Slam Intro

Drunk and Crazy by Mogwai hits, and Slam is on the air! The fans cheer and roar and try and chant things and all that jazz while we go to Zach and Shannan.

Zach Davis: Welcome to Slam!

Shannan Lerch: Yeah yeah, let's get on with it and talk about the show. That's what the people are here to hear.

Zach Davis: Geez, someone is grumpy tonight! Anywho, great main event tonight. After Jay Price took Stuart Slane to the limit at Timebomb, we've got a rematch!

Shannan Lerch: With that win, Jay Price became one of the most decorated stars in WCF HISTORY. And there are VERY few companies with the kind of history we have. I hate to say it, but Jay Price has etched out a class of his very own.

Zach Davis: However, he might just end up as one of our shortest reigning United States Champions ever, if he can't beat Slane again tonight. Defeating the Scoutmaster one week is difficult enough, but two weeks in a row? We'll see.

Shannan Lerch: We have FRANK PATRICK VENABLE returning to the ring! FPV IS BACK! Ugh, I don't know why I sound so happy about it, I'm not. But returns are exciting, I guess.

Zach Davis: FPV, in a lot of ways, lead to the current stable-filled landscape of WCF. By restarting the Team of Treachery with Logan all those months ago, he started a chain reaction that still shapes the company today. Tonight, he teams up with the Homegrown Players to face Eric Price and Southern Discomfort.

Shannan Lerch: Both FPV and Waylon Cash have very serious beef with Nathan von Liebert... and I sure wouldn't want to be the Hardcore Champion.

Zach Davis: Beef or no beef, none of them have been able to one-up Nathan yet. Tonight, he defends his belt against Doc Henry, who, coincidentally, had a random pretty-damn-hardcore match with Corey Black last week.

Shannan Lerch: HUGE Triple Threat match. Skyler Striker, Sarah Twilight, and Benjamin Atreyu.

Zach Davis: Both Skyler Striker and Benjamin Atreyu advanced in the Trilogy Cup Tournament, and Sarah Twilight?.... didn't. In the shock of a night, Christopher Kane of all people took the Television Title from Sarah.

Shannan Lerch: Only one of the singles Champions could advance in the tournament, and the son of Brad Kane is the one who managed to win. I still can't believe it. It was after a fair amount of interference, but still!

Zach Davis: Speaking of, Kane defends that newly won belt against Tek... of Genesis. Christopher Kane isn't a huge fan of stables so losing to Tek wouldn't sit right with him, that's for sure.

Shannan Lerch: Judge Mental goes one on one with The Ninja. The Ninja is a part of the newest stable in the company... Rebellion. A group of men who feel they've continuously been held down. HA.

Zach Davis: I gotta say, Shannan, they might be right! We also have John Gable and Morientes team up against Ana Valentine and Buzzsaw Bundy. Gable and Morientes have been enemies up until they joined together in Rebellion, but we're not all that sure if they'll be able to coexist or not.

Shannan Lerch: And in our opener, Vengeance and Blizzard team up to take on Magnus and G-Money.

Zach Davis: That's right. Our OPENER. All of the Rebellion members are in opening matches! Smells like they're being held down to me.

Shannan Lerch: Quiet, Zach!

Rebellion Segment

Zach Davis: Here we are, before the first match is officially on the way, and look who's on his way to the ring!

Shannan Lerch: Mmm, Morientes... wonder what the man has to say!

Indeed, the Spaniard is making his way down the ramp, and he is being greeted by thousands of cheers. Morientes smiles and waves to the fans as he enters the ring, signaling for a microphone from the timekeeper. Stanley Moser who is at ringside, passes one to The Bull. Morientes lifts it to his lips, pausing for a moment, before starting to speak.

Morientes: ¡hola Colorado!

The crowd pops, cheering wildly in anticipation to the night's festivities.

Morientes: Last week at Timebomb, I, along with five other wrestlers, created something special. You guys bought the PPV or were at the event, I should have no need to explain what happened. But for those who are ill-informed, Blizzard, Kale Windsor, Vengeance, The Ninja, John Gable, and myself formed a wrestling union of sorts. Rebellion.

The crowd pops once again, this time, chanting the name of the stable.


Morientes paces the ring, before continuing his speech. He smiles and raises a hand, and the fans stop their chant.

Morientes: What we aim is simple. We are representing the rights of the plebeyo. The common wrestler. The talented man who never got his chance in the spotlight because of politics, a lack of opportunities, or for whatever reason. Enough is enough, and we will make sure that each and every wrestler in that locker room gets his or her opportunity to shine in the limelight. No more favoritism. We don't have an ulterior agenda, nothing but to make the system here fair.


Morientes: I shall keep it short and sweet. Blizzard and Vengeance are up soon against their opponents, and I don't want to keep you guys waiting to watch their match. On behalf of Rebellion, I am speaking directly to the management office right now, senor Corey Black and the rest of the booking committee in particular. There are too many talented people on this roster, and particularly my comrades in Rebellion, and it is infuriating to see them wander about aimlessly. I'm proposing a estipulación for next week.

The Spaniard makes his way to one of the turnbuckles and sits himself on it, facing the crowd.

Morientes: Next week on Slam, I propose that for every champion here in the WCF choose a FRESH championship contender for Explosion. That means someone who has not challenged for it in the past six months, and have never won that respective belt before. It could be Sarah Twilight for the Hardcore Title, Benjamin Atreyu for the WCF Championship, or even myself for the US Title! A battle royal, a Fatal-4-Way, a freaking elimination free-for-all, whatever! We need to see some new blood in the title scene, and that includes the WCF Championship. No more hiding around and hoping to beat the same old people for the champion. Make that happen dear management team, or we might have to take matters into our own hands. Justice must prevail.

Morientes drops the microphone on the ground and makes his way out of the ring. He heads back to the back without a single glance back, as the crowd continues cheering.


Shannan Lerch: Shocking news to kickstart Slam!

Zach Davis: Wow, truly a mean declaration! I wonder if the management team will accede to Rebellion's request and force every champion choose his number one contender for Timebomb. Guess we'll have to wait till next week to find out!

Vengeance/Blizzard vs Magnus/G-Money

Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold hits... and out come Vengeance and Blizzard!

Zach Davis: Here are Vengeance and Blizzard, two members of Rebellion.

The crowd cheers them on as they head to the ring, looking all business, not particularly happy with being in the opening matchup.

Shannan Lerch: The fans are behind them.. silly fans!

The Russian Flag proudly waves over the WCF video screen as an octet of singers walks out on stage, four men and four women to a row of microphones as the music starts up and they sing the Russian National Anthem as Magnus walks out from the back, proudly waving the Russian flag, the crowd nearly drowning him out in an even louder chorus of boos and " Russia Sucks" chants. Magnus is unphased by the crowds reaction as he walks down the ramp and towards goes to walk up the stairs but ends up getting into a verbal exchange with a member of the front row before turning back towards the ring, raising the flag up high and finally getting in. Magnus proudly waves the flag around the some more as the octet slowly quiets and Magus waits for his opponent.

“GET YO ASS UP!!!” blares over the speakers before Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle” booms throughout the area, G-Money slowly makes his way to the entrance way after slowly emerging he pauses on at the top of the aisle and scans the arena from side to side, with a smirk on his face G swaggers to the ring.

Zach Davis: Here are G-Money and Magnus. Not a cohesive unit like Rebellion, so this will be interesting.

G-Money starts the match, as does Vengeance. The two circle and go to tie up, but G-Money ducks under Vengeance's grip. Once Vengeance turns around G-Money hits him with a Standing Dropkick, sending him reeling. G-Money then kicks Vengeance in the gut and drops him with a DDT!

Shannan Lerch: Vengeance's head, spiked to the mat!

G-Money quickly pins Vengeance, hooking the leg.



No!, Vengeance kicks out. G Money lifts him up and puts him in a headlock, then tags in Magnus.

Zach Davis: This is Magnus' first match in WCF.. here he goes!

The fans begin booing as the proud Russian enters the match. He ignores them as he hits Vengeance with a few clubbing blows. He then backs up as Vengeance gets up, runs at him... Shining Wizard!

Shannan Lerch: In Soviet Russia... Wizard Shines You!

Zach Davis: This guy's moves are a mouthful.

Magnus then runs to the ropes and goes for a Lionsault, but Vengeance gets the knees up! Magnus crashes into them and Vengeance quickly tags in Blizzard.

Shannan Lerch: Hm. Not a smart move by Vengeance. If ANYONE can deal with a Blizzard, it's a Russian.

Blizzard comes in and starts stomping on Magnus. Magnus slowly begins working his way to his feet and Blizzard grabs him by the throat and lifts him up...

Zach Davis: Chokeslam!

Blizzard drops and pins Magnus.



No!, Magnus kicks out. Blizzard begins lifting him up against but Magnus punches him in the gut several times, escapes, and tags in G-Money.

Shannan Lerch: Here comes Money again!

Money ducks a Clothesline from Blizzard, then kicks him and goes for a Neckbreaker. However, Blizzard shoves him away and then hits him with a Superkick!

Zach Davis: No! Money ducks it!

G-Money tags Magnus back in! Blizzard goes for another Superkick but Magnus ducks that too, runs at him and hits a High Knee to the skull.


Magnus quickly drops and pins Blizzard.




Zach Davis: Whoa! Magnus and G-Money pick up the win!

Magnus stands up, getting his arm raised in the air.

Shannan Lerch: Victorious debut for this unpopular Russian.

Deuce Maximus Segment

Deuce is seen walking down the hallway, looking around at the names on dressing rooms. Finally, you see in his face that he has found the one he is searching for. He knocks twice, pauses, and then knocks a third time.

Female Voice: (from behind the door) Just a moment!

Deuce rocks a bit on his heels a bit and looks around. He lifts his ‘Scarlet A’ up and huffs upon it to polish it. As soon as he is done, the door swings open and the Pristine Princess Ana Valentine stands there, her face going from glee to revulsion in .3 seconds.

Ana Valentine: What are YOU doing here?

Deuce Maximus: Hi, Miss Valentine. My name is Deuce and I am here to make sure of your match readiness. Do you have any lingering pains in your body? Is there anything that would prohibit you from competing at Explosion?

Ana Valentine: Excuse me?!

Deuce Maximus: I don’t know if you realize this, but I am the official Trilogy Cup Tournament Alternative, signified by this snazzy red ‘A’ medal! I just want to make sure that you’re not over exerting yourself because, as much as I’d like to actually be in the tourney, I’d hate to get in there on a fluke. Have you properly stretched today? I hear if you can’t touch your elbows together behind your back, you’re not fully limbered up.

Ana Valentine: What?!

Deuce Maximus: It’s true. I heard a doctor say it once.

Off-camera: Is there a problem here?

Deuce turns to look behind him as Buzzsaw Bundy is standing there, match-ready and intensely glaring at Deuce. Deuce, to his credit, is blissfully innocent and unaware at his impending doom. He extends his hand to Buzzsaw, who does not take it.

Deuce Maximus: Hi. Official Trilogy Cup Tournament Alternate here, making sure young Miss Valentine is fully limbered up. I would hate for anything to happen to her.

Buzzsaw: Is that a threat?!

Deuce Maximus: (finally pulling his extended hand back in stride) Far from it, sir. Just one colleague showing concern for another. I just want her to be careful out there. We work with a bunch of jerks who have zero connection with the tournament and I refuse to see it sullied by their jealousy.

Buzzsaw pulls Deuce in close by his shirt and speaks very slow.

Buzzsaw: You are lucky we have a match that we need to get ready for or else I would stomp you into the ground right now. This is your one freebie, understand?

Deuce looks back and forth between Ana and Buzzsaw and smirks slowly and nods. Buzzsaw unclenches his fist and Deuce is lowered a few inches. He brushes off and backs away.

Deuce Maximus: Just be careful. We must respect the integrity of the tourney!

Deuce turns on his heels and leaves. Ana and Buzzsaw watch him go with a bemused look on their faces.

Ana and Buzzsaw: (in unison) What a weirdo!

John Gable/Morientes vs Ana Valentine/Buzzsaw Bundy

“Things That You Oughta Know” by Chronic Future blasts over the P.A. System. John Gable enters through the current wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses, a leather jacket acting as if he was trying not to be noticed. He looks out to the crowd while trying to hide his face. He steps down the ramp as Humphrey Craig followed with a sign reading “future Oscar recipient”. John Gable slides into the ring and rips off his 'disguise'.

