Genesis Segment

Cut to backstage, where the door is closing on one of the WCF conference rooms. Roy Speede turns from the door and then walks back across the room to the table, where Sarah Twilight, Steve Orbit, and Waylon Cash are all seated. Before he can even get started, The Mack speaks up.

Steve Orbit: What’s this all about, Speede? This better be good, you gettin' on our nerves right now, for real.

Roy Speede: Hold on a minute. I was just about to speak.

Sarah chimes in from opposite Orbit.

Sarah Twilight: Well then, get on with it.

Roy Speede: Very well, then... I get it, guys. I do. You aren’t happy with me because of what happened.

Sarah Twilight: You’re damn right, we aren’t. What the fuck was that?

Steve Orbit: Genesis ain't down with Seth. What the fuck were you thinkin', helpin' him like that?!

Roy Speede: I was getting to that, Mack. Let me finish... Look, guys, I don’t know about how things were for the rest of you guys from a standpoint of Seth or Fly, but I’m confident we’re better off with Seth in charge than this guy.

Steve Orbit: Oh yeah? How's that?

Roy Speede: Guys, look at it this way; Jonny Fly is a part of Pantheon, one of the groups we came together to get rid of.

Sarah Twilight: That’s fucking bullshit! We got together to put a stop to Seth’s way of doing things!

Roy Speede: Maybe you feel that way, but from where I stand, my sole purpose for aligning myself with you guys was so that we wouldn’t have a big powerful stable calling the shots around here, and right now that’s exactly what Pantheon is able to do. Fly’s in charge, and that can only mean bad things for us.

Steve Orbit: What you mean by that?

Roy Speede: Look; with Fly in charge, what was the very first thing to happen? I was scheduled to defend my Hardcore Championship against Jay Price, a PANTHEON butt pirate.

Steve Orbit: Well, what you expect? You ain't exactly set it off on the right foot, you DID fuck Fly over at One.

Roy Speede: No, Mack, you don’t get it. With Fly in charge, we’re screwed. He’s going to be giving title shots to those who don’t challenge his authority, and that means he’s only going to be getting more powerful, and we’ll end up sitting on the sidelines waiting for a chance.

Sarah Twilight: Bullshit! We’ll be given opportunities because we earn them, like we’re supposed to anyway.

Roy Speede: And when we aren’t even put into positions where we can earn those shots? We were fighting those guys back when Fly was in jail, Sarah. We won Hellimination by beating Pantheon! That alone means we won’t be getting shit while Fly’s in charge.

Sarah Twilight: Are you fucking nuts, Speede?

Steve Orbit: The boy's lost his damn mind, Sarah.

Sarah Twilight: Roy, you listen to me. Seth continually fucked us over, and the shit he did to put Genesis down ended when Jonny Fly beat him. At the very least, we should give Fly a chance. You might be right, but you might be wrong, too. At least Fly hasn’t already done everything he could to fuck us over, Roy.

Roy Speede: Just wait and see, Sarah. I bet we’ll all end up in a deep load of shit because Fly’s in charge. At least with Seth in charge, we all got opportunities to accomplish something here.

Sarah Twilight: Really now?

Roy Speede: Yeah. Sarah, you had two shots at the World Championship with Seth in charge...

Sarah Twilight: I EARNED two opportunities at the World Championship, they weren't handed to me or given because Seth was a 'great' guy.

Roy sighs a bit as he is interrupted and nods, continuing to try and make his point, with Orbit now.

Steve Orbit: Five months and some change.

Roy Speede: Exactly. You won that belt, and from that point forward Seth booked you in title defenses because he was confident in showcasing your ability.

Steve Orbit: So what? Speede, how long have you been here, and you NEVER got a one on one shot for the World Title!

Roy Speede: Two years...

Sarah Twilight: Two years, Roy! You never once even got a shot to become the number one contender for the World Championship! I won the Classic and what did I get for it? How dense are you? Seth looked in each and every one of our faces and told us flat out that he didn't like us. How much more do you fucking need?

Roy Speede: True, but with Seth, I’ve been given numerous other chances. Look at Ultimate Showdown! Waylon, Mack, you guys got that chance because Seth knew you had the talent to make that match amazing!

Steve Orbit: Hold up, Speede. We gonna to do this as a group. Either we with Fly, or we against his ass!

Roy Speede: Well I’m sorry, guys, but I’m firmly against him. I guess if we decide as a group to remain neutral until we see what’s up, then I’m with you guys, but I stand firm on my belief that he’s going to screw us all over.

Sarah Twilight: Considering you fucking assaulted him from behind at One, I'd say the chances of that happening are pretty fucking good! Plain and simple Roy, you fucked up. We already know what Seth in charge is like and you haven't even given Fly a fucking chance.

Roy Speede: Fine, I’ll give him his chance.

Steve Orbit: So we all good then?

Sarah Twilight: Better be.

Roy Speede: Okay.

Sarah stands up and starts toward the door, and Steve gets up and does the same. Waylon stands up, and Roy holds an arm out, telling him to stay put. He shakes his head.

Roy Speede: Hold on a minute, Cash. You and me gotta talk.

Waylon Cash: You’re fucking right, we do.

Roy Speede: Whoa, whoa, calm down.

Waylon Cash: No, you're gonna listen, and you're gonna listen good.

Waylon shoves Roy against the wall, and pins his forearm across Speede’s throat.

Waylon Cash: Both of them said it, and now it’s my turn. You fucked up, Speedy. You fucked up big time, and I don’t trust you right now. One chance. You get one more fuckin' chance, and that’s it. You screw shit up again, and I’m not gonna be so nice about it. You pull this mess again, Imma rip you apart myself.

Waylon holds up a fist.

Waylon Cash: Do you understand what I’m sayin to you right now, boy?

Roy tries his best to nod.

Waylon Cash: Good. Now stay the fuck out of my way.

He releases Speede and turns to walk away, and Speede drops to his knees coughing, looking up to see Cash walk away, turning the lights out in the conference room on his way out the door.

Slam Intro

Drunk and Crazy by Mogwai hits and Slam is live! We go to Zach and Shannan.

Zach Davis: Welcome to Slam! We're one week away from Payback, and we're still trying to figure out what the hell is going on after One.

Shannan Lerch: It seems as if Eric Price is going to stay true to his word and leave with the World Title. Jonny Fly is putting together a booking committee, and he's turned my brother into... a Sethcretary. Sigh.

Zach Davis: Speaking of Fly, in tonight's main event, he teams with Pantheon member Corey Black to take on Odin Balfore and Benjamin Atreyu. To his credit, he hasn't made this a Tag Team Titles match, for whatever reason.

Shannan Lerch: Thank God.

Zach Davis: We've got a big Triple Threat as well, with Skyler Striker, Steve Orbit, and Nathan von Liebert going at it. NvL is definitely in the crosshairs there.

Shannan Lerch: Skyler Striker is aligned pretty firmly with Pantheon, and he's out to take care of Pantheon's enemies. And it seems like all of Genesis is out to take out Nathan after what he did to Frank Patrick Venable and Nova.

Zach Davis: Yeah, pretty much anyone with a conscious is after Nathan von Liebert, to be honest. That man should be in jail.

Shannan Lerch: WCFWrestling.com has had a poll between Sarah Twilight, Waylon Cash, Doc Henry, Morientes, and Freya Kane all week. The winner will be facing Synn for the Television Title here tonight!

Zach Davis: The people that don't win the poll will be fighting in an Over The Top Battle Royal, in which the winner will actually face Synn NEXT week, at Payback. Exciting times for the Television Title.

Shannan Lerch: What's with this Vengeance thing going on though? Creeping me out.

Zach Davis: John Gable is up against Blizzard tonight, which should be fantastic. We also have a big US Title match as Steeltoe Joe faces Stuart Slane... with Kale Windsor as the special guest ref.

Shannan Lerch: Windsor and Joe have been going at it lately and Joe is set to face Windsor at Payback for the People's Championship, so this is interesting to say the least.

Zach Davis: Davey Ortega, a WCF veteran, is making his return to the ring tonight! He's facing Michael Santiago.

Shannan Lerch: In Tag Team action, we've got Southern Discomfort versus The O'Clery Brothers and the Confederate Wrestlers versus Jaguar-F and G-Money. We have a six man tag match at Payback involving the Confederate teams and Doc Henry and Adam Young. Looking forward to that.

Zach Davis: And in our opener, after an altercation last week, we've got The Ninja vs Cryboy McEmo!

Shannan Lerch: McEmo has tried to kill himself before, so maybe The Ninja will finish the job. Let's see.

Eric Price Segment

The cameras open up across the street from Gravedigger’s famous night club, The Graveyard. People are lined up along the wall of the club and a couple of bouncers with clipboards stand at the door letting some people in while turning others away. The people in line suddenly turn and start talking amongst themselves when a stretch limo pulls up. The driver steps out of the limo and walks over to the back door. He opens up and steps back as WCF World champion Eric Price steps out of the limo, the belt slung over his shoulder.

Cameras flash off like crazy and despite being booed so much on TV, he gets a pretty good reaction from the people in line, because who wouldn’t want to be near one of WCF’s finest? Eric walks to the door and one of the bodyguards quickly says something into an earpiece and a couple of seconds later, the head of security, Mike D, steps outside.

Mike D: Mr. Price, Gravedigger said to be expecting you. It’s an honor to have such a distinguished guest as yourself here at The Graveyard.

Eric Price nods at Mike D.

Eric Price: Yes, I have to personally thank Gravedigger for inviting me to such an amazing and professional nightclub such as The Graveyard. It’s certainly better than any of the filth Jonny Fly probably runs.

Mike D chuckles and gestures towards the door.

Mike D: If you will follow me.

Mike D leads the way into the bustling nightclub. There’s a DJ set up on the stage area and some wild-sounding techno pumps through the speakers. People are dancing on the dance floor in front of the stage. Most of the tables are full of people chatting, drinking and eating. A few of the people turn their heads quickly as they see Mike D and a couple of members of club security escort Eric Price across the club. Eric winks and smirks at a couple of beautiful women as he crosses the club.

Mike D and Eric Price head down a hallway and Mike D knocks on a set of double doors before opening them. The room behind them is a huge suite with couches, a couple of big screens and a bar to the side. A man stands behind the bar mixing drinks while Gravedigger is seated with his two women Jessie and JJ on each side. He stands up and crosses the room, bowing at Eric Price. Eric waves him off.

Gravedigger: Well if it isn’t the legendary Eric Price. I’m glad you showed up, my friend.

Eric Price shakes Gravedigger’s extended hand.

Eric Price: Thank you for the gracious invite, Gravedigger. It’s nice to be shown the respect I deserve and the respect is of the utmost kind when it comes from such a legend in this business as yourself.

Gravedigger: You’re quite welcome. They don’t show you the respect you deserve because they’re jealous of you. They know in ten years when you’ve practically done it all like I have that they’ll not even be in WCF or possibly even the business itself…and no one will remember any of them. I see much of myself in you. The greatness. The legendary attributes that made me the legend and Hall of Famer that I’ve become. Anyway, Slam is already underway. Feel free to get whatever you need from the bar or tell the bartender what you want to eat if you’re hungry. Also, if you would like some company, just let Mike D know what you’re looking for and he’ll pull someone off the dance floor just for you.

Gravedigger claps Eric on the back and grins, nodding. Eric Price chuckles.

The Ninja vs Cryboy McEmo

Shannan Lerch: Tonight we're going to start off with a singles match between The Ninja and Cryboy McEmo.

Zach Davis: It's going to be a battle between ninjas and emos! Who will bring victory in this bout?

Shannan Lerch: Let's go on to the match.

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Sing by My Chemical Romance plays and a few girls in the crowd cheer.

Kyle Steel: From Seattle, Washington, weighing 125 lbs, CRYBOY MCEMO!!!

Cryboy McEmo steps out, looking around, wondering if tonight is the night he makes history and finally gets a victory. He heads to the ring, thinking about all of his past failures and wondering if he'll ever find someone to love him. He slides in, climbs the turnbuckle, and raises his arms in the air.

Zach Davis: How did this match even start, Shannan?

Shannan Lerch: Well, it all started last week when The Ninja challenged Cryboy to a match, telling him that he's a disgrace to the color black.

After Cryboy's theme died down, the arena lights go dark.

"Well I am ninja,
He is ninja,
She is ninja too,
I am ninja,
We are ninja,
But I believe that you are ninjaaa..."

The song becomes slow to silence. Suddenly, Walls of Innocence by Egypt Central is blasted through the arena. Suddenly, pyro is blasted on stage.

Kyle Steel: And the opponent, from Japan, weighing 201 lbs, THE NINJAAAA!!!!

The crowd cheers, but it dies down earlier. The Ninja is nowhere to be seen!

Shannan Lerch: After being on a 4-loss streak, it's no surprise that he's able to make it.

Zach Davis: Uh, Shannan? You might wanna look.

The crowd looks back at the ring, and to their surprise, The Ninja is already in the ring.

Zach Davis: And The Ninja makes a surprising entrance! Literally!

The Ninja is behind Cryboy McEmo. He taps his shoulder. Cryboy turns around and shrieks in terror.

Shannan Lerch: Well, that's one way to surprise someone.


Cryboy McEmo circles around The Ninja. However, Ninja doesn't move. Suddenly, Cryboy runs toward The Ninja from behind! But The Ninja sees this and turns around and sweeps Cryboy off his feet, tripping him and making him land hard on the mat! The Ninja taunts Cryboy to get up, who does so. He runs towards him, but Ninja moves out of the way, Cryboy running into the turnbuckle. The Ninja asks someone to toss him a microphone, in which he receives.

The Ninja: I told you! I told you that you're a disgrace to the color black!

Before Cryboy can get up, The Ninja sits on his back.

The Ninja: Since he'll take a while to get out, I'll just pick a random question!

The question pops on the titantron.

The Ninja: "If a ninja makes a sound in the forest, can you hear it?"

The Ninja gets up.

The Ninja: If a ninja does anything at all, it won't make a sound. Even if it does, it's probably the last sound you'll ever hear.

Cryboy is on fours, however The Ninja pushes his foot on his ass, making him fall down again.

The Ninja: I know you all want to see some fighting. So, I'll give it to the fans!

The crowd cheers as The Ninja drops the mic and picks up Cryboy. Then, he delivers a quick suplex. Cryboy gets up, only to receive a roundhouse kick to the face! Cryboy quickly crawls away and manages to stand with the help of the turnbuckle. The Ninja taunts Cryboy to bring it on, but only receives whimpers. The Ninja runs towards Cryboy and delivers a dropkick! The Ninja gives Cryboy time to recover himself. Cryboy gets off and tries to deliver a running clothesline, which The Ninja counters with an arm drag. Cryboy quickly gets up and goes at it again, but The Ninja delivers another arm drag! Cryboy gets up and looks at The Ninja. Quickly, The Ninja tries to punch him, but to everyone's surprise, Cryboy delivers an arm drag! The Ninja goes at it again, only to have a clothesline connected to his chin! Cryboy smiles in happiness, as he thinks that he would finally win a match! With The Ninja still clutching his jaw and down, Cryboy climbs up the top rope turnbuckle. Making his leap of faith, he executes a perfect shooting star splash. Unfortunately, The Ninja drops the act and rolls out of the way, leaving Cryboy to hit the ground hard. The Ninja gets up, grinning devilishly. He goes behind him and waits for him to get up. After 15 seconds, Cryboy manages to get up. The Ninja runs and delivers a bulldog! The Ninja makes the pin!


Cryboy kicks out! The Ninja gets on the top rope. After Cryboy manages to stand up, The Ninja jumps and delivers a punch, knocking Cryboy down again.

Zach Davis: FIST OF FURY!!!

Cryboy is unconscious as The Ninja goes for the cover.



Kyle Steel: Here's your winner, THE NINJA!!!

"Walls of Innocence" blasts through the arena as The Ninja gets up and dusts himself off.

Shannan Lerch: The Ninja finally breaks his losing streak!

Suddenly, "Ice, Ice Baby" blasts through the arena. Coming out is Skittlez, with a microphone in his hand. He walks down to the ring and gets inside. The Ninja picks up the microphone off the floor.

