Sarah Twilight Segment

As Slam opens up to live feed, WCF Owner Sarah Twilight is seated in the ring on a steel folding chair with a microphone in her hand. The Topeka crowd is showing their disdain for the Mistress of Mischief in no shortage. The ostentacious redhead ignores the jeers as she leans forward in the chair, looking rather unimpressed and uninterested in even being here. She is dressed in a black crop top that reads "You Don't Matter." in red lettering across her chest, a pair of blue denim jeans and a pair of black Nike sneakers with red swoosh and trim. As per usual, her sterling silver pentacle charm dangles from the necklace around her neck.

Zach Davis: Welcome to Slam everyone. We have quite a night ahead but right now, we have Sarah Twilight in the ring ... and I don't know if I should be worried about what she has to say.

Erin Robbins: You should worry ... you and everyone else who thinks they can get away with badmouthing the boss! Sarah has done wonders for this company. You need to show her the respect she deserves.

Zach Davis: It's a wonder alright ... a wonder that we're still even here.

Sarah taps the microphone against her hand a few times. Her eyes narrowed as she stares out at the crowd.

Sarah Twilight: When I took control of this company I told everyone that things were going to change. I made it clear that I do not care who likes it ... and who does not.

More boos from the crowd.

Sarah Twilight: All of the worthless piles of shit in the back ... I don't care what they want. I don't care what they THINK that they deserve. I do not care what any of you want. Things are done my way and my way only.

Huge spike in boos. Sarah stands up from the chair and pushes it aside as she continues to address the crowd and everyone in the back.

Sarah Twilight: So tonight ... after Jonny Fly destroys that disillusioned twit Seifer Black Armstrong ... and after I terminate his employment from this company ... things are GOING to change again. For every last one of you stupid fucks in the back who think that you can do as you please around here ... a message is going to be sent to each of you. If you don't like the way things are now ... you sure as HELL won't like things after tonight!

The crowd just continues to boo the hell out of Sarah. It is clear that she doesn't care in the slightest.

Zach Davis: I don't like the sound of this!

Erin Robbins: I think it's exactly what has to happen. Whatever she's going to do, it is going to make sure people know who their messsing with. They would be wise to take the hint.

Sarah cracks a smirk on her lips as she takes the mic up once again.

Sarah Twilight: Each of you have not yet BEGUN to see what your personal hell will be like under my reign ...

The smirk upon her face grows wider. The crowd's volume elevates with the jeers and boos.

Sarah Twilight: ... but you will.

She drops the mic as "The Only One" by Evanescence hits the arena and she exits the ring. The crowd is still booing her like MAD. But at the same time, a bustling begins to take place as everyone wonders exactly what kind of announcement she would have later in the night.

Zach Davis: I have been at this seat for a number of years ... and I have never been more frightened than I am right now. I just ... you have no idea what to expect from that woman! Everything she does ... everything she touches is chaos, damage and destruction. Who knows what she'll do?

Erin Robbins: Sarah is making certain that everyone knows who is in charge around here. If we didn't have a bunch of rookie punks running around here like she said, you wouldn't have anything to worry about. All I know for sure is that whatever Sarah has in store for the WCF locker room and the WCF fans ... they brought it upon themselves.

Biohazard/Tyler Walker vs Kevin/George

Erin Robbins: Alright folks let's get down to businessmen

"I Like to Move It" by Reel 2 Reel plays over the sound system. Tyler Walker and Bio Hazard emerges from the back with white pyros at the entrance. Tyler wearing his black and gold letterman jacket with "TW" embroidered in the front, "TY WALKER" on the back. He's also wearing black shades, a white tank top and his black shorts with "TW" written around the belt line. Black boots and has his wrists taped. He slowly makes his way to the ring with a cocky smile on his face, bobbing his head to his music as he ignores the fans. Bio Hazard is psychin the fans updoing various flips on the way to the ring, When he hits the ring, he climbs on the apron, drops his jacket to ringside, and does a few body builder poses, as more white pyros blast off. He enters the ring through the ropes and removes his tank top and shades, throwing them to ringside before getting ready to fight.

Zach Davis: Its Walker and Bio verse George and Kevin.

The Monday Night Football theme hits the PA George and Kevin walk out. They start breaking it down on the entryway as women throw their underwear at them. They throws them back, but Kevin always keeps a pair and puts in his left pocket since he’s left handed. They walk down the ramp slapping hands with the fans, but when he sees a NNRREEDDD, he punches them in the face as Kevin tackles one. Then they slide into ring and pose on the turnbuckles as the fans cheer them.

Erin Robbins: Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Zach Davis: I love these guys, they're such assholes.

Erin Robbins: Of course you would.


Kevin and Bio start things off as Kevin immediately yells “ NNRREEDSS!” and goes for a tackle, only to be leap froged by Bio Hazard. Kevin looks frustrated as he tries for it again, only to be leap froged. Finally Kevin locks up with Bio and muscles him over to the corner. He tags in Goerge and together they shoulder tackle Bio as they keepshouting “ NNEERRDDSS!”

Erin Robbins: I tell ya, these guys really hate nerds.

Zach Davis: That's really observant of you. NERD!

Goerge and Kevin continue their assault with a pair of punches.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - HIP TOSS!

George picks up Bio and scoop slams him to the mat before take backs up and bounces off the rope for a high knee drop..

Erin Robbins: Oh, Bio moves out of the way.

Bio scrambles to the corner and tags in Walker!

Erin Robbins: The beast is loose.

Zach Davis: NERD!

Walker comes out of the ropes and heads right for George, hammering away before launching him off the ropes for a back drop. George gets right back up as Walker hammers him down again.

Erin Robbins: Batters up!

Zach Davis: NERD!

Erin Robbins: What are you doing? What the hell is that on your head?

Zach Davis: Only the hottest selling item in the Slam! Arena. Its the Kevin and George NERD smashing drink helmet. For the NERD smasher who wants to smash nerds but doesnt want to put down his beverage.

Erin Robbins: You look like an idiot.

Zach Davis: Shut the fuck up NERD! God, I'd smash you right now but there’s too many witness.

Meanwhile, back inside the ring, momentum has shifted back into Georges favor as he powers Walker into a throw away slam. George goes to pick Walker up but Walker lifts George up on his shoulders.

Erin Robbins: The Crunch!

Zach Davis: Ha! What a wimpy move * slurp* only NERDS do moves like that. Watch, George will kick right out of that.

The Pin.




Zach Davis: Told ya.

Walker tags back in Bio who takes to the top turnbuckle and leaps off of it.

Erin Robbins: Hurri-coon-rah-na by Bio.

Zach Davis: * Slurp* Huuri-coon-rah-na, eh?

Erin Robbins: What, I said it right.

Zach Davis: Yah, sure. For a NERD! * slurp*

Erin Robbins: George catches Bio!

George adjusts Bio and flings him over his shoulders with a throw away slam.

Erin Robbins: Caught by Kevin!



Walker hits the ring but Georgeconnects with a spear before going over and makes the pin.

The pin.



3 !!

Erin Robbins: Kevin and George beat Tyler Walker and Bio Hazard! What a running power slam by Kevin!

Zach Davis: See look at that. With the Kevin and George NERD SMASHING drink helmet, you folks at home could do that too. Hands free. At work, got the helmet on. Guy or GIRL in the cubical next to you, givin you shit with her smarts and her perfect hair and her beyonce perfume that smells like garbage water, ass juice- and you just wana punch her in the face- but you cant because you don't wana put down your scotch because thats the only way you can get through your day. Well now you CAN! With the Kevin and George NERD SMASHING drink helmet- available for purchase in the arena and at WCFSHOP dot com! * slurp *

Armaros Sylencium vs Jonathon Manson vs Ian Insane vs Gabriel Mephisto III

It was silence as Armaros passes the curtain, clapping to song that isn’t there.

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring from Parts Unknown, weighing in at 189 pounds…MR. MIME!

He walks down the ramp rocking out and then walks up the stairs then up the rope in one fluid motion walking the ropes to the turnbuckle. He trips off the turnbuckle and rolls onto one knee with to the ground. Out of nowhere BOOMING fireworks go off behind him, surprising the mime.

Erin Robbins: Now it truly is a circus. Now we are being overran by clowns…

Zach Davis: He’s a mime…

The End by The Doors. As the instrumentals of song play the arena is casted into darkness, suddenly as Jim Morrisons vocals come to blare across the arena the lights flash back on and smoke is seen to have filled the stage and rampway leading to the ring when out steps Jonathon Manson as he bathes in the smoke, speaking to himself in twisted tongue while looking up to the rafters in what can only be described as some sorta unholy prayer.

Kyle Steel: Arriving from The deserts of California, coming to the ring at the weight of 280 pounds…JONATHAN MANSON

Once done with his "prayer", Manson lowers his head and slowly and menacingly walks down to the ring through the smokes before sliding into the ring on his belly. Once inside the ring, Manson proceeds to get to his knees right in the middle of the ring facing the entranceway as he again begins to chatter in unknown tongues awaiting his other opponents.

The lights go out, as the opening strains of Tubular Bells is all that can be heard. The crowd is hushed into a silence, before a shadowy figure appears on the stage, wearing a hockey mask, as well as a black leather jacket with a purple silk interior (as well as his wrestling attire). The man begins to walk methodically as it is realised that the man is none other than Ian Insane.

Kyle Steel: From Peterborough, England, weighing in at 240 pounds…IAN INSANE!!!

He slowly makes his way over to the steps, glaring a hole through the crowd, who are frightened by his mere presence; laughing demonically, before stepping into the ring as the lights begin to return to normal.

The lights simultaneously dim on out through out the entire Wrestling Championship Federation arena. Over the PA Sound system “Power” as sung by Kanye West echoes across the arena. One single light flickers on and lights up the entrance ramp of where the black curtains can be seen, after a few minutes, The WCF tron flickers on and the words "Mr. G" flash across the screen in silver old English lettering as images of the number "3" flash before an image of Gabriel C. Mephisto III can be seen. As the image of Gabriel can be seen, the words "Gabriel C. Mephisto" flash across the screen in silver old English lettering. After a few minutes Gabriel himself rises on up from underneath the stage.

Kyle Steel: He hails from Chicago, Illinois... weighing in tonight at 226 pounds... he is "Mr. G"... GAAAAAAABRIEL C. MEEEEEPHISTO the Third!!!

The arena floods with jeers and hatred as his name is heard, once heard Gabriel C. Mephisto III continues to look out into the darkness that surrounds around him, before slowly making his way on down to the ring, his silhouette being lit up by the flickering light that can be seen shining down upon him. Once at ringside Mephisto walks atop the awaiting steel steps, once atop of the steel steps he climbs atop the nearest turnbuckle, arched atop of it as he looks out into the rows of nearby screaming fans, as he does he throws his arms out viva la (Randy Orton style) as he continues to get booed from the fans before jumping down from the top.

The bell rings but the other wrestlers seem to be distracted by the elephant…errr…mime in the ring. The mime notices all eyes on him and slowly backs up until Ian charges at him but last second, the mime drops, dodging between Ian’s legs and rolling back into a handstand with the timing of a kung fu master, landing the top of the mime’s feet on his shoulders. The mime walks his hands towards Jonathan, walking up his body until the mime’s hands are on his shoulders. Jonathon seems struck with surprise as the mimed waved at him then dropping down, throwing Ian flying backwards into Jonathon. They both fall to the ground. The mime dusts himself off as he gets to his feet only to inadvertently walk right into Mephisto.

Erin Robbins: Oh, this is going to be good. Let’s get that clown out of the ring.

Zach Davis: It’s a mime!

Mr. G throws a round house kick but the mime bends back. But the kick is quickly followed by an elbow but the mime rolled throw to be back to back with his opponent. Mephisto tries to turn around to see his silent enemy but the mime effectively walks around, maintaining the back to back aversion. But suddenly Mephisto ducks as Ian comes running through with a punch to the head connecting with the mime sending him cartoonishly stumbling but he holds himself up with an invisible cane. Ian comes running in again with a boot but the mime’s “cane” slips out from under him causing the boot to miss but Mephisto followed closely behind with a knee to Ian’s back.

Zach Davis: Mr. G taking advantage of the distraction and takes down Ian Insane!