The clashing of two swords fills the arena for a couple of seconds as the lights dim, before the sound of a shotgun goes off. "Back For More" by Five Finger Death Punch starts to play as Morientes comes out from the back, dressed in his usual fighting attire, Posing for the crowd for a few moments, the lights come back on as the first verse of the song is belted, and he makes his way to the ring while nodding at cheering fans.

Morientes slides into the ring and raise his arms into the air for fan reaction. He then sheds his leather jacket in the middle of the ring, and throws it to the crowd. Next, he climbs up the upper left turnbuckle, gesturing to the crowd. After that, Morientes jumps back to the mat and starts stretching, awaiting the referee to start the match.

Kyle Steel: From Madrid, Spain, weighing in at two hundred and twenty two pounds, The Bull... MORIENTES!

Ana walks down the ramp to pink pyro’s shooting off behind her. She pauses at the steps to the ring to blow kisses to the crowd. She then steps into the ring bending low to slip between the middle and bottom rope.

The sound of a chainsaw being pull started reverberates through the arena, as The Lumberjack starts. With the start of the lyrics Buzzsaw walks out, pausing on the stage to raise a fist. As the crowd pops, he makes his way to the ring, slapping the hands of the fans. Grabbing the top rope, he steps onto the apron, and over the top rope into the ring. As he prepares for his match, he removes his flannel shirt, revealing his muscled body.

Zach Davis: Gable and Morientes are going to be quite an interesting tag team. Members of the same stable, but they've been feuding for the last few weeks.

Although you can feel the tension, Morientes and Gable discuss who should start the match, with Morientes choosing to do so. Buzzsaw starts the match for his team.

Shannan Lerch: Buzzsaw was trying to make his return for a while now, but Seth was blocking it for some reason. Well, now he's back.

The bell sounds. Morientes runs at the big man, but Buzzsaw reacts quickly and drops Morientes with a Big Boot! Morientes quickly climbs back to his feet and Buzzsaw throws him to the ropes. As he comes back Buzzsaw catches him in a Bearhug!

Zach Davis: Buzzsaw Bundy, wearing Morientes down. Smart strategy.

The fans begin dueling chants, "LET'S GO BUZZ-SAW!" and "MOR-IE-NTES!" The chants fuel Morientes on as he works his arms out from Buzzsaw's grasp and then claps them against his head! Buzzsaw drops Morientes and Morientes hits him with a series of boxing strikes, dazing him. Morientes follows that up with a step up Enziguri!

Shannan Lerch: Going for the Lumberjack's head, good strategy!

Morientes tags in Gable. The fans boo as Gable gets into the ring, but he ignores it. As Buzzsaw begins to get up, Gable runs at him and hits a Knee to the Face!

Zach Davis: More attacks directed at Buzzsaw's head! No matter how big you are, if your head isn't protected, you're not in a good spot for a victory.

But Buzzsaw still refuses to stay down; he slowly begins climbing back to his feet. Gable kicks him and hits a Snap DDT!

Shannan Lerch: OOF!

Gable falls on top of Buzzsaw, hooking his leg!



NO!, Ana breaks it up!

Zach Davis: Ana Valentine saves Buzzsaw!

Gable angrily goes for a Clothesline but Ana ducks it and hits him with a Diamond Cutter!

Shannan Lerch: BANG~!

Ana rolls out of the ring as Buzzsaw pins Gable.



No!, Gable kicks out!

Zach Davis: Close, but no cigar!

Ana is back on the apron and Buzzsaw tags her in. She comes in and follows up on her Cutter by climbing to the top. Gable stumbles up and Ana flies off the top and hits him with a Clothesline!

Shannan Lerch: Great move!, can Ana keep the momentum going?

She grabs him for a German Suplex..

Zach Davis: Cupid's Arrow!

But Gable elbows her several times before excaping and hitting her with a Northern Lights Suplex!

Shannan Lerch: Beautifully executed!

Both Gable and Valentine lay on the mat, breathing heavily, resting. They both begin crawling towards their partners...

Zach Davis: Who will get there first?

Valentine dives and tags in Buzzsaw, who quickly comes in and grabs Gable's leg, pulling him back into the middle of the ring. Gable is able to work his way up however and, with Buzzsaw still holding his leg, hits him with an Enziguri!

Shannan Lerch: Ouch! And Gable follows it up-

He hits his Body Scissors DDT!

Zach Davis: Some Like It Hot!

Gable quickly pins Buzzsaw while Morientes runs interception, stopping Ana from breaking it up.




Shannan Lerch: There you have it! The Rebellion team of John Gable and Morientes pick up the win!

Both Morientes and Gable get their arms raised, a bit uneasy with each other still.

Eric Price Segment

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the WCF World Heavyweight Champion, the great WCF Champion of all time, Mr. Eric Price!

“When the Saints go marching in” starts playing over the speaker system.

Eric Price steps out from the back to the top of the stage with a huge grin on his face as the WCF World Championship is draped over his shoulder as the crowd starts booing loudly at his presence. He then starts slowly walking down the entrance ramp as balloons and confetti start raining down on the crowd. He is wearing a white suit with a light yellow shirt and tie with a US Flag lapel pin on his sport coat.

Zach Davis: Prepared statement clearly. And now we have “When the Saints go marching in” and we have Satan himself making his way down to the ring.

Shannan Lerch: Satan? How dare you call him that!

Zach Davis: And now we have balloons, confetti, come on. This is absolutely ridiculous!

Shannan Lerch: Why, he’s the World Champion, he’s just celebrating after retaining at Timebomb.

Zach Davis: Oh yeah, retaining the championship, a slap to a referee, a low blow and he walks away champion, he should be very proud.

Eric walks into the ring as fireworks go off on the entrance stage as well as on all corners of the ring. The ring itself has black carpeting with the logo for Eric Price on it and three paintings are in the ring, two at opposite corners and one right behind Eric in the center.

Zach Davis: A show of arrogance in the ring too here with those paintings of himself, what a selfish, lowdown, son of a dirty…

Shannan Lerch: Let the champion enjoy his moment, come on!

The music dies down as Eric Price asks for a microphone and the crowd is all over him.

Crowd: Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!

Eric Price: Well … at Timebomb, I told you all that I would walk out as the WCF World Heavyweight Champion and as you can clearly see, I did just that!

Crowd boos loudly

Eric Price: I am still the WCF World Heavyweight Champion, the standard bearer, the greatest WCF Champion in the history of this company yours truly Mr. Eric Price!

Crowd: You suck! You suck! You suck!

Eric Price: At Timebomb, Steeltoe Joe simply couldn’t get the job done and because of my great class, my athletic ability, my intelligence, my integrity, I am still the WCF World Heavyweight Champion!

Zach Davis: Integrity … my ass!

Shannan Lerch: Zach, please! The champ is talking!

Eric Price: Not only that but it seems Sarah Twilight just can’t keep her eyes off of me that she actually cost herself, yes for the record, she cost herself the WCF Television Championship and lost it to that zit factory Chris Kane! You see Sarah, you just don’t have the focus, the resolve, the wherewithal to keep your eyes on the prize. I however, I am a great man, a great champion, a role model to people everywhere.

Zach Davis: I’m getting nauseous here.

Eric Price: It was truly a grand night last Sunday at Timebomb and Sarah, despite putting that girl at ringside, your so called fan just to try and cost me the match, despite the fact that she tried to deliberately cost me the match by throwing a soda in my face…

Crowd cheers loudly

Eric Price: Hey shut up!

Crowd: Soda! Soda! Soda!

Eric Price: I SAID SHUT UP!!!

Zach Davis: That was a great moment last week, Eric Price deserved it!

Eric Price: Nevertheless, she tried to cost me the match but in the end I persevered and walked out still as the champion as I so deserved; despite the fact that it should have been an automatic disqualification because no doubt Sarah Twilight wanted me to lose that night but it just didn’t happen … you hear that Sarah, I’M STILL THE CHAMPION! THE TITLE IS STILL MINE, ALL MINE! HAHAHA!!!

Crowd: You’re a loser! You’re a loser! You’re a loser!

Eric Price: You can chant all you want, I don’t give a rat’s ass about you people because I am just that much better than you. But there was one person in particular who really didn’t like what happened, there was one person who really was displeased with what occurred and when I walked out with the title still in my possession, this person just could not contain their emotion … and no, I’m not talking about that little bitch Jenna Stevens who threw the soda in my face, no, I’m talking about someone who fancies themselves high and mighty above everyone, someone who’s a bit of a prima-donna, some who makes Tony Schiavone seems like a nice person, I’m talking about you Zach Davis.

Zach Davis: Me, what with me?

Eric Price: Oh come off it Zach, you were as mad as anyone when I retained my title last week. In fact, let’s listen to what you said after it happened.

Footage from Timebomb plays as Zach’s commentary is heard:

Zach Davis: What a coward. He knew he couldn’t beat Steeltoe Joe. He knew he couldn’t get it done so he took the easy way out. (cut) Zach Davis: He disqualified himself like the asshole that he is. He is paranoid, he is delusional, he is psychotic and he showcased that here tonight.

The footage stops.

Crowd cheers loudly at those words as Eric Price is now shown outside the ring right in front of the announcer’s table looking right at Zach Davis.

Eric Price: Mr. Davis, those were your exact words.

Zach Davis: Well I…

Eric Price: No no no, those were your words, that’s what you said about yours truly Mr. Eric Price, the greatest WCF World Heavyweight Champion of all time, that’s what you said. THAT’S WHAT YOU SAID!

Zach Davis: But I…

Eric Price: Tell me Mr. Davis, how much do you value your job here? Or you know what, don’t answer that, answer this instead, how much do you value your physical health?

Zach Davis: I …

Eric Price: Mr. Davis, my patience has grown thin with people who dare to disrespect me and it seems from the commentary I’ve heard from you regarding me and my championship, you’ve been disrespecting me for far too long. And tonight that ends so what I want you to do is simple, I want you to acknowledge me as the greatest WCF Wrestler of all time!

Crowd boos loudly

Eric Price: Like I care about your opinions. Now then Mr. Davis, I don’t have all day. Take that headset off.

Zach looks worried about his well being.

Eric Price: I said take that headset off … NOW!

Eric knocks the headset off Zach Davis after this.

Eric Price: Now then, step your ass over here.

Zach slowly walks and stands next to Eric Price.

Eric Price: Now, what you’re going to do is simple, you’re going to talk into this microphone and you’re going to tell everyone that I’m the greatest wrestler in WCF history.

Zach hesitates thinking about saying it.

Eric Price: I’m not asking again, you are going to tell these amoebas out here that I am the greatest, the GREATEST WCF WRESTLER in history, you understand? Now here’s the mic, say it.

Zach is still thinking about it.

Eric Price: Damn it, I SAID SAY IT!

Zach Davis: You …

Eric Price: That’s it …

Zach Davis: You …

Eric Price: SAY IT!

Zach Davis: You are the greatest WCF Wrestler in history.

Crowd boos loudly

Eric Price: Now, that wasn’t so hard was it. Now, you’re going to apologize to me for making those disrespectful comments last week after my title match. That’s exactly what you’re going to do because ladies and gentlemen, my name is Mr. Eric Price and I am the greatest …

Eric's mic is suddenly cut off, and as he taps it trying to figure out what is going on, Kyle Steel's voice echoes around the arena.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome...one of the greatest announcers in the world...MICHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEL BUFFER!

And with a shining spotlight following him, the one and only Michael Buffer himself comes out the curtains, accompanied by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Kate Upton as his date!

Zach Davis: Oh my...

Shannan Lerch: My woman senses are tingling. Every single tiny teenage wiener in the audience must have just grown three inches Zach.

Accompanying the two are is a master recording of The Rolling Stones's seminal song "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction", a song notorious for it's very expensive licensing fees. As Michael and Kate make their way down the ramp, Eric is standing there confused as all hell.

Eric Price: Wait a minute, what the hell? Who the hell dares to interrupt me? Who authorized this?

With Kate blowing him a kiss Michael goes up the steps and into the ring, eliciting a standing ovation from the Colorado crowd. He graciously shakes Kyle Steels hand as he stands in the middle of the ring, his signature microphone falling from the rafters and into his hands like it has so many times in the past. With a smile on his face, he speaks.


