Slam Intro

Drunk and Crazy by Mogwai hits and Slam is on the air! We go to our first announce team without Zach and Shannan in forever. Possibly ever! Someone is holding up a #Poopface sign. What the hell is going on here?

Freddy Whoa: Welcome to Slam fans! I'm Freddy Whoa and I'm incredibly honored to be here, filling in for Zach Davis.

Erin Robbins: Oh stop sucking up.

Freddy Whoa: We've got a huge card tonight-

“Dark Fantasy” by Kanye West starts playing over the speaker system as the lights dim throughout the arena.

Can we get much higher? So high
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Can we get much higher? So high
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Can we get much higher? So high
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Can we get much higher? So high
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Freddy Whoa: And looks like Slam is kicking off with the leader of Bravado and EPPW, Eric Price. Damnit, I wanted to run down the show...

Eric Price steps out onto the entrance ramp and simply surveys the crowd with a frown on his face. He is wearing a black suit with a gold shirt and tie as the Internet Title and Elite Title’s are both draped around one of his shoulders, one of top of the others. He takes a step down the ramp but before he continues, he gestures for someone to come out from behind the curtain.

Erin Robbins: And looks like he’s not coming by himself.

Eric walks quickly toward the ring as what appear to be police officers, about 10 of them come behind him as the crowd boos him loudly.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Chairman of the Board of EPPW, the Owner, CIO, EPPW Internet Champion and EPPW Elite Champion … ERIC PRICE!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Cops with Eric Price, this must have to do with what happened last week.

Erin Robbins: Well, it’s been making the rounds for a week now that Eric Price was going to have a response at the top of Slam this evening and looks like it’s going to be some severe consequences.

Eric Price steps through the ring ropes as he instructs the cops to surround the ring with 2 of the officials standing behind him as he asks for a microphone from the ring announcer as his music dies down.

Eric Price: It's been all over EPPW.com, it's been in every dirt sheet, and it was all over my show last week, so I assume you all know why I am here. I announced that I was going to take swift action and that’s what I am doing now and at this time, I would request … no, I DEMAND the Savage Political Action Committee come out here right now!

He waits in silence for a few seconds, before “Hollywood Babylon” hits the speakers. Scott Savage is the first to step onto the ramp followed by Waylon Cash who is holding John Gobble and Ana Valentine, who is holding a large set of bolt cutters. The Savage Enterprises Security team stands behind them like an army poised to charge. They brandish their billy clubs, as the music dies, and Scott grabs a microphone.

Scott Savage: Eric, I have a feeling you're not prepared to meet our demands, so why don't you take that team of mall cops, and leave so we can tear this all down.

Eric Price: Oh is that right? Mr. Savage, these are not “mall cops” as you so called them, these are police officers, folks from Columbus’ finest and for you to insult them is highly disrespectful as is the crime you are about to commit. I thought about it all week honestly and I realized it would be stupid to fire your group of delinquent malcontents. Together you pull in a lot of money for EPPW and there's no way I'm giving that up. However, what you are planning is referred to as destruction of property and…

John Gobble and Ana Valentine start to step forward…


They continue and take one more step

Eric Price: You take one more step, I dare you, TAKE ONE MORE STEP! And not only will I have you arrested but I will immediately strip you of the tag team titles!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

It looks as if the wrestlers are ready to attack, but Scott steps up a bit and puts out his arm to stop them.

Scott Savage: You think you have me bested don’t you you festering pustule? This was just the first trick up my sleeve. S-PAC ... let's engage this man in a way that won't result in incarceration... peaceful protest.

Eric laughs loudly before replying.

Eric Price: Are you serious? So what? You're going to march around with signs and chant stupid slogans? Go ahead, have fun with that.

Scott Savage: You heard him ... S-PAC ... to Eric's office.

The look of amusement on Eric's face turns to one of shock and horror, as the three wrestlers, flanked by their security team, disappear behind the curtain.

Eric Price: You heard them officers, arrest them!

The officers don’t move.

Eric Price: I’m sorry, did you not hear what I just said, these people are committing crimes and I want them arrested immediately!

The officers still don’t move.

Eric Price: As in now … I SAID NOW!

The officer pulls the microphone from him as Eric starts poking him

Police Officer: Mr. Price, they have not committed any crime, they are simply peacefully protesting and they are your employees. We are not your lackeys and if you poke me like that again, I’ll have you arrested. Gentlemen, let’s go!

The police officers begin to leave as the microphone is shoved back in Eric’s hands

Eric Price: Oh yeah … yeah, that’s right, that’s just like a bunch of cops being completely useless and doing nothing! FINE, I’LL FIX THIS MYSELF!

Eric shouts some obscenities at them and the crowd as he quickly marches up the ramp in a flat out rage.

Freddy Whoa: S-PAC moving on to plan B and it looks like Eric might be even more pissed than he was last week.

Erin Robbins: I don't know exactly what Scott has planned but this is already looking to be a not so great night for our esteemed leader.

Adam Young vs The Rookie

Thomas buckley is out first and is on his way to the ring looking confident about his match tonight

Freddy Whoa: here comes Thomas Buckley stilll looking to make a name for himself in The WCF.

Erin Robbins: nick named the rookie still a young gun and a lot to prove in this business.

Natural Born Killaz hits as The "Natural Born Killer" Adam Young makes his way to the ring.
the crowds chanting BTJ the whole way.


Freddy Whoa: The fans sure love Adam Young he's got the crowd going wild

Erin Robbins: who cares what the fans think lets get this match started.

The ref rings the bell and Thomas and Adam meet in the middle of the ring shake hands and the match is underway.

Both Adam and Thomas lock up in the middle of the ring and Adam gets Thomas in a head lock and Thomas reverses it into a Back body drop

Freddy Whoa: oh what a reversal by Thomas can Adam recover

Thomas pulls Adam up looking to hit another move on him when out of no where Adam hits a standing dropkick

Erin Robbins: and just like that Adams back in the match.

Thomas gets up and ducks the clothesline from Adam hits the bulldog and heads for the top rope.

Freddy Whoa: their he goes with the elbow drop can Thomas hit this for the win.

Thomas takes off and hits the Diving Elbow Drop and goes for the pin.




Kyle Steel: here is your winner The rookie Thomas Buckley.

Freddy Whoa: What a win for The Rookie Thomas Buckley another win on his journey to make a name for himself.

Erin Robbins: The rookie go lucky this time but a win is a win he still has a lot to prove in WCF he can enjoy this moment right now.

As Thomas Buckley celebrates on the turnbuckle, what looked like a fan had just slid into the ring and is about to do something. He has a steel chair with him, but is set down.

Erin Robbins: What the--?! Fans shouldn't be in the ring!

In a flash, the fan goes for the low blow!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! What a low blow!

Thomas Buckley falls off the turnbuckle and is clutching in pain. The fan grabs the steel chair and hits the ropes.

Erin Robbins: What's he doing?! Someone call security!

Just as Buckley gets up, the fan whacks him in the head with one vicious chair shot!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! A violent move by the fan!

With The Rookie laid unconscious, the fan grabs a nearby microphone and looks down at his victim.

Fan: Remember me, Tommy? It's you ol' high school pal, Clark Adrian. You know, the guy that's always in your shadow?

The fans are confused at this.

Clark Adrian: That's right. You always were the coach a favourite. The lead man for everything. You always hogged the limelight. And what am I? A simple stepping stone. And now, you're in one of the best damn companies in the world.

A mixed reaction.

Clark Adrian: Well, I am sick and tired of your bullshit. You lose in big opportunities like Ultimate Showdown. If I was in your place, I would've won this by a long shot. But no. Instead of hiring me, a 3rd generation wrestler, they get a newbie wannabe trash like you to headline for shows. Seriously, what the fuck?!

The crowd boos at his attitude.

Clark Adrian: I deserve that contract more than you do. In fact, I wanna get my hands on you. Because Thomas Buckley, I'm gonna make you Clark Adrian's bitch.

He tosses the microphone at the fallen rookie as he leaves the ring. He goes through the crowd, pushing people out of the way very rudely.

Freddy Whoa: That's one angry lookin' kid. Must've inherited extra hormones.

Erin Robbins: For all we know, our rookie here already had an enemy before his career started.

Buckley slightly gets up, watching his former high school classmate leave the arena.

Steve Orbit Segment

"Flash Light" by Parliament plays over the PA. The crowd starts to go crazy.

Freddy Whoa: Here comes the World Champ, Steve Orbit!

Erin Robbins: Yeah, yeah. Orbit's been so full of himself since he won that belt.

Freddy Whoa: Uh... he's a pimp, Erin. Confidence is part of the gig.

Orbit slowly makes his way to the ring, fistbumping with fans along the way. He's dressed in a long mink coat over a red and white suit, and he's draped in gold-- including his custom WCF World Championship belt around his waist. He enters the ring through the ropes and calls for the music to cut. He waits for a few moments for the crowd to die down.

Steve Orbit: In two weeks, at Revenge, I'ma have my first World title defense. I've told y'all how much this belt means to me... and how important it is for me to remain the Champion of this company, at this point in time. It's a lot on the line in this match. Not just the belt, but the future of this company. The title is either gonna stay with me, with Cryogenix... with us, or it's gonna go to Nathan von Liebert, to Bravado... to them.

The crowd boos.

Steve Orbit: I know y'all don't like the sound of that. And you know I'ma make sure it don't go down like that. I ain't win the World title just to lose it on the first defense. But that's not to say... that's not to say that I'm takin' this match lightly. Nathan von Liebert is a talented guy-- he's out of his fuckin' mind, but if we gonna be real about this, he's a talented guy in the ring. I mean, he won the Ultimate Showdown for his shot at my title. That's an incredible feat, y'all. He outlasted the best of the best to win that match, there ain't no other way to say it. He deserves this shot-- he earned it, that's for sure.

Orbit pauses for a small negative crowd reaction.

Steve Orbit: What he ain't earned, is the right to attack me out of the blue like he did last week. And he paid for it later on in the night, but that's not the point. The point is-- I'm World Champion, I ain't got nothin' to prove to nobody. I'm the best, until somebody prove otherwise-- and NvL, I don't think you got what it takes to take this championship away from me.

The crowd pops. "OR-BIT" chants.

Steve Orbit: You good, but you ain't good enough. See, I traveled a long road, fightin' my way to the top--

Suddenly the lights dim and a giant red hand fills the titantron above the entrance. Viewers can still the ring, but everything is a little hazy; Orbit is only a figure to the viewers, a shadow standing in the center of the ring.

NvL: I'm coming for you, Stevie. . .

The viewers see a dark figure jump the barricade and climb into the ring. This wasn't some surprise attack, though, as Orbit sees the figure and prepares himself. In fact it wasn't an attack at all, as NvL climbs into the ring and walks to the center. Viewers can see his head move about as he's scanning the area in the dim light, when suddenly he starts spinning around, looking this way and that frantically. Suddenly he stops, his back to Orbit, and yells into his mic.

NvL: Dammit, someone put the lights back on! I can't find Steve!

At the loud request of Nathan, the lights return to their proper brightness. Nathan slowly looks over his shoulder. Once he catches sight of Orbit, he whips around, pointing a single red finger at Orbit.

NvL: I found you! I just couldn't see you for a moment, that's all.

Freddy Whoa: Am I the only one taking offense in that?

Erin Robbins: How can you take offense? Clearly Nathan is just bad at hide and seek,

Nathan drops his finger, shrugging his shoulder. Turning his back to the champ, Nathan begins speaking again.

NvL: Not that I don't mind, really; every second I don't have to see you is a good moment of my life, Steve.

The crowd boos the Devil's Right Hand.

NvL: So with that said, you all see my predicament then. We have a man here that I dislike seeing holding the one thing that'll make me see him every week. Steve Orbit is the World Champion, meaning I have to see a whole hell of a lot of Steve Orbit. Before, I could ignore all of his antics, all of his words, because then they were nothing. And to a point, they still are nothing; except it is nothing spoken by a champ. Now, every week I have to see his interactions with whores, his sappy bromance with Cryogenix, and his boring matches knowing that this man is representing the company as World Champion. And you know what? That thought scares me.

Nathan starts pacing, still oblivious to Orbit who was watching him, arms crossed.

NvL: I sit back there every week, wondering how EPPW is going to stay afloat, how's it going to survive when our poster boy is who he is. I picture the people who know nothing about this company laughing at their dinners table at the notion that a 'pimp beat a hick and a woman' for the biggest title this company has to offer; they don't know EPPW, so the idea is crazy. But what about those who do tune in every week? What do you think they see? Some see the best champion this company has had since Jeff Purse, some see him as a waste of time. This is all assumption, though, but I know of one true fact.

I know what I see.

NvL stops pacing, and looks back at Steve Orbit.

NvL: I don't see a World Champion, Steve; I see a man who is holding the belt, keeping it safe until the real champion claims it.

The fans boo even louder, and Orbit only shakes his head.

NvL: Ultimate Showdown was a match wrestled by all the champions, where the winner was the best in the company, he was the World Champion. Odin Balfore, Jonny Fly. . . they both walked out with the gold around their waist. But this year? This year, some slack jaw in the back thought taking the World Title out of Ultimate Showdown was the right thing to do, that having a title match to declare the champ and its number one contender was "better."

The year I go the distance and win Ultimate Showdown, the title is taken out of my grasp.

But in my eyes, and the eyes of many others, I am the champion. I did what former champions had done in the past to secure their titles; had it not been for an administrative decision, I would've secured my belt too. I'd be the one out here talking about retaining on my first defense, on how I would retain for my first time. I did everything in my own power to win the World Title, and I won.

I am the World Champion without the World Championship belt, and we both know it, Steve.

Nathan steps closer to Orbit.

NvL: And in two weeks, at Revenge, I will take the belt that is rightfully mine, whether I have to pry it from your cold fingers or not. Every week, Steve, I see you and I shake my head; thankfully, I won't be shaking my head for much longer. Two weeks, two minutes. . . Steve, I could break you right now, in this very ring, and not even have to worry about Revenge. I mean, we could have our little match right now? Scared to face me, bitch?

Both men step forward, mouthing off to each other.

Erin Robbins: We may just see our Main Event of Revenge right here on Slam.

“The Touch” by Stan Bush starts playing over the speaker system of the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH as the first lines of the song start “You’ve got the touch … you’ve got the power ….. yeah!”

Erin Robbins: And here comes out the Chairman of the Board!

Eric Price: Now hang on a second, hang on just a second.

The music dies down immediately after as Eric quickly makes his way down the ramp, microphone already in hand as the crowd immediately starts booing loudly.

Crowd: Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!

Eric Price: Thank you for your unsolicited opinion. Now then, Nathan, Steve, you two need to calm down.

Eric Price quickly steps into the ring and stands between both men to try and break up the tension.

Eric Price: Let’s break it up and calm down here. Mr. Orbit, Steve … you’re supposed to be the EPPW World Champion and that means you need to comport yourself in the manner befitting of a World Champion!

