red anarchy symbols, on them, are seen shining and moving around in the interior of the arena.

Zach Davis: With everything we have seen tonight, what do these "clues" really mean?

Shannan Lerch: I truly don't know, Zach! It obviously means something. But, the one thing that I DO know is that this won't be the last time we hear about this.

Zach and Shannan look at the camera.

Zach Davis: We'll be right back..

Sarah Twilight/Roy Speede Segment

Backstage we see Roy Speede walking heavy footed down the hallway with his bags and his Hardcore Championship belt. He has a very angry looking demeanor written across his face. As he storms down the hall, his stablemate, Sarah Twilight exits her locker room, almost knocking into him. Speede pauses for a moment as Sarah looks at him, noticing the bags and the championship.

Sarah Twilight: Where the hell are you going?

Roy Speede: None of your business. You know, since apparently everyone has such a problem with me.

Sarah folds her arms, looking at him while shaking her head.

Sarah Twilight: Yeah, for pulling shit like this. Now where the hell are you going? You have a match tonight.

Roy Speede: You all might be so blinded into thinking that having Jonny fucking Fly as the new owner is such a great thing, but not me. I'm not giving Price a match he doesn't deserve. Why, so Pantheon can jump me? Not like I can count on any of you to help me out.

Sarah Twilight: Are you fucking stupid? You can't just walk out on a match!

Roy Speede: Watch me!

With that, Speede storms off, leaving the arena.

Zach Davis: Well this is interesting. Roy Speede apparently walking out on his scheduled match tonight with Jay Price.

Shannan Lerch: I don't think this will sit well with our new CEO.

Zach Davis: Definitey not.

Kale Windsor/Michael Santiago vs Steeltoe Joe/Skyler Striker

Zach Davis: Next up, we've got a very interesting match with a lot of implications for the People's Title... Windsor and Santiago versus Joe and Skyler Striker!

You're Going Down by Sick Puppies starts as the lights strobe to the beat. Smoke fills the entrance way just before Kale Windsor appears on the stage as the crowd reacts. Windsor stands at the edge of the rampway bowing his head for a moment before standing in a worship me type of taunting pose as several pyrotechnics go off behind him and he walks down the ramp way towards the ring. Half way down the ramp way, Windsor pauses for a moment before charging the ring and sliding in under the bottom rope. Kale then slithers to the middle of the ring on his stomach before standing to his feet and rushing to one of the post,jumping onto the middle rope as he does a bow and arrow type pose[i.e. Randy Orton] for a moment before hopping down and crossing the ring to the side ropes, where stands with one foot on the bottom rope and the other on the middle rope.

Shannan Lerch: Here is the newest People's Champion! He wears that belt proudly.

Zach Davis: Say what you want about Kale Windsor, but he's a man that fought and clawed his way to that belt. No matter what happened he never gave up.

"King of my World" by Saliva cues up over the P.A. system and red strobe lights flood the entrance ramp. The silhouette of a man fills the tunnel and finally Michael Santiago emerges, drawing in the boos and cheers of the crowd as he makes his way down the ramp towards the ring. He jumps up on the ring apron and climbs through the second rope, looking around at the fans filling the arena, Michael taunts the fans in the center of the ring as the music begins to fade out.

The Arena Goes Dark, and then all simultaneously “Barton Hollow” By The Civil Wars begins to play through the audio systems. The Entrance Gate area and Stage begin to flicker with White lights and neon blue flashes mixed in the flickers. Fog fills the gate area as Steeltoe Joe comes walking out of the midst of the Fog. Joe Stands on stage and plays to the crowds who are cheering for him. Joe then walks down the ramp and gets to the ring steps where he stops, does a Catholic Crucifix motion and then walks up the steps and into the ring. He climbs up two turnbuckles and does the same crucifix motion and raises his arms and points towards Heaven.

Zach Davis: And here is the partner of Tek, Steeltoe Joe. We all know that Joe is gunning for Windsor.

Shannan Lerch: And next, a WCF legend...

“With our hands held high we're screaming..."


The crowd scream 'whoa-oh whoa-oh oh' and in doing so introduce Skyler Striker. Striker makes his way to the ring in his usual fashion, focused and determined. Once inside, he stands in the center of the ring and bows his head, his arms outstretched and fists clenched. He then opens his palms to the audience, causing white pyro to explode from the ring posts. Striker throws his effects out of the ring and prepares for the match.

Shannan Lerch: There's the bell!

Steeltoe Joe starts for his team, and Michael Santiago for his. They circle each other and then tie up.

Zach Davis: It takes balls to go toe to toe with Steeltoe Joe.

Shannan Lerch: Well, yeah, because he has steel toes.

Santiago switches behind Joe and rakes his back. Joe turns around and is met with a kick to the gut, doubling over. Santiago quickly takes him down to the mat with a Neckbreaker.

Zach Davis: I don't believe it, but Michael Santiago is in control of Steeltoe Joe!

Santiago gets up and starts stomping away at Joe, mostly focusing on his head.

Shannan Lerch: Santiago has a lot of animosity towards Prophecy. He and Apathy were set to fight Joe and Tek, then Apathy turned her back on him for what appears now to have been for little to no reason.

Santiago backs off and lets Joe get to his feet, and hits him with a Spinning Heel Kick. This time, Joe doesn't go down. Santiago bashes Joe's skull with a few forearm shots before switching behind him and going for a German Suplex!

Zach Davis: Can he pull it off!?

No, Joe is just too big. After several attempts at the German, Joe is able to escape it and switch behind Santiago. He Clotheslines Santiago from behind, causing him to stumble forward. Santiago turns and Joe throws him to the ropes, hitting a Flapjack as he comes back!

Shannan Lerch: No one can keep Steeltoe Joe down for long!

Santiago is able to tag in Kale Windsor. Windsor comes in, not intimidated by Joe. Windsor runs at him, ducks a Clothesline, bounces off the ropes and goes for a Vertical Bodypress. Joe, however, catches him.

Zach Davis: What strength!, once again, shown by Joe!

Joe goes for a Fallaway Slam but Windsor grabs Joe's head as he flips over and takes Joe down!

Shannan Lerch: What do you even call that?

Windsor and Joe both get up and Windsor Headbutts Joe.

Zach Davis: No matter how big you are, a Headbutt like that can scramble your brains.

But Joe still doesn't go down. That is, until Windsor takes him down, with a Russian Legsweep!

Shannan Lerch: Between Santiago's early offense and Windsor's offense now, they clearly have a plan for taking care of Steeltoe Joe, and right now, it's working!

Windsor stomps away at Joe several times before climbing to the top. He positions himself...

Zach Davis: Here comes a Moonsault!

Windsor flies off the top with a Moonsault!, Joe rolls away midair, Windsor sees that and lands on his feet. Joe throws Windsor to the ropes, Windsor slides under the ropes and stands on the apron. Joe runs at him and is met with a shoulder between the ropes. Joe doubles over and Windsor flips over them, executing a Sunset Flip into pin!



No!, Joe powers out of it!, the fans cheer.

Shannan Lerch: Close call there!, Kale Windsor almost had Steeltoe Joe's number.

Zach Davis: Joe is taking a lot of punishment; he needs to tag in Skyler Striker if you ask me.

Joe begins getting up and he's looking to get over to his corner, as Striker reaches out for the tag. However Windsor stays right on the attack, grabbing Joe and spinning him around. Windsor hits a few more Headbutts to Joe's head and then positions him for a Northern Lights Suplex.

Shannan Lerch: No way... no way!

Indeed, no matter how much the team of Windsor and Santiago wants to hit a big power move on Joe, he's too big; he powers out of the Northern Lights attempt and hits Windsor with a Belly to Belly!

Zach Davis: Classic Joe!

Joe tags in Skyler Striker!


Striker enters the ring as Windsor gets up. Windsor is thrown to the ropes, and Striker snaps off a beautiful Superkick! Santiago enters the ring and goes on the attack but Striker runs at him and hits a Leg Lariat!

Zach Davis: The former World Champion is on fire!