Pop from the crowd!


Another huge pop!

Michael Buffer: It...is time. Time to formally welcome back one of the greatest WCF superstars of our time. He's done it all, seen it all, and beat it all, and now he has come back to his natural habitat, the WCF! Accompanied by the LONDON PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA....

A long dramatic silence from Michael...


With that, a curtain drops from the side of the stage, revealing the large London Philharmonic Orchestra, as they begin to play an amazing orchestral version of FPV's theme, "Ghosts' n' Stuff."

Zach Davis: The music...it's...it's...

Shannan Lerch: ...beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

As the song swels to a soaring crescendo out the side of the entrance comes a black and red Bugati Veyron car, and out of it comes Frank Patrick Venable himself, dressed in probably the fanciest sexiest suit he has ever worn in his life. He smiles as he hops out the car and onto the entrance ramp, raising his arms in the air as golden pyro showers down behind him. The crowd is going fucking BANANAS right now!

Shannan Lerch: This is some real Tony Stark shit right here. And it's incredible.

FPV walks down the ramp, shaking hands of eager fans and after shooting a flirtatious look at Kate, climbs the steps and enters the ring. He goes up to Michael Buffer and shakes his hand before Michael actually let's him use the microphone.

Zach Davis: Is this really happening? Michael Buffer is letting FPV use HIS microphone?! That's one lucky bastard!

FPV takes a hold of the mic, and his voice echoes gracefully throughout the arena.


Once again goes insane, screaming like little girls at a Bieber concert.

FPV: Thank you, thank you...you are all so kind...how about a round of applause for Michael, Kate, and the Orchestra everybody!

Just as he instructed, the crowd gives a standing ovation for all the people involved in FPV's entrance. But before FPV can go on, Eric starts talking again.

Eric Price: What the hell, so this was all YOUR idea?! Do you realize how much this must've all cost?! My name is Mr. Eric Price and I’m the greatest…

FPV slowly turns his gaze to Eric, keeping a calm aura of cool around him and cutting him off in the process. Eric Price immediately rolls into the ring.

FPV: Silence, peon. Once you are worthy of wielding Michael Buffers microphone, then I shall allow you to speak. Besides, I'm giving you a taste of your own medicine. How does it feel to be ignored by someone with lots of money...well, not my money, it's actually the budget for Slam tonight, but you get the picture. Genesis doesn't give a shit how much money you have to us...all you are is another potential statistic. And after what you did to STJ at Timebomb...well, I just can't let that shit slide. I refuse to have a paper champion hold this company’s World title.

Eric Price: Oh grow up, this whole charade has taken all the WCF's money and flushed it down the toilet! Are you happy with yourself?!

As Eric continues to talk, FPV whispers something off-mic to Kyle Steel, who nods and run off to tell someone FPV's request.

Eric Price: ...hey HEY, I’m talking here damn it! Are you paying attention to me?!

FPV: No, and neither is this crowd. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a match to prepare for-

Eric Price: NO! NO, you are going to stay right and explain...

And then, out of nowhere...


FPV drops the mic and lets out a HUGE superkick right to Eric's face! And over the P.A system, of all things..."Guile's Theme" from Street Fighter is playing! The crowd is practically going into a RIOT, they are so excited.


After standing there and watching Eric squirm after his Headshot, FPV grabs the mic again.

FPV: WOO! THAT FELT SO GOOD! Tell me Eric, how does it feel to be my first post-coma Headshot victim? If you don't want any more, then listen to me well...

FPV gets down to Eric Price, who is still on the ground, and stares him dead in the eyes...


FPV releases the mic and lets it rise back to the rafters as he stands over Eric's body...

Zach Davis: We gotta go to commercials, but stay tuned... this won't be the last we see of these two tonight!

Judge Mental vs The Ninja

"All RISE!!!" is heard throughout the arena as two explosions from the entrance way discharge in a quick flame, BOOM! "The honorable Judge Mental" is said over the speakers as the judge himself appears through the smoke of the pyrotechnics. Also Sprach Zarathustra, by Strauss (Ric Flair's entrance theme) starts to play as Judge Mental walks slowly to the ring. With gavel in hand, he occasionally stops and points it at fans booing him; screaming even at children who dare give him the slightest negative attention. He puts the gavel under the ring and steps up the stairs in the ring, motioning for EVERYONE to stand, and noticing how many fans PURPOSELY sat down.

The arena lights go dark.

"Well I am ninja,
He is ninja,
She is ninja too,
I am ninja,
We are ninja,
But I believe that you are ninjaaa..."

The song becomes slow to silence. Suddenly, Walls of Innocence by Egypt Central is blasted through the arena. Suddenly, pyro is blasted on stage. The Ninja is standing on the titantron, hands on hips with a belt. The crowd starts to cheer. He glides down through the rafters. Nearby the ring, he lets go of the buckle and leaps down on the ring. He lands on his feet and gives the crowd an intense stare. He climbs up the turnbuckle and looks at the crowd. He raises his arm. He gets off and performs a kata. Then, he warms up.

Zach Davis: Big singles match for both these men, here we go!

Both Ninja and Judge Mental run at one another, but Ninja hits Mental with an STO, instantly getting the upper hand. Ninja gets back to his feet as Mental gets up as well, before hitting a big Hurricanrana, futher disoriented Mental. Ninja quickly, literally, jumps to the top turnbuckle and flies off with a Moonsault!

Shannan Lerch: Huge flurry of offense right out of the gate for The Ninja!

Into the pin!



No!, Judge Mental kicks out.

Zach Davis: But no quick victory.

The Ninja backs up as Judge Mental fights to his feet. Ninja goes for an Axe Kick!, but Mental avoids it, having it well scouted, and then kicking Ninja and hitting him with a Swinging Neckbreaker.

Shannan Lerch: Judge Mental in control now.

The Judge stomps the Ninja several times before putting him into a Chinlock.

Zach Davis: Mental is slowing down the pace now, and he has that Chinlock expertly applied.

But the fans begin getting behind the Ninja, chanting for him. Ninja begins working his way to his feet, and elbows Mental in the gut several times to escape. Before Ninja can gain too much momentum, however, Mental throws him to the ropes and then puts him into an Abdominal Stretch.

Shannan Lerch: Ninja almost escaped, but Mental is still intent on wearing him down.

Judge Mental hits Ninja with several shots to his abs while he's in the Ab Stretch. After several moments he transitions it into a Snapmare, taking Ninja back down and then kicking him in the back.

Zach Davis: Ouch!, stiff kick, Judge Mental is once again working over Ninja's neck.

Judge Mental then pulls Ninja in....

Shannan Lerch: He's going for a Piledriver!

But Ninja escapes it, then quickly hits Judge Mental with a Ninja Knockout! Ninja pins him!




Zach Davis: Once again here tonight Rebellion picks up the win!

Roy Speede Segment

The lights go out in the arena. After several seconds, words written in a bright white begin flashing on the otherwise blackened out Jumbotron. With each fading word, a new word pops up on the screen.






As the last word fades, all five words reappear on the jumbotron at once.


The lights slowly come back on as 'Hear Me Now' by Hollywood Undead begins to play through the speakers as Roy Speede steps out on stage in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. He has a microphone in his hand.

Kyle Steel: Introducing, from Richmond, Virginia, Wrestling Championship Federation's own Silver Lining, he is ROY SPEEEEDE!!

He begins walking to ringside, high-fiving fans as he goes, before climbing onto the apron, and then climbing the outside of the turnbuckle. He raises his left arm high, and the crowd pops. He swings his legs over the top rope and sits on the top turnbuckle.


The fans pop for Roy’s greeting.

Roy Speede: Damn, it feels good to be out here! You guys know how great it feels to be out here in front of all of you all tonight? IT FEELS HELLA GOOD!

The fans pop again, even louder this time.

Roy Speede: Well, anyway, it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve been in this ring, and I missed the Pay-Per-View. I know a lot of speculation was being done that I might have left the company where my career has started and since flourished so greatly, and I’d just like to say...

The fans fall silent.

Roy Speede: I’m not going anywhere!!

The fans ROAR! As they calm down some, Roy begins to speak.

Roy Speede: However...

The crowd quiets down.

Roy Speede: Tonight makes two weeks since I’ve competed in the WCF, and I have a good explanation as to why.

He sets the microphone in his lap, and pulls his shirt up over his head, revealing that his ribs are taped very heavily. He looks out at the crowd and then tosses his tee shirt, a Silver Lining Roy Speede tee shirt, into the crowd, where a man catches it in the third row and hands it to the young boy next to him.

Roy Speede: Folks, a couple weeks ago, I made a big mistake in a tag team match, and while Sarah ended up picking up the win for Genesis, I realized about that time that I’m not training hard enough. I put a few minutes in the gym here or there, and then go out to the ring expecting that I’ll be as good as I ever was. I slacked off, and I realized that I could be doing more. After that match, I started pouring a lot more time into the gym, but at a pretty harsh price.

He motions down at the bandages on his waist.

Roy Speede: See, I was in the gym, and I was working on the bench. I was lifting a solid one hundred eighty pounds, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t drop the bar right across my gut and crack two ribs. Talk about crappy luck, I had to get my name removed from my match the card at the Pay-Per-View, thus missing out on a chance to compete in front of all you guys!



Roy Speede: Thanks guys, thanks. I really appreciate it! But in all seriousness, I’m still going to be out of action another couple weeks... I know, I know, it really sucks, but I can’t risk reinjuring myself and losing out on competing in front of all of you guys worldwide for a lot longer than a month. So I’m going to be gone for another couple weeks, but you better believe I’m going to be back, and I’m going to be better. I’m going to be BETTER THAN EVER!

The crowd ROARS!




Roy Speede: And that... Oh, yes, THAT! Is the-


Roy Speede: SILVER... LINING.

Roy drops the microphone down to the mat, and swings his legs back over the ropes before dropping down to the ring apron, and then down the steps to the floor. Hear Me Now by Hollywood Undead hits the speakers as Speede makes his way back up the ramp.

Television Title Match
Tek vs Christopher Kane

Zach Davis: Coming up next is the Television Title match and despite the controversial way it changed hands at Timebomb last week, Chris Kane, a double champion in his own right is going to defend his newly won TV Title here tonight against a man who is no stranger to being a champion, the Wildcard, Tek.

Shannan Lerch: Don’t know how it happened, in fact I still can’t believe it happened.

Zach Davis: Nevertheless, Chris Kane happy over the fact that he is now a double champion and who can blame him? That’s quite an honor but we will see if he can retain his title tonight.

“Am I Psyscho” Plays and the arena goes dark and red and white pyro goes off from the sides of the stage. The lights come back on and Cherokee Winters, the winner of the fan contest Tek hosted is there wearing a mask that looks like Tek’s as she starts to walk down the ramp. She gets to the bottom of the ramp and spreads her arms wide while she smiles and the spotlights start to look over the arena for Tek. The crowd goes crazy in one area of the arena. The spotlight and camera finds the roaring crowd and there is Tek. He is making his way through the crowd. He is slapping fans hands as he is on the way to the ring he jumps the barricade and goes to where Cherokee is and she helps remove the hoodie and Tek takes off his shirt and throws it into the crowd and then gets in the ring and gets on the turnbuckle and puts his gloves together and shows his name on the gloves.

Zach Davis: Tek soaking in the crowd and the atmosphere here tonight. Despite not advancing in the Trilogy Cup, he has a shot at the Television Title here tonight. And the girl with him is young Cherokee Winters who won I understand a local TV station contest held by WCF wherein the winner got to accompany a WCF wrestler in their entrance.

Shannan Lerch: She’s definitely very enthusiastic, a big fan of Tek.

“The Air That I Breathe” by All That Remains starts playing over the speaker system as people rise to their feet. A few moments pass by and out steps "The Youngest Hero" Christopher Kane. He motions for the fans to get to their feet. Christopher begins to walk to the ring, slapping hands with the many fans who have their hands out over the guard rails. The WCF fans cheer him loudly as he hops up onto the ring apron before going to the turnbuckle and heading up to the top buckle. He raises his arms into the air for more noise before jumping into the ring, making a roll and popping back up to his feet. "The Youngest Hero" backs off into a corner and waits for the match to begin.

Zach Davis: And Chris Kane also very happy here tonight as a double champion and looks to defend and retain one of his titles, the TV Title.