Steve just laughs a bit at Eric and his suggestion as the crowd boos loudly and Eric turns his attention to Nathan von Liebert

Eric Price: And Nathan, what are you doing? You are the number one contender to the World Championship, you won the Ultimate Showdown match and you’re out here trying to cause trouble, for what reason? Your World Title match is in two weeks, you need to show restraint and some respect to our esteemed World Champion!

Erin Robbins: Esteemed?

Eric Price turns his attention away from NvL and back to Steve Orbit

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Wait a minute … did he just …

Eric Price: Now Steve, last week I offered you a chance to join me and I told you that together, you and I … we could take this company to new heights and I could make you the greatest World Champion of all time and I want you to know that I absolutely meant that! Honestly Steve, that physique, your athleticism, your charisma, you truly have the right ingredients to be the best of the best. You sir, you are like a diamond in the rough! With a little polish, a little work, you could be THE best of the best!

Crowd gives a mixed reaction to Eric’s words

Eric Price: You could be … but you will never be as much as it pains me because you simply refuse to listen to me. You refuse to take my advice and do the right thing by joining me to further your career. Instead, you insist on hanging out with some wannabe GI-Joe rejects as opposed to greatness personified.

Eric turns around and stands next to Steve as he surveys Nathan von Liebert

Eric Price: Now Steve, you take a look at Nathan von Liebert, look at him. He is the number one contender to your title and could very well be the next World Champion!

Eric nods his head as Steve kind of mockingly grins at him and NvL looks on smugly

Eric Price: But look at him, he’s not World Champion material. Look at the way he’s dressed, the way he looks, not to mention that smell … honestly he is offensive to 4 of the 5 senses.

Crowd cheers at these comments

NvL looks at Eric Price with a sense of anger

Eric Price: Calm down Nathan, calm down. I’m simply stating some facts.

Crowd cheers

Crowd: You stink! You stink! You stink!

Freddy Whoa: This crowd really letting NvL have it here tonight!

Erin Robbins: But Eric Price … I’m surprised as to these words he has.

Eric Price: Oh don’t get angry Nathan, it’s just the truth but that’s okay, that’s okay because see Nathan, unlike Steve here, you will be a great World Champion, perhaps the greatest of all time and Steven … you want to know why he’s going to be the greatest World Champion of all time?

Steve Orbit: I’m sure you’re gonna tell me.

Eric walks over toward NvL and looks at him and steps back for a second and looks back at Steve

Eric Price: It’s because Nathan von Liebert unlike you actually will listen to Eric Price and do everything I tell him to do because he knows that by listening to me he will become greatness personified. Sure, he doesn’t look it now but under my tutelage, under my leadership, he will become true World Champion material.

Crowd boos loudly again

Eric Price: See, unlike you Steven, he knows he has to listen to Eric Price and Nathan von Liebert will do just that and…

NvL walks up to Eric and interrupts him as both have heated words inaudible to the audience. As Eric turns back around to face Steve Orbit, Orbit hits him with a Pimp Slap again and laughs at him as he walks away from the ring and Eric looks outright infuriated!

Eric Price: Hey Steve, you disrespected me again! I’ll tell you what, next week we’re going to have a contract signing right here in this ring, it’s going to be you and NvL face to face with me standing as the arbiter. In fact … that gives me a great idea for your World Title match in two weeks but I won’t spoil the surprise this evening, next week I announce a special surprise regarding your match and believe me Steve, you’re going to love it!

Eric gives an evil smile and winks at Steve Orbit as the crowd boos loudly and Steve simply shakes his head at him as “The Touch” by Stan Bush plays over the speaker system again. Eric Price and NvL are left in the ring having words inaudible to the audience.

Freddy Whoa: What just happened?

Erin Robbins: I … I don’t know. Eric Price, the leader of Bravado telling Nathan von Liebert, his own teammate in Bravado that he has to listen to him if he wants to be a great World Champion but only after telling Steve Orbit that he is already great World Champion material but only under his guidance can he be the best.

Freddy Whoa: I don’t know what to make of this, Eric Price on Nathan von Liebert’s side seemingly, especially after that Pimp slap but you have to wonder why he continues trying to recruit Steve Orbit and what his motives are behind that.

Matthew Robinson Segment

We cut backstage as we see ‘The Punisher’ Matthew Robinson getting himself ready for his tag team match later on when a knock on the door of his locker room can be heard.

Robinson: Come on in…

Robinson continues getting ready, not paying any attention to who has just entered the locker room, two female hands then appear on the camera behind Robinson and cover his eyes.

Woman: Guess who?

Robinson smiles as he turns around to find that the woman is in fact his heavily pregnant wife, Stacy.

Robinson: Stace? What are you doing here?

Stacy: I thought I’d come and surprise you…I miss you…Nick misses you…

Robinson: I miss you both too, but keeping you away from this whilst you’re pregnant is the best thing to do…

Stacy: Well I promise we won’t stay long, we just want to spend a few days with you…is that okay?

Robinson: Of course it is…you wait in here and watch the show…I’ve got a match soon…

Stacy: Okay…good luck…

The two share a long passionate kiss with one another before Robinson leaves the locker room as we cut back to ringside.

Havok vs Aaron Pearle

Freddy Whoa: We're back and whoa the action just keeps goin'! Right now we continue with a debuting Havok who is set to take on Aaron Pearle, who boasted a very impressive debut last week!

Erin Robbins: Pearle definitely impressed me. He disposed of Tyler Walker in record time. Will he do the same with Havok tonight? In my honest opinion, he will. Aaron Pearle is one of those guys you know is destined for greatness. So I expect nothing less.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa now Erin, we don't even know anything about this Havok dude. He might wind up being more than Pearle can handle. Get what I'm sayin'?

Erin Robbins: I don't have to know anything about Havok to know that Pearle walks away tonight, just as he did last week ... with a win in his column.

Freddy Whoa: I feel that. We'll see. Anyway, Kyle Steel ready to get this thing goin'!

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first ...

The arena goes completely dark as "The Halloween Theme" by John Carpenter begins echoing it's haunting tune throughout the arena.

Kyle Steel: From parts unknown ... weighing in at two hundred ninety pounds ... he is "The Insane One" HAVOK!!!

Everyone tries to get a glimpse of the stage to see Havok make his way out, but the arena is pitch black. The flashing of camera bulbs and cell phones do not provide enough light for anyone to make anything out at the entrance. Suddenly, the lights come back on and the deranged looking Havok is standing in the middle of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! WHOA! Look at this dude. Man that is some creepy shhhh....

Erin Robbins: He's only the umpteeenth thousandth guy to come out in a mask.

She rolls her eyes and yawns.

Freddy Whoa: You still stickin' partial to Pearle eh? He gon' be your man or somethin'?

Erin Robbins: Don't patronize me. I am quite capable of having my opinions, professionally. I do not have to seek romantic interest in order to have an appreciation of someone's talent.

Freddy Whoa: A'ight jeez. You don't have to try and get all philosophical and whatnot.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent ...

“Popular” by Nada Surf cues up. The crowd already begins to boo.

Kyle Steel: From Hyannis, Massachusetts ... weighing in at two hundred fifty pounds ... he is "The Lustrous One" AARON PEARLE!!!

Aaron Pearle walks out from the gorilla position, arms outstretched, shouting “Here I am!!!!”. When he doesn’t get his expected reaction, Pearle folds his arms across his chest and glares. He swaggers to the ring chastising the crowd for not cheering him. At some point he stops close to a pretty girl or cute child and taunts handing them the necklace of beads he wears. Finally he climbs the steps, slips between the ropes, and buttonholes referee Emily Westbrook, nagging her about how to call the upcoming match.

Erin Robbins: I'm telling you, this man is looking at a bright future here in EPPW.

Freddy Whoa: I don't doubt it. But you seriously high on his praises for someone who is still a rookie.

Erin Robbins: Like I said, I have my opinions. And I am never wrong.

Freddy Whoa: We'll see bout that.

Emily Westbrook calls for the bell and Pearle wastes no time at all charging at Havok and ducking behind him at the last possible moment. Catching the deranged looking man off guard, he locks him into a dragon sleeper position and quickly drops Havok down into his knee for a backbreaker. Havok is sent into the mat after the maneuver and Aaron extends hi arms, looking out at the crowd expecting an applause for his quick thinking. Instead, the just boo him.

Erin Robbins: Look at that start. Havok has no clue what just happened to him. Too slow, too dumb.

Freddy Whoa: The match JUST began. I'll admit, Pearle got the jump on this. But we'll see how it goes. And besides, I thought you like the dark, evil types?

Erin Robbins: Too many of the same kinda guys. Doesn't appeal to me.

Aaron waves the crowd off with disgust and takes a few steps forward, dropping a flawless knee into Havok's forehead and rolling out of the drop. Again he waves his arms to his sides in self appreciation for the execution of the move. Again, he receives boos.

Erin Robbins: This crowd here just doesn't know good talent when they see it. So disrespectful of this rising star. Aaron Pearle is giving them first class entertainment and they are showing no class with how they're treating him.

Freddy Whoa: To be fair, I don't think the crowd cares much for either of these guys.

Aaron again turns his attention back at Havok, being as he wasn't garnering any appreciation from the crowd. And he takes a few steps forward to drop ANOTHER knee at Havok. However, Havok sits up! Pearle's knee hits nothing but canvas. Havok makes it to a vertical base first and Pearle immediately backpedals himself to the corner, trying to get to his own feet. Havok moves in and fires off some HARD chops against Pearle's chest. He follows this up with a HUGE throat thrust that nearly lifts Pearle up and over the ropes. Pearle is dazed and staggers forward a few steps only to be met from behind by a clothesline to the back of the head, sending him down face first into the mat.

Freddy Whoa: Now look atcha boy. He gettin' schooled.

Erin Robbins: Havok has managed to mount an offense. Pearle needs to keep a distance from those high impact maneuvers that this freak is looking to hit him with.

Freddy Whoa: I don't think Pearle even know where he's at.

Aaron scrambles to his feet and continues stumbling a bit, trying to shake off the cobwebs. He manages to stumble himself right into Havok's waiting arms and right into a devastating sidewalk slam! Havok remains with him for the pinfall as Emily Westbrook checks both shoulders and slides into position.




Aaron shoots a shoulder off the canvas.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa that was close! I thought that coulda been it.

Erin Robbins: Oh please. There's no way Pearle was anywhere close to done. But he needs to get back on the offensive and stop allowing Havok to dictate match pace.

Havok yanks Pearle back to his feet and sends him to the turnbuckle with an Irish whip. Perale manages to put on the brakes and saves himself the impact. He ducks his head between the top and middle ropes, screaming at Westbrook.

Aaron Pearle: Time out! Time out! Back that animal off!

Havok moves into the corner after Pearle who remains ducked under the ropes. Despite there being no such 'time out' Westbrook does instruct Havok to break because Pearle is on the ropes. As Westbrook turns her attention at Havok, Pearle is quick to shoot a thumb to the eye. He follows up with a running forearm smash out of the corner.

Erin Robbins: That was brilliant! What a way to turn the tables.

Freddy Whoa: That was cheap. I think he scared.

Erin Robbins: It was an intelligent strategy. Don't blame Aaron for Westbrook not keeping her eye on everything.

Freddy Whoa: I still think he scared.

Havok staggers back from the forearm shot, still holding his eyes, trying to focus. Pearle takes every opportunity this presents him and hooks Havok up belly to back style and drops him face first into the canvas with a wheelbarrow facebuster!

Erin Robbins: Luster Buster! That's it. Nighty night Havok.

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! That looks like it hurt!

Pearle rolls Havok over and hooks the leg. Westbrook checks the shoulders and drops for the count.




Havok shoots a shoulder up!

Freddy Whoa: He kicked out! Whoa that's just ... whoa!

Erin Robbins: Oh come on! That was three!

Aaron's eyes go wide and he GLARES at Westbrook, demanding that it was a three count. However, Emily holds firm her stance that it was only two. Pearle is not pleased as he gets to his feet, hands on his hips, looking angered.

Freddy Whoa: He gettin' frustrated. He gotta be wonderin' what he gotta do to put this dude away.

Erin Robbins: It should be over already. That was a bad call by Westbrook. Just keep on him Pearle and this is yours.

It seems as if Aaron heard Erin's words, or if he just gave up on throwing a tantrum about the count and he starts putting boots to Havok with vicious fury. Havok forces himself to sit back up as Pearle is relentlesss with kicks to his head, chest and abdomen. However, this isn't enough to keep Havok down and he fights his way back to a vertical base. Pearle's face goes almost completely pale as Havok stares at him with sinsiter intent. Pearle backs up and then suddenly rushes at Havok, who catches him and instead drops Pearle with a powerslam!

Freddy Whoa: This Havok dude is pissed! Pearle is in a world of trouble now.

Erin Robbins: This isn't looking good! Damn you Westbrook, this should have been over!

Havok now drops all of his weight down upon Pearle with a hard elbow drop to the chest. He hooks the leg and goes for another pinfall attempt. Westbrook in position.




Pearle shoots his shoulder up!

Erin Robbins: Phew! That was close.

Freddy Whoa: I gotta give it to Pearle, he keeps goin'.

Havok rises back to his feet and he hauls Pearle up by the hair with him. Again he sends Pearle for an Irish whip into the turnbuckle. This time, Pearle leaps up, balancing himself on the top rope before quickly turning around and LAUNCHING himself at Havok.

Erin Robbins: PEARLE DIVE!!!

But Havok CATCHES Pearle MID AIR! The crowd by now is getting into this match, not caring who wins but they are on the edge of their seats. Havok sets Pearle down and hooks both arms underhooked, placing Pearle's head between his legs for the devastating piledriver that he was about to deliver.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! He's about to hit some Payback! Good NIGHT Aaron Pearle!

Erin Robbins: How? How does this happen? I ... I can't even watch!

Pearle hass nowhere to go as Havok has him in position. Though in a last ditch effort, Paerle lowers his head as far as he can get it to go and then violently swings it upwards, effectively nailing Havok in the groin. The deranged Havok immediately lets go of Pearle as he doubles over in pain. Luckily for Pearle, Westbrook didn't see exactly what occurred.

Freddy Whoa: Oh come on! That's a DQ right there.

Erin Robbins: What? Oh yes! He's not dead!

Erin had made good on her promise to turn away and she didn't see what happened either.

Freddy Whoa: That's a low blow. Blatant as hell.

Erin Robbins: It's not cheating if you don't get caught ... and I mean, I saw him do nothing wrong.

With Havok doubled over, Pearle again takes to the turnbuckle and just as Havok starts straightening himself out. He LAUNCHES at him again ... this time CONNECTING!

Erin Robbins: And that one hits! The Pearle dive! Havok is finished!

Pearle stays on Havok for the count as the momentum of Pearle's crossbody slams Havok back into the canvas. Westbrook slides in and check the shoulders.




The bell rings as "Popular" by Nada Surf hits once again.