Santiago gets to his feet and Striker Clotheslines him over the top rope. Striker then runs to the ropes, Springboards, and hits a Hurricanrana on Windsor, into a pinfall!

Shannan Lerch: This could be it!



No!, Windsor gets out of it!

Zach Davis: Close call!

Striker gets up and goes for a Standing Moonsault next!, but Windsor gets the knees up!

Shannan Lerch: Ouch! Windsor's self preservation instincts kicked in there, ending Striker's flurry of offense.

Windsor quickly dives and tags Santiago back into the match. He quickly runs in and hits an Elbow Drop on Striker before grabbing his legs and locking him in an STF!

Zach Davis: Nice move!, beautifully executed.. Looking to wear Striker down now.

Striker yells in pain as Santiago cranks on the move. Striker reaches out towards the ropes.. but he can't reach them..

Shannan Lerch: He's close!, just a little bit more. But that little bit must seem like quite a distance when you're trapped in such a painful hold!

Striker lunges.. and finally does reach them! The crowd cheers as Santiago is forced to release the hold. He pulls Striker back into the middle of the ring and goes to lock it in again, but Striker kicks him away. Santiago charges him and Striker rolls him up in a pin!



No!, Santiago breaks free of it. Both Striker and Santiago get to their feet, Santiago dives and tags in Windsor. Windsor comes in and rushes Striker; Striker ducks a running Clothesline, Springboards, and hits an Impaler DDT!

Zach Davis: Reimplementation!, out of nowhere!

Striker hits Santiago with a Dropkick, sending him flying off the apron. He then quickly climbs to the top...

Shannan Lerch: Is this it?

Striker flies off the top with the Skyler High Dive! Striker pins Windsor, hooking the leg.




Zach Davis: There it is! Striker picks up the victory!

Shannan Lerch: Skyler Striker has pinned the People's Champion!

Striker stands up and is joined by Steeltoe Joe, both men getting their arms raised by the ref. Windsor rolls out of the ring, grabbing his People's Title and taking it with him, backing up the ramp and raising it in the air.

Zach Davis: Striker and Joe may have gotten the win tonight, but Windsor still has his People's Title.

Jonny Fly/Brad Kane Segment

We cut again to Jonny Fly’s office. Fly has his feet propped up on his desk and is staring across at WCF Commissioner Brad Kane. Fly is rubbing his chin and we appear to be catching him deep in thought.

Jonny Fly: I have to say, that’s a good idea.

Brad Kane: Those are the only ones that I have, Fly.

Jonny Fly: A booking committee is needed. Most of these idiots have their panties in a bunch that I’m not going to be fair to them. I don’t know why, as I already told everyone I would be fair, but for some reason people don’t believe me. A booking committee would quell some of these fears.

Brad Kane: Exactly. Plus, as WCF Commissioner, I get a say in booking regardless.

Jonny Fly: As the leader of this organization I need to recognize that these wrestlers, paranoid as they may be, are the keys to the company’s success. A committee is a form of checks and balances that they should appreciate. Consider this done.

Brad Kane: Are we on the same page, that I should chair this committee?

Jonny Fly: That’s a thought. Right now there are some things I need to clean up; like Eric Price for example. For now, I want to retain some of the booking authority. The rest will be yours. You and I can co-lead the booking committee.

Brad Kane: Interesting. I’d rather you allow me to do my job as I see fit.

Jonny Fly: I won’t overrule anything you want to do, Brad. I have a lot of respect for you. The commissioner should have booking power. I just need to make sure that I have the ability to handle guys like Eric Price and Nathan von Liebert as I see fit, for the time being.

Brad Kane: I guess I can understand that. I’d like at least assemble the rest of the committee. Is that a problem?

Jonny Fly: I don’t think it would be. How many individuals are you thinking?

Brad Kane: No more than five.

Jonny Fly: You and I are two of the five. If I didn’t allow Corey Black to serve on the committee, I’d probably get Burning Hammered, so can we count him in?

Brad Kane: I actually have no problem with Black. I’m not going to fight you on that. However, that’s two people from Pantheon. The booking committee should not have a majority from your group. I have two spots to fill, and they should be at my own discretion.

Jonny Fly: I agree with you. See? I’m not such a bad guy to work for. Figure out who you would like to bring aboard and let me know. As soon as the committee is finalized we’ll get them to work.

Brad Kane: That’s good to hear.

Kane rises to his feet. He reaches across the table with an outstretched hand. Fly rises to his feet in response and grasps the hand.

Brad Kane: Thanks.

Jonny Fly: No, thank you. Hey, if it means anything, I can’t stand Roy Speede either and I’m one-hundred percent positive he’s not, nor will he ever be as good as Brad Kane.

Brad Kane: Ah, he’s just a fan boy. No sweat to me. My dick is approximately 9 times bigger than his list of accomplishments.

Fly laughs and nods his head as Kane turns and exits the office. After about three seconds Brad Kane reenters the office, just as Fly is about to sit down.

Brad Kane: Plus I had sex with his ex-girlfriend. Twice. In the butt.

And then once again Kane disappears. The scene comes to a close.

Hadrian Burke Segment

The lights go out for a moment as the fans wonder what's going on.

Shannan Lerch: Someone forget to pay the bill?

Zach Davis: If they did, the rest of the night is going to be very interesting.

Suddenly, The End of Heartache by Killswitch Engage begins to play. Out of the back comes none other than Hadrian Burke. He slowly walks up to the ramp and stands there for a moment. He then begins to walk down toward the ring as the fans cheer for the former demon king.

Zach Davis: I wonder what Hadrian Burke is out here for. He's not scheduled for a match tonight.

Shannan Lerch: He does look rather nice if I do say so.

Hadrian then gets inside the ring and asks for a mic as his music dies down.

Hadrian Burke: You know, over the last twenty plus years, i've been to possibly every single arena in the world. I've found legends, newcomers, has-beens, you name it i've done it. I've been blessed to have a career that has not only given me the opportunity to meet new people and make friends to last a lifetime, but i've earned the respect of each and every one of them. I'm not here to talk about that though. What I am here for is to say something that many never thought they would hear. Retirement.

The fans are shocked as Hadrian mentions the word retirement.

Hadrian Burke: Over the last year or so i've been contemplating what to do with my life. I came to the WCF for the one thing everyone else comes for. The world title. And even though I never won it, i'm okay with that. Because throughout my career I can honestly say i've done it all and have no regrets. But sadly after One, I realized that my body can't take it anymore. Right now i'm hurting in places I never thought could hurt. And while I wish I could continue to come out here week after week, it's just not in the cards for me.

The fans start chanting one more match.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like the fans want one more match from the legend.

Zach Davis: The man can't take anymore. What do these people want? For him to permanently injure himself?

Hadrian Burke: Thank you guys, but to be honest, if I did have one more match in me, I used it up this past week. There's some guys in this business that say they will retire, only to come back a few weeks or months later. That's not the case here. I'm done for good. And if i'm going to retire, i'm going to do it in what I consider the most awesome company in the world today.

The fans begin to chant once again....WCF! WCF! WCF!

Hadrian Burke: Before I go there's a few people i'd like to thank. First and foremost, Seth Lerch. He brought me in, saw the resume and threw me right to the wolves because he knew what he got when he signed me up. Thank you for making my time here the best i've ever had Seth. I mean that. To Sarah Twilight. You are one of the toughest women in this business. I've never stepped in the right with a woman as tough as you and you have my respect. To my brother John Gambino. You've been by my side for a long time and through thick and thin we've stood by each other and had each others backs no matter the situation. A friend like you in this business is hard to find. I'm thankful for your friendship. To the rest of the locker room. Thank you. You all made me feel welcome here from day one and to this day I still am. I hope that I have earned your respect and I thank you for the kind words and encourangement when things were tough.

Finally, to the fans. Those who have followed my career and those who just became a fan. Thank you for watching me do what i've loved for so long. Thank you for your cheers, your boos and even when you threw things at me. Because whether you loved me or hated me, I did my job and made sure I gave you all one hundred percent every time I was in this ring. So with that said, I hope you keep watching and keep supporting this company. Because I honestly believe there is no better place than this. Thank you.