Kyle Steel: The following contest is set for one fall and is for the WCF Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, standing a 6’ 2”, weighing in at 225 lbs., from Santa Monica, CA, “The Wildcard” Tek!

Zach Davis: And the crowd cheering very loudly for this man as many would like to see him as the WCF TV Champion. His fan there Cherokee cheering really loudly it seems.

Shannan Lerch: She’s enthusiastic.

Kyle Steel: And to my right, standing at 5’ 11”, weighing in at 175 lbs., from Ames, Iowa, he is the WCF Internet Champion and the current WCF Television Champion, “The Youngest Hero” Chris Kane!

Crowd cheers loudly for Young K

Zach Davis: Both men here with great heart, you have to know that Chris Kane hopes to prove that he deserves to be the TV Champion this week by retaining the title and remaining a double champion.

Shannan Lerch: And we have Chris Kane and Tek approach either immediately and both men shake hands as they start this match.

Zach Davis: A good show of sportsmanship here as both men start this match, both men seeing who is the stronger of the two and it seems Tek is getting the better of the Youngest Hero here and now he has him in a head lock, Chris Kane trying to break free here. Kane close to getting free here but Tek counters and oh my, a DDT to Chris Kane. Big move to start the match here.

Shannan Lerch: Wow, this early into the matchup and cover!

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: But a kickout from Chris Kane. Looks like Tek wanted to end this matchup quickly and get Young K out of the way. But with the Television Championship on the line, I doubt Chris Kane is going to allow this match to go easily.

As Chris Kane is down from the DDT and looks almost out, Tek decides to go up to the top rope to try for a Phoenix Corkscrew!

Zach Davis: And looks like Tek is going to up high here, taking a risk. I don’t know about this. The crowd completely behind him.

Crowd: Let’s go Tek! Let’s go Tek! Let’s go Tek!

Shannan Lerch: And no, he misses with Kane moving out of the way. But can the Young K take advantage as he rolls over and cover!

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: And no, Tek kicks out. The Youngest Hero here also looking to put Tek away very early in this match up as Tek is out of it a bit now.

Tek slowly gets up and goes to the corner of the ring. Look of surprise on his face. He decides to step out of the ring to take a breather.

Shannan Lerch: Tek a bit out of it, going to catch his breath here.

Zach Davis: The ref starting his count.

Referee: 1.

Zach Davis: Tek down on the outside still trying to come to as wait, what’s Chris Kane doing here. Oh no, don’t do this come on now.

Shannan Lerch: He’s calling for it, he’s going for it, very high risk here! We saw Tek pay the price for it a moment ago, Tek still on the outside.

Zach Davis: And the Youngest Hero here jumps off the top rope, a springboard 450 to Tek and he connects. Both men now down on the outside!

Shannan Lerch: Both men putting their bodies on the line trying to prove who indeed is the better man!

Zach Davis: The referee is looking at the carnage right now and restarts his count.

Referee: 1.

Shannan Lerch: Chris Kane taking a high risk move; took just as much out of both men. As Tek is starting to regroup here, he grabs Chris Kane and throws him back in the ring. Tek slides back in and cover on Chris Kane.

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: And Chris Kane barely kicks out of that one. Tek definitely is taking it to the Television Champion here tonight and showing him exactly why he deserved this match. I think Chris Kane severely underestimated him.

Shannan Lerch: Normally, I don’t agree with whatever you say but you have a good point there.

Zach Davis: Chris Kane is still down right now as Tek is getting up, he’s grabbing Chris Kane by the head and is applying a neck lock to him. He’s really trying to wear Chris Kane down here.

Shannan Lerch: And Chris Kane appears to slowly be fading. Look at his face, it’s almost purple. The referee now checking on him.

Zach Davis: Lifting his arm and no, Chris Kane is still in this! He’s hanging on here. Elbow to Tek, and another elbow to the gut of Tek here as he’s forced to break the hold. Chris Kane dragging himself as fast as he can to the ropes for leverage.

Shannan Lerch: And Chris Kane now getting himself up as Tek looks to be on the attack. He goes after Chris Kane but oh no, Chris Kane lowers the ropes and Tek goes over.

Chris Kane raises his hand with a smile on his face as the crowd cheers him.

Zach Davis: The Youngest Hero also surprising Tek here with a veteran move like that.

Shannan Lerch: He understands one of his titles is on the line and he is going to battle like the double champion he is.

Referee: 1.

Shannan Lerch: Tek still on the outside as the referee began his count. Chris Kane waiting for Tek to get back in the ring.

Referee: 2.

Zach Davis: Tek regrouping and he’s back in the ring. Chris Kane now elbowing Tek in the gut over and over trying to wear him dow. Chris Kane really taking the wind out of Tek here.

Shannan Lerch: The Young K showing his intensity here tonight and showing that he can take the fight to Tek very well.

Zach Davis: Tek recovering here as the referee sdkd Chris Kane to step back. Tek is getting up and Chris Kane is waiting. Once Tek is up, he meets him first with a hit right to the face. Chris Kane responds with another strike to Tek’s face. These men trading blows here, one after the other and it looks like Tek is getting the upper hand here. And Chris Kane is now almost out of it. Tek grabs Chris Kane and bam, DDT, nails another DDT on Chris Kane.

Shannan Lerch: Cover!

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: And Chris Kane barely managing to get his shoulder up. What a close combat this has been thus far, many near falls and both men really pushing themselves here.

Shannan Lerch: Chris Kane and Tek both pushing each other to their limit here.

Zach Davis: Yes, but Tek is showing why he should be taken seriously and why he deserves to be the TV Champion as well. He is a former People’s Champion too.

Zach Davis: And Tek is going to try and finish Chris Kane off. Chris Kane is down on the mat, getting up slowly as Tek prepares for “On The Button”. Will he connect?!

Shannan Lerch: Tek going for it and wait, reversal. A quick rollup. Chris Kane goes for the cover!

1 ..

2 ..


Zach Davis: And Chris Kane retains the title after a small package.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner and still WCF Television Champion, “The Youngest Hero” Chris Kane!

Shannan Lerch: The crowd on their feet cheering for Chris Kane here tonight as he manages to retain the WCF Television Championship, proving that despite winning it controversially, he still deserves to be champion.

Zach Davis: Absolutely. A hard fought match between two great competitors and the Young K happened to be the better man tonight. Cherokee stepping up on the apron and what is she doing?

Shannan Lerch: Looks like she’s putting her thumbs down to Chris Kane winning booing him very loudly as Tek grabs her here and calms her down.

Zach Davis: Well, guess some fans are very passionate. Nevertheless, the Young K lives on to fight another week but for now, congratulations on retaining your title.

Waylon Cash/Nathan von Liebert Segment

“White Trash Renegade” plays over the P.A., and Waylon Cash steps out from behind the curtain. His tag team title is slung over his shoulder, but he doesn't look to be in a good mood. He stomps down to the ring, and rolls inside, demanding a microphone form one of the attendants.

Shannan Lerch: Here comes Waylon Cash. He may have Roxxanne back, but something still seems off with him. He hasn't been the same since his ill-fated bachelor party. Care to comment, Zach?

Zach Davis: No, no I really don't.

Waylon Cash: Alright, listen up, 'cuz I ain't sayin' this again! NvL, I want your ass out here, now! We're gonna settle this like men!

There is a few moments of nothing, and then a video begins to play on the titantron. The image seen is that of NvL, with the night sky behind him.

Nathan von Liebert: Hey there Waylon! I figured you like to film little videos and put them online, so I thought I'd give it a shot, and since you were kind enough to leave a couple days early for Colorado... gee I wonder why... I decided to film at...

He pauses for anticipation, as he turns the camera to show a shot of Waylon Cash's trailer.

Nathan von Liebert: Casa de Cash. That's right, I've come all the way to Macon, Georgia, to Waylon Cash's childhood home to film a special little video for you. You see, I don't like the fact that you think you can get rid of me so easily. I am going to continue to haunt you, and tonight I do so by showing you this.

The camera pans back to show a gasoline can sitting next to the house. NvL laughs, before turning the camera back to himself.

Nathan von Liebert: This is a box you never should have opened, Waylon, and now you're going to pay for it.

Nathan chuckles, before setting the camera on a tripod, facing Waylon's house. In the ring, Waylon shakes his head, and looks to be on the verge of a total freak out. Once the camera is steady, NvL steps into the shot, and removes a silver zippo from his pocket.

Nathan von Liebert: You can have Roxxanne. I wasn't all that interested in her anyway. What I am interested in is your soul, Waylon. I am interested in dragging you through hell, and destroying you. That's all I really want. I don't think it's that much to ask.

NvL opens the lighter, and flicks the wheel, setting the wick ablaze, as Waylon stands in the ring, practically begging him not to do what he is about to do. With a wide smile, NvL tosses the lighter behind him. Almost immediately small flames surround the house, and begin to grow. It isn't long before Waylon is watching the only home he's ever known, and every possession he has being devoured in a violent, orange dance. The flames climb the walls, burning the wooden building like tinder, as NvL laughs wildly.

Nathan von Liebert: Remember, this is what you get when you mess with me. I am sure we will be seeing each other. Have a nice night.

The image goes black, and Waylon Cash is on his knees, his body shaking with rage. His face has turned a bright red during the video, and he seems unable to speak.

Shannan Lerch: Jesus. I'm not even sure what to say here. NvL has not only crossed the line, he has spit on it.

Waylon eventually rises to his feet, and forcing his voice to stay calm, he raises the microphone to his lips.

Waylon Cash: I'm done. This is the end. I want you, at Explosion. I'm gonna end this thing once and for all, and I'm gonna do it by bleedin' you dry. Gein and I did it, and now I think it's time you and I walked that aisle. Our match will be a hardcore hell match. You don't get a choice, by the way. If you don;t accept, I'll find you, and I'll make sure you never wrestle another match. You're gonna die one way or another Nate. My advice... have some honor, and face it like a man.

Waylon gently sets the microphone on the mat, and rolls out of the ring. He seems disoriented, as he stumbles up the ramp, his rage barely remaining contained within his lanky body.

People's Title Match
Deuce Maximus vs Steeltoe Joe

The lights in the arena dims as the sounds of electricy crackling can be heard. Suddenly a bright flash of electricity strikes the center of the ramp entrance. Once the smoke clears, Deuce is standing there smirking towards the ring. 'Run Like Hell' by Pink Floyd jumps in and Deuce walks to the ring, reaching his arms out to give fans fives, both high and low, occasionally too slow. As he slides into the ring and stands center, lightning flashes from the four corners. Deuce pulls off his 'mythic' T-shirt and tosses it to the crowd then hops to a middle turnbuckle. He does a 'lookout' before he smirks and gives a finger-guns to a sign he finds clever. He hops down and waits for the bell.

The Arena Goes Dark, and then all simultaneously “Barton Hollow” By The Civil Wars begins to play through the audio systems. The Entrance Gate area and Stage begin to flicker with White lights and neon blue flashes mixed in the flickers. Fog fills the gate area as Steeltoe Joe comes walking out of the midst of the Fog. Joe Stands on stage and plays to the crowds who are cheering for him. Joe then walks down the ramp and gets to the ring steps where he stops, does a Catholic Crucifix motion and then walks up the steps and into the ring. He climbs up two turnbuckles and does the same crucifix motion and raises his arms and points towards Heaven.

Shannan Lerch: I heard a rumor they might make Steeltoe Joe the new Pope.

Zach Davis: No you didn't.

The bell sounds and Deuce runs at Joe, going right on the attack!

Shannan Lerch: Taking down a gigantic man like Steeltoe Joe is no easy feat!

Deuce hits Joe with several rights and lefts, starting to wear the big man down. Joe takes a wild swing but Deuce ducks it and then grabs Joe's head. He hits a Reverse DDT!

Zach Davis: Deuce Maximus takes the People's Champ down!

Deuce goes for an early pinfall.



No!, Joe kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: Early pin attempts rarely work, but they make the wrestler being pinned use energy, which is always useful.

Deuce grabs Joe's head and picks him up, taking him towards the turnbuckle. Deuce sits on top of it, getting ready for a Tornado DDT, but Joe breaks away from him.

Zach Davis: Uh oh!

Joe hits Deuce with a stiff punch to the head!, knocking him off the turnbuckle. Deuce hits the mat and the People's Pastor begins stomping away at the challenger. He then lifts him up and hits him with a Scoop Slam before going for a pin.



