Jonny Fly Segment

“300 Violin Orchestra” hits over the sound system. The crowd immediately begins to boo, though a few cheers can be visibly heard. Jonny Fly steps out onto the stage with the WCF World Heavyweight Championship belt around his waist. He scans the crowd and smirks smugly.

Erin Robbins: Jonny Fly as World Champion again? This is such a crock of shit.

Zach Davis: Well, Erin, he earned that belt the hardest way possible, winning the War match.

Erin Robbins: Oh whatever, he spent more than half of that time ‘resting’ outside of the ring eating chicken wings with Steve Orbit.

Fly begins a slow stroll toward the ring, ignoring a crowd that is yelling obscenities at him. Fly reaches ringside and uses the steel steps to elevate himself into the ring. He goes to the nearest turnbuckle and climbs to the top rung, unhooks his World Title belt, and raises it into the air for all to see.

Zach Davis: You can hear the displeasure in this crowd. They weren’t happy that Fly returned, especially after the way he left, and they’re certainly not happy about him now being World Champion.

Fly jumps down off of the turnbuckle and motions for a microphone. He’s thrown one by a ringside staffer, and turns to face the stage.

Fly: Welcome back to the Era of Jonny Fly!

Crowd: BOOOO!

Erin Robbins: Fuck you Fly!

Fly laughs at the reaction and holds his hand up to try and quiet the crowd.

Fly: Wait a second, hold on guys.

Fly waits for the noise to subside.

Fly: You’ll all be happy to know that I’m not out here to gloat. I mean, I could, after all I just lasted two and half hours in this company’s marquee event, eliminated the legendary Bobby Cairo, and the not so legendary Eric Price to claim my FOURTH WCF World Title. Instead of going down that road, I’d like to let everyone know that I’ve never tried so fuckin’ hard to win a match in my life. I’ve been in this industry for over a decade, and last Sunday was easily the highlight of my career.

Zach Davis: I don’t think we’ve heard Fly this humble…ever.

Fly: As that match was going on, as the time piled up, I questioned if I had what it took to win. Cairo, Orbit, and Eric Price were similarly having some of the best performances of their careers. FPV, Waylon Cash, D-Day…the fuckin’ masked man, and Sarah Twilight were all having dominant performances in their own right.

Fly brings the microphone down to his waist to allow his words to settle in.

Fly: At the end of the day though, only one person wins. That man was me. Whether any of you like it or not, I’m the WCF World Champion. I’m the king of the fuckin’ mountain. I’m the standard bearer for this company once again. Therefore…yes…the era of Jonny Fly has returned.

Erin Robbins: This sucks.

Fly: Now, let me be very clear on something. I’m not here to bring administrative change to the company. Not this time around. You’re all on your own with management. I’m not here to re-engage in stable wars, I’ve been there, won that. I’m simply here to wrestle. I’m here to bring this company a dominant World Champion once again.

Boos from the crowd are interrupted by a familiar theme song.

"Hear Me Now" by Hollywood Undead hits the speakers, and out steps Roy Speede, a rather pleased sort of smile on his face and a microphone in his hand. Making his way down the ramp, he steps up the ring steps and into the ring, and calls for his music to be cut off.

Zach Davis: Oh, no! What does this guy want?

Erin Robbins: Hopefully come to slap some sense into Fly.

Speede: Alright, alright, I get it. What am I doing out here? Well... I got something I gotta say to you, Boudlefly. And before you go saying to shut my mouth, I could say the same thing. Just listen to me, Fly... it's about fuckin' time.

Zach Davis: What?!

Erin Robbins: Did he just...

Speede: You and I haven't gotten along too well in the past, but there's no trying to kid anyone about this; I haven't ever seen a boudle fight that hard for that long before. You had a hell of a WAR, and you deserve that title you got. So I just wanted to say congratulations.

Zach Davis: Okay, I'll say it again... WHAT?!

Erin Robbins: Roy Speede is kissing up to the world champ! What a BOUDLE!

Speede: And I wanted to apologize for the shit I've done to try to screw you over. I gotta say, I wasn't too impressed with your time as the owner of the WCF, but in the ring, I've never seen anyone better. So I figure it's high time I give you the respect you deserve.

Speede holds out a hand as if offering to shake the hand of the new World Champion.

Zach Davis: You have GOT to be kidding me...

Erin Robbins: What a couple of boudles...

Fly extends his own hand and grasps Speede’s.

Zach Davis: This is crazy! Jonny Fly and Roy Speede getting along?

Erin Robbins: I don’t even know what to say about Roy Speede.

Speede turns away from Fly and slides out of the ring. He walks up the ramp and disappears backstage. Just as Fly is about to begin speaking again…”The Only One” begins to play over the PA system. The crowd is booing like MAD right now as WCF Owner, Sarah Twilight steps out onto the stage once more.

Erin Robbins: YES! Now Jonny Fly is gonna get it. The rightful World Champion is here!

Zach Davis: That makes absolutely no sense at all. None.

Fly glances toward the entrance and he lets out a heavy sigh as he sees Sarah making her way toward the ring. The battles the two of them have endured over the last two years against one another something not forgotten.

Erin Robbins: Face facts, Zach. Sarah Twilight and Jonny Fly have NEVER liked one another. You saw Fly's reaction .. he knows his time is short lived as World Champion.

Zach Davis: I believe his reaction was more in tune to just not wanting to deal with her bitching.

The fans are yelling obscenities, and booing LOUDLY at her as she makes her way now up the ring steps. Fly never takes his eyes off of her. She now steps into the ring and walks directly toward Fly. The two of them face to face engaged in a long, intense staredown.

Erin Robbins: This is it! I can feel it!

Zach Davis: The WCF Owner and the World Champion are about to have at it! This is insane!


Zach Davis: And this crowd wanting the two of them to tear each other apart! I can't blame them ... neither Twilight nor Fly care much about anyone but themselves.

The crowd continues to try and rile them up and incite a brawl between the two stars. Though the two never so much as flinch. A few mouthed words are exchanged betwen them that are inaudible to the cameras.

Erin Robbins: YES! She is going to strip him of the World Championship! Justice has been served!

Zach Davis: And do what? Award it to herself? Gimmie a break!

Fly is ready for a fight as he stands there glaring at Sarah with a look that screams "Are you fucking nuts?" Sarah does not remove her own eyes from him as demands a microphone which is brought to her by a stagehand without hesitation. Fly doesn't look very patient with this situation. Sarah takes the microphone up.

Sarah Twilight: If this is going to be done ... it's going to be done right.

Fly looks a bit confused ... but is still ready to go to war with her again at the snap of a finger. Sarah tilts her head at him as she glances toward the World Championship. The tension in the air is building ever so quickly. Sarah reaches down, grabbing one of Fly's wrists, and he instictively goes to pull back and begin brawling ... that is however, until she raises his arm. Fly looks confused as all hell.

Sarah: Congrats.

She nods at him, and Fly is still riddled with confusion. He raises the World Championship in the air as Sarah holds his arm up high. The crowd boos like CRAZY.

Erin Robbins: WHAT?! NO! WHAT IS SHE DOING?!

Zach Davis: I never thought I would see the day where Sarah Twilight endorses Jonny Fly as the WCF World Champion. Though I can't say her endorsement will endear him to these fans any more than he already is.

Erin Robbins: I can't believe I am seeing this. Please tell me this is a nightmare?!

The two go back to standing across from each other after the short and to the point congratulations. Sarah offers her hand to Fly ... he hesitates, but eventually grips it and the two shake hands to an even LOUDER chorus of boos. “300 Violin Orchestra” hits once again and Sarah makes her way from the ring, leaving Fly to the rest of his celebration.

Jay Price vs BioWalker

Kyle Steel: The following match-up is our opening contest and it is a handicap match!

"I Like to Move It" by Reel 2 Reel plays over the sound system.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first from Santa Monica, California, weighing in at two hundred and seventy five pounds, he is The Beast Tyler Walker!

Tyler Walker emerges from the back with white pyros at the entrance. He's wearing his black and gold letterman jacket with "TW" embroidered in the front, "TY WALKER" on the back. He's also wearing black shades, a white tank top and his black shorts with "TW" written around the belt line. Black boots and has his wrists taped. He slowly makes his way to the ring with a cocky smile on his face, bobbing his head to his music as he ignores the fans. When he hits the ring, he climbs on the apron, drops his jacket to ringside, and does a few body builder poses, as more white pyros blast off. He enters the ring through the ropes and removes his tank top and shades, throwing them to ringside before getting ready to fight.

Kyle Steel: And introducing his partner.

"Breakdown" by Biohazard plays over the sound system as Biohazard comes from the back to purple and yellow flashing lights.

Kyle Steel: From Mexico City, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds, he is the Crazy Luchadore.....BIOHA-

Kyle is cut off as Biohazard is knocked down from behind and sent rolling down the entrance ramp. Standing behind him with a kendo stick in hand is Jay Price. Price runs after Biohazard and slams the kendo stick down across his back as Tyler Walker quickly hops out of the ring and goes after Price. Walker with a clothesline attempt but Price ducks it while swinging the kendo stick, catching Walker across the chest.


Zach Davis: Well as per the orders of Sarah Twilight, all of tonight's matches are once again to be contested under No Disqualification rules. And as you can see that seems to be right up Jay Price's alley with the mood he's in after WAR.

Erin Robbins: Is pathetic a mood? Because that's how he should be feeling right now.

With Walker doubled over, Price slams the kendo stick over his back with enough force to snap it in half. Walker drops to the entrance ramp as Price tosses the broken handle away. Biohazard back up to his feet and trying to get his bearings but he ends up walking right into a right hand from Price. Price now with right hand after right hand as Biohazard gets backed into the side of the ring. Price grabbing him by the head and he slams him face first into the apron. And then a second time. Price now pulling Biohazard upright before rolling him into the ring under the bottom rope. From out of nowhere Tyler Walker comes running at Price from behind and tackles him chest first into the side of the ring. Price is left clutching his chest as he tries to stay on his feet when Walker grabs him from behind, lifts him up and spins him around before dumping him back first into the side of the ring.

Zach Davis: And after that cheap shot to start the match the numbers game has seemingly caught up with Price as Tyler Walker is making him pay.

Erin Robbins: Good, I hope Walker breaks him in half and puts him right back on the shelf. There's no place in WCF for such an injury prone disappointment.

Walker pulls Price up to his feet and then whips him toward the ring steps. Price is able to stop himself just before he crashes into them and breathes a sigh of relief as he turns around. Walker runs right at him looking to spear him but Price sidesteps him and Walker ends up spearing the steps.

Zach Davis: Oh my god! Did you hear how his head hit the steps?

Biohazard is up in the ring and holding on to the top rope as Price starts to go after Walker. Biohazard yells out something to get Price's attention and then launches himself out of the ring with a somersault senton that takes Price to the ground.

Zach Davis: And this crowd is getting behind Biohazard, which still always seems to amaze me.

Erin Robbins: A paper bag floating in the wind amazes you Zach.

Zach Davis: It's a thing of beauty!

Biohazard the first person to move as he pushes himself up to his feet. He grabs hold of Price's head and pulls him up before leading him over to the ring. Biohazard able to push Price up against the side of the ring and then lift him up before rolling him into the ring. Biohazard now turning his attention to Tyler Walker, who is still out cold after running headfirst into the steel ring steps. Biohazard motioning to the back to get someone out to check on Walker as Price rolls over on to his stomach in the ring. Medical personnel begins to run out from the back to check on Walker as Biohazard climbs up onto the apron. As he starts to climb into the ring Price springs up to his feet and catches him with a knee to the side of the head.

Zach Davis: And there is Price playing a bit of possum as Biohazard took a little too much time worrying about his tag team partner and friend.

Price now pulling Biohazard into the ring before quickly dropping him with the Downfall. Price with the pin attempt.




"Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne hits the arena speakers as the crowd pops for Price. He rolls over and pushes himself up to his feet before allowing the referee to raise his arm. Price then pushes the referee off and begins climbing up the nearest corner before raising his arms in the air and yelling out to the crowd.

Zach Davis: And there you have it, Jay Price is victorious tonight in handicap match against Biohazard and Tyler Walker.

Erin Robbins: Oh boy, we had better alert the media. How sad of a person do you have to be to celebrate like this after winning against a pair of bottom feeders?

Zach Davis: Do you always have to be such a spoil sport? We all saw the disappointment in the eyes of Price after he was eliminated in the WAR Match, he needed this victory tonight to get him back on the right track.

Erin Robbins: All this match tonight did was reinforce the idea that Jay Price is no longer capable of competing at the higher level. So he can hold his own against the C-List talent of WCF, who cares?

Zach Davis: Well despite your obvious bias, this was a great match and I can't wait to see where things go for Jay in the future.

As Price continues to celebrate in the ring, his right arm begins to move around before his hand wraps itself around his throat. He drops to the mat, left hand trying to pull the right away, as the crowd laughs at his shenanigans. The referee watches the scene for a bit and then exits the ring as "Crazy Train" continues to play. Suddenly the music cuts and "Change" by Deftones hits the speakers. The crowd immediately begins booing as Price quickly sits up on the mat and stares down the stage.

Zach Davis: What the hell?! Gravedigger?!?!

Erin Robbins: Oh man, we all know the history between these two.

"Change" continues to play but there is no sign of Gravedigger anywhere on the stage. The crowd continues to boo as Price raises up to his feet and moves to the ropes, yelling for Gravedigger to come on out.

Zach Davis: I don't understand, did someone in the back hit a button by accident?

Erin Robbins: I'm not sure, it kind of looks that w-

Voice: Really Price?

Everyone, including Price, turns their attention to the jumbotron as Gravedigger's image appears. The crowd's booing intensifies as Gravedigger shakes his head in disappointment.

Gravedigger: Have you honestly fallen so far that you pride yourself in winning the smallest battles? That you celebrate as if you've just won the World Title after beating a pair of jobbers? Jay, I knew you weren't anything near what you once were, but this? This isn't just sad...it's pathetic.

The crowd's boos continue as Price grips the top rope tightly and begins shouting obscenities toward the jumbotron.

Gravedigger: I mean come on really. I hate to be a broken record here, but how sad is it that you go from winning the World title at XIII last year due to pinning Jonny Fly, a guy who rarely ever loses, to celebrating just as much after beating those two jobbers in the ring. Oh wait, that’s right, you did only hold that world title for 16 days, so pathetic seems to just be what you are, Jay.

Price begins yelling at Kyle Steel and the announce team to bring him a microphone as Gravedigger continues on.

Gravedigger: Part of me wonders why you’re still even employed with this company. You obviously can’t win any big matches anymore, especially for a guy that’s supposed to be in the prime of his life and you’re embarrassing yourself and the rest of us in the locker room with this whole absurd Left Jay Price, Right Jay Price nonsense! This celebration in the ring, it should be you celebrating the end of your career and you quitting right here on the spot, because tonight’s win wasn't some comeback or you getting on the right track.

Jay Price: You know anyone can sit in the safety of the back and spout out a bunch of bullshit, so how about you bring yourself out to the ring and say all the shit to my face?

The crowd pops as Price motions to the ring, daring Gravedigger to come on out. Gravedigger smiles and feigns getting up when he begins laughing and sits back down.

Gravedigger: Why in the world would I come out for a loser like you? You’re not even worth my time Jay Price.

Jay Price: So you don't want to come out? Fine, then how about I come back there, find your decrepit ass and beat the ever loving crap out of you. Then we'll see who-

Gravedigger: Oh really now? I’m not so sure that going up against me is such a good idea and you should know that first hand. Last time I checked, you lost our last few tag matches together plus there’s the One match a couple of years ago that I beat you in. You’re a has-been Jay. You’re almost…ALMOST a never-was. Outside of beating Fly, the biggest matches in your entire career have all been LOSSES. You’re so pathetic, Price, that even your unborn child is ashamed of you.

Price is left speechless in the ring, staring up at the jumbotron as Gravedigger smirks back at him, waiting for him to say something. Price raises the microphone to his mouth and starts to say something when he throws the microphone to the mat and heads for the ropes. Suddenly "Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent hits the speakers.

Zach Davis: Bobby Cairo? What in the hell is going on here?

Bobby Cairo walks out from the back to a loud mixture of cheers and boos and heads down the ramp toward the ring as Price takes a step back from the ropes, equally as surprised as the crowd. Cairo pulls himself up onto the apron and steps between the ropes before picking up the microphone that Price had thrown down. Price still appears to be mighty agitated and ready to fight as he questions if Cairo wants a piece of him as well.

Bobby Cairo: Jay, relax all right, I'm not out here to get into a fight with you. I'm here merely to talk to you man to man.

Price doesn't look at all at ease with Cairo in the ring and Gravedigger still watching with interest from the back, but lowers his fists as he stares into the eyes of Bobby.

Bobby Cairo: Now Gravedigger and I go back quite some time and normally I'd be one of the first people to tell everyone not to listen to a word he has to say. But Jay, just this once, I agree with him.

The crowd begins too loudly boo as Gravedigger grins. Price mouths off at Cairo, yelling out that he can still go one on one with anyone in this business.

Bobby Cairo: It's no secret that you're merely a shell of the the guy that stormed into WCF back in 2009 and made everyone, from the top to the bottom, take notice. The things you pulled off that first year were more than memorable Jay, they were the stuff of legends. But as great as that first year year was for you, the past three years have been nothing but one disappointment after another. You win the World Title, everyone is looking at you as the guy that they expected you to become, and then you turn around and prove every single one of your naysayers to be right by fumbling the opportunity to continue building your legacy.

Jay takes a step toward Cairo, fire in his eyes as he raises his fist.

Bobby Cairo: But...

Cairo raises his free hand in the air to stop Price from coming after him.

Bobby Cairo: But where Gravedigger and I cease to agree on the subject is that I still believe in Jay Price.

Price lowers his fist as he stares at Cairo, clearly puzzled.

Bobby Cairo: That's right Jay, I still believe in you. I still believe that the guy who walked into WCF in 2009 and made people take notice is the guy standing in the ring with me right now. I still believe that you can turn things around. That you can make people once again respect the name Jay Price. And that you can finally take your career and make it something that you yourself are proud of.

Price is still a bit cautious about the situation but seems a bit more interested in what Cairo has to say.

Bobby Cairo: Jay, once upon a time my boy Chad Evans saw something in you. He saw something special, a kid from the South Side of Philly who possessed heart and grit and a genuine air of menace.

Cairo clears his throat and flashes a wry smile.

Bobby Cairo: I dare say that back in those days Chad saw similarities to a young Bobby Cairo in you, Jay. Do you remember what Chad did? He named you as an honorary Big Dick Superstar, truly one of the finest achievements to which any man can aspire. As we know the Big Dick Superstars are presently on hiatus, Jay. However, there is another elite group of gentlemen with large phalluses who stand fully erect in WCF. You want to be a legend, Jay? You can't do it by hanging with Bravado, S-PAC, NBK Inc. or any of these other shady, fly-by-night wrestling factions. You know exactly what I'm talking about, Jay. You felt the shame of being a member of Pantheon and then Cryogenix and those experiences brought you down, brought you to your knees, made you question your reason for being. You questioned your faith in your higher power, Jay, but you'll never question your faith in Bobby Cairo, my son. Do you know why? Because you are Bobby Cairo's children and Bobby Cairo loves you. Take a moment to process that information, Jay. Contemplate your options. You can nestle yourself in Bobby Cairo's bosom or you can aspire to something even greater than that: You can look deep inside of your soul and hard between those legs of yours and ask yourself if you have what it takes to hang with The Thickness?

Price stares down Cairo, a look of confusion on his face as if he can't fully comprehend what Cairo just said to him.

Jay Price: You're asking me to put my trust in you? Why? I've known you long enough to know the kind of man you are Bobby Cairo and I have to question why I should trust you. Chad Evans was a good friend of mine when he was with the WCF and he sure as hell sang your praises, but me, I'm not that trusting of people. So why don't you tell me why in the hell you really are out here? Are you going to offer me wealth and power and all sorts of other little perks? Are you going to offer me a spot on a secret agent team on a television show? Because I know what happens if I go down one of those paths again and I'm not even going to entertain the idea. So come on Bobby, share with the group. I want to know why you're really out here. These people in the crowd and watching at home want to know why you're out here. Hell, I even bet Gravedigger over there wants to know why you're out here.

Gravedigger is on his cell phone.

Gravedigger: No, I don’t want any breadsticks with that order. Oh hold on a second.

Gravedigger looks back at the Jumbotron awkwardly.

Gravedigger: Oh sorry guys, I got kinda hungry earlier and I saw Bobby on the screen and knew he’d be talking a while so I ordered a pizza.

Bobby Cairo: Forget about Gravedigger, Jay. Forget about him, forget about all those people in the past who promised you things and never delivered, forget everything that has gone down in the past and just focus on what can be. I look at you and I don't see what they see, Jay. What I see is a man that still has so much untapped potential but just doesn't know how to reach down inside of himself and find it. Let me help you Jay. Let me give you the one thing that no one before me has offered you. Let me be your guide into the future Jay, let me be your mentor. Allow yourself to follow my lead and my instruction and let me be the one to guide you on the path to success. Together, with what I can offer you, I can make you great again.

Price is taken aback by the idea as Cairo lowers his microphone.

Jay Price: You....want to help me?

Bobby Cairo: Yes. Jay, you need that push in the right direction and I can give that to you. You just need to trust that I know what is best for you.

Jay Price: I...

Price pauses as he stares out at the crowd, obviously trying to figure out what he should do. Cairo is simply nodding his head yes, telling Price to make the right decision.

Jay Price: I'm in.

There's a big pop from the crowd as Price lowers his microphone and walks over to Cairo to shake his hand. They exchange a few words and then Cairo raises Price's arm in the air as Gravedigger looks on in interest from the jumbotron.

Zach Davis: Holy crap what a bombshell! Bobby Cairo has offered to be a mentor to Jay Price to help him restore his image and Price has agreed. What does this mean for the future of WCF?

Erin Robbins: I hope Bobby knows what he just got himself into. This is going to be one hell of a project.

Cairo pats Price on the back and they continue to talk as the show fades to a commercial.

Denise D'Evil/Night Rider Segment

The scene opens on a locker room backstage where we find Denise and Night Rider. The two of them are relaxing before their matches would start in the evening. Denise leans back against the lockers staring off as Night Rider speaks.

Night Rider: So what do you think?

Denise doesn't respond and he sighs softly. Her thoughts were somewhere else and he couldn't blame her. Denise had lost someone, but not only that but he had fallen by her hand.

Night Rider: Denise?

She snaps from her thoughts, and looks over at him.

Denise: I'm sorry, I was...

Night Rider: You don't have to apologize. I know you're still mourning Jason.

Denise: I've shed my tears for Jason, and I'll be fine if that's what you're wondering.

Night Rider gets up and walks over to where she sits. He sits beside her and takes her hand. She blushes slightly, and lowers her eyes.

