Slam Intro

Drunk and Crazy by Mogwai hits, and we're live from the New Orleans Arena in.. you gussed it! New Orleans, Louisiana! A brief "We want Phantasm!" chant rings throughout the arena as we go live to Zach and Shannan.

Zach Davis: Welcome to Slam! We have an inexplicably small show this week BUT out of the seven matches we do have, they're big ones.

Shannan Lerch: The enemies of World Champion Eric Price face off in our main event. Prophecy and, of course, Jonny Fly, have all been terrorizing our poor World Champion. I'm not sure if Eric is here tonight or not, but if he is, well... I bet there'll be hell to pay.

Zach Davis: After their showdown last week, we've got John Gable going one on one with Morientes. Despite being a newcomer to the company, Morientes is moving up the ladder real quick here.

Shannan Lerch: Oblivion is in action against Kale Windsor. Windsor has been shown to have some dark tendencies himself so this one could, honestly, go either way.

Zach Davis: The Internet Title is finally on the line!, as Christopher Kane faces G-Money. Kane was slated to face Kaylyn James Evans at One, which didn't work out due to interference. He and Scott Savage have done away with the Men in White, so hopefully that won't be an issue anymore.

Shannan Lerch: After facing off in a four way last week, Deuce Maximus and Davey Ortega are now facing one on one! Ortega picked up the win last week, but things may be different in this kind of match. We'll see.

Zach Davis: Judge Mental is debuting against Vengeance. I'll tell you, Shannan, I don't know where we find these people...

Shannan Lerch: And in our opener, Ana Valentine makes her glorious return against John Thomas! Let's start the show!

Arena goes pitch black but one single white light in the ring.

Zach Davis: Uh...?

Voice: I can hear you breathing. Are you scared of the darkness. Pain and blood is headed your way Doc Henry. Pain and blood.

A red substance falls from above in the single white light as "Requiem For A Dream [Remix]" starts playing as the ring is filled with white strobe lights and the WCFtron reads MARCH 17, 2013 dripping like blood. Then the arena goes back to being pitch black instantly.

Shannan Lerch: Guess someone wanted to get Doc Henry's attention... I wonder if Doc is listening?

Eric Price Segment

“You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell starts playing over the speaker system.

Zach Davis: And of course we are going to be graced by the presence of our World Champion who clearly loves to do nothing but hear himself talk.

Shannan Lerch: Now come on Zach, show some respect to the man, he is the World Champion, he can do what he wants.

Eric Price is shown walking out onto the entrance ramp as he surveys the crowd, boos raining onto him. He is wearing an expensive black suit with a dark green shirt and tie and as usual, a US lapel pin on his sportcoat. He is also wearing sunglasses as he has the World Title draped over his shoulder.

Zach Davis: And here comes the egotistical, self-absorbed, paranoid World Champion and looks like he’s not coming alone.

Shannan Lerch: Not at all, with him are Gravedigger and Adrian.

Zach Davis: His usual cast of characters. This crowd certainly letting them have it as those are some loud boos.

Shannan Lerch: The World Champion is undeterred though as he makes his way into the ring. Looks like he is going to address us here tonight.

Gravedigger and Adrian stand behind Eric Price as he stands in the center of the ring, his music dying down as he simply looks at the audience in disdain.

Crowd: You suck! You suck! You suck!

Eric Price: Ahem!

Zach Davis: This crowd all over the WCF World Champion.

Eric Price: Last week, a lot of things happened that truly sickened me. First, Prophecy decided to destroy my production studio by blowing it up!

Crowd cheers loudly.

Eric Price: Then, as the legendary hall of famer Gravedigger was speaking to the audience, he gets assaulted by Fly and his goons and then Skyler Striker comes in to make the save despite the fact that we had taken care of business.

Crowd pops for that

Eric Price: The board of directors has been replaced by Pantheon members exclusively!

Crowd pops

Eric Price: And to top it off, at the end of the night, despite the fact that I had single handedly taken down Pantheon because they are worthless pieces of trash, Sarah Twilight from behind ambushes me, attacks me, and puts her foot on top of me counting the 1 – 2 – 3 trying to intimidate me!

Crowd pops loudly for that

Eric Price: And you people, you sick, vile people cheer for that?! You cheer for my misfortunes, for the bad week that I had?! You feed off of the misery of others, is that it?!

Zach Davis: What goes around, comes around.

Eric Price: I did not deserve that last week, not at all. May I remind you people that my name is Mr. Eric Price and I am the WCF World Heavyweight Champion and that means that I deserve to be respected!

Crowd: Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!

Eric Price: If you continue chanting that, then I’m turning around and I’m leaving.

Crowd pops as Eric looks at them for a moment with disdain. They then continue to chant…

Crowd: Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!

Eric quickly slides out of the ring and slowly starts walking back up the ramp.

Shannan Lerch: Well that’s it, I guess he’s leaving.

Zach Davis: Thank God, good riddance to bad rubbish!

Eric stops one quarter of the way up the ramp

Eric Price: No no, I think I changed my mind!

Crowd boos loudly at this

Eric Price slides back into the ring and stands in the center

Eric Price: You people aren’t going to push me around and dictate to me what I’m going to do! I’m the World Champion and that means that we are on my time! Last week admittedly was a bad week for me but it wasn’t all bad, after all, Jonny signed me to my same contract that I had previously. I think he’s an arrogant fool for doing that because honestly, if you ever have a chance to take down your enemy, you should do so as quickly as possible. He had the chance and he refused to do that and now, he has to deal with having me on each and every single week. Because unlike previous World Champions, I am a fighting champion, I show up to shows each and every week. I don’t take time off and let the title go to my head like some of our previous champions; I don’t ever use the excuse “well, I don’t book the matches” to refuse a fight with someone. If someone wants to fight me, then I’ll fight them!

Eric Price: Now last week, Prophecy made it clear that they wanted to get my attention. Boys, you got my attention by committing a felonious act that I consider incredibly reprehensible and costly. Then you laughed about it as did not only all of you leeches but everyone in the back and even the so called magnanimous leader of WCF Jonny Fly laughed about it. He should have fired Tek and STJ over this and instead, they get put in the main event of Slam this week whereas yours truly, your World Champion is not even booked in a match tonight. That tells me exactly how much Jonny values his most prized commodity in WCF. That’s fine though because yes, last week was bad but tonight it’s about making examples and teaching everyone that I deserve to be respected!

Crowd: You’re a loser! You’re a loser! You’re a loser!

Eric Price: HEY! You people shut up or I will come up there and beat the living hell out of each and every one of you. I can beat up everyone in this arena tonight because I am that much better than all of you.

Crowd boos loudly at this

Eric Price: You’re all worthless peons in the cogs of life that will never reach any level of relevance. In the end, you all pay to see me and that’s how it goes, you and people like you will always pay to see greatness, to see people like me because people like me are scarce and a rarity in the world. Whether you like to admit it or not, you people know I am talented and you know I’m the best person in this company. No matter how much Jonny claims the term Flyjobber means something, the fact is he couldn’t beat me at Payback without resorting to cheating, which proves just how inferior he really is to me. Now, in two weeks, we have the next WCF PPV Timebomb and I’ve heard the talk, I’ve heard the rumors, I keep an ear to the ground and a lot of people are expecting me to lose my title.

Crowd cheers at this

Eric Price: A lot of people are expecting me to lose my title but they’re going to be sorely disappointed because I will walk out of Timebomb, still the WCF World Champion. You hear that you losers, mark the calendar, mark the time, Mr. Eric Price will walk out of Timebomb still the WCF World Champion, that is a promise, a guarantee, and an unquestionable fact! As it relates to tonight, as Jonny decided to not feature me in a match, I will take the time to watch the product and see what up and coming talent is worth a damn. But know that before this night is over, you will all learn a lesson in respect from your WCF World Champion, yours truly Mr. Eric Price!

Eric drops the microphone as “You Know My Name” starts playing over the speaker system again and Eric Price, Gravedigger, and Adrian all start walking up the ramp toward the backstage area.

Zach Davis: Eric Price really letting this raucous crowd have it here tonight. He thinks he is better than everyone and he claims he’s going to teach everyone tonight about respect.

Shannan Lerch: Well, can you blame him? People like you, like Fly, like Twilight constantly disrespect him and he’s had enough. Prophecy just made his hit list and I know he for one is not happy.

Zach Davis: I think that tirade was the stuff delusions are made of but that’s just my opinion. I’ll say this much though, the more time Eric Price has that World Title, the more delusional and psychotic he seems to be.

Stuart Slane Segment

”Follow Me, Boys!” blasts through the speakers of the New Orleans Arena, causing the fans in attendance to jeer lustily.

Zach Davis: Bah Gawd- That’s the Scoutmaster’s music!

It is indeed the Scoutmaster. He marches out from the gorilla position and heads down the ramp. Even though he has no match tonight, he is in his ring gear. The United States Championship is strapped around his waist, and a large, antiquated laptop is resting in the crook of his left arm. As he makes his way to the ring, he holds his right hand high in the air, forefinger extended, then bent. Extended, then bent. Extended. Bent. And so on.

Shannan Lerch: Oh, look, Zach: the US Champ is here to check your prostate.

Zach Davis: Don’t even joke about that, Shannan.

Slane climbs the ring steps and awkwardly enters between the ropes. He makes a circuit inside the ring, showing off his flexing digit to the unhappy crowd.

Shannan Lerch: For those of you who are unaware, the reason Scoutmaster has come out here tonight is to make good on the ultimatum he gave to WCF CEO Jonny Fly. Earlier this week he demanded Jonny cancel the United States Championship Title Match scheduled for Time Bomb between him and Jay Price. Scoutmaster vowed he would destroy Fly’s empire with a push of a button if he didn’t get what he wanted.

Zach Davis: You can see the ultimatum, and Jonny Fly’s response, exclusively on WCF.com.

Slane asks for and gets a microphone. Still holding the open laptop, he begins to speak.

Scoutmaster: Time’s up, Mister Fly. I gave you a week to postpone my US Title Match against your Pantheon crony Jay Price. This is your last chance. Do the smart thing, the right thing, and I’ll spare you the indignity of losing everything that matters to you. You have one minute.

Sixty seconds passes with the crowd growing more and more vociferous in their disapproval with the interruption to the show. Slane grumpily stomps around the ring.

Zach Davis: Looks like Jonny Fly is calling Scoutmaster’s bluff.

Scouty comes to the same realization.

Scoutmaster: You think I’m playing a game here, Mister Fly? I am not. There’s no way I would make the trip to this godforsaken Sodom on the Bayou-


Scoutmaster: -if I didn’t think the information I had wouldn’t ruin you. It is literally thousands of pages, meticulously researched, detailing your criminal dealings. The documents I have uncovered will put you in prison for the rest of your miserable life, and, if you don’t give me what I want, I’m going to email this information to the FBI, the New York Police Department, the Las Vegas Police Department, the Department of Justice, the Wall Street Journal, and Fox News!

The fans grow quiet. Murmurs of confusion ripple amongst the WCF Faithful. Slane nods frantically.

Scoutmaster: That’s right, you Visigoths, I have discovered every dirty secret your “hero” Jonny Fly has tried to hide. Every closeted skeleton he hoped would never see the light of day. And, if Mister Fly does not come out here right now and cancel my match with Jay Price at Time Bomb, I will expose him to the world! Mister Fly, you have thirty seconds before I hit “send”. Use that time wisely.

Zach Davis: Wow, what a revelation! Scoutmaster says he has extensive information on Jonny Fly’s, uh, alleged criminal past, and that he will deliver it to the authorities and the press if he has to defend his title at Time Bomb!

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, that’s what he “says”. Remember the source though, Zach: Slane is a certified nut. A cuckoo conspiracy theorist.