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner ..... AARON PEARLE!!!!

Erin Robbins: That makes Pearle 2 and 0. Like I said, I know how to pick them.

Freddy Whoa: Aaron Pearle is one shady character. He lucked out getting away with some cheap tactics. But it got him the W, so I can't hate.

Erin Robbins: We are looking at the future of EPPW right here and now. Mark my words. Aaron Pearle impressive again, and I expect that trend to continue.

Eric Price/S-PAC Segment 1

Eric Price throws open the door of his office to see Scott, Waylon, and John all sitting around the room in different spots.

Eric Price: If this is your plan, it's not going to work. I'll just attend to my business around you.

Eric walks over to his desk to find Ana Valentine sitting in his chair, her feet perched on top of his desk. He glares at her for a moment before speaking through clenched teeth.

Eric Price: Would you mind moving?

Ana Valentine: Actually, I would mind that. Very much, in fact.

Eric clenches his fists before looking around the room.

Eric Price: No matter as that's not the only chair I have.

He suddenly reaches behind a filing cabinet, and pulls out a folding steel chair. He sets up up behind his desk, and sits in it only to find that it is much shorter than his normal seat. From this position, the desk comes up to his chin. He tries to act like it isn't bothering him as he goes about his business. He signs a few papers and sets his pen down on the desk. Ana gently nudges it with her foot, causing the writing implement to fall to the ground. Eric rolls her eyes at her before bending down to grab his pen.

Eric Price: Very mature.

While he is bent over, Ana pulls out one of the drawers so when Eric stands back up, he slams the back of his head against it. He shouts out in pain as Ana feigns sympathy and the rest of the group chuckles.

Ana Valentine: You gotta be careful. You're gonna hurt yourself if you don't stop being so clumsy.

Eric tries to ignore her as he sits back in his short chair. After a few minutes, Gobble reaches to his left and knocks over a potted plant spilling moist dirt all over the carpet.

John Gobble: Oops.

Eric grits his teeth and keeps his eyes focused on the paperwork in front of him. He can tell that this is going to be a long night.

Matthew Robinson/Deuce Maximus vs Lionheart/Tek

As we come back from commercial, all four wrestlers are already in the ring, ready to go.

Freddy Whoa: Thanks to all this damn S-PAC nonsense, no time for entrances! Geez.

Lionheart is starting for his team, Deuce for his. The two men begin brawling in the middle of the ring.

Erin Robbins: Look at this Lionheart... he's gigantic! He's from the Amazon Rainforest.

Freddy Whoa: Speaking of that, Slam tonight is sponsored by Amazon! They have good customer service and stuff.

Unfortunately for Deuce, the King of the Jungle gets the upper hand, hitting him with several huge blows. He follows up with a big headbutt before throwing Deuce to the ropes and then hitting an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex!

Erin Robbins: I wouldn't want to be Matthew Robinson, with this man gunning for you.

Deuce stumbles up and tags in Robinson, but as soon as that happens, Lionheart tags in Tek!

Freddy Whoa: Huh! Guess Lionheart wants to fight this battle on his own time.

Robinson and Tek meet in the middle of the ring and tie up. Tek gets the advantage and pushes Robinson to the corner. The ref asks for a break, Tek obliges... but slaps Robinson in the face.

Erin Robbins: Ooohh. Cold blooded.

Robinson explodes out of the corner and hits a Lou Thesz Press, hitting punch after punch onto Tek! He then gets back up and measures Tek as Tek stands... and hits an Olympic Slam!

Freddy Whoa: Classic move, executed perfectly!

Robinson pins Tek.



No!, Tek kicks out. Robinson then tags Deuce back into the match. Deuce comes in and grabs Tek from behind as he stands.. then drops him with a Reverse DDT.

Erin Robbins: Good offense by Deuce. Tek needs to get something going himself!

Deuce backs up and waits for Tek to stand before blasting off a picture perfect Standing Dropkick. As Tek goes down Deuce then locks in the Rings of Saturn!

Freddy Whoa: Submission applied! Is Tek going to tap out!?

Tek yells in pain but his partner Lionheart quickly comes in to break it up. Deuce stands up and waits for Tek to get up..

Erin Robbins: He's in position for his Poseidon's Trident!

Deuce runs at Tek and hits the Spear! Tek goes flying back and before Deuce knows it he's tagged in Lionheart. The big man comes in and runs at Deuce..

Freddy Whoa: PRIMAL CHARGE! Another Spear!

Erin Robbins: It's Spearapalooza!

Lionheart pins Deuce.



No! Deuce kicks out!

Freddy Whoa: Deuce Maximus going balls out!.. ew.. well at any rate he kicked out!

Lionheart backs up and runs at Deuce, going for a Big Boot, but Deuce ducks it and tags in Matthew Robinson! The fans cheer as the Punisher gets into the ring and then boo as Lionheart quickly tags out.

Erin Robbins: What's the deal here!? Come on, we want to see them fight!

Tek comes in and sidesteps a Dropkick attempt from Robinson, whom was thrown off by Lionheart tagging out. Robinson turns and Tek hits him with his Jumping STO!

Freddy Whoa: OUT COLD!

Tek quickly jumps to the top..

Freddy Whoa: COLD FACTS!

Tek hits the Corkscrew Shooting Star Press! This results in a pin.




Erin Robbins: Tek picks up the win, after Robinson was distracted by Lionheart's cowardice!

The bell sounds and Tek celebrates briefly before leaving the ring. Just as Robinson is about to leave the ring, he is suddenly assaulted by Lionheart with a clubbing blow to the back of his head.

Freddy Whoa: And for the second week straight, this monster known as Lionheart is assaulting Matthew Robinson…

Erin Robbins: This man maybe big but he’s a damn coward, he avoided Robinson during the entire tag match and now, he attacks him from behind…

Lionheart picks Robinson up and nails him with a triple non-release powerbomb as Brandon Stevens begins rummaging underneath the ring.

Freddy Whoa: What the Hell is Brandon up too?

Erin Robbins: I have absolutely no idea…

Back in the ring and Lionheart nails Robinson with a vicious ‘Primal Charge’ as Stevens pulls out a table from under the ring and slides it under the bottom rope and into the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Oh dear…I don’t like the look of this…

Erin Robbins: Me neither…

Lionheart then proceeds to set the table up before lifting Robinson up onto his shoulders and nailing him with ‘Feeding Time’, smashing him through the table in the process.

Freddy Whoa: Jesus Christ that was brutal!

Erin Robbins: Robinson doesn’t deserve this…somebody needs to stop Lionheart before he seriously harms somebody…

Lionheart begins chuckling sadistically and ‘The Animal’ by Disturbed blasts out of the PA system as both he and Stevens exit the ring and head up the ramp to the back.

Denise D'Evil/Terry Roberts vs Tyler Walker/Biohazard

As we come back from commercial, Tyler Walker and Biohazard are both in the ring. Tyler Walker is flexing for the fans as Biohazard looks on, urging the fans to cheer for Walker's huge biceps.

Erin Robbins: What a weird pairing.

The house lights dim as the jumbo screen showers with static before bold red letters flash across them.




The screen then begins showing highlights of Terry's WCF career as the first chords of Motorheads "Hellraiser" booms over the crowd with a near mesmerizing visual assault of decadent red, purple, and black strobing laser lights bringing the fans to their feet, followed by a massive wall of flames that rain down on, as another wall of flame shoots up from the main stage lasting 20 seconds creating a large billowing cloud of white smoke. As the song goes into the chorus, Terry, with a red and black guitar slung over his shoulder steps forth from the misty haze. Looking out upon the frenzied crowd with a pretentiously cocky grin that matches the bad intent in his eyes. once his gaze comes to the ring, he takes a battle styled side stance pointing to the ring just as the song hits a drum/guitar solo, the screen breaks from the highlights to flash more red letters that the fans read out in unison.




Terry then heads to the ring, feeding off the electric excitement in the air as he works the fans into a frenzy, when he arrives at ringside, he unstraps the guitar, walks over to the nearest ring post, raising the stock end of the guitar high into the air, blowing a clear mist towards it, creating an enormous fireball that floats high over the ring getting a big pop from the crowd. As Terry climbs up the ring stairs stepping through the ropes into the ring, the song fades, the strobes end, the house lights return to normal. Once at his corner he takes off his non wrestling gear before crouching down, staring coldly at his opponent. The pretentiously cocky smile replaced with an hateful scowl that matches the disdain in his eyes.

The house lights go down, as a red lights go over the crowd. Two balls of fire come down from the rafters and hit the stage setting it ablaze. Angel of Darkness begins to play, as the sound of a whinning horse is heard from within the flames. As the flames die down there in the center of the stage is a woman dressed in black mounted on a black horse. She taps the horse lightly and it goes into a light canter, as the flames roll down either side of the ramp way. When she reaches the ring she pulls back in the reigns, and dismounts, handing the reigns off to a stage hand to take the horse backstage. She climbs the stairs and enters the ring, removing the long cloak that is around her shoulders.

Freddy Whoa: Here we go!

Denise and Biohazard start for their teams. Before tieing up, Biohazard tries asking her out on a date. Denise pretends to think about it before kicking Biohazard in the gut and Powerbombing him!

Erin Robbins: Hah. Come on, Biohazard, WCF isn't a date service.

Freddy Whoa: I'd say there was no harm in trying, but.. there obviously was.

Denise stomps away at Biohazard before lifting him up and irish whipping him, following up with a running Clothesline. Biohazard stumbles up and she runs at him again..

Erin Robbins: SPEAR!

Freddy Whoa: Denise D'Evil is tearing Biohazard apart!

She pins him.



No!, Tyler Walker breaks it up. He kicks Denise in the head and then drags Biohazard over to their corner so Biohazard can make the tag. He does, and Walker comes in and starts kicking at D'Evil. She shoves him away and hits him with a Dropkick, her Dismount, before tagging in Terry Roberts.

Erin Robbins: Here comes Synn.

Terry Roberts comes in and runs at Walker, hitting him with a Shining Wizard out of nowhere! Walker flies back into the turnbuckle. Roberts lifts him up and then climbs up with him.

Freddy Whoa: Terry Roberts going high risk here... what's he setting up?

Roberts jumps onto the second rope, spinning to face Walker and executing a Frankensteiner, following up with grabbing the legs for a pin!



No!, Walker kicks out!

Erin Robbins: That was his Generation Gap!

Roberts lifts Walker up but Walker reverses it with a Jawbreaker and tags in Biohazard. Bio comes back in and shoots his TOXIC OOZE!

Freddy Whoa: OOZE!

But at that same time Roberts spits out his green mist! The ooze and the mist meet between the two and counteract each other somehow or something. Either way Biohazard runs at Terry, but Terry kicks him and lifts him up...

Erin Robbins: He's going for the TSN!

Indeed, Roberts gets it locked in! He's forced to tap out!

Freddy Whoa: The AoD gets the victory!

The bell sounds as Denise D'Evil joins Terry in the ring as he drops Biohazard. Denise and Terry celebrate as Walker and Biohazard argue.

Erin Robbins: Uh oh.. trouble in paradise!

Eric Price/S-PAC Segment 2

We open on Eric's office with the members of S-PAC all seated or leaning around the room. Ana is leaned over the desk, filling in Eric's calendar with fake appointments.

Ana Valentine: Tuesday, Weight Watcher's meeting; Wednesday, sex change consultation; Thursday, Depends commercial filming...

The door slowly opens,and Eric Price walks in with a stack of papers in his hand. He rolls his eyes when he sees that they haven't left his office yet.

Eric Price: Oh … you’re still … here? I figured you morons would have given up by now. I will not meet your ridiculous demands and nothing you say or do is going to change that.

As Eric tries to slide by Waylon, the Hellbilly flips his hand up knocking the papers out of Eric's hands, and sending them flying all over the room. Eric stares him in the eye as a slight grin comes to Waylon's lips.

Waylon Cash: Oops.

Eric gives him an angry glare before bending down to gather his papers. While he is crouched, Ana opens her bottle of water and tips it over sending the liquid pouring down Eric's back. He jumps up sending his gathered papers back to the floor.

Eric Price: Damn it! Are you out of your mind?

Ana Valentine: I'm sorry! It was an accident. Calm down.

Eric Price: Accident my ... you know what, I refuse to let you bother me. This little protest of yours is useless and a waste of your time. If I were you, I would be preparing for our match tonight. This is just making me want to beat the crap out of you more.

Scott Savage: Careful what you say. That could be construed as creating a hostile work environment.

Eric Price: Hostile work environment? Newsflash, this is a wrestling organization and she is a competitor as am I and we have a match tonight. Don’t give me that nonsense you mother…

Eric looks as if he might say more but clenches his fist and thinks better of it as he lowers himself into the metal folding chair once again. After a moment, he takes a glance at his altered calendar and lets out an exhausted sigh.

Eric Price: Seriously? Just … ugh …

The shot switches back to ringside

Freddy Whoa: Looks like the bad night for Eric Price continues.

Erin Robbins: I can tell you this is only serving to make him angrier in the end and tonight he will beat the hell out of Ana Valentine in that street fight!

Oblivion/Night Rider vs John Barber/Arkham

Freddy Whoa: Alrighty WCF fans, we are about to embark on our third tag team bout, Slam has been filled with tag team matches. Let's not forget about our tag team main event, featuring Steve Orbit teaming up with FPV and they are slated to go up against Steeltoe Joe and his partner Jonathan Jakobs.

Erin Robbins: But, for our next match we have The AoD team of Night Rider and The Monster of Madness Oblivion facing the team of John Barber and Arkham.

“The Fire” by Rev Theory starts playing on the speakers as John Barber walks out from the back. He stands on top of the ramp with a thumb hooked into his right pocket, looking out at the crowd around him. He starts walking down the ramp...

Kyle Steel: Coming down to the ring... From Miami, Florida... Weighing in at 220 pounds, he is The Florida Cracker... JOHN BAR-AR-ARBER-ER-ER!!

While walking down the ramp, Barber proceeds to slap hands with the fans nearest to the barricade. He jogs up the ring steps, quickly ducks between the top and middle ropes, and walks over to the nearest turnbuckle. He perches on the second turnbuckle and raises both arms, looking out at the crowd with a smirk on his face.

After a few seconds, he hops down and walks across the ring and leans against the turnbuckles as he waits for the match to begin.

Freddy Whoa: Now... we wait.

Erin Robbins: Wait for what?! Erin Robbins doesn't wait for anything.

Freddy Whoa: You'll wanna wait for this madman.

Erin Robbins: Great we have two lunatics in this match alone. Ladies and gentlemen, board up your windows and board up your doors. Turn off your phones. We about to embark on an adventure. This match is about to get crazy.... LITERALLY!!

All of the lights will drop at once, sending the crowd into a bit of a panic.

Freddy Whoa: UH-OH!!! NO!!

Erin Robbins: Great!! Don't tell me... you're afraid of the dark?!