Jonathon Manson tries to catch Mr. G from behind but is quickly met with a heel to the jaw. Jonathon falls to the ground as if struck unconscious. Gabriel turns around and sees the mime back on his feet. He jumps forward with a palm thrust hitting the mime in the chest causing him to grasp at his heard and act out a devastating death sequence.

Erin Robbins: Just fall already. Man, I hate clowns!

Zach Davis: It’s a goddamn mime!

But before the mime could finish his performance he’s met with a Dragon Sleeper from Mephisto who wrenches hard upwards.

Zach Davis: Doesn’t look like Mr. Mime has a clever slip at the moment.

Erin Robbins: Haha, Break his spine!

But the mime slowly walks his way to the corner. He walks up the corner and hops over, reversing the Dragon Sleeper into another Dragon Sleeper. The mime waves to the audience as he silently laughs. Ian gets back to his feet and charges at the mime but halts as the mime puts Mephisto between him and Ian. Ian tries to walk around but the mime kept Mr. G in the middle as he projects a joyous face satisfied by his own cleverness until Jonathon came in from behind and tapped his finger on the mime’s shoulder. Mr. Mime took a double take and then thrust Mr. G’s head under Jon’s arm, then lifts his hat and smiles before walking in Ian who towered over him. The mime once again lifts his hat and lifts a finger to convey he will be right back. He runs and makes his way up Mephisto then planting a foot on Jon’s head then jumping to the turn buckle. Jon loosens his grip allowing Mr. G to reach up and reverse into an Ace Crusher. The mime jumps over attempting to cross body Ian but he is caught in mid-air to his surprise. He quickly looks around to find out what happened and then shifted and reached around Ian’s neck as if he caught him heroically. Ian throws the mime off him but was thrown over with a quick headlock take over. Then Mephisto hops up on the ropes and as soon as the mime was out of the way, he jumps off into a diving headbutt, hitting Ian in the cranium. He goes for the pin.


Kick out!

Zach Davis: So close, Ian almost suffered an embarrassing lose so soon in the match.

The mime climbed the turnbuckle and pretended to be pulling up a piano with rope. Mephisto got to his feet as the “rope slipped” from the mimes hands. Looking worried about his opponent being crushed by the heavy instrument, he jumps and shoulder tackles Mr. G out of the way then landing on Ian Insane for the pin.

Erin Robbins: Watch out for the piano!

Zach Davis: You’re unbelievable…


The count was interrupted by Jonathon Manson. Mr. G grabs Jon by the head. He turned him around and hit him with Reckless Intent. But instead of going for the cover he got back up and lifted Ian to his feet. He locked on the Code of Silence.

Zach Davis: This could be it!

Ian fights trying to stay up but once his legs caved he taps out in a panic.

The ref lifts Mephisto’s hand in victory.

Kyle Steel: Your winner…Gabriel C. Mephisto!!!!!

Battle Royal
D-Day vs Jon Michaels vs Jorge Diaz vs Doc Henry vs Tek vs Oblivion

Zach Davis: It's coming up to that time for the battle royal featuring WCF's finest and two newcomers.

Bulletproof by 12 Stones continued to play as D-Day slowly walks up to the steel steps where he goes one step at a time until he reaches the ropes where he enters the ring with a swaggery hop to his walk. He looks up at the titantron where the sights of his memorial moments in his WCF career can be seen. Jon Michaels and Tek is already in the ring.

Nobody can dance Like me
Nobody can dance Like me
Nobody can dance Like me

Curtains cover the entrance, photographers come out, people set up red carpet, fireworks go off, Jorge comes out dancing with his valet, Spring, while dancing the cha cha, he pulls out his phone on his way down the entrance ramp, and takes selfies.

Kyle Steel: From Miami, Florida... weighing in at 245 pounds.... JOR-OR-ORGE DI-I-I-I-I-I-IA-A-A-A-A-A-AZ!!

Jorge Diaz poses for the photographers, gets to the apron and does a flip over it. Poses under the spotlight as fireworks go off.

Erin Robbins: With four of our six competitors, in the ring, all we need now is The Monster Oblivion and Doc Henry.

The house lights go out, as lighter colored lights come on. The multiple cameras pan around a jam packed Landon Arena. The fans are holding up various signs. The atmosphere is explosive and some of the crowd is cheering. While, the rest, of the crowd are booing. "Breathe" by Prodigy begins to play. The bass like synth begin to blare out. 14 seconds later the drums come through...


Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 305 pounds, from the deepest, darkest part of a sick man's psyche...... O-O-O-OBLI-I-IVI-I-I-I-O-O-O-O-NN-N-NN-N!!!

The house lights go out. The crowd begins to murmur. Strobe lights begin to flash, as bright white lasers begin to flash. Two bright spotlights hit the entrance stage. The music continues to thump. Some of the fans are thrashing and/or dancing a long with the music. Explosive fire pyro shoots straight up, on the stage and down the ramp. Then right about that time, Oblivion slowly slinks out. The music continues the blare out and rattled the arena.

Breathe the pressure
Come play my game Ill test ya
Psychosomatic addict insane

The cameraman gets real close, as Oblivion sneers at the camera. The Monster thrusts out IT's massive right arm, pushing the cameraman several feet away. The Monster slowly comes down to the ring. Strobe lights continue to flash. Then the Landon Arena slightly shakes, as the sound of thunder rumbles and mock lightning flashes. The majority, of the crowd, jump.

Exhale, exhale... EXHA-A-A-LE!!

The music continues to thump out of the arena's speakers, as the addictive rhythm has the entire crowd in a trance and continues to dance along with the music. Lightning strikes the four corners, of the ring. The loud sounds makes everyone jump out of their seats, once again. Some, of the people are scared out of their minds. The lights flicker then... POP!! The strobe lights go out!!

The house lights come on, then standing in the center of the ring, is Oblivion. Half the crowd is cheering, while the other half of the crowd is booing. The music fades out. A screeching sound echoes throughout the arena, as four lightning bolts strike each corner.

Zach Davis: The Monster looks ready!!

Oblivion turns around, as Jorge Diaz attempted to creep up behind Oblivion, but The Monster quickly turned around with a scary stern scowl, that made the crowd react....

The crowd: OUU-U-U-U-U-U!!!

Dr. Feelgood hits the speakers and as the main riff blasts through the arena, Doc, and Mary emerge on the stage. Looking around, he raises a fist in the air, the crowd cheering wildly as he then leads the way to the ring.

Kyle Steel: Weighing in at 245 pounds, from Griffen, Georgia.... THIS... IS... DO-O-OC HE-E-ENRY-Y-Y!!

Climbing up the steps, he holds the Ropes for Mary, who slinks lithely through. Doc steps trough the ropes and grins proudly as he pops the crowd drawing more cheers as Mary poses on him seductively.

Zach Davis: All six competitors are in the ring, as Stanley Moser tells Kyle Steel to ring the bell...


All six competitors charge at each other....


Oblivion knocks down D-Day with a massive clothesline.


Zach Davis: Doc Henry nails a charging Tek with a spinning heel kick!!

Jon Michaels charges at a charging Jorge Diaz...


Erin Robbins: Diaz pops Michaels on the mouth with a running enzuguiri.

The crowd goes crazy as Oblivion, Doc Henry and Jorge Diaz look at each other then at the crowd. Oblivion approaches Tek, as Doc Henry walks over to Jon Michaels and Diaz approaches D-Day.

Zach Davis: Jorge Diaz grabs D-Day and whips him into the ropes. The Monster grabs Tek....


Oblivion smacks Coldblooded on the mouth with an open hand. The Monster tosses Tek hard into a nearby corner. D-Day bounces off the ropes, Jorge Diaz attempts a dropkick....


Erin Robbins: D-Day knocks the legs of Diaz out of the way!!

Diaz lands hard onto the mat, but quickly bounces back up and runs towards D-Day.


Zach Davis: Swinging neckbreaker!!

Henry grabs Michaels and whips him into the ropes. Jon Michaels bounces off the ropes....


Erin Robbins: CROSSBODY!!

Doc Henry rolls off Michaels and quickly stand up, as Jon Michaels slowly stands up and turns around...


Zach Davis: Doc Henry jabs a thumb in the right eye of Diaz.

Jorge Diaz: AHHH!!

Doc Henry grabs the head of Michaels and drags his face on the top ring rope!!

Erin Robbins: Vicious actions by Doc Henry!!

Oblivion grabs Tek with IT's right hand to Tek's left hand.



Oblivion grabs Tek and places Coldblooded on IT's shoulders with a fireman's carry into airplane spin then Samoan driver.

Erin Robbins: TEK IS DOWN!!

D-Day floats over Jorge Diaz....


Zach Davis: DDT!!

Doc Henry and Jon Michaels are near the ring ropes. Henry grabs Michaels...


Erin Robbins: King Jon Michaels nails Doc in the mid section with a stiff kick.

That kick drops Doc Henry to one knee..


Jon Michaels hits Henry with a ddt.

Zach Davis: Michaels grabs Doc and drags him over to the ropes.

Erin Robbins: Jon Michaels is trying to toss Doc Henry over the top rope.

Doc Henry hangs on the top rope, struggling until he drops down on the ring apron, grabbing Michaels' head in the procees.


Zach Davis: Doc Henry just nailed Jon Michaels with a modified guillotine!!

Michaels neck was dropped across the top ring rope and Michaels stumbles back. Doc Henry grabs the top ring rope.

Erin Robbins: No!! Doc Henry is gonna....

Doc Henry jumps up on the top ring rope and flies off and....


Zach Davis: Flying clothesline on Jon Michaels!!

Oblivion grabs Tek and places Coldblooded on his shoulder.

Erin Robbins: Fireman's carry!!

Oblivion knocks a leg off IT's shoulder and nails Tek with a cutter!!

The crowd goes absolutely crazy!!

Zach Davis: 5150!!

D-Day grabs Jorge Diaz...


Diaz smacks D-Day very hard.

The crowd: OU-U-U-U-U-U!!!

Diaz grabs the legs of D-Day and proceeds to swing D-Day around.

Erin Robbins: SUPER SWING!!


Diaz swing D-Day, who falls hard onto the mat. D-Day tries to stand, but wobbles around....


Zach Davis: SUPERKICK!!

Quickly Jorge Diaz grabs D-Day in a Swinging Reverse STO.

The crowd: OU-U-U-U!!

Erin Robbins: Tango Drop!!

Doc Henry grabs Jon Michaels by the ankles and drapes over his back. Knees are on the shoulders. Both men are back-to-back. Hooks legs in armpits and sits down, causing a stretching in abdomen and chest.

Jon Michaels: AHH-H-H-HHH-H-H!!

Henry drops Michaels, but picks him back up. One by one. Doc Henry tosses Jon Michaels, as Oblivion tosses Tek, and Jorge Diaz tosses D-Day over the top ropes and all three fall down to the ringside mats.

Kyle Steel: "King" Jon Michaels, "Coldblooded" Tek and D-Day are eliminated!!

Doc Henry, Jorge Diaz, and Oblivion takes a second to catch their breath. The crowd roars with their appreciation.

The crowd: THANK YOU! <clap-clap!> <clap-clap-clap!> THANK YOU! <clap-clap!> <clap-clap-clap!> THANK YOU! <clap-clap!> <clap-clap-clap!>

Then, all at once Oblivion, Diaz, and Henry charge at each other.


Zach Davis: All three are clubbering each other!!


Doc Henry kicks Diaz in the mid-section, then double underhooks his arms...


Erin Robbins: PEDIGREE!!

Oblivion spins Doc Henry around and grabs him, throwing him into the ropes. Doc bounces off and Oblivion grabs him by the legs and picks him up, grabbing Henry by the head....


Zach Davis: BLACK HOLE!!

Oblivion drops to one knee. The Monster looks up and see both Soc Henry and Jorge Diaz standing. Oblivion motions to Doc Henry. They both walk towards Diaz and they both kick him in his gut...



With Jorge Diaz down, on the mat, Oblivion and Doc Henry look at each other and they run in opposite directions, bouncing off the ropes...

Oblivion: AHHH-H-H-H-H-H-H!!!

Doc Henry: AHHH-H-H-H-H-H!!!



Erin Robbins: Both men are NOT moving!!

Zach Davis: All three competitors are not moving.

Stanley Moser looks at the fallen competitors. They slowly start to get up, but Jorge Diaz is up the fastest. He starts hitting both Oblivion and Henry.