Time ticks away. No response. Stu glares up towards the stage and the Titantron behind it, his right eyelid fluttering. The fans start a countdown.

Crowd: Ten! Nine! Eight!

Scouty holds the laptop out away from his body.

Crowd: Seven! Six! Five!

He raises his left arm over his head.

Crowd: Four! Three!

His pointer finger is extended once again.

Crowd: Two! One!

Slane’s arm lowers, his hand arcing downward to make the killing keystroke-

Scoutmaster: If you think I...

"4 Words To Choke Upon" hits the speakers.

Zach Davis: JAY PRICE?!?

It is indeed Jay Price who steps out from the back, followed by Jonny Fly who has a bit of a grin on his face. Price waves for his music to cut as Fly hands him a microphone.

Scoutmaster: Look I...

Jay Price: Let me stop you right there Scouty. In fact, let's just go ahead and cut his microphone.

Scoutmaster starts to say something but his microphone has already cut. Angered, he throws it to the mat and points to the button on the laptop in his hands.

Jay Price: There, that's better. Now Stu, I've been listening to all the things you've had to say as of late, and I must say I'm a bit shocked. With Eric Price pulling the stunts that he's pulled and some of the other champions as of late acting like some grade A bitches, I was hoping that you would be one of the ones to actually act like he deserved to wear a title around your waist. But no, apparently you want to follow in the footsteps of the World Champion and play games to try and keep that belt for as long as you can. Well Stu, I'm out here to tell you that I don't play games. This isn't fourth grade and we're not out on the playground. You don't get to take your ball and go home.

Scoutmaster is in the ring, red in the face, yelling for a microphone. A ringside employee starts to enter the ring with a microphone.

Jay Price: Stop! You give him that microphone and I swear to god I'll fire you on the spot.

The employee quickly climbs back down and takes his seat.

Jay Price: No Stu, you don't get to talk right now. You want to stand in the ring and make idle threats to "expose" Jonny Fly to try and get out of our match? Why don't you man the hell up. You don't want this match to go down at Timebomb then you cut the shit and you tell these people the real reason why you don't want the match. You look into the eyes of each and everyone of these people and you tell them that you're a scared little man who knows that if you step into the ring with me you will lose. You do that Stu, and I'll tell Jonny right now that he can cancel the match.

Scoutmaster is screaming at Price that he isn't afraid of him.

Jay Price: What's that? You say you aren't afraid of me? Fantastic. I'll see you at Timebomb.

Price turns his back on the ring, dropping the microphone with a thud, and heads to the back. Fly remains on the stage for a few moments, a grin still on his face, as Scoutmaster is seething in the ring.

Zach Davis: Wow. Jay Price telling Scoutmaster that the match at Timebomb will not be cancelled. This match is going to be explosive.

Shannan Lerch: But what about the information that Scoutmaster allegedly has about Jonny Fly? Is he going to release it?

Zach Davis: We're going to have to wait and see. Right now it doesn't look like Jonny is the least bit worried about whatever it is that Scoutmaster has on that laptop.

Fly then turns and heads to the back as the camera zooms in on Scoutmaster's expression. We go to commercial.

Ana Valentine vs John Thomas

Zach Davis: I am excited for our first matchup! John Thomas steps into the ring with a returning Ana Valentine. Recently we've had an influx of returning stars. Most of them have done quite well. But I for one, am especially excited to see Ana Valentine return to action.

Shannan Lerch: John Thomas not looking to be a stepping stone for Valentine. He himself would like to make a statement with a victory over the returning star. Thomas is definitely a tough start for the returning Princess.

Zach Davis: That is without question. Now we take it to Kyle Steel who is waiting in the ring!

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall....

The Lights cut out in the arena then the opening chords of “Let Your Country Hang Out” blast through the arena as a Rebel Flag lights up the Tron.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, from Crystal River, Florida weighing in at 235 pounds...he is "The Hardcore Redneck" JOHN THOMAS!

I ain't never had a pot to piss in
welcome to country livin
I'm taking what is givin
fried chicken is finger lickin
I was raised on Pabst blue ribbon
front porch pickin and grinin
and as long as I'm here I'ma drink some beer
and keep my country folks jiggin
then you show them city just what they missin
cooking grain up in the kitchen
asking us just how we did it
corn bread with the fixin
man you think we slippin
little shine and some fishin
take your dog runnin and hog huntin..scared you like the dickins

John Thomas walks out of the ramp wearing a pair of blue jeans, a black tank top, and his black cowboy hat pulled down around his eyes , and with a rebel flag bandana covering his face, along with Vanessa Lee by his side, and his arm around her waist.

Yeah, now let your country hang out
fly a big rebel flag out in front of your house
I said yeah, now let your country hang out
if you proud of where you from and you a son of the south i said
Yeah, now let your country hang out
fly a big rebel flag out in front of your house
I said yeah, now let your country hang out
if you proud of where you from and you a son of the south I said yea

John continues to walk down the ring and climbs in as he takes his hat off and hands it to Vanessa as he gives her a kiss

Kyle Steel: And his opponent....

Don't Cha - P.C.D blares throught the arena.

Kyle Steel: From Las Vegas, Nevada weighing in at 109 pounds...she is ANA VALENTINE!

Ana walks down the ramp to pink pyro’s shooting off behind her. She pauses at the steps to the ring to blow kisses to the crowd. She then steps into the ring bending low to slip between the middle and bottom rope.

Zach Davis: And this one is set to get under way!

Ana and Thomas get nose to chest, Their eyes are deadlocked and they both look ready to explode. The ref orders them to their corners and calls for the bell. As the bell rings the two charge one another, Valentine goes for a baseball slide into the larger Thomas's knee but the veteran is quick and hops up over her as Ana quickly springs up herself. John goes to grab her only to be caught with a spinning kick to the gut, followed by a European uppercut. Thomas is stunned, Valentine grabs him tightly and delivers a nicely executed suplex that sends him CRASHING into the mat.

Zach Davis: Ana Valentine wasting no time! She wants to make a name for herself once more here in WCF and tonight is definitely the night to do it!

Shannan Lerch: Yeah, well look again! Thomas is no slouch. He has the same opportunity and has no plans of letting Valentine ruin his time to shine!

As Ana adroitly hops up she turns around only to see Thomas stand up and glare at her as if the suplex had almost no effect on him and the crowd is bustling.

Zach Davis: Ana not deterred by this at all!

Ana rushes the Southern Discomfort member quickly and delivers a nice tackle, taking Thomas off his feet, She lands a right hand to the face but as she goes for another one, he grabs her head and pulls it down to his waist, his legs wrap around her head as he begins to lock in a triangle hold and the crowd is on their feet watching this one intenly.

Zach Davis: This is going to be a tough night for Thomas as Valentine is a tough competitor. Though I hope he holds her there for a while. I love the view.

Shannan Lerch: Thomas needing to put one in the bag for himself. Tonight could be his night to do so, but can he keep Ana Valentine on defense?

But Valentine, seeing this wiggles her way free and flips over locking in an armlock submission on John, who uses his strength and lifts up his smaller opponent and slams her to the mat.

Shannan Lerch: And look at that. Power pure and simple!

Zach Davis: Wait, but look at this!

Ana gets back to her feet. The slam shaking her up a bit, but the adrenaline keeps her going. Thomas wastes no time as he moves in at Valentine. She delivers a kick to the gut that doubles John over. She follows up by grabbing him for an Irish whip, but it's reversed. Thomas grabs her and whips her into the ropes as she comes off he catches her and lifts her up into a military press, does one, two, three shoulder presses and drops her to the mat like a sack of potatoes as she lands down hard. Ana slowly gets up only to be caught by a bicycle kick to the face, sending her flying into the corner. John rushes her with a running lariat, but she dodges and he hits nothing but turnbuckle shaking the ring and shaking himself up in the process.

As Thomas spins around from the impact, he is caught by a jumping neck-breaker from the smaller Valentine, he rolls back up to his feet up only to be hit in the face by a perfectly executed dropkick. Thomas back to his feet and he is caught with another kick, this one a straight shot to his gut. Ana follows up with a double underhook DDT. She goes for the cover and the ref is down in position for the count.






Thomas kicks out with authority, launching Valentine up off of him. But she stays on the offensive and before he can get himself to his feet she sends a VICIOUS kick into his chest. Thomas rolls to his side, shaking off the cobwebs.

Zach Davis: Thomas able to kick out, and Valentine is still on the offensive!

Shannan Lerch: She knows how to wear someone down, and most importantly to keep the offensive pace going.

Zach Davis: John Thomas is no slouch either, Shannan!

Shannan Lerch: Oh absolutely not.

Ana moves in, giving Thomas no time to regain himself. She grabs his arms and pulls them back, placing her foot on the back of his head and she SHOVES his face and jaw into the canvas.

Zach Davis: Curb Stomp!!!

Shannan Lerch: Thomas is clearly dazed! I don't think he was expecting her to put the fight to him like this!!

John struggles to his feet and Valentine is there on the attack as she charges him. Though Thomas catches her, hugs her tightly, connects with a head butt and unleashes an overhead belly to belly suplex, sending the smaller Ana through the air and down to the mat.

Zach Davis: Back and forth action. Both competitors giving it their all. Valentine wants to make a statement with her return.

Shannan Lerch: And John Thomas wants to make a statement himself, a victory over a returning Ana Valentine would certainly do just that.

Back in the ring, Thomas follows up his suplex as he whips Valentine into the ropes and connects with a tilt a whirl back breaker, She is down and Thomas nods confidently.

Shannan Lerch: Thomas has the size and power advantage. This is where he can take advantage.

Zach Davis: Size doesn't always matter, Shannan. Ana has proven capable of holding her own against larger competitors in the past.

Thomas picks up the slightly dazed Valentine, lifts her up and places her on the top turnbuckle, he climbs up with her and looks out to the crowd as they boo loudly. Ana punches Thomas in the face, but he retaliates and Ana is stunned but not as much as Thomas thinks as she grabs his head and launches him out of the ring from the turnbuckle as John flies through the air and hits the cement floor hard. Valentine quickly spins around points to the crowd and hits a flying elbow drop on Thomas, WHAM. Both are down now and after some time, Ana is the first to her feet. Thomas climbs back to his feet and he rushes at her, but she catches him unexpectedly with a drop toehold and he falls down FACE FIRST into the ring steps. His head is now BUSTED open!!!

Zach Davis: Oooh! This one takes a turn for the worst. I don't think Valentine intended on using the ring steps. She just reacted out of instinct.

Shannan Lerch: Regardless, it just put things in her favor by a LOT.

Ana rolls him into the ring and quickly follows him in as he stands up, she delivers a HARD kick to his gut. He doubles over and she rolls over him with a sunset flip, executing it nicely on the larger John Thomas, count….





Zach Davis: No! Thomas kicks out!!

Shannan Lerch: What a close call!

Thomas makes it to his feet. Ana focuses on the bloody mess that is his face, and she starts nailing HARD punches at him, further spilling his blood as she nails the wound. She jumped around, hooking his arms for perhaps a crucifix pin or octopus stretch, but Thomas is able to steady his balance and he drops her down HARD with a Samoan drop. He stays on her, picking her up and takes her down with a thunderous POWERSLAM. Thomas takes a moment to try and regain his composure for a moment. However, Valentine, gets up and surprises him with a schoolboy roll up. Ref gets into position.




John rolls out of it and quickly back to his feet. As Valentine gets to hers, he is there with a forearm smash that sends her back down.

Shannan Lerch: That was a close one!

Zach Davis: He wasted valuable time. That breather almost cost him.

Shannan Lerch: I agree with that, Ana Valentine isn't going to waste any opportunity she has to take this one.

Zach Davis: So far no one has a clear cut advantage. This can go either way. What a contest for both of them!