No!, no, Deuce kicks out.

Shannan Lerch: This is Deuce Maximus' first chance at WCF Title... he isn't going down without a fight!

Steeltoe Joe waits as Deuce gets to his feet, then grabs him and hits a Belly to Belly Suplex... but Deuce lands on his feet! Joe turns around and Deuce hits him with a Standing Dropkick. Joe stumbles back but goes for another big Clothesline, though Deuce ducks it and locks in a Full Nelson.

Zach Davis: How'd he lock that in on a giant man like Joe!?

Shannan Lerch: He takes Joe down with a face first sweep!-

But no!, Joe breaks out of it. Deuce runs into Joe and Joe catches him..

Zach Davis: BAPTISM!

Joe drops and pins Deuce, hooking the leg!




Shannan Lerch: The People's Pastor retains the Championship here tonight!

Zach Davis: Genesis holds onto another Championship.

Sarah Twilight/Ana Valentine Segment

We cut backstage at the World Arena where cameras catch a glimpse of something taking place down the hall. Ana Valentine and Sarah Twilight are leaned up against the wall in the corridor having a discussion. Though the cameras are too far away to hear what it is they are talking about. The cameras slow get closer to the two women. Though Ana notices them and the two bring the conversation to a close. Obviously not wanting prying eyes, and ears to know their business. The audio of the cameras only manages to catch the final moments of their conversation.

Ana Valentine: Great. I'll see you around soon then, alright?

Sarah Twilight: Sounds good.

Ana turns ready to walk away and prepare for her upcoming match. Sarah makes one more statement to her before the two part ways.

Sarah Twilight: Hey Ana....great to have you back. Always good to see another woman doing great things in this business. Good luck out there tonight, alright?

Ana smiles and nods.

Ana Valentine: Thanks. That means a lot. Good luck out there yourself. We'll talk again soon.

Sarah nods and returns the smile as a friendly gesture. The two women shakes hands before parting ways, and out of the reach of the ever spying WCF cameras. As they do, Sarah's cell phone starts ringing. She reaches into her pocket and answers.

Sarah Twilight: Hello?


Sarah Twilight: Fly? Yeah, I called earlier, wondering when you'd be back.


Sarah Twilight: No I didn't call you for a date!


Sarah Twilight: Look, I called you about business...I realize you are out of the picture for now but I need to know if everything is set or not? I mean, you ARE still the owner of the company.


Sarah Twilight: What? Don't worry about what color they are!


Sarah Twilight: I don't care about the size of that either...UGH!

We cut back to ringside. Zach Davis is chuckling a little.

Zach Davis: Sarah Twilight apparently just having a doozy of a conversation with Jonny Fly. Those two are about as opposite as you can get.

Shannan Lerch: You know they say opposites attract?

Zach Davis: I doubt it in this case. But the bigger story here is, what were Sarah Twilight and Ana Valentine talking about? That is something I'd like to know.

Shannan Lerch: I doubt it was make-up and fashion tips. But who knows?

Zach Davis: Perhaps we'll find out at some point. But for now, we get back to the action!

Hardcore Title Match
Doc Henry vs Nathan von Liebert

Dr. Feelgood hits the speakers and as the main riff blasts through the arena, Doc, and Mary emerge on the stage. Looking around, he raises a fist in the air, the crowd cheering wildly as he then leads the way to the ring. Climbing up the steps, he holds the Ropes for Mary, who slinks lithely through. Doc steps trough the ropes and grins proudly as he pops the crowd drawing more cheers as Mary poses on him seductively.

Zach Davis: After his performance against Corey Black last week, Doc has been granted a Hardcore Title match. Can he make the most of it?

The camera pans to the titantron, where an oak door comes into view. A thump is heard, and the door shakes on its hinges. Several more thumps occur, until the blade of an ax busts through the door. Smoke begins to form on the stage, as a dark figure steps out. Suddenly a woman voice yells out from the speaker.

"No, go away!

Leave me alone!"

Smoke billows down the aisle as the man walks down it to the ring, his identity shrouded in the smog. Meanwhile, on the titantron, the ax makes a large hole in the wood, and a hand reaches in for the door knob, the fingernails painted black. Again the frightened voice rings out as the mystery man slides into the ring.

"Don't you come in here!

I don't want you here.!"

The mystery man watches the titantron now, as the door opens, and the same man standing in the ring, steps into the house. A lightning bolt cracks behind him, equal in volume to the string of fireworks that fire up on the ramp. The man on the titantron rubs his thumb on the door, leaving a bloody smear on the polished oak. He lifts the ax with both hands, as the voice pleads.

"No, No, No, NO!!


The scream is cut off as the man swings the ax. Blood appears to splatter across the tron, and then the name "Nathan von Liebert" is written with a finger painted black. Nathan, who is in the ring, falls on his knees, never taking his eyes off the 'tron until it goes black. He then scans the members of the crowd that he could without contorting his torso, as Heather Lee announces him.

Shannan Lerch: There's the bell!

Doc and Nathan meet in the middle of the ring and begin brawling. Doc gains the upper hand and throws Nathan to the ropes. As Nathan comes back, Doc hits a Back Bodydrop. Nathan rolls out of the ring but Doc stays on the attack, as soon as Nathan gets up Doc dives through the ropes and hits a Suicide Dive!

Zach Davis: Doc Henry, going all out to start things off here!

The ref follows them to the outside as Doc gets to his feet. Doc lifts Nathan up and throws him into the ring steps, causing, of course, a sickening thud. Nathan gets back to his feet, slowly, dazed.

Shannan Lerch: Doc is planning something here!

Doc runs at Nathan and goes for a Spear, but Nathan sidesteps him at the last second! Doc crashes into the guardrail head first.

Zach Davis: Uh oh. Now the tides will turn..

Nathan grabs Doc from behind and executes a German Suplex!

Shannan Lerch: GERMAN SUPLEX! On the outside! God damn!

Nathan keeps it bridged for a pin.



No!, Doc escapes it at the last second.

Zach Davis: Although Doc impressed us last week, he's also got to be pretty damn beat up.

Nathan gets up... and turns towards Mary.

Shannan Lerch: Oh God. Come on, Mary, get out of there...

Mary runs, and Nathan gives chase, chasing her around the ring in a circle; once they get back to Doc, Doc lunges up and Spears Nathan down!

Zach Davis: SPEAR! There it is!

Mary keeps running, getting as far away as Nathan as possible. Doc drops and pins Nathan.



No!, Nathan gets his shoulder up now too.

Shannan Lerch: He's the Hardcore Champ for a reason!

Doc goes to ringside and grabs a chair.

Zach Davis: Aanndd here we go. The dangerous part of Nathan as Hardcore Champion is that if someone bleeds, things go from bad to worse. So Doc better hope no one gets busted open.

Doc raises the chair and brings it down, smashing Nathan!, except no! NvL moves out of the way as Doc's chair hits the ground. Nathan quickly gets up and Doc goes to hit him with the chair again, and again Nathan avoids it. Von Liebert kicks Doc in the gut, causing him to drop the chair, and then rakes his eyes. Nathan picks up the chair and hits Doc with it!

Shannan Lerch: Sickening chair shot to Doc's head!

Doc reels but he won't go dwn. He turns back to NvL and runs at him...

Zach Davis: Shining Wizard!

Nathan rolls Doc over and pins him as the ref counts.



No! Doc kicks out again!

Shannan Lerch: Wow! Doc won't quit.

Nathan picks Doc up but Doc can play dirty too!, poking Nathan in the eyes much to the crowd's delight. Doc rolls Nathan back into the ring and then follows in after him. Nathan is up and Doc hits him with a Spinning Heel Kick which sends him down. Doc then climbs to the top...

Zach Davis: Flying Elbow Drop!

NO! Nathan rolls out of the way at the last second!

Shannan Lerch: Damn!

Nathan backs up, and waits for Doc to stand...

Zach Davis: Here comes the Straight Jacket Drop!

Until, from OUT OF NOWHERE..

Shannan Lerch: WAYLON CASH!

CASH HITS THE RING! He kicks Nathan in the gut!


Shannan Lerch: And this is a Hardcore Title match, it's all legal!

Waylon drops and rolls out of the ring, smiling wide, pleased with himself. Henry struggles to climb to the top...

Zach Davis: There he goes... Henry is ALL-IN!





Shannan Lerch: WHAAAT?!


Henry's music plays and the crowd can't believe it!

Shannan Lerch: Doc Henry is our Hardcore Champion!

Nathan rolls out of the ring, holding his head in pain. Doc celebrates with his new Hardcore Title.

Zach Davis: I have a feeling there is going to be hell to pay for this.

The arena lights go out.

Voice: Doc Henry come out and play!

WCFtron reads 3-17-13 in red and then this appears.

Doc Henry vs ???, for the Confederate Championship in a Southern Street fight!

Voice: See you on St.Patrick's Day Doc.

Tek Segment

Tek is sitting and thinking about what happen out in the ring. Cherokee sees Tek and is smiling.

Cherokee: Hey what’s going on?

Tek: Just thinking about what happen out there. You did a good job tonight.

Cherokee: Thanks I had fun too bad it was for a week to be out there to help you.

Tek: Well, as seeing as you did a good job out there in helping me. How about this, we do this week to week you being my Valet and once it doesn’t work or you get hurt or you don’t want to do this anymore we end it?

Cherokee: REALLY!?!

Tek: Yeah what do you say?

Cherokee: YES!!!OH MY GOD YES!!!!

Skyler Striker vs Sarah Twilight vs Benjamin Atreyu

Zach Davis: Well folks, up next we have what is sure to be one HELL of a contest as Skyler Striker, Sarah Twilight and Benjamin Atreyu step into the ring here tonight!

Shannan Lerch: Both Striker and Atreyu advancing in the Trilogy Cup and will likely meet each other at Explosion. Sarah Twilight is out of that tournament and looks to regain some momentum with a victory here in Colorado.

Zach Davis: Sarah Twilight was cost the Television Championship in her Trilogy Cup match at Timebomb by our World Champion, Eric Price. Safe to say she's in a pretty nasty mood.

Shannan Lerch: Do you have to bring that up? Is it not enough to say that she is out of the Trilogy Cup?

Zach Davis: Just wanted the folks at home to be clear on what happened. Now, if we can avoid any outside interruptions, I think this should be a very competitive matchup.

Shannan Lerch: Well let's take it down to the ring and get this under way!

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a Triple Threat Match and is scheduled for one fall!

Loud pop from the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, from Perth, Australia...weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds....he is SKYLER STRIKER!

“With our hands held high we're screaming..."

The crowd scream 'whoa-oh whoa-oh oh' and in doing so introduce Skyler Striker. Striker makes his way to the ring in his usual fashion, focused and determined. Once inside, he stands in the center of the ring and bows his head, his arms outstretched and fists clenched. He then opens his palms to the audience, causing white pyro to explode from the ring posts. Striker throws his effects out of the ring and prepares for the match.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent....

The lights go out as a spotlight centers on stage. Piano chords begin a haunting melody, accompanied by heavy drum beats. The crowd begins to cheer MASSIVELY as the video wall displays the words THE ONLY ONE.

Kyle Steel: Making her way to the ring, hailing from Los Angeles, California, and weighing in at 142lbs, she is...."The Mistress of Mischief" SARAH TWILIGHT!

Pyros shoot up from the stage as our melody finally kicks into guitar. "The Only One" by Evanescence continues to play as Sarah finally walks out onto the stage. She is greeted with deafening cheers and soaks them all in. The vibrant redhead confidently swaggers towards the ring and steps inside. Pyros now shoot off from the ring posts and Sarah takes to each turnbuckle in succession, pointing out toward the crowd and smiling. The cheers become even LOUDER. As the music continues, Sarah rolls outside of the ring and finds a young fan sitting at ringside. She removes her signature "You Don't Matter" tee shirt that she wears over her wrestling attire and gives it to the young fan before returning to the ring as the music dies down.

Kyle Steel: And finally, from St. Paul, Minnesota

“Capricco” by Krzysztof Penderecki hits the sound system with a loud hit of drums followed by a sharp harmony of horns and strings. Benjamin Atreyu casually steps out onto the entrance ramp, savoring the scowls of the audience. After breathing in their discontent he descends the ramp to the ring.