Night Rider: I'm not a cold hearted person Denise, and I was going to ask if you were up for your match this week. If you're not I think they would understand.

Denise: I know, but I need to do this. If I don't... Besides I want to be here especially with you facing Obi tonight.

Night Rider: It's not going to be easy, but I'll do whatever it takes to bring him down. And your match isn't going to be that easy either.

Denise: Don't worry about me... I can handle myself, and I will win this. Speaking of which, I better go and get ready.

Denise gets to her feet, as does Night Rider. He walks her to the door, and she turns and kisses him on the cheek before disappearing down the hallway. Night Rider stares after her, and his face turns red, as he turns and heads back into the locker room as the door closes and the scene fades to back to the arena.

Eric Price Segment

“Everybody’s Fool” by Evanescence starts playing over the speaker system of the Bank of America Arena as the Seattle crowd wonders who is coming.

Zach Davis: And what is this now?

Erin Robbins: I don’t know. Maybe they’re testing the audio system.

As the crowd is buzzing, Eric Price appears from behind the curtain, black sport coat, black pants, and a black shirt on, no tie noticeably as he walks down to the ring, clearly deep in thought as the crowd starts cheering him on. The US and Elite Titles are both draped around one of his shoulders.

Zach Davis: It’s Eric Price, must be a new theme song.

Erin Robbins: He looks kind of unhappy.

Zach Davis: Well … he did come in second place in the War match again so he can’t be too thrilled but the fact is he never gave up, he never quit, he never tapped out in the end to Jonny Fly. He made it to the end of the match and he gave it his all.

Erin Robbins: Perhaps but the fact is he lost and Jonny Fly won … unfortunate as it may be.

Zach Davis: Regardless, Eric Price stepping into the ring here and this crowd clearly behind him and applauding him for his efforts during the War match. Even I … I know Eric and I have had our issues in the past but I have to commend him for his brave effort at War. He was whispers away from being World Champion again.

Erin Robbins: Whispers do not equal wins Zach.

Zach Davis: No but Eric has the heart and the resiliency of a champion and I think he earned the respect of many people last week with it.

Eric steps into the ring and asks for a microphone as the music dies down and the crowd continues to cheer for him and applaud him. Eric still looks to be in thought but smiles a bit, feeling truly overwhelmed by the reaction.

Eric Price: Folks I …

Crowd: Eric Price! Eric Price! Eric Price!

Eric smiles some more to the crowd as a small tear forms in his eye

Eric Price: You know … I truly thank you and appreciate that reaction from you guys, I really do. I … after the last few weeks, it definitely helps and cheers me up to see that at least someone appreciates what I do.

Crowd cheers loudly

Eric Price: You see … last week was the War match and as you all witnessed I’m sure, Jonny Fly …

Crowd boos at the mention of Fly’s name

Eric Price: He became the World Champion. He’ll tell you how he made me submit but we all saw the match, we all saw how it ended and the fact is I never gave up … I never tapped out and I did it in defiance to this company!

Crowd cheers

Eric Price: There are a few facts you may not know and I’m tired of playing the corporate stooge! For the longest time, I’ve sat back and I’ve watched a lot of things happen in this company, both as a wrestler and even more recently, as a booker when I owned this company and the fact is I’ve kept my mouth shut and I haven’t said anything to this point but it’s time for that to change because for things to really happen and for things to really change, I think it’s time I start shedding light on these causes that need to be brought up!

Crowd gives a mixed reaction

Zach Davis: What’s he talking about?

Erin Robbins: I don’t know.

Eric Price: It sickens me … it bothers me that despite all the hard work people like myself, like Steve Orbit, like FPV, like Donald Deruty, like Jeff Purse put in … all the hard work and sacrifices we make day in and day out for this company … we get shoved off as second best to the likes of a flash in the pan, charlatan like Jonny Fly.

Crowd cheers loudly

Eric Price: Honestly … Jonny Fly left the business just a few months ago because according to him, he was too good for this business and he was going to let it rot. In fact, let me bring up a few names that truly disgust me, Corey Black and Jay Price! But before I get too far into them, let me bring up a major point, last year I would have stood here and said that all this company needed was a fresh bit of management to change things up. This year obviously, we’ve seen three major management changes, at the beginning of the year, we saw Pantheon take over this company! Now Pantheon … they are a great example of the politics and bullshit that go on behind that curtain!

Eric Price: Pantheon was a group created by Jonny Fly to protect himself from the dangers of the business and then they got into the ears of management and when management finally decided to tell them to go to hell, they decided to trick Seth into selling the company to them and they finally took over because they figured that if they can’t get their way with management, they’re going to try and run the show. Don’t get me wrong, Jonny Fly has some talent, I’m not going to deny that but last year … he was champion three times and what exactly does anyone and I mean ANYONE remember that was distinctive about those three title reigns?

Crowd is rather silent

Eric Price: That’s right, absolutely NOTHING! Jonny Fly is a great example of a bland, boring, vanilla, status quo champion who changes nothing and only cares about keeping himself on top. Look at who he won his first World Title from … Corey “I’m a washed up talentless hack” Black … and then he lost it to and won it back from Jay “I need someone to carry my ass” Price! Then came the Pantheon formation and the cake incident where they screwed Logan out of his title shot and apparently, there’s some sense of pride in that. But let me get to the heart of the matter here, Jonny Fly, Corey Black, and Jay Price are a great example of a Cliq in professional wrestling because they always get what they want and when they don’t, they throw a fit and walk.

Eric Price: If you don’t believe me, let’s look at a few months back when I bought this company. Sure, I renamed it EPPW and pissed a few people off by doing so but I was honest in that I thought it was not only a great marketing move but it was an egotistical move in that I wanted to name it after myself. But then a few people decided to up and quit on me, Corey Black swore he’d never work for me and proceeded to call me a bunch of names; Jay Price up and quit and decided he would also never work for me and proceeded to call me even more names. Big whoop, as you all know, I offered them their jobs but they decided to walk out on me because according to them, they were too good to work for me. More on them in a minute. Then I suspend Jonny Fly indefinitely from active competition and one week after that, he decides to up and quit citing his retirement because he’s too good for this business. Why is that?

Eric Price: Of course if you listen to Jonny tell the story, I suspended him because I couldn’t compete with him. That’s a flat out lie. I’ll tell you all right here tonight the real, behind the scenes reason I suspended that son of a bitch!

Crowd cheers

Eric Price: You know why I suspended him? He came to me one week after I bought the company and he started demanding World Title shots, he demanded his own private jet, he demanded that I make him the World Champion and take care of him and I told him he needed to earn the right to be World Champion. He threw a fit and then threatened to walk out on me if I didn’t give him what he wanted. That’s when I decided to surprise him by suspending him. Not surprisingly, one week later, he quit of his own volition. Corey Black and Jay Price weren’t much better, they demanded huge pay raises from me, title shots, special accommodations and I told them to go to hell.

Crowd cheers loudly

Eric Price: When I did that … they up and walked. So a few weeks ago, when Sarah takes over, they decide to come back, Jonny and Jay anyway … what a shock, I don’t know the figures but I’m sure she caved to their demands. When I ran the company, I simply wanted to give a break to those who deserved it, the ones who are in here week in and week out busting their asses not only for the company but for all of you. Some may not be the most popular but at least they bring it every week live for you and not via satellite or when they feel they need another paycheck. I respect people like Waylon Cash, Nathan von Liebert, Steve Orbit, Frank Patrick Venable, Jeff Purse, hell, even our announcers Zach Davis and Erin Robbins are here each and every week and for a two bit hack like Jonny Fly to just decide to come back when the new management is ready to kiss his ass and give him what he wants, it shows what a disgusting human being he is.

Eric Price: What’s even sadder is that this old and new management goes to the hard workers of the company like them and tells them to always reach for the stars and reach for that ever eponymous brass ring but what they don’t realize is that management never really wants them to go for it, they want the status quo, they want that old boys club, that Cliq mentality to remain and I for one am not going to stand idly by and take it anymore! Much like Steve Orbit, Jeff Purse, Nathan von Liebert, Frank Patrick Venable, Steeltoe Joe, John Gable, Waylon Cash, Donald Deruty, and many others, I come into this company and into this ring week in and week out and I bust my ass, I work hard to get and EARN … I know this is a foreign concept to the Jonny Flys and Jay Prices of the world but I EARN my spot. And fact is for the last year or so, I’ve been THE best this company has had in the ring, at this microphone, even at commentary, I’ve been all over and done it all for this business and when “the golden boy” Jonny Fly decides to come back, I’m told I need to step aside and make way for the real talent, the guy who is more of a cookie cutter than Bob Dole and whose life story could be told on a piece of confetti and I decided to defy the odds. And it stands even right now that Jonny Fly had to make me pass out, he had to put me to sleep and leave me unconscious before he could beat me because I will NEVER, EVER QUIT or TAP OUT TO THAT PIECE OF SHIT!

Crowd cheers loudly

Eric Price: Mark my words … I am not going to just accede my spot to him because the fact is he hasn’t earned it, he doesn’t deserve it but more than that, he doesn’t have the will, the heart, or the drive to keep it. The days of the Cliq are over Jonny and it’s just a matter of time before I decide to completely decimate and kick your ass. And then Jonny, you’ll do what you always do when you feel in trouble, you’re going to go backstage and throw a hissy fit and then why I finally take what is rightfully mine, you’re going to once again do what you always do and that’s take your ball and go home … like you always do. So enjoy this brief respite of glory because much like your return, it’s going to go up in a cloud of smoke and when it’s over, no one will remember who you are.

Eric Price: And you think this is something Jonny … I’m through just sitting back and watching. I’m going to simply say what is on my mind week after week after week until I’ve let out all this frustration and anger I have because believe me, I’ve let a lot of things slide and as a booker, I’ve seen some things that you can’t even imagine. But folks … enough about Jonny … let’s talk about that bitch Sarah Twilight. You know, I have a personal story to tell you about Sarah Twilight, you see when she …

Eric’s microphone is cut off. Eric notices the microphone is cut off and simply smiles and laughs a bit and simply says to the camera.

Eric Price: I guess management didn’t like what I had to say.

Eric raises his hands as his new theme song “Everybody’s Fool” by Evanescence starts playing over the speaker system again as he steps out of the ring and slaps hands with the fans, a smile on his face as the crowd continues to cheer him on.

Zach Davis: Wow. I … I don’t know what to say.

Erin Robbins: They cut his microphone off because he should learn to respect authority around here.

Zach Davis: I … he simply told it like it is and I’ve never heard such a candid Eric Price just come out and not twist anything. He just came out here, spoke his mind, and was even cut off by our owner Sarah Twilight!

Erin Robbins: You don’t know it was Sarah that cut him off

Zach Davis: Oh it had to be, a personal story about Sarah Twilight, I guess she didn’t like what was coming … I’m still interested to find out what he had to say.

Erin Robbins: He should keep his mouth shut if he wants to keep his job.

Executioner's Battle Royal
Logan vs Cormac MacNeill vs Jayden Thunder vs Jason Xavier vs Eli the Kid vs Denise D'Evil

We return to Slam with Jayden Thunder, Jason Xavier and Eli the Kid already in the ring as "Real Mackenzies" by Taylor Made hits the arena. The ring itself it outfitted with several very short nooses that are attached to the top rope on all sides. Some stage hands are still checking to make sure everything is secured properly. Medical staff is currently at ringside and every last one of them look concerned.

Zach Davis: Well folks, I don't much know what to say about this next contest other than the fact that it is completely barbaric and unnecessary. The risk that these competitors are going to be placed in tonight is absolute insanity!

Erin Robbins: This is all about separating the weak from the strong. I believe the entire concept is genius! Sarah Twilight is upping the ante with competition and it has never been better!

Zach Davis: Nooses! Nooses Erin ... how can that be justified in ANY way?!

Erin Robbins: These guys are just going to have to toughen up. This isn't a kindergarten you know?

Zach Davis: Jeez you sound just like her right now. Ugh. Anyway, Cormack MacNeill on his way to the ring. The big man from Nova Scotia having a decent advantage in this contest based on his size. Though I don't know exactly what kind of strategy you'd employ here other than to avoid being hung.

The drumbeat marks a cadence as Cormack walks out, heading towards the ring. As the bagpipes kick in, he walks faster, eyes on the ring. Sliding under the ropes, he rises and mounts a corner turnbuckle. MacNeill raises his hands in the air, saluting the fans, and then climbs down and uses the ropes to stretch out and warm up, waiting for the bell to ring

Erin Robbins: This is going to be great! I am so excited!

The heavy drum roll to "Stop When The Red Lights Flash" by Green Day rumbles the arena and brings the audience up from their seats. Some of them cover their ears, the music playing excessively louder than anything else produced from the speakers thus far. Logan marches out from behind the black curtains and is greeted with a very warm reception despite he himself being such a heel bastard. Logan shuffles his feet in place at the top of the ramp, elegantly bouncing in rhythm with the music while maintaining a focused and determined posture. With the audience screaming his name through the roaring guitars and drums of the music, Logan begins his walk down the ramp way. A fan or two will reach out to grab at Logan every so often and in return he will raise his backhand and threaten to slap them all the way into Connector City, or so one could assume that's what he's mouthing. Logan swiftly climbs up the ring steps and slips through the middle rope into the ring. He paces the ring, eyeing the audience, and then finally picking a turnbuckle and simply standing atop of it to gaze over all his trashcan fans. The music briefly pauses, but just as soon as it picks back up... Logan throws both arms skyward and the enthusiastic audience replicates his taunt. Letting his arms fall patiently back down to his sides, Logan hops down from the turnbuckle and paces the ring like a starved wolf ready to be fed until the music stops.

Zach Davis: Logan perhaps the favorite to win the match based alone on his insanity.

Erin Robbins: I can't argue with that. This guy is certainly psycho enough to thrive in a match like this.

The house lights go down, as a red lights go over the crowd. Two balls of fire come down from the rafters and hit the stage setting it ablaze. "Angel of Darkness" begins to play, as the sound of a whinning horse is heard from within the flames. As the flames die down there in the center of the stage is a woman dressed in black mounted on a black horse. She taps the horse lightly and it goes into a light canter, as the flames roll down either side of the ramp way. When she reaches the ring she pulls back in the reigns, and dismounts, handing the reigns off to a stage hand to take the horse backstage. She climbs the stairs and enters the ring, removing the long cloak that is around her shoulders and stares at every one of her opponents.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and Gentlemen ... this is an Executioner's Battle Royal! The rules are simple ... eliminations take place when one of the competitors are dumped over the top rope after being secured to a noose. Once they have dangled there for ten seconds OR have passes out they are officially removed from the match. Medical staff is out here to ensure the safety of each participant in tonight's contest.

Kyle slowly exits the ring, looking ashamed that he had to even make that announcement.

Erin Robbins: Here we go!

Suddenly "The Only One" by Evanescence hits and the crowd boos like mad. WCF Owner Sarah Twilight makes her way out from the back as all of the competitors look on. She makes her way around the ring and decides to join the commentary team at ringside. She places a headset on.

Erin Robbins: Sarah! So glad to have you out here.

Sarah Twilight: Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss this for anything.

Zach Davis: I bet you're real proud of yourself, putting people in this much danger?

Sarah Twilight: As a matter of fact I am. This is what we can expect from here on out. Innovative concepts in competition. The strong will thrive and the weak ... well, fuck em'.

The bell is rung and it seems most are a bit hesitant to get started. Logan however has no qualms whatsoever with starting the fight and he immediately starts taking it to Jason Xavier with some hard fists. Denise D'evil also doesn't seem to have any trouble getting things kicked off as she rushes at Eli the Kid, flooring him with a running big boot! This leaves Cormack and Jayden Thunder who begin trading blows relentlessly.

Sarah Twilight: See that? Logan and Denise didn't hesitate and look at the result. You can't be a fucking bitch around here and expect to accomplish anything. If they are scared to compete, they don't belong here.

Erin Robbins: I completely agree. Being frightened shows weakness.

Zach Davis: Will you stop kissing her ass?

Erin Robbins: I'm not!

Denise hauls Eli to his feet and wastes no time in launching him up and over with a tiger suplex. Eli crashes into the mat hard and Denise remains in control of him. Logan has Xavier forced into the corner now and is unlooading a fury of punches at the man. Logan like a crazed lunatic ... literally as he fires off shot after shot. Meanwhile in another corner of the ring, Cormack has gained the uper hand with Jayden and takes him down with a powerful body slam.

Erin Robbins: Sarah, what would your strategy be in a match like this?

Sarah Twilight: Simple ... beat the fuck out of everyone until they can't stand on their own. Then, you hang em'. It's not rocket science. If this match goes longer than fifteen minutes I'm going to believe that every last one of them in that ring is retarded.

Zach Davis: This match is completely sadistic. Despicable!

Sarah Twilight: You want to be in there with them, Zach?

Zach Davis: Of course not!

Sarah Twilight: Then shut the fuck up.

Cormack with a huge leg drop on Jayden, keeping the fight to him. Eli is hauled back up to his feet by Denise and sent into the ropes for an Irish whip. On the return ... dropkick! Denise goes down. Eli like a flash of lightning into the ropes again and a Hurricarrana on the return as Denise makes it halfway up. Eli is on fire and he rushes into the ropes again ONLY to be clotheslined into a full 360 degree spin by Logan! Logan begins putting the boots to Eli as vicious as ever. Logan's assault is cut short as he is hammered with an axe handle from behind by Jason Xavier. Xavier now with some hard shots to the ribs with his knees and Logan is taking a beating. Xavier with one final knee lift and he immediately grabs Logan for an overhead belly to belly. Logan crashes into the canvas and stumbles back up purely out of the momentum. Xavier stays on him as the two men are against the ropes. Jason with some clubbing fists into Logan's stomach.

Zach Davis: Jason Xavier taking it to the veteran!

Sarah Twilight: This is seriously pissing me off. Someone fucking hang someone already!

Erin Robbins: Yeah! We want a hanging!

Zach Davis: I ... have no words.

It appears as though Denise heard that call as she grabs hold of one of the nooses and wraps it over the head of Jason Xavier as he was busy with Logan. Xavier immediately places his hands on the noose, trying to remove it. But Denise doesn't hesitate, she clotheslines Xavier over the top and he tumbles out backwards, EXTREMELY tightening the noose around his neck as he was dangling backwards due to the clothesline. His arms flail about and his face turns blue, and then purple. The crowd is in complete shock. Many turn away.

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!

Sarah Twilight: I wonder if his neck is broken? Hm ... don't really care.

Zach Davis: You have no soul!

The seconds tick away as he is left dangling from the noose.





After only four seconds, Xavier's body goes limp and the medical staff rush up onto the apron to release him from the noose. They load him onto a stretcher and a few additional medical staff wheel him to the back.

Sarah Twilight: Fucking bitch. Four seconds? That's it?

Erin Robbins: I am extremely disappointed.

Zach Davis: Oh shut up! The man could have had his career ... even his life ended!

Sarah Twilight: And?

Zach Davis: ...

Here comes Eli as he dives with a cross body at both Denise and Logan who ... easily catch him. They look at each other briefly before launching him in the air and stepping back. Eli crashes with a BELLY FLOP on the canvas. Logan leans down over the fallen luchador.

Logan: BOUDLE!!

The mocking is short lived however as Logan is spear tackled nearly in HALF by Cormack who rushes him out of the corner. Jayden Thunder also comes out of the corner with a clothesline to Denise. Eli is still down and out. Cormack is taking it to Logan and Jayden hauls Denise to her feet. He sends her now into the turnbuckle with a HARD Irish whip.

Erin Robbins: It looks like they have a greater sense of urgency after watching the first hanging.

Sarah Twilight: Of course they do. They all just got a wake up call. Any one of them could be next on the chopping block. I'm loving it right now. That first hanging was just ... wow it was amazing.

Zach Davis: I can't believe that I am sitting here listening to this.

Jayden with a full head of steam as he rushes at Denise with a devastating shoulder tackle. But she moves out of the way and he COLLIDES with the ring post. As he staggers backward, clutching his wounded limb, Denise now wraps a noose around his neck as well and dumps him over the top rope! The crowd cringes some more.

Sarah Twilight: Yes! I'm loving this!

Erin Robbins: This is going to be two now for Denise ... unless Jayden can manage to get free.

Sarah Twilight: Pssh. Good luck with that.

Zach Davis: This is evil! So evil!

Sarah Twilight: Isn't it great?

Zach Davis: I ... I ... never mind.

Jayden gasps for air as the noose cinches tightly around his neck. His hands claw at the rope, trying to get some separartion but it's no use. His feet kick and flail in a panicked state as the seconds tick away for him now.






Sarah Twilight: This twit is actually trying to hang on.

Erin Robbins: He's not gonna make it ...


At six, his hands drop from the rope and he is no longer flailing about. The medical staff rush the apron and release him from the noose now. Jayden Thunder is now loaded onto a stretcher and taken away, unconscious.

Zach Davis: How can you be enjoying this? These men are facing extensive injury here.

Sarah Twilight: I don't care about their injuries. I care about being entertained. I don't care who likes it and who doesn't. I am enjoying it and that is all that matters.

Erin Robbins: I am very entertained by this. Like I've said, this idea was brilliant!

Zach Davis: Oh whatever with you two. Anyhow, as it stands, Jason Xavier and Jayden Thunder are out. Denise D'evil credited with both eliminations.

Erin Robbins: I like it! She's like a head hunter or something ... and she is definitely living up to that!

Cormack continues to brawl with Logan, taking the veteran to the limit as he fires off shot after shot with his heavy fists. A headbutt follows that staggers Logan back. Cormack now takes a noose and he forces it down over Logan! The face of treachery FLIPS and starts swinging wildly. But Cormack uses his strength to dump him over and now Logan is dangling from a noose! Meanwhile, Eli comes flying off of the top for a springboard Hurricarrana but is CAUGHT by Denise D'evil. She shifts him in her grasps and PLANTS the kid with THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!! Eli is down and OUT OF IT!

Erin Robbins: This is getting INTENSE!

Sarah Twilight: Looks like we're only going to be down to three. Denise is cleaning house. You know, I think I'm starting to like her.

Erin Robbins: Really?

Sarah Twilight: No, not really. But at least she's doing something worth my attention.

Zach Davis: Wait Look!

Logan is dangling as the seconds tick by on him, and he manages to get a foot back up on the apron! The crowd is in AWE! Logan is struggling, but he manages to pull himself back up and begins removing the noose. Meanwhile, Denise lifts the almost lifeless body of Eli and secures a noose around his neck, dumping him over the top rope. As the noose tightens around him, he is shocked back into consciousness ... at least temporarily. The seconds tick away on him as well.



Two seconds ... after Denise had devastated him with her finisher, that was all he could withstand before passing right back out. The medics immediately cut him loose and begin tending to him.

Sarah Twilight: That's three now for Denise. I have to say, I am slightly impressed.

Erin Robbins: She's been plowing through everyone!

Zach Davis: I think Eli might be seriously hurt. They have absolutely no response from him out there.