The Ninja: And what brings you here, Skittlez?

Skittlez: I heard there's a bounty on your head in this hizzay! And it's mine!

The Ninja looks at the referee.

The Ninja: Ring the bell! This is gonna be good.


The Ninja: And what makes you think you can defeat me?

Skittlez: All I have to do, is this!

Skittlez points his free fingers like a pistol and places the "pistol" against his opponent's head.

Skittlez: BOOM!

He "pulls the trigger." However, The Ninja just simply stares. Using the microphone, he punches him down with the mic still in his hand. He proceeds to stuff the mic down his throat, which makes Skittlez tap out.


Zach Davis: That escalated quickly.

Shannan Lerch: I'm pretty sure that counted as a submission move.

Suddenly, "Breaking the Law" blasts through the arena. As the song hits, Fart Knocker and the Amazing Dillweed walk onto the stage playing airguitar and hitting on all the hot babes with huge tits, getting slaps in the face for their efforts. They climb clumsily into the ring and headbang to the music. The Ninja simply looks at the crowd, then grabs both their heads and knocks them into each other, leaving them unconscious.

Shannan Lerch: That was my favourite attempt for the bounty.

Suddenly, "Murder Train" blasts through the arena. Hardcore McMurderkill comes out with a pipe bong and a microphone. Entering the ring, he speaks to The Ninja.

Hardcore McMurderkill: The only way to get that bounty is through violence! Ring the bell!


McMurderkill grins and smashes the bong over The Ninja. Expecting him to fall unconscious, however, his grin turns into a look of sheer horror as The Ninja doesn't move, enraged. Slowly, The Ninja puts the mic to his lips.

The Ninja: You shouldn't have done that.

Hardcore McMurderkill screams and tries to run. Unfortunately, The Ninja trips him over. McMurderkill tries to crawl out of the ring, but The Ninja has him in an ankle lock. McMurderkill taps out, but The Ninja doesn't let go.


The Ninja stills places the hold.


Zach Davis: That ultraviolent hit must've angered The Ninja like a zoo animal!

Suddenly, "Kung Fu Fighting" blasts through the arena. Yoo Dun Fukt Uhp comes out with a mic in his hand.

Zach Davis: I think The Ninja is stealing Corey Black's job as Jobberkiller.

Uhp enters the ring as The Ninja lets go off McMurderkill.

The Ninja: Let me guess? The bounty?

Yoo Dun Fukt Uhp: And you're Kung-Fu isn't real Kung-Fu! I'll show you what real fighting is!

The Ninja: This has gotta be good. Ring the bell, ref!


Both martial artists drop their mics and enter a battle stance. Uhp delivers a kick to The Ninja.

Zach Davis: He's about to deliver Repulse The Monkey!

But before that can be done, The Ninja shocks the crowd by elbowing his knee hard. Uhp cries out in pain and The Ninja delivers a Dragon Screw. He gets up and prompts Uhp to get up as well. Uhp struggles, but manages to get up, before getting hit in the face with a shuffle kick. The Ninja goes for the pin.



The Ninja gets up and takes the mic.

The Ninja: Well, my martial arts kicked your monkey ass.

Suddenly, "Douchebag" blasts through the arena.

Shannan Lerch: You're kidding me, right?

It's Mike the Jersey Douche! He's strutting down the ramp and entering the ring. He fist pumps to the crowd, but they only give jeers, telling The Ninja to kick his ass. Mike shrugs this off and starts to pose in the ring. Just when he faces The Ninja, he gets a nosebreaking punch to well...the nose. He's out cold with blood dripping down from his nose and teeth separated from his gums, much to the crowd's delight.

The Ninja: Anyone else?

Suddenly, the theme from Jackass will begin playing as Jack "The Jackass" Carnie is pushed through the curtain in a shopping cart. He is standing up in the cart as it rolls full speed down the ramp. When it crashes into the side of the ring, he is propelled violently through the ropes and slide across the ring. He then stands up, brush himself off and wave to the crowd.

The Ninja: Another challenger? Ring the bell, then.


Jackass goes out of the ring and comes back in with a steel chair. He bashes himself in the head with a chair in an attempt to get The Ninja disqualified. As usual, the referee doesn't buy it. As he kept hitting himself with the chair, The Ninja jump back kicks the chair into Jackass' face. Jackass manages to get back to his feet, but vomits all overThe Ninja. Not only his boots, but all over him. The Ninja is filled with a mix of disgust and rage.


Just before Jackass could run away, The Ninja grabs him by his shirt and drags him down to the ground. He then proceeds to violent stomp on him until he's knocked out. He puts his foot on his chest for the pin.



Zach Davis: Well, since these are all unsanctioned matches, the only win that counts is the one against Cryboy McEmo, right?

Suddenly, Aloysius Dietrich comes out walks down to the ring with a mic in his hand, proudly saluting the Fuhrer as "Die Wacht am Rhein" plays through the speakers. The crowd boos.

Shannan Lerch: He's dead. That's the Nazi Babyeater, Aloysius Dietrich!

The Ninja: This bounty hunter is a Nazi Babyeater, this time?

Aloysius Dietrich: Vat I am not alone. Vehold!

"Sonne" hits the PA system, Johan von Richter walks out from the back, a gas mask covering his face to protect him from the "stench of the American swine". He slowly walks to the ring, keeping his focus on the ring ahead and not on the inferior masses that are booing him. Once he reaches the ringside area he pulls himself up onto the apron and steps into the ring. He then raises both of his arms above his head, screaming out in German from behind the mask before he finally pulls it off and then faces The Ninja.

Johan von Richter: Ve vill crush you, you American swine!

Aloysius Dietrich: FOR THE FUHRER!!!

The crowd boos very heavily as The Ninja looks at the audience.

The Ninja: Ring the bel, ref.


The Ninja: First of all, I'm Japanese, you dumb fucks. I can't believe that my country allied with German scum like you. And second, the Fuhrer can suck my d...

Short silent pause.

The Ninja:...ICK!!!

The crowd bursts into cheers. Clearly enraged, Richter lunges at The Ninja. Luckily, The Ninja counters with a hurracanrana, throwing on the announce table, which break. Dietrich tries to clothesline The Ninja, but The Ninja ducks and delivers a kick to the back of the head. Dietrich only stumbles. He turns around, only to have his face connected with a backhand chop. Dietrich falls flat to the ground. Just as The Ninja was about to pin him, he noticed Richter getting up. He runs back, rebounding on the ropes. Then he runs towards the ropes, jumps on the top rope, leaps off and delivers a moonsault to Richter. The crowd chants "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" several times as The Ninja stumbles back up. He climbs up the canvas and goes on the turnbuckle. Just as Dietrich gets back up, The Ninja jumps off and delivers a superkick to the back of his head.

Zach Davis: SHADOW KICK!!!

The Ninja quickly goes for the pin.



The Ninja stands up.

Zach Davis: This has got to be over! The announce table just broke!

"Fuck The World" is blasted through the speakers. Juggalo Joe comes out with bottles of Faygo.

Shannan Lerch: Think again, Zach.

Joe sprays the Faygo all over the crowd, much to the crowd's frustration and chagrin. He throws the bottles in the crowd, hitting one of the members. This causes raining boos. He slides into the ring and takes off his hoodie, revealing his clown face paint and Juggalo t-shirt, which makes the crow boo even more. The crowd begins to chant "ICP SUCKS! ICP SUCKS!" as he picks up a mic.

Juggalo Joe: Yeah!!! The Juggalos will show you how we do it in Detroit!

The Ninja snatches the mic from his hand.

The Ninja: Do what? Kidnap children! Because I know that ICP stands for Incestual Child Pornography!

The crowd laughs as Juggalo Joe is visibly angry.

The Ninja: You know what? Ring the bell! I would like to stuff those bottles of Faygo up his ass.


The Ninja drops the mic as Joe runs for a clothesline. However, The Ninja counters with a Judo flip. Joe gets back up and throws The Ninja with an Irish whip. The Ninja rebounds and counters with a jawbreaker. Joe clutches his jaw and clotheslines The Ninja down. Joe picks him up and puts him between his legs.

Zach Davis: Here comes the Faygo Driver!

Luckily as he lifts him up, The Ninja counters with a hurracanrana. As Joe gets up, The Ninja delivers a PK Combo.

Shannan Lerch: NINJA KNOCKOUT!!!

The Ninja goes for the cover.



The Ninja gets up and picks up the mic.

The Ninja: I am so sick of this stupid bounty placed on my fucking head! Whoever started this, come out and show yourself so that I can kill you like I did with these other jobbers!

Shannan Lerch: He's so tired that's he become really pissed at this last minute bounty.

Zach Davis: I don't think he'll be doing Ask A Ninja for a while.

To everyone's surprise, "White Trash Renegade" blasts through the arena.

Shannan Lerch: WAYLON CASH?!


To everyone's relief, it's Yuo. Unfortunately, The Ninja is still mad.

The Ninja: You're the guy who dresses up like a faggot and gives Cash a bad name.

Yuo: That's right. And I'm going to make a statement tonight.

Yuo walks down the ramp and into the ring.

Yuo: I'm a hardcore anime redneck dat will hit you wit da Killshot! Then, I'll become a better World champion than he ever will be! I'll become a better Waylon Cash than he is now!

The crowd boos and laughs at that faux statement.

The Ninja: Well, the real Waylon doesn't wear queer clothing and is much more badass than you'll ever be.

The crowd murmurs in agreement.

Yuo: Shut up! The reason that I want to eliminate you is because you are a disgrace to all the Japanese people of the world!

The crowd begins to boo. The Ninja just stares blankly at him, anger fading.

Yuo: Eliminating you would increase my chances of winning a title shot for World champion! So I needed to make a good reputation by being innocent from anyway to destroy you. I made the bounty to keep myself in the clear.

Zach Davis: That obviously failed.

Yuo: But you ruined my plan! You pathetic excuse for a ninja! I decide to kill you once and for all!

The Ninja chuckles.

The Ninja: Ring the bell one more time, ref.


Yuo: No more Mr. Nice Redneck! FUCKBOY TIME!!!

Yuo drops the mic and charges at him, yelling like Tarzan. However, this is short lived as The Ninja unexpectedly delivers a jumping big boot. Ninja puts down the mic and drags Yuo to the top rope. Being in a piledriver position, The Ninja jumps off the turnbuckle and Yuo's skull hits the mat hard.

Zach Davis: That must be a new move to knock out his opponents.

The Ninja gets up and slowly picks up the mic. He walks back to the unconscious Yuo and puts his foot on his chest for the pin.



The Ninja: I'm sorry that you had to learn the Shinobi's Way. On second thought, I'm not sorry at all. You're the real disgrace to Japan, betraying and insulting our culture with others. You're not worthy to become World champion. You're just a big loser like these guys.

He points all the fallen jobbers.

The Ninja: Now, cross me again, and I'll look forward to killing you again real soon, you anime freak.

He drops the mic and walks back to backstage while "Walls of Innocence" blasts through the speakers. The crowd gives him a standing ovation as he passes them.

Zach Davis: He just faced 11 jobbers in one night. This guy is the new Jobberkiller!

Shannan Lerch: True, but he only won one official match. The rest were just unsanctioned.

Zach Davis: Yeah. We might need a new announce table.

The Ninja reaches the stage. He looks at the fallen jobbers, then at the crowd. He smiles behind the mask and raises his arm up in victory, leaving the crowd to roar some more as he finally leaves to the backstage area.

Morientes Segment

The camera opens as WCF wrestler Morientes is walking towards the locker room in the PNC Arena, ready to warm up for the big match tonight. The entire walkway is filled with backstage technicians and audio personnel who are rushing about, trying to fix any last-minute issues that have popped up since the show has started.

Having donned a pair of earphones and his mind occupied on the huge match that was coming up, the Spaniard failed to notice an ominous figure following him from some way. The distance closed gradually as Morientes turned to a corner to a more deserted part of the arena.

And just as he was about to turn into the locker room...

Morientes: Argghh!

Morientes yelled out in agony as a ring bell was chucked full force at the back of his left knee, causing him to drop to one knee in pain. Turning around, he spotted a masked figure in white sprinting towards him. No doubt he or she was the one who threw the weapon at him.

Before he could regain his footing and retaliate, the masked assailant brought Morientes down to both knees with a well-aimed kick to the other leg. He/she then dropped the Spaniard with another shot with the ring bell to the back of his head.

As Morientes slid to the ground woozily, the masked figure stood over him, and spoke in a muffled unidentifiable voice.

Masked Assailant: El Nino from Madrid eh? You're messing with the wrong cowboy here, hombre. I've seen you fight..... and you don't deserve this opportunity at all, Mr."Submission Expert". Not one bit pretty boy.

The attacker threw the ring bell on top of the semi-conscious Morientes, before kicking him once more in the left leg, hoping to inflict as much pain as possible.

Masked Assailant: Ha. Good luck out there, Po.

The scene closes as the masked assailant walked away, leaving Morientes to clutch his leg in pain, trying to massage as much life as possible into it before the match.

Television Title Contendership Battle Royal
Sarah Twilight vs Waylon Cash vs Doc Henry vs Morientes vs Freya Kane

Kyle Steel: The following match will be an Over The Top Battle Royal, with the winner facing Synn next week at Payback. Four of the five following wrestlers may participate: Sarah Twilight, Waylon Cash, Doc Henry, Morientes, and Freya Kane.

Pop from the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Out of those five, one will fight Synn later tonight for the Television Title!, that person having been decided by you, the fans, on a poll on wcfwrestling.com. Without further adieu, introducing your first participant in this battle royal...

Dr. Feelgood hits the speakers and as the main riff blasts through the arena, Doc, and Mary emerge on the stage, the Confederate Title around his waist. Looking around, he raises a fist in the air, the crowd cheering wildly as he then leads the way to the ring. Climbing up the steps, he holds the Ropes for Mary, who slinks lithely through. Doc steps trough the rooes and grins proudly as he pops the crowd drawing more cheers as Mary takes the belt.

Kyle Steel: Here is Doc Henry! And next....

The clashing of two swords will fill the arena for a couple of seconds as the lights dim, before the sound of a shotgun goes off. "Back For More" by Five Finger Death Punch will then start to play as Morientes comes out from the back. Posing for the crowd for a few moments, the lights will come back on when the first verse of the song is belted, and he will make his way to the ring, nodding at cheering fans or staring dismissively at those who heckle him on the way there.

Zach Davis: Here is Morientes! He was attacked earlier tonight, so he's not at 100%.

Shannan Lerch: Wonder who the hell that was?

Morientes slides into the ring and raise his arms into the air for fan reaction. He will then shed his leather jacket in the middle of the ring, and throw it to the crowd. Next, he will climb up the upper left turnbuckle to gesture to the crowd. After that, Morientes jumps back to the mat and starts stretching, awaiting the referee to start the match.

Kyle Steel: From Madrid, Spain, weighing in at two hundred and twenty two pounds, The Bull... Morientes! And your next opponent in this battle royal, HE IS THE HELLBILLY....

The opening trumpet riff of "White Trash Renegade blares over the PA systems as red and orange strobe lights flash. Suddenly the strobes stop, and Waylon Cash comes running out onto the entrance ramp. He runs back and forth, illiciting cheers from the crowd on either side before dancing his way towards the ring, Roxxanne Savage following behind him. Sliding under the bottom rope, Waylon helps his manager in, before running and jumping onto the second turnbuckle. He raises his fist hig in the air, soaking up the cheering of the fans.

Kyle Steel: Waylon Cash!

Zach Davis: Well we're down to Freya Kane and Sarah Twilight!

Shannan Lerch: I think having both Waylon Cash and Sarah Twilight from Genesis on the poll may have split the fans votes, as far as Cash is concerned. Either way, who's going to get the shot tonight? I hope not Freya, I can only imagine this fed with two Kanes with belts.

Kyle Steel: Your final opponent for tonight... FREYA KANE!

Big pop!

Zach Davis: And there you have it! Sarah Twilight versus Synn later tonight!