Hadrian then puts the mic down as the fans are on their feet cheering for him.

Shannan Lerch: Wow, no more Hadrian Burke? I never thought I would see this day come.

Zach Davis: Me neither Shannan. The man has done it all. A stellar career, a legend in this business and a true class act. Like he said, whether you loved him or hated him, he gave you his all and we are definitely going to miss him around here. Thank you for everything you did Hadrian Burke.

Television Title Match
Blizzard vs Synn

Zach Davis: Coming up right now, Terry "Synn" Roberts defends his Television Title against Blizzard!

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall, and is for the WCF TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!

unforgivin 2 by Metallica starts playing as the arena turns blue. White and blue pyros go off on the stage as low laying fog fills the entrance ramp Blizzard comes down slapping the hands of fans as he enters the ring he stands on the second turn buckle pointing at the fans then raising his arms as lights come back on.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, the challenger... from Juneau, Alaska... weighing in at three hundred-forty pounds... BLIZZARD!

Shannan Lerch: Blizzard has been trying to make a name for himself since his debut many weeks ago. One turned out to be a big night for him.

Zach Davis: Indeed it was, he defeated seven other WCF stars in a battle royal. Tonight, he'll be trying to "freeze" Synn's TV title reign.

Shannan Lerch: ... Right.

The jumbo screens shower with static before bold red letters flash across them.




Hinder's "Save Me", accompanied by a near mesmerizing full sensory assault of decadent red purple and black strobing laser lights that foreshadows the arrival of Terry Roberts, brings the fans to their feet. 50 seconds later there are two massive wall of flames raining down onto as well as up from the main stage lasting 15 seconds, once the flames die down Terry steps into view from the billowing cloud of white smoke. Wearing a midnight black full length trench coat with red chest straps, Jiu-Jitsu gi styled black pants, purple MMA styled gloves and wrestling shoes. Looking up into the frenzied crowd he gives an arrogantly cocky smirk pointing to the ring as the screens flash more red letters.




Terry then takes a slow confident walk to the ring, once their he pulls out a black and red guitar, walks over to the nearest ringpost, raising the guitar stock blowing into it, creating an enormous fireball that floats high over the ring getting a big pop from the crowd. Putting the guitar in the ring corner Terry steps into the ring, standing in the corner with the guitar, taking off his non wrestling gear before crouching down as he stares coldly at his opponent. Putting his hands over his face, slowly sliding his fingers down so as not to streak his make up in a symblage of pulling his mask off to reveal SYNN before the bell rings.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent... from Birmingham, Alabama... weighing in at two hundred seventy pounds... he is the WCF Television Champion... Terry... SYNN... Roberts!

Shannan Lerch: Synn also had a great night at One, successfully defending his TV title against not one, but two opponents.

Zach Davis: We'll see if he can keep the winning streak going right now on Slam!


The bells rings and the two men square off in the center of the ring. Synn puts his hand up for a test of strength-- Blizzard fakes and then kicks Synn in the gut, before unleashing on him with right hands.

Zach Davis: It's always exciting watching two big men in the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Blizzard does have a bit of a size advantage, and he's putting it to use right now-- clubbing blows to Synn's back while he's doubled over.

Blizzard whips Synn to the ropes, clotheslining him down on the return. He continues to assault Synn while he's on the mat, stomping him out. Synn fights his way to his feet, blocking some of Blizzard's blows, and then the two men tie-up.

Zach Davis: Synn backs Blizzard into the corner... and neither man is really able to get the advantage here.

The ref breaks them up, but Synn takes advantage with a throat chop during the break. Blizzard stumbles back, holding his throat. Synn lunges out of the corner, spearing Blizzard to the mat, and now it's Synn on top laying on the right hands.

Shannan Lerch: I expect this to be a good brawl. Synn is a great technician and martial arts expert, but I'm not expecting anything pretty or technical tonight.

Zach Davis: I think Synn will do whatever it takes to hold on to that Television title.

Synn has Blizzard on the mat, applying a boot choke, holding the top rope for added pressure. He ignores warnings from the ref, but as the ref starts the five count, Synn releases.

Shannan Lerch: He doesn't want to get disqualified and lose the belt, that's for sure.

Synn pulls Blizzard up to a standing position and hits him with some chops to the chest. He whips Blizzard to the ropes-- Blizzard reverses, sending Synn to the ropes instead--

Zach Davis: Blizzard with a sidewalk slam! And the cover!


Shannan Lerch: No, Synn gets the shoulder up before two.

Blizzard keeps Synn grounded with a sleeper hold.

Zach Davis: Smart move by Blizzard, trying to avoid any of those big striking moves that Synn has been known to seemingly pull from out of nowhere.

Shannan Lerch: Blizzard's got the sleeper locked in, but Synn is fighting it.

A few moments pass with Synn trying to shake off the sleeper and get back to his feet, but Blizzard is using all of his weight, leaning over him with the sleeper locked in. Synn grabs a handful of Blizzard's hair-- the ref warns him, and he releases.

Zach Davis: Synn trying to connect with back elbows-- he's connecting but they aren't doing much to help him.

Finally a combination of back elbows and trying to pry Blizzard's arms off is enough to loosen the sleeper, and Synn slips out-- but Blizzard stays on the attack, dropping Synn with a clothesline. Blizzard charges to the ropes and comes back with a senton splash--

Shannan Lerch: Synn rolls away and Blizzard hits the mat on his back, hard! That was exactly what Synn needed to do here.

Synn rolls out of the ring, trying to shake out the cobwebs. Blizzard gets back to his feet in the ring with his eyes on Synn.

Zach Davis: Roberts climbs back on the apron-- the two men trade blows, Blizzard inside the ring and Synn on the apron.

Synn grabs Blizzard's head and leaps off the apron, snapping Blizzard's head with the top rope. Blizzard falls backwards onto the mat, holding his throat. Synn uses this time to slide back into the ring under the ropes.

Zach Davis: Synn with some strong kicks to Blizzard's side-- he closes in and drops Blizzard with a reverse DDT!

Shannan Lerch: And now Roberts with the pin, will he retain?



Shannan Lerch: Blizzard kicks out!

Synn gets up, pulling Blizzard up with him. Synn misses a right hand, and Blizzard connects with a kick to Synn's gut, and another, and another, a "flurry" of kicks by Blizzard as he gets rejuvenated. He grabs Synn by the throat and--

Zach Davis: Big choke slam by Blizzard!

Shannan Lerch: He used a lot of energy with that quick comeback, and now we are seeing both men laid out.

Indeed both Blizzard and Synn are on the mat, trying to regain their composure. After a moment, the ref starts the ten count, but both men get to a knee rather quickly.

Zach Davis: Both men eyeing each other.

Blizzard connects with a right hand. He follows it with a dropkick, which is side stepped by Synn.

Shannan Lerch: Synn hops onto the second turnbuckle-- drops the leg across Blizzard's chest.

Synn pulls Blizzard back to his feet and sets him up, hitting a Jackhammer suplex, and then grabbing his arm.

Zach Davis: Bad news for Blizzard, Synn's almost got it locked in...

Shannan Lerch: T-S-N! Tap Snap or Nap!

Blizzard holds on for as long as he can, but it's not long before he taps out and the ref calls for the bell.


"Save Me" by Hinder plays over the PA.

Zach Davis: Synn retains with a submission!

Shannan Lerch: Blizzard didn't go down easy, and it was a great TV title match, but in the end Synn has come out victorious once again.

The ref hands Synn the TV belt and he raises it in the air to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Blizzard looks disappointed as he rolls out of the ring and heads towards the back, slapping a few hands on the way.

Zach Davis: Well-

The lights go out in the arena as the Titantron slowly turns on and reads in blood dripping red letters.




Three tolls of a bells echo in the arena fire erupt out of all 4 turnbuckles the arena again will turn black as the titantron comes on and reads in red blood dripping letters HE IS COMING FOR YOU VENGEANCE aint no grave by Johnny Cash plays red lights and fog starts to fill the arena as 6 masked men dressed in red robes bring a red marble casket down to the ring leaving it sit closed at ringside.