Erin Robbins: This cocky newcomer is attacking two WCF veterans like he owns the place!

Eventually, since he does have the upper hand, Jorge presses Oblivion and Henry against the ropes. He runs at them, going for a Double Clothesline to eliminate them both!


But no!, Oblivion and Henry avoid the Clothesline and hit a Back Bodydrop style move, sending Jorge flying over the ropes and crashing to the outside!

Erin Robbins: NOPE! Jorge is eliminated!

Henry quickly turns towards Oblivion but it's too late. Oblivion sends a huge fist flying into the face of Doc, before sending him to the ropes. As Henry comes back Oblivion lifts him up into the air... then throws him out of the ring, on top of Jorge!

Zach Davis: And there you have it! The Monster, Oblivion, wins!

Oblivion's music wins as he celebrates in the middle of the ring.

Erin Robbins: He said this was his kind of match, Zach, and he proved himself right.

Tasha Lavondyss/Denise D'Evil vs Logan/FPV

The camera cuts back from commercial as it zooms into the locker room, where inside, Logan is preparing for his upcoming match with FPV.

Zach Davis: And there's our Hardcore Champion in his natural habitat.

Erin Robbins: False, I see no hot dogs or mustard anywhere.

Zach Davis: Last week he and his partner FPV were unsuccessful in picking up the win, do you think the tides might be turning now?

Erin Robbins: Perhaps, Zach. Perhaps.

As Logan finishes taping up his fists, a knock is heard on the door.

Logan: Who is it? If you're a boudle you can just turn back the other fuckin' way.

FPV: What about old friends?

The door opens, and in walks FPV, already in full gear and ready to go.

Logan: Franky, good to see ya broski.

The two bump knuckles as FPV takes a seat next to Logan.

Logan: how've you been man? I know losing your title to that bitch Denise must've been hard.

FPV: Yeah...yeah, it was. But tonight, it's gonna be fucking retribution.

Logan: Hell yes it will be.

FPV: In fact...I think it's just about showtime.

Logan, excited as a jackrabbit, hops up out of his seat and unto his feet.

Logan: Well then, what are we waiting for, let's take this boudles out to Connector City, just like in the old days!

Surprisingly, Frank doesn't get up...doesn't agree with Logan...doesn't say "Game On, bitches" or any stupid catch phrase like that. No, Frank just laughs, right in Logans face. Needless to say, Logan is confused as confused can be right now.

Logan: What's with the laughing?

FPV: Oh Logan, you just don't understand, do you?

With that, FPV gets up...

FPV: It's not those two bimbos that are going to Connector city tonight...

...and then...




Outside the locker room, the fans can all be heard gasping in ends up being stunned silence.

Zach Davis: I don't believe...

Erin Robbins: There's no way...

After the chaos ends, we see Frank standing over Logan's body, smashed into the middle of the wooden bench he was just sitting in moments before. Clearly not done, Frank picks Logan up again...


Erin Robbins: Frank is just all out ASSAULTING his former team-mate Logan here tonight folks! What the hell's gotten into him?!

As Logan is downed once again, Frank just looks down at him with a disgusted, almost furious look, and begins to drop fist drop after fist drop after fist drop.

Erin Robbins: I don't think anyone is liking Fist Drops tonight Zach.

Zach Davis: Fuck no they aren't.

Finally security begins to rush into the locker room, pulling Frank off of Logan just as he is aobut to land his 7th fist drop on him. As the security takes him away, Frank shouts at Logan...


After a brief moment, EMTs begin to come in with a stretcher, loading the unconscious Logan onto it and carrying him out the locker room.

Zach Davis: My good lord in heaven...ladies and gents, I can't really explain to you what just happened...but it seems Frank Patrick Venable has turned his back on one of his best friends here in the WCF. Why he did this, we do not know, but we are getting word that Logan will be brought to the nearest hospital and the match between them and Denise's team is going to be thrown out.

Erin Robbins: Just...fuckin' whoa, man.

The camera hastily cuts back to another commercial.

Damon King/Chase Michaels vs Ryan Rhodes/Cormack MacNeill

Zach Davis: Alright, time for some tag team action.

Erin Robbins: Chase Michaels and Damon King verse Cormack and the US champ- Ryan Rhodes

"Victory" By Puff Daddy, Notorious B.I.G & Busta Rhymes blares out of the WCF's PA system and Damon makes his way onto the stage, wearing a throwback Kevin Garnett Minnesota Timberwolves Jersey, red and gold University of Minnesota style wrestling tights and red and gold custom made Air Jordan shoes. He also has red wrist tape on both his wrists and a specially designed blue and white elbow band on both elbows. He looks out at the crowd and smirks before extending his arms out whilst a brust of blue, red and gold pyro explodes behind him.

He starts to make his way to the ring, as the announcer does the introduction:

"Introducing...From Saint Paul, Minnesota...Weighing in at two hundred and fourty-six pounds...DAMON KING!"

He then makes his way around the ring and over to the announce table, where he picks up a bottle of powder and pours it onto his hands before putting the bottle down and rubbing the powder into his hands He tosses it up and looks toward the roof before blowing the powder.

Zach Davis: Damon King looking to climb the ladder here tonight as he tags wit Chase Michaels, who is no doubt one of the hottest rising starts in WCF.

"Absolute Zero" plays and a spotlight scans the crowd until it stops on Chase who's standing at the top of the entrance ramp with his arm stretched out in a cocky fashion, standing behind him is a woman dressed in a large red hooded cloak. They then slowly makes their way down to ringside before Chase rolls under the bottom rope and climbs the turnbuckle and raising his arms in a cocky fashion before stepping down and taking his hoodie off and waiting on his opponent.

Erin Robbins: The Lone Wolf, here in the Slam arena. Things are about to get good.

The drumbeat marks a cadence as Cormack walks out, heading towards the ring. As the bagpipes kick in, he walks faster, eyes on the ring.

Sliding under the ropes, he rises and mounts a corner turnbuckle. MacNeill raises his hands in the air, saluting the fans, and then climbs down and uses the ropes to stretch out and warm up, waiting for the bell to ring

Zach Davis: Cormacks in the ring, now we're just waiting on the US champion.

The house lights dim as Korn’s 4 U plays. As the arena fades to black, a green V pulses on the jumbotron. As the last words of 4 U play, Green fireworks erupt from the stage and Venom is seen standing at the top of the entrance ramp. Linkin Park’s Faint plays as the lights come up and he sprints to the ring, sometimes interacting with fans and slides under the bottom rope. He pops up and stands triumphantly on the turnbuckle with fist in the air, enticing the crowd into a frenzy.

Erin Robbins: The man who beat Jon Barber just the other week, Ryan Rhodes.

Zach Davis: Chase and Cormack start this match off.


Cormack tries for Chase, trying to grapple him but Chase side steps and gets Cormack in a waist lock.

Erin Robbins: Beautiful German suplex.

Chase holds on as he powers Cormack through again. Chase tries for a third but Cormack hits a huge elbow that sends Chase staggering. Cormack gets a hold of Chase and power slams him down.

Quick pin




Cormack picks up Chase and whips him into the turn buckle. Cormack charges but eats the padding. He stumbles out a few steps but Chase is there to meet him with a neck breaking into sleeper hold.




NOOO Cormack keeps the arm up.

Cormack is able to sit up and lift Chase up on his shoulders..

Zach Davis: Death Valley Driver.

The pin.




Chase with the kick out!

Cormack has Chase up again..


Erin Robbins: Pale kick out of no where!

Zach Davis: The athleticism of Chase Michaels!

The kick sends Cormack stumbling backwards into his corner, Ryan Rhodes makes the blind tag.

Erin Robbins: Rhodes is in! The new US champ- is.. is..


Zach Davis: Rude Awakening!

The pin.

Erin Robbins: Cormacks still knocked a bit loopy.



Zach Davis: Cormack tries to make the save..

3 !!!

NOO !!!

Zach Davis: YES! The ref calls for it!


Erin Robbins: Cormack tried to make the rescue but just couldn't get three in time.

Zach Davis: God! Talk about getting your clocked cleaned. Rhodes hit the ring then just hit the mat.

Erin Robbins: taken completely by surprise. That's how dangerous The Lone Wolf really is. The super kick from the other side of the galaxy and Rhodes was on dream street.

Zach Davis: Well there you have it. Nice Job Chase Michaels for picking up the win for his team

Erin Robbins: And tough break to Cormack. Better luck next week, for sure!

Television Title Match
Adam Young vs Chelsea Black Armstrong

Zach Davis: Our next match is going to be one to remember folks. This is Chelsea Black Armstrong’s very first title defense. She will be going one on one against Adam Young, who had some extremely harsh words for her earlier this week. Can Chelsea prove to the world that she’s not a fluke champion?

Erin Robbins: Yeah… I bet she messes it up. She is going to lose tonight, I just know it.

Zach Davis: Oh shut up. Chelsea has been very impressive since her debut, how can you possibly dislike her? Your attitude is getting worse lately, what’s with you?! Anyway it looks like the match is about to begin…

The arena goes pitch black.

Voice: Evil has it's own rules. Welcome to the house of Redneck, come on in.

"Answer to no one" by Colt Ford starts playing and blue strobe lights filter threw the smoke filling the entranceway. The WCFtron shows a montage of Adam Young. Adam steps out and gives the crowd a double bird and then starts playing air guitar. Trash begins to fly towards him as WCF security escort him and Dr. Steven Smith towards the ring.

Kyle Steel: Coming to the ring, from Abilene, Texas.... Weighing in at 240 pounds, this is The Villain A-ADAM YOU-OU-OUNG!!

Adam is staring into the ring with emotionless eyes. He seems to be fixed on violence as he slides into the ring. He runs his right thumb across his throat and a red mist comes from his lips. Adam laughs as he hands his black Redneck Nation t-shirt to Dr. Smith.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent…

Penance by Device blasts through the speakers as fog and pyrotechnics take over the stage sending the arena into a frenzy as Chelsea Armstrong steps through the curtain running onto the stage as she’s followed by Makayla Cooper and Stacy Robinson.

Kyle Steel: From St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 158 pounds, she is the reigning Television Champion… The sweet nightmare… CHELSEA ARRMMSSTTRROONNGGG!!!!!!!!!!!

The three stand at the top of the ramp as Chelsea raises her Television Championship high into the air before they walk down the ramp hitting the hands of her fans along the way. Sliding under the bottom rope she climbs the nearest turnbuckle climbing to the top posing for the fans before jumping down and taking off her black jacket throwing it ringside. Chelsea runs across to the other side of the ring, passing Adam Young, and taunting on the other turnbuckle. The bell rings as Chelsea continues to taunt on top of the turnbuckle, just as she was about to get down Adam Young charges at her and slams his first into the back of her skull. Chelsea instantly falls backwards into an unconscious heap.

Erin Robbins: Woah what on earth?!

Zach Davis: He had a metal chain wrapped around his fist! Chelsea looks to be out cold here. This really isn't fair, her first title defense can't end like this!

Erin Robbins: Isn't fair? Of course it's fair! This is a No Disqualification Match! Everything is perfectly legal!

Zach Davis: You're right. And it looks like Makayla Cooper is well aware of that fact. She looks to be getting a weapon here, this one could get very brutal extremely quickly.

Makayla was indeed getting a weapon. As soon as she had seen what Adam had done, she had gone under the ring to retrieve one of her favorite and most useful objects, a steel chair. She quickly slides into the ring and smashes the chair right over Adams back. Adam was too busy mocking the fallen Chelsea and had been completely oblivious to anything Makayla and Stacy were doing. Another chair shot hits Adam, this time straight over his head. Both Adam and Chelsea now lie in the middle of the ring, Chelsea beginning to stir just a bit. Makayla continues to attack Adam Young whilst Stacy climbs into the ring and attempts to help Chelsea to her feet motioning for her to cover Adam.

Erin Robbins: This is not fair! Adam Young is alone out here, he is completely out numbered and defenseless!

Zach Davis: I thought everything was fair in these matches?

Erin Robbins: Shut up! Looks like Chelsea is going for the cover. This is complete bullshit, it can't end like this! Kick out Adam!

Stacy practically drags Chelsea over to Adam Young, as Makayla continues to mock him and occasionally kick him in the side of his body. Stacy places Chelsea on top of Adam Young as the ref reluctantly goes to make the count.