The opening of "All I Want" by A Day To Remember begins as the crowd gets on their feet and the lights dim down. The vocals of Jeremy McKinnon begin to fill the arena as strobe lights begin to flash off and on making for an awesome effect. When the chorus comes on pyro explodes from the stage as sparks begins to rain down from the top of the tron screen as out steps Freya Kane on a single knee. She looks out at the crowd before popping up to her feet letting out a loud primal war scream. Freya begins her trek to the ring as people are cheering for her. She takes a walk around ringside before sliding into the ring. Once in she heads to the closest turnbuckle and goes to the top rope before throwing her arms out into the air as the lights come back to normal. She hops down and backs into said corner ready for her match to get underway.

Shannan Lerch: Here we go!

The bell sounds. Waylon Cash and Morientes immediately meet in the center of the ring, trading blows back and forth!

Zach Davis: We can see the attitude of Waylon Cash changing right before our eyes here, with his new alliance with Scott Savage.

Shannan Lerch: Savage is really making his presence known amongst the WCF lately. It had been possible that we saw Twilight and Cash both competing against one another, and I wonder how that would've turned out.

Morientes gets the upper hand and throws Cash to the ropes. As Cash comes back, however, he hits Morientes with a Flying Forearm, taking him down. Both men are to their feet and Cash then takes him down with a Sitout Neckbreaker. Doc Henry hits Cash with a few shots to the back, but Waylon shrugs them off, turns around and kicks Henry in the gut. He then hits Henry with a Snap DDT!

Zach Davis: Waylon Cash is on fire! Not literally, though I hear rumor that may be a Scott Savage training exercise.

Cash turns and is face to face with Freya Kane. Cash grins, slightly cocky, but Kane isn't intimidated. She ducks a swing by Waylon Cash, then hits him with a Shining Enziguri!

Shannan Lerch: OOF!

Waylon's eyes glaze over and Freya grabs him, throwing him over the top rope!

Zach Davis: There goes Waylon Cash!

No!, Waylon lands on the apron. Freya runs at him to knock him off, but he hits her with a forearm to the head. He then Springboards, but Freya uses his momentum to catch him and hit an Exploder Suplex!

Shannan Lerch: DAMN!

Zach Davis: Waylon got out of danger, but damn if that didn't look painful!

Morientes is up. He grabs Freya from behind (not like that, perverts) and goes to throw her over the top. She stops him, however, and elbows him in the head. She turns and hits him with a few Palm Strikes, sending him reeling. She then catches him, going for a DDT. But Morientes grabs her and reverses it into a Northern Lights Suplex!

Shannan Lerch: Great reversal!

Morientes stands up and is met with a Diving Spear from Doc Henry!

Zach Davis: DAMN!

Shannan Lerch: Confederate Rocket!

Henry quickly picks Morientes up and goes to throw him over the top, but Morientes stops himself in his tracks, fighting back. Henry backs off and pokes Morientes in the eye.

Zach Davis: Oh come on.

Henry throws Morientes over the top!, but just like Cash earlier, Morientes lands on the apron. Henry grabs him, attempting to push him off, untl Freya comes over. Freya grabs Henry and tries to throw him over too!

Shannan Lerch: What a situation we have here! Freya could eliminate half the competitors in the match at once.

Until Waylon Cash comes over and grabs Freya!

Zach Davis: Or maybe Waylon is going to eliminate everybody!

Waylon throws Freya over but she lands on the apron too.

Shannan Lerch: Lots of apron-landing, everyone wants to win this one!

Zach Davis: Battle royals in this company usually last less than five minutes, so this is shaping up to be one of the best in history, at this rate.

Freya Springboards over and hits a Dropkick on both Cash and Henry!, sending them reeling. Morientes climbs back into the ring too. Cash and Henry get to their feet. Cash runs at Morientes and Kane, and takes them both down with a big Double Clothesline. He then turns to Henry, catching him off guard, and throws him to the ropes. He catches Henry with a Snap Powerslam.

Shannan Lerch: Great move from Waylon. Henry stumbles up..

Waylon throws Henry to the ropes and to the outside!

Zach Davis: There goes the Confederate Champion! Come to think of it, I wonder why Waylon never went for THAT belt.

Waylon turns and is immediately met with a huge Lariat from Freya!, taking him down!

Shannan Lerch: What a great Lariat from Freya!, whooooo girl power!

Zach Davis: Sigh.

Freya grabs Cash by the neck, taking him up..

Shannan Lerch: She's going for the Red Bull Killer Elbow!

Freya goes for the elbow, but Cash sidesteps it and throws her over the top!

Zach Davis: WHOA!

Shannan Lerch: Cash eliminated Freya Kane out of nowhere!

Waylon Cash turns around to face Morientes, who runs at him and hits a Leg Lariat, also out of nowhere!

Zach Davis: BULLWHIP!

Cash stumbles backwards and over the top rope!

Shannan Lerch: WHOA!


The crowd pops for the WCF newcomer!

Shannan Lerch: What an upset! There you have it!

Morientes can barely believe it himself as his music begins to play. The ref raises his arm in the air.

Zach Davis: Morientes will face either Synn or Sarah Twilight next week at Payback, depending on how the match later tonight goes. Crazy.

Outside the ring, Waylon is pissed. He grabs the ring steps and throws them angrily, just venting his frustrations.

Shannan Lerch: I can only imagine where Waylon Cash goes from here... time will tell, I suppose. Time will tell.

The Confederate Wrestlers vs Jaguar-F/G-Money

"Man of constant sorrow" by Charm City Devils starts playing as a Rebel Flag flies on the jumbotron and Confederate Wrestlers blasts threw the flag in red. Out walks Seppuku, and Elvis Lee.Seppuku and Elvis are dressed to wrestle. Seppuku and Elvis climb into the ring ready to do battle.

Zach Davis: Another great tag team match here tonight.

The arena lights dim and the entrance area is lit with a red glow. Run With The Wolves by The Prodigy hits the speakers as Jaguar-F appears on the ramp. He looks around the arena with smug arrogance and a devious smile on his lips. He slowly walks down the ramp, up the steps and into the ring. He turns around slowly, allowing everyone to take in the greatness that he feels he is, before climbing the turnbuckly on the front-left of the camera, looking up quickly, he raises his right fist in the air as three consecutive fireballs launch from each of the other three turnbuckles.

Shannan Lerch: Jaguar-F will be teaming with this man..

“GET YO ASS UP!!!” blares over the speakers before Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle” booms throughout the area, G-Money slowly makes his way to the entrance way after slowly emerging he pauses on at the top of the aisle and scans the arena from side to side, with a smirk on his face G swaggers to the ring.

Shannan Lerch: I'm sorry, Zach, I just love how he swaggers to the ring.

Zach Davis: He's mighty-mighty?

Shannan Lerch: ... Zach, get with the god damn times.

Zach Davis: Sorry.

The ref rings for the bell as Jaguar-F and Elvis start the match. The crowd boos.

Zach Davis: Both teams aren't exactly the fan favorites here.

Elvis Lee hits a head-takedown and puts Jaguar in a sleeper hold. Jag gets to his feet and brushes Elvis off to the ropes, Elvis returns with a shoulder tackle. Jag flips to his stomach and Elvis hits the ropes but when he returns Jag hits a hip toss. Jag then runs to the ropes as Lee ducks a clothesline, Jag bounces off the ropes again and Elvis hits a dropkick to the knee! Lee front-flips forward and lands on his butt. He holds his arse and gets to his feet and turns around and Jag hits a small spinebuster and goes for the Texas Clover-Leaf but Elvis gets out of it and kicks Jag off of him. Lee tags in his partner Seppuku. The crowd boos.

Shannan Lerch: I'm not going to lie, I have no idea who the crowd is booing.

Jag locks up with Seppuku. Jag gets tossed to the corner where Seppuku hits a flurry of kicks and punches and then goes for his finisher but that's when G-Money steps into the ring and then he begins to battle with Elvis Lee and Jag and Seppuku are just going back and forth! The ref is trying to get the extra men out of the ring!

Crowd boos.

Zach Davis: This crowd is just on it's feet booing both teams here!

Shannan Lerch: All four men don't care about the WCF crowd!

The ref gets the extra men out of the ring when Lee and G-Money tackle each other to the apron to the outside! Jaguar turns around when Seppuku gets up....

The lights go out and the crowd begins to buzz. A spotlight hits the stage where a man with a long ponytail and a cheap suit has a microphone. Next to him is a big black box covered with a big black sheet.

Ponytail Man: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! I bring to you the biggest, most amazing spectacle known to man this side of the big blue ocean!

Zach Davis: Uh who the hell is this?

Shannan Lerch: No idea, Zach.

Ponytail Man: My name is Marvin Jefferies and I'm representing your new WCF wrestler! This wrestler will do things that will impress you, NO! He will impress you! Are you ready to meet... DINO BOMB!!

Zach Davis: Who?! This match isn't even over yet!

Marvin picks up a whip at his feet and whips the box. Fireworks explode from behind the box as Dino Bomb steps out to the crowds cheer. Dino stands at six foot one and three hundred pounds. He stands out of the box and stretches before looking to his left at Marvin.

Marvin Jefferies: DINO...... ATTACK!!!!

More pyro blasts off behind Marvin as Dino Bomb walks down the ramp and is met by Elvis Lee who is just getting up. Dino hits him with the stiffest clothesline we've seen in wrestling. Dino looks down at Elvis and then turns his head towards Jaguar who is getting up in the ring. Dino vertically leaps to the apron and then bends through the ropes and runs full sprint and spears Jaguar! Seppuku gets into the ring and leap frogs off the ropes but Dino Bomb catches him in the powerbomb position and then slams him down on his back. Seppuku is out. Dino doesn't let go from the powerbomb but instead picks him up one more time and slams him down onto Jaguar.

The crowd cheers as Dino turns around and G-Money stumbles to his feet.

Zach Davis: Who the hell is this and what the hell is he doing to these men!? The ref is indicating that the match has been thrown out, Dino Bomb just ruined it!

Shannan Lerch: Dino Bomb is just destroying these guys!

Dino kicks G-Money in the gut bending him forward. Dino puts him in a suplex position and then picks him straight up as if he was going for a suplex but then Dino leaps in the air and sits out and G-Money comes crashing straight down on Dino's shoulder!

Zach Davis: What the hell was that?!

Shannan Lerch: G-Money is done! Was that a brain-buster or something!?

Dino did indeed hit a brainbuster but it was a sitout modified version of it. Dino then gets up and looks out at the crowd cheering and chanting for him to keep going. Finally, Elvis gets into the ring who was clotheslined to begin with and is now picked up by Dino over his head and then thrown out of the ring onto the announce table! The table doesn't break which even adds more insult to injury to Elvis!

Marvin Jefferies: DINO! LISTEN TO ME! DINO!

Dino stops dead in his tracks. Marvin slaps his whip down to the stage in an angry manner.

Marvin Jefferies: GET BACK HERE NOW!

Dino walks out of the ring and walks back up the ramp to the crowd cheering. Dino gets to Marvin and the box.

Marvin Jefferies: Back where you belong, Dino. C'mon now!

Dino gets back in the box.

Marvin Jefferies: Goodnight everybody!

Marvin pushes the box behind the curtain as the WCF crowd cheers as officials check on the condition of all four men in the ring and outside of it who are worse for wear.

Zach Davis: I'm still shocked, who the hell was that monster?!

Shannan Lerch: Dino Bomb and his circus freak ringmaster Marvin or whatever.

Zach Davis: .. I'm... oh... okay, I guess we're moving on..

Jonny Fly/Skyler Striker Segment

Our scene begins in Jonny Fly’s office. Fly has his legs propped up on his desk and is talking on the telephone.

Jonny Fly: God dammit Seth, I don’t give a shit. Do what you’re told, Flyjobber. Also, bring me in some hot fries. I can’t work without their somewhat spicy deliciousness.

Words are said on the other line, but Fly is barely listening. He just rolls his eyes before a knock on the door interrupts him. He hangs up the phone, not even bothering to say goodbye.

Jonny Fly: Come in.

The door opens and Skyler Striker enters. Striker closes the door behind him and takes a seat across from Fly. Fly removes his feet from the desk and sits upright.

Jonny Fly: Skyler Striker. Thanks for coming by. Impressive work again last week. Pinning the People’s Champion, good stuff.

Skyler Striker: Thanks.

Jonny Fly: Though, I know that doesn’t really satisfy you. You came back for much more than random tag matches. Now, I know we had some discussions last week about your contract and you taking on some matches against some of Pantheon’s ‘haters.’

Skyler Striker: That’s right.

Jonny Fly: I realized after you left last week, that you deserve better than that.

Fly reaches into his desk and pulls out a folder. He slides it over to Striker.

Jonny Fly: That’s your contract. It’s all yours. Good salary, too.

Striker raises his eyebrows and opens the folder, quickly inspecting its contents.

Skyler Striker: No catch?

Jonny Fly: Why should there be? You don’t need to prove yourself to me or anyone else in Pantheon. I hear you talk about your past with jest, and that’s inspiring. You’re not sitting back and living off the things you did years ago, you’re out there telling people you’re better than that person…and proving it. You deserve that contract as much as anyone else here.

Striker nods, still inspecting the documents.

Skyler Striker: Okay. Can I have a pen?

Fly tosses Striker and pen which he uses to sign the paperwork. He slides the folder back to Fly.

Skyler Striker: So, what now?

Jonny Fly: I’ve made a lot of enemies in WCF. Nobody in this business likes to lose, and I’ve beaten a lot of people. Most of these individuals will never accept my ownership, you saw that at One. I have enough enemies, what I could use is an ally.

Skyler Striker: You want me as an ally?

Jonny Fly: That’s your call. I’m going to continue with our deal last week and continue booking you against Pantheon’s enemies. Again, you don’t owe me anything. Whether you’re pro-Pantheon or anti-Pantheon, your contract is firm.

Skyler Striker: Who am I facing next week?

Jonny Fly: “Scoutmaster” Stuart Slane. The paranoid Boy Scout who thinks I’m personally out to destroy him. As if I don’t have bigger things on my plate. That’s why you get Slane. It should be a good match.

Striker nods his head and rises from his seat. He extends his hand across the desk. Fly rises and grasps his hand.

Skyler Striker: Consider “Scoutmaster” taken care of.

Fly smiles.

Jonny Fly: Very good. Glad to have you in WCF Skyler, officially.

Striker nods and breaks the handshake. He turns and leaves the office and the scene comes to a close.

Southern Discomfort vs The O'Clery Brothers

“Kick it in the Sticks” by Brantley Gilbert plays over the PA.

The Lights cut out inside the arena as a the jumbo-tron lights up with a rebel flag, then all of a sudden the sounds of Kick it in the Sticks start to resonate through out the arena

Welcome to the home of a hillbilly
Yeah baby
It’s a land of barbed wire, moonshine, whiskey
Park your car before you get it stuck
Go on grab you a beer
And get on up in the truck
It’s going down tonight
It’s all on me
It’s BYOB, and I got all we need
Yeah boy I’m bout to show me a city slicker
How to kick it in the sticks with the critters down on

All of a sudden Red Pyro shoots from the stage as John Thomas and Justin Turner walk onto the stage both of their women by their sides.

Our side of a barbed wire
Money grows in rows
And if it don’t you’ve gone broke
So we
We hang out by the bon fire
Just some good ole boys having a dang good time
We crank it up down here
We get loud down here
Throwin down in the dirty dirty south down here
Be an all nighter with the hippies and the hicks
Jocks and bikers they all came to kick it in the sticks

Justin slides into the ring as John climbs the steps and into the ring.

Zach Davis: Here comes Southern Discomfort, ready to step in the ring against the O'Clery Brothers.

Shannan Lerch: Two of WCF's newer teams looking to make a name for themselves. The tag team division has seen somewhat of a resurgence as of late with teams popping up left and right.

"Enemies" by Shinedown plays over the PA as Kayla leads the O'Clery Brothers to the ring.

Zach Davis: And of course the O'Clery Brothers, the newer of these two teams. They won their debut last week, and another win tonight could put them into consideration for a shot at the Tag Titles.

Shannan Lerch: Can they get past Southern Discomfort? We'll find out right now!