Voice: Terry “Synn” Roberts WELCOME TO HELL!! I hope you enjoy the gift that has been delivered. From what I understand you believe that you SYNN are a driving force behind the FURY OF HELLS FIRE you are making a GRAVE mistake. You always quote ‘IN THE END THE RESULTS ARE ALL THE SAME” what sits there before your eyes in the reality of in END THERE IS ONLY ONE RESULT DEATH. Synn I would like for you to take a look inside, I want you to witness first hand your fate.

Synn reaches down to open the casket as the camera focuses in lays the body of "Harkie" Synn jumps back shocked walking back to the casket looking confused staring at the lifeless body of the former Harkie the music stops playing lights go out flames erupt out of all four turnbuckles. The arena stays black as one red light shines over the casket camera focuses back on the casket seeing now the body of Harkie lays there holding a replica steel reinforced guitar dubbed “Sherri” with face paint colors red, black, purple and white, shoulder length black hair with red hightlights, black trench coat, identical to Synns and a bandana reading VENGEANCE in blood across the forehead. Synn looks even more confused putting his hands on top of his head looking around the lights once again go off the Titantron starts lighting up and going off.

It reads and you can hear a faint Synn voice TAP, SNAP, OR NAP. THE CHOICE IS YOURS. IN THE END THE RESULTS ARE ALL THE SAME.







Arena goes black as In Time by Mark Collie starts playing.

Nathan von Liebert Segment

Slam returns from commercial with the cameras backstage. Standing in a lounge type area, the viewers spot Nathan von Liebert dressed in his usual wife beater and shorts, with Hank Brown awkwardly attempting to interview the Devil's Right Hand.

Hank Brown: Nathan, can you spare a minute for a brief interview. After your brutal Crucifixion match and your absence from the card led many to believe you'd be absent all together.

Nathan looks at Hank Brown, a smirk crossing his face.

Nathan von Liebert: Yes, a brutal match. Its safe to say I didn't walk away from that match without my own share of scars.

Nathan rubs his left pectoral muscle, the site of FPV's initials on the man.

Nathan von Liebert: But every time I see those scars, I always remind myself it could've been worse. I could've been nailed to that cross. I could've lost. But I didn't. I'm undefeated at One and yet another man has fallen victim to the Plague known as Nathan von Liebert.

Nathan grins, a sinister smile that Hank Brown uses as an excuse to broaden the distance between the pair.

Hank Brown: The fans are wondering what is in store for you, Nathan. Has the war finally come to a conclusion, or are you continuing the fight?

Nathan looks puzzled at this, scratching his head.

Nathan von Liebert: Continuing the fight, Hank? And who exactly am I going to fight? The Unstable Elements are dead. FPV is one step away from dead. My enemies have fallen before me; there is no true threats left. Oh, there are many parasites that annoy me, but I don't feel the need to destroy them. But I could, Hank, don't forget that. I can destroy anyone in this company.

Hank Brown: So can we assume that you're telling the WCF Universe that this is the year of NvL?

Nathan shakes his head.

Nathan von Liebert: Why limit myself to a single year, Hank? I was dominant last year, I will be dominant again this year. Simple as that. I fucking killed people, Hank. People who tried to stop me, people who got in my way. They couldn't stop me in 2012, and they won't stop me in 2013. Have you learned the lesson after I destroyed FPV, the leader of Genesis, or will someone else step up to take his place. Doesn't matter to me; whoever I face, the outcome will be the same.

Nathan steps up close to the camera, cold eyes staring down through the lens.

Nathan von Liebert: There going to end up dead.

Nathan steps back, smirk on his face, when a hand reaches out and taps him on the shoulder. Nathan turns, and eats a superkick from someone off screen.

Zach Davis: A superkick! Is FPV back?

The camera pans around, and there stands none other than Waylon Cash. The Hellbilly leans down, getting in the face of Nathan.

Waylon Cash: Boom, Headshot.

And with that, Waylon straightens up, and walks off-screen.

Shannan Lerch: Waylon sending a message to Nathan. FPV may be gone, but Nathan hasn't felt his last headshot.

Hardcore Title Match
Jay Price vs Roy Speede

We head back down to ringside as the new CFO of WCF, Jay Price is standing in the ring. He paces back and forth a few times and he doesn't look very happy.

Jay Price: It appears as though Roy Speede has decided that he is not going to compete in the scheduled championship defense he had for tonight against none other than yours truly, Jay FUCKING Price.

Huge boos from the crowd at the mention of canceling the hardcore title match due to Speede walking out.

Jay Price: After speaking with Jonny Fly on the matter, he completely agrees that Speede's jobber ass isn't going to get away with pulling this shit. So therefore, he is being fined $200,000 as of RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

Mixed reaction from the crowd. Some cheer, but the fine doesn't really affect them as they are still missing a match they were looking forward to.

Jay Price: In light of this situation, the tag team match between Genesis, Gable and Slane will now be your main event. That is all.

"4 Words To Choke Upon" by Bullet For My Valentine hits as Price exits the ring and walks to the back, still pissed off that Speede walked out of his obligations and the match.

Jeff Purse Leaves The Arena

Jeff Purse is seen walking to his car at the end of the show. He is smiling, thinking about what he is going to do to Eric Price next week. Two headlights on a car near Jeff light up. He realizes he can't find his Navigator. He pulls out his key chain. The car with the headlights pulls out of its parking spot slowly behind Jeff, angling its nose at him, backing up a bit. Jeff is pressing the start button on his key fab, trying to find it. Tires squeel as the car behind Jeff comes charging at him. He turns at the last second as the car strikes him. He goes rolling over the top and lands behind the car, laying back down, spread out.




Shannan Lerch: Eric Price obviously.

Zach Davis: Not even Price would stoop that low.

Shannan Lerch: Well now Jeff won't sign any of those documents, and he won't be able to compete next week. He was just hit by a CAR!!

Zach Davis: Well whoever it was, when Jeff Purse comes too, they better watch themselves.

Torture Segment

We come back from commercial and the crowd is on the edge of their seat as Zach Davis is standing in the ring.

Zach Davis: It is my honor to announce this next man. I've seen him do it all, through the horrible, and through his best, and now he's able to call himself a Wrestling Championship Federation Hall of Famer with his official induction coming at a later date, but make some noise for .. TTTOOORRRTTUUREEEEE!!!!!

Crowd pops big as Crawl by Kings of Leon hits the airwaves. The lights begin to strobe, the crowd begins to chant and cheer, and Torture makes his way to the stage. He's thanking everybody as he puts up his hands and fireworks blow up behind him. Torture makes his way down the ramp high-fiving the crowd around him. Torture makes it to the ring and takes the microphone from Zach Davis who goes back to his seat.

Torture: As a Hall of Famer inductee I must say it's nice to be right here.. in Providence, Rhode Island!

Crowd pops.

Torture: I have to say something to Jay Price.

Crowd begins to chant "TORT BEAT PRICE! TORT BEAT PRICE! TORT BEAT PRICE!". The crazy ass Rhode Island crowd begins to chant "JAY PRICE! JAY PRICE! JAY PRICE! JAY PRICE!".

Torture: At One last week, Jay Price and I went to war.. and I came out on top. But I have to say it was a hard fought battle and Jay Price is a damn good competitor..

Crowd cheers for Jay Price.

Torture: Now, we should get down to brass tacks, and we can't do that until we talk about Seth Lerch.

Crowd boos.

Torture: Seth owes me an apology, and though I was told I can't get it tonight, one day soon I will get that apology. I'm going to make him come out here and get on his knees and say he's sorry to me!

Crowd pops.

Torture: I was asked earlier today by one of the young stars here in WCF if I was going to stay.. Well..


Torture: Thank you..


Zach Davis: This crowd is HYPE for that man right there..

Shannan Lerch: What every superstar dreams of, and only a few can achieve.. the ability to have the crowd in their palm of their hand.. I hate Torture, but god damn can he control a crowd with one microphone.