Kyle Steel: ...weighing in at two hundred and thirty one pounds....self proclaimed 'God Given Greatness' BENJAMIN ATREYU!

He slides into the ring and jumps to his feet. He walks to the center of the ring, raising his fist in the air, as if announcing his victory was assured before the match even began. The crowd erupts in boos he steps back into his corner.

Zach Davis: Here we go folks! We are ready to get this one under way!

Referee Peter Laos checks all three of the participants before he signals for the bell.

Twilight goes straight after Striker as she swings some hard punches on him. But Striker uses his larger size and shoves the redhead off after she lands about three or four hits. Atreyu remains in his corner, leaning against the turnbuckle watching on for a moment, contemplating when the best opportunity to get involved would be. Striker stays right behind Sarah and as she falls back to the mat from the power of the shove. Striker is already hauling her back up. He hauls Sarah from the ground for a powerbomb, but as he is picking her up, Sarah manages to use the momentum as she slides out of the powerbomb attempt and instead brings Striker face first into the canvas with a DDT.

Zach Davis: Striker starting off with a display of dominance that was quickly subdued by Sarah Twilight.

Shannan Lerch: Sarah using her agility and quickness to get herself out of that predicament.

Atreyu now gets himself into the match as he rushes Sarah with a running knee lift. She tumbles to the corner and Benjy sets his sights on Striker. He hauls the hall of famer to his feet, but quickly sends him back down with a suplex. Atreyu was all business tonight and quickly rebounds to his feet, delivering a legdrop across Striker's throat for good measure.

Zach Davis: Benjamin Atreyu no longer a spectator as he also sees action in this contest.

Shannan Lerch: It appears he wanted to get a glimpse of what Striker and Twilight was all about before testing a strategy.

Atreyu again hauls Striker to his feet, only to be caught off guard as the legend tosses him over with an unexpected belly to belly release suplex. Striker follows up with a knee drop to the forehead and Benjy is writhing on the mat. Twilight rushes up behind Striker as he comes off the knee drop and rolls him up for a schoolboy pinning attempt.




Striker shoots a shoulder up.

Shannan Lerch: Oh that was close! I thought it was over right there!

Zach Davis: Very intelligent wrestling there by Sarah Twilight. She wants to get this one over with quickly to avoid any repeats of last week.

Shannan Lerch: I have it on good authority that Eric Price is busy preparing for his match.

Zach Davis: Regardles, seizing an opportunity that almost ended the match right then and there.

Striker rolls back to his feet quickly, as does Sarah. The two have the same idea as they rush each other for a clothesline. Both competitors take each other off their feet and fall to the canvas. Benjy is trying to pull himself back up with the ropes. Striker begins to get to his feet first, and as he does, Benjy meets him with a shoulder tackle. Sarah slowly gets to her feet and Benjy has a follow up for her. However, the hot tempered redhead was ready and takes Atreyu off his feet with a drop toe hold that sends Benjy into the middle rope, face hung over it.

Zach Davis: Oooh! That one had to hurt there!

Shannan Lerch: None of these competitors are playing any games here tonight. It shows!

As Benjy lays draped over the middle rope, Sarah rushes into the opposite one, taking a full head of steam, she jumps up with a straddled leg drop across the back of Benjy's neck. This sends Atreyu slingshotting backward on the mat. Sarah now makes her way after Striker who catches her with a Northern Lights Suplex pinning combination. Referee gets into position.




Zach Davis: It's over!

Shannan Lerch: Oooohhh! So close, but only a two count!

Zach Davis: Striker putting an end to Sarah's wave of momentum.

Shannan Lerch: Things aren't looking good right now.

Sarah kicks out. Striker rolls out of the bridge and makes his way back to his feet, when out of the corner of his eye he sees Atreyu's boot, but it's too late. Benjy connects a big boot to Striker's forehead, sending him down.

Shannan Lerch: And now Atreyu back in control here!

Zach Davis: None of these stars are missing a beat. It's high paced from start to finish.

Shannan Lerch: Benjamin Atreyu looking to capitalize and make a huge statement to Skyler Striker.

Zach Davis: But here comes Twilight!

Sarah nails Benjy with a jumping neckbreaker out of nowhere, shifting the momentum once again. Just as quickly as she puts Atreyu back down, Striker sends her down with an enziguri that comes out of nowhere. Twilight is back down, Atreyu is down, and Striker looks to capitalize.

Shannan Lerch: This momentum is shifting back and forth between all of them so much that I can hardly keep track!

Zach Davis: Striker looking in great form here and may take it.

Striker climbs the turnbuckle, setting up for the Skler High Dive as he is perched, measuring Sarah. However, just as Striker is about to deliver the coup de gràce, Atreyu rushes the turnbuckle, hopping up to the second rope and grabbing Striker for a superplex. Striker is sent crashing down to the mat below. Atreyu immediately crawls into the cover, rolling Striker up, grabbing the tights and the rope for extra leverage.




Zach Davis: He almost stole it!

Shannan Lerch: This is why triple threat matches are so damn difficult.

Sarah makes the save as she kicks Atreyu's hand from the ropes. This causes the pin to be broken up as Striker is able to shift his weight and kick free. Atreyu quickly to his feet and he is FURIOUS as he rushes at Sarah full throttle for a spear tackle. Though she unexpectedly strikes him first with a busrt clothesline as he moves in. Striker staggers back to his feet only to be met with a boot to the midsection. Sarah hauls him up and.


Shannan Lerch: That puts the exclamation point on this one!

Sarah is about to go for the cover when Atreyu grabs her from behind and tosses her through the middle rope and she crashes to the outside. He wastes NO time as he covers Striker. Peter Laos in position.





Zach Davis: Banjamin Atreyu came out of nowhere to take that one! I can't believe it. Twilight had it with the Twilight Zone on Striker. Atreyu comes in from the back door and takes this one for himself!

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner ....'God Given Greatness' BENJAMIN ATREYU!

Shannan Lerch: Could this be a sign of things to come in the Trilogy Cup? Does Atreyu have Striker's number?

Zach Davis: One thing is for sure, the next time they meet, there won't be the added factor of Sarah Twilight to contend with. Things may go differently...maybe not. One thing is for sure, Atreyu with a huge victory here tonight.

Shannan Lerch: That's for sure! Damn, what a match. And our night continues!

Morientes/Aloysius Mason Segment

The camera opens backstage, as WCF wrestler Aloysius Mason appears in the scene. The big man, who had been mysteriously pulled from his Timebomb match, was not booked this week as well. He smirks cockily as he makes his way out of the arena, about to head off into the night and drive off.

As he walks through a door to head out of the building, a loud shout resonates around the place, as he suddenly falls to his knees, his eyes rolling into the back of his head and his hands clutching his neck wildly. A tied lasso is strung around it, and Mason is being strangled brutally. A man stands behind him, wielding the rope like a murder weapon, as he chokes Mason out with the lasso. Purple in the face due to a lack of oxygen, Mason falls unconscious face-first into the ground. The camera pans upwards to reveal the stern face of Morientes. Dropping the lasso to the ground, he walks over to the prone body of Mason, and kicks him hard in the head.

Morientes: This is for two weeks ago, cabrón. Tonight, you pay.

Morientes walks off, cracking his knuckles loudly as the camera closes, with Mason still lying unmoving on the concrete floor.

FPV/The Homegrown Players vs Eric Price/Southern Discomfort

The opening plucking of "Toast to the Fam" begins, and the crowd cheers loudly, signalling the arrival of the Homegrown Players. Waylon Cash, and Steve Orbit come dancing out onto the stage.

Kyle Steel: Now coming to the ring, accompanied by their manager, Roxxanne Savage, with a combined weight of four-hundred and seventy pounds. Representing Genesis, "The Hellbilly" Waylon Cash, and "The Mack" Steve Orbit... The Homegrown Players!

Steve and Waylon stand at opposite sides of the ramp, encouraging the crowd to make noise as multicolored fountains of sparks spring up all around them, and Roxxanne stands in the center of the stage, grinning. The two men come together, and bump fists, before all three of them step down the ramp. The fans scream their love, as the two men slide under the bottom rope, and jump to the second rope, in opposite corners of the ring. Their music slowly quiets, as both men climb down, and meet in the center of the ring.

Zach Davis: Here they are, the WCF Tag Team champions!

Shannan Lerch: After forming an impromptu team at WCF/GEW Shoot to Thrill last year, these two have gone on to become one of the most solid tag teams we've seen in a very long time. Very few teams last more than a couple of months, at the most. These guys are the real thing, and they are seemingly unstoppable as of late.

The lights turn to a blood red as the crowd stands up on their feet, as "Professional Griefers" hits the P.A and FPV, signature duster and Genesis T-Shirt, comes out the curtains. He plays to excited crowd like the circus ringmaster, fistbumping furiously along with the crowd and the music, and each fistbump triggers an explosion of black pyro from the stage.

FPV takes the walk down the ramp, slapping fans hands before climbing the steps and on top of the turnbuckles, where he fistbumps one more time, sending one more explosion of pyro throughout the arena. He climbs into the ring and sits in a lotuc position in the corner, waiting for the match to start.

Zach Davis: And of course, the long-awaited return of Frank Patrick Venable! What a great way for him to return-- tagging with his Genesis stablemates.

Shannan Lerch: I hope security is watching Nathan von Leibert right now-- keep him outta here for this match.

The Lights cut out inside the arena as a the jumbo-tron lights up with a rebel flag, then all of a sudden the sounds of Kick it in the Sticks start to resonate through out the arena

Welcome to the home of a hillbilly
Yeah baby
It’s a land of barbed wire, moonshine, whiskey
Park your car before you get it stuck
Go on grab you a beer
And get on up in the truck
It’s going down tonight
It’s all on me
It’s BYOB, and I got all we need
Yeah boy I’m bout to show me a city slicker
How to kick it in the sticks with the critters down on

All of a sudden Red Pyro shoots from the stage as John Thomas and Justin Turner walk onto the stage both of their women by their sides.

Our side of a barbed wire
Money grows in rows
And if it don’t you’ve gone broke
So we
We hang out by the bon fire
Just some good ole boys having a dang good time
We crank it up down here
We get loud down here
Throwin down in the dirty dirty south down here
Be an all nighter with the hippies and the hicks
Jocks and bikers they all came to kick it in the sticks

Justin slides into the ring as John climbs the steps and into the ring.

Zach Davis: Second consecutive meeting here for Southern Discomfort and the Homegrown Players. Orbit and Cash were able to retain the belts after a great match at Timebomb-- I'm sure John and Justin will be looking for a win tonight.

Shannan Lerch: No doubt about that, they're really the only other legitimate tag team in the division-- a win over the champs here would give them an almost guaranteed rematch for the Tag belts.

"You Know My Name" by Chris Cornell plays over the PA. Gold lights will start flashing as the music starts and as soon as Eric Price walks out, a gold spotlight will shine on him as he makes his way to the ring with a slow and determined walk with a smirk on his face as he walks down the entrance ramp and simply looks down on the audience. He steps in the ring using the steps and walks into the ring as he stands in the center of it looking around at the audience with disdain and a grin on his face.

Shannan Lerch: And the man himself... WCF World Champion, Mister Eric Price.

Zach Davis: I won't even begin to detail the "issues" that Eric Price has had with Genesis, specifically with Sarah Twilight-- it's been covered extensively. Let's just say that FPV, Waylon Cash and Steve Orbit would all like to get their hands on the World champion, and tonight there is a great possibility that it will happen.


Orbit waits in the ring, starting for his team. Price and Southern Discomfort can be seen arguing-- Price is directing John and Justin to start the match. After a moment, Eric and Justin exit to the apron, leaving John Thomas.

Zach Davis: I guess Eric Price isn't too eager to get in there with Genesis.

Shannan Lerch: Please, Zach-- he's the World champion. He's got a greuling schedule. I'm sure he just wants things to be fair, he wants Southern Discomfort to do their fair share of the work tonight.

Zach Davis: ... Right.

Orbit and Thomas have begun brawling in the middle of the ring. Thomas backs Orbit into a neutral corner, hitting him with punches to the gut. Thomas grabs Orbit by the head and snapmares him to the mat, before applying a reverse chinlock.

Zach Davis: Orbit's trying to pry those arms off from around his neck, but he can't quite get a grip.