Valentine quickly gets back to her feet and rushes Thomas who sends her up and over with a back body drop...she flies over the top rope and hits the FLOOR on the outside!!!! The crowd is going BONKERS! Cheering, Booing...just getting deeply into it all.

Zach Davis: Ana down and out of it. Thomas Looking to capitalize.

Shannan Lerch: What is he doing? Oh no.....

Ana pulls herself up using the guardrail and as she turns around, Thomas comes FLYING at her with a Diving Shoulder Block THROUGH THE ROPES and to the OUTSIDE that fully connects!!! She goes back down and CRASHES into the guardrail. Thomas gets back to his feet, hoisting Valentine up with a military press and tosses her back into the ring over the middle rope. He hops up onto the apron and slingshots himself over the top rope with a legdrop. He goes for the cover. Ref in position.





Kick out, Ana kicks out, as Thomas looks at the ref and shakes his head, sighing.

Shannan Lerch: Too close, come on Thomas stop playing around and just finish it.

Thomas looks at the crowd, motioning that he is ready to end this he moves about eight paces toward Valentine and measures her. Valentine is up, Thomas moves in at her but as he comes to her, she does a forward roll as the Southern Discomfort member hits air. He spins around only to be caught by a jumping neckbreaker. Valentine is staring down at him like a Lion. She has her eyes locked on him. He gets to one knee, shaking off the cobwebs again and as he does get back to his feet he is met by Cupid's Arrow! Thomas is sent CRASHING into the mat and looks to be out. Valentine makes the cover. Ref gets into position.




NO! Thomas manages to kick out and the crowd is going bonkers like never before!

Shannan Lerch: That was damn close!

Zach Davis: They are giving it their all and leaving nothing behind!

Valentine stares with wide eyes at the ref who also shrugs in shock. She returns to the assault on Thomas and starts pounding away at his face. Fist after fist she sends at him, further battering his open wound. She sends another hard fist and it is CAUGHT by Thomas. He forces her back and gets himself to his feet, spinning belly to belly SLAM!! And the smaller Valentine is down.The wind is knocked out of her, but Thomas is barely able to move himself after the vicious assault he endured. He pulls himself to his feet, woozily, and he is teetering with his balance. Ana gets to her feet and tries a high kick to the face, but Thomas ducks it and she spins completely around. Thomas whips her into the ropes, she come back on the return with a flying cross body and he catches her. It isn't long before he hoists her up into a double underhook piledriver, setting her for the Country Drop! However, she wiggles herself free once again and shoves him forward into the turnbuckle. He hits it face first and stumbles back a few feet right into her waiting arms and she hoists him up for Cupid's Bow!

Shannan Lerch: She nailed it!! And she got ALL OF IT!!

Zach Davis: Thomas is in a lot of trouble right now! It could be over right here!

The crowd is on the edge of their seats as Ana makes the cover. Ref gets into position.

Shannan Lerch: It's academic here!






Kyle Steel: Here is your winner....ANA VALENTINE!

Zach Davis: What a match! Both of these two giving it everything they had. In the end, Ana Valentine was able to come away with the victory. A VERY impressive return here tonight.

Shannan Lerch: Ana had to reach down and dig deep inside to pull that one out but she puts a W in the column for this week as she is able to subdue a TOUGH John Thomas on this night.

Our cameras give a panoramic view of the ring as Valentine stands on the ropes, celebrating her hard fought victory to a chorus of cheers.

Morientes/John Gable Segment

The camera opens with WCF's resident interviewer Hank Brown backstage in the locker room looking into the camera, no doubt ready to begin yet another one of his segments.

Hank Brown: Once again, I'm here behind the scenes to interview one of WCF's favorite wrestlers. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Po- I mean... Morientes.

Morientes steps into the shot, already dressed in his wrestling gear, despite his match not happening till later. He gives Hank a slight nod, before beginning to stretch his arms.

Hank Brown: El Nino, you're up tonight against the man who beat you last Sunday in a tag team match. Any thoughts?

Morientes cracks his knuckles, before answering.

Morientes: Good to see you again Hank. Seems that you've learnt how to properly address professional wrestlers around here eh?

Hank Brown blushes a deep crimson, no doubt remembering the last time he treated the Spaniard with disrespect. His bruises didn't fully disappear until eight days later.

Morientes: Last week, I lost fair and square to John Gable. I admit, I underestimated the man. I saw his tag team partner as the deadlier foe, and focused my attentions on him instead. That cost me dearly. Gable is a vicioso man, and he defeated me for the victory. There's no excuse for that.

Morientes scratches his chin and looks away, as if recollecting the pain he experienced.

Morientes: I made a mistake. I will not make another this week. I will make John Gable submit and cry uncle. Believe it. Una golondrina no hace verano, just because he won last week, does not make him invincible.

Hank Brown: Do you have any idea why John Gable is hell-bent on making you your target?

Morientes: No. I suppose he got his values about entertainment and all that nonsense, but it makes no sense to anyone whatsoever. He spouts all that mierda about society, but he himself never looks himself in the mirror and reflects on how ugly his character is. He started something with The Bull, and I am going to finish it.

Hank Brown: Interesting. Now, how are you looking to defeat him lat--

The WCF interview suddenly cuts his question short, distracted by the sudden presence of someone standing behind Morientes. Intrigued, Morientes looks questioningly at Hank Brown, before turning around, only to meet the snarling face of John Gable. Not intimidated of the other, the Spaniard and the actor both stood face-to-face, each not backing an inch.

Morientes: Well, if it isn't the actriz. Stealing my airtime again eh. What do you want this time.

John Gable's eye twitched as he cracks his neck.

John Gable: I am tired of listening to you talk to the WCF audience. You... make it a sad day to be a wrestling fan. But let's be honest, everyday is a sad day to be a wrestling fan. Most of the United States passes it off as a joke now. The commercial success has passed, and it would take a miracle to get the heart beating again.

John Gable lifts a finger, and points it at Morientes.

John Gable: But if they want even a chance in hell, they will need to break away from trends such as you, an ethnic ratings scam. I don't mean that as an insult to your people, but this is just a sad attempt to cater to specific fans. It is dumbing down the audience, and I won't stand for it. It is condescending and boring.

Gable growls and moves even closer to Morientes. The two superstars are now so close together, that their noses are almost touching.

John Gable: But it isn't just that. There is something in you that makes me hate you so much. Maybe it is where you come from and who you think you are, but when people identify with the qualities they find in you, it makes me sick. Your off-putting positivity and endless hope are the exact lies we keep feeling ourselves with.

Gable pauses for impact, before resuming his tirade. But before he could do so, Morientes cuts in.

Morientes: A imaginario mission you're on indeed John Gable. Have you ever considered the possibility that you are just an ignorant bobo that nobody likes? Sure, you are better than what I expected in the ring, but you have no honor. You callously throw aside the fans, and embrace your own twisted sense of logic. It's disgusting.What you see as a flaw in society, I choose to see it as a hope for the future. No one prospers in life without embracing those close to us.

Gable's snarl morphs into a twisted smile after Morientes's words.

John Gable: Your off-putting positivity and endless hope are the exact lies we keep filling ourselves with. This is not a world where the sun will come out tomorrow. I will make it rain hell fire on you until you break. It is truly amazing how I don't have a title shot even though I am undefeated in singles competition, never being pinned or submitted.

John Gable: I love saying that; it kinds of rolls off the tongue. In fact, I'm going to keep saying it until I get my title shot. Either way hombre, you are on the bad end of something magnificient. I am going to put WCF on the map, and when you are all struggling to keep up with me, you can thank me for giving such as stage to fail on.

Morientes gives a smirk of his own, before responding. The tension is off the charts.

Morientes: As confident as ever aren't you Gable? Don't forget, we got a match later on tonight. You won't be undefeated for long. Not on my watch bobo. You can hate on me as much as you want, and I'll kick your ass twice as hard in that ring tonight. You want to make a statement tonight? Try me. It's one-on-one, and there's no Vengeance this week to save you from feeling my wrath.

The camera fades to black as both men stare daggers into each other, each clearly eager to bring the other man down in their match later on tonight.

Judge Mental vs Vengeance

The bell tolls twice as “In Time” starts to play. When the the first bell starts the lights go out in the arena PAIN, SUFFERING, VIOLENCE appears on the titantron in blood red dripping letters the second bell pyros go off on the stage then fog fills the entrance ramp as red lights fill the arena the music starts as Vengeance slowly makes his way down to the ring as he approachs the ring he stops and looks in the ring before making his way to the ring steps. Vengeance slowly climbs the ring steps entering the ring through the second rope he walks to the center of the ring. Vengeance stops in the center of the ring the arena lights go out as a single red light shines over Vengeance he slowly raises his arms as four individual burst of fire come from each ring post one by one as arena lights slowly turn on.

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, he is “The Black Death”, VEEEEEENGEANCE!

Zach Davis: So, who do you think is going to win this one, Shannan?

Shannan Lerch: I’m not sure. I haven’t even heard of the other guy before.

Zach Davis: Neither have I, but I’m still putting money on him over Vengeance. He’s due for a loss.

Shannan Lerch: We’ll see, Zach. We’ll see.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent...

"All RISE!!!" is heard throughout the arena as two explosions from the entrance way discharge in a quick flame, BOOM!


The judge himself appears through the smoke of the pyrotechnics. Also Sprach Zarathustra, by Strauss starts to play as Judge Mental walks slowly to the ring. With gavel in hand, he occasionally stops and points it at fans booing him; screaming even at children who dare give him the slightest negative attention. He puts the gavel under the ring and steps up the stairs in the ring, motioning for EVERYONE to stand, and noticing how many fans PURPOSELY sat down.

Zach Davis: So you’re going to take this guy over Vengeance?

Shannan Lerch: Well, yeah, maybe, I don’t know! This is going to be a great match!


The two lock up, and Vengeance gets the upper hand, backing the Judge into the corner. He hits the Judge across the chest with a backhanded chop before backing up. Mental steps out of the corner, pointing at Vengeance, and looks over at the referee.

Judge Mental: Bailiff, arrest this man!

The referee holds up both hands as if asking what’s going on, and Vengeance takes the advantage, clotheslining Mental to the ground. He drops to the mat for a quick pin.



Mental kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: Wow, Vengeance almost got the win here off the surprise attack! Smart thinking by the big man!

Zach Davis: But I’m not sure what’s going through Judge Mental’s mind, calling the refree ‘bailiff’ like that.

Shannan Lerch: It cost him pretty big though, Zach!

Zach Davis: It looks like it, but who knows?

Vengeance stands up and pulls Mental up with him, and plants him with a scoop slam. He hits off the ropes and then hits a leg drop across the throat of Judge Mental. He pins again.




Zach Davis: Vengeance in firm control here, and it looks like Mental might be out of it already!

Shannan Lerch: Don’t count the new guy out of it just yet, Zach!

Vengeance gets up to his feet, and signals for the end. He goes to lock in the Death Lock, but Judge Mental fights out of it, and reverses it into a sleeper hold.

Zach Davis: Oh god! Judge Mental got the sleeper locked in!

Shannan Lerch: Let’s hops Vengeance can battle out of this! Otherwise it could be over already!

Vengeance fights out of it, and both men roll to their feet. Vengeance swings a wild punch, but Mental ducks it, and hits the Double Jeopardy! He pins Vengeance.




Zach Davis: That was close! It looks like the new guy is really taking control of this match right here!

Shannan Lerch: It certainly does, Zach, but something I’ve learned is never to count out somebody in a match until the bell is rung!

Judge Mental gets to his feet, and bounces off the ropes, looking for The Sentencing...

Zach Davis: The Sentencing!

Shannan Lerch: NO! Vengeance rolls out of the way!