Torture: I was asked if I would stay and I'll say this.. you haven't seen the last of Torture in a WCF Ring!

Crowd pops!

Zach Davis: WHOA! WHAT?

Shannan Lerch: Really?

Torture: Now, I have some side-projects to finish up, but that same person asked me if I was eying WCF Gold..

Torture smirks as the crowd goes wild..

Torture: Okay, okay, my flight back home is leaving soon, I just want to thank everyone here tonight.. I want to thank some of the guys in the back like Gravedigger, Brad, Jay, Sarah Twilight, FPV, Tek, and anyone else I forgot to mention, they've supported me, and I couldn't have done it without them. You haven't seen the last of me yet!

Torture taunts in the ring as the crowd pops. As Torture finishes, he goes to exit the ring but as soon as he steps through the rope, the lights cut out. The crowd begins buzzing, unsure of what may happen. The Latin chanting of Machine Head’s “I am Hell (Sonata in C#)” come over the PA system and the crowd goes from buzzing to marking.

Zach Davis: Business has just picked up!

Shannan Lerch: Holy cliche line, Batman.

Zach Davis: Ditto.

Soon, after the crowd has almost marked themselves into a frenzy, new WCF Chief of Staff Corey Black walks out from the backstage area wearing not a suit and tie, but casual jeans and a black hoodie. Corey walks down to the ring, where his best friend in the business now stands back, allowing clean entry. Corey slides into the ring, asks for a mic from ringside, and stands before Torture. The crowd is fucking eating this up, like nothing before.

Shannan Lerch: It's been a long, LONG time since these two have been face to face inside a ring.

As the crowd dies down a bit, Torture looks out and they pop again. Die down, Corey does the same, another pop. It's a back and forth, the crowd loving every second of it.

Zach Davis: What business could Corey Black possibly have out here? Torture just spoke from his heart, that needed no response.

It's time to find out. Corey walks away from Torture and leans on the furthest rope from Torture.

Corey Black: Hall of Fame, eh? Congrats, I guess.

Clear pause for crowd approval, Torture nodding his head as well.

Corey Black: There's just one thing that bothers me about the whole situation. You come back at War, try to assist me in taking out Oblivion. Obvious backfire was obvious. That's not the problem. How long was it since I had seen you before that? I mean, really seen you?

Torture: It wa-

Corey cuts Torture off by stepping forward with a hand up.

Corey Black: That's right, about a year.

Zach Davis: Oh man...

Corey Black: You were the referee in my match with Odin Balfore at the One before last. Before that?

Torture: I don't know where you're going wi-

Corey Black: Yeah, before that you walked the fuck out on me.

At this point, the crowd has no idea what to think. They're half cheering, half 'ooohing'.

Corey Black: So, let's set up our timeline. We are running the place, fine as can be, in 2011 and you bail for one reason or another. I don't even care why, what is done is done. Then you randomly show up near the end of 2011 to be the ref for my match on the first day of 2012, without even saying a word about it to me. Then, not to be outdone, you show up again at War to attack Oblivion and seemingly set your sights on Jay Price, again, without saying a word to me. You just show up when it is convenient for you.

Torture: So what if I didn't say anything and show up when it suits me? It's not like you're not busy being Mr. Pure Wrestler Man over in IWF or anything.

Crowd with a collective "oh, snap."

Corey Black: That's just it. I wrestle full time for IWF, and yet I still show up on Slam basically week in and week out. You can't tell me CoolWear Inc is such a massive fucking success that you need to sit in an office for months on end.

Cue another "oh, snap."

Torture: Why the hell are you even out here, Corey? Just to berate me and ruin what should be the best moment in my WCF career?

Corey Black: No, I'm here for answers. Not to steal a line, but it's fitting.. you've gone Hollywood, Dwayne. Torture is too good for WCF unless it means he gets into the precious Hall of Fame. I still put my neck on the line for these fans, whether it be five times a year or five times a month. I do it because I refuse to let my legacy here fizzle and die. I fucking built this company with my own hands. Seth built the foundation and handed the materials to me, and I created a goddamn wonderland. As great as names like Logan, Hellz Angel, Gravedigger, and even you, Torture are, nobody can deny that Corey Black is the heart and soul of WCF. So while I'm off being one half of the IWF Tag Team of the Year, I still apply my craft here and get voted co-WCF Tag Team of the Year. You see the trend?

Torture: I ... yes, but this had no bearing on-

Corey Black: It has all the bearing on everything, Champ. You left. Flat out. You severed communication with me and went on your own path. You, Torture, turned your back on WCF and are now using it to pad your own stats.. and your gigantic fucking ego. Then you come back and prey on Jay Price, a man that damn sure should have defeated you, but lo-and-behold King of the goddamn World Torture pulls one out of his ass and limps into the Hall of Fame as a man that doesn't even care about the company he is gaining such an accolade for.

Tired of being cut off, Torture just changes his posture and motions for Corey to continue. Corey steps forward and once again gets close up in Torture's face.

Corey Black: For months, I went online and typed out "Torture for H.O.F." with the best intentions. Hoping that I'd get something more than a retweet or a reply on the internet. It wasn't until the week leading up to the match that I realized something about you, Torture.

Torture: Oh yeah?

Corey Black: Yeah. You don't fucking deserve it.

Shannan Lerch: What in the hell?

The crowd, unable to fully comprehend what is going on, sits on their hands and intently watch.

Corey Black: You're a shell of a man who only comes back to feed his insatiable thirst for attention. Even after walking away, you couldn't stay that way, because of your need to continually be the best and hold down the best talent we have. You did it your entire run, and you're doing it even while away. Show me you deserve it.

Torture: You want to throw away ten years, Corey? The Dynasties we built? The wars we waged? You want it?

Corey Black: I want it. I want to drop you on your head just like I did at the One before this.. and I want to do it at the next One.

Zach Davis: Torture verses Corey Black at One next year?!

Crowd. Marking. Out.

Torture: You got it, poser. I'll prove to you and the entire world that I deserve my Hall of Fame ring by beating you on the biggest stage we have.

Corey Black: I look forward to you eating those words.

The two men, face to face, share an INTENSE AS ALL HELL handshake.

Steve Orbit/Sarah Twilight vs Stuart Slane/John Gable

Zach Davis: What a night we've had so far! And it shows no signs of slowing down. Up next, the NEW United States Champion, Stuart Slane teams up with John Gable to take on the former United States Champion, Steve Orbit and his tag team partner, Sarah Twilight. This match up is now our main event as the situation with Roy Speede earlier resulted in a fine being issued by his opponent, and CFO of the company, Jay Price. Also, Speede WILL defend the Hardcore Championship here next week, or he will be stripped of the title!

Shannan Lerch: That situation brings about more questions than it does answers. Anyhow, let's get on with the task at hand. Gable and Slane really a mixed pairing for tonight as they have never teamed up before. Orbit and Twilight both being members of Genesis and looking to sent The Scoutmaster and the Actor packing!

Zach Davis: Orbit had seemed more than just a bit upset after the tough losses at One, he looks to get back on track here tonight. Instead of his usual pairing with Waylon Cash, he instead has Sarah Twilight in his corner. Could that change the game for Orbit? Or will Slane and Gable add insult to injury, adding another heart breaking loss to The Mack?

Shannan Lerch: Now we turn it over to Kyle Steel and get set for this tag team action!

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.....

The video wall comes to life as the word 'MACK' is displayed on the screen. This is followed by 'THE ONLY ONE' and the crowd is on their feet, as they know what this means.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first...at a total combined weight of 382 pounds...representing GENESIS...they are "The Mack" STEVE ORBIT and, "The Mistress of Mischief" SARAH TWILIGHT!!!!