Suddenly every single light in the arena cuts out. Absolutely nothing is visible apart from a few camera flashes coming from the crowd.

Erin Robbins: What on earth is going on here now? Are we having a power cut or something?

Zach Davis: I... Errrrrr... I don't think this is a power cut. Look at the titantron.

The cameras cut to the titantron as the sound of children laughing begins to flood throughout the arena. A children's playground can be seen on screen with swings and roundabouts randomly moving by themselves, an eerie fog covers the whole scene. A bolt of lightning suddenly strikes one of the swings and the whole area erupts into flames. Nothing can be seen within the fire apart from one thing, a picture of what appears to be Chelsea's daughter, Shelley. The camera focuses on the picture until that too bursts into flames and crumbles into a pile of ash. The scene fades as a crazed voice absorbs the darkness.

Voice: Ring around the rosie… Pocket full of posies… Ashes, Ashes… We all fall down! Ring around the rosie… What do you suppose we… Can do to fight the darkness… In which we drown?! Ring around the rosie… This evil thing, it knows me… Lost ghosts surround me… I can’t fall down!

A crazed malicious laugh breaks out and slowly fades away as the arena begins to light up again. Everything appears to be back to normal as the crowd continues to look up at the titantron confused.

Erin Robbins: What on earth was that?

Zach Davis: I think we both know what that was. But I don't dare say it. This match isn't over yet, the ref never rang the bell!

Erin Robbins: It looks like Chelsea has lost it here and to be honest I can't even say I blame her. But the match is still going on, she needs to pull herself together!

Inside the ring Chelsea stands by the ring ropes screaming at the titantron, Makayla and Stacy are literally holding her back trying to talk some sense into her. Chelsea obviously isn't listening. Whilst all three girls are distracted, Adam finally manages to get back up onto his feet and charges at the women, clotheslining Makayla and Stacy out of the ring. The girls crash to the floor outside the ring as Adam grabs Chelsea, spins her around and hit her with a spike DDT!

Erin Robbins: This one is over. New Television Champion!

Zach Davis: No, Chelsea can't lose... Not like this!

Erin Robbins: It's her own fault for letting that get to her. The woman is weak!

Zach Davis: Oh shut up. Adams going for the cover...



Zach Davis: Yes! I don't know how, but Chelsea just kicked out! This woman amazes me!

Erin Robbins: Damn it. That was a three! Miss Twilight really needs to hire some new referee's who don't slow count!

Zach Davis: Adam is picking Chelsea up off the floor. What's he going to try now?!

Adam grabs Chelsea by her hair and pulls her into him, he kicks her in her gut and attempts to pull her in for a piledriver.

Erin Robbins: Looks like Adam is going for a piledriver here. If he hits this, the match is over!

Zach Davis: …Yes! Chelsea just reversed the move!

Chelsea low blows Adam Young, who instantly lets go of his grip. Chelsea then grabs Adam, throws him towards the ropes and hits him with The Last Goodnight!

Zach Davis: The Last Goodnight!!! This one is over! She’s going for the pin…



Erin Robbins: No! For some reason Chelsea just got off of Adam Young and broke her own pin… I don’t get it? What is she doing?!

Zach Davis: I… I actually have no idea?

Chelsea looks down at the Adam Young with a massive grin on her face. She slowly walks over to the ropes and steps through them, jumping down onto the floor below and grabbing her jacket. She climbs back into the ring with her jacket in hand and steps over to Adam Young with a crazed look on her face.

Erin Robbins: What is she doing?!

Zach Davis: I don’t have a clue. But whatever it is, it’s not good.

Chelsea grabs Adam by his hair and looks at him in his face. She continues to grin maliciously at him as she wraps the sleeve of her jacket around his neck and begins to choke him out. Adam begins to scream and gasp for air as Chelsea wraps her entire body around him and applies as much pressure as possible. Adams face begins to turn blue as he desperately begins to tap out on the floor. The ref immediately calls for the bell and attempts to get Chelsea to let go of his grip, but she doesn’t listen.

Erin Robbins: Oh my god! She is going to kill him! Someone has to stop this! Let go of him!!!

Zach Davis: I… I have no idea what’s happened to Chelsea here. But look at her face! That look… it’s almost as if she’s not the same woman who came down to this ring not so long ago! Someone needs to stop this!

Outside the ring Makayla and Stacy watch on and eventually decide to jump up into the ring and attempt to pull the irate Chelsea off of Adam Youngs lifeless body. After what seems like an eternity Chelsea eventually lets go of her grip and gets up onto her feet. She immediately gets into Stacy’s face, Chelsea looking… different, very different. Makayla is about to get in the middle of the two but Stacy puts up her hand and stops her from getting involved.

Zach Davis: Looks like Stacy is trying to calm her down here…

Erin Robbins: That is either an extremely brave move, or an extremely stupid one. Chelsea has completely lost it here. And I thought Lilith was crazy.

Zach Davis: I’m not saying what she did is right, but I kind of understand why she lost it. Whoever is responsible for that… thing we saw earlier, obviously has a death wish.

Stacy gives Chelsea some concerned looks as Makayla just stands there looking slightly confused. Chelsea continues to just stare straight through Stacy, her bright emerald eyes glowing brightly. Stacy begins to slowly shake her head and goes to turn away, but Chelsea grabs her shoulder and turns Stacy around, pointing out of the ring. Stacy looks where Chelsea is pointing and gives her a playful smile, before instructing Makayla to fetch the object. Chelsea steps away from Stacy and looks down at Adam Young, who still lays unconscious on the mat. Makayla finally returns to the ring, handing Chelsea her Television Title and then helps Stacy put Young up into a seating position. Chelsea gives a simple nod to Makayla as she holds up a paper bag that has a yellow smiley face on it before walking over and putting it over Adam’s head causing the three girls to burst into laughter as they let him drop back to the mat. The three girls stand in the middle of the ring hands raised high in the air as Penance by Device sounds through.

Erin Robbins: Well… I have no idea what we just witnessed. But whatever it was… I like it… I think?

Zach Davis: You women are so confusing I swear to god. I need to go for a coffee break. Lets cut to commercial.

John Barber vs Jeff Purse

Kyle Steel: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing the first competitor. He stands six feet, three inches tall, and weighs 220 lbs. He is... John Barber!

“The Fire” by Rev Theory starts playing on the speakers as John Barber walks out from the back. He stands on top of the ramp with a thumb hooked into his right pocket, looking out at the crowd around him. He starts walking down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans nearest to the barricade. He jogs up the ring steps, quickly ducks between the top and middle ropes, and walks over to the nearest turnbuckle. He perches on the second turnbuckle and raises both arms, looking out at the crowd with a smirk on his face. The music dies, as Kyle steel brings the microphone back to his lips.

Kyle Steel: and his opponent... Standing six feet, two inches tall, and weighing 215 lbs... Jeff Purse!

"Won't Back Down" by Eminem blares on the PA. On the right side of the stage there is a bike ramp that extends just about to the middle of the Titan Tron. Atop the bike ramp is Jeff Purse. He is sitting on his bike, looking out upon the audience. He throws one had in the air as the audience cheers.

"You can sound the alarm
you can call out your guards
you can fence in your yard
you can pull all the cards
but I won't back down
oh no I wont back down
oh no

At this he sets off down the ramp. Directly across is another ramp on the left side of the stage, which Purse heads for.

"Cadillac Sevilles, Coupe Devilles
brain dead rims yeah stupid wheels
girl I'm too for real
lose your tooth and nails
try to fight it, try to deny it
stupid you will feel
what I do, I do it well
shooting from the hip, yeah boy shoot to kill
half a breath left on my death bed
screaming F that yeah super ill

Purse flies up the other ramp, launching off of it. He pulls off a small back flip, rides down the rest of the ramp, and comes to a screeching halt in the center of the stage. He gets off, kickstands it. He looks out, smiles, and throws his arms in the air. Red and Blue pyros explode behind him

"I cut my toes off and step on the receipt before I foot the bill
listen garden tool don't make me introduce you to my power tool
you know the *beeping* drill"

He starts off down the ramp as Kari joins him, slapping five with fans, walking very casually but at a quick pace. When he gets to the ring he jumps up on the apron and quickly makes his way in through the middle rope, while Kari walks around the outside, pumping up the crowd. Jeff stands in the center of the ring, "air guns" a corner, pyros shoot out of it. He subsequently does that for every other corner, pyros of red and white shooting out every time. He anxiously awaits the start of the match.

The ref brings them together, and goes through a quick reading of the rules. Until suddenly...

Zach Davis: Oh no. What's this?

"Work Bitch" by Britney Spears blares over the PA. A crystal glass, Joker's card descends from the rafters. Moments later, Mr. Happy shatters it with a circus maul as he saunters down to the ring. Jeff turns and yells towards him, asking what the heck he's doing out here, and Jack doesn't hesitate to start getting into a verbal argument with Jeff. Eventually, Jack makes it near the announcer's table and gets a chair. Smacking it in a taunting manner towards Jeff Purse, he then laughs and sits down.

Erin Robbins: Looks like Jack Happy hasn't forgotten last week.

Getting back to the matter at hand, Jeff turns back to Barber. They're about to begin the match until...

Zach Davis: And what NOW!?

“Night on Bald Mountain” hits the P.A., causing the audience to boo loudly. Scott Savage steps out from behind the curtain, microphone already in his hand.

Zach Davis: Oh what the hell is he doing out here?!

Scott Savage: If I could please get some quiet...

This only causes the fans to boo louder, as Scott rolls his eyes.

Scott Savage: I have an announcement. Sarah Twilight has asked me to come out here as her proxxy, as she is very busy right now. She wanted me to inform you that this match, in her eyes, is a complete waste of time. No one cares about either of you, so Sarah has demanded that you both go to the back immediately, and stop wasting the time of these paying fans.

The crowd grows angrier, as Barber and Purse share a look. The two wrestlers look like they're planning on ignoring the announcement, and fighting anyway.

Scott Savage: Gentlemen, this is not a request. This is an owner from the woman who signs your paychecks. If you choose to ignore it, I have been given full authority to use force to remove you from the ring.

They ignore him, and lock up without a bell.

Scott Savage: Have it your way... BOYS!

Suddenly, Waylon Cash, Benjamin Atreyu, and John Gable come out from behind the curtain. Each of them has a weapon. John Gable holds a long chain, Waylon has a chair, and Benjamin is carrying a long cattle prod. They quickly make their way down to the ring, as Barber and Purse position themselves to fight off the tag team champions.

Erin Robbins: It looks like we're gonna have a war on our hands here!

S-PAC slowly climb into the ring. Once they are inside, Barber and Purse go after them. Barber gets a cattle prod to the throat, knocking him unconscious. Purse gets the jump on Gable, knocking him into the ropes, and hitting him with a few punches. Waylon acts quickly, slamming his chair against the back of Jeff's head, sending him to the canvas. They roll the two unconscious men out of the ring, and carry them up the ramp.

Zach Davis: Well. I guess Sarah Twilight didn't want to see this match, and she got her wish.

Erin Robbins: And as long as she owns the company, and has S-PAC acting as her personal muscle, I see her getting her way an awful lot.

But Jeff Purse's night isn't over. Mr. Happy slides into the ring, circus maul in hand. Menacingly, he looms over the fallen Jeff Purse as the camera's mic picks up Mr. Happy saying "What happened Jeffery? Where are your Indians now? Maybe they're having a pow-wow without you? Lemme guess, John isn't one of the Indians either is he Jeffery? IS HE!?!?!?!"

Mr. Happy raises the circus hammer as the crowd watches on in shock. Mr. Happy brings the hammer down, inches away from Jeff Purse. Over and over he does it, barely missing him each time. "See that Jeffery? That's like you....'SOOO CLOSE!' You missed it by inches Jeffery and you're DAMN LUCKY that I imitated your poor example."

Erin Robbins: Get him, Mr. Happy! Get him!

Jeff reaches up and grabs at Mr. Happy's face. As Mr. Happy swipes it away, he sees that Jeff tore off a portion of his mask, revealing something black underneath. Jack quickly grabs the torn piece back and hits Jeff Purse with the shaft of the hammer to the midsection. Mr. Happy immediately slides out from under the ring, backpedaling towards the entrance ramp.