Freddy Whoa: Not usually. But when crazy and scary monsters like Arkham and Oblivion come out, I like to feel comfortable, under this desk. Thank you very much.

"Bleed For Me" by the Black Label Society will then kick in as the lights remain off. They'll remain off for a few moments until finally they come back on, revealing Arkham sitting on the mat in one of the corners, gently stroking the head of Freddy. He'll remain there until the match starts.

Kyle Steel: From The Asylum... weighing in at 295 pounds... This... is... AR-R-RKHA-A-A-AMM-M!!

Freddy Whoa: This Arkham is one big scary looking individual.

Erin Robbins: We have our one team. And speaking of scary individuals... HERE COMES THE ANGELS OF DEATH!!!

Orion by Metallica begins to play. The drums begin to get louder and louder, right as the lead in guitar riff is about to start...

The lights in the arena dim as Pyrotechnics explode along the runway and from the four corner posts as Night Rider steps out from behind the curtain and stops, as the music begins to blend in with....


The crowd inside the Izod Center erupts in a chorus of boos. The house lights go out. The crowd begins to murmur. Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lasers begin to flash. Two bright spotlights hit the entrance stage. The music continues to thump with a remix of Orion by Metallica with Breathe by The Prodigy. Some of the fans are thrashing and/or dancing a long with the music...

Kyle Steel: With a combined weight of 640 pounds... THEY ARE THE A.... O.... D..... THE ANGELS OF DEATH!!!


No one... Nothing...

Erin Robbins: What the Hell?

Freddy Whoa: What's going on? Where are the AoD?

John Barber and Arkham are leaning up against the ropes looking down towards the entrance, smiling, slapping one another with a single backhand tap to each other's chest.

The Nationwide Arena erupts...

Erin Robbins: YEA!!!!

Night Rider and Oblivion slips into the ring from the back end, of the ring, after quickly climbing over the ringside barricades, through the crowd.

Freddy Whoa: SNEAK ATTACK!!

Erin Robbins: Brilliant move!!

Night Rider charges at John Barber, nailing him with a double fist to the head. Barber bounces back up. Oblivion charges at Arkham, while at the same time Patient #37-2579 was charging at The Monster. Both Arkham and Oblivion are trading lightning quick massive right fists at each other's heads, while hanging onto each other with their left hands.

Freddy Whoa: This match got out of hand very quickly!!

Erin Robbins: No kidding!!

Both Arkham and Oblivion end up falling out of the ring, while they continue pounding each other with massive punches.

Freddy Whoa: Well, it looks like as both Patient #37-2579 and The Monster are flailing around, beating the holy Hell out of each other... John Barber and Night Rider will start this match off.

Both The Florida Cracker and Night Rider charge at each other and collide, in the center, of the ring.

Erin Robbins: They lock up with a collar and elbow tie-up.

Both men are pushing each other around...

Freddy Whoa: John Barber uses a single foot trip to gain an advantage.

Erin Robbins: Barber pushes Night Rider into the turnbuckle and WCF Senior Referee Stanley Moser is right to break them apart. Night rider dips his upper body in between the middle and top ring ropes.

Night Rider: C'Mon Moser, get this jerk-off away from me!!

Stanley Moser: Let's go Barber. Away from the corner... ONE... TWO... THREE...

John Barber throws his hands up in the air, as he slowly back away...


Freddy Whoa: Cheap shot by Night Rider!!

Night Rider nails John Barber with a quick fist shot to his jaw, causing the Florida Cracker to stumble back.

Erin Robbins: No. You have to do, what you need to do, to win.

As Barber stumbles back....


...Rider slams his big right boot into the mid-section of his opponent. The boot contact causes Barber to bend over...


Freddy Whoa: A forearm smash to the back.


Erin Robbins: John Barber fights back then a stiff knee to the mid-section of Night Rider.


Freddy Whoa: Yes ladies and gentlemen... this IS a tag team match, as the other two combatants are fighting around ring side. As Oblivion Irish whipped Arkham into the ring entrance steps.

The Monster slowly approaches IT's opponent...


Erin Robbins: There is so much actionaround us!! Inside and outside the ring. Arkham just flew from being slammed against the ring entrance steel steps to running at Oblivion and nailing The Monster with of all things a running Bell Clap.

Oblivion stumbles back, as Arkham charges at Oblivion and hits The Monster with a running knee.

Freddy Whoa: Meanwhile, inside the ring The Florida Cracker John Barber nailed Night Rider with a knee to the gut. As Night Rider buckles over, Barber quickly goes behind his opponent and...


Erin Robbins: Belly to back suplex!!

Freddy Whoa: The Florida Cracker is not finished!!

Barber grabs his opponent...



Night Rider: UGH!! AHHH-H-H-H!! SON OF A BI-ITCH!!

Freddy Whoa: John Barber is going for the pin!!

Stanley Moser slides into position....

The Crowd: ONE!

The Crowd: T-...NO-O-O!!


Freddy Whoa: Action is still on the outside, of the ring as well.


Erin Robbins: Arkham continuously nailing Oblivion with alternating clubbing blows and headbutts.

Oblivion: ARRRRRGH!!!

Freddy Whoa: I think The Monster has had enough!!

Oblivion grabs the right arm of IT's opponent with IT's own left hand...



Freddy Whoa: But, Arkham didn't budge!!

Arkham grabs the right arm of Oblivion with his own left hand...




The Monster roars out as Oblivion slowly flexes down IT's arms, as IT's fist nearly touch.

Erin Robbins: The Monster means business!!

Arkham flexes back, while also roaring back, The referee exits the ring.

Stanley Moser: Alright you two, get to your corners!! I won't hesitate to DQ BOTH of your asses!!


Both wrestlers slowly hesitate, then....


The referee tries to separate the two. Meanwhile in the ring, John Barber watches the action.

Freddy Whoa: Both Oblivion and Arkham are trading punches!!

Erin Robbins: Night Rider slowly creeps up behind John Barber...


Night Rider nails his opponent with a forearm smash to his back. Barber spins around....


The Crowd: WHOO-O-O!!!

Freddy Whoa: Chop to the chest.

That chop knocks The Florida Cracker back into the ropes...


The Crowd: WHOO-O-O!!!

Erin Robbins: Another massive chop to the chest of The Florida Cracker!!

Night Rider grabs his opponent by the arm.

Freddy Whoa: An arm bar by Night Rider on John Barber's right arm!!



Arkham and Oblivion go to their own corners.


Rider nails an elbow across the tricep of John Barber's arm.


Erin Robbins: Rider drops another elbow on the arm of The Florida Cracker.

Night Rider positions John Barber around...


Oblivion is pacing back and forth

Freddy Whoa: Dropkick by Night Rider!!

Erin Robbins: Oblivion is ready to enter the ring!!

The dropkick causes John Barber to bounce off the ropes....





Oblivion roars as IT enters the ring, charging right at Arkham...

Freddy Whoa: The Monster is charging right at Arkham!!


Erin Robbins: That forearm shot knocked Arkham off the ring apron!!


Freddy Whoa: Two right jabs by Oblivion.


Oblivion continues to slam more jabs into the face and cranium of John Barber. Oblivion grabs IT's crotch with both hands....


Erin Robbins: A massive elbow to the top of the head of The Florida Cracker...

Arkham: ARRRGH!!! AHHH-H-H-H!!!


Freddy Whoa: That big boot spun Oblivion around....


Erin Robbins: A spinning sit-out spinebuster!!!

Stanley Moser quickly admonishes Arkham.


Freddy Whoa: What is Night Rider doing?!

Night Rider quickly runs over to John Barber...


Erin Robbins: As the referee's back was turned away from the action, Night Rider grabbed John Barber and nails him with a Belly to Belly slam!!

Freddy Whoa: Both Oblivion and John Barber are on the mat.

The referee quickly turns around and sees both Oblivion and The Florida Cracker on the mat.

Stanley Moser: okay.... ONE!!! TWO!!!

Erin Robbins: Both men are not moving!!

Both Arkham and Night Rider are restless on the ring apron.

Oblivion and The Florida slowly stir as the crowd begin to stand on their feet and cheer. the fans begins to clap their hands and stomp their feet. The electricity is off the charts.

Freddy Whoa: CAN'T YOU FEEL THIS ELECTRICITY ERIN?!? This crowd is amped up!!

Erin Robbins: Oblivion is the first to stand up.

John Barber slowly stands up. Oblivion stomps into the mid-section of IT's opponent.

Erin Robbins: Looks like a gutwrench.

Freddy Whoa: No, Erin. IT'S TIME TO CALL THE DOCTOR!!!





Arkham runs into the ring and nails Oblivion on the back of the head and neck with a nasty big boot, knocking The Monster down.

Erin Robbins: What is this lunatic doing now?

Arkham drags his partner to their own corner....


Freddy Whoa: Arkham just tagged himself in.

The crowd inside The Nationwide Arena is complete out of control, as they are screaming at the top of their lungs.

Erin Robbins: For a week, when this match was announced, people on the streets were talking about a confrontation between Arkham and Oblivion. We are talking Greenfever verses Oblivion proportions here!! Two crazy sum bitches read to knock the holy Hell out of each other.


Arkham and The Monster are clubbing each other with everything they had with knees, kicks, and fists.

Freddy Whoa: Arkham Irish whips Oblivion to the ropes...


Erin Robbins: Flapjack!!

The Crowd: WHOA!!

Freddy Whoa: HOW IN THE HELL?!?!

Oblivion is standing, grinning right at Arkham as The Monster roars out as IT flexes again IT's shoulders, arms, and chest.


Oblivion stomps the stomach of Arkham...


Erin Robbins: MUSCLEBUSTER!!

The Crowd: WHOA!!!

Freddy Whoa: HOW IN THE HELL?!?!

Arkham is standing, grinning right at Oblivion.

Erin Robbins: Arkham grabs The Monster and whips IT into the ropes.

Oblivion bounces off the ropes, Barber drops down and The Monster jumps over and continues IT's momentum and runs towards the ropes.

Freddy Whoa: Oblivion bounces off the ropes charging towards Arkham, who leap frogs over the big man.

Both men bounce off the ropes....


Erin Robbins: Dropkick by Oblivion!!

Patient #37-2579 stumbles up and braces himself in the corner.



Oblivion smacks right into Arkham with a clothesline, then immediately The Monster grabs Patient #37-2579 and nails him with a bulldog.

Erin Robbins: Oblivion is not finished!!!

The Monster goes to a corner.

Freddy Whoa: I think it's blind rage, because Oblivion doesn't see John Barber standing there.

Oblivion bolts towards Arkham...


Erin Robbins: John Barber grabbed Oblivion by the back of IT's hair.

Oblivion is thrown backwards, causing The Monster to fall back hitting the back of IT's head. Arkham is immediately there to grab Oblivion....

WHOO-OOSH.... .....WHAM!!

Freddy Whoa: A delayed suplex!

Arkham snarls as he grabs Oblivion...

Erin Robbins: This possibly could be a body slam?

WHOO-OOSH.... .....WHAM!!

Freddy Whoa: A delayed backbreaker!!!

WHOO-OOSH.... .....WHAM!!

Erin Robbins: Another delayed backbreaker!!

Arkham drops Oblivion to the mat. The Monster slowly scrambles back towards a corner, trying to brace ITself up....

Freddy Whoa: OH GOOD GOD!!

Arkham charges at a nearly sitting Oblivion...


Freddy Whoa: FACE WASH!!!

Erin Robbins: Arkham just ran all the way across the other corner, of the ring and just slammed his knee and thigh area into the head of Oblivion!!


Arkham goes running back to the other end of the ring, standing at the corner.

Freddy Whoa: It looks like Arkham is going, once again to "WASH THE FACE" of The Monster Oblivion!!

Quickly the big man bolts towards Oblivion...

Erin Robbins: Arkham is actually going to attempt this again!!

Arkham runs quickly towards a very woozy Monster....



Freddy Whoa: WHERE IN THE HELL DID NIGHT RIDER COME FROM?!?! Out of nowhere Night Rider delivers a HU-U-U-UGE... PERFECT TIMING flying clothesline!! DAMN!! RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!

Erin Robbins: Arkham is out cold!!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA WATCH OUT!!!

Erin Robbins: Here comes John Barber!!

The Florida Cracker nails Night Rider...


Freddy Whoa: DROPKICK!!


Erin Robbins: BACK BODY DROP!!


John Barber nails Night Rider with a clothesline!!


Freddy Whoa: That was a very quick belly to belly suplex!! It caught Night Rider off guard!!

Erin Robbins: What is John Barber doing?!

The Florida Cracker goes to a corner and climbs up quickly to the top turnbuckle and quickly leaps off...


John Barber practically floats into the air until his body, mainly his own head slams into the upper torso of Night Rider.


Erin Robbins: WHOA....


Freddy Whoa: IT'S CHECK OUT TIME!!

Oblivion nails John Barber with a super kick.


Arkham grabs Oblivion into a bear hug....

Erin Robbins: Wait for it....

Freddy Whoa: This is a very nasty submission move!

Erin Robbins: Wait for it....

Freddy Whoa: WCF Senior referee Stanley Moser is checking on The Monster Oblivion.

Erin Robbins: Wait for it...

Freddy Whoa: Damn it, Erin. WAIT FOR WHAT?!?!



Arkham nails The Monster with an overhead release belly to belly suplex.

Freddy Whoa: HOLY COW!! WATCH OUT!!


Erin Robbins: GUILLOTINE!!!

Night Rider nails Arkham with a flying dropkick.

Freddy Whoa: Night Rider grabs the back of his own head and drops down to one knee and finally face first onto the mat. ALL FOUR MEN ARE DOWN ON THE MAT!!

Erin Robbins: That is exactly it!! All four men have put their hearts into this match!! All four are physically exhausted!! Battered A-AND bruised!!

Freddy Whoa: And this crowd appreciates it!!

The Nationwide Arena crowd are on their feet, screaming their heads off....


Stanley Moser: ONE!!

Erin Robbins: With all four men still laying down on the mat. Not moving an inch. Stanley Moser begins the count...

Stanley Moser: TWO!! THREE!! FOUR!! FIVE!!!

Everyone is still motionless. The crowd is screaming themselves hoarse. Everyone encouraging all four match participants to get up and continuing fighting....

Stanley Moser: SIX!! SEVEN!!

Oblivion, Night Rider, and Arkham are all up.. Barber rolls out of the ring to regroup. Oblivion kicks Arkham and puts him in a wheelbarrow position, elevating him, while Night Rider grabs him and DDTs him!

Erin Robbins: Double team Drop of Death!

Oblivion then pins Arkham, hooking the leg.




Freddy Whoa: The AoD picks up another huge victory!

Night Rider and Oblivion stand, raising their arms menacingly in the air as we go to commercial.

Eric Price/S-PAC Segment 3

Eric Price sits at his desk as the four member of S-PAC sit around him. A cigarette hangs from Waylon Cash's mouth, smoke drifting up from the glowing tip and slowly filling the room. Every once in a while, he inhales and blows the smoke into Eric's face. Price coughs a few times before glaring up at the man.