At last, "Bitter End" by The Veer Union hits and the crowd ERUPTS! Steve Orbit steps out on stage. Steve takes his time, strutting down the ramp, talking to fans who mostly cheer him on-- however, he does occasionally offend a girl or two with his sometimes rude, sexual comments. Pyros shoot up from the stage as Sarah finally walks out from behind the curtain. She is greeted with deafening cheers and soaks them all in. At ringside Orbit begins the process of taking off his mink coat, his choice of pimp attire for the evening and hands his gold chains and his hat to a ring hand. He continues to flirt with the girls in the crowd as he enters the ring, showing off his body and blowing kisses. The crowd goes bananas when he hits the ring, as OR-BIT chants are heard all over the arena. Meanwhile, the vibrant redhead confidently swaggers towards the ring and steps inside. Pyros now shoot off from the ring posts and Sarah takes to each turnbuckle in succession, pointing out toward the crowd and smiling. The cheers become even LOUDER. As the music continues, Sarah rolls outside of the ring and finds a young fan sitting at ringside. She removes her signature "You Don't Matter" tee shirt that she wears over her wrestling attire and gives it to the young fan before returning to the ring as the music dies down.

Kyle Steel: And their opponents....

“Things That You Oughta Know” by Chronic Future blasts over the P.A. System. The crowd begins to boo.

Kyle Steel: First...from Cleveland, Ohio...weighing in at 221 pounds...he is JOHN GABLE!!!!

John Gable enters through the current wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses, a leather jacket acting as if he was trying not to be noticed. He looks out to the crowd while trying to hide his face. He steps down the ramp as Humphrey Craig followed with a sign reading “future Oscar recipient”. John Gable slides into the ring and rips off his 'disguise'.

Kyle Steel: And his tag team partner....

“Follow Me, Boys!” begins to play over the loudspeakers. The crowds' boos grow LOUDER.

Kyle Steel: From Grant, Iowa...weighing in at 270 pounds....he is the WCF United States Champion...."The Scoutmaster" STUART SLANE!!!

Stu marches out from the back, silently mouthing the lyrics to his theme as he heads down the ramp. He does a circuit around the outside of the ring before climbing the steps and entering. After some last minute old timey calisthenics (Indian twists, deep knee bends, etc) The Scoutmaster goes his corner. He hands his hat sash, and US Title off to a WCF stagehand and assumes a fighting position.

Zach Davis: Our United States Champion ready to go. Gable is ready, Orbit and Twilight are ready! This thing is about to explode!

Shannan Lerch: It looks like Gable will start things out with Orbit.

Referee Charles Whitman calls for the bell as The Mack locks up with Gable in a collar and elbow tie up. Gable shoots this into a side headlock quickly and plants Orbit on the canvas with a takeover, still holding the headlock. He wrenches it once, and lets go He rises back to his feet, looking down at Orbit with a slight smirk. Orbit makes his way back to his feet, nodding his head and motioning Gable to bring it.

Zach Davis: Gable trying some one upsmanship early on with Orbit. Possibly trying to get inside the former US Champion's head after that big loss at One.

Shannan Lerch: Orbit looks focused, he's not letting it affect him at all it seems.

Orbit and Gable with another collar and elbow tie up. Again, Gable shoots this into a side headlock. This time however, Orbit shoves Gable off into the ropes. Leapfrog on the return by Orbit, Gable bounces off the ropes again and into a belly to belly suplex courtesy of Orbit. There is a loud pop from the crowd.

Zach Davis: Beautiful belly to belly. Steve Orbit taking control in the early goings.

Shannan Lerch: Gable doesn't look too pleased with how that exchange turned out.

Gable makes it back to his feet and turns around into a running Orbit who PLANTS the actor with a spear. Orbit jumps back to his feet and makes a circle around the ring, fired up.

Zach Davis: Steve Orbit focused and full of energy! I don't know if I've ever seen him this full of momentum.

Shannan Lerch: It is certainly a turn around from the last time we saw him.

Gable rolls to his side, clutching his abdomen as he writhes in pain. He is slow back to his feet, still holding his gut. Orbit hooks him up from behind and pulls him up and over into an almost flawless German suplex. He hangs onto it for the pinfall attempt. Witman in position.




Gable shoots off of the bridge by Orbit and forces his way out of the attempt before three.

Zach Davis: Near fall there by Orbit. Gable manages to kick out before three.

Shannan Lerch: As fired up as Orbit may be, he isn't going to put Gable away that easily.

Gable rolls to his side and tries to regroup as Orbit gets back to his feet after the near fall. Orbit stalking Gable and hauls him up by the head, locking him into a suplex position. Orbit for the snap, but Gable blocks it with one of his legs, instead, she sends Orbit crashing to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker. Orbit's head bounces off the canvas HARD. Gable recollects himself.

Zach Davis: Just like that the tide has shifted. Gable buying himself some time!

Shannan Lerch: Stuart Slane and Sarah Twilight eagerly awaiting a tag on either end of the ring.

Zach Davis: Gable pulling himself back to his feet...and he's not done yet!

Gable, infuriated with the early offense by Orbit, starts stomping away at The Mack. Boots to his chest, gut and head. This is followed by some stinging elbow drops. There is about a total of five of them, one after another. Orbit is dazed a bit now.

Shannan Lerch: Gable's vicious side emerging here tonight. Methodically picking away at the former United States Champ.

Zach Davis: John Gable still looking to make a name for himself. A victory here tonight over Steve Orbit and Sarah Twilight would boost his status for sure.

Shannan Lerch: It could also send Steve Orbit back over the edge. Orbit needs this just as badly.

Zach Davis: So very true.

Orbit staggers back to his feet and Gable is waiting, taking The Mack over with a Northern Lights suplex, bridging for a pinfall attempt of his own. Charles Whitman slides into position.




NO! Orbit fights his way out before three.

Zach Davis: A near fall by Gable now! That was close!

Shannan Lerch: Gable wanting to prove that he can hang with Orbit. I think the message has come across without question.

Orbit and Gable both make their way back to their feet. Gable with a running shoulder tackle, sending Orbit back down to the canvas. The crowd is booing a bit and now, Gable to his corner, tagging Slane into the match. Slane enters the ring and picks up where Gable left off, leveling Orbit with a knee lift, just as The Mack was starting back to his feet.

Zach Davis: Stuart Slane, the current United States Champion in this match up for the first time.

Shannan Lerch: It was Slane who defeated Orbit at One to capture the US Championship. He looks for a repeat performance here tonight. Though there is no gold on the line in this encounter.

Slane hauls Orbit to his feet, sending him for an Irish whip into the ropes. On the return he catches Orbit with a lifting spear and DROPS him down with a spinebuster. Slane jumps on immediately for the cover. Whitman into position.




NO! Orbit manages to shoot a shoulder up.

Zach Davis: And ANOTHER near fall against Orbit. He really needs to tag out.

Shannan Lerch: I agree, Slane is fresh, Orbit has been taking a lot of punishment. Twilight is almost frothing at the mouth wanting to get into this thing.

Zach Davis: Orbit needs to create separation and try and make it to his corner.

Slane again hauls Orbit to his feet, but this time, Orbit catches him by surprise with a jawbreaker drop! Slane bounces up as his jaw connects with Orbit's skull and he hits the mat HARD. Orbit shakes off the cobwebs and makes his way slowly to his feet. Slane also starts making his way up, a bit dazed. Orbit grabs hold of Slane's arm and takes him right back down with a short-arm clothesline. The Mack wastes no time as he now hauls Slane up, dragging him towards the corner. Orbit with a tag out to Sarah as he lifts Slane for a backbreaker. Sarah climbs the turnbuckle. Orbit drops Slane over his knee as Sarah leaps from the top with a legdrop across Slane's throat at the same exact time.

Zach Davis: And this match up has again taken a turn! Great team work there by Orbit and Twilight. Slane on defense now and he is in trouble.

Shanna Lerch: Stuart Slane and Sarah Twilight have never officially met inside the ring in a contest like this. This should be quite interesting to see how it plays out.

Slane is still reeling from the effects of the backbreaker and legdrop combination as he sits up to try and get himself together. Though he gets no reprieve as just when he sits up, Sarah rushes him with a NASTY running snap kick to the face that sends him right back down to the canvas. She immediately goes for the cover. Whitman slides into position.




NO! Slane shoots a shoulder up.

Zach Davis: Sarah Twilight now with a near fall. The action back and forth in this highly competitive contest!