Mr. Happy: Don't you EVER start something you can't finish Jeffery! And don't EVER try getting to the man behind the mask. You seriously thought I didn't belong in that ring? The JOKE is YOU, buckaroo! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

Jack walks back up the ramp, hoisting the maul onto his shoulder with one hand. The other hand holds the yellow fabric up to his torn mask as if to keep it covered up as he boogies and dances away.

Zach Davis: A much darker side of Jack Happy than we're used to seeing, following an assault by S-PAC... wow.

Eric Price vs Dan DiStoner

'Cocky' by Kid Rock blasts out of the PA system as Dan DiStoner walks out onto the stage as the fans cheer loudly, he then makes his way down the ramp ignoring the fans on his way.

Kyle Steel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Columbus, Ohio...weighing in at 260 pounds! 'The Innovator Of Extreme'...Dan...DiStoner!

DiStoner reaches the ring and he rolls under the bottom rope before climbing the turnbuckle and looks out at the cheering fans, he smirks before climbing back down as 'Cocky' fades out.

Zach Davis: Dan DiStoner looks ready to go here tonight.

“Everybody's Fool” by Evanescence starts playing over the speaker system as gold lights start flashing and Eric Price walks out, a gold spotlight shining on him as he makes his way to the ring with an energetic walk, a smile on his face as he walks down the entrance ramp and slaps hands with the audience.

Kyle Steel: And his opponent, standing at 6’ 4” tall, weighing in at 245 lbs., from Pacific Palisades, CA, he is the WCF Elite Champion … ERIC PRICE!

He steps in the ring using the steps and walks into the ring as he stands in the center of it looking around at the audience as he raises his hands and smirks at the audience.

Erin Robbins: And that’s strange, Eric Price not in his usual wrestling attire tonight, he’s still wearing his sportcoat and collared shirt.

Eric removes his black sportcoat and leaves on his dark green collared shirt and black slacks on.

Zach Davis: He did promise a special announcement here tonight and we’re going to see what it is probably later this evening.

Bell rings

Zach Davis: And this matchup is underway!

Dan DiStoner tries to take down Eric Price quickly with a clothesline but Price ducks it!

Erin Robbins: Eric Price ducking a quick clothesline from Dan DiStoner there and … Reversal of Fortune!

Price grabs DiStoner and hits him quickly with a Reversal of Fortune!

Zach Davis: Whoa, this early into the match, COVER!

1 ..

2 ..


Bell rings

Zach Davis: That was … quick!

Kyle Steel: The winner of this match, the WCF Elite Champion … ERIC PRICE!

Eric Price asks for his sportcoat back and puts it on quickly walking out of the ring with a smile on his face slapping hands with the fans again!

Zach Davis: What a quick and dominant victory I must admit!

Erin Robbins: I guess he just came in here to take care of business and he did just that. But I have to wonder what that special surprise is that he has in store for us tonight!

Remus Micayle Segment

Zach Davis: Interesting start to Slam this week, as our matches thus far has proved. We now take this chance to play the following video, one that seems to come from the talent management team themselves. We got ourselves... a certain Remus Micayle it seems!

Erin Robbins: Oh joy, yet another new face in this company. Won't they ever stop?

Zach Davis: Don't say that, it's always good to see fresh blood in this organisation. But it's true, it seems that in recent weeks there have been a influx of fighter here. But hey, I'm not complaining of course!

Erin Robbins: Well, let's just see what we got this time round. If it's another hardcore wannabe who's just a tad psychotic I might just kill myself.

Zach Davis: Heh, won't that be the best thi.. oh, haha! The video is starting!

The entire arena goes dark, as the live crowd turns to face the WCFTron screen. Slight static appears, before the video starts playing. Nothing can be seen at first, but gradually, a pale face appears. The camera begins to slowly zoom out, revealing a well-built man dressed in a smart suit. A few murmurs rise from the crowd as they discuss about the stranger on focus.

Zach Davis: That must be our next superstar. Wonder what's in store for us here.

Erin Robbins: Can't wait. Yawn. Come on, let's continue with the speech, chop chop Mr. Micayle.

A few seconds pass, before he begins speaking.

Remus Micayle: Science. Everything in this universe is an equation. The trajectory that one's body flies towards when met with impact. The amount of oxygen a human being needs to perform at his or her peak. Even the amount of success one is able to obtain in life. Everything can be calculated, and with beautiful precision. I am Dr. Remus Micayle, and it's my pleasure right now to engage you in a little experiment.

The crowd remains mostly silent, engrossed in Micayle's words. The scientist remains silent for a bit, as the camera pans down, only to reveal a young corgi puppy. A few awws and sighs are heard from the audience as their attention is diverted to the cute animal. Micayle is gently stroking the dog, relaxing and calming the animal gradually.

Remus Micayle: Right here with me, is a puppy. A Welsh corgi to be exact, but that is rather besides the point. Lovely big eyes, and a gentle disposition. Must be quite a sight, isn't it? I know it's just a video, but those who love animals, give me a loud cheer.

At that moment, a loud cheer goes up from the crowd.

Zach Davis: Wow, audience participation already. Strong words from this kind man. And what a cute pupp... OH WHAT THE HECK!!!

Erin Robbins: OH MY GOD!!!

Without warning, Remus Micayle grabs the puppy hard by the scruff and flings it carelessly off-camera. A yelp of pain is heard and immediate booing erupts and cuts off the prior cheers as the animal lovers make their anger known to the man on screen.

Zach Davis: That was most certainly uncalled for! What the hell is wrong with this man!

Despite the noise going on, Micayle still manages to be heard in the video.

Remus Micayle: Thank you all for participating. Much like the dog, I've realised that many of you who cheered earlier are suffering from a sickness. When bombarded with praise and admiration for too long a time, perhaps over your jobs or looks, you get complacent, and lower your guard. Much like the corgi just now, at any given time, someone can attack you and hurt you. If you were caught off-guard by what I did, you... are lacking in that aspect.

Zach Davis: That's the greatest load of rubbish I've heard in my life, and trust me, I've heard my fair share! Shame on you!

Erin Robbins: Poor doggy!

Nonetheless, the video continues to be played.

Remus Micayle: Being a huge fan of wrestling my entire life, I am dismayed to find out that not only has this sickness spread to her fans, it has even been inflicted on the wrestlers themselves! It's a shame really; the characters present in this federation are some of the most intriguing I've come across in my studies. Both the best, and the worst of humanity can be found in this very hallways, and to say I am curious is a severe understatement.

The academic coughs slightly, before continuing. The irate crowd continues hollering at the screen, not caring that it is merely a pre-recording.

Remus Micayle: But no worries there. I will be making my in-ring debut at One, the federation's marquee event and start my research on her wrestlers from there on. Until then, I will be popping up time and time to educate you people about the wonders of life and science. As I have said, the entire world as we know it revolves around physics, and I will be glad to share my life experiences with those who wish to know more.

The face of the man then breaks into an icy smile.

Remus Micayle: My name is Doctor Remus Micayle, and it has been a pleasure gracing this video with my message. Remember, it's all about cause-and-effect. I'll see all of you soon.

Abruptly, the recording cuts to black, stunning everyone in the live crowd. Even the commentators are caught unaware, and they scramble to put on their headsets to address the situation.

Erin Robbins: ... testing, testing... Ahem! It seems that the doctor has finished his statement. Wow. Interesting, won't you say Zach?

Zach Davis: I have nothing to say about what we just heard from him. Ugh.

Erin Robbins: And isn't that the general consensus that we are having right here. Positive or not, we'll leave it to the fans to decide, but we can definitely agree that Dr. Remus Micayle has made a mark on the live crowd tonight. We'll see what else he has to share in the weeks leading to One, where apparently, he will be debuting. Slam will be back with more action, so do stay tuned.

The camera starts to fade to black as Slam goes to commercial.

Tag Team Titles Match
The Thickness vs Waylon Cash/Benjamin Atreyu

Erin Robbins: It's Tag Title time! It's been weeks in the making. The Thickness has worked their way through tag team after tag team and now they finally have their shot to take what they feel is rightfully theirs.

Zach Davis: And after S-PAC attacked them the other week, you can be sure The Thickness is going to make them pay.

Erin Robbins: One might think but this is The Savage Political Action Committee. These guys are the tag champs for a reason, for a damn good reason. It's Waylon Cash and Benjamin Atreyu. Both men are no strangers to Balfore and they most certainly will try and keep him out of this match or completely cut him off in the ring.

Zach Davis: That's right. Cairo, as good as he is, may have to go on this by himself. We'll have to see what SPAC's strategy is.

“Ready Or Not” by The Fugees hits the PA system.

Erin Robbins: Well we're about to find out.

The crowd rumbles as the duo come out from the crowd and head towards the ring. Wearing shirts with cut off sleeves that read " Thick-ni Army " they jump the crowd barrier and take a moment to look over the ring. They slide inside of it, the way only the thickness can and taunt the crowd. "Thickness" chants ring out as their theme music fades.

Zach Davis: The number one contenders are in the ring and now it's just a few moments before S-PAC walks down that ramp to defend their tag team titles.

“Hollywood Babylon” by The Misfits plays over the P.A. Scott Savage struts out from behind the curtain with a smile, as Waylon Cash/Benjamin Atreyu walk out with the tag team titles over their shoulders. They pose on the ramp, smiling for the booing crowd, before walking down the entrance ramp. They roll under the bottom rope, and jump onto opposite turnbuckles, holding the titles high for everyone to see. The crowd showers them with hate, as they jump down, and their music fades.
Erin Robbins: It's Bobby Cairo. It's Waylon Cash. And we're ready to start this match.


Cairo and Cash start off the match, as they lock up in the center of the ring. Cairo puts Cash in a side head lock as Cash shoots him off the ropes and catches Cairo with an elbow to the face. Cairo goes down but Cash picks him right back up. Cairo fights his way out and hits a European uppercut into a stalling front face lock. Cash is able to fight out of it again as Cairo quickly puts him in a chicken wing. Cash reverses with a hammerlock and clubs Cairo, who takes a few shots but spins off the hammer lock, getting a drop toe hold into a cross face.

Zach Davis: I'm not sure Waylon was ready for the technical Bobby Cairo.
Cash struggles for the ropes as Cairo applies the pressure. The ref looks on, asking Cash if he wants to tap but he presses.

Erin Robbins: Waylon makes it to the ropes.

The ref makes the count.

1 2 3 4...

Cairo finally lets go at five.

Cash pulls himself up with the help of the ropes as Cairo paintbrushes him with slaps to the back of the head, then stays on him with a series of kicks.

Zach Davis: Waylon just fighting through those kicks by Bobby Cairo.

Cairo turns Cash around but gets a rake to the eyes followed by a huge running clothesline. Cash starts putting the boots to Cairo now. It's Cairo's turn to withstand the assault as Cash puts him back down with a sit out neck breaker.

The pin.



Erin Robbins: Cairo gets the shoulder up.

Cash picks up Cairo and walks him to S-PAC's corner. He tags in Atreyu as he exposes Cairo's ribs. Atreyu then lays a good stiff boot
kick as Cairo drops to the mat.

Zach Davis: It's Atreyu in with Cairo now.

Atreyu goes to pick Cairo up but gets an elbow to the face. Cash gets similar fan fare that sends him to the floor. Cairo comes back with a series of chops into a side suplex that lands Atreyu right on his head. Cairo waits for Atreyu to get right back up and charges him but runs right into a drop kick.

Erin Robbins: Ouch, Cairo certainly wasn't expecting that.

Atreyu gets up, picking up Cairo and hits him with a snap suplex. With that suplex, Atreyu goes right into a sleeper.
The ref checks the arm..

1.. 2..

Cairo gets his arm up and keeps it there.

Crowd: Cairo.. Cairo... Cairo..

Cairo gets to a knee, then to his feet and buries a few elbows. Cairo is able to shoot Atreyu off and into the ropes. Atreyu comes back and gets hip tossed. Cairo stays on Atreyu, picking him up and brings him over to The Thickness corner. He tags in Odin who steps over the ropes and hits a big headbutt that sends the tag champ staggering. Cairo takes to the apron as Odin steps out towards Atreyu.

Zach Davis: Black Eye Sonata!

Erin Robbins: BLOCKED!