Eric Price: Would you put that disgusting thing out?!

Waylon Cash: No problem boss.

Waylon takes the cigarette from his mouth and lowers the burning end onto the wood of the desk. He snuffs it out, leaving a burn mark in the middle of the surface. He smiles at the man as he leans against the wall behind him.

Eric Price: Look, I know you guys think you're making a point but in reality all you're doing is pissing me off. You’re behaving like children who threw a temper tantrum because they didn’t get their way and you might think it's going to end well for you, but it’s not.

Scott Savage: This isn't really about how it ends for us. I'm more concerned with how it ends for you. See Eric, there is nothing more in this world I despise than men like you. Men who get a little taste of power and think they're Napoleon. You're nothing more than a drone in a suit who doesn't deserve to run this company. I plan on making that very clear to everyone, especially if my demands are not met.

Eric stares at him sideways for a moment prompting Scott to change his approach.

Scott Savage: Listen, I will tell you what ... We will drop all this immediately. We will leave your office, and stop messing with you, if you do one thing.

Eric Price: What's that?

Scott Savage: You go out there in front of everyone, and admit that you are unfit to run WCF. And yes, I said WCF, not EPPW, WCF! Let them know that you were a fool to think you could take this on and that you are signing the company over to Savage Enterprises.

Eric Price: Now I know you've lost it. There is no way in hell I will ever sign this company over to you. I'll die first.

Scott Savage: Well then...

Savage reaches forward and admires an ornate lamp on the end of the desk before tipping it over and sending it to the floor where it becomes tiny pieces of what used to be a lamp.

Scott Savage: Oops.

The shot switches back to ringside to the commentators’ table

Erin Robbins: So he just wants Eric Price to sign over the company to him? So he can become the tyrannical leader as opposed to having the fair leadership we have now?! That’s absurd!

Freddy Whoa: He won’t sign over the company, that’s for sure but he may end up going postal at the rate they’re pissing him off.

Logan vs Kira Sakazaki

Beginner by VSK hits and Kira Sakazaki rushes to the ring!

Freddy Whoa: And now, the return we've all been waiting for.

Erin Robbins: Speak for yourself.

Freddy Whoa: Here comes Logan!

The heavy drum roll to "Stop When The Red Lights Flash" by Green Day rumbles the arena and brings the audience up from their seats. Some of them cover their ears, the music playing excessively louder than anything else produced from the speakers thus far. Logan marches out from behind the black curtains and is greeted with a very warm reception despite he himself being such a heel bastard. Logan shuffles his feet in place at the top of the ramp, elegantly bouncing in rhythm with the music while maintaining a focused and determined posture. With the audience screaming his name through the roaring guitars and drums of the music, Logan begins his walk down the ramp way. A fan or two will reach out to grab at Logan every so often and in return he will raise his backhand and threaten to slap them all the way into Connector City, or so one could assume that's what he's mouthing. Logan swiftly climbs up the ring steps and slips through the middle rope into the ring. He paces the ring, eyeing the audience, and then finally picking a turnbuckle and simply standing atop of it to gaze over all his trashcan fans. The music briefly pauses, but just as soon as it picks back up... Logan throws both arms skyward and the enthusiastic audience replicates his taunt. Letting his arms fall patiently back down to his sides, Logan hops down from the turnbuckle and paces the ring like a starved wolf ready to be fed until the music stops.

Freddy Whoa: We've seen Logan do it all here in the WCF. From the face of the company to a washed up overweight slob to a crossdresser who thought he was Sarah Twilight.

Erin Robbins: Don't remind me.

The bell sounds and the match is on! Logan and Kira circle each other before tieing up.

Freddy Whoa: Kira Sakazaki just got a huge victory over Nathan von Liebert last week, and a win over a WCF legend like Logan in his return match could really skyrocket his career.

Erin Robbins: Plus, we've got to see if Logan is going to show any signs of ring rust.

Logan gets the upper hand, putting Kira in a Headlock, but Kira shoves him away. Logan turns and gets hit with a Dropkick. He staggers back but doesn't go down. Kira runs at him and Logan counters with a Japanese Armdrag. Kira gets back up, Logan hits another Japanese Armdrag. Kira gets up once more and Logan goes for the same move three times in a row; Kira avoids it and hits Logan with a Palm Strike. Logan drops to one knee and Kira follows up with a Shining Wizard!

Freddy Whoa: He just about took Logan's head off!

Erin Robbins: I wish he would've!

Kira goes for the quick pin.



No!, Logan kicks out. Kira waits for Logan to begin getting to his feet before running to the ropes, Springboarding, and going for an Enziguri!, but Logan avoids it. Kira lands on his feet and Logan throws him to the ropes, catches him as he comes back...

Freddy Whoa: Huge Belly to Belly!

Kira stumbles back to his feet and Logan lifts him for a Brainbuster. Kira struggles out of it and lands behind Logan. He Springboards again, going for a Cross Bodyblock, but Logan catches him... Fallaway Slam!

Erin Robbins: Good reversal by Logan. Come on Kira, get your head in the game!

Logan's ready to put Kira away. He's signalling for it.

Freddy Whoa: Looks like Kira just bought his ticket.

Kira gets up, Logan grabs him from behind...

Freddy Whoa: CONNECTOR!

Logan pins Sakazaki, hooking the leg.




Erin Robbins: Damnit.

Logan's music hits as he stands, victorious.

Freddy Whoa: With the move that has gotten more wins in WCF than any other move in history, Logan pulls off the win in his return!

Logan plays to the fans a bit before we go to commercial.

Eric Price/S-PAC Segment 4

Eric Price sits on a short, steel chair behind his desk. The anger in his face is obvious, as the members of S-PAC still haven't left. He grumbles to himself but the room is filled with mostly silence. In the midst of the tension, Scott's text message tone goes off and a wide smile spreads across his face.

Scott Savage: Eric ... I have to admit, we have been fairly hard on you. You've put on a brave face through it all and I admire that. That is why I have a present for you.

Eric gives Scott a look of suspicion, as the manager walks over to the door.

Eric Price: What sort of present?

Scott Savage: I figured you could use some entertainment to cheer you up ... so I would like to introduce you to the world famous ... EricA Price!

Scott throws open the door and a male midget in a horrible red wig, smeared make-up, and sparkling silver bikini runs into the room. He dances around the room a little before jumping up on Eric's desk,and shaking his rear end in the man's face. A look of absolute disgust is plastered on Eric's face, as he watches the display in stunned silence. After a little while, he jumps to his feet and grabs the midget, throwing him against the wall. He then turns to Savage, and begins shouting.


Eric pauses, taking a moment to breathe before the diatribe continues.

Eric Price: I have had it with you! I'm going to go out and take care of some business. If you're still here when I get back, I hope you all enjoy the unemployment line because none of you will ever work for this company again!

Without waiting for a response, Eric storms out, slamming the door behind him.

Ana Valentine: Well gang ... you heard the man.

She then reaches down, and removes a bottle of alcohol she had hidden beneath the desk. She removes the cap and dumps most of the bottle onto the wooden surface before taking a swig for herself. Waylon then removes his silver Zippo and with a flick of his fingers sets the wick ablaze. He smiles before dropping the lighter on the desk, causing it to immediately become engulfed in flames. The team turns around and walks out leaving the desk to burn.

Mysterious Return Next Week

Freddy Whoa: The crowd is electric here tonight, and as we wait for our next match to occur, let's debate; what have you got to say about the way Eric Price and Ana Valentine have been trading barbs over social media the last couple of weeks?

Erin Robbins: Well, Ana needs to show more respect, and I am sure that the match later on tonight will prove just that. Our boss will decim--

But before Erin could complete her sentence, ALL the lights in the Nationwide Arena shut down simultaneously.

Freddy Whoa: WOAH! What the...

Erin Robbins: See Freddy, you just pissed off Mr. Price simply by mentioning that woman's name in the same sentence as he. You're gonna get fired pretty soon.

Freddy Whoa: Nuh-uh, this seems to be a technical malfunction. People at home, please do not panic, we here at EPPW will be solving this issue pronto.

The Ohio crowd is murmuring amonst themselves, as they wonder what on Earth is happening at that very moment. And then, without warning, the EPPWTron switches on, bathing the audience in visible (if slightly flickery) light.

Freddy Whoa: Ah! Looks like it's fixed. Here we go.

Erin Robbins: Wait a minute Freddy... it seems that there's a video about to be played.

Indeed, the screen on the EPPWTron starts growing fuzzy, and the audio feedback from the speakers start to grow in volume. In fact, there are several people spotted in the crowd who are covering their ears, trying their best to hide from the disturbing sound. Suddenly, the screen goes black, and the arena once again falls into silence.

Erin Robbins: What the...

Almost immediately after her utterance, the screen glows again. This time, the words "Veni, Vidi, Vici" can be seen, and a muffled voiceover can be heard.

Voice: I came. I saw. I conquered. And I will be back. Take note EPPW... or should I say... the WCF Galaxy.

At the mention of the wrestling company's former name, the anti-Eric Price crowd starts hollering in delight. It's been a while since they've been referred to as that.

Erin Robbins: Hey, hey, hey! We don't refer to this company by that name anymore! Mr Eric Price bought it over, and it sure as heck should be called whatever majestic name he chooses to call it!

Freddy Whoa: Jesus... just stay quiet for a bit Erin.

The anonymous voice continues with his or her short speech.

Voice: Next week. EPPW will welcome back into their ranks a true warrior. A comrade. A soldier. Next week.

And with that, the screen shuts down, and the lights in the Nationwide Arena resume operation. As one might expect, the crowd is buzzing with anticipation as to who might have been the one behind the message, and so are our commentators.

Freddy Whoa: Woah. Just woah. I wonder who sent that video to EPPW Management. That definitely sparked my curiosity.

Erin Robbins: Hmpf. Whoever it is has absolutely no respect to our current management team. Whatever it is, guess we'll just find out next week. He or she better hope to hell that they stay on Mr Price's good side.

Freddy Whoa: Right.... Well, as for now, ON TO THE MATCH!

Television Title Match
Emmaleigh Shae vs John Gobble vs Jeff Purse

Freddy Whoa: Once again due to S-PAC's ongoing segments we've had to cut some time so all three of these people are already in the ring, and in fact, we join the match in progress!

Erin Robbins: Emmaleigh Shae has been dominating this entire match, beating everyone up.

Freddy Whoa: That isn't what happened.... it's been pretty back and forth!

Presently, Gobble just hit Purse with a big Headbutt.

Freddy Whoa: Woah! What's going on?!

In the middle of all the action, the screens above the stage flicker to life, momentarily distracting the two competitors still standing, Gobble and Shae. As the audio catches up with the video, Shae slips between the ring ropes and stands on the ramp with her hands on her hips.

Eric Price, SteelToe Joe and Davey Ortega are standing in a weird, pyramid type dynamic, all yelling at and over each other. Eric has his hands open in Ortega's direction, shaking his head as he is trying to yell some sense into him.

Eric Price: Now, I'm getting involved. What the hell do you think you're doing?! You want to go WITH THEM? Christ, you really have lost it.

Joe steps forward and makes to grab Ortega by the shoulder, but thinks better of it and turns to Eric.

STJ: This has nothing to do with you! He needs to repent, don't stand in his way.

Ortega looks as if to make a run for it, but stops to look back and forth between the two who now appear to be yelling over and about him. He glances around in a frantic motion and just his body language is enough to show he is a man on the edge.

Davey Ortega: SHUT UP! Both of you just shut the FUCK UP!

Back at ringside, Purse has pulled himself up and he and Gobble have resumed brawling punch for punch, as Shae has moved about halfway up the ramp now, completely ignoring her match. She turns her head slightly to the side, allowing herself a peripheral vision of the ring should one of the guys make a break to attach her whilst she watches the scene on the screen unfold.

Eric steps between Joe and Ortega and throws an arm out by means of protecting him. Ortega pushes Eric's arm down and steps around him, shaking his head in an almost violent on himself type of way and Steeltoe Joe strangles a laugh in his throat.

Eric Price: Listen... Just listen to me. We can work this out, all of it... With.. With Intergrity and Morals, none of us need to resort to this.

Steeltoe Joe raises a hand moving it about with a smirk on his lips he mocks Ortega with the blood stained to his fingertips, the blood, no doubt of Ortega's Doctor and Long-time friend James Preston. Davey turns and looks at Eric, as though Eric's words might be getting through to him, just a little...

At this change of power between Eric and STJ, Shae starts to sprint up the ramp. As she reaches the top, she can hear her name being yelled over the crowds chorus of boos. The sound is John Gobble trying to bait her back to the match, looking perhaps almost offended at her disregard for the competition. The S-PAC security is letting her go.

Shae turns with a smile on her lips and makes the sign of the crucifixion across her body, as she raises her fingers to where she would usually kiss the rosary, she turns her hand and flips Gobble the middle finger, before turning back on herself and disappearing behind the curtain.

Freddy Whoa: Well this is a bizarre turn of events...

But its about to get even more bizarre because THE CHEETAH FIGHTER'S MUSIC HITS!

Erin Robbins: Gobble wants his revenge! His time is now! Maybe!

Indeed, Gobble is distracted and turns toward the entryway, waiting for Cheetah Fighter. S-PAC security heads to the entryway, anticipating the man who turned Gable insane.

Freddy Whoa: Gobble versus Cheetah Fighter, right here right now, match of the century!... in the middle of our Television Title match...

However... Oblivion and Night Rider quickly crawl out from under the ring! They enter it and with S-PAC security distracted, Night Rider is able to kick Gobble, sending him into Oblivion who lifts him up and hits a 5150!

Erin Robbins: What an evil way to distract a man! Or chicken, or whatever!

The ref calls for the bell, throwing the match out. S-PAC security turns and sees what has happened, and rushes to the ring. Night Rider and Oblivion quickly get out and escape through the crowd.

Freddy Whoa: WOAH! That was some insane action right there.

Erin Robbins: Jeff Purse retains his title... And it doesn't look like the action is over just yet....

Everyone attention is drawn back to the screen as Emmaleigh approaches the area where the three men are still arguing loudly. She stops a few feet away and reaches down into her boot in a quick, fluid motion. The CLICK made by Emmaleigh removing the safety on the small handgun, grabs the attention of all three men who turn to look at her with shocked, wary faces. Except for Eric, who scoffs in a, been there done that kind of way...

Eric Price: I'm not falling for that again...

Eric starts to approach Shae, as he does, she points the gun down towards his feet, careful and precise aiming meaning that when she fires, the bullet hits the ground just a few inches from Eric's toes... All color drains from his face and he jumps several steps back, in line with the others.