Vengeance get so his feet as Mental crashes and burns, and Vengeance pulls Mental up to his feet. He lifts Judge Mental up, and powers him down with the Last Rights powerbomb! He pins.





Genesis Segment

Our cameras cut backstage to see Genesis in their locker room. The group, having the night off from active competition, was still in attendance as always. Roy Speede is leaned against the door frame with his arms folded as he waits. The Tag Team Champions, Steve Orbit and Waylon Cash are seated. Orbit looking pretty relaxed and Cash still very much so on edge as the Television Champion, Sarah Twilight finishes up a phone call.

Sarah Twilight: Yeah that's fine. We'll talk more this week.....sounds good. Alright talk to you later.

As she hangs up the phone and places it in her pocket, Speede takes this opportunity to speak up first.

Roy Speede: So, what was that about?

Sarah Twilight: It's business, Roy. As usual.

Roy Speede: Well do you plan on letting us in on it? Or is this just another thing you're going to keep to yourself...as usual?

Steve Orbit: Whoa. Calm yourself Roy. Sarah ain't keepin' shit from us. We talked about this shit before. We don't need to be givin' shit away when there could be ears listenin' ya dig?

Sarah places her hands on her hips, as the small spat ensues. Roy isn't exactly finished just yet either.

Roy Speede: Well, speaking of business. I think tonight proves that I was right about Jonny Fly.

Steve Orbit: What the hell you ramblin' about now, Speedy?

Roy Speede: Funny how none of us are scheduled to compete tonight. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Sarah Twilight: Roy, everything isn't a conspiracy. Can't you just enjoy a fucking night off like the rest of us?

Waylon slams his fists down onto his knees before standing up, looking pretty pissed off.

Waylon Cash: This is just a waste of fuckin' time. I don't give a shit 'bout business meetin's. I should be findin' Nate's locker room and beatin' the piss out of him.

Steve Orbit: Yo yo yo...yo. We talked about this shit. He'll get his...believe that.

Waylon Cash: I ain't got time to be fuckin' waitin' around!

Roy nods his head, still in the mindset that these issues were all caused by Jonny Fly.

Roy Speede: Well if Fly hadn't left us out of active competition tonight....

Orbit sighs and shakes his head.

Steve Orbit: Not now, Speedy.

Orbit walks over toward Speede and motions him to head into the hallway.

Steve Orbit: Let's go dawg. We talk about that shit out here.

He looks back toward Sarah for a moment, knowing that Waylon was still in a very foul mood.

Steve Orbit: You down to handle it?

She nods as Orbit and Roy...at Orbit's insistence leave the room to give Waylon some space. Sarah sighs as she watches Waylon begin to pace back and forth.

Waylon Cash: I hate this shit! I need to fuckin' be doin' something. You know what that fucker did!

Sarah nods once again.

Sarah Twilight: Don't worry about what he did. You just concentrate on what you are going to do. No remorse Waylon...no regrets. You are dealing with a monster, so you need to become a monster...a far more dangerous monster.

Waylon hears her, and he most likely understands everything that she's telling him, however he is just staring blankly ahead as if he is off in his own little world. Sarah notices this and becomes a bit angry in her own right.

Sarah Twilight: Snap the fuck out of it! You want that fucker to suffer for what he did? Then you better get out of your fucking stupor and get yourself prepared to take him through the depths of Hell! You need to be ready to go as far as he is willing to go and then you go even fucking further than that! Throwing shit and walking around in a constant fucking tantrum isn't accomplishing a damn thing!

Waylon nods his head as he looks at her. Still consumed by his own anger and his own thoughts. He places a hand on her shoulder.

Waylon Cash: Good talk. Monster, suffer an' shit. Yeah, good stuff. I'll see ya later.

Waylon exits the room, still in his fog of blind fury. Sarah shakes her head and heads out of the room herself. We cut back to ringside.

Christopher Kane/Scott Savage Segment

Christopher Kane sits on the floor of his locker room, stretching his legs, and preparing for his match. He stands to his feet, and cracks his neck, as the door swings open. In walks Scott Savage, with a smile on his face.

Scott Savage: Good to see you're ready. How are you feeling about this match?

Chris Kane: Feeling good. I think I got this one.

Scott Savage: Don't think... know. You have this one in the palm of your hand. You are going to go out there, and show them that you are entirely deserving of that Internet Championship, and I;m going to be in your corner.

Chris stops stretching, and looks over at the much larger man.

Chris Kane: Look Scott, I appreciate it and all, but I told you, I'm not comfortable singing any sort of contract.

Scott Savage: I am well aware. That is why I am offering my services for free, no strings attached. I want to help you, Chris.

Kane gives the man a mildly suspicious look, but eventually nods his head.

Chris Kane: Alright. That sounds cool. Just don't get involved. I don;t wanna win that way.

Scott Savage: I understand. I will simply be there to offer my support and advice. See you out there, champ.

Chris nods, and continues his stretching, as Scott exits back into the hallway.

Davey Ortega vs Deuce Maximus

The lights in the arena dim, as the sounds of electricity crackling can be heard. Suddenly a bright flash of electricity strikes the center of the ramp entrance. Once the smoke clears, Deuce is standing there smirking towards the ring. 'Run Like Hell' by Pink Floyd jumps in and Deuce walks to the ring, reaching his arms out to give fans fives, both high and low, occasionally too slow.

Kyle Steel: This match is scheduled for one fall. Now coming to the ring, weighing in at two-hundred and twenty pounds, standing six feet, two inches tall. “Mythic” Deuce Maximus!

As he slides into the ring and stands center, lightning flashes from the four corners. Deuce pulls off his 'mythic' T-shirt and tosses it to the crowd then hops to a middle turnbuckle. He does a 'lookout' before he smirks and gives a finger-guns to a sign he finds clever. He hops down and waits for the bell.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent...

“Sympathy for the Devil” begins to play over the P.A. as Davey Ortega steps out onto the entrance ramp. , and throws his fists into the air triumphantly.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at one-hundred and seventy five pounds, and standing six feet tall, Davey Ortega!

Ortega struts down the ramp, with a cocky smirk on his face. He rolls under the bottom rope, as the fans boo him mercilessly. Davey then jumps up, and trash talks Deuce a little, as his music dies down.

Zach Davis: These two men should have an amazing match. Do not change the channel during this one!

The bell rings, and the two men begin circling each other. They eye each other up for a moment, before Davey dives in for a leg grab. Deuce backs off in time, and Davey stands back up, as they circle some more.

Zach Davis: Both of these men looking for an opening.

Shannan Lerch: Two very talented technical wrestlers in the ring right now, each trying to assert his dominance.

The two men suddenly lock up, and begins pushing, trying to gain an upper hand. Deuce quickly uses his size advantage to push Davey back into the corner. The ref demands a clean break, and gets it, as Deuce back off. The two men stretch out, and begin circling each other again. Davey suddenly goes in for an attack, but Deuce is ready, and greets him with a deep arm drag. Davey rolls through and gets to his feet, going for another quick attack. Deuce this another arm drag, and they both pop up again. Davey fakes like he's going in again, causing Deuce to drop to the ground. Ortega then uses the opportunity to start stomping on Maximus.

Zach Davis: Ortega thinking quick, tricking Deuce into hitting the mat.

Deuce rolls out of the ring, and Davey throws up his hands in victory, causing the fans to shower him with boos. Deuce slaps the apron in anger, before sliding back into the ring. Immediately he locks up with Davey, and backs him into the ropes. He goes to whip Ortega across the ring, but Ortega reverses it, and whips Maximus into the ropes instead. On the rebound, Davey ducks down, and Deuce leapfrogs over him. Maximus this the ropes again, but this time, he is met with a dropkick to the face. He this the mat, allowing Davey to lock on a quick arm bar.

Zach Davis: Ortega getting the advantage in the early goings of this match-up.

Shannan Lerch: Deuce isn't going to be faster than Davey, so he needs to find a way to use his size advantage, and it's hard to do that from the ground.

Davey wrenches on Deuce's arm causing the man to cry out in pain. Maximus grabs for the ropes, but can't quite reach. Slowly, he adjusts himself, and rises to a standing position. Davey keeps the armlock on, but the standing allows Deuce to kick him in the stomach, doubling him over. Deuce then wraps his arm around Davey's neck, and this him with a snap suplex. He then puts Ortega in an armlock of his own, wrenching hard on the submission. Ortega hollers, and begins flailing, trying to get closer to the ropes. Eventually, he gets in position to grab the bottom rope, and the ref tells Deuce to let go. He does, and stands to his feet, allowing Davey to do the same.

Zach Davis: These two men are quite evenly matched here. Should be interesting to see how one of them gains the upper hand.

Davey readies himself, and signals for another lock up. Deuce goes in to do so, and Ortega surprises him with a thumb to the eye.

Shannan Lerch: Well, that's one way to do it.

The ref admonishes Davey, as Deuce stumbles around the ring, nearly blind. Davey uses the opportunity to grab his neck, and run up the turnbuckle, hitting Deuce with a tornado DDT. Ortega goes for the quick cover.



...Kick out!

Deuce just manages to get his shoulder up. Davey lifts him up immediately, and whips him into the corner. He then back up, and takes a running start, before hitting Maximus with a flying back elbow. Deuce stumble out of the corner, and Davey hits him with a standing dropkick, sending him back to the mat.

Zach Davis: Ortega taking the advantage here, but by less than honorable means.

Davey begins climbing the ropes, but gives Maximus too much time to stand. He runs, and tries to stop Ortega from jumping off the top, but catches a boot to the face for his trouble. As he steps back, Davey leaps off the ropes, hitting him with a top rope dropkick. Ortega immediately jumps on him for another pin attempt.



...Kick out!

Zach Davis: Davey Ortega trying to get this one over with early, but he can't seem to keep Deuce down.

Ortega slaps the mat, and stands back to his feet. Hee lifts Deuce, and goes for a northern lights suplex. Midway through, Deuce shifts his weight, forcing Ortega to set him back down. Maximus then lifts Ortega up, and this him with a vicious brain buster. Both men lay in the ring, as the crowd cheers wildly.

Shannan Lerch: With an act of desperation, Deuce completely changes the complexion of this match!

Maximus slowly uses the ropes to bring himself to his feet, as Ortega lays dazed in the middle of the mat. Deuce lifts his opponent, and garbs him around the waist, before hitting him with a bridging german suplex, and holds on for the pin.



… Kick out!

Zach Davis: Ortega just barely getting his shoulder up!

Deuce stands up, and signals for the end. He then lifts Davey and grabs his head in a DDT position.

Shannan Lerch: He's going for Ichor!

Maximus throws himself backward, hitting Davey with a painful DDT, and covers him for the pin.




Kyle Steel: Your winner, “Mythic” Deuce Maximus!

Deuces stands over his fallen opponent, celebrating with a smile on his face, as the fans cheer for him. But that doesn't last for long as Eric Price enters the ring!

Zach Davis: What now!?

Eric runs at Deuce and hits him in the back of the head with the World Title! Deuce goes down.

Shannan Lerch: What is Eric Price doing here!? Come on...

Gravedigger and MS-13 hit the ring next.

Zach Davis: Is this some kind of mugging!? These guys are RUINING this show.

Deuce Maximus struggles to his feet, only to get hit by a CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL from Gravedigger!

Shannan Lerch: The WCF legend takes Deuce down!

Eric Price is soon sitting on the top turnbuckle, the World Title slung over his shoulder looking on as GraveDigger and MS-13 are holding Deuce up by the arms, Davey Ortega is positioned and ready to strike as they all three look at Eric Price. Eric raises his his arm with his thumb to the side, rotateing his wrist up and down untill finaly he gives the 'thumbs down' like Nero would. With that GraveDigger and MS-13 lauch Deuce at Davey, who springs to action and nails a bone crunching Setting Sun, folding Deuce in half. Davey begins to push him out of the ring with his foot, until he is out of the ring hitting the floor with a thud. Davey smiles as GraveDigger pats him on the back, Davey motions for a mic and one is given to him.