Zach Davis: Odin rears back... Surtr's Revenge!

Erin Robbins: DUCKED! Reverse German suplex. The bridge. The pin!



Odin slides out of it.

Odin and Atreyu get up at the same time as Odin grabs him and throws him halfway across the ring into the adjacent corner. Odin
charges for a big splash but misses. Odin takes a few steps out of the corner as Atreyu tries to chop the big man down. Atreyu throws a gut kick but it's caught..

Erin Robbins: Atreyu connects with an Enzuigiri!

Atreyu looks down at Balfore and gives him a good stomp to the head for added measure before tagging in Waylon Cash.

Zach Davis: Cash back in the ring now. He continues to stomp away at Balfore. He picks up Balfore and backs him into the corner for mounted punches.

1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8...9..10..11..12..13..14.. 15..

The ref tries to warn Waylon but it's ignored.

Zach Davis: There's no DQ per order of Sarah Twilight.

Erin Robbins: But he still has to try and keep order in this match.

Zach Davis: Cairo hits the ring and clubs Waylon from behind and boosts him up as Odin puts him up on his shoulders. Cash is fighting, resisting. Atreyu hits the ring to break it up. He and Cairo are brawling in the middle of the ring now. Odin steps out of the corner with Cash but Cash wiggles out and makes a leap of faith towards the turnbuckle. Odin turns around as Waylon leaps off the ropes-

Erin Robbins: Oh no, Cash is caught.

Zach Davis: Valhalla Bomb.

The pin.





Erin Robbins: Broken up by Atreyu.

Zach Davis: Atreyu turns around..

Erin Robbins: KILLING JOKE!

Zach Davis: Scott Savage hits the ring with a steel chair! He cracks Cairo! He cracks Odin!

Cash makes the pin. Savage looks on with pride.





Odin gets the shoulder up!

Erin Robbins: The glow just faded from Savage's face!

Zach Davis: Savage tried to protect his team, trying to make sure that they leave with the tag team titles.

Odin somehow presses Waylon Cash off of him and sits up with the most pissed off look on his face. Savage goes white as he scrambles to get outta dodge. Savage slides out of the ring as Odin reaches out to grab him.

Erin Robbins: What the hell?

Zach Davis: Savage just cuffed Odin to the turnbuckle!

Erin Robbins: This is one way for S-PAC to win.

Cash takes the advantage and just hammers away on Odin Balfore before turning his attention Cairo who's alone in the ring. Atreyu has Cairo in a full nelson lock as Cash back hands Cairo. Cairo's nostrils flare as he spits right in Cash's face. Cash takes a few steps back as Cairo head butts Atreyu in the nose and leaps towards Cash.

Zach Davis: Security Breach!

Atreyu comes back at Cairo and hits the Black Eye Sonata. Cairo stumbles into the corner on the far end from Odin. Atreyu comes running towards Cairo with a big boot.

The pin.




Erin Robbins: Cairo kicks out!

Zach Davis: Not good for Odin and Cairo.

Erin Robbins: Odin's trying to break the cuffs like a wild animal in a trap!


Zach Davis: What the hell!? Scott Savage just cracked Odin with another chair!

Erin Robbins: Who's that coming through the crowd?

Zach Davis: Oh good, I think ZMAC's coming out to even the odds.

Erin Robbins: Even? No.. it's Evans! Chad Evans!

Zach Davis: What? Where did he come from?

Cash is up and S-PAC is double teaming Cairo in the corner.

Erin Robbins: Evans is chasing Savage away from the ring side area.

Zach Davis: It's Baines! Phillip Baines is right behind Evans! He hits the ring!

Erin Robbins: Off with his head!

Zach Davis: Baines hits the ring!


Zach Davis: Flash Apocalypse to Cash! Snapping cutter!


Zach Davis: Bamboo Banga to Atreyu! That leaping stiff round house kick!

Erin Robbins: Baines puts Cairo over Cash and leaves the ring.

The pin.





Waylon Cash kicks out!

Erin Robbins: OH MY GOD! Odin snapped the cuffs off the ropes.

Zach Davis: Gable hits the ring.

Kick to the gut- SPIKE DDT!

Cash pins Odin !





Erin Robbins: This is just insane! S-PAC doing whatever they need in order to win.

Zach Davis: And Thickness are just hanging on.

Cash picks up Odin and backs him into the corner. Knee after knee being buried into Odin's gut. Odin manages to fight out of the corner but Cash whips him into the ropes...



The pin..





Erin Robbins: Soo close but it was broken up by Cairo.

Atreyu charges at Cairo but gets back body dropped to the floor.

Zach Davis: Cairo flips Cash over – CAIRO-PRACTOR!


Zach Davis: Odin gets to his feet. Gable comes back with that chair..


Erin Robbins: SURTR'S REVENGE! Odin just put his fist through that chair and put Gable on dream street.

Zach Davis: Look, the chair's stuck on his massive fore-arm!

Cash crawls to his feet and doesn't realize where he is.

Erin Robbins: Tugging on Superman's cape.. He's right in front of Balfore!

Odin scoops up Cash.. Powerbomb! Odin stays down with it and picks all 230 pounds of Cash and chokeslams him outside the ring but Atreyu catches him.

Zach Davis: Odin helps Cairo to his feet as The Thickness stands tall in the ring.

Erin Robbins: Yah, but it hasn't been easy.

All three members of SPAC slide into the ring and begin brawling with The Thickness. Atreyu and Gable double team Odin as Cash and Cairo go at it. SPAC separates the team, Cairo and Odin are forced into adjacent corners. Cash unleashes over hand rights as Atreyu and Gable and kick away at Odin, setting him upon to the top turn buckle. Cash sets up Cairo on the top turn buckle. Double, double super-plex!

Cash pins Cairo.





Atreyu pins Odin with Gables help,





Erin Robbins: How the hell did Odin power out of that?

Cash gets Cairo up but Cairo hits a despriation kick and sling shots Cash off the top rope.

Zach Davis: The Killing Joke!

Cairo and Cash are out on the mat. Atreyu and Gable pick Odin up...


Erin Robbins: Scanners!

Odin falls to his knees. Gable and Atreyu hit the ropes to deliver a pair of front drop kicks

Zach Davis: Oh NO! Atreyu and Gable are caught! Odins got them by their necks.

Erin Robbins: He lifts them up..



Cairo gets to his feet, picking up Cairo and setting him up for a suplex. Odin picks up Atreyu and sets him up for a suplex...

Zach Davis: It could be over right here.



Erin Robbins: Irresistible Bliss!

Zach Davis: Old School Maverick-Plex!

The pin..



3 !!!

Zach Davis: They've done it! The Thickness have done it! They have finally become WCF Tag Team Champions!

Erin Robbins: But barely. They just squeeked out of that one. SPAC had them done!

The Ref hands Thickness the tag team belts as they hold them up high in the middle of the ring.

Eric Price Segment

“Everybody’s Fool” by Evanescence plays over the speaker system of the arena as the crowd starts cheering and Eric Price steps out from behind with a huge smile on his face. Wearing a black sportcoat, black pants, and a dark green collared shirt with a dark green tie now, he makes his way to the ring slapping hands with the fans along the way.

Kyle Steel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome … ERIC PRICE!

Zach Davis: And Eric Price promised a special announcement here tonight as well. Let’s see what he has to say.

Erin Robbins: Last week he dropped a bombshell on the world and on Sarah Twilight, which by the way she did not deserve. I hope he has some actual good news tonight.

Eric Price asks for a microphone as he steps into the ring as the music dies down and the live Topeka, Kansas crowd is buzzing about for this announcement.

Eric Price: Wow … this is … a moment I’ve been waiting for and have anticipated for quite a while. A lot of rumors have been swirling around regarding my announcement and I’d like to say that this may change things for some people here in WCF, I’d like to think it’s a net positive however.

Zach Davis: What’s he talking about?

Erin Robbins: I don’t know.

Eric Price: With that in mind, I’d like to ask right now to come to the ring … my girlfriend, Rachel Twilight!

Crowd gives a mixed reaction of cheers and boos for Rachel as she steps out toward the ring, clearly due to her association by family with Sarah Twilight. She slowly steps down the ramp, her red hair flowing, wearing a nice short sleeve purple blouse and blue jeans as Eric smiles at her from the ring.

Zach Davis: Well, the big reveal that Rachel and Eric were dating was made public last week.

Erin Robbins: I still am appalled by that announcement, everyone knows Eric’s just in it for the money.

Zach Davis: Eric’s in it for the money? Do you hear yourself talk sometimes? You know he’s independently wealthy right?

Erin Robbins: So, he wants his company back and what better way to do it than getting close to the boss’s sister.

Zach Davis: Yeah, I doubt he cares much about that at this point. He’s expressed that being owner is a thankless job before so I doubt he has much interest in retaking that role.

Erin Robbins: So naïve poor Zach … so naïve.

Eric opens the ring ropes for Rachel to step into the ring with him.

Eric Price: Ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear it for my girlfriend … RACHEL TWILIGHT!

Crowd gives a mixed reaction, more cheers than boos but some audible boos are heard.

Eric Price: Now … I can’t help but discern a few boos in the audience and I can understand that. But let me explain something right now … Rachel is in no way her sister thankfully. We all know how Sarah is and believe me, Rachel is nothing like that; Rachel is caring, she is sweet, she is nurturing, she is loving, she actually cares about people other than herself.

Zach Davis: This is true.

Erin Robbins: Hey … Sarah is very caring. She just has her own way of expressing it.

Eric Price: So Rachel, I asked you here tonight because well … I wanted to surprise you with something. I know we hadn’t discussed this before but it has been on my mind for a bit now. Get her a microphone please.

Rachel is handed a microphone by the ringside crew

Rachel Twilight: What did you want to talk to me about?

Eric Price: Well … we’ve known each other for a few months now. Even when I thought I had a relationship with your sister, you and I conversed from time to time but you always seemed so much nicer, so much more caring and fact is, you actually are a well rounded person and I’m glad I’ve known you all this time. You were there for me after she left me at the altar two months ago … and little known fact … you called me immediately after that debacle and at first, I yelled and screamed at you in anger only to realize that you not only had nothing to do with what Sarah did but you had no idea she would do what she did two months ago!

Rachel Twilight: I love my sister but I can’t agree with a lot of what she does, I’ve told her this before but she just doesn’t listen.

Eric Price: Well … let’s not dwell on her here. I don’t want to spoil this moment because I want to remember this moment fondly and wonderfully. You see … I’ve thought about this possibility for a while but now seems like the right time Rachel. And I want to do this in front of the world because I want everyone to know exactly how I feel and what I think!

Zach Davis: Where is this going?

Erin Robbins: Blah blah blah, get to the freakin’ point already.

Eric Price: Enough delays … Rachel, we’ve been dating for a bit now and we’ve known each other for a while now. Fact is, I love you with all my heart and I know that you love me. I think it’s time we take the next step.

Zach Davis: Wait a minute!

Erin Robbins: Oh my God no! Please tell me this is not going to happen!

Eric gets on one knee as Rachel gasps of emotion looking very excited with some tears of joy in her eyes

Eric Price: Rachel Twilight…

Eric pulls out a small jewel case and opens it up where a large diamond incrusted ring is shown

Eric Price: Will you … will you marry me?!

Erin Robbins: NO! She has to say no!

Zach Davis: This is … wow.

Rachel smiles greatly and starts sobbing more of joy

Rachel Twilight: Yes! YES! I WILL MARRY YOU!

Eric takes the ring and puts it on Rachel’s right hand as she excitedly looks at it with a huge smile on her face as both Eric and Rachel hug and kiss each other in the middle of the ring as the crowd cheers what has happened.

Eric Price: It’s official … we’re … getting … MARRIED!

Crowd cheers loudly.

Erin Robbins: Please tell me this is a bad dream! Oh God please tell me this is not happening!

Zach Davis: Great and wonderful news, Rachel and Eric are getting married and they are both overjoyed. What a lovely sight!

Erin Robbins: This is not right! THIS IS NOT RIGHT! Sarah isn’t going to like this!

Eric Price: Now I know what many of you are thinking? Again … really? As I said before, Rachel is not Sarah and I know Rachel well enough that she is a kind and caring person and she actually possesses human emotions. More announcements will be made regarding our wedding soon but rest assured that I want all of you to know that you will all be invited to see it!