John Thomas and Rory O'Clery start things off. The two men circle each other for a moment before they tie-up-- Thomas goes behind Rory with a hammerlock, which Rory quickly reverses and drops Thomas with an armdrag takedown. Thomas is quick to his feet, but Rory catches him with a dropkick right under the chin.

Shannan Lerch: John Thomas is much bigger than Rory, but Rory is definitely the quicker of the two.

The dropkick sends Thomas reeling, and Rory takes the opportunity to go through the ropes onto the apron--

Zach Davis: Rory O'Clery slingshots in with a sunset flip! He's trying to end this one early!



Shannan Lerch: No, John Thomas powers out at two! Rory really caught him off guard there.

Rory goes to pull up Thomas, but he's shoved off and Thomas connects with a strong punch to the head, knocking Rory to the mat. Rory goes to get back up but John Thomas stays on him, putting him in a headlock and connecting with knee thrusts to the gut.

Zach Davis: Thomas lifting Rory to a vertical position and... drops him in a brainbuster!

Thomas drags Rory to his corner and tags in Justin Turner.

Shannan Lerch: Thomas holding Rory, allowing Turner to get a few kicks in before he exits.

Rory is doubled over, trying to catch his breathe... Turner takes a few steps back and--

Zach Davis: Justin Turner with a superkick and Rory hits the mat hard!

Turner follows up with a double foot stomp, and then a quick cover...



Zach Davis: Rory O'Clery gets the shoulder up!

Justin Turner stays on Rory with a series of elbow drops. Turner quickly hops on the ropes and springboards off with a somersault legdrop--

Shannan Lerch: Ohhh, Rory moved at the last second! Barely missed him!

Zach Davis: Turner is feeling that for sure, on the mat holding his leg.

Rory crawls over to Reece and makes the tag.

Shannan Lerch: Here comes the bigger O'Clery.

Turner attacks Reece as he climbs through the ropes, clubbing his back. Reece begins to fight back, throwing right hands, and the two men exchange a few blows. Turner goes to whip Reece to the ropes, but it's reversed-- Turner leapfrogs on the return, and catches Reece with a dropkick off the opposite ropes.

Zach Davis: The High Flying Freak is going to try to keep the fast pace going.

Turner grabs Reece's leg and drops him with a single-leg takedown-- Reece counters with a kick to the head with his free leg, sending Turner stumbling back. Reece quickly gets to his feet and plants Turner with a running clothesline. He follows with a fistdrop and a quick cover--


Shannan Lerch: Justin Turner kicks out before two.

Reece pulls up Turner and hits a couple jabs, followed by a big European uppercut. Reece grabs Turner and brings him to the corner, smashing his head into the turnbuckle repeatedly.

Zach Davis: Turner looks dazed-- Reece has taken control of the High Flying Freak.

Reece continues with the forearm smashes in the corner. He whips Turner to the opposite corner, and charges ahead with a corner splash--

Shannan Lerch: Turner dives out of the way and tags the Hardcore Redneck, John Thomas!

Zach Davis: Reece O'Clery splashed the turnbuckles hard-- Thomas is taking full advantage of his mis-judgement, stomping away at Reece in the corner.

Thomas beats Reece down in the corner until Reece is in a sitting position-- he follows with a boot choke, holding it until the ref counts to three, not risking disqualification. Reece tries to power his way out of the corner but Thomas continues with well-placed kicks and punches, keeping his own distance.

Shannan Lerch: Reece is a big boy, but he's taking a big beating right now.

Finally, Thomas pulls Reece out of the corner and quickly goes behind him, wrapping his arms around for a German suplex-- he bridges for the pin.



Shannan Lerch: NO, Reece rolls out of it at two!

With Reece on the mat, Thomas walks around for a moment, seemingly trying to figure out what to do next. He stomps Reece a few times, making sure he stays on the mat, and finally he grabs both of Reece's legs and begins to set up a hold.

Zach Davis: Looks like Thomas is going for that modified Texas cloverleaf-- he calls it Welcome to the Sticks.

Shannan Lerch: He's-- yes, he's got it locked in! We could see Reece O'Clery tap out right now, that hold is extremely painful.

The ref checks on Reece. Rory is jumping up and down on the apron with his arm extended and telling his brother not to give up. Reece shakes his head "no" to the ref, signaling that he's not ready to submit. A few moments pass with the hold locked in, Thomas leaning back and applying more and more pressure. Reece begins inching towards the ropes, and after a few more excruciating moments, he is able to grab the bottom rope and the ref instructs John Thomas to break the hold.

Zach Davis: The frustration is written all over the Hardcore Redneck's face, he thought he had O'Clery with that submission hold.

Shannan Lerch: But the damage has been done, how much more can Reece take?

Thomas pulls up Reece and executes a beautiful swinging neckbreaker. Reece is laid out. Thomas pins, hooking the leg.



Zach Davis: KICKOUT! Reece O'Clery kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: That's determination for you, these guys came to win tonight.

Thomas drags Reece to his corner and tags in Justin Turner--

Shannan Lerch: Turner re-enters the match by springboarding in with a 450 splash!

Zach Davis: They don't call him the High Flying Freak for nothing.

Turner drops an elbow on Reece, and then heads to the corner, climbing the turnbuckles--

Shannan Lerch: I think Reece is out-- Turner off the top, corkscrew moonsault!

Zach Davis: HE GOT HIS KNEES UP! Reece O'Clery got his knees up! Turner's second high risk move backfires!

Reece slowly gets to a knee. Turner is rolling on the mat, holding his midsection. Rory encourages Reece from the apron-- Reece slowly inches over towards him, looking to make the tag.

Shannan Lerch: Turner is getting back to his feet. Reece is a few feet away from Rory, can he make the tag?

Zach Davis: Turner realizes what's going on and leaps for Reece's leg-- TOO LATE! Reece makes the tag, Rory O'Clery is tagged in! And he looks ready!

Rory quickly enters the ring, fighting off an assault from Justin Turner. The two lightweights trade right and left hands, then kicks. Rory ducks a roundhouse kick from Turner and thinks quickly, dropping Turner with a single leg takedown.

Zach Davis: Rory O'Clery dropping elbow after elbow to the inside of Justin Turner's leg.

Rory puts Turner in an ankle lock, but Turner quickly kicks him off with his free leg, and springs to his feet. Now they circle each other for a moment before locking up. Rory gets Turner in a side headlock-- thinking quickly, Turner wraps his arms around Rory and lifts him up for a backdrop driver!

Turner runs to the ropes and hits a senton splash on the return-- he remains laid on top of Rory, and hooks the leg for a cover.



Shannan Lerch: Rory O'Clery gets a shoulder up at two!

Turner rolls off of Rory to his feet, but Rory springs off the mat and drops him with a chop block. He follows by mounting Turner and hitting right hands to his head. Pinning Turner to the mat with his forearm, Rory puts his feet in the air to a vertical position, holds it for a few seconds, and then drops both knees to Turner's gut.

Zach Davis: What a back and forth match this has been.

Rory pulls Justin to his feet and Irish whips him to the ropes-- Turner anticipates the back body drop and instead sends Rory to the mat with a headscissors takedown!

Zach Davis: Well played by Justin Turner. Rory is down-- Turner with a standing corkscrew shooting star press!

Shannan Lerch: What a beautiful move! But he's not done-- he follows it with a standing corkscrew senton! He calls that combination the Ode to Japan!

Rory remains laid out on the mat after the vicious combination. Justin Turner sprints to the corner and climbs the turnbuckles--

Zach Davis: Turner with a 630 senton! Freak Out! Here's the pin, it's over.





"Kick it in the Sticks" by Brantley Gilbert plays over the PA.

Zach Davis: Southern Discomfort picks up the win!

Shannan Lerch: What a great tag team match! An amazing showing by both teams, but tonight belonged to the High Flying Freak and the Hardcore Redneck.

Justin Turner and John Thomas celebrate their victory in the ring. Kayla joins Rory and Reece as they head up the ramp to the back.

Doc Henry/Confederate Wrestlers Segment

Shannan Lerch: I hate to interrupt you Zach... No wait, I don't hate that... Anyway there is some kind of commotion going on in the back, cameras are on their way...

The shot changes to a running POV as the cameraman scrambles to get to the source of the commotion. As he arrives, we see Seppuku laying face down his mask covered in a 'crimson mask' and he is motionless. As the camera pans up, we see Doc Henry grab Elvis Lee by the hair and throw him into the loading dock doors. Lee's head bounces off with a sickening thud, as Doc stalks his prey.

Doc Henry: You boys done fucked up...

Doc hits a button to open the door, and as it goes up, he picks up Lee, sending several hard knees into his gut. As Elvis is staggering trying to remain both upright and conscious, Doc walks him to the edge of the loading dock, and lifts him up, slamming him down with a Gambler's Hand off the dock to the pavement below.

Doc Henry: This is what happens when you fuck with a champion...

Doc just looks down at the carnage, and unmoving body of Elvis Lee, and spits a loogie on his chest. Doc turns to walk away, when he is met by a running forearm by Adam Young. The two men tumble and roll off the dock, landing three feet down on top of Lee. As the two men get to their feet, they begin to trade big right hands. Back and forth they go, finally Doc winning out. He grabs the back of Young's head and slams it into the dock.

Young's head bounces off and he falls to the ground as Doc takes off running. After a couple short moments, Adam is back up on his feet and in pursuit. They race through the loading area and around the arena to the entrance. Doc darts through, and knocks over a table against the door. It takes Young a few extra moments to get back into the arena, where Doc has seemingly disappeared.

Fans point up the stairs, and Adam goes racing up, only to be met with a HUGE spear as he gets to the top. The fans at this point are going apeshit as Doc picks Young up by the neck. With a few chops to the chest as the crowd yells 'Wooooo!', he drives young back into the railing. Young tries to fight back, hitting Doc with a few chops of his own. As Adam seems to be gaining the upper hand, Doc strikes out with a NFL worthy punt, right to the pills.

Young screams out in pain, clutching the family jewels as he leans against the railing. Doc doesn't miss a beat as he hits a running clothesline, sending Adam Young over the edge and crashing through the souvenir table below. Doc stands looking down, as the crowd goes nuts, some people cheering, some screaming, and some fainting...

Davey Ortega vs Michael Santiago

We come back from commercial with a sweeping shot of the cheering crowd.

Zach Davis: And welcome back to Slam! What a night we've had so far!

Shannan Lerch: And we've still got a ton of more action to come!

'Sympathy for the Devil'' by the Rolling Stones fills the arena as the boos follow. Davey Ortega emerges from the back with a smile on his face. he slowly walks down the ramp, slowly raising his arms up as more boos come, which fuels his smile. He uses the stairs to get on the apron, casually getting into the ring.

Zach Davis: And here is the returning Davey Ortega! Talk about blasts from the past.

"King of my World" by Saliva cues up over the P.A. system and red strobe lights flood the entrance ramp. The silhouette of a man fills the tunnel and finally Michael Santiago emerges, drawing in the boos and cheers of the crowd as he makes his way down the ramp towards the ring. He jumps up on the ring apron and climbs through the second rope, looking around at the fans filling the arena, Michael taunts the fans in the center of the ring as the music begins to fade out.

Shannan Lerch: And here is Michael Santiago. You have to think he's hoping to get things back on track.

Zach Davis: A win sure would do that.


And with the sound of the bell both men immediately come out to the center of the ring and tie-up. They fight for control with Ortega finally getting Santiago into a rear waist lock. Ortega quickly hits a forearm to the back of the head and then follows it up with a bulldog.

Shannan Lerch: Beautiful bulldog by Ortega, who might I add looks good for someone we haven't seen in WCF for a while.

Zach Davis: Really? Are you seriously eyeing up yet another future donor?

Shannan Lerch: Donor? What do you mean a do...oh. I hate you Zach.

Ortega starts to go for the early pin attempt but Santiago rolls away and springs back up to his feet. They tie-up for a second time and this time it's Santiago getting control as he puts Ortega into a side headlock. Santiago torques on the neck as Ortega tries to get himself free. Ortega backs himself up to the ropes, dragging Santiago with him. With a burst of energy he bounces off of the ropes and shoves Santiago off. As Santiago spins back around, Ortega runs right at him looking for a clothesline. Santiago ducks it at the last second. Ortega now spinning around and Santiago fires off a superkick.

Zach Davis: The Fault Line!

BUT NO! Ortega ducks it and comes up behind Santiago. Ortega grabs Santiago's head and hits him with a hangman's neckbreaker.

Shannan Lerch: Shades of Rick Rude!

Ortega quickly goes for the pin attempt.



And Santiago gets the shoulder up at two. Ortega rolls off and stares down Santiago as he sits up and holds his neck. Santiago now pushing himself up to his feet as Ortega lies in wait. Santiago is up and he turns around...ONLY TO GET HIT WITH A SPEAR!

Shannan Lerch: THE SETTING SUN!

Ortega with the pin attempt.




''Sympathy for the Devil'' hits the speakers as Ortega has his arm raised by the referee.

Zach Davis: And there you have it! Davey Ortega makes his return to the WCF with a win.

Shannan Lerch: I wonder if he remembers me...

We go to commercial as Ortega exits the ring and heads to the back.

Eric Price/Gravedigger Segment

The scene opens back up in the suite inside The Graveyard to the sound of clapping as the image of Davey Ortega standing victorious over Michael Santiago is playing on the screen. Gravedigger and Eric Price are the ones clapping. Eric Price is seated on one of the couches with a gorgeous blonde standing behind him massaging his shoulders. Gravedigger is seated on the other couch, grinning at the screen.

Gravedigger: That was a phenomenal win by Mr. Ortega. You were right when you said he definitely has some potential in his return to WCF.

Eric Price: Yes, you are correct. Not only does he plainly, as evidenced in that last match, have the skill to be a great talent here in WCF, but he brings the brilliance and experience that you both share as former owners of WCF.

Gravedigger nods.

Gravedigger: I have got to agree with you there, Eric. Maybe one day Jonny Fly will gain some of that brilliance and insight that made Davey Ortega and myself such greats in WCF history.

Gravedigger stops and looks at Eric Price with a “yeah right” look and both start bursting out laughing.

Gravedigger: Yeah, we both know that will never happen. All these ignorant comments he makes on Twitter and then the disrespect he shows to his world champion. He let you walk out of the company with the title.

Eric Price: Yes, what a boneheaded move by Mr. Fly to allow that to happen. The best part was when everyone was chasing me out of the building to get the title back. I felt like I was on an episode of Scooby Doo with that bunch of boobs running around like a bunch of morons.

The commercials finally end as Slam comes back up with Zach and Shannon talking about the upcoming main event this week.

Zach Davis: And we’re back ladies and gentlemen and tonight we have a phenomenal main event lined up for you as the tag team champions Odin Balfore and Benjamin Atreyu take on Corey Black and Jonny Fly in a non-title match.

Shannan Lerch: This is not a match you’d want to miss!

Eric Price: Oh yeah, because we all want to see Jonny and his ass kissing stooge, the guy who wrestles once in a blue moon for a paycheck, Corey Black stink it up in the main event. Just change the channel when their match comes up, I don't want to waste time on them.

John Gable vs Blizzard

Zach Davis: Up next we have John Gable taking on Blizzard. These are two impressive young wrestlers.

Shannan Lerch: That’s right Zach, and the winner of this match is going to gain a lot of momentum. This is an important contest.

“Things That You Oughta Know” by Chronic Future blasts over the P.A. System. John Gable enters through the current wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses, a leather jacket acting as if he was trying not to be noticed. He looks out to the crowd while trying to hide his face. He steps down the ramp as Humphrey Craig followed with a sign reading “future Oscar recipient”. John Gable slides into the ring and rips off his 'disguise'.

Zach Davis: With the Screen Actors Guild awards next Sunday, it does beg the question, will Gable be at Payback next week?

Shannan Lerch: Uh…I doubt he’ll be invited to the SAG awards, Zach.

“Unforgiving 2” by Metallica starts playing as the arena turns blue. White and blue pyros go off on the stage as low laying fog fills the entrance ramp Blizzard comes down slapping the hands of fans as he enters the ring he stands on the second turn buckle pointing at the fans then raising his arms as lights come back on. Blizzard makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Blizzard has looked good just about every week since he began here in WCF, but the results have been uneven so far. In a way, I think he needs a win here tonight more than Gable does.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Shannan Lerch: AND THEY’RE OFF!