Shannan Lerch: Slane much larger than Twilight. It is wise of her to try and keep him grounded. Take away that power base he likes to use.

Zach Davis: Absolutely. If Twilight keeps this going at her pace, and wears Slane down, it can mean the difference in this match.

Slane is still pretty dazed as he struggles back to his feet. Sarah is up and waiting, and as Stuart gets to his feet, he is sent right back down with a spinning snap neckbreaker. Twilight doesn't relent. She follows up with some nasty stomps to the face. Slane is covering up.

Shannan Lerch: This is exactly what we're talking about. Keep him down, keep him grounded and keep him weary. That is the approach she needs to take, and she's doing just that.

Zach Davis: Stuart Slane finding out first hand just how vicious Sarah Twilight can be.

Shannan Lerch: Slane is no slouch at all. He is after all the United States Champion. If Sarah makes a mistake, she's going to find out exactly how much his strength can be a deciding factor in any contest.

Sarah measures Slane again, and as he makes it to one knee, she is already on him SMASHING his face into the canvas with a face place DDT. Slane is again dazed after the continued shots to the head. Sarah remains on the offensive as Slane again makes it to his knees, rushing into the ropes for a dropkick to the face on the return. However, she never gets the opportunity as when she hits the ropes, Gable sends a clubbing blow into the back of her head from behind. She stumbles forward into Slane's waiting arms as he hauls her up for a pumphandle gutbuster. Sarah writhes on the mat and Slane follows up going for the pinfall attempt, hooking the leg. Whitman is again in position.




NO! Sarah shoots a shoulder up!

Zach Davis: And just like that. Slane with a powerful comeback after an assist from Gable.

Shannan Lerch: Now this is where things are going to get bad for Sarah. Slane is going to change the pace to his liking and that means trouble.

Slane hauls Sarah up by the hair, sending off a few HARSH headbutts at her, dazing the redhead. He follows this up with a slowly executed, methodical Hangman's neckbreaker. He smiles as he hears the sickening crack as he drops her down against the back of his shoulder. Stuart sits there for just a split second before rolling himself over into another pinfall attempt. This time he hooks up both of her legs. Whitman again is there for the count.




NO! Again Sarah shoots her shoulder up. Slane slaps the mat in frustration.

Zach Davis: A sigh of relief by Steve Orbit, who is still watching on intently.

Shannan Lerch: That was a VERY close call there. Slane is methodically picking apart Sarah Twilight.

Slane hauls Sarah back to her feet and walks her over toward his own corner, tagging Gable back into the match. The two men use a bit of teamwork of their own as they each grab one of her arms, pulling her away from the turnbuckle and then in unison YANKING her back into it HARD. Her back connects with the turnbuckle and she yells out in pain as she stumbles forward. Gable wastes no time as he sends a knee into her face and follows up with a snap DDT, planting her into the canvas. He rolls her over for the cover, and again Charles Whitman in position for the count.




NO! Sarah shoots her shoulder up yet AGAIN.

Zach Davis: Another near fall and another kick out. But how much longer can it go on? Sarah Twilight enduring quite a bit of punishment. Steve Orbit eager to get back in this. But can Sarah get herself away from enemy territory?

Shannan Lerch: I don't know Zach. Slane and Gable have done an excellent job of cutting the ring in half, keeping her where they want her and they keep bringing the offense. Sound strategy.

Gable now pulls Sarah to her feet and hoists her up over his shoulders for a Samoan drop. However, the redhead changes the momentum slightly as she wraps her arms and legs over Gable's arms and instead pulls him down into a crucifix pinning combination. Whitman again for the count.




Gable battles out of the attempt before three. He sends a kick into Sarah's ribs as he hops up, surprised.

Zach Davis: Sarah still in this thing with a near fall of her own. Though that just seemed to anger John Gable.

Shannan Lerch: I don't know how much more she can endure. Gable and Slane both have quite a bit of size advantage on her and the longer this keeps up...I just don't know.

Zach Davis: It's not about the size of the woman in the fight, Shannan. It's about the size of the fight in the woman. And we both know Sarah Twilight has a LOT of fight in her.

Gable brings Sarah back to her feet again and looks to end this as he locks her up for an inverted brainbuster attempt. Looking for City Lights! However, she sends a kick up at his face that backs the actor off. He immediately rushes back in at her, but she sends him up and over unexpectedly with a T-Bone suplex that rattles him. Sarah falls back to the canvas, having pulled off that last flurry of offense out of instinct alone. Sarah is down, Gable is down. Both look to make it to their corners.

Zach Davis: That was the opening that Twilight needed! Now if she can just make it to her corner before Gable does.

Shannan Lerch: She's had a LOT taken out of her. Gable is shaken a bit, but he's still a lot fresher than she is. I don't know how this will turn out.

Sarah starts crawling toward her corner. Gable is making his way to his own corner. And Gable reaches his first, tagging Slane back into the match. Sarah is inching her way towards Orbit when Slane grabs hold of her ankle, stopping her. The crowd boos loudly.

Zach Davis: Slane effectively preventing Sarah from making the tag!

Shannan Lerch: She is in a lot of trouble here. Orbit is practically BEGGING to get back in the match!

Slane drags her back toward the center of the ring. She hops up on one leg, still reaching out for the tag. Slane still has hold of her other ankle. Finally, Sarah turns and using her free leg, she shoots up with a SHARP enziguri kick to the side of Slane's head! The SNAP of her boot against his skull is loud as it echoes through the arena. Slane's eyes glaze over for a moment as he drops down to his knees, definitely dazed by the sudden kick.

Zach Davis: Slane is out of it!

Shannan Lerch: Here's her chance!

Sarah now LEAPS toward her corner, tagging in a fresh and fired up Steve Orbit. The Mack rushes the ring as Slane stumbles between remining on his knees, to a semi standing position. The decision is quickly made for him as Orbit BLASTS him with a clothesline before rushing the opposite corner and knocking Gable down from the apron.

Zach Davis: Orbit back into it and he's ON FIRE!

Shannan Lerch: What a shift in momentum. Slane and Gable find themselves in trouble at this point.

Slane stumbles back to his feet after the clothesline and Orbit with a DEVASTATING spinebuster! Slane is down on the canvas and Orbit wastes no time getting to the top of the turnbuckle. Slane has no time to catch his breath as Orbit JUMPS off the turnbuckle into a somersault senton splash!


Shannan Lerch: It's over!

Gable is back up on the outside and slides back into the ring. Sarah meets him with a burst clothesline out of nowhere. Gable hits the canvas and rolls back to his feet and Sarah follows up with a Royal Butterfly that sends Gable tumbling to the outside. Orbit hooks the leg on Slane, Whitman in position!




Bell rings.

Kyle Steel: Here are your winners...."The Mack" STEVE ORBIT, "The Mistress of Mischief" SARAH TWILIGHT....GENESIS!

Zach Davis: WHAT A CONTEST! The action never ceased from bell to bell! WOW!

Shannan Lerch: Steve Orbit with a measure of retribution against Stuart Slane here tonight. That heated rivalry might yet be far from over.

Zach Davis: Genesis rounding out this edition of Slam in top form. Sarah Twilight and Steve Orbit celebrate a VERY hard fought victory!

"Bitter End" by The Veer Union plays once again as Steve Orbit and Sarah Twilight take to the turnbuckles to celebrate along with a cheering crowd. We... go to commercial?

Eric Price Segment

“Olympic Fanfare and Theme” by John Williams starts playing over the speaker system

Zach Davis: And what is this now?

More balloons and confetti drop over the arena as Eric Price makes his way out again with the same black suit, gold shirt and tie, and his sunglasses on with the WCF World Title wrapped around his shoulder. He has a huge grin on his face at this point. The ring is shown once again carpeted with black and Eric Price’s gold logo, the ring itself is empty.

Zach Davis: What is he doing out here now?

Crowd: Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!

Shannan Lerch: I don’t know. He was supposed to have a match but we saw Jeff Purse get run down earlier tonight.

Zach Davis: Eric Price had something to do with that I’m sure.