Rachel Twilight: You sure? Your last wedding …

Eric Price: Let’s not bring back bad memories. Mistakes were made, shit happens … let’s talk about the future and our lovely union! For now, let’s go and celebrate!

Eric and Rachel step out of the ring both excited holding hands as the run toward the back and “Everybody’s Fool” by Evanescence plays over the speaker system again.

Zach Davis: Wow … so now we’re going to have another wedding. Hopefully this one will go better than the last one.

Erin Robbins: This is not right! This is unconscionable, this is unacceptable!

Zach Davis: Why? It’s clear these two kids love each other, why not let them get married?

Erin Robbins: This goes against every moral fiber in my being! Sarah is not going to appreciate this, she is not going to approve of this!

Zach Davis: And? This is none of Sarah’s business, this is between two consenting adults, Eric Price and Rachel Twilight and it is their business what they wish to do with their lives. Sarah needs to learn to deal with her own business only.

Erin Robbins: Gold digger is all that Eric Price is.

Zach Davis: You are truly incorrigible Erin, you really are.

Next Week... THE RETURN

Lights go out and the tron lights up with a deep movie trailer voice-over.

"Next Sunday.."

Zach Davis: This isn't on our schedule...

"The return.. of an icon.."

Erin Robbins: I have no idea what this is..

"The return.. of a legend.."

The crowd anticipating something..

The video quickly rolls through 10 seconds of footage from this superstars career. Some of the crowd rises in cheers. Some of the other crowd is still putting the pieces together figuring it out.


"Next Sunday on Slam.. THE RETURN OF TORTURE!"

The crowd erupts into cheers.


The video then shows smiling Torture on the tron in a loveable pose.

Torture: Three time Heavywieght Champion, Torture, returns to Slam next Sunday Night! Only on WCF TV!

The video tron shuts off and the lights come back on. The crowd is jumping up and down in excitement high-fiving each other. A huge "TOR-TURE! TOR-TURE! TOR-TURE! TOR-TURE! TOR-TURE! TOR-TURE" chant is happening. The WCF cameras panning the sold-out arena and the crowd still going crazy. We cut to the announcers.


Erin Robbins: He's a few short weeks away from his match with Corey Black at One, which he agreed to almost a year ago!

Zach Davis: But what will he have to say!?

Steve Orbit vs Matthew Robinson


The lights dim as "Who Gon Stop Me" by Kanye West & Jay-Z plays over the PA. A pink strobe light flashes rapidly throughout the arena-- pink lasers swirl around the entranceway and eventually converge into a big pink spotlight, as "The Mack" Steve Orbit appears at the top of the ramp. Orbit's wearing a long mink over his ring gear, which consists of alligator skin wrestling shorts and matching boots. He's also got his pink hat with a feather, a thick gold chain with a diamond-coated Jesus peice, and a jewel encrusted cane.

Zach Davis: Hm. Look at that. Orbit isn't alone!

Slightly behind Steve Orbit is Jonny Fly, already in wrestling gear. He looks on as Orbit does his entrance, following behind him. Orbit struts towards the ring, taking plenty of time to interact with the fans-- especially the ladies. Fly grins at Orbit as he flirts a bit. At ringside, Orbit removes his hat and coat, and kisses the cross on his chain before handing it to a ringhand. Upon entering the ring, he climbs one of the turnbuckles and gyrates his hips to a huge pop from the crowd. "OR-BIT" chants can be heard throughout the arena. He climbs down from the turnbuckle and waits in his corner for the match to start.

Erin Robbins: Next up... The Punisher. And I don't mean Dolph Lundgren.

The opening to 'Papercut' by Linkin Park plays through the PA system as the arena plunges into darkness. When the song fully kicks in, 'The Punisher' Matthew Robinson bursts out onto the stage from behind the curtain followed by his wife, 'The Queen Of Punishment' Stacy Robinson, sending the WCF fans into a frenzy. They both look around at the sold out crowd in attendance before slowly and methodically making their way down the ramp towards the ring.

Kyle Steel: Making his way to the ring...being accompanied by 'The Queen Of Punishment' Stacy Robinson...from London, England, now residing in Orlando, Florida...weighing in at 235 pounds! 'The Punisher'...Matthew...Robinson!

The Robinson's head around the ring, looking at everyone in attendance whilst maintaining the slow, methodical walk before they roll into the ring. Matthew then climbs the turnbuckle and raises his arms high above his head whilst Stacy cheers him on, he then takes his shirt off, throwing it into the crowd and climbing back down whilst Stacy exits the ring as 'Papercut' fades out.

Zach Davis: Last week, Steve Orbit hit the Pimp Slap on Matthew Robinson's wife Stacy during last weeks main event!!

Erin Robbins: And tonight Matthew will get revenge on Steve Orbit....

Matthew and Steve Orbit are already out in the ring ready to destroy each other.


Matthew Robinson runs at Orbit and hits a clothesline. He continues to brutally attack him, fist after fist.

Erin Robbins: Matthew really is mad!

Matt pulls Orbit up by the ears.

Zach Davis: Ouch! That must hurt.

Matthew Robinson: Never mess with my wife!!

He sets Orbit up for a powerbomb, he picks him up but Orbit jumps over. Orbit hits a superkick!, and goes for a somewhat cocky pin.



No, Robinson kicks out. Orbit stomps him repeatedly before waiting for him to stand and going for a Dropkick. A Dropkick which Robinson avoids and follows up with a few stiff punches.

Erin Robbins: Robinson back in the driver's seat.

Orbit is sent reeling and Robinson follows up with a European Uppercut. Orbit stumbles back and Robinson runs at him and hits a Thesz Press, followed by mounted punches!

Zach Davis: Robinson really not happy with how a man like Steve Orbit treated his wife.

Eventually Robinson rolls off and picks Orbit up. He throws him to the ropes but Orbit Springboards...

Zach Davis: Disaster Kick! And that may've just been a disaster for the Punisher.

Orbit goes for the pin.



No!, Robinson kicks out. Outside the ring, Jonny Fly continues to look on.

Erin Robbins: Technically, Fly could get involved at any time. We can see, however, like the true professional he is, he's chosen not to do that.

Zach Davis: Yeah, professional criminal.

Orbit lifts Robinson up and goes for an Irish Whip, but Robinson reverses it and sends Orbit flying into the ropes instead. Robinson then hits a Spinebuster!

Erin Robbins: OOF! Brutal move there.

Robinson then kicks Orbit multiple times while circling him.

Zach Davis: The Robinson Stomp! When he's done, Steve Orbit's whole body is gonna be hurting.

Robinson soon backs away, letting Orbit struggle up on his own. Robinson circles behind him, and once Orbit is to a vertical base...

Erin Robbins: Olympic Slam!

But no!, Orbit shifts his weight and lands behind Robinson! Robinson turns and Orbit drops him with a Codebreaker!

Zach Davis: Great reversal!

Orbit wants to put Robinson away. He lifts him up and tries to lock in his Half Nelson, but Robinson elbows his way out of it!

Erin Robbins: Robinson has the Honey Dip scouted, damnit!

Orbit makes a wild swing and Robinson is able to hit him with his Inverted Headlock Backbreaker!


Erin Robbins: Damnit, come on, Steve. Not that I like him THAT much, but I sure do hate Justice. Not that they'll be here much longer.

Orbit stumbles up, slowly, and Robinson is preparing...

Zach Davis: Here comes TOTAL PUNISHMENT!

Before he can hit it, as he's measuring Orbit up, from outside the ring Fly grabs his legs, tripping him up! Robinson curses Fly before turning around, into a Pimp Slap from Steve Orbit!

Erin Robbins: YEAH!

Robinson is sent spinning, allowing Orbit to hook him and hit a Half Nelson Suplex!

Zach Davis: And there's the Honey Dip, into the pin...




Mixed reaction from the crowd as Orbit's music hits.

Erin Robbins: And there you have it. Steve Orbit is the winner!

Zach Davis: Despite the ending, what a great match-- wait, what's going on?

Fly has entered the ring and ambushed the exhausted Matthew Robinson. Orbit is resting on the mat.

Zach Davis: Can't say I didn't see this coming.

Fly whips Robinson into the corner and follows him with a corner splash. As Robinson stumbles out, Fly hits a spinning European uppercut.

Erin Robbins: Discus Fly!

Orbit has made his way to the top turnbuckle and leaps off with his somersault senton.

Erin Robbins: Oakland Splash! Fly and Orbit are sending a message.

Zach Davis: This is disgusting!

Suddenly, the crowd explodes and Seifer Black Armstrong rushes to the ring with a chair in hand!

Robinson is laid out. Orbit and Fly take turns stomping him out. Orbit turns around just in time to catch a chair shot to the head from Seifer. He drops and rolls out of the ring. Seifer turns his attention to Fly and hits him with several chair shots. Fly shields his head but still takes some damage and drops to the mat.

Zach Davis: Seifer Black Armstrong saves his tag team partner from a beatdown!

Erin Robbins: The real question is can he save both of their jobs? He's got a match with Jonny Fly next!

Seifer checks on Robinson, and after a moment, Robinson rolls out of the ring on his own strength. Seifer tosses the chair out of the ring and waits for his match with Fly to officially start.

Non-Title Match
Seifer Black Armstrong vs Jonny Fly
If Seifer Loses, Justice Is Fired

Zach Davis: Both of these guys are already in the ring and Seifer is fighting for his life here!

The bell sounds. Seifer stomps repeatedly at Fly before going for a quick pin after the chair shot.



No!, Fly gets the shoulder up. Seifer is fighting like a man posessed. He quickly lifts Fly up and hits him with a few forearms to the head before hitting a Snap Suplex. He floats over into another pin attempt.



No!, another kickout from Fly.

Erin Robbins: Fly basically acted like this match was going to be a walk in the park for him... However, he wasn't counting on that evil, vicious assault from "Justice," what a joke THAT name is.. before the match.

Zach Davis: Oh come on, Erin.

Seifer backs up and waits for Fly to work his way up on his own accord...

Erin Robbins: Backfist From the Future!, already!

No!, Fly has it scouted!, he ducks it and then quickly low blows Seifer.

Zach Davis: OOF. Cheap shot by Fly. Not very surprising.

Seifer goes down and Fly shakes off the cobwebs, grinning to himself.

Erin Robbins: Chelsea isn't going to be having any fun tonight, clearly!

As Seifer is getting back up Fly runs at him and Clotheslines him down. Fly stomps Seifer a few times before lifting him and hitting a big European Uppercut, sending Seifer sprawling back into a corner. Fly runs at him and hits another Clothesline, right on the money, before lifting Seifer up onto the top.

Zach Davis: Fly going high risk fairly early on in the match here.

Fly climbs up with Seifer, lifting him and throwing his arm over his shoulder.

Erin Robbins: I smell a Superplex!

But no!, Seifer jabs Fly in the gut a few times before throwing him off the top! Fly hits the mat and gets up as fast as he can, but not before Seifer is able to jump off.. and hit him with a Diving Crossbody! Seifer goes for the pin!



No!, Fly gets the shoulder up once more.

Zach Davis: We see Seifer going for quite a few nearfalls, which is smart. This is a MUST WIN match for him, and he's gotta try and take every chance he can.

Seifer gets back up and runs at Fly, dropping an elbow on him. Fly stumbles to his feet and slumps into a corner. Seifer runs at him and hits a high knee!

Erin Robbins: Seifer should just give up. Even if by some miracle he beat Fly tonight, he has Sarah Twilight as an enemy... his days are numbered one way or the other!

Fly stumbles out from the corner and swings wildly at Seifer, who ducks it and grabs him from behind...

Zach Davis: German Suplex! Into the bridge pin!



Erin Robbins: NO! The World Champion perserveres!

Seifer, of course, won't give up. He lifts Fly, hitting him with a knee to the gut, and then executing a Pumphandle Bomb!

Zach Davis: Win or lose, Seifer is showing Fly that he's worthy of being on a Slam main event!

Seifter hits a few well placed kicks before climbing out onto the apron. He readies himself before Springboarding... and hitting a Senton Atomico!

Erin Robbins: Damnit!

Seifer doesn't go for the pin this time. Instead, he waits for Fly to stumble up once more... the fans are on their feet...