Davey Ortega: Deuce as you lay down there, barely concious enough to process what just happened I want you to take solace in the fact that on your second Slam of your career you are mere feet away from our World Champion Mr. Eric Price.

The crowed boos and Davey rolls his eyes.

Davey Ortega: You people can boo and sling your chants and insults but the fact is what you people want is completely irrelevant. That man fought for where he is today, he earned where he is today. The greatest highlight in any of your lives is the fact you paid for your ticket out of your beer money to see this man, to see legends like GraveDigger, to see returning talent like Davey Ortega.

The crowed boos louder, and starts a ''You Suck'' chant.

Davey Ortega: You know what I don't even know why I bother to address you people when you are all to obsessed and stuck up the ass of the ''great'' Jonny Fly and his glorified fan club.

Davey turns his attention to Eric Price.

Davey Ortega: Mr. Eric Price, the current World Champion and future Hall of Famer it is an honour to meet you face to face and not have to sift through all the innane babble of the idiots that occupy Twitter. We have similar goals, you and I. Though mainly we both know that Jonny Fly is a death sentence to WCF. He will ruin WCF if he is left unchecked, so I believe we need to be that counter balance. People like you, me and GraveDigger know what it takes to make money, to make the tough deccesions and to above all...be fair. You were not booked this week, but surprise surprise ol' Jonny boy and his number one bitch will yet again appear in the main event. Make no mistake about it, these comments make me a marked man just like you, and GraveDigger. You're presence here asked the question that these people are to stupid to concieve. Yes Mr. Eric Price, I will watch yours and GraveDiggers back if you do the same courtesy. The three of us could very well be the fall of Jonny Fly.

Davey holds out his hand and Eric hops off the turnbuckle, shaking the extended hand as ''You Know My Name'' by Chris Cornell hits and the four of them get out of the ring and walk up the ramp.

Waylon Cash/Scott Savage Segment

Waylon Cash sits alone in his locker room. His bloodshot eyes stare off into the distance, as he wrings his hands violently. His entire body shakes as it attempts to act as a dam to the river of Waylon's rage. He stays silent, simply waging a battle of emotions inside himself. He jumps, startled as the massive hand of Scott Savage falls on his shoulder. Cash looks back at his manager, who also remains silent for a little while.

Scott Savage: It is going to be fine. My sister is a strong woman. She'll be ok.

Waylon shrugs the man's hand off, and stands to his feet. He slowly walks across the room, clenching and unclenching his fists. Then, out of nowhere he reels back and punches the locker in front of him, putting a large dent in the metal door. Immediately he begins shaking his fist, which is now bleeding.

Waylon Cash: Fuck! That hurt!

Scott Savage: Who would have guessed?

All Scott's sarcastic comment receives is a glare from him client.

Waylon Cash: I ain't in the mood to joke.

Scott Savage: I've noticed. Look, sitting here, freaking out is not going to bring Roxxanne back any faster. NvL will drop his guard at some point, and we will be able to swoop in. For now, be happy you got some measure of revenge when you put him through that table, and try to relax.

Waylon Cash: How the hell am I supposed to relax knowin' Roxxy's in the hands of that fuckin' maniac?!

Scott Savage: I know it is not an easy proposition, but it is vital. You can not take your eyes off of your career, just because something like this happened. Use it as fuel, but be careful that it does not destroy you.

Waylon takes his eyes off of Scott, and begins pacing back and forth across the floor.

Scott Savage: Look, I wanted to save this for a surprise, but next week, I am throwing you a bachelor party.

Waylon Cash: Are you outta your fuckin' mind? Is that supposed to be some kinda joke?

Scott Savage: Not at all. Waylon, you need to live your life as normally as possible. Roxxanne is going to be fine, and when we get her back, she is not going to want to hear that you spent her entire absence in such pain. You need to relax, and act as if everything is normal.

Waylon continues pacing, not replying to Scott.

Scott Savage: Go ice your hand, and have a cigarette. I have some phone calls and arrangements to make.

Waylon rolls his eyes, before storming out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Scott lets a sly grin creep to his face, before pulling his cell phone from his pocket, and beginning the party planning.

Internet Title Match
G-Money vs Christopher Kane

“GET YO ASS UP!!!” blares over the speakers before Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle” booms throughout the area, G-Money slowly makes his way to the entrance way after slowly emerging he pauses on at the top of the aisle and scans the arena from side to side, with a smirk on his face G swaggers to the ring.

The beginning of "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage begins to play as people rise to their feet. A few moments pass by as out steps "The Youngest Hero" Christopher Kane. He motions for people to get to their feet if they're not already.

Zach Davis: And look at that! He's accompanied by Scott Savage.

Shannan Lerch: Very interesting. At first, this was a tentative alignment, but now it may be something more.

Christopher begins to walk to the ring, slapping hands with the many fans who have their hands out over the guard rails. The WCF fans are cheering loudly for Christopher Kane as he hops up onto the ring apron before going to the turnbuckle and heading up to the top buckle. He raises his arms into the air for more noise before jumping into the ring. "The Youngest Hero" backs off into a corner and waits for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: It's worth noting that Christopher Kane was assaulted only a few days ago on Wednesday night. He isn't 100%.

Shannan Lerch: But Chris wants to elevate not only the Internet Title, but himself as well, so we'll see!

The bell sounds. G-Money goes right on the attack, running at the Youngest Hero and pummeling him into the corner. G-Money hits him with a barrage of rights and lefts before throwing him into the other corner. G-Money runs at him but as Kane hits the turnbuckle, Kane lifts himself up and lands behind Money. Kane Dropkicks him in the back, squashing him against the turnbuckle!, causing the crowd to cheer. G-Money stumbles backwards and Kane rolls him up from behind.



No!, G-Money kicks out. Both get to their feet and Kane goes for another Dropkick, but G-Money sidesteps it and hits Kane with an Enziguri!

Zach Davis: OOF! He nearly took Chris' head off!

Shannan Lerch: Chris' injury on Wednesday came from a knee to the head, so that Enziguri isn't going to help.

Kane goes down as Money gets back up. Money starts stomping viciously at Kane as the fans boo him. Money then begins climbing to the top.

Zach Davis: G-Money, going high risk...

He's positioned for a Moonsault, but Kane dives into the ropes, causing G-Money to crotch himself! Kane quickly gets to the top and drops Money with a Super Backdrop! He then runs to the ropes, Springboards, and hits a Moonsault!



No!, G-Money gets his shoulder up. The Youngest Hero is disappointed but doesn't dwell on it, staying on the fight. He runs at G-Money, dropping an elbow on him. Gets back up, does it again, and again.

Shannan Lerch: Scott Savage cheers Chris on from ringside. I wonder how Brad feels about this new... friendship? of theirs.

Kane backs away, letting G-Money struggle to his feet. Once Money is about half way up, Kane runs to the ropes, Springboards, and goes for a Flying DDT!, but no! G-Money catches him and uses Kane's momentum to execute a Nortern Lights Suplex into bridge pin!



NO! Kane kicks out!

Zach Davis: Whoa! Great reversal, we almost had a new Internet Champion!

G-Money slowly gets up, shaking off the damage he'd taken. He bends down and begins locking in a Crossface.

Shannan Lerch: Compton Crossface! Here it comes!

But no, Kane has it scouted and rolls free! Both Champion and challenger get to their feet, Kane goes to throw G-Money to the ropes but G-Money reverses it, throws Kane to the ropes and hits a Pele Kick as he comes back!

Zach Davis: PELE!

G-Money drops and pins Kane once more.



No! Again, Kane kicks out!

Shannan Lerch: The Youngest Hero, the Internet Champion, showing his heart!

G-Money is ready to put Kane away. He stands behind him, taunting, waiting for Chris to get up...

Zach Davis: He's getting ready for the Punk Bitch Killer!

He grabs Chris from behind, in the Reverse DDT position, but Kane drops out of it. As G-Money turns to him, Chris runs at him and hits a Shining Wizard!

Shannan Lerch: Beautifully executed Shining Wizard!

G-Money's eyes are glazed over but he doesn't go down. Chris runs at him, hits a Spinning Headscissors and turns it into a Crucifix Pin!

Zach Davis: La Quackica! This is it!




Shannan Lerch: And there you have it! Christopher Kane retains!

Chris gets to his feet as Scott Savage enters the ring, Internet Title in hand. Savage hands Chris the Internet Title, which Chris raises high in the air to a cheering crowd.

Freya Kane/Kaylyn James Evans Segment

Backstage as we see Freya Kane looking around for someone. Searching high and low through the belly of the arena. With her trusty can of Red Bull in hand, Freya sees a door that's open just enough to see through without having to open all the way. Slowly she pushes the door to see who she wanted to see standing there.*

Freya Kane: And here I thought I used up all the sexiness for this week.

The camera pans to see the lovely Kaylyn James Evans standing there, looking sexy. How else would she look? Freya is all smiles seeing her best friend.

Freya Kane: Been looking all over for you!

Kay laughed softly before leaning back against the wall glancing out the window as she had been doing before Freya walked in. Not scheduled to compete tonight Kaylyn didn't really want to be in the arena when she could be out doing other things, but she always came to support the Kane's and tonight she was here to support Chris.

Kaylyn James Evans: Look no further, you found me. What can I help you with beautiful?

She asked as she turned to look back at Freya once more. The two had quickly became rather good friends, and they had grown on one another. This was a friendship Kay had been more than willing to be in. Freya quickly gets close to Kaylyn, putting her arm on the wall as she stands against her. That smile is still on her face as she looks over her friend.

Freya Kane: Well, got to thinking. The tag team ranks here in WCF are paper thin. Like really paper thin. You and I are a great team elsewhere so I got to thinking...

Freya giggles now as she looks right into Kaylyn's eyes.

Freya Kane: We should form an official tag team, sexy. Just think the two of us, together, wrestling in that ring against the men of this company. With how hot we are, our wrestling skills, and our willingness to do ANYTHING, just imagine how much we could rule the division!

Hearing what her friend had to say a small smirk came across the lips of The Perfect Ten. Kaylyn didn't respond at first, but just remained silent before nodding her head softly.

Kaylyn James Evans: Did I ever tell you, I love the way you think.

Kay leaned her head forward and placed her lips against those of Freya before pulling back.

Kaylyn James Evans: We should totally do this. WCF should be afraid, because with us two teaming together... if it's anything as good as it is in the bedroom... the men and woman of this company are in trouble.

Freya returns the gentle brush of the lips before putting her hands on Kaylyn's hips.

Freya Kane: Oh I agree. Now...

With a quick motion, Freya takes down Kaylyn to the floor and is on top of her.

Freya Kane: Whadda say we lock the door and talk about our team?

Kaylyn laughed as she stared up at her partner.

Kaylyn James Evans: I think that sounds like a good idea. How about you get to locking that door?

Kay winked and when Freya stood up to do just that Kaylyn lifted her hand and took a gentle slap to her ass. The feed went black as Kaylyn lifted her hand covering the lense leaving everyone to speculate what was going on in the locker room.

Sarah Twilight Segment

Sarah Twilight is seen walking in the parking lot area, carrying her duffel bag and some other belongings, including her Television Championship. She is once again on the phone with someone as she makes her way toward her car. Suddenly she is blinded by a set of bright lights glaring at her. The sound of screeching tires peeling out is heard and the headlight barrel down upon her at rapid speed. A silver BMW RACES at her and comes within inches of mowing her down before she manages to dive out of harm's way. The car races past her and turns the corner having missed it's mark. It disappears from the parking area.