Finally, Orbit slips out and shoves Thomas off. Thomas walks into a standing dropkick by the Mack, sending him stumbling back into the ropes-- Orbit drops Thomas with a running clothesline. Orbit leaps straight up in the air, and drops an elbow to John Thomas' chest. Orbit covers--


Shannan Lerch: Kickout before two, and Orbit makes the tag to Waylon Cash.

Cash comes in through the ropes, stomping away at John Thomas. Cash grabs Thomas off the mat and sets him up for a DDT-- but John Thomas shoves Waylon off, and hits a superkick out of nowhere! Waylon stumbles backwards, as Thomas makes the tag to Justin Turner.

Zach Davis: So far, we've had a re-match of Timebomb-- neither FPV nor Eric Price has been tagged in.

Shannan Lerch: Look at the High Flying Freak, entering the ring with a springboard backflip into a back elbow strike!

Zach Davis: Crazy moves by this guy.

With Waylon on the mat, Turner hits elbow drop after elbow drop in a rapid succession. Turner again hits the ropes, this time springboarding off with a moonsault! But Cash gets his knees up, and Turner rolls off of Waylon, clutching his gut. Cash rolls out of the ring to take a breather.

Zach Davis: Waylon taking a breather-- here comes Eric Price from behind!

Orbit and FPV warn Waylon and he turns around! Face to face with Eric Price. They begin to talk trash to each other... meanwhile, inside the ring, Justin Turner cartwheels towards the ropes--

Zach Davis: Turner with a springboard 450 splash to Waylon on the outside! What a move, unbelievable!

Turner and Waylon have crashed into the ringside barricade. Eric Price pulls Turner off of Waylon and pushes him towards the ring, telling him to get back in. Price smiles as he nonchalantly kicks Waylon while he is down, when the ref is focused on Turner. The ref finally turns and starts the ten count, instructing Eric Price to get away from Waylon and back on the apron, which he does.




Waylon starts to move around.



Waylon rolls back into the ring. Turner meets him with a series of stomps, before hitting a standing senton and covering him.



Shannan Lerch: Kickout! Genesis is still alive.

Turner pulls Waylon off the mat. Waylon looks a little dazed. Turner steps up on Waylon's knee and floats over onto his shoulders into the electric chair position--

Zach Davis: Waylon Cash takes a few steps towards the corner before dropping Turner directly into the turnbuckles! Electric chair drop!

Shannan Lerch: I don't think that went exactly how Turner had planned it.

Cash sets up Turner in the corner, softening him with a few jabs. Waylon takes a few steps back and hits a running high knee! Turner collapses into Waylon's arms-- Waylon quickly tags in Orbit, while still holding Turner.

Zach Davis: Double suplex by the Tag champs! Orbit with the cover.



Shannan Lerch: NO! Turner kicks out before three. Southern Discomfort wants their rematch for the titles!

Orbit pulls Turner to his feet--

Zach Davis: Pimp Slap! Followed by a jawbreaker, sending Turner bouncing backwards.

Turner is on the mat, hurt. Orbit looks around-- first at the crowd, then at Eric Price, then at FPV-- then he starts to shake his head "yes", as the crowd goes crazy. Orbit makes his way to the top turnbuckle.

Shannan Lerch: We know what's coming-- OAKLAND SPLASH!

Orbit leaps off with the somersault senton... but Eric Price grabs Turner's leg and pulls him out of the way at the last second! The ref sees it and warns Price, but the damage has been done. Orbit rolls around on the mat, holding his back. Turner stumbles to his feet before diving and tagging in Eric Price.

Shannan Lerch: Here he comes! WCF World Champion Eric Price!

Price takes full advantage of the situation, stomping out Orbit as he's on the mat. Price mounts Orbit and begins hitting him with big right hands-- Orbit tries to block with his forearms, but Price is landing some good shots. Eventually, the ref breaks it up. Price rises up and throws his arms in the air to massive boos from the crowd. Price grabs Orbit off the mat and puts him in a side headlock-- Orbit pushes Price off, but Eric grabs Orbit's arm and whips him into the corner. Price charges after him--

Zach Davis: Corner splash by Eric Price!

And Price catches Orbit as he stumbles out of the corner, kicking him in the gut. Price sets up Orbit and hits a double underhook guillotine drop, before going for the pin.



Shannan Lerch: Shoulder up at two and a half!

Price pulls Orbit to his feet again and hits him with a fierce European uppercut. Orbit stumbles back. Price hits with a few knife edge chops, before whipping Orbit to the ropes again-- he catches Orbit with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on the return!

Zach Davis: The World Champ is dominating the Mack!

Shannan Lerch: That's why he's number one, Zach. The best in the company, the World Champion.

FPV and Waylon are going crazy on the apron, jumping up and down with their hands out. Orbit is laid out. Price looks at his team mates, and thinks about tagging-- then he shakes his head, looks back at Orbit, and begins to stomp him out. He puts his boot across Orbit's throat, grabbing the top rope for extra leverage-- the ref warns him, and starts the five count. Price releases at four. Waylon Cash hops off the apron and drags Orbit out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Price trying to exit the ring and follow him, but the ref is blocking his path.

And the ref turns his attention to Orbit outside the ring. Waylon leans over him, shaking him, trying to get him moving. Orbit looks out of it, and the ref starts the ten count.



Orbit tries to get up..



Orbit falls into Waylon's arms.



Zach Davis: Waylon rolls his tag team partner into the ring.

Price pulls Orbit to his feet and scoops him onto his shoulders into a fireman's carry. "OR-BIT" chants start to pick up. Orbit starts to send elbows to Price's head-- after a few elbow shots, Price loses his grip and Orbit slips off his shoulders, landing on his feet. Price turns around and Orbit hits a step-up enzuigiri!

Shannan Lerch: Orbit caught him right in the temple!

Zach Davis: Both men are down. Neither man moving.

Price is on the mat, holding his head. Orbit tries to get up, but collapses. Price gets to a knee, and as he does, he notices that Orbit is very close to his corner and his teammates. Price lunges towards Orbit, Orbit lunges towards his corner--


Shannan Lerch: Finally, FPV is officially back!

Franky runs towards Price, dropping him with a running clothesline!


Price gets up, Franky runs at him again with another running clothesline!


Zach Davis: The crowd is going nuts for Franky the Boudle Slayer!

FPV pulls Price to his feet and whips him to the ropes--






Shannan Lerch: John Thomas breaks up the pin, but here comes Waylon Cash!

Cash kicks Thomas in the gut, and hits the KILLSHOT! Meanwhile, Orbit has intercepted Justin Turner, and they trade blows, spilling over the top rope to the outside. Cash goes back to the apron, and John Thomas rolls out of the ring.

Shannan Lerch: The ref is struggling to regain control of this match!

Finally, the two legal men are left in the ring. FPV waits for Eric Price to get to his feet--







"Professional Griefers" plays over the PA.

Zach Davis: Frank Patrick Venable returns to the WCF with a pinfall victory over the World champion Eric Price!

Shannan Lerch: Genesis wins!

Franky, Waylon and Orbit celebrate in the ring. Southern Discomfort tries to check on Eric Price, but he shoves them off. Price exits the ring, grabs the World title and furiously storms up the ramp.

Ana Valentine/Buzzsaw Bundy Segment

Ana Valentine and Buzzsaw Bundy are backstage in Ana’s dressing room. She is sat on the counter in front of the large mirror, one knee tucked up to her chest, the other leg dnagling down, she has her celphone in her hand and is concentrating on the screen. Bundy is sat relaxing in a large leather bucket chair, his eyes half closed as they both decompress.

Buzzsaw Bundy: Hey... what was that about before?

Ana doesn’t look up from her phone, her voice is only half present.

Ana Valentine: What was what?

Buzzsaw Bundy: You and Twilight earlier... that.

Ana casually waves a dismissive hand, then looks up from her phone. Bundy has a light smile on his lips, which is failing to mask the more serious look beneath it.

Ana Valentine: Nothing... We have a lot of mutual respect for one another. In this business it doesn’t hurt to have a like for like relationship with someone who knows how hard you have it... She’s already there, you know.. I mean, she’s done it. That’s kind of awe inspiring and the chance to talk with someone who’s already paved the way... It was cool, that’s all.

Bundy laughs a little and shakes his head, he pushes off the arm of the chair and stands walking over to her, he slides her leg down so they are both dangling off the edge of the counter, and stands between them. He plucks the phone from her hand and lies it on the counter beside her.

Buzzsaw Bundy: Are you trying to tell me you have a career crush?

Ana Valentine: No! Why... jealous?

Buzzsaw Bundy smiles again and shakes his head, leaning in close to her, he makes a move as though to kiss her and then pauses, at the very last moment, their lips less than a breath apart.

Buzzsaw Bundy: Until she gets this close.... I’m not worried...

Bundy then picks up her phone, places it back in her hand and smirks at Ana. He turns and walks back over to the chair and sits back down, a victorious smile on his lips.

United States Title Match
Stuart Slane vs Jay Price
No Disqualification Match

Kyle Steel: The following no disqualifications match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WCF United States Championship.

“Follow Me, Boys!” plays as Stu marches out from the back, silently mouthing the lyrics to his theme as he heads down the ramp.

Zach Davis: And what a match we have for our main event Shannan. Stuart Slane has been irate since losing the Unites States Title at Timebomb and he's looking for to reclaim his title and get a measure of revenge for the embarrassment he suffered.

Shannan Lerch: And I don't know if The Scoutmaster is someone that you want to embarrass. Just look at what Slane was able to accomplish with the Jonny Fly FBI saga and you can only imagine what else he's capable of.

He does a circuit around the outside of the ring before climbing the steps and entering. After some last minute old timey calisthenics (Indian twists, deep knee bends, etc) The Scoutmaster goes his corner. He hands his hat and sash off to a WCF stagehand and assumes a fighting position.

"4 Words To Choke Upon" by Bullet For My Valentine hits the PA System as the lights in the arena drop. Strobe lights emanate from the stage area as Jay Price strolls out from the back carrying a bag of popcorn. He'll take a moment to pause at the top of ramp and look out at the crowd as he taps the US Title belt wrapped around his waist before he makes his way down to the ring.

Zach Davis: And here comes the man that Slane has called a fluke and unworthy of being called United States Champion, Jay Price.

Shannan Lerch: As much as I hate to say anything nice about Price, even I have to admit the fact that Price has added the United States Title to his long list of accomplishments is amazing. We're talking about one of the most decorated individuals in WCF history.

He'll stop by the announce table, pop a few kernels of the delicious buttery treat into his mouth and then set the bag down before rolling in under the bottom rope. He'll then walk over to the corner, unstrap the belt from around his waist and then take a seat on the top turnbuckle as he holds the belt over his head. His music will then fade out as he stays in the corner until the start of the match.

Zach Davis: Price versus Slane, round 2. This is going to be awesome!

The referee brings both men out from their corners to meet in the center of the ring. Price holds the title up in the air one more time before handing it over to the referee.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first the challenger. He weighed in earlier at 270 pounds. He hails from Grant, Iowa. He is WCF's resident Scoutmaster....STUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUART SLANE!

There's a pop from the Right America fan club in attendence. Slane barely acknowledges them as he takes a step closer to Price, a fiery look in his eyes.

Kyle Steel: And introducing the champion. He weighed in earlier at 239 pounds. He hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is the current reigning...defending...United States Champion of the World....he is JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY PRICE!

The crowd pops and a "PRICE, PRICE, PRICE" chant breaks out as Price takes a step forward. Champion and challenger are nose to nose and the referee lets them get a little trash talking in before he pushes himself in between them and tells them to get to their corners. Price turns to head to his as the referee starts to call for the bell when Slane decides to start the match on his own by running and hitting Price from behind with a forearm shot.

Shannan Lerch: That was totally uncalled for!

Price stumbles forward as Slane pushes him roughly from behind into the corner. Slane now working Price over with quick punches to the kidneys as Price tries unsuccessfully to get out of the corner. Price now slumped over in the corner and Slane climbs up onto the second rope. Slane now raining down punches one by one as the crowd counts along.

Crowd: ONE!...TWO!...THREE!...FOUR!...FIVE!...SIX!...SEVEN!...EIGHT!...NINE!