Sarah Twilight: Who the fuck cares? Shut up, I'm trying to watch the rest of this.

Just as Denise finishes dispatching of Eli, Cormack advances her from behind and wraps a noose around her neck and he easily dumps her over the top! Denise is now dangling from a noose herself!

Sarah Twilight: Well shit, I was hoping she'd take it.

Erin Robbins: Me too.

Logan meanwhile has managed to get his noose detached from the rope and has caught his breath. He enters the ring and he has the noose in hand!

Zach Davis: Uh oh! This isn't good!

Sarah Twilight: This is going to be GREAT!

Cormack is preoccupied with Denise, believing he had already eliminated Logan. Logan marches up on him in the middle of the ring with the noose clutched in his hand and he wraps it around Cormack's throat! The deranged Mr. WCF starts dragging the larger man toward the ropes. Cormack is fighting it with everything he's got, but he's being choked out before he's even been dumped over! Logan manages to get him to the ropes and he reattched the noose to the top. Cormack sends some elbows at Logan to back him off. Logan tries to lift Cormack ... but to no avail.

Zach Davis: And he can't dump that weight over!

Erin Robbins: Cormack is just too big!

Cormack with a shove to Logan, backing him off. Logan heads right back in and tries again to dump him over.

Sarah Twilight: Oh come on, Logan! Just get it over with dammit!

Meanwhile, Denise has made use of her long arms and reached up, grabbing the top rope with both hands to avoid being choked out. Using all of her might, she pulls herself back up and over the top. The noose still around her neck, but she is no longer being hung. Logan is not able to get Cormack over by conventionally lifting him. But the face of treachery certainly looks devious right now as an idea hits him.

Zach Davis: I don't like that look! Not one bit.

Sarah Twilight: I like where this is going.

Erin Robbins: What is he thinking? ... Oh ... OH!

Logan positions himself behind Cormack and applies a sleeper hold, forcing Cormack in the other direction with the noose still choking him. The crowd is on their feet with panick ... and despair for Cormack now.

Zach Davis: OH MY GOD NO!

Sarah Twilight: DO IT! FUCKING DO IT!

Erin Robbins: Holy Sh --

Logan leaps up, bringing both himself AND the noosed up Cormack over the top rope as he nails THE CONNECTOR to the outside! Cormack's neck is snapped forward by Logan and then whipped backwards by the tension of the noose. Logan lands on the outside, leaving Cormack hanging from the noose and he is OUT!



Sarah Twilight: Even I have to applaud that. Now THAT is how you do something around here!

Erin Robbins: Oh my ... I ...wow.

Sarah Twilight: You being a bitch now too Erin?

Erin Robbins: No I mean ... No of course not.

Medical staff rush around Cormack and pull him down from the noose. The crowd still can't believe what they just saw. Logan is gathering himself on the outside. Denise is trying to get the noose from around her neck, but it is somewhat tangled in her hair now. Logan slides back into the ring after his own short breather and notices Denise already tied up. The treacherous one takes the opportunity and he rushes her, tipping her over the top. Though because she had her hands in the noose trying to get it free, the rope isn't able to completely cinch around her neck. She dangles there, fighting it.

Sarah Twilight: And Denise back over the top. I hope she makes it. I really do.

Zach Davis: I call bullshit.

Sarah Twilight: Eh, you're right. I don't care. Logan can hang himself just as well and nothing of value would be lost.

Erin Robbins: I still can't get over that ... with Cormack. Wow.

The time ticks away on Denise as she tries to force the noose apart with her hands.







Sarah Twilight: She's fighting it, I'll give her that. You know, I should have put more people in this match. Not enough hangings for my taste.

Zach Davis: I reiterate my earlier statement; you have no soul.

Sarah Twilight: Perhaps I do not.




Denise kicks up at the apron, trying to plant a foot there, but her foot doesn't find it's mark.


Bell rings.

Kyle Steel: The winner of the Executioner's Battle Royal ... LOGAN!!!!

The medical staff help Denise down from the noose, she is NOT happy ... but she is conscious and survived the brutal match nonetheless. Logan is in the ring celebrating as Denise makes her way toward the back.

Sarah Twilight: She walks away ... decent effort. But as far as winners? There can be only one.

Zach Davis: You're sick.

Sarah Twilight: And you're a pathetic little twit.

Erin Robbins: That connector ... I ... that was too much.

Sarah Twilight: Oh snap the fuck out of it. This is a dangerous sport. People get hurt, deal with it.

Zach Davis: All I can say is, thank God this match is over with!

Steve Orbit/FPV Segment

As we come back from commercial, FPV and Steve Orbit are in the ring! The crowd is going crazy for them.

Zach Davis: These two have a Last Man Standing match tonight, but that's not until later on. Wonder why they're out here now?

Erin Robbins: Wonder if I care.

Zach Davis: ... Good one.

Orbit takes a mic from a ringhand.

Steve Orbit: What's up y'all?

The crowd pops.

Steve Orbit: Look, my man Frank and I... we got a little problem with a booking decision that's been made for tonight, by Sarah Twilight. We know that Sarah Twilight is only puttin' Frank Venable and Steve Orbit in a Last Man Standing match because... well, because we're friends, we're allies, and she wants to destroy that. She wants this match to somehow ruin our friendship.

Orbit passes the mic to FPV.

FPV: You know, Steve and I have been friends for a long time now. We survived Genesis together, we were in Cryogenix together. We've fought side-by-side many, many times-- we know each other, we trust each other. We are friends, period. Now, the issue isn't whether or not we should have a match-- we're professional wrestlers, we have no problem competing against each other. We've trained together, no big deal. The issue is Sarah Twilight putting us in a Last Man Standing match for no good reason. These matches are reserved for grudges, for feuds-- this type of match is supposed to settle differences, you don't just... throw two people, two friends in a Last Man Standing match for no reason.

FPV passes Orbit the mic.

Steve Orbit: But there is a reason, Frank. We know there's a reason, and it's not an ethical one, you know what I'm sayin'? It's a fuckin' power play by Sarah. She wants to see us destroy each other-- and we out here to say... NO. We ain't doin' it. I'm sorry y'all, but you gotta feel where we comin' from.

The crowd gives a mixed reaction. They want to see the match, but they understand. Suddenly "Harvester of Sorrow" by Metallica hits and the crowd loses it as they begin to boo.

Erin Robbins: Orbit and Franky are in trouble now!

Zach Davis: I know this isn't going to be good ... Ugh.

Sarah Twilight appears at the top of the entrance ramp, a microphone in hand and the most wicked of smirks upon her face. She dangles the microphone playfully as she stands arrogantly with her hands behind her back. Orbit and Frank do NOT look pleased to see her. The crowd continues to boo and finally the music dies down. Sarah brings her hands in front of her and takes the microphone up near her lips.

Sarah Twilight: Refusing to compete, eh?

She laughs.

Sarah Twilight: Oh the two of you ARE going to compete against each other tonight.

Steve Orbit: No, we ain't. We ain't gonna be no pawns in the Sarah Twilight show, you hear what I'm sayin'?

Sarah Twilight: Listen Steve, I am NOT running this show the way that Eric did. I don't give a shit what people were able to get away with around here when he was pretending to have any form of control over things. Things are done MY way now ... and I am telling you that you WILL compete in that last man standing match.

Frank has lost it now and he fires back at Sarah.

FPV: I don't give a crap what you tell us to do. It's not happening!

Erin Robbins: I don't think they understand who they're dealing with.

Zach Davis: Oh they understand just fine. Sarah Twilight is a cold, heartless bit --

Erin Robbins: ZACH! This is your first week back on Slam. I think you should watch your mouth when you are speaking about our lovely employer.

Sarah paces back and forth a few times at the top of the ramp. Her smug appearance has not faltered in any form. She grins at the two men in the ring, amused by their protests.

Sarah Twilight: Alright, you don't want to compete tonight? That's fine ... you've sealed your own fate.

Steve Orbit: Oh, so you gonna fire us now?

Sarah cackles, completely amused by the response.

Sarah Twilight: Firing you would be too easy.

She smirks at him with a sarcastic wink.

Sarah Twilight: No Steve ... if the two of you do NOT compete here tonight in the match that was scheduled for you ... then I am removing you both from Slam! You will be reassigned to Wednesday Night ... permanently!

The crowd boos. However Steve and FPV just kinda shrug at that idea. Though that apathy fades as Sarah continues.

Sarah Twilight: You will remain on that program where your match tonight ... your EXACT match will be the OPENER of Wednesday Night each and every time it airs, until you beat the fuck out of each other! You will NEVER have an opportunity here ... neither of you. No championship opportunities ... no Pay Per View appearances ... you will wallow among the talent that wasn't able to cut it for Slam. And in truth, that is EXACTLY where you will belong because you will have proven tonight that neither of you can cut it around here.

The crowd continues to boo. Orbit and Frank look completely PISSED. Sarah looks at the two of them one last time, still smirking.

Sarah Twilight: So, either we'll see the two of you in that ring later tonight ... or, we'll see you on Wednesday.

She waves at them as "Harvester of Sorrow" hits once more and she exits the stage. Frank and Orbit look at one another, shaking their heads and sighing with much reluctance.

Erin Robbins: Well, you heard what Sarah had to say. Either FPV and Orbit compete here tonight, or they will wind up opening Wednesday Night ... permanently!

Zach Davis: I don't like it. I don't like it one bit. Forcing these two men into such a barbaric contest for her own amusement. There is no reason for these men to take part in such a match tonight.

Erin Robbins: There's a reason ... because Sarah Twilight ordered it. Like it or not, she runs the show. What she says goes.

Zach Davis: Steve ... Frank, they don't look happy as they are making their way to the back. I don't blame them at all. Will we have this unnecessary, sadistic main event tonight? I guess we'll find out.

Adam Young vs Havok vs Deuce Maximus

"Illuminati" by KORN starts playing and blue strobe lights filter through the smoke filling the entranceway. The WCFtron shows a montage of Adam Young. Adam steps out and gives the crowd a double bird and then starts playing air guitar. Trash begins to fly towards him as WCF security escort him and Dr. Steven Smith towards the ring. Adam is stareing into the ring with emotionless eyes. He seems to be fixed on violence as he slides into the ring. He runs his right thumb across his throat and a red mist comes from his lips. Adam laughs as he hands his white now t-shirt to Dr. Smith.

Zach Davis: Adam Young is in the ring now. Is he the most hated man in WCF? You decide.

Erin Robbins: Meh. He’s not so bad.

The bell rings and the lights go out and “For Whom The Bell Tolls” begins to play. As the vocals begin a spotlight appears up in the stands in a different place in each arena Havok makes his way to the ring by spotlight only as the crowd is booing him heavily Havok gets in the ring and the lights come up and he is ready for action.

Zach Davis: Havok has reached the ring and he looks ready to go.

Erin Robbins: He looks like a box.

Zach Davis: What?

The lights in the arena dims as the sounds of electricy crackling can be heard. Suddenly a bright flash of electricity strikes the center of the ramp entrance. Once the smoke clears, Deuce is standing there smirking towards the ring. 'Run Like Hell' by Pink Floyd jumps in and Deuce walks to the ring, reaching his arms out to give fans fives, both high and low, occasionally too slow. As he slides into the ring and stands center, lightning flashes from the four corners. Deuce pulls off his 'mythic' T-shirt and tosses it to the crowd then hops to a middle turnbuckle. He does a 'lookout' before he smirks and gives a finger-guns to a sign he finds clever. He hops down and waits for the bell.

Zach Davis: Alright, all three contestants are in the ring and this match is about ready to begin.

Ding, Ding, Ding.

Deuce, Havok, and Young move toward the center of the ring as the bell rings. Maximus and Young make the decision to team up and both begin wailing on Havok with right hands. The two corral Havok into the corner and whip him the length of the ring into the opposite turnbuckle. Deuce and Young run toward Havok, who explodes out of the corner just as the two are about to reach him and takes down both men with a double clothesline.

Erin Robbins: I’ll give him this, that is one powerful man!

Havok collects Adam Young and brings him up to his feet. He lifts him up and takes him down to the mat with a sidewalk slam. As Havok gets back to his feet he sees Deuce Maximus beginning to rise. He meets him and quickly whips him off the ropes. As “The Mythic” bounces back he ducks a big boot, stops on a dime, spins, and then hits Havok with a drop kick.

Zach Davis: That drop kick from Deuce didn’t even manage to get Havok off his feet!

Erin Robbins: Not so fast Zach…

As Havok stumbles backward, Deuce hits him with yet another drop kick. Havok again manages to stay on his feet and stumbles backward into the ropes. He bounces off but Deuce is waiting for him, and finally takes him down to the mat with a DDT. Maximus goes for the quick cover.





Zach Davis: No! Adam Young breaks up the count.

Adam Young has pulled Deuce Maximus off of Havok. Deuce gets back up and pushes Young. Young responds by pushing back. The two begin throwing punches, with Adam Young gaining the upper hand and placing Maximus into a side headlock. From there he takes Deuce down with an STO.

Erin Robbins: Adam Young is in full control of this match.

Zach Davis: Well, he was. Havok is up and he looks pissed.

Just as Adam Young gets back to his feet, he turns to see Havok charging at him. Havok tackles Young and begins teeing off on him with left and right hands. Havok lifts Young up and then takes him down with a backbody drop. Havok isn’t done yet, he grabs Young once again and lifts him in the air, this time hitting a powerbomb.

Erin Robbins: What a display of power again by Havok. He’s got the leg hooked…






Zach Davis: NO!

Deuce Maximus is there and throws Havok off of Adam Young. Havok yells out in anger and gets back to his feet and runs at Deuce. Maximus quickly slides out the ring. Havok yells at him from the ropes, urging him back into the ring.

Erin Robbins: Turn around, Havok…

Adam Young is back on his feet and clubs Havok over the head forcing him over the top rope.

Erin Robbins: Too late.

As Havok is dumped to the outside, Deuce Maximus quickly slides back into the ring. Deuce grabs Young and sends a kick to his midsection. With Young bent over, Deuce goes for a neckbreaker, but Young throw him off and hits a quick suplex. Both men get back to their feet. Young grabs Maximus and hits a standing side slam and then goes to the ropes to finish off his patented “Doc n’ Dive” maneuver. However, as he jumps onto the rope Havok is able to grab him and pull him out the ring.

Zach Davis: Great awareness there by Havok. If he lets Young finish off that moonsault, this match might be over.

Erin Robbins: I’m sure Deuce Maximus will make sure to thank him when the match is over.

Havok violently whips Adam Young into the ring apron and then slides back into the ring. Deuce Maximus is trying to get back to his feet. Havok grabs him and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Havok rises back to his feet and brings Deuce back up with him. He lifts Deuce up in the air, but “The Mythic” wiggles out of the hold, drops to the mat, and sends a stiff kick to Havok’s knee. Then another. Then another. Then another, finally bringing Havok down to one knee.

Zach Davis: Deuce Maximus fighting to get the big man down!

With Havok on a knee, Deuce takes a few steps backward and then explodes out of his stance looking for “Poseidon’s Trident.”

Erin Robbins: HERE WE GO!

Just as Deuce is about to strike, Adam Young tackles him from the side, interrupting the move. Young quickly gets up on his feet and looks around. Havok has risen back to his feet. From behind Young, Deuce Maximus rises back to his feet as well.

Zach Davis: You’re right, Erin, here we go. All three men are on their feet now and eyeing one another.

Young runs at Havok and drops him with a Reverse STO!, putting him into a Koji Clutch!

Erin Robbins: He's about to apply the Die Motherfucker Die!

Deuce quickly breaks it up by kicking Young and lifting him up. Deuce throws Young to the ropes but Young reverses it, then hits a Standing Side Slam.

Zach Davis: Here it comes.. Best Moonsault Ever!

Young hits it!



No!, Havok quickly breaks it up, throwing Young out of the ring. Havok quickly lifts Deuce up and hits his Payback then goes for a pin!




Erin Robbins: Havok steals it from Adam Young!

Havok stands up and gets his arm raised in victory.

Zach Davis: Adam Young had it won until Havok attacked him and got the pin instead! Young isn't gonna like that!

Jonny Fly/Steve Orbit Segment

Backstage, we're following Jonny Fly as he's walking through the hallways of the Bank of America arena. Fly stops in front of a door with the nameplate "Steve Orbit." He knocks on the door. Moments later, Steve Orbit answers the door.

Orbit: Fly. What's good?

Fly: I just wanted to stop in and give my compliments for your performance last week. If it wasn't for Cairo, I don't know how things would have turned out for me. I give you a lot of respect. You're one of the very, very few I never want to face.

Orbit: I appreciate that, I know it's real comin' from you. If it ain't gonna be me as the World Champ, I'm glad it's you. Doesn't mean I'm done tryin' to get my hands back on it though.

Fly: I'd hope not. If you were, then I wouldn't think so highly of you.

Orbit: If I get another shot, I'ma take it. But I ain't gonna put you on a hit list or start obsessin' about it like some of these mother fuckers. That ain't my style. It's just a matter of time, though.

Awkward pause.

Orbit: Say, Fly, what you got goin' on this week? You planning on showin' up to Wednesday Night?

Fly: I hadn't really thought about it.

Orbit: I had this idea, I think you'll like it. Come check me out for a minute.

Orbit invites Fly into his locker room. Fly obliges, and our scene cuts away as he enters.

Ryan Rhodes vs Tek

Kyle Steel: The following match is schedulaed for one fall, introducing first...

The arena goes pitch black. “Anchor” plays and blue neon lights come on...

Kyle Steel: The Cold-Blooded one, Tek!

and point to the stage where Tek is at standing looking right at the ring. He makes is way down the ramp to the crowd booing him. He stops at the bottom of the ramp and looks around at the crowd, he walks to the ring and gets on the apron and sits on the ropes looking at the ramp

Zach Davis: In the aftermath of War, everyone is looking to make a mark, and these two are no exception

Erin Robbins: I only see one?

Zach Davis: Good God...

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, from Detroit Michigan,

The house lights dim as Korn’s 4 U plays. As the arena fades to black, a green V pulses on the Jumbotron.

Kyle Steel:Ryan "Venom" Rhodes!

Zach Davis: Rhodes is making his WCF debut here tonight, and he's going to have his hands full with the cagey Tek

Green fireworks erupt from the stage and Venom is seen standing at the top of the entrance ramp. Linkin Park’s Faint plays as the lights come up and he sprints to the ring, sometimes interacting with fans and slides under the bottom rope. He pops up and stands triumphantly on the turnbuckle with fist in the air, enticing the crowd into a frenzy.

Erin Robbins: Oh, now I see the other one!

Zach Davis:...Moving on, lets get to the action in the ring

Tek wastes no time and immediatley launches a dropkick at Rhodes, hitting him squarely in the chest and knocking him to the mat. Rhodes rolls quickly to his feet and replies with a dropkick of his own, knocking Tek to the mat as the crowd pops.

Zach Davis: Both of these men have something to prove tonight, Rhodes to prove he belongs, and Tek to prove his worth to the new owner.

Erin Robbins: Miss Twilight sure knows how to motivate the roster, doesn't she.

Zach Davis: For once I agree with you Erin

Kipping up to his feet, Tek and Venom circle each other warily. Ryan launches another dropkick, but Tek steps to the side, pushing the attack down and away. He falls on the prone Rhodes with a quick elbow to the back, causing a gasp of pain.
Zach Davis: And Tek takes advantage of the rookie's mistake, going to the well once too often

Straddling his back, Tek rains punch after punch down on the back of his head as Ryan covers and tries to wiggle out of the spot. Grabbing both of his opponents arms Tek hooks in the chickenwing and rolls forward, bridging into his submission finisher

Zach Davis: ICED OUT, the veteran has Rhodes right where he wants him.

Rhodes rolls through with the move, landing an elbow as he rolls onto Tek and breaking free. Flipping to face Tek, Rhodes lnads a few punches of his own as the crowd cheers.

Zach Davis: Savvy move by the rookie, and the tide has turned.

Rhodes tries for a quick cover on the dazed Tek

Zach Davis: And he moves to cover


Tek kicks out, and Venom gets to his feet, pulling his opponent with him, and irish whips him to the corner, running behind to impact with a high velocity clothesline.

Erin Robbins: Ouch!

Zach Davis: Yes, that looked painful Erin

Erin Robbins: Yeah, and I just got these done today

Zach Davis: There is a match going on, you know

Erin Robbins: Oh, that thing

Rhodes climbs to the 2nd rope, and begins landing shots as the crowd counts along.

Crowd: 1!!

Crowd: 2!!

Zach Davis: Venom is on a roll now, feeding Tek a knuckle sandwich or two!

Crowd: 3!!

Crowd: 4!!

Tek reaches out a thumbs Rhodes in the eye, causing him to stagger back and cradle his wounded orb.

Zach Davis: Another veteran move by Tek, breaking up Rhodes' momentum, and creating some space. And he's poised on the top rope!

Venom looks up and Tek launches with a corkscrew moonsault kick.

Zach Davis: SKYTWISTER!!! Tek hit the SKYTWISTER on a dazed Rhodes

Erin Robbins: What happened, I was filing my nails?

Zach Davis: Nothing Erin, just a match...and he goes for the pin!



Rhodes kicks out with force.

Zach Davis: Tek needs to do more damage if he wants to keep Rhodes down.

Erin Robbins: Or use a chair. It's all legal now, right?

Zach Davis: Good point Erin....Did I just say that? Anyway, Tek moves to capitalize on his opponent

Getting to his knees, as Tek rushes at him, Venom stands quickly and steps in, catching Tek with a overhead belly-to-belly suplex.

Zach Davis: Rhodes with a counter! Don't count the rookie out yet folks!

Tek uses the momentum to roll out of the ring. Rhodes is quick to follow, rolling under the ropes and out.

Erin Robbins: See, now this is more like it. What? Sure, take my seat...

Zach Davis: Tek grabs the chair that Erin's just stood out of, and folds it. He's got hardcore intentions!

Tek grabs the chair and turns to Venom, only to receive a kick in the gut, dropping the chair.

Zach Davis: Rhodes with another timely counter! And it looks like he's ready to take the advantage!

Erin Robbins: They're using my chair! What will I sit on?

Zach Davis: That's what you get for standing up at ringside Erin. First rule of fight club...

Rhodes grabs his opponent in a front facelock, ad picks him up for a suplex. He twists and falls.

Zach Davis:VENGEANCE...ON THE CHAIR!!! That's got to be it for Tek!

Erin Robbins: Oh great they dented my chair

Zach Davis: Tek looks like he's out!

Picking up Tek, he rolls him into the ring, and goes for the cover




Erin Robbins: What a victory for Ryan Rhodes! First he gets some of the most eliminations in War and now this, what a start to his career.