Zach Davis: Oh what the hell is this now? Eric Price strikes again!

Shannan Lerch: You have no way of knowing that!

Zach Davis: Gimmie a break, Shannan. Jeff Purse was run down a few weeks ago after being granted his rematch against Eric Price for the WCF World Championship. Last week, Sarah Twilight made a statement when she left Eric laying in the center of the ring. Now this week she is almost run down in the same manner as Purse? How convenient that every time someone poses a threat to Eric Price and the World Championship, someone tries to take them out with a car!

Shannan Lerch: That is only circumstancial evidence. Eric Price is innocent until proven guilty. Did you see him in that car?

Zach Davis: Are you kidding me? Who else is going to gain anything by running down Jeff Purse and now trying to do the same to Sarah Twilight? It's Eric Price and you know it just as well as I do!

Medical staff rush to the area where Sarah slowly pulls herself up from the concrete, having a few scrapes and bruises from diving to the hard floor but otherwise seems unharmed. The WCF medical staff evaluate her minor injuries anyhow just to be sure.

Zach Davis: Sarah Twilight narrowly escaping the fate that hospitalized Jeff Purse a number of weeks ago. I am certain that Jonny Fly will continue his investigation into the matter. We simply cannot have people running down our talent with vehicles.

Shannan Lerch: I agree there, Zach. That is attempted murder...whoever is committing the heinous acts.

Zach Davis: It's Eric Price, plain as day it's him. I am imploring our owner, Mr. Fly find out Price's whereabouts for the past fifteen minutes. Something has to be done!

Oblivion vs Kale Windsor

As we come back from commercials, Oblivion is standing in the ring.

Zach Davis: Fans, the censors have told us that we're not allowed to show Oblivion's entrance as it has disturbed many fans who wrote many angry letters. We're working to get this resolved.

The song starts as the lights strobe to the beat. Smoke fills the entrance way just before Kale Windsor appears on the stage as the crowd reacts. Windsor stands at the edge of the rampway bowing his head for a moment before standing in a worship me type of taunting pose as several pyrotechnics go off behind him and he walks down the ramp way towards the ring. Half way down the ramp way, Windsor pauses for a moment before charging the ring and sliding in under the bottom rope. Kale then slithers to the middle of the ring on his stomach before standing to his feet and rushing to one of the post,jumping onto the middle rope as he does a bow and arrow type pose[i.e. Randy Orton] for a moment before hopping down and crossing the ring to the side ropes, where stands with one foot on the bottom rope and the other on the middle rope.

Shannan Lerch: Here we go!

The bell sounds and Oblivion runs at Windsor, Clotheslining him down. Windsor gets back up, only to be Clotheslined again. He gets up once more and Oblivion throws Windsor to the ropes, then hits a Quick Release Belly to Belly as Windsor comes back!

Zach Davis: Oblivion, starting the match off strong!

Oblivion stomps on Windsor repeatedly before lifting him back to his feet, but Windsor drops Obi with a Jawbreaker. Windsor hits a series of kicks to Obi before going for a Spinning Heel Kick. Oblivion catches Windsor's leg, however, spins him around and lifts him into a Fireman's Carry.... and then a Cutter!

Shannan Lerch: 5150!

Oblivion isn't done. He quickly jumps to the top and flies off with a Moonsault.

Zach Davis: OBI-SAULT!

Oblivion lands on Windsor, into the pin.




Shannan Lerch: It's academic. Oblivion picks up the win tonight.

Oblivion's music hits as he stands up, getting his arm raised once again.

Zach Davis: Oblivion is STILL unstoppable!

Freya Kane/Kari Segment

Kari is seen backstage walking out of Jonny Fly's office. If it were anyone else, the Audience would be thinking Jonny just got lucky. But no, they were discussing Jeff's new board posistion. She decided to walk around, trying to find the woman who looked just like her.

Meanwhile Freya Kane is walking about the arena herself with a Red Bull in hand. A few people nod hello to the woman as she takes a drink, finishing the can, and tosses it into a waste basket. Without warning she runs into someone.

Freya Kane: Hey! Watch where you're going!

Kari: Excuse you, you were the one who bumped into me!

Freya slowly takes notice and looks a bit puzzled seeing Kari.

Freya Kane: Whoa! You're the chick who looks like me and stuff. Its like looking into a mirror.

Freya continues to look over Kari trying to find some differences in their facial appearance but having very little luck.

Freya Kane: This is just bizarre...

Kari furrows her brow, looking closer at Freya. She mimics Freya's movements, as though it were a mirror...then, she shurgs...

Kari: I don't see it.

Freya Kane: Really? Okay, lets do this.

Freya pulls out her cell phone, pulls Kari in, and slings an arm around her and snaps off a picture. Looking at the picture, Freya looks up at Kari and hands her the phone.

Freya Kane: What about now?

Kari takes her phone. Studying it. She looks up at Freya and then back at the phone. Then at Freya, then back at the phone. One more glance over at Freya, a double take at the phone.

Kari: I suppose we have the same hair color...?

She hands the phone back to Freya.

Kari: I have been under a lot of stress, though, I haven't been thinking straight. I mean, I look like I just got done...chugging a Red Bull or something in that picture. And I was wearing your...OH MY GOD WE LOOK EXACTLY ALIKE!

Finally, it dawned on Kari that she had found her one true doppelganger.

Freya Kane: See! Goodness that took a while to get into your head that we do.

After chuckling, Freya takes a picture of Kari's face finding it quite humorous.

Freya Kane: If you wrestled, think of all the fun we could have with that.

Kari: Wow this is amazing. I have to tell everyone about this. I don't even mind that you bumped me anymore.

Kari then took out her phone, snapping a picture of Freya. She was going to send it to everyone in her contact list with a message saying "Not ME!" or something cheesey like that.

Kari: Yeah that would be fun...but...I don't wrestle. Espeically now, Jeff really doesn't want me in the ring...or by the ring for that matter.

Freya Kane: What if you were trained by a world class female wrestler who has held three World Championships?

Kari: I still don't think he would like it. Um...who...who exactly are you talking about?

Freya looks at the camera deadpan before shaking her head a little insulted.

Freya Kane: I am talking about me. Lemme talk to Jeff about this. You got the look. I mean you look like me so that alone would get you a lot of fans if you got into the ring. Just trust me on this, Kari. I'll talk to Jeff and convince him that I should take you under my wing.

Kari thought about it for a moment. She slowly started smiling...

Kari: Do you think you could get me to the point where I could kick Eric Price's ass?

Freya Kane: Oh I could get to that point where you could kick his ass, let him recover and then kick it twice as hard.

Freya smiles back at the woman she wants to make her trainee.

Freya Kane: So we good on this?

Kari put out her hand.

Kari: How about you come by the hospital soon. I will put the idea in Jeff's head. I know he won't like the idea, but I think this is going to have to happen.

Freya shakes Kari's hand before drawing her in for a kiss. Freya nods her head before walking out without saying another word.

Kari stands there, a little confused...a little excited. Still unsure what to make of what just happened, she shakes her head and begins texting everyone on her contact list.

Aloysius Mason Segment

Camera opens as a bespectacled Aloysius Mason is seated at a desk and scribbling in his diary furiously. He writes for a few moments, before turning to look at the camera.

Aloysius Mason: Oh, hello. Didn't see you there.

He puts his pen down, and takes off his spectacles.

Aloysius Mason: You may have heard of me. I.. am Aloysius Mason, and I.. am here to document the coming and going of wrestling history. I was a writer, before troubles befallen me. But no matter, I am here, in the WCF now, to source for ideas for my new book.

He walks away from the desk, strutting to and fro, as if he was thinking of something to say.

Aloysius Mason: Writing is fun. But I have noticed the peculiar things here in the WCF. The weirdness. The out-of-the-world characters. I have found that people tend to talk better after they have been beaten into a pulp. Their natural shields go down. Their ego deflates. And they speak the truth. No lies, when you are laying bleeding on the ground, beaten within an inch of your life.

Aloysius Mason: I debut next week. Against who, I am not sure. I have already spoken to a few members of the WCF locker room through the office spokesperson, and I am disappointed indeed. Pathetic. Whoever I am facing next week, is naught but the first victim of Aloysius Mason.

He sits back down on his desk. The camera zooms in on his face, as he stares deep into it, as if trying to communicate with the fans at home through this form of media.

Aloysius Mason: The one known as Popo Morientes. The one known as Roy Speede. The one known as The Ninja. Watch your back. I'm coming for one of you, and all of you at the same time.

Scene fades out.

John Gable vs Morientes

Zach Davis: What a night we had so far Shannan! In a night with so much excitement, I can't believe that we are already at our penultimate match.

Shannan Lerch: And it's a match fueled with intensity. John Gable takes on the Spaniard Morientes, in a one-on-one rematch from last week's huge tag match. The Bull suffered a loss at the hands of Gable himself. I wonder if it would be the case again tonight.

Zach Davis: Well, I guess we can only wait and see. Morientes will be looking to exact a little revenge on Gable, but his opponent is definitely not the type of person to give up a match easily. He's undefeated in singles competition, and has never been pinned or forced to tap out ever since his entrance into the business. Will that trend remain?

"Things That You Oughta Know" by Chronic Future blasts over the P.A. System. John Gable enters through the current wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses, a leather jacket acting as if he was trying not to be noticed. He looks out to the crowd while trying to hide his face. He steps down the ramp, as Humphrey Craig followed with a sign reading "Future Oscar Recipient". John Gable slides into the ring and rips off his 'disguise'. He poses for a few seconds, smiling cockily as he soaks in the deafening jeers from the crowd.

Kyle Steel: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first... from Cleveland, Ohio... weighing in at two hundred and twenty-one pounds... JOHN GABLE!

Shannan Lerch: John Gable looking to secure yet another victory on Slam. The crowd doesn't seem to be very appreciative of his talents though, just listen to those boos as he enters the ring!

Zach Davis: Not exactly tough to guess why. Gable has not hidden his displeasure at the WCF audience in recent weeks. He's not hiding any animosity he has towards these fans Shannan, not anymore.

The clashing of two swords fills the arena for a couple of seconds as the lights dim, before the sound of a shotgun goes off. The crowd cheers loudly as "Back For More" by Five Finger Death Punch starts to play, when Morientes comes out from the back, dressed in his usual fighting attire. Posing for the crowd for a few moments, the lights come back on as the first verse of the song is belted, and he makes his way to the ring while nodding at cheering fans.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent... from Madrid, Spain... weighing in at two hundred and twenty-two pounds... MORIENTES!

Shannan Lerch: Morientes looking to break his losing streak tonight against the man who pinned him last week. The two young men who have looked extremely impressive in their short careers so far in the WCF... this one should be good. After the match maybe one of them can take their frustrations out on me though. I'm available boys.

Zach Davis: Ew. Just concentrate on calling the match.

John Gable and Morientes exchange a long stare, as they await the match to begin. Sensing the tension building up all around the New Orleans Arena, senior referee Stanley Moser signals for the bell to be rung.


Zach Davis: And we are off! Two men, who have not hidden the fact that they do not like each other and have clashed earlier tonight, finally get to meet one-on-one in the ring.

Gable and Morientes meet in the centre of the ring and start with a collar-and-elbow tie up. The two wrestlers, equal in strength, struggle for a few moments, before the taller Morientes manages to gain the advantage with a side headlock. Gable elbows him in the gut twice, forcing him to break the hold. Making full use of the opportunity, Gable takes Morientes down with a snapmare, putting him in a reverse chinlock.

Shannan Lerch: Both these superstars off to a rather strong start. Both equally well-matched, and it seems that it's going to come down to who really wants the bragging rights.

Zach Davis: Gable looking to play Morientes's game, putting him in a submission move. Will The Bull tap this early in the match?