Zach Davis: I honestly don’t know why you always say that.

Gable and Blizzard two lock up with Gable gaining the advantage and backing Blizzard into the corner. He drives a knee into Blizzard’s gut and slaps him across the face. Blizzard goes for a right hand, but Gable grabs it out of the air and quickly downs him with a brainbuster. Gable quickly brings Blizzard back to his feet and tucks his arm underneath him and takes him right back down to the mat with his ‘Cinema Paradiso’ maneuver.

Zach Davis: Wow. Could Gable steal this one early!?






Kickout by Blizzard.

Zach Davis: And the answer is no, he can’t.

Gable gets to his feet, and pulls Blizzard up to his feet. Gable whips Blizzard into the ropes, and on the rebound, Blizzard catches him with a clothesline. Blizzard bounces off the ropes as Gable gets to his feet, and Blizzard drops him with another this clothesline. He goes for the cover.





Gable kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Those clotheslines may not have gotten him a pin, but Blizzard did put a dent in Gable’s shitty actor face.

Zach Davis: How do you know he’s a shitty actor, Shannan?

Blizzard and Gable both get back to their feet. Blizzard runs at Gable, but Gable grabs hold of Blizzard and takes him down to the mat with a snap DDT. Gable then proceeds to drop not one, or two, but three elbows onto Blizzard’s midsection. Gable grabs Blizzard’s head and lifts him up onto his feet. From there he takes him down with a swinging neckbreaker.

Shannan Lerch: Impressive offense from John Gable! He’s on fire right now.

John Gable goes for the cover.







Zach Davis: NOPE! Blizzard kicks out just in time!

Gable gets back to his feet and climbs the turnbuckle. Gable waits for Blizzard to get back to his feet and just as soon as he does, Gable jumps and hits a flying clothesline. Gable falls on top of Blizzard and viciously begins striking him with a series of punches to his forehead. Gable finally relents, brings Blizzard back to his feet, and then hits him with ‘Some Like It Hot.’

Shannan Lerch: SOME LIKE IT HOT….like me.

Zach Davis: Gable has the leg hooked, this one could be over!







Zach Davis: NO! Blizzard kicks out again!

Shannan Lerch: He’s tough, Zach. That’s all I can say. He’s soaked up some big blows from John Gable tonight and he’s still battling.

Gable gets to his feet and looks down at Blizzard, shaking his head. Blizzard begins to stir and tries to get back to his feet. Gable grabs hold of Blizzard’s head and thrusts his knee as hard as he can into it. Gable tries to same maneuver again, but this time Blizzard is ready for it and reaches out with his arm and grabs Gable by the throat. He keeps his hand locked onto Gable’s neck and he stands up on his feet. Blizzard lifts and…..

Shannan Lerch: BOOM!

Zach Davis: HUGE chokeslam from Blizzard. He just flattened John Gable.

Blizzard quickly drops to the mat and goes for the cover.








Zach Davis: No! Gable kicks out in time!

Shannan Lerch: WOW. That was pretty damn close.

Both men quickly rise back to their feet. A trading of punches ensues and the larger Blizzard is able to get an advantage. He locks Gable into a side headlock and viciously beats down at the top of his head with his right hand. He lets Gable free momentarily just to allow himself to super kick the actor right back down to the mat.

Zach Davis: Jesus christ. Blizzard has so much power. John Gable is in serious trouble.

Blizzard stalks as Gable, very slowly, gets right back to his feet. Just as soon as he gets up Blizzard drops him right back down with a sidewalk slam. Blizzard sends several boots into Gable’s face before picking him back up. Blizzard looks to pick him up for a powerbomb, but Gable slips out of the hold, turns, and destroys him with an inverted brain buster.

Shannan Lerch: Gable is looking for ‘City Lights!’

Zach Davis: YES. He’s got that dragon sleeper locked in!

Blizzard fights and fights, but he can’t escape the hold. He taps.

Shannan Lerch: JOHN GABLE WINS!

Zach Davis: Just when it looked like this match was getting out of hand, Gable fights back and scores the victory over Blizzard.

Shannan Lerch: Another disappointment for the big man, no doubt.

Gable rises to his feet where the referee raises his hand in victory. Gable soaks in scattered boos from the crowd, smirking, and then drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring to walk to the back.

Jay Price Segment

We come back from commercial with a sweeping shot of the crowd before the camera comes to rest on the announce table.

Zach Davis: For the past few days rumors have been swirling as to why Jay Price rushed out of the arena shortly after his match versus Roy Speede was cancelled. Originally Price himself said that he was going to be here at Slam, but earlier today we received word that he would not appearing live. Rather, Price held a press conference and we have the footage. Let's take a look and see what's going on.

We cut to the pre-recorded footage. Jay Price is standing behind a podium on a stage, with a black WCF banner hanging behind him. There are a number of reporters in attendance, something Price doesn't seem to pleased about. Price checks his watch and then taps on the microphone, getting the attention of the room.

Jay Price: I'm sure all of you are wondering why I called this press conference after I announced that I would be appearing live at Slam tonight. Let me open by saying that after careful consideration of certain recent events, I will not be at Slam tonight.

A wave of hands go up but Price continues on.

Jay Price: I have a few things that I need to talk about and then I will be ending this press conference. There will be no question and answer portion, so please keep your hands down and refrain from interrupting.

All of the hands go down as pen begins to hit paper.

Jay Price: First off, concerning the Eric Price situation, I am firmly behind whatever actions Mr. Jonny Fly deems fit. While I was more than willing to take a more physical approach in ensuring that the belt remained in WCF, I have complete faith that Jonny will do what needs done and the WCF World Title belt will once again be in possession of the WCF.

Price pauses to let the reporters catch up on their writing, taking a sip of water before continuing.

Jay Price: Next, concerning my new position as the Chief Financial Officer of the WCF, I would like to announce my sole intention of making this the most profitable wrestling company in history. Stock in WCF has never been higher since Jonny Fly took control of the company and I will do my part in making sure that we only go up from this point on. While the previous owner, Mr. Seth Lerch, was only interested in lining his own pockets, I aim to make sure that everyone who makes WCF a success gets that share. I have plans that I hope to set in motion very soon, including what will be some of the first bonuses given to WCF Wrestlers since...well since ever actually. I firmly believe that those who succeed deserve to be rewarded and they will be with myself controlling the finances. At the same time, I will also be introducing a fine system to help control some of the more...unsavory...characters in the WCF. No longer shall anyone have to fear the worst when they come to work. I'll have more information on these and the rest of my plans in due time.

Price again pauses to take a few sips of water before speaking.

Jay Price: Next, concerning the cancellation of my Hardcore Title match versus Roy Speede, all I have to say on the matter is that Roy Speede is a boudle.

The reporters look up at Price with a look of confusement.

Jay Price: Make sure you write that down correctly. Boudle. B-O-U-D-L-E.

Price gives the reporters a moment before continuing.

Jay Price: And while I'm on the subject of recent matches, concerning what happened at One, I would simply like to go on record as saying that I applaud Torture for a terrific match and I hope that he enjoys his upcoming enshrinement into the Hall Of Fame.

Again there is confusion from the reporters as they try to write down what Price is saying.

Jay Price: Now then, with all of that said I would like to thank all of you for coming out tonight. Make sure to catch Slam later on!

Price goes to turn to leave when a reporter jumps up to his feet.

Reporter: Mr. Price!

Jay Price: I said there would be no time for questions.

Reporter: But last week...you rushed away from the arena. What happened that caused you to leave in such fashion?

Jay Price: ....

Price doesn't respond as he turns and leaves the room, leaving behind more than a few confused reporters.

The recording cuts as we go back to Shannan and Zach.

Zach Davis: Well that...that wasn't very informative at all.

Shannan Lerch: We were all hoping to hear about why Price left Slam in such a rush last week. But it seems as though he didn't want to talk about it.

Zach Davis: Maybe tonight just wasn't the right time.

We go to commercial as the camera again swings out to get the crowd on television.

United States Title Match
Steeltoe Joe vs Stuart Slane
Special Guest Referee: Kale Windsor

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the WCF United States Championship! Introducing first, the special guest referee, the People’s Champion, Kale Windsor!

”You're Going Down” by Sick Puppies starts as the lights strobe to the beat. Smoke fills the entrance way just before Kale Windsor, wearing a ref’s jersey and the People’s Title, appears on the stage as the crowd reacts. Windsor stands at the edge of the rampway bowing his head for a moment before standing in a worship me type of taunting pose as several pyrotechnics go off behind him and he walks down the ramp way towards the ring. Half way down the ramp way, Windsor pauses for a moment before charging the ring and sliding in under the bottom rope. Kale then slithers to the middle of the ring on his stomach before standing to his feet and rushing to one of the post, jumping onto the middle rope as he does a bow and arrow type pose[i.e. Randy Orton] for a moment before hopping down and crossing the ring to the side ropes, where stands with one foot on the bottom rope and the other on the middle rope.

Zach Davis: I find it odd that Kale Windsor is refereeing this match.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, it is weird. I’m not complaining, though: more of Kale Windsor on my monitor is always a good thing. Yum! Yum!

Kyle Steel: Next, the challenger: from Stockton, California and weighing 272 pounds: Steeltoe Joe!

The Arena Goes Dark, and then all simultaneously “Barton Hollow” By The Civil Wars begins to play through the audio systems. The Entrance Gate area and Stage begin to flicker with White lights and neon blue flashes mixed in the flickers. Fog fills the gate area as Steeltoe Joe comes walking out of the midst of the Fog. Joe Stands on stage and plays to the crowds who are cheering for him. Joe then walks down the ramp and gets to the ring steps where he stops, does a Catholic Crucifix motion and then walks up the steps and into the ring. He climbs up two turnbuckles and does the same crucifix motion and raises his arms and points towards Heaven.

Shannan Lerch: “The People’s Pastor” lives up to his moniker. The fans adore him.

Zach Davis: True, but there is no love lost between STJ and Kale Windsor, what with Joe he has designs on Kale’s People’s Title.

There’s a staredown between STJ and Kale, with the latter pointing at his belt and telling the Holy Flame its staying around his waist.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, hailing from Grant, Iowa, and weighing 270 pounds, the United States Champion: “Scoutmaster” Stuart Slane!

“Follow Me, Boys!” plays as Stu marches out from the back, silently mouthing the lyrics to his theme as he heads down the ramp. He does a circuit around the outside of the ring before climbing the steps and entering. After some last minute old timey calisthenics (Indian twists, deep knee bends, etc) The Scoutmaster goes his corner. He hands his hat and sash off to a WCF stagehand and assumes a fighting position.

Zach Davis: Do you really think there’s any truth to what Scoutmaster has been saying: that this match has been rigged against him by the Pantheon?

Shannan Lerch: Pfft. No. Honestly, Zach, I’m starting to believe Kale was made the referee just to mess with both Joe’s and Slane’s heads. It’s what my brother would have done.

Kale takes off his title belt and gives it to a stagehand, and then tells Stu to fork over the US belt. He does so, reluctantly. Kale holds the US championship over his head to remind the fans of the prize to this fight, and then hands it off as well.

Zach Davis: This is a big match for Steeltoe Joe. It’s a chance for him to finally capture that long elusive singles title.

Shannan Lerch: It’s just as important for Stuart Slane. If he fails to retain his win at One against Steven Orbit is going to look like a fluke.

Joe and Stu meet in the middle of the ring. They size each other up, and then both turn to glare at Windsor, who returns the stinkeye. Tension City. Kale motions for the bell to be rung, and we’re off. STJ and Slane lock up. There’s a brief back and forth, and then Joe flings Scouty to the mat. The crowd pops in appreciation from the display of power.

Zach Davis: Wow. Joe and Scoutmaster are roughly the same size, but the Righteous Juggernaut just manhandles his opponent there.

Slane rises cautiously. He holds up his arm for the “test of strength” spot. When Joe reaches up to grab Scouty’s hand, though, he leaves himself open for a swift kick to the gut. Boos erupt in reaction to this poor sportsmanship. Slane presses his advantage, repeatedly clubbing STJ across his broad back. He tries for a powerbomb, but Joe counters by hefting him up for a huge back body drop!

Shannan Lerch: More of Steeltoe Joe’s raw power on display!

It’s an angry Joe that turns to confront Scoutmaster. When Slane sits up STJ kicks him hard in the back. Scouty reaches behind him to clutch his kidneys, allowing Joe to kneel down and apply a rear chinlock. He torques Slane’s head and neck. Scouty tries to pry his arm free but can’t. He elbows Joe in the ribs and slowly makes his way to a vertical base. Stu’s finally able to escape the hold, turning the tables on the Holy Flame by pitting him in a hammerlock.

Shannan Lerch: Nice counter by the US Champ.

STJ winces in pain and slaps his bicep to keep the blood rushing to his arm. He raises his elbow and slams his foe in the side of the head, forcing him to break the hold. Joe runs the ropes and comes back with a clothesline that staggers Stu. Joe continues, buffeting his opponent with a flurry of forearm strikes to the mush that drive Slane to the corner. Scoutmaster puts his body between the ropes and hollers at Windsor to do his job. Kale grabs Joe’s shoulder and roughly pulls him off Slane, an act that earns him a scowl from STJ. Windsor gets in his face, and, grabbing his own shirt, reminds him who’s wearing the stripes in this match. Joe looks pissed, but doesn’t argue. He turns his attention back to Slane in time to get creamed by a huge big boot!

Zach Davis: Oh! Steeltoe Joe did not see that coming!

STJ falls to the mat. Slane follows the boot up with several elbow drops. He then goes for the pin. One! Joe kicks out. Scoutmaster pulls Joe up and whips him to the corner, and then charges, smooshing him into the ringpost with a body avalanche. Grabbing the ropes he repeatedly knees STJ in the stomach. Kale again intervenes, dragging Scoutmaster out of the corner after putting him in a full nelson.

Zach Davis: Kale Windsor is very hands on for a referee.

Shannan Lerch: Mmmm. Makes me want to leave the broadcast booth and become a wrestler myself.

Scouty muscles out of the hold and rounds on Windsor. He screams at the People’s Champ, ordering him not to touch him. Kale yells back he’s the one calling this match, and he’s the one giving the orders. Slane shakes his head and goes back to the corner. He tries to Irish Whip STJ across the ring, but the Holy Flame reverses it. He follows that up with a corner clothesline, and then backs off. When Scouty stumbles out, Joe wraps him up and hits a textbook belly to belly suplex!

Shannan Lerch: Steeltoe Joe has rallied!

Joe covers Slane and hooks his leg for the pin. One! Two! Stu gets a shoulder up. STJ pulls up Slane and scoops slams him. Another cover. One! Two! Kickout. Joe lifts him again but Scouty escapes with an eye rake. Scoutmaster then immediately rolls out of the ring to collect himself.

Shannan Lerch: Pretty blatant rake to the eyes there.

STJ clutches his face. Slane stays on the outside by the timekeeper’s table, trying to catch his breath. Windsor is standing near the ropes, ordering him back into the ring, but hasn’t started counting Stu out yet. Joe recovers and rushes to the ropes to go after Stu, but Windsor yanks him back. STJ, enraged, shoves Kale to the mat. The crowd gasps, then cheers.

Shannan Lerch: Steeltoe Joe just crossed a line there. He could be disqualified for pushing Kale.

Zach Davis: Kale Windsor isn’t helping matters. A referee shouldn’t be grabbing a wrestler like that.

Kale springs to his feet and goes nose to nose with Joe. The crowd, always eager for a brawl, keeps cheering. Slane meanwhile creeps into the ring behind Joe. He gets ready to charge.

Zach Davis: Steeltoe Joe isn’t aware that Scoutmaster is back in the ring, and stalking him!

Slane rushes at the pair. Windsor, seeing him coming, spins STJ around into his path while diving out of the way. Joe’s caught flatfooted; bent nearly double as Scouty lifts him up with his arm and shoulder and sends him crashing to the mat! Cover! A fast Onetwothree! Joe kicks out a hair too late as Kale calls for the bell.