Emmaleigh Shae: Eric... Ye done a lot fer me tis last month or-so an I got no desires on hurting ye, so I ask ye to step aside and let me finish what has been already startin'

Eric looks at Ortega with an almost sorry expression as he puts his hands up and takes a few steps back. Rationalizing that he will be of no use to his friend if he's in hospital with a gunshot wound... or worse...
Keeping the gun trained on Ortega, Shae glances and Joe and smiles in an almost warm way.

Emmaleigh Shae: Brother... Unlike I, this is ye career, finish what ye started last week an' destory those heathens and unricheous. Ye know where te go afta.

Joe nods slightly and bows his head in Shae's direction before he turns and walks off down the hall. Shae looks back at Eric and uses the gun to wave him off, inidcating he should also walk away. Slowly and with some regret, Eric does as she signals. For a moment he pauses and looks back at the two in the hall.

Eric Price: This is not over Miss Shae ... mark my words, this is not over. You and I will be discussing this.

Shae nods slightly and glances at Eric with a slow, sadistic grin. Keeping one hand holding up the gun, finger on trigger, she uses the other hand to ease a small, folded and bloodied piece of paper from her pocket. She drops it on the floor where she stands and looks at Eric meaningfully.

Emmaleigh Shae: Oh Indeed we will Mr. Price, Meself and Yeself, we have many... Many things to discuss.... An tha' is where ye will find the Good Doctor.

Eric nods once in what looks like an almost assertive way, despite him having no control in this situation, it almost feels as though it ended on his terms and he turns and walks away.

Emmaleigh waves the gun in the direction of the Car Park door, and Ortega shakes his head slightly, turning to face it.

Davey Ortega: You don't need to point that at me... I just want it over with.

Shae steps forward, grabbing Ortega by the arm, she twists it up his back and shoves him through the door, where, as it turns out, there is a waiting car and a masked driver.

As the car drives away, Emmaleigh clicks the safety back on the gun and slides it into her boot. Her lips moves, mouthing the number one to ten, she only makes it to eight before a huge security guard grabs her from behind and slams her into the wall, pulling her arms up behind her and restraining her, waiting on the police sirens we just start to hear in the distance.

First Blood Match
Waylon Cash vs Jay Price

Freddy Whoa: What up peeps? We're back and the action continues! Waylon Cash is set to battle it out with Jay Price. S-PAC and Cryogenix meeting up after last week's decimation of EPPW at the end of the broadcast. Really uncalled for.

Erin Robbins: You wouldn't be sitting here if it hadn't happened so I believe you should be grateful.

Freddy Whoa: I guess you got a point.

Erin Robbins: S-PAC made a statement last week ... and they undoubtedly want to continue that into this week. Waylon Cash gaining a victory over Jay Price will certainly accomplish that.

Freddy Whoa: I have to agree. Anytime you beat the U.S. Champion, that makes a statement. I am sure Waylon Cash has that on his mind. We hand it over to Kyle Steel.

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall ...

"The Number Six" by Lamb Of God hits as Jay Price strolls out from the back, his eyes hidden behind a pair of large aviator sunglasses.

Kyle Steel: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ... weighing in at two hundred forty five pounds .... representing Cryogenix ... he is the United States Champion JAY PRICE!!!

He'll lower the glasses a bit as he scans the crowd before pushing them back up and heading down the ramp. He'll then slide in under the bottom rope and pop up to his feet before walking over to the corner where he climbs up to the second rope. After scanning the crowd again he'll hop down to the mat and lean against the ropes as he waits for the match to start.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent ....

"Criminals" by Big B hits the P.A. system. The crowd begins to boo.

Kyle Steel: From Macon, Georgia ... weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds ... representing S-PAC ... he is one half of the EPPW Tag Team Champions ... WAYLON CASH!!!

Waylon Cash comes walking out onto the entrance ramp, with his manager, Scott Savage, following closely behind. He throws his fist into the air as the crowd boos loudly. He smirks, as does his manager. They looks back and forth, sneering at the crowd as Waylon makes his way down the ramp. Once at the bottom, he rolls into the ring, and jumps to his feet with his fist in the air. ore booing comes, but it doesn't seem to bother Waylon. He seems to have only one thing on his mind.

Freddy Whoa: Cash looks confident ... he looks like he knows exactly what he wants.

Erin Robbins: And I assure you that he does know exactly what he wants. Right now, he wants to put a beating to Jay Price.

Freddy Whoa: And we get under way!

The bell rings as Jay Price rushes directly at Waylon immediately before Waylon even moves out of his corner. Jay lunges forward with a spear and Waylon side steps him. Jay's shoulder connects with the steel ring post HARD and the loud crack of bone hitting steel is heard. Jay slumps down out of the corner, favoring his shoulder.

Erin Robbins: What an idiot. The match JUST began and he takes that much of a risk rushing in with a spear?

Freddy Whoa: Jay Price was looking for high impact early ... and he got it, but, on himself!!

Erin Robbins: He wanted to be reckless and this is what the consequences are.

Waylon stalks the now wounded Jay Price as if he was some sort of prey. As Jay slowly gets back to his feet, Waylon moves in and pulls Jay into his clutches, dropping him with a sit out neckbreaker. This helps further agitate Jay's shoulder as well as his neck. Waylon immediately goes for the cover. Referee Peter Laos slides into position.




Price manages to kick out before three.

Erin Robbins: He should have just stayed down. He is only prolonging his own suffering.

Freddy Whoa: With how badly he's favoring that shoulder ... I mean I have to agree. He needs to give it up. Stop being stubborn.

Cash shakes his head and grin, he reaches down and grabs Price by the hair to haul him up. However, Price pulls him into a schoolboy out of nowhere! The crowd is cheering. Laos down in position again.




Cash forces his way out.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Price tried to sneak that one in. But with his shoulder how it is, he didn't have enough strength to hold it.

Erin Robbins: That was his only shot. Because all that did was piss Waylon off. Now it's going to be bad.

Jay rolls back to his feet, as does Waylon. The Hellbilly is indeed quite agitated with the attempt by Price. However, Jay wasn't finished just yet. He grabs Waylon out of nowhere for an exploder suplex. Cash is sent crashing into the canvas. Though again, this only aggravates the shoulder that Jay had injured earlier. Jay again clutches his wounded limb.

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Whoa! I gotta respect, he fightin' but he can't keep goin' like that. He only screwin' his arm up more.

Erin Robbin: He can't capitalize. He isn't going to be able to hold together any string of offense. Right now, he is just trying to protect his ego here. He has no chance at this point. He is just skating along until Cash seriously manhandles that shoulder.

Cash is slightly dazed after the sudden suplex, but he shakes the cobwebs off and makes his way back to his feet. Jay struggles to his own feet as his shoulder was still in a world of hurt. Waylon moves in, and again Jay tries to surprise him and stay alive, heading behind him in a quick duck and hooking him up for a Russian Leg Sweep. However, Cash fires an elbow back at Price's bad shoulder that causes him to immediately release the grip. Waylon grins as he watches the agony form on Jay's face, and he follows up by sending a HARD knee into Jay's shoulder. Jay falls back to the canvas and writhes in pain as he flops about on the mat holding his shoulder.

Erin Robbins: What did I say? I said this would get bad for him, didn't I?

Freddy Whoa: You did. And yeah, dude needs to live to fight another day. He ain't handlin' his business right now. He only gettin' himself in trouble.

Waylon continues to stalk Price with an approving Scott Savage continuing to watch from outside. Jay slowly rises back to his feet and Waylon strikes quickly, locking him up into a butterfly brainbuster and he DRIVES him into the canvas!

Erin Robbins: KILLSHOT!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

The crowd boos as Waylon rolls Price over and places a forearm across the side of his face disrespectfully for the cover. Laos in position.




The bell rings as "Criminals" by Big B hits once again.

Erin Robbins: Waylon Cash continues the statement for S-PAC. They are a force to be taken seriously ... and how quickly and effectively he dispatched of Jay Price is a testament to that.

Freddy Whoa: I have to agree. This S-PAC is just working its way through and ain't seemed to have any problems takin' people out. I'd watch out for all of them if I was anyone in the back.

Scott Savage enters the ring to join in Waylon's celebration. Savage very rudely uses his foot to roll Jay from the ring and discard him like garbage as Waylon takes to the turnbuckle to a chorus of boos.

Hardcore Match
Odin Balfore vs Nathan von Liebert
Special Guest Referee: Polar Phantasm

Freddy Whoa: Now this right hear Erin is gonna be the definition of INSANE.

Erin Robbins: Polar, NvL and Odin? All these guys are crazy to start with but they were also the last three in the Showdown match from the other week. Which we all remember the controversy that the match had ended with. NVL being the one who won the match, I don't think powerd keg is the word to describe this.

Freddy Whoa: This is a hardcore match to boot.

Erin Robbins: You can't expect anything less from these three.

The big screen flashes to a blank screen... with a cursor? Suddenly, text appears... "Iceberg-Seven online... accessing WCF big screen. Access granted... running program 'Polar Phantasm Entrance'."

Freddy Whoa: And here we go, kicking it off with the special guest referee.

The cursor moves across the screen slowly, as if loading something... and then the screen clears itself once more. Then, two words appear: "CRYOGENIX PRIME". "Synchronicity (part 2)" by The Police begins playing over the loudspeakers as two white spotlights train on the entrance. The curtain parts... and out comes the Polar Phantasm. On the screen behind the Phantasm, we can see the words 'Polar Phantasm' have bled in slowly beneath 'Cryogenix Prime'... Polar slaps a few audience members' hands on his way through the arena, then slides beneath the bottom rope and into the ring. Polar takes a quick look around the crowd...

Crowd: Polar! Polar! Polar!

Erin Robbins: One half of the Hardcore Title is officiating the match for the other half of that very same title. Strange bedfellows indeed.

A soft, unnamed violin piece begins to play over the PA, calm and collected. Such an odd entrance for Nathan von Liebert who steps out onto the entrance ramp, wearing his street clothes with a straight jacket linking his arms. Walking almost as if drunk to the music, Nathan makes his way down the ramp. He shies away from the hands, shrugging off the boos as he makes his way to the ring. No steps for NvL, who practically dives beneath the bottom rope into the ring. Nathan rises his knees and begins to scan the arena around him. And then he begins to shake, to try and break free of his bindings. With each tremor, each contortion of his body, the violin piece picks up in volume. Almost to the point of eardrum shattering, Nathan's right arm is suddenly free of the straps, and a single red hand raises to the sky above.


Three blood-curdling screams sound off throughout the arena, all three recognizable by any hardcore WCF fan. The first had the lowest pitch, and it was of Johnny Nova. The second of Roxanne, Waylon's girl. The third and final scream was that of Nightmare, Polar Phantasm's wife. And with that, the arena fell deathly silent as NvL frees himself from the jacket, tossing out of the ring waiting for the match to begin.

Erin Robbins: Weather you agreed with the showdown or not. That man right there, NVL IS the number one contender for Steve Orbits newly won World Title.

Freddy Whoa: I'd hate to see the First ever proud black world champion, Steve Orbit to have to defend his title against this nut case. I know however that my name Steve is gunna keep his pimp hand strong and retain his title.

Erin Robbins: Thats IF NvL can survive this match, which I'm sure he will.

“ With Oden On Our Side” Hit’s the PA system. The arena grows dark as the fans get to their feet to catch a glimpse of the stage. The fans stand and cheer an once the vocals starts, the arena lights flash back on and there stands Odin Balfore, centre stage. Odin stares down at the ring with a sinister grin as the fans sing along with the chorus.

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know why we have come! Futile to resist... the battle is.. already won!

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know why we have come! Futile to resist... the battle is.. already won!

The fans pop insanely right after as Odin begins to walk down the ramp at a slow an methodical pace. Once he gets to the foot of the ring, he steps up on it and looks around the arena again before stepping over the ropes..

Crowd: Futile to resist! You know we have come! Futile to resist...

Odin cuts off the fans as he raises his hand in triumph. Odin turns back to the ring as the fans finish their part.

Crowd: The battle is.. already won!

Odin stares down his opponent as he waits for the match to get underway.


Freddy Whoa: Polar rings the bell and this match is under way.

Erin Robbins: The height and weight difference is staggering.

Odin and NVL stare at each other from across the ring. Both smiling with ill intentions. NVL with out warning rushes Odin and starts unloading with lefts and rights. To the body, to the face. NVL is a little ball of hate.

Freddy Whoa: NVL rocking Odin into the corner and just wont let up.

NVL just attacks the big man with all he has, Each stiff shot rocks Odins upper body as it tips over the turnbuckle.

Erin Robbins: Odin's just standing there taking it. Polars just hanging back. He's letting this hellacious assault go unchecked.

Odin throws a wide left hook. NVL ducks. Odin throws a wide right hook. NVL ducks.


Freddy Whoa: WHOA! Massive headbutt! NVL just flew backwards half way across the ring.

Erin Robbins: And Polars warning him about it.

Freddy Whoa: And Odin just shoved him out the way.

Erin Robbins: He's being warned about that too.

NVL's back at the assualt again, almost hitting Polar in the process but Odin just takes him by his shirt and throws him into the corner. Odin walks over to the corner -


Freddy Whoa: Odin Balfore just got paint brushed by NVL.

Odin takes a step back and scowls. NVL takes to the top rope. He comes off with an axe handle..


Erin Robbins: NVL connects. Odins dazed.

NVL hits the ropes


Odin reverses into a side walk slam! Odin picks NVL up and whips him into the ropes. Odin ducks for a back body drop but takes a straight boot to the face. Odin staggers back to the ropes behind him. NVL runs at him again. LOW BRIDGE! Odin pulls down the top rope and NVL tumbles out to the floor below. Odin slides out of the ring and goes to pick up NVL.

Erin Robbins: NVL with a low blow.

NVL hits a high knee lift as Odin stands flat footed, doubled over. He takes Odin and throws him as hard as he can into the corner of the crowd barrier. NVL walks over to Odin and starts smashing his head into the barrier. Odin blocks. NVL tries again. Odin blocks. Odin rocks himself backwards and up with his elbow, jaw jacking NVL off his feet. Odin gets up and hits NVL with a big boot.

The pin.




Odin picks NVL back up and hits him with a European uppercut and flips NVL up onto his shoulder.


Erin Robbins: Lawmaker!

The pin.





Freddy Whoa: NVL hust gets the shoulder up.

Erin Robbins: And this is why NVL is the number one contender.

Odin gets up and walks over to the time keeper. Kyle Steel is shoved off his chair as Odin folds it back up. He goes back over to Nvl whose trying to get to his feet. Odin looms over him-


Freddy Whoa: Ugh, lowblow by NVL.

Erin Robbins: Hey, consider the alternative.

Freddy Whoa: I don't know. I think I'd rather get hit by the chair.

NVL has the chair and looks Odin and smashes him over the head with it.

Erin Robbins: Polars in the face of Nvl, they're fighting for the chair. Polar wants control of that chair.

NVL looks at Polar then at the chair.