Flailing his arms wildly in an attempt to get out of the submission manuever, Morientes manages to strike Gable's head with his right fist several times. Disoriented, Gable lets go of the Spaniard and stumbles back a few steps, shaking his head to get his balance back. Morientes gets up from the mat and runs towards the Ohio native, bringing him down to the mat with a vicious discus back elbow to the head.

Zach Davis: Yikes, that definitely looks like it hurt. Will Morientes go for the pin?

Instead of taking the chance to pin his opponent, Morientes leaps onto Gable, mounting his upper body and hitting him with a combination of hard elbow and fist strikes. Gable puts his hands up, trying to shield his vulnerable face from the hard shots.

Shannan Lerch: There's that ground and pound game we've come to expect from The Bull. Gable's in some trouble now.

Morientes continues to pound away, trying to past the defense that Gable is putting up. As he pauses for a moment to catch his breath, the crafty Gable rakes him in the eye, dazing Morientes and forcing him to move away.

Zach Davis: Oh come on now! That was just dirty. How could the referee not see that?

Shannan Lerch: Blame Jonny Fly. He controls the budget, and should really do some major changes to the referee department here. Too many wrestlers are using dirty moves and they don't even bother to catch them. I still insist that Seth is better in charge...

Gable pushes himself to his feet, quickly doing a rough inspection of his face to make sure that there are no injuries. Satisfied that there is no lasting damage from the earlier attack, he turns Morientes around and kicks him forcefully in the gut. Gable grabs him and lifts him up.

Zach Davis: CINEMA PARADISO! This was what ended the match last week. Can he hit it again!

However, Morientes avoids the attack by slipping out of Gable's grip at the last minute. Delivering a hard shot to Gable's back, Morientes grabs him for a tiger suplex, planting the actor hard on the canvas. Morientes keeps him hooked in a bridge for the pinfall attempt. Stanley Moser springs into action.




NO! John Gable shoots his shoulder off the mat after a two-count.

Zach Davis: Nope, it'll take a bit more than that to put the undefeated Gable away. Decent effort from Mr. M though. Seems that he did his homework; escaping the Cinema Paradiso is no easy feat.

Shannan Lerch: That was the first pinfall so far, and both men are still looking rather equal. Looks like this should be a good match.

Gable crawls to the ropes and pulls himself out. Morientes however, is not allowing him to have any breathing space. Grabbing Gable as soon as he's up on his feet, he throws Gable into the corner turnbuckle. However, it is reversed, and Morientes himself is sent crashing at a breakneck speed instead. The Spaniard's neck snaps back into the pads from the force.

Zach Davis: Ouch! Gable is really not holding back with his blows tonight. That looked like it might have tweaked Morientes's neck a little.

Now in control of the match, Gable smirks to the crowd, as he readies himself. Aiming at his still groggy opponent, Gable sprints towards him, and delivers a running knee to the face of Morientes. Gable follows it up with a running bulldog, bringing Morientes's head down to the mat.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like he's targeting the head of The Bull. Smart move indeed.

As Morientes lays down on the canvas in pain, Gable drops elbow after elbow after elbow on the back of his neck, forcing Morientes to yell out in pain. Gable hits harder and faster after each groan, as if boosted by hearing the agony of his opponent. After ten shots, Gable pulls Morientes to his feet, and kicks him in the gut once more. He then plants Morientes skull-first in the mat with a snap DDT. Gable then drops over Morientes for a pinfall. Stanley Moser slides into position.

Zach Davis: That's it. There's no way someone would be able to come back after that attack.




NO! Morientes somehow manages to kick out before the three-count, stunning Gable and exciting the WCF audience, causing them to break into cheers.

Shannan Lerch: You're underestimating Morientes, Zach. That young man has the heart of a champion. He's not going to give up so easily.

Zach Davis: I'm legitimately in awe. That DDT looks like it could have ended his career. How does he have the strength to kick out after that?

With the majority of the fans firmly behind Morientes, the crowd is now audibly chanting "Beat John Gable", buoyed by the Spaniard's fighting spirit.





Gritting his teeth in frustration, Gable hauls Morientes back to his feet. However, Morientes strikes out of nowhere, and brings Gable down with a stunning step-up enzuigiri! Gable's eyes glaze over, as he collapses onto the mat. Morientes falls over as well. Both men are now on the ground.

Zach Davis: Oh my goodness! This has to be the match of the night for sure. That kick could have just ended things. This is a chance for Morientes to rest and gather his bearings.

Shannan Lerch: Both men are down for the count. Who will make it to their feet?

Stanley Moser looks at both Gable and Morientes, before starting his count.





Both men are starting to stir. However, neither of them are fully on both feet.


Gable manages to stand up. Panting heavily, the actor-turned-wrestler glances at Morientes still on the ground, and rests on the ropes.

Shannan Lerch: Looks like Gable is looking to watch Morientes to counted out. Not a bad strategy at all, if I should say. Can Morientes make it back on his feet in time?

Looking at the Spaniard still lying on the ground, Stanley Moser continues the count.




NO! Morientes manages to get to his feet! The match goes on!

Growling in anger, Gable rushes at Morientes, determined to finish the match once and for all. Grabbing him, Gable lifts Morientes up for an inverted brainbuster.

Zach Davis: He's going for City Lights! This is it! THIS IS IT!

But once again, Morientes somehow manages to slip out of Gable's grasp at the last minute. Morientes runs towards Gable, knocking him down with a crooked arm lariat. And another one, as Gable pops up from the canvas again! And then, Morientes leaps up and strikes,

Shannan Lerch: BULLWHIP! That leg lariat damn near took Gable's head off! It's over!

After the impact, he hooks the leg, keeping Gable down for the pin.




NO! Gable once again manages to shoot his shoulder up to beat the three-count. Rolling off his opponent, Morientes looks at Stanley Moser in disbelief, shocked that the match isn't over yet. It's The Bull's turn to get frustrated, as he pounded the mat with his fists, grimacing as he didn't manage to get the victory.

Zach Davis: Unbelievable. Both men are fighting till the end, each not willing to lose tonight! The fans are loving every moment of this, and so am I!

Shannan Lerch: Both Gable and Morientes have suffered quite some damage. I'm honestly surprised Morientes isn't in a concussion already; Gable has been targeting his head all night long. Same goes for Gable, he'll be suffering from lockjaw for the foreseeable future after that powerful kick.

Wiping the sweat from his face, Morientes forces Gable back to his feet and knees him in the gut to inflict more pain. Gable swings out in desperation, sending Morientes back a step. He manages to clip Morientes, but The Bull returns the blow.

Both wrestlers trade punches back and forth in the middle of the ring, until Morientes catches Gable's arm and forces him to the ground belly-first.

Zach Davis: This could be it. YES! THE BULL'S CHOKE!

The referee asks Gable if he wants to give up. Gable shakes his head defiantly, as Morientes tightens his grasp. Pulling his hair out at the side of the ring in panic, Humphrey Craig yells out in horror, screaming for Gable to do something. Gable points his foot outwards in hope of a rope, but to no avail as he finds nothing but canvas.

Stanley Moser prompts him again, asking if he would like to submit. Clenching his eyes in excruciating pain, Gable tries to endure it for a few seconds. But he has no choice but to nod yes. Morientes then pushes him away, standing up triumphantly.


Zach Davis: He did it! Morientes made John Gable submit right in the middle of the ring! Gable can no longer hide behind his claim of being undefeated!

The referee lifts Morientes's arm in victory. The newly defeated Gable rolls out of the ring, gripping his arm as he stalks away with Humphrey Craig following close behind.

Shannan Lerch: The Bull has cut John Gable down to size, giving him his first loss in a singles match! What a match!

Torture Segment

At the announce table, Zach Davis is handed a microphone.

Zach Davis: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to once again introduce you to future WCF Hall of Famer .. TTTOOORRRTTUUREEEEE!!!!!

Crowd pops big as Crawl by Kings of Leon hits the airwaves. The lights begin to strobe, the crowd begins to chant and cheer! They pop huge for the return of the legendary Torture!

Shannan Lerch: Here he comes, he's got some words for one... wait... what is this?

The crowd continues to pop, and it gets even louder when they see him step through the curtain! Stepping onto the stage is not Torture, but Corey Black! He gives the typical pose while fireworks explode behind him, Torture's music still playing. Corey is wearing the typical black hoodie and jeans, walking down to the ring with a little spring in his step.

Corey rolls into the ring, the lights turn back on to normal, Corey is handed a microphone. He has to wait for the crowd to calm down before speaking.

Corey Black: This, this is exactly why I challenged Torture to a match at One next year. He told everyone he'd be here tonight to put me in my place. He asked Jonny Fly for a spot on the show, Jonny cleared time, and where is Torture? Guy is probably back in California, sipping on a Sangria, surrounded by bikini clad hookers while dealing stocks of CoolWear. Here I am, on WCF TV, microphone in my hand and ready to fight. Is Torture the kind of man you want in the Hall of Fame? The kind of guy that only wanted the accolade so he could charge money for autographs on eBay? No, of course you don't. Fuck a Torture, that man is not WCF. He care about himself and himself alone. That's why, in 11 months, I will put that son of a bitch in his rightful place... right on his head.

Morientes Segment

The camera opens, and we see Morientes walking out of the New Orleans Arena and heading towards the parking spaces outside of the stadium. The carpark is deserted; Slam isn't over yet, and everyone is still inside the building, no doubt watching and enjoying the main event. Morientes approaches his Toyota Camry, ready to head off to a nearby motel after an exhausting night.

Morientes: URGH! What the fu-, ARGH!

A baseball bat comes out of nowhere, slamming Morientes twice in quick succession in the stomach region. Overcome with pain, El Nino clutches his gut and falls to one knee in pain, as a figure steps out from the shadows.

Masked Assailant: Remember me dear Po Po? Guess who's baaaaccccckk?

Taking careful aim, the masked figure swings the bat hard once more, this time targeting the vulnerable neck of The Bull. Morientes instantly crumples on the concrete floor, his body still suffering the effects from the fierce match earlier.

Masked Assailant: I've said it before, you... don't deserve to be here in the WCF. You think you're noble, catering to the needs of the many. But to me, you are nothing but an imbecile. An idiot abandoning his old life in Spain, trying to make it big here in America, catering to lesser minds. Gable is right.

Tossing his bat from one hand to another, the attacker points the bat down at Morientes's fallen body. He looks around for signs of security approaching, before finally setting his sights on the Toyota Camry that's parked just a few feet away from the two men.

Masked Assailant: You seem to have an indomitable spirit kid, I'll give you that. This is your last warning. Leave this company forever and head home to Madrid. If not, the next time I pay you a visit, you'll be sleeping with the fishes. Capiche?

Picking up a previously unnoticed bucket from the ground, the masked figure proceeded to pour its contents all over Morientes's car. Taking out a lighter, he flicks it on, before throwing it on to the kerosene-covered car. The vehicle instantly bursts into flames, evaporating anything caught in its fiery grasp. Still incapacitated by the earlier attack, Morientes can only look in horror at his mobile home being destroyed.

Masked Assailant: I repeat, this is your last warning. Tonight your home, tomorrow your life. Give up, and never challenge John Gable or any other WCF superstar ever again.

The scene closes as the masked assailant stalks away, leaving Morientes lying on the ground, staring helplessly at the wreck that just ten minutes ago, used to be his entire life.

Prophecy vs Jonny Fly/Jay Price

Zach Davis: Do you know what time it is Shannan?

Shannan Lerch: IT'S MAIN EVENT TIME?

Zach Davis: No Shannan it's....wait you stole my line! I'M THE ONE WHO YELLS "MAIN EVENT TIME" AROUND HERE!