Lionheart Segment

We cut to ringside when ‘The Animal’ by Disturbed blasts out of the PA system, kicking straight into the song rather than having the build up at the beginning like normal. Lionheart and Brandon Stevens walk out onto the stage, Lionheart dressed in a pair of black smart shoes, a pair of dark blue denim jeans, a black ‘Man Beast’ shirt and a black blazer along with a neck brace. Stevens is wearing his normal grey suit, white shirt, red tie and black polished shoes. The two of them have solemn expressions as they make their way down the ramp.

Zach Davis: Well it had been mentioned earlier this week that Lionheart would be making an announcement tonight…

Erin Robbins: Judging by their expressions, it can’t be something good…

Both Lionheart and Stevens reach the ring and they walk up the steel steps and climb into the ring, Stevens walks over to the ring announcer Kyle Steel and asks him for the microphone and Steel gives it to him as ‘The Animal’ fades out.

Brandon Stevens: Ladies and gentlemen, in this business, every single wrestler here is constantly risking their bodies…even their lives on a weekly basis…for your entertainment. You have the good guys that you cheer for…and you have the bad guys that you boo…but every wrestler in this company wrestles for the same reason…because it’s what they love to do. Sometimes in this line of work, well in any sport really, some end up having to retire from what they love doing earlier than planned due to multiple reasons. So with that said, I’d like to now hand you over to Lewis Lyons, the man you all know better…as Lionheart.

Stevens hands the microphone to Lyons who takes it and raises it to his lips.

Lewis ‘Lionheart’ Lyons: Last week at War, fellow WCF Superstar, Seifer Black Armstrong hit me with his finisher, the Fade to Black. The moment he dropped me on my neck, I knew something was wrong and when I was taken to the hospital and was checked over, my suspicions were correct and I had indeed broken my neck, hence the neck brace…

Lyons pauses a second trying to gather his thoughts together before continuing.

Lewis ‘Lionheart’ Lyons: Unfortunately, the problems didn’t end there, the doctors kept me in for further testing and they diagnosed me with cervical spinal stenosis…which basically means that if I continue to wrestle I run the risk of paralysis from the neck down, or even death…

A few gasps can be heard coming from the sold out crowd who are all in silence, listening to what Lyons has to say.

Lewis ‘Lionheart’ Lyons: So as a result, my big announcement here tonight is to simply announce my retirement from wrestling. I want to thank Seth Lerch for giving me this opportunity…I want to thank Matthew and Stacy Robinson, Seifer Black Armstrong, Eric Price and Jordan Caliban for working with me in the mini feuds I’ve had whilst being here and I’d like to thank Sarah Twilight for helping me become a big name here in such a short time. I’d like to thank everyone else on the Roster for their help, praise and criticisms…and last but not least I’d like to thank all of you for hating me so much…

A ripple of laughter from the crowd forces Lyons to smirk a little.

Lewis ‘Lionheart’ Lyons: Hey, my job was to do things that would piss you off and force you to boo me and that is what happened so that meant I must have been doing something right. So again thank you all, Brandon and I are leaving WCF with our heads held high, it’s earlier than we planned but that’s life so goodbye…

Lyons then hands the microphone back to Steel and shakes his hand saying his goodbyes. Robbins and Davis both stand to their feet along with the crowd and they all begin applauding as ‘The Animal’ blasts out of the PA system and both Lyons and Stevens exit the ring and head up the ramp.

Zach Davis: He may have only been around for a short while but I could see a bright future ahead of this guy…

Erin Robbins: It’s always a shame when something like this happens…I wish both Brandon and Lewis the best of luck in their future endeavours…

Lyons and Stevens reach the stage before turning around and giving one final wave of goodbye before disappearing to the back.

Non-Title Match
Jordan Caliban vs Jon Michaels

Ladies and gentleman this next match is scheduled for one fall


Zach Davis: Here comes Caliban

Erin Robbins: Yawn, Jon Michaels needs to break this guys mouth tonight, way to much talking

Jordan Walks out onto the stage nonchalantly and crosses his legs at the top of the ramp and sits down, he seems to be waiting on something

Zach Davis: I know I've been away a while but who the hell is that?

Erin Robbins: Just another valet, probably Caliban's girlfriend trying to get a little cheap fame

A woman with long unnaturally red hair strolls out onto the stage and places her hand on top of his head playing with his hair condescendingly, his eyes close and you can vaguely see him mouth the word "shit", she grazes past him and walks slowly to the ring, Jordy follows never taking his eyes off her, he doesn't do his normal theatrics on the way to the ring he just walks down the ramp looking extremely uncomfortable. The new comer perches herself on the commentary table and watches him as he waits for Micheals to make his way to the ring

Kyle Steel: And his opponent

The arena goes dark as the intro to Trivium's "Brave This Storm" blares through the PA. A spotlight focuses on center stage as sparks fly from the stage as Jon rises from under the stage on his throne. The pyro stops and Jon observes the arena from his throne.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring, He is the self proclaimed King of professional wrestling! THIS IS JON MICHAELS!

He stands up and walks down to the ringside area. He climbs up the steps and walks over to the other corner and climbs to the second rope.

Erin Robbins: This is the guy who will end Jordan Caliban, I'm telling you

Zach Davis: Well it is non title so theres an opportunity at stake here for a relatively new face at least this year here in the reformed WCF

He yells for the crowd to bow to the King while holding his arms out in the crucifix pose. He climbs down, hops over the rope removes his crown and robe, then hands them to the ring attendant.

The bell rings

Erin Robbins: And here we go, both men nose to nose

Zach Davis: I would of thought these 2 would of went right at it but Caliban seems to be taking his first chance to look Michaels in the eye and talk some trash, wait no, that didn't last long


Jordan Caliban hits a swift shot to the gut and then just starts raining hard elbows point first down on the top of the kings head, he then steps back and smacks his chest hard before running at michaels with a boot.


Caliban smashes back first into the top turnbuckle which bounces him up in the air and down ass first onto the mat in the corner, Michaels sees the early opportunity and runs the ropes

Erin Robbins: TYRANT KNEE!

Zach Davis: NO! That was pure desperation from Caliban

Jordy swung a leg randomly in Michaels direction and took the legs out from underneath him completely just inches before his knee connected with Jordy's temple, Caliban attempts to skin the cat and fails first time, he perseveres through pulling himself right up over the top rope and onto the apron then springs back in over the top rope and delivering a split legged moonsault down onto Michaels. Pin!


Michaels kicks out quickly and rolls caliban to the center of the ring locking in a Fujiwara armbar which he holds for a few seconds then flawlessly transfers to attempt the Royal Cravate

Zach Davis: both of these guys use their own variations of this move, this may not be the wisest submission for either of them to try

As Michael's tries to apply the final stage of the maneuver Caliban uses his free legs and swings his body around break dance style catching Michaels in a cross arm breaker

Erin Robbins, look at his feet! Calibans feet are scissoring Jon's head choking him!

Zach Davis: I don't think that choked him, I think it just made him very unhappy

Michaels is screaming but not in agony, he shifts his weight and manages to make it to his feet, caliban is refusing to let go of the hold, Michaels lifts him up

Zach Davis: POWERBOMB!

Erin Robbins: No Jordan hangs on

Caliban again shifts his weight using the downward momentum to pull Michaels down into position for the 2 tone pass out

Erin Robbins: Again right in the center of the ring, if he completes this movement we could be finished here

Michaels manages to struggle free and some how flips out with a head stand somersault then lands an amazing standing moonsault knee shot to the middle of Jordan's back

Zach Davis: Jesus, Michaels looks amazed that worked!

Michaels takes a second to catch his breath as Caliban twitches on the floor. PIN!


Erin Robbins: No Jordan kicks out at 2

Michaels leaps to his feet and drags Jordy up, he runs the ropes twice


Jordy take the kings forearm right to the bridge of the nose spinning him back wards and sending a little blood spraying out of his now broken nose as he falls out of the ring

Zach Davis: Why does everything Micheals does look like it hurts like hell?

Erin Robbins: Well in that last moves case, I'd have to say, because it does

The king drops to a knee catching his breath

Zach Davis: Broken face or not he needs to stay on Caliban

Caliban stumbles and falls around in front of the entrance way


Micheals runs the ropes and jumps flipping over the top rope, at the same time caliban sprints at the ring with a chair magically from nowhere in hand, Micheals manages to land on his feet somehow but has to roll to counterbalance the force leaving him on his knees, Jordy has in one fluid motion hit the ring, set the chair up running and is now bouncing on the balls of his heels waiting for Michaels to get back to his feet


Jordan Caliban goes old skool Sabu style outgoing, hitting the ropes then the chair then the top rope and ending with a step up springboard shooting star press out onto the floor

Zach Davis: Holy crap, Michaels was waiting for him, did you see that jumping european uppercut! He hit caliban so hard his body spun another 90 degrees, Jordy landed on his back!


Jon Michaels: You wanna wear that stupid mortal kombat t-shirt in the ring, well this is street fighter dickhead!

Michaels lays in the boots and then dead lifts caliban and just throws him into the Steel steps, he picks him back up and rolls him back in the ring he looks at the chair caliban used for the dive and runs a thumb across his throat

He then takes his fist and rubs it on calibans mouth before setting him up

Erin Robbins: Hes going for that Tyrant buster

NO! Yet another reversal as caliban twists his body up and around Micheals head driving it down onto the set up chair

Zach Davis: Thats a new one from Caliban

Erin Robbins: He calls it the ground floor knockout, can we stop these guys naming their own moves please? Wait... PIN!


No Jon kicks out

Zach Davis: Neither of these guys are giving an inch

Erin Robbins: from the look on Calibans face he looks like he is ready to take a mile

Jordy runs the ropes back and forth behind Micheals head and then basement drop kicks him, he drags the king to the center of the ring

Zach Davis: Again with the crossface?

Caliban lifts micheals up and slaps him hard across the face bad mouthing him

Jordan Caliban: You a king Jon? King of what Jon?

Another slap

Jordan Caliban: C'mon Jon show everyone you're better than me

Jordy goes for one slap to many, Micheals blocks it and here he goes

Zach Davis: here comes the violence party

Micheals just loses his shit all over caliban, there are kicks and punches flying everywhere, he goes for that last big devastating clothesline

Erin Robbins: No Jordy ducked! He has him

Jordy Goes for the crack a smile jawbreaker but Micheals catches him in the float over

Erin Robbins: Sit out powerbomb

Zach Davis: From front to back, that was amazing


No Jordy rolls backwards and kips up to his feet delivering a kick straight to Micheals head, he pulls him up to his feet and into the powerbomb position, he reaches up and grabs his head

Erin Robbins: Reverse worlds scariest pile driver?

Somehow, the King escapes before Caliban can hit the move and drops to the mat. Caliban turns around and Michaels grabs him -


Michaels hits it ! Here's the pin!




Erin Robbins: The King picks up the victory here tonight!

Michaels gets to his feet and gets his arm raised.

Zach Davis: This was supposed to settle the differences between he and Caliban but that may not have happened for sure. They've both got healthy egos, to say the least, but we'll see.

Sarah Twilight/Ana Valentine Segment

"Harvester of Sorrow" by Metallica hits the arena and it soon fills with MASSIVE boos. WCF Owner Sarah Twilight steps out onto the stage wearing one of her signature "YOU DON'T MATTER" tees, a pair of dark navy blue denim jeans and a pair of black, calf cut heeled boots. She makes her way down to the ring as the chorus of boos continue.

Erin Robbins: And our amazing, intelligent, no nonsense owner making her way out here. I have it on good authority that she is about to get Ana Valentine out here for active competition!

Zach Davis: That is completely absurd! There is no way that Ana Valentine is fit for competition. The fact that Sarah is even considering it shows just how cold and heartless she really is.

Erin Robbins: Ana is simply trying to get out of her contractual obligations. That is sickening!

Sarah steps into the ring with a pissed off expression on her face as usual. She extends her arm for a mic, and she is handed one without any hesitation. Sarah paces back and forth in the ring a few times as the crowd continues to boo. The music dies down and she gets right to business. Speaking OVER the unhappy crowd.

Sarah Twilight: I made it clear from the beginning that I don't give a shit what you people want. I don't care what enyone in the back wants. Things around here are going to be done MY way and my way only. So ... that means that when one of the pathetic wastes of space that I employ decides that they are not going to show up to do their job ... I handle that situation myself.

MORE boos from the crowd.

Sarah Twilight: This isn't a charity. I am not paying anyone to sit at home on their ass and do nothing. This is NOT a fucking pre-school. I don't care about "boo-boos." Everyone in the back knows what is expected of them and I am NOT going to keep reminding them. With that being said ... Ana Valentine, get your ass out here, NOW!


Zach Davis: This capacity crowd is NOT happy with Twilight, and I can't blame them. Ana Valentine shouldn't even have been forced to be in the building tonight. This is ridiculous.

Erin Robbins: Oh please! Ana Valentine is just a frightened little girl who doesn't want to live up to her responsibilities. She isn't going to have a choice now and that's just too bad.

"Primadonna Girl" by Marina and the Diamonds hits and the crowd is on their feet with MASSIVE cheers. Ana Valentine steps slowly out onto the stage. She doesn't look to be in the best of shape. She walks one step at a time, very slowly down toward the ring. There are still the hints of bruising around her throat and she is using a pure oxygen inhaler as she struggles to make it to the ring. Behind her on the entrance ramp are her personal physician and another caregiver who stand at the ready with oxygen tanks. Ana looks very unhappy to be here and looks toward Sarah with disdain as she continues toward the ring.

Sarah Twilight: Hurry up, we don't have all fucking night.


Zach Davis: Ana can barely walk without complicating her breathing and Sarah wants her to hurry up? That's disgusting!

Erin Robbins: No what is disgusting is that Ana would pretend to still have injuries to avoid doing her job!

Finally, Ana makes it to the ring and struggles a bit to get inside as she has to stop a few times to take some puffs of her oxygen inhaler. Sarah taps her foot impatiently. Ana does manage to make it into the ring and she is handed a mic by a stagehand as well. She looks at Sarah obviously expecting the redhead to realize that she is unable to compete.

Sarah Twilight: So you actually managed to bring your pathetic ass out here. Hm, I thought you were pretty fucked up? Yet ... you're here aren'tcha?

Ana takes a puff of her inhaler and responds to the Mistress of Mischief.

Ana Valentine: Sarah ... you know full well ... that I am not ... cleared.

Ana has to try and catch her breath between words. Sarah folds her arms, shaking her head at Ana.

Sarah Twilight: You are not cleared for competition when I SAY that you aren't cleared.


Sarah Twilight: Now, I had an evaluation conducted earlier today as to your current medical state. So why don't we find out what those results were, huh?

Sarah smirks heavily and looks toward the entrance ramp. A man emerges from the back. The logo on his shirt indicating that he was a member of WCF medical staff. He has some charts and x-rays in his hands as he makes his way down to the ring.

Sarah Twilight: You remember Doctor Gilcrest, don't you?

She smirks a bit more. Ana doesn't look happy. Sarah glances at the doctor.

Sarah Twilight: So Doc, tell us what the verdict is. Can this bitch compete, or what?

Dr. Gilcrest: Based on the tests and physical examination that we performed. I don't think that it is in her best interest to participate in active competition whatsoever.

Zach Davis: Finally! Now leave the poor woman alone and let her get back to bed rest like she should be.

Erin Robbins: I think we need a second opinion.

Zach Davis: Oh shut up!

Sarah glares at Dr. Gilcrest, obviously not pleased with his answer. She presses her tongue to the side of her cheek and smiles sarcastically.

Sarah Twilight: Soooo, does she have any broken bones?

Dr. Gilcrest: Well, no.

Sarah nods in a very passive manner.

Sarah Twilight: I see ... terminal cancer? Is that it?

Dr. Gilcrest: No. Miss Twilight the injuries --

Sarah Twilight: I ASKED a yes or no question. You answered No. Now, we'll move on.

Ana is watching on in shock that any of this was even taking place. Dr. Gilcrest is obviously a bit intimidated by the entire things and Sarah isn't finished yet.

Sarah Twilight: How about AIDS? Does she have that? Or one of those other sexually transmitted diseases? We certainly can't have someone with one of THOSE competing.

She glares directly at Ana who looks completely pissed off. But in her current state, there was not much she could do about it.

Dr. Gilcrest: No. I don't think you understand what the injuri--

Sarah Twilight: YES or NO. That is ALL you are required to say. And so far you've told me she doesn't have any broken bones, she doesn't have cancer and by some MIRACLE this little bitch doesn't have any STD'S. So as far as I am concerned ... she will be competing.

HUGE spike in boos from the crowd.

Sarah Twilight: Your presence is no longer needed out here, "Doc."

Doctor Gilcrest sighs and exits the ring as ordered. Ana remains in the ring with Sarah and is shaking her head , slowly and with much pain as was obvious. Sarah shows no sympathy for her as she returns her gaze at the injured blonde.

Sarah Twilight: Get your ass backstage, get geared up and whatever the fuck else it is that you need to do because you are competing here tonight.

Zach Davis: Oh come on! Your own physicians just told you she can't!

Erin Robbins: Dr. Gilcrest clearly said no broken bones, no cancer and no AIDS! She can compete!

Ana Valentine: No!

She coughs and gags a bit. It takes her a moment to catch her breath once again as she had gotten herself worked up over this mess.

Ana Valentine: I am ... not ... fit to ... compete.

There is some more coughing and some wheezing. Ana puffs at her inhaler once again.

Ana Valentine: You can ... fire me ... if that is .... what you want. But ...

Another few puffs of the inhaler and she seems a bit light headed, but she fights to get through the ridiculous confrontation.

Ana Valentine: I am not ... having a ... match.

Sarah quirks a brow at Ana who was very firm on the fact that she was not going to put herself in danger to compete while she was still so very injured. Sarah shrugs a bit and laughs.

Sarah Twilight: What is with these people thinking I am just going to fire everybody as if this was Eric handling things around here?

Without warning Sarah grabs Ana by the hair and YANKS her into a clutch, DROPPING Ana into the canvas face first with a DDT. Ana Valentine is not only out ... but possibly in severe condition! The crowd in INCENSED as they all shout and scream in protest.


Erin Robbins: That is what she deserves! She should have just agreed to compete and none of this would be happening.

Zach Davis: This is deplorable ... this is EVIL! Ana Valentine is injured and Sarah Twilight ... UGH this is bullshit!

Sarah is FAR from finished as she grabs Ana by the ankles and DRAGS her toward the ringpost. Hopping down to the outside, she SLAMS Ana into the ring post right between her legs. Ana gasps for precious air as the blow easily winds her. The vile, wicked redhead tosses the ring apron upward and removes a large leather strap from underneath. She wraps the strap around Ana's legs just below the knee and buckles it together which only allows Ana to separate her feet by about a foot and also traps her against the ringpost. Ana is gasping as she reaches out toward the ropes, desperately trying to get free.

Erin Robbins: Oh quit faking Ana. It isn't going to make her go easy on you!

Zach Davis: How?! HOW can you possibly say she's faking? This is the most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed and you think she's faking?! JUST SHUT UP!

With Ana's legs trapped around the steel post ... the true, sadistic and wicked intentions of Sarah Twilight come to light as she removes a short block of wood from under the ring, about exactly one foot long. She inserts the block of wood securely between Valentine's ankles as many of the crowd gasp in horror.

Zach Davis: Oh my God No! NO!

Erin Robbins: Uhm ... what is she going to do with that?

Zach Davis: NOW you are concerned?! This is ... I don't even have WORDS for what this is!!!

Erin remains oblivious as now Sarah removes a sledgehammer from under the ring, many in the crowd turn away and cover their children's eyes. Ana pleads with Twilight but she ignores the helpless blonde. She swings the sledgehammer FULL force into Ana's ankle and a thunderous CRACK is heard. Valentine screams out one of the most blood curdling screams ever heard and her foot and ankle are bent over the block of wood in a ninety degree angle. She continues to scream with a shrill shriek and Sarah is loving every minute of it. Children are crying loudly in the crowd as some people leave the arena now, taking their children away from the horrific sight. Erin almost pukes all over herself.

Erin Robbins: Oh my....ugh! Ugh! Ugh UGH!

Sarah swings the hammer again into hier calf now, and then her knee. Each time the crack is heard, and each time she screams more and more. Her face covered with horror as tears roll enedlessly down her cheeks. Her entire leg is a purple, black and blue mess amidst broken bones, and she has surely shattered and destroyed Ana's ankle. The crowd cannot bare to watch and the ones that are, are completely horrified by what they see. Zach Davis and Erin Robbins cannot even continue commentary as there were no words to describe what they were witnessing. Sarah now turns her attention to Ana's other as she again sends the sledgehammer down FULL force into her ankle. Ana screams out again as her other foot is shattered, and bent of the wood block in a ninety degree angle. Sarah finally drops the sledgehammer as Ana passes out froma combination of pain, and internal bleeding in her legs. The boos have now more become a call for Sarah's own death as this crowd is completely disgusted. Sarah looks down at Ana and mouths to her.

Sarah Twilight: NOW, you aren't fit to compete, bitch.

Sarah makes her way up the entrance ramp leaving the crowd aghast at her actions. People are screaming and pleading for Ana to be ok as she lay there in the ring unconscious. Both of her feet bent inward in the most sickening display of violence ever carried out in WCF. A solemn Zach Davis and Erin Robbins finally try to figure out what, if anything that can be said.

Zach Davis: This is ... I don't have words folks. These are the actions of a despicable, horrible human being. What we just saw ... I don't think anyone who witnessed it will ever be the same again. This isn't about competition. This isn't why we're here. This was an act of violence carried out that ... it's a crime. That's all I can say. What we just saw was a crime.

Erin Robbins: I ... no one deserves that. I am never going to be able to erase that from my memory. I may not like Ana ... but that was just too much. I ... can't even say anything more.

Zach Davis: Medical staff finally being allowed out here. But at this point I don't think it matters. The amount of damage done ... it might be irreversable. Our hearts and prayers have to go out to Ana Valentine. Who knows what kind of shape she's going to be in after this?

Erin Robbins: Oh God, she isn't responding at all ...

Erin looks away, unable to watch any more as Ana is carefully removed from around the ring post and placed onto a stretcher. Oxygen tanks and tubes are placed onto her. And both of her legs are so badly destroyed at the akles that the bruising and internal bleeding causes them to appear pure black.

Zach Davis: Something needs to be done. This can't go on. WCF is indeed in it's darkest days. I don't know how much longer we can survive like this.

Television Title Match
Doc Henry vs John Barber

“The Fire” by Rev Theory starts playing on the speakers as John Barber walks out from the back. He stands on top of the ramp with a thumb hooked into his right pocket, looking out at the crowd around him. He starts walking down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans nearest to the barricade. He jogs up the ring steps, quickly ducks between the top and middle ropes, and walks over to the nearest turnbuckle. He perches on the second turnbuckle and raises both arms, looking out at the crowd with a smirk on his face.

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Television Championship! Introducing first, from Miami, Florida, he is the WCF Television Champion, John BARRRRBER!