He hits it this time! Fly goes down like a ton of bricks, and Seifer quickly springs on top of him and pins, hooking the leg.




Erin Robbins: NO! FLY KICKS OUT!

Indeed, he kicked out at two and a half! For the first time in the match, Seifer is unhappy, thinking he'd had the pin for sure. But he has several more tricks up his sleeve. He lifts Fly up...

Zach Davis: Here comes the Fade to Black!

Seifer lifts Fly up onto his shoulders, but Fly shifts his momentum at the last second and lands behind Seifer. Seifer turns-

Erin Robbins: Discus Clothesline!

Seifer goes down but he gets back up fairly quickly. Fly is able to grapple him and lift him, however...

Zach Davis: And there's the Falcon Arrow. Fly wants to put Seifer away, you know what's coming next... Seifer needs to avoid the Flyswatter!

Fly climbs to the top as fast as possible, knowing Seifer isn't particularly damaged, long term wise. He leaps off..

Erin Robbins: FLYSWATTER!

FLY HITS IT! Here's the pin on Seifer!





Erin Robbins: DAMNIT!

Zach Davis: He saves Justice's careers!

Fly is pissed and gets up, arguing with the referee, which of course gets him nowhere. He turns back to Seifer and grabs his leg.

Erin Robbins: Jonny Fly is about to reign supreme... with his My Supremacy submission hold.

Zach Davis: Fly is looking to prove a point here.

He's about to wrap Seifer up with his Indian Deathlock, but Seifer knows what's coming and kicks Fly away! The crowd cheers as Seifer gets up. He hits a Rolling Heel Kick!

Erin Robbins: NO!, Fly ducks it and rolls Seifer up!



Zach Davis: Fly's got his feet on the ropes!


Erin Robbins: FLY WINS!

The crowd boos heavily as the ref signals for the bell.

Zach Davis: Thanks to Fly's feet on the ropes, two of the best and brightest of WCF are losing their jobs. Thanks, Sarah Twilight. Thanks.

Erin Robbins: Hey, it isn't like he cheated, Zach. The match was No DQ, after all.

Zach Davis: Maybe so, but that doesn't make it right.

Fly doesn't waste time celebrating. He grabs his World Title and rolls out of the ring, heading quickly to the back.

Erin Robbins: Looks like Justice has truly... been served.

"YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" The CSI Miami theme plays. Just kidding.

Sarah Twilight's Announcements

Suddenly "The Only One" by Evanescence hits the arena. The crowd begins to boo like MAD!!! It doesn't take long for WCF Owner Sarah Twilight to emerge from behind the curtain. She arrogantly swaggers toward the ring with the most wicked of smirks upon her face.

Zach Davis: Oh boy ... we know what is going to happen here.

Erin Robbins: Yeah, great job Seifer. You just got yourself AND your friends fired.

Zach Davis: No compassion ... the man just gave everything he had out here! How can this even be right?

Erin Robbins: He wanted the match so damn bad. Now he has to deal with the consequences of losing.

Sarah climbs into the ring shaking her head at Seifer. The smirk upon her face widens as she very arrogantly steps toward him and crosses her arms. Seifer sighs with his hands on his hips, knowing what is about to happen. Sarah puts the mic to her lips.

Sarah Twilight: And as expected ... you've wasted my time yet again.

Seifer narrows his eyes and doesn't like the way he'ss being spoken to. Of course, Sarah doesn't seem to give a damn.

Sarah Twilight: Your opportunity has run out. I told you there was a price associated with this VERY undeserved match that you FAILED at. And now ... you're going to pay that price.

Seifer angrily grabs hold of the mic from Sarah.

Erin Robbins: Bad move dummy!

Zach Davis: Uh oh!

Seifer Black Armstrong: Let me tell you some--UMPH!!

Sarah sends a boot into Seifer's abdomen, not letting him finissh his sentence and as he doubles over she hauls him up ...

Erin Robbins: TWILIGHT ZONE!!

Zach Davis: This is uncalled for ... does she have to humiliate him on the way out? We already know he is being fired.

Erin Robbins: You don't disrespect the boss. Maybe people will start learning that around here?

The crowd is booing and jeering LOUDLY as Sarah stands over the fallen Seifer. She looks down at him in disgust before reaching down and grabbing a handful of his hair, pulling his face up.

Sarah Twilight: You look at this worthless shit and you fucking look GOOD!

She orders one of the camera men over and they show a close up of Seifer's face as he is displayed in front of the camera being treated like an animal. Sarah aggressively yanking his face into view by the hair. HUGE levels of boos from the crowd.

Sarah Twilight: This waste of time thought he could demand things around here. And this is what happens ... This right here!

Again she yanks on his hair, displaying him to the cameras before SHOVING his face back down into the canvas.

Sarah Twilight: Get him out of here. Get him the fuck out of MY ring! Seifer Black Armstrong no longer works here.

She delivers the order and Security Officers enter the ring, dragging Seifer from it as the crowd continues to boo like crazy.

Zach Davis: Talk about disrespect! That was ridiculous. She just treated him like a dog ... how can anyone condone this?

Erin Robbins: She is the boss, she can do what she wants. People like Seifer cannot. I bet he wishes he figured that out sooner.

Zach Davis: You disgust me.

Erin Robbins: Feeling is mutual.

As Seifer is escorted to the back and out of the building, Sarah remains in the ring. The crowd spewing their hatred of her from every angle and direction. She ignores every last one of them.

Sarah Twilight: It is pathetic wastes of time like that ...

She point to the ramp where they had just dragged off Seifer.

Sarah Twilight: Who waltz in here thinking that they have a say in what goes on in MY company. He just found out that things do NOT work that way. And now ... the rest of the roster is going to find out the very same.

Zach Davis: I do not like where this is going ...

Erin Robbins: I am excited! I can't wait to hear this.

Sarah Twilight: There is not going to be any demands of matches. Or pleas for undeserved opportunity. I don't give a shit what ANYONE in that locker room wants. This idea that a bunch of no name, bush league, band of fucking morons think they can take advantage of my company's internet site as they sit on their phone or back in their hotel safely typing away anything they so desire as if they had courage is a thought of the past. For anyone who doesn't have a fucking clue ... I run WCF. I decide who gets what and who gets nothing.

She pauses for a moment and narrows her eyes. The crowd just continues to boo.

Sarah Twilight: But seeing as a number of you like to believe that you are above everything. That you believe you can do as you please or demand from me ... That's laughable by the way. So ... being as a number of you think in this way, I am going to snap you right the fuck back into reality. You get what I say you get! So as of next week ... EVERYONE on this roster will compete EXACTLY as I say you'll compete.

Zach Davis: What is she talking about?

Erin Robbins: I'm really not sure.

Sarah Twilight: I said that I would separate the weak from the strong ... and this will continue next week. There is no business as usual. You won't find any messages from the corporate offices tomorrow morning informing you of your schedules for next week. Because who competes and who does not ... well that is going to be determined by me ... LIVE next week!

Zach Davis: Wait what?!

Erin Robbins: I think she's saying she isn't telling anyone what they are doing next week.

Zach Davis: I don't ... this is craziness!

Sarah Twilight: You heard me right. What happens next week is going to remain a mystery until we open on air next Sunday. Who you will compete against ... the type of contests that will take place ... and even the details such as if a Championship shall be at stake or not ... you won't find ANY of that information out until your name is called and you are expected in the ring. Those of you who are worth anything will figure out how to adapt and be ready despite whatever may be thrown at you. Those of you who are not ... well you will fail.

Zach Davis: So Slam next Sunday is ... a mystery!

Erin Robbins: I LOVE IT! This is brilliant!

Sarah Twilight: It doesn't matter to me if you are Jonny Fly or Doc Henry, Bobby Cairo or one of the rookie pieces of shit. You WILL be expected to be ready to walk through that curtain should your name be called. And if you have the privilege of holding a championship ... you had better HOPE that it isn't at stake because it very well could be.

Sarah grins wickedly.

Sarah Twilight: Oh and ... I suggest that every last one of you be at top form next week because as of now ... if you haven't been seen as a worthwhile contributor to my weekly Sunday programming ... then you will be REMOVED from the program altogether. I guarantee you that I will be pulling people from the show starting next week. If you are useless, I do not need you and you will not waste time on my program.

Zach Davis: Oh come on! Now she's going to pull people off of the show? When does the madness end?

Erin Robbins: Hey, she's giving them fair warning. Be at your best, prove your worth or be removed from Slam. That is very fair.

The crowd boos like MAD and begin chanting.


Sarah just begins to speak over them.

Sarah Twilight: And JUST as a reminder to the roster. You have Seifer Black Armstrong and his friends to thank for the predicament you're all in now. Seifer wasted yet ANOTHER main event position and ... I am just not continuing to keep CRAP on my roster. Now ... I did say that I would fire all of Seifer's freinds along with him but ... I think it will be far more entertaining for him to watch them SUFFER from home on his couch ... helpless. If you wish to remain on Slam and to continue earning a paycheck ... it would be wise for every last member of the roster to understand who is to blame for your plight and make certain that they suffer for it. Of course, I wouldn't want to be Matthew Robinson or any of those other little shits right now. I am very sure that the roster couldn't be too pleased with you right now. And when I do start removing people from Slam ... you are going to have plenty of angry wrestlers who aren't being paid while they aren't able to compete. And they will be looking at you as to why all of this happened.

More boos from the crowd.


Zach Davis: Oh good grief! Now she's putting the blame on the heads of Matthew Robinson and his friends? They didn't cause any of this ... she is doing this on her own!

Erin Robbins: They did so cause it. If they had kept their mouths shut and stopped trying to be crusaders none of this would have happened. The roster has them to blame and them alone.

Sarah Twilight: So each one of you think about that. Think about how the actions of a few have affected all of you. When you are put through HELL and then tossed aside, no longer receiving a paycheck ... understand that your suffering is the result of your peers' actions. Understand that this insignificant group walked into YOUR HOME ... and they spouted their mouths to take food from your mouth and stuff their own. They decided to bite the hand that feeds you all, and for that ... each of you will suffer. Every week, I will remove someone from Slam ... and I will continue to do so for every bullshit complaint and every cry of unjustice that spouts from their lips. This is MY show ... it is MY way and that is the end of it. This is not a democracy ... it is a dictatorship. And you are all going to find that out from here on.

Sarah makes her way toward the ring to exit. The crowd continues to boo the hell out of her. But she pauses, remembering something.

Zach Davis: You can't tell me that there's more? Hasn't she done enough? She's basically told the roster that Justice is a target now and she plans to start pulling people from the show next week ... when no one even knows what they'll be competing in!

Sarah Twilight: And lastly ... Eric Price ... is no longer going to walk around with that Elite Championship he is so fond of. He is hereby stripped of that championship and I will find a replacement for it next week. I would say good luck to all of you for next week ... but I truly don't give a shit.

She smiles VERY sarcastically as she drops the mic. "The Only One" hits again as she makes her way out from the ring leaving a stunned, but booing crowd and a riled up Zach Davis.

Zach Davis: WCF is doomed. These are the darkest days I have ever witnessed here. I don't think we can recover from what is going to take place.

Erin Robbins: You are an idiot. This is the BEST WCF has ever been! Sarah doesn't take any shit from anyone and now the roster gets that message loud and clear. Next week at Slam, it's anyone's guess. Sarah decides who competes and who doesn't!

Zach Davis: Heaven help us ... Slam is next week and ... I don't know how much longer we can survive this madness. Good night folks.

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Sarah Twilight Segment

Biohazard/Tyler Walker vs Kevin/George

Armaros Sylencium vs Jonathon Manson vs Ian Insane vs Gabriel Mephisto III

Battle Royal: D-Day vs Jon Michaels vs Jorge Diaz vs Doc Henry vs Tek vs Oblivion

Tasha Lavondyss/Denise D'Evil vs Logan/FPV

Damon King/Chase Michaels vs Ryan Rhodes/Cormack MacNeill

Television Title Match: Adam Young vs Chelsea Black Armstrong

John Barber vs Jeff Purse

Eric Price vs Dan DiStoner

Tag Team Titles Match: The Thickness vs S-PAC

Eric Price Segment

Next Week... THE RETURN

Steve Orbit vs Matthew Robinson

Seifer Black Armstrong vs Jonny Fly

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Denise D'Evil
Thickness vs S-PAC



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