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner, and still United States Champion: “Scoutmaster” Stuart Slane!

Zach Davis: Scoutmaster retains, but not without controversy.

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, safe to say that he should share a portion of his winner’s purse with the match’s special guest referee.

Scouty’s music plays over the chorus of boos. He waits to have his hand raised in victory, but Windsor has other plans. The People’s Champ stalks the rising Steeltoe Joe, and then hits Final Destiny!

Shannan Lerch: Kale Windsor is now attacking Steeltoe Joe!

Kale starts stomping on the downed Righteous Juggernaut. Scoutmaster gives the fans his three fingered salute and slides out of the ring. He grabs his title and heads to the back. Meanwhile, Kale climbs the turnbuckle closest to STJ. When he reaches the top, he jumps; crushing Joe with a frog splash!

Zach Davis: What amazing height on that “Kermit’s Revenge”! Steeltoe Joe is flattened!

Shannan Lerch: You know what they say, Zach: payback is a bitch.

Zach Davis: That was more than payback. That was a message from the People’s Champion that if you want his belt, expect to go through hell to get it.

Slam goes to commercial as Kale Windsor stands over a winded Steeltoe Joe, taunting him with the People’s Title Belt.

Synn Segment

Hank Brown, interviewer, reporter, journalist, most overworked and underpaid employee in all of WCF is walking through the back hallways looking for that next juicy interview or soundbite. Coming upon a private locker room door with a bronze name plate that reads "Television champion" Hank pauses, smiling as he nods to himself, he quickly raps on the door several times hoping that someone is inside. A few short seconds later it swings open as he is greeted by the lovely Maya Roberts, her eyes glued to her Iphone as she plays "Angry Birds", without missing a beat, she waves Hank on in before taking a seat on a plain white extended couch, totally engrossed in her game. Hank looks over to the other side of the room. Terry is sitting at a table with a large gold framed mirror hanging on the wall, he is halfway finished putting on his face paint, already in wrestling gear with his duster style black trench coat and Television championship title belt resting on a large back white recliner chair against the wall next to the table. Hank suddenly feels rather uncomfortable, as if being watched. He turns to spot the bull sized Mondo Massive standing in a corner, black suit and slacks, and Hank would swear that was a tanned color gun belt he saw under the black coat. Hank suddenly got nervous, but steeled himself. Turning his attention back to Terry, making sure to not make any sudden or suspicious move less he wind up on the wrong side of whatever Mondo Massive might do.

Hank Brown: Thank you for your time. I know your a busy man with a big match coming up very shortly. I was hoping to get a few words with you if you don't mind.

Terry continues working on small intricate designs on his already fully made up face as he addresses Hank.

Terry Roberts: You got five minutes Hank. Make them count.

Hank nodded respecting Terry's time restrictions, seeing as tonight was possibly the biggest match of his career to date.

Hank Brown: I was wanting to ask your thoughts about your opponent tonight.

Terry Roberts: And whom might that be?

Hank blinked several times fast, that was not the response he was expecting, and it took him by complete surprise. And the nonchalant tone of it? Either Terry was faking arrogance, or was the coolest fucking cucumber he had ever seen. It took a few seconds for him to recover from the shock.

Hank Brown: Sorry, but you are getting ready to defend the Television title against an opponent you have barely been able to prepare for, and as of this moment you don't know who that opponent is? Aren't you the least bit nervous about who it is that your defending your belt against?

Terry smirks, quickly finishing off the fine touches of a small design on his cheek before looking at Hank through the reflection of the mirror.

Terry Roberts: It doesn't matter. it has never mattered. Since before I sent out the open challenge, it's never been about whom my opponent is, it has been about me being the best champion WCF has, and I have been just that. I don't care who it is that steps in the ring with me Hank. I've worked too hard, I've come too far, it's been two years since I first came to WCF Hank, half that time out of action because of Doc Henry, John Thomas and Justin Turner. The past few weeks I've had an awakening, a spiritual growth, I have traveled the hardest long road to get here tonight. I have set out to prove that I am one of the greatest in WCF. No one, not Sarah Twilight, Waylon Cash, Popo Morientes, Doc Henry or Freya Kane will stop me.

Terry leans over grabbing the WCF Television championship belt from the recliner, holding tight to his body as his eyes burn with fire as he turns to face Hank Brown.

Terry Roberts: I don't care if my opponent be all five of the entrants tonight, I don't care if my oponnent is Eric Price, I don't even care if Johnny Fly wants to step in the ring with me tonight, I am leaving the PNC arena the same way I came here, the WCF Television champion. And the greatest champion WCF has going today.

Hank nods, looking Terry deep in the eyes, trying to get a sense of what it is like to be an opponent and see Synn up close and personal. He see's hatred and anger deep rooted and dark, that is more than enough, he wishes to see no more.

Hank Brown: So your opponent tonight, you do not know who it is, but to you that does not matter, is that correct?

Terry pauses, giving Hank a most cold and intense stare. Hank takes half a step back as Terry rises towering over Hank like a great dragon of lore.

Terry Roberts: I don't care, I will take on anyone and everyone. I am a fighting champion. I don't do it for Seth, who has no respect for me. I don't do it for Johnny Fly, whom I sincerely hope will be watching very closely tonight as I make a statement he won't soon forget, I don't do it for the sheep standing in the stands, I don't care for them. I do it for myself, because I have lost so much ground, and have lost so much time to make that ground up in. I do it because deep down there is no one with as much fire passion and desire to prove themselves to the best of the best. One was the first, tonight will be just another of many. I will destroy all that stand before me as I climb the mountain and take my rightful spot at the top. And for anyone who thinks I am a joke, I challenge you to dare step in my way and stop me. All roads lead to one end, Tap snap or nap.


Television Title Match
Sarah Twilight vs Synn

Zach Davis: And now... time for our Television Title match.

Shannan Lerch: The undefeated Sarah Twilight against the Television Champion... this is HUGE.

The lights go out as a spotlight centers on stage. Piano chords begin a haunting melody, accompanied by heavy drum beats. The crowd begins to cheer MASSIVELY as the video wall displays the words THE ONLY ONE.

Kyle Steel: Making her way to the ring, hailing from Los Angeles, California, and weighing in at 142lbs, she is...."The Mistress of Mischief" SARAH TWILIGHT!

Pyros shoot up from the stage as our melody finally kicks into guitar. "The Only One" by Evanescence continues to play as Sarah finally walks out onto the stage. She is greeted with deafening cheers and soaks them all in. The vibrant redhead confidently swaggers towards the ring and steps inside. Pyros now shoot off from the ring posts and Sarah takes to each turnbuckle in succession, pointing out toward the crowd and smiling. The cheers become even LOUDER. As the music continues, Sarah rolls outside of the ring and finds a young fan sitting at ringside. She removes her signature "You Don't Matter" tee shirt that she wears over her wrestling attire and gives it to the young fan before returning to the ring as the music dies down.

Kyle Steel: And the Television Champion...

The jumbo screens shower with static before bold red letters flash across them.




Hinder's "Save Me", accompanied by a near mesmerizing full sensory assault of decadent red purple and black strobing laser lights that foreshadows the arrival of Terry Roberts, brings the fans to their feet. 50 seconds later there are two massive wall of flames raining down onto as well as up from the main stage lasting 15 seconds, once the flames die down Terry steps into view from the billowing cloud of white smoke. Wearing a midnight black full length trench coat with red chest straps, Jiu-Jitsu gi styled black pants, purple MMA styled gloves and wrestling shoes. Looking up into the frenzied crowd he gives an arrogantly cocky smirk pointing to the ring as the screens flash more red letters.




Terry then takes a slow confident walk to the ring, once their he pulls out a black and red guitar, walks over to the nearest ringpost, raising the guitar stock blowing into it, creating an enormous fireball that floats high over the ring getting a big pop from the crowd. Putting the guitar in the ring corner Terry steps into the ring, standing in the corner with the guitar, taking off his non wrestling gear before crouching down as he stares coldly at his opponent. Putting his hands over his face, slowly sliding his fingers down so as not to streak his make up in a symblage of pulling his mask off to reveal SYNN before the bell rings.

Zach Davis: Here we go!

Sarah and Synn both pace around the ring, despite having a lot of simmering anger towards one another, they both know they don't want to rush into this. They meet in the center of the ring and tie up.

Shannan Lerch: Neither wrestler letting emotions get the best of them to start the match off here, very smart on their part.

Synn gets the upper hand, and throws Sarah to the ropes. He hits her with a Back Bodydrop as she comes back. She gets back to her feet and is met with a Clothesline from Synn, taking her back down. Sarah gets up once more and gets hit by a Shining Wizard by the Television Champion!

Zach Davis: OOF! Synn starting things off in control!

Synn drops and goes for an early pin.



No!, Sarah gets her shoulder up.

Shannan Lerch: Sarah has never tapped out, and since returning to WCF, hasn't been pinned... soooo yeah, beating her isn't going to be easy.

Without getting up, Synn moves over to her legs, and locks her into a Reverse Figure Four Leglock.

Zach Davis: El Pozo!

Sarah yells out in pain before she quickly looks around at her surroundings, finding where the closest rope is. She spots it, and then begins reaching...

Shannan Lerch: Can she make it?

Zach Davis: Whether she can or not, an injury to the legs is not the way you want to start a match.

The fans begin chanting SAR-AH TWI-LIGHT! She uses that and with one last lunge, reaches the ropes.

Shannan Lerch: Close call.

Synn releases the hold and grabs Sarah's legs, pulling her into the center of the ring. She kicks him away. He runs at her and she trips him, causing him to fall face first onto the second rope. She runs towards the ropes, jumps over them to the floor, grabbing Synn's head as she falls and snapping it against the rope!

Zach Davis: OOOH!

She then pulls Synn out of the ring. She throws him into the ring steps!, which he flies over, holding his knee afterwards. Sarah then picks him up and throws him into the guardrail next.

Shannan Lerch: Surprisingly, Sarah Twilight regains control by brawling outside the ring!

Synn ducks a swing from Sarah, however, and picks her up, Snake Eyes-ing her onto the guardrail herself! He then grabs her and hits a Belly to Belly, sending her over the guardrail and into the crowd!

Zach Davis: Holy shit!

Indeed, the crowd chants "holy shit!" as well! Synn climbs over the guardrail as Sarah gets up. She hits him with a punch to the face, which causes him to stumble back. As he turns, she hits him with a stiff chop to the chest.

Shannan Lerch: Remember, this isn't a No DQ match! They could get counted out, in which case Synn would retain the Title.

Sarah seems to remember this right as Shannan mentions it and quickly throws Synn back over the guardrail. She then slides back into the ring.

Zach Davis: If Synn doesn't get back in quickly he'll lose the belt!

Synn quickly slides in!, saving his Title. Sarah stays on the attack, stomping at him repeatedly. She lifts him up and throws him to the ropes, and as he's coming back, hits a Samoan Drop. She quickly goes for a pin attempt.



No!, Synn kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Although Sarah is undefeated, Synn values that Television Title like nothing else.

Sarah backs up and onto a turnbuckle. As Synn stumbles to his feet, she jumps off and goes for a Diving Clothesline!

Zach Davis: Sarah Twilight, flying high!

But Synn ducks it and hits Sarah with a blow to the midsection! He then drops her with a DDT!

Shannan Lerch: Beautifully executed!, Synn DDTs like no other!

Synn then jumps to the top rope. Sarah stumbles up, and Synn hits a Shooting Star DDT!

Zach Davis: Beta Highlight!

Synn drops and pins Sarah, hooking the leg!



No!, Sarah kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: Close!, but no cigar.

Terry once again begins climbing to the top rope. Sarah dives into the top rope, however, causing Terry to crotch himself. Sarah stumbles up, shaking off the cobwebs, then walks towards Synn. She grabs his leg and hits a Super Dragonscrew Legwhip!

Zach Davis: Smart move! Synn uses A LOT of top rope moves, so if you take out his legs, you take out his offense.

That looks like Sarah's gameplan indeed, as she stands up and starts stomping away at his legs. She then grabs one and puts him in a Single Leg Grapevine!

Shannan Lerch: Sarah, going for the submission now!

Synn yells in pain now!, and reaches towards the ropes himself... the fans are on the edge of their seat..

Zach Davis: Is he going to make it?

He does!, Synn lunges and grabs the ropes! Now Sarah is the one that must release her hold. She lifts him up and goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Synn shifts his weight and lands behind her.

Shannan Lerch: Great reversal-

Synn spins Sarah around, lifts her for a Suplex of his own. He grabs her arm, and then begins locking her into the TAP, SNAP OR NAP!

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!

Shannan Lerch: SARAH TWILIGHT IS IN THE TSN! She's never given up before ever in her career, but this is it!

Shannan spoke too soon, however!, before Synn can get it locked in, Twilight somehow escapes, dropping down. She grabs Synn, lifts him up..


Sarah hits it! She drops down and pins Synn, hooking his leg.





Shannan Lerch: OH MY GOD.

The bell sounds, and Sarah's music hits. Everyone in the crowd is on their feet.

Zach Davis: Sarah Twilight has done it! Thanks to the people that voted for her, she's become the WCF Television Champion!

Sarah stands as the ref hands her the Television Championship. Synn rolls out of the ring, not believing what has happened.

Shannan Lerch: You've gotta think that in a million years, Synn never believed his reign would end like this.. certainly not how he imagined this whole voting scenario working out!

Sarah takes the Television Title and climbs up one turnbuckle, raising it high into the air to a chorus of cheers.

Zach Davis: Sarah Twilight brings the Television Title to Genesis! We've gotta go to commercial, but wow!

Shannan Lerch: Wait, Zach. Something's happening-

But it's too late. We go to commercial...

Vengeance Segment

As we come back from commercial, Sarah Twilight has left the ringside area, leaving Synn alone in the ring. Lights go black in the arena as the Titantron turns on slowly it plays a video package of Terry “Synn” Roberts recent success of winning the TV title and defending it. Towards the end of the video it gets fuzzy and reads in blood dripping red letters.



The Titantron once again goes black. Fire erupts out of all four turn buckles. Red lights fill the arena as Vengeance is seen wearing facial paint colors of red, black, purple and white. shoulder length black hair with red hightlights. attire consists in mainly a trench coat, or leather pants holding a replica steel reinforced guitar dubbed "Sherri" standing face to face with Synn.

Vengeance raises the guitar as the arena lights once again go black. A loud bang echos in the arena as the stage erupts in flames the arena once again turns red as Vengeance is seen standing on top of the titantron.

Darkness. It's where the evils of the world come to light.....

"Drug addicts in the big city back alleys...

"Prostitutues and ladies of the night hanging around street corners....

"Serial rapists stalking there next victim....

"Husbands beating their wives behind closed doors...

"Fathers touching their children in disgusting ways under the knowing noses of their mothers....

"And Vengeance.... stalking everyone...

"It would be far to say that since my arrival, here in the World Championship Federation, things have not gone exactly according to plan....

"For a little while now I had this internal struggle, a war, if you will...

"Raging inside of me....

"A war between good and evil... A war that caused me to doubt my own path... my own cause....

"A war that brought on outlandish dreams and nightmares that I can not explain.... And to this very night, these dreams continue. Sometimes 2 or more per night....

"Since then though, things have been becoming more and more clear to me... When I first got here I was going to cleanse the souls of those here.... Then I simply wanted to eradicate evil....

"The things that became clear, once and for all in the eyes, the heart, and the mind of Vengeance... is that there is no such thing as good. Good, or goodwill, is simply rhetoric. Hypocrisy in it's truest form. Nothing more.....

"In the simplest of examples take a man... Any man... Or woman for that matter.... Man or woman marries their spouse in a grand ceremony... One night man or woman goes out to the bars with some friends... Man or woman then proceeds to chat away the night with someone they used to know... or even a stranger perhaps... In the heat of the moment, they cheat on their spouse still at home with the kids... Then the offender will go to church and beg forgiveness for their transgressions... Forgiveness is given... Man or woman does it again....

"You see, it's this 'Wash, Rinse, Repeat' cycle that breeds lies and hate and adultery, among others..... People just do what they do without a care of who it effects.... Then their 'God' forgives them so they can do it again.... See what I mean? Hypocrisy....