Dr. Feelgood hits the speakers and as the main riff blasts through the arena, Doc, and Mary emerge on the stage. Looking around, he raises a fist in the air, the crowd cheering wildly as he then leads the way to the ring. Climbing up the steps, he holds the Ropes for Mary, who slinks lithely through. Doc steps trough the ropes and grins proudly as he pops the crowd drawing more cheers as Mary poses on him seductively.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, from Griffen, Georgia, he is Doc “The Cock” HENNNNRY!

Zach Davis: So, who do you think is going to win this one, Erin?

Erin Robbins: Sarah Twilight.

Zach Davis: She’s not even IN the match.

Erin Robbins: So? Sarah Twilight will win.

Zach Davis: Shut up...


As the echoing of the ring bell fades out, the two wrestlers lock up, and Doc gets the upper hand with a quick knee to the gut, and follows it with a stiff clothesline. Barber springs back up, and Doc grabs him, whipping him into the rope, and on the rebound, connects with a second clothesline to The Florida Cracker. Doc pauses and waits as Barber gets back up, and goes for a third clothesline, but Barber ducks, and then grabs Henry from behind for a belly-to-back suplex. He goes for the first pin of the matchup.



Kickout by Doc!

Barber springs back up, and Doc gets back to his feet quickly, and the two men stare one another down for a couple seconds before Doc challenges Barber to lock up. Barber goes to lock up, but Doc catches Barber with a fist to the gut, and follows it with a quick DDT. He pins the champ.



Barber kicks out!

Zach Davis: Pretty even in the early going, don’t you agree.

Erin Robbins: Until Sarah Twilight starts kicking their asses it is.

Zach Davis: For the last time, she’s not in the… UGH, never mind! Be that way!

Doc gets back to his feet, and as Barber gets to his, Doc catches him with an elbow to the back. The Cock goes for a quick rollup, but Barber rolls out of it before Doc can get the shoulders down, and Doc quickly thinks to catch Barber with a stomp to the back, slamming his face into the canvas. Henry goes to the top rope, waiting, and as Barber gets up, Doc leaps.

Erin Robbins: Diving spear by Doc Henry, and-

Zach Davis: NO! Barber catches him and drops him with a picture perfect piledriver in mid-air! What a shot!

Erin Robbins: And Sarah Twilight comes running down the ramp for the pin in three… two…

Zach Davis: SHUT UP!

Barber gets to his feet, and getting an idea, he grabs Doc, locking him in with a single-leg boston crab, and wrenches back on the hold.

Zach Davis: Oh, and this is brutal! How long can Doc Henry last?

Erin Robbins: Probably not too long. The submissions expert, John Barber, has that hold in tight.

Doc keeps clawing toward the ropes, and as he inches his way closer, the crowd starts chanting.

Crowd: LET’S GO DOC!

Crowd: LET’S GO DOC!

Crowd: LET’S GO DOC!

Doc, within a foot of the ropes, falls limp to the mat for a few seconds, and the referee checks him for consciousness, but then Doc lunges, and at the same time, Barber breaks the hold, dragging Doc back to the center of the ring. He goes to reapply the lock, but Doc forces his way out of it, and Barber goes tumbling into the ropes. He uses that momentum to hit Doc with a running senton to the back, and then rolls him over for a pin.



Doc powers out!!

Zach Davis: An impressive kickout by Doc Henry after that submission took so much out of him!

Erin Robbins: Agreed, Zach, but he’s not out of the woods yet! John Barber is still strong on the offense!

Barber gets to his feet, and with Doc still flat on his back, he goes to the top rope. The fans pop as Barber dives, and goes for his trademark diving headbutt, but Doc rolls out of the way, and Barber goes bouncing off the canvas face-first. Doc gets to his feet, and grabs Barber, and plants him with the Gambler’s Hand. Doc pins John Barber!





Zach Davis: What a kickout! I thought the Gambler’s Hand had this match won!

Erin Robbins: Neither wrestler giving an inch here, and both of them wearing themselves down for Sarah Twilight!

Zach Davis: And just when I thought you were off that kick.

Erin Robbins: Shut up, Zach.

Doc get to his feet, and as he does, Barber manages to roll him up into a quick pin.



No! Doc kicks out!

Zach Davis: And neither man giving an inch. This is anyone’s to lose!

Erin Robbins: But we all know who’s going to end up winning this.

Zach Davis: If you say it, I’m gonna-

Erin Robbins: Say what?

Zach Davis: Sarah Twilight is going to win this-

Erin Robbins: We’re in agreement then.

Zach Davis: NO WE’RE NOT! SHUT UP!!

Both men are to their feet, and they’re circling around one another, waiting for one of them to make a move, and lock up, collar and elbow. Barber gets the upper hand and throws Henry to the ropes. Barber then runs at him-


Both Henry and Barber went for Clotheslines at the same time and collided into each other, taking one another down. However, they both land with one arm on the other.

Zach Davis: Uh oh..

The referee is forced to count.




Erin Robbins: Who won!?

Kyle Steel: The referee has ruled that this match is... A DRAW!

The fans boo.

Kyle Steel: Still your Television Champion... JOHN BARBER!

Zach Davis: A draw! Can't believe it.

Erin Robbins: Sarah Twilight wins by default!

Zach Davis: ...sigh.

Sarah Twilight/Lilith Segment

Cutting backstage once again to Sarah Twilight's Office. The gorgeous redhead is returning some files to the bottom drawer of one of her filing cabinets. She is bent over, placing the files at the back of the drawer. She doesn't notice Lilith enter the room silently behind her. The dark haired woman relishes the opportunity to take a long look at Sarah's assets as the redhead remains bent over at the filing cabinet. When she is finished, Sarah turns around ... a bit startled to see Lilith standing there, staring. Sarah narrows her eyes slightly.

Sarah Twilight: Were you ... just checking out my ass?

Lilith snaps out of it and is a bit hesitant to answer the awkward question ... mostly because that is exactly what she was doing. She responds with the obvious choice for best answer.

Lilith: No, of course not. Don't be silly. I wouldn't do something like that.

Sarah shrugs it off and takes her seat behind her desk.

Sarah Twilight: Ok whatever. Learn to knock next time.

Lilith: Will do.

Sarah grabs a folder off of her desk and opens it. Lilith stands there, gazing at the redhead again ... until Sarah glances back up at her.

Sarah Twilight: Are you going to stand there all fucking day like an idiot or are you planning to take a seat sometime this century?

Lilith moves to the chairs and takes a seat. She was still unsure of why she'd been asked her. Nonetheless, she was able to check Sarah out for a few moments anyway. Sarah places the folder down, reading over it for a few moments before glancing back up at Lilith.

Sarah Twilight: You know ... there aren't many women who matter worth of shit around here. Ana Valentine for example ... we know she is completely pathetic. A fucking waste of space around here that isn't good for anything more than a backstage romp for some of these testosterone hopped up baboons.

Lilith grins, nodding in agreement with Sarah. The WCF Owner continues.

Sarah Twilight: Then we have Denise D'evil ... who earlier tonight hung three losers by their throats. There is potential there.

Sarah smirks a bit.

Sarah Twilight: Of course there is me ... and I don't have to explain to you or anyone else what I have accomplished around here. My actions speak for themselves.

Lilith again nods in agreement with Sarah. The redhead quirks a brow slightly and tilts her head.

Sarah Twilight: But then there's you ... and I don't quite know what category you fall under just yet. Sure, you beat up a fucking clown ... but aside from that, what exactly have you done around here?

Lilith narrows her eyes at Sarah now. She wasn't pleased with being talked down to.

Sarah Twilight: Are you a worthless specimen? A pathetic loon? Or are you someone who is going to actually fucking do something around here?

Lilith: Don't play games with me Sarah. You know what I am capable of.

Sarah smirks very heavily and shakes her head in a very sarcastic manner.

Sarah Twilight: Do I now? ... No, actually ... I don't see you capable of very much. But, we're going to put that to the test.

Lilith laughs at this statement.

Lilith: No capable? You think I am not capable? I'll show you EXACTLY what I am capable of!

The smirk upon Sarah's face grows to a full on grin at this point as she neatly folds her hands together and places them in front of her on the desk.

Sarah Twilight: Good. Well then it's settled.

Lilith: What is settled?

Sarah Twilight: You'll have your opportunity to "show me" next week. Because you have a match ... against me.

Lilith looks diretly at Sarah with a blank stare. Sarah raises her brow a bit in an arrogant manner.

Sarah Twilight: Don't worry, you don't have to win the match. Just last ten minutes in the ring with me ... and you'll have proven that you are capable ... of something anyway.

Lilith continues to stare at Sarah blankly. Finally she laughs.

Lilith: You assume that I can't beat you?

Sarah leans forward, her emerald eyes looking directly into Lilith's.

Sarah Twilight: I don't believe you'd last two minutes in the ring with me ... let alone ten. And that two minutes is giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Lilith shrugs her shoulders and stands from the chair, not wanting to hear any more of this.

Lilith: Fine, if that's what you want. It's your funeral.

Sarah laughs.

Sarah Twilight: For your sake ... you'd better hope so.

Lilith blows her off and heads for the door. However, Sarah stands from her desk, folding her arms and still appearing quite smug as she calls out to the dark haired woman.

Sarah Twilight: Oh and Lilith?

Lilith turns back, looking a bit annoyed.

Sarah Twilight: This time ... it's just going to be a friendly exhibition. But, If I ever catch you staring at my ass again ... I'll rip out your fucking eyeballs, okay?

She smiles, a very fake ... overdone "nice girl" smile that adds exuberantly to the sarcasm of her threats. Lilith turns and gives Sarah a nasty glare before storming out of the office, slamming the door behind her.

Night Rider vs Oblivion

Zach Davis: Alright everyone!! The much anticipated match up between the Monster Oblivion and Night Rider is up next.

Erin Robbins: Angels of Death were doomed for failure, from the get go.

Zach Davis: That's besides the point. This will be the perfect opportunity for both men to get out their personal frustrations.

Erin Robbins: We have Hank Brown standing with Oblivion. Take it away Hank.

The camera view changes to the backstage area, with Hank Brown standing there looking confused and slightly uncomfortable.

Zach Davis: Yes, Zach and Erin I have with me the current WCF Hardcore Champion The Monster Oblivion.

There is a mixture of boos and cheers, as Oblivion slithers up next to Hank Brown. The backstage interviewer cowers and shakes as the massive God of Hardcore towers over him.

Hank Brown: Oblivion, tonight you face off against your former stablemate Night Rider. At what point did it go bad for the Angels of Death?

It became really obvious that Oblivion is starting to get really irritated.

Oblivion: From the beginning.

Hank Brown: Are you stating that Night Rider's leadership from the beginning?!

Oblivion: Leadership?!? Leadership?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! From the very beginning, we sat around talking about who wanted to lead the group.

Hank Brown: Night Rider wasn't the leader?!

Oblivion: Who do you think asked? That was the first clue that we were doomed from the beginning. IT should left at that point. But, Night Rider and The Monster had a history. If anyone was going to be loyal it should be Oblivion.

Hank Brown: What changed?!

Oblivion: Nothing did!! That was the problem!! We busted our asses and never got the respect we deserved. Tonight, we all are gonna see who is the better man. Night Rider can be the better man... OBLIVION WANTS TO BE THE BETTER MONSTER!!

Hank Brown: What is next for Oblivion?

Oblivion pushes Hank out of the camera view.


Oblivion drops the microphone and just walks away.

Zach Davis: It looks like The Monster means business.

Erin Robbins: It's fine to talk smack on the mic, but what matters is inside the ring.

The lights in the arena dim as Pyrotechnics explode along the runway and from the four corner posts. 'Orion' by Metallica begins playing over the jumbo-tron as Night Rider steps out from behind the curtain and makes his way towards the ring.

Kyle Steel: From the dark side of Hell... weighing in at 335 pounds... NI-I-I-IGHT RI-I-I-IDER-R-R-R!!

A cold hatred burns in his eyes as he steps through the ropes and waits for his opponent.

Zach Davis: Night Rider is in the ring, waiting for The Monster!!

The house lights go out, as lighter colored lights come on. The multiple cameras pan around a jam packed US Airways Center. The fans are holding up various signs. The atmosphere is explosive and some of the crowd is cheering. While, the rest, of the crowd are booing. "Breathe" by Prodigy begins to play. The bass like synth begin to blare out. 14 seconds later the drums come through...


Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 305 pounds, from the deepest, darkest part of a sick man's psyche...... O-O-O-OBLI-I-IVI-I-I-I-O-O-O-O-NN-N-NN-N!!!

The house lights go out. The crowd begins to murmur. Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lasers begin to flash. Two bright spotlights hit the entrance stage. The music continues to thump. Some of the fans are thrashing and/or dancing a long with the music...


Explosive fire pyro shoots straight up, on the stage and down the ramp. Then right about that time, Oblivion slowly slinks out. The music continues the blare out and rattled the arena.

Breathe the pressure
Come play my game Ill test ya
Psychosomatic addict insane
Breathe the pressure
Come play my game Ill test ya
Psycho-somatic addict insane

The cameraman gets real close, as Oblivion sneers at the camera. The Monster thrusts out IT's massive right arm, pushing the cameraman several feet away. The Monster slowly comes down to the ring. Strobe lights continue to flash. Then the US Airways Center slightly shakes, as the sound of thunder rumbles and mock lightning flashes. The majority, of the crowd, jump.

Come play my game
Inhale, inhale, you're the victim!!
Come play my game
Exhale, exhale... EXHA-A-A-LE!!

The music continues to thump out of the arena's speakers, as the addictive rhythm has the entire crowd in a trance and continues to dance along with the music. Lightning strikes the four corners, of the ring. The loud sounds makes everyone jump out of their seats, once again. Some, of the people are scared out of their minds. The lights flicker then... POP!! The strobe lights go out!!

The house lights come on, then standing in the center of the ring, is Oblivion. Half the crowd is cheering, while the other half of the crowd is booing. The music fades out. A screeching sound echoes throughout the arena, as four lightning bolts strike each corner.

Erin Robbins: Everyone is in the ring. Let's get this match started.


Zach Davis: As reminder, under the rule of Sarah Twilight. all matches are with no-disqualifications.

Oblivion and Night Rider charge at each other....


Erin Robbins: Both men are landing heavy lefts and rights!!


Night Rider lands a heavy boot against the mid-section of Oblivion. Night Rider quickly bounces off the ropes...


The crowd: OU-U-U-U-U-U!!

Zach Davis: Night Rider lands a thrust kick against the skull.

Erin Robbins: Night Rider is making a quick pin attempt...

Stanley Moser slides into position...

The crowd: On-...


Zach Davis: Not even a one count!!

Standing near the ropes, Night Rider grabs a hold of the top rope and proceeds to stomp down onto Oblivion. Rider grabs The Monster...


Oblivion jams his fingers into the throat of IT's opponent. Night Rider stumbles back.


Oblivion slams both fists against the top of the shoulders of Night Rider.


The Monster slams his right fist against the mid-section of Night Rider. Oblivion throws IT's opponent against the ropes.

Zach Davis: Oblivion swings, Night Rider ducks.

Night Rider ducks and bounces off the ropes....


Erin Robbins: Flying dropkick by Night Rider!!

Oblivion flies back from the massive contact of the flying dropkick.

Zach Davis: Night Rider makes the quick cover....

The crowd: One...

The crowd: Tw-...


Erin Robbins: Kickout at two.

Night Rider grabs Oblivion...


Zach Davis: Backfist by The Monster.

Rider stumbles backs a couple of feet. Night Rider charges....


Zach Davis: Spinning back fist to the mouth of Night Rider.

Rider grabs his mouth.


Oblivion charges at a stunned Night Rider...



Zach Davis: OH MY GOD!!

Erin Robbins: Night rider back body drops Oblivion out of the ring. The Monster falls hard ringside.

Night Rider tilts his head to his right rigidly, as he smiles a wicked but evil smile.


Night Rider drops down before rolling out of the ring, under the bottom ring rope. The Monster stumbles out...


The monster charge at Night Rider....


Oblivion charges at Night Rider, grabbing him....


Night Rider: UGH!! SON NA OF A BI-I-I-ITCH!!

Oblivion jams Night Rider's back into the steel edge of the ring apron. Rider grabs the lower part of his own back. Oblivion grabs the back of Night Rider's head...


Zach Davis: Oblivion just rammed the head of Night Rider against the steel post.

Oblivion partially mounts Night Rider....


Erin Robbins: Oblivion means all business!!!

The God of Hardcore pummels Night Rider with several right blood stained mitts. Oblivion looks around....

Zach Davis: Oblivion is apparently going to use the new no-dq rules that Sarah Twilight has added to all matches. This maniac is looking for some kind of implement to use on night Rider.

Erin Robbins: It's amazing how thing selt apart with these two. There were once so-o-o close. Thick as thieves.

As Oblivion grabs for the nearest thing to IT, a camera cord....



Rider took one of his boots off, as Oblivion looked for something to use.


Zach Davis: Night Rider is relentless with using the boot!!

Rider slips the boot back on, as he picks up his opponent.


Oblivion: UGH!!!

Erin Robbins: A very quick snap suplex on Oblivion. The thin matted ring side area is not as forgiving.

Oblivion arches IT's back in pain, as IT grimaces in pain. Night Rider looks around and sees a small thick chain slightly hanging out from under the ring. Night Rider grabs it and wraps it around his massive fist.

Zach Davis: This could be bad news for Oblivion!!

Night Rider: I'm gonna mess up his face!!

Night Rider takes a wild swing....


The crowd: OU-U-U-U-U!!

Erin Robbins: that chain shot nailed Oblivion right under IT's right eye.

Oblivion stumbles back, almost falling. the only thing that kept Oblivion standing was the steel ring post. Night Rider proceeds to stalk Oblivion, who tries to shake off the effect of the heavy chain shot to the head. Rider grabs the metal chain, with both hands and wraps it around the neck of Oblivion.


Night Rider grins with a sadistic smile...


With Night Rider standing behind Oblivion, The Monster begins to stumble.

Zach Davis: It's apparent that the lack of oxygen is taking effects on The Monster.

Oblivion stumbles backwards, with Night Rider still hanging on....


The crowd: OUU-U-U-U!!

Night Rider knocks the back of his own head against the metal ring post and let's go of the choke.


Oblivion stomps the mid-section of IT's opponent. Night Rider drops the chain. The crowd reacts with cheers as Oblivion picks up the heavy chain, with an evil grin on IT's masked face.

Erin Robbins: Now, The monster has the chain. What now?!?


With Night Rider leaning against the ring post. Oblivion grabs the head of Night Rider in a modified headlock and pounds down on the head of Night Rider.

Night Rider: AHHHH-H-H-H-H!!


Zach Davis: Night Rider has now been officially been busted open!!

Night Rider grabs his forehead and looks at his right hand, seeing the blood. Night Rider goes into a maniacal rage...


Erin Robbins: Night Rider just nailed Oblivion with a knee to IT's mid-section!!

Night Rider grabs Oblivion and....


Night Rider grabs the chain from Oblivion....


Night Rider grabs the head of The Monster in a headlock and pounds down on IT's head.

Oblivion: UGH!! AH-HHH-H!!


Zach Davis: Blood is pouring down the head, but under the mask of Oblivion!!


Night Rider nails Oblivion on the mid-section and nails him with a ddt. Night Rider looks under under the ring and pulls out a chair.

Erin Robbins: A CHAIR!!


Night Rider slams the edge of the chair into the gut of Oblivion. The Monster bends over...


Zach Davis: That chair shot nails hard on the back of The Monster!!

Oblivion: UUUUG-G-G-GHHHH-H-H-H!!!

Oblivion arches his back, then stumbles towards a ring post, as IT leans against it, bleeding.


Erin Robbins: Night Rider swings the chair....


Zach Davis: The chair shot connected....

Night Rider: SUM BITCH!!

Rider drops the chair and shakes his hands, the chair connected with the ring post. Night Rider walks around the post and is near the end of the entrance ramp. Oblivion follows him...


Oblivion kicks Night Rider on his gut then picked up IT's opponent with a fireman's carry...


Erin Robbins: Oblivion swings Night Rider with an Airplane spin and then lands into a Samoan driver!!

Oblivion looks under the ring and the nearby crowd get extra excited.

Zach Davis: What Oblivion have?!

Oblivion pulls out the object....


Oblivion slides the ladder into the ring and then proceeds to pull out another item.

Zach Davis: What now?!?!

The crowd again reacts with excitement.

Erin Robbins: A TABLE!!!

Oblivion sets up the table right in front of the ring and then walks up to Night Rider, who landed close to the ring apron.

Zach Davis: Um, what does Night rider have his hands on.

As Oblivion walks over to Night Rider, who slowly stands up, but staggers back, almost falling down. Oblivion notices the staggers and charges Night Rider....




Erin Robbins: Night Rider just slammed a barbed wired wrapped chair over the head of Oblivion. Oblivion collapses backwards, with the barbed wired chair stuck to the head of The Monster.

Night Rider rolls into the ring. Oblivion is still landing down, IT's left leg twitching.

Zach Davis: I think Night Rider just killed Oblivion!!!

Night Rider is perched on the top turnbuckle, as Oblivion is slowly moving, removing the chair from IT's mask, almost ripping it in the process. Oblivion slowly stands up....



Night Rider nails Oblivion with a flying clothesline. Both Oblivion lands hard on the ringside mats. Night Rider stands up and grabs Oblivion, rolling The Monster into the ring. Rider looks under the ring.

Erin Robbins: WHAT NOW?!?!

Night Rider pulls out another table and slides it in the ring. Night Rider slides under the bottom ringrope and sets up the table. Night Rider grabs Oblivion and picks IT up.


Zach Davis: There is still fight inside The Monster!!

Blood flies everywhere. Oblivion grabs Night Rider into a gutwrench....


The Monster nails IT's opponent with a powerbomb!!

Erin Robbins: FALLING DOCTOR!!!

The Monster picks up IT's opponent again with a gutwrench,,,,

Zach Davis: Not another powerbomb!!



Oblivion begins to pick up Night Rider...

The Arena shakes. There is a small explosion of pyro near the entrance stage. Oblivion turns towards the entryway.

Erin Robbins: WHAT THE HELL?!?

A deep masked covered up voice: O-o-o-bli-i-ivi-i-io-o-o-on!! HEY!! OBLIVION!! LOOK UP HERE!!

The jumbotron shows very graphic pictures of the autopsy of Stephanie Johnson. Split open, like a baked potato from sternum to pelvic bone. Obviously a baby was yanked out of the womb. The dead fetus is also shown.



Zach Davis: Night Rider pokes Oblivion in the eye, with a thumb!! Night Rider looks bad, as well as Oblivion. As Oblivion reacts to the eye poke....


Zach Davis: LOW BLOW!!

The crowd boos.


Night Rider just flips off the crowd before grabbing Oblivion....



Night Rider grabs Oblivion and....


...popping Oblivion a few times with a couple of forearm shivers before dragging The Monster to the turnbuckles, dragging IT to the top turnbuckle.