Slane does an old timey wind-up and starts to throw a tenth punch when Price reaches back, wraps his arms around Slane's legs and steps out of the corner with Slane on his back. Price now stumbling over to the ropes and he tries to dump Slane over the top rope. Slane lands on the apron however and he grabs Price's head from behind. Slane now spinning Price around and he delivers a headbutt. Price shakes it off and then delivers a headbutt of his own. Slane shakes it off and goes for another headbutt but Price grabs his head and delivers a nasty looking european uppercut the knocks Slane back off the apron.

Zach Davis: What an uppercut!

Price now waiting by the ropes, watching Slane as he rises up off the ground. The second Slane is upright, Price slingshots himself over the top rope with a crossbody. Slane sees him coming and somehow catches him in midair!

Shannan Lerch: Holy crap! What strength!

There's a look of pure shock on Price's face as Slane lifts him up and then dumps him chest first onto the barricade. Price ends up falling over into the front row of the crowd as the fans move out of his way. With Price down for the moment, Slane heads over to the apron and starts looking for a weapon. He finally finds something that catches his fancy, a kendo stick! Slane walks over to the barricade and swings wildly toward Price, but Price rolls out of the way and the stick hits the ground. Price reaches out for the closest thing he can find on the ground, a cup of soda! Price shrugs his shoulders and throws it into Slane's face. The cup strikes pay dirt and explodes in a shower of sticky. With Slane temporarily blinded by the soda, Price grabs the next thing at his disposal on the ground, a bag of popcorn! Price starts to throw it at Slane but then decides to munch on a few pieces. He quickly spits them back out.


Price throws the disgusting abomination at Slane, causing kernels of popcorn to stick to his face and hair.

Jay Price: Ha!

Slane hears Price laughing at him and responds by wildly swinging the kendo stick once again. This time he connects, cracking the stick over the top of Price's head as he's trying to get up off the ground. Price drops right back down and clutches his head as he howls in pain. Slane throws the kendo stick to the side as he starts wiping the soda and popcorn from his eyes and face. Once he's able to see again, Slane climbs over the barricade and into the crowd. Price is trying to crawl away but Slane grabs him by the foot and drags him back. Slane now pulling Price up to his feet and he delivers another big headbutt. The little cut on Price's head from the kendo stick shot is opened up farther and a few drops of blood begin to show.

Shannan Lerch: Well I'm shocked it took this long for someone to get opened up.

Like a shark in the ocean, Slane's eyes open wide at the sight of blood on Price's face. Slane with another headbutt. And then another. Price's eyes are glazed over and he's looking like he can't remember his own name as Slane grabs him by the head and pulls him toward the barricade. Slane now lifting Price up and he drops him over the barricade chest first yet again. Slane now grabbing Price's legs and he dumps him over onto the floor.

Zach Davis: Things are not looking good for the champion at all. Slane is using that freakish strength of his to do whatever the heck he wants to Price.

Slane going back over the barricade, stomping down on Price's back as he does it. Price rolls on the ground, clutching his chest as Slane delivers another stomp to his gut. With Price down, Slane goes back to the ring apron in search of another weapon. This time he comes up with one of his favorites, the wooden handle off an axe.

Shannan Lerch: Thank god the axe part isn't on there. I wouldn't trust Slane with something that sharp and dangerous.

Zach Davis: Well he looks pretty dangerous right now even without it.

Slane readies himself and when Price is up, he connects with a shot across the ribs. Price is doubled over and Slane breaks the axe handle over Price's back, sending him down onto his hands and knees. Slane tosses the piece of handle in his hands into the crowd and then grabs Price's head before dropping him with a DDT onto the ground.

Shannan Lerch: The humanity! Price's head bounced off the ground like a basketball.

Replays confirm that Price's head did in fact bounce. Slane now rolling over Price and he hooks the leg, looking quite confident he's going to get the pin. Several seconds pass and Slane finally realizes that the referee is standing on the apron and not counting.


Referee: You got to get him in the ring Slane!

Slane now realizing his error, as this match may be no disqualifications but it's not falls count anywhere. Slane pounds his fist onto the ground and then gets to his feet. Price is still out on the ground as Slane pulls his dead weight up. Slane gets Price to his feet and then pushes him up against the ring apron. Slane now reaching down to grab Price's legs to lift him into the ring when Price comes alive and starts nailing Slane with rabid punches. Slane puts his arms up to defend himself and Price tackles him shoulder first into the barricade. Slane has the air sucked right out of him and Price doesn't give him a chance to suck it back in as he delivers a european uppercut.

Zach Davis: He's alive! HE'S ALIVE!

Slane drops down to a sitting position against the barricade as Price delivers a series of quick stomps to his chest. With Slane down Price goes to the apron and finds himself a black bag.

Shannan Lerch: Oh boy! A mystery!

Price opens up the bag and dumps out....

Zach Davis: Skittles!

Shannan Lerch: The wrestler? He's out here?

Zach Davis: No you dummy, the candy. Price just dumped out a big bag of them all over the ground.

Price doesn't look the least bit happy to see something so harmless. He turns around to find something else under the ring as Slane gets up behind him. As Price is searching under the ring, Slane plants his boot directly into the rear of Price, sending him under the ring. Slane grabs hold of Price's leg and pulls him back out from under the ring, only to get sprayed in the face by a fire extinguisher. While still down on the ground, Price chucks the fire extinguisher at Slane and hits him in the stomach. Slane clutches his gut and Price kicks out his legs from under him, dropping Slane to the ground.

Shannan Lerch: You know that popcorn Price left over here is starting to smell quite good.

Zach Davis: I wouldn't touch that Shannan. You remember what happened when I decided to give it a taste.

Shannan Lerch: Oh come on, he's so wrapped up in this match he'll never know.

The sounds of popcorn munching can be heard as Price slowly pulls himself to his feet. Slane is using the barricade to get himself back up and Price kicks at him. Slane bats his foot away and then shoves Price into the apron. Price tries to fight back but Slane grabs him by the head and then slams him face first into the apron. With Price hunched over trying to keep from falling over, Slane pulls him from the apron and whips him into the nearby ring post. Price bounces off of it and falls to the ground in front of the announce table.

Zach Davis: Oof!

Slane stalks Price as he tries to get up and then kicks in him in the side when he's on his hands and knees. Price rolls over onto his back and Slane drops a knee across his chest.

Shannan Lerch: If Price makes it out of this match with all of his ribs intact I'll be shocked.

The Scoutmaster looks like he's about to go back under the ring when he eyes up the announce table instead. He walks over and begins ripping the monitors out.

Zach Davis: Ah jeez. I always hate this part.

Shannan grabs Price's popcorn for safekeeping as Slane clears off the table. He then grabs Price, lifts him up and places him on top. After a few quick punches, Slane climbs up as well. Slane now pulling Price up to his feet when Price fights back with a jab to the stomach. Price now with a series of quick jabs. Slane fights back, throwing a big right, but it misses wildly. Price grabs Slane from behind, lifts him up...AND DROPS HIM ACROSS THE BARRICADE! The Scoutmaster lets out a might, high pitched scream as he's left straddling the barricade and every man in attendence collectively winces.

Shannan Lerch: Even I can feel that man's pain right now.

Price himself even winces but then shrugs it off as he steps over onto the barricade.

Zach Davis: What on Earth could Price be thinking here?

Price takes the few steps between he and Slane and quickly snaps off an enzuigiri! Slane slips off the barricade and lands in one of the announcer's chairs as Price lands on his feet in the crowd. He grabs a beer from one of the paying customers and takes a sip. He quickly spits it out in the fan's face and tosses the cup to the ground.


Price climbs back over the barricade and grabs hold of the back of the chair that Slane is in. Price now running with the chair, taking Slane for a little ride. Price finally stops as he measures up the ring steps. With a big push he sends the chair, and Slane, headed right for them. The chair, along with Slane's knees, crashes violently and Slane topples over them. Price now heading over to where Slane is and he pulls him up to his feet. Price now lifting Slane up and he rolls him into the ring.

Shannan Lerch: And after what seems like forever, this match has finally gone back into the ring.

The referee drops down into position as Price hooks the leg for the pinfall.




Slane gets the shoulder up at two and a half as Price looks a bit surprised. Like a rabid dog, Price rolls over onto his knees and begins hammering away at Scoutmaster's head. Price hammers away with lefts and rights until blood begins to trickle from his nose. Price finally stops only out of exhaustion before again hooking the leg.




And again Slane kicks out at two and a half as Price sits up, a pissed off look on his face. He looks up at the referee and yells out "that was three". The referee argues that it was two and Price gives him the finger. Price now getting to his feet and he tries to pull Slane up when from out of nowhere Slane rolls him up for the pin.




And this time it's Price kicking out! Price is the first of the men up to his feet and he tries to tie-up but Slane shoves him off and to the ground. Slane now wiping at the blood coming from his nose and it seems to reignite the fire in him from earlier. Price scrambles to get back up to his feet but Slane from out of nowhere with a lifting spear that he drops into a spinebuster. Slane again with a pin attempt.




And Price with the shoulder up! Slane rolls off and gets to his feet as he argues with the referee about the count.


The referee is vehemently denying any collusion with Price but Slane doesn't seem to be buying it. Slane now turning his attention back to Price as he's slowly making his way to his feet. Slane waits for him to get up and then he goes for the Scoutmaster Slam. He get's Price up...BUT PRICE SLIPS OUT! Price somehow got himself a bit of space as Scoutmaster lifted him up and dropped behind Slane. Price now spinning Slane around and drops him with the Downfall! Price with the pin attempt.







Slane did indeed get the shoulder up at what seemed like two and seven eighths. Price can't believe it as he slams his fists onto the mat.

Shannan Lerch: Where did Slane find the energy to kick out after that Downfall from Price?

Zach Davis: If I had to guess I'd say that it's all fueled by his hate for Price and his desire to reclaim the US Title.

Price back up to his feet and he's got the look of a man about to do some very bad things. Scoutmaster is trying to get back up to his feet when Price runs right at him looking to punt him in the skull.

Shannan Lerch: Hit and run!

But Scoutmaster ducks it! Price misses wildly and Scoutmaster rolls him up from behind!




Price kicks out just before the three count and both men are down and breathing heavily.

Shannan Lerch: This match has been absolutely brutal and it's taken so much out of both of these guys. How they are still going at this speed is nothing short of astonishing.

Both men begin to stir as Scoutmaster is the first to get up. Price starts to go to his knees when Scoutmaster grabs him by the head. He starts to pull him up when...PRICE WITH THE LOW BLOW! Price nails Scoutmaster with a low blow as the crowd howls with boos.

Zach Davis: That's legal! Dastardly evil, but legal.

Scoutmaster doubles over and Price drops him with another Downfall. Price hooks the leg for the pin.




Zach Davis: And Price retains!

Shannan Lerch: I don't like it and neither does this crowd, but Jay Price has just defeated Stuart Slane to retain the United States Title.

Price is helped to his feet by the referee as the crowd continues to boo at how Price won the match. He doesn't seem to care as he raises the title into the air with his left hand and has his right hand raised by the referee.

Zach Davis: This crowd is really letting Price have it and I'm with them. Even if it's no disqualifications, to resort to a cowardly low blow like that to win a match just proves that Scoutmaster was right about Price.

Shannan Lerch: I can't wait to see what happens next week.

The WCF logo appears at the bottom of the screen as Slam ends with a shot of Price having the referee wrap the US Title around his waist.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Rebellion Segment

Vengeance/Blizzard vs Magnus/G-Money

Deuce Maximus Segment

John Gable/Morientes vs Ana Valentine/Buzzsaw Bundy

Eric Price Segment

Judge Mental vs The Ninja

Roy Speede Segment

Television Title Match: Tek vs Christopher Kane

Waylon Cash/Nathan von Liebert Segment

People's Title Match: Deuce Maximus vs Steeltoe Joe

Sarah Twilight/Ana Valentine Segment

Hardcore Title Match: Doc Henry vs Nathan von Liebert

Tek Segment

Skyler Striker vs Sarah Twilight vs Benjamin Atreyu

Morientes/Aloysius Mason Segment

FPV/The Homegrown Players vs Eric Price/Southern Discomfort

Ana Valentine/Buzzsaw Bundy Segment

US Title No DQ Match: Stuart Slane vs Jay Price


Of The Week

Doc Henry
Tek vs Kane



Eric Price
Nathan von Liebert
Sarah Twilight
United States:
Stuart Slane
Steeltoe Joe
Christopher Kane
Tag Team:
The Homegrown Players