"Hypocrisy is the reason I did what I did with you Synn last week on Slam... You never saw it coming... You people at home, you didn't see it coming either.... Allow me to inform you... Synn....my Followers.... Hells Demon is coming for you....

"Allow me to also inform you.... That what happened last Sunday night was just the beginning.... There will certainly be more shocking surprises....

"It is the Dusk of a new Era here in the WCF..... An era that will be dominated Darkness and Evil..... Vengeance walks again.... Synn your time is coming.




The camera turns back to the ring on Synn. As the camera pans back around Vengeance is no longer seen

Click, Click, Boom

Two very quick muted electric guitar strikes echo out. Some, of the crowd, cheer.

Zach Davis: Here we go again!!

Shannan Lerch: What we are going find out THIS week?!

The arena quickly stands up and starts to look around. A sound of someone knocking into a vinyl record player, causing the needle to scratch the record. That causes more people to look around, as the murmur of curiosity gets louder. SILENCE....


That causes a few thousand people to scream out.


After the few brief seconds of those sounds bites... several white stars with a red anarchy symbols, on them, are seen shining and moving around in the interior of the arena.

Zach Davis: WHAT THE HELL?!?!

Shannan Lerch: NO-O-O-O-O!!

Blue Bicycle brand playing cards start to fall from the ceiling.

Zach Davis: It's raining down with playing cards.

Shannan Lerch: There's something not right here!! I've got a bad feeling about this!!

As the cards continue to fall, some people begin to look at the back, of the cards. The Bicycle symbol IS there with two separate circles with an angel riding a bike in each of the circles.

Zach Davis: Look Shannan playing cards!

Shannan Lerch: I can see that, Zach.

As Zach and Shannan are about to find out...

A Random person in the crowd: Hey there's nothing on these cards!

Shannan Lerch: Hey, Zach!! On the side where you would see the ten of diamonds or something else, they're blank. What does THAT even mean?!

Zach Davis: I don't have a clue!!

Shannan Lerch: You never do!

Zach Davis: Seriously!! First, it was that music interruption and now these cards. I agree with you... WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN?!?!

The crowd buzzes with confusion....

But something strange happens.... Turkish symbolism starts to rotate around the arena as "Blind" by Korn blares out from the arena's speakers....


Zach Davis: NOO-O-O-O-O!!!

"Blind" by Korn continues to play as a Turkish man comes out....


The Turkish man is in a traditional Turk outfit. He looks around with his hands on his waist.

Zach Davis: First we hear....

Zach sings.

Zach Davis: "Click click boom!" Then we saw white stars with red anarchy symbols. Then we heard...

Zach sings again...

Zach Davis: "Up all night and sleep all day!!"

Shannan Lerch: You need to quit singing!!

Zach Davis: No!! Hater!! Anyways... We saw playing cards with blank sides. Then we hear.....

Zach screams out...

Zach Davis: "ARE-RE-RE YOU-OU-OU-OU REA-EA-EADY-YY-Y-Y!!!" Then finally Cagatay Senturk steps out.

Shannan Lerch: Hell, it's been two years since we've seen him!! That could only mean one thing....

Zach Davis: That's right!! That means you know who is coming back....

Scene quickly goes into commercial.

Skyler Striker vs Steve Orbit vs Nathan von Liebert

“With our hands held high we're screaming..."

The crowd screams 'whoa-oh whoa-oh oh' and in doing so introduce Skyler Striker. Striker makes his way to the ring in his usual fashion, focused and determined. Once inside, he stands in the center of the ring and bows his head, his arms outstretched and fists clenched. He then opens his palms to the audience, causing white pyro to explode from the ring posts. Striker throws his effects out of the ring and prepares for the match.

Kyle Steel: The following triple threat match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds, from Perth, Australia, Skyler STRIIIIIIKER!

Zach Davis: And here is the man who just earlier tonight received a long-term contract from Jonny Fly!

Shannan Lerch: And in the process became an ally of his in this war over control of the company!

Zach Davis: This can’t be good for Seth’s chance of getting back in charge, Shannan!

Shannan Lerch: I know! And here I thought my brother might have some vantage point somewhere...

"Flashlight" by Parlaiment Funkadellic plays over the PA. The arena goes dark and a pink strobe light flashes throughout the arena. Small pink lights swirl around the crowd and the entire arena and eventually converge into one big pink spotlight as "The Mack" Steve Orbit appears at the top of the aisle. Steve takes his time, strutting down the ramp, talking to fans who mostly cheer him on-- however, he does occasionally offend a girl or two with his sometimes rude, sexual comments.

Kyle Steel: And his opponents, first from Oakland, California, weighing in at two hundred forty pounds, Steve ORRRRRRBIT!

Zach Davis: And the former United States Champion, who obviously wasn’t very pleased with how One went for him but seems to be back in a relatively good mindset!

Shannan Lerch: I certainly hope so, Zach, After all, he’s surrounded by women twenty-three seven, and that other hour is when he’s either in the bathroom or fighting a match!

Zach Davis: And what planet are you from where it takes men an hour to take a shit?

Shannan Lerch: Shuddup, Zach.

At ringside he begins the process of taking off a designer suit, and hands his gold chains and his hat to a ring hand. He continues to flirt with the girls in the crowd as he enters the ring, showing off his body and blowing kisses. The crowd goes bananas when he hits the ring, as OR-BIT chants are heard all over the arena.

Kyle Steel: And their opponent...

The camera pans to the titantron, where an oak door comes into view. A thump is heard, and the door shakes on its hinges. Several more thumps occur, until the blade of an ax busts through the door. Smoke begins to form on the stage, as a dark figure steps out. Suddenly a woman voice yells out from the speaker.

"No, go away!

Leave me alone!"

Smoke billows down the aisle as the man walks down it to the ring, his identity shrouded in the smog. Meanwhile, on the titantron, the ax makes a large hole in the wood, and a hand reaches in for the door knob, the fingernails painted black. Again the frightened voice rings out as the mystery man slides into the ring.

"Don't you come in here!

I don't want you here.!"

The mystery man watches the titantron now, as the door opens, and the same man standing in the ring, steps into the house. A lightning bolt cracks behind him, equal in volume to the string of fireworks that fire up on the ramp. The man on the titantron rubs his thumb on the door, leaving a bloody smear on the polished oak. He lifts the ax with both hands, as the voice pleads.

"No, No, No, NO!!


The scream is cut off as the man swings the ax. Blood appears to splatter across the tron, and then the name "Nathan von Liebert" is written with a finger painted black. Nathan, who is in the ring, falls on his knees, never taking his eyes off the 'tron until it goes black. He then scans the members of the crowd that he could without contorting his torso.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at two hundred twenty-nine pounds, from the Nightmare Realm, Nathan VON LIEEEEEEBERT!

Shannan Lerch: And his entrance still freaks me out, Zach! Gahh I don’t like it one bit!

Zach Davis: Quit your whining, Shannan! It’s over! The match is about to start!


NvL and Orbit lock up, as the veteran Striker merely watches from the side. Orbit backs NvL into a corner and releases his grip before driving a slap across the chest of Nathan. He grabs the arm and whips NvL across the ring, but NvL stops short of the corner. Orbit goes running after him, but is caught with an elbow to the jaw. Orbit spins, recoiling from the attack, and NvL grabs him and locks him in a waistlock.

Zach Davis: Good strategy by Skyler Striker in this one, sitting on the sideline, picking his moment to strike!

Shannan Lerch: I’ll say! And these two paying him no mind, going at one another like brutes!

NvL pushes Orbit into the ropes and tries to rebound off of them for a roll-up, but Orbit thinks ahead and holds the ropes, and NvL goes down without anyone to pin. Orbit quickly hits him with an elbow drop and goes for the quick pin.


Skyler Striker steps in and catches Orbit with a boot to the back, and the flustered Mack sits back, looking up as Striker kicks him in the face, knocking him backward. He stomps down on the chest of NvL, but the terrifying man catches his foot, and rolls him foreward, sending Striker hitting the mat on his face and chest. He holds onto it for a strange modified variant on the ankle lock.

Zach Davis: And this is looking painful, and Skyler Striker after sitting on the side to wait for his time to strike chose a bad one-

Shannan Lerch: And he’s now on the receiving end of a nasty submission move from Nathan Von Liebert!

Orbit is to his feet, and seeing NvL in control he catches the shorter man with a standing dropkick to the chest. NvL hits the ropes and drops an elbow into Striker’s back, and as Orbit is getting to his feet, NvL turns around and pulls him up.

Zach Davis: Oh my! What could NvL be thinking now?

Shannan Lerch: One thing is for certain! Steve Orbit will not be liking the results of it, whatever it is!

NvL takes The Mack up for a suplex, but holds it, and makes it stall. After a couple of seconds, he starts to fall back when his knees buckle from a chop by Skyler Striker, and Orbit lands hard on his neck and shoulders as NvL drops to his knees. Striker quickly gets to his feet and catches him with a roundhouse kick to the back of the head.

Zach Davis: Ooh, and that looked painful for The Mack!

Shannan Lerch: A fraction of a second earlier and Striker would’ve saved him! But The Mack ended up on the receiving end of a brutal hit!

Zach Davis: And I hope he’s okay after that one!

NvL hits the mat on his face, and Striker flips him over, pinning NvL.



Kickout by NvL!

Striker groans and sits up, seeing The Mack out cold across the ring. He crawls over and covers Orbit!




Zach Davis: And a nice kickout by Steve Orbit, showing some serious resilience!

Shannan Lerch: No kidding, Zach! Most men wouldn’t bother trying to move after a fall like that!

Striker gets to his feet, breathing a bit heavily, and waits. Orbit starts to stir, but NvL is the first one to his feet, and the two go right after one another! NvL catches Striker with a right to the face, and Striker returns it with a shot of his own, followed by a second! He sets NvL up for a DDT, and from out of nowhere Steve Orbit rolls Striker up, which allows Striker to connect on a vicious DDT in the process!



Kickout by Striker!

Zach Davis: And Steve Orbit, a fraction of a second away from picking up the victory in this one!

Shannan Lerch: And what great timing by Orbit after being almost out of it a few minutes ago!

Orbit gets to his feet, and Striker does the same, and the two lock up collar and elbow. Orbit backs Striker against the ropes, but Striker catches The Mack with a kick to the back of the knee, and then follows it up with a knee to the ribs! He shoves Orbit backward, and Orbit seems dazed for a fraction of a second, allowing Striker enough time to plant him with a clothesline!

Zach Davis: Good offense there by Skyler Striker, and Orbit is down!

Shannan Lerch: But for how long? And how will Striker capitalize?

Striker crosses the ring to where NvL is slowly getting to his feet and climbs up to the top rope. He sits, perched, waiting to strike, and as NvL gets to his feet, he drops him with a flying leg lariat! Striker pins NvL!



Kickout by NvL!

Zach Davis: Wow! And it looked like Striker may have had this one!

Shannan Lerch: Never count out Nathan Von Liebert! I’ve learned that much in my time in this company, Zach!

Striker gets back up, and takes a deep breath. From behind he’s hit by a forearm smash from Steve Orbit! Orbit manages to grab Striker and plants him with a German suplex before Striker even knows what’s hit him! Orbit is the first back to his feet, with NvL not far behind but still in a daze, and Orbit sees it as an opportunity, and hits the ropes at a high pace before bulldozing NvL to the mat with a huge spear! He pins NvL.




NO! NvL got his foot on the rope, and the ref saw it! He waves off the pin, and Orbit groans before pulling NvL back toward the middle of the ring and pinning again.




Zach Davis: That rope break on the first pin attempt really hurt Orbit there!

Shannan Lerch: If it weren’t for the ropes I’m not sure NvL could’ve kicked out of that spear! The impact shook the entire ringside area!

Orbit gets to his feet, waiting and watching, and an idea pops into his head. He quickly makes his way to the turnbuckle and climbs it, but by the time he’s up there, both NvL and Striker are starting to get to their feet!

Zach Davis: And one has to wonder if The Mack was thinking Oakland Splash there, but doesn’t look like he’s going to get his chance now!

Shannan Lerch: But Steve Orbit is still very potent in his high-risk offense, Zach, and I don’t think he’s out of ideas.

Orbit waits, and as the two turn toward him, Orbit takes off, dropping both men with a flying dropkick! All three men hit the mat, sprawled out in semi-conscious mounds of flesh.

Zach Davis: What a dropkick! But now all three men are out of it!

Shannan Lerch: This is any man’s match, now Zach!

After a good fifteen seconds, all three men begin to stir.

Zach Davis: It looks like the lack of a ten-count in triple threats is playing to the advantage of all three of them here!

Shannan Lerch: I think anyone would need time to regroup after that one!

Striker and Orbit get to their feet almost simultaneously, with NvL not far behind, and once to their feet all three look at one another, breathing heavily. Orbit takes a wild swing at Nathan, but Nathan ducks it and Headbutts Orbit away. Striker goes to kick Nathan, but Nathan catches his foot, spins him around, and lifts him...

Zach Davis: STRAIGHT JACKET DROP! Nathan just hit it on Skyler Striker!

Nathan goes to cover Striker, but Orbit spins him around out of nowhere!, hitting him with the Backhand Slap!

Shannan Lerch: Pimp Slap! We thought Nathan had it here!

Nathan flies backwards out of the ring. Quickly, knowing time is of the essence, Orbit jumps to the top and flies down onto Striker..


This results in a pin.




Shannan Lerch: Steve Orbit wins it!

Outside the ring, Nathan gets to his feet, rubbing his cheek where he got slapped and looking up into the ring, hatred in his eyes. Orbit's music is playing as he begins celebrating. He looks down at NvL, taunting him by pointing at his head, saying he outsmarted him.

Zach Davis: This has been one of the best Triple Threat matches we've seen on Slam in a while, but Steve Orbit walked away as the winning man here tonight.

Orbit turns towards the other side of the ring, playing to the fans, as Nathan slides back into the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Oh no! What's this!

Steve Orbit finds himself in the ring with Nathan von Liebert, his back turned to the right hand of the devil. A smile crosses the lips of Nathan, moments before he charges forward, a chop block aimed at the knees of Orbit. The former champ collapses to the ring, and Nathan stomps on the man. The crowd boos, but Nathan ignores them. Stepping back, Nathan delivers a sharp kick to the side of Orbit's head, the sound bouncing off the entire arena.

Zach Davis: Nathan wasn't kidding when he said Orbit was going to pay tonight.

With Orbit stunned before him, Nathan pulls him to his feet and ties the man's arms in the ropes. Nathan calls for a mic, and is handed one. He paces in front of Orbit, the crowd falling silent.

Nathan von Liebert: Come on Orbit, play your part. Throw curses at me like Nightmare did. Scream and beg for mercy like Johnny Nova did. Be the bitch, be Waylon's bitch.

The fans continue to boo. Nathan gets real close to Orbit's face.

Nathan von Liebert: I know you've got it in you. You've got to do it, for Waylon's sake. Because if you don't, I may have to find someone else close to Waylon to hurt. Maybe his friend Scott. Or his girlfriend, Roxanne. You wouldn't want me to get a hold of Roxy, would you? I make domestic abuse look like true love, you know that. And I can get her as easily as I got you, Steve. But you're his friend. And sometimes friends has to make sacrifices for other friends. Make the sacrifice, Orbit.

Orbit looks up, in the eyes of the monster, and spits on him. Of course, Nathan slaps the spit right out of Orbit's mouth, but he wasn't done there. He quickly rolls out of the ring, reaching under the apron in search of a weapon. And he finds it in the form of a steel chair. He rolls back into the ring, and tucks it behind Orbit's head.

Shannan Lerch: If Nathan hits the Demon Bounce, Orbit is going to rebound straight into the chair!

"White Trash Renegade" explodes over the PA to the pop from the crowd, as Cash runs out, down the ramp. He's too late, though, as Nathan grabs the neck of Orbit, and drops to his knees. Orbit's head snaps forward, and then rebounds directly into the steel. Cash storms the ring, but Nathan barely makes an escape. Mic still in hand, Nathan lifts it to his lips as he makes his way up the ramp.