Erin Robbins: Whatever it is... IT WON'T BE GOOD!!

Zach Davis: Especially for Oblivion!!


The table shatter into several pieces, as pieces of the table fly everywhere.

The crowd: HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHIT!!

Erin Robbins: WHOA!!!

The crowd: THAT WAS AWESOME!! <clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap> THAT WAS AWESOME!! <clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap> THAT WAS AWESOME!! <clap-clap> <clap-clap-clap>

Night Rider already collapsed and semi-conscious on top of Oblivion, the referee Stanley Moser checks on both men....

The crowd: ONE!

The crowd: TWO!!

The crowd: THREE-EE-EE!!!



Mr. Happy Segment

The camera cuts to the back where we see the massive and bouncing form of Mr. Jack Happy. Stopping at Sarah Twilight's door, he pauses before knocking very softly on the door. Not getting a response, Mr. Happy knocks louder. Jack rubs his chin when he realizes that she's not answering.

Mr. Happy: I'd love to say that this isn't like Sarah, but who am I kidding? This door just looks shoddy. Who does the WCF's carpentry around here? Definitely NOT a graduate from Jack Handy's school of Handiness that's for sure! Well, that's about to change. Sarah not answering me, why she...she could be in danger! Don't fear Sarah! Even though you are, without a doubt, a frowny faced frumpcake I just can't let you get all dead and stuff. Nope. Not on my watch. Hmmm....oooh a production storage locker. Lemme see what we've got here....

Jack briefly goes out of camera view. When he comes back into the shot, we see him with a huge drink of Faygo (crazy straw and all!) as well as a drill. Without missing a beat....or a drop of Faygo...Jack undoes the door hinges. You could say he LITERALLY did it single-handedly as he polishes off the drink in the other hand. The door lands with a THUD as Jack looks inside.

Mr. Happy: There you are, Sarah! Hey, why are you shrieking? What are you doing with.......?

Before Jack can even finish his thought, we see several midgets in fireman's outfits running out through the 'opening' that Jack created. Just as he's about to step in, he takes a quick step back as one final midget runs away. Lilsquirt, the littlest squirt, skips on out and blows Jack a kiss as she does so. As Jack goes to step in once more, he takes a step back as out steps Pee Wee Herman and Barney!?!?!?!. Jack nods at Pee Wee and the two of them do the Pee Wee Herman dance as Barney starts singing 'I love you...you love me.....I think I got an S-T-D...." Jack's Happyshades fall down and he quickly casts his trademark scared flinch before entering inside.

Mr. Happy: Why howdy do buckaroo! I tried knocking but I guess you wouldn't hear me with the midgets. And Pee Wee. And Barney. And all those portable, purple, back massager type dealie-mo-bobbers that are going on in unison. Sheesh, how many of those things do you have? It's like you've got 100 of them just buzzing at the same time. It's like a freakin' beehive up in this humpty dumpty. Anyways, I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure being able to particpate in War and then to see the awesome buyrate! We really gave the fans something special. And, hey, I just wanted to let you know that if the WCF, the great fans, the superstars in the back....if anyone needs me here, I'm here to humbly offer my services. In fact, you look kinda hungry. And I've got just the thing. Man, it's large if I have to say so myself.

Jack reaches into his tights. Sarah shrieks as Jack puts both hands down there.

Mr. Happy: Don't you worry about a thing. Just have to get both hands on this big fella. Better be careful, you could choke on it.

Sarah's face blanches. She's simply horrified, but she can't take her eyes away, the picturesque of fearful curiousity. And then, Jack pulls out....a two foot long burrito! He lets out a gasp as he plops it right down on her desk.

Mr. Happy: That big fella was killing me. And now it can kill you...with deliciousness!

Justice vs The Thickness

Carry On by Avenged Sevenfold, The lights in the arena cut off as a voice booms through the PA system and says the following words, ‘Juliet…Uniform…Sierra…Tango…India…Charlie…Echo! WE…ARE…JUSTICE’, ‘Carry On’ by Avenged Sevenfold then blasts out of the PA system as Seifer Black Armstrong and Matthew Robinson burst out onto the stage wearing their normal ring gear with the latest black ‘Justice’ T-shirts and begin heading down the ramp slapping the fans hands on the way.

Kyle Steel: Making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of four hundred and eighty five pounds! Seifer Black Armstrong and Matthew Robinson! Justice!

Armstrong and Robinson reach the ring and slide under the bottom rope and climb opposite turnbuckles, Robinson raises his arms above his head whilst Armstrong stretches his arms out in the sign of the cross, tilting his head back and spitting silver mist into the air. The two then simultaneously remove their shirts and throws them into the crowd before climbing down, walking to the center of the ring and double fist bumping each other as ‘Carry On’ fades out.

"Ready Or Not" by The Fugees hits the PA system. The crowd rumbles as Odin Balfore and Bobby Cairo come out from the crowd and head towards the ring.

Kyle Steel: And their opponents, weighing in tonight at a combined five hundred and twenty six pounds, they are "The Godfather Of Professional Wrestling" Bobby Cairo and "The Nordic Tank" Odin Balfore.......The Thickness!

Wearing shirts with cut off sleeves that read "Thick-ni Army" they jump the crowd barrier and take a moment to look over the ring. They slide inside of it, the way only the thickness can and taunt the crowd. "Thickness" chants ring out as their theme music fades.


The referee calls for the bell as Kyle Steel exits the ring. Bobby Cairo exits the ring, as does Matthew Robinson, leaving us with Odin Balfore and Seifer Black Armstrong to start the match for their teams.

Zach Davis: All right, time for some tag team action. The Thickness versus Justice, what's your take Erin?

Erin Robbins: That the name "The Thickness" is utterly repulsive for a team of two old men. "The AARP Mafia" would be a much better fit. Or maybe "Team Wheel Of Fortune".

Zach Davis: What?

Erin Robbins: Old people love Wheel Of Fortune. Come on Zach, everyone knows that.

The two big men circle each other once and then move to the center of the ring. Odin looks to try and tie-up when Armstrong raises his hands up and asks for a test of strength. Odin looks a bit surprised but obliges and they lock hands.

Zach Davis: Normally you'd never see anyone try to see if they could out muscle the mountain that is Odin Balfore but Seifer is by no means a small man at six foot seven and around two-fifty.

Erin Robbins: It isn't a smart move no matter how you look at it.

Odin starts to get the upper hand on Armstrong, slowly forcing him to bend backward. Odin now laughing as Armstrong is straining to push back, enjoying his struggle. But then, slowly, Armstrong is able to start pushing Odin's arms back up. Odin no longer laughing as he tries to get control again but Armstrong is fighting back to hard. Armstrong nearly in control of the tie-up when it's Odin with a massive headbutt that drops Armstrong to the mat. The crowd isn't too happy as Odin taps his head and laughs.

Zach Davis: What a cheap shot!

Erin Robbins: What you call a cheap shot, I call a veteran giving a rookie a lesson.

Zach Davis: So suddenly you're singing their praises?

Erin Robbins: No, I just enjoy arguing with you.

Armstrong goes to get back up to his feet when Odin smashes him across the back with a forearm shot. Armstrong back down on the mat and Odin drops a knee across the back. Odin back up to his feet and he drops a second knee on the back of Armstrong. Matthew Robinson on the apron pounding the turnbuckle, trying to help out his partner. Odin back up to his feet and he mocks Robinson by pretending to smack an imaginary turnbuckle before he goes to drop a third knee. Armstrong however isn't about to get hit again as he rolls out of the way enough to avoid the knee.

Zach Davis: And the veteran cockiness catches up with Odin!

Armstrong pops back up to his feet as Odin stays down on one knee and he delivers a stiff kick right across the chest of Odin. Armstrong with the quick pin attempt.


Armstrong barely gets a one count before Odin shoves him off and sits up. Odin now pushing himself up to his feet as Armstrong quickly gets back up. Armstrong trying to catch Odin from behind with a German suplex but Odin blocks it with his leg and then catches Armstrong with an elbow to the face. Odin now shooting Armstrong into the ropes where Robinson quickly tags his back. Everyone but Odin sees the tag as Robinson waits on the apron, trying to pick his moment. Armstrong comes back off the ropes and Odin catches him with a big boot to the face. Odin now trying for the pin attempt but the referee isn't counting it. Robinson quickly enters the ring behind Odin as he gets up to his feet demanding to know why the referee won't count. Robinson with the school boy.


Despite being caught off guard Odin still able to kick out at one and a half. Robinson back up to his feet and he's not willing to give Odin a bit of room to breathe as he drops a knee across the face. Robinson now grabbing the head and locking Odin in a chinlock as the referee moves into position. Odin quickly says no when asked if he wants to quit and tries to pry Robinson's arms off of him. Robinson in turn wrenches the face and neck of Odin as Armstrong is trying to get the crowd behind his team. Cairo apparently doesn't want to take any chances as he enters the ring and catches Robinson in the back of the head with a kick.

Zach Davis: Oh come on! Get him out of there ref!

The referee immediately tries to get Cairo out of the ring when Armstrong enters and goes after Cairo. They begin trading shots as Odin and Robinson both slowly get up to their feet. Odin tries to shoot Robinson into the ropes but Robinson counters it and hits him with Total Punishment from out of nowhere. Robinson with the pin attempt but the referee is still trying to separate Cairo and Armstrong.

Zach Davis: This should be a three count! Get control of this match already!

Robinson is forced to abandon the pin attempt as he moves to help out Armstrong. Between he and the referee they're able to get them apart and Robinson pushes Armstrong toward their corner. The referee gets Cairo out of the ring as Robinson quickly tries for another pin attempt.


Too much time wasted and Odin gets the kick out at one and a half. Frustrated, Robinson gets back up to his feet and pulls Odin up by the head. Robinson quickly tries for Total Punishment again but Odin shoves him off and into the ropes. Back comes Robinson and Odin levels him with a clothesline. Odin now heading to his corner and tags in the fresh Bobby Cairo before heading out onto the apron. Cairo enters the ring and stalks Robinson as he tries to get up before pulling his head backward and dropping him with the Misery Drop. Cairo with the pin attempt.



No! Robinson with the shoulder up at two as Cairo looks to the referee. He reaffirms the two count as Cairo gets up to his feet, pulling Robinson up with him. Cairo now shooting Robinson into his corner before stopping the referee to complain about something in his eye. The referee falls for it and Odin wraps an arm around the neck of Robinson from behind, trying to choke the air from his body.

Zach Davis: This is bull crap!

Armstrong is livid and tries to enter the ring but the referee gets in front of him to keep him away. Cairo now making his way to the corner and he connects with a rolling wheel kick. Robinson falls to the mat as the referee is still trying to keep Armstrong away. Cairo now with a vicious face wash to Robinson in the corner as finally Armstrong heads out to the apron. The referee turns his attention back to Cairo as he pulls Robinson away from the ropes and lifts him up.

Erin Robbins: He has him set up... IRRESISTIBLE BLISS!

Seifer sees it coming and he's had enough. Midway into the move, Seifer hit the ring.. but was intercepted by Odin Balfore!




Zach Davis: The Thickness picks up the victory!

The bell sounds as Cairo rolls away from Robinson and gets to his feet, getting his arm raised by the referee.

Erin Robbins: The Thickness gets the victory here tonight, and Bobby Cairo is now 51 weeks away from the opportunity to finally get the War victory he's after.

Zach Davis: Small consolation there, Erin.

Sarah Twilight/Seth Lerch Segment

We cut backstage inside the Bank of America Arena just outside of Sarah Twilight's office. Standing there, is Seth Lerch. He appears a bit hesitant to knock on the door. Evenyually he takes in a deep breath and knocks a few times on the door before pushing it open. Inside, Sarah is at her desk, looking over a few papers. She doesn't seem very interested in the task whatsoever. The redhead looks up, noticing Seth.

Seth Lerch: You wanted to see me?

Sarah narrows her eyes at him and wags a finger in his direction, motioning him to one of the seats across from her at the desk.

Sarah Twilight: Shut the door behind you and sit down.

Seth nods as he shuts the door behind him. He begins toward the seats when Sarah seems to change her mind as she stands up from her seat instead.

Sarah Twilight: Actually, don't bother. This isn't going to take long.

In the back of Seth's mind he is relieved that he wouldn't have to sit through another rundown of the roster. Though he was a bit unnerved that this "wasn't going to take long." That usually meant something not so great ... and he would know, being as he used to be the owner of this very company.

Sarah Twilight: When I terminate someone's employment ... what do you think that means, Seth?

Seth Lerch: I --

Sarah doesn't want his answer, nor does she give him any time to get it out as she speaks over him.

Sarah Twilight: Do you think that it means I would accept someone rehiring that person the very next week without my permission? Do you think that I would terminate someone as a game? Do you think Seth, that I would beat someone within an inch of their miserable life just before showing them the door and welcome them back just one week later? Is that what you think?

Seth Lerch: Sarah, listen I --

Sarah Twilight: Shut up. I don't care. The fact is you don't think. You don't seem to understand that you don't run the show around here anymore.

Seth sighs a bit and frowns. In the past, if Sarah had been speaking to him like this ... he'd probably have fired her. But right now, there wasn't anything he could do about this.

Sarah Twilight: Was I the one who gave you that glorified babysitter's position to make you feel important around here? Was that me?

Seth Lerch: No.

Sarah Twilight: So where the fuck did you get the idea then, that it was alright for you to rehire Eric Price?

Seth shakes his head immediately and it was clear he was denying involvement in that decision.

Seth Lerch: That wasn't --

Sarah Twilight: Don't bullshit me, Seth. If you honestly believed that I wouldn't find out ... then you are far more pathetic than I imagined. The fact of the matter is, you rehired Eric afer you specifically watched me terminate his employment.

Sarah's demanor grows more angered and agitated. She looks down at her paperwork and shuffles it around as if her focus now was drawn to it. In reality it was only a distraction for her to keep from completely losing it.

Sarah Twilight: Because of the years you've put into this place ... I'm not going to do to you what I should. I will allow you to walk out of here unscathed. Be thankful for that much.

Seth looks at Sarah, very confused now. He realized she basicaly just threatened violence ... or that she for whatever reason WOULDN'T use violence. But as opposed to what?

Sarah Twilight: In other words ... you are no longer employed here in the WCF. Gather your shit and be out of my sight completely within the hour.

Seth Lerch: You're firing me?! Sarah, there has to be a way to resolve this. Can't we talk about it? I'll do whatever it takes!

Sarah looks up from the paperwork and glares mercilessly at Seth.

Sarah Twilight: I am being gracious by allowing you to walk out of here of your own volition. I suggest you take advantage of that. Because if you don't ... I will do to you what I did to your sister.

Seth remembers full well the horrific assault that his sister Shannan had suffered by Sarah's hands. And he knew she meant every word of her threat. Seth frowns and sighs heavily once more as he turns, walking out from the office. We cut back to ringside.

Zach Davis: What an evil, uncaring woman! Seth Lerch fired from the company he built up from scatch. There is no one ... no one who can offer any kind of reprieve from this madwoman now.

Erin Robbins: Seth made his bed and now he has to lay in it. Or he'd end up just like Shannan.

Zach Davis: Didn't that work out well for you huh?

Erin Robbins: It did, thanks!

United States Title Match
Steeltoe Joe vs Eric Price

The Arena Goes Dark and then "Radioactive" by the Imagine Dragons starts to play as blue and white neon lights flicker and pulse to the beat of the music simultaneously. Fog fills up the entrance ramp as Steeltoe Joe comes walking out of the midst of the fog. Joe looks around at all the fans who are booing him as loudly as they can with a lot of hatred for the "People's Pastor."

Zach Davis: And here comes Steeltoe Joe down the ramp as we get set for this US Title Match.

Joe walks slowly and meticulously down the ramp, he jumps up and down like he is loosening up for his match. He steps up the ring steps and then climbs the turnbuckle closest to him. Joe points to the sky and then raises his arms in victory. Joe then jumps down and poses his massive muscles to the camera as he pulls on the ring rope, stretching for his match.

Erin Robbins: And there’s our new US Champion Zach.

Zach Davis: Oh please, just because he’s Sarah’s boy, it doesn’t mean he’s guaranteed a victory.

“Everybody’s Fool” by Evanescence starts playing over the speaker system of the Bank of America Arena as the boos quickly are replaced by cheers as gold lights flash across the stage. Eric Price then emerges on the stage with both the US And Elite Titles draped around his left shoulder as he simply smirks at Steeltoe Joe and raises his hand as the crowd cheers him on.

Zach Davis: And here comes the US Champion!

Erin Robbins: You mean the current US Champion!

Zach Davis: Current … you say that as if you know he’s going to lose the title tonight. Earlier tonight, he had some choice words for WCF’s former and current management as well as some choice words for the current World Champion Jonny Fly.

Erin Robbins: And he was cut off for saying such inappropriate things about our great leader Sarah Twilight as well as our great World Champion Jonny Fly, whom she has now seemingly endorsed.

Eric walks down the entrance ramp and steps into the ring with a smirk completely focused on Steeltoe Joe as he hands both his titles to the referee. The referee quickly hands off the Elite Title to the timekeeper as he keeps the US Title in hand.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WCF United States Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Stockton, CA, standing at 6’ 5” tall, weighing in at 272 pounds, he is the People’s Pastor … STEELTOE JOE!

Crowd boos loudly


Kyle Steel: And his opponent, from Pacific Palisades, CA, standing at 6’ 4” tall, weighing in at 245 lbs., he is the WCF Elite Champion and the current WCF United States Champion … ERIC PRICE!

Crowd cheers loudly

Eric asks Kyle if he can borrow the microphone from him and Kyle gives it to him as the referee raises the belt up prior to the match starting.

Eric Price: Before this match starts, I’d like to say a few words. Who knows, maybe my microphone won’t cut off this time. Sarah … it’s kinda funny that you endorsed Jonny Fly as the World Champion simply because you couldn’t win last week. In fact … let’s play a little piece of footage for the crowd to see what happened to you during the War match.

Footage from the War match one week prior starts playing on the big screen for the crowd to see showing Eric Price pinning Sarah Twilight and the referee counting 1 – 2 – 3, eliminating her from the match as the crowd cheers loudly

Erin Robbins: How dare he play that?!

Zach Davis: Hahahaha!!!

Eric Price: Let’s play that again.

The footage starts looping again as Steeltoe Joe has had enough and decides to surprise Eric Price who is also ready and both men start exchanging punches, Steeltoe Joe punching Eric Price once then Eric Price hitting him right back with another punch! This repeats over and over, many punches being exchanged as Eric seems to get the upper hand in the early going with a few more punches toward Steeltoe Joe.

Zach Davis: And Steeltoe Joe standing up for his “dear leader”.

Erin Robbins: That’s right, he’s doing the right thing to support our great new visionary and ensuring that she will not be embarrassed with such horrible footage.

Zach Davis: You mean the truth?

Erin Robbins: Shut up Zach.

As Eric continues to punch Joe, Joe is reeling a bit and Eric gets near the ropes and clotheslines Joe over the top rope, smiling at him as the crowd cheers loudly for him!

Crowd: Let’s go Price! Let’s go Price! Let’s go Price!

Zach Davis: And Joe is reeling on the outside now. And … looks like the weapons are coming now!

Erin Robbins: Remember, no disqualification thanks to our great new owner Sarah Twilight!

Steeltoe Joe on the outside grabs a steel chair, as Eric is ready inside the ring for him. Joe quickly slides into the ring, chair in hand and Eric slides out and seems to be looking for something under the ring.

Zach Davis: And looks like Eric is looking for something under the ring here. What is he looking for?

Erin Robbins: Nothing good I’m sure!

Zach Davis: And … a Kendo Stick!

Eric Price quickly slides back into the ring swinging the kendo stick as Steeltoe Joe is ready with the steel chair and he quickly takes a swing with it but Eric ducks it!

Erin Robbins: Damn it, Steeltoe Joe misses with that chair shot as Eric Price ducks it but … OH NO!

Zach Davis: Oh boy … a kendo stick to Steeltoe Joe … a low blow is what that was but remember, the boss said it’s no disqualification so everything’s legal. And this crowd is loving it as he’s taking it to the supposed “People’s Pastor”.

The low blow immediately causes Steeltoe Joe to drop the chair in pain. Eric then uses the kendo stick to hit Joe in the back once, twice, three times knocking him down and he decides to cover him!

Erin Robbins: This is not right!

Zach Davis: It’s your “dear leader’s” rules. Cover!

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: And a kickout by Steeltoe Joe! Resilience definitely because that had to hurt! But it must feel good to get some measure of revenge against Steeltoe Joe … he was part of that betrayal just a few weeks ago at the hands of Sarah Twilight!

Erin Robbins: Sarah said it best; she’s simply disposing of the weak … weaklings like Eric Price!

Eric grabs Joe and starts lifting him up.

Zach Davis: And now Eric Price grabbing Joe, lifting him up and WAIT … Joe locks in … a belly to belly suplex from out of nowhere! Wow.

Erin Robbins: That shows just how good Steeltoe Joe, our real People’s Champion is as Eric Price is now down on the canvas. And Joe now capitalizing, cover!

1 ..

2 ..

Zach Davis: And a kickout from Eric Price!

Joe now looks infuriated and notices the steel chair he dropped earlier. He immediately grabs it and a sick smile forms on his face.

Erin Robbins: Oh boy, here we go! YES! Steeltoe Joe, our People’s Pastor is going to teach Eric Price all about faith and all about following the right path with this steel chair. Price is down and Joe starts hitting Price right in the gut with that steel chair, ramming it into him!

Zach Davis: This is vicious. Chair shot after chair shot here!

Joe continues to ram the chair into Eric’s gut several more times, totaling 10 shots with the chair. He then kicks Price to turn him on his back and bashes him with the steel chair again and again and a third time for good measure.

Erin Robbins: That’s right Eric … you suffer for speaking out against our dear leader.

Zach Davis: Cover! This has got to be it!

1 ..

2 ..

Erin Robbins: WHAT THE HELL?!

Zach Davis: I cannot believe it, Eric Price barely gets the shoulder up, he’s still in this after all those vicious chair shots!

Erin Robbins: What does it take to put Eric Price away here?! Joe is beside himself!

Joe then starts stomping away at Eric Price right in the gut mercilessly. Over and over and over again!

Zach Davis: And frustration seems to be building here as Joe goes for another cover!

1 ..

2 ..

Erin Robbins: And Eric Price kicks out again! Damn it all, that ref is not counting fast enough.

Zach Davis: It’s a normal three count Erin, Eric Price just isn’t giving up.

Joe immediately starts angrily arguing with the referee over the count and that it should be three already as the ref counters that it is a normal three count and it was only a two count this time around! Joe then grabs Price, lifts him up slowly!

Zach Davis: Price being turned around here and Joe hits the Divination! That’s gotta be it! Joe going for the cover again!

Erin Robbins: New US Champ!

1 …

2 …

Zach Davis: But no, another kick out!

Erin Robbins: No … this can’t be, damn it ref, what the hell?