Polar takes a gut check from the chair. Odin gets back up and starts hammering away at NVL. Polar jumps into the frey and the three men start going at it. Polar and Odin start on each other, Odin with stiff European uppercuts as Polar tries to chop him down. NVL goes and grabs the chair as Polar puts Odin up on his shoulders.

Freddy Whoa: Antartican Avalanche to Balfore!

NVL grabs the chair again as Odin starts to rise on his feet. NVL rears back but through the crowd comes Bobby Cairo.


Freddy Whoa: Odin takes a third chair shot!

Cairo stalks behind NVL as he rears back for a fourth chair shot. Cairo rips it out of his hands and spins NVL around.

Erin Robbins: NVL and Cairo, exchanging words. I don't know what happened but Cairo has become very anti bravado.

Polar, NvL and Cairo bicker back and forth as Odin is on rubber legs after the series of heinous chair shots from the Devil's Right Hand. Cairo threatens Polar, telling him to back off or else. Polar grabs at the chair and engages in a tug of war for it with Cairo. The former Pantheon co-founders go back and forth with the advantage until NvL clubs Cairo with a double axe handle, staggering the Hall of Famer. NvL lifts Cairo for the Straight Jacket Drop, but Cairo flips behind NvL, landing on his feet. NvL instinctively spins around and in doing so walks right into a lightning quick rolling cutter from Cairo.

Freddy Whoa: Security Breach by Bobby Cairo onto the Ultimate Showdown winner!

NvL is down. Whoa! Giving Bobby no time to celebrate, Polar cracks Cairo in the skull with the chair, laying him out. Polar looks down at his former stablemate, a glum expression on his face. From out of nowhere, Odin clobbers Polar with a vicious running big boot, an exhibition in co-champion on co-champion violence.

Erin Robbins: Pay back for that Death valley Driver.

Freddy Whoa: Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on with Bobby Cairo? Turns on Polar, turns on Bravado?

Erin Robbins: I have no idea. this is just crazy.

Freddy Whoa: Crazy cracka's are crazy.

Erin Robbins: No, you men are just retards.

Freddy Whoa: Bitch, you cant say that on TV.

Polars down, NVL is down. Cairo goes for a mic.

Freddy Whoa: Maybe we'll find out more about his alliance with Odin?

A boisterous mixture of boos and cheers rain down from the fans along with the beer bottles and assorted debris that pelts the ring. Cairo is struck on the cheek by a dildo as he raises the mic to his lips. It pales in contrast to the thickness.

Bobby Cairo: Hey yo.

The crowd simultaneously erupts in RAWRgasm.

Crowd: Bobby C! Bobby C! Bobby C!

Erin Robbins: That's the Bobby Cairo that we know and love.

Bobby Cairo: It has been stated by certain paid media operatives, professional character assassins really, that I turned my back on Bravado, that I turned my back on the Polar Phantasm, that I betrayed my closest friends and allies. To those allegations I have but a simple retort: Bullshit. Why did I leave Bravado? Because I realized that I had allowed myself to be deceived by a megalomaniac named Eric Price. I took a look around at the sorry state of affairs in EPPW. I saw Super Sarah running mild as World Champion. I saw Moneybags Price abusing his power, making a mockery of a federation that I've helped to guide and influence through the years... with the thickness. You can't front on this Bobby Cairo swagger. You gotta get with it on that old school WCF tip. The Bravados and Cryogenix of the world don't know anything about this. They couldn't. They're primates wallowing in their own feces, believing themselves to be innovators and worlds-conquerers. Fuck out of here with that noise. What you bring to the table ain't shit. It's tired. It's trite. It's boring. EPPW is a dead scene. The Thickness is the resurrection of greatness under the WCF banner, a return to the sadomasochistic majesty of old. Pride. Tradition. Poon. You can't stop this rising, the irresistible bliss that awaits when the thickness hits its mark. The passionate hatred and unyielding glory of orgasm. This is power that delves far beyond Eric Price's scope of understanding.

Cairo drops the mic. NvL is hoisted upon Odin's shoulders and promptly sent hurtling towards the mat. Cairo times his jump perfectly and catches NvL in midair with a modified Security Breach.

Freddy Whoa: What a combination move by Balfore and Cairo! NvL might have a concussion after the way that his head hit the mat. The velocity and trajectory on that was sick.

Polar gets to his feet and enjoys a brief flurry of offense before being subdued by The Thickness. Phantasm meets the same fate as NvL, dropped on his head by the tandem Mark of Odin/Security Breach. The lights in the building go wonky as "Ready or Not" hits the PA and the words "Are you down with The Thickness?" appear on the jumbotron.

Erin Robbins: This match is a wash. Ruined by Bobby Cairo and his bullshit agenda.

Freddy Whoa: NvL is down, Polars down. Cairo had problems with both of them and he took care of that problem.

Erin Robbins: It just goes to show you that no ones safe. Bravado, Cryogenics. Bobby Cairo and this old school WCF agenda are running a muck in EPPW.

Eric Price vs Ana Valentine

“You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell starts playing over the speaker system of the Nationwide Center as the Columbus crowd quickly rises to their feet with loud boos.

Freddy Whoa: And looks like it’s time for a street fight!

Erin Robbins: Here comes the boss!

Eric Price steps out from behind the curtain with a steel chair already in hand ready for the street fight. He is in his wrestling gear albeit he is wearing jeans.

Kyle Steel: The following contest is a street fight scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Pacific Palisades, CA, standing at 6’ 4”, weighing in at 245 lbs., he is the Chairman of the Board of EPPW, the owner, CIO, EPPW Internet Champion and EPPW Elite Champion, he is … ERIC PRICE!

Freddy Whoa: And Eric Price making his way to the ring here, steel chair already in hand, looks like he’s ready for business.

Erin Robbins: S-PAC have been driving him crazy all night and I think he’s going to unload all his fury on Ana Valentine in this match. And looks like he has something to say before this match starts.

Eric Price: Hey Ana …

Crowd continues to boo loudly!

Eric Price: OH SHUT UP! YOU *beep*ers NEED TO SHUT THE *beep* UP!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA! He can’t say those words on television.

Erin Robbins: He owns this place, he can say whatever he wants.

Crowd: Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!

Eric Price: Ana Valentine, get your ass out here right now! RIGHT NOW! Oh and just so you know, if any of your friends in S-PAC interfere, I’ll strip them of the tag team titles immediately! And then just because I’m in a good mood, I’ll fire them! Screw the money, you’ve disrespected me one too many times! COME ON, GET OUT HERE!

Freddy Whoa: And looks like the boss means business, if any of S-PAC interferes, they will be stripped of the tag team titles then fired on the spot!

“Blackhearted” by Motörhead starts plyaing over the speaker system as Ana Valentine struts her way out onto the stage.

Freddy Whoa: And here comes Ana Valentine but wait a minute, I don’t think Eric Price is waiting one more second for this match to start.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, weighing in at …

Eric Price rushes up to the entrance stage and tries to meet her with a chair shot but she dodges it as the referee rings the bell and this match gets started!

Freddy Whoa: And this match starting up from the entrance stage as the boss tried to hit Ana Valentine with a chair shot to no avail!

Erin Robbins: Ah yes but Ana Valentine now headed toward the ring as Eric Price goes right after her, steel chair still in hand. Ana slides quickly into the ring as Price is right after her but she now slides right out and grabs a steel chair as well. Price trying to bait her into the ring.

Freddy Whoa: Smart move by Ana Valentine though you have to admit to get a weapon as well.

Eric Price hits the chair against the canvas, slamming it trying to bait her into the ring! Ana doesn’t care and she slides into the ring ready to fight steel chair to steel chair. Ana swings the chair toward Eric but Eric ducks it and then hits her in the back with his steel chair as she immediately drops the steel chair she had in hand!

Freddy Whoa: And a chair shot right to the back of Ana Valentine and Valentine better be careful here, oh no, here comes another chair shot to the back of Ana Valentine!

Erin Robbins: A familiar position for her!

Freddy Whoa: And Eric Price rolling her up and cover!

1 ..

2 ..

Freddy Whoa: And a kick out from Valentine early in this matchup!

Erin Robbins: But Price looks like a man possessed here and he starts stomping away at her gut over and over and over. And looks like he’s going outside of the ring here and he’s looking for something.

Ana Valentine in the meantime recuperates inside the ring slowly as Eric continues to search under the ring for something.

Freddy Whoa: I wonder what he’s looking for and … oh no, a barbed wire baseball bat. And Price looks pleased with himself as this crowd loves that. Valentine however getting up in the ring slowly as Price makes his way toward her and oh my God … out of nowhere, a dropkick as that barbed wire baseball bat hits Price right in the face!

Erin Robbins: That’s gotta hurt!

Freddy: Price is down and oh no, a low blow from Ana Valentine to Eric Price as he is in tremendous pain and she is just all smiles now! Valentine now grabbing the steel chair and with the rim of it, she starts hitting Eric Price right in the gut! WHOA, those are some vicious chair shots to Price here, at least 5 of them and a cover!

1 ..

2 ..

Erin Robbins: Almost 3 but no, he lifts the shoulder right at the last second. And Price … oh my God, he’s busted open, he’s busted wide open now as you can see the blood on his face from that barbed wire doing the damage. And Valentine going to pick her spot here as she starts punching away at his head, her hands now covered in blood as well.

Freddy Whoa: And quickly she slides over to the ropes, bouncing back and a baseball slide into a dropkick on Eric Price kicking his head off. Cover again!

1 ..

2 ..

Erin Robbins: And a kick out just at the last microsecond from the boss. I could have sworn it was 3!

Freddy Whoa: And Valentine looks kind of pleased at that.

Erin Robbins: I would think she would be, she gets to inflict more damage on Price here!

Freddy Whoa: And Valentine getting up now grabbing a steel chair again and looks like she’s going to slam Price’s brains in here as she stands over him. But wait a minute, small package!

1 ..

2 ..

Erin Robbins: And she barely escapes that rollup; that could have been it right there! Valentine quickly recovering here as Price is still trying to gain some momentum back here. Valentine grabs him and pulls him up by his shirt however Price responds with a clothesline to Ana Valentine!

Freddy Whoa: And Valentine down but as she quickly gets up, Price seizing the opportunity here and grabbing her by the legs and oh no, a sharpshooter, sharpshooter applied on Ana Valentine here!

Erin Robbins: And Valentine clearly in tremendous pain here but Price doesn’t care, that crimson mask on his face tells the story as the blood continues to flow and he locks in that sharpshooter even tighter. She inches her way closer to the ropes but that’ll do her no good.

Freddy Whoa: And she grabs the ring ropes but the referee not doing anything as it is a street fight! But wait a minute, Valentine is resourceful here, what’s she doing, she’s grabbing the ropes and…

Erin Robbins: She’s using them for leverage and oh no, she’s turning it around and oh my, manages to kick Eric Price away obviously breaking the hold but has the damage been done?

Eric Price kicked away from Ana Valentine as she stays down in the ring recuperating from the submission maneuver. Price however slides out of the ring and looks under there for something. He looks for a few seconds and then pulls out a table!

Freddy Whoa: Oh here we go, YES!

And Price slides the table into the ring and starts setting it up right in the center of the ring as Valentine continues to slowly get up from her predicament! Price then grabs Valentine, pulling her by the hair and decides to try to suplex her!

Erin Robbins: And Price looking to suplex Valentine here into the table! But Valentine blocks it, he tries again, she blocks it again. And then … DDT, a DDT to Price from out of nowhere but can she capitalize?!

Freddy Whoa: Cover? No, she’s not going for a cover, she just noticed that table!

Ana Valentine grabs Eric Price and puts his limp carcass on top of the table leaving him lying there. She then gets up to the top rope and surveys the jump but then she gets down realizing she doesn’t want to do this.

Erin Robbins: And I guess common sense prevailed here as she decides not to jump on top of him on that table. Valentine going to the outside and she’s looking for something under the ring and … oh my God no!

Freddy Whoa: YES! And this crowd is loving it as she grabs a 15 foot high ladder here!

Ana Valentine pulls out a 15 foot high ladder from under the ring and starts bringing it into the ring. She quickly starts setting it up over the table.

Erin Robbins: She cannot be serious, she needs to think about her career here, her future in this company!

Freddy Whoa: I think she just wants to hurt Eric Price tonight!

Ana Valentine slowly starts making her way up the ladder but as she does, Eric Price quickly gets up and also starts making his way up the ladder at the same time!

Erin Robbins: Both competitors now on the ladder on their way up and as they both reach the top, they start beating on each other! This is highly dangerous, someone could really get hurt here!

Freddy Whoa: Yes but I think that’s the point, both of these wrestlers absolutely despise each other and each one wants to see the other get destroyed here tonight!

Erin Robbins: A precarious position as both are near the top of that ladder punching at each other, one to the other back and forth! The crowd on their feet to see what happens here!

Freddy Whoa: Yes, Price with a punch to Valentine and Valentine with a punch to Price and both in very dangerous territory up there!

Erin Robbins: And Ana Valentine with yet another punch to Price, and another, and another, Price struggling to keep his balance but he fights right back and starts punching away at Valentine! Again, and again, and again and Valentine struggling to stay on the ladder and oh no, she falls right through that table!

Crowd cheers loudly

Freddy Whoa: And Eric Price slowly getting down here but … he’s going back up now, why is he … WHOA, don’t tell me he’s going to … ?

Erin Robbins: Come on Eric, let’s think about this, you have more matches in your career. He’s on the top of that ladder and he’s thinking about it and oh no, an elbow drop right to the chest of Ana Valentine from the top of that ladder!

Crowd: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

Freddy Whoa: Both competitors down but can Price make the cover! He slowly inches his way over and yes, cover!

1 ..

2 ..


Freddy Whoa: And he does it, he picks up the victory against Ana Valentine!

Kyle Steel: Here is your winner of this match, the chairman of the board of EPPW, owner, CIO, Internet Champion, and Elite Champion … Eric Price!

“You Know My Name” starts playing over the speaker system as Eric slowly gets up and rolls out of the ring demanding a microphone with a huge grin on his face, Ana Valentine still stirring and slowly trying to get up!

Erin Robbins: After a hellacious match and a daring jump from high above crushing Ana Valentine, Eric Price was able to pick up the win in this great matchup!

Freddy Whoa: Two competitors fought, one emerged victorious and …

Erin Robbins: Looks like the boss has something to say though!

Eric Price: Is thing on? Hey, cut the music! Ana, that was a hard fought match, I emerged victorious but you did well in that match, you really showed that you have heart! Oh, there’s just one more thing Ana, you awake? Oh good. Ana ... you’re fired!

Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Erin Robbins: WHAT?!

Eric Price: SECURITY!

About 10 police officers quickly show up from the backstage area and storm the ring to grab Ana Valentine and drag her from the ring as she is screaming obscenities and kicking away toward Eric Price! Scott Savage quickly makes his way from the backstage area!

Eric Price: Oh Scott, don’t you dare! You interfere and I’ll have you arrested and fired as well! But hey everyone, since this is Ana Valentine’s swan song, let’s sing her off … everyone join me … nah nah nah nah …. Nah nah nah nah … hey hey hey … Goodbye! Come on!