Nathan von Liebert: I tried to spare you all the pain, Waylon. I tried to use Orbit as the proverbial bitch. But he wasn't any fun. Quite frankly, he bored me. So, now you've got to make a choice. Roxanne, or Scott? One of them is going to pay the price for that superkick. You decide which one it is.

With that, Nathan drops the mic, and disappears backstage. Waylon helps untie Orbit from the ropes, while he ponders the options set down before him. Eventually, both of them disappear backstage too, as Slam cuts to a commercial.

Scott Savage/Christopher Kane Segment

“Night on Bald Mountain” Begins to play over the PA, bringing loud booing from the audience. Scott Savage slowly struts out onto the entrance ramp, microphone in hand. He stops , and looks out onto the audience, the jeers bringing a smile to his face. His music slowly dies, and he raises the microphone to his lips.

Scott Savage: Last week, Chris Kane and I were the victims of a disgusting, cowardly attack. It was a heinous act committed by frightened nobodies who hide under masks. These spineless worms snuck through the crowd, and attacked us with weapons, leaving us both lying on the ground. By doing this, these men were crying out to be destroyed, and that is exactly what I want the chance to do. This presents a few unique problems. First, I have to implore Jonny Fly to allow me, a non-contracted wrestler, to find a tag team partner, and fight two other non-contracted wrestlers.

Shannan Lerch: It will be interesting to see how Fly or the WCF Booking Committee respond to this.

Scott Savage: My second problem is Chris Kane... he has shown, rightfully so, that he doesn't trust me. I understand that, but this is an opportunity for revenge, and I would like him to come out here, so I may speak with him.

Scott drops his arm, and waits silently for Chris to make his entrance. It takes a few moments, but eventually “This Fire Burns” begins to play over the speakers. Chris slowly steps out onto the stage, and keeps his distance from Scott. He grabs a mic from an attendant, and begins to speak immediately.

Chris Kane: You're right Scott, I don't trust you. I watch the way you treat people, and I don't see anything worth trusting. You're a lying, conniving, two-faced bastard, who only seems to care about himself... but these guys need a beating. If Fly says yes, I'll team with you for one night.

Scott reaches out his hand, and Chris hesitates, as the crowd yells for him not to trust the man. Chris looks disgusted with himself, bu shakes Scott's hand.

Scott Savage: Now Seth, the ball is in your court. Give us this one match, I implore you! Don't bother calling me. I'll have my answer when you announce the card.

Scott drops the mic, and walks backstage, leaving Brad Kane to wonder what he has done.

Zach Davis: Chris Kane may be the second WCF wrestler in two weeks to sell his soul to the devil.

Non-Title Match
Corey Black/Jonny Fly vs Odin Balfore/Benjamin Atreyu

Kyle Steel: The following tag team contest is set for one fall and it is your Main Event. Introducing first. . .

“Capricco” by Krzysztof Penderecki hits the sound system with a loud hit of drums followed by a sharp harmony of horns and strings. Benjamin Atreyu and Odin Balfore step out onto the ramp, the tag team titles strung over their shoulders. They scan the crowd, when suddenly, all music ceases.


Pyros fire off behind both men, and they make their way down the ramp. Benjamin pulls himself up using the ropes while Odin uses the steps to climb up. They both step into the ring and hold up their belt to the crowd, mixed reactions reigning down on them.

Kyle Steel: At a combined weight of 571 pounds, they are your Tag Team Champions! They are Benjamin ATREYU and Odin BALFORE! And their opponents. . .

The lights in the arena fade out. After a few suspense filled seconds the words ‘The Dynasty’ appear in bold italic lettering on the jumbotron as the beginning of “300 Violin Orchestra” begins to play. A single spotlight turns on and illuminates the silhouette of a man standing on the stage. As the song begins to speed up, the lights come on revealing Jonny Fly and Corey Black.

Fly stands on the stage with his eyes directly fixed on the ring. The jumbotron changes to the words ‘This is the Era of Pantheon.’ The music slows down and a barrage of fireworks begins to go off behind the men. Slowly, the two men make their way down the ring, all the while watching their opponents. Corey slides in under the bottom rope while Fly steps onto the apron to step between the ropes.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in a combined weight of 445 pounds, they are Pantheon! They are Corey BLACK and Jonny FLY!

Zach Davis: Just pause and feel the tension in that ring. Corey and Odin have a history rich in conflict, and Balfore has recently stood opposite of Fly. Benjamin just wants to win, so you know he won’t be nice to either man.

Discussions between both teams begin, and it is decided that Jonny Fly and Benjamin Atreyu are going to start the match. Corey Black turns to go to his corner, when suddenly Odin charges from behind and delivers a big boot to the back of Black’s head. Corey goes tumbling over the top rope, and Odin climbs out behind him. Fly, distracted by the attack from Balfore, doesn’t defend against Atreyu, who drops the WCF owner with a STO Backbreaker.

Zach Davis: That’ll teach Fly to stiff Benji’s pay.

Shannan Lerch (giggling): You said stiff.


Benjamin kicks at the prone Fly a few times, before pulling the former champion to his feet. He then proceeds to drive his knee into the abdomen of Fly. Two, three, four times he does this, capping it off with a gutbuster.

Zach Davis: Atreyu is targeting the ribs that are probably still sore from One. Smart strategy.

Outside the ring, Odin throws Corey into the barricade. Leaving the stunned Black, Odin climbs back into the ring, and tags into the match. The champs stomp on Fly until the referee forces Benjamin out. Odin pulls Fly up by his hair, and locks in a sleeper on Fly. Instead of trying to choke him out, though, Odin takes him up and over with a sleeper suplex. Jonny’s body crashes to the mat, and Odin goes for the pin.




Fly rolls over onto his stomach, and he attempts to crawl to his corner, where Black is making his way over to. Benjamin cuts Corey off, but the veteran was ready for the champ, as he delivers a sharp kick to Benjamin’s head. Tucking it under his arm, Corey lifts Benjamin up, and delivers a brainbuster to the champ on the apron. Atreyu bounces off, and lands on the concrete below.

Zach Davis: Suddenly the tides have changed.

Odin spares a glance at Corey, and due to the distraction, Fly somehow catches the big man in a small package.




Odin kicks out, surprised to be caught. Fly quickly wipes the surprise off his face, though, with a dropkick to the seated Balfore. Instead of going for the pin, Fly pulls Odin so he’s on his knees, and then the WCF owner DDTs the man, spiking his skull to the mat. A pin attempt follows





Fly shakes his head, and stands. Black calls for the tag, and Fly obliges. Instead of diving into the ring, Black yells at Odin to stand. And, slowly but surely, the big man does. When Odin is finally standing Black launches off with a springboard crossbody. Balfore catches him, though, and crashes Black’s body to the mat with a fallaway slam. Odin rolls over, placing his arm across the chest of Black for the pin attempt.





Zach Davis: No one wants to finish early tonight.

By now, Benjamin has recovered and his back at his corner, so Odin tags out. Benjamin steps into the ring and crouches down in the corner. He waits, stalking Black as he rises to his feet. Corey is on his feet, and turns straight into a spinning elbow from Benjamin, known as the Black Eye Sonata

Shannan Lerch: Black is stunned, Atreyu has him on his shoulders, with a Requiem in mind.

Zach Davis: But here comes Fly off the top rope!

With Black on his shoulders, Atreyu prepares for his finisher, but Fly stops the proceedings by barreling into Atreyu with the Fly Swatter. Odin is in the ring as soon as Fly is on his feet, though, and proceeds to drill Fly to the mat with a jackknife powerbomb.

Zach Davis: Mark of Odin!

Odin stands, raising a single fist to the air as he stands over the body of Fly. And then the recently risen Black spins him around, locking in a front face lock, before flipping over with a front flip DDT.

Shannan Lerch: Your Plague drives the giant to the mat!

Black rises, the remaining man still standing in the match. Or so he thinks, as Atreyu lifts him onto his shoulders, before slamming him with a Requiem in D Minor.

Zach Davis: Everyone else is down, this could be over!




Foot on Ropes!

Shannan Lerch: Atreyu connected, but he was too close to the ropes.

Atreyu is truly frustrated, yelling at the referee to just count and don’t look around. Grabbing Black’s hair, Benjamin pulls the man to the center of the ring, and lifts him back on his shoulders, with a second Burning Hammer in mind. But Black suddenly strikes out with an elbow, followed by several more. Black lands on his feet behind Atreyu, and then proceeds to lift him up in a burning hammer of his own. The fans go wild, and Black looks around at the crowd.

Zach Davis: Wait, Black is shifting his hold on Atreyu. What is he doing?

Shannan Lerch: Wait, that’s the Torture Device! He’s mimicking Torture’s finisher.

The fan pop as Black drives Atreyu to the mat with the Torture’s Device. Black lands on his knees, a smile on his face, as he goes for the pin.

Zach Davis: Odin isn’t stirring, and they’re in the center of the ring. This is over




Shannan Lerch: Ugh.

Zach Davis: The new owner of the company, and Corey Black, pick up the win!

As the match concludes, the titantron starts flashing as the signal on it changes and Fly and Black start noticing and look up at the screen. On the screen, Eric Price appears with a huge grin on his face sitting on a large couch.

Eric Price: Hey Jonny, how you doin’?

Crowd boos loudly

Zach Davis: What the hell, what’s he doing here?

Fly quickly asks for a microphone.

Jonny Fly: What the hell, cut his signal off, cut the feed!

Eric Price: Cute Jonny, just cute, your typical arrogant self. Jonny, how could I allow WCF to go one without gracing you all with my presence, your WCF World Champion, yours truly Mr. Eric Price!

Crowd: Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!

Jonny Fly: What do you want? Are you here to return the World Title, a title you’re too much of a coward to defend?

Crowd cheers

Eric Price: How quaint, you truly are ridiculous Jonny. No, that’s not why I’m there and actually, I’m not in the arena because I’m not going to waste my time in some little craphole berg like Raleigh, North Carolina.

Crowd boos loudly

Eric Price: No no, I am here because my friend Gravedigger invited me to watch Slam at The Graveyard and I decided to join him because he showed me the proper respect that I so richly deserve.

The shot moves over to show Gravedigger to show him on the other couch.

Gravedigger: Oh Fly, you never cease to amaze me. This is the World Champion right here, you need to show him respect as all should do.

The shot moves back to show Eric Price simply grinning at this notion.

Eric Price: See, he understands that the World Champion is the top person in the company.

Jonny Fly: Price, you don’t deserve any respect! The fact is you’re a coward who took your ball and went home, that simple. And you did it to spite me but guess what, the company’s moving on without you. You’re not going to hold up WCF and you’re certainly not going to be able to use the title as a bargaining chip.

Eric Price: Oh I think I am. You see Jonny, this is all your fault, this is all on you. I didn’t want to walk out of WCF, I didn’t want to leave, you made me leave!

Jonny Fly: What do you mean I made you leave?

Eric Price: I saw what you did to Seth last week. Before that, despite our differences, I had contemplated working with you but after what you did to him, I decided that it was of no use because you were going to find any possible way to humiliate and denigrate me as well. So I decided if I get a new contract, it will be on my terms!

Jonny Fly: Your terms? You think you actually can negotiate here? I’ll just strip you of the title and move on.

Eric Price: Go ahead, strip me of the title, and declare some tournament to crown a new World Champion. In the end, it’s all meaningless crap if you do that because by doing so, you’re basically making the title completely worthless. The next person will not have beaten the true champion and what you’ll have on your hands is a farce of a champion that didn’t really earn the title. I mean, if you want to go ahead and devalue your own company, you go right ahead, we all know you’re a boneheaded business man but in the end, I think I have a solution that will appeal to us both.

Jonny Fly: What’s that, you going away permanently?

Eric Price: Oh, I’d love nothing more than to never have to deal with you again but you and I, we’re not done, not by a longshot. You see, next week is the Payback PPV so what I am suggesting is a match.

Jonny Fly: You’ll be defending your title? Against who? You know I won’t let you pick your opponent especially after what you did to Purse!

Eric Price: First off, I had nothing to do with what happened to Jeff Purse, for the record. And secondly, I wasn’t talking about defending my title, I was talking about having a match, a match against you!

Jonny Fly: A match against me? You want to get beat?

Eric Price: That’s it, keep the overconfidence coming because it will be your undoing. You and I in a match, the first time ever, one on one, Jonny Fly vs Eric Price, no disqualification match, just like the type of match you had at One!

Jonny Fly: So you can get control of the company back in Seth’s name, I see where this is going.

The shot switches back to Gravedigger

Gravedigger: Hey Fly, why don’t you shut up and listen to what the World Champion has to say because that’s not where he’s going at all. What a smug, arrogant, delusional bastard you are.

Jonny Fly: Of all the people to talk about delusional, you mention the word delusional Gravedigger. Please, you define delusion.

The shot switches back to Eric Price.

Eric Price: Hey, this is Gravedigger, WCF Hall of Famer, living legend, you show him the respect he deserves damn it! Unlike you, he sees things with clarity as do I. No no, the match will have a simple stipiulation. If you win, the unlikely event that you win, I will return to WCF under any contract you choose, whatever terms you decide, I will sign that contract and abide by it. However, however, if and this is the more likely scenario, if and when I win the match, I will return to WCF however, it will be on my terms. I will write up the contract, have my legal team revise it to ensure I get what I want and you will be forced to sign it no matter how much you think the terms are ridiculous.

Jonny Fly: Are you serious? Why don’t I just take the title from you? No sense in bringing you back, you’re a waste of space.

Eric Price: Oh what’s this, is the big bad Jonny a chicken? I mean, what’s that word you call everyone, Flyjobbers? If you think everyone’s a jobber to you, why not face me, after all, I’m sure in your mind you will make easy work of me. Think about it, I’m giving you the chance not only to get me to agree to whatever ridiculous contract you come up with for me but also to beat me and shut me up once and for all. What do you think?

Zach Davis: Eric Price laying down the challenge, this is huge!

Jonny Fly: I ACCEPT!

Eric Price: Excellent Jonny, excellent. Oh, there is one more thing though. If I win, excuse me, when I win, not only do I get the contract on my terms but your little Pantheon buddies, the chief of staff, chief financial officer, chief whatever, they will be demoted back down to simply wrestlers on the roster and I will take over and pick new designees for those positions. But don’t worry, you will still retain your position of power, you’re the owner after all and I don’t want to change that. What do you say?

Shannan Lerch: A lot at stake here. Will Jonny Fly accept the challenge?

Jonny Fly: You think you can beat me, fine, you’re on! You’ll be just another flyjobber on the list and then, then I will make sure you pay for this little stunt you pulled.

Eric Price: Then we have an understanding. See you next week at Payback because as they say, Payback’s a bitch!

The titantron goes dark as Jonny is then shown discussing with Corey Black who reassures him he can easily dispose of Eric Price!

Zach Davis: Wow, first time ever next week, live on PPV, Eric Price vs Jonny Fly with a lot at stake, who will walk out the big winner. Payback in one week, we will find out. Good night fans from Raleigh!

Table of Contents


Slam Intro

Eric Price Segment

The Ninja vs Cryboy McEmo

Morientes Segment

Television Title Contendership Battle Royal

The Confederate Wrestlers vs Jaguar-F/G-Money

Jonny Fly/Skyler Striker Segment

Southern Discomfort vs The O'Clery Brothers

Doc Henry/Confederate Wrestlers Segment

Davey Ortega vs Michael Santiago

Eric Price/Gravedigger Segment

John Gable vs Blizzard

Jay Price Segment

United States Title Match: Steeltoe Joe vs Stuart Slane

Synn Segment

Television Title Match: ??? vs Synn

Click, Click, Boom

Skyler Striker vs Steve Orbit vs Nathan von Liebert

Scott Savage/Christopher Kane Segment

Corey Black/Jonny Fly vs Odin Balfore/Benjamin Atreyu


Of The Week

Sarah Twilight
TV Title Contendership Battle Royal



Eric Price
Roy Speede
United States:
Stuart Slane
Kale Windsor
Christopher Kane
Tag Team:
Odin Balfore/Benjamin Atreyu