Steeltoe Joe is outright livid now as he is not sure what to do at this juncture. Price is laid out flat on the canvas. As Joe goes to grab him, Price quickly reacts and grabs Joe by the legs!

Zach Davis: Joe going to lift Price up again but wait … Eric Price grabs Joe by the legs and he’s setting him up … sharpshooter locked in!

Erin Robbins: NO! NO! NO!

Zach Davis: And Price with a huge smile on his face as the sharpshooter is firmly locked in, Joe writhing in pain here!

Erin Robbins: And Joe is at the bottom rope, damn it Eric Price, let go of the hold.

Zach Davis: Why should he? It’s Sarah’s no disqualification rules, he can keep that hold on as long as he likes!

Erin Robbins: This is not fair!

Zach Davis: Take it up with Sarah then.

Steeltoe Joe is in tremendous pain from the sharpshooter but as he is grabbing the rope, he starts using it as leverage to turn himself around and as he turns around, he manages to kick Eric Price away, forcing a break of the hold as he continues to hold on to the rope to get up.

Erin Robbins: And now Steeltoe Joe using the ropes as leverage and he’s able to force Eric Price to let go of the hold by kicking him away, that’s right Joe!

Zach Davis: Eric Price has to recover here as Joe is using the ropes for leverage to stand himself up. Eric is a bit out of it with that kick. Joe however notices the steel chair still on the canvas and he grabs it here, evil intentions coming here!

Erin Robbins: Price doesn’t see it coming here and yes … a chair shot right to the head of Eric Price! And he’s busted open now! Cover!

1 ..

2 …

Zach Davis: And yet another kick out! Wow!

Erin Robbins: Damn it! Ref do your job!

Zach Davis: He is doing his job, Eric Price simply has the resiliency of a champion and he doesn’t give a damn it seems about getting hurt, he’s going to do what it takes to retain his title belt!

Steeltoe Joe is even more frustrated, pulling on his hair now wondering what the hell it’s going to take to beat Eric Price. He grabs the steel chair once more and he’s ready to deliver a finishing blow.

Erin Robbins: And Steeltoe Joe ready with the steel chair again, I think he’s going to finish Eric Price off here. Price slowly getting up here.

Zach Davis: Wow, that crimson mask of blood covering him here. Price turns around and he ducks it but oh no, the ref blasted by the steel chair, the ref is down!

Erin Robbins: Good … he was doing a terrible job anyway! Joe turns around here and Price grabs him … Ca$h Flow! NO!

Zach Davis: Ca$h Flow connects! Cover!

Erin Robbins: But there’s no referee out here.

Crowd boos loudly when all of a sudden “The Only One” starts playing over the speaker system as Eric Price looks up at the lights and just smirks knowing that Sarah Twilight is coming down to the ring. She takes her time walking down the entrance ramp as the music fades away and she has a ref’s t-shirt ready to put on. She slowly walks down the ramp taking her sweet precious time as Eric yells at her to hurry up!

Zach Davis: Oh yeah, Sarah Twilight, this is gonna be fair.

Erin Robbins: Of course it is, she is honest, she is smart, she is the greatest leader WCF has ever seen.

Zach Davis: So your lips seem to be permanently glued to her ass, am I right?

Erin Robbins: I simply support what is best for WCF and Sarah Twilight is definitely best!

Zach Davis: And as Sarah finally makes her way into the ring here before even a 1 count, Steeltoe Joe kicks out by instinct I guess. Sarah just smirks at Eric Price who looks at her with great disgust.

Erin Robbins: Joe slowly getting up.

Zach Davis: And what the hell is this? Sarah hitting Eric Price with a Twilight Zone here, this is ridiculous!

Erin Robbins: This is great, the best leadership I’ve ever seen.

Zach Davis: And it’s academic now as Sarah yells at Joe to cover Eric Price!

1 ..

2 ..

Erin Robbins: NO!

Zach Davis: And Eric Price much to the chagrin of both Sarah Twilight and Steeltoe Joe still manages to kick out just barely! Steeltoe Joe hitting the mat in complete anger!

Erin Robbins: But it looks like our great leader has a plan here as she whispers into Joe’s ear.

Zach Davis: I can’t think of what evil machination she has and … oh I got it now, she wants Joe to put Eric Price in a sharpshooter, what an insult to the man!

Erin Robbins: Sharpshooter applied!

Sarah Twilight immediately signals to the timekeeper to ring the bell!

Zach Davis: Wait a minute, what the hell business is this?

Sarah Twilight quickly slides out of the ring and yells at Kyle Steel to announce the match results, whispering in his ear the result! Kyle Steel hesitant to announce the result however Sarah further intimidates him into doing so as she looks back with a smirk toward the ring.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by submission and NEW WCF United States Champion … STEELTOE JOE!

Zach Davis: Submission? What kind of nonsense is that? Eric Price never gave up! ERIC PRICE NEVER GAVE UP!

Erin Robbins: If our dear leader said that he tapped out and gave up, I’m inclined to believe her.

Steeltoe Joe is quickly given the US Title by the timekeeper as he raises it up proudly to the booing crowd!

Crowd: You screwed Eric! You screwed Eric! You screwed Eric!

Zach Davis: Oh and Steeltoe Joe so proud like he actually won the damn thing on his own.

Erin Robbins: New US Champion won by submission, Sarah signed off on it, what more do you need to know?

Steeltoe Joe rolls out of the ring with the title in hand very proudly strutting up the ramp as Sarah slowly walks by the ring simply smirking at Eric Price who glares at her with incredible hatred and disgust. Sarah just keeps walking up the ramp slowly as Eric quickly asks for a microphone.

Eric Price: Hey … (catching his breath) … Sarah … you thought that was funny? Was that payback for a few months ago?

Sarah just keeps walking up the ramp ignoring him

Eric Price: Next week on Slam, how about I finish up that little personal story about you that I started to tell earlier tonight. I’m sure everyone would love to hear it.

Sarah turns around and simply glares at Eric who smirks at her as “Everybody’s Fool” by Evanescence plays over the speaker system as Eric slowly gets up and Sarah simply continues to make her way to the back, smirk ever present on her face as Eric gives a devilish smile toward her.

Zach Davis: This was a screwjob plain and simple but what is this personal story Eric Price keeps talking about?

Erin Robbins: I don’t know what kind of nonsense that is but it sounds like the talk of a sore loser who can’t stand the fact that he didn’t have what it takes to beat Steeltoe Joe.

Zach Davis: Oh please, he never tapped out and you know it. Just like at War last week, he never tapped out, never gave up except this week, he was screwed out of the US Title. Dark days of WCF under Sarah Twilight but … and I never thought I’d say this, Eric Price might be the one person who will stand up to the darkness and to Sarah Twilight.

Erin Robbins: Nonsense … Sarah Twilight’s beat him before and she’ll beat him again.

Zach Davis: We’ll see about that.

Tag Team Titles Match
John Gable/Benjamin Atreyu vs Sarah Twilight/Jonathan Jakobs

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall ... and it is for the WCF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Huge pop from the crowd.

Kyle Steel: Introducing first, the challengers ... representing S-PAC ... and being accompanied to the ring by Scott Savage .... they are BENJAMIN ATREYU and JOHN GABLE!!!

“Hollywood Babylon” by The Misfits plays over the P.A. Scott Savage struts out from behind the curtain with a smile. John Gable and Benjamin Atreyu soon follow. They pose on the ramp, smiling for the booing crowd, before walking down the entrance ramp. The roll under the bottom rope, and jump onto opposite turnbuckles, holding their arms high in a victorious manner. The crowd showers them with hate, as they jump down, and their music fades.

Kyle Steel: And their opponents ....

All of the lights in the arena dim simultaneously... Next, a massive pulsing light pierces through the vicinity as a barrage of pyrotechnics erupt. Smoke pours from the stage in the midst of various colors & hues. "Rich As Fuck" by Lil' Wayne featuring 2 Chainz pumps from the speakers.

Kyle Steel: First ... from Houston, Texas ... he is one half of the WCF Tag Team Champions ... JONATHAN JAKOBS!!!

Jonathan Jakobs emerges from behind the curtains, oddly enough holding both tag titles. He briefly stops and places his right fist in the air, the crowd boos in utter disgust. Jonathan strides down to the ring as he exchanges high-fives with a few of the fans. He climbs the steps & enters the ring. He stands in the corner waits for the match to begin.

Kyle Steel: And his tag team partner ...

The lights go out as a spotlight centers on stage. Piano chords begin a haunting melody, accompanied by heavy drum beats. The crowd begins to boo MASSIVELY as the video wall displays the words THE ONLY ONE.

Kyle Steel: Making her way to the ring, hailing from Los Angeles, California, the WCF Owner and one half of the WCF Tag Champions, she is "The Only One Who Matters In Professional Wrestling, The Epitome of Perfection, The Queen Bee of WCF ... she is ...."The Mistress of Mischief" SARAH TWILIGHT!

Pyros shoot up from the stage as our melody finally kicks into guitar. "The Only One" by Evanescence continues to play as Sarah finally walks out onto the stage. She is greeted with deafening boos and soaks them all in, as if she enjoyed the crowd's hatred. She arrogantly swaggers towards the ring, taking her time to revel in her own glory among ENRAGED fans before she reaches the ringsteps and steps inside. Pyros now shoot off from the ring posts and Sarah takes to each turnbuckle, staring coldly and without emotion into the sea of 'sheep' as the crowd's boos become even LOUDER.

Zach Davis: This is going to be something!

Erin Robbins: I can't wait to see Sarah decimate those two idiots!

However, Sarah climbs out from the ring and instead of taking to the apron in her corner, she makes her way down to the announce table. Jakobs doesn't look pleased at all. Gable and Atreyu look confused. She has a brief chat with Kyle Steel before reaching the announce table. Kyle takes up the mic.

Kyle Steel: I have just been informed by Sarah Twilight ... that this match is now ... a two on one HANDICAP MATCH!

Zach Davis: WHAT?!

Erin Robbins: Ooh, that's genius! Make Jakobs earn his own way.

Sarah grabs a seat at the announce table and places on a headset. Zach looks at her oddly.

Sarah Twilight: Is there a problem?

Zach Davis: Uhm, you're supposed to be defending the tag championships.

Sarah Twilight: I do whatever the fuck I want. Jakobs wants to be a big boy, he has his chance. Now shut your mouth and let's watch this.

The bell rings and Jakobs does his best to be quick, knowing that he does not have the ability to tag out. Gable circles him cautiously and Jakobs steps in for a collar and elbow tie up. Gable shoots off to a side headlock. Jakobs back into the ropes for a shove off. But Gable ciches the lock tighter and hangs on. Jakobs again into the ropes for the shove off and Gable this time is pushed away. He turns around into a dropkick by Jakobs.

Zach Davis: Jonathan Jakobs has to get in and out with a quick, effective offense. He can't allow Gable or Atreyu to land any high impact manuevers.

Sarah Twilight: He can't handle it, plain and simple. He believes he's earned his way somewhere? What has he earned? The ability to tag along with actual stars around here and share in their success? The only scrap of tin he's ever held onto is the tag championships ... and that is because he's had someone picking up his slack. Tonight, he either proves his worth or he flops.

Zach Davis: How is he going to defend the tag championships successfully by himself?!

Sarah Twilight: That's not my problem. He is so worried about them, he can defend them. I don't need to prove anything here. I've beaten both Gable and Atreyu on multiple occasions. What has Jakobs done? He pinned Deuce Maximus AFTER I dropped that fucker with a Twilight Zone.

Erin Robbins: Exactly. Zach, this is about Jakobs proving himself. Sarah isn't the one in question here.

Gable back to his feet and Jakobs sends him into the ropes with the Irish whip. On the return, Jakobs with a kick to the gut and he hauls Gable up with a gutwrench powerbomb ... CRASHING him into the canvas. Jakobs shuffles over him immediately for the cover. Referee Peter Laos slides in for the count.




Gable kicks out just after two.

Zach Davis: I'd say that Jakobs is pulling his weight right now ... by himself!

Sarah Twilight: Going for a quick pinfall might ... MIGHT get someone lucky. But he's desperate. He knows he isn't going to last long and he's going to be reckless because of it.

Zach Davis: Maybe because he doesn't have a TAG PARTNER?!

Sarah Twilight: You want him to have a tag partner?

Zach Davis: He should.

Sarah Twilight: Good, go up and join him then.

Zach Davis: What?!

Erin Robbins: You heard her! If you have such a problem with her methods, you go and join Jakobs!

Zach reluctantly gets up, removing his headset. Sarah yanks him back into the chair.

Sarah Twilight: Sit down you idiot. I'm not going to interview more losers to replace you like I did Shannan.

Erin Robbins: Hey!

Gable is back up and Jakobs moves in to grapple him again. This time, Gable tackles him down and sends some HARD rights and lefts at him. Jakobs is dazed by the sudden flurry and Gable rolls off of the mount. Jakobs sits up and CRACK! Gable rushes him with a HARD knee to the face. Jakobs is back down on the canvas and Gable with a quick tag to Atreyu.

Erin Robbins: This is actually pretty entertaining. Except ... that you're gonna lose your tag championship when Jakobs screws this up, Sarah.

Sarah Twilight: I have said it before, will say it again. I do not need, nor do I want that piece of tin. The only thing it symbolizes for me is that I have to carry around a useless carcass like Jakobs. That is why I am sitting here and he is in the ring getting his ass kicked. He wants those straps, I do not.

Zach Davis: Why wind up with them in the first place if you didn't want anything to do with them?

Sarah Twilight: Because I could. That's all. No other reason. I took them ... and that was it. Not really interested in what happens with them.

Atreyu into the ring and he drags Jakobs back to his feet, spinning him around and into a German suplex. He releases upon impact and Jakobs' body flops upwards almost standing on his head before he crashes back down again. Jakobs is really out of it as he struggles to get back to his feet, staggering. Atreyu measures him and as he rises back to his feet finally, stumbling into Atreyu he is met with the Black Eye Sonata! Jakobs goes down HARD and Atreyu down for the cover. Laos in position.




Atreyu pulls Jakobs up and shakes his head.

Zach Davis: Oh come on! Just end it already.

Sarah Twilight: I like it, actually. Why stop now when you can just kick the shit out of him some more?

Zach Davis: That is your tag partner we're talking about!

Erin Robbins: FORMER tag partner Zach. He's Sarah's former partner.

Sarah Twilight: Thank you, Erin.

Gable is on the apron, begging for the tag and Atreyu obliges. He makes the tag and Gable climbs into the ring, measuring Jakobs. Jakobs doesn't get up anytime soon and Gable leans in the corner, impatiently.

Sarah Twilight: He is just as bored as I am right now.

Erin Robbins: The nerve of Jakobs ... just laying there! So lazy! I can see what you mean, Sarah.

Zach Davis: This is just ridiculous.

Finally, Jakobs manages to crawl his way to the ropes and to his feet. Gable moves out from the corner as his endless wait has finished and he grabs hold of Jakobs. Bringing him up and right back down with Cimena Paradise!! Jakobs is again LAID OUT and now it is Gable for the cover. Laos checks the shoulder and slides in for the count.




Now GABLE pulls Jakobs arm up at the last moment.

Zach Davis: Oh what is this?!

Sarah Twilight: Looks to me like they're having fun. I see nothing wrong with it.

Zach Davis: Of course you don't ... you run WCF like a madhouse!

Erin Robbins: I see no problem with it either.

Zach Davis: Figures.

Gable makes the tag to Atreyu now and the two men pause for a moment, thinking up something. They both hop down from the apron and search under the ring ... after a few moments they produce a table and the two men slide it into the ring. Jakobs is still down and out of it.

Zach Davis: A table?! Come on ... enough is enough!

Sarah Twilight: Perfectly legal. There are no disqualifications.

Erin Robbins: Best rule you've ever made.

Zach Davis: Or took away ...

Gable begins setting up the table as Atreyu moves to collect Jakobs. However, as Jakobs is hauled up he fights back! Firing off shot after shot at Atreyu sending him reeling back with some hard fists. Gable finishes propping up the table and hears the commotion. Atreyu is forced against the ropes by Jakobs' sudden flurry and Jakobs takes him for an Irish whip ... but it's reversed. Jakobs is sent toward Gable who is at the ready but Jon hops up ... leg lariat! He takes Gable down!

Zach Davis: Jakobs with a second wind here! I can't believe this!

Sarah Twilight: It's already over for him. How pathetic that he thinks he still has a chance.

Erin Robbins: This is his one chance to prove his worth to you ... and I'll admit he's trying hard.

Sarah Twilight: He is trying to keep hold of the only thing that brings his life meaning ... and he will fail.

Gable goes down and Jakobs isn't through yet. Atreyu rushes him and Jakobs with a hip toss. Atreyu crashes into the canvas and stumbles back up to his feet. Jakobs moves in and BLOOD MONEY!!!

Zach Davis: Jakobs might win this thing!

Erin Robbins: Oh no ...

But NO! Atreyu ducks it. He spins Jakobs around and hauls him up into a Burning Hammer position. He turns toward the table and ...

Erin Robbins: REQUIEM IN D MINOR! Through the TABLE!!

Sarah Twilight: Like I said ... he fails.

Zach Davis: Welp, that's gotta be it.

Jakobs CRASHES through the wood face first and is completely out of it. Atreyu slides over and makes the cover. Laos in position.




Bell Rings.

Kyle Steel: Here are your winners and the NEW WCF Tag Team Champions .... BENJAMIN ATREYU and JOHN GABLE!!!

Sarah Twilight: Well Erin, was a wonderful chat ... but now I have business to tend to.

Sarah gets up from the announce table, removing her headset.

Erin Robbins: Jakobs was such a disappointment. He really was only walking in Sarah's shadow. Now, he just found out that he isn't so hot.

Zach Davis: He went the match alone, Erin. What could you POSSIBLY expect? This is another example of Sarah Twilight turning everything upside down around here. It's absurd!

Sarah makes her way toward the time keeper and collects the WCF Tag Championships as “Hollywood Babylon” by The Misfits plays once again. Atreyu and Gable watch Twilight closely as she takes hold of their newly won gold. She slides both titles into the ring toward them and they collect their prizes, celebrating. Sarah goes under the ring apron for something before stepping into the ring herself. Gable and Atreyu put their focus on her once again and are wary. Though as she casts her gaze upon Jakobs, who is now struggling back to his feet, the S-PAC members exit the ring and continue to celebrate up the ramp.

Zach Davis: Oh what the hell is this now?

Erin Robbins: Jakobs failed. Sarah is disappointed in him I guess?

Zach Davis: Disappointed? She doesn't care about him ... or anyone else for that matter!

Erin Robbins: Jakobs lost, he let everyone down. That can't be tolerated!

Jakobs is crawling on the mat, trying to get to his feet. Sarah glares down at him in disgust as the crowd begins to boo heavily. Growing tired of waiting for him to get back up, she reaches down and grabs a handful of his hair, forcing him to his feet.

Zach Davis: This is disgusting. The man just endured a handicap match and NOW she's going to get her licks in?

Erin Robbins: The weak must be separated from the strong.

Zach Davis: Are you programmed to say that crap or what?

As Jakobs is hauled to his feet ... Sarah takes the item she had concealed in her hand and she wraps it around his throat without warning!

Zach Davis: NO! OH MY GOD NO! That's one of the NOOSES from the Battle Royal earlier!

Erin Robbins: Oh no! I can't watch this!

Sarah grabs hold of the free noose tightly at the end and she RUNS toward the ropes with Jakobs, using the momentum to send him over the top. He dangles over the side as Sarah grasps the end of the noose with both hands, using all of her strength to hold him there. Here eyes emotionless and uncaring as she begins to strangle her now former tag team partner.

Zach Davis: This is attempted murder! This CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!!

Erin Robbins: Please tell me when it's over, I can't watch.

Erin continues to look away, still haunted by earlier images from the battle royal. Sarah wrenches her hands tightly as the noose digs into Jakobs' neck. He chokes and gasps for air, his face turning a deep purple and even with his tanned complexion it was easy to tell he was suffocating. The vicious redhead does not let go of the noose even as Jakobs' body finally goes limp. No medical staff, nor security come to his aid as none dare interrupt the WCF Owner.

Zach Davis: He's not breathing! This has GOT to stop!

Erin Robbins: No no no! Shut up I don't want to know!

A great deal of time longer than the ten seconds alotted for the battle royal has gone by when finally Sarah lets go of the noose. Jakobs falls from his dangling state face first into the floor below and he is not moving at all. Still, no EMTs or help of any kinda make their way out from the back as per Sarah's orders. The crowd is beyond disgusted as they begin throwing trash into the ring and screaming the foulest of comments toward Sarah. She looks down at her deed without even blinking. Her demeanor as callous as it has ever been. She finally exits the ring and makes her way up the ramp leaving Jakobs face down on the outside floor, motionless, unresponsive and without help.

Zach Davis: If this night continues like this ... we're not going to survive very long around here. No one is safe. This is now the wild west of professional wrestling. No rules, no consequences ... at least not for our new dictator, Sarah Twilight. We need help out here ... Jakobs is in a bad way.

Erin Robbins: Sarah said she'd handle things herself but ... I didn't know it was going to be like this.

Zach Davis: We'll be back folks ... we have to go to break. I can't even ...

First Blood Match
D-Day vs Waylon Cash

“Night on Bald Mountain” begins to play, as the fans boo loudly. After a few moments, Scott Savage emerges from behind the curtain. He poses for the fans, as they shout their disapproval. He struts down to the ringside area, and takes a seat behind the announce desk, before slipping the extra headset on.

Erin Robbins: To what do we owe this pleasure?

Scott Savage: To my unending benevolence, as always. Good to see you two talking heads again as well.

Kyle Steel: The following match is a first blood match! Coming to the ring first...

The lights in the stadium dim to pitch black Bulletproof by 12 Stones blares in the speakers with lights swinging around the stadium lighting up the darkness from the dimmed lights. In cue with the music, pyros of red, white and blue go off when the sound of BANG!!! from Bulletproof. The pyros continue to go off on cue with the word being said. After the third pyro goes off the lights focus on the entrance of the stage where Donald Deruty is standing with his head tilted down.

Kyle Steel: Weighing two-hundred and five pounds. Hailing from New York City... Donald D-day Deruty!

He falls to his knees and throws his hands up in the air where a final set of multi-colored pyros is fired. At the signal of the final pyros the dimmed lights turn back on and light the whole stadium with red, white, and blue lights. D-Day jumps to his feet as soon as the lights are back on. He takes his time walking down the ramp, as he gives high fives and shakes the hands of the fans. Suddenly, Waylon Cash runs out onto the ramp, and attacks D-day from behind. Donald falls to the ground, and the referee rings the bell.

Zach Davis: Waylon Cash attacking D-day from behind! Disgusting!

Erin Robbins: What are you talking about? He was just excited! Waylon couldn't wait for this match to start.

Scott Savage: May want to be a tad more unbiased Zach. You are an announcer after all.