Shannan Lerch: How can you be sure? You didn’t see him do that, he was not identified as the driver.

Zach Davis: Oh come off it, he’s a sinister human being. He makes his way down to the ring with that huge grin on his face, if that’s not an admission of guilt, then I don’t know what is.

Shannan Lerch: Oh you just hate him for no reason.

Zach Davis: Well, let’s see what he says as he asks for a microphone here.

Eric Price: Don’t you just love that Olympic music.

Crowd boos even louder

Crowd: You suck! You suck! You suck!

Eric Price: It’s a shame Jeff Purse couldn’t make his way down to the ring tonight to face me in his rematch from One but it seems he had some car trouble. Hahaha!!!

Crowd: Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!

Zach Davis: How can he make light of this? What a truly sick human being!

Eric Price: But alas, it seems it wasn’t meant to be tonight so still as your WCF World Champion, yours truly, Mr. Eric Price! So now, we come to what I asked for earlier, Ms. Twilight, you will come out to this ring right now and do your job that you failed to do at One and you will raise my hand in victory. Come on, I’m waiting.

Zach Davis: Is he serious? He actually expects here to come out here and do that.
“The Only One” by Evanescence starts playing over the speaker system as Eric Price grins widely in the ring. Sarah Twilight makes her way down to the ring with a look of disdain for Price.

Shannan Lerch: Things are going to get interesting here.

Eric Price: Now Ms. Twilight, last night at One, I beat Jeff Purse for the 1 – 2 – 3. Tonight, what you’re going to do is finish your job and raise my hand in victory.

Sarah Twilight looks away from Eric Price not wanting to do this.

Crowd: Price sucks! Price sucks! Price sucks!

Eric Price: Shut up! I said shut up!

Zach Davis: Price not doing himself any favors here.

Eric Price: Now Ms. Twilight, let’s get this rolling, raise my hand in victory from last night and actually, let’s make it count twice. You see, Purse couldn’t compete tonight therefore, I beat him tonight via forfeit so that means that technically, I not only won the title but I also have defended it already on my very first night. You see, I’m a fighting champion and I like to ensure other competitors get a fair shot at me so Ms. Twilight, raise my arm in victory for last night and for tonight!

Sarah Twilight is looking away from Price as he is trying to force her. She then smiles for a second, looks straight at Price and slaps him right across the face as hard as she can knocking him down to the canvas of the ring. She then walks out of the ring and starts heading back up the ramp.

Zach Davis: Oh my God, Sarah Twilight just slapped the taste out of Eric Price’s mouth. She just knocked him down.

Shannan Lerch: Hey wait a minute, he’s the champ, he deserves respect!

Crowd cheers loudly

Eric Price: Hey, HEY! Get back you here you stupid bitch! Huh, you all liked that did you? You all enjoyed what she did to me?!

Eric quickly gets up and looks enraged

Eric Price: Well, I’ll tell you what you won’t like, the fact that I’m leaving WCF forever!

Crowd cheers loudly

Eric Price: Oh, you don’t want me here, is that right? Well, I have news for you, for everyone. You see, I’ve been talking about this over Twitter all week, many have been anticipating my announcement and here it goes. The fact of the matter is…

“300 Violin Orchestra” by Jorge Quintero starts playing over the speaker system, interrupting Eric Price who is in a flat out rage by this point in the ring clutching his WCF World Title. Jonny Fly comes out, microphone in hand.

Jonny Fly: No one cares what you have to say. If you’re leaving WCF, that’s fine but you’re handing the World Title over to me. Everyone will understand that you’re a quitter.

Crowd cheers even louder for this

Eric Price: Hey Fly, you think you’re so smart, don’t you? So smarmy from up there thinking you have all the cards. Here’s what you don’t understand or know Fly, have you actually read my contract, at all? Because if you haven’t, you would know that it expires tonight!

Zach Davis: What’s he talking about?

Eric Price: You see, if you’d let me finish explaining, then all will be clear. My original WCF contract was valid up until December 31st, 2012. With your match at One coming up, Seth and I had started renewal negotiations but we put in a contingency and decided to resign me only up until tonight. Now, if Seth had retained ownership of WCF and in my mind, he did and should still be here then I would have happily signed my contract extension. But since you won, things have changed. You see, as one final flip of the bird to you from Seth, your current WCF World Champion’s contract expires in mere hours and since your little title defense plan didn’t work, it seems I have no choice but to leave with my title.

Zach Davis: What the, is he serious?

Eric Price: You see, effective 12:01 AM on Monday morning, January 14th, 2013, I am no longer an employee of the Wrestling Championship Federation. But I am still its World Champion and I am leaving with my championship because I am sick and tired of being disrespected by my peers, by these parasites you call an audience, and by you and Pantheon who have done nothing but denigrate me since I’ve started, I am not going to deal with your corruption and nonsense so if you don’t mind, I am leaving, I am done with WCF and with you. Fly, you can kiss my ass!

This crowd is white hot now with a mix of cheers and boos as no one knows how to react to this

Jonny Fly: Is that right? Do you think you’re just going to waltz out with WCF’s World Title in your clutches? You must have lost your mind.

A plethora of WCF Wrestlers start coming down the ramp, with Pantheon being the first, followed by the Television Champion, Steeltoe Joe, Genesis, and others as Price quickly slides out of the ring and goes behind the announcers and through the crowd to escape.

Jonny Fly: Stop him! He is not leaving with the title tonight.

WCF Wrestlers surrounding the ring now as Price is running for his life through the crowd and to the backstage area.

Zach Davis: What the, what’s going on?

Shannan Lerch: I don’t know, I’ve never seen anything like this before. Let’s get a camera backstage to see what’s happening here as Price is leaving WCF without a World Title here.

The scene switches to the backstage area where Price is shown running with the World Title towards an exit. Many other WCF wrestlers show up to try and stop him blocking his exit. He quickly takes a left turn and notices another exit there. He runs as fast as he can and he takes it as the WCF wrestlers saw him and starts pursuing him on his way out.

The scene switches to the outside area where Price is running and he sees his limo race up toward him. He quickly opens the back door and jumps in the limo as it starts driving away but slows down as the WCF Wrestlers and now Jonny Fly has joined them as he emerges from the backstage area and now stands in front of all of them. Price emerges from the moonroof of his limo holding the World Title with one hand.

Eric Price: Hey Fly, guess what, I’m done with WCF and this World Title, this World Title is now mine, all mine! Hahaha!

Zach Davis: He’s, he’s actually leaving with the World Title and now, the ultimate sign of disrespect toward the new owner of WCF!

Eric Price flips off Jonny Fly as his limo quickly drives away from the arena and the focus switches back to Fly who looks flat out livid at this as the scene fades to black.

Zach Davis: What’s going to happen with WCF now? Jonny Fly owns WCF but WCF is now without its World Champion.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Eric Price's World Title Celebration

Steve Orbit/Roy Speede Segment

The Heroes of Wrestling vs Captain Baseball Bat Boy/Chris Ghensi

Waylon Cash Segment

The O'Clery Brothers vs The Confederate Wrestlers

Jonny Fly/Seth Lerch Segment

The Ninja/Cryboy McEmo Segment

Jaguar-F vs Morientes

Steeltoe Joe Segment

The Ninja vs Doc Henry vs Freya Kane

Morientes Segment

Skyler Striker/Jonny Fly/Corey Black Segment

Tag Team Titles Match: Southern Discomfort vs Odin Balfore/Benjamin Atreyu

Sarah Twilight/Roy Speede Segment

Kale Windsor/Michael Santiago vs Steeltoe Joe/Skyler Striker

Jonny Fly/Brad Kane Segment

Hadrian Burke Segment

Television Title Match: Blizzard vs Synn

Nathan von Liebert Segment

Hardcore Title Match: Jay Price vs Roy Speede

Jeff Purse Leaves The Arena

Torture Segment

Steve Orbit/Sarah Twilight vs Stuart Slane/John Gable

Eric Price Segment


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Eric Price
Jaguar-F vs Morientes



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Stuart Slane
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Odin Balfore/Benjamin Atreyu