Crowd: Nah nah nah nah …. Nah nah nah nah … hey hey hey … Goodbye!

Freddy Whoa: And Ana Valentine being dragged away kicking and screaming as Eric Price and this crowd wave and sing her goodbyes. Scott Savage is beyond livid but he is restraining himself for his own good here I think!

Erin Robbins: So not only does Eric Price beat Ana Valentine but then he drops the bombshell that Ana Valentine is fired … guess she pushed him too far!

As Erin finished her sentence, once again, for the second time in the night, ALL the lights in the Nationwide Arena shut down simultaneously. The crowd, hyped over all the happenings that have occurred in the night, turn their attention to the EPPWTron immediately.

Erin Robbins: What the! Aww, not again! Screw whoever this is and their mum.

Freddy Whoa: Language, Erin! We got kids tuning in! Woah, looks like we got another message from whoever is debuting next week!

The screen buzzes with static for several long seconds, before it lights up. And with it... is a picture of Eric Price pissing his pants, the legendary image that will forever haunt the boss of EPPW. The crowd erupts at that image.

Freddy Whoa: OH MY GOD! HAHAHA, I haven't seen that one for the longest time!

Erin Robbins: Jesus Christ, shut it off! Shut if off!

The female half of EPPW commentary is hysterical. She stands up and gestures towards the technical team, demanding that the slanderous image be cancelled. But even the technical team are besides themselves, all literally rolling on the floor in laughter. Her cries are in vain, and Erin Robbins is not happy.

Erin Robbins: FU-- BEEP!

She curses, and that's immediately censored by the network producers in the higher-ups of media production. While the crowd, technical team, and Freddy Woah are still in an uproar, she strides over to the technical board, and hits a button. Immediately, the EPPWTron shuts down. Predictably, the crowd boos intensely, and more than a few fingers are pointed in her direction. Gratified, she struts back to her commentary table.

Freddy Whoa: ... Why did you do that for?

Erin Robbins: Need I say more? Whoever did that had absolutely no respect for our boss, and I'm glad he or she is going to be re-debuting next week. Because I am sure that they will be for one HELL of a match!

Steve Orbit/FPV vs Steeltoe Joe/Jonathan Jakobs

Freddy Whoa: It's time for the main event!

“Dark Fantasy” by Kanye West starts playing over the speaker system as the lights dim throughout the arena.

Can we get much higher? So high
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Can we get much higher? So high
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Can we get much higher? So high
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Can we get much higher? So high
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

As the opening chorus of the song ends, a gold spotlight shines on the entrance ramp as Steeltoe Joe and Jonathan Jakobs appear. They slowly make their way to the ring to a chorus of boos.

Erin Robbins: This is, of course, a rematch-- sort of.

Freddy Whoa: That's right Erin, this match was originally scheduled for last week, but was disrupted by S-PAC, who attacked Steve Orbit and proceeded to dismantle the ring.

Kyle Steel: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring, representing Bravado... THE PEOPLE'S CHAMPION, STEELTOE JOE... AND JONATHAN JAKOBS!

The lights dim slightly as the big screen blanks; text begins to scroll on it. "Iceberg-Seven online- accessing WCF big screen... accessed. Loading program 'Cryogenix Entrance'." Over the speakers, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" by the Propellerheads begins playing... on the screen, six names appear. "JEFF PURSE" "COREY BLACK" "FRANK VENABLE" "STEVE ORBIT" "JAY PRICE" "POLAR PHANTASM"... then, there is a bright flash of white light from the stage. When the screen is once again visible, it simply reads "CRYOGENIX". FPV appears first, encouraging the crowd. "The Mack" Steve Orbit comes out after FPV with his custom WCF World Championship belt over his shoulder. They make their way to the ring, taking plenty of time to interact with fans.

Freddy Whoa: The crowd loves these guys, that's for sure.

Erin Robbins: The audience is stupid, Freddy.

Freddy Whoa: ... Whoa.

Kyle Steel: And introducing their opponents, representing Cryogenix... FRANK PATRICK VENABLE... AND THE EPPW WORLD CHAMPION... "THE MACK" STEVE ORBIT!

The crowd's response is extremely positive for the Cryogenix members. FPV and Jakobs stay in the ring, while STJ and Orbit head to their respective corners.


FPV and Jakobs go full steam ahead towards each other, tying up in the center of the ring. After an intense struggle, Jakobs gets FPV in a side headlock-- Jakobs runs as if going for a bulldog, but FPV pushes him off into the ropes. Jakobs spins around and gets caught with a standing dropkick. FPV chops at Jakobs' chest a few times before taking him down with a snap mare, into a reverse chinlock. After a few moments, Jakobs is able to stand a break free from the hold. FPV misses with a right hand, and Jakobs takes advantage by scooping him up for a side slam.

Erin Robbins: Jakobs with some quick thinking.

Jakobs stomps FPV out, before pulling him to his feet and whipping him to the ropes, taking him off his feet with a clothesline on the return. Jakobs drops down, pinning FPV.


Freddy Whoa: Kickout before two.

Jakobs and FPV both get to their feet-- Jakobs hits FPV with a kick to the gut, and brings him over to his corner. Jakobs slams FPV's head off the turnbuckle-- STJ gets in a cheap shot that the ref misses.

Freddy Whoa: FPV called out Steeltoe Joe-- well, he called out the entire Bravado, but STJ in particular. He seems to have a real problem with him.

Erin Robbins: Please, he's just crying for attention. Frank's jealous of Joe's People's Title reign, period.

Holding FPV, Jakobs climbs up the turnbuckles and executes a beautiful tornado DDT!

Erin Robbins: Great move by Jon Jakobs, and here's the pin.



Freddy Whoa: Franky kicks out at two! He's feeling that DDT though, for sure.

Frank is slow to his feet-- Jakobs hops up, tagging in STJ. STJ enters the ring and grins as FPV barely stands-- Joe floors him with a big right hand. FPV begins to crawl towards his corner, where Orbit is jumping up and down with his arm extended, but Joe has other plans. He drops a knee to the back of FPV's head, before pulling him off the mat with a wheelbarrow suplex! STJ covers FPV.



Freddy Whoa: NO! Kickout just in time! Frank is holding on.

Erin Robbins: Just delaying the inevitable.

FPV slowly gets to his feet, using the ropes-- he leans in the corner. STJ takes a few steps back and charges the corner--

Freddy Whoa: Steeltoe Joe goes shoulder first into the ringpost!

FPV dives out of the way. He rests for a moment, meanwhile STJ is pulling himself out from between the ropes. FPV begins to crawl towards Orbit in his corner... STJ is out of the corner. With Franky a few feet away from Orbit, STJ grabs one of his feet-- FPV turns over and kicks STJ off using his free foot! And the crowd erupts as FPV tags in Steve Orbit.

Freddy Whoa: Here comes the Champ!

Orbit charges towards STJ and begins hitting him with rights and lefts, and STJ is sent reeling. Orbit springboards off the second rope with a roundhouse kick.

Erin Robbins: Beautiful disaster kick by Orbit.

STJ goes down. Orbit leaps up and hits a double legdrop, before covering for the pin.



Erin Robbins: The People's Champ isn't going down without a fight, that's for sure.

Orbit stays on STJ, pulling him to his feet. Orbit grabs one of his arms and goes behind him with a hammerlock. STJ twists out of it and manages to surprise Orbit with a short-arm clothesline. STJ tags in Jakobs.

Erin Robbins: Jakobs and Orbit debuted at the same show, Aftermath 2012, on the same team. They were allies, then enemies, then allies... and now, who knows.

Freddy Whoa: One thing I wonder is-- look at the progress that Steve Orbit has made over the past year. He's had multiple title runs and is now the World champion. Jakobs is a talented dude, if he had stuck around, who knows what he could have accomplished?

Erin Robbins: He has unlimited potential, Freddy, I mean-- he's in the main event tonight, that says something.

Jakobs has Orbit draped over the ropes, choking him as the ref counts. Jakobs releases him at four, and Orbit stumbles back, holding his throat. Jakobs catches him with a swinging neckbreaker, and Orbit is laid out. Jakobs goes for the pin.



Freddy Whoa: Almost had him! Jonathan Jakobs almost pinned the World champion.

Erin Robbins: You say that like it's surprising-- Jakobs can go toe-to-toe with anyone in this company, including the World champion, as he's proving right now.

Orbit is slow to his feet-- Jakobs pulls him up and hits him with a few right hands, before whipping him to the ropes-- Orbit leapfrogs Jakobs on the return, and comes to a halt. Jakobs turns around an Orbit catches him with a spinning backfist. Jakobs stumbles back, holding his jaw. Orbit grabs him and walks him towards his corner, tagging in FPV.

Freddy Whoa: The tag is made to Frank Venable-- double suplex by Orbit and FPV!

Orbit exits the ring. FPV stays on Jakobs with a series of fistdrops.

Freddy Whoa: I Herd U Liek Fist Drops!

Erin Robbins: And now FPV sits on Jakobs' back, applying a camel clutch.

Franky locks it in good. Jakobs is clearly in pain, but fighting it. He tries to pry off FPV's arms, unsuccessfully. After a few moments, STJ enters the ring and kicks FPV in the back of the head, causing him to break the hold.

Freddy Whoa: What the hell was that?

Erin Robbins: Oh, but it's ok when Cryogenix does it?

Freddy Whoa: That wasn't-- whatever, Erin.

The ref threatens STJ as he smiles and exits the ring. FPV slowly gets up, holding his head. Jakobs also gets up slowly. When they reach their feet, Jakobs quickly goes behind FPV and puts him in a waistlock-- hitting a German suplex. But he doesn't let go. He executes another German suplex... and after that, another!

Freddy Whoa: He's going for that quintuple German suplex, which he appropriately calls Torture!

Jakobs goes for the fourth German suplex, but as he gets up, Orbit enters the ring and snaps off the quick version of his Crane Kick!

Freddy Whoa: FPV dove out of the way! How'd he even know? That's true teamwork.

Erin Robbins: That's bogus! Come on, ref!

Orbit is already back on the apron, getting a stern warning from the ref.

Eric Robbins: Not very honorable actions by the World champion.

Freddy Whoa: He's trying to win!

Jakobs and FPV are both down. Orbit and STJ in their respective corners, looking for a tag. Jakobs begins to stir, and attempts to crawl towards his corner. FPV is feeling the effects of the three German suplexes, and barely moving on the mat.

Eric Robbins: If Jonathan Jakobs can get to STJ, this could be a done deal. I don't think FPV's getting back up tonight.

And Jakobs does get to STJ. He makes the tag, and STJ enters the ring. FPV is a bit more aware, and has begun to crawl towards Orbit-- STJ puts a stop to that with a series of stomps. Steeltoe Joe pulls FPV to his feet and wraps his arms around him--

Freddy Whoa: STJ going for a belly-to-belly suplex-- it's blocked by FPV!

Frank hooks his leg with STJ's, blocking the suplex. STJ tries again, but to no avail. Out of nowhere, FPV gets a burst of strength and slams STJ with a belly to belly of his own!

Freddy Whoa: Whoa! Where did that come from?!

Erin Robbins: Calm down, Freddy.

FPV dives into his corner and tags Orbit. The crowd erupts as Orbit enters the ring. He measures up STJ as he gets to his feet, and then--

Freddy Whoa: Pimp Slap to STJ! Cryogenix is takin' it back!

Orbit follows with a jawbreaker, as usual. Orbit points to the turnbuckle and the crowd erupts again.

Freddy Whoa: The Oakland Splash is comin' baby!

Erin Robbins: This is bad news for Steeltoe Joe.

Orbit climbs the turnbuckles. STJ is laid out--

Freddy Whoa: Wait, what's Jakobs--

Erin Robbins: Jonathan Jakobs kicks the ropes, Orbit is crotched on the top!

Orbit winces, as STJ slowly gets to his feet. He climbs to the second turnbuckle and softens up Orbit with a few right hands, before setting him up--

Freddy Whoa: WHOA-- Strongholds off the top turnbuckle!

STJ hits his brainbuster suplex, and drapes an arm over Orbit.

Erin Robbins: It's over.




Orbit is laid out from the top-rope Strongholds. STJ is laid out from energy he used to perform the move.

Erin Robbins: Both Joe and Orbit need to make a tag.

Both Orbit and Joe crawl towards their partners.... Orbit makes it! FPV comes in and grabs Joe, pulling him back toward the center of the ring.

Freddy Whoa: No tag for the People's Champion! Steeltoe Joe is in trouble.

FPV begins stomping his foot.

Freddy Whoa: Get ready for it!

Once Joe is up FPV fires it off!


No!, Joe ducks it and hits THE BAPTISM! He drops down, exhausted, pinning FPV!



Orbit and Jakobs brawl as Orbit tries to break it up.


Freddy Whoa: WHOA!

Erin Robbins: YES! Bravado picks up the win!

Bravado's music hits, but the brawl is still happening. Joe turns to Orbit and clubs him in the back. Joe and Jakobs hit Orbit with several strikes.

Freddy Whoa: The match is over! Why, just why...

The two men lift him for a Double Suplex, but Orbit shifts his weight and manages to get out of it! He lands on his feet and Jakobs and Joe both turn, BAM!


Jakobs is sent flying out of the ring. BAM!

Freddy Whoa: Pimp Slap to Joe!

Joe doesn't go down, he just spins around... STRAIGHT INTO A SUPERKICK!


Joe now flies out of the ring and lands on the outside! He and Jakobs regroup as FPV and Orbit celebrate inside the ring.

Freddy Whoa: We know that FPV is gunning for the People's Title! And Bravado wants Orbit's World Title back!

Erin Robbins: And they're gonna get it, Zach. Things are heating up.

The copyright info appears at the bottom of the screen as the show fades to black.

Table of Contents

Slam Intro

Adam Young vs The Rookie

Steve Orbit Segment

Matthew Robinson Segment

Havok vs Aaron Pearle

Eric Price/S-PAC Segment 1

Matthew Robinson/Deuce Maximus vs Lionheart/Tek

Denise D'Evil/Terry Roberts vs Tyler Walker/Biohazard

Eric Price/S-PAC Segment 2

Oblivion/Night Rider vs John Barber/Arkham

Eric Price/S-PAC Segment 3

Logan vs Kira Sakazaki

Eric Price/S-PAC Segment 4

Mysterious Return Next Week

Television Title Match: Emmaleigh Shae vs John Gobble vs Jeff Purse

First Blood Match: Waylon Cash vs Jay Price

Hardcore Match: Odin Balfore vs Nathan von Liebert: Special Guest Referee: Polar Phantasm

Streetfight: Eric Price vs Ana Valentine

Steve Orbit/FPV vs Steeltoe Joe/Jonathan Jakobs


Of The Week

Odin Balfore
Eric Price vs Ana Valentine



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