Cash stomps on D-days back, before lifting him up, and tossing him into the steel guardrail. He pins Donald up against the metal, while delivering stiff right hands to his forehead.

Zach Davis: Waylon's already trying to bust open Deruty!

Erin Robbins: He's clearly in a big hurry. He must have somewhere to be.

Scott Savage: A victory celebration. S-PAC can't wait to be rid of D-day, and we've got the champagne in the back, waiting to be popped the second Donald starts bleeding.

Cash back up, and tries to clothesline Deruty, but D-day ducks it, sending Waylon over the railing, and into the first row. Now it is Donald's turn to back up. He waits until Waylon is standing, and then sprints forward, diving over the rail, and slamming into his opponent. They both fall into a group of fans, but D-day gets up right away. He strikes Cash about the face and head a few times, before dumping him back over the railing, and following.

Zach Davis: D-day isn't joking around either. These two are more than ready to make each other bleed.

Erin Robbins: I wouldn't be surprised if both men are busted open by the time we're done tonight.

D-day grabs Waylon, and pulls him toward the ring. Near the corner, Deruty pulls Cash's head back, and slams it into the ring post. Waylon stumbles away, dazed after the collision. D-day grabs him by the back of the neck and waist, before tossing him head first into the steel steps. They go flying, and Waylon collapses to the ground.

Zach Davis: D-day taking an early advantage here.

Scott Savage: Advantage means nothing in a match like this. You can start bleeding in a fraction of a second. That is all it takes to win.

Deruty goes to grab him again, but Waylon lashes out in desperation, kicking him in the gut. D-day doubles over, and gets kicked in the jaw. He stumbles backwards, allowing Wayon to rise to his feet. He comes after Deruty with rights and lefts, backing him across the concrete, and up against the guardrail. He peppers D-day's face with blows, trying as hard as he can to break the skin.

Scott Savage: Watch Waylon, this is where he's brilliant. When he really lets go, and allows the animalistic side of him to present itself, he becomes more dangerous than any other man I know.

Waylon takes a moment to breath, and D-day immediately capitalizes. He tackles Cash, ramming him back against the ring post. He then kicks his opponent in the gut, and hits a DDT on the floor.

Zach Davis: Whoa! Waylon's head slamming hard against the concrete!

Cash lays on the ground, as D-day takes a moment to collect himself.

Erin Robbins: It looks like Deruty is dazed from all those shots to the head.

Scott Savage: That's the danger in fighting a man like Waylon Cash.

Donald stands up, and steps over to the crowd, taking a chair offered by one of the fans. He lines up the shot, as the fans cheer. He swings for the fences, but Waylon rolls out of the way, causing chair to connect with post. Waylon uses this as an opportunity to dive at Deruty's legs. They fall to the ground, and Cash starts with the hard rights again. After a flurry of punches, Waylon stands. Deruty clutches his face, as Waylon lunges over and grabs the bell.

Scott Savage: What the hell! Use the bell!

Erin Robbins: Scott Savage channeling Bobby Heenan, and Waylon Cash going for the kill.

Donald stands, and catches a face full of bell. He falls backwards in a heap. The ref immediately checks him, but there is no blood. Waylon looks frustrated. He raises the bell high above his head, and goes for another strike, but catches a boot to the gut. Cash drops the bell, allowing D-day to pick it up and clock him with it. Waylon catches himself on the guardrail, but can't stand right away. D-day comes running at him, bell held high. Waylon suddenly dives forward, and clips his knees. D-day collapses, and grabs his leg in agony. Cash stands up, seeing his big opening.

Scott Savage: look at him! He smells blood in the water. Waylon may very well kill D-day tonight.

Cash stomps a few times on Deruty's face, before lifting him up, and irish whipping him into the ring post. D-day almost does a back flip upon collision. The crowd boos, as Waylon gives them a satisfied smirk. He walks over, and rips the chair out from under the time keeper, before turning his attention back to D-day. Deruty gets to his knees, before Waylon lifts the chair, and brings it down on his head.


He raises the chair again, but this time D-day moves out of the way, and sweeps Waylon's leg out from under him. Deruty dives on him, and now it's his turn to deliver a few well placed right hands. Waylon tries to crawl out from under his grip, but he just ends up getting punched while pinned up against the guardrail. Eventually Deruty lets up, but only to reach under the ring, and grab a kendo stick. The crowd cheers, as he dances with the cane, waiting for Waylon to stand.

Erin Robbins: D-day looks like he's ready to finish this.

Scott Savage: He may look like he's doing well, but he doesn't stand a chance. You'll see.

Waylon rises, and D-day hits him in the gut. With Cash doubled over, D-day pulls back, and swings in an upward arc. He catches Waylon in the face, sending him flying backwards in a spin. In a blur, Waylon uses that momentum to keep spinning towards D-Day and punch him right in the nose!

Zach Davis: DAMN! Two brutal strikes right there!

Waylon rolls around on the ground for a minute, before uncovering his face. A river of crimson runs down his skin. The ref sees this, and signals for the bell.

Erin Robbins: D-day wins!... Wait!...

D-Day is bleeding as well!, blood oozing out of his nose, which may be broken. The referee explains the situation to Kyle.

Kyle Steel: Due to both competitors bleeding.. the referee has declared that this match is a DRAW!

The fans begin to boo heavily.

Scott Savage: From here, I clearly saw that D-Day began bleeding first. This is a travesty.

Zach Davis: Wait, where are you going?

Scott stands up, ripping his headset off. D-Day has stumbled up, and the manager attacks him from behind. He tucks Deruty's head between his legs, and lifts him into a powerbomb position. Scott then turns, and slams him down on the apron. Donald falls to the ground, motionless, as Scott helps Waylon up.

Zach Davis: Scott Savage sending a message after a hell of a fight.

Erin Robbins: Short but sweet. I don't think we've seen the last of these two fighting. Not with D-Day's war.

Scott helps Waylon limp to the back, and a medic checks on D-day.

Last Man Standing Match
FPV vs Steve Orbit

Zach Davis: From a wrestling fan's perspective, I can't wait for this match. These are two of the most popular guys currently on the roster-- maybe THE two most popular, and they're both former World champions.

Erin Robbins: Oh yeah, best buddies, too. They came out and threw a fit earlier, but they still have to do their jobs and have a match.


The lights dim as "Who Gon Stop Me" by Kanye West & Jay-Z plays over the PA. A pink strobe light flashes rapidly throughout the arena-- pink lasers swirl around the entranceway and eventually converge into a big pink spotlight, as "The Mack" Steve Orbit appears at the top of the ramp. Orbit's wearing a long mink over his ring gear, which consists of alligator skin wrestling shorts and matching boots. He's also got his pink hat with a feather, a thick gold chain with a diamond-coated Jesus peice, and a jewel encrusted cane. He struts towards the ring, taking plenty of time to interact with the fans-- especially the ladies. At ringside, he removes his hat and coat, and kisses the cross on his chain before handing it to a ringhand. Upon entering the ring, he climbs one of the turnbuckles and gyrates his hips to a huge pop from the crowd. "OR-BIT" chants can be heard throughout the arena. He climbs down from the turnbuckle and waits in his corner for the match to start.

Kyle Steel: This match is a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH... the winner will be decided when his opponent cannot stand for a count of ten. Introducing first, from Oakland, California... weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds... THE MACK... STEVE ORBIT!!!

Zach Davis: What a stellar performance at War from the Mack. He was expected to do well, and I don't think he disappointed.

Erin Robbins: He didn't win. He lost. That's not a "stellar performance", that's a disappointment, Zach.

The lights turn to a blood red as the crowd stands up on their feet, as "Ghosts 'n Stuff" hits the P.A and FPV, signature duster and "Franky The Boudle Slayer" T-Shirt, comes out the curtains. He plays to excited crowd like a circus ringmaster, fistbumping furiously along with the crowd and the music, and each fistbump triggers an explosion of black pyro from the stage.

FPV takes the walk down the ramp, slapping fans hands before climbing the steps and on top of the turnbuckles, where he fistbumps one more time, sending one more explosion of pyro throughout the arena. He climbs into the ring and sits in a lotuc position in the corner, waiting for the match to start.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent... from Atlanta, Georgia... weighing two hundred and five pounds... FRANK VENABLE!!!

Zach Davis: Well, neither man looks happy to be here.

Erin Robbins: I don't see what the big deal is. They're wrestlers. What's the difference?

Zach Davis: The difference, Erin, is that these two are very good friends, and they've been placed in a brutal match where the loser has to be beaten so badly that he can't even stand for a TEN count. And this is all for Sarah Twilight's amusement.

Erin Robbins: No, Zach, she's testing them. She wants to see what they're made of. I think it's a brilliant move.

Zach Davis: Of course you do.


Orbit and FPV shake hands and quickly hug. They nod at each other, and pace around the ring for a few moments.

Erin Robbins: Gonna have to get started at some point, guys.

Finally, they lock up. Orbit puts FPV in a side headlock, but FPV slips out, shoving him off. Orbit turns around and they lock up again. This time FPV goes behind Orbit with a waistlock-- Orbit pries FPV's hands apart and grabs one of his arms, wrenching it, and eventually going behind Frank with a hammerlock.

Zach Davis: These two are really being careful... and clean.

Erin Robbins: Boring.

FPV sends a back elbow to Orbit's face, slipping out of the hammerlock. Frank follows with a standing dropkick, catching Orbit right under the chin. Orbit stumbles back, but catches the ropes. FPV approaches, and Orbit cocks his hand back--

Zach Davis: PIMP SLAP! Orbit Pimp Slaps Frank Venable!

Erin Robbins: [laughing] Now we're having fun.

Orbit is almost surprised at himself, as if he acted on instinct. He looks at his hand, and then back at FPV. Frank holds his face, checking his lip for blood, and not looking too happy. FPV begins to walk towards Orbit, as Orbit apologizes for the Slap--

Zach Davis: Frank shoves Orbit to the mat, full force!

Erin Robbins: So much for best buddies, huh Zach?

Zach Davis: Stop it Erin-- you know this is exactly what Sarah wants.

Erin Robbins: It's working, isn't it?

FPV kicks at Orbit as he tries to get back up. Orbit gets to his feet, despite Frank jabbing at him. Orbit sends a stiff kick to FPV's knee-- Frank responds with a jumping front kick. Orbit is reeling, and FPV grabs him for a scoop slam. Frank climbs to the second turnbuckle and leaps off with a kneedrop, catching Orbit in the head. Orbit holds his head in pain and rolls out of the ring.

Erin Robbins: No surprise here, the Mack is running away.

FPV gets a running start and--

Zach Davis: SUICIDE DIVE... MISSES! Orbit uses Frank's own momentum and sends him crashing into the guardrail.

Frank lands very rough at ringside. Orbit pulls him up by one of his arms and drops him hard with a short-arm clothesline.

Steve Orbit: Stay down, Franky.

Orbit rolls into the ring and tells the ref to start the ten count, which he does.



Frank begins to stir on the ground.



Zach Davis: FPV is up!

And Orbit stands in the ring, on guard. FPV slides into the ring.

Zach Davis: It looks like Orbit is attempting to reason with Frank once more.

Erin Robbins: The line has been crossed. Just fight it out. You can go back to being friends tomorrow.

After some words are exchanged, Orbit and FPV lock up. Orbit wrenches FPV's arm-- but FPV twists out of it, and hooks Orbit's arm, hip tossing him to the mat. Frank follows with an elbowdrop, but Orbit rolls out of the way. They both get to their feet. Orbit sticks and moves with quick jabs, finally landing a headbutt that sends FPV reeling. Orbit steps out onto the apron and slingshots in with a leg lariat. He gets back up to his feet, bringing FPV with him-- FPV sends a few elbows to Orbit's gut, breaking his grasp. Instead, FPV grabs Orbit and--

Zach Davis: Double knee gutbuster!

FPV scrambles to the top turnbuckle-- and leaps off with a double foot stomp!

Zach Davis: Goomba Stomp! FPV is unloading on Steve Orbit.

Frank looks like he wants to cover Orbit out of habit. Instead, he paces for a few moments, planning his next move. He looks down at Orbit--

FPV: YOU stay down!

The ref starts the count.




Orbit gets to a knee.


Zach Davis: Orbit's back in it.

FPV grabs Orbit as he gets back to his feet, hitting him with elbow smashes. He whips Orbit to the ropes-- Orbit leapfrogs FPV, and slides out of the ring.

Zach Davis: Smooth escape by Steve Orbit.

Erin Robbins: Well, when you're a crook like the Mack...

Zach Davis: Stop.

FPV walks over towards Orbit, who is trying to regain his composure. He grabs the top rope and slingshots outside the ring--

Erin Robbins: Slingshot splash by FPV! Orbit didn't see it coming!

FPV crashes on top of Orbit at ringside.

Zach Davis: I don't think that was good for either one of them.

Both men are laid out for a few moments. The ref looks like he's about to start a count, but Frank gets to his feet. He pulls Orbit up and puts him in a side headlock, before lifting him--

Zach Davis: Brainbuster onto the concrete floor!

Erin Robbins: The Mack could be out cold after that... but it looks like FPV isn't finished!

FPV searches under the ring, finally pulling out a table. He sets it up near Orbit, who is using the guardrail to help himself to his feet. Frank grabs Orbit and walks him next to the table-- Frank puts him in a 3/4 nelson, but Orbit slips out of it and shoves him away!

Zach Davis: Frank was looking for that Tiger '85 suplex which he calls the Limit Break.

Erin Robbins: Yeah, he almost made it the Limit Table Break.

Orbit leaps and springboards off the ring apron, catching Frank by surprise with a roundhouse kick! Orbit grabs Frank by the head, unloading on him with right hands. He takes a few steps back and--

Zach Davis: Crane kick!

FPV is completely dazed. Orbit sets him up on the table, and then climbs on the apron, and then up the turnbuckles-- Orbit leaps off with the somersault senton, through the table!


Erin Robbins: WHOA!

Zach Davis: You were hanging around with Freddy too long-- but wow, this has gotta be it.

Orbit slowly gets to his feet, and the ref starts the ten count.



Orbit leans against the guardrail, breathing heavy. FPV hasn't moved.



Zach Davis: I think Frank is out cold.



FPV begins to move around on the floor.




Frank gets to his feet just before ten! And the crowd pops.

Zach Davis: I don't believe it!

Erin Robbins: But how much more punishment can Frank Venable take?

Frank pushes the wreckage from the table aside. Orbit approaches him, cautiously.

Zach Davis: Steve Orbit is shocked that Frank got up after the Oakland Splash, and rightfully so. I think we're all surprised.

Erin Robbins: FPV is a former World champion. I hate to admit it, but he's among the best of the best. Never count him out.

Orbit begins kicking at Frank's legs. He gets close enough to grab FPV, and walks him over towards the apron. He goes to slam his head on the apron, but FPV blocks it-- and slams Orbit's head on the apron instead! Orbit takes a swing, but misses-- FPV shoves him into the ringpost!

Zach Davis: Frank is back in this thing, and it is getting ugly at this point.

FPV whips Orbit into the ring steps. Orbit is down. FPV goes back under the ring, searching for something.

Zach Davis: What is that?!

Frank produces an Encyclopedia Brittanica. He tosses it to the side. He keeps feeling around under the ring... and pulls out Atlas Shrugged, and places it on top of the Encyclopedia. He then goes back and emerges from under the ring with three books under his arm-- A Game of Thrones, A Dance with Dragons and A Storm of Swords. He stacks them all on top of the other two books.

Erin Robbins: That's like half of the Song of Ice and Fire series! Reading break?

Zach Davis: No, this isn't the first time we've seen FPV use a book in a match!

FPV grabs Orbit and walks him towards the stack of books, which is a couple feet high by now. He sets up Orbit--


Erin Robbins: "Knowledge is power" for the win!

The stack of books collapses and Steve Orbit collapses on top of them as well.

Zach Davis: Those are like bricks, I mean... wow!

Erin Robbins: Can't say Frank wasn't prepared for this. Mack might be his friend, but Frank wants the win.

Frank sits on the ring steps, resting as the ref begins to count. Orbit is laid out.





Zach Davis: This has gotta be it.



Orbit starts to get up.. but falls back down.



Orbit starts to get up..


Zach Davis: The Mack is on his feet!

Erin Robbins: With any luck, they'll kill each other.

Zach Davis: That's really not a nice thing to say.

FPV sighs. He's beat, and so is Orbit.

Zach Davis: These guys are operating on instinct at this point.

FPV grabs Orbit and starts to walk him towards the ring. He rolls him onto the apron... Orbit kicks FPV in the head, and sits on the apron. He slowly stands on the apron and leaps off with a double axe-handle... but FPV side steps it, and hits Orbit with a high kick to the head. Orbit drops, and FPV is weak on his feet, holding onto the ring apron for balance. Orbit slowly gets up, and after a few moments, FPV and Orbit stand toe to toe... and then start wailing on each other with punches.

Zach Davis: Fists are flying!

Neither man is letting up, throwing rights and lefts repeatedly-- until Orbit kicks Frank in the gut and grabs his arm, whipping him towards the aisle.

Erin Robbins: Either Orbit can't see straight or he MEANT to whip Franky away from the ring?

Zach Davis: Don't know, Erin.

Orbit grabs his pimp cane near the ring and walks towards Frank. He hits Frank across the back with it. Orbit goes to pull him up-- FPV grabs one of Orbit's legs and trips him. Orbit falls flat on his face and drops the cane-- FPV quickly crawls behind him and applies a stepover toehold sleeper!

Zach Davis: FYE! How does he still have the wherewithall to lock that in?

Orbit struggles for a few moments in the hold.

Erin Robbins: Good strategy-- if he passes out, he's not getting up for the ten count.

Zach Davis: Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Finally, Orbit starts reaching for the cane-- Frank sees it and tries to tighten the hold, but it's too late. Orbit grabs the cane and whacks Frank in the face with it over and over again from an awkward angle, however FPV is forced to release the hold and shield his face and eyes. Frank gets up off of Orbit and they both get to their feet. Orbit twirls the pimp cane, before taking a swing-- FPV grabs it, and a struggle ensues as he tries to take the cane from Orbit.

Erin Robbins: Technically, the cane IS Orbit's property. Frank is trying to steal it, thief!

Zach Davis: I think once you beat someone over the head with something, personal property laws become complicated.

Frank does finally rip the cane from Orbit's grasp, and begins hitting him over the back with it. Orbit heads up the ramp, trying to escape, but Frank follows behind him, hitting him all over his body with cane shots. When Orbit gets to the end of the ramp, he sees a box near the guardrail. A fan is enthusiastically pointing to it and yelling "use this!"

Erin Robbins: What's in the box?

Zach Davis: I... don't think I want to know.

FPV eyes the box. Orbit is leaning on the jumbotron. Frank walks over to the box, opens it... and the camera reveals that it's a box of records.

Zach Davis: Records?!

Frank looks through the records, and pulls out a Rick James record. He walks over to Orbit and breaks it over his head.


Orbit falls, sitting with his back against the jumbotron. Frank goes back to the box of records and searches through it, pulling out records and inspecting them.

Erin Robbins: Now really isn't the time to expand your tastes in music, Frank.

Zach Davis: ... I have to agree with you, Erin, he's wasting time.

Finally, Frank grins and pulls out Michael Jackson's Thriller. He turns around and--


Orbit runs into Frank with a ladder!

Zach Davis: We didn't even see Orbit pick up that ladder, but he just used it like a battering ram!

Erin Robbins: I think it was behind the jumbotron.

FPV doubles over. Orbit grabs the Michael Jackson record from him and breaks it over his head.

Steve Orbit: HEE HEE!

Orbit Moonwalks back to the ladder. He grabs it and sets it up next to the jumbotron.

Zach Davis: Gotta wonder what the Mack is thinking here.

Orbit goes back over to FPV and pulls him up, bringing him towards the jumbotron. He hits a legdrop bulldog onto the arena floor, and then rests for a moment.

Zach Davis: These guys are totally beat.

Erin Robbins: Orbit's eying that ladder, I wonder if he's gonna attempt the Oakland Splash... from the top of the jumbotron?!

Zach Davis: That would be insane, that's like... twenty feet in the air! He'd injure the both of them, if not worse.

Finally, Orbit begins to slowly climb the ladder.

Zach Davis: I don't like this at all.

Orbit gets a little more than half way... and Frank is back to his feet!

Erin Robbins: FPV is coming!

FPV runs and jumps onto the ladder-- by the time Orbit sees him, it's too late.

The ladder tips over and CRASHES THROUGH THE JUMBOTRON.

Sparks fly everywhere. The jumbotron goes black with a gigantic hole in the middle, and no sign of Orbit or FPV.

Zach Davis: My God.

Erin Robbins: They're dead. There's no way. Call the coroner.

Zach Davis: Somebody's gotta get out here... these guys need help. They've gotta be unconscious inside there. That was a... a kamakazi attack by Frank Venable.

Erin Robbins: Well, to be fair, I don't think what Orbit had in mind would have been much better for either of them.

After a tense minute or so, two EMTs finally emerge from backstage. One of them has an axe, and begins to smash the bottom of the jumbotron screen, trying to find Orbit and FPV.

Zach Davis: I just hope we didn't see two careers just end. Two guys with really, really bright futures and long careers ahead of them.

Finally, they find Orbit and FPV in the wreckage, inside the jumbotron. Neither of them are moving. The EMTs begin to pull them out, laying them on the arena floor. After a moment, the EMTs look around, as if they are expecting more help.

Zach Davis: They need equipment, they need to stabilize these two young men. Where's the rest of the help?

And then, we hear a voice. Sarah Twilight's voice. She's standing in the ring.

Sarah Twilight: Stand down, gentlemen.

The EMTs look horrified. They aren't sure if she's talking to them.

Sarah Twilight: YOU TWO MORONS. Step away from Steve Orbit and FPV, NOW.

Now they're sure. They're conflicted. They want to help. They don't understand.

Sarah Twilight: Leave them there and WALK AWAY. Or, I can have security escort you out, would you like that? SECURITY!

The EMTs head backstage before security arrives. Security eventually does show up, and they guard Orbit and FPV's bodies... apparently, so nobody can help them.

Sarah is laughing like a maniac in the ring.

Zach Davis: Well, if you had any question about what Sarah's motives were behind this match... I think it's clear now. This is horrific.

Erin Robbins: Welcome to Sarah Twilight's WCF! See you next week!

The broadcast ends with security standing over Frank and Steve's unconscious bodies, and Sarah Twilight laughing in the ring

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Executioner's Battle Royal: Logan vs Cormac MacNeill vs Jayden Thunder vs Jason Xavier vs Eli the Kid vs Denise D'Evil

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United States Title Match: Steeltoe Joe vs Eric Price

Tag Team Titles Match: John Gable/Benjamin Atreyu vs Sarah Twilight/Jonathan Jakobs

First Blood Match: D-Day vs Waylon Cash

Last Man Standing Match: FPV vs Steve Orbit


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