Shannan Lerch: Oh quit you're crying. It's not like you own the trademark on the phrase.

Zach Davis: Not yet I don't!

"Hero/Papercut" by Skillet vs Linkin Park plays and a Cross is lowered on stage and on the bottom of are three holes from a distance when a close up happens the holes make the bottom of the cross look like Tek's mask and smoke comes out of the mouth, and STJ and Tek come out and make there way to the ring.

Shannan Lerch: And here is Prophecy, Tek and Steeltoe Joe. You'd have to think these two are ready to show the world something.

Zach Davis: Well tonight would be the night to do just that. Main eventing against two former World Champions? The opportunity is right there for them to take.

"4 Words To Choke Upon" by Bullet For My Valentine hits the PA System as the lights in the arena drop. Strobe lights emanate from the stage area as Jay Price strolls out from the back, a bag of popcorn in one hand. Price pauses at the top of the ramp, looking out at the crowd and munching on popcorn before turning his head to the curtain behind him. Price's music fades out and "300 Violin Orchestra" by Jorge Quintero kicks in as Jonny Fly strolls out from the back. Fly stands on the stage with his eyes directly fixed on Prophecy in the ring. Price is more interested in the bag of popcorn in his hands until Fly pokes him in the shoulder and then points to the ring. Price nods his head, pops a few kernels into his mouth and then tosses the bag to the side before they take off down the ramp. Fly slides in under the bottom rope while Price opts for the roll-in.

Zach Davis: And representing Pantheon we have the CEO and Owner of WCF, Jonny Fly, and the CEO of WCF, Jay Price. What a tag team Shannan.

Shannan Lerch: I still find it odd to see these two teaming together. I remember calling the XIII PPV where Price hit that brainbuster on Fly onto a kitchen sink. To think they went from enemies to stablemates is just something.

Tek steps out onto the apron as Steeltoe Joe will start the match for their team. On the other side of the ring, Jonny Fly and Jay Price are...playing rock, paper, scissors. Price throws scissors. Fly throws scissors. Price throws rock. Fly throws Rock. Price throws scissors. Fly throws scissors.

Zach Davis: Well this is going nowhere.

Price suddenly begins pointing behind Fly with some urgency like something is going one. Fly falls for it and turns around and Price quickly steps out onto the apron. Fly, seeing nothing behind him, turns back to see Price looking out toward the crowd and whistling innocently.


Shannan Lerch: And the referee, tired of the nonsense, has signaled for the bell. This match is officially underway!

Fly casts Price a look and then he and Steeltoe Joe begin circling the ring. They finally tie up and Joe takes control, twisting Fly's arm and putting him in an arm wringer. Fly however rolls through it and Joe is now the one in an arm wringer. Fly then kicks Joe down so he's on his knees and goes for a stiff kick to his head, but Joe ducks it, and hits Fly with a boot to the gut before catching him with an uppercut. Fly staggers back and Joe then fires off several quick jabs, sending him reeling, before throwing him to the ropes. As Fly comes back, Joe hits him with a hip toss. Joe then locks in a sleeper.

Zach Davis: Steeltoe Joe looking good against Fly here in the beginning of the match.

The crowd begins willing Fly to get up, stomping their feet and clapping their hands. A "LET'S GO FLY" chant starts up. Fly slowly starts to make his way up, fighting to get out of the sleeper. A couple of quick jabs to the gut and he's out. Joe swings with a wild clothesline but Fly ducks it and hits a beautiful dropkick, sending Joe staggering back into his corner. He tags in Tek. Tek quickly enters the ring but catches an arm drag from Fly. Tek right back up to his feet but Fly hits him with arm drag numero dos. Tek up once more and Fly again tries for an arm drag but it's one too many. Tek blocks the arm drag, grabs Fly's arm and hits an armbreaker over his shoulder. Fly shakes out his arm and Tek quickly tries for the school boy pin.


But Fly is just as quick to kick out. Fly now trying to make it to his corner but Tek tackles him from behind at the last second. Price smacks the turnbuckle in frustration as Tek begins to rain down blows to the back of Fly's head.

Shannan Lerch: And look at Tek's eyes Zach. He's fired up. He wants this win.

The referee finally steps in as Fly reaches out and grabs the bottom rope. Tek backs off and lets Fly get to his feet. Fly again trying to get to his corner when Tek cuts him off by grabbing his arm. Tek now shooting Fly into the ropes. Fly comes back and Tek tries for a back body drop but he telegraphs it. Fly stops just in time, grabs Tek by the head and slams him backward onto the mat. Fly shakes out his arm from the earlier armbreaker and then drops a leg across Tek's chest. Fly with the pin attempt.


But Tek quickly kicks out.

Zach Davis: Fly knew he wouldn't get the pin there, he just wanted to slow down the pace of this match.

Fly pulls up Tek by the head and leads him over to the corner. Fly pushes Tek into the turnbuckles and then tags in Price. Fly now pulling Tek out of the corner only to quickly drop him face first onto the mat. Price now hopping up onto the second rope and he drops the elbow into Tek's back.

Shannan Lerch: Price coming off the second rope with the elbow drop, shades of Bret Hart.

Tek rolls over, clutching his back, and Price quickly tries for a pin attempt.



And again Tek quickly kicks out. Price pulling Tek up to his feet and he executes a belly to belly suplex. Tek hits the mat and rolls to his corner where Steeltoe Joe reaches over the ropes and tags himself in. Joe quickly enters the ring and ducks a clothesline attempt from Price. Joe waits for Price to turn around and then lifts him up before dropping him with a flapjack. Price hits the mat and bounces off of it.

Zach Davis: Did you see that? Price looked like a basketball!

Joe tags in Tek. Tek comes in and they measure Price up.

Shannan Lerch: Tek is the legal man again, and they're going to end it!

Tek lifts Price up but Price reverses it AND HITS THE DOWNFALL OUT OF NOWHERE!

Zach Davis: WHOA!

Before Joe can do anything, Fly enters the ring and runs at him, Clotheslining him out of the ring. Price has Tek in a pin.




Shannan Lerch: Pantheon pulls off the victory!

The match has ended and Fly and Jay Price are standing in the center of the ring. “Follow Me Boys” hits over the PA system and out from the back comes “Scoutmaster” Stuart Slane.

Zach Davis: Oh, god. What does this guy want now?

Slane steps onto the stage flanked by two men in black suits. He’s carrying his laptop with one arm and holding a microphone with another. Scoutmaster holds the microphone up to his mouth.

Scoutmaster: You should have heeded my warning, Mister Fly. I believe these gentlemen from the Federal Bureau of Investigation have some questions for you.

Now identified as FBI agents, the two men with Slane begin to make their way down the ramp toward the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Jonny Fly is getting taken in for questioning by the FBI!

Zach Davis: Apparently whatever ‘information’ Slane had on Fly was of particular interest to them. Very interesting.

The agents enter the ring and stand just inches away from Fly. The WCF CEO stands motionless staring only at Slane who is smirking on the stage. One of the agents reaches for Fly’s arm to escort him out of the ring, but Fly immediately swats him away. He leaves the ring on his own accord with the agents trailing behind him.

Shannan Lerch: It appears Jonny Fly is in some serious trouble, Zach. This is going to shake things up in WCF, that’s for sure.

As Fly passes Slane on the stage, Scoutmaster extends his forefinger, then bends it, extends it again, and then bends it, smiling proudly the entire time. Fly says nothing to him and disappears behind the curtain. Slane turns his attention to the ring where Jay Price still stands after watching the previous events unfold. Slane smiles again and delivers a sarcastic ‘tip of the hat’ to Price before turning and leaving the stage. Price disappointedly, and angrily, heads to the back as well.

Zach Davis: I don't believe what we've seen!

Still regrouping, Prophecy has reentered the ring. Steeltoe Joe has his People's Championship, which he raises in the air.

Shannan Lerch: Well... I think the People's Champion feels its his job to send the people home happy, not with seeing Jonny Fly taken out like that.

Zach Davis: What a Champ!

As Prophecy stands in the ring, from behind Gravedigger, Adrian, and two other members of MS-13 come from behind to attack both Tek and Steeltoe Joe.

Shannan Lerch: Oh my!

Zach Davis: Wait, what the hell? What is this? Gravedigger, Adrian, and, who is that other guy?

Shannan Lerch: I don’t know but they are assaulting Prophecy from behind, knocking both of them down with a clothesline.

Zach Davis: This four on two assault continues as they continue to pound away at Tek and Steeltoe Joe. For God’s sake, they just competed, this is not right! Someone has to stop this.

Shannan Lerch: Oh, and look who’s coming down the ramp.

Eric Price is making his way down the entrance ramp at a casual pace with the World Title around his shoulder and a grin on his face as he still has his sunglasses on.

Crowd: You suck! You suck! You suck!

Zach Davis: What the, what is that son of a bitch doing here?

Shannan Lerch: Easy Zach, he might hear you and I don’t think he’s in the mood.

Zach Davis: I don’t give a damn, this heinous assault is not right!

Shannan Lerch: He told us at the beginning of the show that he would teach us tonight about respect.

Zach Davis: He almost ran down Sarah Twilight earlier in the evening.

Shannan Lerch: You don’t know if that was him.

Eric Price making his way into the ring as Gravedigger, Adrian, and the other two unidentified members of MS-13 continue stomping away at Prophecy.

Eric Price: Well gentlemen, I told you two that I was going to make an example out of you tonight. And now, not even Jonny Fly can stop me. Adrian, lift him up!

Adrian lifts up Tek along with one of the unidentified MS-13 members. Eric Price low blows him as they let him go and he is clearly writhing in pain!

Eric Price: Now lift this son of a bitch up! Joseph, you have been a thorn in my side for far too long. Last week, you decided to take my production studio, this week, I am going to beat you up and humiliate you.

Eric Price grabs his microphone as Joe is being help up by Gravedigger and Adrian and starts beating him over the head with the microphone, busting him open.

Zach Davis: Oh my God, Steeltoe Joe busted open as Eric Price hits him with that microphone over his head several times.

Eric Price stops and then instructs Gravedigger and Adrian to let STJ go

Eric Price: I’ve never beat up a holy man before but Joseph, let me tell you that this is the wrath of God that is being unleashed upon you for your crimes.

Eric Price then grabs STJ and his the Reversal of Fortune on him!

Shannan Lerch: Reversal of Fortune on the People’s Champion Steeltoe Joe.

Eric Price then grabs his World Title and lays flat on the ring looking at both Tek and Steeltoe Joe.

Eric Price: You see this title, this WCF World Title, it’s mine, IT’S ALL MINE! This title means I am the best here in WCF and that I deserve TO BE RESPECTED! I’M THE WCF WORLD CHAMPION!

Eric then gets up and raises his title up in the air as the crowd boos him as loudly as they can.

Zach Davis: What a sick, heinous human being. He said he would try to teach everyone about respect but all I saw was a 5 on 1 mugging. What will the repercussions of this be next week on Slam. Good night everyone here from New Orleans!

Gravedigger and Adrian lift Eric Price on top of them as he grins at the crowd and the scene fades to black!

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Eric Price Segment

Stuart Slane Segment

Ana Valentine vs John Thomas

Morientes/John Gable Segment

Judge Mental vs Vengeance

Genesis Segment

Christopher Kane/Scott Savage Segment

Davey Ortega vs Deuce Maximus

Waylon Cash/Scott Savage Segment

Internet Title Match: G-Money vs Christopher Kane

Freya Kane/Kaylyn James Evans Segment

Sarah Twilight Segment

Oblivion vs Kale Windsor

Freya Kane/Kari Segment

Aloysius Mason Segment

John Gable vs Morientes

Torture Segment

Morientes Segment

Prophecy vs Jonny Fly/Jay Price


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Morientes vs Gable



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